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Telegraph 23.12.96 Hunt ban vote may be shelved if Labour wins next election By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - LABOUR is considering postponing a vote on the abolition of fox hunting, deer hunting and coursing for at least two years while a panel of experts decides whether they should be banned... (story)
Telegraph 23.12.96 Hunt ban scent goes cold By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - LABOUR moves to postpone a vote on the abolition of hunting come as anti-hunt bodies, from saboteurs to lobbying groups, maintain that this Boxing Day's meets could be the last...
A whipper-in and a hunt saboteur were arrested after two people were injured in a clash between the Surrey Union hunt and saboteurs at the weekend. The saboteur was arrested after allegedly causing a horse to topple on top of Mark Strake, the joint master, who was taken to hospital. The whipper-in was arrested after allegedly hitting a saboteur who was trying to force his horse thorough a barbed wire fence... (story)

Telegraph 27.9.96 Moorland hunt to disband as duke reclaims his territory By Paul Stokes - A FOXHUNT is to be disbanded after 75 years so the 12th Duke of Northumberland can preserve his family's traditional hunt. Members of the Milvain Hunt have been "devastated" by the decision to withdraw the use of 170 square miles of rough terrain in Northumbria. The land is needed by the Duke's own Percy Hunt, with origins in the mid-19th century, which is under threat from roads and railways... quote from Ben Pontin, a hunt saboteur (story)

Telegraph 2.9.96 Row delays £1.5m RSPCA complex By Hugh Muir - AN RSPCA project to build Britain's biggest animal welfare complex using public donations of £1.5 million is in turmoil because of a feud involving volunteers. Volunteers, who raised £1 million in over 35 years, say the complex, to be built on 75 acres at Penllergaer, near Swansea, is too big and could be built for 30 per cent less... They accuse national officials of intimidating volunteers to get lavish plans agreed - accusations that are strongly denied… The branch collected £1.09 million. It wanted to replace its old Swansea premises. Local members agreed a scheme, which included a headquarters grant of £360,000, but now say they had misgivings about some features, which included an Inglenook fireplace and a mower store worth £39,000… (story)

Telegraph 13.8.96 Gamekeeper hurt in grouse protest By Auslan Cramb and Paul Stokes - A GAMEKEEPER was injured yesterday in a confrontation between hunt saboteurs and a shooting party on the first day of the grouse season... (story)

Telegraph 13.8.96 Protesters blamed for bird deaths - ANIMAL rights protesters are being blamed for the deaths of more than 1,000 young pheasants which were being reared for the shooting season... (story)

Telegraph 24.6.96 RSPCA bars hunt enthusiasts By Greg Neale - A MOVE to bar hunting supporters from joining the RSPCA won overwhelming backing at the organisation's annual meeting yesterday... (story)

Telegraph 8.4.96 Fur flies as anti-hunt League is torn apart By Tom Baldwin ... Jim Barrington, the director of the League Against Cruel Sports from 1988 to 1995, told The Sunday Telegraph that his Wildlife Network organisation had the backing of two recent League chairmen, Mark Davies and Howard Hodges, as well as a clutch of former officials.... (story)