April 2011

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Horse & Hound 30.4.11 Bids invited for the hunt fund auction - Bids are invited for 41 lots in the Hunt Staff Benefit Society's online auction. Items under the hammer include a bespoke Patey hunting cap, a week at a house in the south of France, members tickets to Burghley and hunting with packs including the Exmoor, the Quorn and the Fernie... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.4.11 I refuse to abide by the Hunting Act - I HAVE written to Professor John Cooper QC, the chief executive of The League Against Cruel Sports, with regard to my continued use of dogs to chase wild deer on my farm. I am copying the letter to you for your reference... As the letter makes clear the Government have confirmed to my MP that the law does not even make it clear that it is illegal to chase wild mammals with dogs as I do. The view of Nick Harvey is that it is actually perfectly legal. In any event I shall continue. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)


BBC News Online 29.4.11 Republicans label royal wedding 'PR stunt' By Debabani Majumdar - As thousands gathered in central London to cheer as Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot, about 150 people chose to stay away from what they labelled a "royal PR stunt". Instead, they attended a "Not the Royal Wedding" street party organised by Republic... Mary Macmillan, came with badges proclaiming her anarchist and communist beliefs and a handbag with a hare to affirm her anti-hunting credentials... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 29.4.11 Letter from James Barrington - THE arrogance displayed by Penny Little in her obsessive campaign against hunting and her questioning about my animal welfare credentials is truly astounding... It never ceases to amaze me why people who are strongly anti-hunting seem to judge everyone on the basis of their support or opposition to this activity.... I see no conflict in being an animal welfare consultant to the Countryside Alliance, the Council of Hunting Associations and the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group.... JAMES BARRINGTON Animal Welfare Consultant London (story)
Swindon Advertiser 8.4.11 Letter from Penny Little - COULD James Barrington (letter, March 25) explain exactly what makes him an Animal Welfare Consultant?... Mr Barrington is an Animal Welfare Consultant for… the Countryside Alliance. As that body's primary purpose is to promote blood sports, this seems a sharp contradiction in terms... PENNY LITTLE, Hunt Monitors Association, Gt Haseley, Oxon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 7.4.11 Letter from Alan Kirby - I GOGGLE at the brass neck of James Barrington (Letters, 25-3), long-ago League Against Cruel Sports leader... ALAN KIRBY, M.SC Haven Court Hayle Cornwall (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 31.3.11 Letter from Mrs G E Purser - THE reason why the authors of the Hunting Act did not quite ‘get it right’, to use James Barrington’s words (letters March 25, 2011), is that they underestimated the lengths to which some hunt supporters will go in their efforts to carry on hounding wild animals to death for sport.... G E PURSER, Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 25.3.11 Letter from James Barrington - THE difficulty in debating the validity of the Hunting Act with some people who are strongly anti-hunting, such as Gill Purser (SA, March 22), is that they are utterly convinced hunting a wild mammal can never be acceptable... I urge the public, and in particular MPs who will have to debate repeal of this law at some stage, to examine closely what the current legislation does and what measures may be brought forward to replace it... (letter)
Swiindon Advertiser 22.3.11 Letter from Mrs G E Purser - JAMES Barrington declaims at length about the Hunting Act (Letters, March 10, 2011) but he could gather his thoughts by remembering that the aim of this law is to prevent the unnecessary suffering inflicted on the fox, deer and hare by those who hound them to death for the sake of amusement... MRS G E PURSER Newbridge Farm Clapton-on-the-Hill Cheltenham (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 10.3.11 Letter from James Barrington - PHILIP Beaven criticises me for not stating that I am an animal welfare consultant to the Countryside Alliance (SA, February 22), as if somehow that destroys my argument about the failure of the Hunting Act. As he is more interested in denigrating a reputable veterinary organisation and concentrating on my background, rather than debating details of this flawed law, I can inform him that I am one of four former executive directors of the League Against Cruel Sports who now say that the ban on hunting is wrong for animal welfare reasons... JAMES BARRINGTON Animal Welfare Consultant London (story)
Swindon Advertiser 22.2.11 Letter from Philip Beaven - I WOULD like to respond to a letter from James Barrington in Thursday’s Adver. Mr Barrington calls himself an ‘Animal Welfare Consultant’ but what is omitted is that he is the animal welfare consultant for the Countryside Alliance, a dubious organisation which wants to bring back the killing of deer, hares and foxes for fun. Not sure where the animal welfare comes in.... PHILIP BEAVEN , Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 10.2.11 Letter from James Barrington - IN his letter on foxes and hunting (SA - February 4, 2011), Graham Forsyth criticizes an organisation called the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management for being in favour of hunting. Presumably Mr Forsyth would have us believe that he knows more about animals than the 570 plus veterinary surgeons, including five veterinary professors and six fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists, who support this body... A detailed examination of the Hunting Act explains why Mr Forsyth is wrong; animal welfare has been made worse by this legislation, not better.... JAMES BARRINGTON, Animal Welfare Consultant, London (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 4.2.11 Letter from Graham Forsyth - IN reply to reports that urban foxes are being released in the countryside, all I would like to say is that deception and deflection are all that the hunting and shooting fraternity has ever offered in place of justification for their killing programs.... Sometimes when the label states this product may contain nuts, and we are initially dumbfounded and confused never expecting to understand why nuts would ever be present in this product - then later we stumble across these nuts and usually in most unexpected of places. GRAHAM FORSYTH Fairway Rise Chard Somerset (letter)

Farmers' Guardian 29.4.11 Ongoing CAP support key for Scots - REDUCING red tape and CAP reform are among the common threads running through the list of priorities the new administration in Scotland has been urged to tackle. Farming and rural leaders have outlined the issues they feel are most important to help secure the future of agriculture and rural areas, with affordable housing and support for local food also featuring high on their list. Both NFU Scotland and the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) have stressed Scotland’s farming industry needs ongoing CAP support.... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 29.4.11 HULL: A bench has been dedicated to a popular animal rights campaigner who died after falling from a ladder. Ray Jessop died in 2009 while decorating a house in Cranswick Grove, east Hull... (story)

Guardian 29.4.11 Rabbit battery farms could return to UK - Local and welfare concerns over planning applications lodged for first intensive rabbit farms since 1990s, Guardian can reveal - Damian Carrington - Planning applications for at least six rabbit battery farms have been lodged with local authorities across the UK.... The developer, Philip Kerry of T&S Nurseries in Grantham, Lincolnshire, told the Guardian that the farms would be "very green and very sustainable".... Michele Danan, at the campaigners Compassion in World Farming, said: "It's time for us to be banning these cruel systems, not to be introducing them.... (story)


Gloucestershire Gazette 28.4.11 Captain of Beaufort Hunt retires after over 25 years in the saddle By Alexandra Womack - THE captain of the Beaufort Hunt has retired after more than a quarter of a century in the saddle. Ian Farquhar has stepped down from the captaincy of the historic hunt following 26 seasons with the hounds. He will stay on as joint master, alongside the Duke of Beaufort.... (story)

Buxton Advertiser 28.4.11 Mark’s triumph - IT was all smiles for Buxton rider Mark Caley who made it two wins in three years at Flagg Races. He won the High Peak Hunt’s Members Race at the popular Easter Tuesday event with his horse Twist and Shout... (story)

Romsey Advertiser 28.4.11 Take in rustic action at country fair - The Hampshire Country Fair comes toBroadlands on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. This year’s event features a number of new attractions, including sheepdog displays and an owl show in the falconry village... (story)

Irish Examiner 28.4.11 What will happen to dogs when racing ends? - I WOULD like to raise a few issues relating to the article regarding greyhounds for China. I think Mr Neilan needs to look again at his comments... Has Mr Neilan actually forgotten we are talking about living creatures here, and not a packet of corn flakes?... Kathryn Walmsley, Coventry, England (letter)
Irish Examiner 27.4.11 Board not putting welfare of greyhounds first - AS an animal lover I am totally opposed to the proposed export of our Irish greyhounds to China... Ed Twohig Glounthaune Co Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 27.4.11 Bad move for our dogs - IS Tom Brett really serious when he says that Irish greyhounds will be looked after by Irish trainers and kennels hands in China (April 22)?... Eila Moloney, Limerick (letter)
Irish Examiner 25.4.11 China deserves own greyhound industry - IN response to recent and unfair criticisms of the Irish Greyhound Board’s examination of establishing a brand new greyhound industry in China, the following positive outcomes for our country need to be highlighted. There will be a substantial multi-year economic return to the Government as well as to the thousands of greyhound owners and breeders throughout the country via a brand new export opportunity of greyhounds to China. The Chinese authorities have also requested our expertise in the design, build and subsequent long-term management of brand new stadia throughout China, as well as requesting our expertise on world-leading integrity, welfare and governance standards.... (letter)
Irish Examiner 22.4.11 Greyhounds to China - IN response to Catherine O’Brien’s letter regarding the exportation of greyhounds to China I would like to add some facts that the animal rights/welfare organisations seem to neglect. The greyhounds which will be exported to China will be owned by the Irish Greyhound Board, these greyhounds will be cared for by Irish trainers and Irish kennel hands who will travel with the greyhounds. The greyhounds will be looked after by Irish people during their racing careers, ensuring Irish standards of care which are world class... Tom Brett City View Mews Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 19.4.11 Our Irish greyhounds deserve better - I WOULD like to commend John Daly for his letter (April 15) regarding the IGB’s plan to send Irish greyhounds to China... Catherine O’Brien, Finglas, Dublin 11 (letter)
Irish Examiner 15.4.11 Don’t send our greyhounds to China - I AM writing to express both my concern and opposition to the proposal of the Irish Greyhound Board to send greyhounds to China... John Daly, Arklow , Co Wicklow (letter)

Flintshire Chronicle 28.4.11 Wales Against Animal Cruelty activists campaign against badger cull plans in Mold by Mark Dowling - ACTIVISTS for Wales Against Animal Cruelty (WAAC) took their campaign against badger culling to Mold in a bid to persuade residents to vote for a Welsh Assembly candidate opposed to the cull.... WAAC supporter Dafydd Hughes, from Buckley, said: “We managed to get close to a hundred signatures in just a couple of hours..." (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 28.4.11 Badger sett damage probed By Emma Denholm - INVESTIGATIONS are ongoing after a badger sett was found damaged in Neath woodland. Gerald James, chairman of Neath Port Talbot Badger Group, said the damage to the sett was found during a routine check by members of the group... (story)

West Cumberland Times & Star 28.4.11 ALLERDALE COUNCIL URGED TO THINK AGAIN ON CIRCUS VOTE - A former ring-master and knife-thrower has hit out at Allerdale council’s unanimous decision to ban circuses with animals from all council-owned land. Chris Barltrop, a circus consultant based in the West Midlands, called on the council to reconsider last week’s decision and to hold an informed and balanced debate on the subject.... Mr Barltrop criticised an Animal Defenders International report upon which some council members based their decision, branding its claims exaggerated and misleading.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 25.4.11 CAMPAIGNERS BACK CUMBRIAN COUNCIL'S ANIMAL CIRCUS BAN By John Connell - Animal rights campaigners have praised a Cumbrian council for banning circuses with animals from performing on their land. Councillors in Allerdale made the ruling after one of their members had been appalled after learning of the suffering endured by one circus elephant. Denis Robertson, who represents Moorclose, told colleagues that the animals were “treated as a meal ticket and a way of getting bums on seats”. Now the action group Animal Defenders International has applauded the authority, saying its stance sent a strong signal to the Government that a national ban on animal performances was needed.... (story)

Wiltshire Times 28.4.11 Humans the problem - Last week’s Wiltshire Times carried a story about a lady fined for feeding birds... This sort of situation is often reported, yet little or nothing said about the fact that go through the streets of most towns in the early hours and see it littered with discarded food, human vomit, excrement, urine, this is the big attraction for rats and pigeons, often called rats with wings by the issue dodgers... David Thomas, Hisomley (letter)

Wiltshire Times 28.4.11 Generous shoppers - I would like to thank the people of Westbury for raising £86.57 during my street collection on April 16 in aid of Compassion In World Farming... Roger G Challoner Green, Church Lane, Wingfield (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 28.4.11 Not all hens are quite so lucky - LOOKING at Your Life (April 25) article on photographer Rupert Stephenson’s photos of poultry, all of which were in extremely good condition, reminded me of the 360million hens not so lucky but reared to suffer each year in battery cages in the EU... Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)


Horse & Hound 27.4.11 New course and new meeting added to point-to-point calendar ...Whitcliffe Grange point-to-point course in Ripon, Yorks, opened for business last month and its first meeting, on 27 March, was organised by the Badsworth and Bramham Moor... And the south-east has got a new point-to-point fixture for this season. The Countryside Alliance (CA) and Crawley and Horsham hunt are hosting the meet on Saturday, 30 April at Parham in West Sussex... (story)

Wirral Globe 27.4.11 Time to call an end to the Grand Natonal - Dene Stansall, Animal Aid (letter)
Shields Gazette 26.4.11 End Grand National - Dene Stansall, Horse Racing Consultant, Animal Aid. The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)
Leigh Journal 21.4.11 Aintree classic is too much - Dene Stansall Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 21.4.11 - ANIMAL Aid has been inundated with messages of support and requests for information following the horrific deaths of Dooneys Gate and Ornais at the 2011 Grand National... Measures to make the course and the fences safer have failed. The race is too crowded, too long and too difficult. It’s time to call for an end to the Grand National... DENE STANSALL Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)

Sheffield Star 27.4.11 Seventh anniversary of greyhound’s death - Over this coming weekend, April 30-May 1, events will be held across the UK as part of Remembering Rusty Weekend, to draw public attention to the plight of greyhounds. May 2 is the seventh anniversary of the death of a greyhound called Rusty, who was shot by captive bolt, his ears cut off to prevent tattoo identification, then abandoned on a South Wales mountainside... According to international greyhound protection organisation Greyhound Action, more than 10,000 greyhounds, bred for the British racing industry, are put down every year ... Jane Whitehead, Youlgrave (letter)

Clitheroe Advertiser 27.4.11 LETTER: Giving goldfish away as fairground prizes was cruel - I AM writing to say how relieved I was when I visited the fair the other weekend with my children and was informed by a stallholder they were no longer giving goldfish away for prizes... MRS C. BUTTERWORTH, Avon Drive, Barnoldswick (letter)


Yorkshire Post 25.4.11 Warm weather boosts crowds on opening day of town game fair - Warm weather helped to boost the number of visitors on the opening day of Selby Game Fair. Thousands of people enjoyed an array of attractions at the start of the annual event at Carlton Towers, Goole, yesterday... (story)

Farmers Weekly 25.4.11 Car insurance up in the clouds - About £12,000 for a second hand Astra and £9,000 for an old Landrover - these are just two of the astronomical quotes given to Farmers Weekly readers by their insurers... "Living in rural areas is already an expensive business," says Jill Grieve, head of communications at the Countryside Alliance, "but with fuel and insurance prices continually rising it is especially tough for youngsters who want the independence a car can bring, but cannot afford to buy, fuel, maintain or insure a vehicle.... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 25.4.11 Campaign to end animal testing visit - CAMPAIGNERS from the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) visited Bristol as part of a new national campaign. Supporters were invited to College Green to discuss the new campaign, which calls for a commitment to replace animal experiments with more sophisticated alternatives under the banner "Cutting Edge, Not Knife Edge".... Jan Creamer, chief executive of the NAVS, said:.... Labour's Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy visited the NAVS team.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.4.11 Help change lives of laboratory animals - EVERY year, during the World Lab Animal Week, compassionate people around the world speak out on behalf of the victims of vivisection.... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)


Independent on Sunday 24.4.11 Two horses died in the Grand National at Aintree this year... Most today oppose the use of animals in circuses. But what is the difference between animal circuses and horse racing?.... Emma Richards, Brighton, East Sussex (letter)

Independent on Sunday 24.4.11 Alien parakeet's days could be numbered - Defra draws up secret plan to cull latest tropical arrival because of its disruptive nesting habits By Lucy Osborne - As tropical birds go, few look more like they belong in the jungle than the monk parakeet... Unlike other parrots, they use sticks to build huge colony nests on the outside of trees or pylons that can reach the size of a small car.... Inquiries by The Independent on Sunday have revealed secret plans by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to exterminate the bird, bringing to an end its short-lived residence in Britain..... The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) supports Defra's move... Kate Fowler, campaigns co-ordinator for Animal Aid, said: "This document accepts that there will be public opposition – so no wonder they have kept it quiet. If Defra wants to see an end to non-native species living in the UK, it should ban the importation and breeding of them for the pet trade. In the meantime, if it regards them as a problem, it should investigate non-lethal measures instead of rushing to kill.".... (story)


Bristol Evening Post 23.4.11 Rescue of fox cubs leads to search for others 'sold' to public - A PAIR of fox cubs have been rescued from Avonmouth after two youngsters tried to sell them. A member of the public contacted Secret World Animal Rescue after two boys, in their early teens, offered him the 12-week-old cubs... Charity founder Pauline Kidner said: "Someone may have unwittingly paid for a cub thinking it's a puppy and we would urge them to get in touch as soon as possible. People also need to know that it is illegal to sell wildlife."... (story)

Leatherhead Advertiser 23.4.11 Charity dismay at plans to allow badger culling - A WILDLIFE charity has responded with dismay to Government plans to allow volunteers to organise badger culls... plans to allow people to set up their own shooting expeditions have been greeted with concern by Leatherhead conservation charity Wildlife Aid. Founder of the charity Simon Cowell said: "Encouraging farmers or anyone else to go out and cull badgers is criminally irresponsible, potentially highly dangerous, and totally pointless in terms of controlling the spread of bovine TB, even if the culling is strictly regulated and licensed."... (story)


Mail 22.4.11 God save the Queen - and the badgers! Brian May on his love for animals By RICHARD BARBER - Brian May will never forget playing the National Anthem on the roof of Buckingham Palace at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.... Like the heir to the throne, Brian is a keen countryman. Actually, keen is something of an understatement. As founder of the Save Me campaign, May is a persistent thorn in the side of huntsmen, vivisectionists and anyone bent on harming wild animals... Save Me, meanwhile, has its own fox rescue centre in Windlesham, Surrey. ‘There’s a whispering campaign,’ says May, ‘that depicts foxes as dirty and dangerous, which only feeds into what the Countryside Alliance wants you to believe: that it’s all right to hunt them down with dogs.’... (story)

Telegraph 22.4.11 Racecourse to ban use of whip - Jockeys are to be banned from using the whip at one of the country’s toughest racecourses in a move that could signal a fundamental shift in the sport. By Marcus Armytage, and Martin Evans - Bosses of the National Hunt course at Towcester in Northamptonshire have announced they will outlaw the use of the controversial stick in all meetings from October 5... Dean Stansall, the horse racing consultant for Animal Aid said the organisation wholeheartedly welcomed the move.... (story)

Bolton News 22.4.11 Cruelty of race track - AM writing in response to your “Campaigners hope to get dog racing back on track”, April 18, 2011.... It is shocking that such a stadium is being promoted considering the fate suffered by greyhounds when their racing days are over... Caryn Wood Board of Directors GREY2KUSA (letter)

ThisIsSouthWales 22.4.11 End animal experiments - WORLD Laboratory Animal Week runs until Sunday. Your help is needed, as every year millions of laboratory animals suffer and die in laboratories... Marlene Charles Hopkin Street, Brynhyfryd (letter)


Telegraph 21.4.11 Morrissey: killing a stag is the same as killing a child - Morrissey, the former Smith's frontman, has claimed killing a stag is no different to killing a child as he condemned David Cameron for his hunting past... (story)
Contact Music 21.4.11 Morrissey Clears Up Cameron Rumour - Rocker Morrissey has blasted reports he banned British Prime Minister David Cameron from his dressing room at a concert, insisting the story is just not true. The former The Smiths frontman hit headlines in December (10) when he spoke out to slam Cameron for his stag-hunting hobby... (story)

ThisIsSomerset 21.4.11 Who'll get your vote? – Kingsmead .... Defending one of the seats for the Lib Dems will be chartered engineer Andrew Furse, a father of two who has represented the area since 1994 and whose priorities are green spaces and tackling crime, with the party's other candidate Douglas Nicol, a father of six and former hotelier, who has been a campaigner for Greenpeace and the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

West Sussex Gazette 21.4.11 Win free entry to Point to Point races - POINT to Point racing is back at Parham, near Storrington on Saturday April 30, when racing will be staged by the Countryside Alliance Club (South East). WSG readers have the chance to win a free car pass to the event, which will be an outstanding day out for all the family, with some exciting racing and plenty of other entertainment... Funds raised from this event will go The Countryside Alliance, The Countryside Alliance Foundation and South East Hunt Clubs supporting Point to Point racing here in the South East. The charity at the meet will be Sussex Air Ambulance.... (story)

Land Gazette 21.4.11 Anderson Strathern help organise Scottish hustings on rural issues Written by Colin Thomson - It was the time for the rural spokespersons of the political parties to impress their constituents at a hustings event in Edinburgh on 19 April 2011organised by Anderson Strathern Solicitors in association with the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (SRPBA) and the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA).... (story)

Dorset Echo 21.4.11 Portland circus denies animal welfare claims - By Catherine Bolado - A CIRCUS horsewoman has hit out at claims that her animals are not well treated. Paulo’s Circus Americano has been on Portlandfor over a week now... Amanda Sandow, 46, was upset after a comment appeared on the circus Facebook page concerned for the welfare of the horse and Shetland pony used in the show. The comments said that the writer had been ‘disappointed and disgusted’ to see that live animals were being used in the show and would be boycotting the circus and perhaps holding a peaceful protest outside.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.4.11 Magic of a real circus - How lovely to see a real old-fashioned circus with animals – the Great British Circus – back at Glen Parva for Easter until Wednesday, April 27.... Karen Reynolds, Leicester (letter)

Sunderland Echo 21.4.11 Graduate gives £17,000 to sanctuary By David Allison - A UNIVERSITY of Sunderland graduate is pledging more than £17,000 of his own money to help a County Durham animal sanctuary which has fallen on hard times. Stan Johnson, 63, is to use his retirement money to help Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary, in Willington, from going out of business. Mr Johnson, who worked in a pharmecutical factory for 14 years before leaving to complete a degree on Wearside, has been a champion of animal rights for a number of years and has travelled across Europe to support protests with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).... (story)
Northern Echo 8.4.11 Supporter gives plea for help - AN animal rights campaigner who used his retirement fund to support a sanctuary is urging others to help save its 400 residents. As reported in The Northern Echo on Wednesday, Paula Campbell has been given until Tuesday, May 3, to pay off her mortgage arrears if she wants to save her sanctuary in Willington, County Durham.... Animal rights campaigner Stan Johnson, 63, has previously given his retirement fund to the sanctuary.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 21.4.11 Letter from Kelly Slade - A RECENT study, reported in the Journal Diabetes Care, found that vegetarians are around a third less likely to get heart disease, diabetes or suffer stroke than people who eat meat... KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent (letter)


Eastbourne Herald 20.4.11 Urban fox issue needs discussing - I AM writing in answer to the part of Trevor Weeks’ article in the Gazette entitled ‘Humans cause more mayhem than foxes...’ in which he takes issue with Liz Gregory’s recent letter to the Herald about urban foxes. In it she described the recent killing by a fox of my cat whose body we found in the back garden with his throat and tail savaged, the day after he went missing.... Like many readers I was completely unaware of the danger to pets posed by foxes. It is too late for me now, the savage killing of my pet of so many years has left me devastated but I hope these letters will raise awareness among other pet lovers of the need to be very vigilant about the dangers foxes can present to their pets.... Sheila Frankel, Jevington Gardens (letter)
Eastbourne Herald 15.4.11 ‘A bad world for animals’ - REGARDING Liz Gregory’s letter about foxes and that they should be dealt with like any other infestation. Well, I tend to disagree. Surely the main reason these animals are now found more in urban areas is because their natural habitat is being taken away/destroyed in the name of ‘progress’.... Spencer Freeman, Blackwater Road (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20.4.11 Abuse of animals - THE horses in the Grand National had no choice, made to travel four and a half miles with a strong possibility of being killed and being whipped during the race – hardly a way to treat these highly-strung beautiful animals.... Animal lover, Lepton (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 20.4.11 Badger cull protest group 'won't have huge effect' on polls By Bruce Sinclair - CALLS by a protest group to punish candidates supporting a cull of badgers won't have a huge effect on the May 5 elections, Plaid candidates for Carmarthen West and Ceredigion have said. The Plaid candidates, Welsh Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire candidate Nerys Evans, made the comments on the campaign trail at Carmarthen's Nantyci Showground last Wednesday... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 20.4.11 More thought is needed - I AM writing in response to Phil Grice's letter on bovine TB published in the Journal recently.... A fair examination of the costs of a sensible epidemiological control measure — which has hitherto been totally ignored through political expediency — the abandonment of dairy farming in TB "Hotspot" areas. We do not offer taxpayer support for businesses that choose to locate themselves in the "wrong" place for their successful execution, unless a clear employment benefit is to be gained by large numbers of the population. Clearly that is not the case here... Dr Steve Morris BSc, PhD (Wales) MSc (Duneim), Whitland (letter)
ThisIsSouthWales 6.4.11 Labour branch opposes cull - THE Carmarthen Branch of the Labour Party (which represents the "West" part of the West Carmarthen and South Pembs constituency) voted unanimously at its last monthly meeting to oppose, and to campaign against theWelsh Government's proposed Badger Cull in West Wales.... Philip Grice, Chair, Carmarthen Labour Party (letter)

Cambridge News 20.4.11 Three deny charges after anti-fur protest at market - Jennie Baker - Three young protesters have pleaded not guilty to disobeying a police order at an anti-fur protest in central Cambridge. Aran Mathai, Rosalyne Bullman and Jonathan White appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Monday and each denied failing to comply with a condition imposed by a police officer to move to another location during the protest in the market square on Saturday, April 2.... Bullman, of Fallowfield, Cambridge, Mathai, of Mill Road in the city, and White, from Station Road in Birmingham, were granted unconditional bail. They are are set to appear for trial on October 20 (story)
Cambridge News 4.4.11 Three charged after anti-fur protest in Cambridge - Three people have been charged after being arrested at a protest against the fur trade in central Cambridge on Saturday. A 21-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man, both from Cambridge, along with a 21-year-old man from Kings Heath, Birmingham, have all been charged with failing to move when ordered to do so by police - a public order offence. They are due to appear at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on April 18... (story)
Cambridge News 2.4.11 Arrests made at anti-fur demonstration - Arrests were made at an anti-fur trade protest in central Cambridge earlier today. Around 20 animal rights campaigners gathered in the market square to protest against the sale of fur at a vintage clothing market stall... Animal Rights Cambridge, the group behind the protest, is petitioning Cambridge City Council to make the city fur-free (story)

Rochdale Online 20.4.11 Circus slams animal exploitation protest - A Circus performing in Milnrow has defended itself against criticism that it exploits animals despite a protest outside the big top... Circus Mondao, performing at The Soccer Village in Milnrow until Monday, insists all its animals are well cared for. As well as traditional entertainment like trapeze artists, clowns and plate spinners, the Lincolnshire-based family circus has horses, ponies, camels, llamas and zebras.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 20.4.11 SWINDON ELECTIONS: Candidates profiles - Andrew Donald Day (Green)... Locally, I am active in Swindon Animal Concern... (story)


Argus 19.4.11 Racing point - I’M RESPONDING to Sylvia Harwood’s letter published on April 14 in which she states that “anyone who supports horse racing is saying it’s all right for such creatures to be killed each year”.... Too many horses die in accidents as a result of racing, but the sport is not designed to deliberately torture and kill animals..... Tony Pannett, Priory Road, Hassocks (letter)
Argus 13.4.11 Cruel racing - ONCE again there has been carnage at the races at Aintree. How much longer can we, a so-called animal-loving nation that raises its hands in horror at activites such as bull fighting, condone this cruelty? ... Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)

Dundee Courier 19.4.11 Horse racing deaths reflect poorly on society – I write in reaction to John J. Marshall's insightful and thought provoking article regarding the Grand National (April 13). What a sad day it is when we, as a nation, condone the senseless loss of two magnificent lives at the Grand National..... Isabel Jack. 3 Chuckethall Road, Livingston.
Money comes before welfare - I fully agree with the comment by John J. Marshall about the Grand National. The problem with all kinds of sport nowadays is simply that they are all governed by big money which causes people to look the other way.... John McDonald. 14 Rosebery Court, Kirkcaldy (letters)

Lancashire Evening Post 19.4.11 Born and bred to jump fences - It was distressing to hear that two horses lost their lives in the Grand National but the animal rights campaigners never highlight what a small percentage of animals actually perish doing what comes naturally when they have been specially bred for the purpose. Name and address supplied (letter)

Daily Post 19.4.11 Welsh badger cull back under legal microscope by Andrew Forgrave - A GOVERNMENT-sanctioned cull of badgers planned in west Wales is set to be challenged in the courts for a second time. The Badger Trust has announced it is to start legal proceedings to block the Welsh Assembly Government. The trust’s chairman, David Williams, said that it was looking at a “return to law” over the administration’s bovine TB eradication legislation... PAC chair Celia Thomas said: “So far the WAG appears to have ignored the concerns about human rights and public safety, and has offered no justification for taking such disproportionate powers and actions.”... A protest involving several organisations is being held in Aberystwyth on March 30 with the aim of unseating Ceredigion’s Elin Jones. Among those present will be Betty Lee from Clwyd Badger Group and Judi Hewitt from Wales Against Animal Cruelty.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.4.11 Badger is victim not villain in TB debate - AS a former member of the government panel on badgers and bovine (cattle) TB, I'm totally gobsmacked that theWelsh Assembly recently voted for a mass badger cull supposedly to control the current cattle TB crisis... Martin Hancox, Tiverton (letter)

Sheffield Star 19.4.11 Betts backs animal rights - ANIMAL rights activists received the backing of Sheffield MP Clive Betts as they campaigned in the city centre. The National Anti-Vivisection Society set up a huge billboard outside the town hall and distributed leaflets to shoppers as part of their campaign against animal testing.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.4.11 Animal circus anachronistic - Well done to Leicester City Council for being one of approximately 200 councils in Britain which has banned circuses with animals from using council land... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Tribune Magazine 18.4.11 More peers think hunting ban should stay, poll shows - Support in the House of Lords for maintaining the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales has increased “massively” according to the League Against Cruel Sports. by Marcus Papadopoulos (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 8.4.11 League claims shift in attitude to hunting - AN animal rights charity believes support for the fox hunting ban is gaining ground among the House of Lords after recording a "massive shift" in peers' views on the sport. The League Against Cruel Sports says a recent poll by qualitative researchers ComRes shows that shows that 49 per cent of members of the House of Lords would vote in favour of a repeal of the Hunting Act, while 43 per cent would vote against.... (story)
Western Daily Press 8.4.11 Peers' poll 'shows more support for hunt ban' - Animal welfare campaigners claims they have more evidence a repeal of the hunting ban would fail if the Prime Minister pushes ahead with a debate in Parliament... The League commissioned a ComRes poll of peers which found support for hunting had dipped below 50 per cent for the first time in history... (story)

Western Mail 18.4.11 Protest, yes, but don’t use violence - Reform inevitable - Wynford Bethell suggests that allowing people to bet on which hound would kill the fox first during a hunt would make them impervious to any unnecessary suffering involved (Letters, April 12). But if this were true then dog-fighting, cock-fighting and bull-baiting would all still be legal.... MRS G E PURSER, Cheltenham (letter)
Western Mail 12.4.11 Betting on hunting -Having heard the news that two more horses died in this year’s Grand National and of the thirty-three equine fatalities at this meeting over the last 11 years, a thought crossed my mind. I wondered how many of the millions of spectators of this race both at the course and on the television were anti-fox-hunting supporters.... Perhaps if fox hunts were able to allow punters to watch the hunt from some vantage point and place bets on which hound got to the fox first for example, then I’m sure the sport would soon become popular with a section of the general public as it seems to me many of them soon ignore the cruelty issue when they have a chance to win some money.... WYNFORD BETHELL, Aberdare, RCT (letter)

Border Telegraph 18.4.11 LibDem leader snared on visit to farm in Stow – Ally McGilvray - ANIMAL rights campaigners ambushed the Scottish Liberal Democrats election campaign in the Borders this week to protest against the use of snares. The League Against Cruel Sports confronted leader Tavish Scott over his party's decision to vote against a ban on the outdated practice during the last term of the Scottish Parliament during a visit to Stagehall Farm near Stow on Tuesday - with one protester dressed as a giant fox.... Louise Robertson, campaign manager for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Snaring is a huge problem in the Borders... (story)

Argus 18.4.11 Good fox news - A VERY big thank you to the horse rider and the WRAS voluntary rescuers for helping fox cubs in Heathfield this week (The Argus, April 12). It is terrific news there are still people around with a big heart, the time and availability to help out in a crisis such as this... Paul Robards, Griffiths Avenue, Lancing (letter)

Manchester Evening News 18.4.11 National cruelty - I agree with Roy Bridges of Salford who says the Grand National race is not worth the number of horses that have died over the years.... B Temple, Sale (letter)
The biggest failings of the Grand National result from the owners and trainers of these beautiful horses putting them in such a demanding race... P Hamlett, Stockport (letters)

Telegraph 18.4.11 - Horse racing industry must respond to anti-Grand National agenda - In the wake of the overwhelmingly negative media coverage, which this year’s Grand National has attracted, those running the sport must realise that they have some serious issues to grapple with. And I’m not talking about whether the fences at Aintree should be six inches smaller. By Charlie Brooks - It is crystal clear that commentators from both broadcast and print media have an anti-Aintree, anti-Grand National agenda. But it’s the general lack of informed comment from outside the racing community that should frighten the industry the most... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 18.4.11 Grand National isn't cruel, it's an institution - I WRITE as an angered follower of the Grand National and National Hunt racing. All the past week, all there seems to have been in the papers are digs at this great sporting event, demanding it be made easier or be canned altogether. They do not know what they are talking about.... PETER HANNAN, By e-mail (letter)
Scottish Herald 15.4.11 It is sadly far from case that racing industry treats horses like kings - Mark Smith’s excellent column on the Grand National deaths may have shocked readers – many of whom will argue that the racing industry treats horses like kings... This is simply not true. Racehorses are fed a high-protein diet which may contribute to gastric ulcers, often spend the majority of their day locked away and may only be allowed out to endure a harsh training regime.... Horses are not treated like kings. They are treated as expendable machines. Fiona Pereira, Campaigner, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Independent 15.4.11 The Grand National: cruelty or challenge? - Your article on the Grand National (12 April) referred to pressure mounting for safety improvements at this race. I have never watched the race because I have always considered it to be a cruel spectacle.... S Jenkins, Cardiff
I write this as an angered follower of the Grand National and National Hunt racing. Since Saturday, all there seems to be in the papers are digs at this great sporting event, demanding it be made easier or it be canned altogether. They do not know what they are talking about.... Peter Hannan, Penrith, Cumbria
Dominic Prince believes that the Grand National should not be made a safer race for horse and rider (Opinion, 11 April). Why not?... Agnes Hall, Ayr (letters)
Liverpool Echo 15.4.11 Concerned for welfare - ALL those who love racing and horses will have been saddened by the accidents which led to the deaths of Ornais and Dooney’s Gate during the Grand National this year... However, racing is a sport with risk, and the Grand National is the most testing race in Great Britain. Racing is open and transparent about this risk and works hard to reduce it.... Not everyone supports racing, and Animal Rights activists such as Animal Aid are entitled to their views. The BHA believes that the overwhelming majority of the British public do not subscribe to this view, and want to see racing continue... Professor Tim Morris, Director of Equine Science and Welfare, British Horseracing Authority
National disgrace - SIXTEEN pages of fashion, but only a brief mention of the two dead horses. Says it all, doesn't it? The Grand National is a cruel and overly demanding race and it should be banned.... Annette Lock, Stoneycroft (letters)
Southern Daily Echo 15.4.11 Dead and fallen evidence of this race brutality - SO the horror that is the Grand National is over for another year. Wish it was over for good, with two horses killed and another nine that fell or were brought down.... SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 15.4.11 It’s time to stop this racing cruelty - LAST week saw the retirement of Anne the Elephant... I hope poor Anne’s traumatic story will bring attention to the suffering of all animals used in entertainment. Two horses were killed, as well as many others attaining injuries at this year’s Grand National causing enormous public outcry, but still this dreadful spectacle of animal abuse continues every year because people are willing to support it with their wallets by placing a bet.... SARAH ABBOTT, Longfleet Road, Poole (letter)
Kent News 14.4.11 Tonbridge-based animal rights campaigners call for Grand National to be banned - The "deadly and cruel" Grand National horse race should be banned, according to the head of a Tonbridge-based animal rights group has urged. Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler spoke out after two horses were killed in the gruelling four-and-a-half-mile race last Saturday.... (story)
Galway Advertiser 14.4.11 Put animal welfare at centre of horse racing -The deaths of two horses in the Grand National has re-focused attention on the downside of the ancient pursuit of horse racing as practised in Britain and Ireland. It would surely benefit the sport itself, apart from the long suffering equines, if we could effectively tackle the cruelties associated with it.... While horseracing is not remotely as cruel or objectionable from an animal protection standpoint as, for example, live hare coursing or fox hunting, it will continue to project a negative and disturbing image of itself until the welfare of the horse has been prioritised and properly enshrined in law. John Fitzgerald, Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)
Northern Echo 14.4.11 Why the Grand National is far from cruel - REGARDING the Grand National, can we separate death from cruelty? After every National, complaints flood in about how cruel it is, but death is not cruel, it happens to all of us. How you die is something else..... Harry Manuel, Hexham (story)
York Press 13.4.11 Grand National: A cruel way to treat horses - ONCE again, two horses lose their lives in the Grand National. Why? So man can make money out of them. It is a cruel race and should be stopped.... Angela Summers, Leeds Road, Selby (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.4.11 Glad to see debate on Grand National - WE at Exeter Friends For Animals are very glad to see a mainstream discussion opening up at last about the Grand National.Every year there are deaths on this deliberately punishing and hazardous course, and for too long they have been swept under the carpet so as not to detract from the event's glossy image... Sharon Howe Exeter Friends For Animals Fortescue Road, Sidmouth (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 13.4.11 You can’t take every danger out of horse racing - I COULD not agree more with your editorial comment on Monday about the fatalities at the Grand National. While it was heart-breaking to find out two horses had died, as you say, now is not the time for “hysterical, knee- jerk reactions”.... The Grand National is a much-loved race and the men and women who enter their horses in it love their animals... J Kilshaw, Wirral (letter)
Northern Echo 12.4.11 Time to tame the National - THE only horse race I watch each year is the Grand National... I have decided that I will avoid participating in future Grand Nationals as a once a year punter until the height of the fences are reduced to ensure that horses can race safely. I urge others to do likewise. Malcolm Clarke, Lanchester (letter)
Scotsman 12.4.11 Letter: Horse sense - Following the usual horrified reaction after the carnage of the Grand National might I suggest a relatively straightforward way to make it safer for horses? Instead of banning the race, ban the jockeys from carrying whips or using spurs.... Jackie Macadam Craiglea Drive Edinburgh (letter)
Independent 12.4.11 Pressure grows for Grand National safety improvements - Concern follows deaths of two horses and jockey falling into coma By Ian Burrell and Sarah Morrison - The Minister for Sport, Hugh Robertson, is being urged to put pressure on the racing authorities to improve safety at the Grand National after last weekend's race claimed the lives of two horses and left a jockey in a coma.... Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East, said: "The Sports minister ought to talk to people in the industry to see what they are willing to do... She compared the treatment of horses in the race to that of animals in a circus. "I'm sure the circus people would say elephants enjoy prancing around on their back legs. I think there's a parallel to be drawn but people haven't really addressed their minds to it,"... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 12.4.11 Grand National trainer hits out at critics - A GRAND National-winning trainer has defended the world's most popular steeplechase after two horses died. Kim Bailey, who trains at Thorndale Farm in Andoversford, wrote in his blog about the weekend's headlines which branded the Grand National "dangerous... Director of Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, said: "When horses are killed at the Grand National meeting, their deaths are not accidents, but entirely predictable.... The League Against Cruel Sports wrote a letter to the Guardian newspaper, signed by celebrities including Brian May, Alesha Dixon and Bill Oddie, asking the public to boycott the Grand National, which they said was cruel... (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 11.4.11 Protestors renew calls for ban on Grand National after death of two horses - ANIMAL Aid director Andrew Tyler once again called for the Grand National to be banned after the deaths of Dooney’s Gate and Ornais.... The League Against Cruel Sports said there have been 17 deaths at the National in the last 16 years.Tony Moore, chairman of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), said: “Whatever you do with National Hunt racing you can’t avoid horses being killed.... (story)
Mail on Sunday 10.4.11 Aintree's darkest day: Critically ill jockey fights for life after BBC is accused of Grand National 'carnage coverup' over deaths of horses By IAN GALLAGHER ... One viewer wrote on the corporation’s own website: ‘I’m amazed that the BBC coverage pans over the tarpaulins on the re-run and the commentators just talk about “obstacles”.... Of the main race, Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid described the gruelling four-and-a-half-mile marathon as one of the most ‘distressing’ races he could recall... Tony Moore, chairman of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, led a group of around 40 people demonstrating outside the racecourse. He said: ‘If they really care about horses, why do the owners, jockeys and trainers put them through this ordeal?’... (story)
Manchester Evening News 10.4.11 Grand National organisers to review safety after two horses die at Aintree - Organisers of the Grand National are to review safety after two horses died in Saturday's race.... Tony Moore, chairman of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (Faace), led a group of around 40 people demonstrating outside the racecourse today... (story)
Independent on Sunday 10.4.11 Millions watch as two horses die in Grand National By Richard Osley - The Grand National had to change course for the first time in its history yesterday after two horses were killed in front of racegoers and millions watching on television.... Tony Moore, the chairman of the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, said: "If they really care about horses, why do owners, jockeys and trainers put them through the ordeal? These deaths are not only sad, they are inevitable." Andrew Tyler from Animal Aid added: "It should have no future in a civilised country. It is particularly callous and disgusting that a member of the commentary team should describe the dead horses as the lay on the course as an obstacle."... (story)
Telegraph 9.4.11 BBC attacked for "covering up" Grand National deaths - The BBC has been accused of “covering up” the deaths of two horses during yesterday’s Grand National after its television commentary failed to mention them By Jasper Copping - The race had to bypass two fences on the second lap of the Aintree course because a horse had fallen at each one on the first lap, causing them fatal injuries. But the BBC One commentary team did not provide the full reason for the diversion and said only that there were “obstacles” in the course... After the race, which was won by Ballabriggs, viewers criticised the BBC on messageboards and Twitter, for failing to mention the fatalities... Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, which campaigns against horse racing, said the BBC’s coverage of the race had been “disgusting” and “callous”... (story)
Mail 9.4.11 Grand National carnage: 600 million viewers watch in horror as two horses die at Aintree in one of most 'distressing' races in history - It is a spectacle watched by 600 million people worldwide. And these stunning pictures prove exactly why, with the sheer bravery of the horses and their riders captured as they tackle Becher's Brook.... But there was a heavy price to be paid at Aintree. Two horses died in today's race, with animal rights' protesters claiming National Hunt racing was 'particularly cruel'.... The League Against Cruel Sports accused race organisers of 'ritual animal cruelty'... Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid attacked the BBC, alleging a commentator described the dead horses lying on the course as an 'obstacle'... (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 9.4.11 Horse racing fatalities - Hidden deaths - NEWS of horses dying on British racecourses rarely gets published and yet a new analysis by Animal Aid shows that at least 162 horses suffered this fate over the past 12 months. Cheltenham is the most lethal course in the country – accounting for 13 of the total number of victims. Aintree, home of the Grand National, also proved to be treacherous, with four horses dying on a single day at the 2010 three-day meeting. We’ll see what happens today... Dene Stansall, Horse Racing Consultant, Animal Aid (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 8.4.11 Time to end race - – It will be the Grand National horse race tomorrow. If we are a nation of animal lovers, isn’t it time this race was finally ended?... John Cosway, Hill Foot, Nab Wood, Shipley (letter)
Guardian 8.4.11 National shame - As we approach racing's national day of shame there is one thing you can bet on, and that is that horses will definitely suffer, if not die, during the Grand National... Polling by the League Against Cruel Sports has shown that 65% of people in Britain think the course should be changed to lessen the risk. We support the league's campaign to boycott the National until improvements to the course are made... Brian May, Alesha Dixon, Richard Adams, Gemma Atkinson, Emma Milne, Sue Cook, Bill Oddie, Mark Radcliffe (letter)
Nottingham Post 5.4.11 - BEHIND horse racing's glamorous facade lays a catalogue of suffering and death. According to national campaign group Animal Aid, around 420 horses are raced to death every year.... The punishing Grand National is Britain's longest horse race, covering a distance of four miles and 856 yards.... ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (story)

Hereford Times 18.4.11 Yarpole Village Shop and Post Office voted best in UK by Countryside Alliance By Paul Broome - A VILLAGE shop set up in a Herefordshire church and run entirely by volunteers has been voted the best in the UK. Yarpole Village Shop and Post Office saw off competition from outlets across the country to be awarded the accolade by the Countryside Alliance... (story)
Horse & Hound 13.4.11 Racehorse charity is first equestrian "Rural Oscar" winner - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - The Racehorse Sanctuary in Cowfold, West Sussex, is the first equestrian business to win a "Rural Oscar". The charity, run by Graham Oldfield and Sue Collins, was nominated for a national Countryside Alliance award for its "selfless commitment to animal welfare.... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 13.4.11 Sharing rural 'Oscar' is delight for entrepreneurial sibling pair By Carl Stringer - TWO young entrepreneurial Lampeter siblings are savouring the sweet taste of success after scooping 'rural oscars' in the Countryside Alliance Awards. Tom Sweet, 15, and sister Lottie, 11, were both handed the Hunter Rural Hero (aged 15 and under) award during a special reception at the House of Lords last month.... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 13.4.11 Hat-trick joy for butcher - A FFAIRFACH butcher has come through thousands of entries to win a national award for the third year running. Dewi Roberts won the Countryside Alliance Highly Commended prize for his locally-sourced meat and produce... (story)
ThisIsDorset 9.4.11 Shop wins certificate - and praise - in 'Rural Oscars' - A BUSINESS narrowly missed out on the top spot in an awards scheme searching for the best village shop in the country. Robin Hill Stores at Marnhull was highly commended at the Countryside Alliance Awards finals which were held at Parliament last week.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 8.4.11 More praise for Robin Hill Stores - A LOCAL shop has received a National Commendation in the Countryside Alliance Rural Business Awards. Bob and Suzanne Young of Robin Hill Stores and Post Office in Marnhull picked up the gong at the awards finals at the Houses of Parliament last Wednesday.... (story)
AboutMyArea (Derbyshire) 8.4.11 Manor Farm Shop Wins 'Rural Oscars' - The ‘Rural Oscars' as they are known are awards run and judged by the Countryside Alliance. This is their sixth year and they champion community values and commitment to produce. Proud winner of the Local Food Award for the whole of the East Midlands is Manor Organic Farm in Long Whatton... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 7.4.11 Farm shop scoops 'rural Oscar' for best local food - A Somerset farm shop has won the "Rural Oscars" for the best local food in Great Britain. Tish and Andy Jeffery of Farrington Gurney's Farm Shop had praise heaped upon them in the Countryside Alliance Awards for 2010 in the House of Lords last week... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 6.4.11 South Lakeland charity wins national award - A SOUTH Lakeland charity has won a national award for its work using agriculture to help mental health recovery. Growing Well, based at Low Sizergh Farm near Kendal, was crowned British Enterprise Champion at the Countryside Alliance (CA) awards in the House of Lords.... >(story)
Lancashire Telegraph 6.4.11 Ribble Valley MP at ‘rural Oscars’ - RIBBLE Valley MP, Nigel Evans, attended the ‘rural Oscars’ at the House of Lords.... (story)
York Press 4.4.11 Top honour for Ainsty Farm Shop at Green Hammerton - AWARD-WINNING Ainsty Farm Shop at Green Hammerton has earned a national commendation in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Berwick Advertiser 4.4.11 Award finals a ‘real boost’ by Adam Drummond - A SEAHOUSES business was pipped to a top award last week in what are known as the ‘rural Oscars’. Springhill Farm Accommodation were finalists in the national Countryside Alliance Awards’ rural enterprise category. Sarah Gregory, 24, who runs Springhill Farm Accommodation, made the trip to the awards ceremony at the House of Lords last Wednesday. She said: “It was an incredible event and really amazing to be in the finals of such a prestigious awards ceremony.... (story)
Derby Telegraph 4.4.11 Chatsworth receives lifetime achievement award - CHATSWORTH estate has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for services to tourism. A new award was created just for the stately home at this year's Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 3.4.11 Lakeland charity wins national award in 'Rural Oscars' - By Scott Kirk »Reporter - A SOUTH Lakeland charity has won a national award for its work using agriculture to help mental health recovery. Growing Well, based at Low Sizergh Farm near Kendal, was crowned British Enterprise Champion at the Countryside Alliance (CA) awards in the House of Lords... (story)
Kent Messenger group 1.4.11 Doddington butcher S W Doughty named best in Britain - A Kent butcher's shop has proved it's a cut above the rest - after being named the best in Britain. SW Doughty of Doddington had already been named best butcher in the regional heats of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Kent News 1.4.11 Kent butcher chosen as best in Britain by Countryside Alliance - A Kent butcher set up in 1919 has a been named the best butcher in Britain at the Countryside Alliance Awards finals in London on Wednesday. SW Doughty, the Doddington-based family butcher between Sittingbourne and Faversham, was runner up in 2009, and won the South East regional title for 2010, and that qualified the business for the national finals… (story)
BBC News Online 1.4.11 Yarpole Community Shop wins national award - A community shop run by volunteers in a church in Herefordshire has been given a national award. Yarpole Community Shop won the Countryside Alliance Village Shop and Post Office award... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 1.4.11 Bungay business celebrates national award - By RICHARD WOOD - A FAMILY-RUN business that has been hand-making clothes in Bungay for more than 220 years has won a prestigious national award. For five generations Nursey and Son has been making leather and sheepskin clothes and this week their commitment to hand-made production was acknowledged as they were named Britain’s best traditional business. On Wednesday, managing director Tim Nursey travelled to London where he was presented with the 2010 Countryside Alliance Award at the House of Lords by Defra minister Richard Benyon... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 1.4.11 Bungay: Nursey among winners at Countryside Alliance Awards - AN EAST Anglian sheepskin business has beaten off competition from across the UK to be named among the winners in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards. Nursey of Bungay picked up the Traditional Business award at the event, which was held at Westminster, in the House of Lords... (story)
Acorn Recruitment 1.4.11 My Local Farm Shop Scoops a Prize - Indulge me. it is lovely to hear of well deserved local success. A farm shop in Farrington Gurney, at the foot of the Mendips, received its Local Food Champion of 2010 prize at the Countryside Alliance Awards finals just held at Parliament.... i have seen Farrington Farm Shop evolve from being a tenant farm and is now leading the way in local food retailing and educating the public on local produce... Chris Slay (story)
ThisIsSomerset 1.4.11 Somerset farm shop picks up gong at parliament - A farm shop in Farrington Gurney, at the foot of the Mendips, received its Local Food Champion of 2010 prize at the Countryside Alliance Awards finals which were held at Parliament. Farrington Farm Shop has evolved from being a tenant farm and is now leading the way in local food retail and educating the public in local produce.... (story)
Clitheroe Advertiser 31.3.11 MP’s backing for ‘rural Oscars’ - Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, attended the Countryside Alliance Awards at the House of Lords. Speaking after the reception, Mr Evans said: “They call these awards the rural Oscars and they are a fantastic celebration of the magnificent farmers, shops and rural businesses that we are lucky enough to have throughout the UK.... (letter)
Newcastle Journal 29.3.11 Humshaugh villagers hope for Countryside Alliance award by Paul Tully, The Journal - CRUSADING villagers who saved their local shop with a united front are off to the House of Lords – with their sights on national glory. Two years after facing closure, Humshaugh Village Shop in west Northumberland is a thriving success story. And the team of volunteers who run the shop is on the verge of picking up the prestigious Countryside Alliance national award for Village Shop/Post Office category.... (story)
Telegraph 25.3.11 Countryside Alliance Awards: Tradition is not for plonkers - Christopher Middleton visits the successful firms that hold fast to established values, and discovers that the old ways can be winning ways - What’s the link between high-rise Nelson Mandela House, in urban Peckham, and the small family firm of Nursey and Son, in rural Suffolk? The answer is a sheepskin coat, as made by Nursey’s, and as worn by evergreen wideboy, Del Boy, in the television sitcom Only Fools and Horses.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 18.3.11 Filbert's Fine Foods top Wessex heat of national awards - A LOCAL food business has been named a Wessex regional winner in the Countryside Alliance Awards. Filberts Fine Foods, based in Milton Abbas, has topped the Rural Enterprise class of the awards, which are known as the Rural Oscars.... (story)
Crewe Chronicle 16.3.11 Congleton MP’s praise for town’s top food shop by simon halewood, Crewe Chronicle - A SANDBACH business has won a tasty prize after being championed by Congleton MP Fiona Bruce. Mrs Bruce nominated Godfrey C Williams and Son cheese shop, based on Sandbach’s cobbled Market Square, for the Local Food prize at the Countryside Alliance Awards..... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.3.11 Market celebrates its milestone weekend - A BUSY 12 months of trading is being marked when the Gainsborough's Farmers' Market reaches a milestone in the town tomorrow... Jane and Terry Tomlinson's award-winning Red Hill Farm free range pork products will be available. The couple, from Blyton Carr near Gainsborough, are fresh from their win in the East of England regional local food "Oscars" in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Northumberland Gazette 10.3.11 Dynamo Sarah’s in line for a countryside Oscar - TWO north Northumberland businesses have earned a place in the finals of a national award which celebrates the characters, produce, traditions and enterprise of the countryside. Sarah Gregory, of Springhill Farm Accommodation, near Seahouses, and R Green and Sons Butchers in Longframlington, run by Chris Green, were two of thousands who entered the Countryside Alliance awards – dubbed the Rural Oscars... (story)
ThisIsDevon 10.3.11 Veg box firm in running - A Devon food business will find out later this month if it has won a national business award – just weeks after scooping a regional prize. The Avonwick-based vegetable delivery business the Nearly Naked Veg Company will find out on March 30 if it has won the enterprise of the year category at the Countryside Alliance awards.... (story)
Royston Crow 9.3.11 Butchers scoop award by Joe Tyler - A BUTCHER from Ashwell has raised the steaks by coming second in a regional competition. Crumps Butchers in Mill Street was runner-up in the Countryside Alliance award for Best Butcher, a prize contested by the entire East Anglia region.... (story)
Newmarket Journal 7.3.11 Village store celebrates ‘Rural Oscar’ success - A VILLAGE store is celebrating after landing a prestigious award at the ‘Rural Oscars’. Moulton Village Stores was named the East of England’s best village shop/post office in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards, which celebrate the characters, produce, traditions and enterprise of the countryside through the people who make it tick.... (story)
Berwick Advertiser 6.3.11 Sarah makes award shortlist by Jack Webster - A TOURISM ‘dynamo’ from the north east has earned herself a place in the finals of the national Countryside Alliance awards for her enterprising holiday accommodation business. Sarah Gregory, of Springhill Farm Accommodation near Seahouses, was one of thousands who entered the awards – dubbed the ‘Rural Oscars’ – which celebrate the characters, produce, traditions and enterprise of the countryside through the people who make it happen... (story)
Fresh Info 6.3.11 Nearly Naked Veg Co up for gong - Devon’s Nearly Naked Veg Company is in line for another award having already been named the South West’s Enterprise of the Year in the Countryside Alliance’s annual awards..... (story)
ThisIsDorset 4.3.11 Another award for Robin Hill Stores - LOCAL business Robin Hill Stores has been selected as Wessex regional winner in the best village shop or post office section of the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Andover Advertiser 4.3.11 The best village shop in South! - OWNERS of Enham Alamein post office are celebrating after being named the best village shop/post office in the South of England in the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
View Online 4.3.11 ILMINSTER: Prestigious award for local butchers By Marion Draper - ILMINSTER butchers, Bonners have been named regional winners in the new category of the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Jobs SW 4.3.11 Bonners the Butchers of Ilminster up for Countryside Alliance Award - AN Ilminster butcher has been nominated for a national award this week. Bonners on Silver Street won the South Westregional butcher award in the Countryside Alliance Awards, it was announced last Monday... (story)
Cambridge News 4.3.11 Mike spurred on for national shop award - Former professional footballer Mike Dillon is celebrating after his village store and post office scored as the best in the region. Moulton Village Stores, near Newmarket, run by ex-Tottenham Hotspur player Mike and his wife Kathy, is now one of six being considered for a national award in the contest run by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Reading Post 3.3.11 Family butcher’s among the best in the business By David Millward - A family-run business which supplies meat to top London stores as well as a local pie shop has been named the best butcher in the South of England. Vicars Game, of Ashampstead, came out top in the Countryside Alliance southern regional awards in which it was called “an incredible outfit”... (story)
Gainsborough Standard 2.3.11 Redhill’s pigs in the pink - PORKY pigs from a Gainsborough farm are in the pink after winning a coveted award. Redhill Farm Free Range Pork based near Gainsborough has won the East of England regional Local Food Award in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Newbury Weekly News 2.3.11 Award for Ashampstead butchers By Eddie van der Walt, Reporter - AN Ashampstead butchers that makes, amongst other things, more than two tonnes of sausages every day, has won a regional prize in the Countryside Alliance Butcher of the Year Award. Vicars Game, which has been in existence in its current guise since 2003, won the Southern region in the awards, dubbed the Rural Oscars, for their high quality produce and excellent service... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.3.11 ... Meanwhile, butchers Ellisons of Cullingworthand Lishman’s of Ilkley were both regional runners-up in the Countryside Alliance regional rural awards... (story)
Herald Express 25.2.11 Veg man Ben lines up for the chance of a rural Oscar - SOUTH Devon's 'nearly naked' vegetable growing operation, which can deliver an entire roast dinner to your front door, is in line for a rural Oscar. The business, which launched its 'box' scheme across South Devon two years ago, has been handed an enterprise prize in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 1.3.11 Community store named best in region - A COMMUNITY-run enterprise in South Lakeland has been named as the North West regional winner of the Countryside Alliance Best Village Shop competition.... (story)
Hereford Times 1.3.11 Kington butcher on the way to the House of Lords By Mark Bowen - A KINGTON butcher will be heading for the House of Lords after getting to the final of a national competition. The Glyn Slade-Jones butchery shop, based in High Street, has won the Countryside Alliance award for local butcher in the West Midlands region... (story)
Chard & Ilminster News 1.3.11 Bonners the Butchers of Ilminster up for Countryside Alliance Award By Jamie Brooks - AN Ilminster butcher has been nominated for a national award this week. Bonners on Silver Street won the South West regional butcher award in the Countryside Alliance Awards, it was announced last Monday... (story)
ThisIsDevon 23.2.11 Rural award for Nearly Naked Ben - A Devon "foodie" is celebrating winning a regional enterprise award. Avonwick-based Nearly Naked Veg, run by Ben Brunning, won the South West title in the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
ThisIsDevon 23.2.11 Rural food delivery firm wins award - A FOOD producer has won a regional Enterprise Award in the Countryside Alliance Awards. Nearly Naked Veg is run by Ben Brunning, from Newton Ferrers. It was founded in 2009 and delivers fruit, vegetable and meat boxes to the South Hams and Plymouth... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 23.2.11 Best of the West attractions impress on national scale - The best of the West is being celebrated as butcher's banter, community shopping and literary festivals top the listings for judges in two prestigious national competitions. The Rural Oscars and Enjoy England Awards for Excellence are two high profile national events which celebrate successes countrywide... Bonner's Butcher's in Ilminster, Somerset, Farrington Farm Shop in Farrington Gurney, Somerset, and the community shop at Freshford, on the Wiltshire border are through to the finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards known as the Rural Oscars... (story)
Bath Chronicle 22.2.11 Community shop in line for national award - A community-run village shop has been rated as the best in the south west. The Galleries Shop and Cafe at Freshford is in the national final of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Evesham Journal 21.2.11 Family farm shop up for top award - A FAMILY-run farm shop in Harvington has been shortlisted for a prestigious regional award. Ellenden Farm Shop, which is owned by the Turner family, is among the finalists selected for the Local Food category in the West Midlands region of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 16.2.11 Shop's mark of quality - A FARM shop and grill has won a top title at the Countryside Alliance awards. Cwmcerrig Farm Shop and Grill, near Gorslas, was named best in Wales in the local food category. Countryside Alliance director for Wales, Rachel Evans, said the shop "provides quality goods and an exceptional grill"... (story)
Monmouthshire Beacon 11.2.11 Countryside award for Monmouthshire businesses - Two Monmouthshire companies have been named the best in Wales at the Countryside Alliance Awards. Dingestow Post Office and General Store was named Village Shop/ Post Office Champion, while NS James Butchers of Raglan won the butcher category. The winners were announced at a packed reception at the Senedd last Wednesday night (2nd February)... (story)
NewsWales 11.2.11 Small Welsh village wins top award - Myddfai's village regeneration project fought off stiff competition this week to be named the best rural enterprise in Wales at the Countryside Alliance Awards. The winners were revealed at a reception at the Senedd in Cardiff where Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones AM presented the awards.Now in their sixth year, the Countryside Alliance Awards represent an annual celebration of rural life, business, heritage and produce.... (story)
Southern Reporter 3.2.11 Philiphaugh wins top countryside award - AN ESTATE near Selkirk has won a new national award, writes Sally Gillespie. The Philiphaugh Estate scooped the ‘Biodiversity Through Countrysports’ prize in its inaugural year at the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) Awards last week.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 3.2.11 Bob Walter: New snack company shows traits needed in recovery - MY visit last week to Filbert's Fine Foods at Milton Abbas reminded me that the green shoots of recovery are visible... Filbert's won the 2010 Innovation Award at the Lunch! show in London and, together with three other north Dorset businesses, has also made the regional finals of this year's Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Redditch Advertiser 3.2.11 Village shop celebrates second birthday - THE community in Feckenham is celebrating two successful years of running its community shop. The Village Shop, which was opened in 2009 by then MP Jacqui Smith, is run by a team of 96 volunteers from the surrounding area... The shop has just launched phase two of it's development, opening a coffee shop on site, and after winning Village Shop of the Year last year in the Countryside Alliance Awards, the volunteers are hoping it will go from strength to strength (story)
Dundee Courier 30.1.11 Scottish Countryside Alliance award for policeman Grev Humphrey - A Tayside policeman who has helped hundreds of youngsters gain confidence through angling has won the Rural Hero Award at the Scottish Countryside Alliance Awards. The gong presented to Blairgowrie PC Grev Humphrey recognises outstanding personal contributions to country life and communities. The Bridge of Cally post office was also a winner for a second year in the best village shop/post office category at the awards ceremony in the Scottish Parliament.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 28.1.11 Growing food business gets MP's approval - A RISING star of the Dorset food scene, Filberts Fine Foods, were visited last Friday by local MP Bob Walter who met staff to congratulate them on securing a place as regional finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Dunoon Observer 27.1.11 FOOD FROM ARGYLL SCOOPS AWARD - Local producers’ co-operative Food from Argyll has won yet another prestigious award. On Wednesday evening at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh the group fought off stiff competition to win the ‘Best Local Food’ award from the Scottish Countryside Alliance. Food from Argyll will now compete with English and Welsh winners for the UK Countryside Alliance Best Local Food Award, to be announced at the House of Commons next month... (story)
Belper Nes 14.1.11 Local store up for an award - a WELCOMING village store on the outskirts of Belper has been nominated for a prestigious award. The Milford Village Store, which is on Foundry Lane, Milford, has been put forward for a Countryside Alliance gong.... (story)
Malton & Pickering Mercury 14.1.11 Firms in line for awards - RYEDALE continues to lead the way in the region’s food industry with the news that two businesses have been nominated in a prestigious competition. The owners of delicatessen Hunters of Helmsley and the Slingsby-based Fryton Catering Company are shortlisted in the Yorkshire section of the Countryside Alliance Awards and now stand a good chance of winning and reaching the national finals... And for Linda Dickinson, of Fryton Catering Company, the nomination for the Rural Enterprise award is particularly fulfilling as it is the first recognition for the business in its short five-year history... (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.1.11 Rural businesses reach finals - Five businesses have won through to the regional finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards... The Manor Farm Shop and Tearoom at Cotesbach near Lutterworth and The Castle Inn, in Caldecott near Market Harborough are in the last three of the local food section. The Great Easton Village Shop near Market Harborough is in the last three of the village shop and post office section, Whetstone Pastures Farm in Whetstone is in the final of the Rural Enterprise section. Butcher category finalists include Ringrose Butchers, of Broughton Astley.... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 8.1.11 Burton-in-Lonsdale shop up for another award - A shop, owned and run by the community, has been nominated for another award. Burton-in-Lonsdale Village Shop is a Yorkshire finalist in the 2010 Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Malton Gazette & Herald 8.1.11 North Yorkshire businesses shortlisted for Countryside Alliance Awards - A NUMBER of North Yorkshire food businesses have been shortlisted for the Yorkshire heat of the Countryside Alliance Awards... Hunters of Helmsley, which has been based on the Market Place in Helmsley for more than 20 years, was shortlisted alongside the Ainsty Farm Shop , of Green Hammerton, in the local food category. Fryton Catering Company of Slingsby and Fodder of Harrogate are finalists in the rural enterprise category. Tollerton Village Store is a finalist in the village shop/post office category and Johnsons, of Thirsk is shortlisted in the butchers category. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.12.10 Keith shop in running for national prize - AN AMBITION to revitalise the Scots language has paid off for a Moray gift shop, which has been nominated for a national prize. Mither Tongue in Keith, which specialises in Scots- related gifts and memorabilia, is in the running for a Scottish Countryside Alliance award... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 20.12.10 Is Marlborough butchers a cut above the rest? By Nigel Kerton - Staff at a butchers in Marlborough are on tenterhooks to see if they have reached the finals of a national contest. Sumblers, in London Road, run by John Sumbler, has reached the Wessex finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Bracknell Forest Standard 9.12.10 Food shops up for countryside awards - Two local businesses have been nominated for the South East finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards. Fielders Farm Shop, at Wickcroft Farm, Pangbourne Road, Theale, is among three nominations for the local food category. And Vicars Game, at Casey Fields Farm, off Dog Lane, Ashampstead, is a finalist in the butcher category.... (story)
Hexham Courant 6.12.10 Three in running for alliance awards - TYNEDALE has three finalists in the Countryside Alliance’s regional awards scheme – two of them from Humshaugh. Vying for honours in the village shop/post office section are Allendale Co-op, and Humshaugh village store, while the Humshaugh-based Bellingham Soap Company hopes to clean up in the village enterprise category... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 6.12.10 Local champions named as award celebrates shopkeeper 'ambassadors' - Village shopkeepers, local butchers, small rural business bosses and farm shop managers from across the West are celebrating this week after being named as finalists in a prestigious national competition. The regional finalists for the Countryside Alliance Awards have been named, and a host of 'local champions', from Milton Abbas to Marlborough, have been shortlisted.... (story)
Andover Advertiser 2.12.10 Hampshire tops in Countryside Alliance Awards - HAMPSHIRE firms championing our rural economy are vying for the chance of national acclaim. The Countryside Alliance Awards, now in their sixth year, celebrates the characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of the countryside.... (story)
ThisIsDevon 1.12.10 Beef business in award final - RED Ruby Devon Beef of Bow, near Crediton, has been named as a South West finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards. The business is competing against two others – Barleymows Farm Shop in Chard, Somerset, and Farrington Farm Shop in Farrington Gurney, Bristol – for the regional title in the Local Food category... (story)
Hexham Courant 29.11.10 Rural businesses win through to countryside finals - TYNEDALE has three finalists in the Countryside Alliance’s regional awards scheme – two of them from Humshaugh. Vying for honours in the village shop/post office section are Allendale Co-op, and Humshaugh village store, while the Humshaugh-based Bellingham Soap Company hopes to clean up in the village enterprise category... (story)
Derby Telegraph 29.11.10 Post office and a paradise for chocoholics in line for award By Chris Jones - A POST office that was delivered from the brink of closure and shop that makes chocolate shoes have been shortlisted for an award. Cromford Post Office was days away from shutting down in January after its owner put the building up for auction. Villagers rallied around and raised more than £140,000 in "paper pledges" to buy it before an anonymous bidder came up with the £250,000 needed. A full refurbishment followed and now the post office, which serves about 3,000 people, is one of three Derbyshire businesses nominated for an East Midlands Countryside Alliance Award.... (story)
Redditch & Alcester Standard 26.11.10 In the frame for top award - Ian Dipple - A PIONEERING rural business is once again in the running to reclaim its title as the UK’s Best Village Shop. Feckenham Community Shop has been shortlisted as one of three finalists in the West Midlands heat of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
ThisIsBusiness-East Midlands 26.11.10 Pork pair hope to pick up top food award - A PAIR of pig farmers from Blyton Carr near Gainsborough are vying for a regional title in the Countryside Alliance Awards. Jane and Terry Tomlinson of Redhill Farm have been nominated as one of the top three East Midlands entrants in the Local Food category... (story)
Hampshire Chronicle 25.11.10 Shop near Alresford nominated for regional award - A POST office and shop near Alresford has been nominated for a Countryside Alliance regional award. Cheriton Post Office and Stores in Cheriton is one of three finalists for the Village Shop/Post Office category in the Countryside Alliance Award in the South of England section... (story)
Salisbury Journal 25.11.10 Small businesses vying for top accolade By Anne Connon - THE Wessex finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards have been announced, with 12 top businesses from across the region vying for one of four regional titles and the chance of national acclaim... They include The Traditional Beef Company of Farley and Fontmell Magna Village Shop and Post Office... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 25.11.10 Take a butchers at countryside awards - A West Harptree butchers is one of the South West finalists in the 2010 Countryside Alliance Awards. New Manor Farm Shop and Stables Tea Room, West Harptree joins 11 other top businesses from across the Westcountry vying for one of four regional titles and the chance of national acclaim.... (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 24.11.10 Porkers prize push - PIG farmers from Gainsborough are vying for a regional title, which will bring national acclaim, in the Countryside Alliance Awards 2010. Redhill Farm produces pork, dry cured hams and bacon plus handmade sausages and pork pies... (story)
Belper News 24.11.10 Rural food heroes are nominated for award - Two Belper businesses have been recognised in a national awards initiative which aims to keep rural communities alive. The I Should Cocoa cafe and chocolate shop and Sam Jackson, co-owner of the Fresh Basil deli, have both been put forward for awards by happy customers... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 22.11.10 Porkers prized title - PIG farmers from Gainsborough are vying for a regional title, and national acclaim, in the Countryside AllianceAwards 2010. Redhill Farm, which produces pork, dry cured hams and bacon plus handmade sausages and pork pies from their own herd of free range porkers, have been nominated as one of the top three East Midlands entrants in the Local Food category.... (story)
South Wales Argus 22.11.10 Monmouthshire firms in running for Countryside awards - TWO Monmouthshire businesses are in the running for awards celebrating the countryside. Dingestow Post Office and General Store, Monmouth and N S James Butchers, Raglan, are among 12 finalists nominated for the 2010 Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Newcastle Journal 20.11.10 Humshaugh Village Shop in line for top award - THE shop that villagers wouldn’t allow to die is in the running for a top prize that could take its community pride all the way to the House of Lords next March... the shop is in line for a national award after being shortlisted in the North-East Countryside Alliance Awards Village Shop/Post Office category.... (story)
Melton Times 22.10.10 Rural Oscars want your vote - THE Countryside Alliance Awards, known as the ‘rural oscars’, are asking the public to nominate their rural heroes.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.11.10 Region's Alliance finalists named - THE South West finalists have been announced in the 2010 Countryside Alliance Awards. They include Strand Stores in Culmstock in the village shop and post office section... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 20.11.10 Stores run for award - FARM shops and butchers are in the running for a national award. Cwmcerrig Farm Shop and Grill in Llanelli, Dewi Roberts Butcher in Ffairfach, Llandeilo, and Martin Jones Family Butcher in Ammanford are listed among the finalists for this year's Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 20.11.10 Three county businesses win awards - Three businesses in the north of the county have been named as finalists in regional awards celebrating the best of rural life... The Shop@Stanwick and CR Potters, along with Lancaster Farm Shop in Higham Ferrers, are in the last 12 for the East Midlands final of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Redhill & Reigate Life 19.11.10 Betchworth shop bids for awards glory - A Betchworth shop is in the running for a coveted regional title in this year's Countryside Alliance Awards. The Shop at Strood Green is one of the three finalists in the regional awards' Village Shop/Post Office category.... (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 14.10.10 Rural award nominations - EAST YORKS: Time is running out for nominations for prestigious awards dubbed the rural Oscars. Organised by the Countryside Alliance, the awards celebrate communities, produce, enterprise and rural heritage... (story)
ThisIsDevon 13.10.10 Nominations call for alliance awards - THERE are still two weeks left to nominate Devon businesses and individuals in this year's Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
North Wales Weekly News 23.9.10 Awards celebrate rural Conwy - THE sixth annual Countryside Alliance Awards are now open to public nomination. Members of the public are now being urged to have their say. The awards, nicknamed the Rural Oscars, aim to support and promote rural communities... (story)
ThisIsDevon 15.9.10 Nominate now for rural awards - THE sixth annual Countryside Alliance Awards nominations are now open and Neil Parish MP is urging the local community to get nominating. The awards give unsung local heroes the chance to be celebrated for their contributions to rural Britain's food and farming industry... >(story)
South West Business 9.9.10 Get involved in the 'Rural Oscars' - The Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed 'The Rural Oscars' has opened the nominations early and is urging the residents of Frome to get involved... (story)
ThisIsDorset 3.9.10 MP Bob backs awards - NORTH Dorset MP Bob Walter is backing the sixth annual Countryside Alliance Awards. The awards are now open for nominations and Mr Walter is urging people to get involved... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 2.9.10 Nominate for award -EAST YORKS: Prestigious awards dubbed the rural Oscars have opened for nominations. Organised by the Countryside Alliance, they celebrate communities, produce, enterprise and rural heritage... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 27.8.10 Oscars of rural world - E YORKS: Nominations have opened for the public to back businesses to win a "Rural Oscar". The annual Countryside Alliance Awards are now in their sixth year... (story)

ThisIsDevon 18.4.11 Shoppers urged to support animal rights - CAMPAIGNERS from Exeter Friends For Animals marked Lab Animal Week by urging shoppers to sign a petition to say they do not want animal-tested cosmetics to be available in the European Union... Local campaigner Sharon Howe said: "Opinion polls have demonstrated a high level of public concern over the rising numbers of animals used in laboratories.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.4.11 Animal campaign takes to streets - EXETER Friends For Animals will take to the city's streets today to mark World Lab Animal Day. Local campaigner Sharon Howe said opinion polls had consistently demonstrated a high level of public concern over the rising numbers of animals used in laboratories.... (story)

Derby Telegraph 18.4.11 Crimes against wildlife must not be unpunished - WILDLIFE is already under threat without thugs shooting willy-nilly at anything that moves.... H Whittamore, Rosengrave Street, Derby (letter)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 18.4.11 New protests planned over huge pig farm - BATTLE lines have been drawn after a company reapplied to build a giant pig farm near Foston. Midland Pig Producers plans to use slurry from 2,500 animals housed at the 67-acre site to generate electricity for the National Grid.... Justin Kerswell, campaign manager for animal welfare group Viva, said a protest was "very possible".... (story)


Sunday Telegraph 17.4.11 Two horses die at Scottish Grand National - Two horses have died at the Scottish Grand National a week after two others were killed at Aintree By Ben Leach - Regal Heights and Minella Four Star collapsed at the end of the four mile event at Ayr. It comes in the wake of last Saturday's Grand National – the highest profile event in the racing calendar – where two horses died after falling at fences... David Muir, equine consultant for the RSPCA, said: “We cannot justify the indefensible. We’ve got to ask if there is something wrong. We have to address the problems and make the sport safer... (story)
Herald (Scotland) 17.4.11 Scottish Grand National under fire as two horses die after race at Ayr BY CAROLYN CHURCHILL - THE Scottish Grand National was marred yesterday by the deaths of two horses after the race, sparking calls for changes to gruelling steeplechase races and the introduction of better animal welfare.... Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, called for a review of such events.... Dene Stansall, horse-racing consultant for Animal Aid, said last night: “The Scottish Grand National is run over four miles, nearly as long the Grand National, which in racing terms makes them the longest races there are in the racing calendar.... (story)
Sunday Mail 17.4.11 Outcry from animal rights groups as two horses die after Scottish Grand National - Maggie Lewis - TWO horses died after the Scottish Grand National yesterday - just a week after the double fatality at Aintree... Yesterday, Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe chairman Tony Moore said he was saddened to hear of the fatalities at the Scottish National.... (story)

Western Telegraph 17.4.11 Fears over badger cull clashes - The proposed badger cull could lead to social division and direct action according to campaigners fighting the order. Election candidates, Terry Mills, Labour, and Bob Kilmister, Lib Dem, both against the cull, attended a meeting called by Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) in Newport on Friday night... PAC chairman Celia Thomas said: “People have said it is sad that we find ourselves here again. But we know a lot more now, and have learnt a lot along the way. We are not going to just let this happen.”... Terry Mills said he would ignore the Labour whip and vote against the cull if elected.... (story)

Mail on Sunday 17.4.11 Lab test horror: Terrified rabbits starved for 30 hours then put in stocks and injected with drugs By TED THORNHILL - An undercover investigation has revealed that bunnies are being subjected to excruciating drug tests after being starved for up to 30 hours, denied water, then locked into vices – with some not surviving the ordeal..... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, or BUAV, spent eight months at Wickham Laboratories in Hampshire secretly filming their procedures – and say that the lab inflicted ‘appalling suffering’ on thousands of animals in tests that are ‘crude, archaic and extremely cruel’.... (story)

Sunday Express 17.4.11 ELEPHANT OWNER SAYS VIDEO OF ANNE’S ABUSE WAS STAGED By Roddy Ashworth - THE owners of a circus elephant kicked and beaten by a groom have accused the animal ¬welfare group which ¬videoed her suffering of tampering with footage to exaggerate the abuse. Animal Defenders International (ADI), which planted the hidden camera in an enclosure belonging to Bobby ¬Roberts’s Super Circus, denied the allegations and said there was no question that the animal was being treated cruelly.... “The film sequence shows him striking the elephant with what is a plastic pitchfork but the sound to the film appears to have been added subsequently and exaggerates the force being used and the impact of the strike,” the statement said. “There are two worrying aspects to the film footage. The first is that it shows Anne behaving quite naturally and ¬placidly, standing in her normal position and, having watched the film repeatedly, there are no apparent reasons for him to suddenly strike her. “The second concerns the hoodie, which the film shows to be pulled over his face and later the cap pulled down over his head. None of the Roberts family can recall this man ever having worn a hoodie or a cap during the whole time he worked for us and we can’t understand why he should need to wear them on the days when he committed such unacceptable and barbaric actions. This person disappeared as soon as we were informed of the press report and before its publication and, seemingly, he was aware of what was happening. We have given the police all the information which we hold on this man and fully support any attempts to trace him in the hope that it will lead to a ¬prosecution.”.... (story)
Guardian 10.4.11 Anne the elephant's circus owners talk of horror at abuse by worker In this exclusive interview, circus owners express their horror at a worker's abuse of an elderly elephant and reveal threats to their family - Steven Morris - For circus impresario Bobby Roberts, the evenings are probably the worst. He wanders into the stables to say goodnight to the animals and there is an elephant-sized hole where Anne used to be.... (story)
Warrington Guardian 7.4.11 Protest in Glazebury against Bobby Roberts Super Circus - former home to Annie the elephant - A CIRCUS which has hit the national headlines in recent weeks over the abuse of one of its animals is in Glazebury this week. The Bobby Roberts Super Circus opened on land alongside the Greyhound Roundabout on the East Lancashire Road at Glazebury, yesterday, Wednesday. Protesters picketed the circus... (story)
Mail 2.4.11 Anne the elephant's owner apologises after cruelly-treated circus animal is moved to safari park By CLAIRE ELLICOTT, NICK FAGGE and JAYA NARAIN - The owner of Anne the circus elephant yesterday apologised for her mistreatment as a deal was struck to rehome her at Longleat Safari Park. Moira Roberts said she felt responsible for the suffering endured by Britain’s oldest elephant because she hired Nicolae Nitu, the Romanian groom secretly filmed kicking her and stabbing her with a pitchfork... it was confirmed that 59-year-old Anne will see out the rest of her days at a purpose-built elephant enclosure at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire. She will move within a week.... The RSPCA, Born Free, the British Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Specialist Wildlife Services were also involved... Sally Anne Ryan travelled from South Wales with her four-year-old son Gabriel, who held up a painted sign which read: ‘Animals take the smiles out of the circus.’... (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.4.11 Call to ban elephant cruelty probe circus from Blackburn By Sam Chadderton - COUNCIL bosses are being urged to ban a circus at the centre of an elephant abuse storm from coming to Blackburn this summer. Bobby Roberts Super Circus has hit the headlines after secret footage was released by animal rights campaigners showing... elephant Anne being kicked... Fiona Peacock, from Burnley, who is the spokesman for CAPS said: “We’d call on the people of East Lancashire to boycott the circus and to get out on the street and protest against animal cruelty.... (story)
Harrogate Advertiser 31.3.11 Circus show pulled after elephant cruelty video - A CIRCUS set for the Great Yorkshire Showground has been cancelled, after police launched an investigation into claims of animal cruelty at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus.... Harrogate resident Jim Marshall said he had been “utterly sickened” by the footage and welcomed the cancellation of the event. (story)
York Press 30.3.11 Robby Roberts Super Circus forced to cancel show - A CIRCUS at the centre of cruelty allegations has been forced to cancel a North Yorkshire show planned for next month.The Robby Roberts Super Circus was due at the Yorkshire Events Centre in Harrogate, on April 21. However, the venue announced yesterday it had cancelled the show following “allegations regarding treatment of one of the circus elephants”.... (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 30.3.11 Annie the elephant to say goodbye to circus - A CIRCUS elephant at the centre of an abuse scandal will move to a new home imminently, the Northamptonshire circus owners have revealed.Arthritic 57-year-old elephant Annie is set to leave her home at Bobby Roberts Super Circus owners Bobby and Moira Roberts, aged 72 and 68 respectively, who have always maintained they did not know the elephant was being beaten, have said.... (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 28.3.11 Circus owners are stunned by elephant abuse - THE circus owners at the centre of an elephant abuse scandal have spoken of their “devastation and shock” at seeing undercover video footage of the elderly animal being beaten, as a police investigation was launched.... A tearful Mrs Roberts, said: “I can’t put into words how upset we are about this... We trusted that boy [Annie’s carer], we showed him how to look after that animal properly.... I don’t understand why these campaigners didn’t tell us earlier so this could be stopped. They were filming for weeks and they could have put an end to it as soon as they saw it happening... (story)
BBC News Online 27.3.11 Inquiry starts into elephant abuse video - A police inquiry has been launched after undercover video footage was released of a circus elephant being struck repeatedly with a pitchfork... (story)
Daily Mail 26.3.11 Anne's agony: Battered, kicked and stabbed, the desperate plight of Britain's last circus elephant By CHRIS GREENWOOD and CLARE ELICOTT - With each repeated blow, the pitchfork makes a sickening thwack as it slams into Anne the elephant's hide... The disturbing images come from a secretly shot video which campaigners say lays bare the cruel reality of her life as Britain's last circus elephant... The graphic attacks were recorded over three-and-a-half weeks by a surveillance camera concealed on a farm in Polebrook, Northamptonshire. Experts working for the pressure group Animal Defenders International (ADI) planted the device because of concerns about Anne's welfare. They have repeatedly called for circus owner Bobby Roberts to hand over Anne so she can live out her days in a wildlife sanctuary.... Last night, confronted with the evidence, Bobby Roberts said he would fire the Romanian groom paid £8,000 a year to care for Anne.... (story)
Shields Gaztte 26.3.11 (& others) Video reveals abuse of elephant - Animal rights campaigners have called for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses after undercover video footage revealed shocking abuse of the UK's last circus elephant... Moira Roberts, 72, who runs the circus with her 68-year-old husband Bobby and their family, said they reacted with "shock and horror" when they saw the footage of Annie being abused. She said they knew nothing of what was going on, adding that the Romanian groom employed to care for the animal had left the circus overnight... "What has upset us more than anything is the fact that this filming took place five weeks ago. Why didn't they tell us, why have they left it until now? We don't know what Anne has gone through in the last five weeks."... (story)
Mirror 25.3.11 Circus elephant abuse caught on camera - Animal rights campaigners today called for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses after undercover video footage revealed shocking abuse of the UK's last circus elephant... Jan Creamer, ADI's Chief Executive, said: "Annie's tragic story symbolises the plight of circus animals and is a shocking indictment of the circus industry at a key time as government considers a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.... (story)


Western Mail 16.4.11 Farmers deserveour appreciation - Again farmers are vilified for producing food. Like Idris Mathias, I too deplore the culling of otherwise healthy animals, dairy cows included (Letters, April 11). At present only cows are culled in an effort to curb the spread of TB, when badgers are known to be carriers as well.... As to the comment that “farmers will not be satisfied...”, it is not the farmers that need satisfying, it is the consumer; they demand cheap food. It is only the rich or those with the extra pounds in their wallets that are able to buy the produce from less intensive farming methods.... We need to appreciate our farmers and support them by buying Welsh, not denigrate and slowly force them out of business, because that might cause even greater harm. Be careful what you wish for. RICK TAYLOR Y Barri, Bro Morgannwg
Cull is essential - Idris Mathias’s letter doesn’t sound like the Ceredigion (not Dyfed!) farm I work and love... However, I fear that nature has become unbalanced in recent years due to man’s intervention, causing the badger population to increase to dangerous levels. The dreaded disease of TB is marching forward at an alarming rate and badgers are implicated in its spread. We must take action before it is too late.... JANE E DAVIES, Rural Cardigan (letters)
Western Mail 11.4.11 Badgers, like foxes, are poor defenceless creatures and these unfortunate animals have been man’s constant companions since the dawn of time.... This culling madness is nothing new to the countryside, as the farmers and landowners, have been at it hell-for-leather since the ending of the war... All the trees have been culled and the once rich countryside lies bare, and stark, leaving only the ugly skin-hedged hedgerows, and the once individual fields had their own distinct character to give wild life food, and shelter, and places to nest.... IDRIS MATHIAS, Dre Aberteifi, Dyfed (letter)

BBC News Online 16.4.11 Animal testing demonstration in Manchester - Hundreds of campaigners have gathered in Manchester for a national protest against animal testing. A rally was held in Whitworth Park, on Oxford Road.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 16.4.11 Ban this brutal practice for good - THIS week is World Week For Animals In Laboratories. In Britain alone, 3.7 million animals are tortured and murdered every year by human beings in laboratories... Those who make money and careers from vivisection do not want it to end. Please support a total ban on vivisection. Graeme Darling, Jedburgh (letter)

Dorset Echo 16.4.11 Race is on for London marathon runners By Lucy Pearce and Catherine Bolado - LONDON marathon runners are on the home stretch now as the big day looms. Runners from Dorset will be pounding the streets of the capital on Sunday.... Sandra Hood, 52, from Dorchester, will be running for Compassion in World Farming, the world’s leading farm animal welfare charity.... I chose to run for Compassion because I want to raise awareness of the plight of farm animals. “I’d rather no-one ate meat at all, but while most people do eat meat, Compassion is the voice of the millions of farm animals that are suffering... (story)

Scottish Herald 16.4.11 Is Scotland’s seal cull out of control? Is Scotland’s seal cull out of control? - CHRIS WATT - ANIMAL rights campaigners have accused the Scottish Government of sanctioning the slaughter of almost 1300 seals under new legislation designed to protect fish stocks... The Seal Protection Action Group said the law, which makes clear that seals can only be slaughtered if all other methods of controlling them fail, is being abused, and is considering a legal challenge to the Government’s application of the law... Spokesman Andy Ottoway said it “beggared belief” that the multimillion-pound industry could not keep predators away from salmon without shooting them... (story)

Beverley Guardian 15.4.11 Don’t visit animal circuses - I AM very relieved that Anne the beaten circus elephant has been rescued and is now at Longleat. It is worse than sad, it is evil, that such a magnificent animal as Anne has had to endure a life of 55 years spent mainly in cramped confinement and in shackles.... Eileen Girling Sigston Road Beverley. (letter)


Telegraph 15.4.11 Countrysides, Radio 4, preview - Gillian Reynolds is impressed by the boldness of Anita Sullivan's play about life in the country since the Hunting Bill.... Anita Sullivan's play Countrysides explores what's happening in the countryside in response to the the Hunting Bill. She's been researching it for four years, talking to hunt monitors, hunt saboteurs, animal welfare organisations, police, hunt staff and supporters, falconers, terrier men, vets and farmers. It's about two men who discover a fragile human conection. Tim McInnerny plays the hunt master, Russell Tovey, the anti-hunt protestor.... (story)

Henley Standard 15.4.11 Don’t repeal Hunting Act - The implication of Jon Hatt’s letter (Standard, April 1) appeared to be that the “need to control” foxes “prowling around” freshly calved cows, coupled with his assertion that “whatever the much-rehearsed rights and wrongs of hunting, if the hounds catch a fox, it is killed quickly”, amounts to an irrefutable case for repealing the Hunting Act.... No amount of a hunt being “normally very good at apologising and making good when it makes a mistake” will undo the horror unleashed upon the countryside if the Hunting Act is repealed. — Yours faithfully, Beatrice Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington
Hunt was in other woods - In response to your correspondent Jon Hatt, part of the woodland between the National Trust property that Mr Hatt farms and our farm has indeed changed hands. However, the Kimblewick Hunt was not in those woods when I was faced with their invasion. It was in unattached woods on the opposite side of the valley and the fields between. I had also been at pains to point out that my objection wasn’t to the hunting of foxes.... Simon Brickhill, Goring Heath (letters on website for a week)
Henley Standard 2.4.11 No confusion over owner - In response to Chris Austin’s reply to my letter complaining about the antics of the Kimblewick Hunt (Standard, March 11), he claimed there had been been some recent changes in land ownership that may have caused confusion. In fact, this farm has been owned by the same family since 1967.... Simon Brickhill, Goring Heath (letter on website for a week)
Henley Standard 25.3.11 Foxes don’t kill for fun - Reading the letter from Simon Brickhill (Standard, March 11) on thoughtless hunters prompts the comment that it is, so to speak, “deja vu all over again”, as hunt monitors can readily testify... Beatrice Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington
Strong body of opinion - I write regarding the recent complaint regarding the Kimble Wick Hunt and wonder whether indeed the letter also regarding the leaving of foxes’ bodies lying around are connected. When I was a young lad, I worked for a time in hunt service. It was widely known that if out hunting we came across a dead fox that had been strategically placed, we knew that either the land owner or farmer was either a) anti hunting, or b) anti the local hunt... Arthur Roberts, Mill Lane, Hurley (letters on website for a week)

ThisIsKent 15.4.11 Gamekeeping is a greener job - "THERE are a lot of preconceptions about gamekeepers, but I spend more time with a chainsaw, creating and maintaining habitats, than I do with a gun." Award-winning gamekeeper Guy Ledger is still reeling from being named first winner of the Bellamy Trophy last month, a prize which included a cheque for £500 from the National Gamekeepers' Organisation.... (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 31.3.11 Conservation award for Pickering gamekeeper George Thompson - A GAMEKEEPER from Pickering has been hailed for his dedication to conservation. George Thompson, head grouse moor keeper at Spaunton Moor was a runner-up in The Bellamy Trophy, founded by conservationist, David Bellamy, which recognises creativite and initiative in promoting the gamekeepers’ role in sustainable countryside management.... (story)

Oxford Mail 15.4.11 Gunned down - I would like to reply to Bea Bradley’s letter (Tuesday’s Oxford Mail), which says that my letter concerning shotgun licences was “strange”. It ignores the fact that I was writing about 10-year-olds holding shotgun licenses.... She also knows that the terrible shootings in London were carried out with illegally held handguns. She does not say this as it does not fit in with her agenda. I too am very much against illegally held handguns by anyone, young or old... VM Bradley says, (presumably directed at me) that bullet-heads should engage their brains before putting their mouths in gear. At least you credit me with a brain. Steve Chandler, Kennington (story)
Oxford Mail 12.4.11 Strange attitude to guns - WHAT a strange letter from Steve Chandler (Oxford Mail, March 31) regarding children having shotgun licences... In the same issue of the paper was reported a recent shooting incident involving youths, which resulted in accidental but appalling, and possibly fatal, injuries to two innocent people.... Presumably, when Mr Chandler asks whether anyone has known of a death caused by a child with a gun, he can somehow discount the taking of any non-human life as a non-death... BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 31.3.11 Kids don't kill people - Why all the concern recently about seven- and 10-year-olds being given shotgun licences? Has anyone known of a death because of this? No. They are being taught how to handle guns, safely and correctly... Steve Chandler, Sandford Lane, Kennington (letter)

Telegraph 14.4.11 Sleeping fisherman in furry 'deer hunter' hat bitten by fox - A fisherman who was bitten by a fox as he slept in a tent believes that the animal attacked in the mistaken belief his furry hat was a rabbit or a water vole. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Richard Langley had just dosed off in his fishing bivouac when he felt something move by his head. At first he thought it was someone trying to steal his fishing rods but as he jumped out of the tent he saw a white-tipped tail disappearing into the distance and felt blood on his face. “I was in shock but I wasn’t scared,” he says. “It was more frightening later going to hospital to get checked for rabies.”... Wildlife experts think the fox would have been "scavenging for food"... He also said foxes should be controlled in the area. “I do not have anything against foxes,” he says. “But they were hunted for a reason. They are getting a bit cheeky now.” (story)

Telegraph 14.4.11 Fisherman bitten by fox: commentary - Leading independent wildlife expert John Bryant gives his verdict on why the fox attacked. “Foxes are naturally scavengers and it was was most likely attracted by the smell of the fishing bait or the sandwiches. It may have even smelt food near the mouth of the fisherman. It certainly would not have been ‘hunting humans’.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.4.11 Simon Hamlyn: Our leaders must support vital countryside communities - THE first thing I see when looking out of my home office window is our local post office... The closure of local services and facilities such as post offices, and the rising cost of fuel in particular, are a major concern for all communities, but they hit hardest in rural areas where private travel is an essential part of the daily routine.... There are so many challenges to living and working in rural areas but they are offset by the camaraderie that only life in a rural community can bring. The Countryside Alliance is working hard to meet the challenges of rural life so that future generations can enjoy it too. (story)

Scottish Herald 15.4.11 As an international greyhound protection organisation, we were interested to read Mark Smith’s article, particularly because of the mention of greyhound racing, which is just as cruel, in its own way, as the Grand National and other horse racing events... That’s why we are calling on the public not to attend dog tracks or bet on greyhound races, so this appalling industry fades away through lack of financial support. Eva Hopkins, Greyhound Action, PO Box 127, Kidderminster. (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 15.4.11 Dead badgers found on Island By Ross Findon - CONCERNS have been raised about badger welfare on the Island following a number of deaths. An RSPCA-led investigation, supported by police animal welfare officers, has been launched following the discovery of three dead badgers near a development site in Totland... Joan Tisdale, of Badger Trust Isle of Wight, said they feared badgers may have been disturbed during recent developments in the town.... (story)

Western Telegraph 15.4.11 Badger Trust starts legal proceedings to stop controversial cull - The Badger Trust is again looking to the courts to stop the controversial cull of badgers in Pembrokeshire. Badger Trust Chairman, David Williams said on Friday afternoon: "The Badger Trust, with the support of landowner members who are also part of Pembrokeshire Against the Cull, has sent a letter before action with a view to commencing legal proceedings in the High Court if the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) refuses to revoke its Order to destroy badgers.... (story)

ThisIsCornwall 15.4.11 Police fear vigilantes in 'Big Society badger cull' in the Westcountry - Action by farmers in bovine TB hotspots in the Westcountry, labelled a "Big Society badger cull" by a Labour shadow minister, could be open to abuse, according to a police assessment. The National Wildlife Crime Unit, which is helping formulate a culling programme, is worried that vigilante groups without licences to cull would roam the countryside shooting badgers at will... (story)

Guardian 15.4.11 A better way to save cattle – and badgers - As a longtime campaigner on animal protection issues, I was horrified to read of ministers' plans for a legalised free-for-all shooting of badgers in our countryside... Caroline Lucas MP, Green, Brighton Pavilion (letter)

Burton Mail 15.4.11 Pig farm proposal is back before a different council - COUNCIL bosses are inviting residents in Burton and South Derbyshire to comment on a controversial pig farm application. Midland Pig Producers (MPP) has applied to Derbyshire County Council for permission to build a 30-acre farm in Uttoxeter Road, Foston... MPP had previously withdrawn its application to South Derbyshire District Council following the receipt of 2,800 objections citing a range of concerns including noise, odours, ecology and archaeology — along with a protest by animal rights campaigners (pictured right) at the authority’s offices... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 15.4.11 Do you care about humans? - I WOULD like to thank Steve Broom for confirming my opinion of him in his letter of March 31 about Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi. On so many occasions Mr Broom has written letters about what he sees as cruelty to animals and in favour of animal rights... The United Nations has condemned Gaddafi as the murderer of his own people... But to Mr Broom, well, he's not as bad as everyone says; a "great, pro-British guy". Any mention of the hundreds of his own countrymen Gaddafi's arbitrary power has caused to die? No, of course not! Why? Well Mr Broom, is it because Libyans aren't furry or have feathers? Is it because they're people and not animals? Is that, Mr Broom, why you so patently don't care? Thank you though. It is always nice to have one's opinions confirmed. Martin Taylor, Woodlands Road, Hull. (letter)

Irish Independent 15.4.11 O'Doherty dead wrong about PETA US branch - Ian O'Doherty's April 4 piece, 'Yup, That's a Good Use of Our Money', contains false statements about PETA US. PETA US is a nonprofit organisation that works fully within the law to educate people about the horrors of animal suffering and what can be done to stop it... Statements as uninformed and hateful as O'Doherty's are deeply offensive to anyone who works for a kinder world. Ingrid E Newkirk President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals US Washington, DC (letter)
Irish Independent 4.4.11 Ian O'Doherty: Yup, that's a good use of our money - Here we go again - You have to love animal rights group PETA. Actually, scratch that previous sentiment -- we should all despise them with every vicious little bone in our bodies. Publicity-seeking stunts rather than actual good work have always been their forte and they tend to rely on celebrities, most of whom are too stupid and ignorant to even realise that the organisation has been classed as a "potential terrorist threat" by the USDA's office..... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15.4.11 Anne won’t forget - Anne won’t forget.... Anne will certainly remember this brutal abuse for the rest of her life while under the care of the circus owners. Ellen Harris, Whittlesey (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.4.11 Anne was well cared for by circus owners - I WRITE regarding Anne the elephant, who has been in the ET and national news recently, with all the things being said about Roberts Brothers Circus. In their defence, I must say that Anne has only lived this long due to her being well looked after. I used to work for the circus a few years ago... I was there for quite a while, and in all that time the animals in the circus were very well looked after... These animal rights people haven’t got a clue what they are talking about. Bobby and his wife took good care of them, of all the animals... Bob Anderson, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough (letter)


ThisIsGloucestershire 14.4.11 Chester is keeping his nose to the ground in the hope of getting a place in the police force - WHEN Chester the foxhound arrived at Teckels Animal Shelter, he joined the ranks of the county's many unwanted pets. But now he could be given a new home and a career to boot – as a police sniffer dog.... "He came to us via the Trailhound Trust. He had been at a pound in Cumbria. The first time he escaped his owner went to collect him but then the second time the pound sent the owners a letter and they just didn't want to do anything...." "He is a lovely dog. We even had the Berkeley Hunt come to look at him but he has never been hunting before and that sort of thing is not really in him."... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 14.4.11 Pupils' successful cast - MORRISTON School pupils have proved themselves dab hands at fly fishing. They were honoured by the Countryside Alliance Foundation's Fishing for Schools programme for completing an innovative fly fishing course.... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 9.4.11 Pupils on course to hook a prize - PUPILS from Morriston Comprehensive School have landed prizes for completing an unusual course. The youngsters have been recognised for their angling skills after taking part in the Countryside Alliance Foundation's Fishing for Schools programme.... (story)

ThisIsDorset 14.4.11 Mum's poll bid sees mould of typical Tory lady broken - AT 33 Emma Parker of Winterborne Whitechurch is one of the youngest candidates in the elections for seats onNorth Dorset District Council. She is seeking election as a Conservative in one of the widest spread geographical wards, Abbey... Like Mrs Jones, Mrs Parker is an enthusiastic fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, and the week after the election will be taking part in the annual Moonwalk in London for the second time. She also enjoys horse riding, and is a member of the Countryside Alliance and British Horse Society.... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 14.4.11 CALLS TO BAN CIRCUSES IN CUMBRIA AFTER ANIMAL ABUSE By Julian Whittle - ALLERDALE Council is being asked to ban circuses that use performing animals from its land. Moorclose councillor Denis Robertson is pressing for a ban after reports of maltreatment to Anne, an elderly Asian elephant owned by Bobby Roberts’ Super Circus... (story)

Cambridge News 14.4.11 Zippos Circus has Cambridge posters torn down - Vandals have slashed posters for a circus in Cambridge. More than 20 posters put up around the city by Zippos Circus Phoenix were yesterday either slashed or torn down... Jan Erick Brenner, who runs the team of clowns, said: “So far we have found more than 20 of our posters that we put around town slashed with a knife or torn down.” He said some people had been concerned animals were used as part of the act, despite it being an animal-free show... (story)

York Press 14.4.11 Helping Animal Aid - I WOULD like to thank the people of York who so kindly donated to the Animal Aid street collection on April 2. We raised £232.97... Mrs S Jobling, Hambleton Way, Huntington, York. (letter)


ThisIsGloucestershire 13.4.11 Children come face-to-face with Fox hounds - CHILDREN came face-to-face with foxhounds at Andoversford Point-to-Point. The Cotswold Hunt hosted its annual event on Sunday. Dogs stole the show as families flocked in.... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 13.4.11 Hunting ban is well supported - IN James Barrington's latest letter replying to my previous one he states that he is "one of four former executive directors of the League Against Cruel Sports who now say that a ban is wrong". Where he gets this information from I have no idea. The league has been going for 84 years and he is the only former executive director who thinks the ban is wrong.... David Petersen, St Clears (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 13.4.11 U-turn on fox hunt 'bizarre' - WHERE are Barrington's credentials regarding animal welfare? I was a member of League Against Cruel Sport for many years. Before this man left LACS to befriend the hunt masters/mistresses, he 'dismissed outright' any excuse given by hunts that fox hunting was not cruel. His change of heart was to say the least bizarre given his previous outspoken stance on hunting with dogs... Judi Hewitt, Denbighshire (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 13.4.11 Weak act fails to stop hunts - I GOGGLE at the brass neck of James Barrington... Alan Kirby, Cornwall (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 30.3.11 Ban is wrong - so is letter - IT is an indication of the paucity of argument in favour of the Hunting Act that its supporters cling to even the most meagre and doubtful details as justification for this flawed law. This is the case with David Petersen's letter attempting to refute my — and many others' — criticisms of this legislation (Carmarthen Journal, March 16).... As one of four former executive directors of the League Against Cruel Sports who now say that a ban is wrong, I am in no doubt that wild mammal welfare has deteriorated.... James Barrington, London (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 13.4.11 Goshawks not fair game - SO James Stephenson believes that “the time has come to let people who live and earn their living in the countryside, decide how it should in the main be run” (Gazette & Herald, April 6). Five pages further on in the same paper we find the headline Police in warning to goshawk killers. This is precisely what happens when the running of the countryside is left to those that think they know best.... Tommy Woodward, Pickering (letter)

Worcester News 13.4.11 Coursing pre-dates greyhound racing - Paul Chandler (Worcester News, April 1) gives the false impression that greyhounds were only ever bred to “race around a track” rather than for coursing... The first coursing club was established in this country in 1776 long before greyhound track racing appeared in 1926... Mr Chandler describes my opinions as “mediaeval” but his demands for censorship of my letters to the Worcester News sound like a dictator from any time in history. JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 1.4.11 Greyhounds are bred to race round a track - Please stop publishing the letters from Jon Burgess every week. His views are from the Middle Ages. To suggest hare coursing is to test greyhounds (Worcester News, March 25) is ridiculous. They are bred to race round a track.... PAUL CHANDLER, Droitwich (letter)

Derby Telegraph 13.4.11 Air weapon pests blamed for 50% rise in gun crime figures By Chris Jones - A SURGE in air rifle shootings has pushed gun crime numbers up by more than 50% in the past year, according to police... (story)

Guardian 13.4.11 Shooting badgers to be legal under plans for 'big society cull' - Tories say move will help farmers tackle bovine TB but police warn of illegal badger persecution - Allegra Stratton, political correspondent - The row over badger culling has erupted again, with Labour describing government plans to allow farmers to shoot the animals on their land as the "big society badger cull". The government has yet to respond publicly to a Defra consultation onproposals for a cull in England, but ministers have given a heavy steer that they will approve plans to allow groups of volunteers to organise their own shooting expeditions to kill badgers in affected areas, after applying for an appropriate firearms licence. The Tory minister in charge, Jim Paice, has described the culls as "free shooting".... (story)

Farmers Guardian 13.4.11 Fears over 'threatening' calls from anti-cull groups By Barry Alston - THE Farmers Union of Wales is advising businesses to contact the police if they receive menacing telephone calls from anti badger-cull organisations or individuals. The union says a number of businesses around Wales have been contacted in the past few days and asked for details of their policy in terms of the proposed badger cull in north Pembrokeshire - and some have complained that the calls have been “quite threatening” and left some individuals “shaken”.... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 13.4.11 'Help us to keep record of brown hare numbers' By Carl Stringer - CONSERVATIONISTS have appealed for public help so they can map the prevalence and range of Carmarthenshire's brown hares. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has only limited county records for the rabbit-like mammal and needs more sightings to plan its future conservation.... Intensive farming methods and hunting have been blamed for an estimated 75 per cent drop in population, believed to be just 800,000 in the UK.... (story)

Newbury Weekly News 13.4.11 Protests held over conference in Newbury By Robert Warlow, Reporter - Police were called to both Newbury Racecourse and The Vineyard at Stockcross yesterday (Wednesday) - POLICE were called to Newbury Racecourse and The Vineyard at Stockcross yesterday (Tuesday) to deal with separate protests about a life science conference being held in Newbury this week. At about 5pm, police were called to the racecourse, where the three-day BioTrinity conference is being held, to deal with a group of protesters who were outside shouting and displaying banners. Then, at about 7pm, police were called to The Vineyard at Stockcross, where a group of 10 protesters had congregated outside, causing minor disruption. It is understood that the protesters were there to vent their anger at some of the conference attendees, who were believed to be staying at The Vineyard..... (story)

ThisIsDevon 13.4.11 MP's trip to No 10 to back circus ban on wild animals By Ginny Ware - TORBAY MP Adrian Sanders has visited No 10 Downing Street in a bid to stop the suffering of circus animals. Mr Sanders joined Animal Defenders International supporter actor Brian Blessed in delivering a huge campaign postcard, calling for an urgent ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, to the Prime Minister David Cameron.... (story)

Worcester News 13.4.11 Pictures tell story - Whenever travelling circuses feature in the news we can be sure of an appearance from a local spokesman to explain that performing animals are actually extremely welltreated and enjoy their environment. I think and hope that this mediaeval myth has finally been erased with the recent horrifying images of the treatment of elephant Anne... ANDY O’HARE, Worcester (letter)

Nottingham Post 13.4.11 IT is extremely sad to hear that a rare black swan has died after being shot with an air gun in a horrific attack in Arnot Hill Park.... , Animal Aid urges the council not to bring in any more swans to the park. Animals are not decorative objects to serve as entertainment to the passing public. To introduce them into an environment where they are not safe is both irresponsible and cruel. ASHLEY OWEN, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)

Sleaford Standard 14.4.11 Indulgence not on menu for vegetarians - I have just picked up a leaflet ‘Eat drink and indulge, Sleaford’.... This is hardly an ‘Indulge Special’ week for us vegetarians. In fact it positively discriminates against us.... SHELAGH McINTYRE, Cranwell (story)


Nottingham Evening Post 12.4.11 I WOULD like to congratulate Robert Massey on his letter ("Sport of kings is a cruel spectacle", April 5). A racehorse is half a ton of highly trained muscle controlled by a brain the size of a hen's egg. It has been bred and inter bred purely to win races helped by jockeys to guide them round corners and thrash them with whips to keep them in a straight line and run to their maximum speed.... These horses are too highly strung and highly trained to do anything else but race, so what does happen to them at the end of their racing life? P STAGWOOD, Winrow Gardens, Basford (letter)

Yorkshire Post 12.4.11 Killing will not cure problem From: David Williams, Badger Trust, East Grinstead. YOUR letter writer W Watts wrote that the Badger Trust cannot take the fact that some badgers have bovine tuberculosis (Yorkshire Post, April 2). We can and do, but reject the assertion that killing them will make any meaningful contribution to the eradication of the disease in cattle... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 11.4.11 Don’t make badgers scapegoats for the spread of infection in cattle From: David Williams, Chairman, Badger Trust - In last Saturday’s Country Week, W Watts, of Thurgoland, Sheffield, wrote that the Badger Trust cannot take the fact that some badgers have bovine tuberculosis. We can, and do, but reject the assertion that killing them will make any meaningful contribution to the eradication of the disease in cattle.... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 7.4.11 Don’t blame the badgers From: Liz Groves, chair, Craven Badger Group. I AM writing in answer to the letter from W Watts, of Thurgoland (Yorkshire Post, April 2). The Badger Trust has never denied that bTB is in the badger population, and as the disease in cattle spreads further north, then there is the risk that it will, indeed, get into all wildlife, not just badgers... Had the Government over the years spent money improving the skin test for cattle and/or investing in a vaccine for cattle and/or badgers, the situation would be very different today... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 12.4.11 Animal tests must stop - I THINK it is unacceptable animal testing still takes place for cosmetics and that a 2013 deadline to ban the import and sale of cosmetics tested on animals may be delayed.... Jill Evans MEP, President Plaid (letter)

Derby Telegraph 12.4.11 Campaign group will fight firm's second bid to build giant pig farm By Chris Mallett - BATTLE lines have been drawn again after a company reapplied to build a giant pig farm near Foston. Midland Pig Producers plans to use slurry from 2,500 animals housed at the 28-hectare site to generate electricity for the National Grid. But animal rights activists say they will fight the plans... Justin Kerswell, campaign manager for animal welfare group Viva, said a protest was "very possible" but was unlikely to involve picketing the land. He said it could involve a street protest or the group's giant mascot "Piggles" visiting Foston.... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 12.4.11 Try vegan fare - A VEGAN food fair is being held in Stokes Croft later this month. A range of vegan cakes and other goodies will be on sale from 11am to 3pm on Friday, April 22, at Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft. All proceeds will go towards campaigning against animal abuse.... (story)


Daily Mail 11.4.11 Tally ho-me on the range! Fox hunting gets the American treatment (but those coyotes sure are fast!) - It is the quintessential English sport and the preserve of the aristocracy. So it may come as a surprise to learn that fox hunting has been popular in America for centuries.... 'You may or may not know that George Washington was a fox hunter. He kept a pack of hounds,' Mitchell Jacobs says of the first president as he pulls on his black, knee-length boots in preparation for a day of charging up and down canyons at the base of the Tehachapi Mountains, near Los Angeles... 'We haven't caught a coyote all season,' chuckles Jacobs, one of the co-masters of West Hills Hounds, the venerable Los Angeles fox-hunting club.... (story)

Worcester News 11.4.11 So where are we on otters now? - You have written many stories over the years to celebrate the success of reinstating the otter population in our county.... But I read a story in the Worcester News (April 4) about them being an “absolute economic disaster” because they eat fish. Mirror carp ( a mutant variety of common carp) cost up to £1,500 to replace, says a member of Whitbourne Angling and Associates. So, it seems that African animals’ waste and mutant carp are more economically valuable than wildlife... GERRY TAGGART, Powick (letter)

Yorkshire Post 11.4.11 From: Karen Horton, North Frodingham, near Driffield. I LIVE in a small farming community and I am a member of the Countryside Alliance. I also know the law of the land. It saddens me that some residents who live within the area do not adhere to the Defra countryside rule that “dogs must never worry livestock”... (letter)

Worcester News 11.4.11 What about slaughter of ruddy ducks,Kate? - I was surprised to read Kate Humble’s letter ‘Let’s do all we can to help save nature’ (Worcester News, March 29) for the RSPB’s Stepping Up For Nature campaign. It seems a strange idea that the RSPB wants us all to help save nature, when the RSPB still continues to support the slaughter of the ruddy duck in this country... MAXINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

Heart 11.4.11 St Albans 'meat-free' plans - School canteens in St Albans could soon only serve vegetarian food on Mondays as part of plans to tackle climate change. The City and District Council are looking into becoming the first local authority in the UK to introduce 'meat-free Mondays'... The Council - and the charity Animal Aid, who are supporting the move - say this would help climate change efforts by cutting the greenhouse gases released through animal farming... (story)

News Shopper 11.4.11 West Wickham animal welfare group to 'expose the cruelty behind the egg industy' By Michael Purton - AN ANIMAL welfare group will be in Bromley town centre next Saturday (April 23) to “expose the cruelty behind the egg industy”. Members of the West Wickham based Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group (PPAWG) will be manning a stall outside WH Smith in Bromley High Street from 11am to 3pm. They will be handing out information on behalf of Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, and PPAWG founder Jan Yarker says their aim is to “expose the cruelty behind the egg industry”.... (story)


Horse & Hound 10.4.11 Llangeinor huntsman to run 50-mile Taff Trail - Ellie Hughes - While many people might choose to mark their 60th birthday with a special meal or a night out at the theatre, not so Llangeinor huntsman Alex Ford. Alex will celebrate by limbering up for a 50-mile run.... Alex is raising money both for the UCSW and for the Chloe Bigmore Trust, which provides grants, funding and other support to help children and their families who have been affected by cancer and other related life-limiting conditions... (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 9.4.11 Is the circus a family show or a breach of animal rights? - THE use of animals in circus shows will always attract controversy and The Great British Circus, which is currently running shows from its Big Top camp, near Laceby, is no stranger to it. Protesters gather there nightly, the Government is discussing banning the use of wild animals in circuses and the travelling company, owned by Martin Lacey, has also been roundly criticised in a national newspaper.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.4.11 Plea for ban on wild animals in circuses - Fiona Peacock The Captive Animals' Protection Society PO Box 4186, Manchester M60 3ZA (letter)
York Press 7.4.11 Time to protect all circus animals - Fiona Peacock, Campaigns officer The Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 4186, Manchester. (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 7.4.11 Call for circus ban - Fiona Peacock, campaigns officer, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Manchester (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 6.4.11 Ban circus animal acts - FIONA PEACOCK, campaigns officer, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 5.4.11 Let’s have a happy ending for all circus animals - I’m sure readers will have seen the footage of Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant, being beaten by a man at Bobby Roberts’ Super Circus. The footage of this abuse shocked and angered the nation. Anne has now been rehomed, and will live out the rest of her years away from her life of suffering in the circus... Anne has been rescued from the circus, and now we need to make sure animals remaining in circuses get their happy endings. Fiona Peacock Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 4186, Manchester M60 3ZA (letter)


Irish Times 10.4.11 Farmer and campaigner against blood sports - : RICHARD POWER, who has died aged 84, was the last surviving founder member of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS).... (story)

ThisIsDevon 8.4.11 Exempt hunting - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds meet at 11am tomorrow at Blackmoor Gate; Monday 11 at Staple Farm, Bicknoller, Joint meet with Quantock Staghounds, Collection for Countryside Alliance... (story)

Worthing Herald 8.4.11 Humans took over - PERHAPS Mrs P. Law, of West Worthng, who seems keen to instigate a cull of urban foxes through your newspaper, might like to bear in mind that foxes would have lived and gone about their business thousands of years ago in an area that was later to become West Worthing.... Julian Richards, Harbour Way, Shoreham-by-Sea (letter)

Western Mail 8.4.11 It never ceases to amaze me why people who are strongly anti-hunting seem to judge everyone on the basis of their support or opposition to this activity. No matter what else one may do, it all comes down to whether or not you are pro or anti hunt – a warped way of thinking that leads us to the conclusion that pro-hunting Churchill was a bad guy, while anti-hunting Hitler was fine... I worked for the League Against Cruel Sports for 15 years and was its director for seven of those years and that involved in-field work. I have been involved in numerous animal welfare campaigns against factory farming, the fur trade, whaling, aspects of vivisection, dog farming in Asia and wild animals in circuses. I have personally and successfully prosecuted badger baiters. I remain opposed to these activities and have been a vegetarian for almost 40 years. However, for valid animal welfare reasons I do not see hunting with scenting hounds in the same light and that, clearly, is something akin to blasphemy in the eyes of certain anti-hunt zealots.... JAMES BARRINGTON, London (letter)
Western Mail 6.4.11 Brass neck - I goggle at the brass neck of James Barrington (Letters, March 26), long-ago League Against Cruel Sports leader, a man who suddenly abandoned his cause and our persecuted wildlife to become a pro-hunt mouthpiece... ALAN KIRBY, Hayle, Cornwall (letter)
Western Mail 31.3.11 Protect wildlife: keep the Hunting Act - In response to James Barrington’s letter (March 26), hunting wild mammals with hounds is about gaining pleasure from cruelty.... MAGGIE HARRISON, Crewe, Cheshire
Sickening cruelty - Where are James Barrington’s credentials regarding animal welfare? I was a member of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) for many years, as was Barrington, who left LACS to befriend the hunt masters/mistresses... His change of heart was, to say the least, bizarre given his previous outspoken stance on hunting with dogs. He had also been a well-established hunt observer so must have witnessed hunt cruelty up close – and so what or who changed his mind? I guess we will never know!... JUDI HEWITT, Wales Against Animal Cruelty, Rhyl, Denbighshire
Close the loopholes - Could James Barrington explain exactly what makes him an “animal welfare consultant”? This title implies significant practical knowledge – field studies or working with animals day-to-day. Has he fitted this in between his “change of heart” that resulted in him suddenly betraying his anti hunt beliefs – and colleagues – and “jumping into bed” with the hunters, displaying his new loyalties by grinning as he posed for the newspapers with hounds and hunters before they set off on their gory fun?... PENNY LITTLE, Hunt Monitors Association
Vets and hunting - The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM) is the re-branded Vets For Hunting group which is less than 3% of the Royal Society of Veterinary Surgeons (RSVS) registered vets in this country. This group has cobbled together some reports that re-argues every finding against the need for a ban on hunting and waffles on about how the Burns Report was rigged against the hunters.... GRAHAM FORSYTH, Chard, Somerset (letters)
Western Mail 26.3.11 The Hunting Act continues to be hotly debated, but I implore parliamentarians to step back from the abundant rhetoric and look at the evidence. The Hunting Act is illogical in what it allows and does not allow... Four former directors of the League Against Cruel Sports have said that a ban is wrong and even anti-hunt supporters have doubts about the Hunting Act... We are not talking about turning the clock back, we are talking about moving forward with a common sense approach to wildlife management. JAMES BARRINGTON London (letter)

Stratford Observer 8.4.11 Concerns over race horse deaths - Steve Hayes - CONCERNS have been raised about conditions at Stratford Racecourse after three horses were killed racing there within a fortnight... (story)
Leamington Observer 8.4.11 Warwick racecourse under fire over horse deaths - Kevin Unitt - WARWICK Racecourse has one of the highest horse death tolls in Britain according to new figures... (story)
Evesham Journal 7.4.11 Cheltenham tops list of horse deaths - NATIONAL campaign group Animal Aid has published results of a study into deaths of horses at racing venues. According to the survey, there were 162 deaths at racecourses across the country over the past 12 months with the prestigious Cheltenham Racecourse topping the list with 13.... (story)
Newbury Weekly News 6.4.11 Investigation reveals horse fatality statistics By Robert Warlow, Reporter - SIX horses died at Newbury Racecourse in the past 12 months, according to an investigation by campaign group Animal Aid.... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 6.4.11 Horse deaths double in past year at Market Rasen Racecourse, figures show - A RACECOURSE in Lincolnshire has seen its horse fatalities more than double in the past year, according to an animal rights group. Figures released by Animal Aid show Market Rasen Racecourse came second only to Cheltenham in the number of equine deaths for the 12 months from March last year.... (story)

Scotsman 8.4.11 Animal rights group criticised over ad - AN ANIMAL rights group is under fire after an advertising campaign claimed feeding meat to children was a form of abuse. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put up the poster in a Welsh town depicting an obese young boy... (story)
BBC News Online 7.4.11 Peta Merthyr 'meat eating child abuse' poster row - A row has flared over an advert by an animal rights group which claims that giving children meat is "child abuse". Peta says it paid for the billboard poster in Merthyr because the town has a problem with overweight youngsters. But the county council said the message it conveyed was "stereotypically offensive and blatantly inaccurate.".... (story)
Western Mail 7.4.11 Poster claiming feeding children meat is 'child abuse' slammed - A SHOCKING poster showing an obese boy in Merthyr Tydfil claims feeding burgers to children is a form of abuse. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) billboard, spotted in the valleys town today, says: “Feeding Kids Meat Is Child Abuse. Fight the Fat. Go Veg.”... Peta said it chose to put up the poster, placed at the corner of Yew and Court Street, in Merthyr because of the Welsh valley town’s problem with overweight youngsters... (story)
Daily Record 2.4.11 Outrage over animal rights group's 'meat is child abuse' billboard - Ben Archibald - AN ANIMAL rights group have been slammed for putting up a billboard which claims feeding children meat is "child abuse". The controversial hoarding, funded by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), went on display near Forthview Primary School... Local SNP councillor Steve Cardownie said: "I have every sympathy for the plight of animals.... "But to imply any parent who buys their child a McDonald's or gives them a hamburger for tea is a child abuser is offensive... (story)
STV 1.4.11 'Feeding kids meat is child abuse': Controversial billboard on display - A controversial billboard warning parents against feeding their children meat has gone on display in Edinburgh. The animal welfare charity PETA have put the ad up in Edinburgh to highlight the dangers of a meat diet. The advert was erected at Crewe Toll and features a picture of an overweight child stuffing himself with a burger. It reads ‘Feeding kids meat is child abuse. Fight the fat. Go veg’. Situated near Forthview Primary School, the poster measures a massive 20ft by 10ft.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.4.11 Ad claims parents who give kids meat are child abusers - A PROVOCATIVE billboard which suggests feeding children meat is child abuse has been erected by an animal rights group in the Capital... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.4.11 Vegetarian poster - 'It's an absurd and offensive campaign' - SHOCK tactics are a tried and tested method when it comes to advertising and getting a particular message across. But if the animal rights group PETA thinks their latest campaign will win them any favours then they are as mistaken in this as they are in so many other things they do.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 8.4.11 Letter from Kelly Slade - KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Liverpool Daily Post 7.4.11 You don’t have to eat eggs to have a healthy diet - HOP, Hollywood’s latest animated movie, is about to hit cinema screens nationwide. The movie features lots of cute, fluffy-looking, yellow chicks, which – I’m sure most viewers would be upset to learn – are, in reality, treated as expendable commodities by the egg industry. Russell Brand, the voice of the film’s hero, is vegan so doesn’t consume any animal products at all – and that includes eggs... Contact Animal Aid for a FREE Guide to Going Vegan .. Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer (story)

Derby Telegraph 8.4.11 Help put CCTV cameras into slaughterhouses - ANIMAL Aid has launched a campaign to have CCTV cameras installed in all British slaughterhouses. Its members went undercover and filmed illegal cruelty in seven out of eight slaughterhouses chosen at random.... Animal Aid is now trying to persuade Asda, Iceland, Lidl and the wholesaler Booker to agree to CCTV. The campaign couldn't happen without the help of the public. Any support, no matter how small, count, as we have seen with the progress already achieved... Dawn Spencer, Dovedale Crescent, Belper (letter)


ThisIsCornwall 7.4.11 Adam sounds his expertise at come blow your horn... MEMBERS of Cury Hunt got a taste of how hard it is to sound a hunting horn at their annual horn-blowing.... The professional class was won by Joseph Curnow of Lambo Beagles, while amateur winner Ted Blake, women's winner Lisa Johns and junior winner Zara Courtald were all Cury Hunt members.... (story)
SouthWestBusiness 24.3.11 Blowing their own trumpet - MEMBERS of Cury Hunt will be blowing their own trumpets in a couple of weeks' time. The hunt's annual horn blowing contest takes place at Cury village hall at 7pm on Saturday, April 2.... (story)

Farming UK 7.4.11 Shooting organisation employs internet lobbying in run-up to Scottish election - The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), is calling on its members and all who shoot to use the internet to lobby their Scottish Parliamentary candidates in advance of the upcoming Scottish Election on May 5... (story)

Galway Advertiser 7.4.11 Animal rights campaigners to protest against Canada’s baby seal slaughter By Martina Nee - Animal rights campaigners are set to descend on Eyre Square this Saturday to protest against the practise of baby seal slaughter in Canada. Members of ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) and supporters of the national animal protection group are due to gather this Saturday at 2pm... "... Canada maintains its cavalier attitude to the biggest massacre of marine mammals in the world,” says Galway ARAN member Michael Penrose... (story)


Whitby Gazette 6.4.11 New regional director appointed for Alliance - A NEW regional director who will cover Yorkshire has been appointed to the Countryside Alliance. Simon Hamlyn took up post at the end of last month and will cover the whole of the North of England including Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland and Derbyshire as well as Yorkshire... (story)
Derby Telegraph 2.4.11 Campaign group appoints director - The Countryside Alliance, which works to improve farmland and outdoor areas across the country, has given the role of regional director for the North of England to Simon Hamlyn.... (story)

Mail 6.4.11 Deadly urban fox disease spreading to dogs - Dogs are at increasing risk from a deadly parasite spread by urban foxes, experts say. Cases of lungworm infection –an animal disease that causes breathing problems and internal bleeding – have doubled in recent years.... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 6.4.11 Majority of This Is South Wales readers support badger cull - A LARGE majority of This Is South Wales readers support the proposed cull of badgers in West Wales. A staggering 68 per cent said the cull was necessary to control badger numbers, and only 29 per cent said it was unnecessary. Three per cent of readers said that numbers needed to come down, but a more humane way must be found.... (story)

Independent 6.4.11 Sparrow heaven - What a refreshing letter about the pleasures of living so close to families of sparrows (1 April). So often the first response to birds and animals in our homes and gardens is to denounce them as pests then “deal” with them using body-crushing traps, poisons and guns.... KATE FOWLER, ANIMAL AID, TONBRIDGE, KENT (letter)


Northampton Telegraph 5.4.11 History of the hunt - It’s just over six years since the Hunting Ban was introduced on February 18, 2005, after the passing of the Hunting Act 2004.... But whether you were for or against hunting, these photographs will surely spark memories of one element of country life from years gone by. (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 5.4.11 Testing issues for candidates - THERE is strong public concern surrounding animal experimentation. In 2009 more than 3.5 million animals were used in tests in the UK and more than 58,000 animals were experimented on in Wales alone. As the Assembly Election draws closer it is important for voters to know their candidates' views... Michelle Thew, BUAV chief executive (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 5.4.11 Mirfield circus boss hits out as plan to ban wild animals gains momentum by Nick Lavigueur - A CIRCUS boss has claimed there is ‘prejudice’ against the use of performing animals after the Government hinted it was set to ban them. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has said she is “minded” to outlaw the use of elephants, tigers, lions and other exotic creatures in travelling shows under a policy that has the support of the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg... But as Circus Mondao, one of the few remaining circuses to use animals, pitches up in Mirfield to run between tomorrow and Sunday, spokeswoman Petra Jackson said there was a “blinkered” attitude to their show.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 5.4.11 It’s murder without meat - I FEEL I must write to you referring to the letter from our young friend who asks us all to become vegetarians. I would like her to think of the wider issues of her belief. All our cows, calves, bulls and beef cattle would have to be killed and destroyed. Therefore no milk. Our chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys would go. Therefore no eggs... I say those who like eating meat, eat it, those who don’t, don’t eat it. Just let us be thankful to those who toil in our fields and catering trade, who bring us such a lovely variety for us to eat. MRS P STURGESS, Ashurst (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 29.3.11 Let’s become vegetarians for a much better world - WE SHOULD be doing more to support vegetarians and to persuade more people to be vegetarians. I myself have been brought up as a vegetarian. People say, if I had not been brought up this way, I would not be a vegetarian now. I disagree with this. I am only 10-years-old but I feel I must write this letter against the killing of animals for meat.... LAURIE PUGH, (aged 10) Freemantle. (letter)


Western Mail 4.4.11 Children with guns - You reported that 13 children aged under 10 were granted a firearm certificates... This is a concern as the Countryside Alliance is probably the most pro-active pressure group for the blood sports industry and it continually boasts of its educational campaigns to get more children involved in hunting and shooting in the countryside... To promote these activities to children seem totally unnatural and undesirable and will ultimately saddle our society with individuals with a more uncaring and cruel element. GRAHAM FORSYTH, Chard, Somerset (story)

Press Association (via Google) 4.4.11 Labour: We will ban animal snaring - Labour has pledged to ban the practice of snaring animals if the party wins the Scottish election. The promise, which has the celebrity endorsement of animal rights campaigner and Queen guitarist Brian May, follows a failed attempt to outlaw snares in legislation at Holyrood.... (story)

Mail on Sunday 4.4.11 Blood poured from my little dog's head where the urban fox had bitten her. Surely she wouldn't die? By Jenni Murray - That chilly March morning seemed no different from any other. As always, I followed my morning routine of getting up at 6am, then letting my two Chihuahuas out into the garden... Suddenly, there was a horrific noise — like the terrified screaming of an injured child. I knew instantly it was Frida.... It was a fox — a mangy creature with its teeth bared — which turned tail as soon as it saw me.... Blood was pouring from Frida’s head and neck. It was obvious that the fox had taken her head into its mouth and bitten down on both the top and bottom of it... Luckily, there’s a small animal hospital nearby. In the waiting-room, I learned that a kitten had been killed by a fox in the same London street earlier in the week.... (story)


Horse & Hound 3.4.11 Derwent huntsman retires after 32 years of hunt service - The Derwent's Anthony Nicholson is retiring from hunt service after his 32nd season... A testimonial fund has been set up for him... (story)


Farmers Guardian 4.4.11 Farmers should abandon TB hotspots - Brian May By Alistair Driver - ROCK star and animal rights campaigner Brian May has provoked anger among Welsh farmers by suggesting they should move cattle out of bovine TB hotspot areas.... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 4.4.11 Farmers Union attacks Swansea AM over Pembrokeshire badger cull claims - THE Farmers' Union of Wales has criticised a Swansea AM who proposed overturning plans for a badger cull in north Pembrokeshire. Peter Black, who is also a Swansea county councillor for Cwmbwrla, had tabled a motion at the Senedd with three other members to annul the badger control area Wales order... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 4.4.11 Coventry Telegraph Letters: Poor pigeons are just scapegoat - THE following Rugby Borough council notice has suddenly appeared in Caldecott Park, Rugby: “Please refrain from feeding the pigeons. They are now starting to eat the flowers used in the floral display.” I have never seen pigeons eating flowers but please refrain from blaming the pigeons... Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby.(letter)
Rugby Observer 31.3.11 Pigeons notices make no sense – campaigner - Dan Santy - SIGNS asking visitors to Caldecott Park not to feed pigeons have been branded a nonsense by an animal rights campaigner. Rugby Borough Council blames pigeons for eating flowers in the park and has put up signs asking people not to give them food and attract more of the birds. The signs have gone up near the floral displays at the Lancaster Road end of Caldecott Park. But animal rights campaigner Ms Cummings says people and other animals are the real culprits... (story)


ThisIsDevon 1.4.11 Veteran bids farewell after 51-year hunt career - Members of the Westcountry hunting community gathered yesterday to bid a fond farewell to a long serving huntsman who is retiring after a 51-year career. Gilmore Lewis has been huntsman for the Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers, based at Halwell, near Totnes, for the past 37 seasons.... (story)

Bromsgrove Standard 1.4.11 Cruel to bet - Fiona Pereira Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (letter)
Berwickshire Advertiser 31.3.11 National cruelty - Before readers place a bet on the Grand National, please take a moment to consider what your money may be funding. Between 2000 and 2010, 31 horses died at the annual three-day meeting at Aintree... Our message is simple: Don’t fund the cruelty; don’t bet on the Grand National. For you it is only a harmless flutter, but horses could pay with their lives. FIONA PEREIRA, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Telegraph 1.4.11 Religious slaughter meat should be labelled, says minister - Meat that has been slaughtered in a religious way should be clearly labelled, according to the Food and Farming minister. By Harry Wallop His comments came as the European Parliament prepared to debate the highly controversial issue, with a late amendment to a food labelling bill being described by a leading Jewish organisation as "the 21st century equivalent of the yellow star, but on our food".... (story)
Telegraph 1.4.11 Shechita is not a painful method of slaughter, claims Jewish community - Jewish Shechita method of slaughter can be more human than stunning animals, claims Henry Grunwald OBE QC, Chairman of Shechita UK.... (story)

Scotsman 1.4.11 Petition to stop animal circuses in Scotland - EDINBURGH-based charity OneKind has launched a petition asking people to stop wild animal circuses coming to Scotland. The animal charity is calling on the next Scottish Parliament to impose a total ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, and is gathering a petition to be lodged with the parliament's Public Petitions Committee immediately after the election... (story)

York Press 1.4.11 Ban the circus - HOW many beatings does a poor elephant have to take before the Government introduces a ban on animals in circuses?... Angela Summers, Leeds Road, Selby (letter)