August 2011

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Belfast Telegraph 31.8.11 Hare coursing ban is the right way forward - I WISH to respond to the letter 'Ban on coursing will threaten hares' survival' (Write Back, August 30)… The hare coursing ban is a progressive piece of animal welfare legislation and reflects the sentiment of the people of Northern Ireland, of which 75% support a permanent ban. MARY FRIEL, League Against Cruel Sports, Belfast (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 30.8.11 Ban on coursing will threaten hares' survival - The Northern Ireland Assembly has amended the law to ban hare-coursing… - just like the ban on hunting foxes introduced by messrs Blair and Co. Nothing has changed. One could drive a horse and cart through the legality of this new law. The crux of this appears to rest with the word 'event'. Now, if Joe Bloggs decided to go hare-coursing on his own, then he is not breaking the law. That being the case, this useless law will only endanger the hare more, rather than protect it…. We need more hare-coursing events - not a ban on them. Once that is done, the survival of the hare will be guaranteed. HARRY STEPHENSON, Kircubbin, Co Down (letter)

Argus 31.8.11 Brighton residents fear foxes are killing pets By Emily Walker, Chief Reporter - Residents fear foxes have been entering their homes and killing pets. People living in the Preston Park area of Brighton said they experienced nightly visits from fearless foxes that fight in the street and raid dustbins… (story)

Farmers Weekly 31.8.11 Badger cull interview sparks NFU complaint - Isabel Davies - The NFU has written a formal letter of complaint to DEFRA following a radio appearance by a Natural England official to talk about the government’s badger culling proposals. NFU President Peter Kendall has written to DEFRA secretary Caroline Spelman to raise concerns aboutcomments made by Andrew Wood, Natural England’s executive director for science, on the BBC Farming Today programme…. During the interview he said that the method of culling being proposed by DEFRA was not evidence-based and he also raised questions about the size of culling areas… (story)


Melton Times 30.8.11 A story of hounds, hunting and the ban - The Belvoir by Michael Clayton - WHATEVER your views on hunting it has helped shape the Melton we know today so this week Times Past features an important new book, The Belvoir by Michael Clayton… The author, who lives in Morcott, Rutland, is a highly-respected journalist and writer of more than 20 books on hunting and equestrianism who has ridden with The Belvoir many times… (story)

West Sussex Gazette 30.8.11 Glorious equestrian display at Goodwood House - SINCE the current Summer Exhibition of The Horse at Goodwood House opened, visitors have enjoyed items on display showing why this glorious estate is known world wide for its equine activities and facilities spanning centuries. On Tuesday August 30, as part of the exhibition, Caroline Wilkins of Walberton will be putting on a side saddle display. She will be riding Mango, a handsome chestnut gelding kindly loaned to her for the occasion by Mrs Angela Church. Mango and Caroline are no strangers to the Goodwood countryside, having spent good days hunting with the Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt. Appropriately, earlier this year the hounds meeting in front of the Kennels at Goodwood…. (story)

Western Mail 30.8.11 Fox-hunting row erupts as Welsh MP calls for a vote - A senior Conservative politician has re-ignited the controversy over the fox hunting ban by demanding a Parliamentary vote on the issue. The newly-elected leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said voters would expect the party to keep its promises… (story)
Shropshire Star 24.8.11 Glyn Davies MP backs free vote on hunting ban - Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies has backed a call by the Welsh Conservatives assembly leader for the Commons to hold a free vote on overturning the hunting ban…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 23.8.11 Return of hunt talks - WELSH Conservatives Andrew RT Davies has called on Westminster to deliver a free vote on overturning the fox hunting ban… (story)
Western Mail 22.8.11 Tory AMs’ leader in call for vote to end fox hunting ban by David Williamson - WELSH Conservative Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies has called on the UK Government to deliver its promise to hold a free vote on scrapping the hunting ban… Former Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart, Conservative MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said the UK Government had signalled it was still committed to holding a free vote. However, he acknowledged that the timing for such a vote was difficult and MPs did not want the issue to “reopen old wounds”…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.8.11 Welsh Tory leader urges MPs' vote on fox hunting ban By James Williams - The leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the assembly has called on his Westminster colleagues to deliver their promise to hold a free vote on overturning the fox hunting ban. Andrew RT Davies said he expected the UK government to honour its coalition agreement pledge… (story)

Oxford Mail 30.8.11 Call it The Gruesome 12th - DAN Reynolds of the British Association for Shooting presents a weak argument in justifying the Glorious 12th Grouse shoot… I prefer to see the beautiful red grouse living freely in our countryside or on the side of whisky bottles. It’s long overdue that this horrific senseless slaughter joins fox hunting in being permanently confined to the history books. ANDREW COLES, Farmington Drive, Witney (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 30.8.11 Hooks can cause great suffering - RE LETTER (August 19) ‘Dog with Fish Hook’. How I agree. Little do those fishing realise the suffering that they can cause in discarding their fishing hooks, to wildlife also… M CONNELL, Dorchester Road, Upton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.8.11 Concerns over foxes seen in trees - A GROUP of foxes are causing concern in part of St Leonard's. There have been sightings of foxes sleeping up a tree in Abbeyville Close prompting fears they might be breeding. Pet owners in the road are growing concerned and have called on Exeter City Council to take action. One resident said: "A friend of mine saw the fox chase her cat. This was early in the morning and the cat rushed indoors when the fox came to the window… (story)


AboutMyArea 29.8.11 Charity Hound Exercise For Farmers Bloodhounds - Brian Temple - The Farmers Bloodhounds (based at Paulerspury) are to hold a charity hound excercise on 31st August…. All proceeds are to be donated to the Air Ambulance - a charity supported by the Bloodhounds, the Rugby club and also the Young Farmers… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 29.8.11 Campaigners: We'll battle beagle plans - ANTI-ANIMAL cruelty campaigners collected 500 signatures in two hours as they continued the fight against a beagle farm in the East Riding…. Deborah Minns, 44, lives close to the planned breeding farm. She said: "It was packed with people supporting us… (story)
BBC News Online 27.8.11 Protest over Yorkshire beagle breeding expansion plans - A protest is being held against plans to extend an East Yorkshire beagle breeding facility to provide dogs for animal experiments. B&K Universal was refused planning permission in June to redvelop its facilities in Grimstone and has now appealed to the planning inspectorate…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.8.11 Protesters fight plans for ‘beagle factory’ - DemONSTRATORS will gather in Beverley this weekend in protest at a renewed bid to build a “beagle factory” in East Yorkshire. US-based Marshall Farms was refused planning permission by the East Riding Council in June to double the size of a facility used previously for breeding beagles in Grimston, but the firm has now appealed the decision… Demonstrators will be gathering signatures outside County Hall at 1pm on Saturday, ahead of the September 5 deadline for objections to be lodged with the Planning Inspectorate…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 29.8.11 'Medical advancements can be made without use of animals' - ACCORDING to the non-animal research charity, Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, more human-relevant medical advancements can and should be made without the use of animals…. (story)

Cambridge News 29.8.11 Animal rights protesters gather at labs - Animal rights activists demonstrated outside Harlan Laboratories with posters of dead dogs. Brandishing placards with "puppy killers" written on them, a dozen protesters from the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) gathered outside the animal research centre in Wyton on Saturday for three hours… (story)
BBC News Online 27.8.11 Wyton animal rights protest at Harlan breeding site - An animal rights protest which was the subject of a High Court case is being held outside a laboratory near Huntingdon. Two groups objecting to Harlan Laboratories' breeding of animals for medical research have held protests at its four UK sites since April… Protests by the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) had been held at Wyton and at Harlan in Leicestershire, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire… (story)

Independent 29.8.11 Zoo to breed chimpanzees despite cruelty warning By Charlie Cooper and Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - A Scottish zoo is planning to start a new breeding programme for chimpanzees, in the wake of recent research suggesting that captivity drives chimps mad. The plan for new chimpanzee breeding at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling follows findings from the University of Kent showing that serious behavioural abnormalities – "some of which could be compared to mental illness in humans" – are endemic among captive chimpanzees…. Will Travers, CEO of the Born Free Foundation, said there were difficulties with keeping all primates in zoos…. (story)
Independent 29.8.11 Leading article: Are zoos justified? One of the advantages of the science of animal behaviour, which was founded 60 years ago by Niko Tinbergen and Konrad Lorenz, is that it has let us understand something of the essence of wild creatures… Yet it is clear that despite the obvious value of zoos for education and the captive breeding of endangered species, there is a growing questioning of the virtue of keeping some creatures in captivity at all, not least the primates, our closest relatives in the animal world. (story)


Wales on Sunday 28.8.11 Businessman offers reward to bring on-the-run cow to Wales by Sam Malone, Wales On Sunday - A WELSH Hindu businessman has offered a £10,000 reward for the safe delivery of Germany’s most famous fugitive – a “freedom-fighting” dairy cow called Yvonne… Cardiff-based businessman Kosh Patel is offering his own huge reward to bring the cow to South Wales so she can live a peaceful life as a mascot for a new social enterprise he wants to set up. Mr Patel, 53, said he hopes to start up a venture which would promote the benefits of vegetarianism across South, West and Mid-Wales through the creation of a catering school and a chain of restaurants…. (story)


Horse & Hound 27.8.11 Radio 4's The Reunion discusses the 1990s movement for hunting - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Sparks may fly when BBC Radio 4 bringshunting supporters and antis for its Sunday morning programme, The Reunion on 4 September…. Sparks may fly when BBC Radio 4 bringshunting supporters and antis for its Sunday morning programme, The Reunion on 4 September…. (story)

Melton Times 27.8.11 Dog walkers invited to join castle stroll - DOG walkers are being invited to join a three-mile sponsored stroll, through private grounds at Belvoir Castle, and help raise funds for two air ambulances…. Sponsorship will be split between the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance, the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and event organisers the Belvoir Hunt Supporters’ Club… (story)

Horse & Hound 27.8.11 Farewell to South Wold hunt supporter Joli King - Lifelong rider and keen South Wold follower Joli King died on Saturday, 13 August, aged 54, following head injuries sustained from a fall out hacking…. (story)

Worcester News 27.8.11 Orphans of tragedy By Richard Vernalls - THESE are the children left orphaned by the unexplained death of a Worcestershire couple while on holiday in Morocco. Roger and Mathilde Lamb, of Pensham, near Pershore, were in Essaouira in Morocco with their sons when they died in separate falls… Mr Lamb was a keen fell runner and horseman and had ridden with the Croome & West Warwickshire hunt. Allison Haynes, hunt chairman, said “they were a lovely family”…. (story)

Kent News 27.8.11 Charity says badgers not to blame for bovine TB By Steve Knight, chief county reporter - A conservation charity says poor farming practices rather than badgers are to blame for the spread of TB in cattle. The Canterbury-based Wildwood Trust is one of a growing number of organisations against Government plans to kill badgers through so-called “controlled shooting”, which opponents claim is not supported by sound science…. (story)
Canterbury Times 26.8.11 Badgers 'scapegoated' over bovine TB - A CHARITY boss has launched a campaign to block bids to shoot badgers. Peter Smith, chief executive of Wildwood Trust, based at Herne Common, was prompted to act after a Government decision to allow landowners to kill the animals to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis…. (story)

Express 27.8.11 CHECK EVERY NUROFEN PACKET, CHEMISTS TOLD - CHEMISTS have been told to check all packs of Nurofen Plus after packets were found to contain potentially dangerous anti-psychotic drugs…. There have been suggestions that animal rights activists may have tampered with the Nurofen Plus boxes in a bid to damage its makers Reckitt Benckiser. The firm confirmed some products were tested on animals but not Nurofen Plus. Angie Wiles, of Virgo Health, which represents Nurofen Plus, said: “We are not ruling it out but we are considering other options as well. I think it is unlikely.”… (story)
Daily Mail 26.8.11 Pharmacists ordered to open EVERY pack of Nurofen Plus to look for anti-psychotic drugs after sabotaged packs found in Boots By Louise Boyle, Jenny Hope and Colin Fernandez - Pharmacists have been told to check every pack of Nurofen Plus to look for anti-psychotic drugs after sabotaged packs were found in Boots stores across London. The move comes after a safety alert was issued yesterday when packets of the popular painkiller were found to contain Seroquel XL… Reckitt Benckiser, which admitted today that it didn't know where the drugs had been swapped, may have been targeted because it tests some products on animals, although not Nurofen Plus… (story)
Evening Standard 26.8.11 Sabotage check on every packet of Nurofen Plus - Mark Prigg, Science and Technology Editor - Pharmacists have been ordered to open every pack of Nurofen Plus before sale amid fears dangerous anti-psychotic drugs may have been deliberately placed in thousands of packets acrossLondon…. But Aomesh Bhatt, medical director for Nurofen Plus, denied suggestions that the drug company had been the victim of animal rights activists…. (story)
Sky News 26.8.11 Anti-Psychotics In Nurofen Pack Mix-Up - Anti-psychotic drugs have mistakenly been put into thousands of packets of the painkiller Nurofen Plus - The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a safety warning following reports that some boxes may contain Seroquel XL 50mg… Reckitt Benckiser, manufacturer of Nurofen Plus, issued a statement saying "serious investigations" are under way to establish how the mix-up occurred, especially as Seroquel XL is manufactured by another drug firm, AstraZeneca. It denied a report published in newspaper The Daily Mail suggesting that animal rights activists may have carried out a sabotage operation… (story)
PR Week 26.8.11 Virgo Health Working To Dispel Nurofen Plus Sabotage - Matt Cartmell - Virgo Health is working to dispel the growing rumours that the Nurofen Plus packets found to have contained anti-psychotic drugs were sabotaged by animal rights activists. The healthcare agency is handling crisis comms for Reckitt Benckiser around the revelations that thousands of packets of the over-the-counter painkiller may have been filled with an anti-psychotic drug called Seroquel… A spokeswoman for Virgo Health, said the agency is ‘not happy’ with the Daily Mail’s line and denies the company uses animal testing… (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 26.8.11 Contradiction over views on shooting - THE issue of badgers and TB seems to be an intractable one…. I was interested to note that The League Against Cruel Sports is campaigning against Government proposals to shoot "free-running badgers" on the grounds that shooting carries a high risk of wounding and that animals shot at dusk will not be able to be followed up… The League has a point and it might want to refer to research done by the All Parliamentary Middle Way Group that showed high wounding rates in shot foxes. However, during the Hunting Debate this evidence was dismissed, with their welfare advisor Professor Stephen Harris stating: "There simply aren't any wounded foxes from shooting in the countryside as far as I'm concerned."…. They then campaign against flushing out birds and shooting them. Why is it humane to shoot foxes and deer in circumstances with a high degree of wounding and inhumane to shoot badgers and birds?... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Sheffield Star 26.8.11 A disaster for animal welfare - I return from holiday to hear that Jim Paice, the Minister for Hunting and Animal Welfare, won’t prosecute some slaughterhouse thugs who tormented pigs because the filming was done without permission… I recall that Mr Paice… rejected Labour’s promise to ban battery cages in which 40 million pheasants and partidges are bred for shooting… wants the Hunting Act repealed. I wonder if people realise what a disaster the coalition has been for animal welfare. Mike Maas, S6 (letter)

Northern Echo 26.8.11 Deer culls - ANIMAL rights activist John Gill is entitled to his views about shooting and deer control (HAS, Aug 23) but members of the public should not be misled by his subjective observations. Most wildlife experts, including conservation bodies like Natural England, acknowledge the need to cull deer… A Mitchell, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 23.8.11 Open season - JOHN HARKER writes of filling his freezer with tasty game (HAS, Aug 17). As well as game birds, beautiful species such as deer and hare are exploited by gun people for sport. These animals also die in snares and are killed by some people with dogs for entertainment… John Gill, Castleside (letter)

Evesham Journal 26.8.11 Thousands expected for Angling Festival this weekend By Daniel Fawbert Mills - THOUSANDS of angling fans and fishing enthusiasts from across the country are expected to descend on Evesham this weekend for the Angling Festival…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 26.8.11 Unfair to animals - Although pigeons are regarded by some people as vermin, S Simons sets a dangerous precedent by congratulating a member of the public for shooting them and condoning such an action… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


North Devon Journal 25.8.11 Fundraising rural ride for the hunt - TETCOTT Hunt is hosting a fun ride across 12 miles of woodland and pastureland. The fundraising event at Sudcott between Week St Mary and the A39 Atlantic Highway will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 25.8.11 Annual Country Fair - The Picton Castle Country Fair. Sat 3rd September & Sun 4th September 2011 … join in this celebration of the Countryside, with Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Air Rifle Range, Vintage Tractors, Hawks, Wood Carver, Craft stalls, games and lots of have-a-go Country Pursuits… On Saturday we have Dog Agility & South Pembrokeshire Hunt. On Sunday we have our Dog Show & Dyfed Carriage Club… (story)

Scottish Farmer 25.8.11 Broadband budget is ‘pitiful’ - Gordon Davidson - RURAL SCOTLAND must not be left behind in the push to make high-speed internet connections available to everyone in the UK – but the money currently allocated for the job is not enough. Commenting on the Westminster government’s announcement of £362m to spread broadband into rural areas, the Scottish Countryside Alliance agreed that it was undoubtedly a huge sum, but added that, when spread across the whole of the UK, it would look “rather stretched”…. (story)
Computer Active 22.8.11 Funding for rural broadband - Jessie Donnelly - The Government has allocated nearly £363m for rural areas in England and Scotland to improve their broadband connections, but the Scottish government says more should have been given… The Countryside Alliance praised the overall initiative, but said it doubted the £530m of funds would be enough to push the UK to the top of the broadband table. (story)
Bury Free Press 19.8.11 Suffolk’s better broadband bid gets £11m of Government cash - SUFFOLK’S bid for better broadband has received more than £11 million from the Government…. The Government wants the UK to have Europe’s best broadband network by 2015, but the Countryside Alliance still wonders if Whitehall is doing enough… (story)
Oxford Mail 17.8.11 Cash to boost broadband speeds - THE GOVERNMENT has announced a £3.86m investment to improve broadband speeds in rural Oxfordshire… The Countryside Alliance said the new cash would provide a “massive boost” to the rural economy… (story)
Yorkshire Post 17.8.11 Extra cash fails to guarantee fast broadband for rural areas - A multi-million pound package has been unveiled to help as many as 700,000 homes in rural Yorkshire get connected to superfast broadband to stop them being left behind in a digital revolution…. Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance welcomed the money as a “massive boost to the rural economy”… (story)
Financial Times 17.8.11 Funds to help bridge UK digital divide By Tim Bradshaw - Local authorities in England and Scotland have been allocated £363m to help provide super-fast broadband as part of the government’s drive to bridge the UK’s digital divide between town and countryside…. The Countryside Alliance, a pressure group, welcomed the news but said the UK still lagged other European countries’ efforts to shrink the digital divide… (story)
Western Daily Press 17.8.11 £61m fund to build faster rural internet - More than £61 million will be spent on bringing internet broadband to more than 1.2 million West homes and businesses that would otherwise miss out… The Countryside Alliance welcomed the investment, but warned the Government’s ambition for rural online infrastructure was still lagging behind some European nations… (story)
Western Morning News 17.8.11 100,000 properties miss out, despite £30m super-fast broadband boost - Around 100,000 Westcountry homes and businesses could be left with “super-slow” internet, despite the Government’s £530 million broadband investment… Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, welcomed the investment. But she pointed out other European countries have just 1 per cent of homes outside the reach of broadband coverage…. (story)
Nottingham Post 17.8.11 Faster internet on way to rural Notts in £4m drive - HOMES and businesses in parts of Notts will benefit from improved broadband access… The Countryside Alliance welcomed the investment into rural parts of Notts, but has warned some homes and businesses could still be left out… (story)
BBC News Online 16.8.11 Rural broadband funding ready for England and Scotland - Rural areas in England and Scotland have been allocated nearly £363m to improve their broadband connections… The Countryside Alliance welcomed the investment but doubted whether it would be enough to propel the UK to the top of the broadband league tables…. (story)
Telegraph 16.8.11 Rural broadband: Devon, Somerset, Yorkshire and Cumbria top winners in state funding allocations - Government allocates more than £363 million to spread broadband across rural Britain, with Yorkshire and Cumbria each getting more than £17 million and Devon getting over £30 million By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor - Broadband in rural areas received a significant boost today as the Government announced its first funding to provide services in those parts of the country that are least likely to be attractive to commercial operators…. Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, said the investment “should provide a massive boost to the rural economy”, but she warned that, while the Government has pledged 90 per cent of the population will have access to superfast broadband by 2015, other European countries have already exceeded that figure… (story)
Mid Sussex Times 16.8.11 Faster Broadband for rural Sussex - RESIDENTS in rural parts of Sussex can look forward to faster Broadband connections thanks to a Government allocation of more than £17million… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy for the Countryside Alliance said: “We welcome this investment in superfast Broadband, which should provide a massive boost to the rural economy… (story)
Bury Free Press 16.8.11 Suffolk gets £11 million from Government to boost its broadband access - SUFFOLK’S bid for better broadband has received the full £11 million grant it wanted from the Government…. But the Countryside Alliance still wonders if the Government is doing enough… (story) 16.8.11 £363m broadband fund for England and Scotland - People suffering from poor broadband speeds have been told by the government to pressure their local politicians into accessing hundreds of millions of pounds available for broadband development… Sarah Lee of the Countryside Alliance warned Hunt's announcements would "only" ensure 90 per cent of homes and businesses gained access to superfast speeds by the end of this parliament in 2015… (story)

South Devon Herald Express 25.8.11 Cull could see South Devon dairy and beef products boycotted - I READ with dismay your article (HE, August 18) which reported a call from South Devon farmers to host to a badger cull. Like me, a majority of the UK public are firmly and morally opposed to badgers being killed in any attempt to curb the spread of bovine TB and farmers need to realise that, as consumers, we make ethical as well as price decisions about purchasing our food. A local cull could see South Devon dairy and beef products boycotted on a UK-wide basis… Amanda Hunter, Torquay (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 25.8.11 Protest calls for farm closure - PROTESTERS brought their call for the closure of a Lincolnshire rabbit farm to Market Rasen last week. The group of protesters originally camped outside Highgate Farm in Normanby by Spital last Monday but were moved on by police… Campaigner Jon White said: “Ours was a peaceful protest…. (story)

Wells Journal 25.8.11 Thank you for Animal Aid help - Animal Aid would like to thank the people and tourists of Glastonbury for their generosity in raising £90 at a street collection held on Saturday, August 13… Maggie Toner-Baker Animal Aid Collection Coordinator Mullins Close Wells (letter)


Ryedale Gazette & Herald 24.8.11 Where’s the magic in killing curlews? RE David Crummack’s letter ‘Country ways handed down through centuries’, August 3. His point isn’t instantly obvious, but I will assume that he is saying, “will everyone leave us alone to kill whatever it is we enjoy killing”… Leave the likes of Mr Crummack to run the countryside – there isn’t a hope in hell of that happening I’m pleased to say. Tommy Woodward, Pickering (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 24.8.11 Sarah Newlove, from Yedingham, to sledge across the Arctic - A RYEDALE woman is taking on the challenge of sledging 200 miles across frozen lakes in the Arctic. Sarah Newlove, who lives in Yedingham, is travelling to Norway next March to complete the six-day expedition in aid of the Countryside Alliance Foundation… (story)

Western Morning News 24.8.11 Complex cull rules cause major concerns - Controversy – and how – surrounds the highly complex plans for a trial cull of badgers in TB hotspot areas, currently up for consultation. Both the NFU and the NBA say everyone should shut up and make the thing work, as it's the best and only deal on the table. Given the make-up of the Coalition Government, and the caucus of new, young, feely-touchy, urbanite Tory MPs, they may well be right. But the fact remains I continue to receive letters and e-mails from people in farming who are deeply unhappy about the situation… (story)
Western Morning News 24.8.11 Commonsense needed in fight against Btb - It will not surprise anyone to know that there have been very few times when I have agreed with Anthony Gibson during the course of my involvement with the NFU – or even since, for that matter. Yet I am prepared to offer him my unqualified congratulations for the stance he has taken on the matter of the proposed badger cull…. By Derek Mead. (story)

Western Morning News 24.8.11 New survey reveals public support for badger cull plan - The majority of people back a controversial badger cull to clamp down on bovine TB which is plaguing farms across the South West, according to the findings of new survey… (story)
Western Morning News 24.8.11 Ignorance is not the way - The latest survey polling public support for the cull of diseased badgers is a further endorsement of the plan, although there should be no surprise because it was an NFU-commissioned survey… The survey figures should come as a boost to Government and industry plans for a badger cull in England, in the face of intensive campaigning against the policy… (story)
Farmers Guardian 22.8.11 Badger cull has public support, claims survey By Alistair Driver - THE majority of the general public support badger culling as a policy to control bovine TB (bTB), according to an NFU-commissioned survey. The survey appears to contradict the findings of a BBC survey, published earlier this year, showing that around two-thirds of the public were opposed to a badger cull. The NFU commissioned independent marketing agency, England Marketing, to carry out an online survey between May 15 and 24…. (story)

Selby Times 24.8.11 Sett to save Selby badgers! - WILDLIFE enthusiasts in and around Selby have been asked to contact Selby Badger Watch if they know whether there are any setts near proposed Olympia Park development at Barlby BOCM-Silcock site. Ann Coates, from the group, said it had been contacted by AECOM in Leeds, currently undertaking ecological surveys for the proposed development at the 150-acre scheme… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.8.11 Thank you for your generous donations - AMIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Exeter for their generosity in raising £74.53 at a street collection on Saturday, August 6… France Wicks, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator, Alphington Road, St Thomas (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 23.8.11 Country pursuits given perfect parkland venue - THERE was plenty of horsing around as the Cotswold Hunt and Farmers Show got under way. Riders, spectators and stall holders descended on the Kennels at Andoversford for the event now in its sixth year… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.8.11 Event is 'Royal Ascot' of rural shows - HORSE riders and spectators were in their element at an event described as "the Royal Ascot of country shows". Organisers estimated that 1,600 people were at yesterday's Cotswold Hunt and Farmers Show… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 19.8.11 A day for horse and hound - SUNDAY, ANDOVERSFORD: Serious riders will be mixing with families on a day out at this year's Cotswold Hunt and Farmers Show… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 15.8.11 Police at show with advice for horse owners - HORSE owners are advised to gallop along to an equestrian event for crime prevention advice. The Cotswolds Hunt and Farms Show at Andoversford on Sunday will have police community support officer Mel Oliveira on hand. She will answer any questions and offer crime reduction tips… (story)

Yorkshire Post 23.8.11 Glorious day for those who like killing animals - From: Margaret Harrison, Crew, Cheshire - In RESPONSE to the article “Glorious time of year in Yorkshire “ (Yorkshire Post, August 12), make no mistake this is only a glorious time for a few. It is only a glorious time for those who enjoy a sport that requires killing… (letter)

Hastings Observer 23.8.11 Stephen Lloyd MP backs anti-badger cull petition - A PETITION against culling badgers to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis among cattle has been signed by Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd…. (story)

Worcester News 23.8.11 All this mess is not the fault of seagulls - Re Councillor [Alan] Amos’s letter on seagulls… Can he not understand that the problem of mess is not the fault of the seagulls, not even the fast food outlets. It is entirely the fault of the people who throw the food onto the ground in the first place…. Helen Smart, Worcester (letter)


Ulster Star 22.8.11 Unique breast cancer charity plans to hold Lisburn retreat next year - CASTING for Recovery UK & Ireland, the unique outdoor programme specifically designed for women who have, or have had, breast cancer, is coming back to Lisburn next year…. The Lisburn Retreat will take place on 27-29 April over two-and-a-half days and all accommodation, meals, counselling and professional instruction are provided at no cost to participants. Trained medical staff and fly fishing instructors are on hand at all times, the Countryside Alliance Ireland is a major financial backer and all fishing tackle and appropriate clothing is provided by Orvis UK… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 22.8.11 Not all badgers’ fault - SO Desmond Swayne MP thinks it’s a good idea to cull badgers to control Bovine TB (BTB) (Daily Echo, August 8)? There is no doubt that some badgers do have BTB, but to blame them for spreading it countrywide is unproven… Isn’t it strange that a farmer can always shed a tear when the cameras are on them as one of his cows are sent for slaughter after testing positive for BTB, but there is no mention of all the other animals he sends for slaughter for profit or other business-related reasons…. D C MUNDAY, Hythe (story)

Isle of Man Courier/Independent/Examiner 22.8.11 Ban live animal exports call - CAMPAIGNERS are calling for an end to animals being exported live for slaughter from the island. Farmer’s daughter and campaigner Alison Corlett said: ‘Exporting farmers complain killing charges are too high in the Isle of Man, but slaughter rates are set at an average of UK slaughter prices…. Ray Craine, president of the Manx National Farmers’ Union, said: ‘Our long-term policy is to see all Manx cattle killed and processed locally. ‘However, present price restrictions mean that local prices cannot compete with the big UK processors.’… (story)
Manx Radio 19.8.11 CIWF urges farmers to back abbatoir - An animal welfare group in the United Kingdom is calling on farmers in the Isle of Man to support the local meat plant. Compassion in World Farming campaigns for an end to what it terms 'factory farming'… (story)
Energy News 16.8.11 Campaigners want live animal exports banned - An online petition is calling for a ban on exporting live animals from the Island for slaughter. Campaigners Janet Lees believes it's inhumane… (story)
BBC News Online 15.8.11 Isle of Man live animal exports 'inhumane' - Live animal exports from the Isle of Man is "inhumane" and should be banned, say campaigners. The online campaign, set up by a Manx group and backed by Friends of the Earth, has got about 1,000 signatures…. campaigner Alison Corlett said: "The export of live animals for slaughter is inhumane… (story)
Isle of Man Courier/Independent/Examiner 10.8.11 Live export of animals is shameful state of affairs - I AM writing in response to Alison Corlett’s letter (Examiner, July 26) about the inhumane practice of live animal export. I would like to add my voice to the call for details to be made public of how many animals have been, and are, currently being exported for slaughter from the Isle of Man… JANET PILBEAM, Ramsey Road, Peel (letter)
Isle of Man Courier/Independent/Examiner 10.8.11 Intensive farming is inhumane - IT WAS refreshing to read Alison Corlett’s balanced letter of enquiry addressed to John Shimmin MHK, with regard to the export of live animals from the Isle of Man for slaughter in the UK or beyond (Examiner, July 26). It is indeed an inhumane practice and doubtless fuelled more by greed than perceived necessity… CHRIS BRIDGES, Address supplied (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 22.8.11 Gulls are not as bad as people make out - I THINK it's very sad the way some people keep complaining about the seagulls eating scraps off the top at Hempsted or waking people up with their screeching… Leave them alone and let them live their lives as we do – in peace. An animal lover, Ceinwen Smith, Tuffley (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 20.8.11 Misguided views of field sports far from the truth - Despite this week's coursing ban, the activity plays a key role in hare conservation, says Robert Fenton Barbaric is a word liberally tossed around in an ill-informed manner to describe hare coursing, which this week was the subject of a permanent ban by Environment Minister Alex Attwood…. As secretary of Ballymena Coursing Club, which has been in existence for more than 80 years, I can assure opponents that coursing is one of the most strictly regulated and licensed sports in Ireland… Studies carried out by Quercus, a research organisation based at Queen's University which provides Government and statutory bodies with advice on conservation, have shown that clubs have a crucial role to play in the welfare of the species…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.8.11 Permanent ban for hare coursing in Northern Ireland - A permanent ban on hare coursing is to come into into effect on Wednesday. The environment minister announced new legislation banning the practice from 17 August…. Critics have consistently argued against the cruelty of the sport and it has been illegal on a temporary basis for a number of years. But now the ban is permanent and makes it an offence to organise, participate or attend a hare coursing event. Environment Minister Alex Attwood was pleased to see the law formalised… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 17.8.11 Hare coursing ban becomes permanent - A permanent ban on hare coursing events has been introduced in Northern Ireland…. Environment Minister Alex Attwood said: "Hare coursing events should not take place in a modern, progressive, civilised society… (story)
InsideIreland 17.8.11 NI’s hare coursing ban becomes permanent By Christopher Weir - Northern Ireland has introduced a permanent ban on hare coursing events. The ban, which comes into effect today (Wednesday), makes it illegal to organise or attend a meeting, or to possess animals for that purpose… (story)
Corkman 17.8.11 Hare coursing ban becomes permanent - A permanent ban on hare coursing events has been introduced in Northern Ireland. It is an offence to organise or attend a meeting or possess the animals for that purpose… (story)
UTV 17.8.11 Ban on hare coursing in NI - The Environment Minister has banned hare coursing in Northern Ireland. Alex Attwood said it comes into effect on Wednesday, and will make it an offence to organise or participate in any form of the practice…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.8.11 Join us in standing up for the badger - THERE probably won't be any badgers in England soon. The Farming Minister, someone called Jim Paice, has announced that as few as five per cent of all badgers could survive in the areas where badgers are to be killed… Our elected government has chosen to make a real effort to eliminate a wonderful and iconic wild animal from our countryside… Please stand up for the badgers or there won't be any. Frances Wicks, St Thomas, Exeter (story)

Isle of Man Courier/Independent/Examiner 20.8.11 In defence of gulls - VERMIN! Dirty! Bullies! Aggressive! Noisy! And, thieves etc – apt descriptive terms for the human race perhaps? But no, this is how many perceive herring gulls or seagulls…. I will sign any partition for the cull of unenlightened humans. MICHAEL FENRIR, Address supplied (letter)


Bicester Advertiser 19.8.11 Tour the kennels at country fair in Stratton Audley - VISITORS can tour Bicester Hunt’s historic kennels and stables as part of the Stratton Audley Country Fair on Sunday… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 19.8.11 Clean up countryside - I NSTEAD of blaming animals for the spread of disease, the countryside is in need of a massive cleaning operation… Also, foxhunting is not a form of control while hunters spread disease. Wildlife should not suffer for the neglect of the countryside. Miss E Smith, Ashton (letter)

BBC News Online 19.8.11 Labour launch campaign against badger cull in England - Labour have launched a campaign against a proposed cull of badgers in England to curb tuberculosis in cattle. The government - backed by its senior scientific advisors - is in favour of a cull to stop badgers spreading the disease to cattle. But opponents say its preferred method - shooting - could actually make the problem worse and shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh wants a rethink…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 19.8.11 Labour opens website for opponents of badger cull - LABOUR today steps up its campaign against the coalition government’s decision to support a badger cull – by launching an online petition. It does so in the knowledge that most farmers are passionately in favour of a cull, because they see no other way of slowing down the spread of bovine tuberculosis… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 19.8.11 Labour leads badger cull opposition - Labour has launched a campaign to galvanise public opposition to Government plans for a badger cull in England as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle. Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh has written to more than 25,000 supporters in previous countryside and animal welfare campaigns, urging them to lobby their MPs on the issue, and Labour has also launched an online petition… (story)
Huffington Post 19.8.11 Badger Cull Opposition Campaign Mounted By Labour - PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Labour has launched a campaign to galvanise public opposition to Government plans for a badger cull in England as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle…. (story)
Huffington Post 19.8.11 Badger Cull: The Arguments For And Against - George Sandeman - The Labour Party's announcement that they want the government to review its decision to cull badgers suggests the animals' fate is about to become a political spat. It's an issue that's been bubbling under the surface for several months, but in Wales it's already proved highly divisive. George Sandeman Reports:… (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.8.11 Labour launches anti-badger cull campaign - Caroline Stocks - Labour has launched a campaign against government proposals to cull badgers in England as part of efforts to tackle bovine TB…. (story)
Guardian 19.8.11 People power could force rethink on badger cull plans - Public support must be mobilised – in the same way as the forest sell-off – to force the government to revisit the science - Mary Creagh … (story)
Farmers Guardian 19.8.11 Labour party launches campaign against badger cull - THE Labour Party has launched an online petition opposing Government plans for a badger cull in England…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.8.11 Labour launches campaign to stop anti-TB badger cull - Labour today launches a campaign to galvanise public opposition to Government plans for badger cull in England as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.8.11 Animal protesters claim success - EXETER Friends for Animals, who staged a city centre protest accusing leading medical charities of funding animal cruelty, said they were delighted with the response. Sharon Howe, one of the organisers, said: "We got nearly 100 postcards signed in total and had some interesting discussions with people… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.8.11 Animal campaign in day of action - EXETER Friends For Animals will be in Exeter High Street, by Bedford Square, today as part of a day of action organised by Animal Aid to highlight the involvement of medical research charities in vivisection, Local campaigner Martin Fox said: "While the target charities conduct a lot of valuable work, we want to persuade them to stop funding cruel and unreliable animal experiments… (story)

Thanet Times 19.8.11 Hundreds call for end to live exports - ENRAGED animal lovers marched through Ramsgate on Saturday to protest against live animal exports leaving the town's port. Around 400 people attended the demonstration calling for an end to the "brutal" practice of sending animals abroad for slaughter… (story)
Farmers Guardian 15.8.11 Hundreds march against live animal exports in Ramsgate By Alistair Driver - HUNDREDS of people marched through the streets of Ramsgate on Saturday in a protest against live exports… (story)
Farmers Weekly 15.8.11 Campaigners in live export protest - Caroline Stocks - Hundreds of campaigners have protested in Ramsgate over the town's port being used for live animal exports. More than 300 residents and animal rights activists gathered in the town on Saturday (13 August) to show their opposition to a trade they claim is "cruel and unnecessary… (story)
BBC News Online 13.8.11 Ramsgate protest over live animal exports - Campaigners have marched through a Kent town in protest at the export of live animals…. (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 12.8.11 Crowds to protest live animal exports - HUNDREDS of protesters against live animal exports leaving the Port of Ramsgate are expected to march through the town centre tomorrow (Saturday)… Thanet councillor and protest organiser Ian Driver believes the turn-out could be high… (story)
Kent News 11.8.11 Hundreds expected at animal export rally - Mathew Beech, Reporter - Hundreds of protesters are expected in Ramsgate as a rally against live animal exports is set to march through the town on Saturday (August 13). Hundreds of people are expected to turn up to a mass demonstration against live animal exports this weekend… (story)

Shields Gazette 19.8.11 Sharks belong in the sea - I COULD never in my wildest nightmares imagine the horror of seeing a loved one – or anyone for that matter – being attacked by a shark and killed. But I was slightly angered when I read that the shark which attacked a British tourist in the Seychelles is to be hunted down and killed… This shark is not a murderer…. Stu Holt, Whiteleas, South Shields. (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 19.8.11 Walk to save bears - O N September 4, there will once again be two walks in support of Animals Asia Foundation, working to end bear bile farming in China and Vietnam and to give freedom to hundreds of endangered bears… Lee Gibbins, Moon Bear Rescue (letter)


Scunthorpe Telegraph 18.8.11 Set for hunt in unknown year - Members of the Brocklesby Hunt are pictured just prior to a meeting held in Scawby Park – at the invitation of local landowner Colonel Roger Nelthorpe… The picture is dated February 9, but sadly the year was not recorded on the back of the black and white print. Nostalgia's estimate is the late 1970s (story)

Shepton Mallet Journal 18.8.11 Brimbles' puppy picked for prize - The Mendip Farmers' Hunt held their annual puppy show where young hounds are judged for shape, style and action – much the same way as any other livestock at shows around the country… (story)

North Devon Journal 18.8.11 Retired farmer who loved dancing - ALVERDISCOTT parish church was filled to overflowing for the funeral of David Isaac of Alscott Barton, Alverdiscott, writes Muriel Moore, Newton Tracey community correspondent. Mr Isaac died suddenly and unexpectedly on July 27 at the age of 78… David was Field Secretary of Torrington Farmers' Hunt for several years before becoming Master of the Stevenstone Foxhounds in 1979 – returning from a day's hunting a favourite meal was homemade stew with dumplings… (story)

Goole Courier 18.8.11 Animals will be terrorised - Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 15.8.11 Our hunts are within the law - JOE Duckworth, the new CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, has recently been sending out letters (Have Your Say, August 2), encouraging readers to report the activity of their local hunts…. Rachel Evans, Wales Countryside Alliance (letter)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 9.8.11 Hunt for the hunts- Joe Duckworth Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 9.8.11 Hunt obsession - JOE Duckworth, the new CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, recently sent a letter to the Examiner… Mr Duckworth believes that hunts are regularly breaking the law and 200 have been convicted. Well I hate to burst this particular bubble, but of the 181 convictions under the Act, only six of those relate to registered hunts. The rest have been for poaching which has absolutely nothing to do with the hunts…. Mr Duckworth and his small band of animal rights activists are doing little more than wasting police time with their pointless pursuit of law-abiding hunts. Simon Hamlyn Northern Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 3.8.11 Watching out for our wildlife - Joe Duckworth chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 2.8.11 Hunt for killers - Joe Duckworth Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Worcester News 2.8.11 Tell us when the hunts are taking place - Joe Duckworth, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 2.8.11 Enforcers out watching hunts - Joe Duckworth, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.8.11 Hunting the hunters - THE hunting season is fast approaching and over the coming months wild animals will be terrorised in the countryside to satisfy a small minority’s desire to chase and kill for sport.... Our professional observers will be out in force this season, monitoring the activities of hunts which are believed to be breaking the law... If you have information on your local hunts’ activities or meet cards we would urge you to pass this on to the League so we can assist the police in enforcing the law. Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 18.8.11 Hare coursing won't be missed - The Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports welcomes the permanent ban on live hare coursing in Northern Ireland…. The Northern Ireland ban should especially concentrate the minds of delegates at the forthcoming Sinn Fein ard fheis, to be held in Belfast next month. The party has been officially pro-hare coursing owing to a controversial motion passed at the 2010 ard fheis. We want it to reverse that position this year. JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)

Epping Forest Guardian 18.8.11 EPPING FOREST: Campaigners call for more affordable homes By Tom Porter - CAMPAIGNERS have emphasised the urgent need for more affordable housing in the area, after only a fraction who responded in a recent survey said it should be one of the district’s priorities… Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: “Having more affordable housing is incredibly important if we want our rural communities to survive… (story)

South Devon Herald Express 18.8.11 Call for badger cull to be trialled in South Devon - FARMERS in South Devon are putting pressure on the Government for the area to host a badger cull trial…. Bay MP Adrian Sanders has voiced his disappointment with that the Government is seeking to implement a cull… (story)

Meat Trades Journal 18.8.11 Animal rights campigners in pig plant protest - Midlands Pig Producers controversial plans to open up a new site in Derbyshire have been attacked by animal rights protesters… Derby Animal Rights supporters marched through the centre of Derby on 13 August in a protest against the development…. (story)
BBC News Online 15.8.11 Foston pig farm firm responds to animal cruelty claims - The company behind a proposed large-scale pig farm in Derbyshire has hit out at "misleading" claims surrounding its plans. A demonstration was held at the weekend by animal rights campaigners in Derby over the planned facility near Foston…. About 100 animal rights protesters marched through Derby on Saturday claiming the large-scale development would be cruel to pigs…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 15.8.11 Campaigners march against Foston pig-unit plan - Caroline Stocks - About 100 protestors marched through Derby to campaign against the proposed large-scale pig unit in Foston in Derbyshire…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 15.8.11 Pig farm protestors march through city - ANIMAL rights campaigners marched through Derby city centre protesting at plans for a giant pig farm. About 100 campaigners gathered in the Market Place on Saturday for the rally, between noon and 4pm… (story)
BBC News Online 13.8.11 Foston pig farm protesters stage rally in Derby - About 100 campaigners gathered in Derby to protest about a planned large scale pig farm in Derbyshire…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 10.8.11 Animal rights campaigners expecting hundreds to march against pig farm - ANIMAL rights campaigners say they expect hundreds of people to join a march through Derby against plans for a giant pig farm. Midland Pig Producers has applied to Derbyshire County Council for permission to build the farm… Now Derby Animal Rights has organised a protest march in Derby city centre this Saturday. Victoria Martindale, spokeswoman for the group, said: "We've advertised the march to about 50 animal rights groups nationwide… (story)
Farmers Weekly 8.8.11 Campaigners to march against pig farm plans - Caroline Stocks - Hundreds of campaigners are expected to attend a march in protest of Midland Pig Producers' proposed 'mega-farm' in Foston in Derbyshire. Protestors are set to march through Derby city centre on Saturday (13 August) to show their concerns about the proposed 2,500-sow unit, which they claim will devastate traditional farming practices.... Animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming said 13,000 people had signed letters objecting to the pig farm proposal... (story)

BBC News Online 18.8.11 SNP MP Angus MacNeil joins guga hunters on outward trip - An MP has said a traditional annual harvest of young gannet criticised by an animal welfare charity has "legendary status". Angus MacNeil will join 10 men from Ness on the Western Isles on the outward voyage to the small island of Sula Sgeir for this year's hunt… (story)
Scotsman 18.8.11 MP takes part in cull of gannet chicks By John Ross - AN ISLAND MP is taking part in an annual cull of young seabirds - a move that has infuriated animal welfare groups who want the tradition banned. Angus MacNeil, who represents the Western Isles, was due to travel last night to the island of Sulasgeir with ten men from Ness in Lewis for the traditional harvest of gugas, or young gannets… (story)
BBC News Online 15.8.11 Western Isles guga hunt leader hits back at SSPCA - The leader of an annual hunt for young seabirds on the Western Isles has hit back at an animal welfare charity's criticism of it… Hunt leader John MacFarlane said grouse shooting caused birds greater suffering but the SSPCA was not calling for shoots to be banned…. (story)
Scotsman 9.8.11 Call to scrap 'cruel' island tradition of annual gannet cull By John Ross - The traditional harvesting of young seabirds in the Western Isles could be scrapped following protests by animal rights campaigners… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 9.8.11 Bird hunt licence to be reviewed By Nichola Rutherford - A LICENCE to hunt young seabirds on a Hebridean island is to be reviewed by Scottish Natural Heritage…. (story)
Stornoway Gazette 8.8.11 Charity call for guga hunt ban - The Scottish SPCA has renewed its call for the annual guga hunt on the island of Sula Sgeir to be banned. Scotland’s animal welfare charity has also written to the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), requesting that plans not to monitor the hunt are reviewed if licences continue to be issued... (story)
BBC News Online 8.8.11 SNH to assess Western Isles gannet harvest licence - Permission for the harvesting of young seabirds will be reviewed as part of a wider assessment of a government agency's licensing functions. Thousands of gannet chicks are taken from the island of Sula Sgeir, north of Lewis, to be eaten as a delicacy. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) said the traditional guga hunt in its current form was sustainable.... Animal welfare charity the Scottish SPCA has renewed its call for it to be banned... (story)

Somerset Guardian 18.8.11 Did organisers consider danger of camping? - I am appalled and saddened at the death of a promising young man killed by a polar bear… I do so wish that people would keep right away from wild animals of any sort and give them the freedom and security that is their God-given right, and stop causing them anxiety and fear, as any wild animal will react instinctively to any dangers, which is sadly what happened in Norway, resulting in the shocking death of a young man and the destruction of a magnificent beast…. DAWN N ROBINSON Mill Lane Lower Writhlington (letter)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 18.8.11 Meat Is Murder wristbands for good cause - A REDDITCH woman is trying to raise as much cash as possible to help Hillfields Animal Sanctuary in Bromsgrove. Shari Black Velvet, editor of Black Velvet rock magazine based in Webheath, has designed a number of Meat Is Murder wristbands… (story)


Hertfordshire Mercury 17.8.11 Country way of life celebrated at Brent Pelham By Ciaran Gold - THE country way of life will be celebrated this Sunday (Aug 21) at Brent Pelham’s annual country fair… Alan Herbert, chairman of the organising committee, said: "We are delighted this year to have linked up with the Hertfordshire Heavy Horse Association to recognise these breeds which played such an important role in agriculture in the past. "It is part of the ongoing plans to expand the main ring events which will also include a parade of vintage tractors as well as parades by the Puckeridge Foxhounds, the Eastern Countries Minkhounds and the Trinity Foot & South Herts Beagles."… (story)

Irish Times 17.8.11 Licence to net hares for coursing heralds 'season of cruelty' - SEÁN Mac CONNELL - THE ISSUING of a licence to allow the capture of hares for coursing has been described as “a huge disappointment” by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports. It said the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan, by issuing the licence to the Irish Coursing Club to capture hares from the wild, heralded “a new season of coursing cruelty”…. (story)
RTE 12.8.11 Anti-hunting body criticises coursing licence -Updated: 18:17, Friday, 12 August 2011 An anti-blood sports body has criticised the Government for allowing the coursing clubs to capture hares from the wild. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has criticised the Government for allowing the coursing clubs to capture hares from the wild… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 17.8.11 SHOULD WE BAN GROUSE SHOOTING? - The heather is in full bloom and the grouse which hatched in late spring are fully fledged. So it’s time to start killing them again. At least, that is the attitude of the shooting fraternity… On the face of it, shooting birds may not seem very environmentally friendly, and to many people killing any animals for fun is wrong. But supporters argue that there are definite environmental benefits to their sport… Dr Pat Thompson, senior uplands policy officer with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, accepts that there are definite benefits to the work but argues that there are definite drawbacks too… Phil Pugh is northern director of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, and a keen shooter himself. He accepts Dr Thompson’s point that birds of prey have not flourished on the moorlands, but stresses: “We are totally opposed to the persecution of birds of prey, and all shooters are governed by a code of conduct…. Animal Aid is opposed to the killing of any animal for sport. And Fiona Pereira of the organisation points out that grouse shooting is an activity that only the very wealthy can take part in…. (story)

Littlehampton Gazette 17.8.11 Rustington and Littlehampton fox problems could be resolved - FOX problems in Rustington and Littlehampton could be a thing of the past after a wildlife group put forward suggestions on how to deal with the issue. West Sussex Wildlife Protection is advising affected residents that there are more humane methods of dealing with foxes. The group’s founder, Simon Wild, pointed out that efforts made to cull foxes by calling in extermination services was “futile” and “ultimately seeded with failure”…. (story)
Littlehampton Gazette 4.8.11 VOTE: Sharp rise in foxes across Littlehampton and Rustington - PEOPLE living in Littlehampton and Rustington have been forced to turn their homes into fortresses to protect themselves from a “plague” of foxes. Across the area people have been shocked by the steep and sudden rise in foxes patrolling their streets at night… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 17.8.11 Farmers should look to own animals to find TB - I WRITE following the article "Vaccine verdict to mean badger cull" (Gloucestershire Echo, August 10). In the late 1970s I had to take lambs for analysis to the Ministry of Agriculture… To my horror the tables were full of dissected badgers… This was a huge cull of a lovely, clean and harmless animal. It did no good, TB is in cattle not badgers… J Smith, Cheltenham (letter)

Brentwood Gazette 17.8.11 Pig defenders protest outside 'cruel' abattoir - ANIMAL rights activists staged a protest outside a slaughterhouse at the centre of allegations of pig cruelty. Up to 40 campaigners gathered outside Elmkirk Ltd, in Warley… Animal Aid did not organise Wednesday's demonstration, but many of those present shared its concerns about alleged cruelty at slaughterhouses across the country. The protesters travelled from as far afield as the Midlands and Suffolk to voice their anger at Elmkirk, formerly known as Cheale Meats…. Protester Adam Smith, 21, told the Gazette that those who are cruel to pigs should be punished…. Fellow demonstrator Donna Adams, a 43-year-old care worker from Ipswich, said: "It should be the law that there is CCTV in slaughterhouses so that when abuse happens people can be prosecuted."… (story)
London 24 12.8.11 Protests against Brentwood abattoir “will continue” by Ian Weinfass - Animal rights protesters who gathered outside Cheale Meats abattoir in Warley on Wednesday will keep protesting against the centre until the authorities take action over alleged abuse. Organisers say that 30 people attended the five-and-a-half hour protest outside the abattoir in Little Warley Hall Lane. When the Recorder attended at the start there were seven people present… Marcia Hagon, protest organiser, said: “We did see workers coming in and out and also a lorry-load of pigs going to their deaths.”… (story)

West Sussex County Times 17.8.11 Animal Aid thanks - ANIMAL Aid and the collectors would like to thank everyone who gave to the collection on Saturday July 23…. JOYCE AUDRIC Cootes Avenue Horsham (letter)


Horse & Hound 16.8.11 Warwickshire hunt unveils new team chase course - Jane Carley - The Warwickshire hunt opens its new team chase course on Sunday 11 September and will present a trophy in memory of honorary hunt joint-secretary Jo Rugman…. (story)

Ledbury Reporter 16.8.11 Talented showjumper dies in crash - A TALENTED showjumper was killed when his quad bike collided with a car. Cedrik Laurent Ramos was riding a green Yamaha quad bike on the A417 towards Leominster when he was involved in a head-on collision… His partner Jan Howells and friend Rosie Clare have jointly released a statement. "Cedrik was a wonderful, kind and caring person who touched all who knew him…” Dawn Waterman MFH, of North Herefordshire Hunt, said: "Cedrik was a very gentle, polite man who was well liked by everybody who met him. "He supported the North Herefordshire Hunt and taught children at the North Herefordshire Pony Club…. (story)

Halifax Courier 16.8.11 We need a change in attitude to shooting - In response to the article ‘Glorious time of year in Yorkshire’ on Friday 12th August 2011. Make no mistake this is only a glorious time for a few. It is only a glorious time for those who enjoy a sport that requires killing. There are many people on this planet who hold each individual living thing as valuable and worthy of compassion. We find it very upsetting that birds are shot for pleasure…. Margaret Harrison, Cheshire (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 16.8.11 CORMORANTS BLAMED FOR DESTROYING LAKE DISTRICT FISH STOCKS By Victoria Brenan - Anglers fear an invasion of hungry birds are eating too many fish from the Lake District. Observations show a significant increase in the number of cormorants in Cumbria over the past three years. Their toxic droppings are also believed to be responsible for destroying the foliage on trees. To combat the growing numbers, the Angling Trust has launched Cormorant Watch, a website where people can record where the birds are found…. (story)
Westmorland Gazette 11.8.11 Cormorants 'invasion' sparks row By Scott Kirk - AN INFLUX of cormorants is destroying trees and eating fish from South Lakeland’s rivers and lakes, anglers claim ….. But a wildlife charity fears that cormorants are now being ‘demonised’…. Neil Harnott, senior conservation officer at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: “It is a beautiful bird and a graceful fisher that has had a place in human mythology for many years … (story)

Daily Mail 16.8.11 How they are making the fences safer at Aintree after deaths of two Grand National horses By James Tozer - Aintree yesterday announced changes to the Grand National course following the deaths of two horses at this year’s event. Race organisers say the shake-up will include reducing the treacherous drop at Becher’s Brook, the course’s most notorious fence…. Among bodies consulted were the RSPCA which last night gave a lukewarm response to the announcement. 'Raising the landing zone at Becher's Brook is undoubtedly a step forward,' said its equine consultant, David Muir. 'However, the RSPCA remains concerned about drop fences…” But animal rights group Animal Aid – which has branded the Grand National cruel and demanding its banning – said the changes missed the point… (story)
Guardian 15.8.11 Grand National fences to be made easier as Aintree responds to flak - Greg Wood - The drop on the landing side of Becher's Brook, the most famous fence on the Grand National course at Aintree, will be reduced before the track's Becher Chase meeting in December as part of the track's continuing effort to reduce the risks for horses and riders. The height of the fourth fence in the National will also be reduced by two inches, while there will be levelling work at the first obstacle, both to reduce the drop and to ensure that the landing surface is as flat as possible…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 16.8.11 TB trend must be understood - ANY reader who decided to check the figures I quoted last week on the number of cattle slaughtered in Devon under bovine TB control measures may have noticed that I had misread the 2010 figure on Defra's website… This means that the drop between 2008 and 2010 in the number of cattle slaughtered per year was even greater than I said… None of this means that TB is not a very serious problem, which it is, nor that badgers don't spread TB, which they do. But if we are going to have the calm, measured debate that MP Neil Parish called for in last week's Word from Westminster we need to be clear about the trends already in train before the badger cull commences… FRANCIS KIRKHAM Nymet Rowland Crediton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 2.8.11 Bovine TB cases already falling before cull begins - MP Neil Parish says Devon alone will lose nearly 2,000 cattle to TB this year... In fact, contrary to the impression usually given, the number of reactors slaughtered in Devon has declined over the past two years, from a peak in 2008 of 7,163, through 6,863 in 2009 to 6,781 in 2010.... Francis Kirkham Nymet Rowland, Crediton (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 16.8.11 Abuse of elephants - SHORTLY after the controversial release of Water for Elephants film, animal actors supplied by the American company Have Trunk will Travel are now featured in the new family comedy Zookeeper. A video released by Animal Defenders International (ADI) reveals horrific cruelty on the training of these animals… Compassionate people can take a stand against animal abuse by never attending films, circuses or other so-called entertainment with performing animals. Kathleen Stephenson Upper Cumberworth (letter)
Hunts Post 3.8.11 Call to boycott zoo comedy based on animal cruelty - SHORTLY after the controversial release of Water for Elephants, animal actors supplied by the American company Have Trunk Will Travel are now featured in the new family comedy Zookeeper. A video released by Animal Defenders International (ADI) reveals horrific cruelty in the training of these animals... Compassionate people can make a stand against animal abuse by not going to see this film. ANTONY ROLLS, West Street, Huntingdon (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 15.8.11 Countryman’s Day 2011 at Balls Cross - IT was a day for the countryman’s dog at Balls Cross, near Petworth, when the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt Supporters held their annual event which draws dog people from across the South… (story)

Western Morning News 15.8.11 Cameron's plan for vote on hunt ban is 'dead and buried' - Plans for a free vote on repealing the hunting ban have been declared “dead and buried” by a clutch of newly elected Conservative MPs. A group, representing mainly urban areas, say there will be no Commons vote on restoring fox hunting before the next election because of the public’s – and their own – antipathy to the pursuit. Tony Blumenau, joint master of the large Four Burrows Hunt, said he would be keeping a close eye on developments…. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.8.11 Women Tory MPs to block fox-hunt vote - A fox-hunting row has broken out between Conservative backbenchers over the support of several new female MPs for maintaining Labour’s hunt ban… (story)
Mail on Sunday 14.8.11 Fox hunting vote 'killed off' by new generation of young urban Tory women opposed to bloodsports By Brendan Carlin, Mail on Sunday Political Reporter - David Cameron’s pledge to hold a free vote on restoring fox-hunting was last night declared ‘dead and buried’ by a new breed of modernising Tory MPs. The so-called Blue Fox group of ambitious young urban Tories boasted that they had finally killed off any prospect of a Commons vote on reviving bloodsports before the next Election…. Caroline Dinenage, 39, MP for Gosport in Hampshire, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I don’t hold with the idea that just because it’s traditional we have to continue to do it… Conservative MP for Hove Mike Weatherley, a former music-industry executive, said… Fellow Tory MP Tracey Crouch, 36, who won her Chatham and Aylesford seat from Labour at the last Election, said… And Laura Sandys, another Tory who entered the Commons only last year as MP for South Thanet in Kent, said…. (story)
Telegraph 14.8.11 'Blue foxes' spark Tory spat over hunt ban - A fox-hunting row has broken out between Conservative backbenchers over the support of several new female MPs for maintaining Labour's hunt ban By James Kirkup, Political Correspondent - David Cameron has promised a free Commons vote on repealing the ban, but set no date for the vote. Many traditional Conservatives oppose the ban, but a group of party MPs first elected last year is fighting hard to keep it. The group, tagged “the blue foxes” includes several women elected as part of Mr Cameron's push to change his party's image…. (story)

Banbury Guardian 15.8.11 Charity event is a big success - MORE than £2,000 was raised for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and the Graton Hunt at a annual garden lunch and tennis tournament… (story)

Horse & Hound 15.8.11 Hunts donate £8,300 to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance - Charlotte White - Hunts have presented the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance with £8,300 inmemory of former whipper-in to the Minehead Harriers, Gary Bradley, who died on 26 January. The money was raised from a charity race at the Minehead Harriers and West Somerset Hunt point-to-point in May…. (story)
Horse & Hound 4.2.11 Minehead Harriers' whipper-in dies following accident - Gary Bradley, amateur whipper-in for the Minehead Harriers, has died following an accident out hunting. Mr Bradley, 55, was out on Saturday, 15 January when the accident happened. He died from his injuries on Wednesday, 26 January at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.... (story)

Horse & Hound 15.8.11 Hunting death was accidental, coroner rules - Charlotte White - The death of a solicitor who was crushed by his horse out hunting was an accident, a coroner has ruled. Tony Osborne, 66, was at a joint meet of the Cotley and Axe Vale on 2 March when his horse George slipped on a muddy track and fell on him… (story)
Horse & Hound 29.3.11 Cotley hunt follower's funeral is held - The funeral of a man injured out huntingwith the Cotley Harriers was held this week. Anthony Osborne, from Hawkchurch, near Marshwood, Devon, was out with the Cotley at a joint meet with the Axe Vale on 2 March when his horse slipped and fell on him... (story)
Dorset Echo 16.3.11 Tributes to father after hunt tragedy By Rene Gerryts - TRIBUTES have been paid to a retired solicitor who died in a hunting accident. Father of three Anthony Osborne, 66, was riding with the Cotley hunt when his horse George slipped and fell on him. Cotley joint master Edward Eames said: “He had been one of our members for a long time. “The accident happened when the Cotley hounds had a joint meet with the Axe Vale. Hounds were trailing in the Axe Vale country... (story)

Plymouth Herald 15.8.11 Hunt 'sickness' - A MENACING gang scours its territory, looking for vulnerable targets to attack. It is heedless of, even rejoices in, the terror of its victims-to-be, careless of the rights and feelings of those whose property it invades and whose lives it disturbs… For myself and fellow monitors, this has, for many years, been our experience of those "gangs" of bloodsports fanatics called hunts… David Cameron's capability, suitability, and moral fitness to lead, unite and heal our fracturing nation. I believe The Conservative Party should replace him urgently. ALAN KIRBY, Hayle (letter)
Plymouth Herald 8.8.11 Why were young lives put at polar bear risk? - THE actions of the human race never cease to astonish me. On one hand, we are regularly informed how precious and fragile the magnificently majestic polar bears are, and how we should all do our bit to protect them against extinction. But on the other, it is seemingly acceptable for one of these precious creatures to be shot dead for protecting its home and probably its family from man… K C MURPHY, Via email (letter)

Scotsman 15.8.11 NTS faces fine after 'failed' project to cull deer for good of pine trees By Kirsty Topping - A CONTROVERSIAL project to cull deer near the Queen's Scottish residence has been branded a failure. The conservation project, which has cost almost £800,000 so far, was designed to protect Caledonian pine trees on the Mar Lodge estate from red deer. But documents have revealed that the measures have not resulted in the amount of tree regeneration officials had hoped for… The National Trust for Scotland (NTS), which has run the 72,000-acre estate since buying it from American billionaire John Kluge in 1995, is now to receive a fine for its role in the fiasco… Peter Fraser of the Scottish Gamekeeper's Association, said: "The NTS should have carried out a cull, then put up a fence to keep out deer, rabbits and hares. If they keep killing deer at the current rate there will be none left. The lack of them in and around Braemar is already having a terrible effect on tourism." Libby Anderson, of animal advocacy charity OneKind, said: "We must get away from the simplistic notion that culling animals is the cure to all landscape ills."… (story)

Peterborough Telegraph 15.8.11 Gentle greyhounds need our help - As a supporter of Action For Greyhounds, an international greyhound protection organisation, I was pleased to read, “Pamper the pooch in aid of charity”… Sadly, it is estimated that more than 15,000 greyhounds disappear, presumed killed, every year…. Marta Falco Ainley, Bellevue Road, Cinderford, Gloucestershire (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 15.8.11 Thanks all who donated to animal charity funds - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Cheltenham for their generosity in raising £200 at a street collection on August 12…. John Hind Marsh, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)

Plymouth Herald 15.8.11 Learn from it - HAVING read the letter (August 9) from K C Murphy regarding the killing of the polar bear, I agree wholeheartedly with his opinions. I too am very sad for the family of the young man who was mauled to death, but in my view this expedition should never have been there in the first place… Perhaps we can learn from this dreadful happening, and leave wild animals in peace, and possibly observe their behaviour from helicopters… J CAVE, Plymouth (letter)


Horse & Hound 13.8.11 Farewell to former joint-master John Blakeway - Former joint-master of the Croome and Belvoir hunts John Blakeway died unexpectedly on Sunday 31 July, aged 86…. A memorial service will be held at the parish church, Cirencester, Glos, on Wednesday 21 September at 2pm (letter)

Yorkshire Post 13.8.11 Grouse go from moor to plate in four and a half hours - HIGH up on the moors on the eastern edge of the Yorkshire Dales, fast food is not a phrase mentioned very often…. To mark the beginning of the shooting season, Paul Klein, proprietor of the Blue Lion Hotel in East Witton, near Leyburn, and friends Tim Lambert and Nick Moody, set themselves the challenge of being the first shooting party in the country to settle down to their lunch while the smoke was still rising from the barrel of their guns… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.8.11 Gamekeepers ensure grouse season gets off to a flying start By David McKay - GAMEKEEPERS across the north and north-east were hoping for a healthy shooting season despite fears that bad weather would hit grouse numbers… (story)
The Herald 13.8.11 Grouse warning as season starts - LOUISE DEVLIN - CONSERVATIONISTS warned grouse numbers in Scotland are on the decline as the shooting season got underway yesterday. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has revealed that this year’s breeding season has not matched last year’s, with Angus, Highland and Perthshire all showing a 25% drop…. (story)
The Herald 12.8.11 Pity the graceful hen harrier in grouse season - ROG WOOD - Today may well be the “Glorious 12th” for the landed gentry and the privileged few who can afford to shoot grouse, but spare a thought for the unfortunate “muir cocks” for whom today will be their last… While the breeding success of grouse this year is of interest to a minority, there are a lot more folk who would like to know about the breeding success of graceful hen harriers, another bird that lives on our heather-clad hills, but has the misfortune to be a predator of grouse… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 12.8.11 'Glorious Twelfth' for Lancashire grouse hunters By Nazia Parveen - GROUSE hunters gearing up for the shooting season in Lancashire are set for a bumper season, despite the stagnant economy and tough breeding conditions earlier this year. Today is The Glorious Twelfth, which heralds the beginning of the four-month grouse-shooting period. People from all over the country head for the Lancashire moors, paying thousands of pounds to join exclusive shoots of wild red grouse… (story)
Halifax Courier 12.8.11 On the moors for the glorious 12th! - RED grouse shooting started today on northern moorland and there are rich pickings to be had, according to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.11 Grouse shoots in sights of the taxman as season begins By JOHN ROSS - THE grouse shooting season starts today, with landowners and shooting syndicates in the sights of the taxman… while shooters head on to moors, willing to spend on average up to £15,000 for a day's driven grouse shooting, investigations are continuing into whether shoots should be VAT-registered…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 12.8.11 First shots at grouse - The grouse shooting season gets under way today with the industry saying demand is “particularly strong”… (story)
Daily Record 12.8.11 Grouse shooting gets underway on 'Glorious Twelth' with estates optimistic despite bad weather - THE grouse shooting season gets under way today with gamekeepers remaining optimistic that bad weather will not dampen demand in the market…. (story)
John O’Groat Journal 12.8.11 There is money in the hills - North Notes by Jim Millar - FROM this day forward, all grouse are well advised to keep their feet firmly planted in the heather. Any excursion aloft is likely to bring a blast of buckshot up the egg-laying apparatus from some toff who has forked out a large sum for the privilege. This is the Glorious Twelfth. I expect that many of the shooters I heard murdering clay pigeons at the Highland Field Sports Fair at Moy last Friday will be out today among those hoping to chalk up a respectable bag…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 12.8.11 Bumper grouse shooting season ahead - The grouse shooting season is getting under way, with hopes that record numbers of red grouse in northern England will deliver good returns for moorland estates and rural businesses… (story)
LSE 12.8.11 Game over for grouse as UK shooting season begins By Alice Baghdjian - Hunters grab their guns and tweeds, and fancy restaurant fare turns to fowl as the 'Glorious Twelfth' of August marks the start of the red grouse shooting season in Britain…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.11 Glorious time of year in Yorkshire - The grouse shooting season gets under way today, with hopes that record numbers of red grouse in northern England will deliver good returns for moorland estates and rural businesses…. (story)
STV 12.8.11 Uncertain climate surrounds start of grouse season - The Glorious Twelfth fires hopes that the industry can overcome the troubles of the recession and bad weather - Scotland's grouse shooting season has got under way amid fears that the recession and bad weather could hit the industry… (story)
Telegraph 11.8.11 Enjoying a grouse - The Glorious Twelfth symbolises that whether by the hand of nature or man, killing is part of the most flourishing ecology… A celebrated passage in the diaries of Alan Clark records his emotional reaction to having shot a beautiful heron that had been eating his Japanese carp…. Clark, that man of contradictions, put his finger on the attitude held by many who love the country. They want to conserve the great beauty of the landscape and wildlife with which they live day by day, but they know that, whether by the hand of nature or through the intervention of man, killing is part of the most flourishing ecology. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the preservation of the red grouse…. (story)
Lancashire /Telegraph 11.8.11 Lancashire grouse hunters ready for 'Glorious Twelfth' - GROUSE hunters gearing up for the shooting season in East Lancashire are set for a bumper season, despite the stagnant economy and tough breeding conditions earlier this year. Tomorrow is The Glorious Twelfth which heralds the beginning of the four-month grouse-shooting period…… (story)
Farming UK 8.8.11 Farmland and sporting estates continue to attract international attention - With the start of the shooting season, marked by the Glorious Twelfth on 12th August, Andrew Pearce, head of Rural Agency at Chesterton Humberts’ Country Department, evaluates the farmland and sporting market this year so far. 2010 was an excellent year for rural property sales, and values have continued to climb in the first half of 2011 particularly in popular parts of the South West and the East Midlands... (story)
Telegraph 6.8.11 Glorious Twelfth: Knickerbocker glory days are back - Whatever the world’s financial woes, this season’s grouse shoot is set to be a record one. By William Langley - Economies are collapsing, markets are in despair, but Britain’s grouse moors bask in the glow of happiness. And why not? This is where the real money heads in a crisis. Next Friday is the Glorious Twelfth – the start of the grouse season – and most indications are that it will be a record one... (story)

Western Morning News 13.8.11 Cull science is flawed - Most days now pro and anti badger cull letters and news items appear in various newspapers and on TV, etc. To destroy these wonderful creatures based on a flawed science is wrong…. (story)


North West Evening Mail 12.8.11 Hounds shine despite the rain - POURING rain broke just as hundreds of hounds took over a Lake District park. The 108th Vale of Rydal Sheepdog Trials and Hound Show took place in Rydal Park, Ambleside, yesterday… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.8.11 Red grouse numbers at record high - Red grouse numbers have reached a record high in northern England, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) said ahead of the start of the shooting season… (story)
Country File 12.8.11 Breeding success for grouse - Red grouse numbers are higher this year than they have ever been in Northern England since accurate counting started in the early 1980s… (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.11 'Record' numbers of red grouse in northern England - Red grouse numbers are at their highest level in northern England since accurate records began in the early 1980s. The annual bird count, by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), takes place ahead of the beginning of the shooting season on 12 August… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 11.8.11 Red grouse numbers at an all time high - RED grouse numbers have reached a record high in northern England, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) said on the eve of the start of the shooting season…. (story)
Malton & Pickering Mercury 10.8.11 Red grouse numbers at record high - Red grouse numbers have reached a record high in northern England, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) said ahead of the start of the shooting season… (story)

Northern Echo 12.8.11 Gun ownership - JOHN Gill gives his extreme, and thankfully minority, view on the ownership and use of guns (HAS, Aug 8). Yes, Derrick Bird had a gun licence, but he does not mention that Raoul Moat and countless other murderers, including Albert Dryden, used illegally obtained firearms… Ben Johnson, Daddry Shield, Weardale (letter)
Northern Echo 8.8.11 Gun ownership - THERE is no common sense or democratic justification for any gun ownership or use in this country. After the Derrick Bird murders in Cumbria last year, I know of no steps being taken to prevent such tragedy in the future… John Gill, Castleside (letter)

Stirling Observer 12.8.11 Laura drums up support for world championships by Stephen Robertson - A FALCONER at Blair Drummond Safari Park put in some last minute practice this week as she prepares to take part in the World Pipe Band Championship on Saturday…. Some of these were also the star attractions at the park’s third annual Falconry Festival last weekend… The Countryside Alliance were also there to raise awareness of rural issues…. (story)

Thorne Gazette 12.8.11 Sadists use dogs for sick contests - A HARD-HITTING campaign has been launched this week in response to the growing problem of deliberate animal cruelty. Operation Partnership says that there is evidence that sadists are using specially-bred dogs to hunt down and kill animals in the area for pleasure. As well as badgers, deer, hares and foxes, the dogs - running dogs cross-bred with fighting dogs - may be set on farm animals and domestic pets… The partnership - which involves the police, South Yorkshire Badger Group, the RSPCA and Farm Watch - say that the fighting dogs are often seriously injured in encounters with ferocious badgers whose owners do not take them to a vet for fear of being exposed…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 12.8.11 Tesco apologises over badger cull boycott mistake By Alistair Driver - TESCO has been forced to apologise after a customer was informed that the UK’s biggest retailer has a policy of boycotting products from farmers engaged in badger culling. Responding to a query from a customer about Tesco’s stance on the English badger cull, Dundee customer service manager Jean Mckinlay said Tesco understood the concerns about the policy. She assured the customer that ‘none of the suppliers we source from take part in this activity’…. The letter was described as ‘outrageous’ by farmers commenting on the British Farming Forum website… Responding to angry farmers who contacted it, Tesco sought to clarify its policy. It insisted the letter did not reflect its position on badger culling and said it was ‘sorry that the customer service manger gave the wrong impression’. However, Tesco fell short of giving a commitment that it would source products from farmers involved in a badger cull, if the Government gives the policy the go ahead…. (story)
The Grocer 5.8.11 Tesco backtracks over badger cull ‘boycott’ claim - Julia Glotz - Tesco has moved to clarify its policy on the planned badger cull in England, after one of its customer services managers mistakenly sent out a letter claiming it would not source from any suppliers involved in the cull. In the letter, a customer service manager wrote that Tesco enforced “a strict policy of not sourcing from any suppliers that are involved in, or financially benefit from, this practice”... However, when asked about the letter and its badger cull policy by The Grocer, Tesco said the letter had been sent out in error. It said the cull was a matter for farmers and the government... (story) (letter)

The Ambler 12.8.11 Culling is not the answer says wildlife chief - Northumberland Wildlife Trust is extremely disappointed at the Government’s decision to pursue yet more trials of badger culling, as the wildlife charity does not see culling as the solution to the problem of bovine tuberculosis… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 12.8.11 Back ban on animal tests Michelle Thew BUAV Crane Grove London (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 12.8.11 Please support our campaign to stop cruelty - ALTHOUGH testing cosmetics on animals has been banned in the EU and UK, cosmetics and toiletries tested on animals outside the EU remain on our shelves… Please help us to end cruel cosmetics tests – sign and share BUAV’s No Cruel Cosmetics petition… MICHELLE THEW, chief executive, BUAV (letter)

Henley Standard 12.8.11 Better welfare for animals - I wish to thank everyone who supported our collection for Compassion in World Farming in Henley town centre on Saturday, July 16. We raised £96.23… (letter on website for a week)

Bucks Free Press 12.8.11 End the cruelty to animals now - A STREET collection held in High Wycombe on July 30 raised £81 for Animal Aid… Margaret Campbell, Address supplied (letter)

Croydon Advertiser 12.8.11 A tasty treat packed with vegetarian ideas - A new (free) 36-page booklet illustrated with a mouth-watering chocolate cake on the cover, has been designed especially for vegetarians… Kelly Slade of Animal Aid said: "Anyone can go meat-free and it's a lot easier than you might think…. (story)


Horse & Hound 11.8.11 Hunt-class ships through the years - Yet the fleet has enjoyed close links with hunts since the first 20 hunt-class ships were launched in World War I to clear the seas of mines. Today, eight hunt-class ships remain — HMS Atherstone, Brocklesby, Cattistock, Chiddingfold, Hurworth, Ledbury, Middleton and Quorn… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.8.11 Powerful evidence of hunts' legality - FOLLOWING my recent letter… the League Against Cruel Sports has put out a statement condemning the gory death wishes expressed by many of their supporters… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.8.11 False claims could inspire extremism - FOLLOWING my recent letter Shocking comments about bull-run death, Wednesday, August 3, and other postings made on their website, the League Against Cruel Sports have put out a statement condemning the gory death wishes expressed by many of their supporters. I would like to express my gratitude to them for doing this. They should be respected for standing up against the tide. It has to be said, however, that any review of the online statements made by anti-hunting activists paints a very unpleasant picture of some of these people... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)13061968-detail/story.html">(letter)

Yorkshire Post 11.8.11 Act that is not working - From: Alice Barnard, chief executive, Countryside Alliance, London. THE League Against Cruel Sports is guilty of its own tired spin when it asserts that the Hunting Act is working. It is not…. There have been 21 Hunting Act convictions in North and South Yorkshire, but none of those relate to registered hunts. The only such prosecution, involving the Sinnington Hunt, resulted in all three defendants being found not guilty…. (letter)

The Herald 11.8.11 Two-thirds oppose hunting for sport - David Ross - MORE than two out of three Scots are opposed to shooting deer and birds as sport, but opposition is stronger south of the Border. The League Against Cruel Sports last night described the Glorious Twelfth, the start of the shooting season for Red Grouse, as a “gruesome spectacle of animal abuse”. The animal welfare charity had commissioned a YouGov poll across Britain which found that just 9% of the public think shooting animals for sport is “totally acceptable”, while more than 60% think it is unacceptable… (story)

Evesham Journal 11.8.11 BASC looking for new generation - THE British Association for Shooting and Conservation is calling on people who shoot to help encourage a new generation to take up the sport. The BASC is to launch a new fund-raising appeal to help expand its work to encourage more young people into shooting and to give a greater understanding of shooting sports and their role in the countryside to young people from all walks of life…. (story)

Frost Magazine 11.8.11 CLA Game Fair Report – GunMakers Row by M Yardley - The Blenheim CLA was generally judged to be a success by all who attended I think/… (story)
Beverley Guardian 6.8.11 Top award for college gamekeeping student - A GAMEKEEPING student at Bishop Burton College has become the first ever winner of a prestigious new award. Ben Pocklington, 18, has become the first ever recipient of the Frank Jenkins Trophy for the best gamekeeping student or apprentice of the academic year. The trophy, donated to the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) by the family of the late Frank Jenkins following a collection made at Frank’s funeral, was presented to Ben by the organisation’s Chairman, Lindsay Waddell on the NGO stand at the recent CLA Game Fair.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 29.7.11 Gamekeeper gets long service award - A LONG-SERVING gamekeeper in North Yorkshire has been honoured for a career spanning five decades. Mike Tipping, the head gamekeeper for the 7,000-acre Place Newton Estate at Wintringham, near Malton, has been presented with a CLA long service award in recognition of 40 years of working in the profession. The award was presented to Mr Tipping by the Duke of Kent, along with the Duke of Marlborough and CLA President William Worsley, at The CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire... (story)
Western Morning News 29.7.11 Country notebook - The CLA Game Fair – meeting place for thousands of country sports lovers – is over for another year with an attendance during the three-day event at Blenheim Palace, just shy of 150,000. That makes it the best year since 2008, when the fair was celebrating its 50th anniversary... (story)
Farmers Weekly 24.7.11 Young Gamekeeper of the Year named at the CLA Game Fair - Ian Ashbridge - Liam Tuck (pictured, left) has been named CLA/ Shooting Times Young Gamekeeper of the Year at the CLA Game Fair. Liam, 25, runs the Sloughbrook shoot in West Sussex and impressed the judges with his strength of character, resourcefulness and maturity, Shooting Times editor Alastair Balmain said... (story)
Farming UK 23.7.11 CLA rewards gamekeepers and riverkeepers for long service - Seven gamekeepers and riverkeepers who have worked on country estates and rivers for a combined total of more than 300 years were awarded the CLA Long Service Award at The CLA Game Fair yesterday (22 July).... (story)
Oxford Mail 20.7.11 ‘Game Fair traffic won’t cause jams’ By Tom Jennings - traffic will keep moving despite 18,000 cars descending on Woodstock this Friday. That is the pledge from the organisers of this year’s CLA Game Fair as they prepare for the mammoth country show.... (story)
Western Morning News 18.7.11 Agricultural show of two halves has one result: fun - A Cornish agricultural show narrowly avoided becoming a washout when torrential rain turned into blazing sunshine. Organisers have dubbed Camborne's annual event on Saturday as "a show of two halves"..... There was a visit from the Four Burrow Hunt, a large horticultural section and a range of domestic classes for knitting, cakes and pasty baking... (story)
Oxford Mail 18.7.11 Game Fair is set to wow crowds By Tom Jennings - THE Duke of Marlborough has said next weekend’s CLA Game Fair will be “wonderful”. About 140,000 people are expected to attend the fair, which will feature exhibitions and displays of countryside activities... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 Welcome to The CLA Game Fair - From gourmet food to pony rides, The CLA Game Fair highlights the best of country life. By Jonny Beardsall - While in no danger of becoming achingly cool, The CLA Game Fair is the “Glastonbury” for lovers of country sports and the rustic ways of the countryside. This summer the outdoors extravaganza goes from strength to strength and begins on Friday at the sumptuous Blenheim estate, Oxfordshire, home to the 11th Duke of Marlborough.... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Top 10 highlights - Keen on falconry, fishing or food? There is plenty to keep you busy at The CLA Game Fair... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Totally Food Show - Jonny Beardsall meets the producers who are passionate about food at The CLA Game Fair..... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Put rabbit back on the menu - Cheap, healthy and with a subtle, gamey flavour, it’s time to return to rabbit, says Jonny Beardsall.... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Two rabbit recipes - We share two rabbit recipes for you to try at home... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: A younger breed of tweed - Thanks in part to the Duchess of Cambridge, younger people are embracing tweed - and it all began at The CLA Game Fair By Maria Fitzpatrick (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Jive Pony - Vaulting or the high step? Jive Pony can teach an old horse new tricks at The CLA Game Fair. By Jonny Beardsall... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Reader Competition - One lucky reader will win a trip for two to Islay, the home of Bowmore single malt whisky, off the west coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides. The prize includes three night’s stay in the exclusive Bowmore cottages, first-class flights, a boat trip around the island, a distillery tour and a bottle of rare Bowmore Maltmen’s whisky worth £120... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The CLA Game Fair: Butterflies need your help - Delicate and increasingly rare, butterflies need your help, says Jonny Beardsall... (story)
Telegraph 14.7.11 It’s all fair game at the Game Fair - Britain’s biggest country get-together makes an ideal date for rural singles, finds Anna Tyzack - When country-lover Gareth Parry, 39, from Cheshire, hit it off with Kelly Johnston, 31, on dating website, he suggested they meet up at the Country Land and Business Association Game Fair. It wasn’t the most convenient place for a first date, admits Kelly... (story)
Farming UK 13.7.11 CLA to crown local champion hero at The CLA Game Fair - A local food champion is to be honoured at The CLA Game Fair 2011 for making an outstanding contribution to local and regional food in Britain.... (story)
Oxford Mail 8.7.11 About 140,000 people expected to attend - WORK to get Blenheim Palace ready for this month’s CLA Game Fair is in full swing... Among the activities fair visitors will be able to try is archery... (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.7.11 Game Fair may bring in £13m to local economy By Tom Jennings - THE CLA Game Fair will give a £13m boost to Oxfordshire’s economy, it has been estimated. The fair takes place at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, from July 22 to 24 and features exhibitions and displays of countryside activities.About 140,000 people are expected to attend.... (story)
Bicester Advertiser 25.6.11 Game Fair requires enormous planning By Tom Jennings - “It is like building a town.” That was how the organiser of the CLA Game Fair described the mammoth task of putting on the July 22 to 24 event. About 140,000 people are expected to attend the fair, which will feature exhibits and displays of shooting, archery, quad biking, falconry and more... (story)
Wiltshire Times 9.4.11 Fair seeks gamekeeper nominations from Wiltshire - The search is on for the country’s top gamekeepers. Organisers of The CLA Game Fair, which takes place at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, from July 22-24, have launched a search to find the longest serving – and the brightest new – exponents of the keeper’s craft.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.8.11 MPs warn of threats to rural prospects by bus service cuts - CUTS to rural bus services will further isolate vulnerable people in the country…. Countryside Alliance chief executive Alice Barnard said: “A lack of transport is the overriding cause of social exclusion in the countryside….. (lryyrt)

Prestwood Advertiser 11.8.11 Environmental group: HS2 will 'haunt' Government Posted by Lawrence Poole - A LEADING environmental group has said HS2 will 'haunt' the Government if they go ahead with it and sympathised with those Chiltern residents affected. The Countryside Alliance surveyed 200 members before delivering their submission for the public consultation into the £33bn London to Birmingham rail link and found 'enormous human and environmental costs that are being all but ignored by the Government'… (story)

Guardian 11.8.11 Badger culls don't stop tuberculosis in cattle – the evidence is clear - The government is ignoring scientists' advice on bovine TB – killing badgers is not the solution Posted byJulia Kaminski - Members of the public who may know little about farming – or wildlife – could be forgiven for thinking that farmers' lives are being ruined bybadgers. It is a message being peddled by the farming press, by some – but not all – farmers, and even by the BBC's Countryfile programme… (story)

Plymouth Herald 11.8.11 Leave them - THE news that a polar bear attacked and killed a young man and caused horrific injuries to others was shocking. My deepest sympathies go to all the families involved. But it is beyond my imagination that Michael "Spike" Reid is now being considered a hero, before an inquiry has been conducted into this incident… This is not the first time polar bears have killed humans. I believe this animal got killed because human beings couldn't leave it alone to its own devices. DAVID LUCKHAM, Pennycross (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 11.8.11 Animal Thanks - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Cleveleys for their generosity in raising £259.06 at a street collection on August 6…. RODDY HANSON, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator (letter)


Westmorland Gazette 10.8.11 Reborn show is 'busiest ever' By Emma Lidiard - GLORIOUS sunshine smiled on one of South Lakeland’s oldest shows as it enjoyed a return to its former popularity. Hundreds of people flocked into the Underley Estate, Kirkby Lonsdale, for Tuesday’s annual Lunesdale Agricultural Show, which chairman of the committee Burt Metcalfe said was the ‘busiest I can remember it’…. Vale of Lune Harriers Cup, best animal from land VOLH permitted to hunt: D&M Kelly… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 10.8.11 Flying start for Saltersgate Farmers' Hunt show - THE breakaway village show at Newton-upon-Rawcliffe defied heavy rain to go ahead on Saturdy. Run by the Saltersgate Farmers’ Hunt, the new show resulted from a wrangle involving the long-established Boon Hill Show, due to be held this Saturday…. (story)

Scotsman 10.8.11 Why sheep flocks and grouse can mean two birds with one stone By Andrew Arbuckle - The past decade has been marked by a reduction in the number of hill sheep being kept in the highlands of Scotland. In many cases hefted flocks have been dispersed because the landowners believed the full-time sheep flocks reduced the grouse shooting potential. However, just two days before the start of this year's grouse shooting season, the manager of one shooting estate in Angus said he believed there was room to have both a successful sheep enterprise and a first-class grouse shoot…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 10.8.11 Badger Trust fails to 'grasp basic facts' – FUW - THE Farmers Union of Wales has accused the Badger Trust of ‘failing to tell black from white’ when dealing with basic facts about badgers after it slammed the BBC for using the trust’s own badger population figures… (story)

Farmers Weekly 10.8.11 'Law-abiding farmers driven to gas badgers' - Johann Tasker - Conservationists have called for a criminal investigation after a farmer claimed badgers were illegally gassed with exhaust fumes from an old petrol engine. The Badger Trust demanded the investigation after BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview with a unnamed farmer who showed radio presenter Nick Ravenscroft one of "dozens of setts" where he said badgers had been killed… (story)
Farmers Guardian 9.8.11 Badger Trust challenges BBC over illegal culling claim - By Alistair Driver - THE Badger Trust is demanding a criminal investigation into comments made by a farmer on BBC radio regarding the illegal culling of badgers. The farmer claimed on Radio 4 programme, the Report, which was broadcast on August 4, that he had witnessed badger setts being gassed on a number of occasions as farmers sought to control bovine TB (bTB)… Badger Trust chairman David Williams said: “This interview showed the depth of ignorance among this farmer and his friends about the basic facts in respect of badgers and their setts and revealed the brutality behind the demands of the livestock industry.”… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.8.11 Vaccine verdict to mean badger cull - TRIALS to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB in Gloucestershire have found it to be "possible, but impractical," says Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.7.11 Stroud TB trial shows vaccine "possible but impractical" - TRIALS to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB in Gloucestershire showed the practice was "possible but impractical". Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said the work carried out in Stroud, where wild animals were injected to prevent the spread of the devastating disease, had shown it was "certainly difficult to make affordable".... (story)

Western Morning News 10.8.11 TB cull plan has wrong targets, wrong method, wrong place - I was talking to one of our farm shop customers the other day and the subject of TB came up. I mentioned the fact that we'd had it on the farm and that it had cost me the best part of £100,000…. But as someone who has had a very close encounter with TB and experienced its devastating financial and emotional impact I have to announce today that I cannot support the cull plan as set out in black and white. Because its whole rationale is severely flawed. There are glaring errors in the planning of the practicalities, the result, I suspect, of allowing that nest of interfering know-nothings Natural England to have an input…. The last thing it is going to do now is to suggest that that science is flawed, or call for a halt while alternatives are explored. Yet I would suggest the science certainly is – as I have shown – woefully lacking. And that for the sake of badgers, cattle, and the public standing of farmers an alternative plan must be given a fair appraisal. (story)

Western Morning News 10.8.11 ANTHONY GIBSON: Badger-cull rules must change to be workable - I have been going through the Consultation Paper which has been issued on the finer points of the Government's badger culling policy. I regret to report that it does not make encouraging reading. It is hard to say whether it is the cost of what is proposed, or the regulatory burden which it will involve, which evokes the greater degree of concern. But if you put one together with the other, it will be a very brave and very determined group of farmers which signs a "TB Management Agreement" with Natural England…. (story)

Western Mail 10.8.11 Ending vivisection will benefit us all - I am concerned that a Labour Government that was in the process of cutting down on animal testing has been replaced by a less caring party and it could well result in an increase in this area. Every year more than three million animals are experimented on in British laboratories…. Ending vivisection will benefit both people and animals. Contact Animal Aid for a free End Animal Experiments pack… LINDA MORRIS, Pengam Street, Glan y Nant, Blackwood (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 10.8.11 SEAFORD: Wildlife rescuer blasts slaughter of seagulls - A WILDLIFE rescuer has condemned the shooting and killing of seagulls in Seaford…. In the latest case a dead gull was found by the South Coast Animal Service on Seaford beach on Monday last week. Alex Szabo from the organisation said that he now knew of four confirmed cases of seagulls being shot in Seaford as well as around 30 in Saltdean and eight in Brighton and Hove…. Trevor Weeks, of East Sussex Wildlife and Rescue Service said, “I think the shooting and killing of any bird whether it’s a seagull, a bird of prey, a pigeon or whatever - at the end of the day is murder and I think that’s what people need to remember… (story)
Argus 3.8.11 Seagulls shot dead in Seaford By Neil Vowles - More seagulls have been shot and killed in brutal acts of animal cruelty. In the latest case a dead gull was found by the South Coast Animal Service on Seaford beach on Monday. Alex Szabo from the service said that he now knew of four confirmed cases... (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 10.8.11 Habitat invaded - WHAT were these young people doing invading this wild polar bear’s natural habitat? While it is very, very sad that a young person is dead and his friends injured, why were they there knowing how dangerous wild animals are, especially when you’re invading their homeland?... RR Ormsby-Robinson, Bromborough (story)

Essex Echo 10.8.11 Protesters deface circus poster ads in Rochford - CIRCUS chiefs have vowed to take legal action after alleging protesters posed as council officials to claim their show had been cancelled. Owners of the Great British Circus, which arrived in Rochford yesterday for its annual three-week stay, say they discovered their promotional posters defaced… Julia Greenwood, spokeswoman for Southend Animal Aid, said she would not condone defacing posters…. (story)


Independent 9.8.11 Radio 4 'bores' predatory foxes into submission By Daniel Barrenger - Conservationists in Dorset are using BBC Radio 4 to stop foxes from attacking swans. Wardens are keeping hungry foxes away from the birds by scaring them off with the popular national radio station. Swans at the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset are protected by fences stretching nearly 60 metres out across the lagoon. However, crafty foxes learned to swim around the defences…"It was a farmer that put us on to Radio 4. In his words, Radio 4 is so boring that foxes won't go near it."… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 9.8.11 Radio 4 used to deter foxes at Abbotsbury Swannery By Andy Davey - A DORSET swannery has enlisted the aid of the Archers as it employs psychological warfare in a bid to deter hungry predators. Abbotsbury Swannery is located near a lagoon and protected by fences stretching nearly 60 metres out into the water, but tenacious foxes used to swim round the defences to wreak havoc. Now thanks to the wisdom of a Devon farmer the swannery has strategically positioned radios playing Radio 4 at full volume all around the outer reaches of the site, which have scared the foxes away… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.8.11 Fears for police workload over badger cull plans - HARD-PRESSED Westcountry police forces risk being landed with an "unpredictable" workload if a badger cull gets the go ahead, officers have warned…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.8.11 How do you police a clash over badgers as cuts bite? - The Police Federation is right today to warn about the potential cost and the strain on police resources likely to be caused by next year's proposed pilot scheme to cull badgers in the Westcountry…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.8.11 Fate of animals is also distressing - It was reported that seeing protesters wearing costumes spattered with fake blood would cause distress to employees of Harlan Laboratories UK (Mercury, August 4). What about the distress of the animals bred in that establishment? Their fate is to be used as commodities for vivisection…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Farmers Guardian 9.8.11 Vets call on FSA to prosecute animal abuse plant By Alistair Driver - THE British Veterinary Association is calling on Defra and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to pursue a prosecution in light of evidence of animal welfare abuses at an Essex abattoir. Undercover filming at Cheale Meats abattoir by Animal Aid appeared to show workers at its Elmkirk plant stubbing out cigarettes on pigs faces, using stun guns incorrectly, hitting animals in the face with bats and dragging pigs to slaughter by their ears…. (story)
Brentwood Weekly News 4.8.11 Abbatoir denies charity's accusations - ESSEX Police is investigating alleged animal cruelty after footage appeared to show pigs being attacked.... (story)
Brentwood Gazette 4.8.11 Abattoir employees sacked for pig 'abuse' - TWO workers have been dismissed from an abattoir at the centre of animal-abuse allegations. Warley-based Elmkirk Ltd, formerly known as Cheale Meats, has sacked the pair for breaching its animal-welfare code, following allegations that pigs were punched and burned with cigarettes... (story)
Chelmsford Weekly News 1.8.11 Police probe cruelty allegations at Essex abbatoir - ESSEX Police is investigating alleged animal cruelty after footage appeared to show pigs being attacked.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 30.7.11 Slaughtermen suspended in wake of animal campaign cruelty video - SLAUGHTERMEN from one of the country’s biggest pork factories have been suspended after a shocking undercover video made by the Animal Aid campaign... (story)
Mirror 30.7.11 Pig abuse: Abbatoir staff filmed beating pigs and stubbing out cigarettes on their faces by Steve Myall - THESE are sickening scenes of slaughterhouse staff beating pigs and stubbing out cigarettes on their faces.... (story)
Express 30.7.11 EXPOSED: ABATTOIR’S SHOCKING PIG CRUELTY By Nathan Rao - THE shocking abuse of animals at one of the country’s biggest slaughterhouses was exposed yesterday in a secret film released by anti-cruelty campaigners.... (story)
Telegraph 29.7.11 Secret footage shows pigs abused at abattoir - Shocking footage of pigs at an Essex slaghterhouse being punched, beaten and burnt by cigarette butts has been released by animal welfare activists. Jack Caba - The undercover video was allegedly recorded over a period of four days at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats), a family-run slaughterhouse that claims to maintain high standards of animal welfare... (story)
Essex Enquirer 29.7.11 Essex slaughterhouse under fire after shocking footage shows man punch pig - AN Essex slaughterhouse has been slammed after secret footage was released showing pigs being punched and workers stubbing cigarettes out on the animals’ faces. Animal rights activists from Animal Aid installed secret cameras at Brentwood-based Cheale Meats, a family-run slaughterhouse that kills up to 6,000 pigs a day, filming the shocking scenes over a four-day period... Animal Aid sent the footage to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in June but say a prosecution was refused on the grounds that “CCTV footage was gained without the consent of the relevant Food Business Operator”. Jamie Foster, a solicitor for slaughterhouse owners Elmkirk, defended his client saying: “Given the source of this material Elmkirk would not accept that all or any of the activities shown on this video relate to their premises... (story)
Farmers Guardian 29.7.11 Shocking cruelty exposed at slaughter house By Olivia Midgley - ANIMAL rights activists have secretly filmed employees abusing pigs at an Essex-based slaughterhouse. The Animal Aid video appears to show workers at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats), stubbing out cigarettes on pigs’ faces, using stun guns incorrectly, hitting animals in the face with bats and injured pigs being dragged to slaughter by their ears... (story)
Meat Trades Journal 29.7.11 BREAKING: Animal Aid claim cruelty at Essex plant - A slaughterman has had his licence revoked and another’s will not be renewed by the Food Standards Agency, after animal activists released secretly obtained footage at the Cheale Meats plant in Essex.... (story)
Daily Mail 29.7.11 Revealed: Shocking cruelty at massive abattoir... but those responsible WON'T be prosecuted By Sean Poulter - Appalling cruelty, including cigarettes being stubbed out on the faces of pigs, has been revealed in secret filming inside a slaughterhouse... (story)
Sun 29.7.11 Shocking pig abuse at abattoir - HORRIFIC scenes of animal cruelty against pigs facing slaughter have been captured by animal rights activists.... But no one will be prosecuted over the incidents because the footage was obtained by campaigners who trespassed to get it, it was reported today... (story)
Sky 29.7.11 Trespassing Into A Legal Minefield - Jason Farrell - It will frustrate many, that men caught on camera beating animals and burning them with cigarettes can’t be prosecuted.... The Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs makes clear that where footage is obtained by trespass, legal advice suggests that it would be unlikely to lead to a prosecution.... (story)
Sky News 28.7.11 Exclusive: Video Shows Pig Abuse At Abattoir - Footage given exclusively to Sky News shows staff at a UK abattoir punching pigs and burning them with cigarettes. Animal Aid secretly installed four cameras inside Elmkirk (Cheale Meats) Ltd, an Essex slaughterhouse that claims to uphold high standards of animal welfare. The pictures show pigs hit in the face with bats, incorrectly stunned and dragged by their ears to slaughter... (story)


Derby Telegraph 8.8.11 Hunters' pride after dogs scoop awards - THREE dogs from a Derbyshire hunting organisation have won awards at a national contest. The animals from the Four Shires Bloodhounds were among more than 1,200 dogs at the Festival of Hunting in Peterborough, which looks at how suited they are to country sports.... (story)

Scotsman 8.8.11 Letter: Shooting row - ROSS Montague of the Countryside Alliance (Letters, 3 August) refers to an oft-quoted "independent" report stating the value of shooting to the economy to be at least £240 million. The 2006 PACEC Report to which he r`efers was commisioned by the Countryside Alliance, the Country Land and Business Association, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, in consultation with the Game and Conservancy Trust... There is no costing of the loss to the nation of the uplifting of spirits from watching wildlife when so much is slaughtered, snared or poisoned to increase profits for shooting estates. The only glory associated with shooting is related to those brave enough to serve their country. CAROLINE McMANUS Newmills Road Balerno, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 4.8.11 Letter: Shooting toll - WHILE few would dispute Ross Montague's statement (3 August) that shooting plays a very important role in the rural economy, his assertion that a "very small criminal minority" are involved in the illegal persecution of birds of prey must be challenged.... Logan D Steele Bridgewater Avenue Auchterarder (letter)

Irish Independent 8.8.11 Coillte’s callous yes to hunters in our forests - IRELAND'S forestry board is set to sacrifice thousands of defenceless creatures in a callous bid to boost its profits. Coillte is currently selling licences that will allow hunters to destroy life in forests all over the country. Not only will woodland wildlife be killed but also creatures that Coillte is inviting hunters to introduce into the forests to use as targets.... PHILIP KIERNAN IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS, MULLINGAR, CO WESTMEATH (letter)

Streatham Guardian 8.8.11 Fox attacks kitten in south London By Rachel Blundy - A three month old kitten was attacked by a fox, the latest in a number of recent incidents involving the animals. The injured animal was taken to The South London Emergency Veterinary Centre in Streatham High Road last Thursday night at about 11pm (August 4). Clinical director Markus Kuschera said a fox had entered the house where it lived and bitten it several times, leaving it with a limp in its front left leg. He said the incident had convinced him a cull on foxes was necessary.... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 8.8.11 EAST YORKS: Campaigners are urging people to combat a killer weed that invades pastures and roadside verges. It is a pretty, yellow-flowered plant called ragwort, which can kill horses and cows with its toxic foliage…. Rural campaign group the Countryside Alliance is urging land-owners and local authorities to control the weed… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 8.8.11 New Forest West MP Desond Swayne backs badger cull By Chris Yandell - A HAMPSHIRE MP is backing controversial plans to kill tens of thousands of badgers in a bid to halt the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Desmond Swayne, Tory MP for New Forest West, has thrown his support behind proposals for a badger cull – currently the most controversial issue in the countryside.... (story)

Essex Echo 8.8.11 The benefits of our circus - I write in answer to R Williams, of Great Holland (Letters, August 4). The posters to which I was referring were the ones in shops that animal rights campaigners took down or, pretending to be from the circus, informed the shop owners the circus had been cancelled for one reason or another…. Martin Lacey, Great British Circus, Clacton (letter)


Beverley Guardian 7.8.11 Campaign to combat badger crime - A NATIONWIDE campaign will be launched next month to expose horrific crimes against badgers.The Badger Trust has secured the support of Operation Meles - a partnership supported by the police... (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 6.8.11 Force gets tough on illegal hunting - POLICE in Humberside have cracked down on more illegal game hunting than almost any other force in the country. Thirty-eight people flouting the hunting ban by carrying out blood sports – such as hare coursing or deer poaching – in the county were targeted by the force between 2006 and 2009, resulting in fines for 27 of the criminals. The only force that took on more hunters was Merseyside.... It is thought that all offences were either hare coursing illegally or deer poaching... Mr Willey said: "Hare coursing isn't always about actually catching the animal often, it's a chance for them to show their dogs off and say to each other 'my dog is faster and better than your dog'. "Policing that and poaching is very hard and we rely on gamekeepers and landowners to give us information."... (story)

Yorkshire Post 6.8.11 Grouse season ‘brings millions to region’ - BUOYANT prospects for the grouse shooting season will see millions injected into the rural economy, it is claimed today. The Moorland Association said management of 149 grouse moors in England and Wales was a linchpin of the upland economy... (story)
Telegraph 6.8.11 Grouse shooting helps rural economies, show new figures on eve of Glorious 12th - Grouse shoots pumped almost £70 million into the rural economy last year, according to the latest study of the benefits of moorland management By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Moorland Association said more than £50 million was spent by grouse moor owners in 2010 managing some of Britain’s most treasured landscapes. Businesses associated with grouse shooting such as bed and breakfasts and game breeders make an additional £15 million... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.8.11 Crowds game for country fair By jane candlish - LONG queues built up yesterday as thousands of people flocked to a Highland estate to enjoy a day of country sports. The Moy Field Sports Fair south of Inverness got under way yesterday morning, with a programme of shooting, demonstrations and food tasting.... (story)

Montrose Review 6.8.11 Public safety and disease can open door to gull cull - THE SEAGULL menace continues to occupy our readers’ minds, but a call from reader Brian Field has made us realise that culling gulls is not quite the bureaucratic nightmare that we had thought. He directed us to the BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation) where we were made acquainted with Scottish Government’s General Licence No. 03/2011 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, to protect public health, public safety and to prevent the spread of disease... (story)

Sunderland Echo 6.8.11 Culling badgers is not the answer - I WISH to make some comments about Ken Spencer’s letter published on July 28, as chairman of Durham County Badger Group (covering the area south of the Tyne to the Tees area and Cumbrian border).I sympathise with the problem of the damage to the graves of Mr Spencer’s grandparents... Personally, I cannot separate the problems associated with BSE(CJD), foot and mouth, blue tongue, mastitis – the list goes on, from bovine TB. The problem lies with the farming/food industry first and foremost. Lesley McNaughton, Chairman, Durham County Badger Group (letter)

Guardian 6.8.11 Do we have to shoot the badgers? The government is 'strongly minded' to cull thousands of badgers next year, but there may be a less bloody way of stopping the spread of bovine TB - Patrick Barkham - Resigned to his fate, 007 lowers his head calmly. For the last seven nights he feasted on peanuts inside a wire cage that suddenly materialised on the Cotswold pastures close to his underground home. On the previous evening, however, when he snuffled out his nocturnal treat, the cage door came clanging down. 007 was trapped... controlled" or "free" (the terminology varies according to which side you are on) shooting. Chris Cheeseman is a badger ecologist who first demonstrated the perturbation effect. Badgers normally live in close-knit social groups. When they are killed, disturbed survivors flee... (story)

Western Morning News 6.8.11 Report sheds no new light on cull – farmers - A report that slams Government policy on bovine tuberculosis control has itself been dismissed as unrealistic and unworkable by farmer organisations. Bovine TB – Time for a Rethink... the work of an independent research group, Rethink Bovine TB, and is based largely on information provided by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)... Rethink Bovine TB spokesman, Michael Ritchie, said: "Farmers are being misled into thinking that badger culling, or vaccination, is a solution... Michael Hart, a Cornish farmer and chairman of the Small and Family Farms Alliance, said the report was unrealistic, and wrong about the TB test used on cattle... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 6.8.11 Panel ready to begin review of bovine TB - A NEW panel of experts that will carry out Wales's review of scientific evidence on the eradication of bovine tuberculosis has been announced... (story)
Daily Post 5.8.11 Welsh badger cull panel named By Andrew Forgrave, Rural Affairs Editor - SIX scientists who will determine the fate of Welsh badger culls have been named... They are: Prof Sir Mansel Aylward, chair of Public Health Wales and director of the Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research at Cardiff University; Prof Malcolm Bennett, co-director of the UK National Centre for Zoonosis Research and Prof of Veterinary Pathology at Liverpool University; Prof Bridget Emmett, deputy director of the Biogeochemistry Programme, and head of site at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Bangor; Prof Charles Godfray, Hope Prof at the department of Zoology of Oxford University; Prof Dirk Pfeiffer, head of the Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health Group at the Royal Veterinary College, London.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.8.11 Badger cull: Expert panel appointed to examine science - A panel of experts who will review the scientific evidence on tackling bovine TB in Wales has been named... (story)

Matlock Mercury 6.8.11 Wildlife Trust’s dismay at Government announcement - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has condemned the Government’s decision to pursue trials of badger culling in parts of England.... Derby North Labour MP Chris Williamson was among those taking part in the House of Commons debate. Mr Williamson referred to the proposed cull as “a new bloodsport”... Derbyshire Wildlife Trust chief executive Ed Green said: “We congratulate Mr Williamson for the stand he took during the debate... (story)

Financial Times 6.8.11 Real hindrance to culling is the evidence - Max Hastings is wrong to suggest that the impassioned emotionalism of millions of voters is the problem hindering a policy of culling badgers... The real hindrance is the evidence... David Sawers, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK (letter)


View Online 5.8.11 ILMINSTER: Thousands flock to the Lowland Games By Marion Draper - BIGGER and better than ever, the annual Lowland Games held alongside the River Parrett at Thorney attracted a massive number of families this year in perfect weather conditions... There were many first timers on the river this year including Chard team the Builderettes who were first on the river and had their raft christened with beer by the commentator before the start. The Seavington Hunt team were also new and joint master Jereme Darke found enough puff to blow his hunting horn between paddles. Also a vet with Kingfisher Veterinary Practice, his team had made imaginative use of the long examination gloves which they had blown up for arm floats... (story)

Waltham Forest Guardian 5.8.11 CHINGFORD: Animal welfare groups downplay involvement with Stow racing bid By Daniel Binns - TWO animal welfare organisations have said they do not support the reopening of Walthamstow Stadium as a dog racing venue - following claims they were working on such proposals. The site's owner, London and Quadrant (L&Q), has submitted a planning application to build a 300 home housing estate there, but millionaire businessman Bob Morton wants to buy it off them. He aspires to bring greyhound racing back to the venue along with affordable housing... Mr Morton, supporters from the Save Our Stow (SOS) campaign and Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy have all said he has been "working with" the League Against Cruel Sports and the Dogs Trust to ensure that greyhounds will be treated well if his plans do become a reality. But the organisations have moved to downplay their involvement after animal rights campaigners complained to the Dogs Trust... Steve Taylor, the League Against Cruel Sport's head of campaigns, also issued a public statement. He said: "It's true to say that we're engaged on the issue, but no-one should claim that we're supportive. "The League isn't an abolitionist organisation... But we are pragmatists and our concern would be for the welfare of the greyhounds and we would be keen to meet with anyone setting up a new track in order to express our concerns and seek assurances."... (story)

Wirral News 3.8.11 Angela Eagle: Think again on badger cull - BOVINE TB is a terrible disease endemic to cattle in the UK.... I continue to support a science-led approach to dealing with bovine TB which shows that vaccination offers the best hope of effectively tackling BTB in the long term... I will be asking the Government to think again on this issue and take into account the evidence (story)

Braintree & Witham Times 5.8.11 Essex: Badger group looking for more members - No living creature is currently splitting national opinion quite like the badger... North East Essex Badger Group aims to defend badgers from baiting, grassing or snaring and protect their setts and habitat.... Judy Massie, committee member, said: “We would really like to see new blood coming into the group with new ideas for fundraising.... (story)

Guardian 5.8.11 Cruelty to farm animals should come as no surprise - Shocking as revelations of cruelty to pigs at a slaughterhouse are, they point to a deeper malaise - Alasdair Cochrane - The recently released footage of workers at a slaughterhouse in Essex punching, beating and stubbing out cigarettes on pigs makes forextremely distressing vie wing. Animal Aid should be applauded for documenting such horrific and illegal abuse, and exposing it to the public and relevant government authorities... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 5.8.11 I'm not proud to be British - PROUD to be British? Not any more... when I saw on the news how pigs waiting to be slaughtered in an abattoir in Essex were beaten and had cigarettes stubbed out on their faces, I felt sick and ashamed to be human, never mind British.... Linda Wilkins, a very sad human being, Rosemary Avenue, Grimsby (letter)

Argus 5.8.11 A roe-d deer - I WOULD like to respond to comments from Suki Wilson who suggests culling deer after hitting one on the road while driving (The Argus, July 30). She states a deer hit her car – I would suggest her car hit the deer... I think the worst animals on this planet are the ones that stand on two legs... Gordon Dean, Barfield Park, Lancing (letter)


Yorkshire Post 4.8.11 Fewer exhibitors as Bakewell Show feels economic pinch - Visitors enjoyed a variety of attractions at the 181st Bakewell Show yesterday, although organisers said the economic downturn had affected the number of exhibitors taking part this year... Yesterday’s programme also included cattle judging, show jumping, a goat show, vintage cars, a parade of hounds and classes for Arab and Palomino horses, former racehorses and miniature ponies... (story)

North Devon Journal 4.8.11 Show celebrates biggest gate - ORGANISERS of Woolsery Agricultural Show are celebrating their best gate since moving to Clovelly Court... Four packs of hunting hounds including the Stevenstone and Tetcott Hunts and the Devon and Somerset Staghounds were on show... (story)

Somerset Guardian 4.8.11 Badger culling pilot is not the answer in fight against TB - JOE DUCKWORTH Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 2.8.11 Not best for badgers - James Barrington Animal Welfare Consultant London (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.8.11 Don’t shoot badgers - AS a former director of the League Against Cruel Sports I want to see the best solution in animal welfare terms to the difficulties many farmers are facing in dealing with Bovine TB... The League’s current chief executive, Joe Duckworth, states that there will be thousands of wounded badgers if shot (Examiner, July 25). Yet, during the numerous debates in the run-up to the passing of the Hunting Act, the League, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the RSPCA all argued that shooting foxes was more humane than hunting with hounds, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. How is it that badgers can be wounded, but foxes appear to be immune? James Barrington, Animal welfare consultant (letter)
Hexham Courant 29.7.11 Badger cull - JOE DUCKWORTH, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Wirral Globe 27.7.11 Whole country let down over badger cull - Joe Duckworth, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 26.7.11 Don’t slaughter badgers - Joe Duckworth Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 26.7.11 Cull won't stop spread - Joe Duckworth, Chief executive (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 24.7.11 The worst outcome - Joe Duckworth Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Worcester News 22.7.11 Badger culls are worst outcome - JOE DUCKWORTH, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 22.7.11 Badger cull not answer - JOE DUCKWORTH, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Shields Gazette 22.7.11 Cull is not needed - FARMERS, badgers and the whole country have been badly let down by plans for trials which effectively legitimise the slaughter of badgers... No one is disputing that bovine TB must be controlled, but the Government has ignored the science and the wishes of the public – only 16 per cent of whom support a cull – in favour of botched plans which will have serious repercussions... Joe Duckworth, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Whitby Gazette 19.7.11 Culling badgers not the answer - Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, by email (letter)

Huntingdon News & Crier 4.8.11 Bloody clothes still banned from animal rights protest - A chain of laboratories breeding animals for medical research can still ban protesters from wearing “blood-stained clothing” outside their offices. The previously imposed court order was upheld by the High Court this week, although other restrictions for protests were relaxed. Demonstrations have been taking place at the four sites operated by Harlan Laboratories UK – in Sawtry Way, Wyton, Cambridgeshire, and three others in Leicestershire, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire... Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, for Harlon, told Mrs Justice Nicola Davies employees being confronted with blood-spattered campaigners amounted to harassment.... Luke Steele, a spokesman for NAVA, told the judge: “The blood-stained clothing represents the fact Harlan are involved in slaughtering animals and supplying them for medical research”... (story)
Derby Telegraph 4.8.11 Bloodstained clothes banned from protests outside factory - A CHAIN of laboratories engaged in breeding animals for medical research has won a High Court injunction banning protesters wearing bloodstained clothing outside its offices. Harlan Laboratories UK is the subject of demonstrations at four sites it operates in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire. Protests by the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) and backed by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) began in April, and have been marked by activists sporting blood-stained costumes, which they say represent the "slaughter" of animals... (story)
Leicester Mercury 4.8.11 Protesters lose 'bloodstain' battle - Animal rights protesters have lost their High Court battle to wear costumes spattered with fake blood... Yesterday, they failed to overturn a ban on wearing them when protesting outside premises owned by Harlan Laboratories UK, which has a site in Belton, near Loughborough... (story)

Oxford Times 4.8.11 Tackling animal rights - By Maggie Hartford - Oxford author Sarah Loving was overjoyed when her book, Fifty Fifty, was accepted for publication.... she hit the jackpot with Fifty Fifty, a novel for young adults featuring Gil, an angry teenager at odds with his scientist father. “I’ve always been fascinated by science, and the story was inspired by the controversy about the animal research lab in South Parks Road, Oxford.... As she wrote, she found her views changing. “I thought at first that if there is no other way, that if experiments on animals are the only way to find a cure for a human disease, that’s acceptable. Now I’m uncertain about the whole thing.”... (story)

Leicester Mercury 4.8.11 The ending of vivisection will benefit both animals and people - Like Kevin Fletcher, I was also pleased to hear that the Government is planning to stop the testing of household products on animals... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.8.11 Animal testing reform timely - I am pleased to see that the Government is finally planning to put a stop to the testing of household products – bleach, furniture polish and washing up liquid – on animals.... Kevin Fletcher, Coalville (letter)

The Sentinel 4.8.11 Cull of pigeons a fresh disgrace - IT'S little wonder that Whitehall threatened to take control of Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The authority's appalling record speaks for itself, whether it be in business, regeneration or the latest controversial decision to cull the pigeons in Hanley.... ROBERT STONE, Hanchurch (letter)

BBC News Online 4.8.11 Bristol Royal Infirmary pigeon traps condemned - A Bristol hospital has been criticised by an animal rights group for allegedly leaving pigeons "in traps in the baking sun" for hours. The Bristol Royal Infirmary is trying to reduce the number of pigeons nesting at the Old Building. Bristol Animal Rights said it had been contacted by a number of people distressed at seeing trapped birds... (story)

Derby Telegraph 4.8.11 Put pressure on your MP over circus animals ban - MANY people believe that a ban on using wild animals in circuses has been passed and will be implemented.... For anyone who would like to help, the best thing is to write to your MP (details available at the library), saying you want a ban, to ask whether they do and if not, why, and ask that they take up this issue with David Cameron to put pressure on him to change his mind... Dawn Spencer Dovedale Crescent Belper (letter)


Horse & Hound 3.8.11 Morpeth Hunt seeks £17k for new kennels - Ben Scott - The Morpeth hunt is appealing for funds so it can move from its 19th-century kennels at Rivergreen to a modern facility in nearby Buckshaw. The lease runs out at the Northumbrian hunt's current kennels at the end of the year and the land will be sold, forcing the hounds to relocate. This means they need £50,000 to build new kennels... (story)

Lutterworth Mail 3.8.11 Fun day - A FAMILY fun day and evening disco is being held this Saturday. It is being organised by members and supporters of the Woodland Pytchley Hunt and is taking place at Eckland Lodge Farm near Desborough... (story)

Derby Telegraph 3.8.11 Huntsman 'blooded' me after fox killed - READING about Joy Elliot's childhood made me think of mine, which sounds as if it was very similar.... One Sunday morning, my father, Charles, took me to see the local hunt, which met at the top of The Hollow. I would only have been about four years old... Being the only female present, I was "blooded" and presented with the fox's brush. I remember being scared about the "blooded" bit but all that happened was that one of the huntsmen dipped his finger in the blood of the fox and wiped it across my face... (letter)

Llanelli Star 3.8.11 'Help end fox fears' - A REQUEST has been made for bushes in Seaside to be pulled up after a cat was killed in a suspected fox attack. Councillor John Jones has written to Carmarthenshire Council... (letter)

Wirral News 3.8.11 Angela Eagle: Think again on badger cull - BOVINE TB is a terrible disease endemic to cattle in the UK.... I continue to support a science-led approach to dealing with bovine TB which shows that vaccination offers the best hope of effectively tackling BTB in the long term... I will be asking the Government to think again on this issue and take into account the evidence (story)

Western Morning News 3.8.11 Bryan has the answer to identifying TB setts - One thing I have come to realise after all my years in agriculture is that farmers are rarely credited for what they know and do.... Unfortunately, as a case in point illustrates so well, that rarely counts for much. The case I am talking about is that of Devon farmer Bryan Hill who is desperately keen to put to good use the expertise he has acquired over the years in differentiating between badger setts containing healthy and TB-infected animals. He has attained this ability not as a result of spending years at university but of studying the problem on the ground at first hand.... He has even explained and demonstrated his techniques to Jim Paice – but that has made little difference. Despite his early promises Jim, it seems, is just as much in thrall to the civil servants who really run Defra as were his predecessors... (story)

Argus 3.8.11 Charity thanks - International Animal Rescue would like to thank the residents and visitors of Brighton and Hove who last month contributed to our charity street collection on Saturday, July 2... Victoria Latter, community and events fundraising co-ordinator, International Animal Rescue, Regency Close, Uckfield (letter)


Scotsman 2.8.11 Wildlife crime: Grouse shooting season put in the shade by illegal poisoning By Nick Drainey - The Glorious Twelfth and the start of the red grouse shooting season is drawing closer, but, finds Nick Drainey, there is something else exercising the minds of many in the Scottish countryside - the illegal poisoning of birds of prey... Bob Elliot, head of investigations with RSPB Scotland says more needs to be done... David Hendry, who runs the Cardney Estate, near Dunkeld, blames poisonings on a "handful of estates" for ruining the reputation of the majority of law-abiding landowners and workers... (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 2.8.11 Time for sober debate on TB - RECENTLY the Secretary of State, Caroline Spelman, announced the Government's Bovine TB Eradication Programme for England.... What does concern me is that calm, measured debate is giving way to shriller, less rational argument. The scientific debate surrounding the control of Bovine TB is being stifled and proper scrutiny of the merits of a cull is going by the wayside. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.8.11 Pressure group launches bid to stop badger cull - THE pressure group that forced the Government into a U-turn over the sell-off of forests has launched a campaign to halt the proposed cull of badgers. But a Westcountry MP last night labelled 38 Degrees as an "urban pressure group that does not understand the countryside".... (story)
Mirror 1.8.11 38 Degrees campaigners join fight against bovine TB badger cull by Mike Swain - Campaigners who helped stop the Tory-led Government selling our forests are trying to prevent the controversial planned badger cull... (story)
Independent on Sunday 31.7.11 Campaigners aim to stop badger cull By David Wilcock - A campaign group which helped force the Government into an embarrassing u-turn over plans to sell off forests has set its sights on stopping a planned cull of badgers.... 38 Degrees, which got 532,000 people to sign its Save Our Forests petition to derail the coalition's woodland sell-off earlier this year, has joined those fighting the cull.... (story)
Guardian 31.7.11 Badger cull critics joined by campaign group 38 Degrees - Following 500,000-strong petition against woodland sell-off, group targets proposed method of tackling bovine TB - Press Association... (story)
Western Daily Press 30.7.11 Forest campaigners launch mission to stop badger cull - The pressure group that forced the Government into a U-turn on the sell-off of forests has launched a campaign to halt the proposed cull of badgers... George Eustice, Conservative MP for Camborne and Redruth, said: “38 Degrees is an urban pressure group that does not understand the countryside.”... (story)

Independent 2.8.11 Badgers join the hit-list - With Richard Ingrams's entry into the debate on the badger cull (30 July), it now becomes apparent that he actually hates all British wildlife... John Hall, Telford
I am unlikely ever to catch a sight of a live specimen of Richard Ingrams, and yet for some reason I would oppose his killing, even though he has been proved to be responsible for absurd and obnoxious opinions polluting my Saturday newspaper... Andrew Cosgrove, London SW11
I am grateful to Richard Ingrams for reminding me that the English countryside is inhabited by savage badgers, as well as the predatory red kites of which he has written previously... Peter Smith, Halifax, West Yorkshire
.... it is difficult to see how a significant number of badgers can be killed "humanely" by the free-shooting method that will be used... Steve Hawkes, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
If the badger cull does go ahead I will be very interested to see if there is a corresponding increase in hedgehogs in the cull areas... Patrick Cosgrove, Chapel Lawn, Shropshire (letters)

Yorkshire Post 2.8.11 From: G Morgan, Bishopthorpe Road, York. CHRIS Bond’s report on the proposed badger cull (Yorkshire Post, July 21) was misleading in its assertion that this will be “science-led... However, David Cameron’s Government has little interest in science, and even less in animal welfare. Cameron is a keen blood sports enthusiast. So, too, are other Ministers. These people represent the interests of the Countryside Alliance, not the opinions of ordinary people, so the only recourse for the 63 per cent of the electorate who are opposed to this massacre is to boycott dairy products.... (letter)

Manchester Evening News 2.8.11 Collection success - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Manchester for their generosity in raising £205.22 at a recent city centre collection.... Rita Bright, Manchester (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 2.8.11 Natural reaction - Your printing of the letter Rethink Farming by Kelly Slade was offensive to the farming industry in the extreme... Eileen Sealey Swanage Walk Moredon Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 6.7.11 Rethink farming - Kelly Slade Animal Aid (letter)
Northwich Guardian 15.6.11 Go veggie and help to prevent more disease - KELLY SLADE Animal Aid (letter)
Gloucestershire Citizen 9.6.11 Farmers do not feed antibiotics to animals - I REFER to the letter from Kelly Slade, Campaign Officer for 'Animal Aid'. What a load of dribble she is writing... Jeff Brown, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury (letter)
ThisIsGloucestershire 6.6.11 A veggie diet helps stop food-borne diseases - IT comes as no surprise that a new strain of the superbug MRSA has been found in cows' milk... The European E.coli outbreak is also thought to have originated in farmed animals. Although scientists have yet to pinpoint the precise source, they believe salad vegetables were infected by bacteria in animal manure used to fertilise crops... Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer (letter)


Chingford Guardian 1.8.11 CHINGFORD: 'Back Stow housing plans' say animal rights By Daniel Binns - ANIMAL rights campaigners are calling on residents to support a planning application to build a housing estate at Walthamstow Stadium before the consultation deadline ends. The 'Greyt Exploitations' group, who are supported by the Waltham Forest Green Party, argue that greyhound racing is cruel and harmful to animals.... (story)

Eastbourne Herald 1.8.11 Plan for badger cull is slammed as ‘sickening’ - A WILDLIFE rescuer has described the government’s decision to allow badgers to be culled as ‘sickening’.... Trevor Weeks, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service, said culling the creatures will not solve the TB problem.... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 1.8.11 Farmers urged to report badger setts in fight against bovine TB - FARMERS are being urged to help in the fight against the spread of bovine TB in Cumbria by reporting on the whereabouts of badger setts. The call was made by veterinary officer Tanis Brough as she addressed a public meeting at Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith, updating farmers on the latest situation with the disease after an outbreak in Eden earlier this year.... (story)

Berwick Advertiser 1.8.11 Culling badgers is ‘not the solution’ - Northumberland Wildlife Trust has hit out at the Government’s decision to pursue more trials of badger culling to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis, however the region’s National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has welcomed the announcement.... Mike Pratt said: “This issue demands a scientific and practical approach... (story)

Teesdale Mercury 1.8.11 BADGERS DRAGGED FROM SETTS FORCED INTO DOG FIGHTING - BADGERS are being ripped from setts in Teesdale and shipped to other parts of the UK where they are forced to fight with dogs, according to a local wildlife trust. Graham Temby, from the County Durham Badger Trust, said gangs travel to Teesdale and Weardale from places as far afield as Sheffield and Liverpool to steal the protected animals. They are then are subjected to “horrendous cruelty”... (story)

Bolton News 1.8.11 Wild circus animals deserve our full respect - I MUST take issue with Mrs C Bessell regarding her interpretation of the treatment of animals in circuses. To claim that wild animals in captivity are treated with respect is clearly false, to imprison and subject any animal to the conditions of circus life does not show them any respect... D Collins Bolton (letter)
Bolton News 27.7.11 Circus animals were treated with kindness - I HAVE read with interest the comments made about the treatment of circus animals and decided, having never been to an animal circus, to go and see what treatment the animals were getting. As an animal lover, I hate cruelty of any kind to defenceless animals. To the writer who wouldn’t have his or her name printed — you are talking a load of rubbish. The animals at Circus Mondao were treated with kindness and respect and were never forced to do anything that was unnatural to them... Mrs C Bessell Sundridge Close Bolton (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 1.8.11 Protest over horses was way off track - IN response to Janet Cummings’ letter about the Polocrosse World Cup... She clearly has no experience with horses/ponies otherwise she would understand the bond between horse and rider... Mankind and horses have co-existed in this symbiotic relationship since before Christ, but how lucky are we that Janet the horse whisperer has come along to speak on behalf of horses and recommend that we stop riding them... I’m afraid there is only one thing worse than someone who has no idea what they are talking about, and that is someone who has no idea what they are talking about trying to force their opinions on everyone else. So, please Janet, as you clearly have no idea about horses, then for the sake of those horses, leave them alone. Philip Baker, Onley Grounds Farm, Willoughby. (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 26.7.11 Polo event too hard on horses - APPARENTLY the World Cup Polocrosse event recently held in Rugby proved not to be the huge spectator sport that was expected by local businesses. I am not surprised for the polo horses must sustain constant bruising from knocks received in colliding with each other and by coming into contact with the equipment used... Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Argus 1.8.11 Seagull lover - AS A campaigner for wildlife – particularly for seagulls, which I find are so often misunderstood – the article “mutilated gulls found on a beach” sickened me... GW Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter)