July 2017

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Croydon Advertiser 31.7.17 Animal rights campaigners protest at opening of Croydon's new Five Guys By TMackintosh - A number of vegan protesters have gathered outside Croydon's first Five Guys - on the day the popular American restaurant is opening its doors to customers for the first time.... One protester, Robert Platt, could be heard speaking through a megaphone saying: "You don't need to eat meat to be healthy, you don't need to eat meat to get your protein"... Another protester, Lesley Dove, 52, from Hampton in Richmond, said: "We've had a mixed response but we've had some people coming up for a leaflets.... (story)

Worcester News 31.7.17 'Cull gulls? It’s ludicrous idea' - Tod Bradbury Campaigner Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Sunderland Echo 26.7.17 Gull culling not needed - During the summer period, there are always alarmist stories of gulls “attacking” people – which inevitably lead to calls to cull them.... These “attacks” are usually exaggerated by the media and are very rare indeed. To cull wild animals for protecting their babies is nothing short of ludicrous... Tod Bradbury, Campaigner Animal Aid (letter)


Northern Echo 28.7.17 More facts needed about reasons for badger cull - IN March it was revealed that between 25 and 50 hounds had been killed by the Kimblewick Hunt in Buckinghamshire following a bovine tuberculosis (bTB) outbreak in December 16. This devastating disease led to thousands of cows being slaughtered and prompted the controversial badger cull, yet this outbreak among a pack of hounds attached to a hunt which ranges across six counties and numerous farms has apparently not been taken seriously... Repeal of the Hunting Act, as proposed by the Conservatives at the last election, would surely increase the risk of spreading infectious disease agents. VL Lonsdale, Nosterfield (letter)

Mail 28.7.17 Lock, stock and a smoking gun! Vinnie Jones, 52, blames 'disgruntled' former aide for posting picture of 100 dead foxes on his twitter feed sparking anti-hunting storm By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline - Footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones has blamed a 'disgruntled' former aide for 'planting' a photo of 100 dead foxes on his Twitter account. Jones, 52, faced a barrage of criticism from animal lovers after a the image was posted on his profile with the caption: 'A real night lamping. Anyone beat this?' He is now reported to have said his account was hacked, adding: 'We have found sadly a disgruntled EX-assistant of mine planted the photo on my account.'... (story)
Telegraph 25.7.17 Vinnie Jones denies tweeting photograph of 'massacre' of more than 100 foxes - Vinnie Jones has been criticised by animal rights campaigners after an image of more than 100 dead foxes was posted on his Twitter account... (story)
Guardian 25.7.17 I was hacked, says Vinnie Jones, amid storm over photo of 100 dead foxes - Caroline Davies - The former professional footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones is embroiled in a social media row over a photograph that appeared on his Twitter feed of 100 dead foxes with the caption: “A real night lamping #foxes, anyone beat this?”... (story)
Independent 25.7.17 Vinnie Jones posts photo of 100 foxes 'he shot dead' on Twitter (before deleting it) - Jeff Farrell - Former football hard-man Vinnie Jones has sparked fury after posting a grisly photo on Twitter of 100 foxes he apparently shot dead, boasting: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?” The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star, 52, claimed he gunned down the defenceless animals, whose bloody corpses are seen spread out across a field, in a night hunt. Animal campaigners described it as “nothing less than a massacre”... (story)
Metro 25.7.17 Vinnie Jones angers animal lovers by posting picure of killed foxes - Oliver Wheaton - Former football hard-man Vinnie Jones has faced backlash from animal lovers after apparently tweeting a picture featuring dozens of dead foxes killed in a hunt. In the tweet, which has since been deleted, the 52-year-old said: ‘A real night lamping #foxes @BASCnews anyone beat this? Old school red filter @fieldsportstv’... (story)
Independent 24.7.17 Vinnie Jones posts photo of 100 foxes 'he shot dead' on Twitter (before deleting it) - Jeff Farrell - Former football hard-man Vinnie Jones has sparked fury after posting a grisly photo on Twitter of 100 foxes he apparently shot dead, boasting: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?” The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star, 52, claimed he gunned down the defenceless animals, whose bloody corpses are seen spread out across a field, in a night hunt.... (story)

Dundee Courier 28.7.17 Fife gull cull would be “ludicrous” says animal rights group - Any attempts to cull Fife’s seagull population would be “ludicrous”, an animal rights group has claimed. Animal Aid has written to Fife Council calling on it to resist calls for a so-called “gull cull”, claiming that the birds are only acting out of instinct....



Lancashire Post 27.7.17 Become one of the country set - A hound show is one of the main attractions at The Lowther Show, being held at the Lowther Estate, near Penrith - NAOMI MOON - There’s a real taste of countryside life coming to the north west next month, and you could win one of five pairs of adult day tickets. The Lowther Show takes place across the weekend of August 12 and 13 and one of the main attractions is the Hound Show – in conjunction with the Central Committee of Fell Packs and by kind permission of the Lowther Estate... (story)

Western Mail 27.7.17 Barbaric practices still persist in Spain - We have been in the EU for years, and we have not stopped bullfighting in Spain... Richard Shurey, Tonypandy (letter)


Surrey Advertiser 26.7.17 Animal charities react to the killing of EIGHT penguins by fox at Chessington World of Adventures BY CATARINA DEMONY - National and local charities have expressed sadness after eight Humbolt penguins were killed by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures - but argued that the fox should not be blamed for the attack... Surrey-based animal charity Starlight Trust , which operates a wildlife advice website, said the urban fox was "simply following natural instincts".... Elisa Allen, director of PETA UK, one of the biggest animal charities in the world, told Get Surrey : "The real tragedy is that these penguins were taken from their faraway homeland and held in an enclosure... (story)
Guardian 25.7.17 Fox kills eight penguins at Chessington zoo - Chessington World of Adventures says five adult and three infant Humboldt penguins died when fox got into their enclosure... (story)
Telegraph 25.7.17 Zoo denies 'lying to customers' about 'horrific' penguin massacre after fox snuck into enclosure - Helena Horton, Harry Yorke, ONLINE EDUCATION EDITOR - Chessington World of Adventures was accused of lying to its customers after its penguins were brutally killed by a fox which managed to get into the enclosure. The attack happened at the end of June - but details have only just been made public... (story)
Mail 25.7.17 Penguin enclosure is turned into a blood bath after urban fox breaks into Chessington zoo and slaughters EIGHT BIRDS By REBECCA TAYLOR FOR MAILONLINE - Zoo staff at Chessington World of Adventures have been accused of lying to customers after it emerged eight of its penguins were slaughtered by a fox. Visitors to the zoo have been greeted by a cordoned off 'Penguin Bay' after the incident at the end of June, and were told it was because of 'remodelling'. But they have now said a savage 'urban fox' killed the birds, with one source claiming it happened when the penguins were not being monitored correctly... (story)

Shropshire Star 26.7.17 Animal rights protesters to demonstrate outside Telford charity shop By Mat Growcott - An animal rights group will demonstrate outside a Telford charity shop against what it claims is the "abuse, torture and murder" of animals. elford Vegan Group will meet at midday on Saturday outside the British Heart Foundation shop in Wellington, to protest against the charity's use of animals in its research. But the British Heart Foundation said they only used animals when every other avenue was closed.... (story)

Telegraph 26.7.17 'Humane milk is a myth' ad relaunched after ASA rejects farmers' complaints - Steve Bird - A controversial animal rights advertising campaign that claims drinking milk is inhumane has been given the thumbs up by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The move has been met with outrage by farmers who claim the advert wrongly suggests that dairy farmers have scant regard for animal welfare... on Wednesday, the ASA rejected the complaints claiming people would realise the comments were the pressure group’s own opinions.... Go Vegan World group is actually a spin off from an Irish animal rights group founded by a woman who was inspired to go vegan after she adopted two lambs... (story)
Mail 26.7.17 Watchdog backs vegans' milk advert: Campaigners win right to say that no milk is produced 'humanely' By Sean Poulter Consumer Affairs Editor For The Daily Mail - A campaigning vegan group has won the right to state that the milk sitting on millions of breakfast tables is not produced ‘humanely’. The organisation Go Vegan World painted a horrifying picture of young calves being taken from their mothers so we can have the milk they produce. The portrayal drew complaints from the dairy industry that it painted an inaccurate and misleading picture. However, the Advertising Standards Authority has backed the accuracy of the vegan message in a new blow to dairy farmers... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 26.7.17 Does this vegan group's hard-hitting, anti-milk advert go too far? The regulator says no - MARK THOMPSON - An ad stating that "Humane milk is a myth" has been cleared by the regulator following complaints from members of the dairy industry that it was inaccurate and misleading... (story)
North West Evening Mail 26.7.17 Is drinking cow's milk 'inhumane'? - An ad stating that "Humane milk is a myth" has been cleared by the regulator following complaints from members of the dairy industry that it was inaccurate and misleading.... (story)
Guardian 26.7.17 'Humane milk is a myth': veganism advert cleared by standards body - An advertisement stating that “humane milk is a myth” has been cleared by the regulator following complaints from members of the dairy industry that it was inaccurate and misleading.... (story)

Bolton News 26.7.17 Roll up! Circus Mondao refutes animal rights campaigners' claims - A CIRCUS has defended itself after Animal Defenders International (ADI) called on people to boycott its shows. The ADI claimed the Circus Mondao which is currently at Hunger Hill in Bolton used wild animals in its acts, which put the physical and psychological health of animals at risk. However Circus Mondao immediately refuted the claims, and pointed out that the only animals they use in the shows are horses.... (story)


Somerset Live 25.7.17 Hunt hounds alleged attack: Police confirm they won't be taking action - but owner of injured dog may still go to court BY ANDREW DOYLE - The police has confirmed it won't be taking any further action after an alleged attack on a dog by hunt hounds despite pressure from the owner. Dave Mullin had hoped Avon and Somerset police would take action after his pet whippet was allegedly bitten during what he says was a terrifying attack by about 10 hunt hounds.... Now police have confirmed they have spoken to both the Mendip Farmers Hunt and Dr Mullin. A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police said the force was maintaining the view that this was a civil matter.... (story)
Somerset Live 19.7.17 'Hunt hounds savaged my dog in terrifying attack on Mendip Hills' claims owner BY ANDREW DOYLE - An angry dog owner claims his two pets were attacked by hunt hounds with one needing veterinary treatment. Dave Mullin was walking his rescue dogs, Alfie and Monty along a lane in Priddy in the Mendipswhen he says they encountered about 70 local hunt hounds, along with two men. "I put my dogs on lead and moved to the side of the track to allow them to pass," he said. "While they were going past about 10 hounds got loose and started to attack my two dogs. I was appalled and frightened and didn't know what to do."... Somerset Live has asked the Mendip Farmers Hunt for a response but so far no one has been available for comment...(story)
The Canary 11.7.17 Shocking images emerge of the latest attack by ‘out of control’ fox hounds [IMAGES] - STEVE TOPPLE - There has been another attack by fox hounds out on a hunt. And this latest in a long line of shocking incidents demonstrates why the law surrounding fox hunting should remain in place, or even be further enhanced. As the victim of the attack says the hounds were “out of control”.... Dr David Mullin was walking his two dogs, a lurcher and a whippet, at around 8am on Thursday 13 July. The incident, which Mullin claims involved the Mendip Farmers Hunt happened on Eastwater Lane in Priddy, Somerset. And this was the alleged result of the attack on Mullin’s whippet, Alfie:... "The hunt are claiming that my dogs started it, despite the fact that they were both off lead and off the path..." (story)


Swindon Advertiser 24.7.17 Pups on parade at Beaufort Hunt - Sam Blanchard - BEAUFORT’S hounds went on show last month at the 2017 Beaufort Puppy Show at Badminton Kennels. This year's event, on Saturday, June 24, showcased the young hounds and saw them judged on their conformation and movement. The Beaufort hounds are renowned throughout the world for their size and quality... (story)
Somerset Gazette 17.7.17 The Beaufort Hunt hosts Puppy Show at Badminton Kennels - Rachel Dinning - WITH hounds to exercise and puppies being born, summer is a busy time for hunting enthusiasts in the Cotswolds. One of the summer highlights is the Duke of Beaufort’s Puppy Show, which was held this year on Saturday, June 24 at the Badminton Kennels... (story)

Mail 24.7.17 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star Vinnie Jones posts picture of 100 foxes he has shot on one night out boasting 'Anyone beat this?' By Alex Matthews For Mailonline - Ex-football hard-man Vinnie Jones posted a photo of 100 foxes he shot dead while boasting about his hunting skills on Twitter. Jones posted the snap of the animals, strewn out on a country lane, with the caption: 'A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?'... (story)


Mail on Sunday 22.7.17 Revealed: Secret letters show Prince Charles lobbied former Prime Minister Tony Blair over the foxhunting ban before it became law By Chris Hastings and Valerie Elliott For The Mail On Sunday - Prince Charles wrote a series of confidential letters lobbying Tony Blair over the foxhunting ban before it became law, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The Prince is known to have been an opponent of the ban at the time of the secret correspondence in 2002, when Blair’s Labour Government was steering the legislation through Parliament... (story)


Mirror 22.7.17 Fox hunters could face five years in jail if they slaughter animals illegally as MPs aim to tighten laws BY NIGEL NELSON - Fox hunters could face five years in jail if they kill animals illegally. MPs want a vote on tightening existing laws – even though Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out bringing back hunting before 2019.... (story)

Bolton News 22.7.17 Why Britain needs a selection of political parties to reflect the varied population - I RECENTLY went to visit a friend's and was waiting at a bus stop in Westhoughtonwhen I notice that someone had stuck something on the information board. It said: "Hunt Tories, not foxes." To my mind this is a product of someone who is sick. To go to the trouble of making and distributing these stickers suggests a level of hatred that is not healthy... Edna Liptrot, Winslow Road, Bolton (letter)


Bournemouth Echo 21.7.17 'We're not violent," says Beales animal rights protester - Darren Slade - ANIMAL rights demonstrators involved in an angry scene in Bournemouth’s Beales store have insisted their protest was non-violent. The department store’s chief executive, Tony Brown, has claimed his staff were “harassed” and “shaken” by Sunday’s protest against the cosmetics brand Mac. One of the protesters, Anne Simons, said the demonstration was loud but peaceful and only became angry when a security guard grabbed a protester.... She said the nine demonstrators were “just a small group of animal rights activists”. She added: “We’re a non-violent, non-confrontational group.”... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 18.7.17 'Our staff were shaken': Beales boss hits out at animal rights protest - Darren Slade - THE boss of Beales has claimed staff were “harassed” and “shaken” when animal rights activists staged a protest in the Bournemouth store’s cosmetics department. Chief executive Tony Brown said police should have done more after the protest turned into an angry confrontation with security staff. But police said no one made a formal complaint and protesters insisted the demonstration was peaceful.... Mr Brown said: “I believe everybody’s got the right to peaceful protest. But they came into the store harassing staff, harassing customers, shouting and swearing and pointing out people.”... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 17.7.17 Police called after animal rights protestors target Beales make-up counter - Will Frampton - ANIMAL rights protestors targeted the cosmetics section of Beales on Sunday afternoon. A group of nine people carrying signs, a megaphone, and wearing black T-shirts with slogans entered the Bournemouth town centre store at around 1.50pm and approached the counter for make-up giant Mac. Eyewitnesses reported an altercation with staff before store security ejected the protestors, who were then questioned by police officers a short distance down Old Christchurch Road... The campaigning group Dorset Animal Save was holding an event in Bournemouth Square on the same afternoon but said it was not involved with the protest at Beales.... (story)

Gazette Live 21.7.17 Pledge to review animal cruelty sentencing welcomed by Redcar MP BY DAVE ROBSON - A pledge by Government to review animal cruelty sentencing has been welcomed by Redcar MP Anna Turley. Environment Secretary Michael Gove has told MPs he is “actively reviewing” the penalties issued, saying the “full force of the law” should be used to deal with the worst offenders... (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 21.7.17 County most active for factory farming with millions of animals reared indoors, Compassion in World Farming study shows - Jess Phillips - A NEW map has shown that Herefordshire is the most active county for factory farming in the UK with millions of animals reared indoors. Produced by animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming, the interactive map displays the number of farm animals estimated to be permanently housed indoors in the UK by species... (story)


Yahoo 20.7.17 Up To 10,000 Murders A Year - No Witnesses. The Dark Secret Of Cub Hunting - Every autumn, across the UK, something despicable happens during early mornings or late evenings, when it is still dark. Selected members of registered hunts meet for cub hunting.... Cub Hunting is unjustified, despicable, and illegal. Because of this, the hunts keep it secret by using the euphemisms "autumn hunting" or "early morning hounds exercise"....(story)

South Wales Argus 20.7.17 The badger cull – coming to a field near you anytime soon! - Amy Mason - ON SATURDAY, July 15, local badger protectors gathered at the Arkell Centre in Nailsworth for a Badger Tea Party.... Ian Redmond, an internationally acclaimed tropical field biologist and conservationist spoke of the badgers’ role in the eco-system.... (story)

Nottingham Post 20.7.17 Animals rights campaigners opposed plans for 'mega' chicken farm BY MATT JARRAM - Plans which could see a new 'mega' chicken farm built in Nottinghamshire have been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council - but the application has already been blasted by animal rights campaigners. The proposed chicken farm - which would house 220,000 chickens over four poultry buildings - would be on land to the east of Fosse Way in Cropwell Bishop... (story)

York Pres 19.7.17 Animal cruelty must be punished properly (letter) - I HAVE written many times about the poor sentences given out for animal cruelty; 12 weeks at most in prison. With animal cruelty on the increase, this is no deterrent. We need to increase the time spent in prison to years, not weeks.... D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)


Mail 19.7.17 Tally ho! 6,000 foxhunting fans from across the country get together to judge their favourite hounds, buy hunting gear and even race each other By Dave Burke For Mailonline - A controversial hunting festival has been held today in Peterborough, where protesters have rallied against the sport. The Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show is the largest gathering of hounds in the country, and rival hunts took part in relays. It attracted an estimated 6,000 enthusiasts... (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 19.7.17 Protest in Peterborough as city hosts Festival of Hunting - A protest is being held in Peterborough today as the Festival of Hunting is held at The East of England Arena and Events Centre. North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs are currently staging the peaceful protest outside the venue... (story)

Peterborough Telegraph 19.7.17 VIDEO: ‘We should not have capitulated to mob rule’ - reaction to postponement of Peterborough City Council meeting following protests - JOEL LAMY - The decision to postpone a Peterborough City Council meeting due to protests in the public gallery has been described as a capitulation.... Mayor of Peterborough Cllr John Fox adjourned the meeting for a week due to shouting and the displaying of banners against Cllr Andy Coles, the former deputy police and crime commissioner for the county who resigned from the role following the screening of a Channel 4 investigation which claimed he had a relationship with a young activist while working as an undercover officer. The Channel 4 programme, screened on Friday May 12, centred on an investigation into the activities of undercover police officers in the 1990s who infiltrated a group of animal rights activists.... (story)


Irish Times 18.7.17 Irish greyhounds face brutal treatment abroad, group says - The State must ban the exportation of greyhounds overseas to end the slaughter and brutal treatment of dogs in countries such as China and Romania, animal welfare groups have said. Thousands of Irish greyhound dogs which can no longer run in races or have been overbred are being shipped overseas each year where they face torturous treatment, Kerry Elliman from the Birmingham Greyhound protection group claimed on Tuesday. Ms Elliman was speaking as the groups held a protest outside the Department of Agriculture calling for an end to exports of the dogs to certain countries... (story)

Somerset Live 18.7.17 Animal welfare protesters gather at Manston abattoir BY DEE ADCOCK - Police were called to a protest outside an abattoir near Sturminster Newton this morning, Tuesday 18th July. The animal welfare protesters gathered at ABP Food Group’s abattoir at Manston. Dorset Police confirmed they were called at 8.40am... (story)


BBC News 17.7.17 Lord Mancroft says only hunting groups care about foxes - A Conservative peer says the two hunting associations he chairs are the only groups with "any interest" in the welfare of foxes. Lord Mancroft made the remark as peers debated the fox hunting ban... Labour's Baroness Jones said Theresa May's support during the election campaign for hunting had proved "massively unpopular on the doorstep"... (story)
Mirror 17.7.17 Pro-fox hunting Tory lord claims he cares MORE about foxes than campaigners who support bloodsports ban BY BEN GLAZE - A pro-fox hunting Tory peer today claimed he cared more for the animals he wants to see ripped apart than campaigners who support a bloodsports ban. Lord Mancroft triggered uproar in the Upper House when he insisted he and his hunting pals were more concerned about foxes’ welfare than animal rights activists who back the 12-year-old ban.... (story)

Huffington Post 17.7.17 Britain First’s Incorrect Use Of Animal Aid’s ‘Halal Slaughterhouse Footage’ Slammed By Campaigners - Kathryn Snowdon - Britain First is being accused of trying to “incite racial division” after falsely claiming animal abuse caught on slaughterhouse footage was recorded inside a halal abattoir. The footage, which was recorded by Animal Aid investigators, doesn’t feature any halal slaughter. Ben Martin, campaigns manager at the animal rights organisation, said they “oppose bigotry and racism” and that they are “appalled” by the far-right group’s misleading use of the video. The video was shared on Britain First leader Paul Golding’s website and on the group’s official Facebook page.



Peterborough Telegraph 16.7.17 LETTER: Appalled at Festival of Hunting to be held in Peterborough - peaceful demonstration against sick and barbaric sport - We, as a group, wish to express our disappointment that the East of England Arena and Events Centre is once again hosting the Festival of Hunting on Wednesday, July 19. We strongly believe that this is nothing more than a celebration of illegal hunting.... We will be joining a peaceful demonstration at the Festival of Hunting on the July 19 to express our distaste for illegal hunting and the murder of our native wildlife in a sick and barbaric manner. We will be doing the same at the Haycock Hotel in Wansford on New Year’s Day when Peterborough hunt, the Fitzwilliam, meet for their New Year hunt – another celebration of an out of date “tradition”. North Cambs Hunt Saboteurs (letter)


Western Mail 15.7.17 Rock legend Chrissie Hynde helped reopen a new Cardiff restaurant and even handed out flyers BY RACHEL MAINWARING - The Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde was in Cardiff on Saturday to reopen Atma at its new location in the Capitol Shopping Centre on Queen Street. And though she is a bona fida rock chick, the prominent vegan and animal rights campaigner, didn't think twice about trying to entice Cardiff shoppers into the cafe by handing out flyers... >(story)

Western Mail 15.7.17 Animal cruelty on the menu - READING a review of a restaurant in Saturday’s Echo I was sorry to see that one of Cardiff’s leading hotels, Mercure Holland House, sees fit to include foie gras on their menu. I was even more dismayed to find that reviewer, Lydia Whitfield, actually ordered this disgusting abomination as a starter.... Brian Pearce Amethyst Road, Fairwater, Cardiff (letter)


Express 14.7.17 'It is UNACCEPTABLE' Animal experiments OUTRAGE as UK sees almost 5,000 dogs tested on - DOGS were used in 4,932 laboratory experiments last year, according to Home Office figures condemned by animal welfare campaigners. By STUART WINTER - The number of dogs tested represents a six per cent increase on the previous year and mirrors a similar rise in the number of horse experiments.... Michelle Thew, chief executive of Cruelty Free International, said: “The public will be appalled by the level of animal suffering in British laboratories.... (story)

Independent 14.7.17 Home Office accused of failing to curb 'out of control breeding, caging and killing' of genetically modified animals - Animal rights charities urge Government to curb breeding activities which they claim have 'no biomedical or scientific gain' - May Bulman - The Home Office has been accused of failing to curb “out of control” breeding of genetically modified animals, after new statistics revealed they account for nearly half of all procedures on living animals... Humane Society International (HSI) warned that surplus animals from continuous breeding programmes are not used for any specific testing or research purpose, but are “simply bred, caged and killed without any biomedical or scientific gain”.... (story)

Argus 12.7.17 Rescued chickens need a hand to keep cool - Andre Rhoden-Paul - CAN you help 930 chickens saved from the slaughterhouse keep cool on the journey to their new homes? The Macs Farm in Ditchling works with animal rights groups to find new homes for its hens when they are retired... the animal rights groups organising the transport are worried the hot weather could mean some die on the journey. They are now appealing to local ice manufacturers and retailers to help keep the hens cool on their two-hour trip to Hampshire... Activist Celia Marker said: “We are rehousing 930 hens over the weekend in four long vans. “Temperatures are still very high and I just had this idea we could help keep them cool by placing bags of ice between the crates...." Sue Baumgardt, from Brighton Animal Action, said: “They are really friendly hens and they have years of laying eggs ahead of them.... (story)


Argus 13.7.17 Concern over horse deaths at Chepstow racecourse - Carys Thomas - AN ANIMAL welfare charity has raised concerns over the number of horses that have died at a Gwent racecourse. According to the website that catalogues horse racing fatalities in the UK, Race Horse Death Watch, a two-year-old colt called Mr Little had to be put down after falling in the final stages of a race on Tuesday, July 4... Animal Aid’s horse racing consultant Dene Stansall said in a statement: “It was a sad sight seeing this young horse break a leg... (story)


Shields Gazette 12.7.17 South Shields pub stages fundraiser for anti-hunting group - GARY WELFORD - A South Shields pub will host a gig this weekend to raise funds for a group which tries to prevent illegal hunting. Three local bands and a DJ will perform at The County Hotel in Sunderland Road on Saturday night to raise money for North East Hunt Monitors...P unk bands B******* and Force Fed Lies will be performing, along with singer Emily Payne, and DJ Steve of DMP Discos. Lynne Graham, who has organised the gig, said: "All the proceeds of the night will go to North East Hunt Monitors to help their ongoing fight against illegal fox hunting.... (story)


Eastern Daily Press 11.7.17 Anonymous animal rights activists form ‘cube of truth’ in Norwich city centre - Courtney Pochin - Shoppers in Norwich were treated to an unusual spectacle on Tuesday afternoon as activists in Guy Fawkes masks took to the streets. Animal rights organisation, Anonymous For The Voiceless (AV), set up shop on Gentleman’s Walk informing passers by about veganism and animal farming.... Speaking about the demonstration, AV co-founder, Paul Bashir, said: “We’re showing the realities of meat, dairy and egg production even in free range, organic and RSPCA approved situations.... (story)

Worcester News 11.7.17 'We could all be vegans' - I was interested to read about Hanbury Countryside Show organisers deciding to hold competitive pig classes (Pig classes to mark 70 years of country show, Weekend, June 24). I wonder, however, how long the pigs will be allowed to live, after the judging is over... Denise Garside, Bromsgrove (letter)

Worcester News 11.7.17 'Watch out for Cowspiracy' - D G Renney( WN July5th) states that all cattle are slaughtered in the most humane way. Why then won’t the slaughterhouses allow CCTV cameras in them? His comments on milk & the environment are a bit outdated too... Max Burgess, Malvern (letter)


Farmers Guardian 10.7.17 ‘Deluded’ RSPCA seeks powers to enter private property without police permission - The Countryside Alliance has blasted the RSPCA after it sought new legal powers to enter people’s gardens, sheds and outbuildings without notifying the police. The animal rights charity, which has been heavily criticised by the rural community in recent years because of a perceived anti-farming stance, is in talks with Government officials and police chiefs about getting the new powers to ‘rescue animals’... (story)
AboutMyArea 10.7.17 Suffolk RSPCA seeks to gain ‘statutory powers’ to enter private property - The Countryside Alliance is concerned that the RSPCA wants the power to be able to enter private property. The rural community has expressed its concerns with the RSPCA's new strategy of getting statutory powers to rescue animals... (story)
Mail 8.7.17 RSPCA seek the power for their workers to enter into your property without police to seize pets By STEWART PATERSON FOR MAILONLINE - RSPCA investigators will soon be able to enter private property and seize people's pets without police involvement, if talks go to plan... (story)
BBC News 8.7.17 RSPCA seeks new powers to seize 'suffering' animals - The RSPCA is seeking new powers in England and Wales to search some private property, including sheds and gardens, without a police warrant. It also wants inspectors who have been invited to enter a home to be able to "seize animals in distress" without awaiting a police presence. David Bowles, the RSPCA's head of campaigns, said expanding enforcement powers would "improve animal welfare"... Simon Hart, a Tory MP and former head of the Countryside Alliance, told the Telegraph he would be writing to Environment Secretary Michael Gove about the RSPCA's new proposals. He said: "The RSPCA is a welfare charity, not a private police force." (story)
Independent 7.7.17 RSPCA negotiating with Government to have power to enter private property without police - Caroline Mortimer - The RSPCA wants to be allowed to enter private property to seize pets in England and Wales. The charity is in talks with the Government and police chiefs to negotiate new powers which will allow it to enter gardens, sheds and outhouses without an officer present. Under current rules the RSPCA has to contact the local police force and wait for an officer to arrive if they believe an animal is in distress on private property.... (story)

Diss Express 10.7.17 Special guests join Suffolk-based animal rights group at Eye meat suppliers vigil - Two high-profile Australian vegans have joined a Suffolk-based activism group for a vigil outside C and K Meats, in Eye this morning. The all-day vigil saw activists from Suffolk Animal Save bearing witness to pigs on their way to be slaughtered. Although a peaceful vigil, it was supervised by police... (story)


Observer 8.7.17 Badger cull could see boom in foxes, stoats and weasels - Jamie Doward - It is one of the more neglected dimensions of the badger cull, but one that could reignite the controversy surrounding the attempt to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Conservationists have long claimed that eliminating badgers from certain areas is likely to trigger an increase in other predators, such as foxes, leading to serious consequences for species and habitats.... (story)


Powys County Times 7.7.17 Illegal fox hunt claims investigated - A VIDEO posted online appearing to show illegal fox hunting with dogs is being investigated by Dyfed-Powys Police. The clip was posted on an anti-hunting group on Facebook, and the page administrators say the man being filmed is from the Rhayader area. Having investigated the video previously, police are making a fresh appeal for information on where it may have been filmed... (story)

Northern Echo 7.7.17 Don't be hoodwinked into thinking foxes are now safe - ALTHOUGH I welcome ministers’ decision to scrap a manifesto promise for a fox hunting vote in Parliament (Echo July 5), for the next two years, I believe hunting will still continue under the guise of trail hunting, Autumn hunting or whatever hunters call it to throw us off the scent... M Embling, Crook (letter)


Wilts & Glos Standard 5.7.17 Campaign group protests against involvement of Vale of White Horse Hunt hounds at Cotswold Show - Ryan Merrifield - ANTI-FOX hunting protestors were camped at the gates of Cirencester Park during the Cotswold Show, to object to the involvement of the Vale of White Horse Hunt (VWH) in the event. Members of campaign group Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch (CIHW) said they were angry at the inclusion of the organisation’s huntsmen and hounds in demonstrations at the countryside show last Saturday.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 5.7.17 Hunt saboteurs spark fears over speaking out on proposals being dropped by Theresa May’s government - Richard Porritt - Supporters of fox hunting are remaining silent in the face of “intimidation” from saboteurs after the government dropped controversial plans to table a vote to repeal the ban. None of the hunts contacted by this newspaper were willing to comment on the record about plans dropped from the Conservative manifesto after Theresa May failed to secure a Commons majority. Representatives cited fear of reprisals from “emboldened” saboteurs. One, who spoke anonymously, said the backlash to the manifesto and the added publicity was likely to cause an increase in activity by people trying to disrupt hunts. “The best thing to do is just keep our heads down,” he said. “These so-called saboteurs are just thugs. They target businesses and people as well as hunts and it is not worth the bother and distress for us... (story)

Northern Echo 5.7.17 Move to shelve hunting law changes receives cross-party support in North-East - Katie Richardson - A DECISION to shelve a controversial vote to repeal fox hunting restrictions has received cross-party support in the North-East... While Labour politicians have praised the announcement, Conservative Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen added his voice to those calling for the proposed legislation to be abandoned... Chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, said the Hunting Act remained “a classic example of bad law which creates nothing but division”. He added: “Meanwhile hunts will continue to operate with support from across the rural community.... (story)
Western Morning News 5.7.17 Government scraps plan for free vote on fox hunting By WMNJBayley - A free vote on the repeal of fox hunting restrictions has been shelved, the Government has confirmed – as widely predicted by those on both sides of the debate. Environment minister Therese Coffey said the Tory minority administration is not planning to bring forward a vote in “this session”, suggesting it will be a minimum of two years before such an idea is even considered... (story)
Sky 4.7.17 Fox hunting and school lunch pledges dropped by Government By Alan McGuinness and Alessandra Rizzo - The Government has dropped two controversial pledges made during the election campaign: a plan to axe free lunches for infant school children and a free vote on repealing the fox hunting ban... (story)
BBC News 4.7.17 Fox hunting vote shelved by government - MPs will not vote on whether to repeal the Hunting Act for at least two years, the government says... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 4.7.17 Fox hunting: Government shelves plan for free vote on repeal of Hunting Ban BY DUNCAN GIBBONS - A free vote on the repeal of fox hunting restrictions has been shelved, the Government has confirmed. Environment minister Therese Coffey said the Tory minority administration is not planning to bring forward a vote in "this session", suggesting it will be a minimum of two years before such an idea is even considered... (story)
Mail 4.7.17 Now Theresa May AXES a planned vote on bringing back fox hunting in her latest manifesto u-turn By Tim Sculthorpe, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline - Theresa May has axed plans for a vote on repealing fox hunting in the latest u-turn on her disastrous manifesto. Environment Minister Therese Coffey has confirmed no vote on the policy will be called after all, despite Mrs May's election promise.... (story)
Yahoo 4.7.17 Government confirms fox hunting vote has been scrapped - The Government has abandoned plans to hold a free vote on the repeal of fox hunting restrictions. The Conservative manifesto promised to let Parliament decide the future of the 2004 Hunting Act but Environment Minister Therese Coffey said the Tory minority administration was not planning to bring forward a free vote “in this session”... (story)
Birmingham Mail 4.7.17 Government scraps plan for free vote on fox hunting BY JAMES RODGER - A free vote on the repeal of fox hunting restrictions has been shelved, the Government has confirmed. Environment minister Therese Coffey said the Tory minority administration is not planning to bring forward a vote in "this session", suggesting it will be a minimum of two years before such an idea is even considered... (story)
Sun 4.7.17 FREE FOXES - Theresa May’s plan to offer a free vote on repealing the fox hunting ban has been ditched, Government confirms By Alain Tolhurst - THERESA May’s plan to offer a free vote on repealing the fox hunting ban has been ditched, the Government has confirmed. Environment minister Therese Coffey said the Tory minority administration is not planning to bring forward a vote in “this session”. This suggests it will be a minimum of two years before such an idea is even considered, after the Prime Minister’s position was weakened after losing her House of Commons majority... (story)
iNews 4.7.17 Fox hunting isn’t coming back any time soon as Government ditches vote - The focus on fox hunting was one of the factors that helped turn Theresa May’s enormous poll lead before the General Election into a loss of seats. But now the manifesto pledge to allow a free vote on the return of the practice has been scrapped.... (story)
Independent 3.7.17 Theresa May scraps fox hunting vote in latest manifesto U-turn - Ben Kentish - Theresa May has ditched plans to hold a parliamentary vote on bringing back fox hunting, the Government has confirmed. The Prime Minister had promised to hold the vote after saying she was in favour of hunting being legalised, but was forced to row back after the general election deprived her of a parliamentary majority. The Tories' latest manifesto U-turn was confirmed in response to a parliamentary question from Labour MP Catherine West, seen by The Independent... (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 6.7.17 Badgers are not the main culprit for TB - Badger vaccination has got to be a step in the right direction to get rid of bovine TB (tuberculosis), but is it too little? From Government figures, 84 per cent of transmission of bovine TB is by cattle to cattle contact, 10 per cent is from other sources (deer, foxes, rabbits, etc) and six per cent is attributed to badgers re-infecting. So why do we not vaccinate the cattle?.... Ron Riley Carnforth (story)

Sun 6.7.17 'YOU VALUE ANIMALS OVER WOMEN' Campaigners cancel PETA membership after animal rights charity accused of ‘sexism’ for using scantily-clad models to promote veganism at Wimbledon By Sara Kamouni - FURIOUS animal lovers have cancelled their PETA memberships after it sent scantily-clad models to hand out strawberries and dairy free cream at Wimbledon.... (story)
Mail 4.7.17 Animal rights charity PETA is slammed for '70s-style sexism' after hiring scantily-clad models to plug strawberries and vegan 'cream' at Wimbledon By Mark Duell for MailOnline - The animal rights charity Peta has been accused of 'Seventies-style sexism' after hiring scantily-clad models to plug strawberries and vegan 'cream' at Wimbledon. The volunteers were dressed in strawberry-print Fifties-style bikinis as they handed out the food to crowds queuing for the tennis tournament in South West London. But the pro-vegan group was accused of 'sexist marketing techniques' by critics who said they were 'exploding a woman's body to promote a product'. And officials at the All England Club confirmed to MailOnline this afternoon that the controversial stunt breached their strict marketing guidelines... (story)

Edinburgh 6.7.17 Edinburgh campaigner joins animal rights protest in Pamplona - 25-year-old Jennifer White from Edinburgh joined nearly 100 protesters in the centre of Pamplona. The protest – which was organised by PETA and Spanish animal-protection group AnimaNaturalis – took place ahead of the Running of the Bulls... (story)
Independent 6.7.17 If your idea of fun is running with the bulls in Pamplona, you need to rethink your morals - Tommy Lee - I'm no stranger to wild behaviour – but there's one thing that even I wouldn't do, and that's running "with" the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. That can f**k right off. While there may be guts (from the runners who are gored), there certainly isn't any glory in trying to stay a few steps ahead of frightened, confused bulls... (story)
Express 6.7.17 Hundreds of topless protestors march streets of Spain against barbaric bullfighting event - AROUND 100 topless protestors from Peta and animal rights organisations staged a dramatic demonstration in Spain today to protest the annual Running of the Bulls. By JON ROGERS - The protestors stripped off to just their black underwear and daubed themselves in red paint as well as slogans such as “stop bullfights” as they marched through the city of Pamplona in an attempt to raise awareness of animal cruelty. Protestor Grace McKeown said: "Torturing and killing animals can never be justified as entertainment... (story)

Cambrian News 6.7.17 Animal rights campaigners offer to help save Tywyn toilets By Caleb Spencer - A PROPOSAL from animal rights campaigners to help keep Tywyn’s public toilets open has been welcomed. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written to Gwynedd Council to offer its financial support to keep the under-threat public toilets open. But its offer has one condition – a banner reading ‘Meat Stinks. Go Vegan’ would need to be hung on the outside of the building.... (story)


Blackpool Gazette 5.7.17 BULLFIGHTING - Dark Ages sport is cruel and barbaric So during a bullfighting festival in France, a Spanish matador tripped on his cloak and was subsequently gored to death by an enraged bull. This was a bull he was needlessly torturing in a cruel and barbaric ‘sport’... Ken Johnson Via email (story)


Rural Services Network 4.7.17 Broadband fund 'does little for rural areas' - A government fund to 'unlock' £1bn for fibre broadband will do little for rural areas seeking faster connections, say campaigners. The new Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund aims to make internet internet buffering and painfully slow download times a thing of the past.... But the Countryside Alliance said the fund would mainly benefit those living in urban areas. The alliance said it had been widely accepted that fibre to the home technology will be impossible to deliver to most rural areas... (story)


Daily Post 2.7.17 Farmers and gamekeepers in Wales escape an outright ban on using snares... for now BYANDREW FORGRAVE - A total ban on snares in Wales is being threatened if farmers and gamekeepers don’t clean up their act. A cross-party committee of AMs wants the Welsh Government to prepare draft legislation to be used if snare users flout the administration’s own code of best practice, launched in 2015. However the National Assembly’s climate change, environment and rural affairs committee stopped short of recommending an immediate ban on the use of snares.... (story)


Sun 30.6.17 FOX BITE IN BED - Gran wakes in the night to find a fox sinking its teeth into her arm after it got in through a catflap By Carri-Ann Taylor - A GRAN woke in the night to find a fox sinking its teeth into her arm after it got in through a catflap. Avril Clark, 71, was attacked on her home’s third floor early yesterday. Avril first thought her cat had bitten her. But she switched a light on and saw the “mangy” fox circling her bed — and blood gushing from two large gashes in her arm.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.6.17 Campaigners raise awareness of mountain hare culls with postcard campaign by DAVID KERR - An animal protection charity has presented the Cairngorms National Park with a postcard calling for urgent action against mountain hare culls. OneKind director Harry Huyton presented the park’s chief executive Grant Moir with the postcard which has the names of 8,625 people on the back... (story)