August 2010

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Country Life 31.8.10 Mink hunting in summertime - Octavia enjoys the music of the hounds on a summer’s day as she joins a pack mink hunting in the green countryside of Wales... Mink-hunting begins in late spring and continues until the end of the summer, and, although it is necessarily carried out in a somewhat stilted form these days, having fallen victim, like its winter cousins, to New Labour, groups of shirt-sleeve-clad followers still throng the banks of Britain's rivers. I had never been before, so accepted an invitation from photographer Sarah Farnsworth for a day with the Three Counties in the depths of Wales with alacrity.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 31.8.10 Slideshow: Aylsham Show beats the weather - ED FOSS - Late night and early morning preparatory work on the grounds of Blickling Park allowed the Aylsham Agricultural Show Association to put on its usual August spectacular yesterday.... Highlights of this year's show included familiar appearances of the Imps motorcyclists and the hunting dogs of the North Norfolk Harriers to a flypast by a Lancaster bomber from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, which passed low over the lakeside venue four times.... (story)

ThisIsDorset 31.8.10 Crowds flock to the meadow for sunny show - THOUSANDS of people enjoyed a day out at Berkeley Show, with sunshine bringing crowds of visitors to the popular bank holiday event... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 24.8.10 Hounds show - THE hounds will parade when the Berkeley Hunt Agricultural Society stages its annual show on Bank Holiday Monday... The event will take place on Berkeley Castle meadows on August 29 (story)

Bristol Evening Post 31.8.10 Deceitful campaign - A UGUST brings terror and death to fox cubs with hunting. It is little wonder that the hunting fraternity asked for more time to try to resume fox hunting. They claim a code of conduct but the public are fully aware of atrocities which take place... Miss EA Smith, Ashton. (story)

Oxford Mail 31.8.10 Badger death sparks concerns over wildlife - THE discovery of a dead badger in west Oxfordshire has renewned concerns about people deliberately tampering with badger setts. Police discovered the animal last week in Centenary Woods, near Ticknell Place in Charlbury... Penny Little, founder of the Little Foxes animal sanctuary in Great Haseley, said: “Interfering with a badger sett is illegal, even if an animal is not harmed. Anyone who tampers with a sett, or lets their dog enter one is breaking the law.” (story)

Blackpool Gazette 31.8.10 I write in response to the report 'Circus girl back for big reunion' (The Gazette August 23). Bobby Roberts Super Circus is one of the few remaining circuses which still uses animals including horses, ponies, dogs, a camel and, of course, Anne the elephant.... Fiona Peacock, Captive Animals', Protection Society (story)

Brighton Argus 31.8.10 Horse cruelty - A Lindfield man receives a three-month suspended sentence for deliberate cruelty on horses... More horses would not have had to suffer at the hands of this man if the judge presiding over Ryder’s previous conviction had banned him for life from keeping horses. David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (story)


Irish Times 30.8.10 Birr game and country fair attracts 30,000 - EOGHAN MacCONNELL - THE LARGEST gathering of Irish field sports enthusiasts since recent protests over hunting legislation was held on the Taoiseach’s doorstep in Birr, Co Offaly, at the weekend. An estimated 30,000 people attended the fourth annual Irish Game and Country Fair at Birr Castle where experts in shooting, fishing, equine and canine sports and falconry gathered to socialise and showcase their wares... The fair is supported by Ireland’s main hunting, shooting, fishing and countryside organisations, including IFA Countryside, the Hunting Association of Ireland, Countryside Alliance Ireland, the Fisheries Boards, The Grey Partridge Project and the Deer Societies. The recent tightening of gun laws and the introduction of new hunting and breeding legislation has led to a strengthening of organisations such as the game councils.... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 30.8.10 Unbelievable carnage in this day and age - AUGUST 4 marked the start of another cub hunting season. Usually early in the morning, before most of us are out of bed, the hunters will enter a covert wooded area where their staff will have located a family of foxes, to lead the juniors in a mission to seek and destroy the young foxes... The cubs, overwhelmed in number will then succumb to the baying rants of the huntsman encouraging the young hounds to join in the carnage... Bryan Griffiths, Wiltshire Close, Bedworth (letter)

Independent 30.8.10 Philip Hensher: Who will hold the RSPCA to account? - The RSPCA is one of Britain’s biggest charities. In 2009 it had an income of nearly £120m, of which over five-sixths came in donations. Its work is highly visible, and it gives the impression of having a moral authority which is beyond question. I wonder, how-ever, whether the general public really understands its nature and powers. Recently, a woman from Coventry, Mary Bale, was recorded on camera behaving rather cruelly to a neighbour’s cat... Enter the RSPCA. It was reported that Miss Bale has been “interviewed” by the animal charity, and that they are deciding whether or not to prosecute her. Reading this, you will probably assume that the RSPCA is acting in accordance with its powers. But, in fact, the RSPCA only has the power to bring a private prosecution against somebody who it believes has mistreated an animal. Any private individual could do exactly the same. It has no power to enter anyone’s property uninvited, nor to interview anyone.... If Miss Bale committed a crime against a cat, let the police prosecute her. I dare say they have more of a sense of perspective than this immensely wealthy pressure group, too. (story)

The Sentinel 30.8.10 Activists to show photos of sick animals - NATIONAL campaign group Animal Aid is bringing an artistic display of photographs to the city. Activists from North Staffordshire Animal Aid will be displaying photo boards depicting scenes of dead, dying and sick animals outside the Potteries Centre entrance in Town Road on Wednesday from noon. The images feature in Animal Aid's new five-minute film that was shot secretly in farms across the UK during the past three years... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 30.8.10 Banning use of caged birds vital - REGARDING your very interesting article “Will Battery Farm Eggs Be Oeuf The Menu”. I very much hope that Coventry Council will agree to banning the use of caged birds’ eggs. It is so vital... Janet Cummings, Rugby. (letter)

Oxford Mail 30.8.10 Feathered friends - I WRITE in response to Audrey Saunders (Oxford Mail, August 19), complaining about the pigeons in Bonn Square... The pigeons provide a valuable service in disposing of food discarded by those who frequent McDonalds, Burger King and other such establishments... The environmental impact of one human being is many million times that of the humble pigeon, but the council uses my council tax to hire a firm of killers who regularly slaughter birds under cover of darkness... PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)


Irish Sunday Independent 29.8.10 Dan Boyle: It's not easy being Green - The Green Party's tweeter-in-chief is as outspoken as ever as he talks through his journey from the mean streets of Chicago to the shock of arriving at school in Cork. But, as Dan Boyle shares his personal and political troubles, Will Hanafin discovers the carnivorous senator is a man with a lot of regrets.... "A lot of the anti-Green perception of rural communities comes about because of the Rise! campaign, which is a very successful campaign in black propaganda. It's been a very well-funded campaign to protect the Ward Union Hunt," he adds. "They had very skilled communicators who got people talking about issues other than the Ward Union Hunt. We suffered as a result of that.... (story)

Horse & Hound 29.8.10 The League Against Cruel Sports sells off more assets - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)is planning to sell some of the 2,000 acres it owns on Exmoor to fund a £1million campaign against repeal of the Hunting Act. Since the hunting ban LACS membership has dropped and the charity has sold off a number of assets... LACS has just published its accounts for 2009. They show a surplus for the year of £425,000 which includes £379,000 raised by the sale of the Somerset property — St Nicholas' Priory on its Baronsdown estate.... (story)

Droitwich Spa Advertiser 29.8.10 Fox myths - I refer to a letter printed on August 4 with regard to Killer Dogs... I am the person in Crabtree Lane,whom your reader refers to, whose cat was badly injured by a dog and had to be destroyed humanely by a vet as his injuries were so extensive... I know for certain that a dog was to blame for my cat’s demise. Foxes carry a very pungent smell... I would draw readers’ attention to a very informative website,, which has gathered information from statistics and debunks all those fox myths that have been appearing in national newspapers... Gill Finalyson via email (letter)

Observer 29.8.10 Mary Bale would have got away with it if she hadn't picked on a fluffy animal - Britons love animals - as long as they're cute cats or dogs - Euan Ferguson - Mary Bale was offered police protection. The kind of thing you get if you've grassed up a gangster, or are a wrongly outed paedo. There was an urgent plea for locals in Coventry not to "take matters into their own hands".... Do we love animals more than people? The rough answer would be yes, but as long as they're the right animals. Badgers are now out, and are being routinely pitted in fight-dens against terriers, because we can "hate" badgers because they spread bovine TB. Foxes are now out, because they menaced children. But doggies and catties are fine, even though we over-love them... Do we really love animals? Or do we simply love the fluffy ones that sleep on our beds; and love, even more, bored, point-mouse-clicky-clicky, recreational vengeance? (story)


Sheffield Star 28.8.10 Angling sessions have Thorne kids hooked this summer - THERE were fishy goings-on down in Thorne as youngsters were reeled in for angling action. The event, sponsored by St Leger Homes, attracted kids from around the area.Thorne and District Angling Association helped out. A number of fishing competitions have been organised in the Positive Activities programme, which aims to help keep youngsters active and occupied over summer... (story)

Derby Telegraph 28.8.10 Man locked up after setting terrier on fox By caroline jones - A 50-YEAR-OLD man has been jailed for five months for killing a fox by setting his bull terrier dog on it. William Burrell told magistrates he trapped the creature and then killed it by hitting it over the head. He had said that, once dead, he had given the fox to his dog to maul... Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA inspector Penny Barker said: "It is not an offence to catch a fox in a humane trap. However, the way in which the animal is disposed of must be humane.... Forensic veterinary evidence given said the fox's body was covered in puncture wounds and bruising. It was said these were consistent with the animal being alive when mauled by a dog.... (story)
Burton Mail 28.8.10 'Sadistic' fox killer jailed by KATIE BOWLER - A MAN who killed a fox “in a sadistic and prolonged act of cruelty” has been sent to prison for five months and banned from keeping dogs for life. William Burrell, 50, of Short Street, Stapenhill, was jailed after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a wild animal by confining it to a cage before allowing a dog to attack, and causing or attempting to cause an animal fight.... (story)

North West Evening Mail 28.8.10 PUB VILLAGERS TRIED TO SAVE IS NOW FOR SALE – ON EBAY - AN award-winning community pub has been put up for sale on Ebay. The Evening Mail can reveal the Greyhound Inn has been listed on the auction website as the committee running the Grizebeck pub have called time on the venture. The Greyhound picked up the Best Traditional Business in the 2009 Countryside Alliance awards, but 20 months on from the committee’s takeover the pub’s future is uncertain... (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.8.10 Animals suffer in slaughterhouses - Phil Powell's letter ("Rights of meat eaters", Mailbox, August 20) concerned "freedom of choice" and said that consumers should be informed about the "method of slaughter, halal, kosher or standard approved UK process"... In industrial slaughterhouses animals are stunned in an assembly line and stunning is not always done properly... If people are concerned with freedom of choice I wonder if they extend these rights to the animals they eat?... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 28.8.10 BRIDLINGTON: A reward is being offered to help catch cruel youths seen kicking baby seagulls. Animal rights charity the People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals has put up the £1,000 reward... (story)

Yorkshrie Post 28.8.10 From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley Ring Road, Leeds - HOW eagerly Malcolm Barker aligns himself with those cohorts of wildlife vigilantes who seek to demonise and destroy the grey squirrel: as if cruelty were an honourable pursuit.... There is, however, one particularly pestilential species which wreaks havoc on the natural world: uprooting hedgerows, felling forests, poisoning rivers, lakes and seas – and even the air we breathe. A most virulent "pest" which stalks and predates all living things... homo sapiens... (letter)


Carlisle News & Star 27.8.10 Cumbrian woman evicted from house after son's death By John Fuller - A woman whose family has been the heart of the Melbreak Foxhounds for three generations has been evicted from her tied cottage by the hunt. Elizabeth Bland’s family ran the Melbreak Hunt’s kennels at Hopebeck, Lorton, for 63 years. Mrs Bland, 58, was given six weeks to leave the home where she had spent her whole life after her son Christopher, who was the Melbreak huntsman, died from cancer in February. She now lives in a rented house in Low Lorton.... She claimed that the hunt gave her no help tending the hounds while Christopher was in hospital, and she was still owed two months wages.... Johnny Vickers, master of the Melbreak Hunt, said the decision to evict Mrs Bland was made by a committee shortly after her son’s death... “It was a sad situation but we did help find her the house she’s now living in.” (story)

Telegraph 27.8.10 Hope Bourne - Hope Bourne, who died on August 22 aged 91, was an author who celebrated life on Exmoor, where she lived for more than 60 years; her knowledge of this beautiful corner of England – of its flora and fauna and its traditional communities – was encyclopedic, and was gained by submission to a lifestyle which few in the 20th century would have dared even to contemplate... Convinced that the wildness of Exmoor can teach self-reliance, she lamented the proliferation of paths and signs, which prevented people from finding things out for themselves. She further believed that hill farming and the hunt (which she followed on foot) had been the backbone of Exmoor life, and mourned their passing (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 27.8.10 From Terri Taverner, Ryde: A letter last week seemed to suggest that by protecting birds of prey we would condemn our small birds and squirrels to extinction. This is, of course, nonsense... The main to threat to wildlife is us... Also some people kill animals and birds just for fun or because they are a ‘pest’.... (letter)

Todmorden News 27.8.10 Angling: Newcomers get special treatment - FIFTY potential anglers of all ages took up the opportunity to get some free coaching and an introduction to the sport at Todmorden Angling Society's Taster Day last Sunday. This second Taster Day of the year was held at the Ramsden Wood Fishery waters, which have recently been restocked for the society by developers Bovis Homes NW.... (story)

Worcester News 27.8.10 We want to get more disabled people fishing By Richard Vernalls - ANGLERS are campaigning for funds to get more disabled people fishing. The Rifleman’s Arms Angling Club based in Droitwich is trying to get more fishing pegs for anglers with disabilities in a bid to open up the sport to more people across the county. Members hosted an open event at Porter’s Mill along Droitwich canal this month to raise awareness about their campaign and attract new members to the club... (story)

Mirror 27.8.10 Vicious fox kills kitten in bedroom By Euan Stretch - A blood-spattered fox mauled a kitten to death after sneaking into a family's home. The predator attacked the tiny pet in an upstairs bedroom after squeezing through a window that was slightly ajar... (story)
Folkestone Herald 27.8.10 Mum Leah Betts says 'bring back fox hunting' after seeing one kill her kitten By eleanor jones - A BRAZEN fox managed to worm through a bedroom window and kill an eight-week-old kitten in Folkestone. Leah Betts told the Herald of her shock at seeing the animal standing on her bed, looking her in the eye before turning tail and leaving the building... Fox attacks on humans are very rare in the UK, but Miss Betts is taking no chances. She said: "I think they should bring back fox hunting.... (story)
Telegraph 26.8.10 Fox kills kitten in bedroom - A fox mauled an eight-week-old kitten to death in its owner's bedroom after sneaking through an open window. Leah Betts, 23, described how she found the animal with her pet, Reggie, between its jaws.Before she could act, it had escaped out of the window, left slightly ajar... (story)

UTV 27.8.10 Fox attack twins in NI for birthday - The Newcastle-born mother, whose sleeping baby twins were attacked by a fox earlier this summer, speaks exclusively to UTV about their progress as they celebrate their first birthday. Isabella and Lola Koupparis will turn one on Sunday - a birthday mother Pauline once feared they would not see.... The couple now want to move from what they once described as their "dream home" in East London.... Some people openly doubted the story about how the twins came to be injured and Pauline says the claims deeply hurt the family.... (story)

Scottish Herald 27.8.10 Time to ban guga hunt - Once again the tradition of guga hunting comes under scrutiny as the annual cull starts off Lewis... “Tradition” seems to be used as justification for practices which many people find abhorrent, be it bullfighting in Spain or the killing of whales... Bob MacDougall, Kippen (letter)
Scotsman 26.8.10 SSPCA demands ban on 'barbaric' guga hunt By Jane Bradle - IT HAS been a rite of passage for men in the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis for centuries. Now the Scottish SPCA has called for politicians to ban guga hunting - the annual cull of thousands of gannet chicks - branding the practice "inhumane and barbaric... (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.8.10 Stop 'barbaric' slaughter of island's gannet chicks, urges animal charity By Grace Hammond - An animal welfare charity is calling for an end to the "barbaric and inhumane" practice of beating gannet chicks to death on a remote Scottish island. The Scottish SPCA spoke out against the tradition of "guga hunting" when men from Ness, on the Isle of Lewis, sail out to the uninhabited island of Sula Sgeir to hunt and kill the birds for eating.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 26.8.10 Demands for end to slaughter of birds By Lucinda Cameron - An animal welfare charity has called for an end to the “barbaric and inhumane” practice of beating gannet chicks to death on a remote Scottish island. The Scottish SPCA spoke out against the annual tradition of “guga hunting” when men from Ness, on Lewis, sail out to the uninhabited island of Sula Sgeir to hunt and kill the birds for eating.... (story)
BBC News Online 25.8.10 Scottish SPCA calls for guga hunt ban - An animal welfare charity has called the traditional harvesting of young seabirds on the Western Isles as "barbaric". The Scottish SPCA has written to the Scottish government asking for a ban on the annual guga hunt be put in place... (story)
STVTV 25.8.10 Leading animal charity says stop to chick hunting - The Scottish SPCA wants the baby gannet culling on the Isle of Lewis banned. Scotland’s oldest animal welfare charity is calling for an end to a centuries-old Hebridean island tradition of hunting baby gannets.... (story)
Guardian 25.8.10 Cliffhanger for a bloody tradition as last of Scotland's gannet hunters set sail - Severin -Carrell, Scotland correspondent - Every August, a small group of men from the northern Hebrides sets sail in secret on an ancient expedition – to hunt and kill thousands of young seabirds on a remote island in the Atlantic. The annual hunt for "guga", or young gannets, by the men of Ness, a group of a dozen or so small villages on the northernmost tip of the Isle of Lewis, is centuries-old, but now Scotland's foremost animal welfarecharity wants ministers to ban the practice on grounds of cruelty.... The practice is "barbaric and inhumane," said the SSPCA's chief superintendent, Mike Flynn... (story)

The Sentinel 27.8.10 Treatment of Canada geese is barbaric - BARBARIC: Stoke-on-Trent City Council has an appalling reputation in numerous areas of management... I am absolutely livid that a wildlife bird sanctuary, which is supported by local taxation as well as various grants and donations from organisations we no doubt support, has encouraged Canada geese to settle in this safe haven and breed uncontrolled until it has reached a point where the council's only misguided solution to the problem was to employ a private firm to blast birds to pieces with shotguns at the sanctuary... ROBERT STONE Hanchurch (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 27.8.10 Heather Mills is patron of county animal charity - A Northamptonshire animal charity celebrating its 20th year has revealed that Heather Mills is its new patron. Animals In Need in Little Irchester revealed that the renowned charity fundraiser and animals rights campaigner, who used to be married to Paul McCartney, was its new figurehead yesterday. Charity spokesman Roy Marriott said: "Heather has always campaigned for the humane treatment of animals and is herself a vegan. "Her ethics and lifestyle are a perfect fit with the aims and ambitions of the charity and we're honoured she has agreed to be our patron.... (story)


ThisIsCornwall 26.8.10 Majority wants ban to stay, says anti-hunt group - THESE two costumed characters paid a visit to Falmouth and Truro to urge people to protect the hunting ban. The International Fund for Animals Welfare (IFAW) want people to lobby MP Sarah Newton. And to help get the message across they sent out a fox, a hare and a stag to remind members of the public that the Hunting Act is under threat... (story)

ThisIsDorset 26.8.10 Spirit of the vale alive and well at show - THE rain might have fallen with a vengeance on Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show last week, but it did not diminish the show's 150th anniversary celebrations.... Hunter, sidesaddle and show-jumping classes took place in the east ring and in the west were gun dog training, private driving, a parade of hounds, heavy horses and driving classes, and the Royal Signals White Helmets motorcycle display whose daredevil ride took place despite the heavy downpour... (story)

Wilts & Glos Standard 26.8.10 Welsh poachers caught illegally hunting near Stow-on-the-Wold - TWO South Wales men caught poaching in the Cotswolds during a hare-coursing alert were fined when they appeared in court in Gloucestershire today. Saley Price, 25, of Heol Pentwyn, Caerphilly, South Glamorgan, and Joseph Smith, 21, of Cwm Crachen, Nant-y-glo, Gwent, each admitted daytime trespass in pursuit of poaching gamebirds, contrary to the 1831 Game Act, on April 30 this year... (story)

Leigh News 26.8.10 Atherton MP opposes badger cull - ATHERTON MP Julie Hilling has urged Ministers to explore alternative to their proposed cull of badgers. Concerned constituents of the member for Bolton West, have got in touch with Ms Hilling to register their concerns at the controversial culling plan... (story)

ThisIsSomerset 26.8.10 Badgers fall to poisoning - SECRET World Wildlife Rescue carers are astounded by the amount of badgers admitted to the charity showing signs of poisoning in recent days... Centre care manager and veterinary nurse Sara Cowan said: "I have not seen such critical signs of poisoning in all my years as a nurse... (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 26.8.10 Council bans animal cruelty Raoul Moat poster by Tom Mullen, Evening Chronicle - A POSTER using Raoul Moat to highlight animal cruelty has been banned. The poster has been produced by the charity PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – which claims the disturbed bouncer had a history of violence against animals... PETA says the council acted after a member of public complained. But North Tyneside Council said it would not put the poster up on the grounds of it being insensitive.... (story)


North West Evening Mail 25.8.10 Hawkshead show - THOUSANDS of people braved morning showers to enjoy a Lake District agricultural show. Organisers of Hawkshead Agricultural Show got the jitters on Monday night when heavy rain fell... A panorama of tents and roped enclosure housed animals from beautifully groomed horses, through to boisterous hunting hounds from the Coniston and North Lonsdale hunts, and near perfect sheep, rams and small cattle... (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 25.8.10 Villagers set for Bilsdale Show and Farndale Show - TWO much-cherished agricultural shows are being held on the North Yorkshire Moors this weekend. For the organisers of Bilsdale Show, on Saturday, it will be a major landmark as it will be the centenary show staged by the Bilsdale Agricultural Society... Other attractions at the show, which is held at Thornhill Farm on the Helmsley to Stokesley road, will include demonstrations of birds of prey, Bilsdale Silver Band, Bilsdale Study group and the Dales Farmers’ Hunt. Meanwhile, on August Bank Holiday Monday, the moorland farming community will be out in force, competing at Farndale’s 103rd annual show, held at Church Houses... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 25.8.10 Farming is profitable – but for whom? - Are our rural communities and the countryside really under threat from the policies of governments past and present?... Too many pen-pushers and are interfering with the real business of profitable food production in the UK... Farmers are not masters of their own destiny. They are not well-represented in the realms of politics or the press. The two major bodies acting for farmers are the National Farmers Union and the Country Land and Business Association... None seem to be able to compete with the anti-hunting, badger-hugging, bird and animal charities.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.8.10 System of voting is not 'undemocratic' - JOHN Phelps questions the democratic credentials of the Conservative Party in his letter Democratic? August 9. His grounds for doing so is the claim that Tory MPs have a tendency to vote for what their leader wants them to. In this case with respect to the repeal of the Hunting Act. Surely MPs from all parties do this... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.8.10 Democratic? - I WAS interested in the letter by Chris Deacon (July 19) headlined 'Keep hunt ban'. Many of those opposed to hunting with dogs for sport have been critical of the Conservative party for their intention to hold a 'free vote' on whether the Hunting Act 2004 should be repealed... JOHN PHELPS, Exeter (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 25.8.10 Keep the Ban - The baying of the foxhounds/The chasing of the prey/The hunter that's on horseback/This cruel and dreadful day... ANTHONY DAVID BEARDSLEY Chauntry Road Alford, Lincolnshire (letter)

Irish Independent 25.8.10 Foxes not main killer of lambs - WHERE to begin in response to Howard Hutchins's rather misguided and, dare I say, frivolous 'Foxes deserve to be hunted' (Letters, August 24). Mr Hutchins, like many others before, has pulled out the pro-fox hunter's favourite trump card -- lamb predation by foxes... Mr Hutchins's contention that foxes die "virtually instantaneously at the teeth of the hounds" would be hilariously ill-conceived if it weren't such a dangerously common and worrying belief. Jason Penn, Galway (letter)
Irish Independent 24.8.10 Foxes deserve to be hunted - Whilst not advocating cruelty to animals, I do believe in the tradition of fox hunting. The fox dies virtually instantaneously at the teeth of the hounds -- the fox's tiny victims do not.... Howard Hutchins, Victoria, Australia (letter)

Northwich Guardian 25.8.10 Hare coursing branded 'evil and horrible' - FARMLAND in Pickmere is being targeted for hare coursing, say police. Officers are warning landowners to be on their guard following five incidents in the past month... It was banned in the UK in February 2005, at the same time as fox-hunting, but animal rights campaigners say that it still regularly occurs. “It’s evil and horrible and why anyone would want to do it beggars belief,” said animal rights campaigner Nicky Brooks, of Yew Tree Farm, in Whatcroft... (story)

Droitwich Advertiser 25.8.10 Countryside activity day to take place in Droitwich - YOUNG people will have a chance to try out a range of countryside activities at an event hosted by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). Under the supervision of BASC coaches, they will be able to try clay shooting, as well as a range of other activities at the Young Shots day which will be held at Park Farm Shooting Grounds, near Droitwich, on September 25... (story)

Western Gazette 25.8.10 Rod fishing is far less cruel - REGARDING the letter in the Gazette The cruelty of catching fish, Tuesday August 10, unfortunately the owner of said letter decided against publishing a name. Being a current freshwater and marine biology student at Hull University, we took part in a module called fish ecology, in which we were taught by the man who trains staff in the Environment Agency's rivers and waterways department. Fishing by rod and line is one of the best ways of finding out what inhabits our waterways, and probably the least stressful of the other techniques we were shown.... MARTIN BEANEY Burlescombe (letter)
Western Gazette 11.8.10 The cruelty of catching fish - IT was disturbing to read Event hooks youngsters on fishing, Gazette, August 3... Why anyone would want to take part in this activity, let alone introduce children to it, is a cause for concern. Name and address withheld on request (letter)
Western Gazette 4.8.10 Event hooks youngsters on fishing - MORE than 100 children were reeled into an event in Tiverton which gave them a go at fishing. The free coaching sessions were held on the Grand Western Canal in Tiverton last Thursday. The event, organised by the Environment Agency with the Canal Ranger Service and Tiverton District Angling Club, aimed to encourage youngsters to have a go at fishing and to learn how to fish effectively and responsibly... (story)

Derby Telegraph 25.8.10 Kosher and halal food's produced in cruel ways - A RECENT report tells of how Harrow Council is feeding all its children, not just Muslims and Jews, with halal meat! According to the Government-backed Farm Animal Welfare Council conventional Dabinah or halal and kosher slaughtering should be banned... Granville V. Stone, Swanwick (letter)

BBC News Online 25.8.10 Powys super dairy is factory farming, says charity - A proposed "super dairy" in mid Wales has been criticised as "factory farming" by animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).... Compassion in World Farming spokesman Stuart Notholt said: "This is factory farming. These cows will be zero grazed for much of their lives. The animals will not be let out until late lactation and not at all if this happens in winter... (story)


Gloucester Citizen/Echo 24.8.10 Hounds show - THE hounds will parade when the Berkeley Hunt Agricultural Society stages its annual show on Bank Holiday Monday... The event will take place on Berkeley Castle meadows on August 29 (story)

Sheffield Star 24.8.10 Badger died in horrific snare By Richard Blackledge - A BADGER suffered a "prolonged and horrific" death after it was trapped in an illegal snare in Sheffield.... The South Yorkshire Badger Group say the badger's death is a "blow", while the RSPCA has appealed for information about the individual setting the traps... The spokesman for the group said badgers have previously been "quite welcome" in the area. "The use of snares is quite common in areas where gamekeeping and shooting birds is popular, but that isn't really the case here," he said... (story)

Daily Post 24.8.10 Denbigh & Flint’s new spring show will explain farming to urban consumers - THE big annual Denbigh & Flint Show is to get a little cousin – a new event designed to woo urban consumers. Organisers hope the event, to be launched next year at Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Holywell, on May 22, will showcase the best that Welsh farming has to offer... Initial rental costs are being covered by the Countryside Alliance (CA) Foundation, a charity set up to educate the public about the countryside... (story)

The Sentinel 24.8.10 Thanks for helping to fight animal cruelty - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Hanley for their generosity in raising £69.44 at a street collection on August 21... VICKY GERRARD, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator, Hartshill (letter)


Oxford Mail 23.8.10 Cruel season - THE lovely ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ will soon be upon us, marred only by the knowledge that it also heralds the start of the new hunting season. For those of us who are well versed in the sights and sounds of hunting, the beauty of the month of August is spiked with memories of the cub-hunting season and the knowledge that, regardless of the present law, a minority of the population will seek to defy the ban.... Report to the police, sights or sounds commensurate with hunting and remember – a duster dangled by a rider on horseback does not constitute trail hunting! BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 23.8.10 It’s a victory for animal welfare - AFTER so many years, at last bull fighting in Catalonia is to be abolished in 2012... On the matter of animal welfare, Britain has set an example by the hunting ban of foxes, mink, deer and hares cruelly killed in the name of sport... SHEILA BRENNAN, Blackburn (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.8.10 Progressive Labour did much good - PAMELA Bottomley (Letters – August 17) paints a picture of the last Labour Government which few will recognise.... long overdue changes included the abolition of fox hunting and the banning of smoking in public places.... Chris Hallam, Exeter (letter)

Essex Echo 23.8.10 Fobbed off over lake - Canvey town councillor Dave Blackwell states that Canvey Island Coarse Anglers should be working with the authority and talking to it (Aug 5). It may have escaped his attention, but that is what we have been trying to do for the last five months. We have written to the town council and attended its meetings, only to be ignored and fobbed off... J Bannister, Canvey Island Coarse Anglers, Linden Way, Canvey (letter)
Essex Echo 19.8.10 Anglers fury at plan to cut fishing spots By Sarah Calkin - FURIOUS anglers attended a council meeting to challenge councillors over plans for a town centre lake. Members of the Canvey Island Coarse Anglers, and other fishermen and women who regularly use Canvey Lake, claimed their rights were being ignored by Canvey Town Council. The council is just beginning a renovation project, which will include dredging the lake and putting in new areas for fishing. But at the community relations committee meeting it was revealed fishing will be restricted to the Denham Road half of the lake once the project is finished.... (story)
Essex Echo 14.7.10 Fishing club works to protect island’s lake - I read Mr Chapman’s letter (July 7) with disbelief and write to bring clarity to the saga of Canvey Coarse Anglers and Canvey lake... I’m sure Mr Chapman could read through minutes spanning ten years of the club’s efforts to get improvements to the lake for the safety and enjoyment of all users. Bailiffs patrolled the lake and collected day ticket money, which was divided between the club and the council, giving the council an income it didn’t have to collect. The council now has to advertise for staff to do a similar job. Maybe Mr Chapman would like to apply and suffer the verbal abuse and threats the volunteers received. He would soon find out that not every person fishing belongs to the club.... S C Andrews, Wincoat Drive, Benfleet (letter)
Essex Echo 8.7.10 Fishing should be banned on lake - I have been on record as opposing fishing on Canvey Lake as far back as 1991. I accept fishing is the country’s most popular participation sport, but for me and many others the pursuit and torment of animals for pleasure is unacceptable.... I have taken an interest over the years and have not forgotten that Canvey Coarse Fishing Club emerged from a shameful era when a small band of individuals defied the no-fishing bylaw and fished the lake.... Bob Chapman, Ferrymead, Canvey (letter)

Yorkshire Post 23.8.10 Kate Hoey: Our children must be given the freedom to discover the joys of Britain's countryside By Kate Hoey - AS a youngster growing up on a farm in Northern Ireland, I spent hours playing in muddy fields and ditches, swimming in flooded rivers and climbing to the top of the tallest trees on our land. I delivered many little pigs, cuddled tiny calves and chickens and regularly would eat a piece of cake that I dropped on the byre floor or pig pen. I thought back to those carefree days when the Government recently announced that Lord Young would be reviewing health and safety rules.... For too many schools and youth organisations, the fear of health and safety legislation has stopped teachers making wider use of outdoor learning opportunities. The media clamour that erupts around rare incidents occurring on school trips has created the illusion that these visits are inherently dangerous and that compensation claims are and teacher prosecutions widespread... The Countryside Alliance surveyed more than 1,400 teachers and found that fear of litigation was the biggest barrier to providing children with experiences outside the school gates... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.8.10 Air transport of dogs to labs - The airline Lufthansa was shocked over the plight of more than 50 dogs which were transported on one of its cargo planes... Lufthansa has announced a new policy prohibiting the transport of dogs and cats to laboratories. This is great first step and an important victory not just for cats and dogs, but all animals suffering in laboratories... Raymond Dobson, Murray Terrace, Aberdeen (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 23.8.10 THE best way to end animal experiments is to refuse to buy products which have been tested on animals.... If you would like to know so you can shop compassionately, then send a £3 cheque or postal order made payable to Naturewatch for a copy of their brand new up to date Compassionate Shopping Guide... JOSEPHINE HARWOOD, Moor Park Avenue, Bispham (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 23.8.10 Animal experiments - THE latest government statistics show that almost 3.6 million animals were used in experiments in the UK during 2009 – that is the equivalent of 9,863 experiments every single day!... Following years of campaigning by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection(BUAV), the Coalition government has recently made a pledge to end the cruel use of animals to test household products.... We will be holding the government to these commitments and look forward to working together to make meaningful and lasting change... Michelle Thew, Chief Executive , BUAV (letter)

Irish Times 23.8.10 'Sickening cruelty' of bullfighting – The goring of spectators at a bullfight in northern Spain (Breaking News, August 19th) should serve as another reminder that this sickening cruelty is permitted in a part of the European Union.... JOHN FITZGERALD, Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Yorkshire Post 23.8.10 In praise of grey squirrels From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley Ring Road, Leeds. WHAT a depressing and deplorable story about the man who sought to provoke the RSPCA by drowning a grey squirrel (Yorkshire Post, August 13). What is wrong with such people? Why are they so callous and cruel?... (letter)


Horse & Hound 22.8.10 Hunting supporters to face 'The 9 Pack Challenge' - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - Five hunt supporters in Scotland are to spend eight days running, cycling and riding 365 miles between the country's nine mounted packs of foxhounds. From 4-11 September, Berwickshire Hunt supporters Rowena Ramsey, Judith Anderson, Amy Brown, Kirstie MacGillivray and Vicky Simpson will cover 365 miles in "The 9 Pack Challenge" to raise money for the hunts and the Eloise and Katie Memorial Trust... (story)

Independent on Sunday 22.8.10 The RSPB seems like a cuddly charity – they love birds! – but not according to the Countryside Alliance. The two charities have been bickering over the best way to control hen harriers in the north of England... To resolve the matter, the RSPB is to carry out a "community consultation"... to be conducted by a supposedly independent consultancy team, Glead Ecological & Environmental Services (GEES)... he CA has refused to take part, because, it says, "the commissioned consultant was, until only recently, employed by the RSPB".... (story)


Bolton News 21.8.10 Girls go angling for new hobby - GIRLS taking part in Get Hooked on Fishing sessions at Bradshaw Fisheries are proving that anything the boys can do, they can do better. Although it is often seen as a male preserve, there are theories that women are better at fishing due to the pheromones given off by their skin. And at a muslim girls’ fishing session, the number of catches seemed to substantiate the theory. The sessions are run by Bridget Dawson... (story)
Bolton News 6.8.10 Muslim youngsters angling for change -IT is traditionally seen as the preserve of white males, sitting by the riverbank to get a few hours away from the wife. But there are moves in Bolton to change the stereotypical view of angling.Faith leaders have been working alongside fishing experts to get more young Asians involved in the sport. Organised by Bolton Council of Mosques, and funded through a grant from Faith4Change, the young Muslims took part in angling sessions over two days held by the Get Hooked On Fishing scheme at Bradshaw Fisheries... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 21.8.10 Greyhound deaths spark campaign - AN ANIMAL welfare charity has called for a Swindon greyhound track to close after a number of dogs were put down after picking up injuries at the site. Greyhound Action, an international dog protection group, has launched the campaign after learning that four dogs were injured while racing at the Blunsdon track last month... (story)

Telegraph 21.8.10 Arrested for defending the red squirrel - Why are the police acting as 'enforcers' for the RSPCA, asks Christopher Booker. Norris Atthey is a retired military policeman who for some years has been trying to defend one of the last pockets of red squirrels left in England... Mr Atthey was outraged when a Burton window cleaner was recently given a criminal record and lost £1,547 in costs after being prosecuted by the RSPCA for drowning a grey squirrel. He publicly challenged the charity by announcing that he had drowned one too... Next morning, the RSPCA official returned, summoning two policemen to arrest Mr Atthey for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal”... Eventually he was interrogated for an hour by an RSPCA official, with a policeman standing mutely by, before being released. Why was Mr Atthey arrested on the orders of the RSPCA? Why was he handcuffed, and imprisoned for nine hours? When I put this to Northumbria police, they replied that “the RSPCA is leading this investigation”.... (story)

Scotsman 21.8.10 Call for ban on import of elephants by zoos By clare Baillie - AN ANIMAL welfare group is calling for a ban on importing elephants into UK zoos. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said captive elephants were "suffering" and until welfare issues were addressed properly, no more should be imported. The plea was made as a response to a new report, commissioned by Defra, about the welfare of elephants in zoos... The report, written by scientists from Bristol University, suggests if importation was stopped there would be "no merit" in establishing a separate, genetically isolated UK population... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 21.8.10 Bull spectators got just deserts - There isn't a lot to smile about on the news these days, but I was delighted to see 'Billy the Bull' do an Eric Cantona and leap into the crowd of sad spectators in the bullring in Spain, scattering and maiming... Paul O'Sullivan, Donegal Town, Co Donegal (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.8.10 Major organisations are opposed to animal cloning for food production - Wendy Warren asks where I get my facts from about animal cloning (Mailbox, August 16). They are from reports and books by experts.... , in the last 10 years the number of vegetarians has doubled. According to a Mintel survey in 2006 the UK was shown as having the greatest number of vegetarians in western Europe at six per cent of the population. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


ThisIsKent 20.8.10 Blean Beagles' animal magic - EVERY dog has its day, and back in 1983, it was the turn of the Blean Beagles. The group held their annual horse and dog show in August of that year, with 20 classes of jumping as well as gymkhana games including egg and spoon races on horseback. The event was held to raise money for the pack, who proved to be the highlight of the day when they arrived that afternoon... (story)

Hampshire Chronicle 20.8.10 Big crowds expected at Alresford Show By Andrew Napier - THE jewel in the crown of Hampshire agricultural shows is coming to Alresford next month. The show on Saturday September 4 aims to match the record-breaker of 2009 which enjoyed perfect weather after the unprecedented wash-out of 2008.... The show takes pride in being traditional and quintessentially English, with its horticultural tent, produce and craft tents, WI, the Hampshire Hunt Hounds, Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles, and white-coated farmers displaying cattle.... (story)

Bucks Free Press 20.8.10 You helped animals - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of High Wycombe for their generosity in raising £102 at a street collection on 31 July 2010... Margaret Campbell, (Marlow) Animal Aid (letter)


Daily Post 19.8.10 Fair organisers fuming after council removes roadside signs by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - HORSE riders and show organisers played tit-for-tat with spoil-sport council officers who tore down roadside signs promoting their events. Newly designed signs for Machynlleth Country Fair and Ceffylau Cadfarch Patron’s Ride were removed by Powys County Council without notification. “We all rallied and eventually the signs were retrieved and put up once again,” said Nick Fenwick, of Plas Machynlleth Fox Hounds. “To jeopardise such an event was devastating following all our hard work.”... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.8.10 Global Centre fox hunting debate - HEATED debate is expected at Exeter's Global Centre when the subject of the ban on fox hunting comes up on September 2. The centre's World at Lunch debates, between 1pm and 2pm, resume then and with the announcement of a free vote on fox hunting by the current coalition Government, the hunting issue is once again at the forefront of people's minds and opinions... (story)

North West Evening Mail 19.8.10 Lakeland Country Fair at Torver - THOUSANDS of visitors discovered the richness of the working countryside at a traditional Lakes event. Sheep shearing, foxhounds and working horses were all on show at Lakeland Country Fair yesterday... David Mallett, the huntsman of North Lonsdale Foxhounds, said: “We have a beautiful day and hopefully we get a lot of visitors... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 17.8.10 Lakeland Country Fair attracts thousands - A POPULAR South Lakeland show that has been blighted by weather problems in the past staged a successful event at the weekend. The 2008 renewal of the Lakeland Country Fair in Torver even had to be cancelled because of poor conditions underfoot, but organisers this year ran out of programmes as the glorious weather attracted thousands of visitors.... Winner of the J Olstead Trophy for overall dog winner was a Foxhound called Tulip, from the Mellbreak hunt, based at Lawton, near Cockermouth.... (story)

Daily Post 19.8.10 North Wales Falklands veteran: 'Why can’t I get the gun licence' by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A FALKLANDS veteran has accused North Wales Police of jeopardising his pest control business by limiting the terms of his gun licences. Alan Bennett, a weapons expert who served 25 years with the Welsh Guards, claims to need high-calibre rifles to stalk prey that range from deer to predators of rare birds. But the retired Welsh Guards Warrant Officer – a former shooting range safety officer – has seen successive applications rejected. His case is being followed by the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, which is alarmed at the inconsistency in firearms licensing between police forces... (story)

Daily Post 19.8.10 Success of first country fair will guarantee another by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - QUEUES for clay pigeon shooting, gundogs hurtling over grass, and falcons lording over the rings: Bala’s inaugural country fair had something for everyone. Organisers were delighted with the reception for last weekend’s two-day event on the Rhiwlas estate – and have confirmed it will be repeated next year.... In his opening ceremony address, Assembly Presiding Officer Lord Elis-Thomas paid tribute to the enthusiasm of three local men – Geraint Jones, Dei John Jones and Llyr Edwards. He said they had “realised a dream” when establishing the BASC-supported show in their home town (story)

Evesham Journal 19.8.10 Shooting group is going great guns - A BIDFORD shooting club has joined forces with a national charity to help disabled people access new activities. A group of paralysis sufferers have taken part in several sessions at Riverside shooting ground on Salford Road with support from Sportability – a charity which aims to provide sport and challenging pursuits for people with paralysis... (story)

Flintshire Chronicle 19.8.10 Sealand councillor raises fox concerns - CONCERNS have been raised over the increasing number of foxes roaming around Sealand. Cllr Chris Jones contacted the Chronicle after Flintshire County Council told her its pest control section does not deal with foxes.... Residents fear foxes have killed cats in the area and Cllr Jones is also concerned children playing on the fields during the summer could get hurt if they approach the animals. (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.8.10 This is so cruel - Leicester University are building a £15 million block for testing on animals, which is already done in the main building.Animals do not react in the same way to chemicals as we do; these experiments are cruel and unreliable.... Mrs E Davis, Leicester (story)


Whitehaven News 18.8.10 Country fair fun for all By Margaret Crosby - CALLING all beagles, foxhounds, terriers, whippets and other canine breeds (and their owners!) to the Blackcombe Country Fair, being held at Bootle on August 30 at noon.... (story)

Denbighshire Visitor 18.8.10 Anti-fox hunting protesters in Rhyl by Ian Hughes, Denbigh Visitor - A NEW campaign began in Rhyl over the weekend in opposition to a repeal of the fox hunting ban. Wales Against Animal Cruelty started its new drive to highlight the “continued threat to the hunt ban by the new Coalition Government”. “August is traditionally cub-hunting season which sees many cubs killed by hounds,” said Judi Hewitt.... (story)

Third Sector 18.8.10 Interview: Mike Hobday of Macmillan Cancer Support By John Plummer, Third Sector, 17 August 2010 - The man behind campaigns to ban fox hunting and introduce free prescriptions for cancer patients tells John Plummer that charity lobbying will become even more important as spending cuts bite - Mike Hobday has been at the forefront of two of the most successful campaigns of the past 10 years.First, at the League Against Cruel Sports, he led the drive to ban fox hunting. Then, at Macmillan Cancer Support, he helped persuade the previous government to introduce free prescriptions for cancer patients... (story)

Guardian 18.8.10 Louise Robertson of the League Against Cruel Sports (Response, 17 August) argues that grouse shooting should be prohibited because it is "used to satisfy the pleasure of a minority", for little reason other than she disapproves of both the pleasure and the minority. I shot some grouse last week. It did not cost "£4,000 a day per gun", nor did "thousands upon thousands of animals … have to die".... Tim Bonner, Head of media, Countryside Alliance (story)

Derby Telegraph 18.8.10 Moorland management is vital to conservation - Adrian Blackmore, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Wirral Globe 11.8.10 The true facts about grouse season - Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands Director, Countryside Alliance. (letter)
Derby Telegraph 9.8.10 Start of grouse season anything but glorious - Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.8.10 Benefits of grouse moor management - THE recent letter 'August 12 far from glorious for grouse', August 2, from Andrew Tyler, the director of the animal rights organisation Animal Aid, outlines a number of negative claims about the impending grouse shooting season. In the interests of balance it might be worth mentioning some of the widely accepted benefits of moorland management for grouse... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, Devon (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 6.8.10 Moors must be managed - ADRIAN BLACKMORE, Moorlands director, Countryside Alliance, Cooper House Farm, Cotherstone, near Barnard Castle, County Durham (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 6.8.10 Here’s a well-timed grouse - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.8.10 Grouse moors are a glorious success - THE letter from Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid on grouse moor management, August 12 far from glorious for grouse, August 2, contains inaccuracies and misinformation... It is because of the habitat produced through careful moorland management that almost half of all grouse moors are designated as EU Special Protection Areas for the rare birds they support, and as Special Areas of Conservation due to the variety of plant species... Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands Director Countryside Alliance Cooper House Farm Cotherstone, Co Durham (letter)
Wirral Globe 4.8.10 The Twelfth is not so glorious - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.8.10 August 12 far from glorious for grouse - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 2.8.10 Anything but glorious - ANDREW TYLER, Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 29.7.10 Letter from Andrew Tyler - WITH the so-called Glorious Twelfth rapidly approaching, let us consider a few of the many reasons why this bird-killing festival is nothing to celebrate. A large number of native birds and mammals who interfere with grouse shooting are trapped, poisoned or snared.... In short, August 12 on Britain's grouse moors is anything but glorious. ANDREW TYLER Director Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)

Western Mail 18.8.10 Prince Charles' hens slaughtered by foxes - A plague of foxes on the Prince of Wales’s country estate has killed dozens of his hens, Clarence House said today... About 40 hens have been killed in the farm’s fruit orchard in daylight attacks during the past four or five weeks, a Clarence House spokeswoman said... (story)
Earth Times 17.8.10 Foxes decimate 'royal' hens on Prince Charles' estate - Foxes have killed dozens of hens on the country estate of Prince Charles, leading to a shortage of eggs in the prince's organic farm shop, the royal palace in London said Tuesday.... Farmers have long complained of a growing fox plague in rural England, which some link to the controversial ban on hunting foxes with dogs... (story)

Meat Trades Journal 18.8.10 A&G Barber forced to close after Animal Aid exposure - Essex slaughterhouse A&G Barber has been forced to close as a result of an undercover investigation by campaigning group Animal Aid. The closure has come about because A&G Barber’s main buyer, a German sausage manufacturer, cancelled its contract when it saw the Animal Aid footage... (story)

West Sussex County Times 18.8.10 ANIMAL Aid and the collectors would like to thank the Horsham people who so kindly donated a total of £168.47 at the street collection on Saturday July 24... JOYCE AUDRIC Cootes Avenue, Horsham (letter)


Daily Post 17.8.10 Attention-seeking hounds aim to improve public perception at Llanrwst Rural Show by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A PACK of attention-seeking hounds will attempt to improve their public perception when they take centre stage at this weekend’s Llanrwst Rural Show. Conwy Valley Hounds was established more than 20 years ago by Jason Jones, known locally as “Jason Logs”. He expects them to be a great hit with youngsters, who can wander into the showground ring to meet the inquisitive canines... (story)

Horse & Hound 17.8.10 Hunting law explained in new book, 'Law of Field Sports' - A new book outlining the legal regulations surrounding hunting and other country pursuits has been unveiled. Law of Field Sports, written by specialist lawyers Tim Russ and Jamie Foster, is the first single-source reference book covering civil and criminal law relating to shooting and hunting... (story)

Guardian 17.8.10 There is nothing glorious about the 'glorious twelfth' - The desire to increase grouse numbers has created an ecological disaster zone - Louise Robertson - Your article summed up the media frenzy surrounding the much-celebrated "glorious twelfth", which occurs on 12 August, and marks the start of the grouse season (After a cold, harsh winter things are looking glorious. Unless you happen to be a grouse, 9 August). However, I wonder if it's worth pointing out that there's not much to celebrate in an industry which ritualises the mass slaughter of birds for sport... Our investigations on grouse moors managed for shooting have repeatedly uncovered scenes akin to a horror movie... I fail to see anything glorious about the "glorious twelfth", where cruelty, slaughter and ritualised killing are used to satisfy the pleasure of a minority (story)

Scotsman 17.8.10 Letter: Pros and cons of grouse conservation - I echo R Gooch's comments (Letters, 14 August) about the anachronistic views of Douglas McAdam and Alasdair Laing regarding many grouse moors. Lochindorb and much of Ferness is a man-made burnt, desert wasteland with virtually no wildlife apart from some rabbits and, presumably, grouse... HARRIS KEILAR, Swanston Park, Edinburgh
I was amused by the ignorance of the "Glorious Twelfth" ranters. Do they think it's only about big-shots striding about in funny trousers, killing birds? It's all about conservation... An enormous about of work goes on to maintain the land, make sure there is sufficient food at the right stage, watch out for over-efficient predators... SHEILA THOMSON, Thurston, Dunbar, East Lothian (letters)

Fenland Citizen 17.8.10 What a catch – £900 for Air Ambulance - OVER the past few years angling has been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism as the anti-brigade seems to have set their sights on our sport. Yet it is often forgotten the work we put in on our local waterways to preserve and look after the countryside.... Murrow Bell's Chris Markillie memorial charity match was fished on the Horseshoe Lakes at Willowcroft fisheries by kind permission of owner Bob Foreman. Together with a general raffle, a total of £900 was raised towards the East Anglian Air Ambulance. ... (story)

Western Mail 17.8.10 Assembly Government’s £57,000 bill for pilot badger cull defence by Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE Assembly Government’s defence of its plans to cull badgers as part of a targeted pilot scheme to eradicate bovine TB in Wales cost more than £57,000. A Freedom of Information request by BBC Wales showed the sum included £20,000 towards the costs of the Badger Trust, which mounted a successful legal challenge.... (story)

Oxford Mail 17.8.10 Whaling record should keep Iceland out of EU - Membership talks are currently under way following Iceland’s application to join the European Union. However, Iceland must not be allowed to join until it ends commercial whaling... Andrew Coles, Farmington Drive, Witney (letter)


Northern Echo 16.8.10 ‘A real buzz’ as crowds visit 175th edition of rural event By Rachel Wearmouth - PEOPLE from across the region came together on Saturday for an annual show. Organisers, competitors and visitors hailed the 175th Sedgefield Show, in County Durham, a resounding success... The South Durham Hunt took part in a display, and a fancy dress parade was one of the afternoon’s highlights... (story)

ThisIsDevon 16.8.10 Is MP really taking notice? WITH reference to the letter submitted by Kevin Wilson regarding the grandstanding of our MP Neil Parish... I am deeply concerned about Cameron's promise to the Countryside Alliance that he will repeal the Hunting Act, because I am, together with all my friends and colleagues, horrified at the return of the barbaric practices of stag, fox and hare hunting, and the equally cruel blood sport of hare coursing in which two greyhounds or lurchers use one of our most beautiful wild animals, the hare, as a tug-of-war rope... NELL CURRAN (address withheld on request) (letter)

Teesdale Mercury 16.8.10 BUMPER GLORIOUS TWELFTH ON CARDS DESPITE COLD WINTER - GAMEKEEPERS in Teesdale are bracing themselves for a bumper grouse shooting season, which kicks-off on the “Glorious 12th” this week... Animal rights groups continue to protest about shooting in Britain.... (story)
Halifax Evening Courier 13.8.10 Scott had grouse o nthe tables by lunch - Yesterday was the Glorious Twelfth and award-winning restaurant owner Scott Hessel had every reason to look pleased with himself. Scott, who is also a chef, bagged the first red grouse at Keighley Moor. And by noon he was serving it up to more than 60 game-loving diners at The Old Bore, Rishworth... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.8.10 Grouse season’s good start despite winter concerns BY KAYE NICOLSON - THE grouse season got off to a good start yesterdayon the day traditionally known as The Glorious Twelfth... (story)
City AM 13.8.10 Forget yachts, try tweeds and guns - Juliet Samuel - AMONG the UK’s high-earners, some race cars, others sail yachts and others engage in the age-old tradition of country sports. And with the grouse shooting season kicking off yesterday, keen field sportsmen might be tempted to invest in a shoot of their own.... (story)
Telegraph 13.8.10 City Diary Edited by Dominic Midgeley - WHERE TO BAG YOUR BIRD FOR LESS - The annual row over who is serving the best-value grouse in London that follows hard on the heels of the Glorious 12th might as well get under way in this column. Last year, Rowley Leigh of the Café Anglais claimed the title by putting it on the menu at £29.75 a pop....(story)
Irish Times 13.8.10 Bird lovers cry fowl as NI grouse hunt is on - SEÁN MAC CONNELL Agriculture Correspondent - A NUMBER of people in the Republic of Ireland want to bring an end to celebrating “The Glorious Twelfth” in Northern Ireland and for the guns to remain silent. They are not into politics or religion but rather the conservation of one of the island’s most threatened bird species, the Red Grouse... According to Dr Sinéad Cummins... most wildfowlers she knew no longer hunted grouse because of their declining numbers and were more into conserving them than shooting them.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 12.8.10 No grouse? Not a problem for shooters in Gloucestershire - THERE may not be a grouse moor in sight in Gloucestershire, but that does not mean it is not a prime spot for shooting enthusiasts to perfect their skills. With today marking the start of the grouse season, activity at a Cotswold shooting school is hotting up. Owner Ian Coley has installed a simulated grouse drive just in time for the new season – the 'Glorious Twelfth'... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 12.8.10 Glorious 12th starts grouse season (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.10 The gamekeeper and the grouse on the Glorious Twelfth - The Glorious Twelfth refers to 12 August - traditionally, the start of the shooting season of the red grouse. Gamekeeper Fred Mitchinson manages an area of moorland above Glossop for the benefit of both wildlife and the people who use it... (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 12.8.10 Bleak prospects for Grouse season in East Lancs By Nazia Parveen - PROSPECTS for the grouse shooting season in East Lancashire look bleak after a debilitating disease struck the game birds.... the grouse on the Duke of Westminster's estate at Abbeystead in the Trough of Bowland area of the Ribble Valley have been hit by Louping-ill, a virus infection of the central nervous system... Martin Gillibrand, secretary of the Moorland Association, which is made up of 200 land owners responsible for almost all of England's heather moorland, said: “People are very optimistic about a good season apart from one exception which is unfortunately in Lancashire around the Abbeystead Estate.... (story)
Londonist 12.8.10 The Glorious Twelfth: London's Restaurants Are Game - The glorious twelfth is upon us, and as of today the game shooting season has officially started. It is now legal to shoot ptarmigan, common snipe and the one that everyone gets excited about, grouse... Whilst rural areas celebrate the sport of shooting and the money they can sell their kills for, almost all commercially shot game in the first week of the season makes its way to London, where chefs are eager to be first to plate it up no matter the high cost. Rules in Covent Garden is the oldest establishment in London to serve game, and given that they actually own the Lartington Estatein the High Pennines and have been shooting there today, they’ve got one up on other restaurants... (story)
Guardian 12.8.10 Glorious 12th arrives and grouse shooting season begins (story)
Daelnet 12.8.10 “Glorious” start for Glorious Twelfth - Today’s start of the Glorious Twelfth – the opening of the grouse shooting season – should lead to glorious bags, according to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)... (story)
Sky News 12.8.10 Grouse Numbers Down As Shoot Season Begins - James Matthews, Scotland correspondent - Grouse shooting is worth more than £20m a year to the Scottish economy, a new study shows - but there is concern grouse numbers are falling... (story)
Dundee Courier 12.8.10 Glorious Twelfth under threat - Scotland's grouse moors are worth millions to the nation's economy, a study launched in Perthshire revealed as the grouse shooting season gets under way on August 12 — the Glorious Twelfth... However, the number of birds actually being shot has almost halved since 2001, highlighting problems with predators and disease. This has led to calls by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) for backing from the Scottish Government to ensure the industry's future... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.8.10 Decline of grouse puts future in firing line BY MIKE FARRELL - Game and wildlife experts expressed fears for the future of grouse shooting in Scotland as the Glorious Twelfth, the start of the red grouse season, begins. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust yesterday called for support for estates from the Scottish Government after it released a report of the significant part the sport plays in the Scottish economy.... (story)
Country Life 12.8.10 Landowners revive heather - Kate Green - Landowners spend more than £52.5 million managing the grouse moors of England and Wales, according to a 25th-anniversary survey by the Moorland Association. They employ 350 gamekeepers-employment of keepers is up by 25% and create 42,500 days of work a year for contractors and local people on shoot days. Some 6,500 hotel rooms are booked for grouse shooting, for which the season starts tomorrow.... (story)
Ilkley Gazette 12.8.10 Improving prospects on Rombalds Moor By Jonathan Redhead - It might be all quiet on the Glorious Twelfth, but a leading moorland figure is cautiously optimistic for this year’s grouse shooting season. Edward Bromet, chairman of the Moorland Association, is predicting a continued improvement for the season, which opens today after a couple of difficult years. And although he does not anticipate any shoots across Rombalds Moor on the opening day, he is hopeful of better prospects than in recent years, after the birds enjoyed a successful nesting year.... (story)
Telegraph 12.8.10 Fashion for renting grouse moors grows since the recession - Grouse moors are one of the last status symbols hit by the recession as rich bankers choose to lease estates for a few years rather than shell out millions of pounds in the age of austerity. By Louise Gray - On the eve of the Glorious Twelfth, the traditional start to the red grouse shooting season, estate agents revealed the new fashion for leasing rather than buying the sporting estates... (story)
Caledonian Mercury 12.8.10 Ticking the boxes for a glorious Glorious Twelfth by Dave Hewitt ... To the hunting-and-shooting community 12 August – the start of the grouse-shooting season – is almost a religious festival. Certainly there is an element of feast day to it – not that the red grouse is something to becooked and eaten in a hurry... Much depends on whether the grouse population is deemed healthy enough to sustain a shoot. This in turn is largely governed by the extent to which that great scourge of the grouse, the tick, has made inroads over the previous year. “Ticks feed off warm-blooded animals, eg sheep, dogs, birds, deer, humans, mice, foxes etc,” says Simon Blackett, factor on the Invercauld Estate on upper Deeside. “They sit on top of heather shoots and attach themselves to a passing meal.”... Not everyone sees the world this way, of course, and the Glorious Twelfth is also one of the traditional dates for disruption. Quite what form this might take this year is hard to quantify, however, given the reluctance of those involved to offer details. When asked if the Hunt Saboteurs Association organised any actions, its spokesman Lee Moon would only say: “Yes, we do campaign against grouse shooting, although it would be up to local groups what actions they wish to take.”... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.10 Glorious 12th will be make or break day for hundreds depending on the red grouse By JOHN ROSS - FOR those whose livelihoods depend on the red grouse, today could either make or break their entire working year... The report, by the Fraser of Allander Institute for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), says the "economic resilience" of grouse shooting is being tested, with just under half as many birds shot in Scotland in 2009 as in 2001... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.10 Alasdair Laing: Potential is there to make grouse shooting a real growth sector - The amount of money generated by grouse shooting and the number of jobs it supports are significant numbers in their own right. But perhaps even more relevant is the fact the money is going into otherwise often fragile rural areas where there are not a lot of alternative jobs, employment opportunities or sources of income... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.10 Glorious grouse, we salute you - All hail the Glorious 12th, the day the moors of Scotland begin to echo to the sound of gunfire and which, we are told, bring great economic benefit to the country... (story)
Telegraph 11.8.10 Why the Twelfth is glorious for conservation - Our carefully managed upland moors are benefiting a range of species, says Nicholas Soames - Today is the start of the grouse-shooting season. Large tracts of our precious heather uplands, privately owned and managed, will be at their most magnificent. The landscape may look timeless but it most certainly isn't. Every inch has been shaped and re-shaped by man. Attitudes to grouse shooting have, thank goodness, been changing too... (story)
BBC News Online 11.8.10 Is the twelfth still glorious in County Durham? - It's that time of year again - the so-called Glorious Twelfth - but its description largely depends on your point of view. Animal rights campaigners - and the grouse themselves - might disagree. But, to shooting parties, "glorious" may well be the word with bird numbers sustained over the past few years and the shooting business in good shape.... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.8.10 Experts predict little shooting on moor owned by Bradford Council By Jonathan Redhead - It might be all quiet on the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ itself, but a leading moorland figure is cautiously optimistic for this year’s grouse-shooting season. Edward Bromet, chairman of the Moorland Association, is predicting a continued improvement for the season, which starts on Thursday, after a couple of difficult years... (story)
Sunday Herald 8.8.10 Shooters set for a glorious twelfth ... amid activists’ anger - Rebecca Gray - As the Glorious Twelfth looms, grouse-shooters will today be loading their guns in anticipation of what looks set to be one of the best seasons for bird hunting in Scotland... much to the distress of animal-rights groups... Katrina Candy of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, which promotes the grouse-shooting season, said: “Despite the harsh winter conditions we experienced earlier this year, the grouse have survived better than was originally thought and it looks set to be a good grouse season... Tim Baynes, moorlands expert for the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said: “Last year was a very good grouse season and this year’s is shaping up to be similar... Andrew Tyler, director of the charity Animal Aid, said: “With the so-called Glorious Twelfth rapidly approaching, let us consider a few of the many reasons why this bird-killing festival is nothing to celebrate... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.8.10 Legacy of harsh winter threatens Glorious 12th as shooters gear up - FITTEST GROUSE HAVE ‘RELISHED CHALLENGE’ AND REARED HEALTHY BROODS BY KAYE NICOLSON - Gamekeepers and landowners are gearing up for the start of the grouse season on the Glorious 12th on Thursday, but the outlook for the annual shoot is mixed following a harsh winter... (story)
Telegraph 7.8.10 Canny grouse help save the Glorious Twelfth - Despite the long, hard winter, the new grouse season is expected to be one of the best for years in many areas By David Harrison - For months it seemed like the "Glorious Twelfth" – the opening day of the grouse-shooting season – would not be quite so glorious after all... (story)
Telegraph 6.8.10 Prospects good for Glorious Twelfth after grouse survive cold snap - Fears next week’s Glorious Twelfth would be a damp squib have proved unfounded after gamekeepers discovered grouse coped well with the harshest winter in decades By Simon Johnson ... (story)
Financial Times 6.8.10 Bad winter yields plentiful grouse By Andrew Bolger, Scotland Correspondent - Scotland’s sporting fraternity is set to reap the rewards of an unusually harsh winter, as owners of grouse moors report bumper numbers of birds, spared when their predators were scared off by the snowy conditions... Colin Shedden, Scottish director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said some estates in southern Scotland were more cautious about prospects for the season, because they lacked red deer that in the Highlands could scrape through the snow to uncover the heather on which grouse feed (story)
Telegraph 5.8.10 The Glorious Twelfth: Beating a path to a new wild life - Celebrating the Glorious Twelfth: Robin Page meets Janet Robinson, a moorland gamekeeper and local legend. It is difficult finding female gamekeepers, particularly when using my satnav. I had set out to meet Janet Robinson, a local legend in the wilds of the Western Peak District, in time for the Glorious Twelfth – August 12, the start of the grouse-shooting season.... (story)

East London Advertiser 16.8.10 Children's free fishing lesson at Victoria Park - CHILDREN have the chance to get hooked on fishing at a free event at Victoria Park on Wednesday... The event is hosted by green charity Thames 21 and the Environment Agency and will run from 10am until 3pm... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 16.8.10 Government trying to introduce Sea Angling Licence ... The sea angling licence has raised its ugly head once again. There were moves several years ago by Defra to introduce a licence for sea angling. This was stopped as they had no idea how it was going to be policed or the benefits if any from the money raised would all be used to administrate it..... The current meeting going on with Net Gain over Marine conservation zones is becoming a farce: they have arranged a meeting in London over other matters but the recreational sea anglers are not invited... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.8.10 Inflicting pain - If only animals could talk, they would not have to go through the vast variety of suffering humans inflict on them. As Ella Meah (Mailbox, August 5) says, animals clearly feel pain and fear as well as pleasure... We've by now a very long history of interfering with their interests, so surely we can work out better ways to live and let live with them rather than cooking, hunting and eating them.... Chris Seal, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 5.8.10 'Carry on writing, Elizabeth' - I feel I have to write a few words in support of Elizabeth Allison and her commitment to all animal welfare issues, and, in particular, attempts to reveal the true facts relating to factory farming in the UK... Ella Meah, Countesthorpe (letter)


Bournemouth Echo 15.8.10 Special reserve in thick of action at Bournemouth Air Festival By Steven Smith - AROUND one million people are expected to head for Bournemouth Air Festival (August 19-22) and some locals will be in the thick of the action.... Lt Cdr Alison Hawes, 45, who by day is south-west regional irector for the Countryside Alliance, also originally hails from Ferndown. Alison, who now lives in Plymouth and is also a media operations specialist with the Navy, spent 10 years serving full-time and has completed a further 16 as a reservist... (story)


Horse & Hound 14.8.10 Coalition government will review the Hunting Act - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - The coalition government has confirmed its intention to offer parliament the chance to review and repeal the 2004 Hunting Act. The statement comes after the closure in June of an online petition on the Number 10 website calling for repeal of the act... (story)

Scotsman 14.8.10 Letter: Inglorious 12th - I FIND the comments by Douglas McAdam and Alasdair Laing regarding the "Glorious Twelfth" (your report and Comment, 12 August) saddening, highly offensive and thoroughly dangerous. The thought of further large stretches of Scottish moorland (I don't care who owns it) ending up as black and brown striped desert is unlikely to increase tourism... I hardly think the customers expected on this and other estates care one jot about the scenery as they blast away and brag about their shooting prowess to any fool who cares to listen.... R GOOCH, Dollarfield, Dollar, Fife (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 14.8.10 Officers announce new crackdown on wildlife crime By James Rush - Poachers have been warned that police officers will be out in force following a seasonal increase in the reported number of the crimes. West Yorkshire Police’s wildlife officers have told poachers they “will be waiting for them” after the rise in reported incidents as the end of harvest approaches. The force said its four main priority areas, which will be targeted over the coming months, were deer poaching, hare coursing, badger baiting and fish poaching... (story)

Express 14.8.10 DISHONESTY IS PUTTING PAID TO HONESTY BOX By Nathan Rao - THIEVES are killing off the countryside tradition of farmers leaving goods at the side of the road next to a money box. The days of the honesty box, a common sight along Britain’s country roads, may be numbered as more and more go missing, farmers warn... Jill Grieve of the Countryside Alliance said: “This is very sad and disappointing... (story)

Yorkshire Post 14.8.10 Fears over bovine TB - From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon, North Yorkshire. - YOUR photograph of the magnificent bull which is to be culled because of an alleged contact with a cow with bovine TB (Yorkshire Post, August 7) put me in mind of a conversation I had with one of the most respected veterinarians of his generation... I hope the farming community has reliable evidence that would justify the death of the animal featured in the Yorkshire Post... (letter)


Somerset County Gazette 13.8.10 Exmoor land sale for anti-hunting campaign By Rebecca Bull - THE League Against Cruel Sport is selling off acres of its Exmoor land to fund a £1 million fight to save the Hunting Act... (story)
BBC News Online 11.8.10 League in £1m bid to defend hunting ban on Exmoor - The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) is planning to sell some of the land it owns on Exmoor to fund a £1m campaign to keep the hunting ban in place... By retaining sporting rights, the League says it will ensure hunting and shooting cannot take place on the land, whatever the outcome of the vote... (story)
ThisIsDevon 11.8.10 Havens to be sold to help fund £1m hunting ban campaign - The League Against Cruel Sports is to sell off acres of land it owns on Exmoor in a bid to fund a £1 million campaign to save the ban on hunting. The league owns or manages 2,000 acres of land in Somerset which it bought or was donated over decades to try to curtail the activities of stag hunts. But with an expected Parliamentary free vote on repealing the Hunting Act looking too close to call in the autumn, it is raising a seven- figure sum to launch a huge campaign to persuade the public to tell their MPs to support the ban... Which particular areas of land the organisation owns on Exmoor will be sold has not been revealed, but it is understood that the 250-acre Baronsdown sanctuary will remain in its hands. Smaller parcels of land up to 10 per cent of the total League holding will be sold off as it tries to raise the money... (story)

Derby Telegraph 13.8.10 Country life is order of day for show with animal attractions - TRADITIONAL countryside fun is the order of the day at the 119th annual Ashbourne Show on Saturday, August 21.... The show will also welcome fox hounds, blood hounds and beagles, which are popular with children, who can enter the ring to met them.... (story)

ThisIsDevon 13.8.10 Sun shines down on packed show - THOUSANDS of people attended the 103rd Okehampton Show in mostly bright sunshine... In the main ring, attractions included carriage-driving displays, terrier racing, parade of hounds, vintage vehicle parade, grand parade, barrel racing and tug-of-war competition... ONE MAN AND HIS DOGS: Gary Boon, huntsman with the Eggesford Hunt, in the ring with the foxhounds... (story)

North West Evening Mail 13.8.10 RYDAL SHEEPDOG TRIALS AND HOUND SHOW - THE din of baying hounds was heard over the picturesque background of the Lakeland fells. More than 100 years of tradition was alive and well. The 107th Vale of Rydal Sheepdog Trials and Hound Show took place yesterday in the spectacular panorama of Rydal Park, just outside of Ambleside... (story)

Scottish Herald 13.8.10 Highland sporting estates are anathema - Bernard Zonfrillo is correct in pointing out the iniquities of upland game management (Letters, August 12). Highland estates are scarcely 200 years old... he result is the quasi-feudal nightmare world that pervades much of rural upland Scotland to this day. Some have called this a wet desert; others see it as a wasteland ripe for development. What it really constitutes is a wasted land ready for rehabilitation. Ron Greer, Blair Atholl (letter)
Scottish Herald 12.8.10 It is time to end nonsense that is the slaughter of red grouse - We will be assailed shortly by the usual pictures of slaughtered red grouse being served up on the 12th of August to some rich gourmand as a tasty snack. For that dubious pleasure, the bloodsports industry shoots, poisons and traps several native mammal and bird species, burns heather to the detriment of many birds, insects and plants, and employs gamekeepers whose disregard for the law of the land is now unchallenged by the government minister supposedly there to see legal enforcement of laws protecting wildlife.... Bernard Zonfrillo, 28 Brodie Road, Glasgow. (letter)

Dundee Courier 13.8.10 Bringing wildlife to the people - I rarely disagree with Jim Crumley's observations about the natural world, but was surprised by some of the content in his column... Better being slightly fanciful and emotional about nature than destroying it with snares and traps, poisoning birds of prey, stealing protected birds eggs and poaching.... Marjorie Edgar. 1 Caldwell Acre, Kingskettle (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 13.8.10 Hooked on fishing - ANGLING fans have been marking National Fishing Month by taking part in a number of free taster days. The South Cerney Angling Club, in association with the Angling Development Board has been running the taster days, giving participants an opportunity to try fishing under the guidance of Licensed or Registered Angling Coaches.... (story)

ThisIsKent 13.8.10 Consultant outfoxed by film directors - A WILDLIFE consultant from Tonbridge has hit out at two film-makers who hoaxed him into stumping up a £1,000 reward. John Bryant said he would put up the cash for any information leading to the capture of the Hackney-based Urban Fox Hunters who posted a video of themselves battering a fox to death with a cricket bat.... "I don't whether I'm relieved or really angry that it was all a hoax," said Mr Bryant... (story)

Leek Post & Times 13.8.10 Stop blaming the badgers - Once again badgers are being blamed for the spread of TB. Why not blame it on foxes or rabbits? And how can a badger infect a cow?... SJ Nixon Carlton Terrace Leek (letter)

Maidenhead Advertiser 13.8.10 Human 'chameleon' was part of shop's protest ' - A caged woman in Windsor's Peascod Street attracted attention yesterday. The unusual sight was part of a campaign by Lush Cosmetics shop as part of a week-long protest against people keeping reptiles as pets... Shop manager Bonnie Philp, said all workers are supporting the campaign... (letter)
The Sentinel 12.8.10 Beauty and baths shop staff protest about reptile captivity - Store staff took a break from manning the tills to support a campaign against keeping reptiles in captivity. A worker from Lush Cosmetics dressed as a chameleon and climbed into a small cage at the chain's store in the Potteries Shopping Centre, in Hanley, yesterday... Pictured is shop assistant Zak Parker, aged 17, inside the cage and supervisor Sophie Tracey, aged 20... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 12.8.10 Think again about the reptile lifestyle - CAMPAIGNERS in Cheltenham set out to prove it is bad karma to keep a chameleon. Staff at the Lush store in Regent Arcade kicked off a national campaign by the cosmetics chain against keeping lizards as pets... (story)
South Wales Evening Post 12.8.10 Lush opens the door for reptiles - A SWANSEA cosmetics branch has joined an anti-reptile captivity campaign. Lush Cosmetics, in Whitewalls, said it was shocked to hear about the suffering involved in the capture, breeding, and confinement of reptiles after a meeting with UK group, the Animal Protection Agency.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.8.10 Lush leading the way in reptile awareness - A COSMETICS shop in Aberdeen took part in a demonstration yesterday to urge customers not to keep reptiles or exotic animals as pets. Lush stores across the UK are taking part in a week-long campaign run by the Animal Protection Agency (APA), designed to highlight the suffering many reptiles experience if they are not cared for properly. Jenny Coyne, who works in the Union Street store, even dressed as a chameleon and sat inside a small cage to grab the attention of shoppers.... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 11.8.10 Campaign against keeping reptiles as pets - A cosmetics store staff member dressed as a chameleon will be crammed into a small cage in the city centre today to kick off a campaign against keeping reptiles as pets... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 11.8.10 Giant 'reptile' in small cage for campaign - SHOPPERS in Cheltenham town centre will be confronted with a giant reptile today. A member of staff at Lush Cosmetics, in the Regent Arcade, will be dressed as a chameleon and crammed into a small cage in the High Street. The move comes as part of a campaign against keeping reptiles as pets... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.8.10 Cage protest at pet cruelty - A SHOP worker will be crammed into a small cage on Princes Street as part of a campaign against keeping reptiles as pets. The employee from Lush Cosmetics will dress as a chameleon and be locked up after the company learned of the cruelty shown as part of the illegal trade in lizards. Leonie Davies, Lush's campaigns manager, said: "We hope that by raising the profile of this important issue we can lessen the demand for reptiles as pets."... (story)
The Sentinel 10.8.10 Caged protest over reptiles - SHOPPERS can expect to see a human chameleon in a cage as part of a protest about keeping lizards captive. A worker from Lush Cosmetics will get into the costume at its unit in Hanley's Potteries Shopping Centre at noon tomorrow.... (story)
Chester Standard 10.8.10 City centre protest against keeping reptiles as pets - A HUMAN dressed as a chameleon will be crammed into a small cage at an event in Chester to protest against keeping reptiles as pets. The demonstration will take place on Foregate Street at noon on Wednesday as part of a national campaign by retailer Lush Cosmetics.... Elain Toland, from the Animal Protection Agency (APA), added: “Life for many captive reptiles is unimaginable... All proceeds raised at the event will go to the APA (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 13.8.10 Money will help protect animals - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Nottingham for their generosity in raising £230.64 at a street collection on July 24... WILLIAM MAXWELL Animal Aid collection co-ordinator Oak Drive Doveridge (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 13.8.10 Leave our cute squirrels alone ... On the subject of the squirrel, Janet Cummings is correct in saying that it is a delightful creature and intelligent, not vermin as K Lynch states... Andy McDonald, Standard Ave, Tile Hill (letter)

Morning Star 13.8.10 Animal rights are no excuse for misogyny - Laurie Penny - Canada has taken a stand for women's rights - by banning an advertising campaign by the vegetarian and animal welfare society Peta. Under normal circumstances, there is enough space in left-wing activism for promoting both women's liberation and animal welfare, but Peta has been bucking the trend for many years with high-profile billboards and commercials that sexually objectify and dehumanise women to "make a point" about animal welfare... Could it be that this animal rights group doesn't care at all about one half of the whole mess of human animals? If that's so, given that Peta actually kills 90 per cent of the cats, dogs and other pets left in its care, I wouldn't take a desk job in its office.... I'd kick 100 kittens in the face to save one cancer victim. I'd shave a litter of puppies to help one junkie. I would even inconvenience an asthmatic gerbil to save George Osborne. I find it stunningly hypocritical when people like Peta, who claim to have such massively bleeding hearts that they have to carry a little cup to catch the overflow, behave with basic disrespect towards their fellow humans... By spreading misogynist propaganda, Peta is demonstrating that it care more about animals than about women... (story)


North Devon Journal 12.8.10 Field sports still glad to go on show - THERE was a cheerfully defiant mood of optimism in the country pursuits tent at the North Devon Show this year... Stallholders, many still angry about the ban on hunting with dogs, welcomed the fact that Conservative ministers were now in power. The Kellaway family from West Down — mother Paula, father Gordon, and son Andrew — run the North Devon Beagles hunt... (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 12.8.10 Hunt skills are ride on - HUMANS and horses have been jumping for joy in the Cotswolds. The thunder of hooves was in the air when more than 50 people turned out to hone their cross country riding skills at the Cotswold Hunt course near Andoversford... Rosie Vestey, joint master of the Cotswold Hunt, said: "It was a very good opportunity for people to get in some practice before the hunting season begins or bring on young horses... (story)

Burton Mail 12.8.10 Sadist was no worse than huntsmen - REGARDING your article ‘Fox was tortured and fed to Staffie’ (Burton Mail, August 9) A truly appalling story, but sadly no surprise, coming from an area where there is so much support for fox hunting.... M Hayworth by email (story)

Scotsman 12.8.10 Move to protect grouse chicks on Royal Deeside -AN ESTATE on Royal Deeside is testing a novel solution to prevent birds of prey feeding on young grouse chicks. The owner of the Glen Tanar Estate, near Aboyne, is attempting to preserve grouse stocks by giving extra food to natural predators such as golden eagles and hen harriers... (story)

Farming UK 12.8.10 Introduction to deer stalking in Cumbria - The UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), will host a course to introduce people to deer stalking. The course will be held on 23rd October 2010 at the Forestry Commission Centre at Grizedale, Cumbria... (story)

BBC News Online 12.8.10 Animal charity calls for complete snare ban - An animal welfare charity has called for a complete ban on snaring. The League Against Cruel Sports has released a film showing animals snared on Scottish shooting estates to highlight the issue. The film, and an accompanying report, has been released to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season.... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 12.8.10 All the fun in the country at Bowood By Alex Winter - Thousands flocked to The Wiltshire Game and Country Fair on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the best of traditional country pursuits. Marge Needham of organisers Living Heritage said: “Every year the shows get bigger and better.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 30.7.10 Game fair at Bowood just keeps on growing - Wiltshire Game & Country Fair is back and bigger than ever next weekend, August 7 and 8. The fair, now in its fourth year, takes place in Bowood and celebrates all the county has to offer in countryside pursuits.... (story)

Retford Times 12.8.10 Fox carer Jim believes 18-week-old cub has been stolen following garden break-in - THIEVES who broke into a Tickhill couple's garden are believed to have taken the fox cub they were nurturing - but left the animal's cherished teddy. Mill Pond resident Jim Beck awoke early last Monday morning to discover that Tag, the 18-week old cub he cared for with his wife Mary, as well as the wooden 'kennel' he had been living in, had been taken from a shed on his property used to house recovering foxes... Mr Beck, 83, who fears the fox may have been taken by animal rights activists intending to release it into the wild, said the couple had regularly cared for fox cubs with the backing of the RSPCA.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.8.10 Animal Aid thanks generous public - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Exeter for their generosity in raising £35 at a street collection on Saturday, August 7... Frances Wicks Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator Alphington Road St Thomas Exeter (letter)

ThisIsSomerset 12.8.10 PETA needs your support - I write again to alert readers to the wonderful achievements of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and to ask readers to support this organisation's efforts towards raising the status of animals... Gail Woolfenden The Animal Information Bureau Highcroft Woolavington (letter)

Argus 12.8.10 Recycled fur perpetuates the wearing of fur-based products - I can’t believe Beyond Retro’s argument for selling vintage fur (The Argus, August 10). I think they are very naive in distancing themselves from the “modern fur trade”, using recycling as justification... Marketing it in their shops says it’s OK to wear it, which promotes the whole trade and makes it “normal” when it isn’t, it’s heinous.... Zena Thompson, Prince Regents Close, Brighton (letter)


Meath Chronicle 11.8.10 Carberry on 'This Sporting Life' by John Donohoe - High-profile Meath jockey Paul Carberry is the subject of the fifth programme in RTE's 'This Sporting Life' series, to be aired on Thursday 26th August... The National Hunt champion jockey of 2000 and 2001 is an avid supporter of the Ward Union Hunt and has actively campaigned against the recent stag hunting ban. 'This Sporting Life' will be aired on Thursday 19th August on RTE One at 7pm (story)

Westmorland Gazette 11.8.10 Lunesdale Show 'back to its former glory' - LUNESDALE Agricultural Show is ‘back to its former glory,’ according to organisers, after a record number of entrants turned up to the Kirkby Lonsdale event yesterday... Aside from the animals, there was lots to keep children entertained with a traditional Punch and Judy show by Tony James and a parade by the Lune Valley Hunt... (story)

ThisIsDevon 11.8.10 Record crowd as riders saddle up for horse show - NEARLY 300 horses saddled up and trotted to Bolham for the 42nd Tiverton Horse Show on Saturday... Tiverton Staghounds took to the main ring at lunchtime to give a display and meet the crowd... (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.8.10 Medieval hunting techniques will be brought to life at castle event - THE medieval hunt will be brought to life at a North Yorkshire castle at the weekend when visitors will be able to get a taste of how nobles brought meat to their dining tables. The two-day event at Richmond Castle on Saturday and Sunday will showcase the different techniques employed from the hunting of deer and boar by the nobility to the use of hunting birds by commoners to bring back more lowly prey such as rabbits and hares.... (story)

Northern Echo 11.8.10 Hunting with dogs - CONGRATULATIONS to Bolivia for banning the use of any animal to be used in travelling circuses. Also to Catalonia, northern Spain, for its historic ban on bullfighting – especially when everyone said it wouldn’t happen as it was an ingrained sport. Surely now we can persuade British MPs that we cannot go back to pre-2004 and overturn the Hunting Act... M Embling, Crook, Co Durham. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 11.8.10 Sickening cruelty - The recent publicity on animal cruelty illustrates what depraved individuals we have among us... At home, the move to repeal the fox hunting ban continues to sicken many. These insidious individuals escape prosecution by using private land to continue their brand of cruelty. Maureen Falkner, Walton (letter)

Financial Times 11.8.10 Sporting estates in sights of foreign guns By Daniel Thomas and Sarah Rainey - Once the preserve of the aristocracy, some of the biggest and most renowned sporting estates have been snapped up by foreign buyers, who have acquired more than 10,000 acres of British countryside during the past decade... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 11.8.10 Fishing is good for youngsters - Charles Jardine, The Countryside Alliance Foundation, London (letter)
Halifax 10.8.10 Great way to fish and have fun - Charles Jardine, The Countryside Alliance Foundation, Old Town Hall (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.8.10 Teach youngsters the value?of fishing and conservation - Angling enthrals over 4 million people in the UK and The Countryside Alliance Foundation is having great success in inspiring youngsters to take part through an exciting initiative called Fishing for Schools. The Countryside Alliance Foundation’s Fishing for Schools project takes young people between the ages of 14 and 16 with special educational needs and introduces them to our waterways...Charles Jardine, The Countryside Alliance Foundation, Old Town Hall, 367 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 11.8.10 Hatchery's award presented — at last - A LLANGADOG fish hatchery has received a belated award from Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones. The Llyn y Fan fish hatchery, Wales's largest privately-owned fish hatchery, won the Rural Enterprise Award atCountryside Alliance Awards in January, but very cold weather and heavy snow prevented the hatchery's owners from attending the awards ceremony to receive the award from the minister.... (story)

Portsmouth News 11.8.10 Angler's anger at litter eyesore By FRAN DUCKETT-PIKE - KEEN angler Alf Horne surveys the rubbish that has built up at a lake no-one will take responsibility for clearing. Fountain Lake, next to the entrance of Whale Island, Stamshaw, is covered with debris - but Alf's pleas to have it cleaned up have fallen on deaf ears. The 81-year-old president of the Fountain Lake Angling Club has spent almost £700 on skip hire and man hire every year for six years to clear the lake. But he is fed up of taking responsibility for someone else's rubbish... (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 11.8.10 Call to prevent cull of badgers - A PUBLIC meeting is to be held in Stroud in support of a petition to try to stop the coalition government's planned badger cull. Badger experts and animal welfare supporters are among those invited to the session at the Subscription Rooms at 7pm on August 20. It has been organised by the town's Labour Party and former MP David Drew... (story)
Stroud News & Journal 6.8.10 Former MP David Drew supports petition to stop badger cull By Rachel Clare - FORMER Stroud MP David Drew is throwing his weight behind a petition which has been launched to stop the cull of badgers planned by the coalition Government. A meeting is set to be held in Stroud with a number of expert speakers where residents will be able to sign the petition and hear evidence against the badger cull... The public meeting, at 7pm on Friday, August 20 at Stroud's Sub Rooms, will include talks by Dr Chris Cheeseman and Pauline Kidner, who are experts in badger research. Supporters of the Labour Animal Welfare Society will be in Stroud High Street every Saturday morning until the meeting so that people can sign the petition... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.8.10 Help for animals - On behalf of Animal Aid, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Bradford for their generosity in donating/helping to raise £107.10 to our street collection on July 31 in Bradford city centre... Lesley Hall, Idle, Bradford (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.8.10 Wrong to eat animals - I would like to reply to Paul Greenwood... Meat-eaters are generally angry with people who don’t eat meat. That anger is from deep in their hearts... Mrs M Imeson, Deanwood Crescent, Sandy Lane, Bradford (letter)


Lancashire Telegraph 10.8.10 Crackdown on illegal hunters in Pendle By Peter Magill - A CRACKDOWN has been launched on illegal hunters who ‘torture and torment’ rabbits on farmland. Police said trespassers have been plaguing land around Colne and Barrowford leading to complaints from landowners... farmers’ leaders have expressed concern about ‘cruel’ practices being used on the rabbit population... John Collinson, of Carry Bridge Farm, Colne, said he had experienced problems with illegal ‘rabbiting’. He said: “It is just annoying. People usually come around at the dead of night and you cannot do anything about it.” (story)

Wrexham Leader 10.8.10 Wrexham badger dig man loses his appeal - A MAN found guilty of attempting to kill badgers on a farm has been ordered to pay £5,000 towards the cost of his failed appeal. Paul Billington, 34 of Rossett and Gerard Monk, 28, of Wheelton in Lancashire, were both convicted of attempting to kill a badger, digging for badgers, three charges of interfering with a badger’s sett and hunting a wild mammal with dogs on May 11, 2008... Sitting at Shrewsbury Crown Court the Recorder Ben Nicholls, accompanied by two justices, dismissed an appeal against conviction. He said they were satisfied the evidence of James Ashley, chairman of the Shropshire Badger Group, could be relied on and said they did not accept Billington’s evidence... (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 9.8.10 A life with the hunting dogs at 'The Kennels' - WENDY Girdham, of Laceby, writes: “My late husband’s uncle, Ron Harvey, was huntsman to one of the Lord Yarboroughs. “He lived in a huge house in Brocklesby village called ‘The Kennels’... (story)

Burton Mail 9.8.10 Animal cruelty laws are inconsistent - REGARDING the letter ‘When is cruelty to animals not cruelty’ (Mailbox, August 3). I hate all this selective cruelty... Why can’t people just leave other creatures be? They have as much right to live as we do. Rebecca Calenaghan, by email (story)


Sunday Telegraph 8.8.10 Hoax video made by hunt saboteur backfires in spectacular fashion, resulting in death threats from animal rights campaigners - Toby Young - It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Former hunt saboteur Chris Atkins was so angry about the media coverage of the fox attack on the nine-month-old twins in Hackney he decided to make a hoax videodepicting a group of urban fox hunters beating a fox to death in an alleyway with baseball bats... But if the targets of Atkins’ satire were supposed to be over-zealous reporters, the stunt backfired spectacularly. Within hours of the video being posted on YouTube and Facebook, Atkins and his collaborator, Johnny Howorth, started receiving death threats... Had Atkins and Howorth set out to send-up the animal rights movement rather than fox hunters they could not have been more successful. The League Against Cruel Sports immediately launched a campaign against urban fox hunting and the RSPCA announced it was “investigating” the incident. One self-appointed “protector” of wild animals even offered a £1,000 reward for anyone who could identify the “monsters” in the video, an offer that was promptly matched by the Fox Project, an animal sanctuary in Kent... (story)
BBC News Online 8.8.10 Urban fox killing video in London was a hoax - A video posted on the internet showing a fox being clubbed to death in a London park was a hoax, it has emerged (story)
Guardian 6.8.10 Urban fox hunt video was hoax aimed at the media, say film-makers - Chris Atkins and Johnny Howorth, the team behind Starsuckers, say film was satirical swipe at press coverage of fox attacks - Paul Lewis - It was the internet video that sparked a media outcry: grainy footage that seemed to show four masked men drugging a fox and later beating it to death with cricket bats in a London park that was posted on YouTube and Facebook earlier this week. But the Guardian can reveal that the new sport of "urban fox hunting" was an elaborate hoax. The film-makers, Chris Atkins and Johnny Howorth, said no real foxes were harmed in the film... Amid a growing furore, the animal welfare group League Against Cruel Sports launched a campaign against urban foxhunting, while the RSPCA said it was investigating the footage... In fact, the dead animal shown in the footage was played by a stuffed fox, the film-makers told the Guardian, while shots of what looked like a live fox were images of a pet dog, Monty, with a bushy tail taped to its hind.... Atkins, 34, and Howorth, 27, both from east London, said they meant no harm by the stunt. Both said they were staunchly against fox-hunting. Atkins said he attended hunt saboteur events in his teens, and hoped public revulsion over the notion of urban fox-baiting would discourage the coalition government from repealing the hunting ban... (story)
ThisIsKent 6.8.10 'Let's nail these fox killers now' - A VERMIN expert from Tonbridge has stumped up a £1,000 reward to catch an East London gang who beat a fox to death with a cricket bat. John Bryant, who specialises in humane ways of dealing with urban wildlife problems, said he wanted to expose the "masked Hackney idiots" who then posted a video of their sick stunt on the internet.... And that view was clearly echoed by The Fox Project, which has doubled the reward on offer with £1,000 of its own... (story)
Evening Standard 6.8.10 Urban hunting is a small test of the Big Society - Sebastian Shakespeare - Until this week I never really understood what Dave Cameron's Big Society was all about... Now I have had a sudden revelation. Those urban fox killers are a perfect (or imperfect) example of Cameron's Big Society in action... It is a moot point whether they themselves are crazy but there is no denying they are performing a public service. It is about time we learned to be big enough not to have small feelings about foxes. They are pests. And as we now know they have changed their habits and started attacking children... (story)
Guardian 4.8.10 London gang beat fox to death in film posted on YouTube - Caroline Davies - A group calling itself Urban Foxhunters has been condemned by animal rights campaigners after posting a video on the internet purporting to show a fox being clubbed to death with a cricket bat in an east London park. The gang, which describes itself as "a collective from Victoria Park who hate foxes", claimed it was performing a "public service".... The League Against Cruel Sports said: "If the video is genuine, we are shocked but not particularly surprised that some people have reacted in this way to the hysterical media coverage on the extremely rare fox attack... (story)
Mirror 4.8.10 Cricket bat fox killers 'aid public' - A gang which beat a fox to death with a cricket bat and posted a video online yesterday tried to justify the cruelty as a "public service". One member, blogging as Lone Horseman, wrote: "We will not be intimidated by the crazies. We are performing a public service... John Bryant, of Tonbridge, Kent, who specialises in humane ways of dealing with urban wildlife problems, said he would offer £1,000 to expose the "masked idiots".... (story)


Telegraph 7.8.10 RSPCA: End this cruelty to animal owners - The animal charity is spending too much time prosecuting innocent animal owners, believes Christopher Booker - This week’s story, again passed on to me by SHG (the Self-Help Group set up to advise victims of RSPCA persecution), concerns Michael O’Neill, an Anglesey horse breeder... As the case dragged on, threatening the closure of his business, Mr O’Neill became so stressed that his health deteriorated. At one hearing last year, he had a stroke in the courtroom. Last week, when the trial finally concluded, the magistrates acquitted Mr O’Neill of all charges, saying he could leave the court with “an untarnished reputation”... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 7.8.10 Wild rabbits that roam school fields to be culled – animal-lovers 'outraged' - They have become a common sight, bouncing around the grounds of two East Riding schools. But wild rabbits in Bridlington are set to be culled, sparking outrage from animal lovers.... Bridlington RSPCA volunteer Caroline Sheffield has hit out at the "unnecessary" extermination of the animals... (story)

Leicester Mercury 7.8.10 Animal suffering - The revelation that milk and beef from cloned animals has entered the food chain has prompted much discussion and consternation.... Cloning is cruel with a huge potential for causing pain, distress and suffering at all stages of the process and results in severe health and welfare problems for animal... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Independent 7.8.10 Killjoys attack the corrida - Steve Edwards' letter (3 August) in which he accuses the followers of bullfighting of sadism, cowardice and bloodlust, is evidence of a classic puritan killjoy mentality... Colum Gallivan, London SW17
But what about the death bit? - Ray Leary writes in defence of bullfighting... He notes that the Spanish "also deal with death through flamenco and art". Er, yes. But it strikes me that neither of these methods involves the unnecessary torture and death of any of the participants. Keith O'Neill, Shrewsbury (letters)
Independent 5.8.10 The Spanish way of death - It was good to read Robert Elms's article on the Spanish corrida (31 July)... While the British buy plastic-wrapped cuts of meat and curse the barbarity of "bullfighting", the Spanish also deal with death through flamenco and art. Hopefully Robert's article might start a debate about differing responses to and expressions of death and encourage a deeper look at the reasons for the Catalans banning the fiesta nacional. Ray Leary, Ilford, Essex
Sorry to be both boring and beastly in one sentence, but Steve Edwards' wording "vicarious bloodlust of people... applies, mutatis mutandis, to any spectator sport whatsoever. Tom Aitken, Richmond, Surrey (letters)
Independent 3.8.10 Bullfighting is a sadistic habit - Robert Elms (Comment, 31 July) admits bullfighting is cruel and still defends it. In other words, he cares nothing for the pain and suffering of the animal... Steve Edwards, Haywards Heath, West Sussex (letter)
Independent 31.7.10 Robert Elms: End bullfighting and you give in to the neutering forces of accepted taste - Our squeamishness means that we prefer death which is mechanical and invisible, while the Spanish understand that it is part of a cycle - I saw my first ever corrida – it's not really a bullfight, anybody foolhardy enough to fight a bull would be a goner within minutes – in the arena in Barcelona back in 1983 and was immediately smitten. I lived there for 18 months and took my seat in the ring every Sunday, the start of a life-long love affair with the bulls... The real reason for Catalunya to ban the killing of bulls in its one functioning ring is much more to do with the sometimes petty politics of Catalan separatism than it is to do with animal welfare. There's a deep and intensifying hatred of all things "Spanish" in the region, where speaking the Spanish language is now frowned upon and even the all-conquering national football team is regularly jeered. Banning bulls is just one more way of sticking two metaphorical fingers up at Madrid. Of course there are genuine anti-taurine activists whose convictions are real and valid. About a hundred of them protested outside the plaza on that final day last year, but then again 19,000 fans of the corrida were inside... to my mind the life of an Iberian fighting bull, a thoroughbred animal which lives to a minimum age of four, roaming wild, feasting on Spain's finest pasture, never even seeing a man on foot, is far superior to that of the many thousands of British bulls whose far shorter lives are spent entirely in factory conditions and killed in grim abattoirs so that we can eat beefburgers... (story)

York Press 7.8.10 Sick and cruel treatment of River Ouse seal - I WRITE in regard to the Ouse Seal story. I was horrified to read of such a cruel and sickening act... LS Bailey, William Jacques Drive, Cliffe (letter)


ThisIsDevon 6.8.10 Hunting ban on agenda at the Honiton Show - Leaders of the Westcountry's hunting fraternity called for a repeal of the controversial hunting ban at Honiton Show yesterday. The region's largest one-day agricultural show saw a record-breaking 53 packs of hounds take part, seven more than last year. "We certainly hope that, given the change in government, we will soon be seeing a renewed look at the legislation surrounding hunting," said Robin Gundry, vice-chairman of the hound classes.... (story)

Guardian 6.8.10 Readers recommend songs about hunting: The results - From rednecks to red jackets, from poachers to heartbreakers, we run down songs celebrating - and berating - the thrill of the hunt - Paul MacInnes - Try as I might, I am struggling to find something that unites the English aristocracy and the American redneck quite so clearly as hunting.... So it is, therefore, that of the American songs selected, none are straight-up, dead-eye hymns to hunting. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee's Fox Hunt comes closest perhaps, recreating the sound of the hunt in a series of jolly whoops and whistles backed by lolloping guitar, but it's essentially without lyrics... Ronnie Lane's The Poacher has its woodwind elements, but also draws on a more recent English bucolic tradition, that of the Kinks, as Lane extols the joy of catching fish "with eyes of jewels/ and mirrors on their bodies". Such a mood is directly countered by the Style Council's Blood Sports, which drains hunting of any romance (and the song of almost all melody) as Paul Weller asks "Who gets a hard-on with blood on their hands/ Who strips the wonder of life?"... (story)
Guardian 6.8.10 Readers recommend: songs about old age - Last week was all about the thrill of the hunt.... Tally ho! Straight to the B-list we go: Alasdair Roberts – I Went Hunting... Show of Hands – Longdog Here's a straight-up, honest-to-goodness hunter and he's not afraid to admit it. This sounds like it's from the States, but it's actually performed by an English folk group... (story)
Guardian 30.7.10 Readers recommend: hunting songs - Last week was all about bicycles. Now get back on the saddle, it's time to thin out their numbers ... Attention please. Attention please. Welcome to another edition of Readers Recommend, the feature in which journalists and music lovers combine to select songs that conform to a particular topic. This week we will be hunting down 20 songs on the subject of, er, hunting. Last one out plays the fox.... I'm interested in songs about actual hunting (fox, rabbit, lion, whale). But I'm also interested in manhunts and the pursuit of hidden objects (like the Red October). Basically, I'm encouraging lateral thinking, but there are provisos: the more lateral the suggestion the more incumbent it is on the nominator to justify why it's a hunt and not just, say an inquiry; both hunter and quarry must feature in the song.... (story)

Farmers Guardian 6.8.10 Grouse shooting brings 'huge' economic benefit - THE annual cost of managing grouse moors in England and Wales is now in excess of £52.2 million, according to new figures from a survey undertaken for the Moorland Association to mark its 25th anniversary... (story)

Hexham Courant 6.8.10 Animal lovers - JULY has been a good month for animal lovers everywhere. The Catalan Parliament banned bullfighting... So before we go into the annual August 12, bloodbath where £1.6 billion is spent (subsidies, etc) to produce £1 million’s worth of food, mostly cat and dog food, let’s leave the running of the countryside to the people who really understand it. We ignorant ‘townies’ can’t grasp that if any other industry was run on these lines the country would be in a sorry state. ALAN WRIGHT, Stocksfield (letter)

Henley Standard 6.8.10 Humane research - I wish to thank everyone who supported our collection for the Humane Research Trust in Henley town centre on Saturday, July 10... Cyndy Bunton, Bracknell (letter on website for only a week)

Dundee Courier 6.8.10 Victory against cruel barbarism - Successive governments have placed animal rights groups in the same category as terrorists. It is now heartening to learn that Catalonia is banning this vile spectacle, which is billed as entertainment, when, in reality, it is one of the most blatant examples of mankind's cruelty to animals... Bob Beveridge. Old Town House, Falkland. (letter)

The Sentinel 6.8.10 We're real veggies - REAL VEGGIES: My partner and I, who are both real vegetarians, often check Alan Cookman's review of restaurants in the 'gO Food & Drink' section of The Sentinel... Anyone who eats fish is not a vegetarian, just someone who doesn't eat meat. It is amazing how many people claim to be vegetarian but enjoy chicken or fish. Real vegetarians do not eat any animal of any sort, including fish, nor anything containing animal derivatives. GERRY LESTER, Oulton (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 6.8.10 Noah's Ark Zoo Farm boss is defiant over elephant plan - ANIMAL welfare experts have criticised plans to introduce up to 10 elephants at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Leading groups including the RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, Captive Animal Protection Society and Animal Defenders International (ADI) all say they have grave concerns about the proposed elephant enclosure planned for the zoo in Wraxall... (story)


Western Gazette 5.8.10 Is it all change for chief of anti-hunting campaigners? - ANTI-HUNTING campaigners will be feeling in a state of flux after one of their prominent spokesmen appeared to cast doubt that the sport was cruel to wild animals... Western Gazette readers may not be aware the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, Douglas Batchelor, questioned the need for a proposal put forward by Lord Donoughue to make it an offence to be cruel to wild animals.... By undermining the whole basis of the argument that hunting is cruel, it appears to have driven a coach and horses through many of the campaigns fronted by LACS and its sister organisation, the International Fund for Animal Welfare... When I covered this issue as farming correspondent for this newspaper, I can confirm that animal welfare was at the forefront of this debate but on an equal basis was the notion it was about the upper class looking down on their minions... Having taken the trouble to go and visit a beagle pack, The Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles, to find out what they did, they followed a trail of ferret's urine put down by the huntsman earlier in the day and most of the participants seemed to have accents like the Wurzels, not Boris Johnson.... The Countryside Alliance says that Mr Batchelor has accepted that it is impossible to support the argument that hunting is cruel. They also claim that Mr Batchelor might be on the verge of a "Damascene conversion" and join two of his predecessors, James Barrington and Richard Course, in concluding that banning the sport would be detrimental to animal welfare.... (story)

Droitwich Spa Advertiser 5.8.10 Hunt chairman took his own life - A DROITWICH businessman and popular huntsman took his own life after falling into debt and keeping it secret from his wife and family, an inquest was told. Michael Skuse, of The Commons, Broughton Green, was found dead at a farm near Worcester on May 28.... Speaking after the hearing Mrs Skuse described her husband, a father-of-three, as a “brilliant husband and a brilliant father”... (story)
Worcester News 3.6.10 Tributes paid to popular huntsman By James Savage - TRIBUTES have been paid to a popular huntsman who was found dead last week. Michael Skuse, who was chairman of the Worcestershire Hunt, was found at Groveley Coppice, Upper Doddenham Farm in Broadwas, near Worcester, on Friday morning... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.8.10 Generous support for animal charity - THIS letter is to say thank you to the kind people of Exmouth who gave so generously on July 31 in aid of Compassion in World Farming... Barbara Blaxland, Brixington Drive, Exmouth (letter)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.8.10 Birds of prey still targets for deliberate poisonings - Birds of prey continue to be deliberately and illegally poisoned, according to research published yesterday... The highest number of incidents occurred in Tayside, according to the report called Pesticide Poisoning of Animals in 2009. Published by government agency Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), it revealed that a total of 159 suspected poisoning incidents were investigated.... (story)

Scotsman 4.8.10 The Deer Hunters By Nick Drainey - HIGH in the Monadhliath mountains above Strathspey, stalker Bruce Hendry sits by the carcass of a Royal stag... The Deer Commission for Scotland, the main regulatory body which advises the Scottish Government, says the total number of deer in the country has remained at around 900,000... Despite a tradition of hostility between the commission and landowners, they now have a similar outlook. Mr Hendry, head stalker on the Glenshero Estate, near Laggan, in Inverness-shire, says you can't treat every part of the country in the same way:... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 4.8.10 Let's end this awful suffering - ELAINE JACKLIN Welbeck Road Long Eaton (letter)
Derby Telegraph 30.7.10 Experiments on animals can't end soon enough - I HAVE supported "humane research" charities for many years. I feel that animal experiments should be replaced by other methods as soon as possible... Elaine Jacklin, Welbeck Road, Long Eaton (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 4.8.10 BOSS DEFENDS ELEPHANT ROLE AS CIRCUS ARRIVES IN CARLISLE By Linzi Watson - Big top, clowns, jaw dropping stunts. Roll up, roll up – the circus is definitely in town. Bobby Roberts Super Circus has landed in Carlisle with shows starting today from Lough Farm, Brisco just outside Carlisle... But the visit hasn’t avoided controversy with one animal rights group speaking out against the use of Anne the elephant. The troupe have been quick to defend Anne’s role as a “big kid” and much-loved pet who doesn’t perform anymore but travels around with the circus family... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 3.8.10 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS WANT CARLISLE RESIDENTS TO BOYCOTT CIRCUS By Chris Story - Animal rights campaigners have urged people to boycott a circus when it visits Carlisle from tomorrow. Activists continue to criticise the Bobby Roberts Super Circus for its use of Anne, who they have described as an elderly, arthritic elephant... Craig Redmond, CAPS’ campaigns director, said: “We would encourage people to avoid all animal circuses... (story)

Blackpool Gazette 4.8.10 Circus speaks out in animals row - A CIRCUS has hit back after Fylde coast families were urged to boycott its show because it features live animals. Circus Mondao, which is performing in Thornton until August 30, says it rejects claims by animal charity the Captive Animals Protection Society, any of the creatures starring in its showsuffer in any way.... (story)


Leicester Mercury 3.8.10 Hunt debated - In Mailbox July 22, Robin Johnson wrote that he would like to see the hunting ban repealed ... Does he think it is a magnificent sight to see those same dogs tearing a fox to bits which those riders in fancy dress look on with pleasure and blood lust ... G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 28.7.10 Don't let hunting ban be repealed - I had to respond to the letter from Robin Johnson... If dealt with statistically, there are at least 80% to 90% who disagree with this repellant activity, this I think could reasonably be described as the vast majority. My own experience within the anti-hunt over 30 years has provided such figures on a regular basis.... Whether people wish to dress up in whatever colour and ride horses is up to them. The tortuous killing of an animal for entertainment is the element of such activity that has been banned.... Christine Harris, Loughborough (letter)
Leicester Mercury 28.7.10 Unacceptable - Robin Johnson (Mailbox, July 22) suggests I should not refer to the participants of fox hunting as being looked upon with disgust. Well yes I should Mr Johnson and yes I do... Sheri Newby, Wigston. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.7.10 Putting the case for fox hunting - Contrary to the assertions of Ms Sheri Newby (Mailbox, July 19) that repealing the Hunting Act would be a backward step, there is no doubt that the current ban on hunting with hounds is harmful to wildlife welfare... Michael Clayton, Morcott. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.7.10 Act represents will of the people - What a coincidence that Sheri Newby's letter against hunting and repealing the Act ("This would be a backward step", Mailbox, July 19) was published on the same day as it was reported that two employees of a hunt face prosecution for "alleged offences". I agree with Sheri that this archaic, barbaric "sport" should remain in the past... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.7.10 A great sight - Ms Sheri Newby (Mailbox, July 19) should not make blanket statements such as "the participants (of fox hunting) are looked upon with disgust". A percentage of the population may agree with her, but an equal percentage, including myself, wish to see the ban repealed... Robin Johnson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.7.10 This would be a backward step - It is extremely disappointing that our politicians are campaigning, yet again, to repeal the Hunting Act to make fox hunting, stag hunting and hare hunting legal again... Ms Sheri Newby, Wigston. (letter)

Irish Examiner 3.8.10 Follow Catalonia and ban shameful blood sport - John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sport Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Times 30.7.10 Bullfighting ban and hare coursing - The Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS), welcomes the historic decision by the parliament of Spain’s Catalonian region to ban bullfighting... While welcoming the Catalonian ban, however, we in Ireland have no cause to point the finger at Spain for as long as we permit the barbarity of live hare coursing... JOHN FITZGERALD, Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports, Lwr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

BBC News Online 3.8.10 Borders gamekeepers cleared of dog fight charges - Two Borders gamekeepers have been cleared of causing animal fights by placing a dog in a badger sett which had a fox in it. A sheriff ruled David Harris, 30, and 42-year-old Graham McLaughlan had no case to answer. The case followed a raid by Scottish SPCA investigators at the Marchmont Estate near Duns, in December 2008. Mr Harris, of Duns, and Mr McLaughlan, of Marchmont estate, still face charges of disturbing a badger sett... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 3.8.10 Stop racing cruelty - The weekend of July 24 and 25 was Greyhound Remembrance Weekend when events were held across the UK in memory of the many greyhounds that have suffered... Members of Bradford Animal Rights Group attended a Remembrance event at Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester, on Saturday evening... Steven McLean, Spokesperson, Bradford Animal Rights Group, Prune Park Lane, Allerton, Bradford (letter)


Telegraph 2.8.10 Surprise ally unearthed for anti-blood sports campaigners - Campaigners against fox hunting have found an unlikely ally: Winston Churchill. By Andy Bloxham - Documents found in the National Archives show that the former Tory prime minister supported attempts to stop British troops fox hunting in occupied Germany after the Second World War.... (story)
Observer/Guardian 1.8.10 Churchill reined in army enthusiasm for fox hunts in the Rhine - Post-war PM brushed off officer plea against revival of Nazi ban on bloodsport, saying Saxony's inhabitants must have first call - Owen Bowcott - The war was a memory and Britain's officer class were keen to return to recreational normality in occupied West Germany – by chasing foxes across the countryside they had battled to free from the Nazis. But it was Winston Churchill, once again Tory prime minister, who spoiled their equestrian pursuits. According to documents uncovered in the National Archives, Churchill, during a dispute between senior army officers and the early 1950s UK government, expressed his absolute opposition to "sports which annoy the inhabitants".... Churchill was not known as an animal rights campaigner. One family photo from shortly before the war is of his wife, Clementine, cuddling a pet fox bred on their estate; but a 1948 portrait shows him riding with the Old Surrey and Burstow foxhounds... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.8.10 Protect all wildlife from willful cruelty - JOHN Phelps' recent letter, Hunting Act does not Ban Hunting, July 18, might have surprised some readers. However, he does have a point.When the law came into force I wrote to Defra complaining that it would be impossible for me to prevent my dogs flushing deer out even if I wanted to. This of course applies to many dog walkers. They replied that the law did not restrict dogs hunting. The only restriction was on me hunting with the dogs. It turns out that hunting being an 'intentional activity' all I have to control when out with my dogs is my thoughts.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.7.10 Hunting Act does not ban hunting - THE Hunting Act 2004 bans wild mammals being hunted with dogs for sport, but it does not ban hunting. Colin Richey, and many other people, fails to understand or ignore this very important point... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.7.10 Tories' hunt pledge should be honoured - PERSONALLY I have no axe to grind in the ongoing hunting with dogs furore between those who want the Hunting Act of 2004 repealed and those who are fervently against a repeal, but I do think that if a promise was made during the General Election hustings by the Conservatives that Members of Parliament would have a free vote on this contentious issue then it should be honoured... Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 2.8.10 Fresh cruelty worry - M Wheller, Kingswood (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.7.10 We shouldn't repeal the Hunting Act - ARE readers aware that there is a major campaign running to repeal the Hunting Act and make hare hunting and coursing, stag hunting and fox hunting legal again?... On the subject of abuse, I would ask readers to please spare a moment to think of the poor grey squirrel who was cruelly done to death by a human who found his existence inconvenient... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 23.7.10 Hunting Act repeal bid - ARE readers aware that there is a major campaign running to repeal the Hunting Act, which would see a return to the horrendous barbarity of the past by making hare hunting and coursing, stag hunting and fox hunting legal again? This multi-million pound campaign is supported by a number of senior politicians and the Government is allowing the House of Commons time to debate the issue once again... I support the League Against Cruel Sports and their campaign to keep the Hunting Act... John Lee, Netherton (letter)
Plymouth Herald 19.7.10 Keep hunt ban - ARE readers aware that there is a major campaign running to repeal the Hunting Act, and make hare hunting and coursing, stag hunting and fox hunting legal again?... I support the League Against Cruel Sports and its campaign to keep the Hunting Act.... CHRIS DEACON, Plymouth (letter)

Telegraph 2.8.10 Fox prime suspect in mystery of judge’s chewed shoe - A former judge is on the tail of an intruder who sneaked into his home in the dead of night to eat his shoes – an urban fox. By Paul Stokes - Dudley Thomas was “flabbergasted” when he awoke to discover a favourite brown leather loafer with its back chewed out. He believes all the evidence points to an audacious raid by an urban fox and is warning neighbours to be on their guard... (story)

South Wales Echo 2.8.10 Thousands of animals tested in Cardiff's labs by Peter Law, South Wales Echo - The revelation that Cardiff University carries out experiments on tens of thousands of animals every year will “horrify” members of the public, a Wales MEP has said.... MEP Jill Evans, vice-president of Plaid, said she was “disappointed” the number of animal experiments had increased 13% since 2006...The university was criticised yesterday by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). Special projects director Sarah Kite highlighted the use of 19 kittens, aged two to six months, in one experiment at Cardiff last year to research brain function and vision... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 2.8.10 Students raise cash to help ease plight of Asiatic bears - SENSITIVE students were so appalled to learn about the horrific conditions on Chinese bear farms, they held their own special fundraiser. The youngsters (pictured) — from many of South Devon's colleges — were educated about the plight of Asiatic black bears during a special seminar. Animals Asia representative Shirley Alexon was invited to talk with the pupils as part of a specialised course at South Devon College... (story)

York Press 2.8.10 Not so brave? - THE cowards who shot and killed the seal in the River Ouse near York, and the coward who stabbed a horse in a field off Tannery Lane, plus the gangs who are netting foxes so they can use them in vicious fights with pit bull terriers – they should all be sent to Afghanistan.... D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)

Hampstead & Highgate Express 2.8.10 Crouch End and Belsize shoppers go nutty for squirrel meat - CROUCH End and Belsize branches of Budgens supermarket were "inundated" by shoppers anxious to try squirrel meat this weekend. The Budgens stores gained worldwide media attention last week after an animal rights organisation objected to the Crouch End branch of the shop selling the unusual meat. But owner Andrew Thornton says the publicity has inadvertently had the opposite effect, with local shoppers going nuts for the product.... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 30.7.10 Fury over squirrel drowning - HERE we go again...more cruelty to animals. I am writing regarding the man who was recently fined by the RSPCA after he had captured and then drowned a grey squirrel... And for all the people who say they are vermin and are endangering red squirrels, what gives us the right to decide that we can kill them? They are sentient beings who have as much right to live on this planet as we do. People should feel honoured if wild animals visit their garden, they can bring hours of pleasure just by watching their antics. T BILLHAM, Armley (letter)


Independent on Sunday 1.8.10 Gun owners face tougher checks By Brian Brady, Whitehall Editor - Police will have to visit every gun owner to assess their mental state before renewing licences, under tougher new rules to be introduced in the wake of Derrick Bird's killing spree in Cumbria. Ministers have ordered a swift tightening of existing regulations controlling the possession of fire arms as "the minimum requirement", following the review of legislation sparked by Bird's massacre of 12 people two months ago... (story)