November 2007

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BBC News Online 30.11.07 'Irritated' man drove at hunters - A man of 82 who accelerated his car into a hunt gathering has been given a three-year driving ban and a £400 fine. Robert Wilson, from Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, revved his engine and accelerated down a narrow village lane where three hunts were meeting in 2006. He had previously admitted a charge of dangerous driving and another of failing to stop after an accident... The court heard somebody who recognised Wilson later phoned him at home and warned he was going to report him to the police. "The defendant then threatened him with hunt saboteurs," Mr Phillips said.... (story)

Telegraph 30.11.07 Anger as poison kills endangered red kites By Auslan Cramb - Three red kites that were part of a species re-introduction project have been found poisoned.... Lynn Bowser, of Argaty Red Kites, a feeding project for the birds on a farm north of Stirling, said there was no doubt that they were deliberately poisoned... (story)
Dundee Courier 30.11.07 Outrage at killing of three red kites - THREE RED kites, including an imported male which has fathered 16 chicks since his release in 1999, have been found dead near the Argaty red kite project... Niall Bowser, who farms Argaty as well as running the project, said, “ We set out to show that livestock farming, a pheasant shoot and the red kites are not incompatible land uses. “Sometimes it takes a bit of juggling but we can honestly say the kites have never caused us a problem.... Mr Bowser said much of the food given to the red kites, deer hearts and liver and other discarded items of game, was supplied to him by local gamekeepers.... (story)
Scotsman 30.11.07 Fury as three protected red kites found dead after poisoning - JAMIE BEATSON - RARE birds of prey from an award-winning Scots breeding project have been found poisoned. Three red kites from the Argaty Red Kite Project in Perthshire were found poisoned, with a post-mortem examination on the birds revealing extremely high levels of a toxin in their systems... Lynn Bowser, who runs the Argaty project - given a three-star award by VisitScotland - said that while red kites were scavengers that ate only dead animals such as crows and rabbits, they were often targeted by gamekeepers, who viewed all birds of prey as a threat... (story)

Argus 30.11.07 Bid to ban foie gras from Brighton and Hove By Lawrence Marzouk - A gastronomic pate could be banned from council buildings and food outlets in a city. Green Party councillor Ben Duncan has demanded that the sale of foie gras be outlawed across Brighton and Hove.... (story)

Argus 30.11.07 Cut down on meat - In her views on the problems in food production (Letters, November 27) Pat Thomas is right in her support for Caroline Lucas's comments on bovine tuberculosis (TB) and mass production methods. However, let's be a bit more specific here. Livestock farmers have pointed the finger at badgers for spreading TB and at foxes and deer for possibly spreading foot and mouth disease... One thing's for certain. The world cannot continue to increase its consumption of meat without serious repercussions. Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.11.07 ROLL UP, ROLL UP - An Echo report that the city council might scrap its ban on animal circuses has sparked an online war of words among readers of our website. The site has been bombarded with messages since we reported that a Government-backed academic panel found no evidence of animal welfare problems in travelling circuses. Animal rights campaigners reacted with fury to the news, although the circus trade said the report was a victory for common sense... (story)


Worcester Evening News 1.12.07 Grandson watched as hounds ripped fox apart By Claire Fry - A WOMAN and her grandson have been left traumatised after a fox was torn to shreds by hunting hounds in their Worcestershire garden. Elizabeth Cash was with her five-year-old grandson at her home in Upton Snodsbury when the hounds entered her garden.... The incident happened last Saturday when the pack was flushing out a fox, which the hunt later planned to kill using a bird of prey - a practice still legal in Britian... Joint master of the hunt for Croome and West Warwickshire Foxhounds, Robin Palmer, said: "Unfortunately the hounds found a fox and the huntsman tried to call them back but it resulted in this unfortunate incident. It was an accident."... (story)

Western Morning News 29.11.07 BLAIR 'FELT HUNT BAN WASN'T RIGHT' - During the protracted wrangling over Labour's promise to ban hunting with dogs, Tony Blair hoped the House of Lords would come to his rescue and throw out a policy that even he was "not comfortable with", writes London Editor Matt Chorley... But too many Labour MPs were baying for blood and were determined to use their enormous Commons majority to inflict a symbolic defeat on Tory rural heartlands, without any great idea about how to actually stop hunting or control foxes... Mr Blair may have disappeared into the sunset, but for those people who saw it as a symbol of rural life, the fight goes on (story)

Western Daily Press 29.11.07 KILLING CUBS BOTH CRUEL AND ILLEGAL - It seems laws in this country are made to be broken. The foxhunting law has been ignored since it came into force Those poor little fox cubs born in September are now ready to be hunted and killed in a most primitive, cruel way... N Pound, Wroughton, Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.11.07 'ARROGANT' FARMERS DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THESE ANIMALS - With regard to the Quantock deer cull on November 30, and following A Palmer's letter "Cull can be simply done" (Your Say, November 24), what makes anyone at all, including the National Trust, think they have the right to "cull" (murder) any animal at all?... Farmers constantly carp on about how hard up they are - not around here, motoring blissfully around in their 4x4s... Jane Somerset, Cannington, Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 29.11.07 I AM a council member for the British Deer Farmers Association and we have had a successful deer unit on our property for 20 years. The BBC programme Inside Out gave us an insight into the poor management of red deer on the League Against Cruel Sports' land on Exmoor. Red deer require a high degree of management on a commercial deer farm... A Bennet, Tiverton (story)

Warwick Courier 29.11.07 Pheasant cages must go, says council By Robert Collins - Whether the noble pheasant is agricultural or industrial is fuelling a long-running dispute in Claverdon. Stratford District Council has ordered Heart of England farms to take down cages for keeping pheasants and partridges - arguing the land is now being used for industrial purposes.... (story)

Guardian 29.11.07 Violence, fear and coercion: how we treat racehorses - It is time the public stopped condoning this cruel and exploitative sport, says Andrew Tyler... (story)
Guardian 27.11.07 We must not avert our eyes when a horse dies for sport - Greg Wood - Another weekend, another body on the bonfire. Detroit City's fatal fall at Ascot on Saturday came just seven days after the deaths of Willyanwoody and Granit Jack at Cheltenham, and after such a miserable start to the jumps season proper it would be a natural human instinct to turn away and try to forget. ... Less than a fortnight ago, the group Animal Aid, perhaps the most persistent critic of racing in the animal-rights movement, produced a press release to claim that 100 horses had, in their words, been "raced to death" since the Cheltenham Festival in March... If racing did not kill a single horse from one year to the next, Animal Aid would still oppose it. And for as long as the estimated number of vegans in Britain remains stuck at around 300,000, we can be fairly sure it is shared by only a tiny fraction of the population.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 29.11.07 CHIEF CALLS FOR A CULL - .... Gordon Brown's top scientific adviser has repeated his call for a badger cull in a drive to tackle TB in cattle.Sir David King described the disease as the biggest challenge facing farm animals in the UK, that currently saw more than 20,000 cattle slaughtered each year and cost the taxpayer £80 million annually..... (story)


Belfast Telegraph 28.11.07 Protection for hares reviewed By Linda McKee - Irish hare numbers are not under threat from coursing, according to new research released as legal protection for the species is reviewed. A research team at Queen's University, Belfast, says its investigations into coursing in the Republic - where the practice is not subject to a ban - have revealed that it has little effect on mortality... (story)

Western Daily Press 28.11.07 FARMING HIT BY LOW PRICES AND DISEASE - If Graham Forsyth wonders why farming is in crisis, "The hidden cull of our region's wildlife" (Your Say, November 20), I suggest he takes a proper look at the way things have been for some years.... As for the pretty-faced and bushy- tailed fox with his nasty mouth, he's got to be controlled. He kills for love of killing, not need of food.... Let's have a bit less sarcasm. M Johnson, Hereford (letter)
Western Morning News 27.11.07 FLAWED DIATRIBE AGAINST GAME SHOOTING - Graham Forsyth's emotive diatribe (October 16) against game shooting - grouse shooting in particular - is absolute rubbish, riddled with inaccuracies and insulting to all those who take part and earn a living in shooting and conservation.To state categorically that grouse are intensively reared using the battery hen facility or any other method is absolutely ludicrous, and only emphasises his total lack of knowledge on the subject..... W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.11.07 THE HIDDEN CULL OF OUR REGION'S WILDLIFE - Again, we see landowners across the Quantock Hills wanting to kill even more of our wildlife, and the less than honest methods they use to promote their bloodthirsty goals. They claim to form part of the Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group, but where is the conservation in this group? I suspect that's with the South West Deer Protection Group. It's rather like the name used for rifle shooters, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC), which is actually all about shooting our wildlife.... Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 28.11.07 Think of animals - As our thoughts turn to present buying, remember many brands of perfume, cosmetics and toiletries are still tested on animals. 'Final product not tested on animals' simply means the ingredients have been. So buy gifts of love made with kindness not cruelty.... Josephine Harwood, Moor Park Avenue, Bispham (letter)

Scotsman 28.11.07 Animal cruelty - Your report (23 November) of men earning £40,000 a year being fined less than a month's beer money for sadistically torturing a living, sentient animal to death must surely prompt all right-thinking people to ask... GEORGE LAWRENCE ALLEN, Galachlawside, Edinburgh (letter)

Guardian 28.11.07 Interview: Jackie Ballard - Once bitten, twice shy - The last time she ran a charity she caused a stir. But this time around, the new chief executive of the RNID tells Annie Kelly, all the headlines will focus on the charity - Jackie Ballard is a survivor. In 2002, when her appointment as director-general of the RSPCA was announced, a storm broke over her head. She was publicly lambasted by RSPCA members, four trustees resigned in protest and her political background and character was subjected to a media assault... (story)

Manchester Evening News 28.11.07 Boycott Japan, I SEE Andrew Grimes feels as I do about the Japanese fleet sailing to slaughter Humpback whales.... I don’t think Japan would be very pleased if people stopped buying their cars, TV sets, mobile phones and the other items they produce... Peter Salmon (letter)


Yorkshire Post 27.11.07 Fight to save your Post Office, customers warned - POST Office customers are being urged to fight for their local branches after details were revealed of 54 threatened Post Offices in North and East Yorkshire, and Keighley.... But Countryside Alliance Regional Director Richard Dodd said: "Thisis sad news and will come as a shock to all those sub-post masters on the list, but the fight certainly doesn't end here."... (story)

News Shopper 27.11.07 Do not buy from illegal pet sellers - I was very disturbed to learn recently of an illegal trade in pets... The Animals Protection Agency (APA) has suggested the Government should not only ban commercial sales of animals at fairs and markets, but also legislate for a system of licensing..... PE STEVENS, Eversley Avenue, Bexleyheath (letter)

News Shopper 27.11.07 Help stop cruelty - I would like to inform readers about the conservation and protection of dolphins... Adrian Appley Address Supplied (letter)

BBC News Online 27.11.07 Arrest after spate of vandalism - A suspected animal rights campaigner has been arrested after attacks on a showground, restaurant and farm.... A 26-year-old man from Ulverston has been arrested and bailed on suspicion of criminal damage... (story)
North West Evening Mail 24.11.07 TERROR UNIT CALLED IN TO TACKLE ACTIVISTS - THE national Counter Terrorism Unit is being called in after animal rights activists targeted South Lakeland foodoutlets.Activists are being blamed for vandal attacks on Cartmel restaurant L’Enclume and a farm owned by Peter Gott – friend of TV chef Jamie Oliver. Police believe the activists are demonstrating about the use of wild boar and foie gras in the food industry....(story)
Westmorland Gazette 23.11.07 Animal rights extremists target South Lakeland By Paul Duncan - POLICE are investigating three targeted attacks at restaurants and farms in South Lakeland which they believe are the work of animal rights extremists. The attacks which included causing criminal damage to vehicles and buildings at Sillfield Farm in Gatebeck, Westmorland County Showground at Endmoor and L'enclume restaurant in Cartmel took place overnight on Thursday.... Sillfield Farm was targeted by animal rights activists, who damaged property and set a number of wild boars free, in April this year... (story)

Western Mail 27.11.07 Veggie climate cure - With climate change making headlines and many people unsure of what they can do to help, giving up meat has become an increasingly realistic choice. It is certainly an understated fact that farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas emissions (18%) than the world’s entire transport system (13.5%).... JOHN M GILHEANY, Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff (letter)


Eastern Daily Press 26.11.07 Beatles legend in landing ban - RICHARD PARR - He was a day tripper who wasn't welcome despite his superstar status. The Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, wanted to land his chartered helicopter on Fakenham racecourse last month when he made a surprise visit to his late wife Linda's vegetarian food factory... As soon as racecourse boss David Hunter discovered the identity of who would be flying in he refused consent for the helicopter to land. Mr Hunter's refusal was based on Sir Paul's well-publicised views in favour of the ban on foxhunting.... “We are very much a focal point of the rural scene in sport and leisure in North Norfolk. I am man of principal and I would have felt a fraud if I had thought that someone like McCartney came and landed on land that I have control of,” he said.... (story)

Western Daily Press 26.11.07 SUPPLY PROOF TO JUSTIFY THIS CULL OF DEER ON QUANTOCKS - Following the comments on Quantock deer damage by Chris Rundle... On Saturday, November 17, my wife and I counted 87 deer (85 hinds and two young stags) on the two League Against Cruel Sports fields that border their Alfoxton Wood sanctuary in Holford... are we really saying that an area the size of the Quantock Hills, and the adjacent areas that these deer travel on a regular basis, cannot accommodate a total of 758 without the need to resort to a slaughter of around one-third their number... Ian Pedler, Paulton, North East Somerset (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 26.11.07 Fishing lessons to stop anti-social behaviour By Kate Turner - POLICE have come up with a reel-y good way of stopping youths from committing anti-social behaviour. Officers in the Bank Hall area of Burnley are organising fishing lessons for youngsters in a bid to get them off the streets.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 26.11.07 SUITABLE USE FOR MURDERERS IN SOCIETY - I Could not agree more with Sue Roberts (Viewpoint, November 8) that the testing of cosmetics and medicines should be carried out on murderers and child molesters, rather than animals... Robin Downs Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 8.11.07 SPARE THE ANIMALS AND SOLVE JAILS PROBLEM TOO! - I Agree with the reader, whose name was withheld, who wrote to Viewpoint regarding the cruelty towards and death of the millions of animals used for scientific experiments. Surely, if a pill, shampoo or cream is to be used by humans, this should be tested on humans. I recommend the use of murderers and child molesters for these experiments... Sue Roberts, Peoploe Crescent, New Holland. (letter)


Independent on Sunday 25.11.07 Animal welfare lobby putspressure on luxury stores to drop 'cruel' foie gras - As the peak retail season approaches, Peta plans an ad campaign and protests outside stores stocking the luxurious foodstuff. By Jonathan Owen ... . Foie gras – literally "fat liver" in French – has become the target of a "torture in a tin" campaign by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).... (story)


Western Daily Press 24.11.07 CULL CAN BE SIMPLY DONE - I Do agree that large numbers of deer can cause a lot of damage to crops in the fields. Deer management is easily controlled provided you have proper marksmen who use suitable high- velocity rifles.All deer must be shot in the head or through the heart, which is three inches behind the front legs. On no account should shotguns be used or you will end up with many wounded deer all over the countryside, and that will give the hunts an excuse to get a foothold again. The National Trust and the hunts go hand-in-hand, as they both go hunting.... . I do know what I am talking about, as I have shot hundreds of deer professionally. A PalmerGloucestershire (story)

Western Morning News 24.11.07 A CASUAL SUNDAY WALK - WITH GUNS - So, if you missed last week, try part two. To recap, it's a dark Sunday morning and I am about to leave a house in France to go out hunting (yes, hunting!) with two of my in-laws.... (story)
Western Morning News 17.11.07 ALL IN GAME AND NAME OF HUNTING - I'm dreading this. "To begin at the beginning" as a real writer once wrote.My heart both sank and surfaced when I was told that Alain, my father-in-law "wanted to take me hunting". Ah. Mine and field are two words that came to mind. But, I thought, it's good to experience the difference. So here goes, offered only as an account of what happened to me and what I did. I entered into this with an open mind..... (story)

Western Morning News 24.11.07 GEORGE AND EX-RACER REKINDLE A TRADITION - Falconer George Hedges has worked with birds of prey for years but flicking through a book one day he was captivated by images of medieval nobles hunting with hawks. The yearning began to bring back the ancient tradition for real.But first he had to overcome two problems - to find a horse, and learn how to ride..... (story)

Independent 24.11.07 There is an easy solution for those who abhor the barbaric Japanese escalation of whaling (front page, 19 November). On this subject, the Japanese are impervious to reason; so just don't buy a Japanese car or camera.... TERRY SAUNDERS, SHEFFIELD (letter)

Irish Examiner 24.11.07 Whale slaughter - SHAME on those Japanese seahunters intent on the savage slaughter of 1,000 magnificent whales. JA Barnwell, 5 St Patrick’s Road Dublin 9 (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 24.11.07 Save the whales From Joan Court - Animal Rights Cambridge, Sturton Street, Cambridge - IN DEFIANCE of international condemnation, the Japanese plan to kill 850 Minke whales and for the first time, humpback and fin whales... The appalling suffering inflicted on these beautiful creatures, who die a slow and agonizing death, has even outraged DEFRA and there is diplomatic protest... (letter)


Irish Independent 23.11.07 Top hunt probed in cruelty claim By John Meagher - The body in charge of Irish foxhunting is investigating claims that a fox was dug out of its den, tied up and then fed alive to hounds during a top hunt in Westmeath. The Irish Masters' of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA) has confirmed it is investigating the alleged barbaric incident which is said to have taken place during a Westmeath Hunt meet near Walderstown, Co Westmeath, on November 14. Such activity is strictly prohibited under the Code of Conduct drawn up by the Irish Hunting Association and sanctioned by the Department of Agriculture and Food.... An employee of the hunt, Noel Murphy, denied the allegations. "It is completely untrue.... But according to a taped conversation with anti-hunting lobbyist Tom Hardiman, the landowner, Michael Murray, who was present during this part of the hunt said he saw incidences of animal cruelty... (story)

Western Morning News 23.11.07 LYNSEY TAKES ON HUNTSMAN ROLE - For the first time in more than 40 years, the East Cornwall Hunt had a woman acting as huntsman on Saturday, when Lynsey Arkinstall took the hounds to the meet at the Rising Sun, Treween.... (story)

Western Morning News 23.11.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Surrey Comet 23.11.07 Sad comments - Regarding Dr Kenneth Tinker's comments on the urban foxes - what a sad person he is.... Our children should be watching and caring for our wildlife so their children can see and enjoy... Frances Brown, Via email (letter)
Surrey Comet 19.11.07 Cull the fox - Judging by your recent feature, your publication seems to be almost promoting foxes in urban areas. This is irresponsible. They are an appalling nuisance and vermin. I propose urban fox-hunting teams to cull these animals.... Death to the fox! Dr Kenneth Tinker Via email (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.11.07 DEER ARE LEFT TO DIE IN PAIN - I Feel I must put pen to paper about the proposed shooting of red deer on the Quantocks on November 30.I have been watching and filming the deer and other wildlife for 15 glorious years. I don't hunt but, since the ban, there has been nothing but trouble for these fantastic animals. When they are hunted with horse and hounds they are either killed or they escape. Now they are shot by landowners and poachers and very few escape. If they do, a good majority are wounded and left to die…. Lisa AcremanTaunton (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 23.11.07 When birds of a feather flock together - The exquisite irony of someone called Bird writing about Prince Harry's penchant for blasting our feathered friends out of the Sandringham sky will, I know, not be lost on your readers... Sid Brown, Glenhrust Road, Shipley (letter)

Western Mail 23.11.07 Breast cancer patients urged to take up fly-fishing Sally Williams, Western Mail - FLY-FISHING typically conjures up an image of elderly author JR Hartley in the memorable Yellow Pages advert... A charity offering a free outdoor retreat programme will next year be offering the pastime to Welsh women who have – or have had – breast cancer. Sue Hunter, the UK programme coordinator for Casting for Recovery UK and Ireland, is herself testament to the programme’s benefits.... The fly-fishing programmes are run at retreats around the UK and the charity is looking for new recruits to take up a course – whose funding is backed by rural rights campaign group Countryside Alliance – in Wales next spring.... (story)

Western Daily Press 23.11.07 MOST PUBS AND RESTAURANTS DO NOT CATER FOR VEGETARIANS - May I voice my increasing anger at the constant discriminatory behaviour that goes on in pubs and restaurants nationwide? No, I'm not a smoker or disabled, I am a vegetarian.... Sue ThorneBurnham-on-Sea (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.11.07 BOVINE TB IS NO RISK TO HUMANS - In response to the letter by Charles Henry, "Children at risk of catching TB" (Your Say, November 16) he is talking utter nonsense about bovine TB... Charles Henry has made it very clear in previous letters he is not fond of wildlife... A WilliamsWest Country badger patrol groupBath (letter)

Chester Evening Leader 23.11.07 Police fail to hit the mark with 'dangerous' bull - I READ with horror of the slaughter of the rampaging bull, in Mold. This 'dangerous' six-week-old calf escaped from Mold cattle market and put everyone's lives at risk, NOT. Why did the police deem it necessary to slaughter this calf, who was just a terrified baby?... Marianne Williams, Wared Drive, Northop Hall (letter)

Northern Scot 23.11.07 Slaughter of Australian horses a despicable act - I was truly incensed when reading a horrifying, harrowing article in the newspapers about the plight of wild horses in an aptly named place called Murder Spring in Queensland, Australia.... I suggest people in the UK should boycott holidays to this uncivilised country. Queensland government – you should hang your heads in shame at this despicable, barbaric act of unspeakable cruelty towards these noble, majestic, innocent creatures. – Yours etc, Elaine Tully, Fochabers (letter)


Farmers Guardian 22.11.07 Hunting on public’s agenda - A NEW poll released at the start of the hunting season shows that two in three people surveyed (65 per cent) believe that police should spend the same amount or less time policing the Hunting Act. The survey was carried out for the Countryside Alliance... (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 22.11.07 Hundreds back call to retain post office By Lucie Richards - DON'T close our post office - that's the loud and clear message from hundreds of people who have backed a campaign to save a threatened Basingstoke branch... The Countryside Alliance pressure group is also urging residents to continue using their local branches and make their views known to the national consultation team and Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Sara Rutherford, the organisation's regional director, said: "We all feel that the Government has missed the point on post offices... (story)

Express 22.11.07 LEGAL ACTION URGED TO STOP RACECOURSE CARNAGE By Brian Radford - A STARTLING 150 horses will have died on British racecourses in just 12 months by March next year.... Animal Aid's racing consultant Dene Stansall stressed that a horse was dying every 2.4 days either during a race, or shortly afterwards... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 22.11.07 BADGERS AREN'T ONLY TO BLAME - In reply to John Williams' carefully researched letter (The Citizen, November 16) regarding the same old controversy over badger culling versus bovine TB in cattle, I would like to add a few relevant points.Yes we do know that the badger is a candidate, along with other species of animals, in the infection of cattle with bovine TB. But is it being made a scapegoat at the expense of others? Surely other cloven-hoofed mammals are just as, if not more likely, to be at fault.... Come on Defra, you advocate the use of lingering death snares and gassing whole setts of healthy badger families. So why persecute the poor badger when not all the facts are clear? F. A. Tunbridge, Gloucester (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.11.07 END THIS SLAUGHTER ON THE HIGH SEAS - Britain is considering protesting to Japan over the hunting of humpback whales in the South Pacific as the hunting of whales and dolphins continues in the seas around Japan. Courtney S Vail, US campaigns officer for the Chippenham-based Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, explains why it is important to make a stand.... a target=main href="">(story)

Dorking Advertiser 22.11.07 'Why does the RSPCA keep harassing me?' - Exclusive by Nicole Le Marie - A FARMER claims she is being harassed by the RSPCA after inspectors visited her farm 11 times in the last year. Angela Raymont moved to Rivendale Farm in Capel 12 years ago and says she has been visited by the RSPCA almost every year she has been there.... (story)

Ilkley Gazette 22.11.07 Giving up meat - Kate Fowler-Reeves - Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.11.07 A MEAT-FREE ALTERNATIVE - Wave after wave of diseases continue to break out on British farms. Bird flu, foot-and-mouth, bluetongue and bovine TB are most current, but in the background are continuing worries about salmonella, E coli, campylobacter and swine fever. The common theme? The callous mass production and "processing" of millions of sentient animals.... Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Daily Mail 21.11.07 Meet the women who won't have babies - because they're not eco friendly By NATASHA COURTENAY-SMITH and MORAG TURNER - Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby... But the very thought makes her shudder with horror. Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet. Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible "mistake" of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilise her at the same time. He refused, but Toni - who works for an environmental charity - "relentlessly hunted down a doctor who would perform the irreversible surgery... Incredibly, instead of mourning the loss of a family that never was, her boyfriend (now husband) presented her with a congratulations card....
When Sarah Irving, 31, was a teenager she sat down and wrote a wish-list for the future. Most young girls dream of marriage and babies. But Sarah dreamed of helping the environment - and as she agonised over the perils of climate change, the loss of animal species and destruction of wilderness, she came to the extraordinary decision never to have a child... (story)

Petersfield Post 21.11.07 Hounds on hunt for fans - You may have thought that the sight of red coated riders and a pack of baying hounds carving through the countryside had been banished to the past by the hunting with dogs ban... Hunting the clean boot, as the sport is called, is growing in popularity and The South Downs Bloodhounds, based in Froxfield, has held its first full meet of the season in front of record numbers of followers. But joint master of the hunt Jeremy Whaley insists their meets are no simple subsititute for the foxhunts of the past.... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.11.07 HUNT PAIR ADMIT THEFT - The leader of a group of anti- hunt monitors has questioned the motives of two hunt supporters who stole a video camera from a woman during a confrontation at a meet.Malcolm Scobie, 41, and David Gibbons, 52, were due to stand trial for robbery after a meet of the Avon Vale hunt near Melksham in October 2005. But at Swindon Crown Court this week, the pair admitted a lesser charge of theft, and were ordered to pay £175 compensation to anti-hunt monitor Melanie Bates. Judge Douglas Field gave the pair a one-year conditional discharge... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 20.11.07 Hunt supporters must pay compensation - A pair of hunt supporters have been ordered to pay £350 to a saboteur after admitting stealing her camera. Malcolm Scobie, 41, and David Gibbons, 52, had been charged with robbing Melanie Bates during the incident on Wednesday October 5 2005… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.11.05 HUNTSMAN ROBBERY ARREST - A Kennelman from a West hunt has been arrested for allegedly robbing a hunt saboteur of her video camera amid claims the tape showed the hunt apparently breaking the law. The huntsman, who has not been named, was arrested and released on police bail this week, but was not charged in connection with an incident that happened in October…. The arrest is the latest in a series of ongoing problems between the huntsmen with the Avonvale hunt in Wiltshire and local hunt saboteurs… (story)

Western Daily Press 21.11.07 NO QUANTOCKS CULL WILL COST US DEAR - A Lot of hysteria is being whipped up about the impending cull of red deer on the Quantock Hills in Somerset - by people who should know better. Let's leave aside, for once, the issue of hunting: hunting never was an effective way of controlling deer. It was merely a sport... The fact remains the Quantocks herd has grown beyond what can be described as a sustainable number, and the animals must be culled in an organised fashion, rather than being left to the random activities of farmers and landowners... (story)

Telegraph 21.11.07 Chris Huhne answers your questions ... Q: How can you say the Lib Dems stand for civil liberties and freedom from the centre when you are a federalist party and voted against fox hunting?... CH:... Fox hunting was voted on before I was elected as an MP, but I understand that it was a free vote for all the parties and indeed there were MPs on both sides in all parties.... (story)

Irish Independent 21.11.07 No thrill in the chase of stag hunting - Kevin Myers seems to think that carted stag hunting is not cruel to deer because the intention is to chase but not kill the deer (November 16). I would argue that this makes the sport even more cruel and unacceptable than activities in which animals are killed for reasons of food or pest control... JOHN FITZGERALD, CAMPAIGN FOR THE ABOLITION OF CRUEL SPORTS. LOWER COYNE STREET, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (story)

Eastbourne Herald 21.11.07 Villagers unite to save their post office By Andrew Raeburn - Villagers in Upper Dicker have vowed to fight the planned closure of their local post office... The Countryside Alliance is also throwing its weight behind the campaign to save rural post offices. Spokesperson Michelle Nudds said, "We all feel that the government has missed the point... (story)

Glasgow Herald 21.11.07 Animals don’t have to wave goodbye to circus - BRIAN DONNELLY - A ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses because of welfare concerns is not supported by the scientific evidence, a report found yesterday. Mike Radford, of Aberdeen University and chairman of the UK Circus Working Group, said the decision to introduce such curbs was now in the hands of politicians.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.11.07 WILD ANIMALS CIRCUS BAN 'NOT SUPPORTED BY EVIDENCE' - A ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses because of welfare concerns is not supported by the scientific evidence, a report for the UK Government said yesterday. The chairman of the Circus Working Group, Mike Radford, of Aberdeen University, has reported his findings following proposals outlined by the government in March last year to ban certain non-domesticated animals from travelling circuses under the Animal Welfare Act.... (story)
Guardian 21.11.07 Nelly the elephant unpacked her trunk and decided to stay at the circus after all - James Randerson, science correspondent - Sinbad and Zebedee will be pounding the sawdust under their big top for a while longer thanks to a government-backed report which concluded there was no evidence that circus animals were kept in worse conditions than animals in other captive environments.... (story)
Telegraph 21.11.07 Circus animals 'betrayed' by new report By Felix Lowe - Animal conservation groups today hit out at a Government report which failed to recommend a ban on using wild animals in circuses... The Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare, said the report showed "complete disregard" to the bare minimum standards for keeping wild animals in captivity.... The RSPCA, which also formed part of the welfare sub group, has echoed Born Free in calling for an outright ban.... (story)
Telegraph 20.11.07 'Little evidence' for circus animal ban By Felix Lowe and agencies - A ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses because of welfare concerns is not supported by the scientific evidence, a report for the Government has found. The Circus Working Group concluded that there was "little evidence" that the welfare of animals kept in travelling circuses was any better or worse than that of animals kept in other captive environments... (story)
BBC News Online 20.11.07 Circus animal report looks at ban - A report looking into whether there are scientific grounds for outlawing the use of wild animals in circus acts is set to be published later. The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs-commissioned report, examines whether animals like lions and tigers should be banned from circuses... (story)
Guardian 20.11.07 Circus lions 'no worse off' than zoo animals - James Orr and agencies - A report looking into the possibility of banning the use of lions and tigers as circus entertainment has found "little evidence" in support of outlawing the practice. The independent paper, prepared for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), examined whether wild animals should be excluded from circus acts in Britain.... The paper, entitled Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses, was chaired by Dr Mike Radford, a reader in animal welfare law from the University of Aberdeen.... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.11.07 PROGRAMME UNFAIRLY SLATED - Chris Rundle's comments about Bill Oddie and the hugely popular Autumnwatch programme are quite remarkable - most unfair, and totally unacceptable to millions of us who watch this programme (as we also watch Springwatch) with great interest and excitement... Peter Collett, Bristol

Guardian 21.11.07 Go green at the coffee shop - just ask for a skinny decaff ratte - Laura Barton - 'Why do we not try drinking rat's milk, cat's milk or dog's milk?" wondered Heather Mills this week, articulating the thoughts of a nation quite frankly bored to tears by the milk of ruminants. Mills was at a photocall in aid of a new campaign by Viva (Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals) which is, in the wake of a UN report that found that the livestock industry generates more greenhouse gas emissions than transport, urging us all to go vegan... (story)


Somerset County Gazette 20.11.07 Staghounds presentation to air ambulance By Alex Cameron - THE Quantock Staghounds have presented £1,000 to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The presentation was made at the hunt's annual autumn supper, held at Quantock Lodge, Over Stowey. The money was raised from donations by spectators at the Quantock Show, held at Cothelstone on the August Bank Holiday.... (story)

Telegraph 20.11.07 Village Britain: Closed all hours - The post office, the pub, the petrol station... when these shut down, a community can die unless locals are very determined, as Clive Aslet finds in the fourth part of his series on rural life... "Communities need at least one focus point to preserve a sense of identity," maintains John Gardiner of the Countryside Alliance. In places like Heads Nook, that identity is slipping... (story)

BBC News Online 20.11.07 Campaigners hit by decryption law By Mark Ward - Animal rights activists are thought to be the first Britons to be asked to hand over to the police keys to data encrypted on their computers. The request for the keys is being made under the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). Police analysing machines seized during raids on activist's homes carried out in May have asked for the keys. The activists could face jail if they do not comply and snub a further formal request to hand over the keys.... (story)

Western Daily Press 20.11.07 SLAUGHTER OF THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS IS AN ABHORRENT ACT - Shame on you, Japan - and thanks to the Western Daily Press for bringing to the attention of its readers the horrific slaughter of dolphins by Japanese fishermen... Marie Denston, Highbridge, Somerset (letter)

Scotsman 20.11.07 Boycott for the whales - The Japanese obviously feel they can ignore any protests about their whaling activities... Perhaps if those of us who feel strongly about this adopted an ABJ (anything but Japanese) policy when choosing our next mobile phone, TV, camera, etc, it might make them think again. ANDREW KEMP, Mossbank, Rosyth, Fife (letter)

Enfield Independent 20.11.07 Supermarket targeted by animal rights protestors - ANIMAL rights protesters picketed outside Tesco, in Southbury Road, recently calling on the supermarket chain to stop selling eggs from battery caged hens. It was one of a number of peaceful protests up and down the country which were organised by Compassion in World Farming... (story)

Argus 20.11.07 Rats’ rights - I WAS appalled and upset by your decision to offer pest controller Jason Gates a forum by joining him on his hunt for rats in Crawley.... I fail to understand how anybody can possibly make a living by killing innocent animals, no matter what species. It is simply cruel and it disgusts me. Michaela Dyson New England Road Haywards Heath (letter)

Western Morning News 20.11.07 LIVESTOCK FARMING DEPLETES RESOURCES - Over the past 20 years or so, I have tried to do my little best publicising the work of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)... Jonathon Porritt, a former director of Friends of the Earth, is now chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission and has declared himself "fully behind CIWF's effort to promote sustainable high-welfare farming".... Already we have a situation where livestock farming is depleting the planet's resources at an unsustainable rate... G Wycisk, Callington (letter)

Western Morning News 20.11.07 DESTRUCTION OF THE BADGER POPULATION IS NO SOLUTION - So the threat of a badger cull once again is in the news, with the fear of horrendous suffering meted out to innocent creatures. Cows are very susceptible to disease, as has been proved by recent outbreaks.They spend much of the year in sheds in close proximity to each other and must suffer from boredom and distress when their calves are taken from them, which must weaken their resistance to disease.... A Hudson, Topsham (letter)

Redditch Advertiser 20.11.07 Contradiction! - John Hancock, RSPCA Regional Manager for Wales & West Region (letter)
Dunmow Broadcast 15.11.07 Badger cull - Sally Bruce RSPCA Regional Manager for South East Region (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 13.11.07 BADGER CULL IS AGAINST ADVICE OF MOST SCIENTISTS - JONATHAN SILK, RSPCA Regional Manager South and South West Region (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 8.11.07 A BADGER CULL COULD BE DISASTROUS - Jonathan Silk, RSPCA regional manager, South and South West (story)
Cornish Guardian 7.11.07 CULL COULD SPELL DISASTER FOR BADGERS AND CATTLE - Jonathan silkRSPCA Regional Manager, South and South West Region (letter)
News Shopper 6.11.07 Badger cull is not solution to disease - Sally Bruce RSPCA regional manager for South East Region (letter)
Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 6.11.07 Culling badgers won't stop TB - Alan Wolinski, RSPCA regional manager for the North (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 3.11.07 Culling badgers won't stop TB in cattle - Alan Wolinski, RSPCA regional manager for the North (letter)
Post & Times 2.11.07 BADGER CULL IS JUST SENSELESS - John Hancock RSPCA (letter)
Hexham Courant 2.11.07 Badger cull - ALAN WOLINSKI, RSPCA RegionalManager for North Region (letter)
Stratford Observer 1.11.07 Add your voice against badger cull - John Hancock, RSPCA Regional Manager for Wales & West Region (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 1.11.07 SOCIETY CALLS ON YOU TO SUPPORT OPPOSITION OF 'SENSELESS' BADGER CULLING - Suzie Graham, RSPCA Regional Manager for the East Region (letter)
Essex Echo 1.11.07 Help stop the cull of badgers - Sally Bruce, RSPCA Regional Manager for South East Region (letter)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 1.11.07 Play a part in saving badgers - Sally Bruce, RSPCA regional manager for south east (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 1.11.07 Anger at call for badger cull - Alan Wolinski - RSPCA Regional Manager for North Region (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 31.10.07 The RSPCA is echoing the anger and dismay of top scientists provoked by a Government adviser's "outrageous and misinformed" call for a badger cull to reduce bovine TB - Alan Wolinski, RSPCA Regional Manager for the North (letter)
Bolton News 31.10.07 Help to stop the badger cull - Alan Wolinski, RSPCA regional manager (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 31.10.07 NO SENSE IN A BADGER CULL - Suzie Graham, RSPCA regional manager for the East Region (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 31.10.07 LETTER: A CULL IS WORST OPTION FOR BADGERS AND CATTLE - SUZIE GRAHAM RSPCA Regional Manager for the East Region Peterborough (letter)
Belper News 30.10.07 Help prevent badger cull - Suzie Graham, RSPCA Regional Manager for the East Region (letter)
Northern Echo 30.10.07 Badger cull - THE RSPCA is echoing the anger and dismay of top scientists provoked by a Government advisor's call for a badger cull to reduce bovine TB (bTB) in cattle... To proceed with a cull would make a nonsense of the ISG research which took almost ten years, cost the lives of more than 10,000 badgers and cost taxpayers £34m. It would also be the worst possible option for cattle and badgers.... Alan Wolinski, RSPCA Regional Manager for North Region. (letter)


Western Morning News 19.11.07 - I CAN'T make up my mind whether we are living under a Stalinist-type regime or a Mary Poppins nanny state. First this abhorrent New Labour Government tells us we must stop smoking or hunting with dogs, and put our rubbish out in designated bins, and now we are instructed to cut down on our alcohol consumption and overeating... Colin Richey, Tiverton (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 19.11.07 FEEDBACK: HUNTING BAN - When the current behaviour of the pro-hunt minority raises definite ethical and legal questions and the majority of the population support the Hunting Act, but the public authorities seem reluctant to prosecute, one can only welcome the establishment of a League Against Cruel Sports support group in the Bristol area... Katherine Watson (Miss),by email (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 19.11.07 JUST before Armistice Day, when the nation is thinking of the dead and wounded from the world wars and subsequent conflicts, MP Dan Norris tells us his priority is the hunting ban... David Clark,Whitchurch (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 19.11.07 Call to keep PO hearts beating By Shelagh Parkinson - THE Fylde's rural residents are being urged to support their local post office as part of a campaign to save the service. The Countryside Alliance is urging people to fight for their local branch amid threats to close 65 post offices in the North West... (story)

Guardian 19.11.07 Heather Mills launches HOT! campaign - Alison Benjamin - Heather Mills McCartney has launched a pro-vegan campaign today. The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney gave a lecturer at Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park this morning to support animal rights charity Viva! Ms Mills, a vegetarian, launched the HOT! campaign to convince people that the most effective action they can take to reduce global warming and other environmental catastrophes is to stop eating meat, dairy and other animal-products... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.11.07 STILL NO END TO BADGER DEBATE - The clash between Prof King, Prof Bourne and the ISG before the EFRA Committee reveals just how surreal the badger cull debate has become. Neither side can "see" what the final report actually discovers.It has become "accepted wisdom" that badgers are the main reservoir of TB, that everyone is interpreting cattle data in terms of badgers.... The steady rise of cattle TB since the mid-1980s has been because strict testing was relaxed first when MAFF were overstretched with BSE, then with the 2001 FMD outbreak with no testing, then a huge backlog.... M HANCOX, Stroud (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.11.07 SEA CREATURES DESERVE TO LIVE - I find it completely deplorable the way in which Japan continues to brutally and inhumanely kill so many dolphins, porpoises and whales.... I Chapple, Chippenham (story)


Mail on Sunday 19.11.07 Blairs throw Christmas bash for fed-up neighbours By DENNIS RICE - They have been branded the neighbours from Hell... Now, in an apparent charm offensive, Tony and Cherie Blair are throwing a Christmas party for the beleaguered residents of Connaught Square. But the Blairs' festive cheer has not been extended to all their neighbours. Hunt supporter Duncan Macpherson, who has lived in the square all his life, has not been invited to the bash - and fears it may have something to do with the protest he staged outside the Blairs' home last year. The barrister is also joint master of the Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt, the first hunt to be set up after the ban on bloodsports in 2005.... (story)

Independent on Sunday 18.11.07 'Suddenly, we heard a bloodcurdlingsnarling, uproar in the undergrowth' - Robert Verkaik - After her village was terrorised by a pack of rampaging hounds, and their equally aggressive owners, Denise Ward decided to fight back. Here, she explains how she served an Asbo warning on her local hunt.... (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 5.4.06 'Anti-social' hunt served warning by Jenni Silver - THE Cotswold hunt this week became the first hunt in the country to have an anti-social behaviour 'warning notice' served on it…. (story in archive)
Stroud News & Journal 29.3.06 Asbo warnings for huntsmen by James Davis - WARNINGS about anti-social behaviour are usually given to noisy neighbours, drunks and tearaway teenagers. But this week three members of the Cotswold Hunt - the first in the country to be investigated under the Anti-social Behaviour Act - were handed warning notices and told to keep their hounds under control…. Warning notices were imposed on the hunt's senior master, Bob Cooper, and two joint masters. "We will do everything in our power to prevent it even if that means sending someone off in front to stop the hounds from trespassing," said Mr Cooper…. (story in archive)
Telegraph 25.3.06 Woods row huntsmen get Asbo warning By Richard Savill - Three huntsmen have been issued with a warning notice under anti-social behaviour legislation following a complaint that hounds had trespassed on private land. The notice, believed to be the first of its kind against huntsmen, prevents the leaders of the Cotswold Hunt from taking hounds through 30 acres of private woodland on the edge of Elcombe, near Stroud, Glos. The move follows complaints by Jeanne Berry, who owns part of the woodland, and other residents. Mrs Berry, an opponent of hunting, called in police last month after finding bloodstains on her fencing…. (story)
Times 25.3.06 Warning for hunt - Leaders of the Cotswold Hunt have been issued with a warning notice under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act…. (story)
Western Daily Press 25.3.06 'YELLOW CARD' FOR MEMBERS OF WEST HUNT - Three members of a West hunt have been served with Asbo warnings by council chiefs following an incident in Gloucestershire…. Joint master Sophie George said: "The Cotswold Hunt has accepted the warning letter because it was only a warning and not a full Asbo. This all arose because one hound got lost and went on their land." (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.3.06 MEMBERS WARNED AFTER HUNT INCIDENT - Three key members of the Cotswold Hunt have been issued with warning notices in response to calls from residents of Elcombe, near Painswick for an anti-social behaviour order to keep hounds off their land. The documents were served after meetings were held between the police, landowners, The Cotswold Hunt and Stroud District Council's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator. Joint master of the hunt Bob Cooper said the warning notices would be respected in the same way as any other requests by landowners for horses and hounds to avoid their property…. (story)
Independent 10.2.06 Villagers seek Asbo to drive Cotswold Hunt from their land By Arifa Akbar - They are used to being chastised by hunt saboteurs or animal-loving MPs but now Britain's huntsmen and women face a new threat, the Asbo. The Cotswold Hunt, a pillar of Gloucestershire society, could soon be on the receiving end of a punishment often reserved for young tearaways in "hoodies". Followers of the hunt have allegedly stampeded across private land, leaving a trail of destruction. Villagers in Elcombe claim the hunt has strayed into gardens, left bloodstains and killed animals illegally in private woodland. Jeanne Berry, a landowner, instructed her solicitor yesterday to apply for an antisocial behaviour order and an injunction against further trespass after the alleged disturbance…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 10.2.06 LANDOWNER: 'SLAP ASBO ON HUNTERS' - A Hunt has been dubbed "anti-social" and should be given an ASBO to make it stay away from a Stroud valley, according to an angry landowner. The claim, by landowner Jeanne Berry, follows complaints about the Cotswold Hunt's hounds running across people's gardens. Police are also probing claims that the hunt illegally killed an animal on private woodland high in the Slad Valley last week… (story)
Western Daily Press 9.2.06 CALL FOR HUNT TO GET ASBO - A West hunt is "anti-social" and should be given an Asbo to make it stay away from a Gloucestershire valley, according to an angry landowner. The claim, by local landowner Jeanne Berry, follows complaints about the Cotswold Hunt's hounds running across people's gardens…. (story)
Stroud News & Journal 8.2.06 'Slap Asbos on hunts' by Sian Davies - FED-UP Elcombe residents are calling for ASBOs to be issued against members of the Cotswold Hunt because they say its hounds continually cause havoc on their land. In October, 10 angry householders wrote to the hunt asking it to keep hounds off their property. But on Thursday residents say they saw hounds on their land again…. Mrs Ward and her neighbour, Jeanne Berry, who claims the hounds also crossed her land, both say Anti-Social Behaviour Orders would solve the problem… (story in archive)

Sunday Times 18.11.07 'Wildlife crime' row at tycoon's shooting estate - DAVID LEPPARD - ONE of Britain’s finest shooting estates is at the centre of a landmark criminal prosecution over claims that its millionaire owner has defiled the countryside. Natural England, the government’s conservation agency, has issued criminal charges against the Wemmergill estate, a grouse moor that is a playground for royals and celebrities... Natural England had allowed Cannon to build access tracks to ensure that parts of the estate could be properly maintained. The legal case centres on a 400-yard track that allegedly was not covered by the agreement. Natural England claims it is a new stone track “likely” to damage the site. Cannon says he was simply restoring an existing track to provide access to improve the grouse moor... (story)


Western Daily Press 17.11.07 MOST HUNTERS RESPECT ANIMALS - In response to the letters by M J Haines and Chris Gale (Your Say, November 10), the farmer again shows his ignorance of both hunting people and countryside issues.Contrary to his insinuation that hunters are a bloodlust bunch, if he knew them he would know that most of them respect animals.... Ray BirdGloucestershire (story)


Essex Gazette 16.11.07 Colchester: Hunters deny chasing fox By Emily Parsons - Police were called to an alleged fox hunt in Friday Woods, Colchester. A Berechurch resident called officers after spotting about 10 riders and about 30 hounds racing through the woods at noon on Wednesday.... (story)

Western Daily Press 16.11.07 RACE IN THE COUNTRY - Don't forget the Countryside Race Day at Cheltenham today.Part of the three-day open meeting at Prestbury Park, Countryside Day aims to mimic, as far as possible, a traditional country fair.... There will also be falconry displays, and parades by hounds from local hunts, to celebrate the start of the National Hunt racing season. Proceeds will be divided between the Countryside Alliance and Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses... (story)

Western Morning News 16.11.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES - (story)

Western Daily Press 16.11.07 BEEF UP HUNT LAW - Well done to MP Dan Norris for joining the International Fund for Animal Welfare hunt monitors, "Hunting for the huntsmen" (Western Daily Press, November 6).... IFAW monitor Peter White is right about the need to strengthen the law on hunting.... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)

Post & Times 16.11.07 CONSIDER THE BENEFITS OF SHOOTING - They cost £24 to put into the sky and when they return to earth and hit the ground if you are very lucky, and it is a good day, they are worth 50 pence.At the weekend I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be invited, as a guest, to join a shooting syndicate that has a reputation for producing some of the best sport in the Midlands... (story)

BBC News Online 16.11.07 Hen harriers 'Gamekeepers' enemy' - With its sad distinction as England's most persecuted bird of prey, it is hardly surprising that the reported shooting of two hen harriers on the Sandringham estate has been condemned by conservationists, but gamekeepers reject accusations that they are to blame... (story)

BBC News Online 16.11.07 Gamekeeper illegally caged birds - County Durham gamekeeper who kept wild birds has been ordered to carry out 180 hours of community service. In October 2006 RSPCA inspectors and police found two goldfinches kept in cages on land belonging to Daniel Robinson, 42, from Bishop Auckland. ... (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 16.11.07 POST OFFICES LEARN WHERE AXE TO FALL - SAM SATCHELL - Post Offices in Wadhurst and Heathfield are set to face the axe, after proposals to close 49 branches across Sussex were announced on Tuesday.... But Countryside Alliance South-Eastern Regional director Michelle Nudds is not giving up the fight just yet. "This is sad news and will come as a shock to all those sub-post masters on the list, but the fight certainly doesn't end here," she said.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 16.11.07 Rescuing moon bears - ON October 18 Moon Bear Rescue, Southampton, once again had a stall at Winchester Covert to raise much needed funds to support Animals Asia Foundation with their campaign to free Moon Bears from the bile farms in Asia.... L J BURR, Hedge End. (story)


Daily Post 15.11.07 Game evening with recipes by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - ALMOST 100 people attended a Game-to-Eat evening organised by the Countryside Alliance and the National Gamekeepers Organisation at Gwaenynog, Denbigh.... (story)

Guardian 15.11.07 Ask Leo - Leo Hickman - I'm always hearing from people who shoot that pheasant is an environmentally friendly meat because it encourages landowners to maintain woodland. Is this really true? T Hoskins, Derbyshire - The classic defence of pheasant shooting has been that great swaths of native woodland would simply not exist today if landowners chose not to maintain them for rearing and shooting these birds... Why pheasant shooting is deemed a "sport" I will never understand... with the new stewardship payments scheme introduced in 2005 to reward farmers for their conservation efforts, do we really still need to protect our native landscapes via the barbarism of shooting millions of these birds each year? (story)

Western Daily Press 15.11.07 QUANTOCK DEER NEED CONTROL - I read with interest "Fury at deer killing spree"... It's high time deer numbers are controlled by an outside organisation and not left to individual landowners. The Government has only added to the problem with the totally unworkable hunting farce.... Craig Hutchings, Address supplied (LETTER)

South Wales Evening Post 15.11.07 KILLERS PUT LIVES AT RISK - Poachers armed with military-style rifles are putting lives at risk at one of the biggest tourist attractions in South Wales. The unscrupulous killers are also bringing down deer with shotguns and crossbows and hounding them to death with hunting dogs... (story)

Stratford Observer 15.11.07 One horse shot is one to many - I WOULD like to comment on your article concerning the Animal Aid protest at Stratford Racecourse. Stephen Lambert, managing director of the racecourse, said 1,246 horses race at Stratford every year. Eight died. As a statistic that is 0.6 per cent. Mr Lambert is right, that is a low figure, but if you've ever been unfortunate enough to witness a horse being shot having fallen badly on the course as I have (from a private property and not as a paying racecourse goer), it is still a statistic too high.... Name and address supplied (story)

Tamworth Herald 15.11.07 DON'T USE DONKEYS WHEN ABROAD - If You have taken the Daily Express newspaper this week, you will have read the disturbing report concerning the donkeys of Santorini in Greece... It would be an act of kindness to avoid establishments where animals are used as entertainment for tourists because these animals are used and without doubt abused purely for monetary gain.... Dorothy Jenkins, Mile Oak, Tamworth (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 15.11.07 Beleaguered Tesco hit by Ilkley protest against caged hens By Amanda Greaves - A CALL to stop selling eggs from caged battery farm hens was the latest protest to roll up at the doors of Ilkley's Tesco supermarket…. CIWF area contact Heather Parry handed over the letter in person to Ilkley store trading manager, Dave Vincent… (story)

Ilkley Gazette 15.11.07 Animals in crisis - Tamara Lloyd - Director, The Alternative Animal Sanctuary, Windmill Road, Pepperstock, Luton, Beds, LU1 4LQ (story)
Southern Daily Echo 15.11.07 Please help animal sanctuary - Britain's animals are facing a crisis; they are treated as objects not living, feeling creatures. Over the past few years the Alternative Animal Sanctuary has found the numbers of pets brought to them has increased rather than decreased... The Alternative Animal Sanctuary, Windmill Road, Pepperstock, Luton, Beds, LU1 4LQ. Registered charity 1111406 TAMARA LLOYD, director (letter)

15.11.07 DON'T USE DONKEYS WHEN ABROAD - If You have taken the Daily Express newspaper this week, you will have read the disturbing report concerning the donkeys of Santorini in Greece.... Enjoy all the new experiences available to you during your holiday, but please try not to contribute to cruelty. Thank you. Dorothy Jenkins, Mile Oak, Tamworth.



Western Daily Press 14.11.07 FRIDAY RACES INSPIRE SPIRIT OF COUNTRYSIDE BY MARY TAPPING - Hunting is a traditional part of country life so it is natural that a race which involves jumping over hedges, banks and timber rails should be a feature of the Countryside Race Day at Cheltenham on Friday.The Sporting Index Cross Country Chase is the nearest thing to an exhilarating ride across country and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.... as one American put it: "The ban seems to have done for hunting in England what prohibition did for alcohol in America."... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 14.11.07 LOCAL FIRM STANDS UP TO CRUEL TRADE - The Animals Asia Foundation has fought long and hard to get the Chinese Government to abolish the bile farms where moon bears are kept in cramped cages.It is disturbing that bile from these bears has been known to be on sale in England. Thankfully, investigations are underway into this trade... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.11.07 FOOD PROTEST OVER CRUELTY - Animal welfare protesters were planning a demonstration outside one of Exeter's top restaurants today to highlight what they say is cruelty involved in producing a delicacy served there.Viva! members will be joined by a giant duck as they gather outside Michael Caines' ABode restaurant at the Royal Clarence Hotel in Cathedral Yard to persuade people not to eat foie gras... (story)

Slough Observer 14.11.07 Action group out to save badgers - SIKHS are urging people to back an online petition to protect badgers from being culled. Slough’s Sikh Community Action Network is calling on animal lovers to sign the Back Off Badgers petition, originally launched by the RSPCA, after the Government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir David King, suggested killing the animals in England should be undertaken in order to control bovine TB in cattle... (story)

Bromley Times 14.11.07 Supermarket chain defends policies on animal welfare - A VEGETARIAN group have called for residents to boycott a new supermarket over allegations of poor animal welfare. Bromley-based campaigners Passive Pressure say that the chain, which recently obtained planning permission from the council to build a new store in Orpington, is "poor" on animal welfare..... Chair of Passive Pressure, Jan Yarker said: "Even though Bromley council has succumbed to Tesco, it does not mean that consumers have to. Consumers always have the last word and can hit this giant where it hurts - in the pocket.... (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 13.11.07 HUNTING ADVICE NOT ASKED FOR OR WANTED - As far as I am aware, League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Douglas Batchelor, Gazette Letters, November 6, is not a lawyer, which makes it especially strange that he feels it necessary to hand out legal advice to people who have not asked for it. Hunts across the country have taken proper legal advice on all their activity since the Hunting Act came into force... Politicians of all parties are coming to accept the case for the repeal of the Hunting Act and it is becoming inevitable that a future Government will scrap it - which will come as a great relief to the police, to hunts and to anyone who is interested in fair and workable law... TIM BONNER Head of Media Countryside Alliance The Old Town Hall 367 Kennington Road London SE11 4PT (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 6.11.07 LAW CLEAR HUNTING FOR RECREATION NOW ILLEGAL - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Sparling House, 83-87 Union Street, London (story)
Worcester News 29.10.07 Remember, hunting is still an illegal act - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Wiltshire Times 25.10.07 Hunting rules - I would like to bring the attention of your readers, especially those who may be involved in hunting, to the recent ruling that the conviction under the Hunting Act of members of the Somerset Quantock Staghounds should stand. In particular, the ruling that any hunting carried out for the purpose of sport and recreation is always illegal. It had been our intention to write to local hunts in order to explain the law, but the Countryside Alliance has requested we do not do so.... Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League, Against Cruel Sports (story)

Western Daily Press 13.11.07 DAN STANDS UP FOR HUNTING BAN - Thanks to Dan Norris MP for going out monitoring with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Dan Norris is standing up for the ban on hunting which was supported by the majority of the British public against chasing and killing wildlife for entertainment.... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Sheffield Star 13.11.07 Royal gun dispute - UNFORTUNATELY South Yorkshire is not the only place to suffer from wildlife persecution. However it is a relief to learn that Prince Harry (grandson of the patron of the RSPB) and his friend, (a member of the Van Cutsen family whose head is a council member for English Nature) were not involved in the shooting of two rare and protected hen harriers on the Sandringham Estate.... Yes, I am sure that must be how it happened. I’m glad that has all been cleared up. Graham (story)

Independent 13.11.07 Hen harriers shot at Sandringham - Henry Bellingham (letter, 10 November) would do well to re-read the Norfolk Crown Prosecution Service statement of 6 November... The CPS does not question that the birds were shot, or challenge the credibility of the Natural England witness... Sir Martin Doughty, Chair, Natural England, Sheffield (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 11.11.07 Dirty tricks claim in Prince Harry 'shooting' By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - Prince Harry is the victim of a "dirty tricks" campaign over the alleged killing of two birds of prey at Sandringham, his friends fear. Two rare hen harriers "killed" while hovering over the Queen's Norfolk estate were not even shot at, those close to the Prince now suspect... The alleged incident happened just before 6.30pm when it was nearly dark. No birds' carcasses were found, even though the police were quickly on the scene. It is understood that only one of the alleged three witnesses - a member of staff from Natural England - gave a statement to the police and none of them wants to be identified.... The pro-shooting lobby suspects that an anti-shooting group leaked details to a national newspaper to get publicity for its "agenda" once it realised the Prince had been on the estate at the time... (story)
Independent 10.11.07 Doubts over alleged shooting of raptors at Sandringham - The Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to prosecute anyone in connection with the alleged hen harrier incident on the Sandringham Estate in my constituency. They decided that the allegations were unfounded because of a lack of evidence, in particular the absence of a carcass... On the day of the alleged incident, reports of a great grey shrike on Dersingham Bog brought more birdwatchers than normal into the area, but none mentioned seeing any hen harriers. The claimed sighting of two hen harriers being shot took place not only as it was getting dark shortly before 6pm, but at a range of 500 yards.... ". No one pointed out the simple fact that migrating hen harriers have never posed a threat to lowland game, so why would any gamekeeper want to persecute this beautiful raptor?... Henry Bellingham MP, (N-W Norfolk, C) House of commons (letter)
Telegraph 7.11.07 Prince Harry not charged over shot rare birds By Andrew Pierce - The Crown Prosecution Service is to take no action about the alleged shooting of two legally protected birds of prey which resulted in Prince Harry being questioned by the police.... (story)
Evening Standard 7.11.07 HARRY OFF THE HOOK: NO ONE TO FACE CHARGES OVER HEN HARRIER SHOOTINGS ON QUEEN'S ESTATE - It was an incident that enraged bird-lovers and intrigued royal-watchers. But yesterday prosecutors announced that no action will be taken over the illegal killing of two hen harriers at Sandringham... (story)
Sun 7.11.07 Harry off hook for bird 'kill' By JOHN TROUP - PRINCE Harry will NOT be prosecuted over the alleged illegal shooting of two rare birds of prey on the Queen’s Sandringham estate... (story)
Mirror 7.11.07 Harry: No charges over birds By Aidan Mcgurran - Prince Harry and two friends will not be prosecuted over the illegal shooting of two rare birds of prey on the Queen's Sandringham estate, the Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday... (story)
Telegraph 1.11.07 Prince Harry still under spotlight for shot birds By Andrew Pierce - Prince Harry may face further questioning over the shooting of two protected birds of prey on the edge of the Queen's Sandringham Estate.... Harry, 23, is one of three people who have been questioned by police about the death of the rare birds, which are the most endangered birds of prey in England.... (story)
Telegraph 1.11.07 Hunting: a controversial hobby - The Royal Family has long been associated with controversy over hunting.... (story)
Telegraph 1.11.07 The Hen Harrier: battling for survival - The hen harrier is the most intensively hunted bird of prey in Britain, with about 750 surviving breeding pairs... (story)
Guardian 1.11.07 Report for CPS after rare birds allegedly shot on royal estate - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - Detectives who questioned Prince Harry during an investigation into the illegal killing of two rare birds of prey over the Queen's estate at Sandringham are to send a report to the Crown Prosecution Service.... (story)
Guardian 1.11.07 Centuries of happy hunting for the royals - Stephen Bates - Did Prince Harry shoot two rare - and legally protected - hen harriers at Sandringham last week? The question may never be satisfactorily resolved, despite the best efforts of the Norfolk constabulary, who have questioned the prince because he was out shooting that day. He has denied killing the birds and there are no direct witnesses... (story)
Scotsman 1.11.07 Three quizzed over killing of birds on royal estate - POLICE investigating the reported illegal killing of two rare protected birds of prey on one of the Queen's estates are preparing a report for prosecutors after interviewing three people.... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 31.10.07 Prince Harry in shot harriers mystery - CHRIS BISHOP - Police have been unable to find the bodies of two rare birds of prey which it is alleged were shot on the Queen's Norfolk estate. Prince Harry and two other people have been questioned about the shooting of a pair of hen harriers at Sandringham last week.... (story)
BBC News Online 31.10.07 Hen harriers: Gamekeepers' enemy - With its sad distinction as England's most persecuted bird of prey, it is hardly surprising that the reported shooting of two hen harriers on the Sandringham estate has been roundly condemned.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 31.10.07 Three quizzed over bird deaths - POLICE today said they were interviewing three people about the alleged shooting of two protected birds of prey on the Queen's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk ... (story)
Times 31.10.07 Prince Harry is questioned over shooting of two rare birds of prey at Sandringham - MURAD AHMED - Prince Harry has been questioned by police after two legally-protected birds of prey were shot dead on the Royal Family’s Sandringham estate last week... (story)
Lynn News 31.10.07 Prince Harry interviewed over shooting By Richard Long - PRINCE Harry has been interviewed by police investigating the shooting of protected birds of prey at The Queen's Sandringham Estate last week... Prince Harry and a friend were in the area at the time but told police they had no knowledge of the incident (story)
Daily Mail 31.10.07 Police quiz Prince Harry over shooting of rare hen harriers By REBECCA ENGLISH - Prince Harry has been questioned by police over the illegal shooting of two of Britain's rarest birds of prey at Sandringham last week. The 23-year-old was hunting pheasants with a friend at the Queen's estate last Wednesday when the endangered hen harriers were killed as they flew above trees... (story)
Telegraph 31.10.07 Prince Harry quizzed as bird inquiry expands - Police investigating the shooting of two of England's rarest birds of prey are today interviewing three people, after speaking to Prince Harry about his knowledge of the incident.... (story)
Guardian 31.10.07 Prince Harry quizzed by police about shooting of rare birds - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - Prince Harry and a close friend have been interviewed by police after two rare and legally protected birds of prey were killed on the royal family's Sandringham estate in Norfolk last week.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 31.10.07 Harry questioned over rare bird shooting - Prince Harry was "in the area" when two rare protected birds of prey were allegedly shot dead on one of The Queen's estates, royal officials have said... (story)
Ipswich Evening Star 31.10.07 Harry questioned over rare bird shooting - Prince Harry was "in the area" when two rare protected birds of prey were allegedly shot dead on one of The Queen's estates, royal officials have said.... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 30.10.07 Prince Harry quizzed over bird shooting - Prince Harry has been interviewed by police investigating the shooting of two rare birds of prey on the Queen's Norfolk estate.... (story)
Daily Mail 25.10.07 Police investigate 'protected bird shootings' on Queen's estate - Police today said they were investigating an allegation that two rare protected birds of prey had been shot dead on one of The Queen's estates. Officers said they had received a complaint that two hen harriers were killed on the royal estate at Sandringham, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, late yesterday.... (story)
Lynn News 25.10.07 Rare birds shot at Sandringham - POLICE are appealing for help from the public after two rare birds were shot on the edge of the Sandringham estate.... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 25.10.07 Rare birds shot dead - SANDRINGHAM: Bird welfare officers have launched an investigation after two rare birds of prey were found dead on the Queen's Sandringham estate.... (story)

Wigan Observer/Evening Post/Reporter 13.11.07 Danger fears at duck cull - By Annette Kelman - A man claims members of the public could have been shot during the controversial culling of Wigan's ruddy ducks. Jacob Moot is accusing the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) of failing to follow adequate safety procedures when it sent marksmen to shoot the birds at Wigan Flashes... The wildlife enthusiast, who is the former chairman of Wigan Conservation and Community Group, used a video camera to record the activities... "I was surprised that there didn't seem to be anyone else around to stop people walking into the area when they had been shooting live ammunition from rifles..." (story)
Wigan Observer/Evening Post/Reporter 2.11.07 Ducks are shot despite protest By Annette Kelman - Wigan's ruddy ducks have been slaughtered despite huge public opposition and months of campaigning to save them. Marksmen from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) shot the ducks at dawn yesterday after the birds' fate was sealed by Wigan Council at a full council meeting the previous evening. After hearing the cull was taking place at Pearson Flash in Poolstock, protesters travelled but arrived too late.... (story)
Manchester Evening News 2.11.07 Ruddy Duck cull begins - Neal Keeling - THE controversial cull of a colony of Ruddy Ducks has started. More than 100 ducks which live on flashes owned by Wigan Council are to be slaughtered at the request of the Spanish government... Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, Britain's largest animal rights group, said: "This is a cynical, vicious and pointless exercise in slaughter... (story)
Wigan Observer 12.10.07 Duck cull is 'pointless slaughter' By Chris Wilkinson - The Director of an animal rights group has made a passionate plea for Wiganers to resist the "pointless and grotesque slaughter" of the area's ruddy ducks. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, claims the arguments for the cull can no longer be justified... (story)
Wigan Observer 8.10.07 Gunmen to be unleashed on ruddy ducks By Kristina Santus - Wigan's ruddy ducks will soon be wiped out after Council bosses "reluctantly" agreed to let the controversial cull go ahead.... But opponents, including Animal Aid and the Leigh Ornithological Society say they will not let the matter rest. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said: "It is a sick, irrational decision which has disregarded scientific information and common sense.... (story)
Wigan Evening Post/Observer/Reporter 27.9.07 Duck cull looks set to go ahead By Richard Bean - Council bosses in Wigan are being urged to give the go-ahead to the controversial culling of the town's ruddy ducks... But animal rights group members are now threatening "direct action" and are pledging to position themselves between hunters and the ducks when the operation takes place... (story)
Manchester Evening News 13.9.07 The end for Wigan's ruddy ducks - Neal Keeling - A COLONY of ducks has been given a death sentence. More than 100 ruddy ducks who live on flashes owned by Wigan Council are facing a cull ordered at the request of the Spanish government... (story)
Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 15.8.07 Fury over duck decision summit By Richard Bean - Wigan's beleaguered ruddy ducks are still within the gunsights. And there will not now be any anti-cull summit to persuade the man who will decide on their fate to leave them in peace on Wigan Flashes. Martin Kimber, the Metro's director of environmental services is currently weighing the scientific case made by the Government for a controlled but increasingly controversial extermination programme.... Borough leader of the Democratic Alliance official opposition Coun Peter Franzen is angry that councillors have only witnessed a presentation by pro-cull scientists from Defra.... Coun Franzen is also angry that Animal Aid group director Andrew Tyler was banned from attending the presentation because it was exclusively a Defra presentation to councillors.... (story)
Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 25.7.07 Fight to save our Ruddy Ducks from flashes cull At the July 11 Wigan Council meeting, I asked the following questions regarding the culling of the Ruddy Duck in Wigan ... 1) Why has the Labour Cabinet ignored the decisions of Council made at the meeting of March 21, and failed to consult with renowned bird expert Tom Gullick, County Bird Recorder for Greater Manchester, Judith Smith, the Leigh Ornithological Society, the RSPCA and Animal Aid?... Coun Peter Franzen, leader, Community Action Party (letter)
Wigan Observer 11.7.07 Duck cull meeting is called - Animal welfare campaigners are demanding a right of reply over the controversial decision to cull ducks at a local wildlife haven. Scientists from the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Central Science Laboratory are visiting Wigan town hall later this month to speak in support of the Ruddy Duck cull... Coun Peter Franzen, is asking that anti-cull group Animal Aid also be allowed to make a presentation... (story)
Wigan News 3.7.07 New plea to cull ducks By Richard Bean - Scientists are making an 11th hour plea to be allowed to go ahead with a controversial bird cull in Wigan. Department for Agriculture (Defra) chiefs have asked to be allowed to make a presentation to Metro councillors supporting their official plea to shoot the small ruddy duck population on the flashes... At the earlier special council meeting, councillors called on Defra to think again and launch a "proper examination" of the scientific basis for the cull. They also asked them to consider the research and observations of Wigan's own wildfowl experts including county bird recorder Judith Smith, Leigh Ornithological Society, the RSPCA, Animal Aid and other wildlife organisations... (story)
Manchester Evening News 22.3.07 Ruddy Ducks win a reprieve - Paul Britton - A COLONY of Ruddy Ducks threatened with extermination has earned a stay of execution. Council chiefs in Wigan were last night asked to scrap the cull completely…. The postponement was revealed as bird experts claimed just four Ruddy Ducks were identified in Spain last year, prompting calls to abandon the cull completely….(story)
Wigan Observer 21.3.07 Ruddy ducks are reprieved - Wigan's doomed ruddy ducks have won a stay of execution. The planned cull of the beleaguered birds has been postponed - but only until later in the year. Pressure has been mounting on Wigan Metro to cancel the controversial killing of the ducks and this evening (wed) they are expected to confirm the scheme has been put off until September…. Paul Timpson, spokesman for the North West Hunt Saboteurs' Association (NWHSA), is determined the issue won't be being swept under the carpet in September…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 12.1.07 Wigan cries fowl over Ruddy Duck cull - Neal Keeling - BIRD lovers in Wigan are launching a last-ditch battle to save a colony of Ruddy Ducks from extermination.... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 13.11.07 Campaign to rid area of foie gras By Jane Reader - RESTAURANT owners across Dorset are being urged to remove a delicacy from their menus for the sake of animal welfare.... Adam Murry, the Bournemouth-based founder of the Murry Foundation, said he is determined to stop the practice, which involves violent force-feeding and the premature deaths of thousands of birds every year... (story)

Argus 13.11.07 Strong opinions on foie gras protest - Having taken part in the demonstrations against the sale of foie gras in restaurants in Brighton and Hove, I was shocked and disappointed to read the article about it... We never blocked the doorway or stopped customers from entering. We presented them with a leaflet which explains how foie gras is produced... Sue Baumgardt, for Brighton Animal Action Stoneham Road, Hove
Argus 13.11.07 Whether or not you eat fois gras, and I'm sure we are all aware of the way that it is produced, as adults we can surely make that decision for ourselves.. Andy, Shoreham
Well done to the protesters against foie gras at Graze. Do people who eat such disgusting fare not realise or care how it is produced?..... Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road Hove (letters)

Western Morning News 13.11.07 TAX HARMFUL FOOD - Further research showing the links between the meat-eating habit and cancer, in addition to the planet-killing effects of the presence of 21 billion "food" animals, reinforce the need for an answer to the question some of us have been asking for a long time.... Pat Rattigan, Chesterfield (letter)

The Sentinel 13.11.07 ANIMAL CAMPAIGNERS CALL FOR SHOTTON TO QUIT - CATHERINE BRUCE - Animal charities are leading calls for disgraced Paul Shotton to resign as a city councillor after he left his pet dog to die in agony... Cassie Fletcher, from Cellarhead-based Animal Lifeline, said: "It doesn't bode well for Stoke-on-Trent if someone in authority can get away with neglecting an animal to such an extent... Vickie Phillips, manager of the City Dogs' Home in Bucknall, says she was saddened to hear of Baron's suffering... Fenton resident Mary Edwards, aged 77, who lives in Travis Court, would like Mr Shotton to resign from his post as councillor...(story)
The Sentinel 13.11.07 SOME NERVE TO ATTACK RSPCA - Most people in a public position like councillor Paul Shotton who had been found guilty of cruelty to animals would probably resign in short order... J GREEN Trent Vale (letter)
The Sentinel 13.11.07 GUILTY SHOTTON MUST QUIT NOW - The Sentinel, November 10, clearly illustrates the two faces of people. On page 15, a family of animal lovers having recovered their much-loved family dog, and all smiles to prove their joy. On page five, the face of senior councillor Paul Shotton, and you ask the question should he continue as a councillor?... .T G MASSEY Hanford (letter)


WesternMorning News 12.11.07 SEA ANGLERS FURIOUS OVER LICENCE FEE PLAN - PHIL LOCKLEY - Sea anglers are against a Government plan for them to pay a yearly licence fee to help ensure a healthy future for British fish stocks. With controversy between sea anglers and commercial fishermen at an all-time high, the National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA), opposes any move to carry the idea through in the forthcoming Marine Bill.Sea anglers and commercial fishermen recently ended a lengthy battle for the minimum landing size of bass to be increased to 40cm, but Fisheries minister Jonathan Shaw bowed to pressure from the commercial men, leaving many sea anglers fearing that the Marine Bill may not be to their advantage... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 12.11.07 Protesters turn out - AROUND 400 animal rights protesters marched through Huntingdon to campaign against the work of Huntingdon Life Sciences.... (story)
Huntingdon Town Crier 12.11.07 Animal rights protest conducted peacefully - Police say an animal rights protest in Huntingdon on Saturday (November 10) was peaceful. The protest of about 400 people was held by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). It started at 11am with a gathering at Riverside Park followed by a march around the ring road, via the town centre... >(story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 11.11.07 Hundreds of animal rights protesters descend on a town centre - HUNDREDS of protesters brought town centre traffic to a standstill as they voiced their anger against cruelty to animals. Members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) took to the Huntingdon streets to protest against Huntingdon Life Science (HLS).... (story)
BBC News Online 10.11.07 Protesters back after four years - About 400 people have carried out a peaceful protest against the work of Huntingdon Life Sciences... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 8.11.07 Animal lab protest to hit town - HUNDREDS of animal rights activists are to march in protest this weekend. Police are warning the public to expect disruption when the protesters take to the streets of Huntingdon on Saturday... (story)
Hunts Post 14.11.07 'Carry on as normal' plea from police - SHOPPERS are being urged to carry on as normal this Saturday (November 10) when hundreds of animal rights protesters are expected to march through Huntingdon.... (story)
Hunts Post 5.11.07 Animal rights protesters to gather on Saturday - MEMBERS of the public are being warned to expect disruption in Huntingdon on Saturday (November 10) as protesters march in the town. Representatives from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and other animal rights activists will conduct a protest against HLS (Huntingdon Life Science).... (story)
Huntingdon Town Crier 5.11.07 Activists to march through Huntingdon - Several hundred protesters campaigning against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are expected to attend a march on Saturday, November 10. Representatives from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and other animal rights activists will conduct a protest against HLS... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 5.11.07 Animal rights protesters to march - POLICE are warning the public to expect some disruption on Saturday (November 10) as protesters march in Huntingdon. Representatives from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and other animal rights activists will conduct a protest against HLS (Huntingdon Life Science... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 19.9.07 Animals rights protesters planning march - ANIMAL rights protesters are preparing to march on a town centre in one of the biggest demonstrations of its kind in four years. About 800 protesters from Shac – Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty – are expected to parade through Huntingdon on November 10.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 17.9.07 Animal protest looming - HUNTINGDON town centre is bracing itself for the first major demonstration by animal rights protesters in four years. Around 800 protesters from Shac - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - are expected to parade through the town centre on November 10. The demonstration follows the easing of restrictions imposed in an injunction in 2003, which means the group can now hold four full- scale protests in the town each year.... (story)
Hunts Post 12.9.07 Protesters free to march again - ANIMAL rights protesters have won permission to stage large protests in Huntingdon again and are planning a march through the town involving 800 people. Shac - the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign - has called a march through the town for Saturday, November 10. The group has managed to get a variation on an injunction preventing it from mass demonstrations in the town, or protesting outside Huntingdon Life Sciences... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 12.11.07 SEEING RED OVER GREY CULL - IN response to another letter from John Warmingham (News & Star, November 8), I would consider that a lot of the effort going into protecting the red squirrel is simply wasting money and time by concentrating on cruel activities which lack any point or direction.... ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch, Dunbartonshire (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.11.07 BAN PIGS... BUT ALSO HALAL AND KOSHER - I am totally against animals killed by both the Halal and Kosher methods.I find both methods to be totally unacceptable. Now we are told that the most unhealthy diet is one which involves pork, either in the form of bacon or hams. My solution to this issue is to suggest that all meats with pig should be banned completely, and that in return the Government bans both Kosher and Halal on the grounds that the methods used to kill animals are morally unacceptable.... T A Griffin, Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter (story)


Sunday Times 11.11.07 Huntin’, shootin’ — thrivin’ - RACHEL JOHNSON - It was difficult not to blink hard at the Sex Pistols’ appearance at Brixton Academy on Thursday, at first, anyway. The tweedy breeks, the hand-knitted stockings, the checked shirt and the leather cartridge belt, the garb of the gun about to blast birds out of the cold winter sky. What on earth is dear old Johnny Rotten playing at?... as he reminds us (and at the start of the hunting season), it’s the sporting lifestyle of the country gentleman, not gobbing into the mosh pit, that has become the wild punk act of rebellion de nos jours. As soon as the Labour government threatened to criminalise hunting with hounds, five years ago or thereabouts, country pursuits have been, predictably, popular as never before... Packs have even formed since the ban, including the deliberately absurd Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt, whose adherents wear coats of midnight blue velvet and pink silk.... (story)

Epsom Guardian 11.11.07 Cruelty down on the farm? By Helen Crane - Officials from the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) are conducting an investigation into animal care at Horton Park Children's Farm, after receiving allegations of neglect and cruelty to its stock. The claims come from former stock assistant, 20-year-old Tara Farrington, who says she was sacked because of the complaints she made about the way animals were treated at the Epsom farm. Inspectors from the Animal Heath division of Defra visited the farm following her complaints which have been vehemently denied by the owner Jacqui Flaherty..... (story)


Western Daily Press 10.11.07 HUNTSMAN SPARED JAIL - A Hunt supporter who broke a protester's arm during a protest walked free from court after being given a suspended prison sentence.John Hawkins, 69, hit Lynn Phillips twice with his stick on her head and hand... (story)
BBC News Online 9.11.07 Man avoids jail after hunt attack - An elderly hunt supporter who broke the arm of a protester when he attacked her with his stick has avoided jail. John Hawkins was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm at an earlier trial, and was given a suspended jail term at Hove Crown Court on Friday.... Recorder Heather Norton told Hawkins: "Your action to strike Lynn Phillips deliberately with your stick takes this case over the threshold of the imposition of a custodial sentence. However, in my judgment, the exceptional circumstances permits me to suspend the order of imprisonment that I will impose." She sentenced him to eight months imprisonment, which was suspended for a year. (story)
Brighton Argus 11.10.07 Hunt supporter guilty of attack on protester By Richard Gurner - A 69-year-old hunt supporter has been found guilty of GBH after he broke a protester's arm with his walking stick. John Hawkins, of Singers Farm, Henfield Road, Cowfold, denied causing grievous bodily harm to Lynn Phillips but today a jury at Brighton Crown Court returned a majority guilty verdict. During the trail the court heard violence had flared at the end of a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt on January 29 2005.... Hawkins was bailed to appear before the court again on November 8 when he will be sentenced... (story)
Argus 4.10.07 Pro-hunt supporter 'beat up' protester By Alison Cridland - A 69-year-old hunt supporter inflicted GBH on a protester by breaking her arm with his walking stick, a court heard. John Hawkins lashed Lynn Phillips with the stick twice, a day after the Government announced a ban on fox-hunting, it was alleged... The jury heard violence flared at the end of a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt on January 29, 2005.... (story)

Western Daily Press 10.11.07 WHY THE BID TO OVERTURN ACT? - I Am curious to know why if the Hunting Act is so "unenforceable" and not a threat to them, the Countryside Alliance continues to spend thousands and thousands of pounds in court trying to overturn it..... Chris GaleChippenhamWiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.11.07 BLOOD-LUST SPORT MUST BE OPPOSED - Reading my Western Daily Press over this past week, I notice in particular the Japanese fishermen and their slaughter of the dolphins, "Hunts in saddle for new season", (November 3) In addition to this, in West Country Life, an article on pheasants, headed "Big day for birds"... The question I would like to ask of our hunting and shooting fraternity is, do they class this dolphin hunt as acceptable in their eyes?... M J HainesCirencesterGloucestershire (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.11.07 Harry is blasted - Your occasional pro-Royal correspondents.... will, no doubt, be as intrigued as our brave men and women serving in dangerous overseas postings to learn that Prince Harry... spends his weekends blasting live birds out of the air for amusement... Sid Brown, Glenhurst Road, Shipley (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.11.07 CULL WILL NOT GET RID OF TB - Chris Rundle, the Western Daily Press farming editor argues in favour of a mass badger cull in response to the problem of TB in cattle, and states in evidence: "It doesn't take a genius to work out that all pre-movement testing can do is to confirm whether the disease is already present or not". But it doesn't take a genius to work out that any bovines who react positively to a pre-movement TB test are now prevented from moving to another farm which, in turn, prevents the spread of this infectious disease in the first place..... Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)


Western Morning News 9.11.07 TRACY PUTS WEIGHT BEHIND TRADITION - Hunting is a habitual drug for joint master of foxhounds (MFH) Tracy Weight, who took over the reins of Lamerton Foxhounds in 2004 when the hunting ban hit. Devon born and bred, she comes from a family steeped in hunting tradition.Her father, Mike Doidge, has been MFH since 1993 and her grandfather, John Doidge was chairman of the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt.... (story)

Western Morning News 9.11.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Cumberland News 9.11.07 Hunts season gets underway By Mark Hughes - HUNTS in Cumbria, The Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds at Welton and the Blencathra Foxhounds were among 200 across the country who met for the opening day of the season last weekend.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 9.11.07 HUNTS SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE - With regard to "Still on the trail two years after hunt ban" (November 2).The master of the Berkeley Hunt, Henry Berkeley, bemoans the hunting ban and says of his hounds: "The dogs do not understand what they can and can't do." Well there's a coincidence because the owner of the dogs who attacked our sheep said just the same thing to me.... GILL PURSER, Clapton-on-the-Hill (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 10.11.07 Game birds sales soaring - MICHAEL POLLITT, RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - Sales of game are soaring as a campaign to promote the image of healthy local produce from shoots and estates in the eastern region starts tomorrow. Sales of game including pheasant, partridge and venison have risen by 46pc to £57m as consumers have switched to a tasty and locally produced low-fat meat in the past year, according to William Heal, regional director of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation. Mr Heal has delivered 10,000 leaflets to butchers and restaurants highlighting the Taste of Game Week and the Game's On campaign... (story)

Hexham Courant 9.11.07 Hen harrier claims are not true, say gamekeepers By WILL GREEN - REPORTS that two rare hen harriers were gunned down in the skies over Tynedale are inaccurate, say the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation. Earlier this month in its Birdcrime 2006 report, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds claimed the birds had been shot at Corbridge and Bellingham. But chairman of the NGO Lindsay Waddell says local gamekeepers have taken offence at the report which they claim is not true.... (story)

Dorset Echo 9.11.07 Trainer Robert Alner fights for life By Sarah Goldthorpe - DORSET racehorse trainer Robert Alner is fighting for his life today after the car he was driving smashed into a telegraph pole... Mr Alner has held bi-annual open days at Locketts Farm Stables to raise money for causes such as the Countryside Alliance and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance... (story)

Lowestoft Journal 9.11.07 Readers rally in bid to save post office - JOURNAL readers have sent a clear message to Post Office leaders - do not close the offices at Reydon, Wrentham, Wangford and Walberswick.... The Journal campaign has been supported by individuals, parish councils, and groups including the Southwold and Reydon Society. Other organisations opposing the closure of rural post offices include Age Concern Suffolk and the Countryside Alliance. (story)

Hexham Courant 9.11.07 Show will be Razor Sharp By REBECCA DIXON - TALENTED Hexham rock band Razor Sharp will play at Newcastle’s City Hall this weekend. Queen Elizabeth High School pupils Philip Mitchinson, Oliver Chesters, Jamie Hawkes, Jake Douglas and Sam Walker will perform at their second Songs from the Sticks show in aid of the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Western Morning News 9.11.07 DO LOBSTERS FEEL PAIN? - Many Westcountry chefs cook and kill lobsters by boiling them in the pan. Now a new scientific study suggests that lobsters and other shellfish may feel pain. In this month's edition of the New Scientist, one professor claims he has proven that shrimp feel pain... (story)
Guardian 8.11.07 Blow for fans of boiled lobster: crustaceans feel pain, study says - Ian Sample - Sensitive chefs, avert your eyes now. An investigation into the most contentious of kitchen dilemmas has reached its unpalatable conclusion: lobsters do feel pain... The latest salvo, published in New Scientist today, comes from Robert Elwood, an expert in animal behaviour at Queen's University, Belfast. With help from colleagues, he set about finding an answer by daubing acetic acid on to the antennae of 144 prawns... The claim will add weight to campaigns by animal rights organisations which protest against lobsters being boiled alive.... (story)

Western Daily Press 9.11.07 RISING TIDE OFANIMAL CRUELTY - The slaughter of the dolphins in Japan underlines the bestiality of man, the wanton cruelty, by man worldwide.Millions of birds bred in captivity, turned loose to be shot for "fun". Bulls tormented by barbs and made petrified with fright before being killed for "fun". The list goes on and on... R M MorrisMineheadSomerset (letter)

Newcastle Chronicle 9.11.07 Stop animals from suffering – BRITAIN’S animals are facing a crisis: they are treated as objects - not living, feeling creatures. Over the past few years the Alternative Animal Sanctuary has found the numbers of pets brought to them has increased rather than decreased.... (story)

Petersfield Herald 9.11.07 Tesco targeted in ‘battery hen’ protest - ANIMAL lovers in Petersfield protested against supermarket giant Tesco in a demonstration on Wednesday. Campaigners camped outside the superstore on The Causeway from noon demanding Tesco to stop selling eggs from battery-caged hens. Compassion in World Farming was the animal welfare charity spearheading the demonstration as part of a series of peaceful protests up and down the country in a week of action... . Head of media for Compassion in World Farming Annabel Davis said: “Battery cages confine laying hens in small wire cages..." (story)

Argus 10.11.07 Plundered oceans - If Dawn Booth is serious in wanting an environmentally friendly solution to her problem of smelly fishbones in her fortnightly collected rubbish (Letters, November 2), then may I suggest that she stops eating fish in the first place.... Chris Natural, Tilbury Place, Brighton (story)


Western Daily Press 8.11.07 DAN MUST STICKTO HIS DAY JOB - It was reassuring to see that Dan Norris has found the time to creep around the hedgerows of Somerset, spying on hunts to see if the hunting ban is being flouted.Perhaps we will now see Mr Norris lurking in shop doorways in our towns to witness the vandalism and crime that blights our streets or maybe skulk around a hospital before his party closes it... Rob TunmoreMarlboroughWiltshire (letter)

Stratford Observer 8.11.07 Protest over horse deaths - Luke Hamer - 07 November 2007 - OFFICIALS at Stratford Racecourse have defended its record after claims it has the highest horse fatality rate in the country. Animal campaign group Animal Aid descended on the steeplechase course on Thursday (November 1) to protest against eight deaths on the track since March.... (story)

East Herts Herald 8.11.07 Protest at superstore’s battery eggs - ANIMAL welfare activists protested against Tesco selling eggs from battery hens outside the Hammondstreet Road, Cheshunt, store. The Compassion in World Farming protest, from 11am to 1pm last Saturday, was part of a nationwide "week of action".... (story)

Irish Independent 8.11.07 Throw a logical argument in my face, not a paint can By Martina Devlin - It's a jungle out there. And the anti-fur lobbyists swinging through the trees with their battle cry of "fur is dead" are triggering my fight-or-flight response... This week, the people with more finely tuned principles than the rest of us targeted fur-wearers, as the model Sophie Dahl discovered to her cost during a visit to Dublin. But next week the finger-wagging could be extended to anyone wearing leather; the week after that, wool.... I suspect people are starting to wear fur again because they're weary of shrill lectures from sanctimonious activists who have made it clear they'll heckle us in public if we don't roll over and agree with them... (story)
Irish Independent 5.11.07 Fur furore By Gabrielle Monaghan - MODEL Sophie Dahl needed all her catwalk composure yesterday when she was surrounded by a group of anti-fur protesters. The 30-year-old, who has been photographed in the past wearing mink and white fox, was jeered and jostled as she left the Merrion Hotel in Dublin... (story)

Wigan Reporter, Evening News, Observer 8.11.07 Duck cull not needed, but backers went ahead - Further to recent press reports, I wish to clarify matters regarding the slaughter of ruddy ducks on Pearson's Flash on November 1. Those responsible for the cull in Wigan are Defra, the WWT, the RSPB and the Wigan Council Labour Group. All of the Community Action Party and Liberal Democrat council members voted against the cull... Following some evidence, more than five years ago, of incidents of ruddy ducks mating with white-headed ducks in Spain and producing fertile hybrids, Britain agreed to Spanish requests in 2003 for a cull of ruddy ducks. There have been reports that the only reason for Britain's agreement to the slaughter was to comply with British Government instructions that all requests from the Spanish Government should be acceded to wherever possible, to reciprocate the Spanish Government's support in 2003 for the British Government's war against Iraq.... Coun Peter Franzen (story)

Western Daily Press 8.11.07 STOP DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER - Every year animal protectionists try to prevent the awful and unethical dolphin hunt and massacre in Taiji, Japan.Former Flipper trainer Ric O'Barry has been campaigning against this practice for decades to keep dolphins out of captivity... Jasmijn de Boo London (letter)

North Devon Journal 8.11.07 ANIMAL LOVER LORRAINE WEARS A PURPLE POPPY - LAURA CHURCHILL - Remember the animals who gave their lives in wartime.That's the message from animal lover Lorraine Drake, who owns seven dogs, two cockerels, two rabbits, three guinea pigs, two chickens and a sheep. Lorraine, from East Putford, is asking people to wear purple poppies alongside the traditional red ones - and think of the animals that died in wars as well as men and women.... The purple poppies are produced by Animal Aid... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 7.11.07 Remember animal victims of war too - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Animal Aid. (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 6.11.07 Special poppy for animal victims - During the history of human conflict, animals have been used as messengers, for detection, scouting and rescue, as beasts of burden and on the frontline… To commemorate all the animal victims, Animal Aid has issued a purple poppy as a reminder that both humans and animals have been - and continue to be - victims of war… Kate Fowler-Reeves, via email (letter)
Worthing Herald 31.10.07 Old Town company making PURPLE poppies! By Sandra Daniels - Purple - not red - poppies are made at this time of year by an Old Town company. The Shirley Leaf and Petal Company in the High Street makes thousands of the unusual purple poppies for Animal Aid.... (story)

North Devon Journal 8.11.07 FARMER DESPAIRS AFTER WILD BOAR WENT MISSING - LAURA CHURCHILL - More than half of the 150 wild boar that escaped in Holsworthy are still on the loose.The boar escaped last Thursday after a farm's fence was cut through. Farmer John Walker believes animal rights activists could be behind the criminal damage at his farm in Rydon Lane... Mr Walker explained that the wild boar are not accustomed to fending for themselves and many of the recaptured animals died as a consequence of starvation after last year's escape.... (story)
Times 2.11.07 Boar could starve after being set free - SIMON DE BRUXELLES - HOLSWORTHY A farmer fears that dozens of young boar will starve after they were set free by animal rights campaigners for the second time in 13 months. About 150 animals escaped early yesterday from Brambledown Farm in Devon... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.07 WILD BOAR ROAM FREE AFTER VANDAL ATTACK - Up to 100 wild boar are on the loose after vandals cut through a farm fence in Holsworthy... (story)
Western Morning News 2.11.07 ACTIVISTS CONDEMNED FOR FREEING BOAR - PETER HARRISON - A farmer has condemned animal rights activists after they released a herd of more than 100 wild boar. The Animal Liberation Front last night admitted its members had cut fencing around the enclosures at Bramblewood Farm near Holsworthy early yesterday morning, freeing about 150 of the animals. The WMN understands that police suspect the activists could be based in Cornwall... (story)
BBC News Online 2.11.07 Special Branch probe boar release - Special Branch are investigating the release of about 140 wild boar from a farm in Devon. Half the herd have been rounded up after vandals cut through an enclosure and released animals from the farm in Holsworthy for the second time.... (story)
North Devon Journal 1.11.07 POLICE SAY 100 WILD BOAR ARE ON THE LOOSE - More than 100 wild boar are on the loose after a farm at Holsworthy was attacked.Farmer John Walker believes animal rights activists cut down the fence at his farm in Rydon Lane, Holsworthy, at about 8 am today.... (story)


Gloucestershire Gazette 7.11.07 Hunting season gets underway By Liza-Jane Gillespie - BERKELEY Hunt attracted the crowds at the weekend, despite a controversial ban being imposed three years ago. Last Saturday more than 1,000 people turned out to watch the Berkeley Hunt on the first official day of the hunting season... (story)

Wigan Observer/Evening Post/Reporter 7.11.07 Young people can use guns maturely - I would like to point out to recent letter-writer Mr Huskisson, that there is no relationship between the world of illegal gun crime and the legal and responsible sporting use of guns.... Helen Shuker, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, via email (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 31.10.07 AIRGUN USERS ARE NOT IDIOTS - After reading the letter "No guns for youngsters" (Evening Telegraph, October 5) I agree in some respects that it's stupid that you have to be 16 to marry, 17 to drive and 18 to vote. I do, however, disagree with you labelling all school children as people who, if they had a weapon, would instantly go on the rampage.... Chris Taylor, Albert Street, Leabrooks (letter)
Dorking Advertiser 30.10.07 Young shooters are very responsible - Helen Shuker British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill Rossett Wrexham (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 22.10.07 Young guns From Helen Shuker, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Wrexham – IN response to the article "Children, 11, hold gun licences" (News, October 18) I would like to point out that there is no relationship between the world of illegal gun crime - as made prominent by inner city shootings - and the legal and responsible sporting use of guns. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) holds many Young Shots' days, where youngsters can try air gun and clay pigeon shooting and we see them developing a remarkable degree of maturity... (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 18.10.07 Children, 11, hold gun licences - CHILDREN as young as 11 are being licensed to own guns in Cambridgeshire.... Mike Huskisson, from the Animal Welfare Information Service, said: "Is it right that young school children can be legally armed?... Jim Paice, MP for South East Cambridgeshire and shadow minister for agriculture and rural affairs, said: "I am very concerned that people do not lump the legal ownership of guns and criminal use of guns together... (story)
Bath Chronicle 18.10.07 YOUNG PEOPLE CAN HANDLE GUNS IF TAUGHT PROPERLY - I refer to the Chronicle letter of October 4 from a M G Huskisson saying that "children must never be given guns for sport". It is full of false statements... I have always found that those who were taught to handle and use shotguns from an early age are far safer and responsible than those coming to schooling at a later age. I M CRUDGINGTON Woolley, Bath (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 17.10.07 Gun licence age should be raised - M J Huskisson, via email (letter)
Liverpool Echo 12.10.07 Misplaced outrage - Helen Shuker, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 11.10.07 Being safe is always our prime concern - (letter)
Manchester Evening News 10.10.07 Sporting use of guns promotes self-discipline - I WOULD like to point out to Mr Huskisson (Postbag, October 5) that there is no relationship between the world of illegal gun crime – as made prominent by inner city shootings – and the legal and responsible sporting use of guns.... It is a shame that the anti-gun lobby is ‘outraged’ by young people behaving responsibly and learning self-discipline. Perhaps if more young people followed their lead, the police would have fewer problems with anti-social behaviour on our streets. Helen Shuker, Press Officer, BASC (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.10.07 CHILDREN AND GUNS SHOULD NEVER MIX - M J Huskisson, Animal Welfare Information Service, Halesworth (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 5.10.07 NO GUNS FOR YOUNGSTERS - M. J. Huskisson, Animal Welfare Information Service, Halesworth. (letter)
Manchester Evening News 5.10.07 Crazy gun law - M. J. Huskisson, Animal Welfare Information Service (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 4.10.07 Children should not be armed - M.J. HUSKISSON, Animal Welfare Information Service, P.O. Box 8, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 OJL. (letter)

Bath Chronicle 18.10.07 CHILDREN MUST NEVER BE GIVEN GUNS FOR SPORT OF ANY KIND - M J HUSKISSON Animal Welfare Information Service supporter (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.10.07 KIDS SHOULD BE KEPT FAR AWAY FROM GUNS - M J Huskisson Animal Welfare Information Service Halesworth Suffolk (letter)
Liverpool Daily Post 2.10.07 Arming children - IS IT right that primary school age children can be legally armed? Following a recent Freedom of Information request, West Sussex Police admitted granting a shotgun certificate to a nine-year-old child... At present, a child of any age can be given a shotgun certificate but common sense says it is courting disaster to arm children. MJ Huskisson, Animal Welfare Information Service, Suffolk (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.11.07 NEW BADGER CULL IS NOT SOLUTION TO TB - Honest people who have studied the scientific and field studies regarding the badger/cattle TB issue, must accept that the latest move to cull badgers is for political expediency rather than tackling TB in cattle or helping farmers in the long term... David Thomas, Near Westbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.11.07 CHANGING FACE OF UK FARMING - I have seen many letters from M J Haines, of Cirencester, printed in Your Say, and I would like to say this to him: I have been in farming all my life (more than 50 years) and he doesn't seem to realise farming has evolved. No longer is every accessible area a monocultured prairie. In fact, it never was. No longer is maximum production pushed and pushed. The fact that animal feeds contained dead ground-up animals was never, in fact, told to most farmers... George Pothecary, Cricklade (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.10.07 THE UGLY FACE OF FARMING - In reply to Oliver Edwards, "Ignorance of country ways" (Your Say, October 19). I would like to ask him through your letters page a few questions. Was it really necessary for him and his forefathers to spray DDT and poisonous chemicals on the land, some with no known antidotes? Is it really necessary to breed en masse and release pheasants and partridges into the countryside, to use as live targets for pleasure?... M J Haines, Cirencester (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.10.07 BORN AND BRED COUNTRYMAN - The letter from Oliver Edwards, the proud Exmoor farmer, "Ignorance of country ways" (Your Say, October 19), makes me believe that he is not much of a regular letter reader other wise he would realise that his remarks about M J Haines are complete nonsense.He is a countryman through and through... Ken P Taylor Cirencester (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.10.07 IGNORANCE OF COUNTRY WAYS - In reply to M J Haines, of Cirencester, "Killing is not only answer to disease" (Your Say, October 16), isn't it sad that there are still people who live in a county town, so ignorant of the way we farm in this country... Oliver Edwards, Exmoor Hill farmer (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.11.07 ANIMALS ARE PUT BEFORE THE NHS - Jennifer Forsyth, of Chard (Your Say, October 23) should be made aware that it is not the media that has swayed my opinion of the health service, but the deaths of both members of my family and close friends in recent years... My comments were objective and well founded, and prompted by the obsessional antipathy so many now seem to have to farmers and the equine world stirred up by animal rights activists... Charles Henry, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.10.07 HORSES ARE LIVING CREATURES - THEY'RE NOT THROWAWAY TOYS - I would like to respond to Charles Henry's comments, "Horses treated better than us" (Your Say, October 19). As a health care worker I feel saddened that Mr Henry chooses to let the media sway his opinion of the National Health Service and, disturbingly, does not take into account all the good work and amazing people who work within it to provide a high standard of patient care..... If it wasn't for the fact we over-breed horses in order to cater for our needs to hunt, race, show-jump and get our children into pony clubs, maybe less of these unwanted horses and ponies would need to go to the knacker's yard... Jennifer Forsyth, Chard (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.10.07 HORSES TREATED BETTER THAN US - Miss Forsyth's letter, "So many unwanted horses are slaughtered needlessly" (Your Say, October 17) is unfortunate. She is distorting the reality of the complex association of man and horse. If the human population was afforded the same love and medical attention afforded to equines by the vast majority of their owners, our health service would be being feted, not continually criticised as it is now is... Charles Henry, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.10.07 SO MANY UNWANTED HORSES ARE SLAUGHTERED NEEDLESSLY - I am writing in response to the article "Looking after your old friend", by Mary Tapping (Western Daily Press, October 12). I am concerned that Ms Tapping is wearing a rather large pair of rose-coloured glasses, not to mention the timing of her article with regard to the media coverage of horse slaughter right here on our doorstep at the Potter's abattoir in Taunton... The reality is that owners do not always want to find the fee of keeping a pony or horse that is too old to work, outgrown or outside of its length of usefulness.... Jennifer Forsyth, Chard (letter)

Belper News 7.11.07 November is for vegans - November is Vegan Month – 30 days dedicated to a diet that is ethical, healthy and free from all animal products. One main reason for going vegan is concern for animals… Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Banbury Guardian 7.11.07 Halal meat should be labelled - I WAS concerned to read in the Banbury Guardian (November 1) that Banbury School is considering putting halal meat on its menu. Animal welfare laws dictate that it is unlawful to slaughter animals in this country without pre-stunning. However, there are anomalies in these laws in so far as there are exemptions on religious grounds for Muslim and Jewish slaughter, where animals have their throats cut without pre-stunning and can then take minutes in great pain to lose consciousness. Surely it is time this barbaric concession was withdrawn?... Brian P Cannon, Great Bourton (letter)

Bexley Times 7.11.07 Foxes are fantastic - Unlike T. Hart in your recent letters pages, I believe foxes are cute and cuddly, like thousands of others. I adore them, how can anyone condemn this poor wild animal having to fight very hard for survival on these very cold estates and in our towns.... Bill Leman, Hall Place Crescent, Bexley (letter)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 6.11.07 FOX-FRIENDLY HUNT POPULAR AS EVER - Thousands of hunt fans gathered for the start of the new season.The official opening was marked with 200 riders from the Duke of Beaufort hunt. Crowds of 2,000 people turned out to watch the hound training exercise... The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt starts its season today at Apperley with a laid trail. Secretary David Sivell said 60 riders are expected.... (story)

Telegraph 6.11.07 Hunting law farce - Despite legislation that bans hunting with hounds, the numbers hunting this season are at an all-time high. Either this law must be implemented by the police or repealed; otherwise the rule of law is being brought into contempt. Tom Benyon, Bladon, Oxfordshire (story)

Western Morning News 6.11.07 HUNTING ACT MUST BE ENFORCED MORE STRICTLY - We applaud Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe for bravely speaking out against those who continue to break the Hunting Act 2004, and for suggesting that obstruction of hunt monitors' activities be made illegal.... Jasmijn de Boo, Chair, Animals Count London (letter)

Independent 6.11.07 Wrong way up the food chain - Richard Ingrams (3 November) blames birds of prey for declines in the numbers of the species they eat. He seems to lack a basic understanding of ecology... The only "savage" creatures are the blood thirsty shooting brigade who regard it as their right to mow down grouse and pheasants and any bird that has the temerity to feed on one. Richard Shaw, Sherwood, Nottingham (letter)

Western Morning News 6.11.07 SHOOTING MUST BE ON SMALLER SCALE - That there are bad pheasant shoots as well as good shoots, in terms of wildlife conservation in the Westcountry, needs to be addressed. So I was pleased to read a letter from John Montague "Shooting is good for the countryside" that commented on and partly rebutted, my letter "Two kinds of conservation".My letter in turn had challenged a WMN article by Philip Bowern, "Shoots help to keep nature in balance", that lauded the conservation benefits of shooting, which seemed to have been informed by the press office of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.... If there is going to be any useful discussion about shooting and conservation there has to be recognition that there is good and bad practice - something lobbies like the BASC will not do in public, and it is very cautious about addressing such matters in private... Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Western Morning News 5.11.07 CONSERVATION PARAMOUNT - First of all can we thank Mrs Jill Stewart-Rattray of Tavistock for her comments regarding our steppes eagle; unfortunately Fidditch is in fact a golden steppe eagle - rare in captivity and never found in the wild... Regarding deer we can confirm that deer numbers are the highest they have been and they have to be culled in some areas. As to the hare population, in parts of the UK, such as Norfolk, they are classed as vermin... in this part of the country we would not be allowing Fidditch the pleasure of hare because they are very rare... Devon Eagles c/o Holne Chase Hotel, Ashburton (letter)
Western Morning News 23.10.07 STEPPE EAGLE POSES RISK TO A DELICATE ECOLOGY - With reference to the article on falconry (October 8), Fiddick the Steppe eagle is no doubt a very beautiful bird of prey and there is certainly something rather romantic about the ancient art of mounted falconry.However, I found it disturbing that this bird includes such creatures as hares and young roe deer among its prey... This sport also threatens our decreasing number of songbirds. Skylarks, for example, we know are in decline and any activity which depletes them further should surely be discouraged.... Mrs Jill Stewart-Rattray, Tavistock (letter)

Guardian 6.11.07 Cable brands Brown's plans as 'deafening anticlimax' - Rosalind Ryan and agencies - Gordon Brown's first full legislative programme as prime minister has been criticised by Liberal Democrat acting leader Vince Cable as lacking in vision and new ideas... The housing and regeneration bill was welcomed by the National Housing Federation as "very sorely needed"... But the bill was labelled "bureaucracy" by the Countryside Alliance, which warned it could hold up the creating of new housing.... (story)

Telegraph 6.11.07 Asda under fire over plan to sell halal meat - Animal rights activists criticised a supermarket chain yesterday for its decision to stock halal meat. Asda will next month sell the produce from animals that have not been stunned before their throats are cut... Vegetarians International Voice for Animals condemned the decision by Asda. Viva's associate director, Tony Wardle, said: "Most Muslims are happy to eat stunned Halal meat.... (story)
Daily Mail 5.11.07 Animal rights activists attack ASDA for stocking 'cruel' Halal meat - A giant supermarket chain came under fire for its decision to sell Halal meat from animals that have not been stunned before their throats are cut. Animal rights activists expressed outrage at the move by Asda to put the meat on sale for the first time next month... Viva associate director Tony Wardle told The Grocer, "We carried out research a few years ago that indicated that most Muslims were happy to eat stunned Halal meat."... (story)

Western Morning News 6.11.07 CALVES' TERRIBLE FATE - I was very pleased to read your leader "No justification for this cruelty". If people want to eat meat, it must be reared in a free range way.Why are farmers exporting calves destined for a terrible fate?... Mrs V M Hircock, Boscastle (letter)

Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 6.11.07 Why listen to bloodthirsty Spain over duck cull? - How very sad to hear that the killing of the Ruddy Ducks on the Wigan and Leigh flashes has gone ahead with the blessings of our councillors and MPs. Why do they listen to the likes of Spain, who are not at all interested in animal welfare?... Cyril Barnett, Whitley Crescent, Wigan (letter)

News Shopper 6.11.07 Blame meat industry for global warming - POLITICIANS and scientists agree our beautiful planet is in serious danger. A report issued last year by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation concluded: "Farming animals is one of the top destroyers of the globe. It must be cut by half just to avoid increasing the level of damage beyond its present level."… If we truly care about our children, grandchildren, future generations and the animals which share our planet, a move to a mainly plant-based diet is essential… C POPE, Address supplied (letter)


Guardian 5.11.07 Support for hunting solid, says alliance - James Meikle - Support for hunting "remains very solid indeed", campaigners said yesterday during the first weekend of the new season.... The Duke of Beaufort's hunt reported more than 200 riders and up to 2,000 followers on foot turning out on Saturday.... (story)

Western Morning News 5.11.07 HUNT BAN CAN'T DENT POPULARITY - The first "official" weekend of the hunting season was well attended across the Westcountry, proving that the ban has not deterred people from "riding out" with hounds.... (story)

Horse & Hound 5.11.07 Charges dropped against "Bollocks to Blair" team chase rider - Abi Butcher, H&H news editor - Public order offence charges have been dropped against team chasing rider Mark Smith. The rider was arrested and charged on then prime minister Tony Blair's last day in office, 27 June, for brandishing a placard that read "Bollocks to Blair" above the M4 motorway. Mr Smith was due to appear in court on 24 October charged with "displaying any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting". But, on 19 October, he received a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) saying they were dropping the case... Mr Smith has the right to request proceedings are reinstated against him, and is considering this option with his solicitor. "It might sound barmy, but I want my day in court now and I want to get to the bottom of whether the use of the word 'bollocks' is illegal," he said... (story)

Independent 5.11.07 Urban foxes need humane treatment - In "Hunting ban has done little to cut deaths among our fox population" (2 November), you wrongly stated that I "specialise in the humane removal of foxes from urban areas": "humane", yes, "removal", no. The removal of foxes, either by shooting or by capture and dumping elsewhere, is both cruel and pointless.... My work with foxes involves introducing environmental changes to prevent or mitigate nuisances such as fouling, digging in gardens, and jumping on cars, while allowing them to keep their territories and their lives. John Bryant, Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.11.07 A VEGAN DIET CAN SAVE THE WORLD - So Clive Trollope says that giving up meat won't help the environment (Your Say, October 25). He has conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that livestock grazing is responsible for more greenhouse emissions than all the world's transport systems combined.... Amy Mason, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.10.07 GIVING UP MEAT WON'T HELP THE ENVIRONMENT - Your correspondent Amy Mason, a Viva! campaigner, seeks to make the case that meat consumption is bad for the environment.This is total rubbish. She obviously has no idea of how the countryside works... Clive TrollopeWarminsterWiltshire (letter)
Western Morning News 16.10.07 LIVESTOCK'S IMPACT ON CLIMATE CHANGE - Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, Bristol (letter)
Coventry Observer 3.10.07 Although we were delighted to see that the Christian Aid 'Cut the Carbon' march will reaching it's finale in London on the 2nd October, we were shocked to see no mention of the impact of livestock on climate change… Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.9.07 FARMING FUELS HOTTER CLIMATE - Amy Mason Viva! campaigner (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 28.9.07 Go veggie plea - Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Staffordshire Newsletter 27.9.07 Go dairy free From Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner (letter)
Western Gazette 27.9.07 - ALTHOUGH I was delighted to see that the Christian Aid 'Cut the Carbon' march is coming to Dorset, I was shocked to see no mention of the impact of livestock on climate change.. Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner (letter)

Northern Echo 5.11.07 Portestors ask public to boycott Tesco eggs By Jim Entwistle ANIMAL rights protesters descended on the region this weekend to urge a supermarket to stop selling eggs from battery-caged hens. Farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) visited Northallerton, North Yorkshire, their most northerly protest, as part of a week of action throughout the country.... Christina Thomlinson, one of the Northallerton protesters, said the day had been a great success... Gill Sanders, head of campaigns for CIWF, said battery conditions cause immense psychological and physical suffering... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.11.07 CALLS ON STORE TO GET CRACKING WITH EGGS POLICY - Protesters gathered outside a busy city-centre supermarket to raise awareness of the company's use of battery hens. The rally, outside Tesco Metro, was one of several across the country held by Compassion in World Farming. Nearly a dozen demonstrators handed out leaflets and asked shoppers to sign a petition calling on Tesco to stop selling eggs from caged birds... Cathy Moyle, a member of Compassion in World Farming and a co-organiser of the Exeter rally, said the event went very well... Barbara Blaxland, from Exmouth and also a co-organiser of the event, said: "Often, people are in such a hurry when they are shopping that they do not realise the eggs they pick up are from battery hens... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.11.07 CUT ANIMALS' STRESS ON BONFIRE NIGHT - Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid (letter)
York Press 3.11.07 Fireworks that fill the night sky with dazzling explosions of colour and noise may excite us, but they terrify animals... Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Tenby Observer 2.11.07 Think about animals on Bonfire Night - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter in archive)
Carlisle News & Star 2.11.07 Consider animals in November KATE FOWLER-REEVES Head of CampaignsAnimal Aid Bradford StreetTonbridgeKent (story)
Fermanagh Herald 31.10.07 Bonfire tyres lifted 'by the hundreds' BY MICHAEL BRESLIN - A spokesman for Fermanagh District Council has confirmed that some 800 tyres destined for Hallowe'en bonfires have been collected over the past week at various locations throughout the county... Meanwhile, Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns with the charity, Animal Aid has urged people to attend an organised display (there is one in Enniskillen tonight) rather than letting off fireworks in their own back garden... (story)
Glamorgan Gem 31.10.07 Firework are terrifying to the animals - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW 01732 364546 (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 30.10.07 Keep pets safe at Halloween - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Western Mail 30.10.07 Don’t scare the pets - Fireworks that fill the night sky with dazzling explosions of colour and noise may excite us, but they terrify animals... For further advice on keeping animals safe at Halloween and on Bonfire Night, visit Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 27.10.07 keep animals safe - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns Animal Aid (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 4.11.07 Popularity of hunting defies ban - Two years after the hated ban, hunting is more popular - and more colourful - than ever. So, have hunts learned to live with the law, and exactly how long can they endure the status quo? Clive Aslet reports Luna, the European eagle owl, stares at me with luminous brown eyes, swivels her head, then nips Jordan Ross's finger. Ross is the "countryman" of the Avon Vale Hunt... Ian Farquhar, revered joint master of the Beaufort, says that he has broken every bone in his body, from ankle to neck, during 32 years in – or out of – the saddle... (story)

Sunday Times 4.11.07 Hunting ban chased away as packs grow - DANIEL FOGGO AND NIC NORTH - THE government’s attempt to stamp out hunting has flopped, with hundreds of packs regularly flouting the ban, according to both supporters and opponents of field sports... Since the ban, the number of hunts has increased. The current total of 314 includes two - the Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Foxhounds and the Private Pack - which did not exist before the act.... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 4.11.07 The wrong quarry - You report that the police and politicians are to discuss the fact that hunts are routinely killing foxes illegally (News, October 28), then, on another page, that 400 stabbings or robberies at knifepoint occur each week... David Le Clercq, Castledean, Dorset (letter)


Telegraph 3.11.07 Hunting: Not just a hobby, more a way of life - Hunting is confounding its critics and refusing to roll over and die, says Rory Knight Bruce - When the opening meets of the foxhunting season get under way at 11am this morning, there will be little sign of the pressure and preparation that has gone into the past month.... No one knows more about these preparations than Captain Ian Farquhar who, since 1985, has been joint master and huntsman of the Duke of Beaufort's foxhounds in Gloucestershire, one of the most high-profile hunts in Britain... (story)
BBC News Online 3.11.07 Hunters mark start of the season - One of the country's biggest hunts has been out in force on the first official day of the hunting season. The Duke of Beaufort Hunt met on the Badminton estate, in Gloucestershire. Members claimed that far from killing off the tradition, the Hunting Act has seen a surge in interest as hunts have exploited loopholes in the legislation.... (story)

Shropshire Star 3.11.07 Crowds out for hunting - Fox hunting supporters from across Shropshire and Mid Wales were out today for the start of the new season.... Members of the North Shropshire Hunt gathered today at 11am at Sansaw Hall, near Hadnall, for their first meet of the season... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.11.07 MINISTERS 'INVENTED'EVIDENCE - Anti-hunt campaigners, MPs and the Government 'misused and abused' scientific evidence to force through the hunt ban, leading vets said yesterday.The Middle Way Group, an all-party parliamentary group of MPs, and experts from the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM) have accused the Government of inventing and deli-berately misinterpreting or ignoring evidence. A report from the VAWM says Government Ministers ignored scientific data that suggested hunting foxes is not cruel.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.11.07 BATTLE LINES DRAWN AT THE DAWN OF NEW HUNT SEASON BY TRISTAN CORK - Hunts across the West ride out for the opening meet of a new season today as the row over their activities and the three-year-old ban shows no sign of dying away.And hunt monitors also pledged to be out in ever-increasing numbers to check on any illegal hunting, as the role of the volunteer monitor became the hot political issue of the new season... (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.07 BATTLE FOR THE RIGHT TO DREDGE HEATS UP - LOUISE VENNELLS - Fishermen have said they will "fight tooth and nail" to preserve their livelihoods after conservationists claimed research supported a total ban on scallop dredging in a South West marine habitat.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.11.07 CALL OF THE WILD - Mary Tapping fulfils a lifelong ambition with the help of a few feathered friends in Gloucestershire. Pictures by Fran Stothard - The hawk sped through the air like an arrow from a crossbow, seeming to head straight for me as I stood alone in the middle of the flying ground... Welcome to the falconry experience at Newent's National Birds of Prey Centre, in Gloucestershire, where the ancient art of hunting with incredible birds is still practised and taught... (story)

Fleet News & Mail 3.11.07 Residents urged to fight for post office by Stephen Lloyd - PRESSURE is mounting on the government to scrap plans to axe a popular sub post office. Pondtail Post Office and Stores in Kings Road, Fleet, has been earmarked for closure under plans to shut 2,500 branches nationwide by the end of 2008. Fleet MP James Arbuthnot has already visited the stores with Sharyn Wheale, who represents Fleet Pondtail ward on Hart District Council and is the Hampshire county councillor for the town.... Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance is urging residents to fight for their branch... (story)

Northern Echo 3.11.07 Badgers - COULD the RSPCA answer some questions about badgers to a confused cattle farmer? 1. Frontline vets and farmers all want a cull. Are they all stupid, or do they know something? 2. Closed herds get bovine TB. Why? 3. Our fathers and grandfathers could control the TB. How?... R Johnson, Danby Wiske, Northallerton, North Yorkshire. (letter)

Hampshire Chronicle 2.11.07 Windy Wendy's 'mooving' message - CAMPAIGNERS dropped by to cause a stink in Winchester High Street today (November 1) with an unusual protest. Animal Aid was trying to put forward an alternative theory for why the city's carbon footprint is so high. The activists brought along Wendy the windy cow'.... Animal Aid campaigns officer, Kelly Slade, added: "Livestock farming is a massive contributor to climate change and yet there is a world of delicious foods out there that don't cost the earth.... (story)


Gloucester Citizen 2.11.07 STILL ON THE TRAIL TWO YEARS AFTER HUNT BAN - As hunting season starts county participants remain as defiant as ever of the ban.This Saturday will mark the traditional beginning of the hunting season, two years after the ban was imposed.... According to Henry Berkeley, a master of the Berkeley hunt this has changed the sport for the worse... "It is also to the detriment of the foxes, which are being killed by other means and have an increased risk of injury."... Jo Aldridge, spokeswoman for the Beaufort Hunt, which hunts by the trail method, said: "The sport remains as popular as ever.... (story)

Independent 2.11.07 Hunting ban has done little to cut deaths among our fox population By David Langton - By David Langton - Bugles sounded up and down the country yesterday as the hunting season officially opened in a blaze of blood-red jackets and galloping steeds... Before the ban, hunts killed as many as 25,000 foxes each year, a number which John Bryant, a wildlife expert who specialises in the humane removal of foxes from urban areas, believes has remained largely unchanged in the past three years... "A fox is lucky to get passed its first birthday and even luckier to pass its second. It is a combination of factors, chiefly motor vehicles. They are also being shot by farmers, caught in snares and still hunted, despite the ban. I think it's had virtually no effect. They are constantly being persecuted for no good reason.".... (story)

Kent Messenger 2.11.07 MP Ann: Hunting law not being enforced by political editor Paul Francis - MAIDSTONE and Weald MP Ann Widdecombe says the authorities must do more to ensure the legislation banning hunting is enforced... (story)
BBC News Online 1.11.07 Are licensed hunting monitors needed? By Liam Allen - As hunts across the country mark the first day of the season, are licensed monitors needed to stop the fox hunting ban being broken? Tory MP Anne Widdecombe said on Thursday that there was a "widespread ignoring" of the hunting ban and that monitors, who film hunts, should be licensed.... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 1.11.07 MP: THE HUNTING BAN IS A PRIORITY - Police must crack down on hunters who flout the law - to protect the force from accusations that it is biased, claims MP Dan Norris... He says the law should be applied "without fear or favour" in rural parts of the region as well as urban centres. Mr Norris was speaking after a meeting in the Commons on the difficulties of enforcing the controversial Hunting Act.... (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.07 FOX-HUNTING BAN IS IGNORED - The police are being called to heel this week by Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, who wants to know why the provisions of the Hunting Act aren't being more rigorously applied.She has a point: it has been left largely to the anti-hunt groups to gather evidence.... Prosecutions now proceed only if there is a high chance of conviction. The Hunting Act is such a botched law that this is rarely achievable. (story)
Western Morning News 29.10.07 TORY WANTS TIGHTER HUNTING BAN - Calls by an outspoken Tory MP for the ban on hunting to be more rigorously enforced have met with an angry response in the Westcountry. As the hunting season gets under way, Ann Widdecombe is to meet police from across the country to demand that the law is enforced more thoroughly... Graham Higgins, master of the East Cornwall Hunt, said: "Ann Widdecombe thinks that hunting is more important than other issues which the police have to address. We are a law-abiding people and we do operate within the law." Julian Smeeth, chairman of the Tetcott Hunt, raised the issue of hunt members' right to privacy. He said: "If you are hunting within the law, is it fair these people can go around calling themselves hunt monitors and filming people, often minors?... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 28.10.07 Widdecombe's bid to tighten hunting ban By Jasper Copping - Attempts are being made to tighten up the ban on hunting with hounds this week, as the season gets under way. Police and politicians are to meet at Westminster amid claims that hunts are routinely breaking the law and killing foxes illegally. The meeting has been called by Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative MP for Maidstone and the Weald, who is a prominent opponent of the sport.... (story)

Lowestoft Journal 2.11.07 Pensioners add weight to campaign - A GROUP of pensioners from Walberswick yesterday added their protest to the proposed closure of their village post office... The Journal is supporting villagers in opposing the cuts and readers have responded by signing forms which will be presented to the Post Office leaders before the end of the consultation period.... In the past few days Age Concern Suffolk has joined the campaign to oppose post office closures in the county. Chief executive Daphne Savage said: “These proposals will have a major effect on our local communities and Age Concern Suffolk wants to encourage everyone affected by them to make their voices heard.” Other groups opposing the closures include Southwold and Reydon Society and Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 2.11.07 Call for boycott of Stratford Racecourse By Michael Corley - ANIMAL rights activists staged a demonstration outside a Warwickshire racecourse yesterday - because they claim it is the deadliest track in Britain. Members of national campaign group Animal Aid waved banners and dressed in dark, gothic robes, outside the entrance to Stratford Racecourse to highlight the fact that eight horses have died at the track in just 14 days of racing since March... (story)

Daelnet 2.11.07 Nature slams chief scientist over badger cull demand - ONE of the world's leading scientific journals, Nature, has slammed the Government's chief scientist, Sir David King, for recommending a cull of badgers.... (story)
Western Morning News 2.11.07 SCIENTIST 'MISHANDLED' BADGER CULL DEBATE - The Government's chief scientist has been accused of "mishandling" the debate over the culling of badgers to tackle TB in cattle... (story)
North Devon Journal 1.11.07 CHIEF SCIENTIST ADVISES BADGER CULL TO CONQUER BOVINE TB - ANDREA FOSTER - New advice to the government endorsing the culling of badgers to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis has been welcomed.... But Diana Lewis, the founder member of the North Devon Animal Ambulance charity, felt it was "very debatable" whether the culling of badgers would make a difference.... (story)
Western Gazette 1.11.07 COULD A MASS BADGER CULL HELP OUR FARMERS? Are badgers a loveable creature or a dairy farmer's worst nightmare? Chief Government scientist Sir David King is calling for a mass cull of badgers in an attempt to control the spread of tuberculosis in cattle... Many Dorset residents were against the cull... (story)
Western Gazette 1.11.07 IS BADGER CULL BEST WAY TO NEUTRALISE TB THREAT? Badgers are in the firing line under the proposal from a top Government scientist. A mass cull of badgers has been suggested by chief scientist Sir David King in a report last week, saying that TB is a major problem in the South West... We went onto the streets of Bridport to see what people had to say... (story)
Western Gazette 1.11.07 IS BADGER CULL BEST WAY TO CONTROL TB? - Plans to cull badgers in some areas to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis have drawn mixed reaction in north Dorset... (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 1.11.07 Farmers call for badger cull to stop TB By Andy Woolfoot - FARMERS in Wiltshire are renewing calls for badger culls after a Government report this week confirmed it would be an effective way to reduce outbreaks of tuberculosis in cattle… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 31.10.07 Badger cull - A DECISION on whether to order a badger cull to cut the incidence of TB in cattle is still some way off, the government indicated yesterday... (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.07 FARMERS' RELIEF AT TOP SCIENTIST'S CALL FOR BADGER CULL - Widespread approval has greeted chief Government scientist Sir David King's common-sense intervention in the badger debate.There has, of course, been the predictable hysteria in the ranks of the badger-huggers, but in the real world farmers are relieved that at last someone occupying high Government office has conceded that badger numbers must be reduced.... (story)
Carmarthen Journal 31.10.07 CALL FOR BADGER CULL TO STOP SPREAD OF BOVINE TB - ARTHUR WILLIAMS - Badgers could be culled across Wales to stop the spread of bovine TB in cattle. Farmers' Union of Wales badger expert Evan R Thomas, of Carmarthen, has backed calls by the Government's chief scientific officer Sir David King that badgers be killed in areas where there are high incidence of the disease.... (story)
Western Mail 30.10.07 Chief scientist’s call for a cull to stop bTB angers badger group by Steve Dube, Western Mail - “SCIENTIFIC endorsement at last,” is how NFU Cymru reacted to the report of the Government’s chief scientist that badgers should be culled in bovine tuberculosis hotspots.... (story)
Western Mail 30.10.07 King says culling is best option available now by Steve Dube, Western Mail - Sir David King’s report, which Defra received last July, is in contrast to the report of the Independent Scientific Group on Cattle TB.... (story)
Western Mail 30.10.07 Independent Scientific Group dismisses government report as 'very superficial' - Professor John Bourne, who chaired Independent Scientific Group on bTB, told MPs that Sir David King’s report was hastily written and superficial.... (story)
Western Morning News 29.10.07 CASE STUDIES REVEAL TB ANGUISH - A cull of diseased badgers cannot come too soon for a South Devon dairy farmer, who hosted a visit by the all-party EFRA committee of MPs during a fact-finding tour. Nor for the Dartmoor beef producer who has seen his "closed" herd affected by the disease for the first time in 30 years. It is a sign of the times that neither farmer wishes to be identified - because of concerns about retaliation from animal rights activists.... (story)
Bromsgrove News 29.10.07 Farmers back badger cull By Chris Flavell - FARMERS are backing calls for a national badger cull in an attempt to curb tuberculosis in cattle…. (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 29.10.07 ERIN MCDAID: BADGER-CULLING MOVES FLY IN THE FACE OF EXPERTS - For Many years now I have followed the debate about whether or not badgers should be culled to help prevent the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle. Whilst I am no scientist, the fact that the Independent Scientific Group (ISG) concluded back in June that culling would make no meaningful contribution to the control of the disease came as no surprise... The Wildlife Trusts accept that TB in cattle is a significant problem for farming in the UK. But we believe this new report is a clear attempt to bring culling back on the agenda. To have the Government's top scientist making recommendations that run contrary to those of an independent group which has carefully researched the issue is worrying and it suggests that political expediency is taking precedence over sound science.... (story)
Northern Echo 27.10.07 Opposition over call for badger cull By Paul Cook - CONSERVATIONISTS have opposed proposals to cull badgers in the region to control tuberculosis (TB) in cattle, saying the problem is limited to the South... Lesley McNaughton, chairman of the County Durham Badger Group, said: "I feel Sir David King's report is weak and cynically motivated in an attempt to appease those in the farming community that call for a cull... (story)
Telegraph 26.10.07 It's time to tackle the badger TB crisis - A call by the Government's chief scientific adviser to fight bovine TB by culling is welcomed but provides little comfort to farmer Stephen Carr... (story)
Western Daily Press 26.10.07 'A VICTORY FOR COMMON SENSE' BY JACQUELINE DOLAN J.DOLAN@BEPP.CO.UK - Farmers in the West yesterday said the Government's chief scientist's announcement that badgers should be killed to prevent the further spread of TB among cattle was a breakthrough for "common sense".... Pauline Kidner, charity founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, in Highbridge, Somerset, said the problem of TB can be controlled by other means... (story)
Ledbury Reporter 26.10.07 Mixed reaction to badger culling By Gary Bills-Geddes FARMERS in the Ledbury area have given a mixed response to calls from a Government scientist to launch extensive culling of badgers to prevent the spread of bovine TB... (story)
Central Somerset Gazette 25.10.07 MASS CULL 'WILL REDUCE INFECTION' - Badgers throughout the South West could be subject to a mass cull in light of recommendations from the Government's chief scientific advisor... Pauline Kidner, founder of the Secret World wildlife rescue centre at Highbridge which looks after animals across mid-Somerset, said: "How can it be that one scientist can make an announcement that can overturn nine years of scientific research, which has cost millions of pounds and has been peer reviewed and extensively overseen?" she said.... (story)
Solihull Observer 25.10.07 Badger culls pointless say charities - Luke Hamer - TIGHTENING bovine TB testing in cattle is the answer to stopping the spread of the disease, not killing thousands of badgers. That's the view of two county animal charities who have hit back at recommendations from the government's top scientific advisor.... Rowington's Jack Reedy, vice-chairman of the national Badgers Trust and chairman of the Warwickshire Badger Group, told the Observer that although the county did not have a bTB problem, the suggestion of a cull was masking other issues surrounding the disease.... His opinion was echoed by Ian Jelley, Reserves Volunteering Officer at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust... (story)
Independent 25.10.07 Badgers: There's more to the cute-looking creatures than meets the eye By Esther Walker - This week the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King, announced his approval for a culling of badgers, in order to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis... There have been badgers in Britain for at least 250,000 years. The latest surveys show that there are between about 250,000 and 310,000 in the UK.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 25.10.07 Badgers cull call is rapped By Linda McKee - A report which recommends targeted culling of badgers in the battle to curb the spread of bovine tuberculosis has been slammed by wildlife experts in Northern Ireland. The Ulster Wildlife Trust said the report by the UK Government's chief scientific officer Sir David King flies in the face of science, public opinion and economics, and sweeps away 10 years of scientific research by the Independent Scientific Group (ISG)... (story)
Guardian 25.10.07 Official advice to cull badgers was hasty, scientist tells MPs - James Randerson, science correspondent - The government chief scientist's recommendations to ministers on badger culling were "hastily written", "superficial" and "selective" according to the scientist who led the government's study into the problem of cattle TB. John Bourne was responding to a report from Sir David King, released on Monday... (story)
Western Daily Press 25.10.07 BOFFINS IN SETT-TO OVER BADGER CULL - BY MATTHEW GEORGEPOLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - A battle of the boffins broke out yesterday in the row over whether thousands of badgers should be slaughtered to control bovine TB. MPs heard evidence from Professor John Bourne, the expert who said earlier this year a cull would not help prevent the spread of the disease in the region. They also quizzed the Government's chief scientist Sir David King, who this week issued a shock report backing a cull, to the delight of the National Farmers' Union.... (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 25.10.07 BADGER CULL JUST IN TIME, SAY FARMERS - Farmers in Gloucestershire have welcomed a report by the Government's chief scientific adviser which says badgers should be culled... But Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust disagrees. A spokesman said: "The recommendation to 'remove' badgers from selected areas pays no regard to the cost, practical difficulties, efficacy or public acceptability of culling.... >(story)
Tavistock Times Gazette 25.10.07 MP presses for humane cull - GEOFFREY Cox, MP for West Devon and Torridge, has expressed ?satisfaction? with the visit of the House of Commons Select Committee to Torridge last week as part of its inquiry into Bovine TB..... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 25.10.07 Badger culling plans "unethical" says Secret World founder By David Hemming - SECRET World founder Pauline Kidner has hit out at badger culling calls after a top scientific advisor recommended the drastic action.... (story)
Witney Gazette 24.10.07 Farmers support badger cull By Emily Allen - FARMERS in Oxfordshire have supported the prospect of a mass badger cull to control deadly tuberculosis in cattle... But the Berkshire, Buckingham and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust said it opposed badger culling and it questioned the advice given in the report... (story)
Guardian 24.10.07 Science backs the badgers - Roy Hattersley - The argument against culling badgers is scientific not sentimental. The case in favour is more the product of lobbying than of logic. Badgers are one, though only one, of the agents which spread bovine TB. About that everyone is agreed. But the assumption that culling will reduce the incidence of the disease is wrong... (story)
Western Morning News 24.10.07 NO DECISION YET ON BADGER CULL - The prospect of a Government decision on a badger cull to deal with TB in cattle seemed no closer last night, despite the Chief Scientist calling for a culling programme to begin, writes Matt Chorley, London Editor.Hilary Benn told MPs that since becoming Environment Secretary in June, he had not had time to read up on the issue, after dealing with flooding and outbreaks of foot and mouth and bluetongue... AnimalAid yesterday claimed Sir David's report was an attempt "to appease a powerful and irresponsible farming lobby... (story)
Carlisle New & Star 24.10.07 TB BADGER CULL SPLITS OPINION - WILDLIFE bosses in Cumbria believe culling badgers is not the answer to tackling tuberculosis in cattle.... Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s conservation manager David Harpley said there is just as much evidence that culling badgers won’t work... (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 24.10.07 Farmer welcomes action calls on TB By Barbara Goulden - COVENTRY and Warwickshire farmer David Elgin has welcomed calls for the culling of badgers to protect cattle against tuberculosis... Dr Richard Yarnell, chief executive of the Badger Trust in London, said Sir David's findings were a "shameful, political fix"... John Curtin, of Hillfields, Coventry, a spokesman for the Animal Alliance, said: "We received massive support for saving badgers when we set up stalls in Coventry... Animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings, from Rugby, said: "These animals are not the farmers' animals to murder... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 24.10.07 West Somerset farmers back badger cull By Lloyd Vaughan - WEST Somerset farmers are backing a call for a widespread cull of badgers in a bid to stamp out TB among cattle and safeguard livelihoods... (story)
Swindon Advertiser 24.10.07 Farmers want to see badgers culled By Ben Perrin - FARMERS in Wiltshire have backed a government scientist's advice to cull badgers to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in cattle... Malcolm Clark from the Wiltshire Badger Group was horrified by the report.... (story)
Dorset Echo 24.10.07 Row brewing over badger culling By Harry Walton - A ROW is brewing after a Government scientist said badgers should be killed to prevent the further spread of tuberculosis among cattle.... (story)
Oxford Mail 24.10.07 Farmers endorse badger cull call By Emily Allen - Farmers in Oxfordshire have welcomed the prospect of a mass badger cull to control deadly tuberculosis in cattle... (story)
Argus 23.10.07 Farmers back mass killing of badgers By Ben Parsons - Farmers in Sussex have welcomed the prospect of mass badger culls to try to save cattle from disease.... Jeff Hayden, of Badger Trust Sussex, told The Argus changing farming techniques could help stop the spread of the disease more effectively than badger culling.... (story)
Telegraph 23.10.07 Cull badgers to fight TB, advises top scientist By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Killing badgers would help reduce the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, Sir David King, the Government's chief scientific adviser, has concluded. In a report sent to ministers, which remained a closely guarded secret until its publication, Sir David calls for a badger cull in areas such as the South West where there is a "high and persistent incidence" of the disease, to be carried out by "competent operators".... His findings, which are backed by senior scientists from Britain and Ireland and by the chief vet, Debby Reynolds, say that cattle movements alone cannot explain the persistence of TB in certain areas or its spread over the last decade.... Anthony Gibson of the National Farmers Union said Sir David's report was "common sense".... Jim Paice, shadow agriculture minister, said: "The Government's policy on Bovine TB has descended into a shambles.... Trevor Lawson, public affairs advisor to Badger Trust, said: "Prof King's list of recommendations repeat virtually word for word the opinions of farming unions and the cull mad vets in Defra. This is a highly-politicised rush to judgment, which, ludicrously, contains no cost-benefit analysis.... (story)
Guardian 23.10.07 Science adviser backs selective badger culls - James Randerson, science correspondent - Culls of badgers should be carried out to control the TB epidemic in cattle, the government's chief science adviser has recommended. Sir David King's advice is diametrically opposed to a near 10-year government study of badger-culling, which said it could "make no meaningful contribution" to controlling the spread of TB in cattle.... (story)
Independent 23.10.07 Plan to cull badgers met with dismay by animal-rights activists By James Macintyre - Animal rights campaigners criticised the Government's chief scientific adviser last night after he recommended badger culling to control tuberculosis (TB). The recommendation by Sir David King contradicts a report earlier this year by the Independent Scientific Group (ISG), that said a cull would be ineffective and overly costly... The RSPCA's head of wildlife science, Rob Atkinson, speculated that Sir David had come under pressure from the Government... (story)
Daily Mail 23.10.07 Top scientist calls for badger cull to stop TB spread to cattle By FIONA MACRAE - Large numbers of badgers need to be culled to stop the spread of tuberculosis among cattle, the country's chief scientist said last night. Sir David King called for the creatures to be trapped and killed in areas in which bovine TB is rife.... Trevor Lawson, of the Badger Trust, accused Sir David of bowing to the wishes of farming unions and "cull-mad" Government vets.... (story)
Sun 23.10.07 Badgers face may face cull - BADGERS should be culled to stop them infecting cows with TB, the Government’s top science adviser said yesterday. Sir David King said they should be killed in areas where cattle are worst hit by tuberculosis. ... (story)
Gloucestershire Gazette 23.10.07 Protection group defends badgers By Liza-Jane Gillespie - A BADGER protection group has said there is still hope for the animal despite the release of a new Government report endorsing a cull. Sir David King, a Government Chief Scientist, announced on Monday that a cull would help to bring the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in cattle under control... Stop War on Badgers, a badger protection group based near Wotton-under-Edge, has always campaigned against a cull and this week said Sir David King's report was not the end of the debate. Simon Hacker, spokesman for the group, said: "It does not seem definitive to us... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 23.10.07 Badger cull needed to fight TB - BADGER culling should be used to control tuberculosis (TB) in cattle, the government’s chief scientific adviser has recommended in a new report. Sir David King – who will tomorrow give evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee – backed the killing of badgers in areas where there was a “high and persistent” incidence of the disease in cattle.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 23.10.07 Expert urges badger cull as 'best option' to control bovine TB - Badger culling should be used to control tuberculosis (TB) in cattle, the Government's chief scientific adviser recommended in a report published yesterday. Sir David King backed the killing of badgers in areas where there was a "high and persistent" incidence of the disease in cattle... (story)
Scotsman 23.10.07 Call for cull of badgers in bid to control TB in cattle - CRAIG BROWN - BADGER culling should be used to control tuberculosis in cattle, the British government's chief scientific adviser recommended in a report published yesterday. Sir David King backed the killing of badgers in areas where there was a "high and persistent" incidence of TB in cattle.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 23.10.07 FARMERS WELCOME CULL OF BADGERS - Farmers in Gloucestershire have welcomed a report by a Government scientist which says badgers should be killed to prevent the spread of TB among cattle.Chief scientist Sir David King said that culling badgers would be an effective way to control the spread of the disease... Tony Dean, chairman and field officer of the Gloucestershire Badger Group, said: "Killing badgers is not the answer... (story)
Western Morning News 23.10.07 WHY BADGER CULL MUST GO AHEAD - MATT CHORLEY LONDON EDITOR - Government policy on tackling TB in cattle was thrown into chaos last night after its chief scientist backed calls for a mass badger cull.Sir David King advised ministers that large-scale, systematic killing of badgers could make "a significant contribution" to controlling the disease in herds in the hardest hit areas, like the Westcountry.... But in his report - released last night - Sir David even goes as far as to brand the ISG's conclusions as "unsound" and in a damning critique of fellow scientists added: "The data does not support such an unqualified conclusion."... (story)
Worcester Evening News 23.10.07 Farmers back badger cull By Claire Fry - FARMERS in Herefordshire are welcoming a top scientist's view that badger culling should be used to control the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle.... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 23.10.07 Stop badgering! By Katie Clark - CONTROVERSIAL calls to cull badgers to save cattle from outbreaks of TB have been scoffed at and rejected by wildlife experts and conservationists in the New Forest... badger conservationist, Dusty Miller from Fordingbridge said: "This report isn't even saying anything new. They have been blaming the badgers since 1948.... New Forest Animal Protection Group member, Frankie James said: "The study by the ISG is completely right. The new government report makes no sense at all.... Martin Noble, secretary of the New Forest Badger Group said: "Of course we have sympathy for the farmers as we realise that we need to try and achieve a means of reducing bTB but culling badgers is not the answer."... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 23.10.07 Plan to cull badgers met with dismay by animal-rights activists By James Macintyre - Animal rights campaigners criticised the Government's chief scientific adviser last night after he recommended badger culling to control tuberculosis (TB). The recommendation by Sir David King contradicts a report earlier this year by the Independent Scientific Group (ISG)... (story)
Western Mail 23.10.07 Chief scientist backs badger culling - BADGER culling should be used to control tuberculosis in cattle, the Government’s chief scientific adviser recommended in a report published yesterday. Sir David King backed the killing of badgers in areas where there was a “high and persistent” incidence of the disease in cattle.... (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 2.11.07 NOT ALL FARMERS BACK MASS CULL - Madam - I must respond to the article about farmers saying the badger cull is just in time (Echo, October 25).I think it is wrong for the chairman of Gloucestershire National Farmers' Union, John Hore, to say that all livestock farmers in the county welcome a mass badger cull in response to bovine TB... I am a Gloucestershire livestock farmer and I am not in favour of a mass badger cull.... Gill Purser, Clapton-on-the-Hill. (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 2.11.07 Selling pets in markets - Although the commercial sale of pet animals in markets and public places was banned in 1983 (under the Pet Animals Act 1951) such sales are still taking place.... If you would like to help end this trading, please contact the Animal Protection Agency (APA) which is campaigning to carry forward the ban into new legislation.... ZIGGY WOODWARD, Eastleigh (letter)

Essex Chronicle 2.11.07 CIRCUS ANIMALS DO ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE - When reading your paper about boycotting the circus I was surprised as most people don't find out for themselves how the animals are treated.I took my child to the circus and thoroughly enjoyed it.... Krystal Horrocks, North Street, Maldon (letter)


Melton Times 1.11.07 Good support for hunts in first meets of season By Christian March - Huntsaround Melton have attracted big turnouts for their first meets of the season... Rad Thomas, spokesman for the Quorn Hunt which was out on Friday, said the hunt was 'as strong as ever' and was greatly encouraged by the amount of support it had received. Rupert Inglesant, Master of the Belvoir Hunt, said there were 132 people on horses with at least the same number again on foot and following in cars for its first meet in Long Clawson on Saturday... Clare Bell, secretary of the Cottesmore Hunt, said there were some old faces and a lot of new ones at its first four meets of the season.... (story)

Telegraph 1.11.07 Is it time to lift the ban on fox hunting? - Thousands of riders at hundreds of fox hunts will start the new season still defiant at the ban imposed two years ago.... Are the current methods of killing foxes any more civilised? Do foxes deserve compassion? Does the ban violate fundamental human rights?... (story)

Telegraph 1.11.07 Charles Clover's weekly column takes an inside look at the environment - Something fishy going on here - Sometimes it is the little things that show the ship of state has changed course and instead of tacking into the breeze is running before the wind. So it is with no apology that this column will dwell on why the Government has chosen to disappoint a million sea anglers, whose support it needs if they are to pay a licence for their sport as proposed in the Marine Bill White Paper....(story)

York Press 1.11.07 Farm pests - I TRUST Dan Sidley, co-founder of Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, knows more about swans than he seems to know about badgers (Badger cull proposal dismay, Soapbox, October 29). It beggars belief that he has the gall and audacity to preach a sermon to farmers on their hygiene and farming methods... Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby (letter)

York Press 29.10.07 Badger cull proposal dismay - I AM dismayed at the recent proposal by Sir David King, the Government's chief scientist, for a complete cull of badgers... Poor farming practices and hygiene, an extreme lack of cattle TB testing and no proper cattle movement controls are the main contributors in the spread of this disease.... Dan Sidley, Co-founder, Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, Stearsby Hagg Farm, Brandsby, North Yorkshire (letter)

York Press 1.11.07 Greener living - Today is World Vegan Day. In addition to being a cruelty-free and healthier way of living, many people are going vegan for environmental reasons... I have been vegan for six months now - not only was it one of the best decisions I have ever made in terms of my personal health and conscience, but I was surprised how easy and delicious vegan food is... Coun Paul Blanchard Chaucer Lane, Strensall, York. (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 1.11.07 STORE GOES VEGAN FOR THE DAY - A Cosmetics company washed its hands of animal products to celebrate World Vegan Day. Members of Bristol-based vegan campaigning group Viva! handed a bouquet of flowers to staff at Lush in Broadmead to say thank you for going vegan for a day.... Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva!, said: "Lush is already known as a haven for animal-friendly shoppers everywhere.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 31.10.07 Vegan lifestyle - WORKERS at a Carlisle soap shop will completely wash their hands of meat tomorrow. Lush cosmetics has always prided itself on being an ethical cosmetics company selling only vegetarian and vegan products. But assistants at the city’s Scotch Street store will go the whole hog as a sign of solidarity with their strictly herbivorous customers on World Vegan Day... (story)

Western Daily Press 1.11.07 THE TRUE COST OF YOUR MEAT - Clive Trollop, "Giving up meat won't help the environment" (Your Say, October 25) presents a picture of animals reared for meat and dairy products grazing in green fields... In a survey, Compassion in World Farming found that more than 50 per cent of global pork production and more than 70 per cent of global chicken production comes from industrial systems where animal welfare is not a priority... Mrs Pat Parkinson, Monmouth (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.11.07 Please act with care for animals - GUY Fawkes Night will soon be with us once again and many think fireworks are fun. They aren't, especially when it comes to animals which are terribly frightened by them.... June Fleming, Redburn Road, Prestonpans (letter)

Walsall Advertiser 1.11.07 THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT- Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation took to the streets of Walsall on September 29 to raise money for Compassion in World Farming.... Emily Durrant, CIWF, Surrey (letter)

Cornishman or West Briton 1.11.07 PROFESSOR'SLECTURE ON ANIMALS - Truro Cathedral will welcome the Rev Professor Andrew Linzey for the 2007 Benson Lecture on Wednesday, November 7, at 7.30pm. Professor Linzey is the director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a member of the faculty of Theology at Oxford University.The title of the lecture is Animal Rights and Animal Souls - Can Christianity become good news for animals?... (story)