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Gloucester Citizen 30.4.05 GIVE WILD BOAR HOPE OF SAFE LIFE - I Recently contacted the Forest of Dean Enterprise Office to inquire about the situation regarding the wild boar which have been dumped there…. They also informed me that Gloucestershire Trading Standards have amazingly given permission to any landowner who finds these animals on their land to shoot them even though they are probably not professional marksmen/women and therefore could easily injure them and cause untold suffering…. MRS B. CLIFTON, Russel Street, Bath (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 29.4.05 SHOTS OFF TARGET OVER GUN CONTROL - SIMON HART, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Worcester Evening News 27.4.05 Labour's knee-jerk rules over the use of air guns - SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, London (letter in archive)
Western Mail 27.4.05 Rural issues, please - SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Rd, London SE11 (letter)
Worcester Evening News 26.4.05 Labour's knee-jerk rules over the use of air guns - SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, London (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 26.4.05 Sports support - THE unjustified allegation by the Countryside Alliance that Labour has dropped its commitment not to place restrictions on angling and shooting once again exposes the cynicism with which it tries to exploit the sports of shooting and angling in furtherance of its own narrow objective…. Support for both sports was made clear in our 2001 manifesto. That commitment not only stands, but will be built upon in New Labour's rural manifesto, using the basis of work done over the last four years. BASC has already responded to the Countryside Alliance showing that they have got it wrong… Alun Michael, Minister of State Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (story)
Leicester Mercury 23.4.05 DON'T IGNORE THE RURAL COMMUNITY - Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.05 LABOUR FAILING ITS RURAL DUTY - Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 21.4.05 Still a chance to help countryside - SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Western Morning News 21.4.05 Shooting and fishing - IN 2001 the Labour Party manifesto promised not to "restrict the sports of angling and shooting". The new Labour manifesto contains no such assurances, but does pledge to bring forward further legislation to "tighten the law on airguns"…. We are promised a "rural mini-manifesto", but relegating rural issues to a sideshow is unlikely to make people in the countryside feel less like second-class citizens. Labour must explain why, when there are 23,000 words in its manifesto, only 320 are devoted to rural communities. Simon Hart, Chief Executive Countryside Alliance (letter)

Buckinghamshire Free Press 29.4.05 Gamekeepers fined £4K for killing bird By Vince Soodin - TWO gamekeepers were fined £2,000 each for clubbing a bird of prey to death. Michael Clare, 23, of Cookshall Lane, High Wycombe, was secretly filmed battering a common buzzard with a stick by RSPB investigator Mark Thomas…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 29.4.05 Humane research must be given equal funding - NO animal lover will have any great expectations of the Home Office taking any action over the report on Inveresk (News, April 27). How can any animal lover have any high hopes of action when despite all the campaigning and exposures, such places are in existence and still expanding?... Whoever wins the General Election must have high on their agenda a donation to natural medicine at least equalling that given to the vivisection industry… JOHN COWEN STEWART TERRACE EDINBURGH (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 29.4.05 BAN CIRCUS ANIMALS - I am writing about banning circus animals because I have seen a circus where a woman was on an elephant and then it collapsed… ALEX (aged 8) Bestwood Park (story)

Leicester Mercury 29.4.05 GOOD FARMING PRACTICE - I suggest Heather Johnson (Mailbox, April 26) actually visits some farms herself rather than listening to the second-hand opinions of Viva. There are always rogues in every walk of life, but most farmers want to make a profit. The way to do that is to keep animals healthy and comfortable…. Your readers can be assured that most of the British beef, lamb, pork and bacon they eat has not been "factory-farmed" but produced as described above. Wendy Warren, South Kilworth. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.4.05 ANIMAL CRUELTY - Next time you sit down to eat a meal of meat and vegetables, give a thought as to how that animal or bird has been treated before it was dished up to you… I have been informed by the campaign group Viva! that when they go undercover to film the degrading conditions these creatures are forced to live in at one of these farms, another one tightens its security. So you have to ask why this is unless they are ashamed of being caught on camera and exposed. Heather Johnson, Leicester. (letter)

Telegraph 29.4.05 The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is deeply concerned to learn that sharpshooters will be hunting herds of wild camels in South Australia. It is impossible to ensure that animals are killed instantly from a moving helicopter and, as a result, many will be severely wounded or suffer slow and painful deaths…. Leah Garcés, Campaigns Director, World Society for the Protection of Animals, London SE1 (letter)


Guardian 28.4.05 Don't blame the badgers - Bovine tuberculosis is a growing problem. But, says Malcolm Smith, it is more likely to be transferred by cattle themselves than, as many argue, by smaller mammals…"We did a national survey in 1996/7 and estimated a British population of about 300,000 badgers", says Stephen Harris, professor of environmental sciences at Bristol University…. "These figures don't distinguish between badgers showing no clinical symptoms of the disease, some of them immune, and those that are infectious", says Dr Elaine King, chief executive of the National Federation of Badger Groups…. (story)

Frome & Somerset Standard 28.4.05 BADGER COMMENTS SHOW THE WAY FORWARD - The sound, scientifically-based, knowledgeable comments of Eunice Overend, Frome & Somerset Standard, April 21, about badgers and TB in cattle is the way forward, rather than dodge the issue of cruel sports and look for a scapegoat from the human faults propaganda we are fed by some farmers and the cruel sports lobby… ot a whisper about the fox hunting fraternity rampaging over the countryside with hounds fed on fallen TB or BSE-infected cattle, plus all the horse followers and terrier men and their terriers…. DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley (story)

Ilkley Gazette 28.4.05 End of barbaric practices towards animals can't come soon enough, says reader - How sad that animals can be treated with such callous disregard as mere units of production (`Prison for men who ran illegal slaughterhouse, Gazette, April 14). Animals are sentient creatures, which feel pain as humans do and they deserve to be treated with respect, particularly if they are to be slaughtered for human consumption… LYNDA DOBSON, Height Lane, Oxenhope, Keighley. (letter in archive)

Central Somerset Gazette 28.4.05 ANIMAL-LOVER'S CALENDAR WIN - A central Somerset animal-lover has scooped a top award from a worldwide charity. Vivien Walters, aged 51, was announced as the regional winner by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) as part of its Animal Action Week Design A Calendar competition…. (story)


Portsmouth News 27.4.05 Animal protesters may sue police - ANIMAL rights activists say they will sue Hampshire police for wrongful arrest – after charges against them were dropped, a year after protesting outside the homes of laboratory workers. The campaigners held noisy protests outside the homes of staff in the Petersfield, Bishop's Waltham and Whiteley areas, telling neighbours the owners worked at Wickham Laboratories…. The Crown Prosecution Service refused to tell The News why it had dropped the case. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.4.05 Lothian lab in 'cruelty' probe - GARETH EDWARDS - ROWS of dogs restrained by harnesses with masks clamped over their noses, forcing them to inhale potentially harmful fumes…. The disturbing scenes will upset animal lovers and raise serious questions about whether scientists at a Lothians laboratory caused unnecessary suffering in the name of medical research. The images form part of a dossier compiled by animal rights group Animal Defenders International (ADI), which has put practices at Inveresk Research under the spotlight…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.4.05 'Experiments were botched, leading to agonising deaths ' - ANIMAL TESTING - TODAY’S report by Animal Defenders International into experiments at Inveresk Research makes unpalatable and disturbing reading. Exposing animals to unnecessary suffering of any kind is to be deplored and it cannot be ignored in the name of scientific research. But this 20-page dossier goes beyond exposing what type of testing takes place. It indicates that a series of experiments were botched, leading to the agonising deaths of animals. It talks of extreme suffering leading to death, of out-of-date drugs being used for testing and of test substances being accidentally pumped into the lungs of dogs…. (story)

Reading Chronicle 27.4.05 Salter's bid to modify handgun law By Rachel Whybrow - READING West Labour candidate Martin Salter has denied pushing for a secret change in the law to legalise the use of handguns…. The draft proposals of the Labour Charter for Shooting, drawn up by Mr Salter, spokesman for shooting and fishing, and former Labour government minister Jack Cunningham, were leaked last week…. Gill Marshall-Andrews, Gun Control Network spokeswoman, said: "We would regard what he has said as the thin end of the wedge…." (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.4.05 LEAGUE OPPOSES BIRD SHOOTING - The International Fund for Animal Welfare, Letters, April 23, may have no plans for a campaign against shooting birds in the UK, but visitors to their excellent website - www.ifaw.org - will see that their objectives include the protection of wildlife and prevention of animal abuse… I regret that IFAW and the RSPB are not campaigning against the sport of shooting birds, but at least we have the League Against Cruel Sports…. John Phelps Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.05 WE'VE NO PLANS OVER SHOOTING - One of your readers writes about the future plans of animal welfare organisations following the successful campaign to ban hunting with dogs… The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has no plans to campaign against shooting birds in the UK…. Gill Sanders, International Fund for Animal Welfare London (letter)

Glamorgan Gem 27.4.05 MP IN TOP 10! - BRIDGEND MP Win Griffiths is in parliament’s Top 10, drawn up by an animal welfare group. Animal Aid studied how MPs responded to the opportunity to endorse a series of statements of principle and calls for action known as Early Day Motions… (story)


Western Mail 26.4.05 Many prefer to be do-it-yourself trainers of gun dogs - ALTHOUGH some owners of a new gun dog puppy will take the decision to have it sent away to be trained professionally, many more sportsmen and women will prefer to do the training themselves…. Glynn Cook is director, BASC Wales. (story)

Western Morning News 26.4.05 LABOUR HOMES PLAN GETS COOL RECEPTION … country sports enthusiasts voiced concerns that a previous Labour commitment to place no new restrictions on angling and shooting had been watered down… Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, warned that Labour appeared to be "ambiguous" about support for shooting. (story)

Western Morning News 26.4.05 Birds need insects - IN response to the article (April 11), while accepting, to an extent, Mr Brammer's assertion that grey squirrels destroy some birds' eggs and their fledglings, slaughtering the squirrels won't make a great deal of difference to the recovery of the songbird population…. Will there be a market for the abundance of squirrel meat? There are plenty of recipes on the Internet for squirrel pie. Harvey Fudge, Tiverton
Slaughterers-in-chief - THE insufferable arrogance of individuals and "organisations" such as the Ounce of Fives Group is matched only by their cruelty and ignorance… Penny Little, Great Haseley Oxon (letters)

York Evening Press 26.4.05 Why Mr Fox is not so fantastic by Haydn Lewis - TALES of Fantastic Mr Fox and his wily ways may be the stuff of a loveable Roald Dahl children's story, but they won't wash with these angry gents. Allotment holders at the Green Lane council allotments in Acomb, York, have long since run out of sympathy… Attacks on poultry at the allotments have seen one of the predators kill more than 100 birds in the last month alone… (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 26.4.05 OUTRAGE AT SLAUGHTER OF BADGERS - THE Government has started to trap and kill badgers in Worcestershire as part of its controversial attempt to stop the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle. Badger conservation campaigners are furious about the cull…. Mike Weaver, who is chairman of the Worcester Badgers Society, says the experiments, which use bait and cages to trap the animals, are flawed and cruel…. Dan Jones, of the Coalition of Badger Action Groups - which aims to monitor culling areas and take action to save badgers - called on people to tell campaigners the whereabouts of the traps…. (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 26.4.05 BADGERS TO BE RE-HOUSED BEFORE BUILDING CAN START - Developers have been told they can only build homes if they re-house displaced badgers. Cadeby Homes has been granted planning permission to develop the derelict Pex sock factory site in Hinckley Road, Earl Shilton… A two-stage plan for moving the animals was drawn up by English Nature and Leicestershire Badger Group…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.4.05 BADGERS DO NOT INFECT THE CATTLE - Concerning bovine TB (WMN, March 31), I am astonished at the ignorance of the cause of the condition, be it in man or animals. Think of generations of doctors and vets coming off the conveyer belts of colleges unaware that TB, of any kind, is not infectious or contagious…. Terence MacManus, London
Start vaccine programme - WHY on earth don't we use the vaccine which has been developed to combat this devastating disease ? Millions of animals must have been slaughtered over the years, at an incalculable cost, not just in money but in the livelihood of farmers and their families…. Joss Barnard, Ramsgate (letters)

News Shopper 26.4.05 We should report all wildlife crimes - WITH the Hunting Bill recently coming into force there has never been a better time for finding the truth about foxes and whether they interact with badgers or not. The West Kent Badger Group would like to remind everyone there is currently a one-year trial under way of making wildlife crime a recordable offence… If you would like to know more about badgers, or what the West Kent Badger Group does, please write to PO BOX 301, Gravesend, Kent DA12 9AB. Alex Hills, Media Liaison Officer, West Kent Badger Group (letter)

Western Morning News 26.4.05 EVEN THE SMALLEST FISH DESERVES RESPECT - I write regarding a recent article concerned with the welfare of goldfish - which predictably was met with derision. Well meaning laws will eventually be passed demanding bigger bowls, cages, whatever; all to the good - but nothing can compensate for a fish, animal, or bird denied its freedom…. People questioning, how in the framework of political events a little fish can possibly be of any import. Well it is - and it matters. M Mills Yelverton (story)


Irish Examiner 25.4.05 Never mind the price - pity the animal - MEAT factories are cutting the price they pay sheep farmers for lamb. This, we are told, is forcing sheep farmers out of business… And the pig that never sees daylight in its six-month existence? I know where my sympathies lie. Gerry Boland, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)

Environment Times 25.4.05 News: After fox hunt ban Labour Party pledges to lay off shooting and angling - Following their recent ban on fox hunting, which stirred up mass protests and bad feeling among many in the rural constituencies, the Labour Government has pledged to protect shooting and angling in its rural manifesto. The document "Rural Communities, forward not back" contains a pledge to "work with the relevant authorities to ensure that country sports are protected, while ensuring high standards of environmental protection, animal welfare and safety". The wording has been welcomed by Britain's biggest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. (BASC)… (story)

Western Morning News 25.4.05 DID POACHERS POISON FISH? - Westcountry tourism chiefs last night called for Government help to offset losses running into millions of pounds caused by the mysterious pollution of a top Cornish sport fishing river. The chemical which has devastated salmon and sea trout stocks in one of Cornwall's famed sport angling rivers has yet to be identified by scientific tests. One theory is that poachers may have caused the widespread contamination…. (story)

The Sentinel 25.4.05 ANIMAL TESTING WASTE OF TIME - I just wanted to comment on the letter (Sentinel, March 29) by Philip Connelly, director of Coalition For Medical Progress. So animal tests protect human volunteers? According to the former scientific executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences, animal tests and human results agree "five per cent to 25 per cent of the time", and depend on the drug and the animal concerned… PAUL NELSON Croyden (story)
The Sentinel 16.4.05 ANIMAL TESTS ARE INADEQUATE - I am bemused by Phillip Connolly's comments defending animal safety tests (letters, April 12). Many scientists (myself included) question whether data gained from animals can ever be reliably extrapolated to humans, yet animal tests are heavily utilised in drug development in order that the very expensive clinical trial phase be kept as brief as possible…. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
The Sentinel 16.4.05 A CAUTIONARY NOTE FOR US ALL - Philip Connolly (letters, April 12) makes the point against animal "safety" testing of drugs for humans very well. Safety tests are carried out on healthy animals for drugs to be used by poorly humans. As he says, you cannot compare the two… GILLIAN DOUGLAS RUSSELL Aberdeen (letter)
The Sentinel 12.4.05 CONFUSING SAFETY TESTS IN ANIMALS - Kathy Archibald (Letters, April 6) remains unconvinced about the value of safety tests in animals. I suspect this is because she is confusing trials - first in health volunteers, then in patients - with subsequent prescription to the population at large… PHILIP CONNOLLY London (story)
The Sentinel 6.4.05 PUT VIVISECTION TO THE TEST - Philip Connelly claims animal tests minimise the risk for volunteers and patients in clinical trials (Letters, April 2). Unfortunately, this is not true. 92 per cent of new drugs that pass animal tests go on to fail in clinical trials, causing side-effects in the humans that did not show up in animals… KATHY ARCHIBALD Director, Europeans for Medical Progress (story)
The Sentinel 2.4.05 ANIMAL SAFETY TESTS ARE VALID - Paul Nelson (Letters, March 29) criticises a young Sentinel reader for being too simplistic over research using animals… Animal safety tests protect the volunteers and patients taking part in clinical trials. They are not perfect but they remove a lot of the risk. PHILIP CONNELLY Director Coalition For Medical Progress (story)
The Sentinel 29.3.05 ANIMAL TESTING IS OUT OF DATE - I just wanted to comment on the letter from your 10-year-old reader (March 14), who suggests that animal testing is a good thing because humans are more important than humans. Unfortunately the debate is a lot more complex than this. Because animals are different from humans genetically, any results of tests obtained from animals cannot be applied to humans… PAUL NELSON, London (letter)

Argus 25.4.05 Letter: The deterrent that squawks - I'd like to know why Churchill Square is seeking planning permission for anti-bird nets. Before the council agrees to the nets, why doesn't Churhill Square look into bioacoustics?... -John Butler, Portslade (letter in archive)
Argus 18.4.05 Fears netting will be death trap for birds by Karen Hoy - Animal lovers are protesting against plans to put netting on a shopping centre roof to keep birds off…. The move has angered animal lovers, including Sue Young, who has collected names on a petition to protest against the proposal. Miss Young, of Kingsway, Hove, said the netting was also a danger to the peregrine falcons nesting on top of the nearby Sussex Heights building… Another animal lover, Sue Baumgardt, of Stoneham Road, Hove, said: "This netting is a total death trap to all birds in the Brighton area."... Guy Merchant, director of The Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), said: "We are deeply unhappy about what the shopping centre has done... (story in archive)


Sunday Times 24.4.05 Fierce creatures BY CHRISTINE TOOMEY - Intimidation . . . threats of violence . . . grave-robbing. A community in Staffordshire has been devastated by animal-rights activists determined to close down a local farm. Terror has come to Happy Valley. Can the law do anything to stop it?... Appeals for others to support the protesters in their attempts to close down the Halls' business led to the formation of a lobby group calling itself the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaign. In its promotional video it calls for "concerted and co-ordinated action by a coalition of ordinary people". But just how ordinary are they?... Janet Tomlinson, one of those arrested in connection with the crime but freed from police bail without charge, is a regular protester outside the gates of Darley Oaks Farm… Another activist, John Curtin, at first appears more measured. He talks of how he is regarded as a "softie" and a "blue-rinse conservative" by some animal-rights extremists because of his Buddhist belief in nonaggression… Despite his protestations of innocence, Curtin remains on police bail on suspicion of connection to the Yoxall grave-robbing. Five others arrested in connection with the crime include 30-year-old Catherine Adlen from Gloucester and John Ablewhite, a 34-year-old schoolteacher from Wolverhampton…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 24.4.05 Cease fire, Mr Brammer - My reaction to the line up of dead squirrels shot by Rod Brammer (News, April 10) was revulsion…. I suggest that Mr Brammer shuts his shooting school and sets his mind to preserving life. G E Fitzgerald, Billericay, Essex (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 23.4.05 IS ELEPHANT SO HAPPY? - Is the elephant at the Forest of Dean circus "happy", as mentioned in a previous letter (The Citizen, April 16)? There is no way you can tell, but is it a "natural" life?... If the owner cares for this elephant, he should let it be with its own kind. PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill, Stroud (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 23.4.05 Wildlife crime stoked by cash pressures, warns animal officer - WILDLIFE crime is being fuelled by increasing pressures on some country estates to be financially viable, Scotland’s first wildlife crime officer has claimed. Pc James McGovern took up the new full-time post at Lothian and Borders Police last month as part of increased efforts to target the problem both within the area and across the country…. (story)
Times 23.4.05 Gamekeepers accused of poisoning birds of prey to keep estates profitable BY DAVID LISTER, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - THE financial pressure of working on some of Britain’s biggest estates is driving gamekeepers to poison birds of prey, a police officer gave warning yesterday. Constable Jim McGovern, Scotland’s first full-time officer given the task of combating wildlife crime, accused some gamekeepers of doing almost anything to protect game birds on their land for shooting. … The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds accused Constable McGovern of trying to find excuses for criminals…. >(story)
icScotland 23.4.05 Estates 'fuelling wildlife crime' - Wildlife crime is being fuelled by increasing pressures on some country estates to be financially viable, Scotland's first wildlife crime officer has said. Speaking at the Law Society of Scotland's annual conference Property Matters, Pc James McGovern told delegates the crime was more extensive than previously thought and that the sale of illegal goods such as freshwater pearls also caused problems…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 23.4.05 TESTS AFFECT HUMANS TOO - With World Day for Laboratory Animals happening on April 24, we can expect the usual arguments on animal rights versus business interests…. Animal experimentation is a human rights issue - our right not to be killed or permanently damaged for the sake of corporate profits. Pat Rattigan, director British Anti-Vivisection Association PO Box 73 Chesterfield S41 0YZ (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.05 USE VOTE TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY - I am writing to urge readers to use their votes in the forthcoming General Election to help stop animal cruelty…. Before they came to power in 1997, New Labour pledged to reduce the number of animals used in painful experiments and to tackle the terrible suffering caused by factory farming…. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 23.4.05 NEW PROPOSALS DO NOT REMOVE ANIMALS FROM TESTING PROCESS - The European Commission has proposed a new system to reg- ulate the manufacture, import and use of chemical substances…. Yet there is nothing in the proposals to actually replace the use of animals…. Let's keep animals out of "REACH". Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (story)

Bolton Evening News 23.4.05 Show support for animals - THROUGH the Bolton Evening News, I would like to urge the MPs of Bolton to support the Animal Welfare Bill…. Linda Powell, Lever Edge Lane, Bolton (letter in archive)


Cambridge Evening News 22.4.05 Drivers tell police of illegal hare coursers - AN ANTI-BLOOD sports campaigner was quick to report a suspected illegal hare coursing event in a field in Soham. Amy Brady, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, was driving past Soham on the A142 when she saw what she believed to be an outlawed hare coursing event… Amy, from Cambridge, reported the incident to police at 5pm on Sunday, April 10 and officers were sent to the scene but the group had disappeared…. (story)

Western Mail 22.4.05 No shooting ban planned by RSPCA - Further to letters received from Adrian Simpson (March 31) and Geraint ap Llewellyn (April 2), I would like to reassure them that the RSPCA has no campaign to ban shooting. Not only has this been the RSPCA's stated policy for more than 20 years, but there are absolutely no plans to change this position… GETHIN RUSSELL-JONES, Regional Press Officer, RSPCA Cymru Wales, PO Box 27, Cardiff (letter)
Western Mail 2.4.05 In RSPCA's sights - I am shocked at the utter arrogance of Gethin Russell-Jones of the RSPCA… let me join in this debate and remind him of two things. His own chief executive did say, "That shooting is horrible and nasty and we will ban this." This was broadcast to 5.8 million people on the BBC's Politics Show, February 2 2003. Also, to remind him of his own organisation's policy when a leaked document to this Government from the RSPCA said, "It is proposed that a new offence be created to prohibit shooting of game birds or in the absence of that an offence of rearing game birds. A number of practices involved with this should be the subject of new offences."… GERAINT AP LLEWELLYN, Barry (letter)
Western Mail 31.3.05 A campaign or not? RSPCA spokesman for Wales Gethin Russell-Jones ("Gunning for RSPCA", March 18) is taking readers for a ride. On one hand he says, "The RSPCA has no campaign to ban shooting", and then in the next paragraph says of the RSPCA, "We are opposed to the shooting of wild animals for sport because sport does not justify the causing of suffering to birds and other animals". So the RSPCA have no campaign to ban shooting but are opposed to it because it causes suffering to birds - clear as mud?... The RSPCA may not have a named campaign to ban shooting but it is clearly high on their agenda. Isn't it time they came clean? ADRIAN SIMPSON, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, Spillman Street, Carmarthen (letter)
Western Mail 18.3.05 Gunning for RSPCA - While being highly amused by Mike Paget-Donaldson's description of me as "spindoctor" for the RSPCA (February 22), his letter is inaccurate. I repeat, the RSPCA has no campaign to ban shooting…. We are not campaigning to ban shooting, but instead urge shooters to adopt the highest possible standards in pursuing their sport. GETHIN RUSSELL-JONES, RSPCA Cymru Wales (letter)
Western Mail 26.2.05 I did not lie - Once again I have to write to correct the impression made in the Letters column of the Western Mail (Mike Paget-Donaldson, Western Mail, February 22) He states that I am "lying to the public" when I say that the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) is not opposed to shooting… I have checked my speech and can find no reference to calling for a ban…. I categorically state that I have not lied when I say that LAWS does not have a policy to ban shooting, and take great exception to being accused of lying. There is no foundation whatsoever to his accusation. The very least I expect from Mike Paget - Donaldson is a full apology, and an acknowledgement that either he or whoever is briefing him has got it badly wrong. ANITA GALE (letter)
Western Mail 22.2.05 Truth out in open - I have read with interest the exchange of letters between Brian Davies, Baroness Gale and now Gethin Russell-Jones of the RSPCA, concerning shooting. Lady Gale is lying to the public when she says that the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) is not opposed to shooting. A cursory glance at their website, literature and recognising that their bedfellows are the Animal Rights lobby simply disproves such matters…. She has also personally spoken against shooting in the House of Lords, the last time was on March 19, 2002… MIKE PAGET-DONALDSON, Britway Road, Dinas Powys (letter)
Western Mail 10.2.05 Pheasant shooting - Brian Davies (Letters January 31) is completely incorrect is saying the RSPCA intends campaigning against the shooting of pheasants. There is no such campaign! We are not opposed to the shooting of wild animals provided there is a proven need and it is humanely done. Where pheasant are shot for sport we advocate that shooters adopt a code of practice based on the recommendations of the 1980 Medway Report… GETHIN RUSSELL-JONES, Regional Press Officer, RSPCA Cymru Wales, Cardiff (story)
Western Mail 7.2.05 Animal welfare - Brian Davies (Letters, January 31) says that "The RSPCA, Animal Aid, League Against Cruel Sports and the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) are 'turning their sights on pheasant shooting'."… I can only speak on the policy of LAWS and I speak as its vice-chair… We do not have any policy to ban shooting…. ANITA GALE, House of Lords (letter)
Western Mail 31.1.05 - No sooner is the ink dry on the Hunting with Dogs Act that its proponents turn their sights on pheasant shooting. The RSPCA Animal Aid, the League Against Cruel Sports and The Labour Animal Welfare Society have all declared their intent to bring yet another aspect of the rural way of life to an end; and let nobody confuse the issue with thoughts that their intentions arise out of concerns over 'welfare'… Non-attributable briefings clearly reveal that their aim is the total elimination of all human exploitation of animals and that, in due course, they will turn their attention to livestock farming… BRIAN DAVIES, Redlands Road, Penarth. (letter)

BBC News Online 22.4.05 Boat will fight 'bird slaughter' - A Sussex-based animal charity is helping to clamp down on the illegal shooting of migratory birds off the Mediterranean island of Malta. International Animal Rescue, based in Uckfield, East Sussex, is handing over a new high-speed patrol boat so police can catch people shooting birds at sea… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 22.4.05 Hare coursers fail to turn up at court - LAURA DEVLIN - Magistrates yesterday issued warrants for the arrest of two men caught hare coursing in West Norfolk after they failed to turn up at court. The bench at King's Lynn ordered Henry Lee, 26, and 31-year-old John Lee should be tracked down after they trespassed in pursuit of game at nearby Terrington St Clement. The pair, from Chesterton, near Cambridge, and Wellingborough respectively, were convicted in their absence in March and were due to be sentenced yesterday… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 22.4.05 FARM NOT SET FOR TROUBLE - Police are not expecting trouble at a farm which breeds guinea pigs for medical research, despite it being World Day for Laboratory Animals on Sunday. Campaigning organisations across the globe are expected to mark the event, prompting fears there could be protests outside Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch… (story)

Oxford Mail 22.4.05 Debate animal lab tests, urges Benn - Vegetarian and ex-Labour MP Tony Benn is in favour of a public examination into the scientific arguments against animal experimentation. The former Cabinet minister and anti-vivisectionist was in Oxford yesterday to chair a scientific debate about animal testing, organised by Europeans for Medical Progress (EMP)…. He praised Joan Court, who is on hunger strike in protest over the plans for the laboratory…. (story in archive)

Sunderland Echo 22.4.05 FIGHT AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY - On Sunday, Animal Aid and other campaigning organisations will mark World Day for Laboratory Animals…. Andre Menache, Scientific consultant, Animal Aid. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 22.4.05 Fisherman in fear of attack by Paula Tegerdine - A PURBECK fisherman who fell victim to animal activists, the Lobster Liberation Front, is bracing himself for another attack. Former soldier Nick Ford had £600 worth of nets slashed and draped over his boat at Kimmeridge Bay with threats of more destruction posted on the internet. Mr Ford, a single father, who describes his business as a one-man band, is the second Purbeck fisher-man to be targeted by the group…. (story in archive)
Independent 21.4.05 Series of attacks threatens Dorset's lobster industry - To the surfers who flock there, it is known simply as 'K-Bay' - a Dorset coastal idyll of pebbled beaches and rocky outcrops set at the edge of the Purbecks. But Kimmeridge Bay's serenity has been shattered by slashed fishing nets and dark threats posted on the internet. Both are the work the Lobster Liberation Front (LLF), which has been delivering a new brand of animal rights activism for the past nine months and warns that its latest attack may not be the last….(story)
Telegraph 21.4.05 New attack in lobster 'war' By Richard Savill - Police are investigating a second attack on the Dorset fishing community by an extremist animal rights group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front. Nick Ford, a fisherman for 17 years, who works out of Kimmeridge Bay, has had his nets slashed with knives, causing £600 worth of damage. His lobster pots were also wrecked…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.4.05 Lobster 'front' targets fisherman - A fisherman has become the latest victim of an animal rights group targeting the Dorset lobster industry. Former soldier Nick Ford, who has worked out of Kimmeridge Bay for 17 years, has had his nets slashed. A group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front has since claimed it was behind the Easter Sunday attack… The front claimed responsibility for the attack on the website of the Southern Animal Rights Coalition. Coalition spokesman Keith Mann said: "I certainly couldn't condemn anybody for doing such a thing…." (story)
Scotsman 19.4.05 Animal Rights Group Target Lobster Fisherman By Lesley Richardson, PA - A fisherman has become the latest victim of an animal rights group targeting the lobster industry, it emergeday. Nick Ford, 40, who has worked out of Kimmeridge Bay, in Dorset, for 17 years, said his fishing nets were slashed on Easter Sunday. A group called the Lobster Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted anonymously on the Southern Animal Rights Coalition (SARC) website…. (story)

Craven Herald 22.4.05 I was shocked to discover that my hard earned taxes are being used to subsidise the export of live cattle from the EU to the Middle East… Dorothy Buffey, Townhead House, Silsden (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 22.4.05 MOST CIRCUSES DON'T HAVE ANIMAL SHOWS - In response to Sophie Wilkinson, of the RSPCA, regarding the circus-animal issue… Very few circuses have any animal acts… Support human-only shows and the animal shows will disappear. They only survive because people pay to see them. Alan Beers, Leicester. (story)

Blackpool Citizen 22.4.05 Circus sparks annual sideshow - CIRCUS leaders say animal rights activists should stop urging people to shun a live show on the Fylde coast this week. The national Circus Friends Association have backed owners of the Bobby Roberts Circus in labelling the boycott - by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) - as "utter rubbish"…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 22.4.05 ART'S THE CAT'S WHISKERS - An Abbeydale artist has scooped a top award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Maureen Gay, 57, from Briar Lawn, is the regional winner of the Animal Action Week Design a Calendar competition…. (story)

The Sentinel 22.4.05 WEB IS FULL OF ANIMAL CHARITY - Thank you to everyone who stopped and took interest in our animal charity stall in Hanley on Saturday, April 16… If anyone would like to inform themselves about any issues - and there are so many - please have a look at any of the following websites: ciwf, buav, navs, animal defenders, animals asia, korean animals, wspa, uncaged; all have sites… It's just amazing what animals have to suffer…. P WILSON Brown Edge (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 22.4.05 DOG RESCUER TELLS OF OVERSEAS TRADE BY ALEC PEACHEY - A Chief Investigator of Philippines-based Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) recently visited Edenbridge to learn about its daughter organisation. High Street-based International Wildlife Coalition (IWC) Trust promotes global wildlife and natural habitat protection issues in the UK and was visited by Luis Buenaflor…. (story)


Western Gazette 21.4.05 NATURE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED - I Feel I must address the outrageous letters by M. Gibson and Delly Everand… Shooters have been getting away with mass murder for years but because most sane people do not want young people blasting away and want restrictions the Countryside Alliance does not like it…. Why not watch the beauty in wildlife and not kill it? So let's not take any notice of the Countryside Alliance or the NFM or the wealthy shooters and protect our countryside. Neal Buckoke, Dorchester, full address supplied (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.4.05 GREATER DANGER - Although I do not live in Leicester, I was shown a copy of the article by Dr Clark regarding the dangers posed by parasites carried by foxes, in particular the roundworm Toxocara Canis (Mailbox, April 8). While Dr Clark's explanation of how the larvae of the roundworm can cause blindness, particularly in children, is accurate, these cases are extremely rare…. Mick Baker, Great Saling, Essex. (story)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.05 BASIC HYGIENE REDUCES RISKS - Dr Frank Clark (Mercury Mailbox, April 8) warns that fox faeces can carry Toxocara roundworms which can infect humans. That is technically true, but there is no record in the UK of anyone ever becoming infected from contact with foxes or their faeces…. Basic hygiene, such as washing hands before eating, and after playing outside or handling animals, is, as suggested by Dr Clark, suffice to safeguard against infection. John Bryant, Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, London (letter)
Leicester Mercury 8.4.05 WARNING ON DANGERS POSED BY FOXES - Although the fox is not considered vermin, and is not controlled by the city council, it is worth pointing out that they do carry a number of parasites of relevance to human health, not least of which is the roundworm Toxocara canis…. Dogs pose no threat if regularly wormed. Foxes on the other hand are seldom, if ever, wormed and therefore must pose a potential health risk. If foxes visit gardens where children play, fox, and any other mammal faeces should be removed and destroyed…. Dr Frank Clark, Houghton on the Hill. (story)

Essex Chronicle 21.4.05 FOXES CULLED TO SAVE LAMBS - Foxes in South Woodham Ferrers will be culled in a bid to maintain the lamb population at Marsh Farm. Ten lambs have been killed by foxes in recent weeks, prompting farm manager, David Mason, to order the cull over the next month…. (story)

Telegraph 21.4.05 Huntingdon refused access to information on activists - Lawyers for Huntingdon Life Sciences were yesterday refused permission to go through the address list of all 10,000 supporters of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty as well as the organisation's bank statements. Huntingdon, which did win permission to look at cheques written by SHAC, is taking the group and a number of named activists to court, claiming that it is being harassed by the organisation. The animal testing company is seeking a permanent injunction against SHAC, which originally claimed it did not exist as a group and so could not have an order made against it. It now admits it is an unincorporated association but claims not to have members…. (story)

Oxford Mail 21.4.05 Lab protester starts hunger strike - Pensioner Joan Court began a three-day hunger strike in Oxford yesterday in protest at Oxford University's plans for an animal research laboratory. As the 86-year-old started her protest, another pensioner, MS sufferer Diane Gracey, 64, of the Research Defence Society, launched a counter-protest nearby…. Miss Court, who has a background in nursing and midwifery, is joined by a fellow Buddhist, Susthama Kim, 31, who is also going without food…. Mrs Gracey said: "I am protesting for the scientists and doctors who work so hard to help the millions with serious conditions…." (story in archive)
Cambridge Evening News 15.4.05 Animal activist Joan plans another protest - AN 86-year-old Cambridge woman is to start a 72-hour hunger strike to protest against a planned animal research centre. Veteran campaigner Joan Court, of Sturton Street, will sit by the South Parks Road construction site at Oxford University on Wednesday and hopes to send a clear message of defiance to the Government, the university and contractors…. (story)

Western Gazette 21.4.05 PROTESTERS GIVE FESTIVAL THE BIRD - Animal rights campaigners were yesterday locked in battle with the Royal Bath and West of England Society over plans to stage an illegal bird show this weekend. A decision was due last night on whether to proceed on Sunday with the Festival of Birds at the Royal Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet, with Mendip District Council ruling the show illegal… Elaine Toland of the APA said undercover investigators would again attend the show if organisers decide to proceed… Karmele Llano Sanchez, a vet who attended last year's event, said: "There were numerous contraventions of basic hygiene and animal welfare standards…" (story)
BBC News Online 20.4.05 Campaigners try to stop bird show - An organisation campaigning against the trade in wild animals for pets is calling on the Bath and West Showground not to let a bird show go ahead. A spokeswoman for the Animal Protection Agency (APA) claimed some birds sold in previous years were in "shocking condition"…. Elaine Toland, director of the APA, claimed the bird market would be illegal under the Pet Animals' Act 1951 and that the Bath and West showground would risk prosecution by allowing illegal trading on its land…. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.4.05 LEGAL THREAT TO BIRD SHOW AFTER PROTESTS - A Controversial caged-bird show will risk a legal storm if it is held in the West next month, it emerged yesterday. The Festival of Birds attracts about 1,000 people twice a year to Shepton Mallet's Royal Bath & West Showground - but has also attracted a bitter war of words… After years of heated arguments, Mendip District Council is now siding with those who call for the event to be banned…. One of the most vigorous anti-groups, the Animal Protection Agency, yesterday welcomed the decision. Spokesman Elaine Toland claimed: "We are delighted…." Greg Glendell, who lives in Axbridge, in Somerset, and is active in welfare organisation Birds First, has also opposed the event… (story)

Western Gazette 21.4.05 PLEASE HELP THESE POOR BEARS - Highlighted in your sister paper, the Western Daily Press, is the plight of the Moon Bears kept in horrendous conditions in Farms in China… Jill Robinson set up a sanctuary in Chengdu China to release the lucky ones into. She now has 185 rehabilitated bears. She has worked with the Chinese government to try and end bear farming… Jane Riva, Lakefields, West Coker. (letter)

Argus 21.4.05 Letter: Save the badgers - I find the sight of dead wildlife at the side of the roads of our county very distressing, particularly the beautiful badger… -Sylvia Harwood, Hove (letter in archive)


The Sentinel 20.4.05 PUT YOUR HEAD ON THE BLOCK - It would be better if your letter writers who object to tests involving animals could do something more practical. They could offer themselves as human guinea pigs for testing possible new medicines. They should refuse any medicines or medical procedures that have previously been tested on animals such as blood transfusions and kidney and heart transplants. Objections should be made to any form of hunting which has never helped medical science and involves cruelty… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.4.05 GOVERNMENT'S BEEF GUIDELINES UNCLEAR - The news that West Country farmers are flouting the BSE regulations is disturbing but not surprising (The Farmers Who Put Our Lives at Risk, WDP, April 15). Some farmers have been trying every possible scam to circumvent the regulations… The best thing anyone can do to protect their health is to move towards a plant-based diet and Viva! is happy to offer all the help and support necessary. Tony Wardle Associate Director Editor - Viva! Life (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 20.4.05 'Cruel' crab stall protest By Andrew Heath - A row has broken out over the welfare of live crabs sold in a market in Warwickshire after animal rights protesters and stallholders clashed. Police had to be called after activists were alleged to have threatened the owners of Max's Marina fishmonger stall in Rugby. The controversy erupted after animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings complained about how the crabs were being stored, in a dry tub….(story)

Manchester Evening News 20.4.05 Corrie's 'bunny boiler' takes on fur fans - Ian Wylie - IT'S the killer look which has served man-eater Tracy Barlow well on Coronation Street. And actress Kate Ford, who plays toxic Tracy, is deadly serious in her new role in an anti-fur ad… Now Kate has agreed to be a bunny girl for anti-fur campaign PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… (story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.4.05 Not so painless - Regarding the halal slaughter debate, I question whether electric stunning is more humane. Scientists and physiologists have expressed serious doubts, claiming an electric current merely paralyses the animal - preventing it from uttering a sound - as pain passes through its (conscious) system…. When the jugular is severed, the animal loses consciousness within seconds. The brain is `unplugged - there may be signals, but no `receiver'… Are we more concerned with appeasing the squeamish or minimising the real pain of the animal? Michael Best, Woodhall Road, Calverley. (letter in archive)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 19.4.05 LOTS OF SPORTING CHANCES FOR BIDDERS AT GAME CONSERVANCY'S AUCTION - ALISTAIR BEATON - The Grampian committee of the Game Conservancy is aiming to boost funds with an auction this month at a local fishery and country club. Chairman Sir George Forbes-Leith of Fyvie and his team have lined up various sporting lots for the April 28 event at the Lochter Fishery outside Oldmeldrum. On offer will be fishing and stalking, walked-up shooting and duck flighting, on some of the north-east's prime sporting estates…. (story)

Western Morning News 19.4.05 HOW CAN WE CULL OUR GREY SQUIRRELS? - I was horrified to read of the campaign to eradicate Britain's grey squirrels… Valerie Wells, Plymouth (letter)

News Shopper 19.4.05 Big cat fear after foxes torn apart By Jolene Hill - A MYSTERIOUS beast behind the mutilation of foxes is raising speculation a big cat is on the prowl. Laura Downes, 47, of Westmount Road, Eltham, discovered a dead fox in her back garden and thought there was nothing sinister involved. But when she looked out an hour later nothing was left except clumps of fur, scattered around the garden. … Mrs Downes called in animal expert Eddie Williams of Willow Wildlife, an animal ambulance service based in Chislehurst. He said: "It was horrendous…." Although sceptical over the existence of big cats, Mr Williams and an expert from the Fox Project are unable to explain what ripped up the first fox….(story)

Western Daily Press 19.4.05 BEARS STEAL THE SHOW - The beautiful bears at the heart of a Western Daily Press campaign made their stage debut last night at the West's biggest theatre. Excited theatregoers arriving at Bristol Hippodrome for the opening night of Chicago the Musical could not fail to learn about the plight of China's Moon Bears… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 19.4.05 THE BEAR NECESSITIES BY PHILIPPA WALKER - A new charity took to the streets of Newton Abbot town centre on Saturday to raise awareness and money for the plight of farmed bears in Asia. China Bear Rescue Support Group South Devon was set up last week as part of the Animal Asia Foundation and organiser Colin Hatton was pleased with the generosity of local shoppers… (story)

Western Morning News 19.4.05 WONDER OF THE 'ANIMAL' WOMAN - The letter "No one wants to treat sick strays" (WMN March 22) rings an all-too familiar bell. The unwillingness of the RSPCA to help in such matters is becoming something of a national scandal among the millions of people in Britain for whom improving animal welfare, so liberally promised in two New Labour manifestos, is an essential element of civilised life… I cannot remember a single occasion in some 50 years of involvement in animal welfare, when the RSPCA made a quick, efficient and willing response to a call for help. But even that regime was better than the new call centre system, on the wall of silence that has taken over…. H V F Winstone, Bideford (letter)

Western Morning News 19.4.05 FANTASTIC RESPONSE TO RE-HOMING OF 'SPENT' BATTERY CHICKENS - I would like to thank you for printing my letter recently regarding the re-homing of "spent" battery chickens - the response from your readers has been fantastic… And in response to inquiries to the Animal Information Bureau about one-stop animal and environment friendly shopping, "shopwithcare" has evolved - a service providing a comprehensive range of effective personal care products and quality care gifts… Gail Woolfenden, Liskeard (letter)

Western Morning News 19.4.05 SHOW LOVE TO ALL OF GOD'S CREATION - In response to the ill-informed letter of H D Branton, God commanded man to follow a purely vegetarian diet (Gen 1:29). Up until the cataclysmic flood, from Adam and Eve to Noah, they were all vegetarian. … H Lancre, St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 12.4.05 THE CASE IN FAVOUR OF COMPASSION TO ANIMALS - I enjoyed reading L J Dell's letter, although the correspondent might have gone further and quoted Tolstoy's most famous "animal" quotes: "If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from cruelty to animals"… H Lancre, St Austell (letter)

Argus 19.4.05 Letter: Live animal exports still go on throughout Europe - January 2005 was the tenth anniversary of live animal exports from Shoreham…. British taxpayers are funding animal cruelty to the tune of more than £100 per animal…. Judy Way -Overhill, Southwick (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 19.4.05 CIRCUS ANIMALS' LIFE IS UNNATURAL - I Think you should read some information on the conditions captive circus animals have to live in…. Is this the way we want to see wild animals made to do tricks so we can all sit and laugh? CAROLINE WATT, via e-mail (letter)

Bath Chronicle 19.4.05 ACT NOW BEFORE HEARTLESS COUNCIL HAS THE GOATS KILLED - Most people who holiday in North Devon find the feral goats in the Valley of Rocks a special attraction. At a meeting of the town council in March, a vote was taken to reduce the herd to 30, which could mean anything up to 100 being culled… Many of us who think the goats are an integral part of the valley are dismayed about this resolution, not just because of the suffering that will be inevitable as part of such a massacre, but because it is entirely unnecessary… JAN HUNT, Hazelbury Hill, Box (letter)


Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.4.05 Shoot - but not to kill - IN answer to name and address supplied (LET, April 2) it wasn't in Watership Down or Bambi that I saw the report of the Scottish gamekeeper who killed 80-plus birds of prey including endangered ones in order to "protect" the environment required by people who kill for pleasure…. If you must use guns as toys there is clay pigeon and target shooing -- no need to kill. You see I don't want to spoil your pleasure but I don't think anything should have to die for it. D PRATT (Mr), Plantation Street, Accrington. (letter in archive)

The Sentinel 18.4.05 ANIMAL TESTING CURES DISEASES - My opinion on animal testing is that it's OK to test on animals. My reason for this is that if animals were not tested on many people would have died. If animals hadn't have been tested on inhalers or insulin would never have been developed…. JAMES SMITH Aged 10 Bursley CP School (story)

Nottingham Evening News 18.4.05 LABOUR BROKE ANIMALS PLEDGE … The Labour Party broke their promise when they said that if they were elected they would stop vivisection. Not only have they not stopped it, they have encouraged pharmaceutical companies to build more laboratories! So I'm going to vote for the Green Party (as I have done in the last two elections) for they say that they will do all they can to stop vivisection and other forms of dreadful cruelty to animals, as well as doing all they can to stop global warming… CHRISTINE SCOTT (Miss) Kingfisher Court West Bridgford (letter)

BBC News Online 18.4.05 Appeal for badger-baiting details - People in Lincolnshire are being asked to help in the fight against badger baiting in the county. The Lincolnshire Badger Association raised awareness of the problem as part of an event at Ashby de le Launde for Badger Awareness Day…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 18.4.05 Snared badger found dumped on road By Ted Jeory - POLICE have issued a warning to landowners after a snared badger was found dumped in the middle of a road…. The move came after members of the North East Essex Badger Group discovered a badger dumped in the road…. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.4.05 FLOWERING OF PASTURES NEW FOR OUR BEARS - The picture says it all - beautiful Bronwyn, still with hair loss on her pretty face, taking her first steps out on grass - often hardly visible in the blanket of yellow flowers, but clearly a bear with meaning to her life at last. How can we ever thank you all?... Bear hugs from all in the team of Animals Asia, Jill. (story)
Western Daily Press 18.4.05 KEEP CAMPAIGNING - Thank you so much for bringing to light the terrible suffering of the beautiful, gentle bears in China…. Laura Barrell Address supplied (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 18.4.05 CRUELTY OF SEAL CULL - PHILIP LYMBERY, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 11.4.05 SOAPBOX: SEAL CULLING - Philip Lymbery, director of communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals (letter)
Sunderland Echo 8.4.05 Cruelty of seal cull - Philip Lymbery, Director of Communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) (letter)
Guernsey Press & Star 7.4.05 THE World Society for the Protection of Animals has for many years worked to end forms of cruelty to animals overseas… PHILIP LYMBERY, director of communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals. (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 7.4.05 Bloody fate is sealed - PHILIP LYMBERY, Director of Communications, WSPA (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 5.4.05 Help stop suffering of seals P LYMBERY World Society for the Protection of Animals Albert Embankment London (letter in archive)
Birmingham Post 5.4.05 Stop this bloody trade - Seal hunting - The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has, for many years, worked to end forms of cruelty to animals overseas, such as bear baiting, bullfighting and captive dolphins. So to read that Canada is allowing the biggest seal cull for more than 50 years can only be seen as a huge backwards step in animal welfare…. PHILIP LYMBERY Director of Communications World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 17.4.05 Shoot him if you can - Rod Brammer's admirable campaign to wipe out grey squirrels could only work if he had universal support (News, April 10). The sad fact is that he has none. The RSPCA is against him, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Government are terrified by animal rights groups and public opinion, and the Forestry Commission has given up…. Nick Forde, London SW4 (letter)


Hull Daily Mail 16.4.05 UNFAIR TO HORSES - Every year it seems there is a minority of pro-Grand Nationals who wrongly interpret the phenomenon of jockey-less horses continuing to race as proof of their enjoyment of the ordeal. Sadly, they fail to understand basic equine behaviour. The horse is a herd animal and his instincts give him the tendency to follow the behaviour of the majority…. In my opinion, the Grand National horses are pushed beyond any reasonable welfare limit. E Girling, Sigston Road, Beverley. (letter)

Telegraph 16.4.05 Extremists challenged over grave robbing By Nick Britten - Police yesterday challenged animal rights extremists who claimed to have stolen the body of an 82-year-old woman from her grave to make good their offer of revealing its whereabouts…. (story)
Birmingham Post 16.4.05 Group told to prove where dead body is - An animal rights group which sent letters saying they had the remains of a pensioner's body that was stolen from a church graveyard should prove their claims, detectives said today… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.4.05 POLICE: TELL US WHERE WOMAN'S BODY IS - Police investigating the desecration of Yoxall pensioner Gladys Hammond's grave have urged animal rights activists who claim to know where her remains are to "prove what they say."… (story)
Burton Mail 15.4.05 'Put up or shut up' challenge to activists by DAVID POWLES - POLICE today challenged animal rights activists to prove claims that they know the whereabouts of the stolen remains of a grandmother. Staffordshire Police have called on a group calling themselves the Animal Rights Militia to meet promises made in a letter to the Mail last week to reveal the location of "one sixth" of the body of Gladys Hammond, 82…. (story)
BBC News Online 15.4.05 Group urged to reveal burial site - Animal rights extremists who have sent letters saying they have the remains of a woman whose body was stolen should prove their claims, police have said…. "We are asking them to prove what they say is true by giving us the exact location. The Animal Rights Militia know how to authenticate their claims by providing us with the co-ordinates of the whereabouts of Glady's Hammond."… (story)
Guardian 15.4.05 Police appeal over body theft claims - Staffordshire police yesterday urged an animal rights group to prove its claim that it could lead them to the remains of a woman's body that was stolen from a graveyard. The remains of Gladys Hammond were taken from St Peter's church in the village of Yoxall last October. Last month Detective Chief Inspector Nick Baker, who is leading the investigation, made an appeal on BBC1's Crimewatch programme after letters were received from people claiming to have her body… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 12.4.05 NEW TWIST IN BODY CASE - The Case of the pensioner's body stolen from a grave in Staffordshire has taken a chilling new twist. A letter has been sent to the family of the woman who died, claiming to identify where "one-sixth" of her remains can be found… A Gloucester couple were arrested in a raid at their home in Lysons Avenue, Linden last month in connection with the theft of the body but were released on bail without charge. (story)
Times 9.4.05 Animal activists reveal where body is buried BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - ANIMAL rights extremists who dug up and stole an elderly woman’s body have offered to return parts of it but have also made death threats against her relatives…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.4.05 DEATH THREAT AND OFFER OF BODY PARTS - Detectives are investigating an offer by animal rights activists to return some of the remains of a grandmother whose body was stolen by grave-robbers. The macabre offer was made in a chilling letter sent to media by a group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia…. (story)
Burton Mail 8.4.05 TELL US WHERE GLADYS IS by STEVE DOOHAN - THE MAIL today urges animal rights extremists who have offered to return the body of a grandmother stolen from her grave to do the decent thing and reveal where it is buried. The Mail yesterday received a letter from a group calling themselves the Animal Rights Militia, offering to return 'one sixth' of the remains of Gladys Hammond, whose body was stolen from her grave at St Peter's Church, Yoxall, in October…. Meanwhile Burton animal rights campaigner Janet Tomlinson, who was arrested and bailed over the theft of Mrs Hammond's body but who was last week cleared of any involvement, said she believed the letter was a hoax sent by the secret services in an attempt to discredit animal rights campaigns. She believes the police and Government were responsible for the grave robbery… (story)
Sun 8.4.05 Stolen body offered back By SUN ONLINE REPORTER - DECTECTIVES are investigating an offer by animal rights activists to return part of the remains of a grandmother whose body was stolen by grave robbers. The gruesome offer was made in a chilling letter sent to media organisations in Staffordshire and Birmingham by a group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia…. The Burton Mail revealed that the letter claimed that “one sixth” of Mrs Hammond’s remains were entombed in a sealed plastic container buried 2ft underground in woodland near Newchurch… (story)
BBC News Online 8.4.05 Letters name site of stolen body - Forensic experts are examining letters, claiming to be from animal rights extremists, which offer to reveal the location of a woman's stolen body…. A group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia wrote to say part of Mrs Hammond's body was buried locally… The authors claimed that one sixth of Mrs Hammond's remains were entombed in a sealed plastic container, buried 2ft underground in woodland near Newchurch…. "The Halls have a choice. If they take steps now to close they may not have to see one of their family or a friend buried... by us. We have disposed of one body no problem, the next one will be easier."… (story)
Burton Mail 7.4.05 WE'LL GIVE YOU GLADYS'S BODY BACK by STEVE DOOHAN - DETECTIVES were today investigating an offer by animal rights extremists to return part of the remains of a grandmother — six months after her body was stolen from her grave at a churchyard near Burton. The detailed offer was made in a letter sent to The Mail this morning by a group calling themselves the Animal Rights Militia, and which has been passed to police. The author of the letter, using a codename, also issues a chilling threat to the Hall family, who run Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch — which breeds guinea pigs for medical research — warning them that if they stay in business, a relative or friend will be killed…. (story)

Scotsman 16.4.05 Animals really are man's best research friend - IAN JOHNSTON - BREAKTHROUGHS in animal medicine are increasingly leading to new discoveries which could help humans… John Robbins, of Animal Concern, said he was happy if veterinary research could be used to help humans. "If they haven’t created the condition in the animal then we have always said we wouldn’t object as long as the animal was not subjected to increased suffering," he said…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.4.05 THE MOMENT WE SET THEM FREE - It was the moment that really made me realise why I came out here…. I have been a veterinary nurse for 15 years, but I was profoundly shocked by the plight of the Moon Bears…. (story)
Western Daily Press 16.4.05 WE'RE TOGETHER ON THIS JOURNEY AND WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN - The tortured and suffering Moon Bears of China have reached the hearts of people in cities, towns and villages across the West Country…. The Western Daily Press is pledged to help these animals . . . and all abused animals whenever we can. They have no voice, no guns, no understanding of why man does this. We are all together on this journey. We will not let you down. Thank you. The Editor , Terry Manners (story)
Western Daily Press 16.4.05 YOU'RE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB - When your appeal just started to raise money for Moon Bears, I sent a donation, but I felt I could do more. It breaks my heart to see the torment and suffering of these animals…. Julia Rice, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.4.05 KEEP UP YOUR GREAT SUPPORT - We are from the AAF office in Germany and have been keeping track of your support action with keen interest…. Chee-Meng Bartel, Christa Filipowicz, Animals Asia Foundation (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.4.05 EMAILS KEEP US INFORMED - I have been reading with great interest the campaign you have launched to help the beautiful Moon Bears in China. I have been doing this by way of Dave Neale, our fantastic UK AAF Director, who has been sending all the stories via email to Jill Robinson and all the AAF team around the World and reporting on the magnificent total as it grows…. Jude Siekmann, Australian Office Manager Animals Asia Foundation (Australia) Ltd (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.4.05 THANKS TO YOU ALL FROM THE BORN FREE STAR - Dear Readers of the Western Daily Press Having just learned of your fantastically generous response to the Animals Asia Foundation campaign for the Moon Bears, I would like to express my gratitude to you…. Virginia McKenna, The Born Free Foundation (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 16.4.05 ANIMALS PROPS IN CRUEL CIRCUSES - Circus animals are merely props in entertainment and what sort of people are we to allow that to continue?... When does a circus animal get to roam freely over many miles per day and feed itself and socialise? The claim that circus animals are well fed and watered may well be true but so what - they do not have their freedom and what would you prefer - a prison or freedom?... There is an undercover investigation by Animal Defenders in a number of animal circuses touring Britain… JOHN REES, via e-mail (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 16.4.05 FACTS ON CIRCUS ANIMALS IGNORED - Many people concerned about animal welfare will be surprised that Cinderford Town Council has granted permission for a controversial animal circus to use council land… We urge the council to recon sider its decision, and for compassionate people to boycott all circuses that use animals. CRAIG REDMOND, Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston, Lancs (letter)

The Sentinel 16.4.05 LET NATURE DO THE RIGHT THING - Re: savage hunters are killing songbirds. I feel I really must comment. I and many others are getting fed up with people spouting such rubbish about our native wildlife. Are pigeon fanciers really bird lovers or not?... We are the real greedy and merciless hunters…. MICK CHESWORTH Stone (letter)


Kent/East Sussex Courier 15.4.05 RURAL FOLK FLOCK TO GAME SHOW BY MARY HARRIS - The Country set was out in full force at the new Kent Game Fair - as droves of Barbour-clad visitors with their gun dogs straining at their leashes, descended on the county showground. The two-day event at the weekend marked a first venture into Kent by organisers Contour Exhibitions, which runs the West Country Game Fair at the Royal Bath and West showground…. On both days arena events included ferret racing, a fly fishing demonstration, dogs including Essex Dog Display Team, lurchers and gun dogs. Major country organisations like the Countryside Alliance, Game Conservancy Trust and Sportsman's Association were in force…. (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 15.4.05 FOX RESCUE OFFICE MOVES TO BIGGER SITE - After 14 years in Tonbridge, The Fox Project has upped sticks and relocated to Southborough. The charity has moved its administration office out of Animal Aid's premises in Bradford Street and into The Southborough Centre in Draper Street…. (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 15.4.05 FOXES ARE FOUND SHOT ON COMMON - Four foxes were found shot dead at Southborough Common in an area often used by children. Staff of the Fox Project, an organisation now based in Draper Street, Southborough, which treats and rehabilitates sick and injured foxes to get them back in the wild, were alerted by residents who made the grim discovery of the dead animals on Saturday… (story)

Independent 15.4.05 Regulate dog racing - Jane Campbell's notice of the production Going to the Dogs (5 April) totally misrepresents my position and that of Greyhounds UK. I do not want greyhound racing banned… but I do want licensing of racing by public authorities to welfare standards approved by the major animal welfare charities… ANNETTE CROSBIE, GREYHOUNDS UK LONDON SW20 (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 15.4.05 ARREST OF MAN SUSPECTED OF COCKFIGHTING - A man has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in cockfighting, following a joint operation between police and the RSPCA earlier this week. Officers from the RSPCA's special operations unit, along with uniformed inspectors and Humberside Police, raided two premises in the Scunthorpe area on Wednesday morning… (story)

Mid Sussex Times 15.4.05 HIDE YOUR FACE IN SHAME - Cock-fighting group in court - A Burgess Hill man was fined £300 for watching barbaric cock-fighting that the RSPCA said caused immense suffering. Bill Smith, whose address was given as Fairplace Hill, Burgess Hill, left Mid Sussex Magistrates' Court at Haywards Heath with his face hidden by a hood after Tuesday's hearing…. The other men involved were William Green, 28, from Cowplain; Stephen James Harrington, 29, from Horndean; James Stephen Keet, 29, from Whitehill; Frank Smith, 37, from Tangmere; George Sean Stonestreet, 19, and James Christopher Bird, 21, both from Hailsham. They pleaded guilty to attending a cockfight and were each fined £300 with £100 costs. Ashley O'Brien, 35, from Fareham; George Ripley, 24, from Westham, both pleaded not guilty to causing unnecessary suffering, aiding and abetting and of being present at a cockfight. They were found not guilty of the first two charges but guilty of being at the cockfight. They were also fined £300 with £100 costs. (story)
Bordon Herald 15.4.05 Whitehill man fined and uncle jailed after cockfight tip off - A WHITEHILL man who pleaded guilty to attending a cockfight, organised by his uncle, that took place near Chichester a year ago, was fined on Tuesday. James Stephen Keet, 29, from Whitehill was one of nine men from Hampshire and Sussex who were fined £400 for attending the cockfight at Southgate Duck Nursery near Chichester in April 2004…. (story)
Eastbourne Herald 14.4.05 THREE MEN FINED FOR BEING AT COCKFIGHT - THREE men from Hailsham and Westham have been sentenced for watching a 'barbaric' cockfight. The men were all fined £300 and ordered to pay £100 towards the costs of bringing the prosecution against them. The Hailsham-based members of the gang were James Bird, 22, of London Road, and 19-year-old George Stonestreet, of Butts Field… (story)
Argus 13.4.05 Organiser of brutal cockfight is jailed - A 54-year-old man has been jailed for 90 days for organising a brutal and bloody cockfight. Joseph Keet showed barbaric behaviour by pitting one animal against another for the sole purpose of enjoying cruelty, Haywards Heath magistrates court heard yesterday…. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 13.4.05 COCKFIGHT MAN JAILED - A Duck nursery owner was jailed for 90 days yesterday for organising a brutal cockfight. Joseph Keet, 54, showed barbaric behaviour in pitting birds against each other for the sole purpose of enjoying cruelty, magistrates heard…. (story)
Independent 13.4.05 Farmer jailed over 'highly organised' cock-fights in barn By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent - While two blood-splattered cockerels fight to the death in a makeshift straw pit, a group of watching men can be heard laughing. Moments later the video goes blank as police and RSPCA officers raid the illegal cock-fight and arrest 10 men at a duck farm near Chichester, West Sussex…. The RSPCA officer said that three groups of people were most often involved: travellers, country dwellers involved in illegal blood sports, and Asian groups who fight quail as well as cockerels… (story)
BBC News Online 12.4.05 Man jailed for 'brutal' cockfight - T A man has been jailed for 90 days for organising a "brutal and bloody" cockfight in which one bird was killed and several others injured. Joseph Keet, 54, from North Mundham, Chichester, West Sussex, was found guilty of four charges relating to the illegal cockfight in April 2004… Nine other men were each fined a total of £400 for their involvement…. (story)
Times 6.4.05 Tip-off led police to barbaric cockfight BY BEN HOYLE - A HOME video of a cockfight was shown to a court yesterday more than 150 years after the activity was banned…. The film was among the items recovered during a police raid on a duck farm on a Sunday morning last spring. Ten men were arrested and charged with animal cruelty offences… Joseph Keet, 56, Bill Smith, 44, Ashley O’Brien, 35, and George Ripley, 24, from Sussex and Hampshire, deny causing unnecessary suffering by putting together cockerels for the purposes of fighting. (story)

Bolton Evening News 15.4.05 One man's meat could poison world - THE recent news about how sheep were killed with a blunt knife by a Bolton slaughterman and two men from Ilkley who ran an unlicensed slaughterhouse are potent reminders of the cruelty sometimes involved in meat production… There has never been a better time than now to eat less meat, or give it up altogether. S Edwards, PO Box 15825, Dubai, UAE (letter in archive)

Bath Chronicle 15.4.05 PET SHOPS ENCOURAGE IMPULSE BUYING - So, the Bath Pet Centre is surprised that people don't like pets being sold from shops? Hello? When did its time machine land from the 1800s and why wasn't it reported in The Bath Chronicle? Pet shops, whether they realise it or not, encourage impulse buyers, who cannot resist that tiny kitten or cute puppy…. CHARLENE FALZON, Camden Road, Bath (letter)

Worcester Evening News 15.4.05 Poor beasts - I READ the two letters about the ordeal of horses being transported and slaughtered in Italy and the slaughter of seals in Canada. I am opposed to both, but let's remember the millions of animals slaughtered without being stunned in this country for the halal market…. BOB PHILLIPS, Rainbow Hill, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.4.05 ALL ABOUT MONEY - I feel so sad when I read about the plight of the Moon Bears in China. So many readers have been sending donations, it makes you realise there are a lot of caring people out there… Nora Pound Wroughton Wiltshire (story)

Torquay Herald Express 15.4.05 BEAR RESCUE GROUP'S PLEDGE - A South Devon group of animal lovers is crossing the world in efforts to rescue a Moon Bear known as Stardust, held on a bile extraction farm in China. The China Bear Rescue Support Group already has 14 rescue organisations in the UK and Barbara Gardner of Ivybridge is now forming the 15th…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 15.4.05 Fears for wildlife park creatures - MARTYN McLAUGHLIN - CONCERNS have been raised over the future of animals at Scotland's only wildfowl park following its closure. Argyll Wildlife Park, near Inverary, is to begin a major rehousing process of its varied species after its father and son management team decided they were unable to look after the animals in their care. However, vets and the local authority charged with helping the park's owners rehouse its collection have not ruled out the possibility that animals too old or ill to be moved may have to be destroyed…. The park, overlooking Loch Fyne, had its zoo licence temporarily rescinded last autumn after complaints by visitors and SSPCA inspectors…. Daniel Turner, head of the zoo check department at the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity, said destroying animals at the park must be a last resort… The Advocates for Animals charity also criticised standards at the wildlife park, but said that, in some cases, the destroying of some animals may offer the more humane option…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 15.4.05 SO, DO ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS? ASKS LECTURER - A Bristol UNIVERSITY lecturer has published a new book about animal rights. The book Do Animals Have Rights? by university philosopher Dr Alison Hills, provides a perspective on the turbulent animal rights debate from fox hunting to factory food via medical testing… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 14.4.05 IT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE - Animal rights is the subject of a new book by Bristol University-based philosopher Dr Alison Hills. Do Animals Have Rights? examines the arguments from both sides and backs a practical approach to our ethical ideas about animals, pointing out ways in which animals are our equals, and the ways in which they are not…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.4.05 Hedgehog cull by SNH - I could not agree more with the letter from Ross Minett (the Press and Journal, April 7) in connection with the hedgehog cull on North Uist by Scottish Natural Heritage. When will SNH stop wasting taxpayers money and interfering with nature, especially with their killing policy, for which there is no need?... Stuart J. Reid, 39 Westfield Gardens, Westhill, Aberdeenshire (letter)
Independent 14.4.05 We will fight on for island hedgehogs - ROSS MINETT, UIST HEDGEHOG RESCUE EDINBURGH (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.4.05 Annual cull of hedgehogs - Ross Minett, Uist Hedgehog Rescue, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh. (story)
Scotsman 7.4.05 Unethical and costly wildlife cull flies in the face of expert advice - With the annual cull of hedgehogs on North Uist and Benbecula underway again (your report, 5 April), Scottish Natural Heritage still tries to justify its killing policy by claiming that moving hedgehogs to the mainland is inhumane. Yet it can provide no scientific evidence to support this claim…. It should be remembered that more than 5,000 rescued and rehabilitated hedgehogs are released back into the wild each year by organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the SSPCA. Is SNH accusing these organisations of being cruel?... Over the past two years, we have rescued and removed nearly 400 hedgehogs from the islands, helping wading birds and the hedgehogs. SNH was warned that we would oppose its hedgehog-killing policy. This we have done and will continue to do until this unethical treatment of our wildlife is halted. ROSS MINETT, Uist Hedgehog Rescue, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)


Scotsman 14.4.05 Risk from dairy products - Ian Grant Cumming (Letters, 4 April) gives a concise review of the research which shows that there are clear risks for men and women in eating dairy products… The problem of bad nutrition in school meals will be resolved only when meat and dairy products are recognised as unfit for human consumption and children are offered an attractive, well balanced, animal-free menu…. JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (story)

Streatham Guardian 14.4.05 Vegetarians’ marathon effort for animal charity - A vegetarian athlete concerned about the plight of endangered species is raising money for an animal welfare charity by running the London Marathon. Hospital physiotherapist John Hammond has already raised more than £1,000 for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and hopes to raise more by completing the 26-mile run on April 17…. (story)

Ireland Online 14.4.05 Nightclub elephant sparks animal rights row - A new nightclub caused controversy tonight when it used an elephant and alligators as part of its opening night party. Heaven nightclub in Dublin held the opening extravaganza for hundreds of clubbers… But John Carmody, campaigns co-ordinator for the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) said that animals in circuses were “confined to a life of boredom, misery and suffering”…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.4.05 Cull idea is sickening - I WRITE to express outrage at the article concerning the sickening cull of the grey squirrel population by a bunch of bloodthirsty self-appointed vigilantes calling themselves the "Ounce of Fives"… C J Crook, Plymouth (letter)

Kidderminster Shuttle 14.4.05 Cat's death underlines snare campaign - MANY readers will have been upset by the recent story of the cat killed in a snare trap… In the 1990s the West Sussex Badger Group had a spate of badgers horrifically injured by these snares… The Anti-Snaring Campaign, as it has now become, is supported by many organisations, including the RSPCA, who want to see this snare banned… MRS G EDWARDS, Stanklyn Lane, Kidderminster (letter in archive)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 14.4.05 ABOUT 375 HORSES DIE DUE TO RACING - Chris Anderson Campaigns Officer - Animal Aid The Old Chapel Tonbridge (letter)
Shepton Mallet Journal 14.4.05 'HORSE RACING HAS CATALOGUE OF SUFFERING AND DEATH' Chris Anderson Campaigns officer for Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 9.4.05 Racing industry abuses horses’ welfare - CHRIS ANDERSON, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (story)
Barry Gem 7.4.05 Suffering behind the glamour - Chris Anderson (campaigns officer - Animal Aid) (letter in archive)
Tamworth Herald 7.4.05 GRAND NATIONAL IS NOT 'GRAND' FOR HORSES - Behind horse racing's glamorous fa??ade - which we will all see at Saturday's Grand National - lies a catalogue of suffering and death. Animal Aid's shocking new report, launched in the run up to the notorious Grand National, reveals that around 375 horses are raced to death every year… Chris Anderson, Animal Aid. (letter)

West Briton 14.4.05 THERE ARE MANY PROBLEMS OTHER THAN TB - Cull only the diseased badgers, Have Your Say (Michael Colwell), last week WHY is it that when some folk are presented with a few "home truths" they can only respond with name-calling and threats, and seek to divert attention away from themselves?... Many farmers accept the problems and constraints of their profession, and strive to make their living in harmony with nature. The views of a vociferous minority threatening to "throw in the towel" unless they are allowed to kill more wildlife do nothing to maintain the support of the public - their customers…. ROGER DRIVER, West Cornwall Badger Group, Tredinnick Stack, Newmill, Penzance (story)

News Letter 14.4.05 Don't Forget The Animals When You Cast Your Vote - I am urging readers to use their votes in the forthcoming General Election to help stop animal cruelty…. Vivienne Rhodes, Northern Ireland Against Animal xperiments, Kells (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.4.05 CHANGE LAWS TO PROTECT ANIMALS - I was sickened to read of the horrendous torture and killing of the poor lurcher dog by the travellers. These people get away with all manner of atrocities and show no regard whatsoever for the rights and lives of other people or animals…. Pauline Leeson Bristol (letter)

Daily Record 14.4.05 CROSSBOW BAN - AFTER the horrors of the lamb that was shot with a crossbow, a crack down on the use of these dangerous weapons by members of the public is long overdue… Ross Minett,by email (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 14.4.05 PROTESTS ARE THREATENED OVER ANNE THE ELEPHANT - Animal rights campaigners have threatened to stage mass protests in the Forest of Dean if a circus is allowed to bring its elephant to town. The Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) has condemned councillors in Cinderford for again allowing the Bobby Roberts Circus to perform in the town…. (story)
The Forester 14.4.05 COUNCIL TRUMPETS CIRCUS ELEPHANT - The Bobby Roberts Circus elephant is a real hit with Cinderford children - and there is no evidence of cruelty, town councillors heard on Tuesday night. "I've never seen a healthier-looking animal - it was well-run excellent family entertainment when the Circus last came," said Cllr Clive Brain. The Circus wants to come back for three days in 2006. But the council has received e-mails from animal welfare groups protesting about the visit…. (story)
The Gloucester Citizen 11.4.05 ELEPHANT SUBJECT OF CIRCUS ROW - Cinderford leaders have a big decision on their hands when they decide whether to allow a circus to visit their town. Bobby Roberts Circus has written to Cinderford Town Council asking to visit the town in 2006. Last year, the travelling circus pitched up at Steam Mills, causing a stir after an animal rights group urged people to boycott it. Campaigners from the Captive Animals Protection Society (Caps) urged people not to buy tickets, claiming one of the main attractions, an elephant, was suffering… (story)

Ilkley Gazette 14.4.05 Egg protest - About the recent debate surrounding the 'Hen Hut': Mr Kitching's defence when confronted by protesters was to say that they were all 'crack-pots'… These protesters are not animal rights activists out to make trouble but normal local people with good principles. Many of the protesters are members of 'Compassion in World Farming'… MR J ATKINSON, Ben Rhydding (letter in archive)

News Letter 14.4.05 'Abomination On The Hill' Should Be Closed By Joanne Lowry - A councillor has vowed to shut down Belfast zoo after he described the council as " sponsors of animal cruelty". Ulster Unionist Chris McGimpsey says he will start a campaign to close, what he claimed was, "the abomination on Bellevue hill". In a passionate debate at this week's monthly meeting of Belfast City Council, Mr McGimpsey said animals should be in their natural habitat and he described the animals at the zoo as "traumatised ... lolling around with empty eyes"…. But demonstrating division within the Ulster Unionist ranks, Jim Rodgers said he would be "fighting tooth and nail" to keep the zoo open… (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.4.05 RURAL THREAT STEMS FROM GUILT OVER LAND, CLAIMS BROADCASTER - Scots were urged to ditch the guilt surrounding land ownership yesterday and not to become so emotionally involved in the subject. The call from broadcaster and writer Lesley Riddoch came at the Scottish Countryside Alliance's annual conference in Edinburgh…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.4.05 EXECUTIVE ACCUSED OF SNUBBING CONFERENCE - The Scottish Executive rejected criticism it had snubbed the conference. Scottish Countryside Alliance chief executive Tony Andrews had earlier in the day said it was reprehensible and regrettable the executive had no representative at the event…. (story)

Argus 13.4.05 Letter: These urban foxes are friends to our city - Like all cities, Brighton and Hove has its fair share of vermin…. Among the four creatures mentioned is one predator - the fox. He will gladly kill any rats he comes across and, of course, pigeons or seagulls, although I know the seagull is far too intelligent to allow itself to provide a meal for the fox…. We should look on the urban fox as a friend, helping to clear our city of rats…. -Gloria Wheatcroft, Co-ordinator, Brighton and Hove Area Inner City Wildlife Concern (letter in archive)

Third Sector 13.4.05 Communications News: Campaign of the week - Animal Aid raps 'darkside of racing' - Animal Aid published a report last week that claimed 375 racehorses are killed each year, in a bid to stop people betting on the Grand National. The animal rights group, which wants the sport abolished, also co-ordinated demonstrations outside betting shops to coincide with the race, which took place at Aintree last Saturday. In Swindon, female supporters in PVC dominatrix gear invited passers-by to see how they liked being whipped, alongside banners stating "Whipping doesn't hurt. Come and try it!"… (story)

Oxford Mail 13.4.05 Student banned from taking pictures of his girlfriend by Monica Sloan - A student is banned from taking pictures of his own girlfriend after he was served with a High Court injunction for interviewing animal rights' protesters as part of his university project. Matthew Harrison, 20, of Summertown, Oxford, was served with the injunction by Oxford University staff after he spent an hour talking to campaigners at a protest in South Parks Road on Thursday…. (story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 13.4.05 Tests on primates 'must be banned' - MEDICAL researchers would like the public to believe primates are used to find cures for human diseases… We want a ban on all primate experiments in the UK and Europe.

Independent 13.4.05 Cambridge 'abuse' of monkeys prompts legal review By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent - Anti-vivisection campaigners have won the right to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University after evidence emerged that scientists ignored safeguards that protected laboratory monkeys… (story)
Telegraph 13.4.05 Animal rights group allowed to challenge experiments By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Anti-vivisection campaigners have won permission at the High Court to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University. During a recent hearing, their lawyers said secret documents disclosed that laws intended to protect laboratory animals were not being properly enforced. Mr Justice Stanley Burnton gave the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) the go-ahead to seek judicial review…. (story)
Guardian 13.4.05 Judge questions animal research - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Anti-vivisectionists scored a partial victory yesterday in their campaign to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University. The high court gave the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) permission to take forward parts of its application for a judicial review of the decisions made by the Home Office when it granted licences for research at the university in 1998…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 12.4.05 Court win for lab animals group - ANTI-Vivisection campaigners have won permission to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University…. (story)
Guardian 12.4.05 Anti-vivisectionists win right to challenge Cambridge - Anti-vivisection campaigners today won permission to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) was granted the go-ahead to seek a judicial review against a previous decision which went in the university's favour…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.4.05 Animal group's court review win - Animal rights campaigners have been given the go-ahead to challenge the legality of vivisection experiments at Cambridge University. On Tuesday, High Court judge Mr Justice Stanley Burnton, gave the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) the go-ahead to seek a judicial review… (story)
Express 12.4.05 Go-ahead for animal tests challenge - Anti-vivisection campaigners have won permission to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge University…. (story)
Scotsman 12.4.05 Animal Experiments Ruling Today By John Aston, PA - Anti-vivisection campaigners will learn today the result of their High Court bid to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambridge. During a recent hearing their lawyers said secret documents revealed that laws intended to protect laboratory animals were not being properly enforced. Copies of the documents relating to experiments with monkeys were obtained from Cambridge University by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) during a 10-month undercover investigation…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 8.2.05 Lab 'flouted laws on animal safety' - SECRET documents from Cambridge University reveal that laws intended to protect laboratory animals are not being properly enforced, anti-vivisection lawyers told the High Court…. BUAV lawyers are asking Mr Justice Stanley Burnton, sitting in London, for permission to challenge the legality of a Government decision in 2003 to accept a report by the then Chief Inspector of Animals, Dr Jon Richmond… (story)
Guardian 8.2.05 Lab monkeys 'scream with fear' in tests - Sandra Laville - Secret documents describing how some monkeys can scream in misery, fear and anger during experiments were produced in the high court yesterday as evidence that the laws intended to protect laboratory animals are being flouted… Presented in court by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), they describe occasions when primates are "screaming, trying to get out of the box, defecating", and state: "This is an angry animal."… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 7.2.05 Vivisection laws a sham, say activists - JOHN ASTON - ANTI-VIVISECTION campaigners were today set to launch a High Court bid for a ruling that laws intended to protect laboratory animals from unnecessary suffering are not being properly enforced… (story)
BBC News Online 7.2.05 Animal rights group's court bid - Anti-vivisection campaigners are seeking a High Court ruling that laws to protect laboratory animals are not being properly enforced. They claim brain-damaged monkeys at Cambridge University were not given the care to which they were entitled. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is asking for permission to challenge lab practices…. (story)

Daily Record 13.4.05 DON'T HUNT DOWN INNOCENT SHARKS - I REFER to your article on young surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost an arm while surfing…. Why should a creature be hunted down for acting as nature intended - David Harkins,Glasgow (story)

Western Daily Press 13.4.05 WE'RE ALL PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM - In response to recent letters and articles on badgers, magpies etc, it seems that some people always have to have a scapegoat… A Williams Bath (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.4.05 ANIMAL CONCERN - A Great British Circus spokesman was quoted as saying that the animals at the circus are "regularly inspected by the RSPCA" (Mercury, March 24). The RSPCA does not endorse animal circuses and has given no permission to the Great British Circus to use its name in this way…. Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 13.4.05 Circus staff dedicated to welfare of animals - In response to the accusations by Steven Smith (Writeback, April 8) regarding the elephants and baby giraffe at the American 2 Ring Circus, I would point out that our four African elephants are kept outside in a large exercise area for around six to eight hours daily… We at American 2 Ring Circus consider ourselves to be totally dedicated to the welfare and well-being of all of our animal partners…. If Mr Smith really wants to accomplish something for captive animals, perhaps he should now start a campaign to close all the deep litter poultry farms in the Broughshane area. I'm sure this would make him very popular with his neighbours in Broughshane…. GARY BUSHAWAY, Animal Superintendent, American 2 Ring Circus, Ballymena, Co Antrim (story)


Western Morning News 12.4.05 LABOUR WON'T BAN SHOOTING - An overwhelming endorsement of shooting by Labour front benchers has raised eyebrows among rural leaders, and outrage among animal rights groups keen to keep up the anti-hunt momentum by making shooting the next sport to be banned. Farming and rural ministers Ben Bradshaw and Alun Michael have both put their names to the party's Charter for Hunting, which says that Labour not only supports shooting but "wants to actively encourage people to take up the sport"…. (story)

Scotsman 12.4.05 Grouse moors may be death of harrier - JOHN ROSS - ILLEGAL killing is being blamed for one of Scotland’s most persecuted birds of prey declining on grouse moors…. The survey, which was funded jointly by the RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and other countryside agencies was carried out by the Scottish Raptor Study Groups between April and July last year…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.4.05 Hen harrier population increases - The number of breeding hen harriers in Scotland has increased by 45%, according to a survey. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland said the number of pairs rose from 436 in 1998 to 633 in 2004. But the hen harrier population has fallen in areas where there are grouse moors, situated in the south and east of the country…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.4.05 Animal charity urges airgun move - The number of birds and other animals being injured in airgun attacks in Scotland has risen sharply, a charity has warned. The SSPCA is calling for stricter controls on the weapons following a spate of incidents…. (story)

Times 12.4.05 Five arrested in campaign to thwart hare coursers BY KATRINA TWEEDIE - FIVE people have been arrested after a police operation at an Aberdeenshire estate that has been plagued by hare coursers. Fasque Estate, in Fettercairn, the ancestral home of the Gladstone family and for 20 years the home of the former Prime Minister, William Gladstone, has been targeted by gangs of poachers hunting down brown hares and destroying fields…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 12.4.05 Five arrested in crackdown on hunting hares with hounds - MARTIN WILLIAMS - FIVE people have been arrested following a crackdown on poachers hunting hares with hounds on an estate in defiance of blood sports laws. Grampian Police confirmed yesterday that it had targeted suspected hunters at the weekend after several reported incidents at Fasque Estate in Fettercairn, Kincardineshire… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.4.05 FIVE CHARGED WITH HARE COURSING AFTER POLICE CRACK DOWN ON BLOOD SPORTS - ALAN GORHAM - Police have charged five men with hare coursing after an operation was mounted to stop the illegal slaughter of the animals on north-east estates. Aberdeenshire landowners are phoning the police virtually every other day to report gangs setting their dogs loose to hunt down hares…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.4.05 Five released after hares arrests - Police have released five men who were arrested in an operation against the illegal hunting of hares on an estate in north east Scotland…. Operation Hartley was launched at Fasque, in Fettercairn, on Saturday, and was assisted by estate staff and the SSPCA. Police said uninvited van loads of people had been walking onto the land and chasing hares with lurcher dogs…. The five were released pending further investigations…. (story)

Bolton Evening News 12.4.05 Abattoir horrors - A Bolton slaughterman, Sumaullah Patel, who hacked sheep to death with a blunt knife - a slow, horrifically painful death - was given two months in jail… A few months in jail and they will be out. Watch what you are eating. Ann Merchant, Bolton (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 12.4.05 THE STREETS' WORD FOR KFC - Brit Award winner Mike Skinner is the latest celebrity to join the campaign against alleged animal cruelty in the fast-food trade, it emerged yesterday. The artist, who performs as The Streets, has written to KFC calling for better conditions for chickens raised for its restaurants… (story)

Western Daily Press 12.4.05 THANK YOU ALL 100,000 TIMES - Today, the UK Director of Animal Asia Foundation, the charity that does so much to help the tortured and bewildered Moon Bears of China, writes a special thank you letter to our readers. As ourWestern Daily Press rescue fund tops the £100,000 mark, he reveals just how forgiving these wonderful creatures are when they are finally taken into the sanctuary - where sunshine, good food and medical care await them…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 12.4.05 PROTESTERS UPSET PET SHOP STAFF AT OPEN DAY BY NADIA STONE - Pet shop owners have spoken out against animal rights protesters who they say disrupted the store's open day by staging a demonstration urging people to get their pets from shelters instead of shops. Staff at Bath Pet Centre were upset when their open day was disturbed by members of the Bath Animal Action Group handing out leaflets…. Jay Phillips, 39, a member of the action group, said he wanted to encourage people to think about rehoming an animal instead of buying one at a shop… "We're not animal rights fanatics and we were not causing any trouble."… (story)

Western Morning News 12.4.05 BADGERS SET TO BE THE MODERN DAY SCAPEGOAT - If everything is so rosy in the livestock industry as some proponents claim, one wonders why the Government set up the Farm Animal Welfare Council and why this body is so critical of health and welfare standards… When people are badly housed, poorly nourished and stressed, they become susceptible to the human form of TB. Perhaps intensively farmed livestock become more susceptible to disease for similar reasons - or are badgers to blame? In biblical times, the sins of the people were laid on a scapegoat - is this to be the fate of badgers today? Roger Driver, West Cornwall Badger Group Treddinick (letter)

Bolton Evening News 12.4.05 Chance to greet without the meat - NATIONAL Vegetarian Week takes place from May 23 to 29 and a special event has been organised in Bolton. The theme this year is "Can you keep it up for a week?", and to provide some inspiration to those who are new to veggie food, The Vegetarian Society has put some tasty but simple recipes on their website…. (story in archive)


The Chiswick 11.4.05 'Missing' body still a mystery - Anne Wright Esmond Road Chiswick (letter)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 1.4.05 Will terrorism law do us justice? - I hope the proposals the government has for the new terrorism law do not happen as it would affect other groups such as Fathers for Justice and animal rights activists. Mistakes can be made. For instance, after all this time, the police still appear to be no nearer to solving the mystery of what (if anything) happened to the body of Gladys Hammond… Someone may (or may not) have dug her out of her grave. The people concerned may (or may not) have been involved in animal rights. Equally, they could have been Satanists… The grave has since been filled' (assuming it was ever dug up in the first place) and anyone who wants to check what is down there stands a fair chance of getting arrested… Anne Wright Esmond Road, Chiswick (story)

Cambridge Evening News 11.4.05 Hare's to success - In March, Cambridgeshire police received just nine reports of illegal hare coursing across the county. In March last year, the force received 150 - and it is this fall, police say, which shows they are successfully tackling the problem. Operation Dornier was launched in September to tackle the problem of illegal hare coursing and the results show a startling fall in the number of incidents compared to the same period last year…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.4.05 Animal cruelty - I was surprised to hear from previous correspondents that animals are hung up and their throats cut so that they bleed to death… Can we hear more about it from the authorities who authorise this method and why it is allowed? I was under the impression that this method of killing was outlawed years ago…. Derek Wright, Westbury Street, Bradford (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 11.4.05 BOUNTY ON GREY SQUIRRELS - A Devon farmer is one of the main protagonists in a campaign to eradicate Britain's 2.5 million-strong grey squirrel population. The Ounce Of Fives group is behind the campaign, which is named after the load of a shotgun cartridge, known as "fives", and has pledged a £500 reward to the person who kills the most squirrels… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 10.4.05 First it was magpies, now shooters are offered £500 to wipe out grey squirrels By Daniel Foggo - A campaign to wipe out two and a half million grey squirrels has pledged a £500 reward to the person who kills the most. The move, criticised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as being in bad taste, is the brainchild of the Ounce of Fives group… The organisation wants to keep the bounty running until grey squirrels are extinct in Britain and blames the prolific species - brought to Britain from North America in the late 19th century - for killing the nation's trees, songbirds and native red squirrel population. (story)

The Sentinel 11.4.05 CASHING IN ON ANIMAL TESTING - I sympathise with your young correspondents who do not understand scientific principles and think that animal experiments are relevant to human health. In fact every medical advance has depended upon trial and error in human patients… Animals are used to try new methods of developing more drugs under the pretext of looking for cures that conveniently never materialise, ensuring a constant demand for more drugs…. M A THOMPSON Nottingham (story)

Western Daily Press 11.4.05 IT SEEMS THE WHOLE WEST IS BEHIND US - Grassroots groups campaigning for China's suffering bile bears yesterday said the "whole world" seemed to be behind them thanks to the Western Daily Bear appeal…. (story)


Observer 10.4.05 Bosses seek anonymity amid fears of extremism - Conal Walsh - Company directors seeking special government protection from kidnappers and animal rights extremists have doubled in number in the past year. More than 6,500 directors have now applied for permission to keep their personal details, including their home addresses, off the UK's register of directors…. (story)

BBC News Online 10.4.05 'Graphic' protest over seal hunt - Animal rights campaigners are to hold a "graphic" protest against Canada's decision to resume seal hunting. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) will dress in nude coloured body stockings, covered in fake blood, to depict skinned seals. They will then lie, piled up, outside the Canadian High Commission in London on Monday morning…. (story)


BBC News Online 9.4.05 Horse race protesters at bookies - A group of animal rights campaigners who claim the Grand National horse race is cruel have staged a protest outside a bookmaker's shop in South Yorkshire. Sheffield Animal Rights Group say they are urging people not to back horses in the race which they say "expects (horse) fatalities"…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 9.4.05 Is the Grand National too dangerous for horses? - Some animal rights groups claim the fences are too high and too many horses are killed in the sport (vox pop) (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.4.05 WHY DON'T NEEDS OF HORSES COME FIRST? - Luck needs to be with the 40 horses in the Grand National in order for them all to see the next day. Horses are the centre of racing, so surely their welfare needs to come first…. In flat racing at least one animal in a hundred will suffer a fracture every month…. C Seal, Leicester. (story)

The Sentinel 9.4.05 DON'T GO TO ANIMAL SHOWS - Pam Tinsley (Letters, April 4), makes a valuable point about visiting circuses that do not use animals…. There is one thing that people concerned about animal welfare can do and that is to only visit circuses that do not use animals… CRAIG REDMOND Campaigns Officer The Captive Animals' Protection Society (story)
The Sentinel 4.4.05 CIRCUS WAS A REAL TREAT - On Easter Sunday afternoon, along with my daughter and three excited grandchildren, (children of today's age, more used to Pokemon than Coco the Clown) went along to Hanley Park to watch the Circus With A Purpose show - a show which I saw no mention of in your paper. Sir, the show was a delight - clean, pure circus, the clowns clowned, sprayed water, fell over but were so marvellous, no animals doing tricks, wonderful… PAM TINSLEY MBE Stoke-on-Trent (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.4.05 GENTLE GIANT WILL MELT YOUR HEART - As your constant stream of donations for our Western Daily Bear campaign soar past the £90,000 mark, EMMA LUTHER tells the story of beautiful Keri… (story)

Essex Evening Gazette 9.4.05 Thorrington: Primrose blooms with loving care - A baby muntjac deer which was abandoned by its mother and close to death has been nursed back to health by volunteers at a rescue centre… It was suffering from fits and a high temperature and was seen by vets before it ended up at Wildlives Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Frating Road, Thorrington… Rosie Catford - who runs the centre - said the fawn is only just over a week old…. (story in archive)


News Shopper 12.4.05 Worrying approach towards shooting - Peter Setterfield, Countryside Alliance regional director (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.4.05 SHOOTING POLICIES COME UNDER FIRE - Alison Hawes Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter)
Western Gazette 31.3.05 SHOULD WE BE SEDUCED BY GOVERNMENT? Delly Everard, Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, address supplied. (letter)
Bexley Express 30.3.05 Government gunning for'tweed coats' - LIZ MORT, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, Yvans Hall, Hadleigh Heath, Hadleigh (letter)
Bath Chronicle 28.3.05 TWEED COATS STILL INCENSE LABOUR - DELLY EVERARD, Regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 23.3.05 DON'T BE SEDUCED BY PROMISES - John Haigh, Countryside Alliance regional director, Thirsk. (letter)
The Shields Gazette 22.3.05 ANGLING FOR A SHOOTING DEBATE - Richard Dodd, Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 22.3.05 DON'T BE FOOLED BY 'SUPPORT' FOR SHOOTING BEFORE ELECTION - Alison Hawes, Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
News Shopper 22.3.05 TO THE POINT - Peter Setterfield Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter)
Western Morning News 22.3.05 Threat to shooting - Alison Hawes, Countryside Alliance regional director (letter)
Western Mail 22.3.05 Shooting worries - ADRIAN SIMPSON, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, Carmarthen (letter)
Sunderland Echo 22.3.05 Calling the shots - Richard Dodd, Countryside Alliance regional director (letter)
Worcester Evening News 21.3.05 U-turn welcome but we must still be suspicious - CLARE ROWSON, Countryside Alliance Regional Director. (letter in archive)
Wales on Sunday 20.3.05 - BEN Bradshaw's unusual but welcome u-turn on 'open general licences' for shooting pigeons and crows obscures a more worrying approach by this government towards shooting…. ADRIAN SIMPSON, Countryside Alliance director for Wales (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 19.3.05 SHOOTING PESTS IS VITAL IN COUNTRYSIDE - Alison Hawes, regional director, Countryside Alliance. (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 19.3.05 SHOOTING A NEW LINE Adrian Simpson - Countryside Alliance regional director, Carmarthen (letter)
Bucks Free Press 18.3.05 Protect our wish to shoot animals - Sara Rutherford Countryside Alliance (Address supplied) (story)
Western Morning News 18.3.05 Shooting targeted - Delly Everard, Regional Director Countryside Alliance (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.3.05 Ban damaging shooting industry - TOM FELL, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. (letter in archive)
Cumberland News 18.3.05 LABOUR MP Ben Bradshaw’s unusual but welcome U-turn on open general licences for shooting pigeons and crows obscures a more worrying approach by this government towards shooting…. TOM FELLRegional directorCountryside Alliance Grange-over-Sands (story)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 17.3.05 SAME PREJUDICES WILL SURFACE OVER SHOOTING - ALISON HAWES, Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 17.3.05 Worrying tack on shooting - D Everard, Countryside Alliance regional director, Marlborough (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 16.3.05 Shooting worries - AGRICULTURE minister Ben Bradshaw's unusual, but welcome, U-turn on open general licences for shooting pigeons and crows obscures a more worrying approach… John Haigh, Countryside Alliance regional director, Northallerton Road, Thirsk.(letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.3.05 SHOOTING MAY BE NEXT TARGET - The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' unusual but welcome U-turn on 'open general licences' for shooting pigeons and crows obscures a more worrying approach by this Government towards shooting. In their 2001 manifesto, Labour promised that it had "no intention whatsoever of placing restrictions on the sports of angling and shooting". And yet the truth is that indirectly but steadily, shooting has been interfered with, and had it not been for the intervention of rural groups, the damage may have been even more substantial…. As we approach the election, we will no doubt witness countless Government and party expressions of love for shooting and fishing. The question is whether we should be seduced by them? The answer lies in the detail of current proposals, and Defra ministers' long relationship with animal rights groups with anti-shooting beliefs. Alison Hawes, Regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Telegraph 12.3.05 Labour undermines shooting by stealth - Ben Bradshaw's unusual but welcome U-turn on open general licences for shooting pigeons and crows (News, Mar 10) obscures a more worrying approach by this Government towards shooting. In its 2001 manifesto, Labour promised that it had "no intention whatsoever of placing restrictions on the sports of angling and shooting". Yet the truth is that, indirectly but steadily, shooting has been interfered with, and had it not been for the intervention of rural groups, the damage might have been even more substantial…. Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, London SE11 (story)

Surrey Mirror 8.4.05 Truth about racing is quite different - I HAVE just seen the most horrific horse racing film, called Heartbeat. Like most of my friends I thought of the sport as a day out for well-off people to enjoy themselves and have a "flutter" with no one getting hurt…. I shall never be able to watch racing again on TV with a clear conscience. Sonia Odds Cheyne Walk (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 8.4.05 MORE SPECIES MAY BECOME EXTINCT - With regard to the strange people whose blood-lust requires that they shoot birds for pleasure, I would like Post readers to know that estate owners are also killing endangered birds of prey to protect their pheasant and grouse populations. Last December, wealthy landowners refused to sign a government pledge supporting laws against killing hen harriers… J Sheppard (Mrs), Kingswood (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 8.4.05 SOAPBOX: Conservation - 08/04/05 'Fen wildlife is everywhere' - Thank God for Germaine Greer's comment "that the Fens tend to be a desert for wildlife"… I farm in the Fens and have witnessed a huge increase in bird and wildlife during my lifetime. Roe and deer, badgers, foxes, hares and many other mammals have all increased… The increase in bird life and wildlife is due to our conservation, modern farming practices and shooting covers for pheasants… Fen people never did like interfering outsiders, especially the likes of her. Rex Sly, Turfpits Farm, Queens Bank, Crowland, near Peterborough (letter)

Times 8.4.05 Opinion - Mick Hume - IF YOU WANT to be part of a something big and passionate on Saturday, my tip is to forget the royal wedding and join in the Shared National Experience of losing money on the Grand National at Aintree. However, the animal rights zealots, emboldened by successes against foxhunting and animal research, have once again got the National in their sights. “The time has come,” the man from Animal Aid instructs us, “to dump it in the dustbin of history, along with hunting and cockfighting.”… (story)

Independent 8.4.05 Greens stand for 'people, planet and peace' By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent - A record 200 candidates, standing on a platform of "people, planet and peace", will contest the election for the Greens… It is also calling for investment in public transport, a ban on GM foods and animal experiments, scrapping the nuclear deterrent and for adults to receive a "citizen's income"… (story)

Western Mail 8.4.05 Religious slaughter - It appears that Cyril James has decided not to support New Labour at the next election because of the party's contradictory stance on methods of killing animals and attendant standards of welfare (Letters, March 24). I feel I should remind Mr James that the Conservatives have likewise stated that, if elected to Government, they too would ignore the advice of both the Farm Animal Welfare Council and the RSPCA and allow the practice of religious slaughter to continue…. MAIR MIDGLEY, Pencisely Crescent, Llandaff, Cardiff (letter)

Western Morning News 8.4.05 Greenpeace cavalry - THANK you, Greenpeace, for doing what you do so well - going out on the high seas to expose the exploitation of our fish stocks in the name of big business, and preventing the slaughter of intelligent mammals… Greg Martin, Crediton (letter)

Wells Journal 8.4.05 A HEALTHIER OPTION - With regard to Flora Veale's letter on healthy eating, March 31, I would like to contribute. Although Flora states a healthy meal should have some meat in it, I would like to say that I think (with facts) that vegetarianism is a healthier option…. Harriet Clarke, (10 years old) Year 6, Meare Village Primary School (letter)


Essex Chronicle 7.4.05 CIRCUS MET BY PROTEST - Circus protesters claimed a victory when a 10-year-old girl turned down a birthday treat when she realised the show featured live animal acts. Sara Field, from Braintree, decided not to watch the Great British Circus after seeing a demonstration against the use of performing tigers, zebras and other exotic animals…. Members of the Essex Animal Freedom group, including one dressed as a lion, demonstrated outside the entrance to the circus in Church Street, High Garrett, when it opened on Tuesday. Garry Sheen explained: "If nothing else we hope to prevent at least some people from going in… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.4.05 Future of golden eagle - Your story headed "Birds found killed by deadly poison on day it was banned" (April 2) not only highlights the deplorable practice of poisoning wildlife, but also the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds's unacceptable behaviour when commenting on this type of incident. Although the police confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest that local gamekeepers were involved, the RSPB seized on a report that has yet to be published and indicated that gamekeepers were to blame…. Bert Burnett, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, Cluny Cottage, Braemar. (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 7.4.05 Badger-man John wants your help - A wildlife expert has set up a group to promote the welfare and better understanding of badgers in Norfolk. John Crouch hopes to get strong public support for the project, which he believes is necessary because the badger population in the area is increasing rapidly…. One of his concerns is that secret culling could take place on farms and country estates to protect pheasant-shooting…. (story)

Times 7.4.05 National criticism ignores Aintree's progress on safety - DIARY BY ALAN LEE - AINTREE week acts as an annual siren for those who like to believe that the Grand National is cruel. Misinformation abounds, every equine injury on the Liverpool course is turned routinely into anti-National propaganda and the extremists at Animal Aid can be relied upon for a rhetorical rant such as this week’s plea to “confine the National to the dustbin of history”. What many fail to appreciate, or choose to ignore, is that the most respected animal welfare body, the RSPCA, has been working closely with racing for 15 years and that its equine consultant, David Muir, has been responsible for significant safety developments in the sport… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.4.05 ANIMALS DON'T VOTE - A note to Nick Palmer: If you made the same effort working for the needs of your constituents, and backing their opinions, as you do campaigning against circus animals and animal experimentation, then you might have had stood a chance of being re-elected at the forthcoming General Election…. JOHN THORPE Wynwood Road Chilwell (letter)

Cornwall Packet 7.4.05 Slaughter of these wild horses must be stopped - I WAS horrified to learn of the intended slaughter of the American wild mustang herds via the introduction of the Burns Amendment last December, 2004. I am intending to set up petitions to inform world leaders and wildlife conservation groups…. Mrs H Hayward, Weeth Close, Camborne (letter in archive)

icScotland 7.4.05 Campaigners bid to save hedgehogs - Animal rights activists fighting to save hedgehogs from a controversial cull claim they have managed to rescue six of the animals… (story)

Taunton Times 7.4.05 POETIC LINES ON THE FATE OF FARM ANIMALS - When winter folds and spring begins It brings the new born siblings in,… The day will come when fully grown, To be moved by truck to their final home, The abattoir their final fate, No soul should enter this estate,… TERRY BROOKS, Chingswell Street, Bideford. (letter)

Western Gazette 7.4.05 KILLING RABBITS TO IMPROVE WILDLIFE AT CAMP IS CRITICISED - A Member of a Dorset animal welfare group has criticised the culling of 2,500 wild rabbits as part of a scheme to transform Blandford Camp into a haven for wildlife. The English Nature project to create a 28-hectare nature reserve finished this week and will offer tourists the chance see to rare wild flowers and wildlife during the summer…. But Dorset Anti-Blood Sports campaigner Neil Buckoke said that while he commended the aim of the project, he criticised the culling…. (story)

Ely Standard 7.4.05 Mystery of Ely's missing ducks - SEVEN years after a number of Muscovy ducks were moved away from Ely's waterfront, a Witchford man is accusing East Cambridgeshire District Council officials of fowl play. Guy Merchant… director of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (International) (PiCAS), is calling for the resignations of two top officials for allegedly failing to tell the entire truth about the birds' fate in response to a recent Freedom of Information Act request…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 1.4.05 Group accuses council of slaughtering ducks - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have accused a council of covering up an alleged duck cull. More than 30 Muscovy ducks were captured in 1998 after East Cambridgeshire District Council received complaints from members of the public about the fouling of the banks of the River Ouse and nearby streets in Ely . The council says the animals were re-homed but the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) believes the animals were slaughtered… Guy Merchant, PiCAS International director, said: "When I met with the council chief executive in 2000, I was assured only two ducks had been culled and an undisclosed number of ducks had been re-homed. We repeatedly asked the authority to provide details of the new homes so our vet could check that they were ok, but they refused point-blank…." Emma Haskell, director of PiCAS UK, said: "Ely is famous for its Muscovy duck population and tourists and residents get great pleasure seeing these tame and gentle birds wander the streets…." However, the council maintains the ducks were re-homed and says the new owner stipulated his details should not be released…. (story)

Central Somerset Gazette 7.4.05 TRADE IN 'EXOTIC' MEAT IS CRUEL - I am very disappointed to see that a local business - the Truckle of Cheese in Glastonbury - is selling kangaroo, wild boar and ostrich meat. Viva! has long campaigned against the sale of these so called "exotic meats"… Justin Kerswell Viva! campaigner Wilder Street Bristol (story)

Western Daily Press 7.4.05 CRACKDOWN LAUNCHED ON LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTATION - Somerset farmer Neil Parish found himself in some glamorous company yesterday at the launch of the latest campaign to crack down on live animal exports. It's been masterminded by Compassion In World Farming, which brought in Joanna Lumley to share the Brussels platform with Parish, Euro-MP and the Conservatives' agriculture spokesman in the European parliament…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 7.4.05 Ordeal of horses off to slaughter - SOME of your readers may already be aware that horses are exported live from Poland to Italy to be slaughtered for meat on arrival. When animal welfare group Viva! first went to Poland to start campaigning against the live export of horses for meat to the EU nearly 100,000 animals were being transported every year…. I urge you to support Viva!... LISA BONOMINI, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Daily Record 7.4.05 CULL CRUELTY - I HAVE never been so disturbed as I was after reading your recent article on the seal cull in Canada… Kelly Breckney,Ayrshire (story)

Western Gazette 7.4.05 SUCH BRUTALITY - The nauseating brutality of the Canadian seal hunt shames Canada and its people…. Lomond Handley, Evering Avenue, Poole. (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 7.4.05 BADGER CUBS AT RISK ON ROADS BY EMMA LAZENBY - Badgers conjure up all manner of opinions ranging from the enthusiast's love of the intriguing and attractive creatures to their reputation as the ultimate garden or farm pest. One of Britain's oldest and wildest animals in Britain, the badger, is thought to have been present for 500,000 years. It is this heritage combined with their vulnerability, complex nature and distinctive appearance that fuel The West Kent Badger Group's (WKBG) mission to protect them and their natural habitats… (story)


Eastern Daily Press 6.4.05 Crackdown halves illegal hare coursing - SUE SKINNER - Illegal hare coursing in Cambridgeshire has nearly halved since the launch of a police crackdown seven months ago. Operation Dornier has resulted in a 45pc drop in unlawful activities and 191 people being reported for summons. The initiative has included a poster campaign and the launch of a 24-hour confidential hotline for people to leave information on illegal hare coursers… (story)

BBC News Online 6.4.05 Probe after second dead fox found - A second dead fox has been found two days after another was discovered mutilated and dumped in Sunderland. It is believed the attacks may have been carried out by the same thugs but are not being linked to protests over the recent hunting ban, the RSPCA said…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 6.4.05 Hunt for savages who mutilated fox - BARBARIC thugs who skinned and mutilated a fox and dumped its body near a Sunderland primary school were today condemned by police and the RSPCA. The animal's carcass was left at the bus stop in Cardigan Road, near Hylton Castle Primary School…. (story)
Northern Echo 6.4.05 Outrage as fox found skinned - THE RSPCA and police yesterday condemned ''mindless thugs'' who skinned a fox and dumped its mutilated remains at a bus stop… The remains were found by a member of the public at the bus stop in Cardigan Road, Sunderland, on Monday evening…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 5.4.05 Skinned fox had paws hacked off - A skinned fox found dumped at a Wearside bus stop had had its tail and paws hacked off, police have revealed. RSPCA inspectors and Northumbria Police have condemned the dismembering of the animal as "barbaric" and have joined forces to find the culprits…. (story)

Guardian 6.4.05 Extremists are driving out research in UK, say drug firms - Heather Tomlinson - Animal rights activists are to blame for falling research and development budgets for new drugs in Britain, the pharmaceutical industry claimed yesterday. Spending on research fell by £100m between 2002 and 2003, according to new figures from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry…. (story)
Independent 6.4.05 R&D spending on drugs falters By Stephen Foley - The amount of money spent on drug research and development in the UK has fallen for the first time in two decades, and the industry yesterday blamed animal rights extremists and the emergence of low-cost competition from countries such as China and Singapore… (story)
Times 6.4.05 Extremists 'are driving drugs firms out of UK' BY RICHARD IRVING AND NIGEL HAWKES - EVIDENCE that animal rights extremists are driving drug companies out of Britain emerged yesterday, with figures revealing a collapse in investment in new laboratories and the first fall in research spending in the UK for 15 years… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 6.4.05 Good riddance to retiring matador - ON page four of the LET, March 30 the picture of the seal hunters gathering harp seals lying in their own blood after hunters clubbed them to death was dramatic and shows the obscenity of man. On the same page was the news that the only English matador Franks Evans is retiring due to knee injury. Thank goodness!... SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 6.4.05 SUNSHINE TAKES THE FIRST STEPS TO A NEW CAREFREE LIFE WITH NO PAIN - Western Daily Press readers have raised a magnificent £87,000 for China's tortured bile bears. Today, we watch Sunshine the cub take his first steps after fighting back to fitness. RUTH WOOD reports… (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 6.4.05 No place for an elephant - It is a shame that the Express & Star gave such prominent coverage to a controversial animal circus without contacting animal welfare campaigners for their comments. The Bobby Roberts Circus is the last circus in Britain to have an elephant, and organisations such as the Captive Animals' Protection Society and the RSPCA work to end the use of all animals in circuses… Craig Redmond, Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston (story)


Swindon Evening Advertiser 5.4.05 Whipping up a fury for horses - THE plight of racehorses caused less controversy than might have been expected at a town centre demonstration. While protestors from Swindon Animal Concern stood outside a bookmakers to demonstrate against cruelty in the racing industry, the punters inside remained unperturbed. One protestor donned a PVC catsuit and dominatrix gear and another wore a full riding outfit to make their point about whipping during races…. Anish Harrison, 25, from Toothill, was a dominatrix for a day…. Nicky Brewer, 25, a nursery nurse from Stratton, said: "Whipping keeps the horses in control through fear…." (story)
Carlisle News & Star 2.4.05 Racehorses get the best of care - No issue has a higher priority for the Jockey Club than the welfare of the horse. We are committed to raising standards of welfare and to minimising the risk of injury… pro-actively liaise and discuss matters with recognised welfare bodies such as the RSPCA and the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH). Unlike the productive relationships the Jockey Club has developed with those organisations, we have not found it possible to have a constructive relationship with Animal Aid, which seems to be an anti-racing lobby opposed to horses being given an active or fulfilling working life…. Dr Peter Webbon, MRCVS, is director of veterinary science and welfare at the Jockey Club (story)
Carlisle News & Star 2.4.05 Don’t support racing industry and its cruelty - Animal Aid’s new report into the horse racing industry, This Unsporting Life, reveals the pain and suffering that lurks behind its glamorous façade. The report’s most shocking revelation is that around 375 horses are raced to death every year… Male horses are flown between the northern and southern hemispheres so that they may impregnate females in their receptive period. Both broodmares and studs are overworked and it is not unknown for breeding horses to die of exhaustion…. Chris Anderson is campaigns officer for Animal Aid (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 24.3.05 RACECOURSE 'DEADLIEST' - An Animal charity has named Cheltenham racecourse as the most deadly in the country. Animal Aid said that for the fourth year in a row three horses died during last week's Cheltenham National Hunt Festival… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 23.3.05 It’s a disgrace blasts Baker as he leaps to defence of Carlisle course - By Amanda Little - CARLISLE Racecourse chief John Baker today slammed a controversial report which has labelled it one of the most dangerous tracks in Britain. Animal Aid named the Blackwell course the fourth worst in the country for horses being killed in action - a statistic which has been rubbished by the Jockey Club…. The Jockey Club’s senior vet Dr Peter Webbon has criticised the accuracy of the report’s statistics…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 23.3.05 Animal Aid shock troops are on the wrong track - THE timing couldn’t be worse for Carlisle racecourse chiefs as they prepare to attract hundreds of families and first-time race-goers to their showcase Easter Saturday meeting. But then this is the time of year when Animal Aid usually send out their damning reports into how they consider horseracing to be cruel. It landed on my desk this week and – call me a cynic – but it’s always timed to try to overshadow two of the biggest National Hunt festivals, Cheltenham and Aintree…. (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.3.05 Treatment of horses is focus of campaign - ANIMAL rights campaigners will be aiming to highlight what they claim is cruel treatment of race horses. Wearing a PVC catsuit Dominatrix Mistress A better known as Swindon soul singer Anish Harrison will be in Swindon centre on Saturday, April 2, to mark Animal Aid's Horse Racing Awareness Week…. Dominatrix Mistress N also known as Nicky Brewer who will be donning full riding gear as part of the protest…. (story)
Sporting Life 22.3.05 JOCKEY CLUB HITS BACK OVER WELFARE - The Jockey Club has stressed its commitment to the welfare of racehorses in the wake of a critical report from Animal Aid. Senior vet Dr Peter Webbon described the group as "an anti-horseracing lobby" and pointed out that racing's regulators had a "productive" relationship with animal welfare bodies…. (story)
Racing Post 22.3.05 Jockey Club hits back over welfare by PA Sport Staff - THE JOCKEY CLUB has stressed its commitment to the welfare of racehorses in the wake of a critical report from Animal Aid…. (story)
Western Mail 22.3.05 Racing: Jockey Club hits back over welfare - The Jockey Club has stressed its commitment to the welfare of racehorses in the wake of a critical report from Animal Aid…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 22.3.05 Animal Aid name Carlisle racecourse in deaths list By Amanda Little - THE Jockey Club today hit back after a critical new report by an animal welfare group claimed that Carlisle is one of the worst racecourses in Britain for the number of horses being killed in action…. (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 16.3.05 DARK SIDE OF 'SPORT OF KINGS' REVEALED - A report called This Unsporting Life by a North Lincolnshire animal welfare campaigner has pin-pointed Cheltenham as the most lethal horse-racing course in the UK. According to the research for Animal Aid by Dene Stansall, a total 21 horses have died in 56 days' racing in the past four years at Prestbury Park. Father-of-three Mr Stansall (47), of Lakeside Drive, Scunthorpe, analysed 15,000 races to come up with what is claimed to be the most comprehensive survey on horse-racing ever to be made public…. Mr Stansall, a local animal rights activist for more than 20 years, said his report shamed the racecourses which had high fatality rates with the Jockey Club-owned courses at Cheltenham, Aintree, Warwick and Carlisle at the top of the most dangerous league…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 5.4.05 Pheasant experience - SHOOTING pheasants... once again the Countryside Alliance waves the diversionary red flag and plays the Toffs R Us card… It's nothing to do with control of vermin. This is all about an activity that just satisfies the bloodlust which is really behind foxhunting. R MARTIN, Badsey, near Evesham (letter in archive)

Western Mail 5.4.05 Farmers oppose changes to Act - Steve Dube, Western Mail - FARMERS are opposing proposed changes to the Wildlife and Countryside Act that would ban rotating decoy birds in larsen traps. NFU Cymru rural affairs board chairman Bernard Llewellyn said the traps were effective for magpies and crows. "When using a live decoy bird it is widely considered best practice to rotate the decoy bird to avoid high levels of distress to one individual," he said…. (story)

Western Morning News 5.4.05 RACEHORSES DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT - A recent newspaper picture showed a jockey being thrown from his horse in an important race. There was concern about possible injury, loss of earnings and upset for the gambling industry but nothing was said about the horse… Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel (letter)

Country Life 5.4.05 Hedgehog Cull 2005 Underway - The annual hedgehog hunt in the Outer Hebrides is again underway. As Scottish Natural Heritage attempts to cull the creatures, animal rights activists pay £20 for each one they can re-home on the mainland By Holly Kirkwood… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.4.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP RUBBISHES SNH HEDGEHOG-CULL CLAIM - Animal rights activists have hit out at claims by Scottish Natural Heritage that culling hedgehogs is more humane than relocating them. Uist Hedgehog Rescue, a coalition of animal welfare groups, was speaking out on the first day of the annual cull in the Outer Hebrides yesterday…. (story)
Times 5.4.05 Hedgehogs ferried to safety as island cull gathers pace BY DAVID LISTER, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - THE annual evacuation of hedgehogs from North Uist and Benbecula is under way with animal rights activists determined to rescue as many as possible from the controversial cull… The Uist Hedgehog Rescue, a coalition of animal rights groups whose supporters include Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, Twiggy and the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, said last night that it hoped to save at least 200 hedgehogs with an offer of £20 for every live animal handed in by rescuers…. (story)
Scotsman 5.4.05 Isles' hedgehog wars resume - FRANK URQUHART - THE battle lines were being drawn on the Western Isles last night as animal rights activists and trappers arrived on North Uist and Benbecula at the start of the latest spring cull of hedgehogs on the islands. As darkness fell, the 13 hedgehog hunters, hired by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), set out on their controversial eight-week mission to wipe out the mammals in an effort to protect the native wading birds. But a coalition of animal welfare groups is offering a £20 reward to local people who hand in hedgehogs before they are culled…. (story)
Independent 4.4.05 New campaign to save island hedgehogs By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - The battle over the fate of Scotland's island hedgehogs restarts today when Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) begins its annual cull of the mammals in the Western Isles…. Rescuers from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust in Ayrshire, who are based in a caravan close to Benbecula airport that contains a veterinary hospital, had two of the animals in custody by Friday… (story)
BBC News Online 4.4.05 Hedgehog cull resumes on islands - Animal rights activists are trying to rescue hedgehogs as an annual cull gets under way in the Outer Hebrides. The creatures are being targeted because they threaten ground-nesting birds on North Uist and Benbecula. The Uist Wader Project will employ 13 fieldworkers for the killings, which will last eight weeks…. Meanwhile, it has emerged that in future years dogs may have to be used to find the last remaining hedgehogs as each area is cleared. The Protection of Wild Mammals Act, brought in to outlaw fox hunting north of the border, means any hedgehogs found by the dogs cannot be gathered up and taken away to be killed by lethal injection. Instead, they will have to be shot immediately at the scene…. (story)

Birmingham Post 5.4.05 So the seal hunters are back to bring more hell to the Newfoundland ice floes and the world stands and watches. How can Canadians consider themselves civilised if they allow this barbarity to continue?... GRAHAM MILES, Birmingham (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.4.05 SUNSHINE'S RAY OF HOPE - As the wire of a snare bit deeply into the soft flesh of his stomach, little Sunshine's forest life was snatched away. For the first couple of months of his life, the baby Moon Bear had a brief taste of freedom as he roamed with his mother…. (story)
Western Daily Press 5.4.05 HOW PATRONISING CAN YOU GET, MR PAYTER? - Reporter's criticism was totally out of order I READ Mr Dennis Payter's article criticising and belittling readers who have donated to the very worthy and commendable Western Daily Bear appeal. I feel this article warrants a very quick and clean response. Firstly, donors to his appeal have exercised free choice as is their entitlement. Secondly, by doing so, donating to an animal appeal - for example, bears - does not mean that human charity appeals are deemed less worthy in these donors' thoughts and considerations as he implies…. Martin Quigley, Hinton, Hereford
He is all mouth and no action - HAVING just read the article by Mr Payter, I think he has missed the point. I have not donated to the bear appeal because they are cuddly looking animals, but because they have been kept in the most horrific conditions and tortured every day… Ms D A Head, Ross-on- Wye, Hereford
Writer must be a very sad man - HAVING read the article by the Evening Post journalist I feel that he must be a very sad man, not having any compassion for animals… K J Baker, Nailsea, Bristol
He is an April Fool - THIS letter is in reply to the article written by Dennis Payter, who made himself look a right April's Fool… Mrs H S Perry, Warminster, Wiltshire
Just who does he think he is? AS I was reading Dennis Payter's article, I was getting more and more angry. Who does he think he is to tell us what we should or should not do with our money?... Sue Jenkins
Views are illogical - MY thanks to Dennis Payter for expressing his callous, heartless and completely illogical views…. Desmond Powell, Taunton, Somerset
Continue to be amazed, Dennis - So Dennis Payter is amazed that we choose to give our money to the Animals Asia Foundation above those charities listed. That's all right by me…. Janet Hall, Cirencester
A heartless person - In reply to Dennis Payter's comments about the Moon Bears, I am an animal lover and have horses, also cattle. If we want to send a donation to help rescue the lovely bears, it is up to the people who read the WDP…. Patsy Morrissey Miles, Cricklade, Swindon
How sanctimonious and patronising can one get? Are you aware, Mr Payter, that if you were shut in a cage so small that you were unable to sit up or even stretch out lying down; that if you had your fingers sliced off and your teeth filed down to the gums… Lee Gibbins, Holford (letters)

Western Daily Press 5.4.05 OUR ACTIONS AGAINST NATURE ARE IGNORANT - No sooner has the Western Daily Press campaign begun to have an impact on the bear cruelty in China, than along comes another display of human arrogance (Red Dawn, Western Daily Press, March 30), against nature. The graphic pictures of the seal slaughter were an affront to decent, common-sense, human sensitivities, but I can see why the Western Daily Press published them. Here we see human ignorance in action… D Harvey Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Essex Evening Gazette 5.4.05 High Garrett: Protest over circus - An animal rights group was today due to stage a peaceful protest against using animals in the circus. Essex Animal Freedom supporters will wave banners and placards outside the entrance to The Great British Circus when it visits High Garrett, near Braintree, at 4pm today…. (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 5.4.05 CRITICISM OF AN OUTDATED ENTERTAINMENT - Martin Lacey, of the Great British Circus (Mailbox, March 26), laughably claims that people concerned about animal welfare should encourage councils to provide sites for animal circuses…. In the 21st century, we have moved on from subjecting animals to constant transportation, temporary accommodation and dubious training methods just to perform ridiculous tricks in the big top for our amusement… Craig Redmond, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Preston (story)
Leicester Mercury 26.3.05 DEFENDING THE CIRCUS - Sue Chambers (Mailbox, March 17) is making a major mistake in her reasoning regarding animals with the Great British Circus - that of anthropomorphism. Animals do not perceive the world as humans do. The fact that big cats, such as lions and tigers, need 18 hours of rest a day has been totally ignored. To put it simply, tigers do not go "jogging" in the jungle. I prefer to listen to the expert opinion of people like Dr Marthe Kiley Worthington, who said: "No evidence of distress or trauma as a result of transportation was seen as the animals become very used to this."… Martin Lacey, Government- registered animal trainer, The Great British Circus (story)

Bolton Evening News 5.4.05 Animal acts belong to the past - Mrs Roberts from Bobby Roberts' Circus (Animal Magic, March 30) said: "We get angry when we are targeted in ways that zoos and horseracing are not." She is clearly unaware that animal rights activists target all forms of animal abuse from circuses to vivisection labs, so there is no need to feel singled out!... Ms S Edwards, Dubai (letter in archive)


Edinburgh Evening News 4.4.05 Super stadium plan gambling with dogs' lives - HOWARD WALLACE is correct in his assertion ("Dogs on track", Letters, March 26) that the opening of a so-called super stadium will not result in the dumping of dogs in East Lothian. Far from it - this development will inevitably result in the killing, maltreatment and abandonment of "failed" or injured dogs in Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian, East Lothian and throughout the Central Belt…. Davie Rutherford, Greyhound Action Scotland, Wardieburn Terrace, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.4.05 I FLIPPED MY LID WHEN ARROGANT MP TRIED TO GAG THE DAILY PRESS - A Reader was locked in a war of words with a West MP yesterday over the Western Daily Press campaign to save Asia's tortured Moon Bears. Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is stubbornly refusing to back down over the row, which first erupted during a recent visit by the Chinese Ambassador to Britain. The dispute was sparked when the MP insisted the Daily Press was wrong to quiz His Excellency Zha Peixin over the plight of the bears…. Mr Clifton's Brown's attempts to gag the Daily Press outraged trainee physiotherapist Laura Barrell, of Thornbury, near Bristol. Mrs Barrell, 28, wrote to the Tory MP to express her disgust over the way he had treated our reporter during the Ambassador's visit….(story)
Western Daily Press 4.4.05 THIS COUNTRY'S MEDIA IS INTRUSIVE - Dear Laura Barrell, Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Chinese Ambassador's recent visit. I invited the Chinese Ambassador to visit Gloucestershire to see certain institutions and he decided that he did not want to answer questions on the treatment of bears. I therefore asked the reporter not to do so, as a matter of professional courtesy. Despite this, he put the question to the Ambassador and was asked by the Headmaster to leave the school, which he did not. Instead, he tried to ask the question again…. While writing I have to add my personal view that no animal should suffer unnecessarily and I have a great deal of sympathy with your views on the treatment of the bears in China… Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (story)
Western Daily Press 4.4.05 YOU HAVE MISSED MY WHOLE POINT - Dear Mr Clifton-Brown, Whilst I do not want to get into a tit-for-tat letter writing campaign with you, I feel I must respond to your reply as you seem to have missed my point and clearly contradict yourself within your response. I too am a businesswoman and grew up as a conservative and have even been known to fox hunt on occasion. My point being, that I am not a sentimental animal rights activist and I also can appreciate your interest in extending links to other counties for economic pur poses… I do not believe you can possibly have any understanding of the type of inhumane, barbaric cruelty that is going on here. I would implore you to at the very least read the articles published by the WDP… Regards Laura Barrell (story)

Belfast Telegraph 4.4.05 Bring in bass ban - Now that fox hunting is banned in Great Britain we should turn our attention to pair trawling for sea bass in the Celtic Sea and all Irish waters. Whales, dolphins and porpoises continue to be cruelly asphyxiated when caught in fishing nets during this barbaric process…. GORDON MACKENZIE, Belfast 9 (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.4.05 WILD GOATS MAY FACE SLAUGHTER - Animal campaigners yesterday told of their fear that mass slaughter is looming for a herd of wild goats roaming a West beauty spot. The rugged animals are a familiar sight for the walkers, climbers and tourists in the Valley of the Rocks near Lynton, in North Devon… Last summer, there was criticism when about 12 animals were culled from a herd of 90, but this year's shooting could be on a much larger scale, according to local group Friends of the Lynton Goats. Jan Hunt, a member of the group, estimates there could be 120 goats in the valley of which only 20 could be re-homed in the short term… (story)


Bedford Today 3.4.05 Aquarium opponents can't hook big fish - Key figures stay away from public meeting - Organisers behind the NIRAH Project snubbed a public meeting organised by an animal welfare group opposed to the giant aquarium scheme this week. Both Bedford Borough Council and the National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats (NIRAH) were invited to the meeting on Wednesday night by Bedford Animal Action…. Anther scientist, Dr Max Gastone, referred to NIRAH's promise to take samples from animals in a non-invasive way and said: "The snakes will basically be tortured by freaking them out…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 3.4.05 Animal cruelty lurking on the links - JEREMY WATSON - THEY are the most famous golf links in the world and the venue for this year’s prestigious Open Championship. But as well as providing the scenic backdrop for sporting history, the St Andrews fairways, which include the legendary Old Course, are also havens for wildlife. Now golf course managers are battling a ‘sporting’ event of a different kind after police have been informed of four suspected cases of illegal hare coursing over the hallowed turf…. (story)

Observer 3.4.05 FBI monitored British activists - Jamie Doward and Mark Townsend - American special agents were so concerned about the activities of Britain's leading animal rights extremists that they tapped their phones and intercepted their emails over a six-month period as part of a covert surveillance operation… The documents show that the FBI monitored the emails and phone calls of Shac members Greg and Heather Avery when they visited the US, in addition to Natasha Taylor, who has worked with Shac in the past, and Robin Webb, spokesman for the militant Animal Liberation Front. Details of the monitoring campaign come amid a wave of attacks against targets with links to the US laboratories of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Last week alone nine attacks were reported against HLS targets in the US…. (story)


Guernsey Press & Star 2.4.05 YES, cruelty to animals does exist in Guernsey, and it is high time that these people who inflict suffering on animals were brought to justice…. I do volunteer work for an animal charity, Guernsey Animal Aid, and was absolutely horrified to see what someone had done to a harmless little guinea pig… ANNE MILLS (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 2.4.05 Paraded for amusement - I write in response to your news picture of Anne the circus elephant. I was extremely shocked and angry to realise that circuses are still allowed to keep animals like Anne in the name of entertainment. I realise that a vet may regularly check the animal to give her a clean bill of health, but how can she possibly have any quality of life?... C L Lewis, Lane Street, Coseley (letter)

Guardian 2.4.05 How can anyone call fur - a vanity product responsible for immeasurable amounts of animal suffering - fashionable… Many of these seals do not die from the clubbing, but rather languish on the ice slowly succumbing to their injuries or are skinned alive by ruthless sealers. Wearing fur supports this animal cruelty. Jennifer Allen Humane Society of the US, Washington DC (letter)

Daily Record 2.4.05 SEAL HORROR - I REELED in horror at the sight of the seals pups being slaughtered… Mrs Anne King,Falkirk
READERS must have been disgusted by the brutal images of seals being slaughtered on the Canadian ice flows…. Letters of protest can be emailed to the Canadian Tourism Board on www.advocatesforanimals.org/protest/ seals.html. Ross Minnett,by email (letters)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.4.05 Vegetarians and 'propaganda' - The photographs of blood on the ice floes of northern Canada, the smashed seal-cub bodies and the club-wielding men who carried out the slaughter is a typical news story of this day and age. It smacks of propaganda, as it tells only part of the story… If the vegetarians and vegans, who will make use of this propaganda to their immense satisfaction, have their way and the almost 7billion people on our planet give up eating meat and consume only vegan food, then death from thirst will probably come first, as it will take nine times the flow of the River Nile to water the necessary crops…. Nick Stott, 8 Rosebery Street, Aberdeen. (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.4.05 MOUSE WAS TOO ILL TO ENJOY FREEDOM. . . DON'T LET THIS POOR SOUL DIE IN VAIN - A Distressed cub sounded the bears' arrival at the sanctuary…. Jill Robinson heard the cry and felt sick with worry before she even saw the truck that pulled up at the Animals Asia Foundation sanctuary gates moments later, laden with bears… (story)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 ABUSE SHAMES THE HUMAN RACE - Bears, horses, dogs, cats, rats, mice. No matter what - we, as a race, will find a way to abuse it. John and Wendy Ingleson (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 A FURTHER CHEQUE TOWARDS FREEDOM - Still following the plight of these poor Moon Bears, my husband and I feel we would like to send a further contribution towards their freedom and enclose our cheque…. Janet and Tony White, Hanham, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 KEEP UP YOUR FANTASTIC WORK - Cheque enclosed - had to wait for payday. I wish I could send much more. I have sent the letter cutting from yesterday's paper to the Chinese Ambassador today…. Ian Weeks (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 SHEER CRUELTY IS SO UNNECESSARY - Please find enclosed a cheque to help in your campaign to bring an end to the barbaric and disgusting practice of bile extraction from the lovely Moon Bears of China… Rita and Bob Williams (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 I'LL KEEP SAVING, YOU KEEP FIGHTING - Please accept my second cheque towards helping save the Moon Bears. I have managed to save this from the weekly budget… S Matthews (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 WE MUST DO OUR BIT IN THE WEST … Please find enclosed a cheque to go towards the long campaign to try and help the bile bears of China. We must all help in the fight against animal torture, whether it be the forgotten horses left to die, vivisection animals, wildlife etc. We must help…. Alan and Mary Lodge, Gloucester (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 MESSAGE TO ENVOY - I Have just cut out the message to the Ambassador at the Chinese Embassy and will post it as I post this letter to catch the 5.30pm collection. I enclose a small cheque for the rescue of these poor bears…. Miss J M Radix-Russell, Stoford, Yeovil (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 SO HEARTENING TO SEE PRINCE PLAYING - I Have cried and cried at the terrible condition some of the Moon Bears have been in when rescued - poor, dear Hope. It is so heartening to see the lovely pictures of Prince playing in his home… Mrs H S Perry, Mere, Wilts (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 GO INTERNATIONAL! - The best of luck to all involved - most of all the bears…. Anon (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 MONSTROUS PRACTICE - We are a mother and daughter, extremely angry at the Chinese government for allowing this terrible cruelty to continue to these lovely bears… Edna and Jackie, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.4.05 BRINGING IT TO THE PUBLIC'S ATTENTION - For the past few weeks in the Western Daily Press, my husband and I have been following the plight of these poor bears. If it had not been for the Daily Press bringing it to the public's attention I doubt whether many would realise that such cruelty existed… Jane and Tony White, Bristol (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 2.4.05 A MEATY ARGUMENT - It was a relief that D. Pinder's condemnation of meat eaters (Opinion, March 29) happened to be in the same edition of the Telegraph as Bygones. There we can be free from such drivel… Without meat eaters the world would be overrun with billions of cattle, sheep and pigs, defecating and releasing methane gases, which by now would have completely destroyed the ozone layer. D. Pinder, says "Eating pig makes you pig headed." What do you become on a diet of nuts? W. Potts,Holbrook Road, Alvaston. (letter)

South Wales Echo 2.4.05 Animal refuge wants founder to move - THE founder of a Gwent animal sanctuary says she is being forced from her home on the sanctuary site by the charity's trustees. Viv Harris, 53, has lived in a house on Church Farm since she founded the All Creatures Great and Small sanctuary on the site 13 years ago. But the sanctuary trustees say the house belongs to the charity and, since Ms Harris no longer works for All Creatures, she should find a new home. Ms Harris resigned as sanctuary manager last October feeling that Trustees were putting costs before the welfare of animals…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 2.4.05 A FOREST BOAR - Come on tourists, come to the Forest of Dean, And if you are lucky you'll see something mean… These are wild boars, let's make a big fuss… Leave them alone, they mean us no harm, Only when threatened they may lose their charm. Fence them off and out I believe we must, For the ignorance of man I do not trust. JUDY MONK, Lydbrook (story)

Western Daily Press 2.4.05 DON'T BE TAKEN IN BY BADGER PROPAGANDA - Yes, badgers carry TB and farmers are stupid - the missing word is SOME… The Swiss concluded that if they got rid of TB in cattle the wildlife problem would solve itself, this seems to have happened as there have been no cattle TB figures from there for many years while culling countries - Ireland, New Zealand, etc - are still struggling… Time now to try the Swiss solution and concentrate attention and resources on the real diseasereservoir - the cattle themselves. Miss E D Overend, Leighton, Nr Frome (story)

Northern Echo 2.4.05 I AM writing to tell you that National Vegetarian Week takes place from May 23 to 29…. Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)


Dudley News 1.4.05 Close the Zoo - ANIMAL rights activists have called for Dudley Zoo to be closed down, just weeks before a key decision is made on a massive expansion of the ever-popular Castle Hill attraction. Campaigners from the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) claimed the site was an `embarrassment'… Janet Cummings, who took part in the protest, said: "They make all sorts of excuses for animals being locked up but none of them bear any weight with me…" (story in archive)

Western Morning News 1.4.05 LANDOWNERS LAUNCH RURAL MANIFESTO - A manifesto calling for politicians to encourage rural business and help improve the countryside's economy was launched yesterday. The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is calling for a balanced approach to open access to the countryside, tax changes to boost diversification and flexible planning laws…. The main issues have been broken down into six categories covering a range of subjects including shooting, climate change, rural policy, infrastructure, public access to the countryside and tax changes… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.05 HORSERACING'S DYING SHAME - This week sees the start of Animal Aid's Horseracing Awareness Week, taking place in the seven days leading up to the country's most famous race, the Grand National on April 9…. Animal Aid has been campaigning for a ban on the Grand National for several years, but welfare problems are endemic throughout the racing industry. To this country's shame, 300 horses die during races or training each year and many others suffer serious injury…. Perhaps the most damning indictment of the racing industry is its lack of provision for the 5,000 horses whose careers end every year. Many suffer appalling neglect, end up as pet food, are fed to hounds or exported as horse meat, or sold from owner to owner in a downward spiral of neglect… The publication of the results of a new, large-scale investigation into the industry can be found on Animal Aid's website… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Burton Mail 1.4.05 Animal rights woman's bail relief by KIM BRISCOE - A BURTON animal rights activist has spoken of her relief after being released from police bail over the theft of a dead woman’s remains. Janet Tomlinson, 62, was arrested at her Shobnall Close home on December 1 in connection with the theft of Gladys Hammond’s remains from a Yoxall churchyard. … Yesterday the cancer sufferer learned Staffordshire Police would not be renewing her bail, which was due to end today, and that she would not be charged…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.4.05 CRUELTY THAT'S GOING ON IN LABORATORIES - I cannot help but see parallels between the bile bear industry in China and our own vivisection industry. Just like China, our Government accepts and condones the same horrendous cruelty here. We have universities like Cambridge and Oxford competing to build a new primate laboratory for experimentation for medical research to cure human illnesses, the same as China with its bile bear farms… M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Harrogate Advertiser 1.4.05 Animal testing is shocking thought From: Theresa O'Connor, Pannal Ash, Harrogate. I live very local to Covance Research and Laboratories, and whilst walking my four-legged friends, have been not only horrified by the size and height of the new building development but by the animal testing that must be going on inside… There are other ways to test drugs. The problem is that animals are cheap. The research and experimenting business is big money. (letter)

Southport Visiter 1.4.05 Bullfighting TV barbarity By Graham Davies, Southport Visiter - AN animal rights activist is leading a campaign to stop the broadcasting of bull-fights on the Sky Digital family package. Tony Moore, of Southport based Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), says he was disgusted to dis-cover the programmes, on Spanish channel TVEi, aired as early as 4pm when young children could be watching…. (story)
Liverpool Daily Echo 21.3.05 Fury over bullfights shown on digital TV - By Graham Davies Daily Post Staff - A MERSEYSIDE animal rights activist is leading a campaign to stop the broadcasting of bullfights on the Sky Digital family package. Tony Moore, of Southport-based Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), says he was disgusted to discover the programmes, on Spanish channel TVEi, aired as early as 4pm when young children could be watching…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.4.05 TRUTH OF CHARITY IS NOT SO CUDDLY - The plight of the bile bears in China has touched the hearts of our readers across the West Country. More than £80,000 has poured in in just 21 days to help these tortured, loving creatures who spend up to 20 years of their lives trapped in cages no bigger than themselves, as metal tubes are thrust into their stomachs to extract their bile. But not everyone backs our campaign to bring sunshine back into their desperate lives. In fact, Bristol Evening Post journalist DENNIS PAYTER believes we should leave well alone because Asia is a long way away IT amazes me how people in this country just cannot seem to resist putting their hands in their pockets when it comes to giving money to save cuddly looking animals…(story)
Western Daily Press 1.4.05 STOP THE SUFFERING - What tragic news about the bears. It brings tears to my eyes… Mrs Edith Chalcroft Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Halesowen News 1.4.05 Leave pigeons alone - I see that the pigeon hating birdophobics are back out in force peddling the myth that pigeons spread disease and complaining about the mess they make. Having fed thousands of these birds for many years and spent much time in their close proximity I can confirm that I am as fit and healthy now as when I started and have yet to meet anyone who knows of a human that has caught a disease from a pigeon or in fact any animal…. Mr H Bosworth, Quinton (letter in archive)

Daily Record 1.4.05 VEGGIE WINS BACON BAN - A SANDWICH shop has been banned from selling bacon butties - after a vegetarian complained. Steven and Linda Male, who own Sizzlers in Ashton--under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, were ordered to stop frying rashers. Neighbour Anthony Goodwin said he has been forced out of his home by the smell…. (story)