April 2016

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West Briton 30.4.16 Huntsman declared best horn blower in Britain By WBGraeme - THERE'S more to the shrill cry of the huntsman's horn than meets the ear, according to Cury Hunt's James Pearson. The 42-year-old from the Lizard peninsula has just been crowned the best hunting horn-blower in Britain at a national championships in Cheltenham last weekend.... (story)


Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 29.4.16 Watership Down: It's a story of life, love and loss - but don't confuse it with real rabbits By Philip Bowern - As a row erupts about plans for a new sanitised version of the film Watership Down, Philip Bowern ponders the story and its links with real rabbits…. now a new row has erupted over plans by the BBC and Netflix, announced this week, to remake the film but with many of the violent scenes expunged, to avoid upsetting young viewers… Yesterday the League Against Cruel Sports – currently campaigning for a ban on snares – found the still from the movie that shows a cartoon rabbit caught with the wire round his neck and tweeted, over the picture: “Netflix/BBC are making a new Watership Down. Will it also highlight the barbaric nature of snares? #BanSnares”… (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 29.4.16 GRAPHIC IMAGES: badgers dies after being caught in snare -IT WAS a sad day for carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, as they attended a badger found on the side of a road. When they arrived, they discovered the creature had died after being caught in a snare which caused horrific injuries… Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, said: "Persecution of badgers has increased dramatically since the culling programmes have been rolled out…. (story)
ITV 29.4.16 Illegal badger killing increasing - Badgers are a protected species and killing them without a license is illegal. But the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre near Burnham-on-Sea say cruel treatment of badgers is on the rise. Cases have increased dramatically since the culling programmes were rolled out... (story)

Metro 29.4.16 Two more Aintree horses dead ‘from race injuries’ pushing total death toll to six - Ashitha Nagesh - At the conclusion of the three-day Aintree meeting it was believed four horses had died. However, that number has continued to rise since the meet ended on April 9. A further two horses have passed away from injuries reportedly sustained from the races… Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, told Metro.co.uk: ‘These two deaths that happened after the three day meeting finished were directly attributable to injuries sustained on the course… (story)

Manchester Evening News 29.4.16 Manchester University walls daubed with 'scum' and 'evil' graffiti by animal rights protesters BY DOMINIKA PIASECKA - Activists banged on windows and wrote ‘scum’ and ‘evil’ across the walls of a Manchester University building during an animal rights protest. Hundreds of campaigners gathered outside Stopford Building as part of the protest on the Oxford Road campus. The 300-strong march was organised by campaign group Manchester Animal Action to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories…. Organiser Denise Friend, from Salford, said: “We had a brilliant turnout of people from all over the UK at this year’s World Day for Animals in Laboratories…. (story)
Mirror 29.4.16 Animal protesters scrawl 'scum' and 'murder' on university buildings in unruly march BY DOMINIKA PIASECKA - Militant animal rights activists banged on windows and wrote 'scum' and 'evil' across the walls of a university building as a protest became unruly. The campaigners were marching for World Day for Animals in Laboratories, which culminated outside Stopford Building, part of the University of Manchester... (story)
Salford News 24.4.16 RSPCA demands greater action to reduce the use and suffering of lab animals - Brian Everall - More than 100 million animals are used around the world each year in research and testing… Yesterday, as reported on SalfordOnline.com, demonstrators in Manchester marched from Piccadilly Gardens to Manchester University’s Stopford Building in protest at the animal experiments carried out there. Organiser Dominika Piasecka, 21, from Salford has sent SalfordOnline the following report on the events of the day: … The 300-strong march, organised by campaign group Manchester Animal Action, stopped at Stopford Building for speeches, a one-minute silence and to lie white flowers commemorating animal lives lost in experiments. But within minutes, some activists began chalking ‘scum’ and ‘evil’ on the building’s windows as well as banging on them, prompting the police to stand in front of the doors as they attempted to open them… target=main href="http://salfordonline.com/23350-rspca-demands-greater-action-reduce-use-suffering-lab-animals.html">(story)
Salford News 24.4.16 Hundreds to ‘die’ in Piccadilly Gardens in protest against animal testing - Brian Everall - World Day for Animals in Laboratories will take place today (Saturday)in Manchester city centre and will see protesters throw flowers at Stopford Building in protest of their animal testing as well as a stunt of hundreds of people ‘dying’ in Piccadilly Gardens… (story)

Western Mail 29.4.16 Row over RSPCA's concerns about circus' use of wild animals continues as tour moves to new South Wales venue BY TOM HOUGHTON - A row between the RSPCA and a touring circus over the use of wild animals is continuing after the show arrived at another South Wales venue. The RSPCA is again calling on the public to boycott Circus Mondao, which uses wild animals, but Chris Barltrop, speaking on behalf of the circus, said the touring act, which is now in Bargoed , is doing nothing wrong.... (story)

Bromsgrove Standard 29.4.16 Animal welfare motion wins vote in Bromsgrove - Anu Shukla - A MOTION protecting animal welfare was finally passed in a unanimous vote at last Wednesday’s Bromsgrove District Council meeting when it was heard for a second time. The motion presented by Coun Michael Thompson puts a ban on circuses using performing animals on Council land. It also stops fairs from giving animals like gold fish as prizes and commits the Council to using animal and environmentally-friendly cleaning products in council chambers where possible.... (story)


Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 28.4.16 Fur set to fly as mink hunter heads for South West By WMNKRossiter - An ecologist who led the way in getting rid of mink in Scotland is to share his expertise with landowners and conservationists in the Westcountry. Dr Xavier Lambin of Aberdeen University has made a name as a mink hunter. His work has helped to make the Scottish Mink Initiative the largest eradication project for North American Mink in Europe… Two meetings are planned with Dr Lambin…. (story)

Grimsby Herald 28.4.16 Gored by a cow, knocked out by a horse - meet the vegan vet who's even treated circus elephants! By Abbyruston - HE'S been gored by a cow, and knocked out by a horse – but 70-year-old Bruce Borland wouldn't change a thing about his veterinary career! One of the UK's longest serving veterinary surgeons is finally hanging up his stethoscope, retiring from Eastfield Veterinary Clinic, where he ran their Cleethorpes surgery for the last 16 years…. (story)

Worcester News 29.4.16 I could not believe what I was reading on April 21, when LM Presley, in his letter, suggested using poison to get rid of gulls, and what’s more he says “it works”.... Many people regard gulls as vermin because of their persistence and sometimes seemingly aggressive nature, but the real vermin are those slobbish people who carelessly discard unwanted food which attracts the birds in the first place... C Stanley Worcester (letter)
Worcester News27 .4.16 Who is the real vermin? – Jessica Charles described the seagull that injured her hand in Worcester city centre as “vermin” and “vicious”... the reason these gulls are in town trying to steal Jessica’s biscuit is because an even more vicious and verminous species of animal, of which she is a member, has depleted their natural food source... Peter Talbot Worcester (letter)


FarmingUK 27.4.16 Government must act now to improve firearms law, says Countryside Alliance - The Countryside Alliance has warned the Government not to miss an opportunity to do something positive for the rural shooting community. Amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill which would make some important technical changes to existing firearms legislation were debated yesterday (Tuesday 26 April) in the House of Commons. The amendments, tabled by Conservative MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, would clarify the law, address health and safety concerns and assist both the police and lawful shooters in this country… (story)

Horse & Hound 27.4.16 Thousands raised for equine charities thanks to London Marathon runners - Rachael Hook - Charitable London Marathon runners raised thousands of pounds for equestrian causes on Sunday (24 April)…. Eight runners took part for the Countryside Alliance (CA) and raised over £16,000 for the organisation’s charities, Fishing 4 Schools, Falconry for Schools and Casting for Recovery UK and Ireland. Fastest round the course was financial planner Thomas Eyles, who finished in 3hrs 20mins. “A special mention has to go to Mark Simpson, who has now raised a whopping £6,956.80 for the Countryside Alliance Foundation – a fantastic effort,” said a CA spokesman… (story)

Singletrack Magazine 27.4.16 Welsh Consultation Shows Demand For Wider Access - Between July and October 2015 the Welsh government ran an open consultation on access which asked countryside users what reforms they’d like to see, including whether Wales would be a suitable place to introduce Scottish-style open access…. Cycling UK argued for Scottish-style “presumed access” while landowners’ groups like the Countryside Alliance and the National Farmers Union are opposed to widening access, arguing that existing rights of way are adequate…. (story)

Horse & Hound 27.4.16 ‘Bind your beaks in’: Katie Price responds to clipping criticism - Lucy Elder - Katie Price has told critics to “bind your beaks in” after receiving abuse for sharing pictures of hearts and diamonds harmlessly clipped into her daughter’s ponies’ coats. The images riled animal rights charity PETA, who said the practice reduces “smart, sensitive animals to playthings”…. (story)
Mail 26.4.16 'Peta bind your beak': Katie Price hits back at animal charity after being slammed for 'reducing horses to playthings' with her intricate clipping technique By KAYLEIGH GILES and CIARA FARMER - She created an uproar on social media and was slammed by PETA after clipping intricate designs on to her horses. But Katie Price hit back at her adversaries on Tuesday, posting a series of angered posts on Instagram, one of which saw her demand that the animal welfare organisation 'bind their beaks'…. (story)
Mail 26.4.16 'What a disgrace!' Horse lover Katie Price is BLASTED by fans for treating animals like 'accessories' after she shaves patterns into her ponies By CIARA FARMER - Katie Price has been slammed by fans for grooming her horses with shaped detailing. The animal loving star owns a number of horses, has stables in her home and competes in dressage competitions, yet some of her one million Instagram followers accused her on cruelty. Loose Women presenter and model Katie shared the images of the intricately groomed horses on Monday - much to the chagrin of fans who insisted she treats her animals like accessories…. PETA’s Director Mimi Bekhechi said: 'An unskilled groomer could easily nick a horse with clippers, causing cuts or lesions. Clipping patterns into a horse's hair is about human vanity and reduces smart, sensitive animals to playthings… (story)
Sun 26.4.16 Katie Price slammed by animal welfare charity for shaving hearts into her ponies - KATIE Price has been slammed by PETA for shaving patterns into her ponies' rear ends. The model found herself in deep manure without a saddle after sharing shots of daughter Princess' pony sporting fancy shapes cut into its coat… PETA animal welfare spokesman Mimi Bekhechi said: "An unskilled groomer could easily nick a horse with clippers, causing cuts or lesions… (story)
Huffington Post 26.4.16 Katie Price Blasted By Peta For Giving Her Horses An Unusual Makeover - Daniel Welsh - Katie Price has come under fire from animal rights organisation Peta, after giving her horses a rather unusual haircut…. (story)

Mail 27.4.16 Is this Britain's least appropriate Prince tribute? Butcher makes special purple sausages in honour of late music star - who was a VEGAN By EMMA GLANFIELD FOR MAILONLINE - A butcher selling purple sausages in honour of Prince has been criticised by animal rights campaigners because the pop star was a vegan… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 26.4.16 Angry vegans attack Paignton butcher's purple sausage tribute in memory of Prince By ColleenSmith - Angry vegans have attacked a Paignton butcher's 'disrespectful' tribute to the singer Prince who died last week. Prince fan Paul Kenyon, who runs Palace Premier Meats, created purple sausages which he decorated with a purple feather and displayed in the window of his Palace Avenue shop with Prince's Purple Rain CD…. But afterwards vegans reacted angrily online, inundating the butcher's Facebook account with angry messages claiming that Prince, who died at the age of 57, would have hated the idea because he was a vegan…. (story)


Powys County Times 26.4.16 Fly tipping fears over bin changes in Powys - LANDOWNERS and the environment will pay the price for the potential closure of recycling sites in Powys, according to the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Farming UK 16.4.16 Rural community recycling sites to be cut back in Mid Wales - The number of community recycling sites and rural storage point bins in Mid Wales will be reduced following a decision by the county council’s cabinet… The Countryside Alliance has reacted with concern, saying the move could increase incidences of fly tipping… (story)

Express 26.4.16 Circus blasted for ‘appalling’ treatment of its animals - A BRITISH circus was yesterday accused of keeping animals in “appalling conditions” in its winter quarters - By JOHN INGHAM - Undercover footage taken by Animal Defenders International (ADI) showed a worker spitting in the face of a tethered camel. Horses, donkeys and ponies crammed into a shed could be seen fighting for space. And the organisation said two zebras were given less than half the space required by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 25.4.16 'Where does your food come from?' asks Tyrone Tory candidate criticised over African safari hunt - 'It beats going out in Tyrone in January and freezing my proverbials off' says Roger Lomas By Jonny Bell - A Conservative election candidate facing a barrage of criticism for shooting dead an antelope and posing with it for a picture during an African safari, has challenged people on where they think their food comes from. Roger Lomas defended a hunting trip to South Africa during which he shot and killed an antelope saying it was more humane than how cattle and poultry are treated in abattoirs. The West Tyrone Assembly hopeful has faced a barrage of criticism from animal rights campaigners after pictures of him posing with the slain animal emerged over the weekend…. (story)

Worcester News 25.4.16 Dogs on charity walk - I was surprised to see dogs had been taken along on the British Heart Foundation fund raising walk , as dogs are used in the animal testing they do in their research! I think the British Heart Foundation would get more funds if they stopped using animal testing… Max Burgess Malvern (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 25.4.16 Vegan diet can help to save our planet - On Earth Day earlier this month many of us united around the common goal of promoting choices that will protect our planet…. Eating vegetables and grains directly, instead of funnelling them through animals, uses far less land and water, which is why the UN has said that a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from the worst effects of climate change… JENNIFER WHITE By email (letter)

Worcester News 25.4.16 Mass killing still happens - I was interested to read your Weekend Nostalgia article about Worcester’s Shambles (“The Shambles was death row for cattle”, April 9). Members of the public may be relieved to no longer have to witness cattle and sheep being herded to their deaths in the city centre, but that doesn’t mean this mass killing of animals no longer happens. It just takes place elsewhere… RONALD LEE Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)


Cambridge News 23.4.16 Animal rights activists to bring 'virtual abattoir' to Cambridge University campus By Adam Care - Animal rights activists are offering the chance to experience the "extreme confinement" of a slaughterhouse when they bring their 'virtual reality abattoir' to Cambridge next week. The Animal Equality group will be installing its 'iAnimal' project at locations around the city, which uses a VR headset to recreate footage from European slaughterhouses… (story)

Bristol Post 23.4.16 Cows in Bristol Harbourside slammed as "publicity stunt" By Michael_Yong - An art exhibition displaying two cows living in Bristol city centre for five days has been slammed as a 'publicity stunt with no regard for the welfare of the animals' by a pressure group… (story)
Western Daily Press 23.4.16 Cows living in Bristol city centre exhibition The Milking Parlour slammed by PETA - An exhibition featuring two cows living in a city centre for five days has been slammed by animal rights campaigners…. (story)
BBC News 21.4.16 Bristol city centre cow exhibition branded 'absurd' - An exhibition featuring two cows living in Bristol city centre for five days has been branded an "absurd publicity stunt" by animal rights campaigners. Artist Nessie Reid's The Milking Parlour is designed to raise awareness about farming and food production… However, Animal Aid described it as "misleading" and likely to cause "considerable stress" to the animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) have also criticised the exhibition… (story)


Shooting Times 21.4.16 EU tables more “irrelevant” Firearms Directive proposals - Mark Layton - The European Council proposes a ban on semi-automatic .22 rimfires and that shooters must lock up shotgun cartridges, despite widespread opposition to existing proposals… (story)
Shooting Times 11.4.16 Concern over “unworkable” proposals to European Council’s firearms regulations - Charlotte Peters - The Countryside Alliance is worried new proposals are being added to European firearms discussions taking place today when it appeared a solution had been reached… (story)
Farming UK 9.4.16 Countryside Alliance describes new firearm proposals as 'draconian' - The Countryside Alliance has this week described new proposals put forward in a European firearms discussion as 'draconian'. The Alliance said: "We are deeply concerned by new proposals to the European Council’s firearms regulations, many of which are unworkable and are in addition to those changes that have been the subject of much discussion and debate over the past few months."… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 8.3.16 Gun lobby hits back at attempts to crackdown on firearms ownership in wake of terror attacks By WMNPBowern - Attempts to restrict the legal ownership of firearms to prevent terrorist attacks has been heavily criticised by rural sports interests Philip Bowern reports… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) joined other hunting and shooting organisations at the European Parliament to discuss European Commission proposals to amend the Firearms Directive…. (story)
Shooting UK 16.2.16 Shooters urged to lobby MEPs about EU Firearms Directive -Mark Layton - FACE UK has set up a new website allowing shooters to share any concerns they have with MEPs ahead of the hearing on proposed amendments to European firearms law - FACE UK is calling on shooters to make their voices heard by contacting their MEPs to register their opinions on proposed changes to the European Firearms Directive.... (story)

Mirror 21.4.16 Vegan student out to save pigs' bacon after animal welfare course 'betrayal' BY JOHN KELLY - Student Izzy Ross is fighting to save four pigs from the chop after growing attached to them on an animal care course…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 20.4.16 Vegan student launches campaign to save four pigs from slaughterhouse - BY TODD FITZGERALD - A vegan student on an animal care course is fighting to save four pigs due for slaughter. Izzy Ross thought teachers were joking when they told her the adorable piglets would ‘soon be bacon’ when she started at Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale last year. She soon discovered the four gilts were set for the chop - and has now made it her mission to save them from the slaughterhouse…. (story)

Sheffield Star 21.4.16 Claims are not justified - Isn’t it interesting that the EU claims to protect animal rights? Yet, all we have to do is to look to Spain, which does not merely kill animals for sport but actually permits them to be tortured to death in their corridas and in so many wicked village festivals…. LG Arnott Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13 (letter)

Daily Record 21.4.16 Police probe allegations former St Andrews University terrorism lecturer was involved in bomb attack on high street store three decades ago BY KEITH MCLEOD - POLICE have opened an investigation following allegations that former University of St Andrews lecturer Bob Lambert – who infiltrated animal rights campaigners when he was an undercover police officer – set fire to a high street department store. Scotland Yard has said it will re-investigate a 1987 bomb attack by animal rights activists on a department store after new information was found by a probe into undercover officers including Mr Lambert. The force said it is “pursuing a number of lines of inquiry” including advances in DNA techniques… (story)


Third Sector 20.4.16 Fundraising Week: RSPCA approach to campaigning 'mistaken', says head of communications Chris Wainwright - The RSPCA made a mistake in its approach to campaigning in the past, using sensationalist tactics that were inviting criticism, according to its head of communications…. "Frankly, in my view the RSPCA got it wrong two years ago when it talked about the issues in relation to foxhunting and the badger cull," he said. "The motive was right, the message was right, but the delivery and the execution were so sensationalist it was asking for a punch-up…. (story)

Daily Post 20.4.16 Repairs on car which ran over dog on A55 cost almost £1,600 BY TOM DAVIDSON - North Wales Police said its officers were forced to deliberately mow down the foxhound after it got loose on the expressway back in February… Now a Freedom of Information request has shown North Wales Police spent £1561.48 fixing the vehicle, but it was not revealed what parts were damaged. Christopher John, who says he is a supporter of the police, put in the request online after the incident in February…. (story)
Telegraph 24.2.16 Police investigated after dog loose on road is deliberately run down and killed by officers - North Wales Police voluntarily refers incident to Independent Police Complaints Commission 'because of level of public concern' over killing By Danny Boyle (story)
Daily Post 24.2.16 Owner of A55 police death dog says officers 'made the correct decision' BY TOM DAVIDSON - The owner of a foxhound deliberately run over by police has been contacted by officers and supports their decision to kill the animal…. (story)
Daily Post 24.2.16 Police run over dog on A55: Animal rights charities condemn force BY TOM DAVIDSON - PETA and Abandoned Animal Association outrage at decision to deliberately run down dog running loose in road… (story)
Express 24.2.16 JUSTICE FOR THE DOG: Internet outrage after police force DELIBERATELY runs over foxhound - THE internet has erupted in outrage under the weight of people attacking a police force that deliberately ran over a dog because they couldn't catch it. By PETER HENN (story)
Mirror 24.2.16 Watchdog to probe North Wales Police after officers deliberately knock down and kill dog BY TOM DAVIDSON - North Wales Police have also tracked down owner who understands officers had 'very difficult decision but made the right one' in killing animal… (story)
BBC News 24.2.16 NWP officers who killed dog on A55 referred to watchdog - Officers who deliberately ran down and killed a dog while it was running loose on the A55 in Conwy have been referred to the police watchdog…. (story)
Guardian 23.2.16 Traffic police deliberately run down and kill dog loose on motorway (story)
Daily Post 23.2.16 Police run over dog on A55.....on purpose BY TOM DAVIDSON - Traffic cops forced to mow down foxhound after it bit officer and was posing 'a serious threat to motorists' - Police deliberately mowed down and killed a dog that was running loose on the A55. The foxhound was running into oncoming traffic on a stretch of the road between the Llanfairfechan roundabout and the Conwy tunnel in the early hours of Tuesday. As the officers could not bring the animal under control they decided to run it down, killing it. The North Wales Force was called out just after 3am in response to reports that the animal was running in and out of traffic… (story)
Western Mail 23.2.16 Police deliberately run over dog loose on busy road saying it was the only safe option after witnessing 'number of near misses' BY TOM DAVIDSON - North Wales Police said there had been "a number of near misses" on the A55 because of the dog on the road and that the only safe option was to kill it - Police deliberately ran over and killed a dog that was running loose on the A55. The foxhound was running into oncoming traffic on a stretch of the road between the Llanfairfechan roundabout and the Conwy tunnel in the early hours of Tuesday… (story)
Mail 23.2.16 Police DELIBERATELY ran over and killed a dog that was running loose on a dual carriageway By MARK DUELL FOR MAILONLINE - A dog that was running loose on a dual carriageway has been deliberately run down and killed by traffic police. North Wales Police said the foxhound had been running loose on the A55 at varying locations between the Llanfairfechan roundabout and the Conwy tunnel in the early hours of yesterday. Despite attempts by the Roads Policing Unit to catch the dog, it continued to run in and out of swerving traffic that was travelling in excess of 70mph… However animal lovers writing on social media sites today questioned why the road had not been closed and a dog handler called in. One wrote: ‘The A55 at 3am is hardly busy and we’re all used to hold ups on it anyway. Totally outrageous action.’… (story)
Express 23.2.16 Police ran over dog in the road ON PURPOSE... because they couldn't catch it - A DOG which had been running loose on a dual carriageway was run over by traffic police deliberately - because they couldn’t catch it. By PETER HENN - It happened during the middle of the night on the A55 in North Wales between Llanfairfechan and Conwy tunnel in Gwynedd. Last night North Wales police defended their actions. But on Facebook there was outrage from animal lovers who questioned why the main route wasn't closed and a dog handler called in… (story)

Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 20.4.16 New scientific report links rural management for shooting sports with wildlife benefits By WMNPBowern - Questions about the kind of rural activities that give the greatest support to British wildlife come up time and again in debates about the countryside… This week the British Association for Shooting and Conservation seized on a scientific paper, the snappily titled: “Agricultural Management and Climatic Change Are the Major Drivers of Biodiversity Change in the UK” to support its position that shooting sports are good for the countryside… (story)

Ledbury Reporter 20.4.16 Animal rights protest planned for Ledbury - Gary Bills-Geddes - ANIMAL rights campaigners say they will stage a protest "against animal experiments", outside the Sequani laboratory, in Ledbury. The demonstration is set to take place from 4pm until 6pm this Friday, April 22, outside the laboratory, on the Bromyard Road…. (story)


Guardian 19.4.16 RSPCA members debate fox hunting – archive - 19 April 1961: The society fears alternative methods of killing foxes, such as shooting, poisoning or trapping, can well cause more suffering - To the sound of a hunting horn from the street, a noisy meeting of the RSPCA in the Central Hall, Westminster, yesterday rejected by a large majority the motion “that this society unconditionally declares its opposition to the hunting of foxes with hounds.”… (story)

North Devon Journal 19.4.16 Bill Oddie warns pet owners after dogs and cats mutilated by Devon snare traps - BILL Oddie has issued a warning to North Devon pet owners after claiming cats and dogs are at risk from wire snare traps. In a letter, the wildlife expert stated game keepers on the region's shooting estates were putting pets at risk of mutilation or "a long and painful death" by setting the traps…. Speaking on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, Mr Oddie, who is the campaign group's vice president, said: "Every 20 seconds somewhere an animal is caught in a snare, but only a quarter of them are the intended quarry… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 19.4.16 Farming communities abandoned says retired police officer - Farming families and much of Devon and Cornwall’s rural communities have been abandoned by the police according to retired senior police officer Bob Spencer after he visited communities on Dartmoor during his campaign to become the next police and crime commissioner for the region… The Countryside Alliance has recently called on PCC candidates to give greater priority to the countryside following their worrying research into rural crime…. (story)

Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 19.4.16 Queen's Brian May: I’d refuse to play Glastonbury because Michael Eavis supports badger cull By WMNDavidWells - Queen legend and animal rights campaigner Brian May has changed his mind about his dream of playing the Glastonbury Festival – but says he would refuse to appear because of the badger cull… (story)
Western Daily Press 19.4.16 Queen's Brian May: I wouldn't play Glastonbury Festival because Michael Eavis supports badger cull By TristanCork - Queen legend and Dorset animal rights campaigner Brian May has changed his mind about his dream of playing the Glastonbury Festival – and instead would refuse to appear because of the badger cull…. (story)

Oxford Mail 19.4.16 Campaigner calls for end to badger culling - Georgina Campbell - A CAMPAIGNER is urging residents to sign a petition demanding an end to badger culling. Emily Lawrence, who lives in Kingham, West Oxfordshire, and is a member of Oxfordshire Badger Group, hopes to get her petition to Number 10 to halt the national practice… (story)


Mancunion 18.4.16 A sporting excuse for animal cruelty - After several horses died at this year’s Grand National Festival, Romy Biscoe asks why we still value entertainment over welfare… (story)

Derby Telegraph 18.4.16 Why is sadistic Grand National classed a sport? - THE racing world has been insisting these past three years that the Grand National course is no longer the notorious killer of old, following changes to the fences. But, by day two of the 2016 three-day event, four horses had perished on the course – two of whom simultaneously broke their necks falling at Becher's Brook… Every year, Animal Aid's team watches, with dread, every race so that we can effectively and honestly report what has happened. We find the experience an utterly depressing one, whether or not horses die… With opposition growing, the race's future is far from secure. Andrew Tyler director Animal Aid (letter)

Middlesbrough Gazette 18.4.16 Vegetarian restaurant's booze licence opposed - after disruption from singing workmen BY MIKE BROWN - Objections have been launched over a new restaurant’s bid to sell booze - because of noise caused by singing workmen. Refurbishment to an empty shop is underway to create The Green Room, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant on Middlesbrough’s Borough Road… (story)

GetWestLondon 18.4.16 Animal charity urges prison to deal humanely with rat problem BY GOOLISTAN COOPER - Animal welfare charity PETA has sent a humane rat trap to Wormwood Scrubs and is urging staff there to deal with its rise in rodent numbers humanely…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 18.4.16 Remain for the animals - OUR status as a nation of animal lovers has been a proud hallmark for centuries. As we approach the referendum, it’s worth considering the positive things we have achieved together in Europe… MOLLY SCOTT CATO MEP (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 18.4.16 Europe is cruel to animals - THIS letter is in response to Rachel Williams’ correspondence from the Green Party about how lucky the animals of Europe are. I am sure the bulls in Spain and the goats that are thrown off buildings alive, the geese in France that are force-fed and the pigs in Holland and Denmark that are kept in appalling conditions would not agree with her ridiculous claim…. PATRICIA BARTLETT New Road, West Parley (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 13.4.16 Our animals need the EU - OUR reputation as a nation of animal lovers has been a proud hallmark of Britain for centuries. As a county of animal lovers, we thought Dorset residents might be interested in the positive things achieved by being members of the European Union…. Our animals need the EU, one reason that Dorset animal lovers need to vote to remain. RACHEL WILLIAMS South East Dorset Green Party (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 17.4.16 'Not just lettuce': Vegan Fair hits Cheltenham - Vegan food is not just rice cakes and lettuce. That was the message from organisers of Cheltenham Vegan Fair which returned to the town for its second year on Saturday…. The fair raised money for animal rights activist Keith Mann, who is suffering from blood cancer, and FRIEND animal sanctuary in Kent…. (story)

Irish Independent 17.4.16 Extreme sports and coursing - John Fitzgerald Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Examiner 16.4.16 Total Extreme Fighting belongs in eternal Hall of Shame reserved for blood sports - The death of Joao Carvalho in the Total Extreme Fighting event in Dublin is a shocking reminder of how vile this so-called sport is…. I have been campaigning against hare coursing for years and highlighting the cruelty of dog fighting and badger baiting. I would put Total Extreme Fighting on the same level as these activities… John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)


Ulster Herald 16.4.16 Election candidate ‘offers a voice for animals’ - AN Omagh woman has become the first person to stand for the Animal Welfare Party in Northern Ireland. London based animal welfare scientist Laura McAnea this week confirmed her candidature for the Assembly election in West Tyrone after mounting an online crowd-funding campaign. Founded ten years ago, the Animal Welfare Party is a largely London based organisation with around 100 members… (story)

Star 16.4.16 'Slaughterhouse cruelty rife' Abattoir workers torturing and electrocuting animals - SLAUGHTERHOUSE workers across the country are needlessly kicking, punching and electrocuting helpless animals, an animal rights group has warned. By Peter Walker - Animal Aid has found criminal activity in nine of the 10 abattoirs and farms it has secretly and randomly filmed in since 2009…. (story)


Irish Examiner 15.4.16 Gandhi slogan on animals worth recalling - Like all animals lovers I found the recent images of the abused bulldog, Baby, and the behaviour of her cruel owners distressing to read… There is no shortage of puppy farms where dogs are mostly bred in deplorable conditions churning out puppies for profit, abandoned and starving horse are commonplace and there seems to be no end to the incidences of abuse and cruelty… Cath O’Leary Marwood Glanmire Co Cork (letter)


ITV 14.4.16 Tracking the trackers? GPS devices found on anti-hunt cars - An anti-hunting charity says it has found tracking devices on two of their vehicles - claiming their monitors are being followed…. (story)
Western Daily Press 11.4.16 BUGGED: Secret GPS tracking devices found on cars of Somerset anti-hunt campaigners By TristanCork - Police are investigating claims that Somerset's anti-hunt monitors and staff had their vehicles 'bugged' by secretly planted GPS tracking devices, after two were discovered by accident. The League Against Cruel Sports, which runs a deer sanctuary on Exmoor surrounded by 'hunt country', said the discovery was a 'sinister development' in its long-running fight to curtail the activities of the four staghunts and several fox hunts in the area…. (story)
Mirror 8.4.16 Anti-fox hunting activists BUGGED in 'sinister, James Bond-style plot' BY BEN GLAZE - Animal rights activists fear a “sinister” plot by fox hunting supporters after James Bond -style tracking devices were hidden under vehicles… They believe they were planted by pro-hunt supporters in a bid to trace the campaigners as they secretly film hunts. League Against Cruel Sports Chief executive Eduardo Gonçalves branded the discovery a “sinister development”… The first tracking device was found when one of the League’s investigators took their car to a garage for routine maintenance…. (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 14.4.16 Villages go 'feral' as police cuts 'abandon' countryside to rural crime wave By WMN_PGoodwin - Rural communities feel "abandoned" by police and no longer report many crimes, a former senior policemen standing for election as police and crime commissioner has warned. Independent Bob Spencer, a former acting assistant chief constable in Devon and Cornwall, says cuts to funding and staff, allied to police station closures, has left vast swathes of countryside without adequate cover…. The Countryside Alliance has recently called on PCC candidates to give greater priority to the countryside following their worrying study into rural crime… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.4.16 Want to buy your own home in Devon? You'll have to earn £51,000 - The dream of buying a first home is being pushed further away from young people in Devon and Cornwall who within the next four years will have to earn at least £51,000 to have a hope of buying an average house… Rural campaigners the Countryside Alliance said a lack of affordable housing was excluding all but the wealthy from large parts of the Westcountry…. (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 14.4.16 Badger argument goes EU-wide with launch of pressure group By Philip Bowern - It is a campaign that will be dismissed by many South West livestock farmers. But, as Philip Bowern reports, saving the badger has gone Europe-… in Strasbourg, a newly-formed conservation and animal welfare organisation – Eurobadger – will be calling on the European Parliament and its members, along with the European Commission to join together to outlaw what it calls the “needless and cruel mass-killing of badgers across Europe”…. (story)

Irish Times 14.4.16 The vegetarian option - For those who disagree with or dismiss the moral objections to eating animals, I propose a thought experiment. Let us say aliens have come to our planet… ow would you explain to these aliens why they shouldn’t farm us for food? – Yours, etc, BARRY PURCELL, Clonmel,
Meat is not fattening…. As a country, we could clean up as providers of ethical meat…. Dr MADELINE STRINGER, Dundrum, Dublin 16.
I would like to see restaurants making a bit more of an effort with their vegetarian menus…. ANNE BYRNE, Bray, Co Wicklow. Co Tipperary. (le4tters)
Irish Times 12.4.16 ‘Why meat is madness’ - It is with relief that I read at last an article that addresses the main issues about meat-eating – the health consequences for the people who eat too much meat, the effect of large-scale meat and dairy production on climate change, and animal welfare concerns… JAN ALEXANDER, Ballyconnell, Co Cavan.
While not a member of any animal rights movement, it would seem to me that if it were part of the school curriculum for each sixth-class student to be brought to an abattoir, we would end up as a nation of vegetarians in a short time…. ROBERT WHITE, Borris, Co Carlow.
I thought John Gibbons raised some important points in his article. Meat is maddening… DAVID JOHNSTON, Blackrock, Co Dublin. (letters)


Penarth Times 13.4.16 Animal charity raises concerns over wild animals as circus comes to the Vale - THE RSPCA have urged local residents not to attend a circus featuring 'wild' animals in Sully this week. The animal charity want people to shun Circus Mondao, saying they have "major concerns" for the welfare of animals involved…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 13.4.16 Circus using cats rescued from Paris streets as main act visiting UK - I implore this government to ban live animal circuses in the UK. However, we now have a circus making its first visit to our shores, using cats rescued from the streets of Paris as their main act… Janet Cummings Rugby Warwickshire (letter)


Banbridge Leader 12.4.16 Farmers show opposition to fox and stag hunting - A number of local farmers have attended a meeting in Rathfriland to show their opposition to hunts taking place on their land. A total of 68 farmers attended the meeting, held by the League Against Cruel Sports on Friday, to discuss cases of hunts affecting land and livestock…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 11.4.16 Get off our land angry Down farmers tell fox hunters By Suzanne Breen - A group of farmers in Co Down have told fox hunters to stay off their land after claims the practice is causing damage to their property and livestock. The League Against Cruel Sports has said it has joined forces with around 40 farmers to protest at the alleged damage done to their land by the hunters, whom they claim have no permission to use it. A meeting at the weekend to discuss the issue was attended by the DUP's Jim Wells, the TUV's Henry Reilly and representatives from the Ulster Unionist Party, Alliance Party and SDLP… (story)

Express 12.4.16 'Time to make them pay' Chris Packham and MPs back Express crusade against animal abusers - THE Express crusade to get tougher sentences for the evil criminals waging war on Britain’s innocent animals is receiving massive backing. Pet charities, politicians and well known animal lovers are echoing our calls on the Government to crack down on some of the vilest lawbreakers in the land with deterrent prison sentences…. The Express is urging David Cameron to increase cruelty sentences to a maximum of two years’ imprisonment, in keeping with the demands of the RSPCA and many other animal welfare groups… Mimi Bekhechi, Director of PETA UK, said: “Increased maximum sentences could be a vital ounce of prevention in deterring people from carrying out attacks on animals…. (story)

Blackpool Gazette 12.4.16 We still have to fight for animal rights - It is incredible that people still have to fight for human rights in 2016… But I am so glad people do often see the light, to not wear fur or leather, and become vegetarian…. Jeffrey Bilham Broadhurst Road Cleveleys (letter)


Western Daily Press 11.4.16 New Animal Cruelty Agency should prosecute animal abusers, not the RSPCA say police chiefs By TristanCork - The RSPCA's role as the default organisation which prosecutes animal cruelty should be replaced by an independent, Government-funded official agency. That was the view of police chiefs ahead of a major review of the way animal welfare and animal cruelty and abuse is prosecuted in England and Wales by MPs… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 11.4.16 MPs to launch animal welfare inquiry amid calls for ban on RSPCA prosecutions By Kate Langston - Westcountry MPs will launch a new Parliamentary inquiry into animal welfare tomorrow, amid calls for the RSPCA to be barred from bringing cruelty cases to court… (story)
Independent 10.4.16 Police chiefs call for RSPCA to be banned from prosecuting animal cruelty cases - Matt Payton - The RSPCA should be banned from prosecuting animal cruelty cases, police chiefs have said. The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) said a government agency would be better equipped to take on the role with greater accountability….(story)
Sunday Express 10.4.16 Police are 'ignorant' and let the RSPCA break the law By MARCO GIANNANGELI, EXCLUSIVE - POLICE officers are being persuaded to support the RSPCA in carrying out unlawful acts because they don’t understand animal legislation, it was claimed last night. An internal RSPCA report has already criticised the charity after police wrongly sanctioned the detention of a cat called Claude…. (story)
Metro 10.4.16 Should RSPCA be stopped from prosecuting animal cruelty cases? - Toby Meyjes - The RSPCA should have its powers to pursue animal cruelty cases in court taken away, police chiefs have argued, as part of a major review of the Animal Welfare Act… (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 11.4.16 Rural crime shock - Fears of falling victim to an offence twice as high in countryside as in towns By WMNPBowern - Fear of crime is a major problem in rural areas – but a quarter of people in the countryside who fall victim to an offence fail to report it, new research reveals… The Countryside Alliance warns that alarm about falling victim to a crime is twice as high in rural areas as in towns and cities, yet many offences go unreported in rural areas… (story)

Western Mail 11.4.16 RSPCA has ‘major concerns’ over circus' planned arrival in Wales this week BY TYLER MEARS - RSPCA Cymru has outlined “major concerns” surrounding the welfare of wild animals used in a circus due to arrive in Wales. The animal welfare charity said the travelling Circus Mondao show, which uses wild animals, is due to arrive at Sully in the Vale of Glamorgan this week… (story)


Telegraph 9.4.16 RSPCA should be stripped of right to pursue hunts or pet owners through courts, say police chiefs - Christopher Hope, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - The RSPCA should be stripped of its right to pursue hunts or pet owners through the courts, police chiefs have told MPs on the eve of major review of how animal cruelty cases are prosecuted. … (story)

BBC News Online 9.4.16 How buzzards came to fly over the UK again By Justin Parkinson - Buzzards were once almost hunted out of existence but they've made a huge comeback, with numbers soaring in the past few years … But the Countryside Alliance has raised concerns that the "population is becoming unsustainable, and in some instances is having an adverse impact on other wildlife"…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 9.4.16 10 key points of Countryside Alliance manifesto for Wales - Philip Case - There are now less than 30 days until the assembly elections in Wales (and Scotland, Northern Ireland and London Assembly) – and the debate is heating up. The Countryside Alliance (CA) has just launched itselection manifesto listing several key points it would like to see addressed in the next assembly…. (story)

Express 9.4.16 Grand National runners cheat death as just 16 out of 39 horses finish treacherous race… In a statement PETA said: "Horse racing is deadly for animals – and in the past few years, there’s been a huge increase in public awareness of just how unethical this so-called ‘sport’ really is. .. (story)
Metro 9.4.16 Grand National: Four horses dead in first two days of Aintree event - Ashitha Nagesh - Four horses have died so far at this year’s Aintree meeting. The animals suffered horrific deaths… Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, told Metro.co.uk: ‘It remains a perversely evil thing, a wicked thing to make horses do…(story)
Huffington Post 9.4.16 Grand National 2016 Protest Outside Aintree Racecourse - Kathryn Snowdon - Animal rights campaigners shouted “shame on you” to racegoers attending the final day of the Grand National meeting on Saturday…. (story)
Liverpool Echo 9.4.16 Animal rights campaigners protest outside Aintree ahead of the Grand National BY MARIA BRESLIN - Animal rights campaigners protested outside Aintree Racecourse ahead of today's Grand National and told racegoers: "Shame on you"… (story)
BBC News 9.4.16 Grand National 2016: Minella Reception dies after fall (story)
Mirror 9.4.16 Grand National 2016: Watch as animal rights campaigners shout 'shame on you' at Aintree racegoers BY MARIA BRESLIN - About 40 protestors gathered outside the famous racecourse holding banners which included one saying "you bet, they die"… (story)
Independent 9.4.16 Grand National 2016: Four horses dead after mid-race injuries at Aintree meeting - Animal rights campaigners have called the event the 'most selfish form of animal abuse' - Samuel Osborne (story)

Sun 9.4.16 Who protects pet owners when it’s the RSPCA putting down the animals? - IT was set up to protect Britain’s animals from neglect – but now the RSPCA is itself facing allegations of cruelty. The charity is battling the biggest crisis in its 192-year history amid claims its officers have become vindictive “terrorists” hell-bent on prosecutions at any cost. Its role as an out-of-control pet policeman was brought into sharp focus last month after a damning report told how it behaved unlawfully against a family whose cat it destroyed, sparking a public hate campaign in which the owner was branded a paedophile… (story)
Mail 30.3.16 JAMES DELINGPOLE: Why is a charity set up to fight animal cruelty so cruel itself? By JAMES DELINGPOLE FOR THE DAILY MAIL - When I was a child, the shop in our village had an RSPCA collection box shaped like a puppy… Back then, in the Seventies, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was an institution as cherished and revered as the Queen Mother, the Salvation Army or the Morecambe and Wise Show…. Fast forward to the present, though, and I can’t imagine my children feeling quite as charitable. They’ve never forgotten our experiences with the RSPCA over our pet hamster — of which more in a moment. And they’re also uncomfortably familiar with newspaper stories, such as the heartbreaking tale of Claude the cat…. (story)
Huffington Post 29.3.16 RSPCA ‘Acted Unlawfully’ By Putting Down Cat Against Owner’s Wishes - The RSPCA hid evidence and behaved unlawfully when it put down a family’s cat against their wishes, a damning report has found… (story)
Mail 29.3.16 RSPCA killed a cat for having LONG HAIR - then tried to prosecute its owners for cruelty By JOSEPH CURTIS FOR MAILONLINE - A secret report has revealed the RSPCA 'behaved unlawfully' and covered up evidence when seizing and killing a family's cat. The unpublished review also said the animal charity 'provoked a hate campaign' against the cat's owners in Hertfordshire after issuing false claims it was too thin… (story)
Telegraph 28.3.16 RSPCA acted wrongly when it seized and destroyed family's pet cat, official report concludes By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent - The RSPCA has been accused of acting unlawfully after seizing a family’s pet cat - which was then put down against the owners’ wishes – in an official review which described the charity’s actions as a “travesty”. The 16-year-old Turkish Van, named Claude, was taken away from Richard and Samantha Byrnes by RSPCA inspectors after a neighbour raised concerns about the animal’s appearance…. Now an official review conducted by Stephen Wooler, the former HM Chief Inspector to the Crown Prosecution Service, found the RSPCA had failed to disclose material to the Byrnes in a subsequent animal cruelty prosecution, The Times (£) reported… (story)
Guardian 6.11.14 The RSPCA should not be allowed to kill cats - There’s a worrying blur between lobbying and enforcement that’s at its most extreme with animals: police should enforce law, not charities - Philip Hoare - Should the RSPCA act as animal police? The charity has just been forced to apologise for having a cat put down – and for subsequently attempting to prosecute its owners for neglect. Richard and Samantha Byrnes, the owners, argue that such powers should not be wielded by an unaccountable, non-governmental body. Meanwhile, a new report recommends that RSPCA inspectors should be appointed by the government…. (story)
ITV 6.11.14 RSPCA apologises for bringing charges against two bereaved cat owners - The RSPCA has apologised to a husband and wife after it euthanised their elderly cat against their wishes and then tried to prosecute them for animal cruelty. The animal rights charity got involved after receiving a call from a member of the public, reportedly raising concerns that 'Claude' the cat had matted fur and appeared to be sick. Richard and Samantha Byrnes, of Tring in Hertfordshire, were devastated when the RSCPA informed them that the family pet had to be euthanised before their teenaged children had a chance to say goodbye. Today, the RSPCA ackowledged its error in refusing to defer the pet's death… (story)
Mail 6.11.14 RSPCA forced to apologise for wrongly putting down cat belonging to family it accused of cruelty in bungled prosecution - The RSPCA have today issued a grovelling apology for killing an elderly cat against its family's wishes and then making a bungled attempt to prosecute them. Richard Byrnes and his wife Samantha suffered two years of trauma after an RSPCA inspector seized their cat, 16-year-old Claude, in May 2013, claiming that he was too thin and had matted fur. After 24 hours of agonising negotiations Claude was put to sleep by a local vet against the wishes of Mr and Mrs Byrnes - who were threatened with prison if they refused to sign the release form…. (story)
Independent 11.8.14 If you care about Claude the cat – or any animal – you should support the RSPCA - This is a charity that deserves to be given more power, not less - Grace Dent - We appear set for another bout of anti-RSPCA braying this week in response to the story of the 16-year-old cat Claude who was removed from the Byrnes family by an inspector and euthanised because of alleged ill-treatment… The image problem that the RSPCA suffers from, to my mind, stems from the fact that it is determined to use its brilliantly collected charity funds to turn the power of the law against men and women who hurt animals…. It seems like the Heythrop set considers the rule of law to apply only to the little disgusting urban person – and believe that the established country order should do what it pleases…. Anyone who think this charity has too much power cares very little for those with four paws. (story)
Spectator 11.8.14 What is going on at the RSPCA? - Camilla Swift - The RSPCA have hit the headlines once again, after the story emerged of Claude, a cat in Tring, who was put down by the RSPCA (against his owners’ wishes) for – as the headlines have it – ‘having long hair’…. Sarah-Lise Howe, the barrister who represented the family said: “The right for this very lovely family to decide when their much loved and cared for pet should be put down should never have been removed from them by the RSPCA.”… (story)
Express 11.8.14 Family fury at RSPCA who killed their cat - A FAMILY has blasted the RSPCA after it put their cat to sleep against their wishes and then prosecuted them for cruelty. By: Syma Mohammed… (story)
Metro 11.8.14 RSPCA put down family cat for having tangled hair - A family went through a 15-month legal ordeal after the RSPCA put down their pet cat – for having tangled hair. Richard and Samantha Byrnes were charged with animal cruelty after a neighbour complained that 16-year-old Claude’s hair was too matted…. (story)
Mail 11.8.14 RSPCA put down our cat for having long hair: Family was threatened with prison if they didn't sign consent form after inspector accused them of animal cruelty By Francesca Infante - A family told of their horror at being threatened with jail by the RSPCA which falsely accused them of animal cruelty and insisted that their beloved family cat be put to sleep… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 10.8.14 RSPCA prosecute family over cat's long hair - Richard and Samantha Byrnes express their relief after the Crown Prosecution Service steps in and orders the RSPCA to halt an animal cruelty case against them By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent - A family accused of ill-treating their pet cat by allowing its hair to grow too long, have spoken of their relief after prosecutors stepped in and ordered the RSPCA to drop a criminal case against them. Richard and Samantha Byrnes were threatened with prison after welfare inspectors from the charity seized their 16-year-old cat, Claude, and told them he would have to be put down immediately…. (story)

ITV 9.4.16 Animal rights campaign targets former 'wool capital' -An animal rights group has started a campaign in West Yorkshire because the region was once the "wool capital of the world". People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has placed adverts, showing an abandoned shorn sheep, on billboards in Halifax and Wakefield… some critics have questioned Peta's decision to target the region, with one billboard in Halifax already showing signs of damage (story)
BBC News 8.4.16 Animal rights campaign starts 'wool capital' - An animal rights group starts a campaign in West Yorkshire because the region was once the "wool capital of the world". People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has placed adverts, showing an abandoned shorn sheep, on billboards in Wakefield and Halifax…. (story)


The Field 8.4.16 How to tackle anti-hunting social media - Alexandra Henton - Embrace new technology, says Alexandra Henton. Show people what we do, why we do it and how it should be done in the future. And fight the internet trolls and anti-hunting social media with common sense….Following the weekend where a tragic accident in the hunting field claimed the life of 9 year old Bonnie Armitage and unleashed a torrent of unpardonable abuse from anti-hunting trolls, it is time to examine how the fieldsports world responds to the online world… (story)

Third Force News 8.4.16 Boycott the Grand National and back a charity instead by Paul Cardwell - An animal rights group is once again calling for punters not to bet on the Grand National this weekend and instead donate to charity. Animal Aid is asking the public to donate any money they might have bet on the Aintree race on Saturday, to sanctuaries that help rescued horses via its Sanctuary Not Cruelty initiative… (story)

Morning Advertiser 8.4.16 Vegan pub opened by former BrewDog man closes after 11 weeks of business By Daniel Woolfson - Bristol’s first vegan pub has closed after only being open for 11 weeks. But it wasn’t because of the food. Bruce Gray, licensee of the Adam & Eve, Hotwells, who previously worked for anarchic Scottish brewers BrewDog, told the Bristol Post that despite solid trade and positive reviews, massive repair and refurbishment costs had left him with no other decision than to close the pub… (story)

Tab 8.4.16 I’m a vegetarian but PETA doesn’t speak for me - Phoebe Luckhurst - I was an excruciatingly sensitive child…. After battling with my parents I eventually became a vegetarian. I remain one, largely for ethical reasons… And so in theory, I find that my opinions align closely with those of the animal rights charity PETA… But mostly, I find PETA’s militant tactics embarrassing at best and incendiary at worst. Their latest online campaign, issued last week, states that “eating chicken can make your son’s dick small“…the approach is problematic because it alienates. It certainly alienates me. I don’t feel like PETA speaks for me. It is the the closest we have to a mainstream animal rights group, and it doesn’t corroborate its cause – my cause – when its furious agitprop just makes everyone think they’re a bunch of swivel-eyed nutters…. (story)

The Shields Gazette 8.4.16 Vegetarians are healthier - Poppycock that lapsed vegetarians are at risk of cancer( March 30). A wealth of scientific evidence indicates that a plant-based diet is the healthiest one. The scientific consensus is clear: people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, strokes and some types of cancer…. Jennifer White (story)


Argus 7.4.16 Allegation of illegal hunting being investigated by police - POLICE are investigating an allegation of illegal fox-hunting. The Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt has been accused by anti-hunt monitors of hunting a live fox, The Argus understands. The alleged incident being investigated took place on December 2, 2015, at Billingshurst, police said. Simon Wild, from West Sussex Wildlife Protection, said video footage of the alleged incident had been handed to police… (story)

Twyford Advertiser 7.4.16 Animal rights campaigners hit with injunction limiting protests near pet store - An injunction has been placed on animal rights campaigners which will now limit anti-puppy farm protests near Linton Pets Store. The campaigners were left scrambling for legal representation after they were served injunction papers on Thursday evening and say they are 'devastated' after an order was passed at a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday (Wednesday)… (story)
Get Reading 22.3.16 Picketers protest against puppy sales outside Linton Pets Store BY NATHAN HYDE - Picketers have been gathering outside a pet store in Hare Hatch to voice their objections against the owners' puppy selling practices. The protesters, who have been congregating outside Lintons Pet Store at weekends, claim the owners buy dogs from cruel puppy farms and are calling on Wokingham Borough Council to take action…. One of the protesters Vanessa Holburn said: "We're getting a lot of support from people driving past and we have had people cross the road to come over and talk to us…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 6.4.16 Fox hunting in the dock - R J Staples' letter "Propaganda of the anti-hunt lobby" (Mailbox, March 22) states that "the first hound to reach a fox kills it with a quick bite to the neck". I have seen a pack of hounds rip a fox to bits. A few years ago, a team of young vets did a series of postmortems on foxes which had been killed by hounds. In every case, they had bite injuries to their stomach, legs and neck. They said that in each case, these animals had suffered much pain before they died…. Mr G A Wright, Leicester (letter) Leicester Mercury 30.3.16 Not amused by foxhunting - In reply to R J Staples' letter lauding the virtues of fox hunting: "Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself." (James A Froude, 1818-1894) Priscilla Broughton, Birstall (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.3.16 'Opinions of hunts are very old-fashioned' - I despair, as must every animal lover. This person must be getting on in years as his letter contains many silly statements and his opinions are very old-fashioned. Some people who attend meets just like to see the horses, and let their children pat the dogs, They have no idea of the end result… Maureen Falkner, Lutterworth. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 26.3.16 'No place for hunting in modern society' - The Hunting Act of 2004 is still not accepted by pro-hunt supporters. Fortunately they are a minority as all polls show ("Propaganda of anti-hunt lobby", Mailbox, March 22). RJ Staples accused anti-hunt groups of using the "same old cliches" when his letter is full of them to support hunting!... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 26.3.16 'Hunts have to accept change' - I respond to comments from RJ Staples (Mailbox, March 22) concerning the "frenzy" of anti-hunting organisations who are no longer taken in by hunt meetings over Christmas and New Year. First, even as a hater of fox hunting for sport I must confess to liking the colourful tradition… Rodney Posnett, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.3.16 Propaganda of anti-hunt lobby - Mercury Mailbox - I have noticed over the last few weeks that the various anti-fox hunting organisations have been driven into a frenzy by the pictures of so many people who turned out to support their local hunts over the Christmas and New Year period, showing that people are no longer taken in by the propaganda of the anti-hunting groups. The letters from these groups still contain the same tired old cliches, such as "poor defenceless foxes", "blood crazed huntsmen seeing a fox ripped to pieces", and "abhorrent, sick sport", because this is all they have to offer… RJ Staples, Sileby (letter)

Irish Examiner 6.4.16 A century after the ‘Duck Truce’, blood sports still shame our nation - There has been a tendency over the years to poke fun at the unofficial truce observed by both sides in the 1916 Rising to allow for the feeding of the ducks in St Stephen’s Green, with at least one recent newspaper article alluding to is as “a descent into farce.” I would see it rather as a commendable example of simple human decency in the midst of bloody conflict… A century after the Duck Truce, blood sports continue to shame our nation, their legal status a testament to man’s perennial inhumanity. John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne St, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Independent 6.4.16 The Grand National is the UK's bull-fighting - we need to dismantle this cruel industry once and for all - Mimi Bekhechi - Isn't it high time we took a good, hard look into our own psyches and asked ourselves why anyone is still watching – or worse, cheering – the carnage of the Grand National?... It's estimated that 18,000 foals are born every year into the British and Irish racing industries. Only about 40 per cent go on to race. Those who don't make the grade face uncertain fates, which can include tragic neglect and slaughter…Some former racehorses are simply shot, while others are slaughtered and their flesh exported for human consumption or rendered for dog and cat food. Yet others are left to languish in forgotten fields…. (story)

Border Telegraph 6.4.16 Borders businesses celebrated at Scottish Rural Awards - THE Borders Forest Trust, a food firm from Duns and two local farms were among companies from across Scotland whose success was celebrated at the Scottish Rural Awards and Gala Dinner recently in Edinburgh… (story)
Farming UK 5.4.16 Scottish Rural Awards celebrate the best of rural entrepreneurship - Albert Bartlett, The Black Isle Brewing Co and The Borders Forest Trust were among companies from across Scotland whose success was celebrated on Thursday 31 March at the Scottish Rural Awards & Gala Dinner… The event, held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, is the culmination of a second year of partnership between Scottish Field and the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) to host the awards… Comedian Fred MacAulay took to the stage as compere for the evening… (story)
Brechin Advertiser 4.4.16 Quadruple win for Angus businesses - Three Angus businesses were celebrating after their success at the Scottish Rural Awards and Gala Dinner, taking away a total of four awards… (story)
Dundee Courier 2.4.16 Diversity and enterprise reap rural recognition for Tayside businesses By GRAHAM BROWN - A string of Courier Country businesses have tasted success in an awards scheme recognising excellence in rural Scotland. Arbikie Highland Estate, Uan Wool and Arbroath smokie producer Iain R Spink from Angus joined Perthshire’s Enchanted Forest on the top step of the winners’ rostrum at the Scottish Rural Awards gala ceremony held at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth. The glittering event was the culmination of a second year of partnership between Scottish Field and the Scottish Countryside Alliance to host the awards, which celebrate the innovation, dedication and enterprise of those living and working in rural Scotland… (story)

Derby Times 6.4.16 Warning over animal crimes as badger attackers snared - Sarah Bould - People committing barbaric crimes against wildlife in Derbyshire will be put behind bars. The stark warning came from a judge this week as he jailed three men who let their dogs attack a badger in the county - the latest in a long list of crimes against wildlife in Derbyshire…. But Derbyshire Badger Trust workers says this case is just the tip of the iceberg - and they hope the sentence will deter others. Irene Brierton, chairman of the trust, said: “There are a few individuals who engage in lamping as a recreational pursuit. It is awful and people find it abhorrent… (story)

Western Daily Press 6.4.16 Stop experiments on horses say protesters By John von Radowitz - Animal welfare campaigners have called for an end to scientific experiments on horses and ponies obtained from unrestricted sources. Cruelty Free International claimed UK laboratories had worked with former race horses, Dartmoor and Welsh mountain ponies, and animals purchased from private owners… (story)

Express 6.4.16 As microchipping becomes compulsory TOMORROW campaigners warn law is DOOMED to failure By STUART WINTER - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have warned the Government's dog microchip law is doomed to failure…. The League Against Cruel Sports says the vulnerability of microchips to tampering, the low penalties for failing to have dogs chipped, the lack of a water-tight recording system and no designated compliance authority means it is likely to fail… (story)

Irish Examiner 6.4.16 Birth of camels since arrival of circus in Ireland raises serious questions - As protests against the use of wild animals by the Austrian Circus Belly Wien/Renz currently touring the country grow stronger by the day, its increasingly beleaguered spokesperson has taken to claiming in media interviews that its animals are happy, because several camels have given birth since arriving here… Nuala Donlon Spokesperson Circus Watch Ireland Lanesborough Co Longford (letter)


Farming Life 4.4.16 Lobby your candidates - As you will be aware, the Assembly elections are fast approaching. With the future of country sports being constantly questioned, it is imperative that we consider carefully which political representatives are going to work hardest to protect our rural way of life…. (story)

Cambrian News 4.4.16 Motion to cull badgers backed by council - A MOTION to kill badgers in a bid to rid the county of “the serious problem” of bovine TB has been backed by Ceredigion councillors…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 4.4.16 VIDEO: Villager joins protest against use of ostrich skin - A local animal rights protester has taken part in a national demonstration against the use of exotic skins for fashion accessories. Carrying an oversized sign resembling an ostrich handbag, 24-year-old Charly Keats from Selmeston took part in the PETA protest in London last week…. Charly stood alongside Jackie Joyce, 29, who led the protest topless with a mock dead ostrich draped across her chest. Fellow activist Anna Buraya joined Charly in holding handbag-shaped placards reading “Hermès: Bin ostrich skin”…. (story)


Sunday Mail 3.4.16 Turns out the leader of a fox hunt, which is being investigated by police, made several donations to the Tories BY BILLY BRIGGS - A HEDGE fund manager who leads a hunt accused of ¬breaking the law made several financial donations to leading Tory MPs , the Sunday Mail can reveal. Johan Christofferson is joint master of the Jedforest Hunt where, it emerged last week, two huntsmen have been charged with illegal activity… Christofferson – who has not been charged with any offence – is a major Tory donor who has previously been mired in controversy… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 3.4.16 Attraction manager's marathon effort - THE manager of Holne Park House will be running the London Marathon in support of the Countryside Alliance Foundation. Mark Simpson, 48, manages the tourist attraction and campsite at Ashburton and is a keen supporter of country activities. He is a former joint master of the Isle of Wight Hunt and, in 2004, was banned from taking part for a month…. (story)
Oxford Times 25.3.16 Horsewoman to tackle London Marathon - Megan Archer - BLANKET Hall manager Eleanor Martin will be throwing herself headfirst into a new challenge as she prepares to take on the London Marathon next month. The 30-year-old Witney businesswoman is competing in the race on Sunday, April 24, in support of The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF)…. She often hunts with the Vale of White Horse, enjoys clay pigeon shooting and has been involved in all aspects of running point-to-points… (story)

Western Daily Press 3.4.16 Badger cull protestors like Suffragettes and slave trade abolitionists says Brian May's Save Me By TristanCork - Protestors against the badger cull across the West have been compared to Suffragettes and slave trade abolitionists as the row over a list of farmers and farms involved in the cull leaked by campaigners intensified. The comparison came from Brian May's campaign group Save Me Trust, as the Dorset-based rock legend and animal rights campaigner launched a staunch defence of the rights of animal welfare activists to protest…. (story)

Sunday Herald 3.4.16 Real greens cut out the meat - IN part three of the Sunday Herald's political hustings platform,… it is telling that not one party spokesperson mentions the main threat to the environment, nor how many candidates and sitting MSPs contribute to this main threat or, instead, play their part in doing their personal best to help combat it. The animal food industry causes more damage to the environment than all forms of transport combined. Yet, how many candidates and serving MSPs are even vegetarian, let alone vegan?... Sandra Busell Edinburgh (letter)


Shooting Times 2.4.16 Are the RSPB pro or anti-shooting? - Liam Stokes, Head of Shooting Campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, comments on the RSPB's inconsistent position on shooting issues…In a recent blog post marking the publication of a paper on driven grouse shooting, RSPB Conservation Director Martin Harper noted that “the grouse industry [sic] can deliver environmental benefits and can make a real and valuable contribution to species conservation”… Contrast this message of neutrality with the most recent edition of the RSPB e-newsletter “Legal Eagle”... One such piece of news, found on page 15 of the March 2016 edition, is the publication of a new report on Scottish grouse moor management by that distinctly less than neutral organisation, the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)


East London Lines 1.4.16 Going into the field with the Croydon Hunt Saboteurs by Paden Vaughan - Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron tried to repeal the Hunting Act…I went into the field with the Croydon Hunt Saboteurs, one chapter of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA), who attempt to disrupt hunts and save animals. We travelled to Hartfield, East Sussex for this season’s final meet of the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt… (story)

North Devon Journal 1.4.16 'Urban foxes are being dumped on Exmoor' insists farmer - Claims made by North Devon farmers that attacks on livestock were caused by urban foxes released into the wild are nothing but 'urban myths' according to a South West RSPCA spokesperson… But Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Animal Rescue at East Huntspill in Somerset, said the attack was not "exceptional". She said the "story" about released foxes is one that has been passed around for 30 years… RSPCA South West spokesman Katya Mira said the stories were an "urban myth". "It is hard to know where things like this start but it is a rumour that's been circulating for many years yet we have never seen any evidence… (story)
BBC News 30.3.16 City foxes blamed for attacking lambs on moors - Urban foxes are being blamed for a string of attacks on newborn lambs in the middle of Exmoor. Farmer Alan Collins, who has lost 33 lambs in a week, believes the foxes are being dumped on the moors by animal welfare groups…. (story)
Metro 28.3.16 Farmer shot dead 10 foxes after 32 of his lambs are killed - Jimmy Nsubuga - This was the scene after a sheep farmer shot dead ten foxes he held responsible for the death of his 32 lambs. Allan Collins, owner of Worth Farm in Exmoor, said he was forced to act this week after pest controllers dumped urban foxes in the countryside… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 27.3.16 Farmer shoots ten foxes after losing 32 lambs By WMN_PGoodwin - A sheep farmer on Exmoor has shot ten foxes after losing 32 lambs to attacks on his flocks. Allan Collins says the carnage in his fields at Withypool, is unprecedented and believes unscrupulous operators have released captured urban foxes into the countryside. Wildlife campaigners say no reputable organisation would dump wild animals in such a way and claim the widely-held belief is an “urban myth”…. (story)
Western Daily Press 27.3.16 Sheep farmer shoots 10 foxes after losing 32 lambs in Exmoor farm carnage - A sheep farmer shot ten foxes after losing 32 lambs - and blames pest controllers dumping urban foxes in the countryside. Allan Collins has around 1,200 ewes at his Exmoor farm but he says they are being killed by animals moved from cities and towns. He said: "It is very unusual to shoot eight at a time as we normally only kill one or two. "I am certain that these are foxes that have come out of the town - it is pretty obvious they have been brought in… (story)
North Devon Journal 27.3.16 WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Exmoor farmer shoots 10 foxes dead after losing 32 lambs - An Exmoor sheep farmer has shot dead ten foxes after losing 32 lambs to attacks on his flocks. Allan Collins says the carnage in his fields is unprecedented and believes unscrupulous operators have released captured urban foxes into the countryside…. (story)

Cambridge News 1.4.16 Cambridgeshire police to target rural crime as hare coursing spikes By Julian Makey - Police have launched a new crackdown on rural crime in Cambridgeshire. They have reformed a specialist unit – The Rural Crime Action Team – to target offending following a sharp increase in some forms of criminal behaviour in the countryside. Reported incidents of hare coursing have been running at three times the rate of previous years, police said. They launched the new RCAT team on a farm near Huntingdon this morning, supported by the National Farmers' Union, the Country Land and Business Association and Countryside Watch… (story)

Ecologist 1.4.16 Badger cull: protestors' legal right to information upheld - Lesley Docksey - Since December 2011, when it became clear that the government was intent on its badger cull, Defra and Natural England have been flooded with FOI requests about how the culls would be set up, conducted and monitored. The notable success of Anna Dale in cutting through official obfuscation has implications for everyone trying to protect the environment and wildlife… (story)

Macclesfield Express 1.4.16 Badger campaigners hold meeting in Macclesfield to fight cull BY KAREN BRITTON - Campaigners against a badger cull in Macclesfield have organised a public meeting to fight the proposals. Members from The Wirral & Cheshire Badger Group are fighting proposals for the first badger cull in Cheshire… The Wirral & Cheshire Badger Group, supported by Humane Society International, is holding a public meeting to help raise awareness. Jane Cullen, chairman of the group which runs a badger vaccination programme in Adlington, said Bovine TB is mostly passed between cattle… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 1.4.16 Protest group steps up campaign to ban 'cruel' animal circuses - Animal rights activists have urged the Assembly to ban circuses using animals in performances and for councils to ban them from public land. Protesters from Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty (NISNTAC) recently staged demonstrations outside Courtney's Circus in Magherafelt and Fossetts in Newry and is urging others to join a series of peaceful protests throughout this month… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.16 Exeter Friends For Animals launch 'Go Vegan' campaign By Sue Kemp - Exeter Friends For Animals (EFFA) is encouraging more people to ‘Go Vegan’ with a special campaign to be launched this weekend… According to EFFA coordinator Martin Fox Exeter is becoming a really vegan-friendly city, and they are pleased to have the support of so many mainstream venues…. (story)