August 2014

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Northern Echo 31.8.14 Clay pigeon shoot for charity by Catherine Priestley - A FORMER soldier who has raised tens of thousands of pounds for Help for Heroes hopes to be on target with his next charity event. Phil Bartlett, from Spennymoor, County Durham, is organising a clay pigeon shooting competition on Sunday, October 12, from 9am…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 31.8.14 The badger cull: round two in a rural struggle for survival - Britain's badgers are in farmers’ sights again as another cull is announced By William Langley - The battle lines are drawn, the sob stories prepared, and Badger Cull 2: The Sequel is about to begin. Largely unseen, but not unnoticed, squads of marksmen will shortly take to the velvety expanses of Gloucestershire and Somerset in a fresh attempt to reduce the growing ranks of an animal, which – for all its appealing qualities – has become the No 1 enemy of Britain’s farmers…. (story)

Observer 31.8.14 Using animals to test drugs is outdated and unreliable - Governments should replace mandatory animal-testing requirements with new technologies - Your excellent article "Could tech end animal-based drugs testing?" (New Review) underlines why new medicines are still tested on animals, namely the courtroom argument: "Would you be happy standing up in a court of law to explain why you hadn't tested this drug on animals?"… Kathy Archibald director, Safer Medicines Trust, Kingsbridge; Dr Kelly BéruBé director, Lung & Particle Research Group, Cardiff University; Dr Bob Coleman UK science director, Safer Medicines Trust; Professor Michael Coleman School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University Professor Chris Foster Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Liverpool University and Medical Director, HCA Pathology Laboratories Professor Barbara Pierscionek Associate Dean of Research and Enterprise, Kingston University Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing Professor Gareth Sanger Blizard Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London Dr Katya Tsaioun US Science Director, Safer Medicines Trust Professor Sir Ian Wilmut Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh (letter) 31.8.14 Protests Staged In Wrexham Against Use Of Animals In Circuses - Protests against the use of animals in circuses have taken place in Wrexham over the past few days, following the arrival of a circus in town. Peter Jolly’s Circus arrived in Wrexham of last week and has been been criticised for its use of animals, including lions, tigers, camels, reindeer and zebras, in its performance. The circus is one of two in the UK that still uses animals in its shows…. (story)

Argus 31.8.14 Beauty queen swaps gown for car boot - Beauty Queen Louise Maggs swapped her ball gown for a car boot sale over the bank holiday weekend to support a charity… She managed to raise more than £160 for Horsham-based international wildlife charity, The Born Free Foundation…. (story)


Horse & Hound 30.8.14 Lauderdale terrierman cleared of offence - Polly Portwin - John Cook, terrierman of the Lauderdale Hunt, has been cleared of an offence under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002… (story)
Peeblesshire News 8.8.14 Huntsman cleared of releasing live fox - A LEADING huntsman has been cleared of releasing a live fox from a sack shortly before it was torn to pieces by a pack of hounds. John Cook - who is in charge of the terriers at the Lauderdale and Buccleuch Hunts - faced the prospect of becoming the first huntsman to be convicted since Scotland’s anti-fox hunting laws were introduced 12 years ago. But after witnesses, during a trial at Selkirk Sheriff Court on Tuesday, failed to identify the person who allegedly released the fox from the sack, Cook’s defence team successfully argued there was no case to answer… The offences were said to have happened at Rink Farm, near Galashiels, on November 19, during a Lauderdale Hunt…. (story)

Western Gazette 30.8.14 Is hunt linked to parasite outbreak? - EARLIER this month I received as part of my weekly mailing as a Chard town councillor a note regarding Neospora abortion in cattle… where does this outbreak originate from? Could it be the start of autumn hunting, formally called cub hunting, where new hounds are trained on fox cubs. As the hound shows are all but over and fresh from their travels the hounds are out and about on local farmland once again…. Cllr Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard. (letter)

Western Mail 30.8.14 RSPCA fury over Welsh Government 'disregard' for hundreds of views of public on puppy farming rules - because they were collected on social media By Graham Henry …The RSPCA in Wales criticised Ministers for labelling hundreds of consultation responses to proposed regulations on the maximum number of dogs under the care of one staff member in breeding establishments as “generic responses...circulated via social media”, before not including them in the number opposed to its position…



Western Morning News 29.8.14 Real reason behind falling donations - It is ludicrous and a case of wishful thinking by Roger Mason (WMN, August 21) to suggest the fall in the RSPCA’s donations has anything at all to do with the prosecution of David Cameron’s local hunt, the Heythrop… Falling donations are far more likely to be due to the horrendous cuts put upon ordinary people while leaving the rich untouched…. .As a long-standing member of the RSPCA and one who monitors hunts for illegal acts of cruelty, I applaud the RSPCA for standing up to the bullying tactics of the anti-hunt lobby. Helen Weeks West Coker, Somerset (letter)

Scottish Farmer 29.8.14 Scots game sector fears land reform - THERE IS strong political support for major land reform in Scotland - but politicians pressing for the redistribution of land may not have thought through the "unintended consequences" for the country's field sports sector…. According to figures from the Scottish Countryside Alliance, the value of country sports tourism in Scotland was at least £130 million per year a decade ago… (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.14 High Court reject Badger Trust challenge against no monitoring for the cull - The High Court has rejected an 11th-hour challenge to a Government decision to let the latest badger cull, in Gloucestershire and Somerset, go ahead without monitoring by a panel of independent experts… (story)
Guardian 29.8.14 High court rejects badger cull challenge - Badger Trust was seeking a ruling to block the latest cull from proceeding without independent monitoring - The high court has rejected an 11th-hour challenge to a government decision to let the latest badger cull go ahead without monitoring by a panel of independent experts…. (story)

Hunts Post 29.8.14 Animal rights campaigners SHAC disband group against Huntingdon Life Sciences - Hywel Barrett - An animal rights group looks to have ended a 15-year fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was started by Greg Avery, his wife Natasha Avery and former wife Heather Nicholson in 1999… (story)
Independent on Sunday 24.8.14 Animal rights group ends 15-year campaign against experiments at Huntingdon - Animal rights leaders have ended their high-profile campaign against a testing centre after 15 years of intimidation and direct action that broke new ground with the sophisticated targeting of the centre's City backers…. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) and its supporters embarked on what one judge called a "ruthless, sustained campaign" making false allegations of child abuse, sending hoax bombs and delivering sanitary towels allegedly contaminated with the Aids virus to try to traumatise staff…. A Shac activist said the group was now seeking to influence the Government into changing the law to prevent animal cruelty. (story)
Mail on Sunday 24.8.14 Animal rights activists end 15-year campaign of intimidation to close Huntingdon laboratory By RICHARD SPILLETT - A group of guerrilla animal rights activists have ended their 15-year harassment and intimidation campaign against a research laboratory. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) has spent more than a decade aggressively targeting those who work for and fund the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) centre. After years of action - which has included making false claims of child abuse, allegedly sinking a banker's yacht and sending hoax bombs - the group's campaign of terror has now ended. A message posted on the group's website states: 'It’s time to reassess our methods, obstacles and opponent’s weaknesses and to build up our solidarity network.'… (story)


Newcastle Chronicle 28.8.14 Bellingham Show: Organisers hoping for big turnout on Saturday, August 30 - Bellingham Show takes place on Saturday, and promises everything from showjumping to stuntmen… Rachel Pearson, show secretary, said: “We’ve got 90 volunteers who help to organise the event and it takes a huge amount of hours to prepare…. “For me having a nice cup of tea in the vintage tent is great but a real highlight is the inter-hunt challenge where two hunts using horses and quadbikes race through obstacles in the main ring - it’s more exciting than a cup of tea.”… (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 28.8.14 Tonbridge charity Animal Aid urges people not to do the ice bucket challenge - A Tonbridge charity is urging people not to do the ice bucket challenge – for the sake of genetically modified mice. Animal Aid has came out against the craze because its main beneficiary in the UK, the Motor Neurone Disease Association, funds experiments on animals…. (story)


Oxford Times 27.8.14 Dogs join hunt for funds in group’s cycle challenge - HOUNDS of the Heythrop Hunt joined their masters for a different sort of ride over the weekend. The group held a 120-mile cycle tour to raise money for the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And the dogs joined them on Sunday, as they covered some 30 miles… (story)

Third Sector 27.8.14 Mike Hobday wants to 'take on a tough job and do well' at the British Heart Foundation - On his LinkedIn profile, Mike Hobday, who becomes director of policy and research at the British Heart Foundation at the end of September, refers to himself as a "driven professional with a thirst for success". This description is reflected in his career in the charity sector, which has included leading groundbreaking campaigns at Macmillan Cancer Support and the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)

Horse & Hound 27.8.14 Countryside Alliance seeks repeal pledge from Conservatives - Polly Portwin - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has warned that the Conservative Party risks jeopardising 500,000 votes if it fails to pledge to repeal the ban on fox hunting in its manifesto for the May 2015 general election. At the same time they have called for a cabinet post dedicated to rural affairs…. (story)
Guardian 20.8.14 Diary: Erica Buist - …For Britons who enjoy dressing up in red tunics, getting on a horse and watching their hounds tear foxes to bloody, twitching shreds, the past decade has been utter misery. But with an election imminent, the hunting fraternity reckon their moment has come. The Countryside Alliance’s executive chairman is proclaiming loudly that the Tories will lose half a million votes… (story)
Western Daily Press 19.8.14 Warning of Tories losing rural votes By Graeme Demianyk - The Conservative Party risks jeopardising 500,000 votes if it fails to pledge to repeal the ban on fox hunting in its manifesto, the leading country sports pressure group has warned. Sir Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, also called for a cabinet post dedicated to rural affairs against fears a traditional core of Tory voters feel alienated…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.8.14 Philip Bowern: David Cameron can't afford to risk hunt vote - The Conservative Party neglects the views of pro-hunting voters at its peril. David Cameron, as a former huntsman, deer stalker and occasional game shooter, ought to know better than most that those who take part in country sports consider hunting in particular to be a way of life, rather than a casual pastime…. (story)
Western Morning News 18.8.14 Pro-hunting voters could leave Tories without repeal pledge, says Countryside Alliance By GDemianyk - The Conservative Party risks jeopardising 500,000 votes if it fails to pledge to repeal the ban on fox hunting in its manifesto, the leading country sports pressure group has warned. Sir Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, also called for a cabinet post dedicated to rural affairs against fears a traditional core of Tory voters feel alienated… (story)
Times 16.8.14 Hunting foxes is better than snaring or poisoning them - Ross Clark - If I were David Cameron I would feel pretty peeved to be attacked by anyone with a name like Sir Barney White-Spunner. The executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance threatens that rural Tories will refuse to get out the party’s vote at the next election unless the prime minister pledges to repeal the hunting ban…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 17.8.14 RACHEL JOHNSON: The countryside really hates Dave (I got it from the horse's mouth) By RACHEL JOHNSON - I’m on my own on Exmoor…. Then I found out that mid-week it was the 121st Exford Horse Show, organised by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and the Exmoor Pony Society – ie the gold- plated red-letter day in the West Country calendar…. So we tore through the food and craft tent, past the antler competition – I couldn’t stop, I was hungry and in a hurry to find my hostess, Ann (Baroness) Mallalieu, President of the Countryside Alliance, who was going to give it to me straight from the horse’s mouth, I suspected. ‘Cameron’s sacked the one person, Owen Paterson, who was really spot on, on everything,’ said my hostess… Then the chairman of the Quantock Staghounds, local solicitor Nigel Muers-Raby, chipped in. ‘Cameron’s lost his way, he’s turned his back on who he is… (story)

Western Morning News 27.8.14 Tax threats upstage hunting row - Lynton Crosby, the Australian hired by the Conservative Party to manage their 2015 General Election strategy, should advise David Cameron to shut up about the abolition of the Hunting Act. Especially when Labour Peer Baroness Anne Mallalieu, founding president of the Countryside Alliance and the Alliance chair, Labour MP Kate Hoey, use their chief executive, Sir Barney White-Spunner, to bait him, with the threat of losing the rural vote to UKIP if the Tories don’t include a promise to repeal the Hunting Act in their 2015 General Election manifesto…. What rural voters need to consider is not the repeal of the Hunting Act, or the sacking of pro-hunting Owen Paterson, it’s Baroness Mallalieu and Ms Hoey’s party colleagues planning to introduce new taxes on farmers if Labour wins next year’s General Election… by Martin Bell Port Isaac (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.14 United in the fight to protect wildlife - Roger Mason’s letter (WMN, August 21) continues the theme that has been running for over two years, a relentless attack on our premier animal protection charity the RSPCA…. To say the RSPCA has become too political or lost its way is just Mr Mason’s way of trying to limit the success of the society for dealing with the bloody countryside pursuit of fox hunting… by Graham Forsyth Chard (letter)

Western Morning News 27.8.14 Useless Hunting Act should be repealed - The WMN asks whether its readers think that the Hunting Act should be repealed. The short answer to that emotive question is that it should be…. I am neither for or against hunting. There are far worse things going on in the world which need sorting before a few foxes or stags being hunted by men and women in red coats… by Colin Richey Tiverton (letter)

Cotswold Journal 27.8.14 Cotswolds parliamentary candidate hits out at badger cull plans - A LIBERAL Democrat Parliamentary candidate for the Cotswolds has hit out at this week’s announcement that a second badger cull is to take place in Gloucestershire. Cllr Paul Hodgkinson has written to the secretary of state for the environment calling for a halt to the cull… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 27.8.14 Anti-badger cull protesters explain why a second cull will not work in Gloucestershire By Michael_Yong - Licences to start the cull have been handed out to marksmen in Gloucestershire, who have been training this summer…. Dominic Dyer, chief executive officer of the Badger Trust and policy advisor to Care for the Wild, explains why a cull will not work…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.8.14 Chris Rundle: Badger cull protesters start whining again, as Defra starts plans to move beavers from Devon - Badger cull – round two - It is difficult, nay almost impossible, to reproduce in print the whining, nasal tones of the pro-badger brigade. All I can suggest you do is to conjure up mentally the noise of someone attempting to cut plate glass with a chainsaw…. The air will be filled with the wailing and ranting of the outraged as the operation cranks up for another go at annihilating the animals which are now threatening the very future of livestock production in the South West… (story)


Surrey Advertiser 26.8.14 Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show features animals, children and ice … The annual Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show featured the usual line-up of animals as well as the latest craze, the Ice Bucket Challenge. Members of several Surrey hunts agreed to have buckets of freezing cold water tipped over their heards… Those taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge included Mark Pycroft from West Surrey and Burstow with West Kent Hunt, Neil Staines from Ashford Valley and Tickham Hunt and Ashley Doherty and Ian Shakespeare from Surrey Union Hunt… (story)

Cambridge News 26.8.14 The power of protest: but how far should you go? We ask Cambridge activists for their verdict on the best way to make a point Written by ALLISON DECLERCQ-MATTHAS - Last week a group of anti-fracking activists took the extreme step of super-gluing themselves to the doors of a government office in a bid to bring attention to their cause… One veteran animal rights activist has seen at least four decades of the evolution of demonstrations and marches in the UK. But when it comes to righting alleged wrongs, Joan Court from Animal Rights Cambridge (ARC) prefers direct action. An example is Cambridge Anti-Bloodsports, a local hunt saboteur group. Members use a range of tactics from mimicking sounds of the hunt to using sprays to cover scents… Ms Court and another activist from ARC, Sue Hughes, agreed that generating a positive relationship with the public is necessary. Ms Hughes prefers quiet protests over noisy ones… (story)

Western Morning News 26.8.14 RSPCA should concentrate on pets - How silly of correspondent Judi Hewitt to think that I condone torturing foxes or any other animal to death – as your letter “Blood-thirsty hunt must stay banned” (WMN, August 5) suggests. It is obvious to the majority that the ban is not working and is costing too much money… So, Miss Hewitt, if my unemotional piece on the Hunting Act makes you feel ashamed to be human you have my condolences – especially because there far more murderous acts going on in this world than just hunting a fox by Colin Richey Tiverton (letter)

Farmers Guardian 26.8.14 Take the Lead success as campaign gains momentum across Britain By Olivia Midgley - Since the launch of Farmers Guardian’s Take the Lead campaign to encourage dog owners to be more responsible in the countryside, the team has taken up every opportunity to spread the message. Olivia Midgley looks back on some of the highlights…. Head of policy at the Countryside Alliance Sarah Lee said: “The Countryside Alliance is proud to be associated with the Take the Lead campaign which benefits dog owners and farmers alike… (story)

Third Sector 26.8.14 Woodland Trust among first charities to register as non-party campaigners by Sam Burne James - The Woodland Trust and the League Against Cruel Sports have become the first charities to register with the Electoral Commission as non-party campaigners since the introduction of the lobbying act, with the online campaigning platform 38 Degrees also registered and the religious charity Quakers in Britain expected to join them shortly… (story)

Western Mail 26.8.14 Media firm Freshwater UK set to post best financial figures since 2008 fuelled by new client wins By Sion Barry - Media and communications group Freshwater UK is set to post its best trading performance since the onset of the recession in 2008…. New clients in the year have included University of South Wales, League Against Cruel Sports, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust… (story)

Western Daily Press 26.8.14 Badger cull gets go-ahead to resume in Somerset and Gloucestershire - Badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire have been authorised to continue, with Natural today issuing letters to cull companies in the areas. At least 615 badgers must be removed in Gloucestershire and 316 in Somerset, with maximums of 1,091 and 785 in place to 'safeguard the local populations'. This year's culls will continue under the same four-year licenses…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.8.14 WMN opinion: Don't let blinkered badger lovers hijack the bovine TB fight - For the genuinely undecided the search for some trustworthy guidance on whether or not a controlled cull of badgers will help in the battle to bring bovine TB under control is hard to find. Each side of the argument can summon up an expert – or several – to back up their views… Anyone deeply concerned about bringing this disease under control as quickly as possible must feel a deep dismay whenever the argument is hijacked by those whose chief concern is with badger welfare to the exclusion of all else… Lorraine Platt, the Conservative campaigner against the cull, today urges her fellow Tory, Defra Secretary Liz Truss, to abandon the cull policy. Does Ms Platt not think the new Secretary of State would do just that, if that was all that were needed?... (story)
Farmers Weekly 26.8.14 Badger cull gets go-ahead for second year - Philip Case - Badger culls in the two pilot counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire have been authorised to continue this autumn, Natural England has confirmed… (story)
Guardian 26.8.14 New round of English badger culls given go-ahead - Press Association - The culling of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle has been given the go-ahead in two pilot areas for a second year.. (story)
Telegraph 26.8.14 Second badger cull gets green light from Natural England - Natural England has given the go-ahead to a second badger cull despite warnings from critics that it would be unethical and ineffective By Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent (story)


Mail on Sunday 24.8.14 Outrage as Canada geese are rounded up for culling - by council contractor who claimed they were just being 'relocated' By ANDY DOLAN FOR THE DAILY MAIL - When Ian Carroll asked council contractors why they were herding Canada geese into a van at a park, he was not satisfied by their claim to be ringing the birds’ feet…. So the postman, who is a member of a local animal rescue group, lodged a Freedom of Information Act request with Sandwell Council, which finally admitted the geese had been taken away and ‘humanely’ killed…. (story)


Matlock Mercury 23.8.14 Student campaigns in capital for animal rights - A Matlock student has joined protesters in London to campaign about animal rights. Lisa Stoker, 31, joined dozens of fellow PETA supporters outside the French embassy to demand that Air France stop flying monkeys to laboratories for animal testing… (story)

Mail 23.8.14 Animal rights campaigners condemn quaint Oxfordshire country fair for displaying three wild brown bear cubs in cages By MIA DE GRAAF - Climbing up the walls and splashing in the water, these brown bear cubs were the main attraction at this year's Enstone Country Show…. Condemning their inclusion at the event, Animal Defenders International (ADI) and the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) urged followers to ambush the event and email their complaints to the organisers. .. (story)
BBC News Online 22.8.14 Oxfordshire bear cub show appearance on despite protests - A planned appearance of three bear cubs at an annual show in Oxfordshire will go ahead despite calls from an animal welfare group for it to be dropped. Animal Defenders International (ADI) said it received a complaint about the Enstone Show, to be held on Saturday… (story)
Oxford Mail 22.8.14 Controversy over bear cubs at village show - THESE bear cubs will be making an appearance at tomorrow’s Enstone Annual Show. And organisers have said they are going ahead as normal despite London-based Animal Defenders International (ADI), an animal welfare group, demanding that the young bears should not appear at the show…. (story)

Mail 23.8.14 Fur flies over the luxury clutch bags and iPad cases made out of deer fur: Horrified charities say 'don't wear Bambi' By SIAN BOYLE FOR THE DAILY MAIL … Marketed as ‘for the individualist’, a collection of deer fur clutch bags and iPad cases has been designed by Rosemary Hobrough – whose husband is a deer stalker. Her Dorset-based company Rah & Co launched this year and sells the bags online for up to £110. But a spokesman from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has urged people to boycott the products. He said: ‘People would rather be caught dead than wearing Bambi…. (story)


Wildlife Extra 22.8.14 Conservation charity hosts controversial debate on the impacts of hunting on wildlife - A controversial debate on hunting and its impacts is to be hosted by the World Land Trust on September 2 at the Royal Society in London… “An open debate about the impact of sport hunting on wildlife and conservation is long overdue and it is time for arguments for and against hunting to be exposed to public scrutiny,” said John Burton, WLT Chief Executive. Panellists will include Chris Packham, Patron of World Land Trust, and Bill Oddie… Joining them is Mark Avery, who helped organise the recent peaceful protests on Hen Harrier Day against wildlife crime associated with grouse shooting. On the other side and speaking in favour of the conservation benefits of game management is Andrew Gilruth, Director of Membership and Communications at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, and James Barrington, animal welfare consultant…. (story)

Mail 22.8.14 Protesters' fury over plans to cull up to 500 'dangerous' wild boar in the Forest of Dean in 'biggest ever government-backed slaughter' By Dan Bloom - Animal protection activists are planning to become 'human shields' for a wild boar population which they say is facing the biggest government cull in its history…. 46-year-old Drew Pratten, one of 30 activists living in the forest who are preparing to sabotage the marksmen, said there was huge doubt over the figures…. (story)
Guardian 21.8.14 Animal activists vow to stop planned wild boar cull in Forest of Dean - Forestry Commission to shoot animals after explosion in numbers sparks debate on safety of region's residents - Steven Morris - Drew Pratten was walking home through the forest by the light of a low moon when he found himself in the middle of a sounder – a group of wild boar…. In the coming weeks, Pratten and 40-odd other animal activists will be confronting a potentially much more hazardous threat when they take on the high-powered rifles of government rangers who have been charged with reducing the number of boar in the Forest of Dean. Pratten and his fellow saboteurs say they will use lawful direct action to halt the cull in the Gloucestershire woods… (story)

Western Daily Press 22.8.14 High Court reserves cull judgement By JOHN ASTON - The High Court has reserved judgment on a challenge to a Government decision to dispense with monitoring of its controversial badger cull by a panel of independent experts…. Scores of anti-cull supporters, many with faces camouflaged in badger stripes or wearing badger masks and costumes, demonstrated outside the Royal Courts of Justice during the one-day hearing…. (story)
ITV 21.8.14 Badger cull protestors back at the High Court …The Badger Trust is asking a judge to stop the culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire, unless an expert panel is reinstated to oversee them. Dozens of supporters demonstrated outside, as Bob Constantine reports… (story)
York Press 21.8.14 Defra 'seeks to sack badger panel' - Badger cull protesters have accused the Government of acting unlawfully by breaking a promise and seeking to "sack the referee" monitoring its pilot "controlled shooting" policy…. Scores of anti-cull supporters, many with faces painted with black-and-white badger markings, gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice to demonstrate their opposition to the shooting of badgers….

Gloucestershire Echo 17.8.14 Protest planned for High Court in London against badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset - Badger cull campaigners from Gloucestershire will travel to the High Court this Thursday to show their support to a legal challenge which could halt the cull…. The protest outside the court rooms in London is expected to be attended by thousands across the country, with speakers including broadcaster and naturalist Bill Oddie and chief executive of the Badger Trust, Dominic Dyer…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.8.14 Wales controls bTB without badger cull - Philip Bowern’s article of August 4 rightly calls for honesty and openness about badger culling and refers – again rightly – to the “toxicity” of the cull in the public consciousness…. The fact is that killing badgers is a very small factor in the fight against bovine TB and could make no meaningful contribution to eradication… by Jack Reedy Media Adviser, The Badger Trust (letter)

South Wales Echo 22.8.14 Strike is the perfect chance to go vegan - Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London (letter)
Western Mail 21.8.14 Time for you to walk out on meat diet - Next week’s walkout by Food Standards Agency meat inspectors provides the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever considered trying out a vegan diet to do it and join one of the fastest-growing movements in food… Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Society Building, London (letter)


Border Telegraph 21.8.14 Hearing to determine former animal rights activist’s taxi licence bid - Dave Pritchard, who has two historic criminal convictions relating to his animal rights activities, will appear at a special hearing of Scottish Borders Council’s Civic Government Licensing Committee at Newtown on Friday. When Mr Pritchard, who lives near Gordon, applied for a taxi driver’s licence in July, he fully declared his past record along with a minor road traffic offence committed in Edinburgh 13 years ago. But a hearing was arranged after police wrote to SBC’s licensing unit this month suggesting his convictions “may affect his suitability as a taxi driver”. Mr Pritchard, who will represent himself at the hearing, was part of the high profile Greenpeace bid to stop the annual cull of grey seal pups on the islands off Orkney in November, 1982…. His next arrest came in 1995 when he was involved in a protest against the activities of the Duke of Buccleuch’s fox hunt…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.8.14 Anti-hunt stand is harming RSPCA - Your recent front page story informing us of the falling donations to the RSPCA and the charity’s intention to review the high-profile prosecution of hunts has engendered continuing response including, predictably, a clutch of letters from the anti-hunt brigade. Whether Messrs Phelps, Kilby, Little, et al like it or like it not the stark fact is that following the abandonment of its core ideals and launch into the murky world of left wing animal rights groups, supporters at ground level have voted with their feet… by Roger Mason South Molton (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 21.8.14 Wherstead: Disabled champion clay pigeon shooter is refused home insurance for having a gun - Matt Bunn - A banking firm today admitted mistakes were made after a champion clay pigeon shooter from Suffolk was refused home insurance... because he owns a gun! Dad-of-one Sam Nunn said the firearm in question, a shotgun he uses for the sport, is not even kept at his home in Wherstead, but that he was initially told he could not get insurance with his existing provider, Halifax, because of how much the item was worth. The 29-year-old disabled athlete says he then got mixed messages as to why he had been declined, with a letter from the provider suggesting the refusal was simply down to the fact he owns a gun…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 21.8.14 Real cost of grouse shooting - August 12 – the so-called ‘Glorious Twelfth’ – was the start of the grouse-shooting season, which runs until December 10. During this time, shooters will kill around half a million birds, whose numbers have been boosted to unnatural levels by intensive management of the UK’s moorlands…. Fiona Pereira, Campaigner, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)

Worcester News 21.8.14 So sad to see injured fox - Stalking fox Thursday, August 7. I would like to say how sad to hear a fox once again was so badly injured it had to be put to sleep. Foxes aren't usually aggressive. They would rather run away than confront people. I have said before I have been feeding foxes for about five years now. Many different ones some skin and bone when they come to eat and drink. Dog food I put out. I have stood on my door step and watched them feed…. MRS CAROLE ROBERTS Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 11.8.14 Let's get foxes in perspective - I have every sympathy for Mr and Mrs Porteous, who were "held captive in their home" by a "vicious fox" (Couple take refuge from 'vicious fox', Worcester News, August 7th)…. Such incidents are extremely rare and foxes are overwhelmingly the victims of humans, rather than it being the other way around… Peter Talbot Worcester… (letter)
Metro 7.8.14 Fox holds pensioners captive in their own home - An elderly husband and wife were held captive in their home for two hours by a crazed fox. The deranged animal patrolled Muriel and John Porteous front porch, leaving them too scared to go out…. (story)

Oxford Mail 21.8.14 Animals cheer up elderly care home residents - RESIDENTS at Iffley Residential and Nursing Home were visited by animals and held fundraising events to highlight International Homeless Animals Day. Amongst the menagerie was a donkey, calf, pygmy goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and a labrador. People also held a raffle and tombola to raise cash for the International Society for Animal Rights…. (story)


Hexham Courant 20.8.14 TYNEDALE: GLORIOUS DAY ON THE MOORS By ROSALIND SAUL - THERE is a mixed bag of prospects in store for the grouse-shooting season which kicked off on Tuesday. The Glorious Twelfth saw parties descend on Tynedale’s country estates for a busy season which runs until December 10…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 20.8.14 Badger cull campaign group feel concerns are being ignored By Kate Wilson, Reporter - THE Environment Secretary has ignored the county’s community leaders over badger cull safety, claims campaign group Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting…. (story)

Standard 20.8.14 The uphill struggle to save elephants - The devastating news that more elephants are being killed rather than fewer is hardly surprising. The time and money charities are putting into saving elephants (and other endangered wildlife) is wasted until the root cause of the problem — demand — is tackled… Marie Scott (letter)


Western Morning News 19.8.14 Fox hunting belongs to a long gone age - I came to Cornwall to celebrate a family wedding and reading the letter from Alan Kirby on August 8 I would like to add my two cents’ worth to the proposal to strengthen the Hunting Act and drag this country into modern times. Foxhunting in particular belongs to another age…. by Pamela Brickman (Mrs) (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 19.8.14 Guts required to lead RSPCA - PENNY LITTLE By email (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 18.8.14 RSPCA too quick to batter owner of tropical fish - GRACE Dent is too eager to support the RSPCA's bully-boy tactics (DebateNI, August 14), if the experience of a tyre-fitter I used to know is anything to go by. He had two tanks of tropical fish in his office… After a complaint the RSPCA told him the lone fish, who ate the others, needed company… "Go to the shop down the road," he said. "They dip their fish in batter, fry and eat them." He was told it wasn't a laughing matter. NIGEL SCOTT By email (letter)
Independent 15.8.14 RSPCA faces hunt supporters’ fury - I wonder if Grace Dent (12 August) would consider becoming the new chief executive of the RSPCA. Since the much-lamented departure of CEO Gavin Grant, the vacant post has been crying out for someone who has the guts, like Grace, to stand up to the vicious and concerted hate campaign conducted against the charity by hunt supporters and their friends in the media… Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Scotsman 19.8.14 Value of grouse - Last week the “Glorious Twelfth” (12 August) heralded the start of the grouse-shooting season. Driven grouse management takes up about a million hectares of the Scottish uplands, creating a patchwork quilt of heather habitat and a playground for the rich… Scientific peer-reviewed evidence has linked this management to the illegal persecution of protected birds of prey… John Shaw Madeira Street Edinburgh (letter)

Colchester Gazette 19.8.14 Protesters demand an end to badger culling - MORE than 250 campaigners marched through Colchester to protest against badger culling. The group gathered outside Colchester Castle on Saturday and went around the town before returning to Castle Park, where there were several speakers… (letter)

Crawley News 19.8.14 Crawley animal lover to raft down hippo-infested river for charity By Luke Warren - AN animal lover from Maidenbower will be trekking across the African bush and white-water rafting along a hippo-infested river to raise money for three charities, including one that rescues baby rhinos and elephants. Carla Rodbard, who has a dog and four pet rats, will be going on a two-day hike in the heat of Zambia and rafting below the Victoria Falls in September. Last year the 25-year-old won the chance to become an ambassador for The Body Shop, which has organised the expedition…. (story)

Western Morning News 19.8.14 Encourage animal welfare on holiday - Holidays are in full swing in continental Europe and north African countries and all the year round in most far distance spots. And being on holiday is no excuse for ignoring signs that animals are in pain and suffering in distress, through lack of water, shelter from the heat and abuse… by Peter Wyeth Bugle (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 18.8.14 Huntsman claims title - AT the recent Horse & Hound Ball held at Cheltenham Racecourse, Pembrokeshire Huntsman Gary Barber, 52, emerged as champion horn blower of ten finalists from across the UK…. (story)

Western Morning News 18.8.14 Pest control is vital for our survival - May I reply to D Goodenough (WMN, August 13) concerning fox hunting and the attitude of the WMN. He bases his premise on the fact that hunting is illegal. It isn’t. He had better read the Hunting Act again… Ken Rowe, Paignton (letter)
Western Morning News 13.8.14 WMN gives oxygen to illegal practice - As it would appear that no fox hunters have any intention of abiding by the law, because they feel secure at not being caught, it is time the WMN ceased giving press coverage to what is actually an illegal activity. by D Goodenough Crediton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 18.8.14 Veggies enjoy best of health - I am writing in support of Brenda Blair’s most deserved riposte to cafe owner Ira Silverman, who said she hated vegetarians and didn’t trust them… Vegetarians and vegans enjoy the best of health and they live longer – that’s official…. June Newton, Rothwell (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 18.8.14 Picture of elephant shows what’s wrong with captivity - THREE photographs in the national press of a baby elephant trying to get into a child’s paddling pool, with his sad mother looking on at a safari park, encapsulates all that is wrong for captive zoo wildlife – and circuses are even worse…. SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities, Southampton. (letter)

p>Scotland on Sunday 17.8.14 Shooting pays for heather-clad hills - PETA’S position (Another Voice, 10 ¬August) could result in the loss of many public goods in return for an end to grouse shooting. Our and ¬others’ peer-reviewed research clearly indicates that shooting grouse is a key incentive for maintaining the moors that attract tourists, produce our breakfast heather honey, provide a breeding refuge for internationally red-listed curlews and store more carbon when the heather and mosses are actively growing after controlled fire… Dr Adam Smith, 
director, Scotland, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scone (letter)


Mail 16.8.14 Why is the RSPCA killing so many pets - and taking their loving owners to court? Statistics show charity is now destroying half the animals it comes into contact with By MELISSA KITE FOR DAILY MAIL - When Dilys Hadley answered the door to the RSPCA, she had no reason to suspect there was anything to fear…. The RSPCA showed no mercy, though. Six months later, Dilys and her daughter — a Cambridge University graduate who’d not been living at home with Janet — were summoned to court, where the RSPCA began to prosecute for neglect…. The RSPCA seems all too happy to prosecute children, too. In 2011, Tracey Johnson and her daughter Sophie, 16, were charged with cruelty after leaving five cocker spaniel puppies in their back garden while they went shopping. It started to rain, and a neighbour called the RSPCA…. Every year, the charity receives millions of pounds worth of donations from ordinary people, although these have fallen sharply in recent years. Critics say the downturn started when the RSPCA began wading into political controversies, such as fox hunting and the badger cull, and because of the row over its prosecutions policy…. (story)

Worcester News 16.8.14 Little empathy from farmers - I was one of the 'protestors' (WN 4.8.14) asking visitors to the sheep show, mostly farmers, to sign our petition to end live exports…. comments ranging from 'A good sheep is a dead sheep' through 'Why don't you go and do something useful and stop annoying us' to '**** off' seem to indicate a distinct lack of empathy from most farmers towards their animals, or indeed towards us. Roberta Balfour Malvern (letter)


Western Morning News 15.8.14 In my opinion: RSPCA must stand firm against pro-hunting brigade By Penny Little, Great Haseley - As a long-term campaigner against hunting, I suppose nothing should surprise me, but the sheer effrontery of pro-hunt correspondents such as Colin Richey still takes my breath away…. The RSPCA would, he says, “be wise to stop prosecuting fox hunters”. Why, in the name of sanity, should an exception be made for these supremely arrogant gangs of animal abusers?... (letter)
Western Morning News 8.8.14 In my opinion: Hunting Act should be strengthened, not repealed - By Aalan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals, Hayle It is no surprise that Mr Richey (WMN Letters, July 30) wants the Hunting Act scrapped. His tiny, but powerful, minority of fellow bloodsports fanatics have been waging a vicious campaign of propaganda and intimidation against the RSPCA because it had the nerve to – successfully – prosecute one of the country’s leading hunts, the Heythrop… The answer is to strengthen the Hunting Act, not repeal it, so that enforcement is easier and deterrence greater…. (letter)
Western Morning News 30.7.14 Time to call a halt to the Hunting Act - The WMN asks readers if the Hunting Act should be scrapped. The realistic answer – not emotional – is that of course it should. It is just not working. The RSPCA would be wise to stop prosecuting fox hunters as the animal charity spends far too much money pursuing offenders. No doubt this is the main reason that donations to the charity have plummeted sharply in the past 12 months… by Colin Richey Tiverton (letter)

Irish Independent 15.8.14 Hare coursing is barbaric - end it - The shooting of a peregrine falcon in Co Wexford has rightly drawn condemnation from the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys…. The Government, of which is she is part, permits the obscenity of live hare coursing, in which a supposedly protected wild creature… John Fitzgerald Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Western Morning News 15.8.14 Latest figures show Britain's birds of prey are 'a big success story' - Populations of the majority of the UK’s birds of prey are now at their highest ever levels, the Countryside Alliance’s report “Birds of prey of the UK and their population trends” shows. This boom is due to a number of factors, which include the prohibition of organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, the restriction of certain poisons, successful re-introduction schemes, a change in attitude amongst many landowners and the full legal protection of all species…. (story)

Oxford Mail 15.8.14 It’s time we changed our diets to plants - Looking back on past Olympic records, our future Olympians could do well to follow the example of Sir Roger Bannister and nine times gold medal winner Carl Lewis, who along with many of today’s top athletes, live on a strict plant-based diet…. Hugh Manning, Great Claredon Street, Oxford (letter)

Argus 15.8.14 Honour the war animals - I was deeply moved to see Purple Poppy wreaths that honour the animals who served in wars among the magnificent display surrounded by poppies on the Causeway roundabout in Arundel… Margaret Beaman, Fitzalan Road, Arundel. (letter)


Western Morning News 14.8.14 Fox hunting is still practised in France - Philip Bowern’s excellent and well-reasoned article on the West of England Hound Show at Honiton did contain one inaccuracy that should be corrected: that “in France there is no tradition of fox hunting in the English manner”. Oh yes there is... the Pau Hunt, which perpetuates fox hunting in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques… by Peter Hall Altarnun (story)

Worcester News 14.8.14 Badger cull protest in Worcester By James Connell - ANIMAL protection campaigners in Worcester protested against Government plans to continue the culling of badgers…. The protest, organised by Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies, took place outside the Government buildings in Whittington Road, Spetchley… (story)

South Wales Echo 14.8.14 Remember birds which died in war - Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 6.8.14 Pigeon racing dishonours past - AS we mourn the victims of the First World War, let us also remember the countless brave birds who served with our Allied forces, crossing battle lines and delivering vital messages and were shot down in a human-made war. Today, most despicably, pigeons continue to be subjected to the same perilous journey across the English Channel – but for nothing more than a lark and a bet…. BEN WILLIAMSON People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Newcastle Journal 13.8.14 Search for a resolution as hen harriers face extinction in North By Tony Henderson - As the grouse shooting season opened on the moors of Northern England today, it was glorious for some. For others it was the backdrop to a situation where a bird of prey teeters on the brink of extinction in England. The last time hen harriers nested successfully in the North Pennines was in 2006. In Northumberland, it was 2008…. On Sunday, a series of Hen Harrier days, organised by Birders Against Wildlife Crimes (BAWC), were held, including one at Lambley in the South Tyne Valley in Northumberland. Protesters carried posters saying “We are missing our hen harriers.”… (story)
Derbyshire Times 13.8.14 TV presenter joins protest over killings - A television presenter was among a group of conservationists who took part in a peaceful protest against the illegal killing of a protected species of bid. Chris Packham joined Dr Mark Avery and 600 bird enthusiast at Derwent Dam on Sunday, shortly before the start of the red grouse shooting season, to protest about what they claim to be illegal killing of hen harriers by the shooting fraternity…. (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 12.8.14 Peaceful protest for hen harriers - Hundreds of supporters braved a torrential downpour in support of the county’s hen harrier population. As grouse shooting season begins today on the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ Terry Pickford of the North West Raptor Protection Group, along with members and supporters, gathered at Dunsop Green Village Green to protest against cruelty to the birds of prey..... (story)
Birdwatch 11.8.14 Yesterday (10 August) marked the first-ever Hen Harrier Day, and it was a huge success. The brainchild of Alan Tilmouth of BirdGuides, Hen Harrier Day was conceived to highlight the species’ plight and timed to coincide with the beginning of the grouse-shooting season on 12 August – the so-called ‘Glorious 12th’. There were four events across the country, in Derbyshire, Lancashire, Northumberland and DorsetFirst-ever Hen Harrier Day is resounding success.... (story)
Sheffield Star 11.8.14 Hundreds meet for countryside protest at loss of birds of prey - Campaigners gathered at Derwent Dam to protest at the demise of the hen harrier bird of prey - as the grouse shooting season begins today on the ‘Glorious 12th’. Around 600 people turned up on Sunday to protest in the torrential rain at intensive management of upland areas for the sport of grouse shooting… (story)
Sunday Express 10.8.14 Marks & Spencer lead campaign against grouse shooting to save protected hen harriers - HEATHER-CLAD moors will echo to a loud barrage this morning two days before the official grouse-shooting season gets underway. By: Stuart Winter - Springwatch presenter Chris Packham is leading a series of boisterous demonstrations to highlight the plight of the hen harrier, being persecuted into oblivion by rogue shooters… The protesters have already won the support of Marks & Spencer…. (story)
Harborough Mail 9.8.14 Packham speaks out for hen harriers - TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham is leading a protest against the illegal killing of hen harriers ahead of the start of the grouse shooting season…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 9.8.14 Springwatch host Chris Packham joins campaign to protect hen harriers ahead of grouse shooting season By Michael Carr, Reporter - HAMPSHIRE naturalist Chris Packham is leading a protest against the illegal killing of hen harriers ahead of the start of the grouse shooting season… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 24.7.14 Ribble Valley peaceful protest bid to save Hen Harrier By Jon Robinson, Reporter - A PEACEFUL day of protest is set to be held in the Ribble Valley to highlight the ‘plight’ of the Hen Harrier. Hundreds of people are expected to attend the event in Dunsop Bridge, organised by the North West Raptor Protection Group. The protest on the village green has been planned to coincide with National Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Day… The protest will be staged just two days before The Glorious Twelfth, the traditional start of the shooting season for Red Grouse… Hen Harrier Day 2014 has been supported by the RSPB, the National Trust, The Hawk and Owl Trust, The League Against Cruel Sports, and The Peak District National Park … (story)

Swindon Advertiser 13.8.14 Shooting birds for fun - I READ the letter from Bert Jones concerning the massacre of songbirds in Malta with interest and I agree with his sentiments…. Philip Beaven, Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 8.8.14 Save the songbirds - BILL Oddie and Chris Packham are supporting the League Against Cruel Sports in their campaign to protect songbirds from being shot by at least 10,000 shooters as they fly over Malta…. We need to try and save the songbirds by giving Malta a miss for our holidays. The Rev H W Jones, Summer House Road, Wroughton (letter)

Irish Independent 13.8.14 A vegan diet is for our own good - not just the good of animals - In Ian O'Doherty's defensive, vitriolic and misleading column about PETA this week (Irish Independent, August 11), I came across one lonely thought worthy of reply: "If meat is murder, then should we criminalise tigers?" The difference is this: tigers kill for food because they are what's called "true carnivores" and could not survive without meat, whereas eating animals is leading humans to an early grave…. Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) London, N1 (letter)

St Albans & Harpenden Review 13.8.14 Harpenden shoppers donate almost £150 to Animal Aid By Charlotte Ikonen - Shoppers have donated almost £150 to the charity Animal Aid during a collection in Harpenden town centre…. (story)

Stroud Life 13.8.14 Faroes whale hunting fight taken up by Stroud councillor - THE fight against controversial whale hunting has been taken up by a councillor who has ventured to the Faroe Islands. Labour Stroud District Councillor Julie Douglass is spending part of the summer as one of more than 500 hundred volunteers from around the world who are taking part in the “Grindstop” campaign organised by marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd… (story)

Plymouth Herald 13.8.14 Jellyfish have every right to be here too - THE cruelty and ignorance of people from children upwards never ceases to amaze and shock me. Some children's latest pastime, it seems, is stoning jellyfish… Jellyfish have every right to be on this planet, as we do, and we need them to try and keep a balance in the environment… SUSAN CHAPPLE Plymouth (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 12.8.14 Horse show is a PR boost for fox hunting - THE lavish spectacle that was last week's Dublin Horse Show again showcased Ireland's equestrian industry. Sadly, this annual event also serves as a major PR boost to fox hunting…. JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)

BBC News Online 12.8.14 Hen harriers and profitable grouse shooting 'can co-exist' - Research carried out at Aberdeen University suggests hen harriers can co-exist with profitable grouse shooting…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.8.14 Science may solve grouse deadlock on hen harriers - Science could help tackle the deadlock between grouse shooting and conservationists seeking to protect hen harriers on UK moorlands, according to a new study.... Led by Professor Steve Redpath of the University of Aberdeen, the study, involving grouse managers, conservationists and ecologists, used science as a way to try and find a solution. Together they agreed key questions they wanted the research to answer, with ecologists then developing a model to explore a possible compromise.... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.14 Science could provide solution to grouse conflict by ALISTAIR MUNRO - Science could help tackle the deadlock between grouse shooting managers and conservationists seeking to protect hen harriers on UK moorlands, according to a new study.... (story)
ITV 12.8.14 Grouse shooting conflict solution 'found' as season opens - A possible solution to the conflict between grouse shooters and conservationists trying to protect the hen harrier has been found, according to a new study... (story)
ITV 12.8.14 Grouse shooting conflict solution too 'interventionist' - A RSPB spokesperson has said the solution to the conflict between hen harrier campaigners and grouse shooters suggested by a new study should be attempted only once other "less interventionist" avenues have been exhausted.... (story)

Spectator 12.8.14 Shooting does more to protect wildlife than the RSPB -Camilla Swift - Today, the Glorious Twelth, is the one day of the year most anticipated by game shooters – the start of the grouse season. But, as the first grouse make their way to restaurants and butchers across the country, a battle is being fought on the moors. The entire sport of grouse shooting is under attack because there are only three breeding pairs of hen harriers left in England… Without the money that shooting brings to the rural economy (and the corresponding 74,000 full time jobs that it supports), there would be no incentive to manage the moors – and there is no way that the money currently spent on conservation by the shooting community could or would be matched by the taxpayer or anyone else… (story)

Independent 12.8.14 The Glorious Twelfth: What is it and is it really glorious? - Lizzie Dearden - The Glorious Twelfth may only feature on the calendar of a very select few but arguably has a huge impact on Britain’s wild birds. The event, on 12 August every year, marks the first day of the grouse shooting season and has become a flashpoint for tensions between the game industry and conservationists…. “It is obscene and primitive – and it is being subsidised by the taxpayers through the Common Agricultural Policy,” said Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.8.14 'Favourable' prospects for Glorious Twelfth grouse season - The prospects for this year's grouse shooting season, which has just begun, are said to be "unusually favourable". Landowners and gamekeepers across Scotland are reporting that the mild spring and warm summer have resulted in high grouse numbers… (story)
BBC News Online 12.8.14 'Glorious Twelfth' grouse season reignites conservation debate - To those involved in the grouse industry the 12th August is the first day of the grouse shooting season is known as 'Glorious Twelfth'. Gamekeepers say the practice provides a much-needed financial boost to rural economies… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.8.14 Good grouse season predicted by experts - Gamekeepers and estate managers are forecasting excellent prospects for the grouse shooting season, starting from today. Shooting parties will take to heather moors across the country for the Glorious Twelfth, with leading sport letting agents predicting a boost to rural communities across Scotland in excess of £32 million... (story)

Telegraph 12.8.14 Country diary: return of the hen harrier is a threat to other birds - The hen harrier and other large aerial predators are increasing in numbers in the UK. They are a glorious sight, but a deathly prospect for vulnerable species By Robin Page.... (story)

ShootingUK 12.8.14 The RSPB is the hen harrier’s biggest enemy, says columnist - Laura Nineham - Charles Clover argues that the biggest threat to hen harrier numbers isn't grouse shooting but the RSPB, which is calling for grouse moors to be licenced.... (story)

12.8.14 VIDEO: Ilkley Moor grouse shooting campaigners stage picnic protest - CAMPAIGNERS opposing the start of grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor rambled in protest at the weekend and had a picnic..... Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) is a coalition of regional campaigners and has vowed to be up on the moorland on each of the eight shooting dates throughout the season.... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 7.8.14 Anti-grouse shooting protesters to take to Ilkley Moor By Chris Tate - CAMPAIGNERS opposing the start of grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor are holding a protest ramble on the famous hills and plan to play cricket in front of the guns. Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) is a coalition of regional campaigners and is lobbying Bradford Council to ban grouse shooting on the publicly-owned moor in the interests of wildlife and leisure. BBIM spokesman Luke Steele said: "Grouse shooting is inherently cruel and causes much damage to our world-famous Ilkley Moor… (story)

Farming Life 12.8.14 25,000 euro prize fund at epic Birr Game Fair - It will be lights, camera, action all the way as Ireland’s No, 1 Game Fair rolls into Birr, Co Offaly, to create a show of epic proportions on August 23 and 24.... (story)
Farming Life 2.8.14 Birr castle’s ‘epic’ blockbuster game fair - It’s Lights, Camera, Action all the way as Ireland’s Number 1 Game Fair rolls into Birr to create a show of epic proportions on 23rd and 24th August. No wonder the working title for this blockbuster event is ‘Birr’s Epic August Game Fair.’… And with this ‘scene stealing’ country-based production in prospect, everyone who comes along is sure of a fabulous day out at the blockbusting Irish Game & Country Fair in the historic setting of historic Birr Castle… (story)

Scotsman 12.8.14 - Raptor rescue - AlAstair Robertson, (Weekend Life, 9 August), asked the public to trust gamekeepers before scientists when it came to understanding raptor populations, stating they are best placed to judge on the licensed killing of raptors.... On Sunday we had the first “Hen Harrier Day”, a public protest in northern England, calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting, which was to be attended by several Scots as hen harriers are no respecters of national boundaries. LOGAN D STEELE Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.8.14 Venomous view of vegetarians - I was shocked and disappointed at cafe owner Ira Silverman’s statement (YEP, August 6) that she hates vegetarians and her mantra is never trust one… All we believe in is the sanctity of life, not killing, preparing and eating living beings for profit, or for our own so-called ‘pleasure’, and for this we are not to be trusted? Brenda Blair, Moortown (letter)


Telegraph 11.8.14 Anti-fracking activists to descend on Lancashire for 'direct action' protest camp - Protesters to be bussed in from across Britain despite requests from Blackpool businesses that they stay away By Emily Gosden, Energy Editor - One thousand anti-fracking protesters from across Britain are preparing to descend on Lancashire this week, threatening to take direct action against local businesses as the battle over shale gas exploration steps up a gear… While ostensibly an “anti-fracking action camp”, Reclaim the Power's organisers also promise a series of workshops on unrelated topics including “an introduction to anarchism and anarchist organising”, “sabotaging hunts and the badger cull” and “the campaign for housing rights and the de-criminalisation of squatting”… (story)

Western Morning News 11.8.14 Hunting in good heart as it waits for repeal of the ban - Where better than the West of England Hound Show to take the temperature of hunting in the South West. Philip Bowern reports from the Honiton Showground, where the annual event took place last week…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.8.14 Why the twelfth could still be glorious for wildlife - THE traditional shooting season has been seen by many conservationists as among the biggest enemies of one of England’s most endangered bird of prey – the hen harrier. But the advent of the Glorious Twelfth tomorrow has been held up as a saviour of the endangered bird of prey…. Landowners and countryside organisations have pledged £52.2m every year to safeguard 860,000 acres of heather moorland for wild red grouse, which they say has benefitted some of the UK’s most endangered birds… (story)

Herald 11.8.14 Grouse shooting in £32m boost for rural life - EXPECTATIONS are high tomorrow's start of Scotland's grouse-shooting season, the "Glorious 12th", will be one of the more memorable with predictions of a rural boost exceeding £32 million…. (story)

Mail 11.8.14 Rise of the Chinese hunter: How wealthy Asian tourists are spending £100,000 to shoot stags in Scotland ... inspired by Downton Abbey - Wealthy Chinese tourists are splashing out up to £100,000 on hunting trips to Scotland, so they can feel like Downton Abbey's Earl of Grantham. Inspired by the ITV series, hunting parties from China are hiring out castles with butlers and staff included so they can try their hand at bagging some of the biggest game roaming the countryside…. (story)


STV 10.8.14 Grouse shooting prospects 'look good' ahead of Glorious Twelfth - Gamekeepers say the prospects for this year's grouse shooting season look good ahead of the Glorious Twelfth.... (story)

Sunday Herald 10.8.14 Hunting, shooting, saving our moors - The grouse-shooting season begins on Tuesday. We should welcome it, writes ecologist James Fenton, who believes the field sport plays an important role in protecting our precious heather moorlands from devastation... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 12.8.14 Comment: Guns must not fire on Inglorious Twelfth - THE 12th of August, the so-called “Glorious Twelfth” (or the “Inglorious Twelfth”, as it’s often more appropriately referred to), marks the start of the annual red grouse shooting season – and for many Scots like me, it’s a day on which we hang our heads in shame... Yvonne Taylor is senior programmes manager at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (story)

Sunday Mirror 10.8.14 Pets killed by cruel wire snares in the name of sport By Ben Glaze - Cruel snares set to protect profitable grouse moors are trapping innocent domestic pets – the hidden victims of the hunting industry…. As gamekeepers gear up for the “Glorious Twelfth” start of the red grouse shooting season on Tuesday, campaigners are urgently renewing calls for a ban on the barbaric traps…. (story)

Shepton Mallet Journal 10.8.14 How's your signal? Project launched mapping mobile phone signal strength in rural areas - PEOPLE living in mid-Somerset are being asked to help log mobile phone reception. This comes as part of a project to map signal strength in rural areas. The Countryside Alliance says people living and working in rural areas are paying for the same service as those living in urban areas… (story)

Irish Independent 10.8.14 The mink behind the wire: inside Ireland's fur farms - TODAY the Sunday Independent takes you behind the scenes for an unprecedented looks at Ireland's controversial fur-farming industry… (story)


Horse & Hound 9.8.14 Basset hound enthusiast dies aged 85 - Polly Portwin - Rex Hudson, former president of the Masters of Basset Hounds Association (MBHA), died on 22 July, aged 85, just a week after driving himself to the Festival of Hunting at Peterborough… (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 9.8.14 Mark Stevens worked on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sydmonton Court Estate - A GAMEKEEPER who worked on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sydmonton Court Estate has been fined for illegally trapping a bird of prey. Mark Stevens, 42, was told to pay £1,365 when he appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court last Thursday…. (story)

Worcester News 9.8.14 This is why racecourses must be shut - According to a spokesperson for Arena Racing, which manages Worcester Racecourse, "from about 90,000 runners each year the average fatality rate is just over 0.2 per cent"… Thousands more are slaughtered annually after failing to make the grade as racers or when their racing days are over… Ronald Lee Communications Officer Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Irish Examiner 9.8.14 Shock and anger as PETA plan Dublin advert featuring severed human leg By Denise O'Donoghue Reporter - An animal rights organisation is being criticised for planning to use a human leg in their advertising campaign. They have openly admitted it is "inspired" by the severed leg found in a Dublin recycling facility. People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) plan to run an advert depicting a servered human leg served on a dinner plate “to remind Dubliners that all meat is murder"…. Dublin councillor Daithí de Róiste says he is "horrified" by the advert, describing it as "foolish, unwise and wrong."… (story)

Leicester Mercury 9.8.14 Milk of kindness absent in our treatment of cows - Two letters, "Make mine milk" and "Milking it now" (Mailbox, August 4 and 6) were almost identical and by the same correspondent…. As consumers become aware of the suffering endured by dairy cows, and the myths surrounding the health benefits of dairy produce are exposed, the sale of dairy alternatives is increasing…. Elizabeth Allison, Leicester. (letter)


Shepton Mallet Journal 8.8.14 RSPCA 'may give up prosecuting fox hunters' - THE RSPCA may give up prosecuting fox hunters after criticism that it spends too much money pursuing offenders…. (story)
Horse & Hound 31.7.14 Could RSPCA back off hunt prosecutions? - The hunting world has welcomed the RSPCA’s plans to change the way it carries out prosecutions…. (story)

Western Daily Press 31.7.14 'State-approved anarchy' if RSPCA drops hunt prosecutions By TristanCork - The woman who helped secure the first and so far only successful conviction of an entire hunt for breaking the hunt ban has said there is now ‘state-approved anarchy in the countryside’, after the RSPCA appeared to suggest it would no longer prosecute hunts…. Penny Little, from the Cotswold-based Protect Our Wild Animals hunt monitors’ group, described the situation as ‘a complete and utter scandal’…. It was POWA’s video evidence of repeated law-breaking by the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire that was taken up by the RSPCA in a private prosecution against leading hunt figures and the hunt itself… (story)
Telegraph 28.7.14 The RSPCA's years of hounding the innocent - In softening its attitude to hunting, the charity is seeing sense again on animal issues By Clive Aslet (story)
Western Morning News 28.7.14 RSPCA may abandon costly Hunt Act court cases By Phil Goodwin, WMN reporter - The RSPCA may give up prosecuting fox hunters after criticism that it spends too much money pursuing offenders. Donations to the animal charity have fallen sharply in the past year, prompting a wide-ranging review that could see it focus more on cruelty to domestic pets… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.7.14 RSPCA set to stop its hunt prosecutions By phil Goodwin (story)
Mail 28.7.14 RSPCA to stop hounding fox hunters: Embattled charity succumbs to criticism over 'politically motivated prosecutions' By MARIO LEDWITH - The RSPCA could end its pursuit of fox hunters in the courts after repeated criticism of the ‘politically motivated’ prosecutions. The embattled charity succumbed to pressure from critics last year by ordering a review into its prosecutions policy following a number of costly, high-profile cases and a fall in donations… (story)
ShootingUK 28.7.14 RSPCA may stop hunt prosecutions - Laura Nineham - The RSPCA is looking at whether to continue to pursue hunt prosecutions following a £11million drop in funding… (story)
Telegraph 27.7.14 RSPCA could stop prosecuting hunts 'within months' - The RSPCA may have completed its last hunting prosecution as the charity confirms it could cease taking cases to the courts in months By Claire Carter (story)
Sunday Telegraph 27.7.14 RSPCA could stop prosecuting foxhunters - Criticism over the cost of pursuing cases against foxhunters has forced a wide-ranging review By Bill Gardner - The RSPCA may give up prosecuting foxhunters after criticism that it spends too much money pursuing offenders. Donations to the animal charity have fallen sharply in the past year, prompting a wide-ranging review that could see it focus more on cruelty to domestic pets… Ray Goodfellow, the RSPCA’s chief legal officer, told The Sunday Times: “We are upholding the Hunting Act, the law of the land. But others want to repeal it and we have been caught up in their political campaign… (story)
Sunday Times 27.7.14 RSPCA takes heat off foxhunting - Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor - THE RSPCA, Britain’s leading animal welfare charity, may give up prosecuting foxhunters following criticism that it has been pursuing a “political” campaign against hunting. It has also seen a sharp decline in donations…. (story)

Telegraph 8.8.14 Bloodsports brigade targets Marks & Spencer over grouse - M&S chief Marc Bolland is now under fire on two fronts as the pro-shooting lobby join the fray in the skirmish over red grouse. By Harriet Dennys, City Diary Editor - If Marks & Spencer believed the countryside brigade had called a ceasefire in the skirmishes over grouse, as documented in recent columns, it can think again. The retailer appeased conservationists by announcing it will no longer stock red grouse from the start of this year’s shooting season on the Glorious Twelfth next Tuesday. But now the Countryside Alliance (CA) is up in arms, claiming M&S has “rolled over” in the face of a “highly politically motivated campaign” against grouse shooting…. (story)
ShootingUK 25.7.14 Marks & Spencer grouse sales on hold - Lucy King - Marks & Spencer has announced that though it will not be stocking red grouse this season it is continuing to work with shooting and land managers to ensure sustainable supplies of game will be on its shelves in the future… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.7.14 Retailer ditches planned sales of red grouse - Marks & Spencer has abandoned plans to sell red grouse sourced from North Yorkshire estates this year. Conservationists threatened to boycott the retailer over concerns about illegal killings of birds of prey on moorlands. The RSPB fears birds are persecuted because they predate grouse… (story)
Mail 25.7.14 M&S takes grouse off the shelves after threat of a boycott: Chain had planned to sell meat across stores after successful trial last year By Richard Spillett - Marks and Spencer have abandoned plans to sell red grouse meat in many of their stores following a row over how the birds are hunted. The High Street chain had planned to sell the game in shops around the country after it was successfully trialled in two stores in west London…. Former RSPB conservation director Mark Avery has written to the company urging it to stop selling the meat… (story)

Ross-shire Journal 8.8.14 Artwork dedicated to Ross-shire poisoned red kites - AN artist who works as a volunteer for RSPB Scotland has created a special artwork to commemorate the 16 red kites and six buzzards killed in a major poisoning incident in Ross-shire earlier this year. Janice Duke, who volunteers at the RSPB’s Forsinard Flows nature reserve in Sutherland, said: “Red kites are beautiful and distinctive birds of prey, which I particularly enjoy watching in action… Each bird killed was as innocent as a child to me – a wild little brother or sister lost to us all.” (story)

Worcester News 8.8.14 Protestors to call for an end to the badger culls By Sarah Taylor - PROTESTORS calling for a stop to the badger cull will be staging a demonstration in Worcester on Wednesday (August 13)…. The protest will be followed by a social evening, organised by Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies, from 7pm until 9pm in the Upstairs Room at The Firefly, Lowesmoor, where there will be a talk by a representative of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting at 8pm… (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 7.8.14 Gardeners at Knightshayes catch up with ornamental fox and hounds - THIS top topiary which is one of the highlights of the garden in a country estate near Tiverton is about to receieve its annual trim. The fox and hound topiary was planted in the formal garden at Knightshayes Court near Tiverton by Sir John and Lady Joyce Heathcoat-Amory who were passionate gardeners. The topiary consists of seven hounds and a fox, along with four large heads modelled on Talbot hounds…. (story)

Horse & Hound 7.8.14 Stradbally Hound Show 6 July - TWO hunts from Northern Ireland — the South Tyrone and the Killultagh, Old & Chichester — plus the Cork-based United Hunt Club were first timers at the Irish Masters of Foxhounds national hound show held against the impressive background of Stradbally Hall, Co Laois on 6 July…. (story)

Wiltshire Business 7.8.14 Brothers’ restaurant aided by business loan - Eat Wild, the premium wild meat and game food company founded by Gloucestershire brothers William and Calum Thompson, has opened its first restaurant with the support of HSBC…. (story)

Bristol Post 7.8.14 Reader's letter: I WRITE in response and support the the letter 1 of August by Fiona Pereira, regarding the Glorious Twelfth, the start of the grouse shooting season, another so-called sport of slaughter of our wildlife. Despite public money being so tight, how is it they receive such large subsidies?... Clive Heath (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 7.8.14 Fury over PETA advert 'inspired' by discovery of man's leg in Dublin recycling plant BY GARRETH MURPHY - A new ad inspired by the discovery of a man's leg in the Thorntons recycling plant in Ballyfermot has been branded as “sickening and disgusting” by a local councillor. The proposed ad by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals shows a human leg served in a plate “to remind Dubliners that all meat is murder"…. (story)


Carmarthen Journal 6.8.14 Carmarthenshire Hunt marks 125 years - THE Carmarthenshire Hunt gathered at Broadway Country House, near Laugharne to commemorate the hunt's 125th anniversary… (story)

Mail 6.8.14 Beagle derby! Hound dogs chase remote control car around a park in hilarious video By Sarah Dean - They are hound dogs who love the thrill of the chase. But while Beagles usually track rabbits and deer, in Australia a pack of the dogs are having more fun pursuing a remote control car. Brisbane man Andrew Ison captured his Beagles chasing the toy around a park during one of his regular meet-ups with the unofficial Beagle Club of Queensland…. (story) (Youtube)

Western Morning News 6.8.14 Threat to predator control poses risks to farmland birds, says the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust - Are animal rights organisations sensing an opportunity to push for greater restrictions on wildlife controls on the back of controversy and public concern stirred up over the badger cull and a review of licences to control wildlife? Philip Bowern prompts debate… A major review of general licences has taken evidence from interested parties and will report, probably later this year. Depending on the outcome, changes could significantly reduce the options open to gamekeepers and other land managers to control predators, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust – a pro-shooting organisation that is also an acknowledged leader in the field of wildlife conservation – is concerned enough about the possibility of a changing mood on countryside management to want to get its defence in first…. (story)

Western Mail 6.8.14 Animal research helps humans - Ben Williamson of Peta is incorrect to say that animal research is irrelevant to human beings (Letters, August 4). On the contrary, animal research has given us almost every medical and veterinary medicine available, including insulin, cancer drugs and the badger TB vaccine. It is illegal to use an animal if there is an alternative, or to test cosmetics and their ingredients…. Chris Magee Understanding Animal Research, Farringdon Lane, London (letter)
South Wales Echo 4.8.14 Animal testing not relevant to humans - Norman Baker is an honest, ethical individual who has a heart, and his commitment to ending cruel animal experiments shows he is aligned with public opinion and social progress… Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (letter)

Essex Chronicle 6.8.14 Chelmsford ducks 'were wanted by restaurants for food' - Animal charities who dashed to Norton Field Farm to rescue ducks given away by a debt-hit farmer claimed they clashed with restaurateurs who wanted them for food… Kendra Pinder, of Action Aid for Animals (AAFA), said: “There were people turning up with vans for their restaurants but they were turned away… But one person contacted the farm to say they, and others, had been turned away by animal protesters who suspected them of wanting to eat the ducks…. (story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.8.14 Grouse moor managers take care of flora and fauna - Fiona Pereira of Animal Aid (Letters, July 31) needs to get her facts right. The aim of the grouse moor managers is to encourage and promote the conservation and enhancement of the ecology and natural beauty of heather moorland…. Any public money received by grouse moor managers is a fraction of private investment and sits within CAP rules for delivering public good. Amanda Anderson, Director, The Moorland Association, Well Spring Barn, Austwick, Lancaster (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 31.7.14 Time to licence grouse shoots - Most people have heard of the Glorious Twelfth – the day in August when the four-month-long grouse shooting season starts on Britain’s moorlands. But they know little else about a ‘sport’ that is staged and undertaken by some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the land. A new Animal Aid report, Calling the Shots 2014, is aimed at alerting the public to the truth… Fiona Pereira, campaigner, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (story)

Colchester Gazette 5.8.14 Plucky Sam sets off to campaign for chickens - CAMPAIGNER Sam White hopes to ruffle some feathers while touring Europe dressed as a chicken. Sam, 24, of Manningtree, will don the costume to call for clearer labelling on supermarket chickens to tell customers how they were reared… The Labelling Matters project, run by the RSPCA, World Animal Protection, Compassion in World Farming and the Soil Association, lasts for 39 days – the lifetime of an intensively-reared chicken…. (story)


York Press 4.8.14 Strengthen Act - THERE have lately been reports in pro-hunt newspapers suggesting that the RSPCA should and will desist from prosecuting organised hunt members accused of flouting the Hunting Act. A minority of fellow bloodsports fanatics have been waging a campaign of propaganda against the RSPCA because it had the nerve to - successfully - prosecute one of the country’s leading Hunts, the Heythrop…. Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals,, Haven Court, Hayle. (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 4.8.14 Snared deer sparks police probe By Danielle Morris - AN investigation has been launched after the remains of a deer entangled in an illegal snare were found in Dunster Woods. Two female walkers made the grim discovery near a footpath on the Crown Estate-owned land and reported it to the League Against Cruel Sports, and Avon and Somerset Police…. (story)

AboutMyArea 18.7.14 Walkers Discover Deer Remains in Illegal Snare in Dunster Woods - The remains of a fallow deer entangled in an illegal snare, have been discovered near to a footpath in the Crown Estate owned Dunster Woods, Minehead, by two female walkers…. Paul Tillsley, Head of Investigations at the League said: "The fact that this snare was secured high in a tree with the loop across a large gap in the hedge, suggests it was deliberately set for deer, which is a criminal offence… The location of the snare and the deer remains would suggest it was set at the behest of a nearby farmer who objects to deer coming out of the woods and eating their crops or grass."…. (story)
Western Morning News 16.7.14 Deer remains found in illegal snare - Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of fallow deer remains in an illegal snare. The deer's body was found by two female walkers in Dunster Woods, Minehead, on July 10…. The walkers reported their discovery to Avon and Somerset Police and the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 4.8.14 Borough of Poole votes not to cull badgers on its land By Diana Henderson - BADGERS on Poole Council land should be safe if a government cull is extended to Dorset after the council voted to ban killing the mammals on its property. A huge petition signed by more than 1,300 people opposing the culling of badgers on council land was presented by Poole resident Paul Watkins, as part of the Operation Badger campaign… (story)


Northern Echo 3.8.14 Storms did not spoil 106th Osmotherley Show By Ashley Barnard - A SUDDEN thunderstorm and downpour could not dampen the spirits of competitors and visitors to a North Yorkshire country show… The show’s first woman president Jean Abbott said despite the weather the show had been successful, with quality entries in the livestock and heavy horse classes… “It has been good to see the Hurworth Hunt, and we sold about 300 tickets to the evening’s show dance which is fantastic.”… (story)


Pirate FM 2.8.14 Calls For Superfast Signal In Cornwall - Could Cornwall ditch its mobile not spots for mobile hot spots?... 4G arrived in Saltash this week…. Sarah Lee is from the Countryside Alliance 'Sick of no Signal' campaign, she said: "I think that is fantastic news for Saltash to be receiving a full 4G signal, this will help improve not only just mobile connectivity but also broadband connectivity for households and businesses in that area, however, that is only one small area of Cornwall and we know there are a lot of people who can't even make a phone call or text on 2G… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.8.14 Badger group claims victory in court fight By Lyn Barton - Secret documents related to behind-closed-doors discussions on the risks of pressing ahead with a controversial cull of badgers will be published after a landmark legal decision, a conservation group has claimed. The Badger Trust has announced that it was successful in a court case fought earlier this week to force the Government to disclose crucial papers…. (story)


Belfast Telegraph 1.8.14 Anti-hunting campaigners to stage protest rally at Stormont BY LINDA STEWART - Animal lovers are being urged to rally at Stormont Buildings tomorrow to voice their opposition to fox and stag hunting. The rally, called by Noelle Robinson, Green Party councillor for Bangor Central, in partnership with the League Against Cruel Sports, will highlight that Northern Ireland is now the only region within the UK that has not introduced a complete ban on fox and stag hunting…. (story)

Guardian 1.8.14 Helen Macdonald: 'I ran to the hawk because I was broken and grieving' - The writer and naturalist talks to Patrick Barkham about grief, hunting, and breaking into the earnest, masculine world of nature writing - Patrick Barkham …"It's an F-15E," says Helen Macdonald almost admiringly, before returning to point out wasps' nests, old bomb craters and other intricate details of otherworldly Breckland. Macdonald's plane-spotting skills should not really be a surprise because the author of just-publishedH Is for Hawk, an already acclaimed account of her acquisition of a goshawk after the death of her father, is a strikingly unconventional polymath. A poet, historian, naturalist and illustrator, she has also worked as a professional falconer and has bred and trained hawks for Arab sheikhs… (story)

Dorset Echo 1.8.14 Anger after fox is killed by snare By Samantha Harman - WILDLIFE campaigners have hit out at the ‘inherently cruel’ killing of a fox found dead on a beach. The animal was missing a leg, leading to suspicions it was killed by an illegal snare…. Steve Trewhella, a Dorset-based wildlife photographer, joined the search for the animal…. Mr Trewhella said snares are sometimes used on land where game is bred for shooting and are used to protect the birds from foxes and other wild animals… “This sort of barbaric practice does not belong in modern Britain and while I reluctantly accept that some feel the need to kill wild animals either as sport or to protect their financial interests, this is not the way ahead.”… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 1.8.14 Animal testing is necessary - Chloe Neves is incorrect to say that testing cosmetics on animals was banned last year – it was banned in the UK in 1998 (letters July 29)… Much as I can feel sorry for the mouse which gave us the breast cancer drug Herceptin, which is based on a mouse hormone, I also see the predicament of women with breast cancer, many of whom will be parents to dependent children…. Chris Magee, Understanding Animal Research (letter)
Lancashire Post 29.7.14 Help prevent animal cruelty - It has been more than one year since cosmetic testing on animals has been banned…. They don’t have a voice but we do! By buying animal friendly products from websites such as animal aid or even from your local co-op you taking a step in preventing animal suffering. Chloe Neves, Freckleton (letter)

Bolton News 1.8.14 No place for circus - IN response to the letter from Petra Jackson of Circus Mondao. People are not saying the animals are not well cared for, but a circus with performing animals is outdated and wrong…. Rita Bischoff Holmfield Green Bolton (letter)