August 2015

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Express 31.8.15 Animal welfare campaigners to stage mass protest over 'sick' Taiji dolphin drives By STUART WINTER - More than 1,000 demonstrators will gather in London which has become the focal point of the campaign against the brutal slaughter for meat in Japan’s Taiji Cove as well as the capture of animals for marine parks… (story)

Surrey Advertiser 31.8.15 Guildford nightclub pulls freshers' week snake show - A nightclub in Guildford has cancelled an upcoming performance featuring a snake at an evening for the town’s new students following pressure from a group of activists…. The event was billed to include a snake performer, but attracted outrage from people concerned about a reptile being used as entertainment in the proximity of drunk students…. Toni Coe, speaking on behalf of the group What is your Activism?, was one of the first to raise concerns, saying she was outraged and questioned whether it was right to "bring animals into an environment with rowdy, inebriated students"…. (story)


Argus 30.8.15 Critics lambast plan to extend badger culling - Finn Scott-Delany, Business editor - ANIMAL rights campaigners have condemned a Government decision to extend badger culls in a bid to control the spread of TB in cattle.... Rock musician Brian May has already threatened legal action to secure a judicial review of the policy if the culls continued. Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas has also been a vocal opponent of the culls.... Dr Toni Shephard, head of policy and research at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "This is a death knell for more than 2000 more badgers... (story)

Ecologist 30.8.15 Brian May: I'll take Dorset badger cull to the High Court - The government's decision of extend the badger cull to Dorset, and persist with the Somerset and Gloucestershire culls, is 'completely irrational', say badger protection groups - and now they intend to prove it in a High Court legal action, forcing an end to the killing. Rock Star Brian May is to challenge the government's decision to press ahead with a new badger cull in Dorset. The action will be filed by the Save Me Trust, founded by May, following a warning sent last week by lawyers acting for the Trust to the Chief Executive and the Chief Legal Advisor of Natural England... (story)

Salisbury Journal 26.8.15 Animal rights group make stand against Porton Down - Katy Griffin, Reporter - ANIMAL rights supporters used art to raise awareness of the animals used in warfare research at Porton Down. London-based street artist Disk (UK) joined Animal Justice Project on Saturday, for an awareness event at the Cheese Market… Spokesman Helen Dufton said: “People often feel powerless to stop vivisection as the problem appears to be vast… (story)

Independent 30.8.15 Salmon farming: Calls for boycott of Scottish producers 'dripping with the blood of seals' -At least one seal has been shot dead on more than half of Scotland’s salmon farms in the past two years as part of efforts to protect the fish farming industry, which is worth £500m a year in exports, according to new official figures… Don Staniford, director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, which won a ruling under the Freedom of Information Act for data relating to culling at specific farms to be released, said: “Scottish salmon is dripping with the blood of dozens of seals.”… (story)


Hinckley Times 29.8.15 Vigilance call as hare coursing season starts BY KAREN HAMBRIDGE - Rural beat officers are stepping up action against hare coursers as the harvest leaves huge tracts of open land, ideal for the cruel and illegal bloodsport…. Tony Quinn, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Any right-minded person coming across hare coursing would be sickened. That’s the bottom line on this so-called sport which is both illegal and horrifically cruel…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.15 Badger cull decision deepens the bitter divide By James Tapsfield - Rock musician Brian May last night promised legal action over the Government's decision to extend the cull of badgers in the face of condemnation from animal rights groups…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.15 Is opposition to badger cull waning? - It is right that issues of public policy receive wide publicity and earn the broad support of the majority of the people…. But how widespread today is opposition to the cull and how accurately do those individuals and organisations opposing it really reflect the views of the broader community – particularly in rural areas? a target=main href="">(story)

Western Daily Press 29.8.15 NFU dismay at badger cull limitations - National Farmers' Union president Meurig Raymond said: ''Badger culling is an essential part of the Government's 25-year strategy in areas where bovine TB is rife…. (story)

Kent Online 29.8.15 Kent Police arrest three protesters against live animal exports at Port of Ramsgate by James Rose - Three animal rights protesters were arrested while trying to block six lorries of live sheep from entering the Port of Ramsgate last night. A 39-year-old Broadstairs man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage at 7.20pm and has been bailed until October 15 pending further enquiries. Michelle Dennis, 46, of Chilton Lane, Ramsgate was charged with assaulting a police officer and will appear in court on October 8. And a 46-year-old man from Ramsgate was issued with a caution for a public order offence…. (story)
Thanet Gazette 29.8.15 Three arrested in live animal exports protest By DavidArcher - Three people were arrested by police as animal rights protesters attempted to block lorries carrying live sheep from boarding a ship at the Port of Ramsgate last nigh… Michelle Dennis, 46 from Chilton Lane, Ramsgate was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer following. She will appear at court on October 8.Police also arrested a 39-year-old man from Broadstairs on suspicion of criminal damage. He has been bailed until the 15 October pending further enquiries. A 46-year-old man from Ramsgate was issued with a caution for a public order offence… (story)


Horse & Hound 30.8.15 Hound dies after being hit by car on A47 - A hound and a spaniel have died after running onto a busy main road on Tuesday morning (25 August). Twelve foxhounds, belonging to the Fitzwilliam Hunt, near Peterborough, ran on to the A47 (not pictured) early in the morning. The hounds were being walked through Milton Park to meet the hunt horses to start their daily hound exercise… (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 25.8.15 Dogs killed after foxhounds and spaniel run onto A47 in Peterborough - Alex Moore - Two dogs have died after a pack foxhounds broke off from their morning walk and chased another dog onto the A47 in Peterborough…A spokesman for the Milton Hall estate, where the hunt has its kennels, said: “At approximately 7.30am this morning the Fitzwilliam foxhounds were being walked through Milton Park to meet the hunt horses prior to the start of daily hound exercise. At the same time a spaniel and retriever were unexpectedly being walked in the same area of the park. “A small group of hounds broke away from the main pack and together with the spaniel ran through an area of woodland onto the eastbound carriageway of the A47. Regrettably the spaniel and a foxhound were killed by a passing car unable to take evasive action.... (story)

Western Morning News 28.8.15 Glorious grouse - a worthy quarry and vital to our upland regions - There is no grouse shooting in the South West, but the arguments over the sport go to the heart of issues around country sports everywhere. Barney White-Spunner chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, defends the sport in the face of attacks from some quarters…. (story)
Western Morning News 28.8.15 Shooting season opens the way to a larder full of great tastes and flavours - Sales of game meat are increasing but pro-shooting organisations want to match supply to demand this season Philip Bowern reports. The grouse season is in full swing, partridges and ducks become legal quarry on Tuesday next week and we are just over a month from the start of the pheasant shooting season…. To answer the challenge of getting more people to eat game the Countryside Alliance and the National Game Dealers’ Association have launched a campaign urging shoot managers to draw up detailed plans with their game dealers for all wild game shot this season…. Other efforts to get more game into the kitchen and onto the dining table are also being made by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. BASC’s game meat offshoot, Taste of Game, launched two new flavours of crisp – Grouse and Whinberry and Smoked Pheasant with wild mushrooms – at the CLA Game Fair…. (story)

Huffington Post 28.8.15 Biased and Inadequate - Defra Report on Game Bird Breeding - Dr Toni Shephard Head of Policy and Research at the League Against Cruel Sports - Defra has just published its long-awaited report on cage-based breeding for pheasants and partridges. I don't think it was worth the wait… The League believes that this study confirms what the British Association for Shooting and Conservation stated in December 2010 when urging MPs to sign an Early Day Motion calling for an outright ban on breeding cages '...the available space in such cages is so limited, that the welfare of the birds is seriously compromised and...the system does not conform, whether enriched or not, to the five freedoms which are at the basis of the UK's welfare law'…. (story)

Mirror 28.8.15 Mystery moneybags steps in to offer farmers £5,000 to halt controversial cull in potential badger breakthrough BY BEN GLAZE - The news comes as Queen legend Brian May vowed to join a legal fight to stop Toryplans to slaughter more than 2,000 badgers - Animal rights campaigners have announced they may have found a way to stop the controversial badger cull after a mystery benefactor stepped in to offer farmers a cash incentive…. Now the mystery moneybags is offering £5,000 each to farmers who choose to back the more humane method…. (story)

Mail 28.8.15 New cull targets 800 more badgers: Animal rights campaigners condemn Government action to control the spread of TB in cattle By JOHN HALL FOR MAILONLINE - Animal rights campaigners have condemned a Government decision to extend badger culls to Dorset in a bid to control the spread of TB in cattle. Farming minister George Eustice insisted 'strong action' was needed to eradicate the disease as it was confirmed that much-criticised pilot schemes in Gloucester and Somerset will continue this year…. (story)

Channel 4 News 28.8.15 Government extends controversial badger cull into Dorset - The government says "strong action" is required but opponents call the plans "chaotic". The heated debate over the effectiveness of badger culls wears on as the cull is extended into Dorset… Opponents argue that vaccinations should be pursued, with the Badger Trust Chief Executive Dominic Dyer stating that the schemes "comprehensively failed" to be humane and effective. Dr Toni Shephard, head of policy and research at the League against Cruel Sports echoes this opinion, claiming "it is a death knell for common sense, all the current evidence heavily suggests that bTB is predominantly spread between cattle, not from badgers to cattle."… (story)

Farming Life 28.8.15 Badger cull: Bovine TB eradication strategy announced - The NFU have responded to the announcement of the Bovine TB eradication strategy. Meurig Raymond, NFU president, said: “Bovine TB remains a huge problem for beef and dairy farmers across the South West, large parts of the Midlands and beyond…. We are pleased that the government is pressing ahead with its 25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB… (story)

Guardian 28.8.15 Badger cull extended to Dorset - The government will extend the badger cull to Dorset as part of a drive to limit tuberculosis in cattle, it was announced on Friday. The announcement follows controversial pilots in Gloucestershire and Somerset running over the past two years, with Natural England issuing licences to companies that permit six weeks of continuous culling in the three areas until January… (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 28.8.15 RSPCA alarm that badger cull to be extended to Dorset By mbarber - The RSPCA says it is unhappy that Dorset is to be added to the cull zone for badgers. Somerset and Gloucester were subject to culls in 2013 and 2014. The RSPCA is now renewing calls for the culls to be stopped and instead a more proactive approach through vaccination and improved biosecurity be taken to tackle the problem of bovine TB… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 28.8.15 Government announces return of badger cull to Gloucestershire, up to 679 animals to be killed - Hundreds of badgers will be killed in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset this year after the Government announced the return of the cull…. (story)

Western Morning News 28.8.15 Badger cull roll-out announced - and more cattle testing in battle to beat bovine TB By WMNPBowern - Badger culling will take place in Dorset, as well as Somerset and Gloucestershire this year, under plans announced today by Defra. The long awaited roll-out of the cull to a third South West county was welcomed by many livestock farmers… (story)
Western Morning News 28.8.15 WMN OPINION: Public accepts using every tool in the armoury is part of bovine TB battle - It is right that issues of public policy receive wide publicity and earn the broad support of the majority of the people. So a debate on the rights and wrongs of the badger cull, which has been extended to a third county of the South West, is necessary and thoroughly justified. But how widespread today is opposition to the cull and how accurately do those individuals and organisations opposing it really reflect the views of the broader community – particularly in rural areas?... (story)

Express 28.8.15 Badger cull WILL be extended: Fury as more than 2,000 badgers face 'death knell' - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are condemning Government plans to open a “new front” in their badger cull offensive to wipe out TB in cattle By STUART WINTER - Angry opponents of the strategy described Farming Minister George Eustice’s decision to widen the kill zone to Dorset as well as Gloucestershire and Somerset as the “death knell” for more than 2,000 badgers… (story)

Mirror 28.8.15 Queen legend Brian May vows to battle for badgers as plans unveiled to slaughter another 2,000 BY BEN GLAZE - Queen legend Brian May has vowed to join a legal fight to stop Tory plans to slaughter more than 2,000 badgers. The veteran rocker said culling so far had been “a disaster” costing taxpayers £5,000 for each animal shot… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 28.8.15 Brian May to take legal action over decision to cull badgers in Dorset - MORE than 600 badgers are to be culled in Dorset this year as Natural England grants a licence for the trial scheme to be extended to the county until 2018. The news has left farmers relieved but animal campaigners declaring it a ‘sad day for Dorset’…. (story)

BBC News Online 28.8.15 Badger cull to be extended into Dorset, government announces - The badger cull is to be extended into Dorset following pilots in Gloucestershire and Somerset, the government has announced…. (story)

Ilkeston Advertiser 28.8.15 Stanley Common landlady Victoria Martindale convicted of harassment - A former landlady has been spared jail after launching a campaign aimed at harming the careers of NHS staff who helped her after the death of a tenant. ormer Erewash Green Party election candidate Victoria Martindale received psychotherapy following the tragedy, when carbon monoxide fumes seeped from a condemned boiler at a house she owned, Derby Crown Court heard. When that NHS treatment ended, Martindale staged a campaign demanding the dismissal of her therapist and his manager - launching an online petition and putting placards on railings outside NHS offices and a hospital…. (story)


Huffington Post 27.8.15 EU Should Learn From Cecil the Lion Killing and Ban Trophy Imports - The leading figure behind a petition against the parading of hounds at the annual Bucks County Show has been offered a stand at the show for the first time in its history…. (story)

Huffington Post 27.8.15 EU Should Learn From Cecil the Lion Killing and Ban Trophy Imports -Tom Quinn League Against Cruel Sports Director of Campaigns…The reason Cecil was hunted? For sport. He was not a danger to the community. If anything he was a significant boost to the local economy - as are the other animals in Hwange National Park…. (story)

Burton Mail 27.8.15 Sporting pub award is launched to find best countryside watering hole - A COMPETITION designed to find the best sporting pubs in the country has been launched. A COMPETITION designed to find the best sporting pubs in the country has been launched. The Countryside Alliance and Country Life magazine have teamed up to launch the search (story)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 26.8.15 Enter ‘best sporting pub’ contest plea By Terry Mitchinson - (story)
Market Rasen Mail 25.8.15 Could your local be the greatest? - Everyone loves a country pub and for those who take part in country sports the lure of a warm fire, a cold pint and a good feed is hard to beat. Now the Countryside Alliance and Country Life magazine have teamed up to launch the search for the greatest sporting pub in the UK. This competition aims to celebrate traditional pubs and hotels which have a long history of support for country sports, whether they welcome muddy dogs and wellies, host a meet of the local hunt, serve the best local game or are the place to be once the fishing or shooting day is over…. (story)

Worcester News 27.8.15 Wednesday's letter round up including 'Let’s banish cruel racing from Pitchcroft' - Your Comment of August 27, “Let’s make more use of racecourse”, asks how “wonderful would it be” to see Worcester Racecourse used more often for events like the successful concert by rock band James…. So let’s see the cruel horse racing industry banished from Pitchcroft and this important green space used entirely for enjoyable, positive and humane activities that do not involve the suffering and slaughter of animals…. ISOBEL THORPEWorcester (9701-01


Yorkshire Evening Post 27.8.15 WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES: Leeds woman savagely attacked by Staffordshire bull terrier as she protected own dog - A dog lover says she has been left a “prisoner” in her home after being savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier as she tried to protect her own pet. Animal rights campaigner Tina Pointon, 42, suffered horrific injuries to her arm when she was mauled as she walked her dog, Patch, in Beeston… Mrs Pointon – a member of Leeds Animal Protection – was walking 14-year-old Patch on Cross Flatts Drive on August 7 when the dog left a garden and charged at them…. (story)


Mail 26.8.15 Former GREEN PARTY councillor revealed as a big game hunter who poses for trophy photos with his kills - and defends shooting Cecil the Lion By EUAN MCLELLAND FOR MAILONLINE (story)
Mirror 25.8.15 Ex-Green Party councillor exposed as big game hunter distances himself from Cecil the lion killers - BY IAN HUGHES ,MARTIN SHAW - Farmer Ben Wightman went on big game holidays with pals in South Africa while serving a party which opposes all forms of hunting - A former Green Party councillor has defended his hobby of big game hunting in South Africa - but distanced himself from killings like that of Cecil the lion. While serving a party which opposes all forms of hunting and boasts of its animal protection policies, Ben Wightman took safari “holidays” to shoot wild animals. The 27-year-old farmer was a Green Party councillor on Kirkburton Parish Council in West Yorkshire for four years until he lost his seat in May…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.8.15 What pleasure do field sports bring? - What pleasure do field sports bring?... Here we go again it’s that time of yea… What pleasure can anyone receive from killing an animal that has been bred purely for the purpose of giving mankind target practice? by Elizabeth Gabriel Avonwick (story)

Portsmouth News 26.8.15 Protest held about Gosport labs use of animals - Kimberley Barber - A NIGHT-TIME protest against animal testing took place outside a laboratory. Campaign group Stop Wickham Animal Testing held the peaceful protest outside Wickham Laboratories, in Barwell Lane, Gosport last week. Helen Nelson, from the group, said: ‘People come past and see our banners and they hopefully realise that there’s something going on here.’… (story)

BBC News Online 26.8.15 Charity condemns Halloween costume "trivialising" Cecil the lion killing - An animal rights group says a fancy dress costume of the hunting dentist, Doctor Walter Palmer, "trivialises" the killing of Cecil the lion… The company behind the outfit says it "features a severed lion's head mask, bloody smock, and bloody gloves for a gruesome, complete look". Born Free says Halloween promotes a fantasy around the situation… Mark Jones from Born Free told Newsbeat that the costume is "rather an inappropriate way of depicting a very serious situation"… (story)


BUCKS COUNTY SHOW Get Bucks 25.8.15 Bucks County Show offer stand to Aylesbury woman who's petitioned against hounds parade BY AMITA JOSHI - The leading figure behind a petition against the parading of hounds at the annual Bucks County Show has been offered a stand at the show for the first time in its history… (story)
Bucks Herald 25.8.15 UPDATED: Anti-fox hunting campaigner to have stand at Bucks County Show - Neil Shefferd - An anti-fox hunting campaigner who started a petition calling on Bucks County Show to ban hunts and hounds from the grounds is to have a stand at this year’s show on Thursday. Katie Angus’s petition has now been signed by more than 115,000 people from the UK and around the world... Organisers offered the 31-year-old marketing manager the chance to have a small stand adjacent to the police pod. Bucks County Show press officer Ray Stollery said Mrs Angus had sent them a letter confirming she would accept the invitation... Mrs Angus will be one of four people manning the stand. She told organisers that she felt it would not be feasible for one person to man a stand at a show with an expected footfall of 20,000... (story)
Bucks Herald 21.8.15 DON’T SPOIL THE FUN - With regards to ban the hunt and hounds from the county show…. Stay away from our show and let the rest of us enjoy our day. Mrs Blackaby Stoke Mandeville
A POLITICAL ISSUE? - In the recent issue of the Bucks Herald (12th August 2015) you had an article titled “Petition calls for show to impose hounds ban”…. If you don’t agree with something that is on, you can simply avoid the area…. I for one will not be signing this petition and urge those of you who haven’t signed it yet to also do the same as me and not sign it. Jason Wise Address supplied (letter)
Bucks Herald 19.8.15 Bucks County Show offers stand to anti-fox hunting campaigner - Neil Shefferd - An anti-fox hunting campaigner who started a petition calling on Bucks County Show to ban hunts and hounds from the grounds has been invited by organisers to have a stand at the event. Katie Angus’s petition has been signed by more than 89,000 people from the UK and around the world… “She will have to comply with the requirements that all trade stands must adhere to in terms of paying for the stand, providing details of current public liability insurance and completed health and safety risk assessment.".. (story)
Bucks Herald 12.8.15 “Making trouble for Bucks County Show is uncalled for” - Deputy editor Adam King - I was barely 20 years old when the fox hunting ban was finally approved by parliament. At the time, I was fully in favour, but looking back I now realise my support wasn’t down to any great concern for the fox. Rather, it had much more to do with my own inverted snobbery.. I’ve now learnt that the issue, like most things in life, is not so simple…. At the end of the day, animal rights activists have been given what they wanted – a ban on hunting foxes. Trying to cause trouble for our beloved county show just seems petty and uncalled for. (story)
Mix96 12.8.15 "Bucks County Show Shouldn't Support The Local Hunt" - A Buckinghamshire woman has started a petition to stop Bucks County Show using hunting hounds during the agricultural event….(story)
Bucks Herald 10.8.15 Mum calls for Bucks County Show to ban hunts and hounds - An anti-fox hunting campaigner has launched a petition calling for hunts and their hounds to be barred from Bucks County Show… However, mum-of-one Katie Angus, who lives in the Vale, wants them out, claiming that hunting is a ‘political issue’ which the show should not ‘force down people’s throats’, or suggest is ‘the epicentre of Bucks life’…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 25.8.15 My first visit to the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show - It’s 4pm on Wednesday 19th August and my first ever visit to the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show. Despite having a raincoat on I am soaked to the skin.... great fun was watching the parade of hounds, particularly when the children went in to pet them. One especially enthusiastic foxhound got out of the ring and went walkabout in the crowd. It was a fine sight to see them all running across the main ring to the horns.... Tracey Ramsbottom (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 25.8.15 In Pictures: Thousands flock to the 169th Dunster Show - THOUSANDS of people flocked to Dunster to enjoy one of the longest running agricultural shows in the country,... There were a record breaking number sheep entries and a high calibre of cattle in the competitions, as well as horse and hound parades.... (story)

East Grinstead Courier 25.8.15 Get set for the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show this weekend - The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) commemorates the First World War with a special display as the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show gets underway this bank holiday weekend... Also in the Country Sports area all weekend is a chance to try out archery, fly fishing and clay shooting.... On Sunday the main ring programme also includes a display of heavy horses, cavalcade of footpacks, the beautiful Side Saddle Concours d'Elegance and Mounted Fancy Dress Parade. Monday includes a cavalcade of foxhounds, the impressive four in hand carriages and coaches and parade of heavy horses... (story)

Express 25.8.15 Brian May to call in lawyers if badger cull goes ahead this autumn - BRIAN May’s Save Me Trust is threatening legal action if plans are unveiled to cull badgers this autumn. By STUART WINTER - The Queen rock legend’s animal welfare charity says it will seek a judicial review the moment licences are activated or any new ones granted…. A major announcement is expected today but Brian May’s group says it has already instructing lawyers if the Government’s advisers on wildlife issues, Natural England, activate licences in Somerset and Gloucestershire or grant new ones, possibly for Dorset…. (story)
Mirror 24.8.15 Brian May threatens legal action against the Government if more badger culls go ahead BY MIKEY SMITH - The Queen legend and animal rights campaigner says he'll mount a judicial review of any decision in favour of a third cull… (story)


Horse & Hound 24.8.15 8 ways to avoid looking flustered on your first day autumn hunting - Polly Portwin - All eyes have been watching the harvest come in amid anticipation of the first day of the new season…. for those who aren’t quite so prepared, Horse & Hound offers a few tips on what to remember ahead of your first day autumn hunting so you don’t appear late, flustered and unkempt in front of masters and hunt staff — both new and old…. (story)

Shropshire Star 24.8.15 Confrontation looms large in life of rebel with a cause - Jeremy Corbyn has always been a fierce political animal, never scared to be controversial and willing to be arrested for his beliefs… “I was active in the League Against Cruel Sports in Shropshire,” he says. “It’s a hunting county, so I was in a minority in my school in being totally opposed to blood sports and shooting for that matter…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 24.8.15 Hare coursing is Republic's shame - In renewing a licence for hare coursing, Minister Heather Humphreys in the Republic and the National Parks and Wildlife Service have condemned thousands of hares to a season of suffering… Philip Kiernan Irish Council Against Blood Sports (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 24.8.15 Bravo to writer for article on fox hunting - The Emma Clayton column (T&A, Wednesday, July 15) regarding fox hunting was first class and she should be congratulated for her in-depth appraisal… S Pickup, Sulby Grove, Bradford (letter)
York Press 29.7.15 COLUMNIST Emma Clayton was bang on the money with her condemnation of fox hunting and its supporters (The Press, July 21). These people are wrong to call a bloodthirsty pursuit a sport and plainly lie when they say that it is about pest control. Not when cubs are to be reared and then released to be hunted at a later date…. Dave Barker, Fern Close, Huntington, York (letter)

Guardian 24.8.15 Britain’s badger cull is back – despite all the evidence against it Patrick Barkham - Patrick Barkham - The government’s chaotic, secretive killing plan is far more costly, and far less efficient, than simply vaccinating these animals… (story)


Windsor Observer 23.8.15 Maidenhead resident's petition calling for MP to change her position over hunting law reaches 1,000 signatures - A PETITION calling for Maidenhead’s MP Theresa May to reflect on her position on hunting has received more than 1,000 signatures. A vote on repealing the hunting ban was postponed in July but is expected to be revisited in the autumn and Mrs May has confirmed she would vote in favour of the repeal. Steve Cann, who set up the petition, said: “We have got to show that we’re not going to go away, we’ve got to continue to make our voices heard…. Barbra Vinelott, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, who lives in Maidenhead, expressed her discontent with the idea of repealing the ban to the House of Commons and received a letter from Mrs May in response… (story)

Leek Post & Times 23.8.15 Tod Bradbury of Animal Aid says grey squirrel not responsible for demise of red squirrel - Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 17.8.15 Much-maligned grey squirrel not as bad as claimed - TOD BRADBURY Animal Aid (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 17.8.15 Grey squirrels taking the rap - FEW wild animals suffer a more tarnished reputation than the grey squirrel… Animal Aid has released The True History of Grey Squirrels in Britain, which debunks these common misconceptions. The grey squirrel is not responsible for the demise of the red squirrel. Reds too were once labelled ‘pests’ and subsequently massacred in their thousands….. Greys are falsely blamed for large-scale destruction of woodland. In reality, humans cause more environmental damage than a squirrel ever could… Tod Bradbury, Campaigns Team, Animal Aid (letter)


Western Daily Press 22.8.15 Berkeley Show offers great day out for the family By tina rowe -A traditional one-day agricultural show set against the dramatic backdrop of Berkeley Castle – Berkeley Show has got the lot. The show which opens its gates on Bank Holiday Monday August 31, sees the thrilling sport of double harness scurry racing return to the main ring… The show is organised by the Berkeley Hunt Agricultural Society,… (story)

Fishing Magic 22.8.15 BEWARE! EXTREMISTS! By Rod Sturdy - In its crudest form, extremism is the blind obedience to a cause: violence, arson, murder and the rest are all legitimate weapons in the achievement of an objective. The hunt saboteurs fall into this category. They have in the past carried out quite severe physical attacks on anglers and disrupted fishing matches…. Dawn Carr, PETA’s specialist project manager who campaigns against commercial and recreational fishing, recently wrote a letter to the National Marine Aquarium criticising it for serving fish and chips in the aquarium café, referring to: ‘seafood…made from living sea animals who treasured life and were needlessly subjected to pain and fear.’… We need therefore to support the work of the Angling Trust in maintaining and strengthening our own PR effort at national level - not in order to convert the extremists: that will never happen – but to educate the general public about our sport, so that they know what we are about…. (story)

Dundee Courier 22.8.15 Animal welfare campaigners call for Usan director to be removed from advisory group - The Scottish Government has been condemned by animal welfare activists after one of its expert advisers was convicted of wildlife crime. George Pullar is a director of Montrose fishing firm Usan Salmon Fisheries, which was fined £7,000 at Forfar Sheriff Court on Thursday after it admitted illegal fishing twice near Gardenstown, Aberdeenshire, last August, as well as seven breaches in Angus… Conservation charity Animal Concern has written to environment minister Aileen McLeod, calling for him to be removed from the stakeholder group. John Robins, secretary of the organisation, said: “It is ludicrous that the Government is taking advice on wildlife conservation from convicted wildlife criminals… (story)


Derby Telegraph 21.8.15 Where's the difference between fox hunting and the barbaric killing of pet cat? – reader's letter - I AM writing regarding the report in the Derby Telegraph about the woman who told her dog to kill a defenceless cat ("Horror as dog owner urges her pet to kill three-legged cat Smokey", August 8)…. It has been widely publicised in recent months that many of our role model MPs wished or wish to reintroduce the killing of defenceless foxes one at a time, with a pack of dogs that will also maul them to death…. Amanda Soloman Crompton Street Derby (story)

Belfast Telegraph 21.8.15 Grouse shooters unfairly caught in the firing line - They say that if you throw enough mud some of it eventually sticks. That is the approach followed by Animal Aid in your letter pages… Grouse, of course, is a valued game bird, with all of those shot during the season destined for the table. To seek to destroy something that benefits so many and protects so much land and wildlife smacks of extremism. Oliver McCullough Chair of NI Committee British Association for Shooting & Conservation (story)

Hull Daily Mail 21.8.15 PETA fighting plans for intensive chicken farm at Wyton, east of Hull By Alice Roberts -ANIMAL rights group Peta is calling on residents to oppose plans to build an intensive chicken farm just outside Hull. The proposed farm in Wyton would hold up to 322,000 chicks in six new broiler houses. The site, which is owned by Amber Real Estate Investments, is currently home to eight disused timber poultry sheds built 50 years ago… Nearby resident Alan Beales is also against the plans, but because of concerns about the potential smells… (story)

Telegraph 21.8.15 Petition to stop council shooting deer signed 120,000 times - A petition to stop a "lonely deer from being shot" has attracted more than 120,000 signatures. People from as far away as New Zealand and the USA have signed a petition demanding that Oki the deer should be spared. Town councillors at Wokingham, Berkshire, are poised to order a sniper to shoot her because she's nibbling fruit and veg on the local allotments…. Petition organiser Kate Jakubiszyn, from Wokingham, who has named the deer Oki, said "I'm shocked at how many have signed it - I keep thinking it's a hoax!... (story)
Express 21.8.15 Battle to save 'lonely' deer which could be SHOT for grazing on allotment owners' veg - THE plight of a "lonely" deer who could be SHOT because she has been grazing on gardeners' allotments has sparked a worldwide protest backed by more than 135,000 people. By NICK GUTTERIDGE -Harmless and hungry Oki the deer ended up wandering on to a patch of allotments in a Berkshire town after getting separated from her herd. However, she could now be destined for the bullet after furious gardeners complained to the local council that she was eating their fruit and vegetables… (story)

Christian Science Monitor 21.8.15 Could a grim summer for lions, bunnies, and bulls boost animal rights? By Sara Miller Llana - A bludgeoned bunny, a lion that’s become a household name, nearly a dozen Spanish bulls that have torn into those who've taunted them: This is the summer that animals have set the news agenda. And while their fates are driven by vastly different norms and mores – and the debates around each remain highly controversial – these animal protagonists have likely done more in three months for animal rights awareness campaigns than three decades of activists dumping red paint on women in fur…. (story)

Kent Messenger 21.8.15 Thanet council to pay £2.3m compensation after losing court battle to stop animal exports form Port of Ramsgate by Paul Francis - Thanet council has been forced to pay £2.3m in compensation to companies who were blocked from exporting live animals from Ramsgate Port. The huge payout has been made to unidentified companies who took the council to court for blocking exports. That action was successful and the High Court ruled last year compensation must be paid to cover the losses as a result of the authority’s ban… (story)

Irish Times 21.8.15 Bull fighting shamed - he goring to death of several people this summer in Spanish bullrings, and in the course of bull-running events in that country, has again highlighted a most horrific form of organised animal cruelty that endangers man and beast…. JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports Callan, Co Kilkenny. (story)


Bath Chronicle 20.8.15 Why isn't progressive Tory Ben Howlett speaking out? - Throughout the General Election campaign Ben Howlett repeatedly described how he would rebel against his party to represent or help his constituents… He hasn't spoken up for the one in five Bath children living in poverty when targets to fight it were scrapped… He hasn't spoken for the vast majority of his constituents who can think of many more important things than bringing back fox hunting… Dominic Tristram 2015 Green Party Candidate for Bath Frome Road, Bath (letter)

Shields Gazette 20.8.15 It is heartening to see the growing opposition to grouse shooting. Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 18.8.15 Now it's the grouse shooters who are in firing line - FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid (letter)
Northern Echo 17.8.15 Nothing glorious about the 12th - Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Scotsman 15.8.15 Inglorious 12th - It is heartening to see the growing opposition to grouse shooting. Animal Aid has long spoken out on behalf of the grouse destined to be blasted from the skies for “sport”, as well as for the wild animals that are trapped, snared or shot because they pose a “threat” to the shooters’ quarry… Fiona Pereira Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge (story)


Horse & Hound 19.8.15 Young huntsman triumphant at Stradbally Hound Show - Huntsmen new to carrying the horn triumphed with their charges at the 105th Irish Masters of Foxhounds’ Association (IMFHA) Show at Stradbally Hall, Co Laois, Eire on 5 July. Conor Dwyer, 22, in his third season hunting the Island Foxhounds in Co. Wexford’s famous bank country, won five classes and took home the reserve unentered doghound championship with the home-bred Island Barrister (Paragon 11–Biscuit 10)…. (story)

Shropshire Star 19.8.15 Figures show culling of badgers fails to help control bovine TB - Daniel Kawczynski MP has said “They have had these trials of culling badgers in two areas of the country and they have got very positive results” while Owen Paterson MP has said that the badger cull has been “an astonishing success”.., However, what neither Mr Kawczynski or Mr Paterson say is that these figures are not scientifically recognised and are anecdotal evidence only. In fact, using data from the government’s own website ( the evidence suggests that outbreaks of bovine TB have gone up in both areas of the country where the pilot culls took place… Simon Owen, Wellington (story)


Huffington Post 18.8.15 Glorious Grouse - Time to Think About the Bird, Not the 'Game' Dr Toni Shephard Head of Policy and Research at the League Against Cruel Sports - There have been many column inches devoted to red grouse over the last week… Having spent many hours on the North Yorkshire moors trying to catch a glimpse of these elusive beauties - a much more difficult and skillful task without a line of beaters driving them towards you - I am astounded by how few Brits give them even a second thought, including birders…. We wouldn't treat our garden birds this way, why is it acceptable for birds we call game? Especially one so glorious. (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 18.8.15 Taunton MP Rebecca Pow hits back at badger cull protestors who awarded her the 'carrot of shame' - Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow has hit back at being awarded the 'carrot of shame' at a badger cull protest held in Vivary Park on Saturday, releasing a statement defending the cull. Somerset Badger Patrol awarded a 'carrot of shame' to Mrs Pow at the anti-badger cull rally held in Taunton this weekend… However Conservative MP Mrs Pow has hit back describing bovine TB as a devastating disease doing untold harm to cattle and the dairy industry… (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 17.8.15 'Carrot of shame' awarded to Taunton MP Rebecca Pow at badger cull protest - Sarah Hyde - Somerset Badger Patrol awarded a 'carrot of shame' to Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow at the anti-badger cull rally held in Taunton this weekend…. (story)
Western Daily Press 16.8.15 GALLERY: Hundreds marched through Somerset to protest over badger culls - Hundreds of people marched through Somerset's county town today to protest over the badger cull…. Leading opponents of the cull addressed a gathering of around 200 people in Taunton's Vivary Park before the crowd left for a peaceful march through the town centre…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.8.15 Hundreds attend Taunton anti-badger cull protest march - Hundreds of people who oppose the planned culling of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire have marched through Taunton to protest. The march was organised by the Badger Trust, Somerset Against the Badger Cull and the Somerset Badger Patrol…. (story)
ITV 15.8.15 Anti-badger cull protest in Somerset - Around 250 people took part in a rally and march in Taunton against a third round of badger culling due to start this autumn. The event was organised by the Badger Trust and members of Somerset Against the Badger Cull and the Somerset Badger Patrol… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.8.15 Badger cull protesters prepare to march in Somerset today By Tina Rowe - Opponents of the badger cull are hoping a march taking place in Somerset today will be the biggest seen in the West…. (story)

ThisIsTheWestCountry 13.8.15 Hundreds set for Taunton rally against controversial badger cull - Sarah Hyde - HUNDREDS of protestors against the controversial badger cull are expected in Taunton on Saturday when the badger protection rally and march comes to the town… Speakers will include anti-cull spokesperson Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust, Mark Jones from the Born Free Foundation, Pauline Kidner from Secret World and Adrian Coward from the Somerset Badger Group… (story)
Central Somerset Gazette 2.8.15 Somerset tourists urged to join 'biggest ever badger cull protest march' - AN appeal has been made to holidaymakers in the West County to join what is thought to be the biggest protest march against the badger cull to be held in Somerset to date… (story)
Western Daily Press 1.8.15 'Biggest ever badger protest march' for Taunton as campaigners call on Somerset tourists to join By TristanCork - Protestors campaigning against the badger cull appealed to holidaymakers to the West Country to join them in what could be the biggest protest march on the issue yet in Somerset. They urged people holidaymaking in Somerset to join their protest march and vigil scheduled for Taunton in a fortnight's time… (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry (Somerset County Gazette 18.8.15 To cull or not to cull? The Gazette looks at both sides of the badger culling debate - While badgers may be black and white, the debate over whether killing them is the right move bodies is certainly more of a grey area…. We sent our reporter Steven Salter to speaking to people on both sides of the issue this week in a bid to try and find out more… (story)


Farming Life 17.8.15 - Leading country sports organisations reach agreement on Firearms Licensing fees and the banded system - Agreement has been reached on firearms fees and a banded system for rifles between an alliance of shooting and rural organisations, the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The rural organisations include Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI), The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, (BASC) and the Gun Trade Guild NI (GTG NI)…. (story)

BBC News Online 17.8.15 Badger study finds damaging setts 'could worsen bovine TB risk' - Farmers have been warned that damaging badger setts does not reduce the risk of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in cattle and could make the problem worse. The warning has come from researchers at Queen's University, Belfast, who carried out the first study into the effects of illegal badger persecution. About 5% of setts in Northern Ireland had recent signs of illegal damage. The study found that this practice "contributed significantly to new bovine TB breakdowns in nearby cattle"…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 17.8.15 Protesters continue fight against beagle breeding at B&K Universal By Alice Roberts - HUNDREDS of people gathered outside beagle kennels this weekend to protest against controversial plans to resume breeding at the facility. Dismayed residents and animal-lovers from across the UK held a peaceful demonstration with banners and a 12ft-high beagle outside B&K Universal in Grimston yesterday…. Campaigner Deborah Minns said they would continue to fight plans to expand the beagle farm… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 17.8.15 Hull to stage Vegan Festival – but carnivores are welcome! By Sophie Kitching - A VEGAN festival, thought to be a first for the city, will take place next month. Hull Vegan Festival is the brainchild of animal sanctuary owner Shena Steer. Ms Steer has organised the event, which will take place at the Mercure Royal Hotel in Ferensway on Saturday, September 19…. (story)

Dundee Courier 17.8.15 Boycott could halt ivory trade - Kelda Lang (August 13) is naive to believe that banning Chinese students from Dundee University because of their home country’s ivory trade would have any impact… A wider boycott of Chinese goods would be more effective because money speaks loudest. Charles Wilson. King’s Road, Rosyth. (story)


Craven Herald 16.8.15 Leading countryside organisations say hen harriers need plan for recovery - SIX countryside groups have joined forces to call on Defra to implement a plan for the recovery of hen harriers. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, CLA, Countryside Alliance, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and the Moorland Association want to see more hen harriers nesting in England. Last year, there were just four breeding attempts, all on or adjacent to moorland managed for red grouse, with 16 chicks fledged. And, this year, nesting attempts saw a 300 per cent increase to 12 nests. Six of these were successful, with 18 chicks surviving… (story)

Norwich Evening News 16.8.15 Animal groups condemn shooting of wild birds in Caister and Lowestoft - Lucy Clapham - Conservationists have condemned a string of attacks on wild birds after three gulls were shot…. David Carr, who runs Wild Touch animal sanctuary in Rollesby, reported the shootings to police after the gulls were brought in to him…. (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 16.8.15 Don't cull gulls - John Bryant Animal Aid (letter)
Bath Chronicle 13.8.15 A shame to slaughter gulls just for stealing chips - John Bryant Wildlife Consultant, Animal Aid The Old Chapel (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.8.15 Chips down for our gulls - John Bryant, wildlife consultant, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Shields Gazette 6.8.15 Easy steps to stop the gulls - John Bryant, Wildlife Consultant Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Sunderland Echo 6.8.15 Easy steps to stop the gulls - John Bryant, Wildlife Consultant Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 5.8.15 It's barbaric to cull gulls over a few stolen chips - JOHN BRYANT Animal Aid (letter)
Sunderland Echo 5.8.15 Easy steps to stop the gulls - John Bryant, Wildlife Consultant Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Oxford Mail 3.8.15 We should be tolerant of gulls and not cull them - JOHN BRYANT Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Scotsman 1.8.15 Seagull defence - I was pleased that John Bryant of Animal Aid wrote in (Letters, 31 July) to defend seagulls… Angela Innes Dundas Street Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 31.7.15 Defence of gulls - Whenever wild animals or birds trouble us humans, there follow the inevitable cries of “cull them”. Every summer millions of people flock to the coast where many gulls live…. John Bryant Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Spectator 15.8.15 Why MPs have a duty to resist online petitions - Roger Scruton - What should be the response of politicians to mass emailings and Twitter storms? The question is an urgent one, especially for Conservative MPs, given the general truth that mass petitions, in which complex issues are simplified to ‘for or against’ and emotion given a head start over reasoned argument, tend to come from the left. I was astonished to learn that a Tory MP decided his vote on the proposed Hunting Bill would depend on opinion polls in his local newspaper…. (story)

Telegraph 15.8.15 Countryside braced for renewed badger cull protests By Patrick Sawer - Farmers have pledged to stand up to intimidation from animal rights extremists who are threatening a major campaign of disorder to sabotage the planned extension of the controversial badger cull… Jay Tiernan, a leading animal rights militant and spokesman for Stop the Cull, told The Telegraph: “There will be many more people out trying to oppose the cull than we’ve seen so far. Dorset is closer to the heart of the animal rights movement in the south east and it’s going to be a lot easier for those people to jump into a car and go down there for the night in order to try and stop the cull… (story)


Reading News & Mail 14.8.15 "Don't kill the Wokingham deer!" getreading readers have their say - A storm of protest from commenters on our website and social media condemning any suggestion the Wokingham allotment deer should be shot - The fate of the lone deer living on an allotment site in Wokingham has touched getreadingreaders… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 14.8.15 Hull to stage Vegan Festival – but carnivores are welcome! By Sophie Kitching - A VEGAN festival, thought to be a first for the city, will take place next month. Hull Vegan Festival is the brainchild of animal sanctuary owner Shena Steer. Ms Steer has organised the event, which will take place at the Mercure Royal Hotel in Ferensway on Saturday, September 19…. (story)

Irish Examiner 14.8.15 Animal abuse must never gain tolerance - The deliberate blinding of a terrier dog in Waterford city last week has to act as a wake-up call for society to face the reality of animal abuse in its midst… John Tierney Chairperson, Waterford Animal Concern (letter)


Northern Echo 13.8.15 Visitors flock to 155th Danby Show - Julia Breen - ALMOST 7,000 people flocked to Danby on Wednesday for the moors village's 155th agricultural show… A Punch and Judy show, sheep shearing demonstration and the Goathland and Glaisdale hounds kept families entertained, along with the usual food stalls, show stands and children's fairground rides…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 13.8.15 Grouse season struggle - It should be a highlight in the country sports calendar, but the start of the 2015 grouse season could be the most difficult in many years….However, a group which celebrates work and community life in the Lammermuir Hills is getting ready to supply fresh wild game from the moors to chefs across the Lothians. The Lammermuirs Moorrland Group hope to team up with restaurants and hotels in a bid to get more people to try game dishes like wild grouse…. (story)

Western Daily Press 13.8.15 Grouse season opens and divides opinion - with idea it is a sport for the 'very rich' - The grouse shooting season opened with a vow to make it more accessible and move away from the perception that it is "just a sport for the very rich". But the League Against Cruel Sports denounced the practice…


Closer 13.8.15 Restaurants urged to change menus in protest against grouse hunting season - Yesterday marked the ‘Glorious Twelfth’, which signifies the start of the annual game bird shooting season. Millions of animals will be killed or injured during the shooting season, including badgers, hares, cats, dogs and birds of prey…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 13.8.15 Field and Stream - BASC to hold charity shoot at Cricket St Thomas By Dadcock - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is holding a clay shoot in aid of forces charity Help for Heroes and its Young Shots programme at Cricket St Thomas, near Chard, on Saturday 5th September. Organised by the BASC Somerset Social Committee, and sponsored by Derbyshire's Estate Agents with support from Battens Solicitors, the event will feature a competitive 50-bird sporting clay shoot and three-man flush with cash prizes, plus an opportunity for newcomers to try clay shooting under the supervision of accredited shotgun instructors… (story)

The Register 13.8.15 More UK broadband for bumpkins, but have-nots still ain’t happy - Gareth Corfield - Small enterprises have warned that delays in BT's rollout of rural broadband could push them out of business as the government announced that three million rural properties now have super-fast net access… Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, told The Register: "Broadband is an essential tool for all businesses, but across the country, and particularly in the countryside, broadband coverage is patchy and unreliable… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.8.15 Animal rights group take to the skies in battle to protect seals against marksmen by Joshua King - An animal rights group battling to protect seals in the north-east have invested in sophisticated drone technology to deter marksmen. Sea Shepherd UK are waging war on individuals who they allege have killed seals to protect salmon stocks. But now the conservation group has taken to the skies with a customised waterproof quadcopter drone, capable of photographing and filming marksmen from long distances… (story)


West Sussex County Times 12.8.15 Who let the dogs out? Pack of hounds loose in Partridge Green - Villagers in Partridge Green witnessed the bizarre sight of a pack of dogs roaming around the area this morning (Wednesday August 12). It is believed around 20 hounds escaped from a kennel when a gate was left open, some time after 8am… (story)

Daily Record 12.8.15 Glorious twelfth goes off without much of a bang amid protests and falling grouse numbers BY DAVID TAYLOR - SHOOTS in Scotland were forced to cancel events on the first day of the grouse shooting season as gamekeepers reported a lack of birds…. (story)

Daily Mail 12.8.15 It's the not-so-Glorious Twelfth! Hunting season starts but late frosts and a lousy summer mean there are hardly any grouse to shoot By STEPHANIE LINNING FOR MAILONLINE - Hunters hoping to shoot grouse this season have been warned they might be left disappointed after bird numbers were hit by cold and wet weather….(story)

Independent 12.8.15 Glorious Twelfth: Upcoming grouse hunt in peril as bad weather decimates bird numbers - Illegal kills by game-keepers to protect grouse for shoots and fears for jobs cloud idyllic scene - TOM BAWDEN - It was a picture of traditional Scottish country life. Across the rolling, heather-strewnmoorland shots rang out as the Glorious Twelfth ushered in the grouse-shooting season. On one shoot on the Lammermuir Hills, 15 miles south-east of Edinburgh, shooters, gamekeepers, beaters, gunloaders and retrieval dogs were enjoying their first hunt of the year, roaming from one site to another in a procession of four-by-fours and pickup trucks… (story)

Scotsman 12.8.15 Top Scots chefs campaign to put grouse on the menu - ILONA AMOS - TOP Scottish chefs and estate workers are spearheading a campaign to put grouse on menus across the country as the Glorious Twelfth kicks off the shooting season. Michelin-starred chefs Tom Kitchin and Brian Grigor have joined forces with moorland management groups to encourage Scots to eat the iconic game bird, which they say offers benefits for health, the environment and fragile rural economies… (story)


Telegraph 12.8.15 The glorious benefits of the noble grouse By Sir Barney White-Spunner - The red grouse is a wonderful bird, not just in looks and tenacity and taste but also in the benefits its popularity bestows on the places where it thrives… there is a host of evidence that the habitat management and predator control carried out by upland keepers has huge benefits for other species…. At the same time, the grouse provides jobs and incomes in areas where alternatives to farming are few and far between… (story)

International Business Times 12.8.15 The inglorious 12th: Twitter all of a flutter over the start of grouse shooting season By Callum Paton - The battle over the rights and wrongs of grouse shooting, long the preserve of Britain's aristocratic elite, is not being fought against the picturesque backdrop of the north's windswept moors but online, and, perhaps appropriately for bird lovers, in a war of tweets…. (story)

International Business Times 12.8.15 Inglorious Twelfth: We have power to stop animals being blasted to bits for deranged amusement By Mimi Bekhechi - Today marks the start of a dark and bloody period for Britain's wildlife, when our beautiful moorlands will be turned into killing fields. On 12 August, the so-called "Glorious Twelfth", more commonly known as the "Inglorious Twelfth", as has been trending on Twitter, grouse-hunting season opens, and people with too much money and not enough heart will gear up to kill about half a million birds just for the "fun" of it…. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 12.8.15 Excitement as hen harrier chicks born on forest estate - The first successful pairing and breeding of hen harriers on the public forest estate in Northumberland for several years has taken place. The Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership is pleased to announce two successful hen harrier nests on Forestry Commission land…. (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 9.8.15 Northumberland hen harrier boost as news of two successful nests emerges BY TONY HENDERSON - A bird of prey threatened with extinction in England has bred in the North East for the first time in seven years. The Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership has revealed that there have been two successful nests on Forestry Commission land in the county. And another hen harrier nest in County Durham produced three chicks…. It also comes as Sunday is designated as Hen Harrier Day by organisations which claim that the bird of prey has been driven to the brink by persecution…. Hen Harrier Day has attracted support from the Wildlife Trusts, the National Trust, the Hawk and Owl Trust, the League Against Cruel Sports, the Peak District National Park, South West Peregrine Group, Birdwatch magazine, Rare Bird Alert, Bird Information, Birdguides, Welsh Ornithological Society and Quaker Concern for Animals…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 12.8.15 Grouse supplies affected by weather By Fred A'Court - Supplies of grouse this season are likely to be variable, due to poor weather on some moors during the chick hatching period in early May….. Four people have been arrested as part of an on-going investigation into the damage caused at two sporting estates in the Lancaster area. During the last two months, the Bleasdale and Abbeystead Estates have reported damage caused to equipment used legitimately and lawfully as part of the management of the estates. Items including snares, traps and a Trail Camera have also been reported stolen. A 16 year old girl, 20 year old woman, 18 year old man and a 45 year old man all from Leyland have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and theft. All have been released on police bail until November 2nd pending further enquiries.(story)

Dog World 12.8.15 Halt Beagle breeding centre, pleads KC and FRAME - AN ANTI-vivisection group and the Kennel Club have sent an open letter to the Secretary of State asking him to overturn his decision to grant permission for a laboratory Beagle breeding centre. The Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) and the KC have written to Communities and Local Government Secretary Greg Clark calling on him and the Government to prevent the centre in Grimston, East Yorkshire, going ahead… (story)

Daily Post 12.8.15 Campaigners plan another big cat protest as controversial show moves to Gwynedd BY BEN BUTLER - The organisers of An Evening with Lions and Tigers have dismissed claims of animal cruelty as 'absolute nonsense' Campaigners will protest outside a controversial big cat show in Gwynedd which has been criticised by the local MP…. (story)


Herald 11.8.15 It is time for the RSPB to speak out against driven grouse shooting - I READ with interest your article on grouse shooting (“Call for ban on driven grouse shooting as ‘Glorious Twelfth’ looms”, The Herald, August 7). I would agree with Mark Avery on the catastrophic effect that the present system of land management on grouse moors has had on biodiversity of species in these areas…. Kate Dally, Ross House, Pittendreich, Kinross.
IT has been revealing that not only Africans, Americans and Europeans have been disgusted and shocked by the needless killing of Cecil the LionGrouse are indigenous moorland birds. They do not exist as the “quarry” of the rich, or as an essential food supply, but are beautifully adapted denizens of the heather moors and if artificially increasing their numbers is simply to satisfy the blood-sport economy’s need for cash, and perverse pleasure, then it is time to bring this odious “industry” to an end… Bernard Zonfrillo, 28 Brodie Road, Glasgow
THE Agenda contribution from Mimi Bekhechi of Peta was full of inaccurate, misleading and in several instance downright wrong "facts"… David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick… >(story)

Huffington Post 11.8.15 Hunting Defeat? How Cameron's Fox Hunt Got the Brush Off - Tom Quinn - League Against Cruel Sports Director of Campaigns - Why would a newly-elected government, the first Conservative government for almost 20 years, attempt within its first 100 days to do something as unpopular as bringing back hunting?... Why Cameron should choose to spend political capital on trying to bring back a bloodsport when there are so many challenges at home and abroad is more puzzling. Why seek to appease the small (but admittedly vocal) minority who want to chase wild mammals across the countryside for pleasure?... It didn't work. According to MPs they heard from thousands of constituents - for many it was more correspondence than they had received on any issue, ever…. (story)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 11.8.15 Sunshine makes for record attendance at Manifold Show - THE 36th Manifold Show proved yet another record breaking year when it was held in glorious sunshine on Saturday… In the main ring visitors were entertained by Peter Hallam with his dog and ducks, Staffordshire Moorlands Hunt, Slow tractor race, terrier racing, Chase me Charlie triple bar horse jumping, dressage display, private driving and the grand parade of livestock… (story)

Herald 11.8.15 Glorious Twelfth opens as group set off into the hills of Glencova -The grouse shooting season has opened with a vow to make it more accessible and move away from the perception that it is "just a sport for the very rich". The season traditionally starts in mid-August on the day known as the "Glorious Twelfth", and a shooting party of around a dozen men and women set off into the hills of Glencova, Angus, this morning to mark the occasion… (story)

Western Morning News Calamitous’ weather hits grouse numbers ahead of Glorious 12th By WMNDavidWells - Calamitous weather conditions have hit red grouse breeding this year, the shooting industry warned, ahead of the "Glorious 12th" start to the season…. The Moorland Association warned the loss of shooting would hit local communities who relied on income generated from grouse shooting – for example, casual staff, restaurants and hotels…. Richard Ali, chief executive of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said: "New season's red grouse is one of the great game dishes of the world – and only available from the heather moorland of the UK…. But the League Against Cruel Sports is urging restaurants not to serve grouse because of the "by-catch" of other wild animals it causes… (story)

Northern Echo 11.8.15 Glorious Twelfth is a 'date to celebrate' - Ian Grindy, chairman of BASC's Game Shooting and Game Keeping Committee, explains why the 'Glorious Twelfth' is a date to celebrate - I was up much earlier than usual on this particular morning and I had a journey of about 60 miles to get to the grouse moors. I was excited about the prospects of meeting up with a few friends to put a brace of grouse into the bag for next week’s Sunday lunch… (story)

Northern Echo 11.8.15 Extreme weather leaves gamekeepers predicting inglorious 12th - GAMEKEEPERS are predicting that extreme weather conditions will mean an inglorious twelfth ahead of the traditional start to the grouse shooting season… (story)

Dundee Courier 11.8.15 Fears for birds of prey as conservationists held hen harrier demonstration in Perthshire By Jamie Buchan - Gamekeepers have said the actions of conservationists who led a demonstration near Crieff may have put endangered birds of prey at risk. Around 70 people gathered at Glen Turret Reservoir to show support for hen harriers…. However, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association said the timing of the demonstration was significant as it comes just days before the start of grouse shooting season. A spokesman said the estate near the protest has successfully fledged hen harrier chicks on its moor this year. He said he hoped that the demonstration did not disturb the young birds which are just beginning to hunt independently…. (story)
Scotsman 10.8.15 Chris Packham leads protests at Hen Harrier Day - NATURALIST and television broadcaster Chris Packham has led a protest against the illegal killing of a rare bird of prey. Hundreds of campaigners at seven sites across the UK took part in Hen Harrier Day, which aimed to raise awareness of the targeting of the birds…. (story)
Northern Echo 9.8.15 Campaigners highlight the plight of the hen harrier across the region - Matt Westcott, Assistant News Editor - TV naturalist Chris Packham has led a protest against the illegal killing of a rare bird of prey. Hundreds of campaigners across the country, including in the North-East, took part in Hen Harrier Day, which aimed to raise awareness of the targeting of the birds…. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.8.15 TV naturalist Chris Packham leads protest against the illegal killing of a rare bird of prey - TV naturalist Chris Packham has led a protest against the illegal killing of a rare bird of prey. Hundreds of campaigners at seven sites across the country took part in Hen Harrier Day, which aimed to raise awareness of the targeting of the birds…. Springwatch presenter Packham was at the protest in the Peak District, Derbyshire, and said cases like Cecil the Lion show the how strong the public feel about preserving wildlife…. (story)

Scotsman 11.8.15 Shooting birds - Alistair Robertson’s column (8 August) continues to peddle two myths which play well to the shooting lobby. The first is that the RSPB is 
anti-shooting, which it is not…. To add to Mr Robertson’s woes, Marks & Spencer has just decided not to sell grouse again this year because of its concerns around its own responsible sourcing code… Logan D Steele Bridgewater Avenue Auchterarder (letter)

South Wales Echo 11.8.15 How can anyone shoot a lion? - LM Dobby Chestnut Avenue, Swansea (letter)
Western Mail 11.8.15 Killing of Cecil the lion was senseless - I used to work for WWF as a volunteer for 25 years, helping to raise money for animals, sometimes endangered ones…. I know that some people still enjoy hunting but I cannot see how anyone can look at an elephant or lion and shoot it…. Why did Walter Palmer do that terrible thing? Cecil the lion was so lovely… LM Dobby Chestnut Avenue, Swansea (letter)

Worcester News 11.8.15 We can live without slaughter of sheep - Many readers will have been relieved that no sheep were injured after a flock of them wandered on to the A449 (“Black sheep causing trouble on the roads”, Worester News, July 28). However, it could well be said that these sheep were the lucky ones, or at least the lucky ones for just the time being. This is because about 14 million sheep are slaughtered in the UK every year, half of them while still lambs at just a few months old… RONALD LEE Communications Officer Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Tamworth Herald 11.8.15 Zoo hits back at campaigners following protest - Twycross Zoo officials have dismissed the claims of animal rights campaigners who protested outside the site over the weekend as 'entirely without foundation'… A spokesman for the zoo, near Tamworth, said: "A group of protesters arrived at Twycross Zoo on Saturday morning (8 August 2015) and spent about 4 hours at the main gate. "Police were called, because the group were impeding the traffic, while staff were trying to maintain access to the zoo for visitors…. (story)
Tamworth Herald 10.8.15 Protest against animals held in captivity outside Twycross Zoo - Animal rights campaigners protested outside the gates of Twycross Zoo, near Tamworth, on Saturday (August 8). Representatives from Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) held a demonstration outside the zoo to highlight their concern for captive animals… Campaigns Director of CAPS, Nicola O'Brien, said: ''We hope this will shed light on a number of issues surrounding the zoo industry and that the public will get involved in supporting our cause…. (story)
Tamworth Herald 9.8.15 Protesters cause disruption outside Twycross Zoo By Alex Keller - ACTIVISTS have been protesting outside Twycross Zoo today (Saturday, August 8). Waving a banner proclaiming "animals in zoos are animals in prison" and shouting through a megaphone, the protesters also tried to block the road and obstruct visitors to the zoo…. (story)


Southern Daily Echo 10.8.15 Thousands flock to summer show - MAJESTIC shire horses, breathtaking showjumping and farm animals galore. The traditional Ellingham and Ringwood Show returned to Somerley Park on Saturday, with thousands flocking to the popular event…. The main ring saw the eye-catching sight of the heavy horses on display, with a hound parade, high jump and birds of prey as well…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 10.8.15 Inglorious twelfth: Grouse season will be hit by poor weather - Cool temperatures and overcast skies have been a feature of Yorkshire’s summer but it seems the inclement weather is not just affecting holidaymakers it has also hit the grouse shooting season…. (story)

Telegraph 10.8.15 Glorious Twelfth under fire due to drastic drop in grouse By Lyndsey Telford - The Glorious Twelfth is under threat following revelations that half the grouse shooting estates in Scotland could be forced to either postpone or cancel the season due to the wintry springtime… The Countryside Alliance said it had been “quite a bad year” and that rough weather had damaged grouse nests in different parts of the country, meaning there were fewer birds to shoot and in some cases, not enough for some estates to justify opening to shooters…. (story)

Scotsman 10.8.15 Scottish bird of prey numbers on the rise - ALISTAIR MUNRO - RARE short-eared owls and kestrels are enjoying record levels of breeding success in Scottish glens after a joint partnership between conservationists and gamekeepers. Experienced bird ringer Neil Morrison has recorded trend-bucking numbers of the endangered owls on grouse moor areas… Mr Morrison said: “All my interest is in birds. I have never got involved in countryside politics but, personally, the benefits I have reaped from working with gamekeepers and landowners has been far greater than I initially thought. “All professions have good and bad but, from my experience, gamekeepers tend to get tarred with the same brush. For me, I couldn’t have worked on long-term projects without them…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 10.8.15 URGENT ACTION REQUIRED TO ADDRESS RURAL HOUSING SHORTFALL BY OLIVIA MIDGLEY - CLA chief surveyor Andrew Shirley said a lack of new houses and rising property prices meant people who were from, and worked in rural areas, were being priced out of the market…. Head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, Sarah Lee, said the organisation had ‘huge concerns’ for young families desperately trying to get on the property ladder… (story)

Irish Journal 10.8.15 ‘You’ll be f***ing beaten out of town’: Puck Fair protest cancelled after threatening calls - ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS have called off a protest at the Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co Kerry, after receiving a number of threatening calls. Aran has been campaigning for a controversial element of the historic fair – the hoisting of a live goat into the air for two days – to be called off…. (story)
Irish Times 9.8.15 Animal rights group forced to call off Puck Fair demonstration - Anne Lucey - The animal rights action network, Aran, which is calling on the Killorglin Puck Fair to take the live puck out of the entertainment, has abandoned plans to stage a demonstration against the use of the wild goat at this year’s festival on Monday. The decision follows a number of threatening and abusive approaches by phone and by email. One of the most abusive calls from a man, quite possibly inebriated, had its origins in the USA. As well as using strong language, the man warned Aran that if their protestors came anywhere near the fair they would be beaten… (story)
The Journal (Ireland) 4.8.15 Animal rights campaigners want to “take the Puck out of the fair” -¬ A WAR OF words has broken out for the second year running over the treatment of the ‘King Puck’ goat during the Puck Fair. The Puck Fair is a long-running festival in Killorglin Co Kerry, and the Puck King is a live goat that is traditionally hoisted in the air, where it stays in a cage for a number of days during the festival. The Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) has questioned the animal’s treatment. In a statement, John Carmody of ARAN said: ARAN is urging the good folk of Killorglin to stand with us and compassionate people across Ireland who now agree that tradition should never be used to justify animal suffering…. (story)

North Devon Journal 10.8.15 PETA tells North Devon Council how to get seagulls to Flock Off By Joseph Wilkes … Amid fears over aggressive seagulls and increasing reports of attacks by the widespread birds, PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – has written a letter to North Devon Council chief executive Mike Mansell… In the letter, PETA campaign co-ordinator Kirsty Henderson said she followed reports of seagulls behaving aggressively in Devon… Among the suggestions PETA makes is Flock Off paint, which reflects the sun's rays, making it difficult for birds to see. Green lasers could be used to "evict birds from their roosts at dusk and/or dawn" and anti-roosting products such as bird slides or coils would be "low maintenance and effective long-term". A number of scary implements are mentioned, such as "predator effigies, sonic devices, motion-activated sprinklers" and "Daddi-long legs", which works by thin, stainless steel rods rotating in the breeze and waving menacingly, interfering with birds attempting to land…. (story)
Western Daily Press 10.8.15 Angry gulls advice: Wear a hoodie or use an umbrella to keep attacks at bay By keith rossiter - An animal rights group is advising people to wear a hoodie or use an umbrella to fend off aggressive gulls after a spate of attacks in the West Country. The group Peta has written to Cornwall Council and North Devon District Council urging them to try "humane" methods of deterring the birds instead of resorting to a cull… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.8.15 Animal rights group says answer to gull problem is wearing a hoodie - People having a problem with gulls in Devon and Cornwall are being advise to wear a hoodie, or carry an umbrella. An animal rights group has written to local authotities in the two counties asking them to use non-lethal force against the birds, which have become increasingly aggressive in recent months. The advice from the group PETA comes after a number of attacks on people, and a number of fatal attacks on animals…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.8.15 How to avoid attack by seagulls: Wear a hoodie, says animal rights group By Keith Rossiter - An animal rights group is advising people to wear a hoodie or use an umbrella to fend off aggressive gulls, after a spate of attacks in the Westcountry. The group PETA has written to Cornwall Council and North Devon District Council urging them to try "humane" methods of deterring the birds instead of resorting to a cull…. (story)
Plymouth Herald 9.8.15 Animal rights group says answer to gull problem is a hoodie - People having a problem with gulls in Devon and Cornwall are being advise to wear a hoodie, or carry an umbrella. An animal rights group has written to local authotities in the two counties asking them to use non-lethal force against the birds, which have become increasingly aggressive in recent months. The advice from the group PETA comes after a number of attacks on people, and a number of fatal attacks on animals near Plymouth…. (story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 9.8.15 Grouse shooting protest held on Ilkley Moor Rob Lowson - ANIMAL rights campaigners gathered on Ilkley Moor on Saturday in opposition to the 'Glorious Twelfth', the traditional start of the grouse shooting season on Wednesday. The 'Walk for Wildlife', organised by the Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) group, was attended by about 60 people, including conservationists and members of local walking and running clubs…. Luke Steele, spokesman for BBIM, which has put up scores of signs to warn moor users of the planned shoots, said: "It is high time Bradford Council reached the same conclusion as every other moorland-owning local authority has done… (story)
Ilkley Gazette 7.8.15 Grouse shooting protest walk at Ilkley Moor - A 'WALK for Wildlife' will be held on Ilkley Moor this weekend by anti grouse shooting campaigners. Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) is holding the event on Saturday to protest against the start of the shooting season…. BBIM spokesman, Luke Steele, said: "Ilkley Moor is the last public moorland in the country where grouse shooting is still allowed… (story)

Observer 9.8.15 Grouse wars: feathers fly as the glorious 12th nears - The shooting season blasts off this week – and Britain’s gamekeepers have launched a new challenge to conservationists over managing the country’s wildlife - Jamie Doward in the Peak District - On a grouse moor in the Peak District National Park thin white sticks protrude, marking the sites of small boxes containing medicated grit… “Normally, I’d expect to see hundreds of grouse,” said Tim Melling, senior conservation officer with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds … Put simply, rearing ever-larger numbers of grouse creates population cycles of boom and bust… Today is “Hen Harrier Day” and rallies at 10 different locations from Dorset to the Isle of Mull are being held to draw attention to the “illegal persecution” of the bird…. (story)

Sunday Express 9.8.15 Vets warning pet owners beware of the snares - PET owners are being warned to be on the look for snares after vets revealed the carnage they are causing in the countryside. By STUART WINTER - A new study shows how one in ten vets say they have had to carry out emergency treatment, ranging from amputations to animals having to be put to sleep, after they were caught by snares…. the League Against Cruel Sports says its survey of vets and veterinary nurses reveals how cats and dogs are being left with horrific injuries after being indiscriminately snared… (story)


Newcastle Chronicle 8.8.15 Slaley Show sees memorial race for champion racing ferret 'Crazy' Crawford BY KEIRAN SOUTHERN - Barrie Bellwood, 71, organised the race at the traditional country show near Hexham in Northumberland… Hundreds enjoyed the sun at the traditional country show on Saturday, which boasted terrier racing and dog agility displays, falconry, the Haydon Hunt hounds, vintage cars, exotic animals, as well as competitive classes for horses and ponies, sheep and dogs…. (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 7.8.15 Slaley Show returns for 156th spectacular with something for everyone BY BRIAN DANIEL - The popular show, which takes place near Hexham in Northumberland, will have a wide range of attractions for all the family…The event will have a wide range of attractions, including dog agility and falconry displays, the Haydon Hunt hounds, vintage cars, terrier racing, exotic animals, as well as competitive classes for horses and ponies, sheep, dogs and ferrets… (story)

Irish Examiner 8.8.15 Hare to lion comparison is a red herring - I respond to John Fitzgerald’s letter from 6 August regarding his flawed attempt to compare the deliberately illegal and intentional killing of endangered big game in Africa to highly regulated, transparent, and observable hare coursing in rural Ireland. It is a complete invention for him to suggest the Irish hare is endangered when the most recent habitat survey reported a population of more than half a million in the ROI… DJ Histon CEO Irish Coursing Club (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 6.8.15 Cecil's death not in vain if it helps save our wildlife - JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)
Irish Examiner 6.8.15 Cecil death highlights at-risk wildlife - If ever an animal could be said not to have died in vain, it was poor old Cecil the Lion. His sad death, at the hands of a wealthy hunter, has focused attention on the plight of endangered wildlife… Here, in Ireland, we are less than two months away from another hare-coursing season… From the mighty lion to the brooding bear, the wily fox to the humble hare, these creatures form part of the world’s imperilled wildlife heritage. Thanks to Cecil, these animals may yet survive man’s inhumanity. John Fitzgerald Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Telegraph 8.8.15 'This battle over grouse shooting isn't worth having' - As the Glorious Twelfth approaches, Clive Aslet examines new claims of class warfare on the moors - There are few lovelier places to be than a grouse moor – and not only on the Glorious Twelfth, when the heather has turned purple and the shooting starts… According to the exuberant hedgefund billionaire Crispin Odey, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is waging class warfare, and it’s out to get people like him. There is some truth in what he says. It’s significant that the RSPB specifically targets grouse shooting, a sport that never comes cheap… The benefits of keepering were proved on the Duke of Buccleuch’s Langholm moor, where an experiment was begun in the early 1990s to see what would happen if vermin wasn’t controlled. The result was that it ceased to be a profitable grouse moor and is now, to quote Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance, who visited it last week, ''a barren wasteland’’. Even the RSPB’s beloved hen harriers have suffered, victims to ravens and foxes…. (story)

Telegraph 8.8.15 Deer culled by RSPB 'suffered slow deaths' By Emily Gosden - A former RSPB marksman has accused the charity of putting ramblers in danger and causing suffering to deer after switching to new 'environmentally-friendly' bullets. Colonel Johnny O’Brien, a former armoured regiment commander who was hired by the RSPB as a deer stalker, said the animals suffered slow deaths after the charity instructed him to use copper bullets instead of traditional lead ones… (story)

Daily Record 8.8.15 The Inglorious 12th: The true cost of the grouse shooting season BY ANNIE BROWN - AUTHOR and conservationist Mark Avery says big-money hunting has a devastating effect on a wide-range of species and the landscape…. Unless you are a member of the rich elite, it may have passed you by but one wildlife expert argues the start of the grouse shooting season on August 12 should be a concern for us all. In his book Inglorious, Mark Avery claims the practice of driven grouse shooting hits us all in the pocket and is an ecological disaster, devastating wildlife and birds of prey…. Mark, a former conservation director of the RSPB, said: “In time, driven grouse shooting is doomed because it is an unsustainable land use and carried out for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.”… (story)

Derby Telegraph 8.8.15 Hunters like Cecil's killer are a sick joke - WHAT sort of person pays money to kill an endangered majestic lion like Cecil in Zimbabwe? I can tell you. A small-minded American like the dentist who shot Cecil with a crossbow,.. Trophy-hunting is sickening and to call it a sport is a joke. Anyone selling hunting holidays should be prosecuted. CM Stone Berkshire Street, Chaddesden (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.8.15 We are divided over badger cull extension By TristanCork - The West was more divided than ever over the imminent badger cull last night as battle lines were drawn for the 2015 pilot… With ministers proposing to roll out that pilot study to other areas – particularly Dorset and Devon – we asked readers whether they thought the cull areas should be extended. The poll ran for a week both in the newspaper and online and, interestingly, provided different results from almost 2,000 votes in total cast. Of the postal votes, 162 people were in favour of extending the cull, with 114 against, giving a 59-41 per cent split in favour of the Government proposal. But of the online votes, 1,134 people voted against extending the cull, while 755 people voted in favour – giving a 60-40 split against widening the cull zones…. (story)


Scotsman 7.8.15 Grouse season may not be so glorious - ALISTAIR MUNRO - THE summer’s miserable weather is threatening this year’s grouse shooting season – which will kick off next week, traditionally, on the Glorious Twelfth. The relentless cold and wet weather endured in the Highlands over the last few months has resulted in poor breeding and high chick mortality….(story)

Scotsman 7.8.15 Poor summer puts dampener on grouse shooting season - THE poor summer has led to a “large number” of estates having to cancel their grouse shooting this year - making a huge dent in the 40m-a-year business…. (story)

Salisbury Journal 7.8.15 VIDEO: Animal lovers raid shed to feed dogs kept in "appalling" conditions - Joe Riddle, Chief Reporter - A GROUP of concerned animal lovers broke into a shed to feed eleven dogs they claim were being kept in appalling conditions. They filmed the raid on a mobile phone and posted the footage on Facebook… The dogs' owner **** strongly denies the allegations, which relate to eleven adult cocker spaniels he keeps at his home in Quidhampton… (story)

Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser 7.8.15 Letter: Protest planned over ‘cruel’ event - Since publicising the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre’s decision to host children’s ‘wildlife’ events courtesy of ‘Bugs ’n’ Bones’, Derby Animal Rights has been inundated with messages and contact from animal lovers, Lawrence scholars and fans and parents in the area who all strongly oppose the event…. many national animal protection groups have spoken out about the council’s decision too, including Derby Animal Rights, Nottingham Animal Rights, Animal Defenders International, Animal Aid, Animal Protection Agency, the Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild and the Captive Animals Protection Society…. Victoria Rose On behalf of Derby Animal Rights (story)

Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser 7.8.15 Society member quits over centre’s bugs event - A long standing member of the DH Lawrence Society has resigned over a decision to exhibit wild creatures at Eastwood’s Heritage Centre. The DH Lawrence Centre is hosting a ‘bugs and bones’ event for kids this summer – but Dave Brock says it goes against everything Lawrence stood for, and has resigned from the Lawrence society council after ten years…. (story)


Cambridge News 6.8.15 FREE - An Evening with Mike Huskisson - undercover wildlife investigator, hunt saboteur & writer By CharlieJFox - Date: Sunday, August 16, 2015 Location: CB2 1NW Details: We've invited writer, wildlife campaigner, prominent hunt saboteur and undercover operative Mike Huskisson to come and give a public talk in Cambridge… Hosted by the Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs… (story)

Sheffield Star 6.8.15 Fox hunting - The Star front page was all about anti fox hunting, July 15, 2015. I don’t condone the senseless killing of any animal but let us not forget that nature provided the fox with the ability to cause havoc at poultry sites in particular… Why not turn your attention and why not (a la fox), front page to the brutal ritual slaughter of many thousands pf animals, peaceful animals that merely munch grass, yes, I refer to the bleeding to death of cattle to satisfy the blood lust of those demanding halal meat…. Unsigned (story)

Herald 6.8.15 Calls mount for ban on grouse shooting - David Ross - IT is the day enthusiasts head to the hills along with gamekeepers and their dogs, in search of a good first day's sport to fill the game larder. But an animal welfare charity is calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting ahead of the opening of the season across Scotland's sporting estates next week on the 'Glorious 12th'. OneKind, a UK-wide organisation based in Edinburgh, argues that shooting grouse for sport is dependent on intensive habitat management. It claims this is damaging to protected wildlife sites and increases water pollution, flood risk and greenhouse gas emissions… (story)
Independent 6.8.15 Hunting 'helps conserve lions', Environment Minister Rory Stewart claims - Environment minister Rory Stewart has said that the legal hunting of lions can help conservation efforts in Africa. Mr Stewart said it was “important for people to understand” why hunting was allowed in many African countries, The Daily Telegraph reported… (story)

Farmers Guardian 6.8.15 Activist use of Defra TB map prompts concern among farmers BY Alistair Driver - Anti-cull activists are already using the maps to analyse farms in prospective cull zones and say they will help target farms during future culls. NFU deputy president Minette Batters has urged Defra to consider scrapping its interactive bovine TB (bTB) map if it ends up being used by activists to target farmers involved in badger culling… Stop the Cull’s Jay Tiernan, one of the most prominent figures in the anti-cull movement, told Farmers Guardian activists intended to use them to target farms once culling resumed…. (story)

Western Gazette 6.8.15 Police hint badger cull may come to Dorset - DORSET police has hinted that the government's badger cull policy, currently in operation in Somerset and Gloucestershire, may extend to Dorset… (story)

Blackpool Gazette 6.8.15 Concerns raised at goldfish prizes - An RSPCA official at Fleetwood has raised concerns after goldfish were handed out as prizes during the recent Tram Sunday event… Liz Rawson, the Fleetwood-based Fylde branch manager of the RSPCA, says there are a number of worries over the practice… (story)


Western Gazette 5.8.15 Sherborne huntsman charged with causing GBH to hunt protestor - A SHERBORNE huntsman has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a female hunt protestor at a Pony Club meet at Charlton Horethorne last year…. (story)
Western Daily Press 4.8.15 Somerset huntsman Mark Doggrell pleads 'not guilty' to GBH of hunt sab 'Nid' By TristanCork - A huntsman with a Somerset hunt has pleaded 'not guilty' to a charge of GBH against a hunt saboteur who was knocked down by his horse last year. Mark Doggrell, from the Blackmoor and Sparkford Vale hunt, appeared before magistrates in Yeovil on Tuesday charging with causing grievous bodily harm to Nicola Rawson. Ms Rawson, known as 'Nid' among the animal rights campaign, was left with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung… (story)
Horse & Hound 9.7.15 Huntsman facing charges after allegedly running down saboteur - Amy Mathieson - A huntsman from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale is facing charges after allegedly running down a hunt saboteur with his horse. Mark Doggrell, 45, was filmed knocking the woman to the ground with his horse at a meet near Charlton Horethorne, Somerset, in August 2014…. Tim Bonner, director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance added: “It was a very unfortunate incident, but the police and CPS had decided to bring no charges against Mr Doggrell. This change of stance is of concern to us as it suggests that prosecutions are made on the basis of who shouts the loudest rather than sound legal reasons.” (story)
Western Morning News 6.7.15 Huntsman charged with 'recklessly causing grievous bodily harm' By WMNAGreenwood - A huntsman told he would not be prosecuted after he was filmed allegedly mowing down a female saboteur with his horse has been charged after a legal U-turn… It happened during a meeting of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt near Charlton Horethorne, Somerset, last August and the hunt said the collision was “an accident”…. (story)
Metro 6.7.15 Huntsman will now face charges over collision with anti-hunting protester - Nicholas Reilly - A horseman who was told that he would not face prosecution after his horse trampled an anti-hunting campaigner now faces criminal charges. Mark Doggrell, 45, has been charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm – after footage filmed by other protesters showed his horse running at full speed over Nid Warren during a hunt in Somerset last August…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.7.15 Justice for Nid? Somerset huntsman charged after 'knocking down sab' with his horse By TristanCork - A Somerset huntsman will appear in court charged with 'recklessly causing grievous bodily harm' after his horse allegedly knocked down a hunt saboteur at a hunt meet near Wincanton. The Crown Prosecution Service announced that they were charging Mark Doggrell, a huntsman with the Blackmoor & Sparkford Vale hunt, over the incident, which happened in late August last year… (story)
BBC News Online 3.7.15 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale huntsman charged after saboteur hurt - A rider who was previously told he would not face prosecution after his horse trampled a hunt saboteur now faces criminal charges. Mark Doggrell, 45, has been charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm, the BBC has learned. The offence relates to a woman who suffered seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung during a Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt meeting. He will appear in court at a date yet to be fixed…. (story)
Western Gazette 3.7.15 Charges to be brought against huntsman after saboteur trampling By WG_StephenDO - A HUNTSMAN who allegedly trampled a hunt saboteur during a protest at Charlton Horethorne will face magistrates on charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm the Crown Prosecution Service has announced. Earlier this year the CPS stated it would not be pursuing charges against Mark Doggrell after he was arrested in connection with the incident. But the 42 year old alleged victim – who has asked to remain anonymous – called for a review of the case…. (story)

Dundee Courier 5.8.15 Hunting is a strange hobby - Recent correspondence about foxhunting ignores the obvious, which is that those who hunt wild animals to death for fun are rather strange people to say the least. Malcolm Parkin.15 Gamekeepers Road,Kinnesswood,Kinross.(letter)

Western Morning News 5.8.15 WMN Opinion: Shining a national spotlight on rural issues is essential -Rural issues, from badgers and bovine TB to the shockingly low price dairy farmers receive for their milk, are meat and drink to the Western Morning News – part of the daily diet of news that, we believe, is important to our readers in the largely rural Westcountry. But many of those issues fail to get much of an airing on the national stage and when they do it is around conflict and dispute, which often means the real concerns are misrepresented or ignored. So all credit to the CLA Game Fair team who persuaded BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to broadcast its Saturday morning programme live from the showground, this year at Harewood House, in Yorkshire… (story)
Farmers Weekly 4.8.15 CLA Game Fair: Heated debate on land use and wildlife - Farm leaders and conservationists clashed over the relationship between land management and wild life at the CLA Game Fair…. The debate, entitled “Landowners and wildlife: friends or foes?”, was chaired by CLA president Tim Breitmeyer and debated in front of a live audience at the show. The panel included former Defra secretary Owen Paterson MP, leading naturalist and former RSPB conservation director Mark Avery, Kent farmer and Elmley National Nature Reserve owner Philip Merricks, and Ian Coghill, chairman of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust… (story)
~Western Morning News 3.8.15 Country sports' confidence grows with Tories in government - By Philip Bowern at the CLA Game Fair, Harewood House, Yorkshire - The countryside may still have battles to fight, over the future of hunting, the eradication of bovine TB and the low price of farm commodities. But if the mood of the country sports community is any measure, rural Britain is feeling more assured about the future today than it has for some time. The CLA Game Fair, which ended a three-day run at Harewood House, Yorkshire, yesterday seems like the perfect place to take the mood of the countryside. It is fair to say it was upbeat… (story)
Western Morning News 31.7.15 RSPB chief calls on shooting interests to 'take responsibility' for impact of their sport By WMNPBowern - Britain's biggest conservation charity today throws down the gauntlet to the shooting industry warning those who shoot to "take responsibility" for the impact their sport has on the wider public interest and the environment…. Dr Clarke tells an RSPB reception at the CLA Game Fair, the biggest gathering of country sports enthusiasts in Britain, that "there are some well evidenced trends in certain shooting management practices that are ‘of real concern’ and he hopes to ‘see more recognition of – and responsibility for - these issues"… (story)
Yorkshire Post 31.7.15 Tweed at the ready as Game Fair pulls in crowds - Ben Barnett - SHOTS were fired, tweed was everywhere and the hounds graced the arenas; the biggest countryside field sports celebration in Britain, the CLA Game Fair, has opened for business in Yorkshire for the first time in over a decade… (story)
Western Daily Press 30.7.15 The CLA's Game Fair set to get underway and welcome around 150,000 people - The Game Fair is set to get underway tomorrow welcoming around 150,000 to one of the biggest shows in the UK celebrating country life…. (story)
Shooting UK 27.7.15 Five Things You Mustn’t Miss At the CLA Game Fair - Next weekend's CLA Game Fair at Harewood House, near Leeds is the fair of the season…. (story)
Farming UK 20.7.15 Minister in the hot seat at CLA Game Fair - Debates on rural housing, renewable energy and wildlife conservation will take centre stage at this year’s CLA Game Fair. CLA President Henry Robinson will kick off discussions at the CLA Game Fair Theatre this year by welcoming new Defra Minister Rory Stewart to the Game Fair. Entitled ‘A Conversation with Rory Stewart’, the first discussion of the day will offer an introduction to the new Minister and a chance to hear the priorities for his new brief…. (story)
Shooting UK 13.7.15 How you can improve your clayshooting at the CLA Game Fair 2015 - Whether you're an experienced keen Shot or an enthusiastic novice, a visit to the Shooting Line at this summer's Game Fair is a must for clay pigeon fans…. (story)

BBC News Online 5.8.15 Cecil the lion: Oxford University project funded by pro-hunting group - A professor has said there is "no risk of any donor affecting results" after it emerged a project tracking Cecil the lion was funded by a pro-hunting group…. Dallas Safari Club which "absolutely" supports sustainable trophy hunting but "abhors poaching", donated $20,000. Prof David Macdonald said: "We simply do our work."… (story)
Telegraph 5.8.15 Cecil the lion: Oxford University defends links to 'trophy hunting' companies - University's research into African wildlife is funded by companies that support 'sustainable trophy hunting' but professor insists there is no conflict of interest - Oxford University has defended itself after it emerged that its research into African wildlife is funded by companies that support "sustainable trophy hunting". Cecil the lion, shot in Zimbabwe last month by an American dentist, was being studied by Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). Professor David Macdonald, who founded WildCRU, said there was no conflict of interest between its work and sources of funding. He said: "We simply do our work. There is no risk of any donor affecting our results - we report our results regardless of whether they state any particular point of view or not…. (story)
Telegraph 5.8.15 Cecil the lion: legal hunting can help conservation, says Rory Stewart - Illegal killing of Cecil the lion was "disgusting", environment minister says, but people must understand why legal hunting takes place By Emily Gosden - Hunting lions legally can help conservation, the environment minister Rory Stewart has said, as he condemned the “disgusting” illegal killing of Cecil the lion. Mr Stewart said it was “important for people to understand” why hunting big game was legal in some African countries, where it was used to help raise money for conservation efforts. He also declined to endorse calls from campaigners to ban hunters bringing big game “trophies” such as animal heads or skins back to the UK…. (story)
Telegraph 4.8.15 Zimbabwe conservation groups warn of 'tough days ahead' as tourists cancel trips - After Cecil the lion's killing at the hands of US dentist Walter Palmer and the outrage which followed, many fear the country's wildlife sector will suffer "catastrophically" as hunters cancel trips By Peta Thornycroft, Johannesburg - Zimbabwean safari operators and conservation groups have warned of "very tough" days ahead for the country's wildlife sector as tourists and hunters cancel trips following the killing of Cecil, Africa's most famous lion. At an emergency meeting with officials in Harare on Tuesday representatives of the wildlife sector said that revenue from the industry, which supports millions of poor Zimbabweans, would suffer "catastrophically" amid the furore over Cecil's death…. (story)
Guardian 4.8.15 Modern hunting images are morally repugnant. Better to look away - Jonathan Jones - Everyone is complicit in a bloodsport when it comes to getting angry about images of hunters posing with slaughtered animals. That bloodsport is the pursuit of outrage, the greatest game of all in the digital age. t is so thrilling to close in on your first really horrifying image of wanton cruelty to animals, and after that you want another. The death of Cecil the lion has unleashed a riotous thirst for images of slaughter that is currently being satiated, or more likely aroused further, by a woman posing beside a “dangerous” giraffe she bravely killed…. (story)
Christian Science Monitor 4.8.15 Giraffe killing produces more outrage. But can legal hunting help? -An Idaho accountant has come under fire for photos she posted online of a giraffe and other wildlife from a legal guided hunt in South Africa. But some experts say that such legal expeditions could actually be beneficial for wildlife conservation - By Kevin Truong… (story)
Edinburgh News 3.8.15 Helen Martin: Slaughter is a sickening sight - WHAT kind of person enjoys killing an animal, let alone gets such a thrill out of causing pain and death to endangered wildlife that they were prepared to spend £32,000 on the exercise? US dentist Walter Palmer went even further by being daft enough to be hoodwinked by poacher guides he blithely assumed were leading him to a “legal” kill – altho “legal” and “lion-killing” are mutually exclusive in my book… (story)
Christian Science Monitor 2.8.15 Is our outrage over Cecil the Lion going too far? By Meredith Hamilton, The shooting of Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the Lion last month sparked international outcry… Has it gone too far?... (story)
Herald 1.8.15 Hunting 'elitism' in Scotland challenged after Cecil killing - Brian Donnelly, Senior News Reporter - IT was a killing that caused a global outcry and led to calls for the extradition of an American man accused of illegally "poaching" a lion on an organised trip in Zimbabwe. The death of Cecil has also put the issue of hunting under the spotlight. In Scotland, country sports enthusiasts have insisted the £255 million industry will not be affected by the international outrage. But the incident has also led to a call for shooting to be made more accessible to people in this country, with one conservationist saying that making the practice less elitist could help local people better understand the ecosystem around them… (story)
Irish Sunday Independent 2.8.15 I'm sorry to sound hard-hearted, but we are definitely not Cecil, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards - There has been a ludicrous outbreak of sentimentality over the Zimbabwean lion. 'Together let's keep the spirit of Cecil alive," tweets one of the many self-appointed Chief Mourners over the hashtag #cecilthelion. Look, guys, I'm as soft-hearted about animals as the next person, and have had for many years a standing order for Compassion in World Farming to prove it, but I am, if you'll forgive the expression, foxed by this... I regret the manner of Cecil's death, for after being shot with a bow and arrow it was two days before Palmer caught up with him to finish him off with a rifle. Like many others, I did not like the photograph of him grinning over Cecil's corpse. Nor would I wish my dentist to adorn his surgery with his animal trophies. But he is a hunter, and so - when he could be bothered - was Cecil, who was headed for death from a nasty disease or at the claws and teeth of a leadership contender. Nature is as unpleasant as it is beautiful, and our sentimentality insults it…. (story)
Telegraph 31.7.15 Cecil the lion's killing tells us a lot about the wrongs of animal rights activists - We claim to love animals like Cecil the lion, while ignoring the plights of thousands of other species - not least our own By Bryony Gordon - Animal lovers are a peculiar lot, aren’t they?... When someone tells you that they are an animal lover, I find that what they actually mean is: “I care a lot. I mean, a lot. Way more than you. I am full of empathy and compassion and I have ascended to a higher plane through my love of animals.”… We eat meat, but we are horrified by the slaughter of an innocent lion, and we justify this by telling ourselves there is a world of difference between breeding an animal for food and killing one for pleasure. I’m not entirely sure that distinction cuts much ice with the animals, who end up dead either way…(story)
Western Mail 29.7.15 Killing of Cecil the lion sparks debate over trophy hunts BY RACHAEL MISSTEAR - In the wake of the crossbow shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, both sides of the argument are put forward. Is big-game hunting an outrage or is it an aid to natural selection and a force for ecological good… Animal rights campaigner Dom Spens, spokesman for CAR (Cardiff Animal Rights) said: “It is disgusting that anyone in this day an age would consider killing an animal, let alone a protected, endangered animal like a lion, for fun…. (story)


Westmorland Gazette 4.8.15 All set for Lunesdale Agricultural Show - Rachel Kitchen - THE second Tuesday in August is a red letter day for the people of Kirkby Lonsdale, when the traditional delights of Lunesdale Agricultural Show draw hundreds of people to Underley Park…. Among this year's highlights will be a parade of hounds from the Vale of Lune Hunt at 2pm, described as a spectacle not to be missed, with an opportunity to get close to the dogs… (story)

JOHN TIERNEY LETTERBelfast Telegraph 4.8.15 The legal right to hunt animals must come to an end - JOHN TIERNEY Association of Hunt Saboteurs (letter)
Irish Examiner 4.8.15 Bloodsports are Ireland’s equivalent of lion-killing -- The slaughter of Cecil the lion has attracted worldwide anger. His killer has borne that odium. While this reaction is justified, we must not forget, in Ireland, that we have our own version of Cecil killers. Ireland’s bloodsports community will shortly commence hunting and killing wildlife for entertainment, for the winter…. John Tierney Association of Hunt Saboteurs Dublin 1 (letter)

Telegraph 4.8.15 RSPB accused of failing to protect hen harrier nests in £2m scheme By Javier Espinoza - The RSPB is expected to come under fire in a government report for failing to increase the population of rare birds of prey despite receiving £2 million in funding. A report by Natural England into the status of hen harriers is set to reveal that RSPB have failed to nurture six nests it was responsible for at Bowland and Geltsdale. The remaining six successful nests – which were on or next to grouse moors – had no RSPB involvement and performed well, the report is expected to say…. (story)

Cambridge News 4.8.15 Twitter campaign to get people to boycott Cambridge By Gareth McPherson - A Twitter campaign has called for people around the world to boycott Cambridge because of its links with animal testing. The #BoycottCambridge hashtag has been used by animal rights activists as far away as Australia over the past two days. Some are calling for people to avoid visiting or spend any money in the city…. (story)


Hereford Times 3.8.15 Thousands flock to Herefordshire Country Fair - THOUSANDS of people flocked to Caradoc on Sunday to celebrate the best of Herefordshire's country life. And this year's Herefordshire Country Fair paid a special tribute to the county's war effort, hosting a First World War commemoration… Other traditional events which took place included terrier racing, working gun dogs, inter hunt relay race, scurry racing and the Parade of the South Herefordshire Foxhounds and The Ross Harriers and a busy food hall…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 3.8.15 Dealing with foxes without the stress - IN RESPONSE to Ms Nokes’ reply to my email regarding fox hunting and that you will be voting for “Pest Control” using dogs, if Pest Control is needed (and again as someone who lives in the country I know that it is now and again) why are dogs needed?... Dogs are not needed, only terrify the animal and there is a big risk of the dogs getting to the fox before the hunter will and ripping the fox to shreds… Mrs Melanie Buckley, Southampton (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 3.8.15 Highland hunter has “no regrets” about killing lions and elephants by Iain Ramage and Jamie McKenzie - A Highland-based big game hunter said last night he had “no regrets” about organising safaris for rich clients to shoot lions in Africa. Peter Swales runs his business – International Big Game and Bird Hunting – from his home at Lower Altnaharry, Kiltarlity, near Beauly. He said he would “never target endangered species” and condemned the recent illegal shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by US dentist Walter Palmer…. A VisitScotland spokeswoman said: “We will be removing this business from pending further investigations…. A spokeswoman for UK-based animal protection charity OneKind said: “OneKind finds the practice of big game hunting abhorrent both by those who take part in it and those who promote these activities and gain financially from the unnecessary cruelty of killing a wild animal purely as a trophy… (story)

Watford Observer 3.8.15 Protesters demonstrate against Maple Cross construction giant Skanska's construction of animal testing facility - Michael Knowles, Reporter - Chants of “shame on you” were hurled at a construction firm that is building a controversial animal testing facility. Protesters from campaign group Rickmansworth Against Skanska gathered outside Skanska’s UK headquarters in Denham Way, Maple Cross, this afternoon. The group organised the demonstration after the company won a £300 million contract to build a facility in Cambridge for pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca… Shouting through a megaphone, Aran Mathai, said: “We are here today to call on you Skanska to end your involvement with these construction projects…. One protestor, Robbie Blade, said: “There are other experiments which can get exactly the same results…. Andy Brown, of Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth, said: “Animals and humans are fundamentally different… (story)


Huddersfield Daily Examiner 2.8.15 Thousands turn out for the delights of Emley Show - Moo-vers and shakers of the Yorkshire showing world put animals on parade — check out our fantastic picture gallery… The crowds packed around the main arena to see attractions including the motorcycle antics of the Stannage International Stunt Team, the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Band, the tractor parade and the Rockwood Hounds…. (story)


Western Daily Press 1.8.15 Tim Bonner: Country sport enthusiasts 'help protect countryside' By PHILIP BOWERN - Country sportsmen and women are the real conservationists, the new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance insisted yesterday, on the opening day of the CLA Game Fair. Former Devon farmer and one-time Tory election candidate Tim Bonner takes over the reins of the pro-hunting, shooting and fishing Alliance next month. He has been the organisation's director of campaigns since 2012 and succeeds Barney White-Spunner, who stands down after September's annual meeting…. (story)
Western Morning News 31.7.15 Country sports enthusiasts 'the real conservationists' says incoming leader of Countryside Alliance By WMNPBowern - Country sportsmen and woman are the real conservationists, the new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance insisted yesterday, on the opening day of the CLA Game Fair. Former Devon farmer and one-time Tory election candidate Tim Bonner takes over the reins of the pro-hunting, shooting and fishing Alliance next month. He has been the organisation’s director of campaigns since 2012 and succeeds Barney White-Spunner in the top job, who stands down after September’s annual meeting… (story)

Western Morning News 28.7.15 Former farmer from Devon to take over as Countryside Alliance chief executive By WMNPBowern - Former Westcountry farmer Tim Bonner, director of campaigns for the Countryside Alliance, is to take over as the pro-hunting organisation’s chief executive. Mr Bonner, who farmed in north Devon for eight years and stood as Conservative candidate in the former Truro and St Austell constituency in 2001 – when the Lib Dems held the seat – takes over in September… He said: “Barney has brought much needed stability to the organisation and wrestled with some of the most intractable issues facing the British countryside. He leaves hunting in good heart – if a bit frustrated by the vagaries of the SNP; shooting in a much better place than he found it and a Government far more engaged on a range of rural issues than when he arrived… (story)
Horse & Hound 28.7.15 Countryside Alliance appoints new chief executive - Amy Mathieson - Tim Bonner is to take up the role of chief executive at the Countryside Alliance (CA). Sir Barney White-Spunner will be stepping down as the organisations executive chairman after three and a half years following the CA AGM in September. The board has appointed Tim to take charge when he leaves. Tim said the appointment was a “huge honour and huge responsibility”…. (story)

Frome Standard 1.8.15 Letters: purely about killing for joy - Many thanks to David Thomas (letters page last week) for setting out so clearly the case against fox hunting. Whatever the hunting lobby may say to the contrary, hunting is about killing a sentient creature that has little chance of escape; doing so over a prolonged period in a totally inhumane manner, and putting oneself at little or no risk… Janet Turner Eastwood Close Frome (story)

Western Morning News 1.8.15 Shooting group hits back at bird charity after attack over game birds and grouse shooting By WMNPBowern - Relations between Britain’s biggest shooting organisation and the RSPB – which boats a million members – have reached a new low after the bird conservation charity attacked the number of game birds released into the British countryside and accused shooting interests of persecuting birds of prey… (story)

Hereford Times 1.8.15 Think about the chickens - UNDER the heading ‘A chilling experience’ the Mayor of Hereford described his visit to the new Cargill plant (Letters June 25) as inspirational and was astonished by the technological excellence he saw… I am sure I am not the only reader who noted no concern for the 1.5 million chickens being processed each week… JOSEPH COCKER Castlefields, Leominster (letter)