August 2003

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Sunday Post 31.8.03 Foxes - I FEEL compelled to enter the debate on urban foxes. A Dartford father chased a fox from his living room as it was dragging his baby towards the patio doors... I have 32 years experience in humane fox control and find the blinkered attitude of some people astonishing. T. Parker, Glasgow. (letter may only be on website for a week)
Sunday Post 24.8.03 Urban foxes - I HAVE studied foxes for more than 30 years... There has never been a verified case of a fox attacking a baby.... John Bryant, London. (letter may only be on website for a week)
Sunday Post 17.8.03 Danger of urban foxes - RE LETTER to Queries Man about feeding foxes in which it was stated, “there is no evidence of foxes attacking dogs or cats”. Not true! Urban foxes, unlike their country cousins, show no fear of dogs, cats or humans. Having been in pest control for 36 years, I’ve attended numerous incidents involving foxes. A Yorkshire terrier was killed by one in broad daylight in Simshill, Glasgow, and two terriers were attacked at an equestrian centre in the outskirts of the city. Other recent incidents include an attack on a man in Knightswood by a pack of six foxes and in Kent an urban fox entered a home and set about a 14-week-old baby... William O’Donnell, Glasgow. (letter may only be on website for a week)

Sunday Times 31.8.03 Ireland says no to UK-style anti-protest laws - DAVID CLERKIN - THE Department of Justice said last week that existing legislation is sufficient to protect Irish employees of multinationals who have been targeted by militant animal-rights protesters. Last Wednesday a British court used anti-harassment laws to prevent animal-rights campaigners from holding protests near the facilities of five Japanese multinationals or the homes of their senior employees.... The justice department dismissed suggestions that it needed to introduce British-style legislation to cope with harassment, reiterating that existing public-order legislation was adequate to deal with the situation... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 31.8.03 Zoo appoints conservation chief despite cruelty row - MAUREEN CULLEY - A ZOO manager at the centre of an animal cruelty row has been appointed to a top post at Scotland’s biggest zoo. Iain Valentine will become head of animals and conservation at Edinburgh Zoo next week... Valentine, currently manager of Blackpool Zoo, was involved in controversy after that zoo admitted electric prods had been used to train elephants there... Last night Ross Minett, campaigns director for Advocates for Animals, said: "We have major concerns about this appointment..." (story)

Sunday Mail 31.8.03 HUNGRY BADGERS GO ON HOME RAIDS - STARVING badgers are raiding houses for food as the dry weather has made it harder for the animals to find earthworms to eat. Ian Hutchison, of Scottish Badgers Group, said: "The hot weather has forced a change in badgers' behaviour as they search for food..." (story)

Western Daily Press 30.8.03 BEAUFORT ARE CUB HUNTING - The Beaufort Hunt have begun cub hunting. What a delightful pastime it is! It makes me feel sick and so do most of the population I should think. Until we cease this rotten pastime, then, and only then can we justifiably criticise other countries for any sort of cruelty towards animals.... Jennifer Larch Dursley Glos (letter)

Cambridge News 30.8.03 A sanitised fair From Mike Michalak, Swaffham Road Burwell - YOUR article on the Quy Countryside Fair ( News, August 23) extolled the countryside links with animals. Fox hunting, hare coursing, air rifle shooting, cross bow shooting, a catapult range, the list of animal-friendly activities was endless... The reality being the screaming, the writhing in agony and the blood and guts that sadly no sanitised Country Fair can ever convey (letter)
Cambridge News 23.8.03 Country event to celebrate fen life By Elliot Harris - BANK holiday Sunday and Monday will see the return of a bastion of rural culture - the Fenland country fair... The strong countryside link with animals is evident, with four packs of foxhounds each day, ferret races, terriers, rare breeds, gun dogs, heavy horses and birds of prey present for competitions, displays and interactive activities.... The fair has attracted attention from a number of major associations, sporting bodies and traders, with supporters including the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, the Countryside Alliance and the Salmon and Trout Association.... (story in archive)

Cambridge News 30.8.03 Consider the sane issue From K R Amor, Brock Street, Bath - I HAVE recently heard of the proposed planning application for a primate research lab at Huntingdon Road... I have now written to Sir Alec Broers, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, expressing how appalled I am that Cambridge, our most prestigious university, should be stuck in 19th Century ways of thinking, such as using animals in medical research... (letter)

Cambridge News 30.8.03 Is this democracy? From Joan Haddock - Huntingdon Road, Cambridge - I HAVE read, with interest, your front page story on the protesters' actions regarding the monkey laboratory at Girton last Saturday... I happened upon a group of harmless looking protesters (maybe eight or so) standing outside Trinity College... We live in a democracy, right? I was thus somewhat shocked to see (a) a policeman coming up close to them and taking photos and (b) another policeman taking copious notes.... (letter)
Cambridge News 25.8.03 BARRICADE - THREE animal rights activists could face prosecution under an obscure 143-year-old law after they barricaded themselves into a Cambridge church... When they finally came down at about 2pm they were questioned by police before making their way to the site of the proposed lab on Huntingdon Road where they joined about 100 other campaigners... (story)

Cambridge News 30.8.03 More openness From Pat Griffin, Animal Aid Cambridge, Bakers Lane, Linton - I WAS delighted to see your two major articles regarding the horse experiments exposed by Animal Aid and the cat experiments exposed by the National Anti-Vivisection Society... (letter)
Bury Free Press 26.8.03 TRUST HITS OUT AT MAD SCIENCE AWARDS - AN animal health centre in Suffolk has been criticised by animal rights campaigners for its involvement in 'chilling' scientific experiments on horses. However, the Kentford-based Animal Health Trust has attacked its listing in the Mad Science Awards as misinformation which could stop science that saves animal lives… (story)
Cambridge News 15.8.03 'Grotesque' research on horses condemned - CAMBRIDGE University is among groups accused of carrying out "pointless and grotesque" scientific research on horses. The university has been "named and shamed" alongside the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket... Both organisations, as well as The Thoroughbred Breeders' Association's Equine Fertility Unit in Newmarket, the Babraham Institute in Cambridge and Intervet UK, based at Huntingdon, have been included in the Mad Science Awards published by Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights group.... (story in archive)
Glasgow Herald 14.8.03 University accused over 'pointless' horse experiments - RAYMOND DUNCAN - ANIMAL welfare campaigners yesterday accused Edinburgh University of conducting "pointless and grotesque" experiments on horses fitted with airtight face masks. They awarded scientists at the university's Wellcome Trust Centre a Mad Science Award for the research on 13 horses which were dosed with bacterial particles commonly found in mouldy hay… Animal Aid highlighted research at the centre in Easter Bush, Midlothian, along with 13 other establishments in its annual awards… (story in archive)
Edinburgh Evening News 14.8.03 Centre under fire over experiments on horses - A CLINICAL research centre has been attacked by an animal rights group for carrying out experiments on horses including forcing them to wear airtight face masks and feeding them mouldy hay…. Animal Aid claimed the experiments were "pointless" and accused staff of conducting "grotesque scientific research"… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 30.8.03 £80 raised for animals - A street collection organised by Swindon Animal Concern raised more than £80... to raise money for Respect For Animals... Promoter Lynn Milford said: "We would like to thank Swindon Animal Concern..." (story in archive)

Western Morning News 30.8.03 20,000 BACK FIGHT AGAINST LIVE EXPORTS - An astonishing 20,000 readers have so far backed the Western Morning News campaign to stop a resumption of the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys for meat... (story)
Western Morning News 27.8.03 STAR JOANNA BACKS EXPORTS CAMPAIGN - SARAH PITT - Actress Joanna Lumley is backing the campaign to save horses, ponies and donkeys from horrific journeys in cramped trucks across the Continent. Joanna, a seasoned animal welfare campaigner, is fronting Compassion in World Farming's campaign… (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 26.8.03 Horses at risk, MEP warns - A Warwickshire MEP has warned that a 30-year ban on the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys from the UK for slaughter could be relaxed next year. Phillip Bushill-Matthews fears they could once again be exported to Europe for food unless proposed EU laws are changed… (story)
Western Morning News 23.8.03 'GIVE US EVIDENCE OF EXPORT TRADE' - Equine welfare charities yesterday urged those with evidence of the illegal export of horses, ponies and donkeys to come forward so they can take action. The National Equine Welfare Council and the International League for the Protection of Horses said they had no proof that horses and donkeys were being transported live to the Continent illegally.... (story)
Western Morning News 20.8.03 WE MUST STAND UP FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN - SARAH PITT - As part of our campaign against the possible resumption of live horse exports, SARAH PITT talks to some of those who remember the cruelty of the equine export trade and we include some more of your views on the issue… Among them is Joan Tiddy, who cares for four horses at Ilsington on Dartmoor, two of which are moorland ponies she rescued from being shot because no one wanted to buy them… Maureen Rolls, of South West Equine Protection, is another staunch supporter of the WMN campaign… (story)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 'PEOPLE POWER WILL WIN IN HORSES CAMPAIGN' The WMN campaign to prevent a change in EU law allowing the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys from Britain has received a fantastic response from readers. And that, as Compassion in World Farming told Sarah Pitt, will be crucial in persuading the Government to lobby for British horses in Europe… (story)
Western Morning News 18.8.03 SIGN UP TO OUR PETITION The Western Morning News is calling on you to support our campaign to prevent the export of horses, donkeys and ponies live to the Continent happening again… A copy of the form will next appear in Friday's Westcountry Horses. (story)
Western Daily Press 18.8.03 DARTMOOR PONIES TO BECOME BURGERS - Slaughterhouses across Europe will soon be buying live British ponies to turn into "horse burgers", if Brussels gets its way…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.8.03 WE'RE BACKING HORSE FIGHT - The world's biggest horse charity yesterday announced its backing for the Western Morning News campaign to prevent a return to live exports of horses, ponies and donkeys…. Yesterday, the respected International League for the Protection of Horses joined our campaign…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.8.03 CAMPAIGN IS ENDORSED BY WORLD'S LEADING CHARITY - John Smales, executive director of the International League for the Protection of Horses, talks exclusively to Lucy Johnson about why he is supporting our campaign to prevent the live export of horses for slaughter starting again… (story)
Western Morning News 14.8.03 FIGHTING FOR PROTECTION OF MOOR'S HILL PONIES - As part of the WMN's campaign to prevent ponies, donkeys and horses being exported live to the Continent, Sarah Pitt spoke to Anne Came about how she and fellow Dartmoor commoners are working to champion the Westcountry hill pony… A sponsor has come forward to offer a prize of £100 to the Dartmoor hill pony finalist at next year's contest at the shows, with heats to be staged at shows around the moor, including the Moretonhampstead Riding Club and Dartmoor Hunt Supporters Club shows… (story)
Western Morning News 12.8.03 HUGE RESPONSE TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVE HORSE EXPORTS - Two Dartmoor ponies graze in tranquillity - as the Western Morning News' campaign to stop the resumption of live equine exports has prompted a phenomenal outcry across the Westcountry… (story)
Western Morning News 12.8.03 TRAINING PONIES MEANS THEY HAVE BETTER FUTURE - As part of the WMN's campaign to prevent ponies, donkeys and horses being exported to the Continent, SARAH PITT spoke to horse sanctuary owner Rosemary Kind, who believes owners must break in moorland foals so they are priced out of reach of unscrupulous export dealers… (story)
Western Morning News 8.8.03 EXPORT 'WOULD SAVE PONIES' ... Dartmoor ponies could die out on the moor unless they are allowed to be exported to the Continent, a leading Dartmoor conservation organisation said yesterday. The Dartmoor Commoners' Council is arguing the poor values that ponies have fetched at market in recent years could be reversed if they were allowed to be exported to the Continent as pets or for meat.... But Maureen Rolls, who runs a sanctuary for abandoned ponies on Dartmoor, said farmers on the moor should not be keeping ponies if that was their attitude.... (story)
Western Morning News 6.8.03 DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN - Westcountry horses, ponies and donkeys face the horrific prospect of being exported live to the Continent in appalling conditions on journeys lasting many days… Westcountry horses, ponies and donkeys face the horrific prospect of being exported live to the Continent in appalling conditions on journeys lasting many days… But the EU is now revamping its animal welfare regulations, ironically in a bid to improve standards on journey times and monitoring. A side-effect of this in Britain could be the scrapping of our opt-out clause, meaning live exports could resume…. Maureen Rolls, from South West Equine Protection which champions the welfare of ponies on Dartmoor, said: "I have been dreading this…" (story)
Western Morning News 6.8.03 PONIES COULD FACE HORROR OF EXPORT TRADE - Dartmoor ponies could be sent on horrendous journeys in cramped trucks across Europe for slaughter under new EU legislation, an animal welfare charity has warned. Compassion in World Farming is calling on the British Government to fight to keep a clause preventing UK ponies, horses and donkeys being exported live for meat… (story)
Western Morning News 6.8.03 SUFFERING FOR MILLIONS OF ANIMALS - Approximately 20 million live animals cross European borders every year in the course of trade, among them many horses, ponies and donkeys… After investigating the situation for several years, the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, with several other animal charities, has been lobbying the EU parliament for tighter inspection of animal hauliers and transport officials… (story)
Western Morning News 6.8.03 LONG BATTLE TO END THE CRUELTY - The minimum values legislation was introduced in the UK as a way of preventing horses and ponies from being exported for slaughter to the Continent… (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.8.03 Charity in bid to stop animal imports …Swindon Animal Concern campaigners Marilyn Harrison and daughter Anish will fly out on September 7 as part of a delegation from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). They will lobby ministers to change worldwide free-trade rules… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 30.8.03 CRUELTY OF HUMANS OUT OF CONTROL - We totally endorse the WMN's campaign to halt the renewal of live horses for slaughter abroad. We have been campaigning on the whole live transportation issue, to include farm animals as well, since 1973... Elizabeth and Roland Gurney, Penzance
THE idea of exporting live horses and donkeys to the Continent is beyond belief. A Government "hell bent" on outlawing fox hunting and allowing this to happen does not make any sense at all... Mrs R Buse, St Just Cornwall
I WAS pleased to send you my petition regarding the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys... Sandra Taylor, Paignton (letters)
Western Morning News 29.8.03 WHO COULD VOTE FOR HELL ON EARTH? …I urge all those who will be part of the decision-making process to imagine what it must be like to be one of those poor creatures, travelling for days in dark, stinking lorries… Sandra Spencer, Torpoint
WE must stop this cruelty now - I shall not rest until all live animal exports are abandoned… Mrs Pauline Lennox, Truro
By eating any meat we are all directly or indirectly responsible for the suffering inflicted on innocent animals, by the supply and demand chain, which will never be broken unless people become vegetarians. Miss A J Gollop, Bridport
…If our Government has any spine at all, it will insist on retaining our right to keep a ban on this hideous and barbaric practice which has no place in our civilised world. Mrs Debbie Jenkin, Newton Abbot
WITH every good wish and prayers for the success of the petition against the cruelty of shipping live horses, ponies and donkeys abroad. Barbara Neal, Honiton
…We must not allow the evil trade in horse meat to occur again…. James R Dent, Newquay
I WANT to thank you deeply for your magnificent efforts on behalf of the innocent and suffering animals at the hands of such brutal and indifferent hauliers… Albert Hughes, Minehead (letters)
Western Morning News 28.8.03 ANIMALS REGARDED AS MERE MERCHANDISE - Thank you for your campaign against a possible return of the despised trade in live transport of horses… Mr S Finemore, Plymouth
…we are appalled that the Government could contemplate going back to this barbaric practice… Tim Rose and Sally Christopher, Tavistock
The prospect of reintroducing the live export of equines is an appalling and very barbaric one… P A and K Tibor
I was saddened to read of the possibility that live horse exports may become reality once more… Mrs J Baldwin, Somerset
…If you (meaning our Government) have any sort of feeling, you would make this law possible that no live animals should be shipped abroad…. You have made the hunting in this country a Parliamentary debate, but to my mind this is far more important and cruel to be overlooked… Mrs S Luscombe, Newton Abbot (letters)
Western Morning News 27.8.03 MINISTERS SHOULD SEE AT FIRST HAND - It is absolutely unnecessary and unacceptable for the live trade in horses for export to resume… Hillary Shaw and family, East Budleigh Devon
End all the live exports…There should never, never be live exports allowed from these shores, we should be setting an example to the world. Mrs J D Coombs, Okehampton
Abhorrent practice …I find it hard to believe that this abhorrent practice should even be under consideration for resumption. Deborah Copp (letters)
Western Morning News 26.8.03 CHANGES IN FARMING LED TO GREAT SUFFERING - We were living in Southern Ireland when the working agricultural horse became the down payment on a tractor… The scene on shipping days at the North Wall, Dublin was nothing short of horrific… A large group of us rode our horses down O'Connel Street in protest. We acquired a lovely grey cob that had been purchased by a hunter dealer literally at dock side. She proved to be a super hunter… Patrick J Ellis, Chulmleigh
Fighting again …A horrible, horrible trade and we will do all we can to support your efforts to pressure the Government to keep the ban. Sylvia Phillips, Founder and Trustee Devon Horse & Pony Sanctuary Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 26.8.03 MONEY LIES BEHIND THE CRUEL EXPORT OF PONIES - It is appalling to learn that once again the EU is dictating how we shall act… Rhoda Cansick, Tavistock Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 26.8.03 GOVERNMENT MUST TAKE A STAND AGAINST LIVE EXPORTS I was appalled to read that there may be a resumption of live exports of horses, ponies and donkeys…. B Duckhouse, Seaton
Immense suffering - I AM appalled to learn in the WMN that live export of horses etc may be resumed… Claire Terry
Block the legislation …The whole idea of transporting live animals abroad for slaughter is horrific and we call our world "civilised"…. Keith & Denise Thomas, Rowberrow Somerset
Never again - I FEEL very strongly that horses must never again be exported live… Jean M Rogers, Dousland Devon, Wendy McDermott, Ipplepen Devon
Appalling fate - PLEASE, please do not allow our horses and ponies to suffer once again the appalling fate of live export… Edwina Boult, Yeovil Somerset (letters)
Western Morning News 25.8.03 CAN WE LIVE WITH THE SHAME? ... I have always been proud to be known as British - but if this totally unnecessary evil is allowed, my pride in my country will be turned to shame. Olive Mary Bolt, Plymouth
Unacceptable stress ... Please do all you can to lobby against resumption of such blatant abuse. Should evidence be required, I refer you to Hillside Animal Sanctuary whose live videos would break your heart. Mel McClure, London
Double standards ... Perhaps those who perpetuate this filthy trade would like a taste of their own... Sarah Budd, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 25.8.03 CAMPAIGN COULD BE WIDENED TO INCLUDE COWS, PIGS AND SHEEP ... I am vehemently opposed to any sort of animal cruelty, but particularly when it is carried out on such a wide scale and for money... Claire Wright, Feniton, Honiton.
Unbelievably cruel - WE are appalled to see from your newspaper that the transport of live animals in the most terrible conditions could once again become permissible.... J and E Cleveland, Exeter
We must opt out .. To prevent this evil live export trade in horses, etc. from happening, the Government should implement the opt-out clause in a European Union Directive of 1991... Cyril L Dent, Newquay (letters)
Western Morning News 25.8.03 RUTHLESS EXPLOITERS ... This is a despicable trade. The cruelty those dear animals have to endure at the hands of ruthless, uncaring people should never be allowed to return... Mrs P A Clements, Lifton Devon
Wrong exports ... Let's export villains, con men, child molesters and murderers, but not animals who have hurt no one.... Mary Vaughan, East Budleigh, Devon
Man's closest friend - No, live transport of horses, ponies and donkeys must never start again. These animals have been man's closest friend and support for centuries... H S Williamson, Dunkeswell, nr Honiton (letters)
Western Morning News 25.8.03 TRANSPORT OF CARCASSES IS THE ONLY WAY - It would be outrageous if our UK legislation regarding the ban on live horse meat exports was to be swept away by EU dictates.... Valerie Uren, Tavistock Brutal disregard ... Several of these overseas recipients have no respect for human lives; it would follow therefore that animal suffering would be treated with brutal disregard.... Dennis Woodcock, Taunton (letters)
Western Morning News 23.8.03 DISGUSTING TREATMENT OF BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS ...This export practice must be stopped now. I am so pleased to see so many people stand up for the poor unfortunate creatures.... Mrs E Stephens, Bittaford South Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 23.8.03 NOW IT'S THE TIME FOR OUR MPS TO SPEAK OUT ... To restart this trade is to abuse captive animals.... W T Sweet, Mawgan Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 22.8.03 HORROR, SHOCK AND DISGUST - The Western Morning News has been inundated with letters from readers concerned that the live export of horses for meat may be resumed. Here is a further selection of your views
... That the EU even allows such live exports for meat to happen at all is barbaric and the thought that some of our farmers can even consider allowing their animals to suffer like this for money is sick-making in the extreme. Anne Andreae, Altarnun Bodmin
No livestock exports ... I think we should all stand up against this and the Government should be made to take notice and stand by their ruling of no livestock exporting from this country. A E Galer, Brixham
Forms are filling up - WE are only a small village shop but we are well on our way to filling four of your forms with signatures already... Pauline Jacobs, Devon
Hypocrisy of Government ... Being a genuine animal lover I would always vote for hunting with dogs and against export of animal for slaughter. A Howlett, Newlyn
Now a national campaign ... If the Government thinks fox hunting is cruel, how the hell can they allow this to go on? Well done for getting this campaign started. Bridgette Mills, Port Isaac, Cornwall (letters)
Western Morning News 22.8.03 YOUR PICTURES MOVED ME TO DESPAIR ... A Government that can waste its time and our money on matters such as banning hunting, or the mismanaging of crises like foot and mouth, while proposing to condone such unspeakable cruelty in live animals export needs to consider its motives in so doing.... Charmian Astbury, Northam, Bideford (letter)
Western Morning News 22.8.03 THESE ANIMALS DESERVE A CHANCE - I am disgusted to learn that some people in this country think that we should reintroduce the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys... Laura Bament age 13, Exmoor
Great trauma - I AM passionately against any long distance travel for animals which is not only terrifying but the conditions are usually not policed... Lin Lambell, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 WHAT WE NEED IS ACTION - AND NOW - Please, please stop this despicable trade in live animals… Richard and Linda Harvey, Truro
Back the campaign …How the Government can consider allowing horses to be transported abroad and suffer as they do is totally beyond me… Catherine Payne (Mrs), Torquay (letters)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 Barbaric - I URGE the Government to press for an inclusion clause in the draft regulation from the European Commission which will effectively allow Britain to continue with a ban of live exports…C A Dennis, Newton Abbot
More support - REGARDING your article on the export of horses, it is dreadful and shouldn't be allowed…. Mrs C Bennett, Lincoln (letters)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 Moved by pictures - THIS evil trade must not re-start. All creatures have feelings… Barbara Millen, Teignmouth (letter)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 WE FARMERS HAVE A DUTY OF CARE TO ANIMALS - As a sheep and beef farmer I like to think my opinions are based on sound experience rather than the "oh, how cute" factor. I was also lucky enough as a child to enjoy many happy years riding my own pony (centred around the hunting season) - a passion and an education that I shall be eternally thankful for… It therefore breaks my heart to envisage the conditions imposed on any livestock sent for live exports…. J Cleave
No excuses …It is totally barbaric and there is no excuse for it in the 21st century… Eleanor Lewis, Marketing Assistant Connexions Cornwall and Devon, Launceston (letters)
Western Morning News 18.8.03 KEEP UP THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST CRAZY RULES Well done WMN - I totally agree with you for fighting the possibility of the re-introduction of live animal exports… Ian Oxley
Keep the ban …Under no circumstances, in my opinion, should we condone, aid or abet, the treatment of animals in another country for which we would prosecute in our own. This is hypocritical. I fully support a ban on live exports. Constable Dave Weldon, Wildlife Liaison Officer (letters)
Western Morning News 18.8.03 STICK TO THE LAW PROTECTING HORSES …Exporting them live for slaughter should never even be considered by a civilised nation. Frida Shephard Pope, Mullion
Insane cruelty - I AM writing to you having read about the insane cruelty to horses, ponies, donkeys and all live exports in your recent article in the WMN… Georgina Albrow, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 15.8.03 CAMPAIGN LETTERS - The Western Morning News has been inundated with letters from readers concerned that the live export of horses for meat may be resumed. Here is a selection of your views…
A blot on human decency …The whole rotten trade must be banned - it is a blot on human decency. Rod Harrison, Wadebridge
Fight to keep ban …As an active supporter of both CIWF and ILPH I am horrified and totally opposed to all aspects of the live export trade… E Stringer, Dorchester
Cruelty beyond belief …let's take charge of our own country, eat our own produce and stop so much importing and exporting - or is someone getting very fat on this evil trade?... Kay Tomlinson, Plymouth
Sickening suffering …This is appalling beyond belief in this day and age. I would really like to join and help to prevent this. I feel so strongly that I would help in whatever manner. S M Marsh, Exmouth
Thanks for taking lead ….I joined Compassion in World Farming, and I make what donations I can, hopefully to end all live exports. I hope your paper will indeed continue to lead. Vivienne Rundle, Truro
Please, let's stop this inhumanity …In a climate where we are banning cruelty to animals through hunting (at least that is usually a quick death, which is bad enough) to let those poor horses suffer for hours, sometimes days on end is totally inhumane… Please, please stop this inhumanity before it goes any further. Alma Williams
This must not happen …This is a barbaric and shameful industry and has no place in a so-called civilised society… Miss G Brodie, Exmouth (letters)
Western Morning News 15.8.03 TIGHTEN REGULATIONS EVEN MORE …I hope as many people who are involved with the new proposals will lobby Mrs Beckett so that she will have sufficient support to fight hard for the ban to be kept… Olive Gill, Dawlish
Stop vile trade …I cannot write what I am feeling after seeing your paper today… P D Morcom, St Austell (letters)
Western Morning News 12.8.03 Dancing to Brussels' tune - I WOULD have laughed if I could have stopped my blood boiling after reading in your paper that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is to lobby the EU over live exports. This is the same Defra who are quite happy to allow barbaric kosher and halal religious slaughter to be carried out in the UK… Neil Kernick, Kingsteignton, Devon (letter)
(possibly Western Morning News) 11.8.03 PONIES COULD BE SOLD FOR GOOD PROFIT - The comments made by Cherry Sage - secretary to the Dartmoor Commoners Council - regarding Minimum Meat Values just beggar belief. They are the most inhumane and careless comments I have ever heard come out of Dartmoor… Rosemary Kind, Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Chudleigh (letter)
(possibly Western Morning News) 11.8.03 MINISTERS PAYING ISSUE NO ATTENTION - I feel very cross this Government is trying to stop hunting because it is cruel but has not paid any attention to ensuring that horses, ponies and donkeys will not suffer by being exported live… Janet Lander, St Agnes (letter)
(possibly Western Morning News) 11.8.03 JOINING EU HAS LOWERED STANDARDS - Thank you for giving us the chance to speak out about the live export trade. We are appalled to think that the trade may well be up and running again… Gill, Gordon and Christian Barriball (letter)
Western Morning News 11.8.03 HORSES SHOULD BE KILLED HUMANELY - I was very distressed to read in the WMN all about the risks of horses and ponies being allowed to be exported live across to Europe… John A. Bidlake, by email (letter)
Western Morning News 11.8.03 EXPORTERS BRING SHAME ON US ALL - I write to express my opposition in the fiercest possible terms to the live export of all animals and, in particular, the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys… It is disgusting, inhumane, barbaric and sickening. Any person not protesting against it or involved in the actual export is not fit to be part of the human race…. Bonte Pocock, Seaton (letter)
Western Morning News 11.8.03 BRITAIN MUST RETAIN THE BAN - I firmly believe that Britain must, at all costs, retain the ban on the export of horses to slaughter. The transportation of all animals over anything but the shortest journeys in both distance and time has been proven to be horrendous, vile, and immensely cruel… Charles, Joy and Sally Lovell, St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 9.8.03 DISGUSTING TRADE - I want to strongly protest against the live export of animals across Europe. It is a disgusting trade in misery and suffering that cannot morally be tolerated... Emma Benjamin (letter)
Western Morning News 9.8.03 I FELT SICK AND ASHAMED TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY - I am writing to share my disgust. I read the article about the export trade of horses. As I read the first page I felt sick and ashamed.... it's us animal lovers that are going to stop this cruel act. F Dimond (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 29.8.03 SUCCESSFUL SHOW RUNS OUT OF PARKING SPACE - BY BECCA WILKINS - Large numbers of visitors to the Edenbridge and Oxted show meant that the organisers had to borrow a near- by field to accommodate the extra cars… The chairman was not surprised that there were no anti-hunt demonstrations this year during the hunt displays. "The police weren't concerned ?? they felt that there wasn't going to be a problem," he said…. (story)
Sevenoaks Chronicle 29.8.03 DON'T HUNT ME OUT …Arthur Tabrett, 67, from The Greyhound at Charcott, says the pub is named as a 'hunt pub' in a new leaflet from the Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaigners. He said: "It's laughable ?? I don't particularly support hunting but it is a tradition." (story)
Kent/East Sussex Courier 29.8.03 ANTI-HUNT CAMPAIGN TARGETS PUBS …The Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign included The Greyhound in a list of pubs it claimed were, "at the very heart of this callous and bloody sport," for allowing hunt meetings to be held there. But Arthur Tabrett, 67, who has been landlord at the Charcott venue for 10 years, said a hunt get-together had not been held at his pub for more than two years… Another leaflet doing the rounds named people the campaign claimed were, "among the leading supporters of wildlife slaughter," by allowing the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt to use their land. The hunt master Graeme Worsley pledged to take legal action after a separate leaflet gave the names and addresses of all hunt members…. (story)
East Grinstead Courier 22.8.03 PROTEST PLAN AT 2-DAY SHOW - Legal action is being threatened by the Master of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt after his name and address, along with those of other hunt members including Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames, was circulated in leaflets published by hunt protesters. Graeme Worsley, 38, of Effingham Lane, Cop-thorne, spoke out this week after more than two years of what he called "threats and intimidation" by the Surrey Anti Hunt Campaign, which is trying to bar the hunt from the forthcoming Edenbridge and Oxted Show... No one from the Surrey Anti Hunt Campaign was available for comment, however a letter sent to the East Grinstead Courier from one of its members, Jamie Wilson, said: "Cub hunting begins again at the end of August which is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to focus on the meets so that the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Foxhounds have nowhere left to kill innocent animals." (story)
East Grinstead Courier 22.8.03 'NO HUNT LINKS' SAYS ONE PUB IN LEAFLET - Mr Worsley, who has been hunting for 12 years, said: "They do turn up at the meets, carrying hammers and baseball bats and swearing at us, despite the fact that there are young children present..." As well as the hunt, 10 pubs across Kent and West Sussex are under fire from the anti hunt group, which lists them in an A5 coloured leaflet entitled "Boycott hunt pubs".... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 29.8.03 Crowds cheer on biggest carnival parade for years - ONE of the biggest Ledbury Carnival processions in recent years was led through the town by well-behaved Hereford bull Freetown Unison… Those taking part in Monday's event included Ledbury Hunt, Weston's cider dray carrying the judges, Ledbury Fire Brigade, plus a number of dancing groups…. (story in archive)

Southern Daily Echo 29.8.03 Optimism as hunt holds open day - FOX-HUNTERS in the New Forest opened the gates of their kennels in confident mood despite moves to ban the sport being under way... At New Forest Hounds' open day at Lyndhurst, hunt chairman Mike Squibb said: "I'm fairly confident that the current bill is going to fail and that is the general feeling in the hunting world…" (story in archive)

Western Morning News 29.8.03 NOTHING WILL STOP BRAVE TEENAGERS FROM EVENTING - Injuries are par for the course for event riders and this year Westcountry riders have had more than their fair share. Lucy Johnson finds out how they are all recovering... Young event rider Suzanna Hext, 14, is hoping to return to the saddle by October, in time for special training with the FEI... Her mum Sally said: "She's getting on fine at the moment and is halfway there. She is desperate to go hunting again, and more determined than ever now in case it is banned..." (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.8.03 RIDE IN CASTLE GROUNDS - The Belvoir Hunt Supporters' Club (BHSC) is holding a Sponsored Horse Ride through the grounds of Belvoir Castle, on Sunday, September 14. The ride is in aid of the BHSC and the Air Ambulance services for Lincolnshire and beyond. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 29.8.03 STARS HEAD TO COUNTY SHOW - The countdown has started to the first Beverley County Show, which will raise funds for a life-saving charity… Attractions will include a dog show, fairground, classic cars and motorbikes, a parade of hounds by the Holderness Hunt, and rides in the helicopter from the James Bond movie Goldfinger…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.03 WE'LL GET RID OF RATS IF WE SAVE THE FOXES - I note from recent headlines that there are now more rats than humans… We have natural predators to help control rats but instead of encouraging these species we destroy their natural habitats and hunt and kill the very species we need… When hunting foxes with dogs is finally banned, it would be a good idea for the many farmers with artificial earths on their land to maintain and keep these in good condition. This will help maintain foxes, and be beneficial to food crops, with foxes helping to control rats, mice, pigeons, grey squirrels, etc… M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 29.8.03 GUN SPORTS BENEFIT OUR LAND - Your correspondent Steve Gaden (Mail, August 13) suggests "If people enjoy shooting things so much, why not go clay pigeon shooting?" I am happy to assure him the majority of live quarry shooters will indeed shoot clay pigeons…. There is one big problem though. If Mr Gaden has ever attempted to eat a clay pigeon, he will find it highly unpalatable compared to a pheasant, grouse, duck or goose… Well-managed shooting land provides extra habitats for a wide range of plants, insects, birds and mammals, a fact acknowledged by leading conservation organisations including the RSPB and English Nature. Simon Clarke, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wales. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 13.8.03 SHOOT CLAY PIGEONS - In Reply to the letter from Peter Elvidge (Mail, August 6) regarding the kind of country sports he is talking about - I could not live with myself if I knew I was going out inflicting pain and suffering needlessly on animals in the name of sport… Steve Gaden, Brook Terrace, North Cave. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 6.8.03 EXPERIENCE COUNTRY SPORTS FOR YOURSELF - In Response to Steve Gaden's letter (Mail, July 28), people involved in hunting and country sports are civilised human beings… Perhaps if you were to take part, you would see why people continue to fight to preserve their right to be individuals. Peter Elvidge, Ash Grove, Perth Street, Hull (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 28.7.03 ANY EXCUSE FOR SPORT - With reference to the letter written by Tom Turner regarding animal deaths at Honeysuckle Farm (Mail, July 21). It just shows how these pro-hunt people will use any excuse to try to justify their "sport"…. Steve Gaden, Brook Terrace, North Cave (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 21.7.03 PETS NOT SAFE FROM FOX THREAT - I Hope everyone wanting a ban on fox hunting took note of the article about a fox feeding frenzy (Mail, July 28). Foxes killed 35 Mallard ducks, 40 chicks, 15 Guinea-pigs plus breeding parents at Honeysuckle Farm… Tom Turner, Exmouth Street, Hull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 18.7.03 FOX FEEDING FRENZY - Foxes have wreaked havoc on a popular animal farm killing hundreds of ducks, chicks and guinea pigs. The massacre, over a three week period, has shocked the owners of Honeysuckle Farm at Seaton, near Hornsea… (letter)

Essex Evening Gazette 29.8.03 Colchester: Fishing ban call - An urgent call has gone out for a ban on fishing at a Colchester nature reserve after a swan spent three days tangled in discarded fishing line.... Lorna Flint, an animal rescue helper, has called for fishing at the reserve to stop. She said: "The anglers don't seem to care, they feel the swans get in the way when they are trying to fish, but the swans were there first... (story in archive)

Basingstoke Gazette 29.8.03 Hector's tail has a happy ending by Suzanne Rutter …Six years after being rescued from an animal-testing laboratory, Hector the beagle out-shone more than 10,000 canine contestants to win second prize in a national pet competition. Hector, seven, and his owner Alex Johnson, of Cuckoo Close, North Waltham, entered Pup Idol at the Wag and Bone Show, at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday, August 16… Hector was one of 127 beagles rescued from Consort, an animal testing laboratory that was due for closure in Herefordshire in 1997. The National Canine Defence League (NCDL) and Linda McCartney donated money to aid their rescue… (story in archive)

Northern Echo 29.8.03 ANIMAL WELFARE - A PARLIAMENTARY Motion, EDM 1307, initiated by Animal Aid and calling for a total ban on monkey experiments, has attracted support from 97 MPs just five weeks after being tabled. May I ask concerned readers to write to their MPs… - Name supplied, Co Durham. (letter in archive)

Essex Evening Echo 29.8.03 Basildon: Activists target horse tour …The Spirit of the Horse tour reaches Basildon on Sunday and presents more than 30 horses, riders and handlers in choreographed equestrian theatre. Animal rights activist Sarah Hogg, from the Captive Animal Protection Society, said: "This show is making money from the exploitation of defenceless animals." (story in archive)

Torquay Herald Express 29.8.03 LET THESE BIRDS FLY FREE FROM LIVING COASTS - Seabirds in an aviary are not "free", any fool knows that. I do agree with Craig Redford; "money for man" is the only reason that this so-called Living Coasts was thought up and built. Completely unnecessary and unforgivable… LEON FINLAYSON, Paignton (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 29.8.03 NEVER MIND BLAMING GULLS ...Human beings are the only menace in this town. If only we could net some of them. Ms Anne Peters, Cheltenham. (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 29.8.03 LOUTS LEAVE MORE MESS - - I would like to make it quite clear that not everyone in Cheltenham favours the destruction of seagulls… If any group needs culling, it is the lager louts… Diana Harvey, Cheltenham. (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 29.8.03 Doors closed again at owl sanctuary - THE FUTURE of the troubled New Forest Owl Sanctuary remains uncertain following a television exposé and the arrest of its founder and owner Bruce Berry. Although the popular tourist attraction re-opened within days of the police swoop in July, a scrawled "Closed due to unforeseen circumstances" sign appeared this week outside the complex at Crow on the outskirts of Ringwood… (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 12.7.03 Shock at owl sanctuary owner arrest - NEW Forest Owl Sanctuary staff and visitors are in shock following the arrest of owner Bruce Berry. Callers to the popular wildlife and tourist attraction at Ringwood yesterday were told the sanctuary was closed until further notice "due to unforeseen circumstances".... Yesterday Mr Berry was arrested on suspicion of stealing a saker falcon between 1996 and 2001. He was taken to Lyndhurst police station, where he was questioned about the falcon and allegations relating to illegal trading in protected bird species... (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 11.7.03 POLICE RAID ON OWL SANCTUARY - POLICE this morning raided a Hampshire tourist attraction and the home of its owner, who is at the centre of controversial claims over the handling of animals. Officers launched an operation at the New Forest Owl Sanctuary in Ringwood and two other addresses including the home of owner Bruce Berry… (story in archive)
Ananova 11.7.03 Police swoop on owl sanctuary - Police and RSPCA inspectors have raided an owl sanctuary following an ongoing investigation into practices at the centre.... (story)
Western Daily Press 3.7.03 PROBE INTO 'CRUELTY AND KILLINGS' AT OWL HAVEN - Bosses at a popular bird sanctuary were last night accused of routinely mistreating and killing creatures in their care. The RSPCA yesterday confirmed it is to look into allegations of "appalling cruelty" at the owl centre and will take legal action if necessary.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 2.7.03 Cruelty claims spark threats to owl sanctuary - STAFF at the New Forest Owl Sanctuary have received threats from animal lovers after the centre was savaged in a television documentary… Owl sanctuary boss Bruce Berry declined to be interviewed on camera but strongly denied the allegations. He told the Daily Echo the programme makers had relied on the evidence of disgruntled former employees and claimed the secret filming was underhand and distorted…. (story in archive)
Dorset Daily Echo 2.7.03 HATE CALLS TO OWL WORKERS by Robin Thompkins - STAFF at the New Forest Owl Sanctuary have received threats from animal lovers after the centre was savaged in a television documentary…. (story in archive)
Dorset Daily Echo 1.7.03 State of birds said to be `disgraceful' - THE state of some of the birds filmed at a New Forest sanctuary was on Monday branded "disgraceful" in a BBC television documentary. The New Forest Owl Sanctuary at Ringwood came under the spotlight after an undercover cameraman posing as a volunteer helper filmed conditions at the top tourist attraction… The country's leading falconer Jemima Parry-Jones described the state of some of the birds filmed as "dis-graceful" and slammed Mr Berry for taking wild birds to shows… (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 30.6.03 Owl sanctuary denies cruelty - NEW Forest Owl Sanctuary at Ringwood is being attacked in a television documentary to be screened tonight. Presenter Chris Packham and his Inside Out researchers have swooped on the Crow Lane complex with allegations of cruelty after an undercover cameraman posed as a volunteer helper at the owl sanctuary. But the claims made in tonight's edition of the regional weekly watchdog programme due to be screened on BBC1 at 7.30pm have been completely denied by owl sanctuary boss Bruce Berry… (story in archive)

Sutton Guardian 29.8.03 Animal lovers take a walk on the wild side - An albino squirrel, a fawn and a host of other assorted furry and winged animals were visited by families at the London Wildcare Centre’s open day in Wallington last Sunday… (story)
Croydon Guardian 28.8.03 Having a wild time at Wildcare Centre - Sick and orphaned wild animals, being looked after at the London Wildcare Centre, attracted dozens of people to the organisation's open day on Sunday (August 24)… (story)
Croydon Guardian 6.8.03 Animals at open day - The London Wildcare Centre is opening its doors to the public at the end of August… Visitors can see the work of the hospital’s specially trained staff and volunteers first hand at the open day on Sunday, August 24, 11am-4pm… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 29.8.03 PUT STOP TO THIS CRUELTY - Readers may already be aware that horses are exported live from Poland to Italy to be slaughtered for meat… Please support VIVA! and help end this cruelty… Samantha West, Greenwood Road, Gardeners Lane Neath (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 29.8.03 A sick trade - I KNOW that greed and cruelty in some humans has hit the depths. I refer to the new EU laws which are being proposed to allow the way for a sick trade in pony, horse and donkey meat… Mrs Edith Grainge, Sevenoaks Drive, Anchorsholme (letter in archive)

Argus 29.8.03 Shoppers scramble for McCartneys' old gear by Virginia Bridgewater - Shoppers snapped up Sir Paul McCartney's cast-offs after he and wife Heather turned up at a charity shop with bags of old clothes. The former Beatle called in unannounced at the Carla Lane Animal Charity shop in Portslade… Shop manager Linda Barnard said: "We were lucky to get the donations from the McCartneys. All of the clothes were in very good condition and every single thing sold…" (story in archive)

Kentish Express 28.8.03 Hunt hounds are a huge hit - THE hounds of the East Kent Hunt proved a huge hit with visitors young and old at a special kennels open day… More than 200 people dropped in to see some of the 68 dogs used by the hunt. Nick Onslow, who co-ordinated the day, said: "They are very friendly animals. They are not pets, but they like people and, of course, they like the attention…" MR ONSLOW also spoke out about the Government's hunting bill and East Kent's campaign to keep hunting… (story)
BBC News Online 24.8.03 Hunt opens to visitors ... The East Kent Hunt, which constructed a new kennels building at Elham in the 1990s, is open to visitors on Sunday... (story)
Kentish Express 21.8.03 Open day for East Kent Hunt kennels - THE Joint Masters of the East Kent Hunt are inviting all those undecided on the merits of the country sport to join regular supporters at an open afternoon at The Kennels in Elham on Sunday. From 2pm, for two hours, the public will meet the hounds, compete in quizzes and discuss hunting issues…. (story)

Weston & Worle News 28.8.03 ANIMAL CHARITY? - I was interested to read the account of the Bleadon Fair… I was rather surprised, when reading that this is an 'animal charity event', that the hunt was represented by Weston and Banwell Hounds. I am not an anti-hunt activist, but is the 'animal charity' aspect of this show forgetting that the fox is also an animal?... Ms H Salmon Uphill Road South Weston (letter)

Yorkshire Post 28.8.03 Asking bird shooters the hard questions From: William Thompson, Park House Green, Harrogate. I have no argument with a shooter bringing down a bird or two for the pot. Not my cup of tea, but I accept his right to do it. What I do object to, however, is the organised shoots which rear birds specially... How on earth can this be considered to be conservation? (letter)

York Evening Press 28.8.03 Cruelty on the campus - BARRY Thomas (Letters, August 23) claims the York University campus is a safe and well-run sanctuary for birds. This is misleading. Firstly, the university has been authorising its building contractors to destroy nests and eggs at the height of the breeding seasons…. Secondly… it is an open secret that the university rounds up healthy adult birds and kills them. Thirdly, the university allows angling on the lake despite the fact that this causes horrific injuries… David Lister, Heslington Lane, York. (letter in archive)

The Sentinel 28.8.03 THREAT MADE TO HUNTERS - A Man accused of using what appeared to be a shotgun to threaten two people who were hunting with a hawk on farm land near his north Warwickshire home is to stand trial. John Hathaway (63) of Wishaw Lane, Curdworth, pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to charges of affray and possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. It is alleged that in March he used something which resembled a shotgun to threaten Michael Winn who, with another man, was hawking on farmland near Hathaway's home, with the permission of the farmer… (story)

Scotsman 28.8.03 Family pets at risk from hungry urban foxes - JOHN INNES - FAMILY pets are at increased risk from attack, as Edinburgh’s urban foxes are forced into a desperate search for food following the introduction of wheelie bins... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.8.03 Starving foxes on prowl for your pet - ANGIE BROWN - GLIMPSES of Edinburgh’s urban foxes have delighted hundreds of families who have spied them venturing into their gardens… But now families are being warned their pets are at risk as the city’s foxes are forced into a desperate search for food… A spokesman for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warned that foxes are "very clever" at entering cages. "They would easily take a rabbit or guinea pig so we would warn all pet owners to make sure that animals kept outside are secure and safe," the spokesman said. .. (story)

Birmingham Post 28.8.03 Award nomination for swan rescuer By Emma Brady, Birmingham Post A Worcestershire pensioner who has spent half her life rescuing swans and wild fowl is the latest Midlander to be nominated for a major community award. Jan Harrigan, who runs the Swan Rescue Centre from her home in Wychbold, near Droitwich, began saving the graceful birds when she found a swan with a broken wing on her farm in 1970…. Although the Government banned the use of some lead weights in fishing in 1987, Mrs Harrigan is campaigning for all shots to be outlawed as the number of birds poisoned increases each year… (story)

North Devon Journal 28.8.03 HOW WOULD WE LIKE IT IF WE WERE CULLED? - I am interested in finding out exactly what is going on with the culling of badgers. In the NFU magazine it stated that DEFRA has managed to prove absolutely nothing as far as the many years of culling is concerned in relation to badgers giving TB to livestock…. I expressed my views locally some time ago that I felt the need to question the culling of these animals and have now, as result of not wishing death on any creature unnecessarily, been shunned by some residents… MISS LYNNE ATKINSON, South Hole, Welcome (letter)

North West Evening Mail 28.8.03 ILLEGAL SNARES FOUND IN VALLEY - ILLEGAL badger snares have been found in the Duddon Valley and removed by Millom police…. Police and the South Lakes Badger Group, which monitors illegal snaring, were informed. Harry Stables, from Urswick, near Ulverston, carries out surveying work for the badger group across the region… (story)

BBC News Online 28.8.03 Fears for badgers on new road ... The A6 Rothwell-Desborough bypass in Northamptonshire was formally opened by transport minister David Jamieson on 14 August to ease traffic congestion. But the North Northamptonshire Badger Groups (NNBG) claim one badger has already been killed on the road... Richard Turner, spokesman for the NNBG, said: "We have been working with the Highways Agency and its contractors for 12 years to ensure the badgers would have their safety guaranteed..." (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 28.8.03 Save guinea pigs protest at farm - Campaigners battling to save thousands of guinea pigs from being bred for vivisection at a Staffordshire farm are to stage a peaceful demonstration. The Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs group will meet at the east end of Minster Pool in Dam Street, Lichfield, on September 6 at noon…. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.8.03 HELP US STOP THE BRUTAL KILLING OF 'ROOS - Each year, millions of kangaroos are killed for their meat and skins. Adult kangaroos are shot… For a free Kangaroo Action Pack, contact VIVA!... Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.8.03 HELP PREVENT BARBARIC PRACTICES ON ANIMALS - The Animals Asia Foundation is concerned with two major animal welfare issues in Asia. First, cats and dogs are collected off the streets or farmed for food… Secondly, there has been considerable media coverage of the 7,000 and more bears kept in tiny cages, milked by steel catheters in their stomachs for bile… Diana Price, Pellinore Road, Beacon Heath, Exeter (letter)

Western Gazette 28.8.03 CAGED BIRDS' PLIGHT SHOULD CONCERN ALL - The annual bird market organised by the magazine ??Cage and Aviary Birds?? is due to take place in December at the Birmingham NEC… Sadly three quarters of these birds will have been trapped from the wild either through the use of baited cages, nets or sticky ??bird lime??... Please write to the Chief Executive at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, PO Box 18, Council House, Solihull, B91 3QS urging them to cancel this bird sale and contact Animal Aid … Name and address supplied. (letter)

Guardian 27.8.03 Drive to save heather moors - Kirsty Scott ... Heather moors cover 12% of Scotland and large areas of Exmoor, Dartmoor and north Wales. But a quarter of the moorland has been lost in the last 60 years and conservationists say a radical management plan is needed to reverse the decline... a combination of factors was to blame including over-grazing by sheep, an increase in tree planting and the decline of traditional country practices such as grouse shooting and heather burning... (story)

Burton Mail 27.8.03 Swimming pool scheme for guinea pig farm by MARC BRYANT - THE OWNER of a controversial farm breeding guinea pigs for scientific experiments is planning to build a swimming pool on the site… The farm is currently besieged by animal rights protesters campaigning against the farm's support for vivisection...(story)

Yorkshire Post 27.8.03 Punish animal killers From: Sarah Hardwick, Pleasant Place, Allerton, Bradford - I have just read two very disturbing articles in your newspaper (August 19), the first about a cat killer, the second about a student who killed two puppies by hanging... This type of behaviour sickens me, but what sickens me even more is people who get away with it, either because they are given a laughably small fine or not prosecuted.... (letter)

Wirral Globe 28.7.03 Answer, please - WHY did Wirral Council consider there to be a large enough pigeon problem in the area in 2001 to consider spending vast sums of public money on culling? Yet, when offered a free and expert service by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), the massive pigeon-related problems disappeared overnight? Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove, Sussex. (letter in archive)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 28.7.03 Keep ban on horse trade - Alistair Currie, Viva! Campaign Office, Bristol. (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.8.03 STOP THIS HORSE CRUELTY - Recently published draft EU legislation on animal transport appears to open up the terrible possibility that British horses and ponies may be exported to the continent for meat... Viva! urges all your readers to contact Margaret Beckett, MP, to demand that British horses be protected.... Alistair Currie, Viva! Campaigns Office (letter)

Guardian 27.8.03 Charitable view - I have worked for the RSPCA for 15 years... The week before your article (Distress signals, August 20), I attended my first Amicus trade union meeting as a member of headquarters staff. As a result of that meeting I am no longer a member of the union. I could not reconcile my position as an RSPCA employee and a member of a trade union that appeared hell bent on damaging the reputation of the charity... Phil Wilson, Horsham, West Sussex (lletter)
Guardian 20.8.03 Distress signals - The RSPCA is in turmoil: financial difficulties, organisational change and, for the first time, the threat of strike action. Tash Shifrin reports... (story)
Northern Echo 14.8.03 News in brief: RSPCA staff in strike ballot - RSPCA inspectors in the North-East are to be balloted today on a possible strike over job losses… (story in archive)
Argus 13.8.03 Animal workers balloted - RSPCA workers are to be balloted today on industrial action over job losses. The charity, whose headquarters are based at Southwater, near Horsham, is cutting more than 230 jobs as part of a major shake-up to save millions of pounds…. (story in archive)
Shropshire Star 13.8.03 Animal workers balloted for strike - RSPCA inspectors at headquarters in Shrewsbury and Brecon will be balloted tomorrow on whether to take strike action in protest at job losses…. (story)
Guardian 13.8.03 Union ballots RSPCA staff over strike action - Tash Shifrin - Staff at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) will begin a ballot for strike action tomorrow over plans to cut 250 jobs and outsource a control centre to the private sector… The RSPCA has had huge financial losses in recent years, with reserves plummeting from £100m to just £27m in under a year… The charity is still reeling from the controversial appointment of ex-Liberal Democrat MP and vigorous anti-hunt campaigner Jackie Ballard as its director general last year, and a row over a plush new £16m headquarters in Horsham, Sussex… (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.03 Strike ballot over RSPCA jobs - Animal welfare workers are to be balloted from on whether to take strike action over a major restructuring which will cut 230 jobs across Britain… From Thursday, staff across Britain - including about 90 in Wales - will be balloted on whether to take strike action over the cut-backs… (story)
Ananova 12.8.03 RSPCA inspectors in jobs ballot - RSPCA inspectors across Britain are to be balloted on industrial action in protest at job losses… The Amicus union accused the RSPCA of "cruelty" to its staff when the cost cutting proposals were announced in June… (story)

Independent 26.8.03 How to stay ahead of the pack - In the west of England, fox-hunting is a topic that fiercely divides communities. Terry Manners, the editor of the Western Daily Press, warily treads a neutral line to keep the hounds off his tail… From the moment I walked across the newsroom of the Western Daily Press for the first time two years ago, I knew in my heart that the most sensitive and difficult content issue to be faced was the Hunt… the Daily Press circulates throughout the heart of the West of England countryside... home to the Hunts of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset... the Beauforts, the Berkeleys and many more…. Our stance is that we will listen to all arguments and report on them fairly.…. As editor I take the view that if I am annoying either side in equal measure, if I am representing either side in equal measure, then I am producing newspapers in the finest British tradition. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 26.8.03 SHOW CELEBRATES RETURN OF ANIMALS - Farm animals made a welcome return to this year's Berkeley Show… The Berkeley hounds proved especially popular with the children while the Young Farmers' Clubs' Challenge provided plenty of entertainment… (story)

News Shopper 26.8.03 It beats Tony’s ‘contribution’ - While visiting a friend in Devon, my wife and I found ourselves one evening in the company of a huntsman… “Of course, Rev, you understand it’s not the kill that’s important but the spirit of the chase!” … “So, during this uneven contest you have no objection to the hounds being muzzled, thereby allowing the wretched fox to escape unscathed?” … am I a dotty old Rev? Mr Blair talks of there being a third way in most matters. Perhaps the wearing of muzzles is a practical compromise to the problem of this savage dilemma… Reverend Samson Caine The Fields Swanscombe (letter)

Worcester Evening News 26.8.03 A modern-day parable of the worm, bird and cat... GEORGE Cowley claims to be a God-fearing man. In that case he should respect His creation - and that includes foxes and domestic cats… D E MARGRETT, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Dundee Courier 26.8.03 Shooting supports local economy - I feel I must reply to the letters of Mr Beveridge and Mr Reekie (August 21) who cannot understand that without grouse shooting and moor management there would be virtually no grouse left in the country… K. G. Graham. West Duntanlich, Foss, Pitlochry.
Conserving an ecosystem - I have been following the discussions about grouse shooting between Mr Beveridge and Mr Graham. Shooting is not my idea of fun. However, from the viewpoint of the long term survival of grouse, the priority is maintenance of suitable habitat, as Mr Graham pointed out…. Julie Black. 7 Chapel Street, Forfar. (letters)
Dundee Courier 25.8.03 Part of the food chain - I have to take issue with the recent correspondents who take such umbrage at the pursuit of grouse shooting. Self-declared “normal bloke” Mr Reekie is more upset by the idea that rich people are actually allowed to spend their money of their own free will than by the actual shooting.... Just as grouse eat heather shoots and insects, then they, too, can go on to be killed and eaten by, amongst others, foxes, raptors or people.... William Brown. Braefoot Cottage, Marykirk (letter)
Dundee Courier 21.8.03 Shot himself in the foot! - Oh dear, I think Mr Graham (August 19) has shot himself in the foot! He must think all Scots are naive. This shooting has nothing to do with shortages of game birds. It is a sport for wealthy people.... Jim Reekie. Lundin Links.
Entitled to speak up - Mr Graham’s criticism (August 19) of my views on grouse shooting convey one simple message, and that is money, money, money.... I am not one of the “anti-everything” brigade and support many of the views of the Countryside Alliance. Shooting parties get themselves bad publicity, as did the group who, some time back, was convicted of shooting swans at Errol... Bob Beveridge. Old Town House, Falkland (letters)
Dundee Courier 19.8.03 Major benefits of grouse shooting to economy - Once again we get the pathetic bleatings of someone who knows nothing about his subject. “10,000 guns blasting away at anything that moves,” says Mr Beveridge (August 16). This is typical of the anti-everything brigade who continually look for something to crow about and, as it happens to be August 12, that will do this week.... K. G. Graham. West Duntanlich, Foss, Pitlochry. (letter)
Dundee Courier 16.8.03 Nothing “glorious” about the twelfth - How pathetic that the 12th of August be described as the “glorious twelfth”—10,000 guns descending on the Scottish moors to blast away at anything that moves, and all in the name of “sport”, certainly not necessity.... Intensive factory farming, animals caged in laboratories, bullfighting etc, are similar examples of human ignorance towards other living species... Bob Beveridge. Old Town House, Falkland. (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.8.03 CALL TO FREE ZOO ANIMALS FROM OBSCENE PRISON - Kids love zoos, and the spectacle of elephants, tigers and apes, has delighted generations of youngsters since Victorian times. But yesterday campaigners called for all the captive animals to be released back into the wild… members of The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) brought the campaign West, staging a protest outside Bristol Zoo… Mel Johnson, from Bristol, is dismayed that animals are still kept captive with no chance of a return to the wild… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 26.8.03 CITY ZOO TARGET OF PROTEST - Animal welfare campaigners have protested outside Bristol Zoo to highlight the plight of caged animals. A dozen protesters from the newly formed Bath Animal Action Group and the Bristol Animal Rights Network carried placards… Bristol Animal Rights Network member Mel Johnson, aged 31, said: "In this day and age, zoos have no role to play and should be consigned to the history books."… (story)

News Shopper 26.8.03 Don’t fund imprisonment of these beautiful animals - I am writing to appeal to readers not to visit dolphinariums when on holiday abroad… The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society has information on well-organised and responsible trips on its website… P E Stevens Eversley Avenue Bexleyheath (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 26.8.03 EATING CHOICES - I See Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are in Grimsby and telling us not to eat fish. I think Peta should stop preaching to us about these matters all the time… Adam Clarke, Brian Avenue, Waltham. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 16.8.03 ANTI-FISHING GROUP CAMPAIGN IN TOWN - TREVOR GREEN - Animal rights campaigners launched an anti-fishing campaign in Grimsby - and urged people to stop eating the town's most famous product. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) plan to unveil a billboard on the corner of Freeman Street and Cleethorpe Road, just a short walk from Grimsby Docks. The group said fish feel pain and are mistreated as they make their way from the sea to the dinner plate... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 16.8.03 'NO CHANCE OF CHANGING PEOPLE'S EATING HABITS' - Would Peta drum up any support from people using Freeman Street, a road steeped in fishing history for hundreds of years? Grimsby Telegraph reporter Paul Donovan found out.... (story)

Northern Echo 25.8.03 Show celebrates its new home with day of records and crowds ... Warm weather and record entries in nearly all sections of the Wensleydale Show, held on Saturday, kept smiles on the faces of organisers and visitors.... Along with the sounds of the Drum band and the excitement of the Bedale Hounds, families also enjoyed browsing round more than 70 trade stands and sampling a hog roast. (story in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 25.8.03 A job for the huntsman? WITH regard to the recent killing of a ram by the "big cat", the potential threat to people in general and young children in particular is patently obvious.... I would suggest that it is a situation best suited to NI huntsmen. Surely, a pack of scent hounds could flush out the animal and run it to ground to be humanely disposed of by a police marksman literally riding shotgun.... JOHN McMULLAN Saintfield, Co Down (letter)

Yorkshire Post 25.8.03 From: Ian Marlow, Pasture Avenue, Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire. Yet again in your newspaper ("Shoot to Kill", August 13) I read an almost full page article endorsing bloodsports which, while quite reasonably extolling the sporting, tradition and conservation arguments, fails completely to address the extremely topical and debatable issue of whether it is right to abuse wild animals for sporting pleasure... (letter)

Reuters 25.8.03 Animal rights activist sentenced in Japan - A British animal rights activist has received a suspended prison term from a Japanese court for breaking into university laboratories which she believed were used for animal experiments. Dawn Hurst, 31, stole a dog from one laboratory and a dozen videotapes from another... Hurst, a member of a group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), received a three-year prison term suspended for five years for trespass and theft. Judge Satoshi Shibayama at Osaka District Court on Monday said he suspended the sentence because Hurst had sincerely repented for her actions. He was quoted as saying: "Her self-righteous criminal acts, arising from her dogmatic belief that animal experiments are animal abuse, are not worthy of consideration."... (story)
Japan Times 30.6.03 (1.7.03) Fresh arrest warrant for Brit animal rights activist - Police served a fresh warrant Monday for a British animal rights activist suspected of stealing a laboratory dog from a Tokyo university… Dawn Maxine Hurst, 31, an activist with a British animal protection group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, is now on trial at the Osaka District Court… (story)
Mainichi Daily News 30.6.03 Cops doggedly pursue animal activist - A British animal rights activist on trial for burgling an Osaka university lab was hit with further charges of stealing a dog from another Tokyo institution, police said Monday. Dawn Hurst, a 31-year-old member of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) organization, is accused of breaking into a facility of Juntendo University's School of Medicine on April 20 last year and stealing a dog that had been kept there after it was used for laboratory testing… (story)
Mainichi Daily News 11.5.03 Animal activist busted - A British animal rights activist has been arrested after she broke into Osaka University and stole videotape, police said. Dawn Hurst, 31, a member of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group was arrested for trespassing and theft…. (story)
Yomiuri Shimbun 17.4.03 British activist held over theft of vivisection videos - A member of a British animal protection organization has been arrested on suspicion of stealing 14 videos recording experiments on animals from a laboratory at Osaka University in July 2001, and on other charges, police said Wednesday. Arrested was Dawn Maxine Hurst, 31, a British activist of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). According to the police, she has admitted the allegations…. (story)

BBC News Online 25.8.03 Badger cull trials costing millions - Campaigners opposed to the badger trials taking place in parts of north Devon say the tests are costing the taxpayer millions of pounds. The North Devon Animal Defence organisation has said the trials are costing £7m a year.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 25.8.03 CATTLE TB IS SPREADING - Badgers have been blamed for spreading cattle TB to such an extent that everyone seems to have forgotten two key cattle measures: 1. An older generation of farmers were very aware that double fencing with a gap of four to five feet was needed... M. HANCOX, Nouncells Cross, Stroud (story)

Hull Daily Mail 25.8.03 HUTCH-BOUND ANIMALS OFTEN FORGOTTEN - I Write in response to S Broom's letter ("It's shameful and ignorant to keep rabbits in garden prisons," Mail, Wednesday, July 23). Your correspondent is correct that hutch-bound animals such as rabbits are often forgotten and condemned to live out their lives, which can last up to 10 years, in cramped wooden boxes... Heather Holmes, RSPCA regional press officer, Yorkshire and the North-East (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 23.7.03 IT'S SHAMEFUL AND IGNORANT TO KEEP RABBITS IN GARDEN PRISONS - I'm Writing in the hope that I can shame or educate ignorant people who keep rabbits. Is keeping a 2ft-long rabbit in a 3ft box classed as (RSPCA charter) freedom to express normal behaviour?... I heard someone at a barbecue (eating animals), with rabbit in box, say we are animal lovers… S Broom, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)

Sunday Mercury 24.8.03 Huntsman in cliffs riddle - Police are probing the death of former Countryside Alliance chairman Richard Ovenstone, whose body was discovered at the foot of a seaside cliff. The 48-year-old pro-hunting campaigner from Harvington, near Kidderminster, had been missing for two days when his body was discovered by lifeguards. He was found close to the Cornish resort of Padstow and last night mystery still surrounded his death... (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 21.8.03 Mystery of cliff death by FRED ATTEWILL AND JANE ABBOTT - POLICE are probing the final days of campaigning pro-hunt countryside lover Richard Ovenstone after he was discovered dead at the foot of a Cornish seaside cliff... A memorial service was held on Monday at St Cassian's Church in Chaddesley Corbett attended by a "couple of hundred" of Mr Ovenstone's family and friends, according to the Rev John Cox... (story in archive)
Cornish Guardian 14.8.03 CLIFF FALL DEATH - Police are looking into the death of a man who was discovered at the foot of cliffs at Stepper Point, near Padstow, last week. The body of 48-year-old Richard Ovenstone from Kidderminster was recovered from rocks beneath the 80ft cliffs by coastguards on the afternoon of Wednesday August 6... (story)

Telegraph 24.8.03 Hounds have now become the prey in a reversal of roles for their traditional countryside quarry By Daniel Foggo - Three young West Highland cross terriers lie dead, their throats torn in a savage attack by a fox. The incident, one of a spate of such attacks, has been attributed by vets to increasingly bold "urbanised" foxes which have lost their fear of humans and dogs.... In another such attack this month, a nine-week-old foxhound puppy was taken from its pen by a fox at the Hampshire home of Bob Collins. The fox leapt a five and a half foot fence to reach the hound. Mr Collins, the Huntsman for the Hampshire Hunt, witnessed the attack. "It was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 24.8.03 Farmers join vets to fight welfare plan - JEREMY WATSON - A NEW countryside alliance has been formed to fight animal welfare proposals that threaten the livelihoods of thousands of Scottish farmers. The European Union is planning to limit the time that livestock can be transported to market to nine-hour stretches with a 12-hour break between each journey... But farmers’ leaders are warning the measure could spell disaster for sheep and cattle farmers in the outlying areas of Scotland. They have now joined forces with vets, who claim animal welfare will deteriorate under the new rules, to campaign for Scotland to be exempted... Sandy Clark, Scottish president of the British Veterinary Association, said the nine-hour rule would be a "major" animal welfare concern... (story)

Shropshire Star 23.8.03 Defender of animal rights loses appeal BY JO CUNNINGHAM - An animal rights campaigner found guilty of obstructing pedestrians in Shrewsbury in the first conviction of its kind, has lost an appeal. David Crouch appealed against the conviction by town magistrates for wilfully obstructing the highway in Pride Hill, at Shrewsbury Crown Court yesterday. He had set up a decorating table displaying anti-hunting and vivisection posters as well as petitions and a collecting box.... (story)
Shropshire Star 9.6.03 Animal rights man intends to appeal By Christy Tuer - An animal rights campaigner has been prosecuted by Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council after he set up his stall in the town centre. David Crouch was found guilty of obstructing a highway in what is believed to be the first prosecution of its kind by the council… The incident took place on Pride Hill on September 12 last year. Mr Crouch was given a conditional discharge of six months and ordered to pay £150 costs when he appeared before Shrewsbury magistrates last week… Petitions were taken in connection with the National Anti-Hunt Campaign and a Close Down New Church Guinea Pig Farm Campaign… Mr Crouch, through his solicitor, has given notice that he intends to appeal against his conviction, to the Crown Court (story)

Guardian 23.8.03 Beastly attitudes - At last, an intelligent, comprehensive, sensitive article on animals and our use and exploitation of them (Comment, August 16). I hope all those who farm, hunt, cage, or experiment on them, ridicule them in circuses and on TV shows will read Jeremy Rifkin's article.... Virginia McKenna, Born Free Foundation (letter)
Cambridge News 25.8.03 ANIMALS FEEL THINGS From Joan Court, Sturton Street, Cambridge - AS WE CHAINED ourselves to the Cambridge University Senate House railings in protest as their plans to build another primate research laboratory, we were encouraged but saddened to read an article in The Guardian by Jeremy Rifkin, "Man and other animals" (August 16)... Cambridge News 25.8.03
Guardian 20.8.03 At one with animals - I wholeheartedly support Jeremy Rifkin's call for greater debate on the legal implications of our "extension of empathy" to other species... In a world where such rights are far from universally defined or supported, the stakes in the animal rights debate are higher than Rifkin suggests. Dr Andrew Gardner, Horsham, W Sussex (letter)
Guardian 16.8.03 Man and other animals - Our fellow creatures have feelings - so we should give them rights too - Jeremy Rifkin (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.8.03 LET'S HAVE INQUIRY INTO ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - I am writing to inform readers of the terrible suffering of the animals and the evidence of Home Office misconduct with regard to Imutran's primate xenotransplantation experiments. Uncaged Campaigns won an astonishing legal victory by winning the right to publish the Diaries of Despair report... Mrs Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

York Evening Press 23.8.03 Fight cruel trade - READERS may already be aware that horses are exported live from Poland to Italy to be slaughtered for their meat... I appeal to readers to join Viva!'s campaign. We must end this sickening trade for ever.... Miss Gemma Brewer, Stanley Street, Haxby Road, York. (letter in archive)
Surrey Mirror 21.8.03 Foul transport of horses for food - I HAVE just read about a sickening trade that makes me ashamed of the human race. It details the conditions in which 87,000 horses a year are sent by road from Poland to Italy where they are slaughtered for human consumption - for horse meat…. Fortunately, Viva! has opened an office in Warsaw and is coordinating a national campaign demanding an end to horse exports for meat…. JE Cook, Longbridge Road, Horley (letter)

Cumberland News 22.8.03 PHEASANT CRUELTY PROBE ON THE HAUGHEY ESTATE - Exclusive By Stephen Meredith - A POLICE investigation has been launched into claims that up to 700 pheasants died after being taken from a woodland habitat and placed in a huge pen on the Corby Castle estate of Dr Edward Haughey… (story)

Hexham Courant 22.8.03 SHOOTERS TARGETED - The Glorious 12th, the traditional start of the shooting season, opened last week with an entirely new Code of Good Shooting Practice... An independent study by the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, published in Nature, showed that participation in field sports can boost conservation in the English countryside... (story)

Streatham Guardian 22.8.03 Fishy myth challenged - Proving a fish is not a vegetable should not be the most onerous of tasks, but that was the subject tackled by the Vegetarian Society last week. Tony Banks MP joined the gardeners at Brockwell Community Greenhouses to launch the group’s latest campaign, aimed at restaurants, canteens, cafés and hospitals… (story)

Argus 22.8.03 Most will die - I was so pleased to read the views of Gloria Wheatcroft (Letters, August 16) regarding seagulls. I support her views entirely…. -Julia Butcher, Southwick (letter in archive)
Argus 22.8.03 No quick fix …Culling or poisoning seagulls is not only illegal and morally wrong but completely impractical… -Joyce Edmond-Smith, convenor, Sustainability Commission, Brighton and Hove City Council (letter in archive)
Argus 22.8.03 It's our fault …However, instead of costly and, for some, distasteful culling programmes surely there are other ways of dealing with the problem?... -Alison Walters, Hove (letter in archive)

Essex Evening Echo 22.8.03 Grays: Brian's protest over restart of whaling - An animal rights campaigner today called for shoppers to boycott fish products of nations carrying out whaling. Brian Abbott, of Lodge Lane, Grays, said his plea follows the decision of the Icelandic government to restart whaling… (story in archive)

Independent 21.8.03 Hunting the hunters - The pursuit of stags may soon be outlawed in Britain, but those who still take part are bloodied and unbowed. For the men who monitor their activities, it's difficult not to feel like the quarry. Rich Cookson joins the chase on Exmoor... It's 8.30am on a Monday morning and the sun is still burning off the thin mist that has shrouded Exmoor since dawn... a battered, blue 4x4 vehicle inching through the crowd draws scowls from the supporters and hunters... The men inside the vehicle, Kevin Hill and Peter White, aren't welcome in this part of Exmoor, or indeed in any part of Britain where hunting takes place. They are paid by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to monitor hunts... Last year, for example, they installed hidden cameras in a wood belonging to the Duke of Beaufort... The people out hunting with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds today know that if Kevin and Peter capture cruelty on film, it could be all over the national television news by teatime... Peter would do odd jobs to earn money... "... We'd been sabbing the New Forest buckhounds for years..." (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.8.03 CUDDLY ANIMAL WELFARE PROTEST - People concerned over the welfare of farm animals are being asked to sponsor cuddly toys which are going to take part in a political protest in Brussels. Harborough Animal Concern is holding a stall in the town's indoor market on August 30 from 10am to collect names. Group spokeswoman Jean Bird said: "…The protest is being organised by Compassion in World Farming in partnership with other similar organisations." (story)

Surrey Mirror 21.8.03 Drink-drive banker feared animal rights terror group - FEARS over animal-rights activists prompted a Caterham stockbroker to move her car after a night's drinking, a court has heard. High-flying Sharni Clark, 26, wanted to get the Ford Ka inside the family's security gates in Tupwood Lane when she was caught early on August 14…. Defence solicitor Billy-Jo Jennings said the family home had been targeted by animal-rights activists. The young trader's father was finance director of a large drugs company that tested on animals, she said…. She was fined £500, ordered to pay £60 costs and banned from driving in the UK for 18 months. (story)

Western Daily Press 21.8.03 LACK OF FEELING FOR HURT ANIMALS - The letter from your correspondent Jan Pope, No Time For Compassion (August 14), echoes mine earlier regarding the complete lack of feeling for any animals hit on the road…. Compassion is a gift which most of us seem to have forgotten in our haste. Jane Somerset Petsearch UK (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.8.03 NO TIME FOR COMPASSION …My husband runs the back lanes of Dodington most mornings. On this occasion, he found a badly injured baby deer in the road… Why did you leave that animal in pain and distress, perhaps waiting for another car to finish it off or for local foxes to kill it?... Can we not take time to help other helpless beings rather than think of ourselves so much? Jan Pope Dodington Ash South Gloucestershire (letter)

Weston & Worle News 20.8.03 HORSES AND HOUNDS - Appledore Farm in Lympsham was packed on Saturday when more than 200 people and animals turned up for the Bleadon Country Show… The hounds of the Weston and Banwell Harriers were also at the show, and were admired by all as they were led into the ring for a display by huntsman George Milton… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 20.8.03 Pre-season starts for hunt hounds - FOLLOWERS of Sinnington Hunt will be switching from horsepower to pedal power on Saturday when they start the pre-season exercising of the 70 hounds - on bikes… (story in archive)

Argus 20.8.03 End the pain - I couldn't agree more with the letter regarding children being introduced to fishing and the misery the sport brings… Adur Council and the Environment Agency should hang their heads in shame and never repeat this event. -Paul Strong, Goring by Sea, Worthing (letter in archive)
Shoreham Herald 14.8.03 Hooked on angling - THE annual junior fishing day at Passies Pond, Coombes, on Thursday was a resounding success, despite the efforts of two animal rights protesters. The two activists threw stones into the water and let off a siren to scare the fish from taking any bait, and were seen filming children and parents… Trevor Passmore, who runs Passies Pond, said: "The day ended up very well, despite the intrusion. Everybody enjoyed it, they all had a great day out. The biggest problem was there was a lot of irate parents because they (the protesters] were filming them."…. Protester Chris James said they were from an internet based movement, (story in archive)
Argus 13.8.03 Anglers care - These self appointed fish guardians, who seem to think it is a good idea to throw stones into the water to get children to question the ethics of angling (The Argus, August 8), should instead ask themselves: "Would our fish be better off if people didn't go fishing?"… -Bill Eborn, Whitehawk, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 13.8.03 End cruelty - The Keep On Fighting activists had a lot of guts to risk being chased by angry dads when they disrupted the children's fishing day at Coombes. Fishing is hugely popular but The Argus published a photograph of a lad innocently holding up a fish by a hook in its mouth. If that's not cruel, I don't know what is…. I don't belong to Keep On Fighting but I admire them. They're fighting a pretty hopeless battle -Adrian Durrant, Eastbourne (letter in archive)
Argus 8.8.03 Kids' fishing day saboteurs slammed by Huw Borland - Organisers of a children's angling day defended the event after it was sabotaged by animal rights protesters…. Animal rights activists yesterday disrupted the children's angling day at Passies Pond in Coombes, near Lancing. While licensed coaches and parents taught boys and girls as young as seven how to fish, two protesters tried to scare their prey away with loud horns and by throwing stones at the water…. insisted they were not trying to scare the children but to encourage them to question the ethics of what they were doing. Activist Chris James, 23, said: "We throw the stones in the water to scare the fish from taking bait…. (story in archive)
Argus 7.8.03 Activists threaten kids' fishing by Sam Thomson - A children's fishing contest has been targeted by animal rights activists... The internet-based Keep On Fighting is encouraging its supporters to disrupt this morning's annual event on Passies Ponds in Coombes, near Lancing, in order to "stop a new generation of blood sport enthusiasts". People claiming to be from the group have made threatening phone calls to the Environment Agency and Adur District Council.... (story in archive)

Argus 20.8.03 Animal rescuer collapses after fox bite by Karen Hoy - Animal rescuer Trevor Weeks had to be rescued himself when he collapsed in his ambulance after being bitten by a fox. Paramedics were called to his aid when the volunteer for the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) lapsed into unconsciousness…. (story in archive)

Hunts Post 20.8.03 A million signatures to Close HLS petition - Report by CAT BELL - A PETITION of over one million signatures demanding the closure of animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences was handed in at the Home Office on Thursday at noon... Greg Avery, a spokesman for SHAC, said: "This is a massive petition that shows the level of support for the closure of this hell hole. We are more determined than ever and absolutely committed to forcing the closure of this lab so that no more animals can be imprisoned there to suffer and be killed by the sadistic staff of HLS."... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15.8.03 PETITION: Animal lab closure bid is delivered - A PETITION of more than a million signatures demanding the closure of the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) laboratories has been presented to the Government. The weighty petition was handed to Home Office officials by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) campaigners yesterday… Greg Avery, spokesman for Shac said: "This is a massive petition that shows the level of support for the closure of this hell hole…" (story)

Western Daily Press 20.8.03 A MISTAKE TO CARRY ON WITH THESE BSE TESTS - Why, oh why, is our Government funding research into BSE in deer (Country File, August 15) when all the available evidence from this country says that it is not a problem?... John Tuck Wootton Bassett Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.8.03 BRITAIN'S DEER MAY BE IN DANGER FROM BSE SAY SCIENTISTS - Experts are to carry out experiments to see if wild deer can contract BSE, it emerged yesterday. Scientists will feed and inject deer with BSE-infected tissue to establish whether they can develop the disease that ravaged Britain's cattle industry… (story)

Bucks Free Press 20.8.03 Fight to save hedgehogs goes on By James Webb …Representatives from St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, in Haddenham, are in talks with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) in a bid to prove the prickly creatures can be removed from the island of North Uist and be successfully rehomed – despite the SNH arguing otherwise… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 19.8.03 TRAGIC DEATH OF COUNTRY GIRL - A Teenage girl killed in a horse riding accident on an East Yorkshire farm was a country girl at heart. The Mail understands the victim was 13-year-old Hull High School pupil Lucy Caley, who died when her horse fell on to her after a stumble…. She took part in last September's massive Liberty and Livelihood March in London, where she was pictured with friends holding a protest banner emblazoned with "Farming is our Future" outside the entrance to 10 Downing Street… William Bethell, senior master of the Holderness Hunt, said Lucy's death was a "tremendous shock"… "She was mad keen on hunting and all the pony club activities and had a lot to offer."… (story)

Western Morning News 19.8.03 Pack of trouble - WITH reference to Joan Calmady-Hamlyn (WMN, August 12) regarding a lion chasing its prey, or a cat chasing a mouse, or an owl chasing it's quarry, surely that's one to one. How would she like a pack of humans chasing her over open country with the intention of harming her…. Seath Miller, Ashburton Devon (letter)

North East Evening Gazette 19.8.03 OK, after the fox… I hear that fox hunting is to be banned. Will all blindly prejudiced folk now kindly switch their attentions to the 20 million pheasants battery-housed, fed so they can scarcely fly, then released on estates to be shot down each year?... IAN McLEOD, Marske (letter)

Daily Record 19.8.03 Grouse grouse - I FIND the annual grouse shooting season repulsive…. J. Chalmers, Ayr (letter)

Western Mail 19.8.03 Help on way for grouse in Wales - THERE was once a time when many country folk would go to the hills for the month of August and indulge themselves in country sports. Naturally the Glorious Twelfth was an important date, as it marked the first day of the grouse-shooting season, but the fishing on the highland lakes and streams also provided great sport… (story)

Kenilworth Weekly News 19.8.03 YOUR VIEW: ANGLER SAYS DON'T ALLOW FISHING - Correspondents to your newspaper supporting coarse fishing in the lake in Abbey Fields are, I am sure, well motivated and well intentioned, says Geoff Hope of Mountbatten Avenue, Kenilworth…To introduce coarse fishing on this lake would be a very bad move and I wholeheartedly oppose any suggestions to do so for whatever reason…. (story)
Kenilworth Weekly News 14.8.03 NEW TWIST IN FISHING DEBATE - More supporters of fishing in the Abbey Fields lake have come forward today… Have your say in our webvote. (story)
Kenilworth Weekly News 7.8.03 SHOULD FISHING BE BANNED AT ABBEY FIELDS? Debate about whether fishing should be allowed in the Abbey Fields lake has become heated this week… Nick Green, 47, of Woodcote Avenue, said: "Who made the decision to ban fishing on the lake in the first place? It is obvious a facility is required by local anglers. Abbey Fields lake is perfect…." But member of the Friends of Abbey Fields Sandra Forsyth disagrees. She said: "A lot of people including my mother put fish in there as a thing of beauty - to look at, not for sport…." (story)

Epsom Herald 19.8.03 'Don't feed the foxes' appeal to residents By Patsy Payne - RESIDENTS neighbouring onto an upmarket public school, which has an ongoing problem with foxes, have been asked to stop feeding the animals. Epsom College planned to shoot the foxes last Wednesday, but was forced to abandon the shoot. The college's plans for the shoot were discovered by Cheam Wild Care… After advice from Cheam Wild Care, and before committing itself to a course of action, the college called in humane deterrent expert, John Bryant, who visited on Tuesday…. (story)

Western Morning News 19.8.03 EXPERTS OVERLOOK THE FACTS IN BADGER ISSUE - As a former member of the Badgers and TB Panel, I'm saddened by the vast amounts of nonsense being put about by "experts"…. Martin Hancox, Stroud (letter)

BBC News Online 19.8.03 Road closed for badger release - A road was closed by police to allow a badger to be released back into the wild after it was injured in a fight with another animal… Trevor Weeks, rescue co-ordinator, said: "He has already been attacked by badgers so we could be sort of sending him to his death if we put him in one direction or another…" (story)

Western Daily Press 19.8.03 POSTER PROTESTS AT MILK-DRINKERS AND BERNARD MANNING - An animal rights group revealed plans yesterday to launch an anti-milk campaign using the image of comedian Bernard Manning. A billboard poster, created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), depicts Manning with a milk "moustache"…. (letter)
Ananova 18.8.03 Manning fronts anti-milk campaign - An animal rights group has revealed plans to launch an anti-milk campaign using the image of comedian Bernard Manning. A billboard poster, created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), depicts Manning with a milk "moustache"…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.8.03 DEVON WOULD BE POORER PLACE WITHOUT SEAGULLS - Isn't it a pity Mr K Nelson-Tomsen, Points of view, August 15, can't appreciate Devon wildlife for what it is ...wild. Perhaps he would be happier if he could view Exeter's seagulls in Paignton Zoo…. Mr J Lea, Longbrook Street, Exeter (letter)

Cambridge News 18.8.03 Animals rights group in railings protest - ANIMAL rights activists chained themselves to a university building in protest against proposals to build a monkey-testing laboratory in Girton. The protesters, including members of the animal rights group, Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge, handcuffed themselves to railings outside The Senate House… (story)

Dundee Courier 18.8.03 Declined to be involved - Libby Anderson, SSPCA. Braehead Mains, 603 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh. (letter)
Scotsman 18.8.03 Animal transport - The impression given in your report (Farming, 14 August) that the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals supports the National Farmers’ Union (Scotland) in opposing new European Union proposals for animal transport is incorrect. The NFU(S) invited us to a briefing session, and sent out a media invitation mentioning our name, without our consent. Once we saw the line the briefing would take, we declined the invitation to be involved. LIBBY ANDERSON Parliamentary Officer, SSPCA Queensferry Road Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.8.03 VEGAN FOUNDER'S BIRTHDAY SOON - Donald Watson, who invented the word Vegan, will be 93 on September 2. If any of your readers would like to send him a greetings card or message of thanks they can… Tony Weston The Vegan Society (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 15.8.03 GREETINGS FOR VEGAN PIONEER - Donald Watson, the man who invented the word "vegan", celebrates his 93rd birthday on September 2. And the Vegan Society is hoping to encourage people to send him a birthday card… (story)

Worcester Evening News 18.8.03 I prefer the gulls - WHEN I take a walk along Worcester streets I have to dodge litter and vomit… what is Will Richards worried about? Seagulls. Give me the gulls any time. PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern Link.
I LOVE the gulls, their chatter and grace… GILL HAYWARD, Worcester. (letters in archive)

Sunday Herald 17.8.03 Call to ban angling as experts predict the extinction of freshwater salmon By Alan Crawford, Highland Correspondent - Many of Scotland’s finest salmon rivers could see their valuable stocks of game fish wiped out as a result of global warming. Following the death of up to 200 adult salmon in the River Dee last week, WWF Scotland has said that vulnerable salmon populations could die out if summer temperatures continue to climb as a result of climate change. The environmental pressure group is urging river fishery boards, responsible for some of the most famous salmon rivers in the world, to impose an immediate ban on angling until water levels and temperatures return to their normal levels.... (story)

Irish Examiner 16.8.03 New farmers’ group calls for foxhunt ban - IN RECENT weeks, there has been a lot of debate about foxhunting in this country in the light of the ban on it in Scotland and its impending abolition in the rest of Britain. We farmers are trying to make a living from the land and we want nothing less than a total ban on foxhunting here.... The newly formed Farmers Against Fox Hunting and Trespass (FAFT) wants farmers to join us in refusing access to their farms... With foxhunting virtually outlawed across the water, and on the way out in Northern Ireland, we appeal to the government to ban it here. Philip P Lynch, Farmers Against Hunting and Trespass, Gleann An Rí, Mallardstown, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Darlington & Stockton Times 16.8.03 Heat may affect tally of grouse - AS THE Glorious Twelfth arrived on Tuesday, shooters were warned that they could struggle to find grouse.... (story in archive)
Cumberland News 15.8.03 HEATWAVE’S NOTHING TO GROUSE ABOUT - FEARS that the heatwave could wreck the start of the grouse shooting season in Cumbria proved unfoun ded. The Glorious Twelfth lived up to its name despite concerns that birds would prefer the shade of the undergrowth away from the guns… (story)
Southern Reporter 15.8.03 GLORIOUS TWELFTH GOES OFF WITH A BANG - IT WASN'T so glorious on Tuesday if you were a grouse. But estates across the Borders are hoping that a weather-blessed breeding season will see record bags… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 15.8.03 Over the Gate: 'Glorious' Memories By Jeff Swift …Although the “Glorious Twelfth” meant harvest for us lads, it is, of course, famous as being the start of the grouse shooting season. I suppose it still happens today, but I understand that on the “Twelfth” it was always a race to get the first grouse of the season from the moors of northern England onto the dinner tables of top London hotels… (story)
Guardian 13.8.03 Glorious 12th calm and bountiful - The grouse-shooting season got off to a quiet start yesterday, in so far as a sport involving volleys of gunfire and the occasional chanting of saboteurs can be anything but noisy. Relatively few parties headed for the sun-baked moors in Scotland and the north of England but they were rewarded by bird populations at their highest for some five years... Saboteurs were sparser than the hunters' prey, with many of the shooting butts miles into the moors along private tracks.... (story)
Scotsman 13.8.03 Grouse on menu as Glorious 12th starts - JOHN ROSS - EARLY birds were the first to end up on the lunch table yesterday, the Glorious Twelfth and the traditional start of the grouse-shooting season… (story)
Scotsman 13.8.03 My big grouse about the Glorious 12th - FORDYCE MAXWELL - THINK about it. If you were a small brown bird looking for a quiet life, would you take off and fly over a line of people trying to blast your head off when you could walk quietly round them?... The grouse, they point out, can fly approximately as fast as Concorde. Shooting it down takes skill and concentration. It’s a fair contest, with those grouse that survive birds of prey, other predators, ticks and worms in order to be shot, worth about £14 million a year to the economy.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 13.8.03 Fresh, lean and healthy – Yorkshire grouse is perfect slimmers' food - THE fashionably thin who frequent the most glamorous restaurants are helping to ensure the popularity of grouse.... The secret of the taste of British game birds is in their impressive muscles. Leeds University scientists have calculated the birds, including tiny quail weighing mere grammes, are five times fitter than our Olympic athletes.... (story)
Western Mail 13.8.03 Heatwave warning on grouse - SHOOTERS were warned that they may struggle to find grouse as the hunting season got under way - because the heatwave has sent the birds searching for water.... (story)
Northern Echo 13.8.03 Heatwave brings plenty to grouse about - SHOOTERS were warned that they might struggle to find grouse as the hunting season got under way yesterday - because the heatwave has sent the birds searching for water…. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 13.8.03 SOMETHING TO GROUSE ABOUT - The anticipated bumper grouse season could be evaporating in the heat, it emerged yesterday, as many sweltering birds simply found it too hot to fly… Meanwhile, on the first day of the season, research revealed that the sport is good news for many rare species of bird. Grouse shooting on managed moorland boosts the numbers of other birds (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.03 Shooters hunt for thirsty grouse - Shooters in the north of England have been warned they may struggle to find grouse because the heatwave has sent the birds searching for water… Dr Colin Shedden, Scottish director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, agreed that the recent weather may have been "too dry" for the birds - but predicted it could be the best season in a decade… (story)
Times 16.8.03 Glorious tradition BY ROSALIND RENSHAW - Working relationship: William Asprey, society retailer, and his PA, Julie Potter - THE NAME Asprey is synonymous with exquisite, expensive objects, not to mention the hunting, shooting and fishing season, and William Asprey continues a family tradition that began in 1781... he still pursues the family tradition with his own business in Mayfair: William & Son, which, among other things, specialises in guns for the grouse-hunting season which began yesterday, the Glorious Twelfth.... (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.03 Under the guns of the grouse shooters By Ryan Dilley BBC News Online - The warm weather has helped boost grouse numbers ahead of the Glorious Twelfth - the start of the hunting season. All "country pursuits" are under the spotlight and grouse shooting is no exception. To some it's a cruel amusement for the rich; to others it's an important tradition, helping keep rural economies alive…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.03 Heat triggers hunt for grouse - Shooters are being warned they may struggle to find grouse because the heat wave has sent the birds searching for water… (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.03 Less-than-Glorious Twelfth - THE dawn of the Glorious Twelfth today is likely to mark the start of a less than glorious grouse-shooting season despite the recent good weather. Moorland owners say last summer's rain has taken its toll on the birds and forecasts for shoots range from only "average" to "reasonably rosy" following disappointing bird counts.... (story)
Glasgow Herald 12.8.03 Beetles take gloss off Glorious Twelfth - VALERIE HANNAH - GAMEKEEPERS yesterday warned that a tiny heather beetle could undermine the success of the grouse shooting season which starts today. The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association said the Glorious Twelfth could end in disappointment for many because thousands of acres of ling heather, the staple diet of the red grouse, have been destroyed.... (story in archive)
Telegraph 12.8.03 Game birds lead the field in flight power By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - Those heading to the moors for the start of the grouse season today may not be aware that they are pitting their guns against the most powerful muscles on the planet. Dr Graham Askew, of the University of Leeds, has calculated that the muscle power generated by game birds such as grouse, pheasant and quail when taking flight, and found it to be the highest measured in any animal…. (story)
Northern Echo 12.8.03 Country groups lay down gun laws - THE guns will be out in force today - with the launch of the traditional shooting season in the uplands of northern England. This year, the Glorious 12th is marked by the launch of a new code of good shooting practice, drawn up by various countryside groups working together… Meanwhile, new conservation studies have shown a strong link between the highest densities of waders and moors with full-time gamekeepers, while those moors with no keepers or only part-timers had the lowest populations of such birds. The Countryside Alliance's moorland policy officer Tim Baynes said: "These studies confirm what the people who care for moorlands instinctively know - that where you look after the heather habitat and keep numbers of predators under control, more birds will breed than on unkeepered moors… (story in archive)
York Evening Press 12.8.03 Glorious start for grouse shooting - PROSPECTS were excellent for today's traditional start to the grouse-shooting season. The arrival of the Glorious Twelfth has sparked contrasting reactions, with hunt saboteurs saying they would converge on areas like the North York Moors to prevent the shooting of birds…. (story in archive)
Newcastle Journal 12.8.03 Grouse shooters aim at good year By Robert Brooks, The Journal - Grouse shooters will take aim today on what they hope will become one of the best seasons in recent years. But there were warnings from anti-hunt activists that they would be out and about on the "Glorious Twelfth" to try and save as many birds as possible…. Nathan Brown, a spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said: "There will be scouts in areas on the Twelfth and there will be some activists present throughout the season."… (story)
Scotsman 11.8.03 Getting to grips with the 12th - Stephen McGinty - Guests at Balavil Estate will awaken tomorrow morning to the smell of sizzling bacon and the scent of the hunt. The Glorious 12th, the official start of the grouse shooting season, as decreed in the Game Act of 1831, is a celebration of family, friends and the fast flight of these crowned kings of fowl…. (story)
Hexham Courant 8.8.03 GROUSE SHOOT SET TO BANISH BAD MEMORIES - GROUSE shoot organisers hope this season will banish the memory of three years in which the sport in the district has suffered disaster after disaster…. (story)
Cumberland News & Star 7.8.03 GLORIOUS GROUSE - SHOOTING enthusiasts in Cumbria have a great summer ahead of them with grouse numbers up by 25 per cent in the North of England… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 16.8.03 Look out -- mayhem on the grouse moors! - IT is clearly going to be very dangerous to go anywhere near local grouse moors this season... a spokesman for the Moorland Association said: "Strong populations (of grouse) are good news for moor owners and the local economy that relies on income from shooting customers."... KEITH REYNOLDS, Wyre Crescent, Darwen (letter in archive)

Ipswich Evening Star 15.8.03 Officer cleared of assaulting protester - A POLICE officer has been cleared by magistrates of assaulting a hunt saboteur during a bad-tempered fox-hunt. Pc Keith Warren, who is based at Hadleigh, had been accused of grabbing hunt saboteur Bevan Earey by the throat and threatening him with a fist during a meeting of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds on September 14 last year. After hearing two days of evidence, magistrates in Ipswich yesterday returned a verdict of not guilty on a charge of assault by beating.... Pc Dave King told the court that Mr Earey had appeared aggressive prior to the alleged incident involving Pc Warren and had heard him swearing about his police colleague.... (story)
Ipswich Evening Star 15.8.03 Police officer cleared of assault A POLICE officer was cleared today of assaulting a hunt saboteur during an angry Suffolk fox-hunt. South East Suffolk Magistrates took two hours to return a verdict on Pc Keith Warren after a two day trial.... Hunt protestors stormed out of the public gallery after bench chairwoman Anne Parry returned a not guilty verdict.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 14.8.03 PC denies raising fist to saboteur BY MARK HEATH - A POLICE officer grabbed a hunt saboteur by the throat and threatened him with a fist to his face during a bad-tempered fox-hunt, a court heard. Pc Keith Warren, who is based at Hadleigh, was trying to police what one seasoned officer called the "hardest hunt to keep control of" he had ever experienced… at a meeting of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds…. victim Bevan Earey, a factory worker and long-time saboteur, said: "We were walking back to our vehicles after the hunt when Pc Warren charged towards me saying that he wanted a word with me…." Christine Earey, Mr Earey's mother who was with him at the hunt, also gave evidence… (story)

The Citizen (Lytham St Annes) 15.8.03 Award for shooting club work by Steve Dunthorne - A FYLDE shooting club has won a prestigious national award for its work in conserving the Ribble Estuary. Lytham and District Wildfowlers were singled out for praise in the habitat management section of the English Nature awards… (story in archive)

Hexham Courant 15.8.03 MEAT EATERS ARE NOT IN POSITION TO CRITICISE - IN REPLY to the letters (Courant, August 8) regarding the article concerning me the previous week, I would like to point out there was more to the article than the killing and eating of rabbits…. Does the writer of "Message was not one to be proud of" eat meat? If the answer is yes, does he or she think of the meat being slaughtered and hung? If not, is it not time to start? Those who eat meat cannot cast stones. Rather than promoting the killing, the article shows that there is an abundance of cheap healthy meat available, at a time when, as recent broadsheet articles tell us, one in three chickens contains dangerous bacteria… JAMES BURTON, Wall. (story)

Post & Times 15.8.03 POLICE TIGHTEN NET ON ANIMAL ABUSERS - GRAHAM PHOENIX - Police experts are now surfing the internet in their latest bid to round up rings of animal abusers staging illegal cock-fighting, dog-fighting and badger-baiting meets. Just as they have already succeeded in tracking down paedophiles downloading child pornography from the internet, they are now combing it for secret or coded messages being passed between people still addicted to the outlawed sports. The new moves were revealed yesterday by Faye Burton, the local wildlife expert and badger preservationist who is chairman of the Staffordshire rural policing liaison committee…. (story)

Post & Times 15.8.03 NO SHAME IN THE TRUTH - It was ironic in last week's Post & Times to see two stories adjacent to each other, each offering a different insight into the way brutes are abusing our wildlife. Veteran campaigner Faye Burton was rounding on the police for failing to give proper support to her efforts to get the public to alert them to wildlife crime… Disgusted Bramshall (letter)

Guardian 15.8.03 Hirst accused of sadism over butterfly collage - Fiachra Gibbons, arts correspondent …the artist Damien Hirst is about to harvest a whirlwind of bad karma. The man who made his name sawing up cows, pickling sheep and suspending sharks in tanks of formaldehyde has been busy over the summer plucking the wings off thousands of tropical butterflies. Animal rights activists, who have previously taken a dim view of his stark meditations on life and death, are not amused… Dawn Carr, Peta's European director, said: "One has to wonder if Hirst was the sort of demented child who would pull the wings off flies for fun…" (story)

Argus 15.8.03 Song of hope for Carla's sanctuary by James Lancaster - Comedy writer Carla Lane is turning her hand to penning songs in her latest fund-raising effort for her struggling animal welfare centre… Burgess Hill songsmith Ashley Bruce, who met Carla when he was suffering from a brain haemorrhage, is adding his help with a song called Put A Smile Back On The Face Of The World…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 12.8.03 Carla Lane's animal centre cash appeal - Writer Carla Lane is launching an appeal to help save the animal welfare centre she runs from the threat of closure…. She hopes the Animaline Appeal 2003 will raise £500,000 - enough to keep the centre open for the next two years, and then keep bringing in enough to keep it in business. At the centre of the appeal will be the release of a fundraising CD single by local singer-songwriter Ashley Bruce… (story)

Ledbury Reporter 15.8.03 Sequani considers complaint over `misleading' leaflet - Sequani is considering complaining to the Advertising Standards Agency over a leaflet put out by animal rights protesters in Ledbury, Hereford and Malvern…. Pauline Burgess, a Malvern-based SSAT spokesman, said the leaflet had been checked over by a solicitor before it was published. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.8.03 CROWDED CONDITIONS FOR EU LIVE EXPORTS - A recent article in Country File carried the headline Better Conditions For Live Exports, but the truth is very different. The European Commission is refusing to end long journeys for animals destined for slaughter or further fattening… Compassion In World Farming is campaigning for a maximum overall journey of eight hours from the farm to the place of slaughter or fattening. Pat Parkinson Welsh Newton Common Monmouth (letter)

York Evening Press 14.8.03 ...First the furore over Prince William spearing an antelope, then the threat of protests at game shoots. If the RSPCA and hunt saboteurs have their way, people will no longer be able to kill and eat wild animals…. If I'm to eat fish or meat, I want the creature to have had a good life, and what better life is there than wild and free? Dr Duncan Campbell, Albemarle Road, York. (letter in archive)

North East Evening Gazette 14.8.03 A terrific turnout at show - A near record crowd flocked to the 143rd Danby Show, maintaining a country tradition which has continued almost unbroken since 1848…. a special feature in the main ring - a stunning performance of falconry on horseback portraying a medieval hunting expedition by the Prince Bishops Falconry group - was an undoubted highlight. (story)
North East Evening Gazette 12.8.03 Village show is back in force - It's all systems go in all classes this year at the Danby Show…. a special feature in the main ring will be a performance of falconry on horseback, portraying a medieval hunting expedition. The northern Prince Bishops Falconry group will also have a static display throughout the day (story)

Hitchin Comet 14.8.03 Animal activists target director - Police probe into 'disgusting tactics' - LETTER-writing animal rights activists have targeted a director of Huntingdon Life Sciences who lives in Letchworth. The letters were sent out to Letchworth residents falsely accusing him of being an active paedophile…Police are stepping up their investigations to trace the offenders after hundreds of letters were sent out across North Hertfordshire… “My friends and neighbours have been extremely supportive, they think the activists’ tactics are disgusting. It isn’t me this will affect it’s my family and my kids. How do they go back to school now – what’s going to be said to them?”… (story)

Scotsman 14.8.03 Horse clone - So Promotea, the latest animal to be cloned (your report, 7 Aug-ust), is her mother’s twin sister. Apart from the moral and ethical issues, genetic engineering and cloning experiments are also a serious threat to the welfare of the animals involved… ROSS MINETT Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

The Sentinel 14.8.03 ANIMAL TESTING IS BARBARIC - I am really concerned about the welfare of our animals. I think that the Government should find a new method of testing products as it is cruel how animals are bred just to be tested on.... KIRSTIER PLIMBLEY aged 12, Knypersley (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 14.8.03 'Low Key' guga hunt - This year’s trip to Sulasgeir to collect guga will go ahead as planned within the next week — but the traditional trip will be kept low key, due to recent attempts by an animal welfare group to stop the hunt… (story)
Times 14.8.03 Islanders sail into storm over hunt for gannet chicks BY SAM LISTER …After centuries hunting the guga, a Gaelic name for gannet chicks, on a seastack in the North Atlantic, the men of Lewis in the Western Isles face an end to their tradition. The guga hunters, who are licensed to kill several thousand gannet chicks each year, are the subject of a consultation by the Scottish Executive before a draft Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill. Their opponents believe the trip will probably be the hunters’ last… Last month Advocates for Animals, an animal welfare group, handed in a submission to the Scottish Executive demanding the end of the guga cull as “entirely unnecessary and barbaric”. Other groups, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have joined the campaign, and the issue has been brought to the attention of Members of the European Parliament… (story)
Independent 2.8.03 Activists condemn 'barbaric' hunt of young gannets by Scottish islanders By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - For centuries the men of Lewis in the Western Isles have scaled the cliffs of Sula Sgeir island to harvest young gannets for the gourmet's table. But this year, along with high seas and howling winds, they face a new challenge - the animal protection groups that have been battling to save the hedgehogs of North Uist... Now advocates for Animals, the group that was instrumental in the North Uist hedgehog campaign, has called upon the Scottish Executive to stop what they describe as a "barbaric" tradition.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 31.7.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP CALLS FOR END TO ISLE GUGA HUNT - An Animal protection group has written to the Scottish Executive presenting a case against the continuation of the annual guga hunt in Sulasgeir, an island 10 miles west of North Rona. Last month, Advocates for Animals - who were involved in the hedgehog "rescue" operation on Uist - turned their attention to the guga hunt…. Western Isles MSP Alasdair Morrison said: "Advocates for Animals have absolutely no idea as to what they are talking about… I just really wish they would go away and desist from their meddlesome practices which are hugely annoying and, at the end of the day, do nothing for the animals."… (story)

Argus 14.8.03 Hen saviour's urgent appeal for good eggs by Karen Hoy - She wanted to create hen heaven for creatures rescued from a life of misery on battery farms. But while the 450 chickens, cockerels and turkeys she takes care of are enjoying a life of luxury, Linda Turvey is working her fingers to the bone. She works 20-hour days at the Hen Heaven sanctuary in Stone Pit Lane, in Henfield…. (story in archive)

Glasgow Herald 14.8.03 Stop killing the ruddy ducks, say wildlife campaigners - CAMERON SIMPSON - ANIMAL rights campaigners opened a new front in the "War of the Ruddy Duck" yesterday as they began a two-day protest against the government's decision to eradicate the UK population of the species, many of which are located in Scotland. The first demonstration was held in Glasgow and today the campaigners will move to Edinburgh… Andrew Tyler, of the pressure group Animal Aid, said the government had announced in March this year that it was committed to the eradication of the 3000-6000 strong ruddy population… Helen Robinson, of Clydeside Animal Action, said: ''The whole thing is quite immoral...." (story in archive)
Edinburgh Evening News 14.8.03 Protest for ruddy duck - A PROTEST against the Government’s decision to eradicate the entire UK population of ruddy ducks was due to take place in Edinburgh today…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 13.8.03 Protesters in duck demo - A DEMO was being held in Glasgow today over Government plans to wipe out an entire duck population in a bid to protect another species. The demonstration on Buchanan Street was organised by Animal Aid. It follows a Government vow in March to wipe out ruddy ducks… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 14.8.03 'HEAT STRESS' AT CHICKEN FACTORY - A Chicken processing factory was forced to halve production to prevent birds dying during the hot weather, it was revealed today. The RSPCA is investigating reports that more than 77,000 chickens belonging to Padley's Poultry processing plant in Anwick, near Sleaford, died as a result of the heatwave last week… Peta's European campaigns director Sean Gifford said: "The chickens do not need to suffer but producers want to make as much money as possible and so will cram thousands of chickens into small spaces…" (story)

Horncastle News 13.8.03 ‘Pro hunting’ lobby spoiled Revesby Show - My family and I thought we’d take advantage of the gorgeous weather we had last weekend, and have a day out to Revesby Show… This was marred, however, by the organisers, the Countryside Alliance and South Wold Hunt who decided to use the show as a political soapbox to promote their ‘sports’…. The claim that people will lose their jobs if these ‘sports’ are banned. Well, I can’t imagine there was much support shown from these people for the miners when they lost their jobs. Paul Kemp Louth (letter)

Cambridge News 13.8.03 MONKEY LAB INSPECTOR 'MUST NOT BE OVERRULED' - MINISTERS must not force through controversial plans for a monkey-testing lab, John Prescott has been warned. MP Andrew Lansley said the Planning Inspector's verdict on whether the lab should be built at 307 Huntingdon Road, in Girton, should be final…. (story)

Cambridge News 13.8.03 LAB WAS APPALLING - Name and address supplied - THE supporters of the planned primate laboratory at Girton have failed to gather support from scientists. Recent comments in support of the lab have come from Roger Lemon, supposedly an expert. During the 1990s I worked as part of Lemon's support team at London's Institute of Neurology. The neglect of basic welfare standards appalled me… I was able to document conditions using photographs and video, which were later shown on BBC1…. My further study of how the macaque and human brains compare leaves me in no doubt as to the invalidity of the method pursued in this instance… (letter)

Mirror 13.8.03 DR Mark Matfield of the Research Defence Society - a pharmaceutical industry-funded organisation which defends animal experimentation - says that more animal experiments will save lives (Mirror, Aug 5).In fact, the opposite is true… Ray Greek MD, Europeans For Medical Advancement, London

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 13.8.03 Badger nursed back to health in Norton - BADGERING away in the straw, this young animal is making the most of her "new life"…. "We think she must have been hit by a car and then got herself stuck in a drain because the damage was so substantial," said Jean Thorpe, spokeswoman for the Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Norton…. She is now making the most of her time at the rehabilitation centre, enjoying being fed on dog food, while Mrs Thorpe, chairwoman of a local badger group, assesses her for release back into the wild…. (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 13.8.03 LET'S BAN BULLFIGHTING - As the country slowly cooks in the heat we might be tempted to say: "It's just like Spain." Well, thank God it isn't! This country doesn't have the disgusting spectacle of the bullfight. We say "bullfight" when it should be "bull-torture"…. Fortunately the World Society for the Protection of Animals is running a campaign to make Barcelona an anti-bullfighting city…. R. TURNER Cromwell Crescent Lambley (letter)

North West Evening Mail 12.8.03 COUNTRY FAIR AIMING FOR 4,000 VISITORS - THE organisers of the Lakeland Country Fair hope the good weather will bring up to 4,000 visitors this weekend… Show secretary Alison Bolt and her team of officials have been busy this week preparing for Sunday's fair… ''Among the events will be shows of terriers, lurchers and hounds while the ferret show is one of the biggest in the county - and we will even be having ferret racing.'' Another event which also proved a great attraction last year is the horn blowing competition. Mrs Bolt said: ''It started as a bit of fun so it is being organised more properly this year. ''People don't have to bring a hunting horn of their own, we will provided them.'… (story)

Newcastle Journal 12.8.03 Show a success despite absences - The 150th annual Sedgefield Show provided plenty of attractions for the large crowd, despite the absence of cattle, sheep and goat classes due to Defra restrictions…. The South Durham Hunt paraded their pack of hounds for what could be the last time…. The hunt has around 30 subscribers and has a regular turnout of 50 riders, as well as up to 250 supporters… (story)

Scotsman 12.8.03 Stop grousing about cruelty to animals - Brian Morton - August 12 presumably isn’t considered glorious in some corners of the avian population, since this is the day grouse-shooting begins… Lest anyone be disappointed, this is neither an anti-hunt editorial nor a lament for vanished species. I remain unapologetically in favour of managed and responsible hunting and animal species have been driven to extinction throughout history, human and pre-human…. Aesop’s fox was the same creature hunted and shot in the field; his goose laid rich eggs and gave off bowls of unctuous fat when its neck was eventually wrung. Its inner life, if such there is, was utterly shut off from us. Given the volume of philosophical hectoring about the moral and emotional nature of animals in recent years, it’s a difficult stance to maintain without turning animals into mere things. But all genuine naturalists do maintain that balance… (story)

Telegraph 12.8.03 Sixties child Blair labelled fantasist by Doris Lessing By Nigel Reynolds - Tony Blair's periodic tormentor, the veteran novelist Doris Lessing, turned on the Prime Minister once again last night, describing him as "a fantasist" and "probably not very bright"…. The painter David Hockney has attacked the Prime Minister for championing philistinism and for his anti-fox-hunting policies which have been so vicious that Hockney says he has become a hunt supporter…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 12.8.03 BIG GAME HUNTERS PROSPER - I'm sure most readers believe that the British big game hunter travelling abroad to bag himself exotic trophies is a particularly nasty part of our colonial past. Unfortunately this is not so. Royal gunsmiths Holland & Holland came under pressure recently after it was revealed that they promoted holidays where British clients are given the chance to shoot North American grizzly bears… Appalling, yes, but is it so different to the situation in this country where it is still legal to set packs of dogs on wild animals. R A GAGIE, Paignton (letter)

Western Mail 12.8.03 Going fishing at the Game Fair - ONE of the most important events in the angling calendar is the Game Fair, which was held this year at Harewood House near Leeds. Despite the problems associated with the sport of shooting, the number of people attending Gunmakers Row greatly outnumbered those attending the Fishing Village…. (story)

ICSurreyOnline 12.8.03 (possibly Epsom Herald) Villagers say anglers are ruining pond By Joan Mulcaster - FURIOUS residents who claim council bosses are ignoring anglers' abuse of their village pond have been to the town hall to demand a fishing ban. Burgh Heath pond has been inundated with anglers, many of them staying overnight and leaving so much litter that villagers fill sacks with their refuse every day… (story)

Lewisham News Shopper 12.8.03 Foxes too scared to target moggies - I have studied both rural and urban foxes for more than 30 years and now operate an urban fox deterrence consultancy. In answer to Susan Casey (Letters, July 30) the simple fact is fox attacks on cats are very rare but not totally unknown…. Where conflict occurs it is often instigated by the cat defending its territory or food (the Fox Project has plenty of photographic evidence of cats attacking foxes)…. John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence Tormount Road, SE18 (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 12.8.03 Family of foxes five years on - Five years ago my family and I moved to Bromley and straight away noticed a family of foxes in the garden…. The foxes are bolder now, coming close to the house and frightening my two children to the point where they will not play outside if we are not with them…. It scares me to learn these urban foxes are attacking cats. When will it be a child?... DarRen Rose-Neale Grasmere Road Bromley (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 12.8.03 High time we stop these urban pests - What an excellent comment by Linda Piper on the problems currently being caused by the urban fox, which is officially classified as a pest… She has written what the majority of people have been saying for a long time. Most of the blame for the explosion in fox numbers must be fairly apportioned to organisations and fox lovers who blatantly interfere with basic ecology… Chemical deterrents do nothing to reduce their numbers and even the National Fox Welfare Society said: “It will not make them stay out of your garden. To do this is virtually impossible without investing both considerable time and expense.” It’s time to reintroduce culling since, sadly, it is now urgently required. Doug Walters Halfway Street Sidcup (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 12.8.03 Don’t feed fox predator - I have lived in Bexleyheath for eight years and, in my experience, it has not been unusual for foxes to attempt to enter my home… On one occasion, my son was keeping his newborn baby guinea pigs in a large open box on the living room floor. A fox simply walked through the house and took one… I do not believe the incident you have described (News Shopper, July 16) to be particularly unusual or isolated. People probably just do not bother to report most of them. D Griffith Standard Road Bexleyheath (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.8.03 Mr Know It All - Here we go again Mr Know Nothing Doug Walters voicing his mad opinions about foxes being a threat to humans and other animals…. Mr W D Leman Hall Place Green Bexley (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.8.03 Give animals some respect - I heartily agree with Carole Runcorn on the subject of foxes. We just happen to have built houses on their land and should respect their right to inhabit it…. Mrs M Davies Address supplied (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.8.03 Cats much worse than other killers - IN reply to your letter from Mr and Mrs Lee of Brampton Road, and Linda Piper in Any Comments, regarding the culling of foxes because of possible attacks on cats… I would also like to point out I have seen domestic cats fight off Alsatian dogs — never mind poor little foxes…. Dave White South Gipsy Road Welling (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.8.03 Residents are not telling fairy stories - I FEEL I must write after reading Carole Runcorn’s letter in this week’s News Shopper. I too love foxes but we now have to leave our cat indoors when we are out due to a fox going for her three times this summer… Yes they are cute to watch but now, after 14 years of lying out in her garden in the summer, my cat has to spend hot days indoors and can only go out when we are in… Margaret Parmenter Glenhurst Avenue Bexley (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.8.03 Cats just as much to blame - For 35 years I have researched and studied foxes, both urban and rural, from Scotland to Devon. I have managed a wildlife rescue centre and for the last five years have provided a fox deterrence and wildlife consultancy service in London and the south east…. Firstly, fox attacks on cats are rare… Linda Piper (News Shopper, July 16) states “no-one argues foxes are not a pest in the countryside and that they need to be culled humanely”. On the contrary neither the RSPCA nor any other wildlife protection body accepts there is any need for culling foxes… fox populations are, and always have been, self-regulating and virtually entirely dictated by the availability of food in defended territories. John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 30.7.03 Foxes do hunt our cats - ARE foxes getting too bold? I have always been on the side of the fox and regularly feed them leftovers… Two neighbours witnessed foxes grabbing kittens and small cats… Foxes are becoming so confident they are peering through cat flaps, walking into living rooms and climbing through windows and seem not the least worried when confronted by humans…. Susan Casey Thicket Road Penge (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 30.7.03 We find a friend to foxes - Shame on you News Shopper for running a hate campaign against foxes. They are beautiful animals and its wonderful they trust humans enough to come so close to us… Christine Mills Pinnacle Hill Bexleyheath (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 29.7.03 No right to decide worth of animals - I am writing in response to last week’s comment by Linda Piper… what gives us the right to carry out a cull of all urban foxes based on the actions of a few?... Name and address supplied (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 29.7.03 My shed houses foxes and fleas! - Imagine my horror when I had invited the parents of a Japanese student staying with me and we were all bitten by fleas!... In spite of my having done my best to prevent it by blocking up all the holes underneath the shed, a vixen dug her way in and chose to have her five fox cubs there… Please do not feed our urban foxes…. L Williams Church Ave Sidcup (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 17.7.03 Give me foxes any day over ‘humans’ - I am fed up with the bad press your paper gives foxes. The story of the “beast” who tried to take a puppy away (News Shopper, July 9) is utter nonsense in the same way as the Dartford baby who was supposedly scratched all over the face by a fox some months ago. This is nonsense.... If everyone left them a bit of food out at night they would not be ripping rubbish bags open and leaving a mess everywhere.... Give me foxes any day instead of the so-called “humans” who walk our streets.... Mrs Carole Runcorn, Address supplied (letter)
Lewisham News Shopper 17.7.03 RSPCA needs to catch up - Ellie Custy certainly had a most alarming experience when she woke up in bed to find a fox nibbling her toes (News Shopper, July 2). What was most disconcerting was the RSPCA spokes- man’s remarks, which are so out of date and out of touch with reality. Bexley Council sent a questionnaire on foxes to every resident and an alarming trend which emerged was the number of these animals entering homes, mostly in summer when doors and windows are left open.... Douglas Walters, Halfway Street, Sidcup (letter)

Argus 12.8.03 New homes for Saltdean badgers by Lilly Peel - Diggers have moved in to build new homes for a family of badgers saved from slaughter. Work began this morning to create new setts in the gardens of two couples just metres from the creatures' original home in Saltdean… Penny Lewns of the Badger Consultancy is overseeing the creation of the artificial setts… Trevor Weeks, of the Saltdean Badger Group, said: "It's good news because the setts are within their home territory…" (story in archive)
Argus 9.8.03 Big badger by Lilly Peel - Badgers saved from slaughter will become the stars of their own video show when they are moved into a luxury new home. The Saltdean badgers, spared a death sentence following months of protests by animal rights campaigners, are getting new artificial setts built for them on Monday.... One of the couples welcoming the badgers, wanted to be known only by their first names, Richard and Barbara. Richard, a retired architect in his late 50s, said: "We were disturbed over the initial culling. "We joined the protests at the time and offered our garden as an alternative."... (story in archive)
BBC News Online 9.8.03 New homes for badgers - Artificial setts have been built to re-house a group of badgers which were under threat of being culled.... the animals were granted a reprieve after protestors staged vigils outside the houses where the badger setts were.... Defra officials said on Friday the setts had been established in the gardens of volunteers in Saltdean, close to the existing problem site.... (story)

The Sentinel 12.8.03 NEW LAW WOULD STOP CRUELTY - - Further to the letter from C Glover of Hartshill, July 25, regarding reports of an unhappy dog, I would like to explain why, due to current legislation, the RSPCA often finds its hands tied in cases such as these…. We sincerely hope that the Government fulfils its pledge and introduces the Animal Welfare Bill in the Queen's Speech of November 2004, and that in so doing, we will be able to prevent many cases of extreme suffering from occurring in the future. REBECCA HAWKES RSPCA Press Officer (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 12.8.03 IMPRISONING WILD NATURE - I concur fully with the views of Carol Woodford - "Denying Birds' natural instincts". As a supporter of animal welfare I have always disliked 'zoos' as compared with safari parks… W ROWLANDS Lower Warberry Road, Torquay
THANK you for printing Julie Burchill's comments on Living Coasts. Many of us agree with her… P SHARP, Torquay (letters)
Torquay Herald Express 12.8.03 LIVING COASTS RAISING AWARENESS OF BIRDS - Can people please stop this pitiful whining about Living Coasts and open your eyes, not your mouths for once… EMMA-LOUISE GORDON, Starpitten Grove, Watcombe, Torquay
Torquay Herald Express 12.8.03 DENYING INHERENT INSTINCT - Having now seen photos of the Living Coasts layout, what an abomination such a hotch-potch of buildings appear to be. I simply cannot comprehend the mentality of those who think it a 'good idea' to imprison wild creatures for people to gawp at… JACQUELINE SHORTLAND, West Hoe, Plymouth (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 6.8.03 CRUEL COAST - It's not often I find myself agreeing with anything Julie Burchill says, but I have to admit that like many others, I share her view that Living Coasts is cruel to the creatures imprisoned within sight of their natural habitat… J DUNNE, Totnes Road, Paignton (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 5.8.03 DENYING BIRDS' NATURAL INSTINCT - Thank goodness for Julie Burchill… Her column informed the country at large that Torbay prefers its seabirds trapped beside the sea rather than flying free around it…. CAROL WOODFORD, Charmouth Close, Babbacombe, Torquay (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 28.7.03 COLUMNIST'S ANGER OVER 'IMPRISONED' PENGUINS - Newspaper columnist Julie Burchill usually extols the virtues of the English Riviera. A regular visitor to our shores during the summer months, she has given the resort no end of glowing reports. But not this time - thanks to the new Living Coasts attraction on Torquay's Beacon Quay. Julie, who writes in the Guardian, was not impressed to see the penguins and their friends contained behind the nets of the newly-opened Paignton Zoo-conceived marine aviary…. (story)
Guardian 19.7.03 Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Julie Burchill - Every year for the past five years or so, during my annual week-long sojourn in my beloved Torquay, my boyfriend and I have commented on a sizable piece of seafront scrubland that, if it were human, would be picked up and taken in to help the police with their inquiries… Well, last week, we got our answer…. Gazing down, I gasped - looking back at us were about a dozen penguins, grouped just as we were. I like most animals, but penguins really do it for me… at least in a zoo they're not right next to the sea! The heartbreaking gap between what they had (life as a free penguin) and what they've got now (prison, for no offence other than being lovable) wouldn't be rubbed in their faces night and day… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 12.8.03 New RSPCA shop official opening -A NEW RSPCA fundraising shop was officially opened in Taunton last week by their Director General, former Taunton MP Jackie Ballard… Since becoming Director General at the end of 2002, Ms Ballard has overseen important animal welfare campaigning developments such as the vote to ban hunting and the government decision to accept animal welfare as a charitable objective in its own right under proposed new charities legislation…. (story in archive)

Scotsman 11.8.03 Winning a consensus for rural Scotland - Fordyce Maxwell Rural Affairs Editor - IT HAS been a long 11 months for Tony Andrews since he started work as chief executive of the Scottish Countryside Alliance…. Building a relationship with NFU Scotland has been slow, ditto with the Scottish Executive; there was an acrimonious staff shake-up at its Ingliston headquarters and most people who think about the alliance at all still link its activities exclusively with fox hunting… "We’re talking about the rural economy, the environment, cultures and communities. Of course the appeal fund to take our case to Europe against the ban on hunting, led by Allan Murray, is important, but it does not dominate what we do."… (story)

Cambridge News 11.8.03 MAN FLEW INTO RAGE OVER DEAD PHEASANT - A WOMAN was subjected to a terrifying road rage attack by a man who blamed her for running over a pheasant… The man, who was in his late 40s, overtook her and waited in a lay-by for her at the end of the junction. He stopped Ms French, who was driving alone, and approached her car shouting abuse. (story)

Daily Record 11.8.03 DEADLY DEER CHEW CHICKS -- DEER on a remote island have taken to biting baby birds' heads off, it was revealed yesterday… (story)
Scotland on Sunday 10.8.03 Rum health diet drives deer to snack on chicks - NEIL MACPHAIL - THIS is one side of Bambi the Disney corporation never wanted you to see. Red deer on a Scottish island are supplementing their normally vegetarian diet by snacking on live seabird chicks. Horrified bird watchers on the Isle of Rum have discovered the tiny headless and legless corpses of Manx Shearwater chicks who have fallen prey to carnivorous deer.... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 11.8.03 DON'T FISH FOR VEG DISH - Vegetarians are launching a new campaign to remind people they don't eat fish. The Vegetarian Society has launched its appeal - entitled Fishconception - to raise awareness in the food industry… (story)

Observer 10.8.03 The shooting party - Jamie Oliver is a novice, Marco Pierre White is a crack shot, and Raymond Blanc has been doing it since childhood - when top chefs want to relax they don't play golf, they play with guns. Andrew Purvis joins the boys at the butts.... (story)

Sunday Times 10.8.03 Plan to make trespass crime angers walkers - EBEN BLACK AND JOHN ELLIOTT - TRESPASS could be made a crime under a redrawing of the law being planned by ministers. At present, except in certain cases, trespass is a matter for the civil courts, meaning a landowner has responsibility for bringing legal proceedings. The change is being considered following the opening up of thousands of acres of land to walkers under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act three years ago. It is intended to tighten protection for landowners where property has not been designated a right of way. Legislation could be announced as early as the Queen’s speech this autumn... Current rules on aggravated trespass have been used against protesters, notably at the animal laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire.... (story)

Sunday Times 10.8.03 Animal lab gets Prescott backing - A CONTROVERSIAL £24m animal research laboratory planned for Cambridge University is expected to win government approval in the next few weeks after interventions by John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, and Lord Sainsbury, the science minister, write Jonathan Leake and Sarah Keenlyside.... (story)

Sunday People 10.8.03 ANIMAL TEST CRUELTY RAP FOR UNIVERSITIES - TOP universities including Oxford and Cambridge have been slammed for carrying out Britain's most horrific animal tests... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 8.8.03 UNIVERSITY REFUTES LOBBY GROUP'S ANIMAL CRUELTY CLAIMS - Bristol University has hit back at claims that scientists have performed cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals.... (story)
Western Daily Press 7.8.03 UNIVERSITIES HIT BACK IN CRUELTY ROW - Two leading West universities hit back yesterday over allegations they perform cruel and unnecessary animal experiments. Bristol and Bath were both accused in a "league of shame" produced by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS)…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 7.8.03 UNIVERSITY HITS BACK OVER ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS CLAIM - Bristol University has hit back at claims that scientists have performed cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals. Animal rights activists have named Bristol among eight universities in a "league of shame" of the worst experiments. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) claims lambs were "cut open and infected with bacteria to assess colonisation in the intestine"…. (story)
Oxford Mail 7.8.03 Varsity is accused of animal cruelty by Philip Seton-Anderson Anti-vivisection campaigners have named Oxford University as one of the worst in Britain for conducting unnecessary and cruel animal experiments. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) claimed on August 5 that top British universities, including Oxford, were responsible for eight of the "10 worst" experiments… (story in archive)
Northern Echo 6.8.03 University rejects pigs research allegations by Stuart Arnold - A UNIVERSITY in the North-East has been accused of carrying out horrific animal experiments in which pigs had their bladders cut open and were later killed. The National Anti-Vivisection Society, an animal rights group, said the pigs at Newcastle University's comparative biology centre were given the painful condition cystitis in a study of kidney scarring…. (story in archive)
Newcastle Journal 6.8.03 Animal tests row at city university By Neal Smith Education Correspondent, The Journal - A top North university was last night attacked for carrying out some of the most "cruel and unnecessary" animal experiments in the country. The National Anti-Vivisection Society named Newcastle University as one of the country's worst offenders, because of its treatment of pigs…. (story)

Sunday Times 10.8.03 New animal rights bill to include ‘forgotten’ horse - NEIL RAFFERTY - THE Scottish executive is set to introduce significant changes to its animal protection bill following accusations that it had failed to include farm horses and dogs in the draft legislation.... Ross Minnett, the campaign director of Advocates for Animals, said the bill “falls well short” of delivering the changes needed to update the current laws”.... (story)

Sunday Herald 10.8.03 Rescued hedgehog put down after being found in ‘dire state’ By Rob Edwards - One of the hedgehogs rescued in a blaze of publicity from an official cull on the Outer Hebrides, and discovered in a “dire” state last week in Clydebank, has had to be put down. It was in such a poor state of health when it was found by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) that inspectors judged it would not survive, so they ended its suffering by killing it.... “It was covered with ticks – and we mean covered. The infestation was dire,” an SSPCA spokeswoman told the Sunday Herald... Andy Christie, from the Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust in North Ayrshire, accepted that circumstantial evidence suggested that Lucky was one of the 120 Uist hedgehogs that his group distributed around the west of Scotland. He was pleased that it had managed to survive for two or three months.... (story)

People 10.8.03 PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE: STOP THIS SAVAGERY - HORRIFIC dog fights run by shady Japanese gangsters are today exposed by The People. We watched in horror as a massive Tosa dog, standing 24in tall and weighing up to 16 stone, ripped his rival's ear to shreds with one bite.... The fights are legal but The People is demanding they are wiped out - and YOU can help by protesting to the Japanese Embassy. Trevor Wheeler, of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, said: "Pitting animals against each other for sport, entertainment or gambling purposes is morally abhorrent...." (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 9.8.03 Master of hunt dies, aged 93 - A south Staffordshire woman believed to be the longest serving female master of a hunt in the country has died aged 93 in a nursing home. Barbara Perry (pictured), of Lapley, near Wheaton Aston, was head of the Albrighton Hunt from 1955 to 1993 and clocked up an estimated 3,000 hunting days in her life.... The funeral will be held at Lapley Church on Wednesday at noon, with family flowers, and donations to the church. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 9.8.03 YOU CAN HELP TO END VILE EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS - I was very interested to see that in the Evening Post of Saturday, August 2, there were several letters commenting on an article which appeared in the Post on Thursday, July 24... I would hope that any thinking person sensitive to the suffering of others, whether human or non-human, would be outraged at what is done to animals in the name of science.... ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive, Calverton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 2.8.03 BARBARIC EXPERIMENTS ARE NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF ... I'm sure that a high percentage of people are shocked after reading the article in the Evening Post on July 24. It is a deliberate infliction of suffering, pain and cruelty on our fellow creatures and we know it is not necessary and just barbaric. Shame on all you involved, you have nothing to be proud of! MARGARET M. HOLT Cranmer Avenue Whatton
Halt this evil practice - Re your report concerning animal experiments (July 24): It's high time this barbaric and unnecessary evil practice was brought to a quick conclusion... V. M McINTYRE Holwood Road Bulwell
Home Office must act - Thank you, Evening Post, for exposing Nottingham University and their sick research... CASSIE KENT High Road Chilwell (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 24.7.03 MONKEY TESTS: TIME TO STOP? - The University of Nottingham is under pressure to stop experimenting on animals. But, as Joanna Kowalski reports, scientists say the research is vital - and must be allowed to continue... (story)

Argus 9.8.03 No likeness - I was appalled to read Valerie Paynter's letter of July 21, suggesting the creation of dense inner city housing will cause the same level of suffering to its occupants as that of a calf in a veal crate or chicken in a battery cage. Calves bred for veal spend their short lives incarcerated in metal crates, with bars on the floor while being fed on a diet of watered-down milk so as to make them anaemic and so weak they can barely stand... -Theresa Manser, Shoreham (letter in archive)

Horse & Hound 8.8.03 Scottish hunts fight for survival - One year after the Scottish Parliament banned hunting north of the Border, the nine remaining mounted packs — the Dumfriesshire sadly folded at the end of last year — are fighting for their survival, and farmers are facing increased livestock losses, despite the high kill rates of the new pest control regime. Allan Murray, chairman of the Duke of Buccleuch’s and director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, explains: "Mounted followers have decreased by more than half since the new legislation came in.... The Jedforest, for example, has a strong hunt supporters’ club, which is determined to keep the enthusiasm up and the hunt going. And at Monday meets, the Buccleuch has been inundated with foot and car followers."... (story)

Telegraph 8.8.03 Why the Archers are missing the mark By Alice Thomson - Last week I was asked to speak at the Game Fair, the annual celebration of field sports... all I had to talk about was the countryside. Or, more precisely, the rolling hills of BBC Radio 4's The Archers.... The Archers team has an impossible job. Just keeping the rural dream going for 52 years is an achievement; keeping everyone happy is impossible.... So where does it go wrong? Hunting. The scriptwriters are more likely to put Linda Snell's llamas into G-strings than talk about hunting. The Countryside March was considered the perfect place to meet your mistress, rather than the biggest event for the countryside in a generation... Anyone who hunts or shoots is caricatured as a chinless wonder... The Archers isn't depressing enough. This Government is trampling all over the countryside and the characters don't seem to have noticed. But maybe it's what the countryside needs - a bit of escapism, a Crabtree and Evelyn of soaps. (story)

Shropshire Star 8.8.03 RSPCA is losing all its support - Since the RSPCA spent, or as some people may think squandered, millions of pounds on their anti-hunt campaign, they have suffered a catastrophic drop in income and support, and are having to make drastic alterations in staffing and expenditure. Before the RSPCA turned against field sports, many hunt supporters used to collect money for them because of the good work they did, but this has changed…. W F Kerswell, Picklescott, Church Stretton (letter)

York Evening Press 8.8.03 Many happy returns - After being very disappointed that the Tockwith Show had to be cancelled last year because of flooded fields I eagerly awaited this year's show. I spent a very enjoyable day at the showground looking at shirehorses, Shetland ponies, falconry displays, fancy dress both on and off ponies, the York and Ainsty Hounds, old cars and tractors, children's craft, pigs, sheep and much more…. Caroline Porter, The Green, Sutton-on-the Forest. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 8.8.03 Police point finger at animal rights activists on smear campaign - A RETIRED businesswoman has spoken of her suffering at the hands of animal rights protesters who have staged a vicious smear campaign against her and sent letters to her neighbours branding her a paedophile. Margaret Thorne, 60, has endured months of torment at the hands of the group, which has signed up for loans, put her on mailing lists and ordered goods that she knew nothing about.... The woman is being targeted because she used to work as company secretary for a Beverley company whose parent firm in Japan, Kureha Chemicals, has links with Huntingdon Life Sciences... "I know exactly which group is doing this. They're a real bunch of loonies who are affiliated to the group who are trying to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences and they've obviously got my name from Companies House and started picking on me...." (story)

Cambridge News 8.8.03 KIDNAP WARNING BRINGS NEW THREAT TO HLS STAFF - POLICE are investigating a threat to kidnap the family of a senior manager at Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 7.8.03 Kidnap threat at animal experiments firm BY DAVID GREEN - A CHILLING kidnap threat has been issued against one of the senior managers working for the Huntingdon Life Sciences animal experiments company – target of animal rights protestors. The threat, being investigated by police, was that his wife and children were at risk of being snatched. It is the latest in a long series of threats, intimidation and assaults on the company's staff and employees of suppliers, bankers and insurers.... (story)
Northern Echo 6.8.03 Alert over animal rights 'kidnap threat' - POLICE have been placed on alert after a kidnap threat was reportedly made against a manager at controversial animal testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)…. Two years ago, The Northern Echo revealed how protest group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was targeting HLS shareholders in North Yorkshire, County Durham, Cleveland and Tyneside… (story in archive)
Eastern Daily Press 6.8.03 Drug lab plays down kidnap threat - A controversial animal experimentation laboratory yesterday played down a kidnap threat against one of its managers. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which has a research centre at Occold, near Eye, believes it could be a new tactic by an extremist minority among animal rights campaigners…. (story)

North Devon Journal 7.8.03 COPING WITH 'BAD LAW' ON BURIALS - So the Government's fallen stock collection scheme is back on line and due to start next January.... Why did only one farmer in three take up the scheme? Probably a number of reasons came into play:... The unpopularity of DEFRA was such that some farmers undoubtedly would have ignored the communication. Many were well served by hunt kennels. They may have sensed an uncertain future but still hope to continue to receive this service for generations to come.... (story)

Berwickshire News 7.8.03 SUNSHINE BRINGS OUT THE CROWDS TO DUNS SHOW - WEATHER conditions at Duns Show on Saturday were a vast improvement on last year's mudfest and a good number of visitors turned up to enjoy the displays and entertainment… Main ring entertainment included a falconry display, fire service demonstration, the Berwickshire Hunt hounds and the vintage versus modern machinery parade…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 7.8.03 SIR - I am quite willing to "get real" with the writer responding to my last letter about hunting with hounds. 1. I am not a supporter of hunting foxes with a pack of hounds… 6. I have read, several times, the remarks of people who consider hunting with hounds is the sport of the wealthy classics. Is this "real" enough? M Cook, Hall Bank Drive, Bingley (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 28.7.03 SIR - In reply to the letter of Mrs Hardwick (T&A, July 11), I have compassion and lots of it. Due to some editing it appeared my letter was based around fox hunting when it really was based around the way this and other governments waste time on trivial topics when there are far more pressing items to be dealt with… If you do not understand the rural ways, leave well alone, and go and have another game of bingo. Philip Hartley, Tunwell Lane, Eccleshill. (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 26.7.03 In response to Mrs M Cook's letter (T&A, July 19), I would point out that I object to the vicious and inhumane killing of foxes on a hunt because the level of suffering endured by the fox is unjustified - NOT, as Mrs Cook suggests, because the hunt is frequented by upper-class people... Sarah Hardwick, Pleasant Place, Allerton (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.7.03 SIR - I am not a fox-hunter supporter myself, but have the sense to know they need culling in some way to protect other creatures like lambs, chickens etc. What does Mrs Hardwick think foxes live on? They are vicious carnivores and depend on other creatures for their food.... Mrs M Cook (a non-hunter), Hall Bank Drive, Bingley (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.7.03 I would like to say how deeply offensive I found Philip Hartley's comments on fox hunting (Letters, July 7). Has this man no compassion at all?... I must say that I do agree with Mr Hartley on his condemnation of bull fighting… Mrs Sarah Hardwick, Pleasant, Place, Allerton
It was most encouraging to read Mr Hartley's letter (T&A, July 5) regarding his opposition to bull fighting, which is, of course, shared by many of us. If he wants to help the campaign he should contact IFAW… Sid Brown, Glenhurst Road, Shipley (letters in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.7.03 - Has our Government gone mad? In the news every day there are muggings, drive-by shootings, beatings with baseball bats. What does the Government do? It spends great amounts of time and effort on - wait for it - fox hunting.... Philip Hartley, Tunwell Lane, Eccleshill. (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 7.8.03 AN UNHAPPY LOT From A Brown, Linton - I CAN only think that Diane Gracey ( News, July 17) is either in denial or very naïve concerning the suffering of animals in laboratories… (letter)
Cambridge News 6.8.03 TESTS DELAY CURES From Gail Record, Werrington, Peterborough - I WRITE with reference to Diana Gracey's letter ( News, July 17), criticising an earlier letter by Joan Court concerning a demonstration against a proposed primate laboratory at Girton… I am a disabled woman of 36 who took part because I have been harmed by animal tested procedures and medication… Where are all the cures for the diseases and how many times have we been promised breakthroughs and cures just around the corner? They never materialise, do they, Mrs Gracey?... (letter)
Cambridge News 17.7.03 CRUEL TO SUFFERERS - From Mrs Diane Gracey, Carrick Close, Cambridge - JOAN Court's letter ( News, July 1) about the X-Cape demonstration on June 23 describes the occasion as "street theatre". The object of this innocuous-sounding activity was, she writes, "to bring to the attention of the public and students the contrast between the pomp and ceremony and ancient tradition of this wonderful university and the shameful and cruel research on primates planned by one of the departments". Shameful? cruel? The only people on that day whose behaviour was "shameful" and "cruel" was Joan Court and her X-Cape associates… (letter)
Cambridge News 1.7.03 PROTEST WENT AS PLANNED - Joan Court, X-CAPE (Cambridge Against Primate Experiments), Sturton Street, Cambridge - THE demonstration in Cambridge on Monday, June 23, by X-Cape, the local group opposed to primate experiments, was never intended as a protest against the Duke of Edinburgh… The media, including television, have tried to suggest that he might have been at risk from terrorists… a police officer watched as we helped the actors into their costumes, one of whom is a Cambridge graduate and a barrister. The other is a local gardener… (letter)
Telegraph 24.6.03 Alert fails to save Prince Philip from protester By David Sapsted - Heightened security failed to prevent an animal rights protester from walking alongside Prince Philip during a procession yesterday. The anti-vivisectionist approached unchallenged as the Prince took part in the procession through Cambridge after the annual honorary degree awards ceremony at the university. "It was incredible," an onlooker said. "The protesters were able to hijack the parade and one in particular walked right next to the Duke of Edinburgh, shoulder to shoulder…" (story)
Cambridge News 24.6.03 DUKE 'WAS SAFE DURING PROTEST' CAMBRIDGE University and the police have insisted security was sufficient to protect the Duke of Edinburgh after he was caught in a demonstration yesterday… Gail Record, 36, from Peterborough, used a megaphone to shout her protests and was able to walk next to the Duke "shoulder to shoulder"…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 24.6.03 SECURITY: City protester in new royal scare A CITY animal rights protester sparked a new royal scare when she managed to slip through security and walk alongside Prince Philip in a ceremonial procession. Gail Record (36), from Werrington, said the lack of security enabled her to walk "shoulder-to-shoulder" alongside the Duke of Edinburgh, unchallenged, despite the presence of Special Branch royal protection and Cambridgeshire police officers… (story)
Cambridge News 23.6.03 THE ROYAL SHOW By Louise Cummings - CAMBRIDGE enjoyed two Royal visits today, although one was marred by animal rights protestors…. the Duke of Edinburgh was at Cambridge University to confer honorary degrees on graduands, including Sir John Sulston, and animal rights protestors from X-CAPE (Cambridge Against Primate Experiments) demonstrated before the ceremony… The protest was in opposition to the University's plans to build a primate testing laboratory at Girton… (story)

Crosby Herald 7.8.03 RSPCA backing for goldfish ban By Ed Casson, Crosby Herald - THEY have long been a familiar sight at school and summer fairs, but now the 'goldfish in a bag' could become a thing of the past. The RSPCA is supporting a ban on goldfish as games stall prizes, after the practice was banned by the town council in Worthing, West Sussex…. (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 7.8.03 David's mission to rescue bears By Emma Snodgrass - An animal welfare worker from Warwickshire is preparing to make his fourth trip to China to rescue sick bears. David Neale, aged 30, who grew up in Bedworth and is now UK director of the Animals Asia Foundation, will visit China later this month to help five more bears recover from the ordeal of being "farmed" for their bile - used as a traditional remedy in Chinese medicine…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 7.8.03 THIS DOG CRUELTY MUST END - Anyone with a vestige of decency and compassion could not fail to be truly sickened by the brutal treatment of cats and dogs which is presently taking place in China. In a shocking report, the International Fund for Animal Welfare says that panic over the SARS virus is driving people to wantonly abandon or slaughter cats and dogs… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Boston Standard 6.8.03 If we work together we will beat coursers - AS JOINT chairmen of Boston and District Hare Group we feel we have to add to your interview (Standard, July 23) regarding illegal hare coursers with the Rural Intelligence Officer Nigel Lound… He’s right the Government will not give the police enough powers and although we have tried hard, with the help of our MP Mark Simmonds, it refuses to listen, saying the new Hunting Bill will give police these powers, but it will not… There are things that can be done by farmers and the police. Unfortunately the unwillingness of some police officers to co-operate and use what limited power they have has become of great concern to us. We feel some now view us as the offenders… Joint chairmen, Boston and District Hare Group (letter)

Daily Post 6.8.03 Gundog conference will join game fair - BASC is holding a national Gundog Conference to run alongside the Midland Game Fair. The Conference will be held on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September in Telford. Each delegate will receive a complimentary pass to the Midland Game Fair, held eight miles away at Weston Park on the 20th and 21st September…. (story)

Newcastle Journal 6.8.03 Appeal to farmers over hot weather - Animal welfare groups urged farmers not to send their livestock to market or transport them by truck yesterday - because of the hot weather. Compassion in World Farming said sending animals on long journeys or overcrowding in market pens for long periods of time in scorching temperatures mean the animals could face immense suffering…. (story)

Horncastle News 6.8.03 Do not attend bullfighting - I wish to appeal to the public not to attend bullfighting or the ‘running of the bulls’ when visiting Spain… VERA HOLLAND, Market Rasen (letter)

Crediton, Culm Valley & Tiverton Gazette 5.8.03 HUNT MEETING - Members and followers of Dulverton Farmers' Hunt have been asked to note that the first meet at New Park, West Anstey, will now take place at 5pm on Monday, August 18 not August 11 as had been previously announced (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 4.8.03 Couple hit out after pet fox hurt …Terry Killick and his partner Christine Austin said the attitude of the RSPCA was "rubbish" after it took nearly three weeks to get a trap to them so the injured animal could be caught and treated…Mr Killick and Miss Austin have been feeding the fox, which comes regularly to their home late at night, and have even let it into the kitchen… Recently they saw the animal was limping and contacted the RSPCA who offered to send a trap, but then took nearly three weeks to get round to it, he said… (story)

Argus 4.8.03 Animal tests link to blaze building - A building with links to animal experiments was engulfed in flames last night. Firefighters worked though the night to control the blaze at the warehouse in Henfield Road, Small Dole, and were still there this morning… The building is understood to be a vehicle store for the controversial Huntingdon Life Science group which tests on animals…. (story)

Independent 4.8.03 Government reneges on poll vow as animal tests show big rise By Nigel Morris and Terri Judd - The Government was accused of reneging on its promises yesterday as it was revealed that more animals are being used for experiments in laboratories than at any time in the past eight years. Three hundred extra animals a day - including dogs, cats and horses - were used for research last year, bringing the total to more than 2.7 million.... "It really speaks for itself. These experiments do nothing for animal welfare. We would obviously like evidence that [the Government is]following that policy. It doesn't seem to be coming through," said Caroline Chisholm, of the National Anti-Vivisection Society.... Wendy Higgins, campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: "This shocking rise ... is a shameful reflection of this Government's utter failure to tackle the controversial issue of animal experiments."... (story)

Sunday Times 3.8.03 Give the country a sporting chance - He doesn’t hunt, he won’t hunt and he doesn’t much like those who do. But a year after a hunting ban was introduced, Alistair Moffat still thinks it’s a disaster- A year ago tomorrow, calamity in the countryside was confidently predicted... Only one of the nine hunts in Scotland (in Dumfries and Galloway) has hung up its spurs, and a legal loophole has meant that horses and hounds have continued to gallop. Admittedly they may only flush out a fox to be shot by waiting guns, but my local hunt, the Duke of Buccleuch’s, still meets and those daft little horns still toot up the valley... In my view the major effects of the hunting ban remain to be seen. In time they will leak into the rural, and national, way of life. And I believe we will ultimately regret that such a class-based piece of legislation ever made it onto the statute book... Historically we have been very good at equestrian sports such as eventing, showjumping and dressage, producing many Olympic and world champions, both in individual and team events... Competitions require good ground and plenty of room, and many landowners are happy to supply both, as well as underwriting the cost of fences, materials and much else. Many volunteers who belong to hunts are happy to give their time to staging and organising events and competitions.... When the 50% who have turned out this year for the Buccleuch, the Berwickshire, the Lauderdale and the other hunts dwindles to 25% and then to goodness knows how few further down the line, what will happen then? The structure will totter and fall, unless of course the Scottish parliament is willing to pay for it... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.8.03 HUNTSMAN SAYS MORE FOXES KILLED SINCE BAN - ALAN GORHAM - Fox hunting has been technically outlawed for a year - yet more of the animals are being killed in Aberdeenshire these days, it is claimed.... That is the verdict of Richard Holman-Baird, master of the North-east's only hunt pack, the Stonehaven-based Kincardineshire Foxhounds. But Les Ward, chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting With Dogs, disagreed with that claim. He said he believes huntsmen are simply trying to discredit the law.... While Mr Holman-Baird said the number of people observing hunts on horseback has dropped, the increase in pest-control work has balanced his workload... (story)
Cumberland News & Star 2.8.03 'DON’T BLAME FOXES FOR LAMB SLAUGHTER' - CUMBRIAN anti-hunt campaigners today shot down claims by Scottish farmers that a local ban had caused the fox population to soar north of the border.... One farmer from the Borders said: “In the spring I lost more than 30 lambs in a fortnight, which is far higher than anything I have ever seen..." But Elaine Milbourn, Cumbria co-ordinator for the League Against Cruel Sports, claims the ban is not to blame for an explosion in the fox population. She said: “During foot and mouth, there wasn’t any hunting and the fox population didn’t thrive in Cumbria.”.... (story)
BBC News Online 1.8.03 Hunt row rages one year on - continuing over whether the move has benefitted the environment and the economy… Malcolm Bell MacDonald, joint master of the Dumfriesshire hunt, said there was still a demand for foxhunting using the legal gun packs… (story)
Scotland Today 1.8.03 Countryside campaigners claim fox population has thrived - Today marks the first anniversary of the banning of fox hunting in Scotland. According to countryside campaigners, the fox population has thrived since the ban, leading to the loss of lambs and other farm animals.... (story)
York Evening Press 30.7.03 Hunts dismiss new ban report - HUNT supporters in North Yorkshire have slammed a report suggesting that banning the pursuit might not be as financially devastating to the countryside as initially claimed. The paper, published almost year to the day after hunting with hounds was banned in Scotland, has found that the picture is not as bleak as campaigners had claimed. Dumfriesshire huntsman Malcolm Bell Macdonald said: "The economic impact can be overplayed."…. But Mr McDonald said: "The economic impact is there. Farms are getting bigger and bigger and farm workers are getting fewer and fewer because of advances in technology. And here's hunting, just working away, still employing people year-round in areas where jobs are scarce - and the rug is pulled from under us."… "To the casual onlooker it would seem that things have not changed too much, but this could not be further from the truth," said local Countryside Alliance spokesman James Bates… (story in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 30.7.03 Hunts dismiss new ban report by James Slack and Sally Fletcher - HUNT supporters in North Yorkshire have slammed a report suggesting that banning the pursuit might not be as financially devastating to the countryside as initially claimed… (story in archive)
Guardian 28.7.03 Scots take stock a year after hunt ban - Change resonates only for a minority - Gerard Seenan - The kennels no longer echo to the sound of barking; the hounds have been sent away. The pack which took generations to breed is scattered: some in England, some in France. The kennelman, too, has gone - to begin a new life as a lorry driver... Only one, the Dumfriesshire hunt, founded in the early 19th century, has gone completely. Its demise has taken jobs, a tradition and a way of life from a small part of rural Scotland. But even the huntsmen admit that its effects resonate only for a minority. "I don't see why the ban should affect most people in Dumfriesshire," says Malcolm Bell Macdonald, a Dumfriesshire huntsman. "For us, it's the loss of a culture; it's something we sing about, paint, write about, and it's a major part of our social lives.... The Scottish Countryside Alliance admits that most huntsmen are not prepared to take part in flushing the foxes to guns. According to them, the numbers taking part in Scotland's surviving hunts have reduced by 50% to 75%. Prior to the ban, the 10 hunts employed more than 30 staff directly, a figure which has fallen to six... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 3.8.03 'It was a total bombshell. I just went numb. I thought: Crikey!' - The Deputy Prime Minister's biographer, Colin Brown, was one of the few people to have been entrusted with the knowledge that Pauline Prescott had a secret son. Lt Col Paul Watton tells him of his shock and joy on discovering the identity of his real mother… Riding is his passion. He rode with the pack from the Royal Artillery Hunt and loved it - again in stark contrast to his stepfather, who once attacked the "contorted faces" of the foxhunting lobby. Paul, however, is relaxed about his stepfather's anti-hunting stance. "To be honest, I enjoy riding and I don't get a great kick out of seeing foxes ripped apart," he said. He is opposed, however, to banning field sports. "How I choose to spend my time in a democratic country is a matter for me," he said. "It's a matter of choice."… (story)
Sunday Times 3.8.03 Heartbreak behind the Prescott love child - ADAM NATHAN AND DEAN NELSON - PAULINE PRESCOTT, the wife of the deputy prime minister, spoke last night of her delight at being reunited with a missing son after more than 40 years.... He is an accomplished horseman, having ridden with the pack from the Royal Artillery Hunt, but refrains from discussing politics with his newfound family... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 3.8.03 Stifled report on xenotransplantation - I WAS not surprised to learn that the government has decided not to publish an independent assessment of xenotransplantation because the report is not sufficiently "balanced"... John Robins, Animal Concern (story)

Cumberland News & Star 2.8.03 SHEEP BACK AT COCKERMOUTH SHOW - TODAY’s Cockermouth Show will be business as usual with sheep returning for the first time after foot and mouth... Attractions include Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, sideshows and trade stalls, ponies, goats, sheep dogs, terriers and foxhounds... (story)

Worcester Evening News 2.8.03 He cherry-picks report on hunting - IN reply to the letter from Mrs M Large regarding coursing (You Say, July 22), I believe it is totally disingenuous for Maurice Brett to quote from the Burns report into hunting... I must to point out that Lord Burns, when asked if hunting was cruel, said: `'The short answer is no''.... JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.7.03 Burns Report does not state that hare coursing isn't cruel - MR Burgess, in his replies to Mr Brett, is frequently referring to the Burns Report and, yet, when Mr Brett quotes it back at him, he doesn't like it!... I recall vividly the film clip shown on national television of a hare, crying in terror, being used as a tug of war between two dogs… MARION J LARGE, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 10.7.03 Let's not beat about the bush! Coursing's wrong - JON Burgess (You Say, Saturday, June 28) challenges my claims about hare coursing and suggests I'm misleading readers. Let me put the record straight. To quote bloodsport supporter, Tim Pinney: "I have never been hare coursing and have no desire to." … Personal experience of beagling suggests the hare would not remain in one piece for long if the picker-up did not swiftly interfere… A REECE, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 8.7.03 Hare is the news... I SEE that A Reece has now joined the attack on coursing (You Say, June 21) giving a description that is totally opposite to the truth…. The idea of grants for a National Hare Service proposed by A Reece might be worth a try but I think the taxpayer would prefer a National Health Service adequately funded and allowed to run itself properly first of all. ALAN COOK, Moreton-on-Lugg, Herefordshire. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.7.03 Fails to answer charge - AFTER failing to produce one fact to prove coursing is cruel, Maurice Brett adopts the latest smear tactics of the anti-hunting movement (You Say, June 20)…. Mr Brett avoids answering the charge of quoting from the Burns report into hunting after his organisation (POWA) refused to make a single contribution to it…. JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)]
Worcester Evening News 28.6.03 Falsehoods of coursing - IN his letter (You Say, June 21) A Reece made two claims against hare coursing. He must now produce the evidence to back these accusations.... By consulting the main anti-coursing organisations he would have realised that even they do not use such silly and malicious propaganda.... Mr Reece must produce his evidence of hares being coursed in an enclosure and ripped apart. If he does not,he should apologise to the readers of the Evening News for misleading them. JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 23.6.03 Irritated by country people - BEN Eaton (You Say, June 14) avoids even mentioning the word "coursing" the very point of our discussion. Instead he shouts "rubbish", because the facts fail to fit his preconceived ideas on this issue…. I hope Mr Eaton continues to participate in this exchange of views. But in future, I trust he will limit the scope of his argument to the subjects of coursing, animal welfare and conservation and avoids the personal remarks which have become his hallmark. JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 21.6.03 Improved habitat better option - SO Jon Burgess finds Mr Eaton's analogy concerning hare coursing "extremely offensive". Many people find the deliberate corralling of beautiful wild animals so they may then be chased by pet dogs and possibly ripped apart extremely offensive, too…. A REECE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 20.6.03 Films prove cruelty to hares - IN recent correspondence John Burgess seems intent on making it up as he goes along…. As evidence of the cruelty there are reams of film and videotapes taken of live hares caught between two dogs… MAURICE BRETT, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 13.6.03 Clearly, she has never been hare coursing - MANY thanks to Marilyn Brown in her latest letter (You Say, June 4) admitting how she has come to her opinion about hare coursing… In very simple terms, Marilyn Brown knows nothing, has never been, lacks all comprehension and has a total misunderstanding of what coursing involves. Arguing to make something a criminal offence on these grounds is nothing but prejudice and that's something that we should really ban. ALAN COOK, Moreton-on-Lugg. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 12.6.03 He admits there's no betting on the hares - THE letter on coursing from Maurice Brett (You Say, May 29) claims that the pursuit is cruel and must be banned. He says the object of coursing is to kill the hare. If this were true, then why does the National Coursing Club insist a Coursing Inspector be present at all meetings to ensure the hare has every chance of escape?... JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 3.6.03 So what does he do for the countryside? - THE letter from Ben Eaton (You Say, May 23) on coursing is a prime example of what is emanating from so many in the anti-country sports fraternity at present… Mr Eaton dismisses the link between coursing and hare conservation but produces no evidence to support his claims. I suggest he reads the scientific study recently published in the highly-respected Nature magazine… JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 29.5.03 Points for the dog that caught the hare - IF nothing else, you have to admire Jon Burgess and Alan Cook for their ability to "spin" their "information" on hare coursing (You Say, May 15)…. As he well knows, until recently, points were awarded to the dog that caught the hare, as well as points for causing it to turn… MAURICE BRETT, Bromsgrove (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 23.5.03 It's like setting a Rottie on a child - MR Burgess and Mr Cook make use of some rather spurious logic to argue in favour of hare coursing (You Say, Thursday, May 15)… It would be like sending a Rottweiler after a small child for fun… BEN EATON, Wivelden Avenue, Stourport-on-Severn (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.5.03 There's no betting on killing of hares - I MUST correct Mrs M Large over the points she raised about hare coursing (You Say, Tuesday, May 6). As I have made very clear before, there are some bookmakers at a few coursing meetings, but there is definitely no betting on killing hares…. I must congratulate Mrs Large on her determination not to see the truth about coursing. Refusing my invitation to a coursing meeting was a wise move on her part. By attending, she would have to admit there are no hares being ripped in two, no betting on killing and no one degraded whether human, greyhound or hare. JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.5.03 I SEE we have another expert on hare coursing, namely Marilyn Brown (You Say, Monday, May 5). Like Mrs M Large, she has vocabulary almost totally limited to words like "barbarous", "cruel" and "disgusting". I have waited months for Mrs Large to make one constructive point about conservation. Judging by her latest letter, I will certainly have to be patient for a while longer…. ALAN COOK, Moreton-on-Lugg, Herefordshire. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 6.5.03 Conserve animals by leaving them alone - JON Burgess needs to know that it is because I am very interested in the future of the hare population that I refute his allegations…. As for your invitation Mr Burgess, as I have said before, I am too busy undertaking worthwhile projects and have far too much self-respect to demean myself by going within a mile of a hare coursing event. MARION J LARGE (MRS), Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.5.03 Hare-coursing disgusting - BETTER to be "obsessed" as Jon Burgess puts it, with banning the barbarous activity of hare coursing than being intent on its perpetration.... MRS MARILYN BROWN, Great Witley, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.5.03 Hunting is just part of life in the countryside - THE letter from Mrs M Large (You Say, April 12) has four points that need answering to rid her of any confusion about hunting and field sports. Mrs Large thinks hunting is a "problem". She is wrong - it's just part of life in the countryside.... Finally, I do not need to rely on opinion polls to defend hunting. The majority of people who have taken part in these polls have done it for me, they have clearly stated they do not want hunting banned. ALAN COOK, Moreton-on-Lugg, Hwerefordshire (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.4.03 No interest in future of hare population - THE latest correspondence on hare coursing from Mrs M J Large (You Say, Monday, April 7) demands the hare be conserved but offers not one idea on how this can be accomplished…. To help Mrs Large discuss the matter in a more informed manner, I will happily arrange for her to visit a local coursing meeting of her choice with all expenses paid… JON BURGESS, Malvern, Worcs (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.4.03 Killing for entertainment - AS usual, Jon Burgess sidesteps and ignores the main issue of hare coursing regarding the sheer brutality and cruelty meted out to these beautiful, timid creatures… MRS MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.3.03 Easy to see she hasn't a clue about hunting - IT'S easy to see that Marion Large hasn't a clue about anything to do with hunting… If she examines all the poll results since 1997, including polls conducted by the anti-hunting faction, she would see the support for a ban is now well below 40 per cent falling from 80 per cent in only six years… ALAN COOK, Moreton-on-Lugg. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 25.3.03 Coursing preserves the hare - THE letter from Marion Large (You Say, March 11) makes obvious reference to the Waterloo Cup coursing event... The coursing fields at Great Altcar are an oasis of grass in a desert of intensive arable farming. Ban coursing and this land will be ploughed up, destroying the grass which is the hares main winter food source... JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 11.3.03 Evidence of cruelty for whole country to see - I SEE that Tim Pinney is now attacking two of us at once. He says that Neil Hanson is entitled to his opinion that hunting is cruel but insists that insists that there is no evidence. I wonder whether Mr Pinney saw the film clip shown on television of a report on the recent massive hare coursing event in the north of the country?... MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 1.3.03 Glib and inaccurate - HAVING read the contributions from the anti-hunting brigade over the last few days, I feel the necessity to reply to what can only be described as figments of their vivid imagination... Neil Hansen describes hunting as a cruel sport. That is his opinion and also his right. However, he backs up his claims with no evidence whatsoever... Marion Large refutes Countryside Alliance claims that those opposed to hunting are now in a minority when the facts clearly show this to be the case. TIM PINNEY, Peopleton, Pershore (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.8.03 DON'T LET ANIMALS SUFFER FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH - I would ask readers to remember that some health charities ask for donations to help people with diseases and disabilities, yet spend the money donated by well-meaning people to bankroll horrific experiments on animals... I recently made out a cheque to the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research and sent it to them because by giving to the trust, you can be sure that your money will be helping both humans and animals.... Mrs Frances Wick, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Ross-shire Journal 1.8.03 Field sports supporter blasts ‘McPygmies’ over Land Reform Act - ONE of Britain’s best known advocates of field sports has castigated those who want to deny wealthy English guests their fun on Highland hills and rivers. Former Fleet Street grandee Sir Max Hastings, who is now president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, entered the controversy as many Ross-shire estates anxiously await the impact of the Land Reform Act, due to become law soon. In a blistering attack on Holyrood, Sir Max claimed Scotland has suffered greatly at the hands of “McPygmies” since the devolved parliament was set up in Edinburgh four years ago… Sir Max, who has hunted and fished in Scotland for over 30 years, singled out the Land Reform Act, describing it as “a wilful assault” on an enchanting way of life spanning almost two centuries. It was supported only by militants and “the dreadful Scottish media"… (story)

Western Morning News 1.8.03 FIT, HARDENED HUNTERS TURN HAND TO RACING - Michael Weir has a reputation for getting any old horse to win a race, and it's all down to hunting, learns Lucy Johnson… Mike is the master of the Dartmoor Foxhounds and successfully combines this role with training point-to-pointers - using the same horses… and Mike started hunting on her ponies with the Weston and Banwell Harriers when he was ten years old… Eventually a post with the North Cornwall Foxhounds came up… A stint with the Gellagaer Hounds in Wales followed… The Silverton Foxhounds then came under Mike's mastership for ten seasons… (story)

Hexham Courant 1.8.03 FALLEN STOCK PLAN ON WAY - FARMERS banned from burying dead animals on their own land have been told they will gain a £10million fallen stock removal scheme - but not until next year… Until the scheme begins next year, farmers will continue to have to make their own arrangements regarding disposal of fallen stock through knacker yards or local hunts…. (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 1.8.03 Animal rights protest at firm …Members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty gathered outside International Product Supplies in Baird Court, Wellingborough, yesterday. They claim the company has links to Huntingdon Life Sciences…. Activist Bruce Garley, 24, who lives in the ET area, was among the campaigners… David Grant, of Leicester, said: "I understand that we cause company staff stress, but we've got to balance the inconvenience with the suffering."… (story)

Scotsman 1.8.03 Appeal over badger deaths - FORDYCE MAXWELL - AN ANIMAL charity has appealed for better driving to avoid carnage among badgers… Ian Hutchison, development officer with the charity Scottish Badgers, said yesterday that almost every type of wildlife was at risk on roads…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.8.03 PITY THE CHINESE BEARS - At this moment, 7,000 beautiful moon bears are incarcerated in coffin cages 24/7 for over 22 years of their lives… A charity has been set up called Animals Asia. The founder if Jill Robinson MBE. Her director Dave Neale is based in Cornwall. I am newly registered in Paignton and there are eight others in England… JAYNE LAMBERT, Black Haven Close, Paignton (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 1.8.03 FREE ADVICE ON MATTER OF GULLS - I Noticed this week in his column A. Brockbank speaking up for the seagulls in Gloucester… I share A. Brockbank's view. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)

The Forester 1.8.03 DON'T MAKE OUR DEER PAY FOR THE CYCLISTS' PLEASURE - I Hope Dr Linden of Parkend (The Forester, July 24) isn't seriously suggesting an increase in the annual local deer cull, for no better reason than to smooth the way for Sustrans to finally achieve their Wye Valley cycletrack by back door methods. If he is, I find this a despicable attitude for one of apparently professional status… Andrew Stephens, Cinderford (letter)