January 2017

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Lincolnshire Echo 31.1.17 Watch your friends (and some stunning dresses) at The Burton Hunt Ball By Anna Draper - Around 850 people put on the glitz and glamour for one of the highlights of Lincolnshire's social calendar . The annual Burton Hunt Ball was held at the Epic Centre at Lincolnshire Showground with guests dining and dancing the night away. See our video slideshow to see if you can spot yourself and your friends… (story)

Scottish Government 31.1.17 Fox hunting laws - The operation and enforcement of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 is to be strengthened, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced. In response to a review by the Rt Hon Lord Bonomy, the Scottish Government will invite key stakeholders to work together to develop a code of practice for hunts and explore the potential for a new monitoring scheme… (story)
Telegraph 31.1.17 SNP to examine reversing burden of proof for Scottish foxhunting cases - Simon Johnson - Fox hunts in Scotland will have to comply with a new code of conduct and may be monitored by officials, under plans announced by SNP ministers designed to tighten up the law. Roseanna Cunningham, the Environment Minister, said she would invite “key stakeholders” to work together on a code that would “substantially improve” the language used in the existing legislation… (story)
BBC News 31.1.17 Scotland's hunting law to be strengthened, pledges minister - The Scottish government has pledged to strengthen the rules around hunting following a judge-led review… (story)
Third Force News 31.1.17 Bid to put an end to the brutal slaughter of foxes for fun once and for all by Graham Martin - Loopholes allowing fox hunters to flout the law and slaughter animals could be closed. The Scottish Government has said it will look at strengthening legislation which was intended to bring an end to fox hunting in Scotland… (story)

Bridgend and Porthcawl Gem 31.1.17 A reader writes: "It was brave of Sharon to stand up to moronic hunt supporters" - It was brave of Sharon (GEM Readers’ Letters January 12 and 19) to stand up to the morons who rip defenceless foxes up… Anyway, if Sharon wants me to join her in a peaceful protest, health permitting, I will. Margaret Owen, Brynna. PS Next time I see a hunt pass my house, I shall phone the police on 101 and report the law being broken. The law is for everyone, not the privileged few… (letter)

Western Mail 31.1.17 Death of Many Clouds was no surprise - Jennifer White Assistant Press Officer, PETA UK, Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London (letter)
South West Evening Post 31.1.17 Don’t tolerate this - RIP, Many Clouds, the former Grand National winner who collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack at Cheltenham this weekend…. And his death will by no means be the last in the racing industry, which routinely pushes horses beyond the breaking point. No decent person should tolerate allowing animals to suffer and even pay the ultimate price for humans’ cruel pursuits. Jennifer White Peta UK, London (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 31.1.17 Leeds vigil held for victims of puppy farming - Campaigners and dog lovers laid wreaths in memory of victims of the puppy farm trade during Sunday’s event outside Leeds Civic Hall… Aran Mathai, spokesperson for the anti puppy farm group holding the event said: “The sale of puppies in pet shops and other third-parties allows the true source of puppies to be hidden from the end purchaser…. (story)


Horse & Hound 30.1.17 Rider critical but stable in hospital after rotational fall out hunting - Tricia Johnson - Essex-based hunting and showing enthusiast Rob Walker, 49, is in a critical but stable condition in the Royal London Hospital after sustaining serious spinal injuries in a rotational fall while out hunting…. Rob has concentrated on hunting and often acts as amateur whip to the Essex Hunt. He is also a regular with the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, and has taken part in inter-hunt team relay competitions…. (story)

Limerick Leader 30.1.17 Limerick farmer 'shot at hunt hounds' - Maria Flannery - A FARMER who shot a dog with an unregistered shotgun called neighbours “British bastards” when their Sunday hunt came near his property, a court has heard. William Casey, who lives at Moig South in Askeaton, fired two shots from outside his home on November 15, 2015, with a pellet shotgun for which he had no licence… The injured dog, who suffered pellet wounds to her hindquarters, was “barely able to walk” and was bleeding, one witness said. A second hound involved in the incident was never found and is presumed dead, the court heard… The judge referred the case to the probation services for a report, and it is due to appear again before the court in March (story)

JMU Journalism 30.1.17 Protest staged over sale of real fur products By Amelia Eccleson-Davies - Protesters gathered outside Flannels in Liverpool One on Saturday to demonstrate against the luxury retailer’s sale of real fur products. The Merseyside Animal Rights group held a ‘Boycott Flannels’ protest as part of a wider national campaign to urge the designer brand chain to stop stocking real fur… Katy Brown, a spokesperson for Merseyside Animal Rights, told JMU Journalism: “They’re selling fox fur, mink, rabbit, coyote, raccoon, and we’re just here to educate people and highlight what’s going on… (story)


Mail on Sunday 29.1.17 Social workers launch investigation into foster parents because they took two teenage girls on bloodless hunt By James Dunn For Mailonline - Two foster parents were subjected to a social services investigation because they took two teenage girls on a bloodless trail hunt. The foster parents, who have more than two decades of experience, were placed under investigation after an allegation that one of the girls saw a fox being ripped apart by hounds. Social services then banned the girls from trail hunting, in which hunters follow a scent but no animals are harmed, for nearly a week because they did not know what it was… The ban was lifted six days later after the girls, the parents and their case worker sent a letter to explain what trail hunting was. One of the girls has responded to the allegation by organising a pro-hunting demonstration, arguing that something that helps people ‘have fun and meet new people’ should not be banned (story)

Mail on Sunday 29.1.17 EXCLUSIVE: Racing bosses were WARNED not to run punters' favourite Many Clouds in big races and now face prosecution over death of Grand National winner By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline - Racing bosses who were warned not to run Many Clouds in big races due to health concerns could face prosecution, MailOnline can reveal today… Animal Aid's horse racing consultant, Dene Stansall, wrote to the BHA last year, asking bosses to withdraw the horse from the 2016 Grand National, after it suffered from 'wobbles' and required oxygen in some races… (story)
Observer 29.1.17 BHA express anger over Animal Aid bid to ‘exploit’ Many Clouds death - Greg Wood at Leopardstown - The British Horseracing Authority came out fighting on Sunday in an attempt to stop Animal Aid, a hardline animal rights group, exploiting the death of Many Clouds at Cheltenham on Saturday as part of its campaign to have racing banned…. Several reports in the aftermath of the death of Many Clouds included a claim by Dene Stansall, Animal Aid’s horse racing consultant, that he had “warned” the Authority not to allow the gelding to race again… The BHA reacted angrily to that claim , unusually addressing the organisation by name and suggesting that its claims betrayed the depth of its ignorance about racing…. (story)
Huffington Post 29.1.17 Many Clouds Dies After Winning Cheltenham Festival Trials Day Race Against Thistlecrack - Kathryn Snowdon - A former Grand National winner has died after narrowly winning a race at the Cheltenham Festival Trials Day on Saturday… Animal rights activists said they raised concerns about Many Clouds’ health with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) prior to last year’s Grand National, believing his life to be “at serious risk” if he raced again… Dene Stansall, Animal Aid’s horseracing consultant, said: “The BHA were fully aware that Many Clouds had physically suffered in his previous races. Animal Aid reiterated this to them saying his life was at serious risk if he raced again…. (story)
Sun 29.1.17 HORSE TRAGEDY - Many Clouds dies at Cheltenham: Racing bosses could face prosecution after being warned not to run Grand National winner in big races BY SAM STREET - RACING bosses could face prosecution over the death of Many Clouds. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) were warned not to run the 2015 Grand National winner because of health concerns… Last year, Animal Aid’s racing consultant, Dene Stansall, wrote to the BHA asking for the horse to be withdrawn from the Grand National after it suffered “wobbles” and required oxygen in a number of races… (story)


Spalding Guardian/Lincolnshire Free Press 28.1.17 A case of double standards over pig deaths? ANDREW MACDONALD, LUTTON - Uproar at the premature but accidental death of some pigs (killed in an accident on A16 recently – editor) but not a peep out of anyone about the brutal and deliberate act of hare coursing… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 28.1.17 LETTER: Change your lifestyle to end animal cruelty - THERE has been recent Postbag correspondence regarding the regrettable incident of animal cruelty on a local farm. This has horrified some people, but this pales into insignificance compared with the mass cruelty inherent in factory farming… MARY BROWN Bishops Hull Taunton (letter)


Horse & Hound 27.1.17 Equine industry calls for fair deal on business rates - Lucy Elder - The Countryside Alliance is the latest body to call for the government to go “back to the drawing board” on forthcoming changes to business rates. H&H has reported the huge cost hikes many equestrian ventures will face in April, when the new rates come into force (news, 8 December and 12 January)…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 26.1.17 Rural businesses at risk from business rates hammer blow - Livestock marts were amongst the hardest hit and Hawes Auction Mart in North Yorkshire said the changes would mean the business was no longer viable… The Countryside Alliance said it was effectively a ‘bricks and mortar tax’ which did not take into account profitability and urged the Government to ‘go back to the drawing board’…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 25.1.17 Countryside Alliance slams ‘punitive’ rate rises for rural businesses following VOA revaluations - Sarah Chambers - Many rural businesses who thought they would be receiving rate relief now face “dramatic” increase in their tax bill, a countryside lobbying group has claimed. The Countryside Alliance has called for the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and Government Ministers to reconsider “punitive” changes to business rates, earmarked for April 2017, following a five-yearly revaluation process… (story)
Shropshire Star 23.1.17 MP warns of rural 'uprising' over business rates revaluation - Hikes in rates for rural businesses risk triggering an "uprising", a Tory MP has warned. Glyn Davies said communities risk being "destroyed" if increases under the latest revaluation put countryside firms out of business… Simon Hart, chairman of the Countryside Alliance, told The Times: "Some of these rates decisions are mathematical exercises calculated at a desk that don't take into account the individual business… (story)

Mirror 27.1.17 Fox bit my ear off during its rampage around quiet village BY LOUIE SMITH - A fox bit a man’s ear off during a two-day rampage in a quiet village. The crazed pest also attacked a schoolgirl and shoppers before it was caught… (story)
The Sun 27.1.17 PSYCHO FOX - Fox tore off man’s ears, mauled a schoolgirl and chased a supermarket delivery driver in two day rampage BY JENNIFER HALE - A MAN had his ear torn off and several residents of a quiet village were attacked by a ‘psycho fox’. The animal terrorised the streets of Storrington, West Sussex, eating most of a 24-year-old man’s ear as he slept on a park bench… (story)
Mail 27.1.17 Rampaging fox bites off sleeping man's ear: 'Aggressive' animal gnawed as he kipped on bench By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline - Part of a man's ear was torn off when he was attacked by an 'aggressive' fox which ran amok through a village for two days. The animal went on the rampage through Sorrington, West Sussex, terrorising residents and attacking the man… (story)

Mid Sussex Times 25.1.17 Uproar over fox in village rampage after attack on sleeping man - SARAH PAGE - An ‘aggressive’ fox which caused a public uproar when it went on the rampage after biting a man’s ear is now undergoing health checks. The fox was rounded up in Storrington after a two-night hunt following the attack in which the man’s ear was almost entirely bitten off…. The parish council called on the National Fox Welfare Society for help and issued a public appeal not to approach any foxes or feed them. Meanwhile, following the two-night hunt, officials from the fox welfare society and villagers finally managed to round up the animal… (story)
West Sussex County Times 19.1.17 Warning over ‘aggressive’ fox on the prowl - SARAH PAGE - Residents in a Sussex village are being warned to be on the lookout for an ‘aggressive’ fox. The animal has been spotted on several occasions in Storrington.. Meanwhile, the parish council is warning residents not to approach any foxes and not to feed them. (story)

Sheffield Star 27.1.17 Animal cruelty protesters to stage vigil at Sheffield slaughterhouse exposed in shocking video - DARREN BURKE - Anti-cruelty protesters are to stage a peaceful demonstration outside a Sheffield slaughterhouse exposed in a shocking video. Campaigners from Animal Aid will gather at the premises of N Bramall and Sons on Valentine's Day to further highlight what they claim is animal cruelty at the abbatoir in Barnsley Road… (story)


Cornwall Live 26.1.17 Five fox cubs found 'mauled to death by hunters with another animal' By CGAlex - An investigation is under way after five tiny fox cubs were found 'mauled' to death in a woods. Police believe the foxes may have been killed earlier this month in Ausewell Woods, near Ashburton, by hunters who were with another animal - thought to be a dog… (story)
Western Morning News 26.1.17 Five fox cubs found 'mauled by hunters with another animal' By WMNJBayley - An investigation has begun after five fox cubs were found 'mauled' in a woodland in Devon. Police believe the foxes may have been killed earlier this month in Ausewell Woods, near Ashburton, by hunters with who were with another animal… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.1.17 Five fox cubs mauled to death in Devon woods By Neil_Shaw - POLICE are investigating after five fox cubs were found 'mauled' in South Devon woods. Police believe the creatures may have been killed earlier this month in Ausewell Woods, near Ashburton, by hunters with another animal… (story)


Western Morning News 25.1.17 Shake-up of BBC's complaints policy won't help deal with urban bias, rural campaigners warn - What the BBC says about the countryside matters. The national broadcaster helps form opinions about rural life. But is it properly policed? Philip Bowern reports - From Countryfile’s alleged “townie-eyed” view of the countryside to wildlife presenter Chris Packham’s description of farmers and country sports people as “the nasty brigade” the BBC finds itself on the wrong end of complaints from rural campaigners more often than it should… Alongside Ofcom and its news and public policy remit, a new BBC board – partly made up of staff from the corporation – will be put in charge of deciding if presenters are in the wrong when it comes to comments that could be seen to undermine the BBC’s impartiality. That prompted Conservative MP Philip Davies to tell the Daily Mail they would be “marking their own homework.” The Countryside Alliance has now written to Ofcom chief Adam Baxter warning the changes as proposed could make it more difficult to hold broadcasters to account for comments they make, particularly on social media… (story)
Mail 25.1.17 BBC stars will be allowed to be 'as biased as they like' on Facebook and Twitter without fear of a rap after changes to its governance By Katherine Rushton For The Daily Mail - BBC governance changes mean comments such as Gary Lineker’s attack on Brexit voters last year could go unchecked BBC presenters will soon be able to be ‘as biased as they like’ on Facebook and Twitter without getting their knuckles rapped, a leading lobby group has claimed… The new set-up, which takes effect from April 3, could also liberate Springwatch host Chris Packham to renew his criticism of hunters – even though it breaks BBC impartiality rules, the Countryside Alliance claims…. (story)

Sheffield Star 25.1.17 VIDEO: Undercover secret video inside Sheffield slaughterhouse shows "nightmarish" animal "cruelty" - WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - DARREN BURKE, DIGITAL REPORTER - Secret footage from inside a Sheffield slaughterhouse has captured what animal campaigners have dubbed "nightmarish scenes" of "cruelty."… In an undercover investigation, leading animal protection organisation Animal Aid placed hidden cameras inside the premises of N Bramall and Sons near Sheffield over four days in mid-October. The distressing footage shows animals fighting for their lives before being stunned to death, frantically trying to escape from pens and also appears to show workers laughing as an animal lies dying on the slaughterhouse floor… (story)

Daily Record 25.1.17 Dumbarton animal rights campaigner's bid to ban 'cruel' film - A Dumbarton animal rights campaigner has called on cinema bosses to block screenings of a new film at the centre of a cruelty storm. Leaked footage from the filming of A Dogs Purpose - starring US actor Dennis Quaid - appears to show a frightened German Shepherd being forced into a torrent of water… The producer and distributor deny the dog was mishandled. But John Robbins, of Dumbarton-based pressure group Animal Concern, has written to the chief executives of Cineworld, Empire, Odeon and Vue cinema asking them not to screen the film - due for release in the UK on April 21… (story)


Northern Echo 24.1.17 Huntsman denies claim "barbaric practice" was used in County Durham ride - Flossie Mainwairing-Taylor - A HUNTSMAN has denied claims an hunt event in County Durham at the weekend used "bagged foxes". Gary Watchman, joint master of South Durham Hunt, said suggestions that participants in the ride from Thorpe Thewles, near Stockton, on Saturday used foxes that had been captured ahead of the hunt were untrue… (story)

Irish Examiner 24.1.17 Hare coursing - This coming weekend, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, captive wild animals will perform at the National Hare Coursing Meeting in Tipperary. The hares will have been “trained” to act against their instincts and run in a straight line up a field, in preparation for the setting of pairs of greyhounds after them at a specially adapted racecourse in Clonmel… John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne St Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Yorkshire Post 24.1.17 West Yorkshire Vegan Festival set to round-off Veganuary with a bang - Hundreds of vegans are set to descend on West Yorkshire as the county hosts its inaugural vegan festival. The West Yorkshire Vegan Festival takes place in Dewsbury Town Hall on Saturday with dozens of stalls, hot and cold food, talks, films and even a vegan bar… (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 23.1.17 Avon Vale Hunt deny hounds entered gardens - Stefan Mackley - THE Avon Vale Hunt has denied reports that a pack of their hounds entered people’s gardens where a fox was killed. The Wiltshire Times received a complaint from Wiltshire residents that hounds belonging to a hunt had entered their gardens last Thursday (January 19) where the animal was killed. Joint hunt master Mike Smith from Avon Vale Hunt said: “They may have got close to someone’s garden but I don’t know of any actually going on to people’s land… (story)

Northern Echo 23.1.17 Appeal after fox is caught in illegal trap in York - Alexa Copeland - POLICE and RSPCA officers are appealing for information after a fox was found with his lower jaw caught in an illegal trap… (story)

Oldham Chronicle 23.1.17 Badger protest brings stadium work to halt - Jacob Metcalf - OLDHAM Council has suspended work at the back of Whitebank Stadium amid claims there are live badger setts in the area… a stand-off between builders and local resident Christine Wise last Thursday saw the work put on hold. … , Christine, of Elm Road, disagreed with the assessment and as work began on the Monday she contacted the council to relay her concerns. By Thursday lunchtime, Christine, believing there was no evidence of work stopping, alerted police and the Lancashire Badger Group - as badgers and their setts are protected. Then she took matters into her own hands by standing in the way of the diggers… (story)

Lancashire Post 23.1.17 Install CCTV in UK slaughterhouses - I am writing to you as I am gravely concerned about the pain and fear millions of animals in the UK are experiencing at the time of slaughter. I am calling on you to take action to combat this immense, unnecessary suffering. Firstly, I would urge you to support a call for new legislation that will require all slaughterhouses to have CCTV… Peter Ward Leyland (letter)


Mirror 22.1.17 David Cameron reveals he shoots birds he's named after Brexit betrayer Boris Johnson - Bitter bloodsports fan David Cameron blasts game birds pretending they are Boris Johnson, it emerged today…. And when he shoulders his weapon to aim at pheasants flying in the sky, he likes to imagine they are his arch nemesis Boris and fellow Leave campaigner Michael Gove… A League Against Cruel Sports spokeswoman said: “There is nothing amusing about killing and maiming animals for fun…. (story)

Spalding Guardian 22.1.17 Nothing wrong with a memorial - Regarding erecting a roadside memorial to the pigs that died in the A16 lorry crash last week, there is nothing wrong with expressing concern for animals who are at our mercy… Faye Thompson via email
Thoughtless and brutal - I feel that even asking the question if compassionate responses are over-reacting says it all…. Karen West via email
I have a conscience - I feel PETA are absolutely correct to want to place a memorial to the pigs killed in the incident at Cowbit… John Bateman via email
How must it have felt? - I think it’s a wonderful idea to erect a memorial for the dead pigs… Roberta Balfour via email
Who gave us the right? - I think this accident is an absolute tragedy. This lorry was carrying animals to their death… Jackie Bodimead via email (letters)
Spalding Guardian 21.1.17 How is accident scene okay? …A memorial would be wonderful and appropriate. Donna Knauber via email
Take request seriously - Please take seriously the PETA request for a memorial plaque for the animals involved in a motorway accident… Sue Askew via email - I’m ashamed to be a human - Humans are so greedy and inhumane… Tracey Kilpatrick via email
Memorial please - I want to express my regards for those pigs that died and my sincerest hope that PETA are moving forward with plans to erect a memorial for them. Alendra Pine via email (letters)



Mail 21.1.17 Gruesome footage shows Staffies tearing apart rats before their owners crush the rodents' heads and pose over them as if they are trophies By Rachael Burford For Mailonline - A homemade video which appears to show rats being torn apart by dogs and then stamped on by their owners in an organised hunt has been condemned by the RSPCA. The footage, posted on YouTube yesterday, shows dogs ripping apart rats in a deserted Liverpool back street. A group of men are seen guiding the dogs toward the rats with torches and encouraging them to attack as the terrified rodents scurry and leap into the air to escape… (story)
Mirror 20.1.17 Sick video shows dogs tearing apart rats before owners stamp on rodents' heads and pose them like trophies - Sick video has emerged show dogs ripping apart rats in a city street before their owners stamp on the rodents' heads and pose them like trophies. The disturbing footage shows the men guiding their mutts to the rats with torches - a practice known as 'lamping' - so they can tear then to shreds. The clip, titled Liverpool Rats, was posted on YouTube yesterday… (story)
Liverpool Echo 20.1.17 Shocking 'lamping' video shows dogs tearing rats apart in Liverpool street BY TOM DUFFY - A revolting ‘lamping’ video which shows rats being torn apart by dogs has been condemned by the RSPCA . The film, called Liverpool Rats, shows dogs ripping the rats apart in a deserted Liverpool back street. A group of men can been seen guiding the dogs toward the rats with large torches… (story)

Mail 21.1.17 Farmers' fury at the animal rights activists' drones which are scaring their pigs: Union says campaigners are distressing livestock with spy cameras By Valerie Elliott - Animal rights activists are using drones to spy on farms – causing distress and possible harm to livestock, farmers say. The National Farmers Union (NFU) says campaigners are flying remote-control aerial machines above its members’ property for surveillance… (story)
Farmers Weekly 18.1.17 Animal rights activists ‘use drones to spy on farms’ - Johann Tasker - Animal rights activists are using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to spy on farms – gathering information and frightening livestock, claim pig producers. The issue was raised by Nottinghamshire pig producer Des Allen during an NFU council meeting at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Describing animal rights activists as “a real bane of our life”, Mr Allen told the meeting: “My guys are quite confident we have had drones looking at us.” He added: “If it was dogs in sheep threatening our livelihoods, we could shoot them. They are a real serious problem and they are invading our privacy.”… (story)


Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 20.1.17 Fox had to be put down after capture by RSPCA at Alfrick - Robert Hale - OFFICIALS from the RSPCA were called out to a village garden after a fox was seen in distress shortly after a hunt passed through. Two RSPCA inspectors captured the fox in a garden at Alfrick Pound on Monday, but discovered it had not been shot or attacked by hounds… They were called out by a village resident, who contacted the Gazette/News but wanted to remain anonymous… He said that after seeing the fox, he confronted some of the hunt followers, an encounter which he subsequently reported to police. An RSPCA spokesman said… “The vet confirmed the fox had a serious infection of the inner ear that had ongoing for a long time and said there was no evidence of bullet wounds or signs the fox had been attacked.”… (story)


Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 19.1.17 National Trust to review fox hunt licence after couple were 'attacked' by hounds on beach By maxc73 - The National Trust will review its agreement with a hunt whose hounds appeared to attack an elderly couple and their dog on a Cornish beach. The incident happened at Church Cove, Gunwalloe, near Helston on Saturday. Cury Hunt has said it "very much regrets" the incident and had spoken to those involved afterwards… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 18.1.17 National Trust faces backlash for allowing hunt on its land after 'attack' on beach By maxc73 - The National Trust has been slammed on social media after it emerged it has an agreement with a hunt to use its land - including a beach where hounds ran out of control and reportedly attacked an elderly couple. People have been vowing to withdraw their support for the organisation and cancel their memberships since Cury Hunt riders took their horses down to Church Cove, Gunwalloe, near Helston after a hunt on Saturday… (story)
Cornwall Live 18.1.17 National Trust faces backlash for allowing hunt on beach in Cornwall where hounds attacked couple By G_WIlkinson - The National Trust has faced a backlash on social media after it emerged it has an agreement with a hunt to use its land, including a popular beach where hounds ran out of control and reportedly attacked an elderly couple… (story)
Cornwall Live 17.1.17 Cury Hunt "very much regrets" that its hounds attacked a couple and their dog on a beach in Cornwall By G_WIlkinson - A hunt has said it "very much regrets" an incident where its hounds ran out of control and appeared to attack an elderly couple and their dog on a beach in Cornwall. Cury Hunt, based on the Lizard, confirmed today that its hounds had been involved in the incident on Saturday afternoon… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 17.1.17 Hunt admits its fox hounds were involved in 'attack' at beach By maxc73 - A hunt has said it "very much regrets" an incident where its hounds ran out of control and reportedly attacked an elderly couple and their dog on a beach in Cornwall… A spokesperson for the hunt said: "The Cury Hunt was trail hunting within the law in the Gunwalloe area. "At the end of the day some of the riders went down to the beach to wash their horses off in the sea. Unfortunately, while paddling with the horses, one horse spooked, careered through the others and kicked a hound. "This hound then ran across the beach with some of the others across the path of a dog. An altercation then took place… The couple involved were spoken with at the time and were visited by a hunt representative the next day. The dog was checked and cleared as fit and well by their vet…. (story)
Mirror 17.1.17 Hunt says sorry after hounds attack elderly couple and their dog on beach - The Cury Hunt in Cornwall has apologised after a greyhound was chased by the hounds and allegedly bit the dog's owner when he tried to intervene BY ADAM ASPINALL … (story)
Cornwall Live 16.1.17 Police appeal after couple are allegedly attacked by hunt hounds on Gunwalloe beach in Cornwall By G_WIlkinson - The police have appealed for the victim of an alleged attack by hounds on a beach in Cornwall at the weekend to come forward. It follows an account by shocked eye-witnesses of a pack of hunt hounds apparently running out of control and chasing another dog on a beach at Gunwalloe, near Helston on Saturday… (story)
Plymouth Herald 16.1.17 Horror as fox hunt hounds 'attack' pet dog and its owners on beach - Horrified onlookers witnessed a pack of out-of-control fox hunt hounds attack a pet dog and its owners who were enjoying a walk on a Cornish beach, it is being reported. The Herald's sister website Cornwall Live has reported claims that the hunt rode onto Gunwalloe Beach in Cornwall to take their horses into the sea for a dip at around 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon. But instead of going into the sea the pack of dogs appeared to huddle together unsupervised on the beach, before a commotion broke out and the hounds began chasing something… (story)

The Canary 16.1.17 A shocking attack has blown the debate about fox hunting wide open - STEVE TOPPLE - A shocking incident on a National Trust beach has added weight to the argument against repealing the Hunting Act. An unprovoked attack, by a pack of around 30 hounds left an elderly couple injured. And an eyewitness said the hounds were “baying”. Seemingly for blood… The Canary spoke to eyewitness Julian Parrott, who was with a friend on the beach… He says that the elderly couple may not have wanted to report the incident, due to knowing people from the hunt. And Parrott also said: It had to be a local hunt. We think it probably is the Cury Hunt… (story)
Cornwall Live 15.1.17 Horrified onlookers watch on as a pack of hounds 'attack' a pet dog and its owners on Cornwall beach By CGMikeS - Horrified onlookers watched on as a pack of out-of-control hounds on a hunt attacked a pet dog and its owners who were enjoying a walk on a West Cornwall beach. The hunt rode onto Gunwalloe Beach to take their horses into the sea for a dip at around 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon. But instead of going into the sea the pack of dogs appeared to huddle together unsupervised on the beach, before a commotion broke out and the hounds began chasing something… One of the hunters reportedly dismounted his horse and ran towards the dogs, in an attempt to stop them attacking the pet. Meanwhile the dog's owners, an elderly couple who did not wish to be named, were also attempting to save their pet from the pack…. (story)

The Canary 19.1.17 Cat’s face torn apart by hunting dog, and the constituency’s pro-hunting Tory MP couldn’t care less - EMILY APPLE - The news of an attack on a pet dog on a beach by hunting hounds has given another woman courage to come forward to speak about a horrific attack on her cat. And both incidents happened in the constituency of a Tory MP who wants to repeal the Hunting Act… The Cury Hunt was not involved in the incident with the cat. But the neighbouring Western Hunt is alleged to be responsible for the attack… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 18.1.17 Cat's cheek was ripped off by fox hunt hound, claims woman By maxc73 - A fox hunt hound savagely mauled a cat after straying from its pack, a woman has claimed. Cat breeder Tash Tozer-Martin, who lives in Newbridge, Cornwall, said she returned home from a shopping trip to find her black cat, Merlin, "shaking like a leaf" in her kitchen, with a large wound to his head, after he was allegedly set upon following Madron Feast, a traditional event which features a fox hunt in a nearby village. She said: "He was all blown up, hissing and spitting. I opened my back door to find a fox hound at the door… Mrs Tozer-Martin said she contacted the hunt responsible and went to the police to make a complaint. The hunt master later visited her home… (story)
Cornwall Live 18.1.17 Woman claims her cat's cheek was 'ripped off' by escaped hunt hound in Cornwall By CGAlex - A woman claims hunt hounds savagely mauled her cat in her own garden after a dog reportedly escaped from its pack. Cat breeder Tash Tozer-Martin, who lives in Newbridge, told Cornwall Live she returned home from a shopping trip to find her black cat, Merlin, "shaking like a leaf" in her kitchen with a large wound to his head after he was allegedly set upon after the Madron Feast… (story)

Spectator 19.1.17 For really ethical fur, hunt it yourself - Melissa Kite - The well-dressed lady turned the fur collar over in her hands and fixed me with a withering stare. ‘Is this real fur?’… She didn’t laugh. Was she going to rant at me about animal rights? No, she just nodded, and slapped the collar down on the counter to pay. After that I began to notice that many of my metropolitan friends are suddenly, un-ashamedly sporting fur… So why the change of heart? I think it’s because we’ve imagined for ourselves a whole range of ethical excuses…. Another good excuse we now use is that the fur we buy is all right because the rest of the carcass was used… By that token we should be allowed to hunt anything so long as we eat it. We just have to find a good recipe for fox… (story)


Irish Examiner 18.1.17 Paltry sum is not nearly adequate - In December 2016 the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, announced funding awards of €2,460,500 to 137 animal welfare organisations throughout the country involved in protecting animal welfare. An examination of the figures indicates the amount allocated is down from €2,541,000 to 140 groups in 2015… It is an outrage that with so much animal cruelty in Ireland, the government chooses to prioritise the funding of racing industries which are contributing to the problem. To add to Minister Creed’s account of shame is his refusal to implement legislation that would consign bloodsports like foxhunting and hare coursing to history… John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 18.1.17 Animal rights campaigners turn out for first protest at Watton plant - Bethany Whymark - Members of the Norfolk Animal Save movement held their first protest outside the Cranswick Country Foods plant in Watton on Wednesday. Around 40 people were present to “bear witness” to four trucks of animals arriving at the abattoir, taking photographs and speaking words of comfort. Tom Fenner of Norfolk Animal Save said: “Things have gone pretty well. Cranswick has been very amicable… Among the campaigners were James Green and Emily Alaniz, from Norwich… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 15.1.17 Animal rights campaigners plan protest at Cranswick plant - Bethany Whymark - Animal rights campaigners will be comforting animals on their “final journey” outside a slaughterhouse in the largest protest of its kind in Norfolk in recent times. Coordinated by the newly formed Norfolk Animal Save, the peaceful protest on Wednesday will see campaigners gather outside Cranswick Country Foods in Watton… Tom Fenner, of Norfolk Animal Save, said: “It is the first protest of this size that will have been experienced in Norfolk for a good long time… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 18.1.17 'Fantasy' life of dog killing accused - A Co Down man accused of killing a dog and feeding it to another has "a history of fantasy", a court has heard. Newtownards Magistrates Court also heard that 27-year-old William Mocsari had received inpatient psychiatric treatment "a number of times"…. While Mocsari had been brought to court from the prison, his solicitor Darren Duncan said he did not think there was any reason to have the defendant physically brought into the dock. "I gather that there was animal rights protesters here," said Judge Hamill, who highlighted "the small detail of the fact that he has not been convicted of anything yet"… (story)


Isle of Wight County Press 17.1.17 Isle of Wight hunt fight footage released online - SHOCKING footage has emerged of a fight between members of the Isle of Wight Foxhounds and a protest group. The hunt clashed with the Isle of Wight Hunt Saboteurs at land off Rowlands Lane, Havenstreet, earlier this month…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 17.1.17 I wish to remind people that our livestock are still being exported live in the most horrific manner through Dover and Ramsgate ports…. Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)


Express 16.1.17 CRUELTY CRUSADE: Animal abusers should be LOCKED UP for longer, new poll reveals By STUART WINTER - Seven out of 10 people want the Government to bring in longer jail time for the most serious cases of animal cruelty and neglect. The Express launched its Cruelty Crusade last year, calling for the current maximum sentence for animal abuse to be increased from six months to two years’ imprisonment. A poll conducted by the RSCPA shows the public echoing the demand for longer jail time, with the majority believing that the courts’ powers should go beyond a two-year maximum… (story)

Plymouth Herald 16.1.17 Vegans in masks educate Plymouth shoppers on truth behind their burgers By Sarah Waddington - If you were shopping in the city centre today you might have walked past this line of vegans with masks on…. The individuals make up Devon Animal Save (DAS), who hold vegan events – from slaughterhouse vigils to town stalls and meetings – across the region, educating and supporting people cutting out animal produce. Chris Hines, from the group, said a lot of people simply aren't aware of the dreadful conditions some animals are kept in…. (story)


Horse & Hound 15.1.17 ‘I don’t do things by halves’: from absolute beginner to Boxing Day hunting in five weeks - Eleanor Jones - The owner of a building company who took a Shire hunting on Boxing Day five weeks after he started riding said it was an “amazing experience”. Lewis Evans had one riding lesson, but then decided to go it alone, and took on 18hh Mr Morph on loan. The Boxing Day meet, with the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent from Chiddingstone Castle in Kent, was the first time either horse or rider had ever jumped… (story)

Sussex Express 15.1.17 LETTER: Is there a link? …In the 16th Christmas of the 21st is a display in Lewes showing something similar, fox hunting and supporters. Fox hunting, hunting with dogs, is illegal. Has been now for many years. The popularity of the law, banning hunting, is growing. Eighty-two per cent of the population support the legislation (Independent p8 26, 12, 16) and yet every Boxing Day a display of support for fox hunting takes place… An interesting aspect of this is the level of wealth screaming among the supporters. Anyone with an eye to clothing costs, shoe cut and general air of money not being an object could see where fox hunting, with a few exceptions, gains its support. And this elite is protected by growing numbers of law enforcers to show outright disregard of the law being observed… Colin Frost-Herbert Abinger House, Abinger Place (story)

Observer 15.1.17 Protests over Kempton sale fail to materialise during Lanzarote Hurdle day - The campaign to save Kempton racecourse from extinction has made the weakest of starts, judging by this first day’s jump racing since midweek news of a plan to build 3,000 homes… One journalist who went looking for signs of some eventually stumbled across a bedraggled group huddled by an entrance who produced a flier from inside a plastic bag. They turned out to be animal rights activists, who will presumably be delighted if horse racing eventually quits this part of Greater London…. (story)

Chester Chronicle 15.1.17 Waitrose Chester targeted by animal rights activists BY DAVID HOLMES - Animal rights activists protested both outside and within Waitrose’s Chester store following a road accident involving a wagon carrying pigs to a slaughterhouse… Members of Chester Vegan Project held their protest outside and inside Waitrose in Boughton on Saturday afternoon (January 14) because Tulip Ltd is a supplier to the supermarket chain… (story)

Guardian 15.1.17 I’d rather swallow knitting needles than eat vegan cheese – but the diet has its perks - Arwa Mahdawi - Why are vegans so irritating? Veganism is a laudable lifestyle choice, but there is something about it that seems to get on people’s nerves… Vegans also have a Peta problem. The animal rights group has been one of the loudest proponents of veganism over the years and it has done the movement no favours. Peta has a long history of appalling advertising, which for some serves to confirm the idea that animal activists care more about animals than humans… I’m not here to berate veganism. I am never going to give up pizza with proper cheese but I am a vegetarian and I think that cutting down on our consumption of animal products is one of the easiest ways to support the wellbeing of the planet… (story)

Sunday Herald 15.1.17 Problems at salmon farms have included several incidents of mass sealice infestation, disease outbreaks, and stock mortalities of hundreds of millions of fish. Instead of letting the industry expand, the Scottish Government should impose a moratorium… John F Robins Save Our Seals Fund (letter)


Horse & Hound 14.1.17 32-year-old hunting mare going strong in her 27th season - Eleanor Jones - The owner of a 32-year-old mare who is in her 27th season of hunting says there are no plans to retire her yet as the horse still loves the sport. Cornwall-based Ann Sheldrake bred and produced Queenie and has been driving her in a carriage during the summer and hunting in the winter ever since… “She’s wonderful,” said 77-year-old Mrs Sheldrake, who is accompanied out with the South Tetcott Hunt by husband Roy, 75, and his 26-year-old mare Sheedy…. (story)

Sussex Express 14.1.17 LETTER: I speak as I find - I follow the argument from both sides of the hunting debate with interest. Thus I would have to ask Alan Kirby why, given that there are over three hundred hunts operating very publicly, especially, as he mentions, on Boxing Day, have there not been any convictions in the previous two years under the Hunting Act?... Warren Marshall Woodbrook Cottage, Buxted (letter)
Sussex Express 9.1.17 LETTER: Hunting Act being flouted - Another Boxing Day has been and gone and we have been shown chocolate-box pictures of hunt meets, fed inflated figures of attendees and told that hunts now only follow scent trails. Nothing could be less true. ‘Trail hunting’ is an almost entirely fictional ‘sport’, devised to exploit the weaknesses of the Hunting Act 2004… Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals Hayle, West Cornwall (letter)

Irish Independent 14.1.17 TDs who voted not to ban 'bloodsports' should have to take part - I've been meaning to write in support of John Fitzgerald's indefatigable solo campaign condemning so-called 'bloodsports' (Irish Independent, January 6) for a while now. Consent is a sine qua non of any sporting occasion. This is lacking in so-called 'bloodsports', which makes the term a complete misnomer… Rob Sadlier, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 (story)

Blog Preston 14.1.17 Gafoor halal chicken factory protest by animal rights activists - Ed Walker - Animal rights campaigners have gathered outside a chicken factory in Preston. The Gafoor halal chicken factory in Fletcher Road, Deepdale, has seen 20 or so protesters at its gates… (story)


Crediton Courier 13.1.17 Supporters turned out to cheer on local hunt - THERE was huge public support for hunting when hundreds of people turned out to cheer on the Eggesford Hunt at its traditional Boxing Day meets…. (story)

Grantham Journal 13.1.17 Deputy Mayor of Grantham undecided on visit of Belvoir Hunt on Boxing Day - The deputy mayor of Grantham has said he is yet to make his mind up on whether he will support the gathering of the Belvoir Hunt in Grantham on Boxing Day. Councillor Mike Cook, who is due to take over the mayoral duties in May, told the Journal that he wanted to gauge local opinion first. He said: “As mayor-elect I have taken great interest in the varying views regarding the traditional meet of the Belvoir Hunt on Boxing Day at the Guildhall… However, I would like to state that those persons who send abusive, insulting emails anonymously do their cause no good at all…" Current Mayor of Grantham Coun Linda Wootten received a number of abusive emails and messages on social media from anti-hunt protesters… (story)


Essex County Gazette/Standard 12.1.17 Careless anglers cause suffering to wildlife as swans released after mystery diesel spill - AN injured swan is battling for life after swallowing lead weights. A moorhen also suffered pain and suffering from a fishing line wrapped tightly around a leg… After receiving tender-loving care, including a good wash, from the Wildlives rescue centre in Thorrington, two of the swans were released yesterday (wed) at Abberton Reservoir, just to the south of Colchester. Centre boss Rosie Catford said: “The birds flew off strongly together and we believe they are a couple… (story)

Bracknell News 12.1.17 The RSPCA and Thames Valley Police are urging dog walkers to be vigilant after fatal poison to deter foxes was spotted on private land - FATAL bait to deter foxes was spotted planted on a popular walking route in Warfield and pet owners are being warned to be vigilant... A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “Animals, and especially dogs, are often extremely curious and will be drawn to food... (story)

Irish Examiner 12.1.17 Time to end SeaWorld horrors - Jennifer White Society Building 8 All Saints St London N1 9RL (letter)
Western Mail 11.1.17 Tilikum’s legacy freedom for orcas - Tilikum, the world’s most famous killer whale, is dead…. If we are to honour Tilikum’s memory, we must ensure that his death is the last one to occur within SeaWorld’s walls. That can be his legacy. Jennifer White All Saints St, London (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 12.1.17 PETA requests roadside memorial for pigs which died in A16 crash By Nicholas Fletcher - An animal rights group has asked for a memorial to be installed at the side of the A16 for the pigs which died after a lorry overturned. More than 20 pigs died in the accident at around 10am on Wednesday January 11, at Cowbit in the south of the county. Some were killed in the crash and some were put to sleep by a vet at the side of the road. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) group, has now contacted Lincolnshire Council Council leader Martin Hill asking for approval to erect a tombstone memorial in the pig's memory…. Athlete Fiona Oakes is among those to support the action, offering veterinary care and transport for the pigs at her Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary … (story)
Spalding Guardian 12.1.17 Call for tombstone memorial at site of A16 pigs death in Cowbit - JEREMY RANSOME - An animal rights organisation is asking for permission to erect a tombstone memorial at the spot where at least 20 pigs were killed in a road accident on the A16 at Cowbit yesterday (Wednesday). PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has written to Lincolnshire Council leader Martin Hill asking for approval after the pigs perished when an animal-transporting lorry overturned… (story)


Western Morning News 11.1.17 Fears badgers will start digging up graves at cemetery By maxc73 - A council in Cornwall fears badgers will start digging up graves at one of its cemeteries - Callington Town Council is raising concerns over damage that animals have been causing in one of its burial grounds. The animals have been digging the grass area in the cemetery in Liskeard Road and are getting closer and closer to the graves… (story)

Western Morning News 11.1.17 I beat anorexia and bulimia - by going vegan By CHARLOTTE TURNER - A lawyer has lifted the lid on how turning vegan "saved her life" after battling an eating disorder for many years. It was the turning point for Ria Cohen when she couldn't fit a pair of size 24 trousers over her knees that she knew she had to make a change… "three years ago whilst I was looking at ways to save more calories, I came across veganism, but my journey changed – I saw the animal welfare side of it and the horrific abuse animals suffer in the industry, and that move made me forget about the calorie side."… (story)

Manchester Evening News 11.1.17 The Northern Vegan Festival returns to Manchester for 2017 - and it's even bigger - A charity vegan festival is bringing stalls, talks, cookery demos, film screenings, and a pop up street food cafe to Manchester Central. The Northern Vegan Festival is a one day event that will take over four city venues, and all proceeds raised will be given to animal welfare charities… (story)

Nottingham Post 11.1.17 Why we turned vegan - Nottingham people share their stories By LynetteP - January has become Veganuary, when we're encouraged to ditch meat and dairy for a vegan diet of fruit, vegetables, tofu and grains for a month. These people have found once they made the change there was no going back... (story)

Bristol Post 11.1.17 Are Bristol's pro-vegan adverts offensive to meat eaters? By EsmeAshcroft1 - A series of pro-vegan adverts calling for people to ditch eating and using animal products have appeared in the streets of Bristol – but is the campaign offensive to meat eaters? Created and distributed by animal rights campaigners, Go Vegan World, the adverts feature cute pictures of farm animals next to slogans which include "dairy takes babies from their mothers", "humane milk is a myth", and "vegetarianism is not enough"… (story)


Totnes Times 10.1.17 Animal killers are inhuman - Barrie Williams, of Westonfields, Totnes, writes: Words fail me after reading the article in the Totnes Times, December 14, about the gang of ‘men’ – and I use that term very loosely – who tortured and murdered wild animals in the most disgusting way for fun… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 10.1.17 Ten bin bags of dead pheasants dumped on Persehall Manor Farm in Bunwell - Rebecca Murphy - The dead birds, estimated to have been dumped between six and eight weeks ago, had been shot and then discarded on land at Persehall Manor Farm in Bunwell, near Long Stratton… Liam Stokes, head of shooting at the Countryside Alliance, said the organisation disapproves with dumping the birds… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 10.1.17 Strong action needed over animal doping - While it's welcome news that trainer Ben Currie has received a hefty fine for doping a horse before race day, this incident should not be examined in isolation. It's not uncommon for trainers and veterinarians to use both legal and illegal drugs in order to try to force horses to run faster… JENNIFER WHITE People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Dumbarton Reporter 9.1.17 Party backs calls to end the "brutal" and "vicious" practice of fox hunting - THE West Dunbartonshire Community Party has backed calls to end the "brutal" and "vicious" practice of fox hunting… The review into hunting in Scotland, published last month, found there to be considerable law-breaking being committed by hunts under the current ban. This led Lord Bonomy to make the recommendation that the law should be both clarified… Councillor Jim Bollan, of the West Dunbartonshire Community Party said: "The Community Party fully support the call to the Scottish Government to implement a complete ban on fox hunting which is a cruel premeditated vicious act on a defenceless animal and needs to be stopped as soon as possible… (story)

Common Space 9.1.17 Jennifer Dunn: Scotland has a chance to lead by example on stopping foxhunting - Jennifer Dunn, senior public affairs officer for League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, invites others to join the campaign against foxhunting… (story)

Spectator 9.1.17 Is factual accuracy too much to ask from BBC presenters like Chris Packham? - Liam Stokes - On Sunday evening, the BBC presenter Chris Packham took to social media to tell the world that they should support his anti-shooting campaign because declining populations of lapwings are ‘still being shot’. Unfortunately for him, this is utter tosh. No one is shooting lapwings, as Packham acknowledged five hours later in an apology on Twitter. 12 hours after that, a similar retraction appeared on his Facebook page. Yet even now, almost 48 hours on, neither of the original posts have been deleted…. The whole sorry episode is obviously embarrassing for Packham, but it is also decidedly awkward for the BBC and the whole idea of parliamentary petitions. As long as the former is giving its onscreen talent free rein to share misinformation and distort the latter, how can either one claim any credibility in the eyes of the public? (story)
Western Morning News 9.1.17 Twitter storm erupts as Chris Packham gets it wrong on the shooting of a wading bird - A Twitter storm has blown up over inaccurate claims on the social media site by BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham on shooting a species of wading bird. Philip Bowern reports - It’s a storm in a teacup for some. Or maybe a minor ripple on the surface of a marsh. But BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham has had to apologise for posting a message on the social media site Twitter to his 175,000 followers that lapwings were “still being shot” despite a 53% decline in numbers. His claim was part of a concerted campaign to try to win a parliamentary debate on calls for a moratorium on shooting wading birds… But his claim was totally incorrect. Lapwing are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and are not a quarry species at all. No one shoots them. Dozens of people responded to Mr Packham to tell him he was wrong… (story)

Warrington Guardian 9.1.17 WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE: Shock after foxes killed and dumped in woodland - THIS was the shocking scene volunteers uncovered of a group of dead foxes dumped on Gorse Covert Mounds. The animals were found abandoned on land off Silver Lane on Wednesday, January 4, by a group called The Conservation Volunteers who were clearing up the area… A spokesman from the Cheshire and Merseyside Supporter Group of the League Against Cruel Sports has urged anyone with information to come forward… (story)

Guardian 9.1.17 Foxes should be rescued not shot – culling doesn’t work anyway - Michele Hanson - It’s January, the “month of unrest”, mating and shrieking season in the fox community… Why bother tidying up, keeping your bins covered properly, recycling waste efficiently and wearing earplugs at night for a couple of weeks, when you can get someone to briskly mass-murder the pesky foxes instead?... (story)


Bury Free Press 8.1.17 One year on: UK cancer strategy - Jo Churchill MP - As we enter the New Year, it is not often that your first thought for discussion is cancer. However, I recently took part in a House of Commons backbench debate to consider the Cancer Strategy one year on… we must also reflect on the social, emotional and practical care cancer sufferers receive. For example, the Countryside Alliance Foundation take women suffering from cancer fly-fishing, helping them, albeit briefly, to take a welcome break from treatment and experience something new and peaceful… (story)

Cambrian News 8.1.17 RSPCA calls for badger petition support - RSPCA Cymru is urging the Welsh Government not to adopt measures which could result in badgers being killed unnecessarily, as efforts to tackle bovine TB in Wales continue…. (story)

ITV 8.1.17 Warning: Increase in fraud by fake animal welfare charities - North Yorkshire Police are warning of an increase in fraud whereby social media platforms are used to encourage people to donate to fake animal welfare charities based abroad. Criminal groups based in Spain or Cyprus and are using social media to target donors from the UK… (story)


Irish Independent 7.1.17 Hare populations more healthy thanks to coursing community - The National Coursing Festival at Clonmel will be held at the end of the month, with more than 30,000 visitors attending from all over Ireland and abroad. It's strangle how little coverage this gets in the media, yet a handful of individuals with a personal vendetta against the coursing community are given the space in the columns of the press to spread propaganda and untruths, some of which are so bizarre that it's hard to fathom how they get published…. Patrick Sutton Kildare, Co Kildare (letter)

Plymouth Herald 7.1.17 Five Plymouth people explain how going vegan changed their lives By CHARLOTTE TURNER - There is a huge vegan community in Plymouth- these people told us why they're happy to live without animal products… (story)

Western Mail 7.1.17 Stop eating meat and stem animal disease - With news of an avian influenza, or “bird flu”, outbreak in Wales and the killing cycle that’s been kicked into high gear in a bid to contain it, isn’t it time we focus on the cause of these deadly viruses before it’s too late? Diseases run rampant on crowded filthy factory farms, where thousands of birds are forced to live amid their own faeces and the rotting corpses of other animals…. Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London, N1 9RL (letter)


Horse & Hound 6.1.17 Police called after shots fired near hunt - Lucy Elder - A shocking video has emerged of shots being fired close to a hunt. Followers of the North Cornwall were riding along a public road near Blisland in Bodmin on 2 January when a number of shots were heard close by… Master and huntsman Ralph Mankee told H&H that this is the third year this has happened in this area…. “He does it simply to intimidate and threaten,” Mr Mankee said…. (story)
BBC News 5.1.17 Gunshots 'fired over Cornwall hunt riders' - A charity worker who fired a shotgun over the heads of hunt riders is being investigated by a wildlife charity. A video filmed by a member of the hunt appears to show four shots being fired, spooking horses, with spent shot raining down on the riders. Police said they had spoken to the charity worker but concluded there had been "no crime". Cornwall Wildlife Trust confirmed that it was investigating the claims by North Cornwall Hunt against the man…. (story)
Cornwall Live 5.1.17 Riders from North Cornwall Hunt startled by shotgun blasts By G_WIlkinson - Hunt riders were startled after a shotgun was allegedly fired over their heads as they passed a house near Bodmin. Around 70 riders of all ages were taking part in the annual outing by North Cornwall Hunt. As they passed along a county lane near Blisland, a firearm can be heard going off. The moment was caught on video by one of the riders. A spokesman for the hunt said the horses and riders were shocked but no one was thrown or injured in the incident. He added that this was the third year that a weapon had been fired as the hunt passed the property… (story)

Tamworth Herald 6.1.17 Manure thrown and alleged assaults during Atherstone Hunt protest By Helen Machin & Sam Jones - POLICE are investigating the New Year's meet of the Atherstone Hunt after four people were allegedly assaulted, as well as manure being thrown at protestors… Among those injured was 51-year-old Mark Mortimer, who was there as a peaceful protestor. He said: "I am a vegetarian and a passionate anti-bloodsports campaigner, but I firmly believe in peaceful protest… No members of the hunt were involved in the trouble, they have their views and we have ours and we have no problem with that…" (story)
Express 6.1.17 Sick video shows demonstrators PELTED WITH FAECES during New Year's fox hunt protest - DEMONSTRATORS were pelted with horse faeces and allegedly goaded with real fox tails during an ugly clash with pro-hunt supporters. By JACK WARREN - The vile footage emerged as protesters took action against the Atherstone Hunt’s annual New Year meet in the North Warwickshire town… (story)
Mirror 5.1.17 Animal rights protesters pelted with manure as violence erupts in clash between hunt saboteurs and supporters BY JANE TYLERCHRIS BAYNES - Fox hunting protesters were pelted with manure by a "baying mob" of supporters as violence erupted at a traditional bank holiday meet. Police have launched an investigation after the two rival groups clashed in Atherstone, Warwickshire, with supporters also alleged to have thrown bottles and assaulted saboteurs. Footage shows the protesters surrounded by a jeering crowd before a violent melee appears to break out… (story)
Sun 5.1.17 DIRTY PROTEST - Disgusting moment fox hunt supporters pelted protesters with HORSE POO and eggs during nasty clash BY JOHN SHAMMAS - THIS is the vile moment anti-hunt protesters were pelted with HORSE POO by fox hunt supporters, sparking chaotic scenes in a town centre. Protesters gathered in the Market Square in Atherstone, Warks, for the town’s traditional New Year’s meeting on Monday – but things soon turned sour… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 5.1.17 Watch: 'Manure' thrown at fox hunt protesters as trouble erupts at Atherstone Hunt BY KATRINA CHILVER - Police are probing allegations that manure and fox tails were thrown at anti-hunt protesters. Warwickshire Police is investigating claims that trouble erupted between rival groups at the Atherstone Hunt meeting on New Year’s Day. Hunt saboteurs, who said they were holding a peaceful protest, claim that they were victims of a “clear pre-planned attack”… (story)
Birmingham 5.1.17 Watch: Fox hunt protesters pelted with MANURE as event turns violent BY JANE TYLER - Police are investigating claims a fox hunting meeting ended in scenes of violence when rival groups clashed - with manure allegedly being thrown at protestors. Trouble allegedly flared at Atherstone Hunt’s traditional New Year’s meet on Monday… (story)

Herald 6.1.17 Our focus is on ensuring wildlife is protected - LIKE the vast majority of the Scottish public, we believe that our wildlife should be afforded the highest animal welfare standards. We worked constructively with Lord Bonomy and others providing evidence to the review of the hunting ban in Scotland. We were therefore disappointed to see your report of the unfounded and incendiary accusations made by the pro-hunting lobby, about the League (“ Fox hunters attack plans for new laws”, The Herald, December 5)…. Robbie Marsland, Director of the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow. (letter)

Irish Independent 6.1.17 'Festive' bloodsports surge - How sad that yet again the festive period was marred by an upsurge in bloodsport activity. Far from winding down their relentless assault on Ireland's wildlife, hunts and coursing clubs targeted even more hares and foxes than at any other time of the year… John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

BBC News 6.1.17 Graphic animal rights flyer found in Cadbury selection box - A man has said he was "disgusted" after discovering an animal rights campaign leaflet in his four-year-old son's chocolate selection box. Tom Bettle said he found the Viva leaflet with a picture of a slaughtered calf within a Cadbury box bought at a Tesco store near Southampton. Cadbury insisted it could not have been added during the production process. Tesco said it would investigate…. (story)


Ledbury Reporter 5.1.17 Police investigation into alleged assault carried out on the day of county hunt meet continues - POLICE say they are to interview a man in connection with an investigation into an alleged assault carried out on the day of a county hunt meet. Officers launched the investigation after video footage, filmed by the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs which claims the attack was carried out by a member of the Ledbury Hunt, was released on social media…. (story)
Ledbury Reporter 5.1.17 Ledbury Hunt say the man at an alleged Castlemorton "fracas" was nothing to do with them - Gary Bills-Geddes - HUNT saboteurs have made no formal complaint to police about an alleged assault on a hunt saboteur during a recent meeting of the Ledbury Hunt. This is despite releasing a video showing an apparent scuffle at Castlemorton on Wednesday December 28… Meanwhile, police have revealed that, in connection with the alleged incident, "a man is due to be interviewed voluntarily under caution". A police spokesman added: "Police have not at this time received any reports from a complainant." The Ledbury Hunt say the man involved in an apparent scuffle with hunt saboteurs at Castlemorton was "neither employed by the Hunt and was not acting in its behalf"… (story)
Sun 5.1.17 HUNT CLASH PROBE BY FELIX ALLEN - A MAN is to be interviewed by cops after shocking video allegedly showed a fox hunt employee punching and kicking a protester on the ground last week. He was identified after footage emerged of a clash between members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and men they claim worked for the Ledbury Hunt after they had allegedly tried to dig out a fox hiding in a badger sett… target=main href="https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2542576/police-to-quiz-suspect-after-shocking-video-showed-fox-hunt-worker-punching-and-kicking-protester-on-the-ground/">(story)
Hereford Times 5.1.17 Police investigation into alleged assault carried out on the day of county hunt meet continues - POLICE say they are to interview a man in connection with an investigation into an alleged assault carried out on the day of a county hunt meet. Officers launched the investigation after video footage, filmed by the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs which claims the attack was carried out by a member of the Ledbury Hunt, was released on social media… (story)
BBC News 29.12.16 Hunt saboteur attack claim investigated by police - Hunt saboteurs allege that one of their protestors was attacked by a member of Herefordshire's Ledbury Hunt. Edited footage that has been shared on social media appears to show a man attacking another man, said to be from Bristol Hunt Saboteurs. The altercation is said to have happened in Castlemorton, Worcestershire, on Wednesday afternoon… (story)
Gloucester Live 29.12.16 Shocking video appears to show hunt "terriermen" attacking saboteurs By RobinJenkins - A hunt active in Gloucestershire is said to feature in a shocking video that appears to show a man being assaulted…. The clip is said to show members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs clashing with men they claim were part of the Ledbury Hunt over allegations it was "hunting" in a badger sett. The hunt's patch includes parts of Gloucestershire such as Newent and Hartpury…. (story)
Bristol Post 29.12.16 Shocking footage released appearing to show huntsman attacking a protester from Bristol group By LewisPennock - Shocking video footage has emerged which allegedly shows hunt "terriermen" attacking saboteurs from Bristol - with one punching a protester as he lay on the ground. The clip shows members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs clashing with men they claim were part of the Ledbury Hunt over allegations it was "hunting" in a badger sett… (story)
Mirror 29.12.16 Shocking video 'shows Ledbury Hunt terriermen attack protesters after they intervened to save fox in badger sett' BY JESSICA HAWORTH - This video shows the moment a protester is attacked by an alleged Ledbury Hunt worker after they intervened. The clip shows members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs brawling with a man they claim was part of the Ledbury Hunt… (story)
Mail 29.12.16 Fox hunt 'terrierman repeatedly punches a saboteur as he lies on the ground after accusing him of illegally hunting in a badger sett' in shocking footage By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline - This shocking footage shows a 'hunt terriermen' repeatedly punching a protester as he lay defenceless on the ground after he protested against their 'illegal hunting' methods. The clip shows members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs clashing with a group of huntsmen over allegations they were 'hunting' in a badger sett… (story)
Sun 29.12.16 HUNT CLASH - ‘Ledbury Hunt worker punches a protester on the ground for trying to save fox hiding in a badger sett’ in shocking video - BY FELIX ALLEN - SHOCKING video footage allegedly shows a fox-huner punching and kicking a protester as he lies on the ground. The clip shows masked members of the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs clashing with men they claim were part of the Ledbury Hunt after they had allegedly chased a fox into a badger sett… (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 5.1.17 Fox hunting: Readers have their say on hunting ban and class differences in our poll - ChronicleLive readers are split on the future of Fox Hunting according to our poll. More than half of those who voted (54%) said fox hunting should not be permitted, while 46% said it should. This comes as the Braes of Derwent Hunt apologised to Willow Burn Hospice in County Durhamafter out of control hounds traipsed through the grounds… (story)

Northern Echo 4.1.17 Braes of Derwent hunt apologises to Willow Burn Hospice after patients were are left distressed by hounds chasing through grounds - Gavin Engelbrecht - A HUNT has apologised to a hospice after patients were left distressed by hounds chasing through their peaceful grounds. Several hounds from The Braes of Derwent Hunt broke away from the pack after apparently picking up the scent of a fox, leading them through Willow Burn Hospice, on Maiden Law Bank, near Lanchester, on Monday…Master of the Hunt William Gascoigne, who was not out on the day, said: “With the noise the anti-hunt people are making - blowing horns and spraying citronella - the pack became quite disorientated and we lost three couples of hounds and they ran into the grounds of the hospice. “The hospice wouldn’t have known they were there, but the anti-hunt people jumped on that opportunity and went and knocked on the door and said the hunt has been through… (story)
BT 4.1.17 Hunt apologises to hospice after hounds race through its grounds - A hunt has been forced to apologise to a hospice after residents were left distressed by hounds chasing through its grounds. The Braes of Derwent Hunt, from County Durham, lost control of some of their dogs who broke away from the pack onto the land of Willow Burn Hospice…. Master of the Hunt William Gascoigne, who was not out on the day, said that the pack had become disorientated due to the presence of the anti-hunt protesters… (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 4.1.17 Hunt chaos as hounds run riot through grounds of hospice leaving patients distressed - Patients at a hospice were left distressed and upset after out of control dogs from a Hunt ran through the grounds. The Braes of Derwent Hunt went out in County Durham on the bank holiday Monday, January 2 when hounds strayed from the trail and went into the grounds of Willow Burn Hospice. Patients at the hospice were upset by the hunt and police were also called out to stop traffic while the hunt dealt with the hounds… Mr Gascoigne blamed anti-hunt campaigners for this and said they the dogs were disrupted from their trail by saboteurs…. (story)

Nottingham Post 5.1.17 How you can go vegan this January - and still eat out in Nottingham By JHLewis - If you are almost a week into a New Year diet, the chances are that it is motivated by the desire to lose weight. However for thousands who are this month picking their way through a new way of eating, the motivation goes deeper. For them, this is not January but Veganuary… Take Craig Brierly, 25, who lives in Nottingham city centre and works as an associate at Trent Law (Solicitors). For him, a vegan lifestyle was not as big a jump as it is for some of this month's converts, for he was raised a vegetarian… (story)


Hinckley Times 4.1.17 Atherstone Hunt met with protests in Market Bosworth BY KAREN HAMBRIDGE - The Atherstone Hunt met in the square in Market Bosworth for its traditional Boxing Day ride out and was met with supporters and protestors… (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 4.1.17 What are the laws surrounding fox hunting - and should they be changed? We look at the law surrounding fox hunting which was outlawed in England in 2005 but remains a controversial issue BY LAURA HILL … Bill Gascoigne, chairman and joint master of the Braes of Derwent Hunt, based near Consett said: “I do believe in hunting but we cannot hunt under the current law and we stick to the law. As much as we hope the law will be changed we operate within the realms of the law at the moment…. (story)

Telegraph 4.1.17 Scotland's hunts 'under threat despite animal rights groups losing their class war' - Simon Johnson - Scotland’s hunts are being threatened with “draconian” legislation despite their increasing popularity and animal rights activists having lost their “class war”, it was claimed yesterday following the New Year’s Day meets. The Countryside Alliance said it was “absurd” that the Scottish Government was considering further restrictions even though non one connected to a registered foxhound pack has been convicted of an offence… (story)

Western Morning News 4.1.17 Scores show support for Tetcott Hunt at New Year's meet By WMN_Athwenna - After the huge crowds attending the Tetcott Hunt's Boxing Date meet in Holsworthy, it was more of the same for the traditional New Year's meet. Scores of supportive onlookers packed the pavements and streets outside the Tree Inn in Stratton for the event, held in front of the famous 13th century coaching inn on January 2… (story)
Bude & Stratton Post 3.1.17 Lots of happy faces at Stratton for New Year's hunt - AFTER crowds attended the Tetcott Hunt’s Boxing Day meet in Holsworthy Square it was more of the same for the traditional New Year’s meet at The Tree Inn, Stratton on January 2. There was great support once again with scores of onlookers packing the pavements and streets outside the famous 13th century coaching inn… (story)

Holsworthy Post 4.1.17 Strong community involvement in Holsworthy Square for traditional Boxing Day meet - HUNDREDS of people, young and old alike, packed into Holsworthy Square in support of the Tetcott Hunt’s traditional Boxing Day meet. The mild dry weather made for a great occasion for this annual event, dating back more than 100 years…. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 4.1.17 PICTURES: Hunt saddles up for New Year meet - Crowds braved the cold to meet the horses and hounds at the Percy Hunt’s annual New Year meet. Riders gathered at the Barbican at Alnwick Castle for Monday’s traditional ride-out…. (story)

Holsworthy Post 4.1.17 Large crowd sends off Boxing Day hunt at Camelford - THE Camelford Boxing Day hunt meet took place on Monday, December 26, with a large crowd gathering to send off the start of the North Cornwall Hunt in the centre of the town… (story)

Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Review 4.1.17 Hunt returns to town By Mark Elson - A LARGE number of people turned out to see a hunt on its first visit to Newent since the early 1990s. The Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt has not been to the town since the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004 which made hunting wild animals with dogs illegal… (story)

BBC News 4.1.17 Veganuary: Is following a vegan diet for a month worth it? - The Veganuary campaign, encouraging people to try a vegan diet for the month most commonly associated with resolution and change, is under way, with a record 50,000 people signed up. But can foregoing meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey for 31 days do any good?.. (story)


ViewNews 3.1.17 Crowds fill the streets in Crewkerne for Boxing Day double bill - THE streets and pavements were filled for Crewkerne’s annual double bill of the Boxing Day hunt and the pram race. Seavington Hunt gathered in the morning of Boxing Day outside Victoria Hall for the traditional event. The master of the hunt addressed the crowd and thanked staff at Oscars for laying on drinks for the riders before praising farmers and landowners for permitting access… (story)
Somerset Live 28.12.16 Boxing Day hunt debate: Somerset Live readers have their say on tradition By LiamTrim - Readers of Somerset Live have had their say on Boxing Day hunts – with many labelling them as "barbaric" but others defending the tradition as long as it is lawful. Following our coverage of the Seavington Hunt's meeting in Crewkerne on December 26, readers left comments on our Facebook pages reacting to a speech by a member of the hunt… (story)
Western Daily Press 26.12.16 Crewkerne Boxing Day hunt 2016: Seavington hunt calls for annual meeting to ‘continue forever’ By LiamTrim - A representative of a local hunting group called for traditional Boxing Day meetings to "continue forever" at an event in Somerset today (December 26). The member of the Seavington hunt was addressing a crowd in the centre of Crewkerne on Boxing Day morning. Referring to his hunt's tradition of meeting in the heart of the Somerset town on December 26, the rider said "may it continue forever"… (story)

Rutland Times 3.1.17 Big turnout at Melton New Year hunt meet Hounds - More than 50 riders took part in the traditional New Year hunt meet in Melton on Monday. It was the turn of Cottesmore Hunt this year to gather in Play Close… (story)
Leicester Mercury 2.1.17 VIDEO: Watch hundreds attend meeting of Cottesmore Hunt in Melton By Tom_Mack - Hundreds of people went out to greet the horses and hounds today as the Cottesmore Hunt took part in their New Year's meet in Melton. The get-together at the Play Close park in the town was a big occasion as it also marked the 350th anniversary of the Cottesmore Hunt, which was founded in 1666… (story)

Maldon & Burnham Standard 3.1.17 PICTURES: Maldon High Street hosts traditional Essex Farmer and Union New Year hunt - HUNTSMEN drew in the crowds to Maldon High Street as the traditional New Year’s Day Hunt took place. The Essex Farmer and Union Hunt met on Monday at The Blue Boar Hotel’s car park on Silver Street, before parading down the High Street before setting off for their short trial hunt… (story)

Hereford Times 3.1.17 Soldiers remembered at Teme Valley Boxing Day hunt - THE Teme Valley Hunt held it's annual Boxing Day hunt meet from the Knighton Hotel Car park. A large crowd gathered for the event. Joint Hunt Masters Frank Bright and Tim Gunning welcomed everyone to the event… >(story)

Telegraph 3.1.17 Hunt members including the Countess of Bathurst face lengthy delays for gun licences after boycott by GPs, figures show - Nicola Harley - Thousands of hunt enthusiasts, including the Countess Bathurst, are facing lengthy waits to receive their gun licences as more GPs are boycotting issuing certificates due to a change in the law…. Experts say it is a "postcode lottery" on how long an applicant has to wait… long delays have been caused due to police waiting for confirmation from GPs about an applicant's medical history before granting or renewing licences and a lack of officers available to deal with backlogs in applications… (story)


Kent Live 2.1.17 Police 'maintain public safety' as demonstrators protest against fox hunt in Canterbury By JoyBasu - Police said they attended a Canterbury fox hunt today to ensure public safety was maintained. About 200 people turned up for the event at Wingham among them participants, spectators and members of the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association, who regularly demonstrate against organised hunts… (story)

Mail 2.1.17 Hunters and anti-hunt demonstrators clash on one of the biggest days in the fox hunting calendar By Anthony Joseph - Hunters and anti-hunt demonstrators clashed on one of the biggest days in the fox-hunting calendar. Anti-Bloodsport activists gathered in the Welsh town of Carmarthen to voice their anger at the continued illegal hunting with dogs, which was made outlawed in 2004 by the Hunting Act. The Anti-Hunt protest took place on the day that the Carmarthenshire Hunt have chosen to parade through the town to collect money and support for their events… In the South-east of England, members of the Essex Farmer and Union Hunt met in the High Street and Blue Boar public house in Maldon, before parading the streets. And in North Warwickshire the annual New Year meet of the Atherstone Hunt took place in the market square. Anti-Hunt protesters were also in the square and the police were called after scuffles broke out during the meet. A police helicopter monitored the situation as the protestors sought sanctuary in a nearby car park, whilst waiting for the arrival of officers on foot… (story)

Nottingham Post 2.1.17 South Notts Hunt gathers for traditional New Year event By DaveWhitfield - Members of the South Notts Hunt took part in their traditional New Year event today. The event was put back a day from New Year's Day because the hunt does not ride on a Sunday… (story)

Northern Echo 2.1.17 Hunt horrors - DOUBTLESS fox hunts will be out in force over the Christmas period in an attempt to portray the acceptable face of hunting, yet this year it hasn’t just been animals that have allegedly suffered hunt violence…. V Lonsdale, Bedale (story)

Nottingham Post 2.1.17 Owner issues warning after fox bites dog in her back garden By JonPritchard - A mum has warned pet owners to beware of foxes after her dog was nearly killed after being bitten earlier this week. Julie Cresswell, of Aspley, was shocked when her dog yelped when she let them out in her garden shortly after 10pm on Thursday. She soon realised her four-and-a-half year-old border collie cross, Shyla, who was in the garden with her six-year-old Jack Russell, Penny, had been bitten by a fox…. (story)

Evening Standard 2.1.17 Clapham Common: Peta replaces every advert at Tube station with vegan posters - MARK CHANDLER - An animal rights group has replaced all the adverts in a London Tube station with posters encouraging people to go vegan. Clapham Common station has been plastered with Peta messages on every billboard, door and turnstile, leaving commuters divided on whether it is inspiring or “vegan propaganda”… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.1.17 Look great and feel better with veganism - JENNIFER WHITE Peta (letter)
Western Mail 30.12.16 Going vegan is the way to lose weight - Jennifer White Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL (letter)
Irish Times 29.12.16 A vegan option for the new year - Many people resolve to lose weight every new year, only to find themselves no thinner in July than they were in January. This can be very frustrating, but by simply exercising and eating more wholesome vegan foods, you can look better on the outside – and feel better on the inside…. JENNIFER WHITE, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), Society Building, All Saints Street, London. (letter)