August 2005

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Ryedale Gazette & Herald 31.8.05 `We will be law-abiding' by David Jeffels - HUNTS in the Ryedale area are making plans for the new season but have vowed to stay within the law following the ban on foxhunting which was introduced six months ago…. George Atkinson, master of the Farndale Hunt, said: "We hope to hunt within the law, the best way we can."… The Saltersgate, whose area is 90 per cent owned by the Forestry Commission, is hopeful of obtaining a new licence from the commission, said master Andrew Bowen…. Sinnington Hunt member Patrick Till, whose wife Bridget is the joint master, said no firm decision had yet been made about the style or timing of the new season, mainly due to crops still having to be harvested…. Harry Stephenson, master of the Bilsdale, said his hunt, too, was planning to hunt within the law and, if possible, to test it…. (story in archive)

Carmarthen Journal 31.8.05 SIZE DOES MATTER - I Read with interest Mr Moore's most recent letter about fox hunting (August 10). At its end, Mr Moore claims to be a farmer. This I question as on August 3 he claimed to be a photographer…. After all, there are people who claim to be farmers who in truth only farm a handful of acres and have less than half a dozen sheep. Miles Helliwell, Ty Crug, Pontynyswen, Carmarthen (story)
Carmarthen Journal 3.8.05 STUNNING STUDIES - A Llanfynydd photographer is displaying his images of Carmarthenshire on wall and web. Kenneth Moore (pictured) is exhibiting his work at the Emrys Art Gallery, in Carmarthen's Little Water Street…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 31.8.05 HUNTERS FILLED WITH BLOOD LUST - Russ Ball wrote that one aspect of the hunting ban which does not seem to be reported is that the bottom has dropped out of the horse market,,, Harsh economics have little to do with this. All it shows is what many, both town and country folk, have known for years, is the fact that these hunters are not animal lovers at all…. Janet George, a hunt follower, said: "Not many would switch to drag hunting as they wanted to have a chance of seeing a kill."… G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.8.05 NEXT VICTIM COULD BE HUMAN - Russ Ball takes the Mercury to task for taking up too much space over the plight of two geese shot with crossbows… This to me seems unfair criticism. In any case, anyone sadistic enough to inflict so much suffering on a wild creature would quite easily do the same to another human…. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.8.05 SHOT IN THE DARK - A letter, which suggested that the death by thuggery of two geese was being made rather a lot of by the Leicester Mercury, had a rather emotive picture attached to it of a victim who "had to be put down". One aspect of the ban on hunting which does not seem to be reported is that the bottom has fallen out of the horse market… Speaking to those whose hearts bled for the fox (and the geese), I wonder whether they would not mind digging deep into their own pockets to pay for the consequences of their choices… Russ Ball, Leicester (letter)

Leicester Mercury 31.8.05 ANIMAL VICTIMS - I'm sure a lot of your readers were horrified about the possibility of hares being illegally hunted in the name of "sport" (Mercury, August 24). However, it isn't just the bunnies that are in danger. Twenty thousand greyhounds are bred in the UK each year to feed the racing industry and those that don't make it get dumped or destroyed or used for hare coursing - then dumped or destroyed…. Rebecca Watson, Burbage (letter)

Northern Echo 31.8.05 OUTDATED SPORT - THE question was asked (HAS, Aug 12) can shooting survive as a sport? There is so much cruelty and killing on shooting estates it would be a good thing if it did not survive… Brenda Scragg, Bishop Auckland. (letter in archive)

Lincolnshire Echo 31.8.05 HOOKED ON FISHING - Angling is the new rock 'n' roll, according to a new countywide survey. The Environment Agency carried out its Public Attitudes Towards Angling survey to see if people in Lincolnshire objected to the sport on cruelty grounds. They found that 70 per cent of people questioned thought is was an acceptable pastime and only eight per cent thought it was cruel…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 31.8.05 Anglers to stop youths getting into deep water - FISHERMEN are hoping to get troubled youngsters hooked on their hobby - and stop them falling foul of the law…. The idea is the brainchild of 13 professional anglers, calling themselves the Three Counties Angling Particip-ation Scheme,

Telegraph 31.8.05 Matt's stats: worried sick - Robert Matthews on why the worried well should avoid medical tests … The animal experiment debate flared up again last week, and featured the usual mix of bluster and rhetoric from both sides… In drug testing at least, there has never been a statistically credible assessment of the predictive value of animal experiments. Until there is, both sides of the debate should acknowledge that the plural of "anecdote" is not "data". (story)

Burton Mail 31.8.05 BODY SNATCHERS WILL BE CAUGHT SAY COPS by Nermin Oomer THE OFFICER in charge of policing a long-running animal rights campaign has said he is confident the body snatchers who stole the remains of an elderly woman from her grave will be brought to justice — nearly a year after the atrocity was committed. Inspector Dave Bird, who heads Staffordshire Police’s environmental protest unit, said the investigation into the crime was a 'long, laborious process' but he believed police would eventually catch the perpetrators…. (story)

Personnel 31.8.05 Anti-animal extremism laws 'need time to work' - The government has defended new laws designed to protect staff involved in animal testing after a family breeding guinea pigs for medical research was forced to close its farm due to harassment from extremists… A spokesman for the Department of Trade and Industry admitted the new laws needed to be given time to work, but insisted they conferred tough new powers on the police…. (story)

Guardian 31.8.05 Britain uses hate law to ban animal rights campaigner - Donald MacLeod - Charles Clarke, the home secretary, has used the government's crackdown on preachers of hate to ban an American professor who speaks for the Animal Liberation Front. Steven Best, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at El Paso, had intended to travel to the UK to take part in an event to celebrate the closure of a farm breeding guinea pigs for research…. (story)
Sunday Times 28.8.05 Clarke bars US animal activist - GARETH WALSH - AN American professor who says that animal rights activists are justified in digging up people’s graves as a protest has been banned from Britain under the government’s anti-terror crackdown. Steven Best, a philosophy professor at the University of Texas, El Paso, was told of the ban on Wednesday. He spoke at an animal rights rally in Britain only last month…. (story)

Independent 31.8.05 Not all terrorists - Dr Jim Hutchison (letter, 29 August) writes: "Animal rights activists are impervious to rational argument….” After the London bombings there was a laudable effort to avoid lumping all Muslims in with the terrorists. Now re-read the above passage and substitute the word "Muslims" for animal rights activists. See what I mean? PENNY LITTLE, GREAT HASELEY, OXFORDSHIRE (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.8.05 ANIMAL RESEARCH 'ECONOMIC ISSUE' - How many more deaths and injuries must the public endure before the medieval notion that animals are like humans is finally abolished in medical research?... Only after trials in humans do we know if a drug is safe. Emotive claims of cures from animal research is fiddlesticks - this is an economic issue… Nick Williams Nottingham (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 31.8.05 SAVE THE HEDGEHOGS - Angela Gabbott wants animal lovers to protest against the use of dogs to hunt hedgehogs so they can be shot on a Scottish island. Mrs Gabbott, who lives in Corse Lawn, near Tewkesbury, wants people to protest against the culling of the hibernating hedgehogs on the island of North Uist…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 25.8.05 - The slaughter of hedgehogs has provoked outrage from Gloucestershire wildlife campaigners. There has been widespread criticism since the killings began two years ago in Uist in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. But fresh controversy is expected as the organisers of the culling introduce dogs to hunt down the hedgehogs in September. Angela Gabbott, a Gloucestershire campaigner for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, travelled to the isle of North Uist in 2003 to help save the hedgehogs from the cull and is horrified by the latest news…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 31.8.05 From: Nessie Logan, Bridlington Road, Nafferton, Driffield. CAMPAIGNS for humane conditions for farm animals have captivated the attention of both the media and the general public. How ironic, then, that dogs, which continue to be farmed in the most appalling conditions on these islands, fall outside the most basic animal welfare regulations and are treated worse than battery hens… (story)


Horse & Hound 30.8.05 Huntsman cleared over Parliament Square demo - Another hunt supporter arrested during last September’s Parliament Square demonstrations has been acquitted. Lee Peters, master and huntsman of the Camarthen, appeared at Bow Street Magistrates Court last Monday, 15 August, charged under Section 4 of the Public Order Act. The lay magistrate dismissed the case, saying there was not enough evidence to support the charges…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 30.8.05 'THERE IS A MOOD OF DEFIANCE - WE'LL KEEP ON HUNTING, BUT WITHIN THE LAW' - Huntsmen and anti-bloodsports campaigners look ahead to the new hunting season six months after the ban on hunting with dogs became law. Countryside reporter David Taylor looks at the issue… FARMER and landowner William Bethell is worried about harvest prospects but the new hunting season is also weighing heavily on his mind…. As senior master of the Holderness Hunt, Mr Bethell's thoughts will increasingly turn to the new fox hunting season… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 30.8.05 MANUAL OFFERS LEGAL GUIDELINES TO HUNT MASTERS - Hunt masters have been issued with a manual to explain how they can keep hunting within the new law. The manual has been drawn up by the Council of Hunting Associations and the Countryside Alliance, which is fighting the ban through the courts…. All hunts, including the three in East Yorkshire - Holderness, Middleton and Hunsley Beacon Beagles - are urged to adopt measures in the document…. (story)

North West Evening Mail 30.8.05 BEAGLES FIELD DAY IN HAVERIGG A SUCCESS - HUNDREDS of people gathered on Haverigg Airfield to enjoy the first ever Black Combe Beagles Field Day. The show ran from midday to 6pm yesterday and attracted more than 500 visitors. The Beagles were stalwarts of the Muncaster Country Fair for 50 years, but broke away following last year’s event…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 27.8.05 MUNCASTER FAIR TO GO AHEAD - A TRADITIONAL country fair is alive and kicking after fears the 800-year-old show would not go on. The re-titled Muncaster Charity Country Fair is being held next to Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass, on Bank Holiday Monday from 9am… Show secretary Jan Mark told the Evening Mail the committee dissolved after last year’s fair, and the small rural community was in danger of losing a tradition which dates back to 1209. The Black Combe Beagles, normally stalwarts of the show since the 1950s, are holding a separate event at Haverigg Airfield on Monday from midday. Mrs Mark said: “The Muncaster Fair committee was dissolved after last year’s show because of the hunting ban. The landowner said we could continue to hold the show but he preferred the proceeds to go to charity. This year we have started from absolute scratch. …” (story)
Whitehaven News 26.5.05 BEAGLES PACK REFUSED ITS TRADITIONAL FAIR SITE By Jon Colman - A WEST Cumbrian hunting pack is embroiled in a row after being refused the use of a field for their traditional fundraising event. Masters of the Black Combe Beagles say they have been “slapped in the face” after they were suddenly denied the use of the Muncaster field they have used for decades…. they now claim they have been snubbed, after learning that a new fair committee has been given the field, at Muncaster’s Home Farm, for a new charity event…. Alistair Mackintosh, of Home Farm, said he understood that the previous Beagles committee had broken up. “A new fair committee was then formed and they decided to go down the charitable route,” he said…. The Beagles’ new Field Day, which will be at Haverigg Airfield, will include beagle, foxhound, terrier, lurcher and gundog shows, along with terrier racing, gundog demonstration, trade stands and a car boot sale…. (story)
Whitehaven News 26.5.05 I write on behalf of the Black Combe Beagles in response to your article headlined “Muncaster Fair is saved” (The Whitehaven News, May 19). The committee of the Black Combe Beagles would like to point out that they did not pull out of the Muncaster Country Fair due to the hunting ban, as reported. They are not involved in this year’s event because they were informed by the landowner that the fields on which the event is usually held would no longer be available to them… Stephen LOWTHIAN, Treasurer/Secretary, Black Combe Beagles (story)
Whitehaven News 19.5.05 MUNCASTER FAIR IS SAVED - A HARDY group of volunteers have saved the historic Muncaster Country Fair – and are appealing for local support to make this year’s event better than ever. Many people feared the 2004 fair would be the last, after the Black Combe Beagles hunting pack, for whose benefit the fair was traditionally held, pulled out. However, a new six-strong committee, headed by show secretary, Jan Mark, was formed earlier this year. They decided to press on with organising a fair for this summer, and have announced that proceeds will now go to two charities – the Great North Air Ambulance, and the children’s ward at the West Cumberland Hospital…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 30.8.05 Bumper crowd for Aylsham Show - Two key elements combined yesterday to make the annual Aylsham Show so successful that thousands of extra car park spaces had to be found at the last minute… And there was a visit from the North Norfolk Harriers, with hunt bosses pledging to stay active while sticking to the new hunting laws…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.8.05 Pheasant mortality - IT'S hardly surprising that Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight MP has pledged Labour's continuing support for game shooting if part of the League Against Cruel Sports' case for a ban relies on 8 per cent mortality in rearing pheasant chicks. Nature isn't so kind. One of the free range pheasant hen escapees on our land hatched six chicks this year. A kestrel that regularly hunts the cliff top had two; I think a cat had another… I make that 66 per cent natural mortality and rest my case. Martin Bell, Port Isaac (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 30.8.05 Anglers praised - I agree with Barry Woodham. I have not come across mountains of dead birds, lines and fishing hooks Mr Beaven thinks are found where anglers go…. Spend the day at Coate Water Mr Beaven and see for yourself. B KIRBY, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 27.8.05 So cruelty is better, is it? - I HAVE been having a few quiet chuckles at the recent spate of letters offering lame excuses for angling. Blind to the damage caused to wildlife and the environment, angling enthusiasts would have us believe that a past-time which involves cruelty to animals is somehow acceptable for youngsters… You would think that anglers could find something more useful to do, but perhaps they have found the limit of their ability. P BEAVEN, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 20.8.05 No fishing - I WAS amused to read Philip Beaven's letter (fowl pastime, July 22). He really doesn't know what he is talking about. He is obviously an anti-angling activist who doesn't realise that angling is the biggest participant sport… B KIRBY, Park South, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 27.7.05 In defence of the fisher folk - I HAVE been fishing with my husband for forty-two years. I am incensed with P Beaven's ignorant comment that anglers are irresponsible people… Anglers are conservationists and are regarded by wild birds as a useful lifeline in discarded bait at the end of the day…. J Woodham, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 22.7.05 Fowl pastime - I WAS very puzzled by the letter from Mrs Bev Kirby…. Excuse me but shouldn't the question be, why are anglers allowed to fish anywhere near the wild fowl…. he whole concept of angling leaves me cold. It is a one sided contest to say the least. It is about time these people found something useful to do in their spare time. PHILIP BEAVEN, Swindon (letter)

Burton Mail 30.8.05 FARMER'S FURY WITH ACTIVISTS by Tom Sloan - THE OWNER of the controversial Darley Oaks guinea pig farm has claimed he would like to shoot the thugs who have intimidated him for six years. John Hall also likened the animal rights militants to IRA members in an interview with Sweden’s biggest–selling daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, shortly before announcing last week that his breeding business in Newchurch would close…. (story)

Portsmouth News 30.8.05 Terror attack fear at animal labs - FANATICAL animal rights activists are setting their sights on Wickham Laboratories as their next major target. The company has been targeted for years because of its use of animals such as rabbits and mice in research. Now some hardline animal rights leaders warn of a campaign similar to that which closed down Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffs last week…. Dave Thompson, of the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, said: 'There is likely to be a step-up in action against Wickham Labs….” (story)

Belfast Telegraph 30.8.05 Danger: animal activists at work - Gail Walker - Isn't it odd how every cause adopted by the Right On Brigade - from herbal medicine to anti-capitalism to environmentalism to Anti-Iraq War - soon attracts its own band of wide-eyed and rather dangerous freaks?... As with all the lefty causes, there is a high priesthood of the right-on. These are dedicated souls who drag that particular cause and everyone associated with it right down into the gutter of derangement - and all in the service of their own malfunctioning egos…. Keep it black and white. Keep it simple so the fanatics can understand it. Next time they wave a tin under your nose or a wee tray of flags with a sad-looking cocker spaniel leering out at you, think about the jobs lost, the frightened elderly, the buildings burned and ask the flag-seller - or 'animal rights activist' - just where they stand on all that. You have a right to know whose mad ego you're subsidising. (story)

Safe Homes UK 30.8.05 Activists still a threat to business? Despite new legislation in July to protect businesses from campaigns of violence and 'economic damage' by activists, a farm that has been breeding guinea pigs for medical research for more than 30 years has announced it is to close…. (story)

Independent 30.8.05 Animal activists are no thugs - Janet Street-Porter requests that someone "talk her through the tortured mindset of the animal rights activist" (Opinion, 25 August). I used to be such an activist. The reason I am not currently active is the lack of activity in my area and the demands of my job in social care… The number of arrests cannot be cited as evidence for the "thuggery" of the protesters, but could, arguably, be given as evidence of political repression used against the more peaceful activists. EMMA MCKEE, NEW ASH GREEN, KENT
Dr McAlpine (letter, 26 August) castigates Andrew Roberts for asserting that vivisection is medically unnecessary. My objection is that it is immoral. Our species has a distasteful tendency to put human interests first…. CLEM VOGLER, FOULSHAM, NORFOLK (letters)

Western Daily Press 30.8.05 NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ANIMAL TESTS - With reference to the article about animal rights extremists, (August 25), I must take issue with the so-called scientists who claim they have to do research using animals. There's no doubt many major advances in medicine have been achieved by this questionable method but, in my opinion, the end can never justify such means…. E A Richardson Warminster Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.8.05 WE SHOULD GET AN INDEPENDENT VIEW - If animal experiments are crucial to human health and drug safety (August 25), shouldn't we be seeing a decline in illness? In fact, the opposite is true - diseases are rising. A cancer expert admitted: "We can cure mice of cancer but it doesn't work in people."… I wonder how many safe drugs or cures have been lost because they didn't work in animals?... Gemma Nichols Address supplied (letter)

Times 30.8.05 Polar bear protest at the zoo - Animal rights activists staged a protest yesterday against plans to bring more polar bears to Edinburgh Zoo… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 29.8.05 Animal activists in terror threat against zoo - ANIMAL rights activists are threatening to launch a terror campaign against staff at Edinburgh Zoo. Fanatics from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are planning to use scare tactics, including fire-raising and criminal damage of property belonging to people who work for the zoo and the zoo's contractors. The group forced the closure of a Staffordshire guinea pig farm last week after a long campaign against staff. Now ALF have threatened to move their campaign to Edinburgh after zoo bosses announced plans to house polar bears in a new enclosure…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 28.8.05 Activists threaten zoo campaign - Animal rights activists have threatened to launch a campaign against staff at Edinburgh Zoo over plans for a new polar bear enclosure. The Animal Liberation Front said bears would be kept in cruel conditions…. (story)

Daily Record 30.8.05 RE C. Wilde's letter about bird flu. It's our cavalier attitude to animal welfare that has led to all kinds of problems with health issues… I. Bishop,Fife
JUST like mad cow disease, bird flu is a result of bad farming practices. We reap what we sow A.Carr,Glasgow (letters)

Western Daily Press 30.8.05 FAIRER CAMPAIGN WOULD HELP US ALL - Some years ago a friend of mine was with a small group of West Country farmers on a visit to Normandy. One of their stops was at a mixed farm where one of the activities was veal production… Not one of those farmers emerged from that shed dry-eyed. All agreed how grateful they were that such methods had been abandoned in Britain. What a contrast this image presents with that constantly peddled by Viva! , which delights in depicting British farmers as heartless, cruel and ever-ready to sacrifice animal welfare in the interests of profit. … What Viva! apparently refuses to acknowledge, in its ever more desperate attempts to win the sympathies of consumers, is that British farming is now probably the most tightly regulated agricultural regime in the world, and that only a fool will allow welfare standards to slip…. Viva! would be better employed directing its attentions overseas, from where an increasing amount of our meat now comes…. (story)


Western Morning News 29.8.05 LARGE CROWDS ARE EXPECTED AT SHOW - Thousands of visitors will be descending on a Westcountry farm this weekend to enjoy a traditional agricultural show which has been running for more than a century. Kingsbridge Show is expecting strong entries in animal class events and a good turnout from tourists, visitors and locals when it takes place this Saturday…. The main events will include camel racing, sheep dog demonstrations, "Adam's Axemen", dog agility, the parade of hounds, pantomime horse racing and the ever popular grand parade of prize winners…. (story)

Irish Examiner 29.8.05 When the hounds turn on sheep, we have a woolly Grand National - I AM surprised that those demanding an organised cull of deer on road safety grounds appear oblivious to the equal menace to life and limb posed by carted stag hunting…. The hounds in many cases lose interest in the majestic but cumbersome and bulky stag and decide instead to chase livestock. Sleepy-eyed flocks of sheep are favourites…. John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 REALITY OF THIS BAN IS JUST MORE SUFFERING - In response to the letter by M J Haines, while it was good to read that an opponent of foxhunting finally publicly admits that the shooting of foxes may leave many injured, what a pity that he, and the rest of the antihunt brigade, hadn't woken up to that fact before calling for a hunt ban… Ray Bird, Acton Turville, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.8.05 MORE MONEY BEING WASTED ON HUNT BAN - I well remember the outcry on wasting taxpayers' money and Parliamentary time from the hunting with dogs brigade on the moral right to ban this outdated pleasure pastime, and note yet again the Countryside Alliance is wasting more time and another £3million trying to reverse the decision on killing with dogs…. I believe that paedophiles and rapists are ethnic minorities who also gain pleasure from their perverted pursuits but a law was posted to stop their activities… M J Haines Cirencester (letter)

Leicester Mercury 29.8.05 HARE-COURSING DESCRIPTION WAS WRONG - After reading your misinformed article on coursing (Mercury, August 24), I felt I should attempt to put you right… To course hares in an enclosed field has been illegal for at least 200 years. Mick Flower, Birstall. (letter)

Sheffield Star 29.8.05 Howls of anger at foxy intruders - CHRISTMAS has come early for one group of rampant foxes. For the constant howls throughout the night in one Sheffield suburb are driving residents to distraction as mating season is in full flow for the normally shy animals in the area. Breeding season usually takes place in winter, but locals living in Parson Cross say they are in the thick of a summer fox orgy…. "We have complained to the RSPCA, the City Council and Environmental Health but no-one's interested. At one point there were six foxes on top of a car and there's lots of baby ones who are getting into people's gardens…” (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 BADGER BATTLES SPLIT WEST - Desperate farmers are taking the law into their own hands and killing badgers they believe are infecting cattle with TB, it is claimed today…. (story)
Western Daily Press 29.8.05 FARMERS AT WAR WITH BADGERS - Hundreds of badgers are being killed in every corner of the West in a campaign of illegal attacks by farmers, campaigners claimed yesterday. The animals are blamed for the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, and the Government is carrying out several culls to combat the problem… Badgers are protected creatures, but animal rights campaigners yesterday discovered one sett near Devizes, Wiltshire, which appeared to have been deliberately blocked with rocks and earth. "There can be about 12 badgers in each sett, and it is an absolutely horrendous way to die, either by starving or suffocating," said Andy Barnes, of the Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG), who has seen examples of settblocking in Wiltshire… Dan Jones, from Worcestershire, said the killing had been equally severe around Bosbury in Herefordshire…. Anthony Gibson, South West regional director of the National Farmers' Union, did not dispute claims that illegal killing was taking place, but said farmers were being driven to such action because the Government was not protecting them…. (story)

The Sentinel 29.8.05 MARKETRESEARCH - Mary Freeman, from Blythe Bridge, answered questions outside the Potteries Shopping Centre in Hanley… A guinea pig farm near Burton-on-Trent is closing after a 15-year campaign by animal rights activists. Is this a victory for animal lovers? I think they're a disgrace - both these so-called animal rights campaigners and also the police. No group should be allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour. I hope their morals prevent them from accepting any treatments that have been developed through animal experiments… (story)

Western Morning News or Torquay Herald Express 29.8.05 CROWD STAGE PROTEST AT DEPOT - Protesters staged a noisy demonstration outside Hewden Plant Hire's premises in Newton Abbot. About six animal rights activists waved placards and banners outside the firm's offices at Preston Cross on the Chudleigh Road from Kingsteignton. They were protesting against the firm's involvement with pharmaceuticals group Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire…. James Forden, who organised the demonstration on behalf of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, said the protest had been very successful…. The activists included members of the South Devon Animal Rights Group and the South Devon Greyhound Action Group. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 SHOULD HEAD RULE THE HEART ON ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION? - I Am torn on the question of animal experiments. Intellectually, I know that the scientists are right, that if cures are to be found for deadly diseases then experiments have to be done on animals because you cannot create artificial living tissue…. emotionally every fibre of my being shrinks in horror at the idea of making any living creature suffer for my benefit…. (story)

Times 29.8.05 There is danger in numbers BY CAROL SARLER -- NO DOUBT it will have come as an immense relief to all listeners to BBC radio — with the possible exception of the massed ranks of attentive guinea-pigs — to hear last week that the vast majority of those who are opposed to vivisection do not approve of grave robbing, and that violent direct action is the work of only a tiny handful of their number… Nobody ever asks: How do you know? Have you asked them? All of them? Or even: How big is vast, how small is tiny? It has become standard within sensitive areas of contemporary debate that “the vast majority” and its cohort “the tiny handful” may not only be invoked without a sceptical eyebrow raised, but also so readily assimilated into common understanding that a discussion about racist police, football hooligans, Muslim extremists or manic Ulstermen will begin: “The vast majority, of course, are against . . .(story)

Guardian 29.8.05 Anger over 'victory' for animal rights campaign - Julian Glover, David Adam and David Ward - The government and some of the country's leading scientists yesterday reacted with anger and frustration to the decision to end the breeding of animals at a farm that has been relentlessly targeted by animal rights protesters, warning that there could be severe consequences for clinical research in the UK…. A spokesman for Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, who gave his name only as Johnny, said: "This is the most fantastic day of my life. It's a victory for the animals and it's a fundamental victory for the animal rights movement. I feel so unbelievably proud to be part of the movement….” (story)

Guardian 29.8.05 Rights and wrongs – Leader - In February, the government announced it was taking extra powers against animal rights protesters to protect lawful research… One lesson from this sad experience is that tough laws are not enough, even when the police devote resources to trying to enforce them. The second is the need to open up this argument - as the Royal Commission promised but never delivered by Labour in its 1997 manifesto would have done - so that the large number of people who feel uncomfortable when they contemplate the reality of animal testing as pictured in this paper a few days ago can be reassured that everything possible is done to avoid it…. (story)

Guardian 29.8.05 A bleeding heart is not a disease - Being soft about suffering is a sign of humanity, not weakness - Roy Hattersley …Bleeding hearts can be easily diagnosed. People who possess them read in their newspapers that illegal action has forced the Hall family to abandon breeding guinea pigs for medical research - and they feel sorry for the guinea pigs… Despite those flaws of character, society would be far worse without them. Their hearts, although bleeding, are in the right place. They understand the importance of what the Victorians called the tender virtues. And they are brave enough to face ridicule for what has become one of the sins of our time - being soft…. (story)

Independent 29.8.05 Julia Stephenson: The Green Goddess - A victory for good sense - and guinea pigs - I cheered when I heard that Darley Oaks guinea pig farm is to close. As usual this rare victory for the animal rights lobby caused a storm of protest and the usual band of scientists and doctors, many financed by pharmaceutical companies, were wheeled out to give their one-sided view…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 29.8.05 The sickening anti-heroes of animal rights - Eamonn O’Neill - 'Please don't show these to anyone . . ." With that faltering statement, the manager of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, USA, handed me photocopies of threatening letters he'd received from animal rights protesters. They were identikit copies of the infamous letters sent to US politicians and broadcasters which contained anthrax spores in powder form… The mentality of this kind of protest argues that attacking people, wrecking homes and cars and violating graves can be justified because it's "direct action". Nonsense, it's old fashioned human rights abuses. In fact, this animal rights excuse insults the great direct action protests of history and degrades and distracts from some of the powerful elements of their own cause. Followers who think it's smart to print the home addresses of employees and details of their children, on websites, are to be condemned….(story)

Independent 29.8.05 Stamp out animal rights terrorism - Janet Street-Porter rightly says that the animal rights' activists are impervious to rational argument (Opinion, 25 August). They are also abysmally ignorant… DR JIM HUTCHISON, BIRMINGHAM
I read with interest Janet Street-Porter's article on animal experimentation, and found myself in (almost) wholehearted agreement with her view that the government could appoint a well-respected scientist to act as an independent monitor for all research using animals in the UK. Ms Street-Porter might be interested to know that instead of just one scientist, a statutory committee which I chair already exists to carry out this role…. PROFESSOR MICHAEL BANNER, CHAIR, ANIMAL PROCEDURES COMMITTEE, LONDON SW1 (letters)

Yorkshire Post 29.8.05 Animal rights terror outrage From: D Neil, Church Lane, Harrogate. THE news that the Hall family has decided to close its guinea pig breeding business ("Guinea pig farm to close after campaign of hate," Yorkshire Post, August 24) should cause the Government and the police in Britain to hang their heads in shame…
From: K Cooke, Ilkley. IT is downright scandalous that the animal rights terrorists have succeeded in closing down the Staffordshire farm that reared guinea pigs for medical research…. (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 DRUG COMPANY PROFITS OBSCENE - It is hypocritical of Sir Alexander Macara (August 25) to suggest that animal rights activists are behaving like terrorists, when behind locked laboratory doors defenceless animals are subjected to horrendous violence in the name of dubious medical research…. This whole issue is about money and prestige. Don't let them tell you dif ferently. Heather Sharp, Broom Hill, Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! - - Why do scientists bang on about the need for the use of animals in research yet, when the recent controversy broke about the dangers of aspartame by Italian researchers, the first thing scientists in this country said was that the experiments carried out on rats were not comparable for the human animal?... Rosemary Davies, Address supplied (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.8.05 WE'RE LETTING TERRORISTS WIN - The terrorists all around the world will be rejoicing at the success of their compatriots in the Animal Liberation Front. It works; we can force the views of a minority on the majority, fear and intimidation, violence and bullying once again cow a community… TONY WAGER Morton Drive (letter)

Scotsman 29.8.05 Research Given their successful intimidation of the guinea-pig breeders at Darley Oaks Farm, in Staffordshire, perhaps the animal rights activists concerned should offer themselves as guinea-pig substitutes for research. AW Lindsay AYTON, BERWICKSHIRE (letter)

The Sentinel 29.8.05 ANIMAL TESTING HARMS PEOPLE - In reply to the article in support of vivisection (Sentinel, August 25), I must state that the vast majority of anti-vivisectionists oppose any type of intimidation or violence… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

The Sentinel 29.8.05 SHOW ANIMALS LOVE AND CARE - I Am writing to protest about animal cruelty and animal testing. I think animal testing should be stopped because animals are suffering for something you like and that is not really a good reason. I also think shooting should be banned because there are only a few wild tigers and pandas left in the world so we should take care of endangered species… ASHLEY LAMBERT Seabridge Junior School (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 29.8.05 THE FULL FACTS ON ANIMAL TESTING - I Would like to correct a couple of points in the recent article on the closing of a farm which bred guinea-pigs for animal research ("Animal testing is 'vital' claim profs", Post, August 25). First, the body of Gladys Hammond has not been found, and furthermore, no one has been found guilty of, or charged with, any offence in connection with this. The article suggested that campaigners were known to be responsible for this, when this was not the case…. on the subject of violence and extremism, I can only say that anyone who has endured filmed evidence of the psychopathic activities of the vivisection laboratory inmates will be only too aware of who society should be most in fear of. Chris Pedler, Kingswood. (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 29.8.05 FARMERS HIT BACK AT DAIRY 'MISERY' CLAIM Farmers have criticised a Bristol-based campaign group which claims it has new evidence that dairy cows are kept in miserable conditions. Viva, the city-based vegetarians' organisation, said it had carried out undercover research which showed cows facing "physical anguish" on farms…. Senior Viva campaigner Toni Vernelli, who is author of the new report, said: "Dairy cows are the only farmed animals to bear the dual burden of pregnancy and lactation at the same time….” (story)
Bath Chronicle 29.8.05 ANGRY FARMER HITS BACK AT ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS BY BEN MURCH - A Family which runs a farm near Bath has dismissed criticism from animal rights activists. Bristol-based campaign group Viva! (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) accused the Ring O'Bells Farm at Hinton, near Dyrham, of keeping cows in a concrete yard covered with slurry and of putting a lame cow out to pasture…. Dennis Higgins, who has run the farm for 13 years with his brother and mother, said the claims were "absolute rubbish"…. Toni Vernelli, the Viva! campaigner behind the criticisms, said: "We are trying to show just how endemic these problems are in dairy herds…. (story)
Western Daily Press 27.8.05 FARMERS' MESSAGE TO ANIMAL PROTECTION GROUP . . . YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE - West dairy farmers last night hit back furiously against claims that they are mistreating their cows. Bristol-based animal campaign group Viva! accused farms from Cornwall to Gloucestershire of keeping lame and emaciated animals in filthy sheds and on "concrete pastures". They filmed covertly at six farms throughout the region for their expose, The Dark Side of Dairy, yet farmers disputed their claims, accusing them of distorting the truth….They claimed farmers were keeping cows with "grossly deformed" udders weighing 70kg, to meet the supermarkets' milk demands and employing a "zero grazing" system. Yet the half-dozen farms filmed by campaigners presented a different story of clean yards which produced award-winning herds… Yet Toni Vernelli, senior campaigner with Viva! and author of the report, defended her research and said the six farms were not isolated cases…(story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.05 A LETTER FROM CHINA - Busy bears are happy bears in our sanctuary… Jill Robinson (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.8.05 NEW PROTEST AT HEDGEHOG SHOOTINGS - A New wave of protest has begun against the shooting of hedgehogs in North Uist to save the eggs of rare wading birds. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is urging its members to write to the concerned agencies to complain about the practice… (story)

Blackpool Gazette 29.8.05 Landaus alarm - I AM appalled but, unhappily, not surprised by the blatant breaking of the law by two landau drivers… For far too long campaigners have been alarmed at the deteriorating conditions on the Prom for the landau horses. Now it seems it is not only the traffic they have to contend with…. Edith Grainge, Sevenoaks Drive, Thornton Cleveleys (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 23.8.06 Take horses off the Prom - LANDAU owners – animal lovers? As P J Pollard's letter states ("Rein in landau louts", August 10), they don't even comply with traffic regulations. No, when these people look at their horses I'm afraid all they will see are pound signs…. N HAYHURST, Bloomfield Road, Blackpool (letter)


Sunday Times 28.8.05 Godfather of the animal rights mob - A philosophical work written 30 years ago inspired the activists. Stuart Wavell asks its author if he feels guilty… (story)

Observer 28.8.05 The wrongs of animal rights zealots - Activists harm both man and beast – Leader - The harassment that last week forced John and Christopher Hall to close their guinea pig breeding centre in Staffordshire deserves widespread condemnation… As we reveal today, the extremists who attacked Darley Oaks Farm are now turning their attention to Oxford University's new animal laboratory. The aim is to bring about a final blocking of its construction. We should be under no illusions about the consequences should this happen. If the Oxford laboratory is abandoned, medical researchers and the nation's pharmaceutical companies will rightly feel that their ability to work in safety, to create drugs and to test their efficacy on rats, mice and other animals can no longer be assured in Britain…. As a country, we have reached a point where we can no longer afford to tolerate the threat that animal-rights extremism now poses to our ways of life. (story)

Observer 28.8.05 How animal rights groups destroyed my family's life - Guinea pig farmer tells of his hatred for his tormentors by Mark Townsend and Ned Temko - He was a man at the end of his tether, the target of a 15-year campaign by animal rights activists that culminated in the announcement last week that his business of breeding animals for scientific research was to close. John Hall, in his only interview, has admitted he wanted to shoot his tormentors. In remarks to a Swedish newspaper - published in Britain for the first time - Hall describes how shooting '30 or so' extremists would be one way of alleviating the relentless intimidation his family experienced at their hands… During the interview, Hall revealed the true extent of the toll exacted by his tormentors on his daughters. 'It really is a nightmare. None of my daughters can live a normal life.' His eldest, a doctor, was even forced to move city after being targeted. Hall said that she had a lovely flat in Bristol 'but they bashed it to pieces. She had to flee to another city. She won't even tell her old friends where she's gone.'… (story)

Independent on Sunday 28.8.05 Revealed: new list of targets drawn up by animal militants - 'IoS' investigation: As the animal liberation battle grows uglier, campaigners launch a new clandestine offensive. People working for firms allegedly linked to cruelty are being targeted - and some are caving in already By Julia Stuart, Sophie Goodchild and Severin Carrell (story)

Sunday Mirror 28.8.05 GUINEA PIG IGNORANT - THERE is something deeply irritating, condescending and holier than thou about animal rights' supporters. They act as if they have a monopoly on truth and morality. Clare Short with fur….This is a war Government and police have done little to win. The country is being held to ransom by those prepared to use fear, violence and blackmail to achieve their goals. Goals that have no merit and cannot be sustained in any rational argument… Jobs, businesses and countless lives are at risk if animal research is abandoned on the whim of a few guinea pig- brained fascists. This really is a war on terror. Time we started treating it as one. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 28.8.05 Genetic science alters war on animal rights - KIRSTY MILNE - THE guinea pig war was won by the grave-robbers. That was the general verdict on the unsavoury intimidation campaign that has forced a Staffordshire family to stop breeding animals for medical research. Newspapers called it "the new fascism"; the local MP referred to "terrorists". The removal of a family member's body from her grave reads like a ghastly inversion of Burke and Hare…. A quarter of all experiments now involve genetically modified animals - mainly mice, which are easy to alter genetically - but also horses, cats and monkeys… This idea of a clear species identity is what makes the idea of hybrids or chimeras so disturbing. Mixing human and animal cells is a hot topic in bioethics and beyond. The government is asking for views on whether scientists should be allowed to create hybrid embryos, which would have to be destroyed after 14 days…. (story)

Sunday Herald 28.8.05 Demonstrations, intimidation ... and a desecrated grave. Weapons which have made animal rights campaigners the most powerful of all protest movements By Jenifer Johnston - ALL pressure groups measure their success by their achievements. Environmental lobbyists can break out the Champagne when legislators change carbon emission laws…. But at the very extreme of the animal rights movement, it would appear that a determined group of people is only happy when workers quit their jobs to avoid intense intimidation and their employer’s businesses fail….(story)

Sunday Herald 28.8.05 Wild behaviour lets animal torturers go free - Muriel Gray reckons that the activists who used terror tactics to close a guinea pig farm have only succeeded in distracting the public attention away from their main argument: that animals deserve to be treated humanely… When one examines the hot end of their activities it becomes clear that laziness, cowardice and thrill seeking have a part to play in this. A family running a guinea pig farm in a tiny community are a soft target compared to the facelessness of a huge turkey burger factory, with security guards and anonymous, itinerant staff. Setting fire to cars, digging up dead people, smashing windows and terrifying children are all activities that can be done in the dark and more importantly, in one’s spare time…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 28.8.05 Hedgehog cull is unnecessary - READERS may be interested, and no doubt appalled, to learn that Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Executive's so-called 'conservation' organisation, is planning to use public money to use shotguns to shoot hedgehogs on the Uist islands this autumn….This unethical scenario would not be necessary if SNH and the other members of the Uist Wader Project would work with UHR to catch and relocate the hedgehogs live to the mainland. Ross Minett, Edinburgh (letter)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 28.8.05 Hen liberation activists found guilty of burglaryZoneboys to work on Sundays - IN the dead of night animal activists set about rescuing chickens from a battery farm after seeing a distressing video allegedly taken inside one of the barns. While most of the burglars escaped when police arrived two van drivers were caught…. Mark Organ, 41, of Sompting Road, Lancing, West Sussex and Alan Clarke, 49 from Valentines Way, Rush Green, Romford, were fined 500 each with 500 costs and 100 compensation…. Clarke said: "I was informed about a particularly nasty factory place and was asked if I would act as an 'ambulance' driver… If I kept animals at home like that I would be prosecuted." Pete Bird said: "They would say that wouldn't they. Frankly I think they got off quite lightly considering the distress they caused and in a way it backfired on them because when they put the birds in bags to be collected they actually managed to kill 20 of them." (story)


Spectator 27.8.05 Gunning for game-shooting - Simon Heffer - The first fortnight of the shooting season has not been as auspicious as it might have been. This is not just because the grouse themselves are in short supply. It is also because, having put on to the statute book a crass, pointless and probably unenforcable law against the killing of vermin with hounds, the animal rights fascists are now turning their attention to the killing of birds with guns…. The agenda for the animal rights fascists on shooting is the same as it was on hunting: it is about punishing a class of people that they equate, rightly or wrongly, with wealth, privilege, and conservative political and social attitudes. To bring about this act of ‘social justice’ they will, as with fox-hunting, seek to prevent people from engaging in a centuries-old recreation… (story)

Western Daily Press 27.8.05 INSPIRED BY COUNTRY LIFE - Outstanding wildlife painter Teresa Davis has produced a wide range of work inspired by outdoors pursuits in the West Country. The 25-year-old artist is based in the heart of the city at Brislington in Bristol, but her first love has always been the countryside. "I have always loved animals and, as a child, owned many different pets, ranging from ponies to ferrets. "My family has a keen interest in field sports which has passed to me. I regularly follow the Mendip Farmers' Hunt, usually on foot with my camera or occasionally on my horse, Lex."… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 27.8.05 NEW COURSE FOR CHASE - The Berkeley Hunt team chase, being held just north of Thornbury on Sunday, September 4, will feature a Goring Hotel National Open qualifier, run over a newly-built course at New Park Farm, Hystfield…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 30.7.05 TEAMS IN THE HUNT FOR ROSETTES AS BERKELEY CHASE SEASON JUMPS OFF - The Berkeley Hunt Team Chase and Pairs Hunter Trials will take place on Sunday, September 4, 2005 at New Park Farm, Hystfield, Berkeley, Gloucestershire. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to come along and view the exciting event…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.8.05 FALCON HUNT IDEA IS JUST LAUGHABLE - The suggestion that fox hunts could continue in defiance of the public desire for a ban merely by virtue of buying a falcon is ridiculous. (Western Daily Press August 25). Any hunt which seeks to rely on such an exemption had better have a very good lawyer, as they are most likely to be laughed out of court when they are prosecuted. Only a golden eagle could stop a fox and no eagle owner will risk an expensive bird in this way…. Mike Hobday, Head of public affairs, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Oxford Mail 27.8.05 I have never been a lawbreaker - Steve Chandler has overstepped the mark in his letter (Oxford Mail, August 19). His description of me as a person who ignores any law I choose is highly defamatory, and I expect him to apologise and withdraw this remark… Penny Little, Cobb Hall Cottage, Great Haseley (letter in archive)

Bath Chronicle 27.8.05 UNIVERSITY TEAM STANDS FIRM OVER ANIMAL TESTING BY LUCY RUTHERFORD - Researchers at the University of Bath have reaffirmed their support for animal testing to help find cures for debilitating diseases. They are among 500 of the country's leading doctors and scientists who have put their name to a declaration which states people enjoy a better quality of life because of advances made possible through medical research and "a small, but vital part of that work involves the use of animals"…. Yesterday, researchers at the Claverton Down campus released a joint statement which described the use of animals in medical research as "absolutely essential"…. Jay Phillips, from Bath Animal Action, said: "The statement was organised by the Research Defence Society, and that exists solely to promote vivisection…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 27.8.05 SCIENTISTS STAND UP TO BE COUNTED - Vivisection is an ugly word. Many would also argue that it is an ugly business… Anti-vivisectionists are quite right when they argue that more effort should be put into finding alternative methods of medical research…. But how many cancer patients or their families would argue against experimenting on animals in the hope of finding a cure for their condition?... there is no avoiding the fact that their view that experiments on animals are necessary for the benefit of humankind are as heartfelt as those much-publicised views of those who oppose them. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 27.8.05 ANIMALS TESTS GET BACKING - More than two-thirds of online Citizen voters believe testing on animals for medical research is acceptable. After animal rights extremists forced the owners of a guinea pig farm to close this week, we asked: "Should animals be used for testing in medical research?" Sixty-nine per cent of voters who logged on to agreed with the question and 31% did not…. (story)

Guardian 27.8.05 Changing perspectives on vivisection battleground - Protesters at site of planned Oxford animal research lab buoyed by historic week - Duncan Campbell and David Adam - Outside a derelict building site in Oxford, a weekly ritual is under way. A team of police officers with video cameras films a small gathering…. The couple of dozen people who are the object of this attention are supporters of Speak, the organisation that has been protesting against a planned animal research laboratory on South Parks Road in Oxford…. Lynn Sawyer, 38, a midwife from Evesham and a supporter of Speak, said of the closure: "It's absolutely brilliant, although it's a minor skirmish in animal rights terms….” "Jubilation," was the reaction of Kristine Downham…. Jo Ryan, 44, who has demonstrated outside Darley Oaks, said: "I don't approve of what was done, whether it was animal rights activists or Burke and Hare. I don't think it is the only way, but you can't argue with the fact that it gets results."… Laura Brett, 33, animal behaviourist from Abingdon and Speak supporter: I don't take any manmade drugs, even paracetamol…” Erica Barclay, 53, from Northampton, a former company managing director: Yes, of course I have used medicines that have been tested on animals. There is no alternative. What we are fighting for is to get that alternative out there….” (story)

Times 27.8.05 Do dogs have the right to vote? No. Or the right to a decent life? Yes - WILD NOTEBOOK BY SIMON BARNES - THE SUCCESS of the animal rights activists in closing the Darley Oaks guinea-pig farm has attracted a huge amount of fuss and condemnation. All this is fair enough: the pity of it is that it obscures one important matter. That is, that animals have rights… Animal rights is not a matter exclusive to those addicted to trouble-making. Animal rights concern us all: assuming, that is, that we all wish for decent lives ourselves, lives that take place on a decent planet (story)

Times 27.8.05 Experiments on animals - Dr James Robinson says (letter, August 25): “Our society is perfectly capable of conducting the ethical debate (about animal experiments) in a fair and objective manner.” And so it should. The problem is that the animal research community, aided by the Government, does everything to stifle that debate by opposing the release of meaningful information about what is done to animals in laboratories… ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Highbury, London
With millions of animal experiments routinely conducted each year, it is not surprising that 500 scientists are prepared to sign a declaration supporting them (reports, August 25). The Dr Hadwen Trust doesn’t think that animal experiments are really the best that science can do…. TERRY HUXTABLE, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
It seems to me that the cold, callous application of systematised torment to animals over a lengthy period is intrinsically immoral. However, I am equally opposed to the more outrageous and vicious forms of protest undertaken by animal rights extremists… ROBERT DEWAR, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (letters)

Western Morning News 27.8.05 Idiotic comment - THE news that the farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research is closing down must bring joy to animal lovers and those devoted to their welfare…. Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel (letter)

The Sentinel 27.8.05 I AM PLEASED FARM IS GONE - I felt compelled to respond to The Sentinel editorial of Wednesday August 24, in which you conclude that the closure of the Newchurch guinea pig farm is "a victory for yob rule". I, too, regret that what leads the Halls to close their business is the illegal campaigning, rather than the peaceful and legal type in which many people who wished to see this place closed were involved. However, I refuse not to be delighted that one more destructive and needless house of animal cruelty will cease to exist… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 27.8.05 HEALTH FOR A THINKING PERSON - The closure of the guinea-pig farm in Staffordshire has again focused attention on using animals for medical research. While there are sound arguments questioning the value of such experiments, I feel that a more basic issue is being overlooked - the influence of thought upon the body and therefore as a cause of disease…. For over a century, Christian Science has shown that illness can always be traced to mental roots and has revealed a biblical way of life that not only protects mentally from disease, but also treats disease effectively through prayer…. How can the torture of animals be the right way forward for human health? Why not investigate thought, instead of body? Anne Jesper, Aston on Trent (letter)

Scotsman 27.8.05 Mammals important - The Royal Society of the Protection of Birds and Scottish Natural Heritage will spend October on the Uists hunting hedgehogs with dogs and then shooting them with shotguns… Birds are important, but so are British mammals. (MRS) ALISON PEARSON, Kingsmeadows Road, Peebles (letter)

Northern Echo 27.8.05 PUPPY LOVE - IN my letter regarding Becky the springer spaniel and her 13 puppies, (HAS, Jul 15) I said hopefully the pups' tails should remain intact…. If a dog injures its tail beyond repair, amputate by all means, but under anaesthetic by a qualified vet and definitely not at a few days old with a pair of scissors with no pain relief. - M Embling, Crook. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 16.8.05 TAIL PIECE - I would like to reply to a letter from M Embling (HAS, Aug 8) on the point of tail docking of working spaniels. It's done to prevent damage later on in the dog's life…. They are natural hunters so, if tail docking gets banned, it will be the dogs that suffer and tails will be docked by amateurs. - Kevin Heslop, Crook. (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 8.8.05 GOOD LUCK: THIRTEEN springer spaniel puppies born to mother Becky (Echo, July 13) may be all sweet and cuddly now, but as they grow and develop, their lively, enthusiastic nature will tire any owner… I hope their tails remain intact and are not partly amputated as is fashionable. It is cruel and unnecessary and will be banned in the new animal welfare bill due out this year. - M Embling, Crook. (letter in archive)

Sheffield Star 27.8.05 Dogs like Ragz made to suffer for 'thrills' of badger baiting - MEET Ragz – her big brown eyes and innocent face tell nothing of the horror she has endured over the last few months. The Jack Russell cross bitch was a victim of badger baiting and she was left for dead with serious facial injuries by her heartless owners. But now she's bright as a button and her tail never stops wagging, thanks to the Sheffield Dog Rescue, some expert veterinary care and a loving new home…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.8.05 Zoo is barking up the wrong tree - ONE can only hope that Edinburgh Zoo's "urgent" appeal for eucalyptus for its new koalas (News, August 20) was a misguided publicity stunt…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 26.8.05 Zoo should leave its new koalas in the wild - IS Edinburgh Zoo acknowledging it cannot provide suitable nutrition for koalas by appealing to the public for fresh eucalyptus leaves… The need for "cute" exhibits is no justification for subjecting more animals at Edinburgh Zoo to unsuitable captive conditions. Daniel Turner, Born Free Foundation, West Sussex (story)


Vale Advertiser 26.8.05 THE JEWEL OF A SHOW SPARKLES - TOWN and country folk pulled together to create a stunning Denbigh and Flint Show at The Green, in Denbigh… Onlookers enjoyed the daring antics from the Royal Signal's White Helmet motorcycle display team as well as the show jumping and the fun, games and more than a little bit of skullduggery that went on with the inter-hunt relay race… (story)

Cumberland News 26.8.05 ‘Lucky’ show bounces back with a vengeance By Maureen Hodges - GOOD fortune returned last Saturday to one of the key events in Cumbria’s countryside calendar. Skelton Show, which was nicknamed the ‘lucky’ show after being blessed with years of fine weather, had to be cancelled last year because freak storms turned the show-field at Hutton-in-the-Forest into a mud bath… A packed programme of events included show-jumping, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, a parade of vintage vehicles, foxhounds, fire eaters, a juggler, strolling minstrels and an energetic display from the Kangeroos gymnastic display team…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 22.8.05 Sun blesses ‘lucky’ show By Maureen Hodges - SKELTON can once again be described as the “lucky” show as the event basked in glorious sunshine on Saturday… Entertainment included showjumping, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, a parade of impressive vintage vehicles and foxhounds, fire-eaters, a juggler, strolling minstrels and a captivating display from the Kangeroos Gymnastic Display team… (story)

Wiltshire Times 26.8.05 Falconers say No - IN support of the letter Unfair to foxes, readers might like to know that the falconry community of the UK also opposes the use of birds of prey with packs of hounds. The Hawk Board, representing all falconers, has issued the following statement which makes our position very clear: "The Hawk Board and falconry clubs throughout the UK are fundamentally opposed to the use of birds of prey in conjunction with packs of hounds…" N KESTER, Communications Officer, The Hawk Board, Bryn Ceirch, Blaenycoed, Carmarthen (letter in archive)
Wiltshire Times 19.8.05 Cruel foxhounds - THE letter of August 12, Unfair to foxes, is contradictory, claiming that a lead hound of a pack killing a fox was quick and humane. Dogs rarely kill with the so-called `nip in the back of the neck,' they rip and maul their prey… D THOMAS, Hisomley, nr Westbury (letter in archive)
Wiltshire Times 12.8.05 Unfair to foxes - AS a landowner, stag, fox and (occasional) mink hunter, puppy walker and retired hunt servant I absolutely deplore and am disgusted at the Avon Vale Foxhounds' intention of hunting using the assistance of birds of prey this season…. Although completely and totally legal this is a despicable method of fox control and definitely not quick and humane, as a normal leading foxhound would do…. NAME AND ADDRESS, SUPPLIED (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 26.8.05 FOX DEBATE IS TOO ONE-SIDED - I was pleased when the Mercury published my letter about foxes (August 1), and I was hoping for some lively discussion. The four responses you have published in Mailbox (August 3, 4 and 6) were one-sided, fiercely for the fox and vehemently against me, and all made assumptions which were untrue…. What I would like to be achieved is a balance, and when the foxes - because of favourable conditions, being over-protected, being fed by well-meaning but misguided people to attract them into their gardens - have proliferated and been emboldened to such an extent that they invade our private spaces, they need to be controlled…. what about all the people who do keep chickens and ducks for economic gain - should all free-range poultry keeping be stopped just to give the foxes free rein? G Helene Towers, Coleorton(letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.8.05 FOXED BY REALITY - I must congratulate the Leicester Mercury on printing a superb letter from Mrs S Freeman (Mailbox, August 12). After a hard day at work, I sometimes read the letters page for amusement, especially when they conjure up an image of packs of foxes running up and down high streets, snatching babies from prams and then savaging them. Who needs television when you have a lively imagination!... Kevin Stapleton, Knighton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 18.8.05 CATS ON MENU - I used to leave my 18-year-old cat in our Knighton garden to bask in the sunshine for an hour or two. Not any more. I saw a neighbour's cat being cornered by two foxes. It was awful. I agree that foxes, like all living things, should usually be left alone when they are doing what comes naturally, but not when they threaten and kill pets in broad daylight…. Mrs P Newman, Knighton. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 12.8.05 LABOUR'S PRIORITIES ARE WRONG - After reading Helene Towers' letter about how foxes are over protected and then the responses from two fox fans, I could not believe it (Mailbox, August 1 and 3). If these people were to see the real countryside as the livelihoods for many people from all backgrounds and not look at it as if it was a pleasure park, they might realize that it is impossible to pen in all the animals that foxes prey on… I'm sure farmers would love the likes of Alison Bannister and Les Smith to volunteer to go to the farms and build these pens to house the livestock - and donate towards the cost… As for the Labour Party's promises of better policing and better health care, they have obviously had to take second place behind the hunting ban because the health service has not improved and many people come out of hospital worse than when they went in… Mrs S Freeman, Barlestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.8.05 FOXES UNWANTED IN MY GARDEN - I couldn't kill a spider, let alone a fox, but that doesn't mean I want them fouling my garden. Every day, I have to clear up the mess these pests have left. Yes, Laura Davies (Mailbox, August 6), they are pests. As well as stinking to high heaven, they can jump six-foot fences, clamber up trees and destroy birds' nests… Sylvia Campton, Glenfield. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 10.8.05 I WANT FOXES TO BE CONTROLLED - Neither Les Smith nor Alison Bannister (Mailbox, August 3) appear to have read my comments properly. I agree that foxes are handsome animals and that they only do what comes naturally - kill things. I don't blame them, I blame the people who, in my opinion, overprotect them…. What I am asking for is that the right to roam freely, given so generously (and defended vehemently and vociferously) to the foxes, should also be afforded to domestic and farm animals. This way, they could co-exist harmoniously…. Helene Towers, Coleorton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 6.8.05 LEAVE THE FOXES ALONE - I wish to challenge Helene Towers' views on foxes and the hunting ban (Mailbox, August 1). Fox-hunting causes immense trauma to victim foxes during a chase. Chased foxes have heart and lung haemorrhages, and muscle breakdown, which is often followed by brain damage, paralysis and death…. Leave the foxes be. Indeed, I doubt their numbers have increased significantly since the hunt ban as only three per cent of hunts ever resulted in a killing… Laura Davies, Kibworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 3.8.05 HUMANS ARE THE WORST PREDATORS - Helene Towers (Mercury Mailbox, August 1) says foxes are overprotected. Well, foxes can be shot, snared or poisoned. What they can't be, thank Heavens, is be pursued by a load of blood-crazed individuals intent on seeing them ripped apart limb from limb for their own perverted gratification… Les Smith, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 3.8.05 RESPONSIBILITY OF ANIMAL OWNERS - I am an animal lover and, of course, I would be upset if my rabbits were killed by a fox. However, to leave animals wandering around unpenned in an area where they are at risk of being taken by a fox is just irresponsible…. Foxes are beautiful animals who should be respected and not killed for the sake of human beings and the fact that they cannot afford, or be bothered, to put their own animals out of harm's way. Alison Bannister, Willoughby Waterleys. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.8.05 WHY ARE THESE BORN KILLERS OVERPROTECTED? - I wish to know why are foxes overprotected…. For four years our chickens and ducks roamed freely and happily until they were shut in at dusk. No problem - until the end of April this year, when the foxes started to come in the daytime and pick off our ducks one by one, presumably to feed their growing families…. What makes me angry is that all the protection is offered to the foxes, not their victims. Having spoken to the Fox Project I was advised to fence our remaining ducks in or to keep large dogs…. Helene Towers, Coleorton (letter)

York Evening Press 26.8.05 Ragwort claims a load of rubbish - THE letters from Jason Rayner about ragwort are nothing but a load of rubbish… His main concern is obvious, he dislikes horses and people who keep them. He probably is a anti-hunt campaigner. John Moore, Dowben Court, Thirsk. (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 24.8.05 Save the ragwort - IT is distressing to see in these pages the call for the eradication of a plant species. Common ragwort holds its rightful place within nature's balanced framework along with all our native wild plants… All animals, including horses, know not to eat ragwort, it is through the hand of man and his destructive agricultural practices that animals are poisoned…. Jason Rayner, Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Road, York. (letter)

Sky News 26.8.05 GAME BREEDERS ACCUSED - An animal welfare group says game birds reared for sport are suffering unacceptable levels of cruelty in breeding farms…. The League Against Cruel Sports said it has evidence of some farms mistreating the birds they rear. League investigators posed as casual workers at three game farms but the pictures they filmed showed nothing illegal. However, the League says the problem on such farms is overcrowding, with some birds being pecked to death by others as a result… (story)

Post & Times 26.8.05 THINK OF ANGLERS - I see the MP for the Staffordshire Moorlands is advocating water sports on Tittesworth Reservoir in training for the Olympics… Where would she like the anglers to go if the Olympic sports people used the water (an unlikely event, anyway)? Or is she against angling - and anglers - as well as fox hunters?... James Harrison A Tittesworth Regular Buxton Derbyshire (letter)

Ledbury Reporter 26.8.05 Swan's death may hit anglers - Only anglers who have had special training may be allowed to fish Newent Lake following the death of the last swan at the beauty spot… Swan Aid spokesman Dan Sidley said: "I'm disgusted. This is very sad and I am very disappointed. We can ignore these problems no longer." Swan Aid is even asking Newent Town Council to consider banning angling at the lake, which it owns…. (story in archive)
The Forester 25.8.05 ANGLERS BLAMED AS SWAN DIES - Anglers are under fire after the death of the final swan, pictured, at a Forest beauty spot. Dan Sidley of Hereford and Worcester Swan Rescue said fishermen and swans simply don't mix after he was again called to rescue a stricken bird from Newent Lake…. (story)

West Sussex County Times 26.8.05 Foxed by problem - A DEDICATED Horsham gardener says her horticultural hard work is being ruined by urban foxes and has called for people to stop feeding them in their gardens. Peggy Gledhill, 86, from Highlands Road, said she is sick of having her prize-winning flowers and vegetables dug up by the unwelcome visitors, and blames people who feed foxes because it is encouraging them to return… (story)

BBC News Online 26.8.05 Animal activists target workers - Workers at a Herefordshire company which carries out scientific testing on animals say they are being targeted by animal rights protesters. Workers at Sequani in Ledbury said they had been targeted while coming and going from the site. Bosses fear they could become the target for people which forced a Staffordshire guinea pig farm to close… (story)

The Sentinel 26.8.05 TIME THAT WE TOOK AWAY THESE RIGHTS TO TERRORISE - Amid all the anger over the excesses of animal rights campaigners, let's keep in mind that most of us prefer not to think about experiments on live animals…. I am an instinctive supporter of animal welfare myself. I don't like zoos or birds kept in cages and I wholeheartedly reject the idea of using animals as battle casualties or carrying out tests on them for frivolous ends like cosmetics. But unfortunately the campaign I used to support has been hijacked by aggressive crackpots who insist on calling it animal rights (as if animals were like human beings) and are prepared to go to criminal lengths to get their way… If people can be fined up to £5,000 for breaking the laws on foxhunting, I think equally severe punishment should be meted out to animal rights terrorists. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 26.8.05 Campaigners 'have not won' By Stuart Pollitt - Animal rights extremists who have forced a farm near Lichfield to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research have not won, according to a parish councillor. Peter Clamp has been leading the fight to stop the extremists targeting John and Christopher Hall, owners of Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch near Yoxall… Speaking to The Chronicle he said: "I have known for some time they were planning on retirement and this is not in any way shape or form a win for the animal rights activists."… (story)

Post & Times 26.8.05 HATE CAMPAIGN FORCES GUINEA PIG FARM TO CLOSE - The Family of a woman whose grave was desecrated last October have announced they will stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research after a six-year campaign by animal rights groups…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 26.8.05 Protecting guinea pigs is a futile idea - BRIAN MONTEITH - INEVER had a guinea pig as a pet. I occasionally had the primary school hamster home for the weekend and can gladly report it never died on me, and that my cocker spaniel never ate it - nor did I… As animals don't have a voice we can comprehend, many laws have been passed on their behalf to offer protection from the excesses of humans that show no concern for their welfare… MY point is that we have a democratic process in Britain and we can, if we choose to, change the laws to protect animals such as guinea pigs from scientific tests. Already laws exist making it illegal to conduct tests on chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas. To resort, however, to a barbarity that includes robbing the grave of Gladys Hammond - a relative of the people who run a guinea pig farm - the promise of violence and the threat of murder so that the farm is closed down, is no less a terrorism than that of the Tube bombers…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 26.8.05 - LINCOLNSHIRE ECHO - COMMENT - We should all hang our heads in shame at the news that a small farm in Staffordshire is to close its business at the end of this year. For the small farm in question has been forced to shut its doors because we - as a society - have allowed violence and intimidation to win the day…. No matter that scores of this country's leading doctors have confirmed the life-saving value of the work done with animals bred at Darley Oaks. The hoodlums have won. And for that reason we are all the poorer. (story)

Telegraph 26.8.05 Animal activists claim attack at home of Swiss drug firm chief By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - Animal rights activists claimed yesterday that they had visited the home of a senior pharmaceutical executive in Switzerland and slashed his car tyres because he is a customer of UK animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The attack, on Roche's global drug development director Eduard Holdener, follows the announcement of the closure of the Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffs after a sustained campaign by anti-vivisectionists…. (story)

Telegraph 26.8.05 RSPCA should condemn fanatics … Following the recent activities of the anti-vivisection fanatics (News, August 24) it might be helpful if the RSPCA and other sensible animal welfare groups publicly supported the many scientists who have condemned the criminal activities of these violent anti-vivisectionists. Sir Philip Goodhart, London W14
Your leading article (Aug 24) suggests that this Government has done little to tackle animal rights extremists. This is not the case. We have strengthened the police's ability to tackle animal rights extremism with the appointment of a National Co-ordinator for Domestic Extremism last year and the establishment of the National Extremist Tactical Co-ordinating Unit…. We have taken considerable action and will continue to do so. Paul Goggins MP, Home Office Minister, London SW1
… I deplore the tactics employed by opponents, whose actions remind me of the quotation by the philosopher Erich Fromm: "There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as 'moral indignation' which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue." Nigel King, Grimsby, Lincs
… When you collect your prescription it should read "This drug was developed following animal testing - if you do not approve, leave your medication with the pharmacist". Patricia Calne, Cambridge (letters)

Guardian 26.8.05 Testing time for medical research - I am disgusted at the closure of the Hall family guinea pig breeding centre, after a six-year campaign of terror that culminated in the robbing of the family's grandmother's grave… Progressive political commentators have mocked how Christian fundamentalists in the US have undermined their country's lead in stem-cell research. Yet a quasi-terrorist movement quite as fundamentalist and implacable threatens our country's biomedical researchers. It is time to show a consistent defence of the value of scientific freedom. Dr Robert Lockie, Thames Valley University
It is possible to support animal experimentation without supporting anything like the scope or cruelty of testing… The real debate should not be about science, but about a political issue - the cynical disregard of cruelty and suffering, whether animal or human, in the pursuit of profit. Nathan Allonby, North Shields, Tyne and Wear
It's sad to see the forced closure of Darley Oaks Farm, an institute providing much-needed resources to Britain's cutting-edge science facilities. I have spent a year working for a multinational pharmaceutical company, in a team researching liver cancer. This required tissue from rats to make any progress. Having seen the conditions of the animals and knowing their fate, I can only agree with the values of animal rights protesters. But the sad fact is that it is an essential process. … Alex, Somerset
Animal tests are irrelevant to humans… It comes as no surprise that 500 scientists claim animal experimentation is vital for us (Reports, August 25) as their careers has been built on it. Mark Richards, Newcastle, Staffs
Adam Nicolson must be fortunate if he has never been prescribed a drug tested on animals (G2, August 24). My mother has advanced breast cancer: the (animal-tested) tamoxifen, letrazole and exemestane she has taken are keeping her alive…. PA Thorpe, Brigg, N Lincs
These activists could carry cards to let doctors know of their wish not to receive any potentially life-saving treatments tested on animals. Dr Robert Boon, Taunton, Somerset
While I disagree with the protesters about animal testing and deplore their violent tactics, they have a clear grasp of the realities of British politics. We have a government which does not feel any need to listen to dissenting voices…. Stephen du Toit, London
Adam Nicolson sees similarities between the tactics of animal liberationists and those authorised by Nelson Mandela during South Africa's liberation struggle… he ANC were acting for the betterment of their fellow human beings. Animal liberationists would put rodents above the health of humans. David Carr, Glasgow (letters)

Independent 26.8.05 Animal rights and dangerous delusions - Andrew Roberts's letter (25 August) exposes a dangerous and delusional argument from the less extreme animal rights sympathisers. To maintain that animal experiments are not vital when testing new medicines and that epidemiology, tissue culture and computer models are better is simply bonkers…. DR DAVID MCALPINE, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY AND UCL EAR INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON
Your reporting of the closure of Darley Oaks guinea pig farm ("Animals, activists and eight years of violence", 24 August) perpetuates a false dichotomy between scientists and animal rights campaigners, and implies that all scientists favour animal experimentation, and that all animal rights activists are quasi-terrorists…. I condemn absolutely all violent protest and intimidation of those involved in the vivisection industry, but the media's constant focus on the criminal acts of extremists and the myth that all scientists support animal experimentation is clouding the issue. DR CAROLINE LUCAS MEP, (GREEN, SOUTH-EAST ENGLAND) EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, BRUSSELS
It is an unfortunate fact that people who break the law are given far more publicity than those who campaign peacefully to change it ("Animal rights activists are simply thugs", 25 August). The total membership of Animal Aid, the RSPCA and other animal protection organisations probably runs into millions, and MPs receive more letters about animal welfare than about any other issue… RICHARD MOUNTFORD, DEVELOPMENT MANAGER ANIMAL AID, TONBRIDGE, KENT
It appears that in the face of inadequate policing that terrorism succeeds in this country. I expect that vegetarians will now start shooting cattle farmers and that the graves of the families of high street butchers will be dug up… DR TIM LAWSON, CHEAM, SURREY (letters)

Scotsman 26.8.05 Violent attacks continue - Your report (24 August) on the victory of the animal rights activists is dismaying. Citizens of the United Kingdom engaged in legal activities have been the subject of illegal, violent assaults for more than six years. Whatever action the police have taken has been entirely ineffective…. DS HOSKINS, Cameron March, Edinburgh (letters)

Western Morning News 26.8.05 FAILURE TO ENFORCE LAW ALLOWS ANARCHY - Headlines this week proclaimed "a victory for hatred" in reporting the closure of a guinea-pig farm where the animals were bred for medical research, because of "a merciless 15-year hate campaign" by "animal terrorists"… I condemn those who take the law into their own hands: their efforts should be directed to amending the law, not breaking it. That is civilised behaviour in a democracy - freedom to act within the law. Archie Smith, Gorran Haven South Cornwall
Victory for unreason - I AM appalled that the terrorist wing of the animal rights faction has been allowed to shut down a lawfully operated business…. The campaign has run throughout the time that New Labour has been in power. Is this an example of the good governance which Labour supporters defend? Jonathan Ward-Hayne, Modbury South Devon (letters)

West Highland Free Press 26.8.05 SNH to begin shotgun cull of Uist hedgehogs - Scottish Natural Heritage this week defended their policy of shooting hedgehogs in the Uists to save the eggs of rare wading birds. Next month contractors working for SNH are due to begin hunting hedgehogs with dogs in North Uist before shooting them, a method which has outraged animal rights’ protestors…. (story probably only on website for a week)

Argus 26.8.05 Letter: 'Rats with wings' is a cruel insult - I was saddened to read the article about seagulls (The Argus, August 18) and, in particular, the opinion of Ken Bodfish that seagulls are simply "rats with wings". What a great shame the leader of Brighton and Hove City Council has such a narrow and exclusive outlook regarding the magic of natural life…. -Caroline Ellis, Brighton (letter in archive)

Mirror 26.8.05 MATADOR ABUSE TXT - AN abusive text message sent to British bullfighter Frank Evans by animal activists is being investigated by police…. (story)
Mirror 25.8.05 EXCLUSIVE: BRIT MATADOR FRANK EVANS RETIRES - Exclusive By Gerard Couzens - IF FRANK Evans was spotted in Spain, he'd be recognised instantly - and chased by screaming girls and cheered by admiring men…. Protests from animal rights activists also put Frank's sons off the profession. "Over the years they've sent threatening letters to my mum, my family and my business and demonstrated outside my house," he sighs. "I've even had letter bombs sent to my home….” (story)
Salford Advertiser 25.8.05 Police to probe into abusive text - POLICE have been alerted after Salford bullfighter Frank Evans received an abusive message on his mobile phone from animal activists…. (story)
Guardian 18.8.05 The final bow of El Inglés - Frank Evans grew up in Salford dreaming of being a rugby player, but for the past 40 years he has been fighting bulls in Spain. Last weekend, he fought his final corrida and retired, the only native Englishman to earn the title of matador. He talks to Dale Fuchs… Evans says he understands why his countrymen might flinch at the site of a bloody bull, but he has little patience for the animal-rights activists who protested outside his door in Salford when he returns on holiday. "I sympathise with the general public who have never seen an animal killed before, but if they went to a slaughterhouse they would get just as upset," he says…. (story)
Times 18.8.05 El Inglés battles on wounded knee for last time FROM GRAHAM KEELEY IN BARCELONA - AS HE was carried aloft by aficionados bearing the ears of the bulls he had just defeated, Frank Evans knew that his dream was over. The career of the only British toreador was not ended by half a ton of black fighting bull; it was his surgeon’s advice…. confronting a bull is child’s play compared with taking on British animal rights activists. “They have sent ‘bombs’ to my house. They have sent threatening letters to me and my mother,” he said…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 26.8.05 FARM ANIMALS CAN SHOW LOVE - S. Price (August 22) claims that if we stopped eating meat then farm animals would cease to exist. This is simply not true. Many people do already keep farm animals as pets…. ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 26.8.05 CREAM TEA FOR BEAR - Devon fundraisers are trying to make enough cash to adopt a bear saved from a miserable existence in China. Jill Robinson, founder of the charity Animal Asia Foundation, will be among about 100 people expected to attend a Devon cream tea afternoon in the Halsdon Avenue, Exmouth, garden of Christine and Roy Thomas, founders of a local bear rescue support group, on Sunday…. (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 26.8.05 Abattoir staff laid off after arson attack - ABOUT 30 staff at a abattoir near Thirsk have been made redundant after an arson attack forced the slaughterhouse to halt its operations until the end of the year…. North Yorkshire Police detectives have been investigating possible links with animal rights activists and inquiries are continuing into the attack, although officers have yet to make any arrests in connection with the fire…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.8.05 ABATTOIR ARSON LEADS TO LAY-OFFS - Paul Jeeves HALF of the 60 staff at a North Yorkshire abattoir have been made redundant after an arson attack forced the slaughterhouse to halt its operations until the end of the year…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 21.5.05 ARSON AT ABATTOIR MAY BE WORK OF PROTESTERS - Paul Jeeves - FIREFIGHTERS helped lead 300 sheep to safety from a North Yorkshire abattoir set alight by arsonists yesterday. Detectives from North Yorkshire Police launched an inquiry into the fire at Machin Yorkshire Lamb, and a force spokesman confirmed that officers would be investigating whether animal rights extremists were responsible…. (story)

Wiltshire Times 26.8.05 Pigeon probe - THE long-running pigeon battle in Trowbridge has escalated with an assault on an 80-year-old woman. The woman, who lives near the town bridge in Wicker Hill, was clearing up bird seed put down at the site when she was attacked by another elderly woman… (story in archive)


Tavistock Times Gazette 25.8.05 Show success for John - IT was a double success for John Jordan of Gidleigh last Thursday, when he triumphed at his local show at Chagford, with best cow and calf following on from success at Okehampton the week before…. The Mid Devon Hunt and North Devon Beagles were parading for the first time since the ban on hunting with dogs and drew large cheers from the ringside audience…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.8.05 SHOW PUTS LOCAL FOOD AND DRINK AT ITS HEART - Horses and hounds delighted the crowds at an agricultural show in the heart of Dartmoor yesterday. The organisers of the Chagford Show reported an impressive turnout, with the number of visitors expected to exceed the 4,500 visitors to last year's event… Exhibitors included a wedding cake maker, a local pork producer and a cider maker. Hounds and beagles, from the Mid Devon Hunt and the North Dartmoor Beagles, proved popular with the children…. (story)

Shropshire Star 25.8.05 Rural jobs being lost by ban - With the decline of British manufacturing industries one wonders what other self destruct measures some activist organisations have in mind to cost the jobs of people working in rural areas?... The fox population was controlled by voluntary organisations. Not now, and the urban area population could not care less. A lot of jobs have been lost and so has a way of life in rural districts… P J Sherwood, Wellington (letter)

North Devon Journal 25.8.05 PROTESTORS SHOULD GET REAL, THE HUNTING DEBATE IS NOW OVER - I respect Tony Dunn's right to reflect his views on the hunting and baiting animals to death which he so much enjoyed and which has now disappeared into the realms of history. What a pity he does not accept Mr Winstone's right to fight not for his own pleasures but for the right of an innocent animal to live out its own life in the best way it can…. Get real Tony. Hunting is over and finished, dead as a dodo. What's next? T.P. GIDMAN, Woodville Estate, Barnstaple.
WHEN the Tony Dunns drag out that hoary old chestnut about envious socialist do-gooders opposing hunting, they tell us more about themselves than perhaps they realise…. As for deer, I am sure there are many people quite capable of stalking an animal and dropping it with a tranquillising dart before finishing it off with a bullet. Admittedly it would spoil a whole lot of people's fun. HARRY SPARKS, Homer Close, Bratton Fleming. (letters)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 25.8.05 Grouse shoots off to mixed start - THERE has been a patchy start to the grouse season in Badenoch and Strathspey with at least one estate having to cancel its shooting programme… (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 25.8.05 Deer cull plan under attack from keepers - PLANS leading to a drastic reduction in deer numbers on a famous Strathspey estate, which will cost the taxpayer nearly £500,000, have been condemned by the Scottish Gamekeepers' Assocation… Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, questioned the Executive's decision to provide the estate with funding for the cull. He said: "We are disappointed that the Scottish Executive is not taking this opportunity to promote electric fencing, which is both cheap and effective, instead of killing so many deer…." (story)

North Devon Journal 25.8.05 RIVER GUARDIANS? IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT - The Environment Agency, who are supposed to be the guardians of our rivers, seem determined to undermine angling interests. Their current proposals to abstract more water from our rivers will be seen as yet another kick in the teeth to anglers at a time when there are such low flows that no fish are entering the rivers of North Devon and fishing is all but in a state of suspended animation…. (story)

North Devon Journal 25.8.05 ARE CITY FOXES BEING DUMPED IN DEVON? - A farmer has claimed that city-dwellers are catching urban foxes and letting them go in the countryside, where they are doomed to starvation. But the RSPCA say he is contributing to an urban myth and there is no evidence to support his claim. Malcolm Yeo, of Yarnscombe, found an emaciated fox in one of his farm sheds on Monday morning. Mr Yeo shot the sick creature, which was mangy and was trying to eat sheep droppings. He believes city foxes are increasingly being let loose in rural areas. … (story)

Ilford Recorder 25.8.05 Family on run from brazen foxes - BRAZEN foxes that scavenge day and night have left a mum afraid to let children play out in her back garden. Sharon Bramham, of South Park Drive, Ilford, said: "They go around in a pack of about six… I have phoned the council, but been told that nothing can be done because they are protected. But what about my children, shouldn't they be protected?"… (story)

Ilford Recorder 25.8.05 Why can no one do anything about foxes? MY EXPERIENCE of foxes is that while they can be amusing, they can be a confounded nuisance… Public protection will do nothing - they say the foxes must be left alone and a fine up to £5,000 can be imposed if the foxes are disturbed in any way… Redbridge Council has no provision for curtailing foxes. C A INGLE, Francis Avenue, Ilford (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 25.8.05 More sightings of foxes - WHILE camping in Harris in the early summer, I saw several red fox cubs playing with their parents in a loch near the Clisham…. I’m sure they have been on the island for some years now. STEPHEN FERGUSON (story)

Times 25.8.05 Extreme measures - The success of ‘animal rights’ terrorists does not bode well elsewhere - Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, yesterday set out a list of “unaccept-able behaviours” that would allow for the exclusion and deportation of foreign extremists from this country…. They may, though, be greeted with a weary sigh by those who have had to confront domestic terrorists and terrorism in a different context. The closure of Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, followed a six-year campaign of intimidation against its owners, including a sickening act of grave-robbery…. The broader lesson for the Home Office, nonetheless, whether it refers to animal rights dogmatists or al-Qaeda sympathisers, is that stronger laws or extra powers, while useful, are not the end of the matter. Extremists must believe that they will be implemented. (story)

The Economist 25.8.05 Four legs good, two legs bad - Britain is the best place in the world to be a laboratory animal, but the worst place to breed one - AROUND 30 years ago, the Hall family diversified from dairy and sheep farming into breeding guinea pigs for use in research laboratories. Six years ago, they became the target of animal rights activists. They have been abandoned by frightened suppliers and employees and lost their entire dairy herd, which was slaughtered when their tormentors made it impossible for the milk to be collected…. The brutality of the Halls' treatment at the hands of animal rights campaigners would never be suffered by one of their animals inside a British laboratory. Live animal research is more tightly regulated in Britain than anywhere else in the world…. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that reducing animal suffering is not the activists' main concern. If it is, they have made a poor choice of target. Domesticated cats alone kill around 300m animals each year in Britain, including around 80m mice, 15m rabbits and 3m rats. And forcing British suppliers of laboratory animals to close will lead to more animals being imported, with an increase in suffering…. (story)

Independent 25.8.05 Janet Street-Porter: Animal rights activists are simply thugs - Forget about having a debate with the activists, they don't know the meaning of the word. Can someone talk me through the tortured mindset of the animal rights activist? My, oh my, what sophisticated tactics they employ in order to advance their cause! These include digging up the grave of a relative of the part-owner of a farm which bred guinea pigs for medical research and removing the body…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 25.8.05 Take Six: Should all testing on animals be stopped? - vox pop (story)

BBC News Online 25.8.05 Protests go on at guinea pig farm - Animal rights activists are expected to continue targeting a Staffordshire farm which was forced to close after a six- year hate campaign… Sarah Dixon, from Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign, said their "peaceful" protests would continue at the site…. (story)

The Sentinel 25.8.05 JUST ONE LIFE SAVED MAKES ANIMAL TESTING WORTHWHILE - Darley Oaks Farm in South Staffordshire has closed after a vicious animal rights campaign against its breeding of guinea pigs for experiments. Dorothy Griffiths of Hartshill, who has breast cancer, is leading the fight for the drug Herceptin, which is trialled on animals, to be made more widely available on the NHS. She argues the case for testing… (story)

Guardian 25.8.05 The mouse that roared - The internet has become a crucial tool in animal rights activists' campaigning, as David Fickling explains … Those on the receiving end of violent anti-vivisection campaigns are in little doubt that new technology has made life easier for activists… (story)

Oxford Mail 25.8.05 Varsity animal tests continue - Scientists conducting experiments on animals at Oxford University have told extremists they will not be bullied into stopping the "safe and effective" work they do…. Many of those who protested at the work at Darley Farm in Newchurch support the campaign against Oxford University's new £18m research laboratory in South Parks Road…. (story in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 25.8.05 Animal rights militants claim farm's closure is morale boost By Jonathan Brown - Animal rights extremists will step up their campaigns - both peaceful and violent - in the wake of the decision to close Darley Oaks guinea pig farm. Despite the imposition of tough new laws last month designed to end intimidation and threats against those working in the bio-medical industry, sources within the movement said that the search was on for a new cause célèbre…. (story)

Lichfield Mercury 25.8.05 FOR THE LOVE OF GLADYS, WE GIVE UP - NOW BRING HER BODY HOME - 'TERRORISED' Newchurch guinea pig farmers hope the stolen body of a beloved family member will now be returned following their decision this week to close down the business…. (story)
Lichfield Mercury 25.8.05 GUINEA FOUL PLAY - The Hall family has farmed at Newchurch for decades. This rural area just north of Yoxall is idyllic - fields, hamlets and a warm sense of community. Yet the atmosphere altered six years ago. In 1999 Darley Oaks Farm was subjected to a raid by the Animal Liberation Front which maintained that guinea pigs, being bred on the site for medical experiments, were living in cramped, filthy, conditions often in their own faeces…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 25.8.05 WHY NEWCHURCH CAN'T WAIT RO SEE THE BACK OF THESE PEOPLE - This week the owners of a farm that has been breeding guinea pigs for medical research for more than 30 years announced that they would stop their work. Their decision comes after shocking intimidation by animal rights activists. The family-run Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, has been hit by a six-year campaign of abuse. Lucy Rees visits the village - which has borne the brunt of the numerous attacks - to find out if life can finally get back to normal for its residents…. (story)

Guardian 25.8.05 Industry voices fears as campaigners consider next target - David Adam, science correspondent - Companies breeding laboratory animals in the UK were bracing themselves last night as animal rights protesters pondered their next move following the successful campaign to close the Newchurch guinea pig farm… (story)
Guardian 25.8.05 Why use guinea pigs in animal testing? - David Adam - That guinea pigs have become shorthand for an experimental subject is no coincidence. The furry creatures have been used in experiments for centuries, hence the dismay this week that a Staffordshire farm has decided to stop breeding them after years of intimidation by activists…. (story)

Times 25.8.05 Economic sabotage law still not being used BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THE threat of animal rights extremists to the future of big businesses prompted the Government to introduce the new law of economic sabotage. But no prosecutions have been mounted under it yet and many legal experts believe it will do little to stop extremists…. (story)
Times 25.8.05 Extremists seek fresh targets close to home BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - BUOYED by their success in closing Darley Oaks guinea-pig farm, animal rights extremists will now inevitably seek a new cause. Oxford University is the obvious target. Activists who have temporarily stopped the building there of an £18 million research laboratory are expecting their ranks to swell. Police believe, however, that an entirely new campaign focusing on a previously unknown company could also spring up. A police source said that a new offensive against Sequani, a pharmaceutical research company in Ledbury, in Herefordshire, was under surveillance…. (story)

Independent 25.8.05 Animal rights militants claim farm's closure is morale boost By Jonathan Brown - Animal rights extremists will step up their campaigns - both peaceful and violent - in the wake of the decision to close Darley Oaks guinea pig farm. Despite the imposition of tough new laws last month designed to end intimidation and threats against those working in the bio-medical industry, sources within the movement said that the search was on for a new cause célèbre… One potential target being discussed is understood to be Wickham Laboratories where work on botox and other bio-medical tests are allegedly carried out on animals…. "It is a boost in morale for the whole movement," said Dave Thompson, spokesman for Stop Wickham Animal Testing which co-ordinates peaceful protest against the company…. (story)

Telegraph 25.8.05 'They are terrorists. No law will stop them' By Anna Seward - Scientists and victims of animal rights extremists have lost faith in the police and judiciary, and are sceptical that new legislation to curb hate campaigns will be effective, condemning it as "too little, too late", according to a survey by The Daily Telegraph. One scientist from Sheffield said: "There are enough laws to deal with the violence from animal rights activists. Introduction of new laws is frequently a way of appearing to do something but without really doing anything."… (story)
Telegraph 25.8.05 Labour lacks courage to tackle extremists By Roger Highfield - To most people, they are terrorists. An inner circle of about 20 fanatics forms a hard core prepared to hurt, torch and maim. A wider circle of 200 carry out acts of intimidation. Many are supposedly known to the police. And yet, unlike the extremists linked with the London suicide bombers, animal rights terrorists seem beyond the law…. More speak out now. Police take the extremists more seriously. But such has been the failure of the Government to stop the terror that, when recently invited to make the case for using animals in medical research on prime-time television, MRC scientists hesitated because they feared for their staff…. (story)
Telegraph 25.8.05 Animals in research: the facts and figures - Animals were used in 2.8 million scientific 'procedures' in 2003, which can mean anything from the use of animals to make natural products to scientific experiments…. (story)

Telegraph 25.8.05 How can anyone put guinea pigs before people? By Andrew O'Hagan - What's the difference between an activist and a terrorist? Britain has a proud and rather noble tradition of people agitating for causes they strongly believe in… Yet nowadays every outraged minority seems inexorably to be heading towards the formation of its own militia…. I have heard from them before, a dozen years ago, when I described the culture of easy violence that surrounded the childhoods of the two boys guilty of murdering the Liverpool toddler James Bulger. The animal protesters wrote in their droves to express neither sorrow nor care for the ruined lives of those children, but simply to express in heated terms their horror at the alleged killing of a cat. Two-year-old James Bulger didn't get a look-in. That for me is the mentality of these home-grown vigilantes: they aim to target cruelty, while a much more serious form of cruelty plays itself out in the darkness of their own minds. (story)

Glasgow Herald 25.8.05 Animal testing is necessary to save precious human lives - Joan McAlpine - Paul was my cousin but felt more like a brother…. I was in London when he died, a few weeks short of his 23rd birthday. I had completed a degree course and post-graduate studies… Guinea pigs may have a higher cuddliness quotient than mice, but as mammals they too have a vital role to play in the cause of medical research. Studies using these rodents have helped to develop treatment for tuberculosis, diphtheria, kidney disease and asthma. They are particularly useful for research into the latter disease because their airways are sensitive to allergens. Without guinea pigs, children wouldn't have inhalers. None of this will make the slightest impression on the militant animal activists who this week forced a guinea pig breeder in Staffordshire to close because he supplied a laboratory… (story)
Glasgow Herald 25.8.05 For: Drugs have to be tested, it’s law - Dr Harry Griffin, director of the Roslin Institute of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, near Edinburgh…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 25.8.05 Against: Human volunteers should be the real guinea pigs - John Robins, campaigns consultant to Animal Concern… (story)
Glasgow Herald 25.8.05 ‘I owe my life to animal testing’ - ALAN MacDERMID - SCIENTISTS struggling to defend their research in the face of campaigns by animal rights activists were supported yesterday by Tam Dalyell, the former Labour MP, who has recently recovered from a heart condition. Claiming to owe his life to animal experimentation, Mr Dalyell, retired MP for West Lothian, said he was absolutely appaled at a campaign which had forced the closure of a farm that breeds guinea pigs for laboratory use…. (story)

Mirror 25.8.05 ANIMAL TEST SUPPORT - MORE than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors urged firms involved in animal testing not be intimidated by extremists…. (story)
Education Guardian 25.8.05 Scientists declare their support for animal tests - Animal experimentation enables medical breakthroughs and saves lives, says declaration by 500 eminent researchers - David Adam, science correspondent (story)
Northern Echo 25.8.05 Support for animal testing by Stuart Arnold & Barry Nelson - laws introduced last month to tackle campaigns of intimidation and harassment take effect. More than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors signed a declaration published yesterday by the Research Defence Society (RDS), in which they pledged their support for animal testing… (story in archive)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.8.05 ACADEMICS BACK 'VITAL' ANIMAL TESTS - CAROLINE BRODIE - Scottish academics have been joining their peers across the UK in signing a declaration which pledges support for the testing of animals for medical research. The declaration, drawn by the Research Defence Society (RDS) and published yesterday, has been signed by more than 500 UK scientists and doctors, including three Nobel laureates, 190 Fellows of the Royal Society and the Medical Royal Colleges, and more than 250 academic professors…. (story)
Birmingham Post/Evening Mail 25.8.05 Testing is 'vital' says society By Sarah Probert, Rural Affairs Reporter - More than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 25.8.05 ANIMAL TESTING IS VITAL SAYS PROFESSOR BY IAN TURNER - A Bristol University scientist has signed a declaration supporting animal testing in medical research. Professor Graham Collingridge is one of 500 leading UK scient- ists and doctors who have signed a declaration drawn up by the Research Defence Society (RDS)…. (story)
Western Daily Press 25.8.05 ANIMAL TESTS BACKED BY 500 MEDICS - A Leading West academic yesterday spoke out in support of animal testing, claiming it is essential in the development of modern medicine. Sir Alexander Macara, a retired consultant from Bristol University, was among 500 medics who signed a declaration supporting the controversial research method… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.8.05 WEST SCIENTIST HITS OUT AT ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS - A Controversial declaration of support for animal testing from more than 500 of Britain's leading doctors and scientists yesterday divided the West. The statement, from the Research Defence Society, comes after a campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists forced the closure of a guinea-pig farm in Staffordshire… Sir Alexander Macara, the most prominent of the 23 academics from the West to sign the document, stressed animal research is vital to modern medicine… (story)
Telegraph 25.8.05 Doctors pledge their support for 'vital' testing By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - More than 500 leading scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research…(story)
Times 25.8.05 Use of animals still vital to progress, say top scientists BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - Nobel prizewinners are among the 700 signatories of a declaration on medical research… (story)
Guardian 25.8.05 Scientists declare their support for animal tests - Animal experimentation enables medical breakthroughs and saves lives, says declaration by 500 eminent researchers - David Adam, science correspondent - More than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors have pledged their support for animal testing in medical research but acknowledged that, where possible, such experiments should be replaced by methods that do not use animals…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 25.8.05 Scientists back tests on animals - Paul Davies - MORE than 500 leading scientists and doctors have pledged their support for animal testing in medical research…. (story)
Times Online 24.8.05 Q&A: Laboratory animals - Barbara Davies, a spokeswoman for the Royal Defence Society, explains why the scientists have today taken their stand against violence by animal rights extremists… (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 Resist animal rights extremism, top scientists urge - Medical researchers have urged companies involved in animal testing to "hang in there" until legislation introduced last month to tackle campaigns of intimidation and harassment begins to take effect. The Research Defence Society (RDS) said the Government had shown a strong commitment to dealing with offenders and said it was confident the "tide would turn" against extremists…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 24.8.05 Backing for experiments on animals - MORE than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research. The declaration, drawn by the Research Defence Society, states that a "small, but vital" part of medical research involves animals. The declaration has been signed by three Nobel laureates, 190 Fellows of the Royal Society and the Medical Royal Colleges and more than 250 academic professors…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.8.05 How much animal testing is done? More than 500 academics, scientists and doctors in the UK have signed a declaration supporting the use of animals where necessary to advance medical research… How much work involving animals is still carried out in the UK and has it changed since the last declaration of support by scientists? The number of animals used in experiments dropped away steadily between the 1970s and 1990, but has more or less levelled off in the past 15 years. Since 2001 the number of procedures using animals has risen slightly every year…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 24.8.05 Top medics back animal drug tests - MORE than 500 top UK scientists and doctors have declared their support for animal testing in medical research, following the closure of a Staffordshire guinea pig breeding programme. The defiant declaration, drawn by the Research Defence Society (RDS), states that a "small, but vital" part of medical research involves animals…. (story)
Times 24.8.05 500 leading scientists back animal research BY SIMON FREEMAN, TIMES ONLINE - More than 500 of the UK's leading scientists today reaffirmed their support for humane experiments on animals after a campaign of intimidation forced the closure of a guinea pig farm in Staffordshire… (story)
The Register 24.8.05 UK scientists back animal testing By Lucy Sherriff - More than five hundred scientists have come out in support of animal testing, following an announcement from Darley Oaks Farm that it will stop breeding guinea pigs for use in medical research by the end of the year…. (story)
Daily Star 24.8.05 Scientists back tests on animals - More than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research. The declaration, drawn by the Research Defence Society (RDS), states that a "small, but vital" part of medical research involves animals…. The statement, which was signed over the last month, is not linked to an announcement by a family-run guinea pig breeding farm on Tuesday that it planned to shut down after a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights extremists…. (story)
Guardian 24.8.05 Scientists back tests on animals - Press Association - More than 500 leading UK scientists and doctors have signed a declaration pledging their support for animal testing in medical research. The declaration, drawn by the Research Defence Society (RDS), states that a "small, but vital" part of medical research involves animals… (story)
BBC News Online 24.8.05 Animal tests get renewed backing - More than 500 UK scientists and doctors have pledged their support for animal testing in medical research…. Brian McGavin, of the RSPCA, told the BBC News website: "The RDS declaration does not acknowledge the pain, suffering and distress that animal experiments cause, nor does it require any positive actions by the researchers who signed it." (story)

Independent 25.8.05 Stand up to animal rights terrorism - I read with disgust of the closure of the Hall family guinea pig breeding centre following a six-year campaign of terrorism… DR ROBERT LOCKIE, PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT THAMES VALLEY UNIVERSITY LONDON W5
As a believer in animal rights and in a more compassionate world in general, I have always found it very depressing that some animal activists use violence and intimidation… Society should not give in to intimidation, but it is also important that we do not go the other way, and ignore the moral and scientific arguments against animal experiments. It is simply not true that animal experiments are vital, or even reliable, when used to develop or test medical treatments for people. We need to use research methods that apply directly to people, such as epidemiology, computer simulation and tissue cultures. ANDREW ROBERTS, TONBRIDGE, KENT
Judging from your appalling front page story today ("Animals, activists and eight years of violence", 24 August) it is clear that some animal rights extremists are adopting tactics that border on terrorism. Yet people are slow to condemn this kind of atrocity. There was not a syllable of comment on the subject anywhere else in the paper. It is hard to imagine this in any other context… DR JAMES A R WILLIS, ALTON, HAMPSHIRE (letters)

Telegraph 25.8.05 Animal extremists threaten biomedical research - I read with disgust of the closure of the Hall family guinea pig breeding centre following a six-year campaign of terrorism that culminated in the robbing of the family's grandmother's grave (news, August 24)…. Dr Robert Lockie, London W5
The forced closure of the Halls' guinea pig breeding farm by so-called animal loving extremists is the latest nail in the coffin of biomedical research in this country… Richard Penny, Prof of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of London
The claim by the animal rights terrorists that the closure of a guinea pig farm is a victory for animals is as false as their previous release of mink into the countryside…. George Watts, Birmingham
Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the use of guinea pigs for medical research, the fact is that a breeding farm has been forced to close by acts of terrorism…. B. Malin, Leamington Spa, Warks
Should any of these activists develop a life-threatening illness and knew that the medicine required was discovered during studies on guinea pigs, would he refuse the treatment? I think not. Nora Jackson, Uttoxeter, Staffs
The closure of Darley Oaks Farm should shame the Government into making a concerted, if belated, effort to prevent animal rights extremists from continuing their reign of terror elsewhere… Simon McClean, Maplehurst, W Sussex
Will the so-called animal rights activists now offer themselves as guinea pigs for medical science? Graham Soal, Maidenhead, Berks (letters)

Times 25.8.05 Experiments on animals - It is important that the ethics of why and how we use animals for medical research is scrutinised. However, this debate should be conducted openly as with every other controversial and divisive issue our democracy has to face. Action such as that against Darley Oaks Farm (reports, August 24) comes from a violent minority who seem to believe that a campaign of cruel hostility is a justified and necessary alternative to discussion…. JAMES ROBINSON, Kilburn, London (letter)

Irish Independent 25.8.05 In defence of science - I read with disgust of the closure of the Hall family guinea pig breeding centre following a six-year campaign of terrorism that culminated in the robbing of the family's grandmother's grave (World News)…. Dr Robert Lockie, Thames Valley University, Ealing, London (letter)

Sunderland Echo 25.8.05 Testing on animals - ANIMAL lovers throughout the UK will be delighted to hear that animal protection organisations from around the world, including the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection), RSPCA, PeTA, Humane Society US and German Animal Welfare society were united in calling for governments and regulatory bodies to develop an international strategy to end experiments on primates…. Adolfo Sansolini, Chief Executive, BUAV (letter)

Scotsman 25.8.05 Synthetic meat 'inefficient' - In commenting on the news that scientists have found ways to produce meat by tissue culture, Paul Riddell (Opinion, 16 August) displays a poor understanding of the moral and scientific principles which underpin a vegetarian diet…. Vegetarians object to eating meat because humans do have a choice in the matter. .. Cell-grown meat is a non-starter, not because it doesn't potentially reduce animal suffering but because, like all meat production, it is hopelessly inefficient…. JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.8.05 VEGETARIAN GROUP TO MEET - The Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group has announced the date of its next meeting… The meeting is being held on Thursday, September 1, at 7.30pm, in the Friend's Meeting House, Queens Road, Leicester…. (story)

York Evening Press 25.8.05 Violent approach - I WAS shocked that you printed the letter from Jeremy D Fox in which he offered to go into Rowntree Park with his shotgun and kill the geese… ow are we ever going to teach compassion to children - who are apparently suffering so much as a result of sharing this earth with the geese - if we only show them violence? Because I approach this from an animal lover's point of view, if I were to offer my services with a 12-bore, I should be labelled as a terrorist…. Sarah Bramley, Seymour Grove, Heworth, York. (letter in archive)

North Devon Journal 25.8.05 WE MUST TEACH OTHERS TO BE KINDER TO ANIMALS - With all of the animal awareness campaigns and animal welfare charities that are around today, you would think there is less animal cruelty than ever before. But as I read the newspapers there is almost always a disgusting story of animal abuse… LINDSEY RIGLER, Windy Ash Hill, Barnstaple. (letter)

North Devon Journal 25.8.05 MY THANKS TO CARING DIANA - I would like to pass on my thanks to Diana Lewis, the wonderful lady who keeps the North Devon Animal Ambulance running. Once again this kind lady has gone out of her way to rescue another animal in distress, albeit a battered wood-pigeon. Sadly this time the animal was too far gone for help and had to be put out of its misery…. CATHARINE GOSNEY, Northfield Park, Barnstaple (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 24.8.05 FOX CONTROLS - Farmers are seeking an assurance from the Forestry Commission on how foxes will be controlled in plantations before the 2006 lambing season. The FUW has written to the commission requesting information in the light of the hunting ban which restricts the number of dogs which can be used to flush foxes…. (story)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 24.8.05 Bumper turnout for show - SOARING temperatures ensured the Ashbourne Show had its biggest turnout in more than 10 years, with an estimated 8,500 on site throughout the day… Youngsters were also invited into the main ring to meet the ever-popular Four Shires Bloodhound Pack, accompanied by beagles and foxhounds from the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.8.05 POLICE HUNT FOR HARE COURSERS BY TOM MACK - Police are launching an investigation into the scale of illegal hare coursing taking place in Leicestershire. Officers and animal welfare workers fear the problem is growing, but need more evidence before a major crackdown can be launched… (story)

Reading Chronicle 24.8.05 MP's angling outing is reel treat By Rachel Whybrow - READING West MP and avid angler Martin Salter helped dozens of youngsters get hooked on his favourite sport during a day's fishing expedition. It was the fourth year running Mr Salter - the parliamentary angling spokesman - has arranged for 12 disabled youngsters from the PALS charity to have a day out by the river and learn some skills… (story)

Redditch Advertiser 24.8.05 Most anglers abide by the rules - I WISH to reply to the letter from Clare Evans (Advertiser, August 17) in which she claims fishing to be a cruel and barbaric sport…. However, certain claims do require further substantiation. Miss Evans' letter alleges 43 per cent of released fish die within six days. If this is the case, shouldn't the surfaces of our rivers and lakes be full of the floating corpses of hundreds of dead and dying fish?... Fishing is the largest participant sport in the country and a vast majority of anglers respect the flora and fauna of our countryside and are accommodating in respect of reasonable change to ensure its ongoing protection…. R Johnson, Michaelwood Close, Webheath (letter in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 24.8.05 Fish do feel pain also - MUCH as I deplore the lamentable paucity of facilities for young people in Redditch, I am forced to concur with Clare Evan's pronouncements upon angling and its effects upon local wildlife… If fish did not feel pain, they would have ceased to exist long ago. The notion fish or other creatures do not experience pain or do not experience it in a way peculiar to humans is simply a rather recherché attempt to justify exploiting the animal kingdom for our own purposes…. Tristan Wynne-Jones, Hither Green Lane (letter in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 17.8.05 Harsh facts about fishing - I WISH to reply to the letter from Greg Whittaker (Advertiser, August 10) in which he claimed animal rights campaigners have misconceptions about angling…. I WISH to reply to the letter from Greg Whittaker (Advertiser, August 10) in which he claimed animal rights campaigners have misconceptions about angling…. These are not misconceptions or falsehoods, just plain hard facts which should lead fishing down the same path as bear baiting, dog fighting and fox hunting. CLARE EVANS, Redditch Animal Rights, Exhall Close, Church Hill South (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 10.8.05 Encourage young to fish - YOU recently printed a letter from Clare Evans of Redditch Animal Rights titled "Outcry at plans for Spinney"… what I cannot accept as a lifelong angler and countryside enthusiast, is Clare Evans' portrayal of the council "encouraging children to kill wildlife for so-called sport". Either Clare is extremely ignorant of what is involved in coarse fishing… or she is knowingly spreading falsehoods and lies about the sport of fishing. Whichever is the case, both are inexcuseable and she should behave in a more responsible and less prejudiced fashion…. GREG Whittaker, via e-mail (letter in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 29.6.05 Why spoil haven? - ANIMAL rights activists joined forces to protest against plans to encourage fishing at Oakenshaw Spinney. Members of Redditch Animal Rights (RAR) marched to the town hall on Thursday in a bid to "shame" the council for its "improvement plans" for the Spinney…. (story in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 22.6.05 Pond protest - ANIMAL rights activists will be voicing their anger in a town centre protest tomorrow at plans to encourage fishing at Oakenshaw Spinney. Members of Redditch Animal Rights (RAR) will gather at noon with placards outside St Stephen's Church to "shame" Redditch Council for its "improvement" plans for the Spinney… (story in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 1.6.05 Outcry at plans for Spinney - ANIMAL rights activists are outraged at plans to encourage fishing at Oakenshaw Spinney. Members of Redditch Animal Rights (RAR) hit out after a meeting when Redditch Council unveiled plans to improve the Spinney using a Government grant…. But Clare Evans, of RAR, said: "We were outraged when we heard of this proposal and were determined to lodge our disapproval at the meeting. Oakenshaw Spinney is a wildlife oasis within the estate and the council should not be encouraging children to kill wildlife for so-called sport."… (story in archive)
Redditch Standard 26.5.05 Outrage at fishing pool plans - ANIMAL rights activists are outraged at proposals to 'improve' an Oakenshaw woodland pond, which they say will encourage children to kill wildlife for sport. Members of Redditch Animal Rights (RAR) attended a meeting at Oakenshaw Community Rooms regarding proposed developments by the borough council to Oakenshaw Spinney, a wildlife area behind the Duck Pond pub… RAR member Clare Evans said: "Oakenshaw Spinney is a wildlife oasis, and the council should not be encouraging children to kill wildlife…." Kevin White, also a member of RAR, claimed teaching youngsters to fish was sending out a confusing message to them…. (story)

Mirror 24.8.05 BREEDING FEAR - USING animals to develop beauty products is clearly wrong… But no sane person would rather save the life of a guinea pig than a human (story)

The Sentinel 24.8.05 A VICTORY FOR YOB RULE - Recent events at Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, Staffordshire, are an affront to society. It's understandable that after six years of harassment and intimidation by the animal rights lobby - culminating in grave-robbing - that the Hall family should decide they will no longer breed guinea pigs and revert to traditional farming. It's their decision, but one which surely would not have been taken had the family and their employees not been the victims of blatant intimidation… in allowing these fanatics to claim victory, society has sent a clear message: persist long enough in your outrages and you shall have your illegal way. (story)
Times Online 24.8.05 Animal rights terror must be confronted BY PETER BALE - A failure to confront the terror tactics of animal rights activists threatens us all - A gutless Government response to animal welfare extremism and a complacent public attitude which muddles the worth of beasts and humans have created a highly dangerous atmosphere for our scientists, health workers and industry. The inability of the Labour Government to do more than talk tough against the terror tactics of animal "liberationists" threatens those involved in entire fields of research. Just as bad it has also sent the message that this kind of fascism can succeed…. It is time for the Government to face up to old Labour friendships with the animal rights movements, remember its responsibility to govern for all, and defend the medical and business case for humane animal testing. (story)
Times Online 24.8.05 Debate - Is the Government failing to protect companies from animal rights extremists? - A family that has endured six years of violence and intimidation from animal rights extremists has announced the closure of their farm which bred guinea-pigs for medical research. The Home Secretary has been accused of failing to provide police with the necessary funds to protect those involved in the medical research industry from attacks. Should the Government be doing more to combat the extremists? Send us your view using the form below… (story)
Guardian 24.8.05 Against blood sports, vivisection and cruelty - Rumeana Jahangir looks at the history of the radical animal rights movement… (story)
Western Daily Press 24.8.05 RESEARCH FARM PLEA TO GRAVE-ROBBERS - A Family-run guinea-pig breeding farm yesterday announced plans to shut down after a long-running campaign of intimidation. The protests by animal rights extremists included the desecration of a female relative's grave…. (story)
Western Morning News 24.8.05 ANIMAL EXTREMISTS FORCE GUINEA PIG FARM TO CLOSE - ALEX THOMPSON - A family-run guinea pig breeding farm yesterday announced plans to shut down after a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights extremists, which included the desecration of a female relative's grave… A spokesman for Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, who gave his name only as Johnny, said: "This is the most fantastic day of my life. It's a victory for the animals and it's a fundamental victory for the animal rights movement. I feel so unbelievably proud to be part of the movement…." (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 24.8.05 NO WINNERS IN SICKENING CAMPAIGN - Police have been anxious to stress that violent animal-rights campaigners cannot be said to have "won" in the light of the decision to end guinea-pig breeding in Newchurch. They are right - the appalling tactics followed by some of those determined to stop the breeding of animals for supply to commercial and academic testing establishments have done incalculable damage to the animal rights movement image…. No doubt some of these protesters will re-emerge elsewhere with their sickening intimidation at some stage. One can only hope that the forces of law and order will be more effective in bringing them to justice… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 24.8.05 ENOUGH OF THE HATE CAMPAIGN - A family who yesterday announced the closure of their guinea-pig breeding operation at a farm near Burton decided "enough was enough"…. (story)
Burton Mail 24.8.05 FARM FACES NEW TERROR by Nermin Oomer - A RADICAL animal rights organisation says Darley Oaks Farm will continue to be a 'legitimate target' for activists – even if the owners revert to dairy farming. Animal Liberation Front (ALF) spokesman Robin Webb said today if the Hall family — who announced yesterday they were to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research at their Newchurch farm after a hate campaign by animal rights extremists — switched to diary farming they could still be subject to protests. Mr Webb said activists considered dairy farming to be cruel because animals were either reared to be killed or cows were subjected to regular pregnancies in order to produce milk, meaning they were 'worn out'… (story)
Burton Mail 24.8.05 by Nermin Oomer - FARM CLOSURE IS 'A TRAGEDY' - THE CLOSURE of a controversial guinea pig farm has been branded a 'tragedy' after animal rights activists who waged a terror campaign against the owners and employees succeeded in their ultimate aim. … (story)
Burton Mail 24.8.05 by Nermin Oomer - Heartfelt plea for return of Gladys - A RELATIVE of 'dearly loved' grandmother Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen from her grave, has spoken out following the Hall family's decision to close Darley Oaks Farm. The relative, who is not directly related to the Hall family but wished to remain anonymous, said the crime had caused the family of the 'kind, gentle lady who loved animals' immense suffering… (story)
Birmingham Post 24.8.05 Terror closes guinea pig farm By Emma Pinch - Animal rights "terrorists" were condemned yesterday after the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm announced their decision to close the business following a six-year hate campaign…. A spokesman for Victims of Animal Rights Extremism (VARE) Darley Oaks Farm and Newchurch community said they were saddened by the Halls' decision but hoped other businesses would not follow suit… (story)
Birmingham Post 24.8.05 The hidden war of Darley Oaks - The announcement of closure of Darley Oaks farm aroused a mix of feelings in the people at the forefront of the battle. Emma Pinch talked to some of them... Johnny Holmes has demonstrated with campaign group Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs every Sunday for six years. He was quick to point out that the group did not condone violence. But he was far from condemning it either…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.8.05 Papers mull animal rights victory - The decision to stop breeding guinea pigs for experimentation at Darley Oaks Farm in Staffordshire is considered by many of Wednesday's newspapers…. (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 Victory for the fanatics By Nick Britten and Roger Highfield - A family that breeds guinea pigs for medical research announced yesterday that it was to close its farm in a final attempt to get back the remains of a relative whose body was dug up by animal rights extremists…. (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 Home-grown terror ignored by ministers - If yesterday was, as the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty claimed, "a great day in the history of the animal rights movement", shame on that movement…. Now, at last, ministers are talking tough: in July, measures came into force increasing the penalties against intimidation. This was too late for the Halls and the many other victims of harassment and intimidation, but this gives the Government no excuse not to act in future. We are used to hearing strong words from ministers about their intention to crack down on terror. We hope, in this case, they mean it. (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 Years of hate that wore down family's resolve By Nick Britten - They always vowed that they would not give in to terrorism, but the violent six-year campaign waged against the Hall family took its toll yesterday… (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 'This victory for terrorism could have been avoided' By Nick Britten and Roger Highfield - The announcement was the second blow struck by animal rights activists in the last year. A group called Speak managed to delay by 12 months the building of an animal testing centre at Oxford University and has since stepped up its campaign to companies and charitable foundations connected to the university "regardless of whether they are connected to the planned bio-medical facility"…. (story)
Telegraph 24.8.05 Why the guinea pig is used By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - Guinea pigs have been used in experiments for decades and, having contributed to at least 23 Nobel prizes in medicine, are now almost synonymous with animal research…. (story)
Independent 24.8.05 Animal rights activists condemned as guinea pig farm gives up fight By Jonathan Brown and Robert Dex - Scientists have furiously condemned the animal rights movement after the closure of a controversial guinea pig farm which it was claimed would seriously hamper medical research in Britain… (story)
Independent 24.8.05 'Every campaign needs a victory and this will reinvigorate ours' By Jonathan Brown and Robert Dex - Animal rights campaigns are being co-ordinated by a small group of highly motivated individuals all apparently content to exist in the public eye…. Typical is Greg Avery, founder of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) which has waged war against the medical research company in Cambridgeshire since 1999…. Robert Cogswell, the 39-year-old son of a banker, was the driving force behind the successful campaign to stop the construction of a primate research centre in Cambridge in 2004. His organisation, Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge (Speac),now renamed Speak, is battling to prevent the building of an animal research centre at the University of Oxford….. (story)
Guardian 24.8.05 'We give up,' says family besieged by activists - Protesters celebrate as family ends farming animals for scientific research following years of intimidation - David Ward … The business was founded 30 years ago by their father, David. But yesterday the Halls surrendered…. But John Holmes, spokesman for the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaign, was in a car park a mile away to say he was "ecstatic" at the news…. (story)
Guardian 24.8.05 Anger over 'victory' for animal rights campaign - Julian Glover, David Adam and David Ward - The government and some of the country's leading scientists yesterday reacted with anger and frustration to the decision to end the breeding of animals at a farm that has been relentlessly targeted by animal rights protesters, warning that there could be severe consequences for clinical research in the UK…. (story)
Guardian 24.8.05 Animal rights and wrongs - The campaign against the Newchurch guinea pig farm may have shocked, but Nelson Mandela would understand it - Adam Nicolson - No one, I think, would put the attempt to liberate the Newchurch guinea pigs on a par with the anti-apartheid campaign in South Africa. A few thousand - or even a few tens of thousands - of furry laboratory animals is not on the same scale as an entire repressed nation. But perhaps the two struggles are not as far apart as you think…. It may be in the future that the use of large numbers of animals to test drugs, for which the motivation is often commercial, not humanitarian, will come to seem outrageous and that the treatment of animals in our society will be thought of as one of our great blindspots… If that does happen, then the campaign to close down the guinea pig sheds at Darley Oaks Farm will surely look like a violent, necessary and ugly step on the long march to freedom. (story)
Times 24.8.05 Guinea pig farm closes after violent animal rights demos BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - A FAMILY that endured six years of violence, abuse and intimidation at the hands of animal rights extremists admitted defeat yesterday and announced the closure of their farm which bred guinea pigs for medical research…. (story)
Times 24.8.05 Drug firm calls for more policing BY RICHARD IRVING - THE Home Secretary was accused yesterday of failing to provide police with the necessary funds to protect drug developers from sustained terror attacks by animal rights extremists…. one senior scientist told The Times: “The Home Office has dragged its feet on more than one occasion. It is simply not forthcoming in providing the appropriate funds that police forces need on the ground to protect individuals and companies targeted by extremists.”… (story)
Mirror 24.8.05 NOW CAN WE HAVE GLADYS' BODY BACK? Guinea pig farm shuts with plea to robbers By Rod Chaytor - A FARM where guinea pigs are bred for research is to close in a desperate attempt to persuade protesters to return a gran's body…. John Holmes, of Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, said: "This is a fantastic day. The campaign was to close the farm. This is a victory for us."… (story)
Mirror 24.8.05 IS ANIMAL MEDICAL TESTING WRONG? YES Says ROBERT COGSWELL of protesters' Speak Campaign… NO Says BARBARA DAVIES of Research Defence Society… (story)
Sun 24.8.05 Extremists' 6 years of hate By JOHN SCOTT - A FARM breeding guinea pigs for medical research has been forced out of business by “animal rights” terrorists…. (story)
Scotsman 24.8.05 Campaigners drive family to close vivisection farm - LAURA ROBERTS - ANIMAL rights protesters have forced a family to stop breeding animals for vivisection after waging a six-year campaign, which included the desecration of a female relative's grave…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 24.8.05 Grave-robbing extremists force family to close guinea pig farm - LUCY BANNERMAN - A FAMILY is to shut down its guinea pig breeding farm, the target of animal rights extremists, in the hope grave-robbers will return their grandmother's body…. Michael Fabricant, local Tory MP, branded the protesters "animal rights terrorists"…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 24.8.05 Fight the new fascism - Editorial Comment - Terror has prevailed in Happy Valley. That, sadly, is the only conclusion to draw from the decision, announced yesterday, of the Hall family to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks farm after years of intimidation by animal-rights militants…. Their action is understandable and can be sympathised with, given the vile campaign they – and the families of employees – have had to bear. Unfortunately, it sends out the wrong message to those extremists who will stop at nothing in the name of animal rights. They must not prevail…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.8.05 Targeted guinea pig farm closes - A Staffordshire farm is to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research after years of intimidation by animal rights activists. The family-run Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch has been at the centre of a campaign of abuse… The family said they hoped the decision would prompt the return of the body of their relative Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen from a churchyard…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.8.05 Guinea pig farm closure: Reaction - During its lifespan, the Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Staffordshire was a constant target for animal rights protesters. As its owners announced its closure, pressure groups on both sides of the debate gave their opinions… (story)
BBC News Online 23.8.05 Timeline: Farm under siege - Since taking the decision to breed guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, the Hall family have suffered a five year campaign of abuse and intimidation. Death threats and letter bombs have been sent and the grave of relative Gladys Hammond was dug up and her remains stolen. The family have now decided to stop breeding guinea pigs and return to traditional farming. They hope this will result in Mrs Hammond's remains being returned…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.8.05 Is guinea pig farm right to close? What is your reaction to the Darley Oaks closure? The breeding of guinea pigs for medical research is to be stopped at a farm after years of intimidation by animal rights activists…. The following comments reflect the balance of views received:… (story)
Birmingham Post 23.8.05 Guinea pig farm to close - A Midland farm is to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists, a spokeswoman for the family-run business said today. David Hall and Partners said it would shut down its guinea pig breeding operations at Darley Oaks Farm, Nedwchurch, at the end of the year… (story)
Burton Mail 23.8.05 GUINEA PIG FARM SHUTS by David Powles - THE CONTROVERSIAL Darley Oaks guinea pig farm is to close, its owners announced today. Following years of torment at the hands of animal rights activists, the farm's owner, David Hall and Partners, says it will cease breeding operations by the end of the year. The family said in a statement it was hoped the decision will lead to the return of the remains of their relative Gladys Hammond, 82, whose body was snatched from her grave by protesters against the farm, which breeds guinea pigs for scientific research…. (story)
Guardian 23.8.05 Guinea pig research farm to close - A farm is to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists, a spokeswoman for the family-run business said…. (story)
Times 23.8.05 Grave robbers force guinea pig farm to close BY JENNY BOOTH, TIMES ONLINE - The family of an 82-year-old woman whose body was stolen from her grave are to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research after a six-year campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists. A spokeswoman for David Hall and Partners in Staffordshire said that the business would shut down its guinea pig breeding operations at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch in December…. (story)
Times 23.8.05 The guinea pig hate campaign - Nicola Woolcock, Times Correspondent, describes how a hate campaign against the Hall family from Staffordshire forced them to abandon their Darley Oaks guinea pig farm - "There is a hardcore of probably fewer than 20 animal rights extremists in this country who police believe are responsible for most of the violence against companies linked to animal experiments. These activists are backed by perhaps a further 200 who will participate in hate campaigns, and beyond that there are thousands who are happy to protest peacefully…. (story)
Reuters 23.8.05 Farm to close following animal rights protests By Kate Holton - The owners of a farm which breeds guinea pigs for medical research is to cease work after a long and violent campaign by rights protesters which included the desecration of a family grave and firebomb attacks…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 23.8.05 Demo-hit farm to end breeding By Patrice John, Evening Mail - A BELEAGUERED family, who have suffered a six-year hate campaign by militant animal rights activists including the theft of a relative's remains, today put a halt to breeding guinea pigs at their farm…. (story)
Sky 23.8.05 GUINEA PIG FARM CLOSES - A farm is to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists…. (story)
Scotsman 23.8.05 Guinea pig research farm to close - A farm is to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists, a spokeswoman for the family-run business said…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 23.8.05 TARGETED FARM DECIDES TO QUIT BY NICOLA ALLEN - A farm near Burton is to stop the breeding of guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists. A spokeswoman for the family-run business, David Hall and Partners, said today that it would shut down its guinea pig-breeding operations at Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, Staffordshire, at the end of the year…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 23.8.05 Guinea pig farm in shock closure By Faye Casey - A Staffordshire farm is to stop breeding guinea pigs for research. The surprise announcement follows a long-running campaign by animal rights activists…. (story)
Evening Standard 23.8.05 Guinea pig research farm to close - A farm is to cease breeding guinea pigs for medical research following a long-running campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists, a spokeswoman for the family-run business said…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 24.8.05 MP attacks animal rights extremists - TARA GREAVES - An MP today called for a tough line against animal rights extremists. Dr Ian Gibson, Norwich North MP and a member of the Commons science and technology committee, said: “The people who do this are small in number and, as I understand it, are known to police, but unless they are caught in the act there is nothing they can do.”… (story)
BBC News Online 24.8.05 MP wants tough line on extremists - An MP has called for a tough line against animal rights extremists that use violent methods. Dr Ian Gibson, Norwich North MP and a member of the Commons Science and Technology committee claims there is often no way to negotiate with them…. (story)

Gloucester Citzen 24.8.05 CASE UNPROVEN - I Was sorry to see on Countryfile, on BBC 1 some farmers are now shooting or gassing badgers… It is surely wrong for any farmer to shoot 'protected' animals? PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill (story)

BBC News Online 24.8.05 Big tops return to tourism hotspot - Circuses featuring animals are to make a comeback in one of Northern Ireland's most popular tourist areas, after the local council ended its long-standing ban. Moyle Council has not allowed circuses with performing animals onto its properties since the 1990s…. However, it has now passed a motion proposed by Sinn Fein councillor Oliver McMullan to allow the circuses to return…. (story)

Argus 24.8.05 Letter: No more fish - These recent attacks on the seagulls living in the area of Brighton and Hove are totally unfair on the birds, which are only trying to survive…. there are no fish left. Councillor Bodfish should think before making crass statements about rats with wings and ask why the birds have moved inland, then look in the mirror and see the answer: Homo sapiens - the animal which takes everything. -John Allam, Brighton (letter in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 24.8.05 INCREDIBLE NUMBER VISITED VEGGIE ROADSHOW - An almost unprecedented number of people flocked to Plymouth's Guildhall for Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow. Nearly 1,700 people were counted through the door by the time the show closed at 4pm on Saturday… (story)


Western Mail 23.8.05 Back blood sports urges CLA - Steve Dube, Western Mail - CLA WALES is pressing the Welsh Assembly Government to back farmers and landowners over country sports. South Wales regional director Jonathan Andrews said the countryside the public loved so passionately had in many areas been created for shooting, hunting and fishing as well as farming…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 23.8.05 SHOW SECTION FEARS - The horticultural and handicrafts section of the annual Berkeley Show is threatened with extinction unless new organisers can be found… Sharpness Brass Band will play, and Gloucestershire Young Farmers will give displays. Other amusements are a parade of hounds, archery and a display of vintage tractors. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 23.8.05 SPONSORED CHARITY RIDE - Hunt supporters are organising a third annual sponsored ride. Belvoir Hunt Supporters Club is offering a £100 prize for the rider who raises the most money, and everyone taking part will receive a rosette…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.8.05 Minister is judge and jury - I WAS horrified to read that Rural Affairs Minister Ben Bradshaw is reported as having made a "ruling" in connection with hunting red deer with two hounds (WMN, July 22). I always understood that Parliament made the law and the judiciary interpreted the law… Edward G Wakeham, Minehead (letter)

Western Morning News 23.8.05 HUNTING IS A SOURCE OF DISTRESS FOR MANY - You consistently give front page exposure to hunts people, reporting from their point of view as if this were the most important thing happening in the area. First, their hobby doesn't represent "the voice of the Westcountry". It has been a source of huge distress for many who were born here…Rose Dalziel, Tavistock,
The Western Morning News neither supports nor opposes hunting. We have consistently reported both sides of the argument and provided a platform for extensive discussion of the subject. We shall continue to do so as long as it remains an issue for our readers - Editor (letter)

Western Morning News 23.8.05 WAR AGAINST CLASS SYSTEM IS TO BE WELCOMED - Many readers will be unhappy with the letter from J Ward-Hayne (WMN, August 8) complaining that the RSPCA has involved itself in politics and class welfare in its pursuit of a hunting ban…. According to the Countryside Alliance, hunting had nothing to do with class…. However, if the RSPCA really did become engaged in a war against the English class system I think that is something for which most of us should be very grateful - even if it was beyond its remit. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 8.8.05 Misguided effort - IF THE RSPCA had devoted less time, money and effort to its pursuit of a hunting ban it would have been better able to deal with the dreadful treatment of domestic animals outlined in Neil Young's article… J Ward-Hayne, Modbury (letter)

Dundee Courier 23.8.05 Inaccurate and emotive - Jim Crumley’s view of moorland management (August 16), is full of inaccuracies and ‘terminological inexactitudes’, and too many repetitions of ‘obscenely’ and other emotive words—pure prejudice… Class in most people’s book is now dead. Racism is taking longer to die. During four days of shooting our paying guests included a blacksmith engineer, a painter and decorator, a professor, a landscape gardener, a doctor, nursing home proprietors, several lawyers, small and large business people and bankers with guests from Belgium and Ireland…. The harvesting of the grouse and so many other wildlife assets of Scotland are essential cogs in Scotland’s economy… Paddy Fetherston-Godley. Little Kenny, Lintrathen, by Kirriemuir. We need more articles like this - Please pass on my congratulations to Jim Crumley for his excellent article on grouse moors. We need more of this kind of positive thinking to move Scotland out of its Victorian time-warp and into the 21st century. Colin Jack. 35 North Balmossie Street, Dundee. Some points to ponder - In his article in The Courier, August 16, Jim Crumley has failed to recognise that Scotland’s upland heather moors are of international importance and that this heather-clad landscape is not just breathtaking to the eye, but supports a vast range of wildlife including a suite of birds in decline elsewhere…. Perhaps Mr Crumley would be interested to read the trust’s recently launched seminal publication Nature’s Gain which defines how game bird management has influenced wildlife conservation? Katrina J. Candy, PR & Education (Scotland). The Game Conservancy Trust, Couston, Newtyle. (letters)
Dundee Courier 18.8.05 Crumley vendetta - I read Jim Crumley’s personal view of moorland management (August 16) with both interest and growing incredulity…. Mr Crumley’s vendetta against moorland seems to be driven by his dislike of sporting shooting. This dislike has blinkered him to the environmental benefits that arise out of well-managed moorland, commonly driven by grouse shooting interests, and to the socio-economic benefits that also arise…. (Dr) Colin B. Shedden, Director, BASC Scotland, Trochry, Dunkeld (story)

Western Mail 23.8.05 New fallen-livestock service to be tested - A NEW bulk collection service will be trialled allowing livestock farmers to dispose of fallen stock effectively during periods of high demand. Representatives of the collection industry and the farming industry have joined with NFSCo in designing the scheme and are fully supportive of the proposals…. (story)

Argus 23.8.05 Wildlife rescuers foxed by lure of the shops - A craze among wild animals for going to the shops in George Street, Hove,is baffling their rescuers. Trevor Weeks, of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, has visited George Street four times in five days to deliver foxes and other furry creatures back into the wild. He has rescued two foxes from the roof space of a mobile phone shop and dealt with a third fox heading for a pharmacist… (story in archive)

Telegraph 23.8.05 'Cull mink before they wipe out bird colonies' By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Ornithologists called yesterday for a cull of mink on the Hebridean island of Mull to prevent them from wiping out protected seabird colonies on the nearby Treshnish Isles. Mink have long been present on Mull, but last week one was photographed on the rocky coast within sight of the Treshnish Isles… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 23.8.05 SOCIETY TO HELP ANIMALS - A Grimsby teenager who wants to be a animal welfare officer has set up his own society. Shaun Heaton (17), pictured, has established the Local Animal Welfare Society as he cannot become an RSPCA officer until he is 22. But he is still keen to help animals who are in distress until then… (story)


Yorkshire Post 22.8.05 DALES EVENT FOR ALL THE FAMILY... Julie Hemmings - A NORTH Yorkshire farming family is introducing a new generation to maintain its long-held links with the Wensleydale Show…. The Wensleydale Show takes place at Bellerby Road, Leyburn, on Saturday, from 10am. In addition to the agricultural classes attractions will include the Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter, birds of prey, an aerobatic display, a parade of hounds, sheep dog trials, activities for children and music from Leyburn Band and Richmond Pipes and Drums. (story)

Scotsman 22.8.05 Up the Anti - KATE COPSTICK - EDINBURGH COMEDY ROOMS (VENUE 9) - FOR a stand up comic Eddy Brimson is a very serious person. He is vegan, has "beliefs" and is committedly anti-hunting and anti-Royal…. As the German bloke in Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In used to say "very interesting... but not very funny"… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.8.05 - I was somewhat amazed, no almost shocked, by Mike Priestley's comments in the article `The predators that should remain extinct' (T&A, August 13) and very dismayed that in his opinion conservationists are misguided by initiating the reintroduction of predators… Mrs S M Kelly, Thornton Road, Thornton (letter in archive)

Telegraph 22.8.05 Fly-fishing is cool, instructor tells the iPod generation By Jenny Shields - The image of fly-fishing as a sport for the comfortably off middle-aged is being given a radical shake-up by a leading angler who wants to wean youngsters away from computer games, iPods and street corners and on to the river. On the Duke of Roxburghe's Floors Castle estate near Kelso, in the Scottish Boarders, children as young as eight are being introduced to the art of fly-fishing by Eoin Fairgrieve, one of Britain's few professionals at the sport…. He has come up with an idea called Tweedstart, which aims to reverse the decline in the number of young people taking up fishing by giving them free expert tuition. … (story)

Argus 22.8.05 Letter: Fish feel pain - I was horrified to see fish left on Brighton beach gasping for air last week. Dads and their children were hauling them out of the sea one by one, leaving them to flounder on the beach without putting them out of their misery…. -Karin Watts, Portslade (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 22.8.05 NO OBJECTIVE IN CATTLE TB ROW - It seems to me that the subject of TB in cattle is spiralling out of control (Your Say, August 5) as no one seems clear of the objective…. why the panic reaction to this infection with the slaughter of cattle, the penalties for farmers and the persecution of the badger? Surely, it cannot be some sort of "sacrificial altar" display designed just to appease and protect our export markets, can it?.. Gill Purser Clapton-on-the-Hill Cheltenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.8.05 SEEING THE BRUTALITY OF LIFE IN A CAGE HITS EVERY VISITOR HARD - The past week in Chengdu has been a wonderful mix of sharing time with the bears and welcoming new visitors from China and abroad to meet Andrew, Freedom, Prince and pals…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.8.05 IGNORANCE LEADS TO MISERY - - The Government is in a prime position to act to help tackle the growing problem of the trade in exotic and endangered animals on the internet ("Animals in web danger", WDP August 16)… Advocates For Animals is calling on the Government to use the upcoming Animal Welfare Bill to prohibit the selling and keeping of exotic animals as pets. Ross Minett Director, Advocates For Animals 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.8.05 CAN YOU SUPPORT BRIDGET'S WORK? - I recently spent some time on the Algarve in Portugal, and while I was there, I visited LAPS animal sanctuary, in an idyllic area named Odiaxere, near Lagos. I was very impressed with the sanctuary and the fantastic English lady who runs it…. If any of your readers feel they could help in any way please write to: Bridget Hicks, Monte Ruivo, Odiaxere 8600, Lagos, Algarve Portugal… Susan Disney Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 22.8.05 MEAT-EATING WILL ALWAYS GO ON - Why don't veggies realise that farmers would not breed pigs, sheep and cattle unless they could sell them for meat… People have always, and will always, eat meat - get used to it!... J. MACLEAN, via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 22.8.05 ANIMALS AREN'T REARED FOR FUN - I Would like to respond to Anthony Bee (The Citizen, August 12) regarding his question of how someone who cares for their pets, ie: cats or dogs, is also able to eat meat and how a pig or chicken has as much right to live as a household pet. Does he not realise that if we did not eat pigs, cows, lambs etc then they would cease to exist? Who would farm an animal for consumption if it were not to be consumed?.. S. PRICE, Kingsholm (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 12.8.05 HOW CAN YOU STILL EAT MEAT? - I Fail to see how so many people can claim to love animals and still eat meat…. ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (letter)

Plymouth Evening Herald 22.8.05 LAX ON CRUELTY - I feel totally disgusted that a farmer has had a two-month prison sentence quashed after causing a 'very, very serious case of neglect' and 'very, very considerable suffering' to sheep, in the judges very own words… I can see why some farmers don't want ramblers near their properties; they might just see too much! LOUISE PIDDINGTON, Stoke (letter)


Western Daily Press 20.8.05 STAG HUNT BECOMES A CAT-AND-MOUSE AFFAIR - Last month Donald Summersgill was at the High Court, this week he was back in his high saddle in the high country. For the huntsman from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds was one of the 10 who claimed the ban on hunting with dogs - the most controversial new law ever to touch the rural West - breached his human rights. The Countryside Alliance-backed action failed in the courts, although appeals are being mounted and could take years…. (story)

Western Daily Press 20.8.05 FARMERS SHOULD TAKE THE BLAME - Yes, badgers eat hedgehogs (Farming Green, August 9) and wasps' nests when easier food is scarce… Farmers on a larger scale, have grubbed out hedges and cleared scrub for crops. For subsidies they scatter slugpellets and spray chemicals… How many more times will farmers blame badgers for the results of their own practices? Eunice Overend, Leighton, Frome (letter)

Western Morning News 20.8.05 ILLEGAL BADGER BAITING INQUIRY - JOHN KIRK - An investigation has been launched after a badger carcass was found that had been mauled by several dogs in a suspected illegal baiting attack. The body was discovered in a field close to Staverton, near Totnes, earlier this month. It is thought several dogs had attacked it and police believe it was killed by people taking part in illegal badger baiting…. Incidents of badger baiting are perceived as being quite rare, particularly in the Westcountry, and are more usually associated with mining areas…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 20.8.05 Animal rights protesters made bankrupt - THREE animal rights campaigners who have been targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences have been made bankrupt over nearly £300,000 owed to the firm in court cost. HLS, which has been the subject of massed protests over its use of animals in tests, successfully applied to have Greg Avery, his wife Natasha and former wife Heather James, made bankrupt at Worcester County Court…. (story)
Times 19.8.05 Victory for animal testing centre - The extremist leaders of a high-profile animal rights movement were forced into bankruptcy by the testing centre the campaign was aimed at. Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is seeking nearly £300,000 in court costs from Greg Avery, his wife Natasha and former wife Heather James, who co-founded Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty… HLS successfully applied at Worcester County Court to declare the trio bankrupt. They did not challenge the application, but Mr Avery said: “They are definitely not going to get a penny of it. I always tell people getting into animal rights to make themselves asset-free.” (story)

The Sentinel 20.8.05 ANIMALS CAN'T STEM DISEASE - Stem cell research does offer hope for those suffering from diseases like Parkinson's, cancer and Alzheimer's. Instead of focusing on cloning animals, which cannot be used to model human disease and drug response, we should be funding research to put stem cells into people suffering from disease…. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (story)

Guardian 20.8.05 Uist hedgehogs to be hunted with dogs - John Vidal, environment editor - It has paid people to catch them by hand, gas them and kill them with lethal injections, but now the leading Scottish wildlife protection agency is planning to exterminate Hebridean hedgehogs by hunting them with dogs and blasting them with shotguns while they doze off on their long winter hibernation… (story)
Times 19.8.05 Hedgehogs to be blasted by change in foxhunt law BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - HEDGEHOGS in the Outer Hebrides are to be shot by conservationists this autumn as a bizarre consequence of the law banning foxhunting…. Now numbers are so low in certain areas that experts believe that dogs will have to be used for the first time to flush out survivors from their well-hidden nests. The use of dogs means that Scottish Natural Heritage… has no alternative but to use shotguns to kill the hedgehogs, because of a law introduced in 2002 to protect wild mammals. Experts at SNH approached Scottish Executive ministers this summer to find a way to bypass the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which banned hunting with dogs. But ministers insisted that the law, which states that dogs can be used only to flush out wild animals to waiting guns or birds of prey, must be followed. There is no provision for use of lethal injection…. (story)
Scotsman 19.8.05 Activists' anger at hedgehog cull - Animal welfare activists have reacted angrily to news that healthy hedgehogs are to be killed on the island of North Uist in the Western Isles…. (story)

Scotsman 20.8.05 Pain stimulus - In his article, "Meat-is-murder brigade in a stew over growth of a carnivore culture" (Opinion, 16 August), Paul Riddell notes that, while Advocates for Animals is calling for lobsters to be given legal protection from suffering, we cannot prove beyond doubt that they can feel pain and suffer…. Our new report pulls together all the relevant scientific research, which strongly indicates that cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus) and decapod crustaceans (lobster, crab and crayfish) are capable of experiencing pain and suffering. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 20.8.05 Horse charity fined - A horse sanctuary was yesterday hit with fines and costs topping £45,000 after its “cavalier attitude” to lethal chemicals led to three of its workers being poisoned and suffering physical and mental injuries that could affect them for life. Redwings Horse Sanctuary - a charity with a yearly income of £6m - could be dealt a further serious financial blow as the victims prepare to launch civil actions against it for what could be six-figure compensation sums…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.8.05 Horse sanctuary fined over poison - An animal sanctuary faces a £45,500 bill in fines and costs after admitting three workers were exposed to a potentially lethal toxin. The men were struck down at Redwings Horse Sanctuary near Norwich while stacking bales in a barn which had been treated with rat poison…. (story)
Evening News 29.7.05 Sanctuary negligent in rat poison case - GRIZELDA GRAHAM - An animal sanctuary has admitted failing to ensure the safety of its workers after three men were poisoned by a potential lethal toxin. The men were left to make their own way to hospital and they were accused of exaggerating the problem caused by gas from rat poison, Norwich Magistrates Court heard yesterday. And a month later the worst affected man was sacked by Redwings Horse Sanctuary without being given a reason…. The horse sanctuary, a charity based at Hapton Hall, Hapton near Norwich admitted failing to ensure the safety of employees Mr Nottage, Leslie Lawrence, of Aylsham, and David Doy, of Saxlingham Thorpe, and failing to ensure the safety of other people…. (story)


Hexham Courant 19.8.05 TERRIERS ON SHOW - The North Tyne Hunt held a terrier show and hound trail at Whiteside Farm, Redesdale, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Grieve, and neighbouring farmers…. (story)

Hexham Courant 19.8.05 BELLINGHAM SHOW REACHES FOR THE SKY - ALL eyes will be on the sky at Bellingham Show on August 27, when the show stages one of its most spectacular attractions ever…. Those of a hunting bent are also well catered for, for packs from far and wide will be sending their best hounds to take part in the hound show, where the coveted Bellingham Horn is up for grabs…. (story)

Cumberland News 19.8.05 DOG DAY GIVES HOPE TO HUNTERS By Ross Brewster - HUNTING enthusiasts were given a message of optimism by Blencathra Foxhounds’ huntsman Barry Todhunter at Threlkeld’s dog day… Mr Todhunter collected the Bunty Airey Memorial Trophy for the most points in the show but the champion hound was from the Melbreak pack, Bellman, who was walked by Richard Bland…. (story)

Cumberland News 19.8.05 Sun shines down on record-breaking crowd By Maureen Hodges - THERE’S no business like show business, as Dalston discovered on Saturday…. The hunt also came to Dalston, with youngsters clamouring to meet the pack from the Cumberland Farmers’ Foxhounds led by Master Peter Wyberg…. (story)
Carlisle & News & Star 15.8.05 Recipe for the perfect show by Maureen Hodges - DALSTON Show had all the right ingredients for a perfect agricultural show on Saturday…. The hunt also came to Dalston Show with youngsters clamouring to meet the pack from the Cumberland Farmers’ Foxhounds led by Master, Peter Wyberg… (story)

Telegraph 19.8.05 Notebook By W. F. Deedes - Britons should not lose touch with the land - As the combine harvesters roll out this year, it dawns on me that, for the first time for centuries, "harvest home" has changed its meaning for this island. Under a new dispensation of this Government, farmers are getting paid, not for their goods but for the land they look after. Once a climax of the national year, "bringing home the harvest" has lost its flavour…. Because the harvest counts for less, the countryside carries less weight and its welfare becomes of less political importance. It is there to be used for other interests, for exercise, for recreation - but not hunting - for festivals, and for the houses John Prescott miscalculates we must have…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 19.8.05 League vows to implacably oppose cruel animal killing From: Mike Hobday, head of Public Affairs, League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, London. BERNARD Dineen's broadside against animal welfare campaigners ("New targets for campaigners", Yorkshire Post, August 15) sadly adds little to public knowledge of the issues involved. The League Against Cruel Sports has not "started to produce a series of booklets" on the commercial shooting industry. We have always campaigned against the commercial shooting industry…. a target=main href="">(letter)

Western Morning News 19.8.05 SABOTEUR STILL ON THE RUN - An animal rights protester convicted of criminal damage on a Westcountry farm taking part in a study on whether badgers spread bovine TB has still not been caught, police said last night. An arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday for Fiona Cresswell, 19, from Braunton, North Devon, who did not turn up for her trial at Liskeard Magistrates' Court…. (story)

Henley Standard 19.8.05 SPEAK out for animals - The SPEAK campaign recently achieved an historic victory in defeating Cambridge University’s plans to become the primate vivisection capital of Europe. This campaign was conducted within a legal framework, contrary to reports by certain sections of the media who continue to brand animal rights activists as extremists. In its ongoing campaign against vivisection, SPEAK are challenging Oxford University’s decision to build a new animal research centre… Sally Paton Ker, Hurley (letter in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 19.8.05 £1000 reward for help to catch cat-skinners - AN animal rights group today put up a £1000 reward for information which will lead to the arrest of those responsible for skinning two cats… The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group is now offering up to £1000 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crime…. (story)
Daily Record 19.8.05 £1K TO NAB CAT FIENDS - ANIMAL rights workers are offering a £1000 reward to find the people who skinned and dumped two cats…. PETA spokeswoman Yvonne Taylor said they believed other animals in the area could be at risk…. (story)

Nottingham Evening News 19.8.05 FIGHTING A BARBARIC TRADE - Jill Robinson was the first westerner to expose the cruel trade in 'bear-bile farming' in China. The Notts-born founder of Animals Asia Foundation talked to JAMES KAY about her campaign to stop the trade before the 2008 Beijing Olympics… (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 19.8.05 Call to boycott animal circus - RIPON people are being urged to boycott a controversial animal circus, which features a performing bear among its acts, when it visits the city next week. Peter Jolly's Circus, which will be based on Bridge Field, next to North Bridge, from Wednesday until Bank Holiday Monday, is one of the few remaining circuses in the country that still uses animals… The circus has caused controversy during its recent tour of North Yorkshire and should be boycotted, says Craig Redmond, campaigns officer for the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS)… (story)

Halesowen News 19.8.05 All creatures are precious - I am writing in reply to Mrs P Pearson - why should we stop for vermin? Why on earth would you run over a living creature if you have time to avoid it, which her grandson must have done. Be it a cat, dog, squirrel or rat, everything is entitled to life… B Clinton, Halesowen (letter in archive)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 18.8.05 Hunt hounds go to town - Hounds went to town in Petworth as part of a nationwide event to raise awareness of the various countryside pursuits as well as of Britain's fine heritage. Four hounds from the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt pack were taken into Petworth as part of The Countryside Comes To Town demonstration…. (story)

Oxford Mail 18.8.05 Hunting row goes on despite ban - Supporters of hunting in Oxfordshire have vowed to continue having an `active presence' in the countryside and to hunt within the law - six months after the ban came into force…. Patrick Martin, of the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase, said: "There is no feeling sorry for ourselves. We have planned for new kennels and we are currently rearing new hound puppies. We will continue to be an active presence in the countryside and remain resolute until this short-term ban is lifted."… Hunting traditionally resumed in September and Julian Barnfield, Master of the Heythrop Hunt, based near Chipping Norton, said the pro-hunting campaign would continue to gather force in the autumn…. (story in archive)

Yorkshire Post 18.8.05 HUNT BAN BITES IN COUNTRYSIDE - People working in rural businesses affected as trade from hunting starts to dry up - Lizzie Murphy … Six months after the ban came into force, livery yards, farriers, blacksmiths and those who make saddlery and hunting clothes are starting to suffer from the dwindling numbers of hunters…. Shelagh Tinnion, whose daughter runs livery stables in North Yorkshire, said her business had been affected by the ban – and she predicted it would be hit even worse as the time of the traditional start to the hunting season approached… Stephen Clark, who owns Ride-Away, a saddlery and country clothing company based in York, said he was expecting a 20 per cent decline in turnover as the number of people hunting fell… (story)

Horse & Hound 18.8.05 Hireling Yards Face Unknown Territory - Hireling yards are all approaching the coming hunting season with trepidation, and many have already downsized. One hunter hireling yard has practically quite the business, while others are diversifying, but still preparing for the post-ban season… Leicestershire-based Julia Hyslop has kept only four hirelings and has five hunter liveries compared with her usual 12. She is re-launching as a dressage yard – with the help of a Defra grant…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 18.8.05 CROWDS FLOCK TO SEE SHOW - LINDSEY SMITH - The 81st annual Fillongley Show saw crowds from far and wide thronging to Stone House Farm in Corley for what proved to be a highlight of the North Warwickshire countryside calendar…. And carriage driving was a real crowd pleaser, as were the Atherstone Hunt, who paraded their hounds around the main ring to the delight of the everyone who turned out for this memorable day… (story)

North Devon Journal 18.8.05 FUN RIDE IN BORDER COUNTRY - A fun ride across the picturesque Devon and Cornish countryside is to take place from Red Post next month. Organised by the Tetcott Hunt and Bridgerule Belfry Fund… The ride is set to take place on September 11 from 10am to 2pm… (story)

Western Morning News 18.8.05 Can ban be so costly? MOST of page three on August 9 was devoted to a report about pro-hunting demonstrators at South Molton who claimed that the hunting ban has cost Exmoor £9.5 million, and visiting Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight admitted that the ban had severely damaged the Westcountry's rural economy…. However, there is no doubt that other potential visitors to Exmoor, including myself, will be more inclined to visit the region now that hunting has been banned. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 18.8.05 Good riddance - The supporters of hunting in your letters pages these past few weeks just don't seem to get it. Democracy has spoken and the law is the law, no matter how wealthy or powerful you might be. Like many, I am overjoyed that 80 years of struggle against very powerful and ruthless interests has finally achieved a democratic ban on hunting with dogs, a measure that will make our country that much more decent and civilised…. No wonder Lord Mancroft, a former master of the Beaufort Hunt, confessed that he "blubbed like a baby at the thought that we might never hunt again". Hunting has gone the way of bear baiting and cock fighting, and good riddance! C GAYLE, Chippenham (letter in archive)

Ilkley Gazette 18.8.05 Shooting may be renewed on moor - Grouse shooting could be resumed on Ilkley Moor nine years after being banned by councillors. The decision to stop shooting at the world famous beauty spot was taken by the then Labour controlled Council on the grounds of public safety in 1997 (story in archive)
17.8.05 Grouse could face guns on moor again by Olwen Vasey - Grouse shooting could be resumed on Ilkley Moor nine years after being banned by councillors…. Now the policy is likely to be reviewed because an epidemic of worms has decimated the grouse population across Britain. The disease is more prevalent in over-stocked moors like Ilkley. (story in archive)

Chorley Guardian 18.8.05 PC promoted cruelty - I was amazed recently to read in a reputable sporting magazine a report of some exchanges in the High Court between the Northumbria Police and a fully qualified deer manager. The latter, who culls more than 60 deer a year, had applied for a pistol for the humane dispatch of wounded deer… The PC advocated dispatching a wounded animal by cutting its throat and if this failed, to shoot it with a folding shotgun to be carried along with his rifle. If that did not do the job, the 'expert witness' PC suggested braining the poor animal with a heavy hammer. This all in heavy forest and far from human habitation! The police case collapsed and the deer manager won his appeal…. P M Darnton, Higher Wheelton, Chorley (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 22.8.05 Lewis on fox alert By Michelle Robson - CONCERN was raised this week after a reported sighting of a fox in New Tolsta sparked fears from Scottish Natural Heritage that the non-native animal could have been released on the island. Tolsta resident Michaela Smith couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted what she says was a fox walking down the road in broad daylight… The introduction of a non-native animals to a region can have disastrous effects and can call for drastic measures which is highlighted through the damage caused by hedgehogs and mink…. (story)

Ilford Recorder 18.8.05 Not all foxes are friendly - I AM writing regarding the article and pictures of a fox in Mr Nieman's lounge (Recorder, last week). I cannot agree with the London Wildlife Trust that it is unusual for a fox to be seen during the day. My very small dog was attacked by a fox one morning in our own garden. It is a miracle that she has survived after spending a week in a veterinary hospital…. KAY BELL, Address supplied (story)

Western Morning News 18.8.05 BADGER PROTEST ARREST WARRANT - Trap saboteur fails to appear in court - An arrest warrant was yesterday issued for a 19-year-old animal rights protester convicted of criminal damage on a Westcountry farm taking part in a study on whether badgers spread bovine TB. Fiona Cresswell, of Hazel Avenue, Braunton, North Devon, did not turn up for her trial at Liskeard Magistrates' Court, despite a bid to contact her, and was found guilty in her absence… During yesterday's trial, magistrates heard that in June last year, Cresswell and another man, Carl Robinson, were found by farmer Joseph Rowe and his son Matthew crouched in the corner of one of their fields at Twowatersfoot, near Liskeard, at around 8.30pm…. Simon Jones, prosecuting, said the Rowes, who run a 300-strong dairy heard as well as 200 beef cattle, had suffered a number of attacks related to the badger trials… three days before the incident, on June 14, a 60ft section of fence on the farm had been removed, allowing more than 30 cattle to escape. Because of that incident, Mr Rowe had taken the decision to withdraw from the badger trials, Mr Jones said, and had erected some signs on the farm to that effect… "They were intended to be seen by animal rights activists in the area but unfortunately they did not have the desired effect."… (story)

Dartford Times 18.8.05 Factory farming is 'cruel' - The staff, Hillside Animal, Sanctuary, Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich NR12 7RW. (letter)
Bexley Express 11.8.05 Moral groups must fight for animal rights - SOME of your readers will have watched the Dispatches programmes broadcast on Channel 4 on July 28 and August 1, giving in insight into the production of cheap food for supermarket sale…. It is surely an indictment of mankind that such cruel systems were ever devised, and isn't it high time that they were outlawed?... Further information about The Hillside Sanctuary is available from: Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich… (letter)

Independent 18.8.05 Vegetarian meat - As a veggie I disagree with Jane Giunchi's thinking (letter, 17 August) that eating laboratory-produced meat would be unethical. The ethical arguments for not eating meat are firmly centred on it being dead meat…. MATTHEW PAGE, LEWES, EAST SUSSEX (letter)
Independent 17.8.05 Laboratory meat - Meat derived from cells in a laboratory dish would be totally unacceptable and totally repulsive and unethical to a vegetarian… the term "vegetarian" means one who eats no flesh, fish or fowl… JANE GIUNCHI, FRIMLEY, SURREY (letter)

Irish Independent 18.8.05 Protesters demand mink farms closure - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday took their fight to have mink farms shut down to the doors of one of the country's leading fur retailers, writes Ed Carty… (story)
UTV 17.8.05 Calls to ban Irish fur farms - Animal rights campaigners are calling for fur farms to be outlawed in Ireland… The Green Party have accused the Irish government of killing a bill to make such farms illegal earlier this year… (story)
Ireland Online 17.8.05 Animal rights group protests outside fur shop - Animal rights activists today took their fight to have mink farms shut down to the doors of one of the country’s leading fur retailers…. Protesters gathered outside Barnardo’s Furs on Dublin’s Grafton Street handing out pictures of dead skinned foxes and urging shoppers to boycott fur shops. John Carmody, ARAN spokesman, said the Government should be ashamed to oppose steps to end the fur farming industry…. (story)

Western Gazette 18.8.05 FUN WITH BEARS FIRMLY IN MIND - Members of the China Bear Rescue Support Group celebrated a successful fun and fundraising day when Moonie, a seven-foot moon bear, made a special appearance at West Coker. MEP Neil Parish joined event organiser Jane Riva to raise funds for their plans to help liberate bears kept in small cages for their bile… (story)
Western Gazette 4.8.05 FUN DAY WILL HELP STOP BEAR CRUELTY - A Fun day and car boot sale in West Coker will raise money to fight animal cruelty. The event, on Saturday 6 August from 10am to 4pm at the West Coker Recreation Ground, is organised by the China Bear Rescue Support Group…. FOR details contact Jane Riva (story)
Western Daily Press 25.7.05 FUN DAY TO RAISE MONEY FOR BEARS - It's so wonderful to have an update of the Moon Bear Rescue every week. I have belonged to the AAF (Animals Asia Foundation) for four years and because of the Western Daily highlighting the campaign I have set up a Support Group. On Saturday, August 6, I have organised a Fun Day and Car Boot Sale in West Coker, Yeovil, for the bears…. Jane Riva China Bear Rescue, Support Group South Somerset (letter)


Western Mail 17.8.05 Pleas to restore hunting with hounds dismissed - Steve Dube, Western Mail - PLEAS to restore hunting with hounds to parts of Wales were dismissed yesterday, as farmers and hunt supporters gathered yesterday at the nation's second largest agricultural show…. Tomorrow marks six months since the ban came into effect. And James Andrews, Master of South Pembrokeshire Hunt, has warned there are already more foxes to be seen one month ahead of the new hunt season's start…. But Nick Ainger, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP, said yesterday, "This is England and Wales legislation and there's no intention to change that. If organisations like the FUW want to make representations on the issue of the numbers of dogs they should make them to Defra. The Assembly does not have the power and we have no intention of giving them the power."… Even the League Against Cruel Sports has admitted that "pairs of dogs are utterly useless in flushing to guns". The admission by the organisation's chief executive Douglas Batchelor was discovered in a leaked internal memo…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 17.8.05 HOUNDED HUNT'S FUTURE IN THE BALANCE - When the Government introduced a ban on hunting, the future for many communities looked bleak. With tomorrow marking the six-month anniversary of the ban, Bill Bridge returned to the Holderness Hunt. AN EVENING ride on his new, featherweight racing bike is about the only sport available to Robert Howarth these days – the rest of his summer is spent planning for the winter and fearing for the future…. (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 17.8.05 Show is a real Boon! - HUNDREDS of people braved dark skies on Saturday to enjoy a fun-filled country show near Pickering. The Boon Hill Show - named after the area where it is held, on a farm near the village of Newton-upon-Rawcliffe - is organised annually by the local Saltersgate Farmers' Hunt…. (story in archive)

Midweek Herald 17.8.05 Fox scuppers show hope - A FOX attack scuppered a Feniton woman's attempt to win big prizes at the Honiton Show. Paula Beabey, from Colesworthy, had planned to enter two of her favourite chickens at the show, but a fox killed one of them the day before…. It is not the first time her stock has been attacked by foxes - they have been targetted six times in the last month. Mrs Beabey said: "I think it's young foxes that are feeding themselves. "Since the hunt has stopped, we have had more trouble, so there might be a link to not hunting anymore. (story)

Westmorland Messenger 17.8.05 Tribute to huntsman - THE funeral of one of the best-known names from the Lakeland hunting scene drew so many people that they were not all able to fit into the Methodist Chapel at Sedbergh. Around 350 people turned out to pay their respects to John Nicholson, the retired huntsman with the Lunesdale Foxhounds, who has died aged 81…. (story)

Western Morning News 17.8.05 TRADITIONAL SHOW ADDS SOME NEW ATTRACTIONS - A food tent with a difference will be open at tomorrow's 105th Chagford agricultural show… Ms Hutchings said: "The Mid Devon Hunt will be at the show, as it always is. It will not be striking a political stance, but the fact that this is a rural show and the fact that they will be here does show our support and puts over the message that we want hunting to go on…." (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 17.8.05 GROUSE SHOOTING IS CRUEL AND BARBARIC - I refer to your coverage of the opening day of the grouse shooting season, "The glorious 12th?"… In their attempts to stop predators taking grouse chicks, keepers shoot, snare, trap and sometimes poison as many predators as possible in their war on wildlife. The result is a countryside deprived of much of its wildlife populations and an artificially-sustained population of the target species which is vulnerable to disease… To facilitate the blood sports fanatics' killing days, the public can legally be denied the right to roam over moors, even where it is open access land, for up to 28 days a year…. Chris Williamson, Derby City Council leader (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 17.8.05 Plenty to grouse about on not-so-glorious 12th by Claire Metcalfe - A POOR grouse season is set to cause further problems for Helmsley's troubled tourism industry - costing the area an estimated £250,000. Experts predict the most muted grouse shoot season for a decade - part of a national problem, which has had a particularly strong impact on those already hit by flash floods… (story in archive)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.8.05 SHOOTING SEASON 'COULD BE WORST' - This year's grouse shooting season failed to take off in many parts of Scotland yesterday because of plummeting stocks. Scottish estate owners were in no mood to celebrate the traditional beginning of the season amid predictions it could be the worst since 1950 in some places… (story)
Guardian 13.8.05 Curtain rises on an inglorious 12th - Gerard Seenan - Bruce Watson knew something was wrong as far back as March. As he walked across the Yorkshire moorland he's managed for more than 20 years, he spotted the dead grouse among the heather. "You might see some dead cocks in April into May, but when you are getting them as early as March you know it's not going to be a good season," says the head gamekeeper…. (story)
Times 13.8.05 Quiet start to the Grouse season BY RAJEEV SYAL - Disease and poor weather make for an inglorious Twelfth - THE grouse season began quietly yesterday with a small number of shoots able to celebrate the Glorious Twelfth in traditional style. Some in northeast Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Yorkshire, and Derbyshire went ahead despite a gloomy forecast that this year was to be the quietest start to the season since the Fifties…. (story)
Dundee Evening Telegraph 12.8.05 Grouse season ‘may be worst since 1950’ - Some parts of Britain may be heading for the worst grouse shooting season since 1950 as the hunting season gets under way today… (story)
Scotsman 12.8.05 Glorious 12th sees moors in crisis - Some parts of Britain may be heading for the worst grouse-shooting season since 1950 as hunting gets under way…. (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 12.8.05 The Twelfth is not so Glorious! - SOME parts of Britain may be heading for the worst grouse-shooting season since 1950 as the hunting season got under way today…. (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 12.8.05 No Glorious Twelfth as shooting called off - THE worst grouse season in 50 years is predicted by some shooting estates this year, which will have a massive knock-on effect on the region's rural economy. Very few, if any, upland estates will get under way today, many having cancelled all shooting after grouse stocks plummeted by anything from 50pc to 90pc from last year's record-breaking levels…. (story in archive)
Times 12.8.05 Glorious Twelfth is cancelled for lack of grouse BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - THE heather has been scorched to produce the tender, young shoots that red grouse prefer. Sheep have been treated for a tick that is devastating chick populations and predators such as foxes and crows have been trapped or shot. But 12 months of work to keep the heather moor at Tarabuckle, on the Cortachy Estate in Angus, in tip-top condition will have been in vain this year… A study published by the Countryside Alliance and the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation reveals that black grouse and upland waders are six times more likely to breed successfully on moorland where heather management and predator control takes place than they would on unmanaged woodland… (story)
Dundee Courier 12.8.05 Mixed bag on Glorious Twelfth By Graham Brown - TODAY’S GLORIOUS Twelfth, the start of Scotland’s grouse shooting season, has arrived at a time of mixed fortunes for shooting moors with some set to fare better than others on the basis of pre-season counts. That was the message delivered from the Angus glens yesterday as key figures from the estates and associated businesses which rely on the pursuit gathered for an ecology and economy seminar on the heather-clad slopes above Kirriemuir…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.05 Grouse hunt season hit by disease - Some parts of Britain could be heading for the worst grouse shooting season for decades, country sports groups say…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.05 Estates miss out on grouse season - A number of Scottish estates are not participating in the grouse shooting season in Scotland this year. With the traditional "Glorious Twelfth" shooting, they have decided to save dwindling numbers, with climate change and disease key problems… (story)
Scotsman 11.8.05 Cost of grouse predicted to double due to poor season - EBEN HARRELL - RESTAURATEURS face a costly start to the grouse-shooting season on Friday as it emerged that each bird might cost them £30 this year - around double the price of 2004. Some industry experts have predicted that poor nesting weather and diseases in the grouse moors may mean that the Glorious Twelfth might herald the worst season since 1950… (story)
Independent 9.8.05 Worm turns Glorious 12th into day of quiet despair By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - They call it the Glorious Twelfth, and the 12th of August it will certainly be, come Friday. But there may be very little glory in it this year. The hallowed opening day of the grouse-shooting season may see tweed-suited shooters taking aim at very little, or even nothing, for first reports say the 2005 season in the uplands of northern England may be the worst for more than half a century… The weather during the breeding season is thought to have contributed to losses of adults and their chicks, with cold, sharp showers and even torrential downpours and hail storms in May and June…. (story)
Guardian 9.8.05 Missing grouse leave 12th less glorious - Martin Wainwright - The Glorious 12th of August faces its most muted start since 1950 this year, after the cancellation of scores of inaugural grouse shoots across Scotland and the north of England. Hardly any of the main moorland estates will host the traditional start-of-season parties on Friday because of a drastic fall in the bird population following cold weather and parasitic attack…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.8.05 IN FOCUS: Youngsters get hooked on fishing – not on crime - LAZY summer afternoons on the river banks, listening to the chattering of birds in the trees . . . what better way to encourage teenagers to stay away from crime…. The picturesque Burghley lakes, in the grounds of Burghley House, saw eight teenagers taking part in a scheme to encourage them to take up the sport. Under the supervision of Pc Tony French, who is based at the community safety unit at Peterborough's Bridge Street police station, the group were all there to fish in the private lake at the back of the area's most stately of homes…. (story)

Scotsman 17.8.05 Eradication project sees mink set to disappear from the Western Isles - JOHN ROSS - MOVES to wipe out the destructive American mink from the Western Isles are on course with signs the species is disappearing from many areas. The animals have become scarce on North and South Uist and Benbecula following work by the Hebridean Mink Project… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.8.05 RUM DEER CULL BEGINS IN EARNEST - FERGUS MACNEILL - Plans to cull more than half of the 1,200 red deer on Rum as part of a £500,000 forestry project have begun in earnest. Scottish Natural Heritage, which owns the National Nature Reserve island, intends to cull two-thirds of its world-renowned herd…. (story)

Guardian 17.8.05 AstraZeneca may shut Swedish operations - Heather Tomlinson - AstraZeneca, the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceuticals group, is considering closing its operations in Sweden if proposed legislation to curb animal testing is implemented… Sweden's social democratic government is under pressure from the Green party, its coalition partner, to toughen laws on animal testing - a move that AstraZeneca claims would bring unworkable restrictions… (story)

Burton Mail 17.8.05 US ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST BANNED by David Powles - AN AMERICAN doctor and animal rights activist who openly supports illegal extremist action against a controversial guinea pig farm has been banned from coming to Burton to take part in a massive demonstration. Dr Steven Best, a philosophy professor who believes that violence is morally right if the cause is 'just', has been informed by the Home Office that he will not be allowed to enter the country to speak in Burton to campaigners against Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for medical research… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 17.8.05 ANIMAL TESTING - Mike Hancock, CBE MP has relaunched EDM Animal Testing of Drugs on behalf of Europeans for Medical Progress (EMP), after EDM 385 was curtailed by the election. EDM 92 will remain open until late November 2006, giving time to amass parliamentary support for it…. EMP asks that we urge our MP to sign Early Day Motion 92 Animal Testing of Drugs, which calls for a scientific evaluation of animal testing and which has the support of 83 per cent of GP… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 17.8.05 SEAGULLS AND STORKS - With young seagulls now on the ground and anyone near them getting dive-bombed, this is the height of the main seagull-hating season…. ROBERT A GAGIE, All Hallows Road, Paignton (letter)

Shropshire Star 17.8.05 Pair need support - Two young women presented their first gathering on Tuesday, August 9 at the Haygate Pub in Wellington, to launch their campaign group called "Wrekin Animal Rights". I was among local community folk who attended and was greatly impressed by Emily Holme and Susie Woodyet, who spoke of their intention to improve the appalling conditions of animals… P Taffs, Telford (letter)
Telford Journal 4.8.05 Group will fight for animal rights - Two Telford woman have launched the first animal rights campaign group in the borough and are urging the community to join them in their fight. Emily Holme, 20, and Susie Woodyet, also 20, both from Wellington have started the campaign group Wrekin Animal Rights (WAR)…. Both Emily and Susie have been vegetarians and vegans since the age of just 12. They joined the campaign rally against the building of a monkey testing laboratory in Oxford which they said put a stop to the plans…. (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 16.8.05 'HUNTING BAN HAS HIT RURAL ECONOMY ...' The ban on hunting has severely damaged the area's rural economy, rural affairs minister Jim Knight has admitted. The junior minister also said he recognised there was a potential problem with over-population in the red deer of Exmoor which 'needs to be managed'…. Even when he tried to justify his vote for the ban, he left the delegation dismayed as he appeared to show an ignorance, in their view, of the purpose of hunting deer. He added: "I do not approve of killing for sport. I do, however, believe that killing for food, like fishing and shooting, is a different matter."… (story)
North Devon Journal 11.8.05 BAN 'HITS MOOR HARDEST' - Farmers were left bemused on Monday after a Government minister admitted the hunt ban had severely damaged the economy in Exmoor. Rural affairs minister Jim Knight met a delegation of pro-hunt campaigners in South Molton. He reassured them controlled shoots would not be outlawed…. Ken Ford, the master of Torrington farmers hunt, said: "It's what we have been saying all the way through. We haven't seen the worst of it. Exmoor was very quiet. It has affected the garages, the pubs, the people who hire horses."… (story)
North Devon Gazette & Advertiser 10.8.05 Noisy welcome for Minister - PRO-HUNTING supporters in North Devon have sent a clear message to the Government as the effects of the recent ban on hunting with dogs begin to surface on Exmoor…. Arriving to much jeering, Mr Knight invited three members of the delegation to meet with him in the Guildhall. He told the G&A: Parliament has spoken, it has been tested by a General Election and it is now a question of how we move on from the ban…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.8.05 MINISTER ADMITS HUNT BAN HAS HIT ECONOMY - PETER HARRISON - Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight has admitted the ban on hunting has severely damaged the Westcountry's rural economy. The junior minister has also said he recognises there is a potential problem with over-population in the red deer of Exmoor which "needs to be managed". He said the way to deal with the problem was not to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs, but to carry out controlled shoots…. But demonstrators were angry the minister was looking at providing £100,000 for projects in the area, when they claim the hunting ban has cost the Exmoor National Park £9.5million… (story)
Western Morning News 5.8.05 HUNT PROTESTS PLANNED FOR MINISTER'S VISIT TO MARKET TOWN - Junior Defra minister Jim Knight can expect a bumpy ride from the hunting community when he visits South Molton on Monday. They plan to be out in force to demonstrate their feelings about the Hunting Act, following an appeal at the Honiton Show yesterday…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.8.05 Cunning fox From: K Holmes, South Duffield Road, Cliffe Common, Selby. Not only has Tony Blair been conned by George Bush, he has been conned by foxes… they are wild, vicious, and cunning vermin, they are a countryside pest, as many a ground laying bird will be experiencing right now (letter)

Western Morning News 16.8.05 No allegiance - TESS Nash of Helston (WMN, August 2) is way out of line in signing off her letter in favour of hunting with dogs as though this activity is supported by the UKIP… UKIP has no policy on the activity, which is a matter of individual consciences whether they live in town or country. John Morse, Callington (letter)

Western Morning News 16.8.05 REPLY TWISTS MY WORDS ABOUT HUNTING - In reply to C Eke's letter (WMN, July 5) about my comments on Otis Ferry and his cronies, it must be said that yes, I do have a hatred for those who hunt animals to death for fun; as I do for those who participate in cruelty to animals in other ways such as throwing dogs off bridges into motorways; stamping kittens to death; transporting ponies to the Continent for slaughter; bullfighting etc… F Cleaves, Par (letter)

York Evening Press 16.8.05 Tears over hounds - THIS past week at Danby Agricultural Show, I saw grown men and women crying when it was announced from the show ring that we were watching the Glaisdale foxhounds for the last time…. Shame on all politicians who set up an inquiry on foxhunting with dogs and because they didn't like the finding of Lord Burns went against his recommendation and voted for a ban. Ken Holmes, South Duffield Road, Cliffe Common, Cliffe, Selby. (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 16.8.05 SHOOTING BIRDS IS NOT FUN - The grouse-shooting season started a few days ago on "The Glorious Twelfth". Just what is so glorious about shooting birds for fun is beyond my understanding… It must be remembered that the Government did not wish to have a ban on all hunting, but their Bill to allow hunting under licence was amended by MPs to a total ban on the sport. Why cannot the same procedure be followed to ban the cruel and needless sport of shooting?... John Phelps Exeter (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 16.8.05 SEVERED DEER'S HEAD LEFT ON BONNET OF CAR - A horrified Uffculme family was left reeling after finding a severed deer's head on the bonnet of their car. The White family, of Culm Haven, discovered the bloody head on Thursday morning as mother-of-two Sadie, 30, left the house to go to work… Mr White said it may have been done because he is of mixed race origin, but PC Ben Davis, from Tiverton police station, said officers were not treating it as a racially motivated incident…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.8.05 DEER HEAD IS LEFT ON CAR - Family shocked by gruesome discovery - A Devon family has been left horrified and disgusted after finding the severed head of a deer on the bonnet of their car. Mum-of-two Sadie White, 30, was petrified after making the grim discovery as she left her house at Culm Haven, Uffculme, yesterday morning to go to work. Police admit they are mystified as to the motive behind the incident and are appealing for witnesses … (story)

Western Morning News 16.8.05 LEGISLATE AGAINST ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES - Animal lovers are needed to support the calls for tough, meaningful new legislation to end the continuing cruelty to animals, the new Animal Welfare Bill and revision of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976. The private pet trade and all travelling animal circuses must be banned… The UK experiments on more primates than any other country in Europe, and monkeys are still shipped from other countries for research. Since animals are so different, we are up with misleading data and the endless list of adverse drug reactions… Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 16.8.05 Find out the facts at farm - I refer to an article by Duncan Tift in your paper headed "Threats claim over guinea pig farm". I, too, watched this programme and it filled me with disgust, not for the way protesters acted, but disgust for the biased and dishonest way the story was presented…. These poor animals are bred to be tortured in vivisection laboratories and anything the Halls and those who work with them suffer is infinitesimal by comparison with the suffering of the animals… Regarding the question of smearing the name of Rod Harvey. The letter was not, in my opinion, sent by animal rights people… it was sent to those in the whole area and would have cost hundreds of pounds in postage, paper and envelopes which "Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs" could not have afforded…. P J Taylor, Bridge Cross Road, Burntwood. (letter)

Northern Echo 16.8.05 TEESDALE BEAR - I would like to thank The Northern Echo for featuring the Teesdale Bear (Echo, Aug 1). By showing this committed animal advocate and publishing her story, local papers spread the word and make people aware of the travesty of circuses that still use animals…. Tania Gibbins, London (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 5.8.05 TEESDALE BEAR: I WOULD like to give a massive thank-you to the person who dressed as the Teesdale Bear and campaigned so fervently against circuses which still include animals in their acts… Sue Cole, Norwich.
I FEEL I have to congratulate the principled lady who dressed in a bear costume to make her protest. There is nothing jolly about animal circuses… Dave Kennedy, Environmental Investigation Agency member.
bear protest. How impressed I was. Standing up for one's beliefs is not always easy, particularly in the face of opposition, yet it is the only way to bring about change…. Eloise Harding, End Circus Cruelty, Nottingham
GOODONYA, as we say here in Oz. And down with circuses with animals. - Mr and Mrs T B Robinson, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia. (letters in archive)
Northern Echo 1.8.05 Bear's lone protest over circus - A WOMAN dressed as a bear staged a lone protest against an animal circus at the weekend. The demonstrator, who would give her name only as the Teesdale Bear, made a stand against Peter Jolly's Circus, which was visiting Barnard Castle, County Durham…. (story in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 16.8.05 CASH WILL HELP PROTECT ANIMALS - On behalf of Animal Aid, I would like to thank the people of Exeter for their generosity in giving to the street collection held on August 6…. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road St Thomas, Exeter (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 16.8.05 PAINTER'S PRIZE - A wildlife artist has been recognised by an international animal charity. Pollyanna Pickering, of Matlock, has been named Animal Conservation Fund-raiser of the Year 2005 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare…. (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 15.8.05 I'LL FIGHT TO BANKRUPTCY - A Hunt supporter has vowed to appeal against a High Court decision. Horsewoman Lesley Drage was one of 11 claimants in a Human Rights legal challenge against the hunting ban, mounted by the Countryside Alliance…. Telegraph 15.8.05 - It is time to give nature a sporting chance - The Countryside Alliance should have put a substantial question mark after its statement that "management for shooting maintains moorland more effectively… with a positive impact on wildlife"… Introduced species have often proved detrimental to established species. When the introduction is commercially based, and these birds swamp the established bird population many times over, there is a risk to habitat and natural food supply, and from disease…. J. M. Letts, Hethpool, Northumberland (letter)

Independent 15.8.05 Animal rights campaigners target Oxford By Jonathan Brown - Oxford University is facing a dramatically expanded new campaign by animal-rights activists trying to stop the building of a multi-million pound research laboratory. Private companies and charitable foundations - regardless of whether they are connected to the planned bio-medical facility - are being targeted after their names were published on an animal-rights website… (story) 15.8.05 Beckham's boots blasted - David Beckham has become the latest target for animal rights extremists, according to reports. The animal rights group Viva! are furious with the England football captain for wearing football boots made of kangaroo skin… (story)
ContactMusic 14.8.05 DAVID BECKHAM TARGETED BY ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP - Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM will be publicly shamed by an animal rights group, which aims to embarrass him out of wearing kangaroo-skin boots. Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals' (VIVA) is horrified the Real Madrid ace is promoting sports brand Adidas's Predator Pulse footwear, because the shoes are made from kangaroo leather, which is chosen for its lightness and suppleness… (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 15.8.05 I HELPED TO STOP CRUEL DOG FIGHTS - Undercover work by a Cheltenham animal expert has led to a man being jailed for his role in an illegal dog fight. Tony Bell, who is manager of Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gardner's Lane, provided vital evidence which led to the first jail sentence for the crime in the Republic of Ireland. Before moving to Gloucestershire last year, Tony, 48, was an investigator for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals…. (story)

Times 15.8.05 Vegan diet may reverse cancer BY AINSLEY NEWSON - SWITCHING to a vegan diet could stop or even reverse the progression of prostate cancer, a study has found. Research by a team from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York and the University of California in San Fransisco involved 93 volunteers. It will be published in next month’s issue of the Journal of Urology… (story)

Glasgow Herald 15.8.05 Abuse of orang-utan - I was surprised and disgusted to see the "amusing" photograph of the orang-utan on a water ski in South Korea… Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)


Sunday Telegraph 14.8.05 Jewell chases the best of both leagues By Brough Scott - On Monday night Dave Whelan and his Wigan manager, Paul Jewell, had flown to Norway and back to watch a player in a practice match. "He was no bloody good," said this ultimate in hands-on football chairman as he accepted a glass of red wine. "He had a bit of skill but would not get stuck in, would not do for us." He sipped, smacked his lips and started an unwittingly symbolic story. It was about his first day's foxhunting…. "We had some falls," he said, "but I was hooked, did it for 20 years. It was the best buzz outside of football."… (story)

Sunday Herald 14.8.05 Animal group calls for lobsters’ rights By James Hamilton - An animal rights group is calling on the Scottish Executive to introduce legal protection for the country's crabs and lobsters. Advocates for Animals has launched a report that it hopes will hasten the end of the “cruel practice” of boiling crustaceans alive…. (story)

Sunday Herald 14.8.05 Merlin aims to provide magic touch at Lomond Shores despite protests By Ken Symon - The business development director of Merlin Attractions which is to run the planned aquarium attraction at Loch Lomond Shores has expressed his surprise at criticism of the planned centre from some animal rights groups… Advocates for Animals has written to councillors in West Dunbartonshire to highlight their worries. Animal Concern has also objected to the proposals. (story)

Observer 14.8.05 Fur or against - Astrakhan and possum are the new 'ethical' skins. But is there really such a thing as an ecological fur trade? Lucy Siegle investigates… (story)

Wales on Sunday 14.8.05 WHAT kind of sick society are we which allows the barbaric slaughter of animals in the name of religion? As an animal activist, I thought I'd seen everything, until I saw Viva's undercover footage of a fully-conscious bull calf restrained whilst having its throat cut. I find it incomprehensible that the Jewish faith insists on this kind of ritualistic slaughter…. Judi Hewitt, Rhyl (letter)


Western Daily Press 13.8.05 WOEFUL? SHE'S WONDERFUL! - The Mendip Farmers' Hunt had its young hounds on display at the recent puppy show at Priddy. Puppy walkers were able to see the fruits of their labours as their former charges faced the judges…. (story)

Western Mail 13.8.05 Fight ban all the way - Since we launched our petition at the Royal Welsh Show calling on the Welsh Assembly to amend the Hunting Act in Wales I've been so overwhelmed with people signing our petitions and giving us their support and I would like to thank everybody most sincerely for their keen interest. With the help and support of the Middle Way Group, I intend to continue to fight this campaign all the way… NERYS EVANS, Talerddig, Llanbrynmair, Powys (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.8.05 WE ALL NEED LESS BARBARISM - How stupid to hear that someone is dressing up as a fox to protest against the ban on hunting. Is this not rather like someone dressing up as Jesus to protest at the banning of crucifixions… These are exactly the same people who in ages past took to the streets to protest their right to set dogs on chained bulls and bears, and stick dogs in pits to fight to the death. Paul Nelson, Southwark Bridge Road, London (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 9.8.05 DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE FOX CAN RUN AWAY - Paul Nelson ("Hunters should kill each other", Letters, August 1), is entitled to his opinion, but I fear that he misses the dynamics when he lumps people who hunt the fox with those who used to support bull baiting and dog fighting. The point, surely, is the freedom of the "target". The fox can run away, and deceive the hounds; the bulls, the bears, the dogs, the cocks are, if he thinks about it, all constrained in some way…. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 1.8.05 HUNTERS SHOULD KILL EACH OTHER - How stupid to hear that someone is dressing up as a fox to protest against the ban on hunting (The Citizen, July 28). Is this not rather like someone dressing up as Jesus to protest at the banning of crucifixions?... These elements are exactly the same people who in ages past took to the streets to protest their right to set dogs on chained bulls and bears, and stick dogs in pits to fight to the death. PAUL NELSON, via e-mail (letter)

Daily Record 13.8.05 FISHY FIGHT - A RADICAL animal rights group have told bosses at the Sea Life Centre at Oban to ban fish from the menu at their restaurant. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who recently compared the meat trade to the Holocaust, said serving fish at the centre was 'like serving poodle burgers at a dog show'…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 13.8.05 Fish on the menu at Sea Life Centre - TOM SMITHARD - Norfolk's Sea Life centres are not used to taking a battering - especially from animal rights organisations. But the centres found themselves embroiled in a diplomatic incident following a visit from a campaigner on holiday in Yarmouth…. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) official joined hoards of other tourists in visiting the Sea Life centre… The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) official joined hoards of other tourists in visiting the Sea Life centre… Peta spokesman Will Wright said: “A place that apparently champions the cause of marine conservation through education should not really be serving up fish for lunch…. The letter, from campaigner Anita Singh, said: “The treatment of commercially caught fish and fish from fish farms could warrant cruelty-to-animals charges in your city if animals we are more familiar with, such as dogs and cats, were treated as badly…. (story)
Daily Mail 12.8.05 Charity urges sea centres to take fish off menu - An animal welfare charity has written to the operators of Sea Life and Seal Sanctuary centres across the country to ask them to take fish off their restaurant menus, it has emerged. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) claimed having dishes such as fish burgers and prawn sandwiches at the attractions was "like serving poodle burgers at a dog show"…. (story)
UTV 12.8.05 Take fish off the menu - sea life centre urged - An animal welfare charity has written to the operators of Sea Life and Seal Sanctuary centres across the country to ask them to take fish off their restaurant menus, it emerged today. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) claimed having dishes such as fish burgers and prawn sandwiches at the attractions was "like serving poodle burgers at a dog show"… (story)

ContactMusic 13.8.05 MILLS McCARTNEY TO GO VEGAN - HEATHER MILLS McCARTNEY is so inspired by her husband SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's devotion to vegetarianism and animal rights, she's gone one step further by becoming Vegetarians International Voice For Animals' (VIVA) new patron…. (story)


Western Morning News 12.8.05 'CHARGE THE STAGHOUND LAW-BREAKERS' - LEAGUE - An animal welfare group will meet police today to demand an investigation into a Westcountry hunt that it believes has been "systematically breaking the law". Representatives from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) have requested the meeting with Avon and Somerset Police this morning to present evidence they insist shows that the Quantock Staghounds flouting the controversial ban on hunting... However, Tom Yandle, from the Quantock Staghounds, said the claims were "ludicrous"…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.8.05 LEAGUE CALLS FOR POLICE TO TARGET STAG HUNTING - Anti-hunt campaigners will hold a crunch meeting with police today to demand they act on what they claim is evidence of illegal hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has lodged a dozen complaints about the alleged practice with Avon and Somerset Police, the majority concerning the activities of the Quantock Staghounds…. Chairman of the Quantock Staghounds, Nick Gibbons, could not be contacted for comment yesterday but Alison Hawes, West spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said it was down to the police to decide what warranted investigation, not the league…. (story)

Western Morning News 12.8.05 EXMOOR TOURISM CRISIS MEETING - Tourism officials will hold an emergency meeting this afternoon, to discuss an apparently slow start to the Exmoor holiday season. Mike Ellicott, chairman of the Exmoor Farm and County Holiday Group, and Malcolm Bell, chief executive of South West Tourism, will be at the meeting at the Exmoor National Park Office in Dulverton… "There are a lot of concerns with winter coming up, if we lose the hunting trade as well it will put a lot of strain on businesses. We could ride out the fluctuations in the summer trade, because if we lost it we always had the winter trade. But if the Government destroys the winter trade, by banning hunting, and now it looks as if it wants to ban shooting as well, it will leave us with nothing in the winter months…" (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.8.05 CENTENARY SHOW DELIGHTS CROWDS - Visitors turned out in their droves to celebrate the centenary of the annual Okehampton Show… There was fun for all the family, with plenty of entertainment including a dog show, terrier racing and displays from the Devon Birds of Prey Centre. A parade of hounds from four local hunts were at the show, along with the Young Farmers, who were out in force… (story)

Cumberland News 12.8.05 Show’s charging prince and dancing warrior By Maureen Hodges - HUNDREDS of hooves thundered across the Cumbrian countryside last weekend as the Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair opened its gates for the 32nd time…. In the blue-and-white-striped country fair tent the Countryside Alliance were busy recruiting. “There is still a lot of enthusiasm for hunting and the hounds. While there are dogs in the kennels hunting will survive,” said Michael Sagar, from Hounds magazine…. (story)
Cumberland News 12.8.05 Too much politicking going on at Lowther Fair ON SATURDAY my wife and I were at the Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair…. What a pity that on Saturday the gloss was taken off the fair by the obtrusive and worrying political element that has crept into Lowther…. Most people also understand that the local MP should have a presence at an event of this importance, but to endorse the Conservative party to the extent that was done on Saturday and at the same time ignore the excellent work that the other political parties and MPs in the county have done to promote Cumbria and protect the countryside was not right…. DAVID HAMMONDBroomy HillAglionbyCarlisle (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 8.8.05 WE ALL LOVE LOWTHER! By Maureen Hodges - GLORIOUS sunshine, red-hot horsemanship and blistering attacks on the hunting ban marked the 32nd Lowther Horse Driving Trials near Penrith at the weekend…. Over in the country fair section, crowds lined the arena fence to hear the experts on a variety of subjects ranging from the different types of hounds, terriers, coursing dogs and gundogs, to ferrets, falconry and gun handling…. (story)

Hexham Courant 12.8.05 HOPES ARE HIGH FOR GOOD SHOW WEATHER By SOPHIE DOUGHTY - FINGERS across the district are crossed for good weather this weekend for two of the key events of the summer. It’s Slaley Show tomorrow and Gilsland Show on Sunday…. Other special attractions will include Taffy Thomas the Storyteller, The Five Rivers Brass Band, and The Haydon Hunt Hounds Parade…. (story)

Telegraph 12.8.05 Managed moorland shooting 'is best for bird life' By Nigel Bunyan - Threatened waders and black grouse thrive on moorland managed for shooting, according to research published on the opening day of the grouse-shooting season. As enthusiasts around the country prepare to gather for the Glorious 12th today, a study by the Countryside Alliance and the National Gamekeepers' Organisation has found that these birds were more likely to be present in such environments and up to six times more likely to breed successfully…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.8.05 THE GLORIOUS 12TH? - Today marks the first day of the grouse-hunting season and Derbyshire hunters are ready to start shooting. New research shows that, although some wildlife will perish under the gunfire, threatened species are most likely to thrive on hunting grounds. The study, by the Countryside Alliance and the National Gamekeepers' Organisation, said that upland waders and black grouse were more likely to breed successfully on moorland, where heather-management and predator-control took place, than on unmanaged moorland…. Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "This study confirms that management for shooting maintains moorland more effectively than any other forms of land use with a positive impact on wildlife, especially upland wading birds and black grouse…. " But Chris Williamson, leader of Derby City Council and an anti-blood sports campaigner, said the results of the research were "one-dimensional". "This is no justification for the sheer brutality of grouse-shooting and its associated activities," he said. (story)

Independent 12.8.05 Killer toffs are shot down by Channel Four bosses By Oliver Marre - Class war lives on. Channel Four provided a surprising defence of the aristocracy in a documentary broadcast at the end of July, but the broadcaster drew the line when it came to showing toffs picking off our feathered friends. The British Upper Class showed the journalist James Delingpole indulging in a series of upper-crust pursuits… However, viewers didn't see the presenter taking pot shots at pheasants - an experience which he describes as "brilliant" - during a visit to Hampshire, because programme-makers cut the scenes… (story)

Guardian 12.8.05 Loch, Scotch and barrels - Lewis Willliamson takes to the waters, whisky and shotguns (strictly clay pigeons) on an activity break in the Highlands - Parts of the Highlands have traditionally been a playground of the rich and titled, who came for a spot of shooting whenever the demands of obliging noblesse got them down. The Rothiemurchus estate, near Aviemore, is perfect shooting country… (story)

Northern Echo 12.8.05 GLORIOUS TWELFTH - ANOTHER season of game bird shooting starts today with the so-called Glorious Twelfth. During the season millions of birds, including grouse, pheasants, partridges and other species will be shot in a frenzy of killing… Is it not time that all shooting goes the same way as other banned bloodsports? - John Gill, Consett. (letter in archive)

South Wales Evening Post 12.8.05 PHRASE JUST ANNOYS ME - With regard to the phrase "filthy animals", I do understand that this is a figure of speech. However, it annoys me… An animal abides by the laws of nature and we are totally wrong to use the term "animal" in such a negative way…. Heather Davies, Devon Place, Mumbles (letter)


Somerset County Gazette 11.8.05 Baring nearly all for hunting - IT has been barely a year since the ban on hunting with dogs but now the naked truth behind the sport has been exposed -- thanks to a revealing calendar. After the ban on hunting with dogs became reality supporters of the Quantock Staghounds were keen to raise morale within the hunting community. And the idea of a revealing and exciting 'nude' calendar to raise money for the group seemed to fit the bill…. (story in archive)

Tamworth Herald 11.8.05 LOCAL HUNT IS DETERMINED TO FIGHT ON - Members of Atherstone's historic Hunt remain 'defiant' in spite of the pro-hunt campaign receiving a further setback in their attempt to reverse the ban on hunting… Atherstone Hunt, in common with many hunts throughout the country, will begin a new season in September after the harvest is completed (story)

Carlisle News & Star 11.8.05 ‘BLAME VIOLENT GAMES FOR CRUELTY TO ANIMALS’ By Chris Story - EDUCATION is the key to eradicating cruelty and stopping animals suffering…. George Scott, who runs the Knoxwood Animal Rescue Centre near Wigton, plans to build an education and environment centre at the sanctuary to try to reverse the effect he believes violent computer games are having on youngsters… “When I was younger there was cock-fighting and fox-hunting,” Mr Scott said. “But I do not think it is fun to chase a fox for two hours then have it ripped apart.”… (story)

North Devon Journal 11.8.05 RECORD NUMBERS FLOCKED TO THE SHOW - The organisers of the North Devon Show have confirmed it was a record-breaking success. Assistant show secretary, Sally Webb, who had to stand in after her husband Tim fell off a ladder before the show, said that more people visited the show than ever before…. "The hunts were there with their beagles. It just goes to show that the rural scene is strong and well supported, and all the holiday-makers like to see that."… (story)

Lichfield Mercury 11.8.05 HUNT BAN TRUTH IS NOT SUCH A PRETTY PICTURE - Has anyone in their possession a picture of a mangy, rough-coated, dirty, stinking fox? One that's just killed 14 laying birds and walked away, over the fence, with one for the pot? No! All we see is pretty pictures of fox cubs, you know, the ones that tug at the heart strings - the ones that find themselves injured, to die in pain by badly-placed shots or .22 air arms activated by any unskilled shooter… It's not the hunt that needs to be checked out, they can hunt all day and not raise a fox to chase, but the amateurs that go out at night with a cheap torch and a cranked-up air rifles… Robert S Bird, Brook End, Longdon. (letter)

Western Morning News 11.8.05 Respect hunt ban - IF Ian Oxley (August 8) is dissatisfied at the time New Labour has spent debating the foxhunting ban, I assume he was very pleased to hear Rural Affair Minister Jim Knight, MP for South Dorset, say when visiting South Molton last Tuesday morning that there was no prospect of taking up any more parliamentary time on this issue. The two or three hundred hunt protesters wasting their time at South Molton were not members of New Labour…. The best way to avoid further waste of time and money is for everyone to respect the Hunting Act banning the sport, and accept that killing animals for fun has no place in the 21st century. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 8.8.05 Wrong priority - Ian Oxley, Torbay (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 3.8.05 MORE TIME SPENT ON FOX HUNTING THAN ASYLUM SEEKERS - For the past seven years, New Labour has spent more time in debating the banning of fox hunting than immigration and illegal asylum seekers, entering our country by the thousands, with little or no checks made on them…. CLLR IAN OXLEY, Independent, Torbay Council, Southfield Avenue, Paignton (letter)

Yorkshire Post 11.8.05 Birds of a feather From: DH Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York. AS a retired restaurateur, I have happy memories of the Glorious Twelfth, not only for having grouse on the menu, but for the whole forthcoming game season… In Country Week (August 6) I was disturbed therefore to read: "Hoteliers are not allowed to pluck the birds – daft, but EU law". Oven-ready produce relies on trust and possibly crossed fingers. I would only buy game with fur or feathers on so that I knew what I was getting… (letter)

Weekly News 11.8.05 Ban on fish movement By Dave Bettley, Weekly News - THE mysterious deaths of hundreds of carp has prompted a temporary ban on coarse fish movement in the county while expert investigations continue. At least 200 fish are known to have died since May, in and around the River Weaver and the unauthorised transfer of fish between waterways has been made illegal until further notice. … (story)

Telegraph 11.8.05 Cloning tampers with nature and creates animal suffering - Cloning experiments and their commercial use pose a serious threat to the welfare of the animals involved… Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh
Lest Prof Allen (Letters, August 10) lead your readers to believe that all scientists share his views on animal cloning, I should like to voice a different opinion… In crossing one of nature's "red lines", we are responsible for more animal suffering. Andre Menache, Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent
It seems extraordinary for Prof Allen to suggest that ethics "do not enter the equation when talking about animals". The RSPCA doesn't believe that this view would be shared by the majority of the public or those working with animals…. Arthur Lindley, Director of Science, RSPCA, Horsham, W Sussex (letters)
Daily Telegraph 10.8.05 Animal cloning - The denunciation by RSPCA officers of the cloning of domestic animals (letter, August 5) is illogical and irksome…. One wishes the RSPCA could return to its original, and very laudable, role of providing care and protection for genuinely distressed and hard-done-by animals. For example, unfed twin-carrying ewes on Welsh hillsides with severe, untreated foot rot; rats bleeding to death in agony in their dens after being fed Warfarin poison. These and other gross, man-made cruelties inflicted on animals require brave intervention by an organisation with the stature of the old RSPCA. But please, leave science to the scientists, who know what they are talking about. Prof W. R. Allen, University of Cambridge (letter)
Independent 6.8.05 Cloning of a dog is unethical and an expensive misuse of science - have been much better spent on developing alternatives to experimenting on animals. MAGGY JENNINGS, HEAD OF RESEARCH, ANIMALS DEPARTMENT TIM MILES CHIEF VETERINARY ADVISER RSPCA SOUTHWATER, WEST SUSSEX (letter)
Telegraph 5.8.05 Cloning considerations - Maggy Jennings , Head of Research Animals Department, Tim Miles, Chief Veterinary Adviser, RSPCA, Horsham, W. Sussex (letter)
Guardian 5.8.05 Dog cloning is unethical - The RSPCA is appalled by the news that researchers in South Korea have cloned a dog. The society considers it a completely unethical use of both science and animals… Maggy Jennings, Tim Miles, RSPCA (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.8.05 RSPCA SLAMS CLONE'S MAKER - The Rspca yesterday condemned the creation of Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog. A statement from the society said that it considered the breakthrough "unethical and totally unnecessary"… (story)

Eastbourne Herald 11.8.05 I am delighted that a UK court has ruled that anti-cruelty group PETA Europe should be allowed to show secretly filmed video of monkey abuse inside animal testing lab company Covance… Consequently, doctor organisations such as Europeans For Medical Advancement ( and Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine ( would like vivisection banned on scientific grounds…. A Laprade, Old Town, Eastbourne (story)

Bolton Evening News 11.8.05 Speak up on animal cruelty - THANK you, Sara Lee ("Duty of pet owners", August 3) for advising us who to write to if we are concerned about the high level of animal cruelty in the UK… Alwynne Cartmell, The Green Party Spokesperson (letter in archive)

Guardian 11.8.05 Our duty to animals - I found Dr Richard Ryder's argument that "All beings that feel pain deserve human rights" very difficult to accept (Comment, August 6). If one has rights one also has responsibilities. Non-human animals have no responsibilities therefore they cannot have the same rights as human… Katherine Du Plat-Taylor, Clawddnewydd, Denbighshire
As a species, our treatment of animals is abhorrent. We have figured out that by maximising animal suffering in places such as factory farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, puppy mills, circuses, and rodeos, we can deliver products to consumers at the lowest possible price…. Monica Ball, Peoria, Illinois, USA
In considering other species we are asked, because of evolutionary links, to treat every other species as our own. Thus the cat in agony should have priority than a hundred people suffering great but lesser pain. Most people are instinctively unlikely to accept this because other species are always going to attract less sympathy than fellow humans…. Brian Nicol, Kenilworth, Warks
I question the notion that pleasure by itself is no basis for attributing rights or interests to others…. To the extent that animals show pleasure in such realms as play, sex, touch, food, anticipation, comfort and aesthetics, the case is strengthened against our abusing and exploiting them. Jonathan Balcombe, York
If it is wrong for us to eat other people then it must be wrong to eat animals as well. By the same logic it is wrong for animals to eat each other… David Pavett, Isleworth, Middx (letters)
Guardian 6.8.05 All beings that feel pain deserve human rights - Equality of the species is the logical conclusion of post-Darwin morality - Richard Ryder - The word speciesism came to me while I was lying in a bath in Oxford some 35 years ago. It was like racism or sexism - a prejudice based upon morally irrelevant physical differences…. (story)

Guardian 11.8.05 Fishy business - Your report on the new Georgia aquarium in the US (US billionaire builds world's biggest aquarium, August 8) makes disturbing reading… To claim, as the Georgia aquarium does, that the aquarium is so wonderful that the animals would prefer captivity over life in their natural environment is so crass that it actually damages rather than enhances any of its arguments in defence of the aquarium. Craig Redmond, CAPS
I was dismayed to see your article (300kilos, 40mph ... brown bears colonise the Alps, August 9)…. It's just this sort of scaremongering that leads to the spate of extinctions which follow human beings wherever they settle. Elizabeth Kay, Worcester Park, Surrey (letters)

Gloucester Citizen 11.8.05 MP'S ANIMAL PATROL - Stroud Mp David Drew spent a day in the animal kingdom to learn more about the work of the RSPCA. Long-serving Phil Mann took Mr Drew about on his duties for a day this week and offered the MP a rare insight into the life of an RSPCA inspector…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 11.8.05 I would like to express our thanks to all those who attended the quiz night at Westham village hall on Thursday July 21 in aid of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and helped raise £208… Trevor Weeks, rescue co-ordinator, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service.
I WOULD like to take the opportunity to propose a vote of confidence and give my full support for Trevor Weeks, duty co-ordinator and senior medic for WRAS. I feel that I must give this support to Trevor following the letter printed in the Eastbourne Gazette of June 29. The article was malicious, fictional and damaging to the work that all wildlife medics aim for…. It is Trevor who the media contacts not the other way around. It is Trevor who works 24/7, 365 days a year. Would anyone do that just for the glory?... — MAZ MARRIOTT, duty co-ordinator and wildlife medic for WRAS
MUCH has been said about the work of Trevor Weeks’s Wildlife Rescue. I greatly admire his dedication, and his volunteers who work without financial gain. The long hours worked must be very stressful…. J COLLINS, Orwell Close, Stone Cross, Pevensey. (letters)

Cornish Guardian 11.8.05 POSTCARDS TO PROTECT WILDLIFE - An animal-loving Lostwithiel couple have launched a new range of postcards aimed at helping to protect wildlife across the world. Adrian and Colleen Cooper are already well known in the area for their informative and truly Cornish gift books, which outline tales of the county's myths and legends, and hoped to follow their success with their stylish new postcard range…. The pair, who donate all the money made from the venture to animal charities, said they had been inspired after searching for lightweight Cornish items they could send to friends and relatives living in other areas or even abroad… (story)

Ilkley Gazette 11.8.05 Buyer power - Eminent professors of farm animal husbandy have for years expressed concerns about intensive methods of food production. Their views were compounded by disturbing footage (Dispatches, Channel 4, Thursday, July 28) expertly presented by Jane Moore… Legislation will never be as effective as consumer resistence. By careful purchase selection, we can express our compassion for all our food and milk-producing animals. JUANITA FENTON Gib Field Farm, Ben Rhydding. (letter in archive)


Matlock Mercury 10.8.05 Show breaks crowd record - THIS YEAR'S Bakewell show literally had something for everyone… During a display by the Barlow Hounds, 74-year-old huntsman Billy Marples was thrown by his mount and landed heavily on the floor. The retired farmer of Rumbling Farm, in Barlow, in the Peak District, injured his shoulder and was taken to hospital in Chesterfield but has since made a full recovery…. By Tim Cunningham (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.8.05 COUNTY SET CELEBRATES AS THE COWS COME HOME - When the foot-and-mouth crisis hit the country in 2001, the Bakewell Show lost one of its main attractions - but yesterday afternoon they were back for all to see. On the opening day of the 175th Bakewell Show, farmers were allowed to parade their cattle in the main arena for the first time since the crisis…. During a display by the Barlow Hounds, huntsman Billy Marples was thrown by his mount and landed heavily on the floor. The retired farmer of Rumbling Farm, in Barlow, in the Peak District, injured his shoulder and was taken to hospital in Chesterfield as a precautionary measure…. (story)

Cambrian News 10.8.05 Farmer seeks to amend Hunting Act - A LLANBRYNMAIR woman who launched a petition calling on the Welsh Assembly to amend the Hunting Act in Wales said she has been overwhelmed by the response. Nerys Evans organised the petition at the Royal Welsh Show after she had lost lambs and chickens to foxes since the ban came in…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.05 Royal Welsh caravan theft arrests - Police have made nine arrests and recovered 10 stolen caravans during an operation in and around the Royal Welsh Show ground… Elsewhere at the show on Wednesday, Welsh assembly presiding officer Dafydd Elis-Thomas said the ban on hunting with hounds could be overturned in Wales if the UK government's plans for further devolution became law… The Wales Office rejected his comments and said that hunting was not devolved and the UK government had no intention of revisiting the issue…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 20.7.05 HUNTING BAN PETITION LAUNCHED - A Petition which calls on the Welsh Assembly to reduce unnecessary suffering to wild animals, created as a result of the hunting ban, was launched at the Royal Welsh show on Monday…. Visitors to the show are being invited to sign the petition, which was initiated by Mrs Evans after she was given a foxhound by a former huntsman of Bro Dysynni Hunt. She also has concerns for wild animal welfare… (story)
Daily Post 19.7.05 People power fights the ban By Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A POWERFUL new coalition of politicians yesterday called on "people power" to save fox hunting in Wales. The cross-party group of politicians said they wanted more than 100,000 people to sign a petition demanding the Assembly altered its stance on the ban on hunting with hounds. The petition, called Reclaiming Hunting For Wales, was launched at the Royal Welsh Show yesterday…. (story)
Western Mail 19.7.05 Welsh sheep farmers losing lambs and money,say hunt supporters - Paul Carey, Western Mail - WELSH farmers are losing livestock and money as a result of the Hunting Act, it was claimed at the Royal Welsh yesterday. Nerys Evans, a farmer from Llanbrynmair, in Powys, used the first day of the four-day show in Powys, to call on the Assembly to amend the Hunting Act 2004 in Wales, to combat the suffering faced by farmers and their animals. She launched a petition, which has the support of the all-party Parliamentary Middle Way group and has already been endorsed by all major farming organisations in Wales… (story)
BBC News Online 18.7.05 Hunting petition launch at show - Campaigners have launched a petition to call for the Welsh Assembly Government to be given the power to alter the current laws on hunting. At the Royal Welsh Show on Monday, the Middle Way Group's co-chair Lembit Opik MP and AMs from all parties claimed the fox population was "exploding"… (story)
Western Mail 16.7.05 Campaigners to hunt for signatures at Royal Welsh - Kirsty Buchanan, Western Mail - HUNT campaigners will be using next week's Royal Welsh Show to try to build one of the biggest petitions seen in Wales to convince the Assembly Government to exempt the country from the UK Government's ban. The Middle Way Group believes if it can hand in one of the largest petitions ever received by the Assembly, Ministers could be persuaded to revisit the issue as more powers are handed over to Cardiff…. >(story)

Carmarthen Journal 10.8.05 A WORSE FATE FOR FOXES? - On my travels throughout Carmarthenshire I notice more and more dead foxes on the county's roads. I wonder if this is a result of the hunting ban… I trust that the anti-hunting group are happy with their efforts now that the fox is suffering a truly barbaric end on our roads. Helen Worthington, Victoria Street, Llandovery (letter)

Western Morning News 10.8.05 A question of odds - DOUGLAS Batchelor from the League Against Cruel Sports quotes eight per cent mortality in rearing pheasants and tries to alarm us with 30,000 to 24,000 deaths - which by my maths is 1-in-12 in a good year. I would be delighted to rear 10 out of 12 chickens, which are a lot easier to rear than pheasants…. I'm off to kill that blue bottle while I still have the chance! Sylvia Crocker, Bridestowe (letter)

Muswell Hill Journal 10.8.05 Girl 'is bitten by fox' - A LITTLE girl is reported to have been bitten by a fox which crept into her home as she slept. The animal entered the house in Park Avenue South, Hornsey, and bit the girl's foot. The girl was taken to hospital by her mum and dad. She is reported to have been ill for a week with a temperature following the attack… fox enthusiast Peter Bryant disputed that a fox would bite a child. Mr Bryant said: "If you are bitten by a fox, believe me, you are in trouble. I do not agree that foxes are becoming more aggressive…." (story)

Mansfield Chad 10.8.05 Banned for life from keeping terrier dogs - BLIDWORTH man Stephen Tucker has been banned from keeping terriers for life after he admitted putting his pet dog down a badger sett…. (story)
Sheffield Star 8.8.05 Badger baiter banned after terriers hurt - A BUSINESSMAN has been ordered to pay £6,000 and banned from keeping terriers after nearly killing two dogs while badger baiting. Stephen Tucker's two terriers were left covered in blood and one had to have its nose sewn together when they were attacked by badgers during an illegal dig…. (story)

The Sentinel 10.8.05 EATING MEAT IS VERY DAMAGING - It is astonishing that, despite the obvious cruelty, most people still eat animals… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Leicester Mercury 10.8.05 ANIMALS: LET'S KEEP THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE - The Leicester Mercury devoted three-quarters of Page 3 (August 6) to a story about two geese shot with a crossbow. While I don't like gratuitous cruelty, I also don't understand why so much importance is attached to this by the Mercury, which frequently apportions that much space to the report of a murder. To put it into perspective, I imagine that tens of thousands of our furred and feathered friends are squashed or horrifically maimed by cars each year…. Russ Ball, Leicester (letter)


Bournemouth Echo 9.8.05 Organisers hoping for record-breaking show by Bob Jolliffe - ELLINGHAM Show organisers are hoping for a repeat of last year's record-breaking crowd when 19,000 paying guests streamed past the turnstiles for a day of traditional country fun… There will also be gundog and llama displays, Shetland ponies, music, showjumping, falconry and foxhounds…. (story in archive)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 9.8.05 Hunt campaigner fights the ban by Simon Crump - NORTH Cotswolds' hunt campaigner Lesley Drage says she could spend the next seven years in court, fighting to overturn the national ban on their sport…. Miss Drage told the Standard she and the others had until September 14 to take the case to the Court of Appeal in a further bid to overturn it and would do so if funds are raised…. (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 9.8.05 FROM RAGS TO BREECHES BY JON DI PAOLO - Less than a year ago, Julie Hyslop's business was facing ruin - but now it is set to make a comeback of Olympic proportions. The equestrian yard at Vale View Farm in Old Dalby, near Melton, was just about wiped out when the ban on hunting came in… The 200-acre farm had housed hunters but when the bloodsport was outlawed, 90 per cent of the business disappeared. All but four of 18 hunter hirelings had to be sold and three full-time staff lost their jobs. Now, though, new indoor and outdoor riding schools with specialist cushion track have been built, paving the way for it to diversify…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 9.8.05 RURAL TRADITION KEEPS CROWDS COMING BACK IN DROVES - A Balmy summer's day last Sunday and there was only one place to head for thousands of people. The Gower Show in Penrice was celebrating its centenary and CHRIS PEREGRINE went along to find out more about its enduring appeal…. In the rings horse classes and sheepdog trials attracted spectators, as did displays of falconry and ponies and one from the Banwen Hunt…. (story)

Halifax Courier 9.8.05 PERIL OF TORCHLIGHT HUNTERS WHO STALK COUNTRY ROADS - NIGHTIME stalkers are using Calderdale's country roads as hunting grounds. Lampers - who use high powered beams to stun prey - have been spotted shooting on the district's country lanes… PC Sally Smart, wildlife officer for West Yorkshire Police, said dogs were also used to chase animals caught up in the beam. "Hunting with dogs is against the law now, but it is quite a popular pastime with lampers," she said. "It's about whose dog can catch the biggest animal….” (story)

Western Morning News 9.8.05 SHOOTING WORLD WILL HAVE TO MAKE CHANGES - I am delighted to see that the Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA) is commissioning a report into the environmental, economic and social aspects of pheasant shooting in the Greater Exmoor Area. (WMN, July 30) The economic benefits of shooting on Exmoor seem clear in that they provide income to many people in the area… But it is the environmental aspects of shooting that I am concerned with, having once owned woodland next to a "shoot from hell". I will submit evidence to ENPA of environmental damage to my own woodland by massed pheasant releases based on my own personal observations…. Theo Hopkins, Lifton, Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.8.05 WHY WAS CATFISH CAUGHT ANYWAY? - I am writing about the story of the 15-stone catfish which was caught after an hour's struggle and then released. Although your paper happily proclaims that the catfish was thrown back seconds after it was caught, I have to wonder what on Earth was the point of it all? This animal suffered for an hour, desperately trying to escape, no doubt with a metal hook tearing at its lip… For people to say that everything is OK as the poor creature was then hurled back into the water is fairly naive. As with land animals, such a severe wound can be fatal if not treated as it may become infected… Catching fish is cruel and unnecessary whether they are killed on the spot or thrown into the water injured and exhausted. Paul Nelson Croydon (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.8.05 FISHING TACKLE THREAT TO BIRDS - I am writing to agree with the letter by Bridget Baker (Your Say, August 4). Even though the catfish in question was returned to the water, fishing is the cause of death and injury to thousands of animals each year. Waterfowl, such as swans and ducks, are particularly vulnerable… There have been a number of recent reports showing fish feel pain. The RSPCA sponsored an inquiry into angling and shooting, which concluded that all vertebrates, including fish, are able to experience pain…. Marilyn Harrison, Swindon, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.8.05 CATFISH IS ALIVE AND WELL! - - What a strange society we are. We read about appalling acts of cruelty to animals, to which normal people will react with disgust and horror. Yet, in the Western Daily Press on Monday, the catching of a 15 stone catfish is celebrated. It is pictured presumably gasping for oxygen as it dies… Bridget P Baker Wellington Somerset
Good news, Bridget! The story should have said that the catfish is alive and well. . . The Editor (letter)

Western Morning News 9.8.05 RACING PIGEONS DO NOT SUFFER CRUELTY - I am amazed that Mr A Hellam (WMN, July 26) could write in and show his total ignorance of the sport of pigeon racing. These birds are highly intelligent, highly trained individuals who know no other life than training, racing and exercising around the loft… Does Mr Hellam think it is cruel to put racehorses in horse boxes and take them to Newmarket or wherever to race unnaturally? I think not. Turn your attentions to battery farmed hens, now there is cruelty for you… Nick Darracott, Bude (letter)


Irish Examiner 8.8.05 Time to put an end to the savage cruelty of cub hunting - THE Circuit Court judge in a recent dog fighting case slammed the “savage and sadistic cruelty” of the practice before passing sentence on the fight organisers. While sharing his view of dog fighting, I feel we lose sight of the fact that an equally cruel and sadistic form of “field sport” recreation is not merely legal, but commands the support of the rich and famous in society, including prominent members of the legal profession. I refer to the sport of cub hunting or cubbing as some call it…. The British, who invented snob cruelty, have thankfully banned it. We, who inherited cub and fox hunting from them in darker days, should now follow their example and put and end to this abuse of our wildlife heritage. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Western Mail 8.8.05 Foxy farmer - One wonders if your correspondent who claims to have lost just two lambs in more than 40 years of sheep farming fell asleep whilst counting. Even the better farmers admit that sheep are poor survivalists, with losses during lambing ranging from stillborn, via weakness in one or more of a multiple birth, to sudden limb disorders leaving lambs as easy targets. Farmers also agree that foxes mostly only hoover up the dead and dying, but acknowledge the existence of killer foxes; unlike killer dogs, which can be identified, isolated and shot, many foxes need to be taken out in the hope that the killer is among them… HUW BEYNON, Llandeilo (letter)
Western Mail 1.8.05 Keeping lambs safe - Plainly your correspondent Andy Allen has not farmed sheep. We have farmed sheep for more than 40 years and in that time have lost only two lambs… HUW ARMSTRONG, Bleddfa, Powys (letter)

The Sentinel 8.8.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS TAKE AIM AT GAME SHOOTERS - Estates will soon be ringing to the sound of shotguns as another game season opens. But those taking part accept they could also be hearing the first shots in the next major animal rights confrontation, which could lead to tighter controls and even a ban. This coming Friday, traditionally known as the Glorious Twelfth, marks the beginning of the grouse shooting season… Groups such as The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) say that although monitoring shoots is difficult because they are usually held on private land, it will investigate claims of cruel behaviour, including the actions of gamekeepers… The Countryside Alliance (CA) believes that people may object to rural pursuits such as hunting and shooting because of a general ignorance of rural issues - an ignorance it hopes to dispel. Claire Rowson, regional director for the CA in the West Midlands, says:… "Shooting has a great story to tell. That is why we have launched a campaign called On The Front Foot, which will involve us getting out there and promoting shooting, because we certainly want to ensure it doesn't go down the same road as hunting…." (story)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 8.8.05 Any more cruel? - WHILE I deplore the behaviour of the Fife man, who cut the tail off a goldfish, as featured in your courts column on August 3, I question whether his action was any more cruel than those of fishermen and cooks the world over…. Concerned, Craigiebank. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 8.8.05 CALL FOR FARMERS TO END BADGER CAMPAIGN - A New survey of TB in badgers proves farming unions should halt their "relentless" campaign against the animals, the National Federation of Badger Groups says. The NFBG claims the research proves there is a very small chance of badgers infecting cattle with the disease. Around one in seven badgers killed on South West roads were found to be infected by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs survey… (story)

Medical News Today 8.8.05 Fewer but more agressive animal extremist attacks recorded, UK - There has been a decline in the number of attacks by animal extremists in the first six months of the year but there has been a worrying increase in the severity of some of them, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) says…. (story)
The Scientist 5.8.05 UK extremist attacks drop - Figures from the pharmaceutical industry show that violent animal rights protests less frequent this year than last By Stephen Pincock - In the first six months of this year, the number of violent attacks undertaken by animal rights protesters has declined compared to the same period last year, although the severity of some of the protests has increased, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) reported this week…. (story)
Pharmafocus 4.8.05 Animal rights attacks curbed by new legislation - Animal rights activists have dramatically scaled back illegal attacks on medical researchers in the wake of new laws to counteract intimidation tactics. Figures from industry association the ABPI showed a sharp drop across the spectrum of animal extremism, indicating that tighter new laws to combat the problem were working…. (story)
Guardian 2.8.05 Fewer violent protests - Heather Tomlinson - Animal rights extremists have scaled down illegal attacks against medical researchers this year, the drugs industry said yesterday…. However, 2005 has seen an escalation of severe attacks, with bombs left at the homes of two workers associated with animal research…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 8.8.05 Mike wins award for wildlife work - A HAMPSHIRE man received a prestigious award at the House of Lords for his work with wildlife. Mike Pawling, 69, of Hamilton Road, Bishopstoke, won the Animal Welfare Conservation Award in the International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) Animal Action Awards 2005…. (story in archive)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 8.8.05 Face of cruelty in this land - Britain is continually taking a high moral tone about animal cruelty in other countries. But shouldn't we take a close look at ourselves? Alleged puppy farms in Wales; badger baiting; cock fighting; dog fighting; fox hunting now banned of course, but I would hazard a guess persecution of foxes still exists in other forms… I feel there must be some concern over people using pets to produce litter after litter of puppies just for financial gain with little thought given to the consequences of bringing even more dogs into the world… A P Cuff, Grayling Road, Stourbridge (story)

Argus 8.8.05 Letter: Aiding animals - A street collection in Brighton on July 30 raised £161.58 for Animal Aid, which would like to thank those who donated and collected it…. -Pat Hanshaw, Hove (letter in archive)

Scotsman 8.8.05 Cruelty problem - The disturbing increase in cases of cruelty to animals (your report, 4 August) is cause for concern and indicates that not enough is being done to tackle this growing problem in our society. Advocates for Animals believes the sentences given to those who commit crimes of cruelty to animals are too lenient…. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)


Scotland On Sunday 7.8.05 Grouse beating a path to our plates - JEREMY WATSON - IT IS high in protein, low in fat and free from artificial additives. Vegetarians and anti-bloodsports campaigners won't like it but red grouse is about to be marketed as a healthy new meat alternative…. A newly formed Scottish Small Game Group will meet for the first time tomorrow to plan how to get more consumers to buy the birds…. The SSGG, which includes the Scottish Countryside Alliance, gamekeepers, game dealers and shooting organisations, wants to at least double the amount of grouse consumed in Scotland…. (story)

The Business 7.8.05 First animal rights protest arrests under new UK law By : Tracey Boles - THE first arrests have been made under tough new UK legislation that allows animal rights extremists to be prosecuted and jailed for causing economic damage. Seven people were arrested on Thursday while protesting at commercial premises in west London under section 146 of the the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, enacted on 1 July this year. They have since been released on bail. The police believe they will act as a test case for the new laws, brought in to crack down on animal rights extremists… (story)


Irish Independent 6.8.05 Hunting lobby recruits 4,000 - Aideen Sheehan, Agriculture Correspondent - A BODY describing itself as the "political wing of hunting in Ireland" was launched at Dublin Horse Show this week signing up over 4,000 members to defend the sport against attacks. HAI Ltd is the new lobby group of the Hunting Association of Ireland aimed at protecting hunting from animal rights campaigners who HAI claim are seeking a world where people no longer have the right to eat meat or keep pets…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.8.05 COUNTRY SPORTS LOVERS ENJOY MOY DAY OUT - Almost 4,000 country sports enthusiasts turned out to enjoy the two-day annual Highland Field Sports Fair at Moy, near Inverness, yesterday…. Other events at the sports fair included terrier racing, a pets parade, falconry, hounds from the Duke of Buccleuch's pack, archery, rifle shooting, clay pigeon shooting, fly casting competitions and gun dog trials. (story)

Telegraph 6.8.05 Highlands sports on a wing and a prayer? By Selina Mills - Is Scotland's grouse season, already under threat from animal rights activists, global warming and the trichostrongylus tenuis worm, about to be winged by airline red tape? Airlines flying to Scotland are insisting that hunters and fisherman who want to bring home their catch must notify the airline in advance and ensure it is "securely packaged" and within your weight allowance. The restrictions came to light after this reporter had a 5lb wild salmon confiscated at Inverness airport. She was dismayed to learn that the fish, caught on the River Brora in the Highlands, was deemed a "health and safety risk" and could not be carried on the 1.20pm British Midland (BMI) flight to London…. A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said officials had been "over-zealous": "It's complete nonsense to suggest there's any health risk attached to transport fish or game if its wrapped up carefully, especially compared to the food passengers are expected to eat."… (story)

South Wales Echo 6.8.05 Straight to the point - TO the morons who can't leave any animal alone and wrote in about seagulls and pigeons, I say they should get an education…. Janet Simpson, Celyn Avenue, Lakeside, Cardiff (letter)

South Wales Echo 6.8.05 I THINK the type of person, like correspondent Lionel Robinson, who complained about the two brothers who ran with the bulls in Pamplona, "have nothing better to do with their lives". I have often thought about doing a run myself; and Mr Robinson's predictable, ill-informed whingeing, has made my mind up for me…. Mark Williams, Claude Road, Roath, Cardiff (letter)


Western Morning News 5.8.05 ACTION AGAINST BAN IS STILL A 'WAR SITUATION' - PETER HALL FARMING EDITOR - A highlight of the main arena programme was the parade of the 54 packs of hounds taking part in the hound show, as hunt supporters insisted that it was only a matter of time before the hunting Act is overturned. "It may be as early as October or it may be in five years time when we get a change of government," said Alison Hawes, South West Director of the Countryside Alliance… "I'm very positive about the future," said David Lewis, huntsman of the Seavington Hunt in Somerset. "I think hunting will be all right but we shall have to keep on the struggle until we get this ridiculous law overturned."… (story)

Post & Times 5.8.05 SHOW INCLUDES BLOODHOUND CHASE - Four Shires Bloodhounds, which hunt human runners in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, are to hold their first meet at Beaver Hall, Bradnop. Next Sunday's event includes showing, in-hand, ridden and working hunter classes, for people of all levels and abilities…. (story)

Oxford Mail 5.8.05 Long, long way to go - Reading correspondence regarding the recent demonstration against animal testing at Oxford University and the large police presence reinforces my belief that, while technically much progress has been made, ethically the human race still has a long, long way to go…. I am one of a group who has monitored fox hunts over many years and regularly witnessed police presence, with our perfectly lawful activities of following and filming sometimes overseen quite aggressively…. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 5.8.05 BADGERS ARE THE NFU SCAPEGOATS - I read yet again that the National Farmers' Union is calling for the killing of badgers (Farming Green, July 19).There's still no proof that tuberculosis is passed from badgers to cattle…. I hope Defra does not succumb to this distorted ideology of the NFU. Name and address supplied. (letter)

Ledbury Reporter 5.8.05 Too political - Annie Mason, landlady of the Ring of Bells, has banned a talk on alternatives to vivisection due to take place in her New Street pub on August 10. She said she thought the talk was on animal welfare when she agreed to it…. (story in archive)

Burton Mail 5.8.05 POLICE COSTS SOAR by David Powles - THE COST of policing a controversial guinea pig farm has risen by 40 per cent during the last 12 months — following the high-profile grave desecration of one of the farm owner's relatives…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 5.8.05 PRISON FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS - The person who left that poor dog to die in the heat at Pentrechwyth (Post, July 21), should go to prison. But we all know that, if caught, they would probably only receive a fine and be banned from keeping animals…. John Davies, Westbury Street Swansea (letter)

Preston Citizen 5.8.05 Call for mayor to boycott twin town - An animal rights group has called on the Mayor of Preston to boycott the city's French twin, after it emerged the town hosts bullfights…. But Preston Mayor Coun Bhikhu Patel has rejected the request by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and said he wants to go in person to Nimes to speak to officials there about the practice…. (story in archive)
Lancashire Evening Post 2.8.05 Locking horns - Preston aims to score a bulls-eye – by getting bullfighting banned in its twin town of Nimes. The city's councillors have been targeted by animal rights campaigners who are urging them to write to French officials demanding the bloodsport is axed. French pressure group the Radical Anti-Corrida Committee have sent a letter and DVD to all 60 council members, asking them to contact Nimes' mayor Jean-Paul Fournier…. And the city's Hindu mayor Bhikhu Patel, who believes the cow is a sacred animal, will be urging French officials to ban the sport…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 5.8.05 REFUGE FOR GULL HATERS? - I have just seen your report concerning gull chick deaths (HE, July 25). While visiting Paignton a week ago, I saw in Woodland Park, opposite the police station, two dead young gulls placed together on the pavement as were the gulls in your report… Is Torbay a refuge for sick gull haters? TERENCE MacMANUS, Priory Road, London (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 5.8.05 DUTY OF CARE WOULD BE INTRODUCED - The most comprehensive modernisation of animal welfare laws for a century is how the Government is heralding its draft Animal Welfare Bill…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 5.8.05 ANIMALS NEED A LAW TO BITE - We claim to be a nation of animal lovers yet we rely on 95-year-old laws to protect our pets. It means that thousands of animals are needlessly suffering every year and it is high time the Government took action over the problem…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 5.8.05 CRUELTY LAW MUST HAVE MORE TEETH - We are all rightly shocked when we read of cases of horrifying cruelty to animals. But the RSPCA says the law prevents it from helping thousands of pets which suffer every year. JONATHAN ISAACS looks at why the organisation is campaigning for the introduction of tough new legislation… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 5.8.05 Bearskin hats Tattoo protest - ANIMAL rights campaigners are to hand out leaflets to Tattoo visitors tonight in a bid for support to encourage British guards to swap their real bearskin hats for a synthetic version. Demonstrators from Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are to protest on Castle Hill dressed in bear costumes and holding signs reading "save my skin"…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 5.8.05 Horse show is produced with the right spirit - I normally agree with June Flemings ideals regarding the welfare of animals and concur with her regarding the use of wild animals in circuses. However I do not agree with her sentiments regarding the Spirit of the Horse show (Letters, August 3). As one who learnt to ride before she could walk, I can assure Mrs Fleming that one cannot generally make a horse do something it doesn't want to do!... Sarah Hinchley, The Loan, Loanhead, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 3.8.05 Stop circus cruelty - All animals should be banned from circuses (News, July 30) and the show Spirit of the Horse is a horse circus. It is simply not right for the horses to perform unnatural tricks…. June Fleming, Oxgangs Farm Gardens, Edinburgh (letter)


Cotswold Journal 4.8.05 Campaigners vow to take hunt ban to appeal court - A COTSWOLD woman and Vale man who were at the centre of a legal bid to overturn the government's ban on hunting have vowed to fight on after their latest attempt was thrown out by top judges at London's High Court. Hunt campaigner Lesley Drage was one of ten people to launch a second high court challenge, made on human rights grounds, to the total prohibition on hunting with dogs in England and Wales… (story in archive)
Cornish Guardian 4.8.05 HIGH COURT BACKING FOR HUNT BAN - The high Court in London has dismissed claims from the Countryside Alliance and other hunting supporters that the hunting ban breaches Human Rights and European law…. owever, Ben Sparrow, Master of the Western Hunt in Penwith, told The Cornishman this week that the fight to overturn the ban was not finished yet - and that he would be riding out with the hounds when the hunting season starts in September…. (story)
Morpeth Herald 4.8.05 Future looking grim for Hunt - MORPETH huntsmen have admitted 'the future doesn't look good' after High Court judges threw out pro-campaigners' second legal challenge against the controversial hunting ban…. Joint Master of Hounds, James Cookson, said: "The future doesn't look too rosy at the minute but, of course, we'll be trying our hardest to fight this… (story)
Northumberland Gazette 4.8.05 Huntsmen vowto fight on despite ruling - HUNTSMEN across north Northumberland have vowed to continue their battle against the hunting ban after High Court judges threw out a second legal challenge…. In February, when the ban came into force, the West Percy Hunt stopped meeting but in September, the start of the hunting season, they will line hunt… Ian McKie, joint master of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, added: "One is always hopeful. I think the Hunting Act is very unjust and we need to use whatever measures are within our power and the legal system to repeal it…." (story)
Western Gazette 4.8.05 JUDGES THROW OUT PLEA TO OVERTURN HUNT BAN - A Farmer has lost his legal challenge to the Government's ban on fox hunting. East Knoyle dairy farmer Jason Vickery was one of ten claimants in the Countryside Alliance's bid to overturn the Hunting Act 2004 on the grounds it contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights…. Mr Vickery, who keeps a herd of 200 cows, has been hunting with the Motcombe-based South and West Wiltshire Hunt all his life and had claimed it had provided vital support to local farmers…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.8.05 HUNTS' PURPOSE NOT TO CULL DEER - I was pleased that the Countryside Alliance lost its High Court challenge to the validity of the Act banning fox hunting with hounds on July 28…. There are three Westcountry stag hunts: the Devon and Somerset, the Quantock, and Tiverton Staghounds. But deer may be found in many parts of the United Kingdom. Why are these three hunts the only ones in the country?... Every year thousands of deer throughout the country are culled, without difficulty, by shooting… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 4.8.05 Fat lady's still silent - IN reply to C Haynes' letter (Gazette, July 28) I would like to point out that the hunting with dogs issue is not over until the fat lady sings. She hasn't sung yet, and it could well be that when we British people tire of warmonger Blair and his loony Labour backbenchers inviting every assassin in the world to have a go at us, an elected Conservative Party will repeal the Hunting Act…. W Fowler, Corsham (letter in archive)
Wiltshire Gazette 28.7.05 Hunting issue closed - IS anyone else as tired as I am of hearing about pro-hunters and their intentions for the future? How many more toys are they going to throw out of their prams? Hunting is banned. Get over it…. C HAYNES, Corsham (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 4.8.05 HELP FARMERS WHO DON'T HUNT - I really must write in support of farmer Gill Purser. She is absolutely right! Farmers do need the support of the public, especially when they are being held to ransom by the big supermarkets… I for one, will not buy from a farmer who arrogantly allows hunting to take place on his or her land… Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.8.05 FARMING COMMUNITY IS NOT ARROGANT AT ALL - It was enlightening getting such a quick response to my letter from Gill Purser regarding her criticism of farmers. I think Gill must be what they call "looking for demons". We all come across arrogant and obnoxious people occasionally in every walk of life, but if she really believes they inhabit the farming community more so than any other, I really do think she needs to get out a bit more…. Charles Henry Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.7.05 WORKING FARMERS STILL NEED PUBLIC OPINION BEHIND THEM - In his letter (Your Say, July 25), Charles Henry responds to my criticism of farmers by arguing that they will be precious if we ever get a repeat of World War II. I imagine he thinks that this is justification for the swaggering attitude of some farmers today who feel they can demand the support of the British public rather than earning it…. Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.7.05 FARMS WILL ALWAYS BE MANAGED WELL - I hope the lady from Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham, Gill Purser, never finds herself in a situation when her country is at war and the only food she can get for her table has to be supplied by the people that she seems to take such pleasure in vilifying; the farming community… The land will always have to be managed by the people who understand it. Charles Henry Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.7.05 FARMERS ARE DISPENSABLE - I was encouraged as I began to read the letter from R W Russell (Your Say, July 14) that we were about to hear from a farmer with some humility, but no such luck. His letter finishes with an air of conceit typical of so many farmers who think they can wag their fingers at potential customers and still stay in business… Telling potential customers that they'll be reduced to buying imports for far less money than similar British products will hardly have people quaking in their boots. And warning them that the countryside will suffer without farming, when the impression is that farmers spend most of their time either abusing our wildlife or drenching the land in harmful chemicals, holds no sway either… Gill Purser Clapton-on-the-Hill Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 4.8.05 Killed for fun - As the Glorious Twelfth approaches (I don't know why it's called that) it is very pleasing to hear that the grouse are practically extinct due to the stomach virus that has killed most of them prior to them being shot…. The grouse are killed for fun, as in fox hunting…. Derek Wright, Westbury Street, Bradford (letter in archive)

Burton Mail 4.8.05 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS IN MASS PROTEST by David Powles - HUNDREDS of animal rights activists are expected to descend on Burton town centre to protest against a controversial guinea pig farm. Campaigners against the Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, are being urged to "bring the roof off Burton" at a rally in the town centre on Saturday, September 3. But today police reassured the public that officers will be out in force to ensure that the protest remains peaceful. It will be the first mass protest by animal rights activists in Burton since the remains of grave of Gladys Hammond, a relative of the farm's owners, were stolen from a Yoxall churchyard in October…. (story)

Argus 4.8.05 Letter: Tissue bank means less vivisection - I am writing in response to the letter entitled "Health disservice" (Letters, July 26). Its author, Clive Hopper, asked readers to write to their MPs to protest at NICE's (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) decision to temporarily withdraw orthodox drugs for dementia sufferers…. But I would like people to write to their MPs to support NICE's decision and, at the same time, remind Tony Blair of his 1997 election promise to set up a Royal Commission to look into the validity of animal-based research…. -David Hammond, Hassocks (letter in archive)

Warminster & Westbury Standard 4.8.05 FACE THE FACT THAT THE HUMAN IS THE PROBLEM - DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley, Westbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.7.05 BBC BIAS CLOUDS IMPORTANT ISSUES - David Thomas Hisomley Near Westbury (letter)
Bath Chronicle 26.7.05 IT'S HUMANS WHO CAUSE THE PROBLEMS - Surely we cannot continue ignoring the fact that the politically correct liberal elite of the BBC with their other think-a-likes have made things worse regarding issues like terrorism with their biased reporting and debating? They decided not to refer to Muslims who go out to kill people as terrorists, yet have no hesitation about using this word when referring to those who affect the profits of certain vested interest by campaigning against cruelty to other species in vivisection, factory farming, fur trade, cruel-sports and ritual-slaughter etc…. DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley, Nr Westbury (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 4.8.05 FORGET ABOUT POOR ANIMALS - The holiday season is upon us and I would hope that people who visit Spain are aware of the horrendous cruelty which that country inflicts upon its animals The country has an appalling animal welfare record…. Heather Davies, Devon Place, Mumbles (story)

Western Gazette 4.8.05 ANIMAL GROUP DECLARES WAR ON WYEVALE - Animal activists have begun a campaign against a West-based garden chain promoted by celebrity gardener Kim Wilde. One of Britain's largest animal rights groups says Wyevale garden centres should stop selling pets and birds. Animal Aid says unless Wyevale stops selling small animals in about half its 114 stores, it can expect a similar war to the one waged against DIY group Focus for the past three years…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 4.8.05 LIFE BANS THE ONLY WAY IN CRUELTY CASES - I felt sickened by the Christopher Bustance sheep cruelty case (July 30). Firstly, nobody is made to own an animal. It is purely by choice - so why the need for cruelty?... R. LOVE Riley Close, Bracebridge Heath
Once again we read of cruelty to animals, this time a farmer and his sheep… REG POOLE Hebden Moor Way, North Hykeham. (letters)

Frome & Somerset Standard 4.8.05 HELP TO FIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY - Many years ago I wrote to regional newspapers asking them to include in their pets for sale section a statement advising potential buyers to ask to see the dog or cat with the mother…. Most did, but I notice that the Frome & Somerset Standard currently does not do so. I wonder if you would introduce this practice to help in the constant battle against the abuse… DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley
Editor's note: … Our classified section will include a statement about the sale of pets from the end of this month when the correct wording has been approved by the Newspaper Society. (letter)


Guardian 3.8.05 MPs face new row on Lords reform - Michael White, political editor - Senior ministers are bracing themselves for a fresh showdown if the law lords endorse a ruling challenging the government's power to overrule the upper house. So concerned are some members of the cabinet about remarks made in the court of appeal, that Geoff Hoon, the leader of the Commons, wrote to colleagues this month warning them of potential trouble ahead, it emerged yesterday. Paradoxically the case in question saw the appeal court uphold the legality of the law that banned hunting with dogs and reject an appeal that tried to claim the 1949 Parliament Act was illegal…. (story)
Financial Times 2.8.05 Hoon warns legal dispute could affect rights of Commons By Cathy Newmanand James Blitz - Cabinet ministers are being warned of a looming constitutional crisis that could pitch the government's legislative programme into turmoil. Geoff Hoon, leader of the House of Commons, has written to cabinet colleagues warning that a law lords judgment due in the autumn could limit MPs' rights to push important legislation through the House of Lords, unpicking a constitutional settlement that has its origins in the 1689 bill of rights. One recipient of the letter told the FT that Mr Hoon warned that a legal dispute about the hunting ban had "raised serious constitutional questions fundamentally affecting the rights of the House of Commons"…. (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 3.8.05 Hunt supporters fail in latest bid to lift ban by Victoria Young - SUPPORTERS of hunting with dogs in North Yorkshire have vowed to fight on despite a decision at the High Court that dismissed claims that ban breaches European law… Stephen Rawlings, secretary of the Saltersgate Farmers' Hunt, said: "I'm very, very surprised. The battle will still go on. There are still other challenges on-going and it's not the end of the matter by any means…" Charlie Gundry, master of the Middleton Hunt, said he was confident on the outcome of the Law Lords' decision… (story in archive)

Scotsman 3.8.05 Anger over hunting group's joke e-mail urging: kill birds of prey - JAMES REYNOLDS - A SPOOF e-mail sent out by the chief executive of the Scottish Countryside Alliance that encouraged people to shoot birds of prey has been condemned by conservation groups. Tony Andrews sent the "joke" e-mail in the guise of a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds mailshot, urging recipients to kill sparrowhawks - a protected species… (story)

Muswell Hill Journal 3.8.05 Fox expert tells estate to clean up its act - A FOX expert has told Tottenham residents annoyed with the animals ransacking bins and digging up gardens to stop feeding them and to tidy their estate. John Bryant, who advises on humane ways of controlling fox numbers, told a residents' meeting in Whitehall and Tenterden Community Centre, that the only way to reduce the animals' population was to cut off food supplies and sanctuaries….(story)

Sutton/Croydon Advertiser 3.8.05 Reservoir's dogs free from traps By Joan Mulcaster - WATER bosses have removed fox traps from a Sutton reservoir after concerns that contractors who supplied them shot the captured wild animals. Sutton and District Water Company said they had been told by the firm concerned that the foxes at the Langley Park, Sutton, reservoir would be released elsewhere…. Paul Morin, founder of Cheam Wildlife Care, said: "Contractors hired to trap foxes tell clients they will be released because they don't want to say what really happens - they are shot at point blank range in the traps using guns with silencers…. John Bryantm, who runs Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrent, said: "Foxes are very territorial animals and if one colony of foxes is removed or destroyed another moves in…. (story)

Spalding Guardian 3.8.05 Success means illegal trap amnesty may be extended - A GIN trap amnesty has been hailed a great success by organisers and could now be extended across the whole of Lincolnshire. The two-week amnesty across the south of the county was set up by the RSPCA in conjunction with police and saw 12 illegal traps handed in… (story)
Leicester Mercury 23.7.05 TRAP AMNESTY SUCCESS - An amnesty to stop the illegal use of animal traps has been hailed a success. The RSPCA held the amnesty in parts of Lincolnshire to get people to give up their mechanical traps…. Around 12 traps were handed into police stations across south Lincolnshire over the last two weeks…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.05 Animal trap amnesty 'a success' - An amnesty on illegal traps that can kill or maim animals has been a success according to Lincolnshire Police. A dozen steel-jawed metal Gin Traps have been handed in to officers in the south of the county… (story)
Spalding Guardian 11.7.05 'Support amnesty on illegal animal traps' - A HOLBEACH woman whose cat lost a leg in an illegal trap is urging people to support a gin trap amnesty. Lorna Myles' cat Figaro had to have his limb amputated after spending two agonising days caught in a gin trap in March. He is the latest in a line of animals to be caught in one of these devices and it was his trauma that prompted the RSPCA and Lincolnshire Police to launch a two-week countywide amnesty…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 5.7.05 HAND IN GIN TRAPS UNDER AMNESTY - An amnesty has been announced to try to end the illegal use of animal traps in Lincolnshire. The RSPCA wants to stop people using gin traps…. A spokesman is asking anyone who has a trap to put it in containers sited at Sleaford, Grantham and Spalding police stations. They will not face prosecution and will remain anonymous throughout the duration of the amnesty…. (story)

Western Daily Press 3.8.05 SARIN HORROR FOR LAB TEST MONKEYS - Animal rights activists yesterday claimed a West military lab has been conducting cruel experiments on monkeys. The hard-line British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection described horrific details of experiments at the MoD's Porton Down research facility in Wiltshire as part of its campaign to end testing on primates… (story)
Western Daily Press 3.8.05 SARIN TESTED ON ANIMALS IN WEST - Marmosets were injected with chemical nerve agents, including sarin, at a West research base, animal rights campaigners claimed yesterday. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) highlighted the experiments at Porton Down in Wiltshire in its protest against primate testing in the UK. Protesters dressed as monkeys handed a petition containing 163,000 signatures to No.10 Downing Street to launch the Next of Kin campaign focusing on the ethical concerns over the use of primates and the dubious science they claim is involved. … (story)
Guardian 3.8.05 Petition calls for total ban on primate experiments - Sophie Kirkham - Campaigners dressed as monkeys in pinstripe suits were at Downing Street yesterday to hand in a petition calling for a total ban on primate testing in Britain…. (story)
Guardian 2.8.05 Petition calls for end to testing on primates - Matthew Tempest and agencies - Campaigners dressed as monkeys in pinstripe suits today took a petition to Downing Street calling for an end to animal testing on primates. Some 163,000 people have signed the call, including the comedian Alexei Sayle, the musician Heather Small and the actor Jenny Seagrove…. Today's protest, part of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's "Next of Kin" campaign, was backed by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker…. (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 2.8.05 Bid to ban tests on apes - A TROOP of suited and booted "monkeys" were accompanying an MP to Downing Street today, calling for a total ban on primate testing in the UK. Liberal Democrat Norman Baker was handing in a petition of 163,000 signatures to launch a "Next of Kin" campaign organised by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 2.8.05 Total ban on primate testing plea - A CAMPAIGN for a total ban on primate testing in the UK went a step further today when protesters handed in a petition to Number 10 Downing Street…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.8.05 No 10 forbids any monkey business - Sketch By Ollie Stone-Lee - It's official: monkeys are banned from Downing Street. No 10 has put up with the shouting journalists, angry ministers, even drinks parties with Noel Gallagher. But when it came to a troop of "suited and booted" monkeys, those at the heart of government drew a line. Instead, the "monkeys" - in reality anti-vivisection campaigners - were told to leave their ape costumes outside until they had delivered their petition to the famous black door…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.8.05 OWNER DENIES CIRCUS CRUELTY CLAIMS - Julie Hemmings - THE owner of a travelling circus about to start performances in North Yorkshire has dismissed cruelty allegations by animal rights campaigners. Peter Jolly spoke out as the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) urged residents to boycott his family show, which starts in Catterick tomorrow night…. Mr Jolly said people were "fed up with political correctness" and audiences wanted to see his animals, which include llamas, horses and snakes…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.8.05 Pity Deano, the greyhound who is US bound From Rose Tart and Alan Hudson, Barnby Dun, Doncaster. WHAT a pity Dr Lucy Northcliffe couldn't think of an inanimate object to remind her of Yorkshire while she is in New York, rather than a greyhound… To pack an animal into a crate and leave him in an aircraft hold for several hours is heartless in the extreme, particularly after so recently being homed at the end of his racing career…. (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 3.8.05 APPALLED BY DOG CRUELTY - I Am sickened and infuriated by yet another report of appalling cruelty to an animal (Post, July 21). Personally, I would like to see the same treatment inflicted on the scum who carry out these acts… T Turner, Heol Emrys, Penlan, Swansea (letter)


Birmingham Post 2.8.05 I'll fight on to save the hunt By Sarah Probert, Rural Affairs Reporter - Britain's longest serving huntsman has vowed to fight for his future despite losing a High Court challenge claiming the ban on hunting with hounds infringed his human rights. Roger Bigland, a terrier man with the North Cotswold Hunt, who will lose his livelihood if the Government ban is not overturned, said he feared the worst following the decision but vowed to appeal against it… The North Cotswold Hunt held an open day at its kennels at the weekend which attracted a record number of visitors. "We had more support than we had in the last 20 years, they all wanted us to go on," Mr Bigland added…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 2.8.05 HUNTING CHALLENGE LOST - Hunting campaigners have lost a second High Court challenge to overturn the Hunting Act. The pro-hunting Countryside Alliance argued that the Act, introduced in February, infringed human rights…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.8.05 WE MUST EMULATE THE COURAGE OF KATE HOEY - How pleased I am that Kate Hoey, MP, probably one of the most courageous ladies in the House of Commons, has agreed to become the new Chairman of the Countryside Alliance…. Almost 40 per cent of the British electorate, disillusioned and despairing, did not bother to vote at the last General Election. Nearly 80 per cent of the total electorate did not vote for this government. It is time to be as courageous as Kate Hoey, and ready ourselves to stand up and be counted at the next one. Tess Nash, UKIP, St Ives Branch, Helston (letter)

Yorkshire Post 2.8.05 From: Eric Beechey, Yorkshire Representative, League Against Cruel Sports, Eastfield Lane, Kellington, Goole. GIVEN that the Countryside Alliance have just had their second High Court challenge to the Hunting Act thrown out, the organisation has now got to accept that any further resistance to the Hunting Act is futile… (letter)

Western Morning News 2.8.05 Dog ban is misguided - SO dogs are to be banned from the new access land on the West Dart on the spurious grounds that they might interfere with otters and salmon? If this were true, dogs - including hunting hounds - would need to be banned from every upland river on Dartmoor, for salmon and otters thrive on all of them…. John Bainbridge, Teignmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 2.8.05 PHEASANTS ARE THE ULTIMATE FREE RANGERS - Unless you are hard core "veggie" where is the logic in the League Against Cruel Sport's campaign against game shooting (WMN, July 12). Reared pheasants must be the ultimate free-rangers, happily pecking about in fields and woods before being suddenly dispatched with a single shot, and even then having the last laugh on the plate when the shot shatters expensive dental crowns… Martin Bell, Port Isaac (letter)

Western Morning News 2.8.05 Pill-popping nation - ARE we to become a nation of neurotics? A pill for this and a pill for that?... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 2.8.05 NEGLECTFUL PARENTS TO BLAME TOO - I have just read the article (Friday ) about the yobs in Tailyour Road, Crownhill, who set fire to and kicked to death the defenseless hedgehog…. There are few criminal acts which anger me as much as animal cruelty, and it makes me ashamed to read of such a disgusting, cowardly act in my home city…. STEVEN EDWARDS, Plymouth
WE READ with horror about the sick cruelty those creatures inflicted on that poor hedgehog…. L LLOYD, Higher St Budeaux
THESE young people are the dregs of humanity. Send them to a boot camp: discipline is what they need. AVIS CROOK, Manadon (letters)

Western Daily Press 2.8.05 EU CATTLE CRUELTY MUST BE STOPPED - Each year hundreds of thousands of cattle are exported from EU countries to the Middle East…. Compassion in World Farming investigators are at present gathering new evidence about this brutal trade…. Miss Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.8.05 ANIMAL CRUELTY LINK TO ABUSE - The link between cruelty to animals and violence to humans has long been accepted by criminologists. Not all people who are cruel to animals go on to carry out similar acts against humans, but many perpetrators of abuse and cruelty towards humans have a history of cruelty to animals in their youth… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.8.05 POULTRY BOSS HITS OUT AT TV - The leader of Britain's chicken farmers says it's time producers started publicising their industry's astonishing successes rather than lying down under more criticism. Gloucestershire-based Charles Bourns says the poultry sector has done a "magnificent" job in supplying the nation with high-quality affordable food, and has transformed the eating habits of millions. But, he says, a hardcore of determined animal welfare campaigners will always find reason to complain. … (story)


South Wales Evening Post 1.8.05 HUNT LEGISLATION 'WON'T WORK' - Powers to amend the hunting ban should be given to the Assembly, a pressure group said today. The Middle Way Group claims a leaked report from the League Against Cruel Sports admits that pairs of dogs are "utterly useless" in flushing to guns - a practice which is still legal. Llanelli-based AM Helen Mary Jones said: "This appears to be more evidence that this legislation is unworkable….” (story)

Southern Daily Echo 1.8.05 Hunt vows to appeal High Court decision - HUNTING enthusiasts have vowed to fight on after losing the latest round of their battle to save the ancient bloodsport. The New Forest Hounds (NFH) has confirmed that the Countryside Alliance will appeal against the High Court's decision to uphold the ban on hunting with dogs…. (story in archive)

Horse & Hound 1.8.05 The future for foxes in post-ban Britain - Michael Clayton - What fox control methods will prevail now traditional hunting is outlawed, and will foxes proliferate or decline, wonders Horse & Hound… (story)

The Sentinel 1.8.05 THE SHOW MUST GO ON - ROGER HOULDCROFT - Organisers of Leek Show, which is under threat from major redevelopment plans, are confident that it will go on. The annual event on the town's Birchall Playing Fields on Cheadle Road, attracted thousands of visitors on Saturday despite the gloomy weather… One of the other attractions was a display in the main arena by the Staffordshire/Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire beagles who showed off their hunting skills… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.8.05 FELIX THE FOX ISN'T CLEVER Madam - I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rupert Sturgis, or is it Felix the Fox (Echo, July 26)? He has certainly had his 15 minutes of fame by putting up his pro-hunting stickers… If we all decided to inflict our opinions on the public in such a distasteful way we would be in a right mess. Mrs M Walmsley, Cheltenham. (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.8.05 Angling is not merely an innocent hobby - J WOODMAN (SA July 27) would like us to believe that fishing is an innocent pastime, beneficial to wildlife. Fishing tackle is the cause of death and injury to many thousands of animals every year. Then what about the poor fish? There have been a number of recent reports showing fish feel pain…. M Harrison, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 1.8.05 Sign up to stop animal trading by Emma Joseph - DO you want endangered species to be kept in better conditions and the trading of those animals to stop? Those were the questions South Dorset MP and Biodiversity Minister Jim Knight was asking visitors to ape rescue centre Monkey World, in Wareham, when he paid a visit to launch a new consultation campaign on Saturday. Mr Knight joined forces with Monkey World's Jim and Alison Cronin to urge people to vote for proposals to use powers to ban the keeping of certain species of wild flora and fauna as a means to prevent illegal trade in endangered species…. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 1.8.05 TIME TO STOP THE MONKEY MISERY - Two West conservationists were yesterday helping spearhead a campaign to end the suffering of countless helpless pet monkeys being kept in horrific conditions throughout the UK. DrAlison Cronin and her husband Jim, who founded Monkey World in Dorset nearly 20 years ago, this weekend helped launch a Government consultation over plans to tighten legislation on the keeping of endangered species in this country. Presented by South Dorset MP Jim Knight, it contains several proposals to restrict, and in some cases ban, the keeping of endangered species and related products in the UK…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 1.8.05 NOTHING IN THE RESCUE CENTRE KITTY - A West animal rescue centre has launched an appeal for cat and a dog food, after revealing its stocks have fallen to a record low. The staff at Secret World in East Huntspill use the pet food to feed fox and badger cubs and, after a particularly busy season, have found the cupboard is almost bare… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.8.05 ANIMALS LAW NEEDED NOW - It Is about time the 1911 Protection of Animals Act was changed (July 20). The RSPCA needs a lot more power to protect animals and I hope it will get a new Welfare Bill, sooner rather than later… MRS J. ANDREWSRoughton Court, Ermine, Lincoln. (story)

The Sentinel 1.8.05 MONKEY PARK REJECTS BORN FREE SAFETY FEAR - MARIO CACCIOTTOLO - An animal welfare charity has expressed safety concerns over the newly opened Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens, claiming staff are insufficiently trained. The Born Free Foundation - which evolved from the hit film Born Free - has contacted Trentham Gardens and council chiefs to raise concerns following the sanctuary's July 19 launch… But Trentham Leisure events and marketing manager Steve Hamilton said the Born Free Foundation's fears were unfounded…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 1.8.05 BULLOCKS TRAP MAN - A man was rescued by firefighters after he was out walking in a field and became surrounded by about 50 bullocks…. Firefighters from Duffield went to the field on Cumberhills Road, in the village, to shoo away the animals (story)