June 2004

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Ryedale Gazette & Herald 30.6.04 Keeping it in the family at the show - `A FAMILY affair' is one way to describe this year's wet and windy Malton Show… Heavy horses and the falconry display were the final highlights of a dwindling afternoon, along with a lively parade by the Middleton Hunt… (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 30.6.04 LAB MP GREETS MOVE ON HUNTING - Long-awaited legislation to outlaw hunting with dogs will be reintroduced into Parliament by the Government in three weeks' time… The news has been welcomed by many Labour MPs, including Derby North MP Bob Laxton, who has been urging the Government to reintroduce the Bill…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 30.6.04 BROCKLESBY FAIR MAY NOT GO AHEAD NEXT YEAR - Brocklesby Country Fair may not go ahead next year due to building work. Thousands of people attended this year's event at the weekend, but Henry Rayment, the Earl's chief steward, said: "It could well be cancelled. It could be a building site… Families come from miles around to attend the annual fair, a highlight of the Brocklesby calendar along with the more controversial annual hunt… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.04 BEN BRADSHAW - MY POINT OF VIEW - Britain is a nation of animal lovers. This is clear to me from my postbag as Exeter's MP. But it's even more apparent as Minister responsible for animal welfare... If pet owners or farmers mistreat their animals they can expect to be prosecuted. We will hopefully soon see an end to the hunting of wild mammals using hounds.... So I am very pleased that the Government has signalled its intention to pass the first major animal welfare Act since 1911... (letter)

Bucks Herald 30.6.04 Majority don't want a hunting ban - JOHN Rimmington's attempts to smear polling commissioned by the Countryside Alliance shows how sensitive obsessive anti-hunting campaigners are about the lack of public support for their campaign. To put the record straight, the Alliance was criticised for using advertising with the phrase '59 per cent say keep hunting' instead of '59 per cent say don't ban hunting'. To most reasonable people these two statements usually mean the same thing and that is why the Alliance is appealing against the ASA ruling…. ROB KNIGHT, Lacey Green (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.6.04 HUNTING MUST GO - I do wonder if pro-hunt writers to the letters columns can ever understand how anti-hunt writers feel? I've lived in the country all my life, and always wanted hunting to go… Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Taunton Times 30.6.04 ANGLERS ACT RESPONSIBLY - I read with interest of the clean-up of the River Tone by the RSPCA. It would seem that the purpose of the article is to promote anti-angling views. As a responsible angler, who also loves wildlife and the countryside, may I reassure readers that 99 per cent of anglers are responsible people who leave the riverbanks litter free…. As for the rubbish at Hankridge, my opinion is that 90 per cent of it is junk food wrappers…. PETER AUSTIN, Creech St Michael (letter)
Taunton Times 23.6.04 WATERWAYS TARGETED IN RSPCA CLEAN-UP - Taunton's waterways were targeted in a three-day sponsored clean up by RSPCA staff in a bid to reduce the number of animals suffering from fishing litter injuries. Between May 2003 and May this year 47 wildlife casualties were admitted to the West Hatch Animal Centre near Taunton as a result of problems caused by fishing litter, such as hooks, lines and weights.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.6.04 LEAVE IT TO NATURE - Following on from lead shot being banned for use by anglers as line weights, on environmental grounds, the mute swan population on the trout rivers of the South West has increased some two-and-a-half times the pre-ban number. This has led to the rivers being stripped of their natural water plants, leading to no insects or water life which depended on the weeds for living on…. I do not advocate feeding the lead shot to the swans again, but if man can be sensible enough to leave things alone, nature will restore the balance in a year or two… G Birchall, Barlestone (letter)

BBC News Online 30.6.04 £18m animal testing centre opens - A new £18m animal testing centre to examine the genetic make-up of mice and humans has been opened. The Mary Lyon Centre, at Harwell in Oxfordshire, will house 65,000 mice…. But Andrew Butler, from Peta (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) said: "This is a massive step in the wrong direction as any other animal rights group in the UK would agree…" (story)

Oxford Mail 30.6.04 Futile and dangerous - MP Evan Harris (Oxford Mail, June 24) believes vivisection is "heroic". What is heroic about unnecessarily mutilating and killing innocent, voiceless animals? Being a doctor, I would have thought Dr Harris would know how futile and dangerous animal testing is... It is easier for politicians with vested interests in the vivisection industry to focus on animal rights' 'extremism' than to admit they are wrong. JULIET COLLIER, Headington, Oxford (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.04 IT'S AWFUL THAT HORSES ARE KILLED FOR DOG FOOD - I am writing to inform Echo readers about the cruelty and slaughter of horses, just for dog food. It's just not fair... Rosie Iver, St Joseph's School, Exmouth (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.04 REPTILE ZOO WILL SPARK AN INCREASE IN ANIMAL TRADE - I understand Echo readers have recently been debating the proposal to build a reptile zoo as part of the quayside refurbishment programme. I would like to add my own views to this if I may. I think allowing this zoo to go ahead would be a huge mistake - as a nation of animal lovers it would definitely be a step backwards for animal welfare... Darren Shaw, Crossfield Crescent, York (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.04 MILLIONS OF EXOTIC ANIMALS TAKEN FROM WILD EACH YEAR - The proposal for a reptile centre at Exeter Quay, Dragonlife!, has generated much correspondence in the Echo. I concur with the views expressed by R Lee and K Musker, Points of view, June 25, who say wild creatures should not be exhibited in captivity for our entertainment.... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.6.04 REPTILE ZOO MIGHT SPARK FASHION FOR EXOTIC PETS - Please may I put forward some observations the planners may not have thought of regarding the proposed use of the old electricity building on Exeter Quay as a reptile centre… Exeter City Council admirably refused circuses with live animals in its city, so I would assume it would not condone this zoo … such a centre would spark a 'fashion' for these reptiles as pets which, once out of fashion, would be abandoned…. N Lake, Cedar Road, Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.04 OPPOSE PLANS FOR REPTILE ZOO BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - I understand Exeter City Council is considering a proposal to build a huge reptile zoo. I strongly object to this, mainly on moral grounds but also on public health grounds…. Sarah Bramley, Gordon Street, York (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.04 OUR WILD ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE KEPT IN CAPTIVITY - I am absolutely horrified by the proposal to construct a reptile zoo in Exeter - a city that, although I don't live in, I do visit on a regular basis. I am a veterinary surgeon, qualified 38 years ago, and a member and supporter of the Born Free Foundation…. J B Campbell BVSc MRCVS, Port Road, Wenvoe, Cardiff (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.6.04 DON'T KEEP WILD, EXOTIC CREATURES IN CAPTIVITY - I must say I'm extremely disappointed to hear that Exeter is contemplating a zoo which will include many exotic creatures. There's a place for these animals and that's where they belong - in the wild…. Mr R Lee Oxford (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.6.04 IT'S NOT ETHICAL TO SHOW ANIMALS FOR ENJOYMENT - I would like to express my complete objection to the Dragonlife! centre plans. Surely in this day and age we do not need people like myself to spell out the reasons why this is unethical and immoral…. K Musker, Birch Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.6.04 REPTILES SHOULD BE FREE TO LIVE IN THEIR JUNGLES - I think it is a bad idea to keep reptiles caged up in a building at Exeter Quay. If people wish to keep these animals in captivity, they should be out in the country, away from people's homes. Dragonlife is just what is needed at city quay, Points of view, June 12… Mr W G Smith, Cat & Fiddle Park , Clyst St Mary, Exeter (letter)

Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 30.6.04 It's time we updated our laws on animal suffering - Lisa B, Helen Baxendale, Stephanie Beacham, Lynda Bellingham, Jilly Cooper, Sara Cox, Annette Crosbie OBE, Sharron Davies, Amanda Donohoe, Carol Drinkwater, Johnny Logan, Joanna Lumley, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Alistair McGowan, Dannii Minogue, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Miranda Richardson, Angela Rippon, Andrew Sachs, Michaela Strachan, Zoe Wannamaker, Toyah Wilcox, Richard Wilson and Greg Wise (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.6.04 NEW LAW COULD PREVENT MUCH ANIMAL SUFFERING - Lisa B, Helen Baxendale, Stephanie Beacham, Lynda Bellingham, JillyCooper, Sarah Cox, Annette Crosbie OBE, Sharron Davies, Amanda Donohoe, Carol Drinkwater, Jonny Logan, Joanna Lumley, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Alistair McGowan, Dannii Minogue, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Miranda Richardson, Angela Rippon, Andrew Sachs, Michaela Strachen, Zoe Wannamaker, Toyah Wilcox, Richard Wilson, Greg Wise (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 21.6.04 Act now to end animal suffering - BILL ODDIE and other leading celebrities. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 17.6.04 PREVENT ANIMALS SUFFERING NOW - For nearly 100 years UK law has required an animal to suffer before any action can be taken - even though it is clearly likely to suffer…. The Government is currently considering reforming the UK's outdated animal law… Please support the RSPCA's campaign calling for a duty of care to be enshrined in UK law to ensure all animal owners know what is required of them when they take on an animal…. Lisa B, Helen Baxendale, Stephanie Beacham, Lynda Bellingham, Jilly Cooper, Sarah Cox, Annette Crosbie OBE, Sharron Davies, Amanda Donohoe, Carol Drinkwater, Jonny Logan, Joanna Lumley, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Alistair McGowan, Dannii Minogue, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Miranda Richardson, Angela Rippon, Andrew Sachs, Michaela Strachan, Zoe Wanamaker, Toyah Wilcox, Richard Wilson and Greg Wise (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.6.04 THE BARBARITY OF BEAR BAITING - Sir - The tragic pictures of a bear being baited in Pakistan and the account of what goes on in this horrendous barbarity were truly ter rible… M G Hart Taunton Somerset (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 30.6.04 Evans right to make a stand - I WAS pleased to read in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph that MP Nigel Evans is one of 79 MPs signing a Commons motion to end the obscene practice of bile extraction from captive bears for traditional medicines in China… MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter in archive)


Western Morning News 29.6.04 HUNTING BAN IS STILL 'NOT INEVITABLE' - Westcountry hunt supporters are being urged to hold their nerve as the debate on the controversial issue enters "the final furlong".WESTCOUNTRY hunt supporters are being urged to hold their nerve as the debate on the controversial issue enters "the final furlong". In a rallying call to supporters in the region yesterday, the chief executive of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart, said a ban was "not inevitable", despite intense pressure on the Government from anti-hunting MPs…. Linda Gilroy, Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton, said she expected to see the Hunting Bill return to the Commons "soon"…. (story)

Times 29.6.04 Problems of using Parliament Acts - Mr Tony Banks (letter, June 24; see also letter, June 26) underestimates the constitutional problems which will arise if the Government seeks to use the Parliament Acts to secure the passage of the Hunting Bill this year... FROM LORD DONALDSON OF LYMINGTON, House of Lords (letter)
Times 26.6.04 Hunting Bill - Mr Tony Banks (letter, June 24) makes light of the issue of personal freedoms with regard to hunting with dogs. No one, of course, would compare the right to hunt with the right to a fair trial, for example. However, to dismiss its importance completely is typical of the prejudice that so consistently undermines the arguments of the anti-hunting lobby... JOHN SHIELDS, 6 Wilkinson Street, SW8 1DB. (letter)
Times 24.6.04 Legislation to ban hunting with dogs FROM MR TONY BANKS, MP FOR WEST HAM (LABOUR) - The Government must, and I believe will, reintroduce in the current session the Bill to ban hunting wild mammals with dogs (report, June 19). To fail so to do would be a betrayal, since the Bill has now reached a level of political significance out of all proportion to its stated objectives. It is now a matter of ministerial good faith and political credibility.... (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.6.04 MAJORITY IGNORED - This government has wasted valuable time by ignoring the public majority who oppose blood sports…. Miss E A Smith Bristol (letter)

Totally Jewish 29.6.04 Butchers Warned by Daniella Peled - Jun 29 - The CST has warned kosher butchers to be vigilant after two London shops received threatening letters from animal rights extremists last week. Police are investigating the statement from a group calling itself protection and welfare of animals international… A similar missive was also sent to a halal butcher in Derby last month… (story)

York Evening Press 29.6.04 I shall feed pigeons - A COUPLE of months ago I was walking in St Helen's Square on a warm sunny day, happily feeding the pigeons, who ate every crumb (so no litter there, then). Suddenly I heard a voice say, "don't feed those birds, they are vermin."… Does the world not hold enough horror and killing for them, without advocating more? I shall continue to feed any creature in need. Mrs W P Carter, Marston Crescent, Acomb, York. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 29.6.04 RSPCA IS AGAINST DESTROYING ANY FIT AND HEALTHY ANIMALS - I write in response to the letter, Cull Backed By RSPCA, in which Jane Somerset makes several references to the RSPCA which are untrue. Ms Somerset's local RSPCA animal centre, West Hatch, near Taunton, Somerset, does not have a blanket destruction policy for any type or age of animal, and rather seeks to do the best it can for as many animals as possible, with the limited resources available…. Visitors to West Hatch or its website (www. rspcawesthatch. co. uk) will see there are always older cats and other animals there in desperate need of loving new homes… Jo Barr RSPCA press officer South and South West (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.6.04 CULL BACKED BY RSPCA - If your correspondent had read the Western Daily Press story about the pigeon cull in Stroud…. The cull has, as you said, the blessing of the RSPCA. Volunteers who work tirelessly at the RSPCA are invaluable and do wonderful work, but I would like to inform your lady writer that my branch of the RSPCA puts to sleep all cats over the age of seven, if they have no room for them… They simply spend their money on unnecessary new head offices, instead of accommodation for the vast number of unwanted or stray animals… Jane Somerset Bridgwater Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.6.04 PROUD OF THE RSPCA'S ROLE - Sir - What does your correspondent Jane Somerset mean by labelling the RSPCA a moneygrabbing joke? What does she imagine would happen to the abandoned and abused animals in this country if it were not for the RSPCA?... If the appalling story of the pigeon cull in Stroud is true, the RSPCA will oppose it. Jean Turner Pl ymton Plymouth (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.5.04 A CRUEL CULL - I have heard that the authorities in Stroud in Gloucestershire will kill the pigeon population by trapping them and cutting their necks with wire cutters, a method of murder approved by Defra… Jane Somerset Cannington Somerset (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 29.6.04 SEEING ANOTHER SIDE TO RSPCA - Having been directly involved with animal welfare for over 40 years, I have come across the RSPCA in one form or another many times. Sadly I see the other side of the RSPCA, unfortunately the one the media fail to report and one the RSPCA fails to be held accountable for. The RSPCA has sadly lost a great deal of support and has spread itself too thin getting involved in too many issues, and in my opinion becoming too political…. In its own report, Handle With Care, the RSPCA says that ignorance is no excuse, yet its call centre, manned by inexperienced people, gives advice to the public… ANDY MEADS, via e-mail (letter)


Worcester Evening News 28.6.04 Hunting Bill now a non-starter - AFTER the Labour Party received what the media described as good kicking in the local elections, I wonder if Mike Foster MP (above) considers whether bringing back the Hunting Bill will restore party morale?... As a manual worker, I should automatically vote Mike Foster and New Labour every time, but I find both party and politician have lost touch with what is important to the average person…. ANTHONY ROBERTS, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 28.6.04 Testing on animals no answer to cancer - I would like to inform people about horrific animal experiments going on in Britain today. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is Europe's largest laboratory. Inside thousands of animals are waiting to die, 500 of which are killed every single day in cruel and pointless experiments… E Waddington Shrewsbury (letter)

Oxford Mail 28.6.04 In the know - I find it amazing that the Oxford Mail seems to have no interest in the controversial animal lab being built in Oxford… KRISTINE DOWNHAM, SPEAK, Oxford (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 28.6.04 MAGPIES KEEP THE BALANCE - I agree with the letter, Prey Be Tolerant, from Pamela Dean, that magpies have a place in our countryside… A basic understanding of ecology really should be a prerequisite for those of us who have the privilege of managing our countryside, and it is frightening to witness the consequences when this is not the case. Gill Purser Clapton-on-the-Hill Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.6.04 MENACE IN GARDEN - Once again, a reader is supporting a menace, this time a bird of prey which vandalises small birds' nests… The fox is also a menace. It kills hens - which do no harm - for no reason. Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.6.04 PREY BE TOLERANT - We have to agree to differ on the magpie issue.... We all enjoy feeding and watching birds in our gardens, but shouldn't this include birds of prey? Don't they also have a place? Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Glasgow Herald 28.6.04 THE FSA's recommendation that we should eat more fish (June 24), we are told, represents a balance between the risks of eating a food contaminated with pollutants and the benefits of eating one containing fatty acids which are good for our hearts... Lee Jerome, Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 27.6.04 Wrong impression - Your report entitled "RSPCA militants want to drop Queen over her support for hunting" (News, June 13) carried my photograph beneath this headline, giving the impression that I am one of the so-called militants. This was gravely misleading. Far from being one of these, I was actively responsible for stopping this proposal - (Dr) Richard D Ryder, Exeter, Devon (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 20.6.04 A broad church - Your report "RSPCA militants want to drop Queen over her support for hunting" is misleading and old hat. There is no campaign to "drop" the Queen. The RSPCA council did discuss a motion submitted for the annual meeting, and it was not accepted for the agenda... John Rolls, RSPCA Director of Animal Welfare Promotion, Horsham, West Sussex (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 13.6.04 RSPCA militants want to drop Queen over her support for hunting By David Harrison - Leading members of the RSPCA are seeking to force the Queen to step down as patron of the charity because of her support for hunting... The Queen's role was discussed at a closed meeting of the society's ruling council last week... The results will be announced at the society's annual meeting on June 26.... Some council members made no secret of their opposition to the Queen's role as the society's patron. David Mawson, 28, a vegan chef from Catford, south-east London, and a radical RSPCA council member, said: "The Queen should be removed as patron because of her pro-hunting views...." Angela Walder, a council member who has been arrested several times for public order offences, said that having her as patron was "like the NSPCC having a paedophile as its patron".... The election for five seats on the 25-strong council... has caused further divisions in the society.... The manifestos show that half the candidates are members of the League Against Cruel Sports and Compassion in World Farming, five belong to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, and two are members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. All want foxhunting banned... (story)

Independent on Sunday 27.6.04 City forms new cell of resistance to the 'investment terrorists' of animal rights - As research organisations capitulate to extremists, Tim Webb and Robin Buckley look at the fightback in the Square Mile - If you feel a jab when you're walking the street alone, don't worry. It will only be me infecting you with Aids. Look forward to meeting you close up, you scumbag." This was the signoff in an anonymous letter sent to a businessman linked with animal-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences... The City has yet to form a coherent strategy to deal with these groups, which means targeted companies often roll over at the first sign of trouble. However, there are now stirrings of activity in both the Square Mile and Whitehall. In the first four months of the year. according to the Home Office, there were 117 arrests of animal rights extremists compared with just 15 for the same period in 2003....
ANIMAL TESTING: ACTIVISTS AND EXTREMISTS - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge... Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty... The Animal Liberation Front... The Animal Rights Militia... The Justice Department... (story)


Spectator 24.6.04 The dubious means by which Labour hopes to ban hunting by Christmas - Peter Oborne - There has been a remarkable new buoyancy among Labour MPs this week. This can be partly accounted for by the apparent improvement in Iraq, England's footballing triumph over Croatia… But for many Labour MPs the new mood of optimism has nothing to do with any of these things. It is entirely related to last Thursday's promise from Peter Hain, leader of the House of Commons, concerning the Hunting Bill… According to government sources, the Bill will be tabled before the Commons summer recess, due to start on 22 July. It will receive its second reading when MPs return from their holidays in September, probably being rushed through the Commons in a single day, before going to the Lords… There is little question that the proposed procedure amounts to an abuse of Parliament. It means that hunting will receive special treatment, quite different from practically every other issue…. in the normal course of events, only emergency legislation gets rushed through the Commons, typically relating to terrorism and national security… The Bill raises massive human rights issues concerning compensation…. The stage is set for one of the most dramatic collisions between Parliament and the law courts since before the first world war. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 26.6.04 A DAY PACKED WITH FUN - The 125th Derbyshire Agricultural and Horticultural Show in Elvaston takes place tomorrow. You can dig it - it's the County Show... The main ring performances will include the Melton Mowbray toy soldiers band, the grand livestock parade, the hound parade and the private driving final.... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 26.6.04 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - The 125th Derbyshire County Show has proven popular over the years because of the variety of events and attractions that are on show - and this year is no different.... 4.10pm - Parade of hounds... (story)

The Sentinel 26.6.04 ANIMAL WORDS OUT OF A BOOK - Is Mr Nic Garvey (re 'Animals don't have rights'), a Sixth Form philosophy student? I ask because his argument reads suspiciously like it was copied from an A-Level textbook.... L MARCONI Hanley (letter)
The Sentinel 25.6.04 HUNT VIOLENCE INDISCRIMINATE - In reply to Nic Garvey's pro-hunt letter (June 21), it must be stressed that hunting is barbaric…. Many peaceful demonstrators have been threatened and attacked during hunts, which shows that some hunters' violence is indiscriminate. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel 21.6.04 ANIMALS DON'T HAVE RIGHTS - I find hunting animals for sport to be depraved and irrational, I don't see where the enjoyment is in killing animals. However, these animals certainly do not possess rights as your correspondent Peter Ridgway (June 12) would have us believe… A ban on fox-hunting is government backed coercion from the animal 'rights' activists (who often use terrorism in place of argument), whose goal is not the humane treatment of animals but the animalistic treatment of humans. NIC GARVEY Weston Coyney (letter)
The Sentinel 12.6.04 END OF ROAD FOR FOX HUNTING - Re the letter from A Country Woman (June 5) concerning her obvious favour of keeping hunting with hounds part of our countryside. May I point out to her that she is part of an ever decreasing section of the British public who have had minority rule for long enough... PETER T RIDGWAY Bradwell (letter)
The Sentinel 5.6.04 TRADITION ABOUT TO BE KILLED OFF I understand that a number of MPs have signed an Early Day Motion to pressurise the Government to bring forward a Bill to ban hunting with hounds. I cannot understand why there is such urgency to ban a country pursuit that has been part of the British country tradition for generations… A COUNTRY WOMAN Name and Address supplied (letter)

Newcastle Journal 26.6.04 Safety guidelines aimed at grouse shoot managers - The start of the grouse season - the Glorious Twelfth of August - marks the beginning of a busy period for shoot managers but they are being warned not to overlook important health and safety legislation in their preparation for the new season.... (story)

Guardian 26.6.04 The beef about meat - I credit Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for justifying his reasons for eating meat... However, if Fearnley-Whittingstall accepts that animals come within the moral sphere of human beings, then surely killing sentient creatures just for pleasure - it being unnecessary to eat animals to stay alive, or even healthy, in our society where (non-meat) food is plentiful - is, at best, an amoral act? Mike Wilbur, Burbage, Leicestershire (letter)


Lynn News 25.6.04 PRINCE CHARLES will be the VIP guest at next week's Royal Norfolk Show…. The main ring programme will include sheepdog demonstrations, birds of prey, a parade of foxhounds, top class show jumping competitions and the RAF Falcons freefall parachute display team. (story)

Telegraph 25.6.04 A philosopher turns rural - Daniel Kruger reviews News from Somewhere: On Settling by Roger Scruton - "I am a metafarmer," says Professor Roger Scruton, one "whose labour consists in putting inverted commas round the labour of others." He discovered his great passion, hunting, in Wiltshire in the 1980s, and 10 years ago he moved there permanently. This is his account of those years, of his relations with his farming neighbours and with the clayey land. It is also a sort of love story, for Scruton arrived a bachelor, but soon, out hunting, encountered his future wife "aloft in the Beaufort colours".... Roger Scruton is often unfairly mocked. But he stands in the tradition of Hobbes, Burke, Carlyle and Oakeshott, who each in their centuries pushed back the tide of cultural ignorance and exposed the progressive myth. Long may he continue... (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 25.6.04 Taking the rains by Victoria Young - ATROCIOUS weather conditions made for a very wet and wild 118th Malton Show… The deluge ceased mid-afternoon in time for the grand parade, a display by the Middleton Hunt, a falconry show, terrier racing and unaffiliated pony jumping (story in archive)

Hexham Courant 25.6.04 OLD TRADITION CONTINUES WITH KIRKHEATON SHOW - by WILL GREEN - A sense of history and place pervaded at the Kirkheaton Show on Saturday… Fox Hounds: Champion: Morpeth Hunt; Reserve: Tynedale Hunt…. (story)

Shropshire Star 25.6.04 How will the fields be policed? - With reference to the European football match on Sunday night in which - in my opinion - England gave it away in the last three minutes. I see it was reported the next morning that there were riots after the match… I expect we shall not hear a word from the New Labour townie MPs about this. They are more interested in banning hunting… At the moment it appears to me Mr Blair needs all his police in towns to enforce the law. Where is he going to get the money from to pay lots more police to enforce the law in millions of acres of our countryside, if a ban is forced through? G Morris, Newport (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.6.04 SICKENED BY VIXEN'S STORY - The description by one of your correspondents of a post mortem examination upon a vixen was sickening… How many more cases must be instanced before the anti-hunt lobby admits alternative methods of fox control are far more cruel than hunting with hounds?... David C Allen Address supplied (letter)

Craven Herald 25.6.04 The Countryside Agency's new State of the Countryside Report cites rural homelessness as a key problem in the countryside, yet four year-old Government promises to rectify the situation are in danger of being scrapped…. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart has said that the lack of affordable housing has rightly been identified as a major stumbling block to rural regeneration, yet fewer affordable houses are being built now than in 1997, despite more people than ever migrating to rural areas…. Tom Fell, North West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 25.6.04 Plight of unwanted race dogs - I have followed the letters about fox hunting, but how many of people are aware of the plight of another animal that is used for the pleasure and sport of humans - namely the racing greyhound? Tens of thousands of dogs are disposed of by the racing industry every year…. Anthea Frost, Shropshire (letter)

Hertfordshire Mercury 25.6.04 Activists hit streets for animal rights - ANIMAL rights activists protested in the streets of Ware outside drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Protestors gathered at the Park Road research and development site of the global pharmaceuticals company on Saturday to lay wreaths and raise awareness of animal testing for ‘Molly’s Day’… Ann Bunting, a member of Stevenage Animal Rights, said: “This is the first time that we’ve done a national demo in the town. I was ever so pleased — we had 100 people turn up…. (story)

Yahoo! News 25.6.04 PETA Earns Rebuke From Dalai Lama The office of the Dalai Lama said Friday the animal rights group PETA misrepresented the nature of a request by the spiritual leader that fast-food chain KFC not open an outlet in his homeland, Tibet. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, based in Norfolk, Va., released a document Thursday from the Dalai Lama asking that the Louisville, Ky., restaurant chain "abandon its plan to open restaurants in Tibet." But the Dalai Lama's heading on the document, "APPEAL," was changed to "Dear Mr. Novak," a reference to CEO David Novak of Yum! Restaurants, the parent company of KFC. PETA then issued a news release saying the Dalai Lama had "dispatched a letter" to the company…. The Dalai Lama's secretary, Tenzin Geyche Tethong, said in a letter faxed Friday to Ingrid Newkirk of PETA in Norfolk, that "We strongly object to your changing the nature of the appeal without seeking our approval."… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.6.04 Horse lovers score victory in campaign over exports - NORTH Wiltshire MP James Gray has welcomed a Government pledge to oppose the live export of horses for human consumption. The Shadow Countryside Minister, who rode into Parliament on horseback in March to highlight his campaign, said: "The news that the Government is now opposed to the live export of horses for human consumption will come as a welcome relief to horse lovers the length and breadth of England."… (story in archive)

Wiltshire Times 25.6.04 Expert flies in to help solve pigeon problem - A PIGEON expert will be visiting Trowbridge following a month-long operation to help an Australian city deal with its expanding bird population. Guy Merchant, of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), has his sights set on Wiltshire's county town to help resolve one of its longest running problems…. (story in archive)

York Evening Press 25.6.04 Leave the pigeons - DM Richardson's letter "Kill the pigeons" (June 24) is so full of vitriol, hate and bitterness that it says more about him than it does about the pigeons.... It's not your world DM Richardson - other creatures share it as well. L Colton, Ogleforth, York. (letter in archive)


Bristol Evening Post 24.6.04 MPS - FORGET FOX-HUNTING AND SORT OUT REAL ISSUES - Bristol West constituents will have been delighted to read in the Post that their MP, Valerie Davey, has at long last come off the political fence. A case of too many splinters in her bottom, no doubt. Having abstained repeatedly in the House of Commons on key issues, she has now called on Parliament to take positive action on that vitally important topic of . . . fox - hunting…. There's not a lot of fox-hunting taking place in Bristol. Surely education, health, law and order, asylum, Iraq or Europe would have been better issues for Valerie Davey to choose… John Goulandris, Bristol city councillor, Stoke Bishop Ward (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 24.6.04 READER S Dooley ("Time for a total ban on hunting", Open Lines, June 16) comments on the criticism by the Advertising Standards Authority of an opinion poll commissioned by the Countryside Alliance. He or she is perfectly correct in stating that the ASA was unhappy with the interpretation of the poll results, but they accepted that the poll showed that there was no majority in favour of a total ban. The poll result on the question of a total ban was only 36 per cent in favour, hardly a majority… J Aldridge, Sherston. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 16.6.04 TIME FOR A TOTAL BAN ON HUNTING - Readers may have noticed the posters displayed by supporters of the Countryside Alliance ludicrously claiming that 59 per cent of the public support hunting. They may not be aware that following a complaint by the League Against Cruel Sports, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has recently upheld the complaint, confirming the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the hunting lobby…. S Dooley, by e-mail. (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 24.6.04 Barbaric - The national papers today include the statement by Commons leader Peter Haing that the bill to outlaw the barbaric sport of fox hunting was on its way. Fair enough, but when will a bill be proposed to outlaw the barbaric practice of burdening old people with council tax… R MOSS, Springwood Grove, Leeds (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 24.6.04 'Time to put an end to hunting' - RE George Bowyer's criticism of the Government's attempt to ban fox hunting ('Master makes show plea over hunt ban', The Evening Telegraph, June 21). If fox hunting is not barbaric, then why, when a fox has outwitted Mr Bowyer and his 20 to 30 hounds and up to 100 riders by going to ground, do they feel the need to send in terriers and terrier men to drive the fox back onto the killing fields?... Andrew Halls, Cecil Close, Bourne (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.6.04 SPORT: MASTER MAKES SHOW PLEA OVER HUNT BAN - THE joint master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt has criticised the Government for its continued efforts to ban fox hunting. George Bowyer said he and his members will never give up their fight to keep the sport legal… Huntsmen and their hounds paraded in the main ring at the East of England Country Show at the weekend… The Fitzwilliam Hunt was given a warm reception at the show, held at the East of England Showground at Alwalton, Peterborough… But Gail Record, an animal rights campaigner, from Werrington, Peterborough, today said she hoped a complete ban was introduced… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 24.6.04 Hunts' hypocrisy must be brought to end - FOLLOWING Mrs M Goddard's letter dated June 17 in the Advertiser regarding artificial earths, I would like readers to see a photo of such an earth, especially constructed to encourage the fox population to provide enough foxes to hunt later in the season, or, in a few weeks, all the eight-week-old cubs born in the earth… HEATHER J COCHRANE Pewsey (letter in archive)
Hull Daily Mail 23.6.04 THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BEING CRUEL TO FOXES - Peter Presland (Letters, June 9) accuses opponents of hunting of having "intolerant, self-righteous prejudice". I see no reason to tolerate cruelty…. Christopher W Fox, Watersedge, Driffield. (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.6.04 CHURCHILL CHASE - Further to the letter from Peter Presland (WDP, June 11). He writes of Sir Winston Churchill and his interest in hunting. I have photos of the great gentleman out with the Duke of Westminster Boarhounds in Normandy during January 1933… G Elliott Bitton Bristol (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 17.6.04 The fox facts - I read Peter Presland's letter (Evening Advertiser, June 10), with interest… Can Mr Presland please explain why hunts construct artificial fox earths in their own territories and does he deny that this is done to encourage a ready supply of foxes for the coming hunting season? Maggie Goddard, Wroughton (letter in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 11.6.04 CHURCHILL'S SUPPORT KEPT HUNT BAN AT BAY - At a time of unprecedented political attacks on hunting with hounds it is worth remembering that Sir Winston Churchill was also one of the sport's staunchest defenders. On November 30, 1948, his 74th birthday, and during the first serious parliamentary attempt to outlaw hunting, he hosted a regular meet of the Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt at his Chartwell home and took part as a mounted follower… Fifty-five years later it is to be hoped that our present government will have the courage and wisdom similarly to stand up to intolerant, self-righteous prejudice… Peter Presland, general secretary, Hunting for Tolerance. (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 10.6.04 Churchill helped battle to keep hunting - PETER PRESLAND General Secretary, Hunting For Tolerance (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 9.6.04 LET'S HOPE GOVERNMENT ADOPTS CHURCHILL'S WAYS - Peter Presland, General Secretary, Hunting for Tolerance (letter)

Scotsman 24.6.04 Salmon river's angling is worth £11m - JAMES REYNOLDS ENVIRONMENT CORRESPONDENT - ANGLING on the River Spey alone generates £11.8 million per year and supports 367 jobs - and a further £1.7 million and 42 jobs in water-sport recreation are also dependent on the river, a new report reveals.... A recent report on the economic impact of game and coarse angling showed that angling contributed £113 million a year to the Scottish economy.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 24.6.04 SPEY ANGLING KEEPS 350 FOLK IN WORK, CLAIMS NEW REPORT - ERLEND BARCLAY - Angling on the River Spey is a multi-million pound business and supports more than 350 jobs, according to a report published yesterday. The Catchment Management Plan, commissioned by the Spey Catchment Steering Group, has claimed the activity generates £11.8million to the surrounding area annually and supports 367 jobs…. (story)

Argus 25.6.04 Letter: Willing partners - What would your correspondent David Pritchard (Letters, June 11) do with sports horses - have them shot and be done with it? These animals are bred for their job. They do it because they love to do it.... Nobody can force a horse to jump or to move with elegance and grace. The horse must enjoy it as much as the rider or they simply refuse. They have minds and wills of their own. -Jackie Rowland, Kingston (letter)

Telegraph 24.6.04 Huntingdon told to prove animal rights group exists By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - Huntingdon Life Sciences, the pharmaceutical and chemical testing company, will have to prove that the animal rights organisation that is trying to shut it down exists if it wants to stop being harassed by it.... A preliminary hearing yesterday heard that Shac, which is representing itself in court, is arguing that it doesn't exist and doesn't have any members, so cannot be prosecuted.... HLS lawyers said that Shac had a bank account, with signatories and presumably a constitution of some kind lodged with the bank. They added that it orchestrates "a highly organised campaign doing a good deal of damage and costing us millions of pounds a year". Shac campaigners are arguing that the network of protesters doesn't have a legal personality and Shac is therefore not capable of having an order made against it. The trial is not expected to take place until next year.... (story)
Telegraph 24.6.04 Imperative to pin down this slippery animal - Many of us had imaginary friends as children, but few could conjure up anything as frustrating as an imaginary enemy. That's what Brian Cass, managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences, must contend with now... It's enough to make him kick the cat. His wraith has destroyed the share price, forced him to list the business in the US and physically whacked him in the face with a baseball bat, and now he's being told that his adversary doesn't exist. This is the surreal defence deployed by the odious SHAC, in its attempt to escape the charge of orchestrating a terror campaign against HLS, its suppliers, its customers and anyone who has had anything to do with it.... By taking on the activists, HLS is trying to take on the terrorists. If the case is lost, the way is open for any crackpot single issue group to provide the information for others to terrorise the innocent, while claiming that they don't break the law... (story)

Harborough Mail 24.6.04 ANIMAL HOSPITAL SAVED - LEICESTERSHIRE Wildlife Hospital in Kibworth could soon be re-opening its doors thanks to a helping hand from The Mail. The centre was forced to close about three weeks ago due to financial difficulties and blamed much of the problem on the RSPCA not helping with the bills. About 90 per cent of the animals dropped off at the centre on a daily basis come from the RSPCA – but it had never offered to pay any bills. But yesterday, following a call from the Harborough Mail demanding an explanation, the RSPCA rang the centre to say it would be donating £2,000… (story)


Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.6.04 MP backs new call for a ban on hunting - HUNTING with hounds must be outlawed as soon as possible, according to fresh demands by South Swindon MP Julia Drown. In an effort to increase pressure on the Government over the stalled plan, she has backed a new Parliamentary motion urging an end to the blood sport… (story in archive)

South Cheshire Chronicle 23.6.04 VARIOUS MPs, including Joan Walley, David Kidney, Paul Farrelly and George Stevenson, signed a motion calling on the Government to ban hunting. Have they forgotten they sit in Parliament to represent their constituents' wishes, not to air their own prejudiced views?... JUDY ALLMAN Madeley Heath, Crewe (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 23.6.04 CHANGING FACE OF THE COUNTRYSIDE - I Have been reading about the MPs standing firm over a hunting ban, with interest. When I was a child (more than 65 years ago) my mother kept hens and my aunt had a field full of hens and we did not have any trouble with foxes then. My neighbour recently lost nearly all the hens on her small-holding to a fox…. We have a weak Government and England will never be the same…. E Jones, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.6.04 HUNT KENNELS NOT VITAL IN DISPOSING OF FALLEN STOCK - The Echo published a letter from me, Points of view June 2… Predictably, my letter was speedily contradicted by Darren Hughes, of the Countryside Alliance, Points of view, June 11, who said that hunt kennels perform a vital service for farmers…. I was quoting what Mr Bradshaw said in the House of Commons during the Fallen Stock debate on May 20, as reported in Hansard starting at column 1079… During the course of the debate, in the House of Commons, Mr Bradshaw acknowledged that hunt kennels play a role, but the purpose of my letter was to let Echo readers know that it was not a vital role. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.6.04 BEN BRADSHAW WAS RIGHT ON ISSUE OF FALLEN STOCK - Forty-two members of Parliament… igned an Early Day Motion (EDM 1198) on May 14, reading: "That this House congratulates Her Majesty's Government for recognising the vital role hunt kennels will play in collecting fallen stock ..." Ben Bradshaw… told the House of Commons that a ban on hunting would have no impact whatever on the farming industry's capacity to dispose of fallen stock…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 23.6.04 NO FISH BUT LOTS OF FUN - Heat and sun drove the fish out of range as would-be anglers turned out for a come-and-try-it event at Kennick Reservoir near Newton Abbot. The day was organised by the Environment Agency and a spokesman said: "We had a fantastic day, good weather and around 30 people taking the opportunity to have a half or full day's tuition."… The agency has three other coarse angling events including August 7 at Rackerhayes, Newton Abbot, and August 19 at Town Parks Fishery, Paignton…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 18.6.04 ANGLERS ARE RECRUITING - Budding anglers can improve their skills at an Environment Agency action day in the Cotswolds. Youngsters between the ages of nine and 16 will be offered tuition sessions organised by experts from the National Federation of Anglers…. The Angling Action days will take place at the Wick Water Match Pool on August 3, 10 and 17… (story)
Okehampton Times 17.6.04 Hoping to hook young anglers - BUDDING new anglers with a wish to fish are invited to take up their rods at a special summer event near Okehampton next month. The day out at Roadford Lake on Saturday June 26 is aimed at encouraging youngsters to take up fishing as a sport and is part of a nationwide programme of events organised by the Environment Agency… (story in archive)


Western Morning News 22.6.04 FASCINATING FOXES ARE LEILA'S ARTISTIC MUSE - A lifelong interest in the antics of foxes has inspired Westcountry artist Leila Winslade to come up with a set of limited edition prints featuring her favourite animals. Entitled Farcical Foxes, the prints show the opportunist animals engaged in a range of activities not normally associated with them. They depict everything from foxes wearing swanky hats at Royal Ascot to a fox and a hound brandishing pistols in readiness for a duel…. "They are all intended to be humorous. Some people have said I am making a political comment about banning hunting, but I don't think I am. I don't hunt, but I don't see any merit in banning it. I think the pictures are only political if that's the way people take them."… The cards and prints are sold widely throughout the Westcountry. "The Countryside Alliance said it was their biggest seller," Leila said… (story)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 IS CRUELTY DEFENSIBLE IF ITS FOR LEISURE? Of course banning live exports is controversial. Someone must profit by them… The WMN would appear to maintain that cruelty is defensible so long as it's enjoyed as a leisure activity. Hunting is being abolished because it is exactly the same as dog fighting or kicking a hedgehog or a pigeon to death for amusement… R Dalziel, Lamerton (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 Deeply worrying - THERE is a deeply worrying aspect to some recent questions to the Leader of the House of Commons concerning the issue of hunting… There is an apparent premise amongst those MPs that, come what may, their wishes must be allowed to prevail, regardless of the fact that even their own manifesto does not give them a basis upon which to unilaterally ban hunting. They seem to forget that the Labour pledge was to resolve the issue on the basis of evidence and principle, which could take many forms apart from a ban, including a continuance under statutory regulation… Whatever their political colour or motives we must keep adequate curbs on our over-zealous MPs, especially when their party has a substantial majority in the Commons. If such controls were to go, respect for our legislature would diminish rapidly. David Thavenot, Totnes (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 Cruelty is not progress … Let's consider our acts of violence against nature. The fox is hunted because it kills our chickens. In the Exe Estuary the fishermen have suggested killing cormorants because they kill our fish. The badgers are culled because we believe they spread TB. Now in Torbay they are suggesting shooting the seals. I think this aggressiveness towards nature is reflecting on the way we treat each other…. Tony Parsons, Cullompton (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 Ban is for bigots LABOUR MP Dennis Skinner's hysterical rantings in the House recently as he urged the Government to ban hunting, "if only to wipe that oily grin off the Tory party leader's face", yet again confirms the fact the long discredited hunting bill has nothing to do with animal welfare and everything to go with intolerance and bigotry… W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 DETERMINED SEALS - Hunting is not a Christian activity I BELIEVE that the Government will shortly re-introduce the Bill to ban hunting with dogs and in the spite of various threats and bully tactics it looks as if this will at last be passed… The latest stunt is the setting up of the free Church of Country Sports claiming that fox hunting is part of their religion… F Cleaves, Par (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 Respect all life - I AM a tad distressed to read about Rod Brammer, shooting school owner, and his oh-so-clever newly-founded "Free Church of Country Sports"… I rather uncharitably hope that Rod Brammer's karma ensures that in his next life he is reincarnated as one of the stupid industrially-reared pheasants he teaches people to kill and that he will then be run down and squashed to a feathered pancake on our Devon roads by a large 4x4 emblazoned with Countryside Alliance stickers. Theo Hopkins, Oakford (letter)

Western Mail 22.6.04 Be prepared for release of healthy poults - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - AS THE second half of the year approaches, I would like to hijack the Scout movement motto and shout it loud to all shoot managers, Be Prepared. During that time many small and medium-sized shoots will be taking delivery of six to seven-week-old pheasant poults for release later on their ground. However, poor management of the release pen can result in heavy losses even in the absence of disease or predation…. (story)

Western Mail 22.6.04 Game fair throws net far and wide - IN RECENT years the Welsh Game Fair, now held annually at Gelli Aur, near the banks of the River Towy, just west of Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, has grown to become the biggest attraction for lovers of country pursuits in Wales… (story)

(East Grinstead Observer 23.6.04 Children debate views on behaviour of foxes - THE sly fox - is it guilty or innocent? This was the question debated by East Grinstead's primary schools at a special meeting at the East Court council chamber last Wednesday… Children voted that the fox had been the victim of a smear campaign, with Aesop and his fables having a lot to answer for. The fox was not a villain, the pupils decided, but a wild animal trying to go about its normal business…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 BADGERS NO WORRY FOR DAD'S TOP HERD We are constantly reading about bovine TB, and farmers appear to be convinced that this is spread by badgers. In 1949 our family moved to a 500-acre farm in Suffolk. My father had accepted a challenge… to raise the best Jersey herd in the world…. We had at least five badger setts on the farm … Father retired in 1979. In those 30 years the herd never contracted bovine TB. Did he know something that today's farmers don't? Or are they just looking for a scapegoat? Barry Smith, Carbis Bay, St Ives (letter)

Argus 22.6.04 Letter: Animal abusers need their heads examined - Individuals who are found guilty of crimes against animals, in particular badgers, our most protected mammal, should have psychological reports filed on them. People who sneak out in the middle of the night to indulge in an orgy of killing need medical help. When young, Jeffrey Dahmer, born in 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, impaled the heads of animals he killed on stakes in his yard. -David Hammond, Hassocks (letter)

Western Morning News 22.6.04 Russian roulette REGARDING your story on medical trials (June 7), the spokesman for Richmond Pharmacology stated that there is nothing to worry about healthwise because the drugs being tested are at a development stage where they pose no risk. Presumably, these drugs have just been tested for safety and efficiency on animals… Richmond will be well aware that the results from animal tests cannot be safety extrapolated to humans… Len Short, Torquay (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.6.04 ECO DEMO SCUPPERED BY POLICE - Twelve Greenpeace campaigners were last night arrested by police following a protest onboard a giant cargo ship carrying genetically modified animal feed. Earlier in the evening a helicopter dropped eight officers from South Wales Police onto the vessel, which was heading for Royal Portbury Dock near Bristol… Greenpeace spokesman Ben Stewart said the protest had been a success… Campaigner Ben Ayliffe said: "We stopped this ship because each year the UK imports about half a million tonnes of GM crops because Sainsbury's are selling milk from cows fed on GM…." (story)


Telegraph 21.6.04 Notebook By W F Deedes ... Peter Hain, Leader of the Commons, promises Labour supporters good news about foxhunting, which I suppose means the Government intends to make one final attempt to outlaw the sport before the election.... I have been looking through the figures in mixed urban and rural seats that Labour has won in the past two elections by securing the votes of Middle England. I reckon about 15 of these seats will hang in the balance next time round. Foxhunting alone won't turn them round, but, coupled with other grievances, it might... (story)
Times 19.6.04 Frivolous pursuit - Labour should not waste energy chasing a ban on hunting - Labour appears determined to press ahead with a ban on foxhunting before the general election... At times of low morale among Labour activists, the idea of a hunt ban has tended to resurface. Now, as Labour confronts the consequences of last week’s dismal election results, in large part due to the disaffection of traditional supporters over Iraq, MPs are looking to the prospect of a ban again.... If the case for banning hunting with hounds has not been made to the Prime Minister’s satisfaction in the past seven years, there is no sudden real reason for change.... Liberties should not be curtailed without the strongest and clearest arguments for their suppression. One need not be a supporter of hunting to oppose a ban, just as one need not smoke, or even approve of the habit, to be prepared to defend others’ right to do so. Even those unfamiliar with the scent of a fox (or a cigarette) can smell this political rat (story)
Times 19.6.04 Bill to ban fox hunting waits for last gasp BY DAVID CHARTER, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - THE Bill to ban foxhunting in England and Wales is set to be delayed until the last minute by ministers to avoid a battle with the House of Lords over other legislation.... Party managers are still planning to use the Parliament Act to force the Bill on to the statute book after it has been twice rejected. But to do this, ministers must allow the Bill at least 30 days for consideration by the Lords before the end of the session, expected in early November.... The Hunting Bill could therefore be announced next month as the Commons prepares for its summer break, with its Second Reading rushed through in September....(story)
Downing St website 18.6.04 FOX HUNTING - Asked about the comments on fox hunting made by the Leader of the House in the Commons today, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that she hadn't seen them…. If a date had been determined, no doubt the Leader of the House would have announced it. (story)
Telegraph 18.6.04 Hain hints at Bill to outlaw foxhunting By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent Peter Hain, the Leader of the Commons, hinted yesterday that the Government was about to introduce legislation to ban hunting. He told anti-hunting MPs he strongly supported them and that they would be "encouraged" when they heard an announcement on the subject.... (story)
Telegraph 18.6.04 Imperial vision of the grandest Chancellor in living memory ... Dennis Skinner (Lab, Bolsover) and David Winnick (Lab, Walsall North) urged Peter Hain, the Leader of the House, to make time for a Bill to ban foxhunting. Mr Skinner said "no subject under the sun" could be better suited than a hunting ban to raising the morale of constituency Labour parties. Mr Hain said he would make an announcement "when the time is opportune"... (story)
Mirror 18.6.04 FRESH BID TO OUTLAW FOX HUNTS By Bob Roberts Deputy Political Editor - A NEW bid to ban fox hunting is to be launched this summer, Commons Leader Peter Hain signalled yesterday. He said the Government was not trying to avoid the issue, adding that there was "no question" that it should be banned.... Dennis Skinner told Mr Hain: "There is not a subject under the sun which is better to raise our morale. Get on with it."... (story)
Scotsman 17.6.04 Hain Signals Good News for Hunting Opponents By Vivienne Morgan, Political Staff, PA News - Welcome news could be forthcoming for the anti-fox hunting lobby, Commons leader Peter Hain signalled today. The hint came during angry Commons exchanges in which Labour backbenchers accused the Government of prevarication on the issue. Mr Hain would not be drawn on the timing of any announcement, but indicated it would “encourage” those demanding an outright ban on hunting with dogs.... During exchanges on future business today, Labour’s David Winnick (Walsall N) pressed Mr Hain to give a precise indication of when the Parliament Act would be used.... Mr Hain replied: “We are determined to resolve this matter. When the time is right I will make an announcement.”... (story)

Guardian 21.6.04 Only prime minister Brown can win an EU referendum - I supported Blair for two elections. But now he has become a liability - Max Hastings ... I was among the millions of non-Labour voters who welcomed the new 1997 government, because it was led by Blair... I disagreed with his party's policies only for their dreary, intolerant class-war commitment to ban foxhunting... (story)

Yorkshire Post 21.6.04 HUNT PROTESTERS RIDE THEIR HOBBY HORSE - From: Dr SE Farmer, Crook Tree Farm, Crook Tree Lane, Hatfield, Doncaster - You have recently printed a couple of letters from people who seem to have one aim in their lives, to get hunting banned. It is clear that their knowledge of hunting is almost entirely theoretical, gleaned from propaganda videos and hearsay…. Anyone who has looked beyond their prejudices soon realises that banning hunting is unnecessary and wrong…
From: John Callaghan, Top Fold, Ardsley, Barnsley. As a constituent of Barnsley, I must say how disappointed I am in my MPs. I much admire the work they do for us but do think their priorities are all wrong… we still have a lot of work to do with the on-going improvements to the health service, education, transport, lowering the crime rate… All these subjects are very important to us all, but still they find the time to sign the recent Early Day Motion for a hunting ban…. (letters)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.6.04 'DEER CULL HAD HIGH E.COLI RISK' - A deer cull in which carcasses were dragged through a field containing cattle faeces posed a serious risk of an e.coli outbreak, according to a government expert. The deer carcasses were later sold for human consumption. Professor Hugh Pennington, lecturer in medical microbiology at the Aberdeen University and a government adviser, made the claim after watching a video of the deer cull on the Glenfeshie estate in Inverness-shire…. (story)
BBC News Online 20.6.04 Hygiene concerns over culled deer - Food safety concerns have been raised about the handling of carcasses of deer shot in a major cull in the Cairngorms. Video footage from the Scottish Gamekeepers Association showed the open carcasses of animals being dragged along fields strewn with animal dung…. Professor Hugh Pennington described what happened as "completely unacceptable"… Normally deer are gralloched or disembowelled immediately after slaughter but such was the scale of the operation some of the animals were flown to lower ground where the guts were removed up to two hours after death… Peter Fraser, of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, said "every rule in the book" had been broken. He said: "They had no respect for the deer themselves, and when it came to food hygiene, that was all forgotten about."… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 21.6.04 We can learn from sheep From Joan Court, Sturton Street, Cambridge - IT IS SAD to read that sheep recognise their friends and know how human beings and other sheep are feeling. We continue to be sentimental when we see sheep and lambs in the fields and deny our ultimate betrayal of their trust when they are herded into trucks, separated from their friends and families, bewildered and afraid… (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.6.04 TOO MUCH FISH HARMS HEALTH - Atkins isn't the only dietary hobby horse being pushed down our throats. We are also being urged to eat more oily fish. All fish, but particularly oily fish, contain traces of some of the most deadly chemicals known - mercury, PCBs and dioxin… Tony Wardle Associate Director Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation Bristol (letter)

Bath Chronicle 21.6.04 WOMAN FIGHTS TRADE IN SLAUGHTER WITH TUSK GIFT BY SAMANTHA WALKER-SOWDEN - A Bath woman is hoping that her donation of an elephant's tusk to an animal conservation charity will help bring an end to the ivory trade. Clare Murray, from Bathwick, donated a seven-and-a-half kilo tusk to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) after hearing about its ivory amnesty…. (story)


Western Morning News 19.6.04 Killing for fun? ... When I went to lock up my ducks for the evening on June 3 I found that a fox had paid a surprise visit and was met by the sight of ten dead and dying ducks. On reading Trevor Beer's report that foxes do not kill for fun I can only assume that faced with the odds of ten to one he panicked and only killed in self defence.... David W Ruby, Trematon, Saltash (letter)
Western Morning News 15.6.04 Expose fox myth WHERE does Trevor Beer gets his information from about foxes not "killing for fun" (WMN June 5)? I kept ducks and geese and found them in the field with their heads bitten off…. I can assure Mr Beer that foxes do "kill for fun". N Gregory, South Molton (letter)
Western Morning News 18.5.04 Foxes are proven killers - I MUST take Trevor Beer to task over his remarks when he says "foxes do not kill for fun". When I had poultry although they were wired in, on several occasions the fox dug underneath, killed 16 and took precisely one bird… Whether you support hunting or not it is time everyone who does not live, work and earn a living in the country stopped sentimentalising over something which can be classed as "something useful to the farmers". Judy Chard, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 18.5.04 Talking to foxes? IN his feature (WMN, May 1) Trevor Beer commented on a book called Lessons on Country Life, which was written about 100 years ago; and he writes "and by the way foxes do not kill for fun, as is sometimes said of them"… Entering the gate at 7.30am I found 23 white Wyandotte hens strewn about. Reynard, spotting me, made off…. Derrick V Rugg, Ottery St Mary (letter)

Scotsman 19.6.04 Good hare days - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - We are overrun with hares. Overrun may be an exaggeration, but for a species that has been in decline since the Second World War and is one of the few animals not on a protected list of some sort or other, it seems to be doing exceptionally well.... (story)

Western Morning News 19.6.04 SAD TO SEE POOR OLD TESSA - Seeing the photo of Tessa the captive tiger, (WMN, May 27), I can well believe that there are fears about chronic arthritis... Animals don't or shouldn't exist for our entertainment nor to make a living for humans out of their suffering - though I suppose there will always be some who will prefer it to working. Louise Piddington Plymouth (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.6.04 PIGS IN PLIGHT - Vegetarians have mixed feelings about the story of the Tamworth Two and the news that a sculpture in their honour may be erected in Malmesbury... The best tribute we could pay to those plucky pigs would be to shut down abattoirs - and the best way to achieve that is to go vegetarian. Alistair Currie, Campaigns Office, Viva! (letter)


Western Morning News 18.6.04 COUNTRY SPORTS CHURCH IS GROWING - Supporters of field sports who have set up their own church in an attempt to head off a ban on hunting, have predicted that their organisation will have about 100,000 members by the end of next month. The Free Church of Country Sports was launched earlier this year and now has its own website, which has helped generate support from throughout the country…. The Free Church of Country Sports' website, www.saint-hubert.org, takes its name from the patron saint of hunting… (story)
Western Morning News 4.6.04 COUNTRY SPORTS CHURCH WELL SUPPORTED - A group of field sports enthusiasts, who have set up their own church, have been inundated with messages of support and inquiries about joining. The founders of the Free Church of Country Sports said that the level of support they were receiving undermined the argument from some of their opponents that they were purely a pro-hunting campaign group…. The group has contacted the Charity Commission to find out if it would be eligible for charitable status. The plan has been condemned by the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 30.5.04 I am deeply flattered that that you credited me as a "founding father" of the Church of the Countryside (News, May 23), but I am not in any way associated with it. Doug Ross, Shieldhill, Stirlingshire (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.5.04 HUNTING IS NOTHING TO DO WITH CULTURE OR RELIGION - England has a proud history of eccentricity, which the Echo never fails to highlight daily. I was at first amused to read about the Shillingford Free Church of Country Sports, Echo, May 25, - quite an original stunt for the pro-hunting lobby…. Hunting is nothing to do with culture - the majority of English and Welsh people (Scots and Northern Irish, too) do not hunt and to suggest that legislation on hunting interferes with our fundamental rights is laughable…. Catherine Dawson, Church Terrace, Exeter (letter)
Tavistock Times 27.5.04 Hunting is ?part of our religion? by Alison Stephenson - SUPPORTERS of countryside pursuits are setting up their own church in a bid to ?preserve a way of life? and stop a ban on hunting with dogs. Plans for a Free Church of Country Sports are being embraced around the world, according to one of the men behind it, Vic Gardner of Tavistock, who claims he has had almost 100% support since the idea was mooted…. Mr Gardner, who is the publisher of the Countryman?s Weekly, says the church, which was first talked about 18 months ago, was not being set up for the sole reason of preserving hunting…. Prebendary John Rawlings, the vicar of Tavistock, said people must do what is right according to their own conscience: ?These people obviously feel very strongly about their life in the countryside and one of the great things about this country is that we are still free to voice our opinion… (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 24.5.04 'FREE CHURCH' PLAN BY HUNTERS FIGHTING BAN - Hunting enthusiasts are setting up their own church to scupper Government efforts to ban hunting with dogs. The founders of the Free Church of Country Sports hope that by claiming foxhunting is part of their religion, their sport will be granted protection under human rights legislation, as any efforts to ban it would constitute an infringement of their religious rights…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 23.5.04 Hunt enthusiasts call faithful to Free Church of Country Sports By Daniel Foggo - A group of hunting enthusiasts is setting up its own "church" in an attempt to stop the Government from banning their favourite field sport. The founders of the Free Church of Country Sports, whose supporters include a barrister, a publisher and several businessmen, claim that fox hunting is part of their religion and that legislation to ban it would be an infringement of their rights as a religious minority... The "founding fathers" of the Free Church of Country Sports - Rod Brammer, Vic Gardner, John Milne and Doug Ross - are now preparing a recruitment drive designed to swell their congregation from several dozen to at least 7,000. The aim is to gain official recognition as a new religion... Simon Hart, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, expressed surprise at the decision to set up a new church, but said tactfully: "Hunting is as important to a large number of people as religion is to others." (story)

Kent/East Sussex/East Grinstead Courier 18.6.04 PACKS WORK TOGETHER TO PROVIDE DISPLAY - The Call of the hunting horn rang out around the main ring at the South of England show when foxhound packs from across the south east gathered to put on a display on Friday. The East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunt joined with the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent pack for the display of countryside calls, riding skills and hound handling. The pair of packs were united with the Ashford Valley pack and the Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray hunt to give visitors to the Ardingly showground a taster of the speed and skills of hunting.... (story)
Kent/East Sussex/East Grinstead Courier 18.6.04 SMALL WILDLIFE DRAWS THE CROWDS - The Princess Royal took time out of her busy schedule on Thursday to look at the animals from show newcomers, the British Wildlife Centre from Newchapel.... For manager and ex-cattle show exhibitor David Mills it was not his first encounter with the Princess. Mr Mills, a former farmer, last showed his Jersey cattle at the show 10 years ago and had done for "many years"... "The biggest killer of British wildlife is the car and the second is the domestic cat. Shooting and hunting are not the greatest killers of wildlife."... (story)
Mid Sussex Times 14.6.04 SHOW SUCCESS - The best of British at the South of England Show - Almost 80,000 people poured through the gates for this year's headline grabbing South of England Show -a three day bonanza featuring Royalty, a sprinkling of celebrities and a world floral first. HRH The Princess Royal, President of the South of England Agricultural Society, launched the show in style on the first day… The following day, visitors were taken by surprise when another high profile guest was spotted on the Ardingly showground - this time Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles who attended the Hound Show at the invitation of MP Nicholas Soames, President of the Hound Show…. (story)
Kent/Sussex Courier 4.6.04 FARMING'S FINEST SET TO GO ON SHOW - Countryfolk across East Sussex are preparing themselves for this year's South of England Show. The three-day event, which is deemed the highlight of the countryside calendar, is taking place at the South of England Showground in Ardingly from Thursday…. The hound show will take place on the first two-days of the agricultural extravaganza with foxhounds competing on Thursday and beagles and bitches being judged throughout the day on the Friday…. (story)
East Grinstead Courier 4.6.04 ROYAL VISITOR TO OPEN TOP SHOW - A Visit by Princess Anne on the first day of the South of England show will get this year's event off to a royal start… Promoting their new venture The Game Cookbook on June 10 and 11 will be Johnny Scott and Clarissa Dickson Wright. The "countryside champions" have compiled the book which combines Johnny's fondness for fishing and shooting and Clarissa's passion for prodigious dishes…. (story)

Keighley News 18.6.04 Ann Cryer is reported to have stated that she is `ashamed of those of her constituents who voted BNP'… Election of a British Nationalist Party member does not constitute a hate campaign. It is a call from the public for politicians to start applying common sense at least to the extent of acknowledging simple truth instead of burying their collective head in the sand… I would finally like to acknowledge that Anne Cryer is the only MP who can clearly be seen to have attempted to improve the state of our society by eliciting and acting on the truth. I have, like others, admired her fortitude and tenacity. Unfortunately, I disagree utterly with her stand against hunting and will not be able to give her my vote in the future for this reason alone. J B SUNDERLAND, Braithwaite Road, Keighley. (letter in archive)

Highland News 18.6.04 Oh deer, what can the matter be? - I AM not an animal rights campaigner, but some things really get my goat. Culling hedgehogs on the Western Isles for instance. Then last week, I read with genuine horror the Scottish Executive report on the butchering of deer on a Highland estate by, of all people, the Deer Commission of Scotland. Nicknamed the Glenfeshie massacre by local gamekeepers, almost 500 of these magnificent beasts were pursued by helicopter and left to suffer on the hillside after being shot and wounded…. The Scottish Executive has been fast off the mark when it comes to hunting - despite the job losses that such a ban will bring. But it appears indifferent to the bloody slaughter of magnificent animals for something as trivial as a stand of trees. Will someone explain? (story)

Western Daily Press 18.6.04 FOXES BRED TO BE HUNTED - I have witnessed cub-hunting on many hunts and more often than not on cubs bred in artificial earths, to train inexperienced young dogs in the process of killing foxes… I ask James Barrington, if the red fox is really a pest, why do the hunts encourage and breed foxes? M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.6.04 A MIDDLE WAY CAN BE FOUND - Peter Bunce's letter (June 2) in response to mine shows the high degree of naivety and blinkered thinking so often evident in the simplistic anti-hunting argument…. James Barrington All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.6.04 HOUNDED TO A BLOODY DEATH - James Barrington of the so-called "Middle Way Group" tries to defend hunting with dogs by saying the hunted animal is "either killed or it escapes unwounded". In effect, he is arguing that the unnecessary suffering caused by chasing the hunted animal for hours doesn't matter because it is dead in the end…. This is hunting: four-and-a- quarter hours spent needlessly hounding and tormenting an animal, just one of many examples from hunting publications. If Mr Barrington can endorse this behaviour then his group needs no other label than "hunt supporters". Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.6.04 TIME TO TAKE A MIDDLE WAY - Peter Bunce's letter in response to mine shows the high degree of naivety and blinkered thinking so often evident in the simplistic anti-hunting argument. As a former executive director of the League Against Cruel Sports I know that the hunting issue is anything but simple…. Mr Bunce is wrong to say that there is no reason for a middle way, just as he is wrong to see shooting as all good and hunting as all bad…. The only thing simple about this debate is the choice between banning hunting or genuinely improving animal welfare. James Barrington All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.6.04 MIDDLE WAY IN A MUDDLE - As I understand it, the middle way group on hunting wants to set up a statutory authority to control hunting of all kinds with codes of practice. This group must, as its name infers, be a middle-ofthe-road group which supports policies that appeal to the average person… I ask James Darrington to please explain to the average middle-way person how this will apply to the season of cub hunting from August to November… M J Haines Northhome Road Cirencester (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.5.04 MIDDLE WAY ON HUNTING I am dismayed at James Barrington's letter, which attempts to justify the Middle Way Group's stance on fox hunting. This is a group of people who are so afraid of the fox hunting fraternity (with good reason) that they wish to appease them by offering a way out for their vile and perverted practices to continue… Hunters may be a powerful bunch, with access to highly placed lawyers and perhaps, as some suggest, even judges, but we must stand up to them. R Davies Bruton Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.5.04 'MIDDLE WAY' A REAL OPTION - M J Haines is factually incorrect on a number of points regarding hunting with dogs. The Burns Report was commissioned to inquire into a range of matters including animal welfare and, crucially, the consequences of a ban on hunting. Though it found that hunting "compromises the welfare" of the quarry, it stated that none of the legal methods is without difficulty from an animal welfare perspective…. The Middle Way Group then did what the Government should have done and commissioned a study into the welfare aspects of shooting foxes. This research shows that the wounding rates are much higher than previously claimed…. For those people who genuinely wish to reduce the suffering of wild mammals, as opposed to simply wanting hunting with dogs to be banned, I urge them to compare the wide-ranging Middle Way Group proposals to a limited and flawed hunting bill. James Barrington on behalf of the All Party Middle Way Group House of Commons London (letter)

Oxford Mail 18.6.04 So secure - Despite the underhand tactics from those opposed to hunting, the Advertising Standards Agency has accepted that a poll commissioned by the Countryside Alliance in December 2002, does not support the Alliance's claim that there is no majority of public opinion for a total ban on hunting… Fred Towns, Spare Acre lane, Eynsham (letter in archive)

Somerset Standard 18.6.04 SATISFIED BY DISPUTE OF HUNT CLAIM - November last year, I wrote to the Somerset Standard to air my views about the claims being made by the Countryside Alliance, concerning the percentage of the public that actually support hunting... So I feel immense satisfaction after hearing the news that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), an independent regulatory body, last week upheld a complaint made by the League Against Cruel Sports against the Countryside Alliance's advertising claim that 59 per cent of the public say keep hunting... CLLR ALVIN HORSFALL (Lib Dem, Park West), Paul Street, Frome (letter)

Lynn News 18.6.04 BUSTER THE CAT SHOT: ROYAL ESTATE UNDER FIRE - SANDRINGHAM'S Royal Estate has AGAIN come under fire for shooting too close to residential homes after a pet cat was "deliberately" blasted at close range. Four-year-old Buster was found lying under a bush at the bottom of his garden in Great Bircham with life-threatening injuries…. "The vet was quite certain it was a 12-bore shotgun. He said there was no doubt it had been done deliberately. He also said that Buster was very lucky to survive…." Queen's agent Marcus O'Lone said the estate had been encouraged to shoot in the area by a number of Bircham residents because it was overrun with rats and rabbits. But he said: "We will, in the future, avoid shooting in the immediate vicinity of the area concerned."… (story)

Western Mail 18.6.04 Researcher fishing for information - Jenny Rees, The Western Mail A WELSH university researcher is appealing to anglers to help put the record straight regarding sea angling's contribution to the economy... A tentative estimate by the National Assembly for Wales has suggested that the industry in Wales could be worth as much as £28m. Liz Richardson, a student at the University of Wales Bangor's School of Ocean Sciences, is collecting information on the contribution made be sea angling to the economy in Wales.... (story)

Bridgwater Mercury 18.6.04 Anglers told to clean up their act - THE RSPCA is calling on Bridgwater's anglers to clean up their act after a rising number of animals died needlessly because of fishing litter…. (story may be in archive)

Shepton Mallett Journal 18.6.04 AGAINST ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - Further to your support of World Animal Lab Day, Mendip's residents have helped raise £99.02 in the fight for the 100 million animals which suffer and die in experiments every year in the world's laboratories.... Jan Creamer Chief Executive National Anti-Vivisection Society Goldhawk Road London (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 15.6.04 Help to fight animal tests - BURNLEY residents raised £51.12 on World Animal Lab Day to help the fight for the 100 million animals which suffer and die in experiments every year… their efforts will be paramount in helping us to fight against the continued archaic and brutal research that involves animals being burned, blinded, mutilated, poisoned and starved in tests which are unreliable, unethical and unnecessary. JAN CREAMER, Chief Executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society. (letter in archive)

Somerset Standard 18.6.04 FOX POPULATION IN NEED OF HELP - NATIONAL FOX WELFARE SOCIETY, 135 Higham Road, Rushden, NN10 6DS (letter)
Somerset Guardian 17.6.04 FOX POPULATION IN NEED OF HELP - The west Country is rightly proud of its urban foxes. But this year some foxes are in trouble and need help. Some of the fox population is suffering from sarcoptic mange... foxes can be treated for this condition with medication provided free by the National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS)... NATIONAL FOX WELFARE SOCIETY, 135 Higham Road, Rushden, NN10 6DS (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 18.6.04 Revealed: ugly side of factory farming - A SECRET investigation into factory farming has revealed thousands of chickens prepared for slaughter are sharing overcrowded pens with dead birds. Animal rights activists VIVA twice infiltrated a chicken farm that serves the Faccenda processing plant at Sutton Benger in May. Now shocking photographs secretly taken of dead and dying chickens sharing overcrowded pens with up to 300,000 birds at a time have been released… Justin Kerswell, VIVA campaigner, said: "Chickens are probably the most abused animal on the planet…." (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 18.6.04 SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS IS SO CRUEL - I am writing to implore people to think twice about buying leather goods. Maybe they are unaware of the suffering that cows and other animals go through just so that we humans can be "comfortable"… If you need information on this or other animal cruelty, contact PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)… Heather Johnson, Leicester (letter)

Craven Herald 18.6.04 Jean Dixon (Craven Herald June 11) challenges the Zoo Action Group to answer several pertinent questions concerning the proposed new zoo… First, close down Southport Zoo. Secondly, re-home all the animals at better zoos, safari parks, sanctuaries etc and finally, never allow the owners to run another zoo again… We are against Southport Zoo relocating because of the owners appalling previous track record of animal mismanagement… Mr R Hartley, Zoo Action Group (letter in archive)
Craven Herald 11.6.04 Regarding Mr Hartley's letter `The Worst Zoo' (Craven Herald, May 28), he says much about what the inspectors found wrong at Southport, but does not say if these faults were rectified. Nor does he have any suggestions on how to improve conditions for these animals…. Jean Dixon, Three Peaks, Ingleton. (letter)
Craven Herald 7.5.04 SIR - I write in support of Lynda Shepherd's excellent letter in regard to the Petries opening a zoo at Settle Falconry Centre… I must also refute the claim by Rod Hartley (no relation) that there is no education or conservation going on at Southport… David James Hartley, Greenbank, Earby.
The new site for the zoo up at the Falconry Centre may sound idyllic - in the height of summer. But what about in the depths of winter with snow on the ground, a biting east wind and a daytime temperature of minus five?... Jason Hughes, Brougham Street, Skipton.
I am sorry to continue the zoo saga but I cannot help feel that the protestor Mr Hartley (letters April 16) does not have the best interests of the animals at heart…. It made me wonder what he envisages for the captive animals at Southport. Is it the status quo for them also or an early exit to the great zoo in the sky?... Jean Dixon, Ingleton. (letters in archive)


Nottingham Evening Post 17.6.04 HOPE OF U-TURN ON GUN BAN LAW BY DAVID BYERS - The likelihood of the Government backing the Evening Post's call to ban fake guns is growing, according to a Notts MP. Vernon Coaker's comments came after he met Home Office Minister Caroline Flint who, he said, was changing her tune on the issue…. (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 17.6.04 Deer cull - Commission cleared of wrongdoing - THE Scottish Executive has cleared the Deer Commission for Scotland of major wrongdoing after allegations of misconduct during out-of-season culling on Glenfeshie Estate. However, concerns have been raised over breaches of best practice during the last days of the cull, and calls have been made for wider adherence to guidelines.... But the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has said that they had presented evidence of misconduct to the executive. Chairman Alex Hogg said: "In absolving the commission of the most serious charges against them we believe the executive has failed to have proper regard to the evidence and has made a serious mistake."... (story)
Glasgow Herald 11.6.04 Commission ‘acted legally’ on Highland deer cull - ROB CRILLY and DAVID ROSS - AN inquiry into the Glenfeshie deer cull has concluded that marksmen acted legally in killing hundreds of animals on the Cairngorms estate earlier this year. However, in publishing the report, Ross Finnie, environment minister, warned the Deer Commission for Scotland that more should have been done to protect animal welfare and food safety… scores of gamekeepers from sporting estates across Scotland protested against the "massacre"… They reacted with fury yesterday to the executive's report. Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, said: "In absolving the DCS of the most serious charges against them, we believe the executive has failed to have a proper regard to the evidence and has made a serious mistake."… (story)

Western Morning News 17.6.04 TB IN DEER GETTING WORSE, SAYS TOP VET - The bovine TB epidemic has spread to wild deer in record numbers, a new report warned yesterday - raising fears about the future of the region's wild red deer herds. Figures released in the annual report of the Government's Chief Veterinary Officer yesterday showed that the devastating cattle disease, which is also present in the badger population, is spreading to a range of other species, including virtually all species of deer…. Chief vet Debby Reynolds said that tackling bovine TB would be a key task of the Government's new animal health and welfare strategy, due to be published next week (story)

Western Daily Press 17.6.04 HUMAN PLEASURE FROM THE DOLPHINS' MISERY - Dolphins are much in fashion, the stars in a consumer society that demands instant experiences and happiness. Many people claim to love them but are unaware of the abuse that takes place so they can look at or swim with these beautiful creatures… Dolphin shows distort the very essence of what a dolphin should be, wild and free, one of the top predators in the ocean… To raise money for the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, take part in this years Walk For Whales & Dolphins on June 20…. Mrs M Harrison Toothill Swindon Wiltshire (letter)

Western Gazette 17.6.04 NO ANIMAL CRUELTY INVOLVED HERE - I Feel I must reply to Sheila Clayton's letter of 3 June titled "Beware of life-like animal toys", if only in defence of our "high-class gift shop". We have one of these border collie dogs, bought at this shop… I Feel I must reply to Sheila Clayton's letter of 3 June titled "Beware of life-like animal toys", if only in defence of our "high-class gift shop". We have one of these border collie dogs, bought at this shop… We are active members of the West Dorset RSPCA and the Mere and Gillingham Cats Protection League and, in no way, would we entertain anything in our home that originated as the result of animal cruelty… Mrs P. Annett, The Sheeplands, Sherborne (letter)


Scotsman 16.6.04 A self-cocking crossbow being advertised for £30? I smell a rat - FORDYCE MAXWELL - BOYS will be boys, won’t they? That’s why they might be tempted to order "probably the cheapest Crosman rifles in the UK" from a new website advertising boys’ toys and sporting goods…. The advert was in a magazine called The Countryman’s Weekly which appears, regularly and unsolicited, in our office. The Countryman, Country Living, Country Life, even The Scottish Farmer or Scottish Country Life it is not, although various sections of the readership of those magazines would identify with parts of it. That would probably include its pro-hunting stance and virulent editorial dislike of the present government. But its main readership must be those who like killing birds or animals in various ways and want the equipment with which to do it… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 16.6.04 LABOURED DEBATE ON FOX HUNTS As a Labour supporter, the results of the elections across the country are no suprise. I feel disappointed that despite all the warnings, my local MP seemed to ignore the issues of Iraq, immigration and local crime and spend all her time signing Early Day Motions on such a trivial issue as hunting with dogs and then trying to justify her position in the press… The hunting issue is minor, the country and local community want action on issues that really matter…. G. Morris, Holts Lane, Tutbury. (letter)

Shropshire Star 16.6.04 Fox hunt followers story just a fantasy - What was E Waddington in his Shropshire Star letter attempting to do - change the hunt's sadistic cruelty to one of sweet innocence? He states that followers of the hunt take part to make numbers up, and "don't see anything"… How can anyone condone this so called "sport"?... V Duncalfe, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 15.6.04 Fox causes havoc and death in county - Reading V. Duncalfe's letter of June 2, 2004, this person refers to digging out of fox cubs, which reminded me of the years I spent in the hills of Wales looking after breeding sheep, where the lambing season lasted until nearly June. If vixens started to kill and carry away young lambs to feed her cubs, the experts would be quickly called in, with their terrier dogs to deal with the culprits…. As a farmer from this area said to me lately: ban or no ban we will keep on killing marauding foxes… Of course the "anties" do not want to mention about any of the havoc the fox causes in the countryside. G Morris, Newport (letter)
Shropshire Star 11.6.04 Hounds do have very short lives - My accusation that Peter Presland's letter contained real panic is obvious to everyone except B Lewis and all hunt supporters. How many realise those young happy hounds have a very short life?... Panic was clearly perceptible in Peter Presland's letter and I make no apology for ruffling feathers. V Duncalfe, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 11.6.04 Spend the day with hunt saboteurs B Lewis is yet another bloodsport enthusiast who wants to encourage people to go hunting so they can decide for themselves if it is cruel or not…. The red coats are the truly evil ones and to see what these awful people do I would suggest that a day be spent with the hunt saboteurs. E Waddington, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 7.6.04 No panic, hunt views informed - Your correspondent V Duncalfe (June 2) accuses Peter Presland of panicking about the continuance of hunting. I found Mr Presland's letter to be moderate, sensible and well-informed, in contrast to the rantings, from your anti-hunting writer… B Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 2.6.04 Supporter of hunt in real panic - Peter Preslands' letter, Star, May 21, reveals panic in every sentence as he desperately tries to convince us (with ridiculous comparisons) that the continuance of hunting is a "must"…. We anti-hunters have been greatly encouraged with so much support for a complete ban from all political parties, and are ecstatic that 220 Labour MPs have made their contribution…. V. Duncalfe, Telford (letter)

Shropshire Star 16.6.04 Hunt ban is not so important - Various MPs including David Wright, who represents Telford, have signed a motion calling on the Government to ban hunting. Has he forgotten that he and the other 220 MPs are privileged to sit in Parliament to represent their constituents wishes, not to air their own personal views?... Judy Allman, Cheshire (letter)

News Shopper 16.6.04 Time to bring in hunting ban - I AM writing in regards to banning the hunting of animals with dogs. The Advertising Standards Authority recently found the Countryside Alliance had misled people with posters claiming 59 per cent of people opposed a ban…. R Roach Address supplied (letter)

Guardian 16.6.04 Animal rights attacks audited - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The Royal Society has launched an investigation into the cost of protecting British researchers from illegal action by animal rights extremists.... But Wendy Higgins, the campaigns director at the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: "It is part and parcel of what appears to be a deliberate campaign by the pro-vivisection lobby to exploit the issue of animal rights extremism in order to gain public and political sympathy."... (story)
Independent 16.6.04 Inquiry to assess cost of animal rights 'terrorism' investigated By Terri Judd - The Royal Society, the national academy of science, has announced new research into how much animal rights "terrorism" is costing universities. The body has written to 120 research units around Britain to try to assess the financial implications of protecting themselves against extremists... (story)


Horse & Hound 15.6.04 New kennels for Cottesmore - The Cottesmore hunt is to build new stables and kennels on the outskirts of the village of Ashwell, Rutland, its traditional home. Unanimous planning approval has been granted. But the hunt first had to reassure local residents and the parish council over fears about noise and smell, traffic congestion and possible drainage problems from the new site…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.9.03 Hunt move causes controversy - Residents living near a disused farm in Rutland say they have been kept in the dark about a plan to move the Cottesmore Hunt into the buildings. People in Ashwell say they are concerned proposals for the kennels may be too far advanced, after the county council initially failed to consult them… (story)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 28.8.03 FEARS OVER HUNT MOVE - A HUNT'S plans to move closer to a pretty Rutland village has sparked concerns. The Cottesmore Hunt wants to relocate its kennels and stables to Eastfield Farm, Ashwell, from its current base between the village and Oakham. Villagers fear noise and smells from the kennels will impact on their peaceful lives…. (story)

Western Mail 15.6.04 Hunting ban 'to cost £155m' - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - PRO-HUNT campaigners claim the Government's proposed hunting ban would cost the taxpayer at least £155m in compensation and the farming industry extra costs of £25m a year… (story)
Western Morning News 9.6.04 HUNTING BAN COULD COST TAXPAYERS £150M - Ministers faced renewed calls to scrap plans for a hunting ban yesterday after it emerged that a ban could cost taxpayers more than £150 million…. The research was based on a study of likely losses among businesses connected to the Warwickshire Hunt…. (story)
Telegraph 8.6.04 Hunting ban 'will cost us £155m' By Andrew Clennell - The Government's proposed hunting ban would cost the taxpayer at least £155 million in compensation, the Countryside Alliance says…. The cost analysis for the alliance was produced by an accountant, William Patterson, from Lampeter, west Wales. It was based on losses that the Warwickshire Hunt might suffer from a ban. Those figures were used to create a national snapshot…. (story)
Times 8.6.04 Hunt ban may cost £155m compensation BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - A BAN on hunting with dogs in England and Wales would cost the Government at least £155 million, according to an analysis commissioned by the Countryside Alliance. The total could be many millions more, however, if ancillary claims from businesses such as livery stables were eligible for payments… (story)
Horse & Hound 8.6.04 Hunting ban could cost government millions - Isobel Walsh - Banning hunting with dogs could cost taxpayers up to £155million in compensation and £25million in ongoing annual costs, according to a report commissioned by the Countryside Alliance (CA)… The report takes as its model the Warwickshire Hunt, and looks at the loss to the hunt itself in terms of loss of profit, redundancy and hound cull. It uses the Fur Farming Compensation Scheme as the basis for its figures, working out the impact during an average fourteen-week hunting season. These figures were then used to generate an overall national picture… (story)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 HUNTERS' CLAIMS ARE BELIED BY EVIDENCE - "BUFFALO are the most dangerous animal. I chased one over 25 miles for two days and it had nine bullets in it." Thus spake Countryside Alliance member Sir Edward Dashwood, who until recently was selling tourists the chance to shoot endangered species…. Hunters have stated that terrier-work accounts for up to 40 per cent of foxes killed. Welsh terrier-men digging down to a fox screaming in fear were shown on film in March…. Monitors have seen too many such things. A friend of mine saw a fox die cornered in maize with a huntsman barking "Get at 'im" over and over to the pack…. R Dalziel, Tavistock (letter)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 TORIES ARE AMONG KEENEST 'GREENS' - Your correspondent Adrian Cooper is greatly mistaken if he believes that Conservative opposition to a hunting ban is in any way incompatible with people's dedicated efforts to protect and save wildlife… I would confidently expect that as many Tories support a ban on live horse exports for slaughter as members of any other party, so I see no point in dragging that red herring across the debate…. J Ward-Hayne, Modbury, Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 29.5.04 Vote against cruelty - A MAJORITY of MEPs recently voted in favour of long journeys for farm animals to continue. The new EU Chemicals Directive may result in millions of animals being used in cruel, outdated and unnecessary tests. Now Labour has failed to defend its right to retain its ban on the export of horses…. Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel (letter)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 EU an easy target - IT beggars belief that in bemoaning a proposed ban on hunting, a Right to Roam Act, speed cameras, increasing fuel costs, house price rises and salary discrepancies your correspondent Dr Wade should urge people to "fight these European idiocies" (WMN, May 19)…. John Angarrack, Bodmin (letter)

The Sentinel 15.6.04 HUNTING BAN MAY BE FINAL STRAW Sir, - Various MPs, including Joan Walley, David Kidney, George Stevenson and Paul Farrelly, have signed a motion calling on the Government to ban hunting. Have they forgotten that they are privileged to sit in Parliament to represent their constituents' wishes, not to air their own prejudiced, personal and ill-informed views?... JUDY ALLMAN Madeley Heath (letter)

Yorkshire Post 15.6.04 Hunting claim puts people on wrong scent - From: William B Thompson, Park House Green, Harrogate. I HAVE seen signs around the county claiming that 59 per cent of the population supports, or is in favour of hunting. This claim has now been firmly placed in the "untrue" category… (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.6.04 Distortion was misleading - Mr Roy Jones confirms my observation that he has "a bee in his bonnet."… I do not apologise for my support of Banks's Brewery, nor do I regret campaigning to retain 500 jobs held in Heinz UK factories. My long-term parliamentary support for a ban on hunting with dogs is well known. Dennis Turner MP, Wolverhampton South East. (letter)

Rochdale Observer 15.6.04 New blow puts RSPCA opening further back - UNEXPECTED costs estimated at £15,000 have set back the opening of the RSPCA’S new animal centre yet again…. Grant applications were made to the national and regional bodies of the RSPCA, but to demonstrate local commitment to the project, the branch – through the backing of local people – had to raise £50,000 in two months… (story)

Milton Keynes Citizen 15.6.04 RSPCA admits centre 'is not good enough' - The RSPCA has admitted its major new control centre has problems handling emergency calls after a woman tried in vain for two and a half hours to summon help for a desperately ill dog… An RSPCA spokeswoman admitted there had been "teething troubles" ever since the charity closed down its ten regional call centres in February and transferred to a National Control Centre in Doncaster…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.6.04 VEGGIES WON'T WASTE PLANET - Your report that some people who describe themselves as vegetarian sometimes eat meat will come as no surprise to anyone living in the real world. Nevertheless, a person who eats a kebab or a haddock steak once a month is causing a lot less animal suffering, a lot less damage to the environment and a lot less wastage of the Earth's resources than those people who eat meat on a regular basis…. Alistair Currie Campaigns Office Viva! Bristol (letter)
Scotsman 8.6.04 Half of veggie's tell porkies - NEARLY a quarter of Britons who claim to be vegetarians regularly include red meat in their diets, according to a new survey…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.6.04 VEGGIES FEAST ON NAUGHTY NIBBLES - Nearly a quarter of Britons who claim to be vegetarian regularly include red meat in their diet, a survey revealed yesterday. One in five self-styled vegetarians also admitted eating poultry, while just over half said they consumed fish, said the TNS Family Food Panel study… (story)
Evening Standard 8.6.04 A quarter of all veggies eat meat - They may claim they have forsaken flesh and fish for health or animal rights reasons - but the truth is most 'vegetarians' regularly tuck into meat. Nearly a quarter of those who claim to be vegetarian also admit to enjoying the occasional steak, while one in five likes chicken or turkey. Just over half - or 51 per cent - eat fish regularly and only 42 per cent say they do not eat any red meat, poultry or fish…. (story)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 INDIFFERENCE TO SUFFERING OF ANIMALS - Media news (April 27) of talks in Brussels on reducing travel times for live animals exported to the continent and beyond to nine hours "breaking down" because of Ireland's objection that it will affect its trade, brought the comment from Defra Minister Ben Bradshaw and the RSPCA that they are "very disappointed". This will hardly put the frighteners on the European Parliament… Miss C A Barnard, Brixham (letter)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 RISK OF A RE-RUN OF THE 2001 FOOT AND MOUTH CATASTROPHE - The 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak was supposed to have provided an unforgettable lesson… Because of the huge numbers of animals passing through livestock markets - a major factor in the rapid, widespread transmission of the disease - the government introduced special 'biosecurity' rules… Our new investigation - carried out in markets across the country over several months - shows the rules that do remain are being routinely flouted… Readers can view our report, A Dirty Business, at www.animalaid.org.uk/markets... Andrew Tyler, Director Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)

Western Morning News 15.6.04 WHAT MOTIVATES SUCH VILE CRUELTY IN THIS WORLD? - Your report of the attacks on the swans at Exeter, and other Westcountry places, made sickening reading. God knows what motivates such vile cruelty…. Hilary Vivian, Holsworthy (letter)


Guardian 14.6.04 Prince William forces press apology - Matt Wells, media correspondent - The Prince of Wales's new communications adviser has vowed to take a "more determined" line against inaccurate and damaging newspaper stories after securing an apology from the Mail on Sunday yesterday over allegations that Prince William speared a deer in cold blood. After a battle with Clarence House that has lasted since the original story appeared last August, the newspaper finally was forced to make a rare public admittance that its story - which was picked up around the world and led to a letter-writing campaign against the prince by the pop star Pink - was without foundation.... While the prince is known to enjoy foxhunting, the palace believed the story was particularly damaging.... (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.03 Ma'sai honour - I CANNOT let Archie Smith get away with his views regarding Prince William's killing of a deer in Africa (using a "savage's spear" to quote Mr Smith)… Prince Williams was privileged enough to have the honour of being taught the most important survival skill (in the eyes of the Ma'sai warrior), which will undoubtedly have broadened his view of the wonderful diversity of the human race… Ms A Clark, Chagford (letter)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 ROYALS HAVE RESPONSIBILITY TO SET EXAMPLE - I am an ardent royalist… but I have to confess that the antics of some members of the Royal family astonish me… I have watched Prince William, our future king, and I have thought that his shy, rather reserved demeanour was part of a sensitive and retiring but conscientious nature… How disappointing therefore to read that he had taken lessons in Africa from a Masai warrior and with great skill had stalked and speared to death a shy, defenceless, beautiful little deer, known as a dik-dik… William's attempt at 'macho' has shattered my dream that he was made of sterner stuff. If only he'd taken a cine-camera instead of that savage's spear... Archie Smith, Gorran Haven (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.8.03 DO WE KNOW ABOUT ROYALS? Like many of your readers, I was concerned at Prince William's continual 'sport' of killing small animals... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Nr Stroud (letter)
Northern Echo 30.8.03 PRINCE WILLIAM - J TAGUE (HAS, Aug 18) states a correspondent has confused his dislike of royalty with his 'pretend' love of animals. How do you know, Mr Tague, that this correspondent did not like to hear of the death of the little dik dik.... Am I allowing my anti-Royal feelings to influence my contribution - you bet I am. - Hugh Pender, Darlington. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 28.8.03 DEER KILLING ….What's Mr Tague saying? That the only difference between Wills and an African primitive is that the former wears a suit? - Aled Jones, Bridlington. (letter in archive)
BBC News Online 27.8.03 Pink sees red over prince's 'hunt' - Pop star Pink has fired off a letter to Prince William after hearing how he allegedly killed an antelope during a hunting trip in Kenya…. Pink, real name Alecia Moore, is an ardent supporter of the People's Campaign for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), and often speaks out on animal rights issues… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 26.8.03 WHY PRINCE WILLIAM SHOULD GET A LIFE - Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 25.8.03 From: Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington, East Yorkshire. What is Prince William thinking of, getting his kicks from killing an antelope in cold blood?... (letter)
Northern Echo 23.8.03 AFRICA - PRESENT problems in Liberia, recent events in Sierra Leone, terrorist attacks in Kenya, the killing fields of The Congo... A small list of the many problems facing Africa. Well, not according to some of your contributors (HAS, Aug 18), who think Prince William's killing of a small deer is worthy of their wrath. Was the Prince not out with Masai warriors, whose skills in hunting partly attribute to their very survival?... I fear you mixed your dislike of the Royals with your "pretend love of animals"... Jim Tague, Bishop Auckland (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 21.8.03 HE'S IN FOR THE KILL …Once again we hear of our royals having to kill a small animal. What are they trying to prove? Pamela Dean, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)
Northern Echo 18.8.03 ROYALTY - WHAT is Prince William thinking of, getting his kicks from killing an antelope in cold blood (Echo, Aug 11)? Doesn't he realise that this will give a free hand to every teenage misfit who ever fancied himself as a hunter?... Aled Jones, Bridlington.
I READ with utter contempt that Prince William bravely attacked and killed a 14-inch high dik-dik antelope with a seven inch long spear… D Harrison, Darlington (letters in archive)
Manchester Evening News 18.8.03 Cruel royals - I WAS disgusted to see that Prince William killed a poor, defenceless antelope in Kenya… The royal family are disgusting. If it is not his grandmother strangling poor birds, it’s his father on one of his jolly fox hunting rallies…. Disgusted, Miles Platting (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 14.8.03 Hunter William sets a bad example - What is Prince William thinking of, getting his kicks from killing an antelope in cold blood?... A Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (story)
Western Daily Press 13.8.03 BAMBI'S BLOOD IS ON OUR PRINCE'S HANDS Your article, Warrior Wills Spears Bambi, graphically illustrates why this country needs to rid itself of this unelected family in favour of a democratically accountable republic. This 'brave warrior' is destined to represent the country as king, yet his actions betray the very character of the British nation… K Watts Southwick Wiltshire (letter)
Mirror 13.8.03 I WAS appalled to read how brave Prince William killed a tiny dik-dik deer… This young man, our future king, is an absolute disgrace, shooting deer, hunting foxes and now this. Elaine Craddock, Ickenham, Gtr London
I WAS disgusted to read about William killing a deer in Kenya… J Hughes, Swansea (letters)
Bolton Evening News 12.8.03 Royal hunting so very wrong - AFTER more than 30 years abroad we returned to England keen to catch up with and support our Royal Family. But after reading about my future king and his hunting I am not impressed… I know the Dik Dik and it is a tiny creature and to think someone who is supposed to be civilized could hunt one just because he could is beneath contempt…. Jennie Kirkman, (ex-South Africa), Newlands Avenue, Breightmet, Bolton (letter in archive)
Mirror 11.8.03 BAD WILL HUNTING - By Nathan Yates - PRINCE William was slammed by animal rights activists last night for killing an antelope with a spear… Anti blood sports campaigner Carla Lane described the killing as appalling and depressing… A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals added: "The prince killed when killing was not necessary and his mother would not have approved."… (story)
Scotsman 11.8.03 Palace denies report of William killing antelope - SHERNA NOAH - ANIMAL welfare campaigners protested yesterday after reports that Prince William used a 7ft spear to kill a small antelope during his holiday in Kenya... Writer Carla Lane, a high profile critic of blood sports, said: "If this is right it is appalling and depressing. I had hoped that with this young man we might have had a monarch who was not cruel. Diana abstained from it all, why can’t he be the same?..." Jonathan Owen, a spokesman for the World Society for the Protection of Animals, an international charity campaigning for animal welfare, said: "We only know what we have been told about this by the press, but one’s first thought is - why would somebody feel the need to kill an animal while on holiday..." (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.8.03 Protests after William 'kills antelope with 7ft spear' - Animal welfare campaigners protested yesterday after it was reported that Prince William used a 7ft spear to kill a small antelope during his holiday in Kenya... Writer Carla Lane, a critic of blood sports, said... Jonathan Owen, spokesman for the World Society for the Protection of Animals, an international charity campaigning for animal welfare, said... (story)
Sunday Times 10.8.03 William said to have speared deer in royal hunt of the sun - BRENDAN BOURNE - PRINCE William is said to have killed a timid Bambi-like African deer with a Masai hunting spear during his recent Kenyan holiday. The prince was apparently taught the art of stalking by a Masai warrior before creeping up on a 14in-tall deer named a dik-dik and impaling it with a 7ft spear... A spokesman for People Responsible for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: “That animal had a right to live a life in peace. The prince killed when killing was not necessary. His mother would not have approved.”... (story)

Yorkshire Post 14.6.04 From: AP Kirk, Swanage Close Teesside. Once again, (like the pharmaceutical drug racket and agro chemical industries and politicians), the hunters' mouthpiece and propaganda unit, the Countryside Alliance, has been found wanting. Only this time it has been officially reprimanded by the otherwise spineless, gutless and near useless Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)… (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 14.6.04 Hungry otters tuck into TV angler’s fish - Otters have eaten fish worth thousands of pounds at the private lake owned by Norfolk's most high- profile angler. John Wilson, presenter of TV's Go Fishing, has become the latest fishery owner to suffer because of rising numbers of the protected species.... One fishery in Shropshire has been forced to close after otters destroyed the entire lake stock. Others are spending £1000 per acre in fencing around lakes to keep them out. Peter Dulloway, who runs Charity Lakes Fisheries near Mr Wilson's home, said: "...We have lost fish – that's nature. But we actually lose more to mink in the wild; they are far more destructive."... (story)
Evening News 12.6.04 Otters attack stock in TV angler’s lake - SIMON PARKIN - NORFOLK'S most famous angler has seen otters eat thousands of pounds worth of fish from his private lake. John Wilson, the highly popular presenter of TV programme Go Fishing, has become the latest fishery owner to suffer because of rising numbers of the ferocious predators… (story)

The Sentinel 14.6.04 ANIMALS SHOULD BE IN WILD - I am writing to you because I think animals should not be kept in zoos because they have children looking at them all day. It is not natural for them…. DARLENE HURKETT Aged 10 Bentilee (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 14.6.04 Seal scapegoats From Nick Richardson, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill - IF I were to suggest that we kill one million birds in this country over the next three years and for their feathers, there would be so much protest it would be unbelievable. But let the Canadians suggest killing the same amount of seal cubs and hardly anybody turns an eye… No wonder a lot of animals fear man. It's justified. (letter)


Grimsby Telegraph 12.6.04 NEW MASTER SADDLES UP AT HUNT - A New Master and Huntsman of South Wold Hunt performed his first duties at an open day at the kennels at Belchford. Hunt chairman Robert Howe introduced Nick Ashcroft, previously from Tanatside Hunt in mid-Wales, to South Wold Hunt members and supporters…. Harlequin, walked by Emily-Jane and Rebecca Arnold, was selected the overall champion by the judges - Master and Huntsman of Airedale Beagles, near Skipton, North Yorkshire, Bryan Robinson, and Huntsman with Burton Hunt, at Grange de Lings, Jim Lang (story)

Western Daily Press 12.6.04 MPS STANDING FIRM OVER BAN - I was pleased to have the information from an MP that on April 19 this year, Early Day Motion 978, concerning the banning of hunting with dogs, was signed by 257 members. This, to me, makes it very plain the hunting issue has not "gone away"... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 12.6.04 Stop all cruelty - IN response to John Van der Kiste (WMN, June 8), of course most anti-hunt people are also opposed to the live export of horses, as well as the live export of all farm animals.... It is only once hunting is banned that Britain will be in any position to criticise others. Paul Tillsley, League Against Cruel Sports Somerset (letter)
Western Morning New 8.6.04 Relics of a bygone age - SO, Douglas Batchelor (WMN, May 18) says that the vast majority of people (let alone Labour supporters) believe this Government should fulfil its promise to ban hunting with dogs. Assuming they believe this on grounds of animal cruelty alone, no doubt they also want the Government to ban the export of live horses. If we are to be totally consistent, maybe they also want a ban on ritual slaughter of animals for halal meat… John Van der Kiste, South Brent, Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 18.5.04 NO NEED TO TELL THE BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS - The Countryside Alliance must have money to burn if it is willing to commission a poll which confirms the blindingly obvious: the vast majority of Labour supporters - along with all other citizens in this country - want the Government to do something substantive to improve education and health care… Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 12.6.04 TIME THE BEARS STOPPED DANCING - Thank you for highlighting the suffering of India??s dancing bears, (Courier, May 14) also, for giving an insight into the efforts of the Animal Rescue Centre... Readers now have the opportunity to lend their voice by using pen and paper. Mary McNulty, Homestead Farm, Brenchley (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 12.6.04 THERE are proposals by the European Commission and our own government to allow the transportation of live horses ... We call on all horse lovers to write to their MP, MEP and Margaret Beckett ... Patricia and Amy Barrington, Uridge Road, Tonbridge (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 12.6.04 GAS FIRM BATTENS DOWN HATCHES Security has been tightened on the BOC gas production site in Scunthorpe, in the wake of protest threats from animal rights activitists. The 32-acre site on Warren Road - said to be one of the biggest production centres in Europe - is on a hit list drawn up by protest group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty... The Worcestershire-based Shac campaign is planning a national march and rally in Guildford on June 26 to highlight BOC's alleged involvement with experiments at a top research laboratory.. BOC... spokeswoman Helen Bray said... the company, which has other sites in Grimsby and Stallingborough, supplied gases to a wide range of businesses, including Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).... (story)

Times 12.6.04 Zoo mission ... I must correct the impression given in your piece about my birthday (The Register, June 7). I was in Cyprus to discuss the phasing-out of Limassol Zoo, not to “save” it! VIRGINIA McKENNA, The Born Free Foundation, 3 Grove House, Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PL. (story)


Chester Chronicle 11.6.04 Hunt told it has 'no case to answer' By David Holmes, Chester Chronicle - THE Cheshire Hunt has hit back after it was revealed it will not face prosecution over an incident in which a pack of dogs allegedly attacked an animal rights campaigner. But Chris Owen of Clotton… indicated his desire to take out a private prosecution in relation to the alleged incident on January 10… Richard Thomas, a joint master of the Hunt said, as a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, Mr Owen had an axe to grind. '…There wasn't anything, we don't feel there was anything in it. We co-operated fully with everybody involved and we are pleased to see the CPS thought there was no case to answer.'… (storly)
Chester Chronicle 6.2.04 Hunting attack dog test case - THE Cheshire Hunt may be prosecuted over an incident when a pack of dogs allegedly attacked an animal rights campaigner. Chris Owen of Clotton, the man who says he was the victim of an attack by the dogs, believes a successful prosecution would be seen as a test case and clarify a grey area. Cheshire Constabulary has confirmed it will be passing a file to the Crown Prosecution Service… there appears to be a grey area in that the law tends to make references to 'dog' in the singular, whereas Mr Owen says he was bitten by more than one, but cannot identify the individuals as they were in a pack… 'Regardless of that, even if the CPS doesn't want to prosecute, I will take out a private prosecution anyway. I would not have taken it further except they publicly accused me of lying.'… (story)
Northwich Chronicle 28.1.04 'This has to stop' By David Holmes, Northwich Chronicle - AN ANTI-HUNT group is calling for the suspension of the Cheshire Hunt and the resignation of its top officials. The call from the North West League Against Cruel Sports (NWLACS) comes after the Sandiwaybased hunt's hounds got out of control in Duddon and Clotton, and its member Chris Owen had his hand bitten in his garden… Gregg Metcalfe, of the NWLACS, said: 'Their incompetence would be funny except that public safety is put at risk every time they allow their hounds to run out of control along a main road and into residential properties…." The Cheshire Forest Hunt says its hounds did not wander on to the A54 near Kelsall on January 10 (story)
Sun 27.1.04 Hounds of hell run amok By LYNDSEY WEATHERALL - A DAD told yesterday how he was knocked over and savaged by foxhounds which rampaged through his home. Chris Owens and his family were in their garden when around 20 dogs stormed in.... The Joint Master of Cheshire Hunt, Thomas Randle Cooke, said the fox had gone into the family’s garden. He added: “We are sorry. But where the fox goes, the hunt will follow.” Cops are investigating (story)
Chester Chronicle 23.1.04 Blood-sports protesters call for resignation following bite By David Holmes, Chester Chronicle - AN ANTI-HUNT group is calling for the suspension of the Cheshire Hunt as well as the resignation of its top officials. The call from the North West League Against Cruel Sports comes after its hounds got out of control in the Duddon and Clotton areas, resulting in one of its members, Chris Owen, having his hand bitten while in his garden…. Joint master Mr Thomas said Mr Owen was only interested in making headlines… 'It's a large publicity stunt by the League Against Cruel Sports. I don't think there is anything in it at all. If there was any injury attributable to the hounds, the police would have taken it further… (story)
Manchester Evening News 20.1.04 Hunt hounds in the doghouse - THE Cheshire Hunt's entire pack of hounds is in the doghouse after it was claimed one of them bit an animal rights campaigner. The pack has been placed on the Cheshire Police dog bite register because it cannot be proved which individual dog was responsible for the alleged attack…. Chris Owen, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, says he suffered bites to his hand and arm and a scratched face when the 20-strong pack ran through his garden in Clotton, near Tarporley, looking for a fox…. The Cheshire Hunt has apologised to Mr Owen for the dogs trespassing, but says there is no evidence that he was bitten during the incident on January 10…. "Mr Owen is known to harbour foxes, so it's not surprising that the hounds will run there."… (story)
Chester Chronicle 16.1.04 Hounds attacked me in my garden By David Holmes, Chester Chronicle - THE Cheshire Hunt's entire pack of hounds has been put on the police dog bite register after they attacked an animal rights campaigner in his back yard. Chris Owen, a member of Cheshire League Against Cruel Sports, suffered bites to his hand and arm and a scratch to his face, during one of several incidents in the Clotton and Duddon areas… Mr Owen said: 'The dogs, many of which were covered in blood, were going berserk, throwing themselves at the gate and trying to get through…" He and his wife Susanne, who are considering suing the Cheshire Hunt, said in a joint statement: 'Ourselves and a great many other residents are extremely angry over what has happened here, not just angry at the hunt, but at the Prime Minister Tony Blair who was elected on a raft of pledges including banning hunting, but has let us down badly…." Bob and Beryl Walsh, who live about a mile away from the Owens in Burton Lane, Duddon, also contacted the police about hounds running on to the A51 and causing traffic to slow down… Coincidentally hounds from the other Cheshire hunt, the Cheshire Forest Hunt, were alleged by locals to have been out of control on the adjoining A54 just three miles away near Kelsall, although this has been denied by hunt officials…. PC Martin Walsh of Cheshire police left a message with Mr Owen suggesting police would not be taking further action against the Cheshire Hunt…. (story) (photo)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.6.04 FOX HUNTING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PEST CONTROL - The long letter by W Lewis, Deer and foxes are pests and should be culled, Points of view, May 29, appears to be in defence of hunting... I would be interested to know why Mr Lewis considers foxes need to be culled and how the number needed to be culled is calculated?... Hunting is a sport - a cruel and unnecessary sport. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.6.04 THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT FOX HUNTING HURTS, DOESN'T IT? - Over the past year or so, Mr W Lewis's letters to the Echo on the subject of hunting have ranged from the patently ridiculous (for example citing the dinosaurs as a defence) to the utterly preposterous… In one aspect, however, he has been consistent. That is in the portrayal of his opponents as naive animal lovers, influenced in their understanding of nature by the stories of Beatrix Potter, Points of view, May 29. It should be pointed out to Mr Lewis that in this respect, his belief is blinkered and patronising…. Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.6.04 ANIMALS ARE ENTITLED TO SHARE THIS PLANET WITH US - Once again, Mr W Lewis has written to encourage the killing of animals which he feels are not entitled to share this planet… Why on earth would anyone want to harm or kill any living creature? It defeats me. Mrs Francis Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.5.04 DEER AND FOXES ARE PESTS AND SHOULD BE CULLED - It is a well-known fact that a continent completely devoid of rabbits became over-run with them to the point that measures had to be taken to control their numbers…. Due to the influence of stories by Beatrix Potter and others, such as Peter the Rabbit, many people regard these and other animals as pets, rather than pests…. Deer and foxes, however attractive, need to be culled, as they are pests and have increased greatly in recent times - but no one wishes to see them completely exterminated. W Lewis, Rackenford, Tiverton (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 11.6.04 CHANCE TO MEET PACKS AT SHOW Tomorrow (Saturday) at the Ardingly Show there will be an all-day event ?? Hunting??s Open Door. Eleven packs from the south east will be present ?? the largest of such gatherings ever from across the region... Hunt members will be happy to meet you ?? and so will the hounds.... James Shepherd, Grove Hill Gardens, Tunbridge Wells (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 11.6.04 SWISS COASTAL PROPERTY TO SELL - The very least the Countryside Alliance can be accused of is duplicity, if not blatant fraud. Those of us that travel the countryside have seen the signs stating that 59 per cent of people want to keep hunting. This has now been exposed as fraudulent after a complaint by the League Against Cruel Sports to the Advertising Standards Authority found that the complaint was upheld.... I have some coastal property in Switzerland I??d like to sell... Malcolm Neeves, Alexandra Road, St Leonards on Sea (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 11.6.04 Hunt claims misleading? - criticised as `misleading' by the Advertising Standards Authority. The poster, by the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance, claims 59 per cent of people want to keep hunting, but anti-hunt campaigners say the figure was arrived at using `flawed methodology'… (story in archive)

South London Press 11.6.04 We're against animal abuse - WANT to help animals while minimalising your impact on the environment? Interested in socialising with like-minded people?... If any of these sounds like you, Croydon Animal Aid/Vegans is just for you…. Sarah Fernadez, Streatham Hill (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 11.6.04 HANDS OFF OUR SEALS - I am dumbfounded and shocked that anyone could even consider culling the family of seals that are living off Torbay's shore… KELLY OSTLER, Newton Road, Torquay (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 8.6.04 SEALS HAVE A RIGHT TO LIFE - So local fishermen are angry about damage done to their nets by seals and are threatening to shoot them…. The sea does not belong to us and our sympathy should lie with the wildlife who depend on it for survival. D M WHITTLE, Broadsands Park Paignton (letter)
Western Morning News 3.6.04 OUTRAGE AT PLANS TO SHOOT 'RESIDENT' SEALS - Controversial plans to wipe out the entire population of seals off a Westcountry resort were met with horror and outrage last night… Lindy Hingley, founder of Brixham Seawatch, said: "It's outrageous that some fisherman can even contemplate killing the seals…" Tony Woodley, a spokesman for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, based in Exmouth, said: "We are aware there is a small number of fishermen who are having problems with seals… but shooting them must be a last resort."… (story)


Telegraph 10.6.04 England expects. . . a fairer deal By Boris Johnson - No, my friends, your eyes are not deceiving you. They are everywhere.... Never in history has the flag of St George been so popular.... But the crowning absurdity - the one that Tam Dalyell originally identified - is that he, Reid, sitting for a Scottish seat, has no say over health questions in so far as they affect his constituents. That is a constitutional outrage, and if, as seems likely, Labour decides this week to re-import the hunting Bill, the rage of the English hunting folk will be all the greater for having a ban imposed on them, the English, when their English MPs have no say over that question in Scotland.... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 10.6.04 YEAR'S DRIVE BAN FOR HUNT STEWARD - Farrier David Wonnacott was more than double the legal limit for driving when police stopped him, a court heard. Now the 42-year-old steward with the Dartmoor Hunt has been banned from driving for a year… (story)

Shropshire Star 10.6.04 Airgun ban fails to win backing in poll - Shropshire Star readers have come out against any moves to ban airguns after a number of shooting incidents in Telford, according to an opinion poll. More than 80 per cent of people who responded to the poll on the paper's website did not want to see any ban. Just 18 per cent of the 163 people who voted were for a ban and two per cent did not have any view either way… (story)

Worthing Herald 10.6.04 Badger probe: Two arrested - TWO Ashington area men have been arrested by police in connection with alleged badger baiting and stealing dogs… Both arrested men, a man in his 30s and a teenage male, have been bailed to appear before Crawley magistrates on July 17… Paul Skinner, of the Mid Sussex Badger Protection Group, said the Ashington dig was seen by members of the public, including dog walkers, but they did not realise what was happening and they failed to raise the alarm… (story)
Argus 5.6.04 Two arrests in badger baiting raid by Simon Flacks - Police have arrested two men suspected of being involved in badger baiting…. Inspector Mark Piper, of Sussex Police, said officers had swooped on a home in the Ashington area, near Storrington… Police also revealed three badger setts in the Ashington area had been dug up in recent months and several dogs reported stolen. Ian James, chairman of the Mid Sussex Badger Protection Group, said: "We have already found a dead cub at one of the setts…" (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.6.04 OILING EGGS SEEMS CRUEL - Madam - I have been reading about the oiling of seagulls' eggs and cannot help wondering what happens once the baby seagulls are ready to hatch…. do they suffocate in the egg? This does not bear thinking about…. If it is true that the baby birds suffocate in the shell, and animal charities are not doing anything to prevent the oiling of eggs, I shall never again donate to them again…. CW Farlow, Cheltenham (letter)

Glasgow Herald 10.6.04 Animal cruelty protest triggers disgust - ALAN MacDERMID - AN animal rights group defied a council ban yesterday and staged a graphic exhibition which compares Holocaust victims with animals in abattoirs and factory farms. The publicity stunt by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) was low-key but controversial and was branded disgusting by a passer-by in George Square, Glasgow.... The display has caused controversy across the US and the panels were confiscated in both London and Birmingham, where Peta spokesman Andrew Butler was arrested.... (story)
Scotsman 10.6.04 Fury at Holocaust protest on animal slaughter - JAMES DOHERTY - IGNORING the prospect of arrest, an animal rights group sparked outrage yesterday by comparing the slaughter of farm animals to the human misery inflicted by the Holocaust.... The demonstration, which PETA claims will educate Glaswegians to the pain and suffering endured by captive animals, was banned by Glasgow City Council. However, officers from Strathclyde Police, after a brief word with organisers, allowed the "Holocaust on Your Plate" protest to go ahead... (story)
Daily Record 10.6.04 HOLOCAUST FURY - Animal rights group's poster 'disgusting' By Craig Mcqueen ANIMAL rights militants sparked fury yesterday by comparing meat eaters to Nazis and battery hens to Holocaust victims. Activists held up posters in Glasgow's George Square showing Nazi prisoners next to chickens and caged Jewish children beside piglets.... (story)
icScotland 9.6.04 Anger over animal rights exhibit - Animal rights activists are going ahead with a graphic exhibit in Glasgow which compares Holocaust victims with animals in abattoirs and factory farms. Labour MP Jim Murphy, a vegetarian, said the move by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was "disgusting"…. (story)
Irish Independent 18.5.04 Animal rights activists put Holocaust 'on plate' - STAUNCH carnivores and queasy stomachs would have been well advised to steer clear of Temple Bar Square in Dublin yesterday as a controversial exhibition by US group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) went on display. Holocaust on Your Plate is a shocking series of eight posters which juxtapose images of tortured prisoners in Nazi concentration camps with pictures of slaughtered animals… (story)
Jewish Telegraph 14.5.04 CITIES BAN EXHIBITION - COUNCILS in Manchester, London and Birmingham have banned an exhibition by the animal rights movement People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals following complaints from the Board of Deputies and the Holocaust Education Trust…. On Tuesday, Metropolitan Police confiscated the group's demonstration panels when a small group tried to stage the exhibition in Trafalgar Square. The following day more panels were confiscated by West Midlands police in Birmingham where organiser Andrew Butler was arrested and cautioned under the Public Order Act….
Totally Jewish 13.5.04 Sick Stunt by Daniella Peled - An animal rights group defied an official ban to stage a sick publicity stunt in Trafalgar Square this week comparing factory farming with nazi death camps… Police officers struggled with a handful of demonstrators holding up six by 10 foot placards featuring scenes from concentration camps contrasted with pictures of modern-day abattoirs. Peta member Andrew Butler, who climbed up the plinth of Nelson’s column with his placard until he was removed by police, told TJ he was fully prepared to risk arrest to highlight what he called “atrocities” against animals…. (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 13.5.04 Protester arrested over Holocaust images -An animal rights protester who defied a ban on publicly displaying graphic images of holocaust victims and animal slaughterhouse scenes has been arrested during a demonstration in Birmingham, police have said. Andrew Butler was detained in Birmingham city centre where the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held its Holocaust On Your Plate rally… (story)
Independent 12.5.04 Animal 'Holocaust' Peta's "Holocaust on your Plate" campaign (report, 7 May) makes an insensitive, disgraceful and outrageous comparison between Hitler's Holocaust and animal slaughter…. Lord JANNER OF BRAUNSTONE Chairman, Holocaust Educational Trust, House of Lords
Having lived the past 25 years in Frankfurt, within walking distance of the former Gestapo headquarters and of the assembly point from which the city's Jews were transported by cattle truck to the camps, I find Peta's comparison of man's treatment of animals with the Holocaust totally reasonable…. DENNIS STUART Brighton (letters)
Evening Standard 11.5.04 Protesters clash with police - Scuffles have broken out between police and animal rights protesters in London's Trafalgar Square. Officers arrived after eight demonstrators began waving placards containing images that compared conditions for animals in "factory farms" with Nazi death camps. The protest was organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)… (story)
Independent 10.5.04 Animal rights, Iraq and others - Factory-farmed animals suffer in the same way as Holocaust victims - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) is sorry that the Greater London Authority misunderstands our "Holocaust on Your Plate" exhibition, in which we use graphic photographs to show the similarities between the oppression and murder during the Holocaust and the slaughter of animals raised for food… Tragically, those who dismiss the abuse of animals on factory farms today sound hauntingly similar to those who dismissed the suffering of Jews because they were considered "subhuman"… MATT PRESCOTT Campaign Coordinator People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Norfolk, Virginia, USA....
Animals, like human infants, are unable to exercise rights... I am with the Peta exhibition organisers in their desire to bring to our notice the existance of a great deal of unacceptable cruelty to animals... But I deplore the exhibition because I consider it is likely to harm this cause as well as create uncalled-for distress to not only Holocaust survivors but people around the world who have suffered unjust cruelty and humiliation.... RUTH BARNETT, Clinical Director of Raphael Counselling Service London NW6 (letters)
Independent 7.5.04 Holocaust used to show animals' suffering By Terry Kirby Chief Reporter - A campaign by the radical animal rights group Peta which compares the suffering of intensively reared animals with the plight of Jews in Nazi death camps is to be staged on London next week in defiance of a local authority ban. An exhibition, entitled Holocaust on Your Plate, placing large photographs of concentration camps side by side with those of factory farms and slaughterhouses, will open in London on Tuesday. It will later tour the country… (story)

Llanelli Star 10.6.04 BOYCOTT TOWN CIRCUS PLEADS GROUP An animal rights group is urging locals to boycott the circus which has pitched at Stradey Park. The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) opposes the use of performing animals in the Bobby Roberts Circus… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 10.6.04 Bernard Matthews complaints rejected - SARAH BREALEY - Complaints about a television pictures showing turkeys suffering in a Bernard Matthews barn in Norfolk have been dismissed by the media watchdog. The company made its complaint after GMTV broadcast secretly-filmed footage in November 2002 describing a "disgraceful scene" in a fattening unit at Weston Longville, near Norwich... David Joll, managing director of Bernard Matthews, said the company was surprised and disappointed by the findings.... Tony Wardle, associate director of animal rights group Viva, which was involved in the filming, said: "What goes on inside the UK's factory-farms is never seen by the public, unless groups such as Viva actually go in there and film it...." (story)

Gloucester Citizen 10.6.04 SEAGULL CULL IS CRUEL PRACTICE - With reference to the culling of the pigeons, I cannot understand why the RSPCA have agreed to the cull… I thought the RSPCA were here for the well-being and non-cruelty to all living things. ELIZABETH WOODHAM, Brimpsfield, Gloucester (letter)


BBC News Online 9.6.04 Greens push animal rights agenda The Greens are pressing for an animal protection officer for every council in the final day of campaigning for the European and local elections. The party says it would discourage factory farming, say no to blood sports, animal circuses, fur trading and the trade of exotic pets…. (story)

Cumberland News & Star 9.6.04 CITY MP WRONG ABOUT HUNTING - IT HAS never been a secret that Carlisle MP Eric Martlew is fanatical in his opposition to hunting. To the man on the street, this obsession is tiresome…. Those in his Carlisle constituency who go hunting are deeply offended by his remarks and will vote accordingly when the time comes. In fact, I for one would go out of my way to canvass for anyone but Eric Martlew…. DAVID E COWEN, Dalston, Carlisle (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.6.04 SPORT OF SADISTS - If anyone had any doubt about hunting, I hope they saw the TV news on June 2. A stag hunted, tired and exhausted, was shown no mercy…. R C Brown Radstock Somerset (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 9.6.04 SET THE DOGS ON CLARISSA - Set the dogs to chase Clarissa (Dickson-Wright) and I will gladly pay to watch! Rita Yule High Street, South Ferriby. (letter)

Shropshire Star 9.6.04 Poll claims over hunts misleading - I wonder how many spotted the item "Hunting publicity criticised for claim" (Shropshire Star June 2)? It needs to be strongly emphasised the Countryside Alliance's claim that "59 per cent say keep hunting" was stated by the Advertising Standards Authority to be "misleading"…. Roy Dowsett, Market Drayton (letter)

Sunderland Echo 9.6.04 Hunting is cruel YOUR correspondent, Simon Hart of The Countryside Alliance (Echo, May 29) says that a vociferous minority within the Labour Party says once again it might be a good idea to concentrate on banning hunting with dogs… As to his claim that only two per cent are against hunting is ridiculous. In my opinion, it is more like 72 per cent against… These so-called sports are barbaric and all decent MPs of any political colour should support it. A Vardy, Murton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 9.6.04 A place for guns - I WAS very disappointed to read your comments in your article "In fear of the Gun". A more biased and ill-informed piece of writing I have yet to read…. I shoot, and so do my sons (13 and 16). They are quite good at clay shooting; it's all they ever shoot at, just clay targets. At the other end of the scale there are people like Richard Foulds, who won gold for England in the Olympics. Your comments degrade all their efforts and achievements for this country…. I'm sure I speak for all sport shooters when I say we are a dedicated bunch who love our sport and are about as law-abiding as you could wish for. Nicholas Lojik, Carr Manor View, Leeds. (letter)

Essex Evening Echo 9.6.04 Benfleet: Helping animals against all odds - Bottle feeding 22 fox cubs night after night is not a task many people would relish - but for Veronica Mepham it's all in a day's work. Veronica, 64, co-owner of Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary in Benfleet, looks after the sanctuary's residents despite being almost completely blind and a busy mother and grandmother…. (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 9.6.04 Cruelty to ducks - Recently I watched friends and acquaintances sit down to a special lunch. Much conviviality was evident, but I wonder if they would have been so convivial if they had realised the cruelty involved in the rearing of the ducklings on the menu… JAMES T. WESTLAND Cranmer Street Nottingham (letter)


Times 8.6.04 'It's is all I've ever wanted to do' BY VALERIE ELLIOTT WILLIAM GOFFE, a whipper-in for the Warwickshire Hunt, says he will be out of a job and a home if a hunting ban is imposed. “I don’t know what I would do,” he said. “This is all I’ve ever done or wanted to do. I left school at 16 and worked for another hunt, the Heythrop, before coming here. I hope to become a huntsman one day.”... (story)

Western Mail 8.6.04 Stop all this interference Darren Devine, The Western Mail - A NORTH WALES farming leader says Government plans to ban fox hunting and open up the countryside to the public will ruin the rural way of life. Huw Roberts, who owns Bryn Gwyn farm, in Llanuwchllyn, says there is still too much interference in rural communities with a plethora of well-meaning environmental schemes causing headaches for farmers. Mr Roberts, the leader of the National Farmers' Union (NFU Cymru), in Meirionnydd, says hunting is necessary to protect livestocks and a Government ban would leave farmers' stock vulnerable to fox attacks... (story)

Western Mail 8.6.04 Politicians gain insight into benefits of country sports - Duncan Higgitt, The Western Mail - THE pleasures and benefits of shooting and country sports in general were given a strong political airing at two successful events in South Wales at the end of last month. Firstly, a cross-party lobby and exhibition, under the title "Conservation through Country Sports," was held at the National Assembly for Wales. It was presented by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the Countryside Alliance and the National Gamekeepers' Association.... Secondly the inaugural BASC Wales and Borders Game and Country Fair, held at Gwernesney, near Usk over the spring bank holiday weekend played host on the Monday to a quartet of national, European and local politicians... The politicians also saw lurchers in action in the main arena, were told about eagle owls and other birds of prey, were well-licked by the Welsh foxhounds and also learned a little of the art of pigeon decoying from professional decoy maker Chris Green... (story)

Western Morning New 8.6.04 Ad has misleading claims - THE level of support claimed by the Countryside Alliance for hunting with dogs is officially misleading and inaccurate. The group's claim of 59 per cent for hunting is, according to the recent ruling of the Advertising Standards Authority, based on "flawed methodology and unreliable results". Yet the Countryside Alliance claims that because the poll on which the advert is based does not fall under the remit of the ASA, it 'has not been criticised in any way'…. Now is surely the time to bring back the Hunting Bill, and end the cruelty that is being defended so misleadingly. Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Western Mail 8.6.04 Closest finish of the day - THE closest finish of the day at the Countryside Alliance meeting came in the three runner club members' race when Edna Hussey's 10-year-old Chief Predator, ridden by Tommy Faulkner, won by a neck from Doc Ryan's partnered by Tim Vaughan…. (story)

Western Daily Press 8.6.04 CALL FOR ACTION ON GREYHOUND CARE - More action is needed to protect the thousands of former racing greyhounds which are abandoned or killed every year, MP Alan Meale demanded last night. He urged Ministers to bring in a compulsory levy on the industry to ensure that all greyhounds are looked after properly when they retire…. (story)

Western Morning New 8.6.04 MANY GREYHOUNDS ARE LOVING, LOVELY PETS - I am writing to you in pure anger and disgust following the article in your newspaper about the proposed greyhound demonstration. As a greyhound owner myself I am well aware that some greyhounds are mistreated, but I am also a parent and am also aware that some children are mistreated. Does that mean that the people demonstrating are going to be outside schools insinuating, that all parents are mistreating their children?... We also have a horse who is over 40 years old. Does this make us cruel to animals? Sandra Brant, Exeter (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 8.6.04 BADGERS NOT THE PROBLEM - You ask 'How would you solve the badger problem?' I would like to rephrase the question and will explain. The badger is quite simply being a badger, likewise cattle… PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill (letter)

Oxford Mail 8.6.04 Protecting animals - I have no hesitation in accepting Mark Watts's challenge to pledge the Greens' support for a total ban on live animal exports -- and to state my personal commitment to continue working in the next parliament to achieve it…. A vote for New Labour on Thursday will be, despite Mark Watts's assertion to the contrary, a vote for a party that supports live exports and has actively undermined efforts to ban them… CAROLINE LUCAS, Green Party, South-East England (letter in archive)


Cambridge Evening News 5.6.04 Hypocrisy of MPs From Bill Mendenhall, Dover Park Drive, London - RE "Contract fuels row over hunting" (News, May 22), in which a spokesman for antihunting MPs claimed hunt kennels would continue to collect fallen stock while hunting folk would switch to following artificial scent: It is intensely annoying after all these years and umpteen Government reports that anti MPs are continuing to repeat this idiotic lie. It is quite clear from the surveys and reports which have been given to these MPs that any switch to drag hunting will be minuscule… (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 22.5.04 Contract fuels row over fox hunting - THE Government has handed a key contract for disposing of dead animals to fox hunters from Cambridgeshire - re-igniting the bitter row over a hunting ban. Cambridgeshire Hunt Kennels, based in Caxton, is taking on the job of collecting and disposing of animals which die on the region's farms... Now hunt supporters, the Countryside Alliance, say the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) would look "ridiculous" if it attempted to force through a ban on hunting with dogs because such a move would mean the closure of hunt kennels... (story)

Telegraph 7.6.04 Smoke, don't hunt - Mr Blair has stated, with regard to a workplace smoking ban, that governments have "to be careful" about banning activities. How strange that he holds back on a smoking ban that would improve public health, but will allow legislation to outlaw hunting…. George Walkley, Salisbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Reading Evening Post 7.6.04 Salter blasts Green policies on angling - READING MP Martin Salter has castigated the Green Party after it was revealed on the eve of Thursday’s local and European elections that it is opposed to angling… Spencer Fitz-Gibbon, external communications co-ordinator for the Green Party, said: “It is definitely not Green Party policy to ban angling, though we would certainly want to ban foxhunting and harecoursing…." Angling Times also revealed that the party’s administrative officer had had admitted relying on information supplied by Pisces, the extreme animal rights group. The website also carries a link to the Campaign Against Angling…. (story)

Cumberland News & Star 7.6.04 FARMER GOT OFF LIGHTLY FOR CRUELTY - WITH reference to the letter from A Mitchell (News & Star, June 1) about the naming of 82-year-old John Sails and his cruel treatment of a pony… Mr Sails was not fined enough and should have been banned from keeping animals…. HAZEL FEATHERSTONE, Crosby, Maryport (letter)


Observer 6.6.04 Lies, damn lies - and opinion polls? A £1bn industry is accused of distorting results to produce what clients want to hear, writes Nick Mathiason - An unholy war has broken out among opinion poll firms, and the fallout threatens to tarnish an increasingly influential £1 billion industry…. Last week the industry was hauled through more mud after the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against pro-hunting organisation the Countryside Alliance for its use of a poll which it claimed showed majority support for hunting with dogs…. (story)
ThisIsCornwall 3.6.04 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE UNREPENTANT - A pro-hunting pressure group was unrepentant yesterday after being criticised by the advertising watchdog for making a "misleading" claim. The Countryside Alliance used a poster that claimed "59 per cent say keep hunting"… Alison Hawes, the alliance's regional director for the Westcountry, said yesterday the watchdog was "splitting hairs"…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.6.04 Hunting group criticised over ad - A pro-hunting group has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority for a "misleading" claim in a poster. A Countryside Alliance assertion that "59% say keep hunting" had been arrived at using "flawed methodology", the League Against Cruel Sports said. The ASA noted the alliance reached the result by adding the figure 18%, who said hunting should continue, to 41% of those polled, who wanted regulation…. But the Countryside Alliance refuted the decision. A spokesman called the ASA ruling "strange" and said it "meant nothing". "The judgement is about the poster, not the poll, and it is all a matter of semantics," he said…. (story)
Western Mail 2.6.04 Hunting group is rapped over ad - A PRO-HUNTING pressure group was criticised by the advertising watchdog today for making a "misleading" claim. The Countryside Alliance used a poster that claimed "59% say keep hunting"… The watchdog noted the 59% figure had been obtained by adding the 18% who wanted hunting to continue with the 41% who backed its future under some form of regulation. The ASA said the headline used in the poster implied all 59% wanted hunting to continue unchanged… (story
Western Daily Press 2.6.04 MISLEADING HUNT AD IS AXED - Pro-hunting pressure group the Countryside Alliance was criticised by the advertising watchdog yesterday for making a misleading claim…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 2.6.04 Hunting group censured over advert - A pro-hunting pressure group was criticised by the advertising watchdog today for making a "misleading" claim. The Countryside Alliance used a poster that claimed "59% say keep hunting" along with a photograph of a huntsman and the words "prejudice, tell me about it." The League Against Cruel Sports contacted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) claiming the 59% figure was from a survey that used "flawed methodology" and gave "unrealistic results."… The ASA said the headline used in the poster implied all 59% wanted hunting to continue unchanged…. (story)


Guardian 5.6.04 Smooth operator - Simon Price looks up to Bryan Ferry's high-class act … Ferry's support for fox hunting can, perhaps, be viewed in this context: he's always wanted to be a toff. And it runs in the family: in 2002, Ferry's son Isaac was suspended from Eton (where else?) and investigated for sending a saboteur an abusive email, and was later arrested on a pro-hunt protest…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.6.04 A QUESTION OF LITTLE IMPORTANCE - Surely there are much more important matters to be discussed in parliament than hunting… Patricia Blakeney, Marlborough, Wiltshire (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 5.6.04 DISILLUSION AT RSPCA POLITICS A Cash crisis is said to be stopping the RSPCA from looking after all the animals being referred to it (May 25). This is not the first time this story has surfaced. I think there are "political" problems within the executive of the society which must have cost it the support of many… My wife and I have had an RSPCA collection box for a number of years. There has never been any attempt by the society to visit or to contact us so that the box could be emptied and the amount collected officially acknowledged… We now use its box to collect money for the International Fund for Animal Welfare…. R. E. GOODMAN Ermine Drive, Navenby (letter)


Waterford News & Star 4.6.04 Lord Waterford to become President of Countryside Alliance Ireland - LORD WATERFORD of Curraghmore Estate, Portlaw, County Waterford a long time field sports enthusiast recently accepted the position of Countryside Alliance Ireland President in the Republic Of Ireland… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 4.6.04 PACK FACES DEATH OVER HOME ROW BY VERONICA LORRAINE - Derbyshire's only pack of hunting bloodhounds will be put down unless a suitable home can be found for them. The 43 dogs, used for scent hunting, moved into a farm on Tinkerley Lane, Kirk Ireton, last August. But the future of the animals, owned by the Four Shires Bloodhounds, a non-profit-making organisation, has come under doubt, after residents objected to a retrospective planning application by the farmer to house the hounds… (story)
Matlock Mercury 12.2.04 EVICTION THREAT TO BLOODHOUNDS - WAILING and barking bloodhounds will be evicted from a Kirk Ireton farm after enforcement officers were ordered to remove the pack. The Four Shires Bloodhound Pack have been using a shed at Tinkersley Farm to house a pack of around 40 hounds since October 2003. And they had put forward a controversial planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council to make the farm a permanent home for the dogs. But the application was withdrawn after residents raised strong objections and Amber Valley Borough Council planners recommended refusal... (story)

Stourbridge News 4.6.04 MP - `I'll carry on fighting to ban hunting' - Right, up to a point … In my opinion, this foxhunting debate should be finished with, one way or the other, so the government could get on with (as you put it) more important matters…. Also I thought Ms Adams letter was a one off on this subject, but no, our old friend Peter Swann (Stourbridge News May 13) from Hurcott, has to jump on the band wagon… A Barker, Wollaston
Did you know? In her criticism of Debra Shipley is Hilda Adams aware that she has just lost her husband? P.A. Harris, Stourbridge
He would say that - I noted The Master of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt, Peter Swann, in his letter of May 13, thinks I should not campaign against fox hunting…. Debra Shipley MP
Plain misleading - Passionate supporters of hunting often attempt to mislead the gullible when presenting a case in favour of their cruel sport. Peter Swann recently used this line of defence… Edward Davies Stourbridge (letters in archive)
Stourbridge News 20.5.04 Fox hunting ban - I noted the Master of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt, Peter Swann, in his letter of May 13, thinks I should not campaign against fox hunting. Well, he would wouldn't he?... I have always been in favour of a ban on fox hunting and will continue to vote for a ban. However, as a back bench MP I have sought to use my parliamentary time to help and protect the most vulnerable in our society… Debra Shipley MP, Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 13.5.04 Pathetic demand With all the problems facing this country at the moment what course of action is local MP Debra Shipley demanding from the government ?... A ban on foxhunting . Pathetic… Peter Swann, Hurcott (letter in archive)

Darlington & Stockton Times 4.6.04 Listen to the moor, says gamekeeper who is at one with the landscape by Sheila Weber - JIMMY Shuttlewood daren't miss going to church. At least that's his way of saying he needs all the help he can get to manage a fragile corner of ecology better known as a grouse moor. As gamekeeper at the Snilesworth estate above Osmotherley, he can't take his eye off the ball…. (story in archive)

Bexhill, Hastings, Rye & Battle Observer 4.6.04 THOUSANDS TROT ALONG TO HORSE SHOW - SUN, fun and spectacle were the welcome Bank Holiday offering for the public at the Polegrove. Unbroken sunshine attracted thousands to Bexhill Horse Show… The magnificent but malodorous Coakham Bloodhounds attracted attention throughout the day and there was eager competition for the exemption dog show…. (story)

Hexham Courant 4.6.04 21,000 BASK IN BANK HOLIDAY SHOW’S SUCCESS By LYNDSEY WRIGHT - THE Northumberland County Show extravaganza at Corbridge exceeded all expectations on Bank Holiday Monday – as 21,500 visitors basked in the glorious sunshine…. there was certainly plenty to see, from the Motorcycle Madmen, who wowed the crowds with their daredevil antics, riding through fire and over high jumps, to the hound parade, forestry demonstration of man versus machine, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight… (story)

Hexham Courant 4.6.04 TYNEDALE HUNT TROPHY SHARED - The Tynedale Hunt supporters’ terrier, lurcher show and gymkhana was held at Spital Farm, Horsley on Sunday in fine weather … (story)

Blackpool Citizen 4.6.04 Calls for curb on gun control by Nikki Masters - GUN USE at Blackpool Zoo is causing concern after the controversial killing of a fox cub on Friday. Staff at the tourist attraction destroyed a lone cub early on Friday morning. The zoo says it was shot after it was found in the howler monkey enclosure…. Opposition leader, Cllr Peter Callow, said despite other security measures, he was 'horrified' that weapons are not logged out, and no records kept of their use… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 4.6.04 THIS INTERFERENCE IN OUR LIVES HAS TO END - I was ironically amused to read Jason Groves report entitled "Defra double standard" on culling. Until this time, I had no idea that robins had been made the subject of a Protection Order… yet another example of Government interfering because they think they know better…. Nature has forgotten more than big Ben Bradshaw will ever know. So how on earth can we expect him to understand that the first thing to do, after developing a Bovine TB vaccine quick-time, is to leave countrymen to control badger numbers, which have rocketed out of all reason and control, since The Government passed draconian laws protecting them, without properly thinking of the consequences… Tess Nash, Helston (letter)

North Devon Journal 4.6.04 MISSING MY POINT ON MEAT - Mrs Phair (Letters, May 27) not only declined my invitation, which I made in good faith because she had obviously been misinformed, but ignored the main point I made. In the real world meat consumption is rising significantly, and sadly most of the increase in the UK is through cheap imports. UK standards in animal welfare and hygiene are the highest in the world… P.H.W. ADAMS, Gibbings Down, Yarnscombe. (letter)
North Devon Journal 6.5.04 THINK OF VEGETABLES - On behalf of all fellow vegetable lovers, I felt compelled to respond to Ms Sarah Chalkley's letter (Journal April 15). Does Ms Chalkley not think that vegetables have feelings? Has she not imagined that as she cuts into their raw flesh to witness the juice of life gushing out that these defenceless life forms were not put on this earth for her consumption?... Let us leave judgement to God, who provided animals and plants for mankind's use. MRS GUNN, Darracott Rise, Georgeham. (letter)
North Devon Journal 15.4.04 A SLAUGHTERHOUSE OPEN DAY WOULD CREATE VEGANS - Believing the term "humane slaughter" to be a contradiction in terms, and a product of human beings' wayward ability to justify just about anything they care to do in this world, it was quite chilling to read of Patrick Adams' invitation to a fellow vegan correspondent to visit a "good" abattoir (Journal, April 8). He cannot understand that no evolved person (by which I mean those who have progressed on from cannibalism) could stand and watch lives being butchered for the sake of comparison… SARAH CHALKLEY. North Devon Animal Defence, Barnstaple.
IN reply to Patrick Adams' letter in last week's Journal, does Mr Adams (yes, I had a feeling he was a farmer) really believe I am some sort of a masochist, that I could ever visit a slaughterhouse?... MRS ANNE PHAIR, Amyas Way, Northam (letters)
North Devon Journal 8.4.04 FANTASY THAT VEGANISM IS HARD - In response to Patrick Adams' recent letter, yes vegetarians who consume dairy produce are complicit in the slaughter of cattle... But of course, if you don't want to be an accessory to the slaughter, you must become a vegan.... NEIL BASIL, Gould Road, Barnstaple.
AS someone who has been campaigning for nearly 20 years to outlaw religious (Halal/Muslim and Shechita/Jewish) slaughter of farm animals, I am appalled at the Government's refusal (yet again) to implement the Farm Animal Welfare Council's recommendations and place a total ban on this barbaric practice.... If the huntsmen wore Fez/turbans/skullcaps and the huntswomen covered their faces with veils would Mr Bradshaw then support foxhunting?... TONY NORTH, British National Party South West European Parliamentary Candidate, Manor Terrace, Brixham.
MRS PHAIR calls on me to get in the real world (Letters April 1) regarding small abattoirs. Please let me assure her that I am in the real world, as I regularly use two of Devon's remaining small abattoirs... If Mrs Phair is really concerned about animal welfare, then I invite her to join me on a visit to the abattoir and she can see for herself that everything is done to ensure animals do not suffer stress or pain. I just hope that when she does she will have the good grace to publicly withdraw her incorrect assumptions and allegations. PATRICK ADAMS, Gibbings Down, Yarnscombe (letters)
North Devon Journal 1.4.04 IT'S INHUMANE - I must reply to David Russell (Letters, March 4.) I believe animals suffer whatever method of slaughter is used and that includes the Jewish method. Our so-called method of humane slaughter, as we know, is not humane because all slaughtermen are on piece work, and so want to kill as many animals as possible... I am a vegan so have no need of slaughtermen to kill animals for my benefit, by whatever method of so called humane slaughter they like to call it. S. CHAMBERLAIN, Lincolnshire. (letter)

Argus 5.6.04 Letter: Immoral meats - With National Vegetarian Week over (it was the last week in May), many people will be weighing up the pros and cons of eating meat and deciding if it really is ethical to use animals in this way… The Cape, -Rustington (letter)

Craven Herald 4.6.04 It was with horrified bemusement that I read your Dining Out feature, "Vegetarian option is more tasty than expected", (Craven Herald). As a vegetarian family we rarely dine out, as the establishments providing vegetarian food worth paying for are very thin on the ground around here and the vegetarian choices are so limited…. Sue Asquith and family, Moor View, Hebden. (letter in archive)

Cumberland News 4.6.04 NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY - IN THE Cumberland News’s sister paper, the News & Star (May 26), there was a photo of nine pups rescued by the RSPCA almost “baked alive”, allegedly courtesy of John Walsh, the same man who was fined £500 for ferrying nearly 50 puppies in a car between Ireland and Scotland… HAZEL FEATHERSTONE,Crosby, Maryport (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 4.6.04 'Respect HLS workers too' - I WRITE in reply to Gail Record's Soapbox letter of May 28 about the harassment of campaigners against Huntingdon Life Science. I, like most people, would condemn any sort of harassment or intimidation of peaceful campaigners, but this in no way detracts from the unequivocal condemnation of those who harass people connected with medical research…. Peaceful campaigners can further their own cause by distancing themsleves from, and publicly condemning, this anti-social and anarchic minority. V CUSTER, Peterborough (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 28.5.04 'Campaigners are victims too' - I RECENTLY read in The Evening Telegraph that Brian Cass, managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), is setting up a group, VARE ' Victims of Animal Rights Extremists…. I regularly get threats from a number of different people. One Japanese gentleman likes to call me at 2am. I have had to contact BT and change my number. My friend has been called by someone who says he is a vivisector, and a blood-curdling screaming of a monkey can be heard down the phone…. GAIL RECORD, Werrington, Peterborough (letter)

Independent 4.6.04 Call for EU ban on flavoured cigarettes By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent - The animal rights group, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said last night it would write to British American Tobacco to demand that the company end live animal tests involving cigarettes… (story)
Independent 3.6.04 Smoked out: how a tobacco giant plans to strike back - By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent - Britain's largest tobacco company has been testing chocolate and alcohol-flavoured cigarettes, which campaigners say are aimed at enticing children to smoke… The animal rights lobby accused BAT of "exporting animal suffering outside the UK public's gaze". It described the experiments as "hideous" and "cruel". Nicky Gordon, of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: "It is especially reprehensible that these cruel experiments appear to be about adding flavours like chocolate to cigarettes in what one can only assume is an attempt to make smoking more attractive…" (story)


Kent Messenger 3.6.04 Customs of hunt brought to life - THE Kent countryside is brought vividly to life in a new book by single mum Jane Shilling who describes how she learned to ride and joined the Ashford Valley Hunt. It's quite an achievement for anyone of a distinctly unathletic nature to take up a challenging sport at the age of 38. But journalist Jane Shilling, a columnist for The Times, went a step further, positively galloping ahead…. In her riveting new book, The Fox in the Cupboard, Jane describes her progress from her first faltering steps round the training ring to joining the field with the Ashford Valley Hunt…. (story)
Times 22.3.04 I bought her frivolously, like a dress BY JANE SHILLING - A horse can change your life. But somehow the author just knew that Molly, the gawky, dark-eyed mare with the gangling legs, was for her - I DIDN’T EXACTLY decide to buy a horse. Like so many other things about my hunting career, it overtook me, slightly before I was ready for it.... Extracted from The Fox in the Cupboard by Jane Shilling, to be published by Viking on March 25... (story)
Times 20.3.04 And in my dream, there came a pony - A love affair was ended; she was bored, listless, alone. But Jane Shilling’s life was about to be transformed... One of the enigmas of hunting is that it is so much nicer in retrospect than it is either in prospect or while you are actually doing it, that it is a mystery how anyone manages to summon the morale to get out of bed to go hunting at all... Extracted from The Fox in the Cupboard, by Jane Shilling, to be published by Viking on March 25... (story)

Dover Mercury 3.6.04 Prosser: Ban fox hunting now - DOVER and Deal MP Gwyn Prosser has backed a new report which puts the case for a ban on fox hunting. Time To Deliver The Ban, produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), was launched at a press conference last Wednesday… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 27.5.04 MARTLEW BACKS NEW ANTI-HUNTING REPORT By Fiona MacLeod - FOX hunting is inherently cruel and should be banned now according to Carlisle’s MP. Eric Martlew this week gave his backing for a ban against all hunting with dogs at the launch of a new report. The document, produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), sets out why now is a good time for a ban…. Peter Wybergh, master of the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds criticised the move. He said: “MPs should be more concerned with the problems they have at they moment such as Iraq…" (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 27.5.04 Move to fast track a ban on hunting By Arryn Buggins - A Warwickshire MP has backed a move to dust off a historic Parliamentary procedure to get fox-hunting banned. Andy King showed his support for the ban on hunting with dogs and has signed a motion to help it on its way. He backed the launch of a new report, Time to Deliver the Ban, produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals setting out the reasons for a ban…. (story)
Northwich Chronicle 26.5.05 MP behind push for hunting ban - A MID Cheshire MP is backing the latest move to ban hunting with dogs. Northwich MP Mike Hall has given his support to a new report entitled Time to Deliver the Ban, which sets out the reasons why hunting must be banned - and why now is the time to do it…. (story)
Western Mail 25.5.04 MPs again push for hunt ban - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - A GROUP of MPs has launched a new bid to chase fox-hunting out of the countryside. Headed by Labour MPs Tony Banks and Gerald Kaufman, they want the practice outlawed by November… The latest bid follows a report by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals, which comprises the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare…. The new bid was dismissed by the Country Land and Business Association…. (story)
Rochdale Observer 25.5.04 MP urges ban on hunting with dogs - BAN hunting with dogs now, urges Jim Dobbin MP. Mr Dobbin demonstrated his support for a ban by backing the launch of a new report ‘Time to deliver the ban’, produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA)…. (story)
Daily Post 24.5.04 MP's bid to ban hunting - A NORTH Wales MP has helped launch a new report aimed at forcing the Government to ban fox hunting. Produced by the Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), the report sets out the reasons why it says hunting must be banned immediately. It was launched by Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami, who displayed graphic footage of foxhunting, staghunting and hare coursing… (story)
Telegraph 20.5.04 Hunting ban 'by end of the year' By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent - A bill to ban hunting will become law by the end of the year, campaigners have predicted. Labour MPs revealed that they had had private assurances from ministers that the Bill would be published "in the reasonably near future"…. Gerald Kaufman and Paddy Tipping, both Labour ex-ministers, spoke about the proposed timetable as the group Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals published a document pressing for a ban… (story)
Western Morning News 20.5.04 HUNTING BILL BACK 'WITHIN WEEKS' - Legislation to ban hunting with dogs will be brought back "within weeks", senior Labour MPs claimed yesterday - raising the prospect that the controversial country sport could be outlawed by the end of the year. Former ministers Paddy Tipping and Gerald Kaufman said they had both received cast-iron assurances from "very senior" ministers that the Bill would be reintroduced before the Commons breaks for the summer in mid-July and forced on to the statute book by theautumn… (story)
Western Daily Press 20.5.04 LABOUR CONFIDENT ON HUNTING BILL Tony Blair will introduce a Bill banning hunting before the Parliamentary summer recess, Labour MPs believe. And they said yesterday they are confident the Parliament Act will be used to steamroller it into law if the House of Lords blocks the move…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.5.04 Blair under pressure over hunting - The campaign to bring about a hunting ban before the next election is being stepped up by MPs from all parties…. The MPs will be pressing their case at the launch of a report by anti-hunters called Time to deliver the ban…. The group has been spurred on by a report produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA)… But the Countryside Alliance said the latest attempt to secure a hunting ban showed how "out of touch" Labour MPs, in particular, were with public opinion and their own supporters… (story)
Reuters 19.5.04 MPs renew call for hunting ban - LONDON (Reuters) - Animal welfare activists and backbench MPs have called on the government to reopen the long-running debate on banning hunting with dogs…. Launching its report "Time to Deliver the Ban", the protest group Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA) said a ban was an issue of trust for the government…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 3.6.04 EUROPEAN ELECTIONS 2004 - COUNTRYSIDE PARTY - The Countryside Party is standing in the South West with six candidates. Our aims are:… Traditional rural pursuits, such as hunting and shooting are part of this country's cultural heritage and must be maintained…. (story)

Evesham Journal 3.6.04 Leave hunt debate alone - IT is any wonder that we are cynical about our politicians. As each day passes we are becoming more deeply embroiled in a war that most of us were strongly against starting. In order to deviate attention and to placate backbenchers like Tony Banks and Michael Foster, Mr Blair is about to focus his attention on another bill to ban hunting… JAMIE S C SMITH, Cottons Lane, Ashton-under-Hill. (letter in archive)

Ilkley Gazette 3.6.04 Cats Protection members were sorry to read of the killing of chickens on Addingham Moorside, as reported in last week's Ilkley Gazette… However, it is extremely unlikely, as alleged by Mrs Crabtree, that a fox is responsible for the reduction in feral cats on the Moorside. It is very rare indeed for foxes to kill cats…. Certainly, we deplore Mrs Crabtree's hope that local hunters will shoot down any foxes they come across… Foxes are part of the Moorside ecology and should be treasured, not hounded to death… AUDREY HARGREAVES, Cats Protection, Wharfe Valler Branch (letter in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 27.5.04 Fox scales 6ft fence to savage chickens - RETIRED farmers Julia and Melvin Crabtree are counting the cost after an athletic fox raided their chicken pen. The fox cleared a six-foot high fence to get among the chickens and would have killed them all had it not been disturbed… Mrs Crabtree said she was a supporter of fox hunting to control fox numbers and stop them proliferating. "I like to see the hounds and the fox has a good chance to get away," she said. She is also hoping that the fox which killed her chickens could be hunted down by local hunters and shot before it kills other people's animals… But Alex Ross, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: "We believe fox hunting is cruel and unnecessary. If there is a problem with a fox, a skilled marksman is the only answer." (story in archive)

Scotsman 3.6.04 Gun crime - I was pleased, but not surprised, to read your report (28 May) on the increases in both firearm and shotgun certificates on issue in Scotland in 2003… What politicians of all parties must realise is that, while small variations in the numbers of shotgun certificates may interest organisations such as the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (Scotland), they will not have any bearing on the levels of recorded crime involving firearms…. (DR) COLIN B SHEDDEN Director, BASC (Scotland) , Trochry, Dunkeld, Perthshire (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 3.6.04 Gun controls - Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London. (letter in archive)
Wharfedale Observer 3.6.04 Gun controls - Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London (letter in archive)
North Devon Journal 27.5.04 OUR FEARS OVER NEW GUN LAWS - SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road, London. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.5.04 GOVERNMENT LOOKING TO TIGHTEN RULES ON GUNS - Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance, London (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.5.04 Guns don't cause crime - Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance, London (letter in archive)
Wells Journal 21.5.04 NEW FIREARMS CONTROLS WILL FAIL TO TACKLE PROBLEMS - Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.5.04 NEW PLANS DON'T GET TO ROOT OF GUN CULTURE - Simon Hart Chief Executive Countryside Alliance London SE11 4PT (letter)
Northern Echo 18.5.04 FIREARMS - Last week the Government published a consultation paper 'Controls on Firearms' with an emphasis on tackling the escalating problem of inner city gun crime and funding to community projects to counter urban 'gun culture'. But when you read the consultation it is revealed not as a serious attempt to get to the root of 'gun culture', which we would all support, but as a platform for the anti-gun lobby to push for restrictions on legitimate firearms…. Legislation based on principle and evidence will have our support. Proposals to restrict legitimate gun use just because the Government needs to be seen to be doing "something" about gun crime will not. - Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance (letter in archive)

West Briton 3.6.04 SHIRE HORSES IN MAIN RING - Shire horses are always a great attraction and this year there is a special treat - daily performances from the Coors Drays in the main ring… The Cury Foxhounds will parade with their huntsman, whips and masters, demonstrating their obedience and friendliness… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 3.6.04 THOUSANDS FLOCK TO SHOW - The Royal Bath and West Show has got off to a glorious start. Yesterday nearly 40,000 people joined TV presenter Keith Chegwin and The Wurzels at the agricultural show… At 12.45pm the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Commando Display Team will be on show. And at 1.15pm John Whitely's Sheepdog display team will be demonstrating their skill. A showjumping competition will then be held, followed by a parade by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and the West Somerset Foxhounds…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 3.6.04 County Show smashes all records - More than 70,000 visitors descended on Stafford this week for the annual County Show…. As well as the animals and food areas there were numerous events for the whole family, including displays by the Royal Artillery's Flying Gunners motorcycle team, a tug-o-war and the Highland Band of the Scottish Division. There were also displays of show jumping, fox hound parades, morris dancing and dog shows for the crowds to enjoy…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 1.6.04 70,000 visitors heading for show By Nick Pritchard and Jackie Whittaker - A record 70,000 visitors are expected at the launch of the annual County Show in Stafford tomorrow…. There will be displays by the Royal Artillery's Flying Gunners motorcycle team, a tug o' war and the Highland Band of the Scottish Division. Show jumping, fox hound parades, morris dancing and dog shows will also be on…. (story)

Guardian 3.6.04 RSPCA results 'vindicate mass redundancies' - Annie Kelly - The RSPCA is claiming that its financial figures, which show the charity has wiped out its £6m deficit and balanced its books, is a vindication of the mass redundancies that led to the threat of industrial action after its restructuring last year…. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 3.6.04 Badgers are facing many threats today - Badgers are one of Britain's most loved wild animals they have lived alongside people for centuries. However, there are many threats facing badgers increasing traffic, badger baiting and towns ever creeping into badger territory…. Swindon Animal Concern supports the NFBG and will be running a stall in the Parade on Saturday to give out advice about badgers… MARILYN HARRISON, Toothill (letter in archive)

Luton News/Dunstable Gazette/Herald & Post 1.6.04 PROBLEM GEESE COULD BECOME LIVER BIRDS! - Animal-loving screenwriter Carla offers a lifeline to Death Row wildfowl - Comedy writer Carla Lane has thrown some of Bedford's threatened geese a lifeline…. she has agreed to accept 12 white geese from Bedford's riverbanks rather than see them slaughtered by contractors brought in by the Town Hall…. The relocations were proposed to the council by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), which wants to broker a deal to save all the geese from the chopping block…. (story)
Bedford on Sunday 30.5.04 Geese cull postponed - BEDFORD'S geese may survive another year. On Thursday the borough council's scrutiny committee heard views of experts and the public on a proposed cull... resident Justine McClellan said: "It is inhumane to kill a vast number of healthy animals."... The scrutiny committee supported Cllr Clifton's recommendations, which included accepting an offer from the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) to relocate 80 native geese.... (story)
Bedford Times/Citizen 4.5.04 GEESE GRANTED STAY OF EXECUTION - Bedford's geese have been granted a stay of execution after moves to cull them were challenged… Coun Hazel Mitchell (Lab, Harpur) supported the stay of execution… Campaigners including Bedford Animal Action (BAA) supporters demonstrated at the Town Hall on Friday. Sheila Turner, of BAA, said: "People are extremely angry about it…" (story)
Luton on Sunday 2.5.04 From hunter to hunted: Clifton's suspense over activists' threat - THE councillor who took a decision to cull 160 geese in Bedford by lethal injection is believed to have been targeted by 'direct action' animal rights activists…. Protester Fran Cornwall said: "The Pigeon Information, Control and Advisory Service is willing to give the council advice free of charge but they have turned it down…." Emma Stanton added: "They say the geese are aggressive but I would far rather walk past the geese than through Bedford town centre on a Saturday night."… (story)
Luton on Sunday 2.5.04 I felt that I had to express my feelings with regard to the way the borough council are going about the culling of the Canada geese. Surely there are other ways of sorting out this problem.... L Titheradge, Elliott Crescent, Bedford
I was shocked and upset to discover Bedford Borough Council has been granted a licence to cull 160 Canada geese... Justina McLennan, Goldington Road, Bedford
- I have been informed that Bedford Borough Council is planning to cull 160 geese currently resident on a river in Bedford. In the 21st Century this method of control is undesirable and no longer acceptable... Jake Wilkinson Address supplied (letters)
Bedford Citizen 23.4.04 BEDFORD BRACED FOR GEESE CULL - Protesters vow to disrupt move to control bird numbers on the Embankment. Bedford is braced to become the centre of an animal rights battle after it emerged up to 160 riverside geese are earmarked for death by lethal injection… The plan was condemned as "completely inhumane" by Guy Merchant, director of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service… Animal rights pressure group Pigeon Campaigns UK promised to break up any cull…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 3.6.04 'Don't shoot rogue rabbits' totally disagree to Dave Burke's view (Letters, May 31) that rabbits on roundabouts should be shot…. Their little humble lives are no threat to us at all…. MARMOT BROWN, Flore Close, Westwood, Peterborough (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 3.6.04 Time to change law on slaughterhouse killings - MANY readers are probably unaware of the distressing fact that millions of animals every year have their throats cut in slaughterhouses while fully conscious – and it is legal. Animals killed for Muslim halal and Jewish kosher meat are exempt from the rule that requires all animals to be stunned before being slaughtered because their religions have traditionally forbidden stunning…. The campaigning organisation Viva! Is holding a lobby of Parliament on November 19 at 1pm so ordinary, caring people can urge their MPs to support a ban on this cruel practice. Please come along if you can… M Batchelor, Harbrorough Road North, Northampton (letter)

Wells Journal 3.6.04 WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE TONIGHT? - I found your article on vegetarianism (May 27) very interesting, having not eaten meat for 20 years or so…. The environmental damage caused by our over-dependence on the death of another creature for our nourishment is huge… There are no valid reasons for remaining a meat eater. It is harmful to your health, animal health and the world's heath. Take the responsible route and change your habits now while there is still time. Gina Peacock Bishops Cottage Priddy (letter)


Western Morning News 2.6.04 BEST WAY OF CONSERVATION? - So Clarrissa (Dickson-Wright) extols the delights of game (WMN May 21) by signing a new book along with fellow shooting enthusiasts (plus hunting and fishing ones) who believe they know all about the conservation of the countryside. Vegetarians of course can eat happily and healthily, without having animals killed just to satisfy their stomachs…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Argus 2.6.04 Letter: It's persecution - Sylvia Harwood is quite correct, air guns should be banned (Letters, May 5). The same argument could equally be used for the banning of the private ownership of domestic cats who kill and decimate millions of the wild bird population every year, or the car, which kills wild animals… The "ban everything" brigade are running out of steam and facts. The ban on the sport of target pistol shooting has done nothing to reduce the rise in armed crime… Chelwood Close, -Brighton (letter)
Argus 6.5.04 Letter: Ban air guns - Once again there is a cruel and callous air gun attack on a defenceless animal… the main use of air guns, in the hands of mindless, moronic hooligans, is to kill and injure innocent animals. Wake up, Parliament, and ban the use of these weapons soon. -Sylvia Harwood, Hove (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 2.6.04 Thousands head for Suffolk Show BY REBECCA SHEPPARD - THE farm machinery was being polished and the animals hosed down as the Suffolk Show prepared to open its gates this morning… The traditional parades of terriers, dogs and hounds will be seen alongside more unusual events such as displays by quad bike stunt drivers and Maasai warriors…. (story)

Hunts Post 2.6.04 Animal rights group granted hearing - ANIMAL rights protesters have been given a chance by a top judge to defend themselves against accusations that they orchestrated a terror campaign against medical research company, Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Independent 27.5.04 Animal rights activists get day in court By Terri Judd Animal rights activists and laboratory researchers are to battle it out in the High Court after a senior judge decided yesterday that the issues raised by the campaigners were of such importance that they demanded a public hearing…. But permanent injunctions were granted against two other groups - London Animal Action and the Animal Liberation Front - as well as six named individuals, who did not contest the case…. (story)
Scotsman 26.5.04 Animal Rights Protesters Given Go-Ahead to Challenge Harassment Injunction By Cathy Gordon, PA News - Four animal rights protesters were given the go-ahead by the High Court today to fight moves by Britain’s biggest testing laboratory for a permanent injunction against them to protect its employees from “harassment”. Mr Justice Mackay, sitting in London, rejected a bid by Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which says it has been the victim of an “unlawful” campaign by the organisation Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), to strike out the defence of four named individuals…. The four named defendants given the green light to fight the case today were husband-and-wife Greg and Natasha Avery, Heather James and Claire Percy, who had all entered a defence to HLS’s claims, denying the use of unlawful activity…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.5.04 Animal activists to defend claims …Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has sought permanent anti-harassment injunctions against three animal rights organisations and some individuals. But Mr Justice Mackay ruled campaigners were entitled to a chance to defend themselves, opening the way to a trial. He continued a temporary injunction banning harassment of HLS staff… The judge also granted HLS a permanent injunction against another seven defendants, who had played no part in the proceedings before him - London Animal Action and Animal Liberation Front and six named individuals… The four named defendants given the chance to fight the case were Greg and Natasha Avery, Heather James and Claire Percy, who had all entered a defence to HLS's claims, denying the use of unlawful activity…. (story)
Times 26.5.04 Animal activists could be barred near labs BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - ANIMAL welfare activists could be permanently barred from demonstrating outside Britain’s biggest testing laboratory or its employees’ homes in a landmark High Court ruling today. The action brought by the Huntingdon Life Sciences company has legal ramifications for the right to protest and could pave the way for a dozen other large corporations to set up lifelong exclusion zones around their properties…. HLS names Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) and two of its members, Greg and Natasha Avery, on the temporary injunction that it is applying to turn into a permanent ban today…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.6.04 ROBIN SLAYING STORE HIT BY BOMB THREAT - The garden centre exposed by the Western Daily Press for hiring a hit-man to murder a family of robins was forced to close after a bomb threat, it emerged yesterday. Bosses at Wyevale Garden Centre in Thornbury, near Bristol, had to evacuate the store for an hour while police searched for a suspect package…. (story)


Horse & Hound 1.6.04 The farmers’ emergency service - Midge Todhunter - The official hunting season has come to a close, but fell hounds are now on lambing call-out – a vital service to local sheep farmers… We met at the Coniston kennels near Ambleside at 5.30am, together with a handful of ardent hound men, and walked with 7 ½ couple hounds along the fell-side to the lambing field….(story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.04 SORT OUT GANGS BEFORE HUNT BAN - I read that, once more, the Government is going to try and ban hunting. One of the greatest problems right now is the lack of respect for the rule of law. Our police force flounders around desperately trying to keep some form of order, while vast parts of the inner cities seem to be under the control of armed gangs… Concentrate on the issues that do need tidying up - transport, health and crime. F Cameron Tewkesbury (letter)

Northern Echo 1.6.04 MIDDLE EAST - HOW long are the Americans and Israelis going to get away with their barbaric treatment of the Iraqis and Palestinians?... Some democracy when Mr Blair promised a ban on hunting with dogs in 1997 - it is now 2004 and still no ban…. Hugh Pender, Darlington (letter in archive)

Wakefield Express 1.6.04 DOG-RACING PROTEST - ANIMAL rights group members will demonstrate outside Kinsley Greyhound Stadium this evening in support of Greyhound Awareness Week. Bradford Animal Rights Group (Barg) will distribute leaflets and collect signatures for petitions calling for greyhound racing to be banned. Sheila MacDonald, of Barg, said most people were not aware that the UK greyhound industry was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of the dogs every year… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.6.04 PROTEST LEAVES GREYHOUND DOG OWNERS IN TEARS BY NAOMI TOLLEY - Greyhound owners were reduced to tears at Newton Abbot Racecourse when they clashed with protesters campaigning outside the track. Members from Greyhound Compassion, the charity which works to re-home dumped greyhounds, lined the roundabout outside the course on Kingsteignton Road… Helen, organiser of the protest who did not want her surname mentioned, said: "We want to abolish greyhound racing completely."… Sally Slater, trustee of Greyhound Compassion, works closely with co-trustees in Spain and is currently setting up her own greyhound re-homing sanctuary in the South West…. Reginald Fry, 72, from Exeter, "I have been interested in greyhound racing since I was 12. "I am heartbroken and devastated that these people are suggesting we would do such a thing."… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 24.5.04 DEMO THREAT AT ALLEGED DOG 'CRUELTY' - The manager of a South Devon greyhound track where animal rights protesters are planning a demonstration has said: "Let them come." Colin Authers, who runs Newton Abbot greyhound track, said so long as the protest tomorrow evening was peaceful he had no problem with it. "But if they start banging on vans and scaring the dogs we will take action…" Banner-waving protesters, members of Greyhound Action and Greyhound Compassion, are planning to hand out leaflets urging people to boycott greyhound racing outside the track at Kingsteignton Road… Lesley Robertson, one of the protest organisers, said: "Most of these dogs are put to death once their racing careers are over. However many are simply destroyed because they are considered unsuitable for racing…" Tony Peters, of Greyhound Action, said there had been cases of dogs being forced to run while suffering from fractures…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 1.6.04 Animals have right to life too From: Mrs M Netherwood, Eastfield Road - I totally agree with the animal rights groups (May 22) that all research on animals should be banned immediately… (letter)

Argus 1.6.04 Show-off Kitten creates a new inhabitant of the BB house by Karen Hoy - The claws are out for Big Brother contestant Kitten who is continuing to defy the rules of the Channel 4 game with a series of shock tactics…. Kitten's Big Brother profile describes her as a human and animal rights activist, a strict vegetarian angered by sexism, pornography, homophobia, racism and George Bush…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.6.04 CALL TO PREVENT BARBARIC PRACTICE OF BEAR FARMING - A Westcountry-based animal charity demanding the release of thousands of bears from "barbaric" conditions in China is staging a series of roadshows across the region. The Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) based in Looe, is calling on the Chinese authorities to bring the practice of moon bear "farming" to an end… (story)

Scotsman 1.6.04 Protest at import of 'battery puppies' - JIM MCBETH - ANIMAL welfare activists yesterday accused P&O Ferries of breaking the law by carrying "battery-bred" puppies from Ireland. In a protest at the ferry operator’s Ayrshire terminal in Troon, dozens of banner- waving protesters demanded P&O ban the transportation of dogs from Irish puppy farms… Similar peaceful demonstrations, led by the Waterside Action Group (WAG), an Ayrshire pressure group, were held in Belfast and P&O terminals down south… Ken McKie, of WAG, said the ferry companies were responsible for allowing the traders easy access to their markets… (story)

Hawkinge Gazette 1.6.04 CARLA HEADS ANIMAL RIGHTS RALLY - Television sitcom writer Carla Lane will be among the guest speakers at a Ban Live Animal Exports rally in Dover this week…. (story)