August 2007

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Hexham Courant 31.8.07 Big crowds warm to bumper day out By GEMMA SOMERVILLE - AWASH with everything from daredevil motorcycle stunt men to eight packs of adorable hounds, Bellingham Show field looked a picture on Saturday.... Newcastle and District Beagles made their fourth annual visit to the show, taking over the main ring to the delight of dog lovers.... The Inter Hunt Challenge also made for riveting viewing, ending in a close-run final race between the Haydon Hunt and a scratch team with four members: David Coulson, Emma Sherwood, Mary Craney and Susie Pigg.... (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 31.8.07 HORSES GET CROWDS HOT-TO-TROT - Magnificent steeds caught the imagination of bank holiday revellers throughout the Edenbridge and Oxted Show... (story)
East Grinstead Courier 30.8.07 HORSES GET CROWDS HOT-TO-TROT - Magnificent steeds caught the imagination of bank holiday revellers throughout the Edenbridge and Oxted Show... A cavalcade of foxhounds were paraded around to impassioned protests against the hunting ban, while a more light-hearted dog show entertained in the neighbouring ring... (story)

Waterford News & Star 31.8.07 A winter of cruelty has begun! - From: John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO 4734 Dublin 1 Rep. of Ireland (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 23.8.07 Fox cub hunting a bloody training ground for hounds - August is the start of the winter of cruelty with the commencement of the fox cub hunting season.... Hunting with hounds is a bloody, cruelty-soaked activity. The people who engage in it pollute the countryside with their cruelty footprint and are nothing less than countryside terrorists. John Tierney, Campaigns director Association of Hunt Saboteurs (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 31.8.07 Property firm lends support to partridges - A RARE bird in danger of disappearing in Cambridgeshire is to get a boost from a local property consultancy firm. The Grey Partridge is in steep decline in the region... Now the rural division of property firm Carter Jonas is lending its support to a project aiming to boost numbers once again, the Grey Partridge Recovery Project run by the Game Conservancy Trust.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.8.07 CALL TO ALLOW DOG TAIL DOCKING - Scotland's environment secretary Richard Lochhead was yesterday urged to change the law to allow working dogs to have their tails docked... Conservative environment spokeswoman Nanette Milne has written to Mr Lochhead. She wants an exemption to be made for working dogs, as happens in England where puppies can have their tail docked up to the age of five days. The Tory MSP claimed a magazine article said First Minister Alex Salmond pledged a SNP administration would revoke the ban.... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 31.8.07 Opposition to Sequani plans By Gary Bills-Geddes - ANIMAL rights protestors say they will write to Herefordshire Council to oppose a planning application to extend the Sequani site, off the Bromyard Road. Tony Peters, a former member of the protest group, "Stop Sequani Animal Testing" (SQUAT) said he was no longer involved in that particular campaign, but he added: "I am sure that campaigners will write to the council... (story)

Daily Record 31.8.07 SAVLON OFF THE SHELVES - THOUSANDS of tubes of Savlon have been pulled from shop shelves after animal rights extremists claimed they had contaminated them.... (story)
BBC News Online 30.8.07 Animal rights scare sparks recall - Boots, Superdrug and Tesco have recalled tubes of Savlon after animal rights extremists claimed they have contaminated the antiseptic cream.... (story)
Guardian 30.8.07 Animal rights group 'has contaminated Savlon' - David Batty - Hundreds of thousands of bottles and tubes of Savlon have been removed from sale after animal rights activists claimed to have contaminated them, it was reported today. The Animal Rights Militia said it had tampered with 250 Salvon antiseptic products as part of an ongoing campaign against an animal testing laboratory.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 30.8.07 Extremists 'contaminate' Savlon - Thousands of tubes of Savlon have been recalled after animal rights extremists claimed they had been deliberately contaminated. Boots, Superdrug and Tesco removed the antiseptic cream after the Animal Rights Militia claimed it had tampered with 250 products. An ARM blog says the group carried out the contamination because it believes there are links between Savlon manufacturer Novartis and testing firm Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Birmingham Post 30.8.07 Animal rights extremists spark product recall - Thousands of tubes of Savlon have been pulled from shop shelves due to alleged contamination by animal rights extremists. Boots, Superdrug and Tesco recalled the antiseptic cream after the Animal Rights Militia claimed it had tampered with 250 products... (story)
Manchester Evening News 30.8.07 Savlon withdrawn after warning - THOUSANDS of tubes of Savlon have been pulled from shop shelves due to alleged contamination by animal rights extremists... (story)
Telegraph 30.8.07 Animal rights group in Savlon poison claim By Martin Beckford - Animal rights activists claim they have poisoned hundreds of tubes and bottles of Savlon, prompting high street stores to clear shelves of the antiseptic product.... The group, calling itself the Animal Rights Militia, said it targeted Savlon in a "clear and uncompromising" manner because it believes its Swiss manufacturer, Novartis, to be a client of the research centre Huntingdon Life Sciences.... (story)
Times 30.8.07 Savlon 'poison' alert - Thousands of tubes and bottles of Savlon were removed from stores, including Boots and Tesco, after claims they had been poisoned... (story)
Sun 30.8.07 Poison in Savlon cream threat - THOUSANDS of tubes of Savlon antiseptic cream were cleared from shops last night after animal rights activists claimed to have poisoned them. High Street chains like Boots and Superdrug acted after the so-called Animal Rights Militia said it had tampered with more than 250 tubes and bottles across the UK... (story)
Daily Mail 29.8.07 Antiseptic cream is cleared from shelves in animal rights activists' poisoning scare By PAUL SIMS - Thousands of tubes and bottles of Savlon have been taken off shelves after animal rights activists claimed to have poisoned them.... The Animal Rights Militia did not say how they had been damaged but it recently claimed to have injected bleach into products in France... The extremists said they had also targeted "other well-known stores" as part of a continuing campaign against the animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences... (story)

Wigan Evening Post/Reporter/Observer 31.8.07 Council should fight duck cull - Why have we got such a heartless council in Wigan? I'm referring to the ruddy duck issue, where at the very first council meeting councillors should have vehemently refused to have these ducks slaughtered.... Mrs D Smith, Thorburn Road, Pemberton (letter)


Horse & Hound 30.8.07 Sponsored bike ride for Quantock Hunt appeal fund - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - An ardent hunt supporter is saddling up on his bicycle to raise money for the Quantock Staghounds appeal against conviction for illegal hunting.... The hunt has announced its intention to mount a High Court appeal against the conviction, which could be a test case for other hunts falling foul of the new law. And on Saturday morning hunt supporter Mike Rose will set off from the hunt kennels to cycle for 24 hours for the appeal... (story)
Western Morning News 30.8.07 STAGHOUNDS' SUPPORTER PLANS FUNDRAISING RIDE - An ardent hunt supporter is to attempt a gruelling 24-hour cycle ride to raise money to help two huntsmen appeal against their conviction for breaking the hunting ban.Mike Rose will cycle a 43-mile circuit around the Quantocks all day and all night this weekend to raise money for two stag hunters who were found guilty of breaking the ban earlier this year.... (story)
Western Daily Press 29.8.07 RIDE RAISES FUNDS FOR CONVICTED HUNTSMEN - An ardent hunt supporter about to undertake a gruelling 24-hour cycle ride to raise money for two convicted huntsmen says his fundraising mission was born from a 'passion' for red deer.Mike Rose will cycle a 43-mile circuit around the Quantocks all day and all night this weekend to raise money for two stag hunters who were found guilty of breaking the hunting ban earlier this year... The Quantock Staghounds (QSH) men have announced their intention to appeal the case - but this could cost tens of thousands of pounds.... Mr Rose's ride starts at the QSH's Bagborough Kennels at 9am on Saturday, with a route to Williton, Bridgwater and Taunton along the A39, before heading back up into the hills at Cross Keys (story)
Somerset County Gazette 28.8.07 Riding for the Staghounds By Laura Thorpe - WHEN two members of the Quantock Staghounds, Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant, were found guilty of breaching the Hunting Act a keen supporter of the hunt decided to support an appeal to the High Court. Mike Rose plans to take on a sponsored 24-hour cycle ride on September 2 to raise money for the Staghounds' appeal.... (story)

Kent Messenger 30.8.07 Tally-ho: Hunt's open day goes down a treat by Alex Claridge - CROWDS that turned out in force for an open day held by East Kent Hunt are clear evidence of support for a repeal of the Hunting Act, argue organisers. Nearly 300 people visited the hunt's kennels in Elham on Sunday to learn about the sport and demonstrate their support.... (story)

Solihull Observer 30.8.07 Internet group brag of fox killing - Emily Cole - A SOLIHULL group promoting fox hunting and killing on international networking website Facebook has been slammed by the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports - The Observer can exclusively reveal. The discussion group Solihull Fox Hunters was created by James Parker and has nearly 60 members, including 21-year-old Matt Potter who is listed as Chief Fox Killer.... Member Paul Holdsworth initially ridicules the tradition of fox hunting before adding his support for killing foxes.... (story)

Oxford Mail 30.8.07 Looking both ways - Michael Heavey defends the principle of freedom of speech by insisting that Alan Page is perfectly entitled to his views on hunting (Oxford Mail, July 24). Yet, at the same time, he condemns animal rights' defenders for criticising Mr Page for making a series of major errors in his letters... JIM CRAWFORD Burton Place Oxford (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 30.8.07 GROUSE ABOUT CITY SERVICES - Council Leader Chris Williamson has every right to express his opinions on grouse shooting (Evening Telegraph, August 14) but I cannot be the only person in Derby to find his concerns for grouse incongruous with the fact that he presides over a council which is cutting home help services to elderly people and closing homes such as Bramblebrook, causing upset to any number of people... Glenda Howcroft, Littleover (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 21.8.07 A TASTY GROUSE ABOUT TAXES - So, Councillor Chris Williamson writes criticising the grouse shooters (Evening Telegraph, August 14) How unfortunate for him that his letter appeared on the same day the Evening Telegraph reported a shortfall in the collection of council tax to the value of £4.4m, plus the threat of closures of care homes, sports centre, swimming pools and bowling clubs, due to vast rises in council tax and neglect on a massive scale.... Incompetence or what?... To conclude, grouse tastes good, far better than some of this council's policies that the taxpayers have to stomach. D. J. Elliott, Dovecote Drive, Borrowash.(letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 20.8.07 HOW SHOOTING HELPS WILDLIFE - We would like to correct inaccuracies in Chris Williamson's letter published on August 14. Grouse shooting makes a huge contribution to nature conservation in the uplands and the financial investment in moorland management for grouse provides a highly sustainable form of land use, in contrast to unmanaged upland areas... Morag Walker, The Game Conservancy Trust, Hampshire.(letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 18.8.07 SOMETHING TO GROUSE ABOUT - CHRIS Williamson's letter about grouse shooting (Evening Telegraph, August 14) paints an inaccurate picture.Grouse moors are expensive to purchase and to run, so to call shooting "an industrial activity" is nonsense... Mr Williamson also alleges that extensive areas are burned to produce a good habitat only for grouse. The reality is that grouse moors aim to produce a mosaic of different-aged heather stands to meet the varying seasonal requirement of grouse from nesting to brood rearing - and the management plans, many agreed with Natural England, certainly produce more than grouse... Shooting makes a huge contribution to the rural economy in Derbyshire and the East Midlands. The industry is responsible for investing £120m a year and supporting 5,000 jobs... And, finally, grouse are not "intensively reared" as Mr Williamson suggests. They are wild birds and cannot be artificially reared... Helen Shuker, Press Officer, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.8.07 PREJUDICE THAT IGNORES FACTS - In response to the countryside sage Chris Williamson, am I correct in thinking that this gentleman, not content with destroying the architectural heritage of the city, is now advocating a drastic change to our countryside in an effort to service his own petty prejudices? In commenting on grouse populations being artificially high due to land management techniques, I find it astounding that someone with his obvious extensive knowledge does not understand that all land is managed, the world over, in one way or another... That he chooses to ignore the fact that wildlife benefits from land managed for shooting much more than comparable areas not so managed is due to his involvement in the League Against Cruel Sports and nothing whatsoever to do with the benefits to wildlife, or the enhancement and sustainability of rural communities so destroyed by his government... Paul Buxton, Codnor Denby Lane, Codnor (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 14.8.07 THE FAR FROM GLORIOUS 12TH - August 12 marked the start of the grouse shooting season in Derbyshire. Some people claim this activity is a traditional part of country life. Some even claim that grouse shooting enthusiasts help to protect our landscape... The truth is that the birds are intensively reared for the sole purpose of being used as live targets by gun-toting men with power fantasies. Just as foxhunting was made illegal a few years ago, the time will come when this form of rural vandalism will also be legislated out of existence. Chris Williamson, Council House, Derby. (letter)

Northumberland Gazette 30.8.07 Travelling hunters - BLOOD sports enthusiasts from Northumberland are travelling to Lincolnshire for illegal hunts, warn police. Lincolnshire wildlife officers say gangs from Manchester, Northumberland and even Devon and Cornwall are preying on local wildlife. Dogs chasing hares are often videoed and the footage taken back to where the coursers live and used in major betting events…. (story)

Oxford Mail 30.8.07 Endangered shark - Your article praising the catch of a Porbeagle shark off the Devon coast (Oxford Mail, August 11) was hardly a "fintastic affair". Fishers Restaurant should know that this species of shark is classed as vulnerable by the World Conservation Union.... The arrival of a rare species on our shores ought to be a cause for celebration, not an opportunity for financial gain. FIONA RAVENSCROFT South Street Oxford (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.8.07 HARE-COURSING GANGS WARNED THEY FACE JAIL - A Scottish police force has warned blood-sport enthusiasts that they could face jail for killing the country's wildlife. Tayside Police last night warned prospective hare-coursers that they could get a six-month term... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.8.07 New track will just increase demand - WHATEVER justifications Howard Wallace attempts to use for the building of the new Wallyford greyhound racing stadium (Animal welfare a stadium priority, Your views, 25/8/07) he cannot get round the fact that a new track will increase the demand for the breeding and importation of racing dogs, increase the numbers of abandoned dogs and inevitably perpetuate many of the existing and inherent welfare problems.... Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 25.8.07 Animal welfare a stadium priority - I AM sure letter writer Amanda Wells (Your views, August 22) is well-meaning and sincere in her concern for greyhounds... Unfortunately, she is misguided, ill-informed and inaccurate, which does greyhounds no favours.... Without ventures such as mine, racing will increasingly take place at unlicensed tracks devoid of veterinary care and facilities, or be driven underground, where regulation and re-homing programmes - such as that run by the Retired Greyhound Trust - will have less chance of succeeding. Howard Wallace, Lysander House, Dirleton, East Lothian (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 22.8.07 Greyhound track support off course - I REFER to the comments made by Helen Martin in her column on August 20... The industry is responsible for the deaths of thousands of greyhounds each year - a recent government report stated at least 4700 racing greyhounds "disappeared" each year.... Amanda Wells, Greyhound Action Scotland, Brown Street, Haddington (story)


Scotsman 29.8.07 Aiming at wrong target - In response to the intention to ban airguns (your report, 27 August), it seems yet again that the symptom rather than the root cause is to be addressed. Most people's experience of firearms is through films and games that project the image of people pointing guns at people and firing them. This is unlikely to change as a result of legislation, so this message will continue to filter through. On the other hand, shooting sports, which would be affected by a ban, bend over backwards to inculcate the message that firearms of any sort should not be pointed at people, loaded or unloaded, and explain the consequences.... TOM HARRISON, Inchbrakie Drive, Crieff, Perthshire (letter)

Telegraph 29.8.07 Catwalk in the country - Style in the sticks is booming, with Jimmy Choos joining Hunter wellies on rural doorsteps, says Julia Robson… Jill Grieve, public relations officer for the Countryside Alliance, agrees. "The country is definitely becoming more fashionable," she says. "There's fluidity between urban- and country-dweller and now there are gastropubs, there's an excuse to dress up and be seen."… (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 29.8.07 Ditched lines killing birds - Birds are suffering agonising deaths at the hands of anglers using a Bilston pool where fishing should be banned but is allowed to continue by council chiefs, it was revealed today. RSPCA officials have been forced to run a gauntlet of hate to reach injured wild fowl and feel so intimidated they could stop attending incidents at the scene alone…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 29.8.07 Young campaigner arrested in High Street By James Davis - SHOPPERS watched in disbelief as a team of seven police officers dismantled an animal rights stall set up by two young campaigners in Stroud High Street. Shortly after, one of the pair, Chris Potter, 17, was bundled into the back of a police car after mounting a sit down protest when officers demanded his name and address. The youngster and friend Ziggy Ramone, 26, from Nailsworth, had been running a stall on Friday to raise awareness of animal testing and the fur trade…. Police, who were called to investigate a complaint about the stall around 2.15pm, said the pair did not have a trading licence and were potentially obstructing a public highway. While no trading licence was required, the pair were accepting donations and should technically have applied to the district council for a collection permit… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 29.8.07 MORE FOIE GRAS PROTESTS IN CITY - Animal welfare protestors will continue their campaign to have foie gras removed from the city's menus on Friday. They will be holding banners and handing out leaflets in front of the World Service restaurant from 7pm before moving on to Merchants, in the Lace Market... (story)

Wirral Globe 29.8.07 RSPCA under fire after raid on woman’s home animal sanctuary - Exclusive By Kelly Fenna - A PENSIONER who has turned her home into an animal hospital broke down in tears as RSPCA workers boxed up and removed some of the sick animals she was treating. Devastated Pat Seager watched in horror as inspectors stormed in and began filming and making notes on the 47 neglected or injured animals that had been left on her doorstep…. Former schoolteacher Pat, who was surrounded by scores of supporters and members of the Globe team, said she was "made to feel like a crook" when officials measured up cages and read out her rights… RSPCA chief inspector Rachael Kavanah said that they were investigating one public complaint about the conditions that the animals are living in. She rejected claims that the RSPCA were retaliating for a considerable loss in Wirral donations after the Globe reported how Pat had taken in four orphaned ducklings after their mother was run over and killed - despite a host of previous calls to the society from concerned residents worried for the duck's safety… (story)


Western Mail 28.8.07 Hunt mourns death of stalwart by Brian Lee, Western Mail - WELSH hunt-racing is in mourning after the recent sudden death of stalwart John Barton, 67, who was joint master of the Llandeilo Farmers Hunt... (obituary)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.8.07 WHY DO TRAIL HUNTS HAVE LOW PROFILE? - A very good question was asked by Ivor Annetts, of the League Against Cruel Sports, Hunting for sport and fun isn't legal, Points of view, 22 August.He wants to know why up to 300 supporters pay an annual subscription to the Tiverton Staghounds of £220, with a 'cap' of £30. Mr Annetts asks: 'What are these 300 people paying for?' I think the answer must be trail hunting, but I am not quite sure what this is all about, as my efforts to learn something of this sport have not been successful... Could Ivor Annetts, or any reader of the Echo, explain why there appear to be no films on this subject? John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Northern Echo 28.8.07 Man shooting rabbits at centre of police helicopter response - A MAN shooting rabbits on his own land found himself at the centre of a police incident involving the force helicopter. Cleveland Police officers were sent to wasteland at the Preston Farm Industrial Estate in Stockton, Teesside, at around 6.45pm tonight. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a man with a gun being ordered to throw down his weapon, while the helicopter hovered overhead. But it later transpired the man was lawfully shooting rabbits... (story)

Western Daily Press 28.8.07 RESPECT FROM AN EARLY AGE - We write with reference to the article "Young guns in the firing line" (Western Daily Press, August 20). Surely the police would not issue certificates for the use of guns to anyone under 16 who was not under the control of an experienced person. These youngsters will grow up with a respect for guns and be able to use them safely... KC & AM Godwin, Chippenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.8.07 RECOGNISE THE RESPONSIBLE - I would like to comment on the article of August 20 in connection with shotgun certificates for children.... It is a fact that children are fascinated by guns and, unfortunately, modern children are exposed by the media to an unremitting glorification in both film and music of the worst possible depictions of firearms abuse.... is it surprising that a responsible parent sees the holding of a licence as the first step in teaching their child a safe and responsible attitude towards firearms? Surely this should be a matter of commendation rather than attack by "Mothers Against Guns". C A Currie, Radstock (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.8.07 MY DAUGHTER TAUGHT ME THAT KILLING FOR FUN IS ABHORRENT What a fantastic common sense report by Ms Robertson of the League Against Cruel Sports ("The message is that killing is OK", Western Daily Press, August 25). I was raised in a shooting family and I took the lives of birds without even thinking about their suffering... When I had a child of my own to raise - a daughter, who taught me that it was wrong to take a life just because we can - I remember thinking, my God, out of the mouths of babes... Killing for fun should be the first horror to be banished. Maybe then other legal atrocities will follow, and a more peaceable world can be had for us all. Bob Hewitt, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 28.8.07 ONLY LEGAL FOR VETS TO DOCK TAILS - In Response to the letter 'Being 'cruel' to be kind' (Viewpoint, August 18), the RSPCA wishes to further clarify the law surrounding tail docking. Regardless of views on tail docking, owners must now abide by legislation set out in the Animal Welfare Act, 2006, or risk prosecution... Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA East Regional Press Officer, Peterborough (letter)

Western Morning News 28.8.07 DELUSION ON MASS CULL OF BADGERS - It is now some time since the final report on the Krebs/ISG badger culling trial was published.And now that the dust has settled, it seems that everyone has swallowed the notion that mass widespread badger culls may reduce cattle TB, whereas localised culls may make things worse through perturbed badgers having greater contact with cattle... It is perfectly obvious to anyone with a spot of common sense, that the big rises/falls in cattle TB are simply due to relaxing because of foot and mouth 2001 of intensive cattle controls then reimposing them... Martin Hancox, Stroud (story)

Spalding Guardian 28.8.07 For Animal Aid By DONNA BURKE, Collection Co-ordinator, Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Spalding for their generosity in raising £172.54 at a street collection on Saturday, August 18… (letter)


Western Daily Press 27.8.07 SHOOTING TEACHES DISCIPLINE AND DUTY - On Saturday, Louise Robertson of the League Against Cruel Sports called for new laws to prevent children from obtaining a shotgun certificate. Today Helen Shuker, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. says that learning to use a shotgun helps to create model citizens... (story)
Western Daily Press 25.8.07 THE MESSAGE IS THAT KILLING IS OK - Have our laws become too liberal when it comes to children and handling guns? Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, says there is a need for an age limit below which a child cannot obtain a shotgun certificate... (story)

Guardian 27.8.07 Hunt for the Scottish poisoners - Death of female golden eagle with fledgling chick prompts calls for crackdown on rogue gamekeepers - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - The golden eagle laid out on the sterilised steel dissection table had no name, only a number: 07103... Police and conservationists believe the eagle is the victim of an intensifying and illegal war against birds of prey being fought by gamekeepers and landowners to protect commercially reared game birds - red grouse, pheasant and partridge - from their natural predators.... (story)

Glasgow Herald 27.8.07 Anger at executive stance on gun laws - MICHAEL SETTLE, Chief UK Political Correspondent - Alex Salmond and the Scottish Executive were last night accused of "getting ahead of themselves" after suggesting Whitehall was sympathetic to Holyrood making new laws on gun crime in Scotland.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 27.8.07 Hooked on fishing By Ben Perrin - NOVICE anglers got to grips with fishing at Coate Water Country Park over the weekend. The free taster day was organised in conjunction with the National Federation of Anglers and the Environment Agency.... (story)

Northern Echo 27.8.07 Getting youngsters hooked on fishing instead of crime - CRIME-FIGHTERS have gone fishing, hoping to get youngsters hooked on the sport, rather than crime. Cleveland Fire Brigade has joined forces with two charities to set up angling schools to teach youngsters the rudiments of fishing... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 27.8.07 POLICE SET THEIR SIGHTS ON POACHERS - Families who go for a day out in the Lincolnshire countryside are being asked to keep watch for blood sports enthusiasts. Lincolnshire Police wildlife officers are bracing themselves for an expected increase in acts of cruelty towards hares, deer and badgers. It is legal to go hare coursing during the September to March season with the landowner's permission. But the gangs behind the activity also trespass on land, damage newly-sown fields and steal farm equipment and supplies, particularly diesel.... (story)

Times 27.8.07 Death not ‘adverse effect’ - Queen’s Bench Division Published August 27, 2007 - Regina (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) v Secretary of State for the Home Department - Before Mr Justice Mitting - The death of an animal used in a regulated procedure for scientific experimentation was not an adverse effect which needed to be taken into account when deciding whether to grant a licence for such experiments. Rather, the statutory scheme governing such licences was concerned with the pain and suffering which animals might experience before death... (story)

Guardian 27.8.07 Universities fail to cut number of animal tests - James Randerson, science correspondent - University scientists have been criticised for failing to reduce the number of animals used in research in a period that the commercial labs have cut animal research substantially... "I think it is very much an attitudinal barrier," said Gill Langley, director of the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research.... (story)
Guardian 25.8.07 Ivory tower mentality blamed for 50% rise in animal tests - James Randerson, science correspondent - Universities and medical schools have been criticised for increasing the number of animals used in research by more than 50% since 1996 while industry has reduced its procedures by 20% over the same period... Gill Langley, director of the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, said: "There is an ivory tower mentality still ... there's no support for academic researchers who want to think about a different way."... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.8.07 FOIE GRAS PROTEST AT CITY RESTAURANT - Animal welfare protesters held a demonstration outside Nottingham's only Michelin-starred restaurant calling for foie gras to be taken off the menu. Ten people with placards stood outside Sat Bains restaurant, in Lenton Lane, on Friday evening... Protester Jon Beresford said: "It's barbaric, and illegal to produce it in this country... (story)

Western Daily Press 27.8.07 WHALING MUST NOT START AGAIN - I remember too well the report of several dead dolphins on the coast near Branscombe by your reporter Tina Rowe.... Now it looks as if the situation could get worse for ocean life. In short, the Icelandic Government has not received any further international condemnation for their resumption of "scientific" and commercial whaling..... We seem to live in a world where hunting and the persecution of our fellow species is the norm and this when our planet is in crisis.... Graham Forsyth, Chard, Somerset (letter)


Sunday Herald 26.8.07 SNP: Scotland could have airgun ban law ‘within By Paul Hutcheon - FIRST MINISTER Alex Salmond is intending to introduce legislation to ban airguns within a year, in a move designed to tackle Scotland's burgeoning gun culture. The SNP leader wants a commitmenttoaScotland-only Firearms Bill to be the result of further talks with UK ministers on weapons-related crime.... Now Salmond is committed to laying "a framework" that will lead to separate airgun legislation... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 26.8.07 Animal rights activists demand end to gannet slaughter - MURDO MACLEOD - ANIMAL rights activists have vowed to lobby the Scottish Executive and Europe to end the traditional baby gannet slaughter in the Outer Hebrides.... Islanders have hit back, saying the animal rights groups are little more than "serial complainers" and ministers have said they have no plans to review the right to catch the birds.... (story)
Observer 26.8.07 Protesters unable to prevent 'stone age' bird slaughter - The centuries-old throttling of young gannets by Lewis islanders is defended as being for food not sport, reports Paul Kelbie - Much to the annoyance of animal welfare groups, men from a rural Scottish community will this weekend keep alive a tradition dating back more than 500 years... Advocates for Animals has called on the Scottish Executive to stop what it has labelled a 'barbaric' tradition. 'We believe this is a brutal practice,' said Ross Minett, the group's campaigns director... (story)
Independent 25.8.07 Ancient gannet hunt on Lewis threatened by animal activists By Jonathan Brown and Andrew Johnson - To its supporters it is a tradition steeped in the ancient, rugged, culture of one of the British Isles' most remote island communities. For its increasingly vocal opponents, the annual guga hunt off Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is a bloodthirsty relic from a cruel, bygone age... The Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals (AFA) is pushing for the special derogation under European Union law that allows the annual cull to continue on cultural grounds, to be dropped.... Ross Minnet of the AFA believes the guga hunt is cruelty disguised as culture... (story)

Independent on Sunday 26.8.07 McCartneys at odds over kangaroo boots - Stella designs for Adidas. They make football boots campaigners say are cruel. And Paul agrees with them By Paul Bignell - Stella McCartney, the vegetarian designer revered by vegans worldwide, is more used to leading attacks on the fur-loving world of high fashion than being on the receiving end. But that is precisely where she has found herself this week, after animal welfare campaigners launched an assault on the sporting giant behind her sports range for its use of kangaroo leather... Sir Paul has been a fierce critic in the past of Adidas's use of kangaroo skins... (story)

Observer 26.8.07 Lay off animal lovers - My fellow animal-rights activists and I might have mistakenly left many a tofu sandwich on a bus en route to a protest, but none of us has purposely or accidentally left a bomb on one. ('Drama over Casualty plot as BBC bans terror script', News, last week).... Pamela Kinnunen, London NW2 (letter)


Western Daily Press 25.8.07 LAWS THERE TO PROTECT ANIMALS - David Cameron responds to the question of why he wants to legalise the cruel and barbaric "pastime" of hunting with dogs by saying he prefers "trusting people to take more decisions themselves".So, logically, this must mean that he also intends to legalise cock- fighting and bull-baiting, firm favourites with many of the forebears of the hunting fraternity..... Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.8.07 HUNT CRITICS NEED TO GET FACTS RIGHT - With reference to the many letters opposed to hunting, I urge these people to look into the law a lot more as many of the statements being said are incorrect... Many of the people who think hunting is a blood sport are unaware of the services that hunts provide. Furthermore, we are not posh! I work in a low-paid job and live in a small flat. Please do some research before you insult us. J Howard, St David's Hill, Exeter (by email) (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.8.07 TORY LEADER WANTS ANOTHER HUNT VOTE - It was very gratifying to read Tracey Grace's letter Waiting for 'dying breed' to die out, Points of view, August 17.Opinion polls have consistently shown a majority of people, young and old, regard hunting as a sick activity, not sport... The only party that has consistently had in its manifesto a commitment to ban hunting with dogs is the Labour Party, and it is thanks only to the Labour Party that legislation has been put through Parliament banning this cruel so-called sport. James Singer, Cowick Street, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.8.07 RESPONSIBLE SHOOTERS PENALISED (AUGUST 23) Members of the community who are registered by the police to hold firearms are, by definition, among the most law-abiding sector of society.What other sector of society is regularly character- assessed by the police, have to submit themselves to medical examination and provide character witnesses?... Shaun Freke, Gloucestershire (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.8.07 SUPPORT FOR OUTRIGHT BAN ON USE OF SNARES GROWS - The campaign for an outright ban on the use of snares has gained momentum. An analysis of responses to a Scottish Executive consultation on a possible tightening-up of the law revealed they came down two to one in favour of a ban.... Opponents, such as the Scottish SPCA, claim snares are indiscriminate and cause unnecessary suffering... Libby Anderson, political director for the Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals, welcomed the results... (story)

Scotsman 25.8.07 Steak in the future - CLAIRE MACDONALD - Next Friday sees the launch of scottish food Fortnight at Glamis Castle. First Minister Alex Salmond is due to attend to help get the two-week celebration of the sheer abundance and quality of foods grown, raised and produced throughout Scotland off to a good start. The event is organised by the Educational Trust of the Countryside Alliance and I'm proud to be its patron... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 25.8.07 Animal gifts are wrong - DESPITE the protests of animal welfare societies and environmental protection agencies, Christian charities are still making gifts of farmed animals to the impoverished communities around the world.... Oxfam's catalogue says "Donkeys make kick-ass gifts!... Everyone must have seen media footage showing how donkeys suffer at the hands of destitute people. Giving cows is just plain stupid because 90 per cent of black people cannot digest dairy products... BILL BLAN, Poole (story)


Western Morning News 24.8.07 BUMPER FIGURE IN CHARITY TEAM RIDE - Hunting man Michael Bickell and his merry team of five have raised more than £4,000 for the Exeter and Plymouth Leukaemia Funds, after completing his annual sponsored ride for charity.The Lamerton Hunt chairman set off from Launceston Castle with his mainstay Murphy to cover a 100 mile route which finished at Lulworth Castle, in Dorset... (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 24.8.07 Garden’s a foxes’ picnic area - Having just read the item headed “Cameron and foxes” (August 7) from Mrs Rosemary Dodd, I find myself somewhat torn between opinions on the issue of fox hunting. From the point of view of an animal lover I agree with Mrs Dodd that this “sport” does indeed “belong to centuries gone by”. On the other hand, as a garden lover, I look out to my back garden every day and am constantly reminded of the destruction these animals are capable of.... K Gibson, Elm Green, Dudley (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 24.8.07 HUNTERS PROSECUTED - In June, this year, the League Against Cruel Sports' second private prosecution of hunting extremists found breaking the law was a success, when two officials from the Quantock Staghounds were found guilty of breaking the hunting act. The judge has put to rest the ill-founded claims of all the sceptics that the league's previous successful prosecution in August 2006 was a fluke... Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.8.07 RESPONSIBLE LEISURE SHOOTERS PENALISED BECAUSE OF GANGS - Great Britain, as far as I know, does not have a pistol shooting team for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics because of the ban on handguns in 1997.... to get to Olympic level, you will need to start at a very early age. That is why children have shotgun licences. This is all very different from black-on-black gun crime - we have the strictest gun laws in the world and the bad guys have ended up with the guns.... G A Haddock, Trowbridge (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 24.8.07 KIDS HOOKED ON FISHING EXPERIENCE - As a registered child minder I am constantly looking for activities that not only will the children enjoy but will give them new skills and build on their confidence.This year (for the third year running) we have accessed Torbay's fantastic 'Play in the Bay' scheme... So far this summer the children have tried fencing and quad biking, but the activity that they haven't stopped talking about is fishing... I cannot speak too highly of the setting and the fishing coaches... LORRAINE GEORGE, Isaacs Road, Torquay (letter)

Oxford Mail 24.8.07 Silence over lab opening date By Giles Sheldrick - Oxford University has refused to say when its controversial animal experiment laboratory will finally open - or how much over budget the project has run... Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for the non-violent animal rights campaign group Speak, said: "Not surprisingly, Oxford University has refused to discuss any details concerning the lab.... (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 24.8.07 Fury over ‘brutal’ duck cull at lochs by Graeme Murray - ANIMAL activists today called on the public to rebel against a dawn cull of ducks at two Scots lochs. They branded the planned shooting of North American Ruddy Ducks "a brutal and ugly killing project". North Lanarkshire Council has given its support to the "international conservation action", which is designed to secure the survival of the globally-threatened White-Headed Duck.... But Andrew Taylor, of Animal Aid, said: "I'd urge the people of North Lanarkshire to rebel against this decision.... A spokesman for the SSPCA said: "We are opposed to the culling of any wild animal." (story)
Daily Record 24.8.07 FIGHT PLEA ON RUDDY DUCK CULL - ANIMAL groups want the public to reverse a decision on a duck cull. North Lanarkshire Council have granted permission for a cull of ruddy ducks at two lochs in Coatbridge.... Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, yesterday said: "I'd urge the people of North Lanarkshire to rebel against this decision. It's a bloody cull in their name... (story)

Independent 24.8.07 The Big Question: Are the French and the Spanish finally turning against bullfighting? By John Lichfield, Paris Correspondent - Why are we asking the question now? Opposition to bullfighting in France – weak and divided in the past – has finally broken through into the mainstream media and political agenda this summer.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 24.8.07 PROTEST OVER FOIE GRAS ON RESTAURANT'S MENU - A City centre restaurant has defended its right to have foie gras on the menu after a visit by animal rights protesters.Robert Sinyard, head chef of Bearlands Restaurant and Wine Bar, on Longsmith Street, was dismayed when a group of about eight protesters clothed in fluorescent jackets started to march up and down with placards outside the premises about 7.30pm on August 15. Staff at the restaurant had to take down a menu and sign a piece of paper to say they would not serve the delicacy again before the protesters would leave... (story)

Northern Echo 24.8.07 Animal cruelty - WE continue to hear reports of cruelty towards animals... Do we need a register of those who inflict cruelty on animals? Bernie Walsh, Coxhoe, Durham. (story)

Cumberland News 24.8.07 MP to meet campaigners - MEMBERS of Compassion In World Farming will visit Carlisle on September 15 as part of its campaign to end calf exports. Carlisle MP Eric Martlew, chairman of the all-party group on Animal Welfare, will meet their campaigns officer at their city centre stand. (story)


West Cumberland Times & Star 23.8.07 Hunting ban boosts hounds support - A BILL designed to ban hunting has, in effect, created more support for traditional packs including Blencathra Foxhounds in Cumbria, huntsman Barry Todhunter said. The bill banning hunting with dogs came into force in 2005 but on Wednesday, hundreds of hunt enthusiasts gathered for their annual hound and terrier show at Threlkeld. And, as the Blencathra hunt plans for a new season, beginning in September, Mr Todhunter said there was a new enthusiasm for the pack continuing drag hunting on the fells…. (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 23.8.07 Yes, a farmer who cared! - Having only just got around to reading the last few Free Press newspapers, I noted that some farmer called Goff and an unknown writer had scoffed at the suggestion that a sheep farmer (whom my wife mentioned in a previous campaign letter) would care for orphaned fox cubs in a soft release pen, prior to releasing them on his land. The reason she knew about this was because the story appeared in the national press after some thug had sneaked into their pen and shot three of the four cubs dead with an air rifle... Bob Hewitt, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 23.8.07 ARE HOUNDS SO VERY DIFFERENT? - So Mackie, a pet dog, is given an 'ASBO' for biting a passer-by under the Dangerous Dogs Act and his owner is fined.Meanwhile, a pack of hunting hounds which rampaged in a garden in Devon, mauled a pet dog to death and injured the owner in the process, are let off by a judge who concludes "Dogs will be dogs".... GILL PURSER, Clapton-on-the-Hill. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.8.07 HUNTING FOR SPORT AND FUN ISN'T LEGAL - John Lucas, Master of Tiverton Staghounds, told the Echo that the hunt had up to 300 people following each meet... My question to Mr Lucas is, what are these 300 people paying for? If the primary purpose is sport and recreation, they should have regard for what District Judge David Parsons ruled in a recent case against the Quantock Staghounds. The conditions for exempt hunting are not met and the activity is therefore illegal.... Ivor Annetts, League Against Cruel Sports, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.8.07 LEAGUE IS BEST ALLY IN ANTI-HUNT BATTLE - Tracey Grace is right to say that most people are horrified at the thought of a live animal being ripped to shreds by a pack of hounds, Waiting for 'dying breed' to die out, Points of view, August 17, but she is wrong to believe that David Cameron is opposed to hunting with dogs for sport... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.8.07 MY UTTER DISBELIEF AT STOPPING OF TRIAL - It was with complete and utter disbelief that I read recently that a hunt which had no control over a pack of hounds which ripped a pet border terrier apart was cleared of any offence... E Smith, Address withheld on request (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.8.07 HUNTING DOGS MUST NOT BE ABOVE LAW - Last week, several letters were published in the Echo about hunting hounds which killed the pet dog of a magistrate. Why were these dogs, belonging to the Tiverton Staghounds, not held on a lead and wearing collars?... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.8.07 RIDICULOUS LAW THAT SHOULD BE FLOUTED - REGARDING the story Hunting act means 'more stags killed', Echo, August 15, huntsman John Norrish's interpretation of the law is correct.All the deer that they flush out must now be shot dead. It is illegal for them to choose to let some of the stags go... Ridiculous laws should be publicly flouted and the Tiverton Staghounds should be free to break the Hunting Act where it is clearly absurd. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Moulton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.8.07 SO MUCH KILLING TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME - I AM obliged to Judge Jeremy Griggs and huntsman John Norrish for clarifying the law for me... It is a relief to know that I won't be held responsible if I don't keep my hound dog under control and he kills a small dog in its own garden - and that offering its owner money in return for silence will not deemed to be an admission of guilt.... David Fanson, Beacon Lane, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.8.07 ARE WE PROTECTED FROM DOG ATTACKS? - REGARDING the story Judge stops trial of huntsman over dog death, Echo, August 15, why did the Crown Prosecution Service not research this better and discover that there was an established precedent prior to bringing this to court?This appears to have been an appalling waste of public money.... I am now concerned about the effectiveness of current legislation if any animal, whether on public or private property, with or without permission, is allowed to attack and fatally wound a pet and allegedly injure its owner, without an effective prosecution being brought... Abi Ralls, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.07 BAN THE HUNT TO PROTECT YOUR PETS - How much does it cost to have your beloved pet mauled by an out-of-control pack of hounds? £15,000 in costs, that's how much... Catherine Hodgson was herself injured in this horrific ordeal, which saw Pippa, the family dog, lose her life after hounds being exercised by the Tiverton Staghounds caused havoc in her garden... Louise Robertson League Against Cruel Sports (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.07 NEIGHBOUR'S DOG WOULD NOT ESCAPE - I have just read the story about the magistrate's dog that was fatally attacked by hunt dogs, Judge stops trial of huntsman over death of magistrate's dog, Echo, August 15. and I am appalled.... Gill Stockton, Stoke Hill, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.07 CREATING A HELL ON EARTH FOR ANIMALS - Having just read your report about the huntsman being acquitted over the killing of a pet terrier, Judge stops trial of huntsman over death of magistrate's dog, Echo, August 15, I'm dumbfounded.What a horrible, unfeeling lot hunters are.... Judi Hewitt, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.07 WAITING FOR 'DYING BREED' TO DIE OUT - I refer to your recent article regarding the death of a magistrate's dog... I carried out a straw poll among the young people I know, and they were horrified at the thought of watching a live animal being ripped to shreds by a pack of hounds... Tracey Grace, Byron Way, Exmouth (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 23.8.07 GAME FAIR CELEBRATES COUNTRY LIVING - The South of England Showground in Ardingly is bracing itself for a "celebration of the countryside" at the Autumn Show and Game Fair on the weekend of October 6 and 7…. (story)

Southern Reporter 23.8.07 Justice must swoop on bird poisoners - With another golden eagle being the latest victim in an ongoing stream of poisoning of birds of prey on or close to shooting estates (Southern, August 16), it is surely time for something to be done to stop this illegal activity…. Recent cases of gamekeepers found in possession of illegal poisons have resulted in fines of £100 and £50 – hardly much of a deterrent.... ROSS MINETT (campaigns director) Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh
Like many people in the Borders, I am shocked at the poisoning of a golden eagle on a Peeblesshire estate. I am also shocked that in 2007 the mindset of so many gamekeepers and landowners remains firmly in the 19th century... (letters)

Scotsman 23.8.07 Warning over bird of prey deaths as third red kite poisoned - FRANK URQUHART - A MAJOR inquiry was launched yesterday after a red kite was found poisoned in a Perthshire glen - the third illegal killing of the rare bird of prey in Tayside in only two months. Tests have confirmed that all three birds were killed after taking poisoned bait laced with carbofuran, a toxic pesticide outlawed in Britain six years ago. The owners of the estate on which the latest bird was found yesterday joined Tayside Police and the RSPB in condemning the "appalling" crime.... (story)
Dundee Courier 23.8.07 Horror as another red kite found poisoned - A RED kite bird of prey has been killed in Perthshire by an illegal poison for the third time this summer.... The bird was found on the edge of Glenturret Estate near Crieff by a retired couple out for a walk... (story)

Western Morning News 23.8.07 LIB-DEMS PLAN 'COUNTRYSIDE TAX' - PAUL GREAVES - A plan by Liberal Democrats to penalise the owners of gas-guzzling vehicles has been labelled a tax on the countryside by campaigners.... Jill Grieve, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "For a lot of rural people living in the South West, these vehicles are absolutely vital.... (story)

York Press 23.8.07 Animal activists backed by stars By Mike Laycock - IT has only been running for ten months, but a York animal rights group claims it has already won the support of superstars from the likes of Bryan Adams, Sting and Sinead O'Connor. Now York Action for Animals (YAFA) has invited a rather different "star" to address a meeting in the city - former leader of the notorious Animal Liberation Front, Keith Mann. Spokesman Matt Gibbons said Mr Mann had gained fame by escaping from prison in the 1990s and using his time on the run to co-ordinate ALF activities...(story)

West Briton 23.8.07 PRODUCTION FIRM AIDS APPEAL AGAINST INDIAN BEAR CRUELTY - A cornish based production company has teamed up with a well-known comedian to try to combat animal cruelty.Broad Grin Productions, formed by former West Briton reporter Dale Webb and Carlton TV correspondent Sean Brickell, have filmed an appeal with comedian Bill Bailey on behalf of the International Animal Rescue (IAR) to plea for an end to the suffering of dancing bears in India... (story)


Cornish Guardian 22.8.07 FINE DAY FOR DOG SHOW - The annual North Cornwall Hunt (NCH) Terrier and Lurcher racing and family dog show, held last week, was once again a great success according to organisers.... (story)

Northern Echo 22.8.07 Newcastle star gets hooked on fishing By Dan King ... Magpies midfielder Joey Barton had few problems hitting the net today. The footballer took part in a police-backed angling scheme for young people at Witton Park, near Bishop Auckland in County Durham, and managed to catch a number of fish.vBarton was at the headquarters of Get Hooked on Fishing, which was launched by County Durham police officer PC Mick Watson seven years ago... (story)

North West Evening Mail 22.8.07 ANIMALS OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES TOP THE BILL AT TORVER - TRADITIONAL Cumbrian pursuits were celebrated despite the poor weather at this year’s Lakeland Country Fair.... (story)

Guardian 22.8.07 Animal rights - Michelle Thew, the new chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), may want to "reinvigorate the organisation with the spirit of a righteous struggle"... It is far more likely to stick to scientific antivivisection, especially if she wants people to be aware that tests that decades ago became synonymous with cruelty are still done in UK. Roger Yates, by email
The animal rights lobby, as you call us, has never toppled off the moral high ground. The press certainly likes to focus on those aspects of animal rights that make us look bad... Mary Lea, (letters)
Guardian 15.8.07 Animal rights gets 'righteous' - Mark Gould - What with corpse-snatching and campaigns of intimidation against scientists and animal breeders by extremists, the animal rights lobby has of late toppled off the moral high ground. That is, until last month when a small charity, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), scored a high court victory that found the government guilty of turning a blind eye to the extent of suffering of animals in licensed experiments.... It is the first success for BUAV's new chief executive Michelle Thew.... Thew, 42, returns to BUAV after three years as chief executive of a US charity, Animal Protection Institute. Her career has included spells as an education officer in Derbyshire and as chief executive of the National Deaf Children's Society. Part of her new role is distancing the movement from the thugs and zealots... (story)

Guardian 22.8.07 Bogus cause taps into animal instinct - Mark Gould - "Brass, pewter, copper, furnishing, household articles, clothing and bedding. In fact, anything that you no longer need. We need your donations to rescue thousands of unwanted and injured animals each year, please support our worthy cause." The seemingly innocent appeal is made on leaflets landing on doorsteps around the country, headlined "Animal Aid Collections".... There isn't a charity called Animal Aid, but the campaign organisation of that name, which is a registered company, is the latest animal welfare group to be misrepresented by unscrupulous profiteers... Animal Aid has nothing to do with the leaflet. Its director, Andrew Tyler, said the organisation first became aware of the fraudulent behaviour about eight months ago and complained to Westminster city council.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 22.8.07 MAKE BATH THE FIRST CAGE-FREE CITY - The large headline made it almost impossible to miss Mr Justin Kerswell's letter in the Chronicle of August 3. His solution to stop cruelty to farmed animals is to go veggie. So we 'save' animals on farms by stopping them being born; not a policy they would approve of.The real war is against cruelty to farm animals in all its present forms.... I support Compassion in World Farming... we can refuse to buy the battery eggs. Marks & Spencer does not sell or use them, Sainbury's I believe is doing so, or will... WILLIAM B BROWN Sheppards Gardens High Street Weston Bath (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.8.07 DID COUNTY SHOW ESCAPE PETS ACT? - I understand the Exeter Reptile Expo 2007 in Exmouth was cancelled as a result of East Devon District Council's actions on Section 2 of the Pet Animals Act... I was reminded of what I saw at Devon County Show back in May. In two tents, rabbits and chicks were being sold for only a couple of quid a time... Could someone please tell me why animals were allowed to be sold at the show, seemingly in breach of this Act? Kerry Weatherburn Woodbury (letter)

Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 22.8.07 Where an animal dies doen't matter - WHAT a terrible example of cultural imperialism from Emily Chadwick in her letter regarding bull-fighting published in the Citizen last week. I would urge anybody visiting a bullfighting country to give it a try and then, if it's not your cup of tea, don't go again. But to impose our values and beliefs on others is plain wrong and in extremes can lead to disaster… Gregg Beaman, Carnforth (letter)

Morecambe Visitor 22.8.07 Tradition is a load of bull - I AM writing to ask anyone visiting bullfighting countries – Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico and others – please to avoid the bullfights and street chases of the bulls… Ms E C Chadwick, Address supplied (letter)


Mid Devon Gazette 21.8.07 HUNTSMAN ACQUITTED AFTER HOUNDS SAVAGE TERRIER - A mid Devon huntsman whose hounds savaged a magistrate's Jack Russell terrier in her garden has been acquitted of an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act.John Norrish, 63, a huntsman with the Tiverton Staghounds, was found not guilty by an Exeter Crown Court jury on the direction of Judge Jeremy Griggs... (story)
Telegraph 15.8.07 Dogs will be dogs, says hunt case judge - A huntsman was cleared yesterday of allowing his hounds to kill a terrier after a judge declared "dogs will be dogs". The case against John Norrish was thrown out by Judge Jeremy Griggs, who attacked the drafting of the Dangerous Dogs Act.... Judge Griggs ordered the jury at Exeter Crown Court to find Mr Norrish not guilty because the hounds had effectively been allowed on to the private garden in East Worlington, near Crediton, Devon, where the attack took place.... Judge Griggs ruled the prosecution was fatally flawed because Mrs Hodgson had allowed the hounds to range through her garden regularly and had not objected.... (story)
Mirror 15.8.07 Hunt that killed pet is let off By Geoffrey Lakeman - A huntsman was yesterday cleared of letting his hounds rip a terrier apart after a judge said: "Dogs will be dogs." Judge Jeremy Griggs ordered the jury to find John Norrish not guilty after hearing his hounds had previously been allowed to roam through the private garden where the attack took place.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.8.07 HUNTING ACT MEANS 'MORE STAGS KILLED' - John Norrish has always been an outspoken supporter of hunting as a member of a hunt whose history stretches back more than a century.He spoke to the Echo in February last year, as huntsman with the Tiverton Staghounds, on the eve of the first anniversary of the Hunting Act.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.8.07 HUSBAND BACKS WIFE'S REACTION - Catherine Hodgson's husband Charles has spoken in support of his wife, after her role as a magistrate came under scrutiny during John Norrish's trial.Mrs Hodgson, of East Worlington, near Crediton, agreed during the trial, that she had asked Mr Norrish, and on a separate occasion John Lucas: "Don't you know who I am?" while discussing the incident with them.... (story)
Telegraph 14.8.07 Magistrate: Mauling by hounds killed my dog - A woman told a court yesterday how her terrier was "ripped apart" in front of her as she tried to beat away a pack of hounds. Catherine Hodgson, 59, a magistrate, claims she was knocked to the ground by the pack of 30 staghounds. She suffered scratches to the backs of her hands as she held them over her pet. Despite her attempts, Pippa, a 14-year-old border terrier cross, had to be put down by a vet. Mrs Hodgson sobbed as she gave evidence to the jury at Exeter Crown Court, where the huntsman of the Tiverton Staghounds is accused of being in charge of dangerous dogs... (story)
Times 14.8.07 Hunting hounds savaged pet terrier in garden as owner tried to protect it - SIMON DE BRUXELLES - A magistrate whose dog was being savaged by hounds from a neighbouring hunt kennels threw herself on top of her pet in an attempt to save its life, a court heard yesterday. Catherine Hodgson, 59, tried to stop the attack on her 14-year-old border terrier, Pippa. But by the time the huntsman had called off the hounds, Ms Hodgson’s dog had been severely mauled and had to be put down. John Norrish, the huntsman with the Tiverton Staghounds in Devon, went on trial yesterday, accused of being in charge of dangerous dogs. He pleaded not guilty.... (story)
Mirror 14.8.07 Hounds tore my pet apart By Geoffrey Lakeman - Distraught Catherine Hodgson told a court yesterday how she lay on her terrier in a vain effort to stop a pack of stag hounds ripping it apart... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 29.8.06 COUPLE ANGRY AS HUNT OFFERS 'HUSH MONEY' AFTER HOUNDS RIP PET APART - RICHARD SHIMELL - A magistrate has described how a hunt tried to buy her silence after its hounds ripped her pet terrier apart. Catherine Hodgson told how she threw herself on top of her aged dog Pippa in the front garden of her East Worlington home, in a vain attempt to stop the attack by two dogs belonging to Tiverton Staghounds…. "We don't wish to be vindictive," said Mr Hodgson. "We have never been either pro- or anti-hunt. "Our main aim is to ensure that this never happens to anyone else."… (story)
Western Morning News 24.8.06 HUNT 'HUSH MONEY BID' OVER DOG'S DEATH - A westcountry hunt has been accused of offering a senior magistrate "hush money" after her pet dog was ripped apart by two of its hounds outside her home. Catherine Hodgson accused the Tiverton Staghounds hunt of trying to buy her silence after her 14-year-old pet, Pippa, was "horribly injured" in the attack, which took place just feet from her front doorstep in East Worlington, near Tiverton, Mid Devon…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.8.06 OWNER TELLS HOW SHE TRIED TO PROTECT PET FROM HOUNDS' ATTACK - Magistrate Catherine Hodgson used her body as a human shield against two staghounds as they ripped apart her pet dog in a horrific attack. Mrs Hodgson, 58, of East Worlington, near Tiverton, threw herself on top of the family's terrier as the hounds attacked just feet from her front doorstep…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.8.06 LATE NEWS: WOMAN'S HORROR AS DOG RIPPED APART - A senior magistrate used her body as a human shield against two staghounds as they ripped apart her pet dog in a horrific attack. Catherine Hodgson, 58, form East Worlington near Tiverton, threw herself on top of the family's terrier as the hounds attacked just feet from her front doorstep…. (story)
Telegraph 23.8.06 'Hush money' offer after staghounds kill terrier By Richard Savill - A dog owner has criticised a stag hunt for trying to buy her silence after her terrier was ripped apart by two of its hounds outside her home. Catherine Hodgson, a magistrate who is chairman of the North Devon bench, tried to beat the hounds and used her body as a human shield in a vain attempt to protect her pet, Pippa…. Tiverton Staghounds offered her £1,000 in compensation for "shock and trauma" on condition she remained silent. Later, however, the hunt withdrew the confidentiality clause when Mrs Hodgson of East Worlington, Devon, pointed out that she had a duty to inform police…. The joint master of Tiverton Staghounds, John Lucas, said both hounds involved had been destroyed. "I have apologised profusely to the couple concerned," he said. (story)
BBC News Online 23.8.06 Compensation paid for dog's death - A Devon hunt has paid compensation to a woman whose dog was attacked by a pack of hounds. Catherine Hodgson's terrier-cross Poppy had to be put down after the attack on 12 August because of its injuries. The joint master of Tiverton Staghounds said £1,000 compensation has been paid and the hunt has apologised…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.8.07 LABOUR REVELATION - I refer to your letter from Douglas Batchelor of the League Against Cruel Sports. Your correspondent makes unjust assumptions... I am not surprised that Mr Batchelor saw no reason to mention the donation by LACS of £1,000,000 to the Labour Party prior to the passing of the Hunting Act.... Name and address supplied (letter)

Western Morning News 21.8.07 WHY NO RABBIT HUNTING BAN TOO? - I confess I've written a few WMN letters making fun of hunters. "Hooray for hunters", "Tory Party's bumpkin tendency" and "Save Bambi's mum from Dave - vote New Labour" being a few choice phrases... In short, I have nothing in common with hunters. Well, not quite. There's our chickens.... I asked the farmer what she was going to do about the foxes and normally a Four Burrow hunt man with half a dozen foxhounds came up from Redruth and dealt with them. The hunt can't do that now and these foxes are killing prey close to us... A fat lot of good this "class war" law is doing our free range hens, shut inside their poultry house going neurotic while psycho foxes probe our land and sniff the downwind air.... Martin Bell, Port Isaac (letter)

Western Mail 21.8.07 Ladies can prove they’re on target by Steve Dube, Western Mail - WOMEN in Mid Wales will have an opportunity to improve their clay shooting skills at a ladies-only day. The country sports experience day, organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), will be held at the Mid Wales Shooting Centre in Trefeglwys, Powys on Saturday, September 29... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.8.07 What is the difference between a poacher using a high-powered rifle to slaughter deer, who gets charged by the police (and should be jailed), and the Deer Commission for Scotland and estate owners who use high-powered rifles, also helicopters, to slaughter deer, and they don't get charged?... Jim Smith, 11 Glenesk Avenue, Montrose (letter)

Western Morning News 21.8.07 PICTURES GLORIFY OUR BARBAROUS PASTIMES - I feel that I have to write to make a point about the way humans treat animals.Recently there have been photographs in the Western Morning News of a bullfighter in action, bulls running through streets and a rodeo.... Are these the right ways to treat animals who, if treated properly, rarely hurt humans on purpose? Of course not. Hilary Prethero Bovey Tracey (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 21.8.07 Stop the cruelty of animal export - THE recent foot and mouth scare has stopped the export of live animals. It should be stopped permanently…. P WHITTLE, Sunnyhurst Lane, Darwen (letter)


Western Daily Press 20.8.07 OUTRAGE OVER LAW FOR 'SHOTGUN KIDS' BY TIM FOREMAN REGIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT - Children as young as nine are being granted shotgun licences by police. Over the past 12 months 191 shotgun and firearm licences have been issued to children under 16 across the region... Michelle Forbes lost her 23-year-old son Leon in December 2003 when he was gunned down while listening to CDs with a friend in the family car in London.... She said: "I don't see what the purpose is of giving a nine- year-old a gun licence. Even with adult supervision what purpose does it serve?... The Rev Dawnecia Palmer, one of Bristol's most prominent peace campaigners, was shocked to hear children could obtain shotgun licences at such a young age... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "What is society coming to when children as young as nine are issued with shotgun licenses? Let's not forget that the purpose of a gun is to kill.... Wiltshire farmer Josh Stratton, who runs shoots on Salisbury Plain said shotguns were a part of country life.... (story)

Northern Echo 20.8.07 Grouse grouse - CORRESPONDENT Norman Wall (HAS, Aug 15) is out of order in his claims that "wild grouse" (I assume red grouse) were made extinct and are now intensively farmed. Because of their habitat and diet, it has never been possible to artificially rear red grouse and they have never been extinct in the UK... John A Harker, Castleside, Consett, Co Durham (letter)
Northern Echo 15.8.07 Uncertain glory - THE Game Conservancy Trust claim that grouse shooting makes a huge contribution to nature conservation will not fool everybody. Many, like myself, view the annual glorious August 12 grouse blood bath as just another cruel sport raking in a vast amount of money... Norman Wall, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 20.8.07 ANIMAL AID SAYS THANKS - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Derby for their generosity in raising £115.27 during a street collection on Saturday, August 4.... Emily Parsons, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator, Tonbridge (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.8.07 THANKS FOR GIVING TO ANIMAL AID - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Exeter for their generosity in raising £29.91 at a street collection on August 11.... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Daily Mail 20.8.07 Buckingham Palace won't look the same if bearskin loses battle with animal rights lobby By Victoria Moore ... The bearskin is, of course, more commonly seen on the heads of those protecting the sovereign. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace simply would not look the same without the lofty splendour of this iconic, glossy crest of black worn (ceremonially) by the Scots, Welsh, Irish, Coldstream and Grenadier guards.... Now, after almost 200 years, if the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) get their way, they may lose that for the first time.... (story)


Scotland on Sunday 19.8.07 True cost of the grouse moors - WITH reference to the article on grouse moors ('Shot in the arm for moribund grouse moors', August 12), the cost of grouse shooting is expensive, in comparison to other shooting, but it has to be remembered that grouse are wild and difficult to bag, so a premium is attached to the cost.... It is also worth pointing out that opponents of heather burning fail to grasp the facts of what happens. Heather is burnt in a controlled manner and strips of moorland are left to grow back creating both food and cover for wild birds... Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce, Maud, Aberdeenshire (letter)


Horse & Hound 18.8.07 Report claims no scientific grounds for hunting ban - The ban on hunting with dogs has no scientific grounds, according to a recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group and the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM). The Use, Misuse and Abuse of Science, released on 27 July, claims that the government, media and public were "duped by fake and twisted science" provided by anti-hunting groups in the run up to the ban in February 2005.... (story)

Shropshire Star 18.8.07 Celebrating best of country life - The spectacle of immaculate horses and carriages will showcase the very best of country life at this year’s Shropshire Game & Country Fair, being held at Chetwynd Park, Newport. The annual event is due to run over the Bank Holiday weekend on Sunday and Monday, August 26 and 27.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 18.8.07 BEING 'CRUEL' TO BE KIND? - I Write in reply to, 'Cruel practice against dogs,' (Viewpoint, August 9). Now the RSPCA has clarified exactly where it stands on pursuing a total ban on docking dogs' tails, although it does other good work, I shall now no longer be donating my money to it.... I suppose it will want a ban on all field sports, because it will see fishing etc as cruel. But if an undocked dog injures its tail and needs surgery, suffering pain in the process, well that's okay!... The RSPCA should be pursuing these and not picking on easy targets. What is worse? A docked dog or a half-starved, beaten dog? No contest! Name and address supplied. (letter)
Belper News 15.8.07 Law clarified on docking - Sophie Wilkinson RSPCA East Regional Press Officer RSPCA Regional HQ Peterborough (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.8.07 PEOPLE MUST REALISE THAT DOCKING TAILS IS IN NEARLY ALL CASES ILLEGAL - SOPHIE WILKINSONRSPCA East Regional Press Officer, Peterborough (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 9.8.07 CRUEL PRACTICEAGAINST DOGS - As Some of our inspectors are still dealing with cases where dogs have had their tails illegally docked, the RSPCA would like to clarify the law surrounding the issue. Cosmetic tail docking in England is banned. It is also illegal, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, for anyone other than a vet to dock a dog's tail... Sophie Wilkinson RSPCA East Regional Press Officer RSPCA Regional HQ, PO Box 60, Peterborough, PE1 5SZ (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 18.8.07 Swans still hurt From Pat Griffin, Animal Aid contact, Bakers Lane, Linton - YES, I know lead fishing weights have been banned… it is left to the "do gooders" like the RSPCA and other animal charities to expose the suffering involved in these cruel and unpleasant forms of enjoyment. As for lead fishing weights, I am informed by various swan rescuers that it is mostly the case of a few anglers using up their old stocks…. (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.8.07 RISK OF DISEASE - Laboratories are full of medical and chemical pollution - viruses, cancers, diseases, which are injected into animals. Sooner or later, these pollutants will creep into the atmosphere and soil in spite of biosecurity... P Dyer Somerset (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 18.8.07 Pie in the sky By Lindy McDowell - Things I can't stand about eco-warriors. The face paint. The fairy wings. The clown outfits. But, above all, the pompous, obnoxious, holier-than-thou attitude. Not that this is unique, of course, to the eco-protesters. Whether they're trying to save the planet, save animals or save our souls, there's a breed of people out there who a) think they know better than the rest of us and b) have taken it upon themselves to shove their views down everyone else's throats - whatever it takes... Gathered at Camp Heathrow are undoubtedly a number of well-meaning, earnest and concerned souls. But their ranks are swelled, as these protests always are, (see also Animal Rights, Make Poverty History and Any Opportunity to Have a Go at the Yanks) by serial growlers out for a riotous time and the type of posh upper crusty who neither knows nor cares about the ultimate target of their actions... (story)


Horse & Hound 17.8.07 Game Fair traders demand refunds - Traders who booked stands at this year's cancelled Game Fair have formed an action group to contest the organisers' refusal to refund any of their costs. A waterlogged site caused the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) to cancel the event that was due to take place at Harewood House near Leeds at the end of last month. The CLA has refunded ticket holders but is refusing any reimbursement for over 1,000 stallholders... (story)
Harrogate Advertiser 27.7.07 Heavy economic price of Game Fair cancellation - HARROGATE was left counting the cost after the cancellation of the CLA Game Fair at Harewood House. Businesses across Harrogate are coming to terms with the loss of up to £1m in income that would have been brought in by visitors to this weekend’s event… (story)
Ilkley Gazette 26.7.07 Harewood Game Fair cancellation brings spin-off blows to Wharfe tourism By Paul Langan HARD hit tourism businesses have been dealt a further kick in the teeth by the weather this summer with the cancellation of the Harewood House Game Fair.... (story)
Wharfedale Observer 26.7.07 £50m goes down the drain as Harewood Game Fair is cancelled By Mel Vasey - THE appalling summer weather claimed its biggest victim so far when this weekend's game fair at Harewood was called off… (story)
Wharfedale Observer 26.7.07 Harewood Game Fair cancellation brings spin-off blows to Wharfedale tourism By Paul Langan - HARD hit tourism businesses have been dealt a further kick in the teeth by the weather this summer with the cancellation of the Harewood House Game Fair. The Country Landowners' Association (CLA) fair had been due to take place this coming weekend but last Sunday organisers had to admit that the event had succumbed to the bad weather…. (story)
Daelnet 24.7.07 CLA Game Fair cancelled - THE CLA Game Fair has been cancelled for the first time in its 49 year history following adverse, and worse than predicted weather, which has hit Harewood Estate over the last 48 hours… (story)
Yorkshire Post 23.7.07 CLA Game Fair cancelled - POOR weather has led to the cancellation of the CLA Game Fair at Harewood next weekend, which was expected to earn millions for the region... (story)
Harrogate Advertiser 22.6.07 Romance is in the air at this year's CLA Game Fair - LONELY hearts are not normally associated with the CLA Game Fair but this year two eligible singletons will be looking for a date. Richard and Katherine are looking for like-minded country loving partners so they have agreed to take part in a tongue-in-cheek dating show that is being organised by Muddy Matches and The Game Fair.... (story)
Evesham Journal 24.5.07 Countryside - Expert Appraisals - THE Gun Trade Association will be offering free appraisals of legally held sporting firearms at the CLA Game Fair…. The Game Fair is at Harewood House, Leeds, from Friday, July 27, to Sunday, July 29. (story)
Evesham Journal 22.2.07 Countryside - Top gamekeepers - THE contribution gamekeepers make to the countryside will be marked by the 2007 Gamekeeper of the Year Award. The top three will be honoured at the CLA Game Fair at Harewood House, Leeds, from Friday, July 27-Sunday, July 29…. (story)

Hereford Times 17.8.07 Boost for cancer appeal - AN APPEAL to help fund a new cancer unit in Hereford has been given a boost by the Herefordshire Countryside Alliance. Members and supporters of the alliance, in an anniversary year, donated £265 to the Macmillan Renton Appeal, to build a state-of-the-art facility for Hereford County Hospital... (story)
Hereford Times 14.8.07 Countryside helps Renton Appeal - By Philip Wilkinson-Jones AN APPEAL to help fund a new cancer unit in Hereford has been given a boost by the Herefordshire Countryside Alliance. Members and supporters of the alliance, in a celebration year, donated £265 to the Macmillan Renton Appeal.... (story)

Western Mail 17.8.07 Riding school insurance costs campaign by David Williamson, Western Mail - WELSH Conservatives yesterday stepped up demands for a change in the law to protect riding schools from spiralling insurance costs. Shadow Rural Affairs Minister Brynle Williams AM helped launch a petition at the Denbigh and Flint Agricultural Show calling for an amendment to the Animals Act to reduce insurance costs faced by equine businesses.... Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said in a statement, “The proposed amendment is a very positive step forward. Since its implementation, the 1971 Act has unfairly damaged rural businesses and the tourist industry... (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 17.8.07 RAMBLERS NEED ONLY OBEY OFFICIAL SIGNS - Ramblers who find footpaths blocked due to foot and mouth restrictions need only obey official signs. That was the message from the chairman of Tonbridge and Malling Ramblers this week. Dave Wetton said Defra officials had confirmed to him that farmers could not prevent walkers from using public rights of way across their land under their own authority... (story)

Independent 17.8.07 Animal rights activists target Axa as part of protests against Huntingdon By Sean Farrell, Financial Editor - Animal rights activists protested outside the London office of Axa, the French insurer, yesterday as part of a campaign to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences, the animal testing firm. About a dozen protesters from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) gathered outside Axa's UK head office in Old Broad Street in the City of London, and at its general insurance operation on nearby Aldgate.... (story)

Irish Independent 17.8.07 Freed birds of prey strike fear in the hearts of farmers - THE EAGLES have landed. But if local farmers have their way, the rare white-tailed eagles won't be around for too long. Yesterday 10 white-tailed eagles -- which were flown here as chicks in June -- were freed in Killarney National Park by Environ-ment Minister John Gormley. But the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has warn-ed that some farmers who believe their flock is being threatened by the predators may feel the need to take the law into their own hands.... (story)

Halifax Courier 17.8.07 Crack down on cruelty to animals - (Mrs) Mary McClurg - Ovenden Crescent, Ovenden, Halifax. I READ your report headlined "North worst in the country for animal cruelty". How any human being can inflict such suffering on defenceless animals is beyond me.... (letter)


Scotsman 16.8.07 We need UN trials for crimes against nature, says author - TIM CORNWELL AND LYNDSAY MOSS - ANYONE accused of killing endangered birds of prey should face an international tribunal similar to those for war crimes, the wildlife writer Graeme Gibson claimed yesterday - Mr Gibson, author of the Bedside Book of Birds, expressed his anger at last week's poisoning of a golden eagle in the Borders... Mr Gibson said that such incidents were commercial crimes and commercially motivated, and went on: "Why else would you kill it? Because it's supposedly killing some grouse that men who like to kill things will pay money to shoot.... (story)

Scotsman 16.8.07 Gamekeeper's cheek - I was absolutely staggered to read comments by Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, in your report regarding the poisoning of a golden eagle in the Borders (14 August). To suggest the carcass could have been planted as part of an attempt to smear the shooting industry is ludicrous.... it's time the gamekeeping community admitted a small minority are breaking the law instead of maintaining a conspiracy of silence and blaming these incidents on animal rights activists.... LOUISE ROBERTSON League Against Cruel Sports Rosyth, Fife (letter)

BBC News Online 16.8.07 Call for crab fishing restriction - Animal rights campaigners are calling for a clampdown on people fishing for crabs in the Mersey. The Vicky Moore Foundation, based in Southport, has said some of those catching shore crabs in the marina at New Brighton are treating them as toys.... Foundation spokesman Tony Moore said: "I just wanted to start a discussion on it, to get people thinking 'Is it right to do this sort of thing?'... (story)

Dundee Courier 16.8.07 Contempt for animal world - I was dismayed recently to see The Courier carrying a photograph of ‘revellers’ attempting to grab hold of a pig completely covered in mud during a wrestling match in Wisconsin. If people wish to roll about in mud, that is their prerogative, but for the unwilling pig this must have been a frightening experience. Reading further, there were other reports of abuse of animals, i.e. the poisoning of a golden eagle (to protect grouse stock?—who else would do it?); the annual slaughter of the inglorious twelfth, and then the disturbing article by Jim Crumley on the demise of the seabirds around our coasts... Ronald Oliver. 4 Lethnot Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee (letter)

Daily Post 16.8.07 Gun laws fail to target the illegal users - NORTH Wales Police tell me it is time to renew my shotgun certificate. They have sent the required forms which need to be completed and returned to them along with signed photographs and a testimony to my good character from someone of standing in the community. I can understand this strict regime; but when you consider that there are thousands upon thousands of illegally held firearms in our inner cities – which are probably not used for anything as innocent as scaring crows off corn crops – it makes you think that legally held shotguns should be occupying less police time than the illegal firearms that are so widely held with very little fear of prosecution... (story)

Financial Times 16.8.07 Animal rights suspects due in court By Andrew Jack in London - Almost half of the 32 suspected animal rights activists arrested in high-profile spring raids across the UK and abroad now face prosecution after burglary charges brought against three more individuals on Wednesday. Sarah Whitehouse, Helen Luff and Michael Greatorex were charged at Dover police station with burglary and handling following the theft of a beagle dog in Deal, Kent, in March. The three, who will appear in Folkestone magistrates’ court on Thursday, were arrested on May 1 as part of Operation Achilles, the most ambitious police operation yet against activists.... Others charged include Greg and Natasha Avery, two of those behind Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac)... (story)

Portsmouth 16.8.07 Activist avoids jail after admitting threats to kill - A troubled teenager who said he wanted to be a terrorist and blow up colleges, labs and a police station has avoided a prison sentence. The 17-year-old animal rights activist threatened to kill staff involved in animal testing, and police officers. The Waterlooville teenager was given a 12-month referral order by magistrates at Fareham Youth Court yesterday. The magistrates decided against locking him up because he suffers from a depressive mental illness.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 16.8.07 'BARBARISM' AS A DELICACY - I Write with regard to the article on foie gras in the Scunthorpe Telegraph (August 11). I read with dismay Winteringham Fields has foie gras on its menu and was surprised at Mr McGurran's apparent ignorance on the subject... The issue, Mr McGurran, is not the killing of the animals but the barbaric practice used to fatten the livers of geese while they are still alive... Pam Clark, Highcliff Gardens, Scunthorpe (letter)

Irish Examiner 16.8.07 Greedy humans in a race to extinction - THE extinction of the Yangtse dolphin heralds biodiversity’s final demise as a result of human overpopulation, over-exploitation and greed... Ronan Collins 4 Oaktree Drive Castleknock Dublin 15 (letter)

Pontefract & Castleford Express 16.8.07 Fowl called on Mr Beep - A FAMILY who lovingly nursed a sick cygnet back to life has been left heartbroken after the RSCPA took it away. Mum-of-two Elizabeth Armitage, of River View, Castleford, discovered the little mite lying limp on a river bed in Methley and felt moved to try and help it recover. But several weeks later – after the cygnet’s condition had improved – Mrs Armitage learned she had been reported for keeping a wild bird and it was taken away.... Mrs Armitage said: “I thought the RSPCA was there to prevent cruelty. Could they not have worked with me and checked on the cygnet once a week? I have picked up a lot of sick and injured birds and animals and nursed them back to health and have always released them back into the wild.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 16.8.07 REMEMBER ANIMALS IN FLOODING PLANS - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.8.07 ANIMALS HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN IN THE FALLOUT FROM THE FLOODS - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (story)
Northern Echo 4.8.07 THE Government is promising a new strategy to minimise damage from floods and other extreme weather conditions. This must include preparing to protect animals... Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid. (letter)
York Press 3.8.07 Animal casualties - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.8.07 Flooding affects our animals too - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 1.8.07 Animals are flood victims - The Government is promising a new strategy to minimise damage from floods and other extreme weather conditions. This must include preparing to protect animals. Throughout recent weeks, animal victims of the floods have barely warranted a mention, even though many animals' lives have been lost.... Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW (story)
Derry Journal 31.7.07 Remember the animals - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns Animal Aid, The Old Chapel Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 16.8.07 HAVE ACTIVISTS PLAYED A PART? A Few years ago a letter in The Citizen mentioned that a vial of foot-and-mouth vaccine was unaccounted for at a government laboratory.Just after the loss was reported, and two weeks before the outbreak was confirmed, there was a raid by animal rights activists on the site of the foot-and-mouth outbreak... may I suggest that the staff at both establishments be vetted to rule out any connection they may have with the animal rights activists who can be quite militant and malevolent. D. F. MARTIN, Kingsholm, Gloucester (story)

Sheffield Star 16.8.07 Who can be so evil? What kind of evil, sick individual deliberately attacks and slaughters an entire litter of day-old piglets - and for goodness sake, why?... Kathryn M Atkin, Hunters Bar (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 16.8.07 F&M movement rules cause confusion - Volunteer rescuers were 'fed up' with confusion over animal movement restrictions due to the foot and mouth outbreak. Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were told by DEFRA there was a movement ban on hedgehogs while restrictions were in place to control the spread of the disease earlier this month. Vets from St Anne's Vets contacted DEFRA and were told there was not a ban on their movement.... (story)

Blackpool Citizen 16.8.07 Circus show goes on despite foot and mouth restrictions By Jane Willis Animals that were due to appear in a circus taking place in Blackpool have been grounded under restrictions on the movement of livestock during the latest foot and mouth outbreak. Ten pigmy goats and two llamas were due to perform in shows at Circus Mondao which opened on Tuesday at a site in Marton, near the M55 sliproad… Craig Redmond, CAPS campaigns manager, said: "We would encourage people to avoid those circuses that still use animals…. (story)

Blackpool Citizen 13.8.07 In defence of landaus horses - I'm writing to reply to the letter "horses are a sad sight". I used to work for the landaus doing what they call "change horse" which is swapping the horses over during the day. As for Ms Page saying they have a painfully boring job and the landaus shouldn't be on the promenade is absolutely ridiculous, alot of the horses enjoy their job… Miss L Howard on email (letter)
Blackpool Citizen 10.8.07 Horses are a sad sight - The selfishness of some human beings knows no bounds. It is not enough that the landau horses have to endure a painfully boring working day, plus all the endless noise and pollution we put them into, but then for us to complain about their dropping. What a nerve. Landau horses do not belong on the promenade…. Ms R Page Kingsmede Blackpool (letter)

Central Somerset Gazette 16.8.07 CALL TO END BARBARIC SLAUGHTER - I read with interest the letter (July 19) from Shimon Cohen, of the Shechita UK PR Office in London, responding on behalf of the Jewish community.I am not anti-Semitic and have friends who follow the Jewish faith and feel he has raised some interesting points... Perhaps those who have the professional responsibility for animal welfare can actually pursue the concerns raised, ensuring that slaughter is carried in the most humane method possible, irrespective of politics, religion or financial consideration. I wonder how long it will take - or is talk cheap and we really do not care? Paul Atkins Littleton near Somerton (letter)


Berwickshire News 15.8.07 Shocking death of golden eagle By Kenny Paterson - THE Borders has lost its only breeding pair of golden eagles, after the shocking discovery of an illegally poisoned bird. On Sunday, a joint investigation by Lothian and Borders Police, RSPB Scotland, the Scottish SPCA and the Scottish Executive searched land and property, and discovered a poisoned bait on a grouse moor in the Borders. Ironically, Sunday was the "glorious twelfth", marking the start of the grouse shooting season.... (story)
Glasgow Herald 14.8.07 Fears forchick after golden eagle found poisoned - A RARE golden eagle has been poisoned on the eve of the Scottish shooting season, in an attack which has been branded as "sickening" by an animal welfare group... The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland (RSPB) said the bird and her mate were the only breeding pair of golden eagles remaining in the Borders, an area it described as a "black hole" in Scotland's efforts to reintroduce the species into the wild... Mr Elliot yesterday linked the poisoning of birds of prey to the presence of grouse moors... The League Against Cruel Sports believes there should be a ban on snares, the equipment which is commonly used by estate owners to protect grouse and other game birds from predators such as foxes.... (story)

Scotsman 15.8.07 Shameful business - I disagree with Roddy Jackson that "grouse shooting is a business of which Scotland can be rightly proud" (your report, 13 August). Animal welfare organisations have long been concerned that many shot birds are not killed outright, and go on to suffer... ROSS MINETT Campaigns director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh
How ironic that on the glorious twelfth a poisoned golden eagle is found on a grouse moor in the Borders... This mindless act exposes the boast of those grouse moor owners and gamekeepers who claim to be the "the true guardians of our countryside".... LOGAN D STEELE Bridgewater Avenue Auchterarder, Perthshire (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 15.8.07 Nothing glorious about the twelfth - Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh. (letter)
Glasgow Herald 14.8.07 Not so ‘glorious’ for slaughtered animals - The arrival of the so-called "Glorious Twelfth" is not so glorious for the countless animals maimed and slaughtered in the name of sport.... Ross Minnett, Campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.8.07 IT IS CRUELTY ALL THE SAME (AUGUST 13) - Who is to blame for the billions wiped off the stock market on Friday?Was it the work of foxes and deer which conspired to shift their savings, or was it the big bad badgers undertaking daring bank raids? After all, they are dressed for the part!.... Graham Forsyth Chard (letter)

Hunts Post 15.8.07 RSPCA not fit - IN response to Catie Francis (July 18), I am fighting an RSPCA case. I had a litter of puppies that had been ill. They were treated. Following this they again became ill and so I had an appointment made with my vet for a Monday pm. A "friend" called the RSPCA and, although when the RSPCA came my dogs were clean, well cared for and due to see a vet the same day, they still took my puppies... VAL WHITEHOUSE, Knighton, Powys
I WAS sad to read about the dog that suffered because it was not given the necessary care by its owners. Although they may have had financial problems, this is absolutely no excuse for neglect.... We must remember that people have a choice. Animals don't. LUCIE BLOXHAM, age 15, Skipper Way, Little Paxton
IN reply to Catie Francis, I agree wholeheartedly with her response to cruelty and neglect to animals. She is not at all old-fashioned. Why should animals suffer as some do?... HAZEL HAWES, THE Fellows, Little Raveley (letters)

South Wales Echo 15.8.07 Christians can be vegetarians too! - DAVID Lloyd attempts to exalt Christianity yet chastise a vegetarian correspondent for attempting to change the world... There is a compassionate element within society which many Christians will never comprehend but they make further fools of themselves every time they reach for the Bible to promote ethical indifference, suffering or needless bloodshed. John M Gilheany, Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff (letter)

Midweek Herald 15.8.07 Seagulls will be forever, therefore, we have to co-operate with them.... B R Taplin, 4 Valley View, Seaton (letter)

East London Advertiser 15.8.07 Animal Cruelty Act forces pet lovers to give up pets in fear of snoopers - Ernest Vine, Anne Kasica Self Help Group for Farmers and Pet Owners Llandyssul Carmarthenshire (letter)
East London Advertiser 9.8.07 Animal Welfare Act has made owners give up their pets - ANYONE who read the 'cruelty' figures released by the RSPCA last week would believe that the 2006 Animal Welfare Act has caused a drop in convictions by a fifth over the 12 previous months (Advertiser, August 2). This is completely untrue... conviction rates have been falling steadily since 1998!... The real effect of the Act has not been to drive convictions down, but to increase the numbers of animals given up by people, something the RSPCA admits it was not expecting.... The Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others believes that if an 'NHS for the animals' for pensioners was introduced, it would do more to reduce animals suffering than all the legislation that has been passed while this Government has been in power. Ernest Vine Anne Kasica Self Help Group for Farmers & Pet Owners Llandyssul Carmarthenshire (letter)

Dartford Times 15.8.07 Cruel owners - TWO years ago I wrote to the Reporter regarding the cruelty to horses, some of which resulted in death. Last week I read of dogs left to starve... These cowards who treat defenceless animals so abominably should hang their heads in shame. They know who they are. BETTY WATKINS, Cobham (letter)


Mid Devon Gazette 14.8.07 'NO OFFENCE' IN KILLING OF STAG, SAYS RSPCA - RICHARD WEVILL - Animal cruelty investigators have concluded that no offence was committed after studying film of a stag having its throat slit on land owned by the League Against Cruel Sports.The RSPCA launched an investigation after Countryside Alliance member Steve Coates sent in video footage of the injured deer being killed at the Baronsdown Sanctuary, near Dulverton on Exmoor, on April 1... (story)
Western Morning News 7.8.07 'DEER KILLING NOT UNLAWFUL' - EXCLUSIVELOUISE VENNELLS - Animal cruelty investigators have concluded that no offence was committed after a farmer filmed a stag having its throat slit on land owned by the League Against Cruel Sports. The RSPCA has also criticised Countryside Alliance member Steve Coates for being reluctant to co-operate in the inquiry. The organisation took action after Mr Coates sent in video footage of the ailing deer being slaughtered at the Baronsdown Sanctuary, near Dulverton on Exmoor, on April 1.... (story)
Western Daily Press 4.5.07 EXMOOR DEER ROW DEEPENS - The row between deer hunt campaigners on Exmoor escalated yesterday following claims and counter claims over the welfare of deer at a sanctuary in Somerset… Chief executive Douglas Batchelor said: "There is one important question to be answered and it is this: Why did a CA member see a stag in distress and decide to prolong its suffering by filming it rather than trying to help?... (story)
Western Morning News 1.5.07 'DIRTY TRICKS' CLAIM OVER STAG'S KILLING - The RSPCA has launched an investigation into footage allegedly showing an ailing stag's throat being cut at an animal sanctuary. The RSPCA yesterday confirmed that it was looking into an incident at Baronsdown Sanctuary, Somerset, which is owned by the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)
Western Mail 1.5.07 AN ANTI-HUNTING pressure group and the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance are at the centre of a row over animal cruelty - The Alliance says it has a video showing a stag being stabbed and another being shot on land belonging to the League Against Cruel Sports, near Dulverton, Somerset. Simon Hart, chief executive of the Alliance, said the footage at Baronsdown sanctuary proves the league is not caring for its animals…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.4.07 STAG'S THROAT CUT AT SANCTUARY - An ailing stag had its throat cut in a "horrific" incident on land owned by an animal rights group, hunt campaigners have claimed… Mr Coates said that Mr Hayes stayed with the stag until Paul Tillsley, the league's sanctuary manager, appeared in a Land Rover about half-an-hour later and spoke to him…. The Countryside Alliance has cited the apparently amicable conversation as proof that the footage was not a set-up. But Mike Hobday, the league's head of public affairs, insisted Mr Tillsley did not know Mr Hayes…. But Alison Hawes, South West director of the Countryside Alliance, categorically denied the situation was staged. She said: "How can we set-up Paul Tillsley speaking to this man in glorious technicolour, then cutting off the antlers for him to keep and helping him load it into the back of a Land Rover?... (story)
Western Daily Press 30.4.07 LEAGUE IN 'DIRTY TRICKS' CLAIM OVER ALLIANCE'S SECRET STAG CRUELTY FILM BY JACQUELINE DOLAN - An anti-hunt pressure group has defended itself in a furious row over video footage of two stags found dead in its sanctuary on Exmoor. The League Against Cruel Sports, which manages more than 2,500 acres in west Somerset and north Devon, is locked in a heated exchange with pro-hunting group the Countryside Alliance. The Alliance claims to have acquired video footage showing one stag being stabbed and another being shot on land belonging to the league, near Dulverton, Somerset…. (story)
Sunday Times 29.4.07 Stag stabbed to death at deer sanctuary - DANIEL FOGGO - THE man in camouflage gear walked up to the stag and brandished his knife before plunging the blade into its neck… The video was released this weekend by the Countryside Alliance, a pro-hunt group, as evidence of the neglect of deer on a sanctuary run by the League Against Cruel Sports on Exmoor…. The killer himself, Geoff Hayes, 67, a retired estate ranger, maintained he had no connections to either pro or anti-hunt groups… Steve Coates, a farmer and Countryside Alliance member, said he and some friends had been attempting to video an ailing and collapsed stag they believed to have been infected with parasites when a man he did not know appeared in a pick-up and walked up to the animal. “He was on the phone; who he spoke to we don’t know…” Coates added that after the killing the man remained with the stag until Paul Tillsley, the league’s sanctuary manager, appeared in a Land Rover about half an hour later and spoke to him… (story)
Scotland on Sunday 29.4.07 Cruelty claims - DEER sanctuary run by an anti-hunting pressure group has been accused of "promoting cruelty" as video footage of two stags found dead on its land was released…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.8.07 LEGISLATION IS ABOUT CONDUCT OF HUMANS Russell Lucas-Rowe, chairman of the Dorset Countryside Alliance, asks how the Hunting Act improves the welfare of foxes - "Hunting opponent can't have it both ways" (July 31). This legislation is not about the welfare of wild mammals, but the conduct of human beings. The Act makes it an offence for a person to hunt a wild mammal with a dog for sport. Most people are of the opinion that such conduct is repugnant and degrading.... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 31.7.07 HUNTING OPPONENT CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS - Your correspondent Douglas Batchelor, of the League Against Cruel Sports, yet again is reinforcing our own argument rather than stating his own.His claims that hunting is no crueller than any other pest control, as proved in the Burns Report, is merely a confirmation of our own line of argument and he would do better to concentrate on formulating a conclusive argument of his own... Russell Lucas-Rowe, Chairman, Dorset Countryside Alliance (letter)

Surrey Mirror 14.8.07 'Shooting today is as popular as ever' - Nev Wilson - MODERN-DAY Britain is awash with fears of gun crime and terrorism and yet firearms are still stocked and sold across the country. Nev Wilson visits a traditional gun maker to find out what part they play in our liberal-leaning world and if there is a future for the high-street sale of firearms… John Powell sits behind the counter of the gun makers in Church Road, Reigate, surrounded by age-old antiquities and ultra-modern examples…. (story)

Wiltshire Times 14.8.07 F&M fears fail to stop show fun By John Ballard - FEARS over foot and mouth disease failed to spoil the fun at a countryside extravaganza as thousands of people descended on the Bowood estate over the weekend. Cars arriving at the Big Game and Country Show in the grounds of the historic home near Chippenham were sprayed and visitors had to walk over mats soaked with disinfectant, but the show, featuring displays and country sports was hailed a great success... (story)
Wiltshire Times 10.8.07 Get ready for country show - THE first Wiltshire Game and Country Show is taking place in the grounds of Bowood House tomorrow and Sunday. Visitors can look forward to two days of top arena entertainment with gundog displays, heavy horse logging, sheepdog displays, deer stalking and scurry driving.There will also be falconry displays, ferret handling, a parade of hounds, fly casting and side-saddle riding.... (story)

Northern Echo 14.8.07 Loaded and ready for a glorious day's shooting - From royalty and oil sheikhs to Vinnie Jones and Madonna and Guy Richie, grouse shooting is regarded as the preserve of the rich and famous. David Roberts joins one shooting party as they set out on the 'Glorious Thirteenth'... (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 14.8.07 Puppies have tails illegally docked - Two terrier puppies with illegally docked tails have been found at the temporary camp in Milverton Crescent, Abington Vale. The 12-week-old dogs were found during a RSPCA inspection at the camp.... (story)

Western Morning News 14.8.07 CELL CULTURE TESTS VERSUS ANIMAL TESTING - Louise Piddington criticises animal tests, yet those who support it claim that while it does have limitations, animal use is the best option we have... Cris Iles, Ivybridge (letter)

Sun 14.8.07 I WANT to say a big thank you to The Sun and Rachel Hunter for your campaign to save the mountain gorilla. I was sickened, appalled and horrified that people can deliberately kill such beautiful, rare animals.... WENDY KEELAN, Streatham, South London (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 14.8.07 Animal campaigners in Taunton By Phil Hill - CAMPAIGNING group Animal Aid is mounting an exhibition in Taunton High Street on Thursday as part of its nationwide Transform Your World tour.... (story)
Northern Echo 2.8.07 Celebration for animal rights group - AN animal rights group is to hold a 30th birthday celebration in Durham. Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights campaign group, will be giving advice, screening a film and giving away free birthday items in Durham Market Place next Wednesday... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 26.6.07 Animal rights in spotlight - AN ANIMAL rights group will be visiting Peterborough on Thursday to encourage people to adopt a compassionate lifestyle. Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights campaigning group will be visiting the city on June 28 at Cathedral Square, as part of its Transform Your World Tour – a mobile interactive exhibition which aims to motivate people to take simple steps to improve the future of their planet.... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 23.6.07 ENJOY ANIMAL ATTRACTION - An animal rights group will visit the city next week as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. Members of Animal Aid will be at the Cornhill as part of the Transform Your World British tour... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 21.6.07 WAYS YOU CAN CHANGE PLANET - Animal rights campaign group Animal Aid is visiting Derby as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. It will be in Derby Market Place on Sunday, July 1, from 10am to 5pm with its touring exhibition.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.6.07 PROMISE TO HELP ANIMALS - An animal welfare group is holding a birthday celebration to encourage people to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle. Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights campaign group, will be visiting Leicester as part of its Transform Your World 30th anniversary tour... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 20.6.07 Animal Aid exhibition celebrates 30 years of charity - Animal Aid, one of the country's leading animal charities will be holding part of its 30th birthday celebrations in Peterborough. Animal Aid will visit Cathedral Square next Thursday as part of its Transform Your World tour.... (story)
South Wales Echo 4.6.07 Animal aid roadshow by Ben Glaze, South Wales Echo - ANIMAL Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights campaigning group, will be in Cardiff next week to celebrate its 30th birthday. The group will be on Churchill Way and Queen Street in the city centre between 10am and 5pm next Monday as part of its Transform Your World tour…. (story)
Portsmouth News 1.6.07 Top tips for animal lovers on how to transform their world - Shoppers in Portsmouth were prompted to transform their world. National charity Animal Aid is touring around the country as part of its 30th birthday celebrations and made a stop at Commercial Road, providing advice and tips on how ordinary people can make a difference to animals and the planet as a whole…. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.8.07 Forgotten in floods fallout - Rearing animals for food, and consuming dead animal flesh, is simply another indication of people's ignorance, ie, the health dangers and the damage to the environment... Dr David Mitchell Exeter (story)

Guardian 14.8.07 The limits of protest - Tim Lawson-Cruttenden is the Heathrow lawyer who took out an injunction against the climate camp protesters. What, he asks, is the role of protest in a free society, and how far should it go? Protest, and the right to demonstrate, are the life blood of our democracy and are enshrined in Articles 10 and 11 of the European convention on human rights. The English common law has always upheld these rights. The high court acts vigilantly to defend them, often in the face of criticism from the government.... animal rights protesters believe they have a right and indeed a moral duty to protect animals from being subjected to scientific experimentation or vivisection. Some of them believe they are morally justified in breaking the law in order to bring animals within the protection of the law or a law which accords with their views... (story)

York Press 14.8.07 Animals concern - CHRISTIAN Vassie's letter (Big issues or animal antics, August 10) was a pointless bit of point-scoring. I seem to know two people - the "pleasant" one who I meet in person who told me of his support for my efforts to ban foie gras; and the "letters page" version who seems full of vitriol... Coun Paul Blanchard, Chaucer Lane, York (letter)
York Press 14.8.07 Raise the issue - COUNCILLOR Vassie is quite right to point out the huge animal welfare issues that we should be addressing in the present day. One of the worst crimes that humans are perpetrating towards animals today is factory farming.... I Foster, Pasture House, Coxwold, York. (letter)
York Press 14.8.07 Check your facts - COUNCILLOR Christian Vassie should find out more about a subject before launching into a tirade against Coun Paul Blanchard's campaign towards a more caring society... I hope that, in future, Coun Vassie will check his facts before holding forth on matters about which he knows very little. Clare Druce, Farm Animal Welfare Network, PO Box 40, Holmfirth (letter)
York Press 10.8.07 Big issues or animal antics? SO COUN Blanchard is now turning his big guns on performing budgies in circuses... That he should abuse defenceless animals by using them for the purposes of self-publicity is one thing; that the media should continuously fall for his pranks is quite another... Hundreds of millions of chickens, which have their beaks cut off to prevent them injuring each other in their brief six-week lives holed up in battery cages.... Those are animal welfare issues. But don't let reality get in the way of silly stories. Coun Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York (letter)


Daily Record 13.8.07 GROUSE GUN BAN - SCOTLAND'S largest private landowner has cancelled grouse shooting on one of his estates. The wet summer has affected grouse breeding, forcing the Duke of Buccleuch to take the action to preserve stocks… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 13.8.07 Grouse shoots set to be glorious - THE grouse shooting season begins today, and gamekeepers predict it will be a success. Experts at the Game Conservancy Trust said they anticipated this year would be "extremely productive"… (story)

Inverness Courier 13.8.07 Regret over the non release of the 'monster' salmon - What a shame that the 37lb salmon caught on Loch Ness was not released by the angler in question… The Ness Fishery Board's Salmon Conservation Policy, which includes the strong recommendation that all fish over 10lb be returned, applies to the whole of the catchment including Loch Ness… Andrew Graham-Stewart, Clamhan Lodge, Bonar Bridge (letter)

Times 13.8.07 Bond has activists on his tail over new film's 'brutal' horse race finale - RICHARD OWEN IN ROME - James Bond has battled his way out of many a tight spot in the past but a potent foe awaits him in his latest adventure. Can he survive a campaign by animal rights activists who claim that horses will be killed or maimed in the making of the latest 007 film? The next Bond film is to reach its climax in a chase against the background of the Palio… The Italian AntiVivisection League said that continuing to hold the Palio was “madness”…. (story)
Irish Independent 13.8.07 007 in battle to film 'barbaric' horse race - JAMES Bond has battled his way out of many a tight spot in the past but a potent foe awaits him in his latest adventure. Can he survive a campaign by animal rights activists who claim that horses will be killed or maimed in the making of the latest 007 film?... (story)
Horse & Hound 13.8.07 LATEST BOND FILM ATTACKED BY ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPS - Tessa Reading, H&H freelance writer - Filming for the 22nd Bond Film is causing controversy among animal rights groups in Italy reports The Times (Monday 13 August). The film's climax is due to take place in Siena, Tuscany with Italy's famous horse race, the Palio, as a backdrop.... (story)
Sunday Times 12.8.07 Bond has activists on his tail over new film's 'brutal' horse race finale - RICHARD OWEN IN ROME - James Bond has battled his way out of many a tight spot in the past but a potent foe awaits him in his latest adventure. Can he survive a campaign by animal rights activists who claim that horses will be killed or maimed in the making of the latest 007 film? The next Bond film is to reach its climax in a chase against the background of the Palio, the centuries-old and controversial bareback horse race in the historic Tuscan hill town of Siena.... When Tony Blair attended the Siena Palio in 1999, Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, commented: “It is a primitive spectacle that appeals to the worst instincts in human nature.”... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 13.8.07 Brave stand From Dr Jarrod Bailey, Address supplied - CONGRATULATIONS to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) for having the courage to stand up to the Home Office and their attitude to animal experimentation ("Group Uses Uni Film in Animal Test Protest", News, July 23)…. (letter)

Daily Record 13.8.07 LETTER: YOUR VIEW - CHINESE MUST BE PUT TO RIGHTS - IN the past week alone a species of dolphin has became extinct, a family of gorillas has been killed and a so-called farm where rare tigers are appallingly treated has been uncovered... Man (and woman) still continues to destroy his own environment to fulfill his needs and greed at the expense of his fellow creatures... S. Grant, Perth (story)

Western Daily Press 13.8.07 OFFICE STAR STRIPS BARE IN PROTEST - Lucy Davis - one of the stars of hit comedy show The Office - is to appear naked in an advertising campaign to stop the Ministry of Defence using bear skin... Davis appears nude except for a teddy bear in a Peta campaign to get them to switch to faux bear fur... (story)

Bolton News 13.8.07 Thanks for support - Uncaged Campaigns, the national animal protection organisation, would like to thank the people of Bolton who generously donated £132 during our annual street collection day in Bolton town centre on Saturday, August... Max Newton, Uncaged Campaigns, Sheffield (letter)

Plymouth 13.8.07 HARD-SELL TACTICS? - I would like to draw the attention of the public to the fundraising tactics of the RSPCA, which caused a long-standing client of mine, a pensioner, considerable distress, so much so that the client reported the incident to my receptionist, who advised that she wrote to head office about the fact that after the RSPCA representative left, she burst into tears. The pensioner brought me a photocopy of the reply, which contained an apology, but passed the buck to a separate fundraising company. However, when that company's operators wear RSPCA tabards to collect money for them, surely the buck stops with the RSPCA?... EDMUND SHILLABEER BVSc MRCVS, Peverell (story)


BBC News Online 12.8.07 Moors set for 'Glorious Twelfth' - Enthusiasts are gearing up for the start of the UK's grouse shooting season.... But it has its critics - the League Against Cruel Sports has described the Glorious Twelfth as a "slaughter of wildlife in the name of sport".... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 12.8.07 Shot in the arm for moribund grouse moors - JEREMY WATSON - THERE'S gold in them thar' grouse. Scotland's moors are undergoing a renaissance, with millions of pounds being invested in grouse shooting for the first time in decades... News of the recovery was revealed in a survey carried out by the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) in the run-up to today - the Glorious Twelfth of August... (story)

Sunday Herald 12.8.07 Let’s take this 12th off the calendar - Lynda Korimboccus - THE SHOOTING community calls today the Glorious 12th. We call it the Gory 12th - there's nothing glorious about killing and wounding birds for pleasure and profit... The Scottish Animal Rights Alliance, Animal Aid, Killhunting and many others are rallying support to end this persecution. We urge others who care about our wildlife to join us and put an end to this annual abhorrence. Lynda Korimboccus is the founder of the Scottish Animal Rights Alliance (story)

Sunday Telegraph 12.8.07 Sandi Toksvig: The animals are calling the shots - Sandi Toksvig muses on the start of grouse shooting season - Today is the 'glorious twelfth', that traditional British moment when people with impeccable manners tramp about in fields banging big holes in small birds. It is the start of the grouse shooting season. I shan't be going, partly because I'm an animal lover and partly because I am too inclined to emotion. The only thing I've ever shot was a four-inch clay pigeon and I wept for days over that.... (story)

Independent on Sunday 12.8.07 Passion for python puts stars at war with animal rights groups - Celebrities are leading the craze for snakeskin accessories – to the fury of campaigners, who claim that reptiles are being skinned alive to supply the fashion industry. By Susie Mesure - Style never stands still, and this season the super-rich have a new fixation: snakeskin... Clifford Warwick, reptile biologist at the Animal Protection Agency, said: "It is an almost entirely unregulated trade where species are pushed to the brink... (story)


Dundee Courier 11.8.07 Good grouse season in the air By Liz Fowler - A CLOUD was cast over the official launch of the grouse season yesterday in the Angus glens with the release of some graphic images showing the suffering of animals caught in snares, which it is claimed are widely used on shooting estates as a method of predator control.... the Game Conservancy Trust forecast this year’s shoot would be a success with a “fantastic” increase in numbers of birds... At the same time, however, the League Against Cruel Sports was launching a new film, Caught In A Trap, to highlight the need to ban snaring, with the voiceover recorded by One Foot In The Grave actress Annette Crosby, president of the league... (story)

Glastow Herald 11.8.07 Not so glorious season for grouse shooting with mixed predictions - ROB ROBERTSON - The Glorious 12th will begin on the 13th this year - and the grouse season is expected to be as mixed as the date... The Scottish Countryside Alliance has asked all those going out to the moors to take out insurance beforehand. "You wouldn't drive without insurance, so don't shoot without insurance," said a spokesman... (story)

Horse & Hound 11.8.07 Hunts told: you can pick up fallen stock - Hunts were told yesterday they could apply for temporary registration to the National Fallen Stock Scheme (NFSS) to collect dead animals (fallen stock) from farms.... (story)
Telegraph 11.8.07 Gordon Brown urged to support UK farmers By Clive Aslet - Despite the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease, Clive Aslet stands by his view that farming in Britain has a bright future - if only the Government would rethink its attitude. Readers, tether me to a mountainside and leave me to perish... The front page of the same day's paper carried the first news of the foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey... For a decade, this Government has done little more than try to keep the lid on what it views as a declining industry full of obstreperous and irrelevant countrymen whining about badgers, hunting and the like. When it has needed to act decisively in the interests of the countryside, it has failed to do so.... (story)
Horse & Hound 9.8.07 Confusion in the countryside over collection of dead animals - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The countryside is in chaos, with rotting animals lying on farms around Britain, despite the government's announcement that dead animals can now be collected for disposal.... "It's absolute chaos," said Alastair Jackson, director of the Hunting Office. "You can only pick up if you are on the National Fallen Stock Scheme (NFSS). Very few hunts are registered and even fewer farmers are — it just didn't catch on when it was launched." ... (story)
Newcastle Journal 6.8.07 Farmers fear nightmare is back by Ben Guy, The Journal - RURAL areas in the North-East face an anxious wait as the extent of the foot-and-mouth outbreak is investigated... Regional director of the Countryside Alliance Richard Dodd said the rural community was “holding is breath”.... (story)
Mirror 6.8.07 Veggie Debby in charge of inquiry - The investigation into the latest crisis affecting our meat is led by Chief Veterinary Officer Debby Reynolds - who is a vegetarian. Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said: "She and her team have done an extraordinary job.... (story)
Observer 5.8.07 Memories of the pyres haunt me still - Clive Aslet - The news that foot and mouth has reappeared in Britain after only six years will sink everyone who can remember the last outbreak into gloom... To country people, it seemed ironic that a government determined to outlaw foxhunting, out of anxiety for the verminous fox, should have presided over the destruction of untold numbers of superb farm animals, carefully bred for generations... (story)
Sunday Sun 5.8.07 Government lab suspect outbreak by Phil Doherty and Robert Weatherall, Sunday Sun - A GOVERNMENT investigation into the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease is focussing on one of its own laboratories... Richard Dodd, who farms near Ponteland, Northumberland, and is the regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: “What the Government should have done after the last outbreak was to absolutely tighten everything up... (story)
Independent on Sunday 5.8.07 Return of the cattle plague - On a small farm in Surrey, the disease every livestock owner dreads has returned just six years after the last outbreak devastated Britain. By Ian Griggs and David Connett .... Philip Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion in World Farming, captured the mood of many experts, when he said: "The nation is holding its breath, hoping that the outbreak is an isolated incident. Whatever the reality, any response must be carried out without delay and in a way that avoids the wastage of healthy animals so prominent in the 2001 outbreak."... (story)
Independent 4.8.07 Foot-and-mouth returns to UK - PM cuts short holiday after disease found on farm in Guildford By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor - The nightmare of foot-and-mouth disease returned to Britain last night, forcing Gordon Brown to cut short his holiday after only a few hours in Devon to chair a crisis meeting of Cobra, the emergency planning unit in Downing Street today.... The outbreak among cattle on a farm in Guildford has caused an immediate ban in all transport of cattle and pigs in Britain... Tim Bonner, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying this is an isolated incident and the disease is not already widespread, because last time when we found out about it, it was already everywhere... (story)
Sun 4.8.07 Every farmer is terrified today - THE foot and mouth outbreak will bring fear to every farmer in Britain, it was predicted last night. More than six million animals had to be slaughtered when the highly infectious disease took hold in 2001 — costing the country £8BILLION. Experts at a farm in Normandy, near Guildford, Surrey, were preparing to cull a herd of cattle after tests showed the disease was present. And Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said: “There will be horror across the rural British Isles. Every livestock farmer will wake this morning and be terrified.”... (story)
BBC News Online 4.8.07 PM pledges foot-and-mouth action - UK authorities are doing "everything in our power" to eradicate foot-and-mouth disease after it was found at a farm near Guildford, Gordon Brown has said... "Even the words 'foot-and-mouth' will send a chill through the spine of every farmer in the country" - Tim Bonner, Countryside Alliance.... (story)
BBC News Online 4.8.07 Rural economy braced for setback By Simon Atkinson and Bill Wilson - The 2001 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic resulted in 6.5 million animals being slaughtered and cost the economy about £8.5bn... And Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance said that visitors should not stay away. "The worst thing that people can do is cancel their bed and breakfast booking and jump on a cheap flight to the continent," he said... (story)
BBC News Online 4.8.07 Farm infected with foot-and-mouth - A UK-wide ban on movement of all livestock is in place after cattle at a farm in Surrey were found to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease... Tim Bonner, from the Countryside Alliance, said: "Even the words 'foot-and-mouth' will send a chill through the spine of every farmer in the country."... (story)
Telegraph 4.8.07 Foot and mouth: Brown pledges to fight By Miles Goslett, Sunday Telegraph - Gordon Brown has pledged to do "everything in our power" to eradicate foot and mouth disease following an outbreak at a farm in Surrey... Tim Bonner, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident and that the disease is not already widespread.... (story)
Scotsman 4.8.07 Farmers fear repeat of year the countryside burned - CRAIG BROWN & DAN BUGLASS - CATTLE in southern England were last night diagnosed with foot-and-mouth disease. The farming community now fears a repeat of the epidemic that wrought havoc across Britain in 2001... Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said the spectre of FMD would strike fear into farmers across the country.... (story)
Mirror 4.8.07 New foot and mouth crisis fears By Bob Roberts And Laurie Hanna - Farmers were last night braced for the nightmare of a new foot and mouth epidemic after the disease was confirmed in a herd of cows in Surrey... Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident and that the disease is not already widespread.... (story)
Guardian 4.8.07 Foot-And-Mouth Disease Detected in UK By JILL LAWLESS - LONDON (AP) - Scientists worked Saturday to trace the source of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak on an English farm, a development that prompted the European Union to ban livestock imports from Britain, an official said.... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said farmers were extremely worried by the latest outbreak.... (story)
Times 4.8.07 Foot and mouth disease returns - FRANCIS ELLIOTT AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - Government vets were battling last night to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in an attempt to avert a repeat of the crisis that crippled the British countryside in 2001.... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: “This is not just potentially a disaster for farmers but for the wider rural economy that was devastated in 2001.”... (story)
Times 4.8.07 Brown halts holiday to lead fight against foot-and-mouth outbreak - HELEN NUGENT - Gordon Brown was on his way back to London this morning to deal with the foot-and-mouth outbreak as farmers prayed that the identification of the disease on a farm in Surrey was an isolated incident... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said that farmers around the country would be hoping and praying that the disease was not already widespread.... (story)
Belfast Newsletter 4.8.07 Foot and mouth alert By Gemma Murray and PA Reporters - THE spectre of the foot and mouth epidemic that brought chaos to Britain six years ago returned last night when a fresh outbreak was confirmed in England...Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident and that the disease is not already widespread." (story)
Belfast Telegraph 4.8.07 Foot-and-mouth returns to UK By Colin Brown - The nightmare of foot-and-mouth disease returned to Britain last night, forcing Gordon Brown to cut short his holiday after only a few hours in Devon to chair a crisis meeting of Cobra, the emergency planning unit in Downing Street today.... Tim Bonner, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying this is an isolated incident and the disease is not already widespread... (story)
Blackpool Gazette 4.8.07 Farmers face foot and mouth restrictions - THE Fylde's farmers today face restrictions on the movement of animals as the Government battles the threat of a new foot and mouth disease epidemic... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident and that the disease is not already widespread, because last time when we found out about it, it was already everywhere.... (story)
Daily Post 4.8.07 New foot and mouth fears - An emergency operation to halt a new epidemic of foot and mouth disease swung into action today as farmers reeled at the confirmation of a fresh outbreak.... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident... (story)
South Wales Echo 4.8.07 Foot and mouth found on farm by Mark Stead, South Wales Echo - WELSH farmers were today bracing themselves for a fresh foot and mouth crisis. An emergency operation has been put in place across the UK following the shock news that the disease had been found on a Surrey farm... Countryside Alliance spokesman Tim Bonner said: “Farmers will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident..." (story)
Southern Daily Echo 4.8.07 Foot and mouth outbreak on Surrey farm - AN emergency operation to halt a new epidemic of foot and mouth disease swung into action today as farmers reeled at the confirmation of a fresh outbreak.... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: ''Farmers around the country will be hoping and praying that this is an isolated incident ..." (story)
Newcastle Journal 4.8.07 North goes on FMD alert by Paul Lorraine, The Journal - FARMERS and rural communities were holding their breath last night after an outbreak of foot-and- mouth disease was confirmed in Britain... Richard Dodd, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "After the last fiasco, you have to hope lessons have been learnt.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 11.8.07 FOIE GRAS STILL TO BE DISHED UP - Animal rights activists have failed to get a £30-a-time dish removed from the menu at North Lincolnshire's top restaurant, Winteringham Fields. Currently the restaurant, frequented by famous faces including Sir Elton John, serves up around 6,000 helpings of foie gras a year.Colin McGurran, who paid more than £1-million for the business two years ago, insists he will not be following the example of some of the UK's leading stores in banning the pate.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 11.8.07 PROTEST FORCES DELICACY OFF THE MENU - Animal rights protesters say they will continue to target Bath's most exclusive hotels to stop them serving a controversial delicacy.... Le Petit Cochon, in Margaret's Buildings, and No5 Restaurant, in Argyle Street, have already stopped cooking with the engorged goose liver pate after the vociferous protests.... Now they have been joined by Dukes Hotel, in Great Pulteney Street, following a protest on Thursday night by Bath Animal Action.... Vegan protester Steve Jones said: "For foie gras, the animal suffers and the geese spend the last days of their lives in pain... >(story)

York Press 11.8.07 Stop the pain - IN response to your letter from Richard Mellen... If we are to eat animals, then there must be a duty of care towards them, unlike the Belgians whose practices are about as sadistic and nasty as it gets... Julian Morley, Dulwich Wood Park, London
IN response to Richard Mellen's letter "Foie gras is beautiful, Paul" (The Press, August 8) I would like to point out that it doesn't matter why retailers have stopped selling foie gras. The fact remains that it is unethical, as evidenced by the ban on the production of foie gras in the UK.... Nicola Gothard, Sovereign Close, Didcot, Oxon (letters)
York Press 10.8.07 RICHARD Mellen almost makes a valid point when he states the reason retailers stop selling foie gras is most likely on commercial grounds rather than ethical... What kind of aficionado delights in eating products in full knowledge the animals were made to suffer simply for the sake of the connoisseur's taste-buds?.. Neil Hood, Leabank Square, London.
FOIE gras is not beautiful if you're either a human being with a conscience, or a goose... Cathy Bryant, Derby Road, Manchester
IT is good to see that your newspaper is covering the campaign to ban foie gras in this country. Now that all the major food supermarkets have boycotted this cruel product, it would be good to persuade those restaurants that shamefully still serve it to follow suit.... I Foster, Pasture House, Coxwold, York (letter)
York Press 9.8.07 Fois gras is beautiful, Paul - HOW refreshing to hear Paul Blanchard spouting his drivel again in the piece: "Campaigners hail foie-gras triumph". As a retailer, I would assume the real reason for chain stores to stop stocking foie gras is profit - the same reason one cannot easily get a good ewe's-milk cheese, a really good dry-cured ham, baby octopus and venison in the stores mentioned. Foie gras is a speciality food and hence better suited to a specialist delicatessen... Richard Mellen, Shirley Avenue, York. (letter)

Independent 11.8.07 How meat eaters ignore the abattoir - It's a strange world that Janet Street-Porter lives in (9 August), peopled with waddling "miserable lesbian vegetarians" and "can't cook, won't cooks" who prefer "burgers, kebabs and barbecue bits" to "carcasses". The reason you no longer see meat hanging up by hooks, Janet, apart from hygiene, is an increasingly uncomfortable awareness of the arguments against eating meat... MORAG ANDREWS, SUNDERLAND (letter)

The Shields Gazette 11.8.07 Anger over animal circus By David MacLean - CAMPAIGNERS are set to boycott a controversial circus which has rolled into town. Peter Jolly's Circus set up site on Sunderland Road, South Shields, on Thursday.... A peaceful protest is being launched by a group of local campaigners later today... Another local resident, Pauline Gibson, 46, from The Ridgeway, South Shields, said: "I saw the circus and I was tempted to go along and buy a ticket for Sunday night. "It was only when I got home and read an animal cruelty campaigner's leaflet that I changed my mind... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 11.8.07 Not cats' fault From Mike and Ingrid Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell - AS cat lovers we would question Mr Neal's letter ("Too many cats", August 4). Once again cats are blamed for the dramatic decline in the songbird population when in fact the real culprit is man himself. Cats do not grub out thousands of miles of ancient hedgerows or dump millions of gallons of poison on the sterile prairies we now call the countryside... (letter)


Western Morning News 10.8.07 HUNT GEARS UP FOR ANNUAL SHOW - With all major fundraising events badly affected so far this year, members and supporters of the Tetcott Hunt are desperately hoping for a fine bank holiday Monday.Key events, including the point-to-point meeting, were badly affected by the atrocious weather and hopes now rest with the annual horse show.... (story)

Telegraph 10.8.07 Grouse shooting season to start with row By Caroline Davies - The grouse shooting season starts with more bang than usual next week amid a heated row over blazing heather…. Behind one butt is the Countryside Alliance, defender of the practice of blasting birds from the air. Behind the other is wedged the RSPB, protector of the former's victims… The row was sparked by a recent report compiled by the RSPB and designed to stimulate national debate on how best to preserve Britain's uplands. And it raised the question "Heather burning - friend or foe?"…. (story)

Hexham Courant 10.8.07 Gamekeepers hold breath - LOCAL gamekeepers are praying that what looks like being the best season for grouse in many years will not fall foul of foot-and-mouth restrictions – as the equally promising 2001 season did.... Head keeper at the Whitfield Estate, Stuart Maughan, said: “The grouse are looking good, especially on the high ground. Overall the grouse prospects in the North Pennines are as good as we’ve had since 2004, and some are as good as we had in 2001... (story)

Scotsman 10.8.07 © The moor the merrier as grouse estates benefit from rising prices - JANE BRADLEY AND IAN JOHNSTON - A SURGE in demand for grouse moors could reverse the decline of shooting estates in Scotland, helping both the environment and the struggling rural economy, it was claimed yesterday. Estate agents say the value of existing estates had soared by more than 40 per cent in just two years.... IT IS estimated that shooting is worth up to £260 million to the Scottish economy. While only £20 million of this comes directly from grouse shooting itself, the rest is made up of other forms of hunting and spin-off benefits such as spending on hotels, food and other items by tourists attracted by the sport.... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 10.8.07 Cumbrian grouse moors will be silent on the Glorious 12th - THE grouse moors of Cumbria will be silent on the Glorious 12th this year – because it falls on a Sunday. But on Monday, despite the wettest June and July in England since records began, the forecast for the grouse shooting season is good.... (story)
Cumberland News 10.8.07 Cumbria’s grouse-shooters set their sights on Glorious 13th By Maurice Chesworth - THE grouse moors of Cumbria will be silent on the Glorious 12th this year – because it falls on a Sunday. But on Monday, despite the wettest June and July in England since records began, the forecast for the grouse shooting season is good.... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 10.8.07 Rise and fall of the fells BY DEBORAH KUIPER - CUMBRIA’S moors and high fells are severely damaged and degraded, according to an RSPB report published this month.... Farmers, forestry workers and managers of grouse and deer for hunting are highlighted by the report as the main protectors of uplands, but the RSPB is concerned that they get too little support.... (story)
Wigan Observer/Post/Reporter 10.8.07 Region's countryside 'neglected' - Cumbria's moors and high fells are severely damaged and degraded, according to a report by the RSPB.... Farmers, forestry workers and managers of grouse and deer for hunting are highlighted by the report as the main protectors of uplands, but the RSPB is concerned that they get too little support.... (story)

The Sentinel 10.8.07 GET HOOKED ON FISHING - Young fishing enthusiasts are being offered the chance to enrol on a course which promises to get them even more hooked on their favourite sport.The course, approved by the National Federation of Anglers, is open to members of the Fenton and District Angling Society, and is likely to start at the end of September... (story)

North East Evening Gazette 10.8.07 Hooked on fishing at Hemlington Lakes by Barbara Argument, Evening Gazette - YOUNGSTERS keen to get hooked on fishing are learning the ropes at Hemlington Lakes. They are spending the summer holidays getting a taste of Britain’s biggest participation sport. On hand with expert advice is angling coach Dave Munt from Billingham, a fisherman for 45 years.... (story)

The Sentinel 10.8.07 THESE TOWNIE MINISTERS ARE NO HELP TO FARMERS - Touch wood, the foot and mouth crisis seems to be under control, but if I were a farmer I wouldn't trust this government of townies to do anything in my best interests. After all, it's only six years since millions of farm animals - many of them in perfect heath - were slaughtered in a gigantic bureaucratic cock-up... . It also says much about the Government's disregard for rural life when it can spend so much time and effort on a trivial matter like fox-hunting. That was driven by naked prejudice. Yet farmers are among the few workers in this country who still export their goods.... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 10.8.07 ASBO FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTER - An Animal rights protester who targeted an East Yorkshire firm has been handed an Anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) to ban him from targeting medical research facilities. Andrew Kirk, 48, sent dead voles and birds to companies that breed animals for medical research. He has now been given an Asbo by Recorder Richard Mansell at Sheffield Crown Court, banning him from having any contact with the company, its director or his family... He had sent a dead vole through the post to a director at B &K Universal, of Grimston, near Aldbrough, which breeds beagles and rodents for research... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 30.3.07 PROTESTER GUILTY OF SENDING DEAD VOLE IN THE POST - An Animal rights protester has been found guilty of posting dead voles and birds to companies that breed animals for medical research. Andrew Kirk, 48, sent a dead vole through the post to a director at B &K Universal, of Grimston, near Aldbrough…. He also sent a dead bird to Covance in a Harrogate, a clinical research unit… (story)

Western Morning News 10.8.07 DON'T BE DETERRED BY COW'S MILK CRITIC - I was concerned to read a recent letter by Dr Justine Butler entitled "Case for cow's milk fails to convince" and felt it was important to provide your readers with a slightly more balanced viewpoint... she failed to point out that the prevalence of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes in western countries is not simply linked to consumption of one food group. In fact these diseases are linked to genetics as well as a vast array of different lifestyle risk factors including high consumption of saturated fat, salt, sugar and alcohol, as well as smoking and lack of exercise, to name a few..... Carole Barr, Nutrition Scientist The Dairy Council London (letter)
Western Morning News 31.7.07 CASE FOR COWS' MILK FAILS TO CONVINCE - Dr Justine Butler, Senior Health Campaigner VVF (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.7.07 COW'S MILK IS NOT SO HEALTHY AFTER ALL - Dr Justine Butler, Senior health campaigner, Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation, Bristol (letter)
Western Mail 16.7.07 Unconvinced by dairy - The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation is not at all convinced by reports suggesting that cow’s milk can help prevent deaths from heart disease.... DR JUSTINE BUTLER, Senior health campaigner, Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 10.8.07 Ask MP to sign calf motion - Josephine Harwood Moor Park Avenue Bispham (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.8.07 BACK THIS MOVE ON CALF EXPORTS - John Dixon Clifton Bristol (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette 2.8.07 Calves are suffering - Readers may not be aware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the live export trade in young calves from the UK to resume.... Readers can also help by buying Soil Association approved organic milk, whose standards prohibit the export of calves for veal. Maggie Baptiste Corston Malmesbury (letter)
News Shopper 31.7.07 Take action against veal - I WONDER whether readers know the Government is once again allowing live calves to be transported by lorry to the Continent?... First, people should buy organic milk and cheese because Soil Association rules do not allow organic farmers to export their calves for veal. Secondly, people should write to their MP and ask them to sign Early Day Motion 395, which calls on the Government to take action on this issue. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 26.7.07 Live calves issue - Many readers may not be aware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the live export trade in young calves from the UK to resume... Please ask your local MP to sign Early Day Motion 395 which calls on the Government to take action on this issue. Buy Soil Association approved organic milk as this ensures that calves have not been exported to the continent for veal production. Stella M Read - 126 Skipton Road, Ilkley. (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 24.7.07 After hens and pigs it's battery cows! - (Ms) Cynthia Reynolds, Westcliffe Drive, High Road Well, Halifax. NOT being satisfied with factory farming of hens and pigs in the UK we now have intensive dairy farms or battery cows..... To help UK farmers I urge your readres to please buy Soil Association-endorsed organic milk as it does not support the trade in live export of dairy calves.... (story)
Argus 24.7.07 Cruel practice - Many of your readers may be unaware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the trade of live young calves from the UK to resume... Readers can help these unfortunate animals by urging their MP to sign early day motion 395, calling on the Government to take action on this issue.... T Lamour, Blatchington Road, Hove (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 19.7.07 Call for action on calf exports - MANY readers may not be aware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the live export trade in young calves from the UK to resume.... Please ask your local MPs to sign Early Day Motion 395 which calls for the Government to take action on this issue... L SELLWOOD, Southampton (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 10.8.07 Ask MP to sign calf motion - Ask MP to sign calf motion - Many readers may not be aware that lifting the ban on exports of British beef has allowed the live export trade in young calves from the UK to resume…. Please ask your local MP to sign early day motion 395 which calls on the Government to take action on this issue. Josephine Harwood Moor Park Avenue Bispham (letter)


Denbighshire Free Press 9.8.07 Hunt story is so biased - After a rotten day, the last thing I needed was my friend to push the Denbighshire Free Press through my letterbox, especially as the front page was just a platform for hunt master Jeremy Reed to rant on about how much support his cruel hunt had received since his terrier man was charged and prosecuted.... I wonder, would you have been so accommodating if I'd broken the law? Somehow I doubt it! I would have been made out to be some kind of animal rights terrorist... Judi Hewitt, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letter)
Denbighshire Free Press 9.8.07 Blowing the hunt trumpet - Your paper's headline (Free Press, August 2) 'Court case will make hunt stronger' certainly blew the trumpet for Jeremy Reed and the Denbigh Flint Hunt... How a man convicted of a criminal offence by breaking the hunting ban will make the hunt stonger beats me. The convicted man, William Armstong, did not hand over his gun it was confiscated, as was his licence and dog.... Jean Bennington. Knowles Avenue, Prestatyn (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.8.07 CLAMP DOWN ON HUNT BAN REBELS - If any hunts are found to be still hunting foxes for sport, then I hope that the law will prosecute the masters of the hunt and the joint masters as well as the huntsmen and all who follow them... A Palmer Dursley Gloucestershire (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 9.8.07 Late start for grouse shooters by Sam Casey, Hudd Main - THE grouse shooting season on the moors outside Holmfirth and Meltham is almost upon us. But people will be starting a day later than usual. August 12 – the traditional start of the season – is a Sunday this year, so shooting will get under way on August 13... (story)

Irish Examiner 9.8.07 Bad argument - I WAS disgusted by the letter from John Tierney of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs headlined ‘Guns in the field can become guns in the kitchen’ (August 4). To take a tragedy like that in Co Wicklow recently and use it to promote a personal opinion on anunrelated topic is, in my view, despicable.... Mark Dennehy 167 Applewood Heights Greystones Co Wicklow (letter)
Irish Examiner 4.8.07 Guns in the field can become guns in the kitchen - THE tragic event in Wicklow involving the deaths of three people in a domestic situation calls into question the need for having firearms in the family home.... There is no reason to kill animals for recreation as there are many non-lethal ways of letting off steam in the countryside... John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Horse & Hound 9.8.07 FMD OUTBREAK: SHOW NEWS AND CANCELLATION ... The Vine & Craven Hunt cross-country ride at Highclere, Berks on Sunday 19 August has been cancelled due to the foot-and-mouth outbreak... As the current outbreak of foot-and-mouth is so close to the hunt country of the Surrey Union, the hunt has decided to postpone it's puppy show. It will be rescheduled for a future date yet to be decided.... (story)

Independent 9.8.07 Of course we are going to get more outbreaks of virulent diseases such as foot-and-mouth, mad cow disease and bird flu. Until we have the decency to phase out inhumane intensive farming methods they will just get worst. ADRIAN APPLEY, BROMLEY, KENT (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 9.8.07 Are circuses cruel or kind? - Circuses have been a tradition in Britain for more than three centuries and, love them or loathe them, there is always a big top up somewhere, ready to entertain young and old… The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) believes performing animals suffer and that there is no need for them in 21st century circuses…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 9.8.07 Plight of the supermarket duck - I HAVE recently become aware of the shameful conditions on duck farms supplying major supermarkets. Animal group VIVA has filmed ducks crammed into dirty stinking sheds in their thousands.... M WILKINS, Southampton (story)

Central Somerset Gazette 9.8.07 SLAUGHTER CAUSING UNNECESSARY SUFFERING - I am writing in response to the letter by Paul Atkins "Weighing Up Animal Cruelty" (July 5) which makes references to the RSPCA that are incorrect.The RSPCA recognises that religious beliefs and practices should be respected. However, it also believes that it is important to ensure that animals are slaughtered under the most humane conditions possible... The Jewish and Muslim communities in the UK should review their slaughter practices.... Jo Barr RSPCA regional press officer South and South West RSPCA Regional Headquarters Bakers Hill Exeter EX2 9TA
Re: Humane slaughter. On July 19 you published a letter from Shimon Cohen of the Shechita UK PR Office, London, in which he quoted the RSPCA, an organisation known to most people for its knowledge and expertise in animal welfare, as saying "the RSPCA emphasised its 'long-standing concern about the inadequacy of stunning methods and the extra stress they caused to animals'". I enclose a copy of a letter from the RSPCA, dated June 22, 2007, in which they state: "We therefore advocate that animals must be rendered unconscious by stunning before having their throats cut".... S Morris Mill Lane Wedmore (letters)
Central Somerset Gazette 19.7.07 HUMANE JEWISH METHOD - I read with surprise the letter from Alice Taylor (July 12) who wishes to outlaw Shechita - the Jewish religious humane method of dispatching animals for food. Shechita fulfils the requirements of animal welfare and humane slaughter, and as such is recognised by leading scientific and veterinary authorities as humane... Shimon Cohen The Shechita UK PR Office London (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 12.7.07 I HOPE THAT THE POLICE TAKE NOTE - Re: Giles Bradshaw's letter headlined "Hunting act is unjustified", June 28.Before the Hunting Act came into force, Giles Bradshaw and the rest of the hunting fraternity always maintained that they were law-abiding people. How things have changed if he is to be believed... T Bennett, Ashcott (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 12.7.07 GUILTY OF CONTEMPT FOR LAW - Re: Letter headlined "Hunting Act is unjustified", June 28.After reading the challenging, dogmatic enmity in Mr Bradshaw's letter, I put it down to the rantings of a red-necked landowner. Unfortunately, after talking to a group of affluent young city workers in Bristol the other night, I am not so sure his protestations can be dismissed so lightly. They were equally adamant that country laws did not apply to them and they proudly boasted how they regularly took trips out into the countryside in their 4x4s to break them... R A Baker, Hervey Road, Wells (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 12.7.07 THE NUMBERS PALE INTO INSIGNIFICANCE - Re: Letter from Paul R Atkins, "Weighing up animal cruelty", July 5.While being against hunting of foxes or deer, I do find myself in agreement with Paul R Atkins about the legal practice of slaughtering animals without prior stunning for the purpose of producing kosher and halal meat.... Alice Taylor, North Road, Wells (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 5.7.07 WEIGHING UP ANIMAL CRUELTY - I read with interest Giles Bradshaw's letter about the hunting of deer with dogs. To be honest, I am a little saddened. Firstly I am a shooter and some of the laws that affect shooting I do not agree with. However, if every law we thought was wrong we broke, there would be anarchy... All the antis - and this includes bodies such as the RSPCA - who make such a fuss about hunting, shooting and fishing yet totally ignore the hundreds, if not thousands, of terrified animals that are slaughtered each day by having their throats cut (for religious reasons) in this country is totally unacceptable... Just think - we can stop the so-called cruelty of Mr Bradshaw but must not stop what I consider cruel in ethnic religious groups. Paul R Atkins, Somerton (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 28.6.07 HUNTING ACT IS UNJUSTIFIED - Re: "Get tough with hunters", letter, June 21.I read Katherine Watson's letter with interest. I feel very strongly that my activities should not have been banned by the Government.... As far as I am concerned the law is completely unjustified and I have a right to break it. I regularly continue to do so with the full knowledge of my local police. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash South Molton (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 21.6.07 GET TOUGH WITH HUNTERS - After the conviction of two Quantock Staghounds' officials on an illegal hunting charge, can the pro-hunt minority still claim that the Hunting Act is "absurd and useless"?... The Exmoor Foxhounds' huntsman has a right to appeal against his conviction for illegal fox hunting, but the evidence (including extensive video footage) and details of how the "flushing operation" was conducted will have to be fully examined... These people are obviously behaving in a way which gives cause for concern, and know they are in the wrong, otherwise why would Mendip Farmers' supporters have driven a vehicle at the son of two hunt watch monitors last season?... Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)


Telegraph 8.8.07 The England we love, not the England we live in By Simon Heffer - The trouble is, I fear, that we grew up with unreasonable expectations of the countryside. This applies especially to those of us who live there... It was a Leitmotif of the Blair government that it hated the countryside. There could be no other explanation for much of its behaviour.... The growing appetite to punish the motorist as a revenue-raising operation hit country people harder than most: not merely because we live in comparative isolation in many cases, but because the Government feels that public transport is a service fit to be provided only to those in urban areas. A similar view is taken of the need for post offices, so that businesses that have for years been a focus of rural life are now, in many cases, about to be obliterated. An earlier attempt, not so far entirely successful, to wreck the rural economy was a consequence of the supremely ignorant campaign against foxhunting.... (story)

Times 8.8.07 The face - FRANCIS ELLIOTT - HILARY BENN: The meat in the sandwich? - Hilary Benn insists there is more to him than his diet. “Judge me by what I am, not what I eat,” he begged farmers last month... But it is safe to say that Benn, the fourth generation of his family to be involved in politics, is no countryman. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the ban on foxhunting, for example.... (story)

Western Daily Press 8.8.07 CRUEL AND EVIL HUNTING OF CUBS - Having read the Countryside Alliance "rural heroes" article, I find it difficult to find any genuine sentiments regarding the countryside and the rural way of life they seem to want us to believe they champion.... Again we see the blaming of Tony Blair by the hunting fraternity when we live in a changing world with the reality that people will be required to train and retrain many times during their working lives.... Graham Forsyth Chard (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.8.07 THINK ABOUT THE KILLING - I Suppose you print irritating drivel to perpetuate the tiresome slog between those on either side of the hunting debate, but a eulogy to the president of the South and West Wilts Hunt merits at least some balance.So the twin legal challenges to the Hunting Act went to the Lords, which we are told is "testimony to their validity." I guess their 100 per cent failure is testimony to democracy being a bit thick then?... Simon Hacker Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 8.8.07 FISHERMEN NET £2.5K FOR CHARITY - Anglers have reeled in more than £2,500 for charity in a 10-hour North-east "fishathon". The marathon fishing challenge for the Friends of Anchor was held at the Raemoir Trout Fishery near Banchory. The cash will go to the Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary... (story)

Cornish Guardian 8.8.07 ANGLERS SET TO GATHER FOR CHARITY EVENT - Dozens of anglers are set to gather in Mevagissey this weekend to take part in a charity event.Mevagissey Angling for Charity is holding its main event of the year on Saturday with its off shore angling competition... (story)

Telegraph 8.8.07 The airport luggage carousels of despair By Jan Moir - As fowl atrocities go, foie gras is nothing - Animal activists are determined to clear British shelves of foie gras by Christmas. This week, campaigners from the Vegetarians International Voice for Animals announced plans to use peaceful protest to stop outlets such as Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges selling the livers... In the same way that the foxhunting ban was really about class, the foie gras wars are really about what is seen as privilege. Yet the birds used to create this delicacy are treated like kings.... they are overfed before being slaughtered, but do not seem to mind this too much. In the pantheon of fowl atrocities, it is nothing. Each year, British supermarkets and fast-food chicken outlets sell millions of sad, albino, factory-farmed creatures which have had unutterably miserable lives...(story)

Essex Echo 8.8.07 Protest agains animal circuses - The "not so" Great British Circus is coming to Rochford for a month... Southend Animal Aid is planning to protest. To help us make an impact, e-mail.... Miguel da Silva and Hayley Foster, Coleman Street, Southend (letter)


Independent 7.8.07 Timebombs tick in our laboratories - Regardless of whether the foot-and-mouth virus did or did not escape from the Merial Animal Health laboratory or the Institute for Animal Health laboratory, just that the Government is considering that possibility is scary enough... It is not only terrorism that we should be worried about, but also the timebombs ticking inside animal research laboratories. PAMELA KINNUNEN, LONDON NW2 (letter)

Lakeland Echo 7.8.07 Campaigners' circus boycott - THE public were being asked to boycott a circus that was performing in Kendal this week over its use of animals including an elephant. The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has criticised the Bobby Roberts Circus for being one of just eight circuses in the UK to still use animals, including horses, camels, dogs and an elephant. CAPS receives more complaints about the Bobby Roberts Circus than any other in the UK.... (story)

Wigan Observer/Reporter/Evening Post 7.8.07 Too much cow gas? Let's eat the cows! - Recently, someone – I think it was Paul McCartney – said that the way to save the planet from global warming was for everyone to turn vegetarian, because the millions of cattle worldwide, bred for food, create more methane gas than all the world's aircraft flights.... Cattle are vegetarians so if the methane problem is created by eating a vegetarian diet, wouldn't the answer be to eat the cattle and outlaw vegetarians? Just a thought. Jeff McCann, via email (letter)

Sun 7.8.07 PEOPLE guilty of cruelty to animals should be banned for life from keeping them... LIZ DAVIES, Saundersfoot, Pembs
... Individuals who are willing to inflict pain and suffering on innocent animals are the lowest of the low... JOHN WHITAKER, Barnwood, Gloucs
IN America the officers of The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals have powers of arrest. Why is that not the case in the UK?.... PAULINE MURFET, Hailsham, East Sussex
I WAS upset and sickened by the pictures shown of animal cruelty... MARGARET NOBLE, Chislehurst, Kent
YOUR photos of animal cruelty were really shocking... PAT CORDON, Cheltenham, Gloucs
I WAS disgusted by the cruelty, in particular the picture of the dog left to starve.... BARRY GRIMES, Coventry
I AM all in favour of The Sun’s campaign to stamp out animal cruelty... BARRY THOMAS, Redruth, Cornwall
I AM disgusted at how evil people can be to animals.... WENDY KEELAN, Streatham, South West London
ANIMAL cruelty should be punished by stiffer sentences... ANNE PALMER, Coventry
IT is time animal owners were licensed.... JASON WALSH, Shrewsbury, Shrops (letters)

Argus 7.8.07 Change in China? Now we have Brighton College forging closer links with China ("College cashes in on China link", The Argus, August 2), one can only hope China attempts to clean up its act on animal welfare.... Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 7.8.07 Circus elephant died from heart attack after being 'hassled by dogs' By Victoria O'Hara - The USPCA last night confirmed they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an elephant which was part of a circus touring Ulster. It is understood Kenya, an African elephant, died from a heart attack after being harassed by dogs recently. A spokesman for the USPCA, David Wilson, told the Belfast Telegraph the organisation, accompanied by a vet from the Department of Agriculture, interviewed staff at Circus Sydney last Friday after learning of the elephant's death... Craig Redmond, campaigns manager for the Captive Animals' Protection Society, said: "It is time to end the use of all animals in circuses and we would encourage people to only visit those circuses that have entirely human acts." ... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 7.8.07 Becoming vegetarian is better for environment - Mr Barker may be right: It is possible that plants have sensitivities that we do not yet understand. However, we know for sure that animals have well-developed nervous systems and pain receptors the same as humans. Like us, they show pleasure, fear and pain... I have chosen to be vegetarian, not only because I want no part in animal suffering, but it is also a positive step in helping to feed the world and lower my environmental impact. M Harrison. (Swindon Vegetarians). Toothill. Swindon (letter)

Western Morning News 7.8.07 SHAMBO'S DEATH INDICTS ANIMAL FARMING - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Tonbridge (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 3.8.07 Treatment of animals is so hard-hearted - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Western Mail 30.7.07 The vegetarian option - The sad case of Shambo, the bull slaughtered because he failed a bovine TB reactor test, reveals the callous nature of animal farming. Around 170,000 calves die in their first month of life and at least 250,000 adult cattle die or are killed annually because of conditions associated with neglect, filth and intensification.... KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Newcastle Journal 6.8.07 Grouse boom is in the North’s grasp by Paul James, The Journal - GROUSE shooters have got their sights set on a truly glorious season in the region. Grouse moors in other parts of the country have been devastated by heavy rain which has killed thousands of chicks, but Northumberland and County Durham are ready for one of the best seasons for years.... Richard Dodd, from the Countryside Alliance, said gamekeepers must feel there are enough grouse to start the season across Northumberland and County Durham ... (story)

Independent 6.8.07 During this foot-and-mouth outbreak, the Countryside Alliance is being quoted all over the media, as if it is the organisation that speaks for the countryside and those who live and work in it. The Countryside Alliance is an organisation that was formerly called the British Field Sports Society; it has one aim, to repeal the ban on chasing and killing wild animals for fun.... CHRIS GALE, CHIPPENHAM, WILTSHIRE (letter)

York Press 6.8.07 Campaigners hail foie gras triumph By Gavin Aitchison YORK-based animal welfare campaigners are celebrating a major victory in their attempts to stop the sale of French delicacy foie gras. Leading national retailer Harvey Nichols, which has a branch in Leeds, has decided to stop selling the food.... (story)

Argus 6.8.07 Keeping pigs in bare sties is not right - I was rather surprised to read that the meat for Boathouse Organic Farm shop sausages comes from pigs reared at Plumpton College and was described as organic and humanely reared. While the former may be true, I would contest the latter. I recently attended Plumpton College's open day and was shocked to see pigs on concrete or perforated plastic flooring with areas devoid of straw or any environmental enrichment other than one piece of wood on a rope - the minimum legally allowed.... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (story)

Western Daily Press 6.8.07 FOIE GRAS AT HOTEL IS TARGET OF PROTESTERS - Animal rights activists have targeted a luxury hotel near Bristol in an attempt to stop it serving foie gras. Members of the Bristol Animal Rights Coalition demonstrated outside Thornbury's Castle Hotel with placards in protest against its use of French duck or goose liver pate in its restaurant.... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 4.8.07 ACTIVISTS PROTEST OUTSIDE TOP HOTEL - Animal rights activists have held a series of demonstrations outside Thornbury's luxury Castle Hotel, pictured, in an attempt to stop it serving foie gras. Members of the Bristol Animal Rights Coalition picketed the restaurant with placards in protest against the French duck or goose liver pate... (story)

Bucks Herald 6.8.07 An animal no longer fit for purpose - MR Barker's predicament portrayed in this week's Bucks Herald has multiple causes. It is not just the intransigence of the supermarkets which is making life so difficult for dairy farmers. Over the last 30 years the dairy cow has been selectively bred with just one purpose - to produce more and more milk. The result of this unwise strategy which has ignored all other desirable traits, is an animal which is no longer fit for purpose… Compassion in World Farming together with the RSPCA has set up a "Beyond Calf Exports Stakeholders' Forum". This brings together key stakeholders from the industry to find viable alternatives to the exportation and thus suffering of tiny calves… Rosemary Marshall, Trustee, Compassion in World Farming (story)

Halifax Courier 6.8.07 Murderers learned trade on animals - Figures released this week reveal that the North is again the worst area for cruelty to animals... Child killers Mary Bell, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables and multiple-victim killers Ian Huntley, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane massacre), Fred West, Denis Nilsen, Ian Brady and Jeffrey Dahmer all started out by deliberately harming animals.... Kate Schnell, (People for the Ethical Treatment, of Animals, Research and Education Foundation) (letter)

The Sentinel 6.8.07 FARMERS NEED THIS REGULATION - again, a farmer has been found guilty of breaching animal disease controls (The Sentinel, July 25). Farmers continuously complain and demonstrate against necessary regulations, but surely, after the horrors of mad cows and foot and mouth disease, these regulations are proven to be necessary.... B G JONES Alsager (LETTER)

York Press 6.8.07 Protests are going to the dogs - WITH reference to the article "Circus Sparks Animal Protests" (The Press, July 27), before one gets high blood pressure from this protest by well-meaning animal welfare campaigners, could they not direct their attention to countries such as China, Russia and, in some cases, Spain and other European quarters?.... Where in relation to animal welfare should we direct our attention? To horse and dog racing? To dog shows, where some owners go to extremes to display their animals?.... Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Way, Huntington, York (story)


Observer 5.8.07 Even the best zoos are damaging - Travelling circuses are clearly unsuitable for wild animals. It is, therefore, good news that fewer animals are exploited in this way today... However, many people still believe that animals can have reasonable lives in zoos. The truth is that even the best zoos cannot provide what animals need.... Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 5.8.07 - Niall Ferguson misses the point that the greatest risk of global starvation lies in our consumption of grain via the bodies of meat animals. This extravagant nutritional resource needs up to 20 times as much land as does direct consumption of plant foods... Jon Wynne-Tyson, Fontwell, West Sussex (letter)

Independent on Sunday 5.8.07 Al-Fayed won't relent over foie gras at Harrods By David Nicholson - Mohamed al-Fayed has refused to buckle to pressure from activists to stop selling foie gras in Harrods... Flush from persuading Harvey Nicks to capitulate, groups including Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva) are planning a series of "peaceful protests" at Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and other stores selling foie gras... (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.8.07 FUN IS FAIR GAME AT THIS EVENT - Hundreds of country sports enthusiasts turned out to enjoy the first day of the annual Highland Field Sports Fair near Inverness yesterday. Fans of hunting, fishing and shooting gathered from throughout the UK for the event, which continues today... (story)

Telegraph 4.8.07 Farming's green shoots - The recent floods struck a severe blow to British farming just as the countryside looked to be recovering from a grim era which saw the farming workforce shrink dramatically over the last decade. But, says Clive Aslet, rising land values and the demand for biofuels could provide a timely boost for Britain’s new farmers... carefully targeted grants have kept rural Britain looking, in the words of Richard Dodd, a farmer turned Countryside Alliance regional director in the North-East, "sweet and rosy". As a result, he says, "the public think that farming is all Pop Larkin stuff. It isn't. A new combine, for example, costs £250,000 and loses two thirds of its value after a couple of years."... (story)

Oxford Times 4.8.07 Speak plans demo - ANIMAL rights group Speak is holding a demonstration in the city centre today.... (story)

The Sentinel 4.8.07 ANIMAL STUDIES ARE NO HELP - I am writing to you in order to bring to the attention of your readers the sad and disturbing case of Felix - the name given by Oxford University vivisectors to a macaque monkey who was featured in the BBC2 documentary, 'Monkeys, Rats and Me'... The use of animals in medical research is both scientifically invalid as well as being morally repugnant. BECKY STEVENSON Etruria (letter)

Times 4.8.07 Foie gras leaves bad taste at Harvey Nicks - MARCUS LEROUX - It may be a food redolent of luxurious indulgence, but that has not stopped one of the world’s most opulent department stores from purging it from its food hall. Harvey Nichols, purveyor of Britain’s more exclusive foodstuffs, has announced that it is to stop selling foie gras after a meeting with animal rights activists and a campaign of store-front protests... Noemie Ventura, the foie gras campaign manager for the charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), said that the group is targeting the department stores it sees as the last refuge of the product.... (story)
Independent 3.8.07 Harvey Nichols to ban foie gras before protests By Martin Hickman - Harvey Nichols, the department store chain that is a favourite with well-heeled foodies and fashionistas, is halting the sale of foie gras in advance of a planned national protest from an animal rights group... The group Viva! had been planning to launch nationwide action against Harvey Nichols during the peak Christmas shopping season and had recently informed the store of its intentions.... (story)

Irish Examiner 4.8.07 Fur industry never treats animals kindly - IN the article headlined ‘Fashion for fur survives protests of rights lobby’ (July 30), fur shop owner Caroline Barnardo said all their all their furs came from animals which were well looked after and humanely killed. Anyone who believes the fur industry treats animals kindly is naive.... Kalina Palka, Upper Norwood, London, England (letter)

Dundee Courier 4.8.07 Groups decry seal law after acquittal By Andrew Jarret - ADVOCATES FOR Animals and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) yesterday condemned a law that allowed an Angus fisherman to be found not guilty of shooting a seal during the close season.... (story)

Western Daily Press 4.8.07 BULL NO THREAT - I Was sorry to hear that Shambo had been taken for slaughter, this despite all the efforts by the Hindu monks to save him... Pamela Dean Stroud (letter)


Romford Recorder 3.8.07 Andrew's got it wrong on hunting - ANDREW Rosindell MP's defence of hunting, after "close examination of the facts", takes the proverbial biscuit for someone who claims to be "passionate" about the well-being of animals.... Peter Foley, Aberdour Road, Goodmayes (letter)

Western Morning News 3.8.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES - Devon & Somerset staghoundsAugust 2007... (story)

Irish Examiner 3.8.07 ‘Potentially fatal’ fox disease claim a scare tactic DICK POWER’S letter (July 30) is an effort by an anti-fieldsport enthusiast to create a scare that does not exist. Mr Power states that because foxhounds kill foxes, they may be infected with trichinella, and that brings the parasite “closer to mankind”.... As to his reference to sarcocystosis, the parasite sarcosporidia is present in cattle, horses, deer, goats, sheep, birds and pigs... . It is not a primary pathogen — simply put, you would have to eat a foxhound raw to get a dose from foxhounds. Tom Burns, Victor Stud, Golden Co Tipperary (letter)
Irish Examiner 3.8.07 Hunt squires leave a potentially fatal legacy - As part of an investigation of factors relating to trichinella outbreaks, researchers in the UCC zoology department, in the late 1960s, discovered that foxhounds in this country were hosts of two difficult parasites — trichinella and echinococcus... The sooner the legacy from those 18th century English hunting squires — “the cricket of savages,” as Arthur Young called it — is abolished, the better for the countryside, its farmers and our farm animals. Dick Power Boherload Ballyneety Co Limerick (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.8.07 GIVE A FOX A BAD NAME - The cruel-sports lobby think, by repeating lies or misinformation, they can still fool the public. May I correct H Holley (Your Say, July 3) in that all surveys taken from the farming community over many years have shown that more than 95 per cent of lamb deaths are from starvation, disease or hypothermia, the others dying from predation, mostly from uncontrolled dogs. There is little or no actual evidence of fox predation that affects livelihood.... David Thomas, Hisomley, Near Westbury (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.8.07 COUNTRY LIVING - I've lived in this county all my life. Foxes do not reason. The duck or hen that they see is just a meal, not a treasured pet as many feel that it should be. Unless you wish to never see any wildlife or keep poultry always under lock and key, then sadly you will provide a meal for a fox, in fact, several.... Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Northern Echo 3.8.07 Grouse owners confident of success - DESPITE the wettest June and July since records began, grouse moor owners are confident of a good shooting season. This year, the Glorious Twelfth is a Sunday, meaning the start of the season is delayed a day until August 13 because of tradition, but most areas are looking forward to an average or good season.... (story)

Scotsman 3.8.07 Moorland disaster - The issue of carbon emissions and global warming is critical to the future of our planet. Yet gamekeepers are still burning off peat moorland at an alarming rate to encourage the growth of new heather to feed grouse. The grouse are then killed by shooters paying up to £4,000 a day for their "sport".... FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Sheffield Star 3.8.07 Help to ensnare those who are killing Peak's wildlife - I fully agree with your bird watching correspondent's observation that wildlife persecution is rife in the Sheffield side of the Peak District. Over the past two or three years around Elevenacre, Broomhead, Ughill Moor, Langsett, Whitelee Moor and Thornseat, South Yorkshire Badger Group has noted a massive decline in badger population, notably in the vicinity of the grouse and pheasant shooting areas.... Badgerhugger (letter)

Dundee Courier 3.8.07 Disgust at seal’s ordeal - I am writing to voice my disgust at the treatment of the Montrose seal (Courier, July 28). It seems shooting this seal was not enough, they then showed a complete lack of respect for it, even in death.... Marie Marsh. 19 Langford Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol. (letter)

Sun 3.8.07 IT appals me that possibly due to the Great White Sharks over-exaggerated 'dangerous' label, blood thirsty individuals believe it is acceptable to hunt and kill a fellow creature... KELLY RAWLINGS, Rochester, Kent (letter)

Bath Chronicle 3.8.07 GO VEGGIE AND SAVE A SHAMBO - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager Viva! Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.7.07 GO VEGGIE AND SAVE ANIMALS - Justin Kerswell Viva! Bristol (letter)
Western Mail 30.7.07 A case for Viva! - It was heart-breaking to hear that Shambo the bull finally lost his fight for life, after being at the centre of the needless TB crisis. If any good can come of this, I hope that anyone who was touched by Shambo’s plight will take a step back and re-examine how their own actions affect the welfare of animals... JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Yorkshire Post 3.8.07 A society judged by its treatment of animals From: Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York. I READ that a nation's degree of civilisation could be judged by the way it cared for its prisoners: I believe that this should be judged by the way it cares for its animals. The shocking article on cruelty (Yorkshire Post, August 1) left me heartsick and very angry... (letter)

Western Mail 3.8.07 Plants don’t feel pain - Bob Hathaway (Letters, Western Mail, August 1) has thrown down the gauntlet when asking if plants feel pain. He says no one has been able to give him a straight answer. Well, I’m happy to oblige. Plants do not feel pain.... Most of Britain’s farmed animals are kept in over-crowded, unnatural conditions where their most basic needs are frustrated.... JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Western Mail 1.8.07 Do plants feel pain? – I am getting tired of constantly reading and being told about how we carnivores are responsible for cruelty to animals. (Kate Fowler-Reeves and Justin Kerswell, Western Mail, Letters July 30). I have, on many occasions, asked vegetarians and vegans, “can you prove to me that when the head of a cauliflower is cut... as a living thing, does not feel pain”? To date no one has done so. Finally, I do not lecture them, so please stop constantly lecturing me. BOB HATHAWAY, Efailwen, Carmarthenshire (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 2.8.07 Hunt dogs have their day - It was bowlers for judges and hunt staff, and brollies and boaters for everyone else at the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt puppy show held at the hunt kennels at Petworth... (story)

Denbighshire Free Press2.8.07 Court case 'will make hunt stronger' By Phoebe Smith - THE Denbigh and Flint Hunt will be stronger than ever, according to Master of the Hunt Jeremy Reed, despite the controversial sentencing of its "terrier man".... "We're only talking about a minor infringement of a technicality," he said. "It is really no different to someone driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone. "The law is so ambiguous – it can be read in a number of ways. In this instance we did slip from the hunting law and we're sorry we did it but we will carry on hunting within the law as we have for the past two years.... (story)
Daily Post 31.7.07 Man fined £200 for breaking new hunt laws by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post - ANIMAL rights campaigners last night branded as “pathetic” the sentence of a man fined just £200 for breaking the new hunting laws. William Armstrong – the “terrier man” – pleaded guilty at Prestatyn Magistrates Court to using dogs to hunt a wild animal with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt in January... Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said: “The penalty is pathetic. This should have been an exemplary case and the people should have gone to prison... Tony Moore, chairman of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, said... Mike Hobday, spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, said.... Lesley Tarleton, of Freshfield Animal Centre, with a base in Caernarfon, said.... Charlotte Fiander, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, said: “This was a technical breach of the terrier work exemption of the Act, which is very unfortunate but sadly unsurprising given the confusing nature of the law.... (story)
Western Mail 31.7.07 Storm over first hunt fine by Darren Devine, Western Mail - RURAL campaigners yesterday reignited the hunting debate after Wales’ first prosecution under the Hunting Act saw charges dropped against one defendant and another fined £200. A pro-hunting group said the case against 69-year-old William Francis Armstrong showed the hunting laws were ill-conceived and had triggered confusion across the nation. Armstrong, former terrierman with Flint & Denbigh Hunt was ordered to pay £60 costs in addition to a £200 fine at the 2004 Act’s first Welsh test at a hearing at Prestatyn Magistrates’ Court.... The Countryside Alliance said the case proved anti-hunting legislation must be repealed. “As we understand it the offences were technical breaches of the Hunting Act. It was unfortunate, but predictable given the complication and confusion around the law,” said Tim Bonner... (story)
Horse & Hound 31.7.07 Terrierman fined £200 for hunting in Wales - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A terrierman with the Flint and Denbigh hunt in Wales has been fined £200 after pleading guilty to hunting a wild animal with a dog. William Francis Armstrong, 69, was also ordered to pay £60 costs by Prestatyn Magistrates Court yesterday (Monday 30 July). "Mr Armstrong hadn't fulfilled all the technical exemptions for terrier work," said Countryside Alliance spokesman Tim Bonner. "We would again urge everyone carrying out exempt hunting to make absolutely sure they know what they are doing."... (story)
BBC News Online 30.7.07 Man fined in Hunting Act 'first' - A 69-year-old has been fined £200 after what is believed to be the first case in Wales under the Hunting Act 2004. William Francis Armstrong from near St Asaph, Denbighshire, admitted hunting a wild animal with a dog after he was seen putting a terrier into a hole... The 2004 act allows a fox to be humanely destroyed under specific circumstances but Armstrong had not carried out certain checks it requires. He had not ensured there was another hole from which the fox could be flushed out. This is to avoid the dog cornering the fox underground. Armstrong also failed to give the fox a chance to escape before he shot it and should have used a shotgun instead of the .22 pistol.... A case against landowner Peter Rowley Williams, 48, of Llangwyfan, for permitting land to be used for hunting on the same day, was dropped by the prosecution. (story)
Horse & Hound 19.7.07 Fifth hunt prosecution reaches court - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A landowner and terrier man from the Flint and Denbigh hunt in Wales are to be prosecuted under the Hunting Act..... (story)
Daily Post 17.7.07 Hunt case adjourned by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post - THE case against two Vale of Clwyd men accused of breaking the controversial ban on hunting has been adjourned for two weeks. Robert Peter Rowley Williams and William Francis Armstrong had been due to appear at Prestatyn Magistrates’ Court yesterday but there was an agreement to put off the cases until July 30... (story)
Wales on Sunday 15.7.07 Police eye hunt case - THE first hunting prosecution is being brought by police in Wales since the Hunting Act became law three years ago. Landowner Peter Rowley Williams, 48, of Llangwyfan in Denbighshire, is to appear before Prestatyn magistrates tomorrow charged with permitting land to be used for hunting on January 2... (story)
Western Mail 10.7.07 First hunting case brought by police - THE first hunting case has been brought by police in Wales since the Hunting Act became law three years ago.... landowner Peter Rowley Williams, 48, of Llangwyfan on the Clwydian hills in Denbighshire is to appear before Prestatyn magistrates next week charged with permitting land to be used for hunting on January 2 this year.... It is believed the charges arise from an incident during a meeting of the Flint and Denbigh Hunt... (story)
Daily Post 10.7.07 Two accused of breaking hunt ban law by Gareth Hughes, Daily Post - TWO men are due to appear in court accused of breaching the 2004 Hunting Act – in the first action of its kind in Wales. Prominent landowner Peter Rowley Williams, of Glyn Arthur, Llangwyfan, near Denbigh, will appear before Prestatyn magistrates next week.... Appearing with him will be William Francis Armstrong, 69, of Cefn Home Farm, Cefn, near St Asaph, who faces a charge of hunting a wild animal with dogs on the same date. It is understood the charges arose from an incident during a meeting of the Cefn-based Flint and Denbigh Hunt, of which Mr Armstrong was the “terrier man”.... (story)

Daily Post 2.8.07 Summer washout may wipe out grey partridge by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - BRITAIN’S nightmare summer may have dealt the final death blow to one of the countryside’s most cherished birds. The wettest summer since 1914 bodes badly for the wild grey partridge, which is on the brink of extinction in many areas of the country. “The wet summer has been a total wash-out for young partridge chicks struggling for survival,” said Dr Nick Sotherton, head of research at the Game Conservancy Trust... (story)

Galway News 2.8.07 GARDAI INVESTIGATE ILLEGAL FIREARMS ON SALE AT RACECOURSE - Gardai are investigating the sale of illegal firearms at the Galway Races.... The Alliance for Animal Rights claims it observed three different types of gun being sold, from handgun size to rifles, starting at 15 euro... (story)

Chichester Observer 2.8.07 COMPASSION in World Farming would like to thank the people of Emsworth for raising £130.34 at our street collection on June 30.... Helen Horswell, CIWF, Surrey (letter)

Formby Times 2.8.07 Seeking love and affection by Jennifer Finnegan, Formby Times - FRESHFIELDS Animal Rescue Centre is reaching Noah’s Ark proportions as a spate of abandoned pets look for homes.... Clare Shepherd, from Freshfields, said: “As Southport’s RSPCA is closed until December, I think people are dropping them nearer to us.... Darren Stiles, from the cattery at Freshfield, said: “We are always looking for foster homes for the kittens.... (story)

Manchester Evening News 2.8.07 Fury at fur sales - Caroline Jack - SCANTILY-clad animal rights campaigners crouched in cages outside the Burberry store in Manchester in protest at the exclusive label's use of fur. The six women members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - PETA - painted their bodies to look like white rabbits and held heart-shaped signs reading: "Love us, don't wear us.".... (story)

Western Daily Press 2.8.07 THE MEAT-EATERS ARE DESTROYING THE WORLD - After reading your article about methane emissions from cows harming the environment, I felt compelled to write... There are far too many animals in this world and once here, not only do they break wind and belch (creating methane) as you pointed out, they also need space to live, food to eat and they create a huge amount of waste which is extremely damaging to our environment on a global level.... Vegetarians are often accused of contributing to deforestation by eating soya, but perhaps the meat eaters should consider their part in this global catastrophe.... Gemma Richards, Bridgwater (letter)

Bath Chronicle 2.8.07 CARING FOR GOD'S MANY CREATURES - The Joys of another summer with screaming gulls, dead and injured ones in the road, babies wandering around lost, crying for food on the buildings.... Now the Government is changing the Animal Welfare Act so that we, who love birds, are legally able to give them any assistance they require, and shame on you who think we should not. It is a person's basic human right to love and care for God's creatures. MRS C CHANNELL, Westgate Street, Bath (letter)

Liverpool Daily Post 2.8.07 Animal cruelty - THE UK is supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, yet there has been a 10.5% increase in animal cruelty across the country last year. This is appalling. How on earth in this day and age can anyone think it justifiable to treat an animal badly?... G Howells, Southport (letter)

North Wales Chronicle 2.8.07 Rabbits are also God's creatures - In my youth when I owned a shotgun the farmers of Anglesey asked me to their farms to shoot rabbit, because they were classed as vermin... Then came along a virus which ravaged them. The farmers of the world clapped their hands... To me the world is full of double standards, surely all God's creations should be protected. Derek Annable, Rhosgoch, Amlwch (letter)


News Shopper 1.8.07 Animal rights protesters spread word - ANIMAL rights campaigners have been putting their message across to shoppers. Four members of the Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group handed out information about animal testing and collected money on Orpington High Street on July 21.... (story)

Dublin People 1.8.07 Bullfighting is no sport - Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 18.7.07 Boycott cruel bullfights when abroad - The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is appealing to holidaymakers to boycott bullfighting venues when visiting Spain, Portugal or France this summer.... Philip Kiernan Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

York Press 1.8.07 Is it fair to still use horses in the circus? I WAS pleased to see your article on cruelty to animals in circuses. Why does City of York Council think it is OK to force horses and dogs to perform? Don't they deserve the same protection as other animals?.... I. Foster, Pasture House, Coxwold, York. (letter)

Cambrian News 1.8.07 Badger culling would be pointless - I have been dismayed to read of continued efforts by the FUW to press for badgers to be culled despite the unequivocal findings of the final Independent Scientific Group (ISG) report that this would be entirely ineffective in addressing Bovine TB.... Farmers and farming unions need to be intellectually honest enough to admit that badger culling would be harmful and pointless. Yours etc, David Grimsell The Old Post Office Ciliau Aeron. (letter in archive)