February 2002

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Yorkshire Evening Post 28.2.02 Comment - 28 February - A squalid deal over hunting …His gift of a fresh vote on this unnecessarily thorny issue comes at a price which is far too high. It rewards back bench MPs for saving Stephen Byers' skin…and that is unforgivable… The huge majority Tony Blair enjoys exists because he was trusted by voters to meet their needs with honest responsibility. If now those voters suspect he is taking advantage of their trust and abusing it to look after his own, he has only himself to blame.(story)
Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 28.2.02 March date for hunting ban vote - CHRIS BISHOP - February 28, 2002 14:33 MPs will vote next month on whether hunting should be banned, Commons leader Robin Cook announced today… (story)
Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 28.2.02 Blair in new hunt vote pledge - quotes from Roger Lyles, joint master of the West Norfolk Hunt, LACS spokesman Andrew Wasley (story)
North West Evening Mail 28.2.02 HUNT BAN WOULD HIT TOP SHOWS - SHOWS which attract thousands of visitors could be scrapped if fox hunting is banned, a top South Cumbrian huntsmen claimed today… quotes from Alan Bolt, joint master of the 56-year-old North Lonsdale Hunt, Tim Collins, Tory MP for Westmorland and Lons-dale (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 28.2.02 MP steps up appeal to ban hare coursing By Ann-Marie Houghton and Hugh Lawrence - Calls for an end to the "atrocity" of hare coursing in Lancashire were stepped up at the House of Commons… Mr Pickthall renewed protests against cruelty to animals in a double Commons plea to Mr Blair… (story)
Thanet Extra 28.2.02 Hunting debate: MP calls for total ban - NORTH Thanet MP Roger Gale, long-standing opponent of hunting wild animals with dogs, has offered “one small cheer” for proposals to bring an end to foxhunting in England and Wales… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 28.2.02 NEW BID TO BAN HUNTING WELCOMED IN CUMBRIA - ANTI-BLOOD SPORTS campaigners in Cumbria today welcomed the Government's renewed effort to ban hunting… quotes from Carlisle MP Eric Martlew, Countryside Alliance Cumbria spokesman David Stocker, Elaine Milbourn, co-ordinator of the Cumbria League Against Cruel Sports, Cumbrian animal rights campaigner Judy Belford (story in archive)
Shropshire Star 28.2.02 Hunting ban looms again By John Hipwood and Nathan Rous…defiant Shropshire hunts said the Government would have a fight on its hands… quotes from Myles Salmon, master and huntsman of the Wheatland Hunt, Ann Carding, joint master of the North Shropshire Hunt, Philip Jones, of the Tanatside Hunt (story in archive)
Western Morning News 28.2.02 HUNTING COULD BE BANNED BY 2004 (story)
Newcastle Journal 28.2.02 New vote on hunting ban (story)
Western Daily Press 28.2.02 IS THIS THE END FOR HUNTING? - HUNTING could be outlawed within 16 months under a surprise new timetable expected to be announced today by Robin Cook… (story)
Guardian 28.2.02 New move to outlaw hunting - Blair rewards party for standing by Byers - Nicholas Watt, political correspondent (story)
Independent 28.2.02 MPs and peers to get free vote on fox-hunting By Andrew Grice and Marie Woolf (story)
Telegraph 28.2.02 Blair offers MPs the chance of early vote on hunting ban By Andy McSmith, Chief Political Correspondent (story)
Times 28.2.02 Peers to get last chance to save hunting BY PHILIP WEBSTER, POLITICAL EDITOR (story)
Express 28.2.02 Hunting ban vote "within month" (story)
Sun 28.2.02 Blair deal sly as a fox By TREVOR KAVANAGH, Political Editor - TONY Blair stitched up a secret deal with Labour lefties to save Stephen Byers’ neck — in return for a ban on fox-hunting it emerged last night. (story)
Ananova 28.2.02 MPs to vote on hunting ban next month - Robin Cook has announced a House of Commons vote next month on banning hunting with dogs…(story)
Ananova 28.2.02 Government 'using hunting issue to mask problems' ….Shadow Leader of the House of Lords Lord Strathclyde says the Government is guilty of "tokenism" over the hunting issue… (story)
Ananova 28.2.02 Hunting ban vote 'within month' (story)
Ananova 27.2.02 Blair promises hunting vote announcement 'soon' (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 13:50 GMT Hunting vote set for March - MPs will vote on banning hunting with dogs in England and Wales on 18 March, House of Commons leader Robin Cook told MPs on Thursday… (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 13:44 GMT Victory for backbench power? (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 11:30 GMT Head-to-head: Hunting with dogs - Government plans to name the date for a vote on banning hunting with dogs have reignited the controversial debate. Labour peer Baroness Mallalieu, president of the Countryside Alliance, and Labour MP Mike Foster, who introduced his own bill to ban hunting, gave their views to BBC Radio 4's Today programme… (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 06:45 GMT Hunt ban timetable to be outlined (story)
ITV.COM 15.58PM GMT, 28 Feb 2002 Hunting vote on March 18 - A vote on banning hunting with dogs in England and Wales will be put to Parliament on Monday, March 18… (story)
ITV.COM 14.16PM GMT, 28 Feb 2002 John Sergeant, ITV News political editor, reports from Westminster: A vote on banning hunting with dogs in England and Wales will be held in the Commons on Monday March 18, Leader of the House Robin Cook told MPs today… (story)
ITV.COM 7.12AM GMT, 28 Feb 2002 Hunting vote 'within a month' (story)
ITV.COM 22.41PM GMT, 27 Feb 2002 Hunt ban back on agenda (story)
Scotsman 28.2.02 Hunting Vote 'Within Month' By Jane Merrick and Joe Churcher, PA News (story)
Scotsman 28.2.02 Blair’s pledge on hunting vote - Alison Hardie Political Correspondent - TONY Blair plans to reward Labour MPs for rallying behind Stephen Byers, the embattled Transport Secretary, by resurrecting the bill to ban fox-hunting in England and Wales… (story)
Yorkshire Post 28.2.02 Blair may concede hunt vote in month - Brendan Carlin Political Editor (story)
The Herald (Glasgow) 28.2.02 Free vote plan for fox hunting - CATHERINE MacLEOD (story in archive)

Western Mail 28.2.02 New action for a ban …Gower MP Martin Caton, Carmarthen west and south Pembrokeshire MP Nick Ainger, along with Assembly Members Christine Gwyther and Brian Gibbons, will be the first to sign one of four printed animal faces at the RSPCA's Llys Nini Animal Centre in Penllergaer, Swansea… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 28.2.02 MPS TO JOIN IN BANNER PROTEST - POLITICIANS from South West Wales will be the first in Wales to add their names to a new campaign to ban hunting with dogs in England and Wales... (story)
Kent/East Sussex Courier 18.2.02 MP SIGNS UP TO BAN HUNTING WITH DOGS - CAT-LOVING MP Ann Widdecombe became one of the first politicians in the country to add her name to a new campaign urging the Government to honour its pledges to ban hunting with hounds… visited the RSPCA's south east regional headquarters on Monday when she signed one of four printed animal faces which were stuck to a giant banner outside the Maidstone offices… (story)
Kent Messenger 15.2.02 Widdecombe blasts PM over hunting with dogs - KENT Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has thrown her weight behind an RSPCA campaign to push for a complete ban on hunting with dogs. She is among the first politicians in the country to sign a petition organised by the animal welfare charity... (story)
Ananova 11.2.02 Widdecombe to back hunting with dogs ban - Ann Widdecombe is putting her name to an RSPCA campaign calling for a ban on hunting with dogs... (story)

Scotsman 28.2.02 Time to sort out this transport mess …The Scottish parliament was to provide pragmatic solutions to Scottish problems. Instead we got the fox-hunting bill. If the politicians on the Mound want to know why they are viewed with some cynicism, they might try taking the train to work in the morning. (story)

Fife Free Press 28.2.02 HUNTING BILL 'A MESS' - THE new hunting Bill is a mess, according to John Gilmour of Fife Hunt… (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 28.2.02 Foxes still take hens …Our free-range poultry was attacked in broad daylight and several killed - and yet our holding is crawling with rabbits and birds… R Atkins, Wellington (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 27.2.02 Urban fox story not made up - I had a letter in these columns on January 7, stating where an old urban fox had entered a conservatory in south London and attacked a child in its pram… On January 19 Martin Hemmington of the National Fox Welfare Society answered my claims about this attack and dismissed them as almost lies… If he can prove this article is not true, I will donate £50 to a charity of my choice - D G Morris, Newport (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 27.2.02 Fox hunt has no place in society …I can assure D G Morris, Tony Blair has far more to fear from the millions of people like me who voted for him on a promise to ban fox hunting than he does from the hunters… Sid Jones, Whittington, Oswestry (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 26.2.02 What after hunt ban? …People who are cruel to animals have a nasty sadistic streak in their nature… Where they direct this cruel streak in future, I've no idea… Dennis Woolley, Rodington (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 25.2.02 Come one, why blame the foxes? …in reply to D.G.Morris…Two years ago my hens were attacked by foxes… Foxes attacking hens is of course completely natural… Name and address supplied (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 19.2.02 A right load of rubbish written on fox hunting …As for Sid Jones, he doesn't like hunting people and in my opinion writes a lot of rubbish. D G Morris, Newport
Shropshire Star 15.2.02 Fox policy is burden to council tax payers - reply to June Guest 24.1.02 from D.G Morris, Newport - after many complaints from the townspeople of Croydon regarding the very high number of foxes in their town, the council took action, 120 foxes were trapped, 14 diseased ones put down, the rest dumped in to the countryside where they were dealt with by farmers and gamekeepers... (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 11.2.02 Fox attack chickens tortured to death - Reference B R Banks' letter (Shropshire Star, February 2) "There is no need to kill foxes". Well, last week one of these lovely cuddly creatures got into my hen shed after gnawing through a panel, and killed 16 out of 18 chickens... chewing them alive, tearing off limbs so they bled to death, playing with the terrified creatures... The very next day the South Shropshire Hunt met in the village here... The fox was dug out and shot with a humane killer... W F Kerswell, Picklescott, Church Stretton (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 7.2.02 In support of fine country traditions ...I was taken to several chicken runs where foxes had killed every chicken for the hell of it - not for food. I decided that was sufficient reason to kill and hunt foxes, which has been a necessary country tradition to keep the balance of nature for many years... Donald Oakley, Shrewsbury

Croydon Guardian 28.2.02 Animal rights are a part of equality - I would like to point out to J Hamilton (Animal rights are madness, February 6) that the concept of animal rights follows a tradition of acknowledging the rights of others: the right of slaves to freedom, the rights of ethnic minorities, of women, of gay people, of children to equality… Why should the 0.4 per cent of the population who hunt impose their morals' on others?.. J Gardner, Downsview Gardens, Upper Norwood (letter in archive)
Croydon Guardian 21.2.02 letters in reply to J Hamilton:
Compassionate not cruel ... I'd like to know what is so good about dogs chasing after a fox and ripping it apart... I am in the animal rights organisation Animal Aid and I am very much into animal rights... Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
Animal crackers ... man is an animal, and has no more rights than any other... My quibble here is not with God (whoever she may be)... who are these "abused country folk"?... blood-thirsty slaughter of terrified foxes just to satisfy the sick pleasure of a small minority J Richards, Croydon (letter in archive)
Croydon Guardian 7.2.02 Animal rights are total madness - I believe hunting with dogs is a good and right thing to do. I believe the whole concept of Animal Rights is insane... J Hamilton, Thornton Heath (letter in archive)

Amesbury Journal 28.2.02 Wilton Estate bans shooting SHOOTING has been outlawed on Wilton Estate, bringing to an end a centuries-old tradition. The Earl of Pembroke is understood to have decided that the time is now right to concentrate on conservation projects on the 14,000-acre estate… (story in archive)

Daily Post 28.2.02 Hunters are cleared of badger baiting - A GROUP of men charged with badger baiting were acquitted yesterday... A witness for the defence, Madalene Forsyth, a veterinary surgeon of Helmsley, York said Wilf's injuries were "absolutely typical" of a fox bite. After an hour's deliberations, bench chairman Helen Roberts said magistrates were not persuaded by the evidence presented by the prosecution. She said the prosecution had failed to prove that this was an active badgers' sett and that magistrates agreed the defendants were fox hunting on that day... (story)
Daily Post 27.2.02 Six at badger baiting trial 'digging for fox' By Hywel Trewyn Daily Post Staff - SIX men charged with badger baiting at an isolated sett in North Wales told police they were digging for a fox which had gone to ground, a court was told yesterday… Dolgellau magistrates heard that police found the men digging a badger's sett in a wood near Llanfrothen, Gwynedd, on July 22 last year. The men were accompanied by 12 dogs… all deny charges: Tony Edwards, 27, of Grimshaw Lane and Gerard Gary Daniel Stanley, 38, of Clucas Lane, Ormskirk, John Gareth Griffiths, 34, of Tui'n LLwyd Terrace, Trawsfynydd; Donald Keith Edwards, 44, of Cysgod y Coleg, Bala; David William Thomas, 36, of Old Tan y Banc, Penrhyndeudraeth; and William Evans, 40, of Pengwndwn, Blaenau Ffestiniog… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 28.2.02 ACTION CALL ON DEER POACHING - PEOPLE who live in rural areas are being urged to help the police combat an upsurge in barbaric deer poaching in the region… Police say they will respond to information about poaching incidents and want people to help them track down the bloodthirsty gangs… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 28.2.02 Morley looks to end for live trade - ANIMAL Welfare Minister Elliot Morley said this week that he wants an export trade in meat to replace live animal movements. His comments follow a meeting representatives from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) who presented him with a petition calling for live exports of sheep to be banned… (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 28.2.02 PROTESTERS TARGET CIRCUS - ANIMAL rights activists set up a small protest demonstration at the Great British Circus, which is performing at the Japanese Water Gardens, in Toton Lane…(story)
Nottingham Evening Post 27.2.02 NICK PALMER RAPS CIRCUS'S ANIMAL ACTS BY LYNETTE PINCHESS - AN MP has hit out at a circus for using performing animals to draw in Notts crowds. The Great British Circus, which features zebras, Appaloosa stallions and a 30-in Shetland pony, is currently putting on a show in the Broxtowe constituency of Nick Palmer… (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 28.2.02 Ill treatment of dogs was sickening – letter complaining of RSPCA inactivity in dog cruelty case …Concerned neighbours were informed by the RSPCA that they were "monitoring" the situation… Just how bad does it have to be for the RSPCA to do what they claim to be there for - to prevent suffering… JANET TURNER, Kidderminster, Full address supplied (letter in archive)

Telegraph 27.2.02 Statutory regulations are needed - The Middle Way group's spokesmen, Lembit Opik and Peter Luff, are right about the need for statutory regulations for all hunting with dogs (letter, Feb. 20), but wrong to promote judgments on the range of hunting methods, without making commonsense and scientific comparisons with the suffering caused by the other methods used… (story)
Telegraph 20.2.02 The Middle Way – reply to Lord Daresbury from Lembit Opik MP, Peter Luff MP, Joint Chairmen, All-Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, London SW1 (letter)
Telegraph 18.2.02 SIR - Rupert Isaacson (letter, Feb 15) blames his sacking from Hunting and Country Illustrated magazine on the hunting community's unwillingness to adapt and change… This is exactly what we did following the Phelps Inquiry in 1997 and, more significantly, following recommendations made by Lord Burns… Lord Daresbury, Chairman, Masters of Fox Hounds Association, Bangendon, Glos (letter)
Telegraph 15.2.02 Re: Open dialogue needed - SIR - Until this week, I was a hunting correspondent for Hunting and Country Illustrated magazine. I care passionately about hunting's survival... If we are not prepared to look at every aspect of the hunt, even if it means accepting that some things may need to be changed, then what kind of hunters are we?.. Rupert Isaacson, London N7 (letter)
Cambridge News 28.2.02 What threat is a protest? - IN REPLY to the two anonymous letters (News, February 13) … The protesters, incidentally, have had only three non-violent, peaceful, lawful demonstrations at this proposed site, all totally without incident… I am truly sorry for the plight of anyone having to watch a mother succumb to Alzheimer's (I have a brother with dementia) but, since millions of sacrificed animals have already failed to help find a cure, we must move forward… From Rosemary Faupel, St John's Road, Coton (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 22.2.02 Victims of bullies From Pat Griffin, Bakers Lane, Linton - AS AN ANIMAL rights protester I would like to reply to the two letters (News, February 13) regarding the rejection by South Cambridgeshire District Council for new primate research laboratories on Huntingdon Road… My dictionary describes a bully as one who "persecutes or oppresses by force". Isn't this precisely what scientists do to unconsenting animals in laboratories?... (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 22.2.02 Jubilation at decision From Elizabeth Poole, Wingham, Canterbury, Kent - I SHARE in the jubilation of Cambridge's students and taxpayers now that Cambridgeshire County Council has rejected planning permission for the proposed primate laboratory… The vivisectionists have had no qualms about commandeering more police from the same force to act as their own security guards, to enable them to indulge their foul and fraudulent practices hidden from public scrutiny… (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 13.2.02 letters protesting at decision to refuse planning permission for research labs in Cambridge:
We must not surrender (name & address supplied) ...Policing with the consent of the majority has now been replaced by policing at the approval of minorities. We will all be the losers if the threat from activists who put the welfare of specially-bred mice, rats and monkeys before those of persons suffering from the dreadful diseases of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's prevail...
Lab research is crucial (name & address supplied) IT IS WITH utter amazement that I have heard that our council has refused permission for the university to build a new Research Laboratory in Cambridge because the police are afraid of animal rights protesters and the money that would be spent policing the demonstrations... (letters may be in archive)

Worcester Evening News 27.2.02 I AM sorry to hear that Ms A Monschau (You Say, February 18) has declined my invitation to visit a hunt kennels… JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.2.02 Failed to address the hounds issue -THE letter from A E Monschau (You Say, January 28) regarding the welfare of hounds totally failed to address the issue. The writer produced no evidence to suggest that hounds were being put down just to feed other hounds. Simple mathematics tell us that this would be a policy of diminishing returns... For the second time, I am inviting Mr Monschau to visit a hunt kennels, meet the huntsman, see the hounds, how they are fed and their welfare... JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 1.2.02 Disgusting allegation about the foxhounds - A MONSCHAU'S contemptible accusations (You Say, January 28) are deceitful to the extreme... NICKY DRIVER, Campaign for Hunting (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 28.1.02 A loving home? - it is a well-known fact, not myth, that hounds are shot and fed to the rest of the pack after their "working lives" are over... A MONSCHAU, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 21.1.02 reply to A Monschau from H RAY, Worcester contrasting the care of hounds by hunts with the sorry state of Sextant the Wye College beagle after the theft of the pack by animal rights activists. "One day, the truth will come out about the fate of the Wye Beagles. Few think it will be pleasant news." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 16.1.02 Hounds do what comes naturally - letter in reply to one from A Monschau (January 8) asking why foxhounds are unsuitable for re-homing after their working life is over from JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 27.2.02 Cute picture masks the whole story - JUSTINE CLAYTON, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.2.02 Cloning cannot be justified - JUSTINE CLAYTON, BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) London (letter in archive)
Nelson Leader 22.2.02 I AM writing in response to the stories… JUSTINE CLAYTON, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter in archive)
ThisIsGloucester (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 21.2.02 PUBLIC DOESN'T SEE SUFFERING - JUSTINE CLAYTON Press officer, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)
The Shields Gazette 21.2.02 Cloning concerns - Justine Clayton,Press Officer, BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) , 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN. (letter)
Sunderland Echo 20.2.02 Cloning unjustifiable - I WRITE in response to the article about the world's first cloned domestic kitten… Justine Clayton, Press Officer, BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection), 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN. (letter)
Edinburgh News 19.2.02 Kitten cloning cruel science - I AM writing in response to the news about the world’s first cloned domestic kitten… Justine Clayton, press officer British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection Crane Grove, London (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 27.2.02 MESSAGE TO THE ANTI-FUR BRIGADE: PLEASE WRAP UP - IT would be easier to stomach some of the arguments of the anti-fur brigade if they weren't wrapped up in spite, envy and puritanical zeal… (story may be in archive)

Staines Guardian 27.2.02 Staines Guardian 27.2.02 People are the animals - It's quite horrible what people can do ( 'Scandal of illegal animal imports' Guardian, Feb 21)… I say treating a fellow creature like that is unforgivable. Five years would be a start but personally I would jail them for life - Rosie Beamish, Drill Hall Road, Chertsey (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 26.2.02 HUNTSMAN KILLED …John Ball, who was thought to be in his 50s, was riding with the Fernie Hunt at Lubenham on Saturday afternoon when his horse fell as he attempted to clear a hedge… (story)

Border Telegraph 26.2.02 Fox Hunt Bill suffering - Well at last they have succeeded in banning the fox hunt. Do they really understand just how many people will suffer?.. There are far more important issues to be addressed in Scotland than fox hunting. The NHS is terrible… Janette Barrand. Dovecot Road, Peebles. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 26.2.02 WELL DONE SCOTLAND - I CAN'T recall many times in my life when I have applauded the actions of Scotland, however, the stance they have taken to ban fox-hunting is truly admirable… Graham Parker, Nicholson Street, Cleethorpes (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, Exeter Express & Echo, North Devon Journal) 26.2.02 IDEAS TO IMPROVE WELFARE OF ANIMALS …Animals suffer the effects of fireworks. Displays by local authorities only would stop this… those convicted of animal cruelty should be disqualified from keeping any species of animal and making sure other members of the family are not able to buy it for them… Live exports should be banned and so should hunting with hounds and snares… And shouldn't farmers stop breeding lambs to be born so early that they die of pneumonia in wet, muddy fields? Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 26.2.02 RESOLVING CONFUSION ABOUT USE OF SNARES …During the past few days the council member in London for Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA), John Bryant, has made the following submission to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in response to the proposal for a new Animal Welfare Act… In 1981 when I was wildlife officer of the League Against Cruel Sports, and acting as adviser to the late Lord Houghton of Sowerby, I warned in a briefing to MPs that enforcing the banning of self-locking snares, which, to the layman were indistinguishable from "free-running" snares, would prove difficult… From an animal welfare point of view, all snares should be outlawed… John Phelps, Council Member, Protect Our Wild Animals, Exeter (letter)

Ananova 26.2.02 Majority of Britons want end to live export of animals of animals – survey …The Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) poll found that 78% of respondents agreed that the export of live animals should be stopped…The release of the survey coincides with BBC Vets in Practice star Keith Leonard presenting a petition against live animal exports to a Government minister… (story)
Times 26.2.02 - A petition calling for a ban on live animal exports is due to be handed to the Government by Keith Leonard, star of the BBC docu-soap Vets in Practice… (story may be in archive)

Independent 26.2.02 Businessman in animal rights row denies smuggling £22m of cocaine By Ian Burrell, Home Affairs Correspondent …Christopher Barrett-Jolley, 55, the former head of an aviation company, pleaded not guilty yesterday to importing 271kg (597lb) of cocaine to Southend airport, Essex, last year… Mr Barrett-Jolley is the former head of Phoenix Aviation, which ran a controversial veal export business from Baginton airport in Warwickshire during the 1990s. Jill Phipps, 31, an animal rights activist, was crushed to death by a lorry at one of the protests against Mr Barrett-Jolley's trade in 1995… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 25.2.02 LAIRD WILL HUNT ON ... Richard Holman-Baird believes loopholes in the legislation will allow hunting to continue. The defiant laird of Rickarton Estate, near Stonehaven, said he was willing to go to court... He said it was not illegal to ride out in groups, nor to shoot foxes as pest control. The Kincardineshire hunt is continuing with its thrice-weekly outings... (story)

Bolton Evening News 25.2.02 Now ban fox hunting south of the border? …FRANK ELSON asked one of the foremost campaigners against hunting, Bolton North-east MP David Crausby, and a supporter of hunting, David Stocker, North-west regional spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, to put their cases in their own words… (story in archive)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 25.2.02 HUNTERS LIVE IN THEIR OWN WORLD …they seem sadly lacking in understanding what dogs out of control can do to terrified sheep and livestock…PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 25.2.02 CAN'T COMPLAIN OF FOX FEEDING - WITH reference to Mrs Wardell's letter…now she is quite happy for some foxes "to be one I left earlier" (apologies to Blue Peter). So consequently, she cannot complain that this fox wants to feed. TONY SHORTT, Belle Vue Road, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 16.2.02 MY POINT OVER FATE OF FOXES - REGARDING Mr Shortt's letter (February 7)... Foxes kill the game that huntsmen with guns are targeting. Therefore, if hunting with dogs is banned, shooters will not leave a fox for next time. The fox will kill far more rabbits, pheasants, etc, than they will be prepared to lose... I do not support the hunt. The fox has a right to survive. MRS WARDELL (story)
Gloucester Citizen 7.2.02 MAY I please reply to Mrs Wardell's letter of January 28? Firstly, I do not consider I made an attack against her. But against the cruel and barbaric so-called 'sport' of hunting and killing wild animals for fun... TONY SHORTT, Belle Vue Road, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 29.1.02 MY ANSWER TO RECENT ATTACKS - reply to Mrs Stinchcombe & Tony Shortt from Mrs Wardell ...Does Mrs Strinchcombe want me to keep my hens in steel containers, like battery hens?.. I do not support the hunt, but I have to accept them as a method of controlling foxes that does not exterminate the species (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 23.1.02 SHOOT FOXES - letter in reply to Mrs P Wardell from TONY SHORTT, Belle Vue Road, Stroud - hunt obviously not doing its job, why not shoot foxes (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 21.1.02 LOCK YOUR HENS SECURELY AWAY - reply to Mrs Wardell from MRS N. STINCHCOMBE, via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 17.1.02 FOX KILLED MY 14 LAYING HENS ...Roll on the return of the hunt. MRS P. WARDELL, Hasfield, via e-mail (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.2.02 Waiting in vain - MISS B Packer calls for a change of government because of the appalling way animals are treated in the country… Anyone who wants to find out what they can do to make their voice heard can contact Marilyn Harrison of Swindon Animal Concern on 01793 644796. PHILIP BEAVEN, Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 26.1.02 Take steps to protect the children - IT is time the Government took drastic steps to deal with drastic situations... People who do not want children should not produce them... There is more love and compassion in a farmyard ­ ask any driver who has had to remove calves, the cows go spare, bellowing and chasing the lorry that has stolen their children... B M PACKER, Croft Road, Swindon (letter in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 25.2.02 RECORDS DO NOT BACK UP FOX CLAIM - In reply to the issues raised by Margaret Verity… There has never been a single substantiated case of a child catching toxocara from a fox in the UK… Paul Leicester, Derbyshire Fox Rescue, www.derbyfoxes.org (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 5.2.02 YOUNGSTERS FACE PERIL FROM FOXES ...I also feel the time has come to remind readers of toxocariosis which can be caught from cats and dogs but can easily be avoided by regular worming. Foxes are a prime source of this infection... Foxes are vermin and urban foxes are a real health threat. Margaret Verity, Shardlow Road, Alvaston. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.2.02 THERE IS A SIMPLE ANSWER TO FOX WORRY - Vancouver Street residents claim to have tried everything to deter the gang of 20 foxes which constantly attacks their cats... I spoke to one of the lead petitioners last week during an interview... - asked if they'd tried Reynardine, she said no - ...Some sab groups use creosote to move foxes out of hunting areas, so perhaps a fresh coat of creosote on those garden fences may also do the trick... Roger, DAR/Derby Hunt Sabs. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 21.1.02 IS THE FOX PROBLEM THAT BAD? - I have a habit of keeping Telegraph clippings that interest me and I compared the two supposedly identical stories Mr White has recently submitted... Roger, DAR/Derby Hunt Sabs. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.1.02 WE MUST LIVE AND LET LIVE - letter defending foxes, "name and address supplied" (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.1.02 WE SHARE OUR PLANET ...I think that foxes are truly wonderful animals... Killing for sport is totally unjustified and should be banned totally... Paul Jones, Chaddesden (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.1.02 FOXES ARE NOT TIMID ANIMALS - reply to Paul Leicester from M.J. White, Stenson Road, Derby - details of his experiences when he witnessed foxes killing a cat, & other incidences of foxes killing pets (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 18.12.01 WORMS, NOT CATS, MAIN DIET FOR FOXES - letter from Paul Leicester, Derbyshire Fox Rescue, www.derbyfoxes.org defending foxes (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.12.01 FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON FOOD FOR FOXES - letter from Roger, DAR/Derby Hunt Sabs re: feature on Peter Ambler who feeds foxes " Foxes are wild animals and, as such, they should receive as little human contact as possible." People might take advantage of a tame fox. If anything happened to him the foxes would suffer from the removal of their usual food supply. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 7.12.01 THANKS TO FOX CARER - letter from Animal lover, Mackworth - " What a lovely man Peter Ambler is!..." feeds foxes with Sunday lunch leftovers in field behind house. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.12.01 FOXES ARE A PROBLEM FOR MANY - letter from George Hawksworth, Vancouver Avenue, Spondon in reply to John Page, 29.11 (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 3.12.01 ANIMAL FAN DEFENDS FANTASTIC MR FOX - Peter Ambler, who lives in Home Lane, spends £80 a week feeding them & can't see what the fuss is about. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 27.11.01 IN PRAISE OF FOXES - letter from Barbara Dilks, address supplied defending urban foxes (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 23.11.01 RESIDENTS CALL FOR ACTION ON FOX PROBLEM Residents are angry over a council's response to their complaint about urban foxes vandalising their property... The council has a policy of only providing advice to people who contact them with concerns about foxes (story in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 30.10.01 Foxes not a problem - Mrs L. Hood, Vancouver Avenue, Spondon. (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 26.10.01 Humans so filthy - Mrs L. Walters, Heanor Road, Smalley. (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 25.10.01 Patricia Daft (head petitioner), Vancouver Avenue, Spondon. (anti fox) (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 18.10.10 "I was concerned by your article regarding urban foxes." Roger, DAR/Derby Hunt Sabs. (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.10.01 letters from Merv Sheldon, Nottingham Road, Spondon & Heather Gierak, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby (defending urban foxes)

Worcester Evening News 25.2.02 FURY OVER YOUNG GUNS SHOCK - CHILDREN as young as nine are being given shotgun lic-ences in Worcestershire. The youngsters are taking advantage of a "no minimum age" clause in the Firearms Act, which allows them to own and fire the weapons… Mr McCabe has tabled an Early-Day Motion, backed by more than 50 MPs, and plans to put forward a 10-Minute Rule Bill… (story in archive)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express) 25.2.02 FEED WILDLIFE - seagulls and pigeons, along with rooks and magpies, as well as otters in Devon rivers and the foxes in farmers' fields need our support… ALAN GUEST Paignton (letter)

Sunday Independent 24.2.02 SF: Hare policy today, gone tomorrow - Liam Collins - THE General Election in Kerry North promises to be a real dogfight after a howling row last week when Sinn Fein's opposition to hare coursing was highlighted by canny posters and flyers distributed outside the Tralee dog track... letting these aficionados know that you are doggedly opposed to their passion and would in fact ban it is not guaranteed to get votes... Sinn Fein candidate Martin Ferris lost no time in disowning the anti-dog flyers. Sinn Fein was not responsible for them and it was obviously part of a dirty tricks campaign, he said... Sinn Fein recently joined forces with Ian Paisley's DUP in the Northern Assembly to defeat a section of the Game Preservation Bill and force through a measure which would severely curtail hare coursing north of the border... Mr Ferris took an even bolder step in the process of damage limitation... Sinn Fein was opposed to blood sports, he said, but because of the changes in coursing over the years, "I am quite happy that all possible precautions are taken to protect the hare." Doggone! That the neatest about-turn since Sinn Fein vigilantism in Kerry tried to shelter under the umbrella of "community policing". (story)

Observer 24.2.02 Bred for the kill ... The story about hunters breeding foxes for the kill did not surprise me... I would go with our gamekeeper once every autumn to the station. We would collect a brown sack containing six fox cubs from Scotland. He would release them at an earth on my father's estate... Shame on me. David Spreckley Huntingdon, Cambs (letter)
Observer 17.2.02 Hunters 'breeding foxes' to provide for the kill - Paul Harris ... The 'artificial earths' are built on the territory of more than 50 hunts, from the Isle of Wight to Cumbria, including some of Britain's most prestigious such as the Quorn and Beaufort hunts... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 24.2.02 Scottish way proves much more barbaric for the fox - GERALD Warner’s article (Comment, February 17) about the Watson bill brilliantly sums up the trouble the Scottish parliament is building for itself... it will allow for foxes to be hunted as long as they are shot at while running. They can then continue to be chased while wounded until they are brought down and killed by the hounds - which will finish the job off eventually... in England and Wales, foxes will be free to run without any risk of being wounded and will have at least a 75% chance of getting away and absolutely no chance of being wounded... Jeremy Whaley, Duns
THE ban on fox hunting may give pause for thought on the grounds that perhaps statutory measures for animal welfare are inconsistent with liberal values... It is not an argument that I accept, but I am ready to listen to reason... Stephen Cowley, Edinburgh (letters)
Scotland on Sunday Gerald Warner: Nothing to lose but your parliament - The hunt bill fiasco demands a united campaign of civil disobedience ... The chief danger facing the rural community and its supporters, following last week’s fascist ban on hunting by Jack Mugabe and his merry men on The Mound, is that they may underestimate the strength of their own hand... Politicians are scum: that is the closest one can get to a Scottish consensus nowadays... Rural revolt is now an imminent reality. The only people who can actually abolish hunting are its practitioners. Who will blink first? If 3,000 people are willing to go to prison, their battle is already won: civil disobedience on such a scale would cause the police, prosecution and prison services to implode. Foxhunting is now illegal. So is smoking cannabis; and the collective effluence from the nation’s spliffs is a menace to the ozone layer. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 24.2.02 letter re: police inability to control hunts from John F Robins, Campaigns, Animal Concern ... They had plenty of officers to go out and detain - often without arrest - hunt saboteurs who peacefully protested against fox hunting. (letter)
Southern Reporter 22.2.02 …The spectre of animal rights activists 'policing' fox-hunts because of over-stretched police resources following the proscrip-tion of the sport by Holyrood, was dismissed this week by a senior officer, writes David Knox… quotes from Master of the Borders Hunt, Michael Headley and Allan Murray, chairman of Buccleuch Hunt (story in archive)
Telegraph 18.2.02 Scot hunt saboteurs vow to act for police By Tom Peterkin, Scotland Political Correspondent - PLANS by hunt saboteurs to act as unofficial hunt monitors to make sure that the sport does not continue in Scotland were denounced as juvenile yesterday… (story)
Scotland on Sunday 17.2.02 Police say hunt law ‘unworkable’ - MURDO MacLEOD - POLICE have branded legislation banning fox-hunting “almost unworkable” and warned they lack the manpower to enforce the law... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 17.2.02 Tally-ho for hunt monitors - MURDO MacLEOD AND LIAM McDOUGALL - FOX-HUNTING saboteurs are set to re-brand themselves as ‘hunt monitors’ and become the eyes and ears of the police in the wake of the Scottish parliament banning the sport last week... Nathan Brown, spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, promised to step up the campaign against hunts since the passing of the bill.... (story)

Times 23.2.02 Stars shun RSPCA's search for new envoys BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - THE RSPCA has failed in its attempt to attract showbusiness celebrities to act as ambassadors for the charity. Geri Halliwell did not bother to reply to the invitation... Instead the charity has recruited vice-presidents from the arts, theatre, newspapers, academe and the Church. They include the actor, Simon Callow, the columnist, Nigel Dempster, the astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, the Bishop of Reading, the Right Rev Dominic Walker, and Sir Roy Strong... Some RSPCA members believe the charity has failed to attract the celebrities it wanted because of the publicity given to the way the RSPCA handled its internal changes, including stripping longstanding officials of their powers to accommodate the new ambassadors... Other public figures who have agreed to champion the RSPCA include Audrey Eyton, author of The F Plan Diet, Julian Richer, the entrepreneur who set up the Richer Sound hi-fi shops and Peter Singer, a leading animal rights philosopher... A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said... They would be expected to join in any new campaign to persuade the Government to ban hunting with dogs... (story)

Cumberland News & Star 23.2.02 74 PER CENT OF PEOPLE IN NORTH BACK HUNT BAN - Mori poll, Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (story)

Times 23.2.02 Compulsory hunting - Given that the latest report on the nation’s health (News in Brief, February 14) identifies inactivity and lack of exercise as the prime reason for increased heart disease, should the Government not now consider legislating to make “hunting with dogs” compulsory? - CHRIS MARSLAND, Tanglewood, Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire NG12 3FX. (letter)

23.2.02 Petty As someone with no interest in fox-hunting, smacking my children, or smoking in restaurants, may I suggest to MSPs that they concentrate on their job of governing this country rather than wasting parliamentary time venting petty prejudices… Angus Forsyth EDINBURGH (letter)

Edinburgh News 26.2.02 Blair priorities pie in the sky - We in Scotland are no better, our Blairite committee treat our hospitals in the same way. Just last week they spent six hours to get a ban on fox hunting… It seems as though they would rather save vermin than the sick and elderly. James Noble Sighthill Grove, Edinburgh (story)

Hull Daily Mail 23.2.02 WRONG ABOUT HUNT - I NOTICED the "chip seller's" article on hunting (Matt Stephenson, February 19)... As one who enjoys many country pursuits, including hunting, you will be surprised to learn I drive a Lada and live on Bransholme!.. So before you print this left-wing social drivel, think about the working-class people who love these sports and get an education (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 19.3.02 THOSE FOXES - THEY ASK FOR IT (MATT STEPHENSON) ... If well-heeled countryside types like me didn't keep them under control, they'd breed like billy-o... City dwellers don't appreciate how lonely it can get out in the countryside with only a Range Rover and an Aga for company... But most importantly, foxhunting keeps the peasant classes in their place. Thankfully most of 'em can't afford horses. The fact that we can and that we ride them around ostentatiously through land where the serfs aren't allowed reminds 'em who's in charge... (story)

ThisIsDevon (Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, Exeter Express & Echo, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 23.2.02 FOXING HUNTING EMBARRASSMENT - EVERY year the savage Canadian seal hunt receives much negative publicity across the world... UK... should put its house in order with respect to fox hunting before it preaches to the international community about other animal welfare and wildlife conservation issues... Is it right that a few blood sporting zealots should damage Britain's reputation as an animal loving nation in the eyes of the world? R A GAGIE All Hallows Road Paignton (story)

Daily Record 23.2.02 Put him in fox's place - HOW does reader George Kerr know that foxes do not suffer during a hunt?.. C.S. Grangemouth.
... I wonder how he would enjoy being hunted by a pack of baying dogs... B. Hughes, Kirkintilloch.
... thrown to a pack of dogs... Name and address supplied (letters may be in archive)
Daily Record 19.2.02 No cruelty - I HAVE followed foxhunting for the past 70 years. I have also seen foxes killed by dogs and in no way is it cruelty... George Kerr, Earlston. (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge News 23.2.02 Animal rights activists fined for 'blockade' ... Donald Currie, 35, of Capstone Road, Bournemouth, and Thomas Harris, 18, of Sommerville Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, admitted obstructing Woolley Road outside the (Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory... Steering wheels and seats in the vehicles had been smeared with human excrement in an attempt to delay their removal... They were each fined £100 and ordered to pay £55 costs. A similar charge against Katherine Brown, 22, from Liverpool, was adjourned... Their solicitor, Mr Casey, who declined to give his full name because he was concerned about threats from people opposing animal rights activists, said Currie and Harris were law abiding in other circumstances... (story in archive)
Hunts Post 16.1.02 THREE animal rights protesters appeared at Huntingdon Magistrates Court on Thursday... Thomas Harris, 19, from Ringwood in Hampshire, Katherine Brown, 21, from Liverpool, and Donald Currie, 31, from Bournemouth, were charged with wilfully obstructing a public highway. All released on conditional bail until Feb 7 (story in archive)
Cambridge News 9.1.02 HLS site blockaded by coach - ANIMAL rights campaigners yesterday used a coach and vans to blockade the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) site... quote from Joseph Dawson, from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) ...Three people, a 21-year-old woman from Liverpool, a 19-year-old man from Ringwood, and a 31-year-old man from Bournemouth, were arrested for obstructing the highway and were bailed to appear before magistrates in Huntingdon tomorrow. (story in archive)
Hunts Post 9.1.02 Campaigners block HLS staff inside premises - EMPLOYEES at Huntingdon Life Sciences in Woolley had to phone friends and family to get lifts home last night (Tuesday) after animal rights protestors blocked the road... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.1.02 PROTEST: Protesters chained to vehicles outside lab ...Officers were drafted in from Peterborough, Huntingdon and Cambridge to deal with the protest, and roads to HLS were closed... quote from Stop Huntingdon animal Cruelty (Shac) member Dawn Gifford. (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 23.2.02 Let pigs have their lives returned to them - AS a vegetarian, I can't think of anything less appealing than a tube of mashed up pig body parts... More than 95 per cent of piglets are reared on factory farms... KRISTOFER ABERG, Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, Queen Square, Brighton. (letter in archive)
Sunderland News 5.2.02 Give pigs their lives back - WALLS’ new advertising campaign tells us that their sausages are what vegetarians fear most... cruelty to factory farmed pigs etc. Kristofer Aberg, Campaigns Department, Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, Queen Square, Brighton. (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 22.2.02 Cruel irony ... Cruelty to animals is cruelty to animals whether it happens in Spain with bullfighting or in the rural community with foxes... R. STEELE Carrickfergus. (letter)

Banbury Guardian 22.2.02 HUNT HITS BACK AT 'FOX BREEDING' CLAIMS - A NORTH Oxfordshire hunt has hotly denied encouraging foxes to breed for bloodsport reasons by creating artifical earths with food and water laid on. The Heythrop Hunt says it will sue anyone publicising such claims if they refuse to provide evidence of the 'outdated' practices of which it is accused… LACS says it has evidence of calf carcasses being dumped near artificial earths (story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 22.2.02 Fox hunting vow - A BOLTON MP has vowed to continue fighting for a ban on fox hunting after it was outlawed in Scotland. Bolton South-east's David Crausby said he had received more than 400 letters from constituents supporting his stance… (story in archive)

Telegraph 22.2.02 Animal activists target wildlife trust over fox cull By David Sapsted …The Essex Wildlife Trust has been under attack from animal groups and even from some of its own members since the decision to bring in a marksman to cull the foxes plaguing the 600-acre Tollesbury Wick reserve…Mr Game and the Essex branch of the National Farmers' Union suspect that the growth in the fox population may be due to town dwellers dumping urban foxes in the countryside. The trust banned hunting on the 93 sites it manages several years ago. (story)
Essex Chronicle 21.2.02 Tollesbury: Trust plans fox cull - Essex Wildlife Trust has been forced to recruit a trained marksman to cull foxes invading one of its reserves… (story in archive)
East Anglian Daily Times 14.2.02 Dumped foxes wreaking havoc in Essex BY PAUL MILLS - ESSEX Wildlife Trust has "reluctantly" called in a trained marksman to cull foxes at one of its reserves, it has emerged. Officials claim they have had to act because lorry loads of "mangy" foxes are allegedly being dumped in the Essex countryside by urban authorities and left to prey on livestock... Farmers leaders say the urban foxes could be identified by tags or collars – attached by some urban local authorities to monitor populations... But the policy has provoked criticism from hunt saboteurs who have raised objections to the fox culling. (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 22.2.02 Teenagers poachers are blamed for wildlife loss by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times - A GAMEKEEPER is blaming teenagers with air rifles and packs of dogs for the demise of the brown hare in the Darlington area… Mr Brian Pavey, who works for farms from Darlington across to Sadberge and down into North Yorkshire was commenting on an appeal for sightings to help a survey being carried out by County Durham naturalists… "The quicker they get this ban on hunting with dogs the better…" (story in archive)

Peeblesshire News 22.2.02 Fox Hunt Bill suffering - Well at last they have succeeded in banning the fox hunt. Do they really understand just how many people will suffer? The rural way of life will change forever and affect people who depend on the Hunt for business, for example, farriers, saddlers, grain merchants and the farmers… Janette Barrand. Dovecot Road, Peebles. (letter)

Scotsman 22.2.02 Hunting There is an element of silliness about!. The Scottish parliament really ought to have found better ways to spend its time and our money than to talk about fox-hunting… Martin Roberts BANKFOOT, PERTHSHIRE
Democratic …It has only lasted this long because it has many rich, powerful supporters. It has not got majority support - Max Nottingham LINCOLN (letters)

Evesham Journal 22.2.02 Is there compassion? …I advise the Mr Potters of this world to make the most of the time they have left to hunt, because it is only matter of time before we follow suit banning this cruel barbaric sport…G MOYSE, Abbot Chrytons Place, Boat Lane, Evesham. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 14.2.02 Field sports standards - ALAS, I have to confess I am the same Mr Potter who hunts and shoots small furry animals... I am proud of this country's field sport heritage which sets many standards of conduct and self discipline sadly lacking in much of general society... LEWIS POTTER, Metford Villa, Pershore Road, Evesham. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 7.2.02 Animal welfare is still the live issue - reply to a letter from Mr Potter - If Mr Potter would like to know more on the subject he can ring VIVA or contact me personally. I may be mistaken but is this the same Mr Potter who goes hunting, shooting little furry animals. G MOYSE, Abbot Chrytons Place, Boat Lane, Evesham (letter in archive)

Argus 22.2.02 Vivisection's a nightmare It has recently been reported that scientists have discovered animals have complex dreams, just like humans… -L Eldridge, Shoreham-by-Sea (letter in archive)

Daily Post 22.2.02 Stars call for end to animal torture - Michael Owen, Jamie Redknapp and Emile Heskey have signed a petition organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)… (story)
Ananova 21.2.02 Footballers campaign against torture of cats and dogs ... Liverpool stars Michael Owen, Jamie Redknapp and Emile Heskey have signed a petition organised by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). Peta says dogs and cats in South Korea are hanged, beaten, burned and boiled alive before they are slaughtered and eaten... Other celebrities who have backed the campaign include Pamela Anderson, Jackie Chan and Bryan Adams (story)

Sutton Guardian/Comet 22.2.02 Fury at pet shop licence renewal by Dean Piper - A pet shop in Sutton High Street has this week been granted its licence to trade, despite a sustained campaign from animal rights protesters. Petsville International saw its licence renewed by Sutton Council, which found there was "no evidence of wrong-doing"… But the Petsville Protest Group have complained about the shop since September 2000… Margaret Williams, one of the Petsville Protesters, said: "What we object to is the conditions to which the pups are kept inside the store and the state in which these poor creatures are sold…" (story in archive)
Sutton Guardian/Comet 7.2.02 Animals need your help - Petsville Protesters were horrified to hear that a pup and tortoises had been stolen from Petsville International, Sutton... Petsville Protesters have been campaigning, legally and peacefully, for 18 months to get more stringent conditions applied to the licensing of pet shops... MARGARET WILLIAMS, Address supplied (letter in archive)

West Sussex County Times 22.2.02 PROTEST OVER ABATTOIR BID - PLANS for a slaughterhouse near Henfield sparked a noisy protest outside Horsham District Council offices… The group of around 15 Viva! campaigners were from Brighton. Becky Smith of Viva! fumed: "The idea of permitting a chunk of Britain's remaining wildlife habitat to be destroyed in order that yet more animals can be slaughtered for the dinner plate is sickening…" (story in archive)
Argus 21.2.02 Abattoir approval delights objectors by Fay Millar Campaigners hope approval of a new slaughterhouse near Pulborough will help their fight against another abattoir… Animal rights protesters felt the decision might persuade councillors there were enough abattoirs in Sussex and to turn down an application for an abattoir at Blackstone Gate Wood, Woodmancote, near Henfield… quote from Kat Macmillan, Viva! (story in archive)
Argus 20.2.02 Abattoir gets green light by Fay Millar - Councillors have given the go-ahead for a slaughterhouse near Henfield despite objections from animal rights campaigners. The protesters, dressed as cows, pigs and slaughtermen, demonstrated outside Horsham District Council's offices yesterday… Protesters from the vegetarian group Viva!, which staged the protest… quote from Becky Smith (story in archive)

Yorkshire Post 22.2.02 Council chiefs give go-ahead for controversial pigeon cull - Ian Waugh - A CONTROVERSIAL cull of pigeons in Barnsley town centre has been given the go-ahead by council chiefs… But John Robins, a campaign consultant for Animal Concern, has written to the authority, in attempt to block the cull… (story)

Western Gazette 21.2.02 Anti-hunting groups urge Madonna to be good sport by Shane Dean Staff Reporter - ANTI-BLOOD sport groups are besieging pop star Madonna with graphic videos of foxes being killed to get her to ban hunters crossing her land… Campaign organiser Neil Buckoke, 34, of the 50-strong Dorset Anti-Blood Sport and Animal Action group, said he hopes the videos will make Madonna and family aware of fox hunting… quote from Hugo Busby of the Portman (story in archive)

Dorset Echo (21.2.02) Huntsmen deny dogs were `out of control' by Robin Thompkins …NFAPG chairman Ken James said: "These dogs have been getting lost for a worrying length of time and they are also regularly allowed to hunt across roads… New Forest Hounds spokesman Nick Smith denied that the hunt lost control of the pack… (story in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 28.2.02 HUNTING BEAGLES HALT A EUROSTAR …A pack from Bolebroke Beagles was out hunting hares when villagers claim six to eight hounds ran on to the line. One hound is believed to have been injured by a train… (story)

Somerset County Gazette (21.2.02) Hunting could be back soon - STAGHUNTING could be back on Exmoor and the Quantocks within days. Strict licences have been applied for, similar to the controls imposed on foxhunting… quote from Arminel Scott, of South West Deer Protection (story in archive)

Scotsman 21.2.02 Raised in poverty - RN Graham-Campbell asks (Letters, 16 February) if land reform legislation is intended to create third world poverty in Scotland… The substantial investments in fishing, which, he claims, have now been cancelled, are like the thousands of jobs lost by the ending of fox-hunting, pure bunkum! JOHN RD STEWART, Path of Condie, Perthshire (letter)

York Evening Press 21.2.02 Stop barbarous hunt - CONGRATULATIONS to the Scots who have voted to ban fox hunting and hare coursing from their land… D J James, Huntington, York. (letter in archive)

Daily Record 21.2.02 Time wasters - I LISTENED to the waste of Holyrood's time on fox hunting… I wonder how many MSPs have even wandered up Arthur's Seat, let alone ventured into the countryside? - Bob Bartram, Edinburgh (letter may be in archive)

Berwick Advertiser 21.2.02 'Disgusted' with sick so-called 'sport' - We live out near Cornhill. We have an aviary of injured birds… rescued a shot pheasant which had to be destroyed. …The whole time I looked into this bird's eyes. They were wide with fear, pain, but hope. You could see he wanted to live… NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD. Via e-mail. (letter)

Oxford Mail 21.2.02 Wrongfully arrested trio win pay-out by Ben Lloyd - A cameraman and two other journalists who covered an animal rights protest in Oxford have won £18,000 compensation after being wrongfully arrested by Thames Valley Police… were leaving protest against Hillgrove. …Roddy Mansfield, 31, was filming for Undercurrents, an alternative news service… (story in archive)

Cambridge News 21.2.02 Treatment not refused From Joan Court Founder of APE (Animals, People and the Environment) Sturton Street, Cambridge - THE anonymous correspondent (Lab Research is Crucial, February 13) raises a number of contentious issues… I resent the fact that drugs to treat these conditions are tested on animals… (letter may be in archive)

Hereford Times 21.2.02 Animal theft by vigilantes - A VIGILANTE group has claimed responsibility for the theft of five cats and a ferret from a caravan parked on the top of Dorstone Hill… But the RSPCA, monitoring the situation, said an inspector had visited the caravan on several occasions and found the cats to be in `normal bodily condition… (story in archive)

Burton Daily Mail 20.2.02 Charles saddles up for the hunt by SALLY GLEESON - PRINCE Charles has made a surprise visit to East Staffordshire, joining the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt for the day… (story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 20.2.02 Hunt hound dies after fall over cliff …members of the North West Hunt Saboteurs' Association want organisers of the Holcombe Hunt to stop using land around Brindle for hunts, because of the number of sheer cliff faces and quarries… they witnessed a hound falling down a 50ft cliff face during a recent hunt around Brindle… quote from Paul Timpson of NWHSA (story in archive)

Times 20.2.02 Country matters - The landscape is changing a year after foot-and-mouth … the Government’s mulish resistance to a full inquiry into the circumstances of the foot-and-mouth outbreak smacks of arrogance… . If the Government cannot find time for an inquiry but nevertheless makes time in this Parliament for a bill to ban hunting with hounds then many country voters will conclude that its priorities are driven more by political convenience than the national interest… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 20.2.02 DELIGHT OVER HUNT DECISION - AN anti-hunting group in Gloucestershire is celebrating after the decision to ban the sport in Scotland… quote from Gill Purser, spokeswoman for the Cotswold Support Group for the Abolition of Hunting… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 20.2.02 THIS CRUEL 'SPORT' IS SIMPLY NOT CRICKET Well done to the members of the Scottish Parliament who voted in favour of banning the use of dogs to hunt wild mammals. I have long held the belief that this so-called "sport" is barbaric. So let me look at the arguments for it and give you my opinion... (story)

Edinburgh News 20.2.02 Hounds no urge to hunt the fox …they have the lust for killing foxes deliberately inculcated by the pitiless use of young fox cubs as bait… A Lightheart, Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh (letter)

Edinburgh News 20.2.02 Law makes an ass of parliament - Margo MacDonald - I ABSTAINED in the big vote last week. Not because I support fox-hunting, or hare-coursing, but because I believe the Act is unenforceable, unworkable and plain bad law… (letter)

Hunts Post 20.2.02 Big demo brings Huntingdon to a standstill - HUNTINGDON town centre was brought to a standstill on Saturday afternoon by animal rights protestors, who also caused the A1 to be closed into the evening, scuppered a football match and laid seige to what they thought was an HLS worker's home… Police, who say no HLS employee lived at that address, are appealing for witnesses… quotes from Dawn Gifford & Joseph Dawson of SHAC (story)
Cambridge News 18.2.02 Hundreds at anti-HLS rally …Marchers gathered before 1pm in Riverside car park for the protest, organised by SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty). .. Two protesters later climbed on to the roof of the court house. A 22-year-old Nottingham man was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace but was later released… police arrested a 32-year-old Birmingham man on suspicion of criminal damage after a window in a house was smashed… Supt Julian Eales said: "…Those who walked along the A1 showed blatant disregard for human safety…" (story in archive)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph PROTESTS: Police condemn protesters - POLICE have condemned the actions of animal cruelty protesters, who put lives at risk by marching down the A1… More than 350 protesters had gathered at the Riverside car park in Huntingdon earlier in the afternoon… at about 5pm, 20 to 30 of the protesters walked southwards down the northbound side of the A1… Joseph Dawson (18), a member of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty pressure group, said: "We are aware that some people broke away from the main route." (story in archive)
Cambridge News 13.2.02 Traffic hold-up likely for demo - PEOPLE travelling into Huntingdon this weekend are being warned to expect traffic congestion due to an animal rights protest march through the town... It has been organised by SHAC ­ Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty... Police have been liaising with the group to plan a peaceful protest... (story in archive)

Borders Telegraph 19.2.02 Hunting ban puts ‘fox before the farmer’ Writes Claire Elliot - A BORDERS Countryside Alliance chief has blasted the Bill to ban fox hunting as a “vindictive piece of legislation.”Regional Director Aileen Orr, who has been at the forefront of the battle against the new Bill, said that politicians had no “scientific evidence” to suggest that hunting with hounds was any crueller than other killing methods… Paul Allison, a Borders farrier, was told by a group of MSPs when he went to the Scottish Parliament to “relocate to Ireland or diversify in knitwear…” MSP Ian Jenkins voted against the Bill. “I do not like hunting personally… My worry is that the passing of the Bill will cause more problems than it will solve,” (story)

Western Mail 19.2.02 Scots hunt ban may set trend …"There is growing unease amongst farmers that a similar measure may be forced on Wales," said Rhian Nowell-Phillips, the Farmers' Union of Wales's land use officer… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 19.2.02 No-go map for hunt by Ben Falconer UNHAPPY villagers have drawn up a map of hunting no-go areas to ensure fox hunters stay off their land. Edge resident were incensed when fox hounds ran amok in the area this week. Allan Read has now given a copy of the map to the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt and he is supported by other landowners in the area who do not welcome the hunt… quotes from Sylvia Marden who had 3 foxhounds in her house, Paul Griffiths (story in archive)

Sun 19.2.02 I APPLAUD the Scottish Government on passing a bill to stop fox hunting… RACHEL THOMAS, Canterbury, Kent (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.2.02 Western Daily Press 19.2.02 THANK, DON'T HOUND, THE DEERHUNTERS - A RECENT article in the Western Daily Press stated that the phrase "No Hunting - No Deer" is clearly a form of blackmail by some hunt members in order to have the ban on stag hunting on National Trust land lifted. Hunt supporter Denys White offers an opposing view… (story)

Worcester Evening News 19.2.02 Hunting expression of rural way of life - HELEN Smart (You Say, February 7) appears unable to accept that hunting remains an important, thriving part of our countryside... PETER HEWITT, Ledbury, Herefordshire. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.2.02 Hunting fraternity's at fault - reply to C Tolley from HELEN SMART, St John's, Worcester ...The fact is that the people who takes part in hunting all, at most one percent of the whole countryside population (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.1.02 Hunting part of the rural fabric - THE comments made by Richard Evans in the Evening News (You Say, January 12) are a clear illustration of how country sports and hunting in particular has drawn in on itself and away from the wider community over the last few years. This situation created by a small but aggressive anti-hunting lobby is steadily being dealt with... CHRISTOPHER TOLLEY, Alfrick, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.2.02 FOXES HELPING TO SAVE FARMERS £100 MILLION - Mary Waycott, Mountain Close, Littleham, Exmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 19.2.02 WHY IS BLAIR AFRAID OF A FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY? Article by barrister involved in legal proceedings against the Government. Quote from Richard Burge, chairman of the Countryside Alliance. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 18.2.02 SCOTLAND HUNT BAN RAPPED AS UNJUST - Captain Ian Farquhar, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, said: "Without question the fight for justice in Scotland is far from over yet…" (story)

Dorset Daily Echo (18.2.02) Anti-hunting groups welcome Scots law - by Rachael Garnett …Members of Dorset Anti-Blood Sports and Dorset Animal Action described the decision as "fantastic…Ken James, chairman of the New Forest Animal Protection Group, said: "This government should follow the example of the Scottish Parliament and ban hunting altogether…" the Countryside Alliance and Blandford-based Portman Hunt were among those who condemned the move claiming the new legislation was "unworkable"... quotes from Neal Buckoke, of Dorset Anti- Blood Sports and Dorset Animal Action, Hugo Busby, of the Portman Hunt, Will Templer, Countryside Alliamce… (story in archive)

The Sun 18.2.02 CONGRATULATIONS to the Scottish Parliament for banning hunting with hounds… PAUL DUNLOP, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear (letter)

Scotsman 18.2.02 Viable alternative - Why is the hunting fraternity complaining about losing its livelihood? There is absolutely no need for that if it changed to drag-hunting… CORNELIA HANNING, Main Street, Pathhead, Midlothian (letter)

Scotsman 18.2.02 Whatever stance one takes on the banning of fox-hunting, surely it is scandalous that those who will now be put out of employment by such a bill will have no entitlement to any form of compensation… NEIL McKINNON, Tulchan Garden, Glenalmond, Perthshire (letter)

Edinburgh News 18.2.02 Pro-hunt lobby reality check …I was in parliament yesterday to witness the historic debate on hunting… the behaviour of the Countryside Alliance and Rural Rebels during the proceedings was shameful… It just shows the ignorance and lack of respect these people have for authority… (letter)

The Herald (Glasgow) 18.2.02 Foxes 200 years ago - I sympathise with the sentiment expressed in Derek Parker's letter (February 16) but not with his sense!.. Fox control in the eighteenth century was more effective left in the hands of a professional with a gun: just what today's anti-hunt majority have said… John Thorpe, Darniemow, Glenwhilly, New Luce. (letter may be in archive)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 18.2.02 LET'S GET HOOKED - POLICE in North Lincolnshire are to invite kids who might be turning to crime to get hooked..... on angling… Established anglers and school heads in the Scunthorpe area have already given their blessing to the 'Get Hooked on Fishing' scheme, which has proved it can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour… Among the supporters of Pc Watson's plan are The Environment Agency, the Countryside Alliance, Barclays Bank and the National Federation of Anglers… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 18.2.02 Camapign against Suffolk insurers ends BY JAMES MORTLOCK …Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) said it has received assurances that insurance firm, The Beckett Group, which has its headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, has no involvement with the laboratory and will never act for them. According to Joseph Dawson, spokesman for the pressure group, members had planned a rooftop protest at the firm's offices in Detengen Way, Bury St Edmunds, as well as bombarding the company with protest telephone calls and E-mails. But he said this would not now go ahead…. (story)

NewsShopper series 18.2.02 Pigeon problems pondered - AN ANIMAL welfare campaigner claims Gravesend's pesky pigeon problem could have been solved years ago… Mark Johnson, of North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW), helped draw up proposals to erect nesting and feeding sites away from the town centre after Gravesend's traders called for a cull in 1998… Mr Johnson worked with a national charity called Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS) to identify appropriate sites for nest boxes in Gravesham… (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 18.2.02 FOCUS STOPS ANIMAL SALES AFTER BIRD CRUELTY REPORT… A TONBRIDGE animal rights group is celebrating victory in the name of wild and endangered birds. Animal Aid, based on Bradford Street, launched an undercover investigation into the sale of tropical birds from branches of DIY giant, Focus… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 8.2.02 A DIY chain is to stop selling animals and birds. The decision by the Focus group follows a report from pressure group Animal Aid... (story)

Sunday Herald (Glasgow) 17.2.02 Outfoxing the time wasters - After more than two years of debate, MSPs have outlawed hunting with hounds. Political Correspondent Alan Crawford finds out why the ban took so long... (story)
Sunday Herald (Glasgow) 17.2.02 Fox bill sparks calls for parliament reform By Alan Crawford - The Scottish parliament is facing calls for an overhaul of its showpiece committee system following the 'tortuous' passage of the bill to ban fox- hunting... (story)
Sunday Herald (Glasgow) 17.2.02 Racing: Hunt on for racing solution - In The Saddle - The foxes may now be safe, but what will the ban mean for steeplechasing, wonders Jim Delahunt ... Immediately for Scottish racing, this year's point-to-point season continues but next year's point-to-point meetings must be in serious doubt, unless measures are taken to re-draft the rules of qualification. Although, in the short term, though, that would appear to be unlikely as, with hunting continuing in England and Wales for the foreseeable future and the sport organised on a UK-wide basis, you could not have qualified hunters in the south and unqualified ones in the north, all contesting point-to-points... (story)

Observer 17.2.02 So farewell, Jorrocks - Arnold Kemp ...A cursory reading of the Bill does suggest it is a blank cheque for the legal profession... (story)

Observer 17.2.02 Country guerrillas unleash the lynx weapon - As hunters vow to battle ban, one group says it has released big cats into wild to curb fox numbers - Stephen Khan, Scotland Editor ... Police officers have had to check out a number of claims that a dozen big cats of a species lost to Scotland in the sixteenth century were being released around the country... The shadowy group of animal activists call themselves 'Rural Guerrillas'... (story)
Scotsman 13.2.02 Activists cause outrage with plan to release lynxes in countryside - Michelle Nichols - WILDLIFE campaigners have threatened to release lynxes illegally across Scotland by the end of the week, if the parliament passes a bill today banning fox-hunting. The activists are part of a group associated with the Wild Beasts Trust, which wants to re-introduce Scotland’s recently extinct mammals... (story)

People 17.2.02 PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE: PRESSURE MOUNTS TO BAN FOX HUNTS - THE vote to ban fox hunting in Scotland last week was a massive boost to the Sunday People's campaign to get this vile "sport" stamped out throughout Britain.... (story on site for only a week)

Independent on Sunday 17.2.02 Farmers resume trade in live animal exports By Colin Brown, Political Editor - Exports of live animals from the United Kingdom to Europe have resumed, prompting animal welfare campaigners to warn of a national outcry against the trade... (story)

Scotsman 16.2.02 Wallace doubtful fox hunting ban will hit its ‘stated goal’ - DAVID SCOTT Scottish Government Editor - THE justice minister, Jim Wallace, admitted yesterday the bill to ban fox hunting is a measure that seemed to "miss its stated goal of ending cruelty"... Mr Wallace said he had never hunted, nor had the least desire to do so and accepted the important consideration of tackling cruelty. He went on: "But after hours of evidence taking, the parliament’s rural development committee found the evidence of cruelty in hunting ambiguous to say the least." (story)

Scotsman 16.2.02 Sarah Smith’s diary - It’s with more than a little trepidation that I’m about to set out on another foxhunt... I’ve only just completed a film about hunting, too. It meant a full day at the Beaufort hunt in Gloucestershire... Sarah Smith is Scotland Correspondent for Channel 4 News. (story)

Edinburgh News 16.2.02 Fox ban shame - I READ the disappointing news of your parliament’s decision to ban fox hunting... Christopher Pippert, Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 16.2.02 SHOULD ENGLAND BAN FOXHUNTING LIKE SCOTLAND? - vox pop piece - 3 yes, 2 no, 1 iffy (story may be in archive)

Western Mail 16.2.02 Westminster warned to heed Assembly's findings - A LEGAL challenge and massive countryside opposition to a ban on hunting in Scotland could have knock-on effects for Wales...

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 16.2.02 HUNTING: Fox hunters would break law to hunt - And today, members of the Fitzwilliam Hunt warned even if a ban on fox hunting was introduced in England they would still carry on... quote from George Bowyer ... Anti-hunt campaigner, and former Labour city councillor, John Johnson said: "Whenever anti-hunt campaigners turn up at any hunt, the area is swarming with police vans and dog units... city MP Helen Clark expressed her outrage after hearing that members of the Fitzwilliam Hunt would break the law to continue their sport...

Telegraph 15.2.02 Cook puts free vote on foxhunting in doubt By Sarah Womack, Political Correspondent - PLANS to press ahead with a free vote on foxhunting in England and Wales were put in doubt yesterday by Robin Cook, Leader of the Commons... In Scotland, the situation was chaotic, with some Conservatives claiming the Scottish ban allowed people to go out on horseback with dogs for pest control purposes. Provided the fox was shot and not given to the dogs at the end, the activity was allowed... (story)
Telegraph 15.2.02 Learn from Scotland's error - Anti-hunting campaigners say that Wednesday's decision by the Scottish Parliament to ban hunting should put intense pressure on Westminster to follow suit. If anyone at Westminster has any sense, it will have the opposite effect... (story)
Telegraph 15.2.02 Re: Painless method - We trapped a large rat in a cupboard and sent for the rat catcher, who arrived at 8.55am, bringing his Jack Russell bitch... Would she be arrested were she to move to Edinburgh? J R Thompson, London SE20 (letter)
Telegraph 15.2.02 Re: Changing world SIR - How many of those claiming that their livelihoods will be destroyed by the Scottish Parliament's decision to ban foxhunting voted for the Conservative government... miners etc Michael McKeown, Newtownards, Co. Down (letter)

Times 15.2.02 Foxhunting ban 'is not a human rights issue' By Angus Macleod, Scottish Political Correspondent - ONE of Scotland’s foremost legal experts cast doubt yesterday on whether European human rights law could be used to overturn a ban on foxhunting... (story)
Times 15.2.02 Going to earth - Blair cannot assume the courts will save him on hunting - The vote in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday to ban hunting presents Tony Blair with a real dilemma. The legislation itself is, as many who would prohibit the pursuit of the fox have privately conceded, no triumph of parliamentary draftsmanship. It is incoherent, probably unworkable and arbitrary in that no compensation is provided for those whose livelihoods will be destroyed, overnight, by its provisions... He needs to come off the fence and actively support the “Middle Way” position on hunting, the path of better regulation but no ban, that he has been content to encourage but not vote for or openly endorse... (story)

BBC News Online Friday, 15 February, 2002, 21:26 GMT Watson's pride over hunting ban By BBC Scotland's parliamentary reporter John Knox - "I am proud of this Scottish Parliament," said Mike Watson, the Labour MSP who originally sponsored the bill to outlaw fox hunting... (story)
BBC News Online Friday, 15 February, 2002, 17:55 GMT Fears for dogs after hunt ban - Animal welfare activists are worried that fox hounds may be destroyed if they are put out of work by a future ban on hunting with dogs... the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) says it fears for the future welfare of hunt dogs if the ban goes ahead... hunts should turn to drag hunting & all will be well (story)

Scotsman 15.2.02 Hunt ban faces first challenge - HAMISH MACDONELL SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR - THE controversial ban on hunting in Scotland will be challenged under European human rights law, countryside campaigners announced yesterday... (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.2.02 Hunt supporters say ban breaches their human rights - Hunt supporters have announced plans to mount a legal challenge to the ban on fox hunting in Scotland... (story)

The Herald (Glasgow) 15.2.02 Law will be broken say protesters - LYNNE ROBERTSON and ROBBIE DINWOODIE - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners yesterday warned that some huntsmen and women were bound to break the new law banning fox-hunting and predicted that civil and criminal courts would be forced into action... (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 15.2.02 MPs divided on whether bill is help or handicap - DEBORAH SUMMERS - THE "poorly-drafted" bill to ban hunting in Scotland will not help save the life of a single fox, Westminster MPs claimed yesterday. Lembit Opik, LibDem MP for Montgomeryshire and co-chairman of the all-party middle way group, condemned the outcome of the hunting debate... (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 15.2.02 Horses and hounds take up chase in show of defiance - DAVID MONTGOMERY ...At 11.30am, the dogs of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt set off from the car park of the Cross Keys Inn... (story in archive
The Herald (Glasgow) 15.2.02 'My job is now an offence' - LYNNE ROBERTSON - interview with Philip Fergus, kennelman of Eglinton Hunt (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 15.2.02 letters:
Barry Lees, 12 Denholm Street, Greenock - Where were the luminous "rebels" when Scott Lithgow in my home town was closed...
Neal Stewart, 16 Glendoune Road, Clarkston - politicians want £150K for losing their seats but won't compensate hunt workers
Roger Terrett, 252 Quarry Street, Hamilton - I must disagree with your opinion that compensation should be awarded to those whose jobs may be lost as a consequence of the ban on fox-hunting - change to drag hunting, retrain kennel workers as marksmen etc
Mark Sydenham, 9/2 West Newington Place, Edinburgh - hunt people should stick up for rights of second hand fridge dealers...
Veronica Gordon Smith 50 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh AS one born and brought up in and still closely connected with a rural area I cannot see the argument against this ban - drag hunting etc
David Y Henderson Jr, Auchenrivoch Farm, Banton, Kilsyth ...As a farmer with first-hand experience of the damage foxes can inflict at lambing-time, I understand more than most that foxes must be controlled... Ban hunting with hounds.
Bill Scott, 23 Lynn Drive, Eaglesham - now bring in a law to compel cat owners to keep cats on leads
Gerard and Sally Henry, Glenmiln House, Campsie Glen ...Ruth Wishart chooses to have a go at the Rural RebeIs. She does not give a fair picture. The Countryside Alliance has carried out a dignified and well-controlled campaign from the start earning the praise of the police nationwide. But a large number of MSPs closed their minds before the debate started...
Alan Arnott, Ardochrig Farm, East Kilbride AS gardeners, we have been assailed by the environmental lobby to use predator species to control the pests on our beloved plants... (letters may be in archive)

Daily Record 15.2.02 PRO-HUNT GROUP IN COURT BID ON RIGHTS - PRO-HUNT campaigners yesterday vowed to use the European Convention on Human Rights to fight an "obscene" ban on fox-hunting with dogs... (story may be in archive)
Daily Record 15.2.02 Time to hunt this shower ...I cannot get a train to work. When I take the car, it gets wrecked by potholes on the roads. I cannot get parked. I have to wait eight days to see a doctor. Never mind the foxes. For God's sake let's get back to reality. I hope the voters remove all these numpties at the next election. - George Cooper, Glasgow. (letter may be in archive)

Dundee Courier 15.2.02 DEFIANT FEEL AS FIFE HUNT GOES AHEAD - It is a scene which could soon be consigned to history but for members of Fife Foxhounds their twice-weekly hunt through the countryside went ahead as planned yesterday...
Dundee Courier 15.2.02 FOX HUNTING BAN TO BE CHALLENGED IN COURT By Steve Bargeton, political editor - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners confirmed yesterday they plan to challenge the ban on fox hunting in the courts... (stories may only be available from paper after today)

Southern Reporter 15.2.02 countryside in open revolt over fox ban - HUNT supporters last night blasted the decision by the Scottish Parliament to outlaw fox-hunting - Master of the Buccleuch Hunt, Trevor Adams leads demonstrators through Floors estate on the day Parliament met to cast their votes on outlawing fox-hunting... (story in archive)
Southern Reporter 15.2.02 ministers hunted down over council budget cuts - SCOTTISH ministers came under attack last week when rural activists hijacked a meeting in Hawick to demand that the foxhunting bill be dropped... (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 15.2.02 Foxhunting ban is 'unworkable' ...Joint Master of the West Percy Hunt, Simon Orpwood, said the impact of the ban would be most felt by those already suffering economic hardships in the wake of the foot-and-mouth crisis and the general collapse of the agricultural sector...

Edinburgh News 15.2.02 Bill will be hounded - BRIAN MONTEITH - SO the Scottish Parliament’s just banned fox-hunting? I suggest we wait and see. Wednesday’s debate only served to show how out of touch with animal welfare and class-prejudiced the anti-hunt mob are... Even more barking was Sylvia Jackson’s amendment - now nicknamed the John Wayne amendment - which allows mounted fox-hunting if those on horseback carry a gun and can show their intent was to kill the fox by shooting it... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.2.02 ANTI-HUNT PROTESTERS RAISE PETITION BY ANGELINA LAMBOURN - ANTI-HUNT protesters in Exeter's High Street have collected around 1,000 signatures supporting a ban on hunting with dogs... quote from The League's Mid Devon organiser, Ivor Annetts (story)

Burton Daily Mail 15.2.02 MPs join calls to ban fox hunting - BURTON and South Derbyshire MPs Janet Dean and Mark Todd have joined calls for the Government to ban fox hunting (story in archive)

Cumberland News 15.2.02 POINT-TO-POINT IS WIPED OUT AGAIN - ORGANISERS of Cumberland Farmers' point-to-point admit they are devastated after the meeting was called off for a second year... The field has been used by a Shap farmer, who was hit by foot and mouth, and he did not move his cattle until last weekend. The field has been left badly churned up and point-to-point organisers will be unable to get the course in shape in time... (story may be in archive)

Scotsman 15.2.02 Crocodiles - reply to J Logan - I failed to spot strangely-attired locals following the "innocent" zebra to its doom, all the while taking an antediluvian, sadistic pleasure in the demise of the beast! (letter)
Scotsman 12.2.02 Ban I have just watched a group of crocodiles drowning and tearing to pieces an innocent zebra... Is this very much different from a pack of hounds killing a fox?.. J Logan KELSO (letter)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 15.2.02 letter defending feral pigeons from Joyce Heron, Braeside Road, Newport (story)

BBC News Online Thursday, 14 February, 2002, 16:17 GMT Hunting ban 'breaches rights' - Countryside campaigners have announced plans to launch a court fight against a ban on fox hunting in Scotland... (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 14 February, 2002, 07:17 GMT Papers deride fox hunt farce - The Scottish Parliament's vote to ban hunting with dogs is marked by a mixture of ridicule and criticism by the UK papers... the Glasgow-based Daily Record tells its readers: Fox hunting has very nearly been banned - sort of... (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 14 February, 2002, 07:05 GMT Fox-hunting ban facing new hurdle - Countryside campaigners have promised a prompt legal challenge to the ban on fox-hunting which has been passed by the Scottish Parliament... (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 14 February, 2002, 03:52 GMT Pro-hunt battle moves to courts - Supporters of hunting with hounds are threatening court action after Scotland became the first part of the UK to bring in a ban... League Against Cruel Sports chairman John Cooper said he was confident Scotland's historic decision would be followed by a ban south of the border... "We will have to police the ban..." (story)

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 14.2.02 DIFFERING VIEWS OF TRADITIONAL PURSUIT - THE centuries-old tradition of foxhunting is synonymous with rural life in the Borders, and has always found both support and opposition from Westminster, writes David Knox… quote from Veterinary surgeon Colin Sutherland, who is also a member of the Jedforest Hunt (story in archive)

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 14.2.02 300 JOBS UNDER THREAT AS CHASE HEADS FOR THE COURTS - Masterof the Buccleuch Hunt, Trevor Adams, during a moment of reflection at the Buccleuch Hunt meet at Roberton on Saturday. Photograph: Angus Blackburn… Almost 1,000 pro-hunt supporters, including many from the Buccleuch Hunt, staged a last-ditch demonstration at Kelso racecourse and a hunt in the grounds of the Duke of Roxburghe's Floors Castle. (story in archive)

Ananova 14.2.02 Fox hunters defiant after vote for ban - Hunts across Scotland have come out in force in a mass show of defiance after MSPs voted overwhelmingly to ban the centuries old pursuit. Almost 40 mounted riders from the Duke of Buccleuch Hunt gathered in the Scottish Borders at St Boswells... (story)
Ananova 14.2.02 Plan for legal challenge over hunting ban ...The Scottish Countryside Alliance says it believes the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill breaches the European Convention on Human Rights... (story)
Ananova 14.2.02 Mass hunt planned despite Bill to ban practice - All 10 hunts in Scotland are expected to take to the fields today following the Scottish Parliament's decision to ban the sport... (story)

Guardian 14.2.02 Scotland bans fox-hunting - Threat of 'rivers of blood' if rest of UK follows suit - Kirsty Scott ...It was a day of angry protests and impassioned, sometimes farcical debate, with Basil Brush puppets brandished in the chamber and celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright stalking the streets of Edinburgh to drum up support for the hunting lobby....David Thomas, spokesman for the federation of Welsh packs, from Llandrindod, mid-Wales, warned there would be a revolution if Westminster tried to copy Scotland's lead. "We are prepared to fight for our way of life and even die for it. You will not need to send envoys to Palestine or go to Africa to sort out problems there, Mr Blair, because there'll be too much trouble here,"... This is going to be fought all the way," said David Barnett, huntmaster with the Fife fox hounds. "This is not the end of fox-hunting. This is not over." (story)

Telegraph 14.2.02 Hunting ban for Scotland but fight goes on By Tom Peterkin, Scotland Political Correspondent - MEMBERS of the Scottish Parliament voted last night to make Scotland the first part of Britain to ban foxhunting when they passed a law intended to make hunting with dogs a criminal offence... A total of 83 MSPs voted for the ban, 36 opposed it and there were five abstentions. (story)
Telegraph 14.2.02 This hunting Bill shows how bad Scotland's Parliament is By Charles Clover (story)

Independent 14.2.02 Scotland bans fox hunting to rural anger By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent ...opponents immediately claimed a loophole meant Scotland's 10 established hunts could continue, provided the hounds were used to eradicate foxes as pests rather than for sport... The Duke of Buccleuch said: "Some people think adultery is barbaric so will they make that a criminal offence as well, or anything else that offends their pious sensibilities?" (story)
Independent 14.2.02 Scotland's hunt supporters in defiant last stand By Paul Kelbie Scotland Correspondent - There were blue skies over the Scottish town of Kelso yesterday, but a dark cloud of despair was hanging over its future... Trevor Adams, 43, from Melrose, said: "I left school at 15 and joined the hunt straight away. The Buccleuch Hunt is my whole life. If it's outlawed I'll lose my job and my home..." (story)
Independent 14.2.02 Edinburgh ban on blood sport raises pressure on Blair By Nigel Morris, Political Correspondent ...the Scottish Parliament's vote to ban hunting piles fresh pressure on the Government. As the historic move was made in Edinburgh last night, animal rights activists at a meeting nearly 500 miles away in Plymouth were being urged to capitalise on the decision to press for a blanket ban across the UK...Phyllis Campbell-McRae, UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said: "For as long as there is an anomaly between Scotland and the rest of the country, pressure will inevitably grow on the Government to act." (story)
Independent 14.2.02 The mark of a civilised society is its tolerance of unpopular behaviour - This is a significant moment. The debate was continuing as this leading article was written, but the trend in Scotland against fox-hunting seems clear and unequivocal, and it will not be long before it is banned there... It seems absurd that MPs and MSPs should be seen making such a minor issue a matter of such priority... he unpopular behaviour of a minority, however baffling or bizarre that behaviour is, should be tolerated in a civilised society, so long as it does not impact on other people... Banning hunting, as the debate in the Scottish Parliament shows, is as much about class and politics as it is about animal welfare. Holyrood has made a mistake. (story)

Times 14.2.02 Labour MPs demand hunting ban after Scots vote BY PHILIP WEBSTER AND ANGUS MACLEOD - TONY BLAIR was under intense pressure from Labour MPs to push forward legislation to ban foxhunting in England and Wales last night after the Scottish Parliament voted to make it a criminal offence north of the border... Mr Blair is understood to be deeply hesitant on how to proceed... (story)
Times 14.2.02 No compensation for workers hit by hunting ban BY ANGUS MACLEOD, SCOTTISH POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - AN ATTEMPT to set up a compensation scheme for rural workers who could lose their jobs because of the ban on foxhunting in Scotland was thrown out last night.... Mr Ewing, moving an amendment to allow the use of a single dog to kill a fox or other vermin emerging from cover, said that it was an essential compromise... However, Mr Ewing’s amendment fell in favour of another from Sylvia Jackson, the Labour MSP for Stirling, which would make it an offence for a dog to be used to hunt down an animal that had been injured or wounded during a pest control operation... Scott Barrie, Labour MSP for Dunfermline West, successfully moved an amendment that removed a section of the Bill on exemptions covering stalking and flushing from cover... He said: “I support the need for pest control. I’m happy for lurchers to be part of that, but they should be used in the way nature designed them, to stop the foxes quickly. They should not be used to kill.” (story)
Times 14.2.02 An 'utter betrayal' if Blair does not back Bill BY PHILIP WEBSTER, POLITICAL EDITOR - TONY BANKS, the former Sports Minister, said yesterday after the Scottish Parliament voted to outlaw foxhunting that it would be an act of betrayal if a Labour Government did not ban the pursuit in England and Wales. Tony Blair, however, is said to be hesitant... (story)
Times 14.2.02 English foxhounds run out of bounds BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - ENGLISH foxhunts based near the Scottish border will find it impossible not to break the law when the hunting ban takes effect in Scotland, it was claimed yesterday. Eight mounted hunts from Northumberland and Cumbria regularly cross with their hounds into Scotland during the heat of the chase... quote from Laurence Ian Hedly, 89, Master of the Border Hunt. (story)
Times 14.2.02 A sad, bloody end to a great and colourful institution - MAGNUS LINKLATER - The Scottish Parliament could not even abolish hunting competently - I don’t know which was worse: being in at the death of a great and colourful tradition, or witnessing the sheer ineptitude with which it was done... It was, I thought, a good time to recall Thomas Jefferson, who best summed up how a legislature should balance the will of the majority against the interests of a minority. In his first inaugural address in 1801, he said: “All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.” No one, alas, recalled it and no one observed it. (story)

Scotsman 14.2.02 Hunt ban heads for the courts - HAMISH MACDONELL SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR - the ground-breaking vote was overshadowed by confusion and legal wrangles as pro-hunt campaigners warned the fight was not over... In one of its most contentious and confusing passages, the Act allows people on horseback to flush out foxes, with dogs, for pest control purposes and to kill them - but only if they use guns and not dogs to despatch the foxes... One Labour MSP said: "It was total confusion. Some MSPs were following the executive crib sheet, and some were following the anti-hunt crib sheet which is why no-one knew which way anything was going..." (list of MSPs & how they voted) (story)
Scotsman 14.2.02 No compensation for the rural economy - DAVID SCOTT Scottish Government Editor (account of debate) ...It had been a long session, but at 7:15pm, the vote was finally passed. Yet the level of protest galvanised against the bill so far and the chaos of yesterday, suggests the story is far from over.
Scotsman 14.2.02 Now campaigners want rest of the United Kingdom to follow - JASON BEATTIE ... Tony Banks MP said the vote in Holyrood was a significant boost for the campaign to ban hunting with dogs in the rest of the United Kingdom....(story)
Scotsman 14.2.02 The unspeakable finally lose their uneatable prey - Robert McNeil - AH, SUCH a good day to be alive yesterday, a feeling enhanced by the fact that dark, sadistic forces - the giblet-sucking, flesh-ripping, fur-tearing phonies of the city-based Countryside Alliance - were hammering on the big oak doors to no effect... (story)
Scotsman 14.2.02 A vote for flawed and ambiguous legislation - BY 83 votes to 36, with five abstentions, members of the Scottish parliament decided to ban fox hunting north of the Border. Or, rather, that is what they think they have done... it may be legal for huntspeople to chase foxes on horseback with muzzled hounds... Without a second chamber it is all the more important that MSPs take care to ensure that the law they produce is sound. That certainly cannot be said of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill (story)

The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 Fight moves to court as fox hunting is banned - MURRAY RITCHIE and ROBBIE DINWOODIE - CENTURIES of rural tradition were ended by the Scottish Parliament last night when MSPs voted to criminalise fox-hunting and other allegedly cruel sports - without compensating those whose livelihoods are threatened... (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 Lawyers doubt rights challenge will succeed - DAVID MONTGOMERY - THE flurry of legal action promised by opponents of the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland is unlikely to succeed, according to legal experts... (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 Promised rebel roar little more than a mutter - BRIAN DONNELLY: Sketch ... But, during the day at least, the promised loud voice of "robust protest" turned out to be little more than a low muttering of chagrin.. (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 Shameless shennanigans of the boilersuit brigade - RUTH WISHART (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 The ban on fox-hunting - Executive must intervene with compensation ... By rejecting the compensation schemes, MSPs not only miscalculated by potentially adding to, rather than quieting, the concerns of the countryside.... Whatever the rights and wrongs of the fox-hunting argument, they should be compensated. They are blameless. It is not market forces, but a change in the law that will deprive them of their livelihood... (story in archive - leader article)

Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 14.2.02 ANTI-HUNTING VOTE RAISES QUESTIONS - MONTHS, if not years, of increasing acidic debate about the rights and wrongs of fox hunting have culminated in a momentous Holyrood vote... It is important not to become carried away with the hunting issue, or to be fooled into believing that it has much bearing on the lives of most Scots or, indeed, that most Scots are even remotely interested... What can be the value of a check system whose checks are ignored with such disdain? A committee of influential and able politicians found so many fundamental flaws in the hunting bill that they branded it unworkable... Far from cheering or deploring last night's result, the few Scots who have an opinion either way would be better exercised questioning why parliamentary integrity was screwed into a little ball and tossed out of the Holyrood window.(story)

Daily Record 14.2.02 FURY OF THE FOX HUNTERS - THE Scottish Parliament yesterday voted to end fox hunting - and refused to back any compensation scheme for those who lose their jobs... (story may be in archive)

Yorkshire Post 14.2.02 Scots vote for ban on fox hunting (story)

Irish Independent 14.2.02 Tally-ho silenced by Scottish MPs' ban on fox hunt ... Half of Scotland's 10 mounted hunts are based in the Scottish borders, and members of hunts from Britain and Ireland gathered there yesterday for a mass rally.(story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.2.02 HUNTSMEN TO DEFY HUNTING BAN - All of Scotland's 10 hunts are expected to go fox hunting, despite a vote at Holyrood to outlaw the practice... (story)

Dundee Courier 14.2.02 ‘NO COMPENSATION’ SHOCK AS HUNTING WITH DOGS BANNED By Steve Bargeton, political editor - SCOTLAND LAST night became the first part of the United Kingdom to outlaw fox hunting. And in a shock decision, MSPs rejected the right of those who will lose their jobs and livelihoods to receive compensation... (story may only be available from paper after today)
Dundee Courier 14.2.02 "A BLACK DAY FOR SCOTLAND" SAYS MASTER OF FOXHOUNDS ... Master of Fife Foxhounds John Gilmour described the ban as "bloody-minded" and a "black day for Scotland" and he called into question the very workings of the Scottish Parliament... (story may only be available from paper after today)

Edinburgh News 14.2.02 Hunt rebels vow to fight the ban By IAN SWANSON Scottish Political Editor - DEFIANT pro-hunt campaigners were taking to the fields today following the Scottish Parliament’s vote to ban the sport. All ten hunts in Scotland were planning to meet in the wake of the historic decision... (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 14.2.02 PETER RHODES - Tallyho! Time to hunt the hunt ... there is no effective way of physically preventing hunts from taking place... You need a mounted organisation to pursue and prosecute foxhunters... it should wear high-visibility coats. In order to track down the offenders, a full complement of dogs is vital... I see a new country pastime: foxhunting-hunting. You know it makes sense. Tallyho. (story may be on website for about a week)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 14.2.02 Opening of market remains on hold by James Stephenson ... By the time you read this column the anti-hunting brigade will have condemned thousands of mammals and birds to a slow, lingering death in the jaws of the fox whom they perceive as worthy of some sort of protection... (story in archive)

Glasgow Evening Times 14.2.02 Court threat in fox hunting ban - VIRTUALLY every hunt in Scotland was expected to take to the fields today as campaigners threatened to go to court to block the Scottish Parliament decision to ban the sport... Today's Eglinton Hunt in Ayrshire was called off because the hounds had a cough... (story)

The Herald (Glasgow) 14.2.02 letters re: the Watson bill:
Fox-hunters' mindset is not civilised - Allow me to say, as a confirmed countryman, that your editorial (February 13) is a damned disgrace... John Thorpe, Darniemow, Glenwhilly, New Luce.
Without addressing the question whether foxes need to be culled at all, the case against fox-hunting as sport seems unanswerable... Aonghas MacNeacail, The Rock, Carlops, Peeblesshire.
A R Campbell's apologia for fox-hunting verges on the burlesque, rabbiting on as he does about personal liberty and suggesting that a pack of usually half-starved hounds is the near natural predator to the red fox. Who does he think he is kidding?.. Scott Hogg, 31 Wigtoun Place, Cumbernauld.
WHY are the hunting fraternity complaining about losing their livelihoods? There is absolutely no need for that if they changed to drag-hunting... Cornelia Hanning, 113 Main Street, Pathhead, Midlothian.
...Somehow, those that rationalise beef production as ok for humans, and yet say and believe that fox-hunting is cruel, are just too weird - and very suburban... Richard Jones, 8245 Wednesbury Lane, Houston, Texas, 77074, USA. (letters may be in archive)

Berwickshire News 14.2.02 vote on foxhunting ban - HUNTING with hounds was expected to be outlawed across Scotland last night as MSPs voted on the controversial Protection of Wild Mammals Bill... Jeremy Whaley, Berwickshire Hunt's Master of the Foxhounds, said: "A number of hounds will have to be put down. The legislation will be legally challenged but that won't be successful straight away. It is a completely ridiculous bill - it will ban hunting on horses but not on foot." (story in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.2.02 Hunt protest was peaceful - TWO Land Rovers full of anti hunt demonstrators greeted the Tedworth Hunt when it set off from West Kennett on Saturday, February 8... about 15 anti hunt demonstrators who arrived from as far away as Southampton, Norfolk and the Home Counties... Police ensured that the hunt demonstrators, who followed the hunt in the Land Rovers, remained on public highways and did not cause any criminal damage... (story in archive)

Portsmouth News 14.2.02 HUNT SABOTEURS TO HIRE BODYGUARDS - THE League Against Cruel Sports is planning to hire bodyguards to protect saboteurs after an increase in violence on hunts in the south... West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group founder Simon Wild, 43, says he was lucky to escape serious injury after being dragged along by huntsman Jonathan Broise during what he claims was a peaceful demonstration at the hunt near Midhurst last month... (story)
Argus 11.2.02 Hunt saboteurs may get minders by Nigel Galloway ...Anti-hunt campaigners in Sussex could be among the first in Britain to be given minders by the League Against Cruel Sports following an incident at a meeting of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt when an activist was trampled by a galloping horse... (story in archive)
Independent 9.2.02 Anti-hunt protesters hire bodyguards after clash By Steve Boggan - Spiralling violence between huntsmen and animal rights activists has led the League Against Cruel Sports to hire bodyguards to protect its protesters... Simon Wild feared he would be killed during what he claims was a peaceful anti-fox hunting demonstration against the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt in West Sussex. After being dragged along by Jonathan Broise, Mr Wild was dropped under a second horse, which landed on his legs and groin but missed his head... JB said: "... It would be absolutely correct to say I grabbed Simon Wild and dragged him along. He had thrown a rook-scarer at me and my horse. I saw him reaching for another and so I dragged him by the satchel to protect myself... Mr Wild's wife, Jaine, 46, said: "Simon was not throwing incendiary devices. That isn't true. It was an unprovoked attack... (story)
Ananova 9.2.02 Anti-hunt protesters hire body guards ... The protesters' commercial security guards will be deployed next week at unspecified locations... (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 14.2.02 OUTRAGE AS DOGS RUN WILD - GEORGINA Thompson is furious after 60 hounds stampeded through her beloved garden. She telephoned the police and her husband Jim... The couple are planning to write to the master of the Cotswold Hunt to complain. PC George Lager, rural beat officer in the area, said: "We are considering the aspect of criminal damage and suitable advice has been given to Mrs Thompson outlining her options... (story)

Oxford Mail 14.2.02 Out of control fox hunt storms through village by Ian Townsend - Children and animals were terrified when 30 uncontrolled foxhounds and horseriders raced through Chalgrove, over the playing field and through the churchyard. A huntsman rode his horse over graves trying to control the Vale of Aylesbury Hounds on Tuesday... Penny Little, of the anti-hunt group POWA (Protect Our Wild Animals) filmed the incident. She said: "They simply ran amok -- it was awful." (story in archive)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 14.2.02 Saltersgate visit for Clarissa - FLAMBUOYANT television personality Clarissa Dickson-Wright spent two days with the Saltersgate Farmers' Hunt last week filming for her television series Clarissa and The Countryman... (story in archive)

ThisIsExeter (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 14.2.02 FOX HUNTING HARMING OUR EFFORTS TO STOP CRUELTY - BRITAIN is internationally perceived as a leading proponent of animal welfare and a champion for wildlife protection around the world. The failure to ban the killing of wild animals for sport is a blight on this reputation is regarded as hypocritical by representatives of some countries... Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Fife Free Press 14.2.02 are foxes feeding on felines? A GLENROTHES pet owner has claimed foxes may be responsible for a mysterious spate of vanishing cats in Stenton and Pitteuchar... A spokeswoman for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) said neither the Society nor the National Fox Welfare Society had ever received reports of a fox killing a cat... (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 14.2.02 BRAVO to the letter writer who highlighted the shocking sport of hare-coursing... J C, Manchester (letter may be in archive)

Argus 14.2.02 Safe setts please - West Sussex Badger Protection Group has already started picking up dead and injured badgers that have been hit by cars... We are on call 24 hours a day and have ten officers fully equipped and fully trained to help -Jaine Wild, Press Officer, West Sussex Badger Protection Group (letter in archive)

Daily Record 14.2.02 HOW can Roger Edwards, director of Glasgow Zoo, say that the zoo is a benefit to the city?.. Linzi Mellon, Kilmarnock. (letter may be in archive)
Scotsman 11.2.02 Vandals steal snakes from ‘run-down’ city zoo - John Staples - THIEVES have stolen two snakes and left a trail of vandalism at a zoo facing an investigation over the conditions in which animals are kept... The inspections of the 90-acre site, on the outskirts of the city, were carried out by welfare organisations Advocates For Animals (AFA) and Animal Concern... quotes from Ross Minett of AFA and John Robbins of Animal Concern (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 11.2.02 Conditions at zoo are ‘disgrace’ say groups By Alexander Robertson - GLASGOW Zoo could be forced to close its doors after animal welfare groups labelled it "squalid"... (story)

Ananova 14.2.02 Jude Law and Sadie Frost film celebrities in animal rights campaign ...new commercial for animal rights organisation Respect For Animals.... (story)

BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 19:00 GMT - Hunt compensation rejected - Hunt compensation rejected. There is also confusion about whether the Scottish Parliament may have created a loophole which could allow a restricted version of mounted fox hunting to continue... (story)
BBC News Online 13.2.02 Fox-hunting ban passed - A bill to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland has been passed after a debate lasting more than six hours... Critics of the bill argued that it remained an unworkable mess and they said that MSPs had created a loophole which will allow Scotland's 10 mounted hunts to continue their activities in a restricted form... they opted not to provide compensation to people who lose their jobs or businesses as a result of the ban.... Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, vowed to take the battle to retain hunting to the courts... (story)
BBC News Online 13.2.02 Countryside 'betrayed' by hunt ban ... Protesters said they had been betrayed by the parliament and vowed to take the battle on retaining hunting to the courts... Mike Watson, who started the process of outlawing mounted fox-hunts with a members' bill two years ago, said it was a "good day" for the Scottish Parliament... (story)
Ananova 13.2.02 MSPs vote to ban Scottish fox-hunting ... MSPs voted by 83 to 36 votes, with five abstentions, to pass the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill... Three MSP backbenchers - one Tory, a Liberal Democrat and one Labour - put forward amendments which would enable compensation to be paid but all three were defeated. (story)

Edinburgh News 13.2.02 Rebels let dogs out in bid to beat Bill Rebels let dogs out in bid to beat Bill By BRIAN FERGUSON and IAN SWANSON - PRO-HUNTING campaigners were set to lead a "dog invasion" of Edinburgh today in a last-ditch bid to persuade MSPs to kick out the controversial blood sports Bill... Animal rights activists from across Scotland were promising to defy police advice to stay away from the parliament building "for their own safety"... Lothians MSP Kenny MacAskill said laws used to combat football hooligans intent on causing trouble should be invoked... "We have clear threats from the Rural Rebels that if the vote goes against them they will disrupt the city tomorrow... if they are intent on causing trouble, they should be taken out of circulation." (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 13.2.02 Hunting rebels out in force to oppose Bill - Opponents of a Bill to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland today staged a series of high-profile demonstrations in a last ditch bid to save the sport north of the border... A noisy crowd from the Rural Rebels, many dressed in orange boiler suits, barracked ministers as they arrived for a meeting of the Scottish Cabinet at Bute House... (story)

BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 15:57 GMT Hunt bill is 'moral duty' ...Tricia Marwick MSP, one of the sponsors of the members' Bill, attacked those who she claimed were trying to wreck the proposed legislation... marathon debate on the final stage of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill...Alex Johnstone was defeated when he sought to delay a final vote on the Bill until Thursday.... An amendment by Tory MSP David Mundell seeking to scrap a section of the Bill which would allow the prosecution of a landowner who knowingly permits another person to use their land for hunting was also defeated... SNP rural affairs spokesman Fergus Ewing unsuccessfully moved an amendment that would have exempted from the Bill a person engaged in falconry who was using a dog. (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 13:52 GMT - Passions rise over hunt Bill ...The debate has been marked by protests outside the parliament in Edinburgh and the official residence of the first minister, where one demonstrator was arrested... Rural Rebels... Mass rally... Compensation issue... (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 12:29 GMT Parliament 'under siege' over hunt Bill - BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor reports on the passage of the Bill to ban fox hunting and the controversy surrounding the legislation. ...Over the last few days, I have detected a curious atmosphere among some sections of the Scottish Parliament. It is hard to explain, a sense of detachment from the Bill. Yes, MSPs are getting their heads down in an effort to legislate sensibly, if they can. But many in Labour ranks seem inclined - if not to disown the Bill entirely - then perhaps to disclaim personal ownership... (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 07:29 GMT Final hurdle for Scots hunt ban - Scotland looks set to become the first part of the UK to ban hunting with dogs... (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 07:19 GMT Fox hunting: The arguments - pro & anti hunt points (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 06:57 GMT - Timeline: Scotland's fox hunting bill - chronology (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 06:48 GMT Fox hunting: The bill (details of the main points of the bill) (story)

Ananova 13.2.02 Pro-hunting protesters gather at racecourse - Up to 1,000 people including 150 horses and hound packs from all over Scotland have gathered at Kelso racecourse to stage a mass hunt... Groom Wendy Turnbull, 37, from Duns, in the Scottish Borders, says she will never vote Labour again, but is unsure which party might represent the interests of the countryside lobby... Huntsman Trevor Adams, from Melrose in the Scottish Borders, says his life will be ruined if the Bill is passed... (story)
Ananova 13.2.02 MSPs to decide on hunting ban - The Scottish Parliament is deciding whether to pass a Bill which would ban hunting with dogs in Scotland... (story)

Telegraph 13.2.02 Scots prepare to ban hunting By Tom Peterkin and Auslan Cramb - SCOTLAND will become the first part of Britain to ban foxhunting today when members of the Scottish parliament are expected to outlaw hunting with dogs... row over compensation for hundreds of rural workers who would lose their jobs as a result of the ban... Mr Fergusson said he thought that the legislation would ban fox baiting, which already is illegal, and hare coursing, but would not necessarily outlaw mounted hunts... About 300 hilltop beacons were lit around Scotland last night to signal support for hunting, and hundreds of people are expected in Kelso today for one of the biggest hunt meetings seen north of the border. (story)
Telegraph 13.2.02 Only the lawyers will benefit from this sorry mess By Alan Cochrane - TWO years in the making and still a complete mess. That is the current situation of the Bill to ban foxhunting in Scotland and impose swingeing six-month jail sentences on those who disobey... Parliament will pass the measure and the contempt in which it is already held will increase accordingly. Meanwhile a hitherto lawful and centuries-old pursuit will be subject to a six-month jail sentence. (story)

Times 13.2.02 Hunt ban deal on damages for rural workers By Angus Macleod, Scottish Political Correspondent - THE First Minister signalled yesterday that compensation will be offered to hundreds of rural workers who will lose their jobs if foxhunting is banned in Scotland... The amendment, from Karen Gillon, MSP for Clydesdale, asks Scottish Executive ministers to bring forward a compensation scheme to cover the breeders of hounds, farriers, grooms and other workers who face losing their jobs because of the hunt ban. There would be a 12-month deadline for the lodging of compensation claims and ministers would decide who would be eligible for compensation... (story)

Ananova 13.2.02 Hunt ban 'will destroy rural communities' - A leading member of Scotland's hunting fraternity claims rural communities face being torn apart if the Bill to ban foxhunting is passed. Alistair Campbell... The master of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Fox Hunt is also angry at the level of compensation hunt staff are likely to receive... (story)
Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 Fox-hunters are the genuine countrymen - WE countrymen are angry at being branded barbarians by the bigots who have been purveying propaganda against fox-hunting... A R Campbell, MFH, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt Kennels, Houston, Renfrewshire. (letter may be in archive)

Newcastle Journal 13.2.02 Late bid to stop hunt ban Bill - Opponents of a Bill to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland yesterday launched a series of last-ditch protests to prevent the proposed legislation becoming law...(story)

Scotsman 13.2.02 Hunting ban will not end problems - ANALYSIS - HAMISH MACDONELL ...The passing of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill will represent a major and spectacular victory for the anti-hunt lobby but it will have been achieved at considerable cost...Is a ban on fox hunting worth all the pain, heartache and division it will undoubtedly cause? ...The bill now contains so many exemptions and provisos that it will still be possible for people to go out with dogs, flush out a fox, wound it with a rifle and then set the dogs on to it to kill it...One woman, a hunt supporter, rang The Scotsman yesterday to appeal to the news paper to do something, anything, to prevent the bill going through. "We are under attack. Our whole way of life is being undermined by people who don’t understand," she said... The lasting legacy of today’s proceedings will not just be court cases and legal wrangles. It looks like resulting in a damaging rift between urban and rural Scotland which could take generations to heal. (story)
Scotsman 13.2.02 Fordyce Maxwell: How many will shed tears over Margaret? ...TODAY is the day the Scottish parliament votes to ban fox-hunting. I have mixed feelings. My first experience of fox-hunting was watching half a dozen older boys at the village school take off at play-time to follow the sound of the hunting horn... My second was a curt instruction from a galloping major type to "open the demned gate, boy"... No doubt people other than nobs and toffs ride to hounds, in fact I know they do. But I’ve never forgotten being called "boy" and being told to jump to it on my own farm... (story)

Dundee Courier 13.2.02 HUNTING BILL COULD BE ‘BAD LAW’ By Steve Bargeton, political editor - MSPs WERE warned yesterday they are on the verge of passing "bad law" which will damage the reputation of the Scottish Parliament if they go ahead and ban hunting with dogs... Many MSPs privately admitted yesterday they were unclear of the complicated detail of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill... (story may only be available from paper after today)

Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 Scotland will ban hunting with dogs today - ROBBIE DINWOODIE and FRANCES HORSBURGH ...There is little doubt that the parliamentary majority exists to introduce a legal ban on mounted fox-hunting. The only question marks remain over what date will be acceptable for such a ban, and the extent, if any, of any compensation package... (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 Weighing freedom in the balance - Is the case of the anti-hunting lobby so overwhelming - A parliament is, or certainly should be, a defender of freedoms. It should not, without good reason, be the instrument for taking them away... The anti-hunt lobby has put its arguments with passion and eloquence. The pro-hunt lobby has done similarly... Mike Watson, the Scottish Executive minister for tourism, culture, and sport, has apparently told friends that, if he had realised the bitter divisions his bill to ban fox-hunting with dogs would produce, he might, with hindsight, have chosen another cause... The parliament does not emerge from this episode with its reputation enhanced but that is not the crucial issue any more. It has chosen to make a ban on fox-hunting one of its priorities when clearly it is not by comparison to health, education, transport, jobs, poverty... In our view parliament should have more important matters to consider, but since MSPs have decided to put fox-hunting on their agenda so it becomes ours. Is the case against fox-hunting so strong that we should trade a freedom to have it banned? On balance, no it is not. (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 Is fox-hunting the cruellest thing we do to animals? ALLAN LAING goes in pursuit of the truth behind one of the most controversial of sports ...Torn apart the fox might be, but the length of time it takes to die is still usually only a few seconds. It's brutal, it's bloody. But it's still relatively quick. Quicker certainly than being snared in a gin trap, wounds festering as the fox lingers for days before dying... (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 Still running too close to the wind - Public opinion of the fox may have swung from from one extreme to another, but its reputation for cunning has given it a bad press down the centuries, says DAVID BELCHER (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 How we live in a world of so much suffering - REBECCA McQUILLAN - abandoned pets, testing on animals, racing greyhounds, halal & kosher meat, battery hens, bullfighting, HRT, foie gras, fur, bear bile etc (story may be in archive)

Daily Record 13.2.02 MSPS FACE DEMO AS ANTI-HUNT BILL PASSES - HUNDREDS of demonstrators will lobby the Scottish Parliament today as MSPs finally pass the bill to ban hunting with dogs... (story may be in archive)

Glasgow Herald 13.2.02 IN his very impressive letter on fox-hunting (February 11) R S Carlaw cites the master of the Berwickshire Hunt as justifying this "sport" on the grounds that only the "weak and diseased" are killed... Eddie Orme, 3 St Colme Road, Dalgety Bay. (letter may be in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 11.2.02 Hunting-ban job losses put into perspective - Saturday's report on the so-called rural rebels was telling. I live in an area which is accustomed to fox-hunting, a pastime which holds no great pleasure for me, but there are many roads to hell, and this is merely one of them... R S Carlaw, 24 Sherwood Crescent, Lockerbie. (letter may be in archive)

Scotsman 13.2.02 Court action to protect minority ...With the outcome of the impending vote on the Protection of Wild Mammals Bill a foregone conclusion... given the nature of those in the animal rights in-dustry, I suspect it will only be a matter of time before they turn their unwarranted attentions onto some other supposedly "cruel and barbaric" practice that will serve them as a useful cash cow for a year or two...WILLIE BROWN, Forfar Road, Dundee (story)

BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 15:02 GMT Labour MPs step up hunting call - The credibility of Tony Blair's government is being put at risk by the failure to settle calls for a ban on hunting with dogs, says Labour MP Tony Banks... (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 13 February, 2002, 13:05 GMT Hunt lobby's hopes may be dashed - Supporters of a ban on foxhunting are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of the blood sport finally being killed off in Scotland... Tony Banks, has even gone so far as to claim that, if the government fails to act, it will be an "utter betrayal"... (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 13.2.02 MPs step up hunt ban call - EAST Lancashire Labour MPs want to see Westminster follow Scotland and ban hunting with hounds... Hyndburn's Greg Pope and Burnley's Peter Pike want the Commons to do the same... (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 13.2.02 RSPCA 'losing bloodsports battle' ...The animals' charity fears it is fighting a losing battle against criminals intent on organising cock fights, dog fights, badger digging and quail fighting... (story)

ThisIsGloucester (Gloucester Citizen/Gloucestershire Echo/Western Daily Press) 13.2.02 NFU CLINGING TO SUBSIDY REGIME ...Even the Countryside Alliance wants a 20% cut, which shows how wide the consensus is, and how far that Barbour-clad organisation has come recently.... BRIAN HENSHALL, Thomas Street, Cirencester (letter)

Argus 13.2.02 Circus set to come back - Zippo's circus is to return to Hove for the summer season (story)

Winsford & Middlewich Guardian 13.2.02 My wish list for safe, happy animals for years to come... RECENT criticism of Mid-Cheshire Animal Welfare and the RSPCA are understandable... Over the 12 years I have been involved with animal welfare and animal rights issues, many of my phone calls have been referred by Mid-Cheshire Animal Welfare, the RSPCA, some by the police and one by Vale Royal council...NICKY GREEN, Davenham Road, Billinge Green (letter in archive)

ThisIsExeter 13.2.02 (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) FARM ANIMALS LEFT WITHOUT SHELTER ...One can see on a daily basis cattle, sheep and very thin lambs out in open fields having to endure whatever the elements throw at them, with some farmers showing scant regard for their welfare...Why not try a vegetarian or better still a vegan dish two or three times a week as an alternative? Y BLACKMORE Abbotskerswell Newton Abbot (letter)

Ananova 12.2.02 Last-ditch bid to halt hunt ban bill - The Scottish Tories have launched a last-ditch assault on the Bill to ban hunting with dogs north of the border... The party's rural affairs spokesman has criticised the proposed legislation as overly complicated and warns it will almost certainly face legal challenges... (story)

Edinburgh News 12.2.02 Rural Rebels set to close roads into city By IAN SWANSON - MILITANT countryside campaigners are planning to blockade main roads into Edinburgh on Thursday morning if MSPs refuse to compensate people who lose their jobs through the fox-hunting ban... Noel Collins, one of the organisers, said: "...We have fairly specific plans for Thursday and they are very Edinburgh-based." ...A group of them have booked seats in the public gallery of the parliament chamber for the debate... (story)

Telegraph 12.2.02 Changes to Bill 'will increase animal cruelty' By Tom Peterkin, Scottish Political Correspondent ... Members of the Scottish hill packs and gamekeepers have been alarmed by a series of 11th-hour amendments that they fear will threaten their ability to carry out legitimate pest control activities... Led by the SNP's Tricia Marwick, a co-sponsor of the Member's Bill, the MSPs have also called for the removal of a clause that allows gamekeepers to use a dog to kill a wild mammal when it is unsafe to shoot it... Bristow Muldoon, the Labour backbench MSP speaking for the cross-party group, said: "The amendments are very narrowly focused. We do not believe they will impact on the activities of gamekeepers and hill packs." (story)

Ananova 12.2.02 Protest beacons lit on eve on hunting vote - Beacons are to be lit across Scotland on the eve of a Holyrood vote on a Bill to ban hunting with dogs... all packs of hounds in Scotland and the northern-most parts of England are to converge on Kelso racecourse in the Borders, and all of Scotland's 10 packs plan to go out hunting on Thursday... (story)
Daily Record 11.2.02 DEMO OVER HUNT BAN 'HYPOCRISY' - RURAL campaigners will today light a chain of beacons in protest at Holyrood's bid to ban fox hunting... (story)
Telegraph 9.2.02 Bonfire protest to mark 'end of foxhunting' By Tom Peterkin, Scotland Political Correspondent - A CHAIN of bonfires will be lit across Scotland on Tuesday as countryside campaigners step up their protest against the foxhunting ban.... (story)

Scotsman 12.2.02 Late debate on hunting - HAMISH MACDONELL SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR - MSPs could be asked tomorrow to sit into the night for the first time to debate the controversial bill to ban hunting because of the large number of amendments that have been tabled... (story)

Dundee Courier 12.2.02 RIDICULOUS ANTICS" OF REBELS ATTACKED By Andrew Arbuckle, the farming editor ... Mr McConnell, who was officiating at the turf- cutting ceremony for an £18 million potato packing factory at Airdrie... The First Minister had earlier stated that the "ridiculous antics" of the Rural Rebels was actually driving a wedge between the country and urban dweller... (story probably only available from paper after today)

Western Daily Press 12.2.02 HUNTERS AIM TO SOLVE RIDDLE OF QUANTOCKS' MISSING DEER ... Following a relaxation in foot-and-mouth controls yesterday, the Government is permitting the hunting of deer with dogs - subject to new regulations. The Quantock Staghounds hope to apply for a licence this week and to resume the sport by the end of the month... quote from anti hunt campaigner Arminel Scott, South West Deer Protection... (story)

Edinburgh News 12.2.02 Time to end hunt - WEDNESDAY promises to be an historic day for Scotland... Les Ward, chairman, Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs (SCAHD), Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
The Herald (Glasgow) 11.2.02 February 13 promises to be a historic day. The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill has reached Stage Three, and the Scottish Parliament will debate and vote upon hunting with dogs for the final time... Les Ward, chairman, Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh. (letter may be in archive)

Edinburgh News 12.2.02 Misguided Bill - HAVING written to all MSPs to explain that their intended Bill for the Protection of Wild Mammals was misguided... I have had the courtesy of only 19 acknowledgements from those in favour of this Bill... John Trotter Mordington House, Berwickshire (letter)

Edinburgh News 12.2.02 Vote for a ban ...Chasing, terrifying and ripping apart foxes has no place in modern Scotland . I urge all MSPs to do the right thing by banning this cruel "sport"... Hamish McBride, North Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Morning News 12.2.02 STOP THIS FALSE PICTURE OF HUNTING - ABOUT two years ago, the WMN ran a poll about hunting. Roughly, 70 per cent of readers who answered voted against a ban. Yet everyday, we are subjected to a series of the most vicious anti-hunting letters... Patricia Lindsay Hatherleigh
Why a ban is not justified - I ABHOR cruelty to animals, but as a result of following the hunting debate in Western Morning Views, I am coming to the view that a ban on hunting with hounds, particularly fox hunting, is not justified... David Short, Exminster (letters)
Western Morning News 12.2.02 'FLUFFY' VIEWS DO LITTLE TO HELP ANIMALS IN THE WILD ...By all means stop over-exploitation and pointless cruelty, but a powerful desire to stop hunting doesn't "protect" anything...Being killed by hunting dogs is not "nice", but it is no more or less painful and a damn sight quicker than a normal lingering death from parasites, disease or starvation... The tragedy is that this self-indulgent anti-hunting argument detracts from the real problem of destruction of the wild, a problem that concerns hunters (who at least understand real wildness) more than most. John Nash, Hayle (letter)
Western Morning News 12.2.02 HUNTING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LIVING - LONG live hunting? I don't think so. Hunting and the word "live" should not be written together… Dan Sidley, Aged 15, Cornwall Hunt Saboteurs member, Bodmin
No need to lower debate - JOHN Phelps (WMN, January 28) begins his letter by likening the campaign against hunting to that against paedophilia… Surely the debate is worth better than this? Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 5.2.02 Long live hunting ...If John Phelps of Exeter is a pensioner paying taxes then he must have a good bank account. Who told him he was subsidising farmers to go hunting?... Vera Pope, Harbertonford (letter)
Western Morning News 5.2.02 ENSURING THAT HUNTERS HAVE THE SKILL - letter in reply to H D Branton (24.1.02), arguing for licensing hunters ...I do not hunt and have no enthusiasm for field sports in general. I do believe however that to criminalise hundreds of thousands of generally decent people is not realistic... David Short, Exminster (letter)
Western Morning News 5.2.02 Hunt supporters are cornered - THANK goodness Tony Blair has at last pledged that the Government will allow MPs a free vote later this year on the future of foxhunting... Judging from the composition of some of the letters from pro-hunters it is hard to imagine them ever having attended school at all... F Cleaves, Par (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 ANTI-HUNT LOBBY'S STRENGTH ...We already have all the support we need in the form of 411 votes to 151 by Members of Parliament to ban hunting with dogs for sport...John Phelps, Council member, Protect Our Wild Animals Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 Offensive contribution - letter in reply to W T Sweet, 19.1.02 ...The often repeated allegation by hunt supporters that anyone who opposes hunting must be an ignorant townie is false and offensive. Graham and Joy Montague, Bodmin Moor (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 No link with TV soaps - AS an anti-hunt "fanatic" I would like to point out to W T Sweet of Praze (WMN, January 19), that I and many others were collecting signatures for petitions against barbaric blood sports long before the advent of television... Mrs Dora Delf, Animal Crackers Organisation Padstow (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 VICIOUS KILLINGS OF THE 'INOFFENSIVE' FOX ...my husband went out to check on the lambing ewes at night. By the light of his torch he saw the fox slinking away from a ewe lying down in labour, and realised with a shock that the lamb's head had been severed...Hunting kills quickly, and culls the old, sick, and mange-ridden foxes. I rest my case E J Thomas, Par (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 Disputing hunters' claims - reply to S Clark(14.1.02) from K Moyle, Budleigh Salterton - fox population is stable, no increase due to ban on hunting (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.02 - Unnecessary cruelty to animals - IN reply to S Clark (WMN, January 14), who is once more spouting the usual rubbish, now we are told that because a cat was caught in a snare that this proves how humane hunting with dogs is... F Cleaves, Par (letter)

Dudley News 12.2.02 Animal group pressure blocks TV ad - Dudley animal rights charity Captive Animals' Protection Society has succeeded in getting Grolsch lagers to pull a TV advert using a chimp dressed as a bride... quote from Diane Westwood, chairman of CAPS (story in archive)

Scotsman 11.2.02 This Bill on fox hunting is a legislative mess - Angus Glennie - BY THE time we get to Wednesday there will be many, many people in Scotland glad to see the fox-hunting debate disappear over the horizon. Who can blame them?.. All shades of political and legal opinion believe that, for one reason or another, it is a legislative mess... Angus Glennie is a Queen’s Counsel who practises at the Scottish and English bars. (story)

Times 11.2.02 Homes may go as well as hounds By Gillian Harris, Scotland Correspondent - IN THE undulating countryside near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt is preparing for what may be its last meet... The Buccleuch, which has between 300 and 400 members, employs three full-time staff and two part-time workers who will lose their jobs if the Bill is passed... (story)

Times 11.2.02 Hunt fans pursue Bill to their last breath - the week at holyrood by angus macleod - THE anti-foxhunting lobby in Scotland will finally corner its quarry this week with MSPs looking certain to agree the final parliamentary stage of the Bill banning the pursuit... It has been subject to significant redrafting in an attempt to clarify which pursuits will be covered by the new law. This has already exempted the use of Highland hill packs on foot and the pest control of foxes using dogs... This weekend has seen up to 100 new amendments put down. Most of them are from Tory MSPs whose aim is to wreck the Bill but they are likely to be ruled out of order by the parliamentary authorities... (story)

Dundee Courier 11.2.02 WARNING OVER KNOCK-ON EFFECTS IF HUNTING WITH DOGS IS BANNED - A FIFE farmer has warned that a ban on hunting with dogs will unravel one of the more colourful threads woven through Fife’s rural scene in the last 200 years, in turn risking jobs and eradicating centuries of rural culture and tradition... (story probably only available from paper after today)

Scotsman 11.2.02 letters about the aborted demonstration with horses:
Pressure at higher level to stop peaceful protest - With reference to the aborted "rural rebels" march (your report, 8 February), Noel Collins, the rebels’ leader, spoke to the police on Monday about this march and obtain-ed clearance. And I was present on Wednesday morning when we confirmed numbers and the route... Police were OK about march on Thursday a.m. Marchers suggested horses should go in small groups for safety, police said no, the whole lot should go together. The route was coned off, & roads closed, indicating the police planned for a march. ...it seems that at a higher level, pressure is being brought to bear to prevent us putting forward our arguments... CATRIONA FERGUSON, Arniston, Gorebridge, Midlothian
With reference to the confrontation between the "rural rebels" and the police, they came to Edinburgh with their horses because they feel their views are being ignored by a parliament intent on imposing the views of an urban ma-jority on a rural minority... ANTOINETTE GALBRAITH, Saxe Coburg Place, Edinburgh (letters)
Daily Record 9.2.02 WHY THE ACTIONS OF THESE HUNTING HOORAYS DO THEIR CASE NO FAVOURS - THEIR 15 minutes of fame turned them into middle-class anarchists... Yesterday's sight of a lone horseman riding up up to the home of First Minister Jack McConnell to deliver a letter looked ridiculous... Publicity guru Clifford believes their best hope is to get a celebrity on board.... (story may be in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 8.2.02 Country rebels' protests may put lives at risk, claim police - LYNNE ROBERTSON - THE increasingly militant actions of rebel countryside campaigners could put lives at risk, a senior police officer warned last night... His warning came after police blocked members of Rural Rebels, a militant countryside group, from staging a horseback protest outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, at lunchtime yesterday... Some 100 riders, including at least one child, came... But police banned them from proceeding to the parliament at the Mound because of safety fears... Noel Collins... insisted the protesters, an alliance of 23 groups, had sought police permission to march - a claim the police denied... Jeremy Whaley, 51, from Duns and the Master of the Berwickshire Hunt, was arrested after he tried to break through the police cordon in Regent Road... warned about his behaviour and was released without charge... (story in archive)
Edinburgh News 7.2.02 Bid to block Rebels - MILITANT countryside campaigners were today set to clash with police determined to stop them riding up to 100 horses to the Scottish Parliament... But police said they would not allow the protesters to proceed... (story)

Scotsman 11.2.02 reply to Paul Allison from LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire ...Every weekend, horse riders like myself are out hacking enjoying the countryside, or schooling our horses in maneges or fields... (letter)
Scotsman 6.2.02 - I would like to correct Lynne Mitchell’s claim (Letters, 23 January) that a ban on hunting will have no impact on farriers’ jobs. I am a farrier, and hunting provides 60 per cent of my in-come...The National Equestrian Survey by the British Equestrian Trades Association (1996), found 64,500 horses used in the UK for racing, eventing, show jumping and hunting, and that 57 per cent are used primarily for hunting.... PAUL ALLISON, Cavers, Hawick (letter)
Scotsman 23.1.02 Points of View - letter re: Rural Rebels article from Lynne Mitchell DOLLAR - farriers won't go bankrupt if hunting is banned (letter)
Scotsman 19.1.02 the rural rebels in their lairs - Armed with direct questions about their direct action, Ajay Close meets the angry men who have re-christened the Watson bill ‘an assault on our countryside’ - interviews with Alan Murray of the Scottish Countryside Alliance & Noel Collins of the Rural Rebels, & analysis of the SCA, Rural Rebels, Ayrshire Countryside etc "...In the Scottish Rural Development Committee, an object-lesson in how high-minded legislation can have complex and contradictory ramifications happened. And finally, the Pandora’s Box of Scottish rural politics happened. It had been there a long time. All it needed was Lord Watson to lift the lid. (story)

Scotsman 11.2.02 Can someone can tell me why the riding of horses in the countryside has to be dependent on chasing and killing foxes... (REV) DOUGLAS AITKEN, Dolan Grove, Saline, Fife (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 11.2.02 Write to No 10 - THERE is much debate about the evils of hunting, featuring mainly on the fox. Another animal to suffer at the hands of the hunter is the hare... MARILYN HARRISON, Swindon Animal Concern, Toothill (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 31.1.02 Another sufferer in lust for blood - M Harrison, Swindon Animal Concern Swindon Wiltshire - THERE is much debate about the evils of hunting, focused mainly on the fox.But another animal to suffer at the hands of the hunter is the hare... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.2.02 MP TACKLES HARE ISSUES - 10:30 - 09 February 2002 PROBLEMS with hare coursing in Lincolnshire have been raised at the highest level by county MP Douglas Hogg... has written to Home Secretary David Blunkett asking for an increase in penalties... (story)

Scotsman 10.2.02 Dispatches from the rural front - A cold blustery Borders day. Don’t ask where - I’m a townie and this is open country. A fox flashes across a field. Two minutes later the hounds arrive, 40 of them, barking and yelping, milling around in chaotic circles... There are all sorts of pleasures to be had following the Buccleuch Hunt. Schadenfreude. The stark beauty of the Borders landscape... I have to admit it sounds like fun. But like something more serious too: culture, ideology, ritual. Something much more complex than Royal Ascot over rough country, or bloodlust in natty threads. By the way, they finally caught a fox the day I followed the hunt. Being a townie, I was sorry. But I wouldn’t want my sorrow to be given the force of law. Ajay Close (story)

Scotland on Sunday 10.2.02 Death threat to activist as hunt debate turns ugly - LIAM McDOUGALL HOME AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT - Les Ward, chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, was phoned at his Edinburgh office last week and told he would be killed because of his anti-hunting stance... Last week Inveresk Research advertised for security guards for its Tranent headquarters, after protests against staff at Huntingdon Life Sciences... Tim Phillips, director of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, said: "...Pickets and protests against the firm would be one way of opposing the centre. A group such as Inveresk is a likely target..." Meanwhile, a Labour MSP has tabled an amendment to the fox-hunting bill which would open the door for compensation for those whose livelihoods might be affected... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 10.2.02 I did it my way - CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT ... I haven’t hunted for years. I probably never would have done again but for Mr Blair. I don’t like political parties who take money for legislation. It is, after all, why we got rid of the former Tory government. And yet Labour, prior to coming in to power, accepted £1m from IFAW... (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.2.02 HARDLY A VOTE OF APPROVAL - I cannot understand why Ian Kilgour (Postbag, Jan 31) like many more pro-hunters cite the Government's Burns Inquiry... G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)

Worcester Evening News 9.2.02 Standing up for animals - IN response to George Cowley's letter about the many letters on foxhunting, I would point out that readers are entitled to express their views on whatever subject they wish... MARIAN J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester.

Yorkshire Evening Post 9.2.02 Hunting keeps Britain in dark ages ... I believe that hunting with dogs is a barbaric practice and must be banned in our society before we can think of ourselves as civilised... DAVE HINCHLIFFE, RSPCA Wakefield and District, Garden Street, Wakefield. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.2.02 MP TACKLES HARE ISSUES - 10:30 - 09 February 2002 PROBLEMS with hare coursing in Lincolnshire have been raised at the highest level by county MP Douglas Hogg... has written to Home Secretary David Blunkett asking for an increase in penalties... (story)

Ananova 9.2.02 Joanna Lumley joins animal export protest - Joanna Lumley is joining a mass rally to protest about the impending resumption of live animal exports... (story)
Hereford Times 7.2.02 Time for DEFRA to take a look - MADAM, Until foot and mouth hit the UK 800,000 lambs and sheep, 100,000 sows and 300,000 cattle were being exported for slaughter abroad... MRS PAT PARKINSON, Maytree Cottage, Welsh Newton Common, Monmouth. (letter may only be on website for a week)
Western Daily Press 6.2.02 Stop this sad trade in live animals - P Parkinson Welsh Newton Common Monmouth - THANK you for Chris Rundle's article on January 23 about livestock exports and the subsidies which keep the trade going... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Morning News 5.2.02 Cut animal journeys - MILLIONS of farm animals a year are transported across Europe alive, in journeys of up to 50 hours at a time... Mrs Claire Wright, Feniton Honiton (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.2.02 Plea to halt 'cruel trade' ...Actress Joanna Lumley will front the demonstration by Compassion in World Farming which will result in calls to the Government to halt what objectors call a "cruel and unnecessary trade"... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Cambridge News 4.2.02 Compassion rally plan - COMPASSION in World Farming, at the forefront of a campaign to end live exports, is organising a rally and march in London on Saturday, February 9... From Sue Hughes, Area Contact CIWF, High Street, Linton
Ely Standard 31.1.02 Let's stop export of live animals - Compassion in World Farming at the forefront of the campaign to end this trade, is organising a massive rally and march in London on Saturday, February 9... SUE HUGHES, Area Contact CIWF, High Street, Linton (letter)
East Kent Mercury 31.1.02 MP steps up fight against live animal exports - DOVER MP Gwyn Prosser is calling for a total ban on live animal exports in a motion he is putting down in Parliament next week. In association with actress Joanna Lumley, he will lead a march and rally in London on Saturday, February 9... organised by Compassion in World Farming... (story)
Western Daily Press 23.1.02 Cruelty campaigners target animal exports By Chris Rundle ... Compassion in World Farming has joined forces with the European Coalition for Farm Animals to launch a new campaign aimed at ending a trade which, it says, is supported by EU farm subsidies... Meanwhile in Britain, the League Against Cruel Sports is stepping up its campaign against illegal hare coursing... The Hunting Bill would increase the fine for coursing from £200 to £5,000, and remove landowners' right to allow hare coursing on their estates. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.1.02 FARM ANIMALS DESERVING OF OUR COMPASSION - letter urging action against live exports from Claire Wright, The Signals, Feniton, Honiton (letter)
Ananova 22.1.02 'Taxes funding brutal slaughter' say animal campaigners - Compassion in World Farming and the European Coalition for Farm Animals say taxpayers' money is being used to inflict pain on animals being sent on long journeys to the Middle East. (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.2.02 TRADE THAT 'SHOULD BE BANNED' - Further to the letter by S Daniels on the subject of cat toys made with real fur (Postbag, Jan 25), readers may be shocked to learn that cat toys could be made from the fur of domestic cats... Nicki Brooks, Director, Respect for Animals. (story)
Leicester Mercury 25.1.02 STING IN THE TAIL - While Christmas shopping for my cat I found it very difficult to find cat toys that were not made with real fur... S Daniels, Leicester (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 9.2.02 REPULSED BY ANIMAL CRUELTY - SIR, - I would like to take this opportunity to express my concern about last Saturday's article in your newspaper. I was very upset and repulsed by your story... K J HUDSON Fenton (letter)

Darlington & Stockton Times 8.2.02 Dales echo again to the sound of hunting horns by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times - WENSLEYDALE Foxhounds are up and running over the fells after a year of foot-and-mouth restrictions… (story)

Telegraph 8.2.02 Foxhunting Bill delay 'insulting' By Tom Peterkin, Scottish Political Correspondent - THE MSPs behind the Scottish foxhunting ban were yesterday accused of bringing the Scottish Parliament into disrepute by using delaying tactics to spring last-minute changes to the Bill on MSPs... drafting a series of amendments designed to iron out fundamental flaws in the revised version of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill... But on the eve of today's deadline for amendments to be put before the parliamentary authorities, the sponsors of the Private Member's Bill had not lodged any of their changes. The delay has angered some MSPs, who feel that it limits their opportunities to examine the plans before the foxhunting debate on Wednesday... David Mundell, a list MSP for the south of Scotland, has prepared about 50 amendments that he intends to present... (story)
BBC News Online Bid to close hunt bill loophole - Supporters of a bill to ban fox hunting in Scotland are set to table a series of last minute amendments designed to close a loophole. Observers have suggested that the bill as it currently stands does not actually outlaw mounted hunts, despite two years of debate at Holyrood. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 8.2.02 COUNTRYSIDE: Farmers ask hunt to help as foxes run riot ... an explosion in the fox population has turned into a threat to livestock in the Peterborough area.There have even been reports of foxes being seen in parts of the city itself... George Bowyer, Joint Master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt... "I get about two or three calls a week. And when we go out there we are asked how soon we will be able to come back. But fox levels are so high I don´t think we will see them return to anything like normal this year." (story in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 8.2.02 NO CHARGES OVER DEPUTY PM'S PUNCH - ... During a campaigning trip to Rhyl in North Wales, the Hull East MP was smacked in the face at short range by an egg - hurled by farm protester Craig Evans... Mr Prescott argued he had acted in self-defence and the Crown Prosecution Service agreed. No charges were brought against Mr Prescott or Mr Evans. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 8.2.02 TV COOK TO STAR AT SHOW - TV COOK Clarissa Dickson Wright, and her countryman Johnny Scott, are appearing at the Westcountry Game Fair between March 16 and 17... (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) TERROR OF THE CHASE - That familiar fear, again Gnawing away, Plaguing my mind. Terror of losing my young, Terror of dying... etc. By Emily Anderson, aged 12, of Madeley (letter)

Newcastle Journal 8.2.02 Pits where slaughtered livestock were burned and buried on farms early in the North-East foot-and-mouth crisis are being dug up and cleansed - almost a year after the pyres were lit... quote from Northumberland county councillor Richard Dodd, North-East director of the Countryside Alliance (story)

Edinburgh News 8.2.02 Killing cruelty - SHAME on whoever shot the seal pup which was washed up on an East Lothian beach (News, February 5)... Mrs J Fleming Northfield Cottages, West Calder (letter)

Western Morning News 7.2.02 FARRIERS' CURY HUNT IS 'FANTASTIC SUCCESS' - But yesterday, Cornwall's annual farrier hunt, the Cury, went ahead - and was described as a "fantastic success" by the participants... (story)

Llanelli Star 7.2.02 FOXHUNT HORROR FOR WIDOW - Agrieving Carthenshire widow says she watched in horror as a hunt rampaged across her land while she sat by her husband's grave... ran over Kevin Rednell's final resting place, attacked wreaths and flowers and ripped a fox from limb to limb yards from where he had recently been buried... ``Kev and I were really against hunting. I went indoors and just cried and cried.'' Mrs Rednell contacted the police who told her they would get the hunt to write a letter saying sorry... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said he was appalled by the incident... (story)

Scotsman 7.2.02 PC hurt in rural siege By MARK SMITH - A POLICE officer was injured by an exploding smoke canister as countryside campaigners laid siege to First Minister Jack McConnell’s official residence today... Rural Rebel Noel Collins said: “It was just an accident with the officer kicking the canister out of the way. “We are very sorry for that but let’s not forget that the main issue is urban MSPs eroding the right of countryside people.” (story)
The Herald (Glasgow) 7.2.02 Police condemn violence of Rural Rebels - RAYMOND DUNCAN and LORNA MARTIN - POLICE condemned a group of "extremist" countryside campaigners yesterday after an officer was injured in a demonstration outside Bute House... The Countryside Alliance, which has conducted a number of peaceful protests in recent months, insisted that the rebels were operating as a separate group. But Mike Watson, the MSP who introduced the bill banning hunting with dogs, disputed this and said it was time the CA "reined them in". (story in archive)
Dundee Courier 7.2.02 POLICE OFFICER INCIDENT MARS RURAL PROTEST By Steve Bargeton, political editor ...Last night the Rural Rebels, who have been involved in several high-profile stunts in recent weeks, were attacked by the National Farmers Union of Scotland...
Edinburgh News 6.2.02 PC hurt in rural siege By MARK SMITH - A POLICE officer was injured by an exploding smoke canister as countryside campaigners laid siege to First Minister Jack McConnell’s official residence today. More than 150 Rural Rebels converged on Bute House in Edinburgh... Sgt Alan Duthie... tried to kick away one of six orange smoke-spewing canisters released by demonstrators... Protest leader Andrew Hamilton, 54, an accountant and ex-soldier in the Highland Regiment, from Edinburgh, led the protesters in chants... said that protesters were very sorry an officer had been hurt. He added: “We have sent a get well soon card to the officer in question signed by about 50 of the Rural Rebels..." (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 7.2.02 IT was fun to read TB Woodward's letter in the Gazette & Herald today (January 24). His creative use of "facts" and well reasoned argument must have the hunters and farmers of Ryedale in despair... He is horrified to have seen a farmer in a new Range Rover! He should be aware that Range Rover and many other makers of top quality 4x4s know that farmers are honest, hardworking, underpaid pillars of society and supply them with their latest models free of charge every year... Scientists have measured the stress levels of foxes which had escaped the hunt and these were found to be high, but soon returned to normal. Stress levels in foxes which were subjected to other forms of vermin control such as shooting, gassing, poisoning and trapping were not evident as they were all dead... David Himsworth, Kennythorpe (letter in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 24.1.02 Illegal country tradition? by T B WOODWARD, Thornton-le-Dale - JAMES Stephenson in his pro-bloodsports column of December 6, said that hunting should soon resume in North Yorkshire... Government should keep its promise to ban hunting (letter may only be available from paper after this week)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 6.12.01 DEFRA shuts York centre by James Stephenson ...FOX HUNTING will start on December 17 in counties that have a disease-free status... (story)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 7.2.02 Norfolk farmer Marie Skinner lost out in her bid to become deputy president of the National Farmers' Union to the incumbent Tim Bennett today... (story)
Western Daily Press 7.2.02 All power to this farmer's wife - Rosemary Davies Address supplied - I WAS amazed to read of a farmer, whose wife is running for deputy presidency of the NFU, who appears to be genuinely sympathetic towards wildlife... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Sunday Times 3.2.02 Interview: Marie Skinner: She’s planning a revolt, down on the farm - JASPER GERARD ... Skinner is a pragmatist, reflected in her decision to ban hunting from her land... the move appeased urbanites using her livery. “They would not understand if they couldn’t ride because the hunt was out. I am ambivalent about hunting, but it is about treating customers properly. The problem is that farming hasn’t realised it has customers.” (story)
Eastern Daily Press 1.2.02 Hunt row hits wife's NFU bid - SIMON DUNFORD - The campaign by a prominent Norfolk woman for a key post in the National Farmers Union leadership was feared "ruined" last nightafter an extraordinary public spat with her husband over hunting... she feared her campaign had been badly damaged after her husband - well-known wildlife campaigner Chris Skinner - wrote a letter to the Prime Minister condemning hunting... He said: "I want to publicly apologise to Marie for the embarrassing position I have put her in..." Mr Skinner's letter to Tony Blair was made public by anti-hunting group, the League of Cruel Sports, earlier this week. (story)
Western Daily Press 31.1.02 Hunt ban call as wife runs for NFU By Brian Farmer ...Chris Skinner, whose wife Marie will next week bid to become deputy president of the NFU, tells Mr Blair that hunting is a "convenient name for murder"... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 31.1.02 Farmer's hunt ban plea attacked - Chris Skinner, whose wife Marie is running for office in the National Farmers' Union, who wrote to Tony Blair calling for a ban on hunting was criticised last night for his "inflammatory" remarks and apparent change of heart. Sidney Harris, chairman of the Dunston Harriers, called the remarks "inflammatory and unnecessary... I've spoken to one of the ex-masters of the Dunston Harriers and he confirmed we definitely used to hunt over the Skinners' land - so he's obviously had a change of heart." Skinner said "...I've never been comfortable with hunting at the farm. I banned the hunt about 15 years ago." (story)
Ananova 29.1.02 Ban hunting, says husband of NFU hopeful ...Chris Skinner's wife Marie will next week bid to become deputy president of the National Farmers' Union. He has written to Tony Blair saying that hunting is a "convenient name for murder"...(story)

Cambridge News 7.2.02 Cash blow for police over HLS demos - THE Government has rejected calls for a special fund to be set up to meet the costs of policing animal rights demos. (story in archive)

Argus 7.2.02 Nobel backing - None of the three letters opposing the very real need to conduct some animal research (Letters, February 1) reflected mainstream scientific and medical opinion when attacking such research... SIMR... conducted a survey of Nobel Laureates in physiology and medicine... They unanimously agreed about the need for animals to advance medicine... Thomas Bromley, SIMR member, Littlehampton (letter in archive)
Argus 7.2.02 it is arrogant of Thomas Bromley (Letters, January 30) to presume those of us against animals in medical research are healthy, with only emotive justification for our views... Sam Rillim, Lorna Road, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 1.2.02 No help at all - Thomas Bromley of Seriously Ill for Medical Research (Letters January 30) ignores the fundamental issue of the differences between animals and human beings... AnneMarie Moynihan, Associate Member, Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, Franklin Road, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 1.2.02 Phase it out - Mr Bromley is quite right in assuming I am healthy, thank God... Judy Way, Overhill, Southwick (letter in archive)
Argus 30.1.02 Obscene fact - I wholeheartedly applaud the recent letters opposing Tom Bromley's views on vivisection. As a complementary therapist working with both disabled and terminally ill people, I strongly agree these alternatives are the way of the future... Bryan Kass, Powis Square, Brighton (letter)
Argus 30.1.02 Animal help - Peter Merson-Davies and Judy Way (Letters, January 24) are both, presumably, healthy and can therefore afford to be against the use of animals in medical research... Thomas Bromley, SIMR member, Littlehampton (letter)
Argus 24.1.02 letters in response to interview with Tom Bromley:
Ill-informed - It was with much sadness I read the article on animal testing. Thomas Bromley's stance is not so much controversial as ill-informed... As for breast cancer - or any other cancer, for that matter - it has been researched for more than 200 years using vivisection and where are the cures?-Peter Merson-Davies, Medina Villas, Hove
No relevance - Tom Bromley has a right to his view on animal testing and I fully appreciate his reason for this... Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR), which backs animal testing, should also move into the 21st Century and look to alternative testing... Judy Way, Overhill, Southwick
Argus 22.1.02 Why I'm for animal testing - half-page interview with Thomas Bromley of SIMR. (story in archive)

Sunderland Echo 7.2.02 Animal testing plea - Richard Briers OBE.(letter)
South Wales Evening Post 25.1.02 HELP END ANIMAL TESTING - Richard Briers (letter)
One of the ThisIsExeter titles (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express) 21.1.02 URGE MEPS TO BAN ANIMAL TESTS - Richard Briers OBE British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London (letter)
Bolton Evening News 19.1.02 Let's stamp out tests on animals - Richard Briers (letter in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 18.1.02 Animal testing - SIR, - Up to 40,000 laboratory animals are still killed every year in Europe and many thousands more worldwide for cosmetics experiments... contact the BUAV - RICHARD BRIERS Actor. (letter in archive)

Scotsman 7.2.02 Live exports to Europe may face delays - dan buglass - NFU Scotland has welcomed Tuesday’s decision by the EU’s standing veterinary committee to lift all restrictions on exports from the UK... The Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals has 10,000 supporters and has long opposed the live trade... Maggie Page, of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: "Our stance remains that exports should only be in carcass form..." (story)

Evesham Journal 7.2.02 Don't care; don't keep - THE farmer, who was jailed for a month, on neglect charges - should have all animals taken away, and banned forever to keep any animals... MRS JOYCE GASCOIGNE, Main Road, Middleton Cheney, Banbury. (letter in archive)

Telegraph 7.2.02 Hard-up RSPCA finds thousands to hunt for mole By Thomas Penny - THE RSPCA is spending tens of thousands of pounds on an investigation into its ruling council after a member spoke anonymously to the BBC about the charity's Freedom Food scheme... An attempt by some members of the council to cap the cost of the investigation at £36,000 was defeated by one vote. An RSPCA source has estimated that it could cost as much as £90,000... A member of the council said: "It's ridiculous, people are giving money to the RSPCA for animal welfare and this is how it is being spent..." A spokesman for the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, which did undercover filming for Watchdog, said: "The RSPCA should be spending money on improving the welfare of animals in its Freedom Food scheme, not on this investigation. I'm not surprised that people have stopped giving money to the RSPCA." (story)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 7.2.02 Norfolk film exposes plight of bears - Norwich-based television production company Imago won the Brigitte Bardot International Genesis prize... Bears Behind Bars, which has been screened on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet Channel, shows the plight of bears kept as tourist attractions in parks across Japan... in collaboration with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)... (story)

Bolton Evening News 6.2.02 Put NHS before any ban on foxes ...I noted that to my great disappointment that Bolton North-east MP David Crausby chose to question the PM on the issue of fox hunting... Do you not think it would better serve the people of Bolton if you were to question why the Royal Bolton Hospital is the third worst in the England for cardiac cases? P S Linney , Old Highway, Trefriw, Conwy, Wales (letter in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 6.2.02 HOUNDS STALLED IN RACE FOR TITLE - HOUND trailing's title race could be delayed until May... (story may be in archive)

Scotsman 6.2.02 Threat to executive’s credibility on rural issues - I was dismayed to hear Lord Watson, the sponsor of the Scottish anti-foxhunting bill, say on Newsnight Scotland that, as part of his brief as culture minister, he is also responsible for our natural heritage... is it appropriate for him ...as sponsor of a bill which has done so little to en-hance his reputation with those who live and work in the countryside, to be seen as a fit and proper person to be in control of SNH... NIALL McKILLOP, Badabrie, Banavie, Fort William, Inverness-shire (letter)

Essex Evening Echo 6.2.02 Basildon: Reptile fair gets council go-ahead ...Nigel Smith, cabinet member for health and services to the community, admitted he was not happy at allowing the exhibition to go ahead but said his hands were tied... Mr Smith's wife, Basildon MP Angela Smith is also an animal rights campaigner... (story in archive)

ThisIsExeter (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 6.2.02 BANGS SHOULD BE BANNED TO PROTECT OUR WILDLIFE ...Fireworks are beautiful to look at. Why do they have to be so noisy?... People are still allowed to kill animals for fun and men in white coats torture them in the name of medical research, so a tiny gesture in preventing any more stress put upon these creatures by removing the bangs from fireworks can only be good. D Goodenough, Tuckers Meadow, Crediton (letter)

Worcester Evening News 5.2.02 Mankind prefers to perpetuate cruelty - I AGREE with George Cowley, Nature is cruel and yes, the fox is a predator... massive show of force against one defenceless animal at the Boxing Day hunt at Droitwich MRS MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester.(letter)
Worcester Evening News 2.1.02 The fox simply does not know any better - anti hunt letter from MR L SPITERI, Worcester in reply to George Cowley, 7.12.01 - foxes in chicken pens are behaving the same way as people in a supermarket... (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 5.2.02 Dogs and ducks ... I thought it was always the poor fox that was blamed for killing the chickens and ducks, but it seems hunt dogs do the job as well...M Waycott, Exmouth (story)
Western Morning News 25.1.02 HUNT SORRY AFTER HOUND INJURES DUCK - A WESTCOUNTRY hunt has apologised after one of its fox hounds escaped and attacked a family's pet duck... The incident happened at the home of Dr Angela Blaen, a fellow of Exeter University... A spokesman for Silverton Hunt said: "The matter has been dealt with. There has been an apology which has been accepted by the owner of the ducks." (story)

Western Mail 5.2.02 Poll finds massive support for children to learn to shoot - AN overwhelming number of people in Wales believe children would be better off learning to shoot than playing violent computer games or watching adult films... new survey commissioned by the pro-country sports organisation, the Countryside Alliance... (story)

North West Evening Mail 5.2.02 HONOUR HUNTING COMMITMENT - ALAN Bolt, Master of the North Lonsdale Fox Hunt is wrong when he says that vets support hunting... Tony Blair should honour his commitment to the decent people of this country who put him in power and stop bowing and scraping to the hunting fraternity. ELAINE M MILBOURN Torpenhow, Wigton (letter)

Sunderland News 5.2.02 Exposing hunt lies - Beaufort hunt... If the fox is vermin why did the landed gentry and their lickspittles export this vermin to all parts of their British Empire?.. The anti-hunt lobby hoping New Labour (Tory Second XI) will ban hunting should not hold their breath. Michael Dodds, Saint Aldate's Court, Grindon, Sunderland. (letter)

Western Daily Press Young view gives us hope for the future - Kevin Hill Chairman South West Deer Protection Crewkerne Somerset ...In the meantime we would like to hear from the Quantock Staghounds and the Masters of Deerhounds Association whether they intend to voluntarily suspend hunting if the stag numbers are low... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

ThisIsExeter (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 5.2.02 WHY SO LITTLE ACTION ABOUT VILE EXAMPLES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY? I WRITE in response to the letter from Yvonne Squire, comparing hunting with the ritual slaughter of sheep. Of course, she is quite right: hunting is the least cruel method of controlling foxes... Ban hunting and the outlook for wild life is dire... Bill Tanton, Torrington North Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 5.2.02 IS HUNTING WITH FALCONS SUCH A GREAT SPORT? ...most people concerned about animal welfare disapprove, as a matter of principle, of the use of sentient beings for the amusement of huntsmen... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.1.02 THE TERMINATOR By Luke Mendham - story about Dartmoor Falcons (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Times 26.1.02 Thrill of the chase takes to the skies BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR ... With foxhunting under threat, country people are turning to mounted falconry... Martin Whitley, master of Dartmoor Falcons, in Devon, led a hunt over farmland near Widecombe in the Moor yesterday... (story)
Times 26.1.02 Hunt on the wing dates back to ice age BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - history of the sport (story)

Western Daily Press 5.2.02 When the killing has to stop - M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire ...I quite agree that more should be done to support our wildlife, whether it be by the RSPB or any other natural history group, such as Songbird Survival. Any person supporting the killing of wildlife should be banned from membership... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Worcester Evening News 5.2.02 Intelligent debate not on agenda - ONCE again you give Mr Thomas Bromley (You Say, January 17) generous space to publicise his organisation, which campaigns for medical research using animals... His procedure is, simply, to make a series of dogmatic assertions, ignore inconvenient facts and awkward questions, and abuse those who disagree with him. STAN BROWN, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.2.02 Animal testing - THOMAS Bromley (You Say, January 17) seems to be making a very personal attack on Ms Knittel... KATE COX, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.2.02 His views are just as extreme... LIKE Anita Knittel, I am opposed to unnecessary animal abuse, including that occurring everyday in the science industry... JOANNE PERKINS, St John's, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 17.1.02 Health care: I throw down the gauntlet - ANITA Knittel (Evening News, January 8) has allowed herself be sucked in by the twisted emotional propaganda of animal extremist groups and has therefore let down her patients. Like her, I am also a nurse... We'd like to challenge her and anyone else with muddled priorities to practise what they preach by asking them to sign our Animal Research Abolition Card... THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR (letter in archive)
Loughborough Echo 17.1.02 Animal tests aid medical progress - reply to Wendy Higgins from Thomas Bromley, SIMR (letter on website but probably not forever)
Western Daily Press 12.1.02 Medical questions - MR Thomas Bromley writes again (You Say, December 29) on the use of animals in medical research... STAN BROWN, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 8.1.02 Casting slur on the medical profession - reply to Thomas Bromley from A Knittel, Registered General Nurse, Worcester ...The question signifies a failure of intellect that does not understand that choice has been removed completely... (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 29.12.01 Would she refuse to give medication? I WONDER if A Knittel (You Say, December 15), who is a registered general nurse, refuses to administer medication to any of her patients? - letter from Thomas Bromley, SIMR (letter in archive)
Loughborough Echo 27.12.01 Experiments on animals not the way forward - reply to Thomas Bromley (9.11.01) from Wendy Higgins, BUAV "ECHO readers deserve better than the ill-informed pro-vivisection propaganda of Thomas Bromley of Seriously Ill for Medical Research... I have come to know many individuals with debilitating diseases. And every single one of them, without exception, bitterly resents being supposedly 'represented' by the likes of SIMR..." (letter may be in archive)
Wirral Globe 19.12.01 Don't put animal rights before saving lives - reply to Wendy Higgins, BUAV, 7.11.01 from Thomas Bromley, SIMR member, PO Box 3126, Littlehampton, W. Sussex (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 19.12.01 There are alternatives - letter in reply to Tom Bromley from STAN BROWN, Swinton Lane, Worcester promoting the Dr Hadwen Trust (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.12.01 Tests not answer - letter from A KNITTEL, Worcester in reply to Thomas Bromley (3.12.01) with details of medicines not tested on animals - contact NAVS for further info (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.12.01 letters in reply to Thomas Bromley from:
MARILYN HARRISON Beaulieu Close Toothill - Swindon Animal testing is bad for mankind - lists drugs developed not tested on animals - Methotrexate, sodium cromoglycate (Intal), beta-blockers, Digitalis, morphine, nitrite drugs for angina, quinine, salicylic acid " In contrast, animal experiments delayed the introduction of blood transfusions by 200 years and corneal transplants by 90". Contact NAVS for more information.
Wendy Higgins Campaign director BUAV - I'm vegan too - not opposed to medical research, just testing on animals. "I am a focused, single-issue anti-vivisection campaigner... I haven't eaten meat since I was 10 years old, and have been vegan for the last 12 years..." (letters in archive)
Hunts Post 5.12.01 The 'superiority' of inflicting pain - letter from WENDY HIGGINS Campaigns Director British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) “I HAVE been outraged to learn that the Vatican has approved as “morally acceptable” the use of animal organ transplants for humans” etc (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 4.12.01 Research on animals is necessary - reply to M Harrison & Philip Beavan from Thomas Bromley, SIMR, Littlehampton "Phil Beaven (letters, November 26) couldn't have read the letter I wrote, because I never mentioned foxhunting." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 3.12.01 Millions deserve something better - reply to Anita Knittel (22.11) from THOMAS BROMLEY, Littlehampton, West Sussex. (letter in archive)
Wandsworth Guardian/Wandsworth Comet 30.11.01 Finding animal rights views hard to swallow - SIMR letter in reply to BUAV - THOMAS BROMLEY, Littlehampton (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 26.11.01 letters in reply to Tom Bromley from:
(Mrs) M Harrison Swindon Animal Concern Toothill Swindon "...the organisation Seriously Ill Against Animal Experiments has looked further into the issue, listening to both sides of the argument, and has realised that animal experimentation is not the answer..."
PHILIP BEAVEN Merton Avenue, Swindon quoting St Francis of Assisi - TB “appears to share the same view as the stag and fox hunters...Mr Bromley, a committed Christian? He should be committed, yes. But a Christian, never." (letters in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.11.01 Use and abuse of animals - reply to Thomas Bromley (12.11.01) from A KNITTEL, Worcester
Rutherglen Reformer 22.11.01 Animal outrage is `easy' when it's not your health affected (Thomas Bromley) (letter may be in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 20.11.01 Whose life is at stake? (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 12.11.01 Putting animals before humans (letter in archive)
Loughborough Echo 8.11.01 Remember rights of seriously ill people - (letter probably only available from paper)
letters from Thomas Bromley, SIMR, a committed Christian, in reply to anti vivisection, anti Vatican letter from Wendy Higgins, BUAV

Western Morning News 5.2.02 Young vegetarians count - Ronny Worsey, Campaigns Officer Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Sunderland Echo 15.1.02 Calling veggie kids ...Animal Aid recently launched a national survey, which seeks to determine how well schools provide for vegetarians... Ronny Worsey, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter may be in archive)
Morpeth Herald 10.1.02 VEGGIE FOOD SURVEY - RONNY WORSEY, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 5.2.02 Animal Rights Arts Raises Issues - AN ANIMAL rights exhibition that was banned from Kendal library is causing Cumbria County Council to review their policy on library exhibitions. The Compassion in World Farming exhibition made a fleeting appearance in Kendal library last November. It was removed 24 hrs after going up due to a complaint that the exhibition was peddling politics and "critisising farming methods."… (story)

Western Morning News 5.2.02 FOLLOW SOCRATES' ADVICE AND DO NO HARM - I find it impossible to believe that people who make a living out of rearing and breeding animals develop a caring "relationship with their animals which made the slaughter even more difficult", when talking about the foot and mouth deaths... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Essex Evening Echo 4.2.02 Essex: Off with the hunt - South Essex Labour MP Angela Smith has broken with protocol and urged Tony Blair to bring forward a fresh Government Bill to ban foxhunting... Before she was first elected in 1997, Mrs Smith was a press officer for the League Against Cruel Sports... (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 4.2.02 SOLUTION FOR COUNTRYSIDE ...Farmers claim to be upset at the killing of day-old lambs, yet these are the same farmers who happily send them to market, or even overseas, to be slaughtered... The slaughter of lambs is intolerable, but it won't stop when foot and mouth does... Edna Price, Ridgeway Road, Derby. (letter)

Stretford & Urmston Messenger 4.2.02 Stop this live trade - THANKFULLY the foot and mouth crisis appears to be over... etc - Edwina Fysh, Moss Lane, Timperley (letter in archive)
Manchester Evening News 25.1.02 So cruel - THANKFULLY, it appears that the foot and mouth crisis is over... but live export trade is starting up again - Edwina Fysh, Timperley (letter may be in archive)

Lancashire Evening Post 4.2.02 Animal cruelty fight goes to Westminster By Ann-Marie Houghton ...The Lancashire Evening Post has received cross-party support for our hard-hitting Animals in Peril campaign... MPs across Lancashire have vowed to step in and have promised to back the Lancashire Evening Post's campaign and raise the issue in the House of Commons... (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 28.1.02 You back our campaign to fight acts of cruelty By Ann-Marie Houghton - Evening Post readers have shown tremendous support for our campaign to toughen up animal cruelty legislation. Hundreds of people rang and registered their call for tougher penalties and a hunting ban at the end of a week-long special investigation... (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 22.1.02 Cruel death By Anne-Marie Houghton ...Today, as we continue our special investigation into animal cruelty, we talk exclusively to a badger digger from Garstang who reveals the sordid world of badger baiting and its links to organised crime... (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 22.1.02 Brutes who are killing our badgers By Anne-Marie Houghton - interview with ex badger baiter "Bill" (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 21.1.02 Barbaric By Anne-Marie Houghton ...the Evening Post begins a week-long investigation into the abuse of animals... Today the Post highlights the terrible toll of animal cruelty... Tomorrow we will get inside the twilight world of badger baiting... Later in the week we go undercover with an SAS-trained investigator and his battle against the animal killers and also look at both sides of the hunting argument... (story)

Scotsman 2.2.02 Sarah Smith - diary (Sarah Smith is Scotland Correspondent for Channel 4 News) ... the last avalanche of complaints I received in the log was when I did a report about fox hunting... We were inundated with complaints from the pro-hunting lobby... the remarkable similarity between all of the complaints accusing me of anti-hunting bias was eventually explained when we discovered an e-mail had been sent round by pro-hunt campaigners urging their members to call in... (story)

Guardian 2.2.02 Shooting season ... the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds does support the shooting of some wild birds, namely the ruddy duck... Pat Critchley, London (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 2.2.02 THE SHOOTING GAME - TODAY is an end-of-season shoot on Lazonby Estate for keepers and other estate workers... (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 2.2.02 CAMPAIGNERS AT FARM DEMO - STAFFORDSHIRE: Animal rights campaigners will today converge on a guinea pig farm to protest... in memory of Jill Phipps who died during live export protest at Coventry - organised by Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs group, which believes that the farm is being used to breed guinea pigs for use in vivisection and experiments. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 2.2.02 DAWN PROTEST AT BHF SHOP - Sandra Barker, of the protest group, Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network (DAWN), stood outside the British Heart Foundation charity shop in the Corn Market, dressed in a dog costume with Emily Parsons and Dawn Spencer (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 1.2.02 CHARITY SHOP PROTEST - A bloodied effigy of a labrador will be paraded outside the British Heart Foundation shop in Cornmarket by animal rights protesters today. Members of Derby Animal Welfare Network claim that the charity conducts experiments on animals. Quote from Sandra Barker (story)

Argus 1.2.02 Sooner the better for hunting ban ...My wife and I decided on Boxing Day we would go out... went to meet at Lewes, never having seen it before... A boy of about 14 sitting on a horse just in front of us was asked by an elderly lady why he was there. His curt reply was: "I am here to kill." Hounds were very thin & very hungry. -Mr L Eldridge, Shoreham-by-Sea (letter in archive)

Argus 1.2.02 Spoilsports ...This Saturday, the Chiddingfold, Deconfield and Cowdray Hunt is meeting at Didling Church. A nice mixture of piety and cruelty intermingled, where, no doubt, the hunt will set off with the blessing of the vicar... -Simon Wild, West Sussex Wildlife Protection, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 1.2.02 STOPPING THE HUNTING MYTH - reply to Miss S Kay (24.1.02) from Danny Stowell, Loughborough - contact the National Fox Welfare Society (letter)
Leicester Mercury 24.1.02 I used to be in the majority that was set against fox hunting. However, now a few years older and wiser, I do not see a big problem in continuing the sport, and am sure other daily issues are more important for the Government to handle first... Miss S Kay, Fleckney (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 1.2.02 No justification for animal abuse - letter re: photo of horse & rider at Spanish fiesta from SHEILA BRENNAN(Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn - Until the UK bans hare coursing and fox hunting, our European neighbours will continue the deliberate acts of animal cruelty that occur during countless fiestas. (letter in archive)

Cumberland News 1.2.02 HOUNDS UNLEASHED FOR THE FIRST TRAILS AFTER FOOT AND MOUTH BAN - Hound trailing has restarted in Cumbria after months wiped out by the foot and mouth crackdown. (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 1.2.02 Arrogant Mankind - reply to Tom Bromley from MARILYN BROWN, Great Witley, Worcestershire - Perhaps in another life Mr Bromley would think what Dr Mengele did to the Jews (in the name of medical research!) was perfectly justifiable... (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 1.2.02 TV presenter makes plea over farmed fish - Wendy Turner yesterday staged a bizarre protest in an attempt to force politicians to improve animal welfare conditions in fish farms... Yesterday's protest coincided with the publication of research by the Compassion in World Farming Trust showing that each farmed salmon is allocated the equivalent of a bathtub of water... (story)
Ananova 31.1.02 TV presenter in plea for farmed fish - Television presenter Wendy Turner has staged a bizarre protest to force politicians to improve animal welfare in fish farms - sat in a cold bath outside Scottish Parliament to highlight cramped conditions of farmed salmon. She said: "I don't eat animals and I don't wear them, so I'm against farming of any type. I'm particularly against any form of intensive factory farming and fish farming is the forgotten factory under the sea in this country.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.2.02 CITY PROTEST MARCH WAS AGAINST FACTORY FARMING ... thanks to the Exeter police who marshalled the animal rights march on Saturday. They were terrific... The march was specifically against factory farming... Lis Wallace, Whimple, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.1.02 MARCH TO SUPPORT ANIMAL WELFARE BY HENRY WIDDAS - AROUND 80 animal rights protesters braved the pouring rain to march through the city centre streets over the weekend... Sharon Howe, joint co-ordinator of the Exeter Friends for Animals Group, was one of the dozens supporting the Viva march... quotes from Saffey Brewer who read out an emotional poem about being a vegan at the end of the march, Kat MacMillan, from the Viva headquarters in Brighton (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.1.02 ANIMAL RIGHTS MARCH IN CITY - ANIMAL rights campaigners will march through Exeter on Saturday to protest against factory farming... organised by Viva!.. They will include 13-year-old Sally Brewer, who will recite a poem to explain why she's a vegetarian... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.1.02 CITY MARCH TO HIGHLIGHT FACTORY FARMING UNEASE ... join us on the march against factory farming in Exeter on Saturday, January 26. It is part of a series of regional demonstrations staged by animal welfare group Viva! and culminating in a national demonstration in London on July 13... Sharon Howe, Lymebourne Avenue, Sidmouth (letter)

York Evening Press 1.2.02 Don't kill the ducks - I AM concerned that Stamford Bridge parish council is trying to get a licence to cull ducks in the village because there are too many of them (January 21)... Alan Robertshaw, Towthorpe Road, Haxby, York. (letter in archive)