August 2016

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Peterborough Telegraph 31.8.16 Two members of Fitzwilliam Hunt in court charged with hunting offences - Two men have appeared in court charged with hunting offences after foxes were killed during the Fitzwilliam Hunt. George Adams (65) and John Mease (44) appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court this morning (Wednesday)…. (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 27.7.16 Hunting court case adjourned by Peterborough magistrates - Two men accused of hunting offences will appear in court next month after their hearing was adjourned today (Wednesday) The men, from the Fitzwilliam Hunt, were due to appear at Peterborough Magistrates Court today in connection with the allegations, which are said to have happened on New Year’s Day this year. However, the case was adjourned to be heard at the court on August 31… (story)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 27.7.16 Two men due in Peterborough court over alleged hunting offences - Two men are due to appear in court this morning (Wednesday) over allegations of illegal fox hunting… George Adams (64) will face a charge of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, while John Mease (44) faces a charge of hunting a wild mammal with dogs and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. The causing suffering count dates back to November 2013, and involves a fox… (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 3.6.16 Two Peterborough men to appear in court in connection with hunting allegations - Two men from Peterborough will appear in court next month in connection with illegal hunting allegations…. (story)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 3.6.16 Two Peterborough men to appear in court in connection with hunting allegations - Two men from Peterborough will appear in court next month in connection with illegal hunting allegations. The two men are understood to have been taking part in the Fitzwilliam Hunt, but have not been named by Cambridgeshire police… (story)
Cambridge News 3.6.16 Two men to face charges of illegal hunting in Cambridgeshire By Adam Care Two men have been summoned to appear in court to answer illegal hunting allegations. The 44-year-old and a 64-year-old, who have not been named, are accused of hunting a wild animal with dogs. It is alleged to have taken place during the Fitzwilliam Hunt - one of Britain's oldest formed during the reign of Richard II… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 31.8.16 KEVIN FOSTER …This activity in the Commons Chamber is surrounded by a range of activity outside the chamber. In the first week this will include (for me) spending half a day with the air staff at the Ministry of Defence, meetings to discuss the drafting of a bill I am introducing later this year and hosting the League Against Cruel Sports summer reception… (story)

Telegraph 31.8.16 Greyhound racing: an industry in terminal decline? - Pete Wedderburn - The greyhound racing in Australia is in shock after the New South Wales government voted last week to ban the sport completely… Greyhound racing is only legal in eight countries: UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Vietnam, China and Mexico, and even in these localities, it's in decline…. So what lies ahead for greyhound racing in the United Kingdom? Greyhound racing has taken place here since the 1920's. Despite a long term decline in the sport’s popularity, it continues to draw crowds, generating a £1.3 billion off-course turnover for bookmakers in 2014… (story)

Huffington Post 31.8.16 On ‘Betrayal’ And Badgers - Kerry McCarthy - All of us who resigned from Labour’s front bench have come in for criticism in recent weeks… Many saw my appointment - a vegan in the Defra brief - as vindication of their belief in Jeremy Corbyn… Jeremy also accused the Government of “gassing badgers”… The cull is actually about shooting badgers, not gassing them - gassing was outlawed in 1982 - so that was a bit of a ‘head in hands’ moment in my office, but no-one else seemed to notice… (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 31.8.16 Badger cull protest planned for Ledbury - Gary Bills-Geddes - PROTESTORS against the badger cull in Herefordshire say they will gather outside Tesco in Ledbury this Saturday (September 3), to hand out leaflets… (story)

Farming UK 31.8.16 Badger cull 'makes mockery' of UK animal welfare credentials - The public has a 'high level of concern' for badgers during the culls, according to a new poll conducted by the Humane Society International… (story)

Morning Star 31.8.16 Widening Of Badger Culls Provokes Condemnation by Peter Lazenby - ANIMAL rights activists condemned the government’s decision yesterday to double badger culls in an attempt to combat tuberculosis (TB) in cattle… (story)

Dorset Echo 31.8.16 New licence granted that could see more than 2000 badgers culled in Dorset - A new license has been granted that could see more than 2000 badgers culled in Dorset. Natural England today confirmed the criteria have been met to allow seven new licenses to be issued in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire… (story)

Guardian 31.8.16 Time for some honesty about the badger cull - Most scientific experts agree that data from the initial trial badger culling areas in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset do not justify further extension of culling… Dr Francis Kirkham Crediton, Devon
The pointless ineffective badger cull is not only being extended but is no longer to be independently monitored. Is this because previous monitoring found the cull was inhumane and not effective?... Kevin Caveney Glastonbury, Somerset (story)

Hull Daily Mail 31.8.16 Hundreds to join Hull march against beagle-breeding at B&K Universal - Hundreds of anti-animal testing campaigners are expected to march through Hull city centre to protest against the Government's decision to allow an East Yorkshire firm to farm puppies for experiments. B&K Universal used its Grimston site near Aldbrough for breeding beagles for animal testing until 2010, when the firm decided existing accommodation was inadequate… Alex Irving, founder of the group Speaking of Human-Based Research, is organising the march on September 10 to coincide with the anniversary of that decision…. (story)


Nottingham Post 30.8.16 Animal welfare organisation calls for 'total ban' of snares after badger found in fox trap By JemmaPage - An animal welfare organisation is calling for a 'total ban of snares' after a badger was found dead in a fox trap. Martin Laing, of Newark, made the gruesome discovery during an early morning cycle on Saturday… Mr Laing informed the National Anti-Snaring Campaign… Spokesman Simon Wild said: "We have identified this steel wire as a fox snare which are mainly set by gamekeepers to trap foxes…. (story)

Sky News 30.8.16 Seven New Badger Cull Licences Approved In England - Extra badger culling pilots are being rolled out to additional parts of the country to tackle tuberculosis in cattle. Seven more licences have been granted for culls in parts of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire… The League Against Cruel Sports said the culling expansion was "misguided"… (story)
ITV 30.8.16 Badger cull 'now underway' in five new areas - Badger culling has been rolled out to five new parts of England in a bid to tackle TB in cattle, the Government has confirmed… (story)
ITV 30.8.16 What are the pros and cons of badger culling? - A badger cull is being extended to five new areas in England, including Herefordshire for the first time. Here are answers to some of the questions surrounding the issue… (story)
International Business Times 30.8.16 UK government gives go ahead for badger culls in five new areas - Seven licenses have been given covering parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset By James Tennent (story)
Metro 30.8.16 Badger cull ‘under way’ despite being labelled ‘inhumane’ - Ashitha Nagesh - Badger culling is under way in England, despite widespread protests from animal welfare organisations… (story)
Mail 30.8.16 Badger culling starts in five more areas in new drive to tackle tuberculosis in cows despite row over 'inhumane' tactics By ABE HAWKEN FOR MAILONLINE - Badger culling has been rolled out to more parts of England in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cows - despite welfare campaigners saying the practice is inhumane… (story)
Guardian 30.8.16 Badger cull areas more than triple under new government licences - Adam Vaughan and Damian Carrington - Ten areas now licensed for culling, with Herefordshire, Cornwall and Devon added to Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset… (story)
Independent 30.8.16 Government expands badger cull to five new areas despite warnings it doesn't work - Jon Stone - The Government is expending its controversial badger cull to five new areas despite warnings by campaigners and scientists that it is both expensive, ineffective, and inhumane… (story)
Mirror 30.8.16 Fury as Tory government waves through massive extension to 'disgraceful' badger cull BY DAN BLOOM - Up to 14,000 of the animals will be shot dead in a slaughter the RSPCA claimed was "killing badgers for the sake of it"… (story)
Telegraph 30.8.16 Badger culls begin in five new areas, Government confirms - Michael Wilkinson - Seven new licences for badger culling have been granted, covering parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, with operations "now under way", the Government has said… (story)
Farmers Weekly 30.8.16 Protestors pledge to disrupt badger culls - Johann Tasker - Animal rights protestors have pledged to step up their fight after a Defra decision to extend badger culling to seven new areas. Seven new licences have been granted for badger control measures to combat bovine TB in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 30.8.16 New badger culling licences issued for Gloucestershire - NEW licences have been issued to continue badger culling in Gloucestershire in a bid to tackle bovine TB – sparking renewed fury among anti-cull critics… (story)
Western Morning News 30.8.16 New culls licenced to shoot 10,000 badgers By WMNAGreenwood - The badger cull licences, confirmed today, give cull teams in ten areas, from Cornwall to Herefordshire, the go-ahead to shoot a maximum of 14,213 badgers…. (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 30.8.16 Herefordshire confirmed as new badger culling area - Rebecca Cain, Senior reporter - THE government has confirmed today that badger culling is coming to Herefordshire. Seven additional licences for badger control measures have been confirmed covering parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, with operations now underway… (story)
Cornish Guardian 30.8.16 The North Cornwall badger cull has begun - shooting is under way to control bovine TB By Graham Smith - The government has confirmed that "operations are now under way" to shoot badgers in North Cornwall. It is one of seven areas where Natural England has granted licences for farmers to cull the animals as part of a campaign to control bovine TB – even though the government's own chief scientific adviser admits that badgers might be responsible for only 6% of the disease in cattle… (story)

Farmers Weekly 30.8.16 Welfare groups to target live exports in day of action - Philip Clarke - Animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming plans to use Britain’s exit from the EU as an opportunity to push for a ban on the live export of sheep and calves. Addressing a rally in London on Monday (29 August) – one of many such events help around the world as part of a global day of action – CIWF chief executive Philip Lymbery described the trade as “shameful”… (story)
Huffington Post 29.8.16 Animals Are Not Freight Demonstration On Parliament Square Attracts Hundreds Of Supporters - Kathryn Snowdon - Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Parliament on Monday as part of a global day of action against long distance live animal transport. Campaigners around the world are participating in Animals Are Not Freight protests to mark 20 years since the world’s worst live export, which saw nearly 70,000 sheep die in the Indian Ocean after the ship carrying them burst into flames and sank… (story)

Chelmsford Weekly News 30.8.16 Protest group praise ferry company for refusing passage of animals set for slaughter - A PROTEST group has praised a ferry company for refusing passage of sheep destined for a slaughterhouse through Harwich International Port. Kent Action Against Live Exports received a tip-off sheep were due to be shipped out of Harwich by Stena Line to the Hook of Holland. Ian Birchall, chairman, said a whistle-blower rang the group to tell them live sheep were due to be shipped out on lorries at 11pm, Friday August 19…. (story)

Essex Gazette 30.8.16 Upcoming vegan lifestyle fair promises circus acts and charity focus - A VEGAN beauty therapist is confident she can make the lifestyle more accessible by hosting an inclusive charity event. Dionne Bartlett, 32, who founded Garden of Eden Beauty, in Eld Lane, Colchester, is now planning a vegan fair of the same name… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 29.8.16 Time to take the lead from other UK countries and outlaw the shameful ritual of fox hunting - This is a month commonly associated with holidays and late summer festivities. But it's also the month when the cub hunting season reaches a peak… We should follow the example of England, Scotland and Wales and ban it forever from the Irish countryside - north and south. JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)
Irish Examiner 24.8.16 Cubbing cruelty - August is the month when the cub hunting season reaches a peak. From the beginning of August, foxhunts around the country have been training novice hounds how to kill foxes…. John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports Lower Coyne St Callan Co Kilkenny (story)

Mail 29.8.16 UK’s biggest pro-shooting group is in meltdown over ‘vicious’ internal rows and fights By MARTIN ROBINSON, UK CHIEF REPORTER FOR MAILONLINE - Britain's biggest pro-shooting group is riven with bullying and 'a culture of fear and intimidation', a leaked report has revealed. Police were even called to deal with one of several 'vicious' rows between staff at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), of which Prince Philip is patron. Former chairman Alan Jarrett, who resigned this year, ordered a law firm to investigate the internal problems at the BASC, which has more than 144,000 members. The 65-page report written by lawyers from Hill Dickinson has been leaked to the press and contains allegations of institutional bullying and 'a culture of fear and intimidation'… The leaked report, also sent to the League Against Cruel Sports, says four BASC refused to co-operate with Hill Dickinson's investigation… (story)
Guardian 29.8.16 Britain's biggest shooting lobby riven by infighting, leak reveals - John Vidal - Britain’s biggest and richest shooting organisation appears to be in meltdown, with senior staff suspended, members of its governing council resigning and an external investigation being conducted by an international law firm into vicious internal conflict. According to documents sent to the League Against Cruel Sports and the Guardian, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, whose patron is the Duke of Edinburgh, has been riven for months by internal dissent, “accusations of institutional bullying” and “a culture of fear and intimidation”…. (story)

Independent 29.8.16 The badger cull is a political fig leaf to the farming lobby - Defra statistics show that despite killing thousands of badgers, the number of cattle slaughtered for TB continues to rise both in and around the cull zones - DOMINIC DYER… (story)

Dundee Courier 29.8.16 We have no right to kill wildlife - While you are pondering the “problem” of seagulls, you might like to know that I have seen at least a dozen dea baby gulls on the roads near where I live… We have no right to destroy wildlife or put it beyond the reach of our children. Mrs J. Forrest. 26 Pettycur Road, Kinghorn. (letter)


South Wales Argus 28.8.16 VIDEO: Crowds turn out for first Bedwellty Show at Llancaiach Fawr - THE first Bedwellty Show to take place at Llancaiach Fawr Manor House proves to be a hit with visitors…. A popular attraction in the ring were the Monmouthshire and Valley Beagles who put on a display and then invited the crowd to meet the dogs… (story)

Western Morning News 28.8.16 Want to boost rural tourism in the South West? Promote shooting sports, MPs will be told By Philip Bowern - MPs are investigating the role of tourism in driving economic growth in rural England. Shooting sports can help says a lobbying group. Philip Bowern reports. The value of shooting to the South West’s rural economy has been highlighted by Britain’s biggest shooting organisation in a report to Government. With the game shooting season in the region getting under way this week, with partridge shooting opening on September 1, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation has been investigating the benefits shooting brings across rural Britain. It has submitted a detailed response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee… (story)

Mail on Sunday 28.8.16 Vet who tipped off the RSPCA about neglected cats at a shelter later 'billed the charity £43,000 for their treatment' By JACINTA TAYLOR FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - A vet who tipped off the RSPCA about neglected cats at a shelter later billed the charity £43,000 for their treatment, a court heard. Jacqui Paterson, who also charged for her time when she testified in the subsequent prosecution, informally adopted one of the 62 seized animals despite claiming it was close to death. But the cat, called Babette, was later killed by a German Shepherd dog at her surgery. Astonishingly, the RSPCA inspector who carried out the ‘heavy-handed’ raid on Sarah Mellanby’s shelter in 2013, used to work for Ms Paterson as her practice manager. The details emerged as Mrs Mellanby – who was last year convicted of seven offences relating to the neglect of the cats – launched an appeal at Teesside Crown Court… (story)


Cornish Guardian 27.8.16 Tourism bosses fear badger cull in Cornwall could hurt their businesses By Graham Smith - North Cornwall tourism interests are among those who have expressed alarm at proposals to extend the badger cull into a huge part of the countryside between Wadebridge and Bude. A public consultation exercise carried out by Natural England found that more people responded from Cornwall – 153 – than from any other part of the country. In total 939 people, from nine counties answered the call to express an opinion… Nearly two thirds of those who responded to Natural England raised general concern about the impact of the cull on their businesses… (story)


Guardian 26.8.16 The extension of the badger cull is horribly cruel – and it won’t help farmers - Brian May - Tuesday was a sad day for our wild animals. The BBC reported that the badger cull will be extended into five new areas, although the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) would not confirm that the selections had been made…. (story)

Sussex Express 26.8.16 Lewes MP "committed" to vaccinations following badger cull reports - Huw Oxburgh - Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has said she is "committed" to bringing a badger vaccination programme to her constituency, following reports of further badger culls in England. Ms Caulfield said she has been working alongside local farmers and relevant organisations with the view of putting together a case for a badger vaccination programme to put before Government… (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 26.8.16 Badger cull could be extended to five new areas - Mike Bridgen - THE BBC has reported that the badger cull is to be extended to five new areas… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 26.8.16 Badger cull opposed by Lancashire Wildlife Trust - Neil Athey - LANCASHIRE Wildlife Trust has said it is set to oppose any decision by Natural England to grant new licences for culling badgers… (story)

Daily Record 26.8.16 Animal rights group claim livestock heading for Paisley slaughterhouse are mistreated BY CHRIS TAYLOR - Animal rights activists claim livestock heading for a Paisley abattoir are being “mistreated”. Save Movement Scotland insist a protest outside Sandyford Abattoir highlights the plight of cows arriving through the gates… (story)


Hereford Times 25.8.16 Online poll: Do you agree with badger culling in Herefordshire? - Jess Phillips - Badger culling looks set to be carried out in Herefordshire to the dismay of many animal rights campaigners. Do you agree with badger culling in Herefordshire? (story)


Horse & Hound 24.8.16 8 ways to avoid looking flustered on your first day autumn hunting - Polly Portwin - All eyes have been watching the harvest come in amid anticipation of the first day of the new season… Horse & Hound offers a few tips on what to remember ahead of your first day autumn hunting so you don’t appear late, flustered and unkempt in front of masters and hunt staff — both new and old…. (story)

Farming UK 24.8.16 Riders will race at Aintree for countryside charities - Eight riders from across the North West and beyond will line-up to race at Aintree in aid of The Countryside Alliance Foundation on 23 October. The charity race – where riders race on borrowed horses – is part of the Aintree Countryside Day, which is a great day out for all the family… The riders are: Charles Clark: A joint master and huntsman of the Holderness … David Redvers: Bloodstock agent David’s clients include the Qatari Royal Family. He is also a joint master of the Ledbury hunt. Oliver Dale: Oliver is huntsman and a joint-master of the Ludlow hunt… Richard Tyacke: A joint master and huntsman of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn’s hunt (the Wynnstay)… Hayley Brobyn: Congleton vet … Michelle “Mouse” Barlow: Mouse was “volunteered” to take part in the race by her husband, Cheshire hunt joint-master Charles Barlow… Polly Portwin: Polly is hunting editor for Horse & Hound magazine and a former senior master of the Bicester with Whaddon Chase … Molly Dingwall … (story)

Shooting Times 24.8.16 Shooters welcome chance to debate driven grouse shooting - Mark Layton - The latest petition calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting could allow shooters to tackle misleading claims directly if it is taken forward for a debate in Parliament. Shooting organisations say the public has been misled, but welcome the chance to state their case and debate driven grouse shooting, after a Government petition to ban driven grouse shooting passed the 100,000 signatures required to be considered for a Parliamentary debate…. (story)

Dundee Courier 24.8.16 History of mistrust over protection of birds - In reply to Jim Crumley’s column, The Glorious Twelfth, Mr Tim Baynes of the Scottish Moorland Group, took great pains to lay most of the blame for the lack of progress in ending the persecution of raptors on grouse moors on the RSPB…. What he failed to mention, however, is the history that exists between RSPB workers and land managers/gamekeepers where this strategy has been tried and failed… Possibly this explains why the RSPB is not too keen to cooperatewith and supply information. George Murdo. 4 Auchcairnie Cottages, Laurencekirk
Grouse moors need managed - Jim Crumley got on his high horse again about the hunting and shooting fraternity but started his column with a number of inaccurate comments about Land Rover/Range Rover in general… Jim advocated banning all grouse shooting by giving grouse legal protection…. Jim advocates introducing wolves, lynx and beaver. He just needs to add bears to stop anybody going into the countryside unless the have a big rifle which you will not be able to buy as all the gun shops will have gone out of business. George Sangster. Woodlands, Logie, Montrose |(letters)
Dundee Courier 19.8.16 Work together to crack crime - In response to Jim Crumley’s column, The Glorious Twelfth – a Victorian throwback? (August 16) I would like to say that while it may be difficult for Jim to accept some inconvenient truths about the grouse shooting sector, gamekeepers, estate workers and landowners are very much involved in golden eagle conservation… I want to make it crystal clear that we fully condemn illegal acts and the persecution of raptors and we completely support the Scottish Government’s decision to investigate the alleged disappearance of some satellite-tagged birds…. Tim Baynes. Scottish Moorland Group, Stuart House, Eskmills Business Park, Musselburgh (letter)
Dundee Courier 16.8.16 A not-so-glorious situation - So did you bag any grouse on the glorious twelfth? No, neither did I…. Anything that rains on the parade of the annual tribal tweed-and-gun-fest rituals of grouse moors in August is fine by me…. The thing is, that no matter how angry the public mood grows nor how widespread is the disaffection, no matter how much evidence and suspicion of wrongdoing is associated with the various “management” policies of preparing a grouse moor for the ritual slaughter of lovingly protected grouse (what with their manicured moors and medicated grit), the various component parts of the grouse moor industry responded with what amounts to a corporate shrug…. The Scottish Government responded to the RSPB’s statement by saying that it would investigate the data…. Will it act to end grouse shooting, a Victorian throwback that manipulates landscape into something as artificial as plastic grass, and hounds the grouse’s natural predators? Or, the simplest solution of all. Will it consider giving the grouse legal protection? (story)

Shropshire Star 24.8.16 MP Owen Paterson calls for Shropshire to be included in new badger cull - Shropshire should be included in areas selected for controversial badger culls according to county MP Owen Paterson…. (story)
Shropshire Star 24.8.16 Star comment: Badger cull call is right tactic for farmers - There is a huge difference of opinion regarding the state of our countryside between those who live in towns and those who live in rural areas. People from urban areas are more likely to oppose fox-hunting and the culling of badgers while those who live in the countryside are more likely to approve… Both sides of the debate must be heard. Those in the countryside will point to the escalating cost of the disease, which is expected to cause losses of £1 billion in the next 10 years. However, animal welfare supporters believe culling is not effective and they say the link between bovine TB and badgers is tenuous…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 24.8.16 YP Comment: Badger cull extension row - Solution needed for bovine TB - NEWS that the badger cull is being extended across England to five new areas has provoked a storm of protest from animal rights campaigners… let us not forget it is the livelihoods of our beleaguered farmers that are at risk here…. The Prime Minister has made a point of saying that Yorkshire is top of her list of priorities, if this is the case she must now ensure that an effective plan of action is introduced to deal with this age-old problem once and for all. It has been dragging on for far too long and there is too much at stake for it to be allowed to rumble on…. (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 24.8.16 Could the badger cull be extended to County Durham and Northumberland? BY SIMON MEECHAN - The fate of badgers in the North East remains uncertain as the Government considers extending a cull to tackle bovine tuberculosis. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has refused to confirm or deny that the cull, largely centred in the south west, will come to County Durham andNorthumberland… (story)

Morning Star 24.8.16 Pro-Badger Activists Slam Cull Extension - ANIMAL rights campaigners condemned reports yesterday that ministers are planning to extend the badger cull…. (story)

Dorset Echo 24.8.16 "I am disgusted by the lies and misinformation being spread" - Wildlife lovers hit out at badger cull - A CONTROVERSIAL badger cull set to return to Dorset for a second year has been widely condemned by wildlife lovers…. Ian Mortimer, of Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare (DBBW), said: “We are extremely disappointed by this news. I don’t believe there is a single piece of British science which supports the cull…. (story)

Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette 24.8.16 Badger cull trials to begin in South Hams in September - BADGER culls are to be carried out across the South Hams in a bid to control bovine TB, although animals rights groups have said ’there is no evidence that culling is effective’… The Devon Wildlife Trust opposes the government’s badger culling programme, saying that ‘there is robust evidence that culling badgers will make the problem worse.’… (story)

Kent Live 24.8.16 There was a HUGE policing operation of anti-live export protesters in Ramsgate By KathyBailes - Some 100 police officers were drafted in last night (Tuesday) to deal with an anti-live exports protest in Ramsgate. The officers policed a similar number of campaigners at the Nethercourt roundabout, close to the port approach road…. (story)
Kent Messenger 24.8.16 Ramsgate: Protests continue as campaigners attempt to block live animal export lorries reaching port by Connor Dunn - Protesters were once again at Ramsgate Port last night in an attempt to block six lorries carrying live animals reaching a ship bound for Calais. The latest protest comes after two men were arrested when campaigners formed a blockade around lorries on August 11. This time, a more peaceful demonstration took place, with police forming a cordon in front of people waiting in Harbour Approach Road… (story)


Farming Life 23.8.16 Sadness at death of Duke of Westminster - It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of His Grace the Duke of Westminster at the age of 64. Simon Hart MP, Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, paid tribute to the late Duke, saying: “He was a consummate countryman and had been involved in rural campaigning for many years, helping to set up the Countryside Movement, the precursor to the Countryside Alliance. Vice President since our inception the Duke was passionate about standing up for the countryside, especially fieldsports as they came under increasing political scrutiny… (story)

Farming Life 23.8.16 The Unsung Heroes of the Glorious 12th - Grouse shooting is shooting on a grand, sweeping scale. The speed and agility of the birds, the breath-taking majesty of the landscapes, the centuries of countryside tradition… Just prior to the 12th, gamekeepers and their families in Scotland reminded us of the human face behind the statistics, as they marched through Edzell in Angus. Escorted by pipes and drummers, these proud countrymen and women, children in tow, captured all that is great about grouse shooting… (story)

Independent 23.8.16 New Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom's first major act is to allow 'inhumane slaughter' of badgers - Ian Johnston - Andrea Leadsom looks set to expand the “inhumane and ineffective slaughter” of badgers – despite scientists dismissing suggestions the policy helps control TB in cattle – in one of her first major acts as Environment Secretary, campaigners have said. Ms Leadsom, who supports fox hunting, has backed selling off Britain’s forests and opposed measures to halt climate change, was appointed to the Cabinet post by Theresa May after dropping out of the Conservative party leadership race… (story)

Guardian 23.8.16 Badger cull protesters change tactics in response to expansion - Protesters against the badger cull in England have said they plan to change tactics by undertaking direct action to drive up policing costs, after reports of an expansion of culling to new areas…. Jay Tiernan of the protest group Stop the Cull said: “We have spent the last three years just in the fields ... We haven’t ever once stood outside a farm with a banner or blockaded a road or put locks on to a business’s gates to stop their business from working.”…. (story)

Telegraph 23.8.16 Badger cull to tackle bovine TB 'to be extended to five more areas of England' - Animal rights campaigners have condemned reports that abadger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas. David Bowles, the RSPCA's head of public affairs, said the cull - an attempt by the Government to eradicate bovine tuberculosis - was not necessary… (story)

The Ecologist 23.8.16 Why are our badgers ‘Badgered to Death'? - With today's news that badger culling will continue in Gloucester, Somerset and Dorset, and take place in three other counties, writes LESLEY DOCKSEY, there could be no more opportune moment for Dominic Dyer's new book 'Badgered to Death' to appear - expertly exposing the total absence of scientific evidence that badgers transmit bovine TB to cattle… (story)

Hereford Times 23.8.16 Badger culling looks set to come to South Herefordshire - According to the BBC, the badger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas, including South Herefordshire. Simon Osborne, from No Herefordshire Cull, said: "From our perspective it is really awful news that it will come into our area…. (story)

ITV 23.8.16 Controversial badger cull to be extended - The controversial badger cull looks set to be extended - including for the first time parts of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset…. (story)

BBC News 23.8.16 New badger culling trials given go ahead across England - Badger culls are to be carried out in five new areas of England in a bid to control bovine TB, the BBC has learnt… (story)

Bridgwater Mercury 23.8.16 Animal rights campaigners slam reported extension of badger cull - ANIMAL rights campaigners have condemned reports a badger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas… West Gloucestershire and West Somerset are entering the fourth year of their licences for culling, and Dorset is entering its second year… (story)

Basildon Echo 23.8.16 Badger cull to tackle bovine TB 'to be extended' - Animal rights campaigners have condemned reports that a badger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas… (story)

Metro 23.8.16 Badger cull ‘to be extended to five new areas despite protests’ - Richard Hartley-Parkinson - Animal rights campaigners have condemned reports that a badger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas…. (story)

International Business Times 23.8.16 RSPCA alarmed at restart of 'failed' badger culls to control bovine TB - The charity says there is no evidence culls have worked and the government should focus on cattle husbandry By James Tennent , Video by Alice Wheatley (story)

Farmers Weekly 23.8.16 Badger cull ‘to be extended to five new areas’ - Philip Case - The badger cull is to be extended to five new areas of England as the government ramps up its efforts to tackle TB in cattle, according to reports… (story)

Western Morning News 23.8.16 Badger cull coming to south Devon next month according to reports By NeilShaw - Badgers are to be shot in South Devon and North Cornwall from next month as part of an extension of the anti-TB cull, according to the BBC. Animal rights campaigners have condemned reports that a badger cull in England is to be extended to five new areas… (story)

North West Evening Mail 23.8.16 Badger cull to be extended across Britain - BADGER culls are set to be trialled in five new areas of the country in a bid to control a possible outbreak of Bovine TB…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 23.8.16 Badger cull row rumbles on following extension - A reported extension to the badger cull has reawoken an ongoing row regarding the process and its impact on tackling TB in cattle… (story)

Exeter Daily 23.8.16 RSPCA alarm at badger cull restart - The RSPCA is alarmed that despite three years of failed culls the UK Government is now forging ahead with plans to kill badgers in six different areas… (story)

Cornishman 23.8.16 Badger cull set to be carried out in North Cornwall By wbchris - North Cornwall is one of five areas of the country where a new badger cull will be carried out to try and curb bovine TB. The BBC has reported that the cull will begin in early September in North Cornwall, South Devon, North Devon, West Dorset and South Herefordshire… (story)

Cornishman 23.8.16 RSPCA says "cruel" badger culls planned for Cornwall will not stop TB By WBGayle - The RSPCA has hit out against badger culls due to be carried out in North Cornwall as well as four other areas to try to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB)… RSPCA assistant director of public affairs David Bowles said: "We are saddened but unsurprised at the restart of the badger culls but to extend the number of cull areas further is alarming…(story)

Gloucester Echo/Citizen 23.8.16 Gloucestershire badger cull zone to be expanded when shooting starts in September By janethughes - The controversial Gloucestershire badger cull looks set to be expanded and extended into Herefordshire when shooting starts in early September…. (story)

Weston & Somerset Mercury 23.8.16 Culling badgers a ‘complete waste’ of time? - Sam Frost - A scientific study found that badgers and cattle do not come into direct contact with each other, and suggested current methods of TB prevention should be reassessed. Professor Rosie Woodroffe, of the Zoological Society of London, led the study which examined the geographical movement of badgers and cattle using GPS tracking technology… (story)

North Devon Journal 23.8.16 Badger culls to be extended to North Devon By NDJJoe - BADGER culls will soon be taking place in North Devon according to the BBC… (story)

Huffington Post 23.8.16 What Are Zoos For? - Sue Cross - For the media zoos make good copy: ‘Twin Panda Birth Surprises Atlanta Zoo Staff’… Yet others argued that zoos were no place for wild animals… So what are zoos for? They are profitable businesses. And make sensational headlines for newspapers. But it is the captive animals that pay the highest price (story)

Independent 23.8.16 Ricky Gervais made growing up with achondroplasia so hard for me – and now he wants to be a mental health campaigner - Gervais has been battling mixed reviews and Twitter trolls of late, following the release of his filmLife on the Road - Matt Hepburn - For people of difference like me, there’s a greater dimension to the Ricky Gervais debate than simply whether his latest project is up to scratch or not. For me, he’s been a haunting, divisive and deeply damaging figure in a career spanning “mong faces”, dubious sketches and dodgy series…. In Gervais, we have sought to elevate an entertainer into “spokesperson for Planet Earth”. In 2013 he won PETA campaigner of the year, despite describing how he’d made himself sick after gorging on “11 sausages” to the Telegraph. Ambassador for animal welfare indeed…. (story)

Essex Live 23.8.16 Brentwood slaughterhouse attracts Animal Aid protesters By Ciaran_Gold - A slaughterhouse attracted the ire of animal rights protesters highlighting what they say is the suffering farmed animals endure during transport to slaughter. Members of Animal Aid teamed up with the Essex Pig Save group to demonstrate outside Cheale Meats in Little Warley Hall Lane, near West Horndon… (story)
Brentwood Weekly News 22.8.16 Activists hold "meat vigil" outside slaughterhouse to raise animal cruelty awareness - ACTIVISTS held a vigil outside a slaughterhouse to show compassion to pigs before they were killed for meat. Members of Animal Aid and campaign group Essex Pig Save gathered outside Cheale Meats, West Horndon, to “bear witness” to the animals led to the abattoir. The joint vigil, where about 20 campaigners stroked, fed and watered the livestock, was part of the nationwide Animals Are Not Freight campaign… (story)


Metro 22.8.16 London’s last greyhound track to be replaced with stadium for AFC Wimbledon - Jimmy Nsubuga - Following a review initiated by his predecessor, the London Mayor returned the decision for the Plough Lane development to Merton Council, which had already sanctioned a new stadium for AFC Wimbledon. ‘We are delighted to see Sadiq Khan support the return of real sport, rather than a cruel sport, to Wimbledon,’ Tom Sheppard, Head of Public Affairs for the League Against Cruel Sports, told… (story)

Worcester News 22.8.16 Experiments with animals - SIR – In recent issues of the Worcester News there have been articles about good people fundraising for charities connected with health and medical research. Everybody wants to see medical progress, but an increasing number of people are refraining from donating to such charities, because they fear their money will be used to fund animal experiments… Ronald Lee Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)


BBC News Online 21.8.16 Public to be consulted on future of shooting leases - A public consultation will open on the future of recreational bird shooting on Natural Resources Wales-owned land. It is part of a review into the practice on public estates in Wales - some pheasant shoots take place on public land across mid and south Wales. Campaigners said it was "vital" that NRW allowed independent experts and the public to give their views. The British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said it was "surprised" at the move… (story)


Farmers Weekly 20.8.16 Animal welfare boss accuses farmers of gassing badgers - Philip Case - Farmers have been accused of carrying out large-scale, illegal gassing of badgers on farms in a bid to control the spread of bovine TB. Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, claims that badgers in Britain are “regularly killed by farmers, landowners, hunt masters, game keepers” and others. In Mr Dyer’s new book, Badgered to Death, he states the problem is “far wider than illegal criminal activity by such individuals”…. (story)

Spectator 20.8.16 Losing game - Matt Ridley is completely right (‘Don’t grouse about grouse’, 13 August). I am lucky enough to live at Blakeney in north Norfolk with a clear view to Blakeney Point. But since the RSPB, Chris Packham and the National Trust got their hands on Blakeney, things have changed dramatically. I walk every day on and around the marshes and the Blakeney Freshes. This morning — a brilliant, calm day — I strolled for an hour and apart from a couple of warblers, crows and several black-backed gulls, that was it…. (story)

Dorset Echo 20.8.16 Badger cull set to begin again in Dorset - Rachel Stretton - THE second year of the badger cull is set to begin in Dorset. Wildlife lovers are calling on people to join in a peaceful way of protest as farmers emphasise the need to cull as one of a number of measures to control the spread of bovine TB… DBBW will be walking footpaths during the cull, which they say is a law-abiding way to show opposition…. (story)
Cornish Guardian 18.8.16 Badger cull campaigners to focus on North Cornwall as expected sites are revealed By cg_graham - Campaigners against the proposed cull of badgers have released details of where they believe the animals are to be shot… A group called Devon & Cornwall Against The Badger Cull has published maps showing where it believes the culls will start in a few weeks… (story)


Irish Examiner 19.8.16 Hare coursing is affecting tourism - John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co. Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Independent 15.8.16 Backing barbarous hare coursing that damages tourism - Fianna Fáil TD Timmy Dooley says he's concerned that a perception of corruption in Irish sport might have an adverse affect on our tourism industry. I'm sure he stays up all night worrying about our sporting reputation abroad. Mr Dooley was one of 114 TDs who voted against a Dáil Bill to abolish live hare coursing in June. I wonder if he and the other politicians who see fit to allow this cruel practice to continue have any concerns about the negative image it presents internationally…. John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Scottish Farmer 19.8.16 Grouse shoots provide rural jobs - Gordon Davidson, News Editor - AS PARTIES of shooting enthusiasts took to the hills for the start of grouse season last weekend, a battle broke out in the media between the gamebird industry and activists seeking to ban driven grouse shooting… But with the League Against Cruel Sports having achieved the 100,000 petition signatories needed to push the issue onto the parliamentary timetable, the shooting industry has been working overtime to highlight its economic importance to the UK's uplands…. “The 2014 ‘Value of Shooting’ report showed 8800 full-time jobs relying on shooting – 2000 more than are created by the Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe, Tattoo and Hogmanay combined, according to the latest figures from Festivals Edinburgh… (story)

The Ecologist 19.8.16 Time to close down Britain's devastating grouse-shooting industry - The disappearance of a satellite-tagged hen harrier on a Scottish grouse moor and the loss of eight Golden eagles in five years provide the latest evidence for a ban on driven grouse-shooting, writes EDUARDO GONCALVES. But birds of prey are only the most high-profile victims of a cruel and ecologically destructive industry… (story)

Morning Star 19.8.16 Time To End This Annual Orgy Of Bird-Killing - There are just three active hen harrier nests left in England. PETER FROST is up in arms over the the shooting fraternity’s callous slaughter of wild birds in the name of so-called sport - Last week, as every year, August 12 — the far from glorious twelfth, marked the organised slaughter of thousands of specially bred grouse in the name of so-called sport. The specially bred, docile and easy to shoot birds are driven across the sight lines of Bertie Woosteresque twerps with guns… (story)

BBC News Online 19.8.16 White-fronted geese shooting law criticised by RSPB Cymru - A decision not to entirely ban the shooting of white-fronted geese across Wales has been described as a "bitter disappointment". RSPB Cymru had urged the Welsh Government to protect the rare birds. But the Welsh Government said it would not implement a total ban, stating there was no evidence any are currently being shot in Wales…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 18.8.16 Sign petition against grouse shooting - WITH the grouse killing season under way, it is heartening to see how many people now oppose this ‘sport’ because of the harm it does to animals and the environment…. anti-grouse-shooting sentiment is growing massively as shown by the response to Animal Aid’s recent Week of Action Against Grouse Shooting and the 100,000+ signatures on a League Against Cruel Sports petition calling for a ban… FIONA PEREIRA Campaign manager Animal Aid (letter)
Sheffield Star 19.8.16 Ban grouse shooting - Fiona Pereira Campaign manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Worcester News 19.8.16 Live animal exports - August 29, 2016, marks the 20th anniversary of the world’s worst live animal export disaster, when 67,000 sheep were abandoned on a burning ship in the Indian Ocean. Compassion in World Farming is holding a Global Day of Action calling on people across the globe to unite against the long distance trade in live animals…. PAULINE BURGESS Malvern (letter)


Northumberland Gazette 18.8.16 Crowds flock to Glanton Show Terrier racing is always a big hit at Glanton Show - The weather gods were benevolent in Glanton on Saturday and the crowds enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon in this most scenic of locations… The West Percy Hunt brought some of their hounds from the kennels at Beanley and many of the children had a great time getting up close to the hounds… (story)

Guardian 18.8.16 Katie Price's Pony Club: an equine reality show to silence neighsayers - On the surface it’s a fluffy fly-on-the-wall series but between the horse jumps, could “The Pricey” be taking a swipe at celebrity?... . In it, Katie introduces to TV the exciting concept of an equestrian reality competition. Over the next six weeks, the children of four of Katie’s mates, as well as a couple of her own imaginatively named kids, will train in hunting, dressage, show jumping and racing, all in preparation for the big event: a high-society polo match…. (story)
Horse & Hound 18.8.16 Watch Katie Price on new equestrian series starting tonight - Rachael Turner - Katie Price’s new equestrian reality television series airs tonight (18 August)… Earlier this year, Katie went out with the Cheshire Bloodhounds. The day’s hunting, which will feature in the series, raised over £4,000 for charity… (story)

Irish Examiner 18.8.16 Blood sports sully our reputation - Fianna Fáil Deputy Timmy Dooley was on his high horse on the airwaves this week, pontificating about what he perceives is the minister for sport’s heel dragging on the Olympic ticket affair. He was concerned about Ireland’s image internationally, saying our reputation was being tarnished and sullied by the events, adding that it could damage our tourism product. However, Deputy Timmy Dooley, along with 113 other TDs in Dáil Eireann, put all their concerns about sullying and tarnishing Ireland’s reputation aside when they trooped through the Níl lobby on June 30 last to vote down Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan’s Private Member’s Bill to ban live hare coursing…. Aideen Yourell IrIsh Council Against Blood Sports PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland (letter)

Farming UK 18.8.16 Labour leader contender Owen Smith talks to Countryside Alliance about rural issues - Labour leader contender Owen Smith has responded to a series of questions asked by the Countryside Alliance,… "Shooting is a sporting activity enjoyed by thousands which can also play an important role in conservation," Owen Smith said. "We need to ensure that our strong and effective firearms licensing system remains in place and is upheld so that shooters can continue to enjoy their sport safely and legally, whilst balancing this with environmental and animal welfare responsibilities," he concluded (story)

Huffington Post 18.8.16 It’s Not ‘Extremists’ Who Have A Grouse With The Glorious 12th - Eduardo Goncalves - You may have missed it, but a significant milestone was reached over last weekend… Early on Saturday morning, just hours after the official start of the grouse shooting season (the so-called Glorious Twelfth), a petition calling for a ban on this ‘sport’ reached 100,000 signatures. This milestone means that the government must consider holding a debate on the issue - and we can’t wait… (story)

Scotsman 18.8.16 Tagged hen harrier chick missing on grouse moor - ILONA AMOS - A young male hen harrier has become the latest satellite-tagged bird of prey to disappear on a grouse moor in the Scottish Highlands. The protected bird, named Elwood, was the only chick to fledge this year from a nest in Banffshire monitored by the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime Scotland…. Conservationists at RSPB Scotland, who were analysing transmissions, fear the bird may have been killed to protect game on a shooting estate. They claim illegal persecution is the most likely explanation and say the case highlights the need for regulation of sporting estates…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 18.8.16 Peta claims discovery of 'shocking video footage' of pigs in distress at East Yorkshire farm By David Spereall - ANIMAL rights charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) claims it has uncovered 'shocking' footage of pigs in distress at an East Yorkshire farm... (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 18.8.16 Charity makes plea to end seal shooting in Scotland - An animal welfare charity has called on the Scottish Government and the fishing industry to phase out seal shooting entirely by 2020. OneKind has released new information which it says suggests hundreds of seals are suffering painful deaths in Scotland at the hands of the salmon fishing industry… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 17.8.16 Suffering in British farms must be ended - ISOBEL HUTCHINSON Animal Aid (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 29.7.16 Get informed, and make right choices - Isobel Hutchinson Head of Campaigns Animal Aid (letter)
Northern Echo 29.7.16 Suffering of farm animals makes for depressing reading - THE Government has this week released details of on-farm inspections from 2015, and they make depressing reading… Animal Aid has conducted dozens of on-farm inspections over the past decade and found suffering… Isobel Hutchinson, Animal Aid (story)


Big Issue North 16.8.16 When the coat turns scarlet - Miles Cooper spent years as a hunt saboteur then swapped sides to run a pack of hounds in Yorkshire. He tells Roger Ratcliffe a tale of poacher turned gamekeeper… A turning point, he says, was the day in 1993 when one of the sabs was killed, dragged under the rear wheels of a horse lorry when clothing became caught on a wing mirror. It was one of the final hunts of the season and groups of sabs from a wide area had converged on a meet by the Cambridgeshire Foxhounds… When he found himself living in rural Oxfordshire Cooper got to know farmers who were confronted with foxes on a daily basis. Talking to them, he began to accept that, whether society liked it or not, foxes and deer had to be controlled and it was necessary to kill them by one method or another. That’s when he changed his views on whether hunting was the best method, and accepted an invitation to spend a day with the Warwickshire Hunt to see it from the other side… And now his transformation is complete as master of the Highmoor Bloodhounds. The pack of 33, all bloodhound-foxhound crosses, follow a human scent known as the “clean boot” rather than faux animal trails…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 16.8.16 Warwickshire Police say 'insufficient evidence' to charge Atherstone Hunt By Sam Jones - MEMBERS of the Atherstone Hunt will face no charges after police say there is 'insufficient evidence' that they were responsible for a fox's death… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 9.8.16 'Not enough evidence' to prosecute Warwickshire fox hunt members despite video footage BY SIMON GILBERT - No action will be taken against a Warwickshire hunt despite video footage being released of a fox being killed by its hounds. Warwickshire Police said there was ‘not enough evidence’ to prosecute members of the Atherstone Hunt over accusations the fox had been illegally killed - despite the video, witness statements and the hunt itself admitting that it killed the fox… (story)
Sun 9.8.16 HOUNDED TO DEATH moment pack of dogs tear fox to pieces on hunt – but cops REFUSE to take action - Warwickshire Police claimed there is “not enough evidence” to prosecute members of the Atherstone Hunt following the incident last year – even though the hunt itself ADMITTED the fox was killed… (story)
Metro 9.8.16 Hunt members will not face police action over video showing hounds kill fox - Harley Tamplin - There is ‘not enough evidence’ to prosecute members of a hunt – despite shocking footage showing a fox being killed by their hounds…. (story)
Nuneaton News 18.11.15 Probe after fox is killed during Atherstone hunt - A POLICE investigation has been launched after video footage emerged which appears to show a fox being killed during a hunt near Atherstone… (story)
Hinckley times 18.11.15 Police investigate as Atherstone Hunt hounds kill fox - Officers are investigating the attack which involved around 20 dogs and a number of members of the hunt which regularly uses land in Hinckley and Bosworth… (story)
Tamworth Herald 17.11.15 Police launch investigation after fox killed during Atherstone Hunt - A POLICE investigation has been launched after video footage emerged which appears to show a fox being killed during a hunt near Atherstone. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs – who are fiercely against hunting – posted the shocking footage on their Facebook page… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 16.11.15 Readers react angrily to shocking footage which appears to show fox being killed BY CATHERINE LILLINGTON - Outraged readers reacted angrily to shocking video footage which appears to show a fox being killed during a hunt in Warwickshire. As reported by the Coventry Telegraph, the Atherstone Hunt insists it was acting within the law and said it suspects the fox was already injured before hounds “dispatched it”… (story)
Mirror 16.11.15 Sickening 'hunt' footage shows fox being mauled by pack of 20 dogs BY SIMON GILBERT - But Atherstone Hunt members say they were "exercising" their dogs and the animal "appeared in front of the hounds who very quickly dispatched it" - Shocking video footage appears to show a fox being killed after being chased by around 20 dogs. Police are investigating the incident after footage, taken by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, posted online shows members of the Atherstone Hunt on horseback… (story)
Metro 16.11.15 Police investigate fox hunt regarding the killing of a fox by pack of hounds - Matt Payton - Police are investigating a hunt following video evidence of hounds chasing and killing a fox. This footage of Atherstone Hunt near Grendon, Warwickshire, was taken by local animal rights activists West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 16.11.15 Police investigate after hunt hounds are filmed 'chasing fox' (video) By Tom_Mack - An incident involving a hunt is under investigation after a video allegedly showing them breaking the anti-hunting law was posted online. The Atherstone Hunt was being filmed by the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs during its activities in the area around Twycross on Saturday… (story)
Mail 16.11.15 Police investigate after shocking footage emerges 'showing a pack of hounds chasing and killing a fox' By LYDIA WILLGRESS FOR MAILONLINE - A shocking video appearing to show a pack of hounds chasing after and killing a fox has prompted a police investigation. The footage, which shows the fox being pinned to the ground by a dog, was taken by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs around 3pm on Saturday… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 15.11.15 Watch: 'Horrific' footage shows fox killed during Warwickshire hunt BY SIMON GILBERT - Police are investigating after video captured members of Atherstone Hunt chasing down the animal on Saturday - Shocking video footage has emerged which appears to show a fox being killed during a hunt in Warwickshire. Police are investigating the incident after footage, taken by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, posted online shows members of the Atherstone Hunt on horseback as a pack of about 20 dogs chase down the animal in a field… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 16.8.16 Those readers who subscribe to the on-line version of Coventry Telegraph (9th August) will be aware of a recent decision by Warwickshire Police not to prosecute the Atherstone hunt after it killed a fox in November 2015… Campaigners from the Countryside Alliance want to see Theresa May abolish the Hunting Act altogether, but the League Against Cruel Sports, IFAW, RSPCA, POWA and others want a reckless clause introduced to ensure these “accidents” are properly scrutinized and made accountable allowing the spirit of the original legislation to be properly enforced. Bryan Griffiths (POWA Associate), Bedworth (letter)

Farming UK 16.8.16 Jeremy Corbyn talks to the Countryside Alliance about rural issues - Jeremy Corbyn has responded to a series of questions asked by the Countryside Alliance, probing the Labour leader his views on key rural issues…. The Countryside Alliance then went on to the topic of firearms, asking Mr Corbyn if he can assure the 650,000 holders of shotgun and firearms certificates in this country that he supports lawful shooting. "I support the effective regulation and control of firearms, with clear, accessible and enforceable laws as needed," Jeremy Corbyn concluded (story)

Guardian 16.8.16 The grouse shooters aim to kill: the first casualty is the truth - George Monbiot - Their campaign against the RSPB is a shameful example of ‘astroturfing’. The public should beware - This is how, in a democracy, you win when you are outnumbered: you purchase the results. It’s how politics now works. The very rich throw money at the parties, lobby groups and thinktanks that project their demands…. To shoot grouse you have to be exceedingly rich: it costs around £7,000 per person per day. The owners of grouse moors, who are also exceedingly rich, justify these fees by ensuring that there are vast numbers of birds to shoot. This requires, across great tracts of our uplands, the elimination of almost everything else…. (story)

Western Morning News 16.8.16 BBC urged to 'rein in' wildlife presenter for 'provocative' badger cull comments By WMNKLangston - Rural campaigners have urged the BBC to "rein in" the controversial wildlife presenter Chris Packham, following his latest outburst over the Government's badger culling programme. In the foreword to a new book, the naturalist slams the policy, arguing that badgers have been the victims of "smear campaign" perpetuated by "those with vested interests". His comments have outraged members of the agricultural community, with some suggesting Mr Packham is in breach of BBC guidelines… (story)
Western Morning News 16.8.16 Comment: Badger cull comments by Chris Packham inform nobody By WMN_MartinF - The television presenter and naturalist, Chris Packham, is at it again. He has launched an attack on the Government's badger cull, saying the creatures are victims of "bigotry and ignorance" and subjected to "vicious" persecution. His comments are in the forward to a book by the chief executive of the Badger Trust, Dominic Dyer… The co-host of Springwatch also stirred up controversy last week with comments he made about grouse shooting… The greater the number of emotive words he sprays about, the more he invites a response in similar terms. Nobody is being persuaded. Temperatures and emotions are being raised, that is all. Assuming that there is no such thing as bad publicity, each controversy must be good news for the viewing figures of the programmes he presents. However, the corporation must be aware that this is rapidly becoming the Chris Packham show. Entertaining for some, but educating and informing nobody (story)

iNews 16.8.16 How the once-formidable wildlife charities were tamed By Dominic Dyer - While ordinary people across the country have protested against the badger cull, there has been a marked lack of action from the major conservation and wildlife protection NGOs. Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF and World Animal Protection have done almost nothing to stand up and protect the badger in the face of the cull… why the silence on badger culling? To answer this question we need to look at the increasing corporatisation of the environmental movement over the last 40 years and its move away from direct campaigning and activism… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 16.8.16 We must put an end to abuse of elephants - World Elephant Day should serve as an occasion to give elephants our attention and take action for them. For starters, we can stay away from attractions offering "joyrides" on these fine animals and encourage others to do the same…. JENNIFER WHITE By email (story)


Herald 15.8.16 Springwatch presenter calls for grouse shooting ban - Jody Harrison - SCOTLAND’S grouse shooting industry should be ‘terminated’ BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has said…. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the 55-year-old, said that grouse shooting could be banned if it was linked to the illegal killing of birds of prey…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 15.8.16 New Forest being destroyed by ponies, says Chris Packham - Naturalist Chris Packham says the New Forest is 'being destroyed' by a growing number of ponies. A report published by The Guardian today quotes Mr Packham, who has lived in the forest for 12 years, as saying overgrazing by the ponies, as well as cattle and deer, is causing loss of woodland and threatening other species… (story)
Guardian 15.8.16 New Forest being destroyed by growing number of ponies, says Chris Packham - Lee Williams - The New Forest national park is being destroyed by overgrazing by its ponies, driven in part by taxpayer subsidies, according to Chris Packham. The naturalist and broadcaster claims that overgrazing by the ponies, as well as cattle and deer, is causing loss of woodland and threatening species in one of the UK’s most important biodiversity hotspots… (story)

Bristol Post 15.8.16 Secret footage shows Bristol Zoo staff claim night party event causes animals 'stress' By LewisPennock - Secret footage of Bristol Zoo's controversial Big Night Out event has revealed a staff member claiming the late-night party causes 'stress' to animals. The Captive Animals Protection Society charity went undercover at the adult-only event and filmed the 'loud music' and people drinking alcohol around animals… (story)
Independent 13.8.16 Bristol Zoo accused of causing undue stress to animals with hen parties and stag dos - Ted Jeory Investigations Editor - A zoo has been criticised for staging an adults-only ‘Big Night Out’ event aimed at stag and hen dos amid claims it made animals "highly stressed"… The event took place on 29 July and was covertly filmed by an investigator from the investigator from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS). The CAPS investigator mingled with partygoers around the zoo’s grounds and with the exception of a couple of boisterous voices they were found to be generally well behaved and respectful when near the animals. However, the investigator was alarmed by the relentless pacing up and down of the two large lions… (story)


Northern Echo 14.8.16 Grouse shoot supporters urged to battle ban call - A GROUP dedicated to promoting the positive aspects of North Yorkshire shooting estates has pledged to battle a campaign to ban driven grouse field sports. The rallying cry by the North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation (NYMMO), follows an e-petition – set up by author and wildlife expert Dr Mark Avery and supported by Chris Packham and League Against Cruel Sports – receiving more than the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a debate in Parliament…. (story)

Observer 14.8.16 Conservation is not just a question of protecting rare birds - There is still too much ignorance about pursuits such as grouse shooting and plans for rewilding - Clive Aslet - Friday 12 August: the opening of the grouse-shooting season, known to shooters as the Glorious Twelfth… Often, the rule of our delicately balanced countryside is that success for one species spells disaster for another. Grey squirrels, able to digest unripe nuts, out-eat their red cousins… For the countryside isn’t a wilderness – humankind keeps the balance. Many wildflowers, for instance, only survive in combination with farming practices, whether the grazing of chalk downland or the turning of soil by the plough…. Grouse moors don’t have many foxes or stoats – the keepers see to that. Which produces ideal conditions for many species, along with the one that makes the income to pay for it: grouse. Whatever you think of shooting, that’s worth bearing in mind. (story)

Morpeth 14.8.16 At-risk bird of prey raises chicks in Northumberland - Janet Hall - The hen harrier, the most endangered breeding bird of prey in England, has successfully raised young in Northumberland. Six chicks have fledged from two nests on land managed by the Forestry Commission, only the second time in 10 years that the birds have nested in the area. The nests have been closely monitored… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 14.8.16 Packham wins 100,000 signatures for grouse shooting ban - SPRINGWATCH presenter Chris Packham reiterated his call for a ban on grouse shooting as a petition to Parliament reached the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a Commons debate… (story)
Mirror 14.8.16 Grouse shooting ban petition crosses crunch 100k mark BY BEN GLAZE - A ban on grouse shooting could be debated by MPs after campaigners urged Mirror readers to back their bid. More than 100,000 people have now signed a Government e-petition demanding an end to the controversial bloodsport… (story)
Sunday Herald 14.8.16 Springwatch's Chris Packham urges grouse shooting ban as 100,000 sign petition - Springwatch presenter Chris Packham reiterated his call for a ban on grouse shooting as a petition to Parliament reached the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a Commons debate. A day after being branded an extremist by cricket legend Sir Ian Botham, Packham praised those who signed the petition and insisted “in the end you can’t argue with the truth”…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 14.8.16 Viewers divided about Countryfile's coverage of controversial driven grouse shooting - Countryfile tackled the controversial countryside pursuit of driven grouse shooting in Sunday night’s episode but their coverage divided viewers. Just after the start of the Glorious Twelfth – the beginning of the grouse shooting season – presenter Charlotte Smith brought together Andrew Gilruth of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), who supports grouse shooting, and Mark Avery, who campaigns for the banning of the activity…. (story)

Mail 14.8.16 RSPCA is at it again! Charity handed missing cat... then puts it to sleep before the owner can collect it By ANDY DOLAN FOR THE DAILY MAIL - When her beloved cat failed to return home as normal, Sandra Hall immediately began searching and putting up posters before contacting the RSPCA. Just over 24 hours later she received a call to say the ginger tom, called Kitty, had been handed in to the animal charity. The 59-year-old mother-of-two breathed a sigh of relief that her pet was in safe hands. But yesterday Mrs Hall told how Kitty was put down before she and her husband James, 66, had even been able to speak to an inspector to arrange for the cat’s collection…. (story)

Horse & Hound 13.8.16 Quorn to launch hunting safety helmet - Polly Portwin - A hunt has developed a new safety hat that will be available to buy for the coming season. The Quorn Hunter riding cap is the result of discussions between members of the hunt and manufacturer Charles Owen. “It has been designed to maintain a traditional look whilst bringing the headwear up to date with modern safety standards,” explained hunt secretary Peter Morritt…. (story)

Northern Echo 13.8.16 The great grouse debate - to shoot or not to shoot? - Mark Foster - MOORLAND managers say chick numbers are down so the season will be hit, but the reality is that thousands of grouse will still be shot. Supporters argue only surplus stock are killed and the industry generates over £67million for rural economies, provides thousands of jobs and is the best way to preserve vital heather moorland. But opponents say the sport is cruel and destructive and are calling on people to sign an on-line petition which so far has 80,000 names. he we present the key arguments from both sides of the debate. Animal Aid (AA): Killing birds for sport is cruel and uncivilised. Moorland Association (MA): Only surplus numbers are shot, ensuring healthy populations the following year. If there is no surplus, there is no shooting, yet the management of their habitat continues… (story)

Telegraph 13.8.16 MPs could debate grouse shooting ban, as more than 100,000 sign petition - Luke Heighton - MPs could debate a ban on grouse shooting, after a petition to prohibit the field sport gained more than 100,000 signatures. It came as Springwatch presenter Chris Packham reiterated calls for the pursuit to be outlawed…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 13.8.16 Hampshire's Chris Packham branded an 'extremist' by Ian Botham - A ROW between Sir Ian Botham and Chris Packham over whether grouse shooting should be banned saw the former England cricketer label the BBC wildlife presenter an "extremist"…. (story)
Telegraph 12.8.16 Wildlife presenter Chris Packham should not take sides in grouse- shooting debate, says Sir Ian Botham, after fiery encounter on BBC Radio 4 - Lexi Finnigan - Sir Ian Botham has suggested Chris Packham, the BBC wildlife presenter, should not be allowed to publicly take sides in the grouse-shooting debate because of his status as an employee of the corporation. The pair were involved in an on-air row on BBC Radio 4 over whether or not grouse-shooting should be banned… (story)
iNews 12.8.16 Beefy Botham calls Chris Packham extremist….but he’s having none of it By Tom Bawden - The former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham has accused BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham of holding extremist views and using his television platform to pursue his anti-shooting agenda… (story)
Huffington Post 12.8.16 Grouse Shooting Debate Sees Chris Packham And Ian Botham Clash As ‘Glorious Twelfth’ Begins - Kathryn Snowdon - Sir Ian Botham was left batting on a sticky wicket following a heated debate with wildlife presenter Chris Packham on Friday as the pair went head-to-head over the controversial issue of driven grouse shooting… (story)
Guardian 12.8.16 Chris Packham using BBC role to push grouse-shooting ban, Ian Botham says - The former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham has accused wildlife presenter Chris Packham of being an extremist and using his position at the BBC to promote his views on restricting grouse shooting…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.16 Slideshow: Glorious Twelfth on the North York Moors as Ian Botham goes out to bat for shooting rights - LINDSAY PANTRY - HE is known as one of cricket’s hard hitters - but cricketing legend Sir Ian Botham has taken to hitting out of another kind as he showed his support for grouse shooting. Sir Ian, famed for saving England’s Ashes prospects in a 1981 test at Headingley, took on Springwatch presenter Chris Packham during an impassioned radio debate to mark the start of the grouse shooting season, known as the Glorious Twelfth, yesterday… (story)
Northern Echo 12.8.16 VOTE: Sir Ian Botham and naturalist Chris Packham trade verbal blows over future of grouse shooting - A ROW between North Yorkshire-based cricketing legend Sir Ian Botham and Chris Packham over whether grouse shooting should be banned saw the former England cricketer label the BBC wildlife presenter an "extremist"… (story)
South Wales Guardian 12.8.16 Botham and Packham in fiery encounter over grouse shooting - A row between Sir Ian Botham and Chris Packham over whether grouse shooting should be banned saw the former England cricketer label the BBC wildlife presenter an "extremist"…. (story)

Dundee Courier 13.8.16 Nick Nairn opens Glorious Twelfth in Perthshire - Celebrity chef Nick Nairn got the Glorious Twelfth off to a bang as he welcomed the start of grouse season with a shooting party in Perthshire. The famous cook was amongst visitors from France, estate staff and gamekeepers at the Abercairney Estate in Crieff to bag the first grouse of the season…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.8.16 PICTURES: Celebrity chef Nick Nairn launches 2016 grouse season by Derek Healey - Celebrity chef Nick Nairn got the Glorious Twelfth off to a bang today as he joined a party on a Perthshire estate for the start of the grouse season. The renowned cook was amongst tourists from France, estate staff and gamekeepers at Crieff’s Abercairny Estate to bag the first grouse of the season despite the damp conditions on the hill…. (story)

Herald 13.8.16 Grouse shooting is farming of surplus - MOST times when I read Agenda I find there are facts to learn even when the writer is promoting a cause with which I disagree. However Yvonne Taylor's writings on grouse shooting is so inaccurate that I must assume the misinformation is intentional rather than just a display of ignorance… However, probably the most pathetic part of the column is Ms Taylor's use of anthropomorphic adjectives to insult our intelligence. The fluffy bunny brigade are obviously alive and well and working for Peta. David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick. (letter)
The Herald 11.8.16 Agenda: Why the Twelfth is far from Glorious - Dazzling, marvellous, sublime – open a thesaurus and you'll find any number of synonyms for "glorious". Cold-blooded, inhumane, and shameful are not among them. But the latter go hand in bloody hand with the "Glorious Twelfth", the annual red grouse killing spree whose dark curtain is raised today on the upland moors… Yvonne Taylor is Senior Manager of Corporate Projects at Peta UK (story)

Spectator 13.8.16 How hunting and shooting help wildlife – and not just in Africa - Grouse moors, like big-game hunting in Zimbabwe, boost biodiversity as well as creating good jobs - Matt Ridley - The vast Bubye Valley Conservancy in southern Zimbabwe is slightly larger than County Durham, as well as much hotter and drier. Yet both contain abundant wildlife thanks almost entirely to the hunting of game… Yet far from being thanked for their efforts, the conservationists of Bubye Valley and the Durham dales are under almost constant attack from animal-welfare groups and their allies in government and the media. The critics hate the idea that rich people are pouring millions into saving the best habitats and species in exchange for harvesting some free-range meat. They seem to prefer conservation fully nationalised and bloodless, even if unsuccessful… (story)

West Briton 13.8.16 These protesters have marched through Bodmin to stop the badger cull coming to Cornwall By CMJacqui - Hundreds of people have joined a protest march in Bodmin against an extension of the government's badger cull programme into Cornwall. The march, organised by the Badger Trust and the Devon Badger Group, started with speeches before protesters walked through Bodmin town centre carrying placards and banners. It was the 39th protest march held against the cull policy in towns and cities across England in the last three years and organisers estimated that around 300 people had joined the march… (story)
Cornish Guardian 29.7.16 Badger cull march 'could be one of the biggest protests Cornwall has seen in decades' By CGMikeS - Anti-badger cull campaigners said a march next month could be one of the biggest protests to take place in Cornwall in decades. The demonstration organised by the Badger Trust in Bodmin will bring those opposed to badger culling to Priory Park in advance of proposals to extend the shooting of the mammals to Cornwall… Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, said: "There is a lot of concern in the local community in Cornwall over the impact of badger culling… "We are expecting hundreds of people to gather in Bodmin. In Plymouth we had 400 to 500 people come together, and we are expecting a similar number in Bodmin… (story)

Farmers Weekly 13.8.16 Opinion: Let’s beat animal rights activists at their own game - Liz Haines - A couple of weeks ago I woke to read that 750 piglets and sows had been killed in a Wiltshire barn fire… A minority of the comments on social media, though, were not so sympathetic, with people suggesting that the animals were due to be slaughtered anyway, and if the pigs had been free range the tragedy would not have happened… Such comments show a worrying disconnect between farmers and the public they feed, which the animal rights brigade continues to capitalise on… Farmers know that the truth is completely different – the UK has some of the highest welfare standards in the world, and we are rightly proud of them…. Social media provides a free and easy way to connect with people from all walks of life. Whether it’s tweeting a photo, posting a video, or writing a blog, the power is in our hands to spread the truth about our fantastic industry… (story)

Kent Messenger 13.8.16 Animal activists urge Wingham Wildlife Park to halt import of lab chimps despite blessing of expert Jane Goodall - Animal welfare campaigners are urging a wildlife park to halt its efforts to bring seven laboratory chimpanzees from America to a new home near Canterbury. Wingham Wildlife Park has already built a £1 million enclosure for the apes and say they are confident the chimps will be happy in their new home… A permit for the exportation of the chimps has been granted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service but the process has been stalled after a group called Cruelty Free International filed legal action against the US FWS. It wants the chimps to end their days in an American sanctuary rather than being transported thousands of miles to become “exhibits” in Kent… (story)


Scotsman 12.8.16 Slow start predicted to grouse shooting season - The UK grouse shooting season gets under way today, with predictions of a slow start to the “Glorious Twelfth” due to wet summer conditions. Damp weather and some late snow is likely to have affected bird numbers on the country’s moorlands, according to experts, who say several estates have either curtailed their shooting programme or cancelled it altogether…. (story)

North West Evening Mail 12.8.16 RSPB calls for grouse shooting to be licensed - THE start of the grouse shooting season has reignited the debate over the sport's role in protecting the countryside. As the industry marks the "Glorious 12th", the beginning of the red grouse season, moorland owners said they had restored peatland equivalent to the combined areas of Liverpool and Nottingham and wild birds are thriving on well-managed moors… The RSPB recently pulled out of the Government's hen harrier action plan because it felt the plan was not delivering the "urgent action and change in behaviour" needed to bring the bird of prey back from the brink of extinction in England…. (story)

Financial Times 12.8.16 Conservationists and tax officials target Scotland’s moorland estates - Mure Dickie in Edinburgh - Scotland’s moorland estates are as much the target as the grouse as the Glorious Twelfth opens this year’s shooting season, with conservationists blaming the sport for illegal raptor killing and officials preparing a new tax on their operations… (story)

Teesdale Mercury 12.8.16 Teesdale estates prepare for improved grouse season - GAMEKEEPERS are looking forward to a much improved Glorious 12th after the bitter disappointment in grouse numbers last year… Cotherstone Moor Estate is hoping to get its full complement of 15 shoots in, compared to only four last year. Some estates, such as Eggleston, fared a lot better last year…. (story)

BBC News 12.8.16 Cold spring could affect Scottish grouse shooting season - Scotland's grouse shooting season will begin later, with cold weather hitting bird numbers this year. Several estates have postponed shooting as many of the early chicks did not survive the cool spring conditions… (story)

BBC News 12.8.16 Growing call for grouse shooting ban as season opens By Claire Marshall - More than 80,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a ban on grouse shooting as the season starts. Critics argue that the sport is directly contributing to a rapid fall in the number of hen harriers, an endangered species of raptors…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 12.8.16 Not-so-glorious 12th for grouse season - Extreme weather could see the shooting season start with a damp squib today, rather than a blaze of glory. Snow in late spring has decimated stocks of the moorland grouse, especially around Cumbria…. Details of the likely season ahead have been revealed by Cumbria-based land expert, Robert Benson, chairman of the Moorlands Association… (story)

Farming Life 12.8.16 RSPB warns driven grouse shooting does not have a future without change - Europe’s biggest conservation charity is warning that reform is the only way grouse shooting can save itself in England. This follows the RSPB withdrawing support for Defra’s Hen Harrier Action Plan as it failed to deliver the urgent action and change in behaviour needed to prevent Britain’s rarest bird of prey being pushed closer to extinction as a breeding bird in England…. (story)

Telegraph 12.8.16 Stop grousing about the Glorious 12th - shooting can help save wildlife - ANDREW GILRUTH - The only land use that is fundamentally committed to the continued existence of heather moorland is grouse shooting. When grouse moor management disappears form an area the heather almost invariably follows it… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 12.8.16 10 reasons why grouse hunting should not be banned, according to the Countryside Alliance BY GINA COLLEY - Feathers are flying over a campaign for the Government to ban grouse shooting. The Countryside Alliance says the campaign is political - and allowing grouse hunting is actually better for the environment… Mr Knott has provided 10 questions and answers to highlight the detrimental impacts that would occur if grouse shooting was banned…. (story)

Express 12.8.16 'Glorious CRUELTY' Chris Packham and Bill Oddie's rally cry to end grouse shooting - HEAVYWEIGHT nature presenters Chris Packham and Bill Oddie have taken to YouTube to help save the grouse as The Glorious Twelfth starts today By STUART WINTER - Both have filmed videos highlighting why they are against grouse shooting because of the devastating impact the sport has had on one of England’s rarest birds, the hen harrier, now down to only three pairs…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has produced a number of You Tube videos which it says shows how grouse shooting helps the local economy and keeps the moors alive for rare species… (story)

Guardian 12.8.16 Grouse shooting's rich, influential backers join forces to fire on critics - With the Glorious Twelfth, the 2016 grouse season is under way – and the first birds will be served up in many a country house on Friday night. But after raising a glass to the late Duke of Westminster, who owned a vast acreage of grouse moorland, the shooters may also toast a colourful and remarkably influential group of people trying to improve the tarnished reputation of their sport… (story)

Yorkshire Post 12.8.16 Glorious Twelfth: Ian Botham, Chris Packham and the fight for North Yorkshire’s moors - LINDSAY PANTRY - It keeps thousands of people in jobs, ensures Yorkshire’s moorland stays diverse with wildlife and contributes more than £2bn to the national economy. But as gamekeepers across the region mark the Glorious 12th and the start of the grouse season today, a new group set up to fight for the survival of shooting on the moors of North Yorkshire has urged people to recognise the multitude of benefits it brings. The North Yorkshire Moors Moorland Organisation (NYMMO) brings together keepers from 12 North Yorkshire estates, including Danby, Rosedale and Westerdale, Sleights and Goathland and Thimbleby, who felt their livelihoods - and way of life - were being threatened… (story)

Chester Chronicle 12.8.16 Shooting party at Duke of Westminster's estate is cancelled BY DAVID HOLMES - A shooting party due to have been hosted today (August 12) at the Duke of Westminster’s Abbeystead estate has been cancelled following his untimely death earlier this week….(story)
Telegraph 11.8.16 Glorious Twelfth cancelled at the new Duke of Westminster's estate - Patrick Sawer - A pall has been cast over one of the great traditions of the British social calendar following the death of the Duke of Westminster. The Glorious Twelfth, which heralds the start of the country’s grouse shooting season, has been cancelled at the late Duke’s Abbeystead estate, as a mark of respect…. (story)

Mirror 12.8.16 If the Glorious Twelfth involved spaniel puppies we'd take to the streets BY FLEET STREETFOX - You pay £17m a year to subsidise people paying vast sums to already-rich landowners to shoot animals they don't eat - Imagine, if you will, a spaniel. It has big brown eyes, soft floppy ears, and a brain the size of an underwhelming pea. You take this spaniel to a place that it loves. Say, a lovely muddy bog… But yet every year, without fail, we call it the Glorious Twelfth and a rural tradition when it'd only be glorious and traditional if you let the grouse have a gun too and actually ate whatever was left of the loser because otherwise you'd starve…. (story)

Burton Mail 12.8.16 Grouse shoot season 'Glorious Twelfth' re-ignites blood sport debate - The start of the grouse shooting season has reignited the debate over the sport's role in protecting the countryside, including land around Burton and South Derbyshire. As the industry marks the 'Glorious 12th', the beginning of the red grouse season, moorland owners said they had restored peatland equivalent to the combined areas of Liverpool and Nottingham and wild birds are thriving on well-managed moors. But with numbers of hen harriers, which come into conflict with gamekeepers because they prey on red grouse chicks, falling to just three breeding pairs in England this year, the RSPB is warning the industry must change its ways…. (story)

The Week 12.8.16 Glorious Twelfth: Has grouse shooting had its day? - Campaigners have renewed calls for a ban on grouse shooting as the sport's supporters welcome the "Glorious Twelfth" - the first day of the season... (story)

The Herald 12.8.16 The Midge - “Grouse shooting for 'sport' depends on intensive habitat management which increases flood risk and greenhouse gas emissions, relies on killing foxes, stoats, mountain hares etc in large numbers and often leads to the deliberate illegal killing of protected birds of prey including hen harriers…. Should there be a ban on driven grouse shooting? (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 12.8.16 Let’s bring back hen harriers The driven grouse shooting season starts today. A petition led by Chris Packham and Mark Avery to ban this activity is gaining real momentum and will prompt a discussion in Parliament if it achieves 100,000 signatures by September 20…. Name and address supplied (letter)

The Herald 12.8.16 Wind farm a bigger threat to golden eagle than any grouse moor - AS news breaks of yet another tagged eagle lost to satellite tracking in the Monadhliath mountains (“RSPB fears golden eagle is latest victim of ‘raptor persecution’”, The Herald, August 11), I am left wondering how it is that the Scottish Government can leap to the defence of eagles, with stern words for the grouse shooting industry and promises of an investigation, while the ink is still drying on the paperwork that will pave the way for a massive 67-turbine wind farm the size of Inverness on those same Monadhliath mountains, one of Scotland’s last remaining places of true wildness and a haven for wildlife, including eagles… Jane Meek, 74 Glasgow Road, Blanefield (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 12.8.16 Vegans can't remake the world in their own image: it's up to us what we want to eat - I know it's the silly season, but this is beyond crazy. Animal rights group Peta wants to change the name of Eggs and Bacon Bay in Tasmania's Huon Valley. Why? Because the current name might encourage people to make poor dietary choices such as, you know, eating eggs and bacon. And we can't possibly allow that…. Of all the squawking, self-righteous zealots in the world - and God knows, there are plenty of them - militant vegans are among the most irritating…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 12.8.16 Live animal export protesters block7 lorries from entering the port By KathyBailes - More than 100 animal welfare campaigners gathered in Ramsgate last night (Thursday) to block entry to the port for seven lorries carrying sheep for slaughter in Europe… Ian Driver, one of the founders of the campaign against live animal exports from Ramsgate, filmed the arrival of the lorries… Policing animal export protests at the Port of Ramsgate cost taxpayers more than £400,000 in 18 months…. (story)
Kent Messenger 12.8.16 Ramsgate: Arrests made by Kent Police at port after animal export activists form blockade by Connor Dunn - More than 100 people have once again formed a blockade in an attempt to stop live animal export lorries reaching a ship bound for Calais. Two men from Ramsgate and Margate were arrested when the group staged the protest at Ramsgate Port last night as the second shipment of livestock in three weeks left the harbour… Elizabeth Teall, 19, was at the protest…. (story)

Western Mail 12.8.16 Be aware of cruelty when buying wool - Could I urge anyone who is thinking of buying cashmere, merino wool etc. to at least reconsider after checking out the Peta website. This is an extremely cruel trade to sheep and goats… Mary Pullham Llanelli (letter)


Irish Times 11.8.16 The law on breeding puppies - I read with interest Karlin Lillington’s article on dog-breeding establishments in Ireland… As a member of Ireland’s hunting community with personal experience of the bitter controversy generated by the Dog Breeding Establishments Act back in the summer of 2010 – and in particular the role of the Green Party as junior coalition partners in cynically stoking up a climate of fear and mistrust between hunters and legislators – I believe that any expansion of the law as it currently stands would be met with resistance from within field sports…. PHILIP DONNELLY, Director, Hunting with Hounds FACE Ireland, Clane, Co Kildare. (letter)

Telegraph 11.8.16 Grouse shooting: 12 facts about The Glorious 12th - Emily Allen - Like it or loathe it, the Glorious 12th is upon us - the official start of Britain's 121-day-long grouse shooting season. The sport has been an integral part of the countryside calendar for decades, although having once been an aristocratic hobby, it's increasingly at the centre of rows over animal cruelty and class. For all you urbanites, here's 12 facts about the so-called Glorious 12th… (story)

Mirror 11.8.16 Anti hunt campaigners demand ban on grouse hunting as bloodsports enthusiasts prepare for Glorious Twelfth BY BEN GLAZE - More than 80,000 people have signed a Government e-petition demanding an end to the bloodsport - Campaigners have stepped up demands for a ban on grouse shooting as bloodsports enthusiasts prepare for Friday's Glorious Twelfth. Mega-rich businessmen and country aristocrats will shoulder their shotguns and blast birds from Britain’s skies as the season kicks off. But animal rights activists blame the rural hobby for a plunge in hen harrier numbers… (story)

Guardian 11.8.16 Eight tagged golden eagles disappear in Scottish Highlands - Scottish grouse moor owners have been warned they face much tougher regulation after an inquiry was launched into the disappearance of legally protected golden eagles in the Highlands. Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish environment secretary, ordered the review after eight golden eagles vanished in an area of the Monadhliath mountains known for its grouse shooting, south of Inverness…. (story)

Dundee Courier 11.8.16 Fife woman protests against US “monkey prisons” by Claire Warrender - A pregnant Fife woman was among a group of animal rights protesters demanding the closure of Florida’s “monkey prisons”. The spread of the Zika virus to the American state prompted 23-year-old Francesca Hill from Pitscottie near Cupar, to join PETA US members to call for monkey importation and breeding laboratories to be shut… (story)


Westmorland Gazette 10.8.16 Highs and lows ahead of the start of the grouse shooting season -NEWS of major environmental gains where peatland equalling the size of two cities has been restored greets the start of grouse shooting on August 12. Although early hopes of a relatively good season in Cumbria have been dashed for many by adverse late weather during the crucial nesting period, there is cause to celebrate. So said chairman of The Moorland Association, Robert Benson, who heralded results coming in showing a massive 18,000 hectares of fragile peatland has been repaired and re-vegetated, with much more to come… (story) 10.8.16 Animal rights activists to hold protest at annual Puck Fair in Kerry - Animal rights activists will hold a protest at the annual Puck Fair which begins in County Kerry today. They are calling on organisers of the Killorglin festival to end the inclusion of a live goat as part of the festivities… (story)


Huffington Post 9.8.16 Into the Lion’s Den: Defending the Hunting Act at the Game Fair - Robbie Marsland - The words “Lions, Christians, snowballs and hell” came to mind when I first learnt that I’d been invited to debate foxhunting with the Countryside Alliance at the Game Fair at the end of July… Joe Hashman from Hounds Off made an impassioned plea and set the pro ban tone by opening his remarks saying “I’ve known enough of you over the years to realize that many of you are decent human beings. I know you love your families, your animals and your countryside. So, someone like me who feels profoundly upset by the suffering inflicted upon wild animals when being hunted by hounds, simply can’t understand how you can’t feel it too.” Foy my part, I explained that I would not be looking at the tired old arguments but at the political reality we presently face… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 9.8.16 Can you help the hen harrier by naming one of its chicks? - A COMPETITION giving people the chance to name a rare hen harrier chick has been organised by Lush and the RSPB. The cosmetics store launched a national petition in 2014 to stop what it claims has been the illegal persecution of the birds of prey in the uplands of England… As well as having their entry chosen as the official name of one of this year’s chicks, the winner will also receive a picture of the hen harrier and a signed copy of Chris Packham’s new book – Fingers in the Sparkle Jar. Welsh naturalist and broadcaster Iolo Williams says he is “wholeheartedly behind the campaign to end bird of prey persecution in the UK… (story)

York Press 9.8.16 Bad weather means fewer birds for Glorious Twelfth - A DECLINE in the number of birds due to bad weather means shooting days have already been cancelled just days before the Glorious Twelfth – the traditional start of the annual grouse shooting season…. (story)

Leek Post & Times 9.8.16 Animal Aid calls on supermarkets to Mark It Vegan - Ben Martin, Animal Aid (letter)
Shields Gazette 8.8.16 Seven-day Veg Pledge (letter)
Oxford Mail 8.8.16 We are calling on stores to be clear on vegan food - Ben Martin (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 5.8.16 Supermarkets should label vegan food - Ben Martin, Animal Aid - Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, with more than 500,000 people having gone vegan in the UK according to a recent poll. Yet despite this growing popularity, most supermarkets fail to label food that is suitable for vegans, forcing us to laboriously check ingredient lists to find out which products are suitable. That is why Animal Aid has launched the ‘Mark It Vegan’ campaign, calling on all supermarkets that don’t already do so to label their vegan-friendly own-brand products… (letter)


Lincolnshire Echo 8.8.16 Lincolnshire traditions celebrated at Revesby Country Fair By SRussellTG - The very best of Lincolnshire's traditions and heritage were celebrated as thousands of people turned out to this year's Revesby Country Fair… Other displays came from horse riding competitions, falconry, the South Wold Hunt and Kipperidge Gundog display team demonstrating their training methods… (story)

Oxford Mail 8.8.16 Sanitised version of Countryfile found its ideal home at Blenheim Palace - BBC’s propaganda programme, Countryfile, chose the ideal location for its live sanitised version of rural reality. Blenheim Palace is a bastion for blood sports, and the Bear Inn at Woodstock also proudly displays a sign outside its premises depicting a bear baiting scene to remind us of yet another noble British rural tradition. One could hardly expect the programme to feature battery hens but it was unfortunate for the Countryfile producers that the Pytchley Hunt was forced to withdraw at the last minute… Mark Pritchard Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 8.8.16 'Walk for Wildlife' opposes grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor - CAMPAIGNERS who want to see a ban on grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor turned out in force on Saturday for a Walk for Wildlife just days ahead of the Glorious Twelfth. Carrying picnics and home-made banners, 120 walkers took part in the peaceful protest on Ilkley Moor, setting off from the Cow and Calf Rocks in Hangingtone Road, Ilkley at 11am. Organised by the campaign group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor, the protestors urged landowner Bradford Council to end the practice of grouse shooting on the moor - which begins on August 12… (story)
BBC News 6.8.16 'Picnic protest' held against Ilkley Moor grouse shooting - Campaigners have staged a "picnic protest" against grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor near Bradford…. Luke Steele, from Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM), claims the practice "degraded rare habitat and polluted the public land with toxic lead shot". A spokesman for the group that runs the shoot said grouse shooting was an important part of moorland management…. (story)
Ilkley Gazette 21.7.16 Campaign group to lead walk against grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor - Claire Lomax - CAMPAIGN group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) is organising a Walk for Wildlife on Ilkley Moor just days before the start of the grouse shooting season. A spokesman for the organisation, which wants to ban grouse shooting on the moor, said: "Ilkley Moor is our region's most iconic beauty spot, but Bradford Council has put this in jeopardy… (story)

Farming Life 8.8.16 Bad weather means fewer birds for Glorious Twelfth - A DECLINE in the number of birds due to bad weather means shooting days have already been cancelled just days before the Glorious Twelfth – the traditional start of the annual grouse shooting season. But the Moorland Association, whose members are responsible for thousands of acres of grouse moors, believes the season will still be an improvement on last year… (story)

Telegraph 8.8.16 Grouse shooting: Glorious sport or environmental calamity? - Louise Gray - A covey of grouse exploded out of the heather, cackling in alarm… The paired birds would be whisked off to the Balmoral Hotel that afternoon… The naturalist Chris Packham made headlines last month after announcing he is boycotting any supermarket stocking the “toxic produce” and asking his considerable fan base to do the same…. Amanda Anderson, director of the Moorland Association, which represents many of the grouse moor owners, says a ban will harm the biodiversity of the moors… (story)

Express 8.8.16 Chris Packham facing BBC probe following his campaign to save hen harrier - SPRINGWATCH'S Chris Packham is facing a BBC probe following his campaigning to save one of Britain's rarest birds from being wiped out of the skies. By STUART WINTER… (story)
BBC 8.8.16 BBC Trust investigates Chris Packham over 'nasty brigade' comments - TV presenter Chris Packham is being investigated by the BBC Trust after describing those involved in hunting and shooting as "the nasty brigade"… (story)
Mail on Sunday 7.8.16 'Sack eco warrior Packham', BBC is told as countryside campaigners including Sir Ian Botham rally against Springwatch presenter Chris and his outspoken attacks on hunting By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Countryside campaigners are calling for the BBC to sack Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, claiming his outspoken attacks on hunters and shooters breach impartiality rules. The TV star was the subject of complaints after he described hunters and shooters as ‘the nasty brigade’ last year. Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal the BBC Trust has launched an investigation into the presenter which may decide his future at the Corporation. Despite the probe, a defiant Packham has been calling for a ban on grouse shooting ahead of the start of the grouse season on Friday – the ‘Glorious Twelfth’… (story)
ITV 7.8.16 BBC probe for Springwatch host over anti-hunting views - The BBC has launched an investigation into Chris Packham over an alleged breach of impartiality rules after a complaint by the Countryside Alliance over his anti-hunting views. The organisation made a complaint against the Springwatch presenter when he described those involved in hunting and shooting as "the nasty brigade" in last October's BBC Wildlife magazine…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 7.8.16 Threats made to Springwatch presenter - THREATS have been made to a Hampshire TV presenter after he urged people to support a ban on grouse hunting. Officers from Hampshire police confirmed that an investigation is ongoing after they received reports of threats made to Springwatch presenter Chris Packham on Monday August 1… It comes after pro-hunting campaigners are calling for the BBC to sack the BBC presenter. England cricket legend Sir Ian Botham was one of those who said Chris should “spend more time with the birds – away from the cameras” in a Sunday newspaper…. (story)

Farming Life 8.8.16 DEFRA rejects report on lead ammunition - There has been a significant development in the protracted considerations of the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) set up by Defra in 2010. As those who have been following closely will know, the LAG process has been mind-numbingly slow and increasingly controversial. So controversial in fact that half of the group resigned before LAG finally submitted its final report to Defra last year… the Secretary of State rejects any further restrictions on the use of lead ammunition, let alone the total ban that John Swift proposed in his report. The letter confirms that the Food Standards Agency will not be changing its advice on the consumption of game shot with lead ammunition… (story)

Yorkshire Post 8.8.16 Labour more removed than ever from rural Britain says damning party report - THE LABOUR Party has “never been seen as more remote” from the interests of rural Britain and faces “huge” problems overcoming perceptions that it is metropolitan and London-centric, a damning internal party report has warned…. (story)
New Statesman 7.8.16 Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn accused of ignoring leaked report on Labour's "rural problem" BYGEORGE EATON - Among the dismal results for Labour at the last general election was the party's performance in rural areas. It won just 30 out of 199 seats, a net loss of one. An internal report into Labour's "rural problem", leaked exclusively to the New Statesman, was subsequently conducted by the then shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle. But it is one that Jeremy Corbyn stands accused of ignoring…. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 7.8.16 Countryside groups split over hen harrier conservation plan - Conservation groups have become caught up in a bitter row with country landowners after abandoning support for a voluntary scheme designed protect the number of hen harriers in Britain. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has withdrawn support for a Government action plan aimed at saving the rare breed following claims hen harriers on grouse moors have been illegally killed…. (story)

Observer 7.8.16 The Glorious Twelfth? Conservationists turn their fire on Scotland’s landowners - Wildlife groups are urging the Scottish parliament to stop estate managers killing birds of prey to protect the grouse - Kevin McKenna - Britain’s wild and beautiful places on Friday will echo once more to the sound of gunshots as a Barbour and tweed army go shooting. The “Glorious Twelfth” is upon us… (story)
Observer 7.8.16 The Observer view on licensing grouse estates - If grouse shooting estates are run with benefits for all wildlife, including hen harriers, surely they have nothing to fear from limited inspection … (story)

Sunday Herald 7.8.16 Government must act on animal welfare - The articles by Rob Edwards reinforced my belief that the Scottish Government is very concerned with the welfare of wealthy landowners, farmers and industrialists but has little interest in protecting our wild environment and the creatures which inhabit that environment… John F Robins, Animal Concern Advice Line (letter)

Daily Record 7.8.16 Peta tells fashion industry to go pluck themselves over treatment of birds used for down BY ANNA BURNSIDE - YVONNE Taylor’s job sounds amazing. Travelling the world, discussing animal rights with with Paul McCartney, Kate Winslet and Morrissey. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that? Persuading fashion companies not to use down in their jackets and duvets because the feathers might have been pulled out of live birds? Not so much. Yvonne is senior manager of corporate projects for Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which sounds like a lot of flipcharts…. (story)


Ilkley Gazette 6.8.16 Ramblers on Ilkley Moor told grouse shoot helps conservation - Annette McIntyre - ILKLEY Moor's head gamekeeper has led ramblers on a walk to show how grouse shooting helps conservation. Simon Nelson took 16 visitors onto the moor in an event organised by the Countryside Alliance, as part of a programme of walks to encourage communication between people working on shooting estates and those living nearby. Members of the Bradford CHA Rambling and Social Club area got a behind-the-scenes look at the workings and wildlife of the moor… (story)

Herald 6.8.16 Overseas hunters targeted by Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group to give tourism £30m boost - TOURIST bosses promoting Scottish country sports such as grouse shooting and deer stalking are targeting overseas hunters in an attempt to pump an extra a £30 million into the economy within the next four years. A marketing drive to promote centuries-old outdoor pursuits will see advertising campaigns extended to North America, Scandinavia, France and Germany…. (story)

Telegraph 6.8.16 Labour treats the countryside with a 'polite indifference', leaked party report admits - Laura Hughes - Labour has never been "more remote" from the interests of rural Britain and treats the countryside with a "polite indifference", a suppressed internal party report has admitted. A damning inquiry leaked to the Telegraph concludes that the "greater the rurality of an area, the less likely people are to vote Labour". The report, which was conducted as part of the inquiry into Labour's 2015 election defeat, suggests the party cannot win a general election without winning at least 20 seats in rural areas and that the "route map to Number 10 runs through rural Britain."… (story)


Guardian 5.8.16 Bovine TB not passed on through direct contact with badgers, research shows - Damian Carrington - Badgers and cattle never came into close contact during a new field study examining how tuberculosis (TB) is transmitted between the animals,,, TB is a serious problem for farmers, with 36,000 infected cattle slaughtered in Britain in 2015 at a cost to the taxpayer of about £100m. One key element of the government’s control programme, England’s controversial badger cull, is set to expand. But the UK’s foremost experts say this “flies in the face of scientific evidence” and that the cull is a “monstrous” waste of time and money. The new research has not changed their conclusion… “We know badgers can give TB to cattle but we have never known how,” said Prof Rosie Woodroffe, at the Zoological Society of London, who led the new research. “It is really difficult to track the movement of what is invisible - the pathogen.”… (story)
Telegraph 5.8.16 Badgers keep away from cows and TB is not spread through contact, say scientists - Sarah Knapton - Badgers keep their distance from cattle, and bovine TB is probably spread between the two species in the environment, a new study has shown… Scientists at Imperial College and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) attached GPS collars to hundreds of badgers and cows and monitored how close they came to each other at 20 farms in Devon and Cornwall…. Prof Rosie Woodroffe, Senior Research Fellow at (ZSL), said: “The badger TB issue is very sensitive. It does not mean that badgers don’t give TB to cattle. We have very strong evidence to show badgers do give TB to cattle. What this suggests is more likely that this is happening through the environment rather than direct contact…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.8.16 Badgers may not spread TB to cattle through direct contact - By Pallab Ghosh - A study suggests that cows contract the disease by coming into contact with infected faeces and urine in pasture. The scientists involved suggest that advice given to farmers to control the spread of the disease may need to be reassessed…. (story)

Croydon Advertiser 5.8.16 Why do animal rights activists want Croydon Council to change the name of this 'cruel' street? By SamanthaBooth - An animal rights charity has asked Croydon Council to change the name a street in exchange for giving residents "cruelty-free" new bedding. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to see country road Featherbed Lane in Forestdale renamed to "Feather-Free Bed Lane". And as an incentive, PETA is offering "sumptuous, fluffy, feather-free duvets" for residents on the street if the council agrees to the new policy… (story)

Oxford Mail 5.8.16 Nothing controversial about being a vegan - ELENA ORDE The Vegan Society Birmingham (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 29.7.16 Nothing wrong with vegan diet for kids - Vegan diets for children have made headlines recently. Many people have raised the concern that excluding animal products is extreme and dangerous, but that couldn't be further from the truth. According to the British Dietetic Association, vegan diets can be suitable for anyone… ELENA ORDE The Vegan Society (letter)


Horse & Hound 4.8.16 Anti-hunt activists ‘bully’ business which shared picture of foxhound - Polly Portwin - A small business has become the victim of an online bullying campaign after posting a picture of a foxhound on its website. East Yorkshire-based AK Wedding Photography was set up by Kristy and her husband Alistair ahead of Alistair’s retirement from the Royal Marines… “I innocently posted the picture of the Holderness hound in February following a visit to one of their meets,” explained Kristy…. out of the blue on Saturday we started to be targeted by anti-hunting activists.” “They are trying to ruin our business because we showed a picture of a foxhound and we have been subjected to a lot of online abuse… (story)

Guardian 4.8.16 Environment minister accused of conflict of interest over farm subsidies - One of Theresa May’s new environment ministers has been accused by campaigners of a conflict of interest over tens of thousands of pounds he receives annually in EU farming subsidies. Lord Gardiner is parliamentary under secretary of state and the House of Lords spokesperson for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)… But he is a partner in a family farm in Buckinghamshire, which received nearly £49,000 in 2015 in such payments… Gardiner, who told fellow Lords recently that he was looking forward to sitting atop his farm’s combine harvester and cutting barley this summer, is a former chair of a local hunt and the former deputy chief executive of the Countryside Alliance which campaigns for the Hunting Act to be repealed… (story)
Business Green 3.8.16 Defra dishes out new ministerial responsibilities… Lord Gardiner of Kimble has been assigned the climate change adaptation brief within Defra, alongside responsibilities for biosecurity strategy, commercial projects, and landscape. Gardiner boasts experience of farming as a partner in his family's farm and also worked as director of political affairs and then deputy chief executive at the Countryside Alliance between 1995 and 2010…. (story)

Shropshire Star 4.8.16 Travis lead singer Fran Healy joins rabbit farm protest - The lead singer of rock band Travis, Fran Healy, has added his name to protests against plans for a commercial rabbit farm near the Shropshire border… The singer signed the petition endorsing a letter from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation… (story)
ITV 28.7.16 Animal rights group condemn plans for rabbit breeding farm - Animal rights campaigners in Staffordshire have strongly condemned plans to build a rabbit breeding farm. A planning application for the site in Gnosall have been submitted to Stafford Borough Council for consideration…. Animal rights movement Peta have warned the site could pave the way for illegal fur farming activities and have condemned proposed conditions for the animal site… (story)
The Sentinel 28.7.16 Rabbit breeding farm near Stafford plans spark Peta petition - Animal rights group Peta has launched petition to stop plans for a commercial rabbit farm. Stafford Borough Council received proposals to convert land in Gnosall into a breeding unit to take in and then deliver the animals bred for their meat, skin and manure…. (story)

Wigan Observer/Evening Post 4.8.16 Calls to boycott ‘wild animal’ circus group - MP Lisa Nandy and an animal welfare campaign group have called on Wiganers to boycott a wild animal circus which comes to town this week. Circus Mondao will be performing in Ashton this week but campaign group Animal Defenders International (ADI) has called on people not to attend…. (story)

Mail 4.8.16 Swap my sausages for lentils? Yuck! The veggie army - including his three siblings - are on the march, but QUENTIN LETTS blasts back for meat lovers…. (story)

Irish Examiner 4.8.16 Don’t go seeking Dory for a pet - Jennifer White - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Society Building 8 All Saints St London N1 9RL (letter)
Western Mail 4.8.16 Leave the fish where they belong - Jennifer White People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London N1 (letter)
Irish Independent 2.8.16 Fish belong in the ocean - 'Finding Dory', the sequel to the smash hit film 'Finding Nemo', may leave viewers tempted to purchase a "Dory" (ie, a blue tang fish) for themselves - but these fish belong in the ocean, not in a tank… Jennifer White People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals London N1, UK (letter)


Huddersfield Examiner 3.8.16 Calder Valley campaigners are leading nationwide fight to ban grouse hunting BY GINA COLLEY - Campaigners from the Calder Valley are leading the drive for a government ban on grouse shooting. A petition organised by environmental campaigner Dr Mark Avery has had more support from Calder Valley than anywhere else in the country. More than 69,000 campaigners across the country have already signed to urge the government to take action to protect grouse…. (story)

Mirror 2.8.16 Springwatch host Chris Packham begs Marks and Spencer bosses to stop selling grouse BY NICOLA METHVEN - Springwatch host Chris Packham has urged Marks and Spencer bosses to drop plans to sell red grouse. The BBC presenter, 55, has written to the store’s chief executive Steve Rowe to argue that the management of the birds’ moorlands is unethical… (story)

The Herald 3.8.16 Hypocrisy of some of those who profess to care for welfare of grouse chicks - IT is ironic, and very sad, that a number of bodies are concerned about the welfare of grouse chicks… only for those same bodies to stand back, from August 12 onwards, and watch as these chicks, now become fully grown birds, are shot out of the sky with shotguns. Alan Macdonald, 10 Brook Street, Menstrie
I WAS somewhat surprised to read that gamekeepers were finally admitting that a long cold winter had an effect on the breeding success of red grouse. Normally the low numbers of grouse are used as an excuse to destroy even more birds of prey than normal… Bernard Zonfrillo, 28 Brodie Road, Glasgow
HAVING read your editorial (“Action required to halt the decline of hen harriers”, The Herald, July 30) I wish to supply some facts which have been conveniently omitted by the RSPB in its political campaign to attack game bird shooting…. Research has repeatedly shown that the conservation work performed by gamekeepers, shooters and those linked to the sport far outweighs in quantity and quality the efforts of RSPB and all other animal charities in conserving our magnificent bird species and not just raptors. David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick (letters)

Hull Daily Mail 3.8.16 'Bizarre' Richard Hunt attacked animal rights protesters at Zippos Circus in Beverley By David Spereall - A MAN who attacked a group of animal rights protesters outside a circus put one woman in a headlock and tried to drag her to the ground. Richard Hunt, 22, gave one of his victims a chipped tooth and broke her glasses as she protested outside Zippos Circus. It happened at Beverley Garden Centre in Woodmansey on June 8, where the group were taking part in a "peaceful protest"… One of the victims, Pamela Mansell, told the Mail the group had been left stunned by the "distressing" attack…. (story)


Mirror 2.8.16 Springwatch host Chris Packham begs Marks and Spencer bosses to stop selling grouse BY NICOLA METHVEN - Springwatch host Chris Packham has urged Marks and Spencer bosses to drop plans to sell red grouse. The BBC presenter, 55, has written to the store’s chief executive Steve Rowe to argue that the management of the birds’ moorlands is unethical… (story)

Farmers Weekly 2.8.16 Buzzard ‘control’ licence issued to protect gamebirds - Philip Case - Natural England has issued a licence to a landowner that allows him to shoot up to 10 buzzards around pens to prevent serious damage to young pheasants… Writing in his blog, RSPB director of conservation Martin Harper said: “The killing of a recovering British bird of prey to protect an introduced gamebird for the benefit of commercial interest is wrong…. (story)
Western Morning News 2.8.16 Gamekeepers and RSPB clash over licence to cull buzzards on shooting estate By WMNPBowern - The RSPB stands accused of hypocrisy over its opposition to the granting of a licence by Natural England to control buzzards that threaten pheasant poults on a commercial shoot. The accusation, in a blog written by the gamekeepers’ political advisor, Charles Nodder, is that the RSPB is itself happy to use lethal control in the name of conservation of certain species and it is hypercritical of the organisation and its conservation director, Martin Harper, to complain when someone uses the same rules to protect their own interests… (story)

Worcester News 2.8.16 More animal experiments - The latest Home Office statistics show yet another rise in the number of animals used in British laboratories… Roberta Balfour Animal Aid, Malvern (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 2.8.16 Latest zoo tragedy is sadly inevitable - How many more tragedies must we see at zoos before we finally shut down these cruel and dangerous institutions ("Morocco zoo 'in shock' after elephant kills girl with stone", News, July 28)?... SASCHA CAMILLI People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 1.8.16 Row after anti-bloodsport campaigners film animal bodies on Bingley Mooor - A ROW has broken out after anti-bloodsport campaigners released footage showing pits of dead animals on Bingley Moor to try and shame grouse shooters ahead of the start of the Glorious Twelfth. Animal Aid said its film, which appears to show carcases of foxes and other grouse predators, freshly-dug drainage ditches, tyre tracks and burning patches across the 4,500-acre estate, was shot to show the "destructive and cruel" damage being wreaked by landowners Bingley Moor Partnership… Animal Aid spokesman Luke Steele said he hoped people who saw the film would add their names to a petition, already signed by more than 65,000 people and supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting… (story)

Scotsman 1.8.16 Glorious 12th postponed after freezing spring - CALLUM MASON - The Glorious Twelfth is to be postponed after a freezing spring killed off scores of grouse chicks… (story)
Herald 1.8.16 Bad weather spells late start for grouse shooting in parts of Scotland - THE grouse shooting season looks set to be delayed in parts of Scotland due to the unusually cold spring weather. While the sport traditionally takes off on the Glorious Twelfth each August, some moorland estates have chosen to delay after spotting younger grouse on the land. It is thought the chilly spring, which saw snow fall at the end of April, may have meant the first chicks born this year did not survive. As a result some birds had a second brood later on and their offspring are still quite young… (story)

Birdwatch Magazine 1.8.16 Government rejects call to ban snares - THE government has rejected a vote by MPs to ban the use of snares, the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has announced. Following a debate at the House of Commons on 21 July, a majority of MPs voted in favour of a ban, with only those with ties to the shooting industry voting against… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.8.16 Mid Devon farmer hits back after animal rights workers film bins filled with hundreds of dead chicks - An international animal rights organisation has released what it describes as "shocking" photo and video evidence of life at a chicken rearing farm in Mid Devon. Animal Equality says it first visited Knapp Farm in Cullompton, which is now run by family business Summers Poultry Limited, on March 31…. However, its farm manager has denied the claims and has questioned the validity of the video saying different chicks have been used to portray rescued bird Gloria…. (story)
Mail 26.7.16 Still fancy chicken tonight? Horrified animal rights workers take video of bins filled with hundreds of dead chicks during probe into factory-farmed poultry By MARK DUELL FOR MAILONLINE - Horrified animal rights workers have taken shocking footage of bins filled with hundreds of dead chicks during an investigation into factory-farmed poultry. The discarded dead birds were found by campaign group Animal Equality at the unidentified farm in Devon which rears chickens on an industrial scale…. The group’s UK executive director Toni Shephard, said: ‘From the very beginning, conditions at the farm were dreadful… (story)

Scotsman 1.8.16 Scots farmers rush to shoot beavers ahead of new protection law - FRASER CLARKE - Farmers are rushing to shoot as many beavers as possible before a new protection order comes into place, it is claimed. The Scottish Government has been considering granting protected status to beavers since 2015 but there are currently no laws governing when or where they can be shot. Now it has been claimed gamekeepers and farmers are shooting as many of the animals as possible before the government makes a decision on their legal protection… (story)
Daily Record 1.8.16 Calls for action after claims farmers are killing 'as many beavers as possible' before protection order - FARMERS are killing "as many beavers as possible" before a protection order comes into place, it has been claimed. The accusations, relating to Tayside , emerged following a freedom of information request. It is thought that around 150 beavers live wild on the Tay, the Earn and the Isla and other connecting rivers and burns… (story)

York Press 1.8.16 Countryfile under fire from animal lovers for advocating 'barbaric' veal for BBQs - Angry viewers slammed Countryfile for encouraging viewers to chose veal for their BBQ this summer, despite controversy over production methods… (story)
Express 1.8.16 Countryfile blasted for 'glorifying barbaric process of veal farming' - COUNTRYFILE was stung by a rare bout of criticism last night, as Matt Baker encouraged viewers to eat more veal. By ADAM MILLER - This evening’s instalment of the popular landscape programme was a “Summer Special”, and teased that “with a heatwave comes a meatwave”… The team fed dozens of hungry mouths with stunning melt-in-the-mouth veal, before zooming off to the ranch of Hopkin Evans, a local meat producer who breeds baby cows especially for the delicacy… Viewers were outraged by Hopkin’s comments and had no hesitation in taking their fury out on Twitter…. (story)
Herald 1.8.16 Countryfile under fire from animal lovers for advocating 'barbaric' veal for BBQs - Angry viewers slammed Countryfile for encouraging viewers to chose veal for their BBQ this summer, despite controversy over production methods. Veal is the meat of young male calves, most commonly from dairy breeds and thus unable to produce milk, but the industry has suffered from a poor reputation for animal welfare and ethical concerns…. (story)