December 2007

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Horncastle News 31.12.07 South Wold hunt in town - THE South Wold Hunt turned out in force in Horncastle on Saturday with around 30 members on horseback.... Hunt member and farmer John Roe laid the line (story)

Yorkshire Post 31.12.07 Yorkshire Post 31.12.07 - Scent packing From: Tim Mickleburgh, Littlefield Lane, Grimsby. YOU report (Yorkshire Post, December 27) on the success of Boxing Day hunts going ahead following the Parliamentary ban. But those of us against fox hunting were never opposed to the kind of drag hunts now taking place.... (letter)

Western Morning News 31.12.07 HUNT GROUP REPORTED TO POLICE - The hunt joined by Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders has been accused by the League Against Cruel Sports of chasing foxes illegally. Ms Saunders was pictured with daughter Freya, 17, at the Mid Devon Hunt's Boxing Day meet, days after a complaint was made to the police about illegal hunting.... (story)
People 30.12.07 AB FAB JENNIFER JOINS 'FOX HUNT' By Tom Latchem - Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders has joined a hunt accused of illegally chasing foxes. She was snapped riding with the Mid-Devon Hunt just eight days after cops launched a cruelty probe. Police acted when the hunt was reported to have pursued a fox with 20 hounds... Jennifer, 48, was seen with daughter Freya, 17, at the Mid-Devon's Boxing Day meet - advertised as a trail-hunt - in Chagford, Devon... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 31.12.07 LEAGUE'S APPROACH HAS GOT ME FOXED - Although hunting with dogs was banned in 2004, this year, supporters still turned out in their thousands to support the ancient tradition, including those of the Beaufort Hunt.As I've said before, I don't know enough about hunting to make any judgement, but I do know there are many more important problems facing this country than people who are willing to brave the cold, damp weather and have a picnic before setting off after a specially laid trail.... (story)

Manchester Evening News 31.12.07 Respecting guns - AFTER reading your article (MEN, December 21) ’Children as young as 11 given gun licences’, I feel that I must write in to defend the young shooting community. I have been a shooter since the age of 16 and have held a firearms certificate for four years (I am now 24). I think that those quoted fail to distinguish between legal firearms ownership for sporting use and illegal weapons in the hands of criminals. (story)
Argus 31.12.07 Only healthy horses loved - I was puzzled by the conflicting comments by Ann Seales (Letters, December 20) in relation to the Animal Aid demonstration at Plumpton Racecourse... Pauline Grant, chairperson, Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, Hempstead Lane, Uckfield (letter)

Scotsman 31.12.07 Walkers beware toxic bait - Your report on the poisoning of red kites (28 December) highlights the increase in incidents of illegal poisoning in 2007, but fails to mention the serious risk posed to walkers and their dogs. Each poisoned red kite marks another incident of toxic bait having been recklessly left out in the open... LOGAN D STEELE, Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder, Perthshire (letter)

Glasgow Herald 31.12.07 Protected species - David Ross's report, RSPB blames estates as red kite poisoning soars (December 28), highlights the necessity for the "review of the investigation and prosecution of wildlife crime" announced by Environment Minister Michael Russell. I would suggest that where a "land manager" is convicted of poisoning protected species (s)he would, as at present, be subject to the penalties prescribed by the Scottish Parliament. In addition, the estate owner should be held responsible for the actions of their employees.... Thomas L Inglis, 7 Menzies Avenue, Fintry. (story)

Daily Mail 31.12.07 The timid honours committee and gutless government who shun a modern hero - There is no need to agree with every word of what he says to be certain that Professor Colin Blakemore of Oxford University is a modern hero. He has publicly stood by his beliefs, and been targeted by anti-vivisection extremists. And what recognition has he received from this Government? None.... (story)
Daily Mail 29.12.07 Leading scientist denied his knighthood yet again 'because of his outspoken support for animal experiment' By DAVID DERBYSHIRE - A leading scientist has been denied a knighthood again - apparently because of his outspoken support for animal experiments. Senior officials believe it would have been "too controversial" to include Colin Blakemore in the New Year's Honours List issued today... (story)
Oxford Mail 29.12.07 Calls for scientist to be knighted By Ellie Simmonds - A leading Oxford scientist who has been targeted by animal rights campaigners has found himself at the centre of controversy, this time for failing to be included in the New Year's Honours List. Colin Blakemore, former chief executive of the Medical Research Council, is believed to have been nominated for a knighthood but was overlooked because of his controversial work on vivisection.... (story)
Independent 28.12.07 Distinguished scientist denied knighthood for backing animal testing - A leading British scientist who led the Medical Research Council for five years before stepping down earlier this year has been refused a knighthood in the New Year Honours List because of his outspoken support for animal research. Professor Colin Blakemore, a distinguished neuroscientist at the University of Oxford, has been nominated several times for a knighthood but has been blocked each time by senior officials anxious about his public support for medical experiments involving laboratory animals.... (story)

Argus 31.12.07 International ban on cruel foods Green Party councillor Ben Duncan has demanded that the sale of foie gras be outlawed across Brighton and Hove.... David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 31.12.07 CIRCUS LIFE ITSELF BRINGS ANIMALS MISERY - The subject of animal acts in circuses seems to be forever rearing its ugly head. My views are based on personal experience - I had the dubious pleasure of working for one of the big circuses as an elephant boy for six weeks.... LAURIE ELLIS Birchwood, Lincoln (letter )

Western Daily Press 31.12.07 CATTLE VACCINE IS WHAT IS NEEDED - I rather think Chris Rundle has missed the point about bovine TB ("Excuses, excuses, excuses", Western Daily Press, December 12). It is not a vaccine for the badger that is needed, but cattle.... Pamela Dean, Stroud (letter)

Worcester Evening News 31.12.07 Veganism is what I want to promote – I can't understand why Simon Gardner (Worcester News, December 22) thinks my letter was a thinly-veiled piece of propaganda. Of course, I am trying to promote veganism.... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern Link (letter)


Independent on Sunday 30.12.07 Hunts flout ban as 'dirty tricks' campaigns gather momentum - Activists claim the police do too little to enforce the law By Jonathan Owen - It is a war relatively few care about, over a law almost no one obeys. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in more than 300 Boxing Day hunts in a clear show of defiance of the law. But the long battle over hunting is getting uglier. Animal welfare campaigners claim their cars have been vandalised... Hunters say they have been provoked. The Government, the Crown Prosecution Service and the police appear unable, or unwilling, to enforce the 2004 Hunting Act.... (story)

Independent on Sunday 30.12.07 Graham Harvey: The killing fields of Britain ...The countryside is the home of TB, illegal hunts and 'commodity farming' that has little to do with good food. Better animal husbandry would help us rediscover our rural roots... With much of Britain's agricultural policy now controlled from Brussels, our elected politicians seem powerless to protect us from the consequences of bad farming. In fact, they appear to have no clear vision of what the countryside is for. On Boxing Day an estimated 300,000 people turned out to show their support for the country's hunts.... . It would be hard to find a better illustration of the Government's lack of direction on rural policy. Here it is stuck with a piece of legislation that is starting to look unenforceable. The tussle with the Countryside Alliance seems certain to distract attention from what really matters in the countryside – what we do about farming... The hunting ban was seen by many as a sop to Old Labour for keeping the New Labour project on course. With the growing crowds at hunt meets it's a policy that's looking decidedly jaded. The promise of safer, healthier food from a renewed countryside looks a far more compelling proposition. (story)

Sunday Herald 30.12.07 The Pack Mentality - The foxhunting ban in Scotland has had surprising effects, not least an increase in the sport in the Scottish borders By ALASDAIR REID - IT IS a drab, damp day in the Borders... As the mounted members of the Buccleuch Hunt trot by with a barrage of clipped "good mornings", the incongruity of it all is emphasised by the presence, just one field away, of the skeletal frame of a giant wigwam-like structure which is apparently used for New Age gatherings... AT a farm near the village of Midlem, Trevor Adams watches as members of the Buccleuch Hunt saddle up while around 25 hounds - or 121/2 couple - lollop out of the trailer... (story)

Sunday Independent 30.12.07 Hunters kill the Christmas spirit - This Christmas at least one of the majestic creatures that comprise our magnificent wildlife heritage will not have to endure the worst excesses of man's perennial inhumanity. The noble stag can no longer be hounded to exhaustion, trauma, and injury by mounted gurriers dressed up as knockabout circus clowns. A small blessing, but a profoundly welcome one... John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (story)


Horse & Hound 29.12.07 Eurostar uses hunting scene to depict Britain - Monty Python, Alfred Hitchcock and a hunting scene with hounds in full cry are the epitome of Britishness, according to Eurostar bosses in Belgium. Posters depicting a hunting scene have rolled out over Belgium as part of Eurostar's latest advertising campaign to publicise the recent opening of the High Speed One line between the Midi Station, Brussels, and St Pancras, London... (story)

Western Daily Press 29.12.07 HUNT BAN IS HERE TO STAY - Hounds do not pick out the weakest animals. They chase any deer that starts running and then stay on the chase.The hunting ban is here to stay. Parliament decreed that no foxes, deer or hares are to be hunted with a pack of hounds..... A PalmerDursley (letter)

Glasgow Herald 29.12.07 Hunting lobby’s fears have not come to pass - I was interested to read that, since the Hunting Bill came into force, the number of participants appears to have increased, despite the fact that ripping live animals to pieces has now been replaced by the less exciting task of tracking a smelly rag.... Gavin Fleming, 517 Webster's Land, Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Hunting with dogs may be banned but the twisted logic of the Countryside Alliance is still alive and well.... I would like to watch a drag hunt but will never go near while the threat remains of automatically being counted as a supporter of something as uncivilised as hunting with dogs. Sarah Bruce, 21a The Causeway, Edinburgh (letters)

Irish Examiner 29.12.07 Animals used in Irish labs: Number almost doubles By Caroline O’Doherty - THE number of animals used in drug tests and other experiments in Irish laboratories almost doubled last year, Department of Health figures show..... The Animal Rights Action Network said much needless suffering lay behind the figures. “People are led to believe that only rats and mice are used and that they’re saving lives when in fact there are also dogs, cats, horses and other large mammals suffering terribly in labs and it’s doubtful if any of them save lives,” said spokesman John Carmody... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 29.12.07 WHOLEHEARTEDLY IN SUPPORT - With reference to the letter from Natalie Richardson, in response to the one written by Pat Wickham. I wholeheartedly support Mrs Wickham in every way and since I have undergone brain surgery five times, I feel that I am qualified to comment.Yes, I have been given drugs which have been tested on animals, but those same animals did not cause my illness and did not deserve the suffering which was inflicted on them.... Mrs L Dunbar, Greatcoates Road, Grimsby. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 12.12.07 MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH ILL HUMANS - Regarding the letter, Spare A Thought (November 21), I'm always reading Pat Wickham's thoughts on animal cruelty and abuse and how, as a nation, we should do something about it in Viewpoint... Maybe she should spare a thought for the thousands of people in hospitals and laid in beds, or on settees ill in some way, who, thanks to animal testing, are receiving the best medicine science can offer..... Natilie Richardson (address supplied) (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 21.11.07 SPARE A THOUGHT - As preparations for Christmas get underway, can we spare a thought for animals awaiting experiments in laboratories?... No one, however, is doing more to end the suffering of animals in laboratories and to help humanity, than the Dr Hadwen Trust.... Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

York Press 29.12.07 Eating greens - I ALMOST choked on my sweet-chestnut roast when I read J Beisley's letter about his non-veggie Christmas... Livestock farming uses far more land and other resources than the equivalent vegetarian option... John Cossham, Hull Road, York. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.12.07 RESEARCH PROVES ANIMALS ARE CARED FOR IN CIRCUSES - I Have followed and read with great interest your articles and comments by readers on the recent Defra/Circus Working Group report into the welfare of performing circus animals.... People who make comments against circuses, then state they have never been to a traditional animal circus and would never go, shows ignorance... The British circus industry now has two clean reports into the welfare of its animals. The RSPCA was the first to commission an independent scientific report a few years ago... ANDREW LEWISKing Edward Street, Scunthorpe (letter)


Cumberland News 28.12.07 Hunting in 2007 By Keir Mudie - HUNT followers across Cumbria maintained their Boxing Day tradition with hundreds of people turning out to watch the Cumberland Farmers Foxhound Hunt set off from the Royal Oak pub at Welton, west of Carlisle, following a specially-prepared scent.... (story)

Bury Free Press 28.12.07 Hundreds turn out for Boxing Day hunt By Mark Beaumont - Hunt supporters turned out in droves to watch the Suffolk Hunt at Hawstead Lodge on Boxing Day. Richard Ames, joint master of the hunt, said that at 400-500 the number was around 10 to 15 per cent up on last year.... (story)

Chester Chronicle 28.12.07 Hunt goes on by Richard Down, Chester Chronicle - HUNDREDS of people once again showed their support for the Boxing Day hunts in Malpas and Tarporley with prosecutions for flouting the ban on hold.... The appeal allowed hunters such as Jane Windsor, treasurer of the Cheshire Hunt, to enjoy a meet without the threat of immediate legal action.... The Wynnstay Hunt pulled in Father Christmas to greet younger followers as the horses and ponies gathered outside The Crown in Malpas.... Paul Timpson, of the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association, has posted footage on the campaign’s website which appears to show elderly monitors being threatened by Cheshire Forest Hunters near Tarporley in October (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 28.12.07 BAN NO BAR TO HUNT`S `LOVELY` DAY By Emily Pearce - THREE years after the foxhunting ban came into effect, the IW Hunt’s traditional Boxing Day outing is no longer the scene of controversy it once was.... Huntsman Stuart Trousdale, who tends the hounds at their Gatcombe base, said: “It was a lovely day for it. There’s no such thing as a bad day’s hunting. There was a very good turnout as well but we’ve always had more people coming since the ban. I think it’s because people don’t like being told what to do.”.... (story)

Hawick News 28.12.07 Hunting horn sounds for Boxing Day meet - Jedforest Huntsman Paul Williams blows the hunting horn at the annual Boxing Day meet on Denholm Green... (story)

Newark Advertiser 28.12.07 More than 60 people followed the South Notts Hunt on Boxing Day - The hunt met on the green at Car Colston at 11am before horses and hounds ran out in the surrounding countryside.... The Grove and Rufford Hunt could not meet in Retford Market Place as it had hoped as police banned it on health and safety grounds and the cost of policing the event.... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 28.12.07 Russians film Boxing Day hunt - A FILM crew from Russia attended the gathering of the Ledbury Hunt outside the Feathers Hotel on Boxing Day..... (story)

Post & Times 28.12.07 LARGE TURNOUT FOR 'HUNT' IS EXPECTED - Hundreds of hunt enthusiasts are expected to flock to Cauldon Low in support of a Boxing Day event which has experienced record crowds since the ban on hunting foxes was enforced... Edward Upton, senior master of the Staffordshire Moorlands Hunt, said: "For many years we were lucky to have 80 to 100 people at the Boxing Day meet. But for the past two or three years we have had between two to three hundred supporters.... (story)

Horse & Hound 28.12.07 Welsh pro-hunting homes attacked by vandals - Two hunt-supporting homes in Wales have had property sprayed with hunt saboteur groups' initials ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and HRS (Hunt Retribution Squad) in a suspected animal rights attack. Police have confirmed that Charlotte Vangersteegen-Drake and husband Peter of Llowes had two cars vandalised overnight on 5-6 December — Mrs Vangersteegen-Drake is a joint-master and hunt secretary of the Golden Valley hunt... (story)

Telegraph 28.12.07 Hunt supporters to campaign in marginals By Andrew Pierce - Thousands of hunting supporters have been drafted in to the 100 key seats that will decide the next election, to campaign for Conservatives who support an immediate repeal of the ban.... Vote-Ok's army of hunt supporters is expected to number close to 30,000 in the run-up to the next election.... (story)

Western Morning News 28.12.07 HUNTING LAW IN THE BALANCE - PAUL GREAVES - The future of the hunting ban was in doubt last night after it was revealed that the High Court would have to decide on how the law could be applied. All prosecutions under the Hunting Act have been put on hold while Law Lords sort out the confusion, which has left even Crown Court judges puzzled as to how it should be interpreted.... Mr Wright, 53, a huntsman with the Exmoor Foxhounds, won his appeal against a conviction for illegal hunting in November. The judge at Exeter Crown Court ruled in his favour on a point of law.... (story)
Western Morning News 28.12.07 MESSY LEGACY OF THE HUNTING ACT - After all the furore, the heated debate, the endless hours of confrontation in Parliament, the demonstrations and the violent clashes with police, the Hunting Act remains mired in confusion.... Many people found it bewildering that the ban was being pursued at a time when so many other countryside matters were demanding Government attention: the foot and mouth crisis, rural housing needs, poor transport infrastructure, services and intensifying pressures on the farming industry... (story)

Dorset Echo 28.12.07 Hundreds turn out for the Boxing Day hunts By Harry Walton - HUNTS were out in force in Dorset as hounds and riders gathered for a series of traditional Boxing Day meets. Among those taking to the saddle were members of the South Dorset Hunt, who assembled at Dorset County Showground in Dorchester before moving off for the event... Members of the Cattistock and South Dorset hunts were among hundreds of thousands of people who attended Boxing Day hunts across the country... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 28.12.07 Hundreds turn out for Minehead hunt meet By Lloyd Vaughan - HUDREDS of hunt supporters turned out in force in Minehead on Boxing Day for what was hailed a trouble-free and excellent meet.... "The meet was very well attended and we had a lovely turnout, as we've come to expect, and there were absolutely no problems, as we've also come to expect," said Tim Holt, secretary of the Minehead Harriers... (story)

Hexham Courant 28.12.07 Hunt supporters get some Christmas cheer By WILL GREEN - HUNT supporters turned out in record numbers for traditional Boxing Day meets. Countryside Alliance East regional director Richard Dodd said: “The numbers of people we have seen supporting the hunts across the region represent two fingers to the Government... Mr Dodd spent the day with the Braes of Derwent Hunt, in Lanchester, which attracted a crowd of 1,000 well-wishers... The Tynedale Hunt met in the Market Place in Corbridge, and member Verity Johnson said that it was the largest turnout she could remember.... (story)

Cotswold Journal 28.12.07 Hunting's 'new lease of life' By Mark Jessop - HUNT supporters and members of the public have been out in numbers across the Cotswolds and south Warwickshire over Christmas. Sam Butler, master of the Warwickshire Hunt, said a crowd of about 1,000 people turned out for the traditional Boxing Day meet at Upton House near Banbury... The Heythtrop Hunt gathered for its traditional festive meets outside the Fox Inn in Chipping Norton on Boxing Day... (story)

Avon Vale 28.12.07 Hundreds turn out for hunt By Victoria Ashford, CROWDS of onlookers came out to watch the Avon Vale Hunt as it rode through Lacock on Boxing Day... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette 28.12.07 Supporters line streets for hunt By Scott McPherson - HUNDREDS of supporters gathered for the annual Avon Vale Hunt as it passed through Lacock on Boxing Day.... (story)

Salisbury Journal 28.12.07 Hunting lives on in the New Forest - WHEN the Government banned fox hunting two years ago many thought the traditions of bright scarlet jackets, white jodhpurs, horns and horses may be in danger of dying out... The New Forest Hounds, like many hunts across the country, thought their numbers would dwindle.. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 27.12.07 Boxing Day hunt attracted more young people - WHEN the Government banned fox hunting two years ago many thought the traditions of bright scarlet jackets, white jodhpurs, horns and horses may be in danger of dying out. Even those involved in the controversial country pursuit feared their traditions were in jeopardy. But more young people took part in yesterday's New Forest Boxing Day Hunt compared to previous years as organisers announced their sport is enjoying a revival.... (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 28.12.07 Plucky huntswoman takes plunge in dramatic bid to rescue fallen horse from reservoir David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post - A YOUNG woman rider believed to be from Merseyside had a lucky escape after she jumped in a reservoir to save her horse that had fallen in during a hunt. The woman and horse escaped serious injury in the dramatic incident on Boxing Day. The horse had bolted as they rode through Lead Mines Clough, near Anglezarke reservoir at Rivington, near Chorley, with the Holcombe Hunt... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 28.12.07 Boxing Day hunts proved more popular than ever this year.Record numbers turned out for the Vale of White Horse Hunt which met at Cirencester Park.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 28.12.07 HUNTS READY FOR DAYS OF COUNTRY SPORT - New Year's DAY, ACROSS GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Hunt enthusiasts are being invited to show their support for one of Gloucestershire's oldest countryside pursuits.Packs across the country are meeting on Tuesday... (story)

Beverley Guardian 28.12.07 Call of the hunt HUGE crowds watched the Boxing Day meet of the Holderness Hunt as it gathered on Beverley Westwood. The annual spectacle is, say huntsmen, attracting bigger crowds following the introduction two years ago of the hunting ban... (story)
Beverley Guardian 20.12.07 Boxing Day Holderness Hunt - THE Holderness Hunt will keep with tradition when it meets on the Westwood on Boxing Day. The huntsmen say they are continuing to ride out within the law, and are expecting large crowds to turn out to support the hunt... (story)

The Sentinel 28.12.07 TIME TO STOP HOUNDING RIDERS IN OLD TRADITION - If You thought the debate on fox-hunting was over you'd better think again, in view of the record crowds at Boxing Day hunts and renewed Tory promises to repeal the ban.Indeed, the word ban is a misnomer when more than 300,000 people turn out to support meetings all over the country.... I understand there were large attendances both at the North Staffs Hunt meeting at Woore, and at another one held by the Staffordshire Moorlands Hunt, at Cauldon Low... (story)

Reading Evening Post 28.12.07 Family day at the hunt - HUNT supporters wrapped up warm as they gathered for their traditional Christmas meet. Almost 50 riders from the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berkshire Hunt rode out from the Horse and Groom pub in Mortimer yesterday. (story)

Independent 28.12.07 The hunting fraternity had its orgy of bullying and bombast on Boxing Day. It has been their declared intention from the start to smash the Hunting Act off the statute book... Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (story)

Times 28.12.07 Hunting with dogs - and for votes - How exactly has hunting legislation backfired (Hunt supporters claim legislation has backfired, December 27) when the hunts that meet, as is their tradition on Boxing Day, are no longer hunting foxes, mink, hare or stag, but instead following a scented trail?.... Becky Hawkes, RSPCA
Blood sports' enthusiasts hope for a Tory government next time because David Cameron has promised a free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act... the prospect of a bloody, barbaric pastime being resurrected makes me look for somewhere else to cast my vote. Fiona Rame, Tiverton, Devon
This year the Heythrop Hunt mentioned in your article still managed to run riot through the falconry centre at Gloucestershire's Batsford Arboretum.... Steve Anderson, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
Even if the Boxing Day figures claimed by the hunts mentioned are only half-true, this report makes sad reading for those of us who are opposed to this barbaric "sport".... Helena Newton, Goodmayes, Essex (letters)

Times 28.12.07 Poisoning by gamekeepers blamed for loss of rare birds of prey - DAVID LISTER: SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - The RSPB is blaming gamekeepers for the record number of red kites that have been poisoned this year and accuses them of using banned pesticides indiscriminately... (story)
Scotsman 28.12.07 Fears for red kites as illegal killings hit an all-time high By BRIAN FERGUSON - ILLEGAL killings of red kites have reached an all-time high in Scotland, it emerged yesterday.... The figures from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland (RSPB) come just months after the organisation revealed that 2006 was the worst year in 25 years for the poisoning of birds of prey. The overall figure more than doubled from 19 to 45 in a year.... (story)

Guardian 28.12.07 Revolting pheasants - Shooting and fishing should have been banned, rather than hunting and coursing - Geoffrey Wheatcroft - On Boxing Day the isle was full of noises. Huntsmen's horns blew, but across rural England they were drowned by the cacophonous roar of shotguns. This contrast is perplexing. While the angry debate raged about hunting, no one ever asked whether it was really the most objectionable of what their enthusiasts call field sports.... (story)

Oxford Times 28.12.07 Activists in threat to university staff - ACTIVISTS have promised a new wave of attacks on Oxford University and its staff over its nearly-completed animal testing laboratory.... (story)

Argus 28.12.07 Don't blame deer for accidents - If a child is knocked over by a car it is unlikely the child would be blamed. The driver of whatever vehicle was involved would take the rap and probably come under scrutiny concerning what speed the car was doing at the time. So why is an article headlined "Forest deer put drivers in danger" (The Argus, December 24). Why does The Argus exonerate drivers in this way?... Valerie Paynter, Clarendon Road, Hove (letter)

Leicester Mercury 28.12.07 'HALT THIS FOOD FAUX PAS' - An MP Keith Vaz is among dozens who have called on restaurants to ban foie gras and replace it with a new, animal welfare friendly version of the delicacy... (story)


Buckingham Advertiser 27.12.07 PICTURE GALLERY: Boxing Day hunt - AROUND 2,000 people watched the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase gather outside Winslow Hall on Wednesday for an annual Boxing Day meet... (story)

Hereford Times 27.12.07 Boxing Day Hunts attract the crowds By Ian Morris - Thousands gathered across Herefordshire's market towns and villages for the traditional Boxing Day Hunt.... Olive Greenway, watching her granddaughter ride with the Golden Valley Hunt in Hay-on-Wye, said the Government ban had actually had the opposite effect, creating publicity which attracted a new audience.... Donald Haden, a spokesman for the Ledbury Hunt, was even interviewed by Russian television in the packed streets.... (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 27.12.07 Hundreds pack hunt meet - GLOWERING skies laced with winter sunshine greeted the Cottesmore Hunt's traditional Boxing Day morning meet at Oakham.... (story)
Rutland Times 27.12.07 Slideshow: Hundreds at hunt meeting - Hundreds of spectators turned out for Cottesmore Hunt's traditional Boxing Day morning meet at Oakham. More than 60 riders of all ages gathered at Cutts Close for the event which has maintained its popularity despite the ban on hunting with dogs... (story)
Rutland Times 27.12.07 Hunt goes from strength to strength - More than two years after foxhunting with dogs was banned Cottesmore Hunt is going from 'strength to strength', according to one of its leading lights. Clare Bell, the organisation's secretary, says more and more people are riding out or supporting the hunt on foot despite the landmark Government legislation... (story)

Beccle & Bungay Journal 27.12.07 Bungay hunt goes ahead as normal - BIG crowds gathered at Bungay on Boxing Day for the traditional gathering of the Waveney Harriers.... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 27.12.07 Big crowd for Wivey hunt - A HUGE crowd turned out in Wiveliscombe on Boxing Day to watch the Chipstable Hunt gather in the town centre. Around 30 riders embarked on a trail hunt in the surrounding countryside.... (story)

Telegraph 27.12.07 Thousands gather for Boxing Day hunts By Nicole Martin and Aislinn Simpson - Thousands of people across Britain attended Boxing Day meets yesterday but, for one rider, the day nearly ended in tragedy. The woman's horse slipped on ice as they rode alongside the Anglezarke reservoir near Rivington, Bolton, while riding with Lancashire's Holcombe Hunt. The fire brigade was called to help but the rider clung onto her horse and both managed to make their way to dry land unaided and unharmed.... Some of the biggest crowds of the day were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, where nearly 6,000 people met at Lacock, near Chippenham, Wilts, and at the Heythrop Hunt, in Chipping Norton, Oxon, where 5,000 people turned out.... Among those taking part yesterday was Tony Wright, 53, who won an appeal last month against his conviction for hunting with dogs... At the Exmoor Foxhounds hunt in Kentisbury, Devon, he said: "Our best Christmas present came when the courts threw out my conviction and accepted that we had been hunting legally... One female hunt master, Polly Portwin, joined 2,300 people and 170 riders at the Bicester Hunt in Winslow, Bucks.... (story)
Telegraph 27.12.07 Hunt supporters to campaign in marginals By Andrew Pierce - Thousands of hunting supporters have been drafted in to the 100 key seats that will decide the next election, to campaign for Conservatives who support an immediate repeal of the ban.... Vote-Ok's army of hunt supporters is expected to number close to 30,000 in the run-up to the next election.... (story)
Telegraph 27.12.07 The country finds favour with the townies By Alan Cochrane - There are "full up" signs all over the British countryside this Christmas holiday. From Land's End to John O'Groats, normally sleepy rural backwaters are packed with visitors who have all decided that a bucolic Yule is the only kind to have... However, with each passing year it is clear that even in a land such as this, which prides itself on and is envied for its magnificent scenery, there is a growing rift between town and country that shows no sign of narrowing... It's not just hunting - that townie sanction imposed on a rural population that couldn't believe that such an outrage was being perpetrated on it until it was too late... Pheasant shooting may be next on the hit list and a ban on snares is already being considered by the Scottish Parliament.... Let's hear it for Britain's countryside. But it's time the countryside was doing the shouting for itself (story)

Guardian 27.12.07 Hunt supporters claim legislation has backfired - Matthew Taylor - Hundreds of thousands of people were said to have turned out to support Boxing Day hunts yesterday in a show of strength on what is traditionally the busiest day in the hunting calendar... In Gloucestershire 3,000 people were reported to have attended the Duke of Beaufort's hunt... Hunt master Polly Portwin joined a reported 2,300 people at the Bicester hunt, which met at Winslow, Buckinghamshire... Di Pyper, master of the Puckeridge hunt, which was said to have been supported by 600 people at Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, said: "A lot of people who are here today would not even have thought about hunting a few years ago.... Last month Tony Wright, 53, won an appeal at Exeter crown court against his conviction for hunting a wild animal with dogs... Yesterday, at the Exmoor Foxhounds at Kentisbury, Devon, he said: "We're looking forward and hopefully it won't be too long before all the confusion and stupidity of the Hunting Act is removed." Stephen Lambert, chairman of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, joined 5,000 others at the Heythrop Hunt in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Lambert said: "We had a great crowd this morning... (story)

Glasgow Herald 27.12.07 Hunts ride out in force under watchful eye of animal activists - STEWART PATERSON - Animal rights campaigners have stepped up their monitoring of fox hunting as the traditional Boxing Day hunts took place across Scotland's countryside yesterday... The Duke of Buccleuch's and the Jedforest hunts took place in the Borders, and in the west of Scotland the Eglinton hunt began at Skelton in Ayrshire. The Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire hunt set off from Houston, with dozens of people turning out to watch what the organisers believe is the oldest hunt in Scotland... (story)

Northern Echo 27.12.07 Big crowds gather for hunt meetings By Hannah Chapman - THOUSANDS of people turned out to support the traditional Boxing Day hunts in the region, almost two years after the sport was outlawed by the Government.... In Northallerton, North Yorkshire, hundreds of people lined the High Street to watch 40 riders from the Hurworth Hunt meet outside the Golden Lion pub... Judy Shield, joint master of the South Durham Hunt, said they had a good turnout for their day, which began and ended at the Talbot Inn at Bishopton, near Darlington... Meanwhile, about 80 riders on horseback took part in the Braes of Derwent Hunt's Boxing Day meeting.... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 27.12.07 Thousands back Boxing Day hunts - THOUSANDS of hunt supporters turned out for the traditional Boxing Day meetings across the region - and renewed calls for a ban on the country sport to be repealed.... Crowds of people started gathering early to watch the Essex and Suffolk Hunt arrive at Holbecks Park, Hadleigh.... Visitors to the Suffolk Hunt, which began on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds, said they remained confident there would a U-turn on the hunting ban... The ever-popular Thurlow Hunt was tinged with a touch of sadness following the death of 75-year-old Edmund Vestey last month... Hundreds of people watched as the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt's Boxing Day event got under way.... There were also crowds to welcome the Waveney Harriers hunt, who met at Earsham Street in Bungay for the traditional meet. (story)

Evening Standard 27.12.07 WHAT BAN? 300,000 HUNT SUPPORTERS TURN OUT TO SAY TALLY-HO! - A record number of hunt supporters attended Boxing Day meets across the country, rural campaigners claimed last night... Some of the record Boxing Day crowds were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, where nearly 6,000 met at Lacock, near Chippenham, Wiltshire, and at the Heythrop Hunt, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, where 5,000 turned out. Di Pyper, Master of the Puckeridge Hunt, which attracted 600 supporters at Brent Pelham, in Hertfordshire, said there is now a countrywide call for a repeal of the ban.... Among those taking part in events yesterday was Exmoor huntsman Tony Wright, 53, who won an appeal last month against his conviction for hunting a wild animal with dogs.... (story)

Western Daily Press 27.12.07 HUNTS RIDING HIGHAS THOUSANDS HAIL 'FRIENDLY MEETS' BY BARRY LEIGHTON AND NICHOLA JONESWDNEWS@BEPP.CO.UK - Thousands of hunt supporters turned out in force yesterday for what were hailed as the return of the friendly meets after years of demonstrations... More than 2,000 people gathered to cheer the Avon Vale Hunt trot off from the National Trust village of Lacock.... The West's biggest meet was at Worcester Lodge on the Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire, where an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 people gathered to see 230 riders from the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt.... Hundreds of huntsmen and supporters were also present in Somerset where Castle Cary hosted the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt while the Mendip Farmers Hunt took place at Priddy, near Wells. The Minehead Hunt set off from the town centre while Seavington Hunt started from Crewkerne Market Place.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.12.07 Thousands more support proud Boxing Day hunts By Simon Bristow - THE thunder of hooves and baying of hounds sounded yesterday as the annual Boxing Day meets proved even more popular in spite of the ban on hunting foxes... More than 1,000 people, including many families with young children, assembled on Beverley Westwood to cheer on at least 100 immaculately turned out horsemen and women of the Holderness Hunt.... Joanna Newitt, secretary of the Middleton Hunt which drew 68 riders to Malton and slightly fewer to its meet in Driffield, said: "In the market place at Malton the support was probably the best we've had for the last two years.... Peter Turland, joint master of the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt which met at Wentbridge, near Pontefract, and Aberford, near Tadcaster, said: "There are a lot of kids out with us, which is great...... Judith Skilbeck, joint master of the Bilsdale Hunt, which set off from Cowesby Hall, near Thirsk, said hunting was still enjoyable but expected the ban to be repealed in time... (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.12.07 Tiny hunter: Georgina joins the chase - A new generation of riders joined the traditional Boxing Day hunts across the county yesterday, watched by thousands of supporters on foot. Georgina Webster from Beverley, took to the Westwood with the Holderness Hunt on her pony Smartie aged just four... (story)

Leicester Mercury 27.12.07 HUNTS PROVE 'POPULAR AS EVER' BY GEMMA PEPLOW - Thousands of people turned out to support Boxing Day hunts across Leicestershire.... Supporters turned out in force to cheer on the Belvoir, Fernie, Quorn and Cottesmore hunts as they set off yesterday morning... (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 27.12.07 HUNT SEES BIGGER TURNOUT IN WAKE OF THE BAN - Huntsmen, their supporters and even tourists turned out in droves to support Tavistock's ancient Boxing Day tradition, writes Jane Omara. Huntgoers said support for the Spooners and West Dartmoor Boxing Day meet, held in Bedford Square in the centre of the town, had actually increased since the ban on hunting with dogs, and there was no vocal opposition in sight.... (story)

Oxford Times 27.12.07 Thousands attend Boxing Day hunts - HUNT supporters condemned the Hunting Act as hundreds of thousands of people attended Boxing Day meets across the country... Some of the biggest crowds of the day were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, where nearly 6,000 people met at Lacock, near Chippenham, Wiltshire, and at the Heythrop Hunt, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, where 5,000 people turned out.... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 27.12.07 HOUNDS OUTFOXED BY CRAFTY HUMAN QUARRY BY CLAIRE DUFFIN - For runner John Rawlins Boxing Day involved being chased for 15 miles across Derbyshire by a pack of baying bloodhounds... A crowd of more than 150 turned out to watch the Four Shires Bloodhounds. The hunt, which was set up seven years ago, has always chased humans... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 27.12.07 READY, STEADY, TALLY HO! - Hunting with dogs may have been banned in 2004 but supporters are still turning out in their thousands to support the ancient tradition.Nearly 3,000 gathered to join the riders of the Beaufort Hunt at Didmarton, near Badminton as they set off on their annual Boxing Day meeting.... (story)

Mirror 27.12.07 Fox hunters defy ban By Will Payne - A defiant hunt headed for its traditional Boxing Day meet yesterday despite the two-year-old ban on killing with dogs... the Avon Vale Hunt at Lacock, Wilts, above, was watched by a 6,000-strong crowd - one of the largest in the country - while Chipping Norton, Oxon, attracted 5,000... (story)

Manchester Evening News 27.12.07 Hunter saves horse - A YOUNG woman rider had a miraculous escape from serious injury after she jumped in a reservoir to save her horse after it had plunged in during a Boxing Day hunt. The horse bolted as they rode through Lead Mines Clough, next to the Anglezarke reservoir at Rivington, Bolton, with the Holcombe Hunt.... About 50 riders took part in the Cheshire Forest Hunt and more than 200 people watched them set off from the Duke of Portland at Lach Dennis, Northwich.... Some of the biggest crowds yesterday were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, in Wiltshire, where nearly 6,000 people met, and at the Heythrop Hunt, in Oxfordshire, where 5,000 people turned out.... (story)

Daelnet 27.12.07 Hunts galore - despite ban - COUNTRY folk turned out in their hundreds of thousands yesterday (Boxing Day) to express their anger on the second anniversary of the ban on fox hunting... North Yorkshire hunts made up some of the highest numbers in England, with the Pendle and Craven gathering at Gargrave, near Skipton, and other meets by the Farndale, Goathland, York and Ainsty and Middleton hunts.... (story)

Newcastle Journal 27.12.07 Crowds flock to the hunt meets By Brian Daniel, The Journal - CROWDS flocked to traditional Boxing Day hunts yesterday, showing their support for efforts to have the ban on the sport lifted... Support for the activity and its legal fight was particularly strong at Newton on the Moor, near Alnwick, Northumberland, yesterday morning where the Percy Hunt meet pulled in 60 riders on horseback, a further 20 on quad bikes and between 200 and 300 supporters... Other hunts meeting yesterday were the College Valley/North Northumberland in Wooler, the Border at the Percy Arms in Otterburn, the Morpeth at the Dyke Neuk in Meldon and the Haydon in Fourstones near Hexham. Richard Dodd, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, was out with the Braes of Derwent at Lanchester, County Durham... (story)

Essex Gazette 27.12.07 Sible Hedingham: Hunt crowds gather By Anna Brett - Hundreds of people turnedout to see the traditonal Boxing Day hunt - despite the sport being banned. The East Essex Hunt, from Tattersalls Farm, near Sible Hedingham, went on a drag hunt... (story)

Birmingham Post 27.12.07 Pro fox hunting lobby gathering support By Amy Caulfield - Hunt supporters condemned the Hunting Act yesterday as hundreds of thousands of people attended Boxing Day meets across the country... Sam Butler, Master of the Warwickshire Hunt, which met at Upton House, near Banbury, Oxfordshire, said: "We have got a good crowd of over a thousand people here and there is a real feeling of optimism... Some of the biggest crowds of the day were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, where nearly 6,000 people met at Lacock, near Chippenham, Wiltshire, and at the Heythrop Hunt, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, where 5,000 people turned out.... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 27.12.07 Thousands support hunts - Thousands of people across Wiltshire turned out for traditional Boxing Day hunts yesterday... More than 2,000 people gathered to cheer the Avon Vale Hunt trot off from the National Trust village of Lacock... The West's biggest meet was at Worcester Lodge on the Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire, where an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 people gathered to see 230 riders from the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 27.12.07 Hunt supporters condemn Act by Neil Atkinson, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - HUNT supporters condemned the Hunting Act yesterday as hundreds of thousands of people attended Boxing Day meets across the country... (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 27.12.07 Traditional hunt goes ahead...without foxes by Vince Gledhill, Evening Chronicle - RIDERS and hounds headed out for annual Boxing Day meets across the region for a second year without their traditional target... Around 100 riders joined the Morpeth Hunt Boxing Day ride, with another 150 supporters following on foot.... Richard Dodd, the Alliance’s regional director for the North East, rode with the Braes of Derwentside hunt from Lanchester in County Durham yesterday... (story)

Western Mail 27.12.07 300,000 turn out for Boxing Day hunts - HUNT supporters condemned the Hunting Act yesterday as hundreds of thousands of people attended Boxing Day meets across the country.... Some of the biggest crowds of the day were seen at the Avon Vale Hunt, where nearly 6,000 people met at Lacock, near Chippenham, Wiltshire, and at the Heythrop Hunt in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire,.... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 27.12.07 HUNDREDS RALLY FOR TRADITIONAL MEETS - The centuries-old pomp of the traditional Boxing Day hunts remains alive and kicking in our area. Hundreds of spectators braved the winter weather to watch the annual Boxing Day Brocklesby and South Wold Hunts... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.12.07 HUNDREDS TURN OUT FOR BOXING DAY HUNT - Hundreds of people turned out to watch the start of a legal Boxing Day Hunt in Notts yesterday. The South Notts Hunt set off from the Village Green in Car Colston at 11am.... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.12.07 Support for hunt - HORSES and huntsmen gathered near Peterborough to continue the tradition of the Boxing Day Hunt. It is almost three years since fox hunting was banned, but supporters of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in Stilton, were determined not to let the tradition die out.... (story)

Bolton News 27.12.07 Hundreds attend hunt By Paul Keaveny - A THUNDEROUS roar filled their air as hundreds of horses set out for the annual Boxing Day hunt at Holcombe.... Master of the Hunt Arnold Greenhalgh said the ban had not affected numbers and if anything has increased its popularity... (story)

York Press 27.12.07 Traditional hunt - but not a fox in sight - IT was a family day-out for young and old when the Middleton Hunt staged its traditional Boxing Day meet.... Elsewhere, the York and Ainsty Hunt met at the George Hotel, Easingwold and received an equally warm welcome... (story)

Kent News 27.12.07 'Increasing support for repeal of Hunting Act' - Hunters were out in force on Boxing Day despite legislation banning hunting with dogs being in force for two years... The East Kent Hunt said there was increasing support for a repeal of the Hunting Act. Nick Onslow said: "The East Kent Hunt has seen increasing support with people from all walks of life demonstrating their support for the repeal of the Act.... (story)
BBC News Online 26.12.07 Boxing Day hunts gather after ban - Boxing Day hunts have gathered across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, two years after hunting with dogs was banned. Hundreds were expected at a drag hunt near Canterbury, where the East Kent Hunt said there was increasing support for a repeal of the Hunting Act... (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 27.12.07 Hundreds turn out for hunt meet By Lynn Brown - HUNDREDS of hunt supporters turned out for the traditional Boxing Day meet in Malton yesterday. The Market Place was a throng of spectators, Middleton Hunt riders and their pack of foxhounds.... Among the crowds were a group of rat catching rugby players who hoped that their pastime will soon be part of the Boxing Day tradition. Members of the Malton and Norton rugby team ratters manned a stall with their terriers inviting people to join their pest controlling club... (story)
Scarborough Evening News 27.12.07 A hunting they did go - HUNTS across the county were out in force yesterday - despite the ban which prevents dogs from chasing and killing animals.... The Middleton Hunt gathered in Malton's market place where hundreds of people went to mingle with the huntsmen, mounted followers and hounds... (story)

Grantham Journal 27.12.07 Hunt attracts hundreds of supporters By Jo Hall - Hundreds of people turned out on Boxing Day to meet the riders, horses and hounds from the Belvoir Hunt who met on St Peter's Hill in Grantham... (story) x

Irish Examiner 27.12.07 Renewed call for total ban on fox hunting By Sean O’Riordan and Ciarán Murphy - PROTESTERS called for a total ban on fox hunting yesterday and reiterated their determination to sabotage such events in the coming months. Up to 30 members of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs and BadgerWatch Ireland held a protest as the Waterford Foxhounds staged their annual St Stephen’s Day hunt in Tramore.... (story)

Halifax Evening Courier 27.12.07 Killers should not be allowed to live - PETER L. Guy ("Clarrie says it's OK to kill people but not foxes", Your say, December 13) asks if I am the same person who advocates the death penalty and yet is an outspoken opponent of fox hunting. The answer is yes... Clarrie Shaw, Dam Head Road, Sowerby Bridge. (letter)

Plymouth Evening Herald 27.12.07 SLAUGHTER MUST BE CURBED NOW - Hunters from France, Spain, Portugal and the UK set out each morning armed with the latest electronic wizardry and weaponry to kill thousands of creatures indiscriminately. After the plunder, they realise that the majority of these creatures should not have been caught and killed, so thousands of them are dumped... , it is hard to imagine destruction on this scale taking place, but it is - by trawlers and netters all around our coast.... As a sea angler, I am a stake-holder, but as a conservationist, all my fish are returned alive.... Now the Government is considering introducing a sea-angling rod licence at around £24 a year. Wonderful - if they also introduce a six-mile no-netting rule all around our coast to signal that someone, somewhere is actually listening PAUL N LOWE, Torpoint (letter)

Daily Post 27.12.07 Shooting pub hits the spot as focus for community life by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - FROM the gentle thud of leather on willow to the echoes of early lawn tennis games, the village be in anywhere in Middle England.... Except that this is Llanelidan, a small Welsh hamlet between Ruthin and Corwen... It was into this milieu that David Williams stepped when he decided to take over the local pub this autumn. The retired businessman, who had run a successful engineering business in Birkenhead, was keen to reconnect Leyland Arms with the village and re-install it as the hub of community life.... Three years ago Mr Williams, now in his 60s, took on the Nantclwyd shoot, one of the most prestigious in North Wales... (story)

Argus 27.12.07 Care for horses - Anne Seales is right in her condemnation of dangerous jumps in horse racing (Letters, December 20). However, I must take her to task in her assertion that horse owners are devoted to their animals. Attend any horse sales or, as a recent undercover investigation showed, visit a horse slaughterhouse and you'll see perfectly healthy yet unwanted horses being traded and slaughtered for the continental meat market... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)

Independent 27.12.07 Protests after RSPCA puts down sacred cow By Jerome Taylor -Hundreds of Hindu demonstrators staged an angry protest over the killing of an injured sacred cow that, until it was put down two weeks ago, was being cared for at a Watford temple. Some 200 delegates from the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertforshire travelled to the RSPCA's headquarters in West Sussex to protest after Gangotri, a 13-year-old Belgian blue-jersey cross, was destroyed... (story)
Argus 27.12.07 Sacred cow protest By Damien Pearse - Hindus protested outside the RSPCA's headquarters in Horsham over the slaughter of a sick sacred cow at their temple. The animal charity was accused of secretly killing Gangotri, a 13-year-old Belgian Blue Jersey cross, by lethal injection at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire... (story)
Express 26.12.07 PROTESTS AFTER SACRED COW SLAUGHTER - Hundreds of Hindus are to protest outside the RSPCA headquarters at the slaughter of a sick sacred cow at their temple while they were at worship. The RSPCA was accused of secretly killing Gangotri, a 13-year-old Belgian blue-jersey cross, by lethal injection at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire.... The temple is sending 200 delegates to the RSPCA headquarters in Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex.... (story)
BBC News Online 25.12.07 Hindus protest over cow slaughter - Hundreds of Hindus are to protest over allegations that the RSPCA killed their 13-year-old sacred cow by lethal injection while they worshipped.... Vinay Tanna, the temple's spokesman, said they would have taken legal action to prevent the slaughter had they known it was taking place... (story)
Argus 24.12.07 Cow killed by RSPCA prompts Horsham protest By Jess Bauldry - Hindus are set to stage a vigil on boxing day to protest over the killing of an ailing temple cow. Demonstrators will bang cymbals and drums outside the RSPCA's headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex, and hold a traditional Hindu ceremony for Gangotri, who was slaughtered at the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple complex, near Watford, while worshippers were at prayer... (story)

Dorset Echo 27.12.07 Foie gras triggers row over restaurant menu - A WEYMOUTH restaurant has been criticised because it has put foie gras on its festive menu. Sense in St Mary Street is offering the controversial delicacy pan fried in butter and served with broccoli as a starter.... Sense owner Ali Ghamarian defended his menu item... But publisher Jude Brooks, of Trinity Terrace, Weymouth, does not share his view and has complained to the council.... (story)


Yorkshire Post 26.12.07 Simon Hart: Hounding out a law that's failed in every way - YOU may remember that one of the most controversial debates in recent Parliamentary history was completed almost three years ago. After 700 hours of Parliamentary debate, the Hunting Act was finally passed. Yet, in the intervening period, this famous law has been used to prosecute more people for hunting rats than hunting foxes... Ten years ago, New Labour swept to power and the pundits were agreed that hunting was on borrowed time. Ten years later, it is becoming increasingly likely that hunting will outlive the Hunting Act and the Government that tried to ban it (story)

Newbury Weekly News 26.12.07 Two years after the hunting ban, the Vine and Craven Hunt defiantly meet in Lambourn on Boxing Day - IT was a sight the Government thought would be consigned to watercolours on pub walls. In the cold damp air of a Boxing Day morning, a defiant procession of red-coated huntsmen on horseback and excited hounds filed past supporters on Lambourn High Street, ready for a day's sport. Two years after the hunting ban came into force, more people than ever turned up on Boxing Day to cheer on the Vine and Craven Hunt... (story)

Guardian 26.12.07 Scent of defiance as thousands attend Boxing Day hunts - Haroon Siddique and agencies - The head of the Countryside Alliance today declared the Hunting Act was "on borrowed time" as more than 300,000 people attended Boxing Day meets across the country. ... Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, was with the South Pembrokeshire hunt and 1,000 supporters at the Cresselly Arms in Creswell Quay, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He said the mood was "as optimistic as at any time in the last 10 years"..... Tony Wright, 53, who won an appeal last month against his conviction for hunting a wild animal with dogs, joined 400 people and 50 riders for the Exmoor Foxhounds hunt at Kentisbury in Devon.... Hunt master Polly Portwin, who joined 2,300 people and 170 riders at the Bicester hunt, which met at Winslow in Buckinghamshire, described the Hunting Act as "pointless and prejudiced". Sam Butler, master of the Warwickshire hunt, which met at Upton house near Banbury, Oxfordshire, said the law "can't last much longer". Di Pyper, master of the Puckeridge hunt, which was supported by 600 people at Brent Pelham in Hertfordshire, agreed... (story)

BBC News Online 26.12.07 Large crowds for Boxing Day hunt - Large crowds of spectators turned out to watch the start of a traditional Boxing Day hunt in Shropshire. Members of the North Shropshire Hunt left Shrewsbury Livestock Market at about 1130 GMT.... (story)

BBC News Online 26.12.07 Boxing Day fox hunts begin in UK - Boxing Day hunts have begun across the UK on what is traditionally the busiest day of the hunting year... (story)

Reuters 26.12.07 Tens of thousands expected to join Boxing Day hunts - LONDON (Reuters) - More than a quarter of a million people are expected to take part in Boxing Day hunts despite restrictions imposed two years ago, foxhunting supporters said on Wednesday.... (Reporting by Avril Ormsby; Editing by Tim Pearce) (story)

Google news 26.12.07 Thousands set for Boxing Day hunts - Hundreds of thousands of people, including increasing numbers of women and children, are expected to attend Boxing Day hunts across the country..... (story)

Western Morning News 26.12.07 BOXING DAY HUNTS RETURN - Thousands of people across the Westcountry will take today part in traditional Boxing Day hunts.... Local hunts taking place today in Devon include the Dartmoor Hunt, the Exmoor Foxhounds, the Torrington Farmers Hunt, the Spooner's and West Dartmoor Hunt, the Tiverton Hunt and the Tetcott Hunt. In Cornwall, the hunts include the Cury Foxhounds, the Four Borough Hunt and the East Cornwall Hunt. Dozens of hunts are also taking place across Somerset and Dorset, including the Dulverton Farmers Hunt and the South Dorset Hunt... (story)

Newcastle Journal 26.12.07 Huntsmen aiming to overturn ban by Dave Black, The Journal - HUNTING enthusiasts meet for their biggest day of the year this morning – still fighting to win a repeal of the three-year-old ban on their sport... This morning the Percy Hunt meets at Newton-on-the-Moor near Alnwick, the College Valley/North Northumberland in Wooler, the Border at the Percy Arms in Otterburn, the Morpeth at the Dyke Neuk in Meldon and the Haydon in Fourstones near Hexham.... (story)

South Wales Argus 26.12.07 More than 1,000 support Boxing Day hunts - HUNDREDS of riders and more than 1,000 spectators turned out for traditional Boxing Day hunts across Gwent today. More than 1,000 people lined the streets of Abergavenny to witness the start of the Boxing Day Monmouthshire hunt. And hundreds of people turned out to watch the Tredegar Hunt set off... (story)

Worcester Evening News 26.12.07 Thousands turn out for festive hunts By Sally Jones - THOUSANDS of supporters turned out as riders saddled up for the annual festive hunts across Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Thousands of spectators gathered at The Raven Hotel in Droitwich today for the Worcestershire Hunt's meet.... Meanwhile, in the Herefordshire town of Bromyard more than 300 people turned out to see the Clifton-on-Teme hunt.... In Ledbury, hundreds of supporters lined the High Street as about 100 riders departed from outside The Feathers Hotel for its annual Boxing Day hunt. Hundreds of spectators lined the streets of Upton-upon-Severn as a record number of horses and riders turned out for the Croome and West Warwickshire Christmas Eve hunt.... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 26.12.07 Thousands enjoy Boxing Day hunts - THOUSANDS of hunt supporters turned out across East Anglia for the biggest day in the field sport's calendar today.... The Essex and Suffolk Hunt attracted a healthy crowd at their meeting in Holbecks Park, Hadleigh, while the Suffolk Hunt, at Bury St Edmunds, Waveney Harriers, at Bungay, and the Thurlow Hunt, at Great Thurlow, near Haverhill, also enjoyed good turn-outs in fine weather (story)

Times 26.12.07 New legal twist over hunting as Boxing Day meets are out in force - VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR OF THE TIMES - The Crown Prosecution Service is seeking to appeal against the decision to clear the first huntsman found guilty of illegal hunting with dogs. The news emerged as hunts all over the country gathered for traditional Boxing Day meets, the most important date in the hunting calendar.... Tony Wright, who was the first huntsman in the country to be found guilty of breaching the Hunting Act, won his appeal last month on the basis that he reasonably believed his hunting to be exempt from the ban. Mr Wright, a huntsman with the Exmoor Foxhunds, was originally convicted last year for hunting a wild animal with dogs and was fined £500 plus £250 costs... (story)

Telegraph 26.12.07 Hunting enjoys a revival By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Hunting is undergoing a revival with increasing numbers of women and children taking part as a direct result of the ban imposed by the Hunting Act... Claire Bellamy, 32, has been master and huntsman of the Spooners and West Dartmoor hunt since May 1, one of only two women to occupy that role... Karl Creamer, 44, joint master of the Ludlow, is a former professional ice-hockey player who had not sat on a horse until 1994. He said: "Everything that gets banned seems to become popular... (story)

Sun 26.12.07 250,000 to rally to foxhunts - AT least 250,000 riders and supporters will turn out today for traditional Boxing Day foxhunt meets, rural campaigners claimed last night. The Countryside Alliance said 314 hunts will gather nationwide – encouraged by the hope that antiblood sports laws could be repealed if the Tories win back power....(story)

Telegraph 26.12.07 Animal Liberation Front renews its threat to Oxford By Aislinn Simpson - Animal rights campaigners are threatening a new wave of attacks on Oxford University as its biomedical laboratory nears completion. Groups such as the Animal Liberation Front have been waging a campaign of arson and vandalism since work on the controversial facility - which will house all of the university's animal testing labs - began in 2004... The ALF's spokesman Robin Webb warned university staff to expect "home visits".... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 26.12.07 Either humane or not - "Humane" and "humane as possible" are words frequently used by conservationists to describe the killing of wildlife. So what exactly do these words mean or are they merely euphemistic references to brutality? Conservationists are currently engaged in the "humane dispatch" of grey squirrels by clubbing them over the head with a blunt instrument, yet if the same happens to a human it is described as a "brutal murder"... ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)


Eastern Daily Press 25.12.07 Hunts planned for Boxing Day - ED FOSS - The hunting community has pledged to turn out in force on their most symbolic day of the year - Boxing Day - with four sets of hunts meeting across Norfolk and one in north Suffolk.... The joint master of the North Norfolk Harriers, Roger Bradbury, said that the situation was “working quite well”.... Tizzie Craggs, joint secretary of Dunston Harriers, said: “Our sport is not dwindling and we are still getting a nice lot of support.... (story)


Daily Mail 24.12.07 Quarter of a million hunt supporters to turn out at prospect of ban being overturned - More than a quarter of a million people are expected to turn out for the traditional Boxing Day hunt, it was claimed today. Supporters and riders will stream to 314 hunts, convinced that the Hunting Act will be repealed, according to the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Western Daily Press 24.12.07 RAMBLERS ARE LEADING THE WAY - I Refer to Ken Leon's letter (Your Say, December 20) where he has a go about ramblers' rights to roam.He states that "it's about time someone put a stop to their demands as a minority group", and says that the £50 million to provide access to complete the coastal path around the UK could be better spent. Well, the main objectors to the coastal path project were the Countryside Alliance and the Countryside Landowners Association. If they did not want to protect their hunting and shooting activities and keep Joe Public away from these coastal gems perhaps less money would need to be spent... Graham ForsythChardSomerset (letter)

Irish Independent 24.12.07 Fowl not fair in your festive meal - The annual seasonal slaughter of turkeys and pigs is coming to an end as I write. This period of intense killing would be bad enough had the animals been afforded a decent life, but most have lived awful lives... Gerry Boland, Animals in Crisis (letter)

Wigan Observer 24.12.07 Have cruelty-free celebration - It would make my Christmas if you were to highlight the cruelty involved in producing foie-gras, the so-called luxury food which involves force-feeding geese and ducks so much that the livers of these beautiful birds swell up to 10 times the size they should be... W Fisher, address supplied (letter)

Leicester Mercury 24.12.07 MERCURY MAILBOX: MEAT-EATERS NOTE: ANIMAL CRUELTY IS A REALITY - In response to my letter on Animal Cruelty, a reader, Kristie Saunders, put a comment on your website that "she can't wait to tuck into my lovely Christmas dinner of roast Turkey... No matter how well she may feel she will dine on Christmas Day and, however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity in cruelty... Mr R Ball, Leicester. (letter)


Leicester Mercury 22.12.07 HUNT TO MEET ON NEW YEAR'S DAY - Hundreds of people are expected to turn out to mark the 25th anniversary of a town tradition. The Cottesmore Hunt will meet in Melton's Play Close on New Year's Day, marking a quarter of a century since they first met there for the first meet of the new year... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.12.07 HOWEVER DID THIS APPEAL SUCCEED? - I Am open-mouthed to see that Tony Wright has won his appeal against his conviction for illegal hunting and it makes absolutely no sense to me.I had no trouble understanding when he was found guilty back in August 2006.... (letter)

Dublin People 22.12.07 Brown Thomas agress to stop selling fur - One of Ireland’s biggest department stores - Brown Thomas - is to stop selling fur from February although they have insisted that its existing policy has not harmed any animals to date. After several years of campaigning that included consumer boycotts, petition signing, naked protests, store takeovers with activists wearing ‘bloodied’ fur coats and the mobilisiation of thousands of people writing and calling the company Brown Thomas has declared they are to go fur free... Animal Rights Action Network founder John Carmody said: “There’s a world of suffering in every bit of fur trim.... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.12.07 WE ALL WANT TO AID ANIMALS - With reference to the article, "Animal lovers fall out over 'filthy' conditions" (Western Daily Press, December 8), I can assure you and your readers that animal lovers have not fallen out over the filthy conditions at Swindon and District Animal Haven.In fact, they are completely united in their disgust for this filthy place and in the need to do something to help the poor animals which are confined there... I thank God I am not an animal if I had to be rescued and sent to a place like that and had to rely on the RSPCA to look after my welfare. P RichardsonSouth CerneyCirencester (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.12.07 RSPCA visits troubled animal haven By Matthew Pardo - AN RSPCA inspector and two vets have revisited under-fire Swindon and District Animal Haven and taken three dogs away.... Jessie Bascombe, of Pinehurst, worked there for several months four years ago. But her criticisms about the way animals were kept at the haven led to her stopping volunteering... (story)
Swindon Advertiser 13.12.07 ‘Sanctuary is vital for the animals’ By Matthew Pardo - SUPPORTERS of an animal sanctuary which was filmed by animal rights activists have flocked to defend it.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 13.12.07 Supporters rally for haven owner By Matthew Pardo SUPPORTERS of an animal sanctuary which was filmed by animal rights activists have flocked to defend it. (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 12.12.07 Animal haven manager lashes out at activists By Matthew Pardo - THE boss of an animal haven has hit back at animal rights activists who he says have put out a "misleading" video. The activists made their film at the Swindon and District Animal Haven in Wootton Bassett, and described it as a "filthy, cramped hellhole".... After being handed the footage the RSPCA investigated the Wootton Bassett sanctuary and has said it is not taking legal action.... Gloucestershire Animal Action and the Western Animal Rights Network made the film after a volunteer raised concerns..... (story)
Swindon Advertiser 12.12.07 Are pets really suffering at animal haven? By Matthew Pardo - The boss of an animal haven has condemned animal rights' activists for putting out a misleading video - though it has led to a warning from the RSPCA. The activists filmed at the haven in Wootton Bassett, and described it as a "filthy, cramped hellhole". But Swindon And District Animal Haven boss John Warwick has hit back, saying the video is "cobblers".... (story)

Portsmouth News 22.12.07 MP backs paté ban - PORTSMOUTH South MP Mike Hancock is among dozens of fellow politicians who have called on restaurants to ban foie gras and replace it with the new animal welfare-friendly version.The Lib Dem signed the motion against foie gras, which is traditionally produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers have swollen to around 10 times the normal size.... (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 21.12.07 BOXING DAY HUNTS - The county's hunting packs are taking part in their traditional meetings with horses kitted out in tinsel. Delly Everard, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said the meetings were as popular as ever.... (story)

Tenby Observer 21.12.07 Fox shock for golfer - A local golfer who was enjoying an afternoon round of his favourite pastime was alarmed to have his game interrupted by a fox being chased by hounds. Peter Scrivens, of East Williamston, was playing on the Treyfloyne Golf Course last week when at around 1.30 pm on a quiet Wednesday afternoon he was amazed to see a fox being pursued across the green by the dogs.... Mr. Scrivens contacted the Police authorities, but their response left the golfer even more infuriated. “The police said that there was nothing they could do about it unless they had seen it for themselves which was extremely infuriating and makes a mockery of the ban on this kind of activity,”.... (story)

Irish Independent 21.12.07 Stag hunting dies by thousand cuts - Minister John Gormley has delivered a deadly and decisive blow to carted stag hunting..... How ironic that stag hunting, given its cruel and bloody nature, is now condemned to death by a thousand cuts. A fitting end, I say. JOHN FITZGERALD, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (story)

Hexham Courant 21.12.07 Arrogance - ONCE again we have been blessed by a visit from the Tynedale Hunt and once again our footpaths (to which horse riders have no right of access) have been destroyed... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Guardian 21.12.07 Country diary - Colin Luckhurst ... On a lane I regularly ride through on my bike, one dead badger lay unmoved for almost a fortnight. I kept thinking the local farmer would pick it up and bury it but eventually recognised that he must have been making a political point. If regulations now prevent him burying his own fallen stock on his own land, why, indeed, should he pick up dead badgers?... Until the last year or two, the Berkeley hunt kennels would always pick up dead stock, fairly promptly too, to feed the dogs.... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.12.07 RACERS AS BRIGHT AS A BUTTON - This year's Ledbury Hunt Golden Button Challenge will be run on New Year's Eve from Town Street Farm, Tirley... (story)

Western Morning News 21.12.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Independent 21.12.07 Fish suffer on the way to the plate - Sadly, some people who call themselves vegetarians – such as Martin Hickman ("Raw deal! The vendetta waged against vegetarians", 18 December) – continue to eat fish in the mistaken belief that fish do not feel pain or that wild-caught species do not suffer. The best scientific evidence demonstrates that fish are capable of feeling pain and stress like any other animal killed for their flesh, milk or eggs... Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal AidTonbridge, Kent
Alongside Martin Hickman's complaint that vegetarian diners are often poorly served by restaurateurs, we read a litany of prejudice from chef Garry Hollihead which may explain why.... Andrew Clifton, Edgware, Middlesex
One of the reasons we (real) vegetarians get such a poor service is that there are idiots out there, such as Martin Hickman, who claim to be vegetarian and then go on to explain that they eat fish and even other things like certain meats.... Paul Welford, Keith, Aberdeenshire (letters)

Ledbury Reporter 21.12.07 Five held after largest demo in years By Gary Bills-Geddes - POLICE made five arrests last Saturday during the largest animal rights demonstration seen in Ledbury for many years. Protestors say that 200 protestors marched through Ledbury town centre while police say the actual figure was around half that.... Chris Dowdeswell of the Western Animal Rights Network was critical of what he called heavy handed police tactics and he said that 200 officers were assigned to cover the protest.. (story)
Hereford Journal 19.12.07 Five arrested at demonstration - Five protesters were arrested after an animal rights demonstration in Ledbury. Three men and two women were arrested in the Homend/High Street area after blocking the road and refusing to move. They were then detained at Leominster Police Station and then released on bail until February. The protesters had gathered near research organisation Sequani... (story)

Malvern Gazette & Ledbury Reporter21.12.07 Laboratory animals - "IMAGINE donating your body to science while you are still in it" reads the slogan on an anti-vivisectinposter. Such a prospect may well fill us with horror and disbelief but, sadly, it is a daily reality for the millions of animals used as disposable tools of the trade in vivisection laboratories worldwide.... HAZEL HANDY, West Malvern Road, Malvern. (letter) (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.12.07 BAN THIS CRUEL FOOD PRACTICE - What a barbaric and cruel practice force-feeding ducks and geese corn mash through a tube rammed down their oesophagus... Congratulations to the hotel mentioned for finally agreeing to remove foie gras from its menu and shame on those who continue to eat it elsewhere.... Vivien Wynn Pawlett, Bridgwater (letter)

Cambridgeshire Times 21.12.07 How to enjoy a welfare-friendly Christmas - DR MARK COOPER, RSPCA farm animal scientist (letter)
Wisbech Standard 21.12.07 Enjoy a welfare-friendly Christmas - DR MARK COOPER, RSPCA farm animal scientist(letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.12.07 TALKING TURKEY AT CHRISTMAS - Dr Marc Cooper, RSPCA farm animal scientist. (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 13.12.07 Choosing turkeys - Alan Wolinski - Regional Manager, RSPCA in the North (letter)
Bolton Evening News 12.12.07 Spare a thought for how your turkey was reared - AS we enter the festive season and there is a natural increase in the amount of food we buy, I ask readers to please spare a thought for the lives of all those animals - especially the millions of turkeys - reared for Christmas every year.... Alan Wolinski, Regional Manager for the RSPCA in the north (letter)

Redditch Standard 21.12.07 Turkey with all the trimmings - IF MAURICE Brett wants to restrict his Christmas day menu to eating vegetables, fine, let him get on with it, but I for one will be eating a large part of one of those huge turkeys he is so worried about... Quite frankly, I couldn't care a jot what your average turkey's ancestor was capable of and how fast it could fly - as long as current-day ones are able to fly into my oven, that's the important thing. And surely, if Maurice so wanted to save the millions of poor turkeys destined for our plates this Christmas, leaving it until December to write is leaving it a little late to say the least.... P Smith, Redditch (letter)


Daily Post 20.12.07 Hunters warned to mind the law – or face prosecution by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - POLICE and foresters are joining forces to clamp down in illegal hunting. Forestry Commission Wales warned fox control groups that “appropriate legal action” will be taken if they hunt in woodlands without licences. Forest district manager Ruth Jenkins said some groups also appeared to be ignoring the two-hound limit when flushing foxes. In a letter to control societies, she wrote: “Please understand that hunting without a licence is against the law, and further action will be taken in the event of FC Wales becoming aware of illegal activity on its land.”... (story)

Eastern Dail Press 20.12.07 Nine-year-old granted gun licence - RUPERT NEATE - Campaigners have branded a decision to grant a nine-year-old boy from Walsingham a gun licence “totally absurd”. Anti-gun campaigners believe the boy, who was granted the licence in August 2006, is one of the youngest in the country to be granted a licence to fire a shotgun.... Jill Marshall Andrews, chair of the Gun Control Network, said: “We have long been campaigning for guns to be available only to those over 18. It is totally absurd... William Heal Eastern Region Director of British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said: “Only children who can prove they are safe and responsible will be granted licences.... (story)

Scotsman 20.12.07 Don't forget other birds - Creating a special protection area (SPA) for hen harriers at Clyde Muirshiel (your report, 17 December) is not a magical solution; indeed, the recent experience of other hen-harrier SPAs in Scotland would indicate the opposite.... curlew, golden plover, lapwing, grouse – and told that the harriers will cheerfully eat all of these other species. The message to Scottish Natural Heritage is: create a theme park for raptors by all means, but please do not confuse that with holistic conservation of moorland biodiversity. T P BAYNES, Scottish Countryside Allianc, Ingliston, Edinburgh (story)

East Herts Herald 20.12.07 I’ll always feed foxes ... I have been feeding fox's for over six years now and let me say this, DEFRA has no idea what they are talking about. Foxes need feeding just as we all do. If you help the fox they will not go down bins. I know.... Mr Mason, Cheshunt (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 20.12.07 County united in battle By Scott McPherson - PEOPLE across north Wiltshire are gearing up for the battle to save their rural post offices.... On top of the support from parish councils, hundreds of villagers in the county have contacted the Countryside Alliance for advice. The Wessex regional director for the alliance, Delly Everard, said: "The Government really hasn't looked at the bigger picture and realised they are breaking up communities.... (story)

Guardian 20.12.07 Killing badgers will not end the TB crisis in our cattle - There's a simple solution, but farmers and vets are obsessed with slaughter, says Trevor Lawson - Simon Jenkins says there is no difference in principle between killing badgers and killing livestock... He is wrong. Badgers and other wildlife are a public good. Livestock is a private good... (story)
Guardian 14.12.07 In the zoo we call the countryside, one species can't have it all their own way - Badgers, like cattle, turkeys and chickens, should be culled to stem disease. There is no difference in principle - Simon Jenkins (story)

Western Morning News 20.12.07 EVIDENCE FAILS TO SUPPORT BADGER CULL - I was disgusted to learn that the Government's chief scientist Sir David King had advised ministers to continue with badger culling to prevent the spread of TB among cattle... John Cowen, Edinburgh (story)

Western Morning News 20.12.07 BADGER CULL 'WOULD AID RABIES' SPREAD' - HELEN COLLIS - Badger culling would result in an influx in the population of foxes and a much quicker spread of rabies, a study has suggested. This would have a direct knock-on effect on birds and rodents, which are hunted by foxes, according to a study published yesterday in the journal Biology Letters... The Countryside Alliance also believes there should be something done to control the growing badger population and the resultant increasing cases of bovine TB... (story)
Daily Post 20.12.07 Rabies fear by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - BADGER culls will prompt a surge in fox numbers and could cause a rabies epidemic, according to the Badger Trust. It was responding to a report in the Royal Society's Biology Letters that England’s randomised badger culling trial resulted in a doubling of fox numbers... (story)
Telegraph 19.12.07 Badger cull could 'double fox population' By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - The country's population of foxes might double and a rabies outbreak could spread quicker, if a badger cull is used to cut tuberculosis in cattle, a study has found… Outgoing Government chief scientist, Sir David King, said bovine TB was likely to spread further across the country….. The study published in Biology Letters by Government scientists concludes that culls could have unexpected knock on effects on Britain's ecology… (story)

Daily Post 20.12.07 Bean-eating vegetarians to blame for our weather - OVER the years I have tried to steer clear of the great global warming debate in this column: the world and his wife already have an opinion on it.... It is my contention that if cows are going to be added to the ever growing list of reasons for global warming, then so too should bean-eating vegetarians.... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 20.12.07 COUNCIL SHOULD STAND FIRM ON CIRCUS DECISION - The Conservative controlled city council must engage their brains before speaking out on the subject of animal circuses (December 7). It was outrageous for Councillor Weaver to suggest the council might reverse the ban on performing wild animals.... MARTIN BUSH, Lincoln. (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 19.12.07 HUNT SET TO MEET - Carmarthenshire Hunt will hold its annual meeting on January 21... (story)

Western Daily Press 19.12.07 STICK WITH BAN - The Hunting Act came into force February 18, 2005, to prevent cruelty... We should all go forward in history not backward... June Payne, Warminster (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 19.12.07 The cruel face of nature - I must respond to Gill Evans's accusations of Bloodlust, not conservation (Your Say, December 3). Bloodlust is a popular lurid description of country sportsmen. Has Gill Evans ever been into a slaughterhouse? Pheasants flying over guns do at least have a sporting chance, unlike the broiler and battery cage hens... Charles Keith Barker, High Street, Kingsthorpe, Northampton (letter)

Guardian 19.12.07 Campaigners fight to lift 'political' gag - Annie Kelly - Campaigning groups will this week be waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the legal battle that Animal Defenders International (ADI) has taken to the House of Lords over the ban on political advertising. If ADI is successful in overturning the ban that, under the terms of the 2003 Communications Act, prevents campaigning groups and charities broadcasting anything deemed to have a "political" message, it could open the floodgates for campaigns on issues such as climate change and poverty.... (story)

York Press 19.12.07 Spare turkeys some spirit of Christmas - While planning your special lunch for Christmas Day, why not spare a moment to think what the poor turkey will go through, and consider a vegetarian alternative?... Coun Paul Blanchard, Chaucer Lane, York (letter)

Irish Examiner 19.12.07 Festive ‘delicacy’ more than we can stomach - Gerry Boland, , Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)

Irish Independent 14.12.07 - The cruel method behind fois gras - All this month, in the lead-up to Christmas, people who wouldn't dream of eating fois gras between January and November, find it on a menu and, keen to try something "posh", send in their order. Few will know that by doing so, they are supporting a scandalous food practice.... GERRY BOLAND, ANIMALS IN CRISIS, KEADUE, CO ROSCOMMON (letter)


Morpeth Herald 18.12.07 Hunting ban: The battle goes on - THE Countryside Alliance has lost a legal challenge to overturn the hunting ban, but a Borough campaigner has vowed to fight on.... Castle Morpeth councillor Richard Dodd, who serves as Regional Director of the Countryside Alliance, says the battle is not over and the group will now look to Europe... (story)
Telegraph 13.12.07 R (COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE & ORS) v ATTORNEY GENERAL & ANR - House of Lords - Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Hope of Craighead, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Baroness Hale of Richmond, Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood... (story)
Carmarthen Journal 12.12.07 CAMPAIGNERS LOSE APPEAL ON HUNT BAN - HANNAH HAMMOND - A Failed attempt to overturn the law banning fox hunting has seen pro-hunt campaigners in Carmarthenshire defend the controversial sport.... Mynyddcerrig hunts follower George Guntrip, aged 56, said losing the appeal was a sad day.... (story)
Times 29.11.07 Foxhunting is not a human right - FRANCES GIBB: LEGAL EDITOR - The latest challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs, was dismissed by the law lords yesterday when they ruled that the Hunting Act does not contravene human rights.... (story)
Times 29.11.07 Hunting ban not incompatible with human rights or EU law - Regina (Countryside Alliance and Others) v Attorney-General and Another Regina (Derwin and Others) v Same - Before Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Hope of Craighead, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Baroness Hale of Richmond and Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood Judgment November 28, 2007 - The prohibition of hunting wild animals with dogs and hare coursing imposed by the Hunting Act 2004 was not incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights or inconsistent with the treaty establishing the European Union... (story)
Western Daily Press 29.11.07 LAW LORDS TURN DOWN APPEAL TO SCRAP HUNT BAN BY ALEISHA SCOTT AND TRISTAN CORK WDNEWS@BEPP.CO.UK - The ban on hunting with dogs is here to stay after Law Lords ruled it does not infringe the hunters' human rights.But last night hunting chiefs vowed to continue their legal fight against the ban and were planning to take it to the European Courts after the highest court in Britain backed the Government's 2005 law.... (story)
BBC News Online 28.11.07 Law Lords reject hunt challenge - The Countryside Alliance has lost its legal challenge to overturn the ban on hunting with hounds.... The group's chief executive Simon Hart said: "To have found in our favour would have meant the Law Lords finding that the government has allowed fundamental human rights and European Law to be violated. We believe that the European courts will support this view." (story)
Horse & Hound 28.11.07 Countryside Alliance takes its battle for hunting to the European courts - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The House of Lords has dismissed appeals by the Countryside Alliance (CA) and other supporters of hunting which claimed the acts banning hunting with hounds in England, Wales and Scotland breached human rights and free trade laws. But the CA has announced it will now take its appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg.... (story)
Express 28.11.07 LORDS THROW OUT HUNT BAN CHALLENGES - The Law Lords threw out the latest challenges to the ban on hunting with dogs when they ruled that the Hunting Act did not contravene any human rights.... (story)
Daily Mail 28.11.07 Law Lords: 'Hunting ban does not contravene human rights' - The Law Lords today threw out the latest challenges to the ban on hunting with dogs when they ruled that the Hunting Act did not contravene any human rights... (story)
Guardian 28.11.07 Lords throw out hunt ban challenges - Press Association - The Law Lords threw out the latest challenges to the ban on hunting with dogs when they ruled that the Hunting Act did not contravene any human rights..... (story)
Times 28.11.07 Foxhunting is not a human right - FRANCES GIBB: LEGAL EDITOR - The latest challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs, was dismissed by the law lords yesterday when they ruled that the Hunting Act does not contravene human rights.... Lord Bingham of Cornhill and four other law lords dismissed a second challenge by the Countryside Alliance and other campaigners against the Hunting Act. The same panel also dismissed an appeal from the Scottish courts by Brian Friend and Jeremy Whaley, both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers... (story)
Worcester News 28.11.07 Law lords dismiss hunt ban challenge - THE Law Lords today threw out the latest challenges to the ban on hunting with dogs when they ruled that the Hunting Act did not contravene any human right... (story)
Horse & Hound 30.10.07 Wait for Hunting Act appeal result - The Countryside Alliance (CA) will have to wait at least five weeks to learn the Law Lords' reaction to a series of appeals against hunting law to the House of Lords.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 19.10.07 Hunting ban ‘a violation of human rights’ - THE ban on hunting with dogs is a violation of human rights, the House of Lords was told last week. In the latest challenge to the 2004 Hunting Bill, Richard Gordon, QC, said the ban violated the rights of many people whose livelihoods depended on hunting... (story)
Western Mail 11.10.07 Law Lords hear hunting ban appeal - THE ban on hunting with dogs violates the fundamental human rights of thousands of people... five Law Lords were told yesterday... Brian Hughes, joint master of Llangeinor Hunt, Bridgend, said, “I think they will repeal the Act which is an infringement of our civil liberties... (story)
Telegraph 11.10.07 Ban on hunts with dogs 'violates human rights' - The ban on hunting with dogs violates the fundamental human rights of thousands of people whose livelihood and way of life revolve around the meet and the chase, five Law Lords were told... (story)
Telegraph 11.10.07 Brief encounters By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Congratulations to Brian Friend, an associate member of the Union of Country Sports Workers, who is in the House of Lords this week to challenge Scottish legislation banning hunting. He will be, he believes, the first litigant-in-person to address the law lords for nearly 40 years. (story)
Leicester Mercury 11.10.07 HUNT SUPPORTERS' NEW LEGAL BATTLE - Hunt supporters are hoping that a new legal challenge could overturn the ban on hunting with dogs. The Countryside Alliance yesterday began a hearing at the High Court, arguing the ban was unlawful... In Leicestershire, hunts have been using alternative methods such as using birds of prey or trail hunting. At the Belvoir Hunt, in the Vale of Belvoir, people have been using trained birds of prey... (story)
Western Morning News 11.10.07 SAVE OUR HUNTS - PAUL GREAVES - The livelihoods of hundreds of people across the Westcountry hang in the balance today following the start of a landmark legal challenge against the hunting ban... Ian Pearse, master of the South Devon Hunt, which has hunted between the River Dart and the River Teign for more than 100 years, said hundreds of people in the South West would lose their jobs of the ban was not lifted... (story)
Times 10.10.07 Hunting ban 'breaches human rights' - The ban on hunting with dogs violates the fundamental human rights of thousands of people whose livelihood and way of life revolve around the meet and the chase, the House of Lords heard today. Richard Gordon, QC, began the latest legal challenge to the 2004 Hunting Act by saying: “There are many for whom hunting is a core part of their lives and the rural communities in which they live." ... In a hearing set to last until next Wednesday, the Lords will also hear an appeal from the Scottish courts by Brian Friend and Jeremy Whaley, both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers. They also claim that the ban.... is an infringement of their human rights. (story)
Sky 10.10.07 Human Rights Challenge To Fox Hunt Ban - A fresh legal challenge to the ban on fox hunting is set to begin in the House of Lords. The Countryside Alliance and several other pro-hunting groups are invoking the Human Rights Act and European trade laws by claiming their members' livelihoods have been affected by the ban... Now the Countryside Alliance and the Union Of Country Sports Workers, along with various individuals who claim their income has declined because of the hunting laws, are asking the Law Lords to overturn a Court of Appeal decision last year.... (story)
Worcester News 10.10.07 Anti-hunt campaigners return to Lords By Lauren Rogers - THE ban on fox hunting with dogs has today been labelled a violation of human rights. Pro-hunt campaigners returned to the House of Lords, claiming that the 2004 Hunting Act was having a devastating impact on the economy of rural communities like Worcestershire.... However this afternoon, MP for Worcester Mike Foster - who, in 1997, published a Private Member's Bill to ban hunting with dogs - said it was time people learnt to live with the new law... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 Fox Hunting: Lords to rule on human rights claim against ban - The Countryside Alliance and the Union of Country Sports Workers are using European legislation to challenge the 2004 Hunting Act By Jonathan Owen - A long-running legal battle against the ban on fox hunting will be heard by the House of Lords on Wednesday, in what will be the start of an appeal that will consider several legal challenges that have been made under European human rights and trade laws.... (story)

Blackpool Gazette 18.12.07 Gin trap pain was horrible - I was so incensed by the article (The Gazette, November 30) about the gin trap and poor Henry's experience... Why are there so many horrible disgusting people about? To think 'they' were once babies seems incredible. Perhaps they had horrible disgusting parents who go hunting and shooting and setting snares and regard it as the 'norm'.... Mrs Liz Brown, Cartmell Avenue, Larkholme (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.12.07 LET'S TIGHTEN UP HUNT BAN - I was pleased to read the recent comments of Trevor Selwood and also Chris Gale regarding the Hunting Act. Chris Gale is absolutely right and I share his views.... The judge and two magistrates who tried the case of the huntsman and overturned the conviction may well have been hunt supporters... . I support the ban and want to see it tightened up. A Palmer, Dursley (letter)

Aberdeen Evening Express 18.12.07 CITY DEER STALKER TO STAR IN US - A Woman deer stalker from Aberdeen is set to star in a hit US television series. Portia Simpson was the first woman in Scotland to qualify as a deer stalker. Now the 28-year-old, from Westhill, is to star with US personality Jim Mueller in his American Outdoorsman show... (story)


Sunderland Echo 17.12.07 Scandal of abuse - Louise Clark, Greyhound Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 1.12.07 LETTER: PROTECT GREYHOUNDS - I am sure your readers will want to know that a new report into the greyhound industry has again highlighted the need to stop the scandal of abuse inflicted upon these gentle dogs.... The League Against Cruel Sports is asking the public, especially those who live near dog racing tracks, to write to their MP and their local stadium to ask what steps they are going to take to protect the dogs. The league believes the industry should be regulated by a body which includes animal welfare groups... LOUISE CLARK League Against Cruel Sports Union Street London SE1 (story)

Reading Evening Post 17.12.07 Plus-fours shooting protest - ANIMAL Aid activists took to the town centre dressed as game shooters to protest against Reading West MP Martin Salter’s stance on shooting....(story)

Newcastle Chronicle 17.12.07 Gun licences handed out to under-16s by Sophie Doughty, Evening Chronicle - CHILDREN as young as 10 have been given licences by police to carry shotguns on Tyneside..... Victims of gun crime have now blasted the force for allowing dangerous weapons to be carried by such young hands... (story)

BBC News Online 17.12.07 Racecourse demo over horse deaths - Animal rights campaigners are protesting at an East Sussex racecourse about the numbers of racehorses which die in the industry every year. An Animal Aid member, dressed as the spectre of death, is stationed at the main entrance to Plumpton Racecourse.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 17.12.07 SIGN PETITION ON ANIMAL TESTING - JOHN HANCOCK, RSPCA Regional Manager, Wales and West Region (letter)
Leicester Mercury 15.12.07 A CHANCE TO HELP CURB ANIMAL SUFFERING - Suzie Graham, RSPCA regional manager. (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 11.12.07 More restrictions on animal tests - Alan Wolinski, RSPCA regional manager, via email (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 11.12.07 Sign petition to protect animals - Like many members of the public, the RSPCA is deeply concerned about the suffering of animals used in research and testing. The current review of the European law governing animal experiments presents a vital opportunity to benefit millions of animals. We have launched a petition to demonstrate how strongly the public wants the new law to ensure tighter controls on animal use in experiments throughout Europe.... Suzie Graham, RSPCA regional manager, East region (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 17.12.07 ANIMALS NOT SENT OUT IN GIFT SCHEME - The letter Animal gift plans not without issues, Points of view, December 5, from Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, was ridiculing the various Gift Aid schemes, in particular those which involve animals..... CA does not "send" any of these animals. All gift animals are sourced locally by putting money into the community through partner local organisations where they think they are appropriate.... Peter Smith, Treasurer for Exeter & District Christian Aid Exeter Express & Echo 5.12.07 ANIMAL GIFT PLANS NOT WITHOUT ISSUES - Paying for farmed animals to be given to destitute communities in Africa and other hard-pressed regions might seem like a perfect gift idea.... farming animals is an inefficient, expensive and environmentally destructive way of producing food..... Animal Aid supporters have recently paid for irrigation and tree planting projects linked to a vegetarian orphanage in Kenya's Rift Valley province.... Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter)


Sunday Life 16.12.07 Fur your kids' sake don't buy into animal cruelty - Christmas shoppers in Ulster could be putting their kids' lives at risk by buying toys made from real dog and cat fur. For experts have confirmed the cuddly novelties contain a highly toxic chemical substance that can cause kidney and liver damage - or even cancer.... Heather Mills McCartney, estranged wife of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, has led a high-profile campaign for a European-wide ban in the cruel trade. ... (story)


Guardian 15.12.07 Hypocrisy over animal test rules- It is astonishing that we appear to still give credence to the disingenuous protest by animal researchers that excessive bureaucracy is a block to medical progress and laboratory animal welfare... This episode reveals the hypocrisy of many pro-vivisectionists: shedding crocodile tears about alleged hurdles to improving the welfare of animals, while appeasing a concerned public with assurances about tight regulation. They can't have it both ways.... Wendy Higgins Dr Hadwen Trust For Humane Research (letter)

Leicester Mercury 15.12.07 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE VEGAN - Turkeys, have no fear, it's a meat-free Christmas nosh-up in the Daniels' home. Catherine Turnell tucks in... Sue Daniels is a fourth-generation vegetarian and has never eaten meat... Christmas dinner in her home, near Market Harborough, is as jolly as you would expect, but even jollier because not one living thing has died or suffered to make it.... (story)

Independent 15.12.07 Selfridges halts veal sales after 'cruelty' exposed By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - The London department store Selfridges has stopped selling veal after an undercover sting by animal rights activists found calves being kept in narrow pens resembling the veal crates banned in Europe.... Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) shot the footage of the veal calves at two farms in the Netherlands supplying ESA... Footage seen by The Independent showed the Dutch calves being kept in pens so narrow that CIWF said that they may have breached EU legislation banning veal crates.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 15.12.07 Animal rights group targets fur sellers - AN animal rights groups was to launch an anti-fur campaign in the Capital today. Edinburgh the Fur-Free City (EFFC) is a new animal rights group targeting the fur trade. The group has organised a number of activities, including a recent candlelight vigil outside the Scottish Parliament to mark International Animal Rights Day... (story)

Stroud News & Journal 15.12.07 TB a product of intensive farming? - J Williams (Why put off necessary cull? SNJ, Nov 28), advocates the cull of badgers on the supposition that they are responsible for the spread of bovine TB.... Too long has our countryside become something of an inconvenience to the farmers and speculators who demand larger profits.... may I suggest to J Williams the strong possibility that bovine TB is more a product of intensive, unnatural farming, than of the persecuted badger. B R Coates Rodborough Common Stroud (letter)


Western Daily Press 14.12.07 HUNTING? IT'S YOUR CHOICE - I would not hunt, but I think in a democratic society people should have the choice.... Hazel Stone, Downend, Bristol (letter)

Northern Echo 14.12.07 Greyhounds - IT was interesting to read that the disused greyhound stadium in Spennymoor, Co Durham, is to be transformed into a housing development (Business Echo, Dec 4). As an international greyhound protection organisation, we only wish the same could happen with all greyhound stadiums.... Tony Peters, Greyhound Action, Kidderminster, Worcestershire (letter)

Witney Gazette 14.12.07 Companies mistakenly targeted by extremists - TWO family-run firms claim they have been mistakenly targeted by animal rights extremists. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has claimed responsibility for attacking property at Oxford Tiling Co, in Kidlington, and Tony Eldridge Scaffolding, in Cassington, because they work at Oxford University, where an animal testing laboratory is being built. But both firms are mystified why they were attacked because neither works at the university.... (story)
Oxford Times 12.12.07 Extremists attack firms by mistake - TWO family-run firms say they have been mistakenly targeted by animal rights extremists. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has claimed responsibility for attacking property at Oxford Tiling Co, in Kidlington, and Tony Eldridge Scaffolding, in Cassington, because they work at Oxford University where a controversial animal testing laboratory is being built. But both firms are mystified why they were attacked because neither works at the university... (story)
Oxford Mail 12.12.07 Vandalised firms deny lab links By Matt Wilkinson - Two family-run firms claim they have been mistakenly targeted by animal rights extremists.... (story)
BBC News Online 11.12.07 Animal rights group attack claim - Police are investigating whether an animal rights group is behind vandalism attacks on two Oxfordshire companies. A website linked to the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) said the group had targeted two suppliers of Oxford University's new animal research lab..... (story)


Daily Post 13.12.07 Green target for shooters by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post, FOR some people it is a contradiction in terms: shooting enthusiasts leading attempts to help wildlife and conserve habitats... In the region there are now 330 shooting conservationists taking part in the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) Green Shoots initiative. It’s a unique collaboration between shooting and non-shooting conservationists which is funded by the Countryside Council for Wales and Environment Agency Wales.... (story)

Daily Post 13.12.07 Frank stunned by Purdey Award bronze by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - HEMMED in on three sides by a rocky shoreline, with prevailing south westerlies bowing ancient woods, the Bodior estate on Anglesey might not appear ideally suited for game conservation..... In late November the 700-acre estate won third prize in the prestigious Purdey Awards for its conservation work. The Dee Wetlands and Wildfowl Management Club also received a special award.... Shooting is low-key. Extra drives have been installed to take the pressure off existing drives and each is only used three times a year. Commercial shooting is limited to just three or four days each 12 months... (story)

BBC News Online 13.12.07 Orkney fox find sparks concerns - The discovery of a dead fox on Orkney has sparked concern among farmers and environmentalists.... Foxes have not existed in the area since the late Iron age with the only exception believed to be a failed attempt to introduce them in the 1930s. The SSPCA said foxes on Orkney would be a disaster for farm animals, which have no natural predators, and wildlife... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 13.12.07 Anger at deer cull in forest - ANIMAL campaigners last night accused officials at an East Anglian beauty spot of acting inhumanely after learning that a quarter of its deer population was culled every year. Bosses at Thetford Forest said they had no choice but to cull 3,000 deer as they posed a serious threat to many rare and endangered species of birds, animals and plants. But campaigners at Animal Aid urged the Forestry Commission to look at alternative measures of control... Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said they were aware of the annual culling exercise at Thetford Forest but believed it was unnecessary..... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 13.12.07 Campaign criticises deer cull - Animal campaigners have criticised officials at an East Anglian beauty spot after it was revealed almost a quarter of its deer are culled a year.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 13.12.07 MAILBOX: ANIMALS TREATED SO CRUELLY - You published a letter (Mailbox, December 8) which made a plea not to eat turkey this Christmas because of the cruelty they suffer through intensive farming methods. I will go a step further and say don't eat any kind of animal meat, any time of the year!... R Ball, Leicester. (story)

Sun 13.12.07 Farm's Xmas turkey agony - John Coles - Sun reporter - SECRET footage of Christmas turkeys in “unbearable” conditions was released yesterday by animal rights campaigners... The birds at Torbay Turkeys in Compton Holt, Devon, had beaks sliced off to stop them pecking each other to death, Animal Aid claimed. Spokeswoman Kate Fowler-Reeves said: “It’s like a horror film.”... (story)

Keighley News 13.12.07 Look at human suffering - Kelly Slade on behalf of Animal Aid is making an attack on farmers. What is common with these attacks is they are usually far from the truth. I have never kept turkeys but I have seen quite a lot of turkeys being fattened for Christmas and in my experience nothing thrives in the conditions she describes.... PERCY SUNDERLAND (retired farmer) Aireview Cottage, Grange Road, Kildwick. (letter)
Western Telegraph 7.12.07 Cruelty-free Christmas - Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Isle of Man Examiner 4.12.07 : KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1AW. (letter)
Wales on Sunday 2.12.07 AS the festive season approaches – full of food, parties, fun and laughter – Animal Aid is asking people to spare a thought for the millions of turkeys and other animals bred for the plate.... KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Keighley News 29.11.07 Spare a thought for the turkeys - As the festive season approaches - full of food, parties, fun and laughter - Animal Aid is asking people to spare a thought for the millions of turkeys and other animals bred for the plate.... Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer (letter)


Scotsman 12.12.07 Reports of wildlife crime must deal in fact, not 'gossip' - Your report regarding a dead sea eagle (4 December), appears to be one of the worst examples of anti-gamekeeper propaganda put out by the RSPB and police concerning wildlife crime.... ALEX HOGG, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, Arran Road, Perth (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.12.07 DEER CULLS COULD HIT RURAL ECONOMIES, WARNS COMMISSION - The body responsible for the control of deer in Scotland yesterday admitted that culling activity to meet Scottish Government plant protection targets could hit a hunting industry worth millions to fragile rural economies. John Milne, chairman of the Deer Commission for Scotland (DCS), said yesterday they are striving for sustainable deer management with three components - environment, social and economic development... (story)

Telegraph 12.12.07 Animal test red tape 'strangling research' By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - Medical research is being stifled because the Government has failed to honour a pledge to cut the red tape surrounding animal experiments, scientists have claimed... (story)
Guardian 12.12.07 Red tape on animal research slowing progress, say scientists - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Excessive red tape on animal experiments is slowing down medical research and preventing the introduction of new techniques to improve the welfare of animals, leading scientists claim. They have called on the government to streamline the process or risk damaging the UK's international position in biomedical research... Barney Reed, a senior scientist at the RSPCA, said: "In our view, far too much credence has been given to complaints on the part of the scientific community that have not been substantiated or are not really problems at all. Whingeing about the detail required in project licence applications is a longstanding complaint by certain individuals.... (story)

Halifax Courier 12.12.07 Boycott Olympics over China abuse - Audrey Wood - Norton Drive, Halifax - AFTER my letter about dogs being skinned alive, some of your readers have responded. Abuse of various kinds are taking place in China and other parts of the world. The Western leaders know about this but do nothing.... (story)


Western Daily Press 11.12.07 LENIENT BECAUSE THEY WERE OLD? - Excuse me if I fall over laughing, having read "Hunt pair admit theft" (Western Daily Press, November 21) and the trivial punishment handed to two Avon Vale Hunt thugs... : if this had happened in a street of a town or village with adolescent males attacking a senior citizen and stealing her handbag, would the punishment have been so lenient, or downgraded to just theft, after plea bargaining?... M J Haines, Cirencester (letter)

Western Morning News 11.12.07 DON'T TAR ALL SHOOTS WITH SAME BRUSH - I refer to Theo Hopkins' letter of December 4.... There is of course no fanatic to match a convert and the fact that he has in the past leased his shooting to a badly run shoot may well account for the bee in his bonnet,.... To imply that all shooting is bad is nonsense and equivalent to saying that all farming is bad because some farmers overstock and overfertilise.... John Montague, Exeter (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.12.07 From: William Snowden, Farnley, Leeds. ED Foster (Yorkshire Post, December 6) accuses Frederic Manby of bias and ignorance about pheasant shooting... Man has an innate instinct to hunt, for our ancestors this was necessary to survive. But modern man has no such need. Those who engage in so-called blood sports have corrupted man's natural instincts: they conserve and kill animals, not for food, but primarily for pleasure – a sadistic and perverse form of pleasure (letter)
Yorkshire Post 6.12.07 Realities of rearing and shooting pheasants From: Ed Foster, Front Street, Aldborough, Boroughbridge. IN response to Frederic Manby's bias and ignorance of pheasant rearing and shooting (Yorkshire Post, December 1), it would be better if he were to get his facts right.... (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.12.07 TOUGH OLD BIRD TESSA STILL GOING STRONG AT SANCTUARY - Around Christmastime, for the past five years, the Western Daily Press has kindly published a photograph and letter about my "adopted" turkey Tessa, who lives at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk.... These days many healthy vegetarian dishes are available from supermarkets and health food stores, so once again Tessa's message is: "Please don't eat a turkey this Christmas - adopt one from Hillside!"... Elizabeth Howe, Yeovil, Somerset (letter)


News Shopper 10.12.07 Scheme reels in youths at risk By Vicki Foster - Get Hooked on Fishing is a charity which aims to keep children out of crime by giving them something else to focus on. Reporter VICKI FOSTER spent a morning with the Kent group to find out more. IT IS mid-morning on a school day, but instead of sitting in a classroom, 13-year-old Russell Woolnough is sitting on the edge of a lake in Darenth... (story)

BBC News Online 10.12.07 'Animal rights' attacks on farms - Two Herefordshire farms in the Golden Valley hunt have been hit by suspected animal rights attacks. Tyres were slashed and vehicles sprayed with battery acid and red paint in the incidents at Painscastle and Glasbury, the hunt said.... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.12.07 Songbirds threat - If Brian Shackleton (T&A, December 5) is really concerned about the threat to the bird population, he should consider the fact that many thousands of swallows are slaughtered every year as they cross from Europe to Africa and back during their migration over Malta.... The threat to songbirds from birds of prey is negligible compared to the threat from humans. Colin Stubbs, Moor Lane, Birkenshaw, Bradford (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.12.07 ANIMAL LAW CHANGE CALL - The Rspca wants animal lovers to sign a new petition calling for a change in the law. The animal welfare charity is asking its supporters in Lincolnshire to get behind its campaign for tougher laws on the use of animals in research and testing.... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 10.12.07 Animal rights fans celebrate new ban - AN ARDENT animal rights campaigner has welcomed the imminent end to "barbaric" testing of chemicals for cosmetics on animals - but insists more must be done. The UK and other European countries will introduce the complete ban in 2008, which is expected to spare 20,000 rabbits and 480,000 mice per year. Joan Court, 88, who has hit the headlines on numerous occasions for protesting against testing on animals, has said the decision is a "matter of great rejoicing" for campaigners.... (letter)

Leicester Mercury 10.12.07 ANIMAL CRUELTY ALMOST ENDEMIC - Regarding the letter about neglected dogs in Crete (Mailbox, November 27), it seems that wherever you go on holiday, you will see animal cruelty. We have not been to Greece or Spain because they are known for animal cruelty towards donkeys, dogs and bulls.... Don't support any activity involving horses, donkeys and other animals when you go abroad. S J Thorpe, Thurmaston. (story)

Halifax Courier 10.12.07 Fight to stop this abuse! - RECENT letters in Your say about dogs being skinned alive in China reawoke my anger... I urge your readers: write to the Houses of Parliament. Write to the Chinese Embassy and tell them you won't buy anything from China until these cruel practices stop.... (Mrs) Heather Terry , High Lees Road, Mixenden, Halifax (letter)

South Wales Echo 10.12.07 Time for love, not slaughter - AS a Christian, in some ways I dread the approach to Christmas. With all the excitement of shopping and arranging the festivities, one terrible outrage is being overlooked. That is the suffering being caused to countless living creatures as they are intensively reared and then slaughtered to provide festive fare on the day.... If any reader would like more information please contact the Christian Vegetarian Association UK... Coral Raven, Redbrink Crescent, Barry Island (letter)


Western Daily Press 8.12.07 HUNT ACT STILL UNWORKABLE - I Am somewhat amused by the blinkered perception of Chris Gale in relation to the Hunting Act, "The hunting ban is here to stay"... The current situation is that an apparently vindictive prosecution has been thrown out as two judges, the CPS, barristers and solicitors cannot decide on the burden of proof required in such cases... Trevor Selwood Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)


Western Morning News 7.12.07 MILESTONE FOR HUNTING MARE - The hunting career of a gallant little mare has reached a major milestone - 500 days out with the hounds. Sula, 22-years-old and owned by Claire Eke of Lower Hele Farm, Bradworthy, achieved this goal with the Tetcott Hunt at Pyworthy. Alongside the master and huntsman, Andrew Bozdan, they proudly led the hounds into the village for a lawn meet at the Molesworth Arms.... Sula first hunted with the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt and took to it with tremendous enthusiasm and willingness to jump.... Claire and her family moved to Devon in 1997 - largely to escape anti-hunting groups - and joined the Tetcott Hunt.... (story)

Western Morning News 7.12.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 7.12.07 Animal rights lobby - I DO not, nor have I ever condoned the violent actions of a lone chip shop nutter, or the one off violent attack on a scientist by supposed animal rights thugs, and you know it!... The ALF has a motto of non violence to all living creatures, including those who use extreme violence against animals.... And while you're at it, condemn the Irish hunt who on November 4 dug out a fox, tied its legs together, then threw it live to the hounds who devoured it leaving nothing left.... JUDI HEWITT, North Wales Animal Rights (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.12.07 CULL MUST BE DONE PROPERLY - With reference to Ian Pedler's letter, "Supply proof to justify this cull of deer on Quantocks" (Your Say, November 27), I am glad he and his wife viewed the deer at Alfoxton Park, Holford, the deer being on League Against Cruel Sports fields... Being an active member of the league, I am delighted to see all deer on this sanctuary trying to live a normal life. Their future worries me... J H Rowbrey, Minehead (letter)

Scotsman 7.12.07 Red deer's iconic status - Many will be relieved that John Milne, chairman of the Deer Commission for Scotland, has pointed out that red deer is Scotland's most iconic species... Red deer and deer stalking bring many benefits to Scotland's countryside and communities, many of which rely on the income from country sports.... IAN McCALL, Director Scotland, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Couston, Perthshire (letter)

Western Morning News 7.12.07 PROTECT CARP FROM A DINNER PLATE FATE - In some European countries species such as carp and pike are eagerly consumed. This is causing concern here because of the large number of migrants working in Britain and has led to a growing fear that coarse species, particularly carp and pike, are at risk of being illegally taken, killed and cooked.In an attempt to educate on the tradition and etiquette of coarse angling - that fish are for sport and not the table - the Angling Trades Association is funding posters carrying internationally recognised images to make it clear that poaching is illegal.... (story)

Northern Echo 7.12.07 Greyhounds - IT is good that you covered the review of the greyhound industry… One day, people will look back on greyhound racing as we do today on cock fighting, and wonder how we could have allowed this cruelty to our fellow creatures. I Foster, York. (letter)

Scotsman 7.12.07 Distress in live exports - It is disappointing to see Dan Buglass and the NFUS welcoming the imminent resumption of the tragic trade in dairy calves to mainland Europe... LIBBY ANDERSON, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Leicester Mercury 7.12.07 MERCURY MAILBOX: ANIMAL CONCERN - I have recently been informed by "Peta" (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that the EU is currently reviewing its 20-year-old animal-experimentation law; and people of the United Kingdom have a chance to influence this decision... I am urging you to do your bit and not to buy products that have been tested on animals.... Mrs H Johnson, Leicester. (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.12.07 LETTER: ANIMAL WELFARE COLLECTION - May I say a big thank-you to the people of Arnold who on November 17 helped raise money for Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation.... MARY HORGAN, Godalming, Surrey (letter)

BBC News Online 7.12.07 What's the future for circus animals? By Gillian Hargreaves, The Politics Show - Today few circus goers find it palatable to watch tigers jump through hoops or elephants dance. A ban on circus animals looked inevitable... then the experts delivered their verdict.... Until recently it seems the government agreed with the RSPCA and other welfare campaigners... But the science has proved otherwise. A group of experts, including six eminent vets, has concluded there's no proof that circus animals suffer more than other wild animals kept in captivity.... Much of the evidence given to the experts by animal welfare campaigners was irrelevant or inappropriate... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.12.07 'SCRAP ANIMAL CIRCUS BAN' SAYS EXPERT - City councillors have been urged to scrap their ban on animal circuses by one of the industry's big hitters. Chris Barltrop - who recently represented the industry on a Government-backed panel into animal suffering in circuses - made the call in an open letter to all city councillors.... The RSPCA said it would be contacting the council to urge it not to ease its restrictions.... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.12.07 WHAT THEY SAY ON THE ISSUE - Jan Creamer - chief executive of Animal Defenders International... Chris Barltrop - Defra circus working group representative... Craig Redmond - Captive Animals Protection Society campaigns manager... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.12.07 FOIE GRAS IS CRUEL TO GEESE - In Martin Kirby's column, he says he hates cruelty to animals. He should know the production of foie gras is very cruel... PAMELA DEAN, Stroud (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.12.07 FAIR WARES ARE FREE OF CRUELTY - This Saturday Exeter will be hosting the South West's Christmas Without Cruelty fair.The good news is that the first 100 people to arrive at the Corn Exchange will be offered a free green bag as part of the Echo's Green Shoppers campaign... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.12.07 CRUELTY-FREE MARKET DATE - Christmas without cruelty is the message Animal Aid is sending out and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, it is taking its Christmas Fair outside London for the first time, bringing it to Exeter.The event will be held at the Corn Exchange in Market Street on Saturday, featuring many of the Westcountry's most creative, cruelty-free and eco-friendly initiatives.... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 4.12.07 FIRM BACKS CRUELTY-FREE CHRISTMAS - Culm Valley Organics will be among eco-friendly producers from the South West taking part in one of the biggest winter festivals outside of London this Saturday.The Uffculme company will be offering its support of compassionate living at the South West Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre at Exeter's Corn Exchange... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.11.07 FAYRE WILL AID WORTHY CAUSES - A Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre will be held in Exeter next month. The fayre, organised by Animal Aid, will be held in the Corn Exchange on December 8 from 10am to 4.30pm... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.07 FAIR'S PRODUCE IS CRUELTY-FREE - Anyone interested in having a Christmas without cruelty is invited to a fair in Exeter on December 8.The event will be held in the Corn Exchange, from 10am-4.30pm. Entry is free.... Organiser Mark Gold said: "We're looking to put on a great event which provides plenty for anybody who is interested in cruelty-free living and concerned about animal protection, green issues and human rights.... (story)

News Post Leader 6.12.07 Retailers urged to wake up to real fur and end consumer confusion By TEGAN CHAPMAN - A NEW anti-fur campaign called 100 per cent fake is being launched after an RSPCA investigation found two high street chains selling unlabelled or mislabelled fur. A mystery shopper bought a coat with trim made from real fur from a branch of the retailer TK Maxx which has a no-fur policy. The label stated the coat to be made of polyester and nylon but made no mention of fur. Laboratory analysis identified the trim as Arctic fox.... David Bowles, the RSPCA's head of external affairs, said: "We believe that real fur is mistakenly being widely sold in the UK... (story)


Horse & Hound 6.12.07 British Government claims the Hunting Act is effective - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Government has responded to an e-petition calling for the repeal of the Hunting Act, saying it is satisfied that the law is effective. "The Government has no plans to repeal the Act," says the response on 10 Downing Street, three weeks after the e-petition signed by 43,864 people cloase. The Prime Ministers' comments were posted on 10 Downing Street's website five days after a Crown Court Judge in Exeter ruled that the Hunting Act was "far from simple to interpret and apply".... (story)

Horse & Hound 6.12.07 Hunting community mourns passing of Edmund Vestey - Edmund Vestey, former chairman of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), has died of cancer aged 75. He was the third-generation leader of the Vestey business empire, which amassed a colossal fortune in the integrated meat trade. As master of the Thurlow hunt for the past 41 years, and MFHA chairman from 1992-95, he was committed to country life and a vehement opponent of the hunting ban.... (story)
Telegraph 28.11.07 Edmund Vestey - Edmund Vestey, who died on November 23 aged 75, was the third-generation leader of a dynasty which amassed a colossal fortune in the meat trade as ranchers, importers and retail butchers. A dedicated countryman with extensive estates in East Anglia and Scotland, he was also chairman of the Masters of Foxhounds Association at a time in the early 1990s when the future of hunting was first seen to be seriously imperilled by a future Labour government.... Edmund's personal holdings included the Thurlow estate in Suffolk, where he and his wife were for many years joint masters of the Thurlow foxhounds, regularly hunting two days a week over what he called "good East Anglian plough"... . Edmund also owned farmland in the Borders, where his fourth son, James, was master of the Jedforest hunt.... (story)

North Devon Journal 6.12.07 STALWART OF HUNTING AND FARMING DIES AGED 87 - A "pillar of the community," has died at his home in Combe Martin at the age of 87.Brian Richards was a well known farmer in the local community, who served on West Down Parish Council and as a North Devon district councillor for many years. He was also very involved with the Dulverton West Hunt since it began just after the war and was a strong supporter of The Pony Club.... (story)

Western Daily Press 6.12.07 DEER CULL RESULT OF HUNTING BAN - I read with interest your article on the deer being culled on the Quantock Hills. Deer are agricultural pests and therefore need to be controlled... This process has been going on for hundreds of years and it is the staghound packs that have ensured the deer survived and were the healthiest herd around.... The League Against Cruel Sports (self-given name) do not manage the herd of deer they keep and the welfare of these animals is shocking.... Will Day Wormelow Herefordshiree (story)

Western Morning News 6.12.07 THE ACCEPTABLE FACE OF PHEASANT SHOOTS? - He row last week involving a billionaire landowner and local people living close to his Exmoor estate about over-stocking on his pheasant shoot will, inevitably, be used by animal rights' activists who campaign for an end to game shooting.... Most shooters would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big estates if push came to shove and their sport was under threat. But, deep down, a fair few of the small-scale shoot members would wonder whether it wouldn't have been better to scale back on some of the big operations before public opinion turned so resolutely against them... (story)

Scotsman 6.12.07 Inconsistencies in SNH's conservation of raptors - The poisoning of three red kites in Perthshire has rightly been condemned by everyone from the RSPB to game keepers. But where do we draw the line? Apparently Scottish Natural Heritage think it's acceptable for wind turbines to kill these magnificent birds.... RICHARD HAVERS Whitchester Lodge By Duns, Berwickshire
In your report on the loss of a sea eagle on a grouse moor in Angus (4 December), Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, is stated as doubting that gamekeepers were involved... Has he inadvertently admitted that gamekeepers could be involved in cases when other birds of prey are killed on shooting estates? NIGEL PALMER Winton Grove Edinburgh (letters)

Lancashire Evening Post 6.12.07 Charity calls for changes in animal testing - The RSPCA wants people in Lancashire to back its call for a European law to protect all animals used in harmful experiments. A European directive, which regulates the use of animals in research and testing, is under review and the society is pressing for tighter controls on animal use. Currently, the directive applies to only around 35% of animals used for scientific purposes... (story)

Independent 6.12.07 Can you reduce your carbon footprint with a vegan diet? - Emma Rubach faced a month of tofu and soya. Was she hungry for more?... Vegetarian campaigning charity Viva received a leaked email from an official at the Environment Agency showing that the Government is trying to work out how to get us to eat less meat.... (story)

ImagineFM 6.12.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTEST IN STOCKPORT - Animal rights campaigners will protest outside Stockport City Hall later about the use of foie gras. The three PETA members are marking a vote in the chamber on whether to ban serving the pate at functions.... (story)

Cambridge News 6.12.07 From Samantha McNally, Ditton Fields, Cambridge IN RESPONSE to Mr Croft (Letters, November 22), it is disappointing that a man who clearly makes a career out of writing to the News about all and sundry can only come up with a rather dull "lentil" story in his criticism of vegetarian cookery... (story)

Nottingham 6.12.07 LETTER: PETS AND CHRISTMAS - With Christmas looming large, we write to beg readers not to buy pets from any public events such as markets or fairs. Dubious traders pose as private individuals selling stressed and suffering animals to the gullible public.... For further information contact the Animal Protection Agency... B and D TORR Barnfield Wilford (letter)

Essex Chronicle 6.12.07 WILD ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR MAN'S WHIMS - I Was saddened and disgusted to learn that penguins were used at Sunday's Frost and Fire event.Wild creatures are not here for man's entertainment, but for their own spiritual progression.... Valerie Hubert, Claybrick Avenue, Hockley (letter)


Western Daily Press 5.12.07 DON'T FIGHT WITH LES CHASSEURS FRAN??AIS - Yet another British export success to France, I read. No, not lamb or beef, but the ancient and honourable custom of hunt sabotage.Animal rights enthusiasts have seen what has been achieved in Britain and are now on the trail of deer hunters in the French forests....(story)
Sunday Times 2.12.07 Britain exports ‘le hunt sabotage’ - MATTHEW CAMPBELL - THE French are grumbling about les rosbifs again and this time it is not for pushing up property prices. The latest scourge from across the Channel is interfering with their enjoyment of a good day’s sport and is known as “le hunt sabotage”. “It is a recent phenomenon that came from Britain,” said one hunt enthusiast, describing a wave of commando-style actions against stag hunts by saboteurs clad in black... (story)

Evesham Journal 5.12.07 Countryside celebration planned - A CELEBRATION of the countryside is being staged by he Countryside Alliance at Pershore Abbey on Tuesday, December 18, with Carols for our Countryside.... David Price, field officer for the CLA, Paul Fardon, chairman of Pershore and Upton NFU, Bill Jones, chairman of the Croome and West Warwickshire Foxhounds, and Elizabeth Collins, Farm Crisis Network, will give readings throughout the evening.... (story)

Western Daily Press 5.12.07 THE HUNTING BAN IS HERE TO STAY - The Hunting Act is not "in tatters" (Western Daily Press headline of December 1). The Countryside Alliance has had what will amount to a pyrrhic victory which will result in more calls for the law to be tightened. Senior political figures are, since the Exeter judgment, already coordinating lobbying for the strengthening of the Act.... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.12.07 FAIR JUDGMENTS - It seems that today acceptable law- breaking is judged according to status or finances.... R S Blackmore, Taunton (letter)

Oxford Mail 5.12.07 Crackdown over hare coursing By Matt Wilkinson - Illegal hare coursing is back in Oxfordshire 'with a vengeance'. Police and local landowners have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of hunters travelling to Oxfordshire to bet large amounts of money... (story)

Hemel Hempstead Gazette 5.12.07 Public warned to think carefully before buying a Christmas animal - Animals are not toys. Please don't buy them as Christmas presents… Anne Duvall, Bank Mill Lane. Berkhamsted (letter)


Scotsman 4.12.07 Raptor poisonings - Following the poisoning of the three red kites from the Argaty Project (your report, 30 November), I am hoping that we will hear from that representative of one of the gamekeepers' associations who wrote to you suggesting that the previous reports of poisonings involve just the one bird which the police keep in the deep freeze and bring out now and again in different parts of the country.... IAN TAYLOR, Manse Road, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Morning News 4.12.07 NAME PUTS SHOOTERS IN FALSE POSITION 1 1, Those who question the claims made by the world of game shooting that shooting is good for wildlife will be interested to know that the Game Conservancy Trust has just changed its name to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT). No, this is not a joke, and the date is not April 1 - but the year could well be 1984, as in George Orwell's novel... Theo Hopkins, Lifton, >

Western Mail 4.12.07 Bill aims to change animal harm rule by Simon Hart, Western Mail - CONGRATULATIONS to Conservative MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire Stephen Crabb for getting a top slot in the recent Westminster ballot for Private Members Bills – the chance that MPs have to introduce law on a subject they believe is important. Stephen is proposing important amendments to the Animals Act 1971, which would change the liability for harm caused by animals...(story)

Mid Devon Gazette 4.12.07 AVOID ANIMAL-TESTED GIFTS - ANDREW BUTLER Campaigns Manager Lush Cosmetics 57 High Street Exeter EX4 3DJ (letter)
Western Morning News 4.12.07 GIVE ANIMALS A GIFT - Andrew Butler Campaigns Manager Lush Cosmetics (letter)
Preston Citizen 29.11.07 Avoid animal tested cosmetics - Andrew Butler Campaigns Manager Lush Cosmetics Fishergate Centre Preston (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 29.11.07 LETTER: TESTING ON ANIMALS - Some EU countries are going to be getting a lump of coal in their stocking this Christmas. Statistics released last week revealed animal tests for cosmetics have increased in the EU by an incredible 50%. While the UK Government gave a wonderful gift to animals back in 1998 by banning such tests, cosmetics tested on animals are still on sale in the UK... Andrew Butler Campaigns Manager Lush Cosmetics Clumber Street Nottingham (story)

Hampshire Chronicle 4.12.07 Animal Rights Protesters Outsice Cadogan & James - ANIMAL rights campaigners rallied Cadogan & James delicatessen in Winchester tonight.... The group, led by campaigner Marjorie Pooley, were leafleting outside the shop in an effort to get Mr Martin to stop stocking foie gras.... (story)

Wigan Observer 5.12.07 Give birds a break - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW >(letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 4.12.07 Give turkeys a break - Many turkeys are kept, from days after birth, in windowless sheds - thousands packed together. These animals never see the light of day or smell fresh air but are deprived of everything that makes life tolerable... Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW letter)
Sunderland Echo 4.12.07 News focus: Spare a thought for the turkey - A turkey is not just for Christmas – more than 20million are eaten across Britain every year and most of them meet their death after suffering a dreadful existence in battery houses. At time when we are being encouraged to think about where our food comes from, reporter JESSICA FORSTER looks takes a closer look at the centre-piece of a traditional Christmas dinner.... A report by UK charity Animal Aid claims the majority of birds spend their short lives in cramped conditions wallowing in their own filth and riddled with disease.... Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns for the charity, said: "If people buy low-cost turkeys, there is every chance they were reared in terrible conditions.... (story)


Daily Post 3.12.07 Foxes and birds to blame for fall in rare black grouse numbers by Roland Hughes, Daily Post - A RARE bird at a mid Wales beauty spot is at risk because of birds of prey and foxes, figures show. The black grouse is among the 26 most threatened birds in the UK. The rate at which young birds are being killed at Lake Vyrnwy is now faster than the rate at which they can be replaced.... Of 39 black grouse tagged by researchers, 29 were killed by predators – around 64% by birds, and 36% by foxes. Only one is thought to have survived. Dr David Baines, The Game Conservancy Trust’s director of uplands research, said: “This is very compelling evidence and is consistent with an equally dramatic decrease in red grouse in the same area.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.12.07 ROW OVER PHEASANTS RUFFLES A FEW FEATHERS - The tycoon behind some of London's most fashionable venues has ruffled feathers with a row over his pheasant shoot. Households in a tiny Exmoor hamlet have signed a petition protesting at damage being caused by thousands of pheasants bred for Richard Caring's enterprise... Now, after receiving a letter signed by about 40 residents, Mr Caring, who currently owns The Ivy, Le Caprice and J Sheekey eateries and the exclusive Annabel's private club, says he is scrapping the commercial shoot... One experienced local gun involved in the protest said: "This has dragged on for more than two years now. We were promised by the shoot that things would improve but nothing seemed to happen.... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 2.12.07 Villagers bring down Ivy owner's shoot By Simon Trump - As the celebrities' favourite restaurateur, Richard Caring is no doubt used to dealing with difficult customers. The charm that has made him one of Britain's richest businessmen has, however, failed to win over the neighbours of his country estate after a deluge of complaints over his pheasant shoot. Villagers say luxury four-wheel-drive vehicles have churned ruts in local footpaths and bridleways while the roofs of some homes have been damaged by dead birds dropping from the sky... (story)

Independent 3.12.07 Birds of prey don't deserve to die - Richard Ingrams has taken a dislike to the red kite and tells us the time may soon come when we have to start shooting them... It is quite wrong to interpret a rapid population increase – of whatever species – as some kind of threat without the facts to back up one's point of view. To do so is simply prejudice. DR FRANCIS KIRKHAM, ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH & CONSULTANCY, CREDITON, DEVON
: Does Richard Ingrams believe that the slightest advantage for a human justifies our continuing removal of other species from the face of the earth?... Ian Mainprize, Marple, greater Manchester (letters)

Northern Echo 3.12.07 Long-line fishing - SOMETHING you rarely hear about, unless you make it your business to find out, is long-line fishing... Long-line fishing is fiendishly cruel and ecologically catastrophic.... Tony Kelly, Crook, Co Durham (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 3.12.07 REPORT INTO DOG RACING 'BARKING UP WRONG TREE' - Greyhound lovers have voiced their disappointment at a new report into the future of greyhound racing. Although the report does recommend setting up an independent regulatory body, critics say it does not put enough emphasis on what the bookmakers and race organisers in the industry could do. The Independent Review of Greyhound Racing in Britain by Lord Donoughue, published last week, said the current structures within greyhound racing were 'seriously flawed'.... (story)

Sun 3.12.07 THE boss of Newquay Zoo should be arrested and charged with the killing of an endangered species.... MAURICE BRENNOCK, Croydon, Surrey (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 3.12.07 Animal rights group protests to stop real fur sales - AN animal rights group has launched a campaign to stop stores in Edinburgh selling clothes made out of real fur. Campaigners from Edinburgh the Fur-Free City (EFFC) plan to stage demonstrations in the Capital this month... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.12.07 IS POSH NOSH ROW WORTH ALL THE FUSS? - It's highly unlikely that I will eat foie gras, mainly because it sounds like the sort of grossly overpriced "posh nosh" served up by celebrity chefs... I detest cruelty to animals, but I detest just as much the way minority groups are willing to use any means, legal or otherwise, to force their opinions on the rest of us.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.12.07 RAT'S MILK USED TO HURT HEATHER - Juliet Gellatley Founder and director Viva! Bristol (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.12.07 What Heather said - Juliet Gellatley, Founder and director, Viva! (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 30.11.07 Change your diet and change the world - I'M sure many readers will have seen the wilful misreporting of the environment campaign Heather Mills launched with campaigning group Viva!. At no point did Heather Mills advocate drinking rat's milk and it doesn't take a great deal of intelligence to work out that such a claim is nonsense for anyone to make, let alone a vegan who doesn't consume any animal products!... JULIET GELLATLEY, founder and director, Viva! (letter)

Halifax Courier 3.12.07 Horror over dogs skinned alive - THE letter about dogs in China being skinned alive for their fur (Your say, November 28) sickened me, but did not surprise me, although the question "Why?" does spring to mind.... (Mrs) Pat Hubbard, Park Close, Mount Tabor, Halifax (letter)
Halifax Courier 28.11.07 Horror of skinned alive dogs - Audrey Wood, Norton Drive, Halifax. I HAVE received a video of dogs being skinned alive for their fur in China... With Christmas coming up I urge all your readers to boycott any goods that are made in China until this barbaric practice is stopped (letter)

Worcester Evening News 3.12.07 Money will help to end factory farming Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation took to the streets on October 19 and enjoyed a warm reception from Malvern shoppers.... MARY HORGAN, Supporter Services, CIWF advancing farm animal welfare. (letter)


Sunday Mirror 2.12.07 Kate's on her own for Xmas - Prince William and Kate Middleton will be spending Christmas thousands of miles apart.... Kate Middleton has refused to take part in a royal pheasant shoot after causing outrage on a previous hunting trip. Kate was stung by criticism after she was pictured carrying a hunting rifle on a stag hunt at Balmoral in October. She now wants to distance herself from hunting and has snubbed Prince Charles's annual pre-Christmas pheasant shoot at Sandringham next weekend.... (story)


Western Daily Press 1.12.07 EYES PEELED AS SOUND OF DEER CULL RINGS OUT ACROSS THE HILLS - Gunshots rang out in the Quantock Hills yesterday as landowners took up arms and joined a mass cull of red deer. The day of action, organised by the Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group, was met with a storm of protest when it was announced two weeks ago.... the cull was branded a "killing spree" by the South West Deer Protection Group and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).... Nature lover Chris Woollen, 64, has been watching deer for as long as he can remember. He went out at daybreak to LACS land near Nether Stowey to ensure the animals were not being targeted by riflemen ... "I am not a member of the League but I feel very honoured that they let me on their land to keep an eye on things...." Mr Woollen was joined by friend and fellow deer watcher Douglas Hobbs. The pair are regular visitors to the LACS land which they say has become a sanctuary for the animals because they know they are safe.... (story)
Express 1.12.07 OUTCRY OVER SLAUGHTER OF RED DEER By Geoff Maynard - ANIMAL welfare groups were outraged yesterday as a controversial “bloodbath” cull of hundreds of deer went ahead at a beauty spot.... Female and young deer were the primary targets of the cull, organised by the Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group. The group said the co-ordinated slaughter was necessary to control the red deer population, which has nearly doubled in the past 15 years to more than 1,000. But Paul Tillsley, head of the League Against Cruel Sports for the South-west, said the cull was an “open invitation for a bloodbath”. ... (story)
Western Daily Press 30.11.07 DEER CULL RALLY - Protests are expected across the Quantock Hills today as landowners take part in a mass red deer cull to control the population and cut the damage caused by the creatures to farmland... (story)
BBC News Online 30.11.07 Deer cull on Quantocks under way - Landowners on the Quantock hills in Somerset have been invited to a one-day mass shoot of deer. The cull has been organised by the Deer Management and Conservation Group who says it is necessary to protect crops and land being ravaged by the deer.... (story)
Western Daily Press 29.11.07 DON'T CULL RED DEER: SCIENTIST - A scientist has joined animal rights' campaigners in criticising plans for a widespread cull of red deer in a Westcountry beauty spot. Professor Stephen Harris, of the University of Bristol's school of biological sciences, said an invitation to farmers to take part in a mass cull of deer on the Quantock Hills, West Somerset, tomorrow did not "meet scientific principles of wildlife management".... (story)
Western Daily Press 28.11.07 PROTESTERS SPEAK OUT AGAINST DEER CULL ON QUANTOCKS - Animal rights activists have attacked this week's proposed mass-cull of red deer across the Quantock Hills.The area's deer protection and management group wrote to landowners two weeks ago, urging them to kill female and young deer on Friday in a bid to slash numbers and reduce the damage caused to farmland. But the plans have been condemned by charity Animal Aid.... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 28.11.07 'JOLLY' DEER CULL CRITICISED - Plans to kill 250 red deer have been condemned by a leading animal expert.The Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group, which claims the animal's population in the area should be cut from 750 to 500, has invited landowners and farmers to participate in a mass cull on Friday. But Professor Stephen Harris, of the University of Bristol, branded the plans "unscientific" and based on figures "pulled out of the air".... (story)
Western Morning News 23.11.07 A CULL IS THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE OPTION - Anagement culls do not equate to mass slaughter of deer. But in reporting the call by the Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group (QDMCG) for more female deer to be culled in and around the Quantock Hills this winter, the media have widely reported the use of such emotive terms as "mass slaughter" and "bloodbath". While the truth about deer or other wildlife management usually makes for less exciting headlines, I welcome this opportunity to ask readers to delve beyond the headlines, do some of the necessary maths for themselves and consider the wider reasons... The QDMCG is fully committed to the long-term conservation of a substantial population of red deer on the Quantocks. However, its members have jointly reached the conclusion that concerns about damage to farmland, forestry, and woodland biodiversity make the current size of deer populations unsustainable in the longer term... (story)
Western Gazette 22.11.07 DEER CULL MEETS OPPOSITION - Landowners on the Quantock Hills have been invited to take part in a one-day cull of red deer.The Quantock Deer Management Group says it is necessary to bring the current total of more than 750 down to a "manageable level" of about 500.... Kevin Hill, from the Deer Protection Group, said: "I think it will end up a bloodbath. I am concerned we will have guns positioned on every farm.... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 15.11.07 Deer cull proposal labelled a 'shooting spree' By Lloyd Vaughan - THE number of red deer on the Quantock Hills could be halved if plans by a conservation group go ahead. The Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group has sent letters to landowners on the hills to drum up support for a mass cull of red deer on November 30, which will target fe-male and young deer… But the South West Deer Protection Group has condemned the cull and branded it "a shooting spree". Its chairman Kevin Hill said: "One problem with the proposed shooting spree is that any deer in the sight of the gun might be shot (story)
Western Daily Press 15.11.07 DEER SHOOTING - In yesterday's Western Daily Press article Fury at Deer Killing Spree, it was wrongly reported that shotguns would be used to cull the animals... (story)
Western Daily Press 14.11.07 PROTECTING THE WEST'S COUNTRYSIDE ... OR A DEER BLOODBATH? BY NICHOLA JONES - Landowners across the Quantock Hills are being urged to slaughter hundreds of red deer to bring the population under control and protect the countryside. A letter has been sent to landowners by the Quantock Deer Management and Conservation Group, urging them to join in the cull on November 30, which will target female and young deer. But the South West Deer Protection Group (SWDPG) has branded the cull a "killing spree" and warned that the plans will lead to a "deer bloodbath". SWDPG chairman Kevin Hill said: "Deer are being blamed for a lot of damage they don't do and being punished for what is a very difficult thing to quantify.... (story)

Independent 1.12.07 The pain of tail-docking: a fact of life for millions of pigs By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Farmers are routinely docking the tails of pigs bred for the table despite the introduction of legislation banning the practice four years ago, according to new research that challenges the claim that British pigs are reared without cruelty... The animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), which gathered the information in a survey for its annual supermarket awards tomorrow, said it showed the nine million pigs slaughtered annually in the UK were kept in "horrendous, overcrowded" conditions... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 1.12.07 FOIE GRAS OFF THE MENU? WELL DONE - As A passionate supporter of animal rights, I am extremely glad to read in The Citizen (27 November) that head chef and proprietor of Bearlands restaurant, Robert Sinyard, has taken the controversial foie gras off the menu following protests.I was not one of the protesters, but had I known earlier, I quite likely would have been.... I will be booking up at Mr Sinyard's restaurant within the next few weeks and I urge those protesters to do the same to support this compassionate move... Steve Haines, Tuffley (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.11.07 RESTAURANT BOSS BLAMES ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS - The managing director of a restaurant says he has been bullied and intimidated by animal rights activists into taking foie gras off the menu.Glen Tanswell had always served the French delicacy at the Bearlands Restaurant and Wine bar in Gloucester... Mr Tanswell, said: "We took it off the menu because of constant harassment and intimidation. "We did not agree with it but felt bullied into it. But my main gripe is not with the protesters, it is with the police who did not support us through this. "I tried to get their help numerous times and heard nothing from them.... The protests were held by Gloucestershire Animal Action. A spokesman said its protests were lawful and its campaigners felt intimidated by restaurant staff at times.... (story)
Times 27.11.07 Police accused over foie gras protest - A restaurateur has accused police of failing to protect his customers and staff from intimidation by animal rights protesters campaigning against the sale of foie gras. Glen Tanswell said that he had been bullied into taking the delicacy, made from the livers of force-fed geese, off the menu of the Bearlands Restaurant in Gloucester, close to the police station, after “constant harassment and intimidation”... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.11.07 DEFEATED BY 'FOOD BULLIES' - A City centre restaurant says it has been bullied into taking foie gras off the menu after a string of protests by a county animal rights group.Bearlands Restaurant and Wine bar used to serve up the controversial French delicacy to customers at its premises on Longsmith Street and had planned to have it as an option on its Christmas menu. However, after a long campaign against the restaurant by Gloucestershire Animal Action executive head chef Robert Sinyard and managing director Glen Tanswell have taken it off the menus.... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.12.07 Backing for badgers THE Badger Trust believes that bovine TB could be controlled by cattle-based measures. Eradicating badgers is not feasible, nor is it proven to be effective in controlling the disease in cattle.... Hazel Park, Secretary, Kirklees Badger Protection Group (letter)