May 2016

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BBC News Online 31.10.16 Game birds filmed in crowded conditions By Zack Adesina & Syed Fayaz & Oana A Marocico - Tens of thousands of game birds are being held in cages which can lead to injuries and premature death, a BBC investigation has uncovered. Inside Out London discovered shocking conditions at three breeding sites… (story)
Evening Standard 31.10.16 Exposed: The appalling conditions in factory farms breeding game birds for the table - MARK BLUNDEN - Game birds destined for London restaurants are being reared in appalling conditions in “factory farms”, an undercover investigation found. Some 40 million pheasants and partridges are bred every year in Britain and often released on to shooting estates around the capital, including in Buckinghamshire and Kent.... The programme’s team received a tip-off about one such farm in the South that supplies chicks to shooting estates — and found thousands of birds cram- med together in terrible conditions… Further footage filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports shows anti-pecking devices that can mutilate the birds’ beaks and metal cages that “have led to injuries and premature deaths”… (story)

Guardian 31.10.16 I’m gunning for trouble, but grouse moors should be subsidised by taxpayers - Ian Gregory - Jealousy of the rich is energising the social media campaign against shooting. The fact is that the grouse industry and moorland protection are vital - It’s easy to imagine that grouse moors involve rich men shooting birds for fun and the countryside becoming a Bermuda Triangle for birds of prey. So how then can it be possible to persuade you that £4m of public subsidy should be paid to the grouse industry? Well, first of all, Friends of the Earth is wrong to suggest that the subsidies given to these estates are for grouse shooting…. (story)

Shooting UK 31.10.16 Rural groups share their trick-or-treats - Mark Layton - Today is the spookiest day of the year, and we asked several of the leading rural organisations what keeps them up in the middle of the night… National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) development officer Sarah Read said: “I know what will be keeping me awake on the night of Halloween. By a spooky coincidence the debate on driven grouse shooting at Westminster Hall will take place on the same day… BASC said that, just like Halloween tricksters, “antis and extremists wear various masks. So we need to be on our guard to ensure that whatever shape or form they take, they do not unduly influence government policy.”… (story)

Guardian 31.10.16 Fired-up over grouse shooting and moorlands - Driven grouse shooting (Report, 28 October) is a minority “sport” which uses live birds as target practice, yet its destructive effects are paid for by the public… We believe it is time to treasure our natural environment. It is time for a ban on driven grouse shooting. Isobel Hutchinson Director, Animal Aid Eduardo Goncalves CEO, League Against Cruel Sports Dominic Dyer CEO, Badger Trust Philip Mansbridge UK director, International Fund for Animal Welfare Claire Bass Executive director, Humane Society International UK Elisa Allen Director, Peta UK Anne Brummer CEO, Save Me Trust
Only agricultural land is eligible for Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments as determined by Defra’s Rural Payments Agency (RPA), which administers the scheme in England. The RPA guidelines make it clear that moorland used primarily for shooting purposes is not eligible for BPS payments, and there is also an “active farmer” test for claimants along with a range of other criteria to prove that the land is in agricultural use… These attempts to politicise the debate over how we manage our moorlands are deeply unhelpful, our solutions need to be driven by evidence and based in cooperation between landowners, conservationists and the shooting community. Liam Stokes Head of shooting, Countryside Alliance (letters)


Observer 30.10.16 Charity’s rewards for dog-fight tip-offs ‘will simply aid criminals’ - Ex-president warns League Against Cruel Sports that cash incentives are not appropriate in ‘clandestine nexus’ of dog fighting - The League Against Cruel Sports’ decision to offer rewards of up to £5,000 for information leading to the prosecution of people involved in dog fighting has been attacked by its former chairman who says it will reward criminals… John Cooper, QC, who chaired the league between 1996 and 2012 and was then its president until last year, has criticised the decision. “Dog fighters may be criminals who engage in a host of peripheral criminal activities, including violence, drug dealing and gang-related intimidation,” Cooper said. “The clandestine culture of dog fighting and its nexus with other crimes makes it highly likely that those who can give significant evidence, which will lead to conviction, will be involved in the criminal world. It is extremely inappropriate for charitable money to be paid to such individuals, who will, without doubt, use that money to further their own criminal purpose.”… (story)

Mail on Sunday 30.10.16 Badgergeddon! Activists are braced for the bloody return of the hated cull as stunning new evidence emerges that the vaccination of badgers to stop bovine TB is a catastrophic failure By SIMON TRUMP FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Under cover of darkness, a small group of men armed with rifles and the latest night-vision equipment walk steadily through the heart of the Somerset hills on the edge of Exmoor.Their task? To shoot and kill badgers as part of a Government-backed cull… English farmers have been forced to destroy 227,835 infected cattle since 2008, putting entire livelihoods at risk. For activists, the answer is the needle not the bullet – a programme of vaccination. But here they have a problem. Because today, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that in key vaccination trials, the number of infected cows has not reduced at all but has in fact risen dramatically… Some studies suggest that as many as 50 per cent of badgers in high-risk areas carry bovine tuberculosis, which means vaccinating them is pointless. Experts at Strathclyde university say that of the remaining badgers, inoculation is only effective in up to 76 per cent of cases and that it can be as low as 54 per cent… (story)


Coventry Telegraph 28.10.16 Watch: Atherstone Hunt steward grapples with protester - BY KATRINA CHILVER - A steward accused of assault at a meeting of the Atherstone Hunt has been cleared. Peter Hadfield was charged with common assault in relation to an incident in January but he was found not guilty… Video footage of the alleged incident at the Atherstone Hunt meeting near Sibson in Leicestershire on January 23 was shown at Loughborough Magistrates Court on October 10, where Mr Hadfield was found not guilty… “The complainant Sarah Lloyd insisted she had every right to be there. Mr Hadfield was herding her out with his arms outstretched, Once they had left the field and got on to grass verge she grabbed hold of his coat and refused to let go. He used reasonable force to remove her and, having seen it on the video the magistrates agreed.”… (story)

Spectator 28.10.16 When it comes to online petitions, facts should speak louder than clicks. Sadly, they don’t - Liam Stokes - Do we live in a ‘post-truth’, ‘post-factual’ political era? A small part of the answer has been provided by Welsh Assembly Member Mike Hedges, who said recently that ‘factual inaccuracies are a matter of opinion’… He was commenting on a petition lodged by the League Against Cruel Sports – a petition that sought to ban the sale, use and manufacture of snares in Wales…. The League’s headline stat claimed that: ‘In Wales, some 370,000 animals are snared every year. That’s more than 1,000 a day’. Very dramatic. The problem is that reasonable estimates of fox, badger and hare put the combined Welsh population at 115,000. So the League was alleging that over three times the population of Welsh mammals were being snared in Wales every year…. (story)

Shooting Times 28.10.16 DEFRA denies Guardian claim that taxpayer’s money subsidises grouse shooting - Charlotte Peters - DEFRA have said that they are not subsiding grouse shooting in the way suggested in a Guardian article published today: " Grouse shooting estates shored up by millions in subsidies." The article followed an investigation by Friends of the Earth that claimed that over £4 million was going to the 30 estates where grouse shooting takes place. In response, a DEFRA spokesman told the Countryside Alliance that they were surprised at the content and said it did not reflect the department’s policy towards payments to landowners… (story)
Guardian 28.10.16 Grouse shooting estates shored up by millions in subsidies - Damian Carrington - England’s vast grouse shooting estates receive millions of pounds in public subsidies according to an investigation by Friends of the Earth. Thirty of the estates received £4m of taxpayer’s money between them in 2014, the year examined by the pressure group, including one owned by the Duke of Westminster, the richest landowner in Britain with land holdings estimated to be worth £9bn… (story)

Mail 28.10.16 Britain's mobile phone scam: MPs' report reveals 17million of us have bad signal at home, 525 blackspots and foreign visitors get better reception By JASON GROVES and JAMES SALMON FOR DAILY MAIL - Mobile phone coverage in Britain is so bad that foreign visitors often get a better signal, MPs warn today. Their report found that 17million customers have poor reception at home – or none at all… Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: ‘Mobile coverage in rural areas is unacceptable, with rural families and businesses unable to rely on coverage in the same way those in urban areas can.’… (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.10.16 TOM RICHMOND - CHATTING to Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner, he made an interesting point on regional devolution – he said the advent of the Scottish Parliament, and assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland, meant politicians paid more attention to rural matters…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 28.10.16 Why fight continues to end animal horrors - Once again it has taken undercover filming to reveal the true horror of animal neglect and abuse hidden behind closed doors. People who exploit animals always claim animal rights activists exaggerate the scale of suffering in places like laboratories, slaughter houses, factory farms and the hunting field. They don't - undercover film proves again and again that what they say is true… PENNY LITTLE By email (letter)

Western Mail 28.10.16 Animals need extra care at Halloween - A good scare on Halloween can be fun, but no one wants to be haunted because their beloved animal companion was sickened, injured or even killed during the festivities… Jennifer White Peta UK, Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL (letter)

ITV 27.10.16 Tributes to policewoman killed in horse riding accident - Tributes have been paid to a Co Down policewoman who has been killed in a horse riding accident in Ballygowan. Claire Lowe was participating in a hunting event in the Mill Line area on Wednesday afternoon when she fell from her horse…. (story)
Horse & Hound 27.10.16 ‘She was a beautiful person’: tributes to rider who died after hunting fall - Polly Portwin - Tributes have been paid to an equestrian centre owner who died following a fall out hunting yesterday (26 October). Claire Lowe, who had worked as a constable with Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI), was out with the North Down in the New Line area of Ballygowan when the tragic accident happened… PSNI superintendent Sean Wright said: “Claire was an experienced and professional police officer with six years’ service…. Claire’s untimely death has caused shock among her friends and colleagues across PSNI. She will be very much missed by all of us and her loss will be deeply felt for a long time to come… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 27.10.16 Equestrian centre boss Claire Lowe dies in fall during hunt in Northern Ireland By Allan Preston - Tributes have been paid to an equestrian centre boss who died suddenly in a tragic hunting accident yesterday afternoon. The woman was named locally as Claire Lowe from Saintfield, who was believed to have been in her 30s… Last night her friend Neil McCluskey paid tribute to her on social media…. A family friend told the Belfast Telegraph: “She was a very likeable and professional lady. It’s dreadful… (story)
Irish Independent 27.10.16 Tributes paid after equestrian centre boss dies in tragic hunt accident - Tributes have been paid to an equestrian centre boss who died suddenly in a tragic hunting accident on Wednesday afternoon… (story)

Farming UK 27.10.16 Cooperation between farmers and hunters 'crucial' as hunting season gets underway - As the hunting season gets underway, farming unions across the UK are saying cooperation is 'crucial' between farmers and hunters. The Ulster Farmers’ Union, deputy president, Ivor Ferguson, says cooperation is crucial between those organising hunts and farmers on agricultural land. In 2012, the UFU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Countryside Alliance and the Northern Ireland Master of Hounds Association…. (story)

Horse & Hound 27.10.16 Popular four-star horse has surgery after hunting accident - Lucy Elder - Alice Dunsdon’s popular four-star campaigner Fernhill Present is “making good progress” after surgery on an infected joint following a freak accident. “Hilly” and Alice were hunting on Tuesday (25 October) with the Surrey Union when the accident happened… The vet came out straight away and together they decided the best thing would be to take Hilly to Liphook Equine Hospital immediately in case the joint was affected… (story)

Farmers Weekly 27.10.16 East Anglian pig farmers urged to be alert to activists - Pig farmers and abattoirs in East Anglia are being warned to be vigilant following reports of animal rights activity in the region. Lizzie Wilson, policy services officer for the National Pig Association, said a farmer from Suffolk had reported that nine welfare campaigners had been found on his farm on Monday morning. “They turned up unannounced in three cars and were roaming about with filming equipment,” she said…. (story)

Western Mail 27.10.16 Animal rights activists 'threaten protest' outside restaurant serving python and crocodile BY HELEDD PRITCHARD - A restaurant which will be serving meat including python and crocodile tail for Halloween has been warned an animal rights demonstration will take place outside the building this weekend. Australian restaurant, The Outback, in the Canton area of Cardiff announced its special Halloween menu, which includes crocodile tail, python steak, baby squid, black chicken wings, grasshopper and buffalo worms… Facebook user, Robbie Blade, wrote on The Outback's Facebook page: "I have already been told that an animal rights demonstration will be taking place at your door on 30th and 31st - by TWO seperate [sic] organisations! I hope you have enough room for them!"… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 26.10.16 Hare-coursing just as bad as chimp smoking - Images of Azalea, the chimp chain-smoking in a North Korean zoo, have sparked a storm of outrage internationally… Our hare-coursing season is in full swing. Each weekend between now and the middle of February, our gentle, native hares will be forced to run from pairs of greyhounds in specially prepared wired enclosures… JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)

Meat Trades Journal 26.10.16 Great British Game Week returns – Aidan Fortune (story)

Evening Standard 26.10.16 Foie Gras could soon be off the menu thanks to Brexit - MARK CHANDLER - Restaurants could be forced to take foie gras off their menus following Brexit, diners have been warned… , following the Brexit vote, farming minister George Eustice hinted the product might be on its way out because production would not be allowed in the UK… (story)


Horse & Hound 25.10.16 Retired Grand National winner returns to victory at Aintree - Retired jockey Ryan Mania made a successful return to a racecourse on Sunday (23 October) when claiming victory in the charity race at Aintree… Now joint-master and huntsman of the Berwickshire Hunt, Ryan lined up against eight other amateur jockeys — some race-riding for the first time — in the Countryside Alliance Charity Race. Bloodstock agent David Redvers, joint-master of the Ledbury, claimed second place on board Chapter Seven, just easing out Molly Dingwall, who finished strongly to take third on the Gordon Elliott-trained Steady Major… Polly Portwin, H&H’s hunting editor, finisihed fifth riding Ferdy, a seven-year-old trained by local trainer Paul Green… The other jockeys taking part included joint-master and huntsman Richard Tyacke (Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn’s), Oliver Dale MFH (Ludlow) and Charles Clark MFH from the Holderness, as well as David O’Brien, the 2016 point-to-point season leading veteran and novice rider in the North West who hunts with the Cheshire. (story)
Border Telegraph 24.10.16 Mania returns to Aintree winning enclosure - RYAN Mania has won again at Aintree. The Grand National hero from Galashiels, who retired from the saddle almost two years ago at the age of 25, saddled up at the famous Liverpool track for a charity race on Sunday… Ryan, who now works for the Berwickshire Hunt, is happy he doesn't have to worry about his weight any more. He said: "I don’t miss the day in, day out lifestyle… (story)
Yorkshire Post 20.10.16 Ryan Mania: The jockey leading the pack and hunting new Aintree glory - Grand National winner Ryan Mania retired from racing at the age of just 25. But on Sunday he returns to Aintree to ride for the Countryside Alliance. Tom Richmond talks to the former jockey. THERE is quiet anticipation in Ryan Mania’s voice as the Grand National-winning jockey prepares to return to the scene of his greatest triumph – for a charity race against amateur riders…. When he first quit the saddle after opportunities dried up in the wake of County Durham trainer Howard Johnson losing his licence, he spent his sabbatical working for the Lauderdale Hunt before the overtures of Harvey Smith, the legendary showjumper, proved impossible to resist… After surprising the racing world in November 2014 when he hung up his saddle for a second time, he joined the Braes of Derwent Hunt in Durham before taking up his current role with the Berwickshire, the oldest hunt in his native Scotland… (story)
Liverpool Echo 17.10.16 Melling Chase hero God's Own heads 14 entries for 188Bet Old Roan Chase back at Aintree BY CHRIS WRIGHT …Sunday’s meeting is being billed as Countryside Day and is being run in partnership with The Countryside Alliance. As well as the racing on the track, which starts at 1.40pm and also includes the 3m2f 188Bet Handicap Chase and the 2m4f Premier League Betting At 188Bet Handicap Hurdle, there is plenty of entertainment for the whole family, including a charity race and exclusive Randox Health Grand National prizes to be won…. There will also be a Countryside Alliance Charity Race, due off at 11.45am, with 2013 Grand National-winning Ryan Mania taking part… (story)
York Press 30.9.16 Selby huntsman set for Aintree charity race against Grand National winner - HUNTSMAN Charles Clark, from Selby, will ride against former Grand National winner Ryan Mania at Aintree next month in a charity race for the Countryside Alliance Foundation. Clark, who is the joint master of the Holderness hunt, last raced five years ago and has ridden at Wetherby racecourse in hunter chases… Mania, now 26, retired as a jockey just 18 months after winning the Grand National. He is now huntsman and joint master of the Berwickshire hunt… (story)
Horse & Hound 23.9.16 Bruises — and other things you swiftly encounter when you sign up for a charity race - Polly Portwin - Agreeing to ride in a charity race riding a proper racehorse on a famous racecourse is the easy bit. For somebody who has never race-ridden before or perhaps hasn’t done so for a considerable amount of time, the enormity of what you’ve taken on can however start to hit home as race day approaches and the hours of riding out start to take their toll. As H&H’s hunting editor Polly Portwin gears up for the Countryside Alliance Charity Race at Aintree on 23 October, she looks at some of things she has encountered along the way… (story)
Liverpool Echo 16.9.16 Ryan Mania: I'm looking forward to Aintree return - Originally from the Scottish borders in Galashiels, I am currently the Joint Master and Huntsman for the Berwickshire Hunt which is historically believed to be one of the oldest hunts in Scotland. It is extremely exciting to be coming out of retirement to ride at Aintree Racecourse for Countryside Alliance Charity Race on Sunday, October 23… I will be riding alongside eight other fundraisers including Jockey Club North West employee, Molly Dingwall; Joint master of the Holderness Hunt, Charles Clarke; Bloodstock agent, David Redvers; Joint master of the Ludlow Hunt, Oliver Dale; Joint master of the Wynnstay hunt, Richard Tyacke; Horse & Hound hunting editor, Polly Portwin; Eventer and Showjumper, Tessa Dollar and Cheshire huntsman David O’Brien… (story)
Chester Chronicle 10.9.16 Malpas rider to take on Grand National winning jockey at Aintree - Hunt joint master Richard Tyacke to take on Ryan Mania for The Countryside Alliance Foundation - Wynnstay hunt joint master and huntsman Richard Tyacke, who lives in Malpas, will be taking on Grand National winner Ryan Mania at Aintree, on October 23 in a charity race in aid of The Countryside Alliance Foundation… Ryan last raced in November 2014 and is now huntsman and a joint-master of the Berwickshire hunt… (story)

Shooting Times 25.10.16 Rural groups take lead on new fox snaring code - Mark Layton - The rural sector has published a new code of practice for snaring foxes in England, with guidance on when and where to place devices and how to despatch animals humanely. Leading rural organisations last week launched a new code of practice on the use of snares for fox control in England. The newly published 12-page code is a collaboration between BASC, the Countryside Alliance, the Moorland Association, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO), the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the CLA, the Tenant Farmers Association and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), backed by DEFRA… (story)

Financial Times 25.10.16 MPs to probe plans for new emergency network - Nic Fildes, Telecoms Correspondent - MPs will probe plans to replace the UK’s dedicated emergency services network with a 4G service accessible to the public, after the National Audit Office called it “inherently high risk”….. Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said there was real risk of a lack of competition if the more details were not disclosed. “If we get an uncompetitive market, we would be concerned that people would pay more for a poor service,” she said…. (story)

Independent 25.10.16 Don't make this about Islam – there is no such thing as 'humane slaughter' in the meat industry - Jimmy Pierson - Halal slaughter has once again stirred emotion. A study questioning the humaneness of not routinely stunning animals before cutting their throats has elicited further moral outrage. But doesn’t reserving hysteria only for halal miss the point entirely in the context of the wider meat industry? It’s a distraction from the real issue: that we slaughter animals at all… Jimmy Pierson is the media manager and spokesperson for the Vegan Society (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 24.10.16 Hunters hound is held 'hostage' by angry landowner By Anita Merritt - A frustrated small holding owner near Tiverton has hit back at her land being infringed upon by huntsmen by capturing one their hounds. Every year Sue Pratt, from Rackensford, says she experience problems during the hunting season, but this year it has come early with an unwelcomed visit from Tiverton Foxhounds. Last Saturday, ahead of the start of the new season, Sue claims at around 4pm she saw at least 10 hounds bounding through her ground and into her yard… Sue recalled: "I managed to capture a hound as hostage. I confronted two huntsmen on the road who refused to give me their names… Tiverton Foxhounds huntsman Rory Ackerman confirmed they were near the small holding in Rackensford last Saturday trail hunting… "At one point a hound went on her drive and the owner ended up locking it in. As far as I can definitely say it was one hound. We are sorry he went in there but we were not doing anything wrong."… (story)

Farming UK 24.10.16 Rural organisations launch new code of practice on use of snares - The UK’s leading rural groups have launched their new code of practice on the use of snares for fox control in England. The 12-page code is a collaboration between numerous rural organisations, including the Countryside Alliance and the National Farmers Union. The code provides advice on snare design and snare deployment, in light of the latest research and technological developments…. (story)

The Sentinel 24.10.16 Big Issue: Is culling badgers really the answer to stopping spread of Bovine TB in Staffordshire? - By P_Cullinane - With Staffordshire suffering among the highest numbers of cows being killed because of Bovine TB, Philip Cullinane asks how the disease can be combated and whether a badger cull is really the solution… Robert Newberry, regional director for the National Farmers Union (NFU), said: "The rise in Bovine TB is a real problem for our farmers…. Sandra Dudley, treasurer of the Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group, said: "To us, culling badgers is completely wrong… (story)

Diss Express 24.10.16 Suffolk animal rights group holds first vigil at Eye meat suppliers - A recently-established Suffolk-based animal rights group has held its first vigil event outside C and K Meats in Eye this morning. More than 30 activists of Suffolk Animal Save were outside the entrance to the meat suppliers at the Mid Suffolk Business Park, with some travelling from as far as Devon and Coventry to attend… Organiser Tom Fenner, from Bury St Edmunds, said the group is peaceful and believes in total animal liberation. “We ask drivers to stop for three minutes, we will bear witness to the animals, give them a bit of compassion, a bit of love, speak to them, give them some water, and also capture their plight as well… (story)


The Journal 23.10.16 Protest against animal cruelty as only two people convicted of cruelty to animals so far this year - A PROTEST AGAINST animal cruelty took place in Cork city today after it was revealed that only two people have been convicted of cruelty to animals so far this year… The rally was organised by ARAN, Animal Rights Action Network, and aims to highlight the ongoing trade in puppy farms, hare coursing and animals in circuses. ARAN’s John Carmody said, “What will it take for government to have the backbone to stamp out Ireland’s most egregious abuses such as hare coursing, puppy farms, animal-act circuses and fox hunting…. (story)


Irish Examiner 22.10.16 Citizens’ assembly should protect hare - I note that the citizens’ assembly is to consider, and make recommendations on, a number of other issues, besides the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, including climate change and the needs of an aging population. As a long-time campaigner against blood sports, I would like to see the extremely cruel practice of live hare-coursing included for consideration… John Fitzgerald (Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports) Lower Coyne St Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)


Express 21.10.16 Female hunter 'stuffs DEAD HARE into her jacket after being confronted by campaigners' - A FEMALE hunter has been pictured stuffing an alleged bloody HARE CARCASS inside her jacket in what campaigners claim was a bid to hide from them. The woman, who was wearing a green hunting jacket and blood-smeared light trousers, is allegedly seen stashing the mammal's body in her clothing… A 24-year-old hunt saboteur from Norwich, who does not wish to be named, claimed the woman "panicked" when confronted with cameras, prompting her to stuff it in her clothing…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 21.10.16 Activists protest outside Manchester Airport in bid to stop greyhounds being flown to Pakistan BY ANDREW BARDSLEY - Dozens of activists protested at Manchester Airport in a bid to stop greyhounds from being flown to Pakistan… Around 30 members of the activist group Caged Nationwide staged a demonstration outside the Worldwide Flight Services depot on Thursday night to oppose the transportation…. Rita James, the founder of the group who was at the airport, said: “We got a tip off earlier about it and one of our members arrived at about 5.30pm… (story)

Ecologist 21.10.16 Wales demands 'objective evidence' before killing badgers. Whatever next? - Lesley Docksey - Wales has achieved enviable success in reducing bovine TB in its cattle herds without killing badgers, writes Lesley Docksey. The farming lobby is still demanding an England-style cull, but the Welsh government's 'refreshed' policy on bTB remains firmly science-based and no badgers will be killed without 'objective evidence' of infection…. (story)

Co-operative News 21.10.16 Fans rally behind burgled vegan co-op and raise over £1,000 - Popular workers co-op Black Cat Cafe was burgled before a busy Saturday, costing it thousands of pounds in damage and lost trade – only to see the losses covered by the vegan community… Sean O’Collaghan, a blogger known as Fat Gay Vegan, who set up the fundraising page, told Co-operative News: “As soon as I heard the news, my first response was how can our community help the cafe…. The eatery’s base was formerly home to the Pogo Café, also a vegan cafeteria, until it closed after eight years in 2013… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 21.10.16 Animals too are war victims - Tod Bradbury, Campaigns Team, Animal Aid - AS Remembrance Day approaches, it is important to remember that war is not just a human catastrophe. Millions of animals have also been killed and maimed in human conflicts… (story)

Hereford Times 21.10.16 Herefordshire Circus woe - I WAS sad to see that Jolly’s Circus had come to Kington. It’s hard to understand why anyone would get pleasure from watching wild animals performing in an unnatural environment… MAX BURGESS Moat Way Malvern (letter)


Shooting Times 20.10.16 Brian May criticises David Beckham for partridge shooting - Charlotte Peters - Last week countrysports fans were delighted to see photographs published of England footballing legend David Beckham enjoying some time out partridge shooting with his friend Guy Ritchie. However, Brian May tweeted his disappointment… (story)
Star on Sunday 16.10.16 'Stick to shooting balls!' Brian May blasts David Beckham over partridge hunt - QUEEN legend Brian May has blasted England football hero David Beckham for going on a `cruel' partridge hunt – saying he should have stuck to shooting balls. By Jerry Lawton - The guitarist turned animal welfare activist said it was 'so disappointing' to see Becks join his film director pal Guy Ritchie on the shoot last week…. (story)


Horse & Hound 19.10.16 Hunting community donates aid to Calais Jungle refugees - Sarah Radford - Hunting and rural communities have come together to donate a horsebox load of rucksacks and sleeping bags to refugees in the Calais’ “Jungle” camp… Following a successful track record with last winter’s Country Coats 2 Syria campaign, which resulted in thousands of warm jackets being donated to Syria, the current appeal was launched by the Beaufort Hunt and coordinated by Angela Meade, mother of H&H eventing columnist Harry… (story)

Express 19.10.16 Bill Oddie calls for new Brexit era for wildlife after winning Animal Advocate Award - BILL ODDIE has won a prestigious award for speaking out on behalf of animals and immediately blasted the Government over badger culling and fox hunting By STUART WINTER - The former Goodie and Springwatch presenter also says he wants Brexit Britain to deliver a new age for the way we treat animals… (story)

Shooting Times 19.10.16 Anti-shooting proposals would be “disaster” for the countryside - Mark Layton - Labour animal welfare activists have drawn up a series of proposals including numerous anti-shooting restrictions that rural groups have described as “silly” and “bizarre” - A new series of animal welfare proposals, commissioned and “welcomed” by the Labour Party, has called for the licensing of shooting estates, a four-fold rise in the price of shotgun certificates and an end to snare use… BASC chairman Peter Glenser described the report as “effectively an attack on shooting sports”… Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: “Labour’s ‘Comprehensive animal protection reform’ document is a piece of political posturing which has been thinly disguised as animal welfare policy… (story) 19.10.16 Make sure your voice is heard on grouse shooting, BASC says - BASC is urging its members to continue to lobby their MPs on the benefits of grouse shooting ahead of a parliamentary debate. The debate, on a League Against Cruel Sports-backed petition to ban grouse shooting, will take place on 31 October… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 19.10.16 Ex-USPCA chief in court on fraud charges - The former head of an animal charity has appeared in court charged with a series of fraud offences. Stephen Philpott, the ex-chief executive of the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA), stood in the dock of Newry Magistrates' Court in Co Down facing five criminal charges. The 53-year-old is accused of fraud by abuse of his position, specifically in regard to the receipt of rental income with the intention of making gain for himself or another or causing loss or risk of loss to the USPCA…. (story)
Third Sector 14.10.16 Former NI animal charity chief believed to be facing fraud charges by Rebecca Cooney - Stephen Philpott was sacked by the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in July and was arrested on 14 September - Stephen Philpott, the former chief executive of the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has been charged with fraud, Third Sector understands. Philpott, who was sacked for gross misconduct in July, is believed to be the 53-year-old man who police have confirmed was charged with two counts of fraud by abuse of position and conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation yesterday… (story)
Belfast Newsletter 13.10.16 Former head of USPCA Stephen Philpott charged with fraud offences -- The former head of an animal cruelty charity has been charged with a series of fraud offences. Stephen Philpott, the 53-year-old ex-chief executive of the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA), faces two counts of fraud by abuse of position and a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. He is also accused of possessing criminal property and concealing criminal property… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.9.16 Animal cruelty charity's former head released on bail in fraud probe - The former head of an animal cruelty charity who was arrested by detectives investigating alleged fraud within the organisation has been released on bail. Stephen Philpott, the 53-year-old ex-chief executive of the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA), was detained along with a 52-year-old woman in the Newry area of Co Down on Wednesday morning… (story)
Third Sector 4.7.16 USPCA chief executive Stephen Philpott sacked for gross misconduct - The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has dismissed its chief executive for gross misconduct, the charity has confirmed. Stephen Philpott was suspended in March this year after a review of corporate governance procedures at the charity… (story)
BBC News 3.7.16 Animal charity USPCA sacks high-profile chief Stephen Philpott over 'gross misconduct' - The head of a major Northern Ireland animal welfare charity has been sacked "on grounds of gross misconduct". The Ulster Society for Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) said the dismissal of its chief executive Stephen Philpott "related to aspects of his management of the charity". It said its decision came after an independent review of his management… (story)

Holsworthy Post 19.10.16 Anti badger cull protestors make their voices heard in Launceston and Bude - MEMBERS of Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull took to the street and beach last weekend, protesting in Launceston and Bude. They gathered outside Launceston Castle late morning on Saturday, October 8, with banners and placards, and later moved to a beach in Bude, spelling out their message in rocks…. In Launceston, member of Cornwall Against the Badger Cull, Jacqui Rukin, said outside the Castle they received support from passing motorists… (story)

Tivy-side Advertiser 19.10.16 Test-and-cull badger plan to combat bovine TB: Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion to fall in high risk area - A ‘REFRESHED’ approach to the problem of bovine TB by the Welsh Government has ruled out a widespread cull but is prepared to target badgers found to be diseased. And the strategy received a cautious welcome from farming unions but fell short of the full cull farmers in Pembrokeshire have been calling for… (story)
Daily Post 19.10.16 Targeted badger culls could be introduced in Wales BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Countryside to be split into five risk zones as Welsh Government aims 'refresh' its bovine tuberculosis strategy - Targeted badgers culls are being considered as the Welsh Government ramps up its bovine TB eradication programme in Wales. Rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths has ruled out any repeat of the “England-style” culls with farmers free shooting infected and healthy badgers themselves. Instead, if culls do take place, badgers are likely to be cage-trapped and humanely killed if found to be infected, she said… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 18.10.16 Why zoos are simply prisons for animals - I REFER to the recent letter submitted by Richard Spencer (WriteBack, October 13), regarding the confinement of zoo animals, and am not sure as to whether his comments were intended to be taken seriously…. Freedom is what matters to all animals - including ourselves. Be in no doubt that zoo animals are, in fact, in jail with no prospect of release… JC WILSON Newcastle, Co Down (letter)


Irish Examiner 17.10.16 Gorillas just shouldn’t be kept in zoos - We feel awful for Kumbuka the gorilla, who — like any living being — longs to be free, but we’re grateful that unlike an American zoo which recently shot a gorilla dead, rightly incurring widespread public outrage, London Zoo acted in a humane manner… It’s time the public stopped paying to see miserable animals in captivity and instead worked on solutions to help them thrive in their natural environments. Jennifer White All Saints St London (letter)


Mail 16.10.16 Why IS the BBC giving a convicted criminal airtime? Badger cull activist is invited on to BBC One and Radio 4 twice in 48 hours 'to encourage others to engage in illegal protests' By ALEXANDER ROBERTSON FOR MAILONLINE - The BBC has been criticised for giving a convicted cull activist a 'platform' to encourage other to engage in illegal activity, an environmental group has claimed. The Countryside Alliance has made a formal complaint to the Corporation for featuring Jay Tiernan in two separate programmes in the space of a week… The Countryside Alliance complained to the BBC after Mr Tiernan was shown using night-vision to search for marksmen shooting badgers, before using torches to alert the shooter to his presence… (story)
Telegraph 15.10.16 Row after anti-badger cull militant given BBC air time - Laura Hughes - He has become the face of the militant campaign to stop the badger the cull and his attempts at sabotage have left him with a criminal record for intimidating and harassing farmers. But despite the fact that Jay Tiernan vows to continue his “direct action”, the BBC has gave him air time twice in one week after the Government approved extension of the cull to seven new areas in England. The Countryside Alliance have made a formal complaint to the corporation after Mr Tierman was featured in a short documentary on Inside Out South West on October 3, and again on October 5 on Radio 4 Farming Today… (story)

Express 16.10.16 'It's cruel' Countryfile viewers riled after farmer defends caging chickens for eggs - COUNTRYFILE caused a stir on social media this evening after it featured a segment about how to farm chicken eggs. By CLAIRE CORKERY - By 2025, several UK supermarkets have committed to ending the sale of "caged" chicken eggs in favour of stocking free-range instead. "Enriched" cages replaced traditional battery cages after they were banned in 2012. The enriched cages are more spacious than the battery cages but animal welfare groups are still unhappy that they exist. Presenter Tom Heap spoke to a farmer, named Duncan, who spent £3.5million converting his cages from battery to enriched in 2009… (story)


Western Morning News 15.10.16 Badger cull shooter reveals 'dark arts' used to beat antis - The badger cull in Somerset is all but over after four years. In this exclusive report, a member of the cull team gives a unique insight into what went on. He asked to remain anonymous…. (story)

Hereford Times 15.10.16 Slurry threat - REGARDING the badger cull – we are constantly told about increased farm biosecurity measures to prevent bovine TB. Recent studies show that cattle slurry can be a major vector for the disease…IAN MCCULLOCH Hon secretary, Golden Valley Fish and Wildlife Association Peterchurch
Eastham MP is wrong - I WRITE in response to the prominent article in the Hereford Times of September 15 – “Badger Cull Backed by MP”. I am afraid that your wide readership will be misled by Mr Wiggin’s comments… The Conservative government has chosen the expensive blunt tool of culling to pacify the frustrated farmers who are losing some of their cattle to bTB. Perhaps if they had their time over again they would choose another route… LES HARDY Leominster (letters)


Western Morning News 14.10.16 Huntsman cleared of ramming protester has personal details leaked online By WMNAGreenwood - A huntsman acquitted of deliberately ramming a protester has contacted police claiming his personal details have been leaked online. Farmer Peter Doggrell, 47, collided with saboteur Nicola Rawson, 45, as she tried to disrupt a hunting event in 2014… But a jury found Mr Doggrell of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt not guilty after a three-day trial at Taunton Crown Court. And following the acquittal, Mr Doggrell and his family were "subject to a campaign of harassment and abuse', say a pro-hunting group… (story)
Somerset Live 13.10.16 Countryside Alliance welcomes threat to prosecute those who spread contact details online By OliverHulme - An online leak of information about a Somerset huntsman cleared of causing grievous bodily harm to a saboteur has been reported to police, a pro hunt group has claimed. The Countryside Alliance has welcomed an announcement by the Director of Public Prosecutions that people who spread private details could now be prosecuted. It claims the leaking of Mark Doggrell's address and his wife's phone number online has been reported to police which are investigating… On Monday, the Director of Public Prosecutions published new guidelines aimed at tackling online abuse, harassment and intimidation on social media. The new social media guidelines for prosecutors say that those who encourage others to participate in online harassment campaigns - known as "virtual mobbing" - can face charges of encouraging an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007… (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 14.10.16 Cottesmore Hunt’s Boxing Day meet to be held in Rutland County Council car park again - Cottesmore Hunt looks likely to be held at Rutland County Council’s car park again this Boxing Day despite objections from an animal rights group. The decades-old tradition looked to be in jeopardy last Christmas when Oakham Town Council refused the hunt’s request to hold the meet in the usual location of Cutts Close. But Rutland County Council stepped into offer its car park to allow the hunt to continue raising money for good causes… This year, the future looked to be in doubt again after the Leicester Animal Rights group campaigned for Rutland County Council not to host the hunt again…. But this week, the council confirmed the hunt would go ahead again this year…. (story)

Walsall Advertiser 14.10.16 Walsall man found guilty of fox hunting By Nick Reid - A MAN who set his two Jack Russell dogs onto a fox has been disqualified from keeping dogs for 12 months after he was found guilty of fox hunting and causing unnecessary suffering to his dogs. Stephen Parkes 35, of Stag Hill Road, Walsall, was convicted today on Thursday, October 13, of hunting a fox with the two dogs…. Councillor Christopher Jones, ward member for Birchills Leamore on Walsall Council, spoke to the Advertiser about the case and praised the court for its actions in this case…. "Fox hunting is against the law in this country and this person has been rightly punished for what he has done. It is not something I would ever like to see reintroduced in this country as cruelty to any animal or animals is just wrong…. (story)
BT 13.10.16 Man who set two dogs on a fox fined after being found guilty of animal cruelty - A man who set two dogs on a fox has been fined £210 after being found guilty of animal cruelty. Stephen Parkes, 35, was also banned from keeping dogs for a year and ordered to pay £270 in costs after being convicted of fox-hunting following a trial at Birmingham Magistrates' Court, the RSPCA said. The two-day hearing was told Parkes, of Bloxwich Road, Walsall, was charged after police found a group of men and two dead foxes on waste ground last November… (story)

Shooting Times 14.10.16 Now Packham sets sights on woodcock Mark Layton - BBC presenter Chris Packham is misleading the public and threatening the future of woodcock conservation in the UK with his latest attack on shooting, BASC has warned. The Springwatch presenter has accused those who shoot of pushing woodcock on to the red list of endangered species, implying that 17 per cent of shot birds are native to the UK. However, research by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) shows that resident woodcock make up just two per cent of the UK bag… (story)

ITV 14.10.16 Protesters campaign against the badger cull - As the badger cull in the South West draws to a close, protesters have been staging a demonstration outside Natural England's offices in Exeter. They blame Natural England for issuing licences for the cull and overseeing it - and claim that it is not proven to stop the spread of TB… Jenny Pike from Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull says she is just an ordinary person who cares about wildlife and believes the Natural England's reasoning is wrong… (story)

Birmingham Mail 14.10.16 Stolen pets used as 'training bait' for sick dog fights BY NICK MCCARTHY - Pet dogs and cats are being stolen to provide 'bait' for animals training for illegal dogfights. Shocking evidence of the practice was revealed by the League Against Cruel Sports as it seeks to bring those responsible for the sick contests to justice. Birmingham has been shamed as a dog-fighting hotspot - and now £5,000 rewards are on offer for those with information about the culprits…. (story)

Ardrossan Herald 14.10.16 Save Movement Scotland group protest at Ardrossan abattoir - Rebecca Garrett - ANIMAL rights protesters staged a vigil at an Ardrossan abattoir on Tuesday, October 11. Supporters of Save Movement Scotland came from North Ayrshire and Glasgow to witness the trucks of pigs going to slaughter at John Robertson and Sons Ham Curers… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 14.10.16 Animal rights groups furious as stag shot dead by Northern Ireland police - Animal rights activists have condemned the PSNI's killing of a stag on the loose in Newry. Police said the animal posed a risk to the public and that shooting it was the safest option. But campaigners said that other solutions should have been sought to pacify the animal. Isabel Hutchinson, director of Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights group, insisted: "It is tragic this animal was killed because of his reaction to a situation that must have been terrifying to him… (story)


Evening Standard 13.10.16 'People at risk' after fox is snared by illegal trap in east London - BEN MORGAN - Pet owners were today warned to be vigilant after a fox was caught in a horrific illegal trap. The RSPCA rescued the fox which was “thrashing around in pain” on a building site in the latest of a series of incidents in the capital involving traps. Animal welfare officer Susan Naish found the distressed animal near the entrance to the Old British Bath works in Leven Road, Poplar, with its leg trapped in the jaws of a “gin trap”… (story)

Hereford Times 13.10.16 Slurry threat - REGARDING the badger cull – we are constantly told about increased farm biosecurity measures to prevent bovine TB. Recent studies show that cattle slurry can be a major vector for the disease. How is it then, that anaerobic digester operators appear to be importing farm slurry and waste from multiple holdings, mixing it in the anaerobic digester plant, and then sending the cocktail out again as a product to be spread far and wide across Herefordshire farmland?... This seems like utter madness at a time when the county’s badgers are being systematically shot, and underlines the complete lack of science behind this cull… IAN MCCULLOCH Hon secretary, Golden Valley Fish and Wildlife Association Peterchurch (letter)

Hereford Times 13.10.16 Eastham MP is wrong - I WRITE in response to the prominent article in the Hereford Times of September 15 – “Badger Cull Backed by MP”…. The Conservative government has chosen the expensive blunt tool of culling to pacify the frustrated farmers who are losing some of their cattle to bTB. Perhaps if they had their time over again they would choose another route. I suggest that if all the money and effort had been put into a national vaccination programme for both cattle and badgers then we would be moving in the right direction to reduce and hopefully eradicate bTB… LES HARDY Leominster (letter)

Harwich & Manningtree Standard 12.10.16 PICTURES: When Brightlingsea went to war over live animal exports - IN 1995, Brightlingsea was thrust into the national spotlight in a row over live animal exports. The town became the scene of continuous clashes between animal rights campaigners and police when exporters wanted to use Brightlingsea port to ferry live sheep and calves to Europe… Pictures captured by the then Evening Gazette show protestors weeping at a 'funeral' for the animals, waving banners, shouting at passing lorry drivers and physically clashing with police, who were in full riot gear… (story)

Tamworth 12.10.16 Police investigate alleged attack by Atherstone Hunt member on saboteur - POLICE are investigating an alleged assault after a member of a fox hunt was caught on camera appearing to attack a demonstrator. Footage released by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs appears to show an altercation between a member of Atherstone Hunt and a protester carrying a video camera… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 6.10.16 Scuffle between whip wielding fox hunter and protester caught on camera BY SIMON GILBERT - Police are investigating after a video emerged which appears to show a scuffle between a whip-wielding member of a fox hunt and an anti-hunt demonstrator. Footage has been released by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs which appears to show an altercation between a member of Atherstone Hunt and a protester carrying a video camera… (story)
Mirror 6.10.16 Fox hunter filmed 'brawling with protester after ignoring warning to call hounds off live animal' BY SIMON GILBERT - Police are investigating a video which appears to show a whip-wielding fox hunterand a demonstrator brawling on a country lane…. (story)
Mail 6.10.16 Caught on camera, the shocking moment a furious whip-wielding huntsman confronts demonstrator who was trying to warn him about a fox ahead By ALEX MATTHEWS FOR MAILONLINE - A huntsman armed with a whip charges on horseback at a demonstrator when he tries to disrupt their search for a fox in a dramatic video. A protester from the anti-hunt group West Midlands Saboteurs scuffles with a member of Atherstone Hunt during the clip captured in rural Sheepy Parva, Leicestershire. The altercation was filmed by another hunt saboteur and the footage is now being investigated by police, after an alleged assault was reported… (story)
Hinckley Times 6.10.16 Police to investigate tussle between huntsman and protester in Sheepy Parva BY SIMON GILBERT - A video which shows a struggle between a whip-wielding member of a fox hunt and an anti-hunt demonstrator is to be investigated by Leicestershire Police. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs has released to footage which appears to show an altercation between a protester carrying a video camera and a member of Atherstone Hunt shot in Sheepy Parva earlier this week… (story)
Leicester Mercury 6.10.16 Police investigate alleged attack by hunt member on saboteur By Ciaranfagan - Police are investigating an allegation that a member of a fox hunt assaulted a campaigner who was filming him and his colleagues. The incident, footage of which was released online this week, appears to show the rider with the Atherstone Hunt confront a member of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs… (story)
Sun 6.10.16 'TAKE HIS F***ING CAMERA' - Shocking moment fox hunter ‘attacks a demonstrator while wielding a whip’ BY CARL STROUD - THIS is the shocking moment a member of a fox hunt appears to attack a demonstrator while wielding a whip… (story)

BBC News 12.10.16 Dead deer left on the doorstep of badger campaigner - A woman campaigning against the badger cull in England says she has been the victim of harassment, including having a dead deer left on her doorstep. Lorna Aucott allows her house in north Devon to be used as a base for people who want to legally monitor the cull. Since the cull started, she says that firecrackers have been set off on her property and that her husband has been threatened by marksmen… (story)


Yorkshire Post 11.10.16 Life as a North Yorkshire gamekeeper is just the ticket for David - CHRIS BERRY - Conservation has become one of the countryside’s buzzwords in recent decades and David Gay firmly believes his profession is at the forefront in one of the key areas, ensuring the maintenance of wildlife. David is gamekeeper for the Carlton Towers Estate that specialises in wild partridge on parkland between Selby and Goole…. (story)

Worcester News 11.10.16 Animal group thanks Malvern people for their generosity - Robert Hale - ANIMAL protection campaigners raised £149 for Animal Defenders International at a street collection in Malvern on Saturday. Members of Worcester Vegans and Veggies wore animal costumes and distributed leaflets as they collected for ADI… (story)

Express 11.10.16 Topless models walk the streets half-naked in broad daylight to protest British wool trade - TOPLESS models have protested over the wool industry's treatment of sheep by parading through the streets in broad daylight covered in ‘blood’. By ZOIE O'BRIEN - The ‘bruised and bloody’ women shocked guests at Wool Week’s opening event where they stood against what they believe is the cruelty of the wool trade. The nearly nude PETA models were painted to look bruised, beaten, and bloody while one covered her breasts with a dead “lamb” and the other two brandished placards that read “Sheep Kicked and Beaten for Wool” and “The Naked Truth: Wool Hurts”… (story)


Guardian 10.10.16 Why has Andrea Leadsom gone so quiet on foxhunting? - Patrick Barkham - The environment secretary’s silence on hunting at the Conservative conference reflects a party waking up to the fact that the public cares about animal welfare… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 10.10.16 Badger cull protestors hold memorial service in Totnes for victims By HECAbbott - THE outlines of around 1,000 badger bodies were chalked on the streets of Totnes on Sunday before a public memorial service for victims of the South Hams badger cull. Protestors against the cull – which is being trialled as a way to reduce badger numbers with the aim of controlling the spread of bovine tuberculosis – met at Market Square for a silent procession to the Rotherfold, where a remembrance ceremony took place at noon. Peter Martin, chairman of the Badger Trust, was among the attendees… (story)

Echo 10.10.16 Countryfile's TB segment gets people talking about badger cull - Countryfile was hit with a backlash on Twitter following its segment on TB in cattle… (story)


Scotsman 9.10.16 Animal rights activists demand ban on ‘cruel’ snares TOM PETERKIN - Scottish wildcats, mountain hares, badgers, hedgehogs, deer, otters and even pets are dying agonisingly in snares, according to a report to be launched this week at the SNP conference… . Titled “Cruel and Indiscriminate: Why Scotland must become snare free”, the study has been commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports and the animal welfare charity OneKind… (story)
Scotsman 9.10.16 Leader: Ban snares to end barbaric cruelty to animals - The ban on the hunting of foxes by hounds introduced by the Scottish Parliament in 2002 was a controversial but wise piece of legislation. Supporters of hunting were certainly correct to argue that the pastime was one of long-standing tradition, but it was also utterly barbaric. Of course, the fox is a pest that must be dealt with, but there are humane ways of keeping the population down… (story)


Irish Independent 8.10.16 Vegetarianism better all round - Further to the recent commentary on meat consumption and climate change, I am reminded of the words that Albert Einstein is reported to have said: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."… Rob Sadlier, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 (letter)


Coventry Telegraph 7.10.16 Second investigation into Atherstone Hunt dropped through 'lack of evidence' BY SIMON GILBERT - Second police force closes case involving allegation that a fox was illegally killed despite video showing dead fox carried in hound's jaws - A second police force has dropped an investigation into the Atherstone Hunt over an allegation that a fox was illegally killed, citing a “lack of evidence”… (story)
Leicester Mercury 28.1.16 Police investigate after hunt saboteurs grab a "killed" fox By Tom_Mack - Hunt saboteurs grabbed a fox that they claim was killed illegally by members of the Atherstone Hunt. The alleged incident took place in Osbaston, near Market Bosworth, on Tuesday morning. Members of the West Midland Hunt Saboteurs were filming the Atherstone Hunt, as they usually do… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 28.1.16 'What pleasure can be had from such cruelty?' Reaction to gruesome Atherstone Hunt footage BY JAMES RODGER - Readers have their say after video of mutilated fox being carried in hound's jaws emerges - Readers have reacted after gruesome video footage of a mutilated fox being carried in a hound’s jaws during a fox hunt emerged yesterday. They took to our social media channels to have their say after officers were called to the scene during a meeting of Atherstone Hunt on Tuesday... (story)
Mirror 27.1.16 Gruesome footage shows mutilated fox in hound’s jaws during hunt as police probe 'illegal killing' BY SIMON GILBERT - Gruesome video footage of a mutilated fox being carried in a hound’s jaws during a fox hunt has emerged. Police are investigating after they were called to reports of a fox being killed illegally during a meeting of Atherstone Hunt on Tuesday. Officers were called to the scene by members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs Group who filmed the scene. The clip show the lifeless body of the animal being carried in the teeth of one of the hounds…. (story)

Sunderland Echo 7.10.16 Try game meat - October 1 was the first day of the pheasant shooting season. As the season gets underway, there will be plenty of affordable, locally-sourced and delicious game meat available. The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), works all year round to encourage people to try game meat… Debbie Collins, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wrexham (story)

Middlesbrough Gazette 7.10.16 Christian preacher claims he was sent death threats over hunting picture BY IAN JOHNSON - A Christian preacher claims he was sent death threats after posting a picture of himself on Instagram clutching a rifle over the body of an animal he killed. Boro fan Rikki Doolan said he was surprised by the reaction from animal lovers, with one telling the pastor: “Hope God forgives you...I won’t.”… The public pic split opinion online, with Brits slamming the “horrendous” image. However, South African friends universally came to his support, claiming hunting was a way of life there… >(story)
Sun 7.10.16 'BEAUTIFUL ON THE BBQ' BY BRITTANY VONOW - A BRITISH Christian preacher who hunted down and shot an antelope before sharing a photograph of the animal saying it was “beautiful on the BBQ” has been slammed online. Pastor Rikki Doolan shot the creature while on a business trip in South Africa, with his post triggering thousands of angry responses from people disgusted with his lack of regard for the creature… (story)
Mirror 7.10.16 Game-hunting Christian preacher 'sent death threats' after posing next to gazelle he shot dead BY IAN JOHNSON - A Christian preacher who posted a picture to Facebook of himself clutching a rifle over the body of an animal he killed claims to have received death threats. Rikki Doolan said he was surprised by the reaction from animal lovers, with one telling the pastor: “Hope God forgives you... I won’t.”… It’s thought the shot beast was an Eland, a member of the antelope family, which can grow to weigh 2,000lbs. (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 7.10.16 Arrests made as part of a police operation in response to the badger cull - ARRESTS have been made as part of a police operation in response to the badger cull. Several arrests were made in the past week as part of the joint operation between Gloucestershire and West Mercia Police in response to the DEFRA-managed badger cull. On Tuesday, October 4, a 56-year-old man from Cheltenham was arrested on suspicion of assault and dangerous driving… Meanwhile a 46-year-old woman from Sheffield was arrested late on Tuesday, October 4, on suspicion of assisting an offender following an assault last Tuesday, September 27... Finally, two women have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage to badger traps…. (story)
Gloucestershire Live 7.10.16 Arrests made as tensions flare during badger cull By Jenni Phillips - Police have made several arrests in the past week as part of the joint operation between Gloucestershire and West Mercia Police in response to the DEFRA-managed badger cull… (story)

Camden New Journal 7.10.16 Animal rights protesters picket circus over acrobatic cats show By TOM FOOT -A CIRCUS spectacular set up on Hampstead Heath faced protests for using cats and budgerigars to entertain the crowds. Police were called to East Heath Road as animal rights protesters held up placards as people arrived and left the big tent at Zippos Circus on Friday… Maggie Harvey, who lives in Tufnell Park, said: “I would never visit a circus personally. However, my daughter has come back from Hampstead Heath with her small children. She is in shock and traumatised with the experience.” One of the protesters, Edward Winters, said: “During our five-day protest we received overwhelming support from the public… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 7.10.16 Vegetarian diet saves humans and animals - The rumblings of yet another British meat scandal should be of little surprise (News, October 4). Keeping thousands of animals crammed in sheds amid mountains of waste creates a perfect breeding ground for new, ever-mutating strains of potentially lethal bacteria and viruses… OLIVIA JORDAN Peta UK (letter)


Irish Examiner 6.10.16 Animal abuse a serious, moral issue - John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 5.10.16 We must do more to combat the scourge of animal abuse and allow them to live without interference - Animal abuse is a serious social and moral issue. Every day brings reports of animal abuse the length and breadth of this country…. It might take a generation to recognise that the non-human members of our society have the right to live their lives without interference from humans and that those rights must be accepted, protected and defended…. JOHN TIERNEY Association of Hunt Saboteurs (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.10.16 Are you happy with your broadband? By Jamie Hawkins - Over half of the South West are not satisfied with their broadband. New research by ComRes reveals that half of people in the region think broadband should be the Government's top infrastructure priority and more than two in five fear the UK's broadband can't cope with the needs of the future… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: "Far from being a secondary issue investing in rural broadband should be central to the Government's vision for rural Britain… (story)

Hemel Hempstead Gazette 6.10.16 Chicken vigil outside abattoir - Animal protection activists protested outside an abattoir to show their opposition to the ‘exploitation’ of animals. The four-and-a-half-hour vigil by Hertfordshire Chicken Save took place outside Imran Halal on Thursday, and brought together supporters from across the UK. Group founder Mary Nesbitt-Larking said the event was a success, and may have saved numerous animals… (story)

Hereford Times 6.10.16 Online poll: Would you attend circus which has wild animals as part of its act? - The owner of a controversial circus recently pitched up near Kington has urged the public to ignore boycott calls. Would you attend a circus which has animals as part of its act?... (story)


Huddersfield Daily Examiner 5.10.16 Three hunt followers in court after violence at Boxing Day hunt BY MARTIN SHAW - Three hunt followers have been given community orders after a Boxing Day fracas with hunt saboteurs… Danny O’Brien, Robert Walker and Gareth Nicholson were among those attending to support the hunt when a van containing the anti-hunt protesters turned up, Leeds Crown Court heard… Sentencing the trio for affray Recorder Richard Wright QC said… : “I am satisfied none of you were there that day for the purpose of trouble but were all there to participate in a countryside pursuit you all enjoyed and feel very passionate about and I am quite sure that contributed to tempers over-flowing and all of you losing control.”… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.11.15 Five charged with affray after Boxing Day attack on Colne Valley hunt protesters BY CHLOE GLOVER - Two men are still wanted for questioning over the incident which hunt saboteurs say they captured on film - Five men have been charged following a Boxing Day hunt attack. They have been accused of affray during an attempted hunt meet by the Colne Valley Beagles at the Jack O’Mitre pub in Scammonden last December, which was attended by hunt protesters…. The protesters were all believed to be from a local wing of the national organisation Hunt Saboteurs and had gathered to monitor the club’s rabbit and trail hunt… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 30.7.15 Look: Can you identify four suspects wanted for interview following Boxing Day fox hunt protestor assault at Jack O'Mitre pub in Scammonden? BY CHLOE GLOVER - Pictures have been released of suspects wanted over an alleged attack at a Boxing Day hunt. Four men are still wanted for questioning in relation to the 2014 incident that occurred during a Colne Valley Beagles hunt meet at the Jack O’ Mitre pub at Scammonden… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 31.12.14 Colne Valley Boxing Day hunt called off after Hunt Saboteurs allege attack on two of their members outside Scammonden pub - A police investigation has begun into an alleged attack at a Boxing Day hunt. The Colne Valley Beagles had to abandon their planned event at the Jack O’Mitre pub in Scammonden, after Hunt Saboteurs protesters reported that two of their group had been set upon…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 5.10.16 Andrea Leadsom: Why the rural economy matters - BUILDING resilience is key to the success of the rural economy – and nowhere more so than in protecting our communities from the impacts of increasingly extreme weather… The rural economy generates over £100bn a year and employs one in eight of us. It is, in fact, our biggest manufacturing sector, bigger than the car and aerospace industries combined…. Andrea Leadsom is the Environment Secretary. This is an edited version of her Tory conference speech. (story)
Western Morning News 4.10.16 BBC 'squeamish' about nature, claim rural campaigners By WMNKLangston - MPs and rural campaigners have accused the BBC of "underserving" the countryside and being "squeamish" about nature, as they urge the broadcaster to better represent rural communities. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative party conference, Country Life editor Mark Hedges attacked the organisation's "disneyfication" of rural life and its failure to represent diverse views on issues like badger culling… (story)
Western Morning News 4.10.16 Time to focus on farming, not hunting, say Conservative animal welfare campaigners By WMNKLangston - Conservative animal welfare campaigners are urging ministers to move on from the "toxic" debate around fox hunting, as they call on the Government to focus its efforts on the agricultural industry. Tory campaign figurehead Lorraine Platt said it is "disappointing" that hunting has made it back on the political agenda, when it generates so much "negative energy"… (story)
International Business Times 3.10.16 Watch Sir Ranulph Fiennes urge Tories to drop vote on 'brutal' fox hunting By Ian Silvera - Polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes urged the Conservatives to drop their general election manifesto pledge to hold a free vote among MPs on repealing the 2004 fox hunting ban, as he addressed a fringe meeting at the party's conference in Birmingham last night (2 October). Fiennes also denied he had been a supporter of the blood sport in the past, despite marching on the Countryside Alliance's Liberty and Livelihood rally in 2002. Instead, the explorer said he was a supporter of countryside "freedoms"…. (story)
Sunday Express 2.10.16 Ranulph Fiennes changes mind on hunting after dying fox breaks his heart - HE marched against the hunting ban but Sir Ranulph Fiennes has dramatically changed his mind about the blood sport after encountering a hounded fox that took six days to die. By CAMILLA TOMINEY - The polar explorer will today call on Theresa May to drop any attempts to repeal the Hunting Act after switching sides from the pro-hunting lobby to supporting the League Against Cruel Sports. He will give a speech at a ¬Conservative Party Conference fringe event in Birmingham tonight explaining why his views have changed so drastically on what he now considers to be a tradition of “brutal and insupportable self-indulgence”… Sir Ranulph… will reveal how he tried to save an “injured and clearly distressed” fox that limped on to his farm in Cheshire… The Cheshire Hunt chased that fox before our eyes and she took six days to die…. (story)
Independent 2.10.16 Sir Ranulph Fiennes decides hunting is wrong after trying to save dying fox - Previously pro-hunting polar explorer tells Tory conference that fox-hunting is a 'brutal and insupportable self-indulgence' after trying to save a fox injured during hunt - Sir Ranulph Fiennes is to demand that Government ministers drop their attempts to repeal the ban on fox hunting, after an injured animal forced him to reverse his opinion on the subject… (story)

Irish Examiner 5.10.16 It’s time to give vegetarianism a go - Jennifer White Society Building All Saints St London N1 9RL (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 3.10.16 Bin meat for the good of you, animals and planet - More and more people are realising that they can save animals, improve their health and combat climate change - simply by ditching meat…. JENNIFER WHITE By email (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 5.10.16 Letter to the Editor: Please, help us save beloved migratory birds - MANY migratory birds are at risk of extinction due to loss of natural habitat along their flight paths… , many birds migrating to Europe and Britain face the unsustainable killing of their numbers by shooting, glue sticks (glue applied to branches) at roosting sites and mesh netting… Please write to your MP and MEPs to save these birds from further persecution… MIKE FRY Moorland Crescent, Upton, Poole (letter)


Glasgow Evening Times 4.10.16 Outright ban on tail docking for dogs to come to an end - Scotland's outright ban on tail docking for dogs it to be ended, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced. Ministers are to create exemptions which will allow vets to shorten the tails of spaniels and hunt point retrievers when they are puppies, with legislation expected to be brought before Holyrood early next year… (story)
Scotsman 4.10.16 Scotland’s ban on tail docking of dogs lifted - Scotland’s outright ban on tail docking for dogs it to be ended, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced…. (story)
The Herald 4.10.16 Outright ban on tail docking for dogs to come to an end - Scotland's outright ban on tail docking for dogs it to be ended, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced… (story)
STV 4.10.16 Controversial tail docking ban could be lifted for working dogs - Catriona MacPhee - The Scottish Government is seeking views on whether or not some exemptions to the ban on docking dogs' tails should be allowed. Scotland outlawed the practice completely in 2007, although exemptions exist in other parts of the UK. The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a possible alteration to the rules, which could allow vets to dock the tails of working spaniel and hunt point retriever (HPR) puppies by up to a third of their length to reduce the risk of them being more seriously injured later in life…. (story)

Sun 4.10.16 WERE THEY RACE-COURSE REJECTS? BY FELIX ALLEN - THE mummified remains of dozens of dead puppies surrounded by shotgun cartridges have been found at a derelict RAF base. Shocking images show more 20 of young greyhounds and whippets piled up in a disused building at the former RAF Sturgate near Gainsborough, Lincs… Michelle Page, who runs Page’s Pet Rescue, was contacted after a member of the public found the dogs piled on top of each other in a corner in the derelict building… (story)

Dorset Echo 4.10.16 "It's disgraceful and despicable what we do to the species living alongside us": Bill Oddie steps out in support of Wounded Badger Patrol in Bridport - EFFORTS by activists against the badger cull in west Dorset have captured the attention of one of the country’s most loved conservationists and wildlife presenters. Bill Oddie joined a badger patrol team ahead of National Badger Day on Thursday – an initiative to raise awareness of badger protection issues and spread information…. Claire Bass, UK director of Humane Society International (HSI) travelled from London to join the badger patrol…. (story)

STV 4.10.16 Use of wild animals in travelling circuses to be banned - Neil Pooran - A ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses is among a series of new animal welfare measures confirmed by the Scottish Government… (story)

Irish Examiner 4.10.16 Why we should become vegan - Nuala Donlon Lanesborough Co Longford (letter)

Irish Independent 2.10.16 Issues in meat-eating - Mary Robinson's recent comments on the connection between a meat-based diet and global warming state the blindingly obvious… But perhaps the most compelling argument of all for eliminating rotting flesh from our diet is that doing so would put an end to the immense suffering endured by the billions of animals reared and slaughtered every year to satisfy the taste buds of people in the affluent west. Nuala Donlon Lanesborough Co Longford (letter)


Irish Independent 2.10.16 Highlighting the suffering of hares - Fiona O'Connell's depiction ('Time stands still as minority enjoy savage season', Sunday Independent, September 25) of the fate that awaits thousands of Irish hares, once the coursing season starts, gives rise once again to the definition of this savage pursuit as so-called sport…. Sean Kiely Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 (letter)

Farming Life 2.10.16 FEB and Wildlife Liaison at Montalto with CAI - Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) was delighted to host representatives of PSNI Firearms and Explosives Branch and the Wildlife Liaison Officer on our stand at the Ballynahinch Game and Harvest Festival at Montalto last weekend. Michaela Fox and Emma Newell from FEB were on hand to offer advice on all firearms related topics and they were kept busy with a steady stream of enquiries… (story)

BBC News Online 2.10.16 The people risking arrest to stop the badger cull By Patrick Clahane - Last month the government approved the culling of badgers in seven new areas of England. BBC News spoke to two people from the legal - and illegal - sides of the campaign to stop it. Dressed in camouflage, Jay Tiernan scans the Cornish countryside with night-vision kit, searching for "sharp shooters" killing badgers… Meanwhile, armed with a flask, some cake and a torch, health worker Jenny Pike is fighting the cull on the right side of the law. She is part of a growing number of badger patrol groups that have sprung up since the cull began… (story)


Bolton News 1.10.16 MP pressured on fox hunting - Liam Thorp - BOLTON Conservative MP Chris Green says he is open minded about fox hunting — but a survey has found the majority of his constituents are against repealing a ban on the blood sport. Data from an Ipsos Mori poll commissioned by animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports found that 85 per cent of Bolton West residents surveyed do not want a return to fox hunting… (story)

Irish Examiner 1.10.16 Hare-coursing fans are the real animals - The coursing season is starting soon and the animals are thirsty for the kill. So, too, are the greyhounds. The docile creature known affectionately as the Irish hare is the running target for the savage bloodletters… Holly Barrett Waters Place Mallow Cork (letter)