April 2007

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Newcastle Journal 30.4.07 Millions thrown at the turbines By Ross Smith, The Journal - Landowners in the North-East are being offered staggering sums of money to site wind farms on their property, The Journal can reveal today… Countryside Alliance regional director Richard Dodd, a farmer at Belsay in Northumberland, said: "Of course it would be very difficult to turn that kind of offer down. Most farmers are in debt and are forced to live a poor existence - it's a no-brainer."… (story)

Leamington Observer 30.4.07 What's Going On - May 20 - Plant sale and garden open day. Sherbourne Park, near Warwick (junction 15, M40, A429 South)… In aid of the County Air Ambulance, Countryside Alliance and All Saints Church, Sherbourne… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 27.4.07 Plants galore at open day - MEMBERS of the Countryside Alliance are organising a plant sale and garden open day at Sherbourne Park, near Warwick, on May 20…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 30.4.07 Protect primates From Dr Maggy Jennings, Senior Scientist, RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham - EXPERIMENTS on primates are back in the news. Confining these highly intelligent animals in laboratories and using them in scientific experiments is of great concern to the public… We ask the public to contact their local MEP and urge them to support the declaration. (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 30.4.07 People who have decided to cut out all animal products from their diets and daily lives are finding more and more opportunities to follow their chosen lifestyle…. Mark Evans, of ER Vegans, has been running nights for people who spurn animal products for nine years. The group, which has about 50 members, meets about once a month for specially themed nights… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.4.07 DOG WALKERS RAISING CASH FOR CHARITY - Dog walkers and their pets stepped out on a sponsored walk to raise cash for a charity which campaigns against cruelty to animals.A total of 25 walkers and 17 dogs took part in the trek of more than two miles from the Beach Hotel, in Victoria Road, to Orcombe Point and back. It was organised to raise money for Animals Asia by Tracy Evans… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.4.07 OUTBREAK OF CAGE RAGE PROMPTS DOG WALK TO FLAG UP CANINE CRUELTY - Animal lover Tracy Evans was so shocked to learn how dogs are reared in cages to provide food for people in Asia that she has added her weight to a campaign to stamp out the practice.Tracy, a dog groomer from Exmouth, is supporting the charity Animals Asia which is campaigning to eliminate dog farms and bring an end to canine cruelty in countries such as China… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.3.07 CHARITY DOG WALK HELPS FIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY - An Exmouth dog groomer has organised a sponsored pet walk for next month.Tracey Evans, who runs Clean Cuts Home Grooming, has asked all her customers to join… The walk is in aid of the Animals Asia Foundation's Friends or Food? campaign… (story)


Sunday Sun 29.4.07 So, did things get better? - This week marks the 10th anniversary of Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister . . . With his departure imminent, we asked six people whose lives have been affected by his policies for their view on the Blair years… Richard Dodd: The Countryside Another person highly critical of Mr Blair's 10 years in power is Countryside Alliance spokesman Richard Dodd…. "What we didn't think was that he would become an enemy. Fox hunting has been banned and there are laws being introduced everyday with regards to livestock and food….” (story)

Observer 29.4.07 When the McCartneys came for lunch - Nigel Slater got a shock when he invited Paul, Stella and Mary round to his place - he didn't really expect the most famous Beatle to make the dressing and clear the dishes… (story)

The Sentinel 29.4.07 TAXPAYERS DUMPED ON TO TUNE OF £270,000 - Fly-tippers cost taxpayers in the region more than £270,000 a year.Figures obtained by the Countryside Alliance reveal councils in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire spent £272,062 tackling 4,443 cases of illegally dumped waste in the year to April 2006 - an average of more than £60 per incident… (story)
Southern Daily Echo 29.4.07 £72 a minute - that's how much fly-tipping is costing taxpayers By Sarah Jones - Shopping trolleys dumped in a river, a dirty mattress slung out in the street and a pile of burned out tyres ditched on the roadside…. The picture in Hampshire makes depressing reading, with 44,093 incidents of fly-tipping, which cost £1,717,837.84 to clear up…. The figures - which do not include the huge number of incidents that go unreported or those on private land - have been released by the Countryside Alliance to expose the true extent of the problem…. (story)
Malvern Gazette 27.4.07 Plea is made to shop fly-tippers By Suzanne Black - People in the Malvern Hills area are being asked to keep an eye out for illegal fly- tipping… The Countryside Alliance is behind National Fly-tipping Week. Local director Clare Rowson said: "We are aiming to raise the profile of this growing problem, with a view to doing something about it."… (story)
Daily Post 26.4.07 Campaign to clean up fly-tipping scourge by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - THE horrendous cost of fly-tipping in North Wales has been revealed by a Countryside Alliance survey… (story)
Blackpool Citizen 26.4.07 Resort’s tipping shame By Chris Gee - The huge scale of fly-tipping in Blackpool has been highlighted by new figures showing the resort suffered 47 per cent more cases of dumped rubbish than anywhere else in Lancashire…. The figures, published by the Countryside Alliance, show that Blackpool encountered 2,980 more recorded cases than the next worst-hit area, Preston, which had 6,556 incidents… (story)
BBC News Online 23.4.07 Fly-tipping spree gives £2m bill - Fly-tipping cost south and west Wales taxpayers almost £2m in the last financial year, it has been revealed. Almost 40,000 incidents of the crime were reported in the region between April 2005 and 2006 a Countryside Alliance investigation has shown… (story)
Brighton Argus 19.4.07 Fly tipping costs £500,000 a year across Sussex By Andy Dickenson - Half a million pounds is being spent clearing up after fly tippers, new figures have revealed. Councils across Sussex had to respond to more than 11,000 cases of illegal dumping in one year, prompting fears "professional fly tippers" were operating in the region. Men in vans and lorries claiming to be contractors who dispose of household waste are regularly tipping trash onto the Sussex Downs, the Countryside Alliance said…. (story)
Shropshire Star 17.4.07 £366,000 cost of fly-tipping - Fly-tipping across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin cost a massive £366,000 to clear away last year, new figures revealed today. There were more than 8,300 incidents of rubbish being unlawfully dumped in the county, according to the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Redditch Advertiser 17.4.07 Report reveals the cost of fly-tipping - A TOTAL of 1,527 fly tipping incidents last year cost Redditch £105,553, a new Countryside Alliance report has revealed…. (story)
Sheffield Star 23.3.07 Sheffield's poor record on fly-tipping By Lucy Ashton - SHEFFIELD is the second worst authority in the country for fly-tipping, according to a new report. The city is named and shamed in a list compiled by the Countryside Alliance which fears a fly-tipping epidemic is sweeping the country…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 21.3.07 Anger over region's fly-tipping figures - LAURENCE CAWLEY - ENVIRONMENT campaigners and council bosses last night called for fly tippers to be hit with fines of thousands of pounds - after it emerged illegal rubbish dumping was costing taxpayers in Suffolk and Essex more than £400,000 a year…. The figures last night prompted the Countryside Alliance to warn that the scale of the fly-tipping problem is ruining the region's prized rural areas…. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said: “Many people believe that fly-tipping is something they can get away with and that the victim is faceless. That is nonsense…. (story)
Evening Standard 20.3.07 HEALTH FEARS OVER RUBBISH TAXES THAT COULD ENCOURAGE 'BACKYARD BURNING' - Scrapping weekly rubbish collections could create a serious risk to public health, according to the Tories…. Figures show that nearly 2.5 million incidents of unlawful rubbish dumping are being recorded each year. The Countryside Alliance said fewer than one in 100 cases leads to a prosecution…. (story)
Norwich Evening News 20.3.07 Fly-tipping warning over new waste collections - DOMINIC CHESSUM - Fly-tipping in the city could reach a new high when fortnightly bin collections are introduced, a lobby group warned today. And things could get even worse if a new pay-per-throw bin tax is introduced by the government, it is feared. The stark warnings from the Countryside Alliance come after it obtained figures revealing that more than 2.5 million cases of fly-tipping were reported in the UK last year…. (story)
Telegraph 19.3.07 Fly-tipping 'will be made worse by bin taxes' By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor - The epidemic of fly-tipping gripping the country will be made worse by Government "bin taxes" and the further reduction of refuse collections to once a fortnight, a report says today… The cost of cleaning up the mess is nearly £100 million, says the Countryside Alliance…. "Fly-tipping may seem an increasingly appealing option if households start being charged by the amount of rubbish they produce through a bin tax. The situation could get worse before it gets better."… (story)
Telegraph 19.3.07 Recycling taxes - what a load of rubbish By Philip Johnston - The law of unintended consequences should be a required area of study for any new civil servant or fledgling politician. Often the most well-intentioned legislation can have perverse outcomes…. So it is with collecting rubbish and dealing with waste. The Government wants us to recycle more of our refuse, so what does it do? It encourages local councils to end once-a-week bin collections because, the argument goes, people will be so appalled by the prospect of overflowing garbage that they will ensure recyclable goods are properly sorted in order to reduce the volume and ensure it can be contained in a bin…. A report published today by the Countryside Alliance suggests that some people are simply driving it to the nearest field and dumping it… (story)
BBC News Online 19.3.07 UK fly-tipping 'on massive scale' - Fly-tipping is taking place on a "massive scale" across the UK, the Countryside Alliance has warned…. The alliance used the Freedom of Information Act to find out from local authorities the scale of the problem…. The report said offenders ranged from one-off "opportunistic" fly-tippers to criminal gangs carrying out regular and highly-organised fly-tipping operations…. (story)

Sky News 29.4.07 Protests Backfire Says Poll - Extreme actions by animal rights activists have backfired with more British voters supporting vivisection than before. Some 70% of those questioned by YouGov for the Daily Telegraph said that it was acceptable to test new medical treatments on animals before they are tested on humans. Earlier polls have produced splits much closer to 50-50 on the issue… (story)

Observer 29.4.07 Foie gras horror - As a veterinary surgeon, I would like to comment on Paul Levy's trivialisation of foie gras production, which marred an otherwise excellent book review of Planet Chicken, on the atrocious practices of modern poultry farming… Andre Menache MRCVS, scientific consultant to Animal Aid
Paul Levy berates animal-rights activists who 'foam at the mouth' about foie gras production but 'can't be bothered' with 'unglamorous causes' such as battery chickens. This is hardly a fair representation… Kerrie Fletcher, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire (letters)


Western Mail 27.4.07 Fox-hunting warning - With the Assembly elections looming, fox hunters are doing their best to ensure their candidates are voted in. As an anti-hunt campaigner, I feel I must warn people about voting for those intent on repealing the ban on fox-hunting… JUDI HEWITT, North Wales Animal Rights, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 27.4.07 Cam's foxhunting u-turn not so cunning - David Cameron has changed his stance on the foxhunting question from promising a free vote. He now says it will be his priority to legislate for a reversal of the ban on coming into power. Does this not call into question his criticisms of the Government and its policies? Why, if the country is in such a parlous state, should he prioritise legal hunting of foxes?... Name and address supplied (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 27.4.07 Crackdown call over illegal sale of wildife items on the internet By Linda McKee - The illegal selling of wildlife items on the internet is proving to be a major problem in Northern Ireland, according to the PSNI's new Wildlife Liaison Officer. Speaking at her first public engagement in the three weeks since starting the post, Emma Meredith said she has been inundated with questions about illegal selling on the internet, badger baiting and dog fighting…. (story)
Belfast News Letter 25.4.07 Group to tackle wildlife crime - A NEW group to combat wildlife crime was launched at Stormont yesterday to put pressure on the PSNI to bring more prosecutions against those who are cruel to animals. The Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAAWC] is to include representatives involved in countryside issues, wildlife conservation and law enforcement in Northern Ireland…. At yesterday's event groups such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Countryside Alliance, British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the League Against Cruel Sports put aside their differences to call for greater enforcement of wildlife legislation…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 24.4.07 Rival bodies join up to fight crimes in the countryside By David Gordon - Organisations used to locking horns with each other are today uniting behind a campaign against wildlife crime in Northern Ireland. The Countryside Alliance and League Against Cruel Sports have been on opposing sides in a series of bitter debates on issues like fox hunting and hare coursing. But they have both signed up to support a new Ulster body tasked with countering offences such as badger digging, habitat destruction and persecution of birds of prey. The Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW NI) was due to be officially launched at Stormont today…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 19.4.07 Group declares war on wildlife crime By Linda McKee - A new group tackling crime against wildlife will be launched at Stormont next week. A host of countryside organisations have teamed up with the police and the Environment and Heritage for the launch of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW), which will be attended by the PSNI's new Wildlife liaison officer, Emma Meredith…. Until now, Northern Ireland has lagged behind in terms of wildlife crime enforcement, according to Fionna Smyth of the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)

The Shields Gazette 27.4.07 Ban on tail-docking welcomed by MP By Terry Kelly - A BAN on docking dogs' tails has been welcomed by Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn… Campaigners say the ban represents a breakthrough, but they remain unhappy about the exemption it includes for working dogs…. (story)

Hexham Courant 27.4.07 Animal attraction will give Kielder the lynx effect By GEMMA SOMERVILLE - THEY haven’t stalked our countryside for over 1,000 years but experts believe Kielder Forest could support a small population of lynx. Research has discovered that Britain has the potential to house up to 500 of the big cats, with areas of the Scottish Highlands and Kielder Forest being identified as prime locations able to support the animal…. Dr David Hetherington, an ecologist at Aberdeen University, has studied the subject in depth over recent years…. Belsay farmer and North-East regional director for the Countryside Alliance, Richard Dodd, said: “I think the idea is absolutely ridiculous…. (story)

Solihull News/Times 27.4.07 Boycott call at city dog track By Lisa Wright - PROTESTERS flanked Hall Green Greyhound Stadium recently in a bid to persuade race-goers to boycott the sport. Supporters of the international greyhound protection group Greyhound Action held banners and placards and distributed leaflets to people attending a race meeting at the York Road track… PROTESTERS flanked Hall Green Greyhound Stadium recently in a bid to persuade race-goers to boycott the sport. Supporters of the international greyhound protection group Greyhound Action held banners and placards and distributed leaflets to people attending a race meeting at the York Road track… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 27.4.07 'Regret' over cage protest of Joan, 88 - AN 88-year-old woman entered a cage today (Friday, 27 April) to begin a two-day protest fast against testing on animals to further medical science. Joan Court, backed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), believes trying to find cures for illnesses like Parkinson's disease does not justify animal experiments… Pro-Test, a group which backs vivisection in the interests of medical advance, said the stunt was regrettable…. Professor Aziz has said in the past Britain has "probably the most violent and absurd animal rights movement in the world. The problem with British society is it has a humanoid perception of animals that's almost cartoon-like."… (story)
Oxford Mail 27.4.07 Fasting for Felix - An 88-year-old woman is fasting for two days in a cage in Oxford's Cornmarket Street to campaign against animal testing. Joan Court is only drinking water until tomorrow on her "fast for Felix" protest in front of St Michael's Church…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.4.07 Woman, 88, in animal protest fast - An 88-year-old woman has started a two-day fast in a cage to protest against medical testing on animals. Joan Court got into the cage in Oxford on Thursday dressed as a prisoner. Mrs Court hopes the protest will raise awareness of Felix, a macaque monkey which she claims is to have brain tests carried out at Oxford University. Pro-Test, a group backing vivisection in the interests of medical science, said the stunt was regrettable and Mrs Court was putting her health at risk…. (story)
Guardian 26.4.07 Woman, 88, caged in Oxford animal lab protest - Debbie Andalo - An 88-year-old woman will dress up as a prisoner and sit in a small cage in Oxford today in protest at animal experiments being carried out on a macaque monkey at Oxford University. Joan Court from Cambridge, who plans to fast during her two-day protest, is protesting during World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Her demonstration is backed by the campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). Peta wants to raise awareness about Felix the monkey, who is being used by scientists at Oxford University to research brain diseases such as Parkinson's… (story)

Wiltshire Times 27.4.07 Thank you all - I WOULD like to thank the people of Bradford on Avon for raising £73.9 during my street collection on April 7 in aid of Compassion In World Farming… DR ROGER CHALLONER GREEN, Wingfield (letter)

Manchester Evening News 27.4.07 Help animals - I AM appalled at the treatment of animals. With no state funding, the poor animals cannot speak for themselves…. M. Peters, Manchester (letter)

Western Morning News 27.4.07 BOAR BABIES AT RISK AS FARMER REFUSED LICENCE - A wild boar farmer whose stock was released by animal rights activists has been refused a licence to keep the animals.The animals belonging to Alan Dedames were released in December 2005 and although many are still roaming the Exmoor countryside, he was able to recover a few…. "The council wanted blueprints of the farm, which I understand. But when I asked if the plans would be available to animal rights groups under the Freedom of Information Act, I wasn't given an answer. After what's happened, I can't take that risk," he said…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 26.4.07 Shotguns legal - I respond to the letter on the subject of the use of shotguns by farmers in the countryside (April 23). The use of legally held firearms, in particular shotguns, in crime is extremely low in this country and this is acknowledged by the Government and other political parties, and is why the Government is concentrating its efforts on tackling the use of illegal firearms in crime…. William Heal, Eastern Regional Director, The British Association for Shooting & Conservation, East England Centre, Kings Forest Office, West Stow, Bury St Edmunds (story)


Oxford Student 26.4.07 Exposed: £4.5m on animal lab security By Jonny Medland - Security for Oxford’s controversial new animal testing centre will cost a massive £4.5 million over the course of the lab’s construction, The Oxford Student can reveal…. Animal rights activists have condemned the costs and pledged to continue the fight against the lab, even after its construction is completed… (story)

Leicester Mercury 26.4.07 COLLECTION PLEA - An animal rights organisation is applying for a permit to collect money in the streets. Uncaged Campaigns said the proceeds would be used to help end animal experiments…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 26.4.07 I'M SO GLAD WE'VE SAVED HEDGEHOGS - A Campaigner from Corse Lawn has welcomed a decision to abandon plans to cull hedgehogs on a Scottish island.Scottish Natural Heritage wanted to resume a cull of hedgehogs on the island of Uist…. Mrs Gabbott, 56, a member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, visited the island three years ago in a bid to save hedgehogs from a cull… (story)

York Press 26.4.07 Price of welfare - Heather Causnett (Animals' magic, Letters, April 24) should be aware that the majority of people buy meat solely on price, and the only way to have low price is to farm intensively. My pigs were farmed inside, but free on straw, but the low price means I no longer do the whole job, merely fatten for others…. FR Henley, Green Farm, Seaton Ross, York. (letter)
York Press 25.4.07 Animals’ magic - I was delighted to read about the new animal hospital that is to open in York - and the sooner the better…. I believe that battery farming should be phased out entirely, with people happy to pay that little bit extra to let animals live naturally and comfortably and slaughtered as close to home and humanely as possible… Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)

Exmouth Journal 26.4.07 Trek for moon bears - A HALSDON animal welfare campaigner will be embarking on a 70-mile trek later this month to help save Chinese moon bears from a life of pain and misery. Chris Thomas, 59, of Halsdon Avenue, is an activist for the Animals Asia Foundation, which strives to save the bears - called moon bears because of a silver crescent on their stomachs… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.4.07 EPIC TREK ALONG COAST TO PORTLAND IS BEARS' NECESSITY FOR RESCUE - Abused bears in China have inspired an Exmouth woman to walk 70 miles for charity. Christine Thomas, 59, of Halsdon Avenue, Exmouth, will be trekking from the Exmouth Pinnacle to Portland Bill in Dorset. She will set off on April 28 and hopes to complete the route in a week, raising money for the Animals Asia Foundation…. (story)
Exmouth Journal 15.3.07 Coastal walk for the moon bear of China - AN Exmouth animal lover is setting off on a sponsored walk, to raise money for suffering bears in China. Mrs Chris Thomas, of Halsdon Avenue, is a campaigner for Animal Asia, a group fighting to save the Asiatic Black Bear from a life of torture, misery and exploitation. From Saturday, April 28, Mrs Thomas and her dogs, Max and Ozzy, will embark on an eight-day 70-mile coastal walk from Orcombe Point to Portland Bill… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 26.4.07 FUR ENOUGH - An anti-fur organisation received a cash boost from people in Derby. Members of Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network raised £101.06 when they held a street collection in Derby city centre…. (story)


Shropshire Star 25.4.07 Animals still pests to farmers - A letter to the Star deprecates the work of the Countryside Alliance because the latter does not share the writer’s anti-hunting views. What the alliance does do is campaign tirelessly for better and more affordable rural transport and housing and against the loss of such amenities as village shops, pubs and post offices and the menace of fly-tipping. However, the letter writer concentrates on the CA’s ongoing efforts to secure a repeal of the Hunting Act, raising again the archaic issue of artificial earths which encouraged foxes to breed therein…. Even the loathed rat can appear quite cute at times, but attractiveness doesn’t prevent both from being agricultural pests. Mrs B R Lewis, Dorrington (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.4.07 COMPASSIONATE BUT ONLY UP TO A POINT - A few days ago, I received a postcard from the Tories saying: "We are building a modern compassionate Conservative Party."Is this the party which intends to repeal the Hunting Act and bring back the old barbaric sport of hunting deer and foxes with hounds? John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 25.4.07 CHICKENS DECAPITATED IN URBAN FOX ATTACK - Chicken keeper Arthur Wilson has lost his complete brood to the killing exploits of an urban fox in Paignton. The bushy-tailed assassin struck at the Ailescombe Road allotments, next to the resort's cemetery, where he quickly dispatched all six of Arthur's little egg layers… (story)

Daily Mail 25.4.07 Animal testing firm attacks 'cowardly' banks for rejecting its business by CHARLOTTE GILL - The boss of one of Britain's biggest animal testing companies has accused the High Street banks of being too cowardly to take its business. Huntingon Life Sciences is a £100m a year firm which made a profit of £10m last year - but it is struggling to find a bank to handle its accounts. Managing director Brian Cass claims banks took fright five years ago when animal rights extremists began targeting the firm, their customers and suppliers - including banks and insurers… (story)
Hunts Post 25.4.07 Scared banks still cheque-in out on HLS - HUNTINGDONSHIRE'S biggest private sector employer, a £100million-a-year business with £10million profit last year, still cannot get a bank account in the UK…. "We would dearly love to have a High Street bank account again, but even with all the progress made by the whole establishment there is not one bank that will get off its backside and say it's time to provide a normal service," HLS's managing director Brian Cass told The Hunts Post… (story)
Hunts Post 25.4.07 The company, its work and the animals - HLS says it is stung by allegations of cruelty to the animals - mostly rodents - that it uses to research ground-breaking drugs. "We don't use animals unless we absolutely have to, and we look after them far better than they would be cared for as pets in most people's homes," said commercial director Andrew Gay…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 25.4.07 Badger difficulties in gardens are very rare From: Dr Richard Yarnell, chief executive, Badger Trust, Inworth Street, London. MOST people welcome badgers in their gardens, not least because many have been made homeless by new developments when surveys miss their setts. Problems like that experienced by Richard Oldham (Yorkshire Post, April 19) are extremely rare and can be addressed under licence. Badgers pose absolutely no risk to his daughter… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 25.4.07 Chance to remove badger pests from garden From: Monica Ward, chairman of South Yorkshire Badger Group, Thurlstone Road, Penistone. IN the article about badgers causing problems in gardens, Richard Oldham failed to mention that South Yorkshire Badger Group tried to help him last year (Yorkshire Post, April 19). Unfortunately, Mr Oldham has the main breeding sett under his garden… We are very sympathetic to those who have problems and will do what we can to help; within the limits of being a voluntary organisation…. (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 25.4.07 GREEN PARTY - Name: Stephen Lee Shelton - Political experience: Stood as Green Party candidate last election. Derbyshire Green Party contact. He has been involved in the running of many eco and animal rights political campaigns… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 25.4.07 Sheer hypocrisy - The news that a Chinese tiger owner kills these beautiful animals for the pleasure of his diners is beyond belief. He then blatantly attends a world wildlife conference for the protection of the species; this has to be the ultimate sickness…. Trevor Williams-Berry, Bredon Avenue, Wrose (letter)


Western Daily Press 24.4.07 HUNTS SHOULD BE REDUNDANT - Fox-hunting is better than shooting because it kills fewer foxes, causes less suffering and targets the weaker, sickly ones.Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.4.07 HUNTING FUN IS A TURN-OFF - All recent polls place the Tories at their highest position against Labour in the last 13 years. In two years' time, the Tories will be in and the Hunting Act will be out. The country will then be better served in all respects. John Richards, Gloucestershire (letter)

Mirror 24.4.07 3 MILLION ANIMALS IN BRITAIN'S LABS By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent 24/04/2007 - THREE million cats, dogs, monkeys and other animals are experimented on in Britain's laboratories every year with many suffering extreme and often unnecessary pain, say animal campaigners. Today they plan to unveil the full scale of suffering and torture to mark World Day for Laboratory Animals…. Wendy Higgins of the antianimal research charity, the Dr Hadwen Trust, said: "We believe that if the public was aware of just how much suffering animals in laboratories are allowed to experience they would be extremely alarmed…. (story)


Derby Evening Telegraph 23.4.07 FOOD MUST BE FAIR TO ANIMALS - I Recently wrote regarding factory/intensive farming and, if you must eat meat, consider the importance of the animals' and birds' welfare and only buy organic and free range… L. Birch, Chaddesden (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 23.4.07 ZOO IS COMMITTED TO ANIMAL CONSERVATION - I Write in response to Liz Huggins of Bromley Heath's letter headlined "Visit to the zoo left me feeling uneasy" (Open Lines, April 19).Bristol Zoo implements enrichment programmes for its animals…. We have developed an enrichment programme for our South American fur seals based on extensive research. This programme includes the delivery of food in different ways. It also includes a training element which, as well as keeping them fit and healthy, enables us to provide veterinary care when it is required… (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 20.4.07 FEEDBACK: ANIMAL WELFARE AT BRISTOL ZOO - In response to Patricia Yamby's letter, "Shocked by 'depressed' penguins at Bristol Zoo" (Open Lines, April 17), we would like to address some of the concerns that it raises… It is a common misconception that all penguins are native to cold climates. The penguins in Bristol Zoo's collection are African penguins. They are native to South Africa and Namibia. Clearly these are not icy locations and in fact, exposure to icy weather conditions could kill them. The climate here is very similar to that of their wild range… Our penguins are held in an excellent enclosure, and with the highest standards of husbandry… Justine Haydock, PR & Marketing, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton.
MAY I say how impressed I am by Ms Yamby's powers of observation? A trained zoologist would hesitate to judge the mental state of a bird at a glance from 20 yards away, but she is certain that the penguins in the zoo looked "depressed"…. John Michael Rogers, Bishopston. (letters)
Bristol Evening Post 19.4.07 VISIT TO THE ZOO LEFT ME FEELING UNEASY - I, Too, questioned my visit to Bristol Zoo when I observed a keeper hand-feeding a young seal… I very much doubt that the seal needed to climb all the way up the beach to the keeper - who was patronisingly waving a dead fish at the poor animal - put its flippers on her knees and then be "rewarded" with said piece of dead fish…. Liz Huggins, Bromley Heath (story)
Bristol Evening Post 17.4.07 SHOCKED BY 'DEPRESSED' PENGUINS AT BRISTOL ZOO - I was heartened to see that the Post covered the protest against Bristol Zoo. I have had concerns about animals performing in circuses for a number of years, but was undecided about the ethics of keeping animals in zoos - until this last bank holiday weekend, when I took my young nephews to Bristol Zoo…. When I saw the penguins pacing around the enclosure, I thought that maybe the protestors were on to something… Patricia Yamby, Bishopston. (letter)

Scotsman 23.4.07 Animals in captivity - When The Scotsman promotes Edinburgh Zoo as the "best family day out" in Scotland (Recommends, 18 April) , I wonder if you stopped to consider the interests of the animals that spend their lives in captivity there…. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 23.4.07 Homes found for 400 rescued hens - HUNDREDS of hens have found homes to roost after a successful appeal through the Evening Telegraph. Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary appealed for new homes for 400 hens saved from slaughter after they were taken from a barn at a Brighton farm last month… Sanctuary co-owner Susannah Ellis said: “We had a brilliant response and have managed to re-home all of them…. (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 16.4.07 - REGARDING the letter about the hundreds of hens rescued from Brighton by my son, of Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary (Evening Telegraph, April 10), those hens have now all been found homes… MRS C M RICHARDSON, Woodford (letter)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 10.4.07 - WHAT actual benefit has been achieved by transporting 400 hens from Brighton to Northamptonshire in the hope of finding them new homes (Eggs For Easter If You Take In A Hen, Evening Telegraph, April 5)… I hope these birds are found new homes, but feel very bemused to see animal rights mentality replacing common sense. C STERRY, Queen Street, Geddington (letter)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 5.4.07 Eggs for Easter if you take in a hen By Ruth Williams - HUNDREDS of hens saved from slaughter after being rescued from a barn are looking for new homes. Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Raunds has taken in 400 of about 4,000 hens removed from the barn at a farm in Brighton…. Susannah Ellis, who co-owns the Raunds sanctuary with partner Clive Richardson, said: "The farm allowed people to rehome them rather than have them killed."… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 5.4.07 Bunnies and chickens in need of homes - THESE plucky hens are in need of a home this Easter, after animal anthusaists in Northampton stepped in to help save them from the slaughter. The hens had spent their lives laying eggs for a farmer in Brighton, who was planning to dispose of them, but the Kingsley-based charity Animals in Need is now looking after more than 60 of the hens. Roy Marriott, who works for the charity, said they hoped to bring dozens more of the birds into the county next week…. (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 27.3.07 Wanted: good homes for 13,500 liberated hens - I was interested to read the article last week regarding the children from a Towcester school who had witnessed the hatching of some chickens in their school. While it is commendable that children are brought closer to nature with the opportunity that living eggs brought to them, I wonder if your readers could spare a thought for the millions of baby chicks that are born into captivity only to be condemned to a life of suffering…. At present there are 13,500 legally liberated hens that are no longer wanted by the poultry industry. These poor creatures are urgently looking for homes… Sarah Beagley, Northampton. (letter)


Mail on Sunday 22.4.07 'How power turned the Blairs cold' by Cherie's sister - As the Blairs prepare to leave, Cherie's sister gives a devastating account of how a decade of power has made "a warm couple" cold and calculating…. Cherie hoved into view. She was not happy. She took me by the elbow and marched me towards Fiona Millar, Alastair's other half, in charge of Cherie's PR. The task of giving me a dressing-down fell to Fiona, who enjoyed it rather too much. The day before I had given a five-minute fringe presentation at a meeting held by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). This, I was told, was not acceptable. I was shocked. One of New Labour's pledges had been to ban foxhunting in the first term. Surely this was a "safe" issue? Millar made it clear I was no longer free to voice my support of such causes…. (story)

Wales on Sunday 22.4.07 ANYONE watching Channel 4's Cutting Edge on the urban fox could be forgiven for thinking that these animals are out-of-control vermin…. The film also tried to show that foxes kill for fun by taking more than they need. Come on! Foxes can only eat so much at one sitting - just like us they shop for the week. If you don't protect your chickens, then it's you being cruel, not the poor old fox…. JUDI HEWITT, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 22.4.07 Brown plans 'double whammy' raid on farmers By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor, Sunday Telegraph - Rural families and farmers face "double taxes" in a shake-up of council tax ordered by Gordon Brown. Business rates will be slapped on farm land and buildings, ending a 78-year exemption, according to the review carried out by Sir Michael Lyons…. Countryside campaigners said the "double whammy" tax could cripple farmers. Simon Hart, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "In some cases it is doubtful whether such an increase in tax could actually be paid…. (story)

People 22.4.07 MONKEY HORROR - Join charities' fight to stamp out lab cruelty - UP to 10,000 monkeys are being put through "needless and horrific" tests in UK labs, leading charities claim.They have been pickled alive, had recording devices implanted in their brains and been blasted with light before being killed. Charities will protest against the cruelty for World Lab Animal Day on Tuesday claiming many of these experiments are unnecessary.Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said: "Testing on animals is a vicious habit…. But Iain Simpson, of Pro-Test, who support animal experiments, said: "Britain's animal testing is the most tightly regulated in the world. Insulin and penicillin were developed from animal models."… (story)


Telegraph 21.4.07 Let down over hunting and the NHS - Interview by Elizabeth Grice - I've just been turning out cattle from their winter quarters into the fields. They bound away to freedom and that's a bit how I feel, helping on my boyfriend's farm in Warwickshire after being cooped up in the NHS hospital in Birmingham where I work as a children's nurse. After the kind of double shifts I've had in the last two days, there's nothing better than the outdoor life. Nursing is rewarding but it is also very hard, emotionally as well as physically, so farming and riding with the Worcestershire Hunt are my safety valves…. In June 2003, I took part in a pro-hunt campaign organised by the Alliance and my picture appeared on posters and in newspapers… (story)

Western Morning News 21.4.07 EXPLANATION ABOUT EVIE - First of all, can we thank Mr Flack for his comments on falconry. Can we add that our sea eagle, Evie, was actually eating a mackerel bought from a large shop nearby, so it does not live in spring water on Dartmoor… Also captive-bred sea eagles are not trained to hunt fish; we do not know of anybody who actually trains their birds to hunt fish. There are many laws to protect species of animals with regard to hunting with birds of prey. This is the sport of kings, which has been carried on for centuries and is a safe way of pest control… George Hedges, South Brent (letter)
Western Morning News 17.4.07 TIME TO REVIEW LAWS ON FALCONRY - The number of people practising falconry in the South West, and indeed over the whole of the UK, continues to grow.The recent picture in the WMN of a white tailed sea eagle catching a fish from a Dartmoor spring worries me. Surely the falconer from Ashburton is not going to be allowed to hunt natural water habitats like that…. Alan Flack, Okehampton (letter)

Irish Independent 21.4.07 We have a gun lobby too - The tragedy in Virgina has once again focussed the world's attention on the evil that guns do…. Only the other week, I had the misfortune to hear part of an interview with a spokesman for the gun lobby here in Ireland. This man was extolling the virtues of shooting and, unbelievably, advocating less regulation over the gun holders here in our very own country… Indeed, I would go so far as to ban the Irish Olympic Shooting Team from competing in any future competition. Such competitions only glorify the evil of firearms. S PARKS, LA TOUCHE PARK, GREYSTONES, CO WICKLOW (letter)

Norwich Evening News 21.4.07 The £750,000 cost of fly-tipping - DOMINIC CHESSUM - Illegal fly-tipping has grown to unprecedented levels and is costing the Council Tax payer in Norfolk £750,000 a year, it has been revealed. According to the Countryside Alliance last year there were more than 15,000 illegal dumping incidents in Norfolk and across the East of England taxpayers forked out in excess of £4million to clean up…. (story)


Post & Times 20.4.07 HUNTING REACHES PEAK POPULARITY - As I settled into my position in the commentary box at the High Peak Hunt Point to Point races last Tuesday, up at Flagg Moor, I couldn't help but smile.With 4,000 plus race goers, on a lovely spring day, taking in the atmosphere and the excitement of the day's racing I thought what are we all doing here. Fourteen months ago the blood sport of hunting was banned. Seven hundred hours of parliamentary time was taken up in one of the most controversial bills to go on the never ending list of new legislations… I'd be interested to know what the views of the politicians who brought this ban in now have on the sport of hunting… (story)

Western Morning News 20.4.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Waterford News & Star 20.4.07 Make animal rights an issue - An Irish hunting organisation has recently claimed that Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny, has given a commitment that if his party gets into government, they will not restrict or ban hunting…. Should this be correct then it would appear that Fine Gael are leaving themselves open to the charge that they are out of touch with the view of most decent Irish people who support efforts to remove the evil that is live hunting and live hare coursing from our society…. John Tierney, Campaigns Director-Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 20.4.07 Joining the hunting debate - I WAS interested to read the hunting debate in the issue of April 12. I really don't know how people are able to get away with the misinformation contained in Judi Hewitt's responses to the questions put to her as they were misleading…. PAUL KING, St. Asaph (letter)

York Press 20.4.07 Urban foxes should not be exterminated - IN response to the Cutting Edge show shown on Channel 4 on April 16, I was appalled to see how urban foxes were victimised in certain London boroughs. In one garden there was a person who was trying kill them at every opportunity… (story)

Western Morning News 20.4.07 LEGEND IN DIET HEALTH - Kay canter, who has died in Totnes aged 85, was one of the founders of Cranks restaurants in London, and later in Devon, that were a major factor in the move towards vegetarianism…. Kay campaigned against factory farming and the conditions animals and battery hens were kept in. She advocated that only free-range eggs should be eaten and also for the use of compost grown vegetables (now known as organic). These were all completely new concepts in the 1960s…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 20.4.07 Protect the badger - Badger baiting is rearing its ugly head again, and I would like to appeal to readers to help stop this horrific cruelty…. John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports (CACS) (letter)

Guardian 20.4.07 Now that even badgers are moving into suburbia, isn't it time we put ourselves above the animals? - The greatest protection is afforded to those creatures that annoy or disgust us the most - badgers, bats and foxes. But now worse is in store - Alexander Chancellor - The trouble that badgers are being allowed to cause with impunity to the good citizens of suburban Sheffield is typical of our growing tendency to subordinate the interests of humans to those of animals…. In one playful gesture, badgers dug a huge hole under a little girl's toyshed, and her father won't let her out in the garden any more…. The idea that animals are preferable to human beings and more deserving of consideration has been around for a long time among animal rights extremists and other crazy people. But now it seems to be edging its way into the mainstream of public opinion…. (story)

Gay.com 20.4.07 Give up meat....improve your sex life - Campaigns group Viva! is urging the gay community to give peas a chance and save animals from suffering by going veggie…. One in five of Viva!'s staff is gay and the group has great support in the lesbian community, with women making up 80 per cent of their membership. They are now targeting gay men with the somewhat ambitious claim that going veggie can make a man more attractive and improve his sex life…. Justin Kerswell, Viva!'s campaigns manager, is getting hitched to his long term partner Stuart in August this year. After the civil ceremony there will a fun Mexican theme party where all the food will be decadent vegan…. Jane Easton, director's PA and cookery co-ordinator at Viva! is also getting hitched later this year to Mary, her partner of 22 years. The food will be vegan of course… (story)

Sheffield Star 20.4.07 Europe's largest equestrian touring theatre show sparks protests … This magnificent mount is one of 30 horses which have hoofed their way to Sheffield to perform in Europe's largest equestrian touring theatre show. But not everyone is happy they are here. A group of animal activists in the city believe it is cruel to make horses perform in shows and plan to stage a protest. The Spirit of the Horse company's latest production, called Chimera, features Mongolian stunt riders, Spain's classic dancing horses, the magnificent Royal Horses of Europe, hilarious equine antics, the awesome Chimera monster and Dallio as Pegasus the winged horse… Animal rights activists from Sheffield Animal Friends plan to stage a protest during Saturday's final performance… (story)


Irish Examiner 19.4.07 Anti-hunt lobby lose by landslide in the polls - YOUR report on the foxhunting opinion poll (Irish Examiner, April 9) was most interesting. It reminded me of the Mark Twain adage about ‘lies, damned lies and statistics.’… The result of the poll taken in the North and commissioned by the League against Cruel Sports almost beggars belief as it is totally at variance with polls held in the South. Recently 96FM in Cork commissioned a tele poll which showed over 12,000 voters supporting hunting and a derisory 147 votes against…. Anyone who has a moral problem with hunting, or is just curious about it, could speak to any one of the 300,000 ordinary Irish people of all ages who regularly hunt and consider their views before accepting Fiona Smith’s propaganda. Dickie Power, Secretary, Hunting Association of Ireland, Friarstown Lodge, Grange, Kilmallock, Co Limerick (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.4.07 HUNTING FUN IS A TURN-OFF - I echo what Norah Pound (Your Say, April 12) says about the Conservatives under David Cameron. The British people are an animal-friendly nation on the whole. The thought of having a Prime Minister who would chase and kill animals for fun will be a huge turn-off for the vast majority of decent-minded citizens in this country… Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.4.07 PRO-HUNT VIEW AFFECTS MY VOTE - With reference to John Richards' comments Your Call, April 14), in which he is answering my previous letter "I won't vote for Cameron"… Yes, killing wildlife is an important issue to me, as well as to a lot of other people. I could have mentioned many other reasons for not voting for Cameron… Norah Pound, Wroughton (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.4.07 I WON'T VOTE FOR CAMERON (APRIL 12) - Vote for who you want. I do not care. It is your right. However, I feel incredibly sad for you if the only reason that you do not vote for Cameron and the Tories is because of their stance on vermin/pest control. Clearly, robbing our pension funds, sending the country to war on a lie… are not important to you.John Richards, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.4.07 I WON'T VOTE FOR CAMERON - I Have read a lot of letters on the Your Say page regarding David Cameron as to whether he will or will not repeal the hunting ban if he becomes Prime Minister…. He used to hunt and would still be doing so if it were not for the ban. If he can inflict such cruelty on a defenceless animal I don't want him as Prime Minister…. Norah Pound Wroughton (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.4.07 MOST OF US ARE LAW-ABIDING - Hunt supporter Keith Clifford tells us that "everyone breaks the law"… Well, that's news to me, Keith, because I know plenty of responsible people who respect the law and who would be ashamed to be thought of as lawbreakers…. Gill Purser Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.4.07 ILLEGAL HUNTS ARE DOING NO HARM - With all the problems we have got in this country and in the world, how can Ann Widdecombe criticise our hard-stretched police force for not chasing hunts all day… Keith Clifford, Tetbury (letter)

Western Gazette 19.4.07 MARKSMEN ON TARGET - Keen shooters from across the Mendips will be able to take aim in an event to mark National Shooting Week.The event at Mendip Shooting Ground, off Haydon Drove in Horrington, is being staged on Tuesday 29 May and Friday 1 June and will offer clay-pigeon shooting with air rifles and pistols. The event is one of 175 being held across the UK by shooting schools and clubs…. (story)
Western Mail 17.4.07 Schools and clubs urge novices to pick up a gun and give it a shot - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THOUSANDS of people across the UK will be able to try shooting for the first time during National Shooting Week from May 26 to June 3…. National Shooting Week is a Government-backed initiative organised by the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC), the umbrella body for shooting sports…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.4.07 ANGLING FOR A NEW HOBBY - VISIT OUR OUTDOORS FESTIVAL - Visitors to this year's Dean Outdoors Festival on Sunday will be able to benefit from angling tuition at Plump Hill, near Mitcheldean, in the Forest of Dean.Professional coaches Nick Oakley and Rob England from Angling 4A Catch will be offering tuition to those aged eight and above… (story)

Glasgow Herald 19.4.07 Benefits to young people of angling - AP Kirk (letters, April 17) questions the value of the Scottish National Angling Programme (Snap) and its potential benefits for the young people of Scotland. Snap, through its youth angling club, the Castaways, and its coaching programmes, will teach youngsters good angling practice and respect for the environment… Contrary to the criticisms of your correspondent, anglers are among the most environmentally aware and responsible users of the countryside… Ian Robertson, Manager, Scottish National Angling Programme, Upper Hillside Cottage, Persie Estate, Bridge of Cally, Blairgowrie.
How can you call angling sport? Do anglers not know that fish have a nervous system? How would they like to be hooked by the mouth, dangling in the air and being asphyxiated? If that is not cruelty, I do not know what is…. Shena MS Beck, Ruaig, Tiree, Argyll (letters)

Northern Echo 19.4.07 Snare found at site of badger's sufferering - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners are concerned after a snare was found in a strip of woodland where a badger was trapped last year… The snare was discovered by John Gill, from Castleside, Consett, who was checking the land as part of his 15-year campaign against the devices… (story)

Look Local 19.4.07 Broomhead Moor walk - A guided walk of Broomhead Moor has been arranged to help teach local people about the area. The walk has been organised by the Countryside Alliance and the Moorland Association with permission from Broomhead Estate. The event is taking place on Sunday May 13 at 1.45pm on Broomhead Moor and is open to the public…. (story)

Sentinel 19.4.07 GRAND NATIONAL IS A CRUEL RACE - Yes, the Grand National is cruel to horses. I have always thought so, especially when they jump at Becher's Brook. When jockeys have fallen off, I have thought, "Serve them right" - they have a choice, the horses do not… (letter)

Lichfield Mercury 19.4.07 DNA SNARES THREAT AUTHOR - Dna technology linked an animal rights extremist to threatening letters - more than two years after he sent them. Wayne Bunch posted the intimidating letters to two workers at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, near Yoxall, in July 2003.The farm, which lawfully bred guinea pigs for medical research, was the subject of a six-year campaign by animal rights extremists… (story)
Post & Times 13.4.07 JAIL FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS THREATS - Dna technology linked an animal rights extremist to threatening letters - more than two years after he sent them.Wayne Bunch posted the intimidating letters to two workers at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, in July 2003… (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 12.4.07 Animal rights extremist is jailed - A MAN who sent threatening letters to a Staffordshire farm during a six-year campaign by animal rights extremists has been jailed for 12 months. Wayne Bunch, of Bloys Mews in Colchester, Essex, pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court…. (story)
Burton Mail 12.4.07 Animal rights activist jailed by Peter Richardson - A FORMER animal rights activist who sent threatening letters to workers at a guinea pig farm has been caged for a year - despite revealing he now works as a pharmacist dispensing drugs which were tested on animals. Wayne Bunch wrote to two employees of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, in 2003, saying he hoped they would 'burn in hell or in your home'… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.4.07 BLACKMAILER IS JAILED BY KATE LIPTROT - An animal rights extremist has been jailed for a year after writing threatening letters to employees at a guinea pig farm. Wayne Bunch was sentenced yesterday at Stafford Crown Court after pleading guilty in February to two charges of blackmail… (story)
Telegraph 12.4.07 Animal rights blackmailer is jailed - A man who sent threatening letters during a six-year campaign by animal rights extremists was jailed for 12 months yesterday. Wayne Bunch, from Colchester, Essex, pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court… (story)
Times 12.4.07 Animal rights extremist caught by DNA on letters - NICOLA WOOLCOCK - An animal rights extremist was jailed for 12 months after his DNA was found on threatening letters that were sent to workers at a guinea-pig farm. Wayne Bunch, 27, was caught after being arrested for a separate offence. A sample taken by police was highlighted on the national DNA database as matching that on one of the letters’ envelopes…. (story)
The Sentinel 11.4.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS BLACKMAILER JAILED - A man who sent threatening letters during a six-year campaign by animal rights extremists was jailed for 12 months today. Wayne Bunch, of Bloys Mews, Colchester, Essex, pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court…. (story)
Metro 11.4.07 Animal rights blackmailer jailed - A man who sent threatening letters during a six-year campaign by animal rights extremists was jailed for 12 months today. Wayne Bunch, of Bloys Mews, Colchester, Essex, pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court… (story)
BBC News Online 11.4.07 Man jailed over farm blackmails - A 27-year-old man charged with blackmailing employees of a guinea pig farm has been jailed for 12 months. Wayne Bunch, from Colchester in Essex, pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail at an earlier hearing at Stafford Crown Court… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 10.2.07 BLACKMAIL ADMITTED - An animal rights activist has admitted blackmail following a campaign against employees of a former guinea pig farm. Wayne Bunch appeared at Stafford Crown Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to two blackmail offences, involving sending threatening letters in 2003…. Bunch, 27, of Cloys Mews, in Colchester, Essex, was released on bail and will be sentenced on a future date…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.2.07 Man admits farm blackmail charges - A 27-year-old man has admitted blackmailing two employees at a guinea pig farm which was targeted by animal right extremists for six years. Wayne Bunch, from Bloys Mews in Colchester in Essex, appeared at Stafford Crown Court and will be sentenced at a later date. The charges relate to threatening letters sent to Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, in 2003…. (story)
BBC News Online 6.12.06 Man in court over farm blackmail - A 27-year-old man charged with blackmailing two employees of a guinea pig farm has appeared in court. Wayne Bunch, from Colchester in Essex, appeared before magistrates in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire…. (story)
Leek Post & Times 1.12.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS SUSPECT DUE FOR COURT DATE - A Man alleged to have been involved in the notorious animal rights terror campaign against a guinea pig breeder and his family will appear in court next Tuesday facing blackmail charges.The accused, as yet un-named, comes from Essex and his arrest follows a police drive to end a six-year campaign of harassment of the Hall family, of Newchurch, near Uttoxeter, and many of their friends and employees... (story)
Lichfield Mercury 30.11.06 NEW CHARGE IN BLACKMAIL CASE - Another arrest has been made in connection with a six-year campaign, until January 2006, by animal rights extremists against Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch.The charges relate to threatening letters sent to two farm employees in 2003.... (story)
Lichfield Post 29.11.06 Darley Oaks - blackmail charge - Officers from Staffordshire Police's Environmental Protest Unit have charged a 27-yearold man with two offences of blackmail..... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 29.11.06 BLACKMAIL IS ALLEGED - Police have arrested a man in connection with threatening letters allegedly sent to the employees of a guinea pig farm.... (story)
Times 29.11.06 Activism charge - A suspected animal rights activist was charged with blackmailing the owners of a Staffordshire guinea-pig farm.... (story)

Scotsman 19.4.07 Protein without meat - David Purves asks how the dietary need for protein can be met from a meat-free diet (Letters, 17 April). The answer is simple - a balanced plant-only vegan diet can adequately provide all the proteins our body needs…. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Tamworth Herald 19.4.07 VICTIMS OF FUR TRADE - May I, through the Herald Letters pages, try to make readers aware that there are markets in China where cats and dogs are subjected to horrific treatment in order to supply fur trim for a variety of clothing articles and accessories… Dorothy Jenkins, Mile Oak. (story)

Dunmow Broadcast 19.4.07 Calf crimes - EVERY day we hear about the heinous crimes perpetrated against our black brothers and sisters during the slave trade 200 years ago and how it was supported by the church, the monarchy and the state. It does not seem to have occurred to many people that evil is still being meted out today but to the animals (the voiceless), they also are at the receiving end of the most appalling cruelty: Baby calves taken away from their mothers, often only a day old, so that we can steal their milk; chickens in battery cages so small they can not even stretch their wings… Name and address supplied (letter)

Shropshire Star 19.4.07 Why give money to RSPCA? - Why do people give money to the RSPCA? Why don’t they give it to the fire service, as you read in the papers these days that it is fire crews who risk their lives to save animals and not the RSPCA. After reading another excuse in the Shropshire Star that they refused on safety grounds to save a ferret, in an attic on health and safety reasons, they don’t even have a trap to catch the ferret…. Name & address supplied (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 19.4.07 ANGER AS CITY BIRDS TRAPPED - Architects were today threatened with court action by animal welfare campaigners for trapping pigeons in a derelict city building…. James McArtney Architects, owners of the property, had netting put over broken windows. Animal welfare group Save the Trafalgar Square Pigeons has threatened to prosecute the Warser Gate-based firm if it failed to remove the netting by noon today…. (story)

Daily Mail 19.4.07 Pigeons turn their feathers up at brand new £10,000 home - A brand new "five-star" pigeon coop which has cost taxpayers £10,000 has ruffled a few feathers - because the birds refuse to use it. The luxury des-res for the pigeon population of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, has been open for a week after six years planning but has so far remained completely empty…. The coop on Leamington Spa's smart Court Street was the brainchild of Old Town regeneration group Regenesis… Janet Alty, outgoing chair of Regenesis, said the coop was only part of a three-stage project to deal with pesky pigeons in the town… (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 18.4.07 MOOR GROUP UNDER ATTACK - The Dartmoor National Park Authority has been accused of double standards.The League Against Cruel Sports criticised the authority for warning people to keep their dogs on a short lead while allowing hunts to go ahead with packs of hounds and beagles… Douglas Batchelor, the league's chief executive, said hunts including the Dartmoor and Mid Devon Fox Hounds still had access to the park on a regular basis… (story)

Western Morning News 18.4.07 MARINE BILL THREAT TO ANGLERS' RIGHTS - MIKE MILLMAN - Magna Carta the great charter that serves as a guarantee of basic rights, allows the common man to fish freely and take all manner of fishes from the sea.In the opinion of many of today's recreational anglers this right is being violated by the government's proposal within the forthcoming Marine Bill to introduce a license for saltwater fishing a situation likely to occur within the space of two years… (story)

UK Pets 18.4.07 Vet Questions National Pet Month Sponsorship - Criticism has been levelled at National Pet Month for its choice of main sponsor, the specialist pet food manufacturer Iams, (Procter & Gamble), in an open letter written by the founder of Pets Naturally and controversial vet, Peter Culpin. The letter, addressed to Phil Sketchley, Chairman, National Pet Month, cites criticisms of Iams' laboratory practices made by the animal rights group Peta…. (story)

News Shopper 18.4.07 Meat production helping to cause global warming - PROBLEMS associated with global warming are now regular topics among a wide spectrum of the media, public and political life… What most of us have not been told is the devastating impact caused to the environment by commercial animal agriculture… C Pope, Nurstead Road, Erith (story)

Carmarthen Journal 18.4.07 VEGGIE GROUP DISCUSSIONS - Talks are taking place to establish a Carmarthen-based group for vegetarians. It will have links with the UK National Vegetarian Society…. Anyone interested in being part of this new group should contact Esme and Graham Goddard… (story)

Norwich Evening News 18.4.07 Goldfish row rumbles on - KATIE COOPER - Bosses at City Hall have been accused of ignoring its own rules after it emerged regulations drawn up almost 15 years ago expressly banned the giving away of animals as prizes on council-owned land. Controversy was caused last week when city councillor Adrian Ramsay, leader of the Green Party group, called for a ban to be introduced on giving goldfish away as prizes at fairs and other events on council land…. Bob Bayliss, a former animal rights campaigner and RSPCA volunteer, helped to draw up the original charter working with an assortment of councillors and other animal rights organisations… Sarah Greene, from East Anglia Animal Rights Coalition, said: “What the council have been doing is basically illegal under its own rules…. (story)
Norwich Evening News 13.4.07 Is this the end of the funfair goldfish? - KATIE COOPER - You might think it's all the fun of the fair to win a goldfish in a plastic bag - but calls were made today to get the practice outlawed from the city. Adrian Ramsay, leader of the Green party at the city council, has vowed to fight to have the practice of giving live fish away as prizes, and to get a city council resolution to stop it from happening on council-owned land…. (story)

News Shopper 18.4.07 Circus criticised for using horses By Jeremy Grimaldi - ANIMAL rights activists have been protesting against a circus using horses and ponies. Members of London Animal Rights were campaigning in Blackheath, where Zippo's Circus held its show over Easter. A dozen members protested, among them computer programmer Brendan Jones who dubbed the circus a "cruelty roadshow"… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 18.4.07 HAVING A BALL TO AID ANIMALS - Tickets are still available for a summer ball to raise funds for a charity which works to protect threatened species in the wild. The event, called Pride in the Park, is in aid of the Born Free Foundation… (story)

Tameside Advertiser 18.4.07 Elephant crusaders - A TAMESIDE family has launched a campaign to free an elephant from the circus. Anne – Britain’s last circus elephant – has toured for almost 50 years with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus which is now at Belle Vue, Gorton. She now suffers from crippling arthritis and can no longer perform tricks…. After reading about Anne’s plight, Jason Worthington and his two children, Luke, seven, and three-year-old Leah, decided to do something about it…. (story)

Bexley Times 18.4.07 Animal welfare act campaigner - I HAVE just read Melody Ryall's excellent column on the new Animal Welfare Act and am delighted to see its commencement has been noted and that responsible newspapers are promoting it… COUNCILLOR DAVID LEAF (letter)


Western Morning News 17.4.07 WHY ARE HARES STILL HUNTED? - If the hunts already knew otters were in serious decline before the National Otter Survey was done in 1979, why did they not stop hunting them instead of amalgamating packs to try to find an otter to hunt so that they could still have their adrenalin fix of chasing a live quarry with dogs up the rivers and streams for their own particular blood sport? In Devon now, hares are desperately in decline… So why, on our doorstep in Devon, do the Britannia Beagles, based at Britannia Royal Naval College, persist in going out, even when it is illegal, to chase, terrify and kill hares with a pack of dogs?... Janet M Martin, Dartington (letter)

Western Morning News 17.4.07 INEXCUSABLE 'SPORT' - It is absurd for Alice Dexter (March 13 - Clean Death or Agony?) to say that a fox is either dead or alive at the end of a hunt and hunting is not cruel… There can be no excuse for causing such avoidable and unnecessary suffering to our wild animals in the name of sport. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 17.4.07 UNDENIABLE FACTS ABOUT OTTER HUNTS - O p Nicholson (WMN, April 3) maintains that otter hunts had a responsible attitude to the preservation of the otter in the 1960s and 70s…. Preservation? An effective force in their destruction is far more likely by hunters, surely…. Peter Bunce, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)
Western Morning News 10.4.07 MONITORS SEEK TO UPHOLD LAW OF THE LAND - To be honest I no longer care what Jonathan Marshall calls people who wish to protect the fox from lawbreakers who enjoy setting dogs on them, so my position can hardly be called "desperate". Other pro-hunt correspondents have called hunt monitors "Nazi informers", so I guess you can call this group what you like if it makes you feel better…. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 3.4.07 OTTER HUNTERS HELPED TO SAVE THE SPECIES - Mr higgins of Totnes (March 20) is quite right about the responsible attitude of otter hunts to the preservation of the otter.A history of the Culmstock Otter Hounds which hunted the rivers of East Devon and West Somerset for nearly 200 years was published in 1957. The statistics of otters found during the first half of the 20th century printed in it show that finds rose steadily in the years after the Second World War and reached a high point in the year of publication…. O P Nicholson, Tiverton (letter)
Western Morning News 27.3.07 OTTER HUNTS WERE NO PARAGONS OF VIRTUE - Jonathan Higgins (March 20) claims that "far from persecuting the otter, hunts have often been the only positive force for its conservation… How does Mr Higgins equate that with the minutes of the British Field Sports Society (now the Countryside Alliance) meeting of the main committee held on December 9, 1976, which include this passage: "The chairman reported that efforts to protect otters were likely to be made in Parliament. The BFSS would oppose any legislation directed at otter hunting."… Mr Higgins' attempt to represent hunters as paragons of virtue could hardly be more discredited. Peter Bunce, Bucks (letter)
Western Morning News 20.3.07 HUNTS WERE PIONEERS OF OTTER PROTECTION - Paul Nelson (February 28) writes: "Otters were almost hunted to extinction before anti-hunt people forced them (hunters) to stop."In fact the principal cause of the otter's decline was the use of pesticides, in particular dieldrin: far from persecuting the otter, hunts have often been the only positive force for its conservation…. Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 20.3.07 HUNTERS HAVE NO DEFENCE EXCEPT INSULTS - Thanks to pro-hunt Jonathan Marshall for his reply. I stand by my comments about D W Almond's letter which I still consider petulant: "displaying impatient irritation"…. I am still astounded at the abuse meted out to law-abiding people who are trying to help the police maintain the law, in defence of self-confessed law-breakers… Since Mr Marshall is keen on definitions, here are several to describe those pro-hunt folk… criminal, violent, vicious, brutal, bloodthirsty. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 13.3.07 HUNT MONITORS ARE NOT JUST 'OBSERVING' - Paul Nelson's continued attempts to pretend that anti-hunt "monitors" are not vigilantes are becoming rather desperate….Mr Nelson is also wrong to draw a parallel between bear-baiting, cock-fighting and the like, and hunting. The former activities involve captive animals in an alien environment with no possibility of escape. Hunting, on the other hand, involved wild animals in their natural environment with every chance of escape; equating it with bear-baiting and cock-fighting is simply dishonest - or prejudiced…I quite accept that some people's views on hunting are different from mine. I happen to think they are misguided and wrong; but unlike Mr Nelson, I do not see the need to demonise my opponents. Jonathan Marshall Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset (letter)
Western Morning News 13.3.07 CLEAN DEATH OR AGONY? Louise Piddington (January 23 - Enough violence without hunting) clearly does not know what she is talking about.As the daughter of a retired free-range chicken farmer, I have seen the damage that foxes do…. Hunting isn't cruel. Fact. Alice Dexter, Winkleigh (letter)
Western Morning News 27.2.07 DOUBLE STANDARDS ON CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - D w ALMOND (January 23) seems to lump all animal rights activists together; thousands of us campaign legally, but what does he (she) expect?... I think D W Almond should get informed and stop attacking hunt monitors. After all, they are not the violent ones and it must be very hard to stand and see an animal chased, maybe even torn to bits, by hounds. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 27.2.07 MISLEADING DEFINITION SHOWS FEEBLENESS OF PRO-HUNT CASE - Dw almond still thinks hunt monitors are vigilantes. May I point out the critical part of the definition he has glossed over? Vigilantes seek to enforce the law. Hunt monitors merely observe criminal activity and report it to the police… My stance is simple. Stop killing things for pleasure and take up a non-violent sport. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 30.1.07 VIGILANTES DEFINED - Not only is Croydon resident Paul Nelson a very poor judge of writing styles if he thinks D W Almond's earlier letter (January 16) was "petulant", he is also deluding himself in trying to pretend so-called hunt monitors aren't vigilantes… Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard St Lawrence Near Taunton (letter)
Western Morning News 23.1.07 VIGILANTES IS PRECISELY WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE - Mr nelson from Croydon (January 16) claims LACS and ICAW "hunt monitors" are not vigilantes and that my letter questioning their presence at hunt meetings was "petulant". Petulant is defined as "peevish". Not true, sir…. Mr Nelson makes the fatuous statement that I must be in favour of reinstating bear-baiting and disbanding the RSPCA. What I would like to see is so-called "animal rights activists" brought to book for criminal damage to property and releasing dangerous animals into the wild…. D W Almond, Braunton (letter)
Western Morning News 16.1.07 OVERSTRETCHED POLICE NEED A HAND WITH HUNTING LEGISLATION - I WRITE in response to D W Almond's petulant letter of January 3. Hunt monitors are not vigilantes. Surely he is aware that every citizen in this country has a right to make citizens' arrests? Hunt monitors are not even exercising this right, merely observing a group which often makes a lot of noise about its "traditional rights" to slaughter British wildlife for fun….. There is a certain arrogance in thinking we are just in opposition because we "townies" have a class jealousy and are only going on about foxes to stick it to good honest countryfolk. This dismisses any compassion for animals from the equation, and is therefore utterly incorrect…. Finally, I must say that comparing caring citizens who love animals with Nazi informants is beyond contempt. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 3.1.07 SELF-APPOINTED SNOOPERS - I have always understood that the forces of law and order were fundamentally opposed to vigilantes. How then can the LACS and the ICAW claim to be working with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to monitor hunting? Have the Chief Constable and the Director of the CPS given approval to the activities of these self-appointed guardians of a specific Act of Parliament?... The denunciation of one citizen by another was a feature of Hitler's regime in Germany and Mao's era in China. Even in Blair's Britain we surely are not going to descend to these levels. D W Almond Braunton (letter)

Chorley Citizen 17.4.07 Bird shoots go on despite 'victory' - DUCK and pheasant shoots will still take place at a Lancashire beauty spot despite animal cruelty campaigners claiming a victory. The North West League Against Cruel Sports (NWLACS) was overjoyed when it obtained a signed note from Sir Bernard de Hoghton, confirming that four duck shoots, which take place at Hoghton Tower over Easter, would no longer happen. But despite that pledge, Sir Bernard says that the Hoghton Tower Shoot, which regularly meets to shoot ducks and pheasants, was still continuing.... The shoots have not taken place since 2004, he said, and the Easter protesters had been "misinformed" by the NWLACS. He added: "I was hoping to have cross-table discussions with these people but they are completely blinkered.... Jeanne Young, NWLACS spokesman said: "This is a great step forward in our campaign to bring an end to all game bird shooting at Hoghton Tower.".... (story)

Glasgow Herald 17.4.07 Torment for fish and damaging to ecology - As an angler for more than three decades, I was bitterly disappointed to read your story, The reel thing: bid to lure young anglers (The Herald, April 14). For many years, I went freshwater fishing in Britain and abroad with my father and grandfather. Thankfully now, however, I get as much, if not more, pleasure just being by a river and watching nature instead of tormenting it…. I finally came to my senses and I quit this blood sport in my late thirties…. A P Kirk, 32 Bishops Park, Inverness. (story)

Western Mail 17.4.07 A disgusting sport - Every year horses are either killed or injured at Aintree, in the Grand National. Yet the public continues to support this race by betting money on who they think will win. Having just broken a bone in my ankle while trekking, I can fully sympathise with the horses who fall and break bones… How anyone can celebrate this disgusting sport is beyond me… JUDI HEWITT North Wales Animal Rights (letter)

Independent 17.4.07 Campaign against medical research on addiction is trumped up - I wonder whether others shared my frustration in reading the coverage of medical research (12 April). Splashed across the first three pages, complete with images of a mouse and a fruit fly, was a major report on the revolution in cancer treatment emerging from research on animals. Yet on page 9 John von Radowitz ("Universities accused of cruel animal tests") reported the latest trumped-up campaign against medical research by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav)…. PROFESSOR COLIN BLAKEMORE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, LONDON W1 (letter)

Independent 17.4.07 The crass and ugly truth about zoos - I have enjoyed your article about zoos (9 April) and those who challenge the ideology of displaying captive animals. The case against zoos made by animal rights protesters seems self-evident: anyone with a morsel of empathy can see these animals are unhappy… RANDY MALAMUD, ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA (letter)

Times 17.4.07 Other stories we liked … Victory fanfares, meanwhile, from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Third Sector(April 11) reports. After seeing a claim made by the Great British Circus that it had been “voted No 1 for animal care”, the animal rights organisation contacted the Advertising Standards Authority: there was no vote and the award was decided by just one person, back in 2003… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.4.07 LETTER: CIRCUSES NO FUN FOR ANIMAL ACTS - As the Great British Circus is due to visit Stapleford this week, the RSPCA would like to reassure readers that it is opposed to presentations of all animals, of whatever species, in circuses and travelling menageries…. SOPHIE WILKINSON RSPCA Regional Headquarters Peterborough (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.4.07 THE CONFLICTING VIEWS ON CIRCUS ANIMALS' WELFARE - As the Great British Circus is currently visiting Grimsby, the RSPCA would like to reassure readers that it is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of all animals, of whatever species, in circuses and travelling menageries… Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA East Regional press officer.(letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.4.07 LETTER: BOYCOTT BIG TOP - I read with horror the advertisement in your paper from the Great British Circus, "the circus for real animal lovers". In my opinion, real animal lovers do not go to circuses to watch animals perform in an unnatural way for our entertainment…. MARGARET PAWSON Newholm Drive Silverdale (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 16.4.07 Beagles brought together for festival - Brighton and Storrington, Surrey and North Sussex Beagles hosted a four-day mini-festival of trail hunting in the Midhurst and Petworth area, inviting two other packs to join them… The BSSNS beagles were used the first day, with those from the Dummer, a Somerset pack, and worked well together, following the trails that had been laid earlier… (story)

Bolton Evening News 16.4.07 How I kept ducks out of the soup - IRECENTLY took a friend to the Southport spinal unit… I had seen a pair of mallards with 11 ducklings walking down by a chain link fence and, when I returned, they were still there making repeated attempts to return to the river on the other side…. after an hour's perseverance, we arrived at the gap and we all cheered as mother and company made it through and back to the river… How heart-warming and what a contrast to the story I read in The Bolton News where three "men" had been seen shooting ducks at a local beauty spot…. Roy Caswell, Beverley Road, Bolton (letter)

Guardian 16.4.07 After eight years in power, Labour fears a rainbow alliance of Tory blue and Plaid - Unlikely bedfellows could deprive party of control in assembly for first time - Steven Morris - A sunny bench on the harbourside at Tenby, the pretty walled seaside town in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. Old friends David and Jim are discussing the Welsh assembly elections…. In conversations like these there is much for the parties - Labour, Conservative and Plaid - that have a chance of taking this seat, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, to chew over… The Tories have a strong appeal in many rural areas, though they have been damaged by suggestions the local party was being hijacked by Countryside Alliance types. So in towns like Tenby and similar places across Wales, the election may well be decided…. (story)

Northampton Chronicle 16.4.07 Mink taking blame after swan attacks By Nick Spoors - A SIZEABLE population of mink could be responsible for the deaths of a number of swans reported on Northamptonshire's waterways. Gamekeepers have told the Chronicle & Echo that a number of swans have recently been taken on the county's lakes and rivers by minks, which are aggressive, semi-aquatic creatures related to the otter…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 16.4.07 Animal group in poll drive - LEADING Edinburgh-based animal rights activists have urged voters to let parliamentary candidates know the importance of animal welfare. Advocates For Animals, based in Queensferry Street, joined forces with the Scottish SPCA to arrange the first ever national Animal Welfare Hustings…. (story)
Stirling Observer 6.4.07 Candidates quizzed on animal issues - TWO animal welfare organisations are joining forces to organise Scotland's first animal welfare hustings in Stirling on Monday, April 16. The Scottish SPCA and Advocates for Animals are running the event because animal welfare is controlled by the Scottish Parliament and legislation is largely implemented by local authorities. The hustings will be chaired by Dr Michael Appleby of the World Society for the Protection of Animals… Recent animal welfare issues include tail docking, snaring, puppy dealing, intensive farming and animals in circuses and the public will be invited to question the speakers on these and any other animal-related topics… Libby Anderson of Advocates for Animals said: "Anyone who cares about animals and the way we treat them should come along on April 16… Natalie Smart of the Scottish SPCA, said: "Animal welfare was at the forefront of the political scene in 2006… (story)

Jersey Evening Post 16.4.07 Fur auction boycott By Andy Sibcy - HEALTH Minister Stuart Syvret, who has long argued for a ban on the fur trade, is calling on Islanders to boycott the auction in Jersey of two tiger skin rugs… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 16.4.07 VOTE WITH FEET AGAINST CRUELTY - It has been drawn to my attention that a blindfolded donkey was used in a bullfight in Spain…. If this letter is published more people will be made aware of this extreme and unnecessary cruelty and perhaps think twice about holidays in this area of Spain, and may write to the Spanish Embassy. The Rev H W Jones Swindon Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 16.4.07 THANK-YOU FOR HELPING BEARS - Well done to the people in Weston last Saturday who helped us raise £311 for our poor, suffering bears… A Davis Weston-super-Mare North Somerset (letter)


Sunday Mirror 15.4.07 CAMERON'S HUNT VOW - TORY leader David Cameron's first act as Prime Minister would be to overturn Britain's fox-hunting ban… (story)

Independent on Sunday 15.4.07 Bryan Ferry's Nazi gaffe - The face of M&S and voice of Roxy Music outrages Germany in newspaper interview By Sophie Goodchild and Julia Belgutay - When Marks & Spencer recruited singer Bryan Ferry to be the face of its menswear collection, it believed his reputation as rock's "king of cool" would help them to boost sales…. Ferry, the lead singer of Roxy Music, has caused outrage at home and abroad for remarks he made to a German newspaper about his admiration for the work of Leni Riefenstahl, notorious for her Nazi propaganda films, and the architecture of Albert Speer… The singer is a supporter of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance. Anti-bloodsport campaigners called for the alliance to disown him. "Mr Ferry appears to be a man with very little sense of conscience," said Douglas Batchelor of the League Against Cruel Sports. "We would be interested to see if the alliance does the decent thing and disowns him." (story)

Sunday Independent 15.4.07 Predatory mink wiping out native birds - LYNNE KELLEHER - MINK are poised to wipe out two of the country's rarest native birds, according to an avian expert. The predatory American mink, which is now common all over Ireland, is responsible for killing most of the breeding red-throated divers in Ireland…. An ornithologist from Birdwatch Ireland, Niall Hatch, said there is serious concern about the future of the native species…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 15.4.07 Animal rights extremists target farmers By Jasper Copping, Sunday Telegraph - Animal rights extremists are targeting farmers at a rate of one incident every nine days, raising fears that they are widening their scope… The development comes after police success in curbing attacks on animal research companies, such as Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest contract medical testing centre, and companies involved in the construction of a £20 million research centre at Oxford University….. (story)

15.4.07 ANNE AGONY - EXCLUSIVE 40 SECONDS OF SUNLIGHT AND EXERCISE IN 26 HOURS ..ONE YEAR AFTER OWNER REFUSES TO LET HER RETIRE By Susie Boniface - THIS sickeningly short stroll across a car park is a brief taste of freedom for Anne - Britain's last circus elephant… Anne, 54, has severe arthritis but is starting her 50th year touring Britain with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus - despite an outcry…. Born Free wildlife charity founder Virginia McKenna has offered to rehome Anne. She said: "Fifteen hours in a trailer is beyond belief."… (story)


Nottingham Evening Post 14.4.07 GUN LICENCES MUST BE UNDER CLOSE SCRUTINY - Let's be sensible about the revelation that 42 Notts youngsters aged under 16 have been given shotgun licences in the last four years. Police are issuing these certificates not to everyone who asks for one. They are issued, sparingly, to young people who shoot for sport on private land while under the close supervision of an adult… (story)

Glasgow Herald 14.4.07 The reel thing: bid to lure young anglers - ALISON CHIESA - A campaign was launched yesterday to encourage young people to get out on to the banks of Scotland's rivers and lochs. The Scottish National Angling Programme (Snap) hopes to attract around 50,000 more youngsters to the sport in the next decade. The scheme was launched at Kingennie Fishings near Dundee by Paul Young, the actor and presenter of Hooked on Fishing. The drive, initiated by the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust (SCAET), is supported by Scotland's leading angling organisations… (story)

Times 14.4.07 In the name of science - Laurie Pycroft braves the threat of letter bombs from animal-rights activists to campaign in favour of vivisection. But he’s still just a teenage geek at heart - ANNA SHEPARD - Clutching a Terry Pratchett novel and a bottle of Coke, Laurie Pycroft gives off serious teenage vibes… But while other 17-year-olds have only their Xbox skills to show for it, Pycroft has founded a successful pro-vivisection campaign, redefining the terms of the animal research debate and attracting the support of eminent scientists such as Robert Winston and the neurosurgeon Tipu Aziz…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 14.4.07 Animal row university to cut back on experiments - BRIAN DONNELLY - A Scottish university said it is to cut down animal testing in the wake of claims that needless experiments are being conducted. Aberdeen University has said it is committed to reducing animal testing in laboratories after criticism from campaigners… (story)
Glasgow Herald 13.4.07 - Animal row university to cut back on experiments By BRIAN DONNELLY - A Scottish university said it is to cut down animal testing in the wake of claims that needless experiments are being conducted. Aberdeen University has said it is committed to reducing animal testing in laboratories after criticism from campaigners…. (story)
Birmingham Post 13.4.07 Uni defends cannabis rat experiments By Shahid Naqvi, Education Correspondent - The University of Birmingham last night defended itself against attacks by animal rights activists that experiments involving feeding cannabis to rats to see if they got "the munchies" were "cruel and unnecessary". The university said the research at the institution was vital to help develop treatment for the growing number of people with eating disorders and obesity…. (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 13.4.07 City university defends ‘cruel’ tests on animals by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Daily Post - THE University of Liverpool last night defended the use of animal testing, after the institution was accused of conducting “cruel and unnecessary” experiments using banned drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines… (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 13.4.07 DEBATING THE RIGHTS AND WRONGS OF ANIMAL TESTING - MOREEN SIMPSON - "Why should animals suffer?" The heated debate over animal testing has raged over many years…. A new report by anti-cruelty campaigners in the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection highlights alleged instances of "cruel and unnecessary tests" across using banned drugs… (story)
BBC News Online 13.4.07 University to end animal testing - Aberdeen University is expected to end animal testing in laboratories after criticism from campaigners. The move follows claims by an anti-vivisection group that scientists injected rats with cannabis to examine how the drug affects memory. The practice was highlighted in a report by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) group…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 13.4.07 Mouse tests vital, says uni - UNIVERSITY chiefs have defended tests carried out on animals using banned drugs. Cambridge University was singled out in a report by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) condemning "frivolous" tests on mice involving lethal doses of methamphetamine… But the university said the tests were important, adding: "Research into the affects of illegal drugs is vital… (story)
Guardian 12.4.07 Animal tests of illicit drugs 'cruel' - James Randerson, science correspondent - British universities have spent £10m in a decade on animal experiments into the effects of illegal drugs, according to activists who say it is cruel because such drugs are "luxury" items people use by choice. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection has produced a report which includes data released under the Freedom of Information Act and says Cambridge University has received £1.6m over the last decade for such tests from the Medical Research Council…. (story)
Independent 12.4.07 Universities accused of cruel animal tests By John von Radowitz - Universities were accused today of conducting "cruel and unnecessary" tests on animals using banned drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines. A report from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) also attacks the Home Office for granting licences for the research…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.4.07 ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY CRITICISED IN REPORT FOR 'CRUEL' ANIMAL TESTING - RYAN CRIGHTON - Aberdeen University has been criticised by an animal rights group for getting rats "stoned" to test how cannabis affects memory… A report from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) also attacks the Home Office for granting licences for the research…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 12.4.07 University accused of 'cruel' animal tests - THE University of Birmingham has been accused of conducting "cruel and unnecessary" tests on animals using banned drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines. A report from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection cited research at the university designed to see if rats given cannabis got "the munchies" - a hunger-enhancing effect well known in humans… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 12.4.07 ANIMAL TESTING AT UNI 'IS CRUEL' - The University of Nottingham has been accused of conducting "cruel and unnecessary" tests on animals using banned drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines…. A report from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) also attacks the Home Office for granting licences for the research…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 12.4.07 Universities' animal tests blasted - UNIVERSITIES were accused today of conducting cruel and unnecessary tests on animals using banned drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 12.4.07 Rats given cocaine in tests - CAMBRIDGE University has been accused of conducting cruel tests on animals using banned drugs. Cambridge University was singled out in a report by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) for conducting "frivolous" tests on mice that involved combining lethal doses of methamphetamine, or "crystal meth", and loud music from Bach and dance band The Prodigy. In a seperate project, rats were given cocaine…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 14.4.07 No cruelty found - I WRITE in answer to It's Time To Stop Animal Cruelty. I wholeheartedly agree, but Kirsty Greenfield will find no cruelty at the Great British Circus, just as Trading Standards and the Lincolnshire Welfare Officers did not…. Martin Lacey, ringmaster, Great British Circus, circus site, Grimsby (letter)

York Press 14.4.07 Sabotage attempt on Spirit Of The Horse show By Richard Harris - ANIMAL rights activists could be behind an attempt to sabotage a show featuring performing horses, organisers fear. Spirit Of The Horse is described as a theatre show which features attractions including Mongolian stunt riders, Spanish dancing horses and "dance, singers and hilarious equine antics."… two unknown women have been visiting those places which are displaying the posters and telling the proprietors that the show has been cancelled and the animals impounded by the RSPCA. But the organisers say nothing could be further from the truth…. York animal rights group, York Action For Animals (YAFA), intends to demonstrate against Spirit Of The Horse… Spokesman Matt Gibbons, of Haxby, said his group believes using animals in this way is cruel… (story)


Western Morning News 13.4.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Farmers Guardian 13.4.07 Delight at the Government’s deer decision - THE Government has supported proposals to extend the Hind Season for deer by four weeks, two weeks longer than originally proposed, in response to lobbying by deer management groups, including the Countryside Alliance…. Robert Gray, campaigns director of the Countryside Alliance, said: “This has been a victory for a coalition of organisations including ourselves, BASC, BDS and the GCT… (story)

Bucks Free Press 13.4.07 Activists target Glaxo worker - ANIMAL rights activists have targeted the Buckinghamshire home of a professor who works at a pharmaceutical company. The vandals daubed slogans including murderer' on roads surrounding the house and covered two of his cars in paintstripper… The professor works for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). A GSK spokesman, who did not want to be named, said: "We have referred the matter to the police and urge anyone who thinks they might have information to contact the police…. (story)

Grimsby Evening Telegraph 13.4.07 BEEP TO SUPPORT THE ANIMAL CIRCUS - OR NOT - Two protest groups campaigning for and against the Great British Circus - which features animals - made their point at a roadside demo…. Among the group of 20 animal circus opponents was Simon Naylor (34), of Manor Avenue, Grimsby…. But campaigner for the circus, Kallum Ball (16), of Woodyard Court, Grimsby, said: "I want more people to come to the circus. We are getting the same number of beeps as the other group. Everyone loves the circus."… But protester Emma Overton, said: "Well looked after? Aside from being in a cage all that time and in a truck… (story)

Leicester Mercury 13.4.07 MAILBOX: CHINESE CRUELTY - When the county council leader Councillor Parsons was visiting China (Mercury, March 23) did he visit any of the slaughterhouses there, where terrified cats and dogs are skinned, sometimes when still alive, to make everything from clothing to musical instruments?... Trish Kirby, Leicester (story)

York Press 13.4.07 Foie gras landmark By Richard Harris - A PETITION to ban the sale of the delicacy foie gras in the UK has passed 5,000 signatures. The campaign was launched by York councillor Paul Blanchard in January when he asked fellow councillors to back a motion banning the sale of the food from the city's shops and restaurants. That failed, but a petition set up on the Downing Street website at the beginning of March has now attracted 5,132 signatures…. (story)

Beccles & Bungay Journal 13.4.07 Help for dogs home in Philippines - ANIMAL welfare worker Gavin Gamby-Boulger of Kirby Cane has returned from a trip saving dogs from slaughter in the Philippines. Gavin is the welfare director of the Wetnose Animal Aid Organisation he runs in Beccles with his wife Andrea and from their home in Kirby Cane. He was invited to the Philippines to assist Charles Wartenburgh of the International Wildlife Coalition in setting up a rescue centre for 1,000 dogs which have been seized from illegal slaughterhouses, their meat destined to be eaten… (story)


North Devon Journal 12.4.07 PARK AUTHORITY IS BEING HYPOCRITICAL OVER HUNT - I very much agree with the statement of Mr D Batchelor the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports in the Journal article of March 29, that the Exmoor National Park Authority is being very hypocritical over its control on dogs during the ground bird nesting season… GRAHAM PARKHOUSE, Doone Way, Ilfracombe (letter)

North Devon Journal 12.4.07 BRING HUNTING SEASON TO A CLOSE AND HELP BIRDS - The national Park Authority says it can do nothing to prevent hunts from disturbing nesting birds, but that is not true. It can publicly call on the hunts to bring their season to a close.The hunts are not only putting nesting birds in peril at this sensitive time of the year. If they should kill foxes or any other mammals now, whether by "accident" or not, then there is a very real risk that this will result in orphaning fox cubs… GILL PURSER, Cheltenham, Gloucester (letter)

Western Daily Press 12.4.07 HUNTS SHOULD BE MADE REDUNDANT - With reference to Ray Bird's letter "Fewer foxes since ban on hunting" (Your Say, March 31), I found it interesting that he describes the fox as vermin that has to be controlled… Yet, for years, the hunts have been claiming to keep the fox population down and now they are claiming that they were keeping the fox numbers up for the benefit of the fox - or was it for the pleasure of hunting them?... Mrs I Cater Radstock North East Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.3.07 FEWER FOXES SINCE BAN ON HUNTING - Paul Emery asks (Your Say, March 19) why fox numbers are declining. The answer is that landowners and farmers are less tolerant of them since the hunt ban… Until the ban is repealed not only will fox numbers almost certainly continue to decline, but more will suffer a prolonged painful death. Ray Bird Gloucestershire (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 12.4.07 Don't bet on the National - FIONA PEREIRA, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Driffield Times/Post 11.4.07 Horses raced to death - Fiona Pereira, campaigner, Animal Aid,The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, writes . . . (letter)
Wrexham Leader 11.4.07 Horses pay for our 'harmless flutter' - Fiona Pereira, Campaigner, Animal Aid (letter)
Evening Leader 11.4.07 Horses pay for our 'harmless flutter' - Behind horse racing's glamorous façade lies suffering and death. Research shows that around 375 horses are raced to death every year, resulting from injuries such as a broken leg, back, neck or pelvis; fatal spinal injuries; exhaustion; heart attack, or burst blood vessels…. Earlier this week, the national campaign group, Animal Aid, launched Race Horse DeathWatch… Please don't bet on the Grand National. For you it's only a harmless flutter, but horses could pay with their lives. Fiona Pereira, Campaigner, Animal Aid (letter)

Liverpool Echo 12.4.07 Don’t back National - BEHIND horse racing’s glamorous façade lies a catalogue of suffering and death. According to national campaigning group Animal Aid, around 375 horses are raced to death every year…. J Berrington, Liverpool (letter)

Rugby Observer 12.4.07 Protest set for greyhound track by SG - SUNDAY'S greyhound race meeting at Coventry Stadium in Brandon will be picked as part of a campaign to persuade members of the public to boycott greyhound racing. Greyhound Action will also picket meetings in Birmingham and Wolverhampton to protest against the sport and the treatment of the dogs. Co-ordinator Tony Peters said: "Every year about 30,000 greyhounds are bred for the British greyhound racing industry… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 12.4.07 Exploiting iguanas - I, AND no doubt others, was horrified at the owner of an adult iguana parading the poor creature around Southampton streets… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 12.4.07 ANIMAL CRUELTY WORSE ABROAD - It's almost summer and, once more, many millions will be jetting off with their holiday money to foreign climes. I'm sure many thousands, perhaps millions, of them were ardent supporters of the ban on fox hunting and yet they are quite prepared to bolster the economies of countries with a much worse record of animal cruelty than this one… Peter Blake, Main Street, Saxby-All-Saints. (letter)

Independent 12.4.07 Revealed: plight of Chessington's gorillas By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - At London Zoo, visitors these days marvel at the new £5.3m Gorilla Kingdom which replicates a forest clearing and incorporates heated rocks and a waterfall. But only a few miles away, gorillas are not living in the same luxury at London's second biggest zoo, Chessington World of Adventures. Far from it. Two unpublished official reports obtained by The Independent under freedom of information legislation have expressed grave concern at conditions for the zoo's western lowland gorillas…. the Captive Animals' Protection Society said Chessington should have been shut…. (story)


Carmarthen Journal 11.4.07 HUNT MEMBERS RAISE £520 FOR AIR AMBULANCE - Carmarthenshire Hunt celebrated their closing meet by donating money to charity. Members raised £520 for Wales Air Ambulance…. (story)

Bucks Free Press 11.4.07 Get angry and fight fly-tipping - Sara Rutherford West Wycombe Southern Regional Director Countryside Alliance (letter)
Daily Post 10.4.07 Cynical ploy - IT makes a change to hear the Countryside Alliance talking about getting rid of rubbish instead of talking it. But I can't help feeling this is just another cynical ploy by the pro-hunt brigade to get the public onside, in their quest to carry on killing for fun… Judi Hewitt, Anti-Hunt Campaigner, Rhyl (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.4.07 THE ALLIANCE HAS NOW MOVED ON - With reference to the Countryside Alliance and fly-tipping (March 31), it's good to see that they have moved on. Instead of just spouting rubbish about hunting, they are now hunting out rubbish to spout about!Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)
News Post Leader 3.4.07 Alliance call for public to support fly-tipping campaign - RICHARD DODD, Regional Director North, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Mail 3.4.07 Scrap fly-tipping - BARRY HENDERSON, Regional Director for North Wales & Cheshire, Countryside Alliance, Llangynhafal, Ruthin (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 2.4.07 Waging war on fly-tipping - SARA RUTHERFORD, southern regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.3.07 HELP KEEP OUR COUNTRY CLEAN - Delly Everard Director Wessex Region Countryside Alliance (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 30.3.07 Help to halt fly-tipping - D Everard. Wessex Regional Director. Countryside Alliance (letter)
Chester Evening Leader 30.3.07 Menace of the selfish fly-tippers - The Countryside Alliance recently launched "Fly-tipping, scrap it", a campaign that has caught the public's imagination across the UK… We are organising National Fly-tipping Awareness Week, which begins on April 23 and will include the Big Pick-Up, a mass spring clean that everyone can get involved in… Barry Henderson, regional director for North Wales & Cheshire, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 11.4.07 NEW CAREER IS THE STUFF OF DREAMS - Nature lover Paul Winterton Jarrett has embarked on his second career with wildlife - but instead of protecting animals he now earns his living stuffing them. The former gamekeeper turned, well not poacher but in fact taxidermist, says he has emerged from the "living death" of long-term unemployment thanks to his new trade…. (story)

Guardian 11.4.07 Racing certainty - I wonder if Kitty and Issy would have enjoyed the greyhound racing as much had they known that within 18 months more than half the dogs they were watching would be dead… Helena Nowell, Beadlam, North Yorkshire (letter)

Scotsman 11.4.07 Salmon-friendly farming? - It is encouraging that consumers are concerned about farmed-animal welfare standards… However, the belief that salmon is one of the most welfare-friendly farmed foods may be based on a number of misconceptions…. LIBBY ANDERSON Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)


Telegraph 10.4.07 Sea anglers may be forced to buy a licence By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor - More than one million sea anglers will be forced for the first time to pay to fish under Government plans for a licensing system. Ministers are proposing charges to cover beach anglers, boat fishing and charter trips, overturning a British tradition enshrined in common law nearly 800 years ago… Countryside campaigners see it as a stealth tax and say commercial fishing is the biggest threat to marine conservation… A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "Sea anglers know full well that it is commercial rather than recreational angling that is the biggest threat to marine conservation."… (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 11.4.07 Is the Grand National too cruel on horses? IN Grand National week, Paula Owens looks at the continuing debate about whether the world's most famous race is cruel on horses - THE Grand National meeting is one of the highlights of the sporting and social year on Merseyside… YES: The Case Against - Horse racing in general fails a basic ethical test by Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid… NO: The Case For - This course would end in racehorses' extinction by Lynn Hillyer, veterinary adviser at the Horseracing Regulatory Authority(story)

Liverpool Daily Echo 10.4.07 Grand National sponsor slated for ‘sickening’ ad By Will Batchelor, Liverpool Daily Post - ONE of the main sponsors of the Grand National was condemned last night for appearing to “relish the prospect of horses dying” in the big race…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.4.07 ANIMAL LOVERS HIT OUT AT ADVERTS BY SPONSOR OF GRAND NATIONAL - One of the main sponsors of the Grand National was condemned yesterday for appearing to "relish the prospect of horses dying" in the big race… (story)
Yorkshire Post 10.4.07 Grand National firm blasted for 'sickening' falls advert - One of the main sponsors of the Grand National was condemned yesterday for appearing to "relish the prospect of horses dying" in the race. Billboard adverts for online gambling giant Betfair show a jockey falling from his mount and the slogan: "Long shots are only long shots until the favourites fall." Pressure group Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), which protests outside Aintree every year, described the ad as "sickening". Group chairman Tony Moore said: "This advert appears to relish the prospect of horses dying in the name of entertainment and gambling… (story)

BBC News Online 10.4.07 Zoo defends itself after protest - Dudley Zoo has defended itself after protestors claimed animals were being "driven mad" by the conditions there…. The Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps) picketed outside the zoo on Bank Holiday Monday. Richard Brown, of Caps, claimed some animals' enclosures were 100 times smaller than their natural environment… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.4.07 Cruelty to bears that must come to an end - I am writing to make your readers aware of the awful cruelty inflicted on animals, and bears in particular, in China…. There is a British woman in China who has devoted her life to having this practice stopped. Jill Robinson has formed a charity called Animals Asia… Leslie Dobson, Stonecroft, Bradford BD2 2HW (story)

Western Morning News 10.4.07 I WANT MY LIFE BACK - In reply to Pauline Kidner's letter (March 5), how this farmer would love to move both his stock and his life on.We first had a confirmed TB reactor in early 2003, even though we had been a closed herd since 1999… Could she get off her high horse and listen to those who are living it, instead of believing the slant put on research by pro-badger groups who are not affected? I concede, though, that they are very good at manipulating statistics - and you know what they say about statistics. Duncan Kittow, Tiverton (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.4.07 CLAMPDOWN ON ANIMAL CRUELTY IS LONG OVERDUE AND WELCOME - There has recently been some good news as far as the general welfare and care of family pets is concerned. They now have some rights and stand a better chance of a life as a pet and not as an inconvenience to their owners… MICK LYNN Lincoln (story)

Scotsman 10.4.07 Healthier without meat - There is a wealth of research linking red meat to various forms of cancer so the "news" that eating red meat is associated with breast cancer is hardly surprising… JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Sussex Express 10.4.07 Mayor's meat free dinner wins support - FARMERS have protested against Lewes' traditional Town and County Dinner because the mayor insisted on a meat-free menu. According to Roger Foxwell, deputy chairman of the East Sussex National Farmers Union, a number of farmers stayed away from the function because the meal was entirely vegetarian. The mayor, Cllr Merlin Milner, said the event, which took place on Monday evening at the Town Hall, was a great success and the decision to have a vegetarian dinner was not a criticism of farmers but based on his personal beliefs…. (story)


Newcastle Journal 9.4.07 Getting hooked on a better life By Paul Lorraine, The Journal - A charity is launching new sports classes in Northumberland in a bid to reel in anti-social behaviour in the county. Get Hooked on Fishing was pioneered in Durham in 2000 and has since been rolled out to a number of centres across the country… (story)

The Sentinel 9.4.07 'CRUEL' RACING PROTEST – PHILCORRIGAN - Animal rights protesters targeted punters visiting a North Staffordshire town's bookmakers ahead of this weekend's Grand National.The North Staffordshire branch of campaign group Animal Aid demonstrated outside bookies in Newcastle on Saturday, handing out leaflets to punters and members of the public…. Becky Stevenson, who led the protest, said: "The Grand National is the most dangerous race for horses…. Kate Gurney, aged 33, of Keele Road, Wolstanton, said: "We're protesting a week before the Grand National because on the day most people would have already made up their mind whether they're going to support it…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.4.07 FAILINGS OF BARBARIC INDUSTRY ARE LEGION - David Soutter accuses me of using 'emotive' language when describing slaughter, Points of view, March 27.Is there any other way to describe how we end the lives of over 900 million animals in the UK every single year?... Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Bath Chronicle 30.3.07 THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns manager, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.3.07 BE SCEPTICAL OVER VIEWS ON SLAUGHTER - As one of the people who attend the slaughter house featured in the BBC3 programme Kill It, Cook It, Eat, I must take issue with Justin Kerswell's letter No such thing as humane slaughter, Points of view, March 19.As he was not present at the time, he cannot use such controversial language if he wishes the general public to listen to what he has to say… Beware anyone who uses emotive terms to further their cause. Their comments cannot be trusted as being objective - treat all of them with extreme scepticism. David Soutter, Milwr, Holywell, North Wales (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.3.07 NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Derry Journal 13.3.07 Kind to animals? Then go veggie - Justin Kerswell Campaigns Manager Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street Bristol BS2 8QH (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 13.3.07 Bloody whitewash - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.3.07 Go veggie to stop animal suffering - The way animals are killed in slaughterhouses is something most of us don't want to think about but the incredible fact that nearly two-and-a-half million are slaughtered in the UK each day means it is an issue we can't ignore…. . By going veggie we stop supporting this brutal business and reduce the number of animals enduring this fate… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Independent 9.4.07 Life Behind Bars: The truth about Britain's zoos - If you are thinking of spending today peeking at penguins or gasping at gorillas, you won't be alone. But what's the truth about Britain's zoos? Can they honestly claim to be champions of animal welfare? Or is keeping wildlife in captivity always cruel? Guy Adams reports…"If you go to a normal zoo, you are likely to see lions pacing up and down, or elephants standing still on one spot, or primates literally pulling their hair out," says Craig Redmond, of the Captive Animals' Protection Society…. The more important debate, though, is about conservation. London Zoo's director, David Field, is adamant that "everything we do" is aimed at saving animals in the wild, describing those in his collection as "ambassadors" for their species…. (story)


Horse & Hound 8.4.07 Hunting man plans historical blow for home - Anna Tyzack, H&H news writer - A Leicestershire hunting man is planning to blow a hunting horn from the top of a 5,000m unclimbed peak in Kyrgyzstan. If successful, it will be the highest blow for home in history. Benjamin Elson, 30, who hunts regularly with the Belvoir, is climbing in aid of the Adam Cole Foundation, a registered charity that supports the building of relief centres in Cambodia. He intends to name the peak after his friend Adam Cole, who died last year…. (story)

Ireland Online 8.4.07 Lobby groups clash over hunting ban - Rival lobby groups battling it out over the future of fox hunting in Ireland have clashed over calls for an outright ban. The row comes after a major survey found 64% of people support a ban on fox hunting, while 68% condemned it as cruel. But pro-hunt campaigners have dismissed the poll commissioned by The League Against Cruel Sports….. But Ronan Gorman of Countryside Alliance Ireland which supports hunting, dismissed the findings… “A hunt needs the overwhelming support of a local community to go ahead. “Hunts take place over large areas and they have to have access to large areas of uninterrupted territory. (story)

Observer 8.4.07 How big is your cruelty footprint? - If you want to have clear skin and a clear conscience, non-animal testing is more than in fashion, says Lucy Siegle… there's now a new campaign by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) which measures your cruelty footprint… '200 million animals are used in research and testing worldwide for consumer goods every year,' according to Michelle Thew of BUAV… (story)

Sunday Mail 8.4.07 INFAMOUS GROUSE - Exclusive by Graham Ogilvy - SCOTLAND'S top sporran makers have outraged animal rights activists by making a £1000 version out of stuffed grouse. They are being sold by Eagleton to cash in on the tourist market. Each sporran is adorned with the body of a dead grouse, complete with legs, feet, head and beak. The wings are pinned back, the innards removed and the remains are stuck to the front of a sporran casing…. John Robbins, of Animal Concern, said: "People wearing these sporrans should be ashamed of themselves… Ross Minett, of Advocates For Animals, said: "It seems like the company is stuck in the dark ages…. We want sporranmakers to start stocking more ethical fake fur alternatives." (story)


Scotsman 7.4.07 Stop the seal slaughter - With reduced seal numbers around Canada's coast (your report, 5 April), Canadian sealers compete against each other to get seals as quickly as possible to fill their quotas…. The UK government should ban the trade in sealskins and other products…. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.4.07 LETTER: AMAZING U-TURN - G. L. 'Goose Loather' Robinson has performed with military precision an about-face on the subject of the geese on Victoria Embankment and is now advocating reduction of the their numbers without recourse to culling…. I would remind him that he has urged the slaughter of the geese "down to two"… Humans should rise above feeling gratified when cruelty is shown to another species, something to be borne in mind when condemning the much-maligned geese for having the temerity to exist. T. FELL Newfield Road Sherwood (letter)


Cumberland News 6.4.07 Farmers and landowners hear MP’s views on rural issues - FARMERS and landowners turned out in force to hear Labour MP Kate Hoey speak at a Countryside Alliance meeting in Penrith. Some 110 people gathered at the Hired Lad on Friday evening, the best turnout yet for the organisation on its tour of the country… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 2.4.07 ‘Carry on the fight for our countryside’ By Kelly Eve - MORE than 100 countryside supporters came together at Penrith to hear what the Countryside Alliance has in store for the next 12 months. They heard that the organisation plans to continue its legal challenges against the Hunting Act and intends to lobby would-be national politicians ahead of any potential change of government. The leaders of the Countryside Alliance – chief executive Simon Hart, regional director Richard Dodd and chairman and Labour MP Kate Hoey – addressed supporters…. (story)

Scotsman 6.4.07 Wildlife conservation - In reply to Logan Steele (Letters, 4 April), I support his view that any illegal activity, in this instance wildlife crime, damages the credibility of wildlife managers. However, he paints a misleading picture that such crimes are endemic. The SCA and its partner organisations unequivocally condemn all such illegal activity…. TONY ANDREWS, Chief executive, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Edinburgh (story)

York Press 6.4.07 Cruelty and class - LIKE Aled Jones (Cruel Game, The Press, April 3), I find cruelty to animals despicable, and his description of the horrific suffering of pheasants and partridges in this country makes very sad reading indeed…. Shooting game birds is a sport for royalty, the aristocracy and the rich and famous. These people are not about to forego this privileged pastime… The bottom line to all this, I suppose, is that class distinction is alive and well in Britain today. J H Roy, Hadrian Avenue, York. (letter)
Northern Echo 4.4.07 Battery farming - IF this Government really cared about the animal kingdom, it would put a complete ban on battery production… Not only are thousands of pheasants and partridges being shot every year in Britain for "sport", but an increasing number, in the words of Animal Aid, "come from eggs laid by breeding birds who are confined for their whole lives in the kind of battery cages being phased out across Europe for laying hens, because they are so cruel"…. Aled Jones, Bridlington, East Yorkshire. (letter)
York Press 3.4.07 Cruel game - IF the Labour Government really cared about the animal kingdom, it would be putting a complete ban on battery production, not standing by while new forms of factory farming are introduced…. Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)

Oxford Times 6.4.07 Protest demo planned - ANIMAL Rights campaigners will gather outside the medical research laboratory in South Parks Road tomorrow for a demonstration. Demonstrators are expected to gather outside the research lab from noon… (story)

Bath Chronicle 6.4.07 HOW ONE COW CAN CHANGE A LIFE FOR GOOD - In Some areas of Rwanda, the words Send a Cow represent hope, dreams and full stomachs to many families.Others are yet to feel the impact of the charity's work, while more, further out from the capital Kigali, have probably never heard of it…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 5.4.07 WASTE NOT, WANT NOT - SUSTAINABLE LIVING THROUGH SEND A COW - It's a case of where's there's muck there's brass. Under Send a Cow's training, organic and sustainable living simply means finding a use for everything most would consider waste. Among those who have learnt to use everything available to them is 50-year-old widow Eugenia Nyiraneza who is preparing to receive a cow on Sunday, April 15…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 4.4.07 SEND A COW BITES BACK - Animal Rights group Animal Aid is just one of the groups that claims Send a Cow is doing wrong by providing livestock to families in ten of Africa's poorest countries. Before last Christmas, Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said donate-an-animal schemes, one of which is run by Send a Cow, should not be supported…. Dr John Baptist Musemakweli, who is a trained vet and Send a Cow Rwanda's livestock development manager, said he did not think any of the points raised by Animal Aid were applicable to Send a Cow…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 3.4.07 PROVIDING HOPE AFTER THE HORROR When Irene Uzabakiriho was 13, her father died in the mass genocide which wiped out nearly a million people in Rwanda.Two years later, her mother died. There was no guarantee that she would survive - but partly thanks to the work of the Newton St Loe charity Send a Cow, she did… (story)
Bath Chronicle 3.4.07 YOU COULD SEND A GIFT FOR EASTER - Send A Cow has urged people to leave a chocolate egg on the shop shelf this Easter - and give something life-changing.It says people can help African families lift themselves out of poverty by swapping chocolate for gifts from its catalogue…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 2.4.07 SEND A REPORTER AFTER SEND A COW - For two years, a charity set up by Somerset farmers desperate to help their fellow agricultural workers 4,000 miles away has been under siege. The work of Send a Cow in training and providing livestock for poverty-stricken communities in East Africa has been questioned and criticised since 2005. Animal rights campaigners have launched damaging attacks on its aims and actions, accusing it of encouraging dependence and environmental despoilation…. We've paid for reporter Nadia Stone to travel to Rwanda to talk to the people who matter. Not the animal rights campaigners, but families whose lives were ripped apart by the genocide of 1994…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 2.4.07 SEND A COW 'VITAL FOR US' - Communities in the heart of Africa have urged people in Bath to keep on supporting an under-fire city charity which has transformed their lives. Villagers in Rwanda have told The Bath Chronicle that money donated to Send a Cow has been a lifeline - and that they no longer have to worry about where their next meal will be coming from…. Send A Cow has been under fire since 2005 when the Animal Aid group said giving money so that people in the Third World could be given animals by charities was too much of a burden for those in Africa to cope with…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 6.4.07 'ABATTOIR' ART SPARKS FURY - Artist Damien Hirst has upset his neighbours with controversial plans to build a "factory-style" studio on their doorstep… (story)
Guardian 5.4.07 Neighbours rail against artist's plan to truck in dead animals - Steven Morris - If you are a neighbour of a shark-pickler and sheep-halver, then you ought to be ready for unusual planning applications. But neighbours of the artist Damien Hirst were enraged yesterday over plans to include an "abattoir rail" at one of his studios in the Cotswolds… Vicky Radwell, a vegetarian whose home overlooks the studio, said: "Most people around here are quite horrified that there are going to be dead animals there. Dead animals in art is just outrageous….” (story)
Western Daily Press 5.4.07 HIRST HOOKED ON ANIMAL ART - Artist Damien Hirst has clashed with his neighbours again - over plans to build an abattoir rail at his studio.Hirst - famous for pickling cows, sheep and sharks in formaldehyde - wants to install a meat handling system at his rural design studio in the Cotswolds…. >(story)
Gloucester Citizen 4.4.07 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS OUTRAGED BY HIRST PLANS - Protests are mounting over controversial modern artist Damien Hirst's plans for an abattoir rail in his latest Gloucestershire studio.Animal rights campaigners are leading the objections to Mr Hirst's proposal to include the carcass handling system in his redevelopment of old factory premises at Dudbridge, in Stroud… Vegetarian Vicky Radwell, whose home in Cromwell Terrace overlooks the Automold site, said: "I am just gobsmacked about what is going on. I have written a letter against the application…. (story)

Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 6.4.07 Ruddy Ducks are the wrong target - With the shooting of the Ruddy Ducks fiasco having finally got a reprieve I, along with many others I'm sure, are hopeful that with all the protests and bad publicity it has caused, this stand down will become a permanent one…. Cyril Barnett, Whitley Crescent, Wigan (story)

Western Daily Press 6.4.07 CULLING BADGERS IS NO SOLUTION - I Really cannot understand why so much space is given to Chris Rundle going on and on about badger culling…Why on Earth can't the NFU stop moaning and just get on with testing their cattle and carrying out pre-testing of animals prior to movement? We have been told that 80 per cent of all breakdowns are due to cattle-to-cattle transmission. Pauline Kidner Secret World Wildlife Rescue Somerset (letter)


North Devon Journal 5.4.07 The Torrington Farmers Hunt has, over the past 15 months, given in excess of £6,000 to Children's Hospice South West and the North Devon Hospice…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 5.4.07 RAPPER BACKTRACKED OVER HUNTS - A Rapper from Washington DC joined a county pro-hunt lobby only to later change his mind. Samuel Samson Joffre Payne, known as The President, left, joined the Countryside Alliance on marches in 1992…. He then withdrew his support for the campaign. The Alliance then accused The President of withdrawing his support because it refused to promote his single. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 5.4.07 CANNONBALL MAN TO HIT THE SPOT AT FUN SHOW – This year's Royal Bath and West Show looks set to have something for everybody with attractions ranging from dog shows to human cannonballs… Main ring action includes the Army Air Corps Blue Eagle Helicopter Display Team and the Band of the Royal Signals. There are extra show-jumping classes, fast and furious scurry-driving, Pony Club Games, Hound Parades, the Inter Hunt Relay is back, plus a special pageant is being staged to mark the 60th anniversary of the British Horse Society…. (story)

North Devon Journal 5.4.07 ONE RULE FOR THEM - Once again we see hunts being allowed to do just as they please while the rest of us have to obey the rules. I am of course referring to their exemption of park authority rules where they are allowed to let a whole pack of dogs loose on Exmoor… JUDI HEWITT, Rhyl. (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.4.07 ANN RIGHT ABOUT FLOUTING HUNT LAW - I was interested in Ann Widdecombe's comments regarding the hunting ban "Hunting ban is a farce"… We can all point to laws we don't agree with, but that is why we leave it to our MP to make our views known…. Pamela Dean, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)

Evesham Journal 5.4.07 Countryside - Test your skills - GUN dog owners are invited to show off their training skills in the Masters and The Game Conservancy Trust's regional gundog and working tests. Winners will compete at the final at the Midland Game Fair in September…. (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 5.4.07 Greyhound killings - JEAN BENNINGTON, Prestatyn (letter)
Daily Post 19.3.07 Legal killing - WHAT kind of laws prevail when a man is fined for slaughtering thousands of healthy greyhounds while animal rights activists are imprisoned for up to four years for breaching anti-protest laws without physically harming anyone?... Jean Bennington, Prestatyn (story)

South Wales Argus 5.4.07 Badger cubs thriving - TWO abandoned badger cubs are now in safe hands after being rescued. Bailey and Bramble are being looked after by members of Gwent Badger Group and are making good progress after their shaky start. Chairman Steve Clark said: "Normally we would not come across any abandoned cubs until mid to late April when they are eight to ten weeks but these two came into our care in early March."… (story)

Glasgow Herald 5.4.07 Farmed salmon can become stressed, too - It is encouraging that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about farmed animal welfare standards… Libby Anderson, Political Director, Advocates for Animals 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh.
Sid Patten of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) complains (April 3) that "ill-informed critics of salmon farming" have tried to damage the progress of his industry. Nothing could be further from the truth: the fish farmers are more than capable of doing that by themselves… Bruce Sandison, Hysbackie, Tongue, by Lairg, Sutherland.
The article by David Ross (April 4) made me almost choke on my bran and banana…. How can the life cycle of a wild salmon compare with that of a caged fish?... Frederick Jenkins, The Lodge, Burnton, Kippen. (letters)

Western Daily Press 5.4.07 THE NASTIEST, MOST AGGRESSIVE SPECIES KNOWN IS MANKIND - With reference to Chris Rundle's "weekly watch on the countryside", and "Badger cull on cards", he is wrong to think no-one cares for all species. To start at first point forward, cattle or bovine TB, as it is known, is a farming problem not a wildlife problem: simple answer stop breeding bovines, problem solved…. In Chris Rundle's words, the nasty, vicious, aggressive, malodorous mammal known to spread diseases is, strangely enough, the species known as homo sapiens. M J Haines, Cirencester, Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.4.07 CAMPAIGNERS A CARING GROUP - I write in response to Mr Henry (Your Call, March 17) as the myth being promoted by this person needs correcting. The badger protection Acts, which he obviously abhors, were campaigned for but the campaigners were not "a dangerous group of fanatics" as he states. On the contrary, they were a sympathetic concerned cross-section of the British public and included animal charities, conservationists, naturalists and farmers… Martin Quigley, Hereford (letter)

Evesham Journal 5.4.07 Harvington - Journal helps to save hens from slaughter - A HARVINGTON businessman has stepped in to rescue 100 healthy chickens from slaughter, thanks to an appeal in the Evesham Journal. Janet Taylor, founder of the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Middle Littleton, offered to home 100 hens of the 6,000 being saved by a charity based near Brighton, but she was without transport to collect them. Shortly after the Evesham Journal came out last Thursday, Andy Clements, MD of the electronic security company ESP, contacted the charity and offered help…. (story)


Hendon Times 4.4.07 Foxes are the best pest control available - I read Pat Dunnill's letter about the rats in the garden and I am not surprised. I read the week before that a cull on urban foxes had been ordered… Foxes are the best pest controllers you can have. They are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week and don't cost a penny. Leave the foxes alone. Jim Heady Somaford Grove, East Barnet (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 4.4.07 WHY NO ASBO? - Police officers say magistrates and judges need to better understand the nuisance hare coursers cause after two culprits escaped Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. Lincolnshire Police wanted Stephen Taylor and Troy West to be given Asbos because they are regular offenders and because officers believe fines, driving bans and nights in the cells don't work… (story)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 4.4.07 Now let’s treat animals fairly - It is wonderful that we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the end of the African slave trade… My hope is that one day we might see clearly how, in the UK alone, we cruelly treat the 50+million animals we eat each year and the 7million we experiment on each year…. Mary Barton, Ayot St Peter. (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 4.4.07 ON THE PICKET LINE - Protestors have vowed they will return every year to the Great British Circus to make their feelings known. Twenty animal rights campaigners braved freezing weather last night to picket the circus entrance, near to Morrison's supermarket… Protestor Sean Atkinson (38), said: "Animals don't belong in cages…. Emma Day (19) added: "I hate to see wild animals locked up - it's not natural. I have been picketing the circus for the last five years and will keep doing it."… (story)


Western Morning News 3.4.07 Western Morning News 3.4.07 HUNTING BAN IS STAYING, SO SHUT UP AND ACCEPT IT - W sweet and Jonathan Marshall must have many sleepless nights as they cannot decide on what to call the antis, who video hunt meets and manage to film evidence of illegal activities; should they be known as monitors, vigilantes, busybodies, nosey parkers, spies or what? It matters not a jot what these two whingers think they should be called as long as any lawbreakers are caught and brought to court…. F Cleaves, Par (letter)

Western Morning News 3.4.07 TORIES WILL DO NOTHING FOR THE POOR - Who speaks for the rural poor?... I can recall nothing about rural poverty in the election leaflet I received from Geoffrey Cox, now my MP…Michael Howard, in the very first week of his new government, as a rural priority, was going to have a free vote on repealing the hunting ban. Thanks! I have also seen poverty in another field sport. This is not by standing in the line of guns at a shoot, but when walking with the line of beaters opposite the guns… The Countryside Alliance hardly helped. Their million-man march told London the countryside was a place of play, not of work…. Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 3.4.07 Vet calls for fox culling By Sarah Newstead - Concerns that foxes are "brutally" killing pets have caused one borough vet to call for a cull. Cristobel Moseley, of Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, says she has seen a dramatic rise in domestic pets being mauled and killed by foxes… Trevor Williams, of The Fox Project, advises Richmond upon Thames Council on methods to deter foxes and conducts fox rescues in the borough. He said: "We have seen a lot of cats that have supposedly been attacked by foxes over the years. They have been found to be road accidents that the foxes have scavenged… (story)

Western Mail 3.4.07 Countryside should not pay for official failure - Simon Hart, Western Mail - FOLLOWING the continuing chaotic handling of the Single Farm Payment scheme, it is little surprise that former Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett and her team of senior Defra officials are finally being called to take responsibility for their misguided and ill-conceived management of the entire affair… Simon Hart is chief executive of Countryside Alliance (story)

Western Morning News 3.4.07 I AM ASHAMED OF THIS CRUELTY TO HORSES - I hope those who support horse-racing will think again before the Grand National in April - and be aware that more than 32 horses have been killed over the last decade during the three-day Grand National meeting…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Bolton News 3.4.07 Reasons to say no to dog track - I WAS dismayed when I read that a campaign is being launched to build a dog track in Bolton…. While greyhound racing continues, dogs will continue to be abandoned or destroyed, all for man's pleasure and financial gain…. Mrs Katherine M Kay, Boonfields, Bromley Cross (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 3.4.07 ACTIVISTS IN FLAP GIVEN BIRD BY RIDERS - Animal rights activists were in a flap, after hearing Scunthorpe Speedway riders were set to swap bikes for giant birds. The animal lovers were concerned after they heard bikers were to climb aboard a flock of emus for a race with a difference.But the bird lovers had to bury their heads in the sand in confusion, after it emerged the emus were fakes…. A speedway spokesman confirmed the farewell race fooled a lot of fans. "A lot of people thought they were real emus - but thankfully no animals were hurt during racing, as four riders dressed up like Bernie Clifton to provide the entertainment," the spokesman explained…. (story)

Western Daily Press 3.4.07 BATTLE TO ERADICATE TB MUST FOCUS ON WILDLIFE CARRIERS - As a retired farmer, I feel I must respond to Ms Schneidau's letter (Your Say, March 16)…. With annual testing of cattle in high-risk areas, animals that have been exposed to infection and have produced antibodies against it are quickly identified and removed. In fact, very few reacting cattle sent through abattoirs show any physical signs of TB infection. The picture as regards wildlife - badgers and deer - is totally different…. T M White, Corsham, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.3.07 SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE DOES NOT SUPPORT CULLING OF BADGERS - Farming Editor Chris Rundle's article about badgers last week certainly made interesting reading - but we believe for all the wrong reasons. We would like to clarify a few of the facts. Wildlife trusts throughout the country - of which there are 47 - and other wildlife and conservation charities, do not agree with the culling of badgers…. Lisa Schneidau, Somerset Wildlife Trust (letter)


Lancashire Telegraph 2.4.07 Hunts survive without killing - AS THE hunting season draws to a close, is it not time for the minority of registered hunts "testing the law" to rethink their policy?... It is no longer considered legitimate sport to harass an animal to death with hounds, and the only really acceptable or legal way to keep hunting alive is to substitute proper predetermined drag lines as in North East Cheshire or bloodhounds "hunting the clean boot" as in the Vale of Lune area. MISS KATHERINE WATSON, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire. (story)

BBC News Online 2.4.07 Fishing used to tackle behaviour - A national project has been set up to attract 50,000 young people in Scotland into angling over 10 years and help cut down on anti-social behaviour. Actor and TV presenter Paul Young is to launch the Scottish National Angling Programme (SNAP) at Kingennie Fisheries, near Broughty Ferry, Angus. SNAP, which is to be launched on 13 April, was initiated by the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 2.4.07 Anglers in river clean-up - A STRETCH of river has a had a spring clean after a sports club carried out a litter pick. Members of the Mitre Angling Club organised the event over the weekend on the banks of the River Calder at Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham…. (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 2.4.07 HEADS IN SAND - Steve matchett of the National Marine Aquarium (March 19) attempts to criticise the Captive Animals' Protection Society study, which revealed a number of serious animal welfare problems in public aquaria around the UK. I suggest Mr Matchett actually reads our report, as the NMA was not one of the aquaria visited!... How many more animals must die before people realise that captivity just is not a natural place for wild animals? CRAIG REDMOND The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186 Manchester M60 3ZA (story)

Guardian 2.4.07 The elephant in the tent - There are elephants in British circuses (Polly Toynbee, March 30). Bobby Roberts circus has been "using" Anne, a 54-year-old elephant from Sri Lanka, for 49 years… It is time a civilised society put an end to this inhumane and medieval practice. Naomi Elias, Chesham, Bucks
Ken Livingstone, during his visit to the new gorilla enclosure at London Zoo, is reported as saying that "a world city needs a world-class zoo"… Perhaps Mayor Livingstone could move London into the 21st century by adopting the phrase "a world-class city needs a world-class attitude towards animals"…. Craig Redmond, Captive Animals' Protection Society (story)

Argus 2.4.07 Animal welfare champion dies at 87 By Louise Acford - A campaigner who helped change public attitudes towards the use of animals in circuses has died aged 87. Marjorie Sutcliffe, of Kingsway in Hove, worked as secretary for the Captive Animals' Protection Society for more than ten years and retired in 1993…. CAPS director Pat Simpson, who took over from Marjorie as secretary, said: "It is sad to see the passing of Marjorie, and before her other good friends who worked so hard to end animal cruelty…. (story)

Beverley Guardian 2.4.07 Pigeons clean up our mess - I write in defence of the Hull pigeons, which some insist on calling 'flying rats' and even 'things', as said on our local radio. Pigeons are neither of those two derogatory terms, but are one of around 9,000 species of God's bird creation. Those terms deliberately spoken to belittle them further… Eileen Girling, Sigston Road, Beverley. (letter)

Mid Sussex Times 2.4.07 BADGER MAN CARVES OUT FILM CAREER - BADGER MAN Bryan Grayson from Burgess Hill is carving out a new career after becoming the only British person to film for a television series from 34,000 entrants…. (story)


Observer 1.4.07 Tattenham Corner - Burgers off the menu - It seems burgers may have been the order of the day from one lot in Plumpton's Countryside Alliance Silent Auction last Monday… Dinner for four people at Boisdale Restaurant… was kindly pledged by one Ranald Macdonald. (letter)