April 2006

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Sunday Telegraph 30.4.06 Wear an anti-Blair jacket... and you'll have your collar felt By Patience Wheatcroft …Yet there are still those who are bold enough to make clear in public their displeasure with this Government. One of them stood outside Earl's Court tube station last week wearing a jacket which proclaimed across its back "Bollocks to Blair… The woman wearing the jacket, Julia Gobert, was distributing leaflets in support of the Conservative candidates for Thursday's election… Two British Transport Police very politely informed her that she would be arrested unless she removed the jacket…. It is not the first time that the police have taken action against anti-Blair clothing. Last September, Charlotte Denis was marched away from the Midlands Game Fair by police and driven to a mobile police station because of her "Bollocks to Blair" sweatshirt….. (story)

Independent on Sunday 30.4.06 The Chase by Candida Clark - Where's the ammo? I want to blow this lot away By Charlie Lee-Potter… The really frustrating thing about The Chase is that Candida Clark is capable of writing brilliantly. But that's not enough. She needs to be able to tell a story too. Her novel combines characters that Jilly Cooper would have worked magic with and a plotline which aspires to Ian Rankin. In Candida Clark's hands the two go together like Victoria sponge and engine oil. (story)
Independent 17.4.06 The Chase by Candida Clark - The world of hunting's secrets and lies, but not its blood and guts By Marianne Brace (story)
Observer 16.4.06 Hunting instincts - Candida Clark's tale of infidelity and foxhunting, The Chase, is a very English melodrama, says Olivia Laing… (story)
Times Online 9.4.06 Hunting season BY URBAN FOX, TIMES ONLINE CORRESPONDENT - To the outer edge of the M25 at the weekend to a local hunt's point-to-point race afternoon at the close of England’s now illegal hunting season…. we cheered defiantly, along with everyone else eating solid food out of the back of solid cars or getting stuck in the solid mud on the way to the loos, when the man’s voice blaring results over the tannoy said, "thank you all for coming. Whatever They try to do to us, we hope we’ll be carrying on for many years yet.” They probably will, too…. So full of loopholes is this illogical law that hunts have continued to go out through the winter, and despairing police, with no way of enforcing an unpoliceable law, have pretty much given up trying… Now comes the next step in the chattering classes’ change of heart: "The Chase,” a novel published by Headline Review this week, which begins on February 19, 2005, the day that hunting with hounds became illegal… (story)
Guardian 8.4.06 Quick brown fox - Candida Clark's The Chase, the first novel about fox hunting since the ban, leaves Alfred Hickling panting for no more… (story)

Observer 30.4.06 Pro-Test in support of animal experiments - Laurie Pycroft, 16, led a march of 800 demonstrators through Oxford in February in support of an £18m biomedical research laboratory. Chanting, 'No more threats, no more fear,' the protesters defied animal rights activists and drew support from top scientists - Anushka Asthana (story)

Sunday Herald 30.4.06 Government silent over animal labs By Jenifer Johnston - Campaigners have slammed the government for refusing to name 35 Scottish institutions which carry out animal experiments… Dr Simon Festing, of openness campaigners the Research Defence Society (RDS), said the Home Office decision was "disappointing”… (story)


Western Morning News 29.4.06 YOUR headline "Hunts will never get compensation" (WMN April 22) may or may not prove to be accurate but it will be the courts, not the Government, which eventually decide. Given that Defra has stated in Parliament that it has no plans to monitor the impact of the Hunting Act, the minister, Lord Bach, would seem to be in an especially weak position to make judgments about its effects… The Alliance and the hunting community are determined that the temporary situation that hunts face is resolved as soon as possible by the repeal or replacement of the Hunting Act. Compensation will not be an issue when it has been replaced with evidence-based legislation based on animal welfare rather than political prejudice. Tim Bonner, Head of mediaCountryside Alliance (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.4.06 OUTLAW CRUEL TRAPS THAT KILL AND MAIM - I reply to Ray Bird (Your Say, April 18) with regard to snares and the hunt ban. As an ex-estate manager with close connections to conservation and the countryside, I am still in total agreement with the hunt ban because, as all countrymen know, foxes will control their own numbers if left to their own devices, with no more encouragement to breed by hunts…. M J Haines, Cirencester, Gloucestershire (letter)

Times 29.4.06 Junk medicine: animal experiments BY MARK HENDERSON - Nothing to be ashamed of - World Lab Animal Week, which ends tomorrow, is usually a festival of anti-vivisectionist propaganda. This year it was also the occasion of my first opportunity to see a working animal research facility laboratory for myself. In the space of a brief visit to the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) lab in Harlow, Essex, it was impossible to witness the full range of experiments done in Britain. But it was sufficient to demolish several myths that the animal rights lobby has been pushing this week…. This week 116 universities and companies declared their support for properly regulated animal research, and the Pro-Test group in Oxford has drawn thousands to march in support of the university’s biomedical lab. Institutions could do more, though, to show off what they do: many are still too nervous about letting the media in. Transparency is the best antidote they have to the spin of their opponents. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.4.06 ANIMAL TESTING IS CRUEL AND WASTEFUL - At this time of year when many medical research charities are asking people to donate funds to animal experimentation, I am writing to remind readers that laboratory animals suffer terribly at every stage of their lives…. I oppose vivisection not just because it is unbelievably barbaric and unforgivably cruel but also because it is worthless, wasteful, inaccurate, uninformative and dangerously misleading. The truth is that animal experiments kill people. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (story)

York Evening Press 29.4.06 Animal experiments must be abolished - THIS week is World Laboratory Animal Week and on April 24, eight of us protested against the US-owned contract testing laboratory Covance in Harrogate, which experiments on animals…. Annabel Holt, Stearsby Hagg Farm, Brandsby, York. (letter in archive)

Shetland News 29.4.06 Stop whaling forever - WE DO hope that whaling will soon become an archaic industry worldwide. It is so sad that we humans have to slaughter our cousin mammals, these huge majestic animals, to the very brink of extinction…. Tim & Sheila Hopper (letter may be in archive)

Argus 29.4.06 "dirty tricks' calim in seal row by Rachel Pegg - A battle over a zoo's plans to exhibit two seals has been soured by allegations of dirty tricks… The centre has claimed protesters are handing out "misleading" leaflets to discourage people going into the centre in Marine Parade, next to Palace Pier. Staff have also accused a demonstrator of stealing posters designed to inform the public about its plans to expand and bring in two seals, penguins and sea otters. But Brighton Animal Action, which is leading the protests, said one of its members had been wrongly framed in an attempt to discredit the group…. Protester Lisa Gooch, 27, from Tilgate, Crawley, was visited by police at 7am on Tuesday morning as part of investigations into the missing posters…. Sue Baumgardt, spokeswoman for Brighton Animal Action, said: "I thought it smacked of dirty tricks. Maybe their posters have been stolen. It certainly wasn't by any of us."… (story)

BBC News Online 29.4.06 Protesters demand circus boycott - An animal rights group has called for a boycott of a circus being held in a Lincolnshire town. Circus Mondeo which uses horses, goats and zebras, is performing in Spalding until Monday. The Captive Animals' Protection Society claims the animals are transported in inadequate accommodation and forcing them to perform in the ring is cruel…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.4.06 HELPING THE BEARS - Please find enclosed a cheque for £30 made payable to Animals Asia for the Western Daily Press campaign to free Moon Bears in China. The cheque is on behalf of my tutor group, called 7 Thornhill, at Sturminster Newton High School in Dorset… Laura Scott, Crewkerne, Somerset (letters)

Bolton Evening News 29.4.06 Shooting birds will make no difference - I HAVE read that the council has employed marksmen to shoot the pigeon population in Farnworth. These deaths will not result in a reduction in the pigeon population. The council needs to take a more humane method of population control if it is to succeed. Has it contacted PICAS (www.picasuk.com) which can advise on how to reduce the pigeon population without resorting to such barbaric methods as shooting them…. Mr I Richards Preston Action For Animals (story)


Hull Daily Mail 28.4.06 MINI-SKIRT TAKES A TWIRL AS NEW ENGLISH ICON - Cricket, the mini-skirt and the pub are among 21 new icons of England unveiled today…. Jerry Doyle, managing director of Icons, the not-for-profit company established to administer the project, said: "Nominations have ranged from popular national treasures such as Wallace and Gromit and Dr Who to controversial suggestions like fox-hunting, where the debate rages on."… (story)

Mold Chronicle 28.4.06 Orphaned cub cheats death - AN ORPHANED fox cub found close to death was this week described as 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' by its rescuers. The tiny seven-week-old vixen, now named Georgie, is being nursed back to health at the Flintshire Wildlife Rescue Centre near Holywell…. Joy Pierce-Jones, who runs the centre, said: 'She is doing well and the plan is to look after her for the next few months until she can be returned to the wild.'… (story)
Evening Leader 26.4.06 Call for cruel practice of cubbing to be outlawed - CALLS have been made for a crackdown on the "barbaric” killing of fox cubs after a young cub was rescued in Wrexham. Joy Pierce-Jones, who runs the Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue Centre in Greenfield, is currently looking after a seven-week-old fox cub that was found wandering near an earth or den on the outskirts of Wrexham. She believes the tiny cub was to have been used to train hunting dogs… Joy says the cubs are dug up out of the ground where they have been hidden by their mother and given to hunting dogs to "train” them how to kill during a fox hunt…. (story)

Western Mail 28.4.06 Hunt expert in shooting study sparks anger - Paul Rowland, Western Mail - ANIMAL rights activists claim that allowing a former employee of a pro-hunt group to provide government research into game shooting in Wales is "completely inappropriate". The former political director of Countryside Alliance Wales was asked to help produce the report into the economic benefits of shooting … Mark Hinge, director of political consultancy company The Bay, was part of a consortium assembled by the Welsh Development Agency in November 2005 to produce a report examining whether game shooting could become a major pillar of the Welsh tourism industry…. Animal rights group Animal Aid last night criticised the WDA for allowing him to be included in the team producing the report….(story)

Kenilworth Weekly News 28.4.06 KENILWORTH MP BACKS BADGER CULL, Conservationists say they are angry and disappointed that Kenilworth MP Jeremy Wright is backing a cull of badgers… Warwickshire Badger Group wrote to local MPs looking for additional support for the campaign against the cull. Kenilworth-based committee member Michael Hughes said: "Thousands of healthy badgers will die needlessly if the cull goes ahead…. (story)

Bucks Herald 28.4.06 May I appeal for the help of your readers in respect of the badger cull being considered by the minister, Ben Bradshaw…. IAN ROBERTSON, Chairman, Bucks Badger Group (story)

Dunoon Observer 28.4.06 RED TAPE SPELLS THE END OF THE BIRD GARDEN - A MUCH-LOVED local attraction is to close at the end of the summer, financially crippled, say its owners, by the cost of red tape and bureaucracy. The Cowal Bird Garden on the Sandbank High Road was opened 12 years ago by Phil and Annie Ratcliffe, and has proved to be a popular attraction for both visitors and locals….. However, changes in legislation triggered off by an animal welfare organisation, the Born Free Foundation, mean that to continue operating the garden would incur huge overheads…. (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 28.4.06 'STOP KILLING ANIMALS FOR FUR' - Iam writing this letter because I want to inform people about fur. The problem is that people are killing animals just for their fur…. J Lake (11), Worlaby Road, Grimsby (story)

Cumberland News 28.4.06 WELL done to Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather for opposing the fur trade, whether it be baby seals or cats and dogs…. LOUISE HEATONDurranhill RoadCarlisle (letter)

Daily Record 28.4.06 YOUR VIEW - IT'S A SITE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET - AS an animal lover I felt that I needed to investigate the 'fur trade in China' website created by Heather Mills McCartney after missing her programme. I couldn't sit through the sample video of how they skin these poor, unlucky animals. It utterly disgusted me, I was so angry…. D. Robertson, Barrhead, East Renfrewshire (letter)

Argus 28.4.06 Letter: Animal abuse - Two hundred and fifty dogs kept in cages so small they could not stand up, in a shed with no windows, with excrement everywhere and some of the dogs already dead… We need much stronger legislation to protect all pets as this could have been another type of pet… -Gloria Wheatcroft, Co-ordinator Inner-City Wildlife Concern, Brighton (letter in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 28.4.06 STOP BUYING BATTERY EGGS - L. Birch's letter headed Please think of animals (Evening Telegraph, March 23) echoes the sentiment of thousands, and is a further reminder of the daily cruelty that these battery birds have to endure in their short, cruel, miserable lives, ending in slaughter in the most barbaric way imaginable… B. G. Bower, Thorndyke Avenue, Alvaston. (story)


Horse & Hound 27.4.06 IRISH HUNTING LAUNCHES EARLY CHARM OFFENSIVE - The Hunting Association of Ireland is taking positive steps to ensure the future of hunting by launching an promotional campaign… the HAI is launching an advertising campaign to educate the urban public and this week hosted its first public event at Punchestown Racing Festival. It aims to reinforce publicly its links with racing — and Irish jockeys have threatened to strike should a whisper of a hunting ban emerge…. (story)

Northern Echo 27.4.06 GAMEBIRDS: YOUR anonymous correspondent from Crook (HAS, Apr 18) got the facts wrong about gamebirds and avian flu and has misrepresented the views of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)…. Gamebirds do not represent a significant additional risk of spreading avian flu…. Some cynical lobby groups are using avian flu as a means to further their misguided campaign against game shooting and BASC condemns such alarmist and opportunistic scaremongering. - Helen Shuker, Press Officer, BASC, Rossett, Wrexham (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 18.4.06 SHOOTING SEASON - AT a time when bird flu is spreading I understand there are plans to import pheasant chicks to the UK to be killed on shooting estates later this year… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has been so keen to protect the industry's financial interests that it has recommended that the already overcrowded British game farms increase the breeding of UK gamebirds… Name supplied, Crook (letter in archive)

Oxford Student 27.4.06 SPEAK return in biggest protest yet By Catherine Little - Hundreds of protesters once again took to the streets of Oxford last Saturday to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals, in a week that also saw the launch of a UK-wide ‘People’s Petition’, calling on support for animal research. The Thames Valley Police estimate that 1000 people assembled on Broad Street at midday on Saturday for the protest, organised by SPEAK in opposition to the South Parks animal lab. SPEAK place the figure at 1200…. A spokesperson for SPEAK, Mel Broughton, said, "This march showed the level of public support we have for the campaign at this stage.”…(story)
Oxford Mail 24.4.06 Traders count lab demo cost By Emma-Kate Lidbury - Animal rights campaigners brought Oxford to a standstill as they staged their biggest protest march through the city. About 1,000 people turned out on Saturday afternoon to protest against Oxford University continuing work on its partially-built £18m animal research laboratory in South Parks Road…. But many traders in the city centre said the protest march had caused a huge downturn in trade… as the protest passed through Holywell Street, the manager of the Holywell Bar and Restaurant, Chris Henderson, locked his doors He said: "This march has destroyed my business today. These people are not safe, I did not want to risk keeping the doors open while they passed by. My staff and I were afraid of what could happen."… Mick Rose, from North Yorkshire, was one of 50 people from the Leeds Animal Protection Group who travelled to Oxford…. Maria Langlois, a member of the Ipswich Animal Rights Group, added: "We want this demonstration to make people think about how animals suffer…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.4.06 Hundreds join animal rights march - About 1,000 animal rights campaigners have marched peacefully through the streets of Oxford to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals. .. (story)
BBC News Online 21.4.06 Animal activists to march in city - Animal rights campaigners are expected to march through the streets of Oxford on Saturday to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals… (story)
Oxford Mail 17.4.06 March will be 'biggest yet' - Campaigners promise massed Animal rights campaigners say Saturday's protest march against the building of a medical research centre in the city will be the biggest of its kind staged in the city. More than a dozen coaches carrying demonstrators from as far afield as Yorkshire, Devon and Suffolk are travelling to the city for the Speak World Day Mass Protest… (story)

Oxford Student 27.4.06 Qualified support - The building of the Animal Lab on South Parks road is an issue that has come to symbolise so much more than just another university construction project. While no one in Oxford can have failed to hear the protests of the anti-vivisection lobby, it is the increasing support for the university’s intentions from the public at large that has brought the situation into the spotlight of the national and international media… If our university is to maintain its coveted position as one of the world’s leading higher education institutions then this kind of institutional bravery is as important as any number of research assessment rankings…. (story)

Oxford Student 27.4.06 Revealed: planning mistakes atthe heart of Oxford’s animal lab By Jack Shenker - Oxford University has come under fire for its handling of the animal research lab on South Parks Road, after it emerged that they failed to consult local police at the planning stage of the controversial development. An investigation by The Oxford Student has revealed that neither the university nor the city council consulted Thames Valley Police (TVP) at any stage during the lab’s planning process, despite official government advice recommending they do so… (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 27.4.06 Boycott this performing bear circus By Si?N Powell - ANIMAL rights campaigners today condemned a circus heading for Nuneaton, which boasts the country's last performing bear. The family-run Jolly's Circus prides itself as being Britain's most traditional circus and features aerial performances, foot juggling, wire walking, knife throwing, clowns and bareback riding…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 27.4.06 BEAR PERFORMER UPSETS ACTIVISTS - Animal rights campaigners are getting grizzly with a circus coming to town - because it uses a live bear as one of its acts. - Nicki Robinson - The 25-year-old black Canadian bear is one of the main attractions at Peter Jolly's Circus which opens today (Thursday) at Birch Coppice sports field, but campaigners are urging people to just 'stay away'. "I would like to ask them not to go," activist Janet Cummings told the Herald…. (story)
Tamworth Times 26.4.06 Call to boycott circus - Animal rights' protesters are urging Tammies to boycott a controversial circus performing at Birch Coppice this weekend. Peter Jolly's Circus, the last circus in Britain to have a performing bear, starts on April 27 off the A5 and the Captive Animals' Protection Society are hoping to arrange a protest…. (story)

Argus 27.4.06 Letter: I applaud the McCartneys - applaud Heather and Paul McCartney's stand against the global fur trade…. -V Roman, Brighton (letter in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 27.4.06 FUR TRADE PROTEST GROUP RAISES £440 … Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network organised a street collection in the city centre on Saturday, raising £440.84 for Respect For Animals, an organisation campaigning to end the Canadian harp seals culling…. (story)

Dorking Advertiser 27.4.06 Warning after real fur is sold as imitation - SHOPPERS and retailers have been urged to be on their guard against real fur clothes labelled as fake ones…. Animal lover Amanda Hammond, of Norfolk Road in South Holmwood, bought the garment from Saffron in St Martin's Walk in January… Last week she returned the garment and asked for the refund to be donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…. Steve Playle, Surrey County Council Trading Standards officer based in Leatherhead, said it is almost impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake and real fur is not always cheaper than fake fur… Mr Playle, who appeared on national television last week speaking on the issue, said he supported the high-profile protest by Sir Paul and Heather McCartney… (story)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 27.4.06 Fur trade - AFTER WATCHING the TV programme The McCartneys v. The Fur Trade I was motivated to write. Some shops sell cute little cats curled up in baskets and furry key-rings made in China, where they skin poor animals to make these trinkets…. Please help these innocent animals. — Animal Lover. (letter)

Daily Record 27.4.06 STOP THIS BARBARIC TRADE - I AM pleased to see that others Record readers were appalled by the TV show by the McCartneys about the skinning alive of dogs and cats for their fur in China… M. Fleck, Alloa, Clackmannanshire (letter)

Preston Citizen 27.4.06 Thieves hit bid to help bears By Chris Gee - A woman's attempt to rescue an endangered bear kept in captivity in China has been hampered by thieves who stole a charity collection box. Janine Jordan, 29, is cycling from Preston to Lytham on Sunday, to raise £5,200 to rescue one of China's Asiatic black bears, commonly known as a moon bear…. Janine persuaded colleagues Nazma Ahmed and friends Tariq Malik, Joan Kershaw and Julie Bibby, all from nearby Kingsfold Pharmacy, Penwortham, Preston, to join her. A collection box containing £200 for the Animals Asia Foundation was stolen from the pharmacy… (story)


Guardian 26.4.06 From our countryside correspondent - Life as chair of the Affordable Rural Housing Commission must seem far from the melee of Westminster Elinor Goodman is used to but, as she tells Matt Weaver, the issues it is tackling are as crucial, and debated just as hotly… when rural affairs minister Jim Knight asked her to chair the commission she was keen to accept. But the minister had one important condition to make: Goodman had to agree to not to embarrass the government by taking part in any fox hunts, banned last year after much debate. She agreed, although she admits she has since followed one hunt on foot. She adds that it is partly through hunting that she appreciates the problem of rural housing shortages. "I've got to know a lot of people through hunting. It's considered a very upper-class thing, but it attracts a lot of people in low-paid agricultural work. It is their children I had in mind when I started on the commission."… (story)

Midweek Herald 26.4.06 Bank holiday races at Cotley - THE Cotley Hunt hold their annual point-to-point at the attractive course at Cotley Farm, near Chard, on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May…. (story)

Scotsman 26.4.06 Crofters 'privileged and sheltered' - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - CROFTERS have become some of the most privileged members of rural society at taxpayers' expense, it was claimed yesterday …. Robertson told a Scottish Countryside Alliance conference at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, that his employer had considered making an offer for neighbouring Assynt. "But we could see no way of balancing the books. The Assynt Foundation with land fund money, no interest to pay on the capital, and backed by the Scottish Executive - which is now paying for an Assynt development manager - could."… (story)
Scotsman 26.4.06 Cavalier criticism goes down a storm with SCA members - FORDYCE MAXWELL - STRUAN Stevenson, the Conservative MEP, got loud applause from the Scottish Countryside Alliance audience for a scattergun blast at the iniquities of the European Union, the Blair government and bungling "Stalinist bureaucrats", none of whom knew how to deal with the countryside…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 26.4.06 ‘Stalinists’ ruining the rural economy, says Tory Euro MP - DAN BUGLASS - Politicians and bureaucrats are the last people who should be in charge of running the rural economy, according to Kate Hoey MP, the former Labour sports minister who represents a deprived constituency in London. It is widely assumed that she lost her ministerial position on account of her opposition to the legislation that banned foxhunting in England. Speaking yesterday in Edinburgh at the annual conference of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Hoey said: "This government is seeking more and more and more powers over the countryside, but a countryside run by government is no more desirable that one where there are absolutely no controls. The land and the people who work on it are inseparable."… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 26.4.06 RED TAPE CHOKING COUNTRYSIDE - JOE WATSON - Government policies on the countryside were attacked yesterday for their over prescriptive nature and being the ruin of British farming. The Scottish Countryside Alliance's conference in Edinburgh heard repeated pleas for a cut in red tape, and for land management to be given back to those actively involved in the sector rather than those employed by the state… (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 26.4.06 Hares off the menu? by Frances Miller, Aberporth - It was good to know that the local Wildlife Trusts are trying to gather information about the population figures for Hares… I do hope that local restaurants read the article and will also give the matter consideration as wild local hare is to be found on quite a few menus…. (letter in archive)

Independent 26.4.06 Animal research and animal welfare - Does Andrew Tyler really believe that pharmaceutical companies, which on average spend £550m over the 10-12 year period it takes to develop a medicine, are going to risk that investment by selecting "the data that suits (sic) their purposes"?... We, and others in medicines research, are working to refine, reduce and replace the use of animals wherever possible but, for the foreseeable future, they will remain an essential part of bringing new medicines to patients. DR PHILIP WRIGHT, DIRECTOR OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, THE ASSOCIATION OF THE BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, LONDON SW1 (letter)

Bolton Evening News 26.4.06 Chewing gum is worse than pigeons - WAS it necessary to cull the pigeons in Farnworth? They have been around since I was a child. I thought that to deal with a situation like that with guns was heartless and cruel…. J McLoughlin, Horwich (letter)

Leicester Mercury 26.4.06 SIMPLE SOLUTION - Martin Lacey, of the Great British Circus, claims "my tigers have an interesting life", trying to justify his use of wild animals for our amusement (Mercury Mailbox, April 21). I am not convinced…. John R Baron, Enderby. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.4.06 MY TIGERS HAVE INTERESTING LIFE - In reply to Stuart Franklin ("We must ban animal acts", Mailbox April 17), my tigers are the eighth generation I have bred. Their ancestors came from zoo cages and had nothing to do 24 hours a day. Their descendants still live in cages, but have a good physically and mentally stimulating day in a caring environment… Martin Lacey, government- registered wild animal trainer, The Great British Circus (story)

Argus 26.4.06 Letter: Pet subject The supportive stance of the family of the dog breeder, who abused so many innocent animals, made for unappetising reading… -Mary Clarke, Seaford (letter in archive)

Daily Post 26.4.06 I'm in a mess but I'm staying put By Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post - THE partner of a farmer jailed for starving his cows has vowed to stay put despite being targeted by animal rights campaigners. William Jones, of Hafod y Bryn farm, Bwlchgwyn, near Wrexham, was locked up for six months on Monday… Yesterday his distraught partner Lynn Smith spoke out after her animals were let loose. Graffiti was also spray-painted on the farm buildings and signs… (story)


Times 25.4.06 Why it's curtains for the Labour era - CELIA BRAYFIELD - Perhaps No 10 does need a facelift — but let’s have substance before style, please ….Over the past decade we have witnessed smoke-and-mirrors policy-making. Government by conviction gave way to kite-flying, repositioning and now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t illusions. The speed of the spin deceived the eye as quantifiable facts were juggled and vital issues reframed out of public debate. Fox hunting and cigarette smoking went to the top of the political agenda, drawing attention away from stealth taxes, the Iraq war and the implosion of the NHS. The strategy was brilliantly lampooned by David Hare in his play Stuff Happens; every night, when the actor playing Mr Blair tried to explain to President Bush that he couldn’t launch the Iraq invasion because he had to attend a reading of the foxhunting Bill, the audience howled with laughter…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 25.4.06 AGREE ABOUT THE HUNT - May i congratulate John Twyford on his excellent article re: hunt followers. Living very close to a major hunting area on the moor, I am regularly faced with the manic charge of many 4x4 vehicles, quad-bikes and noisy motor-cycles who are totally oblivious to the safety of anyone not engaged in their pursuit…. Name and address supplied. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 18.4.06 HUNT FOLLOWERS CAUSE COUNTRY LANE CHAOS - Whatever your views on hunting, there is no disputing the problems caused by over-excited hunt followers, who often drive dangerously fast along country lanes and seem to feel free to obstruct the roads at will. Tiverton Staghounds joint master John Lucas should be commended for having the honesty to admit there is a problem, and to say hunt followers "need to use their common sense as it seems to be lost in the hunt"…. No one person or group has more right to claim the countryside as its own, nor does any particular person or group have the right to behave as they like on the roads. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.4.06 HUNT ON FOR HARE COURSING OFFENDERS - RAYMOND SHEWAN - Police are investigating several reports of hare coursing in the Roseisle, Spynie and Mosstowie areas of Moray. The most recent incident of the illegal practice - where hares are hunted with dogs - took place on Saturday when three men with greyhound/lurcher type dogs were seen hare coursing at Bridgend Farm at Roseisle…. (story)
BBC News Online 25.4.06 Illegal hare coursing men hunted - Illegal hare coursing in the Moray area is being investigated by police. There have been several reports of hare coursing in the Roseisle, Spynie and Mosstowie areas to the west of Elgin…. (story)

Northern Echo 25.4.06 McCARTNEY BACKED - THANK you for the report on Sir Paul McCartney's campaign against the use of animals in medical research (Echo, Apr 15). April 24 was Laboratory-Animal Day for remembering these "forgotten" creatures…. - M Johnson, Crook. (letter in archive)

Daily Record 25.4.06 YOURVIEW - FUR PITY'S SAKE - AFTER watching the McCartneys on TV about the abuse of animals for fur, I felt so sick - not only by the cruelty to the animals but by the people who don't see anything wrong with it…. M. MacInnes, Onich, Inverness-shire (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 25.4.06 The reality of fake fur - I AM writing in the hope of raising the awareness of the cruel trade of cat and dog fur, which was highlighted in last week's TV programme with Heather and Paul McCartney. It is shockingly not just happening in Asia but also the EU…. (Mrs) L HOBBS Lydiard Millicent (story)


Western Daily Press 24.4.06 THE FOX IS THE FARMER'S FRIEND - If Ray Bird is right in saying that the hunt ban did foxes no favours (Your Say, April 18), then it is time to give the fox legal protection. The fox is not classified as a pest, and the honest farmer will acknowledge that with the fox's diet of insects, voles, mice and rabbits, the fox is a friend to the farmer, not a pest…. Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.4.06 ESTABLISHMENT SYMPATHETIC TO THE BLOOD SPORTS INDUSTRY - Sadly M J Haines (Your Say, April 8) is right, highlighting a disturbing fact that the establishment is sympathetic to the blood sports industry. One illustration of this over the years has been getting badger diggers and baiters convicted, because they are mainly hunt terrier men. Our legal system seems reluctant to bring charges against the blood sports interest…. David Thomas, Hisomley, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 18.4.06 BAN THAT DID FOX NO FAVOUR – In response to the letter by M J Haines (Your Say, April 8), while it was sad to read about another badger caught in a snare that was set for foxes, it comes as no surprise. Enough warnings were given by those with the closest connections to the countryside that a hunt ban would mean an increase in both snaring and shooting. Being aware of those warnings, I therefore find it hypocritical of Mr Haines to complain about the use of snares now, and the shooting of foxes in an earlier letter, having been one of those who still preferred a hunting ban… Ray Bird Acton Turville Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.4.06 OUTLAW THEIR CRUEL SNARES - Reading the article "Cruelty of farmer's snare" (Western Daily Press, April 1), and their indiscriminate use by farmers and the Countryside Alliance supporters, it comes as no surprise to me to know that these disgusting killing and maiming weapons are still commonly left unchecked for days or weeks on end…. I have already tried using the law to get convictions, but it seems the evidence is never enough for the CPS to bring a case… So now I will do it my way, which I feel is ethically and morally right because, in the meantime, our wildlife is suffering and cannot wait for new laws to be passed. M J Haines, Cirencester, Gloucestershire (story)

Western Daily Press 24.4.06 SOMETHING FISHY AT ROMAN BATHS TORIES' GREEN SPIN - David Cameron's launch of the new "green Conservatism" is just another Tory stunt. So far, the only firm policy pronouncement of Mr Cameron, a hunt supporter, is to bring back the barbarity of setting dogs on wild animals for sport… Chris Gale Chippenham (letter)

Leicester Mercury 24.4.06 CIRCUS ANIMALS BELONG IN WILD - I refer to the letter from John Brown ("Most circuses treat their animals well", Mailbox, April 20). Circuses should not use animals so that children can experience them and be taught not to be frightened of them…. I would recommend you all boycott circuses and zoos and this may stop people from bringing these animals into this country for our general viewing… Alison Bannister, Enderby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.4.06 MOST CIRCUSES TREAT THEIR ANIMALS WELL - I keep reading about circuses and that they should not keep animals because it is cruel. I worked in circuses and can say 90 per cent of them were good and looked after the animals well. As with anything, there are the one or two that don't…. not all pets are looked after half as well as zoo and circus animals. And that's the sad bit. John Brown, Groby. (story)

The Shields Gazette 24.4.06 Study on 'fatty' oily fish - Kelly Slade, campaigns officer, Animal Aid. (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.3.06 No benefit from eating oily fish - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Independent 25.3.06 A new study reveals that there is no clear benefit from eating oily fish as a source of omega 3 essential fats…. Other studies have found that eating fish can also be associated with other health risks, as fish fats act like a sponge, soaking up chemicals such as dioxins and mercury that are present in our planet's polluted oceans…. KELLY SLADE, CAMPAIGNS OFFICER ANIMAL AID TONBRIDGE, KENT (story)

Scotsman 24.4.06 Animal rights group praises 'gas chamber' mouse trap - LOUISE BARNETT - A MOUSE trap which gases creatures with carbon dioxide has been praised by an animal rights group. The Rentokil device reduces animal suffering by killing them without prolonged distress, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 24.4.06 Gassing mouse trap 'more humane' - A MOUSE trap which gases creatures with carbon dioxide has been praised by an animal rights group. The Rentokil device reduces animal suffering by killing them without prolonged distress, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.4.06 MOUSE TRAP MERITS PRAISE - A Mouse trap that gases creatures with carbon dioxide has been praised by an animal rights group…. (story)
North Devon Gazette 19.4.06 Animal-friendly award - A SOUTH Molton B&B has won a top national award for catering to health-conscious, animal-friendly guests. Fern Tor, at Meshaw was named "Best Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast" in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA's) first annual "Proggy Awards" that recognise progress in animal-friendly achievements in commerce and culture… (story)
East Grinstead Observer 19.4.06 Pest controllers honoured for humane approach to killing - A COMPANY in East Grinstead won a top accolade from an animal welfare charity, despite being in the business of extermination. Rentokil Initial, based in Felcourt, was given an award by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in recognition of a special pest control innovation, which gently euthanises trapped mice and rats… PETA's Lauren Bowey said: "Rentokil's mousetrap has the potential to prevent more animal suffering than perhaps any other invention in the past decade … (story)
East Grinstead Courier 13.4.06 COMPANY GAINS AWARD FOR MOUSE TRAP WITH EMAIL - Felcourt-based pest control company Rentokil Initial has received an award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for its humane new mousetrap…. "Rentokil's mousetrap has the potential to prevent more animal suffering than perhaps any other invention in the past," said PETA's Lauren Bowey. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 23.4.06 Grave offences - You suggest that Staffordshire police are to seek a deal with convicted animal rights activists in order to get bones which were removed from the grave of Gladys Hammond… When the activists are sentenced next month, they should be given a full sentence. Then, if they still refuse to say where the remains of Mrs Hammond are, their sentence should be increased by 50 per cent. Mike Mayor, Harrogate, North Yorkshire (story)

Mirror 23.4.06 FURLY EMBARRASSING, PAUL - Kevin O'Sullivan - "NO one's Beatle-proof," trumpeted Sir Paul McCartney after his wife boasted that he could pick up the phone and get Tony Blair on the line within . 10 minutes. Cut to the next scene and the all-powerful anti-1 fur activist Macca is talking about his conversation with... Peter Mandelson… Meanwhile, back in London a determined looking blonde woman is zig-zagging around Bond Street in a f deranged manner….And did we really have to endure quite so many mentions of Geordie aristocrat Heather's self-styled title "Lady Heather Mills McCartney." Be me ever so 'umble Your Ladyship, but this schlock gave me the creeps (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.4.06 IT'S NOT ABOUT FUR, IT'S ABOUT MCCARTNEYS - Well done, Paul McCartney, congratulations Heather. It was a tough task, but you're persuasive people: You've made me marginally less opposed to the fur trade. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a sickening business. But in the McCartneys v The Fur Trade (9pm, BBC1) the two came across as off-puttingly sanctimonious and self-righteous. Heather, in particular…. Now if I'm confusing the messenger and the message, then that's probably because the McCartneys have become the message. Whenever Paul rings for Tony Blair, according to Heather, the PM rings back within 10 minutes. I hope, for the sake of the nation, that's an exaggeration…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 20.4.06 Heather’s fight is the real thing - Heather Mills-McCartney has had to endure some torrid times, not least via our national media. After last night’s TV documentary on her work to highlight the sick trade in cat and dog fur, maybe some of the abuse hurled towards her will be thrown back in people’s faces…. Last night’s programme clearly showed that she is a passionate campaigner who doesn’t need to use her famous husband’s name to get her message across…. it serves no purpose to criticise people like Heather Mills-McCartney. We should all look closer to home first, and ask what we ourselves do to make a difference. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.4.06 MACCA'S MESSAGE ON FURS - Animal rights campaigners Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather believe UK high street shoppers could be unwittingly purchasing real fur…. (story)
Argus 20.4.06 Former Beatle tells of fears over real fur sales - Animal rights campaigners Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather believe UK high street shoppers could be unwittingly purchasing real fur. A BBC documentary found that as there is no legal requirement to label fur garments, some people may not know what they are buying…. (story in archive)
Times 20.4.06 Heather shows her claws in a fur fight - LAST NIGHT'S TV WITH IAN JOHNS - Celebrities and good causes bring out the cynic in us… Heather Mills McCartney knows about such bad press…. Having to put up with such sniping — for marrying the man who wrote The Frog Chorus, remember — requires a thick skin. The McCartneys v the Fur Trade (BBC One) showed that hers is armour-plated….(story)
Glasgow Herald 20.4.06 Real Story Special: the McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade, BBC1, 9.00pm - All creatures deserve a life free from suffering, don't you think? We shouldn't exploit them for our entertainment, or humiliate them for the fun of it. They have rights, you know. Just remember: celebrities are people, too…The McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade had less to do with the one who used to be a Beatle than with the one who married a Beatle. The famous bass player was unquestionably sincere when he wondered if anyone would skin the family dog and wear the pelt, but that was about the extent of his contribution. This was Heather Mills McCartney's show, and her campaign… What's the difference between a farmed sable turned into a coat and a cow turned into a sofa? Paxman would have demanded an answer from any animal rights activist who had never made a hit record. Macca and wife were not troubled by that sort of thing. No celebrities were harmed in the making of the film. (story)
The Sentinel 19.4.06 SOME TOP CELEBRITIES NEED A LESSON IN FUR - Paul McCartney once readily wore fur during his Beatles days…. However, things have changed. And tonight on Real Story, McCartney and wife Heather Mills talk passionately and candidly about their ongoing battle against the market for fur, and in particular a disturbing trade in domestic cat and dog fur…. (story)


Guardian 22.4.06 Register boosts campaign to defend research on animals - Alok Jha, science correspondent - More than 100 British organisations have published details of their ethical policies on the use of animals in scientific research as part of a new campaign to build confidence in the research community against the violent attacks of animal rights extremists. It is the first time that many of the organisations, which include universities and charities, have publicly admitted the use of animals in their work… The register is part of a bigger campaign being organised by supporters of vivisection. In recent months, the group Pro-Test organised marches through Oxford to support animal researchers there, and this week the Coalition for Medical Progress launched the People's Petition, where people can anonymously register support for the use of animals in medical research…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.4.06 MANKIND'S CRUELTY - The human being must be one of the most cruel species on this Earth. Every day I read in the newspapers of the atrocities committed on animals by the human - the latest being owners putting their dogs into dogfights for the purpose of betting…. Norah Pound, Wroughton, Wiltshire (letter)

Daelnet 21.4.06 Alarm grows over angling's future - ALARM is spreading amongst Britain's three million-plus anglers after it was revealed yesterday that a government committee set up to investigate alleged abuse of animals during the testing of new drugs has widened its scope to look into claims that fish feel pain when being hooked.... (story)
Western Morning News 11.4.06 GOVERNMENT STUDY PUTS SPORTS FISHING IN DOCK - Westcountry fishing and angling groups have criticised news that the Government is again looking into scientific research on whether fish feel pain. The Home Office has confirmed that it is looking in detail at research material to see if catching fish using hooks causes pain and suffering to fish when they are landed…. (story)
Telegraph 10.4.06 Foxhunting shadow over 'fish feel pain' debate By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - The question of whether fish can feel pain is to be considered by Government advisers in a move that will reopen the debate about whether angling is cruel…. "We are starting to look at it," said Sara Nathan, the chairman of the Home Office's animal procedures committee… (story) .4.06

Carlisle News & Star 21.4.06 agriculture - MPs hate the country FAR from being a disaster for the Government, the present crisis in British agriculture is an outstanding success for Beckett and her cabinet colleagues, in that it stands a very good chance of fulfilling their ultimate aim of making this country predominately dependent upon imported food supplies from Europe or elsewhere…. having given burglars and poachers the right to roam by night and condemned many foxes to a painful and lingering death, the government could not believe its good fortune when it had the chance not only to boost its waning popularity among these urban MPs, but also to deliver the final death blow to many small farmers, by interpreting the changes to the EC Common Agricultural Policy in a manner that would have led to riots in any other country…. DAVID PARKER, Longtown (letter)

Western Morning News 21.4.06 SO the Home Office's animal procedures committee is deciding whether fish feel pain (WMN, April 11). How one measures fish pain scientifically stretches credulity somewhat. Would not the money be better spent forming a committee looking into the pain, stress and suffering this Government continues to cause the population with its hidden taxes, surveillance cameras (more than any other European country) and its own record of animal death and cruelty (foot and mouth)…. Trevor Baker,l Tiverton (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 21.4.06 Police get on top of illegal hare coursing - HARE coursing has hit an all-time low, with the number of incidents slashed by more than 90 per cent in less than two years. The success stems from the launch of Operation Dornier in September 2004, when a team was put together by Cambridgeshire police to tackle rural crime including illegal hare coursing. In 2003/4 the police recorded 1,210 reports of coursing in the county, but the figure fell by almost half to just 636 reports in the first year of the crackdown…. (story)

Burton Mail 21.4.06 'SILENT MAJORITY' FIND THEIR VOICE by David Powles - THE PLIGHT of the owners of a farm near Burton targeted by animal rights extremists has inspired a national campaign aimed at giving the "silent majority" a louder voice. A new People’s Petition has been set up asking the public to support medical research using animals…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 21.4.06 Laurie backs new petition By Stephanie Tye - AN ONLINE petition asking people to support the use of animals in medical research has been backed by a Swindon activist. In February, 16-year-old Laurie Pycroft took a stand against the animal rights activists who opposed the building of the new research facilities at Oxford University. And he has now signed the People's Petition, which asks people to sign up to statements backing the continued use of animals for medical research in the UK…. (story)
Oxford Mail 21.4.06 'Show you back new animal lab' By Giles Sheldrick - A leading neuroscientist at Oxford University has called for the "silent majority" supporting experiments on animals to sign an online petition backing the research. Tipu Aziz, 50, a professor of neurosurgery, has been one of the most vocal supporters of the need to conduct animal experiments for medical reasons. Prof Aziz spoke to the Oxford Mail after the Coalition for Medical Progress, which includes drugs companies, yesterday launched an Internet petition which, it claimed, would give a voice to those who accepted the need for animal studies…. (story)
Guardian 20.4.06 Petition launched to back use of animals in medical research - Alok Jha, science correspondent - People who support the use of animals in medical research are planning to take on animal rights activists with the launch today of a campaign to give the "silent majority" a louder voice. The People's Petition, launched by the Coalition for Medical Progress (CMP), will ask members of the public to sign up to a set of statements supporting medical research and will call for scientists using animals to be allowed to carry out their work without fear of intimidation or attack…. Jo Tanner, chief executive of CMP, said: "The strength is in the numbers. The anonymity allows people to feel secure for their details to be kept privately but, by the same token, add their voice to the debate." Support is registered anonymously at www.thepeoplespetition.com.... (story)
Times 20.4.06 Pro-test petition - David Taylor, 33, an IT worker with no links to animal testing, has persuaded the Coalition for Medical Progress to open a "silent majority petition” online today (thepeoplespetition.org.uk) to support medical research on animals…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.4.06 Animal research petition launched By Rebecca Morelle - An online petition has been launched allowing the UK public to back medical research using animals. The Coalition for Medical Progress, which includes drug companies and research agencies, started it at the suggestion of a member of the public…. (story)

Independent 21.4.06 Safeguards on use of animals in research - Contrary to the views of Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid (Opinion, 17 April), getting approval to do animal research in the UK is strictly controlled and fraught with difficulty… DR SIMON FESTING, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, RESEARCH DEFENCE SOCIETY, LONDON W1
Andrew Tyler claims the "true function" of the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act "is to fast-track animal research on behalf of commercial and scientific interests". This is nonsense. The Act exists to enforce the highest possible welfare standards for laboratory animals and it is recognised as the strictest animal research legislation in the world…. ANDY BURNHAM, PARLIAMENTARY UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE, HOME OFFICE LONDON SW1 (letter)
Independent 17.4.06 Andrew Tyler: An Act that has failed to protect animals - Twenty years ago this week, Parliament passed the law that governs animal research in Britain. It is an unhappy anniversary, despite claims by pro-vivisection lobbyists that the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act (ASPA) is the most humane, wise and scrupulously enforced legislation of its sort in the world…. The Act's true function is to fast-track animal research on behalf of commercial and academic interests that are famously impatient with "unnecessary red tape"…. The government should heed the demand of 200-plus MPs (Early Day Motion 92) and facilitate an independent scientific evaluation into the whole business of animal research (story)

Dundee Courier 21.4.06 Animal tests still necessary - Europeans for Medical Progress describe themselves (April 19) as a patient-safety group but they are nothing of the sort. They are an anti-vivi section organisation who make ill-founded claims about the scientific validity of animal research. These claims were recently debunked by the Advertising Standards Authority who upheld five complaints against a leaflet they distributed under a previous name, Europeans for Medical Advancement… Robin Wilkinson. RDS: Understanding Animal Research in Medicine, 25 Shaftesbury Avenue, London. (letter)
Dundee Courier 19.4.06 Drugs trials support - Angus Ramsay (April 12) says an inquiry into the recent drug-trial disaster is needed. Patient-safety group, Europeans for Medical Progress, agrees. We believe a vital part of any inquiry should be a comparison of animal tests with microdosing, sophisticated human tissue tests, such as those conducted by Glasgow-based Biopta, and other state-of-the-art methods of predicting human safety… Kathy Archibald. Director, Europeans for Medical Progress, PO Box 38604, London. (letter)

Malvern Gazette 21.4.06 Live calf exports are back after 10 years - L Bonomini, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)
Northwich Guardian 12.4.06 We must be humane over little calves - MRS M SCOTT, Winsford (letter in archive)
Bath Chronicle 15.3.06 MORE MISERY FOR THE DAIRY CALVES - I Am concerned that the lifting of the EU ban on exports of British beef has opened up the possibility of a resumption of the live export of young male dairy calves to the EU. They would once again face the well documented horrors of long-distance transport to the continent…. Investigations by Compassion in World Farming ( www.ciwf.org) into the export of live farm animals, has consistently revealed how transporters regularly flout European law: journey times are consistently longer than the recommended nine hours and there is frequent failure to provide water to the animals as required by law… JUDY HUNGERFORD, Greenland Mills, Bradford on Avon (letter)

Daily Record 21.4.06 YOURVIEW - CRUEL VIEWING - THE full horror of the fur trade was there for all to see in the recent BBC documentary McCartneys v the Fur Trade… Scott Reid, Glasgow (letter)


Oxford Student 20.4.06 SPEAK email student cautioned By Jessica Goodman - The Oxford student arrested at the end of last term for sending a malicious email to animal rights group SPEAK has been released with a caution by the Thames Valley Police. The 20-year-old male, whom The Oxford Student has decided not to name for security reasons, emailed SPEAK threatening to kill a cat for every post made on its website. The email was accompanied by a photograph of a dead cat that the student claimed to have tortured…. (story)
Times 4.4.06 Malicious e-mail - An Oxford University student has been cautioned for e-mailing a photograph of a dead cat to an animal rights group…. (story)
BBC News Online 3.4.06 Dead cat threat student cautioned - A university student has been cautioned after sending an e-mail containing a picture of dead cat to an animal rights group behind protests in Oxford. The man sent the e-mail to the website of SPEAK - leading protests against animal testing at Oxford University's new £18m biomedical research centre. In it, the unnamed 20-year-old had threatened to kill a cat for every new posting on the website… (story)
Oxford Student 2.3.06 Student email provokes SPEAK By Jessica Goodman - An Oxford college has been forced to clamp down on security after a student sent an email to the animal rights group SPEAK threatening to kill a cat for every post made on its website…. (story)

Oxford Student 20.4.06 Sense and Sensitivity - James Carey (letters, 2nd March) is very loud in attacking medical research but is remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to patients…. Thomas Bromley, Patient’ Voice, PO Box 504, Bedforshire, LU5 5WS.
Siding against the blunder dog - I was saddened to read Michael Buckworth’s letter in your 2 March edition. This ‘risk management’ consultant’s words illustrate a profound misunderstanding of what the Pro-Test march was about… Unfortunately the cowardly ‘keep your heads down’ attitude expressed by Mr Buckworth is exactly the one adopted by the government, by Cambridge University, by many scientists, pharmaceuticals companies, by this University and its colleges, and by many students… Lee Jones, St Antony’s College (letters)
Oxford Student 2.3.06 Pro-test, but quietly - I am the MD of Ab Initio, a consultancy specialising in offering risk-specific security solutions. It was without surprise that I read that a new pro animal testing group, ‘Pro-Test’, had decided to hold a demonstration in Oxford in support of the new animal labs…. my experience is that protests of this sort will only make matters worse…. The students who took part in the Pro-Test demonstration may have become legitimate targets for attack by whatever means… Michael Buckworth, Ex-Merton
The other point of view - I refer to the article by Laurie Pycroft in last week’s issue. I expect that he has moved on since he wrote the article, but I thought I’d add a thought anyway. He seems to have omitted a very essential element of the argument • the animal’s viewpoint…. An animal does not know if it should live for a day, a year or 100 years. It has no conception of the future. Death is a concept that it cannot understand, and to which it is totally indifferent… Putting a sea-bird through hell in order to remove tar from its feathers is quite wrong…. James Carey, Paris (letters)

Western Daily Press 20.4.06 WHY ANIMAL RESEARCH IS STILL NEEDED - As the calls grow to re-evaluate the need for testing drugs on animals, JO TANNER, of the Coalition For Medical Progress, explains why we all have a vested interest in animal research and challenges myths associated with this controversial issue… (story)

Times 20.4.06 People with Hugo Rifkind - Testing question for McCartney - SHOULD you find yourself perusing the website of the animal rights group Peta, you might spot a lengthy interview with that consistent champion of the fluffy, Sir Paul McCartney, on the evils of animal testing. Strange, then, to hear such deafening silence from Sir Paul on the imminent sale of the Linda McCartney range of vegetarian foods by Heinz to the Israeli food company, Tivall. Tivall, you see, is majority-owned by Nestlé, which also owns L’Oréal cosmetics, which is accused of flouting animal testing bans… (story)

Lichfield Mercury 20.4.06 BLACKMAIL FOURSOME URGED TO COME CLEAN ON BODY'S LOCATION - Staffordshire Police have denied rumours they made a shorter sentences deal with the four facing jail for blackmail charges linked to the Yoxall grave desecration….(story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.4.06 BLACKMAILERS URGED TO TELL WHERE STOLEN REMAINS ARE - Police believe the people convicted of blackmailing the owners of a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research know where the body of Gladys Hammond is. And if the blackmailers help officers find her remains there is a possibility that they could be offered shorter jail terms when they are sentenced next month…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.4.06 THREATEN AND DON'T BARGAIN - The fact that the authorities now appear to be bargaining with convicted criminals to secure the return of Gladys Hammond's remains is thoroughly unsatisfactory…. This evil four should not be told to expect a cut in sentence if, at this hopelessly late hour, they show a semblance of decency and put their victims out of their misery. They should instead be told to expect an increase in their sentence if they fail to cooperate with the police. (story)
Burton Mail 18.4.06 DEAL OR NO DEAL? by David Powles - A GANG of animal rights activists may be given shorter jail sentences if they reveal the location of the stolen remains of a grandmother, the Mail can reveal… A police spokesman said today: "Staffordshire Police believe that the four defendants, who have previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to blackmail, have knowledge as to the whereabouts of the body of Gladys Hammond. … However, Lichfield Tory MP Michael Fabricant, whose constituency includes the farm, hit out at the move… (story)
Manchester Evening News 17.4.06 Jail 'deal' hint over body clues - Neal Keeling - A GANG of convicted animal rights activists - including a Manchester man - may get reduced sentences if they reveal where a grandmother's remains are…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 16.4.06 Gang offered jail deal for return of woman's bones By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - A gang of animal rights activists must hand over the remains of a grandmother whose grave they raided if they want shorter jail sentences. The Sunday Telegraph understands that Staffordshire police are willing to cut a deal with the convicted criminals in order to get the bones of Gladys Hammond returned to her family within the next month…. Friends of the four defendants emphasised that they have not admitted stealing Mrs Hammond's remains. (story)
Lichfield Mercury 13.4.06 FOUR FACE JAIL FOR FARM BLACKMAIL - THE CHIEF prosecutor in the blackmail case against animal rights extremists linked to the Yoxall grave desecration has spoken of his delight at securing four guilty pleas…. (story)
Walsall Advertiser 13.4.06 SON OF FORMER VICAR PLEADS GUILTY TO PART IN ANIMAL RIGHTS TERROR CAMPAIGN - The son of a former Aldridge vicar has pleaded guilty to his involvement in a campaign of terror by animal rights activists which ended in a woman's body being stolen from her grave…. (story)
South Manchester Reporter 13.4.06 Body snatcher’s facing 14 years - AN ANIMAL rights activist from Levenshulme has admitted the theft of a pensioner’s body from her grave. Supply teacher John Ablewhite, 36, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire…. (story)
Daily Post 12.4.06 Animal rights gang to face years in jail By Ed James, Daily Post - FOUR animal rights activists were last night facing lengthy jail sentences after admitting a terror campaign which culminated in the removal of a pensioner's body from her grave…. Prosecutors said they could not prove that Ablewhite, Whitburn, Smith and Mayo were directly responsible for the theft of the pensioner's remains but could prove that they were all aware of it. (story)
Telegraph 12.4.06 Fourth animal activist admits fear campaign By Nick Britten - A fourth person yesterday admitted being involved in a six-year terror campaign against a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research. Josephine Mayo, 38, faces six years in jail, even though the judge said he accepted that she played a lesser part in the war against Darley Oaks Farm, Staffs…. (story)
Telegraph 12.4.06 'Peace and love' from the vegan who chose violence By Nick Britten - John Ablewhite, a vicar's son, is a hero in the contrary world of animal rights extremists. It is a world where every prison sentence moves you up the ladder; where the more extreme violence you use, the higher you are regarded. His involvement in Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs began in 1999 while he was trying to force the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences…. He is considered by police to be one of around 15 ringleaders of the extremist arm of the animal rights movement, willing more than most to go to virtually any lengths for his cause. As a protester, he went under the name of John Holmes… His right-hand man Kerry Whitburn, 36, who lives in Edgbaston, Birmingham, is also no stranger to prison… John Smith, 39, from Wolverhampton, who also used the name Hughes, is a veteran animal rights campaigner…. (story)
Telegraph 12.4.06 Empty victory for village torn apart - For the Hall family, the guilty pleas mean little without the return of Gladys Hammond's remains…. The family vowed never to let the animal rights "hooligans" beat them, but the protesters had one sick ace up their sleeve. Having stolen the remains of Chris Hall's mother-in-law, 82-year-old Mrs Hammond, from her grave in Yoxall, Staffs, they blackmailed the family into stopping its guinea pig breeding programme, saying the body would be returned if they complied…. (story)
Times 12.4.06 Guinea-pig farm activists guilty BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - The animal rights gang behind the theft of a grandmother's body include a teacher and nurse - A TEACHER, a nurse, his besotted receptionist girlfriend and a veteran activist were the disparate characters behind an animal rights campaign of terror that culminated in the theft of a grandmother’s body…. Mayo, 38, is the girlfriend of Kerry Whitburn, a former psychiatric nurse with a troubled upbringing. He admitted his role in the hate campaign at a court hearing alongside John Ablewhite, a supply teacher, and John Smith, a veteran activist… (story)
Guardian 12.4.06 The clever and sensitive vicar's son who led a six-year campaign of fear - Steven Morris … Jon Ablewhite, or Jon Holmes as he sometimes called himself during the six-year campaign against the Staffordshire farm, is a contradictory character. He sees himself as a campaigner for love, signing off a recent letter from prison to a supporter: "Peace, hope and strength, love, liberation and vegan evolution." And yet the campaign he headed culminated with a crime that shocked the country - the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond…. Ablewhite was not the tough, independent type his shaven-headed appearance may have suggested. In fact, like many of those on the extreme fringe of the animal rights movement, he is a well-educated, articulate man from a supportive family background. His father is a retired clergyman who has been shocked and embarrassed by his son's actions… (story)
Independent 12.4.06 Fourth animal rights activist admits farm blackmail plot By Jonathan Brown - A woman has become the fourth animal rights extremist to admit to taking part in a six-year campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave, Josephine Mayo, 38, from Birmingham, faces a lengthy prison sentence, as do three men, Kerry Whitburn from Birmingham; John Smith from Wolverhampton and Jon Ablewhite from Manchester… (story)
Mirror 12.4.06 PLEA OVER GRAVE RAID - A FAMILY were last night hoping animal rights fanatics would help solve a horrific grave robbery…. (story)
Daily Record 12.4.06 GRAVE SNATCH PLEA - A FAMILY were yesterday hoping animal rights activists would finally solve the mystery of a grave robbery…. (story)
Scotsman 12.4.06 Activist grave raiders face prison - FOUR fanatical animal rights activists face lengthy jail sentences after they admitted taking part in a terror campaign that ended in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave…. (story)
Western Mail 12.4.06 Four facing jail for role in six-year animal rights terrorism - FOUR fanatical animal rights activists are facing lengthy jail sentences after they admitted taking part in a long-running terror campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave…. (story)
Northern Echo 12.4.06 Are the extremists winning? - GLADYS Hammond led an unassuming life. She loved her family, animals and the countryside. When she died aged 82, she was buried in the churchyard of St Peter's in Yoxall, near Burton upon Trent. She would have expected to rest in peaceful anonymity. But instead, her name has now become synonymous with one of the most extreme forms of animal protests the country has ever seen…. (story in archive)
Birmingham Post 12.4.06 Guinea pig gang facing prison By Victoria Thake - A gang of animal rights fanatics face lengthy jail terms after admitting charges linked to a terror campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 12.4.06 Family call for return of remains - A RESIDENT who led a campaign to help protect his Midlands community against animal rights extremists today pleaded to grave robbers to return Gladys Hammond's remains to her family… (story)
Burton Mail 12.4.06 PLEA TO RETURN GLADYS' BODY by David Powles - "Now you have admitted guilt - return Glady Hammond's remains." That was the plea today as four animal rights activists admitted being behind a terrifying campaign against a farm near Burton, which culminated in the body of an elderly woman being stolen from her grave…. (story)
Burton Mail 12.4.06 EXTREME BEHAVIOUR by David Powles - ON OCTOBER 7, 2004, the actions of animal rights activists against a farm near Burton reached new levels of shocking depravity. The Hall family, owners of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, along with staff, suppliers, friends and neighbours, had already endured five years of terror through regular violent attacks, arson, vandalism, smear campaigns and crank calls because of their business breeding guinea pigs for medical research…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.4.06 VICTIM CONDEMNS EXTREMIST THUG - Paul Jeeves - A PENSIONER from Yorkshire who was targeted by animal rights extremist John Ablewhite last night condemned the activist's campaign as inhuman. Shaven-headed Ablewhite served nine months in prison in 2001 for attacking the home of Leonard Cass, the brother of Brian Cass, managing director of the medical research company Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.4.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS GANG FACE JAIL FOR GRAVE-ROB CAMPAIGN - A Gang of animal rights fanatics were facing lengthy jail terms yesterday after admitting charges linked to a campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 12.4.06 Protester faces jail for hate campaign - AN ANIMAL rights protester behind a terror campaign which led to the theft of a woman's corpse has links to attacks on Huntingdon Life Sciences. John Ablewhite, 36, is facing jail after admitting a six-year fight to close a guinea pig farm which provided animals to testing labs at HLS…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 12.4.06 Vicar's son led fanatics By Stella Stokes - The son of a Walsall vicar is today facing 12 years jail after admitting links to a terror campaign which ended in a grandmother's body being stolen from her grave…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.4.06 VILLAGERS PLEAD FOR RETURN OF BODY AS FANATICS FACE JAIL BY PAUL COSTELLO - Animal rights fanatics are being urged to return a pensioner's remains after a gang admitted waging a terror campaign against her family… (story)
Birmingham Mail 11.4.06 Animal rights activists admit blackmail By James Cartledge, Birmingham Mail - THREE animal rights activists, including a Birmingham man, have admitted subjecting a family of farm owners to a six-year blackmail campaign which included the desecration of a pensioner's grave…. (story)
Birmingham Post 11.4.06 Body snatch activists face jail - Two Birmingham animal rights fanatics are facing lengthy jail terms after admitting charges linked to a terror campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave…. Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, yesterday admitted conspiring to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, between September 1999 and September 2005. Josephine Mayo, 38, of Spring Bank Road, Edgbaston, admitted the same offence today at Nottingham Crown Court. Activists John Smith, 39, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, and John Ablewhite, 36, of Hawley Street, Manchester, also admitted the charge yesterday…. (story)
ITV 11.4.06 Four plead guilty to blackmail - Four animal rights protesters have admitted plotting to blackmail the owners of a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research…. Jon Ablewhite, 36, Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 39, and Josephine Mayo, 38, admitted conspiracy charges at hearings at Nottingham Crown Court…. (story)
Burton Mail 11.4.06 Guinea pig protestors admit guilt by David Powles - THREE animal rights extremists have admitted being behind a campaign of terror against the owners of a farm near Burton…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 11.4.06 Shame of animal rights crusader - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner from Manchester has admitted a six-year terror campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave. John Ablewhite, 36, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire… (story)
Reuters 11.4.06 Animal rights activists admit dug-up grave case - LONDON (Reuters) - Four animal rights protesters have admitted plotting to blackmail the owners of a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research during a fierce six-year campaign, police said on Tuesday…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 11.4.06 ACTIVISTS' CAMPAIGN OF TERROR - Three animal rights protesters admitted a six-year terror campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm that culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 11.4.06 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS GUILTY OF BLACKMAIL - A Gang of animal rights fanatics were facing lengthy jail terms today after admitting charges linked to a terror campaign that culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave… Three activists admitted charges in connection with the campaign yesterday. Kerry Whitburn (36), of Summer Road, Edgbaston, John Smith (39), of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, and John Ablewhite (36), of Hawley Street, Manchester, pleaded guilty to conspiring to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, between September 1999 and September . Today, a fourth, Josephine Mayo (38), of Spring Bank Road, Edgbaston, pleaded guilty at Nottingham Crown Court to the same charge…. (story)
Guardian 11.4.06 'Cold blooded' animal rights gang face long jail terms - Members of an animal rights gang were warned today they would be jailed for up to 12 years after admitting blackmail against the owners of a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research, who faced a six-year intimidation campaign culminating in the theft of an elderly relative's dead body… (story)
Guardian 11.4.06 Animal rights militants admit grave robbing - Peter Richards - Three animal rights activists have admitted blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig farm who were subjected to a six-year campaign that included a fire bombing and the removal of an elderly woman's remains from her grave. Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 39, and John Ablewhite, 36, admitted conspiracy to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, with menace, at Nottingham crown court yesterday. They had previously denied the offence, alleged to have taken place between September 1 1999, and September 27 last year, and were due to stand trial later this month… (story)
Daily Mail 11.4.06 Grave robbers face 12 years in prison - Three animal rights protesters have admitted a six-year terror campaign against the owners of a Staffordshire guinea pig farm, which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave. Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 39, and John Ablewhite, 36, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch. They were warned by the judge that they face 12 years in prison for the crime…. Josephine Mayo, 38, of Spring Bank Road, Edgbaston, who denied the same offence at an earlier hearing, is to appear at Nottingham Crown Court. (story)
Telegraph 11.4.06 Animal rights protesters face 12 years over grave robbery plot By Nick Britten - Three animal rights protesters face 12 years in jail after admitting a campaign of terror against a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research. It culminated in the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from her grave. John Ablewhite, 36, Kerry Whitburn, 35, and John Smith, 39, led the six-year fight to shut Darly Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffs…. (story)
Scotsman 11.4.06 Trio admit six-year campaign to blackmail guinea pig farmers - THREE people have admitted conspiracy to blackmail a guinea pig farmer in a case where the remains of a woman were dug up from her grave…. Jon Ablewhite, 36, of Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Birmingham and John Smith, 39, of Wolverhampton all changed their plea during a preparatory hearing for the trial at Nottingham Crown Court…. (story)
Independent 11.4.06 Three admit farm hate campaign By Geneviève Roberts - Three men have admitted conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm during a hate campaign that involved stealing the remains of a relative from her grave…. Kerry Whitburn, age 36, John Smith, age 39, and John Ablewhite, age 36, admitted conspiracy to blackmail David Hall and Partners and others connected to the farm, with menace, during a hearing at Nottingham Crown Court…. (story)
Times 11.4.06 Animal activists face jail over plot to steal body BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - Trio admit role in campaign of terror against a guinea-pig farm during which a grave was desecrated - THREE animal rights extremists are facing 12 years’ jail after admitting taking part in a campaign of terror against the owners of a guinea-pig farm that culminated in the exhumation of the body of an 82-year-old woman…. Josephine Mayo, 38, of Birmingham, appears today to enter a plea on the same charge. Jon Ablewhite, 36, from Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, from Birmingham, and John Smith, 39, from Wolverhampton, were remanded in custody…. Smith — formerly known as Hughes — drove a car into the window of a butcher’s shop in 1991 and went on the run after being granted bail … Whitburn was convicted in September 2003 of attacking a dairy worker … Ablewhite, who taught at schools in the Wolverhampton area, used the name John Holmes to found Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs… (story)
BBC News Online 10.4.06 Men admit farm blackmail charges - Three men have admitted conspiracy to blackmail in a case where the remains of a woman were dug up from her grave… Jon Ablewhite, of Hawley St, Levenshulme, Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham and John Smith, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton all changed their plea during a preparatory hearing for the trial at Nottingham Crown Court…. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.3.06 HATE CLAIMS - Four people appeared in court yesterday accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm. Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Birmingham, John Smith, 38, of Wolverhampton, John Ablewhite, 35, of Manchester, and Josephine Mayo, 37, of Staffordshire, will stand trial in Nottingham on April 24. (story)
BBC News Online 16.12.05 Farm blackmail suspect released - A 63-year-old woman arrested on suspicion blackmailing the owners of a Staffordshire guinea pig breeding farm, has been released on bail….The four others charged with blackmail offences are Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham; John Smith, 38, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton; John Ablewhite, 35, of Hawley Street, Manchester and Josephine Mayo, 37, of Cottage Close, Chasetown, Staffs… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 8.12.05 FOUR IN COURT ON FARM BLACKMAIL CHARGES - Four people inlcuding a woman from Chasetown, accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a controversial guinea pig farm near Yoxall, have been remanded for trial by a judge…. n the dock were John Ablewhite, 35, of Hawley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester; Josephine Mayo, 37, of Cottage Close, Chasetown; John Smith, 38, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton; and Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 6.10.05 FOUR CHARGED WITH BLACKMAIL OVER 'GUINEA PIG' GRAVE SNATCH - Three men and a woman arrested in connection with the desecration of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond's grave have been charged with conspiracy to blackmail… The four animal rights activists, including a woman from Burntwood, appeared at Burton Magistrates on Friday last week charged for taking part in a six-year hate campaign against David Hall and Partners, owners of Darley Oak guinea pig farm. Josephine Mayo, 37, of Cottage Close, Chasetown, John Ablewhite, of Levenshulme, Manchester, John Smith, 35, from Wolverhampton and Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Edgbaston, Birmingham were arrested in a coordinated police operation on Tuesday, September 27… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 6.10.05 Four to face conspiracy charges - Three men and a woman have been charged with conspiring to blackmail the family of Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen from a churchyard near Lichfield. John Smith, also known as John Hughes, aged 38, from Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, Kerry Whitburn, 36, from Buckland House, Summer Road, Edgbaston and John Ablewhite, 35, from Hawley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, were remanded in custody to appear at Staff-ord Crown Court tomorrow (Friday). Josephine Mayo, aged 37, from Cottage Close, Chasetown, was bailed to appear at the same court….. (story)
Burton Mail 1.10.05 MEDIA CIRCUS AS ACTIVISTS APPEAR by Tom Sloan - BURTON has found itself in the media spotlight as four animal rights activists appeared in the town's court. Television cameras from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News besieged Burton Magistrates’ Court as John Ablewhite, Kerry Whitburn and John Smith, along with his girlfriend, Josephine Mayo, faced blackmail charges linked with protests at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for medical research, and the theft of a woman’s remains… (story)
Mirror 1.10.05 FOUR IN DOCK OVER FARM BLACKMAIL By Steve Mccomish - FOUR people were yesterday accused of plotting to blackmail the owners of a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research. Kerry Whitburn, John Smith, John Ablewhite and Josephine Mayo spoke only to confirm their names during an hour-long hearing before Burton-upon-Trent magistrates…. (story)
Guardian 1.10.05 Four charged with guinea pig farm blackmail plot - Riazat Butt - Four people have been charged with conspiring to blackmail owners of a guinea pig farm at the centre of a campaign by animal rights activists… (story)
Mirror 30.9.05 Four in court over pensioner's grave robbery - Three men and a woman appeared in court on Friday charged with blackmailing the owners of a farm which breeds guinea pigs for animal research, police said… (story)
Telegraph 30.9.05 Three remanded in body theft case - Three men have been remanded in custody after being accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm at the centre of a hate campaign by animal rights activists. Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 38, and John Ablewhite, 35, were officialy charged with blackmail at Burton-upon-Trent Magistrates' Court. They will reappear at Stafford Crown Court on October 7. A woman, Josephine Mayo, 37, was granted conditional bail to appear alongside the male defendants at the crown court…. (story)
Evening Standard 30.9.05 Four remanded on blackmail charges - Four people appeared in court accused of being involved in a six-year hate campaign against the owners of a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research. Kerry Whitburn, John Smith, John Ablewhite and Josephine Mayo spoke only to confirm their names during an hour-long hearing at Burton-upon-Trent Magistrates' Court…. Mayo, 37, of Cottage Close, Chasetown, Staffordshire, was granted conditional bail to appear alongside the male defendants at the crown court. Magistrates rejected bail applications made on behalf of Whitburn, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Smith, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, and Ablewhite, of Hawley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 30.9.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS IN COURT - Four people appeared in court today accused of being involved in a six-year hate campaign against the owners of a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research. Kerry Whitburn, John Smith, John Ablewhite and Josephine Mayo spoke only to confirm their names during an hour-long hearing at Burton-upon-Trent Magistrates' Court…. (story)
BBC News Online 30.9.05 Three remanded in body theft case - Three men accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm have been remanded in custody by a court. Kerry Whitburn, John Ablewhite and John Smith appeared before Burton-on-Trent magistrates charged with conspiracy to blackmail the Hall family. Josephine Mayo is charged with the same offence and was given conditional bail… (story)
Burton Mail 30.9.05 BODY SNATCH: FOUR CHARGED by Tom Sloan - THREE animal rights activists were remanded in custody by Burton magistrates today after being charged with taking part in a six-year terror campaign against the owners of a controversial guinea pig farm… The defendants — John Ablewhite, 35, of Hawley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester; John Smith, 35, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton; Kerry Whitburn, 36, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham; and Josephine Mayo, 37, of Cottage Close, Chasetown — were arrested in pre-planned raids on Tuesday morning, since when they had been held for questioning by detectives at Burton Police Station before being charged last night…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 30.9.05 Four charged over guinea pig hate campaign - FOUR people have been charged with conspiring to blackmail the family of a pensioner whose grave was desecrated…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 30.9.05 Three in court on blackmail charges - THREE men were appearing in court today accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a Midland guinea pig breeding farm at the centre of a hate campaign by animal rights activists…. (story)
Scotsman 30.9.05 Four face blackmail charges on grave theft - TIM MOYNIHAN - FOUR people arrested over the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave were last night charged with conspiracy to blackmail, Staffordshire Police said…. (story)
Daily Mail 30.9.05 Four charged in body theft case - Three men will appear in court accused of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm at the centre of a hate campaign by animal rights activists…. (story)
Sky News 30.9.05 BLACKMAIL PLOT CHARGES - Four people arrested over the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have been charged with conspiracy to blackmail… (story)
ITV.com 30.9.05 'Desecration' trio due in court - Three men are to appear in court on blackmail charges after being arrested by detectives investigating the desecration of a grave…. (story)
BBC News Online 30.9.05 Three in court in body theft case - Three men are due in court charged with conspiring to blackmail the family of a woman whose grave was desecrated… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 29.9.05 POLICE QUIZ WOMAN OVER GRAVE THEFT - CARL ROACHE - Police swooped on an address in Burntwood to arrest a woman for blackmail in connection with the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave. In a coordinated operation across Manchester and the West Midlands on Tuesday morning, officers targeted a number of houses arresting four people. As well as the 37-year-old woman from Burntwood, those taken into custody were a 35-year-old man in Manchester, a 36-year-old man in Birmingham, a 38-year-old man in Wolverhampton…. (story)
Burton Mail 29.9.05 Grave probe: four held longer by Steve Doohan - DETECTIVES have been granted an additional 36 hours to question four people arrested in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave.... (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 29.9.05 Four held over grave theft - A woman in Burntwood was one of four people arrested in connection with the theft of a grandmother's body from a grave near Lichfield. Police have been given extra time to question the 37-year-old woman arrested in Burntwood, a 38-year-old man picked up in Wolverhampton, a 36-year-old man found in Edgbaston and a 35-year-old nabbed in Manchester over the desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave in Yoxall….(story)
Reuters 28.9.05 Police win more time to quiz four on grave robber - LONDON (Reuters) - Detectives investigating the desecration of a pensioner's grave have been granted extra time to quiz four people they are holding over the incident, Staffordshire Police said on Wednesday… (story)
Manchester Evening News 28.9.05 Four still quizzed over body-snatching - A 35-year-old man from Manchester was among four people continuing to be questioned today in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 28.9.05 GLADYS SUSPECT BAILED - A woman arrested on suspicion of assaulting and obstructing police was released on bail last night. She was one of five people arrested yesterday in connection with the desecration of Gladys Hammond's Yoxall grave last year…. (story)
Burton Mail 28.9.05 Grave robbery probe: four still held by Steve Doohan - POLICE were today given additional time to question four people arrested in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave… (story)
BBC News Online 28.9.05 Four questioned over body theft - Police investigating the theft of a woman's remains from a graveyard have been granted a further 12 hours to question four people….(story)
Telegraph 28.9.05 Five held over grave robbery By Nick Britten - Detectives hunting animal rights extremists who stole the remains of an 82-year-old woman from her grave arrested five people yesterday after raids in four towns and cities in the North, Midlands and Staffordshire…. (story)
Guardian 28.9.05 Five arrests in hunt for grave robbers linked to guinea pig protest - David Ward - Police investigating the theft of the remains of an elderly woman from a grave in a Staffordshire churchyard yesterday arrested five people in the West Midlands and Manchester… Police said all but the woman held in Wolverhampton had been arrested previously in connection with the inquiry… (story)
Sun 28.9.05 4 held on body stunt rap By JOHN SCOTT - THREE men and a woman, believed to have robbed a grave during a bitter animal rights protest, were being quizzed by police last night…. (story)
Mirror 28.9.05 FOUR ARRESTED IN GRAVE ROB PROBE By Rod Chaytor - FOUR suspected animal rights extremists were being quizzed by police last night over a grave robbery… All have been arrested before in connection with the desecration and released on bail…. (story)
Independent 27.9.05 Five held in grave-robbing probe By Alex Thompson, PA - Detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have today arrested five people in connection with their enquiries…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 28.9.05 Four held over body snatch By James Cartledge, Evening Mail - POLICE hunting the remains of a pensioner snatched from her grave arrested a Birmingham man today in a series of dawn raids… (story)
Manchester Evening News 27.9.05 Five held in grave robbing probe - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have today arrested five people in connection with their enquiries… (story)
Daily Mail 27.9.05 Five held over Gladys grave robbery - Detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have today arrested five people in connection with their enquiries…. (story)
DeHavilland 27.9.05 Five arrested in graveyard theft inquiry - Police have arrested five people in connection with the theft of a woman's body from her grave…. (story)
The Sun 27.9.05 Grave robbery arrests By PETE BELL - FIVE people have been arrested following investigations into the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.9.05 Five arrested in probe into theft of pensioner's body - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have today arrested five people. Staffordshire Police said warrants were executed at four addresses in Manchester and the Midlands between 6.30am and 7am…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 27.9.05 Four held over graveyard theft - Four animal rights protesters have been arrested by detectives investigating the theft of a grandmother's remains from her grave…. (story)
Evening Standard 27.9.05 Five held in grave-robbing probe - Detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have arrested five people in connection with their enquiries. Staffordshire Police said warrants were executed at four addresses in Manchester and the Midlands…. (story)
Burton Mail 27.9.05 FIVE ARRESTED IN HUNT FOR REMAINS by Keith Bull - POLICE investigating the theft of a grandmother's body from her grave were today due to question five suspects arrested in a series of early morning raids across the country… (story)
BBC News Online 27.9.05 Five held in grave theft inquiry - Five people have been arrested by police investigating the theft of a woman's remains from a graveyard. The body of Gladys Hammond, 82, was taken from St Peter's Church in Yoxall, Staffordshire, in October 2004… Police said a 35-year-old man was detained in Manchester, a man, 36, was arrested in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham and a man, 38, was held in Wolverhampton. A 38-year-old woman was arrested in Burntwood, Staffordshire, while the other woman, 23, was detained in Wolverhampton on suspicion of obstructing police and assaulting an officer….(story)
Reuters 27.9.05 Police arrest five over medical research farm - LONDON (Reuters) - Police arrested five people on Tuesday as part of their probe into a long and violent campaign against owners of a farm which bred guinea pigs for medical research…. The men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail David Hall and Partners. Detectives said they had also arrested a woman, 23, in Wolverhampton on suspicion of obstructing police and assaulting an officer…. (story)
Guardian 27.9.05 Five arrested over theft of pensioner's body - Five people have been arrested in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave, detectives said today. Staffordshire police arrested four people in Manchester and a fifth in the Midlands between 6.30am and 7am this morning…. (story)
Scotsman 27.9.05 Five held in grave-robbing probe - Detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a grave have arrested five people in connection with their enquiries…. All four were taken to a police station in Staffordshire for questioning…. (story)

Daily Record 20.4.06 YOUR VIEW - COLLAR FOLLOWERS OF FUR FASHION - IT appears that Cruella DeVil is alive and kicking in Scotland. I have recently noticed many women wearing scarves and jackets with real fur collars. They must be convinced that wearing these sick scarves makes them look good, but I think the fur looks better on the rabbit, fox or whatever poor animal it may be…. Manuela Varalli, Glasgow (letter)

Western Mail 20.4.06 Cash and cruelty - It was good to see the fur trade analysed with a balanced coverage of all sides of the controversy…. If actual photographs of the atrocities described by Peta were in Vogue there would follow a rapid decline in profits from animal misery and exploitation…. JOHN M GILHEANY, Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff (letter)

Irish Examiner 20.4.06 Grant aid won’t help circus animals - THE recent decision of the Arts Council to fund circuses containing animal acts is most regrettable given the enormous suffering inflicted on animals, especially wild animals, in these travelling menageries…. (letter)


Western Morning News 19.4.06 THE SPIRIT OF COUNTRY SPORT - He final jump at the splendid new point-to-point course at Upcott Cross near Halwill Junction in West Devon proved a bit too much for the venerable old steeplechaser Venn Ottery at the weekend…. I'm glad to say that after a few worrying moments the old stager got to his feet and was walked back to his box…. Speaking as a politically incorrect - and proud of it - dinosaur, always ready to see the positive side of these things, I maintain that horses love to race… But not everyone sees it in the same way…. The attacks aren't particularly co-ordinated at present but they will be. These campaigners who hate the countryside and everyone who lives in it have to get their teeth into something now they have won their fight against hunting. (Not that that appears to have had any affect whatsoever - but that's another story.)…(story)

Western Morning News 19.4.06 DOUG Batchelor is trying to use the misdemeanours of a few hunts to pass judgment on all forms of hunting… I'm sure he would not want people to start associating the League Against Cruel Sports with certain other animal rights campaigners who make their point by, say, digging up the graves of those who might have disagreed with them…. Andy Poole, Consultant,Middle Way Group,London (letter)

Northern Echo 19.4.06 Snare campaigner's anger - A badger was trapped in a snare for up to 24 hours at a narrow strip of woods in a Weardale forest… It was found by anti-snare campaigner John Gill, from Castleside, Consett, on Easter Friday evening and freed with the help of the RSPCA… Simon Wild, of the National Anti-Snaring Campaign, who have long lobbied for a ban on all snares, said that the North-East was the worst area in the country for snares…. Meanwhile, Graham Temby of Durham County Badger Group, fears the animal's life may still be in danger… (story in archive)

The Shields Gazette 19.4.06 Don't back animal cruelty - BEHIND horse racing's glamorous facade lies a catalogue of suffering and death. A shocking animal aid report, reveals that around 375 horses are raced to death every year…. Animal Aid's report is supported by a 90 second web film… Angela Paulette Smales, via e-mail (letter)

Times 19.4.06 Dummy 'bombs' - Animal Liberation Front extremists have sent hoax explosive devices to the homes of five senior staff at companies linked to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the animal research laboratory…. (story)

Western Daily Press 19.4.06 ANIMAL TESTS DON'T HELP US - Thomas Bromley's mother is one of the lucky ones to survive breast cancer ("Why we need animal testing", April 12), but many women still die of this terrible disease, just as people are still dying of other forms of cancer, strokes, heart disease and multiple sclerosis, because of animal research… Pamela Kinnunen London (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.4.06 WHY WE NEED ANIMAL TESTING - I have to agree with Jo Tanner of the Coalition for Medical Progress (Your Say, April 1). There is a real need to continue to use animals in medical research for the foreseeable future… Thomas Bromley Patients' Voice Dunstable (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.4.06 TESTS ARE NOT SAFE - Jo Tanner's letter (Your Say, April 1) was surely an April Fool's prank. She says adverse reactions to drugs cannot be blamed on animal tests. Yet the six unfortunate men in the drug trial were reassured that TGN1412 was safe because it was safe in animals…. Kathy Archibald London (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.4.06 WE NEED NEW TESTING DEBATE - Mr Franklin is wrong in the conclusions he draws on the use of animals in medical research (Drugs tests unsafe, Your Say, March 23). During a drug's development, which can take as long as 15 years, it will have been tested on around five times as many humans as animals. Adverse reactions to drugs, while deeply regrettable, cannot and should not, therefore, be blamed on animals…. Jo Tanner, Coalition for Medical Progress, London (story)
Western Daily Press 31.3.06 SENSIBLE SOLUTION - Roy Franklin's views on animal experiments make sense (Your Say, March 18 and 23). I am totally opposed to scientific procedures involving animals that are forced to suffer because of the ills of mankind and too often resulting in devastating consequences for mankind. It's for these reasons that I am a keen supporter of the Dr Hadwen Trust… Wendy Beer Clevedon Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.3.06 DRUG TESTS UNSAFE - So, six young men are left seriously ill after a Pyrexel drug test… This drug was tested on animals prior to being given to these human volunteers. Meanwhile, millions of people die from the side effects of drugs that have been declared safe after tests on animals. How many more people and animals must suffer and die, in the scientific fraud that is vivisection?... Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.4.06 ARE TESTS ACCURATE FOR US? - Are drugs really safe for humans after animal testing? When researchers say that laboratory animals don't suffer, are they speaking the truth?... During World Laboratory Animal Week, from April 24 to April 30, NAVS is producing a special briefing for MPs, and will be publicising the example of this case and the other non-animal methods that are already available now…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (story)

Belfast Telegraph 19.4.06 Naked protest hit by police cover-up By Eimear O'Hagan - Police thwarted a nude protest in Belfast today - and ordered an anti-circus campaigner to put her bra back on… Karolina Kostrzewa, from the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), stripped to her knickers and shackled a metal chain to her leg, to draw attention to the alleged cruelty in circuses…. Shivering in a blustery April wind Karolina, who had fake "scars" painted on her back as a result of simulated "beatings", posed for cameras on the pavement outside the City Hall…. (story)

Hunts Post 19.4.06 Boycott the circus say animal protesters - ANIMAL rights protesters have been campaigning to urge local residents to boycott the Circus Mondao in St Ives. Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) staged a peaceful demonstration outside the animal circus…. (story)

BBC News Online 19.4.06 Dogs saved from 'horrific' shed - Hundreds of dogs have been found in squalid conditions in a windowless 40ft (12m) garden shed in West Sussex…. Lisa Gooch, from Brighton Animal Action, said: "I've never seen anything so horrific in my life… (story)
Telegraph 19.4.06 Starving and filthy, how breeder kept 200 dogs By David Sapsted - Hundreds of dogs and cats have been discovered starving and dehydrated in a filthy shed after a pet breeder died…. Mrs Stevens's son Chris called animal charities for help after his mother's death. "I have never seen anything like it before and I hope I never will," said Lisa Gooch, of Brighton Animal Action…. (story)


News Shopper 18.4.06 - STOP THE BREEDING: The spectre of bird flu must surely make it imperative the breeding of game birds stops immediately. It will make no sense for the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to require the indoor housing of all poultry if it turns its back on the outdoors breeding, rearing and release of 35 million game birds.. ROBERT ROACH, Address supplied (letter)

News Shopper 18.4.06 Be humane - TO MOVE on from the horrific story of the near fatal effect on the six human volunteers in the disastrous TGN1412 drug trial, there must now be non-animal alternatives found for drug trials…. Nearly a third of all new drugs tested on animals with no effect fail in human clinical tests. We must learn from this disaster…. CHRIS PEPPER, Beckenham (story)

Brighton Argus 18.4.06 Protesters vow to fight penguin pool - Campaigners have vowed to continue their fight to stop an aquarium exhibiting live seals, penguins and otters. Representatives from animal rights groups and the Green Party staged a demonstration outside the Sea Life Centre in Brighton at the weekend…. Sue Baumgardt from Hove, the Green Party national spokeswoman for animal rights and a member of Brighton Animal Action, said: "We have had a lot of public support and interest today and lots of people have signed our petition… (story in archive)

Swindon Advertiser 18.4.06 Don’t duck this cruelty issue! - HAVE our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us BSE, Salmonella, E.coli and antibiotic resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck as the new, healthy meat and local supermarkets are going along with it…. Happily, you can help restore freedom to these wonderful birds by refusing to buy the meat, complaining to any store which sells it and by supporting Viva!'s Ducks Out Of Water campaign… R DOWNIE Elcombe Swindon (letter)

North East Evening Gazette 18.4.06 Our cruelty shame - With regard to the response to the article (Gazette, 29.3.06) concerning the man who killed his dog with a sword, what is going on in our area? We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers and yet each year our region seems to excel itself in incidents of animal cruelty…. STEPHEN PATERSON, Redcar (story)

Bristol Evening Post 18.4.06 TEEN JOINS PROTEST AGAINST ZOO AT CRIBBS - A Teenager from South Gloucestershire has launched a campaign against Bristol Zoo Gardens' plans for a wildlife park near Cribbs Causeway. Lloyd Graham, 15, pictured, was among protesters who took to the streets outside the Clifton zoo on Monday, to show their opposition to the plans…. The Marlwood School pupil has already started his own animal rights group, called SGAR (South Gloucestershire Animal Rights). He is working with activists in Bristol to stop the new attraction from being built…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 18.4.06 Breeding animals in captivity does little or nothing to aid conservation. Zoo-bred animals can rarely be released to the wild…. Ross Flett, Orkney (letter)


Shropshire Star 17.4.06 Thankful for ban on hunting with dogs - Lembit Opik MP is calling for legislation banning the cruelty of hunting with dogs to be repealed (MPs group hits out at foxhunt changes, March 29)…. I’ve seen foxes fighting desperately to fend off the dogs attacking it. I’ve seen a screaming hare being pulled viciously in opposite directions in a literal "tug-of-war” between two dogs. These are the activities that some people want to be legal again… Kevin Hill, IFAW Wildlife Crime Investigator, International Fund for Animal Welfare (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 17.4.06 ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF TESTING - The recent horrific story of the plight of the six human guinea pigs in the TGN1412 drug trail has caused calls for more, rather than less, animal testing. Yet the drug in question had been extensively tested on animals… April 24 is World Laboratory Animal Day aimed at bringing the plight of these animals to public attention but also to promote alternatives which will be safer to use on people…. ANGELA CORKERY, Seymour Drive, Torquay (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.4.06 'IF THEY DIDN'T ENJOY IT, THEY'D OPEN ME UP LIKE A TIN OF CORNED BEEF' - Can a tiger burn as bright, in a show ring every night? Babita Wakelin visits a circus with animals that has stopped off in Leicestershire - The whip crack says it's show time and one by one, the tigers sashay in - big and dangerous and beautiful. Another snap and they're on their podiums, and Martin Lacey, the owner and ring master of the Great British Circus, is running through the morning training session…. After years in the trade, he believes his animals have a better life than their cousins in zoos. "These animals weren't dragged in from the wild," he says, gesturing with big hands. "These tigers are eighth generation in captivity - they are the grandchildren of the tigers used in the Esso advert. And the lions are 10th generation…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.4.06 WE MUST BAN ANIMAL ACTS - In response to "Circus faces showdown over its use of animals" (Mercury, April 12), I believe that animal circuses should be banned…. Stuart Franklin, Glen Parva. (letter)

Western Morning News 17.4.06 - I WONDER if your correspondent F J Farleigh, who was so upset at the sight of wild dogs killing their own food on the programme Planet Earth, is a meat eater? How many of the human race would still be carnivores if they had to personally kill and butcher the animals that they love to sink their teeth into… Mrs J Doig, Polperro (letter)
Western Morning News 31.3.06 WHY SHOW SUCH HORROR? - While watching BBC One on March 5, I was shocked to see a pack of wild dogs in the African bush chasing an impala (a beautiful antelope) to exhaustion, and then rip it to pieces until it was dead… People seem to hide behind the excuse that they only take out the weak but there was nothing weak about those antelope, believe me. It did remind me of hunts in the country, but our hunts can go all day and not see a fox, let alone rip one to pieces…. F J Farleigh, Kingsbridge (letter)

Guardian 17.4.06 Is it OK to go to the zoo? - Emily Ashton - Ah, Easter Monday. The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming ... and the kids are screaming. Only one thing for it: take them to the zoo for a family day out…. But don't enjoy it too much. For today is Zoo Awareness Day, and you are supporting a "distorted, unnatural world", according to the Captive Animals Protection Society…. But zoo directors argue that there is no cruelty involved…. Zoo animals may be out of their natural environment, but most are born into it, are well looked after and don't know any different…. (story)

York Evening Press 17.4.06 Worthless tests - I am pleased to see that Geoff Edmond of the RSPCA and Michael Krause of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are taking the problem of badger-sett digging seriously… However, given their concern, I am surprised to see that no reference is made to the fact that, since 1998, 11,000 badgers have been killed in a series of worthless tests to control TB in cattle…. Jeremy D Fox, Malton Avenue, York (letter in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 17.4.06 Animal rights protest at zoo - ANIMAL rights campaigners were set to stage a demonstration outside Edinburgh Zoo today in a bid to stop people visiting the attraction on one of the busiest days of the year. Members of the West Lothian Animal Rights group stage the demonstration every year as part of the Captive Animals' Protection Society's National Zoo Awareness Day…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 17.4.06 WAS THIS BIG POLICE PRESENCE JUSTIFIED? - I Took my family on a drive to Hornsea recently for a fish and chip lunch. On arriving we thought a major incident was taking place as there was a very large police presence - riot vans, police cars, Land Rovers and officers on foot. On making inquiries we found out it was because about 20 animal rights protesters were holding a small march. Would Humberside Police like to explain to taxpayers, why, when you are the victim of a crime, all you get is a crime number by letter? They do not even bother to come out to see you, yet they can have this many officers at a small demonstration… Steve Tucker, Norwood, Beverley. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 16.4.06 Hunters pay up to £20,000 to shoot big game in Spain By David Harrison in Badajoz, Extremadura - Wealthy hunters are paying up to £20,000 to kill lions, tigers and other rare and exotic animals on game reserves in Spain. Police who raided a reserve in Extremadura, a region by the Portuguese border, were astonished to discover two tigers and a lion lined up as quarry. One tiger had already been shot dead, but officers arrived in time to save the others…. Philip Russell, of the -London-based World Society for the Protection of Animals, said: "Illegal safaris and canned hunting are cruel and despicable. We have heard that it is going on in Africa but that it should be happening in western Europe just beggars belief." (story)

Sunday Times 16.4.06 Letters to the Editor: Pleasure and pain - WHAT contrasting attitudes to animal welfare were captured in two of your articles last Sunday: one inspiring admiration, the other horror and loathing. Brigitte Bardot’s long-term dedication to the welfare of animals is beautiful… Turn to the front page of the Sports section and you come face to face with such a horror: a whip being held aloft in triumph over an exhausted Numbersixvalverde by the winning jockey of the Grand National at Aintree… How can civilised racegoers witness this barbaric custom of whipping horses and go home and sleep at night? Imelda O’Connor, Carrigaline, Co Cork (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 16.4.06 Zoo's animal plan is outdated - DAVID Windmill, chief executive of Edinburgh Zoo, is quite right that zoos are seen as being politically incorrect… Animal welfare and conservation groups were dismayed at Edinburgh Zoo's announcement that it is considering adding more polar bears, chimpanzees and new animals such as elephants to its 'collection'…. Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (story)


North East Evening Gazette 15.4.06 Nonsensical hunting rules - JAMES BARRINGTON, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group - (story)
Sunderland Echo 1.12.05 Obey the law - Heather Holmes, RSPCA Regional Press Officer – North (letter)
News Shopper 30.11.05 Making sense of new hunting laws - James Barrington, consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 28.11.05 hunting - HEATHER HOLMES, RSPCA North Regional Headquarters, Leeds (letter)
Brentwood Gazette 23.11.05 RULES DIFFICULT FOR DOGS TO FATHAM - JAMES BARRINGTON, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Yorkshire Post 18.11.05 Suffering of animals From: Heather Holmes, RSPCA Regional Press Officer – North. I READ with interest the letter from your correspondent James Barrington ("Confusion reigns over attempts to prevent animals suffering", Yorkshire Post, November 3). The Hunting Act 2004 is not "ridiculous and unprincipled", it is a valid piece of legislation which reflects public opinion – that hunting wild animals to a cruel and pointless death for sport is no longer tolerated by modern Britain…. (letter)
Whitehaven News 10.11.05 For those people who thought that the hunting debate was over, the appearance of hunts going out, looking and sounding the same as before, will have come as a surprise… James BARRINGTON, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Sunderland Echo 7.11.05 Hunters are still going out as before - James Barrington, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 4.11.05 HUNTING - JAMES BARRINGTON, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, c/o Lembit Öpik MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA (letter)
Shropshire Star 4.11.05 Hunting laws affect dog owners - James Barrington, Consultant — All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Western Gazette 3.11.05 PATCHWORK OF NONSENSICAL RULES - James Barrington, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 3.11.05 Nonsensical hunting rules - JAMES BARRINGTON, Consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Yorkshire Post 3.11.05 Confusion reigns over attempts to prevent animals suffering From: James Barrington, consultant, All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, c/o Lembit Öpik MP, House of Commons, London. (letter)
Western Morning News 2.11.05 NONSENSICAL RULES OF THE HUNT BAN - For those people who thought that the hunting debate was over, the appearance of hunts going out, looking and sounding the same as before, will come as a surprise. Though hunts will be acting within the law by using the numerous exemptions in the Hunting Act, this might be a suitable point to explain exactly what the legislation does and does not do and how it affects every dog owner in England and Wales. The Hunting Act states that it is illegal to hunt a wild mammal with a dog, unless that hunting is exempt. What this creates is a patchwork of nonsensical rules that the dog owners will hardly understand, let alone the dogs…. It is no surprise, therefore, that the former chairman of the RSPCA, John Hobhouse, has criticised that organisation for campaigning to place a "severely flawed and unworkable" law on the statute book. James Barrington, Consultant All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)

Telegraph 15.4.06 Rural motorists running on empty as pumps close By Catriona Davies - Rural motorists are having to drive farther to buy petrol as more than 600 filling stations a year close. Small independent garages are being forced out of business by fierce competition from supermarkets and the higher costs of transporting fuel to country areas…. Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "This is part of the retreat of services from the countryside, which is a particular challenge to independent petrol stations…. (story)

Rochdale Observer 15.4.06 Animal rights terror threat - ANIMAL rights extremists have vowed to continue a campaign of terror against a Rochdale firm. A message posted on an activist website names Bamford businessman David Greenhalgh and his wife and gives their address along with details of four others said to have links with animal testing firm, Huntington Life Sciences…. Robin Webb, the Animal Liberation Front spokesman, said: "This sounds like something activisits would do…. (story)

Independent 15.4.06 Squirrel survival - Culling grey squirrels is not going to save the red (Red Alert, 10 April). As long as humans destroy the ecological niche of the red squirrel, the species will always struggle to survive… CHRIS ANDERSON, TONBRIDGE, KENT (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 15.4.06 THEY LOOK AFTER THEIR ANIMALS - There have been several letters in The Citizen recently from readers opposed to the use of animals in circuses. I thought I should see for myself so I took my family to Cheltenham Race Course to see Bobby Roberts Circus on its opening night. I am pleased to report the animals were obviously much loved and well cared for and I saw no instances of ill-treatment…. GRAHAM LUNDEGAARD, Denmark Road, Gloucester (letter)


Mid Devon Star 14.4.06 Hunting needs more policing says League By Jean Tilley - HUNTING may have been banned for some time now, but no one is policing it. League Against Cruel Sports member Ivor Annetts, from Tiverton, says the police and police authorities need to be publicly called to account for not challenging the practices of the Stag hunts…. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.4.06 CRUEL DEER-HUNTERS SHOULD BE STOPPED - Many readers, I am sure, will be troubled by the continuance of deer hunting. The hunters claim that what they are doing is exempt hunting and good deer-management…They aren't hiding what they are doing, so to obtain evidence of lawbreaking would not require significant resources. The police need to be publicly called to account for their lack of challenge to the working practices of all three packs of stag hounds… Ivor Annetts, Tiverton, Devon (letter)

BBC News Online 14.4.06 Demo over Sea Life mammal tanks - Campaigners from five animal rights groups are staging a protest outside the Sea Life centre in Brighton…. The protest groups involved in the demo are Brighton Animal Action, the Bornfree Foundation, International Marine Rescue, the Captive Animal Protection Society, and the Green Party… (story)

Manchester Evening News 14.4.06 Save the bears - WE would like to thank Councillor Ken Holt for standing up for bears – and all of his constituents who are concerned about animal suffering. And we urge Prince Charles to replace the royal guardsmen’s bearskin hats with cruelty-free alternatives…. Will Wright, PETA Europe Ltd (story)

Blackpool Gazette 14.4.06 Animal protest wasn't offensive - I WOULD like to respond to the question "Do you think the posters are offensive?" regarding the animal rights protest (Gazette, April 4). My view (and that of a few local people I have spoken to) is that the posters, although depicting distress, were not offensive…. Mr S Jackson, North Drive, Cleveleys (letter)

Post & Times 14.4.06 IS IT TIME TESTING CAME TO AN END? - April 24 is World Lab Animal Day. The recent story of the six human volunteers in the TGN1412 drug trial who suffered horrifically from one 500th of the dose prescribed to monkeys with no ill effects, highlights once again the flaws involved in animal testing… If anyone reading this wishes to travel to Oxford on Saturday April 22 to protest against the building of the animal laboratory there, Dave would be pleased to hear from you… CYNTHIA LUBACZ Leek (letter)

Glasgow Evening Times 14.4.06 Let big cats roam free - I hope West Dunbartonshire Council refuses to give a licence to the lady in Clydebank who wants to keep wild big cats such as Asian leopards and African serval cats captive in her back garden… ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals (story)

Western Daily Press 14.4.06 BADGERS NEED OUR PROTECTION - In response to the letter by Charles Henry (Your Say, April 7), he is writing absolute nonsense. Badgers were given protection by the 1973 Badger Act, as well as their setts in the 1991/92 Act, to help prosecute the sick badgerbaiters who were widespread then… A Williams, Bath (letter)

Western Morning News 14.4.06 - RECENT television pictures of a cruelty case involving horses was described as the worst that the RSPCA has ever encountered… The derisory prison terms all too often being handed down for violent crimes are a sign of a society dangerously close to the edge and cruelty to animals must not go the same way. Write to your MP while there is still time. Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel (letter)


Times 13.4.06 What’s the difference between a grave robber and a speeding driver? Ten years….What’s the difference between an animal rights campaigner and a speeding driver? An animal rights campaigner is an activist who doesn’t approve of the laws that could protect animals; a speeding driver is an activist who doesn’t approve of the laws that could protect human beings. ALLAN RAMSAY, Radcliffe, Lancs (story)

Fife Free Press 13.4.06 Animal testing – I'm all in favour says Fife man - A BURNTISLAND man is at the forefront of a controversial new campaign in favour of animal testing. James Panton (29), who was schooled at Balwearie High in Kirkcaldy, hit the headlines last month when he helped organise the UK's first march in support of vivisection at Oxford University. Over 1000 people turned up for the demo and Mr Panton, a politics lecturer at Oxford, has spoken exclusively to the Press about the uprise of 'Pro-Test'…. (story)

BBC News Online 13.4.06 Hunters 'blockade' seal activists - Anti-seal hunt activists in Canada say fishermen and hunters have trapped them in their hotel in Quebec to stop them documenting a cull. About a dozen activists and journalists say some 60 angry locals prevented them from leaving the hotel in Blanc-Sablon, on the border with Newfoundland…. Mark Glover, from Humane Society International, said: "They've wrecked one of the vehicles we were in. It is an extremely dangerous and uncomfortable position to be in."… (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 12.4.06 ANIMAL WELFARE - Rachel Astill-Dunseith (March 29) says that "I appear to dislike all animals". All I can say is, she should see my vet's bills! I have campaigned actively in the European Parliament against the revolting Chinese practice of bear bile farming, … It is also a well established fact that traditional fox-hunting works like Darwinian selection to cull old, sick or weak foxes, and so used to contribute to one of Europe's healthiest fox populations here in Britain. Those who fought to ban fox-hunting are no friends to the fox. ROGER HELMER MEP Conservative, East Midlands.
Rachel Astill-Dunseith states that it is nothing to do with Roger Helmer what the RSPCA or any other animal charity spends its money on. It most certainly has… It is illegal for it to use our taxes to further its political ambitions. GILES BRADSHAW Rose Ash, North Devon. (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 29.3.06Roger Helmer MEP (March 18) appears to dislike all animals, and his polemic in recent times regarding foxes has now been extended toward badgers… RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln (letter)

Glasgow Herald 12.4.06 Scots man wins game bursary - Davie Macfarlane, from East Kilbride, has been awarded the 2006 Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust bursary to attend the Game Conservancy Grouse and Hillkeepers course at Invermark Estate, Brechin…. (story)

Oxford Mail 12.4.06 Judge to visit lab site By Phil Vinter - Oxford University has failed for now in its attempt to ban animal rights campaigners from demonstrating in Oxford, but has succeeded in preventing protests outside buildings where exams are being held…. (story)
Telegraph 12.4.06 Oxford University loses its battle for citywide injunction against the protesters By Rosie Murray-West - Oxford University yesterday lost a battle to have its injunction against animal rights activists extended across the whole city. However, the activists, who are protesting against the building of a new facility that will house some animals for testing, will not be allowed to demonstrate in areas where students' exams are taking place…. (story)
Times 12.4.06 Judge refuses exclusion zone - Oxford University was criticised by a High Court judge for trying to bring a "speculative and breathtakingly wide” order against animal rights protesters (Nicola Woolcock writes)…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.4.06 Uni fails to extend protest ban - Oxford University has failed in its bid to extend its injunction against animal rights activists to the entire city… The judge, sitting at London's High Court, said: "I am wholly unwilling to get involved in these issues without being advised as to the views of the relevant senior officer of the Thames Valley Police… (story)
Oxford mail 11.4.06 Judge to visit lab over noise injunction By Phil Vinter - A High Court judge will visit Oxford's controversial animal testing lab before he decides if campaigners' protests should be curbed…. Oxford University barrister Charles Flint requested that as an interim measure Mr Justice Holland extend the temporary injunction to prevent protesters from demonstrating outside university buildings during exams, which are due to start on April 18 and continue until the middle of July…. Animal Rights protester Emma Speed, from Essex, said: "We have run a legal campaign throughout and already have an injunction against us. There is no need for them to extend it any further." (story)
Times 11.4.06 Animal rights activists targeting Oxford University could be banned from the city under an injunction sought at the High Court yesterday. Lawyers for the university want to tighten an earlier court order allowing weekly four-hour protests outside a laboratory site…. (story)
Guardian 10.4.06 Oxford seeks city-wide animal rights protest ban - Oxford University today applied to extend the scope of its existing injunction against animal rights activists to cover the whole city. Meanwhile, opponents of a £20m animal testing laboratory in the city are planning to bus in protesters from all over the country for a mass demonstration next week…. An order imposed last month prohibited protesters from using any "megaphone, klaxon, siren, whistle, drum or noise amplification" within the zone and also banned still or video cameras. Despite the ban, counsel said, witness statements from people in departments all around that area testified to noisy weekly protests, spread over four hours, and excessive noise at other times… The individuals covered by the injunction are Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Max Gastone, Robin Webb, Amanda Richards, Greg Avery and Natasha Avery, plus a number of named groups…. (story)

Dundee Courier 12.4.06 Drugs test inquiry needed - It is hard to see how testing new drugs on animals can continue after a drug that did not harm monkeys or rabbits caused organ failure in humans, who received a 500-times lower dose… Angus Ramsay. 34 Kings Road, Rosyth (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 12.4.06 PIG CRUELTY LEAFLET WAS MISLEADING - ARTHUR WILLIAMS - A Misleading leaflet giving incorrect information about pig farming has been withdrawn from a school following complaints from the Farmers' Union of Wales. The leaflet had been used at Amman Valley comprehensive school in Ammanford, as part of a package designed to stimulate a debate on the rights and wrongs of farming and animal testing…. Carmarthenshire FUW county executive officer Peter Davies said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for taking such prompt action…. (story)
Western Mail 4.4.06 School scraps pig-cruelty debate leaflet - Steve Dube, Western Mail - Amman Valley Comprehensive School deputy head Adrian Phillips said yesterday the leaflet, part of a package designed to stimulate debate on the rights and wrongs of farming and scientific testing of animals, would be withdrawn immediately. "We don't want our children having inaccurate information," he said…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 31.3.06 FARMERS ANGRY AT SCHOOL LEAFLET - Farming leaders are calling for the withdrawal of a controversial leaflet from an Ammanford school, as they claim it paints pig farming in a bad light. The leaflet is being used as part of Welsh lessons at Amman Valley Comprehensive School. Leaders of the Farmers' Union of Wales have written to education chiefs demanding that the pamphlet, entitled Cruelty to Animals, is no longer used… (story)

Manchester Evening News 12.4.06 Ken takes fur wars to the Palace - Brian Lashley - A FORMER mayor of Stockport who refused to wear the traditional fur-trimmed robes of office is urging Prince Charles to follow his lead over bearskins at Buckingham Palace. Coun Ken Holt is backing a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) calling for an end to the slaughter of black bears….. (story)

Scotsman 12.4.06 Anti-whaling pressure - It is unacceptable that Norway ignores the International Whaling Commission's 1986 ban on commercial whaling… ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)

Leicester Mercury 12.4.06 CIRCUS FACES SHOWDOWN OVER ITS USE OF ANIMALS BY BEKKI HIGGINSON AND ALISTAIR RICHARDSON - A circus has defended its right to put on a show using wild animals, including lions and tigers. The Great British Circus put on its first show last night after arriving in the city for a two-week stint at Leicester Road, Glen Parva…. (story)


Bridgwater Mercury 11.4.06 Hunt protestors on the Quantocks By Ben Pike - HOODED anti-bloodsport protesters lined up on the Quantock Hills in an attempt to disrupt a legal meet of the West Somerset Fox Hounds. Around 15 members of an unnamed group met on Saturday morning (April 1) at Crowcombe near where horses, hounds and huntsmen were preparing a trail chase. Three men were arrested following the event and have been bailed on suspicion of theft after one of the hunt's hounds was reported missing to police… A 25-year-old from Merseyside, a 19-year-old from Solihull and a 21-year-old from Northants were arrested at the scene and have all been bailed pending further investigation and are due to answer to police in May…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 11.4.06 FRESH QUESTIONS ON HUNT PRACTISE - A complaint about a stag-hunt near Bampton has posed fresh questions about the possible cruelty of hunt practice, and sparked calls for supporters to drive safely. Sarah Bramley, a landscaper from Church Street in Crediton, told the Gazette that she was horrified by a Tiverton Staghounds 'flush' on the Tiverton to Bampton road… "I know they were chasing that poor stag all day and they just ran it to death," she said. "They did shoot it but they raced after it all day long."… (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.4.06 HUNTER'S GOAL - The self-promotion of Mr Cowen, master of the Fernie Hunt amazes me. Whereas other hunts, the majority I expect, are stifling their killer instincts and enjoying their cross-country ride while drag hunting, this man pursues his goal of overturning the law to suit the "tourists" he provides a service for… Mrs Maureen Falkner, Walton. (letter)

Dublin People 11.4.06 Horror traps recalled - A major Northside importer has been ordered by the Government to recall and destroy his stock of illegal glue traps.The devices are prohibited in Ireland under the Wildlife Act 1976 (Approved Traps, Snares and Nets) Regulations 2003 but continue to be sold around the country… (story)

Glasgow Herald 11.4.06 Taking on the animal extremists - EMMA SEITH - Campaigners for animal testing are deploying the weapon of principled debate - When Oxford University went to court yesterday to extend an injunction against animal rights activists, it was the latest move in a long and difficult battle. Chris Bickerton and James Panton are two Scots who are in the front line of that battle. Bickerton, a PhD student of international politics at Oxford, and Panton, a politics lecturer, have proclaimed their belief in the necessity of testing medicines on animals. Together, they founded Pro-Test, a group which campaigns on behalf of animal testing in response to the action against scientists and building workers at biomedical research centres…. (story)

Daily Record 11.4.06 FOR THE BIRDS - ANIMAL activists were yesterday accused of scaremongering, after wearing disposable boiler suits and face masks in Edinburgh and carrying placards reading: "Bird Flu Kills - Go Vegetarian." PETA Europe's spokeswoman Yvonne Taylor said: "Avian flu is a direct result of the sickening and cruel factory poultry industry." (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 11.4.06 CONFINING ANIMALS IS NOT APPROVED - In the letter headed "Animals' interests at heart" (Grimsby Telegraph, March 30), the BSc Hons Animal Behaviour and Welfare Graduate states "this circus (Great British Circus) is RSPCA approved." This is incorrect. The RSPCA does not approve of, or endorse, circuses with animal acts, and has given no permission to the Great British Circus to use the RSPCA's name in this way…. Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA East Regional Press Officer. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 11.4.06 Performing zebras spark boycott call - ZEBRAS have arrived in St Ives with a touring circus - but an animal welfare group is urging people to stay away. Circus Mondao has set up its big top along with three zebras, horses and ponies, which are grazing in a field during the day. But the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) says it is cruel to use animals and is keenly awaiting the implementation of the Animal Welfare Bill, which will ban certain wild animals from the circus…. (story)


Western Morning News 10.4.06 - NOT all of your readers will be aware that members of the first hunt in Britain to be investigated under the Anti-social Behaviour Act have been issued with warning notices… Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, London (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 31.3.06 HUNT FIRST TO BE WARNED UNDER THE ASBO ACT - Not all your readers will be aware that members of the first hunt in Britain to be investigated under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act have been issued with warning notices. Bob Cooper, senior master of the Cotswold Hunt and two of his colleagues, have been warned under the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 that their behaviour is not 'acceptable'…. Every week the League Against Cruel Sports receives complaints from members of the public about the behaviour of out of control hunts…. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sport (letter)

Independent 10.4.06 Body Shop's popularity plunges after L'Oreal sale By Cahal Milmo - The sale of the Body Shop to the French cosmetics giant L'Oréal last month has dented the reputation of the British high street retailer once vaunted as the champion of ethical beauty products…. (story)
Guardian 10.4.06 Body Shop loses its buzz following sale to L'Oréal - The reputation of Body Shop is starting to suffer as a result of its £650m sale to French cosmetics giant L'Oréal, it was claimed yesterday. Following the announcement last month, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick rejected criticism that it was getting into bed with the enemy because L'Oréal had not abandoned animal testing…. (story)

Guardian 10.4.06 For reporting on animal experiments, the devil is in the detail - We welcome the proposal by the Animal Procedures Committee and the Laboratory Animal Science Association for a new mechanism of recording and reporting the extent to which animals have suffered during experiments… Pauline Perry, Nuffield Council on Bioethics
We support the broad principle of publishing more information about suffering in animal experiments - but the devil is in the detail. First, animal protection organisations have been excluded from consideration of this important question… Dan Lyons, Uncaged (letters)

Independent 10.4.06 Animal tests have remained central to the drug development paradigm, despite warnings that they cannot be relied upon…. DR GILL LANGLEY , CHAIR, FOCUS ON ALTERNATIVES, HITCHIN, HERTFORDSHIRE
The MHRA has confirmed that the drug that left six trial volunteers fighting for their lives last month was tested in primates at a dose 500 times higher without ill-effects. Clearly animal experiments are not a reliable guide to effects in humans. CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON, CHRISTLETON, CHESHIRE (letters)

Argus 10.4.06 Letter: Stop the testing -I was pleased to read Hella Gamper's explanation of the health perils caused by testing drugs on animals (Letters, March 17). Even pharmaceutical manufacturers who publicly claim these tests to be necessary admit in private that they serve no scientific purpose… -Dennis B Stuart, Brighton (letter in archive)

Argus 10.4.06 Letter: Keep testing men - It is good to hear the six men in intensive care after participating in trials of drugs produced by the German firm Parexel are recovering well, but their horrific reaction to the drugs they were testing is further confirmation that animal testing is out of date…. -Susan Jean Osmond, Woodingdean (letter in archive)

York Evening Press 10.4.06 Testing of drugs on animals needs review - The recent catastrophe with the TGN1412 drug trials has prompted fresh calls for an independent review of the validity of animal testing.. The Government should act on this serious issue immediately and allow an independent review to take place - after all, if those who oppose animal experiments are wrong, then this would surely settle the argument once and for all… Sarah Bramley, Gordon Street, York (letter in archive)

Blackpool Gazette 10.4.06 No need to cull these wild animals - SO Mr Ben Wallace, MP for Lancaster and Wyre, is angry over calls for hats made from bearskins to be replaced by fake fur (Gazette, Monday March 27)…. Killing bears is part of the fur trade and wearing fur from shot, clubbed, trapped and fur farmed wild animals of all kinds from kangeroos, Arctic blue foxes, big cats and baby seals, etc, would be eliminated from our shopping lists if people would only check if it's fur and use alternatives. Organisations like Animal Aid, Peta, Caps and Animals Defenders are all dedicated to combating animal cruelty. TERRY STRINGER, Coniston Avenue, Knott End-on-Sea (letter)

Telegraph 10.4.06 We were right to take Pc to court, says RSPCA By Marco Giannangeli - out of its misery by hitting it with a spade. Pc Jonathan Bell acted after members of the public drew his attention to the stricken animal while he was responding to another call in Stoke-on-Trent. The animal had been run over by a car and was severely injured… (story)
BBC News Online 8.4.06 Pc pursued over killing of cat By Matthew Chapman - The RSPCA has been accused of harassing a police officer after he killed an injured cat with a spade… In April 2004, Pc Bell was called out to an estate in Stoke-on-Trent… While there local residents called his attention to a cat which had been run over…. He borrowed a spade and with three to four blows killed the cat… The RSPCA says it took legal action following complaints from witnesses to the killing…. The officer was acquitted at a two-day court hearing last September…. But the animal charity made an appeal to the High Court which recently threw out the case. The final judgement came two years after the cat was killed… (story)


Sunday Telegraph 9.4.06 PC storm blows up on the river bank - Ben Leapman - The gentle sport of angling is at the centre of a political correctness battle that has pitched animal rights activists against anti-racism campaigners. The row has erupted over a Government campaign to encourage ethnic minorities and women to take up fishing, after ministers decided that river banks are too full of white, middle-aged men…. The pressure group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), praised Britain's black and Asian communities for their low rate of participation in fishing and called for the campaign to be scrapped…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 9.4.06 Another horse died at Aintree yesterday. The number of deaths in racing in the past year is now 180 - For the first time, the authorities in charge of the sport have revealed to the IoS the true cost of racing By Cole Moreton - Horse racing authorities refuse to make public the details of which horses die on which courses, but The Independent on Sunday can reveal that there have been around 180 deaths in the past year… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 9.4.06 Still no grounds for panic over avian flu - So here it is at last, the distinguished thing, as Henry James said of his impending death. Yesterday it was confirmed that the H5N1 strain of avian influenza has arrived in Britain… The most likely human victims of bird flu will be poultry farmers - not killed, but bankrupted…. Farmers well remember the devastating measures, simultaneously panicky and intransigent, put in place by the Government at the time of the foot-and-mouth outbreak in 2001. With that in mind, ministers would do well to heed the words of Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, yesterday: "Closing down large tracts of unaffected countryside could do more damage to rural communities than the disease itself."… (letter)

Sunday Post 9.4.06 Bird flu threat to shooting industry By Fiona Smith - SCOTLAND’S SHOOTING season could be "devastated” by bird flu if more cases are found. Scottish Gamekeepers Association president, Alex Hogg, said the deadly disease could hit the multi-million pound industry. … Scottish spokesman for the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, Colin Sheddon, said there was already a problem…. (story may be in archive)

Sunday Times 9.4.06 ANIMAL TESTING: Those who say that the use of animals in medical research is bad science are wrong. We share 90% of our DNA with other mammals, as well as our vital organs, which is why animals continue to be the best model for testing drugs and therapies…. (letter)

Sunday Times 9.4.06 A life in the day - Brigitte Bardot - INTERVIEW BY JOHN FOLLAIN - The former actress, 71, runs the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which she created to campaign for animal rights. She lives near St Tropez, France, with her fourth husband, the businessman Bernard d’Ormale, 63, and six dogs… (letter)

Wales on Sunday 9.4.06 HOW can some of us can feel so much empathy for animals while others of our species show only a cold disregard? Taking a tiny calf from its mother is bad enough because her hormones are raging and just like us she will grieve for the loss of her young. But to take a two-week-old calf on long-distance transport to be incarcerated in a crate has to be the most cruel act of all… Many downtrodden dairy cows and their defenceless calves will be feeling the pain very soon. Judi Hewitt, Rhyl (letter)


Torquay Herald Express 8.4.06 HARDLY A FITTING ROLE MODEL FOR RSPCA - Several years ago I lobbied 25 members of the House of Lords as part of a campaign by Exeter's branch of the League Against Cruel Sports. Only one bothered to reply…. Rowan Williams (and I won't call him "Doctor" because that title comes from study of a field of knowledge and from the sound of things even he now has began to doubt the reality of the Bible) by his silence has shown himself to be a hypocrite. He should have supported the RSPCA campaign or resigned as patron, hardly a fitting role model. ROBERT GAGIE All Hallows Road Paignton (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 8.4.06 PUNTERS URGED TO SHUN BIG RACE - Punters in North Lincolnshire are being urged to boycott this year's Grand National as a mark of respect to the nine horses killed during last week's Cheltenham Festival. The plea has come from Scunthorpe-based animal welfare campaigner Dene Stansall (48), who said he had been overwhelmed since Cheltenham with people wanting to help in the campaign to clean up racing. "There are no excuses for the death of nine horses," he said. "This is not an one-off accident…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.4.06 CALL FOR BAN ON RACING - The recently published statistics revealing the horrific number of horse deaths on the racing field - particularly during gruelling events like the Grand National - are appalling. The horse is one of the world's most beautiful, gentle animals and is not meant for exertion like this…. Keith Murray Tillydrone Aberdeen (letter)

Oxford Mail 8.4.06 Animal rights funds probed By Andrew Ffrench - Police are investigating whether cash given to animal rights' protesters is funding illegal activities targeting Oxford University's research laboratory. Thames Valley Police said they could use new legislation to seize assets behind criminal campaigns if it could prove there was illegal activity. Protest group Speak, which has led demonstrations against the £18m laboratory, is one of the organisations whose finances are being investigated… (story)
Guardian 7.4.06 Police may seize donations to animal rights protesters - Sandra Laville - Public donations to animal rights activists could be seized by police if they are found to be funding the criminal activity behind an extremist campaign against Oxford University, the Guardian has learnt… The police may use new legislation that allows officers to seize the assets behind criminal campaigns. Sources have told the Guardian that the police are targeting the money behind the Speak campaign, which was set up to stop the building…. (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 8.4.06 Badger dismay - It was to my utter dismay to read that evidence of badger baiting is rearing its ugly head and the fact is, it has never really gone away…. L HYNES, Leeds (story)


Cumberland News 7.4.06 Keswick woman shared £1m estate with local charities - MAVIS Graham, of Brocklehurst, Springs Road, Keswick, who died on December 19 last year, left estate valued at £1,106,246 gross, £937,935 net. She left shares in her estate to the Children’s Society, theCumbria branch of British Red Cross, Keswick School Foundation, the Lake District Calvert Trust, Blencathra Foxhounds, and St John’s Church Keswick… (letter)

Warwick Courier 7.4.06 More snippets from Warwick. Sherbourne Park's historic gardens will be opened to the public for the first time in ten years on May 21. Landowner Robin Smith-Ryland has given permission to use the grounds and plants from large country houses will be on sale. The day is being held to raise money for the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire air ambulance, All Saints' chruch and the Countryside Alliance…. (letter)

Telegraph 7.4.06 Eco-terrorists are indulging in class warfare by another name By Tom Utley - Somebody should write a doctoral thesis about the sort of language that terrorists use when they try to justify what they have done. The thought occurred to me yesterday, when I read the threatening letter sent to golf clubs in and around Somerset by the bunch of fanatics who have just ripped up five greens at the Park course near Bath…. what was so noticeable about their letter was that they used exactly the kind of wording favoured by so many other terrorist groups all over world - whether their cause happens to be the unification of Ireland, the triumph of Islam or the banning of foxhunting, vivisection or fur coats…. (story)

Newark Advertiser 7.4.06 What a drag - I am disgusted at the possibility of the hunt returning to Newark Market Place. There was a very good reason it ceased to be allowed in the Market Place in 1988 —the taxpayers of Newark did not want it… ANTI-HUNT, Codd- ington (Name and address supplied). (letter in archive)

Telegraph 7.4.06 Unless you own a shoot, don't worry By Clive Aslet - Calm down, everybody. Breathe deeply. Start the yogic chanting. A dead swan has been found in Fife. This means that bird flu has reached these shores. But remember: one poultry-related disease does not necessarily induce another…. Many farms are on the verge of insolvency. It is only shooting - an excellent method of transferring money from city pockets into country ones - that keeps them going. Defra, typically adding British gold-plate to the EU's avian flu directive, insists on the separation of poultry from wild birds - which sounds fine, until you realise that it categorises pheasants and partridges as poultry. This clause in the British interpretation of the directive could outlaw the release of all game birds at a stroke…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 7.4.06 An excuse for the bloodlust brigade - Further to George Cowley's revelation under the headline "Seagull attacks poor old crows", how does he know it is old or even poor… This brings us to the programme instigated by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, acting for Defra, to shoot crows, magpies and other corvids, which feed on carrion, as they would possibly be a factor in spreading avian influenza. This is just another excuse for the Bloodlust Brigade to let loose. ROGER MARTIN, Evesham. (letter in archive)

Cornish Times 7.4.06 Mayor impressed by rifle club’s safety standards - LISKEARD mayor Sandra Preston saw the latest designed Anschutz target rifles with top Liskeard marksman Mike Schopman during a visit to Liskeard and District Rifle Club. The mayor made an inspection during a normal Friday night club meeting of the 25-metre indoor shooting range at Lux Park Leisure Centre. Mayor Preston said: ‘I was impressed by the club’s safety standards and amazed at the accuracy and performance of the equipment.’… (story in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 7.4.06 Cruel or kind? Why racing is under fire - LEADERS of the horseracing industry in Newmarket have defended the sport in response to a campaign by Animal Aid supporters. Animal Aid wants tomorrow (Saturday, 08 April)'s Grand National to be banned…. (story)

Daily Record 7.4.06 YOURVIEW - RACING'S A BAD BET FOR HORSES - LIKE many people, I will have my fingers crossed when the Grand National is run tomorrow. However, unlike most, my concern will be the welfare of the horses as they are pushed to their physical limits in the name of sport… Scott Reid, Glasgow (letter)

Barry News 7.4.06 Racing - I AM gathering material for a book about the history of greyhound racing in Wales, and I am hoping that some of your readers can provide me with information/photographs, programmes, reminiscences, newspaper cuttings etc… Brian Lee, 13 Felbrigg Crescent, Pontprennau, Cardiff CF23 8SE email brian@thepress.fsnet.co.uk (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 7.4.06 BADGER PROTECTION HAS LED TO AN EXPLOSION IN POPULATION - Badger groups continually attempt to defend the indefensible. But there is one simple fact that even they cannot deny. Thirty or 40 years ago, the sighting of a badger was almost unknown, even for those of us who have always lived right in the heart of the countryside; and in those days there was no problem with TB… Charles Henry North Somerset (letter)

Kenilworth Weekly News 3.4.06 YOUR SAY: THE DEATH OF THE CIRCUS - IN KENILWORTH - Undeterred by the handful of animal right's protesters standing passively clutching placards and umbrellas in the miserable March weather, my husband and I with out three-year-old daughter forged our way through the quagmire that was to host the Bobby Roberts Super Circus, writes Marie Taylor of Clarendon Road, Kenilworth… I suddenly felt embarrassment in anticipation for the performers who were part of this dying act…. Following Bobby were a string of miniature ponies who were cajoled into revolving around and stepping up onto raised platforms in synchronicity….. The circus is dying a natural death, with or without the help of campaigners…. (story)

Waltham Forest Guardian 7.4.06 Protest ends pigeon cull By Mark Killiner - A PIGEON cull at a pub has ended and alternative methods are being used to control the birds. Animal-lovers protested when the Bull and Crown pub in Kings Road, Chingford, employed the services of a pest control company after a pigeon infestation began causing problems…. A spokeswoman for Picas, an international company advising on non-lethal bird control, said: "Killing adult pigeons in a feeding flock favours the younger birds that would otherwise have a poorer chance of survival… (story)


Yorkshire Evening Post 6.4.06 Don't knock Camilla over cemetery tears - I knew someone would be unable to refrain from carping and criticising about Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, aka Fred and Gladys, on their visit to Egypt. Of course, fox hunting is repellent, but maybe I wouldn't think so if I had been brought up like Fred and Gladys…. E.D. Davis (Mrs) e-mail
The Camilla cynic said what most of us without short memories feel about that scheming woman… My young nephew recently was traumatised on seeing his pet cat ripped apart in front of him by travellers' dogs and yet foxhunters like Camilla actually relish likewise bloody horrors. Surely that is sick?... JOHNIE BARKER, Beeston, Leeds (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 31.3.06 Nauseated by Camilla - I and many others were nauseated at seeing the new Duchess of Cornwall, at a ceremony to remember El Alamein, ostentatiously borrowing Charles's handkerchief to dab at her eyes…. We all wondered if she dabbed her eyes when tragic Diana's cortege passed her by, or when foxes are torn to pieces by the hounds when she participates in hunting?... MRS JM CUNNINGHAM and FAMILY, Harehills Lane, Leeds (letter)

Leicester Mercury 6.4.06 COUNTRY LIVING - In response to GA Wright (Mercury Mailbox, March 29), I never said that I condoned anyone shooting pellet guns at foxes. My point was that, if you live in the country, you have to adapt to country ways…. Mrs J Davis, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.3.06 KEEP CROWING! - I don't see why Mrs J Davis thinks it is ridiculous for townies to write about "poor little foxes" (Mailbox, March 11). In fact, I think it is good that townspeople take sufficient interest in wildlife to take time to air their views…. It is much better to learn respect for animals, both wild and domesticated, than go round shooting them with airguns. Or does Mrs Davis think otherwise?... G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.3.06 LAUGHABLE VIEWS - Your letters recently have become ridiculous. There are townies writing about the poor little foxes and people complaining about the exorbitant price of running a car and being penalised, but you saved the best… It was the call to stop horses using the road. What a load of horse manure. If you live in a rural area, that is what you get…. Mrs J Davis, Leicester (letter)

Worcester Evening News 6.4.06 Evidence hunts acting illegally - Jon Burgess asked to see evidence that hunts are acting illegally. He only has to venture into the countryside on a Saturday afternoon during the season to see it for himself…. I have been monitoring hunts in and around the county of Worcestershire all season, from cubbing to their final meets. The large majority of hunts are flouting the law, while hiding behind the loopholes in the Hunting Act…. JO O'BRIEN, On behalf of Midlands Society Against Blood Sport (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 6.4.06 The National isn't so Grand - Dene Stansall, Horse racing consultant, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
North Devon Journal 30.3.06 DON'T LET THE 'CARNAGE' OF CHELTENHAM BE REPEATED - Dene Stansall,Horse racing consultant, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 30.3.06 ANIMAL CRUELTY - Racing kills horses - THE carnage at the Cheltenham Festival, during which nine horses died, has forced the cruelty and suffering that lies behind horse racing’s glamorous façade into the public arena…. Aintree – where the National is held – is the country's second most deadly course…. It is time for the government to rein in this exploitative industry. DENE STANSALL, Horse Racing Consultant, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

24dash.com 6.4.06 Poultry farmers fear medieval style 'rapid cull' - British consumers were today urged to keep eating poultry after a wild swan was feared to have died from the deadly strain of bird flu…. The Countryside Alliance called on the Government to adopt a "reasonable and proportionate" response to any outbreak of bird flu…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the body representing sporting shooting, said gamekeepers and shoots should increase their vigilance… (story)

Blackpool Gazette 6.4.06 Civil liberties in danger - Now that Britain is fast becoming a police state (ID cards the latest threat) I see that the storm troopers in Labour Blackpool are not slow in attacking the liberties of people who dare to hand out leaflets in the streets. People are being arrested for merely trying to highlight the appalling abuse of animals in Britain's laboratories…. Fiona Cartwright, Margaret Road, Preston (letter)

Sunderland Echo 6.4.06 Fish not health food - Justine Butler (story)
Manchester Evening News 28.3.06 Time we turned to plants for omega-3s - THE Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation has been warning people for years that most fish and fish oil supplements are contaminated with toxic poisons such as mercury and dioxins….Many studies show that omega-3s from plants can protect against heart disease, without exposing you to these disease-causing toxins. Even more impressively, studies show that people who avoid fish entirely and eat a plant-based diet can actually reverse heart disease… Dr Justine Butler, Tony Wardle, Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 6.4.06 Think of the landau horses - There's a seaside town called Blackpool that's noted for fresh air and fun, but for the army of Blackpool landau horses who will shortly be starting their long summer season it will be anything but fresh air and fun…. Pat Price, Lytham Road, Blackpool (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 6.4.06 SANCTUARIES ARE SO BLEAK - - Anne the elephant should stay with the family that obviously adores her and she them (Echo, March 31). The elephant sanctuaries I have seen look a bit bleak as all the vegetation has gone and the elephants all looked horribly bored…. Marianne Cottee (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 6.4.06 LEAVE HER WHERE SHE IS - In answer to your headline "Should we free our circus elephant?" (Echo, March 31), I would definitely say 'no'. She should remain where she is used to living and continue to be cared for, fed and watered among friends, human and animal, that she knows…. B Mapstone, (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 5.4.06 MOUSE RACE IS A GOOD BET - Hunt members in Carmarthenshire have raised hundreds of pounds for charity by having a wager on a mouse. Carmarthenshire hunt has raised £600 for the Wales Air Ambulance by holding a mouse racing evening at the Carmarthen Quins Club… (story)

Brentwood Gazette 5.4.06 ANDREW ROSINDELL - THE FACTS - He was born on March 17, 1966 He was National Young Conservatives' chairman in 1993-94 and of the European Young Conservatives in 1993-97 He's not in favour of ID cards or reform of the House of Lords He voted against the abolition of hunting with dogs… (story)

Jersey Evening Post 5.4.06 Gun lobby 'should see massacre film' By Andy Sibcy - SOME States Members would benefit from watching Michael Moore's anti-gun film Bowling for Columbine, Senator Stuart Syvret said yesterday…. (story in archive)

Guardian 5.4.06 Should the Grand National be axed for being too cruel? - With thirty horses having died at Aintree since 1997, is it time the National was scrapped for being too cruel? Andrew Tyler, Director of Animal Aid, says yes. Peter Webbon, Chief Executive of racing's regulatory authority, says no… (story)

Guardian 5.4.06 Animal suffering in experiments should be revealed, say advisers - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Researchers who use animals in their work will have to report more details of the pain and suffering their experiments cause, under proposals by scientists on the government's most senior advisory group on vivisection…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.4.06 Science examines animal suffering - Scientists are carrying out a study to see if it is possible to report actual levels of suffering experienced by animals during scientific procedures… (story)

Rochdale Observer 5.4.06 Animal rights link to hoax bomb terror - ANIMAL rights activists are suspected to be behind a hoax bomb sent to a house in Bamford. Army bomb disposal experts were called out on Friday morning after a woman contacted the police after she opened the suspicious package, which had a battery taped inside…. It is thought animal rights protesters could be involved because the company the woman’s husband works for has dealings with a laboratory that carries out tests on animal… Michael Byrne (story)

Crawley News 5.4.06 Animal rights protest at industrial estate - PROTESTERS staged a demonstration over animal rights at an industrial estate. They gathered outside the UPS delivery depot in Manor Royal, and pharmaceuticals company, GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK) on Friday to highlight "unethical practices". Protesters accused UPS of delivering not just paperwork but possibly animal samples for Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)

BBC News Online 5.4.06 Activists flout pigeon feed ban - Animal activists are using a legal loophole to flout a ban on feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square. The Pigeon Action Group discovered the mayor of London's 2003 by-law only applied to land within the Greater London Authority's boundaries. They have begun daily feeds from the north terrace - recently pedestrianised at a cost of £25m - which is under Westminster Council's control…. Julia Fletcher, of Pigeon Action Group, said: "Members of our group are down feeding the pigeons on the square on a daily basis otherwise they would die."… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 5.4.06 NO PLACE FOR THE ANIMAL CIRCUSES IN TODAY'S WORLD - Many people left the circus in disgust after the Tuesday performance at Cheltenham Racecourse, after the daughter of Bobby Roberts apparently punched a horse in the mouth during a performance. One lady joined protesters who had travelled from Worcester to protest against the circus for using animals… CHRIS DOWDESWELL, Midland Road, Gloucester (letter)

Mansfield Chad 5.4.06 MP calls for seal hunt ban - MANSFIELD MP Alan Meale has blasted the Canadian Government for the nation's practice of seal hunting… (story)

Daily Record 5.4.06 STOP THE CULL - I AM pleased to see that Ann Steel shares IFA W's view that the Canadian seal hunt is cruel…. Ellie Dickson, London, IFAW marine campaigner (letter)

Plymouth Evening Herald 5.4.06 END CRUEL TRADE - We are concerned that the lifting of the EU ban on exports of British beef has opened up the possibility of a resumption of the live export of young male dairy calves to the EU…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.4.06 OLD FARMING WAYS KINDER - It appears spring is well on its way. I see many young lambs in the countryside. At least at the moment the weather is wet but mild…. This last winter I have seen newborn lambs lying in very wet and ice-cold fields with no protection from the winds and frosts. To me, this is uncaring and bad farming. J H Rowbrey Taunton Somerset (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.4.06 Hypocritical MP - I think it is rather hypocritical of Marsha Singh MP to comment on killing bears for the making of bearskins for the Guards Regiments…. Owing to the run-down of the Guards regiments and the army in general, I don't imagine they need any more bearskins. The ones they used to get were results of culling and the legalised hunting of the wild bear, not mass slaughter, as Mr Singh suggests… Michael Breen, Bolton Hall Road, Bradford (letter in archive)

Muswell Hill Journal 5.4.06 Animals can be well cared for in circuses - REGARDING your report "Reality TV hits a new low" (Journal, March 30) that a Muswell Hill actor objects to a TV reality show where celebrities will be taught to train animals at a circus. Peter Polycarpou may be a good actor, but he knows little about the way the best modern circuses treat their animals… Weighty scientific evidence shows that animals CAN be well-kept in circuses. It's wrong to condemn ALL circuses on the pretext that someone, somewhere, might be cruel to an animal…. Chris Barltrop, circus ringmaster, Herefordshire (letter)
Muswell Hill Journal 29.3.06 Reality TV has 'hit a new low' - MUSWELL Hill actor Peter Polycarpou has slammed a new reality TV show by Big Brother creators Endemol - which features celebrities performing with circus animals. Mr Polycarpou, 44, who has been supporting animal rights group Animal Defenders International (ADI) since his mid-20s, thought reality television had already "hit rock bottom" - until he heard about this new idea… (story)


Western Mail 4.4.06 Still busy times for the Ystrad Taf Fechan hunt - Peter Morrell, Western Mail - THE Ystrad Taf Fechan hunt covers some beautiful countryside from the Rhondda Valleys to Merthyr Tydfil and the Brecon Beacons. After the ban on hunting, the hunt has continued to work closely with the farms to help in the control of foxes within the law… the point-to-point… is being held at Uplands Farm, Ystradowen, near Cowbridge, on Saturday, April 15, with the first race at 2pm… (story)

Independent 4.4.06 Hunting ensures animals' survival - Your report "British Tourists fuel Africa's cruel trade in canned hunting" (1 April) confuses the animal rights agenda with conservation - the two are diametrically opposed. The hard fact, that conservationists recognise, is that "if it pays, it stays". Revenues from limited quota-based trophy hunting of wild animals in countries such as Tanzania and Zambia encourage governments and local people to take an interest in the health of the animal populations, rather than simply killing them for food or to protect livestock… ABIGAIL DAY, PRESIDENT, SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL, LONDON CHAPTER, LONDON W11 (letter)
Independent 1.4.06 British tourists fuel Africa's cruel trade in 'canned hunting' By Jonathan Brown and Rob Sharp - British tourists are fuelling a booming industry reliant on the slaughter of thousands of lions and other exotic animals by travelling to Africa to hunt semi-tame big game…. as competition grows, commercial hunts are offering increasingly exotic prey, introducing tiger, jaguar, puma and grey wolves, according to new evidence from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)…. (story)

Jersey Evening Post 4.4.06 Think first before making rash decisions From Centenier Jim Rigby. I WRITE in response to Helier Clement's attack (JEP, 27 March) on my earlier letter on gun ownership. No way did I attempt to downgrade the Hungerford or Dunblane tragedies. It was the outbursts of people like Helier and the government of the day that all but ruined a national sport…. (letter may be in archive)

Jersey Evening Post 4.4.06 A safe pair of hands From Edward Trevor, life president, Carshalton Rifle Club. 9 Cobblestones, La Retraite, Queen's Road, St Helier. PISTOLS and rifles held by people who are genuine members of clubs are in extremely safe hands. It is the criminals and others who have firearms illegally who cause the problems… The UK government took a rash and unthought out decision when it banned hand guns about ten years ago. Gun crime in the UK has risen extensively since then and sportsmen have been penalised for criminals' actions…. (letter may be in archive)

Guardian 4.4.06 Higher diary - Paul Lewis and Liz Ford - The protests accompanying the building of Oxford University's animal research laboratory took a warm and cosy turn last week. Members of the pro-vivisection group Pro-Test handed out doughnuts and cakes to construction workers at the site… (story)

Guardian 4.4.06 Animals suffer in silence - As an anti-vivisectionist and a scientist, I welcome Jonathan Wolff's discussion of the moral issues in taking laboratory animals' lives (Killing softly, March 28). However, he gives the impression that the lab animals he saw experienced little pain or suffering. I wonder how he knows… Gill Langley, Dr Hadwen Trust, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
It's a pity Jonathan Wolff didn't visit the Imutran labs during their xenotransplantation research. In 2003, Uncaged Campaigns won the right to publish over 1,000 pages of documents that describe, in unique detail, harrowing experiments involving the transplant of GM pig organs into 500 higher primates. The documents reveal that the experiments were a disaster, causing severe suffering… Sheila Edwards, Dubai, UAE (story)
Guardian 28.3.06 Killing softly - When Jonathan Wolff visited animal testing labs, he expected to see pain and suffering. But that argument is won, he says - the moral issue now is the vast numbers that die - Jonathan Wolff, additional reporting by James Randerson JonJames Randerson (story)

Blackpool Gazette 4.4.06 Campaigners' threat to sue police after arrests - ANIMAL Rights campaigners have threatened to sue police after they were arrested during a protest at a Blackpool store…. Anti-vivisection campaigners held placards and posters with graphic images of monkeys undergoing experimentation…. But one of those arrested, Keith Richardson, accused the police of breaching their human rights…. (story)

Blackpool Gazette 4.4.06 Leave them alone - I ABHOR cruelty in any shape or form but I fail to see what is wrong with horses that have been bred for many generations as working horses, working as landau horses…. Many residents are quite frankly bored with these relentless attacks on an honest, inspected and licensed trade, whose presence after all adds something worthwhile to the Promenade scene. P Crossley, Bispham
AS Ted Rhodes for Blackpool Council has been so informative to those of us who are not acquainted with the overall operation of landaus on Blackpool Promenade, perhaps he could give us the full picture and tell us how his inspectors monitor the daily 'changeover' of the horses?... PAT SIMPSON, Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool
AS a sandgrown 'un myself I feel I must disagree with Trevor Box (Letters, March 27). Ted Rhodes paints a colourful picture for your readers about the life and regulations that govern Blackpool's hard-working landaus… Do you really expect visitors/locals to accept this Victorian way of life as part of Blackpool's future? G WEST, Lytham Road, Blackpool
I too read Ted Rhodes' article in The Gazette re landau horses. Of course they suffer from exhaust fumes, nor do I believe they are happy…. (letters)


Jersey Evening Post 3.4.06 Birds' shooting is immoral - From Bridget Murphy, La Corbière, 5 St Clement's Road, St Helier. A CONFUSED moral argument, says your correspondent, Alan Anderson (JEP, 22 March) responding to Miranda Collett's complaint about pheasant shooting. Although Mrs Collett is not known to me, her argument is valid that the deliberate shooting of pheasants is immoral, unless they pose a serious threat to other animals or humans… (letter may be in archive)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 3.4.06 GILLESPIE TO ANSWER CONCERN OVER DEATHS - Cheltenham Racecourse officials are working with animal welfare groups as they look to do as much as possible to eradicate fatal injuries to horses. Edward Gillespie, the managing director of the racecourse, said a report would be published by the end of this month after animal rights group Animal Aid accused Cheltenham of being "the most lethal course in the country"…. "We are now working with the Jockey Club, RSPCA, International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH), vets, trainers and jockeys to scrutinize the nine fatalities with a view to identifying if there is any risk which can be further reduced…." (story)

Oxford Mail 3.4.06 Benefit change 'threatens PO's' By Samantha Simpson - A campaign against changes to benefit payments is being stepped up after fears were raised that it could lead to post office closures. Post office workers, pensioners and benefits claimants across Oxfordshire have reacted with outrage to Government proposals to scrap the Post Office Card Account…. Delly Everard, spokesman for the campaign group Countryside Alliance, said: "Withdrawal could leave pensioners in outlying areas having to travel several miles, with scarce public transport, to collect benefits."… (story)
Worcester Evening News 3.4.06 Another threat to shops in country - RURAL post offices in Worcestershire will struggle to survive and village shops may be lost as a result of the Government's proposed withdrawal of the Post Office Card Account…. MPs highlighted the threat to communities in a parliamentary debate last week and the Countryside Alliance wants the Government to come up with an alternative to the POCA as soon as possible…. (story in archive)
Scotsman 1.4.06 TV licences will no longer be available from Post Offices - EMILY BEAMENT - VIEWERS will no longer be able to buy television licences from the Post Office, following a change in the supply of "over-the-counter" licences which the BBC hopes will save £100 million… But in the wake of the announcement, the Countryside Alliance warned the deal raised further concerns about the viability of rural Post Offices… (story)
Daily Post 30.3.06 New scheme - THE Countryside Alliance is urging the government to come up with an alternative to the Post Office Card Account (POCA)… (story)

Northern Echo 3.4.06 ANIMAL TESTING - JOHN Young is wrong in the conclusions he draws on the use of animals in medical research (HAS, Mar 27). We share over 90 per cent of our DNA with other mammals, as well as our vital organs… Jo Tanner, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, London. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 27.3.06 ANIMAL TESTING - THE latest news concerning the six people who became seriously ill while acting as guinea pigs for a drugs experiment that has gone seriously wrong must question how many animals have died a horrible death testing drugs over many years…. John Young, Crook (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 3.4.06 Humans tested over animals - Jane Sheppard is wrong in the conclusions she draws on the use of animals in medical research (Animal testing not the answer, Letters, March 24)…. Jo Tanner, Chief executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Hamilton House, Mabeldon Place, London (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 24.3.06 Animal testing not the answer - With reference to the volunteers on the clinical trial for the drug TGN1412. The trial goes to show that animal testing is not the answer…. Jane Sheppard, Helpston Road, Glinton, Peterborough (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.4.06 ANNE THE ELEPHANT PACKS HER TRUNK (BUT ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS FEAR SHE WILL SOON BE BACK) - Anne, the last circus elephant in Britain, will be leaving town this morning) and climbing into her trailer after a controversial visit to the West. But animal rights campaigners, who have been picketing performances of Bobby Roberts' Circus in Cheltenham all week, are convinced she will be back soon…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.4.06 MEAT'S REAL COST - I think J Frearson (Mailbox, March 27) needs to wake up to the real world and realise just what eating meat does to our planet…. An animal extremist? What does J Frearson mean by this. I am not an animal-rights campaigner, but what is wrong with loving God's creatures and not killing them for food? Sue Daniels, Leicester. (letter)


Sunday Sun 2.4.06 Ferry denies hunt protester attack By Sarah Robertson, The Sunday Sun - The son of North rock legend Bryan Ferry has hit back at claims he has been tormenting anti-hunt campaigners. It was alleged in a national newspaper that Otis Ferry was at the centre of another police investigation after his hunt was allegedly involved in an attack on protesters…. Otis firmly denied the allegations… "I've never seen them before and heard they travelled from Gloucestershire to Shropshire just to target us…. Detective Inspector Rob Mountford, of Shrewsbury Police, said: "A complaint was received concerning an incident allegedly involving the South Shropshire Hunt. "That complaint has been investigated and, following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it has been decided there is insufficient evidence to proceed…. (story)

Observer 2.4.06 'Shocking' farms raise pigs for UK - Antony Barnett and Urmee Khan - A food corporation that supplies British supermarkets - including Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's - with pork has been condemned for 'appalling' animal welfare practices. An undercover investigation by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has revealed that hundreds of animals, some injured or sick, are crammed into barns without daylight. Dead animals are left to rot on the ground. The investigation into Polish pig farms owned by Smithfields Food, one of the world's largest pork suppliers, also found that powerful cocktails of drugs are administered to pigs reared in intensive factory-style conditions…. (story)


Carlisle News & Star 1.4.06 Ann steams in to help hospital campaigners By Julian Whittle - OUTSPOKEN Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has called for a clampdown on hunts that defy the law on hunting with hounds. Speaking on a visit to Cumbria yesterday, the long-standing opponent of hunting claimed the recent ban had not been effective. She said: "It’s patently obvious that it hasn’t worked. "People are getting around it. The loopholes that have been left have been ruthlessly exploited by hunts who openly boast about defying the law.”… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.06 COUNTRYSIDE DAY AT RACES - Exeter Racecourse has enjoyed some fine racing this season and the action is set to continue on Wednesday, which is Countryside Alliance Day… (story)
Western Morning News (or Torquay Herald Express) 28.3.06 PRIZE POT BREAKS £40,000 AT HALDON - The next race meeting at Exeter on Wednesday, April 5 is the annual Countryside Day. The first race is at 2.30 and leads off an nicely balanced and interesting six-race card worth £43,500. As always on this particular day there will be a series of special events and displays to reflect the main theme both before and during the meeting, culminating with a parade of hounds at around 4.10 pm…. (story)

Mirror 1.4.06 END OF POST OFFICE TV LICENCE - VIEWERS will no longer be able to buy their television licence from the Post Office after the BBC awarded the contract to a different firm to save £100million… The Countryside Alliance warned it would hit rural post offices. (story)

Western Morning News 1.4.06 RSPCA WANTS WIRE SNARES BANNED AFTER BADGER DEATH - The rspca has renewed its demand for wire snares to be outlawed after a badger was found trapped and so badly injured that it had to be put out of its suffering by a vet. One of the charity's animal collection officers was called to Polmorla, near Wadebridge, North Cornwall, where a farmer said he had set the trap to protect his lambs from foxes…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.4.06 CRUELTY OF THE FARMER'S SNARE - The Rspca is urging farmers not to use snares after a badger was caught in one in Cornwall and died. Snares are illegal in many EU countries but still legal in the UK… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.4.06 HORSE DEATHS ARE A DISGRACE - Edward Gillespie, the manager of Cheltenham's racecourse, said it is "regrettable" that nine horses died during race week. (Echo, March 18) I think it is downright disgraceful. Julia Thompson (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 1.4.06 Brutal baiters' sick world By Craig Hope, The Evening Chronicle - Thrashing wildly the badger fights for life as cheering men goad their dogs to attack it…. "It's a barbaric and illegal practice and one that needs to be stamped out," says Andy Swinburne, a police officer with more than 25 years' experience but who is still shocked by the brutality of badger-baiting. "These people are usually criminals who are involved in drugs, theft or burglary”… (story)

Scotsman 1.4.06 'Alien' mink are wiped out in cull on Western Isles - JOHN ROSS - TRAPPERS yesterday ended a cull of mink in part of the Western Isles after successfully wiping out the alien species which is threatening internationally important birds. The population of American mink has now been eradicated from North and South Uist and Benbecula, although the fight continues against the marauding animals in Harris…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.4.06 HOW DOLPHINS AND WHALES SUFFER FOR OUR AMUSEMENT - I am writing on behalf of WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, in response to last Saturday's article "A whale of a time", to express our concerns for the whales and dolphins held in captivity in marine parks…. Laura Stansfield, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Chippenham (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.06 FARM AID IS NOT BEST FOR AFRICA - I notice from a recent advertisement that the Echo is backing the scheme to send animals to African farmers, via Oxfam… Farming animals is a wasteful, unsustainable and expensive way of producing food. Supplying cows and goats to impoverished people with limited resources just adds to their burden…. May I suggest that if people would like their support to go towards helping people in developing countries, then they could donate to Vegfam or Hippo, two organisations that provide vegetarian famine relief and promote sustainable non-animal agriculture… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road. St Thomas, Exeter (story)

Gloucester Citizen 1.4.06 EVIL PLUCKERS - Animal welfare workers yesterday condemned the cruel torturers who plucked the feathers from a live pigeon. The distressed bird was picked up by someone from the city who saw the horrific state it was in. The distressed bird was picked up by someone from the city who saw the horrific state it was in. The well-wisher, who asked to remain anonymous, contacted the Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre for help… Louise Brockbank, who is now caring for the bird at the rescue centre, said she could not believe anyone could be so cruel…. (story)