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Telegraph 28.12.97 Crowd blockades hunt By Greg Neale, Environment Correspondent ...Police officers linked arms as about 70 protesters hurled abuse and banged on cars in an effort to stop members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt from leaving a farm at Shipley...
One of the seven foxhounds allegedly poisoned.. died early yesterday.. at kennels of the Tredegar Farmers... (story)

Telegraph 15.12.97 Saboteurs warn of increased action if anti-hunt Bill fails By Joy Copley, Political Staff - HUNT saboteurs said last night that they would greatly intensify their activities after the Government effectively sounded the death knell for the anti-foxhunting Bill... Paul Gammon, spokesman for the hunt saboteurs, said the Government's decision came as "no surprise to us and gives hunt saboteurs even more reason to exist in future"... (story)

Telegraph 15.12.97 Prince could be their next big target ...Senior activists of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association held a "council of war" yesterday during which they were to consider sabotaging a hunt attended by the Prince...Paul Gammon, the HSA's spokesman, said: "The question is where we go from here. We are looking to do more high-profile actions, possibly when Prince Charles is out hunting..." (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph archive 23.8.97 Company takes a stand on hunting - NEW tenant farmers who want to move on to North West Water land may no longer be able to make up their own mind about whether they allow hunting with hounds across their fields. The water company says that in future it will "reserve the right" to ban pack hunting on farmland - as it already does on the catchment land it owns but which is not farmed…. Campaigners saw red when members of the Holcombe Hunt paraded at Rivington Hall Barn on Boxing Day. The anti hunt protesters demanded that they were banned. Now the company has "set the record straight" in a letter to the North West Campaign Against Bloodsports…. (story)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph archive 11.7.97 Hunt demo outside water offices ANTI-BLOOD sports campaigners demonstrated outside North West Water's Bolton offices yesterday in protest against the company's land being used by huntsmen. The demonstration by the North West Campaign Against Blood sports launched a new campaign to have the Bury-based Holcombe Harriers banned from all the water company's land in the Rivington area…. (story)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph archive 11.7.97 Fight to ban barn hunters - ANTI-bloodsports campaigners were demonstrating outside North West Water's Bolton offices today in a bid to get huntsmen banned from the company's land at Rivington. Members of the North West Campaign Against Bloodsports are angry that the Holcombe Harriers use land at Rivington Barn for their Boxing Day hunt…. (story)

Surrey Advertiser 31.10.97 Hunt demo man cleared of assaulting rider - A MAN taking part in a demonstration against hunting was yesterday (Thursday) cleared of a charge of assaulting the joint master of the Surrey Hunt. On the third day of the trial at Guildford Crown Court at which Thayen Rich pleaded not guilty, the jury was directed by the judge, Mr Recorder Richard Anelay, to return a not guilty verdict because of insufficient evidence…. The court had been told that during an anti-hunt demonstration in December last year the joint master of the Surrey Hunt, Mark Sprake, was flung from his horse which fell on top of him . The prosecution claimed that one of the demonstratoras, Mr Rich, had grabbed the horse's bridle, causing it to rear up and collapse on to the master, leaving him with a ruptured kidney…. (story)

Telegraph 10.2.97 Hunt saboteurs bring violence to Irish protests By Toby Harnden, Ireland Correspondent - PROFESSIONAL hunt saboteurs are crossing from Britain to boost a previously disorganised and flagging campaign to disrupt field sports in the Irish Republic... In the most serious incident so far, 23 saboteurs from Birmingham and Swansea combined with members of the Dublin-based Association of Hunt Saboteurs to disrupt the Waterford Foxhounds... James Norton of the Irish MFHA said: "We're a nation that laboured for 200 years under British rule and we do not take kindly to English people coming over here and telling us what to do in our land. Once farmers started to be pelted with stones, the kid gloves were taken off. I don't condone violence but the saboteurs are likely to end up with a good hiding." (story)

Telegraph 10.2.97 Police arrest 86 in field sports clashes - EIGHTY-SIX animal rights supporters and hunt saboteurs were arrested after a series of violent incidents at farming and field sports gatherings across Cheshire at the weekend... The violence is believed to have been timed to coincide with the anniversary of the death of Michael Hill, an animal rights protester who died in 1991 when he fell under the wheels of a hunt vehicle near Nantwich... (story)