July 2015

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Belfast Telegraph 31.7.15 Killing animals for sport is pathetic and obscene - Why do some humans feel the need to inflict suffering on animals for "sport" when there are so many alternative and equally challenging forms of recreation? I ask myself that question yet again after reading about the dentist who paid $50,000 for the privilege of killing Zimbabwe's oldest and best-loved lion. He shot the animal - called Cecil - with a crossbow before beheading and skinning him… The fox, for example, serves as the butt of another joke that calls itself a sport. And driven shoots are organised not to fill the larder or the dinner plate, but to enable well-heeled gunslingers to calmly blast semi-tame birds at close range… JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 31.7.15 Putting record straight on fox hunting : letter - In response to Mr David Tibbles' epistle on fox hunting (Letters, 17th July) there were, in my opinion, quite a few inaccuracies. Having hunted for 60 years I do not think I have ever witnessed a hunt of ten miles on the same fox…. To my mind I have always thought that this is one of the best ways of keeping a healthy fox population in an area. The cruelty attached is minimal… Name and address supplied (story)

Dundee Courier 31.7.15 Gamekeeper facing charges after fox dies stuck in unchecked snare By Richard Watt - An Angus gamekeeper will face charges relating to the death of wild animals next month. William Curr from Glen Trusta is expected to appear at Forfar Sheriff Court to face allegations that he set or failed to check free-running snares which trapped a deer and fox – which died of dehydration – on the Glenogil Estate last year… (story)

Bolton News 31.7.15 There are better more humane alternatives to animal experiments - MILLIONS of pounds each year are raised for research into cancer by wonderfully dedicated people doing extraordinary fundraising events…. Name and address supplied (story)

Worcester News 28.7.15 Not all charities fund animal experiments - It’s wonderful that in these days of austerity so many caring people are still keen to raise funds and make donations towards charitable causes, as evidenced by several articles in recent editions of the newspaper. However, according to a National Opinion Poll, 82 per cent of those asked said they would not donate to health charities that fund animal experiments…. Instead of not giving to any health charities, members of the public can find out whether or not such charities fund animal experiments by consulting a list put together by animal protection group Animal Aid…. RONALD LEE Communications Officer Wyre Forest Vegans & Veggies (letter)
Worcester News 28.7.15 Not all charities fund animal experiments - In recent issues of the Worcester News there have been several articles about good people fundraising for various charities connected with health and medical research. Everybody wants to see medical progress, but an increasing number of people are refraining from donating to such charities, because they fear their money will be used to fund animal experiments…. Instead of not giving to any health charities, members of the public can find out whether or not such charities fund animal experiments by consulting a list put together by animal protection group Animal Aid… PETER TALBOT (letter)

Leicester Mercury 31.7.15 Animal rights bosses call on Skegness to get rid of the Jolly Fisherman because he is a killer By atroughton - Animal rights bosses have called on Skegness Council to ditch its century-old Jolly Fisherman mascot because he is a killer…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.7.15 Skegness MP Matt Warman fires back at PETA after Jolly Fisherman animal cruelty fiasco - Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has written an open letter to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in response to its calls for the Mayor of Skegness to retire the Jolly Fisherman mascot… "I find your flippant suggestion to 'let fish have their time in the sun' rather alarming. Fish, I'm led to believe, prefer to remain in water, but your suggested logo and mascot for Skegness depicts a fish out of water. I'm no expert, but I'm surprised to hear PETA thinks this is ethical treatment of animals… (story)
Skegness Standard 29.7.15 Angry response to animal rights group’s call for Jolly Fisherman to be replaced by a fish - A controversial call by an animal rights group for the Jolly Fisherman to be replaced as the Skegness mascot by a fish has met with a chorus of disapproval….(story)
Yorkshire Post 28.7.15 Animal rights activists want Skegness to ditch famous poster for a fish drawing - Alexandra Wood - He’s the face that has promoted Skegness for over a century, his jolly figure skipping across its golden sands. One of the most famous holiday ads of all time with its slogan “Skegness is SO bracing” it is believed to have influenced the success of the resort… So calls by animal rights campaigners for the Jolly Fishermen, the town’s mascot, to be replaced by a “Happy Plaice” have met with derision. PETA claims the town has “a unique opportunity to reach millions of people with a message of compassion by replacing the Jolly Fisherman mascot with one that does not evoke images of animals being impaled in the face or suffocated in giant ocean-destroying nets.”… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 28.7.15 Iconic Skegness mascot 'promotes animal cruelty'... and they want to get rid of it - An animal rights campaign group has called for a Lincolnshire town's iconic mascot to be scrapped and replaced with an animal-friendly version. PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - is calling on Carl Macey, Mayor of Skegness, to swap the town's Jolly Fisherman mascot with a modern animal-friendly version and has sent a re-working of the iconic holiday advert featuring a joyous fish with the words "Skegness: a Happy PLAICE"…. (story)


Sheffield Star 30.7.15 Ms Clark is uninformed - Veronica Clark’s opinion piece of July 24, relies on stereotypes rather than informed argument, therefore it is ironic that she complains the fox is portrayed in overly simplistic terms. Firstly, if Ms Clark had done a little homework she would realise that, just as those who oppose hunting come from all sorts of backgrounds, so do those who hunt and do not fit into her pigeonhole of “posh people, dressed in red coats and sitting on horses”… I would encourage Ms Clark to meet some huntsmen and spend time in kennels before she makes further sweeping comments about them and their work. Charlotte Cooper Countryside Alliance (letter)
Sheffield Star 24.7.15 Opinion, Veronica Clark: The fox isn’t the villain here - and hunting is wrong - The fox has always been cast as the pantomime villain. As children, we were brought up on storybooks where the fox was cunning and evil, waiting to pounce on the poor, unsuspecting, and vulnerable. But in truth, foxes are just poor defenceless creatures….Years ago I was invited by a group of hunt saboteurs to follow them for an investigative piece. What struck me was how committed, passionate, and determined they were. They knew just what to do to disrupt the hunt…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 30.7.15 Mick Cole (Letters, July 25) is right in saying the government went back on its planned debate on the proposed vote on the Hunting Bill. The ban must stay on cruel fox hunting… Andy McDonald, Standard Avenue, Tile Hill (letter)

News North Wales 30.7.15 Thousands sign online petition over Big Cat show in Penrhyn Bay by: Dean Jones - OVER 30,000 people have signed an online petition against an “educational” big cat show in Penrhyn Bay. With the Thomas Chipperfield show An Evening With Lions is set to begin an 11-day stint tonight (Thursday) at the Circus Field site on Llanrhos Road, animal rights activist Adele Triggs has set up a petition to prevent the show from taking place…. (story)
Daily Post 30.7.15 WATCH: Protest in Penrhyn Bay against controversial big cat show - More than 20 animal rights activists waved placards outside Thomas Chipperfield's An Evening with Lions and Tigers event, which he argues is an educational show…(story)
Daily Post 29.7.15 Thousands sign petition opposing Conwy big cat show BY JEZ HEMMING - An online petition opposing an “educational” big cat show has topped 27,000 signatures as a row over the event heats up. The petition’s author, animal rights activist Adele Triggs, claims the act is cruel and degrading to the animals and wants the show, on private land at Winllan Isaf in Penrhyn Bay, banned…. (story)
Wrexham Leader 20.7.15 Protesters roared into action at Chipperfield's lion and tiger show in Wrexham - PROTESTERS campaigned outside a controversial lion and tiger show in Wrexham. The campaigners included residents and students from Glyndwr University as well as members of animal rights group Animal Defenders International… (story)
Wrexham News 16.7.15 Controversial Animal Show to Appear in Wrexham Despite Worldwide Opposition - Thousands of people worldwide have signed a petition opposing a ‘wild animal performance’ show which is due to appear in Wrexham from tomorrow. ‘An evening with Lions and Tigers’ by Thomas Chipperfield is to arrive at Stansty Lodge, Mold Road tomorrow and will be hosting shows over the course of the next week. The evening has been described by organisers as a ‘live educating’ and live action show that will ‘lift the curtain on wild animal training in the entertainment industry’… (story)
Wrexham Leader 16.7.15 UK’s last lion tamer loves the call of the wild... Rhian Waller - TSAVO sits on a table-like plinth behind a metal fence…. “He’s a good lion,” said Thomas Chipperfield, 25, the scion of a family that has been involved with captive animals in zoos, circuses and shows for three centuries. “He was mother-reared rather than hand-reared, which normally means they’re less ‘tame’, but he’s so gentle I can kiss and hug him.”… An Evening with Lions and Tigers is due to open on Mold Road near Wrexham tomorrow…. Thomas is sceptical about petitions and opinion polls. He believes they are boosted by a small minority of animal rights campaigners who vote repeatedly… (story)
Daily Post 14.7.15 Uproar over Wrexham big cat show BY SARAH HODGSON - Thousands sign petition opposing Thomas Chipperfield's An Evening with Lions and Tigers event, but organisers say people enjoy their shows… (story)
Ledbury Reporter 8.7.15 Director of show featuring lions and tigers hits back at animal rights campaigners - Jessica Phillips - THE director of the UK's first touring tiger and lion show has hit back at animal rights campaigners. Pitched as an act which lifts the curtain on wild animal training in the entertainment industry, 'An evening with lions and tigers' started a 10-day run in Welshpool, Powys, on July 3. Its two lions were set to appear at the Herefordshire Country Fair in August but the act was cancelled after animal rights organisation Animal Defenders International (ADI) gathered more than 12,000 signatures on an online petition calling for it to be dropped.Now, Anthony Beckwith, director of the show, has spoken out in its defence…. (story)
Hereford Times 7.7.15 Herefordshire Country Fair axes lion act after Animal Defenders International campaign - A CONTROVERSIAL lion show has been axed from the line-up of this year's Herefordshire Country Fair following pressure from an animal protection campaign group. Thomas Chipperfield was due to bring his two lions to the fair for four performances on August 2… But Animal Defenders International (ADI) attracted more than 12,000 signatures on an online petition calling for event organisers to cancel what it called a "Victorian" form of entertainment. And their call was answered this week when organisers of the fair – which is this year to stage a First World War commemoration – announced they had cancelled the show…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.7.15 Egg-laying hens are still kept in cages - Ben Martin Animal Aid,Tonbridge (letter)
Shields Gazette 23.7.15 Battery cage ban is failing - Since the ban on battery cages in 2012, many people believe that egg-laying hens are no longer kept in cages in this country. But unfortunately millions of hens in the UK remain incarcerated in crowded, filthy cages simply to produce cheap eggs… Ben Martin, Animal Aid (letter)


Huffington Post 29.7.15 This Postponement Is Not a Victory - Why We Must Keep Fighting to #keeptheban - Nicola Waterson - Earlier this month, heralded a new low for the recently elected Prime Minister as an overwhelming outpouring of public, political and in-party support against the proposed repeal of the 2004 Hunting Ban saw Cameron, unable to guarantee that his back-door 'amendment' to the act would be passed in a 90 minute Parliamentary session… A petition on Change.org that I administrate has, at the time of writing, 567,000 signatures in favour of keeping the ban…. (story)

North Devon Show 29.7.15 Organisers gear up for North Devon Show By NDJFran - ORGANISERS are gearing up for this year’s North Devon Show, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. The one day event will take place at Umberleigh once again on Wednesday, August 5…. The main ring, sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers, will also see performances from Bideford Pipes and Drums and North Devon Pipes and Drums, plus pony club games, parade of hounds, the grand parade of prize winners plus a parade of vintage vehicles to round off events… (story)

Western Morning News 29.7.15 West split into housing haves and have-nots as prices predicted to rise by a quarter By WMNlynbarton - Property prices are predicted to rise by nearly a quarter during the course of this Parliament turning Devon and Cornwall into counties of the housing haves and have-nots…. Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said the rise in prices would price young people out of the market in places like Devon and Cornwall, forcing them to move away…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.7.15 Dominic Dyer: End this 'badger blame game' and follow the Welsh - Badger vaccination has been scientifically proven to significantly lower the spread of TB in disease-free badgers, says Dominic Dyer chief executive of the Badger Trust. The badger cull has been a disastrous failure on scientific, economic and cost grounds…. The only way the culls can now continue is if a majority of badgers to be killed are trapped in cages and then shot. However based on the Government's own cost estimates this will come in at £3,500 per square km compared to £3,250 for trapping and vaccinating badgers… (story)

Dorset Echo 29.7.15 REVEALED: Dorset in firing line for badger cull - Lee Irving - FARMERS are preparing for a possible controversial badger cull in Dorset. The Echo understands a group of Dorset farmers have applied to Natural England to cull badgers in the coming months in a bid to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB) among cattle in the county… Karin Snellock, a member of the Dorset Bovine and Badger Welfare Group, said the group “strongly oppose” the possible cull…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 29.7.15 Re: The poem by Kevin Halls and the seagulls he calls “avian psychos”… Britain, clean up your eating habits and don’t punish the gulls for being so adept. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 29.7.15 Halal ritual slaughter barbaric and should be banned - Brian Nathan-Partridge’s question about the animal rights brigade attitude to the halal ritual slaughter is spot on. I asked the very same question to some protesters at Brandon stadium, as I attended a greyhound meeting, and was very disappointed they decided not to reply…. H Crabbe, Houldsworth Crescent, Holbrooks (letter)


Worcester News 28.7.15 Tuesday's letters round up including 'The romance of hunting has long gone' - I read with some interest Jack Bennett’s letter on hounds and initially believed it to be a piece of irony. I’m still not sure. However , just in case he was serious, I was reared in the country and am not I think either ignorant or disgusting. All puppies are attractive whatever breed they are, but adult hounds in general do not make good pets after they retire. Does Mr. Bennett run a retirement home for these sweet retired doggies? Pipe and bone by the fireside? What does he think happens at the end of their working life?... FIONA SHAW-RUDD Worcester (letter)

Telegraph 28.7.15 Animal rights activists demand roadside memorial for dead sheep - PETA wants to commemorate the animals and remind motorists of the dangers involved in transporting sheep to abbatoirs. By Victoria Ward - Animal rights activists want a large memorial to be erected on a busy road after 120 sheep were killed by a lorry. Campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has told the local mayor that a roadside memorial would "commemorate" the unfortunate sheep. The animals died when a transporter lorry, which had 390 sheep on board, overturned and crushed another car at a roundabout in Brentwood, Essex…. (story)
Brentwood Gazette 16.7.15 Animal rights group PETA calls for memorial to 120 sheep killed in A127 crash By SimonMurfitt1 - Animal rights group PETA has urged Brentwood Borough Council to erect a memorial to the 120 sheep killed in the crash at Halfway House roundabout near Brentwood on Tuesday, July 14... (story)


Eastern Daily Press 27.7.15 7th Earl of Leicester remembered at Holkham Country Fair - Adam Lazzari - The 7th Earl of Leicester was fondly remembered during one of East Anglia’s biggest celebrations of rural life. Edward Coke, who died on April 25, aged 78, established the Holkham Country Fair in 1977, four years after he inherited the Holkham Estate, near Wells… It also features a dog and duck show, a hound parade, a parachute display team, birds of prey and numerous other activities and stalls… (story)

Western Morning News 27.7.15 Most humane means of fox control - As a lifetime reader and contributor in your paper I felt after reading articles about foxes, hunting etc on your letters page on July 14, that after 75 years as a pest controller I’m able to answer many of the questions and problems about wildlife. Mr Colin White talked about the beauty of young foxes and young lambs… when foxes grow up and kill lambs, cats, poultry, and pheasants they have to be controlled. As a young lad I loved to follow the hounds and to hear their full cry in the valley on a lovely autumn morning… In the Westcountry many packs of hounds, beagles, spaniels and terriers were used to hunt foxes to guns. This is one of the best methods…. by Bernard Hill Bideford East (letter)

Argus27.7.15 We should protect our wildlife, not cull it - IT SEEMS there are some people who would be perfectly happy to cull all wildlife, be it foxes, badgers, seagulls or whatever. We are privileged in this country to have a wealth of wildlife species living among us, and we ought to be looking towards nurturing such wildlife instead of destroying it…. David Gibbons, The Deneway, Brighton (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 27.7.15 Animal welfare dear to hearts - I would like to thank all your readers who wrote to their MP in advance of the proposed and subsequently abandoned vote on foxhunting…I would particularly like to thank your MP Caroline Ansell who I know indicated that she was going to vote against the proposals… Dr Brian May Founder of the Save Me Trust Campaign Team Fox 2015(letter)

Independent 27.7.15 Not such a Glorious Twelfth: Should driven grouse-shooting be banned? - The season for red grouse-shooting is about to begin. But its driven form, where beaters flush birds towards the guns, is having a terrible impact on the environment and on other birdlife, to the cost of every nature-lover and taxpayer. Mark Avery, former conservation director of the RSPB, explains why this most unsporting sport should be banned… (story)

Fishing Magic 27.7.15 Fishing for Votes? By Martin Salter of The Angling Trust - They might not always do what we want them to do but it's heartening to see our MPs getting down and dirty on the riverbank. Former Parliamentarian, Martin Salter, describes a pleasant day out in Berkshire with friends…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 27.7.15 "Seagulls are the sound of the seaside" - campaigner hits out at gull cull calls - ‘SEAGULLS are the sound of the seaside and should not be culled’ - that’s the view of wildlife campaigner Steve Trewhella after Prime Minister David Cameron said a ‘big conversation’ was needed about the birds…. (story)

Kent News 27.7.15 POLL: Should live export be banned? -Campaigners gathered at Ramsgate port last week to protest the live export of animals overseas….(story)
Kent News 24.7.15 VIDEO: Campaigners protest at Ramsgate Port live export against ‘barbaric’ trade as sheep are loaded onto ‘death ship’ for gruelling journey across Europe - Maria Chiorando - Animal welfare campaigners gathered at the Port of Ramsgate last night to protest the export of live sheep…. According to campaigner Ian Driver (who provided the video): “These sheep will have been travelling all day long then they are going to have a four hour journey back to Calais then goodness knows how long they are going to be travelling through Europe to meet a grisly end…. He was joined by campaigners from KAALE - Kent Association Against Live Exports. Chairman Ian Burchill previously told KoS his group’s direct action will not cease until it stops completely… (story)
Thanet Gazette 24.7.15 VIDEO: Protests at the Port of Ramsgate as live animal exports resume By TomBarnes - ANIMAL rights protesters attempted to block lorries carrying live sheep from boarding a ship at the Port of Ramsgate last night…. (story)
Kent News 23.7.15 LIVE EXPORT: ‘Brutal’ and inhumane’ export of live animals set to resume from Ramsgate Port tonight, campaigners warn - South east MEP Keith Taylor says he backs the protests against the ‘cruel and needless trade’ - Animal welfare group Kent Action Against Live Exports (Kaale) has warned that live exports of animalsare set to resume from the Port of Ramsgate, with the first shipment of livestock set to take place tonight… (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 23.7.15 Live animal exports return to Port of Ramsgate tonight By TomBarnes - LIVE animal exports will return to the Port of Ramsgate this evening following a three month hiatus. Activists are expected to stage a protest at the port from around 5pm this evening (Thursday) to oppose the transportation of live sheep from Britain to Europe… (story)

Dundee Courier 27.7.15 End the shooting of ‘protected’ animals - I find it disgraceful that the shooting of “protected” Scottish wildlife as magnificent as the grey seal, as happened at Lunan Bay last week, is allowed to continue… James Walker. Elliot Street, Arbroath. (letter)


Eagle Radio 26.7.15 Fox hunting's back under the spotlight in Surrey - A row's brewing over fox hunting in Surrey. Mole Valley MP Paul Beresford tells us he is in favour of changing the law… Campaign group Guildford Hunt Saboteurs strongly disagrees and believes there is no need to control foxes… Campaigner Colin Skilton said: "We're disgusted and opposed…. (story)

Spalding Guardian/Lincolnshire Free Press 26.7.15 HUNTING BAN: Argument was a lie - I am writing to urge people into action over the proposed review of the hunting ban. It is simple. The main argument put forward by the pro-hunting lobby during the run-up to the parliamentary vote to enact the current hunting ban was a lie…. (story)

Worcester News 26.7.15 Group delighted with Vegan Fair - THE Worcester Vegans and Veggies group was delighted with the popularity of its Vegan Fair at Cafe Bliss in Worcester on Saturday… (story)


Lincolnshire Free Press/Spalding Guardian 25.7.15 HUNTING BAN: Tradition is ill-conceived - Neil Hetterley, Spilsby - I see that David Cameron and the Conservative Party wish to repeal certain aspects of the fox hunting ban…. My personal opinion is that we apparently live in a civilised society and one where many millions of UK citizens donate regularly to animal charities. Cruelty of any kind, whether it be to humans or animals, is just that – cruel and distressing…. (letter)

Lincolnshire Free Press/Spalding Guardian 25.7.15 ANIMAL TESTING: There is no alternative - Chris Magee, Understanding Animal Research - I am afraid that Ian Tarplee (Spalding Guardian, July 16) is incorrect to claim that there are ready alternatives to using animals in medical research – it has been illegal to use an animal if there is an alternative since 1986. The Dr Hadwen Trust that he mentions is searching for alternatives to animals, as are many universities and pharmaceutical companies, because nobody wants to have to use animals, but in the majority of cases we simply do not yet have a replacement…. (letter)
Spalding Guardian 19.7.15 ANIMAL TESTING: Please spend money better - On behalf of Karina and myself, we would like to say a big thank you to all the people of Spalding who took one of the leaflets we were handing out in front of the British Heart Foundation shop on Saturday, July 11….Ian Tarplee, via email (letter)


Derby Telegraph 24.7.15 Dame Margaret Beckett: Just weeks into office and already there's a trail of broken promises By DAME MARGARET BECKETT - ONE of the most galling features of the last election campaign, as well as its 18-month run-up, was that there were almost no voices in the media pointing out just how many of the coalition's 2010 promises had been broken in government…. It is also revealing that the Government, now without the Lib Dems, has put the return of fox-hunting so high on its agenda. As the Secretary of State who saw the ban through Parliament, I am acutely aware that for years all opinion polls have shown that fox-hunting is disliked in the countryside as much as in the town… (story)

North Devon Journal 24.7.15 North Devon huntsman claims 'more hounds will make fox hunting more humane' By NDJJoe - MORE hounds will make fox hunting more humane, a North Devon huntsman has claimed after the government postponed a vote on the issue…. Huntsman Andrew Herniman from Tiverton Staghounds said it was unfortunate the issue was reduced to "political games". He said: "All I can see is the Scottish going in with both barrels. "New rules would have helped us greatly, the more hounds the more humane the killing can be – it's just quicker…. (story)

Horse & Hound 24.7.15 8 memories from another great day at the Festival of Hunting - Polly Portwin - It would be no surprise to learn that there were all shapes and sizes of hounds at the Festival of Hunting at the South of England showground on Wednesday, 22 July. However this was not all the day had to offer though, with something for every hunting enthusiast — also of all shapes and sizes — to enjoy… (story)

Horse & Hound 24.7.15 Men found with live fox in bag convicted of illegal hunting - Polly Portwin - Three men, who were accused of being connected to the Ross Harriers, based in Herefordshire, have been convicted of illegal hunting under the Hunting Act 2004. In October 2014 the trio were pulled over when the trailer they were towing had faulty lights. Upon inspection, the police found three dogs with facial scarring and a bag containing a live fox… (story)
Western Daily Press 21.7.15 Now hunt sabs demand Wiltshire soldier is disciplined after Hunting Act conviction By TristanCork - Hunt Saboteurs have sparked more controversy after they called on supporters to inundate the commanding officer of a West army battalion with calls for one of his men to be disciplined for breaking the hunt ban… The case saw three men – who anti-hunt campaigners claimed were terriermen from the Ross Harriers Hunt – arrested by police in the middle of the night in the Herefordshire countryside last October… It emerged one of the three convicted, Jack Hudd, is a serving Private in the 9th Royal Logistics Corps, based at Buckley Barracks in Hullavington, near Chippenham in Wiltshire… (story)
Western Daily Press 17.7.15 'Are you deranged?' solicitor blasts Gloucestershire police commissioner in Twitter row over hunting By TristanCork - A West police commissioner was labelled 'deranged' by furious hunt supporters in a fierce Twitter row after he appeared to wrongly suggest the RSPCA were the official prosecuting authority for cases against huntsmen. Gloucestershire's Martin Surl became embroiled in a row about who should prosecute cases under the Hunting Act as the fall-out from the conviction of three West terriermen for illegal hunting continued…. (story)
Western Daily Press 17.7.15 Scarred dogs 'have to be returned' to illegal hunt three found with fox in a bag By TristanCork - Three dogs found with terriermen convicted of breaking the Hunting Act because they had a fox in a bag will have to be returned to their owners 'imminently', despite a massive online campaign to stop it. One of the terriers confiscated from the illegal hunters has apparently given birth to five puppies, and even they are being returned to Alan Hill, James Smith and Jack Hudd, who is a serving soldier in Wiltshire….(story)
Western Daily Press 16.7.15 Scarred dogs 'have to be returned' to illegal hunt three found with fox in a bag By TristanCork - Three dogs found with terriermen convicted of breaking the Hunting Act because they had a fox in a bag will have to be returned to their owners 'imminently', despite a massive online campaign to stop it…. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.7.15 Three 'hunt terriermen' fined after police find them with live fox in a bag in Herefordshire By TristanCork - Three men allegedly connected to a West hunt have been convicted of illegal hunting after being caught driving through the countryside in the middle of the night with scarred terriers and a live fox in a bag…. Magistrates in Hereford heard that police stopped a vehicle being driven through the Herefordshire countryside in the middle of the night in October last year because the trailer it was pulling had no lights working… While the RSPCA did not link the three to any organised hunt, the Hunt Saboteurs Association published evidence in the form of Facebook posts and pictures by and of the men themselves, which apparently showed they were linked to the Ross Harriers Hunt… (story)

Western Mail 24.7.15 Hunt information is decades out of date - Your article of July 14, “Revoking hunting ban will lead to hounds becoming ‘other victims of fox hunting’ if sport returns, campaigners warn”, is riddled with false claims and inaccuracies. Clifford Pellow, the former huntsman featured in the story, last hunted hounds 25 years ago and became disaffected when he lost his position… However, if there was evidence, rather than allegations, of cruelty to hounds back then why have there been no prosecutions?... Rachel Evans Carmarthenshire Director for Wales, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.7.15 Hunting and my brother's pet fox - This photograph shows my late brother and his pet fox which was rescued as an orphan…. I would love to make the idiots who hunt these lovely animals be chased until exhausted, then ripped apart by a pack of hounds, then their blood to be daubed on their offsprings' faces. Margaret Savory by email (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 24.7.15 Mark and Mo Constantine on the 20-year success of Lush - EARLY in our interview about the 20-year success of Lush, Mark Constantine is keen to mention the role played by a Daily Echo journalist. The founders of Lush had already known success as suppliers to the Body Shop, when their next business, Cosmetics To Go, lost money and went under in 1994. They picked themselves up and began selling freshly made cosmetics at 29 High Street, Poole…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 24.7.15 'Commercial meat trade condemns millions of animals to suffer' - Brian Nathan-Partridge wonders why animal protection campaigners criticise hunting but don’t criticise non-stun religious slaughter (Letters, July 17). Actually, we do criticise it…. Please contact Animal Aid if you care about animals, and please consider giving up meat and other animal products… Richard Mountford, Development manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Worcester News 24.7.15 The wanton killing of animals is no joke - n all my years reading the Worcester News, the article this week (Sun 19th July) about the injured gull being lured into the road in Malvern by youths made me sick to the core… We pay to hear the news by qualified journalists not someone trying to be funny at the attempted murder of an animal. Sort it out. GEORGE ANSTEY Bromsgrove (letter)


Guardian 23.7.15 Court clears landowner of assault on hounds, horses and hunt followers - A Devon landowner who was furious that a hunt had “run amok” on his property has been cleared of running over hounds in his car, reversing at horse riders and attacking a man by grabbing him by his neck. Jonathon Wright-Watson claimed during his trial that the hounds had trespassed on his land and that hunters had struck out at his vehicle with their riding crops…. (story)
Plymouth Herald 23.7.15 Landowner cleared by Plymouth jury of running over hunt dogs By Stuart Abel - A LANDOWNER has been cleared of running over some harrier hounds in a lane and reversing at speed at some of the hunt’s horse riders. Jonathon Wright-Watson, aged 55, has also been acquitted by a jury of attacking a foot follower by grabbing him by his neck and pulling him down an embankment…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.7.15 Landowner denies claims he ran over hunt hound By WMNDavidWells - An angry landowner ran over some harrier hounds in a lane and reversed at speed at some of the hunt’s horse riders, a court has been told. Jonathon Wright-Watson also attacked a foot follower grabbing him by his neck and pulling him down an embankment, a jury was told…. Wright-Watson told police in interviews that he was at home with a female friend, some children and pets when he saw hounds on his land and ‘running amok’… One hound did not leave his property and he grabbed it and put it into the back of his Mitsubishi pick up vehicle and he drove off to find its owner…. The jury heard one foot follower was Stanley Wreyford who was watching the hunt in the valley below when he heard a vehicle driving at speed towards him… Three hounds were in the middle of the lane – and the jury heard the defendant made no attempt to stop ‘and hit them and ran over one of the hounds’…. Shortly afterwards Wright-Watson got out of the pick up and grabbed the hound still in his boot. Mr Bailey said he held it by the ‘scruff of its neck, shook it and threw it to the ground’. He then reversed at a group of riders in the lane – a scene caught on a follower’s mobile phone…. (story)
Plymouth Herald 22.7.15 'Angry' landowner ran over hunt's hounds, Plymouth court told By Stuart Abel - AN ANGRY landowner ran over some harrier hounds in a lane and reversed at speed at some of the hunt’s horse riders, a court heard. Jonathon Wright-Watson, aged 55, also attacked a foot follower, grabbing him by his neck and pulling him down an embankment, a jury was told…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.7.15 Devon landowner denies running over hunt hounds - An angry landowner ran over some harrier hounds in a lane and reversed at speed at some of the hunt’s horse riders, an Exeter court has been told… (story)
Guardian 21.7.15 Devon landowner ran over hounds as hunt 'ran amok', court hears - Jonothon Wright-Watson denies dangerous driving and assault after becoming annoyed that hunt ‘trespassed’ on to his land near Totnes - A landowner who was furious that a hunt had “run amok” on his property ran over hounds in his car, reversed at horse riders and attacked a foot follower by grabbing him by his neck, a court has heard…. The Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers were on a Saturday morning hunt near Totnes in Devon following a scented trail, Plymouth crown court heard on Tuesday… (story)

Kentish Express 23.7.15 East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association hit out at Crown Prosecution Service for dropping charges against suspected Bilsington fox hunters by Vicky Castle - Anti-foxhunters have spoken of their shock after hunting charges against five people were dropped. Members of the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association (East Kent HSA), who regularly disrupt organised hunts, said the group is "concerned" about the Crown Prosecution Service's decision to drop the case… (story)
Kent on Sunday 12.7.15 12.7.15 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: East Kent Hunt Saboteurs hit back at CPS after fox hunting case against East Kent and West Street Hunt is dropped - Video evidence is released as prime minister offers ‘back door’ option on changing Hunting Act - East Kent Hunt Saboteurs Association have hit back at the CPS decision to drop hunting charges against the East Kent and West Street Hunt. On the June 8, five people associated with the East Kent and West Street Hunt attended Folkstone Magistrates Court charged with hunting offences. A date for a court hearing was set for July 13, but the case was dropped, with the CPS claiming a lack of evidence to secure a conviction…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.7.15 Why can't pro-hunt lobby be more civil? asks police chief in Twitter row By TristanCork - A police commissioner branded 'deranged' in a Twitter spat over a hunting prosecution has hit back, slamming pro-hunt supporters as 'unable to conduct themselves with civility'. Gloucestershire police boss Martin Surl said his experience at the hands of pro-hunt supporters on Twitter – after he unwittingly became involved in a row over a hunt prosecution which was not even in his force's area – highlighted the need for greater effort to stamp out cyber-bullying…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 23.7.15 Fox-hunting should never be brought back, vote Derby city councillors By Chris Mallett - DERBY City Council has explicitly opposed hunting with dogs after the Government confirmed a vote on relaxing fox hunting rules would still go ahead "when Parliamentary time allows". The decision voted through by the council's Labour leadership and supported by the opposition Liberal Democrat group came after the Government, last week, scrapped plans for a vote on repealing the Hunting Act… (story)

Southern Reporter 23.7.15 MSP sounds horn for total fox hunting ban - The current laws on fox hunting are unworkable and the Scottish Government needs to consult on banning the practice outright. So says Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale MSP Christine Grahame in the wake of last week’s scrapping of the Westminster vote on Conservative proposals to water down restrictions on fox hunting in England and Wales… (story)

Northampton Chronicle 23.7.15 Rock supremo says thanks to Northampton MP for his stance against fox hunting - Paul Lynch - Rock legend Brian May has written to Northampton South MP David Mackintosh to thank him for his ‘brave’ stance in the recent fox hunting debate…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.7.15 Is fox's death linked to hunt law flaws? - A few days ago, when my wife walked to the bottom of the garden, in the centre of Chagford, she was confronted by the sight of a dead young vixen… I can only conclude that this fine young animal was the victim of indiscriminate poisoning…. I have never followed hounds, but understand the role that the activity plays in the “control” (not the indiscriminate slaughter) of the fox population. I believe that this incident is illustrative of the current failure of control of foxes as predators of livestock and poultry by hunting,… by Timothy Garratt Chagford (story)

Mail 23.7.15 'Animal lover' who stuck 'beware halal funds terrorism' stickers on chicken products at his local Sainsbury's is given a month-long curfew By COREY CHARLTON FOR MAILONLINE - A man who went into a Sainsbury's supermarket and stuck stickers on packets of meat that read 'beware halal is barbaric and funds terrorism' has been given a month-long curfew. Liam Gary Edwards, 29, today pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal damage on the day of his trial but insisted that he was protesting against the halal slaughter of animals after watching a television documentary…. (story)
Mail 18.3.15 Father-of-two who plastered stickers on supermarket chicken claiming 'Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism' says he is an animal rights activist and not a racist By EMMA GLANFIELD FOR MAILONLINE - A father-of-two who plastered stickers which said 'Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism' on supermarket chicken has insisted he is an animal rights activist and not racist. Liam Edwards, 29, walked into a Sainsbury's store in Salford, Greater Manchester, with the #BanHalal stickers and stuck them on numerous packets of meat in the chilled goods aisle... (story)


Horse & Hound 22.7.15 RSPCA to stop chasing hunting cases through courts - Polly Portwin - The RSPCA will no longer pursue those accused of illegal foxhunting through the courts. This decision comes following a review by Stephen Wooler, former chief inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), after the charity was accused of wasting funds and donations by prosecuting hunters for political reasons… (story)

Kent Online 22.7.15 Queen guitarist Brian May praises Dartford MP Gareth Johnson for reversing stance on foxhunting by Jamie Bullen - Queen guitarist Brian May has thanked Dartford MP Gareth Johnson for reversing his stance on a vote to relax the Hunting Act before it was delayed in Parliament… (story)
Yorkshire Post 22.7.15 Campaigners accused of misleading animal lovers - The company behind plans to start breeding beagles again in East Yorkshire has told animal rights activists “to stop spouting nonsense.”… A B&K spokesman said the National Ant-Vivisection Society’s president Jan Creamer had to stop “spouting rubbish”… (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 22.7.15 Tunbridge Wells MP forced to defend puppy farm decision - Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark has been forced to defend his decision to allow a puppy farm to be built despite opposition from nearly 400,000 people. On July 16 the communities secretary overruled a decision by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and announced that the application by American animal testers B&K Universal would go ahead despite objections from 390,766 people who signed a petition…. Diana Allchome, of Five Oak Green, said: "Mr Clark has chosen to ignore the opinion of the public… (story)


Plymouth Herald 21.7.15 Johnny Mercer would have voted to block change to fox hunting laws By SAM BLACKLEDGE Chief reporter - A CITY MP would have voted to block changes to the fox hunting laws based on the wishes of his constituents – but admits his unorthodox system may have to be revised. Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, has promised to allow the public to dictate how he votes in Parliament on key issues. When the Conservatives brought forward plans to amend the Hunting Act, allowing more hounds to be used in a hunt, Mr Mercer asked the people of Plymouth how he should vote. A total of 338 people had their say online, with 330 telling Mr Mercer not to support the changes… (story)

York Press 21.7.15 York cosmetic shop petitions to keep fox hunting ban - A YORK shop has gathered over 1000 signatures for a petition to keep the ban against fox hunting. Last week a threat by Scottish National Party MPs to vote against government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales prompted a vote on reversing the laws to be postponed. The news was welcomed by Lush in Coney Street, which had collected the vast amount of signatures in store…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 21.7.15 No change to Fox Hunting Bill, please: letter - I am writing to urge you to vote against the Bill to increase the number of dogs permitted to flush out foxes to be shot…. Mike Haddleton, Gillingham (letter)

Dundee Courier 21.7.15 SNP were right over fox vote - Not for the first time do I find myself disagreeing with virtually every single word of your columnist Jenny Hjul’s regular rant against the SNP… Firstly, the issue of foxhunting to my mind is not purely an English matter. To me it is an example of the worst kind of animal cruelty and as such is much wider than merely of English interest…. Harry Key. 20 Main Street, Largoward
MPs aiming to sow division - Jenny Hjul’s column (July 15) SNP Resorts to a Pack Hunt, has provided a skilful insight into the mentality of the Scottish National Party. While our police service, hospitals, schools and roads, all in varying degrees, require attention, our representatives in the House of Commons (led by Nicola Sturgeon who is not even an MP) are sowing division and rancour in a cynical effort to further alienate our fellow countrymen in the rest of the United Kingdom… Angus Cheape. Fossoway, Kinross (letters)

Southern Daily Echo 21.7.15 SOAPBOX: Foxes - I READ today that a debate to try to repeal the ban on fox hunting has raised its ugly head again.. It’s a pity that there won’t be a public referendum, as I am sure it would definitely get the thumbs down. JACQUI BROADBRIDGE Warsash
WELL done Daily Echo comment for reminding hunting supporters and government that overturning the hunt ban will remain in the public’s memory… MRS SHEILA CLAYTON Southampton
I WAS dismayed to read in the Echo of a possible change in the fox hunting ban. This is a retrograde step… MR LAST Shirley Road, Southampton
I THOUGHT that you would like to see what appeared on my patio first thing this morning…. The fox cub disappeared within seconds of my taking it. MICHAEL CLEMENTS Totton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 21.7.15 Thanks for MP’s support - Dr Brian May, founder of the Save Me Trust Campaign Team Fox 2015 - I would like to say thank you via your letters page to all your readers who wrote to their MP in advance of the proposed and subsequently abandoned vote on fox hunting… I would particularly like to thank your MP Stuart Andrew who I know indicated that he was going to vote against the proposals…. (letter)

Express 21.7.15 Moorland burning bad news for grouse season - CONSERVATIONISTS have launched a fusillade over the way precious moorlands are being burned as the countdown begins to the start of the glorious grouse season. By STUART WINTER - Satellite images show how huge tracts of upland heath and bog have been put to the flame, much it landscape with special status for its wildlife…. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 21.7.15 Animal drug test concerns From: Terry Morrell, Willerby - THE report regarding the expansion of beagle farming for drug research in East Yorkshire has certainly created considerable controversy… Do all animal-based experiments relate to human ailments? Is it not time to experiment on people? (letter)


Rossendale Free Press 20.7.15 Queen legend Brian May praises Rossendale MP for fox hunting opposition BY BETH CUNNINGHAM-MEN - Rock legend and animal rights campaigner Brian May has praised a Rossendale MP for his stance on controversial proposals to relax the law on fox hunting. In a letter to the Free Press, Queen guitarist Brian May, who founded anti-hunting organisation Save Me in 2010, thanked MP Jake Berry for opposing changes to the 2004 Hunting Act…. (story)

Gravesend Reporter 20.7.15 You are the champions: Queen guitarist Brian May thanks our readers for opposition to fox-hunting Sarah Linney - Dartford MP Gareth Johnson also singled out for praise - QUEEN legend Brian May has thanked the readers of the Gravesend Reporter, Bromley Times and Bexley Times for their opposition to fox-hunting… (story)

Ecologist 20.7.15 Fox hunting is political poison for David Cameron and the Tory Party - Dominic Dyer - Last week David Cameron backed down over his plans to bring back fox hunting by 'fatally amending' the Hunting Act, writes Dominic Dyer. The way he spun it, it was all about SNP interference in English law, but the real problem was opposition within the Conservative Party, which increasingly sees blood sports as a barbaric relic that alienates voters of all persuasions…. (story)

Kent News 20.7.15 The fox hunting debate: Should it remain illegal? - Maria Chiorando - The prime minister was left red-faced last week after being forced to postpone a vote on watering down fox hunting laws… But one Kent anti-hunting Conservative was disappointed by the SNP’s decision to oppose the government, believing their intervention was unnecessary. Sir Roger Gale is the MP for Thanet North… Grant Tilman, a spokesman for the East Kent Hunt Saboteurs, said: “The amendments are nothing short of repeal… Hounds Off is a national group, with a presence in Kent, that offers support to those who have their land used, without permission, by hunts. Spokesman Joe Hashman: “We are not interested in the moral debate – we support people who are both pro and anti hunting… Nick Onslow is a Kent-based hunt supporter, author and historian, who regularly follows huntsmen on foot. He claims the image of hunting as an upper class pursuit is not true…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 20.7.15 There's no excuse for fox hunting - Last week was when the Conservative Government had hoped to unravel the 2004 Hunting Act, legalising the hunting of foxes with hounds in England and Wales…. What they put forward instead were misleading "technical amendments" - supposedly intended to bring the Act in line with Scottish legislation. In practice, however, these amendments would permit packs of dogs to rip apart foxes, hares and deer in the name of "pest control" and make the prosecution of those hunting for "sport" virtually impossible…. Steven Agnew MLA is leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland (story)

Western Morning News 20.7.15 Is the SNP about to rule England too? - Graham Forsyth is really showing his leftie tendencies by referring to those who support the Countryside Alliance as the Countryside Tweed Brigade and other insults! He thinks that because he is a Scot living in Somerset that the SNP, having almost set up a one-party state in Scotland should now have an automatic right to interfere and vote on matters from which they have traditionally abstained because Ms Sturgeon, their left-wing leader, has vowed to work against the Conservatives on any matter…. by Paul Mercer Tavistock (letter)

Western Morning News 18.7.15 Most fit foxes get away unharmed - When discussing the most humane way of disposing of rogue foxes predating farm livestock, there are two facts not given much publicity. Shortly before the Hunting Act was brought in, research showed conclusively that every fox killed by hounds had experienced an instant death… by Diana Smurthwaite Newton Abbot (letter)

Western Morning News 18.7.15 I have witnessed hideous kills - Jamie Foster makes it perfectly clear where his sympathies lie. He sums it up by stating that he is standing for election on the so-called country alliance board of directors. Yes, the law does need to be changed. Simply ban hunting altogether… by R M Morris Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 18.7.15 Disgusting aspect of fox-hunting - Broadly I am in favour of the activity we know as fox-hunting and would hope it continues long into the future… I understand the thrill and enjoyment a rider gets from riding across country. So could someone explain to me why this pleasure can only be enhanced by killing a fox? I do not understand why a fox must die a terrible death for this activity to be considered whole…. by K D Knight Bideford (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 20.7.15 Better fox control - I am writing in support of local MPs who wish to reform or repeal the Hunting Act. This has been a piece of legislation that has not benefitted animal welfare, while making fox control in rural areas more difficult… –James Crosbie Dawson, Freefolk Farms, Overton. (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.7.15 Badger cull activist Jay Tiernan's appeal turned down by court By Philip Bowern - Animal rights activist Jay Tiernan's conviction for breaching a High Court injunction over badger cull protests has been upheld in what is being seen as a victory for farmers on the issue…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 20.7.15 RAYMOND WELCOMES APPEAL HEARING VERDICT AGAINST LEADING CULL PROTESTOR - NFU president Meurig Raymond said the Court of Appeal verdict against Stop the Cull’s Jay Tiernan highlighted the value of the NFU injunction, granted to protect farmers in the badger cull areas… (story)
Western Morning News 19.7.15 Court rejects appeal by badger cull protester over breach of injunction By WMNPBowern - Animal rights' activist Jay Tiernan’s conviction for breaching a High Court injunction over badger cull protests has been upheld in what is being seen a victory for farmers on the issue….(story)
Farming UK 17.7.15 ‘Stop the Cull’ movement leader appeal dismissal highlights value of injunction for protecting farmers, says NFU - The Court of Appeal’s unanimous dismissal of an animal rights activist’s appeal after he was found in breach of a High Court injunction reinforces the value and importance of the injunction for protecting farmers, the NFU said today, Jay Tiernan, who has been described as the leader of the ‘Stop the Cull’ movement, launched an appeal after being found in contempt of court by the High Court in January for nine breaches of the injunction which was granted to the NFU… (story)
North Devon Journal 29.1.15 Stop the Badger Cull leader given suspended sentence for protests - FARMING union leaders have welcomed the six-month suspended prison sentence imposed by the High Court on Bristol campaigner, Jay Tiernan, who has been described as the leader of the Stop the Badger Cull movement… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.1.15 A badger cull prosecution? About time says Chris Rundle - At last: a result, of sorts, arising from the welter of intimidation, threats and lawless behaviour which hallmarked the badger-culling trials. Jay Tiernan, a member of the "Stop the Cull" movement, has been given a suspended six-month term for breaching an injunction designed to give farmers and others involved in the trials some degree of protection from the activities of mindless urban activists. More to the point, perhaps, the High Court has also ordered him to hand over £25,000 to the NFU by way of costs…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 23.1.15 Prominent badger cull protester Jay Tiernan given "harsh" suspended prison sentence By Michael_Yong - The threat of prison will hang over the head of a prominent animal activist this year when he protests the badger cull. Jay Tiernan, 44, from the Stop the Cull movement, has been found in contempt of court and sentenced to six-months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and fined £25,000…

Bristol Post 22.1.15 Jail threat for Bristol badger cull activist if he breaches new injunction not to film or harrass farmers By John Houseman - AN animal rights activist from Bristol has been warned he faces a six-month jail sentence if he breaches an injunction designed to protect farmers and landowners from harassment and intimidation during the pilot badger culls. Jay Tiernan, a member of the Coalition of Badger Action Groups, received a six-month suspended prison sentence at the High Court in London yesterday… (story)
BBC News Online 21.1.15 Badger cull activist Jay Tiernan given suspended sentence - An animal activist who disrupted badger culls has been given a suspended sentence for breaching an injunction protecting those involved in the culls. Jay Tiernan, 44, of the 'Stop the Cull' movement was sentenced at the High Court to six months imprisonment suspended for two years… (story)
Guardian 21.1.15 Activist gets six-month suspended jail sentence for disrupting badger culls - A prominent animal rights campaigner has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence for breaking an injunction designed to prevent him from disrupting the trial badger culls. Jay Tiernan, a leading campaigner in the Stop the Cull movement which backs direct action, was also ordered to pay costs that could total as much as £55,000. High court judge, Sir David Eady, ruled that Tiernan was in contempt of court for nine breaches of an injunction secured by the farmers union the NFU, which championed the trial culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire… (story)
Western Morning News 21.1.15 Suspended sentence for badger cull activist By Jan Colley - An anti-badger cull activist has received a six-month suspended prison sentence at the High Court. Jay Tiernan, a spokesman for The Coalition of Badger Action Groups, (CBAG) was found to be in contempt of court because of nine breaches of an August 2013 injunction, aimed at preventing interference with a cull due to take place that autumn in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.1.15 Anti-badger cull leader given six-month sentence at High Court - The leader of the anti-badger cull activists in Somerset has been handed a six-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £25,000 by the High Court… Jailing Tiernan for six months suspended for two years in London today, the judge, Sir David Eady, said that the proposed cull was undoubtedly controversial but a challenge to its legality had been rejected by the courts. He said that Tiernan, who had chosen to represent himself in the litigation was a man of good character…. (story)
Western Daily Press 21.1.15 Anti-badger-cull activist dodges jail in High Court - An anti-badger-cull activist has received a six-month suspended prison sentence at the High Court. Jay Tiernan, a spokesman for The Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG), was found to be in contempt of court because of nine breaches of an August 2013 injunction, aimed at preventing interference with a cull due to take place that autumn in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset…. (story)
Farming UK 21.1.15 Injunction sends 'clear message' to badger cull protesters - A sentence imposed on animal rights activists for breaching an injunction against farmers during pilot badger culls 'will send a warning' that such action will not be tolerated, according to the NFU. Jay Tiernan, described as the leader of the 'Stop the Cull' movement, was found in contempt of court and sentenced to six months imprisonment for breaching the terms of a High Court injunction to protect those involved in the culls…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 21.1.15 Badger cull activist handed suspended prison sentence By Alistair Driver - HIGH profile badger cull activist Jay Tiernan has been handed a six-month suspended prison term for breaching the terms of a High Court injunction granted to the NFU to protect those involved in the culls…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 21.7.15 Queen's Brian May one of 350,000 against Grimston beagle farm By Alice Roberts - ALMOST 350,000 people have signed a petition against plans to build a beagle- breeding facility in East Yorkshire…. (letter)
Mirror 20.7.15 Petition against 'shameful' puppy breeding centre for medical tests signed by 300,000 people BY DAN BLOOM - More than 300,000 people have urged David Cameron to halt a 'shameful' puppy breeding centre for medical tests…. (story)
Huffington Post 20.7.15 Petition Against Puppy Farm Reaches Over 340,000 As People Plea For Government To Reverse Decision By Sophie Brown - A petition to reverse the Government's decision to approve a puppy farm in Hull has been signed by over 340,000 people…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 19.7.15 200,000 sign petition against beagle breeding at B&K Universal - MORE than 200,000 people have signed a petition against plans for a beagle breeding facility in Grimston…. (story)
Kent News 17.7.15 Tonbridge animal group hits back as Kent MP Greg Clark approves ‘sterile prison’ for dogs destined to ‘be cut up in cruel experiments’ - Maria Chiorando - An animal rights group in Tonbridge has slammed the decision by MP Greg Clark to approve a facility breeding dogs for experiments. Mr Clark, Tunbridge Wells MP and communities secretary, has given the green light to the controversial Hull facility for breeding beagles after permission was initially refused, and an appeal against the decision was subsequently turned down by his predecessor Eric Pickles… But the decision has been widely condemned by a number of animal welfare organisations, including Animal Aid in Tonbridge. Director Andrew Tyler said: “The decision is deeply disheartening, but this battle will go on…. (story)
Sky 16.7.15 Controversial Puppy Breeding Farm Gets Go-Ahead By Gerard Tubb, North of England Correspondent - A contentious puppy breeding farm for the animal experiment industry has been given planning permission by the Government. Communities Secretary Greg Clark overturned a planning inspector's refusal to allow a US-owned company to breed beagle puppies at Grimston near Hull, in East Yorkshire, for use in drug tests... (story)
Eagle Radio 16.7.15 Controversial Puppy Breeding Farm Gets Go-Ahead - A contentious puppy breeding farm for the animal experiment industry has been given planning permission by the Government. Communities Secretary Greg Clark overturned a planning inspector's refusal to allow a US-owned company to breed beagle puppies at Grimston near Hull, in East Yorkshire, for use in drug tests... (story)
International Business Times 16.7.15 Plans to expand 'beagle factory' for scientific experiments criticised by animal rights groups By Ewan Palmer - Plans to expand a beagle farm to supply dogs for animal testing have been criticised by celebrities and animal rights campaigners.... (story)
Huffington Post 16.7.15 Animal Testing Beagle Puppy Farm Approved In Yorkshire By Sara C Nelson - Leading animal rights campaigners have condemned the approval for a controversial farm that will breed beagles for scientific tests. Communities Secretary Greg Clark has allowed an appeal by Yorkshire Evergreen[which is part of US animal supplier Marshall BioResources] to breed beagle puppies and other animals for drug testing at a site in Grimston, near Hull... (story)
Western Daily Press 16.7.15 Government slammed for dog breeding "beagle farm" facility decision - Animal rights campaigners have strongly condemned a Government decision paving the way for a "beagle farm" facility breeding dogs for laboratory experiments....(story)
Hull Daily Mail 16.7.15 Controversial B and K Universal beagle breeding plans for Grimston approved - CONTROVERSIAL plans to breed beagles at an East Yorkshire animal testing centre have been approved.... (story)
Mirror 16.7.15 Fury as Tories approve dog breeding centre for medical tests - days after cancelling fox hunting vote BY HELEN WHITEHOUSE - Just days after the Tories cancel the vote on fox hunting for fear of losing, they approve a massive dog breeding facility for animals sold into vivisection… (story)
Independent 16.7.15 Facility to breed beagles for experiments is given the go-ahead after Government intervenes in planning dispute - Proposal to create facility had previously been turned down twice following opposition from local residents and anti-vivisection campaigners - JAMES RUSH - A facility to breed beagles for laboratory experiments has been given the go-ahead after Communities Secretary Greg Clark intervened in a local planning dispute…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 16.7.15 Anger as Government allows controversial Yorkshire beagle farm - Communities Minister Greg Clark has been accused of overriding public opinion after allowing a controversial beagle breeding farm to expand despite tens of thousands of objections…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 20.7.15 ‘Is foie gras banned? I can’t even pronounce it’ admits Council leader Steve Brady By Angus Young - IT IS regarded as one of the signature dishes of luxury French cuisine. But foie gras is unlikely to be tickling Hull City Council leader Councillor Steve Brady's tastebuds any time soon. Admitting he is more partial to lamb chops and sausages, Cllr Brady even confessed to having to look in the dictionary to find out what it was before answering a question on the controversial liver pâté dish during a full council meeting… (story)

Irish Journal 20.7.15 Controversial pig race goes ahead in Arklow amid claims event is ‘cruel and frightening’ - Animal rights activist Ciara Fitzgerald said she was subjected to cyberbullying after starting a petition to cancel the event. A CONTROVERSIAL PIG race went ahead in Arklow yesterday despite attempts to cancel the annual event…. Animal rights activist Ciara Fitzgerald, who started the petition, called the race ”cruel and frightening”… (story)

PETA'S SEXIEST VEGAN COMPETITION Ilford Recorder 20.7.15 Ilford make-up artist named UK’s sexiest vegan - Anna Solaiman, of Cranbrook Rise, Ilford, was announced as the UK and Ireland’s sexiest female vegan earlier today. The make-up artist and model received the most votes out of the four semi-finalists in the animal welfare charity PETA’s competition, and won out of more than 100 entrants in total…. (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 15.7.15 North Tyneside's Natalie Overton could land UK's Sexiest Vegan title with public votes… A model who ditched animal products from her diet is in the running to be named the UK’s Sexiest Vegan. Natalie Overton, from Longbenton in North Tyneside, has made a short-list of four hopefuls for the title which the public can help her win by casting a vote before the competition deadline on Friday…. (story)
Surrey Advertiser 12.7.15 Sexiest Vegan title could be won by West Molesey animal lover BY TOM SMURTHWAITE - An animal lover from West Molesey is dreaming of glory after becoming one of four male finalists in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan in the UK and Ireland competition 2015. Working in media sales, Nick Johnson, 34, moved to the area around five years ago after growing up near the rugby ground in Twickenham. He lives with girlfriend Sarah and two rescue dogs – Mason and Chaplin…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 8.7.15 Great Barr finance worker makes Sexiest Vegan finals - Finance worker Amy Collins, 25, has made it to the last four of the PETA Sexiest Vegan competition… Amy Collins quit eating all animal products two years ago and lives with her six pets – two dogs, Lilly and Frankie; two cats, Milo and Poppy; and two rats, Leonard and Walter – who she rescued from animal shelters. Now the snowboarding fan has made it through to the finals of the beauty competition run by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)…. (story)

Telegraph 20.7.15 'Good Samaritan' horse man taken to court - Aarron Gumble, from Essex, claims he was only trying to help an abandoned horse when the RSPCA stepped in to prosecute him for animal neglect By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent - A 'Good Samaritan' who claimed he tethered a horse which had been left running wild by travellers has been taken to court by the RSPCA….. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 20.7.15 Causing a stink at Gold Hill Fair: letter - Why do organisers of Gold Hill Fair deem it acceptable to stink Park Walk out with a hog roast, with the stench of death? Why not a dog or dolphin roast next year?... A. Cooper, Blandford (letter)


Dorking Advertiser 19.7.15 Mole Valley's MP to vote in favour of changing fox hunting law By Jennifer Hardwick - MOLE Valley's MP Sir Paul Beresford will be voting in favour of a change to fox hunting laws…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 19.7.15 Fox hunting ban is sick joke in Scotland - I HOPE every MSP reads your excellent editorial “Moral duty to enforce hunt ban” (12 July). It has been an open secret for more than a decade that the hunting ban in Scotland was little more than a joke… John F Robins, Animal Concern (letter)
Scotland on Sunday12.7.15 Leaders: Moral duty to enforce fox hunting ban - MSPs must not let the few who continue to follow this cruel sport make a mockery of the law - The ban on hunting foxes with hounds marked a hugely significant step for the Scottish Parliament…. Thirteen years later, however, it appears that the law is not working. The Scottish Parliament is now to investigate the issue in an attempt to tighten up legislation that should have been perfectly straightforward… The legislation is clearly not currently working and steps to address that are to be welcomed. That action is necessary is unfortunate, but if it must be taken, then let us hope that we see an end to this cruel “sport” once and for all (story)

Northamptonshire Telegraph 19.7.15 Youngsters fall hook, line and sinker for fishing experience -More than 100 pupils from seven schools across the region gathered at Eyebrook reservoir in Leicestershire for the Fishing 4 Schools (F4S) open day. The nationally successful Fishing 4 Schools programme, run by the Countryside Alliance Foundation, allows pupils of all abilities, age groups and ethnicities, a hands-on opportunity to explore coarse fishing with rod and pole… (story)


Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18.7.15 Robert Sutcliffe: Fox hunting debate shows once again how powerful an issue it is BY ROBERTSUTCLIFFE - Few issues in public life are as incendiary as fox hunting…. Of course, the reason why people get so wound up about hunting is not the fate of foxes but all the class trappings that go with it…. Now the SNP, in a fantastically cynical move, have backtracked on their commitment not to get embroiled in English issues and forced David Cameron to abandon a vote on weakening the fox hunting ban… (story)

Western Daily Press 18.7.15 Hunting debate stirs passions in divided West - Western Daily Press readers have inundated our offices with votes in our poll this week on the proposed amendment to the Hunting Act…. Of all the votes cast, which numbered more than 3,300 by last night, 53 per cent said 'yes' they supported the amendment to relax the hunting ban, while 47 per cent said 'no', they wanted the ban to remain intact. Interestingly, there was a clear difference in the result in the postal vote. Online votes cast were split 55-45 in favour of hunting, while postal votes were split 39-61 in favour of the ban (story)

Thanet Gazette 18.7.15 Brian May thanks Thanet MP for fox hunting stance - QUEEN guitarist Brian May has written a letter to Thanet North MP Roger Gale to thank him for his stand against fox hunting…. (story)

SundaY People 18.7.15 Fox hunting row is about politics not animal cruelty so let's set the dogs on politicians BY CAROLMCGIFFIN - Being a good city girl, I’ve never understood fox hunting, writes Carol McGiffin in the Sunday People… Now it’s back and once again everyone’s angry. I still don’t understand why…. I don’t have a problem with fox hunting as it is now, where they are hounded out of hiding by dogs and shot. Sounds fairly humane to me… Which says to me, it’s not about the welfare of the foxes or other animals that are threatened by this dreadful creature, it’s just one big political football, driven by a vicious class war and bitter, spiteful politics…. No such ire exists around fishing, which is infinitely more barbaric…. (story)

Mirror 18.7.15 Police hunt gang caught chasing foxes with pack of dogs at night in middle of TOWN BY CHRIS RICHARDS - Police are hunting a gang caught on CCTV hunting foxes with a pack of dogs at night. The thugs were seen on security cameras outside a conference centre searching for the creatures with torches and at least three dogs…. (story)

Telegraph 18.7.15 Natural History Museum dismisses giant carp Two Tone as 'specialist' angling trophy By Emily Gosden - Hopes of a prestigious final resting place for Britain’s greatest carp were cruelly dashed on Friday when the Natural History Museum dismissed the specimen as a scientifically unimportant, non-native “angling trophy”… (story)

Yorkshire Post 18.7.15 Birds better
than children From: G Heaton, Parkstone Avenue, West Park, Leeds. - I AM fed up of hearing people complain about the seagulls on the East Coast. The seagulls were there before us. They don’t hurt anybody and they are a thousand more times cleaner than many filthy human beings…. (story)

Worcester News 18.7.15 Vegan food fair to be staged in Worcester - VEGAN FOOD samples, recipe booklets, nutritional information and stalls selling books, T-shirts, toiletries and other items will be on the menu at a food fair in Worcester. The Vegan Food Fair is being held at the Cafe Bliss in Sansome Street, Worcester, on Saturday July 25 from 10am to 3pm. It is being run by Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies Group…. (story)


Western Morning News 17.7.15 Future of fox hunting vote uncertain in face of continuing SNP rebellion By Kate Langston - The Prime Minister remains uncertain when MPs will get to vote on a repeal of the hunting ban, after warning it will be “very difficult to make progress” in the face of SNP opposition… (story)
Western Daily Press 17.7.15 David Cameron admits he 'can't make progress' on Hunting Act By TristanCork - The Prime Minister remains uncertain about when MPs will get to vote on a repeal of the hunting ban, after warning it will be "very difficult to make progress" on the issue… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 17.7.15 Not many issues raise passions quite as much as the fox hunting debate… Anyway, this time they have excelled themselves with a full page advert in this paper… The full page advert was sponsored by several animal charities, and yet I don’t recall any of them voicing any opposition to Halal ritual slaughter… Maybe one of our animal loving friends can enlighten me on this? Brian Nathan-Partridge, Mantilla Drive, Styvechale, Coventry (letter)

Western Morning News 17.7.15 Farmers are the real conservationists - Re: The Hunting Act 2004 (Exempt Hunting) (Amendment) Order 2015. The Liberty and Livelihood marches and the growth of attendance at hunt meets across the country since the Hunting Act 2004 demonstrate public support for the right of country people to hunt… by Richard Hosking Ivybridge (letter)

Plymouth Herald 17.7.15 No good reasons to support fox hunting - AH, what a shame, I've always thought well of Gary Streeter as an MP and still believe he does a good job, however I was very disappointed to say the least to see his stance on fox hunting and wishing to relax current laws…. STUART MUNNERY via email (letter)

Plymouth Herald 16.7.15 City folk do care about wildlife - THE debate on fox hunting and the item on Oliver Colvile was interesting. The legislation does not affect his constituents. There are no foxes in Devonport and Sutton!... Growing up in an urban environment does not take you away from wildlife or issues related to it. Perhaps Mr Colvile should have asked his constituents like Mr Mercer did. I think it is sad that those in the city don't have a voice on wildlife matters… KIM PALMER via email (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 17.7.15 I’ll always be a shooter, declares DUP MP as Tories target country sports By Richard Wheeler - A Northern Ireland MP has dismissed Tory attempts to curb his love of country sports, insisting: "I'll always be a shooter." The DUP's Jim Shannon told the Commons he was a country sports enthusiast, joking it was perhaps not a surprise for someone from Northern Ireland to have an interest in shooting…. But Conservative Tania Mathias suggested Mr Shannon may change his ways by reading the autobiography of Sir Peter Scott, one of the founder members of the World Wide Fund for Nature…. Mr Shannon said he was well aware of Sir Peter, adding: "I don't think I'll be Sir Peter Scott - a shooter and a conservationist - I'll always be a shooter."…(story)

Westmorland Gazette 17.7.15 Heritage must be preserved - After this year’s Appleby horse fair, the Gazette reported that Dene Stansall, who works for Animal Aid, wanted to see an end of the whole fair… Appleby Fair is a cultural phenomenon with a long history. It should be fostered and enjoyed, in much the same way other great public events are celebrated in other parts of the UK…. Guy Woolnough Burton-in-Lonsdale (story)

Leicester Mercry 17.7.15 Cruel sport of bull run - Mercury Mailbox - How disappointing that the Mercury published a picture of the Pamplona bull run…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Hinckley Times 16.7.15 Hunt master blasts SNP block threat on hunting ban vote BY ROBBIE GORDON - The joint master of Atherstone Hunt has slammed the SNP for threatening to block the Government’s plans to relax fox hunting laws. Sarah Evans, of the hunt which regularly rides around the Bosworth area, said the move by the SNP was a “political stunt” and it had “nothing to do with Scotland.”… (story)

Southern Reporter 16.7.15 Borders MP defends his party’s decision to scupper hunting vote - Borders MP Calum Kerr has defended his party’s decision to scupper UK Government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales… (story)

Western Daily Press 16.7.15 SNP defends decision to take part in hunt vote - An SNP spokesman defended his party's decision to step into the vote on hunting in England and called on the English to have their own parliament if they want to ban hunting. Pete Wishart, the SNP's Commons business spokesman, said the Conservatives' proposals for English votes for English laws – nicknamed EVEL – were "a dog's breakfast"... (story)

View from Dorset 16.7.15 MP expected to vote pro hunt in controversial new debate by Jack Dixon - WEST Dorset MP Oliver Letwin was poised to vote in favour of controversial amendments to the law on fox hunting today, before the House of Commons vote was shelved at the last minute.... (story)

Daily Mail 16.7.15 Master of the Hunt, 54, has cut-price gender reassignment surgery in India - and marks her last day as a man by going bowling and enjoying a burger with her two sons By AMANDA WILLIAMS - The former Master of a local Hunt who lived for 50 years as a man is now celebrating life as a woman after undergoing cut price gender reassignment surgery in India. Successful businessman Graham Pascoe swapped his life as an alpha male, living on a 40-acre farm in North Yorkshire with his wife and two children, to become glamorous Sue after being diagnosed with gender dysphoria in August 2014... Living as a man, Sue's biggest passions had been hunting - and she was nervous about how the hunting fraternity would greet her decision to transition. She said: 'After my family and friends, my greatest fear was that I wouldn't be able to hunt.... the first day that I rode out with my long hair and my hunt jacket on, altered to button to the left, everyone was so supportive.'... (story)

Northampton Chronicle 17.7.15 Anti-fox hunting campaigner welcomes police caution for teenage boy after abusive telephone message - An anti-fox hunting campaigner who was following a hunt in Northamptonshire has welcomed news that a teenage boy has received a police caution for sending her a threatening voicemail…. (story)
Bucks Herald 16.7.15 Abusive teenage hunt supporter given police caution - An anti-fox hunting campaigner has welcomed news that a teenage boy has received a police caution for sending her a threatening voicemail. Penny Little, who is an associate of the group Protect Our Wild Animals, and an independent hunt monitor, received the aggressive expletive laden message in January this year after attending a hunt in Northamptonshire.... (story)


Western Morning News 15.7.15 WMN OPINION: If the government can't get the hunting vote right, what hope is there? - It may turn out to be a blessing that today’s proposed vote on changes to the Hunting Act has been postponed. Anti-hunt protesters will crow at a ‘victory’ and pro-hunt campaigners may gnash their teeth that a law they claim to be desperately in need of reform remains on the statute book in the way it was originally implemented a decade ago. But perhaps a delay will ensure this issue can be debated in a more sane and sensible manner in the weeks ahead, rather than the frenetic and angry way that has been the case over the past few days…. (story)

Western Morning News 15.7.15 The top 8 quotes from the hunting debate … “This is now clearly a constitutional issue rather than one about wildlife management or animal welfare.” – Barney White-Spunner, Countryside Alliance (story)

Western Morning News 15.7.15 EVEL debate overshadowed by SNP fox hunting row By Tim Sculthorpe - Controversial plans to create a system of English votes for English laws (Evel) will be defended by ministers today in a tense debate overshadowed by rows and claims the Government is a “shambles… (story)

Worcester News 15.7.15 I'll get back to you! MP bombarded by 600 people over fox hunting Exclusive by Tom Edwards, Political Reporter - WORCESTERSHIRE'S newest MP admits he has been shocked by the reaction on watering down the fox hunting ban - revealing he's been bombarded 600 times about it. The bewildering number of letters, emails and phone calls have been sent to Nigel Huddleston, who was elected for the first time in May to serve Mid-Worcestershire.. The Conservative has also taken the step of revealing his support for David Cameron on it, saying the law change is a "relatively small" alteration in his view…. (story)

Worcester News 15.7.15 Hunting ban does not need to be repealed - I fail to see any justification for change in the fox-hunting laws…. SUE AVERY Worcester Green Party (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 16.7.15 I was so pleased to see the League Against Cruel Sports’ whole page advert in Tuesday’s paper. I am so glad that the SNP has scuppered Government moves to hold a vote on “amending” the Hunting Act… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Independent 15.7.15 Fox hunting ban: A shabby, cynical and underhand manoeuvre - With the prospect of another vote in the autumn Labour intends to ensure that the David Cameron does not get away with this appalling behaviour David Cameron is being outfoxed, not only by the SNP, but by a sizable number of his own MPs who have decided to join the Labour Party in their opposition to the Government’s proposals which would effectively repeal the Hunting Act by the back-door…. Maria Eagle MP is the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs… (story)

Independent 15.7.15 Steve Wintercroft's fox masks stole the show at this week's anti-hunting demonstrations - Great speech, Brian May, but it was the geometric vulpine masks worn by anti-hunting protesters that stole the show at Westminster this week…. Politics wasn't exactly the purpose that Steve Wintercroft had in mind for his animal masks, when he began designing and supplying them via craft website Etsy in 2013… Not that Steve is apolitical, far from it; Wintercroft have worked with a number of animal charities. "A few months ago we did a campaign with Lush cosmetics, who put our fox masks in shop windows across the country to highlight animal welfare issues during the general election," he says. "The League Against Cruel Sports teamed up with Lush, and it developed from there."… (story)

Ham & High 15.7.15 Success for Ricky Gervais and Hampstead’s MP who wrote letter opposing fox-hunting vote to PM - Imogen Blake - Hampstead’s own Ricky Gervais is well-known for his passionate animal rights activism, but Hampstead and Kilburn’s new Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has yet to make a similar name for herself in the field of animal welfare. However, in an unlikely match, the pair recently teamed up to lobby the government to drop the controversial vote on relaxing fox-hunting laws… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 15.7.15 Neath MP Christina Rees welcomes fox hunting climbdown decision - NEATH MP Christina Rees has welcomed a decision by the Scottish National Party (SNP) to oppose changes to the ban on fox hunting…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 15.7.15 Fox hunting vote: 'MP wrong to abstain' By Alex Shipman - WE asked Plymouth people on the street whether or not they think fox hunting laws should be relaxed, and what they make of Oliver Colvile's decision to abstain from voting…. (story)

Sheffield News 15.7.15 Fox hunting Speaks volumes about this government. Child poverty, food banks, cuts to vital services, people working for a pittance but top of the agenda is repealing the law on fox hunting. Viva la revolucion! D A Wragg Sheffield (letter)

Sunderland Echo 15.7.15 MP’s to vote on hunting - Richard Mountford, development manager, Animal Aid. (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 11.7.15 Tell your MP to vote against fox hunting - ON July 15, MPs are to vote on amendments to the Hunting Act, which will effectively bring back hunting with hounds in England and Wales… The vast majority of the public are against hunting, but many MPs are not, so the vote in Parliament is likely to be close. I would urge readers to contact their MP immediately and ask him or her to vote against this legalisation of savagery. RICHARD MOUNTFORD Development Manager Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)

York Press 15.7.15 Pest-control vote is just a ruse - THE Prime Minster has failed to gather support to scrap the controversial hunting ban within his own party, a sign of progress… I am therefore putting out an appeal to everyone. Please contact your MP, especially if you live in York Outer constituency, to stop this amendment from passing through the Commons chambers quietly. Stuart Maule, Heath Croft, York (letter)

Telegraph 15.7.15 SNP duplicity is a threat to the Union - Telegraph View: The foxhunting debacle completely undermines our current system of governance - Anyone who supports the Union will be dismayed by the goings-on at Westminster these past few days. The decision of the Scottish National Party to vote on a matter that is exclusively the province of English and Welsh MPs has diminished the prospect of holding the current system of governance together. The fact that the issue on which the SNP has made this stand is foxhunting, which has minority support in the country, is irrelevant… The Government had been entitled to believe that the SNP would stay out of this debate since a few months ago Nicola Sturgeon, the party leader, said: “We have a long-standing position of not voting on matters that purely affect England – such as foxhunting – and we stand by that.”… This demonstrates the untrustworthiness of the SNP but at least it is consistent in wanting to destroy the Union. But what is Labour’s excuse for egging it on?... (story)

Telegraph 15.7.15 The SNP is good at starting fights, but will lose this one - It might have seemed a good idea to meddle in the English hunting vote, but the Nationalists will soon be sorry By Charlie Brooks - They just couldn’t help themselves. After a couple of weeks of creeping around the corridors of Westminster, the Nationalists from Scotland fell flat on their faces at the first hurdle…. But have they fallen for the sucker punch? Perhaps they should have stopped to think: “Why are the Tories introducing something that is so far down their list of priorities so early in this Government?” Might it be that such an obviously English [and Welsh] Bill was the perfect trap to expose the SNP’s true colours?... (story)

Telegraph 15.7.15 English Votes for English Laws: What next for foxhunting reforms? What is 'English votes for English laws'? What next for efforts to repeal foxhunting? All your questions about EVEL answered By Michael Wilkinson - Foxhunting reforms in England and Wales have been kicked into the long grass after Scottish National Party MPs threatened to defeat the Government by voting down its proposals. Attentions have quickly turned to another proposal – English votes for English laws…. (story)

Telegraph 15.7.15 SNP intervention in the hunting debate proves the party can't be trusted - It took all of two months for the SNP to prove that it cannot be trusted…. Richard Burden Knockholt, Kent
May animal-loving English MPs now vote to banish sporting shooting in Scotland… Tony Pay Bridge of Cally, Perthshire
If the SNP remains intent on distrupting the hunting vote in the Commons, all Conservative MPs should vote against further devolution for Scotland. Geoff Thornton Scarcroft, West Yorkshire
May I politely remind Nicola Sturgeon that she is not an MP, and that her excessive influence on Westminster politics is unhealthy… Hugo Blogg Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Does the Conservative Party want to define itself in the minds of voters as the party that legalised fox hunting as soon as it got a majority? Maggie Harrison Crewe, Cheshire
Pro-hunters used to say that it was an inappropriate use of valuable parliamentary time to bring in the Hunting Act, but now the boot is on the other foot. There is no strong public support for watering down or repealing the Hunting Act, and the use of parliamentary procedure to try to achieve this is a cynical abuse of the system. … Oliver Westmoreland London W4
Greece is in crisis; Germany is running the eurozone; Britain is re-negotiating membership of the European Union; terrorism is a significant threat. Yet MPs are being lobbied regarding fox hunting. Norman Mitchell Rustington, West Sussex
I have not noticed people dressing up so grandly to indulge in other forms of “pest control” (Letters, July 14). Richard Simmonds Cookham Dean, Berkshire (letters)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.7.15 Foxhunting vote postponed after SNP “U-turn” by Lindsay Watling - The UK Government has postponed a vote to relax the fox-hunting ban south of the border after the SNP announced it would break its normal practice of abstaining on England-only matters…. (story)

Shropshire Star 15.7.15 Shropshire hunt supporters disappointed as Commons vote scrapped - It should have been a day when the future of fox hunting was debated. But today’s Westminster vote has been cancelled after the intervention of the SNP. Members of Shropshire’s Albrighton and Woodland Hunt spoke of their disappointment, saying current rules simply do not work. Huntsman Peter McColgan said: “The vote really mattered.”… (story)

Shepton Mallet Journal 15.7.15 'This is far from over' pledges Countryside Alliance chief over hunting campaign (story)
Western Daily Press 14.7.15 'This is far from over' pledges Countryside Alliance chief over hunting campaign By TristanCork - Furious hunt campaigners have blasted Scottish MPs who scuppered the Government's plans to water down the Hunting Act. The Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said the decision to scrap the vote was 'the correct one', because the issue had now become a constitutional one, rather than a debate over animal welfare…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 15.7.15 Grimsby MP's warning that fox hunting ban could still be lifted - GRIMSBY MP Melanie Onn said Prime Minister David Cameron was "pushed back into his stable on fox hunting" after a vote on amending the ban was postponed. She labelled the tradition "cruel and inhumane" ahead of a proposed vote in the House of Commons today…. Conservative MP for Cleethorpes Martin Vickers said: "Personally I have no strong views on hunting…. He added: "The change is intended to assist upland farmers to deal with foxes killing large number of lambs, which I'm sure we can all agree is desirable." (story)

Closer 15.7.15 Keep the Ban: Closer attends the anti-hunting protest - On Tuesday 14 July, Closer attended the fox hunting protest at Old Palace Yard – across the road from the Houses of Parliament, as hundreds of protestors spoke out against government plans to bring back fox hunting, ahead of the vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday… Written by Abigail Wilson (story)

Carlisle News & Star 15.7.15 HUNTING BAN: DELAY MORE ABOUT POLITICS THAN ANIMAL WELFARE By Freya Findlay - The delay in the vote to amend the fox hunting ban is more about politics than animal welfare, says a hunting supporter. Michael Thompson, the joint master of the Blencathra Fox Hounds, claimed that the postponement simply meant there would be more waiting…. (story)

Cumberland Times & Star 15.7.15 WORKINGTON MP SUE HAYMAN VOWS TO CONTINUE FIGHT FOR ANIMAL WELFARE - Workington MP Sue Hayman has welcomed the Government’s decision to shelve a vote on relaxing England’s hunting laws, but said she will continue to fight for animal welfare issues…. Earlier this week, Michael Thompson, joint master of the Blencathra Foxhounds, welcomed the vote, saying they had been waiting 10 years for change…. (story)

Mirror 15.7.15 David Cameron left fuming after fox hunting vote climbdown means he can't bring back barbaric bloodsport – yet BY BEN GLAZE - David Cameron is seething after being outmanoeuvred in his bid to relax rules on hunting with hounds. The humiliated Prime Minister called off today’s crunch vote as it became clear he faced defeat when Scottish nationalists vowed to vote against him…. Laura Bell, 34, of Crawley, West Sussex, said: “This amazing turnout shows the public don’t want to turn the clock back.”… Jane Ireland, 36, of Haslemere, Surrey, agreed, saying: “It was a pretty desperate attempt to bring back hunting.”… (story)

Christian Science Monitor 15.7.15 What the UK's foxhunting vote is really about – and it isn't foxes By Michelle Toh, Staff writer - What started out as debate over a traditional British sport has turned into another point of dispute between Downing Street and the Scottish Parliament. Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to delay a vote Tuesday that would relax the United Kingdom’s ban on foxhunting, after the Scottish National Party (SNP) came out against it…. (story)

Mail 15.7.15 Hypocritical, shameless, unprincipled: Sturgeon's stance on hunting is just the start of her war on England, writes CHRIS DEERIN By CHRIS DEERIN FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Nicola Sturgeon was admirably clear back in February: 'The SNP have a long-standing position of not voting on matters that purely affect England — such as fox-hunting south of the border, for example — and we stand by that.' That was then. Or, to be more precise, that was before the General Election, when Ms Sturgeon was rather keen that English voters should see a cuddlier side to her Scottish National Party…. Given current events, her next sentence should interest us, too. 'Where any issue is genuinely 'English-only', with no impact on Scotland, the case for Evel [English Votes For English Laws] can be made.'… (story)

Herald 15.7.15 David Cameron's government denies it was 'outfoxed' by the SNP as it postpones crunch hunting vote - Kate Devlin - David Cameron's government was forced into its second humiliating climbdown in a week after SNP MPs scuppered moves to water down the fox hunting ban in England and Wales…. (story)

Herald 15.7.15 Cameron's Evel blunderbuss backfires as he fails to shoot the Nationalist fox - For connoisseurs of the art, it is a lovely piece of sophistry. Fans of the all-weather, multi-purpose double standard might also find something to admire. The rest of us can only pause to wonder if Conservatives care at all about the future of the United Kingdom. Here's how it goes. If you are one of 56 of Scotland's 59 MPs you have no right to complain, it seems, when every last one of your amendments to a Scotland bill is overruled by English parliamentarians. You are members of a unitary British legislature, a fact confirmed in a referendum, and those are the rules. Lump it. If, however, you decide to live up to your responsibilities and exercise your rights as a member of that parliament, you will be crossing a line…. (story)

Express 15.7.15 SNP threat puts Cameron's fox hunting vote on hold - DAVID CAMERON has postponed today's vote on relaxing the fox hunting ban after SNP MPs vowed to break with tradition and oppose the move By GREG CHRISTISON… (story)

Guardian 15.7.15 SNP U-turn on foxhunting vote: a conflict of principle and practice - Michael White - The ‘English votes’ response to devolution is legitimate, but it has to be handled carefully if it is not to break up the UK - One of the hardest things in politics sometimes is to disentangle whether or not we approve of a proposed action from the overarching principle that may be guiding the action in question. The SNP’s decision this week to block David Cameron’s plans to relax the hunting ban is a classic example…. (story)

Independent 15.7.15 Scotland the brave: An early, decisive victory for the SNP on fox hunting - “The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable” is how Oscar Wilde famously styled the sight of an English country gentleman on a fox hunt. Something of the same could be said of the sight of David Cameron, no stranger to a red coat, in full pursuit of the Hunting Act. And yet, having flushed out his quarry and in charge of a newly enlarged pack of slavering (mostly) pro-hunting Tory MPs, his prey is proving unexpectedly elusive…. (story)

Dundee Courier 15.7.15 SNP resorts to a pack hunt By Jenny Hjul - MPs were to have been given a free vote today on whether to relax the hunting ban, introduced in England and Wales a decade ago. However, for SNP members there is no such thing as a free vote. They were, like hounds, told to operate in a pack when they went into the debate, having been carefully coached by their party leader, Nicola Sturgeon, who arrived for a special meeting in London on Monday night…. Is there any point in reminding ministers yet again that Scotland’s health system is in crisis as under-staffed wards close for the summer, that our poorest children cannot get a decent education in state-funded schools and are being sent out into the world without qualifications and that there are pockets of deprivation in some parts of the country so severe that the foodbanks cannot cope with their needs? Probably not…. (story)

Metro 15.7.15 Someone dumped a dead fox on hunting ban MP’s lawn - Amy Willis - A dead fox has mysteriously appeared on the lawn of a former MP. The timing of this fox dump is a little suspicious, however, as this MP is hunting ban campaigner Mike Foster, 52…. (story)
Worcester News 14.7.15 Dead fox found outside home of Worcester's former Labour MP Mike Foster - just hours before hunting vote is ditched - Tom Edwards, Political Reporter - A DEAD fox has been found outside the drive of Worcester's former Labour MP Mike Foster - just hours before a crunch vote on watering down the hunting ban was dramatically ditched… (story)

Bristol Post 15.7.15 What should we do about fox-hunting in Bristol and South Gloucestershire? By EsmeAshcroft1 - IT is a contentious issue which has divided families and communities, and now the question of whether we allow greater freedoms to those who fox-hunt is once again at the forefront of the political agenda…. The rural communities around Bristol and South Gloucestershire have a proud tradition of fox-hunting, a sport which has been carried out for generations and several hundreds of years. Supporters claim it is an effective way to control the fox population, which often kill farm animals for fun rather than food…. However, one group – Bristol Hunt Saboteurs – are actively against a relaxation of the rules. A spokesman said: "Fox hunting is barbaric and should be consigned to the history books where it belongs…. (story)

Horse & Hound 15.7.15 Who caught the eye at the Blaston Hound Show? PICTURES - Polly Portwin - The ever-popular Blaston Hound Show took place on 28 June in Blaston, Leicestershire. With 18 packs taking part, nine in the modern foxhound classes and nine in the Old English, there was plenty to entertain the enthusiastic ringside audience…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.7.15 Group's anger over shelving of grouse shoot petition - ANIMAL rights campaigners say they are considering legal action after Bradford Council shelved a petition about grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor. The group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) handed in a petition to full council yesterday, objecting to the authority's 10-year contract awarding the shooting rights to theBingley Moor Partnership. Spokesman Luke Steele said: "We wouldn't see Bradford Council endorsing a fox hunt, so why would we see Bradford Council endorsing a grouse shoot?"… (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 15.7.15 Fierce competition at Robinson & Hall's annual clay shoot - For the 16th year running, Robinson & Hall held a charity clay shoot in aid of the Countryside Alliance…. This year's shoot raised over £2,700 for the Countryside Alliance, bringing the total raised since the first shoot to over £27,100 (story)

BBC News Online 15.7.15 Rock star Brian May's pig farm views 'should not take precedence' By Conor Macauley - Queen guitarist Brian May should not be able to influence a planning decision over a big pig farm development in County Antrim, a farmers' union said. In June, the rock star said a plan for a facility to house up to 30,000 pigs on a Newtownabbey farm was "horrific". But the Ulster Farmers' Union said a campaign was being orchestrated against the farm. hey said "celebrity views" should not take precedence over those of local people in planning decisions…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.7.15 Celebrities like Brian May should not set the agenda for pig mega-farm By Ivor Ferguson - The Ulster Farmers' Union is calling for science and local legislation to guide the debate on planning issues related to on-farm developments. This has come to a head over plans for a new state-of-the-art pig unit in Co Antrim, which has become something of a cause celebre with campaigners against intensive livestock farming….There can be no question that their involvement attracts media attention, but at the end of the day, the views of campaigners like Brian May, Martin Shaw or Jenny Seagrove should not weigh more heavily than those of people who live in the area, or the thousands who work in processing jobs that depend on supplies coming from local farms… Ivor Ferguson is a pig farmer and deputy president of the Ulster Farmers' Union (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.7.15 Plight of suffering caged hens raised by charity - Since the ban on battery cages in 2012, many people believe that egg-laying hens are no longer kept in cages in this country. But unfortunately millions in the UK remain incarcerated in crowded, filthy cages simply to produce cheap eggs…. Ben Martin, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge - (story)


Peterborough Telegraph 14.7.15 Government branded a ‘shambles’ over foxhunting vote u-turn - The Government is a “shambles” which is trying to loosen the rules on foxhunting by changing the rules of the Commons to avoid defeat, Opposition MPs have claimed… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 First blood to Nicola Sturgeon as she outfoxes David Cameron on hunting - JOHN MULLIN - First blood, then, to Nicola Sturgeon in this fascinating new phase of Westminster warfare. Outfoxing one’s opponents is enjoyable at any time: all the more so if an offensive that David Cameron and Co somehow failed to anticipate leaves them spluttering with indignation too. That a faintly ridiculous row over hunting – laden with class baggage and emblematic of the Tory toff – was such a successful battleground for the SNP highlights one of the key features of Scottish politics today. We might call it The Doctrine of Flicking the Cheeky V-sign… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Fox hunting ban: SNP goes back on pledge not to vote on matters that 'purely affect' England - OLIVER WRIGHT- The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been accused accused of attempting to sabotage government plans to reach a new constitutional settlement for the UK after it ripped up a long-standing convention not to vote on English-only laws in Westminster… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Fox hunting Q&A: Why has the vote been scrapped and what is behind the SNP's stance? - OLIVER WRIGHT… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Horror that turned a hunt enthusiast vegan - The hunting fraternity claims that those who are opposed to hunting wild mammals with hounds are “ignorant townies” hellbent on some class war. Such nonsense. I once used to go hunting, I loved it and for seven years participated heavily in the 1980s. What changed me was that I witnessed a vixen dug up…. Lynn Sawyer Newnham on Severn, Gloucestershire
If Cameron and his cronies’ despicable Statutory Instrument is accepted in Parliament on Wednesday, a further raft of convenient excuses will be handed to lawbreaking hunts. … Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letters)

New Statesman 14.7.15 Labour have put themselves on the wrong side of the English - Ultimately, exhorting the SNP to vote against fox hunting in England and Wales will hurt Labour, warns John Denham. Labour will pay a heavy price for its opportunistic response to English Votes for English Laws. It’s as though they have already forgotten how English sentiment swung the last election against the party. Last week’s feeble response to the debate on Evel has been made worse by the open plea to the SNP to vote on hunting with dogs. Only the Tories and the SNP will benefit in the long term, even if has helped the foxes in the short term…. (story)

Telegraph 14.7.15 The SNP vote on foxhunting will hasten the Union's end - By cosying up to the nationalists, who once promised not to vote on English matters, Labour will only increase southern voters' discontent - By Philip Johnston - The decision by the SNP to support Labour and oppose an amendment to the foxhunting laws in England and Wales will hasten the end of the Union. Until now Nationalist MPs have scrupulously kept out of matters that do not concern them south of the Border…. But since the party’s extraordinary triumph on May 7, winning all but three of Scotland’s 59 constituencies, the power has gone to their heads. Not content with trying to eject veteran Lefties like Denis Skinner from their traditional seats on the green benches of the Commons, they have shown a worrying predilection to get involved in issues that should have nothing to do with them…. So Labour is playing a very dangerous game cosying up to the SNP – especially as it was English alarm at the prospect of a Labour minority government propped up by the Nationalists which helped cook Ed Miliband’s goose at the general election on May 7… (story)

Telegraph 14.7.15 David Cameron 'must strengthen Evel plans to stop SNP maintaining ban on hunting in England' By Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent - David Cameron must strengthen his plans for ‘English votes for English laws’, senior Tories have said, after the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon forced him to shelve a vote on relaxing the fox hunting ban in England. The Prime Minister dropped a free vote on weakening the hunting ban just 24 hours before it was due to be held after the SNP decided to vote against the changes even though they only affect England. He described the SNP's move as "entirely opportunistic"…. (story)

Telegraph 14.7.15 Why I hunt: Nothing comes close to the thrill of chasing a live quarry - As the hunting debate rages again, we must not forget the sheer wild joy of pursuing a fox By Louise Guinness - Those of us who follow hounds sigh wearily every time the anti-hunting brigade throws the words “bloodthirsty”, and “barbaric” at us… So, are we hunters bloodthirsty? Definitely not - and yet to many of us hunting is meaningless without a live quarry. That’s not because we were desperate to see a fox killed – not at all – the best days’ hunting almost always ended with a healthy fox getting clean away – but because we were united in a strong sense of purpose. We were invited to ride over local farmers’ land not only because they liked us and the look of us, but also because we were there for a reason – part of the appeal was aesthetic, but if the hounds happened to chase off, or account for, a troublesome fox, all the better…. Louise Guinness has ridden out with the Tedworth Hunt for three decades (story)

Telegraph 14.7.15 Sketch: ‘This is Team Fox!’ Masked protesters celebrate their victory... for now By Michael Deacon, Parliamentary Sketchwriter - Animal rights protesters take their dressing-up seriously. Scores were wearing cardboard fox masks. Others were in full-size fox costumes. Others still wore orange face-paint, or foxy ears, or a brush-like tail poking out from the seat of their trousers. Two women had painted their arms with fake blood and scars, to make it look as if they’d been savaged by hounds. “Fight for the fox!” they all chanted. “Blood, blood, blood on your hands!” … (story)

Telegraph 14.7.15 Melanie McDonagh: View halloo: the cynicism of Scot Nats and Labour - It’s not a matter of Fantastic Mr Fox scoring off the pink coats; it’s a balance of evils from the fox point of view… David Cameron’s tentative measure to amend the fox-hunting law has now been seen off by an unlovely and cynical alliance between the SNP and Labour which, remarkably for a complex issue, had been whipped. So, no grounds for conscience there…. When Labour seriously considers curbing halal slaughter, where some 15 per cent of animals killed for that market aren’t stunned first, then I may take them seriously about animal welfare and hunting. Not before. (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 12 twists and turns of the Fox Hunting vote By WMNJBayley – 1. Labour successfully bans hunting with dogs under the Hunting Act 2004. The law comes into force in 2005. Tony Blair later claims, in his autobiography, it was a mistake…. 12. Nicola Sturgeon, for the Scottish Nationalists, says her party in the Commons will vote against relaxing the Hunting Act in order to give David Cameron ‘a bloody nose’. The decision flies in the face of parliamentary protocol which says Scots MPs don’t vote on issues that only apply in England. As a result, the Government postpones the vote. (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Fox Hunting vote will be postponed By Kate Langston - Ministers have said tomorrow's vote to amend hunting regulations will be delayed until a Bill blocking Scottish MPs from voting on English-only laws is passed…(story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Animal rights campaigners celebrate hunting vote delay By Kate Langston - Anti-hunting campaigners have celebrated the postponement of tomorrow's hunting vote, heralding it as a victory for the animal rights movement… (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Animal welfare is best served by a full pack of hounds flushing the fox - Tomorrow MPs could vote on allowing a full pack of hounds to flush a fox to the gun. Wildlife management expert Edmund Marriage says it’s a change long overdue…. There is a mistaken belief that hunting and shooting are separate and unrelated activities. The shooting of at least 100,000 foxes would not be possible without experienced foxhounds, high standards of terrier work, and a mixture of other breeds of dog to flush foxes to guns…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Scottish MPs should vote on this issue - Having just read the comments whether the SNP MP should vote on the amendment to the hunting act on the grounds that it effects England and Wales only, as a Scot living in Somerset I got to vote for an MP to debate in parliament. People in Scotland voted overwhelming for SNP MPs to return to parliament so, of course, they should vote. Hunting knows no boundaries and like defence and border controls it is a national issue… by Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Rally ahead of fox hunt law vote By WMNAGreenwood By Joe Churcher and Emily Beament - Animal welfare activists will stage a rally against proposals to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales, buoyed by the decision of the Scottish National Party to vote against the move….(story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 OPINION: Jamie Foster on the real issues at stake in the hunting debate - Wednesday's hunting vote is postponed. But the issue still need resolving. Jamie Foster reports - Pandemonium has broken out amongst otherwise mildly hysterical animal rights organisations such as the League Against Cruel Sports and Brian May’s ‘Save Me’. Despite yesterday’s hiccup, prompted by the Scottish Nationalists decision to vote on an issue that has nothing to do with them, MPs are eventually going to be given the opportunity to decide if they wish to amend the Hunting Act to reduce some of its worst excesses…. The activists are now screaming to the rooftops that the proposed amendments are ‘repeal by the backdoor’. This is completely untrue… (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Countryside the loser as the ranting and hypocrisy over hunt ban changes go on By WMNPBowern - It is hard to say who’s the winner in the bizarre and often ludicrous ‘debate’ raging over hunting at the moment. It’s not so difficult to identify the loser. The countryside, so often misrepresented and misunderstood, has once again been badly served. Not that most country folk will be losing much sleep over the fact that a House of Commons vote on a proposed change in the law on hunting has been postponed. The vast majority – whether hunters, farmers or those with a close involvement in country matters – have long given up expecting anything better from the politicians on issues affecting rural life. (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Let all creatures live in peace - I am appalled by the barbaric sport of fox hunting. What has our furry-headed friend, the fox done to deserve it? by Sarah Chenoweth Newquay (letter)

Sentinel 14.7.15 The Big Issue: Fox hunting - a barbaric practice which has no place in a modern Britain? - LESS than 24 hours ago, today's vote to 'relax' the laws on fox hunting was axed amid fears of a Conservative defeat…. Newcastle labour MP Paul Farrelly, who had planned to vote against the proposals, said: "David Cameron was opportunistic in pushing this vote to change the Hunting Act before the summer…. Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, who supports the decision to cancel the vote, said: "We were very confident of achieving a majority of English and Welsh MPs in tomorrow's vote, but it is understandable that the Government wants to postpone the vote to deal with the issues the SNP's decision raises…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 14.7.15 West Kent and East Sussex animal rights campaigners celebrate delay to fox hunting vote By Sarah Ward - Campaigners from west Kent and East Sussex are celebrating a delay to a vote which could have allowed fox hunts to rampage through the countryside once more… Uckfield animal rights campaigner and former fox hunter Lis Key said: "We say we are a nation of animal lovers but one of the things I really find unacceptable used to be called 'cub hunting' and is now known as autumn hunting… (story)

Western Daily Press 14.7.15 Queen guitarist Brian May claims a victory has been scored over fox hunting - Queen guitarist Brian May has told noisy protesters outside Parliament they had scored "a victory" in keeping the foxhunting ban after the Government postponed a vote on changes to the law… (story)

BBC News Online 14.7.15 Fox-hunting: SNP forces Cameron to delay planned Commons vote - SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has told David Cameron he is "not master of all he surveys" after her party forced a delay in a planned fox-hunting vote…. (story)

BBC News Online 14.7.15 Two retreats...and a new problem - Mark D'Arcy - With two strategic retreats in the space of a week, the intersection of Hunting and English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) is generating some really interesting politics…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 14.7.15 GOVERNMENT DELAYS VOTE ON HUNTING ACT AFTER SNP STATES OPPOSITION BY ALISTAIR DRIVER - A vote on amendments to the Hunting Act has been postponed after the SNP announced its 56 MPs would be voting against the proposed amendments…. (story)

Guardian 14.7.15 Outfoxed! How Britain’s most divisive animal lived to fight another day The SNP has secured it a temporary reprieve, but the wily fox is back at the centre of British political life. Why does this misunderstood creature still inflame such passionate argument? Patrick Barkham…Urbanites may assume that farmers hate foxes, but this is another stereotype. David and Patsy Mallett farm sheep on the edge of Dartmoor. Foxes, they say, perform “a service”: they take the rabbits that eat their grass and keep rats away… Enjoyment is a key word: Garry Marvin believes that both pros and antis are arguing about pleasure. “The thing that concerns people is the notion of pleasure that is involved in hunting. In certain western cultures, hunting generally is perceived to be anachronistic and out-of-date because of this notion of pleasure,” he says… (story)

International Business Times 14.7.15 Fox hunting ban: Hundreds celebrate outside parliament as David Cameron shelves vote By Ian Silvera , Video by Sabine Schwab - Protests turned to celebrations as hundreds of anti-fox hunting campaigners demonstrated outside of parliament today (14 July) after David Cameron suspended his plan to relax the law around the blood sport…. (story)

International Business Times 14.7.15 James Kelly: SNP decision on fox hunting provokes the Tories into overplaying their hand - Do you recall the pre-election "scare" about the prospect of a British prime minister being forced to do things (or not do things) by the ghastly SNP? It was all true. Nicola Sturgeon flies to London to decide the SNP's position on fox hunting in England, and within hours David Cameron has surrendered without a shot being fired, or even a fox being ripped to shreds. The only inaccurate thing about that famous Tory election poster was that it depicted Ed Miliband in Alex Salmond's pocket, rather than Cameron…. (story)

Daily Record 14.7.15 Cameron denies being 'outfoxed' by Nicola Sturgeon after hunting vote postponed BY SAM LISTER , ANDREW WOODCOCK , JOE CHURCHER , GAVIN CORDON - DAVID Cameron has attacked the SNP for its "entirely opportunistic" position on foxhunting after he was forced to postpone a vote on relaxing the ban when the party decided to oppose the move…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 14.7.15 Foxhunting ban relaxation vote delayed but still has support of district's Tory MPs - BRADFORD’S Conservative MPs have backed a relaxation of the ban on fox hunting – but the controversial vote has been delayed. Both Kris Hopkins (Keighley) and Philip Davies (Shipley) said the current rules – allowing only two hounds to flush out a fox – were failing to protect livestock…. (story)

Express 14.7.15 Brian May hails fox hunting victory as a 'humiliation' for PM but warns battle goes on - BRIAN May has hailed the victory against controversial changes to fox hunting laws as an "abject humiliation" for David Cameron. By STUART WINTER - But the rock star and animal rights campaigner warned anti-fox hunting supporters that they must prepare for a long war to keep cruelty from the countryside…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 14.7.15 Why has the fox hunting ban vote been cancelled? BY JAMES RODGER - Everything you need to know as tomorrow's planned vote is cancelled by the government… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 14.7.15 Supporters of fox hunting know it's wrong - and they couldn't care less' BY ALANPOOLE - Alan Poole says the overwhelming, if largely silent, majority of us know fox hunting has no place in a civilised society… Fox hunting is wrong. Because it is. End of story…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 14.7.15 David Cameron is finally getting round to try to repeal the Hunting Act…. Mr Cameron may be able to fool some MPs, but this act does not need repealing, it needs strengthening to properly allow law-breakers to be successfully prosecuted. Bryan Griffiths, (POWA Associate), Wiltshire Close, Bedworth (letter)

Mirror 14.7.15 Top Tory says SNP SHOULD be barred from fox hunting vote - but his own rules don't allow it BY DAN BLOOM - Top Tory Chris Grayling has appeared to contradict his own words on fox hunting as he was mauled by Labour and SNP hounds in the Commons. The Commons leader said Scottish MPs should be blocked from voting on the ban because it only applies to England and Wales. But his remarks came minutes after he admitted his own English Votes for English Laws plan (EVEL) wouldn't allow that…. (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Meet Hetty the fox whose adorable antics have convinced the public to back the 'Keep the Ban' campaign BY RUTH HALKON - Richard Bowler, who owns Hetty, posted the pictures to celebrate David Cameron's decision to delay a vote on relaxing the fox hunting ban - David Cameron has tried to convince the public that foxes are pests who terrorise lambs and put the livelihoods of farmers at risk. But anyone looking at these adorable pictures of Hetty would have to have a heart of stone to want to hunt her species…. (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Fox hunting made this innocent cub an orphan - now her best friends are dogs BY NICOLA OAKLEY - A 'free vote' which was due to take place in the House of Commons to decide whether the fox hunting ban should be relaxed has now reportedly been postponed. The topic has been widely debated - and condemned by many - over the last few days, but these pictures of a young orphaned cub, called Ruby, make it all the more real. Ruby was rescued in Yorkshire three months ago and is now being raised by Jane Dunford in Harlow, Essex…. (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Fox hunting: Ricky Gervais vindicated as David Cameron does elaborate u-turn over vote on return of sport BY FAY STRANG - Ricky Gervais took to Twitter this afternoon to celebrate that the vote to decide to fate of fox hunting has been cancelled… (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Fox Hunting ban: Would David Cameron have lost without the SNP? I'm not so sure - Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire weighs up the reality of David Cameron chickening out of the fox hunting vote… (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Fox hunting: Brian May says he's disappointed at missing chance to save ban 'forever' BY HELEN WHITEHOUSE - The Queen legend, who founded animal trust Save Me, spoke out as crowds of activists demonstrated with flares and fox suits outside Parliament… (story)

Horse & Hound 14.7.15 *Updated* Vote to amend Hunting Act postponed - The vote proposing amendments to the Hunting Act 2004 scheduled for Wednesday 15 July in the House of Commons has been shelved… (story)

Huffington Post 14.7.15 SNP Can Still Vote On Foxhunting After EVEL Comes Into Force By Owen Bennett - If pro-hunt campaigners think English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) legislation will help them, they are wrong. Just an hour after the Government announced it would be postponing the vote on amending the foxhunting ban, Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling published more details on EVEL. The common thought is the changes would stop Scottish MPs voting on English only, or English and Welsh only, matters. However, that is not what is being proposed. What is actually being considered is that English MPs would have a veto on laws which only affect England…. The real reason why David Cameron will not get his way on changes to the foxhunting law is that a number of his own MPs, including Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, are set to vote against them…. (story)

Huffington Post 14.7.15 Fox Hunter Calls Nicola Sturgeon A 'Little Cranky Lady' By Ned Simons - Nicola Sturgeon torpedoed David Cameron's attempt to water down the Hunting Act because she is a "little cranky lady", according to one fox hunter…. During a debate on fox hunting on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme, fox hunter Penelope Davies-Brown hit out at the SNP. "I think it is entirely disingenuous to try and get us to believe this is anything other than a political attempt to cock a snoot at the current government. It has absolutely nothing to do with animal rights in England," she complained… This is literally a little cranky lady trying to punch above her weight."… (story)

Huffington Post 14.7.15 The Debate on Fox Hunting - Dominic Raab - Tomorrow, Parliament will debate a Statutory Instrument (SI) amending the 2004 Hunting Act. There are several changes, but the key one removes the current limit of two dogs that can be used to flush out foxes (and certain other animals) for the purposes of pest control…. It is clear that hunting foxes with dogs causes acute suffering to the fox…. (story)

Independent 14.7.15 David Cameron drops plans to relax fox hunting ban after SNP vowed to inflict first government defeat - Prime Minister accuses SNP of behaving in 'entirely opportunistic' way after it forced government to delay vote on fox hunting until autumn - MATT DATHAN … (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Brian May hails 'important day for democracy' after vote on foxhunting ban is postponed - EMILY BEAMEN - Queen guitarist Brian May has told noisy protesters outside Parliament they had scored "a victory" in keeping the foxhunting ban after the Government postponed a vote on changes to the law…. (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Fox hunting is demonstrably cruel, but if there is going to be a change in the law we should do it properly - SEAN O'GRADY - First, I should declare an interest; I am a long-time supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA. Just so you know where I am coming from. My views on fox hunting used to be extremely clear; it is an absurdly wasteful way to control a pest, if pest it is; it is demonstrably cruel; animal welfare trumps individual liberty…. >(story)

Channel 4 News 14.7.15 Foxhunting vote cancelled after SNP threat - The government will not hold a vote on altering the law on foxhunting in England and Wales after the SNP said it would oppose the changes….(story)

Mail 14.7.15 Foxhunting: Cameron hits out at SNP By PRESS ASSOCIATION - David Cameron has attacked the SNP for its "entirely opportunistic" position on foxhunting after he was forced to postpone a vote on relaxing the ban when the party decided to oppose the move. The controversial vote, scheduled for tomorrow, would have brought the law south of the border in line with that in Scotland, where an unlimited number of dogs can be used to "flush out" a fox to be shot, compared with just two in England and Wales…. (story)

Mail 14.7.15 My mandate is bigger than yours! Sturgeon forces Cameron to postpone hunting vote and vows SNP will try to block English laws By MATT CHORLEY, POLITICAL EDITOR FOR MAILONLINE - Nicola Sturgeon today suggested her mandate to call the shots in Westminster is stronger than David Cameron as she forced the Tories into retreat on fox hunting. The Scottish First Minister said she was prepared to have her MPs vote on English-only laws because the Prime Minister had failed to show the SNP 'respect'…. (story)

Mail 14.7.15 Dozens of fox hunting protesters including Brian May and SNP group leader Angus Robertson hold rally at Westminster as Cameron is forced into climbdown on English hunt ban by Scots nationalists By AMANDA WILLIAMS FOR MAILONLINE - Fox hunting protesters have staged a rally at Westminster led by Queen guitarist Brian May as David Cameron was forced into a climbdown on amendments to the hunting ban by Scots nationalists… (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 14.7.15 FOX HUNTING U-TURN AFTER SNP PLEDGE TO VOTE - PLANS for a vote on fox hunting tomorrow have been postponed. The U-turn was sparked by a decision by SNP Westminster leader and Moray MP Angus Robertson to allow SNP MPs to vote on the issue…. (story)

ITV 14.7.15 Government pull vote on relaxing fox hunting ban - The government has made a last minute decision to pull a vote on relaxing fox hunting which was due to take place tomorrow….(story)

Worcester News 14.7.15 Vote on changes to fox hunting ban postponed - A VOTE to relax the fox-hunting ban in England and Wales has been postponed after the Scottish National Party's decision to take part in the decision made defeat almost certain…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 14.7.15 Quango Unchained: 'Tories are breaking Obama's golden rule in pursuing fox hunting law change' By jrmaidment - President Obama's approach to foreign policy can be boiled down to just four words according to those in the know: Don't do stupid stuff…More sage advice: Only fight battles you know you can win. David Cameron was set to go against both pieces of counsel today when Parliament was due to be given a vote on making changes to the Hunting Act… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 14.7.15 Fox hunting repeal 2015 protest in pictures outside Tory Thanet South MP Craig Mackinlay offices - MORE than sixty anti-hunting protesters crowded outside Tory MP Craig Mackinlay's office today…Animal lover Barbara Woodruff, who took part said: "I'm dead against this. I do not know why they are wasting time on this when they have so much bigger problems to deal with… Robert Bridger, a decorator from Ramsgate took part in the protest with his wife Jean and daughter Millie, said: "Any changes to the hunting act to allow more dogs is barbaric… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 14.7.15 Hunting Act vote: Amendment 'better for animal welfare' - BOTH sides of the fox hunting debate are set to clash tomorrow as MPs vote on a proposed amendment…. Adrian Whitehead, from Sleaford, is the secretary for the Blankney Hunt who regularly hunt in and around Lincolnshire and he believes that the amendment of the fox hunting act would be 'better for animal welfare'…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.7.15 Fox hunting ban: Vote on the Hunting Act to be postponed By CarolineJones A VOTE over whether or not to relax the Hunting Act has been postponed, according to national reports…. The Derby Telegraph has previously reported how Derby North MP Amanda Solloway would vote to make fox hunting legal again.... (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.7.15 Fox hunting: Nauseating, disgusting pursuit is hardly 'fun' - IN response to the outrage at Amanda Solloway's support for the Hunting Act, Mike Hotter writes: "If you have ever had chickens and found all your hens dead, you would [agree with her] too", MP is right to back the return of fox hunting, July 4. Not all of us, Mr Hotter…. I was heartily glad when the Hunting Act was passed and the country was finally free of this nauseating and disgusting activity…. Anne Johns Littleover (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 14.7.15 MPs confirm they would back Hunting Act amendment - THREE local MPs have said they are backing farmers' calls for an amendment to the Hunting Act…. The move has been backed by Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart who said it was a sensible way of supporting the farming community. The amendment will also be supported by Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards and Ceredigion MP Mark Williams, who have both said they generally remain in favour of the hunting ban… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 14.7.15 South Devon MPs speak out against now delayed hunting ban By HERomPEllis - TWO South Devon MPs have spoken out against plans to relax the hunting ban…. Conservative MPs Kevin Foster and Sarah Wollaston had already confirmed that they would also vote against proposals…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 14.7.15 SNP fox hunt stance 'makes case' for English-only votes - Plymouth MPs By PATRICK DALY - THE Scottish nationalists’ plans to sabotage a vote on relaxing the fox hunting ban has “made the case” for English votes for English laws, say Plymouth MPs… Gary Streeter, MP for South West Devon which includes Plymstock and Plympton, said the situation had “perfectly made the case” for making sure only English MPs vote on English matters…. Oliver Colvile MP, who was planning on abstaining during the vote, said the SNP weren’t interested in the issue and now was the time for Parliamentary reform….(story)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.7.15 Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw speaks out for Hunting Act - Mr Bradshaw said that Conservative plans to reintroduce the hunting Act had been exposed following Chris Grayling's attempts to "sneak" out the announcement that they would not be attempting to amend the act in a Point of Order…(story)

North Devon Journal 14.7.15 North Devon MP would have voted in favour of changes to fox hunting legislation By NDJFran - NORTH Devon’s MP said he would have supported proposed amendments to the English fox hunting legislation. Peter Heaton-Jones confirmed he would have voted in favour of proposals put forward by Conservative ministers to allow an unlimited number of dogs to be used to flush out foxes for pest control purposes…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 14.7.15 VIDEO: Fox-hunting vote postponed following SNP broadside - Mark Casci and Ben Barnett - The Government has suffered its first major defeat since the General Election after the SNP forced it to postpone its vote on relaxing the ban on foxhunting, throwing the debate over English votes for English laws firmly into the spotlight…. The shock postponement proved the talk of opening day of the Great Yorkshire Show, with huntsmen and rural business leaders expressing concern that the vote had been forced off the statute book. Speaking at the Harrogate showground’s Hound Show area, Margaret Brewer, a landowner from Northallerton, described the move as “heartbreaking”…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 14.7.15 Danger of fox hunt ban repeal - Jane, Lancashire (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 14.7.15 Where is the humane option in hunting? - Tomorrow, MPs will be voting whether, rather than allowing two dogs to ‘flush out a fox’ as is now the case, the law should be changed to increase the number of dogs. Not surprisingly, many believe this is a way of repealing the 2004 fox hunting ban… Animal lovers can write to their MP via www.rspca.org.uk/... Name and address supplied (story)

Mail 14.7.15 Show some respect! Sturgeon takes revenge at Cameron's attitude to the SNP by forcing climbdown on English hunt ban By MATT CHORLEY, POLITICAL EDITOR FOR MAILONLINE - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today demanded David Cameron show the SNP more 'respect'. The Tories today backed down on plans to amend the hunting ban in England and Wales, after the SNP vowed to vote against despite it not affecting Scotland and bringing the law into line with rules north of the border. Ms Sturgeon said she wanted to 'remind' the PM just how slender his majority is. But the Tories seized on the row to insist it was time to change the rules of Parliament to ensure only English MPs vote on English laws…. (story)

Guardian 14.7.15 Foxhunting vote shelved by government after SNP opposition - Labour describes move as ‘absolute shambles’ as government decides to abandon vote after it becomes clear that it would not win - The government is withdrawing its attempt to relax the UK’s foxhunting ban after the SNP scuppered its hopes of winning the vote by saying it would oppose the change. Downing Street is now expected to revisit the issue in the autumn after changes to parliamentary voting that will make clear whether a majority of English and Welsh MPs are in favour of weakening the ban…. (story)

Huffington Post 14.7.15 Foxhunting Vote Postponed After SNP Vow To Vote Against Changes By Owen Bennett and Ned Simons - David Cameron has postponed plans to water down the foxhunting ban after the SNP vowed to vote against the changes…. (story)

Independent 14.7.15 David Cameron drops plans to relax fox hunting ban after SNP vowed to inflict first government defeat - MATT DATHAN - David Cameron has dropped plans to relax the fox hunting ban after the Scottish nationalists vowed to vote against the move and inflict an embarrassing first defeat on the government…. (story)

Financial Times 14.7.15 Tories drop plans to relax fox hunting ban Kiran Stacey, Political Correspondent - Ministers have postponed plans to hold a controversial vote on relaxing the ban on fox hunting, after Scottish National party MPs said they would oppose it despite the fact it would not apply in Scotland… (story)

Spectator 14.7.15 Tomorrow’s vote on the hunting ban has been pulled - James Forsyth - The government has confirmed that it is pulling tomorrow’s vote on the relaxation of the hunting ban. A Downing Street source is frank about why they are doing this, the vote would be lost with the SNP voting against and so there’s not much point in having it. Indeed, even the Countryside Alliance accepts that no good would come from pressing on…. (story)

Kent Online 14.7.15 Government postpones Hunting Act vote by Chris Hunter - The Government has postponed voting on proposals to relax the Hunting Act, in the face of rising pressure from the SNP and rebel voters…. Among Tories set to vote against the Government had been Chatham and Aylesford MP Tracey Crouch, who said she had no fears in taking a stand against David Cameron’s attempt to relax the hunting ban…. (story)

Western Mail 14.7.15 Government delays vote on hunting law in wake of SNP pledge to oppose changes BY DAVID WILLIAMSON - The UK Government has postponed the vote due to take place tomorrow on allowing more than two dogs to be used in hunting in Wales and England after the SNP pledged to join Labour in opposing the change. Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Jonathan Edwards had argued the changes would help farmers with the task of livestock protection. The Farmers’ Union of Wales had urged MPs to back the changes, arguing these would help them “protect their livestock against losses to foxes”…. (story)

Western Mail 14.7.15 Government withdraws bill to repeal fox hunting ban after SNP pledge to vote against it - The government have reportedly axed plans to water down the ban on fox hunting to avoid an embarrassing House of Commons defeat. In an attempt to sneak axing the law by the back door, David Cameron planned to rush through a vote on relaxing the rules on hunting with dogs. But in the face of overwhelming pressure from the public , and with SNP MPs pledging to vote down the amendment, the government have backed down cancelling the vote altogether…. (story)

Dorset Echo 14.7.15 UPDATE: Fox hunting repeal postponed as Dorset MPs show their support for controversial vote - Tara Cox, Reporter - A CONTROVERSIAL vote on changes to existing laws on fox hunting in England and Wales has been postponed after the Scottish National Party said it would oppose the changes… South Dorset MP Richard Drax said he would be voting in favour of the repeal… West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin said he would also be voting in favour of the fox hunting repeal…. Simon Hoare, recently elected MP for North Dorset, said he was ‘committed to a total repeal’ and said he hoped the would be the ‘first step’ towards bringing fox hunting back after a decade-long ban…. (story)

Glasgow Extra 14.7.15 Hunt vote postponed after SNP move - A vote to relax the fox-hunting ban in England and Wales has been postponed after the Scottish National Party's decision to take part in the division made defeat almost certain. The controversial vote, scheduled for Wednesday, would have brought the law south of the border in line with that in Scotland, where an unlimited number of dogs can be used to "flush out" a fox to be shot, compared to just two in England and Wales…. (story)

Politics.co.uk 14.7.15 We don't hate fox hunting, we hate posh psychopaths By Ian Dunt - Article update: The government has now pulled the foxhunting vote until after the debate on English Votes for English Laws.- Britain's animal rights debate is just a mechanism for talking about class. What other way is there to explain the staggering levels of muddled-thinking and contradiction which are contained within it? Tomorrow's Commons debate on whether to increase the number of dogs allowed to flush out a fox – a relatively technical legal change which would win no press attention at all if it were a normal bit of legislation - is being accompanied by protests outside parliament, frenzied behind-closed-door talks and acres of press coverage. And most of the people expressing such outrage at the very idea of foxhunting will then go to a café or a supermarket and actively participate in a meat industry where the most extraordinary level of suffering takes place, without for a moment considering the contradiction…. All hunting for pleasure, whether it be foxes, deer, pheasants or elephants, seems fundamentally barbaric. So why not ban it entirely? Because to do so would ban those who go fishing for their evening meal, or who eat the animal they kill. And it would be a strange world where the hunter who kills for his dinner is banned while the factory-processed meat industry is allowed to thrive… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Andy McSmith's Diary - May day for the fox - Brian May, former guitarist of Queen, was in the Commons on Monday, cultivating allies ahead of tomorrow’s vote on fox hunting… One person who – perhaps unexpectedly – supports the Government is the former Lib Dem MP Roger Williams, who lost Brecon and Radnorshire to the Tories in May. He has told the Countryside Alliance: “If the party is seen to be against fox control and unwilling to support farmers, we will lose our rural heartlands for a generation, and perhaps for ever.”… (story)

Independent 14.7.15 Nicola Sturgeon's decision to defy David Cameron over fox hunting reveals the real power that the Scottish nationalists wield over England - MATT DATHAN - Nicola Sturgeon came down to Westminster last night and took a decision with her 56 SNP MPs to vote against moves by David Cameron to significantly relax the fox hunting ban in England and Wales…. It exposes the vulnerability of the Conservative’s slim majority of just 12 MPs but it also reveals just how powerful the block of Scottish nationalists at Westminster will be over the next five years… (story)

Cambridge News 14.7.15 Cambridgeshire MPs reveal how they will vote on proposed amendment to Hunting Act By Gareth McPherson - Britain's fight against ISIS is being stepped up and eurozone leaders are trying to avert financial armageddon. But on Wednesday Westminster MPs will be debating how many dogs will be allowed to flush out a fox during hunts…. The News asked MPs how they would vote and why…. (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Top Tory tells anti-fox hunt campaigner to 'get a life' after she contacted him about crunch vote BY BEN GLAZE - An arrogant Tory MP told a voter to “get a life” after she contacted him about Wednesday's crunch fox hunting vote. The animal rights campaigner was upset by David Cameron’s “sly, back-door” plans to allow an unlimited number of hounds to flush out foxes. Tory grandee Sir Gerald Howarth, 67, replied: “Get a life and stop being so rude about the Prime Minister.”… (story)

Mirror 14.7.15 Thousands of healthy foxhounds - including pups - are clubbed to death or shot if they're 'unsuitable' - Hounds will be the “other victims of fox hunting” if the sick sport is allowed to return, campaigners warn… Former huntswoman turned anti-hunt campaigner Lynn Sawyer revealed it was seen as “normal” to shoot and incinerate dogs once they were no longer “productive”…. Lynn, who spent years with hunts in the 1980s, added she had heard members talk about killing with “humour”…. (story)
Western Mail 14.7.15 Revoking hunting ban will lead to hounds becoming “other victims of fox hunting” if sport returns, campaigners warn - Revoking hunting ban will lead to hounds becoming “other victims of fox hunting” if sport returns, campaigners warn…. Former huntswoman turned anti-hunt campaigner Lynn Sawyer revealed it was seen as “normal” to shoot and incinerate dogs once they were no longer “productive”…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 14.7.15 Three Dorset MPs to vote in favour of fox hunting repeal - THREE of Dorset's MPs have thrown their weight behind a controversial vote on changes to existing laws on fox hunting in England and Wales…. South Dorset MP Richard Drax said he would be voting in favour of the repeal and added: “This inconsistency, as with many other anomalies between Scottish and English laws, needs to be brought into line and I support it…. West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin said he would also be voting in favour of the fox hunting repeal…. Simon Hoare, recently elected MP for North Dorset, said he was ‘committed to a total repeal’ and said he hoped Thursday’s vote would be the ‘first step’ towards bringing fox hunting back after a decade-long ban…. (story)

Nottingham Post 14.7.15 SNP to vote against relaxing of fox hunting laws By BenIreland - The Scottish National Party's group in Westminster has announced it will oppose a Conservative effort to relax laws on fox hunting…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.7.15 Nicola Sturgeon's warning ahead of fox hunting vote By Gavin Cordon - Nicola Sturgeon has warned David Cameron that he must respect the mandate of Scottish MPs at Westminster as the SNP threatened to scupper Government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales…. (story)

Hartlepool Mail 14.7.15 Rally over fox hunt law change bid - Animal welfare activists will stage a rally against proposals to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales, buoyed by the decision of the Scottish National Party to vote against the move….(story)

Western Daily Press 14.7.15 The SNP will join forces with Labour to vote against plans to amend the fox hunting ban - The Scottish National Party will join forces with Labour to vote against plans to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales in what it called a warning to the "arrogant" Conservative UK government…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 14.7.15 South Wales West MPs split on hunting vote - A PLAID Cymru MP will become an unlikely bedfellow with the Westminster Tories tomorrow when he votes in favour of relaxing fox hunting laws. Jonathan Edwards said he wanted to protect the interests of farmers in his Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency… (story)

Express 14.7.15 SNP to vote AGAINST changes to Hunting Act – which only affects England and Wales - THE Scottish National Party will vote against plans to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales – even though it does not affect Scotland. By JAKE BURMAN - The party's 56 MPs decided to take part in the controversial vote after holding a meeting last night, despite normally sitting out on decisions that do not directly affect Scotland… (story)

Herald 14.7.15 Sturgeon tells Cameron: you must respect the mandate of Scottish MPs at Westminster -Kate Devlin - Nicola Sturgeon has warned David Cameron that he must respect the mandate of Scottish MPs at Westminster as the SNP threatened to scupper Government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales…. (story)

Herald 14.7.15 The case against fox hunting is shot through with hypocrisy - I NOTE that the whole issue of animal welfare is mired in hypocrisy ("Labour calls on SNP to oppose amendment to fox-hunting law", The Herald July 13). I received an email requesting that I sign the petition referred to in the above article. It was of course topped by a picture of a fluffy fox cub staring appealingly at the camera… I wonder how animal rights campaigners would justify literally hundreds of chickens killed by the blood lust of one fox… this is fraught with problems for the SNP… This is their first true test of whether they are willing to vote on the merits of an issue or on populist, uninformed attitudes. I would not hold my breath. David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick.
The SNP is urged by the Labour Party to oppose the Tories attempt to overturn the ban on fox hunting in England which, on the face of it, is an honourable and humane position. Sadly, Harriet Harman, the temporary leader of Labour, has also intimated that her party will not oppose some of the savage Tory welfare cuts imposed on the less fortunate people in our society… Which is more is more deserving of our support - foxes or people? James Mills 29 Armour Square, Johnstone (letters)

Plymouth Herald 14.7.15 Green Party anger at MP stance on hunt vote By Alex Shipman - A PLYMOUTH MP has been criticised by the Green Party for his decision to not vote on an amendment set to relax the fox hunting ban. Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP Oliver Colvile will abstain from voting on the Hunting Act 2004 on the grounds that the legislation does not affect his constituents… (story)

Kent Online 14.7.15 Dartford MP Gareth Johnson changes mind on repealing the Hunting Act as government delays free vote - Dartford MP Gareth Johnson has performed a u-turn on government proposals to relax the Hunting Act on the day the vote was delayed in Parliament. Mr Johnson previously said he was in favour of repealing the ban but had changed his stance following opposition from constituents. Mr Johnson said: "I maintain that fox hunting is not the most pressing issue for Dartford but I am aware that some people feel very passionately about it…. "Having carefully considered the arguments put forward to me by Dartfordians, I have concluded that it is right to vote against these proposed amendments to the hunting ban and keep the law as it currently stands…. (story)

Huffington Post 14.7.15 We Should Throw Sturgeon in Front of a Hunt Horse for Pankhurst Day - Paul Nuttall - In the run up to the last general election, a huge play was made about the risk a Labour government would effectively mean an SNP government. Miliband tried to reassure us non-Scots that if we trusted him with the reins of the UK, Labour would not allow the SNP influence they didn't deserve. The public didn't believe him, and the public as it turns out, were absolutely right…. It was a crucially important announcement when Labour assured voters Labour would not go into coalition or do a deal with the SNP, but their recent letter to Sturgeon on the matter of the Fox Hunting Bill prove they were lying…. Tuesday is Emmeline Pankhurst Day, and whilst I am not going to throw myself in front of a horse to make my point about British democracy on this occasion, this is a vitally important constitutional matter and perhaps we should throw Sturgeon in front of a hunt horse as part of the commemorations….(story)

Guardian 14.7.15 Sturgeon: SNP will keep foxhunting ban in revenge against Cameron - Nicola Sturgeon has said the SNP will vote against relaxing the foxhunting ban in England and Wales partly because David Cameron has shown so little respect for her party since the election…. However, the Tory English votes proposals would not have stopped the SNP voting down the relaxation of the foxhunting ban because the proposals still require a vote of the whole house for legislation to pass, in addition to a vote by English MPs only. (story)

Guardian 14.7.15 Facts and figures on foxhunting today - David Cameron says he is merely bringing English and Welsh hunting laws in line with Scottish hunting legislation… The current SNP MPs have every right to vote with their consciences on Wednesday… Margaret Barnicle Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire
Defra’s rural freedom of information team spokesperson stated on 25 March 2014: “There are no official statistics in England, Scotland and Wales on the number of lambs lost to foxes for the period 2011-13 inclusive.” If there are no statistics collected, how can anyone know that fox predation has increased to a degree that justifies changing the law on the grounds of “pest control”?... John Bryant Protect Our Wild Animals
A significant number of hunt supporters are farmers and stockmen, who care on a daily basis for the cows, pigs, sheep and poultry that produce our food. They are all animal lovers…. Accusations of cruelty are insulting, and firmly rejected by a group responsible for the conservation of our environment and wildlife for centuries…. Richard Hosking Ivybridge, Devon
Stephen Moss has been out hunting several times – purely for “journalistic reasons” – and, referring to the hunters, he says that “a nicer set of people you could not find” (David Cameron the sly fox is about to legalise hunting by stealth, 9 July). As a hunt monitor, I can only suggest that – purely for journalistic reasons – he comes out incognito with the monitors… Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire
The north of Scotland and the islands are suffering from a terrible harvest due to high rain levels, resulting in cattle going to market early, and the prospects of a huge cost burden for winter feed. Yet the Tory high command’s only rural policy is to reinstate the inhumane killing of foxes for fun… Eric Goodyer Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland (letters)

Worcester News 14.7.15 Vegan cheese festival held in Worcester - WORCESTER’S first-ever dairy-free cheese festival was held last weekend…. Ronald Lee of Worcester Vegans & Veggies said: "Many people think cheese can only be made from the milk of cows or other animals, but that certainly isn't the case as it can also be produced from a range of vegetable sources…. (story)


Coventry Telegraph 13.7.15 Fox hunting ban: Everything you need to know about this week's vote - A major vote takes place in the United Kingdom this week, with the House of Commons deciding if the hunting ban on foxes should be amended or not…. Here's everything you need to know about the vote… (story)

Liverpool Echo 13.7.15 Queen guitarist Brian May teams up with Halton MP in bid to keep fox hunting ban - HALTON MP Derek Twigg teamed up with Team Fox and former Queen guitarist Dr Brian May in their fight to keep the hunting ban in place…. (story)

Scotsman 13.7.15 Sturgeon warns PM: Respect mandate on foxhunting - NICOLA Sturgeon has warned David Cameron that he must respect the mandate of Scottish MPs at Westminster as the SNP threatened to scupper Government plans to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales. The Scottish First Minister confirmed that SNP MPs would break with their normal practice of not voting on England-only matters to oppose the proposed change to the law on hunting in tomorrow’s Commons vote…. (story)

Telegraph 13.7.15 Minister begs Tory MPs to back hunting changes as SNP says it will vote against - The decision will be the first time that the SNP MPs have decided to vote down a law which only affects England in the new Parliament. By Christopher Hope, and Ben Riley-Smith - The Government has written to every Conservative MP, urging them to back changes to the law on hunting in England and Wales, as it emerged that the SNP are will vote down the plans…. In a letter to Conservative MPs ahead of the crucial vote, Elizabeth Truss, the Environment Secretary, stressed that the change to the law was “will not lift the ban on hunting with dogs”. She said the changes were about responding to “the representations of upland farmers about the problem of foxes killing lambs”…. (story)


Scotsman 13.7.15 SNP to vote down English-only foxhunting law change - THE SNP’s group of MPs have decided to use their block of 56 votes to try to prevent changes to foxhunting in England even though it has almost no consequences for Scotland. The decision, made after a tense meeting which lasted almost two hours in Westminster last night, is likely to further inflame the row over the Tory push for English votes for English laws (Evel)…. (story)
Guardian 13.7.15 Tory plan to relax foxhunting ban set to fail after threat from SNP - David Cameron’s plan to relax the foxhunting ban is likely to fail after the Scottish National party decided to take the provocative step of voting against a change in the law that only relates to England and Wales….(story)
Huffington Post 13.7.15 SNP To Kill Cameron's Plan To Relax Fox Hunting Ban By Paul Vale - David Cameron’s push to relax the ban on fox hunting was scuppered on Monday evening by the Scottish National Party, whose MPs have agreed to oppose Tory plans… It was not known whether SNP MPs would vote on the English-only issue, but Angus Robertson confirmed on Twitter that the party’s Westminster group would protect the existing ban, along with the Labour Party and Tory rebels…. (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Fox hunting: SNP WILL vote against Tory plans to water down bloodsport ban BY BEN GLAZE - David Cameron’s controversial bid to relax fox hunting rules by the back door faces being wrecked after SNP MPs agreed to oppose his plans…. The landmark decision - the first time SNP MPs will wield their power to effectively block something which does not apply north of the border - creates a huge headache for the PM…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.15 SNP will vote to keep English fox hunting legislation - The SNP group at Westminster has decided to vote against attempts to relax the ban on fox hunting in England and Wales… Mr Robertson said: "We totally oppose fox hunting, and when there are moves in the Scottish Parliament to review whether the existing Scottish ban is strong enough, it is in the Scottish interest to maintain the existing ban in England and Wales for Holyrood to consider…. (story)
Metro 13.7.15 Guess who’s also voting against Tory plans to relax the fox hunting ban - Ollie McAteer - Well, no-one ever saw the SNP group throwing in its two pence on these fox hunting laws… Party members will – unsurprisingly – vote against Tory-led plans to relax the ban in England and Wales…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 13.7.15 SNP to vote against hunting plans - THE Scottish National Party will join forces with Labour to vote against plans to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales in what it called a warning to the "arrogant" Conservative UK government….(story)

Telegraph 13.7.15 SNP MPs should abstain on hunting ban vote, Number 10 indicates By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent - SNP MPs should not vote on watering down the hunting ban because it only affects England and Wales, Number 10 has indicated ahead of a crunch vote on Wednesday. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the SNP would have to justify to their voters why they would block changes that do not affect them … (story)

Independent 13.7.15 Stop pretending legalising fox hunting is about farming, says Queen's Brian May - JON STONE - Pro-hunt politicians should stop pretending that legalising fox hunting is about helping farmers, Queen guitarist Brian May has said. In a television discussion with the former environment secretary Owen Paterson, Mr May objected to the suggestion that fox hunting was set to be legalised for agricultural reasons. "You have got to stop pretending this is about farming," he said, speaking on Sky News…. (story)

Independent 13.7.15 Hunting is no way to manage wild animals - On Wednesday 15 July, the Government will introduce a motion in the House of Commons “to approve a statutory instrument relating to hunting”… As veterinary professionals committed to upholding the highest possible standards of animal welfare, we are opposed to any dilution or repeal of the Hunting Act… Marc Abraham West Sussex Caroline Allen London Fiona Dalzell Christchurch, New Zealand Richard Edwards West Sussex. Phill Elliott Hampshire Geoffrey Hale Manchester Sophie Hill Cambridgeshire Jo Hinde Hampshire Shailen Jasani Hertfordshire Mark Jones East Sussex Dr Andrew Knight Hampshire Jo Lewis Berkshire Alastair MacMillan West Sussex Iain McGill East Sussex Andre Menache Kent Dr Elizabeth Mullineaux Edinburgh Sue Pell Surrey Judy Puddifoot Hertfordshire Richard Saunders Bristol Peter Southgate Suffolk
The pro-hunting lobby really does not get it. Granted, the culling of foxes may on some occasions be necessary, but it is the element of sadistic pleasure that hunters derive from killing foxes that sticks in the craw. Nick Pritchard Southampton (letters)

Metro 13.7.15 Hunting ban: I don’t care about foxes – I just hate posh people - Rob Waugh - Like most right-thinking people, the sight of red-clad huntsmen braying at one another as they gallop after a fox makes me want to puke. But it’s not really the cruelty that bothers me: it’s their honking, twittish voices that’s the problem. That, and their overstuffed, inbred faces…. (story)

Mirror 13.7.15 Former fox hunter exposes full scale of bloodsport's barbarity as David Cameron seeks its return BY TOM PARRY - A former fox hunter disgusted by the sport is leading the fight to block its return. Clifford Pellow says “I got sick of the cruelty” as he reveals the full horrors of vile hunts in a bid to stop David Cameron axing the ban … (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Brian May to lead fox hunting protest on Parliament ahead of vote to water down ban By Helen Whitehouse - Brian May is to lead a rally against David Cameron's plan to sneak legalising fox hunting through the back door…. (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Where can I sign a petition on the fox hunting ban? By Helen Whitehouse - On Wednesday, MPs will vote on a sneaky measure intended to water down the ban on fox hunting…. We are calling on our readers to tell their MPs to vote NO to an amendment of Labour’s Hunting Act on Wednesday - but how? One way is a good old fashioned petition…. (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Why does David Cameron want to bring back foxhunting? by Fleet StreetFox It increases the number of foxes, and multiplies the number of idiots - The hunting of foxes is a funny thing. And by that I mean funny-peculiar, not funny-ha-ha. There is not one single thing about it that makes any sense to anybody with just the teensiest idea of what logic is… (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Fox Hunting: Ricky Gervais backs our campaign as celebs say no to return of barbaric bloodsport By Mikey Smith - Stella McCartney, Morrissey, Sadie Frost and more signed a letter accusing the government of trying to sneak legalisation through the back door - Ricky Gervais mbacked the Mirror's campaign against the watering down of anti-hunting laws today, as scores of celebrities queued up urge MPs to keep the ban intact. Gervais joined Morrissey, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney to call on MPs to keep the fox hunting ban intact ahead of a vote in Parliament… (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Will the SNP vote to keep the fox hunting ban? - On Wednesday, the House of Commons will hold a vote on watering down the fox hunting act. It doesn't affect the act in Scotland, but will the SNP be voting?... (story)
Mirror 13.7.15 Fox hunting: Little girl's letter to her MP becomes online sensation BY MIKEY SMITH - A little girl's letter to her MP begging him not to support David Cameron's plan to water down the hunting ban has become an online sensation. Ten-year-old Isabelle Moors's mum wrote to Rugby MP Mark Pawsey, asking for him to vote against overturning the ban on the barbaric bloodsport…. (story)

Daily Record 13.7.15 Don't bring back fox hunting: Celebs pressure PM to change his mind ahead of vote - RICKY Gervais joined Morrisey and fashion designer Stella McCartney in a letter to MPs ahead of Wednesday's vote that could sneak fox hunting in by the back door…. (story)

Canterbury Times 13.7.15 Herne Bay MP comes out against Fox Hunting - Sir Roger Gale, the Member of Parliament for the North Thanet constituency, which includes Herne Bay, has come out against amendments that would relax the ban on fox hunting….(story)

Thanet Gazette 13.7.15 Fox hunting vote 2015: Thanet MPs divided over Parliamentary vote By DavidArcher - MPs are to be allowed a free vote on a relaxation of the fox hunting ban. Ahead of the vote in Parliament on Wednesday, South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay has expressed his support for the plans to allow hunters to use a pack of dogs to flush out foxes before shooting them… Animal lover Barbara Woodruff, who is taking part in tomorrow's demonstration, said: "I'm dead against this… (story)

Stoke Sentinel 13.7.15 Tristram Hunt: 'Fox hunting vote is not an issue of class' - "ON SATURDAY I went out fox-hunting… So wrote Friedrich Engels to Karl Marx on New Year's Eve, 1857…. Whether we like it or not, there is a tradition of country sports within the Labour movement… I stood in this General Election on a Manifesto which committed to retaining the ban, so I will be opposing the Government's reform proposals on Wednesday. But that does not mean I won't be listening with respect and interest to those with a different view. Not least because quite a few of them will be from my own political party… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 13.7.15 Fox hunt vote: Grimsby and Cleethorpes MPs have their say - BOTH sides of the fox hunting debate are set to clash tomorrow as MPs vote on a proposed amendment… The area's two MPs, Melanie Onn and Martin Vickers, have had their say on the debate. Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers said: "This is something many of my constituents feel strongly about - on both sides of the argument." Labour's Melanie Onn declared fox hunting "cruel and inhumane" and told the Grimsby Telegraph that she would not be voting for an amendment… (story)

Bath Chronicle 13.7.15 Three men snared by Hunting Act teeth that Conservatives hope to pull By amandacameron - hree men have been found guilty and prosecuted for illegal hunting in Herefordshire. The men were prosecuted under the Hunting Act, which Conservative politicians are hoping to amend on Wednesday…. The Hunting Act 2004 in its current form states that those legally hunting in such circumstances must have written permission on their person. It is this part of the Hunting Act 2004 – schedule one – which will go to the vote on Wednesday…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 13.7.15 Labour urges SNP to vote against fox hunting ban repeal By JamesCrawley - The Labour Party is urging the SNP to vote against changing the law on fox hunting…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 13.7.15 Brian May to lead anti-fox hunting campaign at Westminster ahead of free vote By JamesCrawley - Animal rights activists will descend on Westminster on Tuesday (July 14) with one clear message: keep the Hunting Act intact. On Wednesday (July 15) MPs will vote to either keep the law as it stands or change it, which could make fox hunting legal. Queen guitarist Brian May will head the campaign march… (story)

Cumberland Times & Star 13.7.15 WORKINGTON MP SUE HAYMAN BACKS HUNTING ACT - Workington MP Sue Hayman has joined forces with Brian May to keep the ban on hunting in place. Mrs Hayman met with Dr May, the Queen guitarist and well-known animal rights activist, to discuss the Conservative plan to make changes to the Hunting Act…. (story)

Worcester News 13.7.15 Ricky Gervais, Morrissey, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney call on MPs to keep the fox hunting ban intact - Catherine Phillips - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are angry about proposed changes to the Hunting Act to bring England and Wales in line with Scotland on using dogs to flush out foxes to be shot… Celebrities have joined with Animal Defenders International (ADI) in an urgent plea to MPs to block the proposed changes and prevent the return of a "despicable bloodsport"… (story)

Horse & Hound 13.7.15 LIVE UPDATES: debate and vote to change the Hunting Act 2004 - Polly Portwin - On Wednesday 15 July, the House of Commons will debate and vote on proposed changes to the Hunting Act 2004. The changes are in the form of a Statutory Instrument (SI) to vary the current terms of exempt hunting in England and Wales….The debate is expected to start around 2pm on Wednesday and Horse & Hound’s hunting editor Polly Portwin will be on hand to keep you up to date with the latest news as it happens via the live blog window below. This can be accessed via a computer, tablet or smart phone, so wherever you are, this is a great way to keep informed of the latest developments as they happen. Register for a reminder below so you don’t miss a moment…. (story)

Herald 13.7.15 Labour urges SNP support for anti-fox hunting vote - Labour has called on the SNP to vote with it against plans to amend foxhunting laws south of the Border, inflicting the first major Commons defeat on David Cameron's Conservative government…. (story)

Huffington Post 13.7.15 It's Not Just the Foxes That Are Sly - Philip Mansbridge - This Wednesday, something could happen that is not only a blow for British people and our wildlife, but it's a blow for the whole reputation of the political system. It is more sly and more cunning than any fox has ever been…. (story)
Huffington Post 13.7.15 Foxhunting like dolphin slaughter says SNP's Pete Wishart as party considers voting on English ban By Owen Bennett - SNP MPs could vote against changes to England’s foxhunting law because it is akin to “dolphin slaughtering in Japan”, a senior nationalist claimed today…. Pete Wishart, SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, was repeatedly challenged on the BBC’s Daily Politics today as to whether his party would take part in the vote. He said: “People have very, very strong views about things like animal welfare, we take an interest in things like dolphin slaughtering in Japan and whale hunting so there are a number of things we have to look at…. (story)
Huffington Post 13.7.15 Changes to Hunting Act Aim to 'Make Prosecutions Unimaginable' Dr Toni Shephard - The Government's proposal to weaken the Hunting Act by allowing an unlimited number of dogs to pursue foxes, deer and hares for 'pest control', or simply for observation, is nothing more than a devious attempt to repeal the Act by the back door…. (story)
Huffington Post 13.7.15 17 Foxes Of Instagram That Prove We Should Definitely #KeepTheBan By Sophie Brown - On Wednesday, David Cameron is allowing a free vote on the Hunting Act. After a 90-minute debate, the Government will be permitted to make serious changes to the laws that protect foxes from hunting…. But if you're still sitting on the fence, here are 17 #FoxesOfInstagram that provide definitive proof we should #KeepTheBan (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.7.15 Pictures: 'Human' Fox Hunting in Exeter city centre - BUGLES WERE sounded in the unlikeliest of places yesterday, as the Devon Coalition to Save the Hunting Act staged a hunt on Exeter High Street. Campaigners dressed as hounds, a fox, a huntsman and a spade-wielding terrierman sped down the High Street, culminating with a 'kill' in Bedford Square… Alison Maybury of Devon Hunt Saboteurs said: “We are being hoodwinked with talk of 'minor amendments' when in reality the proposals are so severe that they are effectively repeal via the back door…. Andy Gilbert of the Devon Coalition to Save the Hunting Act said: “While people go about their shopping today, many will be unaware that hunters and their powerful friends are quietly trying to subvert this legislation… (story)

ITV 13.7.15 Poll: Should the ban on hunting with dogs stay intact? - Celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Morrissey, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney have called on MPs to keep the hunting with dogs ban intact ahead of a vote in Parliament… (story)

Express 13.7.15 Fox hunting: Tories make heartfelt plea to fell MPs to end countryside cruelty - ANTI-HUNTING Tories have made a heartfelt plea to fellow MPs to hold firm and defeat the Government’s back door return to countryside cruelty. By STUART WINTER - They are warning their Conservative colleagues that Government plans to tamper with the Hunting Act will “legalise hunting” and go against the wishes of the country… (story)

Buckinghamshire Advertiser/Examiner 13.7.15 Foxhunting - Population control or a cruel sport? BY LAURA MOWAT - The foxhunting ban was placed back on the political agenda this week - sparking an impassioned debate in Bucks…. Huntsmam in the Kimblewick hunt in Aylesbury. Gerald Sumner, said: "If it was a rat being killed by terriers, it would not make the headlines. I think that people against it are often against the type of people they think go hunting. Hunting is about natural selection, there is no other form of control… (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 Ex-Lib Dem MP calls on party to back changes to fox hunting ban By WMNPBowern - Liberal Democrats, already wiped off the map in the Westcountry at the last election, will put any hope of regaining rural seats in jeopardy if they vote against a proposal to relax the fox hunting ban. That is the view of Roger Williams, the former Brecon and Radnor MP who lost his seat in May to Tory ex-hunt master Chris Davies. Mr Williams said the proposal - called for by upland farmers - to increase the number of hounds that can be legally used to flush a fox to the gun should be backed by his remaining Lib Dem colleagues in the House of Commons… (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 West Conservative MPs split over hunting law amendment By Kate Langston - Conservative Westcountry MPs remain divided on proposed amendments to UK hunting laws, with just days to go until the issue is put before Parliament. Some members, like South East Cornwall’s Sheryll Murray, have been clear that they support any efforts to give farmers more flexibility in tackling pest control. But opponents of the change, including Totnes MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, have warned it would be “toxic” for the party to “cave to the hunting lobby”… (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 Scottish MPs urged by Labour to vote against relaxation of fox-hunting ban - Labour has called on the SNP to vote against plans to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales…. (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 Battle lines are drawn as MPs' vote on hunting nears By tina rowe - Thousands of supporters of each side in the hunting debate are lobbying MPs as Wednesday's Commons vote on an amendment to the Hunting Act nears. The Countryside Alliance says that more than 30,000 of its supporters have already taken part in its new e-lobby…. (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 How to get rid of a rat in the garden -If your columnist, Martin Freeman, needs help in getting rid of the rat in his garden,(WMN, July 6), he could try those gentlemen of the Midlands and north of this country who run packs of terriers to hunt this pest… Rat-hunters of course do not ride horses or wear pink jackets, so that makes it all right then. If Martin had a fox in his garden and looked to the local hunt for help it would probably be a different story. by Michael Howard Newton Abbot (letter)

Western Morning News 13.7.15 Full pack of hounds is 'more humane' - The forthcoming vote by MPs on changes to the rules on hunting is an opportunity to provide farmers with far better control of foxes if they have become a problem to livestock on his farm…. I am urging my MP, Oliver Colvile, to vote in favour of this humane improvement and allow hunts to use a full pack instead of two hounds. by Fairfax Luxmoore Plymouth (letter)

LBC 13.7.15 The Fox Hunting Phone-In Posted by Beverley Turner - Immigration and Fox Hunting: the two topics that are a baptism of fire for any new LBC presenter…. Thanks to starting the job in an election period which included a lot of chat about UKIP, I’d tackled the first one several times with various degrees of success (and failure). But today, like a lamb to the slaughter, I found myself at 10.07 on a Sunday morning defending the rights of those who like to hunt foxes with packs of dogs…. I’ll continue to look slightly askance at the vegans with purple hair who’ve spent all day asking me why I think humans are more important than animals. But I’ll also look more suspiciously at those who enjoy hurting animals and I’ll be fascinated to see what happens on Wednesday when MPs vote to repeal this two-dog hunting limit…. (story)

Kent News 13.7.15 As top Tory Tracey Crouch leads charge against fox proposals ex-hunter admits ‘I am ashamed at my cruelty to those animals’ - Maria Chiorando - MPs will be voting on amendments to current Hunting Act legislation - Sports minister Tracey Crouch says her fellow MPs should not be ‘fooled by the spin of the pro-hunt lobby’ when they vote on relaxing the Hunting Act on this week…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 13.7.15 Opinion: 'Derby MP Amanda Solloway has hammered nail into her political coffin over fox hunting row' - I WRITE concerning my reassurance to Dr Kavina ("Touching, but puerile, to vote for a friend" June 22) that Chris Williamson would be reinstated at the next election, whenever that may be. It has taken only two months for Amanda Solloway to hammer the first nail into her political coffin with the announcement of her priority to reverse the fox-hunting ban… Phil Garner Queens Drive Littleover (letter)

Northern Echo 13.7.15 Hunting ban? - THE hunting ban was introduced by Tony Blair and Hilary Armstrong, neither of whom voted for it, in order to buy off Labour MPs over the invasion of Iraq… If that sounds disgraceful, then that is because it was…. But the ban’s almost total non-enforcement has become the most egregious example in many a long year of the different application of the law to certain classes and political persuasions… That is why we ought to be disinclined to support repeal of the ban. Such repeal would declare that laws would simply be altered if the right sort of people refused to abide by them. David Lindsay, Lanchester (letter)

Worcester News 13.7.15 Badgers set up stall in St John's to oppose cull - ANIMAL activists dressed as badgers and urged Worcester shoppers to oppose the badger cull. Members of Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies set up stall outside the St John's branch of Sainsbury's distributing leaflets and collecting signatures on anti-cull postcards, which are to be sent to the government. Ronald Lee, the group's communications officer, said: "We were delighted at the positive response from the public… (story)


Observer 12.7.15 Foxhunting: an unspeakable way to repeal a very good law - Barbara Ellen - Not only is foxhunting a cruel, unacceptable throwback practice, the vast majority of citizens have made their dislike for it clear… I grew up in the countryside. I wandered around bluebell woods as a child, dodged horse muck in the roads… Then we come to the craziest pro-hunting argument of all – that it’s not just about toffs, there’s a “mix” of people doing it. Well sorry, it is about toffs, people who delude themselves that they’re toffs, or pathetic types who crave the company of toffs… (story)

Mail on Sunday 12.7.15 At last! THAT'S why Brian May has such a bee in his bonnet about foxhunting: Queen guitarist still racked with guilt after taking deadly revenge on insects that scared him as a boy - By SIMON WALTERS, POLITICAL EDITOR FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Freddie Mercury would probably have some sympathy with those pro-hunting supporters who find it difficult to understand rock guitarist Brian May’s ultra-hardline views on cruelty to animals…. Curious about his own motivation, I had noted that in the past May had referred obliquely to ‘something in his childhood’ that had influenced him…. It started when he was frightened by a bumble bee at his home in the leafy suburbs of South-West London when he was a boy in the 1950s – and he took deadly revenge. Bloodlust if you like. His ‘weapon’ was his mother’s ‘pump-action Flit gun’ insect repellent to kill flies in the kitchen. He makes it sound like a Kalashnikov…. Eventually, I worked it out.’ May became a vegetarian after learning that the roast lamb dinner his mum ‘forced him to eat’ was ‘one of those white, fluffy things that runs around the fields’…. May concedes he is obsessive. ‘I can’t do things by halves,’ he says. ‘I know it is a kind of sickness. Maybe I need curing.’ (story)

Independent on Sunday 12.7.15 Fox hunting is a low priority - there are more important questions of animal welfare to address - If only those MPs who care so much about countryside traditions would take a stand against factory farming - Here we go again. This week our elected representatives will spend valuable legislative time talking about and voting on possible changes to the law on fox hunting. As we report today, it seems likely that the outcome will be to leave the ban on hunting unchanged…. Equally, however, we are not in favour of banning things simply because we disapprove of them… if only a fraction of the energy of campaigning for or against the ban on hunting had been devoted to higher standards of animal welfare in farming, more progress might have been made…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 12.7.15 Fox hunting: Cameron faces defeat on change to hunting law - JAMES CUSICK - The Government’s attempt to change the rules on fox hunting and end the ban on using a full pack of hounds could be wrecked in the Commons this week. Late plans to include “research and observation” loopholes are now likely to mean the SNP will claim that the changes do affect Scotland, allowing them to join Tory rebels and a whipped Labour vote to inflict the first defeat on David Cameron’s majority government…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 12.7.15 SNP considers helping Labour fight repeal of fox hunting ban By Peter Dominiczak, Political Editor - SNP MPs are considering helping Labour defeat David Cameron’s bid to relax the fox hunting ban after the Scottish government launched an investigation into claims that the rules north of the border are being flouted illegally. The Conservatives will on Wednesday offer MPs a free vote on watering down the hunting ban…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 12.7.15 It’s crueller to shoot a fox than to hunt one By Simon Heffer - This week the Commons is to vote on a “compromise” about hunting with dogs, in which 10 rather than two hounds will be allowed to flush out a fox before someone shoots it. This ludicrous proposal is apparently necessary because some Tory MPs are either so stupid or so illiberal that they won’t vote for a complete repeal of the ban on this traditional form of vermin control, and Labour remains steeped in urban bigotry. A fox dies far more rapidly if set on by a pack of hounds than if someone tries to shoot it… (story)

Observer 12.7.15 Top Tory leads rebellion against relaxation of foxhunting ban - The Tory sports minister, Tracey Crouch, has called on MPs of all parties to reject her own government’s plan to relax the 10-year-old hunting ban, saying they should not be “fooled by the spin of the pro-hunt lobby”…. (story)

Observer 12.7.15 Relaxing the hunting ban could retoxify the Tories - Matthew d'Ancona - The living wage is a triumph for modernising Conservatives. But these new hunting proposals would be a crass step back… It is therefore frustrating that, little more than two months after its election, his government is proposing to relax the hunting ban… I am indeed a townie, and freely admit that vermin control is not a problem with which I routinely wrestle. But I know the smell of political dung when it reaches my nostrils. This so-called “statutory instrument” is a shoddy concession to a special interest group which had multiple opportunities to stop the original bill, fought ferociously to thwart its enactment – and lost…. (story)

Observer 12.7.15 Labour urges SNP to oppose foxhunting repeal - Labour has called on the SNP to vote against plans to amend the law on foxhunting in England and Wales… In a letter to the SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson, Labour frontbenchers Ian Murray, shadow Scotland secretary, and Maria Eagle, shadow environment secretary, called for the party’s support… (story)

Mail on Sunday 12.7.15 Scottish MPs could decide whether Hunting Act is changed in England and Wales in crunch vote this week By MATT CHORLEY, POLITICAL EDITOR FOR MAILONLINE - Scottish nationalist MPs could decide the fate of the hunting ban in England when MPs vote on its repeal this week. The SNP could ditch its promise to keep out of English-only laws by joining opponents of hunting to block Tory calls to amend the legislation… (story)

Sunday Express 12.7.15 SNP urged to vote against fox hunting By GREG CHRISTISON - Animal welfare campaigners are calling on Nicola Sturgeon's army of MPs to oppose the Conservative move during a Commons vote this week. The matter is devolved and the sport was made illegal north of the Border in 2002 and while Nationalist MPs have traditionally refrained from voting on issues which do not affect Scotland, their position on this issue remains unclear…. (story)

Sunday Express 12.7.15 Fox hunting: The Government 'is out of step' Convervative animal welfare campaigner warns - The Conservative’s leading animal welfare campaigner has warned the Government it is “out of step with the public wishes” over its hunting reforms. By STUART WINTER - Sir Roger Gale, President of Conservative Animal Welfare and patron of Blue Fox, is hoping the new generation of Tory MPs will see through the “thinly disguised” attempt to reintroduce a pastime that “has had its day”…. Bookmakers cannot decide on the winning side, offering odds of 5/6 on either the pro-hunting lobby or anti-hunting lobby winning the day…. (story)

Witney Gazette 12.7.15 Hunting ban may be relaxed by free vote - THE Heythrop Hunt could soon be able to hunt foxes with dogs if a House of Commons vote goes through next week. On Wednesday, it emerged a free vote on whether to relax the ban on hunting brought in by the Labour government in 2004 will take place… Racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks, who is a supporter of the Heythrop Hunt, said any change to the hunting ban would be welcome…. (story)

Sunday Mirror 12.7.15 Fox-hunting: David Cameron facing Tory rebellion from 45 MPs over 'back door' plan to relax ban BY VINCENT MOSS - David Cameron faces a Tory rebellion of up to 45 MPs over his plans this week to ease the laws on fox-hunting. The rebels could include up to five Government ministers including Sports Minister Tracey Crouch who has branded the plan a “back-door” move…. (story)

Sunday Mirror 12.7.15 Fox hunting: Andy Burnham slams 'backdoor' Tory bid to cripple ban despite huge public support BY DAN BLOOM - Labour's Andy Burnham has joined calls against the Tories' 'secret' attempts to cripple the fox hunting ban so badly it'll be left 'practically unenforceable'. The leadership contender is the latest MP to speak out against the 'cruel' sport ahead of a vote on changing the law this Wednesday - which will involve just 90 minutes' debate…. (story)

Sunday Herald 12.7.15 Labour ask for SNP support in oppostion to change in fox hunting law - Labour has called on the SNP to vote against plans to amend the law on fox hunting in England and Wales. Ministers have put forward changes to the Hunting Act to bring England and Wales in line with Scotland on using dogs to flush out foxes to be shot…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 12.7.15 MSPs investigate whether fox hunting ban flouted - TOM PETERKIN - A HOLYROOD investigation is to be conducted into claims that the hunting ban in Scotland is being flouted by hunts which allow foxes to be killed by dogs. The Scottish Government has ordered MSPs to examine the effectiveness of the ban and reported its concerns that illegal hunting is taking place to Scotland’s most senior police officer, Sir Stephen House…. The Scottish Government’s decision to scrutinise the Scottish ban at Holyrood was laid out in a letter written by Environment Minister Aileen McLeod to the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland…. (story)

Romsey Advertiser 12.7.15 Gangs behind big rise in crime in Hampshire's countryside - THINK crime and you picture a gritty urban setting, perhaps a darkened street or alleyway and a gang of threatening looking hoodies. But some crime and even the scourge of gangs can be just as rife in the seemingly tranquil, green and pleasant countryside…. This kind of crime has prompted the police to launch a blitz on rural crime called Operation Falcon…. The clampdown also supports the police and crime commissioner Simon Hayes’ rural policing strategy, which was designed as part of his vow to close the gap between rural and urban solved crime rates…. “I am now in a much stronger position to hold the chief constable to account, scrutinise the constabulary’s performance, influence the allocation of resources to help meet community needs and priorities, and encourage greater collaboration with partners such as the National Farmers Union, the Countryside Alliance, Neighbourhood Watch and volunteers involved with Community Speedwatch.”… (story)

Daily Post 12.7.15 WATCH: Activists and circus go head to head in Conwy over treatment of animals BY DAVID POWELL - Animal rights campaigners have gone head to head with a touring circus in North Wales over its use of animals in performances. A handful of objectors in Dwygyfylchi, Conwy held placards branding the use of animals in entertainment as “cruel”…. But Circus Mondao Ringmistress Petra Jackson blasted the cruelty claims and insisted their animals are kept in excellent conditions. Animal welfare activist Joe Blakesley told the Daily Post: “Circus Mondao is one of the few circuses in the UK still with animals…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.7.15 Fresh call for shooting licences to be rescinded by Jamie Ross - Campaigners based in a north-east village have made a fresh call for seal shooting licences to be rescinded. Sea Shepherd UK made the plea just days after the Scottish Government announced it would reveal which companies were shooting the animals where they are believed to be eating valuable salmon stocks…. (story)


Telegraph 11.7.15 Labour to force MPs to vote against fox hunting relaxation By Peter Dominiczak, Political Editor - Labour will force its MPs to vote against a relaxation of the fox hunting ban next week in a move that could leave David Cameron facing a Commons defeat over the issue. The party wants to attempt to inflict an embarrassing defeat on Mr Cameron over hunting by denying its MPs a free vote. One Labour MP said she was “horrified” the vote will be whipped despite it traditionally being a free vote…. (story)
Metro 11.7.15 David Cameron has a fight on his hands over fox hunting - Dave Burke - David Cameron has a fight on his hands if he wants to relax the fox hunting ban in England and Wales. MPs will vote this week on the plans which, let’s be honest, seem to have annoyed a lot of people… (story)
Cotswold Life 11.7.15 Hunting poll: Do you agree with the Government’s planned amendments to the 2004 hunting ban? - once again hunt foxes. Are you in favour or against the move? Cast your vote here The Cotswolds is home to some of the most prestigious hunts in the country, including The Beaufort and The Heythrop. Just over 10 years ago, in 2004, the hunting ban bill was passed by the Labour Government, making it illegal to hunt wild mammals in England and Wales with a pack of dogs.
Prime Minister David Cameron is now planning to relax that ban, which allows just two dogs to flush out foxes for pest control purposes,… (story)
Kent News 11.7.15 Anti hunt campaigners launch petition as South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay pledges support to fox hunting proposals - Maria Chiorando - Campaigners are circulating a petition against proposed amendments to current fox hunting legislation following a statement by South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay, who intends to support the amendments…. One angry constituent, Andrew Bennett, said: “Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought the whole idea of our democracy was to vote for an MP to represent his/her constituents’ views. “With 80 per cent nationally opposed to hunting, I think you’ll find that percentage increased significantly in your constituency, where there are no hunts…. (story)
Western Gazette 11.7.15 Somerton and Frome MP David Warburton gives his take on the hunting vote By WG_StephenDO - SOMERTON and Frome MP David Warburton has revealed he is keeping "an open mind" ahead of a key vote in the House of Commons on hunting…. "Although I don't hunt, I strongly support the vast range of people for whom it's a way of life and I certainly support the Conservative's plan to put the repeal of the Hunting Act to a free and fair vote during the next Parliament."… (story)
Western Gazette 11.7.15 Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh gives his take on fox hunting vote while saboteurs say they will never give in By WG_StephenDO - YEOVIL MP Marcus Fysh has revealed he is still considering which way he will cast his vote next week in a landmark vote on hunting… "Over the next week I will be looking carefully at both sides of the argument and reading correspondence from constituents as well as listening to what I am sure will be an informed debate in the chamber prior to the vote."… Members of the Dorset Hunt Sabs have responded with dismay at the proposals…. (story)
Western Daily Press 11.7.15 Join the great hunting debate - In five days' time MPs will have a free vote on whether to change the Hunting Act. They have the choice to support or vote against an amendment which would alter the existing legislation…. Although it is only MPs who vote, everyone has a right to have their say on this issue and we hope our readers will take up the opportunity to let us hear their views. (story)
Plymouth Herald 11.7.15 Plymouth MP wants you to tell him how to vote on fox hunt ban By PATRICK DALY Political Reporter - VOTERS are to be given a say on whether the ban on hunting foxes should be relaxed by telling their Plymouth MP how he should cast his vote during a key debate. Johnny Mercer MP, as part of his pledge to create 'direct democracy' in Plymouth, is asking his constituents to decide how he votes on Wednesday when a change to the Hunting Act is discussed in Parliament… Voters must be 18 or over, and supply their home address and email address when registering their view. Only one vote can be cast with checks set to be in place to prevent duplicates…. (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 11.7.15 North Tyneside MP joins forces with Queen guitarist Brian May to keep the fox hunting ban - A North MP has added her voice to the call to keep the fox hunting ban. North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon has joined forces with Queen guitarist Brian May to champion the current hunting ban, despite a move to axe the law…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 11.7.15 Dorset MP backs vote to allow fox hunting - AN MP says he hopes a controversial vote on fox hunting will be the “first step” towards bringing it back after a decade-long ban. Animal welfare activists, including Poole-based cosmetics chain Lush, have lined up to criticise the government for giving eight days’ notice of a vote to allow hunting with dogs. But Simon Hoare, recently elected Conservative MP for North Dorset, said: “I think it’s a step in the right direction. I think it’s important if you have a law it is evidence rather than prejudice based…. (story)

Western Daily Press 11.7.15 Anti-hunting vote: Nobody has the right to be cruel to animals By David Bowles - The UK Government has revealed its cynical plans to deliver on its manifesto commitment to allow a free vote on whether to repeal the Hunting Act - It would allow those who engage in the cruel 'sport' of hunting, where wild animals are chased to the point of exhaustion, before being brought down and ripped apart by packs of dogs, with the opportunity to escape the consequences… We cannot allow such a vital piece of wildlife protection law to be lost… (story)
Express 11.7.15 VIDEO: Footage reveals bloody reality of fox-hunting horror as MPs vote on law change By STUART WINTER - The RSPCA is showing the film of a fox being killed by hounds to highlight why the Hunting Act is in danger of being wrecked. In its short, graphic clip – which comes with the warning that it contains “upsetting images” – a fox is seen being chased in by hounds through the countryside… (story)
Mirror 11.7.15 Gruesome fox hunting video highlights brutality of the activity AS MPs vote on law changes BY IAN LEONARD - A graphic video showing the gruesome reality of fox hunting has been released as MPs prepare to vote on changes to a ban on the activity The RSPCA hope the video will highlight how the Hunting Act is in danger of being wrecked… (story)

Mail 11.7.15 Sir Paul McCartney warns David Cameron he will 'lose the support of the British people' if fox hunting is reintroduced By ELAINE O'FLYNN - Sir Paul McCartney has warned the government plans to reintroduce 'cruel and unnecessary' fox hunting will not be backed by British people…. Queen guitarist Brian May has already voiced his opposition to the move, warning that the rule changes will only benefit those who wish to take part in 'a sadistic blood sport for fun'….(story)
Yorkshire Post 10.7.15 Paul McCartney joins the criticism of Fox Hunting - ONE famous musician in the form of Brian May has already joined the band of people who are drumming up support to try to stop changes to the hunting ban. And now Sir Paul McCartney has added his voice to the campaign, with the former Beatle warning the Government it will lose the support of the people of Britain if fox hunting is reintroduced… (story)
Mirror 10.7.15 Paul McCartney slams Tories over fox hunting law being 'sneaked though back door' BY DAN BLOOM , VAL WOAN - The Beatles legend is angry at plans, backed by David Cameron, to weaken the law by using a debate just 90 minutes long… (story)
Channel 4 10.7.15 Fox hunting: government will 'lose support', says McCartney - Musician Sir Paul McCartney criticises the government over its plans to change the law on fox hunting, saying it is in danger of losing the support of "ordinary people"…. (story)
Huffington Post 10.7.15 Paul McCartney Says Fox Hunting Vote Could Lose Government The Support Of The Nation By Kathryn Snowdon - Paul McCartney is warning that the Government will lose the support of the nation if it reintroduces fox hunting…. (story)
New Musical Express 10.7.15 Paul McCartney brands Tory government's fox hunting plans 'cruel and unnecessary' - LUKE MORGAN BRITTON - Paul McCartney has spoken out against new Tory government plans that could lead to a return of fox hunting…. (story)
Guardian 10.7.15 Paul McCartney condemns 'cruel' proposals to bring back fox hunting - Ex-Beatle speaks out against Tories’ Hunting Act amendments, saying the ‘vast majority of us’ are against a reintroduction of the bloodsport - Paul McCartney has issued a response to government proposals that could pave the way for the return of fox hunting…. A statement from the musician, a longtime vegetarian and animal-rights activist, said that fox hunting was “cruel and unnecessary” and could cost the party support if the proposals were to go ahead… (story)
Express 10.7.15 Britain will turn against PM if fox-hunting returns: Sir Paul McCartney wades into row - SIR Paul McCartney waded into the fox hunting row today by warning David Cameron he will lose the country’s support By STUART WINTER EXCLUSIVE - The music legend famous for his strong views on animal welfare released a hard-hitting statement days before MPs discuss what is being described as a “return to the dark days of fox hunting by the backdoor”… (story)
Western Morning News 10.7.15 WMN OPINION: Rock star’s outburst shows real target of his animal campaign - Brian May is not a stupid man. The Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner has given a great deal of musical pleasure to millions. He is also an astrophysicist with the right to call himself doctor. But to read his rant on the proposed changes to the Hunting Act is to witness a man who is either completely deluded on the issue or deliberately misleading those he sees as his supporters…. The language those opposed to hunting use draws many to the inescapable conclusion that this is not an issue of animal welfare but about a hatred of people who hunt.. It is clear anyone working in countryside management or engaging in country sports is ‘the enemy’. It’s an easy, lazy stereotype while considering genuine animal welfare issues is far more challenging. Too challenging for Dr May, perhaps? (story)
Independent 10.7.15 'A bunch of lying bastards' - Brian May and Paul McCartney hit out at David Cameron's 'cruel and unnecessary ' bid to bring back fox hunting - MATT DATHAN - Former Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner Brian May has accused David Cameron of an "underhand" move to bring back fox hunting and labelled the Countryside Alliance "a bunch of lying bastards" for helping him. He was joined by fellow guitar legend and Beatles star Paul McCartney, who predicted the government's "cruel and unnecessary" move would lose them support… (story)
Daily Record 10.7.15 'Bunch of lying b*******': Watch Brian May lose his cool on live TV as he clashes with fox hunting supporters - QUEEN'S Brian May launched a furious attack on Government plans to change the rules on killing foxes, saying they will only benefit those who wish to take part in "a sadistic bloodsport for fun"…. (story)
Express 10.7.15 Brian May calls fox hunting supporters 'lying b*******' during heated Newsnight debate - HE'S known for being a keen animal rights activist and Brian May got a little hot under the collar when he came face to face will a fox hunting supporter on Newsnight yesterday. By ANNIE PRICE - The 67-year-old star spoke passionately about his beliefs during a debate with welfare consultant to the Countryside Alliance, Jim Barrington…. As Jim began to explain how he saw fox hunting as "wildlife management", Brian became frustrated and turned the air blue with the repeated use of a particular eight-lettered word. Stopping Jim in his tracks, the Queen star fumed: "I'm sorry, it's b*****ks. Complete b*****ks." He then continued: "They're out there catching foxes for fun. They like causing pain. "I think you're a bunch of lying b******s. Sorry."… (story)
Huffington Post 10.7.15 BBC 'Newsnight' Fox Hunting Debate Sees Brian May Call The Countryside Alliance A 'Bunch Of Lying Bastards' By Paul Vale - Brian May called the Countryside Alliance (including its representative Jim Barrington) “a bunch of lying bastards” on Thursday’s “Newsnight,” the vice president of the RSPCA giving an impassioned response to Barrington’s claim that hunting foxes is an issue of “pest control.”… (story)
New Musical Express 10.7.15 Brian May calls fox hunters 'a bunch of lying bastards' on BBC Newsnight – watch - Queen musician appeared on TV on Thursday (July 9) in a debate with the Countryside Alliance - Queen guitarist Brian May hit out at pro-fox hunting activists the Countryside Alliance on BBC Newsnight on Thursday night (July 9)…. (story)
Mirror 10.7.15 Brian May calls fox hunting supporters 'a bunch of lying b******s' on live TV BY DAN BLOOM - Brian May is so furious about the Tories watering down the fox hunting ban he's called their backers 'a bunch of lying b******s' on live TV. The Queen star - who's fought hunting and badger culling - stunned a BBC presenter with his outburst during a late-night debate…. (story)
Huffington Post 10.7.15 Ricky Gervais Speaks Out Against Repealing Fox Hunting Ban In Brutal Jibe At 'Posh T***s' By Kathryn Snowdon - Ricky Gervais has joined a host of prominent voices condemning fox hunting, calling it a practice that allows a "gang of thugs" to rip an animal apart just because they are "posh"…. (story)
Guardian 10.7.15 Meat is murder? Rockers go head to head over animal rights - Macca and Morrissey detest meat, yet Metallica and and Kid Rock shoot animals for sport. Who are the true rock’n’rollers? - In the past 24 hours, Paul McCartney has condemned proposals to bring back fox hunting, and Dr (yes, Dr!) Brian May of Queen has been on Newsnight, delivering a passionate and sweary tirade against the bloodsport. It seems as though righteous hunt-based indignation is the new rock’n’roll. Which is somewhat counter to the genre’s origins as an excuse for all-purpose carnage and desecration. Musicians, and fans, are forced to take sides…. Then there’s the aforementioned Smiths frontman at the other end of the scale. Moz is notoriously, militantly vegetarian. In 2010, Mr Meat Is Murder wrote an open letter decrying David Cameron – a Smiths fan, to add insult to injury – as someone who “hunts and shoots and kills stags, apparently for pleasure”… (story)
Star Magazine 9.7.15 Brian May blasts politicians over fox hunt move - (story)
Contact Music 9.7.15 Brian May Blasts U.k. Politicians Over Fox Hunt Move By WENN - British Rocker Brian May Has Blasted Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron For Allowing Politicians A Vote On Relaxing The Fox Hunting Ban Next Week… (story)
Express 9.7.15 Brian May attacks 'dishonest' plans to relax hunting laws: It's Armageddon for foxes - ROCK star Brian May has said the planned changes to fox hunting laws are "dishonest" and an "Armageddon for foxes, and those who fight cruelty to animals". By STUART WINTER (story)
Western Daily Press 9.7.15 Queen's Brian May hits out at Government plans to change the rules on killing foxes - Queen's Brian May has hit out at Government plans to change the rules on killing foxes, saying they will only benefit those who wish to take part in "a sadistic bloodsport for fun"… (story)
Western Morning News 9.7.15 Brian May condemns fox hunting move By WMNAGreenwood - Queen’s Brian May has hit out at Government plans to change the rules on killing foxes, saying they will only benefit those who wish to take part in “a sadistic bloodsport for fun”…. (story)
Mirror 8.7.15 Brian May blasts David Cameron's plan to relax fox hunting laws - Queen guitarist Brian May says the Prime Minister has "smashed" the Hunting Act… Animal rights activist and Queen guitarist Brian May told the Mirror: “This smashes the Hunting Act. “They will be able to bring back the whole pack of dogs…. (story)
Mirror 10.7.15 Ricky Gervais and Bill Oddie join Paul McCartney to slam Tory plans to change fox hunting law BY TOM BRYANT , TOM PARRY - The former Beatle spoke out against changes that could come in next week, believing they would effectively bring back legalised hunts with hounds through the back door Comedian Ricky Gervais and TV presenter Bill Oddie have added their backing to Sir Paul McCartney's calls to scrap Tory plans to change fox hunting laws as “cruel and unnecessary”…. (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 11.7.15 Don’t allow hunts - So, our Member of Parliament, Maria Miller, has said that she will support a repeal of the hunting ban. Her claim that it is the most effective form of fox control is certainly not supported by the fact that more than 20 hunts have been found to feed and breed foxes that can then be hunted… –John Dunn, Wykeham Drive, Basingstoke. (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 11.7.15 Michael Sheen joins call to end use of animals in circuses with letter to David Cameron - Port Talbot actor Michael Sheen has joined a nationwide call to end the use of animals in circuses, writing to Prime Minister David Cameron to voice his concerns…(story)

Newsweek 11.7.15 'Human beings are not the master species but the servant species': Andrew Linzey, Oxford animal theologian By Robert Chalmers - "Would you bury a golden retriever?" "Yes," replies Reverend Linzey…. It's easy to mock, as Andrew Linzey is all too aware. The world's leading animal theologian, who lectures on ethics at Oxford, where he is attached to St Stephen's College, Linzey, 63, who has professorships at other universities including Chicago, is no stranger to ridicule from the British tabloids. Inconveniently for his critics, the Anglican priest, who meets me at his house in Oxford, is a highly intelligent and articulate proponent of the theological case for more compassionate treatment of his fellow creatures…. (story)


Kent News 10.7.15 North Thanet MP says that “fox hunting has had its day” ahead of debate on the Hunting Act - Molly Kersey - North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale has described an attempt to begin the repeal of the Hunting Act “completely out of step with the wishes of the majority of members of the public.”… (story)
Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury 10.7.15 MP urged to vote against fox-hunting Report by Alex McColgan - AN ONLINE petition has been launched calling for Weston MP John Penrose to vote against any potential move to overturn the hunting ban. The campaign has already gained more than 1,000 signatures since it was launched in June. Mr Penrose was identified in a list published by the charity The League Against Cruel Sports as an MP who would vote to repeal the 2004 Hunting Act… (story)
Western Morning News 10.7.15 Westcountry MPs indicate how they'll vote on hunt ban relaxation By WMNPBowern - Westcountry MPs Sarah Wollaston and Ben Bradshaw have indicated, via social media, that they will vote against relaxing the hunt ban after next week’s House of Commons debate…. (story)
Independent 10.7.15 Fox hunting: Ministers misleading public over proposed changes to hunt ban, say campaigners - TOM BAWDEN - The Government’s newly published proposals on relaxing the fox-hunting ban are much more extensive than the Tories have led the public to believe and will provide numerous covers for illegal hunts, animal rights campaigners have said…. (story)
Kent 10.7.15 North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale slams fox hunting ahead of vote in House of Commons by James Rose - Sir Roger Gale has described an attempt to repeal the Hunting Act and bring back fox hunting as "completely out of step with the wishes of the majority"…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 10.7.15 Carmarthenshire MP backs farmers' calls to amend Hunting Act - A CARMARTHENSHIRE MP has backed calls by farmers for the Hunting Act to be amended. The FUW has said the law needs to be changed so that they can better protect their livestock against foxes. The move has been backed by Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart who said it was a sensible way of supporting the farming community…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 10.7.15 Changes to the fox-hunting ban are being called 'a step in the right direction' and 'back door repealing' by opposing campaigners - Ed Stilliard - CHANGES to the fox-hunting ban will be made as early as next week after the Government gave the green light for an open debate…. Dr Graham Ferris who is secretary of the New Forest Hounds said: “I think if it brings the law in England and Wales into line with Scottish legislation, it’s not a complete repeal of the act, but it would be a step in the right direction…. (story)
Western Daily Press 10.7.15 Tristan Cork: Playing politics in hope of placating the hunting lobby - It took a long time to find anything that the Countryside Alliance and the likes of the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and IFAW actually agree on, but early this year, I finally managed it. After two decades reporting on the pros and cons of the hunting issue, and feeling like a Wimbledon umpire watching a rally that will never end, both sides agreed on one thing – the Hunting Act in its present form simply doesn't work…. (story)
Western Mail 10.7.15 Hunting Act amendment reignites the countryside debate, and Brian May fires first salvo in new hunting war BY DARREN DEVINE - The Government’s decision to amend the Act to allow foxes to be flushed out with unlimited number of dogs seems set to bring back the conflicts of a decade ago… Earlier this year Michael Gibbon, one of four masters of the Glamorgan Hunt, said since the ban came his group has continued to meet 30 to 40 times a year… (story)
Banbury Guardian 10.7.15 Welfare rep quizzes MP over hunting ban - A wildlife protection campaigner has been pressing Banbury’s MP to address concerns over a possible repeal of the hunting ban. Roy Parker, once Banbury 
secretary of the League Against Cruel Sports, lived in Milcombe but moved to Spain 13 years ago. But he is still registered 
to vote in the Banbury 
constituency and is taking an active interest in the possibility of a vote on hunting…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 10.7.15 Essex & Suffolk MPs split on planned amendments to fox hunting ban - Will Lodge, Tom Potter & Annabelle Dickson - Hunt organisers in Suffolk and Essex say they welcome proposed changes to the ban on fox hunting – but are disappointed it does not go any further…. James Buckle, master at the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, said he welcomed anything that makes hunting easier… Lesley Henniker-Major, master of the Suffolk Hunt, said: “Any reform of the Hunting Act has got to be a good thing. It’s as simple as that.”… (story)
Norwich Evening News 10.7.15 Hunting vote is setting the hares running - A step too far, or not far enough? The issue of hunting continues to provoke huge emotions ahead of a free vote on Wednesday about whether the number of dogs that can be used to seek out foxes will be changed. - But Charles Carter, master of the West Norfolk Hunt, said it was an amendment to the law passed in 2004 and would help the ability of hunts to control foxes for farmers as they would be able to flush a fox to a gun using a full pack of hounds…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.7.15 Dame Anne Begg urges Callum McCaig to vote against Hunting Act changes by Lindsay Watling - The former MP for Aberdeen South is urging her successor to vote against any changes to the Hunting Act. Labour’s Dame Anne Begg who was toppled by the SNP’s Callum McCaig at the general election, has written to him after a constituent got in touch…. (story)
The Ecologist 10.7.15 Hunting Act 'amendment' is repeal in disguise - Robbie Marsland - Next Tuesday MPs will be voting on an 'amendment' to the Hunting Act that outlaws fox hunting and other cruel sports, writes Robbie Marsland. But its effect would be to make the law a dead letter - so full of holes as to permit the return of full-blown hunting with dogs. MPs must vote down this 'repeal by stealth'…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.7.15 Would MPs vote to axe fox-hunting ban? By Tom Moseley Political reporter - MPs are to be given a free vote on changes to the law on fox-hunting in England and Wales. Where does the House of Commons stand on the issue?... (story)


Sunderland Echo 10.7.15 Cures need to be found - Well done, Chris Magee. His letter was factual without being nasty or political, no doubt the Animal Aid group will be spitting blood… John Carden, Via email (letter)
Shields Gazette 6.7.15 Animal testing list is not correct - Chris Magee, Head of Policy Understanding Animal Research (letter)
Sunderland Echo 6.7.15 Test list is not correct - Campaign group Animal Aid recently wrote urging readers not to support medical research charities looking into diseases such as cancer and diabetes… However, of its list of 140 ‘approved’ charities, 93 are not medical research charities but organisations that provide patient care and support or are education services. Of the remaining 47, six conduct animal research, 12 don’t mention whether they use animals or not, one is a conference not a charity, two are marketing fronts promoting a diet book, and one ceased to exist in 2007…. What Animal Aid has done is conflate the work of all charities connected to health, but the bottom line is that Macmillan nurses are providing palliative care, not searching for a cure for cancer, and Diabetes UK doesn’t fund the same sort of activities as the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children…. However, the fact is animals remain an essential part of medical, veterinary and environmental research, and most of our current medicines and medical treatments were discovered and developed using them…. Chris Magee, Head of Policy Understanding Animal Research (letter)
Shields Gazette 24.6.15 Smart way to cruelty free - Isobel Hutchinson, Animal Aid campaigner (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 5.6.15 New app reveals charities which fund vivisection - National campaign group Animal Aid has launched an innovative smartphone app that allows people to check whether medical charities fund animal experiments…. ISOBEL HUTCHINSON Animal Aid (letter)

Irish Times 10.7.15 Pamplona bull run - JOHN FITZGERALD Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 10.7.15 Bullfighting and Pamplona a throwback to Dark Ages - The goring of people who took part in this year's bull run in Pamplona is yet another reminder of the horrendous cruelty that is inflicted on animals in the name of tradition… JOHN FITZGERALD By email (story)


Western Morning News 9.7.15 Exmoor's red deer herd is in good shape, annual count reveals By WMNJBayley - A count shows the red deer of Exmoor are thriving. Philip Bowern reports that it is through a combination of management by the hunt and controlled stalking. The latest results from the annual red deer count on Exmoor has revealed a population of around 3,300 generally healthy animals, Charles Harding, Secretary of the Exmoor and District Deer Management Society has reported…. Since the introduction of the hunting ban in 2005, there has been a decline in the number of older stags forming part of the overall population of about 3,300 deer in the Exmoor area. There is also a perception that the age profile of the population in both sexes is becoming younger, consistent with a higher culling rate in the older categories and a suspected rise of shooting of the older stags for their better trophy heads… the late poet laureate, Ted Hughes, who had a home at North Tawton had written these words in a letter to the Guardian in 1997 when a hunt ban, eventually introduced in 2005, was on the political agenda.“Stag-hunting touches deep tribal springs. This attitude to the red deer has a pride and a sovereignty all of its own. And this is one way in which these men can confirm their solidarity with the inner life of the region: they refrain from killing the deer. This protection is granted to the herd on a condition. The moment the hunt is banned, everything changes.” (story)

Northern Echo 9.7.15 Front garden nominated Darlington's fox toilet - FOXES are a regular visitor to the Longfield Road area at the north end of Darlington.. our front garden seems to have been nominated as a fox toilet. The odd calling card would not be a problem but enough to fill a carrier bag is beyond a joke… Perhaps the Zetland Hunt fancies a bit of night work? Watch out, Mr Fox. Steve Hodgson, Darlington (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 9.7.15 Gloucestershire MPs to vote on changing the fox hunting law - Members of Parliament across Gloucestershire will vote on whether to amend the law on fox hunting in a week's time… Stroud Conservative MP Neil Carmichael has confirmed he will be voting in favour of the amendments next week… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 9.7.15 MPs in Gloucestershire to vote next week on relaxing law on hunting By Aled Thomas - MPs will be offered a free vote on amending the law on fox-hunting and relaxing the restrictions on the number of dogs that can be used to flush out a fox…. (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.7.15 MPs to get free vote on relaxing fox hunting ban but how will our MPs vote? - MPs are to get a free vote on relaxing the ban on fox hunting next week. Downing Street said that David Cameron is likely to vote in favour of the changes… Melanie Onn MP says she will not be voting for amendments to the ban on fox hunting, because she says it's "cruel and inhumane" and her Great Aunt would "turn in her grave" in she found out she had supported it in anyway… (story)
Essex Chronicle 9.7.15 Fox hunting could return to Essex as MPs to vote on new laws to repeal ban next week By WillWatkinson - MPs will be invited to vote on changes to existing laws on fox hunting as early as next week which could bring a return to the sport banned a decade ago… Every Boxing Day more than 100 people go to Galleywood Common to watch scarlet-clad mounted riders and their pack of hounds take part in a 'trial hunt' organised by the Essex Farmers Union and Hunt (EFUH)… (story)
North Devon Journal 9.7.15 Foxhunting: Vote on changes will test MPs' attitudes towards full repeal of ban - THE attitude of the House of Commons towards fully repealing the ban on fox hunting will become clearer as MPs vote on some significant changes to the current ban… (story)
Mirror 9.7.15 Fox hunting row as Tory minister accuses government of trying to relax laws 'via the back door' BY BEN GLAZE - A Tory Minister has accused her own Government of trying to relax fox hunting laws “via the back door”. Outspoken Tracey Crouch vowed to try and block plans to ease restrictions on the 10-year-old Hunting Act…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.7.15 MPs to vote next week on changes to fox hunting laws - MPs will vote on changes to the laws on fox hunting in England and Wales on Wednesday, the government has said…. Shadow Commons Leader Angela Eagle accused the government of trying to "wreck" the Hunting Act "using this backdoor device because they don't have the majority to repeal the Act or the guts to try"…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.7.15 MPs 'could vote on fox hunting law change next week' - MPs could vote on changes to existing laws on fox hunting in England and Wales as early as next week… Claire Marshall reports. (story)
Express 9.7.15 Fox-hunting: Campaigners urge Tory MPs to avoid 'return to the dark days' - ANTI-hunt Conservatives have urged Tory MPs to make sure they turn up to Parliament next week in order to avoid a "return to the dark days" of pursuing foxes with hounds. By STUART WINTER - Conservatives Against Fox Hunting are pleading with all their supporters in the House of Commons to step forward during Wednesday's highly controversial vote on what is being described as decriminalising fox hunting by the back door…. (story)
Guardian 9.7.15 Government publishes amendment to fox hunting act ahead of free vote - Animal charities appalled at proposals that could see a return to the hunts of old, with packs of dogs chasing live prey - The government has published proposals to allow foxes to be hunted by packs of dogs in England and Wales again as long as it is “appropriate” for the terrain and done “efficiently” to protect other animals…. the Guardian understands the SNP is currently minded not to intervene, making a change in the law more likely. …. The proposals have been met with dismay by animal charities, including the RSPCA, which on Thursday accused the government of approaching an abuse of power with its efforts to bring back hunting by the back door.…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 9.7.15 PROPOSED CHANGES TO HUNTING ACT A 'SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT' FOR FARMERS AND HUNTS - Defra has proposed changes to the Hunting Act that would allow farmers in England and Wales to use more than two dogs to stalk animals for pest control, in line with the laws in Scotland… CLA President Henry Robinson said: “The Hunting Act is a bad piece of legislation that doesn’t work as a means of protecting animal welfare or as a set of practical rules for those that hunt to follow….. (story)
The Week 9.7.15 Fox hunting vote: Cameron accused of 'stealth' tactics - A vote on relaxing the hunting in England and Wales could be held as early as next week, the government has announced…. (story)
Bristol Post 9.7.15 Conservative government wants to bring back hunting through backdoor, MP claims - CONSERVATIVE proposals to relax the Hunting ban are an attempt to bring back hunting via the back door, Labour's Kerry McCarthy MP has claimed…. (story)
Independent 9.7.15 MPs will only get 90 minutes to debate fox hunting before they vote on legalising it - JON STONE - MPs will only be given 90 minutes to debate fox hunting before they vote on whether to legalise it, George Osborne has said. Confirming that the opportunity to repeal the bloodsport ban would take place, the Chancellor defended the Government making the issue one of its top priorities after winning the election…. If all 650 MPs attended a 90 minute debate to speak each one would get just over eight seconds from the total 5,400 allocated to the issue…. (story)
Independent 9.7.15 Fox hunting: Opposing lobbies get ready to do battle over vote to weaken ban - TOM BAWDEN- Pro-hunting campaigners have launched an intensive lobbying effort ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote to weaken the ban on the bloodsport next week – while opponents are promising major protests and increased sabotage…. (story)
Independent 9.7.15 The government are trying to sneak fox hunting in through the back door - This is not about hunting for pest control. It's about hunting for fun - ROBBIE MARSLAND - There will be much debate over the next week as to what the words 'flushing to guns' actually mean. What's the difference between 40 hounds chasing a fox or two? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? It's actually quite simple. They are basically sneaking hunting in through the back door…. (story)
Independent 8.7.15 The fox hunting ban's loopholes make it ineffective - Even the upper echelons of the hunting community agree the ban isn’t really working - TOM BAWDEN (story)
Independent 8.7.15 Outwitting the fox: The proposed change to hunting law lacks transparency - The vote which the Government plans to hold on fox hunting is so bizarre that it is no wonder it was arranged for the news to leak out on Budget Day, to keep publicity to a minimum… This newspaper is opposed to repealing the ban on hunting with dogs. However, if that is what our elected Government proposes then it should do it properly, through an Act of Parliament, not through this sneaky manoeuvre. (story)
Mail 9.7.15 MPs to have free vote on easing foxhunting ban: Tories confirm plan to water down laws because they believe there is not enough support to push through a repeal By GERRI PEEV FOR THE DAILY MAIL - David Cameron is to water down the foxhunting ban without a full repeal of the controversial law, Downing Street confirmed last night…. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.7.15 Commons leader Chris Grayling defends Government's planned 'back door' vote over fox hunting - Changing the rules on killing foxes will not lift the ban on hunting the animals, a Cabinet minister has said amid accusations that the Government is attempting to wreck it "through the back door"…. Commons Leader Chris Grayling insisted that if MPs vote to change the rules it would not amount to an end to the ban… (story)
Western Daily Press 9.7.15 MPs could vote on latest hunting law next week By janet Hughes - David Cameron has been accused or bringing hunting back through the back door amid reports there will be a Commons vote on watering down the law as early as next week…. (story)
Wells Journal 9.7.15 MPs to vote whether to relax ban on fox hunting next week - MPs will be given a free vote on relaxing the ban on fox hunting next week. The proposed changes to the ban would mean that foxes hunted as pests would have to be shot as soon as possible after being flushed out by hounds…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 9.7.15 Fox hunting ban could be watered down By RobinJenkins - MPs are set to get a free vote on watering down the fox hunting ban. The Daily Mail said Downing Street had last night confirmed that Prime Minister David Cameron aimed to water down the controversial ban without a full repeal of it… (story)
Bath Chronicle 9.7.15 David Cameron criticised for change in fox hunting rules - The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been criticised for planning to introduce new rules for fox hunting with dogs. The issue has divided many, and people opposing a U-turn on the ban believe Mr Cameron is ""resorting to desperate measures"…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.7.15 MPs to vote on changes to foxhunting ban within days By WMNPBowern - MPs will vote on changes to the fox-hunting ban before parliament rises on July 21 – to test the appetite of the House of Commons for full repeal…. The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said: “It will be an early opportunity for MPs to have a say on a hunting issue.” She indicated the Prime Minister would vote in favour of the change. "The Prime Minister has made it clear several times he believes in the freedom to hunt," she said…. (story)
Western Morning News 8.7.15 Cameron accused of sneak tactics over plans for vote on hunting 'technicality' By WMNlynbarton - MPs could be given the chance to ditch the Hunting Act as early as next week with reports mooting that a free vote is on the cards… But Maria Eagle, shadow rural affairs secretary, said: "David Cameron is resorting to desperate measures to bring back fox hunting…. (story)
West Briton & Cornish Guardian 9.7.15 MPs set to vote on changes to fox hunting ban By RWhitehouse - PARLIAMENT is set to vote on changes to the ban on fox hunting before the end of the month to test the water for a full scrapping of the law…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.7.15 Foxhunting in Devon could change when MPs vote on ban - THE rules on foxhunting could change when MPs vote on changes to the ban before parliament rises on July 21 – to test the appetite of the House of Commons for full repeal… (story)
Leicester Mercury 9.7.15 Should the fox hunting ban be relaxed? - MPs will be given a free vote in Parliament next week on whether to change the existing laws on fox hunting…. Joe Cowen, chairman of the Fernie Hunt, said: "Most of us in the hunting community are disappointed the Hunting Act will not be repealed, which is what we've campaigned for these last 10 years. "But this change will make things much more sensible and we won't be forever looking over our shoulders to see if illegalities are taking place."… (story)
Leicester Mercury 9.7.15 Fox hunting ban to be amended - move welcomed by local hunt By Tom_Mack - A change to the law is expected to give fox hunters much greater freedom. Despite a Conservative majority in the House of Commons now, there is still not enough support for a complete repeal of the hunting ban introduced by Labour a decade ago…. Joe Cowen, chairman of the Fernie Hunt, said: "Most of us in the hunting community are disappointed the Hunting Act will not be repealed, which is what we've campaigned for these last 10 years. "But this change will make things much more sensible and we won't be forever looking over our shoulders to see if illegalities are taking place…. (story)
Shropshire Star 9.7.15 Vote on changes to fox hunting law welcomed by Shropshire hunt leaders - MPs are set to vote on changes to laws banning fox hunting as early as next week. .. The news has been welcomed by hunt leaders in Shropshire…. Shropshire MPs Owen Paterson and Mark Pritchard have previously called for the ban to be repealed, saying it did nothing to promote animal welfare… Julian Hill, joint secretary of Albrighton & Woodland Hunt, said the change would be a good thing for the hunting community…. Bob Smith, joint master of Ludlow Hunt, said he thought the proposal was a sensible compromise…. (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 9.7.15 MPs to vote on relaxing fox hunting laws next week - MPs will have a free vote on relaxing the 10 year ban on fox hunting in England next week. A 90 minute debate is planned on Thursday July 16 to highlight the key changes to the Hunting Act, which will legalise hunting with packs of dogs. MPs will then be given a free vote.. (story)

Closer 9.7.15 Join our #KeepTheBan campaign: Stop the hunting ban from being lifted By Ellie Hooper Digital Writer - Closer has teamed up with animal rights charity The League Against Cruel Sports to launch an URGENT appeal to block the hunting ban being lifted… (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 9.7.15 Killing isn't entertaining - I was very disappointed to read your report in The Gazette, June 25, that our representative in Parliament, Maria Miller, proposes to vote for a reversal of the ban on fox hunting…. –David Brittain Group Secretary, Basingstoke Humanists, Ivar Gardens, Lychpit, Basingstoke (letter)

New Statesman 9.7.15 Unfair game: why are Britain’s birds of prey being killed? Are gamekeepers killing off Britain's raptors? It's a question that gets to the heart of our right to privacy – and to roam. BY MARK COCKER - It was a cold morning in rural east Norfolk, two weeks before Christmas. A cordon of beaters – men wearing country clothing and waving red flags – thrashed the undergrowth. A bird soared into the sky and even I felt an adrenalin surge. I have studied and written about wildlife for more than 40 years but this was the first shoot I’d attended… There is a much darker side to shooting pheasants. Only a month before my visit to Raveningham and just 12 miles from the estate, a gamekeeper called Allen Lambert was sentenced for killing ten buzzards and a sparrowhawk…. Mark Cocker’s latest book is “Claxton: Field Notes from a Small Planet” (published by Jonathan Cape) (story)

Western Morning News 9.7.15 Double blow of low housing supply and high demand pushing prices to 'unaffordable' levels By WMNlynbarton - Rural communities in Devon and Cornwall are being strangled by a record low in the number of homes available for sale. According to startling figures just released, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) says prices are being pushed to "unaffordable" levels by the scarcity of houses for sale. Sarah Lee, head of policy at rural campaigner the Countryside Alliance, said the Westcountry was hit particularly hard… (story)

Worcester News 9.7.15 No place for fur in town’s ceremony - It was good to hear that Worcester-based company Robes of Distinction “refuses to use real fur on a matter of principle” (“£5,000 to repair mayoral robes”, Worcester News, July 2). The fur trade is an appallingly cruel industry, to the extent that fur farming was banned in this country over a decade ago…. LILY MICHAELS Evesham (story)


Western Morning News 8.7.15 MPs to vote on changes to foxhunting ban within weeks By WMNPBowern - MPs will vote on changes to the fox-hunting ban within weeks – to test the appetite of the House of Commons for full repeal. David Cameron wants to bring English law into line with Scotland, where a full pack of hounds can be used to flush a fox to the gun, so it can be shot. In England just two hounds can be used to find and flush…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.7.15 David Cameron accused of "resorting to desperate measures" to bring back fox hunting - David Cameron has been accused of "resorting to desperate measures" to bring back fox hunts after it emerged the Government would introduce changes to rules on hunting with dogs… (story)
Guardian 8.7.15 MPs to get free vote on relaxing fox hunting ban next week - David Cameron is planning to let MPs vote on change that would allow hunts to use more dogs to flush out foxes before shooting them - Rowena MasonPolitical correspondent - David Cameron is planning to hold a vote on relaxing the fox hunting ban next week in a move that is only likely to be successful if the Scottish National party decides to stay out of the debate…. (story)
Guardian 8.7.15 David Cameron the sly fox is about to legalise hunting by stealth - Stephen Moss - There are good arguments in favour of repealing the ban on foxhunting. So why doesn’t the PM make them openly? - Ten years after the Hunting Act banned the hunting of wild mammals with dogs, the subject is back on the agenda…. The League Against Cruel Sports is claiming that a vote next week for this change will mean the return of hunting “by the backdoor”, and they are right….I have no particular beef against the hunters. I have hunted several times –strictly for journalistic reasons – and a nicer set of people you could not find. The post-hunt boiled-egg teas are truly joyous. I could see the aesthetic pleasure of hunting, accept it’s not just toffs who do it, love the camaraderie and the sloe gin you drink as you hurtle round on a winter’s day: all the stuff that Siegfried Sassoon wrote about so lyrically. But there is the fox to consider. It wasn’t so much the kill that bothered me as the chase, which could sometimes last for a couple of hours… (story)
Shooting UK 8.7.15 Hurry! Only six days to lobby your MP to support an amendment to the 2004 Hunting Act - It is reported that the Government will propose amendments to the 2004 Hunting Act as early as Thursday next week… Farmers will be able to call on the services of the local hunt to use more than two dogs to protect livestock, as well as game birds. The amendments will also make it easier to despatch foxes suffering from mange and other diseases… The Countryside Alliance says: ”We still believe that the Hunting Act needs to be scrapped, but in the circumstances these amendments meet the immediate needs of the rural community… (story)
AFP via Yahoo 8.7.15 British parliament to vote on fox hunting - Britain's House of Commons will vote on the highly contentious issue of fox hunting next week, with critics claiming Wednesday that it could be a first step towards lifting an 11-year ban…. (story)
Mirror 8.7.15 David Cameron to relax laws on fox hunting - burying the bad news on Budget day - Blood-thirsty toffs will be delighted that MPs are set to vote on relaxing laws so it's harder to prosecute fox hunters… (story)
Horse & Hound 8.7.15 Vote planned to make changes to the Hunting Act - Polly Portwin - The Conservative Government is planning a vote on making changes to the Hunting Act 2004. Although no date has yet been confirmed, it is believed the vote is scheduled for Thursday 16 July. The suggested changes would remove the two dog limit and permit the flushing and shooting of foxes using packs of hounds…. (story)
Express 8.7.15 Fox hunting fury: Tories use Budget as cover to relax ban, claim campaigners - ANTI-HUNT campaigners today accused the Government of trying to bury bad news by announcing plans to bring back fox hunting hours before the Budget. By STUART WINTER (story)
International Business Times 8.7.15 Fox hunting ban: David Cameron to give Tory MPs free vote on hound numbers By Ian Silvera - The rules around fox hunting in England and Wales could be controversially relaxed as David Cameron plans to give Conservative MPs a free vote on the issue as early as 16 July…. (story)
Sky 8.7.15 MPs To Get Free Vote On Hunting With Dogs - MPs will get a free vote on amending the fox hunting bill to allow the use of a pack of dogs, the Government announces. By Joey Jones, Deputy Political Editor (story)
York Press 8.7.15 PM accused over fox killing rules - David Cameron has been accused of "resorting to desperate measures" to bring back fox hunting after the Government said it wanted to change the rules on killing foxes, with MPs set to vote on the issue next week…. (story)
Metro.7.15 MPs will be given free vote on relaxing fox hunting ban next week - Harry Readhead - MPs are to be given a free vote on whether to repeal the fox hunting ban in England. Since 2004, the hunting of wild animals with dogs has been banned in England and Wales. In England, there are additional rules limiting the number of dogs a hunter can use to flush foxes to two…. (story)
Independent 8.7.15 Tories poised to relax hunting ban without new Commons battle - TOM BAWDEN - David Cameron has been accused of trying to sneak fox hunting in by the back door as he announced a vote to relax the ban next week…. “This is a sneaky way to try and weaken even further the restrictions of the Hunting Act, as it is clear that a bid to get a total repeal would fail. It is completely dishonest, as all the evidence shows foxes represent no danger to lambs. It’s just a dirty trick,” said Penny Little, an independent hunt monitor…. (story)
Independent 8.7.15 David Cameron to give MPs a free vote on the fox hunting ban - and changes could be nodded through within days - MATT DATHAN - David Cameron will give MPs a free vote on bringing back fox hunting, Downing Street has confirmed. The vote could come as early as next week, with the Government set to avoid introducing lengthy legislation, which would be subject to months of intense scrutiny in the media and in both Houses of Parliament. Instead Mr Cameron will seek to usher in the significant changes to existing legislation by using a statutory instrument…. (story)
Telegraph 8.7.15 MPs to get free vote to relax fox hunting ban next week By Christopher Hope, and Steven Swinford - MPs are to get a free vote on relaxing the ban on fox hunting in England next week. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, will set out plans to back bench MPs on the Conservative 1922 committee on Wednesday…. (story)
Mail 8.7.15 Cameron plan to ease foxhunting ban: PM considers compromise that will make it legal to kill foxes for pest control purposes By DANIEL MARTIN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT FOR THE DAILY MAIL - David Cameron is considering a compromise to water down the foxhunting ban without a full repeal of the controversial law, it was reported last night. The Prime Minister is said to be looking at a measure to make it legal to kill foxes for pest control and will put the idea to a meeting of the backbench 1922 Committee today… (story)
Western Morning News 8.7.15 Cameron accused of sneak tactics over plans for vote on hunting 'technicality' By WMNlynbarton - MPs could be given the chance to ditch the Hunting Act as early as next week with reports mooting that a free vote is on the cards. It is thought that Prime Minister David Cameron will announce that Parliament can decide whether to modify the Hunting Act in a way which will allow the return of fox hunting. The vote, which was promised in the Conservative manifesto, would substantially loosen restrictions on hunting with hounds…. (story)
Chelmsford Weekly News 8.7.15 Row over move to make fox-hunting legal again - With a free vote in the House of Commons taking place in the next year, the debate over fox hunting is intensifying again in Maldon district… (story)
Politics 8.7.15 David Cameron to sneak through partial fox-hunting ban repeal By Adam Bienkov - David Cameron is to sneak through a partial repeal of the fox-hunting ban within weeks. The prime minister is to use a statutory instrument to rush through a relaxation of current laws which prohibit hunts from using packs of hounds to hunt foxes… (story)
BBC News Online 8.7.15 MPs to vote on changes to fox hunting laws - MPs will be asked to vote on changes to existing laws on fox hunting in England and Wales as early as next week…. David Cameron said he would give MPs the chance to "debate an issue and then have a vote". Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, he said: "I don't know what everyone else came here for but I think that's quite a good idea."… (story)
Channel 4 News 8.7.15 Fox hunting vote: Thursday 16 July - Gary Gibbon - Just before the chancellor shows you what true blue Tory governments do on the economy, a titbit about next week and what true blue Tory governments do about an old sore, hunting. On Thursday there will be a vote on a statutory instrument on hunting law aligning the England and Wales position with the law in Scotland…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 8.7.15 Vote on Hunting Act amendments could come next week - Lindsay Pantry - AMENDMENTS to the Hunting Act which would represent a “step forward” in the pro-hunting campaign could go before a Commons vote next week…. (story)
Huffington Post 8.7.15 Foxhunting Ban To Be Weakened As David Cameron Dodges Full Repeal By Owen Bennett and Paul Waugh - The foxhunting ban could be severely watered down as soon as next week as David Cameron plans to allow a free vote on the controversial issue. Using a piece of parliamentary procedure known as a statutory instrument, the Government will be able to make significant changes to the Hunting Act without the weeks of debate a full repeal would entail…. (story)
Spectator 7.7.15 Revealed: David Cameron’s plan to bring back hunting - Melissa Kite - When Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever smoked marijuana he uttered the infamous cop-out that he had smoked it but had not inhaled. David Cameron’s position on hunting has been similar… Whatever the truth, Mr Cameron knows he has to deliver something to the hunting fraternity now that he leads a majority government, because he promised a vote on overturning the ban in his manifesto. The trouble is that he can’t risk a free vote, which only entrenches the hunting ban if it goes against him. So a solution has been hit upon that involves amending the Hunting Act by statutory instrument. The idea is to change the conditions that exempt particular sorts of hunting for pest-control purposes. At present it’s legal to hunt with two hounds to flush a fox to a gun. If the proposed change went ahead, the exemption would cover using as many hounds as were necessary for wildlife management…. because it’s a statutory instrument it will take 90 minutes, not days and weeks of valuable parliamentary time. Cameron will put the idea to his party’s 1922 Committee tomorrow… (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 8.7.15 Ashwell man in court over badger sett charges - A man has been charged with two counts of interfering with badger setts ahead of a hunt meeting. Dean Jones, 44, of Cottesmore Road, Ashwell, will appear at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on July 22 charged with blocking a badger sett and causing a dog to enter it on November 29, 2014. The incident happened hours before the Cottesmore Hunt set off from a meet nearby… (story)

Shooting UK 8.7.15 The growth of female shooting syndicates - Lucy King - Shooting has traditionally been a man's game and, for the most part, it still is. The past 20 years, however, have seen significant changes and the industry is filling the girl-shaped gap in the market. If current trends continue, women could have an important role to play in the future of shooting…One of the first to identify and address the girl-shaped gap in the market was the Holland & Holland (H&H) Shooting Grounds in Northwood, near London. Twenty years ago, the firm launched its Green Feathers course, aimed at introducing women to shooting. In 2001, in response to demand from more experienced women, the Chanel-owned gunmaker launched the Silver Feathers course. Both courses were, and still are, highly popular… (story)


Burton Mail 8.7.15 Yoxall man shows his naked disgust for Pamplona bull run in Spain By Lucy Grosvenor - WEARING nothing but a pair of bull horns, a Yoxall man took to the streets of Spain to protest about the traditional bull run in Pamplona. Matthew Coleman, 36, shed his clothes and covered himself in red body paint to show his disgust over the way the animals are treated during this Spanish festival… (story)
Liverpool Echo 8.7.15 Merseyside graduate part of 'nearly naked' protest at Pamplona bull run in Spain - A university graduate from Liverpool was part of a group of “nearly naked” campaigners protesting in Spain over the Pamplona bull run. Heather Varley, from Croxteth, was at the head of 100 activists from PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) and Spanish animal rights group AnimaNaturalis to protest against the city’s Running of the Bulls event… (story)

BBC News Online 8.7.15 Campaigners welcome ruling on seal shooting disclosure - Campaigners have welcomed a ruling forcing the Scottish government to reveal how many seals are shot each year at individual salmon farms. Ministers had argued fish farm staff, and their families, may receive threats if the information was released. Now the Scottish Information Commissioner has said the government failed to comply with environmental information regulations… John Robins, from Save our Seals, told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme: "It's an environmental issue, its an animal welfare - an animal rights issue. It's also a consumer issue, the consumer has the right to know."… (story)


Western Daily Press 7.7.15 Anti-hunt campaigners speak from 'position of total ignorance' as mass e-mail campaign starts By TristanCork - People who are anti-hunting voice their opinions 'from a position of total ignorance' claimed pro-hunt campaigners as they launched one final big push to lobby MPs to back a repeal of the controversial law. The Countryside Alliance has started a new mass email assault, hoping that the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out for two marches in defence of hunting back at the turn of the century will lobby their MP to back their call for repeal…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 7.7.15 May's anti-hunt MP event 'flops' - QUEEN guitarist and animal rights campaigner Brian May has failed to recruit enough anti-hunting Tories to vote against repealing the hunt ban, the Countryside Alliance has predicted… Mr Bonner said: "Despite the rhetoric Brian May's event was a complete flop. Only four MPs even turned up and the event once again showed that Brian May's claims about support for his campaigns are as bizarre as his views on animal rights."… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 7.7.15 A Tory should know better - IT is ironic to see meat-eating MP Neil Parish running scared from the election of vegan Peta Watson-Smith and academic Dr Dan Lyons to the RSPCA Council Tiverton MP calls for RSPCA investigation, Gazette, June 30. Our new Conservative government was elected by less than a quarter of the population and here is one of its most fervent supporters questioning the results of the RSPCA elections… IVOR ANNETTS Tiverton (letter)

Farming lIFE 7.7.15 Badger group states opposition to NI ‘cull’ - ruth.rodgers - The Northern Ireland Badger Group has said it remains opposed to a ‘pilot badger cull’ and says that cattle vaccination is the key to eradicating TB from local herds….. (story)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 7.7.15 Don't fund animal tests - In recent issues of the Advertiser there have been several articles about good people fundraising for various charities connected with health and medical research. Everybody wants to see medical progress, but an increasing number of people are refraining from donating to such charities, because they fear their money will be used to fund animal experiments…. Ronald Lee Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)
Bromsgrove Advertiser 25.6.15 Experiments not universal - Everybody wants to see medical progress, but an increasing number of people are refraining from donating to such charities, because they fear their money will be used to fund animal experiments…. Instead of not giving to any health charities, members of the public can find out whether or not such charities fund animal experiments by consulting a list put together by animal protection group Animal Aid… Ronald Lee Communications Officer Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 7.7.15 Robe issue sparks debate - Alex Townley - THE idea of replacing the mayor’s ceremonial robes in Droitwich at a possible cost of thousands of pounds using real fur, has caused a furore amongst local residents, who disagreed wholeheartedly with the idea of spending so much money…. Jill Osgathorp said: “The idea of the council spending rate payers money on a piece of red velvet trimmed with dead animal fur is abhorrent…. Roberta Balfour said: “Real fur should be a relic of the past… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.7.15 I’m not bitter, says Heather Mills - Entrepreneur, environmentalist and campaigner Heather Mills believes she lost her reputation during her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney. She tells us how she’s turned her life around and why her daughter and skiing have made her feel like a winner again… (story)


Western Daily Press 6.7.15 MPs 'will not repeal the hunting ban', says West MP - Anti-hunting Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has rejected the Countryside Alliance's claim that repeal of the Hunting Act is still on course… (story)
Western Morning News 3.7.15 Tory MP claims 'majority' in House of Commons will vote to keep hunt ban By WMNPBowern - Anti-hunting Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has rejected the Countryside Alliance’s claim that repeal of the Hunting Act is still on course…. The pro-hunt organisation claimed efforts by animal rights campaigner Brian May to recruit Tory MPs to oppose repeal had ‘flopped’…. But Dr Wollaston tweeted: “Nonsense from CA, the repeal vote will fail not thanks to May, but because most people & MPs don’t support hunting.”… she concluded the social media conversation: “FGS, all the genuine rural issues they could be addressing to stay relevant in 21st century & the CA still obsessing about hunting, move on!” (story)

Shooting 6.7.15 Shooters reject Weetabix claims on lead shot contamination - Shooting groups have questioned comments by Weetabix’s head of quality Keith Turnbull, warning farmers to avoid contaminating wheat grain with lead shot. In an article for the Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet Newsletter, Mr Turnbull said he receives wheat containing lead shot. He urged farmers to “stop this contamination occurring on your farm”. But his statement has puzzled shooting organisations, which say there is no way that shot can be picked up from fields…. (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 5.7.15 Queen's Brian May is joined by Dorset campaigner in anti-hunt coalition By jspiteri - By jspiteri - Hounds Off, a North Dorset-based organisation which supports people affected by illegal hunt trespass, has joined a coalition of national animal welfare organisations led by Queen guitarist Brian May in defence of the Hunting Act. Hounds Off Founder Joe Hashman, from Shaftesbury, explained: "Hounds Off is pleased to be part of Team Fox… (story)
Western Morning News 1.7.15 War of words over campaign on hunt repeal as Brian May's efforts to woo Tory MPs branded 'a flop' By WMNPBowern - Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner Brian May has failed to recruit enough anti-hunting Tories to vote against repealing the hunt ban, the Countryside Alliance predicted today…. Mr May invited Conservative MPs to a briefing on the issue on Tuesday. But Tim Bonner, director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance dismissed the event. He said Mr May had destroyed his chances of winning around Conservatives on the issue in part because of his personal attacks on Mr Cameron…. Mr Bonner said: “Despite the rhetoric Brian May’s event in parliament was a complete flop. Only four MPs even turned up and the event once again showed that Brian May’s claims about support for his campaigns are as bizarre as his views on animal rights…. (story)
Express 1.7.15 VIDEO: Brian May confident coalition of MPs will defeat any bid to bring back fox hunting - ROCK legend Brian May is optimistic that “wonderful” rainbow coalition of MPs will defeat attempts to bring back fox hunting. By STUART WINTER - The Queen guitarist says there is now a “good chance” that a bid to bring back the controversial blood sport to the countryside will be defeated…. Up to 50 Tories could vote against any move to repeal the decade hold Hunting Act with an equal number abstaining. After meeting Conservative MPs in the Commons, May spoke exclusively to Express Nature about his growing belief that attempts to bring back fox hunting will be defeated…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.6.15 Devon MP backs Brian May's 'Team Fox' campaign By Kate Langston - West MPs turned out to support Brian May’s anti-hunt campaign as the rockstar paid a visit to Parliament. Dr May, who has been a strong voice on animal welfare in recent years, stopped in Westminster on Tuesday to promote his Team Fox movement… a number of Conservative MPs have already come out in opposition of overturning the Act, including Totnes’s Dr Sarah Wollaston and Torbay’s Kevin Foster. Mr Foster pledged his support for the Team Fox campaign yesterday, posting a picture of Dr May and the Conservative MP spearheading the campaign, Andrea Jenkyns, on Twitter… (story)
Wakefield Express 30.6.15 MP Andrea Jenkyns to fight for animal rights with Queen’s Brian May - Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns has joined forces with rock royalty to fight for animal rights. Queen lead guitarist Brian May met Ms Jenkyns last week to discuss fox hunting in the UK. The pair have now pledged to work together to battle for animal rights in parliament… (story)
Western Daily Press 30.6.15 Queen guitarist Brian May recruits Tory MPs for Team Fox By Philip Bowern - Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner Brian May has recruited leading Tory MPs to support his opposition to David Cameron's bid to repeal the hunt ban. It is understood three ministers, who include Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, are expected to attend the Commons launch today of May's new anti-hunting group, Team Fox… (story)
Express 29.6.15 Queen legend Brian May leads battle against return of fox hunting - ROCK legend Brian May is leading the battle to stop fox hunting returning to the countryside. By STUART WINTER - The Queen guitarist is launching Team Fox tomorrow to keep the decade long ban on keeping the killing wild animals for fun with dogs a criminal offence. Team Fox is a united front of animal welfare organisations pledged to keeping the Hunting Act in place as it comes under threat… Among the organisations that have joined Team Fox are the Save Me Trust, League Against Cruel Sports, Network for Animals, A Minority Pastime, Hounds Off and Lush… (story)
Mail on Sunday 28.6.15 Tory rebellion as new Ministers join Brian May's war on hunting... and he claims top figures secretly backed badger campaign By SIMON WALTERS, MAIL ON SUNDAY POLITICAL EDITOR - Three rising-star Tory Ministers have joined forces with anti-badger-cull rocker Brian May to stop the ban on fox hunting being scrapped. The move follows reports that David Cameron is not opposed to moves by pro-blood sports Conservative MPs to revive the practice. The three ministers, who include Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, are expected to attend the Commons launch on Tuesday of May’s new anti-hunting group, Team Fox…. (story)
Western Morning News 28.6.15 Tory ministers 'ready to join Brian May's anti-hunt campaign' at launch next week By WMNPBowern - Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner Brian May has recruited leading Tory MPs to support his opposition to David Cameron’s bid to repeal the hunt ban. According to reports three ministers, including Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, are expected to attend the Commons launch on Tuesday of May’s new anti-hunting group, Team Fox… (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 5.7.15 Get priorities right - I was dismayed to read the article in last week’s Gazette which outlined Maria Miller’s support for removing the ban on hunting… Councillor Nigel Pierce, Buckskin ward. (letter)

Derby Telegraph 5.7.15 MP Solloway is right to back return of fox hunting – reader's letter - DERBY North MP Amanda Solloway says she would vote to make fox hunting legal again… I for one agree with her. If you have ever had chickens and found all your hens dead, you would, too. Mike Hotter Belper Road, West Hallam (letter)
Derby Telegraph 4.7.15 Shame on you Amanda for wanting fox hunting - IT is nearly two months since the General Election and we have waited with baited breath for the first pronouncements from our new MP on how she would improve the lives of her constituents in Derby North. Would it be she was standing up to George Osborne and seeking the repeal of the wicked bedroom tax… No. It seems that the paramount desire of this urban MP is to support the reintroduction of fox hunting, ("Outrage after city MP backs repeal of the Hunting Act" July 1), and to bring back the ritual slaughtering of innocent country creatures…. Tony and Anne Macdonald Albert Road Chaddesden (story)
Derby Telegraph 30.6.15 Derby MP Amanda Solloway will vote to make fox hunting legal again By CHRIS MALLETT - DERBY North's new MP says she will vote to scrap the Hunting Act, making fox hunting legal again. Amanda Solloway said in a letter that she did not believe the law did anything to protect wild animals and, in many cases, "is actually detrimental to animal welfare"… Former Derby North MP, Labour's Chris Williamson, also an ex-hunt saboteur, said what Mrs Solloway wrote in the letter was "incredibly disappointing"…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 30.6.15 Fox hunting: Derby Telegraph readers express outrage as Derby MP Amanda Solloway to vote to make it legal By CarolineJones - THE majority of Derby Telegraph readers have expressed outrage after Derby North's new MP said she will vote to scrap the Hunting Act, making fox hunting legal again. Amanda Solloway said, in a letter, that she did not believe the law did anything to protect wild animals and, in many cases, "is actually detrimental to animal welfare"…. But many Derby Telegraph readers, on the newspaper's Facebook page, said fox hunting was "cruel" and "inhumane"…. (story)

Farming Life 5.7.15 Countryside Alliance is tops for saving our wildlife - The prestigious William Brownlow award for promoting and defending country sports and the rural way of life has been awarded to Countryside Alliance. The presentation was made jointly to the organisation’s executive chairman Sir Barney White-Spunner, the UK-based Countryside Alliance and its sister body, Countryside Alliance Ireland… (story)
Farming Life 5.7.15 White-Spunner receives William Brownlow Award - Countryside Alliance Ireland’s Chairman, John Clarke, was presented with the William Brownlow Award from Paul Pringle, Director of The Great Game Fairs of Ireland at the Press breakfast to launch the Irish Game Fair which was held at Shanes Castle last weekend. Mr Clarke received the award on behalf of Countryside Alliance’s Executive Chairman, Sir Barney White-Spunner, for all of his work in relation to lead shot and protecting the rural way of life… (story)
Farming Life 25.6.15 Country delights aplenty at Irish Game Fair - Celebrating all things ‘country’, the Irish Game Fair, Ireland’s largest game fair and country sports event returns to Shanes Castle, Antrim, on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June… (story)


Mail 4.7.15 We won't hound fox hunters anymore says RSPCA: U-turn by animal welfare charity after it was accused of wasting funds on politically motivated prosecutions By COLIN FERNANDEZ FOR THE DAILY MAIL - The RSPCA has announced it will no longer chase fox hunters through the courts. The animal welfare charity’s u-turn came after it was accused of wasting members’ funds prosecuting hunters for political reasons. A review by Stephen Wooler, former chief inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service, recommended the RSPCA no longer prosecute in hunting cases last October. Now the organisation’s trustees have decided to pass cases involving ‘traditional hunts’ to the police and CPS, after an initial investigation to determine the quality of evidence… (story)

Spectator 4.7.15 Laurence Fox: I don’t like foxes - Last night Brian May claimed that foxes are not vermin when he appeared onThis Week… However, vermin or not, Steerpike may have found an unlikely candidate to face off May on the issue. When Mr S caught up with Laurence Fox at the Spectator summer party, the Lewis actor – who used to go hunting in his youth when it was legal – had little time for his namesakes: ‘I love the Countryside Alliance. Anyone who has had chickens loves fox hunting. I mean I had chickens, I don’t like foxes.’…(story)

Worcester News 4.7.15 Hanbury Countryside Show has animal magnetism as it draws in crowds of 10,000 by James Connell - THE animal magnetism proved irresistible at a crowd-pleasing countryside show which had everything from a Grand National winner to gravity-defying stunts. Visitors were spoiled for choice when it came to sheer spectacle at the Hanbury Countryside Show today (Saturday)…. Other attractions included parades of vintage and classic cars, a parade of Worcestershire Foxhounds and Warwickshire Beagles and the grand national winner (2014), Pineau De Re with Joan Bomford. (story)

Cambridge News 4.7.15 Cambridge University ordered by Information Commissioner to release details of sheep research By Gareth McPherson - University officials are being forced to release animal research information they tried to shield from the public. Fearing their staff could fall victim to activist attacks, Cambridge University denied a Freedom of Information request by Cruelty International to reveal details about Home Office licenses they hold for projects involving sheep. But the Information Commissioner ruled there was "no hard evidence" to back up the university's claim that releasing the information would leave researchers vulnerable to extremists…. (story)


Express 3.7.15 Bear Grylls' survival guide to snares withdrawn after warning from animal welfare charity - BEAR GRYLLS' instructions on the use of snares have been dropped from his survival guide, following pressure from animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports. By BECCA LONGMIRE - After receiving complaints from concerned parents, the League Against Cruel Sports warned Gerber, which sells the adventurer's products, that anyone taking Bear Grylls' advice on snares could cause enormous suffering to wild mammals and domestic pets. They're very likely breaking the law as well. Gerber have now confirmed that they'll stop promoting the snares…. (story)

Metro 3.7.15 Fox turns the tables on humans by hunting eight of them - Jimmy Nsubuga - We might need a new fox hunting ban, but not in the way you think. One of the animals has been causing havoc outside Cambridgeshire’s Alconbury Sports and Social Club… (story)
Cambridge News 2.7.15 Angry fox traps eight in Alconbury Sports and Social Club By Julian Makey - A rogue fox trapped eight people inside a sports club for more than three hours as it reportedly 'stalked' them from the car park… Chairman Bruce Staines ventured outside and tried to scare the fox away – only to get chased by it… Another man fell off his bicycle as he was chased by the animal and lost his glasses in the process…. The local pest controller was called but when he tried to approach the animal it "went for him" and chased him back to his car…. Mr Staines said he "tweaked his groin" trying to get away from the marauding animal and back to the safety of the club… (story)
Mirror 1.7.15 Eight people out-foxed as bushy tailed bully keeps them trapped in a club - A fox kept eight people at bay in a sports club when it refused to let them leave. The animal barred doors and bit a woman who tried to tempt it away with food. When a pest controller was called out he was forced to retreat to his vehicle, but later destroyed it in Alconbury, Cambs. He called the fox “extremely aggressive…. It is believed that the animal could have been an urban fox that had been caught and then released near the village. Mr Stains added: “I’m just glad it didn’t appear during the day when we had over 200 children using the sports ground.”… (story)

Falkirk Herald 3.7.15 Callendar Park deer culls are ‘necessary’ - Chris McCall - The practice of culling deer in Callendar Park at night has been defended after concerns were raised by animal welfare experts. All landowners are required by law to manage deer numbers to protect plant life and ensure populations do not reach unsustainable levels…. (story)

Hereford Times 3.7.15 Protest to take place in Ross against badger cull by Rebecca Cain, - A PEACEFUL protest against the Government’s badger culling policy will take place in Ross-on-Wye tomorrow. Protestors will gather at The Bandstand by the River Wye at 12.30pm. Organised by the Badger Trust and the Gloucestershire Badger Conservation, there will be a number of speakers…. (story)


Rugby Advertiser 2.7.15 Rugby girl, 10, campaigns to get MP to change his mind on fox hunting - Isabelle Moors is hoping to change Mark Pawsey MP's stance on fox hunting By Joanna Hunt - A ten-year-old girl is campaigning to get Rugby’s MP to change his mind and vote to save the Hunting Act. Determined Isabelle Moors, from Rugby, has helped drum up more than 1,700 signatures on a petition so far… (story)

Scotsman 2.7.15 Gun licensing - Clark Cross (Letters, 30 June) seems to have a problem with licensing of air weapons; personally I think it is one of the best things in a long time…. Nik Wirsten Leslie Place Selkirk (letter)
Scotsman 30.6.15 Gun laws - The new Scottish law requiring an air weapon certificate is expected to come into force next April… Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson said: “The vast majority of people who own air weapons in Scotland are law-abiding citizens.”… There are more deaths and serious injuries caused by dogs. One could say: “The vast majority of people who own dogs in Scotland are law-abiding citizens” so will there soon be a compulsory dog licence of £80 per dog?... Clark Cross Springfield Road Linlithgow (letter)

Ham & High 2.7.15 Author outraged by RSPCA trustee’s ‘farming is like Holocaust’ comment - Tim Lamden - A Holocaust survivor who called for an investigation into a RSPCA trustee who compared farming to the Nazi murder of Jews has had her claim rejected by the Charity Commission. Agnes Grunwald-Spier, 70, a Jewish campaigner who recently completed her second book about the Holocaust, urged the regulator to intervene after the charity elected Peta Watson-Smith, a vegan and hardline anti-farming candidate, to its board. The commission insisted it was powerless to respond to the concerns about Ms Watson-Smith’s appointment as she had broken no laws or rules…. “For anyone to compare farming to the Holocaust is outrageous. Anyone with a half a brain cell should be outraged by it.”… (story)

Worcester News 2.7.15 Distaste over a horse race protester - I do not wish to enter into the politics of the racecourses and its protesters. On the day in question my wife and I had walked with our 18-month-old granddaughter from St John’s to Gheluvelt Park around the edge of the racecourse… Imagine our distaste when passing the racecourse gates we met a large loud mouthed man supported by some timid and possibly embarrassed colleagues berating the race-goers. He did not even have the courtesy to lower his tone and volume as grandparents and a young child passed by…. ROB HOLLOWAY Worcester
Don’t bet on sports involving animals - In just over a fortnight another horse has been killed at Worcester Racecourse (Worcester News, June 24) at a so-called family fun day. Not much fun for the horses…. PAULINE BURGESS Malvern (letters)

Thanet Gazette 2.7.15 Former councillor Ian Driver found guilty after Ramsgate port fracas By Nesling81 - FORMER Green councillor Ian Driver has been found guilty of illegal entry and assault after an incident at the Port of Ramsgate last year…. Mr Driver attended Thanet Magistrates' Court yesterday which was presided over by District Judge Barron… Afterwards he said on Facebool: "I would do the same again in similar circumstances. I was found guilty of standing up for animal welfare and I'm proud of that. I was so pleased that people came to support me and I had a great lawyer." Mr Driver was given a 12 month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £500 (story)

Telegraph 2.7.15 Pet charity worker admits theft of family dog - Samantha Rogers, of the Last Chance Hotel pet charity in Cornwall, ordered to return family's beloved setter, Indi, after stealing the pet earlier this year By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent - A heartbroken family have spoken of their distress after the trustee of an animal rescue charity stole their beloved pet dog. The pet’s owner said his family had “been through hell” over the disappearance of the 10-year-old Gordon setter, named Indi, who is still missing. Magistrates have ordered Samantha Rogers, a trustee of rehoming charity Last Chance Hotel, to return the animal to the family after she admitted theft… But the thief was defiant and insisted she had acted only in the best interests of the dog. She told supporters on the Last Chance Hotel Facebook page: "I stand by my actions and have chosen the safe future of any animal over my own liberty… (story)

Shropshire Star 2.7.15 Protesters hit out over big cat show as circus comes to Welshpool - Campaigners are calling for a travelling show featuring performing lions and tigers to be banned. The Chipperfield family said it is looking forward to bringing its An Evening with Lions and Tigers show to Welshpool for a 10-day run that begins tomorrow… But the Born Free Foundation, a group which campaigns against performing animals, said it wanted the show made illegal…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 1.7.15 Britain's last lion tamer attacked over Welsh town circus show plans - THE last lion tamer in Britain is facing a fight to open his new circus show - after outraged animal campaigners called for it to be banned from a Welsh market town. Thomas Chipperfield, 25, is the only lion and tiger showman in the country and is pitching his big top tent in Welshpool, Powys, to show his performing big cats…. Adam Roberts, CEO of the Born Free Foundation, said: "In the last two years, the big cats in question have been hauled around the whole of the UK and Ireland for the sole purpose of performing outdated circus tricks for paying audiences… (story)
Mirror 1.7.15 Animal rights campaigners outraged as big cat 'circus' set to open in market town BY ANDY LINES , EMILY RETTER - Animal rights groups have reacted with outrage after a “circus” with three tigers and two lions is to open in a Welsh market town on Friday. Born Free and Animals Defenders International are leading a campaign to ban big cats from performing in British circuses…. (story)

Worcester News 2.7.15 Suffering in the farming industry - Many readers will have been horrified at the thought of a dead cow left hanging in full public view… However, what is far more horrific is that the dairy industry is responsible for the deaths of almost half a million cows every year, mostly killed because of mastitis, lameness or because they have become too worn out to be efficient milk producers… GEORGE RICHARDSON Malvern (letter)


Winsford Guardian 1.7.15 We need to save the hare - John Rimington BSc. Hare Preservation Trust (letter)
Oxford Times 18.6.15 Save brown hare - The repeal of the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004 would further threaten the survival of our inoffensive brown hare, listed in a 2011 zoology report as being one of our iconic native species most at risk of extinction by 2050. About one third of the dog hunts (89 in total) in England and Wales are hare hunts, not fox hunts…. Repeated polls by Ipsos Mori show a public opposition of at least 85 per cent or more (both town and country) to hare hunting and coursing…. John Rimington Technical Liaison Officer Hare Preservation Trust (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 1.7.15 I’ve written to Rugby MP Mark Pawsey asking why the Tory Government is wasting our money on their proposal to hold a vote on fox hunting. … Decency will always win when competing against the disgusting, so I’ve every confidence that the long fought-for ban will remain. If it doesn’t, the fox will always have plenty of ‘friends’. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. a target=main href="http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/birmingham-great-track-record-stealing-9564946">(letter)

Norwich Evening News 1.7.15 Farmer’s ‘labour of love’ wins Grey Partridge Award at Royal Norfolk Show - Chris Hill - A west Norfolk farm has been rewarded for its “labour of love” to boost grey partridge numbers. This is the tenth year in which law firm Mills & Reeve has awarded its Grey Partridge Award, to promote the recovery of the species in Norfolk through habitat management and predator control. The 2015 winner is Bagthorpe Farm in Bagthorpe, where Tid Morton and his son-in-law Nick Walton were described as a “formidable pair”… The judging took place at the three short-listed farms in early June, following the analysis of the statistics from The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s autumn and spring counts… (story)

Bristol Post 1.7.15 Bristol activist stages dramatic naked protest outside London shop - AN animal rights campaigner from Bristol has staged a naked protest outside a shop in the centre of London. Harriet Barclay, a 23-year-old campaigner from Bristol, lay body-painted like a crocodile in a pool of "blood" outside the Hermès shop at The Royal Exchange in central London. The protest came in the wake of PETA's claims that crocodile and alligator have been poorly treated to create handbags for the fashion trade…. (story)