June 2005

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East Grinstead Courier 30.6.05 OPEN DAY AT THE HUNT KENNELS RAISES MORE THAN £400 FOR HOSPICE - More than 200 people turned up to see the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt's open day on Saturday. The hunt organised an open day at the Kennels, off the A22 in Felbridge, with a number of its hounds on display…. Graeme Worsley, joint master of the hunt, said: "The main purpose behind the event is to get members of the public to come in and have a look at the kennels… In addition to that, we raise money for St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley, a charity we have supported for many years, and this year we managed to raise in excess of £400."… (story)

York Evening Press 30.6.05 Brave Sarah raises money for lifesavers by Victoria Young - A HORSE-mad teenager who was nearly crushed to death in a riding accident has helped raise a huge amount of cash for the air ambulance that saved her life. Sarah Beal, 18, and her family organised an ox roast, auction, raffle and disco in their home village of Yedingham and raised more than £12,000 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The secretary was following the Derwent Hunt on her family's land at Yedingham just before Christmas when her horse suddenly reared and fell on her…. Sarah's mother, Helen, said: "We've been touched by the generosity of local people, farmers, businesses and members of both the Derwent and Middleton Hunts…." (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 25.11.04 HUNT GIRL IN INTENSIVE CARE AFTER ACCIDENT - Mark Branagan - A 17-year-old girl is in intensive care after being crushed by her horse while out fox hunting with a Yorkshire hunt. Farmer's daughter Sarah Beal was riding with the Derwent Hunt at her home, Abbey Farm, at Yedingham, near Scarborough, when she was seriously injured… (story)
Scarborough Evening News 24.11.04 Teenager crushed by horse - A TEENAGE girl is in intensive care with serious injuries after being crushed by her horse at a farm near Scarborough yesterday. Sarah Beal was hunting with the Derwent Hunt at lunchtime when the horse reared, fell backwards and landed on her…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.11.04 Girl injured in hunting accident - A 17-year-old rider was injured when her horse reared up and rolled on her during a hunt in North Yorkshire. Sarah Beal was riding with the Derwent Hunt on farmland owned by her father when the accident happened at Yeddingham near Malton on Tuesday…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.6.05 HUNTS HAD MINOR PART IN FOX CONTROL - Your correspondent Miss S Anne Keel (June 23) calls on Mr Blair to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs…. . I am sick of the hunting crowd using any arguments they can to protect a sport based on the killing of British wildlife. The sport is barbaric and has been justly and democratically (by Labour's original election victory and manifesto promise) consigned to the history books. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 23.6.05 Rescind Hunting Act - SO you think you're clever, Mr Blair. You think that you can reform the tyrants in Europe, Mr Blair… Now be clever at home and rescind your tyrannical Hunting Act, designed to annihilate our countryside. Miss S Anne Keel, Langport, Somerset (letter)

Barry Gem 30.6.05 ‘Hounds still chasing foxes’ - HOW do the pro-hunt pressure groups demanding ‘devolved amendment’ of the Hunting Act, to enable foxes to be flushed out in vast areas of rough grazing, expect hounds to improve on currently lawful pest control? Full packs of hounds do not always catch their quarry – plenty of foxes are left to die of shock, psychological damage and chill later…. Miss Katherine Watson (Address supplied) (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 30.6.05 Demand after dead stock left at farms - Farmers in Shropshire are having to wait for weeks before dead livestock is collected from their fields, Shropshire MPs have told the Commons. Calling for an urgent review of regulations covering the disposal of dead livestock in the countryside, Tory MPs Owen Paterson (North Shropshire), Mark Pritchard (The Wrekin) and Philip Dunne (Ludlow) all complained yesterday that fallen stock was left for too long before collection…. Farms minister Ben Bradshaw admitted that, if carcasses were left lying around for long periods, the scheme was not working, but added: "The ban on land burials is not going to be reversed." (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 30.6.05 £30,000 GIFT TO CHARITY - Hunting enthusiast Barry Atkinson was today handing over a cheque for £30,000 to Cancer Research UK. The money was raised in a series of bird shoots and had been turned down by the Institute of Cancer Research because it did not approve of how it was raised… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 22.3.05 CASH SNUB ANGER - JAMES SMITH - A Hunting enthusiast who raised £100,000 through sponsored bird shoots has had his money rejected by a cancer charity. Barry Atkinson, 61, worked at a different shoot every day throughout one summer and two winter seasons collecting for charity along the way. During the second winter season he raised £60,000 and decided to give half of it to a cancer charity after his dog, Spider, was diagnosed with a tumour. But, having accepted an interim donation of £1,500 in November, the Institute For Cancer Research refused to accept the remainder - claiming they did not approve of how it had been raised… (story)
BBC News Online 22.3.05 Charity rejects £30,000 donation - A cancer charity has rejected a £30,000 donation over animal welfare concerns. Barry Atkinson carried out a record 148 days beating - or flushing out birds - at grouse, partridge and pheasant shoots. The 61-year-old, who lives near Newark in Nottinghamshire, said he was appalled the donation had been rejected by the Institute of Cancer Research…. (story)
Times 22.3.05 Libby Purves - The robust reply to bullying - YEARS AGO, I WENT on a seminar for glossy-magazine executives. Discussing the ethics of advertising pages… This memory was revived by the latest story of a charity refusing a donation under pressure from other people’s ethics. The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) has turned down £30,000 raised by Barry Atkinson, a shooting enthusiast who carried out a record 148 days “beating”. The ICR speaks of its concern for “minimising pain and suffering in animals” but apparently told Mr Atkinson that it was worried about animal rights “activists”…. In a lot of moral dilemmas I happily say “money isn’t everything”. But when solid good causes start to suffer from the hyperactive, self-righteous consciences of every passing bully, we should notice. (story)
Glasgow Herald 21.3.05 Campaign of hate hits fight against cancer - Hugo Rifkind - Imagine, for a moment, that you are a cancer charity…. Then imagine, when you are done imagining all this, that somebody gives you £30,000. What do you do with it?... do you think it over for about a day-and-a-half and then, with mild expressions of regret, give it back? If you are the Institute of Cancer Research, it appears that you do the latter. Last week it received a cheque for that amount from one Barry Atkinson, an artist and designer based in Nottinghamshire. According to a newspaper story yesterday, it has now told him it will be returned. The Institute of Cancer Research feels that it cannot accept money raised by the means that Mr Atkinson employed. He raised it, you see, by killing birds… Apparently, IOCR staff have been targeted by animal rights extremists in the past, owing to research conducted on rodents. Had they accepted this donation, they feared that they might be again…. There is a term that we use to describe religious groups such as this. It is "fundamentalist". It speaks of dogma and intolerance and the belief that the means, however grubby, are justified by an end…. Perhaps we need to change the way we think about such people, because I can't help thinking that, increasingly, there is no other way to describe them. If you prevent a cancer charity from accepting a legal £30,000 donation, then you are condemning innocent people to death… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 20.3.05 Cancer charity turns down £30,000 donation raised through sponsored bird shoots By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - A leading cancer charity has rejected a £30,000 donation from the organiser of sponsored bird shoots because it does not approve of the way the money was raised. The Institute of Cancer Research was also concerned that its staff might be targeted by animal rights extremists if it publicly accepted the gift. Critics said yesterday that the charity's decision "beggars belief" and was "utterly ridiculous". The money was raised by Barry Atkinson, an artist and designer, who told sponsors that their money would be divided between two charities: the National Gamekeepers' Organisation's Charitable Trust (NGOCT) and the Institute of Cancer Research…. The rejected donation will be offered to another cancer charity, probably Cancer Research UK. A member of the board of trustees for the Institute of Cancer Research, who was unaware that the donation had been rejected until he was told by The Sunday Telegraph, said: "The world has gone utterly mad. I am not comfortable with the official position of the charity on this issue." (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.6.05 SPOTLIGHT ON ANIMAL CRUELTY BY MEL ATKINSON - A team is being set up to ensure a council becomes animal-friendly within two years. Leicester City Council leaders have pledged to launch a campaign during Cruelty Free Week to ensure that none of the authority's supplies have been tested on animals…. The council is now also bidding to get the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's (BUAV) Humane Household Products Standard…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 21.4.05 CITY COUNCIL SHOWING THE WAY WITH ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY - Leicester's council leader has urged authorities across the country to follow their example in buying only ethical and green goods…. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) gives its Humane Household Products Standard to companies to prove they do not conduct or commission any form of animal testing…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 19.4.05 NO ANIMAL WILL SUFFER FOR US BY KATHRYN EDWARDS - The city council is planning to become one of the first authorities in the country to use only animal-friendly products. Everything from air fresheners to cleaning fluids is likely to be checked to ensure that it has not been tested on animals… The plan has been introduced by Lib Dem city councillor Carlym Sandringham, who said she had been moved to help animals after suffering a personal tragedy… A BUAV spokesman said: "It is fantastic to see Leicester City Council taking a stand on animal testing in this way and, as far as we know, it is the first to do so…." (story)

West Briton 30.6.05 'THE INDUSTRY BLAMES THE INNOCENT BADGER FOR BOVINE TB' - I was totally in agreement with Susan Bater's letter about the state of farming today and how disease, including bovine TB, is the inevitable result of bad husbandry. The industry blames the innocent badger for bovine TB, and for over 30 years these beautiful creatures have been needlessly slaughtered in their thousands…. I would also like to draw readers' attention to the waste of council tax due to the extreme police presence in West Cornwall, where the badger cull is happening. A mere handful of dedicated, compassionate people, are monitoring badger setts and saving lives. These people, who harm none, are persecuted by the police at every turn…. G RYAN, 8 Bosleake Row, Carn Brea, Pool (letter)
West Briton 30.6.05 'TB HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MODERN FARMING' - Here we go again with another round of farmer-bashing. I am writing just after milking 140 cows, and am shocked at this person writing such things… Farmers do everything they can to look after their stock, sometimes staying up all night to check on a cow calving and then do a day's work… Before slagging off the way farmers look after cows, maybe Ms Bater should visit a farm for a day and see all the work that goes into looking after cows… ALAN CARTER, Trengilly Farm, Constantine (letter)
West Briton 23.6.05 GOVERNMENT IS CONDEMNED FOR THE TB TRAGEDY - The West Briton is welcome to come and inspect our dairy cows. They are plump, healthy, sleek, contented - free to graze over many acres of lush, green pasture or shelter in a shed from the midday sun, whichever takes their fancy… But you will have to be quick as they may not be here much longer. Since last October nearly half of the milking herd has been slaughtered following our first case of bovine tuberculosis in 40 years of farming… I don't blame the badgers. I blame the Government for failing to address this unfolding tragedy, fobbing us off with excuses about there being no reliable live test for badgers… As for the "good old days", Susan Bater ignores the fact that in the first half of the 20th century TB in cattle and humans was rife… Mrs MARGARET MILES, Trewollack, St Mawes (letter)
West Briton 23.6.05 COWS BARELY ABLE TO STAND UP? THIS IS UTTER TOSH - In response to Susan Bater's points about TB, I agree that the way TB is being dealt with in this country is a shambles… As for her points about cows being barely able to stand up - as most of you will realise, this is utter tosh, especially if you have just been to the cattle sheds at the Royal Cornwall where there were over 600 fine beasts showing off how well they can walk in the grand parades etc… MICHAEL COLWELL, Laity Farm, Bridge, Redruth (letter)
West Briton 23.6.05 TB: DEFRA HAS NO STOMACH TO GRASP NETTLE - What a pity Susan Bater didn't visit the Royal Cornwall Show before unleashing her vacuous diatribe. Had she done so and inspected the cattle lines she would have seen some of the finest specimens of cattle in the world…. I would leave Ms Bater to ponder the fate of the thousands of disease-ridden badgers dying a painful, lingering death through TB. W T SWEET, Mawnan, Helston (letter)
West Briton 16.6.05 THESE DAYS COWS 'CAN BARELY STAND UP' - It is with alarm and dismay that yet again I read about millions of pounds being spent on bovine TB eradication, and as usual all the blame was being placed on the badger…. Think of the cow for a change. In today's modern farm the dairy cow is a pale shadow of the former plump and cared for beasty. Our 21st century emaciated, malnourished excuse will have a much impaired and compromised immune system…. These days they can barely stand up, walking is practically impossible, and an efficient, effective immune system will be unheard of… SUSAN BATER, 4 Church Road, Penryn (story)

York Evening Press 30.6.05 Animals suffer - OUR sympathies are with the passengers incarcerated on the GNER train stranded near Peterborough. It is appropriate to consider the plight of animals travelling or parked up during hot weather…. Pauline M Melbourne, Doncaster Road, Selby (letter in archive)


Cambrian News 29.6.05 Farmer bans Army in pro-hunt protest - A LAMPETER farmer who has banned the Army from using his land has fore-cast that increasing numbers of foxes will cause severe problems during next year’s lambing season. Phillip Jones, who farms 100 acres at Crugybar, has refused to give permission for troops taking part in Exercise Pil-grim’s Progress to use any of his land… (story)
Western Mail 21.6.05 Farmer bans army from land - A FARMER has banned the Army from his land during a military training exercise in the autumn. Philip Jones, who farms 100 acres at Crugybar, near Lampeter, has refused to give permission for troops taking part in Exercise Pilgrim's Progress to use any of his land. He says it is the only way he can protest at the Government ban on hunting…. (story)
South Wales Guardian 16.6.05 Farmers issue army veto by Huw Waghorn - TOWY Valley farmers are leading the revolt against the hunting ban by stopping the army from using their land for military exercises. Soldiers are due to descend on Carmarthenshire later this year, but they face a farmers blockade in what promises to become a major stand against the Government. Exercise Pilgrim's Progress is set to take place between October 29 and November 6. But Phillip Jones, who farms around 100 acres at Crugybar, told the Guardian that he and many other Towy Valley farmers are prepared to stand their ground…. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 14.6.05 FARMER TELLS ARMY TO STAY OFF HIS LAND - A Welsh farmer has banned the army from his land in protest at the hunting ban. Phillip Jones has refused permission for the military to use part of his farm near Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, for a training exercise in the autumn. And now the Farmers' Union of Wales is warning others will follow his lead…. The union has recently called for a transfer of responsibility for hunting legislation to be moved from Westminster to the Assembly as a first step to reversing the ban in Wales. (story)
Daily Post 9.6.05 Pro-hunt farmers to ban army drill - FARMERS in mid and west Wales say they will stop soldiers using their land in protest at the hunting ban. Exercise Pilgrim's Progress is due to take place from late October in north Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Powys and will involve up to 200 soldiers. The army has asked people for consent to use their land and while most have agreed, some have not… Meanwhile police forces have been advised not to foil illegal fox hunts because of health and safety regulations…. (story)
BBC News Online 6.6.05 Farmers ban army over fox-hunts - Some farmers say they will stop soldiers using land in mid and west Wales in protest at the hunting ban. Exercise Pilgrim's Progress is set to take place in the area in late October and November and the army has asked people for consent to use their land. The issue is to be raised at the AGM of the Carmarthen branch of the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) on Monday evening… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 1.6.05 FARMERS DECLARE WAR ON THE ARMY - Farmers are again being urged to stop the Army from using their land for military training in a protest over the continuing ban on hunting. The Army's military exercise, 'Exercise Pilgrim's Progress,' is planned to take place in Carmarthenshire at the end of October and the Farmers' Union of Wales is advising its members to withhold consent to the military for the use of their land for manoeuvres…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 29.6.05 SHOW VOTED A BIG HIT - This year's St Clears Show has been hailed as a huge success…. Hundreds of visitors also attended and enjoyed the extended schedule, including Irish style wheat sheaf throwing, horse demonstrations, falconry displays, a magic show and a display by Carmarthenshire Hunt…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 29.6.05 MR WERNOS PHILLIPS - It is with great sadness that we record the death of Wernos Phillips, Rhydhir, Bronwydd, Carmarthen on the 16 April 2005 at the age of 68… He was a great huntsman and was Fieldmaster for the Vale of Clettwr hunt for many years… He was a sweet, kind gentleman who was an extraordinary listener (story)

Western Mail 28.6.05 Beef export guidelines update - Steve Dube, Western Mail - DOING Business in the Countryside, published by Kogan Page in association with the Countryside Alliance, will be launched at the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on July 4. Edited by economist Jonathan Reuvid and featuring a foreword by John Jackson, chairman of both the Countryside Alliance and the Rural Regeneration Unit, the book contains advice on aspects of rural enterprise, from diversification of land and buildings to licences, regulations and finance…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.6.05 DRUG INDUSTRY IS MOST EXTREMIST - I refer to the article,"Animal activists bite back" (June 24). According to the caption of the photograph of the Animal Liberation Front team, they are extremists and yet there is no mention in the article why they are prepared to take the type of action reported…. No! ALF do not dislike HLS, they hate the torture inflicted on the animal prisoners held there and are prepared to take whatever action is needed to relieve their suffering. Compassionate heroes, I think would be a better caption…. P Richardson Cirencester Gloucestershire (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 29.6.05 Animal aid - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Swindon for raising £117.30 at the collection in Swindon town centre on Saturday June 25…. M HARRISON, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 29.6.05 Evidence links meat to cancer - Andrew Butler, Campaign Controller, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)
Bexley Express 23.6.05 Take meat off our kids' menu - Andrew Butler, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA) (letter)
Bath Chronicle 22.6.05 IT'S CLEAR EATING MEAT IS LIKELY TO CAUSE BOWEL CANCER - The widely reported results of the recently-released study by the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer and Nutrition confirm what previous studies have shown for years: consumption of meat is likely to cause bowel cancer…. ANDREW BUTLER, Campaign Coordinator, PETA, London (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 29.6.05 THANK YOU FOR DONATING - A Street collection in Carmarthen town centre on Saturday June 18 raised a total of £60.20 for the anti-fur organisation Respect for Animals… Lynn Milford, promoter, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham (letter)


Leicester Mercury 28.6.05 HUNT BAN: 'WE ARE SUFFERING' BY NICK RENNIE - The impact of the ban on hunting on a rural community will be spelled out to a senior Government official this week. Food and farming minister Lord Willie Bach is visiting Melton on Thursday to talk to members of the town's rural task force…. Hunting enthusiasts say the full impact has not been fully felt yet because the ban came in at the end of the season. One of the biggest casualties so far is Julie Hyslop's equestrian yard at Old Dalby. She claims to have lost 90 per cent of her business since the ban - 14 out of 18 hunter hirelings have had to be sold and three full-time staff have lost their jobs…. Rad Thomas, spokesman for the Quorn Hunt, said: "The effects of the ban on the economy are already pretty dramatic, but it will get worse when the season starts…." (story)

Gloucester Citizen 28.6.05 LAWS SET MARK FOR BEHAVIOUR - I Think the fact that 16-year-old Ben Smith has to ask why it is wrong to set a pack of beagles on to a hare shows why it was so very necessary to outlaw such activities… All Ben needs to understand now is that the laws of our land reflect the standard of behaviour expected of everyone in our society. At long last, those who hunt wild mammals with packs of dogs for the sake of amusement can be officially regarded as criminals - and about time too. GILL PURSER, via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 28.6.05 'TOWNIE' CLAIM WAS OFF MARK - May I reply to Ben Smith's letter under the heading "They don't know the facts on hunting" (The Citizen, June 7). He assumes that I am a townie. I'm sorry to disappoint him, being born and bred in the Forest of Dean, and anyway, what's the problem with townies?... I get the impression Ben Smith supports the tearing up of the hunted animals. Can Ben Smith explain the Waterloo Cup, held for three days near Liverpool?... G. H. COWMEADOW, Nursery Road, Ross-on-Wye (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 17.6.05 READ JILLY FOR ANIMAL INSIGHT - I Would like 16-year-old Ben Smith to know that at his age I was an evacuee - a "townie" who found myself living - and helping on a farm, where I learnt compassion for all dumb animals… Young man - you have a lot to learn! May I suggest you start with reading Jilly Cooper's book Animals in War. BERYL FIELDING, Glebe Road, Newent (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 11.6.05 IGNORANCE OF HARE HUNT TEEN - Hare-hunting, 16-year-old Ben Smith (The Citizen, Letters, June 6) displays the normal mixture of arrogance and ignorance so absolutely typical of the average hunter. He has chosen to lecture anti-hunt correspondents on their alleged ignorance, and then made a couple of howling gaffes. He claims the reason otters are threatened is the mink. In fact, the otter population was decimated some 40 or 50 years ago by the pollution of our rivers… Someone should give this boy an award for obnoxiousness. Hunting has been banned. I would therefore like to know why Ben Smith tells us he "hunts hares on a regular basis". Perhaps the police would like to ask him all about it. PENNY LITTLE, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 11.6.05 BARBARIC DAYS ARE NUMBERED - I Had to reply to the letter from Ben Smith and put him straight on a few things… as the wise (and obviously intelligent) Paul Nelson has written on the same page, the humble fox will only breed when it has the food supply to bring up its young, indeed "regulating" its numbers, so the argument that they need to be killed in the first place really is brought into serious doubt. Wake up to the fact that your days of barbaric hunting are over Mr Smith, and respect the law of the land. STEVE HAINES, Via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 10.6.05 KILLING ANIMALS FOR FUN DAY OUT - Regarding the letter from Ben Smith (The Citizen, June 7) he states that he is tired of the anti hunters arguing "without making any point". Incredible then, that he should also argue without making any point. He doesn't actually state why he hunts hares, but sidesteps the issue to talk about the need to hunt and kill mink to protect otters. The question remains - why is he killing hares?... According to the FBI, 80% of violent criminals start off abusing animals. Compassion for one means compassion for the other, and that ending violence to other species will lead to a kinder, more compassionate society of humans. PAUL NELSON (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 7.6.05 THEY DON'T KNOW FACTS ON HUNTING - In The Citizen of Friday the June 3, I read a letter from G.H. Cowmeadow concerning hunting. I am 16 years of age, and hunt for hares on a regular basis… I am heartily sick of people ranting against hunting who really do not have a clue what they are talking about. I have absolutely no problem with people who disagree with hunting, as long as they know the facts, but not many do… In this letter I throw down the gauntlet to the "antis" to come up with a half-decent argument. Maybe then I will be proved wrong in saying that the majority of them are witless "bunny-huggers". BEN SMITH, via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 3.6.05 HOW CAN RIPPING FOXES TO PIECES BE CALLED JUST? - So Liz Wilkins thinks the law on hunting is unjust. I like unjust. Where is the woman from, another planet? What's right about hunting foxes, trapping them and ripping them to pieces, sometimes with children present and then smearing the blood on the children's faces. And let's not forget the deer and hares who have suffered the same fate. With drag hunting there is no cruelty…. G. H. COWMEADOW, Ross on Wye (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 25.5.05 HUNT SUPPORTERS WERE EFFECTIVE - In reply to a letter from Pamela Dean on the hunting issue (Friday, May 13). OK, so the Gloucester MP had an increased majority at the election. However, 29 anti-hunt MPs lost their seats, and may more had their majorities slashed, including Stroud MP David Drew. He scraped in with a slender majority of 350 and will be a prime target next time…. So, sorry to disappoint the antis, but we are certainly not going to accept this unjust and deeply flawed law. We will continue to fight until it is overturned, and we win. Believe me…. LIZ WILKINS, Overbrook Road, Hardwicke (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 13.5.05 ACCEPT THE LAW - Before the General Election we were told the ban on hunting would be an important issue - that people would vote for a return to hunting. Yet the MP for Gloucester increased his majority. Can we now hope the hunting fraternity will accept the hunt ban law… PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill (letter)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 28.6.05 Tough enough sentence? THE CONVICTION of an illegal hare courser by Perth Sheriff Court is welcome news, but is 120 hours of community service a tough enough sentence to deal effectively with this nasty idea of enjoyment?... — Katherine Watson, Stockport, Cheshire. (letter)

Argus 28.6.05 Letter: We need a cull of litter not of birds - Why do people such as Trevor Pateman always arrive at the conclusion that killing wildlife in large numbers is the only answer to what he feels is a public health issue caused by the high seagull and pigeon population in our city (Letters, June 21)?... To those who share similar genocidal views to Mr Pateman on wildlife, it is a fact man is the biggest threat to our planet and is subsequently at the top of the list of vermin…. -J Harrison, Saltdean (letter in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 28.6.05 STUDENTS TURN AWAY FROM MEAT - KATHRYN FITCHETT - More students are giving up meat and asking for vegetarian options in city schools, School's Herald can reveal. Kate Parker, Plymouth City Council's catering manager, said: "We have certainly seen an increase in the number of young vegetarians over the years, especially in secondary schools…" City student Clair, 18, believes that animals are 'killed in an inhumane way'…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 28.6.05 Back the fight against cruelty - I WAS pleased to read in the LET that Janet Anderson and more than 90 other MPs are concerned that primates are being kept as domestic pets…. SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 28.6.05 BUSY BEAR TEAM RELIES SO MUCH ON GENEROSITY OF READERS - Sometimes I don't know how our team in Chengdu finds the time to breathe. It seems that everyone here is so focused on helping the bears they often forget there's a life outside…. Because of you all, Animals Asia is able to continue our valuable work that is gradually, but forcefully, realising our final goal of ending bear farming in China by the time of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing…. (story)

North East Evening Gazette 28.6.05 Don't ban Annie - Michelle Ruane, Evening Gazette - A charity calling for a ban on circus animals has highlighted an arthritic elephant who regularly visits Teesside. But Asian elephant Annie's owners insist she is part of the family and would suffer if moved from her familiar surroundings. They say they are "surprised and saddened" by the campaign. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says a circus is not a suitable environment as appropriate welfare standards cannot be maintained…. (story)

Northampton Evening Chronicle 28.6.05 Battle is on to save Annie the elephant - A FORMER keeper who looked after the last circus elephant in Britain is fighting to save her as a thank you for saving his own life. Robert Sheret, formerly of Norfolk Street, Semilong, joined the Roberts Brothers Circus as an elephant groomer after answering a job advert in the Chronicle & Echo…. Mr Sheret, aged 50, who has sinced moved away from Northampton, believes Annie is not up to the travelling lifestyle anymore and is being mistreated…. Malcolm Clay, solicitor for circus owner Bobby Roberts, rebutted the claims and said Mr Roberts and his wife could not recall Mr Sheret working for them… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.6.05 POLICE CALLED IN AS ACTIVISTS PROTEST OUTSIDE ONE OF LAST ANIMAL CIRCUSES - Mike Boyle - ANGRY clashes between animal-rights protesters and circus staff have flared in Angus as one of the UK's last animal circuses visits the county. Animal-rights activists were picketing and leafleting people leaving one performance and arriving for the next at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Montrose when the trouble started…. A spokesman for Tayside Police said: "One or two people were spoken to but there were no arrests."… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 28.6.05 Anne is just fine - THE people criticising Bobby Roberts Circus concerning Anne the elephant are ill- informed. I know from experience that Anne has never been cooped up for that length of time and she is very well cared for…. Elaine Milbourn and Coronation Street star Helen Worth should realise that Anne has never been in the wild or in a zoo, so if they think that they are helping then they should think again… M THOMPSON, Burnmoor Avenue, Mirehouse, Whitehaven (letter)


Guardian 27.6.05 Release the hounds - Tony Greenbank - An evening attempt on Stone Arthur last week proved to be something of a failure. I had seen a man high on a sheep trod crossing the hillside and given it scarcely a thought… Just as I was about to cross Greenhead Ghyll, a pack of baying hounds came hurtling down the opposite bank towards me… No fox-hunting canines these, but trail hounds bred to pursue a trace laid previously with aniseed and paraffin-scented rags (the "dog" I thought I had seen)…. (story)

Shropshire Star 27.6.05 Shooting down bird nonsense - Re: The claim by RJ Edwards (Star Letters, June 20) that shooting is endangering the survival of wildlife - this is nonsense because the opposite is true. Where land is used for the rearing of game birds, wildlife thrives due to habitat protection, woodland planting and pest control…. WF Kerswell Church Stretton (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.6.05 COURT: Asbo for hare courser in landmark ruling - A hare courser has been banned from entering Cambridgeshire in a landmark court ruling.A judge slapped an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) on Patrick Nevin (48), after he was persistently caught breaking the law…. The case was the latest part of Operation Dornier, a force-wide police crackdown on illegal hare-coursing… (story)

Evening Standard 27.6.05 Drugmakers seek funds to fight 'terrorists' - James Rossiter, Eveing Standard, - BRITAIN'S pharmaceuticals industry wants more funding to help enforce a crackdown on 'terrorist' animal rights groups. The call comes from the BioIndustry Association (BIA) in the wake of Canaccord's resignation as broker to drugs firm Phytopharm after extremists blew up the car of Canaccord director Michael Kendall…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 27.6.05 HLS 'will not bow' to blaze threats - HUNTINGDON Life Sciences has said it will not be intimidated after animal rights extremists pledged to "unleash fire" on the research laboratory. Keith Mann, a senior figure in the Animal Liberation Front, said activists would not rest until they had shut down HLS…. (story)

UTV 27.6.05 Protest by animal rights group - An animal rights group is accusing the public of being at least partly responsible for cruelty to animals raised on Irish farms. The Alliance for Animal Rights is protesting outside the Irish Department of Agriculture in Dublin this afternoon…. (story)

The Sentinel 27.6.05 DON'T NEGLECT ANIMAL CRUELTY - I Am writing to protest about animal cruelty. It should be banned. Did you know that if you kill a person you go to prison for years but if you kill a animal you go to prison for a few weeks…. JAMES SALT Aged 10 Seabridge Junior School Newcastle (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 27.6.05 NO JUSTIFYING WHALE CRUELTY PHILIP LYMBERY, Director of Communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 23.6.05 Senseless slaughter on high seas - PHILIP LYMBERY, Director of Communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals (story)
Bath Chronicle 16.6.05 BRING AN END TO KILLING WHALES - PHILIP LYMBERY, Director of communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Albert Embankment London (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.6.05 JOIN OUR FIGHT TO STOP WHALE CRUELTY - It is ironic that, in a week when the world celebrated World Ocean Day, whaling fleets from Japan and Norway were at sea with the sole intent of hunting and killing hundreds of whales. There is simply no rational justification for the cruelty that commercial whaling represents…. Philip Lymbery Director of communications World Society for the Protection of Animals (story)


Sunday Telegraph 26.6.05 Something stirs in the bra of the Greenwood girl By Jeremy Paxman - I was down fly-fishing for sea-trout on the river Towy last weekend… As the fishing takes place at night, we had many of the daylight hours free and spent a few of them at the Welsh Game Fair, an event quite unlike the now gentrified country shows one finds in much of England… It brought forth the biggest collection of sunburn, tattoos and terriers on baler-twine that I have ever seen… Of course, one got the strong impression that for many, the law was something which happened to other people. But they are the sort of people without whom the countryside simply would cease to function….. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 26.6.05 Sick pride of the lionkillers - I was greatly disturbed by your article about the British men who travel to Africa to hunt and shoot lions and other wild animals (Magazine, June 19), but I am glad also that you published it as it is important to inform people of this horrible underground trophy-hunting fraternity…. Siobhan Higgins, Brussels
Your reporter Daniel Foggo loses no opportunity to turn your readers against trophy-hunters, and mentions conservation only in passing, although he is forced to acknowledge the vital role trophy-hunting plays…. . If your article succeeds in demonising trophy-hunters, the future of the African lion will be less secure. Abigail Day, London, W8
Your excellent article on trophy-hunters was a fascinating insight into the savage psyche of middle-aged boys. I would have required a stomach of steel to even share the same room with the two men… Simon Fry, Weymouth, Dorset
I find it absolutely sickening that anyone would want to kill something for fun and be so brazen about it… Trudi Humphry-Rankin, Dover, Kent (letters)

Independent on Sunday 26.6.05 Focus: He was not a scientist and did not harm animals. But they blew his car up anyway - The latest attack shows that animal rights extremists are now targetting people with little connection to testing labs. Tim Luckhurst reveals who is behind these terrifying tactics… That was exactly what the ALF wanted. It claimed responsibility for the fire with an internet posting that announced "a new era" of attacks had dawned. "If you support or raise funds for any company connected with Huntingdon Life Sciences we will track you down, come for you, and destroy your property with fire." The tactic is called tertiary targeting…. (story)

Hastings Observer 27.6.05 BADGER KINGDOM PLANS SETT TO BADGER LOCALS - BADGER KINGDOM will remain despite the developers flagrantly flaunting planning laws. Hastings Council's planning board were left powerless and disappointed last Thursday (June 23) as the Hastings Badger Protection Society escaped with just a scolding. The Society created an artificial badger sett above the flood plain of an existing sett behind homes in Bexhill Road in January. But they never submitted a planning application to obtain permission, refused to answer council officers' pleas to submit a retrospective application and still insist permission is not required… (story)


Gloucester Citizen 25.6.05 POLICE CAN ENTER ILLEGAL HUNT LAND - I Am concerned that your article on the policing of hunts was very misleading with regard to the power of entry onto land where illegal hunting is suspected… Section 8 of the Hunting Act provides powers for a constable, who reasonably suspects that a person is committing or has committed an offence, to stop and search that person and, overriding the earlier statement, "a constable may enter, without warrant, land, premises other than a dwelling, or a vehicle in order to exercise the powers under Section 8"…. GILL PURSER, via e-mail (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.6.05 STUDY TO SHOW IMPACT OF GAME FAIR ON PERTHSHIRE - JENNY SIMPSON - Councillors are to investigate the impact of the annual Scottish Game Fair on the Perthshire economy. Enterprise and infrastructure convener Alan Livingston said Perth and Kinross Council would fund an economic-impact study to gauge the financial effects of the fair…. Councillor Livingston said: "With more than 30,000 visitors, competitors and traders coming from across the UK, this is one of the main countryside events of the year in Scotland. The economic-impact study will help us to quantify the enormous boost that the game fair gives the local economy."… (story)

Guardian 25.6.05 Animal rights extremists in arson spree - Sandra Laville and Duncan Campbell - Animal rights activists have unleashed a new arson campaign in the run-up to the introduction of a law next month which could see them jailed for five years for economic sabotage. Extremists are returning to the tactics of several years ago, using firebombs to attack anyone they perceive as having links to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the Cambridgeshire-based research laboratory…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 25.6.05 KNOW-HOW MAKES VEGGIE DIETS WORK - I SUPPORT Ms Astill-Dunseith (June 23), and as a vegetarian I do "force my diet on my child". What parent does not?... Does J. Bindel allow her children full control at the supermarket? Do they eat nothing but burgers if they wish? I think not!.... We are not all anarchists - I work very hard in a responsible job and give my child the best food, education and also my time and love. LYNN TRAIN-BROWNPainshall Close (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.6.05 Eat the yobs! - I REFER to the comments made by Robert Dixon (Letters, June 20) where he states that kangaroos, deer, rabbits, grey squirrels etc are major pests and should therefore be culled and eaten. Surely he has failed to notice that the most prolific and destructive pests in this country are the yobs who deface urban areas with graffiti… Surely it therefore makes sense to cull them too!... M MISTRY, Old Town, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.6.05 You don't help animals by eating them - Clearly R Dixon (EA letters, June 20) in replying to my letter expressing Viva!'s disappointment that a local business is selling kangaroo, bison, wild boar and ostrich meat, is missing the point…. I'd hope the majority of people would want no part in this horrific trade. Of course, eating any animal causes suffering the best way of stopping cruelty is to go vegetarian. J KERSWEL, Campaigner, Viva!, Bristol (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 20.6.05 - Bon appetit! - I HAVE never heard of Viva (letter, June 14). However, its campaigner Justin Kerswell clearly does not know very much about wildlife or animal husbandry. Bison, wild boar, and ostrich are all farmed commercially in this country and clearly are not facing extinction… Full marks to the enterprising La Hogue Farm shop, I shall hasten there to buy some of their bison burgers, wild boar pate, ostrich steaks and a kangaroo tail, for a delicious stew. Yum, yum. R DIXON, Chisbury, Little Bedwyn, nr Marlborough (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.6.05 Don't put wildlife on the menu - J KERSWELL, Campaigner, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter in archive)
Bath Chronicle 11.6.05 ARE TIGER CHOPS NEXT ON MENU? - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Viva! (story)
Western Daily Press 11.6.05 THIS INDUSTRY-LED SLAUGHTER COULD RESULT IN EXTINCTION. . . - I am very disappointed to see that a local business - the La Hogue Farm Shop, Chippenham - is selling kangaroo, bison, wild boar and ostrich meat. Viva! has long campaigned against the sale of these socalled exotic meats…. Exotic meat doesn't sound quite so appetising if you rename it "dead wildlife"… Of course, eating any animal causes suffering - the best way of stopping cruelty is to go vegetarian. For more information on the campaign against exotic meats and free veggie recipes, contact Viva!... Justin Kerswell, Campaigner Viva !, Bristol (letter)


West Cumberland Times & Star 24.6.05 Humidity hinders hounds - THE INTERNATIONAL at Sandale went ahead on a very hot and sultry day last Saturday. The open puppies were first off, but these young hounds found it difficult to hunt in the humid conditions. It was also reported that they had gone off after a fox. No-one had explained to them that there is a ban on fox hunting…. (story)

Malvern Gazette 24.6.05 Rural life reflected in diversity of show - More than 99,000 visitors flocked to Malvern for this year's Three Counties Show…. In the showground's main arena, the Red Devils parachute display team were a popular attraction, along with the White Helmets motorcycle display team, a parade of fox hounds, harness racing and heavy horses… (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.6.05 Laughing at replies about Otis I have had a good laugh reading replies to my letter about Otis Ferry being knighted after walking into the House Of Commons. Ray Williams, of Shifnal, wrote that I suggested that Otis should be knighted for breaking into the Commons - I never wrote that. He actually walked in dressed as a builder (don't forget Ray it was not a serious offence) and it was not in the 18th century, and there was no violence used…. D Evans, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 17.6.05 Ferry as a knight is farcical - David Evans suggests that Otis Ferry should be knighted for breaking into the House of Commons (Star Mail, June 8). The man is a nit, not a knight, and had he (Otis) been living in the 18th Century he would have been shot or hanged for treason. … To the last letter from Mike Hobday and Declan McVeigh (LACS) it takes two to write a letter now. … Ray Williams, Shifnal (letter)
Shropshire Star 16.6.05 Otis Ferry deserves all he gets - What a load of rubbish David Evans gave in your paper on June 8 about Otis Ferry. One does not bestow a knighthood upon an individual for storming into the House of Commons, interrupting democratic debate, trespass, breaching security and making an appearance in Bow Street magistrates court facing charges of disorderly conduct…. P Taffs, Telford (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.05 MPS VOTED FOR BAN, NOT GOVERNMENT - Colin Richey, Letters, June 21, begins by complaining that the Government banned hunting with dogs, and ends by saying it will not be long before what used to be a great democracy becomes akin to living under a Stalinist regime. Mr Richey fails to understand that the Government did not ban hunting…. The fact that a ban was achieved by MPs, contrary to the wishes of the Government, clearly demonstrates that we still have a democracy and are not living under a Stalinist regime. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

York Evening Press 24.6.05 My anger over rant on snares - I SEE we have another MP interfering in country matters from a position of complete ignorance. I refer to Phil Willis's rant about snares causing animals pain and suffering (June 22). How does he know? Was he a rabbit or fox in a former life, or perhaps he is a professor of biology and hasn't told anybody?... Snares are the easiest traps to make. So, is he going to control brass wire? Are we going to have to sign a book at B&Q whenever we want to hang a picture? … Jeremy D Fox, Malton Avenue, York. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 24.6.05 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS BITE BACK - Animal rights activists forced the broker of drug maker Phytopharm to quit yesterday after targeting one of its executives. Canaccord Capital resigned as broker to the company less than a month after an incendiary device exploded under the car of its European finance chief…. (story)
Guardian 24.6.05 Phytopharm broker quits after carbombing by activists - David Teather in New York - The broker to the drug company Phytopharm quit yesterday after animal rights activists exploded a bomb beneath the car of one of the firm's executives…. The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack on a Canaccord director, Michael Kendall, that took place last month… (story)
Telegraph 24.6.05 Drugs firm broker quits after firebomb attack By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - Richard Dixey, the chief executive of Phytopharm, said yesterday that he was "frankly despairing", after the pharmaceutical company's broker resigned following a firebomb attack by animal rights activists. "It is totally disgusting and completely wrong," he said, referring to an attack last month on Canaccord director Michael Kendall. Mr Kendall, who has two young children, was asleep when his car exploded in the garage attached to his house. He was able to extinguish the fire after hearing the car alarm… (story)
Times 24.6.05 Phytopharm sees shares plummet after broker quits BY RICHARD IRVING - THE chief executive of Phytopharm insisted that he would stand firm against animal rights activists after shares in the company fell 15 per cent yesterday on fears that activists were stepping up a campaign against his business… Dr Dixey was speaking after Canaccord, the Canadian investment banking boutique, resigned as Phytopharm’s corporate broker…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 23.6.05 Brokers pull out after animal activists' bomb - LONDON brokers for botanics firm Phytopharm have thrown in the towel after a bomb was left under a senior director's car by animal rights activists. Canaccord Capital announcedit was resigning "with immediate effect" as joint sponsor and broker for the Godmanchester company, which specialises in remedies based on plant extracts…. The Animal Liberation Front has targeted Canaccord because Phytopharm has links with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the animal testing labs which have been subject to a sustained campaign by activists for many years… (story)
Reuters 23.6.05 Phytopharm broker quits over animal rights attack - Canaccord Capital has quit as broker to Phytopharm Plc after a senior manager was attacked by animal rights activists because of the Canadian financial services group's links to the British biotech firm… (story)
BBC News Online 23.6.05 Animal-rights blow for drugs firm - Shares in UK drugs firm Phytopharm have slumped by as much as 22%, as investors feared attacks from animal-rights militants. Canaccord Capital has quit as broker to the firm, after one of its bosses was the target of an incendiary device…. (story)
Times 23.6.05 Canaccord falls prey to animal extremists BY ANDREW ELLSON, TIMES ONLINE - Canaccord Capital has bowed to the pressure of animal rights extremists by resigning as broker to drugs group Phytopharm after a firebomb attack on the company’s finance director last month. A group linked to the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack saying it had placed an incendiary device under the car of Michael Kendall…. (story)
Times 23.6.05 Activists force review by Phytopharm broker BY RICHARD IRVING - CANACCORD CAPITAL is reviewing its role as a broker to Phytopharm, one of Britain’s best known biotech companies, after animal rights extremists targeted one of the stockbroker’s top directors. The City firm last night confirmed reports on an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) website claiming that an incendiary device had been left under the car of one its senior managers. A spokesman for Canaccord told The Times last night that he would be in a position to clarify the company’s relationship with Phytopharm after 7am today…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 24.6.05 HOLD INQUIRY ON ANIMAL TESTING - For the good of human health, the Government must urgently commission a public enquiry into animal experiments… ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (letter)

Sussex Express 24.6.05 DEER RESCUED - ANIMAL Rescuers were called out Friday to rescue a baby deer called Strawberry at Punnets Town. Volunteer rescuers Trevor Weeks and Alec Ancombe from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), found local residents had already cut the deer's leg free of the fence… (story)

Lakeland Echo 24.6.05 Animal circus is too much to bear - ANIMAL welfare groups sprang into action on Wednesday as the country's only touring circus to use a bear arrived in Carnforth. Campaigners from the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) and the North West Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) arrived with leaflets and megaphones outside Peter Jolly's Circus in Scotland Road…. Ian Richards from ARC said: "Animals do not belong in circuses. It is time for Ming and all the other animals to be retired to sanctuaries rather than dragged around to perform for the public."… (story)
Morecambe Visitor 22.6.05 Show goes on despite protests - AN ANIMAL circus with the only performing bear left in Britain was last week able to put on shows in Carnforth as they were not taking place on city council-owned land. Animal rights groups had objected to Peter Jolly's Circus but, as it was on privately-owned land, there was no by-law to prevent it… Ian Richards of the North West Animal Rights Coalition added: "It is time for Ming and all the other animals to be retired to sanctuaries rather than dragged around to perform for the public."… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 17.6.05 Circus protest By Lisa Frascarelli - TANNOY-TOTING animal rights protesters descended on a visiting Shropshire circus that has the country's last captive bear, Ming, reports Lisa Frascarelli…. At Carnforth, members of the North West Animal Rights Coalition (NWARC) persuaded some circus-goers to turn back, telling them it was time Ming was allowed to retire. Ian Richards, of the NWARC, said Peter Jolly's circus was one of four animal circuses in Britain and his show was out-dated and degrading. "We are protesting against Peter Jolly's not-so-jolly circus," he said…. (story)

Irish Examiner 24.6.05 Pigs want to live, too, so why slaughter them? - THERE are many ways to skin a cat, and now it seems there are also many ways to kill a pig. We need not be surprised, though we may allow ourselves to experience a certain degree of shock and disgust…. The tragedy is not in how we kill pigs; it is that we deem it both acceptable and necessary to kill them at all. It is a shocking act that most of us cannot even contemplate, yet we are happy to eat the end product. Gerry Boland, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)
Irish Examiner 24.6.05 Devil in disguise - I WAS sickened to read the description and view the photographs of the cruel slaughter of thousands of pigs on a Waterford farm recently. The knowledge that government officials oversaw people killing defenceless animals with sledgehammers makes the sorry story even more depressing…. Gordon Kennedy, 32 DodderView Cottages, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 (letter)


The Forester 23.6.05 GONGS GALORE AT SHOW - The Redvers family may not be holding their breaths for an MBE but had the horse sense to bring back a prize from the Three Counties Show. Hartpury stud owner David Redvers hit the headlines when he invaded the House of Commons during protests against a ban on hunting with dogs. Judges at the last weekend's show awarded a second place in the racehorse to riding horses class to Mr Baxter Basics, from the Redvers' Corsend Farm… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.6.05 'Why breed all these puppies?' - IT WAS with no surprise, but complete incredulity that I read your article regarding the passing out parade for pups joining the hunt pack ("Passing out parade for grown pups joining the pack", ET, June 16). As hunting with hounds is now illegal, what is the point in breeding dozens of hounds to add to the now-obsolete Fitwilliam Hunt?... DEREK JARVIS, West Street, Helpston, near Peterborough (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 23.6.05 DOG RACES SHOULD BE A HIGHLIGHT - High-speed antics from racing terriers are promised at next month's Cotswold Show and Country fair…. Some of the country's top gun dogs will battle it out in the national finals of the BASC Big Five competition… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.6.05 Vet takes up the running by Lyndsay Scanlan - A SWINDON veterinary nurse has handed over £1,500 to the RSPCA. Clare Broadhurst, who works at the Shaw Veterinary Centre, Ramleaze Drive, raised the money so that the charity could help more stray animals that are found injured in the Swindon area…. (story in archive)

Bath Chronicle 23.6.05 TOMMY ATKINS - Little Tommy Atkins and his friend called Digby Dare, went off one day just after school, to join the county fair… "But what about the elephant?" cried Tommy and Digby as one, "It will be so sad kept in that cage away from its home out there in the sun…. C SPICER, Bath (letter)

Penarth Times 23.6.05 Give Anne her freedom! - PENARTH AM Lorraine Barrett has backed a campaign calling for Britain's last remaining circus elephant to be allowed to enjoy her retirement…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 23.6.05 DON'T WASTE THE EFFORTS OF POLICE - I write concerning Saturday's article about the dead seagull and the two do-gooders. I find the idea that the police should be concerned with such incidents a preposterous idea…. An injured bird, suffering from a broken wing or leg, would find it difficult to feed and would suffer a long, slow death through starvation or predators. Surely by hitting it again the van ensured it suffered a quicker death, rather than a slow, painful one over several days or weeks… Seagulls are not domestic animals and do not appreciate human presence, no matter how well intended. By staying with the bird the ladies no doubt put the bird through further stress and trauma… Our police are already overworked with real work concerning criminals to be concerned with such time-wasters. IAN, Gloucester (story)
Gloucester Citizen 18.6.05 OUTRAGE OVER GULL KILLING - Two city women have spoken of their shock after seeing an injured seagull deliberately run over by a van. Jane and Brigitte Willett, both from Gloucester, were walking near Asda on Bruton Way… : "We were heading towards the road to help the bird when the van came along, and we just didn't get the chance to reach the poor creature before the van hit it. It hit the bird's head, so there wasn't anything we could do. We put it down on some wasteland and stayed with it until it stopped breathing….” (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 23.6.05 Ditch the meat - Committed teenager wants people to become vegetarian A FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD vegan crusader is on a mission to encourage people to boycott burgers and go veggie. Sam McCreesh has called on powerful fast food companies to improve health standards in the farms that supply them…. He campaigns against animal experimentation, intensive farming and bloodsports, and supports wildlife conservation, animal rescue and welfare organisations… (story)


Western Morning News or Torquay Herald Express 22.6.05 INQUIRY CALL ON 'LAMPING' - Ministers have been called on to investigate the shooting of foxes at night, following a tragedy in South Devon. East Devon MP Hugo Swire is concerned an upsurge in expeditions known as "lamping" could lead to more accidents, in the wake of the Government's controversial ban on fox hunting…. (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 22.6.05 Hounds get ready to sniff out human quarry - A new pack of hounds could soon be hunting in the Sussex Downs area – and their quarry will be human. Jeremy Whaley, a former joint master with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray foxhunt, has returned from the Scottish borders bringing with him a pack of 24 bloodhounds he set up three years ago…Jeremy Whaley with his pack of Southdown Bloodhounds. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.6.05 FAILED RACING DOGS KILLED OFF - I recently heard on Radio 2 a spokesperson for the British Greyhound Racing Board saying that if the sport was banned thousands of greyhounds would then have to be killed because of the Hunting Act…. Greyhounds are already killed in their thousands every year… Suzanne Reeves, Southford Lane, Staverton (letter)

Leicester Mercury 22.6.05 DRIVERS AND VILLAGERS QUIZZED OVER 'BOMB' - Police have interviewed more than 100 people in their investigation into a suspected animal rights extremists plot to firebomb a family's car…. The family, Andrew and Carmel Johnson and their two children, have no links with any company associated with animal testing, although it is believed a previous owner worked for a firm which has been targeted…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 15.6.05 TERROR ATTACK AT FAMILY HOME BY TOM PEGDEN - A family was forced to flee their home after suspected animal rights extremists planted a device under their car. Andrew and Carmel Johnson were left terrified when someone planted what looked like a petrol bomb at their thatched home in Newtown Linford…. Today, the family told the Leicester Mercury that the terrorists - who have struck before at the property - had targeted the wrong people. It is believed they planned to attack a former resident who worked for a company which extremists believe carried out experiments on animals…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.6.05 CREATURES SUFFER IN CRUEL PROCEDURES - I have three cats and a dog and, like my friends and family, they each have completely different temperaments and personalities. The same is equally true of laboratory animals…. Anyone who would like more information on both the cruelty and uselessness of vivisection can contact the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… Miss Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (story)

Yorkshire Post 22.6.05 BRAVE PROTEST AGAINST BULL FIGHTING From: DM Reynolds, Wheatley Hill, Doncaster. I AM not sure that the tactic is an especially good one – stripping naked and running through the streets – ("Bull-protest women to run nude in Spain", June 21) but the Yorkshire women who are planning to protest in Pamplona, Spain, against the cruelty of bull-running and bull fights, are certainly brave…. (letter)

York Evening Press 22.6.05 Stop the exploitation of whales - The International Whaling Commission decides whether to allow commercial whale hunting to resume. I hope this never happens…. Chris Clayton, Hempland Drive, York. (letter in archive)

Epsom Herald 21.6.05 Bid to rescue animal centre - A DESPERATE appeal for £150,000 needed to save a cash strapped wildlife hospital from closure has been launched. The money is needed to secure a permanent future for the London Wildcare hospital in Beddington Park, Sutton…. (story)
Sutton Guardian 26.5.05 Animal tragic By Richard Lyons - The London Wildlife Hospital is set to close after finally losing its financial battle to stay afloat. Thousands of sick and injured wild animals could now face destruction because the Beddington Park based centre, which has been running for 11 years, was the capital's only hospital for wild animals…. (story)
Epsom Herald 24.5.05 Wildlife blow for specialist hospital By Joan Mulcaster - INJURED London wild animals and birds face destruction with the shock closure of a specialist hospital for their care and rehabilitation. London Wildcare, on its financial knees, this week announced the closure of its premises in Beddington Park, with no more patients admitted. And while founder Ted Burden guarantees the care and life of existing patients he fears for those likely to need veterinary help in future…. (story)


Western Mail 21.6.05 Enthusiastic welcome for packs - THE largest-ever turnout of Welsh packs struck a defiant note at the Welsh Game Fair over the weekend. A total of 32 packs took part of the Parade of Hounds on Saturday, the first day of the two-day show at Gelli Aur Country Park near Llandeilo and received a thunderous welcome from the large crowd… (story)

Western Mail 21.6.05 Tribute marks FUW 50th anniversary - WARM tributes were paid to the founding fathers of the Farmers' Union of Wales during the organisation's annual meeting last week… The partnership between the FUW and International Fund for Animal Welfare on the issue of illegal meat imports was a prime example of this co-operation - between organisations that were not obvious allies. 'We are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to the controversial issue of hunting with dogs,' said Mr Vaughan…. 'While we do not agree with Ifaw's stand on hunting, it is possible for us to work successfully with them to try and outlaw this trade in illegal and potentially diseased meat.' (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.6.05 SMOKING BAN A RISK TO ECONOMY - Under this Government we are becoming more and more of a nanny state. First it bows to pressure from anti-hunting lobbyists to ban hunting with dogs - and now, despite denying it, the Government will bring in a ban on smoking in all public places…. Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

The Sentinel 21.6.05 A FOX WOULDN'T MURDER TIDDLES - Hasn't the poor old fox been persecuted enough down the ages without having to cope with fresh allegations from residents of Newcastle who claim that it is killing their cats and digging up their gardens?... The truth is that there are people with a disliking of foxes who will always believe the worst of them. Forgive me for being biased but I love them with all my heart. PETER T RIDGWAY Bradwell (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.6.05 UNNATURAL STRESS IS PLACED ON POLO PONIES - My wife and I have been involved with the welfare side of horses for 30-odd years. I am concerned that Mary Tapping has regular features on polo, yet not one word about how the ponies may suffer. It may be argued that things have improved in recent years, but only because of pressure from welfare groups like Redwings - not the International League for the Protection of Horses which seems reluctant to interfere with the blood sport fraternity…. Mr D Thomas Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.6.05 OTHER CAUSES OF BOVINE TB - Reading WDP Farming Green (June 14), I see yet again farmers' leaders calling for yet another badger cull…. I still cannot understand why they will not take notice of indisputable scientific evidence. Farmers are now calling for a new cull, knowing full well Defra are still in the process of a sevenyear cull…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.6.05 PRESS DEFRA FOR A VACCINE - I was appalled to read in Chris Rundle's column in Farming Green that badger setts may be gassed. It appears farmers may be about to do just this. The badger is of course "protected", but we know how little this means… Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 21.6.05 VEGGIE WAY TO PROTECT HEALTH - Yet another national study has shown strong links between eating red meat and developing cancer. But let's not forget any type of meat can be damaging to human health…. What kind of responsible parent would put the health of their family at risk when a vegetarian diet is so easy to follow? ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (animal)

Aberdeen Evening Express 27.6.05 POINTLESS RITE - I Have absolutely no sympathy for Bruce Sinclair and the injuries he has received in the Pamplona bull run "Dicing with death" (EE, June 20). It is an outdated Spanish rite of passage challenge which is these days little better than a tawdry tourist attraction… Beth Grant city centre (letter)


Independent 20.6.05 Jim grits his teeth as rural protesters plan a 'spectacular' By Oliver Marre - * The House of Commons contains its fair share of poison chalices, but the ambitious Labour MP Jim Knight has just been landed with what can comfortably be described as the worst job in Government. Knight, pictured, who became Rural Affairs Minister after the general election, has been ordered to attend next month's CLA Game Fair at Belvoir Castle… Sources at Defra say that Knight is "terrified" at the prospect, but has been told that bridges must now be built with the hunting, shooting and fishing brigade…. In 2003, Ben Bradshaw was accosted by a phalanx of women waving pink knickers and chanting "pants to your ban"… The previous year, rural campaigner Robin Page interrupted Alun Michael's press conference to describe him as a "fucking little political shit". (story)

Telegraph 20.6.05 World of books - Cobbett's gift was to tell the truth - We are accustomed nowadays to heart-rending stories of poverty in Africa. But here is William Cobbett, riding in the environs of Cirencester in November 1821. "The labourers seem miserably poor. Their dwellings are little better than pig-beds, and their looks indicate that their food is not nearly equal to that of a pig…..” I had never read Rural Rides before and, yes, there are moments of idyll - as when he takes part in a delightful hare-hunt, or when he sees the hopfields near Battle, or appreciates a field of fine early turnips near Burghclere. (He robustly argues against those who say hunting is cruel.)… (story)

Western Daily Press 20.6.05 POLICY COSTS £5BN A YEAR - So, farmers are hitting back at the Government by banning the army from using its land for manoeuvres, in protest at the Government's ban on foxhunting. Perhaps they are forgetting that the Government is currently subsidising them and their industry, via the common agricultural policy, and bailing them out because it costs more to produce the meat and milk than it does to sell it…. Paul Nelson Croydon Surrey (letter)

Northern Echo 20.6.05 BIRD POISONING: BRENDA Cragg (HAS, June 9) asks that the incidents of bird poisoning should be more clearly defined as this might help pinpoint the culprits. I would suggest that we also identify those most likely to have motives for destroying such birds. These are, for example, gamekeepers, not all, but some. There might be farmers, tenants or freeholders who have interests in the grouse or pheasant shooting business…. R Lewis, Birtley. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 20.6.05 BIRDS OF PREY - I WAS interested to read your article (Echo, May 27) about the determined campaign to kill birds of prey on and close to the RSPB's nature reserve at Geltsdale on the Cumbria-Northumberland border. There has been a history of similar incidents with illegally shot and poisoned birds being found on the edge of the reserve…. Brenda Scragg, Bishop Auckland. (letter)

The Sentinel 20.6.05 LET'S EVALUATE ANIMAL TESTING - Mark Richards (Letters, June 14) points out that proving the safety of new drugs in animals does not ensure they will be safe for humans…. Side effects of prescription medicines kill many thousands of people every year… KATHY ARCHIBALD Director Europeans for Medical Progress London (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 20.6.05 Vivisection is unscientific - News that regular use of painkillers Ibuprofen and Diclofenac may increase the chance of suffering a heart attack by 24 per cent and 55 per cent respectively is another nail in the coffin of vivisection… Iain Hillback, Broadway North, Walsall. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.6.05 SHOCKED AT DOG SPORT'S CRUELTY - G Warne, Brakefield, South Brent (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 13.6.05 ARGUMENT DOES NOT STAND UP - I write in response to the letter printed stating the protesters against greyhound racing are 'over-reacting' (HE June 1). The tired old argument that 'because something is traditional, it must be acceptable' does not hold water. In earlier days bear-baiting, dog-fighting, cockfighting and, latterly, hunting were all traditional…. There must be lots of ways that people can enjoy themselves without exploiting defenceless animals. It is my hope that this 'sport' will soon be consigned to the history books where it belongs. JOAN JONES, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Western Morning News 10.6.05 Gentle greyhounds - G Warne, South Brent (story)
Gloucester Citizen 8.6.05 GREYHOUND RACING CRUEL - G Warne, South Brent (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 7.6.05 ARROGANCE OF PROTESTORS - I am writing in response to two items about greyhounds in your issue of June 1, namely the letter from Philip Kettle, which I agree with, and to contest the misguided views of the protesters at Newton Abbot racecourse. I quote: "The march included a funeral procession to highlight the greyhound slaughter". On what scale is this slaughter supposed to take place? I don't know of any 'greyhound slaughterhouses', as they have for cattle, sheep and pigs…. what are they trying to stop greyhound racing for? It seems to me they are of the same persuasion as the anti-hunt lobbyists - they don't like it so nobody else can like it either. These are arrogant people who say they are doing it for the sake of the animals, but I think that is far from the truth…. M HICKMAN, Sawyer Drive, Teignmouth (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 7.6.05 ANSWER LIES WITH RACING BOARD - I know next to nothing about the 'sport' of greyhound racing. The fact that it is the second largest spectator sport and has been in operation for 80 years does not automatically make it a treasured heritage, especially when it has a rather seedy image… STUART PARSONS, Leighon Road, Paignton, (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 7.6.05 SHOCKED BY CAMPAIGN - On Saturday May 28 I was in Newton Abbot with my family and came across a group of people in the town centre who were campaigning for the abolition of greyhound racing… I urge your readers not to support greyhound racing… I would like to thank Greyhound Action for bringing this to my attention, and I wish them every success with their campaign. G WARNE, Brakefield, South Brent (letter)
Western Morning News 7.6.05 Greyhounds' fate - Elsie van der Steen, Paignton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.05 DOGS ENDURING MUCH SUFFERING - On May 28, I was a participant in the demonstration organised by Greyhound Action and although surprised and delighted by the support and good wishes from passers-by, I was concerned by how little is known of the massive scale of suffering endured by greyhounds… Elsie van der Steen, Cecilia Road, Paignton (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 1.6.05 GREYHOUND PROTEST AN OVERREACTION - Yet again a small minority of people in the southern counties overreact regarding greyhound racing… . I am sure SDGA is fundamentally genuine regarding its concerns over the welfare of racing greyhounds, but I am afraid this whiffs yet again of the trend towards the interfering, ill-informed, urban orientated, do-gooder political correctness of Blair's New Labour Britain…. PHILLIP KETTLE, Endon Road, Norton Green, Stoke on Trent (story)
Torquay Herald Express 1.6.05 DEMAND FOR BOYCOTT OF DOG RACING - A south Devon Greyhound Action demonstration in Newton Abbot attracted more than 50 people who marched through the town's streets in a peaceful protest…. Helen Stevens from SDGA said: "We were delighted with the excellent turnout at the event and the huge support we received from the public."… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 28.5.05 MARCH FOR GREYHOUND AWARENESS - Former Mayor of Newton Abbot Reg Wills is joining greyhound campaigners today in peaceful protest outside the town's racetrack. Demonstrators from the South Devon Greyhound Action Group were meeting outside the racecourse on Newton Road at 11am, wearing black to mark the end of National Greyhound Awareness Week…. Helen Stevens from SDGA said: "We are expecting an excellent turnout at this event as we have received huge support from the public… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 23.5.05 PROTESTERS COME OUT OF THE TRAPS BY JOHN BAKER - Protesters are to stage a demonstration outside Newton Abbot Racecourse next Saturday against greyhound racing. South Devon Greyhound Action says it is expecting a big turnout for the event… Spokeswoman Helen Stevens said: "We are expecting an excellent turnout at this event, as we have received huge support from the public…" (story)

South Wales Evening Post 20.6.05 NOT A GOOD FUND-RAISER - I Was greatly saddened by your report (Post, June 15) about the four men who intend raising money for the tsunami appeal by going to Pamplona where they will be chased through the streets by bulls . The men might be seeking danger and excitement but for the animals it is a terrifying ordeal as they are chased to the bull-ring…. Mike Stroud, Gabalfa Road, Sketty, Swansea (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.6.05 VET TELLS OF PLEASURE AT BILE BEARS RECOVERY - I'm up to my elbows in the abdomen of a bear… The veterinary work is challenging enough, given the size and danger of the animals… Kati Loeffler, Resident vet at Animals Asia Foundation bear sanctuary in Chengdu (story)

Argus 20.6.05 Letter: Lobby MPs to stop all this cruelty - t was refreshing to read the herring gull being praised and concern being shown for its welfare by Elizabeth Taylor… I believe most fishermen to be responsible. British people are renowned for their love of animals yet recently we have seen incidents of cats, swans and seagulls shot by air rifles, farm animals left to starve to death and pets crammed into cages with lack of care and food…. Gloria Wheatcroft, Co-ordinator, Inner City Wildlife Concern (Brighton and Hove), The Drive, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 9.6.05 Letter: Sad gulls Thank you for your article on the dangers to herring gulls of fishing line and the wonderful people, such as Roger Musselle, who take care of these injured birds. We can help prevent injuries to wildlife by making our household waste safe. -Elizabeth Taylor, High Salvington (letter in archive)


East Anglian Daily Times 18.6.05 Fishing club's cull By David Green - A PROFESSIONAL conservationist has been accused of being a “pain in the neck” over his attitude to a club's efforts to control numbers of fish-eating cormorants. But Mick Wright, a Suffolk Wildlife Trust warden and a council member of the Suffolk Ornithologist Group, said he was just expressing his considered opinion based on known information…. He wrote: “The Suffolk Flyfishers' proposal to shoot cormorants is outrageous to birders of Suffolk and would be unforgivable should it occur.”…. But Iain Blinkworth, club spokesman, said fish loss to cormorants at Loompit Lake was significant and warranted action to control numbers…. (story)

The Sentinel 18.6.05 FOXES BETTER LOOKING THAN YOBS - What is nicer than seeing the old fox, sometimes with her pups, strolling around your lawn or garden, as we often see these days?... am helping them, I buy a chicken a week for our foxes. I don't smoke, take drugs or drink now so I do what I enjoy doing… DAVID BENSON Wolstanton (story)

Western Daily Press 18.6.05 BADGER MERELY VICTIM OF TERRIERS - No need for a "dark creature" to account for what was a mauled badger found on a Salisbury Plain road… That badger had been torn to death by dogs after being dug from a sett on the plain, and then dragged along the road and left on the verge, like a traffic casualty…. Miss E Overend Leighton Near Frome Somerset (story)

The Sentinel 18.6.05 WHY NOT TEST DUNG FOR TB? - Like many people I have been reading the articles regarding badgers/bovine TB. One that interested me had a comment from a pest control officer of 30 years standing. He suggested instead of killing badgers to test them for the TB virus, Defra examined their dung…. If this is feasible, it would surely be better than the constant killing of badgers, and no doubt cost less. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Near Stroud (story)

Scotsman 18.6.05 Animal Rights Group Wins Court Victory Against Drug Company By Dave Higgens, PA - An anti-vivisection group has won a court battle over secretly shot footage showing animal experiments conducted by a drug company. The High Court refused to grant a full injunction to pharmaceutical research company Covance Laboratories to prevent the pressure group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) screening a film shot covertly at one of the company’s facilities in the United States. The film was shown at an anti-vivisection demonstration in Harrogate, north Yorkshire, where Covance has a laboratory, provoking the firm to gain an interim injunction to stop it being shown… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 18.6.05 Activists cold shoulder plans for more polar bears in zoo - HAZEL MOLLISON - ANIMAL rights groups have launched a campaign against plans to bring more polar bears to Edinburgh Zoo. Campaigners have collected thousands of signatures to protest at proposals to build a massive new polar bear enclosure as part of a £60 million zoo revamp… Ross Minett, of Advocates for Animals, said: "We were absolutely astonished when Edinburgh Zoo announced that it was considering going back on its prior commitment to not replace Mercedes when she dies….” Daniel Turner, Zoo Check Co-ordinator of the Foundation, said it was receiving an average of five petitions a day…. (story)

Weymouth Echo 18.6.05 Fence ripped down at site of bitter battle by Harry Walton - ANIMAL activists are being blamed for ripping down large sections of fencing around Weymouth's controversial Markham and Little Francis area. Developer Betterment Properties, which owns the site, has put up a £200 reward to catch the culprits… PC Colin Bell of Weymouth Police said: "In the last 10 days fences have been cut and pulled away at an area of land at Curtis Field… I think it might be animal rights activists as some of the damage is near a badger sett…." (story in archive)


Horse & Hound 17.6.05 Hunt supporters acquitted of disorder - The courts have cleared two hunt supporters of alleged criminal behaviour during last year's pro-hunting demonstration. Giles Wheeler, the hunt supporter sentenced to 60 days imprisonment by Bow Street Magistrates Court in April, has been acquitted on appeal…. The 45-year-old former professional huntsman to the Isle of Wight and Fernie hounds was originally sentenced following police testimony relating to events in Parliament Square on 15 September last year, during the demonstration against the Hunting Bill… Meanwhile, hunt supporter and trainee farrier Thomas Haddock has been acquitted of threatening behaviour at another hunting demonstration last year. Haddock, from Mid Glamorgan, was charged with a public order offence after an incident outside a Labour Party charity dinner in Cardiff on 25 November 2004. Last week, District Judge Hughes at Cardiff Magistrates' Court found him not guilty…. (story)

Telegraph 17.6.05 Why I'd join the nutty protester in Parliament Square By Tom Utley - Like most Londoners, I have had plenty of cause over the years to curse political demonstrators, who descend in their thousands on the capital to bring their protests to Parliament…. Brian Haw is a pain in the neck for a different reason. He is the lone eccentric who has kept a 24-hour vigil in Parliament Square, opposite the gates of the Commons, for the past four years…. It was because Mr Haw was such a pain that MPs made very little fuss when David Blunkett, in his days as Home Secretary, sneaked a clause into his Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which comes into full force on August 1. The new law gives ministers the power to draw up an exclusion zone, anywhere within a kilometre of Parliament Square, in which demonstrators are to be banned from protesting without permission from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police…. The actual numbers of people who supported the Countryside Alliance in its campaign to stop the ban on foxhunting were not all that enormous, as a proportion of the electorate…. But there were many MPs representing urban constituencies who simply didn't realise how strongly people felt, before the marchers arrived in Parliament Square. At least the marchers made them think - and that can only be good for an MP… (story)
Guardian 17.6.05 Liberty backs exclusion zone protest - Tania Branigan and David Hencke - Liberty, the human rights group, indicated yesterday that it would consider aiding the first protester arrested under new regulations banning unauthorised demonstrations within half a mile of parliament…. MPs supported the law on the basis that it would allow the removal of Brian Haw, the anti-war protester who has camped in Parliament Square since 2001, and prevent disorderly demonstrations directly outside parliament such as last autumn's hunt protests…. (story)
Western Daily Press 16.6.05 DAVIS SLAMS PROTEST LAWS - Shadow Home Secretary David Davis yesterday attacked plans to curb demonstrations near Parliament… (story)
Evening Standard 15.6.05 Exclusion zone to Parliament protests By Ben Leapman Home Affairs Correspondent, Evening Standard - Political protests are to be curbed in a half-mile "exclusion zone" around Parliament, it emerged today. A map of the zone, drawn up by ministers and slipped out in the Commons, shows that it takes in the whole of Whitehall and the London Eye. Inside the zone, spontaneous demonstrations, even by a lone protester, will be banned…. The measure will take full effect on 1 August. It is being introduced under a section of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, passed by Parliament this year. It was originally intended to evict long-term peace campaigner Brian Haw from Parliament Square, and prevent mass protests like the pro-hunt demonstration last September. Ministers claimed a ban on demonstrations outside Parliament was needed to allow MPs and peers free access in and out of the building…. (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 17.6.05 VARIETY OF EVENTS BRINGS THE CROWDS - More than 90,000 people flocked to the South of England Show at the Ardingly showground… Vice chairwoman of the South of England Agricultural Society Meg Stroude said:… "The hounds are another attraction this year, and I really feel that we are making a statement for the countryside in having them." (story)
East Grinstead Courier 16.6.05 THOUSANDS ENJOY COUNTRY DELIGHTS - Nearly 90,000 people flocked to the South of England Show at Ardingly…. David Allam, chairman of the South of England Agricultural Society said: "This year has been an historic one in agriculture, especially with the hunting ban. We are here to show the countryside is alive and still in business."… (story)
East Grinstead Courier 16.6.05 HUNTING HOUNDS GO ON PARADE - The hounds played an integral role in the show. Packs from far and wide attended from Ashford to Aylesbury, with members of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt also in attendance. Martin Bycroft, huntsman of Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent, also looks after the hounds… "It is great to be here and we are here to promote our hounds and our recreational pursuits. We are very affectionate towards the hounds and the countryside and we will continue to hunt within the law." (story)

Western Daily Press 17.6.05 ACTION WILL TAKE DEMOCRACY AWAY - I agree with Norah Pound about the sheer arrogance of Otis Ferry. Mr Ferry and his acolytes should accept their punishment instead of showing their perpetual contempt for both our parliamentary system and the rule of law. Storming the House of Commons went a long way beyond legitimate protest…. Lionel Hutt Keynsham Somerset (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.6.05 URBAN FOXES ARE NOT HUNTERS BUT SCAVENGERS - What was a dog doing out at that time of the morning? Surely a dog should be indoors. The foxes were probably after food… They don't torment other animals for the sake of it. T Lund, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.6.05 IT IS WAY PAST PETS' BEDTIME - So, at 1.30am, two foxes were tormenting a neighbour's dog (Mercury Mailbox, June 13). First of all: What on earth was the dog doing outside at 1.30am in the first place?... Pets of all descriptions, whether it is cats, dogs or rabbits, should all be safely tucked up for the night by that time…. Babs West, Oadby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.6.05 TALLY HO, FOLKS! - It was in the early hours of the morning, at about 1.30, when I was woken by a series of loud shrieks outside the house. Getting out of bed and looking out of the window, I saw two foxes tormenting next door's dog who started barking and chasing them, but they kept coming back. … I had this thought. Wouldn't it be a good idea if a group of people could get together, get a horse each and maybe a few dogs, dress up a bit - a red coat perhaps for recognition - and then they could chase those noisy foxes back into the country where they belong, so we can all sleep in peace. E Rawnsley, Leicester. (letter)

Gloucestershire Gazette 17.6.05 Rolf show is not pro-hunt event - WE would like to thank Mr Brown for the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings concerning the performances at Berkeley Castle of Rolf Harris and his band on August 6 and Hayseed Dixie and the Wurzels on August 7. We would like to assure Mr Brown and any other concerned persons that NONE of the proceeds from events run by Atmosphere Festival Ltd will go towards the Berkeley Hunt or to supporting Field Sports in any way and will most certainly not be a platform for any political party or pressure group…. Sue Torres and John Eeles Co-directors Atmosphere Festival Ltd PO Box 3016 Gloucester South (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 11.6.05 BERKELEY NOT LINKED TO SUMMER CONCERTS - I am writing in response to the letter carried in your paper on Monday, June 6, from Mr Julian Brown, in order to clarify the points raised by him in connection with certain events to be held at Berkeley this summer. The concerts to which he refers are being organised and promoted by Atmosphere Festival Ltd. This entity has no connections with Berkeley Castle and is an apolitical, notfor-profit company… Any surplus raised by Atmosphere Festival Ltd from the performances will be invested in future events. I can guarantee that none of the proceeds of the concerts will be directed towards the Berkeley Hunt or to the Countryside Alliance. (Presumably his concern is now academic, anyway, following the passing of the Hunting Act 2004)…. Andrew Jardine, Agent to the Berkeley Estate, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.6.05 BEWARE OF SUBSIDISING CRUELTY AT BERKELEY - I note from various publicity sources that there are several entertainment events planned to take place in the grounds of Berkeley Castle later this summer… but there is one major obstacle blocking my doing so my conscience! I have, since my teenage years, been vehemently opposed to any sort of cruelty to animals, including blood sports. Berkeley Castle is the home of the Berkeley Hunt and the owner of the castle has regularly campaigned on a pro-hunting platform…. I would urge all of your readers who are opposed to animal cruelty to boycott these concerts until such time as someone in authority can reliably inform us that NONE of the proceeds will go towards the promotion of blood sports. Julian Brown Nailsworth Gloucestershire (letter)

Hexham Courant 17.6.05 VENTURE OPENS FOR FANS OF SHOOTING AND FISHING - SHOOTING and fishing enthusiasts in Tynedale are set to benefit from a new enterprise being created by a husband and wife team in Haydon Bridge. Tony and Karen Duggan are opening up their home at Hindshield Moss near the village as a clay shooting ground and fishery, but unlike most such enterprises it will have an eye firmly fixed on providing disabled access… (story)

Daily Post 17.6.05 Fined £100 for shooting rabbits - NORTH Wales police were over- zealous when they arrested a man shooting rabbits, a court heard yesterday. Armed police were called in and the force helicopter scrambled to track down Iraq veteran Peter David Jones…. Yesterday the 25-year-old of Bromfield Park, Mold, was fined £100 and ordered to pay £55 court costs after he admitted possessing a loaded weapon in public. Flintshire magistrates at Mold also ordered the BSA Hornet .77 calibre air rifle should be destroyed….(story)

Sussex Express 13.6.05 Fox kills 44 racing pigeons in one night - YEARS of hard work were wiped out in a single night when a fox killed an entire team of racing pigeons. Two weeks before the current racing season began, Graham Kelly from Peacehaven woke to find 34 racing pigeons and five pairs of breeding stock birds he kept in a loft in his back garden were dead…. 'It wasn't a very nice experience at all. I looked into the loft and it was total carnage. The fox had bitten their heads off. It had even pulled babies out of nesting boxes and killed them. It looked as though the babies had been thrown up in the air as we found one lodged behind a nesting box.'… 'The trouble with foxes is that they don't just kill for food, they seem to kill for enjoyment. It's just pointless…." (story)

Bucks Herald 17.6.05 CONTROVERSY OVER CIRCUS VISIT - ANIMAL rights protesters have labelled a circus coming to Aylesbury later this month with exotic animals such as tigers as 'cruel' and 'inadequate', claims adamantly denied by the circus. A spokesman for The Great British Circus spoke out against a campaign to boycott its visit to Chiltern View Nursery in Wendover Road from Tuesday to Sunday…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 17.6.05 No need for elephants in circus - MAY I respond to your story about Bobby Roberts’ Circus elephant (News & Star, June 14). It was about two years ago when the circus last visited Silloth, not “in recent months”… I do not want to see animals dolled up in stupid hats and regalia trying to make stupid people laugh…. GUS PROUD, Skinburness Village, Silloth on Solway (story)

Oxford Mail 17.6.05 Threat of extinction - I wholeheartedly endorse the outrage of Bea Bradley and Penny Little at the senseless mowing of grass verges (Oxford Mail, June 11). This destroys many habitats for small creatures and annihilates wild flowers renowned for their beauty…. We need to realise our unity with all the beings, plants and trees who share the planet… GRAHAM BUTLER, Banbury Road, Bicester (letter in archive)
Oxford Mail 11.6.05 Countryside ravaged - I totally agree with Bea Bradley's anger at the mowing of the verges in the county (Oxford Mail, June 6). Up comes the cow parsley, along come the trashing machines…. It seems to have formed an unholy alliance with the farmers to crush into non-existence all the things that make life worth living -- the beauty of spring and summer wildflowers, the butterflies and bees, the birds and the mammals with whom we share our environment…. PENNY LITTLE, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)
Oxford Mail 6.6.05 Destruction of the countryside - Over recent years the unaccountable mania for 'tidying up' the countryside by needless cutting back of hedges and flowering roadside verges where visual obstruction is not a problem, has so proliferated that the glories of past years are now virtually extinguished…. May I appeal to everyone who is as appalled at the vandalism as I am, to please write and complain. Small wonder that there is a dearth of previously abundant butterflies and other winged insects, as well as once common but now scarce birds, when such thoughtless 'tidying up' is considered appropriate even in such sensitive areas as the Icknield Way. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)


Western Daily Press 16.6.05 TERRIER DISPLAY AT SPYE - The Avon Vale Hunt Supporters Club holds its annual terrier, lurcher and family dog show on Sunday, in the spectacular surroundings of Spye Park near Lacock in Wiltshire…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.6.05 BADGERS DIG UP GRAVES - A West family were horrified to find the remains of their young daughter had been dug up by badgers, it emerged yesterday. Relatives of 11-month-old Anna Szwarrowska found her skull and bones had been unearthed when they visited the grave to lay flowers… John Crowther, assistant director of green environment, said the council was seeking permission from the Government to move the badgers. "The council's continuing to work with the local badger group and Defra to make sure the impact of badger activity in the cemetery is minimised,"… (story)

Warminster & Westbury Standard 16.6.05 SCEPTICAL OVER PLANS TO FULLY REPLACE ANIMALS - ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Chief executive, BUAV (story)
North Devon Journal 2.6.05 WORRY AT RESEARCH SPENDING - More than three quarters of the UK population think the Government should prohibit experiments on any live animals which cause them pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm. Journal readers therefore might be interested to know the response from the world's leading anti-vivisection organisation, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, to the recent announcement that the the British Government is to provide a further £3 million for the National Centre for the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement, of Animals in Research that was set up last year. While this may at first glance seem encouraging, we remain sceptical of the centre's impact in replacing animal experimentation…. ADOLFO SANSOLINI, BUAV, Crane Grove, London. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.6.05 WHEN ORDINARY EATING BECOMES A FEEDING FRENZY - The case of the couple who were forced to take squirrel off their restaurant menu, because of threats of attacks from animal rights campaigners, illustrates quite how far we have allowed the bunny-hugging lobby to run out of control…. We should all endorse the idea of animal welfare, whether the animals involved are domesticated, or those which should be leading a normal life in the wild without being hunted and torn to pieces by dogs. But trying to interfere in the business of a restaurant which merely wants to put a bit of wild food on the table is where dedication crosses the line and becomes fanaticism…. And what of badger? Not quite as popular as rabbit, perhaps, but badger ham used to be a particular delicacy in South Somerset before the animal was given legal protection. Indeed, for all I know, it still is… (story)
Worcester Evening News 15.6.05 Geese are suffering - HAVING read your articles on the Worcester public house having squirrel and foie gras on their menu, I am surprised that the interest or controversy was always about the squirrel. If everyone knew how foie gras is produced it might have been a different story… Compassion in World Farming, an organisation of which I am proud to be local collection organiser, campaigns on behalf of all cruel intensive farming. It is working to get force-feeding banned across the EU, along with so many more issues, such as live exports. JOAN HARRIES, Whittington, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 14.6.05 Squirrel on the menu - I WAS absolutely disgusted to hear that the Hadley Bowling Green Inn was serving up squirrel and foie gras on their menu, and therefore very pleased to hear that they have now decided to discontinue this revolting and cruel `meal'. However, I was more dismayed to read your comment column insinuating that the majority of people would approve of eating whatever animal they wanted just because they have the `right' to do so…. MISS L BONOMINI, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Sunday Telegraph 12.6.05 Squirrel terrine off menu after bomb threats By Elizabeth Day - It could be that the residents of Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire had read too much Beatrix Potter, but when a local restaurant put squirrel terrine on the menu, the reaction was swift and brutal. "I was amazed," said Barney Reynolds, 31, the group operations manager of the Hadley Bowling Green Inn that introduced the dish four months ago. "We always knew squirrel would be controversial and that some people would decide it wasn't for them, but we never thought we would end up being threatened with firebombs by animal rights activists." After a five-week campaign involving malicious telephone calls and e-mails, Mr Reynolds was forced to take the £7.95 dish off the menu last week…. (story)
Telegraph 9.6.05 Squirrel paté dished by protests By Nick Britten - A restaurant selling squirrel terrine has been forced to withdraw it after death threats from animal rights activists. Protesters threatened to firebomb the Hadley Bowling Green Inn in Droitwich, Worcs, and to smash up the staff's cars over the £7.95 paté starter…. Its spokesman, Barney Reynolds, said: "The last thing we would want to do is to pander to this sort of intimidation… I don't know why squirrel meat is so controversial. In the past we've sold meat from fluffy little lambs and it's not been a problem." (story)
Sun 9.6.05 Squirrels off the menu - A RESTAURANT has taken a squirrel dish off its menu after its staff got death threats from animal rights activists… (story)
BBC News Online 7.6.05 Squirrel off menu after protests - A new squirrel dish introduced by a restaurant has been taken off the menu after staff were threatened with violence by animal rights protesters. Chefs at the Hadley Bowling Green Inn near Worcester came up with squirrel terrine as a starter this summer, using squirrel and foie gras pate…. (story)
Worcester Evening News 8.6.05 Let the majority be heard - FROM rooks to raccoons, crocodiles to cuddly bunnies, there are few things alive today that somebody, somewhere, doesn't make a meal out of… It is saddening to see, therefore, that the Hadley Bowling Green Inn, near Ombersley, has been forced to take a popular dish off the menu because some people don't agree with its choice of meat. Why? Because they made a starter out of squirrels and foie gras…. We do not, of course, blame the inn for pulling the item off the menu - its first concern is, quite rightly, the safety of its staff. But it is a crying shame that, once again, the majority must go without because of the extreme views of a vocal and aggressive minority. (story)
Worcester Evening News 31.5.05 No we're not nuts- squirrel really is delicious - GREY Squirrel is on the menu at a Worcestershire pub - and its customers can't get enough of it. Darren Stocker, a chef at The Hadley Bowling Green, at Hadley, near Ombersley, put the rodent on the menu after an experimenting session…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 16.6.05 MP JOINS ANIMAL PROTEST - South East Cornwall MP Colin Breed is supporting a campaign to stop apes and monkeys being kept as pets in the United Kingdom. Last week, Liberal Democrat Mr Breed met the eminent chimpanzee researcher Dr Jane Goodall at a House of Commons reception hosted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and representatives of the Looe-based Monkey Sanctuary Trust, whose work he supports…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 16.6.05 SUPPORT FOR BAN ON PET MONKEYS - A Bristol animal expert's campaign to ban people from keeping monkeys as pets has won the backing of a cross-party group of MPs. Ian Redmond, an adviser to the United Nations, fears lax UK pet rules are encouraging hunters in South America and Africa to capture rare monkeys and sell them for thousands of pounds on the internet… (story)

Sutton Guardian 16.6.05 Lack of resources hinders RSPCA work - In response to Moreen Davie's letter criticising the RSPCA (How can a charity plead poverty and pay high wages? May 12), I would like to correct a few inaccuracies…. of the £82million spent on resources in 2004, £1,351,000 was the total spent on all management and administration. In comparison, £57,233,000 was spent on animal welfare… KATY GEARY RSPCA press office (letter)
Sutton Guardian 12.5.05 How can charity plead poverty while paying staff high wages? - In response to the RSPCA's plea that it is only a charity with limited resources and manpower (RSPCA does its best for sick animals, Letters, April 14). Let me remind it that if other charities received an income of £85million per annum it would be spent on the animals and not administration staff…. Perhaps the director general would care to donate part of her £93,000 annual salary to cover some of the costs of animal care… MOREEN DAVIE A Dog's Life A voluntary organisation Cardiff (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 16.6.05 'LET'S ROLL WITH A VEGAN CHEESE' - An animal ethics charity is appealing for the organisers of the famous Gloucestershire cheese rolling event to include a vegan cheese. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have written to the committee of the Cheese Rolling event at Coopers Hill in Brockworth to ask for their request to be considered…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 26.5.05 HOW ABOUT SOYA ROLLING? - Vegans say the annual cheese rolling festival on Cooper's Hill is unethical. They want to swap the traditional double Gloucester for a dairy-free soya alternative. Campaigner Yvonne Taylor, from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said: "We want a separate cheese rolling race for vegans…" (story)

Tamworth Herald 16.6.05 THE JOY OF A REAL 'VEGGIE' DIET - I Am not at all surprised that your reporter Helen Machin gave up her vegetarian diet after four days if her mind-numbingly boring food diary is anything to go by!... For all those considering turning vegetarian, I would recommend looking on the Vegetarian Society website which is free and provides all the nutritional information and recipe ideas you need. Julie C-Morgan, Tamworth.
I have been vegetarian for more than 17 years and have never had carrot twice or eaten such a boring menu as she did. It was very unimaginative… I think Helen should give it another try and be more positive! Steve, Tamworth, full details supplied. (letters)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.6.05 We're meat eaters! When I read that Menston Primary School had been offering a special vegetarian menu (T&A, May 31) it posed the question should we really be encouraging our children to become vegetarians? I doubt very much that the increasing number of centenarians will attribute their longevity to soya beans and pulses, rather to the Sunday roast…. I couldn't imagine a magnificent beast like the lion climbing over a carcass to get to a carrot. David Rhodes, Croscombe Walk, Bradford (letter in archive)

Barry & District News 16.6.05 Fish cruelty - I"D like to know who was responsible for allowing the winning of goldfish at the Waterfront on the weekend. I thought there was a law against this… Mrs Davies, Address supplied (letter in archive)


Evening Standard 15.6.05 125 Met officers facing discipline charges By Ben Leapman Home Affairs Correspondent, Evening Standard - Scotland Yard admitted today that 125 of its officers are currently suspended or removed from frontline duties. The figure was published as it emerged that complaints against the Met jumped by 14 per cent last year…. . The biggest single source, 149 complaints, was the Met's handling of the pro-hunting demonstrat ion in Parliament Square last September… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 15.6.05 NOW SORT IT OUT - That Fork Truck Driver himself is certainly no stranger to myopia (Viewpoint, June 11). As a member of the foxhunting brigade, can he not see that the problem of "redundant" foxhounds is of its very own making? It was the hunting fraternity that, over the years, deliberately turned puppy hounds into ferocious fox killers for no other reason than sport, which spilled over into the worrying and terrorising of livestock, the numerous killings of people's pets and other animals which were also the unfortunate victims of this learned savagery…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 11.6.05 WITH SUCH BLINKERED VISION, IT IS A WONDER HE CAN SEE AT ALL - Mike Hobday's letter (June 6) asks, why don't fox hunts turn their attention to drag hunting as an alternative? I can hardly believe that he can ask a question like that, but I will answer him, if only to expose what a loose grasp of reality he has. Firstly, drag or trail hunting already exists and has done for years on land which will allow permission, but what earthly good is that to a farmer who has a fox problem?... The RSPCA were recently asked if they could help rehouse 11 redundant foxhounds, but after a long delay they said they could not. So much for their statement to the government that they could rehouse all 30,000 if hunting were to cease. Luckily the 11 were rehoused into other hunt packs. Mr H says turn them into trail hunting dogs! You would not expect a race horse to plough in a good straight and steady line, nor would you expect a cart horse to win the Derby, simply because the name denotes what they have been bred for…. That Fork Truck Driver (Name and address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 6.6.05 END THIS CRUELTY - I Was shocked to hear the protestations that hunt staff would lose their jobs following the passage of the Hunting Act. Are the hunters, even now, refusing to contemplate converting to drag hunting… If Lincolnshire hunts did drop their cruelty, more people might then want to join them … Mike Hobday, Head of Public Affairs, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 15.6.05 SNP demands licensing over airguns - IAN SWANSON - AIRGUN incidents in Scotland are running at more than one a day, new statistics revealed today…. SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon described the statistics as "frightening" and claimed they underlined the urgent need for a licensing scheme to be introduced north of the Border…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 15.6.05 BADGERS DUG UP MY SISTER - Janet Gibby was heartbroken when she went to her sister's grave in Cheltenham to find bones had been unearthed by badgers. She and other relatives are calling for immediate action. They say skulls, bones and pieces of coffin have been unearthed… (story)

Telegraph 15.6.05 Human guinea pigs - Animal research is not intended to give all the answers to a medicine's efficacy or safety, as Paul Smith seems to believe (letter, June 11). It is part of a long, rigorous process during which it provides important information…. Dr Philip Wright, Director of Science and Technology, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, London SW1 (letter)
Telegraph 11.6.05 Drug testing risk - - It comes as no surprise that yet another drug, this time ibuprofen, is linked to heart attacks (News, June 10). All drugs are animal-tested. However, the data of these tests cannot be applied to humans because of species differences… Paul Smith, Newcastle, Staffs (letters)

Guardian 15.6.05 Meat and malnutrition - Why is Julie Bindel - founder of Justice for Women - so violently opposed to the idea of justice for animals (Why I hate vegetarians, June 13)? Some 55bn animals are killed every year in appalling conditions… Nitin Mehta, The Young Indian Vegetarians
I encourage Julie Bindel to support justice for all females. The beleaguered cows who have their calves taken away from them and sent to slaughter, the sows that spend most of their lives in a space too small for them even to turn around…. Ingrid Newkirk, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
How refreshing to read Julie Bindel's piece, pointing out the flaws in the vegetarian argument…. I shall now go and grill my beefsteak for supper. Valerie Anand, Mitcham, Surrey
I was mildly offended to see Julie Bindel describe vegetarians as "humourless, judgmental souls". I don't consider myself to be either, and I firmly believe that by abstaining from meat I am sticking up for the rights of sentient creatures which have a clear interest in avoiding pain….. Mischa Balen, London
Julie Bindel considers vegans, veggies and animal rights groups to be the same thing, and that on the basis of her experiences she feels fit to condemn them all…. Will Porter, Basingstoke, Hants (letters)
Guardian 13.6.05 Why I hate vegetarians - People should not be bullied into giving up meat by humourless, judgmental souls using spurious arguments - Julie Bindel - Eating in a meat-free restaurant the other day made me realise why I hate vegetarians. The food, unlike the tasteless, bland rubbish often served up in such places, was delicious…. What was unpalatable were the customers and waiting staff, all of whom seemed to believe that what they were eating made them superior… Let's get our priorities right. People who put foxes and lambs before people do not have my vote. Animal liberationists blowing up scientists for conducting experiments that might lead to a cure for cancer are odious. There are more refuge spaces for cats than there are for women and their children fleeing domestic violence. While rape crisis centres are closing due to lack of funds, animal charities are raking it in…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.6.05 HORRIFIED BY THIS CRUELTY - I was horrified to read in your excellent paper about the cruelty and abuse to animals that seems to prevail in this good country… I would like to congratulate you on your crusade in rescuing the lovely moon bears of China from the awful conditions confined to small cages due to the donations from the people of this country, including myself, and it is to be hoped that the Chinese government will outlaw this evil practice. T J Fogarty Winchcombe Gloucestershire (story)

York Evening Press 15.6.05 Bacon babies - IN reply to Adam Rosser a little anecdote will be educational. As a lonely squaddie in Woolwich in 1957 I was befriended by a local family. The woman of the house was a state registered nurse…. She told me a certain hospital in South London was feeding new-born babies on minced bacon and eggs…. I therefore take issue with Adam Rosser's statement that Mr Grayling was born a herbivore and his stomach was unable to digest meat. Was he born in south east London around 1960? K Barnes, North View, Catterton, Tadcaster. (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 11.6.05 Why we eat meat - Mr Grayling is only partly correct in his comment that we are "omnivores" and that it is totally natural for humans to eat meat… The "controls" to keep our crops growing are not just for the benefit of vegetarians. Meat-eaters should also eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, you know. These controls very rarely involve mass culls, unlike foxhunting which is a control to protect meat. Foxhunting still goes on but, thankfully, without hounds tearing the beautiful creatures apart…. Adam Rosser, Station Cottages, Raskelf Road, Easingwold, York (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 10.6.05 Vegetarian genius - MR Grayling states that vegetarians cause as much suffering as meat-eaters because the management of arable land involves killing insects and other creatures… About 10kg is needed to produce one kilogram of meat protein. Meat production is, therefore, far less economical in terms of land-use, and this in turn has a devastating impact on wildlife, the environment, and world food supplies…. Louise Grahame, Trafalgar Street, South Bank, York. (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 7.6.05 We're omnivores - WITH an address at the University of York, one would have expected a letter from Adam Hall (Letters, June 2) to contain significant intelligence, rather than severely misguided reasoning. Firstly, the mammals we refer to as "humans" have evolved over a million years and more as omnivores; intestines, teeth etc. support this fact… Has he ever contemplated the growing and management of his food, which he claims is conscience clear? Deer, hares, rabbits, mice, rats, pigeons, crows and many insects have to be "controlled" in order for these crops to thrive. How are these "controlled"? By killing - quite often in large numbers…. David A H Grayling, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith, Westmorland (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 2.6.05 Don't eat meat - MRS J Kay concludes her letter about factory farming by saying that we should "take the trouble to find out how and where our meat has been produced and how and where it is slaughtered. Only then can we eat with a clear conscience." (May 20). A conscience which is so easily satisfied isn't much of a conscience…. The only reason for eating animals and fish is that we wish to indulge our palates. This is a shabby excuse for taking a life…. Adam Hall, York University, Heslington, York. (letter in archive)

Croydon Guardian 15.6.05 Big money sponsor needed to save centre - Corporate sponsorship or celebrity patronage could be the only way to save the London Wildlife Hospital from closure… Hospital founder and director Ted Burden, 37, said: "We have always struggled to adequately fund the hospital and after eight years at our Beddington site we still have no cash reserves whatsoever."… (story)

Croydon Guardian 15.6.05 Pity the animals - Wouldn't it be nice if shopkeepers respected the fact that Croydon Council has banned all circuses with animals…. Pat Mear, Addiscombe (letter)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 14.6.05 POLICE SENT ONLY TO 'HIGH RISK' HUNTS - County police officers will not be routinely sent to hunts to enforce the ban when the new hunting season starts this autumn. Instead, Gloucestershire Police will grade the four county hunts according to the likelihood of a disturbance - in a similar fashion to football matches… Police officers have also been told not to confiscate dead animals as evidence, in case of injury or infection…. Police officers have also been advised to be wary of calling on the police helicopter for assistance because of fears it could "cause alarm to horses". (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 14.6.05 HUNTING A STRAND OF HISTORY BY MAXWELL CRAVEN - The recent demise of hunting with dogs inspired me to write about a man whose hand-coloured engraved portrait has, almost all my life, hung in our various residences. Hugo Meynell is one of hunting's greatest heroes. He just happened to be a Derbyshire man, although a Leicestershire sportsman and a Staffordshire resident… Hugo actually died in 1801, having founded the Quorn - one of the very finest hunts in England - and defined fox-hunting as it was practised from his day until recently…. His son, another Godfrey, seems to have required a larger house and settled at Bradley where his grandson - the Hugo of my engraving - decided to build himself a new hunting stables and kennels before 1753, when he took over the Quorn. Indeed, our own Meynell Hunt claims to have been founded as early as 1750 by Hugo, when he was still playing second fiddle in Leicestershire to Tom Boothby, which most probably dates the stables… (story)

Western Daily Press 14.6.05 EWE AND CRY OVER SLY FOXES - Why does Ann Richardson (Your Say, June 6) write such rubbish? I can assure her foxes do take lambs. Most ewes have two lambs. While the ewe is giving birth to the second one, the evil fox will take the first one… Gone are the days when the country was cared for by people who understood nature and a balance was kept by keeping the vermin down, so that other species stood the chance of survival. Mrs M Wakefield Bisley Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.6.05 KILLS FOR FOOD NOT PLEASURE - The letter from Mr G Raymond, Vermin Fox Kills Just For Pleasure (Your Say, May 25) proves yet again people's lack of understanding of the way a fox hunts and lives. It does not kill for pleasure, it takes advantage of an abundance of food…. I suggest Mr Raymond take a long hard look at the blood sport fraternity fronted by the Countryside Alliance. This is not essential to survivors, it is for pleasure. P Richardson Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.6.05 POULTRY OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY - In reply to Helen Capel's letter of May 27… It is very tiresome to have to keep explaining to people like her that the responsibility for the protection of poultry lies with the owner, not with the fox…. In addition, I suspect that foxes rarely, if ever, kill lambs… Ann Richardson Warminster Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.5.05 YOUNG STOCK JUST FODDER FOR FOXES - I expect my letter won't be the only one to disagree with Ann Richardson's view that foxes are harmless (Your Say, May 17). All I can presume is that she has never been involved in farming of any sort. Over the years we have lost most of our Muscovy ducks, including the young ducklings, guineafowl, chickens and even geese to foxes. It was during daytime too as we always shut them in at night… Helen Capel Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.5.05 VERMIN FOX KILLS JUST FOR PLEASURE - I was outraged to read Ann Richardson's recent letter ("Nobody needs to kill harmless fox"), having just returned from a heartbreaking job of clearing up 62 dead, decapitated guinea fowl from a newly established breeding flock of 75 birds. So much for a diet consisting of earthworms and small rodents, the fox had entered the barn after scaling the 7ft wire mesh door, mindlessly killing 57 birds, leaving five with deep lacerations to the necks. Not one bird was taken from the pen by the so-called harmless fox which kills for pleasure…. The fox is not a cuddly animal - it is vermin. Mr G Raymond Templecombe Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.5.05 NOBODY NEEDS TO KILL HARMLESS FOX - The picture in the Western Daily Press recently of the man who had just shot a fox made me very angry indeed, as did the usual spurious drivel emanating from the Countryside Alliance and its cohor ts. The argument about whether hunting or shooting is best is irrelevant because more foxes have always been shot than have been killed by hunts. Shooting them is merely another "fun" activity by the brainless and idle. Men, and I suspect it is always men, who casually destroy another living creature with a gun are surely psychopathic…. Ann Richardson Warminster Wiltshire (letter)

Scotsman 14.6.05 Sir Ian Campbell lists the disasters (in his opinion) foisted on an unfortunate Scottish public by the devolved Scottish Executive… I am amused by his comment that, since the ban on fox-hunting, many more foxes are killed than before. Let me assure him that my objection to hunting was not based on the fact that foxes were being killed, but to the inhumane way their deaths were brought about… FRASER GILLESPIE, Bonhill Road, Dumbarton (letter)
Scotsman 13.6.05 Holyrood gives us more chance to improve the quality of life - Sir Ian Campbell is right in his list of the fields in which the Scottish Executive has failed to improve the quality of life in Scotland since devolution (Letters, 10 June), although not everybody would share his priorities in putting the issue of fox-hunting at the top of the list…. J DERRICK McCLURE, Rosehill Terrace, Aberdeen (letter)
Scotsman 10.6.05 Devolution disaster - With reference to GM Lindsay's letter (4 June), I too read with disbelief the extraordinary claim by one of your correspondents that 80 per cent of the Scottish people wish to retain the devolved Scottish Parliament… What has been achieved under devolution? We have had the class-motivated fox hunting bill and the land reform bill, the first resulting in even more foxes being killed and the second doing nothing to help the inner-city housing shortage… (SIR) IAN CAMPBELL, Boswall Road, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Mail 14.6.05 Crime 'unaffected' by curbs on air rifles - GOVERNMENT plans to restrict young people using air guns will not reduce violent crime, say the Countryside Alliance. The new Violent Crime Reduction Bill would raise the minimum age for ownership and unsupervised use to 18, but alliance chief executive Simon Hart questioned whether it was a logical response to the problem of air gun misuse or a knee-jerk reaction that fails to address the issues…. (story)

Western Mail 14.6.05 Everything's game at the Gelli Aur fair - Steve Dube, Western Mail - COUNTRY sports enthusiasts and countryside lovers will be heading for Gelli Aur Country Park at the weekend when the annual Welsh Game Fair takes place at its usual picturesque venue on the banks of the River Tywi near Llandeilo. The Welsh, as it is commonly known, is a weekend when town meets country. Events take place daily on June 18 and 19…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 14.6.05 SNARES BATTLE - Swansea members of The League Against Cruel Sports and the National Anti Snaring Campaign held an information stall in Killay on Saturday. More than 150 people signed a petition urging MPs to ban the use of animal snares. (story)

Western Morning News 14.6.05 BADGER TRAPS GO MISSING - A number of badger traps have been stolen, and several more have been damaged during a series of trials carried out by Defra. Sixteen cages were damaged and one was stolen from rural farms around Ashwater, near Launceston, last month… (story)

The Sentinel 14.6.05 DRUG DATA IS NOT TRUE TEST - comes as no surprise that yet another drug, this time ibuprofen, is linked to heart attacks. All drugs are animal tested. However, the data of these tests cannot be applied to humans because of species differences…. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

News Shopper 14.6.05 Think about animal testing - REGARDING the letter Sickened By Animal Research Hypocrisy… If all research was made public there would be such shock and revulsion at the cruelty, waste and stupidity of animal experiments the Government would have to ban them. P STEVENS, Eversley Avenue, Bexleyheath (letter)
News Shopper 10.5.05 Sickened by animal research hypocrisy - I have to reply to the letter Vote To Put A Stop To Animal Cruelty (News Shopper, April 20), because there are many misconceptions about animal research. All research establishments are licensed by law and the staff who work there take six years to become fully qualified…. It is for the public as a whole to decide whether this research continues, not the fanatical few. Anyone who has never used medicines, never undergone any medical or fertility procedure or operation may be entitled to be against it. Such a person is probably unique!... Name and address supplied (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 28.4.05 Animal welfare at election day - Miss R Gedge, Cleatham, Bretton, Peterborough (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 25.4.05 VOTE TO PUT AN END TO CRUELTY - STEPHEN JAMES, Lower Cannon Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot (story)
North Devon Journal 21.4.05 ANIMALS RELY ON YOUR VOTE - ANN YOUNG, Barnstaple. (letter)
News Shopper 19.4.05 Vote to put a stop to animal cruelty - I URGE readers to use their votes in the forthcoming General Election to help put a stop to animal cruelty…. Before they came to power in 1997, the Labour party promised to reduce the number of animals used in experiments. They also promised to tackle the terrible suffering caused by factory farming. But eight years later, official figures show 150,000 more animals are being experimented on annually… You can easily lobby your candidates and find out which person you should vote for to help animals. Write to the Protecting Animals in Democracy campaign… MRS P STEVENS, Eversley Avenue, Bexleyheath (letter)
Bolton Evening News 18.4.05 Use your vote to keep animals from harm - I AM urging readers to use their votes in the forthcoming General Election to help stop animal cruelty…. Before they came to power in 1997, New Labour pledged to reduce the number of animals used in painful experiments, and to tackle the terrible suffering caused by factory farming. But eight years later, 150,000 more animals suffer in testing labs every year, and the Government has done very little to tackle cruel methods of intensive farming… You can easily lobby your candidates and find out who you should vote for to help animals by contacting the 'Protecting Animals in Democracy' campaign at 9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield S1 4EG, 0114 2722220, or visiting their website at www.vote4animals.org.uk Ann Merchant, Bolton (letter in archive)

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 14.6.05 New plea to help elephant By Charlie Stong - KIND-HEARTED Wanstead and Woodford Guardian readers are being asked to help save a 50-year-old elephant from being sold on the streets of Thailand to beg. Katherine Conner, who tried valiantly with the help of Guardian readers to save baby elephant Babar, is now desperately trying to prevent Seedor Yai which translates as Mr Big from being sold into virtual slavery…. (story)


BBC News Online 13.6.05 Police face anti-hunt complaints - Anti-hunt campaigners have complained the hunting ban is not being properly enforced, according to police documents obtained by the BBC. The documents from Devon and Cornwall Police, were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act…. Sandy Moorhouse of the Wildlife Defence group said: "What the police haven't got is the manpower to go out into the field and catch hunters carrying out illegal activities. We have to bring evidence to themselves and as volunteers we should not be put in that position."… (story)

Telegraph 13.6.05 Aristocrat accused of conducting hunt coup By Tom Peterkin, Ireland Correspondent - An octogenarian aristocrat has been accused of masterminding an extraordinary coup to win control of a 200-year-old hunt. The Earl of Harrington, a close friend of the Royal Family, has become caught up in a row over the running of the County Limerick Hunt, one of the oldest in Ireland…. Friends and relatives of Lord Harrington flew to Ireland from London and the West Indies to attend a special meeting after he wrote to members suggesting that there should be a vote of no confidence in the committee…. According to sacked committee members, Lord Harrington was angered that the foxhounds no longer had a "presumed right" to hunt over the land - a position that was disputed by the farmers on the committee… (story)

Western Daily Press 13.6.05 COSTLY LOUTS - The Western Daily Press headline of May 23 should have read, Eight Hunt Louts Needlessly Cost Tax payers £1million The tax payer therefore demands £225,000 from each, to be paid immediately. D Roberts Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Scotsman 13.6.05 Demand for venison - The placing on adjacent pages (6 June) of the Focus on Food campaign aimed at promoting healthy eating in school children, and the article on the problems caused by wild red deer may have been coincidental, but there is a link. It is widely recognised that venison is a healthy meat…. (DR) JOHN FLETCHER, Reediehill Deer Farm, Auchtermuchty, Fife (letter)

Scotsman 13.6.05 Cutting deer numbers - Conservationists say it is necessary to reduce deer numbers to an acceptable level that doesn't cause ecological damage… It is only in recent years that deer numbers have increased significantly, due to a thriving stalking industry and the planting of succulent native saplings by conservation groups, who abhor deer fencing because of their politically-motivated agenda of prettifying the countryside for public access. Both factors contribute enormously to an artificially high deer population… A MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Argus 13.6.05 Letter: Lethal litter - What a very sad thing to read (The Argus, June 9) about the baby bird which broke both its little legs and had to be put to sleep after getting caught in string following its first flight from the nest. I'd like to implore householders to ensure their rubbish is disposed of safely…. -Sylvia Harwood, Hove (letter in archive)

Northern Echo 13.6.05 STABLE HORROR - I WAS extremely shocked and upset to read about the horrible fate of the animals found in a stable in Trimdon… Janet Cummings, Rugby. (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo 13.6.05 WE STILL WANT VEGGIE EATERY - I read with interest the article headlined "Sadness as Orange Tree shuts" (Echo June 7… I still feel that a town the size of Cheltenham could support a vegetarian restaurant… Name supplied, Cheltenham. (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 7.6.05 SADNESS AS ORANGE TREE SHUTS - Cheltenham's only vegetarian restaurant The Orange Tree has closed. Bosses of the lower High Street eatery said there was no longer enough demand for vegetarian and vegan food after 15 years in the town…. Owner Klavy Sukhabhai said: "A vegetarian restaurant isn't what people around here want. It's a shame that it hasn't worked, but students didn't want to eat vegetarian. We think an Indian restaurant will be more profitable and appeal to that market."… (story)


Scotland on Sunday 12.6.05 The fur trade made Canada - DIANE McDonald (Letters, June 5), makes a fuss about the Queen sporting a fur-trimmed coat in Canada, but I doubt if many Canadians would be offended. It was the fur trade that made Canada…. If Diane McDonald had to suffer the rigours of a Canadian winter, especially in the prairie provinces, she would be glad to have an entire fur coat, never mind a fur trimmed one. Donald Whyte, Kirkliston (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 5.6.05 Royal faux pas over fur coat - I WAS appalled to see the Queen, on her recent visit to Canada, sporting a fur-trimmed coat. By so doing she was not representing the vast majority of people in this country who are against the fur trade and its associated cruelty… Diane McDonald, Newburgh (letter)


Telegraph 11.6.05 Horse and hounds lead huntsman on his final journey By Nigel Bunyan - The longest serving huntsman with England's most ancient hunt was borne to his funeral yesterday in a cortege led by his riderless horse and some of his favourite hounds. Alex Sneddon, 68, had spent more than 40 years leading the Holcombe Harriers across huge swathes of Lancashire moorland… Mr Sneddon's final mount, Sam, a 12-year-old chestnut, was at the head of the funeral procession, its master's whip laid across the empty saddle. The coffin was carried by six senior members of the hunt and four of the huntsman's beloved hounds were part of the precession. A lone piper played a lament as the mourners completed the 500-yard walk to Holcombe church, near Bury, Greater Manchester…. (story)
Bury Times 7.6.05 Hunt master Alex loses cancer fight - HOLCOMBE huntsman and joint master Alex Sneddon (68) lost his fight against cancer last weekend, though earlier this year he was able to turn out to parade with hounds immediately after the ban on hunting became legal. He was with the Holcombe for 40 years - a record unrivalled by any other huntsman in the country…. (story in archive)

Telegraph 11.6.05 The last tally-ho - An indefatigable passion for foxhunting - and its banning by law - have persuaded R W F Poole, that most English of men and a former country diarist of The Daily Telegraph, that his future lies abroad. Here, he bids an emotional farewell to hearth and home - I am selling my home. To put this in perspective for you, I have led a peripatetic existence and, at a rough count, I have lived in 17 houses, but there are only two that I have regarded as home… (story)
Newcastle Journal 31.5.05 Hunting a new home By Guy Basnett, The Journal - He has long spoken out - with formidable force and passion - for the rights and livelihoods of his fellow countrymen across the North. But now Willy Poole, farmer, campaigner and popular Journal columnist, has been forced to admit that the life he loves is gone. Divested of his passion, and disheartened by the spread of urban life, he has put his £750,000 home up for sale, and is preparing to leave the country…. "Hunting has been a grand passion of my life. My wife and I have hunted in France, and we have always said if anything had gone wrong with hunting in this country, we would be off to live there. We more or less made our decision when the Hunting Bill came in."… (story)

Western Daily Press 11.6.05 US AND THEM, LITTLE CHANGES - I am appalled, but not entirely surprised, that since the new act banning bloodsports came into force, the police in the Wiltshire area have been reluctant to enforce it… A Williams, Bath Earth First, Bath (letter)

Scotsman 11.6.05 44 charges against gamekeeper are dropped - ROBERT FAIRBURN - WILDLIFE campaigners have expressed outrage after prosecutors dropped 44 charges against a gamekeeper accused of storing poisons capable of killing thousands of people in an unlocked shed. Following plea-bargaining, 68-year-old Jock Whellans admitted just four offences yesterday at Jedburgh Sheriff Court and was fined a total of £190…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 11.6.05 DOG AND CAT FUR TRADE FACING EUROPEAN BAN - Euro-mp Roger Helmer has hailed an announcement that the trading of cat and dog fur in the European Union is to be banned… (story)

Guardian 11.6.05 If your boss spots you banner waving on TV... As Sir Bob Geldof urges an army of campaigners to Make Poverty History, Toby Walne warns they could face problems when they get back to work… Tony Moore, 66, of Southport, Greater Manchester, paid the ultimate price for campaigning against animal cruelty after his fellow-campaigner wife Vicki, who rescued the once famous donkey Blackie from death at a Spanish fiesta in 1987, died while doing undercover protest work. Tony had found it difficult to hold down a regular job and as a founding member of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, casual work was hard to come by… (story)


Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 10.6.05 Cotswold man leads fight against hunting ban by Simon Crump - THE north Cotswolds' Lesley Drage is leading a £3 million High Court fight to get the national ban on hunting with dogs overturned. Miss Drage, 45, says she is fighting for her livelihood because she earns all her income by stabling foxhunt horses in her livery yard at Eyeford Hill Farm, near Lower Swell…. She annually keeps an average of 20 horses, mainly belonging to Heythrop Hunt members, in her 19 stables and her barn, which can house two horses…. (story in archive)

Craven Herald 10.6.05 It was entirely predictable that the pro-hunt lobby should blame lamb losses on the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs… To begin with, although there is no close season for hunting foxes, hunting with hounds traditionally stopped around mid-April, so the Lunesdale Hunt would not have been operating now anyway…. Remember we are referring to the Lunesdale hunt, featured in The Craven Herald in 1996 when their hounds ripped apart a fox in the Langcliffe primary school playground in front of the horrified children… Malcolm Bland, Airton. (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Gazette 10.6.05 The turth about fox hunting - I FEEL I must put pen to paper in reply to the letter from Jean Judd (Gazette, May 27). How touching that she is concerned at the plight of fox cubs, as she thinks cubs will starve to death. What she has omitted to tell people is the practice by landowners and farmers of cubbing. This barbaric practice is taken when the breeding season is in full swing. They block off woodland areas then dig up the cubs from their dens, hold them up by their tails and let the dogs rip them to pieces…. Mike Carver Cedar Close Patchway Bristol (letter in archive)

Nelson Leader 10.6.05 Hunting Act - inconsistencies - FRANCES Austin's recent letter on the Hunting Act contains several glaring inconsistencies. For example, she bemoans the fact that the new Act will not save the lives of any foxes - but that was never the intention. On the contrary, as the experience in Scotland proves, the Hunting Act has resulted in far more foxes being killed, which must surely please all those who engage in fox hunting as a form of pest control…. Frances Austin also criticises anti-hunt protesters for ignoring the plight of pensioners, but what has the pro-hunt lobby ever done for them?... ALAN ARMSTRONG, Keighley Road, Colne (letter)
Nelson Leader 20.5.05 Hunt supporters have a right to protest - I CANNOT agree with the sentiments of Miss Watson (letters, last week) regarding the ban on hunting and the cessation of protesting against this law. Every person has to decide on their own view on the subject and should they think its wrong then they have the right to protest on the matter…. The hunting people care passionately about their communities, their animals and the countryside. Hunting is not about killing for killing's sake but about a way of life, a social event, a community. If only some of these anti-hunt campaigners spent as much time helping their local community… FRANCES AUSTIN, Barrowford (letter)

Northern Echo 10.6.05 OTIS FERRY - ANARCHISTS or not, Otis Ferry and his compatriots invaded Parliament and got a slap on the wrist. If they had been "real" anarchists they would probably now be sampling a spell in one of HM prisons. The legislation to outlaw hunting with dogs was voted on in the general election of 1997, in which the electorate gave a massive mandate to the "New" Labour Party…. Harry Watson, Darlington.
SO THE pro-hunt protestors who broke into the chamber of the House of Commons have got off with a conditional discharge. Of course they would: they are toffs with friends in very high places. Had they been animal rights protestors they would very likely have been charged with disturbing the peace and jailed… R Brown, Newton Aycliffe. (letters in archive)
Northern Echo 7.6.05 OTIS FERRY: HARRY Mead erroneously refers to the Otis Ferry group as "fox-hunting anarchists… Anarchists, in general, do not support the needless torture of animals in the name of sport or culture: I imagine that most are opposed to fox-hunting… James Doran, Darlington (letter in archive)


Horse & Hound 9.6.05 Police make new wave of hunt arrests - Police have made a number of new public order arrests based on saboteurs’ video clips taken before the ban came into action… Solicitor Jeff Hide, from Knights, said: “There appears to be a dramatic increase in action by police in various counties — Sussex and Essex in particular — based on allegations by hunt saboteurs. They are the sort of allegations that police did not follow up before the Hunting Act.”… Hide added: “The sabs are doing what they have always done — taking selective video evidence to police — but the police appear to be following up their allegations this time. They seem really to be taking them on board, spending time and money to investigate…." (story)

Gloucester Citizen (or Gloucestershire Echo) 9.6.05 FINANCES NOT AFFECTED BY HUNTING BAN - There Has been little economic fall-out for the county's four hunts since the introduction of the new hunting laws. Three of the hunts say they are continuing to operate with the same number of staff and hounds while only the Berkeley hunt has had to lay off one groom from a full-time staff of five…. However, they say they expect the full impact of the ban to create the greatest hardship in the long-term…. Jason Warner, a spokesman for the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt, said: "We are adapting and going about being lawful until the law is change… Donald Haden, a spokesman for the Ledbury Hunt, said: "There's no change so far and next season we are not anticipating any change…." (story)

Taunton Times 9.6.05 MEMORIES OF ERNEST THE HUNTER - I was extremely interested to read about Ernest Bawden. In the '20s when I was a child we lived in one of the lovely villages in Porlock Vale. Everybody talked about stag-hunting and Ernest Bawden, his character and exploits! At that time, the Devon and Somerset Staghounds were kennelled at the Acland's place, Holnicote House, quite a short distance from where we lived… DAPHNE LARISSY, Fern Meadow, Okehampton. (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.6.05 From: Les Brotherton, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Shipley. WHAT a wonderful letter by DR Hanson (May 31) regarding the Hoorah Henrys let off with a conditional discharge for their invasion of Parliament over the hunting ban… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 31.5.05 Questions of justice and class divisions From: DR Hanson, Old Lee Bank, Lee Mount, Halifax. ONCE again we have a classic example of the inherent class divisions which are the disgrace of the British justice system. The eight upper-class hoorays who have been found guilty of invading the House of Commons over the hunting ban have received a mere slap on the wrist… We will never see true justice while the High Court treats so called upper-class people different from the working-classes. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 9.6.05 GOVERNMENT SHOULD WORRY ABOUT OTHER THINGS - The first letter in your paper (The Citizen, June 3) shocked me to say the least. It was ignorant and speaking as he did was shocking. The day when the pro-hunters entered the House of Commons was hilarious as it was practically empty, when they were supposed to be debating the bill…. Foxes rip ewes with their baby lambs, they also rip up hens and other domesticated birds, leaving them to die with their necks ripped… Greyhounds and hare coursing should be banned. There are many more cruel things being carried on in this country for money, think on those. Barring fox hunting won't make the world a better place to live in… J. E. TILY, Regent Street, Stonehouse (letter)

Western Morning News 9.6.05 ELECTORATE WASN'T SHOWN ANY RESPECT - The notion that "respect" will be restored to society by diktat from New Labour ministers defies common sense and experience… In a country where the death of children by shooting or stabbing barely rates a headline any more; where the desecration of a cemetery in Bolton, vandalising 60 graves, occurs; where animal rights terrorists exhume an old lady's bones in support of guinea pigs in Staffordshire and desecrate a grave in Hertfordshire because of a family connection to foxhunting, respect is not a relevant word any more…. J Ward-Hayne, Modbury (letter)

Scotsman 9.6.05 Call for Scots control over gun laws - HAMISH MACDONELL - THERE were calls last night for the Scottish Executive to be given control of gun laws after the Home Office rejected the First Minister Jack McConnell's appeals for a major crackdown on air weapons…. (story)

Scotsman 9.6.05 Attack on red deer is an attempt to undermine our sporting estates - Red deer may be "commonly now referred to as pests" as James Reynolds suggests in his report (6 June), but, if so, this perception has been nurtured by the conservation industry via its huge input to the media and government consultations…. The red deer has fallen foul of conservation groups who certainly want to please our left-wing political masters by advocating a culling policy to destabilise the traditional sporting estate. But these charities also discovered a number of years ago that one way to get grants to prop up their non-productive landowning habit is to enter land into an unfenced woodland regeneration scheme…. KIRSTY MACLEOD, Letterfinlay, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire
Our wildlife is under severe attack from all quarters. The cormorant, seal and osprey are being persecuted because they eat fish and have the audacity to infiltrate fish pond stocks; the golden eagle, red kite and buzzard are being poisoned as they threaten game birds; and the fox, badger and hare are hunted for fun. But the biggest threat to our environment is not these wild animals but the two-legged variety… RON BLANCHARD, Kinghorn Road, Burntisland, Fife
You report (6 June) that the red deer population is out of control and that a cull is called for. But before we rush to remove massive numbers of this iconic species, an independent and accurate assessment of red deer numbers and trends is essential… TONY ANDREWS, Chief executive, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Midlothian (letters)
Scotsman 6.6.05 Monarch of the glen - or just a pest? - JAMES REYNOLDS - SCOTLAND'S image is enshrined in the majestic icon of the red deer. Defiant and noble, no other beast evokes so completely the wild and stunningly beauty of the land…. But despite its popular image, the position of the country's largest land mammal has been fraught with controversy. Red deer are more commonly now referred to as pests; numbers have swollen to proportions which threaten habitats supporting other species with an equal right to be sustained by the land…. (story)

Western Daily Press 9.6.05 BEHIND CAMPAIGN TO BAN ALL TRAPS FROM OUR COUNTRYSIDE - I read with interest an article on the possible tightening of the laws on snares and other indiscriminate traps, a subject I have written to your letters page about before… For as long as these foul, disgusting things are lawful, some idiot somewhere will use them indiscriminately to kill or maim anything they can. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Argus 9.6.05 Letter: Air guns are the worst for injury and damage - "Cat shot in chest by thug" (The Argus, May 30) was yet another act of wanton cowardice in a long line reported in The Argus and other newspapers…. The Green Party wants to amend the Firearms Act to prohibit the use and private ownership of firearms and other lethal weapons, such as air-rifles and crossbows, except on registered premises…. -David Hammond, Animal Rights Spokesperson, Crawley and Horsham Green Party (letter in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 9.6.05 'ANNIE THE ELEPHANT SHOULD PACK HER TRUNK AND SAY GOODBYE TO THE CIRCUS' - A Bristol wildlife consultant has condemned a circus that still features appearances by a 52-year-old elephant said to have retired seven years ago. Ian Redmond says "there is no excuse" for using an elephant in a circus act. Annie, Britain's last circus elephant, travels the country with Bobby Roberts' Super Circus. She now only makes appearances during show intervals and poses for photos with visitors at a price of £4 each…. (story)

Falkirk Herald 9.6.05 Animal groups urge circus boycott - ANIMAL cruelty groups have united to urge everyone in Falkirk to boycott a travelling circus. The Bobby Roberts Circus arrived in town earlier this week and is holding shows in the Middlefield area until Sunday. But animal rights group Advocates for Animals says people should stay away from the circus as it uses animals during its shows…. (story)


Times 8.6.05 Furore over shooting foxes - MPs WHO campaigned for licensed hunting criticised Jackie Ballard, the director-general of the RSPCA, yesterday for suggesting that wounded foxes did not suffer. Ms Ballard, a former Liberal Democrat MP, was responding to new research that challenged the view that shooting foxes was more humane than hunting them with dogs. The research found that shooting led to many foxes being wounded. In a letter to the all-party Middle Way group she wrote: “There is not absolute proof that wounded foxes suffer.”…. (story)

Western Daily Press 8.6.05 OTIS ISN'T OUT TO CLAIM FAME - I write regarding a letter (Your Say, June 2) from Mrs Norah Pound, displaying her disgust for country sports but, more specifically, for Otis Ferry…. To me, it is purely coincidental, not to mention irrelevant, that Otis Ferry is the son of a celebrity. Does his position as the son of a rock legend mean that he is unable to fight for what he feels is right along with thousands of others?... Just because I attended the liberty and livelihood march, does that mean that I have some secret ploy to be seen on the nine o'clock news? I think not. I believe it more likely that I simply wanted to support what I believe to be right, as I am sure Otis Ferry did… Thomas Valentine Highworth Swindon (letter)

Wellington Weekly News 8.6.05 ANTI-HUNT ACTIVISTS TO BLAME FOR FOXES' PLIGHT - Val Buissink and those excellent people running animal sanctuaries (WWN, June 1) will have to expect a large influx of fox cubs in future now that fox hunting has been banned. The cubs given sanctuary are the lucky ones. This spring there are hundreds of cubs dying slowly from starvation because the vixens have been killed or maimed… Anti-hunt activists must now take responsibility for the fate of the fox. The all-too-frequent bad shot, snaring, lamping, or thugs who get kicks from digging out the fox from its den, only for the stricken animal to be torn to pieces by terriers, or clubbed to death with shovels. Such activities will now be carried out throughout the year, as there will be no closed season…. Country people, custodians of the countryside and its wildlife, prophesied the fate of the fox and red deer if hunting was banned. The bad news is the prophecy is coming to pass sooner rather than later. Now it is too late for tears. Maureen Lane (address supplied (letter)
Wellington Weekly News 1.6.05 VAL'S PLEA FOR FOX ORPHANS - Wellington animal lover Val Buissink has appealed for people to help a Somerset shelter cope with an unprecedented number of orphaned fox cubs. In recent weeks the Secret World Animal Sanctuary has received more than 30 young foxes, three times the number it would normally care for. It is thought that since the hunting ban came in people have been shooting foxes in the belief the population will now soar, leaving many young orphaned and starving… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.5.05 CRUEL SPORT THAT MUST BE BANNED - I read your article "Fox cub plight angers rescue centre" (May 12) with dismay. If these cubs have been orphaned as a result of people going out at night armed with a gun, and sweeping the countryside with a bright beam of light so intense that any animal unfortunate enough to be caught in its beam is transfixed by the blinding glare, and easily shot, then lamping is a cruel sport which must be banned…. The fox is not a pest and there is absolutely no reason why it should be destroyed… Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 25.5.05 Orphan cubs swamp centre - A wildlife rescue centre has been left inundated with vulnerable fox cubs. Staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, in East Huntspill, are looking after nearly 30 cubs separated from their mothers - nearly three times the numbers usually cared for at this time of year…. "We have concerns that people who can no longer hunt are shooting the cubs' mothers." (story)
Western Daily Press 12.5.05 FOX CUB PLIGHT ANGERS RESCUE CENTRE - More fox cubs are being orphaned as a result of the hunting ban, a Somerset wildlife rescue centre claimed yesterday. But Pauline Kidner, founder of the Secret World rescue centre which looks after the animals, said it is no argument for bringing back the sport… (story)
Western Morning News 11.5.05 IS HUNT BAN TO BLAME FOR ORPHAN CUBS RISE? - DUNCAN SANDES - A significant rise in the number of orphaned fox cubs has been attributed to an increase in night-time hunting expeditions. Animal carers at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre have reported a threefold increase in the number of cubs brought to its doors so far this year. The Somerset-based sanctuary has speculated that members of the rural community, unable to control the fox population by hunting, have instead resorted to "lamping" to curb their number… Charity founder Pauline Kidner said: "We usually see about ten fox cubs brought to the sanctuary throughout the year. However, even though it is early in the season, we have already had 28 brought in…" Alison Hawes, South West regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said new laws regarding hunting may also have played a part. She said: "Before the Hunting Act was introduced, anyone who shot a vixen could dig and retrieve the cubs. Under the new rules, however, this is not allowed and the cubs must instead be left to starve, which is extremely cruel."… (story)

Western Daily Press 8.6.05 IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW . . . All fair-minded people in this country must be outraged at the leniency of the "sentence" passed on the eight louts who fought their way into the House of Commons to protest about the ban on hunting. This was a most serious offence and should have been dealt with accordingly…. Jean Turner Plympton Plymouth (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.6.05 PATHETIC FARCE OF YOBS CASE - What a pathetic farce in the recent case against the upper-class yobs who invaded the House of Commons to protest against the law on hunting…. C W Dix Gloucester (letter)

Wandsworth Borough News 8.6.05 When foxes attack! - Urban foxes have been attacking pets, boldly scavenging in kitchens and ripping open rubbish bags, according to Battersea residents. A total of 29 people living in the Sisters area of SW11 signed the call for Wandsworth Council to reconsider its policy of simply giving anti-vermin advice…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 8.6.05 'A SICK ATTACK ON BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS' - Sadistic badger-baiters have dug up a hidden sett in the county and almost certainly tortured the animals to death. The outrage has horrified animal lovers and members of the Gloucestershire Badger Protection Group…. Chairman of the group Tony Dean was "sickened" by the discovery…. (story)

Guardian 8.6.05 Think about humans too - Yes, the escaped monkey, the sponge-nosed dolphin and the albino blackbird are lovely - but let's not forget the people - Lucy Mangan - First there was the Colobus monkey escaping from Belfast zoo after a row with his father…All of which goes to prove that our obsession with animals is alive, kicking and probably coming soon to a front page on a slow news day near you. And it is a peculiarly British obsession, a relic of our long history - now rapidly drawing to a close - as Top Nation… Once the industrial revolution gave us the leisured classes, they rushed to copy their betters. Rampant sentimentalism and its kissing (and equally nauseating) cousin, anthropomorphism, was ever after assured…. It was easy to divert passions from a war in Iraq to a ban on hunting…. . It has become easier to excite outrage about intensively reared meat than about workers treated like cattle and electronically tagged by employers wanting to corral their beasts ever more closely. Treating animals like humans used to be a display of power, but at least resulted in a better life for them. Treating humans like animals is a flexing of corporate muscle that will have exactly the opposite effect - another, even more unnatural inversion by a powerful elite… (story)


Gloucester Citizen 7.6.05 HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS IS A HUMANE DEATH? - Christine Carpernter calls herself an animal lover. Has the definition changed? She wants to see our British wildlife (namely foxes) torn to pieces by a pack of hounds for their own good in what she seems to think is a humane death. Are you serious?... PAUL NELSON via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 2.6.05 FOX DIES QUICKER AT HOUNDS' JAWS - All thinking people know that the law is an ass, but when our so-called Government gets involved it's an even bigger ass as the sentencing of the hunt supporters shows. They displayed the courage of their convictions and I know there are a huge number of like-minded people out there… A fox when caught by hounds dies quickly. I rest my case. CHRISTINE CARPENTER, via e-mail (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.6.05 TOY GUNS ARE NOT THE REAL PROBLEM - The recent articles on guns on the street address the symptoms, not the cause, of gun crime. This is especially when the only role model for many inner-city youngsters is the drug dealer and the criminal, and the only moral influences are violent videos and music which glorifies both. Is it surprising gun crime is on the increase?... Colin Currie Radstock Somerset (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 7.6.05 University welcomes new animal research report - CAMBRIDGE University has welcomed an important new report on the ethics of medical research using animals. The university, which backed away from building a new research laboratory last year because of the cost of securing it from protesters, is satisfied that its policies comply with the recommendations of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.6.05 THEY MUST STOP USING ANIMALS - I Would like to respond to the British Heart Foundation's request in The Citizen's letters page for volunteer during their Help a Heart Week. Unfortunately many people donate to the British Heart Foundation without realising the money is being spent funding totally unnecessary animal experiments…. ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (letter)

Bolton Evening News 7.6.05 Bears paying price for Army headgear - AT the moment, the British Army is considering replacing real bearskin with a fake alternative in order to make its distinctive headpieces for the five Guards Regiments…. It takes two dead bears to make just one headpiece. In the USA and Canada, entire families of bears - including cubs - are slaughtered by ruthless hunters just to supply buyers of bearskins, such as the British Army…. I urge readers who are as concerned as I am about this, to write a polite letter to the Secretary of State for Defence… Sara Lee, Bury Old Road, Whitefield (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 7.6.05 STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - During the election campaign I didn't hear one person speak about animal welf are. What good news (Western Daily Press, May 20) that there are some MPs who are helping Jill Robinson and her team to eliminate the barbaric suffering of the moon bears in China…. Name and address supplied (story)


Gloucester Citizen 6.6.05 NO CHECK ON HUNT LAW EFFECT, MP TOLD - Revelations that the Government has no plans to monitor the effects on the countryside of the controversial hunting ban have been criticised by a Gloucestershire MP. David Drew, the Labour MP for Stroud, asked the Government what measures it was taking to "evaluate the effects" of the ban introduced in February. He was told by junior Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw, in a Parliamentary reply: "The Government have no plans to evaluate the effects of the Hunting Act 2005, beyond its normal arrangements for monitoring rural areas."… "How do we know what's going on?" he said. "All we have is the Countryside Alliance and the League Against Cruel Sports giving their interpretations about what's going on. "We have to make sure that if people are in employment difficulties or if there are livestock issues, we have to deal with those."… This brought criticism from Henry Berkeley, master of the Berkeley Hunt…. Mr Berkeley said the Berkeley Hunt had already made one groom redundant following the ban. (story)
Western Morning News 31.5.05 NO PLANS TO MONITOR JOBS IMPACT OF HUNTING BAN - Exeter mp and junior Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw has revealed the Government has no plans to monitor the impact of the hunting ban. The information came in a parliamentary answer from the minister to the Stroud MP, David Drew, who asked how the Government planned to evaluate the ban's effects…. (story)
Torquay Herald Express 30.5.05 NO PLANS TO MONITOR HUNT BAN BY DAVID MACAULAY, WESTMINSTER CORRESPONDENT - Ministers have revealed they have no plans to monitor the effects of the controversial hunting ban on the countryside, despite warnings it could cause economic misery in some rural communities. The revelation was made in a Parliamentary answer from junior environment minister and Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw to Stroud MP David Drew… Teignbridge's Lib-Dem MP Richard Younger-Ross, who also voted against the hunting ban, said: "I find it deeply depressing that no monitoring into the effects of the ban is going to take place….” (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 28.5.05 UNEMPLOYMENT BECKONS - Hunt supporters in the area have criticised the Government's "disregard" for workers facing the dole following the ban in February. Their angry reaction followed questions in the House of Commons when Junior Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw said there were no plans to monitor the effects on rural employment after the ban. Secretary of the Brocklesby Hunt Jenny Burt said: "It does not surprise me at all…” Louth's South Wold Hunt treasurer Neil Jones said: "It is having a catastrophic effect…” (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.5.05 EFFECT OF HUNT BAN WON'T BE MONITORED - Ministers have revealed they have no plans to monitor the effects of the controversial hunting ban on the countryside, despite warnings it could cause economic misery in some rural communities. The revelation was made in a Parliamentary answer from Junior Environment Minister and Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw to Stroud MP David Drew…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.5.05 NO STUDY ON HUNTING BAN - Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw has told the House of Commons the Government has no plans to monitor impacts of the hunting ban. The revelation was made in a parliamentary answer from Junior Environment Minister Mr Bradshaw to Stroud MP David Drew… Mid Devon MP Angela Browning said: "We really need to see the effects of it after a full season has elapsed without hunting, to gauge economic impact. The Government has again demonstrated it's not interested in rural economies."… (story)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 6.6.05 Hunting is my human right by Jenna Weekes - HUNTING is all Jason Vickery knows - he claims it's his human right and is backing the Countryside Alliance in its High Court legal challenge…. the Motcombe farmer is helping the Countryside Alliance with its prosecution under the Human Rights Act over what he claims has been the devastating effect the hunting ban has had on his way of life…. (story in archive)

Hereford Times 6.6.05 Hunt protestors are guilty of disorder - TWO demonstrators from Herefordshire have been given an 18-month conditional discharge for invading the House of Commons during a protest over the Hunting Bill. John Holliday, aged 37, of Ledbury Kennels, and Andrew Elliot, aged 42, of Laurel Cottage, Allbright Lane, both of Bromesberrow, had denied the charge of disorderly conduct at the Old Bailey… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 6.6.05 SO, A-HUNTING WE STILL WILL GO - There's something seriously wrong with the Hunting Act. Despite having been told by Defra that I would be breaking the law, I have continued my activities unchanged…. Either I'm fragrantly disrespecting the law or Defra's interpretation of it is drivel. Giles Bradshaw South Molton Devon (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 6.6.05 HUNT PROTEST HARMS RIGHTS - Terry Haines, Gloucester (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 2.6.05 HUNT LOUTS PICK LAWS THEY LIKE - I Was not particularly perturbed by the fox hunting issue, until those louts broke into the House of Commons. Their actions have meant everyone's right of access to our democratic institutions will now be restricted to prevent a repeat… I note all reside at very desirable properties. Have they not declared open season on themselves? Why shouldn't anybody violate their properties and use the same justification as they use?... TERRY HAINES, The Triangle, Gloucester (letter)

The Sentinel 6.6.05 TIME TO BAN THE FUR TRADE - I Am writing to you because of the fur fashion. I think it is cruel to the animals. Firstly, it is not right to kill the animals just for their fur…. ALANA JANE WALSHAW Seabridge Junior School (letter)

Western Daily Press 6.6.05 THE RED TAPE HAS TO STOP ON REPLICA GUNS - I share the concern of the police, and your newspaper, about people using replica and air guns irresponsibly (Western Daily Press, May 27). I would point out however, that air guns that look like real firearms have been around for many years, certainly since the 1960s, to my knowledge. The problem today is the general anti-social culture we suffer, whether it's vandalism, use of knives as weapons, or using these air guns irresponsibly. There are millions of air guns in circulation and there is no easy solution to the problem. It has to be borne in mind that the vast majority of these guns are used responsibly…. A Sherriff Address supplied (letter)

Guardian 6.6.05 Backlash to animal testing flight ban rattles BA - Andrew Clark, transport correspondent - To some, it is a rare example of a multinational company taking a principled stance on a moral issue. But to others, it amounts to a spineless surrender at the slightest hint of trouble. British Airways' decision to stop carrying animals bound for scientific experimentation, which was revealed in the Guardian last week, has delighted anti-vivisection activists who highlight the suffering of mice, monkeys and guinea pigs in transit for laboratories. However, BA's senior management have been rattled by a commercial and political backlash over the issue. The Guardian has learned that BA's biggest British corporate customer, Glaxo SmithKline, which spends millions of pounds every year on staff travel, has lodged protests at the highest level about the airline's stance. … (story)

Torquay Herald Express 6.6.05 PROTEST OVER CO-OP DUCK MEAT - Protesters demonstrated outside a South Devon supermarket to try to force bosses to take factory-farmed duck meat off the shelves. Up to 12 animal rights campaigners turned up at the Co-op store at Hele Village in Torquay. They claim the Co-op group is selling duck meat. James Fordham, from Paignton, a spokesman for Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, said: "The Co-op staff tried to move us on but police came and said we were okay…." (story)

Guardian 6.6.05 BBC courts controversy with meaty issue - Tara Conlan - If the public's negative reaction to the demise of Kevin the hamster, the star of the notorious 1998 Levi's advert, is anything to go by, the BBC will be in for some flak this summer. The corporation is bracing itself for a barrage of complaints over a documentary that shows animals being slaughtered… (story)


Observer 5.6.05 'Misguided middle-class parents now prefer yoga to rugger for their offspring' - Cristina Odone's diary … Praise that Laud - I am glad to see Derek Laud is taking part in Big Brother Six. The black, gay Tory strategist and master of hounds is a larger-than-life figure who courts controversy, flirts with notoriety and generally adds to the gaiety of the nation or, at least, of Westminster…. (story)
Bournemouth Daily Echo 30.5.05 Oh Laud! Look who's in Big Brother house by Robin Thompkins - HUNTING supporter and former joint master of the New Forest Foxhounds Derek Laud has saddled up for the bitchiest of television bloodsports as a contender on the new series of Big Brother… The story goes that while out hunting Laud was confronted by a protester who asked why he was hunting with people who a hundred years ago would have been hunting his ancestors. "A hundred years ago, my ancestors would have been eating you," is Laud's reputed riposte. Graham Ferris, joint secretary of the New Forest Hounds, said such remarks were typical of Laud who was noted for his "irreverent and totally non-PC" sense of humour. "I don't want to comment on his horsemanship, but he was certainly a colourful character," he said (story in archive)
Scotsman 28.5.05 Black Tory leads white witch into the transparent Big Brother house - A WELL-KNOWN 40-year-old black Tory was the first of 13 housemates to enter the Big Brother house last night. The politically-incorrect Derek Laud, who became the first and only black master of New Forest Foxhounds in 1999, was picked alongside a white witch, a former table dancer and a male belly dancer for the sixth Channel 4 series…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 28.5.05 Hamilton pal for Big Brother - Ian Wylie - A FRIEND of former Tatton MP Neil Hamilton is among the 13 housemates spending their first full day in the Big Brother House today. Tory political analyst Derek Laud, 40, has written speeches for high-profile figures like Margaret Thatcher and appears in John Major's autobiography… Derek, who became the first black master of foxhounds in the New Forest, is inside the house with the most provocative mix of contestants in Big Brother history…. (story)
Guardian 28.5.05 They're bold, beautiful and bonkers, but will we watch? - Richard Jinman - A white witch, a black master of foxhounds and a woman with breast implants who describes herself as "original, funny and fun" are among the new intake of Big Brother housemates…. The best-known inmate is Derek Laud, a 40-year-old political researcher who has written speeches for high-profile Tory politicians including Margaret Thatcher and Michael Heseltine. Laud has already enjoyed some media attention as the nation's only black master of foxhounds. He describes himself as "strong, sensitive and humorous"…. (story)
Sun 28.5.05 It's Big Bro's fool house By SARA NATHAN - Keeping an eye on Big Brother - THIS year’s 13 Big Brother housemates swept into the telly house last night — and proved the weirdest, wackiest bunch seen so far… Openly gay DEREK LAUD, a political analyst, was first into the house — sporting a pink shirt. The Londoner, 40, is a pro-foxhunting Tory and pals with Neil and Christine Hamilton… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 5.6.05 It's too risky to halt hunts, say police chiefs By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Police have been told not to foil illegal fox hunts when the hunting season begins because of health and safety regulations. Guidance drawn up by police chiefs instructs officers to take the most cautious approach when investigating reports of illegal hunts for fear that they might injure themselves. They have been told not to go near hounds or horses and not to confiscate dead animals as evidence in case of injury or infection. Officers are also told to carry out risk assessments before embarking on an investigation; to ask farmers for permission to go on their land; and not to use police helicopters in case they "cause alarm to horses"…. (story)

Sunday Mirror 5.6.05 THE SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATES: FREE ANNE - The last circus elephant in the UK. Aged 52, lame & worn out, isn't it time she was able to rest? Exclusive By Susie Boniface By Will Travers Chief Executive, Born Free - THIS is the last circus elephant in Britain - semi-lame and chained up in a field. Anne is 52 years old and has spent a lifetime performing tricks in the ring - and now animal welfare campaigners are demanding she is allowed to retire and enjoy the rest of her life in a wildlife park. But owner and circus boss Bobby Roberts is refusing to let her go and continues to earn thousands of pounds every year from Anne's public appearances… Elephant expert Ian Redmond said: "She has rheumatoid arthritis and spends most of her life chained to the floor in a draughty, leaky tent in a damp field somewhere… (story)


(Torquay Herald Express) 4.6.05 FOX CARNAGE ENDS BREAKFAST EGGS BY ALLAN TUDOR - Two raids by a fox in less than a month have killed off a minor South Devon tourist attraction. Farmer's wife Louisa Westcott, who runs a farm house B &B at Chipley Farm, Bickington, near Newton Abbott, says she has lost about 18 hens in the two raids…. She said: "This is the other side of the coin and people don't see it…. I shall not be keeping more chickens and this will be a loss to our guests…” She said she does not ride or hunt, although her husband does…. (story)

Western Daily Press 4.6.05 HERD GRAZES LAND MOWER CAN'T REACH - A Hunting hotelier has won the bidding for a herd of purebred Dartmoor ponies, despite putting in the lowest offer…. Philippa Hughes, who hunts with the South Devon, bought seven mares, two fillies and three colts to supplement her herd of non-pedigree ponies from local farmers. She needed ponies to graze farmland the family bought last year near their Holne Chase Hotel… (story)

Western Daily Press 4.6.05 POLO PONIES THRILL A NEW AUDIENCE - Gliding across the grass of the main arena, the nimble horses of the Beaufort Polo Club brought a touch of grandeur to the Royal Bath & West Show yesterday…. But the most famous member of the Beaufort Polo Club is Luke Tomlinson. He was one of the notorious "Westminster Eight" - the group of pro-hunting protesters who stormed the House of Commons last year… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 4.6.05 Give the hunt man an ASBO - SALLY Penton has the nerve to quote Otis Ferry as an example in berating Tony Blair over the European Constitution (Letters, June 1). I presume she means the same Mr Ferry found guilty of violating the Public Order Act last month…. Mr Ferry and his seven fellow protesters received 18-month suspended sentences with £350 costs each. Why weren’t they given anti-social behaviour orders?.. RICHARD VINCENT, Blackwell Road, Carlisle (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.6.05 TREATMENT OF DOGS A SCANDAL - Good luck to the protesters, who are concerned about the welfare of racing dogs, Echo, May 30. They are highlighting the plight of thousands of retired racing greyhounds that go missing every year…. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

BBC News Online 4.6.05 Sanctuary calls for end to bear farms - A bear sanctuary in China has called on the Chinese government to come up with a "strategic plan" to eliminate the practice of bear farming in the country…. charity Animals Asia - founded by British woman Jill Robinson - has long campaigned for the practice to end, and in 2000 established a sanctuary for farmed bears, with government approval, in Chengdu in Sichuan Province…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 4.6.05 VEGGIES HAVE THE ANSWER - LENTIL BE - Mp Ian Cawsey proved 'all you need is veg' when he dined with Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney to mark National Vegetarian Week. Mr Cawsey hosted the dinner in the House of Commons to raise awareness of the week and was seated next to the legendary musician…. (story)
Bexley Express 25.5.05 Singer says he'd liked a healthy food revolution - SIR Paul McCartney has helped to launch Vegetarian Week. John Austin, MP for Erith and Thamesmead, was joined by Sir Paul at a special lunch at the Palace of Westminster…. (story)

Western Daily Press 4.6.05 KILLING NO OPTION - Killing badgers so farmers can get away with bad husbandry is not an option. I would rather have milk produced away from "hot spots" than lose a beloved symbol of the countryside…. Caroline Collett, Bitton, South Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.6.05 MOONIE RAISES £3,000 TO FREE BEARS - Moonie the Moon Bear has been strutting his stuff at the Royal Bath & West Show this week. But the friendly face belies the appalling agony of the tortured bile bears of China that Western Daily Press readers have taken to their hearts… (story)


Kent/East Sussex Courier 3.6.05 CHANGES TO HUNT DEEMED BAD MOVE - The Hunt galloped through the showground as usual this year, but following the recent ban the traditional pomp was accompanied by a smattering of frustration. While trumpets blared and Fox Hounds greeted youngsters in the main ring, local hunt chief Frank Cooke spoke of his disappointment in the change of law. The East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunt chairman argued the sport was integral to the show and as much a part of the countryside as trees and sheep…. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette 3.6.05 Contestant is friends with Camilla - TORY Big Brother contestant Derek Laud is a friend of the Duchess of Cornwall. The Duchess, from Reybridge, near Lacock, is believed to have befriended the 40-year-old reality TV show contestant through their shared love of fox hunting. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 3.6.05 COUNTRY SPORTS PROTECT WILDLIFE - Recent correspondence displays a deep ignorance about the balance of wildlife and how to achieve it. It also shows great ir responsibility. It is incumbent on us to preserve the vigour and health of our wildlife populations, especially those that are without natural predators…. Adopting your correspondents' ways would mean that "natural" control of quarry species would not occur until lack of food due to overpopulation, and disease, were so extreme that reproductive activity would be suppressed…. In other words it would not deliver the healthy, vigorous wildlife we all desire. Country sports, however, will. James Shepherd Tunbridge Wells Kent (letter)

Harborough Mail 3.6.05 The country campaign takes its toll on Labour - WITH New Labour’s reduced majority following the General Election, the Prime Minister stated that he will now have to “listen to the people”. It’s a pity that he didn’t listen to over 500,000 country folk when we marched on London to protect against the proposed anti-hunting bill and general attitude to all country activities…. No doubt the likes of Phil Sawford will vehemently deny that the hunting bill had anything to do with losing his seat, but it is a fact and as with the rest of his anti-hunting cronies, I would say to them, “don’t say you weren’t warned!” J C Stephenson, Sywell Road, Holcot. (letter)

Northern Echo 3.6.05 YOUR report (Echo, May 27) says the RSPB is sure that birds of prey are declining because they are being shot and poisoned. While the report does not indicate who the culprits are, there is little doubt that the shooting industry is to blame…. I have no particular wish to spoil the sport of the shooting fraternity but I do want our native birds of prey preserved. Perhaps the only way to be sure of this is to ban the shooting of game birds. - Peter Wilson, Barnard Castle. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 3.6.05 WOULD BAN ON REPLICA FIR EARMS REALLY WORK? - Ban them! A perfectly reasonable response to the number of incidents involving replica weapons. Or is it? In 1996 an incident in Dunblane, Scotland, resulted in the confiscation and prohibition of handguns in the UK. At a cost of £180million all legally held handguns were destroyed. We are all safer as a result, or are we ? In the five years following the ban, crimes involving handguns have doubled… Barry Cash Bishopston Bristol (letter)

South Wales Argus 3.6.05 Valleys gun yobs take animal toll - THE shocking shootings of a Canada goose and her gosling at Cefn Golau pond is part of a disturbing increase in incidents involving airguns, the RSPCA claims…. Ellen Kershaw of Swan Rescue Wales said: "I just wish that something could be done about the gun laws. Too many yobs have guns and the sale of air pistols and rifles is just so easy…." Ms Jones added: "If anybody knows somebody with an airgun living in their area I would suggest they keep an eye on them and if they see anything suspicious then report it to the police or the RSPCA on 0870 55 55 999." (story in archive)

Northern Echo 3.6.05 ANIMAL WELFARE - Billy Smart's Circus is one of a growing number of circuses to have stopped using animals because of public concern about animal welfare (Echo, May 26). The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) campaigns against the use of all animals in circuses as we believe that animals can never be cared for properly when they are subjected to the constant travelling, inadequate housing and dubious training methods that exist in circuses…. Craig Redmond, Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals' Protection Society. (letter in archive)


Independent 2.6.05 Hunt lobby accuses National Gallery of 'rewriting history' By Guy Adams - They've been enraged by figures from across the celebrity spectrum, but now the hunting, shooting and fishing lobby has its most unlikely target yet: the urbane National Gallery director, Charles Saumarez Smith, left. Later this month, Saumarez Smith's gallery launches an exhibition of paintings by Britain's greatest equine artist, George Stubbs. Strangely, not a single scene of hunting has been included among its 67 pictures. An epic row is now in the offing with critics, led by Country Life magazine, accusing the gallery of "rewriting history"… (story)

Western Morning News 2.6.05 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE SPORTS NEW WRISTBAND - The most fashionable way to wear your heart on your sleeve of late is to wear a wristband signalling allegiance to your cause. Hunt supporters across the Westcountry now have a choice of how to show the world they want a repeal of the hunt ban. The Countryside Alliance (CA) has introduced a pro-hunting rubber wristband which is half red and half green and bears the message "Ban the Ban"…. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 2.6.05 Hunt protester's pledge - GAZETTE & HERALD: Pro-hunting campaigner Nick Wood says a massive protest on a scale never yet seen in this country is planned in London before the year is out. The declaration from the 41-year-old former royal chef, of Lacock, comes just days after he was found guilty of violating the Public Order Act…. (story in archive)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.6.05 Blame humans - Re "The plight of the skylark" letter from Brian Shackleton (May 27). In his opinion the skylark's decline is because of the protection of birds of prey. I consider that to be the argument put forward by the "please-let-us-hunt" brigade, who also argue it is okay to hunt and kill foxes, as they have no natural predators. Do we cull humans because we cause more damage?... Colin Stubbs, Moor Lane, Birkenshaw (letter in archive)

Wrexham Mail 2.6.05 Hunt supporters treated as heroes - SINCE Otis Ferry and his privileged friends were facing crown court, we never expected them to be let off so lightly. My husband and I had faith in the system and just can't believe these yobs have been let off with just a conditional discharge and £350 fine, leaving the public to foot the bill, which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds…. If only we could afford to emigrate. JUDI HEWITT, Address supplied (letter)

Shropshire Star 2.6.05 Cormorant story was misleading - Your front page story regarding the cormorants (May 24) was misleading. Thousands of these birds have been devastating the fish population of this country for the last decade…. John Robbins Orleton, near Ludlow (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.6.05 MOVING TO GAME SHOOTING - Fresh from securing a kind of victory with the Hunting Act (a piece of legislation which still contains loopholes you could ride a horse through) the League Against Cruel Sports is apparently now shifting its attention to game shooting - as many involved in the sector had forecast it would… But the campaign is destined to fail. Not because of the fact that Tony Blair himself enjoys the occasional day at a Devon pheasant shoot, but because there is no public appetite for it. (story)

North Devon Journal 2.6.05 BEWARE! THE 'ANTIS' WILL COME FOR US - It didn't take them long but at least it's out in the open now. As anticipated the League Against Cruel Sports has turned its attention to shooting, starting with some remarkably suspect film of what they claim to be cruel snares set for foxes around pheasant release pens… How long, one wonders, before they turn their attention to angling, especially game angling?... Before I started writing this column I was pleading with my fellow anglers to support hunting before they started on us. Most of my pleas fell on deaf ears and it's very hard now not to say, 'I told you so!'…. (story)

Guardian 2.6.05 Airlines' monkey ban - Conservationists will be concerned by the banning by airlines of monkey exports from Mauritius (Report, May 28). Macaques were accidentally introduced to Mauritius in the early 1600s and, along with rats, cats and pigs, have been responsible for annihilating much of the unique fauna and flora, including the dodo…. We can live without meat (I am a vegetarian), but can we survive without advanced medical research? Anthony Cheke, Author, An Ecological History of the Mascarene Islands
The conclusion reached by the Nuffield report on the "enormous contribution made by animal experiments" (Report, May 25) is not shared by all scientists… What is urgently needed is a transparent and independent public inquiry. Andre Menache, Consultant to Animal Aid (letters)

York Evening Press 2.6.05 Don't go to the bullfight, it's too cruel - by Reader's letter THOUSANDS of people from York and surrounding areas will be holidaying in Spain this summer enjoying the sunshine and local customs… I suggest those of us who think it is wrong to torture and kill animals for sport should boycott bull-fights… David Boultwood, Alma Court, York. (letter in archive)

Chorley Guardian 2.6.05 Circus is a cruel relic - Well done the Guardian, why don't you sponsor the circus while it's in town? After all you have just publicised their booking number, times and ticket prices! Animal Circuses are Victorian relics, the public are voting with their feet and staying away from 'Not so Jolly' circuses…. I Richards, Preston Action For Animals, PBOX 359, Preston
No room for nature - Forests are cut down, land taken for houses, with the ever growing human population world wide… The crackpot brigade should be addressing this problem, not harrassing the circus people of Jolly's Circus who are only trying to make a living for themselves and their animals. Wild life lover and naturalist (letters)

Western Gazette 2.6.05 ENRICHED CAGES ARE LITTLE BETTER - In a few years time conventional battery cages for laying hens will be banned throughout Europe. However, some countries, including the UK, want to replace them with so-called "enriched cages"…. please write to your MP asking him to support a ban on all battery cages. Keeping laying hens in battery cages is an inherently cruel and outdated farming practice - please help ensure that they are soon banned. Helen Weeks, Somerset East Branch, RSPCA, West Coker Hill, West Coker. (letter)


Northwich Chronicle 1.6.05 Hunters accused of election agenda By David Holmes, Northwich Chronicle - PRO-HUNT supporters actively campaigned to unseat anti-hunt Labour MPs in 'marginal' wards during the General Election. That's the claim from anti-hunt campaigners, who say Cheshire hunts were allocated Chester City, Wirral West, Wirral South and Warrington South as targets. Hunt supporters also helped in Tory-held seats like Eddisbury… They have supplied the Chronicle with a leaked letter from the Lach Dennis-based Cheshire Forest Hunt which shows its members had been allocated Wirral South, where Labour MP Ben Chapman was returned, and also Warrington South…. (story)

Border Counties Advertizer 1.6.05 WASTE OF MONEY - AFTER giving evidence in the trial of eight pro-hunt protesters who stormed the House of Commons, North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson says he was angry that public money had to be wasted on a trial…. (story)
Northern Echo 1.6.05 The right cause for law breakers by Harry Mead - Suppose a group of animal rights militants, posing as builders, had gained access to the House of Commons and stormed into the chamber, the very heart of our Parliamentary democracy. Up at court last week, where would they be today? In jail…. The protestors' leader, Otis Ferry, had been arrested earlier for entering the Prime Minister's garden at Trimdon. While awaiting trial for the Commons' invasion he lunged at the Prime Minister from a crowd on General Election night. His freedom today makes a mockery of the law… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 1.6.05 CELEBRITY STATUS OF HUNT FANATICS - There's been a lot of news coverage concerning the trial and conviction of the hunting fanatics who so disrespectfully stormed the floor of the House of Commons, but I've seen no mention of the demands that accompanied this act. Perhaps it was felt that it would belittle a good news story to remind readers that the perpetrators of these dangerous tantrums are demanding the right to hound our wildlife to death for the sake of amusement… Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.6.05 WELL-OFF LOUTS DO NOT NEED SUPPORT - On Page 3 of your May 28 edition, a full page is devoted to reporting about convicted yob David Redvers' return to his Gloucestershire stud farm…. It is very apparent that you support these well-off louts and ignore the will of the majority and Parliament. Vince Murphy Taunton
Editor's note: Dear Gill and Vince, in reply to you both, the Western Daily Press cannot by law, write comment into stories from running court cases. However, we remain wholly neutral in the hunting debate, putting forward the vociferous views of both sides. That is our job. In addition, I fail to see how we have given the convicted Commons protesters celebrity status. By that argument, every thug, rapist, murderer or burglar we feature on our pages would be seen as a celebrity…. (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.6.05 PRO-HUNTING PROTESTERS GOT OFF LIGHTLY - It was good to read (Echo, May 27) that the so-called Westminster Eight pro-hunting protesters were found guilty of having caused harassment, alarm or distress when they invaded the House of Commons last September. But I was disappointed that the court showed them such lenience… John Ricketts, Lynworth (letter)

South Wales Guardian 1.6.05 Snare `scaremongering' slammed - A LANDOWNER who was last week criticised in a League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) report on snaring has hit back at the `scaremongering' accusations…. Mr Heron told the Guardian this week: "While we do not deny that the photographs were taken here, it seems something of a coincidence that the cat appeared to be caught in a snare the day the LACS happened to turn up with their cameras. "With absolutely no regard for the apparent `suffering' of the cat, they then saw fit to prolong the animal's distress while they videoed and photographed it before release….” (story in archive)
Western Mail 31.5.05 MPs blame animal rights for 'growth in snare use' - Steve Dube, Western Mail - MEMBERS of Parliament have blamed animal rights pressure group the League Against Cruel Sports for an alleged increase in the use of snares in the countryside…. the Middle Way Group has now called on LACS, and other animal rights groups, to back a parliamentary Bill to protect all wild mammals from undue suffering… A LACS spokesman said snaring was cruel and has campaigned for it to end… British Association for Shooting and Conservation spokesman Simon Clarke said that the incidents were recorded last November… "The snares are designed specifically to catch target species, and we are suspicious about the cat, which appears from the photographs to be alive and well and fairly relaxed. The nearest inhabited house is 1.25km away and it did not come from there and it's funny that it just happened to be caught the day that LACS visited."…. (story)
Western Daily Press 26.5.05 NOW MPS WANT BAN ON SNARES - The widespread use of snares by gamekeepers could soon be outlawed - after the same MPs who banned hunting turned their attention to the shooting industry. An Early Day Motion has been tabled in Parliament calling for a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares, after a League Against Cruel Sports report claimed many "nontarget" species, including badgers, livestock and cats, fall victim to the snares…. (story)
South Wales Guardian 25.5.05 Snare horror by Huw Waghorn - THESE horrific pictures depicting scenes of appalling animal cruelty were taken at a prominent Towy Valley estate. The gruesome images were captured at the Edwinsford Estate in Talley by the League Against Cruel Sports during a recent investigation…. (story in archive)
Daily Post 23.5.05 Snares ban call - Daily Post A NORTH Wales MP has pledged his support for a nationwide campaign to end the use of snares to capture and kill wildlife. Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami has backed a Parliamentary motion which calls for a ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.5.05 TOP ESTATE DENIES CLAIMS OF GROSS ANIMAL CRUELTY - IAIN RAMAGE - Activists have produced undercover video footage which claims to expose gross animal cruelty on one of Scotland's top shooting estates. The League Against Cruel Sports said yesterday the film, which it has aired on its website, confirms "continuing wildlife persecution" on the Cawdor Estate near Nairn…. Roddy Forbes, Cawdor's head keeper, maintained yesterday the estate had not breached any rules. He told the Press and Journal: "The police investigated everything last year and the suspicion lay away from Cawdor."… (story)
Sky News 23.5.05 SNARE PICS RELEASED - Animal rights campaigners have secretly filmed disturbing images of what they claim is the indiscriminate snaring of wild animals. The League Against Cruel Sports says millions of British wild animals are being snared, including many protected species like badgers and birds of prey…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.5.05 Snares blamed for animal deaths - The legal use of snares on shooting estates is responsible for the painful death of thousands of animals each year, campaigners have claimed. The League Against Cruel Sports says its inquiries show guidelines on the use of snares are being broken, harming foxes, badgers, cats and other animals. But the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) denies causing unnecessary suffering…. Simon Clarke, of the BASC, said: "There isn't a shred of credible evidence in this. What we have got is a bunch of fanatics crawling about in the undergrowth looking for scandal. They have managed to produce a couple of rusty bits of wire and it is a cheap shot at a celebrity." (story)
Observer 22.5.05 Anger as 'cruel' snares are found on Lichfield's estate - Animal rights investigators claim that some traps on land owned by the Queen's cousin's could cause distress and suffering. Antony Barnett reports… Lichfield is among several wealthy landowners named in a report by an animal rights group attacking controversial snares used to protect pheasants from predators. The pheasants are reared in pens before they are released to be shot for sport, for lucrative fees. The League Against Cruel Sports, after a year-long investigation, claims that primitive snares are being used widely across Britain and lead to the death of thousands of animals… The league alleges that many of the most prominent shooting estates are failing to adhere to the guidelines. Among them is Ranton Abbey, owned by Lichfield, who is president of the British Association for Conservation and Shooting (BACS), the sport's governing body, which polices the guidelines. Yet the report claims that photographs show snares on his Staffordshire estate which appear to violate the rules. The report also says it found evidence of similar breaches on the estate owned by Sir Edward Dashwood, the chairman of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Shooting… (story)
Wales on Sunday 22.5.05 League condemns West Wales estate - Matt Withers, Wales on Sunday - A terrified cat was snared in a deadly trap set for foxes on an historic Welsh estate. The League Against Cruel Sports last night also claimed its 18-month investigation at Edwinsford Estate, Carmarthenshire, uncovered sections of the riverbank which were lined with snares, potentially putting endangered otters at risk. Police have asked for the dossier to be handed over. But the owners of the estate insisted last night they had done nothing wrong… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 1.6.05 Vegetarian’s car covered in bacon By Pam McClounie - THE Vegetarian Society says it is “sickened” and “outraged” to hear that one of its members cars was covered in bacon in a freak attack in Carlisle. The victim – a young woman from Ambleside – had parked her car in the shadow of Carlisle Castle with a sticker in the rear window proclaiming her membership of the Vegetarian Association. On returning to her car last week – which was National Vegetarian Week – she discovered that someone had covered her car windscreen with rashers of bacon…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 1.6.05 CUMBRIAN RESTAURANTS FAIL TO CASH IN ON UK’S 3M VEGGIES By Julie Armstrong LAST WEEK’S National Vegetarian Week in Cumbria has been more a mild korma than a hot vindaloo. Few of its eateries have taken advantage of the county's higher than average proportion of the country's Vegetarian Society members. Chris Olivant, information and customer services manager of the Vegetarian Society, said 400 of their 17,000 members live in Cumbria. He said: "That is a higher than average proportion of the population."… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 1.6.05 Why no veggie restaurant? MY compliments to Peter Hill, who featured National Vegetarian Week in his Food and Drink column (News & Star, May 25). I agree with Mr Hill that the absence of a dedicated vegetarian restaurant in Carlisle is somewhat surprising…. ROY DICKINSON, Holmrook Road, Carlisle (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 1.6.05 Where can I get a veggie meal? - I am a vegetarian and week or so ago, fancying a veggie burger, I went to a fast food outlet where I saw them use the same tongs to turn my burger over as they had used on meat. This is cross contamination…. What do I have to do to have a vegetarian meal in Market Rasen. Does anyone have any ideas apart from cooking myself? Vincent Roberts Kings Head, Market Rasen (story)