December 2001

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Yorkshire Post 31.12.01 Ancient hunts to merge as creeping urban sprawl cuts down 'safe' land - Brian Dooks - TWO of Yorkshire's oldest hunts, the Badsworth and the Bramham Moor, are to merge after more than 250 years because creeping urban sprawl is restricting the area they can hunt in safety. (story)

Guardian 31.12.01 Scottish hunts prepare for last hurrah - Diehards vow to fight on in face of bill and public opposition - Kirsty Scott - interviews with Alan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance and a Buccleuch huntsman, David Barnett, hunt master with the Fife fox hounds, Graham Isdale, of the Scottish campaign against hunting with dogs (story)

Worcester Evening News 31.12.01 It will be treated with contempt it deserves - MAURICE Brett and Suzanne Campbell (You Say, December 14 and 15) make a quite extraordinary attack on the veterinary profession, because, in the majority, they support the continuation of hunting with hounds... J Woods, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.12.01 `Evidence' chipped away by the truth - I AM beginning to think that Maurice Brett has really lost the plot with his latest letter to the Evening News (You Say, December 14)... For those of you who want to see a healthy and stable fox population, the choice is an easy one. Leave it to the farmers, gamekeepers and huntsmen. It is a far better idea than the whimsical Beatrix Potter theory that Mr Brett only ever seems to offer us. H RAY, Colwall, near Worcester. (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 28.12.01 AVOID VETS THAT HUNT - HOW appalling, to read that some vets actually support the odious activity of hunting with dogs/hounds (Herald Express, November 28)... LOUISE PIDDINGTON Welsford Avenue Stoke, Plymouth (letter)
Worcester Evening News 27.12.01 They have completely lost plot on hunting - letter from Tim Pinney, Pershore in response to Maurice Brett re: vets for hunting letter "Maurice Brett chooses to attack the veterinary profession because their views do not coincide with his own. He is living proof that anti-hunting people are not interested in the welfare of the fox population..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 21.12.01 Defending vile activities - letter from A KNITTEL, Worcester "THE excuses for hunting put forward by Messrs Thomas and Allen, (You Say, December 4), are laughable... I note that none of the bloodsports brigade has had the guts or the grace to comment on the death of two foxes described in these columns in February; both had broken spines and smashed ribs with extensive lacerations and dog bites to the abdomen..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.12.01 Majority of vets think that hunting is cruel - letter from SUZANNE CAMPBELL, Wenvoe, Cardiff in response to "Vets for Hunting" - "...My husband is a veterinary surgeon and I know that the majority of our veterinary colleges and all our veterinary friends believe hunting with hounds inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering on the hunted animal..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 14.12.01 replies to Vets for Hunting letter from:
M W BRETT, Bromsgrove - Ignorance of vets is alarming "... having trawled the veterinary world for about a year for support, they've still only managed to attract 300 supporters from the tens of thousands of vets in the UK..."
ALAN COOK, Bishops Frome, near Worcester - Why foxes' numbers must be contained - " THE letter from Dr Thomas and Professor Allen in tonight's Evening News (You Say, December 4) confirms what anyone involved in any type of hunting has known for years..." (letters in archive)
North East Evening Gazette 8.12.01 Hunting gets support from rural vets... DR LH THOMAS MA, VetMB, PhD, FRCPath, MRCVS (Newbury) and PROFESSOR WR ALLEN BVSc, PhD, ScD, DESM, MRCVS (Newmarket) (letter)
Bath Chronicle 6.12.01 People are cruel - letter from A WILLIAMS Bath Hunt Sabs PO Box 426 Bath "IN response to the letter by Mrs Mills (Letters, November 29) it is you and the Vets for Hunting that have got the facts wrong..." Hunters are cruel - LACS monitors have been attacked, 2 sabs killed etc. (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Bath Chronicle 4.12.01 The fittest are first to be killed - letter from A WILLIAMS Bath Hunt Sabs Bath "...we would suggest that no vet who supports barbaric bloodsports should be in a profession that purports to care about animals..." - hunts chase the fit animals not the unfit. (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.12.01 Hunting most humane method - Vets for Hunting letter from DR L H TOMAS MA and PROFESSOR W R ALLEN, Newbury, Berkshire. (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 3.12.01 letters attacking the Vets for Hunting letter 27.11:
Let's hear from some more vets - (Mrs) M Hooper Freshbrook Way Swindon
Video challenge - REV BERT JONES Priors Hill, Wroughton recommending LACS' Chaos in the Countryside video & asking "how many of the 100 veterinary surgeons are employed by the National Hunt" (letters in archive)
Bath Chronicle 29.11.01 letter from Mrs F M MILLS School Lane Batheaston welcoming letter from vets supporting hunting (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 27.11.01 Vets oppose hunting ban - letter from DR L H THOMAS (Newbury), PROF W R ALLEN (Newmarket) of Vets for Hunting highlighting NOP opinion poll of 100 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (story in archive)

Isle of Man newspapers 31.12.01 ICY WEATHER DOESN'T STOP HUNT - THE icy Christmas weather didn't stop a strong turnout of both riders and spectators for the annual Boxing Day Drag Hunt. The meet, organised by the Isle of Man Bloodhounds Drag Hunt, saw a total of 15 riders assemble in Castletown Square at noon for a day of drag hunting (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 31.12.01 Killing for pleasure - anti hunt letter from Sid Jones, Whittington (letter may be in archive)

South Dorset Echo 31.12.01 Controversial farm will go no fur-ther - A CONTROVERSIAL New Forest mink farm has been told it must close or change its use within the next 12 months... It will spell the end for Terry Smith's Crow Hill Farm operation near Ringwood after almost 40 years in the business - but he could win thousands of pounds in compensation... Has been the subject of attacks by animal rights activists, including release of 6,000 mink into the countryside. Mr Smith, 73, says his life has been made "hell" by such attacks, and plans to convert the facilities to keep rabbits there instead. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 29.12.01 FINAL DAYS FOR MINK BREEDERS - BRITAIN'S last three mink farms will have to close by the end of 2002... But compensation will be payable to owners of farms which are closed before the deadline. (story in archive)
Guardian 28.12.01 Last mink fur farms must close by 2003 - Government will pay compensation - Paul Brown, environment correspondent - ... The decision had been delayed while the government worked out what compensation to pay farmers. All 13 farms which existed when the government first passed the act on November 23 last year will be able to claim for loss of earnings and the disruption caused by the need to find a new career... Elliot Morley: "However, the government recognises the need for fair compensation to be made available to the fur farmers put out of business by this ban." (story)

Hull Daily Mail 31.12.01 FARMERS HAIL LANDMARK IN FIGHT AGAINST DISEASE - EAST RIDING: Farmers were today celebrating a vital milestone in the fight against foot and mouth. There have been no cases of the disease for three months, and the country could soon be declared foot and mouth-free... But East Riding farmers are still pressing for a public inquiry into the Government's handling of the epidemic. Thousands of people from across the area signed the Countryside Alliance's massive 300,000-name petition, which has been presented to Parliament. (story in archive)

Irish Examiner 31.12.01 Animal welfare bid pitched at IFA leader - ANIMAL welfare group, Compassion in World Farming Ireland, wants to meet IFA president John Dillon.It congratulated the Limerick farmer on his election in a letter. CIWF Ireland director Mary-Anne Bartlett said Mr Dillon should confront the serious animal welfare problems facing Irish agriculture… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 31.12.01 Dog lover's fury at mix-up over straying hound - A pensioner was turned away when he took an abandoned dog to the RSPCA – because it's against policy to take in strays... was told to deal with the abandoned bassett hound himself because the shelter can only take in stray dogs from a warden or the police for legal reasons. Refused to deal with it. (story)

Sunday Mercury 30.12.01 That's foxed 'em! By Lucy Miles, Sunday Mercury - interview with former hunt saboteur Mark Halford ... "At the time it seemed very exciting," he said. "But now I can see that they try every tactic to keep a new recruit in. It is like brain-washing..." Served on HSA National Committee. "I live in a free world where I should be able to express my views. Hunting is just one side of me." (story)
Scotsman 27.12.01 CONVERSION: FORMER SABOTEUR TELLS OF HIS LOVE FOR THE HUNT - JAMES REYNOLDS - interview with former hunt saboteur Mark Halford (story)
Times 26.12.01 Saboteur now hunts with the Quorn BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - interview with Mark Halford, former hunt saboteur ...He has to be escorted home by police after hunting. He said: “I get death threats and they have also threatened to kill my horses..." He was also shocked by their intolerance when they learnt that he was homosexual "... with the hunting crowd I am openly gay and people are very welcoming of me and my partner Robert.” (story)

Independent on Sunday 30.12.01 The Prime Minister needs resolution for the new year ... Paradoxically, Mr Blair can be weak when he needs to be strong. Having encouraged the campaign for the ban on foxhunting he is now retreating weakly from the field... he should make the most of his authority by daring to introduce legislation that he personally has said he would support. (story in archive)

Telegraph 29.12.01 Golfers drive 200-year-old hunt off land By Stewart Payne The 211-year-old Garth and South Berkshire Hunt will amalgamate with the neighbouring Vale of Aylesbury Hunt in the spring as there is not enough land left on which to ride. Joint Master Peter Swann: "The reason why this is happening is urbanisation, pure and simple. A pack needs to go out at least twice a week but unfortunately things like golf courses have encroached on the areas we used to hunt over and we end up going over the same bit of ground." Paul Thomas, of Reading Hunt Saboteurs, insisted the hunt was being forced to amalgamate because of the waning popularity of the sport. Has been demonstrating for 25 years. (story)

Newcastle Journal 29.12.01 Animal activists suspected of arson attack - A blaze which badly damaged part of a country pub may have been deliberately started by anti-bloodsport activists, police said yesterday... supporters of the Morpeth Hunt met for drinks and a get-together at the pub on Boxing Day... That night anti-bloodsport graffiti was daubed on pub windows and the following day the suspicious blaze began in a boiler house at the back of the building... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.12.01 ANTI-HUNT PROTESTERS 'STAY AWAY' ANTI-HUNT protesters were 'outnumbered 1,000 to 1' on hunting's big day of the season. Crowds totalling more than 200,000 supported local hunt meets across the UK... Anti-hunt protests were planned at 20 locations but attracted a total attendance of just over 200.. (story in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 29.12.01 Foxhounds stray on to main line - A police spokesman said: "We received a call at 2.29pm on Thursday that dogs were on the railway line behind Westbury Park in Wootton Bassett... By the time they arrived they had gone, no trains delayed. Annie O'Sullivan, 37, an artist living in Wootton Bassett, said she saw approximately 20 dogs running along the railway lines with a man on the opposite side of the tracks blowing a horn to attract them towards his van. Quote from Jo Aldridge of the Beaufort (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 29.12.01 Sign of healthy countryside - THE resumption of hunting last week is a small but significant sign that the countryside is returning to some sort of normality after the foot-and-mouth epidemic, which began last February... The animal rights lobby has given us nothing but a pack of lies about hunting over the years, and the Boxing Day meets offered a perfect opportunity to discover the truth. letter from Jon Burgess, Malvern.

Western Daily Press 29.12.01 Wilde about hunting - I DON'T understand hunt protesters any better than Boxing Day shoppers.... if a bunch of weakchinned, braying aristos want to career around the countryside, ponced up in their red coats, I wouldn't walk across the road to try to stop them.... I'd save all my protests for stamping out cruelty to children. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Cumberland News & Star 29.12.01 ROAD REBELS WERE OFF TARGET - THE so-called rural rebels have listed various reasons for causing chaos on the M74, including calling for a public inquiry into the foot and mouth outbreak, school closures and the right to peaceful country pursuits (News & Star, December 15)... Well done Lord Watson and all the decent MSPs for your anti-hunting Bill. May this be the catalyst for the Countryside Alliance's worst nightmare and may Tony Blair have the courage to follow Scotland's lead. ELAINE M MILBOURN, Torpenhow, Wigton (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge News 29.12.01 Coursing gang flees in have-a-go hero's 4x4 - Mark Mifsud, 38, was surrounded by five men, some armed with sticks, when he challenged them in a field. MM carries out pigeon and rabbit control for farmers in the area. The men stole his 36 year old landrover, green with white top, registration JGA 948D - call Saffron Walden police on (01799) 513232. (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 29.12.01 Rat massacre - I WAS dismayed to read that rats have been poisoned in Priory Park, Malvern... Instead of writing negative letters, perhaps Jon Burgess would like to join me in doing something positive to stop animal suffering. PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.12.01 Double standards of animal rights lobby - letter from JON BURGESS, Malvern. They raised great outcry against cull of pigeons in Malvern, but when pest controllers poisoned rats in Priory Park there were no demonstrations or letters. " This is so typical of the cynical attitude common in the animal rights industry - they see the pigeon as being far more "marketable" to the public than the rat. " (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 29.12.01 Next time, consider the poor turkeys I AM writing to inform readers about the shocking life of intensively-farmed turkeys... KAT MACMILLAN, Vegetarians International Voice for Animals 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 24.12.01 Short life full of misery - letter about turkey farming from ROY ASHCROFT, Brownlow Street, Blackburn (letter in archive)
Wirral Globe 19.12.01 Act against this cruelty - letter condemning turkey farming from Marian Hussenbux, Sherry Lane, Upton (letter in archive)
Argus 19.12.01 Seasonal fare - letter from Kat Macmillan, Viva!, Queen Square, Brighton about their turkey farm campaign (letter in archive)
Harborough Mail 13.12.01 Season of suffering at the turkey farms - letter from Jean Bird, Cedar Close, Kibworth - "... Viva! (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) of which I am the local representative, are giving out free Christmas packs with delicious veggie recipes...." (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 13.12.01 Farmers' anger over turkey cruelty claim By Chris Rundle. Farmers challenge Viva!'s claims - Viva! says it has secretly filmed 6 farms including 1 in Devon. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Ledbury Reporter 28.12.01 Boxing Day hunt attacts 2,000 supporters - The largest crowd in recent times cheered off Ledbury Hunt on Boxing Day. Joint Master Don Haden said that around 2,000 people turned up to see the 60 riders leave from outside The Feathers Hotel - and there was not one animal rights protester to be seen... (story in archive)
Ledbury Reporter 21.12.01 Hunt approval - Ledbury Hunt have been given special licence for drinks outside Feathers Hotel by Herefordshire Magistrates (story in archive)
Ledbury Reporter 14.12.01 Move to ensure hunt can enjoy a drink without the fear of arrest - Feathers Hotel has applied for occasional licence to serve stirrup cup at Ledbury Hunt Boxing Day meet - last year this was overlooked. At least 12 members are to fly to Edinburgh this weekend for March on the Mound. (story in archive)

Western Morning News 28.12.01 BOXING DAY MEETS HERALD A BRIGHT NEW START FOR HORSES Lucy Johnson reports on equestrianism's return to normal - The Modbury Harriers, which is based in South Devon, witnessed its largest meet in many years. Chairman Greg Johnson said: "It's the biggest turnout I can remember and the length of the street was solid with support..." new review by the Countryside Alliance revealed that public support for a ban on hunting is at its lowest for ten years. Three polls were carried out this year... A recent MORI poll by the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals is to be subject to a complaint to the Market Research Society for polling bias.... (story in archive)

Southern Daily Echo/New Forest Post 28.12.01 Boxing Day hunt gets green light after crisis - the first meeting of New Forest Hounds, pictured, will take place on Boxing Day at the Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst... (story in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald/Chippenham News 28.12.01 Hunt hit by activists - Avon Vale Boxing Day meet was the League Against Cruel Sports' main target in the south west. More than 100 protesters carried placards and shouted abuse at the hunters as they gathered outside the Red Lion pub... quote from Helen Nicholas, who has been protesting for 15 years "If it is a sport why isn't it on television?..." Thousands of countryside enthusiasts arrived in Lacock to show their support for the sport. (story in archive)

Sussex Express 28.12.01 RETURN OF THE HUNT ...the Southdown and Eridge Hunt met in force outside The White Hart in Lewes on Boxing Day... Several hundred onlookers and supporters, and about 50 anti-Hunt protesters, lined the High Street as some 90 horsemen and women assembled with 15 couples of hounds... one woman was arrested for a public order offence (story)

Bury Free Press 28.12.01 ANNUAL BURY HUNT A SUCCESS - MORE than 300 people gathered at a farm near Hawstead to take part in the Suffolk Hunt's traditional Boxing Day outing. (story in archive)

Hexham Courant 28.12.01 HUNT KEEPS BOXING - Hounds from the Tynedale Hunt were brought out for the traditional Boxing Day gathering in Corbridge Market Square, though no hunt took place... (story)

Tavistock Times 28.12.01 Hunt attracts opposing crowds - Spooners & West Dartmoor met but finished at midday because of frost, after killing 1 fox. LACS protesters gathered in town. Next meeting tomorrow (Saturday) in Postbridge (story in archive)

Irish Independent 28.12.01 Block hunts access to forests, urges lobby by Ralph Riegel ...Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) director Pat Phelan demanded a formal statement from Coillte on what policy they have adopted on hunts crossing forestry... The warning came as part of a major escalation by ICABS in their anti-hunt campaign, which will include: protests at meets, boycott of commercial sponsors, lobbying landowners to refuse hunts access, exposing "practices" such as clubbing foxes, boycotting travel firms which cater for British hunters (story)

Edinburgh News 28.12.01 Animal lock-up - anti zoo letter from Kirsty May, St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh in reply to Chris Johnston, 4.12.01 (story)
Edinburgh News 4.12.01 Zoos aren’t all cruel to animals - letter from Chris Johnston, Elliot Park, Edinburgh in reply to Ross Minett, 29.11 (letter)
Edinburgh News 29.11.01 Our zoo a cruel relic of the past – letter from Ross Minett, campaigns officer, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 27.12.01 COMPASSION FOR THOSE WITHOUT A SAY - reply to Matthew Wright from Mrs Rebecca Chapman, St Asaph "They need an advocator to protect them from just those people arrogant enough to claim that this practice has a place in our modern society." (letter in archive)
Denbighshire Free Press 27.12.01 GET REAL, MR JONES - letter from Matthew Wright, Bryn Tirion, Denbigh Road, Nannerch, Flintshire CH7 5QU criticising MP Martyn Jones for trying to ban hunting "Labour’s got nothing else useful to do and they can live in the past, fighting some silly idea of class war stuck in the 1960s" (letter in archive)

Tyrone Courier 27.12.01 South Tyrone Hunt in Moy on Boxing Day - Picture by David Dugal (photo)

Ulster Gazette 27.12.01 Boxing Day Hunt in Killylea (Tynan & Armagh Harrriers) (photo)

(title unknown, one of the "This Is" sites, found in the This is Exeter archive) 27.12.01 NO THRILL OF THE CHASE, BUT MORALE HIGH - ABOUT 200 people braved icy road conditions on Exmoor to support yesterday's meet of the Dulverton West Foxhounds, which was held despite not being able to go hunting. Quote from joint master Mella Wright. She said the next meet of the Dulverton West Foxhounds would be on New Year's Day in the Square at North Molton, but again hunting would not take place... in Tavistock, hunt supporters and anti-hunt campaigners turned out for the meet of the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt including members of the League Against Cruel Sports

(title unknown, one of the "This Is" sites, found in the This is Exeter archive) 27.12.01 HUNTING CALLED OFF AS FROST HITS MEET - About 1,000 hunt supporters gathered on The Green, in Great Bowden, for the Fernie Hunt. Members of the Cottesmore Hunt were meeting in the grounds of Oakham Castle. The Quorn Hunt met at Quenby Hall, near Hungarton. The Belvoir Hunt was expected to attract big crowds when it met on St Peter's Hill, Grantham.

Guardian 27.12.01 Hunters return after foot and mouth ban by Rebecca Allison - The biggest day in the fox hunting calendar went ahead yesterday following the lifting of foot and mouth restrictions... One of the most high-profile meetings was at Winslow, Bucks, where more than 200 gathered to greet the Bicester and Whaddon Chase... (story)

Guardian 27.12.01 Drumming up a storm of protest by Jeevan Vasagar - with the sabs at the CL&C Boxing Day meet - Simon (Wild) & wife Jaine, Beryl has a brother who shoots rabbits, Paul, Val a nurse from Portsmouth, Simon "plays tapes of barking hounds through loudspeakers as he drives". Tyres on their van slashed at the end. (story)

Guardian 27.12.01 Happy day as hounds get back on track by John Vidal - with the David Davies (story)

Independent 27.12.01 Protesters claim fox hunters are 'running scared' By Cahal Milmo More than 200 hunts staged their traditional Boxing Day gatherings yesterday ... campaigners gathered peacefully at a small number of meets, including the Bicester and Whaddon Chase in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, where they were outnumbered 3-1 by supporters... At least three hunts changed their routine yesterday by meeting outside town centres... Kent police said up to 15 protesters heckled the Ashford Valley Hunt... (story)

Telegraph 27.12.01 Hunt supporters 200,000 Saboteurs 300 By Thomas Harding AN estimated 200,000 people attended Boxing Day hunts yesterday... Warwickshire had more than 80 riders, quotes from master Sam Butler & Dianne McDougall, 47, a member of the Labour Party for 10 years and supporter of the hunt, Allan Murray, chairman of the Buccleuch (story)

Times 27.12.01 Protesters take it easy at Boxing Day hunts BY PHILIP PANK FOXHUNTERS celebrated the biggest number of meets this year yesterday, with almost no disruption by protesters... The Bicester and Whaddon Chase Hunt, at Winslow in Buckinghamshire, was greeted by 200 demonstrators. They were outnumbered three to one by hunt supporters. There was no sign of masked saboteurs, who in previous years had allegedly fought members of hunts and vandalised their vehicles... (story)

Times 27.12.01 Put tourists on trail of the fox, says peer BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - Lord Daresbury, chairman of the Masters of Fox Hounds Association, outlined his plans to demystify the sport. Only hunt staff & masters should wear red coats (story)

Dorset Daily Echo 27.12.01 New Forest traditions are trotted out again by Jonathan Slater Big crowds of supporters - and protestors - turned out to see the New Forest Hounds... Around 100 riders assembled for Boxing Day's hunt, watched by a crowd nudging 300... quotes from Nick Smith of the NFH & Ken James of the New Forest Animal Protection Group

South Wales Argus 27.12.01 Mixed reception for fox hunters - Tredegar Farmers meet. Protesters, who shouted "Scum" and "Sickos", included Vicki Watkins, spokeswoman for Friends of Animals Under Abuse (FAUNA), Ralph Cook, chairman of Wales Alliance Against Cruel Sports (said the protests were always peaceful), LACS supporter Karen Rogers, from Griffithstown, Pontypool with her five-year-old daughter Mica, Zoe Jackson, aged 22, from Cardiff, said she had her membership of the League Against Cruel Sports for her Christmas present. Photo of Monmouthshire Hunt. (story in archive)

Northern Echo 27.12.01 Hunt affected by foot-and-mouth restrictions - The Braes of Derwent Hunt met but did not hunt at the Queen's Head pub in Lanchester. Quote from chairman Alan Chapman, the acting Master of the Hunt (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 27.12.01 MIXED VIEWS ON TRADITIONAL CEREMONY - MORE than 200 people turned up to witness the South Wold Hunt's ceremony at Louth cattle market. Quotes from supporters Robert Wilson, Judith Howell & George Hawson, and protester Jane Arnold (46), of Louth (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 27.12.01 HUNDREDS FLOCK TO BOXING DAY HUNT - TIM JAYS - HUNDREDS of people braved icy temperatures to witness the pomp and ceremony of the traditional Boxing Day hunt at Brocklesby. No sign of protesters. (story in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 27.12.01 CROWDS OUT FOR RETURN OF BOXING DAY HUNT ... Revellers turned out in force for the annual Boxing Day meet of the Holderness Hunt, which had been halted by foot and mouth disease. The handful of protesters who also turned out were hugely outnumbered... (story in archive)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 27.12.01 Protest at meet despite no hunt - Grafton met but did not hunt because of weather conditions ... More than 500 supporters turned out yesterday to see off the Grafton Hunt at Easton Neston which attracted some 75 riders with 30 hounds... quote from supporter Nikki Leeson. 6 protesters jeered at them. Pytchley also met but did not hunt, quote from secretary Dick Payne (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 27.12.01 Keeping up a tradition - THE Woodland Pytchley Hunt met for its first major event of the year yesterday... @ 60 huntsmen and hundreds of spectators. Quotes from Master of the hunt David Reynolds, protester David Knight, of Kettering, who has been going to the Brigstock meet for the last ten years, protester Diane Wilson, of Broughton (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent 27.12.01 HUNTS CATCH A COLD FROZEN ground forced fox hunters to call off their traditional Boxing Day hunts in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire - but North Staffordshire & Cheshire Forest held meets. Protesters present. (story in archive)

Evening Gazette 27.12.01 Steeple, Maldon: Protesters confront fox hunters - Essex Farmers and Union Hunt meet. No arrests. (story in archive)
East Anglian Daily Times 25.12.01 Hunt moved to avoid clashes BY PAUL MILLS The Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt will still go ahead in the Maldon district despite cancelling its traditional rendezvous because of foot-and-mouth restrictions... quote from Countryside Alliance regional spokesman, Liz Mort ... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports said the hunt was running scared, & that the move by the Suffolk Foxhounds not to hold its meet in the centre of Bury St Edmunds was a victory for opponents of hunting...
Meanwhile, as huntsmen across East Anglia prepare for a day's riding, animal rescue volunteer Alison Tew, with two foxhounds and a vixen, will enjoy their daily walk across the countryside... hounds Meg & Bella were injured & left behind by hunt a few years ago. Rosie Catford of Wildlives rehomed them, also Maggie a diseased vixen... As Alison, 30, puts it: "Surely it is proof that co-habitation is possible. The dogs have always loved Maggie and she's not scared of them." (story)
Ananova 25.12.01 Hunt moves meeting out of town... Officials say the change is to make it easier for them to comply with foot-and-mouth regulations - not to avoid demonstrators...(story)
East Anglian Daily Times 22.12.01 Hunt moving out of town ... The meeting of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt at Maldon attracts large numbers of demonstrators who line the side of the High Street to hurl abuse at huntsmen and women... quote from hunt spokeswoman Liz Mort ... Douglas Batchelor of the League Against Cruel Sports accused the huntsmen of "running scared" following the decision... LACS said it would still mark the hunt by gathering in Maldon town centre on Boxing Day (story)
Ananova 21.12.01 Hunt moving out of town - Essex Farmers and Union Hunt Boxing Day meet will move from Maldon High Street because of DEFRA regulations (story)
Essex Evening Gazette 21.12.01 Maldon: High Street hunt cancelled - Essex Farmers and Union Hunt has been granted permission to close off Maldon High Street for Boxing Day meet, but won't go ahead because of the difficulty of enforcing DEFRA anti foot & mouth disease restrictions - quote from senior joint master Douglas Hill & Liz Mort, a spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance (story in archive)
Essex Chronicle 7.12.01 Maldon: Road closure for hunt - Maldon district councillors have recommended the temporary road closure for the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt on Boxing Day. 22 letters of support, 15 objections. Quote from Joint Master of the hunt, Mervyn Clarke. Maldon Town Council had objected to the closure on grounds of public safety bearing in mind the protests which have taken place (story in archive)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 27.12.01 Hunts in action after lay-off - Hundreds of hunt enthusiasts defied the weather, protesters and months of foot-and-mouth restrictions yesterday as they gathered for annual Boxing Day meets across Norfolk and Suffolk. North Norfolk Harriers, West Norfolk Hunt, Waveney Harriers (frosted off, went for hack instead) (story)

Western Daily Press 27.12.01 TALLY-HO AGAIN - HUNTS in the West turned out in force yesterday... Thousands of people joined the traditional Boxing Day meets... quotes from hunt opponent George Malfre, from Melksham in Wiltshire, Labour Peer Baroness Mallalieu, president of the Countryside Alliance (story)

Western Daily Press 27.12.01 WE'RE BACK. . . AND SO ARE WE - HUNTING controversially returned to the countryside yesterday after a 10-month ban due to the foot-and-mouth crisis... Several hundred country sports enthusiasts attended the Beaufort Hunt, in Badminton, Gloucestershire, with no sign of any saboteurs... But tempers ran high in Wiltshire as more than 50 protestors confronted the Avon Vale Hunt at Lacock. Insults were exchanged between the two sides as 300 people looked on - quotes from hunt supporter Michaela Norris & Fiona Paltridge, a Trowbridge-based hunt monitor for the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.12.01 Tempers run high as hunting returns - ... Tempers ran high as more than 50 protesters confronted the Avon Vale Hunt at Lacock. Insults were exchanged between the two sides as 300 people looked on in the National Trust village. Quotes from rider Michaela Norris & Fiona Paltridge, LACS (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 27.12.01 Huntsmen enjoy low-key return after ten months - interview with Hugo Busby, master of the Blandford-based Portman Hunt "It was a quiet day for myself and the hounds and one or two others, but it was nice to be out again..." South Dorset and Cattistock hunts had also met on Monday... The Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals announced a new poll which it claims proves the vast majority of people are against hunting with dogs, quote from IFAW director Phyllis Campbell-McCrae (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Bristol Evening Post 27.12.01 TALLY-HO AS HUNTS ESCAPE HOUNDING - HUNDREDS of countryside enthusiasts attended one of England's most high-profile fox hunts near Bristol yesterday - with no sign of any saboteurs. The Beaufort Hunt... was expected to attract anti-hunt protesters... A traditional Boxing Day hunt meet was also held at Berkeley, in Gloucestershire (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 27.12.01 NO CHANCE OF BAN, SAYS LABOUR PEER AT THE HEAD OF COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE Labour peer Baroness Mallalieu, president of the Countryside Alliance, insisted that there was no likelihood of Parliament banning hunting. She said the issue was a long way down the Government's agenda. But Ian Cawsey, the Labour MP for Brigg and Goole, who chairs the all-party animal welfare group in the House of Commons, said he believed that Labour would stick to its manifesto promise of giving MPs a free vote on the issue... (story)

Cambridge News 27.12.01 Annual hunt starts - More than 1,000 people gathered on the village green at Eltisley to see the riders and hounds of the Cambridgeshire Hunt. Quote from Mike Burman, Joint Master of the Hunt. No sabs or protesters (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 27.12.01 THE HUNT GOES ON - The Four Shire Bloodhounds met in Ashbourne (story in archive)

York Evening Press 27.12.01 Hunt takes a ride out by Simon Horsborough ... Several hundred people turned out in Malton's Market Place to greet the Middleton Hunt. Quote from Frank Houghton Brown. Handful of anti-hunt demonstrators included Annabel Holt, who had constructed a pro-wildlife banner in the square, Tony Woodward, from Thornton-le-Dale (story in archive)

Argus 27.12.01 Arrest at hunt demo by Paul Holden - protester arrested for trespass at The Southdown and Eridge Hunt meet in Lewes. @ 80 protesters carrying placards and blowing whistles lined the pavements (story in archive)

Scotsman 27.12.01 Riding high, but with an air of finality - Gethin Chamberlain at Buccleuch Boxing Day meet, quote from Trevor Adams, joint master of the Buccleuch (story)

Scotsman 27.12.01 Unease over curbs on personal liberties (leader) ... Many in Scotland do not approve of hunting foxes, still less would care to join a hunt. But that does not necessarily mean they would support legislation, for a weapon thus fashioned can be turned on others, and set voters against government in any form. The urge to prescribe what we can and cannot do on private land is one which the parliament needs in its own interests to contain. (story)

Scotsman 27.12.01 ROYAL ORIGINS TRADITIONS GO BACK CENTURIES - MICHELLE NICHOLS - history of fox hunting (story)

Daily Record 27.12.01 LAST POST FOR BOXING DAY HUNT AS BAN LOOMS - FOX hunting supporters turned out in force for what could be the last Boxing Day gatherings in Scotland... Seventy riders and 400 followers turned out for the Buccleuch Hunt, and the Houston Hunt also took place... No large demos by saboteurs. Quote from Les Ward of Scottish Campaign Against Hunting With Dogs (story may be in archive)

Newcastle Journal 27.12.01 Hunts gather after restrictions Hunting resumed in earnest across much of the country yesterday after foot-and-mouth disease brought the controversial sport to a halt for much of the year... (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 27.12.01 Fox hunts are set to resume in New Year ... Yesterday, hunters met up for the traditional Boxing Day hunts throughout the region - but only for a social occasion... Haydon Hunt said it would not hunt this season at all out of respect for farmers. Roddy Bailey, joint master of the Morpeth Hunt, said: "I believe hunting will take place again in Northumberland from February... Alan Chapman, from the Braes of Derwent Hunt said they'd apply for a licence but it would depend on the farmers. (story in archive)

Yorkshire Post 27.12.01 Hunt supporters turn out in force for Boxing Day meets by Alexandra Wood and Brian Dooks - CROWDS celebrated the return of foxhunting to parts of Yorkshire yesterday... Holderness Hunt supported by crowd of 1,000, small group of protesters. ... Hunts like the York and Ainsty (North), which met at Boroughbridge, the Middleton, which turned out for the crowds in Malton, the Hurworth at Northallerton and the Bedale in Bedale, must wait until next year before they are allowed to resume hunting. Hunting did go ahead in Yorkshire yesterday with the York and Ainsty (South) at Howden, the Badsworth at Wentbridge, near Pontefract, and the Holme Valley Beagles at Holmfirth. No protests at Beaufort. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 27.12.01 Hunt supporters look to the future BY JOHN HOWARD HUNT supporters spoke of their determination that the sport would continue for years to come as hundreds turned out to back the Boxing Day tradition. Handful of sabs at Essex & Suffolk, cancelled due to frosty conditions, there were several hundred people lining the streets in the centre to see the meet. Quotes from James Buckle, joint master, supporter Stephen McCarthy, Liz Mort, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance; saboteur "David, from Colchester" (story)

Irish Independent 27.12.01 Hunter horses and hounds astound African eyes - TO the young Nigerian couple waiting for a bus yesterday in Kells, Co Meath, there can have been few stranger Irish rituals than the St Stephen's Day gathering of the Meath Hunt... (story)

Times 27.12.01 No more hunting here, says farmer BY VALERIE ELLIOTT farmer Fred Smith, 70, of Westbury is to hand the sporting rights to his land to the League Against Cruel Sports for a few pounds to ensure that hunting is banned there after his death... felt that he could no longer negotiate with the South Shropshire Hunt, which sometimes crosses his land (story)
Shropshire Star 27.12.01 Fox hunting farm action Fred Smith is selling the sporting rights on his 118 acres of farmland near Shrewsbury to the League Against Cruel Sports... he wanted to reach a compromise between those people who were for and against hunting... hunt currently uses his land 4-5 times a year, but he said there were a lot of people in the area who were sensitive to hunting. South Shropshire master Andrew Cook said it would be an inconvenience rather than a massive blow (story in archive)

Telegraph 27.12.01 Fate of hunt hounds - letter from Edward Bugler, Farnborough, Hants re: W F Deedes' article - Does he not realise just how short the hounds' working life is, and that at the end of it their bloodlust renders them unsuited for any other purpose, such as household pets?.. (letter)
Daily Telegraph 24.12.01 Riding to hounds with the usual suspects - W F DEEDES witnesses the end of a year's exile for the Berwickshire Hounds and is issued with an official form, but no cherry brandy ... What, I reflected, as we went on our way, will be the fate of these hounds when foxhunting becomes a criminal offence in Scotland? Household pets? It will be kinder to shoot them... Scotland, I thought, while returning to the relative warmth of our car, has obligingly made one thing clear. This is about class hatred. But which class, I asked myself, as the minister, seeking the warmth of his own car, gave us a friendly wave. (story)

Shropshire Star 27.12.01 I think you have got it wrong on fox hunts - letter in reply to "Kevin of Newport" from DG Morris, Newport - " I have never followed the hunt, but have followed the activities of foxes for over 70 years" - foxes will suffer if hunting is banned (letter may only be available from paper)
Shropshire Star 20.12.01 Sadness at return of the fox hunting pack ... Farming and tourism may have lost out, but I have seen no evidence that the ban on hunting has affected anything, other than the fox... Kevin, Newport (letter may only be available from paper)

The Herald, Glasgow 27.12.01 Fair compensation - letter from Dr Colin B Shedden, director, British Association for Shooting and Conservation (Scotland), Trochry, Dunkeld, contrasting compensation paid to former chief of VisitScotland with the lack of compensation offered to hunt workers. (letter may be in archive)

Edinburgh News 27.12.01 Alliance fighting for a lost cause - letter from Miss Katherine Watson Rushton Drive, Bramhall Stockport, Cheshire "WHAT are the Scottish Countryside Alliance and the protest marchers converging on The Mound trying to prove?... Under 26,000 people in the whole of Britain take part in any form of hunting or coursing..." (letter)

Times 27.12.01 Partridge finds attack best form of defence - Ian White, a keen shot who had been helping out as a beater at a shoot in Devon, was knocked out cold by a flying partridge as he was being driven between drives and had to be taken to hospital by an air ambulance helicopter...The partridge was killed instantly. He said: “It seems a shame to eat it. I think I’d probably prefer to stuff it.” (story)

Times 27.12.01 The cost of foie gras - letter from ROGER J. STARBUCK, 6 Monmouth Close, Welling, Kent DA16 2DX "Would anyone eat foie gras if the container showed pictures of the poor birds locked in their cages being force-fed by pneumatic pumps..." (letter)

Ananova 27.12.01 Actress Amanda Holden fleshes out for 'go veggie' campaign - posed for ad campaign organised by by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (story)

Scotsman 26.12.01 Hunters set for last Boxing Day meet by Hamish Macdonell Scottish Political Editor.... All ten of Scotland’s mounted hunts, with the exception of Dumfriesshire, will turn out for the traditional Boxing Day meetings today. But the Countryside Alliance, which has led resistance to Lord Watson’s bill to ban fox hunting, insisted yesterday the fight would go on... The Dumfries Hunt was the only hunt not able to meet because the area is still subject to movement restrictions as a result of the foot-and-mouth epidemic. (story)

Telegraph 26.12.01 Hounded hunts (leader) ... In England, there is still hope that a hunting Bill will never succeed. In Scotland, though, the legislation is falling into place. The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill will face its last hurdle at the end of January, when it will, in all likelihood, be voted through with a large majority by the Scottish Parliament... But the voice of freedom is returning - 15,000 quiet but angry Scottish hunting protesters marched through Edinburgh this month - and will keep on growing in volume to stop the guillotine falling. (story)

Times 26.12.01 If you hate football supporters, stand up BY ALICE MILES Hunt opponents must get off their high horses and gain a sense of perspective... ask whether the huntsmen really are more offensive then the packs of football fans; whether the values promoted by hunting, of poshness and horns and riding straight in a saddle, are more corrosive than those of mass stupidity and occasional mindless violence... Live and let live. Unless you’re a fox, I hear the hunt protesters shriek. The fox chased and killed around the fields of England today will have had a far, far better life and possibly even a less stressful death than that crate-reared, antibiotic-stuffed, overfed, growth hormone-fuelled, short-lived and miserable turkey you are trying to polish off today... (story)

Ananova 26.12.01 Fox hunters out in earnest - ...Hunts gathered for traditional Boxing Day meets across Britain... Labour peer Baroness Mallalieu, president of the fields sports lobby group, Countryside Alliance, insists there is no likelihood of Parliament banning hunting... Ian Cawsey thinks Labour will stick to manifesto promise to have free vote on the issue (story)

Shropshire Star 26.12.01 Hunt is greeted by crowd in town... Crowds lined the centre of Newport for the Boxing Day meet of the Albrighton Hunt and Newport Carriage Driving Association. Small group of protesters. Meets also of Wheatland, David Davis & Ludlow. (story may be in archive)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 26.12.01 Hunts bid to avoid protesters - Hunts across East Anglia will seek to cast off the memories of a troubled year at their traditional Boxing Day meets... The Waveney Harriers are breaking with a 50-year tradition by transferring their meet from Bungay town centre... quote from John Ibbott, joint master ... The Suffolk Hunt has always met on Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, but this year is also moving out of town... The North Norfolk Harriers have moved from Aylsham Market Place to Sennowe Park at Guist. The West Norfolk Hunt has also changed venues... quote from Sidney Harris, chairman of South Norfolk's Dunston Harriers. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.12.01 Hunting is here to stay, vow - HUNT supporters today delivered a message as they gathered for the year's most important meet: "We have been here for generations and we will be here for many more."... quote from Beaufort Hunt spokesman Jo Aldridge (story, also in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Chester Evening Leader 26.12.01 HUNT UNDER FIRE - the Cheshire Hunt has been filmed near a field with sheep - A still from the video of the hunt on Thursday December 20 at Alvanley was sent to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs... (story in archive)

Cambridge News 26.12.01 Take time to reflect From Michael Michalak, The Countryside Against Bloodsport, Swaffham Road, Burwell - hopes all hunt supporters attending church will "in a quiet moment, reflect... would their God condone the cruelty, the sheer barbarity of their beloved pastimes..." etc

Northern Echo 26.12.01 ROYAL FAMILY - anti hunt letter from Hugh Pender, Darlington. "APPARENTLY our royal princes Wills and Harry have been out shooting pheasants. It is clear that their father has totally erased from these young men anything their mother, Diana, taught them. She was passionately opposed to all forms of cruelty to wild creatures... (letter in archive)

Argus 26.12.01 People first - letter in reply to Mrs Trackitt from Thomas Bromley, SIMR member - "... one thing animal extremists enjoy doing is trying to rip hope away from people with serious illnesses because some medical research has to involve the use of animals..." (letter in archive)
Argus 20.12.01 Giving hope - Why is it that animal rights supporters, vegans and vegetarians should be criticised for their part in trying to end the misery bestowed upon animals by man?... farm animals slaughtered, vivisection, ... Finally, in such sports as foxhunting, participating individuals actually come out into the open and admit to their passion for killing... Mrs S Trackitt, Downside, Shoreham (letter in archive)

Ananova 25.12.01 Hunts 'running scared', say field sport opponents The League Against Cruel Sports said decisions by hunts in Maldon, Essex, and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, not to gather in town centres were a victory for opponents of hunting... The LACS plans to hold protests at hunts nationwide, including a sizeable one at Winslow, Bucks - where members of the Bicester and Whaddon Chase are due to gather in the market square. (story)

(title unknown, one of the "This Is" sites, found in the This is Exeter archive) 24.12.01 HUNTING HORNS SILENT FOR MOST OF COUNTY - Three of Leicestershire's fox hunts will meet but not hunt on Boxing Day because of continuing problems after the foot-and-mouth epidemic... The Fernie, is the only one to confirm a normal programme for Boxing Day... Andrew Wasley, of the League Against Cruel Sports said the organisation would be holding major demonstrations in other parts of the country

Sussex Express 24.12.01 HUNTS OUT IN FORCE LOCAL hunts are set to continue the Christmas tradition of meeting on Boxing Day. - Southdown & Eridge, CL&C, Crawley & Horsham (story in archive)

Liverpool Daily Post 24.12.01 Hunt rides again By Stephen Rylance, Daily Post - CHESHIRE Forest Hunt has become one of the first in the country to resume fox hunting since the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Will now go ahead with meets today and Boxing Day - Goshawk, near Mouldsworth, today and at a Boxing Day gathering at the Duke of Portland pub in Lache Dennis, near Northwich. North West Hunt Saboteurs tried to sab hunt on Thursday, and protested at a Christmas party at the Fourways Hotel later that evening. They seized the carcass of a fox killed on Thursday and took it to the front door of the Cheshire Forest Secretary on Friday. Alex Park of the CFH said the fox had been killed quickly and cleanly, but the sabs trespassed and stole it. Quote from Paul Timpson of the NWHSA. Cheshire Hunt has cancelled Boxing Day hunt but will hold a parade instead. (story)

Worcester Evening News 24.12.01 Tally-ho! Hunting we will go, again ... The Worcestershire Hunt will arrive the Raven Hotel, Droitwich, at 11am for the annual Boxing Day meet, quote from Bob Brierley of the WH (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.12.01 Horsemen gather in festive meet By Karen Evans - The David Davies hunt met on Saturday - and over 100 huntsmen from all over the region headed out at 10.30am. The annual Boxing Day hunt will set off from Llanidloes town centre at 10.30am. Will also meet in Welshpool town centre on Wednesday but there will be no annual hunt because of continuing foot and mouth restrictions - there will be a fun ride instead. (story may be in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 24.12.01 Boxing Day hunts should be last, says MP - Doug Naysmith wants new anti hunt bill etc (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 24.12.01 BLAIR IS URGED TO KEEP BILL PROMISE - letter from Sandra Barker, Bridge View, Milford, Belper - write to Margaret Beckett calling for hunt ban. "...This majority in the House of Commons reflects the results of numerous opinion polls held throughout the country. This demonstrates that most people are in favour of a ban... The fact that the Government has many pressing demands on its time is not an excuse or a good reason to condone hunting by delaying the promised introduction of the Bill...(story)

Scotsman 24.12.01 letters in reply to Robert McNeil's article:
The usually excellent Robert McNeil misjudged the marchers at the recent Countryside Alliance event... I attended not to support hunting (I believe firmly that that is a matter for conscience rather than legislation), but as a hill-walker, because I believe that the Land Reform Bill will, if enacted, do terminal damage to the Scottish countryside... WG DUNLOP, Coltbridge Avenue, Edinburgh
I am English (British actually, but that's a concept politicians no longer understand) and was at the recent march for "Freedom in the Countryside" in Edinburgh. I wore a tweed coat and hat, green wellies, have a "waugh, waugh" accent and enjoy hunting.... would Robert McNeil, and many of his like-minded MSPs, be allowed to get away with such bigotry if I was a disabled, black, cross-dressing gay?.. JEREMY WHALEY, Duns, Berwickshire (letters)
Scotsman 17.12.01 SKETCH: Rural fashion on the catcall walk by Robert McNeil ..."Behold our wax jackets," they cried, "and the veins on our cheeks broken by wind and a-supping at the hip-flask." They believe they are better than city people and, accordingly, want preferential treatment. The way they go on, you would think the countryside was another country, more than 20 minutes away on the bus. You would think it was not centrally heated, that it lacked satellite television, executive-style Land Rovers and a supermarket within 20 miles... (story)

Irish News 24.12.01 Let’s have a rational and informed debate about hunting - reply to John Tierney from JOHNNY Vance, Chairman, Hunting Association of Northern Ireland " THE letter from John Tierney (Time to banish Peel’s ‘view halloo’ from St Stephen’s day – December 18) defies belief in its inaccuracy, prejudice and uninformed rant in what purports to be an accurate picture of hunting... Last Sunday in Edinburgh 15,000 people marched in protest at the ill-thought out anti-field sports proposals now before the Scottish parliament... How many (I saw only eight or 10 in Edinburgh) anti-hunt demonstrators could Mr Tierney turn out for a similar, democratic event?"
Irish News 18.12.01 Time to banish Peel’s ‘view halloo’ from St Stephen’s day - letter from JOHN TIERNEY, Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, Dublin "A common trick used by terriermen is for the dugout fox to be put into a bag. Its belly is then crushed to force the animal to urinate. Then the fox is taken into the open and tipped out to run again. Only this time its coat will be streaked with blood and urine and its scent stronger thus making it easier for the hounds to hunt the animal again." (letter may be in archive)

Times 24.12.01 The fox population from N. M. CAMPBELL, 79 Manor Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4SL in reply to Allan Sturmey, 21.12.01 "No increase in foxes in rural Wiltshire (letter, December 21)? There is a simple explanation. They have come to central Worthing, where, in the past ten months, they have killed three of my six chickens" (letter)
Times 21.12.01 The fox population FROM MR ALLAN J. STURMEY, 33 Palairet Close, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1UT. - hasn't seen any evidence of fox population increase while hunting has been banned (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.12.01 Easy to ignore the plight of animals from Chris Hull Oakleigh Yetminster, Dorset "I AGREE with every word in MJ Haines' letter of December 21 about our callous attitude to animals... Humans have invented their non-existent gods to ease their consciences... (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 21.12.01 Loaded in favour of human hunters - anti shooting letter from M J Haines, Cirencester Gloucestershire " should we not legislate against the unnecessary and wasteful fun killing of the human mammal, who blasts away millions of life forms for his/her own sadistic pleasure?" (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Newcastle Journal 24.12.01 Marksmen called in to cull Cragside deer - National Trust has brought in marksmen to cull deer which are ruining the formal gardens at Cragside Estate near Rothbury. RSPCA said it had no objections to culling deer on animal welfare grounds, but said all other options should be explored first (story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 24.12.01 Help stop this cruel trade - anti fur letter from MARK GLOVER, Campaign Director, Resect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham - 2m cats & dogs are killed in Far East for fur trade (letter in archive)

Independent on Sunday 23.12.01 Labour MPs press for return of hunting Bill By Jo Dillon and Colin Brown ...Labour back-benchers have been told that they can either have the Bill to ban fox-hunting or Government legislation to reform the House of Lords before the next session of Parliament in November 2002... Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong wants to go ahead with Lords reform but anti hunt campaigners are stepping up the pressure. Anti hunt backbenchers want to use the Parliament Act to force the bill through the House of Lords. Outside Parliament, League Against Cruel Sports says it has evidence of hunts flouting foot & mouth regulations. (story)

(title not given, found in the This Is Lincolnshire archive) 21.12.01 HUNTS SADDLING UP DESPITE BOXING DAY THREAT BY PATRICK PHELVIN - A hunt saboteur website has named several leaders of the East Devon Hunt and listed their home addresses and telephone numbers. Master Michael Moore has received crank phone calls. East Devon HSA says that all hunts are a target. Veteran sab Mr Thomas said If there is an animal in danger I will do everything I can to protect it. I don't mind breaking the law." A licence has been granted for the Mid Devon Hunt. DEFRA is still considering applications for hunting licences from the Silverton and Tiverton hunts. LACS plans to protest against Axe Vale Hunt.

Northern Echo 21.12.01 Boxing Day return for Market Place meet - Middleton Hunt will meet in Malton, quote from master Frank Houghton-Brown. Part of its country is still under F&M restrictions. However the hunt expects to visit the old people's home in Pickering Road, Malton and the Royal Oak pub at old Malton as usual on Boxing Day after the meet in Malton Market Place. (story in archive)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 21.12.01 Hunts bid to hold Boxing Day meetings By Jenny Parkin, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner ... Michael Haigh, of the Holme Valley Beagles, said huntsmen hoped they could go out on Boxing Day... David Sill, of the Colne Valley Beagles, said there would be a meeting on Boxing Day - but only socially, not to hunt... Jim Haigh, of Rockwood Harriers, who hunt with horses on countryside to the south of Huddersfield, said a social ride was planned for Boxing Day... (story)

Hexham Courant 21.12.01 Braes of Derwent Hunt will be at The Queen's Head Pub in Lanchester at 11am on Boxing Day, and at Newlands Grange near Whittonstall at midday. Master Alan Chapman said all were welcome. On exercise, not hunting. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.12.01 Hunters ride again - David Thompson, chairman of the Wiltshire branch of the League Against Cruel Sports wants members to protest at any hunts over Christmas period. Boxing Day meets: Avon Vale meets at Red Lion at 11.00, quote from Nick Ashcroft; Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles meets in Warminster, quote from master Philip Amery; South and West Wilts Hunt meet at Mere & at Sindon on New Years Day - Andrew Sallis (story in archive)

Southern Reporter 21.12.01 MARCHERS RALLY TO DEFEND RURAL LIFE - A1 & March on the Mound protests - quotes from Galashiels farmer Tommy Douglas, Farming engineer, George Marshall, Carolyne Inness from Lauder. Les Ward from the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs feels differently (story in archive)

Daily Record 21.12.01 READERS LETTERS: COUNTRY PROTESTERS DON'T NEED SYMPATHY - where were they when Ravenscraig shut down etc . - Nancy Reid, Coatbridge (letter may be in archive)

Worcester Evening News 21.12.01 Hunt forced to change venue - A HUNT meet in Upton on Christmas Eve, which traditionally attracts hundreds of people, has been moved due to foot and mouth restrictions. Restrictions on livestock movements in Worcestershire mean the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt will meet instead at Tyrel House Farm, Hanley Swan, at 11am... (story in archive)

Melton Times 21.12.01 HUNTING RETURNS TO AREA - Foxhunting returns to the Melton area for the first time since foot-and-mouth outbreak...The Cottesmore Hunt was the first out on Tuesday and the Belvoir hopes to hunt tomorrow or Saturday... (story)

Worcester Evening News 21.12.01 £2,000 fines for hare hunters - FOUR men from Worcester have been fined more than £2,000 after they were snared while hare coursing. The group, all from the Lower Smite Caravan Park site at Hindlip, each admitted two charges of entering land in pursuit of game. David Butler, aged 52, David Butler junior, 27, John Butler, 19, and Harry Butler, 25, all from the caravan park off the Pershore Road, were each fined £510. Both David Butlers were ordered to hand over their cars. Harry Smith, 33, of Cherry Brook Close, Hereford, was also fined £510. Part of a group of 15 from West Midlands, Worcestershire, South Wales, Hereford, Hampshire, and Surrey who were all fined between £155 and £510 by Didcot Magistrates (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 21.12.01 Koreans stick to the dog diet - South Korea has told animal rights activists to stop criticising the country's dog eating culture "The issue of dog meat is a matter of national pride, " said a joint statement signed by 166 civic leaders. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Edinburgh News 10.12.01 Bardot’s dog meat hate mail - Brigitte Bardot complains she has been sent hate mail after campaigning against dog slaughter in Korea (story)
Scotsman 7.11.01 FIFA puts animal cruelty on World Cup agenda - FIFA is launching a drive against animal cruelty in South Korea

Worcester Evening News 21.12.01 Help greyhounds keep warm - TONY PETERS, pp Greyhound Action (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.12.01 Coats needed for ex-racing dogs - TONY PETERS Greyhound Action, Kidderminster (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 11.12.01 You could keep a greyhound warm - Greyhound Action letter, TONY PETERS, Greyhound Action. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Post 8.12.01 Caring for greyhounds - greyhound racing letter from TONY PETERS, Greyhound Action (letter)
Bolton Evening News 7.12.01 Help the greyhounds - letter from Tony Peters Greyhound Action Kidderminster appealing for help for sanctuaries for ex racing greyhounds, esp winter coats " IN the wake of the recent Kenyon Confronts television programme, which exposed the ill-treatment of dogs by some members of the greyhound racing fraternity..." contact the group at PO Box 127, Kidderminster, DY10 3UZ, phone us on 01562 745778, fax us on 0870 138 3993 (story in archive)

Dumfries & Galloway News 20.12.01 1000 join countryside protest in Edinburgh - MORE than a 1,000 people from Dumfries and Galloway are estimated to have joined Sunday’s protest march on the Mound... Piet Gilroy, Auchencairn, chairman of the Countryside Alliance for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale, has pledged that they are going to continue the fight (story in archive)

Berwickshire News 20.12.01 countryside campaigners protest at rural treatment - ...campaigners from the Borders took part in two protests against the government's handling of rural issues this weekend... locals organised go slow on A1 on Friday, & then took part in March on the Mound on Sunday. Conservative PPS for Roxburgh, Sandy Scott was one of the marchers. Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP Euan Robson opposes the Watson bill. (story in archive)

Cornishman 20.12.01 RARIN' TO GO! - Western Hunt will meet at Madron on Boxing Day (story)

Western Gazette 20.12.01 Ban lifted on festive hunt - Report by Hugo Berger - Seavington will meet on Boxing Day - quote from master Debbie Banwell. Kevin Hill of Laburnum Crescent, Crewkerne, is an investigator of hunts for the International Fund for Animal Welfare - thinks it's much too soon after foot & mouth. “There is still the possibility that the deer population is carrying the disease as this has not been properly investigated.” THE Seavington Hunt will parade through Crewkerne at 11am after the annual pram race at 10.30am. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Southern Daily Echo 20.12.01 `Let us be allowed to hunt again' plea by Peter East New Forest Foxhounds decided to hold an opening meet at Janesmoor Pond on Saturday. Quotes from Nick Smith & hunt master Pat Hudson. A groom & a kennel man already made redundant.

Tavistock Times 20.12.01 Hunt on over Christmas - Spooners and West Dartmoor Foxhounds will hold their Boxing Day morning hunt as usual, meeting in Tavistock’s Bedford Square. A sponsored ride from Land’s End to the Royal Cornwall Show Ground by members of Lamerton Foxhounds raised £1,525.61 for the Green Wellie Fund. (story in archive)

Chester Evening Leader 20.12.01 FOOT AND MOUTH FEARS - Cheshire Hunt has cancelled Boxing Day meet because of risk of foot & mouth. However, members will meet as usual at Little Budworth (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 20.12.01 Jobs fear as hunts return awaited ... Hunt supporters in the region spoke of their frustration at the wait for the all-clear and said people were suffering financially... quotes from Richard Tyacke, joint master of the Tynedale Hunt, Richard Dodd, regional director for the Countryside Alliance, LACS spokesman (story)

Clevedon Mercury 20.12.01 (no website) Political double speak by Piers McBride ..."The indiscriminate killing of innocent animals cannot be justified." Except, of course, in the case of foxes... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Gazette 20.12.01 Hunting prejudice in Defra guidelines - letter in reply to Helen Weeks from Robert Tucker Gladstone Close, Littlemoor - DEFRA is biased against hunting - allows events like cross country racing with competitors from Cumbria without restrictions or conditions. (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Gazette 13.12.01 Huntmaster has reason for pride - reply to Helen Weeks & Lilian Poulton from Rupert Nuttall, joint master, Blackmore & Sparkford Vale "During the FMD crisis where were Mrs Weeks and her anti-hunting friends, when we as a hunt were picking up hundreds of unwanted calves per week, which were left with no market due to the crisis?" (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Gazette 11.12.01 Hunting runs risk of reviving FMD - letter from Helen Weeks, West Coker Hill, West Coker. Hounds will spread disease, disturb deer etc. (letter in archive)

Spalding Guardian/Lincs Free Press 20.12.01 farmers want action against hare coursing. Rex Sly, who farms in Postland and Thorney, said: "It happens every weekend. If you went to any farmer in the Fens every single man would say they had problems..." quotes from Steve Barber, NFU South Holland branch secretary, Dr Stephen Tapper, of the Game Conservancy Trust (story in archive)

Southern Daily Echo 20.12.01 Inspector calls to probe activists - A SPECIAL Branch investigator visited a pony sales event in the New Forest as part of a probe into animal rights activists... The elite squad, renowned for its anti-terrorist role, is shadowing animal rights activists and visiting any events they are likely to attend. (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 20.12.01 Demo over cruelty to bears - Stockport Animal Defenders and Manchester Animal Protection demonstrated outside the Chinese Consulate in Rusholme to protest about cruelty to bears in China. Spokesman John Brown said: ''This industry is wicked exploitation of defenceless creatures..." (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 20.12.01 Cowboys and injuries By Sonja Karlsen - animal rights campaigner Tony Moore wants a 3 day rodeo dropped from the winter Olympics - calling on the British Olympics team to condemn the event. Tony and his late wife, Vicki, founded action group Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE) from their flat in Shakespeare Street, Southport, and were renowned for highlighting Spanish bull-fighting. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.12.01 DELIGHT IN COUNTRYSIDE AS FOX HUNTS BACK IN ACTION - Around 250 countryside enthusiasts turned out to support the Beaufort Hunt ... As well as the Beaufort, other hunts in the South West have received licences, including the Berkeley, Ledbury, Cotswold Vale, Cotswold, and Vale of the White Horse... quotes from joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, Ian Farquhar, Nicky Driver, Countryside Alliance, Chris Maiden of the Berkeley: "...Financially, though, it's been a struggle - there's been no income." (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.12.01 BACK IN ACTION - hunts resume after F&M (story)

Northwich Guardian 19.12.01 Campaigners plan demonstration - North West Hunt Saboteurs Association is to hold demonstration outside Fourways Public House in Delamere tomorrow night during the Cheshire Forest Hunt's young supporters' Christmas party. ...Paul Timpson, spokesman for the association, said: "We are holding the protest to remind the hunt and its supporters that we find their sporting activities not only to be inherently cruel but also an abhorrent attack on our wildlife....The demonstration is due to start at 7.30pm at the main entrance to the pub. (story in archive)

Bucks Free Press 19.12.01 The sad views of Mr Mortimer - anti hunt letter re: John Mortimer from Beatrice Bradley, Watlington, Oxon "...I am not a hunt saboteur, but a hunt monitor, following and recording on camera some extremely unpleasant hunt incidents and also seeing at close-quarters the sabs in action...." (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 19.12.01 Police crack down on illegal coursing ...Sergeant Paul Cooper, head of Suffolk police's operation against coursing gangs, said: "This year has been bad. There has been a big increase in coursing." (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 19.12.01 TUBERCULOSIS: DON'T CONDEMN BADGERS - letter from Mrs Karen Rene, Leicester defending badgers against the charge that they spread TB (letter)

Argus 19.12.01 Compassion keeps us alive "...If it wasn't for our humanity and compassion, humans would have hunted each other to extinction a long, long time ago." from Richard W Symonds, Lavington Close, Crawley (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 19.12.01 VEGETARIAN DIET NOT GOOD FOR CATS - letter from Mrs Ruth Jackson, Earl Shilton criticising vegetarians for trying to convert their cats to the diet (story)

Independent 18.12.01 Like it or loathe it, the return of the foxhunt was a cause for some celebration yesterday - By Steve Boggan - Beaufort, Cotswold out hunting yesterday. Interview with Cotswold huntsman Julian Barnfield. Poll conducted by Mori for the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals shows 65 per cent describing hunting as cruel, 53 per cent as unnecessary and 38 per cent as outdated. Quote from Phyllis Campbell-McCrae, IFAW UK director (story)

Leicester Mercury 18.12.01 COUNTY HUNTING COMEBACK MAY START TOMORROW ...The Quorn, Fernie, Cottesmore and Belvoir Hunts were due to pick up permits and application forms yesterday, issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs... quotes from Tor Owen, chairman of the Belvoir Hunt committee, Joe Cowen, joint master of the Great Bowden-based Fernie Hunt, Richard Carden, the Quorn Hunt's senior master. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 18.12.01 REGION'S HUNTS GET GREEN LIGHT ...Members of the Holderness Hunt have been granted a licence by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to resume hunting... quotes from joint master Chris Richardson & Simon Hart, director of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting (story may be in archive)

Gloucester Echo/Citizen/Western Daily Press site 18.12.01 HUNTING BEGINS AGAIN DESPITE FMD CAUTION by MARK CLOUGH - quotes from Simon Hart, director of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting, Mal Treharne, of the Countryside Alliance, David Latham, joint master of the Four Burrow: "...We have had excellent relations with DEFRA, both here and in the rest of the country." Alan Kirby, of Protect Our Wild Animals, said: "I am just appalled..." (story)

Western Daily Press 18.12.01 Delight as the ban is lifted ...More than 70 riders from the Beaufort Hunt set out from the Swangrove Estate, near Badminton (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Yorkshire Post 18.12.01 Hunt supporters out in force for first meet since foot and mouth by Michael Brown - ...Around 150 foot followers joined more than 70 riders at the Swangrove Estate near Badminton, South Gloucestershire, for the first gathering of the Beaufort Hunt since the ban on hunting was imposed at the start of the foot-and-mouth crisis... quotes from Countryside Alliance spokesman John Haigh of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, Ian Farquhar, Alex Connors of Chippenham who makes hunting boots, Nicky Driver from the Countryside Alliance (story)

Western Mail 18.12.01 Hunters fail to catch fox after ban is finally lifted by Darren Devine ...Farmers gathered for the foxhunt at Brynkir Farm, in Golan, Snowdonia, led by local landowner Richard Williams and huntsman Dylan Davies... quote from Adrian Simpson, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance in Wales. ...Clwyd West AM Alun Pugh said, "I have no problem with farmers using shotguns to control foxes. However, recreational hunting is entirely different. I do not understand the mentality of the `Tally ho' set, who are incapable of enjoying Christmas without engaging in the slaughter of small mammals... (story)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 18.12.01 Hunting hounds return to the chase MARTIN BARSBY , JONATHAN REDHEAD ...nothing could go ahead until the men from the ministry had said yes - and in some cases they left it late. At 9.22am a fax machine in South Norfolk whirred into action and Dunston Harriers received their licence from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for their 10am hunt... quotes from chairman Sidney Harris & West Norfolk joint master Nick Saffell (story)

Borders Telegraph 18.12.01 Borderers hunt for Executive support - HUNDREDS of Borderers were among angry protesters who brought the centre of Edinburgh to a standstill on Sunday, writes Claire Elliot... Representatives of the National Farmers Union, Lauderdale and Buccleuch Hunts and Scottish Conservatives were among several local groups which took part in the march, organised by the Countryside Alliance. Quotes from Borders NFU vice-chairman, Chris Walton, Jim Sutherland, of Carfraemill, Lauder (who doesn't fish, shoot or hunt), chairman of Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale Conservatives, Jeff Stoddart, Bob Noble, Borders NFU secretary, Kevin Newton, of Ettrick Hall Farm, Ettrick Valley (story)

Scotsman 18.12.01 Pressure grows on hunting bill - Hamish Macdonell Scottish Political Editor - SIR David Steel, the Presiding Officer, is under pressure to allow the whole Scottish parliament to decide whether compensation should be available to anybody thrown out of work as a result of the bill to ban hunting. Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) called on Jack McConnell to hold "rural summit" "People from rural areas believe politicians should focus on the rural issues that really matter, such as tourism, foot-and-mouth, transport and schools, rather than concentrate on imposing a ban on fox hunting." (story)

Scotsman 18.12.01 Does our countryside have any future? (Katie Grant) ...ON 1 March, 1998, some 300,000 people converged on London and brought the capital to a standstill. I went down on a bus with other members of the hunt I have followed since childhood. ...the march was a jolly affair...On Sunday, we who marched in Edinburgh were probably wearing the same clothes as we wore back then...People still smiled, but they were not cheerful. For many, their world has collapsed, or is about to... (story)

Scotsman 18.12.01 Humane alternative - letter from SARAH BRUCE, The Causeway, Edinburgh promoting drag hunting (letter)

Edinburgh News 18.12.01 Hunt ban won’t kill off tourism - letter in reply to Sue Dodds from Les Ward, chairman Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Hounds, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh News 12.12.01 - letter in response to Les Ward's article from Sue Dodds, director Buccleuch Arms Hotel, St Boswells - they like many rely on English tourists coming to take part in country sports in the winter period.(letter)
Edinburgh News 5.12.01 It’s easy to be foxed by hunt lobby - article by Les Ward of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs - the forthcoming March in Edinburgh is being organised from England and most of the marchers will be English etc. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.12.01 Naked, no - Britney Spears is NOT going to appear naked in PETA advert ...She claimed PETA had "distorted the truth" by claiming she would strip off for the advertisements... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Edinburgh News 12.12.01 NAKED BRITNEY TO JOIN ANTI-FUR FIGHTERS - ... The singer is to pose for a poster for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) as part of its anti-fur campaign... (story)

Worcester Evening News 18.12.01 `Stop killing these birds' - Joan Shovelton, 78, of St Andrews Road, Malvern says air gunners are shooting birds (story in archive)

Guardian 17.12.01 Countryside campaigners march on Scottish parliament by Gerard Seenan ...Scottish Countryside Alliance officials said around 15,000 people took part in its March on the Mound demonstration... quotes from Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Sheila Ross from Tarland in Aberdeenshire, Philip Fergus a kennel huntsman for the Eglinton Hunt in Ayrshire - The march was supported by groups including the National Farmers' Union and the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (story)

Independent 17.12.01 Pro-hunt lobby vows to step up protests over Bill By Anna Whitney - quotes from Allan Murray; Noel Collins of the Rural Rebels, Philip Fergus a kennel huntsman for the Eglinton Hunt. Hunting will resume today - quote from Simon Hart of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting (story)

Scotsman 17.12.01 Rural rebels step up fight by Paul Gallagher - MILITANT countryside campaigners are planning a wave of civil disobedience to block the banning of hunting in Scotland, in a marked escalation of the battle against legislation. Activists warned last night they were ready to face arrest as they prepared to hijack the mainstream movement in support of the countryside with a campaign of direct action to protect the rural way of life.... quote from Noel Collins of Rural Rebels. March on the Mound was addressed by Allan Murray, Scottish Tory leader David McLetchie and Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles. The Scottish Campaign Against Hunting With Dogs also disputed the crowd figures given by the march organisers, saying there were closer to 11,000 people at the protest. Les Ward said "The organisers are sure to be disappointed by today’s turnout. The Countryside Alliance hoped to get as many as 200,000, but their protest today has proved to be something of a damp squib." (story)

Scotsman 17.12.01 Countryside anger comes to town by Paul Gallagher - speeches from Allan Murray, John Jeffreys, the former Scottish rugby international who is also a Borders farmer. Quotes from Brian Perry, a farmer from Ludlow, Alastair Campbell, a farmer and hotelier from Renfrewshire, Barry Stewart, a retired accountant from Edinburgh. A few anti hunt protesters.(story) p>Scotsman 17.12.01 A gamekeeper’s view of the bill by GEORGE HAY - interview with BRIAN Paxton, Head Gamekeeper at Forneth Estate in Perthshire (story)

Scotsman 17.12.01 Is rural lobby prepared to compromise? (leader article) ...the peaceful march was impressive in size and did represent many from rural Scotland including, officially, the NFU and the Scottish Landowners Federation... Driving more people into the arms of the extremists by refusing to listen to them is not constructive... But is the Alliance willing to seek pragmatic compromise or will it hold out for a status quo which may not be defendable?...the combined weight of MSPs from rural, island and small-town Scotland, if properly combined, could represent between a fifth and a third of the Scottish parliament. Mobilising that democratic power rather than blocking bridges is the strategic way forward (story)

The Herald 17.12.01 Countryside comes to town to voice its anger to Parliament by RAYMOND DUNCAN - the rally received support messages from Iain Duncan Smith, leader of the Opposition, Willie Carson, the former jockey, and Kenny Logan, the Scottish rugby player. Later the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting disputed the reported turn-out - It said an independent expert from Mori, the pollsters, had attended the event & the figure was 4,000 less. (story in archive)

The Herald 17.12.01 United in the aim of raising rural profile by RAYMOND DUNCAN - interviews with marchers: Robert Johnston, a 13-year-old pupil at Barrhead High School, near Glasgow; Philip Fergus, a kennel huntsman for the Eglinton Hunt; Michael Dun, a sheep farmer from Heriot; Pat Neilson of the Little Acres Pet Hotel in Ayrshire (story in archive)

The Herald 17.12.01 The real enemy of the rural community - letters hostile to the "rural rebels" from:
Stuart Fairweather, convener, Democratic Left Scotland, 1A Leopold Place, Edinburgh - farmers "are ill served by the group driving their tractors on Edinburgh and shouting at MSPs who are trying to ban blood sports" - should concentrate on landowners & multinationals
G J C Reid, Druim Fada, Spean Bridge - hounds should be made subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act & kept muzzled and on a lead, or ban the breeding of hounds & let hunts continue until they die out.
Ian Hood, 17 Noble Place, Edinburgh - Landed rich on the march in Meadows - HAVING seen the blood sports protesters collecting on the Meadows in Edinburgh today... Fur coats, tweed suits, Barbour jackets, plus fours, pearls and diamonds were marching for the right to kill animals..." (letters may be in archive)

The Herald 17.12.01 Target the real villains of the piece by Alex Bell - It is sad to see a good political cause destroyed by a lousy campaign... Yesterday's March on the Mound and the road-blocking protests of the self-styled Rural Rebels reek of confusion and self-interest... These aren't martyrs in the making, just bad losers... (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 17.12.01 Great support for countryside protest - THE North-East's rural community last night backed the thousands of campaigners who marched through Edinburgh calling for action to help the countryside. Quotes from Richard Dodd, regional director, Countryside Alliance, Northumberland NFU chairman Stoker Frater, National Sheep Association chairman David Smith, Rural Rebels co-ordinator, Noel Collins (story)

Yorkshire Post 17.12.01 '15,000' at rural alliance march - The March on the Mound, which organisers said was attended by 15,000 people, was the largest countryside demonstration to be held in Britain since an estimated 300,000 people took to the streets of London three years ago. Quotes from Rural Rebels co-ordinator, Noel Collins, Scottish Countryside Alliance director Allan Murray ... A wide range of organisations, including the National Farmers' Union, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, gamekeeping and other countryside bodies also backed it. Mike Rumbles said he had lodged another amendment to the Bill and warned he would oppose it "tooth and nail" if his call for compensation was rejected once more. (story)

Daily Record 17.12.01 COUNTRY PROTEST TAKES OVER THE CITY (story may be in archive)

Dundee Courier 17.12.01 COUNTRYSIDE PROTESTERS MARCH ON CAPITAL By Andrew Arbuckle, farming editor ...Huntsmen from Hereford, wildfowlers from north Wales, and a party from Norfolk, mixed with their Scottish counterparts... There were also many of the leaders of rural organisations, although both NFU Scotland and the Scottish Landowners’ Federation made it clear they were not operating in any official capacity... a dozen or so animal rights activists clashed with the main body of the march... Norwegian visitor, Morten Boas, from Oslo said "It is about urban views clashing with rural traditions," (story may only be available from paper)

Dundee Courier 17.12.01 RURAL MARCH A ‘STARK WARNING’ TO PARLIAMENT ALTHOUGH THERE were more fox hunting banners than any other group at yesterday’s march, the message was straightforward, writes Andrew Arbuckle, farming editor - quotes from marchers: Willie Young, from Milnathort, former chairman of the Young Farmers’ Association, Robin Traquair, Tony Peters, one of a party from Ecclesgrieg and Marykirk, keen angler from Aberdeen, John Lewis, Dr Keith Dawson, from CSC Cropcare, John Bell, Colinsburgh. ...But the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs claimed a poll of the marchers conducted showed almost one third had come up from England... (story may only be available from paper)

Western Daily Press 17.12.01 15,000 on streets for rural protest THOUSANDS of campaigners turned out yesterday for one of Britain's biggest-ever rural protests, including Mal Treharne. Duke of Beaufort's Hounds have successfully applied for licence from DEFRA (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Edinburgh News 17.12.01 Taste of country's strife in the big city By MARK SMITH and JAMES KILNER ..."You may beat the Taliban, but you won’t win the hunting ban", said one ...Scottish Campaign against Hunting with Dogs today published a survey suggesting one in three of the protesters in Edinburgh were English. The survey carried out by MORI also showed 83 per cent of marchers were Conservative voters, with only two per cent backing the SNP and five per cent Labour supporters... A police spokeswoman confirmed that a small number of anti-hunt protesters had been among the crowd. They included 20-year-old student Thomas Turnbull, who said his placard saying "End Subsidies for Rich Farmers" was taken from him and ripped up by marchers at the Meadows... Clarissa Dickson Wright also backed direct action to defend fox hunting and other country pursuits, yesterday, claiming the countryside was "at war" with the Government.(story)

Edinburgh News 17.12.01 Get off our land (opinion piece) ...if the Countryside Alliance hoped to garner greater public support for their cause, they fell far short of their objective... protesters inconvenienced shoppers ...If the Countryside Alliance are serious about persuading “townies” to support their cause, then next time they should avoid the Christmas rush (story)

Express 17.12.01 Foxhunting set to resume (story)

Times 17.12.01 Hounds pick up scent again after foxhunt ban is lifted BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR ...Up to 30 hunts have been licensed, and more permits will be issued this week. Yesterday 15,000 people marched in Edinburgh in protest at the Scottish Parliament’s attempt to outlaw foxhunting... In Oxfordshire, Patrick Martin, huntsman with the Bicester hunt, spent yesterday exercising the pack of 104 foxhounds for today’s meet. (story)

Newcastle Journal 17.12.01 North hunt ban to stay - The ban on fox hunting will be lifted today but it will still be outlawed in "infected" or "at-risk" areas, including Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. (story)

Yorkshire Post 17.12.01 Hunts back in business as ban is lifted for first time since foot-and-mouth outbreak - quote from Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance (story)

Yorkshire Post 17.12.01 Hunt supporters out in force for first meet since foot and mouth by Michael Brown - ...Around 150 foot followers joined more than 70 riders at the Swangrove Estate near Badminton, South Gloucestershire, for the first gathering of the Beaufort Hunt since the ban on hunting was imposed at the start of the foot-and-mouth crisis... quotes from Countryside Alliance spokesman John Haigh of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, Ian Farquhar, Alex Connors of Chippenham who makes hunting boots, Nicky Driver from the Countryside Alliance (story)

Gloucester Echo/Citizen/Western Daily Press site 17.12.01 'MORALE BOOST' AS FOXHUNTING GETS GO-AHEAD TO START AGAIN - interview with Simon Hart, director of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting (story)

Leamington Spa Courier 17.12.01 FOX HUNTING IS BACK - Fox hunting recommenced in the county on Monday for the first time since the foot-and-mouth outbreak in February. The Warwickshire hunt met at Lighthorne, attracting 60 riders and followers…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 17.12.01 Call to hounds at last as hunting resumes after 10 months (story in archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 17.12.01 Hunting set to resume BY JOHN HOWARD ANIMAL rights protesters have spoken of their dismay that hunting with hounds can resume across East Anglia as a ban following the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease is lifted today... quotes from League Against Cruel Sports regional spokesman, Lawrie Payne, James Aldous, joint master of the Suffolk Hunt, Simon Hart, director of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting (story)

Southern Daily Echo 17.12.01 Boxing Day hunt gets green light after crisis ...the first meeting of New Forest Hounds, pictured, will take place on Boxing Day at the Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst... quote from Nick Smith. The New Forest Animal Protection Group said licences were meaningless as hunts would be policing themselves. (story in archive)

Birmingham Post 17.12.01 Ministers accused of back-door ban - Packs including the Worcestershire, Ludlow and Clifton-upon-Teme, Worcestershire said they were operating on the understanding they could resume activities from today. But the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has now said it will only begin to process applications for the new licences today. Bob Brierley of the Worcestershire said it was another case of banning hunting by the back door (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.12.01 Hunt expected to get go-ahead - quotes from joint-master of the Fitwilliam hunt, George Bowyer, anti-hunt campaigner, and former Labour city councillor, John Johnson (story in archive)

Northern Echo 17.12.01 - Tony Blair should honour manifesto pledge to ban hunting - Aled Jones, Bridlington (letter in archive)

Lynn News 17.12.01 Call to stop pigeon culling - animal rights activists urged Norfolk councillors to stop killing pigeons, quote from Cheryl Pavey - asked the council to suspend all killing until it had met with the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS) (story in archive)

Ananova 16.12.01 Fox-hunting to resume after foot-and-mouth ...A handful of hunts, including those in north Wales and Northamptonshire, will ride for the first time in 10 months... quote from Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance (story)

Sunday Herald 16.12.01 Rural protesters promise to be polite for Edinburgh By Alan Crawford Rural Affairs Correspondent ... The organisers, the pro-hunting Scottish Countryside Alliance, believe today's march will be the largest countryside demonstration yet seen in Scotland, with protesters from across the UK, Europe and Australia expected to attend... The Rural Rebels, are to heed calls by march organisers to discard their trademark orange boiler suits in a bid to tone down their radical image... Rural Rebels are to move to more "Gandhi-esq" approach - large numbers of people, chaining themselves to things etc. (story)

Sunday Herald 16.12.01 The countryside's fury at an 'urban-centred' Executive will erupt in a major march in Edinburgh today. Alan Crawford joins the Rural Rebels to learn just what has made them so angry... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 16.12.01 Rural Rebels prepared to risk jail as strategy of direct action is stepped up by JEREMY WATSON and Murdo MacLeod - "Extremist" Rural Rebels say they are prepared to go to jail - ... The self-styled Rural Rebels, a collection of 100 farmers and smallholders whose orange boilersuits have already become a fixture on local news bulletins, say they will continue with their protests despite warnings that they could be breaching harassment and stalking laws.... The Countryside Alliance said ... "We have approached people who have identified themselves as Rural Rebels, and stressed to them that we do not want them as part of our peaceful demonstration and that we do not want to be associated with illegal activities."... quotes from Noel Collins & Guy Lee ... The hotbed of protest at present is a sweep of Scotland encompassing the Borders, Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway - the regions hardest hit by foot and mouth and where rural discontent is rife. These are the areas where school closures appear to be gathering pace and are also the hunting heartlands of Scotland... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 16.12.01 The country comes to town - opinion piece. TODAY’S Countryside Alliance march through Edinburgh is the largest popular protest seen in Scotland since the poll tax years... One need not be a slavish supporter of hunting to feel that the parliament has a misplaced sense of priorities in dedicating so much attention to what is, ultimately, a comparatively minor issue... Countryside campaigners have not always, however, helped their cause. The emergence of a new, supposedly more radical group calling itself the Rural Rebels and promising direct action - including, unacceptably, the harassment of MSPs - threatens to undermine whatever sympathy urban Scotland might have... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 16.12.01 View Halloo! MSPs run to ground - opinion piece - THE political equivalent of an Exocet missile is on course to hit the Scottish parliament. Like its prototype in war, it is coming from an unexpected direction, while its target remains blithely unconscious of the threat. The repellent rabble of layabouts and local authority-surplus hoods that is our devolved parliament has long declared war on the country dwellers of Scotland. Now, at last, the countryside is about to return the compliment... This bill is about "men in red coats on horseback" - the class-war bogeymen of the Trots and assorted municipal pondlife on The Mound... Nobody now believes that there will be a ban on hunting in England: public opinion there has changed since foot and mouth. It is a racing certainty that the European courts will strike down the Scottish legislation as an abuse of human rights... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 16.12.01 Concentrate on the real rural issues - anti hunt letters attacking Clarissa Dickson Wright & Sir John Scott last week from Dr Graeme Ruxton, University of Glasgow; R Adams, Leven; John Robins, via e-mail (letters)
Scotsman on Sunday 9.12.01 Country ramble On the move - With the countryside under siege, it is time for action - with Sir John Scott - "Next Sunday, December 16, those of us who care will march through Edinburgh to defend the right of Scottish rural people to live their lives responsibly in the way they choose... See you there. (story)
Scotsman on Sunday 9.12.01 Toads, toffs and truffles - A run in with a freshly appointed minister proved to be an education in New Labour - CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT - Cathy Jamieson lost her temper with CDW at a meeting "...and screamed at me: "Class, of course it’s class, do you think I’d let a bunch of toffs do in the countryside what a group of lads couldn’t do in a scheme?" The audience of Ayrshire farmers (presumably the toffs) looked on aghast... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 16.12.01 - item in Alex Massie's Diary - Identity crisis - "I FEAR that the self-styled Rural Rebels, who are among the Countryside Alliance protesters marching through Edinburgh today, are less than well-briefed about the targets of their ire" - some mistook journalists for MSPs (story)

Ananova 16.12.01 Fox-hunting to resume after foot-and-mouth - ... A handful of hunts, including those in north Wales and Northamptonshire, will ride for the first time in 10 months... Up to 30 of Britain's 300 hunts have been granted licences...(story)

Scotsman 15.12.01 Rural rebels stop M74 traffic - jeanette oldham - CAMPAIGNERS brought traffic on the M74 road link between Scotland and the North of England to a virtual standstill yesterday - Rural Rebels organised a convoy of @ 80 tractors, horseboxes & other vehicles along the southbound section. Similar protests took place on other link roads. Dumfries and Galloway Police said the demonstration had passed off peacefully. March on the Mound on Sunday at 10am will start at the Meadows before a march past the Scottish parliament buildings and along Princes Street, finishing at Kings’ Stables Road at the west end of the city centre. Lothian and Borders Police refused to confirm reports that it is stepping up patrols on the route of the march after receiving intelligence that hunt saboteurs plan to infiltrate the event. (story)
Newcastle Journal 15.12.01 Rolling blockade brings border traffic to standstill - ... Slow-moving traffic jams of up to 10 miles or more built up in both directions as the two protest convoys - one heading North, and the other heading South, converged near Gretna on the Scotland/England border... Protests on the M74, A1, A68, A6071. Quotes from Richard Swan, farmer from Reston, Berwickshire; spokesman Noel Collins, a smallholder from Kilmarnock (story)
Northern Echo 15.12.01 Campaigners close roads between England and Scotland - Rural Rebels drove tractors, trucks, vans and cars at snail's pace, leading to huge tailbacks
Daily Record 15.12.01 BORDERS BLOCKADE - Rural rebels cause chaos (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Evening Times 14.12.01 Country rebels move to block M74 - HUNDREDS of campaigners were today attempting to blockade the M74 at the border with England... Rural Rebels organising slow moving convoy. (story)
Edinburgh News 12.12.01 Rural Rebels in bid to shut border by IAN SWANSON - Rural Rebels "are planning to blockade the border between Scotland and England as part of their escalating campaign of direct action..." Also had seats booked in the public gallery of the Scottish Parliament for a noisy demo. Police have warned that they will be arrested, Noel Collins says he will try & persuade them not to but he can't stop them. (story)
Edinburgh News 11.12.01 Rural Rebels ease off amid threat of arrests by IAN SWANSON - MILITANT countryside campaigners today appeared to back down from their programme of direct action after police warned they may arrest demonstrators and seize their vehicles... Antoinette Galbraith, one of the organisers, claimed there had been good co-operation with the police over the bridge protest... Protesters say they've told the police everything, Lothian & Borders police say they know nothing. MSP Kenny MacAskill welcomed the police’stough line, and said: "Legitimate protest is one thing, but they are not entitled to interfere with the Edinburgh economy... (story)
Edinburgh News 11.12.01 Rural Rebels arrests threat by IAN SWANSON - POLICE today warned militant countryside campaigners they could face arrest and the seizure of their vehicles if their protests become unlawful... Plan was to confront MSPs with a demonstration with a horse, quote from co-ordinator Noel Collins. (story)
Edinburgh News 11.12.01 RURAL CAMPAIGNERS CONTINUE PROTESTS By Russell Fallis, PA News - ... A dozen student members of the self-styled “rural rebels” gathered outside the building in Edinburgh where the Rural Affairs Committee was meeting, to protest against MSPs’ decision not to provide compensation to those facing redundancy as a consequence of a proposed hunting ban. (story)
Edinburgh News 11.12.01 Rebels without much of a cause by SUSAN DALGETY - hostile article - "They are happy to grab millions of pounds in compensation from an "urban" government for foot-and-mouth... Do these upper-class warriors really think there should be one government for the urban poor and another for the rural rich?.. etc. (story)
Daily Record 11.12.01 FOXHUNT SUPPORTERS SPARK TRAFFIC CHAOS - re: Forth Bridge protest "...The Rural Rebels, a splinter group of the Countryside Alliance, are planning more stunts..." (story)
Edinburgh News 10.12.01 RURAL PROTEST BRINGS BRIDGE TO A STANDSTILL By Russell Fallis, PA News ... Among their grievances is the MSP Mike Watson’s bill to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland, the Government’s handling of foot-and-mouth and right-to-roam proposals .... quote from farmer Derry Burns who wants a public inquiry into foot & mouth (story)
Edinburgh News 10.12.01 Rural Rebels’ threat to halt Capital by Ian Swanson ... The self-styled Rural Rebels were starting today with an attempt to "blockade" the Forth Road Bridge with 50 or more slow-moving tractors, trucks and trailers... Co-ordinator Noel Collins said: "We are working with the police to limit the number to 50, but so many people want to come on these things a lot of them just come anyway...", quote from one of the organisers Antoinette Galbraith (story)
Scotland on Sunday 9.12.01 Rural campaign groups threaten daily disruption by JEREMY WATSON - RURAL rights campaigners took to the streets of Edinburgh yesterday in a convoy of about 60 tractors and trucks. (story)
Edinburgh News 8.12.01 COUNTRYSIDE PROTESTERS DRIVE CONVOY THROUGH CITY By Ian Marland, PA News - a convoy of around 60 tractors and trucks drove round Edinburgh today. Police had told them to limit it to 50 vehicles, but said there was minimum disruption. The protest coincided with a Bill by Labour MSP Mike Watson to outlaw hunting with dogs undergoing its final day of scrutiny by the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Development Committee before moving to its third and final parliamentary stage. (story)
Edinburgh News 8.12.01 RURAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS TAKE TO THE ROAD By Ian Marland, PA News " A convoy of up to 50 tractors and trucks was taking to the streets of Edinburgh at lunchtime in the first of a series of planned protest convoys. An organisation calling itself Rural Rebels said it represented 19 countryside protest groups from across Scotland, each with separate issues... (story)
Edinburgh News 5.12.01 Farmers in city protest - FARMERS driving tractors have protested outside the First Minister’s offices in Edinburgh in a bid to highlight rural issues... Countryside Alliance denies it organised the protest, which was for a public inquiry into foot and mouth, rights to peaceful country sports and the rights to educate their children in rural schools. Quote from Sheila Tannock, member of the Ayrshire Countryside. (story)
Edinburgh News 4.12.01 CAMPAIGNERS STAGE ANTI-HUNT BAN BILL DEMO by By PA News Reporters ...Police estimated that 150 protesters, many clad in orange boilers suits, took part in the event.... The protest coincided with a Bill by Labour MSP Mike Watson to outlaw hunting with dogs undergoing its final day of scrutiny by the Parliament’s Rural Development Committee. Protest criticised by Les Ward of Scottish Campaign Against Hunting With Dogs (story)

Scotsman 15.12.01 - Countryside revolt fuelled by rumbling discontent - opinion piece about the March on the Mound re: the divide between town & country & resentment against urban-based anti hunt & land reform legislation "This view is particularly militant in the Borders. Unlike the Highlands, which since the 1960s have had the benefit of autonomous development agencies and the stimulus of North Sea oil, the Borders region has limited political clout while suffering the brunt of both foot-and-mouth and the collapse of its textiles industry... Better then that tomorrow’s demo be a joyful, friendly protest to let the citizens of the capital realise that the folk in the country don’t all chew straw. Equally, the rural rebels might pay a visit to the queues in our crowded urban hospitals or look at the litter on Edinburgh streets, and realise that the politicians are not always working too hard on behalf of their urban constituents either..." (story)

Edinburgh News 15.12.10 Time for Alliance to face facts - anti hunt article re: March on the Mound by Kay, Duchess of Hamilton "...biggest invasion of Scotland by the English since Culloden...Foxhounds are routinely destroyed at the age of six or seven...Fox numbers are kept artificially high in areas where there is hunting...the Countryside Alliance is importing its English members and coming to Edinburgh...WE should not be swayed by its sentimental slogans..." etc (story)

Edinburgh News 15.12.10 Making enemies - letter from Kirsty May St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh re: March on the Mound "I DON’T believe that there is any such thing as an urban-rural divide, as bloodsports enthusiasts are claiming... I for one will be staying well away and I urge other decent folk to do the same." (letter)

Irish Independent 15.12.01 Lobby group want hunts denied access to State land by Ralph Riegel - Pat Phelan, director of Irish Council Against Blood Sports, has demanded statement from Coillte, the State forestry board, that hunts won't be allowed to cross state land. "This will become a significant issue this year as hunts are prevented by more and more landowners from crossing farmland over disease concerns," (story)

Worcester Evening News 15.12.01 Views on bloodsports entirely my own - letter from MRS MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester in reply to one from Jon Burgess who seems "to imply that I belong to an animal rights organisation. He is quite wrong..." (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 15.12.01 Hunting – easy target in hard world from: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton in response to J Toulson Clarke (28.11.01) "... As the public becomes better informed about hunting, and the Burns report initiated by the Government has surely "educated" Members of Parliament, it is high time that the latter concentrated on the many ills of our country, affecting health, crime, drugs, transport, education and the countryside..." (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 28.11.01 Country 'sports' - letter from J CLARKE, Egton Bridge, Whitby "Do many voters consider the Teesside MPs pressing for a Bill to ban hunting with hounds demonstrate a mature, responsible sense of what is important to the nation at this critical time?.." (letter)
Yorkshire Post 28.11.01 Why is hunting ban a top priority? - letter from J Toulson Clarke, Egton Bridge, Whitby complaining of Yorkshire and North-East Labour MPs who are pressing for Government time so that a Bill to ban hunting with hounds can be pushed through Parliament quickly. "As one who has fished, shot and hunted there is no doubt in my mind that of country pastimes angling can be the most cruel", it's just class warfare (letter)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 14/15 12.01 Hunting gets all-clear to restart by JONATHAN REDHEAD - quote from Roger Lyles, joint master of the West Norfolk. (story)

Edinburgh News 14.12.01 Country march nightmare for city’s shoppers - Police prepare for 20,000-strong protest - more than 20,000 expected on Sunday .... Police chiefs warned that the rally will cause chaos for shoppers... But while police praised the organisers of Sunday’s march, they hit out today at the so-called Rural Rebels... the police spokesman added: "The organisers of Sunday’s March on The Mound have approached this with care. Others promoting the cause of the rural communities have done so with little regard to the rights of others. They have ignored safety advice, given little notice of their plans and made appropriate planning impossible." Alex Armstrong of the Scottish Countryside Alliance said while they shared the same aims as the Rural Rebels they were opposed to their tactics. (story)

Scotsman 14.12.01 Scotland needs second parliamentary chamber - 4 letters about Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) bill:
ALASTAIR McCULLOCH, Braeport, Dunblane, Perthshire - ministers compensate themselves but not hunt people "Scottish ministers should stand ashamed of what they have done to democracy."
LES WARD Chairman Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh "The blame for individuals associated with mounted fox-hunting losing their jobs does not lie with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill, if it is enacted, but firmly at the door of the hunts themselves" - they should have taken up drag hunting. They can get other jobs.
GAIL MACGREGOR, Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire " I am infuriated, although not surprised, by Douglas Batchelor’s stereotypical view of the pro-hunting lobby..."
MW STEVENSON Lumsden Way, Balmedie, Aberdeenshire " It was Douglas Batchelor's organisation (the League Against Cruel Sports) that sponsored Lord Watson's bill, not the Scottish people... Does his organisation dictate what Scotland needs?..." (letters)

Southern Reporter 14.12.01 COUNTRYSIDE PROTESTERS TO MAKE A CAPITAL CASE - Campaigners from the Borders Countryside Uprising are to join March on the Mound, quotes from BCU organiser Rob Carr & Alan Murray of the Countryside Alliance (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 14.12.01 FOX-HUNTING IS GIVEN GO-AHEAD TO RETURN - Joe Cowen, master of Leicestershire's Fernie Hunt started the permit application process yesterday. Clive Richardson, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, said " What about people like us, who have every intention of protesting at a hunt, will they ask us where we have been?... If it is not safe to hunt, they shouldn't be hunting. If it is safe, there shouldn't be permits...." (story in archive)

Oxford Mail 14.12.01 Hunt drops traditional Market Square meet - Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase is to move its Boxing Day meet from Bicester Market Square after 200 years because the police require them to pay to put up barriers, which could cost up to £1K, quote from master Ian McKie. Town mayor Lawrie Stratford said: "It would be a shame after 200 years of tradition. I am sure a lot of people enjoy the spectacle, it's a nice day out on Boxing Day for children." (story in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.12.01 Hunts ready to return as crisis ban is removed - Devon's hunting community has welcomed the news that a ban on hunting with dogs has been lifted - quotes from Michael Moore, secretary and a joint master of the East Devon Hunt; Jenifer Springett, a member of Silverton Foxhounds; Roland Notley, a member of Tiverton Foxhounds (story in archive)

Hexham Courant 14.12.01 ENOUGH KILLING - letter from LAWRENCE HEWER, owfoot, Featherstone in reply to Carol Enderby - " I must point out that I am not a hunting person, but I do feel that it is the lesser of the two evils..." if ban goes through thousands of hounds will be killed (letter may be in archive)
Hexham Courant 30.11.01 NOT MINE - anti hunt letter from Carol Enderby, New Ridley, Stocksfield re: article last week “I object to the assumption in your headline that we all support this abominable practice”... (letter may be in archive)
Hexham Courant 23.11.01 OUR HUNTSMEN AGREE TO NEW GUIDELINES ...Countryside Alliance representative and farmer Richard Dodd, from Belsay, said the new rules could be exploited by anti-hunting extremists. Quote from Master of the Tynedale Hunt Richard Tyacke (story)

Torquay Herald Express 14.12.01 Where's goodwill towards our foxes? - letter from JUNE RICHARDS, Torquay - hunting "is an abomination and should cease Now" etc. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 14.12.01 Joy as countryside is 'open for business' By Matthew George - ALMOST all rural footpaths will be open by the end of January... South-west MEP Neil Parish's campaign to force an EU probe into FMD has won the backing of a huge majority in the European Parliament... Alun Michael also promised that struggling rural businesses who have been allowed to delay paying tax and VAT they will not suddenly face large bills on January 1, and the Treasury would remain sympathetic. He also announced the introduction of a temporary permit system allowing hunting with dogs to resume (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 14.12.01 Illegal hare coursers targeted by police BY JAMES MORTLOCK POLICE are targeting illegal hare coursing meetings across Suffolk after reports of gamekeepers being attacked by groups of up to 30 men (story)

Bolton Evening Times 14.12.01 School pets are miserable - letter from Rebecca Rigg, Bolton "I agree wholeheartedly with A. Cartmell's comments about pets in schools (Dec 4th)... Vegetarian and not using animals for my personal gain was the right way to go... (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 4.12.01 Natural concern - anti zoo letter from Alwynne Cartmell Bolton congratulating school for adopting a wild gorilla rather than keeping animals in cages (letter in archive)

Cotswold Journal 14.12.01 Calls for action - FARMER and MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is urging the Government to act to stop the spread of bovine TB. Claims Govt scientists are not carrying out proper research. Farmers can see link between badger population & TB.

Chester Evening Leader 14.12.01 FEEDING BLAMED FOR DAMAGE - Pigeon Control Advisory Service founder Guy Merchant was taken on a guided tour of the city centre to ascertain what measures the council could take to reduce the pigeon population using humane methods. Blames people for feeding the birds.

Scotsman 13.12.01 Country rebels threaten blockade - David Scott Scottish Government Editor ... Details of the "March on the Mound," to be held on Sunday, were unveiled yesterday by the Scottish Countryside Alliance... Rural Rebels, said they planned to block roads between Scotland and England at lunchtime on Friday... 6 MSPs have been warned to be "on their guard": Alasdair Morrison, Irene Oldfather, Elaine Smith, Rhoda Grant, Richard Lochhead and Stewart Stevenson. ... Noel Collins, a spokesman for Rural Rebels, said: "We are not harassing them. We are confronting them." (story)

Scotsman 13.12.01 letter from Angus Mackay GATTONSIDE, MELROSE, friend's rabbit-chasing black labrador will fall foul of Wild Animals Bill. (letter)

Newcastle Journal 13.12.01 Willy Poole's article "... On Sunday I am off to Edinburgh to march with the Scots in protest against the Scottish Parliament, which plans to destroy rural life in Scotland...." (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.12.01 Mankind's very survival depends on hunting - letter from K D Jack, Exeter defending Don Jack: "... he is a countryman through and through and speaks for all who care for our countryside and do not wish it to be legislated..." (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.12.01 Letters indicate majority are opposed to hunting - letter in reply to Don Jack from Mrs Jennifer Cook Tale Common Head Honiton " the majority of members of the League Against Cruel Sports are vegans and vegetarians" (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.12.01 Majority view on hunting reflected by postbag – reply to Don Jack from Tony Carnell, Exeter “I eat meat but I realise that animals going to slaughter are very well cared for and a vet is present to ensure they are treated humanely at all times...” (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.12.01 Hunting for pleasure not same as killing to eat - letter in reply to Don Jack, 28.11, from Sarah Annetts, Mount Pleasant, Exeter (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.11.01 Anti-hunt people should not be eating any meat - letter from Don Jack Exeter complaining of an anti hunt bias in the paper - reply from editor saying not so (letter in archive)

Scotsman 13.12.01 Huntingdon back in black - HLS posted 3rd quarter profits of £800K compared to £1.8m loss last year (story)

Western Daily Press 13.12.01 The longer life of a battery chicken - letter from Don Tinsey Woodlands Farm Cranham Gloucestershire " Here we go yet again, with Pam Dean writing about something she knows nothing about...." battery chickens live for about a year and are then culled (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 29.11.01 Time to stop the cruelty to chickens – letter re: battery hens/broiler chickens from Pamela Dean Field Road, Whiteshill Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 13.12.01 Give the turkey a break! - letter from RONNY WORSEY, Vegetarian campaigner, Animal Aid - don't eat turkey, many gifts have been tested on animals etc. Contact Animal Aid for info. (letter in archive)

Edinburgh News 12.12.01 RURAL PROTESTERS PREPARE TO TAKE TO THE STREETS - March on the Mound organised by Scottish Countryside Alliance. 10,000 expected. Supporters coming from Europe & all parts of the UK. (story)

Scotsman 12.12.01 letters re: Watson bill:
Bill proposing ban on hunting under attack - letter from DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief executive League Against Cruel Sports Union Street London SE1 "The power of the Scottish parliament to ban hunting is being challenged by the pro-blood sports lobby, and it is under attack from within and without..."
" Lord Watson’s appointment as minister for tourism, sport and culture must be one of the most insensitive appointments in re-cent Scottish politics..." tourism benefits from country sports industry - from RG SWAN Blackhouse, Eyemouth Berwickshire (letters)

Daily Record 12.12.01 MSPS' RURAL REBELS ALERT - POLICE have put six MSPs on a security alert because they fear attacks by rural militants - follows incident at Irene Oldfather's offices & one at Alasdair Morrison's. Others are Rhoda Grant, Richard Lochhead, Elaine Smith and Stewart Stevenson. ... The Rural Rebels are a splinter group from the Countryside Alliance, which is stepping up its campaign against the proposed ban.... the Countryside Alliance said: "There is absolutely no association between ourselves and the Rural Rebels." (story may be in archive)
Scotsman 11.12.01 MSP: Hunt job losses deserved - Hamish Macdonell Scottish Political Editor - ... Irene Oldfather, the MSP for Cunninghame South, was confronted by three angry hunt supporters in her surgery last Friday who demanded to know why she had voted against compensation for anybody thrown out of work as a result of the bill to ban hunting in Scotland... They said she told them Irene Oldfather, the MSP for Cunninghame South, was confronted by three angry hunt supporters in her surgery last Friday who demanded to know why she had voted against compensation for anybody thrown out of work as a result of the bill to ban hunting in Scotland.. Oldfather & Alasdair Morrison were brought onto the Rural Development Committee at the last moment just before the key vote, but as she has just been appointed as convener of the European Committee she will probably have to give up membership of the RDC almost immediately. She denied she was part of a cynical political ploy. (story)
Scotsman 11.12.01 Committee rigged to block hunt cash by Hamish Macdonell - THE decision to refuse compensation to anybody thrown out of work as a result of the bill to ban hunting was passed by just one vote in the rural development committee last week... It is logistically impossible for an MSP to sit on the rural development committee and chair the European committee at the same time... It is now clear that Ms Oldfather’s appointment to the rural development committee was purely a stop-gap measure designed to make sure the compensation clause was defeated... The other new appointment, Alasdair Morrison, voted against compensation despite the fact he got £4,500 from the Scottish executive just days before to compensate him for the loss of his own ministerial job... (story)
Scotsman 11.12.01 ANALYSIS: Labour should play fair by Hamish Macdonell "TWO weeks ago today, six Labour ministers were sacked from the Scottish executive. Each received a lump sum of between £4,600 and £9,000 to compensate them for losing their jobs... But for the hunt workers, there will be no civil service pension, re-training package or compensation... (story)

Berwickshire News 12.12.01 countryside mobilises to march on edinburgh - interviews with Wendy Turnbull, a groom at Kelloe Stables near Duns, Eyemouth farrier John Nisbet, Scottish Parliament's deputy presiding officer, South of Scoland Conservative MSP Murray Tosh about the refusal to grant compensation (story)

Forres Gazette 12.12.01 Fighting for the Scottish Deerhound - letter from THOMAS I. ANDERSON Astrian, Sanquhar Road, Forres. "Having read the previously published letters of Peter Hastie of the Scottish Campaign against Hunting with Dogs ("Gazette," November 14) and Alistair McKissock ("Gazette," November 28), I join this literary debate to plead the cause of the Scottish Deerhound..." defending coursing, hunting etc. (letter in archive)
Forres Gazette 28.11.01 Help kill the bill - letter from ALISTAIR McKISSOCK Address supplied in reply to one from Peter Hastie of The Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, ("Gazette", November 14) (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 12.12.01 HUNTS CAN STILL CONTINUE WITHOUT KILLING - letter from Coun Peter Valentine, Oadby re: article about the Atherstone Hunt last Friday. Glad to know hunts are continuing pageantry & social activities etc, why don't they carry on doing that & just not hunt. (story)

Edinburgh News 12.12.01 ANIMAL rights activists have staged a mock-medieval protest outside Quintiles research centre in Heriot-Watt Research Park, Riccarton (story)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 12.12.01 Candlelit vigil marks 4th animal rights day - Animal rights activists gathered for a candlelit vigil outside the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill on Monday to mark the 4th international animal rights day. "We have tried all the legal channels and they don't work," said 'Pam', an activist, who prefers not to give her real name… (story)

Hunts Post 12.12.01 Stick to facts - not emotive arguements - anti vivisection letter from Amanda George in response to letter from "Daniel" (letter in archive)
Hunts Post 7.11.01 HLS - don't say 'animal killers' but 'life savers' - letter from HLS employee Daniel (letter in archive)

Hunts Post 12.12.01 Experts back this research - letter from Thomas Bromley in response to anti vivisection letter from Kathleen Hyland (letter in archive)
Hunts Post 7.11.01 Vivesection is 'scientific fraud' letter attacking animal research & Huntingdon Life Sciences from KATHLEEN HYLAND, St John's Road, Coton (letter in archive)

Greenwich News Shopper 12.12.01 anti fur letter from Mrs S Behdaoui Wyndcliff Road Kidbrooke re: toy cats made from rabbit fur by Nauticalia. Fur imported from China is often sold as "fake"

Western Daily Press 12.12.01 Killing badgers doesn’t stop TB - letter from Pamela Dean Whiteshill Stroud Gloucestershire - stop culling badgers (letter in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 12.12.01 Butchers fear lamb shortage By Michael Drake, Agriculture Editor - demand is high for all kinds of meat in run up to Christmas. Moira's champion butcher George McCartney said: "... There is a demand for geese but they are scarce. "We have heard how foxes took their toll on geese and other poultry during the summer months."

Scotsman 11.12.01 Both his job and his home on the line by Hamish Macdonell - profile of Philip Fergus, kennel huntsman of Eglinton (story)

Western Daily Press 11.12.01 Predator Anne gets grisly video to put her off hunt show -LACS has sent Anne Robinson their latest video because of her support for hunt. Quote from Douglas Batchelor, LACS chief executive (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Argus 11.12.01 Poachers face Christmas purge - Police are cracking down on poaching hotspots in Sussex... The foot-and-mouth and BSE crises have led to a sharp increase in the crime... (story in archive)

Southern Daily Echo 11.12.01 Farmer's warning to illegal hunters - A BISHOP'S WALTHAM farmer says illegal hare coursing by gangs on his land may force him to shoot the animals to stop the poachers returning. David Rees of Upham says gangs have driven though fences on his land and claims he has had ugly confrontations with the thugs... (story in archive)

Argus 11.12.01 Strong meat (Name and address supplied) - " I am sure many other people are fed up reading, night after night, in an otherwise good newspaper, with the ramblings of self-proclaimed moralists... The somewhat simple vegan and vegetarian animal rights extremists have decided their view on animals is the only one and any other is wrong... If people wish to hunt a fox, fish for a nice salmon or shoot rabbits or pheasants for the pot, they should be allowed to do so without hindrance." (letter in archive)

Argus 11.12.01 Trunk call - anti zoo letter from Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, High Salvington re: London Zoo elephants moving to Whipsnade (letter in archive)

York Evening Press 11.12.01 Bear necessities - letter from D Fillingham. The Crossway, Muncaster, York - write to Indian Minister of Environment to protest at bear baiting etc (letter in archive)

Dundee Courier 10.12.01 BID TO BAN HUNTING A WASTE OF TIME-CLAIM - Keith Raffan, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP (Mid Scotland and Fife), repeated his strong opposition to Mike Watson's bill during a visit to the Fife Foxhounds kennels (story may only be available from paper)

Cornishman/Cornish Guardian/West Briton/Cornwall Today 10.12.01 Pressure to license hunts by Boxing Day - Mal Treharne, of the Countryside Alliance for the South West said they are negotiating with DEFRA for permits, quote from Rory Knight-Bruce (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 10.12.01 Hunters wait for go-ahead to resume - quote from joint master of East Devon Foxhounds, John Parker - protesters are never a real problem, they always threaten to come to Boxing Day but only one or two vocal ones appear. DEFRA spokeswoman said an announcement would be made on whether Boxing Day and New Year hunts could go ahead in Devon on December 17 (story)

Scotsman 10.12.01 Gruesome reality - letter from LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire in reply to the Earl of Roseberry re: terrier work (letter)
Scotsman 5.12.01 Not fox-baiting - letter from THE EARL OF ROSEBERY Dalmeny , South Queensferry West Lothian defending terrier work (letter)
Scotsman 3.12.01 Horrific fights - letter from LYNNE MITCHELL Lower Mains, Dollar Clackmannanshire re: letter from the working terrier and hill packs groups "...several members of the parliament's rural development committee are introducing wrecking amendments that go against the wishes of the parliament and the people...." (letter)
Scotsman 23.11.01 Urban prejudices - letter from PAUL CROFTS, Chairman, SHPA BARRY WADE, Chairman, NWTF BILL O’DONNELL, Chairman, Scottish Working Dog Association c/o Kings Park Avenue Rutherglen, Glasgow re: Lord Watson's opposition to amendments to his bill to allow pest control using dogs: "Even although he has stated publicly and privately that he has no problems with the activities of our organisations, he continues to argue against wordings of the bill that would keep members of our associations out of the courts." (letter may only be available from paper)

NewsShopper series 10.12.01 Animal protest - HUNDREDS of demonstrators packed the streets of Bromley protesting against the work of an animal research firm. The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group is campaigning for the closure of the Cambridgeshire laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences… Spokesman Kevin Jonas… (story)

Bolton Evening News 10.12.01 Horror for turkeys - turkeys are cruelly treated, battery farming etc from Mrs S Edwards PO Box 5825 Dubai, UAE (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 10.12.01 Ceinwen Smith of Tuffley raised a 300 signature petition against seagull cull in Gloucester (story)

Scotsman 8.12.01 Hounded out of business by Stephen McGinty. Interviews with those who will lose jobs if hunting is banned: PAUL ALLISON, 43, farrier - when he visited Edinburgh recently "he was taken aback by their lack of knowledge of rural affairs. In the space of a few days he was told to diversify into garden gates, Mike Watson suggested he move into knitwear, while another politician, after listening to his oral presentation, said: "Would it not be possible for you to relocate to Ireland?" "; IAN FORSYTH, 51, vehicle repairman; IAN WATSON, 46, feed merchant; PHILIP FERGUS, 33, kennel huntsman with Eglinton; WENDY TURNBULL, 35, groom (story) (photo)

East Anglian Daily Times 8.12.01 Break with tradition for hunt By Martin Davey. Suffolk hunt will no longer meet in Bury St Edmunds on Boxing Day because of violence from protesters. Quotes from Liz Mort, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance; Trevor Beckwith, a Labour borough councillor who has constantly objected to the hunt meeting in the town; Moira Walshe, an anti-blood sports campaigner (story)
Edinburgh News 7.12.01 HUNT TO MEET ON PRIVATE LAND FOR FEAR OF PROTESTERS By Brian Farmer, PA News – Suffolk Hunt is to break with Boxing Day tradition of meeting in Bury St Edmonds town centre because of the dangerous behaviour of protesters. “The problem is that the protesters don’t behave in the way that they are supposed to and the fear is that someone will be hurt,” said a spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance. (story)
Bury Free Press 6.12.01 hunt forced out of town - Suffolk Hunt will no longer meet in Bury St Edmunds on Boxing Day - "There were nearly two very serious accidents last year, especially when a number of protesters pelted us with eggs, one of which cut a horse in the eye," said James Aldous, master of the hunt.... Labour councillor Trevor Beckwith, who represents Bury's Eastgate Ward, said he was thrilled with the news... (story in archive)

Argus 8.12.01 Boxing Day blues - letter from Mrs V G Lillywhite, Slinfold complaining about disruption by hunt on Boxing Day " I am 83 years old and want to do my best for wildlife until I die" (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press Hunt men hurt in stag scare - 2 employees of Beaufort hunt hurt when stag surprised horses they were exercising (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Grimsby Evening Telegraph 8.12.01 Seal-cull call MP under attack - Animal lover Amanda Hurton has condemned town MP Austin Mitchell for his demands for a seal cull to preserve fish stocks. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.12.01 Lincolnshire Echo 8.12.01 WHY RSPCA CAN'T CARE FOR UNWANTED PETS - THE Lincoln branch of the RSPCA has put its headquarters up for sale for £110,000 in a desperate bid to save it from closure. Has stopped taking in animals. "This funding crisis has resulted because the branch has been unable to raise money at county shows over the summer months" (story)

Edinburgh News 7.12.01 Edinburgh News 7.12.01 Pro-huntpropagandadoesnogood - letter from Anne McIntosh Wester Hailes Road, Edinburgh re: article 28.11.01 "Dogged Campaigner" "...Any hound that doesn’t make the grade within the pack is summarily despatched, as are the majority of hounds at approximately six years (bar a small nucleus for breeding)..." (letter)
Edinburgh News 7.12.01 Crocodiletearsforhuntinghounds – letter from Hazel Fraser Hollyfield, Tarbrax, West Calder re March on the Mound, article 28.11.01 - hounds are killed after the age of 5 "As for Clarissa Dickson-Wright, her views are of no relevance to decent people." (letter)

Cumberland News 7.12.01 AN ACTIVITY CAN ONLY BE CRUEL IF IT IS UNNECESSARY, SO HUNTING SHOULD NOT BE BANNED – letter from ANTHONY STEEL, Kirkwood, Lockerbie attacking Watson bill “On Sunday, December 16, I will be on a march in Edinburgh organised by the Scottish Countryside Alliance to persuade the Scottish Parliament to scrap this Bill and to tell them that we need "Rural Thinking for Rural Policies"” (letter in archive)

Cumberland News 7.12.01 anti hunt letter from ELAINE M MILBOURN, Torpenhow, Wigton in response to one from Mr Bolesworth 30.11.01 re: artificial earths “it is an absolute certainty that many more have been built recently” (letter in archive)

West Cumberland Times & Star 7.12.01 Trail hound Lady owned by I Peters was named Pet of the Year by Pro Dogs for hospital visits in Cumbria. Will appear at Crufts (story in archive)

Isle of Wight County Press 7.12.01 MAGISTRATES DISMISS CASE AGAINST MAN WHO DISTURBED SET - Sean Sanders, 38, of New Road, had admitted removing up to eight feet of undergrowth, shrubs and small trees from an area adjacent to Big Meade at Shanklin last year. Hired by tenant of plot, who had been given permission by IW Council to have the work carried out. He said he didn't know badgers were present, had "inspected" the area with a friend. Work would have affected an active sett known as Beartree Butt near the Shanklin Hotel, but presiding judge David Hansford said there was no evidence that the owners, the IW Council or the lessee knew of its presence. Sanders was stopped by badger group member Diana Ward, who had responsibility to monitor sets in the Shanklin area. Sanders said he had stopped working once Mrs Ward had said there were badgers in the area... her view that there was an active sett was shared by administration and records keeping officer David Agombar... Group members informed the police who brought the prosecution. DA said information on location of setts was confidential but, in light of case, that might change. (story)

Western Daily Press 7.12.01 Little Fred the Macaque had never even seen another monkey . . . story about Fred the monkey, bred in captivity & used in lab tests, taken to Monkey World in Dorset & rehabilitated - quote from Dr Alison Cronin
Please adopt the monkey nobody loves . . . by Roger Taverner - RSPCA wants an end to importation of animals for experiments, "demand for action came at the launch of a new RSPCA report, Counting the Cost" at Monkey World in Dorset (stories in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Ananova 7.12.01 Campaigners urge clampdown on import of monkeys for laboratories - RSPCA campaign to stop importation of primates for research (story)
Western Daily Press 7.12.01 (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Argus 7.12.01 What about the turkeys? - letter from Liz Taylor, High Salvington, Worthing conceding to William Fraser " O hail William Fraser, of Hailsham... But what of the feathers of doomed, beautiful turkeys and all the others destined for dining tables?" (letter in archive)
Argus 3.12.01 Liz took my bait - letter from William Fraser, Hailsham "As a vegan since 1975 and a veteran of the old Smithfield Market protest marches" teasing Liz Taylor for getting the wrong end of the stick (letter in archive)
Argus 28.11.01 Veganismm is healthy and morally correct - letter from Liz Taylor, Furze Road, High Salvington, Worthing in reply to William Fraser "...Personally, all the animal rights protesters I know are at least vegetarian, mostly vegan and many, like me, have vegetarian or vegan dogs..." – hunting, coursing etc (letter in archive)
Argus 26.11.01 Cruel fate - letter from William Fraser, Summerheath Road, Hailsham criticising an animal rights protester who let her dogs catch hares (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 7.12.01 CALL FOR TOUGHER ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS - RSPCA tethering campaign (story)

NewsShopper series 7.12.01 Fur flies as fake cats cause fuss - HARMLESS ornamental pets modelled on famous ships' cats have caused fury among animal rights activists. Maritime specialist Nauticalia which supplies Orpington home store Ambience, has been inundated with requests for its best-selling line. But Action for Animals was hopping mad when they found out the lifelike moggies are covered in real rabbit fur. Half a dozen campaigners, branded “extremists”, picketed shops in London last week and are believed to be behind threatening calls to the owner of the High Street shop… Action for Animals, which has its registered office in Malaga, Spain, failed to respond to our requests for an interview but campaigner Pauline Dibley, of Animal Defenders, says using rabbit fur could encourage use of other animals… (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 6.12.01 I've no regrets, hunt protester tells court - Hunt saboteur Aubrey Burge, 49, of Rushall Road, North Newnton, near Pewsey, was arrested in December last year at the Warminster and Infantry Beagles in Steeple Ashton. On Thursday he was given a 24-month conditional discharge by North Wiltshire magistrates in Chippenham after he pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass. He was amongst 8-12 sabs who followed the hunt from the start. 3 tried to distract hounds, duty police called for assistance and the sabs backed off. When hounds found a group broke away, Burge among them carrying homemade whip & spray can. Did not resist arrest, maintained right to silence saying he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong. He pleaded guilty, a statement was read out in court by solicitor – was only trying to save a life etc. Has been protesting for animal & human rights, environment all his life, has never been in trouble with law before. Was given 24 month conditional discharge – receives no penalty but if he reoffends may be punished for aggravated trespass as well as any new convictions. "A the end of the day I would do exactly the same again." (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 6.12.01 WAINRIGHT LENDS SUPPORT TO MARCH ON THE MOUND By Kim Munro, PA News - former Scottish Rugby captain Rob Wainwright launched the March on the Mound today (story)

Berwickshire News 6.12.01 A trial without a jury - letter from JAMES DOBIE, The Old Manse, Abbey St Bathans, Duns attacking the Watson bill (letter)

Edinburgh News 6.12.01 Ordinary Scots not in the hunt - letter from Kirsty May St Leonard’s Hill, Edinburgh attacking Allan Murray's article, accusing the Countryside Alliance of interfering in Scottish politics "Where is the gain to Scotland if these decisions are to be influenced by rich English Tories?" (letter)
Edinburgh News 6.12.01 Bill in the right - letter from Margaret Foster, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh re: Allan Murray's article "...Importing protesters from outside Scotland to demonstrate against a Bill going through the Scottish Parliament will fail..." (letter)
Edinburgh News 30.11.01 We will not be treated like dogs – article by ALLAN MURRAY, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance re: March on the Mound (story)

Mirror 6.12.01 MEMBER OF HIS FAN CUB - letter from Mrs C M Kelly, Lincoln "WHAT a wonderful photo of Gie Baddeley and Foxy (The Mirror, December 1)..." ban hunting or she won't vote Labour again (letter may be in archive)
Western Daily Press 3.12.01 It's a dog's life for the friendly fox - Gie and Miles Baddeley of Byton, Herefordshire rescued a fox (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Spalding Guardian/Lincolnshire Free Press (6.12.01) district invaded by illegal hare coursers - ILLEGAL hare coursers invaded South Holland at the weekend with 31 meets reported to police in just over five hours... Darren Gallagher, a regular hare courser, said: "Dogs and hares cannot read and there have been times when I´ve been coursing on land with permission and the dog and hare have strayed onto other land. There may have been 31 reports this weekend but there were no arrests so I would be interested to find out how many of those didn´t have permission." (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 4.12.01 CRIME: Punters cash in on illegal hare coursing ...Police were called to more than 30 illegal meets in the Spalding area by worried members of the public and farmers...despite 31 incidents of illegal hare coursing being reported on Sunday, no arrests were made....Alison Joy, from Peterborough RSPCA, said: "Hare coursing, along with other forms of hunting with dogs, should be banned as soon as possible... (story in archive)

Scotsman 6.12.01 Signs of badger baiting as dug-out setts found A DISTRESSING case of wildlife crime has been reported in central Scotland,writes Fordyce Maxwell... 3 setts in Cambuslang have been attacked. Quote from Ian Hutchison, development officer for the voluntary organisation Scottish Badgers.. (story)
Glasgow Herald 4.12.01 Hunt for badger-baiting gang by James Freeman - POLICE are investigating the digging out of three badger setts - gang believed to be active in West Scotland, quote from Ian Hutchison, development officer for Scottish Badgers (story in archive)

Irish Independent 6.12.01 story re: BSE by Aideen Sheehan .... Meanwhile, Britain's cattle industry, already hit by mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth, may face another deadly threat when it starts to rebuild herds" - National Federation of Badger Groups says bovine tuberculosis might spread as farmers buy new cattle, the suspension of the culling programme makes it unclear which areas are affected (story)

Scotsman 6.12.01 Conservationists meet to discuss deer damage - FORDYCE MAXWELL - SCOTTISH Natural Heritage and Deer Commission representatives will meet next week to consider the next move on extensive wild deer damage to conservation areas on two Highland estates... (story)

Western Daily Press 6.12.01 Donations that don’t cause pain - letter from Dawn Carr European Campaign Manager People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PO Box 3169 London W18 4WJ urging people not to support medical research charities such as British Heart Foundation, the Association for International Cancer Research, and the Epilepsy Research Foundation at Christmas because they support animal research - get PETA's free guide to charities (letter in archive)

Edinburgh News 6.12.01 Explosive debate by STEPHANIE TODD - SSPCA wants the Hogmanay firework display banned because of the effect on wildlife & other animals (story)

Scotsman 5.12.01 Legal threat as hunting ban payout rejected by DAVID SCOTT - THE Scottish executive could face a legal challenge over a decision not to pay compensation to people who lose their jobs as a result of a ban on fox hunting... Although the bill is private legislation, which has the backing of the parliament, the executive could become the target for court action under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) once it becomes law... (story)
Scotsman 5.12.01 Editorial: Pay up the compensation - ...What is of greater concern is the cavalier manner in which the rights and livelihoods of law-abiding people are treated with such carelessness and contempt. It brings not just this bill but the Scottish parliament into yet further disrepute (editorial)
Telegraph 5.12.01 MSPs reject payout for hunt workers By Tom Peterkin, Scottish Political Correspondent (story)
Scotsman 4.12.01 £127m for hunt compensation by Hamish Macdonell Scottish Political Editor ...A firm of consultants, the A9 Partnership, estimated that compensation payments would cost £63.5 million for those affected by the ban on mounted hunts and another £63.5 million for those involved in hill packs and gamekeeping... (story)
Scotsman 3.12.01 Executive faces huge bill over anti-hunt damages by Hamish Macdonell ...Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles will table an amendment to the bill at a crucial meeting of the Rural Development Committee tomorrow which would provide for compensation for anyone who loses out as a result of the proposed ban... Fur farmers were compensated when their business was made illegal, and fishermen who decomission their boats have been offered compensation. (story)

Argus 5.12.01 Anti-fur protesters shunned the truth – letter from Saied Samandi, manager, Mottoo, Duke Street, Brighton – it’s a small shop & they would have noticed someone returning several times, asking about fur but not buying anything. “The garments in question are clearly labelled to show they are made from synthetic products. On the day of the protest, I showed a policewoman the labelling and she confirmed what was shown”. He offered to show the demonstrators but they said they didn’t believe the labels. People who want real fur aren’t going to buy garments with labels saying it’s synthetic. Willing to meet any of the organisers by appointment. Doesn’t like fur, and wouldn’t stock it anyway (letter in archive)
Argus 26.11.01
letters re: anti fur protest:
Fur has no place in our modern city - Name and address supplied "...On five separate occasions, prior to the recent demonstration, members of the Brighton Anti-Fur Campaign visited Mottoo and were told by staff the fur linings inside some of the merchandise were made of rabbit fur..."
Strange brew - R W Carden, Beechwood Avenue, Brighton "The demonstrators against the use of rabbit fur for fashion trimming are ill-informed..." (letters in archive)
Argus 21.11.01 Age of reason (name and address supplied) "How about if we all go to protest outside the homes of animal rights protestors and frighten their kids and hurl abuse because they are wearing fake leather shoes?.." & Furtive trade - letter from Mrs Vivienne Wood, The Drive, Hove "Last Saturday, I attended an anti-fur demonstration outside Mottoo..." (letters in archive)
Argus 20.11.01 Who's telling the truth? - letter from Emma Cartwright, Brighton casting doubt on shop owners' claims the fur was artificial (letter in archive)
Argus 19.11.01 Stores hit back at cruelty protests - anti fur protests outside Brighton shops. Owners said the fur was artificial, but protesters wouldn't believe them. Quotes from protesters Rachel Masey & Pat Adams (people in shops above threw water at them) (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 5.12.01 Battery hen horror – letter from Sue Jones Wells, Somerset –“ AS a student I worked on a battery hen farm...” conditions were awful. (letter in archive)

Northampton Chronicle 5.12.01 Time to go veggie and shun turkey – letter from Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby, Warwickshire (letter)

Manchester Evening News 5.12.01 KFC in twist over 'veggie' snack - A FAST-FOOD giant has withdrawn one of its meals after an undercover investigation by a Greater Manchester vegetarian. Shafiq Rehman & friend were told a meal was suitable for vegetarians when it wasn’t a target=main href="">(story)

Birmingham Post 5.12.01 RSPCA launches anti-tether campaign By Sophie Blakemore, Birmingham Post ... “Tethering is not illegal but the RSPCA is opposed to the method of restraint because of the horrific injuries it can cause....” (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 5.12.01 Call to end hell for animals “THE RSPCA launched a campaign today after complaints about tethered animals in Coventry and Warwickshire soared...” (story)

Hillingdon Times 5.12.01 Chicken aid - Shoppers are being urged to help ease the suffering of broiler chickens before they are slaughtered.. – RSPCA campaign (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 4.12.01 TIME TO BAN BARBARIC HUNTING - letter from Anthony M Wallis, Stoneygate calling on Govt to honour election pledge (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.12.01 Hunting for pleasure not same as killing to eat - letter in reply to Don Jack, 28.11, from Sarah Annetts, Mount Pleasant, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.11.01 Anti-hunt people should not be eating any meat - letter from Don Jack Exeter complaining of an anti hunt bias in the paper - reply from editor saying not so (letter)

Worcester Evening News 4.12.01 Compassion at Christmas - JUSTINE CLAYTON, Press & Celebrity Relations BUAV (letter in archive)
Ely Standard 29.11.01 Don't be cruel at Christmas - JUSTINE CLAYTON Press & Celebrity Relations (letter may be in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 28.11.01 Find out about cruel-free gifts – Justine Clayton, BUAV (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 26.11.01 letter from JUSTINE CLAYTON, BUAV advertising the BUAV's ‘Little Book of Cruelty-Free' list of non-animal-tested products etc. (letter in archive)

Argus 3.12.01 Out already - letter from Simon Wild, Campaign Director, West Sussex Wildlife Protection, Littlehampton saying hunts are already active in advance of the DEFRA licences - "we are certain a number of hunts in Sussex are defying the law..." Angmering Park Estate, is under investigation by animal health officials after LACS said it was allowing hare coursing early in November (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen 3.12.01 Anger at resumption of badger cull - quotes from Oxford researcher Martin Hancox from Stroud & Forest of Dean Badger Patrol member Josie Powell (story)

Worcester Evening News 3.12.01 Vigil for animals - A CANDLE-lit vigil was held outside Worcester Cathedral on Saturday to remember the billions of suffering animals world-wide by Worcester Animal Rights Coalition - vivisection laboratories, slaughterhouses, factory farms, circuses and zoos, dancing bears etc (story in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 3.12.01 HLS denies claims of finance woes - BOSSES at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) have dismissed as "lies" claims that activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) have sabotaged the company's bid to move its financial listing to the USA - quote from Kevin Jonas of SHAC (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 3.12.01 Animal rights group in blindness research call - NAVS wants Government to say if animal testing will be used in new £30 million Government-backed research into blindness, quote from Jan Creamer of NAVS (story)

Argus 3.12.01 Cruel gift - letter from Ms Anne Marie Moynihan, by email criticising people who buy animals from places like Quimper stud (letter in archive)
Argus 29.11.01 Animal thieves praised by Martha Buckley 20 people have contacted Argus to support those who stole animals from Quimper Stud farm, including Geraldine Morgan, who runs an animal rescue service in East Sussex, Heather Sayers, 22, from Brighton, said she visited Quimper Stud on several occasions to buy a puppy for her four year-old daughter Ashley – there were lots of dogs, different ones all the time, the dog they bought was diseased; Justine Pynn, 29, from Seaford – bought 2 dogs which died within weeks (story in archive)
Argus 21.11.01 Cat question - letter from Mrs Rosie Wilson, Windlesham Avenue, Brighton & Some sympathy - letter from Ann Robinson, Norfolk Square, Brighton critical of Joyce family whose animals were stolen (letters in archive)
Argus 12.10.01 Farm raiders steal 50 animals - raiders broke into Quimpers Stud at Rodmell, near Lewes belonging to Joyce family, at night, stole pets and rescued animals, vandalised vehicles, animal rights activists are suspected (story in archive)

Sunday People 2.12.01 BRITAIN'S KILLING FIELDS - LACS investigator "John" infiltrates illegal coursing gangs. (story may be in archive)

Sunday Telegraph 2.12.01 Animal welfare thugs funded via US charity By Daniel Foggo - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) is being funded by money channelled through a mainstream US charity, Animal Rights America. A Sunday Telegraph undercover reporter made contact with SHAC, saying he represented an anonymous organisation keen to donate. Natasha Dellemagne (Dallemagne?) phoned with account details for ARA. This money would then appear on banking records as a contribution to a registered charity & be tax deductible. 6 days later ND confirmed the most of the funds had been transferred back to UK in personal baggage, some of it being kept by SHAC USA. Kevin Jonas of SHAC said ND must have been mistaken. Anne Crimaudo of ARA confirmed SHAC USA had received money from ARA but couldn't believe money had been sent to UK as that would break US rules. Natasha Dellemagne & 2 other SHAC founders Greg Avery & Heather James went to prison 2 weeks ago for intimidating HLS employees.(story)

Guardian 1.12.01 Out for blood by John Vidal - earlier this year went to the Old Surrey & Burstow, first in company with the sabs at a children's meet, next week "as himself" at a meet at Diana Barnato Walker's. Spoke to Dave Wetton & other sabs. "I tried to talk to the children taking part in the hunt, but they were petrified." Hunt follower's car keys were stolen. (story)

Scotsman 1.12.01 Flawed policies – letter from ANTHONY STEEL Kirkwood, nr Lockerbie Dumfriesshire criticising Scottish Parliament for wasting time on Watson bill (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.12.01 Regulating the right to hunt – letter from M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire – how will the new Defra rules on hunting be applied – will saboteurs & hunt monitors be subject to them, “Will there be similar controls on terriermen, their vehicles and dogs entering and leaving hunting areas and on any bagged foxes which are released to be hunted?” (letter in archive)

Times 1.12.01 Shoots that threaten countryside – letters from STEWART SCULL (Head of game and wildlife management), The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL and THEO HOPKINS, Lower Champles Wood, Oakford, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9EN in response to Ian Russell’s article (letters)
Times 24.11.01 There they go, banging on BY IAN RUSSELL – article critical of commercial shooting industry (story)

Irish News 1.12.01 Rodent advert scorned By Bimpe Fatogun - Jan Creamer, of campaign group Animal Defenders condemned new British Telecom advert which depicts a man on a survival challenge brandishing a skewered rodent, threatened boycott of BT (story in archive)
Ananova 30.11.01 Jan Creamer of Animal Defenders complains about BT ad (story)