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Lancashire Evening Telegraph archive 24.12.98 Danger warning to spectators - ANIMAL rights protesters have issued a safety warning as huntsmen and women and saboteurs prepare for their traditional Boxing Day confrontations. The Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals claims three pet cats have been torn apart in the two months since hunting began throughout the country this autumn…. The Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt has invited everyone to join them for a day out when they meet at the Gargrave Village Green, near Skipton, at 10.30am, on Saturday. And The Holcombe Harriers will be opposed by the North West Hunt Saboteurs when they meet at Rivington Barn, Rivington… quote from Saboteur Dawn Preston, of Larkhill, Blackburn (story)

Enfield & Haringey Independent 23.11.98 Animal Rights Hunger Strike - A prisoners' support group based in Enfield is backing the case of a jailed animal rights activist who has been on hunger strike for seven weeks. The Vegan Prisoners' Support Group (VPSG) was set up five years ago to give aid to offenders imprisoned for crimes committed during animal rights campaigns… One of these inmates, Barry Horne, has been on hunger strike in York prison for the past 43 days… VPSG spokeswoman Jo-Ann Brown visited Horne in prison on Monday… (story)

Croydon Guardian 23.11.98 Unreliable, Unethical And So Unnecessary Barbara Davies, Research Defence Society, October 21, is misguided in her belief that animal experiments are crucial to the advancement of medical research… SHELLEY SIMMONS, National Anti-Vivisection Society, London (letter)
Croydon Guardian 24.10.98 Are Animal Tests Vital To Medicine? The recent letter from Shelley Simmons of the Lord Dowding Fund for Human Research attacks the use of animals in research. She claims that medical advances take place in spite of animal research, not because of it…. BARBARA DAVIES Deputy Director RDS - Understanding Animal Research in Medicine Great Marlborough Street London (letter)
Croydon Guardian 29.8.98 Unfounded Claims - Re the letter from Barbara Davies of August 5, in response to Lord Dowding' letter. Her claim that abolition of animal experiments would lead to the demise of effective treatments for human disease is completely unfounded… S SIMMONS, Lord Dowding Fund For Human Research (letter)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 14.11.98 Stop Barbaric Practices Now - Victoria Herriot's view of fox-hunting is not shared by the RSPCA which is totally opposed to the hunting of any animal with dogs… The time has come to ban the cruel country practices of hunting and intensive farming and go for free-range, vegetarian and organic foods. Both animals and humans will be a darn sight better off. K EDWARDS Sunningdale Avenue Hanworth (letter)

Telegraph 26.10.98 Anti-hunt hardliners form splinter group By Charles Holland ...Disaffected hardline members of the League Against Cruel Sports are to form a splinter group over the organisation's refusal to "rock the boat with the Government". About 40 activists headed by the former chief officer John Bryant have turned their backs on the league following a failed bid to secure seats on the policy-making executive committee at an annual meeting on Saturday... (story)

Telegraph 4.8.98 Hunt saboteur jailed for attack By Michael Fleet - A SABOTEUR who attacked the joint masters and whipper-in of a foxhunt was jailed for nine months yesterday. Philip Desousa, 25, lashed out with a plank of wood... during a meet of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt... in September 1996... (story)

Telegraph 23.3.98 18 arrested after saboteurs ambush hunt By David Millward - AN estimated 50 hunt saboteurs, all dressed in black, ambushed the Vale of Aylesbury hunt with metal bars and wooden clubs leaving one hunt follower needing facial surgery... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 21.3.98 Hunting Attack Dubbed 'a Joke' - AN ANTI-HUNT organisation has launched a fresh attack on Lakeland hunting - describing the area's fell hunting as ''the UK's most cruel form of fox-hunting with hounds,'' reports Penny Sowerby. 'Fun on the Fells', produced by the League Against Cruel Sports, has been slammed as a ''complete joke'' by the Countryside Alliance…. Jeff Olstead, regional spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, formerly the British Field Sports Society, said: ''It is just a joke. Nobody in their right mind would take it seriously. One thing they mention is having 'infiltrated' Ullswater Hunt. Every meet is advertised in The Westmorland Gazette!''…. (story)

Telegraph 11.3.98 Huntsman cleared over fox trampling By Nigel Bunyan - Alex Sneddon, 61, a veteran of the Holcombe Hunt, had been accused of deliberately steering his mount towards the animal. But a stipendiary magistrate at Rawtenstall, Lancs, yesterday ruled that the trampling had been an accident, exacerbated by the activities of animal rights protesters. The private prosecution, brought by Edmund Shephard, 26, a hunt saboteur from Bolton, Greater Manchester... (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 2.1.98 Government Must Make Good Its Hunt Promise - We are now well into the 1998 foxhunting season. Over the coming months some 20,000 foxes will be chased to the point of exhaustion before being torn to pieces by packs of hounds in the name of "sport."… NIELHANSEN, The National Anti-Hunt Campaign (letter)