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Lynn News 30.12.99 BLOODHOUNDS HUNT HUMANS - NORTH Pickenham-based Three Counties Bloodhounds drew a crowd of about 200 spectators when they gathered in Swaffham Market Place on Boxing Day…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.12.99 Christmas cheer for the hunters By Brad Jones ...Protests from animal rights groups failed to materialise, and instead there were mainly cheers of support in Market Square, Hadleigh... Joint master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, James Buckle, addressed the crowd just seconds before the event began... Hundreds of people gathered in the centre of Bungay yesterday to see the traditional Christmas holiday meeting of the Waveney Harriers... Bob Bayliss, of the RSPCA, witnessed the demonstrations at Bungay and said he hoped this would be the last of the Christmas Holiday hunts... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.12.99 Volley of abuse as hounds set off By Teresa O'Boyle - SCORES of huntsmen came under a torrent of abuse from a record number of angry protesters at an annual Boxing Day fox hunt in west Suffolk... shouts of "Shame on you" as about 30 horses and packs of hounds from the Suffolk Hunt gathered... James Aldous, master of the Suffolk Hunt, said its members would be undeterred by the taunts.... Marge Stoneman said she travelled from Worlingworth, near Eye, to protest. She was one of a number of members from the Ipswich Animal Rights group... Michael Michalak, from Newmarket, has protested at the Suffolk Hunt for 10 years... (story)

Irish Examiner 27.12.99 Animal activists protest fox hunts by Carl O’Brien ANIMAL rights protesters tried to disrupt fox hunts around the country yesterday as the biggest hunting day of the year got underway. A protest was held in Waterford to highlight what campaigners described as the nationwide day of killing, while hunt saboteurs tried to disrupt hunts taking place in five other locations around the country… “When we hunt the fox has the advantage at all stages. Hunts are conducted using scent rather than sight, so it’s a game of chess between the fox and the hunt. If a fox goes to ground, we don’t dig them out unless we are asked to by a farmer,” said Brian Began, Master of the Dublin based Fingal Harriers… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 23.12.99 Hunting lobby puts its case By Karen West - THE hunting community in the region has sent out a defiant battlecry, vowing to fight tooth and nail for its traditional pursuit as the annual Boxing Day hunt draws near... A copy of a 45,000-name petition in favour of hunting was handed over yesterday to Tim Yeo, Conservative MP for South Suffolk... Countryside Alliance press officer Liz Mort, who made the presentation, was confident the pro-hunt lobby could survive the latest onslaught... Lawrie Payne, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said the foxhunters were already a dying breed... (story)

Irish Examiner 24.12.99 Activist fights ban at UCC - by Neans McSweeney - AN animal welfare activist, who has been denied access to kennels where dogs used for medical experiments are believed to be housed, wants the Department of Health to intervene to ensure the animals are being humanely treated. Inspector Ted O’Connor vowed to take whatever steps are necessary — including legal action — to ensure he gets access to hounds used in experiments at University College Cork…. despite repeated requests, they won’t tell me where the animals are,” said Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals official… (story)

Irish Examiner 27.11.99 Animal welfare is sidelined - Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is shocked at how little priority the Government has afforded to animal welfare in the National Development Plan. Aoife Ní Fhearghail, CIWF Ireland, Salmon Weir, Hanover Street, Cork. (letter)

Guardian 26.11.99 Payout to hunt saboteurs - Clare Dyer - Britain must pay £6,000 to two hunt saboteurs for violating their right to freedom of expression, the European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday. Joseph Hashman and Wanda Harrup, from Shaftesbury, Dorset, were found guilty of a breach of the peace by magistrates and fined £100 after disturbing the Portman hunt in March 1993 by blowing a hunting horn and shouting at hounds... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 2.11.99 Hunt sets off in good heart By James Mortlock ...Dozens of huntsmen met up for the spectacular annual start to the fox-hunting year at Little Thurlow Hall, near Haverhill... The Thurlow Hunt is among dozens across the country which have held their first meets of the season... (story)

Guardian 26.10.99 The hunt sabber's view - A member of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association describes a day's activity in Kent (story)

Irish Examiner 20.10.99 Influx of British hunts expected - ANTI BLOODSPORTS groups are bracing themselves for the arrival of British hunts travelling to Ireland when fox hunting is banned in England… Irish Council Against Blood Sports director Pat Phelan hopes the British ban will put the Irish government under pressure to ban hunting… (story)

Irish Examiner 29.10.99 Hunters and the farmers aren’t pals - THE truth is finally out, and uncontested. Not from the mouths of babes but from the mouths of foxhunters. After years of calling themselves the farmer’s friend they have now finally admitted that they hunt over land without permission… We all know the prospect of an animal being dismembered alive is not incentive enough for some landowners to stop the foxhunters. The hunting season is again underway, the redcoats are trying to keep a low profile, they have been informed by their hierarchy not to invite the British over and to keep the head down. Bernie Wright, 4 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1. (letter)

Irish Examiner 2.10.99 The brutal practice of cub hunting …Cub hunting is a brutal and vicious activity. The huntsman has to ensure that the pack under is control knows how to hunt and kill foxes. In the main foxhunting season a well blooded pack will try harder to catch foxes when fox scent is poor. Foxhounds must be instilled with a drive to hunt foxes. That can only come about through hounds killing lots of fox cubs which gives them a taste for warm flesh and blood. Foxhunting is built on a foundation of animal cruelty…. John Tierney, Wildlife Research Officer, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, 30, Austin Friars Street, Mullingar, Co Westmeath. (letter)

Telegraph 25.9.99 RSPCA-funded draghounds run into trouble By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - THE RSPCA has funded a new drag hunt in an attempt to persuade delegates to next week's Labour Party conference that the sport would be a viable alternative for packs if hunting foxes, hares and deer is banned. But the charity's plan hit a snag yesterday when the ruling body of drag hunts began proceedings to expel the hunt for behaviour allegedly "prejudicial to the well-being of the sport."... (story)
Telegraph 19.9.99 Huntsmen fall out over drag hounds By Lin Jenkins - Members of the New Forest Fox Hounds are fighting attempts by the New Forest Drag Hounds to introduce their activity into the area because they fear that it is being promoted to undermine foxhunting. The matter will be argued out tomorrow at the archaic Court of Verderers in a case which will be closely watched by all countryside campaigners... (story)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 25.9.99 Animal Funds - Generous animal lovers donated £320 to a Barnet Animal Rights group's street collection. The charity, which was raising money for compassion in world farming, held street collections in Barnet, North Finchley and Golders Green…. (story)

Irish Examiner 21.8.99 Cruelty to cattle can be avoided - COMPASSION in World Farming (CIWF) is extremely concerned at the decision by Kerry County Council to seek the use of Fenit Harbour for live animal exports… Aoife Ní Fhearghail, Campaigns Officer, Compassion in World Farming (Ireland), Salmon Weir, Hanover Street, Cork. (letter)

Irish Examiner 3.8.99 Slaughter cattle here, not abroad - IN his letter, Mr John Joe Kelleher criticises Compassion in World Farming’s (CIWF) recent protest at Ringaskiddy. CIWF was there to demonstrate against a new ferry service to France on the Venus, which is to carry live farm animals as well as passengers and freight… Aoife Ní Fhearghail, CIWF Ireland, Salmon Weir, Hanover Street, Cork. (letter)

Guardian 29.7.99 Church backs blood sports to raise cash - James Meek - Animal rights campaigners have condemned the Church of England for backing an auction of hunting, shooting and fishing outings to raise money to complete St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Suffolk… The campaign group Animal Aid yesterday staged a protest outside the cathedral, in Bury St Edmunds, with a demonstrator dressed as Jesus…. (story)

Guardian 29.7.99 Rights for chimps - This week's claim that chimpanzees can talk has re-ignited controversy among humans. One of the apes' most prominent advocates is Professor Peter Singer (story)

Guardian 21.7.99 Hunt saboteurs 'in commando-style raid' A hunt supporter yesterday told Portsmouth crown court how saboteurs had attacked people and cars at a hunt meeting with baseball bats and metal bars... saboteurs had piled out of eight or nine vans and had "smashed everything in sight" at the meeting of the Hursley and Hambledon hunt, near Petersfield, Hants, on December 13, 1997. Martin Palmer, 40, of Southsea, Portsmouth, and Nicholas Checketts, 39, of Portsmouth, both deny conspiracy to commit violent disorder and committing violent disorder... (story)
Telegraph 20.7.99 Attack on hunt 'was military operation' - ANIMAL activists left a scene of "utter devastation" in a military-style attack on a fox hunt, a jury heard yesterday. Wielding wooden stakes, metal bars and baseball bats, the 60-strong group caused thousands of pounds of damage when they clashed with supporters of the Hursley and Hambledon Hunt... Nicholas Checketts, 39, and Martin Palmer, 40, were charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder... (story)
Telegraph 15.12.97 Hit-and-run mob blamed for violence at local meet - Reports by Michael Fleet, Hugh Muir and Will Bennett - A MOB of hardened activists who came in to support local anti-hunt protesters were being blamed yesterday for violence at a hunt meet in Hampshire...The violence was at first blamed on an extremist group, the Hunt Retribution Squad, but an intermediary denied that it was involved. It is thought more likely that the gang, with addresses in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, had come in to carry out a quick and effective "hit" on the hunt and then disappear... (story)

Irish Examiner 16.7.99 British hunt ban may lead to influx of fox groups by Conor Keane - IRELAND is set to become the new battle ground in the war between fox hunters and hunt saboteurs when a ban comes into force in Britain, according to a leading animal rights campaigner… Now the Kilkenny based PRO for the Campaign for the Abolition of Blood Sports, John Fitzgerald, says he anticipates that many British fox hunters will travel to Ireland to engage in the pastime… Waterford based IAHS member Bernadette Barrett said they were in regular contact with similar groups in Britain…. (story)

Irish Examiner 15.7.99 Killing in the name of sport - HAS the Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht taken leave of her senses? She has decided to renew stag hunt licences despite being advised by the Attorney General that the deer hunted are domestic creatures and therefore covered by the Protection of Animals Act (1911) which prohibits the hunting or baiting of livestock or domestic animals of any kind. All the deer chased and terrorised for sport in Ireland are reared in captivity…. The Minister has disgraced herself. She should take down the picture of the Pearse brothers hanging in her office. Both of these patriots opposed hunting and loved Irish culture. They must be turning in their graves. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Edgware & Mill Hill Times 24.4.99 National Animal Lobby - Animal rights protesters are due to stage a National campaign lobby outside the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill tomorrow. Campaigners on behalf of the Mill Hill Anti Vivisection Alliance are hoping to be joined by other protesters taking part in World Laboratory Animals Week… (story)

Harlow Citizen (@4.3.99) Cat Lovers Put On The Pressure - ANGRY animal rights activists have staged a demonstration outside a Harlow company because they claim it uses badly treated animals for research. Furious members of the Save the Hillgrove Cats group brandished banners on land near pharmaceuticals company Merial on the Harlow Business Park, Roydon Road, on Thursday afternoon… One activist, Greg Jennings, said: "We have made a decision to target companies supplied by Hillgrove Farm, and Merial is one of those companies…" (story)

Telegraph 24.2.99 Hare coursing event disrupted by protests By Electronic Telegraph Correspondent - THE Waterloo Cup, Britain's leading hare coursing event, was disrupted yesterday when about 200 animal rights campaigners staged an hour-long protest... (story)

Edgware & Mill Hill Times 20.2.99 Animal Protests At Research Institute - Protesters from the Campaign in London for Animal Welfare, say they are hoping to stage weekly demonstrations against vivisection outside the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill… The group has a book, Caught In The Act, produced 15 years ago, about experiments carried out on cats by researcher Professor Feldberg, who has since died. Tim Robinson, a member of the newly-formed group, said: "We are doing some research to clarify if that sort of thing is still going on…" (story)

Westmorland Gazette 2.1.99 Traditional Hunt Defies Weather - It's a tradition almost as old as the hills - the BoxingDay meets for the various fell packs. Coniston Foxhounds huntsman MikeNicholson took a warming drink before setting off to scour the fellsaround Ambleside with his pack…. (story)