August 2002

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Telegraph 31.8.02 Real breeches of trust - Covering the seats of the well horsed is the job of a Savile Row firm, says Adam Edwards - Amid the hoo-ha, Michael Smith will be forgotten. As the neatly dressed New Labour MPs jostle through the "aye" lobby to save Mister Fox, the 58-year-old artisan will not be in their thoughts… When he retires (or perhaps is forced to retire by anti-hunting legislation), a hand-made, hand-measured pair of riding breeches will be as rare as a libertarian New Labour MP. Smith works for Bernard Weatherill, the family firm of the former speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Jack Weatherill… (story)

Newcastle Journal 31.8.02 Labour 'stood back' on hunting - A minister yesterday insisted the Government is "not hung up on hunting", and said that other rural issues like health, transport and post offices were just as important. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael MP, who next month launches a series of Westminster hearings into the future of hunting, said in a radio interview that the Government had "stood back from taking a specific view on it"…. (story)

Western Morning News 31.8.02 AND NOW - THE CHARM OFFENSIVE - As opposition to many Government policies grows, Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael arrived on Exmoor yesterday bent on appeasement, having first if not dashed, at least partially emptied, the poisoned chalice he was handed on his appointment by denying that his government was "hung up on hunting"… The hunting debate has become what the Government must have prayed it never would become - no longer a debate about cruelty or otherwise, no longer a conflict of inaccurate and hackneyed class stereotypes, but a defence of the liberty and livelihood of minorities in the face of interfering doctrine…. The hunting debate has become what the Government must have prayed it never would become - no longer a debate about cruelty or otherwise, no longer a conflict of inaccurate and hackneyed class stereotypes, but a defence of the liberty and livelihood of minorities in the face of interfering doctrine…. (story)
Western Morning News 31.8.02 700 COULD LOSE THEIR JOBS, CLAIMS EXPERT - Guy Thomas Everard, chairman of Endangered Exmoor, met the Minister in the small village of Winsford. "We mainly wanted to highlight to Mr Michael the number of jobs that are at stake here" he said… (story)
Western Morning News 31.8.02 HUNTING 'A WAY OF LIFE' FOR COUPLE - Tom Yandle, chairman of the Devon and Somerset Stag Hunt, said he was "extremely pleased" that the consultation process was now being held with frank and direct communication between the Government and the public… (story)
Western Morning News 31.8.02 BAN SPORT NOW, SAYS ANTI-HUNT CAMPAIGNER - Doreen Cronin, 73, lives on the edge of the Quantock Hills, and has spent the last 14 years campaigning for a ban on hunting. She set up Devon and Somerset Deer Protection in October 1987 after a deer was chased by hunters on to the rooftop of a house in Hawkcombe, sparking a public outcry… (story)

Western Daily Press 31.8.02 WEST MPS SPLIT OVER COUNTRYSIDE MARCH - West MPs are split over whether they will take part in one of the largest peacetime protests ever seen in Britain… Labour has derided the march as a revolt by the Conservative voting landed gentry in a thinly-veiled effort to save hunting and few, if any, of the party's West MPs will take part… the Liberal Democrat presence at the march is likely to be reduced because the party's conference begins on the same day in Brighton… But many of the region's Tory MPs are set to march alongside their leader Iain Duncan Smith, who will be in London with his wife and children… (story)
North West Evening Mail 31.8.02 THOUSANDS TO JOIN PRO-HUNT DEMO - THOUSANDS of Cumbrians are to descend on London next month in a bid to save hunting. So far 50 coaches have been booked for the trip by pro-hunt supporters, and hundreds more are expected to arrange their own transport…. James Bates, of the national Countryside Alliance, said: "The Cumbrian packs are giving us lots of support…" (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 31.8.02 WE CAN'T STOP MARCH POSTERS - Cotswold councillors say they are powerless to stop the Countryside Alliance putting up posters promoting their protest march… Cotswold District Council planning enforcement officer John Graville has asked Countryside Alliance regional director Will Templer to ensure notices are taken down after the march….(story)

Times 31.8.02 From Mrs J. E. B. Leigh-Pemberton - Sir, As Master of The Old Berkshire Foxhounds (in whose hunt country the Uffington White Horse is situated), I was alarmed to hear that this hill carving had been daubed with paint by the Real Countryside Alliance (report and photograph, August 28). I went to see for myself what had been done. The mood of those I met on the hill was one of amused tolerance and some remarked it was a pity the paintings would not last very long… Longcot House, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7TF (letter)
York Evening Press 29.8.02 How we did it - the White Horse culprits tell all by Liz Todd - CAMPAIGNERS who defaced one of North Yorkshire's most prominent landmarks today told the Evening Press how and why they took the controversial action. A spokesman for the shadowy organisation, which styles itself the Real Countryside Alliance (RCA), has taken responsibility for constructing the 160ft seated figure of a horseman on the famous White Horse of Kilburn… The protester admitted making the figure had been a huge effort. "The carpet was 160ft by 40ft and it was all stitched together," he said. "We used 15 gallons of red paint on to the plastic backing of a beige carpet, which just shows the commitment we have, with the amount of time it took us to make."… The figure was removed from the Kilburn landmark within 24 hours of its appearance by members of the White Horse committee… Committee secretary John Roberts said they had to cut the carpet figure into pieces to pull it off the hillside… He said an anonymous donor had left an undisclosed amount of money for the committee the day the huntsman appeared. An RCA spokesman confirmed they had given the committee the money. (story in archive)
Times 28.8.02 Hardline hunt group defaces white horse landmarks BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - MILITANT supporters of the campaign to save hunting with dogs defaced two national landmarks yesterday. In the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, territory of the Old Berkshire Hunt, an image of a huntsman and three hounds was daubed over the historic Uffington white horse, which is cut into the landscape. A similar stunt was organised at the Kilburn White Horse in the Vale of York, the home ground of the Middleton Hunt, where a garish paper montage depicting a huntsman appeared on the hillside. Responsibility for the action was claimed by the Real Countryside Alliance… (story)
Yorkshire Post 28.8.02 Pro-hunt activists target top sight - ONE of Yorkshire's most famous sights yesterday became one of the first targets in bizarre attacks on White Horse landmarks linked to the hunting debate…. Pro-hunt activists in the Real Countryside Alliance (RCA) - a radical alternative to the better-known Countryside Alliance - admitted responsibility last night for targeting the two images… The Countryside Alliance said it did not have any part in the action. Spokesman Adrian Yelland said: "The Countryside Alliance only ever advocates campaigning that is lawful and dissociates itself from acts of vandalism and regrets any damage that may have been caused by this incident."…(story)
York Evening Press 28.8.02 Monumental Row by Liz Todd - VOLUNTEERS who care for the distinctive White Horse of Kilburn have criticised individuals who placed an enormous hunting figure astride the local monument… The figure bore a Countryside Alliance badge, but the CA said the vandalism was nothing to do with them… (story in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 28.8.02 The White Horse gains a rider - A GIANT image of a huntsman has appeared astride one of North Yorkshire's most famous landmarks, the White Horse of Kilburn…. Though those responsible are unknown, there has been speculation that they may be hunt supporters expressing their opposition to proposals to ban the sport… A spokesman for Easingwold Police Station said though officers were aware of the giant huntsman, no complaints had been received. "There have been no complaints of criminal damage and it won't be classed as such if it is not permanent and does not cost a lot of money to get rid of it," he added. (story in archive)
Northern Echo 28.8.02 Hunting on the Kilburn horse . . . by Mark Foster - FOR nearly a century-and-a-half the giant White Horse of Kilburn - one of the great landmarks of North Yorkshire - has stood alone. But now the enormous figure cut into the steep escarpment of Sutton Bank has somehow found a rider… A gigantic huntsman was created overnight… Campaigners for the Real Countryside Alliance - a radical alternative to the better-known Countryside Alliance - said they targeted the two sites ''to keep the pro-hunt thing in the papers''… (story in archive)
North East Evening Gazette 28.8.02 Protest targets famous sight - Pro-hunt activists defaced one of North Yorkshire's most striking landmarks. The White Horse of Kilburn, cut into the escarpment at Sutton Bank, near Thirsk, suddenly acquired a rider - a giant huntsman clad in scarlet… (story)
Oxford Mail 28.8.02 Pro-hunt activists deface White Horse - One of Oxfordshire's most famous landmarks -- the 3,000-year-old White Horse chalk hill carving near Wantage -- has been defaced by pro-hunting campaigners. Activists, calling themselves the Real Countryside Alliance, daubed an image of a huntsman and three hounds on the figure carved into the sweeping hillside near Uffington… (story in archive)
Reading Chronicle 28.8.02 Giant horse images 'defaced by hunting activists' - Pro-hunt activists have defaced two of the country's national monuments - the two giant white horses - to highlight their cause. Campaigners for the Real Countryside Alliance say they targeted the two images, on hills in Oxfordshire and North Yorkshire, "to keep the pro-hunt thing in the papers"… Activists say the image in Oxfordshire was drawn in paint used for marking lines on grass tennis courts and will wash away in the first rains… (story)
Ananova 27.8.02 Giant horse images 'defaced by hunting activists' - Pro-hunt activists have defaced two of the country's national monuments - the two giant white horses - to highlight their cause. Campaigners for the Real Countryside Alliance say they targeted the two images, on hills in Oxfordshire and North Yorkshire, "to keep the pro-hunt thing in the papers"…. (story)

Times 31.8.02 Pursuit of progress in hunting debate - Sir, As you report (August 27), I am indeed consulting experts on how best to resolve the contentious issue of hunting with dogs. But we are adopting a new, principle-based approach rather than revisiting the three options you refer to, which were set out in the Hunting Bill which fell in 2001… I am trying to encourage discussion rather than controversy, and I want to help the House to reach a resolution which will stand the test of time - ALUN MICHAEL, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, SW1P 3JR. (letter)
Times 27.8.02 A rough ride for minister - Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs Minister, was told by Tony Blair to find a solution to the foxhunting deadlock…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 31.8.02 Stag hunting fans affront to Britain - IT appears beyond the comprehension of G Hartwright (You Say, Thursday, August 8) to realise that, although A Knittel may be concerned about fox welfare, many opposed to hunting for sport, including myself, are just as distressed about the well-being of humanity…. JOHN PHELPS, Exeter. (letter in archive)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 31.8.02 Baiting fears as badger is snared - Police believe a badger found trapped in a snare in Bradford was caught for the illegal sport of baiting…. Les Barnett, president of Bradford Urban Wildlife Group, said: "Badger baiting is a cruel sport which still goes on in secret… (story in archive)

Independent 30.8.02 Tory leader would quash hunting ban By Marie Woolf Chief Political Correspondent (story)
Telegraph 30.8.02 Duncan Smith in hunt ban pledge By David Millward - Iain Duncan Smith stepped up the pressure on Labour over hunting yesterday by promising for the first time that if elected Prime Minister he would allow Government time for a ban to be reversed… (story)
Telegraph 30.8.02 Right to march - This is all about freedom," says Iain Duncan Smith in announcing his intention to join the Countryside March next month with his wife and family. He is right there, and he is almost certainly right when he suggests that this Government is not really interested in securing any compromise on hunting… If hunting is banned by this Parliament, then the Tory leader undertakes to repeal what he calls an "absurd and bad law". That is a sensible stand to take against repressive legislation… (story)
Yorkshire Post 30.8.02 Duncan Smith vows to repeal any 'illiberal' hunting ban - Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith yesterday pledged that a future Tory Government would "repeal any illiberal legislation," if Labour outlaws hunting.… (story)
Guardian 30.8.02 Minister aims to downplay hunt debate ahead of rally - The government will today portray hunting with dogs as little more than an irrelevance in the debate about sustaining rural Britain, as the country sports lobby intensifies campaigning in the run up to a big rally in London next month… Although none of Mr Duncan-Smith's family hunts, they are said to watch the Waddon Chase hunt riding over the 2,200-acre Buckinghamshire estate owned by Lord Cottlesloe, father-in-law of the Tory leader…. (story)
Evening Standard 29.8.02 Tory leader to go on pro-hunt march - Iain Duncan Smith is to take his family on the Countryside March to show his support for hunting… if Parliament voted for a ban, a future Conservative Government under his leadership would repeal what he called an "absurd and bad law"…. (story)
Ananova 29.8.02 Tory leader pledges to repeal fox hunt ban - Iain Duncan Smith says a future Tory Government would "repeal any illiberal legislation," if Labour outlaws hunting. Mr Duncan Smith spoke out during a visit with his wife Betsy to the Buckinghamshire County Show at Weedon Park, Aylesbury… (story)

Guardian 30.8.02 'We've been acting like the IRA' Next month angry pro-hunters will again march on London. But the more militant members of the Countryside Alliance are no longer satisfied with peaceful protest and are taking tactical inspiration from terrorists. Andy Beckett investigates the Real CA… Cawsey finds the whole episode quite funny now. "It's the Baader-Meinhof group!" he says, laughing sarcastically at the CCTV footage… But then a thought strikes him. "Could you not say exactly where my office is?" His amused face tenses: "They might come back."… Janet George used to be the Countryside Alliance's press officer. Now she runs a bolder organisation called the Countryside Action Network (Can), which blockades motorways…. The one named individual who has been widely associated with the Real CA is a Yorkshire businessman called Edward Duke…. To Kieron Moore and John Bycroft, the confrontation has already begun. As hunt employees, and chairman and committee member respectively of the Union of Country Sports Workers, they are well known, respectable advocates for bloodsports. "Iain Duncan Smith is very supportive," says Bycroft. "I've met him. He tapped me on the shoulder. He said, 'Keep demonstrating. The Countryside Alliance don't do enough.'"… When I ask if they are members of the Real CA, Bycroft and Moore become less forthright…. Cawsey sees greater political significance in this: "It's about, ultimately, who runs Britain. In the 21st century, is there still a sort of remote establishment who, whatever we decide in parliament, it doesn't apply to?"… As a huntsman from the Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles put it, "We are the bloody establishment! Yet society is about to kick us in the teeth…. (story)

North West Evening Mail (30.8.02) HEARING COULD BAN HUNTING MINISTERS have announced full details of the three-day public hearing on controversial plans which could ban hunting with dogs in Cumbria… Mr Michael has announced the experts and academics who will give evidence during the three-day hearing at Westminster… (story)

Western Morning News 30.8.02 NURSERYMAN WILL MARCH FOR HIS RIGHTS … Horticulturist Charles Williams does not hunt - in fact he has never ridden a horse. He grows and sells plants at Burncoose Nurseries, near Redruth… He has arranged a coach to go from his nursery to the September 22 Liberty and Livelihood march, and says that so far it is booked up with people like him who feel that their way of life is threatened… " We have very little to do with hunting, but have contacts with country people… I myself enjoy shooting, and others on the bus are anglers and even people who work with hawks and falcons. This attempt to abolish hunting is really the thin end of the wedge…." (letter)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 30.8.02 Join the countryside march - First, I should point out that I am in no way connected with the CountrysideAlliance and do not agree with all of their views and policies, such as the continuation of hunting with dogs. I don’t fully understand either side of that particular argument, but I respect the views of both. However, I would like to point out that protesting against a hunting ban is only a fraction of the work this group is doing in support of our countryside… This march is about protecting the rural environment of Rutland and its two market towns of Uppingham and Oakham… It is impossible to find a political group with whom you agree wholeheartedly. But if you support one which represents most of your views you can change the policies with which you don’t agree from within while also fighting with them for what you believe in. See you in Whitehall. SIMON FYNN Pudding Bag Lane, Exton (letter)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 30.8.02 ‘We’ll lose our jobs and homes’ - I AM employed by the Cottesmore Hunt as head groom. With the threat to ban hunting I won’t have a job or house and I won’t be able to afford a house in this area… ALISON WHITEHEAD Cottesmore Hunt Kennels, Ashwell Road, Oakham
I AM employed by the Cottesmore Hunt and am writing to you in support of fox hunting. I am one of many who will lose their job and home if hunting was to be banned… SARAH ASHURST Cottesmore Hunt
I AM employed by the Cottesmore Hunt as a part-time groom. With my job I also get my home. If hunting is banned I will lose both my job and home…. SARA BRETT Cottesmore Hunt (letters)

Yorkshire Post 30.8.02 Anti-hunt protesters take turn in Square - Alexandra Wood …Yesterday shoppers were being asked to put their signature to a growing list - it stands at about 300,000 - urging the Government to honour its manifesto pledge and get hunting banned. And Josey Sharrad, below, a campaigner for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, introduced Connah Greaves, three, to a friendly fox cub… (story)

Times 30.8.02 People BY ANDREW PIERCE - Clarissa's good demo guide for the perfect house party - PROOF, if any were needed, that the folk behind next month’s countryside march are fully paid-up members of the landed gentry. The Essential Cook, a book produced by fat lady chef Clarissa Dickson Wright to raise money for the Countryside Alliance, will confirm all the prejudices of the anti-hunt lobby…. (story)

Hampshire Chronicle 30.8.02 Countdown to Alresford Show - ALRESFORD Agricultural Show is back on Saturday, September 7th, with an action-packed programme of family attractions at Tichborne Park…. The ever-popular parade of hounds and beagles demonstrates the different packs and provides spectators with a valuable insight on a traditional country sporting activity… (story in archive)

Argus 30.8.02 Baker bashes The Archers - Lewes MP Norman Baker has slammed radio soap opera The Archers for its coverage of the pro-hunting campaign… "Although it's only a fictional programme, it is still very important. The Archers prides itself on dealing with topical issues but, in this case, they are doing it all wrong…." (story in archive)
Guardian 30.8.02 In league - Anyone listening to the Archers over the last two months could be forgiven for thinking the programme has been sponsored by the Countryside Alliance… The BBC appears to be giving free advertising to the pro-hunt lobby in the run-up to next month's alliance march in support of hunting. And the licence-payer is footing the bill…. How come there are no residents of Ambridge who are opposed to hunting, or even members of the League Against Cruel Sports? Norman Baker MP, Lib Dem, Lewes (letter)

Hexham Courant 30.8.02 HUNTSMEN FORCED TO CARRY GUNS … As well as hard hats and hip flasks, some members of the Border Hunt will now have to carry shotguns in order to stay within the law…. Hunt supporters from Tynedale have this weekbeing doing their stint in the round-the-clock vigil outside the House of Commons in support of hunting, whichhad been going on throughout the summer. (story)
Telegraph 28.8.02 Hunt arms itself for cross-border forays By Paul Stokes - An English foxhunt is to carry shotguns to keep on the right side of a new Scottish law when its quarry flees north of the border. A ban on hunting with dogs passed by the Scottish Parliament earlier this year has led to the problem for the Border Hunt, based in Otterburn, Northumberland… They have discovered that the law allows them to continue pursuit of the fox into Scotland if they intend to shoot it… The Border recently joined five hunts from the Scottish borders to discuss the ban with senior officers from the Lothians and Borders police…. Chief Supt McAteer continued: "This is not a priority policing matter for me. However, if someone makes a complaint we will investigate. It is early days yet as the season is not yet fully underway. We shall have to watch to see how things develop." (story)
Newcastle Journal 28.8.02 Warning to hunts on Scottish ban - Hunt supporters will face legal action if packs of English fox-hunting hounds stray over the border, police warned yesterday… Borders police have met with hunt organisers and have warned they will be treating breaches seriously. The College Valley North Northumberland (CVNN) hounds, based in Wooler and the Border Hunt, from Otterburn, will run the greatest risk… (story)

Hexham Courant 30.8.02 SHEEP MAKE A WELCOME RETURN TO SHEPHERDS' SHOW … heep made their come-back in the appropriate setting of the Border Shepherds' Show at Falstone the only show in Tynedale where sheep will be shown this year…. As ever at Falstone, there was a strong canine section, with a fine pet show, as well as a highly competitive show of foxhounds which saw more than half a dozen hunts represented. The best hound in show was a Border raider from the Jedforest Hunt, the junior bitch Damson, and there was much shaking of heads at the fact that hunting is now being outlawed north of the Border…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 30.8.02 Hounds are shot if they won't kill foxes - When claiming how many hounds would have to be killed if hunting were banned (EADT, August 26) Countryside Alliance spokesperson, Liz Mort was not reported as admitting that 12,000 hounds are shot by hunts every year if they do not take to killing fox cubs… IAN SMITH, Philip Road, Bury St Edmunds (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 29.8.02 Replace blood-sport with drag-hunting - It just goes to show how desperate the Countryside Alliance are. Putting on a parade with hounds at Newmarket race course and saying that a large number will have to be destroyed if the ban was to go ahead…. All we're asking is that a fox is not chased till it's scared to death and then cruelly ripped apart. Hunting has no affect on the fox population at all so leave them alone and drag hunt instead. TINA CANHAM, Palmerston Road, Ipswich. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 25.8.02 Hounds at centre of pro-hunting parade - ONE thousand hounds from all over the region have taken part in a massive pro-hunting parade… Liz Mort of the Countryside Alliance, said the event was organised to highlight the links between racing and hunting and to show people some of the dogs that would have to be killed if hunting were banned… (story)

Royston Crow 29.8.02 Show returns after a year away - A CHILLY day on Bank Holiday Monday meant Ashwell Show got off to a slow start but the crowds were drawn to Elbrook as the show returned from a year's absence… The Enfield Chase Hounds, now joined to the Cambridgeshire Hunt, put on a colourful display and many youngsters enjoyed mingling with the hounds after the parade… (story)

Shropshire Star 30.8.02 Lets just forget about this stupid bill - Your second sentence on the future of foxhunting hit the nail straight on the head. It states 'should fox hunting be banned or should country sports be allowed to continue?' Because let's face it the antis have long had shooting and fishing in line for their next attack on our sports, indeed it has already begun…. PA Furness, Shifnal (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 30.8.02 Justifying the killing …Surely the truth of the matter is that people hunt because they enjoy it, but as the majority of people in this country (and in the House of Commons) wish to see their "sport" banned, they feel that they must justify it in some way. M A Parson, Shrewsbury (letter in archive)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.8.02 ITALIAN TOURIST KILLED BY FRIEND IN ESTATE SHOOTING ACCIDENT - ALAN GORHAM - An ITALIAN tourist was shot dead by a friend yesterday during a sporting shoot at a North-east estate. The 60-year-old was among a group of gunmen from Florence who were shooting pigeons at Fasque Estate, Fettercairn… (story)
Scotsman 30.8.02 Tourist killed at shoot - AN ITALIAN businessman has been killed in a shooting accident on an estate in Kincardineshire. The 60-year-old man, who has not been named, was fatally injured while taking part in an organised pigeon shoot for tourists at the Fasque Estate near Fettercairn… (story)
Dundee Courier 30.8.02 TOURIST DIES IN MEARNS FARM SHOOTING - A 60-year-old Italian has died in a shooting accident on Fasque Home Farm, Fasque Estate, Fettercairn. The man, from near Florence, was a member of an Italian party on a pigeon shoot… (story may be in archive)

The Citizen (Lytham St Annes) 30.8.02 Animal rights zoo protest by Nikki Masters - ANIMAL rights demonstrators protested outside Blackpool Zoo on Monday, shouting to drivers and passers-by in an attempt to stop them going in. Around 20 protesters, including children aged 13-16, waved banners and handed out leaflets outside the zoo on the bank holiday -- the latest event in a continuing campaign by Blackpool Youth Animal Rights Campaigners to persuade the public not to go into the zoo… spokesman Jennie Parsons said she considered the protest had been "a success"… (story in archive)

Preston Citizen 30.8.02 Gala goldfish giveaway under threat - PRIZE winners at next year's Penwortham gala could be leaving with a toy instead of the traditional goldfish-in-a-bag… South Ribble Borough Council leader and Penwortham town councillor, Howard Gore, said: "As a campaigner for two animal rights groups I feel the use of animals as prizes at fairs or any other type of event is Victorian…." (story in archive)

East Grinstead Courier 30.8.02 TURN VEGETARIAN - It IS heartening to note that many Sevenoaks residents?-?like many people throughout Britain?-?are taking an interest in vegetarian food… RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Development manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Kingston Guardian/Surrey Comet 30.8.02 It's no wonder that I wonder - I wonder if people who enjoy the sweetness of gambling lambs in springtime enjoy eating roast lamb… DELPHINE PALMOWSKI, Amis Avenue, New Haw (letter in archive)

Northern Echo 30.8.02 Badger setts attacked by gangs - POLICE and the RSPCA are investigating two attacks on badger setts in County Durham. The attempts to dig out the animals occurred in villages near Bishop Auckland… Local people rang Durham Wildlife Trust, which alerted wildlife groups and police. A spokesman for Durham Badger Group said: "We are delighted that the public are passing on this information…." (story in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.8.02 Rabbit fur flies in protest against ornamental cats - ANIMAL rights activists are to protest outside a city gift store after discovering it is selling ornamental cats made from rabbit fur. Advocates for Animals and West Lothian Animal Rights are to demonstrate outside Pickwicks in Shandwick Place tomorrow to raise public awareness about the ornamental cats made from the skins of rabbits killed in China for their meat… Advocates for Animals campaign’s co-ordinator Yvonne Taylor said the rabbit fur trade involved mistreatment of the animals… (story)

Times 29.8.02 Tory chief and family to join pro-hunt march BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - IAIN DUNCAN SMITH is to ensure that next month’s Countryside March becomes a party political occasion by joining the walk with his family. He is likely to be criticised by Labour MPs because in the past he has attacked Tony Blair for making public appearances with his children… The Tory leader does not hunt, but he is a passionate fisherman and occasionally shoots… (story)
Ananova 29.8.02 Tory leader to take family on pro-hunt march - Iain Duncan Smith is to take his family on the Countryside March to show his support for hunting. The Conservative leader, his wife Betsy, their two sons and daughter will join campaigners on the march in London next month… (story)
Western Daily Press 29.8.02 LONDON MARCH IS LED BY WEST - Countryside campaigners from the West are leading the march on London to protect the rural way of life, it emerged last night. And they will lead the call for the resignation of spin-doctor Alastair Campbell, left, after he admitted costing the tourism industry £1billion… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.02 LIBERTY MARCH COMES BEFORE HONEYMOON FOR STEPHEN AND SALLY …Sally Bentall and Stephen Laurie are getting married on September 20 - but are putting their honeymoon on hold so they can go on the Liberty and Livelihood march on Sunday, September 22… Mal Treharne of the Countryside Alliance South West said: "We are delighted with the response but we are not particularly surprised…" (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.02 THOUSANDS SET FOR BIG MARCH - GILLIAN MOLESWORTH - Coach and train bookings are filling up in the Westcountry for the Liberty and Livelihood march in London on Sunday, September 22. Tens of thousands from Devon and Cornwall are expected to attend the march… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 29.8.02 A country chorus of bleating - The self-righteous Countryside Alliance and its bleating disciples are going to march again. This time under the banner of Liberty of Livelihood… Thousands of steelworkers, miners, textile workers, and our local glass workers have suffered because of lack of demand for their products ie. market forces beloved by the previous Conservative government who they all voted for. Why should farmers be immune to the idiosyncrasies of capitalism?... JK Glaze, New Street, Stourbridge. (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette 29.8.02 Hunt is on for any real love of country - I would like to reply to Barbara L MacMullen, from Woodborough, whose letter was printed last week in response to my letter regarding Uneasy Alliance. I have thoroughly read the Real Countryside magazine from the Countryside Alliance and only saw a very few pages on rural subjects…. To finish, a quote from Richard Burge, chief executive of Countryside Alliance, "The Alliance will defend hunting in all its forms." NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter in archive)
Wiltshire Gazette 29.8.02 Join the march to preserve rural life - Re the Countryside Alliance March on September 22. Why do we want to march? Most country people do not make strong political protest until the Government goes too far in damaging their way of life. Fox hunting is the catalyst for this march, but it is by no means the only reason for it… If you want to preserve rural England, come march with us. Michael Sykes, Chute, near Marlborough (letter in archive)

Evening Standard 29.8.02 Hunting Camilla Evening Standard editorial comment - Mrs Parker Bowles is not a member of the Royal Family and the constitutional position of the maitresse en titre of the heir to the throne is simple - she does not have one. That being so, Mrs Parker Bowles is free to march where she likes… (story)
Western Daily Press 29.8.02 BEST FOOT FORWARD FOR CAMILLA - Good for Camilla! If she believes in protecting the countryside, why shouldn't she march in London on September 22?... At the moment hunting is at the forefront because the misinformed Government wishes to ban it.But what next? Shooting, fishing, rambling, post offices, bus services?... Chris Weir Bridgwater Somerset (letter)
Yorkshire Post 28.8.02 Defiant Camilla 'will attend hunting rally' - Camilla Parker Bowles is planning to defy the Prince of Wales by attending a huge pro-hunting rally in London next month… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.8.02 ON THE MARCH! - The Countryside Alliance last night welcomed reports that Camilla Parker Bowles is planning to join next month's March for Liberty and Livelihood… Mrs Parker Bowles, who lives in the village of Reybridge, Wiltshire, regularlyjoins the Prince of Wales and his two sons at Beaufort Hunt… (story)
Newcastle Journal 28.8.02 Camilla plans to defy Prince over rally (story)
Western Mail 28.8.02 Camilla plans to defy Charles and attend rally - Sam Greenhill, The Western Mail (story)
Times 27.8.02 Prince forbids Camilla to join countryside rally BY ANDREW PIERCE - THE Prince of Wales has forbidden Camilla Parker Bowles from attending the massive pro-hunting rally in London next month. But Mrs Parker Bowles is determined to defy the Prince and join her family and friends on the “March for Liberty and Livelihood” on Sunday, September 22… However, the Prince will himself court controversy by giving a day’s paid leave to his staff at Highgrove, his Gloucestershire home, and at his Duchy of Cornwall estate, so that they can join the protesters…. (story) 27.8.02 Defiant Camilla to attend hunt rally - CAMILLA Parker Bowles is planning to defy the Prince of Wales by attending a massive pro-hunting rally in London next month…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.8.02 Defiant Camilla to attend hunt rally - CAMILLA Parker Bowles is planning to defy the Prince of Wales by attending a massive pro-hunting rally in London next month…. (story)
Evening Standard 27.8.02 Camilla to attend hunt rally (story)

Shropshire Star 29.8.02 It's time to hunt for all abusers - In your edition of August 23 you published, amongst others, a total of 27 letters. Of these 22 referred to the pros and cons of fox hunting. Only five covered the horrific killings of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. I cannot believe that the vast majority of the British public is at all interested in the former… Compared to the blight on society that all crimes leave, the taking of a few chickens and lambs by foxes is a complete and utter irrelevance. P A Smith, Muxton (letter in archive)

North West Evening Mail 29.8.02 ALL ROADS LEAD TO HISTORIC RURAL EVENT - RURAL crafts and traditions will be celebrated at the famous Millom and Broughton Agricultural Show this weekend… Secretary of Millom and Broughton Agricultural Society Rachel Park said: "We have tried to get something for everybody this year… There will be poultry, horses, fox hounds and we're hoping to do some ferret racing in the ferret tent."… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 29.8.02 PRO-HUNTING CLAIMS THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE …. No one that I know welcomes vermin, such as rodents or cockroaches. However rational people do not dress up, throw parties or glory in the killing of such pests. Nor do sensible people insist on a close season so that the vermin can breed in peace. "Hunting is not elitist". How many of your readers would be accepted by the local hunts, such as the Belvoir, Quorn or Cottesmore?..." PHILIP J. SPENCER Franklyn Gardens Western Boulevard (letter)

Bolton Evening News 29.8.02 Battling to help British wildlife - READING the Countryside Alliance's national press release (Letters, August 21), it is evident why their campaign to save bloodsports is in total disarray. Their planned march in September goes under the vague and misleading title of "Liberty and Livelihood" and the list of aims for the march is so wide-ranging that virtually anyone can attend… Throughout the summer the LACS and its supporters have been out meeting the public and asking MPs to attend anti-hunt petition signing days to see for themselves the level of public support for a ban… J Young, (Lancashire League Against Cruel Sports support group), Stanworth Terrace, Abbey Village Chorley (letter in archive)

Isle of Wight County Press 29.8.02 SAVE THE RUDDY DUCK! From John Amsden (The IW Animal Preservation & Action Group), Little Spinney, Solent Road, Cranmore, Yarmouth: WE KNOW Islanders do have sympathy regarding cruelties performed on wild animals: in this case we suggest readers should write to the environment minister and our MP on the present proposals to eradicate the entire British population of Ruddy Ducks… (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 15.8.02 Ruddy duck is the nuisance - RUDDY ducks are not harmless creatures as Graham Cannon (Letters, August 7) seems to imagine. Nor is the reason for the culling of them quite as he puts it… ALBERT MORRIS, Clement View, Nelson. (letter in archive)
Grimsby Telegraph 8.8.02 IN WRONG PLACE - What is it about DEFRA and its forerunner MAFF? First they were responsible for ordering the killing of millions of uninfected animals during the foot and mouth crisis… And now we have the planned culling of ruddy ducks… Tim Mickleburgh, Littlefield Lane, Grimsby (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 7.8.02 Request from Spain totally quackers … Not satisfied with giving Gibraltar away to Spain, the Government now wants to do Spain's bidding by killing our ducks… Labour don't want foxes killed, but are prepared to spend taxpayers' money on shooting harmless pond ducks… GRAHAM CANNON, UK Independence Party (East Lancashire), Cocker Hill, Foulridge, Colne. (letter in archive)
Independent 5.8.02 Ruddy ducks shot for £915 each, cost of a business flight home to US By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent ….A government-sponsored cull, which began with a successful trial slaughter, could cost up to £5.5m, take seven years and involve 20 marksmenwith shotguns, binoculars and powerboats. MPs, who examined a report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, calculate that this would mean a cost of up to £915 a bird… (story)
Argus 31.7.02 Ducks set for mass cull - Ruddy ducks are to be banished from Sussex forever in a bid to save rare Spanish ducks from extinction…. (story in archive)
Scotsman 29.7.02 Thousands of ducks killed in secret cull - John Innes - MINISTERS are guilty of a cover up after ordering the slaughter of thousands of ducks, wildlife campaigners were claiming yesterday… Animal Aid, said the killing of thousands of birds on their nests and wintering grounds, from 1999 to spring this year, was part of a "sick genetic cleansing operation"…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 29.7.02 Defra accused of wild duck cull cover-up …Environment Minister Michael Meacher has received a report detailing a "trial cull" of more than 2,600 ruddy ducks because they are flying to Spain where they breed with the endangered white-headed duck, creating a hybrid bird… Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said: "The whole scheme is callous, cynical and anti-democratic…" (story)

Cornish Guardian 15.8.02 WHY SHOULD ANIMALS BE TRAPPED FOR OUR FUN - I visited a zoo recently and it occurred to me, after I left, how trapped and claustrophobic the animals must be…. A better idea would be to return the animals to their native countries and set them free… Stephanie Anne McIntosh, aged 11 St Austell (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 28.8.02 ON THE MARCH - ONE Sunday next month, Cumbria will seem a lot quieter as thousands of country-dwellers have a day out in England's capital city. But this won't be a pleasure trip to see the sights of London. Indeed, they will be part of the main attraction on September 22 as they join an estimated 250,000 protesters who want to save hunting… James Bates is from the northern region of the national Countryside Alliance, which is co-ordinating the event…. (story)
Scotsman 28.8.02 More hot air from a ten-day talkathon - Fordyce Maxwell….WHAT thinking about world poverty and starvation does do is put an event such as next month’s Countryside Alliance protest march in London into perspective. We are told that this march, expected to take hundreds of thousands of rural people to the world’s biggest car park on 22 September, is not simply about the future of fox-hunting. Oh yes it is, even if the organisers have tried to rename it the "March for liberty and livelihood"… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.8.02 AN ALLIANCE OF COUNTRY INTERESTS - Sir- Ivor Annetts' fatuous comments on the Countryside Alliance and the March for Liberty and Livelihood (August 24) are beyond belief in their arrogance and lack of understanding. The Countryside Alliance is exactly what it claims to be, an alliance of groups representing countryside interests and concerns… C Appelbe Malmesbury Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.8.02 WHY AN EXPLANATION IS DUE ON SEPTEMBER 22 - With regard to CA Currie's letter of August 23, "And why are they worried" - just who is this person trying to kid, that marchers will only go to London, walk round and come back again from their day out?... I hope they take their specially trained dogs with them, also examples of Larson traps, snaring wires, dead fall traps and poisoning techniques… I am sure within the next four weeks they could train one of their fox cubs, that are bred in artificial earths, semi domesticated and supplied with food, to walk on a lead and to explain how the hounds are trained to kill these foxes… M Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.8.02 WHY ARE THEY WORRIED? Recent correspondence indicates the anti-hunting cause are getting rather twitchy about the Countryside Alliance march.Why are they worried? As Animal Rights groups and certain foreign businessmen have demonstrated, under this government, it is easy to buy a ban on fox hunting, or a useful letter, with a simple donation to party funds… Perhaps their real concern is that the Countryside Alliance are becoming the catalyst for issues far beyond hunting, and may yet prove the most effective opposition to this elected dictatorship. C A Currie Radstock Bath (letter)

Telegraph 28.8.02 Peterborough - United isn't on issue of foxhunting - the issue of hunting has become an unlikely source of debate among the stars of Manchester United. Members of the Cheshire Forest Hunt - who yesterday delivered a petition to Number 10 - claim a staunch local supporter in the England defender Gary Neville. Neville's best chum, David Beckham, meanwhile, has come out as an "anti"… (story)

Telegraph 28.8.02 Notebook By Mark Palmer …In Berwickshire over the bank holiday weekend, I was shocked but pleasantly surprised by the utter contempt for the Prime Minister. The Berwickshire Hunt was established in the 17th century and is the oldest in Scotland. In a couple of weeks, it will hold its first gun pack day… Meanwhile, the Berwickshire has acquired a pack of bloodhounds and begun hunting the "clean boot"… I suggested to the Master, Jeremy Whaley, that the runner should have a picture of Mr Blair on his back, but he thought the hounds might mistake him for the real fox…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 28.8.02 ANTI-HUNTERS SCENT VICTORY - Anti-hunting campaigners visited Nottingham in their bid to gather support in 50 cities and towns across England and Wales…. The group - comprising the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare - raised more than 1,000 signatures at its campaign trailer in the Old Market Square yesterday. Campaign spokesman Jo Marlow said: "The response we've had in Nottingham has been fantastic, far better than the average..." (story)

Western Daily Press 28.8.02 PERHAPS ONLY GOD FORGIVES - The League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and all the rest of us with like sincere minds do not change our names when the going begins to get rough, unlike the British Field Sports Society and Co, hiding behind the banner of the Countryside Alliance… : I was seven years old and my mother was taking me for a walk… Over a low wall leapt a fox followed by a mass of dogs. The fox was caught and was screaming as it was torn apart… Then men on horseback arrived, whips were cracked, lots of shouting and one of the men called out to my mother: "Bring the lad over!"…. All my mother could say was that they were evil and that she hoped that God could forgive them… Ken P Taylor Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Leicester Mercury 28.8.02 EXPLOITED 'IN THE NAME OF SPORT' …one's mind really hits the wall when one reads that a group of fellow members of our society who are supposedly blessed with reasoning and logic, muster themselves in a demonstration, no doubt to influence the rest of us, that they have the right to exploit other creatures to chase one solitary fox in the name of sport. Isn't life perverse. Name and address supplied. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 28.8.02 HUNT POLL RESULTS ARE UNRELIABLE - A w Dakin wrote defending blood sports (Postbag, August 22) and quoted poll figures of 79 per cent 65 per cent… these figures were based on replies from a few thousand members of the public, so he/she cannot base his interpretation on the assumption that millions of others would give the same reply… what happens to the thousands of foxhounds when they are too old to hunt… Peter Checkland, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.8.02 TROTTING OUT WEARY WORDS - It appears to me that Coun Valentine (Lib-Dem) is as wrong in his comments about hunting as he is on the Euro. Once again, he ignores the facts and trots out the old weary words badger baiting and dog fighting… In recent polls, such as the NOP Vets poll, 79 per cent consider that fox control is necessary. In the NOP poll of rural Wales 65 per cent stated that hunting should continue… Recently there was a Parade of Working Dogs organised by the Leicestershire Countryside Alliance in Loughborough. I would estimate there were hundreds of people with their dogs. There were about a dozen anti-hunt protesters, a situation that is repeated all over the country - A W Dakin, (Chairman) The Leicestershire Wildfowlers' Association. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 8.8.02 A 'DISGUSTING PRACTICE' - I was appalled to read Lord Kimball's letter (Postbag, July 30) suggesting that the liberty and livelihood of locals would be threatened by a hunting ban. As a Liberal Democrat I stand for liberty above all, but like virtually everybody I acknowledge that some freedoms must be denied to us all… Most people today believe that chasing an animal to the point of exhaustion and then having it torn to pieces by a pack of dogs is not a sport, but a disgusting practice, which deserves to be banned. Coun Peter Valentine, Oadby
Leicester Mercury 30.7.02 'LIBERTY AND LIVELIHOOD IS THREATENED' - Since the middle of May a vigil has been mounted outside the Houses of Parliament to draw attention to the threat to the liberty and livelihood of many people in the country. This vigil will end on Sunday, September 22, when thousands of people from all over Britain will march in London… On Friday, August 2, a small group of local people from the Cottesmore Hunt will journey to London to take their part in the vigil… The Lord Kimball, Great Easton (letter)

Burton Mail 28.8.02 Activists plan day of protest in town by ANDY MANN - ANIMAL rights activists are planning to stage a national day of protest in Burton town centre at the weekend. The Save the Newchurch Guinea Pig Campaign is organising a National Demonstration which will be held on Saturday… (story in archive)

Abergele & St Asaph Visitor 28.8.02 Claims that circus animals are ill-treated are rejected By Nick Ellis, Abergele And St Asaph Visitor - ANIMAL rights activists who vandalised six posters advertising a circus in a holiday town have been blasted by a community leader. Towyn and Kinmel Bay Town Coun Darren Millar claims animals used at Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Tir Prince Raceway, Towyn, are not being exploited and has hit back at those trying to influence people not to attend the attraction by telling them they are…. "…I really cannot understand the ideology these activists hold because getting an elephant to do something it does not really want to is extremely difficult…" (story)

Burton Mail 28.8.02 Animal group sabotage trials by CHRIS WATSON - AN ANIMAL action group has been sabotaging Government trials searching for a link between tuberculosis in badgers and cattle on the East Staffordshire-South Derbyshire border… This year, the trials have been targeted by the South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire Badger Action Group, which opposes the killings… Darren Mountford of the South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire Badger Action Group said they did not accept the link between TB in badgers and cattle… (story in archive)

Ayrshire Post 28.8.02 Badgers’ bodyguards - LAST autumn, a number of incidents took place in Ayrshire which caused some concern for the welfare of badgers, and as a result a small network of people got together to form a watching brief on the local badger population… Now Scottish Badgers, an umbrella organisation for voluntary badger groups, networks and individuals, would like to expand the current network from the South Ayrshire area to cover the whole of Ayrshire… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 28.8.02 CRUELTY TOO HARD TO BEAR - Sir - Both my husband and I were very distressed on reading the report by Sarah Webber regarding the horrific cruelty to the black bear. I understood this dreadful treatment had ceased, as I know the IFAW had been campaigning regarding this for some years… M Gibson Worlebury Weston-super-Mare (letter)

Northern Echo 28.8.02 Council says it was wrong to ban rabbit act - A council today admitted it was wrong to ban magicians from pulling white rabbits from a box as the finale of their show. Newcastle City Council has now apologised for sending letters to entertainers telling them live animals were not to be used in shows at local authority premises… (story in archive)

Telegraph 27.8.02 Country prepares to descend on London By Peter Foster - From the grandest dukes to the lowliest of cloth-capped rat-catchers, from earls to blacksmiths, peers to part-time gamekeepers, from tweed-clad gentry to local terriermen; the countryside, in all its many guises, is coming to Town. The day of the Liberty and Livelihood March, Sept 22, is already being billed as the largest civil rights demonstration in British history as rural people come to London to demand that their voices be heard…. The marchers will be joined by representatives of hunts from 12 other countries, including three train-loads from France's Société de Vénerie, the master of the Melbourne Hunt Club in Australia and a delegation from the Los Altos Hounds, California, and the Windy Hollow Hunt, New York… Some well-known faces have also pledged their support - from the actors Jeremy Irons and Edward Fox, to the broadcaster and Labour peer Melvyn Bragg; sporting celebrities such as the yachtswoman Tracy Edwards and Allan Lamb, the former England cricketer. The Labour MP Kate Hoey, brought up in the countryside of Northern Ireland, will break party ranks to march in support of the countryside…. The majority, however, will not be famous but will be drawn from all walks of life - from grand hunts such as the Quorn and the Beaufort to the Royal Albert Ratting Club… There are plenty of other surprises, such as Mohammed Younis, 50, a factory worker, from Smallheath, Birmingham, who will be taking a group of mainly-Muslim hare coursers on the march… (story)
Telegraph 27.8.02 Grudging respect of pavement protesters By David Millward - Politically, a vast gulf separates them. But in Parliament Square, only 6ft of pavement comes between Brian Haw's anti-war protest and the Countryside Alliance pro-hunting vigil…. Mr Haw, 56, has been a constant presence while the pro-hunting campaigners have been working 24-hour shifts. Yesterday it was the turn of the Cheshire Forest Hunt… Chris Rickett, 40, a meat wholesaler from Ellesmere, Shropshire, had words of support for Mr Haw. "All credit to the guy. I am full of admiration for him. They should be discussing the war rather than foxhunting."… (story)
Times 27.8.02 Albert Hall concert will boost campaign coffers BY ANDREW PIERCE … Supporters of the Countryside Alliance have booked the Albert Hall for the first national concert to raise money for the campaign to preserve hunting… Robert Hardy, one of Britain’s most celebrated television actors, will lead an all-star line-up and will be joined by an eclectic collection of dancers, rock musicians and comedians for Whip Craic on Wednesday, October 16… Many other celebrities have been approached and further names will be announced closer to the concert, which is expected to be a sell-out. Politicians have been deliberately excluded from the guest list. “We do not want to turn this into a party political occasion as it will distract from our message,” Mrs Heath said. “We want to show there is great support across the spectrum to stop this assault on rural life.” (story)
Times 27.8.02 Ministers to stage public TV debates BY ANDREW PIERCE - MINISTERS are to hold a series of public hearings next month to try to defuse the row with countryside campaigners over the move to ban hunting with hounds. Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs Minister, will chair three days of televised hearings at Portcullis House, Westminster, with pro and anti-hunting bodies… (story)
Western Morning News 27.8.02 ANGLER FEARS FISHING IS NEXT UNDER ATTACK Thousands from the Westcountry will travel to London for the Liberty and Livelihood march on Sunday, September 22. Gary Champion teaches game angling in the Westcountry… He loves fish and he loves the countryside - and he will march for his right to keep both… "Hunting is first on the agenda, but there seem to be an awful lot of people out there who want to ban anything which people take any pleasure in…" Gary will be going up with the Four Burrow Hunt, although he said that various fishermen's concerns had organised coaches in different parts of the country. The League Against Cruel Sports does not believe that angling should be under the hunting banner as far as country issues are concerned… (story)
North West Evening Mail 27.8.02 HUNTERS BACKING COUNTRY PROTEST - HUNTERS from all over South Cumbria are to travel to London next month to protest against the proposed ban on fox-hunting… Master of the North Lonsdale hunt Alan Bolt is expecting a large presence from South Cumbria… (story)
Western Mail 27.8.02 Campaign launched for Liberty and Livelihood March - Carl Yapp, The Western Mail - THE Countryside Alliance launched its Nationwide Mobile Mega Banner campaign yesterday… The image on the banner, designed to raise awareness and generate support for the march, depicts a tractor in a wheel clamp with the words "Don't let Westminster Clamp your Countryside...March for Liberty and Livelihood, London September 22." The mobile banners, which measure 8ft by 20ft, will be changed at various stages during the political campaign that will follow… (story)
Western Mail 27.8.02 `Protest is to preserve liberty' - Mark Hinge Countryside Alliance Political Director For Wales, The Western Mail …During the eight months prior to last summer the whole rural agenda was dominated by foot-and-mouth. It brought, among other businesses, our tourist industry and farming to its knees and during this devastating time, Parliament chose to spend a fatuous amount of time debating hunting…. Liberty is a concept that few people actually think about or understand - until, of course, it is taken away or under threat…. (story)
Western Mail 27.8.02 Rap singer from US supports marchers - A MAN calling himself The President from Washington DC has become the latest celebrity to champion the cause of the British countryside and its traditions… As well as appearing in the latest edition of Country Life magazine, he is due to appear at the Liberty and Livelihood march in London on September 22, where he will rap outside the Houses of Parliament… (story)

Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Star poll backs fox hunting - Report by Nathan Rous - Shropshire Star readers have voted overwhelmingly against banning fox hunting, the result of the biggest poll in our history reveals today. Almost 12,000 readers voted by phone, e-mail and via our website… Just over 4,000 people voted for a total ban on fox hunting, but a massive 7,835 voted against… 8,413 people phoned our hotlines in just six days. The breakdown of calls showed that 5,804 people said hunting with hounds should not be banned, while 2,609 wanted to see an end to the activity. The Shropshire Star's internet vote was far closer - 42 per cent voting to ban fox hunting and 58 per cent voting to keep it…. 1,971 people against a ban and 1,448 voting for… quotes from Clare Rowson, regional director for the pro-hunting lobby group Countryside Alliance, Roy Dowsett, Shropshire co-ordinator for the League Against Cruel Sports, Retired farmer George Pearce, Pro-hunting farmer Ted Williams (story)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Open debate gains both sides' praise By Nathan Rous, Tracey O'Sullivan and Carl Jones ...Telford Labour MP David Wright complimented the survey and said: "It is healthy to have this debate, and I pay tribute to the Shropshire Star for giving people the opportunity to express their opinions…" Peter Bradley, Labour MP for The Wrekin, said: "The soundings that I have taken in The Wrekin run counter to these findings…" Ann Carding from the North Shropshire Hunt said today's result showed a shift in opinion and more understanding of fox hunting. Her stance was also backed by Myles Salmon from the Wheatland Hunt... (story)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Poll sets up hunt debate - Every time we ask for your views about foxhunting, the response is extraordinary… There will be many who will seek to cry "foul" and will point out that this vote cannot be seen as a definitive guide to public opinion among Salopians and our readers in neighbouring counties… (story)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Foxes do more harm than good - Having lived all my life in the countryside I took a keen interest in shooting and field sports at a young age… In all my years of experience if these animals have to be controlled, then the most humane way of doing it is with a high powered rifle or a very close range with a shot gun… they also do more good than harm, especially where vermin is concerned… Let this animal live. It has every right to Mr C Jones, Church Stretton (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Only four reasons to be killing … I have no axe to grind. =I am a recently retired director and have worked in major cities all my working life, but I also had grandparents who were farmers in Ireland… We, in Great Britain are in one of the most advanced countries in the world! And yet a number of so-called civilised people who should know better, still want to jump on a horse with a pack of dogs and with other like-minded people, go pounding across the country after an animal that can't fight back… Mr J Kinney, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Human quarry earned himself a good licking - it was interesting to read in The Scotsman on August 18 of a new and novel way the hunting fraternity has found to shoot itself in the foot… David Law acted as quarry for 'hunting the clean boot'… he only ran for three miles (he's still in training), and at the end the dogs just wanted to lick him and be fussed over. Well, lucky Mr Law… Heather Strange, Stiperstones, Minsterley (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Hunting wiith hounds is natural selection - I do not hunt and have no strongly held views either way. However, I do have to control foxes. I do this by shooting them with rifle or shotgun and, after years of experience, have come to the following conclusions. Hunting with hounds catches the hurt, the maimed, the blind and the mentally defective… When I reduce fox numbers by calling them at night and shooting with a rifle, I am very much aware that the first to arrive are the quickest, strongest, most active and intelligent animals. Thus, while shooting is an efficient and humane means of controlling numbers, it is not so good for the fox population at large…. George Wallace, Rhosymedre, Wrexham (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 We are the real animal lovers - I am a barbaric, cruel, evil, inhumane animal hater - or that is what the anti-hunting people perceive me as… Animals are my job, my hobby and a massive part of my life…. So when you settle down to your egg and chips, in your cosy warm house, spare a thought for the real animal lovers, who are out in all elements. Becky Turner, Shifnal (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.02 Sport ends with fox hunting … I am not an animal activist, nor a supporter of the Countryside Alliance, but I am a country lad who has lived in the country for 40-odd years…. Forty to fifty hounds, half as many horses, chasing one fox for one, two, maybe three hours, all in the name of sport? The gun, if left to the hunt supporters is not humane. But left in the hands of the gamekeeper, whose job and profession is to control vermin, the fox would be killed humanely - Amy Truss, Beckbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 MPs add views to fox hunt debate - Senior politicians today added their views to the Shropshire Star's great fox hunting debate, as letters and calls continue to flood in… (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Lords last stand in hunting battle By Nathan Rous … The clash is obviously coming between this House and the House of Lords, where peers are obstructing Tony Blair's plans to put an end to hunting with dogs… The pro-hunting Countryside Alliance says it is encouraged the new bill will be based on the principles outlined by Mr Michael. But the campaign group stresses it is ready to mobilise a mass countryside march if the threat of a ban persists… (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Long history behind cries for reform - Over the years there have been countless attempts to outlaw the hunting of foxes with packs of hounds… the real activity started in 1992 under John Major's Tory reign. A Private Member's Bill to make hunting with dogs illegal was rejected by the Commons on its second reading, with the same result befalling Labour MP Tony Banks a year later… Tony Blair made a surprise announcement in July 1999 that he planned to make fox-hunting illegal… This year MPs have been given three options: a complete ban, the preservation of the status quo and the compromise of licensed fox hunting. (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Dislike doesn't justify ban By MP Owen Paterson … Disliking an activity undertaken by others is no basis for a ban. Ultimately, this is a question of Liberty and Human Rights. (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Hunting not best way to control foxes By Wrekin MP Peter Bradley …. Every law we make limits some people's freedom in the broader public interest. That is how democracy works. That is how we make progress. (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Middle Way's option is best By Lembit Opik - The Middle Way seeks solutions not victories, listening to arguments and evolving the proposals according to facts. This option really is best for animal welfare, and workable. (story)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Hunting guarantees a healthy fox population - Roy Dowsett cites the outlawing of cock fighting and bear-baiting as precedents and reasons to outlaw fox hunting. He is obviously unaware that the legislation to outlaw both was introduced by the seventh Duke of Beaufort a Master of Foxhounds, in the 1870's… The hunted fox is either killed very quickly (as confirmed by the Government Inquiry under Lord Burns) or it escapes unharmed. Because of its status as respected quarry, it is tolerated more than would otherwise be the case by those who have to live with its nuisance. Remove hunting and it will revert to the status of the rat and suffer accordingly. Clare Sawers, Harmer Hill (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 We could keep hunt by using man as quarry - The latest defence-of-hunting buzzword is "livelihood" - hence the forthcoming Countryside Alliance "Liberty and Livelihood" march. Perhaps it should be called the "What a Liberty" march… those opposed to hunting say the hunters can simply switch to drag or human quarry hunting and still enjoy the thrill of the chase with no need to lose their livelihood… the ban on foxhunting in Scotland has seen the oldest hunt in Scotland, the Berwickshire Hunt, which was established in the 17th Century, switch to chasing a human quarry… RW Guest, Bridgnorth (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 I will hunt, whatever parliament may rule … I truly feel that the hunt is a vital part of the rural economy, and that it provides the countryside with a most efficient and humane form of pest control… I will never stop hunting regardless of the consequences and I am positive that there are plenty of other people that feel the same way as I do. Edward Keldon, Four Crosses (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 This practice belongs in the past - In my view, fox hunting, deer and mink hunting, as well as hare-coursing, should be totally banned… I have lived in the countryside for most of my life, and I believe it is time now move on and leave these ancient distasteful practices behind us… J Hales, Sutton Maddock (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Cunning fox thinks nothing of killing pets … Banning hunting with dogs will do nothing for the welfare of the fox… Foxes are beautiful and no one would want to see them wiped out, but the idea of a cuddly creature is something only to be portrayed in a Disney movie… how can the Government, a supposed democracy, allow the majority who know little about the ways of the countryside determine what should or should not be allowed? I think they would be better employed trying to enforce laws which are already in place to make this country a safer place for children, old age pensioners and the general law abiding public and not try to stop a minority of law abiding, tax paying citizens pursuing their legal chosen activity. JE Hodges, Ludlow (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.8.02 Fox hunt as bad as badger baiting … Fox hunting and other blood sports are no different. Cruelty is cruelty, whatever the excuse!... Sally-Ann Hudson, Bishop's Castle (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 County Hunt debate goes national - Campaigners have lobbied national support to try to influence the Shropshire Star's telephone poll on whether fox hunting should be banned, we can reveal today… The Shropshire Star has seen correspondence from both the Countryside Alliance and the League Against Cruel Sports which urges its members to ring our hotline... Clare Rowson, the regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "…when we heard that the opposition had sent out details to their national database the playing field had to be levelled. We do not feel threatened by the opposition or by the voting process as long as the parameters for each are the same…" Roy Dowsett, Shropshire co-ordinator for the League Against Cruel Sports, dismissed her claims. (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Keeping eye on the votes - Comment …it has become clear that certain parties are going to extreme lengths in an attempt to influence the outcome… we are monitoring results very carefully, keeping a close eye on exactly where all the votes and letters are coming from. We don't care what people in Cumbria, Scotland or the Isle of Man have to say. This is about the people of Shropshire and Mid Wales… Both sides of the hunting debate are free to try to manipulate the outcome of our poll - but they should know they will be unmasked for seeking to do it (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Nobody goes after rats on horseback - It's barbaric, costly and a waste of resources, say the anti-hunters… Here are their thoughts on why fox hunting should be banned… quotes from Student Ben Clark, 21, from Telford, Matt Davies, 20, a student at Leicester University, from Edgmond, near Newport, Carla Morris, 14, of Madeley, Telford (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Looking beyond the shock stories - They all come from different backgrounds and they all have individual slants on the great fox hunting debate. What brings them together is that they all want to see the tradition continue… quotes from Toby Wenden from Harper Adams University College, James Tyler-Morris, 25, hunts with the Albrighton Hunt, Student teacher Jez Edwards, 23 (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Scare tactics can cause harm - Once seen, the images are rarely forgotten. Whether it's a gnarled fox being torn apart by hounds or balaclava-clad saboteurs attacking huntsmen, the pictures are as emotive as the argument itself… Both sides, too, have had their knuckles rapped for using such explosive material when trying to win people over to their cause… (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Pony clubs help the hunts - Pony Clubs up and down the country give children and young adults their first taste of life in the saddle… James Tyler-Morris joined the Albrighton Hunt when he was nine years old and was introduced to his first hunt at the age of 13… (story)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 We should have right to choose views - I follow the Ludlow Hunt from time to time. I have looked at foxhunting from all sides of the argument and I cannot find any part of it that is not justifiable on any grounds… What I do object to, and strongly, is when people are so violently anti-hunting that they seek to impose their view on everyone else… I could have problems with the way animals are killed under Muslim law, but since I have not looked into the matter closely there is every chance that my preconceptions are wrong. Muslims within our British community know all about where their meat comes from and the process it has gone through to get from field to table… I would NEVER call for a change to their right to make their choice yet my right to choose about hunting is very threatened… H.C.H.Chance, Ludlow (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Negativity is behind campaign for a ban My opinion of people who dislike fox hunting is that they are obviously not horse lovers… seeing as the hunters rarely every succeed in catching a fox I don't see why people have such a problem with it… I think it's right that some people do have different opinions, and are allowed to do so, but I think it's wrong that their negativity should allow such an old tradition to be banned for so little reasons… Sarah Kelsall, Donnington (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Rules are often ignored when blood runs hot - The pro-hunting lobby claims hunting is subject to strict controls laid down by the Master of Foxhounds Associations… but your readers should be made aware that for the most part, these are completely ignored… Several years ago the Wynnstay Hunt were out early in the morning cub hunting… Having gone to earth down a rabbit burrow, the male cub was flushed out, watched by eight riders and with the grounds gathered some ten yards or so away - two infringements of the rules… we both heard the horrific screams from the fox cub as it was mutilated and killed… Ann and Graham Dewson, Whitchurch (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Draghunt is not the same - It really is time that the so-called League Against Cruel Sports gave up on its boring and naive suggestion that draghunting is an alternative to fox-hunting (Miranda White's comments Tuesday, August 20)… In March 2002, an NOP poll showed 52 per cent of people are now firmly against any form of ban. How does it feel to be a minority, Ms White? (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Activity not hunting in original meaning - Hunting with dogs, as practiced in this country, is misnamed… the dogs are bred for stamina, not speed, so as to prolong the chase for the followers… So-called hunting is now illegal in Scotland. It's time for the English to catch up in this deeply moral issue - Fred Mandrake, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 22.8.02 Bad shot will mean agonising end for fox - I do not hunt nor have I any desire to. However, I am against a ban on hunting with dogs because nobody has ever shown me a viable and efficient alternative… I will be marching in London on September 22… Steve Cowling, Nesscliffe (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Many call in on hunting debate - - joining the hundreds of readers who have already responded to our phone and internet poll as part of our week-long campaign. We're asking Shropshire and Mid Wales families to tell us whether they believe fox hunting should be banned. Today we turn the spotlight on local farmers… Farmer Ted Williams from Lydbury North, a member of the United Pack hunt in Bishop's Castle, said: "I don't have a problem enjoying something which I feel is necessary,"… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 More will be shot if the hunt is banned By Sarah Hart …During the lambing season farmer Ted Williams goes out 'lamping' twice a week to shoot foxes on his land. He says he would have to do more of it if hunting with hounds was banned and this, he believes, would be to the detriment of the fox. The 34-year-old is a trained marksman who once competed internationally, however, even he cannot boast a clean kill rate of more than 60 per cent with the first shot… "If there's a specific problem in fields where young lambs are taken the hunt can come out with hounds which pick up the scent from that field early in the morning and hunt the individual foxes that have been causing the damage."… (he) enjoys hunting as a sport and is a member of the United Pack hunt… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Killing foxes makes no sense financially - Retired Shropshire farmer George Pearce has studied foxes in the wild for decades and believes they do not need culling at all… Mr Pearce, who is independent of any organisation and farmed livestock for more than 50 years before he retired to become a leading wildlife consultant… Years ago he attended a seminar represented by blood sport enthusiasts, wildlife trusts and the League Against Cruel Sports. "I got all the information on hunting and when I studied it I realised that for every fox killed by the hunt it was costing in the region of £8,000." … (story) (photo)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Farmer tells of stock wiped out, six times - Farmer Ted Johnson has seen his poultry stock virtually wiped out by a fox six times so far this year. He says that as far as the hunting debate goes he can "see everybody's point of view". "But I suppose I am a bit more for hunting than against it. I don't follow it a lot but when you have got lovely ducks and chickens one day and wake up to find them totally eliminated the next then it makes you sick." … Sheep and beef farmer Phil Harding, of Ratlinghope, is not a member of a hunt but believes fox hunting is a countryside tradition which should stay… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Farmer Bob banned 'cruel' sport from his land - Dairy farmer Bob Jenkinson is opposed to hunting with hounds because he believes it is a cruel sport… Mr Jenkinson has banned hunts from crossing his land at Sheriffhales… A fellow Shropshire dairy farmer is so sickened by hunting that she has become a member of the League Against Cruel Sports… Last year the farmer and a friend video-taped a hunt digging out a young fox from an earth. "When they dug it out the huntsman cut its tail off with a knife. Two women were screaming for the tail so he threw it to them. The fox was silent. The foxes always are. It was thrown to the hounds which tore it apart."… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Sadistic relief for a minority - What is the difference between badger-baiters and fox hunters? The answer, of course, is that the latter are still allowed to practice their vulgarities by law…Phil Lawton, Red Lake, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Weeding out the weak and diseased foxes - Contrary to the opinion of the people who want to ban foxhunting on welfare grounds, my own views as a townie and former 'anti' with Shropshire roots coincide with those of the 'vets for hunting' group… Banning foxhunting would only add to those numbers by removing the ability to target cull the weak, diseased, and injured within the population… Have you seen any scratty urban foxes lately? I saw one outside my daughter's maisonette in Crystal Palace, mangy (literally - I am a vet, so I should know) emaciated, no brush - just a rat's tail… Edmund H. Shillabeer, via e-mail (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Keep this tradition …This country has precious few traditions left. Let common sense prevail. Let's keep fox hunting. Simon Roberts, Hong Kong (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 For many the sport is vital - I live just over the border in Wales and would like to remind you how tremendously important all aspects of country sport are to the livelihood of hundreds of people throughout the country… Bettina Harden, Powys (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 Hunting means a humane kill - I'm an animal lover and also a hunt supporter. I've followed hounds for over 40 years and have been lucky enough to hunt on horseback for 25 of them…. To suggest that hunting with hounds is akin to bear or badger baiting is an infamous lie. Brenda Lewis, via email (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.02 An aristocratic tradition that has no real purpose in modern day society …Fox hunting appears to me to present an aristocratic tradition that has no real purpose in modern day society, when much more humane methods are available. It is unnecessary, and in my opinion unwanted… It has already been recognised that bear baiting and cock fighting (also described as blood-sports) were inhumane and cruel, so why should fox hunting be any different? Sian Amato, aged 19, Bridgnorth (letter)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Ending hunts will hit workers hard - Henry Carpenter turns the spotlight on the hunting-related economy in Shropshire and Mid Wales. He has spoken to hunt masters, farriers, saddlers and vets to build up a comprehensive picture of just how many jobs rely on the hunting industry… quotes from Andrew Cook, MFH, South Shropshire Hunt, Richard Evans, huntsman (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Livery yards that depend on hunters …Penny and Russell Teague… look after horses at their stables at Pont Robert, near Meifod, though the numbers there have diminished due to foot and mouth. There are now 15 hunters at the yard, compared to 25 pre foot and mouth, and they are owned by members of the South Shropshire, Tanatside and United hunts… (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Foot and mouth led to growing ban fear - A horse relies on a farrier almost as much as it does its source of food to remain fit and healthy…. The county's farriers are, therefore, crucially important to the hunting fraternity and, in many cases, vice versa… quotes from John Preece of Uppington Smithy, Steve Alford… who is a subscriber to his local Teme Valley Hunt (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 The kinder alternative may solve problem …Miranda White, spokeswoman for League Against Cruel Sports in Shropshire, says: "Claims of so-called damage to the economy have been grossly exaggerated by the hunters in a desperate bid to save their 'sport'…. (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Revenue needed to meet costs - A hunt is not a self-sufficient business which runs on its own as the staff, food for the animals, transport and the necessary services to look after the horses all cost money… Rupert Inglesant, master of the Ludlow Hunt, says: "It is very difficult to quantify subscription numbers, because some people who follow the hunt only pay on the day… (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Vets and hunting closely linked Hunting and vets are heavily linked, because both the horses and the hounds are largely indebted to vets for their good health. If hunting was to be banned, the majority of vets say they would feel the financial impact…. (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Craftsmen saddled with doubt By Henry Carpenter - Nerves are becoming increasingly frayed among the small number of saddlers in the county, the craftsmen who make and repair the animals' saddles and tack… (story)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Anti-hunt protesters don't have the facts - I am 13 and started hunting when I was four. I have noticed recently that there have been many anti-hunting letters, most likely to be written by brainwashed children who do not know the facts… The authors of the above-mentioned letters also do not realise the damage done by the foxes… Harry Sawyers, Harmer Hill (letter)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Hunt is part of my way of life - I have hunted on foot all my life and my family have been in hunt service for many generations… Having been married to a Muslim and having lived in a Muslim society for many years, I have witnessed the extreme cruelty which takes place during Halal killing and suggest that if, as Mr Dowsett suggests, cruelty is the issue central to the debate, an investigation into Halal slaughter would be far more beneficial to the prevention of cruelty to animals. Jane Miles, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 20.8.02 Lament of the orphan cubs - They killed our mom today, Those evil folk in red, The dogs ripped her body to pieces, Now she lies crumpled and dead…. The four of us will soon die - which is so sad, Because, you see, four weeks ago, They also killed our dad - Hazel Bowen, Bridgnorth (poem)
Shropshire Star 19.8.02 We're asking for your views on fox hunting - Today the Shropshire Star launches one of the most controversial debates in the history of this newspaper. Over the next six days we will cover all aspects of fox hunting and ask one simple question: Should it be banned or not?.. A special telephone hotline has been set up to give every reader the chance to take part in the Shropshire Star's poll and we will print all your letters and e-mails on the big debate… Make sure you have ordered your copy of the Star every night this week to take part… (story)
Shropshire Star 19.8.02 Tradition's vital role in economy - Clare Rowson, West Midlands Regional Director for the Countryside Alliance argues why foxhunting must be saved for future generations… (story)
Shropshire Star 19.8.02 No excuses, it's time to ban hunt - Roy Dowsett, League Against Cruel Sports Shropshire co-ordinator argues why it's now time to ban hunting… (story)

Western Daily Press 27.8.02 NATURE BODY ACCUSED OF BACKING HARE COURSING - The Government's nature conservation body was last night slammed by one of its own MPs after it appeared to back the controversial bloodsport of hare coursing. English Nature admitted it had helped to fund and even write a guide to brown hares produced by the Game Conservancy Trust, a pro-hunting organisation, even though English Nature itself has identified the brown hare as a key species to be preserved… Mr Drew, the Labour MP for Stroud, said: "This biased and misleading booklet puts forward an entirely uncritical view of the bloodsports of hunting, shooting and coursing hares."… (story)

Western Mail 27.8.02 Crowds turn out to see the county's best - ORGANISERS of the Monmouth Show say they are delighted with the support they received at last week's event… entertainment came in the form of the Devil's Horsemen who performed a wild west show, Monmouthshire Hunt, and a falconry display from Ray and Wendy Aliker, while Meirion Owen and his Quack Pack showed off sheep-dog trialling skills in a rather different way… (story)
Western Mail 23.8.02 Crowds turn backs on outbreak - THE skies were blue and the crowds were plentiful at yesterday's Monmouth Show…. Entertainment came in the form of the Devil's Horsemen who performed a Wild West show, Monmouthshire Hunt, and a falconry display from Ray and Wendy Aliker… (story)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 FACTS OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT … It is a pity that spokesmen for other, alleged, animal welfare organisations, such as the League against Cruel Sports, should so often display an ignorance or disregard of verifiable facts when they comment on matters of wildlife management.... A clear example of this is contained in the article on the conservation activities of the Taw Valley beagles (WMN, August 14)… Those that run packs of hare hounds are not in the business of killing hares for fun. They are in the field of assisting proper wildlife management, which places a responsibility on all of us for maintaining a proper and sustainable balance of all forms of wildlife in our countryside…. (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 DON'T DENY BARBARISM OF TERRIER WORK - In his recent letter (WMN, August 13) Jonathan Marshall refutes claims that anything other than a pistol is used to dispatch a fox dug out by terriermen… On February 26, 1982, the Dulverton West Foxhounds put a fox to ground. The hunt terriermen soon arrived and began to dig the fox out… one of the terriermen pulled the live and heavily pregnant vixen from the hole by her tail and threw her into the waiting pack of hounds… On February 29, 2000 two judges at the High Court in London upheld the conviction and jailing of two terriermen at Middlesborough magistrates court. The two from Teeside were found guilty of ill-treating a Lakeland terrier when it sustained injuries after being put into a badger sett… Andy Ward, Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs (letter)
Western Morning News 27.8.02 MR MARSHALL (WMN, August 13) in another of his attempts to defend the hunt brigade, states that the terriers whose owners were successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA were "accidentally injured in the course of their work." These dogs were badly bitten, and so were the foxes dug out by terrier-men and subjected to post-mortems carried out on behalf of the Burns enquiry…. Jean Turner, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 13.8.02 HUMANE MEANS TO DEAL WITH INJURED HUNT TERRIERS - Once again, F Cleaves has failed to get his facts right, this time in his reply to my letter on terrier work (WMN, August 1). He appears to believe that the humane killer used by hunts is "a heavy shovel"… The humane killer used by hunt terriermen is a short-barrelled pistol… Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard St Lawrence Western Morning News 13.8.02

Western Morning News 27.8.02 HUNTING PEOPLE NOT 'FRINGE GROUP' OF ALLIANCE - Courser Joanna Russell (WMN August 13) said they are very sporting people who are usually extremely nice, and they hate it when the hare is killed, but Ivor Annetts, of the League Against Cruel Sports, stated that when the hounds catch the hare the drunken yobs watching actually cheer… The article on hare coursing concludes with an equally outrageous claim by Mal Treharne, of the Countryside Alliance, that: "The hunting groups are actually almost a fringe group of all the people who have found a voice in this march."… John Phelps Council Member Protect Our Wild Animals Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 RURAL ANARCHY SAVED FOR COUNTRYSIDE - 09:00 - 27 August 2002 In the last hunting season notable incidents include several hounds killed by a train; children and animals being terrified when 30 uncontrolled fox hounds raced through a playing field; a deer chased and savaged by foxhounds… Robert A Gagie, Paignton (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 We're not silly - WHY do hunt supporters take everyone who disagrees with them for idiots?... What rubbish - why ever not? You can still enjoy riding (maybe even hunting with a human quarry?) Why should the social side cease - will all your friends drop you when hunting is banned? You can still have your dances and balls. Please continue your fund-raising… you can teach your children compassion and respect for all animals, that cruelty is wrong and that it is not "sport" to inflict terror and suffering on any living creature. And it will take more than a silly march to convince me otherwise. J Green, Port Isaac (letter)
Western Morning News 22.7.02 MP CORNERED BY HUNT LOBBY A cornish MP was cornered by scores of opponents of a ban on foxhunting outside his constituency office in Truro. Matthew Taylor, Lib-Dem MP for Truro and St Austell, was accosted by nearly 60 protesters who presented him with a bag containing hundreds of hand-written letters urging him to vote against a ban on hunting… In a good-spirited meeting Mr Taylor, who has visited the Four Burrow Hunt, near Redruth, promised to read and reply to each letter…(story)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 FOXHUNTING - THE ALTERNATIVES - The protagonists in the hunting debate accept that the fox has no natural predators and some form of fox control is necessary… Illegal poisoning is used and results in an agonising death for the fox and any other animal that picks up the poisoned bait. Snaring is equally indiscriminate and for an animal as large as a fox causes hours of suffering… Foxhunting has been used as a method of fox control for centuries. It is conducted in public and in a highly disciplined way… Brian Seage, St Cleer, Liskeard (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 MY CROCODILE TEARS FOR 'SHOWBIZ' HUNT - What a lovely picture Guy Morlock, Master and huntsman of the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt (WMN, August 19) makes as he leads his flock of hounds through a gateway. It's pure show business. I was nearly in tears as I read how he dreaded a hunt ban, which would necessitate the "wiping out" of his 60 hounds, an act that "would destroy me"…. If the Spooners and West Dartmoor hunt won't, or can't, revert to a drag-hunt there are still plenty of options for equestrian activities… The providing of artificial earths for foxes was not conducive to pest control, a fact that proves that hunting is done for pleasure and confirmed by Edward Lycett Green, MFH, Portman Fox Hounds, World Magazine, November 1990. Len Short, Animal Voices, Torquay (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 STAG'S DYING MOMENTS MOVED ME SO MUCH - This is my overwhelming reaction on reading your article (WMN, August 10) with its graphic photographs showing the dying moments of an exhausted stag at Dulverton Weir on Exmoor: Field Sport … Their sport is not yet done, they have no shame/For these despoilers of the human race/This is the final deep depraved disgrace. Poppy Scott, Teignmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 Moral issues - YOUR article (WMN, August 10) featured a woman extolling the virtues of bringing children up in the countryside, and the joys of hunting and hunt-balls. I would reply that it is morally wrong to introduce children to blood sports… Mrs F R Evans, Totnes (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 DRAG HUNTING IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHALLENGE - The "male anti-hunt wildlife lover" who does not wish to be named (WMN, August 21), clearly knows nothing about bloodhounds or drag hunting. Firstly, bloodhounds do not drag hunt… drag hunting is not comparable with foxhunting. The speed and style is completely different, requiring a different sort of horse and certainly not something that could take place on Dartmoor. One must consider that drag hunting is a very fast sport where the level of riding required is much greater, the horses must be bred on thoroughbred lines… Name and address supplied (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.02 Wrong view - CARRIE Lawson (WMN, August 10) seems proud of the fact that her 14-year-old daughter hunts like mad, as she puts it…. Mrs Lawson should be ashamed, not proud, of her daughter…. Katie Anne Harrison (age 14), Polruan by Fowey Cornwall (letter)

Plymouth Evening Herald 27.8.02 HUNT DOGS ARE DESTROYED - Defenders of hunting are in the process of parading their hounds in towns and cities, including Plymouth, during the summer in a desperate attempt to whip up support for hunting. In doing so no doubt they will claim that they care passionately about their hounds. However, many readers will be unaware of the thousands of perfectly healthy hunt hounds shot every year…. PETER ANDERSON, Beacon Park (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 27.8.02 POINTING WRONGLY AT THE RSPCA - I wish to correct several inaccuracies and red herrings in A J Jones's letter (Postbox, August 5) The Countryside Alliance has not won two complaints against the RSPCA in the past year. The recent complaint made by the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting was not upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority…. It is absurd to suggest that the RSPCA concentrates on campaigning against the cruelty of hunting with dogs at the expense of other forms of animal suffering…. Lisa Dewhurst Senior press officer RSPCA Wilberforce Way Southwater Horsham, West Sussex (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 17.8.02 PEOPLE ARE RIGHTLY APPALLED AT CREATURES BEING TORN APART - Reader A J Jones expresses his support for the continuation of fox hunting (Postbox, August 5)… People are appalled by the idea of innocent creatures being torn apart for the sick pleasure of a small minority of individuals… Howard Moss, Trafalgar Place, Brynmill, Swansea (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 5.8.02 REPORT SAID THERE ARE NO GROUNDS FOR HUNTING BAN - I refer to the letter from Alun Cairns AM headed Anti-hunt ad cash could save centre (Postbox, July 9)… I wholeheartedly support Alun Cairns's views on the vast sums of money being spent on adverts in the national press to promote a ban on fox hunting, while the Burns Report commissioned by the Government itself has found no clear grounds for a ban… A J Jones, Address supplied (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 24.7.02 YOU CAN'T DEFEND HUNTING POSITION - I am writing in response to the letter from AM Alun Cairns regarding the RSPCA and its position on fox hunting (Anti-hunt ad cash could save centre, Postbox, July 9)… He also claimed that the Burns Report found hunting with hounds more humane than shooting and snaring. I could not find this statement… I am sorry, Mr Cairns, you cannot defend the indefensible. Name and address supplied (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 15.7.02 SADDENED BY RSPCA - It was with great sadness that I read the Evening Post article headlined Anti-hunt ad cash should save centre (Post, July 9)… It is strange that Alun Cairns AM should turn up on Llys Nini's doorstep at this moment in time when the anti-hunting debate has reached such a critical stage to make a pro-hunt statement… Bob Evans, Warwick Road, Derwen, Fawr, Swansea (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 9.7.02 ANTI-HUNT AD CASH COULD SAVE CENTRE - The Evening Post has properly highlighted the difficulties that Llys Nini Animal Centre is experiencing and I was delighted to visit the centre recently to gain a better understanding of the issues and to pledge my support for the work they do… However, I could not help notice the RSPCA's campaign against fox hunting in the national press. Surely these adverts have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds yet the Burns Report concluded that the control of foxes with hounds was probably less cruel than a lingering death by gunshot or snare.Therefore, money saved from not running this campaign could have been put to the true benefit of animals such as that I witnessed at Llys Nini… Alun Cairns AM, South Wales West Conservative spokesman: Economic Development and Europe (letter)

Evening Standard 27.8.02 Roy guns for the wrong target By Melanie McDonagh - Roy Hattersley has been sounding off about food…. Roy is against shooting, not exactly because he's sorry for the birds so much as disgusted by the nobs and would-be nobs who enjoy killing things. Remember that observation of Macaulay's that the Puritans disliked bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bears but because it gave pleasure to the spectators? Well, that's Roy for you… you can't expect rationality from a man who disdains red meat on aesthetic grounds, but says nothing about eschewing chicken… The truth is that the grouse whom Roy sympathetically compares with the troops at the Somme have a better quality of life and death than your average battery chicken. But there, at least, no one has taken any pleasure in killing the chicken. (story)
Guardian 26.8.02 Huntin' shootin' and wishin' - I want to ban all blood sports, but that doesn't mean I hate England - Roy Hattersley - The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire. My Derbyshire village is hard by the great estates where, from August on, large numbers of small birds are slaughtered for sport… My objection to shooting is more about its effect on the hunters than its consequence for the hunted. Anyone who regards killing a living thing as a sport suffers from a serious deficiency of sensitivity, imagination or moral perception… By now, self-respecting members of the Countryside Alliance who read the Guardian and have struggled through the first half of this article will be saying to themselves: "I told you so." The opposition to fox hunting is, they will continue, only the first battle in a long campaign to ban all country sports… Let me assure them that they worry in vain. I draw a line between killing for pleasure and killing for food which, I persist in believing, is a necessity… the objection to killing and cruelty is no more about flies than it is about birds. It is about human beings… (story)

Western Mail 27.8.02 Badger slaughter is no answer - YET again we see farmers are failing to have their cattle tested for bovine tuberculosis… Once the results of the backlog are published will we then see yet another appeal from the farming industry to slaughter more badgers?... THE issue of bovine tuberculosis has been hitting the headlines with farmers pointing the finger at badger populations. Here, Steve Clark of the Gwent Badger Group, puts forward the view that badgers are not to blame for the spread of the disease, and farmers need to try other self-help strategies… (story)

York Evening Press 26.8.02 Support for hunting ban grows SUPPORTERS of all ages signed an anti-hunting petition when campaigners arrived in York. The Banner For A Ban campaign is being run by the RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the League Against Cruel Sports…. quotes from Lisa Dewhurst, of the RSPCA, Liam Slattery, from the League Against Cruel Sports… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 26.8.02 THE letter from J Ward-Hayne (WMN, August 20) complains that the American-based pressure group, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), seeks to influence rural affairs in Britain… Another large organisation, which my wife supports, is the International Fund for Animal Welfare…. The Countryside Alliance is calling in supporters from many countries to join them for their so-called Liberty and Livelihood March in London on September 22. Why does Mr Ward-Hayne not object to this foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of rural England? John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Northern Echo 26.8.02 THE COUNTRYSIDE - THE way the people from the Countryside Alliance go on, you'd think the Government wants to ban farming. Instead, all that is proposed is that these people - who claim to love all things 'country' - will be prevented from indulging in their horribly outdated idea of 'fun' - that of hunting down and allowing their dogs to tear apart our native wildlife… Support the hunting ban. - Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 26.8.02 NO RIGHT TO EARN FROM CRUELTY - On Sunday September 22 the bloodsports bullies will once again be marching in and on London… The good side is that it will be a day of merciful relief for our countryside and the wildlife in it… Of course, the majority of country people are against hunting; so many people will be there on the false impression that this is a march about all country issues… It is a march against the clear majority of the House of Commons and of our nation as a whole. It is a march against the very heart of our democracy… Mrs M Harrison Swindon Animal Concern Toothill Swindon Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.8.02 OUR COUNTRYSIDE IS WORTH SAVING - We've lived in the county of Gloucestershire all our lives and are very much against the mass housing we've been asked to take… We tend to feel the September 22 march is "pro hunt", so it is not for us.We do think our countryside is worth saving… Pamela Dean Field Road Whiteshill Nr Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.8.02 CLASS IS NOT THE ISSUE - WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE OUR WAY OF LIFE - I am clearly not alone in thinking that people like Tony Shortt are really struggling with their argument when attempting to attack and deride the Countryside Alliance. Vacuous insinuation about Third World drugs? Come on Tony, that really was dredging… it's certainly not about class or who your father is. For people who enjoy country pursuits, there is no demarcation… A Banks 67/69 Park Street Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.8.02 TWO KINDS OF ECONOMICS - Sir - I thank Mal Treharne for his kind invitation to visit a hunt… I don't know if Mal Treharne is aware that the drugs culture generates billions of pounds (or euros) worldwide… If blood sports generate so much money- cost of horses, feed, upkeep, fancy clothes, etc - how can you poor, near bankrupt country folk afford to take part in it?... Tony Shortt Stroud (letter)

Northern Echo 26.8.02 E STEELE (HAS, Aug 18) asks whether I advocate the snaring or shooting of foxes in urban areas. Can I make it clear, as a full-time professional wildlife consultant, that I believe killing or harming foxes is totally unnecessary either in towns or the countryside… with regard to the recent sensational press reports of 'fox savages baby'… Neighbours have since alleged that the culprit was a German Shepherd and have expressed anger at the pointless slaughter of two local foxes by a so-called pest controller who was so keen to get in on the act that he didn't even charge for his services. - John Bryant, Plumstead, London. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 17.8.02 ANIMAL SNARES - I AM grateful to John Bryant, a former employee of the League Against Cruel Sports, for confirming that the League commissioned research that used snares to catch and release foxes… Let's have a straight answer from the horse's mouth: was the League Against Cruel Sport's use of fox snares for its own purpose defensible - yes or no? - AM Mitchell, Northumberland. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 14.8.02 ANIMAL WELFARE - AS a former officer of the League Against Cruel Sports, I can assure Alasdair Mitchell (HAS, Aug 10) that the League Against Cruel Sports has always campaigned for a ban on the use of snares… none of the hundreds of gamekeepers' snares I have seen have ever been fitted with a 'stop', or set in accordance with the code of practice advocated by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Game Conservancy. - John Bryant, Plumstead, London. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 10.8.02 WILDLIFE ISSUES - MANY professional naturalists have no doubt that certain predators do indeed need to be controlled. The RSPB, for example, shoots foxes and traps crows, mink and rats on some nature reserves to protect ground nesting birds… In a recent letter to a newspaper, former League official John Bryant desperately tried to defend the League's use of snares… As for the RSPCA, I wonder why they don't campaign against the use of poison on rats? - A M Mitchell, Northumberland (letter in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 26.8.02 IT'S ONLY THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE - Having had several cats killed on the roads, I can sympathise with Diane Couts (Viewpoint, August 21) over the loss of her pet, Lucy, who died after being attacked by a fox… foxes were prevalent in many areas before man chose to build on them… As for compassionate readers like Sue Hickman (Viewpoint, August 15), it is great that they are continuing to feed foxes… I hope these recent anti-fox letters aren't part of the campaign in favour of hunting with hounds… Tim Mickleburgh, Littlefield Lane, Grimsby. (letter)

Daily Post 26.8.02 Circus hit by animal rights protest By David Powell Daily Post Staff - ANIMAL rights activists have vandalised circus posters in North Wales. ANIMAL rights activists have vandalised circus posters in North Wales… But some of its posters have been plastered with signs demanding: "Stop animal exploitation."… The RSPCA opposes animals in circuses. Spokeswoman Sari Eldridge couldn't comment on Bobby Roberts Super Circus directly. But she said: "We believe the use of animals as entertainment should be deemed completely unacceptable in today's society…" (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 26.8.02 ANIMAL CRUELTY WITCH HUNT - I am writing with reference to the article on the front page of the early edition, dated August 20, regarding animal cruelty. I think it would be a disgrace if the police were to give out pictures and personal details of someone charged with animal cruelty… I was always given the impression that the police were there to prevent crime and now they are being asked to assist in what would become a witch hunt. I realise that what these people have done is wrong but they are punished in the appropriate way… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 26.8.02 MISOGYNISTS SHOULD START LOVING ANIMALS As a committed supporter of many animal welfare organisations including WSPA, Ifaw, Animals Asia and the RSPCA, I feel I must write to express my disgust at the apparently rising number of cases of animal cruelty in South West Wales… I really do hope the Assembly can re-evaluate its current policy towards animal welfare in Wales and bring us, as a nation, out of the dark ages when it comes to caring for animals. A M Thomas Arthur Street Neath (letter)

Bath Chronicle 26.8.02 HELP STOP THIS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - Everyone who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion. We all know that the suffering is indefensible and that there is an urgent need to end it. By supporting Viva!'s first national campaign against factory farming you can take an important step towards doing just that… J BOWLER Tennyson Road, Bath (letter)
Bucks Free Press 5.8.02 Stop this animal cruelty - EVERYONE who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion… J Boulton, Coningsby Road, High Wycombe (letter in archive)
North Devon Journal 2.8.02 JOIN FIGHT AGAINST FACTORY FARMING - Everyone who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion…. MRS EYERS, Wilsham Farm, Countisbury. (letter)
Western Morning News 23.7.02 WE WILL PAY FOR ANIMAL ABUSE - Everyone who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion. We all know that the suffering is indefensible and that there is an urgent need to end it. By supporting Viva!'s first national campaign against factory farming you can take an important step towards doing just that… Jean Bourne, Helston (letter)
Berwickshire News 18.7.02 Factory Farming: Another answer SIR, - In response to the letter from Helen Logan Home, in which she expresses disgust at the methods used in so called factory farms. There are many livestock farmers in Scotland who are also disgusted by factory farming… They Keep their animals outside in summer, give them protection in sheds in the winter and during the breeding season, breed from them at the natural time of year… I would like to suggest that instead of sending hard earned money to dubious charities like Viva and the Vegetarian Society, your readers would be better to show their support for the many farmers who farm in this way… ANDREW MORGAN, Newlands, Reston. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 17.7.02 STANDING UP FOR ANIMALS - Everyone who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion… Miss J Hutty, Coxwold Grove, Gipsyville (letter)
Western Morning News 16.7.02 IF ONLY MORE ANIMALS WERE AS HAPPY AS 'BLISSFUL PIG' …Then I read in the same edition "Pigs left to suffer", where a pig farmer - yes, another one - pleaded guilty to four charges of allowing unnecessary suffering… Over 95 per cent of Britain's meat pigs are reared in intensive units, as are two thirds of female breeding pigs… Viva, the campaigning animal group, filmed inside 18 intensive farms and were sickened by their discoveries… Sleep on happy pig. I hope the rest of your days are so blissful - but I wonder about your future. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)
Berwickshire News 11.7.02 Factory farming: Everyone has chance to express revulsion… HELEN M LOGAN HOME, Victoria House, Coldstream. (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 10.7.02 Help us stop this cruelty - EVERYONE who detests what is happening in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion… By supporting Viva's first ever national campaign against factory farming you can take an important step towards doing just that… You can also withdraw your support for animal abuse by going vegetarian… (Mrs) A BURGE, Burns Way, Swindon (letter in archive)
Guardian 28.6.02 I am sure those concerned about animals will welcome the government plan to abolish battery hen units… But hens are not the only victims of this industrialised hell… We have the power to stop this cruelty: by boycotting factory-farmed foods, urging supermarkets and restaurants to do the same and letting MPs know how we feel - or by demonstrating against factory farming on July 13 in London… Sharon Howe, Sidmouth, Devon (letter)
The Citizen (Preston) 27.6.02 Calling for a healthy future - WE are constantly reminded that a healthy diet is vital and 'we are what we eat'… Most of Britain's meat is produced on factory farms where the aim is to fatten the largest number of animals for slaughter in the shortest possible time, for the least possible cost… For those who wish to express their concerns a peaceful rally will be held in London on July 13 entitled: 'End Factory Farming Before it Ends Us'… Mrs Irene Fogarty, Chorley (letter in archive)
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 12.6.02 National gathering on factory farming - Readers of the Advertiser/Messenger who are concerned about factory farming, and its effects, may be interested in the National March and Rally to be held in London on Saturday, July 13, to join a determined coalition of animal and green groups and make their voice heard… Olwen Shiers, Shrewsbury Road, Stretton, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.(letter in archive)
Leicester Mercury 11.6.02 END 'ABYSMAL FACTORY FARMS' - Everyone who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion… . By supporting Viva!'s first ever national campaign against factory farming you can take an important step towards doing just that… Leicestershire Vegetarian/Vegan Group. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 29.5.02 INVITATION TO MARCH - Readers who are concerned about factory farming and its effects may be interested in the National March and Rally to be held in London on Saturday, July 13, to join a determined coalition of animal and green groups and make their voice heard… Olwen Shiers, Shrewsbury Road, Stretton. (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 16.5.02 Protest over animal welfare in Britain EVERYONE who detests what is happening to animals in Britain's abysmal factory farms and slaughterhouses now has a great opportunity to express their revulsion… By supporting Viva's national campaign against factory farming you can take an important step towards doing just that… contact Viva! At 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD or on (01273) 777688. LUCY CRABB , Etchilhampton, Devizes (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 16.4.02 Chickens in factory hell - I'D like to appeal to readers to join our campaign against the intensive farming of broiler (meat) chickens… Viva! undercover investigators have filmed inside broiler chicken farms and revealed shocking conditions… to join our campaign call Viva! on: 01273 777688 or write to 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD, KAT MACMILLAN, Viva! Campaigner. (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 16.4.02 Let's put a stop to shameful industry - INTENSIVE animal agriculture is a shameful industry and I'd like to appeal to young readers to join our campaign against it. Animal welfare group Viva!'s new anti-factory farming youth campaign is called ACT! (Animal Campaigns for Teenagers)… Sarah Lucas, Viva! Youth Campaigner, Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, 12, Queen Square, Brighton, BN1 3FD Tel: 01273 777688 (letter in archive)

Telegraph 24.8.02 Peterborough Edited by Charlie Methven - Hounded - Another skirmish in the simmering war of attrition between Alun Michael and forthright writer and broadcaster Robin Page… he sent Michael a copy of his latest book, The Hunting Game. "Alun needs to know more about hunting, so I thought he'd appreciate a read of my book - it's got pictures and everything," Page explains… (story)

Guardian 24.8.02 The killing fields - Julie Burchill - Hooray! Huzzah! Bryan Ferry's marriage is over - it's official!... The eldest son, 19-year-old Otis, left Marlborough College to become a "whipper-in", if you please, with the Middleton Hunt… I don't mind Mr Fox killing because he's an animal… Hunters are now threatening to get themselves sent to jail if their bloodfest is banned, and it is the duty of all civil-minded, thrill-seeking people to give them what they want… (story)

Telegraph 24.8.02 Still wild at heart - Professor Stefan Buczacki tells Jonny Beardsall how Telegraph readers helped him with his vast new book on British wildlife… "I did a thumbnail sketch on stag hunting, but I don't take a political stance on anything," the professor says. Although he insists he has remained neutral on foxhunting, he does make it clear where he stands on organised hare coursing. He writes that it was "probably introduced by the Romans, who also set lions against Christians, and this does not make it any more justifiable."… (story)

Western Daily Press 24.8.02 DON'T LET THE MINORITY HIJACK OUR RURAL RALLY - There's a suspicion that the Livelihood and Liberty March organised by the Countryside Alliance and being a rally for rural concerns is politically motivated… Is it coincidence that the rightwing politically-motivated Countryside Alliance - formerly The British Field Sports Society - has been more vocal in the past six years since New Labour has been in power?... Come on Tony Blair, get the anti-hunting Bill on the statute books. None of this lot voted you into power. Alan Foyle, Belgrave Place Taunton Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.8.02 A STARK SIGN OF THE TIMES - R Davies may well have a valid point regarding CA posters on public land. Hardly a major issue, however, when one sees signs erected for every car boot sale, village fete and so on… one does not hear of field sports supporters wearing masks, carrying baseball bats, screaming abuse at those they disagree with… Even before considering the issues involved, I know which side I would wish to be associated with. M Robinson Williton, Taunton Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.8.02 ONE SPORTS LAW FOR ONE - I have heard members of the Countryside Alliance say many times that they will break the law if Parliament has the guts to stand up to them… why are they being allowed to break the law already? If you drive around the West Country you will see posters advertising their socalled "March for Liberty and Livelihood". Although many of the posters are on farmers' land, some of them are on public highways land and therefore illegal…. R Davies Address supplied (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 24.8.02 ON THE SCENT OF HUNTING THAT ESCHEWS CRUELTY - Many of those who support foxhunting seem unwilling to reach a compromise, yet there are those who realise the value of this "sport" as a country tradition but also understand its intense cruelty. These participate in what I have heard called "vegetarian foxhunting", in which a scent is laid for the hunt to follow but there is no mindless death at the end of it…. Anyone who fails to consider this option is indeed a "mindless mutt"… JENNY HODGES Knighton Road Woodthorpe (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 24.8.02 Naked protest at animal lab - NAKED animal rights activists held a brazen demonstration outside a Hampshire science laboratory. Eight protesters waved banners bearing anti-vivisection slogans yesterday outside the controversial Wickham Laboratories… Naked demonstrator Martin Masterman-Lister said: "We wanted to do something different to get people's attention…" The group was led by veteran animal rights campaigner Helen Nelson, who began the demonstration outside the Winchester Road site around 4.30pm…. (story in archive)

Argus 24.8.02 Why bother? - I congratulate Carla Lane for having the courage of her convictions by handing back her OBE (August 19)…. -David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter in archive)
East Grinstead Courier 23.8.02 CARLA LANE SENDS HER OBE BACK IN 'CRUELTY PROTEST' - Comedy writer Carla Lane was this week planning to send back the OBE she was awarded in 1997 in protest at the honour conferred on Brian Cass, former managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences. The veteran animal rights campaigner, best known for writing Bread and Butterflies for television, told the East Grinstead Courier: "I only found out recently that he had got the CBE and I didn't want my award after that. I was horrified that the Government could be so insensitive… (story)
Cambridge News 19.8.02 HLS medal protest by Carla Laine - ANIMAL rights campaigner Carla Lane is threatening to send her OBE to Tony Blair in protest at the decision to honour the boss of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Brian Cass, managing director of HLS, was made a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list earlier this year… (story)
Ananova 19.8.02 Carla Lane sends back OBE in animal rights protest (story)
Liverpool Echo 19.8.02 Carla Lane to return OBE in animal rights protest …Ms Lane is part of the Animal Information Network which fights the export of live animals for slaughter in abattoirs in Europe… (story)
Argus 19.8.02 Carla sends back OBE - by Chris White - Sussex-based screenwriter Carla Lane is sending her OBE back to the Prime Minister in an animal rights protest… (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 24.8.02 MEP BACKS NEW HORSES CAMPAIGN - A Euro MP representing Leicestershire has backed a campaign against the transportation of horses and other animals for slaughter in Europe. Tory MEP Roger Helmer joined the Transportation Awareness Ride… the International League for the Protection of Horses, organised the event, to raise awareness of its ongoing campaign against the practice of carrying live animals in trailers for long distances before slaughter… (story)

Yorkshire Post 24.8.02 Fish protester out of her depth - From: John Donegan, Lumley Road, Burley , Leeds - It is quite clear from your article "Why fish snacks mean Deep trouble" (Yorkshire Post, August 17) that conservation group PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - have lost the plot… PETA does no favours to its cause by refusing to recognise that the vast majority of us are omnivores and happy with it. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 16.8.02 'ADMIRE THE DEEP'S FISH - BUT DON'T EAT THEM!' Hull's submarium, The Deep, has been criticised by an animal rights group - for offering seafood dishes on its restaurant menu. Dawn Carr, director of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), an international organisation dedicated to protecting the rights of all animals, said: "The Deep purports to be a place to learn about and admire fish. "But how can anyone stand in awe of these glorious, fascinating creatures and then head over to the cafeteria and stick a fork in them?"… (story)
Liverpoool Echo 15.8.02 Activists target Blue Planet's fishy menu By Mike Hornby, Daily Post - AN ANIMAL rights group says it will target Ellesmere Port's Blue Planet aquarium in a campaign to end the sale of sea- food at its restaurant. Hard-line activist organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has already asked Deep Sea World in Scotland to use soya-based alternatives to fish in its cafØ… (story)
Edinburgh News 14.8.02 Call to end seafood sale at Deep Sea World café - AN animal rights group today challenged Scotland’s national aquarium to end the "bizarre" sale of seafood in its restaurant. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked Deep Sea World in North Queensferry to use soya-based alternatives to fish in its café… (story)
Ananova 13.8.02 Aquarium urged to drop fish from menu … People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has asked Deep Sea World in North Queensferry to use soya-based alternatives to fish in its cafe… quote from Dawn Carr, Peta director… (story)

Telegraph 23.8.02 US rap artist joins the call for rural liberty - A chance meeting between a Lincolnshire farmer and a young rap artist from Washington DC has spawned an unlikely rallying cry for next month's Liberty and Livelihood march in London… The song, Balance, is the work of Samuel Samson Joffre Payne, a 27-year-old rapper known to his fans as Mr President because of the strong political overtones of his work. The record was conceived after Payne stopped to talk to hunt protesters who have been mounting a round-the-clock vigil in Parliament Square… Among those present was James Barclay… whose family has provided Masters of Foxhounds to the South Wold Hunt for over 100 years… "…After an hour or two I invited him and his friend to come and see us at our kennel's open day. To my astonishment they came down and learned more about what we do. I suggested he write a song about it."… (story)
Western Daily Press 23.8.02 THE HUNT RAPPER - A man from Washington DC calling himself The President has become the latest 'celebrity' to champion the cause of the British countryside and its traditions… The singer is currently on a UK tour and is concerned at what he sees as attempts by the British Government to erode the traditional country pursuits…. Yesterday he said: "I won't say I persuade pro or against. My role is that it's a social as well as a political problem…" The President added: "I don't want the public to zoom in on the fact about hunting. It's not just about hunting. It's about whole types of issues, involving society and about freedom…" (text of the song) (story)
Western Daily Press 23.8.02 FARMERS ON THE MARCH - Farmers are to have their own special section in next month's Liberty and Livelihood march in London to ensure that their grievances receive proper publicity… An NFU spokesman said they were delighted with this latest d evelopment (story)
Telegraph 23.8.02 Peterborough - Edited by Charlie Methven …. The league has explained to its supporters why it will not be holding a march similar to the Liberty and Livelihood demonstration planned by the Countryside Alliance next month. "A few of our members misbehaving would dominate newspaper coverage,"… The league goes on to cast doubt on whether sufficient numbers would turn out for an anti-hunting march to impress the public…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.8.02 HUNTING FOR A SOLUTION TO THE COUNTRY'S FUTURE - The case put forward by the Countryside Alliance for its liberty and livelihood march was cleverly presented… That the issue is still on the agenda is entirely due to the prohunt lobby within the House of Lords who have obstructed the will of Parliament at every opportunity… At the present time it is the prohunt lobby that is obsessed with hunting, not the Government. C P Harrell Pill (letter)

Newcastle Journal 23.8.02 RSPCA condemn attack - The rspca yesterday condemned an attack on an anti-hunting roadshow in Newcastle. The Campaign to Protect Hunted Animals roadshow… reached Tyneside on the latest stage of a national tour… But while staff talked to visitors in Newcastle one of the roadshow truck tyres was slashed and Real Countryside Alliance stickers were plastered on the vehicle. Yesterday Richard Dodd, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "The Real Countryside Alliance are not part of our crowd and this is nothing to do with us…" (story)
Cumberland News 23.8.02 LORDS 'MOCKED DEMOCRACY BY NOT BANNING FOX HUNTING' - MP - THE failure of the House of Lords to ban fox hunting is making a mockery of democracy, Carlisle MP Eric Martlew claimed yesterday. Mr Martlew was speaking at an anti-hunt roadshow organised by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), which was visiting Carlisle on its tour of the UK… Kevin Hegarty, of the North West RSPCA, said more than 250,000 people had signed at the roadshow to date. He said: "I have yet to hear a good argument why they can't convert to drag hunting." But Tom Fell, regional director for the Countryside Alliance for the North West, said drag hunting would not be accepted by farmers. Mr Fell said: "Farmers are not prepared to have their land carved up just for other people to have a bit of fun. "The riders would not be performing a service and they would not be doing anything which is maintaining a tradition." (story)

Cumberland News 23.8.02 NEW JOINT MASTER IS NAMED AS THE THRELKELD TRIALS RETURN - ONE of England's most famous hunting packs, the Blencathra, has got itself a new joint master who is steeped in the tradition. Michael Thompson was secretary of the Blencathra for 15 years and his father Maurice was also an official of the hunt and followed its fortunes for many years. Mr Thompson becomes joint master with Dr Jim Cox, from Caldbeck, and succeeds Stanley Mattinson, who retired last year… The announcement of the new joint master's appointment came on Wednesday at one of the Blencathra's great showpiece events of the year, Threlkeld Sheepdog Trials, held on the Recreation Field and Bridge End Ground… (story)

East Grinstead Courier 23.8.02 YOUNGSTERS IN VISIT TO HUNT KENNELS - Young riders from seven pony clubs were among visitors to the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt kennels, near East Grinstead last week. The children, whose ages ranged from three to 16 years, were given a guided tour by huntsman Mark Bycroft and George Whitaker, the whipper-in, before being introduced to the hounds… (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 23.8.02 Mystery of kennels' missing hounds! - Owners of empty hunt kennels at a Broxbourne farm are pleading that they need to keep a mobile home on the site so that someone can live there and keep a watch over the hounds - even though the dogs were moved months ago… (story may only be on site for a week)

Leicester Mercury 23.8.02 ABOUT CONTROL? - Of the many things I don't understand about fox hunting one of them is the argument it is about controlling numbers… with several hunts being caught breeding and feeding foxes the control argument makes less sense… D Stowell, Loughborough. (letter)

Bucks Free Press 23.8.02 Baroness Castle and bloodsports - THE debate about bloodsports is soon resuming in Parliament and we should recall the words of the late Baroness Barbara Castle who lived at Ibstone near Stokenchurch. In a previous debate she said: "Society is judged by the way it treats animals. We can either look upon our relationship to animals as one of trusteeship or we can indifferently turn to their exploitation for our own amusement…." Name and address supplied (letter in archive)

Bury Times 23.8.02 Protest ruined tourist boost - TONY Blair's recent visit to Cumbria was intended to give the tourist industry, badly affected by the foot and mouth restrictions, a much-needed boost. Instead his visit was hi-jacked by pro-hunt supporters, many of whom were children, with their usual outpouring of bitterness… GREGG METCALFE (letter in archive)
Cumberland News 16.8.02 Blair 'like a tin god' in Cumbria - HOW can Tony Blair have the audacity to visit and parade around Cumbria like a tin god? The man faces both ways at the same time. He will not have a public inquiry into foot and mouth because he knows full well his Government are totally responsible for the outbreak and its costs. He has devastated the tourist industry in the county through the foot and mouth crisis and now he wants to ban fox hunting in the countryside…. COLIN BECK, Corby Hill, Carlisle (letter)
Lancaster Guardian 9.8.02 Hunt's protest turns to poetry by Gayle Rouncivell - AT just nine-years-old, huntsman's son Johnny Richardson came up with a novel way of expressing his fears for the future of hunting when Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the region. Johnny, whose dad Clive works with the Vale of Lune hunt and has a tied cottage in Hornby, had gone along to Wigton in Cumbria with his father to join more than 150 other protestors voicing their concerns to the Prime Minister. Johnny wrote a poem… "My old dad's a huntsman, he wears a huntsman's hat, No job, no home, it's thanks to Tone, we'll end in a council flat."… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 9.8.02 BLAIR PROTESTS WERE JUSTIFIED - LAST Thursday's demonstration at UCB in Wigton was fully justified. This Government will not listen to rural opinion as the urban vote is far greater… If people feel strongly enough to publicly declare their passions, they are entitled to do so in a peaceful manner. Last week's demonstration was just that. Peaceful but noisy. JENNIFER FOSTER, Brackenthwaite, Wigton (letter)
Cumberland News & Star 6.8.02 IS THIS HOW WE WELCOME TOURISTS? - I WAS ashamed of the pathetic response to Mr. Blair's visit to Wigton last Thursday. It was rent-a-mob at its worst…. I also include the activists/vandals who have taken it upon themselves to daub so many roads with their pro-hunt graffiti… SALLY PENTON, Carlisle
Cumberland News & Star 6.8.02 …Hunting protesters do their cause no good when they revert to such vandalism. I'm all for freedom of speech but yobbish behaviour from some of these people is completely unacceptable… RICHARD VINCENT, Blackwell Road, Carlisle (letters)
Western Daily Press 5.8.02 - Sir - Studying the photograph in the Western Daily Press - August 2, and the headline - Blair Ignores FMD Farmers, I can see why he would do so. The only readable banner is from the Cumberland Foxhounds, and the demonstrators were at least 50 per cent children, mostly of primary school age… Fred Collins Minehead Somerset (story)
Cumberland News & Star 3.8.02 EXCUSE ME, IS THIS NUMBER 10? - WEST Cumbria was basking in the national media spotlight yesterday as Tony and Cherie Blair began their short summer holiday in the region… Mr Blair spent Thursday at the UCB Films plant in Wigton - where he was greeted by 200 pro-hunting protesters - and the Westlakes science park in Whitehaven…(story)
Westmorland Gazette 2.8.02 Blairs Get Mixed Reception - PRIME Minister Tony Blair ran into controversy at the start of a holiday in Cumbria yesterday when a warm welcome from tourism chiefs contrasted with a protest by hunt supporters, and high-profile action by a Kendal artist who was arrested while trying to approach the Premier, reports Michaela Robinson-Tate…. Countryside Alliance spokesman David Stocker said the protesters - including representatives of Coniston, Lunesdale and North Lonsdale Foxhounds, and Vale of Lune Harriers - had hoped to see Mr Blair, but claimed that he went in via a back entrance, accompanied by shouts of " coward" and other heckling… (story)
Guardian 2.8.02 Blair eludes the pack as lakeland hunters bay for his blood - David Ward - More than 150 protesters, several fox hounds, a couple of whippets, a border terrier and a woman dressed as a sheep bayed for Tony Blair's blood yesterday as, on the brink of his summer holiday, he visited a cellophane factory in Wigton, Cumbria. His car slipped in by a side entrance… Comments ran to "utter disgrace", "couldn't face his own people", and "a bloody coward, wouldn't even look at us". The last observation came from Carole Smith, whose partner Les Hudson is kennel huntsman to the Cumberland Foxhounds… (story)
Independent 2.8.02 An unwelcome start to Blair's holiday in county ravaged by foot and mouth By Ian Herbert North of England Correspondent - Amid palpable local cynicism, the Prime Minister alighted at a small hotel in west Cumbria late yesterday for a long weekend break with his family before their summer holiday in the south of France… Mr Blair, who faced 150 Countryside Alliance protesters when he opened a Cumbrian factory and research centre yesterday, was greeted by evidence that the county's gradual re-emergence from the traumas of foot-and-mouth has left it nervous and fragile… (story)
Yorkshire Post 2.8.02 Hunters accuse Blair of snubbing countryside … Mr Blair arrived at UCB Films in Wigton, Cumbria, and while about 150 angry pro-hunting demonstrators from the Countryside Alliance waited outside, went in through another entrance…. Organiser of the demonstration, Sandy Guthrie, said he had officially asked Downing Street for a meeting with the Prime Minister during his visit to Cumbria but had been "refused and ignored"… (story)
Newcastle Journal 2.8.02 Protesters greet Blair at factory's new centre By Ashley Broadley, The Journal - Tony Blair was yesterday accused of ignoring the farming industry on a visit to a county still struggling to recover from the devastating effects of the foot-and-mouth crisis. The Prime Minister arrived at UCB Films plant in Wigton, Cumbria, and while about 150 angry demonstrators from the Countryside Alliance waited outside one entrance, he went in through another… (story)
Cumberland News 2.8.02 'COWARD' JIBE AS PM DODGES HUNT DEMO - ANGRY countryside campaigners yesterday accused Prime Minister Tony Blair of cowardice after he avoided going past their noisy protest. Around 200 demonstrators, mainly from the Countryside Alliance, waited hours outside UCB Films in Wigton yesterday to show the Prime Minister their opposition to a hunting ban. A helicopter landed on a field opposite UCB shortly after 11.30am, but the PM was not in it. He arrived just over an hour later by car, using a back entrance away from the noisy crowds. Protesters climbed the perimeter wall and leaned over the railings to shout "coward", "what are you scared of? and "down with dictators". The air was filled with the sounds of screams, whistle-blowing and horns. The noise rose again as Mr Blair, this time visible to protesters, left UCB. As he walked down the steps to his car, he glanced towards the demonstrators but did not acknowledge them… quotes from Countryside Alliance member Sandy Guthrie, Kirkby Lonsdale huntsman Clive Richardson, Elaine Milbourn, from the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Cumberland News 2.8.02 BLAIR'S LAST DAY AT WORK - PRIME Minister Tony Blair and his family were today holidaying in Cumbria after he gave angry hunt protesters the slip at Wigton… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 2.8.02 EYES OF BRITAIN ON CUMBRIA - WE understand how a visit to Cumbria by the Prime Minister can ignite the protests of pro-hunting supporters. But is it not regrettable that the TV pictures the world will see will be of chanting protesters, placards and an outpouring of bitterness?... (story)
Cumberland News & Star 1.8.02 200 IN BLAIR HUNT DEMO - TWO hundred hunt protesters were on the trail of Tony Blair in Cumbria today ahead of the Prime Minister's scheduled visit to the county… Around 200 placard-waving countryside demonstrators were waiting to greet him outside the UCB Films factory… A huge slogan had already been daubed in white paint overnight on the A595 at Red Dial near Wigton reading: "Hands Off Our Hunting."… Many of the large green road signs along the same road were also defaced with the message "Leave Hunting Alone."… Protest co-ordinator Sandy Guthrie, from the Countryside Alliance, urged protesters to behave sensibly…. (story)
Cumberland News & Star 1.8.02 BLAIR FLIES INTO CUMBRIA - PRIME Minister Tony Blair arrives in Cumbria today and will be greeted by a series of countryside protests… (story)
Whitehaven News 1.8.02 PM COMES FOR HOLIDAY - PRIME Minister Tony Blair is mak ing his own contribution to the area's revival from the Foot and Mouth crisis by holding a summer self-catering holiday this week believed to be somewhere in Copeland… Hunt supporters and the Countryside Alliance have stated they will be attempting to lobby Mr Blair during his visit to Cumbria. (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 23.8.02 Three of your correspondents (Aug 16) speak of predators and the need for their control… We condemn the fox ('Wanton killer' said your header) simply for being a predator, occasionally a successful competitor of ours in the matter of livestock which we keep to eat. Why not admit that we hunt and kill foxes for entirely selfish reasons, not to save their prey. Why else for example do we hunt one of the fox's own prey species - the 'poor defenceless' hare? Pat Anderson, Stanwick St John, (letter in archive)

Cumberland News 23.8.02 TB: Badgers not to blame - YOUR article of August 9 implying that the badger was the cause of TB in cattle etc. is strictly untrue, as there is no positive proof that badgers are to blame… There was no TB in cattle in Cumbria nor is there in badgers. It is only since re-stocking with animals from infected areas in the west of the country and elsewhere that TB has appeared in Cumbria… TJ WELLS, Chairman, Eden Valley Badger Group, Murton, Appleby (letter)

Cumberland News 23.8.02 LAB PROTEST - CUMBRIAN protesters took part in a demonstration against the insurers of animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences this week. Members of the Lancashire-based Stop Hunting and Animal Cruelty Campaign (SHAC) staged a sit-in at the offices of Marsh UK in Whitechapel, London, protesting against their support of the lab (story)

Western Daily Press 23.8.02 WE NEED MORE COMPASSION Mrs Dunter (August 17) misses the point. The controlling vested interest of our society or world, use religion to control people, usually male dominated… Mainstream religious organisations justify the abuse and persecution of other species for profit, entertainment and religious rituals, destruction of the environment and the persecution of their own species… St George was invented to undermine the importance of ley lines, building churches on the spots where the lines crossed… David Thomas, Hisomely, Westbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Torquay Herald Expres 23.8.02 WILDLIFE PROTECTORS SILENT OVER AVIARY - Recent visitors of mine exclaimed in horror when they realised that a seabird centre featuring native breeds is to be constructed on Torquay's busy harbourside. "It's obscene, they cried - like having buzzards tied to perches at falconry displays and tigers beating worn paths around their enclosures in zoos.".. "How can you bear it?" they said. I can't, I write letters, but nobody's listening. CAROL WOODFORD Charmouth Road Babbacombe, Torquay (letter)

Daily Post 22.8.02 Huge turnout expected for pro-hunting march By Andrew Forgrave Rural Affairs Editor - SCORES of coaches are set to depart from North Wales on September 22 to take part in one of the biggest public protests seen in Britain… The Wynnstay Hunt has organised buses with pick-up points at Bangoron-Dee, Rossett, Whitchurch and Rossett, and the Tanatside Hunt has pickups at Welshpool and Oswestry. Members of the Eryri Hunt have pledged to fill two coaches, a shooting syndicate will travel down from Porthmadog and the FUW has a bus going from Caernarfon… (story)
Hereford Times 22.8.02 Chris takes pro-hunting fight to world's highest spots by Jonathan Russell - A PRO-HUNTING campaigner who planted the Countryside Alliance flag on two of the highest mountains in the world is to carry his cause to London in next month's protest march. Chris Burrows-Wood, a huntsman from Bromyard, will be among thousands expected to attend the Countryside Alliance march on September 22. A keen falconer and mountaineer, the master of Clifton-on-Teme hunt says he is marching to protect his way of life, both professional and social…. After successfully scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mr Burrows-Wood set his sights on the world's highest mountain… After climbing Everest in May, Chris went on to tackle North America's highest peak Mt McKinley, taking with him the Countryside Alliance colours and the cause… (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 22.8.02 FARMING ALLIANCES HAVE TO BE THE RIGHT ONES - Support for the United Kingdom family farmer now comes from many quarters. Broad alliances between farmers, radical environmentalists and animal welfare groups are being built… This progress, however, is at risk if farmers choose to align themselves with the Countryside Alliance march in September… Far better for farmers to get active in other ways. For example, supporting the farmers' strike tomorrow and National Don't Shop at the Supermarket Day on September 7… Judith Whateley Grassroots Action on Food and Farming Oxford (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.8.02 TAKING SIDES TO LONDON - I am certain that members of the Countryside Alliance, who are organising the Liberty and Livelihood march next month, like the Prime Minister and his Government about as much as he cares for them… I have booked a place to go on the march next month, but I need more convincing that my presence will not be misrepresented… John Tuck Wootton Bassett Wiltshire (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.8.02 IS IT FAIR TO CHASE FOXES, THEN TEAR THEM TO BITS? - I recently read a poster advertising the hunting fraternity's march in September and one of the words included was 'fair', how ironic. Is it fair? People chase, torment, terrify and tear to pieces our wildlife…. Mrs Jennifer Cook, Tale Common Head, Honiton (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 22.8.02 Anti-hunt Lobbyists Takle Pulse Of Public Opinion - ANTI-HUNT campaigners visited Lancaster last week with a highly visual exhibition…. The National Anti-Hunt Campaign is touring the country following the vote by MPs earlier this year for an outright ban on fox hunting… The group's spokesman Niel Hansen said: "We are urging people to contact Mr Michael and leave him in no doubt that they want a complete ban on hunting." (story)

Berwickshire News 22.8.02 CLARISSA AND THE COUNTRYMAN ENTERTAIN AT MANDERSTON ...Countryside campaigners, Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Sir John Scott who attended a special evening at Manderston to raise funds for the legal challenge to the foxhunting ban in Scotland. The event raised £27,000… A BORDERS organiser for the Scottish Countryside Alliance has told of a threat to pro-hunting campaigners from letters and parcels which may contain concealed razor blades. Aileen Orr, the Scottish Countryside Alliance's regional director (east) was speaking after a special auction event staged at Manderston House near Duns last week… (story in archive)

Lancaster Citizen 22.8.02 Anti-hunt lobby in bid to snare public opinion ANTI-HUNT campaigners visited Lancaster last week with a highly visual exhibition… The National Anti-Hunt Campaign is touring the country following the vote by MPs earlier this year for an outright ban on fox hunting. Its campaign `No Hunting- No Compromise' is said to reflect concerns that the Government is considering a compromise… quote from spokesman Niel Hansen (story in archive)

Glasgow Herald 22.8.02 Eating venison - IN reply to Angus Macmillan's letter (August 20) I would like to ask where am I supposed to get venison from if deer hunting is prohibited?... I am a carnivore, and I prefer to eat organic meat… David Drysdale, 39 Queen Mary Avenue, Glasgow. (letter may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 21.8.02 Killing of deer - Angus Macmillan (August 20) needs to be careful in ascribing partisan motives to Lord Eassie, the judge in his recent Court of Session hearing… Now it seems that Mr Macmillan wants to do serious damage to the deer population and to agriculture and forestry by banning the culling of deer for sound ecological reasons… Peter Davies, 52 West Princes Street, Helensburgh (letter may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 20.8.02 Conservationists and the killing of deer - AS the subject of your article, Animal activist's claims outlawed by judge (August 17), I am not overly surprised by the verdict as the "establishment" protects its own… Hunters and conservationists would have us believe that it is necessary to reduce deer numbers to an acceptable population level that doesn't cause ecological damage… it is more of a plausible excuse for hunters to enjoy their grisly fun and conservationists to employ them to hunt in almost exactly the same way under the more respectable guise of culling… Why don't the conservationists abandon their hunting friends and join forces with the animal activists who oppose hunting? No chance - it's all about money…. Animal rights and welfare activists, together with our MSPs, have rid this country of the scourge of hunting with dogs. The next target should be the hunting estates. Angus Macmillan, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch. (letter may be in archive)

Northern Echo 22.8.02 ANIMAL SNARES - RE Dying for the right to survive (Echo July 29)… Why should anything be controlled by man mainly for some to be shot anyway before their lives have barely begun… It is most unfair how many are trapped and there is far too much suffering and killing in this way to constitute control, mainly for gain ie money and pleasure. - Brenda Scragg, Bishop Auckland. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 15.8.02 ANIMAL WELFARE - JOHN Dean's article (Echo, Aug 5) raises some interesting, and important, points regarding the culling of predators. The animal rights' campaigners have done much to raise public awareness of unnecessary cruelty, but it must be remembered that nature perpetuates itself through the predations of one species upon another. The exception to this is the fox: with no natural predator to control him, this is left to humans… Let Parliament get on with the duties for which it was elected, and let us get on with our lives. - Major W K Trotter, Darlington (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 5.8.02 When killers are caught in a trap LAST week, The Northern Echo examined whether or not we need to cull animals we view as predators. Today, John Dean asks if we are going to kill them, how should it be done?... THE GAMEKEEPER - Lindsay Waddell, Teesdale gamekeeper and Chairman of The Moorland Branch of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation:… THE ANTI-SNARING CAMPAIGNER - Simon Wild, founder National Anti-Snaring Campaign: 'IN 1996 I founded the National Anti Snaring Campaign and this led me to discover anti-snaring campaigner, John Gill, from County Durham…. THE ANIMAL WELFARE CAMPAIGNERS - The RSPCA:…THE COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE - Tim Baynes, of the Countryside Alliance:… (story)
Northern Echo 29.7.02 Dying for the right to survive - How we assume control over other animals has become a major issue in the countryside. In the first of a two part series, John Dean opens the debate… THE SHOOTING LOBBY: Stewart Scull, head of game and wildlife management for The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), THE RESEARCH BODY - Jonathon Reynolds, head of predation control at the Game Conservancy Trust; THE ACTIVIST - John Gill, anti-snaring campaigner from Castleside, near Consett, County Durham (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 22.8.02 Public set to have say on badgers - THE public will be consulted about how to tackle the growing badger population in Swindon. The animals have been posing a risk to homes and an electrical substation in Greywethers Avenue in Lawns… The public meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 24 at 7pm in the Crofts Sports Centre. (story in archive)

Canary Wharf Weekly 22.8.02 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST JAILED OVER THREATENING EMAILS - Joanna Taylor - AN ANIMAL rights activist who threatened Bank of New York executives with obscene emails was jailed this week. Robert Moaby, 33, carried out his hate campaign against the bank which he regarded as a supporter of the Huntingdon Life Sciences… When police raided Moaby's house they also found 2,800 pornographic images of children which were stored on his home computer… (story)
Times 21.8.02 Activist jailed for death threats and child sex pictures - AN ANIMAL activist who sent death threats to a research company and hoarded child pornography was jailed for 4½ years yesterday. Robert Moaby, 33, carried out a violent campaign against the Huntingdon Life Sciences group, an animal research organisation based in Cambridgeshire, Southwark Crown Court was told… Moaby, who is unemployed and lives in King’s Cross, London, had stored images of children as young as five years old involved in “appalling” sexual acts, Judge Peter Fingret said. However, the judge accepted that these images were for his own use and not for general distribution… In court he pleaded guilty to two counts of threatening to kill corporate figures and financial backers of the research group and 17 further counts of making indecent pictures… (story)
Guardian 21.8.02 Activist jailed for threats (story)
Cambridge News 21.8.02 Animal rights activist is jailed - AN ANIMAL rights activist who sent death threats to the backers of a research company and hoarded child pornography has been jailed for four-and-a-half years. Robert Moaby, 33, carried out a violent campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences Group, Southwark Crown Court was told… (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 20 August, 2002, 14:02 GMT 15:02 UK - Animal rights activist jailed - An animal rights activist who carried out a violent campaign against the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences Group has been jailed for four and a half years. Robert Moaby, 33, who sent death threats to staff, was also jailed for hoarding indecent pictures of children on his home computer…. Moaby, a member of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group, pleaded guilty to two counts of threatening to kill senior corporate figures and financial backers of HLS and 17 further counts of making indecent pictures… Moaby possessed images of children, as young as five years old, involved in "appalling sexual acts", Mr Fingret added, but he accepted that this was for his own use and not for distribution…. (story) (photo)
Times 18.6.02 Animal rights activist hoarded child porn - AN ANIMAL welfare activist is facing a jail sentence for e-mailing a series of threats to kill the backers of a research company and for possessing child pornography. Robert Moaby, who was campaigning against the use of animals by Huntingdon Life Sciences Group (HLS), sent the e-mails to senior corporate figures and their families… Moaby, 32 and unemployed, of King’s Cross, North London, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to four counts of making threats to kill to people at companies based in New York and Toronto. At Southwark Crown Court yesterday he also pleaded guilty to 17 further counts of making indecent pictures of children after police who investigated the e-mails found his home computer full of child pornography… “Moaby sent them saying he was representing SHAC, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty …" Paul Bowen, for Moaby, said that his client had learning disabilities… (story)
Cambridge News 18.6.02 Activist sent death threats - AN ANIMAL rights activist has admitted emailing death threats to financial backers of Huntingdon Life Sciences in America. Robert Moaby, 32, a member of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty), admitted four charges of making threats to kill when he appeared at London's Southwark Crown Court… He was remanded in custody until July 22 to allow pre-sentence and psychiatric reports to be prepared. (story in archive)

Argus 22.8.02 Animal experiments make bad science - Thomas Bromley (Letters, August 14) accuses me of "being loud against animal testing but remarkably quiet about the alternatives"… There are now ways to practise operations without using a living human or animal…. Animal testing is used to provide a legal sanctuary for the pharmaceutical giants but is not necessary for progress…. For more information, readers can refer to Europeans for Medical Advancement… The Humane Research Trust and Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research both fund research without animal experimentation. -Sam Rillim, Lorna Road, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 17.8.02 Wasted lives - Thomas Bromley's latest defence of vivisection (Letters, August 14) is correct insofar as he states animals provide the most useful model for testing drugs destined for human use… Mr Bromley and the organisation he represents are promoting grossly inexact science by their staunch defence of vivisection… AnneMarie Moynihan, -Associate Member, Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (letter in archive)
Argus 14.8.02 No option - Sam Rillim (Letters, July 31) was very loud in attacking medical research but remarkably quiet in telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses… -Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 22.8.02 NEW EXPERIMENTS - Warped individuals who prey upon children could be experimented on in our laboratories, and in this way pay back a debt to society. This would be preferable to using innocent animals… Mrs P Knight Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Leicester Mercury 22.8.02 ERADICATE THEM - Regarding the cull of ruddy ducks I urge that when this project is successfully completed we move on to eradicate mink, grey squirrels, bullfrogs. These and other alien species are destroying our indigenous wildlife… Jamie Bye, Rothley.(letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.8.02 DUCK CULL 'SCAPEGOAT' - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid. (letter)
Western Morning News 6.8.02 PLEASE HELP TO STOP THIS CRUEL AND POINTLESS DUCK CULL - Andrew Tyler, Director Animal Aid Kent (letter)
Northern Echo 1.8.02 HAVING just completed slaughtering thousands of ruddy ducks in a so-called trial cull, DEFRA is now poised to attempt to wipe out virtually the entire UK population… A Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter in archive)
Sunderland Echo 31.7.02 DEFRA on rampage against ruddy ducks - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 30.7.02 DUCK CULL PROTEST - Having just completed slaughtering thousands of ruddy ducks in a so-called trial cull, DEFRA is now poised to attempt to wipe out virtually the entire UK population… Animal Aid will be contacting relevant landowners urging them to resist the DEFRA gunmen… Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)

West Briton 22.8.02 DOG 'HAD TO BE PUT DOWN' - The RSPCA has admitted that Jake, the one-year-old collie, was wrongly matched with Mary and Tommy Rowe, and said it will learn from its mistakes in future… Mrs Rowe telephoned the RSPCA after Jake nipped one of her neighbours, but says she was told not to worry, and to bring him to the centre to be trained by a behaviourist. Mrs Rowe said: "When we took him back to the centre they told me to sign a training form, and 20 minutes later they put him down because they said he was vicious. If I'd known that I was signing him back to them I would never have signed it. It all happened so quickly, and no-one told me what was going on."… (story)

Western Morning News 21.8.02 HOTELIER TO MARCH FOR RURAL VALUES …THE East Dart Hotel has been in the Warne family for five generations since its founding in 1861, and its mainstay is the hunting trade. It stands at Postbridge on Dartmoor at the intersection of the hunt country of four foxhunting packs: the South Devon, the Mid Devon, the Dartmoor and the Spooners and West Dartmoor… Owner Alex Warne and his wife Barbara will be attending the march on September 22… "We host at least 16 meets per season, from our local packs to the North Cornwall beagles and the Devon and Cornwall minkhounds."… (story)
Western Daily Press 21.8.02 WHY IT'S THE SEPTEMBER WALK OF LIFE AND LIBERTY …I do not hunt, nor follow the hunt, shoot or fish. If I really think about it, although I am passionate about our countryside, and in particular, country sports, I am not personally in favour of hunting with hounds… So why then will I be marching on September 22? Well, apart from the fact that I do not believe Mr Blair when he says that shooting and fishing are safe under his government, and that I do not think this government has the slightest commitment to the countryside or its people, I will be marching because I believe in liberty… (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 21.8.02 Join us on our 'freedom' march - THE theme of the Countryside Alliance's massive march on Westminster on September 22 is 'Liberty and Livelihood.' Its purpose is to demand that the Government commits itself to defending the right of rural people to live their lives responsibly in the way they choose… ANDREW PILKINGTON (Lancashire County Chairman, Countryside Alliance), Egerton, Bolton. (letter in archive)
North West Evening Mail 21.8.02 GREEN WELLINGTON BRIGADE WALLOWED IN GLORIOUS MUD - LAKELAND COUNTRY FAIR: The fair this year relocated from Langdale to Torver by kind permission of Mr A Inman and attracted huge crowds even though the show field was a deep mudbath due to overnight and morning rain… Hounds, terriers, lurchers, ferrets, wrestlers and fell races continued unabated before the skies cleared… The Countryside Alliance had a stand encouraging support for Liberty and Livelihood Campaign including the march taking place on September 22 in London with many coaches leaving from this area to defend the rights of country folk in the capital… (story)

Western Gazette 28.8.02 THOUSANDS SIGN PETITION AT ANTI-HUNT PROTEST - Anti-hunt protesters made it their turn to grab the limelight in the county town last weekend. Neal Buckoke and Neil Hansen from the National Anti-Hunt Campaign were joined by protesters in fox costumes for the event that saw more than 2,000 people sign a petition to ban fox hunting… (story)

Western Daily Press 21.8.02 SPORTING CHANCES ARE MORE PREFERABLE THAN GUNS - As one who knows Exmoor and the folk who live there very well, with family ties going back 10 years, I must reply to the letter on hunting by Faye Chapman… When shot, the deer have no chance of escape but when hunted they have a "sporting" chance as many get away… No one loves the Exmoor deer more than the people who live there and a nicer bunch of people would be hard to find. Bill Hensey address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.8.02 SPORT IS WRONG WORD FOR THIS KIND OF CRUELTY - I thought I would write to thank and congratulate you on your article and letters (Aug 15). I feel very saddened at how fox hunting is termed a sport when all it involves is a race of cold-hearted people using their dogs to painfully kill an innocent fox, stag or other unfortunate animal… Faye Chapman, Address supplied (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 21.8.02 HUNTER IS DELUDED AND 'TOFFS' ARE OVER-SENSITIVE … "a fox is not torn to pieces," writes Anne Jepson in the Post (August 17)…. 1. The fox is torn to pieces. Just what does she think happens...the fox and the hounds get together at the end of the chase, go down to the local pub for a drink and a laugh and arrange to meet again same time, same place, next week? 2. I can personally testify that they DO hunt on private land even when the Master of the Hunt was told not to do so. 3. I am surprised at the over-sensitivity towards the word "toff". I would have thought she would have taken it as a compliment…. hunters do come from all walks of life. Like Anne, the vast majority are so-called townies, who are the only ones who can afford the time and money to prance about the countryside in the delusion they are somehow helping local communities…. Lord Burns was known to be a pro-hunt supporter … JOHN A. COOPER Church Lane Plumtree (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 21.8.02 I saw a fox being killed - I saw this event close up once. Hounds were all over the burrow the fox was in… Later, whilst being held back by police, I saw "terrier-men" digging up a fox that had "gone to earth"…. ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 17.8.02 LISTEN TO BOTH SIDES IN THE DEBATE ON HUNTING - In reply to the Jo and Twiggy article 'The great debate - foxhunting' (August 13), I would like to meet these people, as they appear to be classifying me as a bloodthirsty pea-brain… I would like the presenters to take up an offer to talk and discuss this subject without argument and learn what else the hunt does that is a service to both the local community and countryside… ANNE JEPSON Post Office Yard Hoveringham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 17.8.02 Why public opinion is moving away from a ban … Most people appreciate that, when a learned gentleman such as Lord Burns examines a subject over many months, the conclusion is likely to be more significant than the column written by someone called Twiggy in the Post. In the House of Lords, Lord Burns did not vote in favour of a ban…. P. G. TAYLOR Thornton's Holt Stragglethorpe (letter)

Knutsford Guardian 21.8.02 We are never short of police at hunt protest …when the hunts are out, the place seems to be overrun with police - police in cars, on motorbikes, in riot vans and in a spotter plane… despite asking the question many times I have never had a satisfactory explanation as to just how so many police can be used for hours and hours throughout the hunting season - while criminals like armed robbers, paedophiles, murderers, rapists and all the other terrible crimes that occur every day everywhere need police attention… when hunting is banned not only will the deer, hare and foxes benefit (and all the other animals and human hunt victims) so will the community at large as more police manpower becomes available. S A N CHEETHAM, Parkfield Road, Knutsford (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 21.8.02 Investigation into monkey cruelty at lab - A REPORT into alleged animal cruelty at a Cambridge University laboratory is expected to be published this autumn. Government inspectors are currently investigating whether the university broke the conditions of a Home Office licence… "We have asked the university for a meeting to discuss this further but they have refused," said Sarah Kite, BUAV director of investigations… (story)
Western Daily Press 11.6.02 Referring to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's expose of monkeys incarcerated in tiny cages at Cambridge University, P Davies says "Battery chickens suffer a pretty awful fate yet there are few of us prepared to follow our principles to the extent that we refuse to eat their meat or eggs." Incorrect, Mr Davies - it is estimated that there are now four million vegetarians in the UK, in addition to the countless people who take the trouble to ensure that the chicken and eggs they eat are non-battery products… (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.6.02 I am full of sympathy for the monkeys whose pictures you carried, incarcerated in tiny cages while they find themselves the subject of experiments. But I have a lot of feeling too for the countless human beings with Parkinson's and similar diseases whose conditions may well be helped by animal research… Surely it is better that if vivisection must be practised, it is done under the strictest of conditions in a British laboratory. P Davies Midsomer Norton Somerset(letter)
Western Morning News 11.6.02 THOUSANDS OUTRAGED AT TREATMENT OF ANIMALS - I read with some horror and disbelief that Tony Blair has now declared that Britain will lead the world in clone science!.. He captured many votes because he "promised" to rid this country of the barbarism of fox hunting. He has now compounded that insult by publicly defending animal experimentation… The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection was able to provide TV with these very disturbing pictures because of the bravery of one of their undercover investigators… Joanne Bell, Barnstaple (story)
Daily Record 31.5.02 IT has recently been revealed that public taxes were used to pay for cruel experiments on tiny marmoset monkeys in one of Britain's most prestigious laboratories… Despite years of research, little benefit has been achieved from these dreadful experiments. - J. Cooper, Dunfermline (letter)
Cambridge News 30.5.02 Scientific innovation? From Peter Robinson, Union Lane, Cambridge I WAS glad to see that Cambridge University is going to investigate the accusation that it has been cruel to animals and contravened Home Office regulations. Think how much money would be saved if all defendants were allowed to review the evidence against them, rather than having the expense of holding a trial… (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 29.5.02 Video shows lab testing on monkeys DOZENS of people at a Cambridge hotel yesterday watched an undercover video of experiments on monkeys allegedly filmed at Cambridge University laboratories… Witness the cutting edge of British Medical Research, a 21-minute film including her covert footage, was shown at the Royal Cambridge Hotel, in Trumpington Street… (story in archive)
Cambridge News 28.5.02 Cruelty claims meeting - A PUBLIC meeting will be held tonight to discuss the findings of an undercover investigation into alleged animal cruelty at a Cambridge University laboratory. The university has been accused of carrying out "horrific" experiments on monkeys by The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)… The public meeting will be held at the Royal Cambridge Hotel in Trumpington Street, Cambridge, at 7.15pm (story in archive)
Sunday Mirror 26.5.02 TV CARLA'S APE FURY - TELEVISION writer Carla Lane condemned Cambridge University over claims its scientists performed "horrific" experiments on monkeys… (story in archive)
Scotland on Sunday 26.5.02 Carla Lane joins outcry over monkey tests - TELEVISION writer Carla Lane yesterday added her voice to the condemnation of Cambridge University… (story)
Express 25.5.02 Probe launched into monkey tests - Animal campaigners are calling for vivisection to be banned as a top university probes claims that it performed "horrific" experiments on monkeys. A member of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) who worked as a lab technician at Cambridge University for 10 months, says he became "desperately disturbed" by tests taking place on marmosets… (story)
Independent 25.5.02 Cambridge lab accused of cruelty to monkeys By Andrew Johnson - Cambridge University has launched an inquiry into allegations that monkeys used in brain experiments were treated horrifically by researchers. Undercover animal welfare campaigners say secret film shows monkeys having the tops of their skulls sawn off and their brains damaged or removed by sucking, cutting, or the injection of toxins… Cambridge University said in a statement yesterday it was taking the matter very seriously and had begun an inquiry into the claims (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 25.5.02 ‘Horrific’ animal tests ban call By STUART REID ANIMAL campaigners today called for vivisection to be banned as a top university investigated claims its scientists performed "horrific" experiments on monkeys… (story)
Cambridge News 25.5.02 University probe into monkey lab claims - CAMBRIDGE University has been accused of animal cruelty after an undercover video revealed "horrific" experiments on monkeys… (story in archive)
Scotsman 25.5.02 Cambridge in animal experiment uproar - ANIMAL welfare campaigners said yesterday they had found evidence of "horrific" experiments on monkeys at Cambridge University… (story)
BBC News Online Friday, 24 May, 2002, 18:10 GMT 19:10 UK - Cambridge monkey experiments inquiry - An anti-vivisection group has accused Cambridge University of carrying out highly invasive brain experiments on monkeys without the proper authorisation. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav) has released video footage, taken during a secret 10-month investigation, which it claims shows "horrific" procedures… (story)

Cambridge News 21.8.02 MP denies newspaper's 'cash for questions' story - THE Conservative MP for Huntingdon has rejected claims made in a national paper that he took cash for questions and says he has taken legal advice… Mr Djanogly said he had consulted his solicitor. He said the money had been paid to his local party without his knowledge…. The MP also said he had heard from John Souter, chairman of the local Liberal Democrats… "He wrote to me today saying The Observer had incorrectly reported what he had said and that he had not alleged I received any money from the company." (story)
Observer 18.8.02 Tory MP embroiled in 'cash for question' row - Antony Barnett, public affairs editor … Jonathan Djanogly, who replaced John Major as the MP for Huntingdon, received £1,500 from Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) on 11 January. Six days later, he put forward a question during Prime Minister's Question Time which likened protesters against the company to 'international terrorists' and asked Tony Blair to clamp down on their activities….. Dan Sidley, a spokesman for SHAC, the group campaigning for the closure of HLS, said: 'No politician should be taking money from a company that kills 500 animals a day… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 21.8.02 SENSIBLE REMARKS - Well done, R A Gagie (letter July 27). The most sensible remarks I have read in ages regarding the gulls and the dogs in the Bay. It's about time people stopped complaining about the gulls… N JACKSON Preston, Paignton (letter)

Louth Leader 21.8.02 So many ignored the needs of a poor injured wild deer - I witnessed two very different sides to human nature last week as I stopped to help others protect an injured fawn on the side of the road… One man made countless calls to the police and RSPCA, I never saw them arrive… (name and address supplied) (letter)

Daily Post 21.8.02 Men jailed for cruel search for badgers - THREE men were yesterday jailed for six weeks each for the "deliberate, cruel and vicious" hunt for badgers. Stephen Baker, 38, of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port; Stephen Butler, 30, of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry; and Stephen Fowell, 30, of Whitfield Street, Tranmere, were found guilty of badger digging on farmland in Heswall, Wirral… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 27.7.02 Jail warning for badger hunters - THREE men who "annihilated" a sett in the hunt for badgers were yesterday told they faced a prison sentence. Stephen Baker, 38, of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port; Stephen Butler, 30, of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry; and Stephen Fowell, 30, of Whitfield Street, Tranmere; were found guilty of badger digging on farmland in Heswall, Wirral. Deputy District Judge Simon Reed told the trio it was " abundantly obvious" they had deliberately set out to hunt badgers… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 13.7.02 Badger hunt accused 'after rats and foxes' By Kerry Mccrink, Daily Post Correspondent - THREE men accused of hunting badgers with dogs lied under oath in a tale concocted to protect themselves, a court heard yesterday. Stephen Baker, 38, of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port, Stephen Butler, 30, of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry, and Stephen Fowell, 30, of Whitfield Street, Tranmere, appeared at Wallasey Magistrates' Court. They are accused of badger digging on farmland in Pensby in October… (story)
Daily Post 3.7.02 We were hunting rats, say badger baiting accused By Mike Hornby Daily Post Staff - THREE men have appeared in court charged with badger baiting at a Wirral farm. Stephen Baker, 38, of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port, Stephen Butler, 30, of Cedar Gardens, Aston Park, Queensferry and 30-year-old Stephen Fowell, of Whitfield Street, Tranmere, appeared before Birkenhead magistrates yesterday. Magistrates heard the men were seen on farmland in Pensby with a terrier on October 17 last year… The defendants say they had no idea the tunnels were a sett and told police they were out hunting rats… (story)
Wirral Globe 12.3.02 Three face badger charge - THREE men re-appeared before Wirral magistrates... Stephen Baker, 37, of Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port; Stephen Butler, 29, of Cedar Gardens, Queensferry; and Stephen Fowell, 29, of Whitfield Street, Birkenhead, all deny digging for badgers at Heswall in October... (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 20.8.02 SILENT AND SIDELINED - Nfu officials have been ordered to draw up a last minute publicity campaign amid fears that farming issues will be sidelined in next month's pro-hunt Liberty and Livelihood March. The event, organised by the Countryside Alliance, is expected to see hundreds of thousands of bloodsports supporters parading through London on September 22… it is clear the hunting issue is already dominating all the publicity, and dismayed farmers now fear their voices will be drowned out… Most farmers are, if not active hunters, then at least sympathetic to hunting and very few are not affected by it in some way or another. But many feel they have now been duped into supporting a single-issue protest where they will just become part of the numbers game… (story)

Oldham Chronicle 20.8.02 Signing up to end hunting by DAWN BUNNELL - OLDHAMERS have had the chance to add their signature to 250,000 others in support of a ban on hunting with dogs. Representatives from the RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the League Against Cruel Sports visited Market Place, Oldham, to ask people to pledge their support for the cause… Graham Howard from the League Against Cruel Sports said: “After only an hour of being here in Oldham we’ve had many more than 100 signatures…" Stanley the stag joins nine-year-old Jessica Goodwin-Sherratt, Nicholas Sherratt and RSPCA representative Lisa Dewhurst in collecting signatures for a ban on hunting with dogs (story may be in archive)

Portsmouth News 20.8.02 HUNT SUPPORTERS ORDERED TO TAKE DOWN SIGNS …Supporters of the Countryside Alliance have put up the signs measuring three feet by three feet advertising a march in London on road sides, bus stops and telegraph poles. But they breach planning laws and if they are left the group could end up being prosecuted…. Council spokesman Ian Hogg said they had already contacted the group and asked them to take the signs down but had not seen any action…. Jeannette McClunan from Portsmouth Animal Rights Group said: 'We're cross they think they can put these signs anywhere…" (story in archive)

Western Morning News 20.8.02 Beyond belief - IT IS heart-warming to see so many letters in your newspaper from readers who genuinely care about animals, and who write condemning all forms of cruelty and supporting a ban on hunting with hounds… J Green, Port Isaac (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 19.8.02 Country group told to remove posters by Clare Kennedy - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners have been ordered to take down dozens of illegal posters across the Meon Valley advertising a mass demonstration next month. But the Countryside Alliance pressure group insists it will not bow to the demand… James Drewer, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "All these signs will be taken down on September 23. "Judging by the number of posters going up across the area we are getting a lot of support and it's up to landowners to decide whether to keep them up…." (story in archive)

Western Morning News 20.8.02 GROUP UNDERSTANDS COUNTRYSIDE ISSUES - Roy Williams (WMN, August 6) is wrong to say those people opposed to hunting for sport do not have the slightest clue as to how the countryside works and should not try to change a whole way of life… does he really believe I must become a drug addict or an alcoholic before my Member of Parliament will accept that I know what I am talking about and listen to my requests to legislate to ban such anti-social behaviour?... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.8.02 'BALANCE OF NATURE' EXISTS IN A PERFECT VACUUM - Sir - Like Mr Hudson I, too, live in Corsley, Wiltshire. He may not have noticed it but about two years ago the parish was infested with foxes. A farmer of my acquaintance shot over 50 in one month alone and I disposed of several, one in my own garden. The foxes were controlled by human action, not by any "balance of nature"… J W Alexander Lyes Green Corsley Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.8.02 KILL THIS BLOOD SPORT - What an observation (August 14); a stag hunted by a sadistic, ruthless, blood-thirsty mob of hunters, finally tired, frightened and exhausted, takes refuge in a river to be killed just for sport. But because it was in the sun and in its natural surroundings, M O'Connor says that makes it all right… Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.8.02 WAY OUT OF CONTROL - We are told by people who hunt stags that deer must be controlled. But why must it take hours to do this?... P Dean Whiteshill Gloucestershire (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 16.8.02 STAG HUNTERS ARE ACTING INHUMANLY I watched with horror and disgust the recent television footage of a terrorised deer frantically trying to escape a pack of dogs and their brutal, inhuman, brain-dead owners…. Dorothy Webb, Corbet Close, Lawrence Weston (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.8.02 WHAT IS RSPCA WAITING FOR? - Sir - Like thousands of other people, I watched the horrific cruelty when the International Fund for Animal Welfare video was shown on HTV West on August 7. The video footage not only shows the prolonged suffering of the stag, but two hounds being beaten over the head by a man in the water to prevent them from attacking the stag… What is the RSPCA doing about it?... Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.8.02 FACT, EXPERIENCE AND SCIENCE - Can I dare suggest that Tony Short would have benefited from a proper briefing on deer management before exposing his limited knowledge in his letter How Can Stag's Death Be Justified? I would be pleased to arrange for him and fellow councillors to visit a hunt and meet deer experts… Mal Treharne, Countryside Alliance Aley Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.8.02 IGNORING DEATH IN ANIMAL LABS - Sir - The film shown by HTV of the death of a stag provoked a storm of weeping and anti-hunt feeling. The stag died, in the sunshine, in its natural surroundings, after a life of freedom, as a result of a chase lasting over three hours. For the tens of thousands of animals, great and small, that die in our laboratories every year, their ordeal is not measured in hours, but weeks and months… To weep for the one and totally ignore the thousands is surely swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat. M O'Conner Name and address supplied (letter)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucestershire Citizen or Gloucester Echo) 13.8.02 HOW CAN STAG'S DEATH BE JUSTIFIED?... Tony Short Stroud District Councillor Cainscross Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.8.02 HUGE PUBLIC OUTCRY OVER DEER SHOT BY HUNT GUNMEN - Sir - It was disappointing that your paper did not cover the events in Dulverton involving the Devon and Somerset Staghounds… The International Fund for Animal Welfare's hunt monitors filmed the threehour hunting of a magnificent stag by the staghounds…. Members of the public are entitled to information from all sides of the debate on hunting with dogs.With that in mind, we are enclosing some images from Saturday's incident and hope you will find space to include them in your paper. Lis Key IFAW Press Office 87-90 Albert Embankment London SE1 7UD
EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the pressure of other news stories and demands on space, it is not always possible to report on every incident in our vast regional coverage… As for television coverage, well, they do not cover even a fraction of the content of newspapers. (letter)
Western Morning News 10.8.02 SELECTIVE IMAGES DO NOT TELL THE REAL STORY - I am an Exmoor farmer, and have hunted all my life. I have 150 red deer on my land. I would like to comment on some pictures released by IFAW of a staghunt on Saturday August 3… The main picture depicts the stag swimming away from hounds. There is then a shot of the experienced, trained marksman shooting the deer. This is certainly not dangerous, there being a high bank behind the deer…. The incident filmed took about two minutes, but during the alleged three-hour hunt the stag would not have seen - and probably not even have heard - the hounds who were hunting the "live scent" up to half an hour or more after the deer had passed…. (story)
Western Morning News 10.8.02 WONDERFUL CREATURE MEETS A CRUEL END - The morning of the hunt was unusually warm and therefore clear and the high temperature of the day would take its toll on the stag…. because he was a super stag he was doomed to be hunted and killed… he stag in a last desperate bid for life took to the river. We arrived at the scene within Dulverton to hear baying hounds in the river and the excited mob of hunt followers present… His eyes were bulging; his nostrils wide open in a vain effort to breathe. His face was full of terror…. (story)
West Somerset County Gazette 9.8.02 Stag kill starts controversy - A WEST Somerset hunt has denied claims that a marksman fired towards a crowd of people and a row of houses to kill a stag at the end of a chase. The incident in Dulverton on the opening day of the season last Saturday (August 3) involved the Devon and Somerset Staghounds. International Fund for Animal Welfare monitor Kevin Hill was filming with other anti-hunt campaigners when the stag was brought to bay in a weir pool… Devon and Somerset Staghounds joint master, Diana Scott, strongly refuted Mr Hill's account… Arminal Scott, of the South West Deer Protection, said it would be calling for a police investigation… (story in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 9.8.02 WHY WAS STAG CRUELLY TREATED? - It didn't have a leg broken through a road accident, it wasn't diseased, it wasn't dying of gangrene caused by gunshot wounds, it wasn't old or infirm… I ask the Countryside Alliance why was this magnificent animal so cruelly treated?... Well I hope you all watched HTV news on Tuesday evening… TONY SHORTT, SD Councillor, Cainscross, Stroud (letter)

Border Telegraph 20.8.02 Country Diary - IT is claimed that fishing tackle is the cause of death and injury to many thousands of animals every year… Some strong words have been used by the animal welfare organisations which have to deal with these unfortunate birds, such as those of Rorke Garfield, of the National Animal Rescue Association: “The suffering inflicted upon this nation’s birds and other animal life by coarse fishermen is nothing short of the worst kind of vandalism.”… (story)

Western Morning News 20.8.02 KILLING BADGERS IS NOT THE CURE FOR TB - It has been claimed that "it is abundantly clear" that I have very little knowledge of farming or its practices. As a statement of fact, Mr Pomeroy, I was among the first to establish a TT herd in Cornwall in the late 1940s… Mr Pomeroy claims to have proved "many times" that the badger is the main cause. If you have such success in proving this fact, how is it that Defra and their predecessors, with all their available expertise and widespread coverage, have failed to do so?... You can slaughter all the badgers if you wish but under present farming methods you will find TB undiminished… Eric Higgs, Bodmin (letter)

Edinburgh News 20.8.02 City research centre slated over rat tests By SAM HALSTEAD - A WORLD-RENOWNED research centre in the Capital has been "named and shamed" by animal rights activists for carrying out laboratory tests on rats. Campaigners today attacked the cancer research by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, which included suffocating rats with carbon dioxide. The tests by the research centre feature in the Animal Aid Mad Science Awards, which were announced this week… A spokeswoman for Advocates for Animals said: "These experiments are absolutely appalling. Advocates for Animals congratulate Animal Aid for exposing this barbaric testing and hope people will wake up to the futility of such testing." … (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 20.8.02 Hit squads hunt dog-fight gangs - Charles Heslett - ELITE SAS-trained undercover squads are hunting down gangs of West Yorkshire dog fighters… Officers from the RSPCA's special operations unit (SOU) believe an organised dog fight takes place somewhere in the county at least once every four to six weeks…. Chief Inspector Mike Butcher, the RSPCA officer in charge, said his officers were increasingly reliant on a network of informants for vital tip-offs about the fights…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 19.8.02 FOX HUNTERS DRUM UP SUPPORT IN CITY - Hull: Countryside Alliance campaigners brought their battle to save fox hunting to the city at the weekend. They were heckled by a handful of animal rights protesters as they tried to win new supporters among shoppers… Julie Nelson, a spokeswoman for the East Yorkshire branch of the alliance, said: "We're still learning, but we realised it was time to improve our image…"Anti-hunt campaigners brought banners and posters to the event. Steve Broom, 52, from Ings Road Estate, said: "I felt it was important to come down and make a point… The Countryside Alliance keeps telling animal rights protesters like me to stay out of the country. I say they should stay out of the city." (story)

Hull Daily Mail 19.8.02 QUALITIES OF LIVING NATURALLY - Paul Temple's Liberty and Livelihood march on September 22 deserves not only rural support but urban enthusiasm, too. What is most needed for this country, whose industrial heyday is over, is an agrarian revolution along the lines of ecological awareness and organic farming methods… Ken Hartford, Durham Mews, Beverley (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.8.02 BLAIR MUST ACT WITH HUNT BAN - John Phelps is right about the hunting debate being over the argument has been won. Members of Parliament have been satisfied that hunting with dogs is cruel and pointless enough to justify a ban…. It must also ensure that there are no dangerous loopholes - as in the Scottish Act - such as the use of dogs for flushing foxes into the opening for shooting, a practice common in Wales. There is no evidence that foxes are a threat to sheep farming, therefore, no such use of dogs should be permitted…. H Weeks West Coker Hill (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.8.02 THIS WAS NOT MUDDLED THINKING, ONLY THE TRUTH - Sir - It normally doesn't worry me when Mal Treharne chooses to make a personal attack on me - as on August 12. Instead, it tends to confirm that I must be saying something right… My claim was taken directly from an article that appeared in The Times on February 21, 1998 which included: "The nobility of Britain has seldom appeared more organised in protest. The Dukes of Westminster, Northumberland, Devonshire and Rutland are but a handful of those funding buses or trains for tenants and workers on their estates to join the march."… D Cronin West Quantoxhead Taunton (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.8.02 FEARS OF RURAL HAVOC SPARKED DEMO MARCH - Over the years we have resisted responding to the ramblings of Doreen Cronin, until now… Gloating over the Scottish Parliament's hunt ban only demonstrates the "we do not like it therefore we will stop you at any cost" attitude… A number of Scottish hunts intend to offer a fox control service to farmers and landowners and discussions have taken place with various police forces with this in mind… This case raises fundamental constitutional and human rights issues… That is why hundreds of thousands of good people will March through London on September 22… And when we march, we will find our own way at our own expense. Your correspondent seems to think that the aristocracy will pay the way. If only… Mal Treharne Countryside Alliance Aley Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.8.02 NOW PRO-HUNT DEMO GOES BY ANOTHER NAME Sir - It is interesting that the emphasis on the Countryside Alliance march next month appears to have moved away, at least in publicity terms, from the hunting issue to that termed Liberty and Livelihood.But doubtless all the hunt banners will predominate when the time comes. Would it be thought too cynical to suggest that this has in no small measure been due to the decision made by Lord Nimmo Smith to dismiss the pleas of the pro-hunt lobby in Scotland and state that the court must defer to "the discretionary area of judgment"within the constitutional responsibility of the Scottish Parliament?... it will be interesting to know whether coaches running to London from around the country will again be funded by the duke and lord of this and that, as on the occasion of the similar rally on March , 1998 helped along financially by some of the country's richest property developers… D Cronin West Quantoxhead Near Taunton Somerset (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.8.02 COUNCIL HAS TAKEN ACTION AGAINST FOXES - A recent letter Viewpoint stated that Cleethorpes Council will do nothing about the fox population in Cleethorpes. I would refute that remark as some years ago the said council did act. They banned the Brocklesby Hunt from all council-owned property or lands… During the 70s period I was employed by the Brocklesby Hunt, and three consecutive years I was sent to the Humberston Fitties to move a vixen and litter of cats from beneath a chalet as it was feared they may harm children… Also about this time rabies was rapidly spreading across Europe by the fox population and reached the Belgian coast… The authorities sat back and waited, while the Master of Foxhounds Association drew up a plan to annihilate all foxes possible in this country, should the dreaded scourge reach our shores…. J Cox, Station Road, Stallingborough (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.8.02 FACTS EXAGGERATED - I do not dispute the views of facts in Robert Howson's letter on fox hunting (Viewpoint August 13), but I do object to the gross exaggeration used to support his argument. "The people of this country have voted unanimously to ban this cruel sport..." Hunt supporters and employees would never vote that way, neither would I. vote therefore, could never be unanimous, and I am unaware of any referendum or other opportunity for the public to vote…. WR Clipson, Cooper Road, Grimsby (letter)

Northern Echo 19.8.02 Police investigate badger baiting - Police have launched an investigation after badger baiters carried out a sickening attack on a sett. The bodies of one, possibly two, badgers were found in woodland close to a sett which had been dug out near Bishop Auckland in County Durham…. volunteers from Durham Badger Group said it seemed the badgers were killed at the sett… Information can also be given to the group, which says badger baiters must not be approached by members of the public, via Durham Wildlife Trust on 0191-584 3112. (story in archive)

Guardian 19.8.02 'Slap on wrist' for scientists who killed mice with loud music - Rebecca Allison - Scientists at Cambridge University who drugged mice and then blasted them to death with high volume music from The Prodigy have received an official reprimand from the Home Office, it was revealed yesterday… The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection said it was appalled the researchers had got away with a "slap on the wrist"… quote from campaigns director Wendy Higgins (story)
Independent 19.8.02 Scientists censured for blasting dance music at mice By John von Radowitz - Scientists who blasted dance music at drugged mice in a "tasteless" experiment have been reprimanded by the Home Office. Seven mice forced to listen to the Prodigy after being given a strong form of amphetamine died while others suffered brain damage… (story)
Telegraph 19.8.02 Rebuke for deadly dose of music for mice (story)
Scotsman 19.8.02 Tasteless tunes not nice for mice - John Innes - SCIENTISTS who blasted drugged mice with loud dance music in a "tasteless" experiment have received an official Home Office reprimand… (story)
Scotsman 19.8.02 An experiment too far FOR Home Office scientists, a rap over the knuckles for a cruel experiment with mice that should give pause for thought… Was this experiment really necessary? Many parents with teenage offspring could readily have provided a human substitute for mice and first-hand evidence of the effects of "speed" and loud music. If it was bad for the mice, why should it be OK for us? (editorial)
Yorkshire Post 19.8.02 Scientists rapped for 'cruel' tests on live mice (story)
Glasgow Herald 19.8.02 Animal rights anger at music test on mice - CAMERON SIMPSON - AN experiment in which rodents were injected with drugs and subjected to music has been condemned by animal rights campaigners… (story in archive)

Sunday Times 18.8.02 Human quarry - A PACK of bloodhounds chased a human quarry over Borders countryside in the first hunt of its type to be staged north of the border. The move by the Berwickshire Hunt follows the ban on fox hunting (story)
Times 15.8.02 Man hunt to beat the ban on foxes - A RUNNER is to take the place of a fleeing fox as Scotland’s oldest hunt finds an solution to the ban on foxhunting. David Law, 32, will put himself before a pack of bloodhounds with Berwickshire Hunt this weekend… (story)
Glasgow Herald 15.8.02 Hounds to hunt for a human quarry - Berwickshire pack sniffs wind of change in pursuit of alternative to banned sport - BRIAN DONNELLY …David Law, 32, is to be the first human quarry in the history of Scotland's oldest fox hunt, the Berwickshire Hunt, which is turning to alternative means since hunting with dogs was banned earlier this month…Mr Whaley added that another possibility for diversification, drag hunting, in which a scented trail is laid, was unlikely to be adopted by his or other hunts. He said: "Drag hunting would be the equivalent of me asking you to follow a railway line…" Trevor Adams, of the Buccleuch Hunt which is also based in the Borders, said other hunts in Scotland did not have the same kind of terrain suited to Clean Boot hunting… Les Ward, of Advocates for Animals, said: "The reality of the ban has brought about this welcome development by the Berwickshire Hunt and we now call on others to do likewise." (story)
Telegraph 14.8.02 Huntsmen to track human prey By Auslan Cramb - The oldest hunt in Scotland will chase a human quarry for the first time this weekend following the ban on foxhunting. The Berwickshire Hunt, which was established in the 17th century, has acquired a pack of bloodhounds that will be used to track a specially trained runner…. Jeremy Whaley, joint master and huntsman with the Berwickshire, said it would not replace the thrill of the unknown when hunting a fox, but was a form of diversification… "We will continue hunting foxes by driving them into the open to be shot, as the Scottish Parliament wants us to do, even though in my opinion it is a disgusting and unreliable way to kill foxes. This will not replace foxhunting and will certainly not support the number of people in the countryside that foxhunting does…" Mr Whaley said that drag hunting, in which the hounds follow a scented rag across the countryside, was much faster, needed expensive horses, and much more land…. (story)

Sunday Independent (18.8.02) Dog owners in pro-hunt move by Matt Bamsey - THOUSANDS of dog-loving protesters lined the streets of Dorchester on Saturday, August 3, in a bid to highlight the dangers of a hunting ban. More than 1,000 people marched through the town centre warning proposed legislation to outlaw hunting could have a severe affect on the ordinary dog owner… (story in archive)

Scotland on Sunday 18.8.02 Need for balanced predator control - IT IS small wonder that the countryside debate is seen as being fragmented and full of polarised views when headlines such as ‘Snares injuring thousands of animals’ (News, August 11) appear in the printed media… The report from the National Federation of Badger Groups talks about 246 snaring cases dealt with by the RSPCA, not thousands. Incidents reported invariably relate to snares which are either illegal in design or have been set in an illegal manner, already prescribed by legislation… BASC Scotland also supports the proposed changes to the Wildlife & Countryside Act which will further clarify the use of legal snares and help in the prosecution of already illegal activities…. (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 10.8.02 Snares injuring thousands of animals, says SSPCA GEORGE MAIR - SCOTLAND’S largest animal charity yesterday launched a campaign to abolish the use of snares after thousands of animals, including protected species, domestic pets and livestock, were injured and killed last year…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 18.8.02 Animals suffering in cloning experiments - PROF Ian Wilmut, creator of Dolly the sheep, has admitted that 99% of animal cloning attempts end in failure and that of those that do produce offspring the animals are genetically or physically abnormal… It is even more unlikely that government will take any notice of the suffering of the tens of thousands of animals sacrificed in these flawed experiments every year…. (letter)

Telegraph 17.8.02 'We'll make them think again' - Otis Ferry, 19, the son of the singer Bryan Ferry, was arrested while making a pro-hunting protest at the Prime Minister's home in July. Adrian Dangar travelled to Yorkshire to meet him… According to Otis's boss, Frank Houghton-Brown, the master of the Middleton hunt, the state of his whipper-in's house is all to do with his devotion to duty. "He works incredibly hard and spends very little time at home. He's very dedicated."… (interview)

Telegraph 17.8.02 Brown comes up to town - Look forward to an amusing clash of cultures when the shires invade London for the Countryside March, says Adam Edwards… (story)

Argus 17.8.02 Dog-leg - I wish huntsmen and their supporters such as W Eleini (Letters, August 10) would make up their minds. One minute they're saying the fox is hardly ever caught on hunts, next they say without hunting we will be over-run by foxes and then they are caught breeding foxes and letting them loose in front of the hounds, who quickly tear the poor animals to pieces… -Sally Durrant, Queens Road, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 14.8.02 Dry-point - The hypocrisy of Will Eleini (Letters, August 10) is absolutely breathtaking… It is well known the levels of violence huntsmen and their supporters will go to to stop those who try to end the misery inflicted upon our wildlife by huntsmen. No wonder the RSPCA employees didn't rush out with water for their dogs…. -Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
Argus 10.8.02 Which is charity? As a participant in the march on the RSPCA… the number of people was closer to 1,000… many thanks to the charitable residents of Southwater who, on our return journey to our cars, provided buckets of water for the dogs… in marked contrast to that of the RSPCA headquarters where no water was on offer and the staff simply gazed at us from their £16 million air-conditioned offices. -Will Eleini, (letter in archive)
West Sussex County Times 9.8.02 RSPCA CAUGHT IN HUNTING 'DOGFIGHT' HUNDREDS of pro-hunting protesters and their dogs converged on the RSPCA's Southwater headquarters to demonstrate against its campaign to ban the sport…. quotes from Richard Meade, Event organiser Richard Middleton, John Rolls, RSPCA director of communications (story in archive) (photo) (photo) (photo)
Argus 9.8.02 Country ways - I went on Wednesday's demonstration (August 8) not as a pro-hunting activist but as an animal lover who feels the RSPCA has lost its way… I am an out-and-out "townie" (and have never been on a demonstration before) but I respect the rights of country people to their freedom to earn a living and live as they wish… Judith Patten, Richmond, Surrey (letter in archive)
Telegraph 8.8.02 Pro-hunting protest targets RSPCA By Robert Uhlig, Farming Correspondent More than 600 demonstrators and about 1,500 working dogs converged on the RSPCA's new headquarters yesterday to protest that a ban on hunting would lead to greater and more widespread animal suffering than if the sport continued… quotes from Richard Meade, Richard Middleton, the Kent chairman of the Countryside Alliance, John Rolls, the RSPCA's director of communication, Pat Sutton, the chairman of the Master of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association, Matthew Higgs, 43, a huntsman with South Hertfordshire Beagles (story)
Western Daily Press 8.8.02 HUNT-BAN PROTEST AT RSPCA HQ Demonstrators who fear thousands of working dogs will have to be destroyed if hunting is banned yesterday protested at the RSPCA's new headquar ters. Countryside Alliance organisers estimated that about 1,500 working dogs and 700 people from 18 hunts, along with members of gun-dog and lurcher clubs, ferreters, gamekeepers and pest controllers, took part in the Fight for Life demonstration at the new £16million headquarters at Horsham, West Sussex. (story)
Argus 7.8.02 Pro-hunt march on RSPCA by Fay Millar - Hundreds of pro-hunting protesters gathered outside the RSPCA's Horsham HQ to demonstrate against its campaign to ban the sport… quotes from Richard Meade, Jonathan Broise, who has a pack of 80 dogs in Petworth, RSPCA spokeswoman Ann Grain, John Rolls, RSPCA director of communications, said: "Today's Countryside Alliance protest is no more than a stunt carried out solely for publicity purposes and with little thought for the welfare of the dogs concerned…" (photo) (story in archive)
Ananova 7.8.02 Hunt supporters protest at RSPCA headquaters Demonstrators who fear thousands of working dogs will have to be destroyed if hunting is banned have protested at the RSPCA's new headquarters. Hundreds of working dogs and owners from 18 hunts plus members of gun dog and lurcher clubs, ferreters, gamekeepers and pest controllers, went to the Fight for Life demonstration at the £16 million headquarters at Horsham, West Sussex… Reacting to the criticism, RSPCA spokeswoman Ann Grain said: "The hounds are their property and they are responsible for those dogs…." (story) (photo)
Argus 7.8.02 Hunt supporters lobby RSPCA - Demonstrators were gathering outside the RSPCA's new HQ today to highlight the uncertain future of working dogs if hunting is banned. The Countryside Alliance expected hundreds of working dogs, hunt staff, members of gun dog and lurcher clubs, ferreters, gamekeepers and pest controllers to attend the Fight for Life demonstration at the £16 million headquarters at Horsham…. (story in archive)

Northern Echo 17.8.02 Madonna sets her sights on grouse moor - SHE may seem the most unlikely candidate to join the hunting, shooting and fishing brigade, but Madonna is rumoured to have set her heart on acquiring a prized North-East grouse moor. Speculation sweeping the villages of northern County Durham is that the Material Girl has emerged as favourite to buy the Muggleswick estate…. (story in archive)
Darlington & Stockton Times 17.8.02 Grouse moor up for sale with £6m price tag …The Muggleswick Estate, near Edmundbyers has been put on the market by agents acting for the owner, Viscount Lambton, with an asking price of £6m…. (story in archive)
Northern Echo 13.8.02 For the sportsman who has it all, a grouse moor at a mere £6m ONE of the world's most prized grouse moors was put up for sale yesterday - the Glorious Twelfth - with a multi-million price tag…. The Muggleswick Estate, near Edmundbyers on the County Durham and Northumberland border, covers 10,700 acres of freehold moorland and a further 1,067 acres of grazing land. The sale will include three farms… (story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 17.8.02 Let's try to stop birds slaughter - REGARDING the article by Gayle McBain entitled "Sun-soaked Malta, top of league" (August 1)… Each year, millions of birds from our country migrate to Africa in late summer and autumn, then back again in Spring. And on their migratory path lies Malta and Gozo. When the birds arrive exhausted and hungry, instead of being left to feed and rest up, they face a barrage of bullets!.. Mrs K Haydock, Church Street, Horwich, Bolton (letter in archive)

Edinburgh News 17.8.02 Badger baiting is back warns SSPCA By STEPHANIE TODD - THE barbaric "sport" of badger-baiting has returned to West Lothian. Animal welfare inspectors have found evidence of gangs hunting badgers in woodland near Blackburn… SPCA chief inspector Jim Cormack confirmed the grim discovery today… Mike Flynn, SSPCA superintendent, warned people involved in badger-baiting that they could face a hefty punishment…. (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 17.8.02 MARCH AGAINST THIS DISGRACE - An anti-live export of animals march is taking place in Dover tomorrow (Saturday). Please contact Compassion in World Farming for details… C Stirling-Reed, Bagham Lane, Herstmonceux (letter)
Edinburgh News 17.8.02 Protest at ‘barbaric’ trade in live animals - THE Government was today accused of failing to prevent "the barbaric trade" of live animal exports. The claim by animal welfare campaigners comes in advance of a demonstration due to take place today at Dover docks in protest at the resumption of live animal exports…. Speakers at the rally include Carla Lane, Sue Jameson, Mark Watts MEP, Joyce D’Silva and Ian Burchill of Kent Against Live Exports… (story)
Dover Mercury 15.8.02 Celebrities to lead animal exports demo CAMPAIGNERS protesting against the export of live animals from Dover are expected to bring the docks to a standstill this Saturday. The demonstration is being organised by members of Compassion in World Farming with people being bussed in from all over the country. The protestors will include writer Carla Lane and actress Sue Jameson… Carla Lane… will speak at the rally, with other speakers, including MEP Mark Watts and Ian Burchill of KALE (Kent Against Live Exports). (story)

Daily Post 16.8.02 Armed police swoop on North Wales fox hunt pack By Andrew Forgrave Rural Affairs Editor - NORTH Wales' rural community has reacted with outrage after armed police swooped on a fox hunt pack. Members of the Llanarmon DC Foxhounds were frisked, told to hold their hands up and threatened with arrest after a tip-off from a local landowner who allegedly opposes fox hunting. The roadside drama occurred late on Tuesday evening on the B4500 country road near Pandy, Ceiriog Valley, near Chirk…. The Countryside Alliance's lawyers have been advising Mr Matthews in his consultations with the police… (story)
Evening Leader ARMED POLICE SWOOP ON HUNTERS - POLICE marksmen swooped on a group of foxhunters near Chirk after receiving reports of armed trespass from a landowner… (story in archive)

Cumberland News 16.8.02 FOXHOUNDS KILLED AS PACK RUNS ON TO A74 - TWO foxhounds were killed when a hunt pack ran out on to the motorway near Lockerbie yesterday. Four dogs from a 25-strong pack were believed to have run across the A74 shortly after lunchtime… It was not known to which hunt the dogs belonged (story)
Daily Record 16.8.02 HOUNDS DIE ON M-WAY - A PACK of foxhounds brought chaos to a motorway when they ran on to the road to chase a rabbit. The 25-strong pack, from Dumfriesshire Hunt's kennels, in Kettleholm, near Lockerbie, were on a walk beside the A74 yesterday when the incident - in which two dogs died - occurred… (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 16.8.02 ALLIANCE DEFIANCE OF POSTERS BAN - HUNT supporters are defying the IW Council's demands for them to take down Liberty and Livelihood posters… IW Hunt said it would ignore the local authority demands. Master of the hunt Richard Standing said: "The IW Council has taken exception to our Liberty and Livelihood posters and are in the process of writing to all those who are displaying them, giving 24 hours to remove them. "I will personally be ignoring the council and will keep my placard up. I expect many others will do the same, as those I have spoken to ask that they can have more placards to put up…It takes more than the council and a few animal rights hooligans to put us off. We will be leaving the vandalised posters up for a while because people having to resort to vandalism shows we have won the argument. But we will be replacing them all."… (story in archive)
Isle of Wight County Press 16.8.02 TOO LONG FOR SIGNS TO BE UP From Barry Coates-Evans, Glan-Y-Nor, Tennyson Road, Yarmouth: I WAS one of those who complained to the highways department about the Liberty and Livelihood posters… I have no opinion either way about countryside pursuits so it was not an anti-liberty and livelihood complaint. What concerned me was that the event was not until September 22 and that the posters would be up for at least seven weeks. I thought that this was totally unreasonable… (letter may be in archive)
Isle of Wight County Press 9.8.02 BAN ON COUNTRYSIDE POSTERS - A CAMPAIGNING body has accused the IW Council of double standards after it ordered illegally-erected posters removed three months after it gave itself retrospective permission for posters advertising its own Rock Island event. And a councillor has claimed the planning committee could be accused of interfering in a political process by its stance over the signs for a forthcoming Countryside Alliance event… Committee members felt the plethora of signs around the Island advertising the event flouted their regulations - and ordered that where they are on private land they should be removed within two days or landowners would be prosecuted. However, in a bid to be even-handed, they also agreed that once all the signs were removed, planning officers would discuss with representatives of the Countryside Alliance the siting of a limited number of signs and banners, to be displayed no more than 14 days before the September 22 event…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.8.02 DIFFERENT SIDES TO HUNTING STORY - My daughter has lived in Berlin for the last 19 years and for the last few years has taught English at evening classes run by the city authority…. M. HITCHINGS, The Willows, Longhope (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.8.02 KINDLY BRITS? OUR HUNT TACTICS SHOCK GERMANS - Sir - My daughter has lived in Berlin for the last 19 years and for the last few years has taught English at evening classes run by the city authority…. One of the subjects raised was fox hunting. My daughter commented she had seen notices in Berlin advertising 'Fox Hunts'. The students explained they were in fact drag hunts and queried the nature of the hunts in England… The difference in outlook beggars the consequent question which would make comparison between the numbers of horses, hounds, farriers, saddle and tackmakers, vets etc in both countries relative to the population size. I have yet to see such information quoted by either side of this argument, it could be enlightening. M Hitchings Longhope Gloucestershire (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 16.8.02 Respect and compassion are lacking - I feel that Mrs M Burder puts forward a poor case in defence of hunting. Chasing animals to the kill for pleasure, but not for food, is emphatically not part of the survival technique!... FERIAL ROGERS, Holly Cottages, Little Bealings, Woodbridge. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 15.8.02 Not everyone has 'need' to go hunting - In reply to Mrs M Burder's letter (EADT, August 10). As a campaigner for animals, I was somewhat insulted by her letter. Fox hunting is a blood sport it has nothing to do with our need to hunt… My campaigning for animals has brought me into contact with many inspiring and compassionate people… TINA CANHAM, Palmerston Road, Ipswich (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 12.8.02 Everyone is a hunter - Sir, - I refer to the recent letters regarding foxhunting… Leave country workers alone we understand and work with the countryside not against it… there are far more deserving things to fight against, eg, War and famine. I would rather give donations to those charities than other less important organisations. When you next sign a petition or give a donation think of the consequences. M BURDER (Mrs), Nayland Road, Stoke-by-Nayland (letter)

Northern Scot (16.8.02) Grouse on the rise for Glorious 12th - THE grouse population on Moray’s moorland area has seen a significant rise which heralded a good start to the shooting season on Monday, the Glorious 12th… Dr Adam Smith, head of the Game Conservancy Trust’s Scottish Upland Research, said: “The red grouse is healthy in its core range. This year’s productivity is good in many areas and there are generally fewer older birds and more young, which is a sign of a healthy population.." (story)
Hexham Courant 16.8.02 SUMMER WASH-OUT BLAMED AS GROUSE SHOOTS CANCELLED - A COMBINATION of bad weather, disease and the legacy of foot-and-mouth has led to grouse shoots being cancelled across Tynedale. Grouse numbers on estates have suffered because of the poor health of the birds, which have been dying through disease, and by the harsh summer which has killed many chicks… (story in archive)
Northern Echo 13.8.02 Shooting goes ahead as area escapes bug WHILE recent poor weather and the emergence of a deadly parasite among grouse were expected to affect North-East shoots on the Glorious Twelfth, the sport is expected to thrive on the North York Moors, where several shoots were out in force yesterday… But the League of Cruel Sports has urged shooters to "realise the harm that they are doing to the rural environment". Chief executive Douglas Batchelor described the Glorious Twelfth as a "bad news day for conservation" but there were thought to be few protests yesterday. (story in archive)
Scotsman 13.8.02 Glorious Twelfth weathers the storm - John Ross - THE torrential rain experienced in Scotland this year caused a geographical split to the Glorious Twelfth yesterday, the traditional start to the grouse shooting season… Dr Adam Smith, the Game Conservancy Trust’s head of upland research, said the worst of the rain came too late to affect the grouse breeding adversely…" Alex Hogg, the chairman of the Scottish Gamekeeper’s Association, expects this year will be patchy across the country…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.02 Grouse numbers hit by weather - HOPES of a bumper grouse shooting season have been dashed by the recent cold weather and heavy rain…. Members of the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association said they would be taking action to stop people shooting grouse on the moors. Spokesman Paul Timpson said: "Based on recent years we know that many traditional venues for the Inglorious Twelfth will not be hosting any shooting. We will still be vigilant and if we find anybody shooting we will stop them." (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.02 A change in the shooting script - Eric Roberts - The Glorious Twelfth may be a glorious irrelevance for the vast majority of the population, but grouse shooting, insists its supporters, injects more than £12.5m into the English rural upland economy…. But the participants believe that someone is out to ban their sport. The Countryside Alliance, which is organising a march in London on September 22 in support of its vision of rural life, says that animal welfare groups are intensifying their efforts to end shooting as a sport. The League Against Cruel Sports is rewriting its constitution formally to outline its opposition to shooting, while the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has asked the Government for new controls on the rearing of game birds for pheasant, partridge, and grouse shoots… (story)
York Evening Press 12.8.02 Hopes high as grouse season starts - A PROMINENT North York Moors landowner said today's "Glorious Twelfth" would signal the start of a great grouse shooting season. George Winn-Darley, chairman of the North York Moors Moorland Association, which organises shoots, said grouse numbers were up on previous years, and that a killer parasite, which has affected numbers in the North East, was not expected to have an impact in North Yorkshire… (story in archive)
Newcastle Journal 12.8.02 'Glorious Twelfth' is one for the ducks - By James Reed, The Journal - Foul weather will mean a less than Glorious Twelfth for the start of the grouse shooting season today… The Moorland Association said torrential rainfall around June 12 had washed away a lot of grouse chicks. However, in north Northumberland, the hope is for the best year since 1995…. Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Every year, large numbers of birds and animals are inhumanely or illegally killed just to ensure that there are large numbers of grouse for people to shoot at. "Most of the crimes against wildlife in defence of grouse shooting, such as poisoning and trapping of birds of prey, are done on private property with the blessing of the landowner." (story)
North East Evening Gazette 12.8.02 Weather's a grouse as few go shooting The Glorious Twelfth was today turning into a damp squib as weather took its toll on the start of the grouse shooting season… Lindsay Waddell, a gamekeeper in Teesdale and chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisation moorland branch, said only a few shoots would be out on the North York Moors…. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said grouse shooters were harming the rural environment on the moors. (story)

Herts & Essex Observer 16.8.02 Birds set free to die in wild - Hundreds of baby birds set loose from a Broxted farm by an animal rights' gang are probably now dead, police said this week. The partridges and pheasants, which only arrived on Sunday, were discovered missing from their pens the following afternoon. All that remained was a menacing hand-written note, pinned to a farmyard gate. It read: "Your cruelty cannot go on this year. You must stop the slaughter. You must let the birds live in harmony away from you lot."… The village's community officer, Pc Dave Rout, said "… They had only been in their pens for a very short time which is why there is not much hope of them surviving now,"… (story may be in archive)

West Cumberland Times & Star 16.8.02 LARGE CROWD GATHERS FOR COLD FELL MEET - LAST Wednesday's meeting at Cold Fell was again very well supported with 105 hounds participating in the three races…. (story)

Essex Evening Echo 16.8.02 Castle Point: Animal videos in protest at circus - Politicians have been bombarded with letters and videos condemning their decision to lift a ban on circuses with animals on council-owned land in Castle Point. The literature, from the Captive Animals Protection Society, has persuaded one councillor against the move… Dave Blackwell, lead councillor for leisure, said: "I have received a video from the Captive Animals' Protection Society and some of the things it shows are very disturbing…." (story in archive)

Scotsman 16.8.02 McQueen the runaway pig finds sanctuary - Jim McBeth - SCOTLAND’S Most Wanted Pig, McQueen, has been saved from becoming speciality sausages because the tough guy actor Martin Shaw was vegetarian enough to make a deal with the swine’s owner… At his farm in Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, yesterday, a bemused Mr Johnston, 43, said: "If Mr Shaw is vegetarian enough, I’ll settle for £400…" Shaw and activists at the Hillside sanctuary in Norfolk, were delighted… Advocates for Animals will bring in expert trackers and a humane cage. Yvonne Taylor, the charity’s co-ordinator, said: "We’re delighted Mr Johnston has made a deal and such an intrepid pig can live his life in peace at Hillside, where Martin Shaw is patron…." (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 16.8.02 Action is reckless - I am appalled at this latest demonstration (D&S, Aug 9) by farmers protesting at the 20-day ban on the movement of livestock… Farmers are again playing fast and loose with the health of their animals, and I, for one, shall not be buying any of their produce until they show a more responsible attitude to the animals which provide us with our food. PATRICIA RAMSAY, East Cowton, Northallerton (letter in archive)

Argus 16.8.02 Too vicious to keep animals again - I was appalled and horrified by the front-page news about the poor dog that had been brutalised by its 14-year-old owner (The Argus, August 13)… It makes my skin crawl, it truly does. -Adrian J Andrews, (letter in archive)
Argus 16.8.02 Cruel coward The youth who slashed his dog's throat committed a cowardly act of cruelty and was rightly punished by a ten-year ban on keeping animals…. Every day, farm animals are forced into out-of-sight slaughterhouses to have their throats slashed legally. -David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter in archive)

Argus 16.8.02 Cagey remarks I have followed the correspondence on the Spirit Of The Horse show with interest… However, I hope none of the writers of letters complaining about this has a rabbit or guinea pig incarcerated in a hutch, a hamster in a cage or, worst of all, fish in a tank or pond since these conditions are far worse than anything being experienced by these horses… -Wendy Taylor, Lancing (letter in archive)
Argus 19.7.02 - I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Frances Lindsay-Hills, chairwoman of the Mid Sussex and Brighton RSPCA (July 16). Spirit Of The Horse is nothing but a circus with horses. These beautiful animals are kept in stables so small they are unable to lie down and can barely turn around… -A J Kenward, Tangmere Road, Patcham (letter in archive)
Argus 19.7.02 Sad affair - I have just been to see Spirit Of The Horse at Patcham and was so upset I cried… I will do everything I can to stop this sort of show. -Jessica Downes (age ten), Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 19.7.02 Horse sense I went to see Spirit Of The Horse with my children and parents on Wednesday - what a terrific show… Presumably, Frances Lindsay-Hills, who called for a boycott of the show, has not seen the horses, the show or the stabling provided. The horses are in a much better condition, and the stables are bigger, cleaner and better ventilated, than is found at many riding stables and livery yards… Many horses are transported around far more frequently to compete in races, horse shows and so on without the luxury of being able to settle anywhere… -Peter Millis, Chalkland Rise, Woodingdean (letter in archive)
Argus 15.7.02 Horse show boycott call …The controversial new show The Spirit Of The Horse features equine and human entertainers performing to music and verse… Frances Lindsay-Hills, who chairs the Mid Sussex and Brighton RSPCA, has called for a boycott. She said: "This is just a circus under another name…" (story in archive)

Hereford Times 15.8.02 Hunt supporters in London picket - SOUTH Herefordshire hunt supporters, countryside workers and their families have this week been outside the Houses of Parliament on a 24-hour vigil to demonstrate their opposition to a ban on hunting… Mike Jones, a farrier from Pontrilas, said: "…A ban on hunting would cost me 40 per cent of my business…" (story in archive)

Sussex Express 15.8.02 PEER BACKS HUNT CAMPAIGN - CENTENARIAN peer Lord Shawcross, will be 'Marching in Spirit' at the Countyryside Alliance's Liberty and Livelihood march next month. The ex-Labour MP and Attorney General in Clement Atlee's post war government, has signed the Marching in Spirit register in support of the hundreds of thousands of people who will be joining the event on September 22… The life peer, who entered the House of Lords in 1959, will stay on his farm, at Cowbeech, near Hailsham, on the day while his wife, daughters and grandchildren take part in the massive demonstration… (story in archive)
Whitehaven News 15.8.02 BUSES READY FOR MARCH - BUSES will be laid on for local enthusiasts to attend the Countryside Alliance's march in London next month…. On a visit to the county Alliance chief executive Richard Burge said he expects thousands of Cumbrians to join the demonstration in the capital on September 22… (story)

Western Daily Press 15.8.02 IF LEFT ALONE, NATURE WILL RE-ESTABLISH ITS OWN LEVEL IN COUNTRY - Sir - George Elliott's statement on August 7 that "it is the custodians of our countryside who decide what lives and what dies" is totally at odds with my conception of a free society… Roger Hudson Corsley Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.8.02 'ENJOYMENT' OF HUNTING IS JUST NOT AN ARGUMENT - I would like to reply to Susan Paine's letter headlined There's A Reason For Fox Control. There are many myths perpetrated by the hunting fraternity; foxes being a major killer of lambs and hens is one… bloodsport fanatics are the only people in Britain who are permitted to terrify and chase animals in a way that would be against the law for the rest of us… M Harrison Toothill Swindon (letter)
Western Morning News 9.8.02 HUNTERS HAVE NO RIGHT TO KILL FOXES - Regarding the letter on foxhunting from George Elliott, his statement that "it is the custodians of our countryside who decide what lives and what dies" is totally at odds with my conception of a free society… The next fox they tear to pieces belongs to all of us, so where does he get this grandiose notion of 'droit de seigneur'?... I can't remember any criminal cases where the police went out after a killer wearing top hats and red coats, with packs of dogs… Roger Hudson Roddenbury View Corsley Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.8.02 FOXES: IT'S NIL AT ONE END AND IGNORANCE AT THE OTHER - Sir - M Harrison of Swindon Animal Concern (August 3) makes mention of the number of young foxes killed as 10,000, but neither he nor anyone else can quote an exact number. It is merely his or her guess… If a human serial killer is on the loose, the authorities will ruthlessly hunt him down and one way or another, will remove him from society. Similar action is necessary with the murderous foxes. To quote the late Elinor Roosevelt: "It is easier to be critical than correct."… George Elliott Bitton South Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.8.02 THERE'S A REASON FOR FOX CONTROL - Sir - M Harrison's letter about autumn cub-hunting contains a number of incorrect statements... Autumn hunting takes place generally from late August to the end of October. Foxes born in the spring will by then be independent… Hounds hunt and kill instinctively… Meets are early because that is when dawn comes, and scent, by which hounds hunt, disperses as the day warms… It is nonsense to claim that foxes are dug out of an earth for 'young hounds to maul'…. Susan Paine Minehead Somerset (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.8.02 Hoping for a complete ban - WE are writing to update the address Mrs M Harrison of Swindon Animal Concern gave for the National Anti-Hunt Campaign to finally abolish hunting with dogs. The new address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX. Telephone 01442 240246… KEVIN Passmore, Cheney Manor, Road, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 5.8.02 Ban blood sports - WELL done M Harrison for highlighting cub-hunting… M HOOPER, Freshbrook Way, Swindon (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 3.8.02 CALL TO STAMP OUT FOX CUB HUNTING - August sees the start of cub hunting, a nasty side of hunting the hunters like to keep hidden from the public… M Harrison Swindon Animal Concern Toothill Swindon Wiltshire (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.8.02 Nasty side of hunting - AUGUST sees the start of cub hunting, a nasty side of the sport which hunters like to keep hidden from the public… To help finish this barbaric pastime contact The National Anti-Hunt Campaign, PO Box 66, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2YR for information and a campaign pack. (Mrs) M HARRISON, Swindon Animal Concern, Beaulieu Close, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.8.02 MARCHING WITH THE ENEMY - Sir - Well done for publishing the letters from Mal Treharne of the Countryside Alliance (BFSS) and the letter and photograph from Lis Key of IFAW adjacent to each other on your letters page of August 12… Hundred of thousands will march in London on September 22, but how many good people among them will feel ill at ease having been coerced into marching alongside huntsmen badger baiters, gamekeepers… Jo Pedler Paulton Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.8.02 THE HUNTING DEBATE IS OVER, SO LET'S MOVE ON - Sir - I am sure many readers will agree with M Stafford that it is about time to end the hunting debate… Tony Blair has been faint-hearted in his efforts to carry out the manifesto commitment of the Labour Party, for a hunting ban, but he has probably been influenced by the strident campaign of the Countryside Alliance who are endeavouring to undermine the democratic process… John Phelps Argyll Road Exeter (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.8.02 Sir - With all due respect to the Western Daily Press, a paper I love and read from cover to cover, is it not about time you gave the hunting debate a break… The hunting fraternity are their own worst enemies. The impression they give is pathetic. The do gooders who want hunting banned never mention the fact that the horses and hounds suffer as well… Neither side ever puts forward a rational explanation for their views… Oh! By the way, I have hunted with hounds and I am a rider. I am not a rich landowner or a farmer or a towny who rides once a week. But I do love the countryside and consider myself very lucky to live in such a lovely area. M Stafford Cantell Grove Stockwood (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 15.8.02 HUNT BAN ONLY MATTER OF TIME - Just when you believe the pro-hunt gang couldn't stoop any lower, along comes P. R. Barnes (August 7) suggesting a fox-hunting ban could lead to an increase in TB. This sort of scaremongering will never alter the vast majority of this country's feelings that hunting is outdated and barbaric when done so with dogs…. STEVE HAINES, Kemble Road, Tuffley (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 7.8.02 ARE FOXES A TB RISK TO PEOPLE? - We are told that the "Greenpeace Virus" - a mutated form of distemper - is set to decimate our seal population once again… In banning foxhunting, it seems to me that we risk repeating the disaster of the seals… the fox is a pest which shares the countryside with the badger… badgers are rife with TB… none can guarantee that the extra foxes will not transport TB from the badgers to humans… P. R. BARNES, Lilliesfield Avenue, Barnwood (letter)

Evesham Journal 15.8.02 Can we be sure that shooters hit target? …Humans were all once either Hunters or Gatherers. Maybe Sheila Thomas, Mathew Bayliss and David J Hemming are descended from Gatherers, but then why does David Hemming fish and shoot?... Can anyone honestly say, when shooting with gun or rifle, that they have always killed the target instantly, every time?... The Countryside Alliance began with the threat to hunting but has grown enormously to encompass all threats to the countryside and give its inhabitants a voice in Government decisions that effect it. Paradoxically, country sports play a huge part in preserving our inheritance that we all love - the countryside and its wildlife. MRS K A LODER, Broadwell, Moreton-in-Marsh. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 8.8.02 Quote is short of the mark Anyone with a knowledge of country pursuits will agree with last week's two letters referring to gamekeepers working on estates that combine shooting with hunting, therefore preserving a certain amount of the fox population. But what they fail to understand is that it is this husbandry that has kept the fox species so strong…. Dinah Nicholson, Nether Westcote, Chipping Norton (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 8.8.02 Argument shoots itself in the foot... I NOTE that Mr Hemming (letter, August 1) is against hunting, but not entirely pro fox. As a method of control, he advocates shooting `by a competent marksman'. How many property owners worried by foxes are competent marksmen, or even possess rifles?... MAJOR P E WEBB, Weston-sub-Edge. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 1.8.02 I WRITE in reply to your editorial `Councillors urged caution over move to ban fox hunting' (Journal July 25) where district councillors voted almost unanimously to write to Alun Michael urging careful thought on a hunting ban… If a fox is a problem then the most humane method of dispatch has to be shooting by a competent marksman… Pest control? I think not. DAVID J HEMMING, Broadwell, Moreton. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 1.8.02 Trying to out-fox us - WHILST it was hardly surprising to read that Cotswold District councillors had gone with their natural instincts and decided to write to the Government urging caution over a possible ban on hunting (Cotswold Journal, July 25), I really think their justification for doing so could have been a little more convincing… MATHEW BAYLISS, Little Barn Cottage, High Street, Bourton-on-the-Water. (letter in archive)

South Wales Evening Post 15.8.02 ANTI-HUNT VAN IS LOW COST FOR RSPCA Sollys Nini (RSPCA) is short of money. I walked through Oxford Street and in front of Marks and Spencer was a huge van with four people (one was asleep in the front) inviting the public to sign an anti-hunting petition… Couldn't this money have been spent on caring for injured animals, not on some Blairite bandwagon?... Duncan Atkinson, Gors Avenue, Mayhill, Swansea
RSPCA for Wales replies: We would like to point out that this campaign, which is called A Banner for a Ban, has been organised by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals, an umbrella group of RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the League against Cruel Sports… The RSPCA spends 88p of every pound received on direct animal welfare and only 4p is spent on the 20 campaigns we run. Even less is spent on the fox-hunting campaign… (letter)

Sunderland Echo 15.8.02 The Establishment and pro-hunt lobby - I HAD to read Chris Mullin's article (Echo, July 26), several times and I still can't believe what he was saying. Coming from the brain of an educated man this little piece of polemic argued that the pro-hunt lobby and the establishment are in fact, one and the same… His source for this proposed action was not as you may think, The Facist Fanfare or the Nazi News , but The Field… Joe Salt, Seaham (letter)
Telegraph 3.8.02 MP urges curb on pro-hunt sabotage By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent - Pro-hunting campaigners could cause as much disruption as anarchists and should be treated by the police in the same way, a senior Labour MP said yesterday… Mr Mullin said the Countryside Alliance should be asked to dissociate itself from these threats. Speaking on the same programme, Simon Hart, director of the Campaign for Hunting at the Countryside Alliance, said his organisation did not support illegal activity. But Janet George, a spokesman for the Countryside Action Network, said the alliance was being "a little too polite" in its dealings with the Government… (story)
Times 3.8.02 Treat pro-hunting demonstrators like anarchists says MP (story)
Western Morning News 3.8.02 HIT THE HUNTING DEMO HARD - MINISTER - A former Government Minister yesterday called for pro-hunting supporters to be treated as severely as May Day anarchists, if they cause chaos during a huge Countryside March through London on September 22… Simon Hart, Director of the Campaign for Hunting at the Countryside Alliance… told the World at One: "I'm a bit surprised. Chris Mullin has been amazingly silent over recent years when country people have had to put up with animal rights extremism of a particularly vile nature. I didn't hear him then coming on any programmes condemning those activities…"(story)
Guardian 2.8.02 Pro-hunt lobby 'in mayhem threat' - Michael White, political editor - David Blunkett was last night urged to treat the pro-hunt lobby's threats to "create absolute mayhem" in London "at least as severely" as the protests that were made by anarchists in the City and London's West End on May day. Chris Mullin, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, made his plea to the home secretary after reading an article in The Field magazine reporting on angry upper-class country-dwellers threatening to "block every bridge in London"… Similar militancy recorded in The Field includes the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire's prediction that protesters would be "quite prepared to go to jail" when rural demonstrators return to London on September 22…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 2.8.02 Water supply threat to city in hunting battle - Extremists have threatened to cut off the water supply to Birmingham by pulling the plug on a reservoir in Wales in protests against banning hunting with hounds…. The threat, to create anarchy in response to any Parliamentary vote to ban hunting with hounds, is one of several made in countryside sport magazine The Field. They have been taken so seriously that Chris Mullin MP has written to the Home Secretary ask him to look into it… (story)

Shropshire Star 15.8.02 Native wild animals hunt and kill to survive - Funny, isn't it, that the 'in' holiday destination… where wildlife are observed stalking and killing for their survival?... But what about our own native wild animals… When they have to kill to survive, they are called vermin and pests… And the beautiful British badgers, being culled because they are considered to be disease carriers - excuse me, but if that's the case, then surely mankind should have been exterminated a long time ago, for it's man that is the biggest carrier of disease. Gail Williams, Wellington (letter may be in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 15.8.02 ANIMALS ARE WORTH THE RISK - Are foxes a risk to people? (The Citizen, Letters August 7). All animals carry diseases, which is why you should wash your hands after touching them…. I'll take my chances with people and animals, both have their place, and are worthy of respect. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill (letter)

Worthing Herald 15.8.02 couple resign over fox issue - A COUPLE have resigned from Goring Residents' Association as a protest against suggestions foxes should be discouraged from the area with chemicals. Doreen and Derek Northeast said they were "horrified" when they read a newsletter, posted on the Goring website... "Have the Goring Residents' Association forgotten Eric Fossleitner, himself a Goring resident, who worked tirelessly to try and dispel the myth surrounding foxes?.." (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.8.02 BADGERS GET A BAD PRESS IN ROW OVER CULL - Countryside groups were yesterday accused of plotting to blacken the image of badgers in the hope of being allowed to exterminate them… The finger was pointed at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the National Farmers Union and the Country Landowners Association, who held a meeting in which they allegedly planned to reverse the "excessive popularity of badgers"… (story)
Guardian 14.8.02 Countryside plot to give badgers bad press - Paul Brown, environment correspondent … The British Association for Shooting and Conservation wants to use propaganda to counter the badger's popularity. Interest groups - including the National Farmers Union and the Country Landowners Association - held a meeting recently to promote the continued use of snares to keep pests under control. The minutes record: "For media purposes it was suggested that, with care, the excessive popularity of badgers needs to be reversed and the problematic image of the fox maintained."… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 15.8.02 FARMERS IN SW SHOULD REFUSE HALAL KILLING The UK Meat and Livestock Commission have called on farmers to produce more animals for Halal slaughter according to Muslim religious tradition… Our Government should side with the animal-welfare conscious majority and ban this barbaric practice. There should not be one law for Muslims and one law for others. Muslims who choose to live here should be told: "When in Rome, do as the Romans". TONY NORTH (BNP Organiser Devon & Cornwall) Manor Terrace Higher Manor Road Brixham (letter)
Plymouth Evening Herald 15.8.02 NO TEARS - Now that the wretched live export trade has started up again, will all farmers shed a tear for these animals they have condemned to such a cruel fate? During the foot-and-mouth crisis we were confronted, almost daily, by pictures in the press of weeping farmers. Yet not a tear is shed for these poor creatures which face death in a Continental slaughterhouse… JEAN TURNER, Plympton (letter)

Scotsman 15.8.02 Animal rights protest - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday demonstrated at the Scottish headquarters of an insurance brokering company which they claim acts for the controversial Huntingdon Life Science (HLS) laboratory… (story)

Argus 15.8.02 Group's shock tactic slammed - by Linda Harrison …Brighton-based campaign group Viva! published leaflets earlier this year suggesting meat eaters were more likely than vegetarians to die of heart disease, cancer or a stroke. It pinned most of the blame on sausages. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has now ruled the leaflets were "unduly alarmist" and "likely to cause serious or widespread offence"…Tony Wardle, acting director of Viva!... said Viva! planned to appeal against the ruling (story in archive)

Cambridge News 15.8.02 Concert benefits animals - A SPOOF pop concert… raised money for a range of animal charities and the Newmarket Community Resource Unit… The event was staged at the Exning Road Working Men's Club in Newmarket on Saturday and was organised by stable worker Louise Bevan and friends Julie Poutney and Helen Rawlinson… quote from Carol Outhwaite, who runs the Jaybeth Animal Rescue Centre… (letter)

Cornish Guardian 15.8.02 WHY SHOULD ANIMALS BE TRAPPED FOR OUR FUN - I visited a zoo recently and it occurred to me, after I left, how trapped and claustrophobic the animals must be…. A better idea would be to return the animals to their native countries and set them free… Stephanie Anne McIntosh, aged 11 St Austell (letter)

Stourbridge News 15.8.02 Boycott the cruel trade in duck meat - Have our food producers leant nothing?... Karen Russell, Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 26.7.02 Animals do deserve good lives - Have our food producers learnt nothing?... Gail McKibbin, Vegetarian and animal lover, Leegomery (letter may be in archive)
Wharfedale Observer 25.7.02 Duck the issue - Have our food producers learned nothing?... Sylvia Richards, Wheatley Grove, Ben Rhydding (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 12.7.02 Cruelty of the factory farms - HAVE our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us cannibalism… (etc) C Fosett, Haig Road, Blackpool (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 1.7.02 Ducking this issue of cruelty - Have our food producers learnt nothing?... S Greenwood, Market Drayton (letter may be in archive)
Leicester Mercury 29.6.02 CRAMMED IN … If everyone who reads this article refuses to buy duck meat, supports Viva!'s Ducks Out of Water Campaign we can help to stop this immoral and illegal way of farming. Mrs H Johnson, Leicester. (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 21.6.02 BOYCOTT FACTORY FARMED DUCKS - I AM writing regarding the cruel practice of the factory farming of ducks… Viva has in investigated the factory farms producing ducks and have a campaign called 'Ducks Out of Water'… ANGELA CORKERY Watcombe Park Torquay (letter)
(Bucks Free Press 21.6.02 Cruelty on the duck farms - HAVE our food producers learnt nothing?... Happily, you can help restore freedom to these wonderful birds by refusing to buy the meat, complaining to any store which sells it and by supporting Viva!s Ducks Out of Water campaign… Miss Caroline Picton, Sharrow Vale, High Wycombe (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 10.6.02 Boycott factory farming regime which keeps ducks out of water - Is it just me? Or am I completely alone in thinking our food producers have completely lost the plot. After bringing us cannibalism, BSE, Salmonella, Ecoli and antibiotic resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck as the new, healthy meat and many local supermarkets are going along with it… Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
Croydon Guardian 1.5.02 Out for a duck - Have our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us BSE, E. Coli and antibiotic-resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck as the new, healthy meat... Mrs P Skinner, Cheston Avenue, Shirley (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Post 6.4.02 HAVE our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us cannibalism, BSE, salmonella, E coli and antibiotic resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck as the new, healthy meat... Happily, you can help restore freedom to these wonderful birds... by supporting Viva!'s "Ducks out of Water" campaign. They can be contacted at: 12 Queen Square, Brighton, BN1 3FD, tel 01273 777688 GLORIA HILLS, Church Avenue, Leeds (letter)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 14.8.02 Hounds sniff out top show prize - THE Four Shires Bloodhounds, the pack kennelled at Hulland Ward, were overall winners of the Parade of Working Hounds at Houndshow 2002, held at the Staffordshire county showground on Saturday…. Runners-up were the Blencathra Fell Hounds from Cumbria…


Western Gazette 14.8.02 DEAD FOX LEFT FOR HUNT PROTESTER …Kevan Sheehan, aged 57, claims local hunt supporters cut the tyre of his Nissan Sunny estate because they do not like him photographing and filming their activities… But Mark Pearson of the South Dorset Hunt denied people involved with any of the local hunts would have done such a thing… Mr Pearson of the South Dorset Hunt condemned the incident and said: "I disapprove of both slashing people's tyres and leaving dead foxes under cars or throwing them in people's gardens. It is not an action that we would approve of. We are law-abiding citizens, like other people, and I would not accept that this was anything to do with the hunt. I am sorry Mr Sheehan has suffered in this way." (story)

Western Morning News 14.8.02 'BAN ON HUNTING WON'T STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY' - Thousands of people from the Westcountry will attend the Liberty and Livelihood March in London on Sunday, September 22 to safeguard the country way of life. Geoffrey Cox is one of eight directors of Mole Valley Farmers, the £80 million self-help business set up 42 years ago to help small farmers survive… Mr Cox is chief executive and fieldmaster of Taw Vale Hare Conservation Group, which looks after hares and checks on their welfare - but he also hunts them with beagles… But a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said that hare hunting was no better than any of the other blood sports which pro-hunting groups say are for conservation… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 14.8.02 CHARITY: Cheeky hunt girls in foxy calendar …The Fitzwilliam Hunt Ladies in Peterborough have decided to follow in the footsteps of the Women's Institute and produce a kinky calendar to raise money for hunt coffers and the East Anglian Air Ambulance… (story in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo (14.8.02) Huntsmen in good spirits after show - NEW Forest Hounds are in full cry after winning legions of extra supporters and raising welcome funds from its stand at the New Forest Show… Hunt chairman Mike Squibb said: "…We had more than 5,000 visitors to the stand over the three days."… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 14.8.02 RE-VISITING THE DARK AGES - I would like to reply to the letter concerning religious wars, and the killing of animals and birds for sport, also the eating and drinking of the body and blood of Christ… I would not like to face my maker for being unnecessarily cruel. Rev HW Jones Wroughton Swindon (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.8.02 RELIGION AT ROOT OF WARS - With reference to Rev H Jones' letter on August 1, on the royals and hunting: The Church promotes unenviable religious battles against other religions throughout the world… I suggest Rev Jones looks not at the hunting of pheasants or deer for sport by the royals, but at persuading his own flock of the need for cessation of war for religious purposes… Isn't it time Rev Jones took a step forward? Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.8.02 A REGAL TITLE DOES NOT LESSEN THE PAIN - With reference to D Tinsey's letter on my judging the royals on blood sports… We should take another step forward so that royals do not kill foxes, pheasants or deer for sport because they set the standard…. Rev H Jones Wroughton Swindon Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.7.02 DON'T JUDGE ROYAL FAMILY - Sir - I reply to the letter from Reverend Bert Jones about blood sports getting the royal seal of approval.Who is he to judge what the royals do?... Some of the biggest hypocrites attend the church… D Tinsey Cranham Gloucestershire (letter)

Skegness News 14.8.02 Show was spoilt by pro-hunt speech - I am writing to you about the Revesby Show on Sunday, August 4. I was at the show and was shocked the organisers allowed the local hunt to give a very political and pro-hunt speech over the speaker system for what seemed 15-20 minutes… I have lived in the country most of my life and just find it incredible these people get pleasures out of killing animals which is what they do however they dress it up. HUNT OPPONENT, Name and address supplied (letter)

Leicester Mercury 14.8.02 PUSH FOXES BACK TO THE COUNTRYSIDE I refrained from writing to the Mercury when a child was attacked by a fox in its own home. I did so want to say "I told you so"… Several weeks ago, in Spencefield Lane, two foxes chased my sister's two cats… Get rid of them now. Margaret E Burditt, Broughton Astley (letter)

Wandsworth Guardian/Wandsworth Comet 14.8.02 Foxes are not great garden accessories - I wonder how many of the people who signed the Protect the Foxes petition outside Marks & Spencers last week have gardens?... we cannot leave garden doors open as dusk falls, however hot the day.One evening last year, as I stood by open French doors, a fox slunk in just about two foot away from me!.. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter in archive)

Burton Mail 14.8.02 Police payout to protestors - STAFFORDSHIRE Police have paid out thousands of pounds to animal rights protestors who were threatening to sue the force for wrongful arrest, it has emerged… The 11 complaints have resulted from arrests made outside the Darley Oaks farm, in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for research… Birmingham protestor Kevin White told the Mail he had received an out-of-court settlement of £1,350 after suing the force for wrongfully arresting him for aggravated trespass in 1999… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 14.8.02 Cruel behaviour - THE Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands has issued information about the wretched chimpanzees incarcerated at the Dutch Biomedical Primate Research Centre… Do our ghastly government-supported animal research laboratories share their findings with overseas centres or cooperate in the search for alternative techniques that do not involve live animal experiments… Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel (letter)

Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 14.8.02 Pigeon problem is the least of town's worries - I was interested in the ongoing concern about the so called "pigeon problem" in and around Bromsgrove, and the fact that the council has nothing better to do with its time and money than to get rid of them… K Hadley (Mrs), Catshill, Bromsgrove (letter in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 14.8.02 SICKENING - I am totally sickened and disgusted by the article regarding the poor kitten… The despicable individual who did this… is happily carrying on with their own (life), which I hope is filled with pain and misery for as long as they exist. DONNA ALLEN, Stonehouse (letter)

Ananova 14.8.02 Drew Barrymore relaxes vegetarian lifestyle for fashion - Drew Barrymore has admitted she has given up her strict vegetarian lifestyle in order to enjoy fashion. The Charlie's Angels star says she's tired of having to shop at clothing stores that don't stock leather… "You need basics for stability, but eventually I got tired and wanted to play again. Dressing is like an art form - it's so much fun." (story)

Western Mail 13.8.02 Beacons to light the way for London march NEXT month thousands of giant bonfires will light up the countryside and the night sky around the world in a blaze of symbolic publicity for the Countryside Alliance's London march. The Liberty and Livelihood beacons campaign, organised by the alliance, aims to involve every hamlet, parish or town in the UK… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.8.02 FOX HUNTING GENERATES WEALTH AND IS EFFECTIVE - Neil Gange claims, Points of view, August 6, to be debunking 'myths' about fox hunting; but he doesn't mention any… As for the cost-efficiency of fox hunting, it generates wealth because people enjoy it - unlike Mr Gange's 'regular and effective culling method', which he does not describe, but which could only be either expensive (lamping) or hideously inhumane (snaring, baiting or small-shot). Steve Reed, UK Independence Party, The Roman Way, Glastonbury (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.8.02 MORE MYTHS ABOUT FOXES CLOUD HUNTING DEBATE - The fox hunting debate rages on. Both sides, though, regularly give out fox myths. Steve Reed is the latest to do so, Points of view, July 23… As fox hunting kills few foxes nationally, it can be argued that it is neither an effective method of control nor is it cost-effecient… Neil Gange, Brookleigh Avenue, Heavitree, Exeter (letter)
Worcester Evening News 1.8.02 A broad church, yet united on EU issue - IN reply to Mr Margrett (You Say, July 25), the UK Independence Party does not officially support fox-hunting. And Mr Reed, who wrote a letter explaining why he had changed sides in the debate, is not an official UKIP spokesman… We have members who are both passionately in favour of hunting, and passionately against, united by the desire to extricate Britain from the restraints of the European Union… RICHARD CHAMINGS, Chairman West Midlands UK Independence Party, Woodlands, Castlemorton Common, Malvern, Worcs. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 30.7.02 There's no point in killing foxes by any method - STEVE Reed (You Say, July 13) is typical of apologists for bloodsports who try and justify its existence by emotionally blackmailing the general public into believing that fox "control" is necessary… as now proven, hunts are responsible for increasing fox numbers by the construction of artificial earths and the hunts' very interference with what would have been stable groupings leads to dispersal of fox families… A KNITTEL, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 25.7.02 Perhaps all UKIP's members go hunting - STEVE Reed tells us how he, a former animal rights artist, has become a hunt supporter… Can we now assume that UKIP, as a party, also officially supports hunting? D E MARGRETT, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.7.02 HUNTING IS MOST HUMANE WAY TO DEAL WITH FOXES - Steve Reed, UK Independence Party, The Roman Way, Glastonbury (letter)
North West Evening Mail 17.7.02 DYING A SAVAGE DEATH - STEVE Reed's comment that local hunts protect foxes from painful death and even extinction is not merely absurd but positively perverse (Letters, July 11)…. C PETERSON, Abbey Road, Barrow (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.7.02 THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS - Steve Reed Glastonbury Somerset (letter)
Worcester Evening News 13.7.02 Why I have changed sides, by ex-activist - STEVE REED, UK Independence Party, Glastonbury, Somerset. (letter in archive)
Plymouth Evening Herald 12.7.02 HUNTING OF FOXES MUST REMAIN … Fox populations must either be controlled or extinguished. Only 'lamping', with a high-powered rifle, is a more humane method of control than hunting with dogs. STEVE REED, UK Independence Party, Glastonbury (letter)
North West Evening Mail 11.7.02 HUNTING WITH DOGS IS BEST WAY TO KILL FOXES - Since the infringement of civil liberties is generally pernicious and, since hunting with dogs is one of the less inhumane methods of pest-control, we should oppose its prohibition on the grounds that to prohibit it would be illiberal, illogical, sentimental and inhumane… As a former townie and animal-rights activist, I did not find it easy to come to this conclusion… If hunting with dogs were prohibited, far more recourse would be had to control through snaring, poisoning and shooting with shotguns, all of which cause protracted, agonising death in a high proportion of cases, and which, without the protection local hunts give to the fox, would probably encompass its extinction… Steve Reed, UK Independence Party, 39, The Roman Way, Glastonbury, Somerset (letter)

Western Mail 13.8.02 Fishing hooks youngsters' interest - Sheila Coleman, The Western Mail - FISHING is one of the most popular pastimes in Britain, and now Dyfed Powys Police are using the sport to help curb anti-social behaviour by youngsters in Carmarthen… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 13.8.02 Let animals go by hook not the hoof - One either has to admire or despite the French…. Does the UK government ever listen to it's voters? DO they care about the wants and needs of the voters? Four out of five people want live exports banned. The caring government regularly confirms that it prefers trade in meat rather than long distance transport of animals for slaughter, but there it stops. Nothing must rock the boat with the EU laws or free trade… OLIVE ALLUM, King Georges Avenue, Dovercourt (letter)

Western Morning News 13.8.02 WHERE IS CASH TO END ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS? - As the UK's leading medical research charity dedicated to the replacement of animals in the laboratory, the Dr Hadwen Trust anticipated with great interest the publication of the report of the House of Lords Select Committee on Animal Procedures. Sadly, our hopes are far from realised… where is the new money for the UK to meet its EU obligation to devise replacements to animals in scientific procedures?... Geoffrey Thomas, Dr Hadwen Trust (letter)

Edinburgh News 13.8.02 Fringe play makes a monkey out of man By ANDREA MULLANEY - AN animal rights group is using a Fringe show to protest against medical experiments on monkeys with the help of renowned chimpanzee expert Dr Jane Goodall. The novel campaigning tactic was devised by the charity Lynx, best known for anti-fur adverts… The charity now concentrates on theatre projects and has commissioned a play, Almost Human, to show the way chimpanzees are treated. The show, written and directed by Robert Rigby… features actor Kelvin Goodspeed playing a chimpanzee called Tarzan. He is abducted from the wild and has various experiences in the human world, including being put in a zoo, performing in a circus, starring in a TV advert and being experimented on in a research laboratory… BBC wildlife presenter Charlotte Uhlenbroek has also backed the show… quote from Lynx spokeswoman Carol McKenna… (story)

Sunderland Echo 13.8.02 Chippies should cater for veggies' tastes …I have found that there aren't many chip shops that cook in vegetable oil. Surely frying in animal products should be a thing of the past? There are many vegetarians about now and so fish and chip shop owners should have more consideration. MS Johnson, Barnes, Sunderland (letter)

Leicester Mercury 12.8.02 HUNDREDS MARCH AGAINST HUNTING BAN BY PHILIP WHITESIDE - Hundreds of people marched through Loughborough protesting against a ban on hunting. An estimated 1,000 people and more than 500 dogs set off from Southfields Park shortly after 11am yesterday… Many of those taking part in the march were from Leicestershire's Quorn, Cottesmore, Oakley and Belvoir hunts… quotes from Michael Clayton, regional chairman of the Countryside Alliance, Neil Everley. Anti-hunt protester, 23-year-old Joseph, from Knighton, who did not want to give his last name, said: "This march is a sham. If this is everyone they can gather, then it shows they have not got much support." (story)
Leicester Mercury 9.8.02 HOUNDS IN MARCH AGAINST HUNT BAN - Hundreds of hounds from Leicestershire's hunts will parade through Loughborough on Sunday in support of a Countryside Alliance campaign… Around 500 hounds from the Quorn Hunt, plus the Cottesmore, Belvoir and Oakley Foot packs, will be involved in the parade in Southfields Park from 11am… (story)

Western Morning News 12.8.02 WE'LL GO TO AUSTRALIA IF HUNTING IS BANNED As part of our on-going series profiling the campaigners who will take part in next month's Liberty and Livelihood March in London, For the last 20 years Jo Strong has run a small but successful hunting livery business…. (story)

Cumberland News & Star 12.8.02 60,000 FLOCK TO THE FAIR - NEARLY 60,000 people ignored the weekend's gloomy weather forecast and flocked to the Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair near Penrith…. in the Countryside Marquee, registrations were being taken for the Liberty and Livelihood March in London next month… (story)

Western Daily Press 12.8.02 DOG OWNERS MAY BE CAUGHT OUT It appears many people were out in force in Dorchester last week, highlighting the dangers of a hunting ban. Legislation would have an effect on dog owners, who would be guilty of an offence if their dog chases a rabbit or deer…. I should think farmers would welcome such legislation, it if means some discipline by dog owners…. J Rowbrey Bagborough Taunton Somerset (letter)

North West Evening Mail 12.8.02 FOXES BEING RELEASED - MISGUIDED animal lovers in towns and cities are releasing urban foxes in South Cumbria, a local farmer has warned. Joss Curwen, of Waitham Hill, said… he has seen the tracks of up to 30 foxes in muddy gateways where they had been released from vehicles. National Farmers' Union branch secretary in Ulverston Tom Hodgson said he had also heard of similar incidents…. Mr Curwen, a South Lakeland district councillor for Broughton, said "… Last spring we had a number of lambs killed and I blame these urban foxes which are dumped in the countryside. It is obvious these foxes don't know how to hunt naturally - they've been brought up on fish and chips and human waste…." (story)

Northern Echo 12.8.02 ANIMAL WELFARE - I HAVE lived in the heart of the country all of my life… Why should some people consider themselves so superior that they should wish to control other species?... Could it be an excuse for the lust to kill for pleasure or money or maybe both? The words 'humanely', 'with sensitivity' and 'respect' are used. Well, I see nothing to constitute that in traps and snares with animals ' stomachs cut open, tongues bitten through, throats cut open, strangled, caught by the leg with the bone growing over, dying from dehydration… Brenda Scragg, Bishop Auckland. (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 12.8.02 How does he test the badgers? - In reply to George E Pearce's letter of July 29, he states he has examined over 200 road casualty badgers over the past 20 years and found them to be in good health… Could George E Pearce explain? Does he carry a testing outfit, or can he spot a badger that has TB by just looking at it? If he can, he must be a lot cleverer than a vet who trains for many years to qualify… DG Morris, Newport (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 29.7.02 Speaking from my position of knowledge - I refer to the letter written by Russell Griffin (NFU) "Report all sides of the badger debates" on July 16… : I have examined badgers that have been shot, I have found them in ditches on farmland, on open pastureland, pushed into sett entrances also an increasing number on roads… For the past 12 years I have worked solely with badgers and foxes on a professional basis - George E Pearce, Badger Consultants, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 16.7.02 Report all sides of badger debates - In response to your article headlined "Protection of badgers highlighted" (Shropshire Star, July 2), I was concerned at both the lack of balance in the report and the lack of evidence presented in what appeared to be merely a regurgitated press release from a pressure group… Farmers are happy to have healthy badgers on their farm and there is no question that the number of badgers has risen dramatically since they became a protected species… If the Shropshire Badger Group is genuinely interested in working with farmers to protect the welfare and future of badgers, we feel it would be more constructive if they supported this plea to the government rather than make vague, unsupported allegations of "persecution"…. Russell Griffin, Regional Public Relations Officer NFU West Midlands (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge News 12.8.02 County ban for activist - AN ANIMAL rights protester who barricaded herself into the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory and disclosed information about staff has been banned from Cambridgeshire by a judge… Lynn Sawyer, 35, of Brighton Road, Aldershot, was appearing for sentence after being convicted of disclosing information contrary to the Data Protection Act and abstracting electricity. She was sentenced to 100 hours of community punishment and a 12-month community rehabilitation order, which included a ban on her entering Cambridgeshire unless attending Addenbrooke's Hospital or passing through by train. Sawyer, a midwife, was also ordered to pay £750 costs in the case in which she had denied the charges… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 16.7.02 COURT: ACTIVIST BREACHED ANIMAL LAB SECURITY - AN animal rights activist slipped past security guards at an animal-testing laboratory and found the telephone numbers of staff… Unseen, Lynn Sawyer (35) walked through the gates of Huntingdon Life Sciences near Alconbury, and slipped through an insecure door… Judge Nicholas Coleman agreed saying: "It would have been worse if these had been home telephone numbers rather than work ones. But employees are entitled to go about their daily business without being harassed… (story)
Cambridge News 13.7.02 Animal rights campaigner may face jail - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner could be jailed after she was convicted of offences at the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) laboratory… Judge Nicholas Coleman told Lynn Sawyer: "Whatever views you may have about this company, everybody is entitled to go about their business, their lawful occupation."… She was convicted by the jury and will be sentenced on August 9. Judge Coleman said he had not ruled out any options, including prison. He also ordered Sawyer, a midwife, to disclose her financial position after being given conflicting information about whether she was working or not… (story)
Cambridge News 12.7.02 Activist tells of security breach at lab - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner has told a court how she simply drove past security guards at the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory before she barricaded herself into a room. Lynn Sawyer, 35, said she had hoped that breaching security at the firm would be embarrassing for it and lead to it losing customers… "I noticed the security guards were staring into space. I just drove past the guards and expected to be apprehended,"… She said she was a Luddite and had not appreciated that the telephone system used electricity. An attempt was made on Monday to present HLS with a cheque for 1p to cover the cost of the electricity… (story)
Cambridge News 11.7.02 Woman 'put details of animal testers on web' - INFORMATION about staff working at Huntingdon Life Sciences went out on the internet after an animal rights campaigner sneaked into the laboratory, a court has been told. Lynn Sawyer used a telephone for almost half an hour in a room where she had barricaded herself in, and information about staff names and internal telephone numbers were discovered on a website the next day, it was claimed. Sawyer, 34, of Evesham, has denied disclosing personal data about the HLS employees and abstracting electricity used during the telephone call… The trial continues. (story)
Evesham Journal 8.11.01 Arrest for Vale animal rights campaigner - Lynne Sawyer was arrested after barricading herself in at Huntingdon Life Sciences (story in archive)
Cambridge News 7.11.01 Bail for protester - Lynn Sawyer has been released on bail after being arrested for entering Huntingdon Life Sciences. She will return to answer bail on December 5. (story in archive)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph inquiry launched after lab protest Heather Avery, a Shac spokeswoman, said LS phoned them info about customers, employees and animal experiments (story in archive)
Cambridge News 5.11.01 (story available in archive)
Edinburgh News 5.11.01 (story)
Ananova 5.11.01 AN ANIMAL rights activist today locked herself inside Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)... A spokeswoman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) said the woman inside the building was animal rights campaigner Lynn Sawyer "She is in an unused office of the inhalation toxicology department with a box file and two tins of paint. The police are trying to coax her out now." said police (story)

Cambridge News 12.8.02 It's so easy to look away - From Reg Blaydon, Histon, Cambridge - I AM replying to your request (CEN 29 July) for views about the animal rights protest in Cambridge on Saturday 27 July… I wish I could say that I feel sorry for those who, for just a few precious shopping hours out of their lives, were inconvenienced by the SHAC demonstration. Forgive me if I save my sympathy for those whose entire lives are "inconvenience", in one way or another by the brutality of human beings. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 10.8.02 WHAT REALLY HAPPENS TO INNOCENT ANIMALS? - I joined hundreds of people who marched through the centre of Cambridge on July 27. It was an organised peaceful demonstration in protest of the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences… If anyone is interested in changing the sad and pathetic lives of thousands of animals who are made to suffer for the sake of us please contact: "Uncage Campaigns"… Sue Chambers, Leicester. (letter)
Cambridge News 10.8.02 Echo of holocaust - From Joan Court, Animal Rights Cambridge, Sturton Street, Cambridge - PATRICK Schicker’s comparison between fascist demonstration in pre-war Austria and our demonstration against cruelty to animals is very strange, as is reference to SHAC’s "lifethreatening actions" (News, August 3). What life threatening actions?... But yes, we all write to MPs, lobby parliament etc but, alas, his indifference is shared by many in power who stand to gain from animal exploitation. (letter)
Cambridge News 10.8.02 Labour’s broken vow From Pat Griffin, Bakers Lane, Linton - I MET a very interesting man on Saturday while collecting for the Animal Aid flag day. He makes and sells the "Worlds Smallest Kite"; his name was Nick…. It is interesting that, as with your correspondents Rowland Crane and Patrick Schicker (News, Aug 3.) the response to our philosophy on animal rights by our opponents is nearly always communicated in very aggressive, fabricated and defamatory language…. (letter)
Cambridge News 3.8.02 Nuisance of street demos From Rowland H. Crane, Victoria Park, Cambridge … They are a perfect nuisance. If they want to protest there are plenty of other ways of doing that… I personally think that the police should arrest them and clap them in a van and send them to jail if they can't protest in a more sensible manner… (letter)
Cambridge News 3.8.02 Nuisance of street demos, From Patrick Schicker, Milton Road, Cambridge …. Saturday's fiasco may not have been as bad as some of SHAC's life- threatening actions but it was counter-productive in that, for people like me, it killed any sympathy we may have had for the animal rights movement. Demonstrations like Saturday's remind me of my father's descriptions of brownshirt demonstrations in pre-war Vienna… (letter)
Cambridge News 29.7.02 Anger at animal rights demos - DEMONSTRATIONS by animal rights protesters are draining the lifeblood out of Cambridge and turning it into a no-go city, an MP has claimed. Although fewer than the expected 1,000 protesters turned up for Saturday's mass protest -- once again business was disrupted and traffic brought to a standstill… Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty which is calling for an end to animal testing at Huntingdon Life Science (HLS) -- failed to stick to the route previously agreed with senior police officers… And today SHAC issued a statement pledging financial rewards for information on workers at HLS… quote from SHAC spokesman Joseph Dawson… Andrew Lansley, Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire, said the march was detrimental to business and tourism in the city… (story)
Cambridge News 29.7.02 'News' Talking Point - Are animal demonstrations the answer? YET again hundreds of animal rights activists descended on the streets of Cambridge this weekend… Should the protesters be allowed to voice their views in such a way or do you think the people of Cambridge have had enough of demonstrations? (story)
Cambridge News 25.7.02 Animal rights march set to cause gridlock - UP to 1,000 animal rights protestors could bring Cambridge to a standstill at the weekend. The march which is being organised by SHAC -- Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty -- is expected to bring the city's roads to a halt on Saturday… (story)
Ely Standard 25.7.02 Protest likely to disrupt traffic POLICE are warning anyone planning to visit Cambridge on Saturday that an animal rights demonstration is likely to cause some disruption. The protest has been organised by the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) group, which has been liaising with police about its plans…. (story)
Cambridge News 13.6.02 Animal rights group to screen cruelty film - ANIMAL rights activists plan to erect a giant video screen in the heart of Cambridge to show film of dogs being mistreated inside Huntingdon Life Sciences. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) wants to show the footage, first broadcast on the Channel 4 documentary Countryside Undercover in 1997, during a rally on Parker's Piece on Saturday, July 27. Heather James of SHAC announced the plan as she met senior police officers ahead of the demonstration…. (story in archive)
Cambridge News 8.6.02 Route set for repeat HLS demo POLICE and animal rights protesters have agreed the route for a march through Cambridge city centre next month. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) will hold a repeat of last summer's protest on July 27. The group hopes also to hold a large rally on Parker's Piece. Yesterday police agreed with SHAC's Heather Avery that the procession would follow the same route as last year… (story in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 12.8.02 NETS ON TREES CRUEL TO BIRDS - I was relieved to note that the offending nets that strangled birds were removed (Courier, August 2)… I suggest your readers write to their MP to complain about the lack of legal safeguards… I do hope that the public will continue to report such cruelty.. Tara Corcoran, c/o Raphael Medical Centre, Hollanden Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough (letter)

Sunday Times 11.8.02 FLYING FOX: Roger Scruton (News Review, July 28), manages to equate foxhunting with hang-gliding… ? A squadron of bloodthirsty hang-gliders swooping above the skies of deepest Wiltshire… Prisons are full of people who have killed for their own amusement. - Donald Bannatyne, Oban, Argyll (letter)
Sunday Times 28.7.02 Roger Scruton: Why I am ready to go to jail to keep hunting Suppose the House of Commons, under pressure from animal rights campaigners, were to pass a bill banning ritual slaughter, describing this form of butchery as a “cruel and barbarous practice, unacceptable in a civilised society”… if the government went ahead and made ritual slaughter a crime, many citizens would be faced with a familiar quandary: do you obey the law, or obey your conscience? If the government bows to backbench pressure to ban hunting, the strategy I and others will adopt is that proposed by Henry David Thoreau in 1849: break the law, but openly. Do not try to escape punishment but show, through your punishment, that it is not you but the law that is at fault…. A group of hunt supporters has therefore drafted a document (which can be read at inviting people to declare their intention to disobey any hunting ban and help finance a national campaign… (story)

Scotland on Sunday 10.8.02 Hen harriers and grouse shooters - YOUR report ‘Harrier eggs in shooters’ sights’ (News, August 4) may have alarmed and misled many readers. We think it should be possible to host more hen harriers in total without wrecking grouse-shooting… The Game Conservancy Trust is a leading independent research charity which spends nearly £2m per annum researching game animals (including fish), their habitats and associated species. Our science is peer-reviewed and of the highest quality…. (letter)

Spectator 10.8.02 The hounding of country folk - Max Hastings says that New Labour has shown itself to be horribly old Labour in its often visceral distaste for the countryside. A friend of mine said the other day, ‘I don’t think many people realise just how close we are to losing the English countryside for good. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve simply got to aim to survive this government, and pray for something better in the future.’ My friend is no alarmist. I agree with him… We shall all be out there in London on 22 September for the Liberty and Livelihood March, though I hope very much that the Tory front bench can be persuaded to stay away… Max Hastings is president of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, but this article reflects his personal opinions, not those of the Council.(story)

Edinburgh News 10.8.02 Homeowners to pay if gulls nest on roofs By BRIAN FERGUSON - HOUSEHOLDERS are set to be forced to pay for seagulls to be removed from their roofs. Under a new action plan to tackle the growing rooftop menace in Edinburgh, property owners will be billed for the removal of nests… The new plan was welcomed by residents plagued by gull problems, but animal rights activists insisted the removal of nests must not involve the destruction of chicks… Edinburgh-based campaign group Advocates for Animals today praised the council for ruling out the poisoning or shooting of gulls to deal with the Capital’s problem…. quote from Ross Minnett (story)

Western Morning News 9.8.02 DON'T SNAP THE THREAD THAT BINDS US TOGETHER - The threat of a ban on hunting with hounds lies heavy on the minds of many who live in rural areas. Freelance secretary Pat Bawden lives on an Exmoor hill farm and is a founder member of Endangered Exmoor… Mrs Bawden, 45, a member of Devon and Somerset Stag Hunt who has been hunting for more than 30 years, said: "There are a few of us who got together to highlight the problems that we face if there is a ban on hunting."… (story)

Irish Examiner 9.8.02 Famed huntsman returns to launch his tales of the chase By Ray Ryan - LEGENDARY huntsman Thady Ryan returned to the RDS yesterday from his home in New Zealand to launch his autobiography.As the celebrated former Master of the Scarteen Hunt, the renowned Black and Tans from Knocklong, he continued the Ryan family link with the Limerick pack that goes back more than 300 years…. Thady Ryan, aged 79, who was Master of the Scarteens for 40 years, was clearly delighted to learn that 64 people are to again go steeple chasing in the centre of Dublin during this year's show…. Before the event begins the teams will parade around the main arena, led by the hounds of the North Down Harriers a sight that will bring joy to Thady Ryan and his legion of admirers…. (story)

Telegraph 9.8.02 Peterborough: RSPCA boost: The RSPCA's current financial discomfort - it urgently needs to save £2 million following the recent stock market slide - is about to be eased. A discreet advertisement (placed, paradoxically, in the pro-hunting journal Horse & Hound) reveals that the anti-hunting charity is selling its Manor Farm welfare centre in Buckinghamshire for £750,000 (story)

Western Morning News 9.8.02 COUNTRY FAIR HITS JACKPOT - PAUL BERGER …Mike Williams, chairman of the organising committee for the Cornwall and Devon Countryman's Fair, at Werrington Park, Launceston, said that up to 9,000 people took advantage of beautiful weather for the show on Sunday… Piers Thompson, from Fowey, said "…I am always interested in any of the pursuits going on. I enjoyed the fishing and seeing the hounds and the huntsmen… There was also quite a lot of support for country affairs, and quite active support for people to go and join the countryside march on September 22, and undoubtedly a lot of people will be doing so from Cornwall" (story)

Surrey Advertiser 9.8.02 Show shines through rain - BOSSES of the popular Cranleigh Show were counting their success this week after the annual summer curtain raiser attracted a massive 25% increase in crowds… many of the exhibitors at the show had a serious message to get across. Among them was the Countryside Alliance, which was encouraging people to sign up for the march to protest against plans to ban fox hunting on London next month. Susie Setterfield of the CA said: “We are getting a very good response and a lot of new members as well.”… (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 9.8.02 World has moved on in the life of our fox - In reply to Isobel Hall's letter (July 27) in which she states "I do think it is cruel to kill the foxes"…. Fox numbers have to be controlled to keep a balance in the countryside… Roy Dowsett… quotes from books that were written many years ago…. DG Morris, Newport (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 9.8.02 Hurry this hunts ban …I cannot believe baby foxes are dug and reared in cruel conditions only to, when they are old enough, be killed painfully for what people call sport… Holly Ashford, Shrewsbury (letter in archive)

Lewisham News Shopper 9.8.02 Write to your MP to ban hunting for sport - John Cooper, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports, address supplied 10:48 Thursday 8th August 2002 (letter)
Bolton Evening News 5.8.02 Hunt horrors have to cease - THIS summer could have been the first of many in which the cruel and unnecessary sport of hunting with dogs was nothing but an unpleasant memory… Packs of young hounds will be taken to a small wood or 'covert' where it is known fox cubs, often just a few months old… John Cooper, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter in archive)

Scotsman 9.8.02 Pig farm accused of cruelty is given all-clear By FIONA MacGREGOR and JOHN RUTTER - A PIG farm at the centre of animal cruelty claims in West Lothian has been given a clean bill of health by government vets… Ross Minett from Advocates for Animals denied there was any vendetta against Scotpigs…. (story)
Edinburgh News 6.8.02 Government vets set to move in on farm By FIONA MacGREGOR - GOVERNMENT vets were today set to demand entry to a West Lothian pig farm at the centre of an animal cruelty scandal. The intervention comes after inspectors from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were refused entry yesterday to the Ormiston Pig Farm… quotes from Yvonne Taylor, campaign organizer, Advocates for Animals (story)
Dundee Courier 6.8.02 VETS VISIT PIGGERY AFTER MALTREATMENT CLAIMS - ANIMAL WELFARE experts yesterday descended on a piggery just outside Dundee which featured in a cruelty court case a number of years ago and which is now again the centre of allegations that animals are being kept in inappropriate conditions… following allegations of maltreatment made by an animal rights pressure group. The group has made similar allegations about a piggery in West Lothian, both of which are run by Scotpigs… SSPCA yesterday confirmed that it had received footage from the pressure group, Advocates for Animals…
Daily Record 11.4.02 THANKS to the Daily Record for exposing "Pig King" Arthur Simmers... - Mrs J. Baxter, Glasgow (letter)
Edinburgh News 10.4.02 Call for pig farm probe amid poison rats fears ... Video evidence obtained by Advocates for Animals showed a major rat infestation at the Scots-pigs production unit at Ormiston.... Now pressure group Animal Concern has written to the Environmental Health and Trading Standards officers at West Lothian Council, asking them to fully investigate the Scotspigs farm... quotes from John Robins & Ross Minett (story)
Daily Record 9.4.02 EXPERTS' RAID ON PIG FARM - Boss facing ruin - Steve Smith & Jack Mathieson Exclusive - THE shocking pig farm exposed by the Daily Record was yesterday raided by a Government-led team of experts.... (story)
Edinburgh News 9.4.02 Pig farmers told to clean up their act - ANIMAL welfare experts have ordered managers at a Lothian pig farm to deal with "unacceptable" conditions on the site… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 9.4.02 PRODUCER TO AVOID PIG WELFARE CHARGES - NEIL MOIR AND JOE WATSON - No ANIMAL welfare charges are to be brought against one of Scotland's largest pig producers following allegations of animal cruelty at a farm in West Lothian... Advocates for Animals director Les Ward last night responded to claims by the SSPCA that the outcome might have been different if the tape had been presented to them sooner, by saying the very nature of the undercover investigation meant it was impossible to do so.... (story)
Ananova 8.4.02 Inspectors investigate pig farm condition claims - Welfare inspectors are investigating conditions at a Scottish pig farm after video footage was released allegedly showing an animal being eaten by other pigs. Advocates for Animals says it shot the undercover film at Ormiston Pig Farm, West Lothian, after saying it had received reports of "a stench" from the farm, near Kirknewton... (story)
Daily Record 8.4.02 HORROR AT THE PIG FARM ...An investigation has uncovered a stomach-churning lack of hygiene at a farm run by one of the country's biggest pork producers... The appalling conditions were discovered at Ormiston Pig Farm in West Lothian. It is run by Scotpigs, one of the country's biggest pork producers... Les Ward, of Advocates for Animals, who carried out the investigation into Ormiston Pig Farm, said: "We were absolutely appalled by what we saw on the video...." Investigator Toni Vernelli, who shot the 15-minute film, said: "We have filmed in many piggeries, but this is about the worst we have seen..." (story)
Edinburgh News 8.4.02 Farm is probed in video nasty claim By JASON CUMMING ... Investigators with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals visited the Ormiston site - which is operated by major pork producer Scotpigs Ltd - after undercover filming of alleged hygiene problems by the Advocates for Animals group... Advocates for Animals investigator Toni Vernelli, who shot the 15-minute video, added: “We have filmed in many piggeries but this is about the worst we have ever seen..." (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 9.8.02 SIR - In reply to Mr Ray Robertshaw, general manager RSPCA (T&A, August 3). So the RSPCA are not responsible for stray dogs? Nor apparently for pigeons which have been shot, nor injured swans nor horses which have been tethered on waste land and obviously neglected. These are some of the calls for help made by people who I know and all of them had a negative response from the RSPCA…. Mrs Sheila Robinson, Baildon Road, Baildon (letter in archive)

Cornishman 8.8.02 ANTI-HUNT ROADSHOW 'PROTEST' - Police are investigating a complaint after a national anti-hunt roadshow came to Penzance on Friday… The roadshow, organised by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals… spent the day near the Wharfside Centre as part of a celebrity-backed campaign to ban hunting with dogs… the Western Hunt also staged their own peaceful 'presence' next to the campaigners… a man is reported to have scratched the vehicle, and used red pen to write 'control freaks' along its side… quotes from Josey Sharrad, of IFAW, Ben Sparrow, master of the Western Hunt, Sgt Alan Cragg, of Penzance Police, this week confirmed that a complaint was being investigated - but said there was no inference that the offender was a member of the hunt… (story)

Cotswold Journal 8.8.02 Hunt support group faces row over signs - COTSWOLD anti-hunting campaigners have hit out at the advertising techniques of the Countryside Alliance… They claim that the proliferation of signs around the district represents an eyesore and may be illegal… Brenda Aylmore, who runs the hedgehog rescue centre in Ebrington, said: "I am appalled.." Another source of complaint has been the inclusion of a Liberty and Livelihood march flyer in the combined parish magazine of Broadwell, Donnington, Evenlode, Oddington and Adlestrop… quotes from Mrs Pat Hemming, a founder member of the Cotswold Support Group for the Abolition of Hunting, Mrs Pat Hemming, a founder member of the Cotswold Support Group for the Abolition of Hunting…(story in archive)

Hereford Times 8.8.02 7,000 turn out for taste of rural fun - HEAVY morning rain and overcast skies must have kept many families away from Herefordshire Country Fair but, nevertheless, 7,000 people enjoyed a super day out on Sunday… And children surged into the ring to join the hounds from the South Herefordshire and Ross Harrier packs… there was a lot of interested being drummed up for the Liberty and Livelihood march in London on September 22… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 8.8.02 MISLED BY THE MINISTER - Sir - The letter from Elliot Morley, Organic Farmers Minister is misleading. Foxes have no natural enemies to hunt them but enjoy inflicting stress and pain on smaller animals they hunt and play with, and do not always need to eat… Mrs J Gingell Fishponds Bristol (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 8.8.02 MEANINGLESS ANIMAL TESTING - Further to previous correspondence regarding animal testing for medical purposes, I would like to draw the attention of your readers to the work of the Humane Research Trust and the Doctor Hadwen Trust…. Mrs A. B. LANGFORD, Lansdown Road, Gloucester (letter)

Argus 8.8.02 Poor pets - I was outraged when I read the article about Alison King and to see the picture of how those poor animals were kept. (The Argus, August 6)… This woman has added herself to the ever-increasing list of cold and heartless pigs who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on those who cannot stand up for themselves. -Ann Thompson (Mrs), Eastbourne (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 7.8.02 COUNTRYSIDE MARCH TO MAKE SILENT POINT - A huge march by countryside campaigners through London next month will be carried out in total silence, it was revealed yesterday…. quotes from James Stanford, director of the event, Amie Pascoe, whose father is a farmer in Cornwall, Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports Linda Gilroy, Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton (story)
Western Morning News 7.8.02 'IT'S TIME FOR US TO DO MORE THAN MARCH' - 'i AM in control of making the march happen," says James Stanford, the volunteer preparing to mount the Countryside Alliance Liberty and Livelihood demonstration in London on Sunday, 22 September… quotes from Alliance member Cliff Standing, Guy Wallace, Peter Gent of Countryside Action Network, Mauro Bregoli, life-long sportsman, leading chef and restaurateur, Tony Bamford former MFH of East Sussex & Romney Marsh, Patrick Martin of the Bicester with Whaddon Chase, Barry Todhunter, huntsman with the Blencathra, The Duke of Devonshire … recalls his days with the Quorn with great affection, Tomorrow: "People are quite prepared to go to prison." (story)
Hull Daily Mail 7.8.02 FARMERS PREPARE TO JOIN MARCH - Up to 4,000 East Yorkshire countryside campaigners are preparing to join a massive rally which is being billed as the largest civil liberties demonstration in UK history… (story)

Border Telegraph 7.8.02 Hunt is on to outlaw ban - COUNTRYSIDE Alliance chiefs have 15 days to lodge an appeal after the Scottish Court of Session refused to overturn the ban on mounted fox hunting… quote from Regional Director of the Borders Countryside Alliance branch, Eileen Orr… A demonstration has now been organised for September 22 in London where thousands of Borderers will join hunt supporters from around the world… Mrs Orr claimed she was told by one MSP who voted for the ban: “We don’t mind you hunting with your Borders accent. It’s only the ‘toffs’ we are trying to get at.”… (story)
Border Telegraph 7.8.02 Centuries of tradition hounded out - A TRADITION enjoyed by Borderers for centuries has officially been made illegal… Captain Gerald Maitland Carew, chairman of the Lauderdale Hunt for 20 years until last year, described Wednesday’s verdict as a “very sad day for sport in Scotland.”… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.8.02 TV VET EMMA IN ANTI-HUNT BACKING … At Stroud, celebrity vet Emma Milne boosted the anti-hunt roadshow. Ms Milne, from TV's Vets in Practice, was accompanied by an RSPCA man dressed as a fox. "I have been anti-hunting for ages," said Ms Milne, 30… Cotswold District Council chairman Coun Tim Royle wrote to Mr Michael after his Conservative council voted overwhelmingly in favour of hunting… The support from Cotswold councillors is a boost to the Berkeley and Cotswold hunts. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 7.8.02 ANTI-HUNT CAMPAIGN 'A SUCCESS' - Bristol West MP Valerie Davey joined campaigners who were collecting signatures in Broadmead in support of a ban on hunting with dogs. Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals, an umbrella group of the RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the League Against Cruel Sports organised the event. It was part of a national roadshow which features a giant-size fox… quotes from Roadshow spokesman Gill Sanders, Dave Ward, from the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Western Morning News 7.8.02 HUNTING FOLK IN FULL CRY AT HONITON SHOW - The Queen has told Prime Minister Tony Blair: "Don't divide my country over hunting," it has been claimed. Her advice came at a dinner and was overheard by several people, according to a senior Westcountry politician. Whether you believe the story or not… it was greeted with credence at the Honiton Show… 25 packs of foxhounds, five packs of harriers, three packs of staghounds, 17 packs of beagles and six packs of minkhounds were represented in a parade in the main arena…. quotes from Dick Finch, Bill Andrews, vice chairman of the Countryside Alliance, Marcus Munt, Alistair Jackson, director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association… (story)
Western Morning News 7.8.02 COUNTRY SHOWS EPITOMISE RURAL ENGLAND - Anthony GIBSON … One could not write about the Honiton Show without mentioning the hounds, because that is what has given it a national reputation. There were more than 30 packs represented; not just foxhounds, but stag hounds and harriers, beagles and mink hounds, and they were cheered to the echo as they were led around the ring… (story)
Western Morning News 2.8.02 SHOW IS UPHOLDER OF RURAL TRADITIONS - ANDREA KUHN - … Honiton Show… The annual event, which celebrates its 112th year, is unique because it is also home to the West of England Hound Show, a display of hunting dogs from around the region…. many people at the show said they would join the Countryside March on September 22 to make their feelings known… quotes from Mal Treharne, of the Countryside Alliance… (story)

Croydon Guardian 7.8.02 Intrepid fox goes wild - A fox whose life was saved by two determined animal-lovers after it was knocked down in South Norwood has been released back into the wild following its full recovery. Sharky the fox was released into his natural habitat last Monday (July 29) nursed back to full health after his stay at the London Wildcare Centre in Church Road, Wallington… (story in archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 7.8.02 Badger group unhappy with police By James Hore - A WILDLIFE group has claimed a badger hit by a car suffered a lingering death after Essex Police controllers failed to identify one of their county's villages… the North East Essex Badger Group eventually gave up… quotes from chairman Renee Hockley-Byam, Volunteer Neil Yeo, Essex Police (story)

Western Daily Press 7.8.02 WE MAKE NO APOLOGY FOR SHOWING YOU THESE PICTURES . . . IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO SHAME THE BADGER BAITERS … For one man, living under an assumed name somewhere in the Welsh mountains, the extent of that cruelty has been too much to bear - and 20 years ago he declared war on the perpetrators. As a member of the Special Operations Unit of the RSPCA, and with the code name Tony Saunders, he has risked his life against organised criminals - men and women prepared to kill those who stand in their way…. The full horror of Tony's work is chronicled in a new book, Baiting the Trap… (story)

Hunts Post 7.8.02 Huntingdon Life Sciences back in profit after five years - HUNTINGDON Life Sciences have started making a profit for the first time in five years. Turnover is now at an all-time high. The company is back in profit for the first time since bad publicity in 1997 caused them to lose a third of their sales… (story)

Western Mail 7.8.02 Animal rights campaigner dies aged 80 … Bernice Jones founded and ran Gwent Animal Rescue, at Llanhennock… Mrs Jones set up the sanctuary in 1986 after her branch of the RSPCA was closed down and 33 dogs killed because of alleged over-crowding… a senior RSPCA council member accused her of overcrowding the kennels. Mrs Jones was sacked along with the rest of the committee and 33 dogs were killed…. newspaper reports said staff had to pull dogs out of bins to make sure they were dead and one member of staff was so distraught she took an overdose of tablets… (story)
South Wales Argus Tributes to devoted animal carer - TRIBUTES are being paid to a Newport woman who spent 50 years devoted to the welfare of animals. Bernice Jones, who died last Thursday aged 80, spent the last 16 years of her life running Gwent Animal Rescue, at Llanhennock, which she founded in 1986… In 1985, however, Mrs Jones hit the headlines when she was sacked from her job as Gwent secretary of the RSPCA after being accused of overcrowding the kennels at Ringland…
South Wales Argus 6.8.02 Death of animal rights champion - GWENT animal rights campaigner Bernice Jones (pictured) has died in hospital at the age of 80… Before founding Gwent Animal Rescue, Mrs Jones, who lived in Newport, worked for the RSPCA… In the 1970s she campaigned against the export of live animals… (story in archive)

Ealing Times 7.8.02 Help us to ban all live exports I AM writing to inform you that as restrictions enforced during the foot and mouth epidemic have now been lifted, there has been a resumption in the export of live animals... K Smith Kent Gardens Ealing (letter)

Yorkshire Post 6.8.02 Parson backs hunting - Michael Brown Religious Affairs Correspondent - HUNTING in all its forms is a "normal way of life," Yorkshire fox-hunting parson Toddy Hoare says in a controversial new book. The vicar whose parish is centred on Leake, near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, makes the assertion in The Catch: A theology of fishing, a sequel to 1988's The Wagging Tail: A theology of hunting….Mr Hoare, 54, who used to ride with the Sinnington and Hurworth hunts, declares in The Catch: "Hunting in all forms - allowing for the fact that the gun superseded the bow and arrow - exists in the BIble or in references to it in the Bible and is therefore a normal way of life."… (story)

Worcester Evening News 6.8.02 Dates set for hunting talks - PUBLIC hearings on the future of fox hunting are due to be held in London next month… Bob Brierley, spokesman for the Worcestershire Hunt, said fox hunting was the least cruel way of controlling foxes… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 6.8.02 HYPOCRISY OF ANTI-HUNT SET - Well, Mr Franklin (not forgetting Mr Brown, Mr Haines, Mrs Dean), funny how my "muddled" letter has been followed by an outcry against animal experiments and vivisection… You either ban the lot (fishing, game shooting, animal experiments etc. ) or you ban nothing…. It may interest Mr Franklin that I have argued with hunt masters that hunting should be a job of work without the need for fancy coats… B Pullen Alderton Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.7.02 KILL OFF IDEAS OF RURAL IDYLL - Sir - Mrs J Gingell describes idyllic scenes on her farm.All of the cows had names, the pigs were 'very special characters', etc… It must have been a great comfort to the cows to know that they had a name when the slaughterman drew his knife across their throats… In 1998, almost 900million animals were slaughtered in Britain for human consumption. That's 17million per week, 2.4million a day, 28 every second! Presumably, many were given names by farmers who so loved them. Paul Jefferies Kingswood Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.7.02 A WEST FARMER'S RIGHT TO REPLY - Sir - Once again I feel compelled to respond to Roy Franklin's narrowminded diatribe in his letter that claimed "farmers deserve all the verbal bashing they get"… come on, Roy, let's not be so blinkered - try to see the other side as well. Who knows, even you may be persuaded to try out footpaths and see that not all farmers are so bad. (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.7.02 FARMERS NOT CRUEL TO STOCK - Sir - The letter from Roy Franklin so disturbed me that, despite a broken arm, I must respond. When farming, our cows all had names and some were loved as family, being raised from calves…. A true farmer does it for love of land and livestock. I am sorry for prejudiced people like Mr Franklin (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.7.02 Sir - Bill Pullen's letter is another example of woolly thinking from a pro-hunter. While I agree vivisection stinks, I am not really sure what point he was making in his letter, so muddled is it… Over the years, I have campaigned against hunting, vivisection, seal culls, the meat industry, fishing and many other forms of animal abuse. Farmers deserve all the verbal bashing they get. They use and abuse animals as if they were machines, not feeling creatures… Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 6.8.02 IMMUNISATION IS THE ANSWER TO CATTLE TB Regarding the letter from a St Austell gentleman, concerning Trevor Beer's remark about the badger cull… I know Trevor and his family personally… It is "the cull" he is against with hundreds of poor creatures being trapped… The creatures are terrified all night then destroyed the next morning destroyed… we ought to find an immunisation fairly quickly for cattle against TB, instead of the terrific sums of money being used to cull God's creatures. Look at the fox; he doesn't hurt your chickens if you shut them up warm and cosy for the night… Betty Liddicoat, London Apprentice St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 3.7.02 NO BLANKET CULL OF BADGERS IS PLANNED It is regrettable that Trevor Beer should make such highly emotive and misleading claims when writing about the culling of badgers. There are no proposals for a blanket cull of badgers, nor is there any suggestion that the badger population be exterminated… An enormous amount of unnecessary suffering has been caused, not only to farmers, many of whom have had to live with a seemingly unending nightmare for years, but also to badgers infected with bovine TB. Ivor Dennis, Holsworthy (letter)

Liverpool Echo 6.8.02 ROYAL Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals? You have got to be joking when they put a two-year-old, healthy dog to sleep within hours of it being in their hands… M. Robinson, Liverpool (letter)
Liverpool Echo 1.8.02 IT was with disgust that I read about George, the healthy twoyearold dog which was handed into the RSPCA for rehoming, but was put down right away because, as the excuse goes, they didn't have a kennel for him… In future I will give any donations to the Canine Defense League who are not known to put down any healthy animal. I suggest that anyone, who for a genuine reason cannot keep their dog , should hand it in to them . . . it will probably live longer. J. Cieslik, Wallasey (letter)
Liverpool Echo 26.7.02 RSPCA defends actions of kennel by Claire Stoker, Liverpool Echo - WHEN the owner of a lively dog couldn't cope anymore he took it to the RSPCA to be rehomed. Returning the same day to see how the dog was settling in, he found it had already been put to sleep… (story)

Mirror 5.8.02 THE TWO TRIBES - 24 hrs a day outside Parliament are protesters from opposite ends of the political spectrum .. BRIAN HAW: Stop killing Iraqi children SALLY MERISON: Save the countryside By Ros Wynne-Jones - "I've chatted to Brian quite a lot," says Sally, who did her first 24-hour stint three weeks ago. "He's protesting because the Government won't listen. We're protesting because the Government won't listen…" Brian respects the fox-hunters' right to be there. "Most of them aren't too bad," he says. "At least they believe in something. Some of them are very nice and it's good to have someone to talk to at night."… The Countryside Alliance protesters - Sally, Stephen Knight, 36, a police officer from Guildford, Surrey; Laura Thorpe, 24, a kennel hand from Yorkshire, and John Lester, 56, a retired fireman from Surrey… (story)

Guardian 5.8.02 Hunting for media coverage - Interview by Laura Barton - Last Thursday, hunting with hounds became illegal in Scotland. The previous day, campaigners failed in their bid to overturn the ban. They claimed the act breached human rights and would cause a loss of income for the rural community. Allan Murray is director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance… (interview)

Telegraph 5.8.02 Notebook, By W F Deedes - While attending a local hunt puppy show the other day, I pondered the animals' imminent fate. Have those who are convinced that foxhunting is wicked given any thought to this? If hunting ends, as it has just done in Scotland, what is to be done with thousands of redundant foxhounds?... (story)

Cumberland News & Star 5.8.02 HUNT GROUP'S ANGER IS AT BOILING POINT - ANGRY pro-hunt protesters who were given the slip by the Prime Minister in Cumbria last week are gearing up for a mammoth rally in London next month… Countryside Alliance regional director Tom Fell said people were "very disappointed" that the Prime Minister was not prepared to face them… Around 50 coaches have been booked in Cumbria… Protester Clive Richardson is a Kirkby Lonsdale huntsman who looks after a hundred hounds for the Vale of Lune Harriers. He will lose his job and home if a ban on hunting goes through… (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 5.8.02 North East legend Bryan Ferry is furious with his 19-year-old son for being arrested at a pro-hunting demo… (story)
Northern Echo 5.8.02 Star's son arrested at home of Blair …Otis Ferry, 19, was stopped by armed police as he approached the Prime Minister's home, Myrobella House, in Trimdon Colliery, County Durham, in the early hours of Wednesday…. Mr Ferry spent his gap year working for the Middleton Hunt, near Malton… (story in archive)
Scotland on Sunday 4.8.02 Rock star’s son arrested over hunting protest - CHRISTOPHER CLAIRE - THE SON of rock star Bryan Ferry has been arrested after attempting a pro-hunting protest at Tony Blair’s constituency home… (story)
Sunday Sun 4.8.02 I was a stupid prat - The son of North rock legend Bryan Ferry has owned up to acting like a stupid prat after being arrested by armed cops outside the Prime Minister's house in the middle of the night. Otis Ferry remains unrepentant, however, and says the incident won't put him off staging further pro-hunting protests…. (story)
Telegraph 3.8.02 Star's son arrested at Blair house By Sally Pook - The 19-year-old son of Bryan Ferry, the singer, was arrested by armed police officers after approaching Tony Blair's constituency home in the middle of the night with pro-hunting posters. Otis Ferry, an amateur whip with the Middleton Hunt in Yorkshire and a passionate supporter of hunting, was intending to place Countryside Alliance posters on the walls… Humberside police questioned Mr Ferry that evening and released him on police bail pending further inquiries. A spokesman said: "He was wanted for questioning about an incident of criminal damage in the East Riding area of Yorkshire in May this year."… (story)
Times 3.8.02 Bryan Ferry's son held at Blair's home BY LAURA PEEK - BRYAN FERRY’S 19-year-old son was arrested by armed police outside Tony Blair’s constituency home in the middle of the night where he was intending to pin up pro-hunting posters… “I had seen on the news that pro-hunting protesters had been targeting MPs’ homes and thought you couldn’t get better than Tony Blair’s home…" (story)
Argus (Eastbourne) 3.8.02 Rock star's son in Blair home arrest - A teenager arrested as he approached the Prime Minister's constituency home was the son of rock star Bryan Ferry, it emerged this weekend… (story in archive)
Ananova 3.8.02 Rock star's son arrested at Blair's home - A teenager arrested earlier this week as he approached the Prime Minister's constituency home was the son of rock star Bryan Ferry. Otis Ferry, 19, was apparently staging a pro-hunting protest when he was stopped by armed police in Trimdon Colliery, Co Durham, shortly before 4am on Wednesday… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 5.8.02 SHOW'S BACK AND BOOMING - It's great to be back. That was the view of farmers and families who flocked to the 86th Gower Show… The Banwen Hunt gave a main ring display… (story)

Scotsman 5.8.02 Shame on them - FEW things say as much about the difference between the pro- and anti-hunting camps than the claims that hundreds of hounds may have to be put down now that fox-hunting is banned in Scotland… The notion of people putting their hands in their pockets to support unwanted animals is not new; a great many charities do it. Sadly, I suppose putting the hounds down makes sense within a culture that sees small animals as entertainment, to be hunted and killed for fun. What lovely people. (story)

Bucks Free Press 5.8.02 Fox hunting: It's good versus evil - TO those readers who have enjoyed the respite from letters about hunting, my commiserations, for it is all about to start up again. The strange and inadequate individuals who are hooked on the primitive thrill of chasing wild animals to the point of exhaustion and a gory death, have the need to train this year's intake of young hounds by setting them onto equally inexperienced fox cubs… B Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 5.8.02 Protest on snares over fox ordeal - THE RSPCA has renewed its opposition to animal snares after a fox was trapped on a local farm and had to be put down… Mr Hegarty said there were more humane ways to kill pests… (story in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 5.8.02 Pigeon pills - I LOVED Mrs P A Merrett's letter, 'Consider the pigeons'. So many people hate pigeons, seagulls, magpies. What is wrong with this sort of person? We should live with nature, not against it… AVIS CROOK, Manadon (letter)

Independent on Sunday 4.8.02 Pro-hunt MPs urged to deceive public over their true feelings By Jo Dillon, Political Correspondent - Pro-hunting parliamentarians are being urged by their supporters to wage a covert campaign to save blood sports as hunts ride out for the first weekend of the stag hunting season. Documents circulated to pro-hunt MPs and peers, obtained by the anti-hunting League Against Cruel Sports, make it clear that appearing to support the "middle way" option of allowing hunting to continue under licence is now the "only game in town"… The pro-hunting campaign plans to set up an all-party group, according to the document, and to muster between 30 and 40 parliamentarians who will be on hand to put their case as any legislation goes through the Commons and the Lords… (story)

Observer 4.8.02 Ask the family - This week: hunting - Dee O'Connell - The grouse-shooting season starts on 12 August. We ask the Oddi family from Gospel Oak, London whether there is anything glorious about hunting. Marco, dad: Hunting seems to be an upper-class activity here, whereas in Italy, where I come from, that is not the case… Polly, mum: … I have witnessed the anti-hunting lobby in action and found them really scary - they were intimidating the child of someone that offended them and it did make me wonder about their moral priorities… Eva, 13: I am against hunting and in particular fox hunting… Pat, 11: I think that chasing an animal for fun… Milo, 7: … I'd say no to hunting because I really don't like the idea of scaring or hurting animals…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 4.8.02 Harrier eggs in shooters’ sights - JEREMY WATSON … Hen Harriers have been routinely - and illegally - slaughtered by gamekeepers for years to preserve stocks of red grouse for shooting. Now, in the run-up to the Glorious Twelfth, the traditional start of the grouse-hunting season, MSPs are being urged to support the legal destruction of harrier eggs…. the Game Conservancy Trust supports changing the law to allow gamekeepers to remove harrier eggs from their nests and destroy them…. (story)

Telegraph 3.8.02 Details were announced yesterday of public hearings into hunting with hounds as part of the Government's consultation on a possible ban… Members of the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals, the Countryside Alliance and the Middle Way Group will question expert witnesses. (story)
Times 3.8.02 Public hearings into hunting will take place from September 9 to 11 at Portcullis House in Westminster as part of the Government’s consultation on a possible ban… (story)
Ananova 2.8.02 Experts to be questioned on hunting ban - Details have been announced of public hearings into hunting with hounds. The move is part of the Government's consultation on a possible ban. The three days of hearings will take place on September 9-11 at Portcullis House in Westminster…(story)

Guardian 3.8.02 You dirty rats - John O'Farrell … when foxhunting is successfully banned, the solution to Britain's rat problem seems obvious… What could do more to gladden the hearts of an Englishman than seeing the master of the hunt clambering out of a manhole, wiping the brown sludge from his jodhpurs?... the sound of the horn telling us that a traditional rat hunt has begun in earnest. It will be a signal announcing that the rural upper classes have just clambered into our sewers - a noise that says, "Right, everyone flush now!" (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.8.02 THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT BANNING SPORT HUNTING - Miles J Cooper, Forest Row, Ipsden, Oxfordshire (letter)
Western Morning News 18.7.02 SPEAKING FOR WHOM? Miles J Cooper from Oxfordshire has written to our local paper (and perhaps a few others) using the title of 'Animal Welfare Consultant'…. I would be interested to know what qualifications he has and who he represents. Possibly, well-heeled ladies and gentlemen who don ritual costume and chase animals to death?... If foxes need to be culled, there are good marksmen who take a pride in a quick, one bullet kill. That is the way to go. Sporting pleasure should not come into it…. S JONES Wall Park Road Brixham (letter)
The Shields Gazette 11.7.02 Think before fox vote - Miles J Cooper,Independent Animal Welfare Consultant,3 Forest Row,Ipsden,Oxfordshire, OX10 6PU 01491 682580 (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 10.7.02 Fox and hunt have positive relationship - MILES J COOPER, Independent Animal Welfare Consultant, Forest Row, Ipsden, Oxfordshire (letter)
Western Morning News 8.7.02 SPORT HUNTING WILL HELP FOX WELFARE (letter)
Grimsby Evening Telegraph 8.7.02 'THINK CAREFULLY' ON HUNTING BAN - Miles J. Cooper, Independent Animal Welfare Consultant, Ipsden, Oxfordshire (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 6.7.02 FOXES ARE A BENEFIT TO FARMERS - Sir, - I must reply to the pro-hunting letter written by Miles J Cooper (July 3). Mr Cooper' s implication that the fox is a pest and must be killed is false: the fox is a benefit to farmers as it kills the three major pests to arable farming... I believe that anyone who can enjoy torturing a sensitive being is sick in the mind and may be violent towards our own species. Indeed, there have been many recorded incidents of hunters harming peaceful anti-hunt campaigners. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)
Berwick Advertiser 4.7.02 Think carefully about ban on 'sport' hunting - Once again hunting is under consideration by the Labour government… MILES J COOPER, Independent Animal Welfare Consultant, Forest Row, Ipsden, Oxfordshire, X10 6PU. via e-mail. (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.7.02 HUNT BAN COULD BE WRONG FOR FOXES - Once again hunting is under consideration by the Labour Government. In the not too distant future the public will probably be urged by anti-hunt groups to support a ban… For many years I campaigned (with the League Against Cruel Sports and the Hunt Saboteur Association) for a ban on hunting yet my research has led me to conclude that a ban on 'sport' hunting would be detrimental to animal welfare. Such a ban would destroy the paradoxical relationship between hunts and the fox…. Flushing to guns, while sounding clean and clinical, runs the risk of foxes being wounded before escaping or being killed by hunting dogs… 'Sport' hunting's season finishes as fox cubs are being born. Since fox predation is concentrated at this time of year a ban on 'sport' hunting, with lower farmer tolerance, will increase the likelihood of culling centred on breeding earths: a practice which carries an increased welfare cost since orphaned cubs will need to be located and killed… MILES J COOPER Independent animal welfare consultant (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.8.02 RURAL ALARM NEGLECTS TOWNSFOLK'S PROBLEMS - Your editorial Rural Britain Fed Up With Townie Bias was so full of spin, it could have missed the paper all together… The thousands of townies who have recently lost their jobs at ASW and Mountstevens probably feel frustrated and angry but I doubt they can afford to march on London… C P Harrell Crockerne Drive Pill Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.7.02 RURAL BRITAIN FED UP WITH TOWNIE BIAS - The trouble with a Government dominated by spin is that it is totally unprepared for the intrusion of the real world, even when it has been warned that it is about to happen… Labour has never pretended to be a party of the countryside. Its history is against that. But if the spin doctors who seem to set party policy do not wake up to harsh reality very soon, the countryside will set itself so firmly against this Government and all it stands for that it could have very serious consequences for social cohesion…. Which is why the march in London will be joined by policemen, teachers, postmen, and many others concerned for their future. It will, of course, also be joined by prohunt supporters from all over the country, but as Mal Treharne, South West spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, rightly points out, very few people actually hunt and if the issue was just hunting, its rallies would be very modest indeed...(story)

Bristol Evening Post 3.8.02 FOXES OFTEN VISIT US FOR DOUGHNUTS - I write in response to Philip Gannaway and his question regarding urban foxes. We seem to have two local fox dens and are often treated to the sight of foxes coming in to our garden… Pam Collins, Mackie Avenue, Filton. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 31.7.02 FOXES ARE BACK - A month ago I spotted a fox on the corner of Speedwell Road and Plummer's Hill… A few years ago urban foxes were virtually wiped out through mange. Now it seems they're making a comeback… Philip Gannaway, Meadow Vale, Speedwell, Bristol. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 3.8.02 BIG CROWDS FOR FIELD SPORTS FAIR REVIVAL Crowds gathered in Moy yesterday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Highland Field Sports Fair. About 4,000 people converged on the Moy Hall Estate for the first fair in two years… (story)

ThisIsDevon (poss. Torquay Herald Express) 3.8.02 PICKING ON SEAGULLS - I am sick of people going on about the poor seagulls … Why pick on the beautiful wildlife when these hooligans run free. J FINLAYSON Paignton (letter)

Cumberland News 2.8.02 THOUSANDS SET FOR MARCH ON LONDON - THE Cumbrian countryside will be virtually empty during the Countryside Alliance's latest march on London, it was claimed this week. On a visit to the county Alliance chief executive Richard Burge said he expects thousands of Cumbrians to join the demonstration in the capital on September 22… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 2.8.02 SUPPORT FOR HUNTING - A euro-mp gave his support to the pro-hunt lobby by joining a round-the-clock vigil in London's Parliament Square. Roger Helmer, who represents Lincolnshire in Europe joined the Countryside Alliance-organised vigil on Monday as part of their "Summer of Discontent" following Government plans to ban hunting…. (story) or (story)

Hexham Courant 2.8.02 BAN SUPPORT - I write in response to the article Braes trio in hunt vigil at Commons (Courant, July 26th… I have been working for the National Anti-Hunt Campaign "No Hunting. No Compromise" 32-town tour, collecting petitions… Our stalls in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Middlesbrough in the last week have collected an hourly average of 200 signatures… Anne Harris, Newcastle Animal Rights Coalition, Humshaugh. (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 27.7.02 Hunt supporters heartened on the streets of London - DURHAM and North Yorkshire hunts collected hundreds of signatures from well-wishers in favour of hunting with dogs at the weekend. Members of the Shildon Countryside Movement and the Braes of Derwent, South Durham, Hurworth and Zetland hunts took part in the Countryside Alliance's Parliament Square vigil… Mrs Vaux said the numbers of Londoners who said they intended to join in the September 22 march, and the hooting of horns and thumbs-up signs from bus and taxi drivers as well as ordinary motorists, was uplifting… (story in archive)
Hexham Courant 26.7.02 BRAES TRIO IN HUNT VIGIL AT COMMONS - THREE members of the Braes of Derwent Hunt have been taking part in a pro-hunting vigil outside the House of Commons… The Braes' contingent were among 26 people from the North-East who manned the site in shifts for 25 hours during which time well over 200 signatures were collected in support of hunting… "We were showered with gifts of food and drink, given CDs by up and coming hopeful musicians, and a lesson in playing the didgeridoo by a German…" (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 20.7.02 Local hunts take part in Westminster vigil by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times - SOUTH Durham and North Yorkshire hunts will be in London this weekend to take part in an overnight vigil outside the Houses of Parliament… Two routes were announced this week to cope with the volume of people expected to attend the Liberty and Livelihood march being held in London on September 22…. (story)

Hexham Courant 2.8.02 HUNT STAFF 'PLAYED INVALUABLE ROLE DURING THE EPIDEMIC' - HUNTSMEN and countryside guardians have said their efforts to bring foot-and-mouth under control have not been recognised. Working as volunteers, hunt staff from Tynedale Hunt, The Braes of Derwent hunt, and from the Haydon Hunt helped MAFF and Defra deal with a backlog of culls after foot-and-mouth ran out of control last year. But the Countryside Alliance has said the efforts of the hunt staff have been ignored by the swingeing Lessons to be Learned report into foot-and-mouth… quotes from Master of the Braes of Derwent hunt Alan Chapman, Master of the Tynedale Hunt Richard Tyacke, Countryside Alliance spokesman Sam Butler (story)

Hexham Courant 2.8.02 RIDERS IN CASH HUNT - A pair of professional huntsmen will go to Helvellyn and back to raise money for charity. Huntsman Andrew Robb, who looks after the hounds at the Haydon Hunt kennels at Settlingstones and master of the Haydon Hunt Iona Lawson, who farms at Winshields near Hadrian's Wall, will be sponsored to ride on horseback to the summit of the mountain in Cumbria… Any sponsorship money that they raise will be divided between the Great North Air Ambulance Service, The Countryside Alliance, and the Haydon Bridge hunt… (story)

Hexham Courant 2.8.02 MAKE MINE MINK - AS RECENTLY as the mid-1970s, Tynedale was home to a pack of otter hounds… the North Tyne Otter Hounds used to cover much of the district in pursuit of their elusive quarry… at the weekend, the Northern Counties Mink Hounds were back in the district for a meet at the Bridge End Inn, Ovingham… (story)

Cambridge News 2.8.02 'News' Talking Point - I Scottish hunt ban a betrayal?... What do you think? (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 2.8.02 What about the foxes - Sir, - If I were a fox I think I would be prepared to take my chance with the hounds and people on horseback and even count my blessings! Should my end happen to be a bit violent, until that moment I would have enjoyed perfect freedom to do just as I wished… DAPHNE CRACK, Linksfield, Rushmere (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.8.02 SHOOTING SUPPORT IS JUST A BUY-OFF - Sir - The recent statement by Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs Minister, that learning to shoot is better for the young than playing violent computer games is to be welcomed… First, it shows us that the Labour MP for the Forest of Dean is out on a limb with her recent attacks on youngsters holding shotgun licences perfectly lawfully…. Secondly, it may just demonstrate a cynical campaign by Alun Michael, the minister in charge of the consultation on the future of hunting, to try to buy off those who support shooting for just long enough to get a hunting ban through… Mark Harper Ruardean Royal Forest of Dean Gloucestershire (letter)
Telegraph 29.7.02 Character-building activity - Alun Michael was happy to concede at the Game Fair that shooting "is better for the young than playing violent computer games or watching adult films" (report, July 27). Has he, I wonder, considered the value of hunting in "learning disciplines in a proper way"?... Yes, Mr Michael, "the hunting issue must be resolved", so that our children may continue to enjoy this character-building experience. From: Anne Mackenzie, Cranborne, Dorset (letter)
Telegraph 27.7.02 Shooting is 'better for children than video games' By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Learning to shoot is better for the young than playing violent computer games or watching adult films, Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, agreed yesterday. A recent survey by the Countryside Alliance showed that 77 per cent of the public believed this to be the case… He told a seminar on shooting at the Game Fair that the Government had "no intention" of interfering with "the sport of shooting or its development"…. Douglas Batchelor, director of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "The league hopes the minister was referring to the humane sports of shooting targets or clay pigeons…" Mr Michael refused to give an undertaking that there would be no interference in respect of hunting… "Hunting has been a matter of debate for 20 years. It needs to be resolved," he said… (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.7.02 Shooting sports not threatened, says Minister - Robert Benson Agricultural Correspondent - SHOOTING sports will be allowed to continue, a Government Minister pledged yesterday as farmers and landowners gathered for the world's largest countryside event….(story)

Western Daily Press 2.8.02 WE MUST END ALL FACTORY FARMING - Sir - Pig farmers may try to have us believe that they meet high welfare standards, but this is far from the truth as far as some are concerned. I'm a supporter of Viva! , the vegetarian and animal charity and, over the past year, we have filmed inside British pig farms…. Jane Easton Address supplied (letter)

ThisIsDevon (poss. Torquay Herald Express) 2.8.02 FEED THE GULLS - I write in response to the letter (July 25) calling for a cull of seagulls. This is an outrageous idea, we should be helping them not hurting them… ROSE READ Roundham, Paignton (letter)

Herts & Essex Observer 2.8.02 Bird lovers slam pigeon slaughter - Animal lovers in Bishop's Stortford have condemned the "mindless massacre" of adult and fledgling pigeons, after scores of dead birds were discovered in a derelict building in the centre of town… Around 30 young birds which survived last week's onslaught were taken to resident Gerry Vienesta, who specialises in caring for them. The Animal Rescue Charity (ARC) on Foxdells Lane, which works in conjunction with Mrs Vienesta, has provided food for the birds… an Rose, trustee of ARC, said: "We are appalled by the mindless massacre of these birds…" (story may only be on website for a week)

Guardian 2.8.02 Blair eludes the pack as lakeland hunters bay for his blood - David Ward - More than 150 protesters, several fox hounds, a couple of whippets, a border terrier and a woman dressed as a sheep bayed for Tony Blair's blood yesterday as, on the brink of his summer holiday, he visited a cellophane factory in Wigton, Cumbria. His car slipped in by a side entrance… Comments ran to "utter disgrace", "couldn't face his own people", and "a bloody coward, wouldn't even look at us". The last observation came from Carole Smith, whose partner Les Hudson is kennel huntsman to the Cumberland Foxhounds… (story)
Independent 2.8.02 An unwelcome start to Blair's holiday in county ravaged by foot and mouth By Ian Herbert North of England Correspondent - Amid palpable local cynicism, the Prime Minister alighted at a small hotel in west Cumbria late yesterday for a long weekend break with his family before their summer holiday in the south of France… Mr Blair, who faced 150 Countryside Alliance protesters when he opened a Cumbrian factory and research centre yesterday, was greeted by evidence that the county's gradual re-emergence from the traumas of foot-and-mouth has left it nervous and fragile… (story)
Yorkshire Post 2.8.02 Hunters accuse Blair of snubbing countryside … Mr Blair arrived at UCB Films in Wigton, Cumbria, and while about 150 angry pro-hunting demonstrators from the Countryside Alliance waited outside, went in through another entrance…. Organiser of the demonstration, Sandy Guthrie, said he had officially asked Downing Street for a meeting with the Prime Minister during his visit to Cumbria but had been "refused and ignored"… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 1.8.02 200 IN BLAIR HUNT DEMO - TWO hundred hunt protesters were on the trail of Tony Blair in Cumbria today ahead of the Prime Minister's scheduled visit to the county… Around 200 placard-waving countryside demonstrators were waiting to greet him outside the UCB Films factory… A huge slogan had already been daubed in white paint overnight on the A595 at Red Dial near Wigton reading: "Hands Off Our Hunting."… Many of the large green road signs along the same road were also defaced with the message "Leave Hunting Alone."… Protest co-ordinator Sandy Guthrie, from the Countryside Alliance, urged protesters to behave sensibly…. (story)
Cumberland News & Star 1.8.02 BLAIR FLIES INTO CUMBRIA - PRIME Minister Tony Blair arrives in Cumbria today and will be greeted by a series of countryside protests… (story)
Whitehaven News 1.8.02 PM COMES FOR HOLIDAY - PRIME Minister Tony Blair is mak ing his own contribution to the area's revival from the Foot and Mouth crisis by holding a summer self-catering holiday this week believed to be somewhere in Copeland… Hunt supporters and the Countryside Alliance have stated they will be attempting to lobby Mr Blair during his visit to Cumbria. (story)

Guardian 1.8.02 Fox hunting group fails to overturn Scottish ban - Kirsty Scott - Scotland's ban on fox hunting takes effect today after the court of session in Edinburgh rejected a claim by members of the Scottish Countryside Alliance that their human rights had been breached by legislation drawn up earlier this year by the Scottish parliament… Trevor Adams, 43, master of hounds with the Buccleuch hunt in the Borders, said: "I wanted my son to have the right to hunt if he wanted," he said. "This whole matter is about freedom of choice." (story)
Independent 1.8.02 Scottish court rules out end to ban on fox hunting By Paul Kelbie Scotland Correspondent - Campaigners fighting to overturn the law banning hunting with hounds in Scotland yesterday lost the first round of their legal challenge when a judge ruled their arguments "incompetent" and "of doubtful relevancy"… "The Scottish Countryside Alliance does intend to appeal," said Mr Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA)…. (story)
Telegraph 1.8.02 Hunt alliance loses 11th-hour stand By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent - Hunting with hounds is outlawed in Scotland from today after the 11th-hour failure of countryside campaigners to overturn the legislation… Trevor Adams, 43, master of foxhounds for the Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt - who was one of the petitioners - said he was now facing the prospect of losing his job and having to kill his hounds… (story)
Times 1.8.02 Hunt supporters lose court battle BY GILLIAN HARRIS, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners lost their attempt to overturn the foxhunting ban in Scotland yesterday… (story)
Scotsman 1.8.02 Court upholds fox-hunting ban - Hamish Macdonell and John Robertson - THE ban on fox hunting in Scotland will take effect from today following the Court of Session’s decision to throw out an 11th-hour legal challenge from the Countryside Alliance… The Countryside Alliance will now appeal to three judges at the Court of Session…. The population of foxes, particularly in the Borders, has escalated as a result of the restrictions placed on the countryside during the foot-and- mouth outbreak last year. Mr Murray said that several hunts were being inundated with requests from farmers and landowners desperate to reduce the number of the animals and the only way to do this was with hounds… And the judge dismissed some of the petitioners’ claims that the act interfered with their private lives. He also backed the Executive’s stance that no compensation should be paid to those affected by the act. Highlighting the case of Trevor Adams, a self-employed manager of foxhounds for the Buccleuch Hunt, the judge said: "It is by no means certain that he will cease to be employed or in any event will be unable to continue to earn his living by using skills which he uses at present."… (story)
The Herald (Glasgow) 1.8.02 Hunting lobby to challenge ruling - Judge backs controversial act as campaigners vow to continue legal battle in the defiance of their lifestyle - BRUCE McKAIN and FRANCES HORSBURGH - FOX hunting campaigners vowed to take their legal battle to the highest court in the land yesterday after a judge dismissed their challenge to the validity of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act, which comes into force today…. Scotland's Hunts - Buccleuch… Eglinton… Berwickshire… Liddesdale… Dumfriesshire… Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire… Fife… Jedforest… Kincardine… Lauderdale… (story in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 1.8.02 How livelihoods are hanging in the balance - VALERIE HANNAH - PHILIP Fergus is preparing for "the biggest fight that anybody could imagine". At stake are his job, his home, and the wellbeing of his wife and two young children. He has worked as a huntsman for 17 years, and is currently responsible for a pack of 60 foxhounds at the Eglinton hunt in Ayrshire…. (story in archive)
Western Mail 1.8.02 Hunters ride in defiance of Scottish law - HUNT supporters are expected to ride out today in defiance of a ban in hunting with dogs in Scotland. Meanwhile Welsh hunt supporters were following proceedings in Scotland as yesterday a senior judge at the Court of Session in Edinburgh threw out a petition by nine individuals and organisations, who claimed that the Protection of Wild Mammals Act infringed their human rights… Mark Hinge of the Countryside Alliance Wales said, "We are closely watching and monitoring the events in Scotland in tandem with the consultation process that is presently in place in Westminster concerning hunting in England and Wales." (story)
Edinburgh News 31.7.02 Hunters lose legal fight to kill with dogs - Campaigners vow to fight on over Scottish ban - By IAN SWANSON Scottish Political Editor - PRO-HUNTING campaigners today lost their legal bid to block the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland… quotes from Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Les Ward, chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, Conservative rural affairs spokesman, Alex Fergusson… South of Scotland Tory MSP David Mundell said he was sure even after today’s judgement, some form of hunting would carry on in Scotland. He added: "Although this legal challenge has failed, there will be many more before we know what is allowed under this flawed Bill." (story)
Ananova 31.7.02 Bid to block hunting ban fails - Pro-hunting campaigners have lost their legal bid to block the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland. Hunt supporters say they are "disappointed but not surprised" by the court's decision to dismiss their legal challenge to the Act. However Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance has vowed to fight the decision "in every court of the land" to protect individual rights over "political dogma… (story)
BBC News Online 31.7.02 Court backs hunting ban - Pro-hunting campaigners have failed in their attempt to have the ban on fox hunting in Scotland overturned by the courts… The Court of Session in Edinburgh has turned down the attempt to prevent the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act from coming into force on Thursday… Mr Murray said confusion still remained over the scope of the act. He said: "We're very disappointed but not surprised about the decision but we are determined to fight it all the way…." Mike Hobday, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "This decision will add further pressure on the government to bring forward legislation that will clearly bring an end to the gratuitous cruelty of hunting with dogs in England and Wales." (story)
Telegraph 31.7.02 Judge rules today on hunting ban By Tom Peterkin - Coutnryside campaigners will find out today if their attempt to challenge the Scottish foxhunting ban in the courts has been successful… Lord Nimmo Smith is expected to publish his judgment on the case which has created deep divisions between rural and urban Scotland…. Privately, countryside campaigners believe the most likely scenario is that Lord Nimmo Smith will rule that the ban should stand in the meantime but that more evidence is taken at a future hearing… (story)
Scotsman 10.7.02 A duty of care … The petitions by the pro-hunt lobby before the Scottish courts are ill-founded. No court will be flummoxed by the view that property rights extend to the right to be cruel to wild mammals for sport…. The pro-hunt lobbyists argue they should be compensated because the new law restricts their freedom to cause unnecessary suffering for sport…. All they need to do is to give up the fox, and chase an artificial scent for sport… DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, London SE1 (letter)
Telegraph 6.7.02 Holyrood's power to ban hunts challenged - By Daily Telegraph Correspondent - Hunt followers will see their traditional way of life ruined if a ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland comes into force, it was claimed yesterday. The Court of Session in Edinburgh was told that "the fabric of the daily lives" of those involved was under threat from the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill. Nine individuals and organisations have lodged petitions claiming the legislation breaches the European Convention on Human Rights on four counts… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 6.7.02 Foxes are the victims not hunters - SCOTTISH hunt supporters have once again been parading their hounds through the streets of Edinburgh this week. Most Scots could have been forgiven for thinking that scenes like these had been relegated to the history books after the landmark vote in February when MSPs voted overwhelmingly to outlaw the barbaric practices of mounted fox-hunting, fox-baiting and hare-coursing. But, as expected, for the wealthy hunting minority, this was not the end of the story… In anticipation of a ban, SCAHD and other animal organisations have for years called on hunts to stop breeding their hounds… While individuals have every right to challenge legislation in the courts, the actions of this small hunting minority are those of a playground bully and an affront to a modern and democratic Scotland. Les Ward is chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs (story)
Newcastle Journal 5.7.02 No compensation for pro-hunt campaigners - Campaigners who claim their livelihoods will be ruined by the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland are not entitled to compensation by the state, a court was told today. A lawyer acting on behalf of the Scottish Executive insisted the new legislation, which is due to come into effect from August 1, struck "a fair balance" between the interests of the public and those who take part in hunting… (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.02 Hunt ban 'threat' to rural life - A ban on hunting with dogs threatens the traditional way of life in the countryside, a court has been told. David Johnston, a lawyer acting on behalf of pro-hunt individuals and activists, said the Scottish Executive must be prevented from introducing the ban on 1 August… (story)
Telegraph 4.7.02 Judge blocks threat to hunt ban By Tom Peterkin - A judge yesterday rejected claims by a leading law officer that she should not have been named in a legal challenge to the foxhunting ban in Scotland. In the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Lord Nimmo Smith ruled that pro-hunt campaigners had the right to take their action against Lynda Clark, the Advocate General and MP for Edinburgh Pentlands, and Colin Boyd, the Lord Advocate… (story)
Times 4.7.02 Hunt ban 'allows social life' THE ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland does not infringe the human rights of those who used to take part in it, a court was told yesterday… James Wolffe, QC, on behalf of the Scottish Executive, said: “The law does not prevent any of the petitioners from enjoying a social life. They are free to ride across country, they are free to keep and to breed dogs and to use them for lawful, sporting purposes. They are free to kill animals, provided they do so within the limits that the law fixes.”… (story)
Scotsman 4.7.02 Judge rejects law officer’s hunt row complaint - DAVID SCOTT - A LEADING law officer suffered an embarrassing setback yesterday when a senior judge rejected her claims that she should not have been named in a legal action raised by pro-hunting campaigners. Dr Lynda Clark, the advocate general and Labour MP for Edinburgh Pentlands, had argued that protesters fighting the ban on hunting with dogs should instead have been pursuing the Scottish Parliament…. After deliberating overnight, the judge told the court he did not agree with the advocate general’s view of the matter… (story)
The Herald (Glasgow) 4.7.02 Challenge to hunting ban wins go-ahead - BRUCE McKAIN - THE court challenge to the law banning hunting with dogs went ahead yesterday after a judge rejected a legal argument that the pro-hunt lobby had brought a human rights claim against the wrong arm of government… The hearing is expected to last at least six days with a later written decision by Lord Nimmo Smith, who will aim to produce a judgment before the new law is due to come into effect. (story in archive)
Telegraph 3.7.02 Hunt supporters fight Act in court By Tom Peterkin Campaigners fighting to overturn the Scottish foxhunting ban took their battle to the courts for the first time yesterday and argued that the Act will destroy the livelihoods of countryside workers… The action has been brought by groups threatened by the legislation and has been tabled by nine petitioners, including a rural worker who stands to lose his home and job after the ban… The petitioners claim that the law contravenes articles 1, 7, 8 and 14 of the first protocol of the ECHR… The nine petitioners consist of farmers, landowners, representatives of the Countryside Alliance, the Fife and Buccleuch hunts, the Master of Foxhounds Association and Trevor Adams, a 43-year-old manager of foxhounds for the Buccleuch who will lose his job as a result of the ban… (story)
Times 3.7.02 Hunt supporters rally for start of legal challenge BY GILLIAN HARRIS, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT HUNT supporters began their legal effort to have the Scottish Executive’s ban on hunting with dogs overturned yesterday… The proceedings yesterday were dominated by legal argument. Lynda Clark, QC, Advocate General, and the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, QC, have been identified by the petitioners as those who have infringed their human rights by allowing the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act to reach the statute books. Colin Tyre, the lawyer representing Ms Clark, argued that the petitions naming Ms Clark were “incompetent” and should be thrown out. He said the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Parliament, should have been called to defend the legislation instead. Paul Cullen, QC, representing the pro-hunt petitioners, said it was “unmistakably clear” that the Advocate General should be called… (story)
Guardian 3.7.02 Hunt ban 'flouts human rights' (story)
Glasgow Herald 2.7.02 Legal battle over hunting ban begins - CHRIS HOLME - THE first legal broadside in the battle over a ban on hunting with hounds goes ahead today in the Court of Session in what seems certain to be a long campaign. The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) is seeking a judicial review of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act which is due to come into force on August 1… (story in archive)
Ananova 2.7.02 Campaigners bid to overturn hunting ban (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 2.7.02 Hunt campaigners go to court - PRO-HUNTING campaigners were today mounting a legal challenge to a ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland, claiming the law infringes their human rights… Today’s legal challenge is being brought by the SCA and country dwellers who argue the act is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and beyond the competence of the Scottish Parliament… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.7.02 Pro-hunt legal bid set to start - A LEGAL move aimed at overturning the ban on hunting north of the Border will be launched in Edinburgh tomorrow. Hunters, backed by the Countryside Alliance, will start their case to seek a judicial review of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002… (story)

Western Daily Press 1.8.02 FAMILIES WILL MARCH IN LAST HOPE OF A HEARING - One of the areas worst affected by foot-and-mouth is staging a mass turnout for the Countryside Alliance protest march in London next month. Dozens of families from Exmoor are preparing to travel to the capital for the Liberty and Livelihood demonstration… Tea-room owner Judy Carless, who led protests to Tony Blair and other ministers when the 2001 holiday season was all but wiped out, says there is widespread anger across the moor at the Government's apparent indifference to the plight of rural areas…. (story)
Evesham Journal 1.8.02 Why not call it the March for Hunting? - LAST time it was the grandly named `The Countryside March'; this year it is to be `The Liberty and Livelihood March'. I am talking, of course, about the much-hyped gatherings of blood-sports' enthusiasts whenever they believe their `way of life' is at risk…. When they boasted about having half a million at `The Countryside March' what they didn't say was that many people who attended had no interest at all in hunting, but were hoodwinked into going to `protect about the threats to the countryside'… SHEILA THOMAS, Brookside Cottage, Little Compton (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 1.8.02 THERE'S NO PROOF - Having read "Farmers back hunters" (The Citizen, July 26) farmers boast they are guardians of the countryside… where is the proof that hunting works? TONY SHORTT, Stroud District Councillor (story)
Gloucester Citizen 26.7.02 FARMERS BACKING HUNTERS Farmers in Gloucestershire have backed hunting supporters in their bid to stop the sport being banned by the Government. The county branch of the National Farmers' Union has confirmed it supports hunting to control foxes… The support offered by farmers will be a significant boost to groups like the Berkeley and Cotswold hunts… (story)

Liverpool Echo 1.8.02 I WAS surprised to read that Paul McCartney and his wife Heather met the Queen and Prince Phillip… It seems very strange that a famous animal rights campaigner would wish to meet two staunch bloodsport supporters. For animal liberation - Susan M. Taylor, Anfield (letter)

Shropshire Star 1.8.02 Far more likely to be anti-hunt protesters - What a laugh. I have just read a letter in the Shropshire Star condemning the pro-hunting lobby for defacing road traffic signs with spray painted slogans… If people in the area wanted to demonstrate a political point of view they are far more likely to erect professionally-produced signs in fields running alongside the A5 than resort to the tactics of the anti-hunt brigade who think nothing of stealing spray paint to deface public and private property… I would suggest that the 'pro-hunting' slogans have been splattered about not by local residents but by a malevolent anti-hunt person… B Dott, Shifnal (letter may be in archive)

Paisley Daily Express 1.8.02 FOX TRAPPED IN RAIL BRIDGE NET - SHOPPERS looked on in horror as a fox became trapped by netting more than 20 feet above their heads in a busy town centre street… It is thought the fox became trapped while preying on pigeons caught in the controversial mesh netting… By the time volunteers from the Hessilhead Wildlife Centre arrived at the scene to rescue the trapped animal it had disappeared… (story may be in archive)

Argus 1.8.02 Kind not cruel - I am saddened by Monica Truman's tirade against me and animal rights (Letters, July 29). I certainly did not "attack" Sister Lena… It is scientifically proven that fish can, and do, suffer pain…. Elizabeth Taylor, Furze Road, Worthing (letter in archive)
Argus 29.7.02 Vegetarian Jesus is animal rights tosh Elizabeth Taylor is economical with holy scripture (Letters, July 23) in her attack on Sister Lena, Brighton Marina's fishing nun… Jesus chose fishermen to be his disciples, assisted their fishing (Luke 5:4-6), fed the 5,000 with loaves and fish (Mark 6:41)… The claim by some animal-rights campaigners that Jesus was some kind of latter-day vegan is total hogwash… As for Gloria Wheatcroft's assertion that gulls are fully justified in attacking human beings, often causing injuries or even, in one recent case, a man's death and snatching food out of our hands because they are such good parents, this is more sentimental codswallop from the animal-rights politically-correct nonsense brigade…. -Monica Truman, Bedford Square, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 29.7.02 Apostle fossil - I could not agree more with Elizabeth Taylor. The ignorant days of St Peter the fisherman, referred to in the story of Sister Lena, have thankfully been dissipated by scientific knowledge…. Under the Christian "paradigm of generosity" principle, the fishing nun should be promulgating compassion to all God's creatures. -David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter in archive)
Argus 29.7.02 Saving soles - Elizabeth Taylor has not thought things through thoroughly before writing. Jesus chose at least four fishermen as His first followers… Perhaps a vegetarian lifestyle would be an ideal but Jesus never gave an indication that He considered it necessary. -Ivor L Challis, Ditchling Road, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 29.7.02 Why all the fuss? … Oh, I see Elizabeth Taylor of High Salvington is back to her letter activity. She's not been in print recently. -E G Funnell, London Street, Worthing (letter in archive)
Argus 23.7.02 Tough line - Sister Lena is extremely misguided if she thinks fishing is something of which the Lord would approve (The Argus, July 20). It is scientifically proven that fish can and do suffer pain… The Bible says: "Thou shalt not kill" and "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain". We are educated that we do not need to kill for food. So where is the good in fishing? -Elizabeth Taylor, Furze Road, High Salvington (letter in archive)
Argus 20.7.02 Nun's Sunday fishing habit by Barbara Davidson - Nun Sister Lena may look like a fish out of water as she sits on the seashore with her rod and line but to her fellow fishermen she is just one of the gang… Sister Lena said: "I enjoy the environment. You go out and enjoy the air, it's healthy and people talk to you. It does people good just to relax and enjoy God's creation." (story)

Wharfedale Observer 1.8.02 Call for calm at tarn as fists fly - ANGLERS who start fights with canoeists could land themselves in hot water. In an attempt to bring peace to Yeadon Tarn, the Aireborough and District Angling Association has issued its members with a stern warning… From now on, any angler caught shouting at, or even tussling with other users of the tarn - including canoeists and yachters and even people walking next to the tarn - could get a five year ban - and not just from the tarn, but from all the association's waters…. (story in archive)

Daily Record 1.8.02 HORSERACING is a barbaric sport and it is time for it to be abolished… Name and address supplied, Glasgow (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.8.02 BLAME FARMERS NOT BADGERS - A correspondent (Name and address supplied, 28 July) makes false assumptions about badgers and crimes against badgers… Farmers should be addressing poor animal health and welfare, rather than using badgers as a scapegoat… M RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.8.02 Having read several articles about the gulls, I would like to express my views… Personally, I think humans are the vermin… I actually like the seagulls but I'd prefer to see them in their natural habitat, than in this concrete jungle constantly bullied by beings several times larger than them. MISS R. WHITTER, Oxford Street, Gloucester (letter)

Argus 1.8.02 No excuse - What a sad picture greeted us on the front page of The Argus (July 25). An emaciated Staffordshire bull terrier so thin you could count its ribs… Severe cruelty cases such as this one should carry an order ruling the owner is never again allowed to own a pet. -Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter in archive)

Irvine Herald 1.8.02 Circus Protest By LORRAINE HOWARD - ANIMAL rights protesters staged a demonstration outside a circus in Stevenston last week. The Bobby Roberts Circus came to town with the support of the Stevenston Festival Society… Protester Joanne Walker said: “We believe circuses are cruel and we have heard reports of animals being mistreated here…" (story may be in archive)