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Westmorland Gazette 29.12.00 Boxing Day Hunters In Buoyant Mood - LAKELAND hunt supporters were unfazed by thethreat of a Bill speeding through Parliament which could mean that thisyear's annual Boxing Day hunt was the last. Hard under footconditions but did not deter more than 150 people, who gathered atAmbleside's Market Cross to accompany the ConistonFoxhounds…. (story)

Guardian 27.12.00 Hunting ban row takes to the street - Rebecca Allison and Patrick Wintour - The biggest event in the fox hunting calendar went ahead amid bitter scenes yesterday as thousands of protesters turned out to jeer and heckle riders at Boxing Day meets across the country... riders at Essex Farmers & Union meet at Maldon pelted with missiles - 1 arrest (story)

Telegraph 27.12.00 Protesters pelt hunt with eggs in Battle of the Bill By Richard Alleyne - FIVE HUNDRED animal rights protesters pelted members of a hunt with eggs and potatoes in Essex yesterday in the angriest of many confrontations around Britain... The fiercest clashes took place at the start of the Essex and Farmers' Union Hunt in Maldon, Essex. The two sides had to be kept apart by police as they exchanged insults across the high street.... (story)

Telegraph 27.12.00 The three courses facing hunters By Charles Clover - HUNTING with dogs could be banned by 2003, placing 1.3 million people who follow the sport at risk of criminal sanctions, under the Government's Bill, published yesterday... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 27.12.00 Reports on hunts around the region By EADT reporters
BURY ST EDMUNDS - A HUNT leader ripped a banner from the grips of a protester at Bury St Edmunds in a show of defiance to those wanting the sport outlawed... protesters and members of the Suffolk hunt clashed as more than 50 riders left Bury St Edmunds town centre yesterday... quote from Master of the Hunt, Richard Ames, of Bury St Edmunds... As the hunt group rode away from the Market Square, saboteurs tried to block the path, which led to jostling, pushing and shoving. There was a quick police response to defuse the situation, but at least two protesters were seen to fall to the ground, and horses were grabbed by the reins by some anti-hunters. Mr Ames grabbed the banner as he brought up the rear of the pack... quotes from protesters: former Animal Aid member Joyce Deal, of Great Barton, Jack Palmer, of Bury St Edmunds
HADLEIGH - RIDERS mingled happily with hunt supporters and the public as the Boxing Day meet passed without any trouble... James Buckle, Joint Master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, claimed the turnout poured scorn on any doubts that this would be the last hunt meeting in Market Place, Hadleigh... quote from Isla Humphreys from Colchester, one of a 10-strong group of anti-hunt protesters
MALDON - HUNDREDS of hunt supporters came face to face with protesters at the traditional Boxing Day stand-off in Maldon... 44 horses and 30 hounds from the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt... the annual event's peaceful reputation was marred slightly when some of the riders and horses were pelted with missiles, including eggs.... Among those protesting at the High Street meet was Russell Kennedy, prospective Labour Parliamentary candidate for Maldon and East Chelmsford, who was carrying an anti-hunt placard... Margaret Habbershaw, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports from Brentwood...
BUNGAY - THERE was a defiant air to the annual Boxing Day meet of the Waveney Hunt. As onlookers filed into Earsham Street, Bungay, protesters and supporters faced each other... The horses were greeted with a huge cheer as the largely pro-hunt crowd tried to drown out the protesters (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 26.12.00 Protesters to greet Boxing Day meets - Jonathan Barnes and Paul Mills - ANIMAL rights protesters and countryside campaigners were out in force across Essex and Suffolk today at the traditional Boxing Day foxhunts. They gathered for hunts in Maldon, Hadleigh, Bury St Edmunds and Bungay as the field sport faces the prospect of being criminalised by MPs... quotes from Liz Mort, regional spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, Lawrie Payne, regional representative of the League Against Cruel Sports, Countryside Alliance spokeswoman Nicky Driver... Helen Brand, of Ipswich Animal Rights, will be joining the protests on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds today... Russell Kennedy, Labour's prospective Parliamentary candidate for Maldon and East Chelmsford, will be among the anti-hunt protesters who will be gathering in High Street, Maldon, today to demonstrate against the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt... (story)

Guardian 26.12.00 Hunt supporters claim mass backing - Hunt supporters claimed well over 325,000 people braved icy weather today to back 300 traditional Boxing Day meets... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 20.12.00 Boxing Day hunt will go on, says council ...Officers at St Edmundsbury Borough Council yesterday ruled the famous Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds should be shut to allow the traditional Christmas gathering of the Suffolk Hunt... Trevor Beckwith, one of the councillors who objected to the closure, said he was disappointed: "I expect people who enjoy this kind of thing will be pleased." (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 24.11.00 The hunt goes on By Martin Davey - ORGANISERS of the traditional Boxing Day hunt in Bury St Edmunds last night insisted it would not be scuppered despite attempts to drive the event out of the town centre. A group of Labour councillors is objecting to the annual Suffolk Hunt meeting in the centre of the town... Joint master of the Suffolk Hunt, Richard Ames, said: "We would just have to move to a different venue. It wouldn't stop us hunting... quotes from councillor Trevor Beckwith, one of those objecting, Councillor Mark Ereira. (story)

Scarborough Evening News 15.12.00 MP TO HEED VIEWS ON HUNTING - SCARBOROUGH MP Lawrie Quinn is to vote for a total ban on fox hunting with hounds if the majority of the electorate tell him to... Frank Houghton Brown, joint master of the Middleton Hunt based near Malton, has warned of open revolt in the countryside against any such move... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 8.12.00 Fox-hunting - Let The Voting Begin By Victoria Clark - MANY Lakeland hunt supporters fearedthis season would be the last following Prime Minister Tony Blair'spromise last July that fox hunting would be banned before the nextelection…. With the uncertainty surrounding thecenturies-old sport set to drag on, reporter Victoria Clark spent a daywith the Coniston Foxhounds, to watch a Lake District fell pack inaction…. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 7.12.00 IN SEARCH OF THE FOX HUNTING FACTS - BEN O CONNOR goes out with the Percy Hunt for a first |hand look at the hunting scene... I was not raised in the country and had never given fox hunting a second thought and, although it was a subject which was occasionally discussed, it was not one about which I felt qualified to have an opinion... I am glad I went out with the hunt, I met some nice people, saw a bit of the countryside and a glimpse of lifestyle of which I know little. I won't be going out again but I wish them the best of luck. The fox hunting bill wasin the Queen's speech this week. Let's hope that prejudice and ignorance do not cloud the issue. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 27.11.00 Fox-lovers fail to kill off Boxing Day hunt gathering - Paul Mills ...Defiant Tory councillors in Maldon have beaten off plans by Labour to scupper the town's Christmas hunt... Police block off Maldon High Street every Boxing Day for the send-off of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt... Rodney Bass, leader of Maldon District Council, led a Conservative and Independent alliance in securing the annual blocking off of the road for the hunt... he attacked Labour and their prospective Maldon and East Chelmsford parliamentary candidate Russell Kennedy for trying to block this year's hunt... Alison Lamb is a Labour member of both town and district councils in Maldon... said she was against hunting with dogs... (story)

Northumberland Gazette 23.11.00 NIGHTMARE AS FOX KILLED IN GARDEN - A VETERAN hunt saboteur faced her greatest nightmare last weekend when the local hunt converged on her garden to kill a fox. Hazel Jordan, of Elsdon, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, has been actively opposing fox-hunting for the last 15 and a half years... Fellow Elsdon resident Alan Morpeth, with whom Mrs Jordan isjointly seeking the injunction, is similarly sick of the hounds coming on to his land, however Mr Morpeth does not object to hunting as such, merely to the trespassing aspect.... Master of the Border Hunt Michael Hedley said the incident was regrettable regardless of who the gardenwhere the kill took place belonged to, and he did not discover the foxhad been killed until later that day... (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph archives 20.11.00 Car driver in hunt row - THE Holcombe Hunt resounded to the sound of another horn at the weekend -- that of an irate car driver. A woman's Range Rover was held up by the hunt in Harwood on Saturday morning. She objected to the delay by blasting her horn, causing two young members of the Hunt to swiftly dismount… Later, police were called and they eventually traced the owner of the car. "She was advised accordingly," added the spokesman for Bury police. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 8.11.00 Calm surrounds hunt despite calls for ban By Matthew Lowe ...About 100 hunt supporters gathered at Nedging Hall, Nedging, near Hadleigh, to see nearly 60 riders gallop across the horizon for the opening meet of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds... One of the anti-hunt protesters, who declined to be named and claimed to be from an organisation linked to the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: "It is disgusting they have got any opening meet at all..." (story)

Irish Examiner 1.11.00 Live export trade is motivated by greed - IN Amsterdam in June 1997, the EU’s 15 heads of government agreed a protocol that recognises animals as sentient beings… The live export trade is motivated only by commerce and greed. A people of a country has the choice between green and civilisation. I believe that in bringing an end to all aspects of intensive farming, the right choice will be made. It is a time for changes. J Welford, Community Co Op Centre, Scariff, Co Clare. (letter)

Kingston Guardian 13.10.00 John Lewis Defends Its Game Shooting Parties - Elmbridge Animal Aid (EAA) has hailed its protest against John Lewis in Kingston last week a success after it was revealed the company pays for pheasants to be bred and shot by its staff for sport…. Elmbridge Animal Aid spokesman, Elizabeth Shaw, said: "It was a peaceful protest and we had a very good response. Many passers-by were shocked and appalled by what John Lewis were doing."… (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 6.10.00 Animal Aid Group Targets John Lewis - Elmbridge Animal Aid members were due to protest outside John Lewis in Kingston today, Friday, after it was revealed the company breed pheasants for staff hunting holidays…. Elmbridge Animal Aid member Elizabeth Shaw said: "John Lewis has a disgraceful disregard for wildlife. All animal abusers argue that it's legal, but that doesn't make it right…." (story)

Argus 6.10.00 Case against photographer is dropped by Phil Dennett - A magistrate today threw out the prosecution of a freelance photographer accused of refusing to obey a police order at a monkey farm demonstration. A magistrate today threw out the prosecution of a freelance photographer accused of refusing to obey a police order at a monkey farm demonstration. Stipendiary magistrate Paul Tain ruled Terry Kane, 36, had no case to answer after hearing legal argument from his barrister, Denis Bradley... Animal rights protesters Sonia Hayward, 32, of Tonbridge, and Bevan Earey, 28, of Colchester, pleaded not guilty to the same charge. They were found guilty and fined £120 each... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.9.00 Hunt supporters meet wall of hostility By Graham Dines and Matt Adams THOUSANDS of East Anglian hunt supporters and countryside protesters met a wall of hostility yesterday as they besieged the Labour Party conference in Brighton... The Stour Valley Beagles contingent was led by joint master Deborah Pratt, a physiotherapist at Aldeburgh Hospital... (story)

Edgware & Mill Hill Times 7.9.00 New Laws To Tackle Animal Extremists - A former worker at Mill Hill's National Institute for Medical Research has broken an official silence to welcome Home Secretary Jack Straw's proposal for tough new laws which may be introduced to tackle animal rights extremists… Dr Mark Matfield said existing staff at the institute were too afraid to have their names appear in newspapers… However Robin Webb of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)… said protesters had no choice but to work outside the law after Labour backtracked on its pre-election rhetoric on fox-hunting and other animal rights issues…. 'No-one has ever been harmed by the ALF but we will do what is necessary to encourage people to leave this kind of employment.' (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 25.8.00 Animal Research Isscience Gone Mad - What I was not aware of is that there is yet another horrifying aspect of this sorry trade. Every year, thousands of sheep, pigs, cattle, turkeys and chickens are forced to endure a range of perverse torments in vivisection laboratories throughout the country, on behalf of the factory farming industry…. The campaigning group Animal Aid are highlighting these appalling experiments in their annual Mad Science Awards… ELIZABETH SHAW, Kings Road, Long Ditton (letter)

Irish Examiner 11.8.00 Animal rights group call for hunting inquiry by Ray Ryan, Agriculture Correspondent - AN inquiry into hunting in Ireland was sought yesterday by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports… Aideen Yourell and Philip Samways, who conducted the ICAB press conference and showed videos, said they had received many calls from farmers and landowners regarding hunt trespass and damage over the year. (story)

Irish Examiner 11.8.00 Animal rights campaigner protests outside Dáil at treatment of greyhounds by Jim Morahan - ANIMAL rights campaigner Bernie Wright turned up at Leinster House yesterday with two of her rescued greyhounds to protest at the cruel treatment of such dogs — particularly when their top racing days are over… Ms Wright said the whole greyhound industry was based on cruelty. "There is no way out of the greyhound industry but to stop it." (story)

Kingston Guardian 8.8.00 Join Our Demonstration For An End To Cruelty To Animals - Before the general election, New Labour published an election poster entitled New Life for Animals. This promised a Royal Commission to investigate the use of animal experiments, especially for warfare purposes. It emphasised New Labour's total opposition to fur farming and promised to ban hunting on Ministry of Defence land. To date, none of these promises have been upheld…animal rights campaigners are holding a National March and Rally on Saturday, August 8, to demonstrate our disgust at the governments blatant betrayal of animal welfare policies and promises… Hopefully animal-lovers everywhere will come along and support the work of the Anti-Hunt Movements, the RSPCA and those who continue to champion the rights of animals in despair. FRANCES RUSSELL Richmond (letter)

Irish Examiner 20.7.00 Let the facts be crystal clear - COMMERCIAL sponsorship of cruel practises like hare coursing and fox hunting is not as common as it used to be. Thank God for that. ESAT Digifone moved quickly to assure an animal welfare group that the company did not condone the coursing of live hares. Westmeath Tourism Council has removed a reference to hunting from its Holiday Guide and Aer Lingus has deleted information on fox hunting holidays from its website… John Fitzgerald, Campaign for Abolition of Cruel Sports, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (story)

Irish Examiner 19.7.00 Vivisection is a violent crime against humanity …Animals have an entirely different role to play than that currently designated to them by butchers, vivisectors or circus owners. We must learn to understand that we are in a symbiotic relationship with the creatures around us. Jane Welford, Animal Rights and Welfare, East Clare Community Co op, Main Street, Scarriff, Co Cork (letter)

Leamington Spa Courier 15.6.00 FOXHUNTERS MAY BREAK LAW - Supporters of fox hunting are prepared to break the law to preserve their way of life, according to a leading member of the Warwickshire Hunt… Robin Smith-Ryland, who lives in Sherbourne and speaks for the Countryside Alliance, predicts widespread civil disobedience and law-breaking if a ban is introduced…. (story)

Irish Examiner 6.6.00 Hunters are fair game for some criticism - WITH reference to Time Out by Colette Sheridan (Irish Examiner, May 20), I take issue with Sheila Corrigan on her sweeping statement: "People who condemn fox hunting live in towns and never worked on a farm." I wish to inform her and her colleagues who harbour these misconceptions that there are many thousands of us who have worked and lived in rural areas and have seen the cruelty and sadism of fox and stag hunting and all blood sports first hand…. Doubtless, she is a practising Christian, and blood sports and Christianity are not synonymous. Live and let live. Elizabeth Dowell, Pier Road, Rosscarberry, Co Cork. (letter)

Irish Examiner 26.4.00 - We must stop tests on animals - IN 1995, a Harris poll found a majority of British people opposed to the use of animals in medical drug testing… it is an appropriate time for the Irish Anti Vivisection Society to call upon the Minister for Health to initiate a national debate and to suspend issuing new licences for vivisection and the renewal of existing licences… Ruarc Gahan, Hollywood, Co Wicklow (letter)

Irish Examiner 18.5.00 Public should forgo the circus for animals’ sake - If the councils of this country, and other site owners are unwilling to forego rent in favour of supporting the truth of matters, then it is up to the public to forego the “exciting proximity” of wild animals in favour of some measure of conservation and ethics. Jane Welford, East Clare Community Co Operative Society, Community Co Op Centre, Scariff, Co Clare (letter)

Irish Examiner 1.3.00 In defence of field sports followers - I SEE Mr Tierney of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports is keeping up his association’s policy of muck slinging (The Examiner, February 18). The ICABS have a small minority of members who consistently bombard the national and provincial press with their usual anti hunting nonsense… If Mr Tierney is suggesting that followers of these packs are thugs, his knowledge of country people and their way of life certainly leaves much to be desired…. Tony Newport, Main Street, Fethard, Co Tipperary (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 19.2.00 Judge strips hunt protester of award for broken skull By Sarah Chambers ...The Court of Appeal ruled yesterday farmer William Kirkby, 56, had acted in self-defence when he wrested a baseball bat from Harry Cross and struck him on the side of the head...Mr Cross and his partner, Margaret Davies, were on Mr Kirkby's land intending to disrupt the hunt when Mr Kirkby went to escort Miss Davies off his land, using "reasonable force". She bit him and sat on the ground... Mr Cross threatened to kill Mr Kirkby and punched and kicked the farmer on his way to his car parked nearby, then took a baseball bat from it, while Miss Davies took a metal bar... The farmer tried to walk away, but was hit twice by Mr Cross on the arm and shoulder... Mr Kirkby retaliated by grabbing the bat and hit Mr Cross a single blow... The trial judge had been wrong to "weigh too nicely" the degree of force used by Mr Kirkby when defending himself while he was under attack. Lord Justice Beldam said Mr Cross had committed several "serious criminal offences" before Mr Kirkby hit him. (story)
Guardian 19.2.00 Hunt saboteur loses £52,000 damages - A hunt saboteur who won £52,000 damages from a farmer who retaliated when attacked with a baseball bat yesterday had the award rescinded. The court of appeal ruled the farmer, William Kirkby, 55, was acting in self defence when he wrested away the bat and struck Harry Cross, 47, on the side of the head, fracturing his skull... Mr Cross, of Halesworth, Suffolk, and his partner were on Mr Kirkby's land in 1992 during a meeting of the Brocklesby Hunt... (story)

Telegraph 19.2.00 Spills without the thrills - Drag hunting is tough going, but it lacks the subtlety of the chase, finds Rory Knight Bruce ... The meet was at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.... - the field was almost exclusively made up of Thoroughbred horses, which will have cost their owners at least £10,000 to buy. Many had travelled from several counties away and arrived in spanking new horseboxes... (story)

Irish Examiner 31.1.00 The saddest show on earth - Denise Hall - THE Real Circus — The Way The world Remembers it, trumpeted the add on the radio the other day. And presumably, by that they meant large animals doing tricks for the entertainment of the masses and, of course, the enrichment of the circus owners’ bank balances. But all over the world, growing numbers of people are actually trying to forget the notion that it’s acceptable for tigers to jump through hoops of fire, or tutu wearing elephants to balance on one foot… A spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said: “dancing elephants and other performing animals give children a completely distorted view of wildlife.”… (story)

Irish Examiner 29.1.00 Cruelty to animals is unnecessary - RECENT attacks on the animal rights lobby were unfair and ill informed. Why is there the assumption that those who campaign against circuses, the fur trade, and hunting, are blind to the cruelties of meat production, the plight of abandoned greyhounds, and the gross neglect or abuse of domestic creatures?... John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)

Irish Examiner 22.1.00 Circuses are exploiting the animals - I N response to the debate on performing animals in circuses, the fundamental premise of the concept of animal rights is the same as the premise for human rights — respect for the right to live in peace in accordance with inherent race and creed… The pro circus brigade have no argument whatsoever to defend the removal of wild animals from their natural habitat and social life to an existence of confinement, constant transportation (as dates of circus performances around the country testify) and forced to perform novel tricks for the public. J Welford, East Clare Community Co Operative Society Ltd, Scariff, Co Clare. (letter)

Irish Examiner 12.1.00 Don’t put animals in circus - I WAS disgusted by the photograph accompanying the article about “the magic in the Togni’s big top”… I couldn’t watch these animals performing, and this is a pity because the human acts in the circus sound excellent. Becky Bartlett, Rose Cottage, College View, Midleton, Co Cork. (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph archive 5.1.00 Hunt members angry at V-sign - THE huntsman who flicked the V-sign at anti-blood sport demonstrators has been attacked by members of his own hunt. Arnold Greenhalgh, Joint Master of Holcombe Harriers, was photographed on the front page of the BEN giving a two-fingered salute to demonstrators at the annual Bank Holiday hunt at Rivington Barn last week. However, his actions have prompted a letter of complaint from other hunters who said they wished to disassociate themselves from the gesture… (story)

Irish Examiner 4.1.00 Ban kids going to bloodsports …From an early age most of us are taught to disregard the sanctity of life. A piece of meat was put on our plate and we were expected to overcome the natural repulsion towards eating a once living, feeling being… Most children are horrified to learn their hamburger was once an animal. Reassurance from adults turns us into desensitised unwitting participants in the cycle of cruelty and killing. Likewise is the mentality of those children who are exposed to blooding, terror, and the inherent suffering of an animal and to the callous aggressive behaviour of adults at fox hunts and coursing meets around the country. Child protection agencies should call for an upper age limit for children attending bloodsports… Bernie Wright, 4, Cavendish Row, Dublin, 1 (letter)

Telegraph 3.1.00 Saboteurs 'in hammer attack at fox hunt' By Charles Clover Environment Editor ...The violence occurred when anti-hunt protesters clashed with followers of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent fox hunt, near Penshurst, Kent. Hunt supporters said Billy Rainsford, 68, a terrierman, was knocked unconscious by hammer blows to the head as an estimated 25 saboteurs launched an attack.... Dawn Preston, press officer for the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, said: "We are completely denying all the hunt's allegations. We were not involved in any such attack." (story)