August 2017

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Herald31.8.17 Phone threats to hunters who go on traditional hunt for babybirds - POLICE are investigating threats issued against men who carry out the ancient but controversial annual slaughter of baby gannets for food in the Outer Hebrides. It is the only hunt in the UK where guga – baby gannets – can be killed for food and around 2,000 are harvested on Sula Sgeir, a small island about 40 miles north of Ness on Lewis, in August...



Argus 30.8.17 Circus hits back over animal welfare claims - Joel Adams - CIRCUS performers have insisted they love their performing animals and regard them as part of the family. Excited families filing in to Zippos’ big tent in Hove this weekend had to pass a small group of protesters objecting to animals being used in the circus. But director Martin Burton told The Argus: “Just because you’re making a living with your animals doesn’t mean you’re abusing them... (story)


Kidderminster Shuttle 29.8.17 Animal rights lobbyists stage vigil outside Hereford chicken processing factory - Jessica Phillips - ANIMAL rights lobbyists who held a vigil outside a Hereford chicken processing factory last week are urging people to go vegan. Members of Herefordshire Animal Save, Gloucestershire Animal Save, and South Wales Animal Save joined together to stage the vigil outside Cargill's Grandstand Road site last Thursday.... (story)


Sunday Herald 27.8.17 Letter: Will grouse-shooting advisory group be unbiased? - Rob Edwards quoted a Scottish Government spokeswoman as saying: “We are setting up an independent group to examine how best to ensure that grouse shooting businesses are sustainable and compliant with the law ... Of course there will be no need for anyone keen on protecting raptors as shooting estates are always reminding us that it is never anyone working for them who shoots, traps or poisons birds of prey and destroys their nests, eggs and chicks. It will be interesting to see who is in the group and just how biased it will be. John F Robins Animal Concern Advice Line (letter)


Design Week 25.8.17 The League Against Cruel Sports rebrands to “humanise” animals By Sarah Dawood - Studio ASHA has created the branding for animal rights charity The League Against Cruel Sports, which looks to humanise and empower animals rather than portray them as “weak and helpless”... (story)


Surrey Advertiser 23.8.17 Animal rights group stage three-day vigil outside Guildford abattoir to protest livestock suffering - Animal right activists are staging a peaceful vigil outside a Guildford abattoir to raise awareness of animal suffering and hope the animals feel their "sense of love". Guildford Animal Save gathered around the ABP Food Group site on the Slyfield Industrial Estate to stage their three-day protest. Starting on Monday evening (August 21) and running until Wednesday (August 23), organiser Jake Goshawk, 16, from Guildford decided to camp outside the processing plant to take a firm stance... (story)


Argus 21.8.17 Protest over dog track cruelty allegations - Emily Walker - ANIMAL rights protesters are calling for Hove’s greyhound stadium to be closed... Sarah Whitehead, of the Campaign Against Brighton and Hove Greyhound Stadium who organised the protest said: “Dogs die on these tracks... Fellow animal rights campaigner Sue Baumgardt said: “People don’t see what’s behind the scenes,.. Denise Friend added: “A lot of the people going to these events are on stag and hen parties... (story)


Telegraph 20.8.17 'Left-leaning' National Trust head admits: 'We have alienated traditional members', after spate of controversies - The outgoing head of the National Trust has admitted that the organisation has alienated "traditional visitors" in the wake of rows over Easter egg hunts, gay pride badges and flapjacks. Dame Helen Ghosh, who takes over as Master of Balliol College, Oxford University, next April, said that while Trust membership was healthy "sometimes some of our perhaps more traditional visitors have felt that they are not being catered for as they once felt that they were.”... (story)


Yorkshire Evening Post 15.8.17 Grouse shooting on moor failed on all counts - Luke Steele, Spokesperson, Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 15.8.17 Grouse shooting on moor has failed on all counts From: Luke Steele, Spokesperson, Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor. OVER half of breeding birds have become locally extinct or declined on Ilkley Moor, despite these species being identified as being of importance to the moor’s ecosystem by Bradford Council (The Yorkshire Post, August 11). The sensitive upland habitat is unable to support a variety of specialist wildlife as a consequence of burning over rare blanket bog... (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 15.8.17 Families visiting circus targeted by ‘vile’ abuse from animal rights campaigners, ringmistress claims - Families heading to a circus visiting town were subjected to a torrent of abuse from animal rights protestors, the ringmistress has claimed. Petra Jackson said out-of-town campaigners ‘looking for a fight’ shouted insults to people arriving to see Circus Mondao at its site in Norcross on Wednesday... (story)
Blackpool Gazette 8.8.17 Circus’s ringmistress hits back at animal rights group - The ringmistress at a circus in town until early next month said the welfare of animals there is a top priority. The Animal Defenders International (ADI) claimed Circus Mondao’s use of animals is an ‘outdated practice which is overwhelmingly opposed by the public and animal experts’. But Petra Jackson accused the animal rights group of ‘trying to incite anger and rage’, and said police visited the circus’s temporary home in Norcross ahead of a planned protest yesterday.... (story)

Bristol 15.8.17 Campaigners protest to end Tesco’s supply from horror farm where cannibal pigs eat each other BY ALEX WOOD - Campaigners demonstrated outside Tesco stores across Bristol at the weekend after it emerged the supermarket sells produce from a farm linked to animal cruelty. Activists from Bristol-based charity Viva! and Bristol Animal Save gathered outside the Tesco at Eastgate Retail Park on Saturday after staging a similar protest outside a store in the city centre earlier in the week... (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 12.8.17 Bishop's Stortford campaigners protest to end Tesco supply from 'pig horror farm' By charlottepage - Campaigners gathered in Bishop's Stortford this morning (August 12) as part of a nationwide demonstration calling for Tesco to drop Hogwood Farm as a supplier... Hannah Lawrance from Elsenham, said: "The investigation found sick pigs, dead pigs and cannibalism from those that are left rotting... (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 11.8.17 Bishop's Stortford campaigners set to meet outside Tesco to help end Hogwood 'pig horror farm' By charlottepage - Campaigners will meet on Bishop's Stortford High Street tomorrow (August 12) as part of a nationwide demonstration calling on Tesco to drop Hogwood Farm as a supplier. Hogwood Farm hit the headlines recently following an investigation by animal activists VIVA, which revealed the appalling conditions that livestock are kept in.... Hannah Lawrance from Elsenham is just one supporting what is being called a Day of Action... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 12.8.17 Animal welfare campaigners protest outside Tesco Express, Thetford - Rebecca Murphy - Animal rights campaigners held a protest outside Tesco Express in Thetford as part of a national demonstration. Organised by animal welfare organisation Viva! Campaigns, more than 100 demonstrations took place across the UK on Saturday.... In Thetford, Hazel Evans and Melissa Caals said they had a positive reaction from customers using the Norwich Road store... (story)


Dundee Courier 14.8.17 More progressive thinking required by Jim Crumley - Say for the sake of argument you are an extra-terrestrial from a galaxy far, far away... By now you might be thinking reintroducing the lynx is a capitalist plot to make money, sea eagles caused havoc in the West Highlands, grouse moors are an enlightened rural panacea, culling mountain hares is sound ecological practice... The argument about the economic benefits of grouse shooting was well presented and articulated, and would have convinced any uninquiring mind. But the case was completely devoid of any assessment of grouse shooting’s ecological cost... (story)

Guardian 14.8.17 Grouse-moor shooters of Britain be warned: your time is running out - One proponent of the Victorian pastime of shooting red grouse on heather-clad uplands questions the “noisy” outrage over the shooting of a “few thousand” wild birds in a country that kills 700 million chickens at 34 days old. Another argues that anti-hunt sentiment is thriving online because social media creates fertile ground for simplistic arguments. Both are reasonable debating points, but they also reveal a hobby that is doomed to extinction... (story)

Bristol 14.8.17 Footage of fox on Bristol's Southmead Hospital skylight shows just how bold they have become BY TRISTAN CORK - Urban foxes living in the grounds of a hospital, where there were plans to cull them, have become so bold they now climb up fire escapes onto the roofs in search of food. This remarkable video shows a fox frolicking on the skylight of a two-storey building – ironically enough the office of Carillion, the PFI company which manages the buildings and grounds.... Animal-lover Louisa Smith, whose initial opposition to the cull went viral, said she had been contacted by members of staff at the hospital about foxes in another part of the hospital getting up onto the roof of Carillion’s own offices... (story)
Telegraph 12.8.17 Foxes could crawl through maternity ward windows and endanger babies, says hospital considering cull - Sarah Knapton, SCIENCE EDITOR - A hospital in Bristol is considering culling foxes outside a maternity unit because they believe the animals could climb in through the windows and pose a threat to newborns. Bristol Southmead Hospital announced last week that pest controllers would ‘remove’ the animals ‘to ensure the safety of mothers and babies.’... (story)


Mail on Sunday 13.8.17 Cute? No, they're verminous killers - so why is the RSPB so keen to protect foxes that prey on our wild birds? SIR IAN BOTHAM gives the bird charity both barrels By Sir Ian Botham For Mail On Sunday - Country folk have long known it – now the experts have confirmed it. Research by scientists at Newcastle and Durham universities suggests that grouse moors are not the ecological deserts some campaigners claim them to be, but are teeming with endangered birds... These are fantastic results which should delight every true bird-lover. Yet did the RSPB leadership welcome them? Not at all. Instead, they sneered at them, questioning the integrity of the scientists, preferring their own fantasy of conservation, in which hard choices between species don’t have to be made and where foxes and other predators are allowed to wreak havoc... (story) GLORIOUS 12TH
Scottish Farmer 13.8.17 Shooting estates help hen harriers - Gordon Davidson - WITH THE grouse shooting season beginning today (Saturday), the shooting sector was this week stressing its conservationist credentials, highlighting an all-time high in sporting estate support for a project to help protect hen harriers. Sixteen shooting estates, covering a total of 325,000 acres, are now taking part in a project to help protect hen harriers in Scotland, volunteering to place monitoring cameras on their land in order to protect hen harrier nests as part of the ‘Heads up for harriers’campaign... (story)
Sunday Herald 13.8.17 Shooting season gets off to inglorious start with claims of slaughter of endangered birds - Rob Edwards - MORE than 70 protected birds of prey have been killed or gone missing at grouse shooting estates across Scotland since 2004, according to new satellite tagging evidence from conservationists. As lairds and shooters yesterday celebrated the started of the grouse-shooting season known as “The Glorious Twelfth”, campaigners blamed sporting estates for illegally poisoning, shooting or persecuting endangered red kites, hen harriers and golden eagles... (story)
Herald 12.8.17 Glorious Twelfth: Grouse shooters braced for mixed bag after low bird numbers - Brian Donnelly - GROUSE shooters are braced for an uncertain season on the Glorious Twelfth with low bird numbers leading to some outings being abandoned altogether. It comes as low bird numbers at some estates are said to be delaying the start of the season there while others are preparing for no shooting, with the Finzean Estate in Aberdeenshire cancelling its shooting programme after a disappointing bird count... (story)
Herald 12.8.17 Herald View: The debate continues to rage over grouse shooting - TODAY, the sound of gunshot echoes through hills and glens. It is the Glorious Twelfth, when metaphorical bullets fly back and forth between those who support and oppose the shooting of grouse for “sport”. Inverted commas aren’t used by those supporting the practice. They are proud, unapologetic, convinced that, in killing the birds, they keep alive the rural economy (to the tune of £23 million a year) while preserving moorland landscapes.... (story)
Herald 12.8.17 Agenda: Glorious twelfth an occasion that is truly to celebrate - Ian Elliot, Head keeper, Hopes Estate, East Lothian - IT is today that the heather-clad hills and glens of Scotland come alive to the sounds of the start of the grouse shooting season. So what cause do we have to celebrate the Glorious 12th? It’s certainly true that grouse shooting makes a major contribution to the largely fragile local economies around rural Scotland. There’s no question that sustaining a shooting enterprise is a major commitment 365 days a year. But an outstanding reason to see today in all its glory is that the grouse is not only red or black but also green.... (story)
Mail 12.8.17 Starting gun is fired on the grouse-shooting season as enthusiasts take to the Scottish moors to mark the Glorious 12th By Joseph Curtis For Mailonline - The grouse-shooting season starts today but hunting enthusiasts will have more than the weather to contend with this year. Protesters are seeking to throw a spanner in the works on the Glorious 12th - the 12th of August when the season traditionally begins - by organising demonstrations against the practice.... (story)
Mail 12.8.17 Grouse shooting season under way despite weather woes By Press Association - The grouse shooting season has officially begun, although programmes on some Scottish estates are expected to be delayed or cancelled due to poor weather.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 12.8.17 Grouse shooting season under way despite weather woes - The grouse shooting season has officially begun, although programmes on some Scottish estates are expected to be delayed or cancelled due to poor weather. The 121-day season starts on August 12 each year, known as “The Glorious 12th”.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.8.17 Warning volleys fired as war of words erupts over grouse shoot - An inglorious battle was raging last night over the future of the grouse moors, as environmental campaigners chose the start of the shooting season to reveal that landowners had been handed millions in EU subsidies.... (story)
Oxford Times 12.8.17 'Glorious Twelfth' marks start of shooting season - but it doesn't have to be grouse... John Carter - TODAY is the traditional start of the red grouse shooting season,‘Glorious Twelfth’, but clay pigeons could hit the mark as a less expensive introduction to the world of shooting, according to one expert. John Einig, who runs Waterperry Road Clay Pigeon Shooting Club in Holton, took up the sport 40 years ago after being wooed by the expertise needed to succeed.... (story)
Dundee Courier 12.8.17 Grouse: a seasonal delicacy - Today is the Glorious Twelfth, the start of the grouse shooting season. Gayle Ritchie finds out more about the seasonal delicacy. It’s known as the Glorious Twelfth, the start of grouse season, and a key date on Scotland’s calendar, when the tweed-clad take to the moorlands for a day of shooting. Much sought after by top chefs and gourmets around the world, the red grouse is a wild bird, unique to Britain.... (story)
Economic Voice 12.8.17 Greens call for ban on grouse hunting as shooting season opens - The Green Party has called for a ban on grouse hunting as shooting season opens [1] and an end to government subsidies for grouse shooting estates... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 12.8.17 Arguments rage as grouse moors pocket millions in EU subsidies - Grouse moor estates received millions of pounds in subsidies last year, according to analysis which comes amid a debate over the future of farming payments after Brexit. As the sector gears up for the "Glorious 12th" - the start of the grouse shooting season - an assessment of EU farming payments reveals 30 major estates in England received a total of £4.5 million in 2016, up from £4 million two years earlier... (story)
Northern Echo 12.8.17 Opinions divided on merits of grouse shooting as 'Glorious 12th' marks the start of the season - THE Glorious 12th signals the start of the grouse shooting season today. Middlesmoor in North Yorkshire’s Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty resounded to the sound of the first shots fired. Supporters say the activity provides an economic and environmental boost for rural communities. But an argument is raging as it emerged grouse moor estates received millions of pounds in subsidies last year, according to analysis which comes amid a debate over the future of farming payments after Brexit... (story)
Scotsman 12.8.17 Poor weather may delay start of grouse season - CONOR RIORDAN - The grouse shooting season could be delayed in some parts of Scotland due to poor weather. Perthshire and southern areas of the country are expecting good results but parts of the Highlands have suffered late snow and cold, wet weather in June. This means that, instead of launching today, some shooting programmes at estates may have to be put on hold. But even when scaled back, the economic contribution to the national and local economies is expected to be significant... (story)
John O'Groat Journal 12.8.17 Estates predict an inglorious 12th - Estates predict an inglorious 12th - ONCE again the Glorious Twelfth approaches and game shooting enthusiasts will be taking to the moorlands in search of grouse. This age-old tradition takes place throughout many country estates in the UK but how are things faring in Caithness for the start of the grouse shooting season this weekend? Colin Sheddon, director of the British Association of Conservation and Shooting Scotland, yesterday said the general picture is quite bleak for the north Highlands.... (story)
Telegraph 12.8.17 Alert as saboteurs are urged to disrupt Glorious Twelfth - Henry Bodkin - The start of the grouse shooting season will take place amid heightened security today as organisers fear disruption from saboteurs ‘fuelled’ by campaigners such as Chris Packham and the RSPB. Estates taking part in the Glorious Twelfth are anticipating an increase in incursions onto Grouse Moors and other illegal actions.... (story)
Richmondshire Today 11.8.17 Good grouse numbers expected ahead of Glorious Twelfth - Joe Willis - Grouse shooting estates in the Yorkshire Dales are hopeful of a good season, which begins tomorrow with the traditional Glorious Twelfth. A mild, dry winter has meant the majority of red grouse survived to breed in the spring. Adrian Thornton-Berry, from Swinithwaite-based estate managers Farmoor, said they were hopeful of a good season.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.8.17 Is the 'twelfth' really glorious or does it spell doom for wildlife on our Yorkshire moors? TOM RICHMOND - Saturday sees the traditional start of the grouse shooting season – and its advent is polarising public opinion. Here leading campaigners offer their own perspectives on what is at stake for Yorkshire’s countryside - For grouse shooting: Adrian Blackmore... Against grouse shooting: Natalie Bennett... (story)
iNews 11.8.17 The Glorious Twelfth: in defence of grouse shooting - 12 August – the Glorious Twelfth – marks the beginning of the grouse season. Here, Ian Coghill, chairman of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, argues in its defence.... (story)
iNews 11.8.17 The Glorious Twelfth: in the future we’ll look back disdainfully at grouse shooting - 12 August – the Glorious Twelfth – marks the beginning of the grouse season. Here, Philippa King, acting chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports argues against grouse shooting....(story)
Guardian 11.8.17 Grouse moors 'to blame for Scotland's disappearing raptors' - Severin Carrell Scotland editor - Grouse moors are to blame for persecuting endangered birds of prey in the Scottish Highlands and Uplands, according to a wildlife crime expert. Ian Thomson, the head of investigations at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland, said data from 77 birds of prey that had been satellite-tagged showed a direct correlation between dead and disappeared birds and grouse moors... (story)
Huffington Post 11.8.17 Glorious 12th: What Is It And Why Is Grouse Shooting So Controversial? - Kathryn Snowdon - On Saturday, shooting enthusiasts will take to the country for the first day of the grouse shooting season, also known as the Glorious Twelfth. Here’s all you need to know about the controversial date.... (story)
Financial Times 11.8.17 After 150 years, are the days of grouse shooting numbered? by: Mure Dickie - Advancing in a line of green-clad men across the rough moor toward hidden guns, for a moment it was as if I had found myself in a hillside skirmish... For a century and a half, passionate sportsmen — and, increasingly, sportswomen — have flocked to Scottish moors in their tweeds for the “Glorious Twelfth”, the August 12 start of the grouse-shooting season. In recent decades the appeal has gone global, with enthusiasts from all over the world angling for places on the best shoots and buying some of Scotland’s finest estates. Now, however, driven grouse shooting is itself in the line of fire... (story)

Northumberland Gazette 13.8.17 SHOOTS: Benefits all year round - With the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ just days away, it is predictable that anti-shooting campaigners have stepped up their efforts, but they are ignoring sound evidence. The truth is that managing our uplands for shooting has benefits for conservation, preserves marginal upland communities and puts healthy food into the market... Peter Glenser, Chairman The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)

Keighley Online 13.8.17 Anti Shooting Ramble on Ilkley Moor on Glorious 12th - A protest ramble to the top of Ilkley Moor was held yesterday to oppose grouse shooting on council land. The grouse shooting license , granted by Bradford City Council, is due to expire in April 2018. Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) said the practice is "a conservation calamity".Bingley Moor Partnership, which has the contract to run eight days of grouse shooting each year, said the events help fund moorland preservation... (story)
BBC News 13.8.17 Protest walk against Ilkley Moor grouse shooting - A protest ramble to the top of Ilkley Moor has been held to oppose grouse shooting on council land.... (story)
ITV 12.8.17 Protest ramble held calling for ban on grouse shooting at start of season - Campaigners have staged a protest on Ilkley Moor calling for a ban on the annual tradition of grouse shooting... (story)
Ilkley Gazette 12.8.17 Protest ramble will oppose grouse shooting season on Ilkley Moor - CAMPAIGNERS will hold a protest ramble on Ilkley Moor this Saturday to oppose the last grouse shooting season permitted under Bradford Council’s current license. Those supporting the campaign group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) will carry home-made banners and picnic baskets during the peaceful protest ramble... (story)

Independent on Sunday 13.8.17 Never mind CCTV in slaugherhouses, we need to end the meat and dairy industry altogether - It isn’t just horrific for the animals, producing meat also has a huge effect on the environment and health consequences to humans – even those of us who are vegan - Yas Necati - It was announced this week that all slaughterhouses in Englandwill have to install CCTV cameras, in a Government move to try to improve animal welfare on UK farms. As a lover of animals, you’d think I would be thrilled at this news. Instead I can’t help but continue to wonder why on earth we are killing animals in the first place... (story)


Telegraph 12.8.17 Countryside Alliance clash with BBC over new complaints framework which takes "several months" - Christopher Hope - Viewers will have to complain to the BBC on three separate occasions before the regulator Ofcom will intervene in a process likely to take “several months”, critics say. The BBC is currently overhauling its complaints system after Ofcom took over regulation in April, replacing the BBC Trust. The Countryside Alliance has clashed with BBC bosses over the new “framework” which the group believes does not improve the process and only allows viewers to go to Ofcom after a three stage process... (story)

Mirror 12.8.17 Countryfile star hit by fox hunting smear as sick web trolls try to link presenter to brutal killing BY NICOLA SMITH - Countryfile presenter Adam Henson’s farm has been targeted by web sickos attempting to link the BBC star with fox hunting by dogs. Photos have been posted online appearing to show a dog capturing and killing a fox. Included in the Instagram ¬montage is one picture of a sign to Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park near Cheltenham, Glos... Animal rights campaigners saw the snaps and ¬contacted police.... (story)

Dundee Courier 12.8.17 Time for licensing of shooting estates - In reply to Tim Baynes of the Scottish Moorland Group on the culling of mountain hares, I can only think that Mr Baynes wears rose-tinted spectacles... Neil Macdonald. 192 Cedar Drive, Perth. (letter)


Mail 12.8.17 Chris Packham compares hunting traditions to slavery, homophobia and racism By Press Association - Wildlife campaigner Chris Packham has condemned those who support fox hunting as a tradition, likening it to slavery, homophobia and racism... (story)
GetWestLondon 12.8.17 'Save our badgers': Animal rights campaigners march to Downing Street calling for end to bloodsports - Campaigners protesting against the killing of animals for sport have taken to the streets of London on the first day of the grouse shooting season... (story) 12.8.17 In pictures: Animal cruelty protesters march through London - Campaigners protesting against the killing of animals for sport have taken to the streets of London on the first day of the grouse shooting season.... (story)
Evening Standard 12.8.17 BBC presenter Chris Packham compares fox hunting 'tradition' to slavery, homophobia and racism - Wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham has condemned fox hunting supporters, likening it to slavery, homophobia and racism. The BBC Springwatch presenter described the activity as "wrong, pure and simple" as he addressed a crowd gathered in London at a protest against killing animals for sport.... (story)
Guardian 12.8.17 Protesters call for end to grouse shooting on Glorious Twelfth - Ben Quinn - Thousands of people have taken to the streets of central London to protest against the start of Britain’s grouse shooting season. Animal rights supporters are campaigning to end the sport, which would be their biggest breakthrough since MPs voted to ban fox hunting in 2004... (story)
Peeblesshire News 12.8.17 In pictures: Animal cruelty protesters march through London - Campaigners protesting against the killing of animals for sport have taken to the streets of London on the first day of the grouse shooting season... (story)
Argus 12.8.17 Chris Packham to lead thousands in protest against bloodsports - Springwatch presenter Chris Packham is set to lead a protest against the killing of animals for sport to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season. Organisers expect thousands of people to march through central London to Downing Street on Saturday, calling for an end to badger culling, fox hunting and driven grouse shooting... (story)

Cambridge News 10.8.17 'Storm of protest' as Cambridge University defends animal testing BY RAYMOND BROWN - A "storm of protest" has been unleashed after Cambridge University chiefs defended the number of experiments carried out on monkeys by its scientists... Anti-vivisection group, Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning (CAP), is currently setting up a "Twitter storm" in response to what they deem to be the university’s “flippant” attitude towards animals. Tim Phillips, National Anti-Vivisection Society campaigns director, said: “These cold statistics mask incredible animal suffering.... Rachel Mathai, spokeswoman for CAP said: “We are shocked and saddened by Cambridge University’s flippant attitude towards their use of animals for experiments... (story)

Mail 12.8.17 It's baaarmy! Annual sheep race is called off after campaigners complained no-one had asked the animals if they wanted to take part By Sebastian Murphy-bates For Mailonline - Campaigners have secured the scrapping of a sheep race after arguing it takes place without the animals' consent. Since the race in Moffat, Scotland, was first run in 2012, knitted jockeys strapped to back of sheep as Dumfries and Galloway punters place bets. But an online petition calling for it to be banned gained 83,000 signatures on the grounds that 'no one asks the sheep'.... Organisers expressed 'deep regret' after being forced to scrap the race because they refused Dumfries and Galloway council's request that the animals be licensed in line with the Performing Animals Act 1925... (story)
Daily Record 5.7.17 Animal rights campaigner lambasts "cruel" annual sheep race - An animal rights activist is campaigning for Moffat’s annual sheep race to be scrapped. Samantha Francis, from St Ives in Cambridgeshire, stopped a similar event south of the border after her petition against it received more than 60,000 signatures from around the world. And she is now hoping to stop people flocking to the Dumfriesshire race.... Mrs Francis, an activist for Animal Rights Cambridge and the Animal Justice Project, added: “Sheep are naturally very timid and shy creatures ... (story)

10.8.17 10.8.17 BASC gives MPs the facts on grouse - BASC has written to MPs to give them the facts on grouse shooting and moorland management. BASC has produced a new briefing note and sent it to a targeted group of MPs, including ministers and those with moorland in their constituencies, ahead of the start of the grouse shooting season on August 12th.... (story)


Kent Online 9.8.17 Ramsgate: Protesters form blockade to stop three lorries carrying live animal exports By Katie Davis - More than 60 protesters formed a blockade this morning to stop lorries with live animal exports getting through. The campaigners sat in the road at Ramsgate Port and blocked three lorries until they were moved on by police. Former Thanet councillor and co-founder of the anti-live exports campaign, Ian Driver, said: "The protest was well turned out considering the short notice... (story)

Kent Online 9.8.17 A Tunbridge Wells slaughterhouse is under investigation after reports of animal cruelty By Sian Elvin - The Food Standards Agency is investigating reports of animal cruelty at a slaughterhouse in Tunbridge Wells. Animal protection charity Animal Aid placed hidden cameras inside Forge Farm Meats abattoir, in Powder Mill Lane, High Brooms, for three days in April and May 2016. The footage captured allegedly shows both the stunning and slaughter of animals. And the Tonbridge-based organisation has raised concerns to the Food Standards Agency over the way animals were treated... a target=main href="">(story)

Liverpool Echo 9.8.17 Dramatic footage shows vegan 'dragged by his dreadlocks' in pig slaughterhouse protest - Dramatic footage shows a scuffle break out during a vegan protest at a pig slaughterhouse where one demonstrator was “dragged by his dreadlocks.” The video was posted by animal rights group Liverpool Pig Save who aim to “make the whole world vegan” and shows a 21-year-old old activist attempting to stop a truck full of pigs. But a worker at the slaughterhouse “grabs him by his dreads” and drags him out of the way, in scenes which police are now investigating. Jake Jordan, the man featured in the video, says the protest was part of an agreement with the slaughterhouse that Liverpool Pig Save could stop trucks on their way in to give them “three minutes of compassion”.... (story)


Yorkshire Post 8.8.17 YP Letters: Chris Packham should stop meddling over Yorkshire grouse shooting - From: Rachel Smedley, Press Officer, Countryside Alliance. IT is unfortunate that BBC presenter Chris Packham sees it as appropriate to associate with Luke Steele, spokesman for Ban Blood Sports on Ilkley Moor. One has to wonder whether Mr Packham has even stepped foot on Ilkley Moor and talked to those that have been responsible for its restoration over recent years, or whether he is content to campaign on the basis of hearsay alone..
From: Andrew Gilruth, Director of Communications, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. GROUSE shooting is the only management system that explicitly maintains and enhances one of the rarest habitats in the world: heather-dominated moorland... (letters)

Herald 8.8.17 Why culling of hares is needed - WHILE mountain hares are a much-loved mammal ("Plea for end to mountain hare culls", The Herald, 31 July), it should be recognised that Scottish managed moorland creates fantastic reserves for the species and so they are found there in far higher densities than in other parts of their range in northern Europe. Controlled culls of certain species are carried out by different organisations, including conservation bodies, and culling of hares in this way is no different to managing deer or rabbit populations.... Tim Baynes, Director, Scottish Moorland Group, Stuart House, Eskmills Business Park, Musselburgh. (story)

The National 8.8.17 Study suggesting grouse moors protect rare birds dismissed by RSPB - Richard Baynes - A REPORT suggesting Scotland’s grouse moors are “bird sanctuaries” has been dismissed by bird charity the RSPB, which called instead for a more balanced approach to upland management.... (story)
Northern Echo 7.8.17 Grouse moors in the North-East and North Yorkshire are dubbed dubbed country's best bird sanctuaries - GROUSE moors in the region have been dubbed the country’s best bird sanctuaries after academics found they are home to high numbers of endangered species. Experts at Durham and Newcastle universities found that there were six times as many curlews - one of the UK’s most endangered birds - on such sites, when compared to areas where there is less protection from predators. The research, published in the run-up to the start of the annual grouse shooting season, called the Glorious Twelfth, looked at the number of birds on grouse moors in Scotland and England.... (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 7.8.17 UK’S GROUSE MOORS ‘COUNTRY’S BEST BIRD SANCTUARIES’- Britain’s grouse moors have been dubbed the country’s best bird sanctuaries after academics found they are home to high numbers of endangered species. Researchers found that there were six times as many curlews – one of the UK’s most endangered birds – on such sites, when compared to areas where there is less protection from predators... (story)


Independent 7.8.17 Jamie Oliver on vegans: 'They hate me' - Narjas Zatat - Jamie Oliver has revealed that vegans hate him. The celebrity chef and restaurateur admits that many of those who abstain from eating animal-derived products have found issue with him and his restaurants.... (story)


South Wales Argus 6.8.17 PICTURES: Summer fun at Beaufort Hunt - Tom Nellist - THERE was fun for everyone at the Beaufort Hunt Open Day terrier and family dog show held at the end of July. The event, at Badminton Park, was capped off with a display of the hounds my joint masters Captain Ian Farquhar and Matt Ramsden.... (story)
South Wales Argus 2.8.17 PICTURES: Beaufort Hunt dog show and open day - THERE was fun for everyone at a dog show held in Badminton Park last weekend. - Families came from far and wide to the annual Beaufort Hunt Open Day Terrier Show and Family Dog Show, which took place on Sunday, July 30. Terriers of every type were paraded around a show ring, with entries from across the country... (story)

Independent 6.8.17 Beware of brutal rural Rambos in the night wood - Fiona O'Connell - August is upon us - literally - for the weight of the year is now tipping towards darker days. And not just for us, because this month marks the advent of 'autumnal hunting' as fox hunters refer to setting their hounds on vixens and their cubs in preparation for the season ahead... (story)


Herald 5.8.17 Agenda: Tail-docking must remain in the spotlight By Libby Anderson, Policy Advisor, OneKind - THE main question in the recent debate over the tail docking of puppies was this: is it better to dock large numbers of very young puppies, or to let them keep their tails and accept that, as adults, a few may suffer injury in the field that could lead them to lose their tails anyway?... The experience with tail docking, along with the response to Theresa May’s outspoken support for fox hunting during the election campaign, clearly shows that animal welfare matters to the electorate. This is reinforced by polling data which consistently shows that the Scottish public overwhelmingly back progress on animal protection. Holyrood should recognise this, and give the issue the priority it deserves. (story)
Herald 2.8.17 Ministers admit return of puppy tail-docking will not be monitored - Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor - SCOTTISH ministers have no plans to monitor the return of tail-docking for hunting dogs, despite fears the practice could be abused and applied to pets for cosmetic reasons. The Scottish Greens accused the SNP government of a continued “callous” attitude, following a recent Holyrood vote to allow tail-docking for some puppies.... (story)

Argus 5.8.17 Questions raised over RSPCA's re-homing of foreign dogs in Sussex - Joel Adams - ANIMAL welfare workers have criticised the RSPCA for taking in dogs from abroad when there is capacity crisis in the UK. On Thursday night BBC Panorama revealed that the Brighton branch of the RSPCA had re-homed around 150 dogs from Spain and Portugal despite a national policy against such action. Stacey McSpirit, who runs Paws Animal Sanctuary in Findon, said: “They should obviously be focused first of all on dogs from this country, but they’re a good charity they’re doing their best to help... (story)
Telegraph 4.8.17 RSPCA 'has not moved on since the Seventies', says former director - The RSPCA is "not fit for purpose", a former director of the animal charity has claimed. Steve Carter, who left his role as director of RSPCA Wales in 2015, said he believed the structure of the organisation had not "moved on much since the 1970s". His remarks came after the Charity Commission said the RSPCA's governance was below the standard it would expect for a "modern charity".... (story)
Horse & Hound 4.8.17 Panorama investigation sparks strong RSPCA response - Lucy Elder - A BBC Panorama investigation into how the RSPCA is run sparked a strong response from the charity – before the programme had aired. Journalist John Sweeney looked into allegations that the RSPCA had been heavy-handed and investigated the situation at the top of the charity in last night’s (3 August) show... (story)
Civil Society 4.8.17 RSPCA accused of being ‘unfit for purpose’ in BBC Panorama show - Kirsty Weakley - The RSPCA has been labelled “not fit for purpose” by a former senior manager and accused of conflicts of interest on the BBC show Panorama. The episode, titled Trouble at the RSPCA, was shown last night and questioned whether the RSPCA is doing enough to “keep public trust”.... (story)
Mirror 4.8.17 Brian May fears BBC Panorama investigation into RSPCA is a 'hatchet job' influenced by pro-hunting smear campaign BY MIKEY SMITH - Brian May says he fears a BBC investigation into the RSPCA will be a 'hatchet job' influenced by an organised campaign against the institution. The Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner claims the fox hunting community has been "desperately trying to destroy ancient organisation devoted to preventing cruelty to animals" in retaliation for successful prosecutions against hunting groups... (story)


BBC News 4.8.17 Fox hunt law: Calls for changes after Macclesfield decision - Campaigners are calling for a change in the law after a decision not to charge anyone involved in a hunt that spilled on to a residential street... Lesley Martin from Cheshire Monitors said "the law needs to be strengthened" and loopholes must be tightened... (story)
Macclesfield Express 1.8.17 No charges after fox hunt invaded quiet street BY STUART GREER - Fox hunt activists have slammed the decision by CPS not to charge anyone after residents claimed a pack of foxhounds caused mayhem in a quiet street. Cheshire Police launched an investigation after an allegation that the dogs chased a fox – which was later found dead in a back garden in Macclesfield.... Now after a three-month probe, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided no one involved from Cheshire Forest Hunt will be charged because there was ‘not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction’.... (story)
The Canary 1.3.17 Hunts are not only endangering foxes, now they’re rampaging through the suburbs [VIDEO] - STEVE TOPPLE - As the Conservative government continues to push for a vote on scrapping the Hunting Act, another shocking attack by fox hounds has emerged. And this time, it was not in the countryside, but on a suburban street.... (story)
Manchester Evening News 27.2.17 Furious residents say pack of foxhounds caused 'mayhem' on quiet street during hunt meeting BY CHARLOTTE BEALE - A pack of foxhounds caused mayhem in a quiet street during a hunt meeting, according to furious residents. Cheshire police are now investigating allegations that the animals were chasing a fox - which was found dead in a back garden. Residents have told the MEN of “pandemonium” when the pack of dogs came hurtling across a field and into Penningtons Lane, Macclesfield... (story)
Mail 27.2.17 'Out of control' hunting dogs are accused of killing fox in back garden in residential street By FIONN HARGREAVES FOR MAILONLINE - Hunting dogs have been accused of killing a fox in a back garden when they were spotted running down a residential street. The pack belonging to Cheshire Forest Hunt ran down a road in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and were seen sniffing around residents's front gardens... (story)
BBC 27.2.17 'Out of control' hunt accused of killing fox in Macclesfield garden - A hunt which saw "out of control" foxhounds fill a suburban street and allegedly kill a fox left people "traumatised", a resident has said. Residents reported "horrific" scenes when the dogs came into Penningtons Lane, Macclesfield, on Saturday.... (story)
Mirror 27.2.17 'Pandemonium' hits as fox hunt sees "screaming hounds" invade quiet street and back garden to chase animal BY CHARLOTTE BEALE DANYA BAZARAA - A fox hunt was described as 'pandemonium' after residents claimed a pack of "screaming" foxhounds chased a fox through a quiet street and into a private garden. Frightened residents said they were too shocked to come out of their homes during the mayhem, and elderly people living in Pennington Lane, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, were left terrified... (story)
Telegraph 26.2.17 Pack of hounds broke into elderly couple's back garden before savaging a fox, campaigners claim - A pack of hounds broke into an elderly couple's back garden before savaging a fox, campaigners have claimed. Police are investigating the alleged incident after activists from Cheshire Monitors shared photographs on social media appearing to show the mutilated remains of the animal.... The Cheshire Forest Hunt has been contacted for comment but has not yet responded. (story)
The Sentinel 26.2.17 Cheshire Police investigation after fox hunt saboteurs raise concerns about hunt near Macclesfield By Tom_Burnett - Police are investigating after reports a fox was killed during a hunt. Cheshire Police have launched the investigation following claims by fox hunt saboteurs about a fox hunt in the Macclesfield area of the county... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 4.8.17 Arsenal shareholder Stan Kroenke orders removal of big-game hunting content - Stan Kroenke has ordered the removal of all big-game hunting content from his controversial streaming service... (story)
Guardian 1.8.17 Corbyn 'disgusted' at Arsenal owner over hunting TV channel - Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke, of glorifying blood sports by launching a subscription hunting channel. The Labour leader, who is a keen supporter of the Premier League club based in his Islington North constituency in north London, said the American billionaire should concentrate on football after the unveiling of his new My Outdoor TV channel, which will show the killing of lions, elephants and other potentially endangered species. The channel, which was launched at the Game Fair in Hertfordshire, is owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group, part of Kroenke Sport Entertainment... (story)
The Drum 1.8.17 Animal rights campaigners gun for Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke over hunting TV app By John Glenday - Animal rights campaigners have reacted with fury after billionaire Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke broadened his online hunting channel, MOTV, to an international audience. The controversial app is now being marketed in English-language territories around the world including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where audiences are treated to the sight of Americans on the hunt for big game in the African bush... (story)

Hereford Times 4.8.17 Foxes divide opinion in Worcester after spate of attacks on family pets in Blanquettes estate, Worcester - A FOX has been spotted with dead cat in its mouth as opinion is divided following a spate of attacks on family pets in Worcester. Worcester appears to be very divided over foxes after we revealed that several family pets are believed to have been taken by foxes in the Blanquettes estate... (story)
Hereford Times 2.8.17 Foxes attack in the Blanquettes estate, Worcester - James Connell - FOXES are preying on family pets during brazen daylight raids in Worcester as fears grow a baby could be next. The bold foxes have targeted several homes in the city’s Blanquettes estate and residents fear the animals are betting bolder as they lose their fear of people.... (story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 3.8.17 Wildlife campaigner Chris Packham demands an end to grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor - OUTSPOKEN wildlife presenter Chris Packham is calling for an end to grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor - branding it "moorland vandalism". The TV presenter and naturalist is urging Bradford Council to refuse permission for the blood sport on public land... Luke Steele, spokesman for BBIM, said: "With over half of specialist breeding birds suffering decline or local extinction on Ilkley Moor on Bradford Council’s watch, it is clear that licensing of grouse shooting by the local authority has been a conservation calamity... In response, the Countryside Alliance, which represents landowners, questioned Mr Packham's knowledge of Ilkley Moor... (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 3.8.17 Sickening pictures show chicken producer which supplies Asda, Lidl and Nando's allegedly breaching animal cruelty laws - These sickening pictures show a chicken producer which supplies Asda, Lidl and Nando's allegedly breaching animal cruelty laws. Secret filming at Cambria Farm in Taunton, Somerset, claims to show a worker dumping a live chick in a wheelbarrow full of dead birds. The chick was left for an hour before the same worker returns and snaps its neck, according to vegan campaign group Animal Equality.... (story)
Metro 3.8.17 Shocking video ‘shows chicken farm that supplies Asda and Nando’s breaching animal cruelty laws’ - Nicole Morley for - This disturbing footage reportedly shows a chicken producer which supplies Asda, Lidl and Nando’s breaching animal cruelty laws. Undercover filming at Cambria Farm in Somerset, claims to show a worker dumping a live chick in a wheelbarrow full of dead birds... Dr Toni Shephard, UK executive director of Animal Equality, said: ‘The birds were just a few days old when we first filmed, yet already hundreds of chicks were dying every day and the bins outside the giant sheds were full of tiny bodies, still with their yellow baby feathers.... (story)

Civil Society 3.8.17 BBC Panorama to air a programme about RSPCA - Tonight a BBC Panorama documentary will highlight criticism about the RSPCA's prosections, leadership and governance, but the charity has said the report is "misleading". The BBC Panorama programme, titled ‘Trouble at the RSPCA’, will show presenter John Sweeney meeting “people who accuse the RSPCA of being heavy-handed by prosecuting them and taking away their animals when help or advice would have been more appropriate”... (story)


Mail 2.8.17 Sir Ian Botham threatens to boycott the BBC after accusing Corporation of 'ambushing' him on air with an 'anti-shooting agenda' as he promoted plans to give pheasants to the poor By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline - Sir Ian Botham has threatened to boycott the BBC after angry exchanges with a radio interviewer over his plans to give pheasants to the poor. The former England cricket star has pledged to donate 10,000 pheasants and partridges that are shot on his estate to food banks. The 61-year-old has vowed to pay to turn the pheasants into casseroles and the partridges into curries, in a scheme costing around £40,000. For every meal bought, one will be donated to the homeless. But in an interview on Radio 5 Live earlier this week Sir Ian, knighted for charity work in 2007, became agitated when presenter Rachel Burden, 42, raised the controversy over shooting birds for sport, interrupting her and accusing her of 'having an agenda'... (story)

Guardian 2.8.17 The animal-exploiting hypocrites who condemn hunting - How many people who condemn trophy hunting as vile and depraved (Arsenal owner ‘appals’ Corbyn, 2 August) are vegans who’ve never profaned their body with so much as a slice of cheese, have never worn leather shoes or belts, have suffered nobly through illnesses without taking medicines tested on animals, or have never shackled an animal into the slavery we dub “keeping a pet”, and have never called Rentokil to purge an infestation?... Robert Frazer Salford, Greater Manchester (letter)

Oxford Mail 2.8.17 Abuse directed at Cotswold Wildlife Park over wolf shooting - Stuart Rust - THREATS have been made against staff at Cotswold Wildlife Park following the recent shooting of an escaped wolf. The wolf, named Ember, managed to crawl through a faulty electric fence and into the perimeter of the Burford park last month before being shot by staff. Since the shooting, members of the public have directed threatening voicemails and emails at staff, leading Thames Valley Police to increase patrols in the area.... (story)

Sun 2.8.17 ACTIVIST SAVES PIGLET'S BACON - Animal rights activist, 22, frees pig from farm to spare it the chop and films their escape By Matt Wilkinson - AN animal activist pinched a pig from a farm to spare it the chop and drove off with it in his car. Wesley Omar, 22, filmed himself as he nabbed the penned porker. He told it: “We’re gonna do this, little piggy” before showing the “rescued” creature running in a field... Omar, who claims to work for RSPB Midlands, says the piglet now has a “loving home” on the Facebook clip in which some viewers backed him... (story)
Mail 2.8.17 Animal rights activist films himself freeing PIG from farm and speeding away together in his getaway car By Iain Burns For Mailonline - An ardent animal rights activist has filmed himself liberating a pig from a farm before driving it away in his car. In the video, Wesley Omar, 22, bemoans the state of dozens of pigs he says have little room to move and only a metal chain to 'play with'. He then picks up one of the gregarious creatures - whom he calls a 'beautiful individual' - and exclaims: 'We're going to do this, little piggy!' ... (story)


Yorkshire Post 1.8.17 ...The week that was August 1 to 7, 2003 - Up to 30,000 hunt supporters were set to flout the law and continue hunting if their sport was banned, the Government was warned this week. Nearly 3,000 had already pledged to take part in illegal hunts, risking fines or jail in defence of their way of life.... The warning came as crowds of hunt supporters gathered at Harewood House, near Leeds, 
for the first day of the annual Game Fair... (story)

Daily Post 1.8.17 'Online abuse hell' won't stop anti-hunt campaigner's fox-hunting fight BY MARI JONES - A leading anti-hunt campaigner says she will not give up her fight against fox hunting despite the daily online abuse she receives. Only last Thursday Ivor Derek Wilkinson was sentenced to 28 days for saying he would “put a bullet” in Judith Hewitt.... (story)
Western Mail 27.7.17 A man who threatened to 'put a bullet' in an anti-hunting campaigner has been jailed - ROBERT DALLING - A man has been jailed after threatening to put a “bullet” in an anti-hunt campaigner. Ivor Derek Wilkinson appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court having previously pleaded guilty to three counts of sending offensive messages on Facebook to Judith Hewitt... The court heard Ms Hewitt was an admin for online site ‘Stop Terrier Work’, and she was accused of putting up a Facebook message regarding Wilkinson’s son, something she strenuously denied. Wilkinson, 49, of Chapel Street in Upper Brynamman, Ammanford , took it upon himself to send a number of Facebook messages to Ms Hewitt - believing she was the one responsible for the posts.... Mitigating, Laura Sherwood said: “He is sorry for his actions. He did it out of anger over the posts about his son. His son received a number of death threats and took it very personally and reacted in the wrong way.”... (story)
Daily Post 27.7.17 Man who threatened Rhyl anti-hunt campaigner has been jailed - ROBERT DALLING - A man who threatened a prominent anti-hunt campaigner has been jailed. Ivor Derek Wilkinson appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court having previously pleaded guilty to three counts of sending offensive messages on Facebook to Judith Hewitt, from Rhyl... (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 1.8.17 Animal rights campaigners hold protest at The Game Fair at Hatfield House By Huw Wales - Animal rights campaigners held a demonstration outside of The Game Fair at the weekend to protest against what it saw as a celebration of animal cruelty. Activists from the Hertfordshire Animal Rights group held up posters and banners opposing shooting for sport and the breeding farms where pheasants and partridges are raised... (story)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 1.8.17 Animal rights activists target The Game Fair at Hatfield House - Mia Jankowicz - An estimated 120,000 people were expected to attended the Game Fair at Hatfield House last weekend, but not everyone was a happy bunny. On Saturday 29 July around 20 animal rights activists from Hertfordshire Animal Rights, as well as concerned individuals, greeted visitors to the Fair with banners and signs at the main entrance. The protest was organised with the help of national organisation Animal Aid and in coordination with the police... Local protest organiser Mary Barton, 62, of Welwyn, told this newspaper that less than 10 per cent of hunted animals are eaten.... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.8.17 Animal rights group urges boycott of Retford wild animal circus BY ROBERT LANGLEY - A campaign group is calling on residents to boycotts Peter Jolly's wild animal circus when it comes to town this week, claiming the welfare of the animals is compromised. But the family-run circus has hit back at allegations of animal suffering and said that the claims by the campaign group are unfounded... (story)