August 2012

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Banbury Guardian 30.8.12 Countryside event will be great day out - AUTHOR and celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright will be launching her new book at the Warwickshire Countryside Day at Hatton Country World near Warwick on Sunday… (story)
Leamington Spa Courier 25.8.12 Author to launch book at fun countryside day - AUTHOR and cook Clarissa Dickson Wright will be launching her new book Clarissa’s England at this year’s Warwickshire Countryside Day at Hatton Country World. Ferrets, falconry, gundogs, hounds, clay pigeon shooting, archery and a children’s treasure trail will also be among the attractions at the event which takes place next Sunday…. (story)

Irish Examiner 31.8.12 Nothing wrong with field sports - I read with interest your report "Tougher Laws Urged on Blood Sports" (Aug 26), quoting remarks made by John Carmody, director of the Animal Rights Action Network, ahead of a planned rally in Dublin last Sunday… Your readers may be interested to learn of another rally that also took place on Sunday, Aug 26, at the Irish Game Fair in Birr Castle, organised by RISE — Rural Ireland Says Enough — in defence of field sports such as hunting, shooting and fishing. Hundreds of people gathered to show their support for traditional rural pursuits that are enjoyed across this island by many hundreds of thousands of people… Philip Donnelly Chairman Hunting Association of Ireland Clane Co Kildare (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 31.8.12 Gun sports mags must be on top shelf - In newsagents and on supermarket shelves across the country, children have easy access to gun magazines that encourage - even celebrate - the killing of animals for 'sport'…. A new Animal Aid report, Gunning For Children: How The Gun Lobby Recruits Young Blood, argues that such lurid, pro-violence content could have a corrosive effect on young minds. We are calling for these magazines to be consigned to top-shelf positions and for a ban on their sale to under-18s…. We believe that their activities are damaging not just to wildlife, but also to the emotional development of young people. ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid (letter)

Evesham Journal 31.8.12 Evesham angling festival - THOUSANDS of angling enthusiasts and fishing fans from across the country descended on Evesham this weekend for the town’s annual Angling Festival. Despite worries that rain on Saturday would put a damper on the three-day event, organisers believe as many as 50,000 people crowded into town for the festival… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 31.8.12 Row after port turns away lorry full of live sheep - A LORRY carrying hundreds of sheep was stranded at the Port of Ramsgate for more than eight hours on Wednesday after officials uncovered a catalogue of violations…. Reg Bell, of Thanet Against Live Exports, says the incident, which was dragged out from 8.30am to 4.30pm, highlighted the need for a control post….. Ian Birchall is co-founder of Kent Action Against Live Animals Exports (KAALE) which campaigns against live animal exports in Ramsgate and Dover. He said he was concerned the driver could not have had sufficient rest breaks…. ¬¬¬(story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 31.8.12 Animals look well cared for - I WAS quite depressed to read your article giving publicity to CAPS (Captive Animals Protection Society) the organisation purporting to "liberate" performing animals in circuses.( Standard, August 16) My wife and I recently took our grandchildren to see Gifford's Circus at Barrington. They were totally captivated by the show, as was the entire sell-out audience of both "townies" and "locals" alike. Had there been the slightest doubt about the well-being of the (few) animals involved my horse owning wife and animal loving grand-children would have been outraged. n the contrary, it was quite evident that, without exception, these animals were much loved and cared for by the proprietors…. A M WEIR Quenington (letter)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 31.8.12 Have they seen show? HAVING just returned from a visit to Gifford's Circus at Minchinhampton common I was rather surprised to read the article by Ian Craig re animal welfare at this circus… I have doubts if any of the antis had taken the time and trouble to visit the circus and watch a show. If they had, it would have been patently obvious to them, that the horses were in superb condition and seemed to thoroughly enjoy their work and the collie (rescued from an urban flat) was having the time of its life and keeping its intelligent brain occupied with the show routine… A SMITH Badminton (letter)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 31.8.12 Circus is the wrong target - HAVING read the article in last week's Standard regarding Giffords Circus and having visited the circus over the weekend of August 18, I felt compelled to write and ask why your publication would give valuable column inches to the Captive Animals Protection Society when it's highly likely that they have never visited this circus themselves… DUNCAN LAMB Crudwell (letter)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 17.8.12 Nell Gifford, founder of Giffords Circus, has responded to calls from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS)for a boycott of the circus By Ian Craig - ONE of the Cotswold’s most popular attractions has defended against calls for a boycott by animal rights activists. Giffords Circus, which is currently touring around the region and is currently in a two-week run in Minchinhampton, has come under fire from Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), which has called for a boycott of the circus…. (story)


North Devon Journal 30.8.12 Bumper day for the show - ORGANISERS were delighted by a bumper turnout to the 2012 Holsworthy and Stratton Agricultural Show… A full programme of events in the main arena and entertainment ring included displays of falconry, ferret and terrier racing, jive dancing, gymnastics, sheep shearing, and parades of hounds… (story)

Mail 30.8.12 It's a fair coop, guv: Chicken-thieving fox caught on camera with his mouth full By Mario Ledwith - The right to remain silent is not much use when your guilty expression does all the talking… The intruder was caught on camera after a daring morning raid on a chicken coop. Hannah Bedford, 11, was getting ready for school when she looked out of the window and saw an animal devouring one of her family’s hens…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 30.8.12 Mink attacks rabbits in hutch at Bradwell - JOE WILKES - Sarah Walden, 30, from Parkland Drive, Bradwell, rose at dawn today to find one of the meat eating wild animals attacking the cage which houses her rabbits Michael and Cookie…. Sarah used a watering can to trap the mink inside… (story)

Huntingdon News & Crier 30.8.12 Protesters gather for animal rights march - Animal activists dressed in black and carrying a coffin marched silently through Cambridge city centre as part of a protest on Saturday. Supporters of campaign group Save the Harlan Beagles, along with handfuls of dogs, descended on the city for the peaceful protest in a bid to raise awareness of its campaign… Speaking to the Weekly News at the march, which started on Parker’s Piece, Dr Victoria Martindale said: “We want to inform the public about the fallacy of animal testing… Erica Barclay, another leader of the group, added: “We wanted to create a spectacle and draw attention to what’s going on at Harlan…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.8.12 Campaigners call for closure of animal research kennels - About 200 people joined a mock funeral procession through Cambridge in protest against kennels used to breed dogs for animal research. The Save the Harlan Beagles campaign wants to close the Harlan Interfauna kennels at Wyton near Huntington…. (story)
Cambridge News 17.8.12 Animal rights activist Joan to march for beagles at 93 - Chris Elliott - Veteran animal rights campaigner Joan Court is to join a protest march in Cambridge – at the age of 93. Hundreds of people are expected to take part in a demonstration in the city on Saturday, August 25, calling for the closure of the Harlan research labs, where beagles are allegedly subjected to experiments.. (story)

Argus 30.8.12 Charity fears over future violent crimes in Sussex By Bill Gardner - children not to torture animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has declared an animal welfare “emergency” in Shoreham and is sending “humane-education materials” to primary schools in the area… (story)


Western Daily Press 29.8.12 Wildlife may be wiped out in new shooting law - Landowners could be given the power to kill foreign wildlife that cost the British economy £1.7 billion a year. The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has asked independent body the Law Commission to update wildlife law. The proposals, currently out for consultation, include plans to introduce new powers so that species such as grey squirrels, which are not indigenous to the UK, could be wiped out… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.12 Defra proposes powers to kill invasive species - Landowners could be given the power to kill foreign wildlife that cost the British economy £1.7 billion a year. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has asked independent body the Law Commission to update wildlife law… (story)

Farmers Guardian 29.8.12 Badger supporters seek to unite public against cull By Alistair Driver - OPPONENTS of the badger cull policies due to commence in Gloucestershire and Somerset this autumn are stepping up their attempts to mobilise local opposition to the policy. The Badger Trust and badger groups in the areas designated for the cull are holding an open meeting in Bristol tonight (August 29) at which they intend to call on the public to ‘unite with one voice to spread public awareness’ about the cull…. An appeal hearing, requested by the Trust, is due to be heard at the Court of Appeal in front of three judges in London on September 11… Local opposition groups have already formed to oppose while a number of national organisations are campaigning jointly to raise public opposition to the cull, including the RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports and Animal Aid, backed by high profile celebrities, such as rock star Brian May… (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.12 Badger vaccination starts as cull's court date approaches - A mass badger vaccination programme has begun in the area of a proposed cull, days before a vital legal challenge is heard. The four-year project, targeting badgers in West Somerset, is part of a plan by badger supporters to prove theirs is the best method of countering bovine TB. Adrian Coward, chairman of Somerset Badger Group, said they would be working with farmers and hope to offer a real alternative to shooting animals… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.12 Bovine TB vaccinations started by Westcountry badger groups - A mass badger vaccination programme has begun in the area of a proposed cull just days before a vital legal challenge is heard…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 29.8.12 MP backs calls for an end to animal experimentation - A Hampshire MP has backed calls to prevent stray animals being experimented on. Under new proposals from an EU directive, the government could have allowed the use by scientists of lost or abandoned cats and dogs. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has campaigned against the move – a call which has been backed by Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne …. (story)

London 24 29.8.12 West End actress joins fight on animal testing cruelty - London West End actress Jenny Seagrove is urging the public to support a campaign calling for an end to animal testing for cosmetics. The star, who is currently appearing in Noel Coward’s Volcano at the West End’s Vaudeville Theatre, is backing Four Paws’ Kiss Animal Testing Goodbye campaign… (story)

Marketing Week 29.8.12 ASA bans ad over animal welfare claims By Jamie Kaffash - An advertising campaign by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) promoting animal welfare standards has been banned by the ASA for making misleading claims… Joyce D’Silva from Compassion in World Farming, whose supporters were responsible for the majority of the 206 complaints, says: “Claims of high welfare are clearly a lucrative marketing tool but in this case they were overblown and misleading to the consumer…. (story)
Independent 29.8.12 'Pork not porkies' advert is banned - Adverts claiming that British pork sold with the Red Tractor farm assured label is "high welfare" have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), following complaints from animal welfare campaigners…. The ruling was welcomed by the principal complainant, the campaigning welfare group Compassion in World Farming… (story)
Campaign 29.8.12 Pork welfare claim was ham-fisted, rules ad watchdog By Daniel Farey-Jones - An ad campaign intended to promote the UK pork industry's welfare standards with the claim that "Red Tractor pork is high welfare pork" has been banned after complaints led by Compassion in World Farming… (story)
Guardian 29.8.12 Red Tractor 'pork not porkies' ads banned - Advertising Standards Authority says claims could mislead consumers into thinking pig welfare in Britain was better than it is - Lizzy Davies - Three ads trumpeting the high welfare standards of pork sold with the Red Tractor quality mark have been banned by the AdvertisingStandards Authority (ASA), which found the claims could mislead consumers into thinking pig welfare in Britain was better than it is…. (story)

News Shopper 29.8.12 Bromley animal welfare group campaign for veganism By Harry Kemble - A BROMLEY animal welfare group is campaigning for people to turn their backs on dairy products once and for all. Passive Pressure handed out information to the public on Bromley High Street on Saturday (25) to try and deter consumers from buying any dairy products and, instead, become vegan…. (story)


Manchester Evening News 28.8.12 Inside the animal testing lab: Hard to comprehend animals living in this silent, sterile world - Amy Glendinning - Reporter Amy Glendinning visited one of the facilities where tests take place ... As the lift doors open on the university’s research centre, a member of staff greets us and hands us white lab coats…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 28.8.12 For and against: Animal testing - We ask two experts for their arguments for and against animal testing ... FOR: Animals play a small but vital role in research - DR Bella Williams is head of engagement at charity Understanding Animal Research…. AGAINST: Creatures are not ours to experiment on - Alistair Currie is policy advisr for charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 28.8.12 Why is exploitation of Olympic animal stars continuing? - YOU may have thought the Olympics were over – but for Gordon, Gabriella and Jess it has only just begun. After putting in Oscar-winning performances at the Olympic opening ceremony, these three luminaries are destined to dazzle our screens again. I'm talking about a goose, a cow and a sheepdog who stared in Danny Boyle's spectacular extravaganza and won him worldwide acclaim and did London proud… In my opinion, they are destined to incarceration and a pitiable existence in which they will be paraded for public torment and humiliation at our whim for the rest of their days… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 28.8.12 Animals are worth more - IN the Evening Post of August 21, I was very distressed to read there were two dogs advertised for sale for £10. It is very sad to think that is all the seller thought they were worth, what an insult to these animals. As the largest circulated Welsh newspaper and as a family paper, do you think that animals should be sold like this?... Karen Wilcox, Swansea (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 27.8.12 Tougher laws urged on blood sports - Animal rights activists have called for tougher laws as it steps up its campaign against blood sports, fur farming and abuse. Hundreds of activists are expected to stage a mass rally in Dublin as welfare groups demand heavier penalties in the revised upcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill… (story)
Press Association (via Yahoo) 26.8.12 Tougher laws urged on blood sports - Animal rights activists have called for tougher laws as it steps up its campaign against blood sports, fur farming and abuse. Hundreds of activists are expected to stage a mass rally in Dublin as welfare groups demand heavier penalties in the revised upcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill. John Carmody, director of Animal Rights Action Network (Aran), said: "As a nation we should be hanging our heads in shame that we've turned our backs and a blind eye to the immense amount of animal abuse taking place in Irish society… (story)

West Sussex Gazette 27.8.12 Dogs stressed by gunfire - Re the ‘Not-so-glorious Twelfth’, WSG August 1, I was going to send you the following poem/prayer ‘Mercy Not Sacrifice’ before I read Andrew Tyler’s very informative letter because the gunfire distresses us and our dogs greatly… Liz Taylor, High Salvington (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 27.8.12 Police bid to substantially reduce illegal hunting in rural North Lincolnshire - A dedicated police patrol will be deployed into key locations in North Lincolnshire during peak times to tackle rural crime and poaching, the Humberside force has revealed. This is in response to the high number of reports of illegal hunting the area has suffered in the past. Local officers from North Lincolnshire have been working alongside partners in Lincolnshire Police and the RSPCA. This latest initiative is a further drive to deter rural crime and poaching… (story)

Western Morning News 27.8.12 Farmers rubbish Queen guitarist Brian May's claims over badger cull pilots - Farming leaders in the Westcountry have accused rock star Brian May of politicising the badger culling debate instead of treating it as an animal welfare issue. The Queen band member prompted a response from the NFU following an article he wrote in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday… (story)
Western Daily Press 27.8.12 Rock star says Tories 'pander' to rich farmers - Farming leaders in the West have accused rock star Brian May of politicising the badger culling debate instead of treating it as an animal welfare issue… (story)
Mail on Sunday 26.8.12 Vegetarian rock stars don't vote Tory. I did. But I'll never vote for Cameron after his bloody badger cull, says Brian May - I’ve done many things over the years that surprise people. I ate my fair share of bacon sandwiches on the road with Queen. I’ve often labelled myself as a Conservative – something that doesn’t always go down too well from a member of a rock band. But, just as a gradual realisation of what farming actually did to animals (starting with veal calves and foie gras) made me become a vegetarian, once I knew what a David Cameron Government had in store for Britain’s wildlife, and badgers in particular, I knew I had to square up and fight against his particularly nasty kind of Conservatism… The next step will be to shore up the Hunting Act and make it impregnable, enforced to the letter. There must be no return to the barbaric past (story)

Western Morning News 27.8.12 Vaccination of cattle is the way to deal with TB disease - So the possibility is that the badger cull will go ahead failing an appeal by Badger Trust. Do we really believe that the badgers killed at the bait stations will be the sick ones? I for one do not, the badgers at the bait stations will be the healthy ones, the biggest and the strongest hoping to get the lions share of the tempting peanuts put there for them… The biggest problem that I see is that we will leave behind the sick badgers, and take out the badgers we actually want, the healthy ones…. (story)

The Sentinel 27.8.12 HANLEY: Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Hanley for donating to a recent street collection. The charity raised £226.30 on August 18…. (story)


Leamington Spa Courier 26.8.12 Have urban foxes killed my cat? - Are our pet cats in danger of being killed by the growing number of urban foxes in the area?... Moon has been missing since Saturday August 18. I am aware of a local fox that I see sometimes strolling in the daylight as well as in the darkness. Star was attacked by something a couple of months back… I have no proof the foxes may have taken Moon, but what chance has a domestic cat against a skulk of foxes? I have always been against fox hunting, but when one is directly affected by this I feel something has to be done… Gary Timlin, address supplied. (letter)

Essex Echo 26.8.12 Animal welfare protest at circus - BANNER-WAVING campaigners turned out for a protest against a controversial animal circus which has arrived in Rochford . The Captive Animals’ Protection Society called for people to boycott the circus, in a field off Southend Road… Campaigners who support Southend Animal Aid are planning daily demonstrations outside the circus, until it moves on September 2…. (story)


Horse & Country TV 25.8.12 Side-saddle rider sets new high jump record By Charlotte Ricca-Smith - A new world side-saddle high jump record has been set at Aintree’s first national showing show. Susan Oakes travelled all the way from County Meath in Ireland to Liverpool to take part in the competition, which saw her jump 1.80m (5ft 9 in) and into the history books. Although she has ridden all her life and rides side-saddle on the hunting field and showing ring, Susan had never tried her hand over showjumps – until 10 weeks ago… (story)

Western Morning News 25.8.12 Creating a challenging shoot was a 20-year labour of love - It is high summer in a secluded Devon valley. On a ridge to the south, tall canary grasses sway gently in the breeze and seed-eating birds flit among them… This is not, however, a designated nature reserve, but one of Devon's finest privately owned pheasant shoots, created and maintained by Plymouth businessman Mike Hockin… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 25.8.12 Animal activists leak names of badger cull organisers - By Hannah Green …. (story)
Farmers Weekly 23.8.12 Probe launched after badger cull names leaked - Johann Tasker - An investigation has been launched after an animal rights website published the contact details of three farmers involved in the forthcoming badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 23.8.12 Website leaks identities of trial badger cull organisers - ANIMAL campaigners have named people they say are organising the Government's badger cull in Gloucestershire… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 23.8.12 Campaigners name "cull leaders" - ANIMAL campaigners have named people they say are organising the Government's badger cull in Gloucestershire… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 23.8.12 It is important to debate badger cull - IT is right and proper that there has been a full-scale debate on the Government's plans for a badger cull… It is appalling that an anti-cull campaign website has named those who they believe could be behind the proposed culling… Without a doubt, if the culling plans do get the go ahead, some of these hotheads may take it upon themselves to cause trouble. They must feel the full force of the law. (story)
Farmers Weekly 22.8.12 Website reveals badger cull farmers' details - Johann Tasker - An animal rights website has published the names, addresses and phone numbers of farmers involved in the forthcoming badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis… (story)
Independent 22.8.12 Activists 'name and shame' farmers in badger cull battle - A government plan to slaughter thousands of the country's best-loved wild animals was always going to be controversial. But the long-awaited badger cull, aimed at stopping the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, now looks set to provoke a campaign of direct action by animal rights activists not seen since the heyday of the fox hunt saboteurs… (story)
Independent 22.8.12 Badgered: How the cull got nasty - A trial scheme aimed at stopping the spread of TB in cattle looks set to provoke direct action by activists… Yesterday it emerged that activists working for an organisation called the Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG), have publicised the names, addresses and telephone numbers of farmers involved…. Although activists said their intention was not to "harass" the people targeted, farmers say they have been "intimidated and frightened" by the move… (story)
Western Morning News 22.8.12 Things may be about to get very nasty in the badger cull dispute - The names of those involved in the proposed pilot cull of badgers have appeared on an anti-cull group’s website. Farmer Richard Haddock believes it marks a sinister new twist… (story)
Western Morning News 21.8.12 Badger cull organisers' identities are leaked - The people organising pilot badger culls at two South West sites have been identified on an animal rights' website... A group called the Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG) has named two people responsible for organising the proposed cull in the Tewkesbury area and one in the proposed cull area in West Somerset, giving full addresses and telephone numbers… (story)
Western Morning News 21.8.12 WMN opinion: Badger cull dispute must not boil over into violence - The proponents of the badger cull are caught between a rock and hard place. In planning to execute Government policy to organise two pilot culls of badgers here in the West Country they are clearly acting in a lawful and legitimate way….There must be a strong suspicion, in this case, however, that someone has deliberately leaked those details to the anti-cull organisations that have latched onto this cause, in the name of animal rights. That is clearly what the National Farmers' Union believes… (story)

York Press 25.8.12 Bloody spectacle - PLEASE tell everyone you know that every year in Spain and other places such as Mexico and parts of South America, bulls are goaded, tormented and killed in this blood ‘sport’. In bullfighting, there is no fair fight. Frightened, confused and in pain, the bull faces prolonged and ritualised cruelty…. Pauline McSweeney, Rufforth , York. (letter)


Western Morning News 24.8.12 Local success at bumper one-day show - Organisers have been delighted by a bumper turnout to a popular agricultural show blessed by lovely weather. Bright sunshine brought a record crowd to the showground at Killatree Cross for the 2012 Holsworthy and Stratton Agricultural Show… A full programme of events in the main arena and entertainment ring included displays of falconry, ferret and terrier racing, jive dancing, gymnastics, sheep shearing, metalcraft, Young Farmers' Club games and parades of hounds… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 24.8.12 Agricultural show called-off - WET weather has forced the cancellation of the big Berkeley Hunt Agricultural Show which had been due to take place this Bank Holiday Monday. The show site on meadows in the shadow of famous Berkeley Castle was just too waterlogged for the safety, secretary Christine Carter said…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.8.12 Time to change country laws – or just to remind us what they actually are? - Rural Britain is a highly managed environment. It is not just farmland that is governed by a mass of rules and regulations. Wildlife too is subject to a raft of laws, from the Game Laws of the early 19th century to the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. Now the whole lot, including laws in place for hundreds of years that govern what country sportsmen can and cannot do, which animals are deserving of special protection and what means are permitted for taking animals and birds, is coming under close scrutiny… (story)

Huffington Post 24.8.12 Carnivores Versus Vegans - Light the Blue Touchpaper - Sue Cross - Just mention the word vegan or vegetarian and the insults fly. Vegetabilists, plant nazis, salad munchers, eco-warriors, hippy dippy morons, bunny huggers. hese from the meatarians - is that an insult or a proudly worn moniker? Carnivores versus Vegans. Light the blue touchpaper. You could start a riot! Why such outrage?... (story)


Horse & Hound 23.8.12 Brian May puts countryside on the agenda at Olympics closing ceremony - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The Olympics closing ceremony may not have featured the green and pleasant land of Danny Boyle’s curtain-raiser — but Queen guitarist Brian Mayput the countryside back on the agenda with his, ahem, interesting outfit. Mr May — a vocal opponent of hunting and the badger cull — sported a coat with visible fox and badger motifs during a rendition of We Will Rock You… (story)
Western Gazette 16.8.12 Rock star activist's emblems 'were deeply inappropriate' - ROCK star Brian May has been criticised after using the closing ceremony at the London Olympics to highlight opposition to a badger cull to tackle TB in cattle… Jill Grieve, head of communications of Countryside Alliance, said: "Brian May's attempt to turn his performance at the Olympic closing ceremony into a political statement was inappropriate for various reasons…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 15.8.12 Queen star Brian May under fire over Olympic badger cull protest - Johann Tasker - Rock star Brian May is under fire after using the closing ceremony at the London Olympics to highlight his campaign against a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis…. (story)
Western Morning News 14.8.12 Backlash over May's fox protest - Rock star Brian May has been criticised after using the closing ceremony at the London Olympics to highlight opposition to a badger cull to tackle TB in cattle ruining West Country farming…. Jill Grieve, head of communications of Countryside Alliance, said: "Brian May's attempt to turn his performance at the Olympic closing ceremony into a political statement was inappropriate for various reasons… (story)
Farmers Weekly 13.8.12 Queen star Brian May under fire over Olympic badger cull protest - Johann Tasker - Rock star Brian May is under fire after using the closing ceremony at the London Olympics to highlight his campaign against a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis. The Queen guitarist took to the stage for the global TV performance wearing a costume emblazoned with a badger emblem surrounded by a "Q" on his left arm. A similar emblem, featuring a fox head, was on his right arm…. (story)
The Week 13.8.12 Brian May's Olympics badger badge sparks anger and praise - Did Queen guitarist use Olympics to make political statement about controversial badger cull? BY RACHEL HELYER-DONALDSON - DID BRIAN MAY make a political statement about a controversial badger cull while performing at the Olympics closing ceremony last night? The Queen guitarist's decision to wear shoulder patches depicting a badger and a fox has been praised by wildlife lovers while farmers and countryside rights activists have called it "appalling" and "disappointing"… The Countryside Alliance wrote that it was "appalling to see Brian May making a political statement with his fox and badger badges… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 23.8.12 Kids don't have our freedoms - When you mention hunting in the UK people tend to think of horn blowing aristocrats on horses, clad in jodhpurs and red jackets. Hunting of any kind here in Britain seems almost extinct, but that's not the case in many places in the world, Australia being no exception. Australia's hunting laws are up for debate. It's not a question of whether or not hunting should be banned but rather at what age it should become legal…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.8.12 Youngsters can learn all about country sports from the experts - Shooting and country sports organisations are working to protect the long-term future of their pastimes with programmes to encourage more youngsters to get involved. Work by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Britain’s biggest shooting organisation, includes hosting training and information days over the next few months at locations across the Westcountry. BASC South West’s 2012 Young Shots progression programme will take place over two days… (story)

Irish Examiner 23.8.12 Animal welfare ‘compromised’ for profit - As an animal lover I fully endorse the sentiments expressed by Chris McCarthy (Letters, Aug 20). I have always believed that the use and abuse of animals in so-called "sport" is one of the least admired traits of us human beings. Whether it is horse racing or greyhound racing, the welfare of the animals is generally compromised in the interest of profit… Gerard Brown Castleredmond Midleton Co Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 20.8.12 Plan to send horses and foals to China comes under fire - We have witnessed over the past few years horrific levels of suffering and abuse of Irish horses which has merited extensive media coverage both at home and abroad… a decision has been made by Mr Coveney and his department to send our horses and foals to China to help develop a racing industry in a country which "has a limited history of horse racing and does not have enough grazing lands"… This is a country which is renowned for its appalling treatment of animals… Chris McCarthy Palmerstown Woods Clondalkin Dublin 22 (letter)

Western Morning News 23.8.12 Badger cull at risk of sabotage - Hunt saboteurs are threatening to take direct action against farmers in a bid to halt a planned cull of badgers in a trial to tackle bovine TB. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) is the latest organisation to call on its supporters to take "any legal means necessary", in a move which appears designed to intimidate any farmers involved. Farming groups have called the move "disingenuous", saying the issue has "absolutely nothing whatsoever" to do with hunting… (story)
Western Morning News 23.8.12 WMN opinion: No justification for 'direct action' to stop badger cull - Just about the last thing the vexed issue of overcoming bovine TB in the countryside needs right now is the intervention of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. Tensions, already high, were ratcheted up several degrees this week when the names and address of those individuals behind the cull became public on an anti-cull website. The police in Somerset and Gloucestershire – where pilot culls are due to take place, subject to a final court ruling next month – were already on alert for the possibility of trouble… (story)

West Briton 23.8.12 150 farmers backing 'middle way' on cull - ABOUT 150 farmers from across the South West met to call for a "middle way" of dealing with the problem of bovine TB…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.8.12 Badgers' friends should now appreciate impact on farmers' livelihoods - If the pro-badger lobby needed any convincing about how deeply farmers are affected by the TB epidemic then they could have been left in no doubt at the two meetings we held this week to launch our Badger Welfare Association… (story)
Western Morning News 15.8.12 New group argues for selective badger cull - Around 150 farmers from across the South West met last night to call for a "middle way" of dealing with the problem of bovine TB…. The newly formed Badger Welfare Association held its inaugural meeting at the Junction 24 market centre on the M5 where farmers gathered to learn more about what organisers claim is the only commonsense approach to bovine TB… (story)

Western Morning News 15.8.12 Farmers need understanding and sympathy over scourge of bovine TB - Little wonder, really, that there was such an enthusiastic reception from farmers for the launch of Derek Mead's Badger Welfare Association in the South West. For here, it seems, is an organisation which is dedicated to what every livestock farmer wants to see – the re-establishment of a healthy badger population… And already there are the old familiar cries of protest from the Friends of Brock, Brian May and Bill Oddie among them, who are demanding to see the "science" that backs up Bryan's expertise…. (story)
Western Morning News 14.8.12 Badger Trust warns on gassing of animals - The Badger Trust has distanced itself from the newly formed farmer organisation the Badger Welfare Association over its plans to cull diseased badgers. With an appeal pending against a Government decision to cull badgers in two South West pilotlocations later this year, the Badger Trust has gone on record to stress it has no connection with the Badger Welfare Association…. (story)
Western Morning News 7.8.12 Farmers in bid to halt mass cull of badgers - Farmers in the Westcountry have set up a badger-protection group – less than a month before a Government cull of badgers is due to begin as part of the campaign to stamp out bovine tuberculosis. The Badger Welfare Association (BWA) says it is dedicated to the creation of a healthy, balanced badger population. And it has received high-profile support from rock star and animal welfare supporter Brian May… But the League Against Cruel Sports gave the BWA a qualified welcome… (story)
Western Daily Press 7.8.12 Badger welfare group backs gassing of setts ahead of planned cull - A badger-protection group has been set up less than a month before a Government cull is due to begin, with the express intent of gassing TB-ridden setts. The Badger Welfare Association (BWA) says it is dedicated to a healthy, balanced badger population and is campaigning for funding to build on the work of Okehampton farmer Bryan Hill, who has considerable expertise in identifying infected setts…. (story)

Western Gazette 23.8.12 I WAS interested in NFU spokesman Andrew Butler's letter (Western Gazette, August 16) which basically defended and justified the forthcoming badger cull in the ongoing battle against bovine tuberculosis. I am just an ordinary lay person who doesn't claim any special or scientific knowledge relating to the sorry saga which I know has been ongoing for many years. Nor am I an "animal rights/vegan activist" to quote Mr Butler. I am, though, an animal lover. I decided to research the subject further after reading Mr Butler's comments… (letter)

Telegraph 23.8.12 Law could be updated to make it easier to cull grey squirrels and badgers - Killing 'pests' such as badgers, deer and grey squirrels will be made easier under Government proposals. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has asked independent body the Law Commission to update wildlife law. The proposals, currently out for consultation, include plans to introduce new powers so that species such as grey squirrels, considered 'vermin', could be wiped out in some areas…. Andrew Tyler, Director Animal Aid, said animals are not causing harm except to the interests of agri-business, shooting and forestry…. (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 23.8.12 Letter: Horrendous for animals - ONCE again the EU has reared its ugly head, following on from D Walker of Barrowford’s letter (LT, August 3) in which he stated that the government was considering EU legislation to allow stray cats and dogs to be sold to laboratories for use in experiments… L M Jackson (Mrs), Haslingden Road, Blackburn. (letter)

York Press 23.8.12 So cruel to black bears - COULD all readers who care about cruelty to animals please write to the Honourable Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, and ask him to stop using real black bear fur for the Queen’s Guards’ caps… The fur looks better on a live bear. Use faux fur. Please send your letters to Ingrid E Newkirk, PETA, Crawley, RH10 9PY. D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)


Coventry Telegraph 22.8.12 Game and country fair at Nuneaton's Arbury Hall by Mike Malyon, Coventry Telegraph - PEOPLE can try their hand at archery and rifle shooting when a two-day Game and Country Fair is staged in the grounds of Nuneaton’s stately home. The Bank Holiday event goes ahead on August 26-27 at Arbury Hall and features an action-packed programme. There will be working demonstrations of country pursuits, including falcons and hounds, plus a national dog show, whippet and ferret racing, chainsaw skills, clay pigeon shooting, an arts and crafts tent, trade stands and an old fashioned fun fair… (story)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 22.8.12 The hunting act should be repealed - LAST year, a vixen and one of her cubs slaughtered five of my chickens in broad daylight… The foxes escaped, but as I surveyed the scene of carnage I told myself that this was nature. I could no more stop foxes from hunting my chickens than I might prevent my dogs from killing a rat or chasing a squirrel. That same hunting instinct also drives humans… The law must be obeyed — I have no doubt on that — but the Hunting Act 2004 is bad law, and should be repealed… CHARLES SWABEY, OSMASTON (letter)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 22.8.12 What is sporting about hunting? I FOUND it rather ironic, reading last week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph… The first being the front page report about the Master of the Meynell Hunt at Sudbury, being convicted of illegal cub hunting and a further advertisement on page 10 of your paper, regarding the Hulland Shoot, advertising the opportunities for people to shoot socalled ‘quality birds’, namely pheasants, partidge and duck. I also consider the shooting birds offensive, if not an offence… TONY REDFERN, DOVER, KENT (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 22.8.12 Letter: Law hasn’t saved a single animal - THE recent Heythrop case is not about catching a gang of brutal dog fighters, it is not about cruelly-treated or abandoned pets, nor is it about preventing the suffering of millions of intensively-farmed animals. It is about adhering to the purely technical and illogical offences created by the Hunting Act… Brian Latham, Preston (letter)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 22.8.12 Help us to get our hooks into this annual problem - THE summer holidays are when the RSPCA sees a sharp rise in swan casualties due to carelessly discarded fishing litter. We see fishing line wrapped around swans causing deep wounds in their flesh, hooks piercing their beaks and swallowed weights causing internal injuries and blockages. It can be heartwrenching… If you are going fishing this summer please remember to dispose of your unwanted fishing tackle responsibly. Dr Andrew Kelly, RSPCA Head of Wildlife (letter)

Western Morning News 22.8.12 Call for unity over badgers and bovine TB campaign - All organisations involved in the badgers and bovine TB saga must work together to find a solution – and should tolerate and support each other's systems. That was the view of the National Beef Association's John Vanstone, its South West regional chairman, who poured oil on troubled waters after a lengthy and sometimes fractious second inaugural meeting of the Badger Welfare Association (BWA)… (story)
Western Morning News 22.8.12 Derek Mead: Badger groups could join us in mission - If the pro-badger lobby needed any convincing about how deeply farmers are affected by the TB epidemic, they could have been left in no doubt at the two meetings we held this week to launch our Badger Welfare Association… (story)
Western Morning News 22.8.12 Anthony Gibson: Is BWA a case of right idea, wrong timing? - What are we to make of Derek Mead's Badger Welfare Association, set up to promote the selective culling of TB infected badgers, using the methods devised by Okehampton farmer and countryman, Bryan Hill?... I've had my own doubts about the official culling policy. But those doubts have been largely answered, thanks to a great deal of hard work put in by NFU staff and members, to the point where there is the very real prospect that the pilot culls will be an affordable, practical and effective way of turning the tide against TB… That is why my verdict on the BWA has to be: right idea, wrong timing (and a deeply silly name, which was just asking for trouble, into the bargain). From now on, let us hope that it is a case of least said, soonest mended and that the focus is kept firmly on bringing the official pilot culls to a successful conclusion. (story)
Western Morning News 22.8.12 Peter Hall: Immoral tale highlights dilemma challenging our countryside - Here's a story told to me by an impeccable source last week… a Westcountry farmer was approached by a local man, whom he knew quite well, at the annual village fete. The man asked him if he (the farmer) would allow him, with some friends, to do a spot of lamping for rabbits on his farm… when the man then asked him: "what about foxes and badgers?" he simply shrugged and replied that he didn't want to know anything about that possibility… this year the two men met again. "Thanks for the rabbits," said the farmer. "Thank you for letting us onto your farm," said the lamper. "Incidentally, we've shot 58 badgers as well."… The punch-line – you've guessed it – is that there have evidently been no outbreaks of bovine TB reported in that parish for quite a while… Surely it is time for the Government to show some spine and speed up the development of TB vaccine for cattle as a matter of extreme urgency; in the meantime doing some straight and robust talking to the EU about accepting meat from vaccinated cattle. That's the leadership we should demand. (story)

Guardian 22.8.12 Where is Captain Paul Watson? The co-founder of Greenpeace has disappeared after skipping bail in Germany – but not without trace… The best bet is that Watson is at sea – his home. Last year he told me he only spent a few days a year on land, and his lawyer last month said that he felt he [Watson] thought he could be of more use to his clients – the whales and fish – on a ship than he could in a German or Japanese prison…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 22.8.12 Gifford's Circus boss defends use of animals by Ian Craig - GIFFORD'S Circus has defended itself against calls for a boycott by animal rights activists… CAPS director Liz Tyson has called for a boycott of Gifford’s…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.8.12 Welfare row awaits circus - ANIMAL rights campaigners have called on residents to boycott Giffords Circus when it visits Cirencester next month. Animal Defenders International chief executive Jan Creamer said people should not attend the show between September 6 and 16…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 22.8.12 Regulator puts animal charity advert in clear - An advert for the RSPCA’s “home for life” service has been cleared following complaints that the charity omitted to mention that it puts down some animals in its care. The campaign, headed “You’ll rest in peace knowing they’re being looked after,” said: “When you pass away you’ll want to know that your pet is safe and happy…. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received complaints from an MP and a member of the public that the campaign was misleading by omission because it did not make clear that the RSPCA put down some animals…. The organisation said that in 2011 it had to put down 625 re-homeable dogs, 667 re-homeable cats and 91 re-homeable rabbits. Rejecting the complaints, the ASA noted that the advertisements did not state or imply that the RSPCA never destroyed animals… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 22.8.12 Sanctuary that needs support - THE Farm Animal Sanctuary is holding an open day on Sunday September 2 at Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham. Janet Taylor, the dedicated lady who has run the sanctuary for 22 years, needs financial help to secure the lives of the many innocent and deserving animals…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Scotsman 21.8.12 Protesters target Japanese embassy over dolphin killing By David O’Leary - PROTESTERS have announced plans to demonstrate outside the Japanese embassy in the Capital to urge an end to the country’s killing of dolphins… Organiser and animal rights activist, Elizabeth Craig, from Livingston, said: “It is a ?bloodbath, cruel and barbaric… (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.8.12 The show to close the Olympics was sensational. The highlight among many for me was Brian May wearing an amazing coat with a fox and badger portrayed on either sleeve… Maureen Falkner, Walton (story)


Hexham Courant 20.8.12 SLALEY SHOW MAKES TOP CLASS ATTRACTIONS By ROSALIND SAUL - THIS weekend saw one of Tynedale’s longest running shows come back in triumphant style. In the run up to the 153rd Slaley Show it was doubtful whether or not it would actually go ahead… There was also Haydon Hunt hound parade, featuring 21 hounds from the 203-year-old hunt, and the ever popular terrier racing… (story)

Dundee Courier 20.8.12 Trust hoping to arrange compensation for Scottish Game Fair stand holders - The charity behind the Scottish Game Fair is fighting to compensate supporters who were left out of pocket following the cancellation of this year's event… The decision forced on the Scottish Game and Conservancy Trust last month left organisers devastated and disappointed trade stand holders. For weeks the charity has been attempting to hammer out an agreement with loss adjustors — only to find that they have been inundated with requests from organisers of events hit by the weather across the UK… (story)
Dundee Courier 29.6.12 Scottish Game Fair ready to roll whatever the weather - Thousands of people will descend on the grounds of Scone Palace today as one of the major events on Scotland's rural calendar gets under way. Now in its 24th year, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) Scottish Game Fair is one of the country's most successful summer events… (story)
Scotsman 25.6.12 Shooting and fishing: If you watch the experts you realise just how much time goes into training a gun dog By Alastair Robertson - I HAVE promised to take Crumpet, our cocker spaniel, to the game fair at Scone on Friday. She seems very keen, so I wouldn’t want to disappoint her…. (story)

BBC News Online 20.8.12 Animal rights group criticises Sedgefield Racecourse death rate - An animal rights group claims too many horses are still dying at a North East racecourse a year after its safety record was criticised. Animal Aid said in the last year, seven horses had died or had to be put down at the Sedgefield track - there were six the previous year… (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 20.8.12 Proposed badger cull in Gloucestershire 'could put people at risk' say campaigners - THE planned cull of badgers in Gloucestershire could put unsuspecting residents at risk of being shot in the dark according to a campaigning group of landowners… Jeanne Berry, founder of Stroud 100 which was launched in November 2011 said: "It is totally gobsmacking that there will be gunmen roaming the countryside at night shooting high velocity rifles… (story)

Sun 20.8.12 'I could no more eat lamb than I could eat a baby...' - Says Paul O'Grady - PAUL O’GRADY reckons his love of animals could soon see him take to the streets – and be carted off by police…. “We’ve got a responsibility to the animals we look after. I’m a member of Compassion In World Farming, which campaigns to improve conditions for farm animals. “It’s disgusting the conditions in which these creatures are shipped from Ramsgate over to Europe. If I were to go and picket, I would probably get myself arrested. “If you are just stood there you’re ignored — but if you get arrested it’s all power to the cause.”… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 20.8.12 Help stop this donkey abuse - ANOTHER year, another donkey abused at the traditional Spanish Festival in Villanuera de la Vera… Please call for an end to this terrible abuse by writing to the Spanish Embassy at 24 Belgrave Road, London. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 20.8.12 Generous donations will help animals - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Wimborne for their generosity in raising £227.71 at a street collection on Saturday, July 28… JANET SALMON, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator (letter)

Skegness Standard 20.8.12 ‘Slaughter is a step back in animal welfare fight’ - There are many good, kind people who work and give to the prevention of all kinds of cruelty in this area. They must be horrified to hear about the retrograde step of allowing halal slaughter in Skegness to actually happen…. C. SHAW, Orby (letter)
Skegness Standard 19.8.12 ‘Horrified by slaughter’ - I am writing to say that this halal slaughter is horrific. We don’t want that here… MRS P. A. O’HARA Burgh le Marsh (letter)
Skegness Standard 10.8.12 Halal abattoir meets growing opposition - A CAMPAIGN group opposing halal slaughter at a Skegness abattoir has gathered almost 100 members in a matter of days. The ‘Say NO to halal slaughter in Skegness’ facebook group was set up after it was announced a business practising the religious methods was preparing to move into the town’s Heath Road abattoir. Founding member Tess Turner, of Alford, claims the practices of slaughtering animals without stunning them first are inhumane and illegal if sold for consumption by those who are not Jewish or Muslim. She has also stressed that her motivations are purely based on animal welfare issues and in no way condones racism or religious intolerance… (story)
Skegness Standard 4.8.12 ‘Slaughter is morally wrong’ - I am writing to express my opinion on the Halal slaughter house that is opening in Skegness… They don’t stun the animal first... the screams must be heard for miles. J BROWN via email (letter)
Skegness Standard 2.8.12 ‘Slaughter is harming animal welfare’ - - I have learned today that there is to be a Halal slaughter house in Skegness. This has upset me and made me angry… Please help to eradicate this barbaric method of slaughter. LEN JONES Sandilands (letter)


Isle of Wight Radio 19.8.12 PETA award for 'inspirational' Island teenager By Chris Browning - A fifteen year old animal rights campaigner from the Isle of Wight has been recognised by an international organisation. PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has give Jasmine Heath from Cowes a 'Compassionate Teen' award for her work to raise awareness of animal cruelty… (story)


Irish Examiner 18.8.12 Hunting part of the fabric of Irish country life - Your correspondent John Tierney is to be complimented for his blood curdling letter on cub hunting and must be in line for the Bram Stoker Award which is granted annually by the Horror Writers Association… All foxhunting in Ireland is carried on in accordance with a strict protocol agreed between the Hunting Association of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture…. With more hunt clubs than rugby clubs in Ireland hunting continues to be a major part of Irish country life as it has for hundreds of years and looks likely to continue well into the future. Richard Power, Grange, Kilmallock, Co Limerick (letter)
Irish Examiner 13.8.12 Cub-killing is a warm-up for fox-hunting season - Fox cubs are one of the secrets of hunting with hounds. Starting in August and ending prior to the start of the fox-hunting season in November, vixens and their cubs are blooding fodder for hunting hounds. This is legal… Hunting with hounds is a cruelty-soaked activity. It dishes out death in a sadistic manner for enjoyment… John Tierney Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Irish Examiner 18.8.12 Cub-hunting and netting of hares far from sports’ ideal - Even as we bask in the glory of Ireland’s sporting triumph, preparations are underway for activities that have never featured in the Olympics and that constitute an insult to the name of sport. I refer to cub-hunting and the netting of hares for another coursing season… John Fitzgerald Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Argus 18.8.12 Cruel shooting - Yet again, we see more reports of cruel air rifle shootings… How many more of these insane shootings are we going to see before something is done about air rifles? Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter)

Western Morning News 18.8.12 Appeal challenge rejected by badger charity - The Badger Trust has been challenged to drop its legal appeal against Government plans to cull the animals in the South West. The challenge was made by the newly-formed farmer organisation, the Badger Welfare Association (BWA). It was immediately rejected and the case is expected to go to the Court of Appeal next month…. (story)

Irish Times 18.8.12 Dangers at the bull-ring - The death of an Irish teenager in a so-called “sporting” event in Spain (Home News, August 17th) serves as a reminder that some fiestas involving horrific animal cruelty can also be extremely dangerous to the people taking part… JOHN FITZGERALD, (Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports), Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)

Morecambe Citizen 18.8.12 Tweets alert to Canada geese cull - MEMBERS of the public have expressed their concern via the social media site Twitter about a planned cull of Canada geese at a holiday park… A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We have spoken with the contractor who is carrying out the cull under General License to voice our concerns but providing they are complying with the law there’s nothing we can do legally… (story)


Norwich Evening News 17.8.12 East Harling pig farm workers sentenced for abusing animals as protesters gather outside Norwich Magistrates’ Court - Rebecca Gough - Two workers have been banned from working with animals after carrying out abuse at an East Harling pig farm. Geoffrey Towell, from Eccles Road, East Harling, was imprisoned for 18 weeks and banned from working with animals for ten years… Animal welfare protesters demonstrated outside Norwich Magistrates’ Court as the men walked in… A spokesman from Essex Animal Defenders said: “We think the custodial sentence for animal abuses needs to be increased… Another protester, Joanne Robins from Great Yarmouth Animal Cruelty, said: “We’ve been campaigning for animals for some time now… (story)

Bolton News 17.8.12 Goldfish prize shock - I WENT to a fundraising football match… There was a small fairground where goldfish were being given as prizes… Please can organisers take care to engage ethical stall holders or your attempts at fundraising will be frowned on by more sensitive persons. Mary Rudkin Horwich (letter)


Guardian 16.8.12 Journalists must be more accountable by declaring their interests - Magnus Linklater's article attacking the RSPB's bird of prey campaign fails to mention that he is a trustee of a 4,000-acre estate - How did nature manage to survive for the past 3bn years, with no landowners and gamekeepers to look after it? That's the question you might ask yourself after reading Magnus Linklater's article in the Observer magazine, attacking the RSPB and suggesting that grouse moors, pheasant shoots and "vermin" control are necessary to protect the natural world… (story)
Observer 12.8.12 Why the claws are out for the RSPB - To protect birds of prey, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is alienating rural people. The former editor of the Scotsman argues that unless the two sides come together our wildlife will pay the price - Magnus Linklater - The annual general meeting of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is a splendid affair, held in the heart of London… Though its stance on shooting is officially "neutral", a remarkably high proportion of its press releases concern owners of grouse moors and pheasant shoots, blaming them for trapping, poisoning and shooting birds of prey, or "raptors" as they are defined…. These are, of course, Britain's most glamorous birds. But the suggestion that they are under threat appears, to some, to be a highly partial version of the truth. The picture painted by the latest Breeding Birds Survey, compiled by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), a science-based organisation, challenges the RSPB assertion head on… In the long battle for conservation, the RSPB proclaims as its slogan "a million voices for nature". But in doing so, it is pitting itself against a million more who believe that its policies may be damaging the very nature it purports to defend. (story)

Inverurie Herald 16.8.12 New Scots countryside director - THE Countryside Alliance has been announced that the new director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance will take up the post early next month. Jamie Stewart will liaise with politicians regarding legislation affecting rural Scotland…. (story)
Scottish Farmer 16.8.12 SCA gets new director - NEW DIRECTOR of the Scottish Countryside Alliance is shooting consultant Jamie Stewart…. (story)
Stornoway Gazette 13.8.12 New Director at Countryside Alliance - The Countryside Alliance announce that Jamie Stewart is to take up the role of Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance early next month…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.8.12 Landowners wanted to back anti-cull group - OPPONENTS of a pilot cull of badgers taking place in Gloucestershire are hoping to get landowners on their side… The newly-formed Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting group wants to get landowners to prevent it from happening. Spokeswoman Sara Burton said: "We would love to hear from anyone who would like to help in any way to prevent the shooting of badgers in our area… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 7.8.12 New group to stop the badger cull - A NEW group has been formed in Gloucestershire to try to stop a pilot cull of badgers taking place…. Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has been formed following a public meeting in Tewkesbury last month when more than 200 people discussed ways to take action to stop the Government's planned cull…. (story)

East Grinstead Courier 16.8.12 Charity in last-ditch appeal to save badgers - THOUSANDS of badgers could be saved if an East Grinstead charity wins its High Court battle. The Badger Trust has been granted permission to appeal the High Court's ruling that the Government's controversial badger cull plan is legal. The appeal is likely to be listed for a hearing in September… (story)

Western Gazette 16.8.12 I WOULD be grateful for the opportunity to reassure Helen Weeks (Western Gazette, August 2) that there is absolutely no question of public safety being put at risk by the badger cull… (letter)
Western Gazette 2.8.12 ON Friday, July 20, I attended a public meeting in the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, against the coalition Government's planned badger cull in Somerset… I was shocked to hear that high velocity rifles will be used in the slaughter of badgers, and that if the bullet misses its target, the bullet can travel for well over a mile… Cameron did a u-turn over pasties; he can do the same for badgers. Otherwise, he will have a real fight on his hands – we will not stand by and see our badgers destroyed. (letter)

Andover Advertiser 16.8.12 Dressage is unnatural and cruel - IWAS most interested to read Caroline Nokes’ column (August 10) referring to the importance of equestrianism to the rural economy… I have seen horses of all kinds, even strings of racehorses and quite often see them unattended in fields or paddocks… I have sometimes seen them running free but never witnessed them jumping a fence. They never, ever do a foxtrot or soft shoe shuffle… to make a horse perform the kind of movements associated with dressage must require severe restraints being placed on their hooves or even made to suffer pain to make them lift their legs high or perform unnatural steps… John Scase, Abbotts Ann (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 15.8.12 New master on agenda - AN extraordinary meeting of Carmarthenshire Hunt takes place on Wednesday, August 22, in Carmarthen…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 15.8.12 Fines for four men seen hare coursing - POLICE are stepping up patrols in rural areas after a rise in the number of people using the East Yorkshire countryside for illegal hunting…. Kevin Urwin, 54, John Watson, 34, John Bowman, 23, and Shaun Sykes, 38, drove from Northumberland to take part in hare coursing and gambling in October last year. They were caught twice on the same day by police after concerned residents and members of Farmwatch reported them… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 15.8.12 Illegal throughout the UK since 2005 Hunting Bill - HARE coursing is the pursuit of hares with greyhounds and other sighthounds, which chase the hare by sight and not by scent… Since 2005, under the Hunting Bill, hare coursing, along with fox and deer hunting, became illegal throughout the UK… (story)

Berwick Advertiser 15.8.12 Shooting season will help rural economy - SMALL business owners in north Northumberland and the Borders are hoping that the shooting season will provide a timely boost for rural economy… (story)

Huffington Post 15.8.12 It's Not Morally Grey to Race Hounds; It's Simply Wrong - Zion Lights - British people can be strangely schizophrenic when it comes to animal welfare issues. The other day I was listening to a friend arguing about the evils of the Spanish bullfighting industry. While I do share her concerns, I cannot fully support her passionate stand against a foreign issue while her own country perpetuates its own method of animal cruelty. I'm talking about Greyhound racing, or the 'sport' of racing Greyhounds… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 15.8.12 Shooting fears ahead of planned badger cull By Hayley Mortimer, Reporter - THE planned cull of badgers in Gloucestershire could put unsuspecting residents at risk of being shot in the dark according to a campaigning group of landowners… Jeanne Berry, founder of Stroud 100 which was launched in November 2011 said: "It is totally gobsmacking that there will be gunmen roaming the countryside at night shooting high velocity rifles…. (story)

Independent 15.8.12 The Debate: Should testing on animals be banned? By Laura Davis - Animal welfare charities reacted angrily tonews in July that the number of animal experiments rose to a record high in Britain last year – a 40 per cent rise over the last decade… Which do you agree with? Alistair Currie: Animals are not ours to experiment on…. Hugh Daley : It’s not about torturing kittens for fun… (story)


BBC News Online 14.8.12 Bovine TB controls 'strangling farming' says NFU Cymru - A farming union claims "draconian" cattle control measures to try to eradicate TB are "strangling the industry". NFU Cymru, speaking at the Pembrokeshire County Show, said dairy and beef farmers throughout Wales are facing "severe difficulties… (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.8.12 Victoria Mardindale: Cruel experiments on animals make no medical sense - UK medical research laboratories routinely carry out appalling atrocities. The recent story in which scientists at Cardiff University sewed kittens' eyelids closed is a case in point…. (story)


Derby Telegraph 13.8.12 Former hunt saboteur predicts more prosecutions - A DERBY MP who is a former hunt saboteur says more convictions will come following the successful prosecution of a hunts master and member of his staff. John Greenall and Glen Morris were found guilty and fined £3,000 for illegally hunting fox cubs with hounds as part of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt surrounding a wood near Hilton in October. Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, said: "The conviction of John Greenall and Glen Morris should serve as a rude awakening to other common criminals who think they can break the Hunting Act with impunity… (story)

Burton Mail 13.8.12 Protesters say convictions show Hunting Act works - THE conviction of two men for attempting to kill foxes with dogs is proof the controversial Hunting Act is working, anti-blood sport protesters have claimed. The League Against Cruel Sports and the Hunt Saboteurs Association both spoke out after The Honourable Johnny Greenall (pictured right) and Glen Morris were fined for using hounds to hunt fox cubs on farmland near Hilton last year… (story)

ITV 13.8.12 Grouse season begins – The Grouse season is underway, traditionally the season begins on the 12th August but as shooting isn't allowed on a Sunday it falls on the 13th this year. The Grouse season is incredibly important for the local economy as Alex Hogg the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association explained to ITV Border… (story)
ITV 13.8.12 Grouse season kicks off - The Grouse shooting season has begun across the country. Traditionally the sport begins on what is known as the Glorious 12th (of August)… (story)
ITV 13.8.12 Praise for shooting industry - Scottish Land and Estates, which represents over 2500 landowners in Scotland have celebrated the start of the grouse shooting season. They said despite a mixed picture in terms of bird numbers country sport enthusiasts dusted off their guns and headed for the hills to try and bag a brace…. (story)
ITV 13.8.12 'Nothing glorious about Grouse shooting' - The League Against Cruel Sports has said there's nothing glorious about Grouse shooting… (story)
MSN News 13.8.12 Grouse season starts after delay - The grouse shooting season has got under way a day later than usual because the so-called "Glorious Twelfth" fell on a Sunday… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said that prospects for the season are mixed due to the recent bad weather…. (story)
Scotsman 13.8.12 Grouse live extra day as Glorious 12th falls on no-shoot Sunday - The start of the grouse shooting season – The Glorious Twelfth – starts today after it was put back because it fell on a Sunday… (story)

Yorkshire Post 13.8.12 Glorious Twelfth video: This EU threat to our moorland economy By Mark Casci Agricultural Correspondent - YORKSHIRE’S historic moorland areas could find themselves under-threat and thousands of jobs put at risk, because of a new European law on herbicide…. (story)
Northumberland Gazette 13.8.12 EU spinach ruling threatens moorlands - As the grouse shooting season beckons, moorland owners fear an EU spinach ruling threatens the centuries-old tradition… (story)
Halifax Courier 9.8.12 EU ruling puts moors at risk - The Moorland Association says the centuries-old tradition of grouse shooting is at risk from an EU spinach ruling… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 8.8.12 EU pesticide ban threatens grouse shooting in East Lancashire - EAST Lancashire’s countryside could be ‘devastated’ by a new EU ruling banning a pesticide used to control bracken, campaigners said. The Moorland Association said the ruling means traditional grouse shooting could be put at risk… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 6.8.12 Chemical ban 'is threat to shooting' By Scott Kirk, Reporter - MOORLAND owners fear a new EU ruling threatens the centuries-old tradition of grouse shooting in the run-up to the Glorious Twelfth. They say a ban on the pest-icide Asulam, seen as the only effective bracken control herbicide, will change the face of Britain’s countryside…. (story)
Northern Echo 6.8.12 Fears for the future of grouse moors - WITH the opening of the grouse season less than a week away, moorland owners fear the shooting tradition could be at risk because of an EU ruiling. Legislation from Brussels is banning the use of a herbicide which is regarded as the only effective way of controlling bracken. And the Moorland Association fears it could change the face of Britain’s countryside, devastate wildlife and destroy land management worth around £100m a year… (story)

York Press 13.8.12 Ignore stupid ruling - OUR beautiful North York Moors are under threat because of an EU ruling that is meant to protect continental spinach growing… If the Blutos from Brussels come calling, please direct them to this neck of the wood. They would get more than a flea in their ear. Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington (letter)

Guardian 13.8.12 A tale of two bogs - One is being nursed expensively and carefully back to muddy health. The other faces threats because of the demands of game hunters and grouse - Prepare to be bogged down. We have news both good and possibly unsettling about Yorkshire's bogs… Work has finished successfully on the first, £170,000, phase of a Forestry Commission project to restore one of England's most fragile and threatened areas of bog and mire on the North York Moors… This links the project to the second Yorkshire bog to be in the news, at Hebden Bridge, where devastating flood damage in June has highlighted the issue of Walsham Moor, where drainage and vegetation burning to create ideal conditions for grouse shooting have caused a major storm…. on Friday the Northerner ran a post about a weekend protest march and the launch on Sunday night in Hebden Bridge of the national Ban the Burn campaign… (story)
Morning Star 13.8.12 Flood victims fight for moor - A Yorkshire community recently devastated by flooding has launched a national campaign to ban the draining and burning of moorland to improve grouse breeding. Campaign organisers said that moorland owners' activities contribute to flooding… The campaigners are launching a nationwide "Ban the Burn" campaign on Sunday August 12 - the "Glorious Twelfth," the official start of the grouse-shooting season…. (story)

Faversham Times 13.8.12 Anglers accused of defecating in the woods at Oare country park - THE organisers of a charity project near Oare Gunpowder Works are reeling after anglers were accused of defecating in the country park. The park's steering group made the claims in an ongoing row over plans by Kent Angling and Training Academy (KATA) to transform neighbouring lakes into a fishing academy… But KATA boss Dominic Scannell hit back, dismissing the accusations as "baseless" and "disgraceful"…. But chairman of environmental group Friends of Oare Gunpowder Works Paul Jessett said it had been left to volunteers to clean up the mess left by anglers…. (story)

Argus 13.8.12 Snare issues - As an animal-lover, I have spent a lot of time in the country, the West Country being my favourite place. Recently, while I was enjoying a quite time in a local pub garden in Dartmoor, the couple sitting on the next table were extolling the virtues of snares… This is why I could never live in the countryside – I have found most country dwellers have no compassion for wildlife at all… Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (story)

Western Daily Press 13.8.12 Shooting badgers 'is of no risk to public' - Senior figures planning the pilot cull of badgers in the West have hit back at allegations the public could be put at risk…. Opponents of the plan warn that walkers, campers and others in the countryside could be at risk…. The NFU insisted all the shooting, which would be carried out at night, would be by those already expert in using weapons and ammunition already widely used without mishap, for controlling vermin, foxes and deer…. (story)

Western Morning News 13.8.12 Safety 'paramount' in pilot cull of badgers - The bare bones of the badger cull have been known about for months. But the details of precisely what is happening on the ground have been shrouded in mystery and subject to wild speculation and alarming scare stories. Philip Bowern has been talking to those at the sharp end of cull planning, who are quietly getting on with the job... (story)

Leicester Mercury 13.8.12 Vegan fair serves up a treat for visitors - A fair dedicated to vegetarian and vegan living welcomed scores of visitors. More than 200 people attended the event at Avenue Primary School, in Avenue Road Extension, Clarendon Park, Leicester, on Saturday to sample vegan and vegetarian food… Organiser Ann-Marie Harrigan said: "It was a great success, we had more people than we anticipated and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves." (story)


South Wales Evening Post 12.8.12 Swansea Anti Bloodsports charity collection - Swansea Anti Bloodsports would like to thank the people of Swansea for their genorosity. During the street collection that took place on Saturday, 14th July in Swansea City Centre, £53 was raised in aid of the organisation… (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 12.8.12 Tom Kitchin: ‘I look forward to the Glorious Twelfth with heart-racing passion and excitement’ - IF THERE is one day that stands out in my culinary calendar, it’s the Glorious Twelfth, which refers to 12 August – the start of the shooting season for red grouse… If you haven’t tried grouse yet, I recommend doing so as it makes an unforgettable meal. Grouse enjoyed near the Glorious Twelfth is about as seasonal as you can get. Roasted Scottish Grouse with Pate and Bread Sauce… (story)

BBC News Online 12.8.12 Glorious Twelfth to start on 13th due to custom - The start of the grouse shooting season, often referred to as The Glorious Twelfth, has been put back a day because it has fallen on a Sunday… Prospects for this season are mixed, according to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)…. (story)

Wales on Sunday 12.8.12 Kitten experiment petition attracts more than 22,000 signatures by Graham Henry - Experiments on kittens at a Welsh university condemned around the world have attracted more than 22,000 signatures for a petition to end such practices… (story)
Western Mail 1.8.12 Animal rights group Peta demands probe into kittens sewn eyelids research - Animal rights organisation Peta says it has written to the Home Office asking for an investigation into why approval was given to experiments at Cardiff University in which kittens had their eyelids sewn shut… (story)
Western Morning News 25.7.12 Ricky Gervais weighs in as Cardiff University defends sewing kittens' eyelids - Simon Gaskell - Cardiff University has “completely rejected” accusations of cruelty in the face of growing condemnation of its testing on live kittens… (story)
Mirror 25.7.12 Kitten controversy: 46% of people say stitching up kittens' eyes for science is OK - Animal lovers across Britain were left out outraged by our story yesterday, however, in our poll, just 54% of people said it was wrong Scientists who stitch up kittens' eyes in shocking experiments AREN'T doing anything wrong, according to thousands of people who have voted in a Mirror Online poll. A total of 46% of voters backed their controversial treatment to find out how the brain responds to sensory deprivation. Animal lovers across Britain were left out outraged by our story yesterday, however, in our poll, just 54% of people said it was wrong… (story)
Mirror 24.7.12 Sew cruel: Scientists stitch up kittens' eyes in shocking experiment - More than 30 kittens were used in tests funded by taxpayers to find out how the brain responds to sensory deprivation. Animal lovers across Britain were outraged today after it emerged scientists were sewing up kittens’ eyes for a shocking experiment…. Comedian Ricky Gervais led the fury… For: Tom Holder, founder of animal research advocacy group Speaking of Research … Against: Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals … (story)
Daily Record 24.7.12 'Cruel' researchers spark fury after five kittens have their eyes sewn shut for research By Richard Smith - ANIMAL lovers reacted with anger yesterday after it was revealed that five kittens had their eyes sewn shut for a scientific experiment…. (story)
Mail 24.7.12 Vivisection is right, but it is nasty - and we must be brave enough to admit this By Michael Hanlon - So, is it OK to sew kittens’ eyelids together to stop children going blind?... I have always believed animal experimentation is not only right but a moral necessity. Put simply, without the use of animals in the lab we would not have modern medicine… (story)
Mail 23.7.12 University sewed kittens eyes shut in taxpayer funded brain experiment just two years ago By Emily Allen - Animal lovers were outraged today after it was revealed kittens’ eyes were sewn shut in a university experiment… Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: 'This is unacceptable cruel research… Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council Ralph Cook, a former animal rights campaigner, said 'It’s an academic producing a paper which is generally meaningless and can’t be transferred to humans anyway… (story)
Western Mail 22.7.12 Anger over university's kitten "sewn eyelid" experiments by Simon Gaskell, WalesOnline - Animal rights campaigners have condemned a Welsh university for conducting “cruel” experiments in which kittens’ eyes were sewn up and newborn litters raised in total darkness. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) said it had uncovered evidence of the trials being undertaken by academics from Cardiff University…. (story)

Scotsman 12.8.12 Scientists can end vivisection - IT WAS with dismay that I read your report on the 12 per cent increase on experiments on animals in Scottish universities (News, 15 July). Animal Concern incorporates the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society… Sectors of the Scottish research community should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of increasing their use of animals they should be striving to replace them with humane alternatives with more relevance to humans. John F Robins, Secretary to Animal Concern, Dumbarton (letter)


York Press 11.8.12 Grouse shooting ‘ boost to economy’ - THE start of the grouse shooting season on Monday will bring huge economic benefits to the region, according to the organisation representing rural land owners. Douglas Chalmers, of the CLA, said: “Just as the £9 billion investment made by the country in the Olympic Games will provide long-term benefits for otherwise disadvantaged areas and communities, grouse shooting pours tens of millions of pounds of private money into the North every year…. (story)

York Press 11.8.12 Master of the moor - For more than two decades, gamekeeper George Thompson has been looking after heather moorland on the North York Moors. MATT CLARK went to meet him… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 11.8.12 Several sightings of American mink across East Lancashire - SEVERAL sightings of American mink - classed as a dangerous predator to Lancashire water voles - have been made by conservationists. Nature lovers are being asked to be on the lookout for the tiny creatures, which are also known to attack rabbits, frogs, squirrels and small birds… (story)

Guardian 11.8.12 Anglers vs 'the Black Death': cormorants have the edge in battle of the riverbanks - Fishing groups lobby to cull birds blamed for killing river fish, while naturalists argue for the use of non-lethal tactics - Jamie Doward - Walk the four-mile stretch of the river Lea from Hackney Wick up to Tottenham Hale, and it is easy to forget that you are in London's East End… But something is missing from this English riverbank scene: anglers. There are almost none to be found, even on a sunny afternoon last Wednesday when throngs of fishing enthusiasts were out in force on London's canals…. Known to anglers as the Black Death, the cormorant is a killing machine that can swim two minutes underwater and diving 80ft… (story)

Western Morning News 11.8.12 Seal club campaigner to target badger cull - The man behind the campaign to ban the clubbing of baby seals in Canada is targeting his new protests against the planned badger cull, it has emerged. Brian Davies, founder the Political Animal Lobby, is best known for his efforts to save the seals in the 1970s. Now the lobby has launched a high-profile "Badgering Dave" campaign in opposition to the Government's proposed badger cull trial to tackle bovine TB which has ravaged herds in the Westcountry… (story)
Western Morning News 11.8.12 WMN opinion: Debate is good, but pilot badger cull must be tried - There is little doubt that as we move towards a pilot cull of badgers as part of efforts to reduce the incidence of bovine TB in cattle, the animal welfare lobby will be stepping up its campaign of opposition. Political Animal Lobby (PAL) – the group founded by Brian Davies, who as a leading light in the International Fund for Animal Welfare campaigned against the culling of seal pups in the 1970s – yesterday launched "Badgering Dave"… A cull may be a long way from the perfect solution. No one will take any pleasure in the deaths of such a well-loved wild animal. But the perfect solution doesn't exist. Used alongside other measures it is worthwhile exploring whether cutting the badger population can help reduce the incidence of the disease… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 11.8.12 Badger cull petition at pub - PUB goers in Cheltenham showed their opposition to a trial badger cull which could take place in parts of Gloucestershire. Dozens of regulars at the Jolly Brewmaster, in Painswick Road, signed a petition against the proposed cull… Emma Tubbington, 28, said: "The sheet was going round during the pub quiz and it got lots of support."… (story)


Western Morning News 10.8.12 Tetcott Hunt's Fun Ride all set to be a real cracker - With the cancellation of so many events due to the adverse weather, it is hoped the Tetcott Hunt's Fun Ride should be a real cracker. The Hunt's popular outdoor fundraiser takes place on Sunday, August 26, at Sudcott… (story)

Leicester Mercury 10.8.12 I, like most of the population, will be in total agreement with the comments made by G A Wright (Mailbox, August 1). Fox hunting is very close to my heart and the killing of cubs in the manner in which it is done is nothing short of barbaric…. D N Small, Oadby. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.8.12 At the risk of being in trouble again, I must take issues with Elizabeth Allison again. Why, may you ask? The point is I also love animals and wildlife…. She then tackled cub hunting in her letter of July 24. This is a subject close to my heart. Again, she gets it slightly wrong. She wrote although illegal, cub hunting takes place in the early morning hours to avoid detection. It is much worse than that… As for the Hunting Act being overturned, if we get a strong Tory government that is something they will soon set about. G.A. Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 24.7.12 It seems that this is the time of year when people who enjoy killing animals for "sport" make preparations for their slaughter. (Countryside carries a threat to animals, Mailbox, Saturday, July 21). The letter to which I refer concerned snares which are used to protect game-birds from predators prior to being released so they can be shot… However, other preparations are underway to facilitate killing animals. The League Against Cruel Sports has exposed the horrific cruelty of cub hunting… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Western Morning News 10.8.12 Well-heeled game shooters head north for the grouse as Glorious 13th looms - Prospects for the forthcoming grouse shooting season are mixed due to the recent bad weather, according to the UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 10.8.12 GROUSE SHOOTING SEASON BADLY HIT BY POOR WEATHER By Anna Burdett - Shooting has been cancelled on moors across Cumbria making the August start to the season far from glorious. The wettest May and June on record has decimated grouse numbers on the 5,000-acre Shap Moor and all shooting is off… (story)

STV 10.8.12 Grouse shooting 'can keep rural economy alive during recession' - Landowners say grouse shooting could provide Scotland's rural communities with a lifeline during the recession. On the eve of the Glorious Twelfth, the traditional start of the shooting season, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association says the sport needs to be sustained at a time when jobs are increasingly scarce…. (story)
Press Association via Google 10.8.12 Grouse shoot 'should be embraced' - The economic value of grouse shooting should be embraced at a time of recession, according to the Scottish Gamekeepers Association. Landowners' wealth keeps rural schools open and supports local employment, association chairman Alex Hogg said…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 10.8.12 The cruel price of culturalism From: DS Boyes, Rodley Lane, Leeds. I SHARE Mrs Bookbinder’s concerns over reports of cruelty to pigs (Yorkshire Post, August 1), but is she aware of the far greater atrocities inflicted daily on?sheep, goats and cattle during ritual slaughter for Islamic halal meat?... (letter)

Rye & Battle Observer 10.8.12 Non-Halal slaughter is no less terrifying - IT IS a little naive to imagine that non-Halal methods of slaughter are any less terrifying and stressful for the animals involved. (Margot Dixon, Reader’s Letters August 3)…. Ironically, the cholesterol in the meat produced by this hellish business is the major contributor to conditions such as heart disease, heart attack and stroke…. Jane Quarrington, Kings Avenue, Rye (letter)
Rye & Battle Observer 3.8.12 Sale of exotic meat is just nauseating - JANE Quarrington is absolutely right regarding the nauseating prospect of a Rye restaurant serving what is little more socially acceptable than bush meat. Why not go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and serve up anything that moves? Supermarkets too encourage animal brutality. Most of the ‘big boys’ have the majority of meat slaughtered in the ‘Halal’ method, ie the animals have their throats slit without being first stunned, (it’s cheaper)… Margot Dixon, Mill Road, Rye (letter)
Rye & Battle Observer 27.7.12 Exotic meats should stay off the menu - I would be interested to know how chef Dev Biswal can be so certain that the habitat of the wild animals he will be selling is protected, or how he knows the animals will be hunted in a sustainable way…. Anyone truly concerned about issues of habitat protection and sustainability will not increase demand through buying exotic meats…. Jane Quarrington, Kings Avenue, Rye (letter)


Ryedale Gazette & Herald 9.8.12 Grouse shooting boost for countryside - RECORD numbers of game birds mean the start of the grouse shooting season looks set to boost the rural economy in North Yorkshire… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 9.8.12 Red grouse recovery hit by weather (story)
Press Association (via Google) 9.8.12 Red grouse recovery hit by weather - Bad weather has stalled the recovery in red grouse numbers in one of the bird's last remaining refuges in Northern Ireland. The "Glorious Twelfth" shooting season starts on Monday but two wet springs in a row mean numbers on the Antrim Plateau have remained static…. According to Tommy Mayne, director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation in Northern Ireland, shooting is worth £45 million to the Northern Ireland economy and employs 2,100 people, generating £10 million a year for conservation work… (story)
UTV 9.8.12 Bad weather affects red grouse recovery - Bad weather has stalled the recovery in red grouse numbers in one of the bird's last remaining refuges in Northern Ireland…. However, the League Against Cruel Sports has described grouse shooting as animal abuse and said it presented a "gruesome spectacle".… (story)

Argus 9.8.12 Banning snares - At this time of year the countryside looks its most glorious, but there is a sinister threat to pets and wildlife in hiding. The threat is snares, consisting of a wire noose, and millions of them are being put into place by gamekeepers, often staked into the ground in bushes, alongside streams and hidden on animal tracks…. Simon Wild, National Anti Snaring Campaign (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.7.12 Countryside carries a threat to animals - At this time of year, the countryside looks at its most glorious, but there is, hidden inside woodlands, field margins, and even moorland, a sinister threat to peoples' pets and protected species such as badgers. This threat is from snares, consisting of a wire noose, and millions of them are being put into place now by gamekeepers… In late July and August, they are most frequently found around game-bird release pens where these birds are kept before release for the winter sport of game shooting… Simon Wild, National Anti-Snaring Campaign, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16 3LG (letter)

Somerset Guardian 9.8.12 Rejection of review a sad day for badgers - Rejection of the Badger Trust Judicial Review is a tragic result for badgers, cattle, farming and tourism. Thousands of healthy badgers will now be killed or maimed, and probably totally exterminated from areas of our county because the cull is going ahead without knowing how many badgers there are…. ADRIAN R COWARD Chairman, Somerset Badger Group (letter)

Shields Gazette 9.8.12 Work continues to end animal suffering - Michelle Thew, BUAV. (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 1.8.12 Stop suffering - The latest government statistics show that almost 3.8 million animals were used in experiments in the UK during 2011… The BUAV [British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection] will continue to work towards ending this appalling suffering, which is taking place in our laboratories…. Michelle Thew Chief Executive BUAV 16a Crane Grove London (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 9.8.12 Chance for university students to get 'Vegucated' - BRISTOL University students returning to their courses this autumn will get a chance to get "Vegucated" on their eating habits, with two free screenings of a documentary planned for November… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 3.8.12 Vegucate Bristol - Learn to eat healthily - Vegucated comes to Bristol… Vegucated at The Polish Club is on 1 and 6 November, and starts at 6.30 pm - 10pm on each night… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 21.6.12 FREE PREMIERE of Vegucated in Bristol - Bristol is hosting a FREE PREMIERE of the light-hearted veganism-promoting documentary film Vegucated next month…. All funds raised through donations, the raffle and any profits will go to Vegfam, a charity that provides food for starving people in very poor countries WITHOUT EXPLOITING ANY ANIMALS… (story)

Irish Times 9.8.12 Getting a taste for veganism - The debate on veganism, would serve our society well were it be viewed in terms of a possible contribution to our national financial crisis… CIARAN WALSH, Kincora Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3. (letter)

Telegraph 9.8.12 Cats killing more wildlife than previously thought - Cats could be killing more wildlife than previously thought, according to a study which suggests the dead birds and rodents our pets leave on our doormats are just the tip of the iceberg. By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent - While most domestic cats appear docile and seem to spend most of their time asleep, researchers found that about one in three regularly hunts prey, killing an average of two animals per week… (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.8.12 Vandalism at wildlife centre selfish - The words I would like to use to describe the demented thugs who stole cages and caused death and injury to animals being cared for at the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital would be unprintable… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Scotsman 8.8.12 Bumper grouse season hopes blasted by wet weather By ALISTAIR MUNRO - THE wettest summer on record has claimed another victim – the Glorious Twelfth. Estates in Scotland are cancelling bookings to shoot grouse because the prolonged bout of cold, wet weather has killed off large numbers of young birds… (story)

Argus 8.8.12 Air weapon restrictions are not working - YET again we read of more cruelty to pets through the shooting of a kitten in the head and the death of 16 herring gulls (The Argus, August 3). I recently received a reply from Nick Herbert at the Home Office in response to a letter I sent to my MP about air weapons. The complacency of his reply took my breath away… The question I would like answered is why these air rifles are in circulation in the first place. If they are not lethal weapons (which they are in the case of the herring gulls), one can only assume they are meant to injure but not kill. Should this be tolerated? I think not. Valerie Lirakis, Longridge Avenue, Saltdean (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 8.8.12 Would a badger cull stop spread of TB in cattle? - FOLLOWING a High Court ruling, badger culling trials could take place in Gloucestershire to halt the spread of Bovine TB among cattle. We explore why the issue is so controversial in the county. TEWKESBURY borough councillor Tony Mackinnon, (LD, Cleeve West), led a motion calling for the authority to ban the culling of badgers on its land…. JAN Rowe, a farmer and Gloucestershire NFU spokesman, says badger culling is the best option…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 8.8.12 Ignoring facts in TB debate - DAVID Peterson (Journal, August 1) refers to the reduction to 0.06 per cent in the prevalence of infection in cattle by 1964 following the initial voluntary, later compulsory TB eradication scheme. He fails to acknowledge the fact that prior to 1973, badger numbers were kept under control as there was no badger protection act in being… Evan Thomas, Llanybri (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 1.8.12 Report does not advocate culling - MR Evan Thomas (Journal, July 11) refers to the 40 per cent incidence of bovine TB and the voluntary eradication that was introduced in the late 1930s… badgers have lived on the planet for some five million years. They have not done the damage, it's humans that are to blame. David Petersen, St Clears (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 11.7.12 Cull will prevent spread of disease - MICHAEL Sharratt is, as it always seems with the pro-badger lobby, being more than a little selective in his choice of references concerning the involvement of badgers in the spread of bovine TB… John Biggs, Penhendre, Llanddewi Velfrey (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 11.7.12 Badgers are not TB scapegoats - THE 40 per cent incidence of bovine TB in cattle that Mr Sharratt refers to (Journal, June 27) was the estimated level of infection in the national herd before any eradication scheme was introduced. It is not the level to which the disease managed to reach in the 1940s as alleged by him…. Evan Thomas, Carmarthen (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 27.6.12 Badgers are a scapegoat - EVAN Thomas (Journal, June 20) challenged my explanation that I agreed with the Independent Scientific Group's conclusion that "badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of cattle TB in Britain"…. Concerning cattle and TB, I hope Mr Thomas is also beginning to realise now how many 'errors' have been made concerning innocent badgers and that besides being classed as vermin they have been made a scapegoat, suffering snaring, gassing and shooting, over the years. Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Cwm Coile Whitland Carmarthenshire (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 13.6.12 Facts about badger issue - IT is nice to see Mr Mike Sharratt of Badger Watch answering the assertion "they have no proof about it". He is correct that the pre-war incidence of 40 per cent TB in cattle was reduced to below 1 per cent by 1970. He forgets to mention that during this time badgers were not protected and were treated like other vermin and their numbers controlled by culling… Evan Thomas Ger y Marbell Llanybri (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 6.6.12 'They have no proof about it' - MIKE Sharratt, of Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed, questioned how it would be possible to work out which badgers have the disease and which do not. He said there was no test for badgers at the moment… He said before the Second World War 40 per cent of cattle had TB and that dropped to one per cent because of testing and banning cattle movements, not culling badgers…. (story)


Argus 7.8.12 Foxes do kill - I SEE John Bryant has replied (The Argus, July 27) to my previous letter (July 16). However, he cannot have read my letter thoroughly – on no occasion did I mention hunting, which he does…. He claims I said foxes are a serious predator of lambs. I did not say this…. One of the things I do agree with Mr Bryant about is people should not feed foxes…. P Barnes, address supplied (letter)
Argus 27.7.12 Don't demonise foxes - An example of the demonisation of foxes by supporters of hunting was illustrated by P Barnes (Letters, July 16). He accuses foxes of “killing for fun” when in fact the only animal that kills for fun is man. All natural predators indulge in the phenomenon of “surplus” killing… John Bryant, Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Argus 11.7.12 Foxes have a part to play too - In reply to P Barnes (Letters, July 3), who seems to have misunderstood my letter questioning cat deaths and foxes, firstly, yes I do love foxes and believe they are totally misunderstood by some of the general public…. Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter)
Argus 3.7.12 Two views on foxes in the neighbourhood - I MUST respond to Gill Lloyd’s letter (The Argus, June 16) commenting on my submission about foxes not being to blame for dead cats (June 12), and her thoughts on foxes training cubs to hunt. She totally misinterpreted what she saw between the cat and the mother fox with her three cubs… A fox would not train its young to hunt using a cat for practicing…. Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove
HAVING read Gloria Wheatcroft’s letter of June 12, I feel compelled to write. She obviously loves foxes – there is nothing wrong with that. But for her to have sympathy for someone who lost her cat because they believe it was killed by a fox and then doubt whether a fox did it is odd… P Barnes, address supplied (story)
Argus 16.6.12 Foxes hunting - I WRITE with reference to letters about foxes killing cats (The Argus, June 12). Several months ago, late at night, we heard a strange noise and went to the window to see what it was. We could just make out an animal pinned against a garden wall over the road, with four others surrounding it. My husband grabbed a walking stick and, as we approached, realised the animal against the wall was a cat and the other four were foxes; one adult and three cubs…. Gill Lloyd, Grand Crescent, Rottingdean
IT IS not whether nature is good or bad – foxes are wild animals… If they do take a couple of cats, it is nothing compared with what cats do to devastate our native wildlife population… Daniel Bell, Harrington Villas, Brighton
I HAVE seen a fox chase a cat down like a lion would hunt down a gazelle in Africa. Anyone who thinks foxes don’t regard cats as another meal are sadly mistaken. name and address supplied (letters)
Argus 12.6.12 Don't blame foxes for dead cats - I MUST respond to the story “A fox mauled my cat”… Even though there are foxes in the area, this does not mean we must blame a fox… Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove
I LAST wrote to The Argus on May 21 about our little Abyssinian cat, which was killed in our neighbour’s front garden… Our cat was in at night and went out for a few minutes before bedtime. As foxes had left their calling cards in our front garden we can only assume it was a fox… Shirley Gooding, Warren Way, Telscombe Cliffs (letters)
Argus 6.6.12 Fox "mauled cat to death" in Brighton By Peter Truman - An animal lover believes a fox was responsible for killing her beloved cat. Rachel MacGregor’s husband discovered the body of 12-year-old moggy Misty in an overgrown garden behind her house in Luther Street, Brighton… Trevor Williams, the director of the Fox Project, said cats were a more dangerous animal than foxes… (story)

Western Morning News 7.8.12 Badger cull will put people in countryside at risk - In reply to Pippa Woods, chairman of the Family Farmers' Association (WMN July 27) I would say yes it would be wonderful to just cull sick badgers, but we would need to trap and test them first, so I am happy with that. We could inoculate them at the same time!... Now Natural England will issue permits to cull badgers in certain areas to "'Gun Syndicates" who will work with farmers. Farmers may be members of these syndicates. Now my question is will the Family Farmers' Association and the National Farmers' Union be writing to all the hotels, bed & breakfast, camp sites, holiday homes and outdoor activities centres to tell them when and where these syndicates will be out shooting with their high velocity weapons?... (story)

Caterer & Hotelkeeper 7.8.12 Foie gras is off the menu at Compass Group - Janie Stamford - Compass Group has bowed to pressure from animal rights campaigners and removed foie gras from its menus. The contract caterer said that the controversial delicacy was only used in a small number of its sites, but following talks with animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Compass has taken foie gras off its approved product list (APL)…. (story)


Horse & Hound 6.8.12 West Street Tickham hunt to disband - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The Hunting Office has applauded the decision of the West Street Tickham to disband, dividing its country between the Ashford Valley and the East Kent. Hunt secretary Sarah Leggat said the move — which will take effect for the 2013 season — should strengthen hunting in mid and east Kent…. Mrs Leggat said the hunt was facing financial challenges and lacked sufficient country during the shooting season — so looked to their neighbours for a solution…. (story)

Shropshire Star 6.8.12 Sun shines on Weston-under-Redcastle Village Show - Organisers have hailed an annual village show in north Shropshire a huge success. Weston-under-Redcastle Village Show opened on 11.30am on Sunday with the Royal Irish Regiment and Sir Beville Stanier, who had lived in the area… Visitors were treated to a number of activities during the day including a classic car display, a dog show, a bail assault course, Shire horses, chickens, alpacas, wheel barrow races and North Shropshire Hounds and Beagles display… (story)

Manchester Evening News 6.8.12 Animal welfare campaigners cut up rough over Trafford Centre aquarium plan - Animal welfare campaigners are opposing ambitious plans to build a huge aquarium near the Trafford Centre…. The proposed Sealife centre would house a range of fish, including dozens of sharks, and other creatures… But the Salford-based Captive Animals’ Protection Society has launched a campaign to block the proposals, arguing sea animals should not be kept captive for human entertainment…. (story)

Scotsman 6.8.12 Cruelly confined - Thanks to the Platform column (3 August) by an assistant director of the charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She pointed out the mental cruelty suffered by the big cat species held in zoos…. Pat Lines Buckstone Way Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 3.8.12 Mimi Bekhechi: Zoos are awful places for big-cat species - The arrival of yet another miserable animal at Edinburgh Zoo only adds to the living hell that is captivity for big cats and will do nothing to help Asiatic tigers in the wild… Mimi Bekhechi is associate director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (story)

Coventry Telegraph 6.8.12 Rabbits dying in tiny cages - OVER 32 million rabbits raised for food in the EU each year die in their cages. Recent investigations across Europe show rabbits’ cages only allow around 15x30cm of space per animal…. Compassion in World Farming is campaigning to end factory farming of all species… Janet Cummings, Tower Street, Rugby (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.8.12 Thanks for support - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Bradford for their generosity in raising £178.73 at a street collection on July 28… L M Hall, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator, Thornton Road, Bradford (story)


Sunday Express 5.8.12 WORRIES AS ANGLERS CALL FOR CULL By Stuart Winter - BIRDWATCHERS and anglers have always been brothers-in-arms when it comes to protecting waterways and wetlands…. How long this camaraderie continues is beginning to worry me. The Angling Trust last week launched an Action on Cormorants campaign to get the Government to rewrite rules that give these birds legal protection… . Many fishermen will spend a day without a bite but remain happy because they are outdoors and enjoying the countryside. The birds they see during their long, lonely vigils on the riverbank only add to their enjoyment. Perhaps the Angling Trust should remember the sport it champions is called fishing…not “catching”. (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 5.8.12 Why a badger cull? - THE REASONS for a cull of badgers are not very convincing when we consider that TB develops in cow populations where there is no badger contact…. Ronald Rodger Caseby, Lincoln Green, Chichester (letter)

Observer 5.8.12 New techniques mean animal testing is totally out of date - The acrimonious animal testing debate should be over… The debate is prolonged by spokespeople for animal testing, including Professor Roger Morris, making claims such as: "If we didn't test drugs on rats and mice, there would be a lot more dead people."… Kathy Archibald Director Safer Medicines Trust London SW2 (letter)
Observer 29.7.12 Animal activists' terror tactics drive staff out of laboratories - Medical research to develop new drugs is put at risk as workers quit after being attacked and smeared as paedophiles - Robin McKie - The twin gates, topped with razor wire and spikes, would do justice to a prison… Last week campaigner Luke Steele was sentenced to 18 months in jail for harassing staff at Harlan's laboratories. A second activist, Jonathan White, was given a seven-month sentence, suspended for 18 months. The pair, both aged 22, were members of a small group who terrorised staff at Harlan's three UK sites last year, using hailers to chant "shame on you", "blood on your hands" and "puppy killers" at employees queuing up in their cars to enter or leave their workplaces…. (story)


Telegraph 4.8.12 Where is your cheese from? Tesco has been accused of misleading customers over cheese in the latest country of origin scandal. By Louise Gray - The supermarket admitted that most of its Everyday Value Cheddar is cheese sourced in Ireland. But the packet only shows a UK stamp because it was packaged in Great Britain… The Countryside Alliance also said it was unfair on consumers… (story)

Newcastle Journal 4.8.12 Move to safeguard Merryshields Quarry badgers at Stocksfield by Paul Tully, The Journal - A COLONY of badgers which has moved into an old quarry could influence long-term excavation plans… Mervyn Anthony, chairman of the Northumberland Badger Group, said: “These proposals would potentially affect a badger sett and cause disturbance to it…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 4.8.12 TV documentary highlighted issue - I agree with everything in Laura's letter about the cruelty involved in the modern dairy industry. ("Bleak reality of milk production", July 25)…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.7.12 Bleak reality of milk production - Might I point out during this time of dairy farmers' protests over the money they are paid for the milk, that the milk is not in fact theirs to sell in the first place. The dairy industry is one of the most exploitative on the planet and, as a mother, horrifies me all the more…. We are humans, we have no requirement to consume the mammary secretions of another species… Laura, Oadby. (letter)


Mail 3.8.12 The day I killed for my supper: It's the new ethical food fad. But as Tom Mitchelson found, when Bambi's in your crosshairs your appetite can suddenly disappear By TOM MITCHELSON … I’m crouching in a Dorset forest alongside Andy McLeish, executive chef at the Michelin-starred Chapter One restaurant in Farnborough, Kent. He bears a passing resemblance to Fred Flintstone and, like his cartoon counterpart, he cooks what he kills…. We travel to a 2,000-acre estate in Dorset that is home to around 150 roe and 50 sika deer… The estate is popular with deerstalkers, but anyone who comes here to shoot must abide by the Deer Act 1991, which controls how many of these beasts can be killed and by whom… Yes, it’s better for the animal to be shot dead in an instant, rather than face the blood and fear of a slaughterhouse. I can’t deny that, but no argument could make me enjoy the huntsman’s task. I just don’t. And now I’ve done it, now I’ve tried it, now I’ve succeeded?.?.?.?let no one call me a coward for saying so. (story)

Harborough Mail 3.8.12 Farmer wins appeal over traps conviction - A FARMER has had a conviction for trapping birds without a licence overturned after the appeal judge accused police of using underhand tactics in their investigation. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) must also pay Ivan Peter Crane’s £35,000 legal bill, His Honour Judge Tony Mitchell ordered following the appeal at Nottingham Crown Court… Judge Mitchell said it had been the duty of the police after seeing the traps to tell Mr Crane of the change in law, rather than going ahead with a prosection… Judge Mitchell also criticised the decision by the CPS to prosecute… (story)

Harborough Mail 3.8.12 Fishermen – please think of our swans - SUMMER holidays are when the RSPCA sees a sharp rise in swan casualties due to carelessly discarded fishing litter… For the first time, this year the RSPCA has joined forces with the Angling Trust, the Environment Agency and the National Swan Convention (NSC), which represents swan rescue groups, in an attempt to tackle these problems. Dr Andrew Kelly RSPCA Head of Wildlife (letter)

York Press 3.8.12 Animal torture - AS an animal-friendly country, we should be ashamed that we allow 3.7million animals to be experimented on every year… D Fillingham, The Crossway, York. (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 3.8.12 Milking suffering - I agree with Steve Halden in last week’s Adver that the £9bn spent on the Olympics is a waste of money, but cannot agree that some of this money should be used to subsidise livestock farmers to enable them to keep producing cheap milk. He does not appear to have considered the harmful effects of dairy products on the human population… Philip Beaven Merton Avenue Swindon (letter)


Midweek Herald 2.8.12 Last minute win for young photographer By Katy Griffin, Reporter - Honiton Community College student named joint winner of a national photography competition… Lewis Gillingham, a year 12 student at Honiton Community College, won the Countryside Alliance’s Hunting under the Act photographic competition with his photograph of the Axe Vale Hunt… (story)
Horse & Hound 24.7.12 Winners of Countryside Alliance's hunting photography competition - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Hunt supporters and photography fans have been capturing hunting at its best for the Countryside Alliance’s (CA) “Hunting under the Act” amateurphotography competition…. Joint winners of the prize were Wynnstay Hound and Child, by Tracy Broadbent and A February Morning with the Axe Vale, by 17-year-oldLewis Gillingham… (story)
Harborough Mail 22.7.12 Hounds photo scoops photography award for Bob - AN AMATEUR photograper from Shearsby has seen his image of the Westerby Basset Hounds highly commended in a Countryside Alliance (CA) competition aimed at capturing hunting images. Bob Spree submitted the photo of the North Kilworth-based hounds for the competition…. (story)
Western Morning News 14.7.12 Devon teenager wins award for capturing 'special' bond in picture - A teenager from Devon has won a national photography competition that focused on hunting. Lewis Gillingham, 17, from Awliscombe, near Honiton, received joint first prize in the Countryside Alliance contest for his atmospheric image of an Axe Vale huntsman and hound…. Tina Guscott, from Crediton, was also highly commended by the judges in the same competition for her image entitled The Torrington Farmers' Hounds… (story)
Leicester Mercury 13.7.12 Bob praised for putting hunt in frame - Keen photographer Bob Spree has been highly commended in the Countryside Alliance's national hunting photography competition. Mr Spree entered his picture in the Hunting Under the Act competition with a shot of the South Kilworth-based Westerby Basset Hounds. Mr Spree, 74, is chairman of the hunt's trustees, and the picture features the last day of the professional kennel huntsman Peter Barrett, who retired after 26 years service… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.7.12 Lewis a winner with dog photo - LEWIS Gillingham, a teenager from Awliscombe near Honiton, has been named joint winner in the Countryside Alliance's Hunting under the Act photographic competition. Lewis's photograph is an atmospheric shot, taken in late February, of the Axe Vale Hunt…. (story)

Scotsman 2.8.12 Cruel hobby - The photograph of Britain’s ?biggest freshwater catch looks very fishy indeed… People would be horrified if anglers did to dogs what they do to fish – impale them through their sensitive lips and yank them into an environment in which they can’t breathe – for nothing more than sport… Ben Williamson Peta (People for the ?Ethical Treatment of ?Animals) Southwark Street London (letter)

Western Gazette 2.8.12 TV nature star condemns cull of badgers as 'bloody minded' and 'against science' - HE is better known as the face of nature programme Springwatch or – to those of an older generation – a star of the wacky sitcom series The Goodies… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 27.7.12 Campaigners call for Government U-turn over badger cull - DO not stand by and witness the "abysmal slaughter" of thousands of badgers across parts of Gloucestershire. That was the message from pro-badger campaigners at a meeting in Tewkesbury, as they rallied against Government plans for a cull devised to stop the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis among cattle. More than 200 people packed into the George Watson Memorial Hall, in Barton Street, to hear what they could do prevent the measure… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 27.7.12 Badger cull "bloody-minded" says TV star Bill Oddie - He is better known as the face of nature programme Springwatch or – to those of an older generation – a star of the wacky sitcom series the Goodies. But Bill Oddie popped up in Tewkesbury on Wednesday to campaign against government plans for a badger cull in his role as vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)
View Online 27.7.12 SOUTH SOMERSET: Locals join protest meeting over badger cull By Marion Draper - RETIRED scientists Ken and Lyn Spencer Mills from Hinton St George were among local people in the audience at a public meeting attended by the rock legend Brian May and the chief executive of the RSPCA Gavin Grant, against the trial culling of badgers to solve the problem of bovine tuberculosis…. (story)
Somerset County Gazette 26.7.12 Badger cull 'ludicrous' says Queen guitarist By Hannah Green - QUEEN ‘axeman’ Brian May is calling on the Prime Minister to back down on the proposed controversial badger cull due to take place in West Somerset. The guitarist, who is also founder of the Save Me animal welfare campaign, was among speakers at a public meeting at TheBrewhouse Theatre in Taunton on Friday. Over 250 people attended the meeting, co-hosted by the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA, Secret World, Save Me, Network for Animals, the Humane Society, Care for the Wild International and the Stroud 100… (story)
Western Gazette 26.7.12 Star speaksout over thebadger cull - A PLANNED badger cull in Somerset found not a single voice of support at a packed public meeting in the county last week. Among those speaking at the gathering in Taunton on Friday were rock music legend Brian May…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.7.12 Brian May leads the call for block of badger cull - If the badgers of West Somerset could attend human events, they’d have gone home to their setts with smiles on Friday – at a packed public meeting in Taunton not a single person stood up to defend the cull proposed for the area…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.7.12 Voices in unison against the badger culls - If the badgers of West Somerset could attend human events they'd have gone home to their setts with smiles on Friday… (story)
Taunton People 22.7.12 Brian May in anti badger cull campaign - Taunton's Brewhouse Theatre was packed for the public meeting where Queen guitarist Brian May, who is also a scientist,was among the speakers from theRSPCA,Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre and The League Against Cruel Sports. The meeting was held jointly with the Badger Trust and concerned animals welfare groups, who want to halt the proposed badger cull trials set to be held in the Taunton and Gloucester areas later this year… (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.12 Queen guitarist Brian May criticises badger cull - Queen guitarist Brian May has spoken out against a planned cull of badgers in the West Country. He was speaking at a meeting of The League Against Cruel Sports in Taunton on Friday evening… (story)
County Gazette 19.7.12 Campaigners to fight on despite court ruling over badger cull By Hannah Green - CAMPAIGNERS against the controversial badger cull in West Somerset are to fight on despite a legal challenge to the government's plans being thrown out in the High Court. Queen guitarist Brian May is one of those heading the campaign and will speak at a public meeting organised by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and other groups in Taunton tomorrow (July 20)… (story)
County Gazette 17.7.12 Campaigners call Taunton meeting in a move to stop badger cull - CAMPAIGNERS against the badger cull have called a public meeting in a bid to stop it going ahead…. the League Against Cruel Sports has organised a public meeting in Taunton on Friday (July 20)… The free meeting takes place at the Brewhouse Theatre from 6.30pm…. (story)
Western Morning News 17.7.12 Queen guitarist Brian May speaks out over 'unethical' badger cull - Queen guitarist and animal rights advocate Brian May has spoken out after a High Court bid to halt the culling of thousands of badgers in the Westcountry failed… Brian May is due to speak at a League Against Cruel Sports co-hosted free public meeting in Taunton on Friday, calling for public support against the proposed badger cull. (story)
Western Morning News 16.7.12 Queen guitarist Brian May to speak at League Against Cruel Sports meeting in Taunton - The League Against Cruel Sports is co-hosting a public meeting in Taunton to discuss the proposed cull of badgers which the Government has approved to fight bovine tuberculosis. Rock musician Brian May, founder of animal charity ‘Save Me’ and Pauline Kidner, founder of Somerset’s Secret World wildlife rescue charity will be among the speakers… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.8.12 Protest against cruel slaughter - RECENTLY, a packed Brewhouse Theatre, in Taunton, heard from the Badger Alliance, comprising the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and six other animal welfare organisations, as to why the imminent cull of badgers will serve no purpose… The cull is due to happen within the next few months in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The people of this country can stop it…. Ivor Annetts Tiverton (letter)

Western Morning News 2.8.12 Bringing some common sense to the bovine TB debate - Two meetings have been held in protest against the proposed badger culls in west Somerset and the Tewkesbury area of Gloucestershire… After 42 years of research no-one has managed to explain how badgers might realistically give cows a respiratory lung infection… It has nothing to do with badgers The fact that around 2,000 chronic herds have been under restriction for five to l0 years is due to inadequate disinfection between breakdowns… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 2.8.12 Call to stop badger cull put on hold - A BID to prevent badgers from being killed on Tewkesbury Borough Council's land has been put on hold. Liberal Democrat members Tony Mackinnon and Audrey Ricks tabled a motion at a full council meeting. It called for the authority not to allow badgers to be culled on land which the council owns, manages or controls. But members of the Conservative-dominated council voted to defer the matter to the authority's overview and scrutiny committee… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 31.7.12 Lib Dems bid to stop cull on land - PRESSURE is set to build on Tewkesbury Borough Council to stand in the way of a proposed badger cull at a meeting tonight. Liberal democrat councillors are planning to propose a motion calling on the authority to refuse to implement the measure on its land…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 2.8.12 Unnecessary use of animals - EVEN though hundreds of people were against the siting of livestock in the ‘greatest show on earth’ that was the opening ceremony of the Olympics, they were still included… It was totally unnecessary to put the animals through the stress and trauma of such unnatural surroundings, only probably to be slaughtered for the plate soon after… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Kidderminster Shuttle 2.8.12 Animal group's fury at reptile sale - AN animal rights group has claimed Wyre Forest District Council is a “soft touch” for allowing a reptile sale to take place… The Animal Protection Agency (APA), which campaigns against the trade in wild animals as pets, has criticised the council for permitting the show, which was held last Sunday at the Forest Glades Leisure Centre… (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 27.7.12 Animal rights group hits out at council over reptile show By Becky Carr - AN animal rights group claim Kidderminster is “fast becoming a haven for illegal wildlife dealers”. The Animal Protection Agency (APA), which campaigns against the trade in wild animals as pets, has criticised Wyre Forest District Council for allowing a reptile show to be held on Sunday (July 29) at the Forest Glades Leisure Centre… (story)


Forres Gazette 1.8.12 Dramatic turn in trial of men accused of trapping rare hares. A GAMEKEEPER accused of setting illegal snares to trap mountain hares on the Lochindorb Estate had the charge against him dropped by the prosecution on Wednesday. The dramatic twist to the groundbreaking trial came on the third day of the hearing before Sheriff Ian Abercrombie. Gamekeeper Kevin Begg and Head keeper David Taylor from the Lochindorb Estate faced allegations of setting illegal snares to trap mountain hares… But with the prosecution evidence coming to a close depute fiscal Ian Smith told the sheriff he was not seeking a conviction against Begg and he now intends to call him as a witness against his colleague, Taylor… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 1.8.12 Has a link with TB been proved? - THERE are lots of people like myself who donate to people, such as Pauline Kidder, Secret World, who rescues and look after our beautiful creatures. Why have we got these awful people who want to cull them?... DP, Bristol (letter)

Derby Telegraph 1.8.12 Pressure must be put on to stop this animal circus - DUE to mounting pressure from the public and animal welfare organisations – and the threat of legal action by the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) – the Government has finally agreed to implement a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses before the next general election. However, the pressure still needs to be kept up and the next six months will be crucial as CAPS works to get a bill introduced into the parliamentary calendar… Dawn Spencer Dovedale Crescent Belper (story)