February 2007

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Western Daily Press 28.2.07 BIGOTED LAW HAS NOT SAVED FOXES - Peter Hain considers the hunting ban "to be one of our proudest achievements since the party came to power in 1997". Little wonder when one considers the other "achievements" of New Labour after 10 years in Government…. J H Rushton, Chippenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.2.07 CAMERON IN THE POCKETS OF 'THUGS' - David Cameron, in making the repeal of the ban on hunting with dogs the priority of any Government he forms, has shown himself to be in the pockets of the cruel and law-breakers in society.How can voters trust a party so clearly aligned with thugs who terrorise and kill wildlife for fun?... Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.2.07 TURNING BLIND EYE TO HUNTING - Giles Bradshaw, stop being so irresponsible. You should no more allow your dogs to chase a deer than you should let them chase a sheep.Both of these species are mammals and very susceptible to stress-related disorders…. Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)

Daily Post 28.2.07 Rural crisis - I COULD not let the highlighted letter in Monday’s Daily Post go without comment. I have never met the Rev Thompson who is based near to where I live but he and two others in North Wales run a constant letter campaign about attitudes to hunting and rural matters… We have had 10 years of card carrying religion in Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street. We don't need any more…. Perhaps instead of haranguing us on his fanatical views he could assist those in the rural community who have seen their livelihoods destroyed by this government and its absurd attitudes to the countryside. David SoutterMilwr, Flintshire (letters)
Daily Post 26.2.07 DAVID Cameron's recent confirmation that he would immediately repeal the ban on the hunting of live animals with dogs for "sport" tells us more about the real him – and his supportive colleagues – than all his highly skilled self-promotion ever could…. Rev James Thompson, Holywell (story)

Scotsman 28.2.07 SNH shooting its own foot - You report (21 February) that Scottish Natural Heritage is to withhold grant funding for the National Trust for Scotland's Mar Lodge Estate because of fears it will be used to promote grouse shooting and deer stalking. Scotland faces intense competition from other European countries in attracting country sports tourists, so investing in these great economic assets is nationally beneficial… TONY ANDREWS, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Midlothian (letter)

BBC News Online 28.2.07 Poll backs complete snaring ban - Hundreds of people in Scotland have backed a complete ban on the use of snares, according to a study. Three quarters of people surveyed by the League Against Cruel Sports said they wanted the traps outlawed…. (story)

Hendon Times 28.2.07 Bogus collectors stopped By Marcus Dysch - A Barnet High Street stall which operated under the guise of collecting money for animal rights charities has been closed as part of an operation targeting unlicensed money collectors across London…. The street collectors lured unsuspecting animal lovers to their stalls with fake petitions that were not sent anywhere. Officers found a number of petitions at the suspects' houses, according to a Met spokesman. He said the money collected often goes straight in the collectors' pocket'…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 27.2.07 Stalls shut to thwart protesters - ANIMAL rights protesters who target Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) have had fundraising stalls shut down by police. Lucrative street stalls, believed to have raised as much as £40,000 each a year, have been closed down in an operation targeting what police say is illegal fundraising to pay for criminal activities…. (story)
Hounslow Guardian 22.2.07 Clampdown on illegal cash collectors By Helen Husbands - South-west London shopping districts were targeted by people who illegally collected thousands of pounds under the guise of animal rights activists…. Among the 21 arrested in London were Terence Russell and Kim Webster, both of Carshalton in Surrey, who will appear in court on April 11 over a collection in Wimbledon…. (story)
Sutton/Croydon Advertiser 22.2.07 Police close animal rights stalls - Street stalls collecting tens of thousands of pounds a year have been closed in what police say is a clampdown on the funding of the criminal actions of animal rights extremists… (story)
ThisIsLocalLondon 22.2.07 21 'illegally' collected for animal rights terror By Martina Smit - TWENTY-ONE people have been charged with illegally collecting thousands of pounds for animal rights "charities" - many with links to activist terrorism…. Rebecca Garrity, 19, of Seaton in Devon, and Alice Barton of Clapton in east London, pleaded guilty to illegally collecting money in Sloane Square. Daniel Amos of Swindon, Wiltshire, and Selby Gerrah of Yately, Hampshire, admitted collecting without a license in Oxford Street. Emma Speed of Leigh on Sea, Essex, Fran Cornwall of Milton Keynes and Pauline Broughton of Northampton have been charged with another illegal collection in Oxford Street. They are due at Westminster magistrates' court on 26 April. Terence Russell and Kim Webster, both of Carshalton in Surrey, will appear in court on 11 April over a collection in Wimbledon. … (story)
Ananova 22.2.07 Police close animal rights stalls - Street stalls collecting tens of thousands of pounds a year have been closed in what police say is a clampdown on the funding of the criminal actions of animal rights extremists… (story)
Times 22.2.07 Animal rights funds ‘spent on criminality’ - NICOLA WOOLCOCK - Animal rights activists are illegally collecting thousands of pounds at street stalls to fund criminality, police said yesterday. Twenty-one people have been charged in the past six months after a campaign by the Metropolitan Police. Detectives estimate that £80,000 each year has been brought in by two stalls alone, which operate frequently on Oxford Street, Central London….(story)
Guardian 22.2.07 Police crack down on animal rights fundraising stalls - Sandra Laville, crime correspondent - Lucrative street stalls run by animal rights activists have been closed down by Scotland Yard in an operation targeting what police say is illegal fundraising to pay for the criminal actions of extremists…. But leading figures within the animal liberation movement accused the police of "dirty tricks" yesterday…. A source within the National Extremist Crime Unit… highlighted the case of Sarah Gisborne, 39, from Cranleigh, Surrey, who was jailed for six years in 2005 by Peterborough crown court for conspiracy to cause criminal damage… She drove to her targets in a car hired in Cambridgeshire, which was paid for, police say, by money from the Shac stalls…. Greg Avery, a Shac activist, regularly manned the Oxford Street stall… He denied Gisborne had used money from a Shac stall to fund her campaign… (story)
Mirror 22.2.07 TOUTS OFF THE STREET - ANIMAL rights activists illegally touting for donations are facing a police crackdown. So far 21 people have been charged over taking cash from the public…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.2.07 Illegal money collectors targeted - A clampdown on illegal money collectors in public places has resulted in 21 people being charged. They are accused of collecting money without a licence on stalls around London under the guise of animal rights activists. But the Metropolitan Police said much of the money funded groups linked to criminal behaviour…. Those charged during the clampdown worked on stalls which invited members of the public to sign petitions supporting animal rights, before encouraging them to make donations…. (story)
Life Style Extra 22.2.07 Animal rights activists collecting illegally - Animal rights extremists posing as charity collectors are illegally fleecing tens of thousands of pounds from unsuspecting members of the public, Scotland Yard said today. Detectives from the Public Order Crime Unit (POCU) believe that the money could be being used to fund criminal activity and the lifestyles of extreme activists… On January 16 and 17 four people, including two teenage girls, pleaded guilty at West London Magistrates Court to unlicensed street collection in September last year. Alice Barton, 18, of Clapton and Rebecca Garrity, 19 of Seaton, Devon had been collecting in Sloane Square, while Daniel Amos, of Swindon, and Selby Gerrah, of Yately, Hampshire, admitted illegal collection and highway obstruction at the junction of Marylebone Lane and Oxford Street…. (story)

Times 28.2.07 MP attacks websites - Extremists based abroad who use animal rights websites to incite attacks in Britain could be extradited. The activists were called terrorists by Phil Willis, the Liberal Democrat MP who chairs the Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology… (story)

York Press 28.2.07 Stop animal tests - IT is beyond any dispute that a cure must be found for the HIV/AIDS pandemic. According to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, animal-based research over 25 years has "resulted in 30 vaccines which protect monkeys from contracting the primate equivalent of HIV (SIV), but has failed to find a cure for humans"… Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (story)

The Shields Gazette 28.2.07 We don't want halal meat - Schools have had halal meat forced on them with no consultation with parents, surely this is illegal? These animals die a horrific death and no one was asked if it is what we wanted at the school… G Harrison, via e-mail. (letter)
The Shields Gazette 21.2.07 Caring about animal welfare - IS being concerned about animal welfare racist?... In case you did not know, halal preparation involves the suspension of animals upside-down, the ceremonial slitting of their throats by a knife, and a drawn-out death for the animal through loss of blood. Switzerland has banned all forms of ritual slaughter altogether. Kathleen Winship, South Shields. (letter)
The Shields Gazette 21.2.07 Meat is simply cruel - I AM a long-time vegetarian who reads or hears about animal cruelty almost every week. As such, I would like to say how disgusted I am with South Tyneside Council and its change of policy towards serving school meals which include Halal meat… Mark Heslop, County Mews, South Shields. (letter)


Western Daily Press 27.2.07 LABOUR TRIES TO MASK FAILURES (FEBRUARY 22) - Peter Hain would condemn the ridiculous Hunting Act and praise hunters for being hunters if he thought it would help him win the deputy leadership election… He is just a cynical, self-centred, power- seeking politician. E Saunders, Hampshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.2.07 HUNT BAN WILL BE A LASTING LEGACY (FEBRUARY 19) Since the Hunting Act came into force more livestock is being killed.You stop us from doing a sport which has been around for years but you won't stop Tony Blair from sending soldiers to Iraq.Amy Haines, Wiltshire
Mr Hain said that his party has supported the countryside. He backed up this declaration saying that Labour defends rural post offices and schools. Why has our village school and our post office both closed within Labour's term in office?... The Hunting Act will be a great legacy for Labour - as a total waste of Parliament- ary time. Michael Llewellen Palmer, Biddestone (letters)

Western Morning News 27.2.07 IF HUNTING'S STILL THRIVING, WHY REPEAL THE HUNTING ACT? - Regarding the wish of the hunting mob to have the Hunting Act repealed, why would they want to do this when, according to them, they are so enjoying galloping around and having a jolly good time without killing anything?... F Cleaves Par (letter)

Guardian 27.2.07 Cameron: natural born stag killer - Patrick Barkham - The image of last week? Hooded teenager Ryan Florence aiming an imaginary gun at David Cameron. The image of this week? The wax-jacketed Tory leader lustily blasting two stags to bits… Comments on the Daily Mail's website already show "Dave the deerstalker" playing particularly badly among the country's women voters. "Cameron is the epitome of an upper-class twit," wrote one. That "right-left knack" however, may boost Cameron's credibility among gun-toting teens. At least no hoodie will dare hug him now. (story)
Telegraph 26.2.07 Revealed: Cameron the deer hunter By Laura Clout - David Cameron has a hidden talent for stag shooting, it emerged yesterday, one of the most controversial field sports… (story)
Mirror 26.2.07 CAMERON IS BLOOD SPORT FANATIC - By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent - DAVID Cameron loves blood sports and is a crack shot capable of hitting two stags seconds apart, a friend revealed yesterday… (story)
Mail on Sunday 25.2.07 Deerstalker Dave can fell two stags with one shot By SIMON WALTERS - David Cameron risks offending animal rights campaigners after details of his secret passion for stag shooting, one of the bloodiest field sports, were revealed. The Conservative leader regularly goes deerstalking and is one of the few marksmen skilled enough to shoot two stags in one go…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 25.2.07 Now it's Dave the deadly deer stalker By Marie Woolf, Political Editor - David Cameron has a secret love of stag shooting it emerged last night, and is considered an expert at one of the most controversial blood sports. The Conservative leader is said by those who have hunted with him to be a keen shot who can fell two deer at once…. (story)

Western Mail 27.2.07 Dai's argument is shot down - I write with reference to Dai Johnson's letter in Country & Farming on February 5. So he has solved the mystery of the dumped carcasses at Beulah Shoot, Llanwrtyd Wells. According to him, 'the word' is that vegans did it. He has not even bothered to name a source or offer up any evidence. Are we really so stupid that we believe this nonsense?... PAUL NELSON, Croydon (story)
Western Mail 6.2.07 Hypocritical vegans dumped carcasses - What an absurd comment from Mr Kit Davidson, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, (Country & Farming, Jan 30) about the dumping of carcasses. Every time the animal rights campaign opens its mouth it shows itself up for what it is. The word is that a bunch of vegans planted the carcasses to manufacture this story - not for the first time such a vile stunt has been played… DAI JOHNSON, Ynysbwl, Pontypridd (letter)

Guardian 27.2.07 Brave academics - I fully agree with Michelle Thew in her call for an open debate on the use of animals in medical research (Letters, February 20), but I dispute her argument that such debate is stifled by the cowardice of the scientific community…. Jo Tanner, Chief executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, London SE1 (letter)
Guardian 20.2.07 Time for open debate - As the UK's leading organisation campaigning peacefully for a world where no one wants - or believes we need - to test on animals, we think it's high time researchers were willing to have a full and open debate about the efficacy of animal experimentation… Michelle Thew , chief executive, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection London
I can see why people don't like experiments on animals. There is always the suspicion that some of it is more about profit than medical advancement. Nevertheless, I support the need for such experiments and am concerned at the irrational views of a hard core who seem far more concerned about this than, for example, the war in Iraq… Keith Flett, London (letters)

Southern Daily Echo 27.2.07 Boycott Canadian fish products - MANDY CARTER, Respect for Animals, Nottingham (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.2.07 BOYCOTT COULD END BRUTALITY TO SEALS - The Canadian seal hunt is about to begin again on the ice floes off the east coast of Canada. It is the largest, most brutal slaughter of marine mammals on the planet… Respect for Animals warmly welcomes the Government's statement that the UK would be pressing the European Commission to propose EU-wide measures to ban the import of harp and hooded seal products… Mandy Carter, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham NG4 3GB (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 27.2.07 POLICE KEPT AN EYE ON PROTEST - I am writing on behalf of Gloucestershire Animal Action about our protest (Echo, February 16).Our protest was monitored by police for the entire evening. If we had stormed into this restaurant we would (and should) have been arrested on site. After a phone call with Inspector Karen Ellis regarding our protest an incident number was set up (391 for February 14, 7pm) and no offences were committed by any of our activists…. Chris,Gloucestershire Animal Action. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 16.2.07 PROTESTERS STORM INTO BRASSERIE - Animal rights activists caused mayhem when they stormed into Le Petit Brasserie in Cheltenham.Campaigners screamed and shouted and knocked over plant pots…. Deputy manager Steve Ashley said: "Some of the pro-testers came in screaming. "I told them we'd call the police and they left. "In a way it benefited us. People inquired about foie gras and sales were up."… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 27.2.07 THE TRUTH ABOUT CAT AND DOG FUR... Rumours that domestic animals could be being snatched for their fur are nothing new. Cat and dog fur from the Far East is known to have made it into designer garments sold in Europe…. The European Commission is now looking at a European-wide ban on any trade in dog and cat fur. But the British Fur and Trade Association has said that there is no need because its members have already signed up to a voluntary ban. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.2.07 VEGGIE EVENT FOR FAIRTRADE - An Exeter animal society is staging a special vegetarian event to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.Exeter Friends For Animals will be holding a coffee and cake day to celebrate the event and Animal Aid's Veggie Month…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 26.2.07 'HUNTS USING BIRDS OF PREY BREAKING THE LAW' BY GARY MITCHELL - Hunt leaders today dismissed claims by animal rights campaigners that hounds were still being used illegally to kill foxes. Top barrister Anthony Scrivener, QC, has spoken out on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, which says some hunts are pretending to use birds of prey so they can carry on hunting with dogs…. Jane Knight, joint master of the Cottesmore Hunt, which takes a golden eagle out on hunts, said: "We happen to use a golden eagle because they are powerful hunting machines, but the law does not specify which birds of prey can be used…. Joe Cowen, of the Fernie Hunt, which uses a hawk, said: "Quite a lot of hunts use birds of prey…. The Quorn, Belvoir and Atherstone hunts have also turned to birds of prey…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 26.2.07 FALL IN FOX NUMBERS REPORTED AFTER BAN - Hunts have reported a fall in fox numbers in some areas since hunting with hounds was banned two years ago… More than a third of the 184 hunts registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association were asked to take part in the study, including the South Gloucestershire-based Duke of Beaufort's Hunt…. (story)
Daily Post 22.2.07 Huntsmen claim hill foxes on increase by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - FOX numbers are rising in upland areas despite a boom in the popularity of hunting, according to hunt supporters. A survey by the Masters of Foxhounds Association found that, overall, fox and deer numbers have fallen since hunting with hounds was banned two years ago. But a fifth of the hunts surveyed reported rising fox numbers, mostly in hill areas…. (story)
Western Mail 20.2.07 'Deer numbers down' since ban on hunting Steve Dube, Western Mail - THERE are fewer deer and more disease in some areas of the British countryside since the ban on hunting, according to new research. A survey by more than one third of the 184 hunts registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association of hunt members, farmers and gamekeepers showed more foxes in upland areas but fewer in the south and south-west of England…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.2.07 HUNTS: FOXES NOW THINNER ON THE GROUND - A row has broken out after claims by hunt supporters that fox and deer numbers have fallen since hunting with hounds was banned. Hunts, especially those in the West and the south of England, claimed that fox numbers have plummeted by more than a third since hunting was outlawed, according to a new survey. But the figures were rubbished by the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 19.2.07 Hunting ban leads to a fall in fox numbers By Mark Waffel - FOX numbers have fallen in parts of Northamptonshire since hunting with hounds was banned, according to hunt supporters. The Masters of Foxhounds Association carried out a national survey which discovered that in most areas fox numbers had remained the same or fallen since the Hunting Act came into force two years ago. Among the hunts taking part in the survey was the Northamptonshire Pytchley, whose master David Reynolds, said: "I thought the fox population was lower than it was in this part of the world. In fact it might be considerably lower."… Charles Smith-Osbourne, master of the Grafton Hunt, said fox numbers in Northamptonshire had changed little in the past two years… "All that is happening now is that more foxes are being shot. Our argument always was that foxes were always going to be controlled and that hunting was no more cruel than shooting." (story)
Daelnet 19.2.07 Hunting ban hits fox population - AS MANY country folk forecast, the ban on fox hunting has turned out to be bad news for foxes - because their numbers are in decline in many areas…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.2.07 FOX AND DEER NUMBERS DOWN SINCE BAN - New research published on the second anniversary of the Hunting Act suggests that fox and deer numbers have fallen since the hunt ban came into force. The greatest decrease in foxes was found in the South West and South of England…. Mike Hobday, of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), said: "I am delighted that the fox hunts have been spending their time counting foxes." Mr Hobday pointed out that a poll conducted for LACS showed that public opinion was more than three to one in favour of the hunting ban remaining… (story)
Observer 18.2.07 Fox and deer numbers falling, survey shows - Fox and deer numbers have fallen since hunting with hounds was banned, according to figures published today by hunt supporters. A survey was carried out among more than a third of the 184 hunts registered with the Masters of Fox Hounds Association, and it recorded the observations of the hunts as well as farmers and gamekeepers…. (story)
Observer 18.2.07 Now we know - bullets are far crueller than dogs - More foxes, deer and hares are dying now - and more inhumanely - than before the ill-conceived Hunting Act - John Dodd - Two years ago today, after a series of free votes in the House of Commons, the Hunting Act became law…. can I be alone in thinking that the act, like so many others passed by this government, has achieved the exact reverse of what it was intended to do? More foxes, more deer and more hares are dying now than ever before and in ways that are very much more cruel….(story)

Western Daily Press 26.2.07 NOW WE'RE HUMPSMEN! BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - They have had the hump since the ban on foxhunting two years ago, but yesterday some of the West's top hunt masters swapped their trusty steeds for temperamental camels. The masters of six hunts rounded off a charity countryside day with the unusual race, to raise money for a children's hospice as well as their own campaign…. in the end, after more stops and starts than a busy lift, the six masters from the South Dorset, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale, Wilton, South and West Wilts, Cattistock and Portman hunts all completed the course successfully in two races… It also rounded off a big day for the Countryside Alliance in Dorset, with point-to-point racing in the afternoon and a countryside show in the morning at the Badbury Rings ground, near Wimborne…. (story)
Western Daily Press 22.2.07 COMPETITORS LIKELY TO GET THE HUMP - Hunt masters could get the hump, literally, on Sunday when they take part in a camel race on Sunday at Badbury Rings.Entertainment begins at 10am, including a children's mini beagle meet and a parade of all of Dorset hounds before the camels take to the field. Racing proper gets underway at noon with the Club Members' race. Entries include dual 2007 Larkhill winner Who Else Knew, recent United Services winner Tin Trader, and The Granby, winner of a similar event at Higham. Charlie Fox's Espresso Forte may challenge stablemates Swift Wood and Maxou Des Brosses…. (story)

Irish Independent 26.2.07 Raw reality of the hunt - After standing in glorious sunshine, soaking up the hospitality of the Kildare Hunt and documenting the colours of hounds and hunt attire, Kevin Myers turned around, walked away and sacrificed the true story of this loathsome blood sport… If he had hung around with a pair of binoculars, perhaps he might have managed to witness the suffering which underlines a day's hunting…. PHILIP KIERNAN, IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS (letter)
Irish Independent 20.2.07 Hunting horn heralded a giddy slice of springter before gales and swirling downpours resumed - Kevin Myers - LAST Saturday was one of those winter-spring days, springter, when a slice of May arrived in the middle of February like a visitor from Mars, casting its brief benedictions about the countryside. But only a fool is deluded by springter. For remember, April, in all its melancholy horrors, stands waiting to ambush us, usually a gauntlet of Arctic storms… But there was no sense of this at all as the Kildare hunt gathered once again at Charlie and Nikki O'Reilly's… (story)

Western Daily Press 26.2.07 CA HAS ONLY SELFISH MOTIVES - Simon Hart and Kate Hoey of the Countryside Alliance claim to be concerned about post offices… Now that their bloodlust for killing for so-called "sport" has been banned, they suddenly decide they are the guardians of local communities…. Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.2.07 HUNT BAN WILL BE A LASTING LEGACY (FEBRUARY 19) - Peter Hain is totally right and to be thanked for be a stalwart defender of a very welcome Act of Parliament.At the next election the choice will between a Tory Party led by a hunter or a Labour Party pledged to keep the hunt ban in place… Chris Gale Chippenham
Indeed, so called "animal welfare" does seem to be "at the heart of the (Labour) Government's objectives", leaving little else for the neglected matters such as the NHS and increasing violence in the streets… Anna Dumas Bath (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 26.2.07 SAMUEL'S HARE SHOOTING CAMPAIGN STEPS UP - A SCHOOLBOY who organised a petition calling for a close season on hare shooting has been asked to carry out another survey. Samuel Barbour (12), from Dunston, near Lincoln, collected more than 600 signatures on his petition, which he presented to Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Douglas Hogg last month. Now the young wildlife lover has been asked by the British Brown Hare Preservation Society to ask farmers what they think of a close season…. (story)

Guardian 26.2.07 One year on from schoolboy's fightback, animal rights activists are forced to rethink tactics - Sandra Laville - Behind 12-ft high fences workmen in balaclavas are making swift progress as a vast new animal research laboratory nears completion. It is a year today since a 16-year-old schoolboy, Laurie Pycroft, formed Pro Test, an organisation to speak out in favour of animal testing at Oxford University, and the pendulum appears to have swung away from those who oppose vivisection, towards the right of scientists to carry out what they say is important research work…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.2.07 SUPPORT GROUP SAVES MOON BEAR FROM LIFE ON BILE FARM - Fundraisers in Devon have rescued a Chinese moon bear which could have ended up on a "bile farm".The male bear, named Devon, has arrived at the Animals Asia Moon Bear sanctuary in Chengdu, Southern China. The Exmouth Moon Bear support group said it has worked tirelessly for more than three years to raise the funds for its rescue and care at British Charity, the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) sanctuary in China…. (story)

York Press 26.2.07 Council urged to ban animal acts from city By Gavin Aitchison - ANIMAL rights campaigners have called on York council chiefs to ban circus shows involving animals from the authority's land…. The council currently does not allow animal circuses except those containing dogs and horses, but the Northern Animal Rights Network (NARN) has called on the authority to amend its policy NARN spokesperson Luke Steele said: "The current policy was adopted due to the controversy and cruelty associated with animals used in performing acts, but horses and dogs suffer just as much as any other creature in circuses…. (story)


Observer 25.2.07 Hunting ban was all about politics - John Dodd is right: the hunting ban has led to more cruelty to animals rather than less… Victoria Thomas, Withypool, Somerset
As one of the 'civilised urban and suburban people' described by John Dodd, I would like to inform him that my primary support of the Hunting Act was not to do with a particular desire to 'help' wild animals. What I thought should be stopped was people deriving pleasure from chasing helpless animals with the intention of killing them in the name of sport. Antony Jarrett, Beckenham, Kent (letter)

John O'Groat Journal 25.2.07 Animal activist Joanne in US anti-fur protest - FORMER Thurso High pupil Joanne Sim has been making headlines in the USA in her latest exploits to promote animal rights. The 22-year-old is in the midst of a two-month stay over there as part of a tie-up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Among her latest stunts was joining two other female campaigners in an anti-fur protest outside the Washington outlet of the top fashion chain Burberry…. Joanne is a full-time activist based in Edinburgh with Advocates for Animals. She is due to return from her temporary placement in the US with PETA early next month…. (story)


Irish Independent 24.2.07 Fox hunt turned farm outing into 'a day of terror' - Eugene Moloney - A MOTHER told yesterday how a fox hunt turned a visit to a farm for her children into a day of terror…. Margo O'Keeffe said she watched in horror as members of the Duhallow Hunt came around the blind side of a barn within three yards of where her daughter had been playing a short time earlier…. Pat Fleming of the Duhallow Hunt said in previous years they had been allowed onto the farm's land by its late owner Maurice O'Connor…. "We made a mistake. I put both my hands up and we apologise," he added. (story)

Western Daily Press 24.2.07 LEGACY OF LIES FROM LABOUR - I Write regarding Peter Hain's article on hunting, (Comment, February 19).If the Hunting Act is held up as New Labour's legacy, it shows what a flawed legacy it is…. I suppose it mirrors everything else Labour has done - reducing the NHS to a state of paralysis, botching the Olympics as it botched Wembley and the Dome, and fibbing about producing the kit needed by our armed forces… Donald Farquharson Great Somerford Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.2.07 FIGURES SHOW BAN WORKS - If these figures are true then the numbers of foxes and deer are declining because more are being shot. Does this mean that the hunting ban is working? Shooting foxes causes more suffering than hunting because it can often wound which hunting never does… Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.2.07 FIGURES SHOW THE HUNT BAN WORKS - Foxes thinner on the ground? The hunts report that the number of foxes is getting lower since the hunt ban. Well, surely this must please them, as they don't need to chase them all over the countryside and rip them to pieces to keep their numbers down…. A Palmer Dursley Gloucestershire (story)

Western Morning News 24.2.07 THESE POLLS HAVE LONG BEEN SUSPECT - Regarding your write-up (WMN February 21) on the eternal hunting debate...Polls conducted by MORI on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have long been suspect. It is all a matter of who you ask. Nobody asked me or any of my friends who support field sports!... Patrick Ellis, Eggesford, Chulmleigh (letter)

Scotsman 24.2.07 Working dogs' tails - The ban on the practice of allowing a working dog's tail to be docked as a pup throws up matters that must be addressed…. it is only fair that tax payers should be responsible for paying the vet's fees for treating the tail injuries of working dogs owned by individual tax payers and organisations. KARL PIPES, Eredine, Dalmally, Argyll (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.2.07 PERMIT REQUEST - An animal rights organisation is applying for a permit to collect money in the streets. Uncaged Campaigns says the proceeds of the collection will be used to provide funds to end animal experiments and other animal cruelty. The organisation wants to carry out the collection on September 22 in the city centre…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.2.07 A MEATY ISSUE - Reading Mailbox on Tuesday, I saw there was another letter from Sue Daniels, chairperson of the local veggie group, aka animal rights group, telling us again to stop eating meat to save the world. Why do we get these letters printed all the time? We know Sue's e-mail address and mobile phone number. If we want to contact her, we know how to… Mike Sneath, Syston (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.2.07 VEGETARIANISM IS A LOGICAL MOVE - I've been surprised at the number of people who seem shocked at the scenes they've seen on television of factory-farmed turkeys. I wonder if a lot of people don't realise the suffering animals go through to put meat on their plate - cows, sheep, pigs, chickens as well as turkeys… Sue Daniels, Chairperson, Leicestershire Vegetarian Group. (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 24.2.07 Cruel to poultry From Joan Court Animal Rights Cambridge Sturton Street Cambridge - FACTORY farming involves treating sentient beings, chickens, turkeys, ducks etc as if they are incapable of feeling pain…. If the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus is present - and we know it can survive for weeks in bird faeces - it will be accessible to rats, foxes, wild birds, and humans…. (letter)


Nottingham Evening Post 23.2.07 HUNT TO GATHER - The South Notts Hunt will be allowed to gather in Newark Market Place again for its New Year meet…. (story)
Newark Advertiser 5.1.07 Halloo, the hunt returns By LUCY MILLARD - More than 1,000 people met in Newark Market Place on New Year’s Day to welcome back the South Notts Hunt to its traditional meeting place.... There were cheers and applause when about 40 riders came into the Market Place just before 11am and a similar reception for them 30 minutes later when they left via Bridge Street and Cartergate to ride in the Hawton area.... Labour town councillor Mr Laurence Goff who has consistently objected to the hunt being invited to meet in the Market Place staged a peaceful protest with a handmade poster.... (story)
Newark Advertiser 3.11.06 Hunt is set for market return By DANIEL CHURCHER - The hunt looks set to return to Newark Market Place for the first time since 1987, despite fears of saboteurs and public order problems. As the landowner Newark and Sherwood District Council is recommending that its cabinet on Monday agree to the town council’s request to allow the South Notts Hunt to meet in the Market Place on New Year’s Day.... The leader of the majority Conservative group, Mr Tony Roberts, called for a free vote rather than dictating how his party should vote and all but one, Mr Peter Prebble, voted to allow the hunt into the cleared Market Place.... In a fiery debate, Mr Prebble likened fox-hunting to Apache helicopters strafing Afghan peasants... Labour councillors voted against the move but were defeated 26-15, with one abstention, independent Mr Len Sprigg.... (story in archive)
Newark Advertiser 28.4.06 Hunt may be back By CHRIS KIRK - Councillors have backed a working party’s controversial recommendations for future uses of Newark Market Place which include allowing a hunt to meet there on New Year’s Day…. A member of the working party, Mr Peter Harris (Lib) said at a meeting of the services overview and scrutiny committee meeting on March 29 that the South Notts Hunt was interested. On Monday, Mrs Nora Armstrong (Con) said: "People who do not like it should not go.” Mr Allen Tift (Lab) said: "Allowing the hunt to meet could be viewed as encouraging breaking the law, and violence… (story)

Norwich Evening News 23.2.07 Row after hunt spills on to animal sanctuary land - DAVID BALE - A row has broken out after an animal sanctuary volunteer claimed to police she was hurt when a hunt spilled over onto land they should not have been on. Deborah Sparkes, a volunteer at the PACT animal sanctuary in Woodrising, has lodged a complaint to the police about the behaviour of the West Norfolk Foxhounds. She said she and Chris Rockingham, another volunteer at the sanctuary, suffered a bruised hip when three huntsmen galloped towards her and two others, forcing them to take cover. But the joint master of the hunt denied any wrongdoing and said he was unaware any hounds or huntsmen trespassed onto land where they should not have been during Monday's hunt…. (story)

Malvern Gazette 23.2.07 Hunt is on the wrong trail - Having read the article Pregnant woman in fear of hunt dogs' (Malvern Gazette, February 2), I feel I must comment. Valerie Allfrey, senior joint master of the North Ledbury Hunt, said: "If you lay a trail and the wind blows, how do you stop it moving", as if this was some kind of justification for her hounds being out of control…. If a trail is laid well in advance, then to know where the wind is coming from on that day is common sense. Since most of the hunts appear to be laying trails' just a few moments before the hounds are set off, lack of knowledge regarding wind direction is totally inexcusable…. Mrs Y Street, Okehampton, Devon. (letter)
Malvern Gazette 2.2.07 Pregnant woman in fear of hunt dogs By Gary Bills-Geddes - North Ledbury Hunt says it was following an artificially laid trail when two of its hounds ran into the garden of a home in Ashperton. Rebecca Cummings, of Haywood Lane, claims she was laughed at by hunt members as she tried to save her two cats from the hounds in her garden…. (story)

Staines Guardian 23.2.07 Animal hunting objections - What were the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt supporters, reported to the police after they illegally attacked a monitoring group's vehicle causing extensive damage and injuring the driver on February 3, trying to prove? If they were genuinely hunting within the law, why were they so hostile to monitors who were simply collecting evidence?... Katherine Watson Cheshire (letter)

Scotsman 23.2.07 Shooting on the taxpayer - Scottish Natural Heritage has done the right thing concerning Mar Lodge. In suspending its funding for the National Trust for Scotland estate, it has not only listened to animal welfare campaigners but also to the public who are right to be concerned about what their taxes are being spent on…. LOUISE ROBERTSON, League Against Cruel Sports, Rosyth, Fife (story)

Cumberland News 23.2.07 Take your partners for the shooters’ ball - The Shooters’ Ball Committee, a syndicate of shoots in Cumbria, raised funds for two local charities with its annual event held at the Shepherd’s Inn, Carlisle…. (story)

Halifax Courier 23.2.07 Our fight to ban snares - I WAS upset, but not surprised, to read reports of the badger killed in a snare at Ramsden Clough, Walsden, recently… Many readers will be shocked to learn that snares are still legal in the UK…. The League Against Cruel Sports is campaigning for a complete ban on all snares. Cerys Roberts, (League Against Cruel Sports), Union Street, London, SE1. (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 23.2.07 We must stop animal cruelty - ANIMAL cruelty in any form is unacceptable, and at PETA we continue to strive to make more and more people aware. Some fashion stores sell real fur clothing, but to get the fur, animals are skinned alive and therefore endure enormous suffering…. JULIA DIDRIKSEN, Poole, Dorset (story)

Times 23.2.07 Protesters target McClellan - Ron Lewis - Security has been stepped up at a dinner to raise money for Gerald McClellan, the injured former boxer, tonight after threats of a protest by animal rights activists… he is blind, partially deaf and needs constant care. Later it emerged that the American had been involved in illegal dog fighting, which is the reason behind the potential protest… (story)

Elmbridge Guardian 23.2.07 Put an end to bull fighting - As Labour's spokesperson on animal welfare I have just tabled a written declaration in the European Parliament, calling for a ban on bull fighting…. ROBERT EVANS MEP Labour, London (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 23.2.07 VISITORS RESPECT THE WAY WE LOOK AFTER OUR ANIMALS - The opening night of the Great British Circus at the Lincoln Showground was a tremendous success… I am pleased to say our customers voted with their feet and were not put off by a minority of animal rights extremists... The people of Lincoln like our animals and respect the way we look after them. We believe a circus is not a proper traditional circus without animals and that's what the public want to see. MARTIN LACEY The Great British Circus. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 23.2.07 SAD ELEPHANT I'LL NEVER FORGET - When I was a child, I was taken to an animal circus and, even at a very young age, I felt uncomfortable watching these great wild animals performing for the entertainment of humans. A few days later, I witnessed one of the elephants used in the circus tied by one of its back legs to a post in the ground, his head swinging from side to side, looking distressed and miserable. Since then, I have never visited a zoo, animal circus or paid to watch any sort of "entertainment" at the expense of animals…. JACQUELINE STAINTON Wickenby Crescent, Lincoln
It's about time this sort of outdated 'entertainment' stopped…. PAUL TIMPSON Lincoln (letters)

Lincolnshire Echo 23.2.07 PRIORITY SHOULD BE AGAINST BULLFIGHTING - The many comments about the circus and the animal acts (February 20) remind one of the barbaric sport of bullfighting, a so-called public entertainment. Publicly slaughtering bulls is very cruel and degrading; it is regarded as a cultural heritage. What nonsense… RALPH W. ATTOE Canterbury Drive, Washingborough (letter)

Leek Post & Times 23.2.07 FARMING A REAL FEAR - Thank you for the extremely informative article by Jaclyn Pearson last week. Now we know the deadly H5NI strain of bird flu is "a problem of industrial poultry practices…. Animal husbandry was never meant to be like this. We've allowed appalling practices and greed. Cynthia Lubacz, Leek. (story)


Oxford Mail 22.2.07 'Hunt man tried to run me down' By Tim Hughes - A grandmother was verbally abused and forced to jump clear of the wheels of a 4x4 vehicle driven by a man following an Oxfordshire hunt. Judy Gilbert, 60, a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, was monitoring the activities of the Vale of White Horse Hunt, at Filkins, in west Oxfordshire, in December, when a man following the hunt reversed his four-wheel drive vehicle towards her and shouted abuse…. (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 22.2.07 Gran's anger as abusive hunt supporter cautioned By Jenni Silver - A HUNT supporter subjected a grandmother to a torrent of verbal abuse and caused several hundred pounds worth of damage to her car in a bid to stop her monitoring the Vale of the White Horse Hunt. Judy Gilbert, 60, was left shaken by the ordeal as she watched the VWH at Filkins Farm near Lechlade but determined to carry on doing her job. The incident happened on December 2 last year but came to light this week when her attacker was cautioned by Thames Valley Police…. (story)

BBC News Online 22.2.07 Rider injured in fall from horse - A 50-year-old woman has been injured in a fall from a horse in Shropshire. The rider - part of a visiting hunt from Suffolk - fell from her mount in a field off the A489 Lydham to Craven Arms road…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.2.07 LABOUR TRIES TO MASK ITS FAILURES - I think most intelligent readers will recognise that Peter Hain's article "Hunt ban will be a lasting legacy" (Comment, February 19), is a smokescreen for Labour's abject failures over the last 10 years on so many other critical issues such as health, education and crime. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the hunting debate, it is truly sad that this is the pinnacle of Mr Hain's achievements as Leader of the House…. Philip Davey, Chippenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.2.07 TURNING BLIND EYE TO HUNTING - I have been troubled by the apparent lack of convictions of people who consciously hurt our wildlife, people and domestic animals. Now we know why. A copper who supplied hints to the Countryside Alliance on how to damage the credibility of a hunt monitor's video recording…. Mrs Jennie Cook, Minehead (letter)

Western Morning News 22.2.07 - SO, ACCORDING to the hunts, there are now fewer foxes and deer around - is that so? If they think this is correct then we should hear no more rubbish about them being "pests" as there aren't many around…. Mrs Y Street, Okehampton (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 22.2.07 NOT ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE ACT WITHIN THE LAW - The letter from animal rights person Pat Wickham is quite right in stating fox hunting is more popular now more than ever, but not for the reason she states. Bad laws are always unworkable and let's remember that fox hunting in itself is not actually illegal, just as we know it.This is really rich coming from her, and I quote "Those who place themselves above the law will be brought to book." For more years than I care to remember, thugs in balaclavas or animal rights people did just that. Now, all of a sudden they want to be known as holier than thou… Mrs P Green, North Sea Lane, Cleethorpes. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 7.2.07 IS IT SILLY SEASON? - It appears that the silly season has started early this year with a marked show of sour grapes by fox hunting supporters, (Viewpoint, January 27). Contrary to what "name and address supplied" believes, the recent prosecution of a huntsman by the League Against Cruel Sports proves beyond doubt that the Hunting Act is, and always was, enforceable… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

North Devon Journal 22.2.07 WHO IS DOING THE KILLING? - How sad it is to read that fox, deer and hare numbers have taken a dive since the ban on hunting with dogs came in.Who's doing all this extra and unnecessary killing?... I believe these animals are being killed in unprecedented numbers by disgruntled hunters and their supporters to demonstrate their anger, no one else would have the motivation… R CORNISH, Summerland Street, Barnstaple. (letter)

Evesham Journal 22.2.07 Countryside - Dinner and auction - THE Game Conservancy Trust's regional dinner and auction held at Blenheim Palace was immensely successful and raised an impressive record amount of £25,000… (story)

Northern Echo 22.2.07 Lamping - I FEEL that I must write regarding John Dean's story about poaching (Echo, Feb 19). I found the insinuations that all lampers are poachers and thieves, trespassing and causing criminal damage wherever they go, quite insulting. I lamp rabbits, as a legitimate form of pest control. It is not illegal and is done on property where I have permission…. Pat Blewitt, Darlington (story)

Western Gazette 22.2.07 No honour for turkey boss - SO, Bernard Matthews has postponed his collection of an honour… This honour should be withdrawn immediately. Lomond Handley, Evering Avenue, Poole. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 22.2.07 WHAT'S SO EDUCATIONAL ABOUT THE HUMILIATION SUFFERED BY ANIMALS? - As a teacher I am concerned at what I would describe as deception used by the 'Great' British Circus (February 21) that visiting it is educational. I fail to see anything educational about tigers, lions, zebras, horses and other unfortunate animals performing degrading, unnatural tricks in inappropriate conditions… SARAH BROWN Lincoln (story)

Independent 22.2.07 Reprieved hedgehogs may be no safer on the mainland By Hannah Duguid and Paul Kelbie - It was a welcome piece of good news in an increasingly sad tale. The decision this week to halt the cull of hedgehogs on the Western Isles of Scotland and instead transport them alive from the wilds of the Uists back to the mainland was heralded by conservationists as a crucial step in the fight to save the creatures. But, while animals rights campaigners celebrate, the creatures themselves have every right to feel nervous about their impending relocation - hedgehog populations across the UK have dropped by up to an estimated 50 per cent in the past 15 years and there is concern over the mysterious decline…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.2.07 HEBRIDES HEDGEHOGS CULL CALLED OFF IN SNH U-TURN - JANE CANDLISH - Hedgehogs in the Western Isles are safe again after Scottish Natural Heritage agreed yesterday to move the creatures to the mainland, instead of continuing their controversial cull…. (story)
BBC News Online 20.2.07 Island hedgehog cull is suspended - The board of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has decided to suspend its cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles. The organisation is to have the animals gathered and transported from the Uists to the mainland…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.2.07 CELEBRITIES BACK CALL TO END CULL OF HEDGEHOGS IN THE WESTERN ISLES - JANE CANDLISH - A Number of celebrities are backing calls for the end of the hedgehog cull in the Western Isles, as members of Scottish Natural Heritage meet today to discuss proposals to flit the creatures to the mainland instead of giving them lethal injections. The stars, including rock star Brian May and actress Joanna Lumley, have written to SNH urging them to drop their policy of killing the animals. SNH has been culling hedgehogs on North Uist for nearly four years…. (story)
Independent 20.2.07 Campaign wins reprieve for Uist hedgehogs By Paul Kelbie Scotland Correspondent - A five-year battle between conservationists and animal welfare campaigners over the fate of hedgehogs in the Western Isles of Scotland is expected to come to an end today…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.2.07 Ending in sight for hedgehog cull By Richard Black - The annual cull of Britain's favourite animal, the hedgehog, in the Uist islands of Scotland looks set to end. Wildlife experts have withdrawn their support for the cull, and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) will debate on Tuesday whether it should be scrapped…. (story)
Scotsman 15.2.07 Hedgehog cull could end within days - JOHN ROSS - A CONTROVERSIAL cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles could be stopped next week with the animals being moved to the mainland instead. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) looks set to end its policy of giving the animals lethal injections after the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had a change of heart on the killings this week… (story)
Glasgow Herald 15.2.07 Island hedgehogs set to escape cull - THE controversial cull of hedgehogs on the Uists looks set to be brought to an end. Officials at Scottish Natural Heritage are recommending that, instead of being dispatched by lethal injection, the hedgehogs should be relocated to the mainland…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.2.07 Proposal could halt hedgehog cull - Scottish Natural Heritage is proposing to end the cull of hedgehogs on Scottish islands for a trial period…. Uist Hedgehog Rescue, a coalition which has been collecting hedgehogs from the area and taking them to the mainland, said it was "absolutely delighted" at the proposal…. Spokesman Ross Minett said: "Having rescued and translocated hedgehogs from the Uists for the last four years, UHR has a proven track record and we will offer to be involved should SNH decide to undertake translocation…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 12.2.07 Stop hedgehog cull, pleads charity CALLS were made today for an end to the controversial culling of hedgehogs on a remote island. The programme began almost four years ago because of the threat the animals posed to rare wading birds and their eggs on Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Thousands were killed in the first cull. However, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society have now found that island hedgehogs can survive if relocated to the mainland despite previous fears many would die…. Today, the Scottish SPCA charity called for the end of the cull which could resume in the spring…. (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.2.07 SNH DEFERS CASH DECISION FOR PROMOTION OF FIELD SPORTS ON ESTATE - AMELIA WHITTAKER AND JANE CANDLISH - A Decision on the use of public money to help promote field sports on a Deeside estate has been deferred. Scottish Natural Heritage said yesterday it wanted to firm up details of the Mar Lodge Estate management plan before agreeing to offer its financial support…. Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said last night: "I think any pause to reflect on the matter properly is to be welcomed… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 19.2.07 MAR LODGE FIELD SPORTS DEAL LABELLED 'OUTRAGEOUS' - AMELIA WHITTAKER- The National Trust for Scotland has been condemned by animal rights groups for its "outrageous" use of public money to promote grouse shooting and deer stalking on a Deeside estate. The conservation charity will tomorrow get more than £250,000 from Scottish Natural Heritage to help implement part of a five-year management plan for Mar Lodge Estate, near Braemar…. The League Against Cruel Sports spokesman Barry Hugill said: "It's outrageous that public money is being used to subsidise what is for a tiny minority of people in the area…. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said: "We oppose deer stalking… Ross Minett, director for Scottish animal protection charity, Advocates for Animals, added: "We do not believe that any public money should be used to subsidise, facilitate or promote so-called 'sport' shooting… (story)
Scotland on Sunday 18.2.07 Critics gun for National Trust hunting plan - JEREMY WATSON - ONE OF Scotland's leading conservation charities has come under fire for promoting grouse shooting and deer stalking with the aid of public money. The National Trust for Scotland will this week be granted more than £250,000 by Scottish Natural Heritage to help run its flagship Mar Lodge estate on Royal Deeside for the benefit of the nation. But an agreement signed by the two bodies says one of the NTS's key objectives will be to "promote sporting use of the estate"…. Ross Minett, director of Advocates for Animals, said: "Of course, conservation funding should be used to conserve grouse populations. However, it would surely be totally contradictory and unacceptable for any public money to then be used to support or promote the shooting of these birds…. The League Against Cruel Sports said it was "very dubious about a grouse moor that is supposedly being set up for 'ecological' reasons"…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 21.2.07 LETTER: PHOTOS OF FISH - I was struck by the main picture on the angling page on February 15. I think Carl Gibbs looks like a soldier pulling back the mouth of a 'body bag' in a war zone for a photographer to get an exclusive 'shot'…. ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 21.2.07 Well done Wayne for fur ban - I WAS pleased Blackburn fashion designer Wayne Hemingway refuses to use fur in his designs… MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.2.07 ASTONISHED TO SEE HARE ON THE MENU - I was astonished to see hare included in your What to eat in March article, Food & drink, Echo, February 17.The brown hare has suffered at least an 80 per cent population decline during the past century and is particularly scarce here in the South West…. Rodney Hale, Chairman, British Brown Hare Preservation Society (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 21.2.07 PROTESTERS ARE OUT AS CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN - Animal rights protesters put on their own performance outside a circus last night to vent their anger at the use of live animals for entertainment. About 15 people voiced their opinions outside the Great British Circus, which was holding its first night at the Lincolnshire Showground, off the A15, north of Lincoln…. Protest organiser Jackie Burlison said: "This is the 21st century - we have moved on. Performing animals should not be used to entertain us… Another of the protesters, Paul Cousins (47), of Boultham Moor, Lincoln, said he felt extremely strongly about the issue… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 21.2.07 CAMPAIGNERS WANT OUTRIGHT BAN - The use of live animals in the Great British Circus has provoked anger from many people. The Lincolnshire Echo has received a stream of letters from people upset that tigers, lions, horses and zebras will be used in displays…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 21.2.07 VEG IS BETTER FOR MOTHERS-TO-BE - So new research in the Lancet says pregnant women should eat more oily fish to produce brainier babies.But just last year research from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that eating oily fish during pregnancy could raise the risk of premature birth…. The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation has been warning people for years about the dangers of eating fish contaminated with toxic pollutants such as mercury, dioxins and PCBs… DR JUSTINE BUTLER, Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Crewe Chronicle 21.2.07 Fur flies at launch of designer pink pets By Jamie Oliver, Crewe Chronicle - ANIMAL rights activists are seeing red after a scheme to breed pink rabbits was unveiled by a South Cheshire firm. Richard Kirkup and David McHugh, the men behind OCPRS - Orkney Celebrity Pink Rabbit Suppliers - breed Orkney Pinks on the Scottish islands. They say they stumbled across a formula for the new breed of rabbit after a mix-up in food supplements…. But animal rights campaigners were thrown out by hotel security before the official launch and the venture has been slammed by the RSPCA… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 21.2.07 'BOOTIFUL' - BY WHOSE STANDARDS? - I Have been watching in vain for any comment on the horrendous conditions the turkeys were kept in since the Bernard Matthews bird flu hit the headlines…. Bernard Matthews is now back in full production with conditions for the birds, it seems, as before. How ironic this country was once known as a nation of animal lovers. What a joke, but I don't feel like laughing. Josephine Gibney, Manchester Street, Cleethorpes. (letter)


Somerset County Gazette 20.2.07 Hunt ban - two years on - TWO years after hunting with dogs was banned, a Taunton hunt this week admitted - "It's not the same anymore". The Taunton Vale Fox Hounds says support for legal forms of hunting remains strong but is desperate for a repeal of the Hunting Act… Simon Everdell, joint master of the West Somerset Hunt, said: "It's taken some time but we've learnt to adjust to trail hunting…. The Hunting Act is a ridiculous law which doesn't work….” (story)

Northern Echo 20.2.07 Hunters ride out as pantomime characters - HUNTSMEN and women have attempted to show their lighter side by dressing up in pantomime costumes. Members of York and Ainsty South Hunt dressed up as characters from Cinderella for a drag hunt at Crayke, near Easingwold, North Yorkshire. … (story)

Independent 20.2.07 Hunting is culling by another name - John Walsh (17 February) understandably scorns the Countryside Alliance's claim that there would be more foxes if hunting were restored in full. But hunting is culling by another name, and the latter activity is approved by conservationists…. ROBERT VINCENT, ANDOVER, HAMPSHIRE (letter)

Western Morning News 20.2.07 HUNT BAN IS HERE TO STAY - Will Mr Sweet of Helston (WMN, February 6) ever stop bleating about the hunting Act?Unless Dave, the man who leads the Tories, manages to scrape his party into power - and that, of course, is highly unlikely - the Act is here to stay… Poor Mr Sweet, it's a hard life. Jean Turner, Plympton (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.2.07 BRING TO BOOK THE DIRTY TRICKS DUO I was not surprised to read about the dirty tricks that the Countryside Alliance and these hunts get up to so that they can continue to carry out their cruelty on wild animals in the name of sport (Western Daily Press, February 9). Alison Hawes should get into serious trouble for encouraging people to tell lies and get innocent people in trouble with the law…. A Palmer, Dursley (letter)

Leicester Mercury 20.2.07 END ANIMAL FEAR - Fox hunting is barbaric and cruel to every class of people. I will vote for whichever government puts a ban in place. I would also abolish bonfire night and Diwali or any other functions that terrorise pets and children…. Sheilagh Armstrong, Knighton, Leicester (letter)

Western Mail 20.2.07 Farmers to boost partridge numbers - Steve Dube, Western Mail - FARMERS and landowners are urged to lend a hand in reversing the decline of the grey partridge. The Game Conservancy Trust says the native game bird is one of the species that has declined most over the past 40 years…. (story)

Dundee Courier 20.2.07 Airgun sale ban support grows By Graham Huband and Laurie Watson - SUPPORT FOR a ban on the sale of airguns in Scotland seemed to be growing last night after the shooting of a boy and girl at a fast food restaurant in Dundee… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 20.2.07 ‘Stop the greyhound killing grounds’ – MP By Chris Story - A JUDGE is being urged to severely punish a man who slaughtered greyhounds and buried them on his land for £10 a time. Carlisle MP Eric Martlew hopes a stern warning will be issued to anyone involved in killing dogs when David Smith is sentenced for his crime… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 20.2.07 Object to Canadian seal cull - THE annual seal hunt will soon be taking place in Canada. This is the cruellest hunt in the world, according to scientists and animal watchdogs… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Independent 20.2.07 Don't blame the peasants for bird flu - Dominic Lawson's "uneducated guess" that H5N1 "stemmed from peasant farming methods" is just that (Opinion, 16 February). While he is right in saying that the vast majority of people in countries where avian flu is endemic keep chickens, he ignores the incredible growth in global factory farming and its role in producing virulent strains of avian flu…. PHILIP LYMBERY, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING, GODALMING, SURREY (story)

Scotsman 20.2.07 Relocation of hedgehogs - Scottish Natural Heritage's board is to meet today to decide whether to end the cull of hedgehogs on the Uists. The Uist Hedgehog Rescue coalition hopes the board will follow the recommendation of its scientific officers and end the cull in favour of translocation…. ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 20.2.07 WHAT CIRCUS REALLY SAYS ABOUT ANIMALS AND US - I Am deeply saddened to see both North Kesteven and West Lindsey district councils allowing circuses to perform in their areas using animals. The animals used are degraded simply to satisfy the curiosity of the public and make a tidy sum for the circus owner. This is morally repugnant… RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln
Congratulations to Lincoln City Council on making the decision to ban live animal acts within the city… JAMES THOMAS Eagle
Have we gone back to the Dark Ages? People should boycott the circus on the Lincolnshire Showground…. ALISON MOORE East Barkwith
I totally agree with the call for a boycott of this outdated and cruel form of entertainment…. TERESA MERCER Gresham Street, Lincoln.
As two circuses with performing animals are visiting the Lincoln area, the RSPCA would like to reassure readers that it is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of all animals in circuses and travelling menageries…. SOPHIE WILKINSON RSPCA East Regional Press Officer, PO Box 60, Peterborough, PE1 5SZ (letters)


Northern Echo 19.2.07 Hunt groups defiant over second anniversary of ban - TWO years to the day since hunting with hounds was banned by the Government, supporters across the region say their sport is stronger than ever. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the ban, which was met with widespread condemnation from pro-hunt campaigners… Andrew Spalding, secretary of the Bedale Hunt, in North Yorkshire, said: "In a strange way, the Labour Party have done us a favour by doing what they did, because since then, so many people have come out and supported hunting financially and in terms of numbers…. Joe Townsend, huntsman for the Hurworth Hunt, said: "What the ban has done for us is that it got people supporting us who perhaps were not behind us before, and it's down to the way we were treated by the Government…. (story)

BBC News Online 19.2.07 Police 'not enforcing hunt law' - Police are adopting a "pick and mix" attitude to the law on hunting and ignoring offences, anti-hunt campaigners say. Marking two years since the introduction of a ban on hunting with dogs, protesters in Parliament Square called for better enforcement. Activists, dressed as bank robbers and gangsters, said hunts were "openly breaking the law"…. Spokesman for the protesters John Curtin said: "It is very difficult to get evidence of it, but everyone in the countryside knows that hunting is going on… (story)

Times 19.2.07 Torys to pledge to repeal hunt ban - The Melton Hunt were riding point-to-point yesterday to mark the second anniversary of the hunting ban in England and Wales, as the Conservative leadership pledged to introduce a one-line Bill to repeal the Hunting Act if the party wins the next general election…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.2.07 CAMERON: I WILL REPEAL HUNT LAW - REBECCA SHORT - Tory leader David Cameron plans to overturn the hunting ban if his party wins the next General Election…. Diana Scott, joint master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, said: "I think this is Cameron's way of simplifying and erasing a useless piece of legislation which has been completely unmanageable and has not done anybody any good… John Rolls, RSPCA director of animal welfare promotion, said: "Two years on and the public unsurprisingly remains buoyantly in favour of the ban on what was a brutal, needless and outdated pastime… Robin Nicholls, master of the Tetcott Hunt, which hunts around Bude in North Cornwall and across the border into Devon, said support for hunting was "tremendous"… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 18.2.07 Tory plan to overturn hunt ban By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor, Sunday Telegraph - David Cameron plans to repeal the hunting ban if the Conservatives win the next general election, in a simple one-line Bill…. (story)

Guardian 19.2.07 Birds of prey 'loophole' breaks law, claims QC - Steven Morris - A barrister yesterday claimed hunts using birds of prey to circumvent the ban on hunting with dogs are breaking the law… In a legal opinion for the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare Anthony Scrivener QC said this would be against the law as - with the possible exception of golden eagles - birds of prey do not hunt foxes…. (story)

Western Mail 'Hunting ban is one of our proudest achievements' - Tryst Williams, Western Mail - THE Hunting Act is one of Labour's proudest achievements since coming to power, Peter Hain said this weekend, on the second anniversary of the controversial law…. His comments were immediately seized on by the Countryside Alliance which said the Act had failed…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.2.07 HUNT BAN WILL BE A LASTING LEGACY - Two years after the Hunting Act was passed following scenes of violent demonstrations across the country, the politician responsible for seeing it through Parliament, the Rt Hon PETER HAIN MP says it was a great achievement… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 19.2.07 Five arrested after violence at hunt - LAURENCE CAWLEY - POLICE swooped on a Suffolk hunt after violence erupted between stewards and protestors. Five people were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder following a disturbance at the Essex and Suffolk Hunt at Norton Road, Whatfield, near Sudbury, on Saturday afternoon…. Lee Moon, spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said one male hunt monitor needed hospital treatment for a suspected broken nose and fractured cheek, as well as injuries to his arms…. (story)
BBC News Online 18.2.07 Five held after anti-hunt protest - Five people were arrested at a hunt meeting in Suffolk after clashes involving anti-hunt protesters. Police said there were scuffles involving stewards from the Essex and Suffolk Hunt and protesters at Whatfield, near Sudbury, Suffolk. The Hunt Saboteurs Association said police arrested three hunt stewards, a terrier boy and a hunt monitor… (story)
ITV 18.2.07 Five arrests after hunt scuffle - Police have arrested five people after violent clashes at a hunt meeting. Stewards from the Essex and Suffolk Hunt and hunt protesters scuffled at Whatfield, near Sudbury, Suffolk. The Hunt Saboteurs Association said police arrested three male hunt stewards, one terrier boy and a female hunt monitor on suspicion of public order offences….. (story)

Argus 19.2.07 How can people enjoy torturing an animal? It has long amazed me that grown men and women on horseback can see some form of pleasure in the chasing, torturing and killing of a defenceless animal. Could they explain to me why it gives them such a thrill?... Susan Funnell, Richardson Road, Hove (letter)

Dundee Courier 19.2.07 How many falconers have been prosecuted? Your story about registration saving falcons from theft is largely incorrect. For a start, the registration scheme will remain because all peregrines, merlins, goshawks, golden eagles, etc on Schedule 4 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act will require a breeder certificate… If the RSPB were honest in their review of raptor nests, although they like to lay nest failure at falconers’ door, there are countless other factors that influence successful fledging of chicks. Ask them how many falconers have been prosecuted in the last five years for stealing birds of prey? And by the way. It is an urban myth that Arab falconers pay a king’s ransom for peregrines…. Nick Kester, Communications Officer, Hawk Board. (letter)

Northern Echo 19.2.07 Warning as rural crime team cracks down on poaching - POLICE from three forces are cracking down on criminals trespassing on farmland in the region. Darlington-based rural crimewatch group, Countryside Crime Watch (CCW), is concerned about the number of poachers - known as lampers - hunting rabbits at night… Brian Pavey, the Darlington gamekeeper who is the co-ordinator of CCW, many of whose members are farmers, said there had been several lamping incidents on farmland to the north of Darlington in recent weeks… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 19.2.07 David's top of the shops - A LONGFRAMLINGTON shop is the best in the country. David Carr's shop has been named best village shop in the Countryside Alliance's best rural retailer competition…. (story)
Andover Advertiser 16.2.07 Village PO pipped at the (award) post By Dick Bellringer - ABBOTTS Ann shop and Post Office was national runner up in its category in the finals of the Best Rural Retailer competition, beating off strong competition from hundreds of outlets…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 15.2.07 FARM SHOP SCOOPS TOP PRIZE - A POPULAR South Lakes family tourist attraction has won a prestigious farm diversification award. Low Sizergh Barn, at Sizergh, near Levens, has been crowned Best Rural Retailer by the Countryside Alliance in the Best Diversification category…. (story)
Cotswold Journal 15.2.07 Shipston - Rightons wins top rural retailer spot By Anita Deshmukh - SHIPSTON butcher's Rightons celebrated being named Countryside Alliance Midlands Rural Retailer of the Year at a glittering ceremony at the House of Lords…. (story)
Stratford upon Avon Herald 15.2.07 AWARDS FOR RURAL SHOPS - A BUTCHERS and a shoe shop in Shipston each scooped a Midlands regional award in the Countryside Alliance’s second annual Best Rural Retailer competition last Wednesday. Rightons, the butchers, were judged Best Local Food Retailer and shoe shop and men’s outfitters E H Spencer was highly-commended in the category of Best Traditional Business… (story)
Manchester Evening News 13.2.07 Award delight for family-run tailoring firm - Kevin Feddy - A FAMILY-RUN tailoring firm based in distinctly urban Salford has been crowned best traditional business in the Britain in an annual `best rural retailer' competition. Alexander James of Pendlebury beat 12 other regional finalists to win the accolade in a contest run by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Western Mail 13.2.07 Alliance announces best rural retailers - LANGTHORNE'S Buffalo Produce of Northallerton, Yorkshire; the Corner Shop in Longframlington, North- umberland; Foxbury Farm Shop and Butchery in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire; and the family-run gents outfitters Alexander James of Pendlebury, Greater Manchester, have been named as the nation's top rural retailers…. (story)
Meat Info 12.2.07 Farm shop receives retailing accolade - The National winner in the Countryside Alliance’s annual Best Rural Retailer competition was announced during a reception at The House of Lords in front of the media and parliamentarians. Having been short listed as the winner for the South of England, Foxbury Farm Shop, in the Burford Road, Brize Norton then went on to be awarded the accolade National Best Local Food Retailer…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 8.2.07 British Rural Retailer awards celebrate the best in rural business - Four countryside businesses from Oxfordshire, Northumberland, the midlands and Cumbria triumphed in Best Rural Retailer awards ceremony, staged last night (Wednesday 7th February) in the House of Lords, Westminster…. Winner of the Best Local Food Retailer Award was Foxbury Farm Shop and butchery, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire…. Best Village Shop/Post Office was David Carr’s Corner Shop, Longframlington, Northumberland…. Best Diversification was Langthorne’s Buffalo Produce, Northallerton, North Yorkshire…. Winner of the Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Business was Alexander James of Pendlebury, Greater Manchester…. (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 6.2.07 Farm park attraction that offers so much - A WEST Sussex visitor attraction has become the South-East regional winner for best diversification in the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition. Fishers Farm Park at Wisborough Green now goes through to the national event after being selected by the judging panel led by Countryside Alliance regional director Michelle Nudds… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 5.2.07 Farm shop meats with approval - A MOTHER-and-son team are celebrating after their farm shop scooped a prestigious award for Best Rural Store. Rosemary Morton (68) and her son Robin (39) set up the Willow Brook Farm Shop four years ago and have since built up a thriving business – with a loyal following of customers travelling from far and wide to buy their famous fresh food. And the hard work of the enterprising family has paid off after the Mortons’ shop won the top honour of Best Rural Retailer for the East of England – beating off competition from thousands of businesses. Rosemary and Robin will travel to the House of Commons on Wednesday to pick up the Countryside Alliance award…. (story)
Western Mail 23.1.07 Rural firms honoured in retail contest - Gareth Morgan, Western Mail - A BUTCHER, a lasagne baker and two story-telling grannies have been identified as some of the best businesses in rural Wales… The six Welsh winners of the regional stage of the Best Rural Retailer competition were chosen by the Countryside Alliance for their outstanding contribution to their communities…. Grandma's Stories is run from the tiny Carmarthenshire village of Myddfai by Valerie Wood-Gaiger and her friend and neighbour Carroll Nunnerley….The farm shop at Rhug, Denbighshire, now gives visitors trailer rides around the estate to give them an insight into organic farming. And Llwynhelyg Farm Shop, Ceredigion, has diversified into baking lasagne, apple pie and other wholesome foods… (story)
Yorkshire Post 17.1.07 TRADITIONAL WOODCRAFT BUSINESS TURNS OUT BEST... Robert Sutcliffe - A CRAFTSMAN beat off 2,000 hopefuls to win a top award recognising the nation's best traditional businesses. Robin Wood enjoys an international reputation for his work researching the lost craft of turning bowls on a foot-powered lathe. He has now won the title of Best Traditional Business in a competition organised by the Countryside Alliance and a national newspaper…. (story)
Hexham Courant 11.1.07 Recipe for success AN ALSTON bakery is in the national final of a presitigous competition. The Moody Baker has won the regional heat of the Rural Retailer of the Year award, run by the Countryside Alliance... (story)
Derbyshire Times 11.1.07 Turning back time for top award - An internationally renowned craftsman turned back the clock to win a top award recognising the nation's best traditional businesses. Edale-based woodturner Robin Wood has built his own foot-powered lathe to make bowls and plates medieval-style. And his timeless designs, made with locally sourced wood, have earned him the regional title of Best Traditional Business in a competition organised by the Countryside Alliance and Daily Telegraph.... (story)
Manchester Evening News 9.1.07 Tally-ho! We have jumped to the top - Kevin Feddy - A FAMILY-RUN tailoring firm that supplies pipers, brass bands, showjumpers and country sports enthusiasts is on the march in a national competition. Alexander James of Pendlebury has been named the best traditional business in the north west in the Countryside Alliance's quest to find Britain's top rural retailers.... (story)
Worcester News 8.1.07 Follow your nose to a nice little something on the side By Sara Pawsey - THERE are undoubtedly some aromas associated with horses that many owners could well do without. But the smell of leather in a traditional saddlers' workshop is right up there with newly-made bread and freshly-ground coffee as one of the world's heavenly scents. And the judges of the Countryside Alliance's rural retailers competition have followed their noses to the Malvern Saddle Company and believe they have sniffed out a winner.... (story)
Malvern Gazette 29.12.06 Saddling up for business award By Candice Pearson - THE Malvern Saddle Company is riding high after scooping a top award in the Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer competition.... (story)
Cotswold Journal 28.12.06 Real recognition of ten years’ of effort - FOSSEWAY Garden Centre is celebrating winning a regional title in the Countryside Alliance awards for the top country retailers of the year... (story)
Derbyshire Times 28.12.06 Top of the shops - Farm shop staff are celebrating success at the double after winning a top regional award. Chatsworth Farm Shop has been named the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer of the Year award in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 27.12.06 MP praises 11 rural retailers By Kelly Eve - ELEVEN Cumbrian retailers have been praised by Penrith and the Border MP David Maclean in Parliament.... He has put down an Early Day Motion congratulating 16 North West finalists in the Best Rural Retailer 2006 competition.... (story)
Cumberland News 22.12.06 Meet the best rural store in north-west - IT’S OFFICIAL – Hallbankgate Co-op is the best rural store in the north west. The store won best shop or post office prize in the regional category of the Countryside Alliance’s best rural retailers awards.... (story)
Malvern Gazette 22.12.06 Malvern company scoops top award By Candice Pearson - A Malvern company has scooped the Best Traditional Business prize in the Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer competition. Owner Robert Jenkins, a Master Saddler, travels all over the country to measure horses for side-saddles, making each bespoke saddle from British leather in his Malvern workshop.... (story)
Daily Post 21.12.06 Partridge-stocking Spar scoops award By Andrew Forgrave - WHEN businesswoman Felicity Elphick walked into her local Spar shop, she was stunned to discover it stocked partridge. The former Tory parliamentary candidate was so impressed by Llangoed Spar, near Beaumaris, she nominated it for the Countryside Alliance’s 2006 Best Rural Retailer contest. Shop owners Gareth Moore and Donna Casey have now been named as the best regional shop – one of the four category winners in North Wales and Cheshire.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.12.06 Red letter day for village post office - The champagne was flowing at Sherston Post Office and Stores this week, after it was crowned the best in the Wessex region. It was a red letter day on Monday for owners Paul and Gail Mather, as they found out they had won the regional Best Rural Retailer award for a village post office or shop. The competition is run by the Countryside Alliance and nominations are received from customers.... (story)
Western Mail 19.12.06 Rural retailers bid for national glory - REGIONAL judging is now underway in the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition, with 15 short-listed local retailers bidding for a regional title and the chance of national glory... (story)
18.12.06 Butcher cuts it as the best local food joint - A VETERAN butcher is today celebrating after his family-run business scooped a prestigious award for Best Local Shop. Martin Trendall's butcher shop has been serving customers for more than 35 years, but he was delighted to discover that his busy store in Queens Street, Oundle, had won a coveted regional award for the Best Food Retailer of the Year. Without telling him, one of Martin's loyal customers had nominated Trendall's for a competition run by the Countryside Alliance, as it searched for the best rural shops in the UK... (story)
Scotsman 16.12.06 This first-class service deserves your support - TONY ANDREWS - LAST Wednesday the Scottish Countryside Alliance unveiled the winners of our Best Rural Retailer contest for 2006. The winner of the best village shop/post office was Drumbeg Stores in the stunning Assynt area of Sutherland.... So it was particularly galling that the next day, the UK Government announced massive cutbacks to the post office network that will threaten not just the hard work of the Butlers and dozens like them, but the rural communities they serve.... (story)
Cotswold Journal 14.12.06 Shipston - Family-run firm named retailer of year - Rightons of Shipston has been named best local food retailer in the Midlands in a competition run by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 12.12.06 FOOD HALL VYING FOR TOP ACCOLADE - A HOST of Cumbrian businesses are in the running to be named Britain’s best rural retailer. Holker Food Hall, near Grange, is among 11 firms from the county shortlisted in the regional heat of a Countryside Alliance competition, the winners of which will be announced later this month... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 5.12.06 - ELLEN COOK - Businesses in Hemyock and Chulmleigh have made it into the regional final of the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition.Wallace's Farm, Hemyock, has been shortlisted in the best diversification category and Highlands Hogs, Chulmleigh is in the Daily Telegraph best traditional retailer category.... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 5.12.06 PIG FARM OWNER HOGS THE LIMELIGHT ON FOOD SHOW - ELLEN COOK - The owner of a free range pig farm near Chulmleigh is appearing on television.Sarah Thatcher of Highlands Hogs, Tollbar Cross, was asked to be in a programme for UKTV Food, and filming took place in Ivybridge on Thursday.... Sarah has also reached the regional final of the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition. (story)
Mid Sussex Times 5.12.06 TAKE A BUTCHERS AT IAN'S WINDOW - "I BET you won't see a shop window like this anywhere else!" enthused butcher Ian Thomas after hearing that his shop had won through to the final of a national competition…. The shop, Glyn Thomas & Son in Lindfield High Street, is one of 16 South East finalists in the Best Rural Retailer competition run by the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 4.12.06 Retailers in running for awards By Chris Story - A HOST of Cumbrian businesses are in the running to be named Britain’s best rural retailer. Butchers Cranstons are among 11 firms from the county shortlisted in the regional heat of a Countryside Alliance competition, the winners of which will be announced in the middle of this month ... (story)
Lakeland Radio 1.12.06 Local businesses up for rural retailer awards - The Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer competition is hotting up now the regional judging is underway and by Mid December the overall winners will be announced.... (story)
Montrose Review 1.12.06 Butcher on the blocks for top award - A LOCAL businessman was celebrating this week after his shop was shortlisted for a top industry award. Neil Watt, who owns Watt the Butcher on Murray Street, was nominated as one of Scotland's traditional retailers and could soon be thriugh to the national finals.... Neil will discover in mid-December if he has won the regional final of the Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Retailer award, which would then automatically qualify his business for a place in the national finals. The winner of that will be announced in February next year. The competition is run by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Scotsman 29.11.06 ... The shortlist has been published for Scotland's best rural retailer of the year award, a competition organised by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Herts Advertiser 23.11.06 Rural butcher is a cut above - MIGHTY meaty, matey sums up the character of butcher John Pender who has been nominated for a Best Rural Retailer award. Chatty John, aged 57, runs John the Butcher's in Sandridgebury Lane, St Albans, with his son - also called John, 28.... The tiny store has been nominated by its customers for the nationwide competition organised by the Countryside Alliance in conjunction with the Daily Telegraph.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 13.11.06 BUTCHER DELIGHTED TO BE UP FOR PRESTIGIOUS PRIZE - AN Ulverston butcher has told of his delight at being nominated for a prestigious national award. Irvings Butchers is up for the Best Rural Retailer Award, for its quality of produce and service.... The competition is run by the Countryside Alliance to give recognition to rural retailers.... (story)
Western Mail 24.10.06 Help us to find Britain's best rural retailer - Simon Hart, Western Mail - WHEN one of the finalists from the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer 2005 competition said his win "has made my year", we knew that we had captured the public mood and made a real difference to many communities. Such a positive initiative just had to be repeated, so the competition is running again in 2006, but this time on a larger scale…. (story)
Western Telegraph 19.10.06 Make a hero out of your rural retailer By Debbie James - the county's food heroes could be in line for a major award. For the second year running, the Countryside Alliance is running its best rural retailer competition to celebrate the unsung heroes of rural communities like Pembrokeshire. For these retailers to have a chance of winning they will need to be nominated. Simon Hart, chief executive of the Alliance who lives in Pembrokeshire, will once again lead the judging panel.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 19.2.07 A new year of pig 'misery' - AN animal rights charity have said the Chinese Year of the Pig will be a miserable one for laboratory animals in East Lothian. The National Anti-Vivisection Society said thousands of pigs would suffer and die unnecessarily across the UK during Chinese year 4705…. (story)

Northern Echo 19.2.07 Farming methods - THANK you Harry Mead for the article on modern animal farming practices, "Surely this is farming Auschwitz"… Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh.
HARRY Mead's article, "Surely this is farming Auschwitz" (Echo, Feb 14), poses a question that we either want a better world or we don't… Does not the fact that such treatment of other species of life not indicate the fact that "life is cheap" and such an indictment is the cause of the way we kill each other?... John Young, Crook, Co Durham. (letters)

FemaleFirst 19.2.07 Mills Devastated After Being Dumped By Animal Rights Group - Mills Devastated After Being Dumped By Animal Rights Group.... Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills is shocked by reports she has been dropped by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). Mills and McCartney have been animal welfare advocates for years and she was completely caught off guard by the news….. (story)
Sun 5.2.07 Animal charity snub for Mucca - HEATHER Mills has been dropped as the face of animal charity PETA…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 5.2.07 Charity drops Heather Mills for a McCartney By Richard Eden, Deputy Editor, Mandrake, Sunday Telegraph - At her husband's side, Heather Mills became one of the most famous faces of a worldwide animal rights organisation. As her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney heads towards the law courts, however, she has been dropped by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), after being upstaged by his eldest daughter. Mary McCartney, 37, agreed to work on Peta's latest campaign only after she was assured that her stepmother was no longer involved with the organisation…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 4.2.07 Mills dropped - THE model Heather Mills has been dropped as the face of an animal rights organisation at the request of Sir Paul McCartney's eldest daughter. Mary McCartney only agreed to work on a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) campaign after receiving assurances about her father's estranged wife, it was reported late last night…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 19.2.07 THANKS FOR FISHING PETITION SUPPORT - I Would just like, through the Post, to thank the many members of the public who both helped with the Greenpeace Saving The Oceans campaign, and the large number who signed our enormously successful petition at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco stores since October last year…. Wilf Mound, chairman and group contact, the Bristol Greenpeace Group. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.2.07 DISMAY OVER BAN RESPONSE - Devon County Council is unhappy with a response from the Government to its call for a ban on battery cages for hens from 2012… Cllr Phil Cook, a member of the county's executive and a member of Compassion in World Farming, said: "Mr Bradshaw failed to address the need to stick to the European Union's original proposal if the totally inhumane practice of keeping hens in cages is to stop."… (story)


Sunday Telegraph 18.2.07 I can't believe it's not hunting... By Melissa Kite, Sunday Telegraph - It was two years ago today that the hunting ban came into force, supposedly ending centuries of tradition. However, the law has been an unmitigated failure - not that either side is shouting about it….Today, on the second anniversary of the ban's coming into force on February 18, 2005, new figures show that participation in the sport has never been higher. It is so buoyant that two new packs have been formed, something that has not happened for centuries. They include the seductively named Private Pack, set up by the financier Roddy Fleming in Gloucestershire… (story)

Independent on Sunday 18.2.07 Fox-hunting ban strongly backed, says new poll By Marie Woolf - Most people in Britain would oppose repealing the ban on hunting, shows a poll commissioned on the second anniversary of the law outlawing hunting coming into force. The Mori poll, commissioned for the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, shows that only one in six people in the UK supports Tory plans to repeal the Hunting Act…. A survey for the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance suggests fox and deer numbers have fallen since the ban started. Thirty-six per cent of hunts surveyed said there were fewer foxes. Research by the Exmoor and District Deer Management Society Consensus showed a 20 per cent drop in deer numbers in 2006…. (story)


BBC News Online 17.2.07 Drag-hunt marks two years of ban - Campaigners who want to repeal laws banning hunting with dogs are meeting in Kent to show their support. East Kent Hunt was gathering to follow the trail of a fox-scented drag at Chilham on Saturday to mark Sunday's two-year anniversary of the ban…. In Sussex, Crawley and Horsham Hunt has been accused of continuing to hunt foxes with dogs. It denied the claim and said it used simulated activities… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 17.2.07 The campaigners who turned a fox hunt protest into performance art By Linda McKee - Fascinated crowds watched a fox turn the tables on the huntsman in Belfast City Centre yesterday. In the drama by the Mac Factor street theatre group, the red-coated, whipcracking hunter pursued a fox in an age-old chase that usually ends with the animal torn apart by hounds. But yesterday, the tables were turned as the cornered fox fought back, bringing the hunter to the ground at Cornmarket… Meanwhile, the League Against Cruel Sports, which organised the series of 'guerrilla performances' across the city centre, will bring its message to a global audience by posting the confrontation on YouTube…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.2.07 AT LAST, SOME COMPASSION (FEBRUARY 16) - I very much agree with Norah Pound. We must be very wary about disturbing the balance of nature.I know from the experience of managing our own 120-acre farm that foxes contribute greatly to keeping down the number of rabbits… Gill Purser, Cheltenham
Norah Pound's concern for wildlife is laudable and I applaud her good heart, but again we have another case of misinformation being fed to the well meaning. Foxes controlling rabbits is an urban myth. It is true a fox will take a rabbit if the situation permits, but a rabbit not far from its burrow is more than a match for any fox. In fact, they can often be seen taking the summer evening air together, the rabbits sitting out, the fox passing through. Rabbits are more likely to be taken by stoats or badgers…. Charles Henry, Somerset (letters)
Western Daily Press 17.2.07 AT LAST, SOME COMPASSION - How refreshing to read an article on firemen freeing a pony stuck in the mud…. Then I went on to read, in West Country Life magazine, another pleasing article by Michael Woods - for once, a man showing compassion to a fox caught in a bramble bush….This was an interesting article, pointing out to us that foxes do good keeping rabbits down. Surely it's up to farmers to ensure their poultry is kept safe. I say to the Countryside Alliance: Stop interfering with wild animals… Norah Pound, Wiltshire (letter)

Yorkshire Post 17.2.07 SCANDAL OF 'HOME GROWN' PRODUCE LEGALLY IMPORTED FROM ABROAD - Clearly British A campaign for better food labelling - IT IS a natural assumption that a packet of smoked bacon labelled "Product of Britain" comes from a pig that has been reared in this country. But a loophole in the law, highlighted today by the Yorkshire Post, means it can, in fact, mean quite the opposite…. Groups like the Countryside Alliance and BPEX are calling on retailers, processors and manufacturers to make origin labels clearer in the interest of enabling consumers to exercise choice…. (story)


Western Morning News 16.2.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES - (story)

Western Morning News 16.2.07 HUNT SPYING IS DETESTABLE - I have been pondering Mr Phelps's letter on the subject of hunt monitors and their qualifications in a recent issue of the Western Morning News. I am still not sure if he is serious… Organised spying on any essentially law-abiding section of society in the hope of catching some wretched character "out" is a thoroughly detestable occupation… John Hillier, Burnham-on-Sea (story)
Western Morning News 24.1.07 QUALIFICATIONS TO BE A HUNT MONITOR - I was pleased to read the letter by David J E Williams (January 16) who asks what qualifications are needed to become a hunt monitor. I suggest he joins an animal welfare organisation such as the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports or the International Fund for Animal Welfare who worked together for several years under the name of the Campaign for the Protection of the Hunted Animal… Mr Williams wishes to know to what government body he has to apply for an appointment to practice his new vocation. As a member of the RSPCA, LACS or IFAW he will have an opportunity to participate, subject to his satisfactory progress, in the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW)… John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 16.1.07 HUNT MONITOR QUALIFICATION? - I read in your publication that, yet again, hunt monitors have been obstructed in the course of their duty. This shameful behaviour by hunt stewards must be stopped, so I have decided to become a hunt monitor and would appreciate some help from your readers. First, what qualifications do I need and where can I attend evening classes to gain these qualifications?... am I exempt from the laws regarding invasion of personal privacy with respect to taking images of the landowner's guests on the landowner's property without the landowner's written or verbal permission?... So many important points to ponder. David J E Williams Callington (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 16.2.07 HAPPY BIRDS HEALTHIER TO EAT - From Mrs Mo Hasler (representing Compassion in World Farming), 75 Rectory Drive, Wootton:BATTERY poultry or free range? We have a choice. The disturbing news over the last week of avian flu attacking thousands of turkeys living in an intensive factory farm in Suffolk make us realise how appalling the factory-farm system is… (letter)

BBC News Online 16.2.07 Animal charity educates children - An animal welfare organisation is encouraging Manx youngsters to become more conscientious following the "barbaric" killing of a Labrador… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is sending "emergency humane education materials" to schools across the island. Kate Schnell, charity administrator for PETA, said: "Putting a stop to violent tendencies as soon as they become apparent should be a priority and the responsibility of all of society."… (story)
Isle of Man Examiner 15.2.07 PETA WARNING OVER DOG KILLING - AN ANIMAL welfare organistion is sending information packs to Island schools following the killing of a Labrador dog… Now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has decided to send 'emergency humane education materials' to schools in the Island… (story)


Argus 15.2.07 Have fox hunters broken law? By Katya Mira - A hunt has been accused of fox hunting two years after it was outlawed. The League Against Cruel Sports says its images of Crawley and Horsham Hunt members chasing a fox, cutting off foxes' tails and throwing dead foxes to the hounds show them breaking the law…. But joint hunt master Anthony Sandeman, of Bolney, said he had watched the DVD and denied it showed anything illegal. He said it was heavily edited and patched together from different takes… Chief Inspector Nick May said: "It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the allegations until the material has been viewed and the allegations investigated." (story)

Essex Chronicle 15.2.07 FILM FOOTAGE OF LAW BREAKERS IS IMMEDIATELY SENT TO POLICE - Hunting is often bracketed with shooting and fishing, but the League Against Cruel Sports has no policy on angling, and though it does oppose shooting birds and animals for sport, it sees its main task as ensuring that the Hunting Act is being enforced…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 15.2.07 FAMILY FEUD DAUGHTER IN FARM VICTORY - A Cambridge graduate has successfully sued her father in a dispute over a family estate worth over £2.5m. KEVIN PEACHEY reports on a bitter family battle. Days into the trial at the High Court, Judge Roger Kaye QC lost patience after hearing about a "highly dysfunctional" rural dynasty…. He ruled in favour of Nottingham barrister Jane Walker who was suing her father Bill Walker - an ex-Master of the South Notts hunt - for breach of trust…. (story)
Dinnington Guardian 19.10.06 FAMILY TORN APART BY £2.5m LEGACY - A WOODSETTS hunt master at the centre of a bitter feud with his own daughter over a £2.5 million estate has insisted he always had his children's best interests at heart... Mr Walker, who is Master of the South Notts hunt, was at the time facing bankruptcy. He told the court: "It was not my father's intention to exclude me from benefiting from the estate, but to ensure that the farming land remained within the family and was not lost to creditors."… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 14.10.06 FAMILY SPLIT BY FARM WAR - A daughter suing her father over a £2.5m family trust fund, is motivated by "greed and vindictiveness", a court was told. The attack came from ex-Master of the South Notts hunt Bill Walker, the father accused by his daughter, Jane, a barrister, of bullying her out of her inheritance…. (story)
Telegraph 12.10.06 Suicide threat by trust row mother By Nick Britten - A woman suing her father after claiming he bullied her into handing over her share of a £2.5 million family trust fund said yesterday that her mother had threatened to commit suicide as rows over the money escalated. Jane Walker told the High Court her mother, Ann Harris-Lock, who has divorced Bill Walker and remarried, grabbed one of her father's shotguns and stormed off into woodland... She claimed Mr Walker, a bankrupt and master of the South Nottinghamshire Hunt, wanted the money for a comfortable retirement... (story)

Bath Chronicle 15.2.07 'QUICK DEATH' IS BETTER FOR FOXES - There must be a lot of people - like me - that are really fed up with so much sympathy being expressed for the fox by people like Marion Mason (Chronicle, February 9) simply because someone witnessed the end of a chase and saw the fox's instant death. I have yet to read a letter about how cruel is the poison used daily on so many millions of wild animals to control them…. Surely quick deaths should be the wish of all pests? MRS FM MILLS, Batheaston, Bath (letter)
Bath Chronicle 9.2.07 FOX KILLED BEFORE HER EYES - Over the weekend reports came through that the Beaufort Hunt had chased and cornered a fox in a lady's garden near Sherston and the pack of hounds had literally torn it to pieces before her eyes…. If the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall who regularly ride with the Beaufort Hunt ceased to do so and this was publicised then maybe, just maybe, the law would be enforced and this intolerable cruelty to animals would be at an end. MARION MASON, Forester Avenue, Bath (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.2.07 URGED TO MAKE FALSE CLAIMS - I read with outrage the article in last week's Western Daily Press where it was reported that a police wildlife officer had advised the Countryside Alliance to discredit hunt monitors by making false accusations of intimidation or threatening behaviour against them. This advice was, apparently, passed on to Countryside Alliance members and supporters by Alison Hawes, the south western regional director of this odious organisation…. Julian Brown, Nailsworth, Stroud (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.2.07 LAWBREAKING BEING IGNORED - I already knew the police were biased towards the hunt, but the latest news that a police wildlife officer advised the Countryside Alliance to pretend they had been attacked or threatened whenever hunt monitors try to film them is incredible… Name and address supplied (letter)

Scotsman 15.2.07 In support of tail docking - The assertion by the minister for animal health and welfare, Ross Finnie, that veterinary bodies are unanimous on the issue of tail docking for working dogs may be true (Letters, 10 February), but research by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation in Scotland shows that some 31 per cent of vets in Scotland support tail docking…. JAMES SCOTT, Press officer, BASC Scotland, Trochry, Dunkeld, Perthshire (letter)

Scotsman 15.2.07 City yobs blamed for deer killings - TEEN gangs are attacking and killing deer with a "growing bloodlust" in urban areas, particularly around Glasgow, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said yesterday. (story)
Telegraph 15.2.07 'Bloodlust' of the urban deer-hunters By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent - Gangs of young men in the grip of a "growing bloodlust" are hunting and killing deer in urban woodlands and parks, an animal charity said yesterday… The Scottish SPCA said that in most cases witnesses to the attacks were too scared to identify those involved, and that the animals were always abandoned after they were killed…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 14.2.07 Appeal to end ‘bloodlust’ of deer slaughter by urban gangs - Growing numbers of deer across the west of Scotland are being hunted in urban areas by young adults with packs of dogs in what the nation's leading animal charity describes as a "growing bloodlust". The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) is warning that incidents of deer being hunted by teenagers, sometimes armed with guns, is on the increase in the Greater Glasgow area, and has urged members of the public to help stamp out the trend…. By MARTYN McLAUGHLIN (story)

ThisIsSomerset 15.2.07 KEEP COSMETICS CRUELTY-FREE - The REACH law (Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) aims to test thousands of chemicals for human safety reasons. The UK stopped testing cosmetic ingredients on animals in 1998, but this new piece of legislation would mean another wave of animal tests…. For more information contact the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… Lindsey Train, Meare (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.2.07 BADGER CAMPAIGNERS' CALL - Campaigners fighting to save badgers from a cull to halt the spread of bovine TB have called on Government ministers to listen to their scientists…. Louise Hamilton, of the Herefordshire Badger Group, said Environment Secretary David Miliband should listen to his scientists' advice. (story)

Dunstable Gazette 15.2.07 Animal rights protest targets turkey plant - A protest against factory farming methods will take place tomorrow, Friday, outside the Bernard Matthews processing plant on the Woodside Industrial Estate in Dunstable. Bedford Animal Action and other campaigners will team up to protest in the wake of an outbreak of bird flu at a Bernard Matthews factory in Suffolk…. Justina Mclennan, from Bedford Animal Action, said: "Factory farming is cruel beyond words. And that in itself is enough reason to ban it… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 15.2.07 SEAL KILLING SEASON IN DEEP WATERS - A Life-sized, animatronic sealer and a sound effects 'seal' feature in a new exhibition being staged in Hull by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The exhibition - about seals and the many threats they face - is on display in Hull's The Deep, and can be viewed during opening hours until early March.IFAW is staging the exhibition to educate adults and children about seals as part of an ongoing campaign to end Canada's commercial seal hunt… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 2.2.07 EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS SEAL HUNT CRUELTY - The Deep is holding an exhibition highlighting the cruelty of the sealing industry. A life-sized animated sealing boat and a seal feature with sound effects have been put on show by the International Fund For Animal Welfare… Ellie Dickson, marine campaigner for the group, said: "Canada's seal hunt is unacceptably cruel and unnecessary…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 15.2.07 LETTER: GEESE NOT 'PESTS' - I read with disbelief what a minority of readers believe we should do with the geese on the Victoria Embankment. Why is it that some people cannot respect other sentient beings and don't believe they have a right to share the earth with us humans?... JON BERESFORD Boxley Drive West Bridgford (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.2.07 MEP BACKS CALL TO OUTLAW BULLFIGHTING ACROSS EU - South West MEP Graham Watson has added his name to a petition calling for a ban on bullfighting across the European Union.Mr Watson said: "Supporters of bullfighting claim that it is equal competition between bull and man, but the animal has little chance of surviving the ordeal… (story)

Runcorn Weekly News 15.2.07 Ban all bullfighting - A HALTON Euro-MP is backing a campaign to end bullfighting. Widnes and Runcorn's MEP Chris Davies has added his name to a petition from MEPs calling on the European Commission to bring about an EU-wide ban…. (story)


Carlisle News & Star 14.2.07 MP’s plea over law on hunting By Anika Bourley - CARLISLE MP Eric Martlew is urging all hunts in Cumbria to keep to the law as he leads MPs in celebrating the banning of the “gratuitous cruelty of traditional hare-coursing, stag hunting and foxhunting”…. (story)

Leamington Observer 14.2.07 Animal activists out in force - ANIMAL activists staged a fancy dress protest claiming police are turning a blind eye to illegal fox hunts in the county…. Spokesman for Coventry Animal Alliance John Curtis said:… "Warwickshire Hunt is blatantly flouting the law week after week. It isn't even pretending to be drag hunting any more…." Warwickshire Hunt master Sam Butler strongly denied they were breaking the law. He said: "We are always open and for at least the last ten to 12 years have invited these groups to come along and see what it is we actually do. These invitations have never been taken up…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 12.2.07 Police under fire over hunt ban law - DEMONSTRATORS in fancy dress gathered outside Warwickshire Police HQ claiming officers were still not enforcing the ban on hunting. Members of the Coventry Animal Alliance, dressed as robbers, gangsters and hunt masters, called the protest because they believe police are allowing hunters to flout the law. Group spokesman John Curtin, aged 44, of Adelaide Street, Hillfields, and five other members got together on the anniversary of the death of 18-year-old Mike Hill, who was killed while trying to stop a hunt in Cheshire…. Andy Griffin, aged 34, of Earlsdon, Coventry, dressed as a bank robber, said: "The sad thing is there is no justice in the world…." And Iriart Sole, aged 31, of Hillfields, who wore a hunt master's outfit, said: "I'm very disappointed that the police are not doing their job….” (story)

Contact Music 14.2.07 FERRY'S SON SPENDS NIGHT IN POLICE CELL - BRYAN FERRY's 24-year-old son was thrown in a police cell after a raucous night at a BAFTAs after-show party. OTIS FERRY was cautioned by police after on Sunday night… he narrowly escaped a driving ban at a court hearing last month (JAN07) and stormed London's Houses of Parliament in 2004 in protest over anti-hunting legislation. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.2.07 COVERT TACTICS OF PRO-HUNTERS - It is no surprise to me to read Tristan Cork's article on anti-hunt videos (Western Daily Press, February 9). Being involved in anti-hunt campaigning for many, many years, I know how economical the hunting fraternity and their followers can be with the truth… M J Haines, Cirencester, Glouestershire (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 14.2.07 ANGLING IS NOT 'GENTLE' - In the Carmarthen Journal of January 31 under the title, 'Debate is hotting up', Fred Burton presents an article in which he refers to 'this fine and gentle art of angling'…. from the perspective of the fish it is violent and aggressive. That Fred is apparently so unaware that hooking and chasing a sentient animal is violent and not gentle is disturbing… David Grimsell, Ciliau Aeron, Ceredigion (letter)

Glasgow Herald 14.2.07 Taskforce launched to crack down on hare coursing - Animal welfare agencies, police, and rural organisations are banding together to form an umbrella group to root out the problem of hare coursing…. A multi-agency approach is now being undertaken in the region, with information shared by the police, the Cairngorms National Park Authority, the SSPCA, RSPB, Scottish National Heritage and other rural groups. But Ross Minnett, spokesman for Advocates for Animals, stressed the problem can only be fully eradicated with public help… By MARTYN McLAUGHLIN (story)

Newry Democrat 14.2.07 Newry 'top dog fighting spot' - NEWRY and Mourne is one of the main centres in the North for illegal dog fights, documents seized from a Co Armagh farm have shown…. According to USPCA chief executive Stephen Philpott, the paperwork uncovered has suggested that dog fighting in the North is much more widespread and far better organised than previously thought… Fionna Smyth, the Northern Ireland co-ordinator for the League Against Cruel Sports, condemned the reports of dog fighting in Newry and Mourne and called for more severe penalties for those involved…. (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 14.2.07 Six on badger rap By Peter Taylor, The Evening Chronicle - Six alleged members of a badger-baiting ring appeared together in court for the first time. The five men and one teenager went before magistrates at Bedlington charged with conspiracy to hunt wild mammals with dogs… Alan Walton, 51, of Avebury Place; Brian James Cole, 30, from Avebury Place; Sean Dilger, 26, from Alderley Way; and Lee Lawton, 37, from Avebury Place, all of Cramlington, are charged with conspiracy to hunt wild mammals with dogs between February 18, 2005, and March 13 last year. Similarly charged are Wayne Lannen, 23, from Coniston Road, Wallsend, and a 17-year-old boy from the Cramlington area who cannot be named for legal reasons…. (story)

Independent 14.2.07 Nobody needs factory-farm meat - Joan Baines writes about the factory-farming of turkeys and wonders where families can find cheap alternative protein… The epidemic of degenerative diseases from which large numbers of people suffer in the West is largely due to the excessive consumption of factory-farmed animal protein… KAREN RODGERS, CAMBRIDGE (letter)

Times 14.2.07 Activists target Blanc over foie gras on menu - HELEN NUGENT - Animal rights activists have sent sinister e-mails and letters to the chef Raymond Blanc to complain about the menu at one of his restaurants. He has received demands that he remove foie gras from dishes served at the Brasserie Blanc in Birmingham…. (story)
Birmingham Post 14.2.07 Chefs duck foie gras row By Neil Connor, Chief Reporter - Animal rights activists have targeted top restaurants across the Midlands as part of a campaign to get foie gras off the menu. At least five restaurants across the region have received letters from campaigners urging them to reconsider serving the 'posh paté'… Raymond Blanc, said that he took a decision "not to yield" to the campaign as there was no scientific evidence to suggest that animals were in pain during the production of foie gras….(story)
Birmingham Mail 13.2.07 Top chef's restaurant in animal rights row By Tony Collins, Birmingham Mail - ONE of Birmingham's top restaurants is being targeted by animal rights campaigners, it was revealed today. Police have been called in to advise Brasserie Blanc, owned by world-renowned chef Raymond Blanc, after it received sinister letters and emails from activists. They want the restaurant to remove posh pâté dish foie gras, which is produced by force-feeding geese and duck, from the menu…. (story)

Irish Independent 14.2.07 Nude protest exposes truth about fur trade - AIDEEN SHEEHAN - FUR may be out but pelts were in as animal rights protesters shed their clothes yesterday to demand a better deal for little furry creatures everywhere. Only the odd strategically placed placard and a few skimpy g-strings served to protect the modesty of PETA protesters… Former Miss UK Lucy Evangelista said she was glad to show some of her skin if it would help save animals' skins. Nearly naked protester Naomi Ventura also said she believed wholeheartedly in the cause which had brought her from France to campaign for PETA…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 14.2.07 ECHO READERS CALL FOR CIRCUS BOYCOTT - Readers are calling for a circus which features live lions and tigers to be boycotted when it visits Lincoln this month. Echo readers, including a nine-year-old girl, have written in to object to the treatment of animals in circuses after it was revealed that the Great British Circus was to visit the Lincolnshire Showground… Reader Alison Moore from East Barkwith, near Lincoln, said: "I want to ask readers to join in boycotting the circus coming to the Lincolnshire Showground…. Megan Holtby (nine) from North Hykeham said: "I found the article about the circus really upsetting…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.2.07 DANGERS OF FACTORY FARMS - Three years in succession, the animal campaign group Viva! has carried out undercover investigations at Bernard Matthews turkey sheds in Norfolk… If H5N1 is going to mutate into a human-to-human virus, it is inside sheds such as those at Bernard Matthews that it is likely to originate. The best way to protect you and your family is to reject factory farmed meat and go vegetarian. Kate Ashley, Leicester. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.2.07 BEN'S PATE BOYCOTT A WELCOME MOVE - Thumbs up to Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw for backing a public boycott of French pate de foie gras… Dodie Stoten, Pinhoe, Exeter (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 14.2.07 Punishment is not enough REGARDING the animal cruelty case in Maryport (News & Star, February 8), a life-time ban clearly is not sufficient punishment for people like this…. MR S WOOD, Workington
I received two of the animals that came from that household and I feel that people should have to get a licence to keep animals… JULIA TYSON, Workington
A life ban is not sufficient – Margaret and Joseph Topliss should be made to suffer the same fate as they have caused to many animals. SARAH WHITE, Netherton, Maryport (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 14.2.07 Bird flu outbreak reveals suffering - RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Development Manager, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Western Morning News 9.2.07 BLAME INTENSIVE FARMING - Richard Mountford Development Manager, Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 8.2.07 Turkey outbreak 'caused by brutal intensive farming' Richard Mountford - Development Manager,Animal Aid,The Old Chapel,Bradford Street, Tonbridge,Kent (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 7.2.07 Yet another factory farming disaster RICHARD MOUNTFORD, development manager, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Fermanagh Herald 7.2.07 Animal Aid blames bird flu on intensive farming methods - Britain prides itself on being a nation of animal lovers, and yet barely a word has been uttered about the suffering endured by the 160,000 birds who have been shoved into crates and gassed to death during the Bernard Matthews H5N1 bird flu outbreak. This outbreak is yet another disaster caused by brutal intensive farming…. Richard Mountford Development Manager Animal Aid (letter)

Northern Echo 14.2.07 Surely this is farming Auschwitz By Harry Mead - A PLACARD held up by an animal rights campaigner outside the Bernard Matthews turkey farm at the heart of the avian flu outbreak warns: End Factory Farming Before It Ends Us…. If we choose to infect ourselves with rubbish food that's our affair. The most appalling aspect of the events at the Bernard Matthews operation is the ruthless exploitation of animals exposed by the crisis. Far from promotional images, here is a farming Auschwitz…. (story)


Mid Sussex Times 13.2.07 IT'S A DRAG AS HUNT IS HIT BY WEATHER - A BALCOMBE hunt master admitted that many animal rights protesters believe that those involved in fox hunting are "snobs". Crawley and Horsham hunt master Anthony Sandeman was speaking at a snow-hit drag hunt on the Balcombe Estate last week. Participants in the joint hunt with Old Surrey and Burstow and Crawley and Horsham were forced to abandon horses and pursue an artificial fox scent on foot at the estate around Stone Hall…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 13.2.07 HUNTSMAN RODE HORSE AT MEMBER OF ANTI-HUNT LEAGUE - A huntsman has been found guilty of assaulting a hunt monitor after a court was shown video footage of him riding at her before blaming the horse and issuing a "sarcastic" apology to his victim.Anthony Allibone, 49, of The Kennels, East Anstey, had denied assaulting League Against Cruel Sports member Yvonne Nicola but was convicted after an all-day trial at West Somerset Magistrates' Court in Minehead on Friday…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.2.07 HUNTSMAN ASSAULTED PENSIONER BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - A pensioner said she would continue to monitor hunts despite fearing for her life when she was assaulted by a huntsman. And after the conviction of a West hunt leader, Yvonne Nicola, 66, said hunts should not use violence if they had nothing to hide from monitors. Anthony Allibone, a huntsman with the Dulverton Farmers' Hunt, was convicted of assaulting Ms Nicola by allowing or making his horse push her when the hunt confronted a trio of monitors on Exmoor last year…. (story)
Western Morning News 10.2.07 HUNTSMAN FINED FOR ASSAULT ON PENSIONER - ADAM WILSHAW - A huntsman was yesterday found guilty of assaulting a Westcountry pensioner who was monitoring hunting activities on Exmoor.Anthony Allibone, 49, of The Kennels, East Anstey, near Tiverton, Mid Devon, pleaded not guilty at Minehead Magistrates' Court to using intimidating behaviour against 66-year-old Yvonne Nicola, a hunt monitor for the League Against Cruel Sports. The court was told that on March 15 last year, Ms Nicola had gone with two other hunt monitors - Ivor Annetts and Rosemary Morris - to watch the Dulverton Farmers Hunt at Clayford, near Dulverton, on Exmoor…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.2.07 HUNTSMAN ASSAULTED ANTI-HUNT MONITOR AS SHE FILMED THE ACTION - An anti-hunt campaigner was assaulted by huntsman Anthony Allibone in an attack that has heightened tension between the two factions.Yvonne Nicola, 66, from Tiverton, was using a video camera as she monitored the Dulverton Farmers' hunt last March. Yesterday Allibone, 49, of The Kennels, East Anstey, near South Molton, was fined and ordered to pay costs and compensation after being found guilty of common assault at West Somerset Magistrates' Court in Minehead. But after the case, the Countryside Alliance condemned the actions of League Against Cruel Sports volunteers who "harass" hunt supporters who are legally going about their business… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 9.2.07 Huntsman guilty of assault By Chris Alder - A Dulverton Farmers huntsman has been found guilty of assault after he rode his horse at hunt monitors. Anthony Allibone, 49, of The Kennels, East Anstey, had pleaded not guilty to assault on pensioner Yvonne Nichola, 66, who was monitoring the hunt near Brushford when the incident happened in March last year. But, after a seven-hour trial today, West Somerset magistrates sitting at Minehead ordered him to pay £100 compensation to Ms Nichola, and a fine of £100….(story)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.2.07 HUNTSMAN ON ASSAULT CHARGE - Huntsman Anthony Allibone will appear before magistrates tomorrow charged with assaulting a Tiverton pensioner.Yvonne Nicola, 66, was monitoring the Dulverton Farmers' hunt for the League Against Cruel Sports last March when she was allegedly hit by Allibone, who denies a charge of common assault… (story)

Western Daily Press 13.2.07 Anger at Alliance call to sabotage videos - An excellent example of how some police adopt a "pick and mix" attitude to the law, ie, enforcing those with which it agrees but ignoring those considered unworthy of attention…. Dr David Mitchell, Bristol (letter)

Western Morning News 13.2.07 AMEND ACT TO CURB HUNTS - According to W T Sweet, Chris Gale has succumbed to the Animal Rights lobby. Apart from the fact it would be no bad thing if he had, hunting with dogs has no place in a decent society…. Mr Sweet also went on to say that the Countryside Alliance has support from people of all backgrounds, so I say why does the CA continually spout off about the ban being class-driven?... Judi Hewitt Denbighshire (letter)
Western Morning News 31.1.07 CHRIS Gale poses what to many might seem a pertinent question - why repeal the Hunting Act when it appears to be working satisfactorily… The Act must be repealed because it is a thoroughly bad piece of legislation whereby no one or thing benefits. If was so badly drafted that it presents a minefield to the legal profession. It has long been accepted by both pro and anti-hunting groups that this Act is simply not working… I would also draw Mr Gale's attention to the fact that the Countryside Alliance draws support from the whole range of the political and social spectrum. W T Sweet, Mawgan (letter)
Western Morning News 9.1.07 WHY REPEAL THE ACT? - The Hunting Act stops nobody dressing up and enjoying a day in the countryside with horses and hounds.... Why then is the Countryside Alliance and its friends in the Tory Party trying so hard to repeal the Act?... Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)

Western Morning News 13.2.07 SHOOTERS DON'T ONLY KILL GAME - PET CATS ARE TARGETED, TOO - Philip Bowern's article on shooting in the Western Morning News on January 20 caused me some surprise.Apparently the "sport" of shooting living creatures out of the sky is more popular than golf as a means of doing business away from the office… However hard he tried to glamourise this activity, this truth will out. Shooters do not always confine themselves to targeting birds…. It is beyond my comprehension that this activity is still legal in a civilised country, and attempts to justify it are to be deplored. Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 13.2.07 Ban these barbaric snares now - REGARDING the use of snares (YEP, February 9). Snares, whether legal or not, are completely and utterly barbaric… ANGIE TALBOT , Leeds (letter)

Western Mail 13.2.07 Rafts put mink in the clink to save Ratty - The water vole or water rat - Ratty from Wind in the Willows - is in danger of becoming extinct. Here Richard Marks looks at how farmers, conservationists, and landowners are coming to its aid… help is at hand from a small army of conservationists with an ingenious plan to kill the enemy with a fleet of floating rafts, fitted with steel traps along rivers where the American mink is taking a devastating toll on our wetland wildlife…. Mink rafts, originally developed by The Game Conservancy Trust, are also being used on Anglesey. Workshops were held to encourage their use last month. Members of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, angling clubs and fisheries were taught how to trap mink successfully by using the rafts. The Anglesey project is run by the BASC, Environment Agency Wales and Mentor Mon. (story)
Daily Post 1.2.07 Rafts to end mink menace by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - CONSERVATIONISTS have a new weapon to help eradicate killer mink in North Wales. Special rafts, embedded with clay to record animal footprints, are being deployed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation… Last week the “rafts” of wood, polystyrene, oasis and clay, were set in waterways at the RSPB reserve, Malltraeth… The project is co-ordinated by the BASC Green Shoots programme, which brings together angling clubs, wildfowling clubs, private landowners and conservation bodies. Mink-trapping workshops are planned in Conwy, Wrexham and Flintshire this year. (story)

Guardian 13.2.07 The mice that roared - Some animal researchers don't even tell their own families about their work for fear of attack by extremists. But at last, some are beginning to speak out - Jessica Shepherd - Susan (not her real name) is not just ex-directory. The name she is known by at work cannot be found on the electoral roll, and she has done her best to delete it from mailing lists of all kinds. As an animal researcher, you can't be too careful, she says…(story)

Western Mail 13.2.07 Welsh say 'no' to fur at fashion week - Robin Turner, Western Mail - AN OVERWHELMING 97% of the Welsh public has said they refuse to wear real fur. The figures come from an RSPCA-commissioned survey released yesterday to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week…. (story)

Western Morning News 13.2.07 CHECK YOUR FACTS IN BOVINE TB DEBATE - Before accusing others of being "uninformed", it is wise to check the facts. Peter Webb accuses Roger Driver of "blurring the real issues" over bovine TB with "uninformed nonsense" (Badger nonsense is delivered as fact, January 26). All of the facts below are online. Mr Driver was spot on…. Trevor Lawson, Public Affairs Adviser, Badger Trust (letter)
Western Morning News 26.1.07 BADGER NONSENSE IS DELIVERED AS FACT - I was intrigued by Roger Driver's letter (January 18) defending the release of badgers into the countryside. These questions come to mind:From where did these badgers originate? Why test the badger for bovine TB when according to their supporters this disease is not a problem in that species? How were these animals "sensibly tested"?... Peter Webb, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 18.1.07 BADGER RELEASE JUSTIFIED - It is hypocritical to criticise the RSPCA for releasing badgers in a bovine TB area (WMN, January 11). The badgers had been sensibly tested for bovine TB and were released into suitable habitat.Monitoring will provide invaluable information about the behaviour of released badgers…. It is gross hypocrisy to complain about better testing for cattle, the main vectors of bovine TB, while condemning other organisations for releasing tested wild animals into the environment. Roger Driver, Penzance (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 13.2.07 NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME VEGETARIAN - With regard to the bird flu outbreak at Bernard Matthews's farm, I would like to suggest that now is the time for everyone to consider vegetarianism.Are people aware of the inhumane conditions that these birds are kept in, in these sheds?... J B Sheppard (Mrs), Kingswood, Bristol. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.2.07 SPEAKING UP FOR ANIMALS' RIGHTS - Speakers from campaign group Respect for Animals are to address a meeting of vegetarians and vegans. Mark Glover, campaigns director with the animal rights group, and colleague Sandra Barker will be speaking about what the charity is doing to oppose the fur trade. The talk takes place at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 1, at the Friends Meeting House, in Queens Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester… (story)

Argus 13.2.07 Nature’s warning - The sight on the evening news of Bernard Matthews' turkeys crammed together made for a pitiful spectacle… A friend recently made me a delicious roast dinner which did not entail the suffering of sentient fur, feather or fin… Carole Irvine, Ambleside Avenue, Telscombe Cliffs (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 12.2.07 Hunt supporters vow to overturn ban - HUNT supporters last night pledged to overturn the “ridiculous” fox-hunting ban as the two-year anniversary of its launch looms…. a major meet was held at 10.45am on Saturday, at Glemham Hall, in Little Glemham, near Woodbridge, ahead of the milestone. Liz Mort, Countryside Alliance regional director, praised the turn-out and said there is still a great deal of support for revoking the law… Saturday's meet involved the Waveney and Easton Harriers - and there is a strong family connection between the two hunts…. (story)

Western Daily Press 12.2.07 STARS BACK HUNT EVENT - Big names from the world of music were unveiled last night in the line-up for a concert in aid of the hunting campaign.The Countryside Alliance will benefit from staging a concert at Highclere Castle, near Swindon, in May. Topping the bill is ex-Roxy Music crooner Bryan Ferry… Ferry will be joined on stage by the likes of Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Jon Anderson and Gary Brooker, along with Kenney Jones and the Jones Gang and Mike d'Abo… (story)

ContactMusic 12.2.07 FERRY: 'I'M OVERSHADOWED BY MY SON' - Veteran rocker BRYAN FERRY is stalked by admirers of his political campaigner son OTIS. The ROXY MUSIC frontman is used to being overshadowed by his 23-year-old son since he made headlines in 2004 after breaking into British parliament buildings to protest against anti-hunting legislation…. (story)

Scotsman 12.2.07 Unnecessary suffering - In deciding to ban the tail-docking of all dogs in Scotland, the minister, Ross Finnie, listened not only to animal welfare organisations, but also to the three leading veterinary organisations, all of which oppose tail-docking…. LIBBY ANDERSON, Political director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Portsmouth News 12.2.07 Fox warning as rabbits are killed - THE owner of two rabbits savaged by a fox has warned other owners to be on their guard. Susan Bricknell lost her rabbits Pepsi and Shirley within six weeks of each other… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 12.2.07 SEVEN FINED FOR POACHING WITH LURCHERS - Seven men been fined after being caught poaching in the Cotswolds.Dean Dallow, Malcolm Fletcher, Lee Garrington, David Quinn, Scott Richards, Craig Richards and Richard Smallman all admitted coursing - hunting for rabbits or hares with dogs. The gang - six from the West Midlands and one from Worcestershire - appeared before Cheltenham magistrates… (story)

Oxford Mail 12.2.07 Animal rights group election bid - Animal Rights group Speak has set up a political wing and says it hopes to contest up to 100 seats at the next General Election. The group, which has been campaigning against the building of Oxford University's new medical research laboratory since work first began several years ago, said it planned to target seats with small majorities and ones where the current MP had spoken out in favour of animal testing. Spokesman Robert Cogswell said a Speak candidate would definitely stand against Liberal Democrat MP Dr Evan Harris, who holds the Oxford West and Abingdon seat…. (story)

Bolton Evening News 12.2.07 Comedian Dave has animals at heart - ON behalf of The Beat Rescue Group, Bolton branch, and indeed all bears rescued from China's horrific bile farms, we thank Mr Dave Spikey for his kindness and supportive generosity to this charity… Jill Mills and all members of Bear Rescue Stoneycroft Avenue Foxholes Horwich (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 12.2.07 Bird flu is a wake-up call for industry - YET again an animal disease scare is focussing attention on modern animal farming practices… Animals are no longer viewed and treated as individual beings but more like units of production - egg, milk or meat-producing machines….. All consumers can help by refusing to buy factory-farmed animal products and by reducing or cutting animal products out of their diet…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Bath Chronicle 12.2.07 ATTACKED JUST FOR BEING 'TOO POSH?' - Why did the animal rights demonstrators barricade one particular shop in Bath recently? Is it because it is in a area considered "posh"?... PM CROFT, Warwick Road, Lower Weston, Bath (letter)

Surrey Mirror 12.2.07 Force feeding for foie gras is sickening - THANK you for publishing the article concerning the restaurants serving foie gras in Reigate (Surrey Mirror, January 25)…. I have pictures sent to me by Compassion in World Farming, one of which shows ducks closely confined in single cages and being force fed by thrusting a pipe down their throats and pumping food into them up to three times a day…. Daphne Dartnall, Linkfield Street, Redhill (letter)
Surrey Mirror 1.2.07 Diners deserve to know truth and have responsibility not to order foie gras - THANK you for publishing your article about the use of foie gras in restaurants (Surrey Mirror,January 25) and for bringing to your readers' attention the horrible way it is produced by printing a few facts… To quote Compassion in World Farming: "The battery cage system is an industrial farming system in which laying hens spend their short lives confined in small wire cages with several other hens…. Sarah Dunlop, Smallfield (letter)


Independent on Sunday 11.2.07 Animal rights groups deny sending letter bombs as police release pictures By Sophie Goodchild, Chief Reporter - The first pictures of the letter bombs used to target businesses across the country have been released by police…. On Thursday, a 48-year-old man was arrested and detained under the Mental Health Act after he tried to claim responsibility for sending one of the bombs… Greg Avery, who founded a campaign to force the closure of the animal-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences, said that the letter bomber was trying to mislead police in an attempt to draw attention away from themselves. "The police are just trying to smear us [the animal rights movement]…” (story)
Cambridge News 10.2.07 Has HQ bomber moved further afield? - A POSTAL bomber who struck in Cambridge last year could be behind the spate of letter bombings which have injured nine people over the last three weeks. Cambridgeshire police are now liaising with detectives over whether the attack on the Cambridge Labour Party headquarters in August has links to the seven attacks across Britain this year…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 10.2.07 POLICE REVEAL LETTER BOMBS - Police have released pictures of two of a series of letter bombs similar to the one sent to the DVLA earlier this week.One of the shots shows a bomb which was intercepted while the other image is of a device after it had detonated. Detectives are believed to be looking at a possible link with animal rights activists after two of the packages contained the names of people involved in the cause… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.2.07 LETTER BOMB PHOTOS ARE SHOWN AFTER 'CONFESSION' - The first pictures of a series of seven letter bombs aimed at businesses in Britain were released last night as the focus of the police investigation moved toward animal rights extremism…. (story)
Scotsman 10.2.07 Police put letter bomb pictures on display - NEVILLE DEAN - THE first pictures of a series of seven letter bombs aimed at businesses across Britain were released last night as the focus of the investigation moved toward animal rights extremism. Images of two of the bombs, one of which was intercepted and another of which exploded, were released by police after it emerged that a 48-year-old man had tried to claim responsibility for sending one of the packages… (story)
Guardian 10.2.07 Letter bomb police focus on animal and road activists - Jeevan Vasagar - Police investigating the letter bomb campaign are focusing on the role of animal rights extremism in the first wave of attacks, after it emerged that two of the packages carried the names of activists…. An angry motorist still appears the most plausible candidate for the latest attacks… A man aged 48 who tried to claim responsibility for one of the letter bombs on a radio phone-in has been detained under the Mental Health Act, police said yesterday. (story)
Guardian 9.2.07 Man arrested over letter bomb claim - The first pictures of a series of seven letter bombs aimed at businesses across Britain were released as the focus of the police investigation moved toward animal rights extremism. Images of two of the bombs, one which was intercepted and another which exploded, were released by police after it emerged that a 48-year-old man had tried to claim responsibility for sending one of the packages. The man called BBC Radio 2's The Jeremy Vine Show wanting to go on air and "confess" to sending a letter bomb to a company in Wokingham, Berkshire. He was not allowed on the live show and researchers called the police. The man was later arrested and detained under the Mental Health Act…. (story)
Western Mail 9.2.07 Animal activists' names on letter bombs - At least two of the seven linked letter bombs posted in the last few weeks contained the names of animal rights activists, it was disclosed today…. (story)
Daily Mail 9.2.07 Animal activist's names found on letter bombs - At least two of the seven linked letter bombs posted in the last few weeks contained the names of animal rights activists, it has been disclosed. The name of a second campaigner was scrawled on the back of one of the Jiffy bag-style envelopes sent to forensic science laboratories last month…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 9.2.07 Animal activists' names on letter bombs - AT least two of the seven linked letter bombs posted in the last few weeks contained the names of animal rights activists, it was disclosed today…. (story)
Channel 4 9.2.07 Activists linked to letter bombs - The names of animal rights activists were found in at least two of the seven letter bombs posted in the last few weeks, police have said…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.2.07 Name of second activist on bomb - The name of a second animal rights activist has been found in one of a series of letter bombs sent to UK businesses, the BBC has learned… Thames Valley Police told BBC Radio's Five Live the LGC Forensics letter contained the name of a "prominent animal rights activist who is still living". They would not reveal the identity of the protester but said there were strong links between the first three letter bombs received and animal rights activists… (story)
Swindon Advertiser 9.2.07 Swindon animal rights protester's name used in bomb campaign By Tom Morton - A SWINDON animal rights activist's name was written on one of the letter bombs posted in the last few weeks. Barry Horne, who used to live in Goddard Park, Old Town, died in 2001 after going on a hunger strike while serving an 18-year sentence for a fire bombing campaign… (story)
Times 8.2.07 Motorist with a grudge is prime letter bomb suspect - DVLA becomes the seventh target to receive explosive package as animal rights activists deny any involvement - DAVID BROWN, DAVID SANDERSON AND SIMON DE BRUXELLES - Postroom staff at the DVLA had already been warned about the possible dangers lurking in yesterday morning’s mail when the explosion came…. It had been a similar scene on January 18 when a woman opened the morning post at the laboratory of Orchid Celltech in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The blast also left her with a cut hand and shock. On the back of the envelope was the name of the sender, “Dr Barry Horne”…. Detectives assumed that it was a reference to the notorious animal rights “martyr” who died in 2001 during a prison hunger strike… The Animal Liberation Front told The Times yesterday that it had no knowledge of the attacks or the companies that had been targeted. Robin Webb, a spokesman for the group, said: “We would never refer to Barry Horne as a doctor and any action linked to him is organised around the anniversary of his death on November 5. There have been previous occasions when animal activists have been blamed as a cover for other people or groups.”… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.2.07 ALL SEVEN JIFFY BAG BOMBS ARE LINKED, POLICE REVEAL - NEVILLE DEAN AND DAVID BARRETT - The full extent of the letter bombing campaign became clear last night as police revealed details of seven linked attacks in the last three weeks…. Detectives believe there is some kind of link between all devices, although they cannot say yet whether just one group or individual is behind the campaign of letter-bomb terror…. (story)
BBC News Online 8.2.07 Profile: Barry Horne - Barry Horne, a prominent animal rights activist convicted of a nationwide fire-bombing campaign who died in 2001, was often making headlines during his lifetime. Now more than five years after his death, he is back in the news as a possible clue in a police investigation to identify the sender of a series of letter bombs sent to organisations across England and Wales…. (story)
Guardian 7.2.07 Letter bombs may be from motorist or animal rights group - Duncan Campbell - Police investigating two letter bombs that have exploded in the last two days in London and Berkshire are exploring the possibility that either a disgruntled motorist or a militant animal rights organisation is behind the attacks. Two people were slightly injured yesterday morning when a device exploded in the offices of the accountancy and finance company, Vantis, in Oaklands Business Centre in Wokingham, Berkshire. … (story)
Independent 7.2.07 Police fear motorist may have launched letter-bomb campaign after second attack By Jason Bennetto and Matthew Beard - A disgruntled motorist is feared to have launched a letter bomb campaign after a second attack on a company that tackles driving offences… A further three letter bombs sent to addresses in Oxfordshire and Birmingham last month are also being investigated for possible links, although detectives believe that they were sent by animal rights extremists…. (story)
Oxford Mail 23.1.07 Bombing threat continues By Andrew Ffrench - Letter bomb attacks like the one which injured a woman at an Abingdon firm could continue, according to an Oxford-based animal rights group… Speak has always pledged to keep its protests lawful and peaceful but spokesman Emma Speed warned that last's weeks bombs may not be the last…(story)
Abingdon Herald 19.1.07 Alert after new letter bomb discovery - DETECTIVES in Oxfordshire are investigating a third letter bomb, sent to a company in the West Midlands, and are linking it to incidents in Oxfordshire in which a woman was injured….(story)
Oxford Mail 19.1.07 Activists post bombs to firms By Andrew Ffrench - A woman was injured when animal rights extremists sent letter bombs to two Oxfordshire science firms yesterday. The woman was hurt when the device exploded as she opened the morning mail at Orchid Cellmark, a bioscience firm specialising in DNA work, in Blacklands Way at Abingdon Business Park…. An Oxford University spokesman declined to comment on any possible links between Orchid Cellmark and the university (story)
ViewLondon 19.1.07 'Letter bomb' hunt focuses on extremists - Police have indicated that animal rights extremists are likely to have been behind a suspected letter bomb attack in Oxfordshire yesterday morning…. (story)
Oxford Times 19.1.07 Animal extremists target science firms By Jason Collie A WOMAN was injured when animal rights extremists sent letter bombs to two Oxfordshire science firms. The woman was hurt when the device exploded as she opened the morning mail yesterday at Orchid Cellmark, a bioscience firm specialising in DNA work, in Blacklands Way at Abingdon Business Park…. Robin Webb, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, was unavailable for comment, and the ALF has not yet claimed responsibility for the letter bomb on its Biteback website…. (story)
ITN 19.1.07 Police probe letter bomb attack- A letter bomb which injured a woman may have been sent by animal rights extremists. Police were called into DNA testing firm, Cellmark, at Abingdon in Oxfordshire after a small explosion. The woman was treated at Abingdon Hospital and has now been discharged… (story)
Oxford Times 18.1.07 Update: Animal rights link in post explosion - POLICE tonight warned firms to be on their guard after a woman was injured in an explosion while opening post at a bioscience company…. (story)
Oxford Mail 18.1.07 Activists post bombs to firms - A woman was injured when animal rights extremists sent letter bombs to two Oxfordshire science firms yesterday… (story)
Oxford Mail 18.1.07 Letterbombs sent to science firms - Two letterbombs have been delivered to science firms in Oxfordshire today. A woman was hurt when a package exploded as she opened the post at Orchid Cellmark, in Blacklands Way, at Abingdon Business Park, at 9.15am. And at 1.45pm police were called to another firm in Culham where another suspicious package was found…. Both packages are being linked to animal rights protesters… A police spokesman said: "The device has been sent for forensic examination but a reference to a well known animal rights extremist, Barry Horne, on the back of the envelope, leads officers to make this a priority line of inquiry….” (story)
BBC News Online 18.1.07 Extremists linked to letter bomb - A letter bomb which injured a woman at a DNA testing company may have been sent by animal rights extremists…. Police said the name Barry Horne - an animal rights campaigner and convicted fire-bomber who died in 2001 - was written on the envelope…. (story)
Oxford Times 18.1.07 Woman hurt in post blast - A WOMAN was injured today in an explosion while opening the post at a company in Abingdon. Bomb disposal officers were called to bioscience firm Orchid Cellmark, in Blacklands Way, and a number of people have been evacuated from the area… James Clements, a spokesman for Thames Valley Police, said it was too early to speculate on a motive when asked if an animal rights attack was being considered as a possible line of inquiry… (story)
Oxford Mail 18.1.07 Woman hurt in explosion By Phil Vinter - A woman was injured following an explosion in Abingdon this morning…. Police officers, firefighters and paramedics were called at around 9.15am to biosciences firm Orchid Cellmark… Police officers, firefighters and paramedics were called at around 9.15am to biosciences firm Orchid Cellmark… (story)

Scotland on Sunday 11.2.07 Testing times for biotech champion - INTERVIEW: AISLING BURNAND - DOUGLAS FRIEDLI - SIPPING an espresso in the lobby of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Aisling Burnand does not look like a bruiser. But the chief executive of the BioIndustry Association has been fighting on at least three fronts over the past year and is not ready to give up. Her challenges include a drop in funding for early-stage biotechnology companies, a public backlash against drug testing following the so-called "elephant man" trials in London, and an ongoing battle with animal rights protesters…. (story)

Observer 11.2.07 Veggies should eat meat, says Jackson - Liz Biggs - Champion athletec Colin Jackson has enraged vegetarians by saying that everyone should eat meat to remain at their physical peak. His comments came after he took part in a month-long experiment for a BBC TV programme . Jackson, a former world champion sprint hurdler and recent star of Strictly Come Dancing, said he felt 'physically weaker' after the month when he gave up meat. His claims are backed by leading sports scientists. His comments have reopened the debate over whether avoiding meat can damage health…. (story)

Observer 11.2.07 Factory farming breeds pestilence, suffering and death for the creatures that people incarcerate. Now the threat to human health has alerted us to the perils we ourselves have created…. Joan Court, Quaker Concern for Animals, Cambridge (story)

Sunday Times 11.2.07 Heritage fakers hold builders to ransom - DANIEL FOGGO AND ROBERT BOOTH - A GROUP that claims to campaign to protect Britain’s architectural heritage accepted a secret payment of £10,000 to drop its objections to a £16m development in a seaside town. The Euston Trust accepted the cash in return for ceasing to challenge a development in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. The scheme, which involves the demolition of a number of period properties in a conservation area, is now being built…. The Euston Trust, an unincorporated and unregulated body, is run from a north London council flat by Terence Ewing, a convicted fraudster…For one objection, relating to plans by London Underground to rebuild Camden Town station, he used the address of Sonia Hayward, an animal rights activist who was jailed for 15 months for attacking the home of the managing director of a pharmaceuticals firm. It is not known if her address was used with her knowledge… (story)


Irish Independent 10.2.07 Stag hunting as 'tradition' - Joe Barry harps on about the old urban-rural divide myth in his effort to defend and promote the so-called "sport" of stag hunting… How then would he account for the fact that a large number of farmers in County Meath, the home of stag hunting, have specifically banned it from their lands?... The brutal and idiotic sport of harassing semi-domesticated deer may be part of our tradition but then so was corporal punishment and the practise of confining single mothers in slave camps for their sins…. JOHN FITZGERALD, CALLACH, CO KILKENNY (letter)
Irish Independent 6.2.07 HUNTING: THE GREAT - DO you ever listen to the Joe Duffy liveline on RTE radio?... I always feel that the programme has a very urban bias in the way some issues are handled and this was never more obvious than in the recent Ward Union hunt and Kildalkey School controversy in Co Meath… the more I listened the more I realised how huge the urban/rural divide has become. Why on earth should schoolchildren or their parents be afraid of horses or hounds?... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 31.1.07 Saboteurs seek stag-hunt ban after incident in Co Meath (story)
Irish Independent 31.1.07 Saboteurs seek stag-hunt ban after incident in Co Meath (story)
Irish Examiner 31.1.07 Saboteurs seek stag-hunt ban after incident in Meath - Animal rights activists are renewing their calls for a ban on stag-hunting following an incident last week at a schoolyard in Co Meath. The Association of Hunt Saboteurs says a stag being chased by hunters ran into the yard of a primary school in the village of Kildalkey, terrifying several young children…. The association is now calling on the Minister for the Environment to formally ban stag-hunts and is planning a demonstration outside his offices in Dublin today to highlight the situation (story)
Irish Independent 29.1.07 Disgrace in a schoolyard - JOHN FITZGERALD, KILKENNY (letter)
Irish Examiner 27.1.07 Terror in schoolyard: let’s call off the hounds - THE scenes of terror and cruelty witnessed in the Co Meath village of Kildalkey should leave no fair-minded person in any doubt as to what stag-hunting is about. It is a throwback to the dark ages. With the stag and pursuing hounds rampaging through a primary school, distraught children were confronted by images of man’s inhumanity perpetrated by so-called sportspeople… John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.2.07 HUNT BAN WILL STAY - So Charles Henry states that he is a Christian (Your Call, February 5). Most of us are, whether we live in the city or in the countryside. The majority of people who live in this country are against hunting animals for sport.Reverend Jones does not have to live in the countryside to know that chasing a deer with hounds and letting them rip the skin off their backs is wrong and must stop…. A Palmer Dursley Gloucestershire (story)
Western Daily Press 9.2.07 HUNT BAN A REALITY - The Reverend H W Jones was right when he said we all have to change, but it seems that Giles Bradshaw is unable to accept it. He talks about the big wide world - well, it would do him good to spend some time in it, so he might learn the law of the land and leave the animals alone…. A Palmer, Dursley (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.1.07 ANTI-SLAVERY AND PRO-HUNT PARALLEL - I do believe this is twaddle to surpass all twaddle ever previously written by anyone from the animal rights fraternity.... this now proves just how unbalanced some of these animal rights protesters have become.Charles Henry, Somerset
Rather than just lashing out with yet more unjustified "banning" maybe we should consider in detail what is wrong with the Hunting Act. It's perfectly clear that it bans the wrong thing. What the law should ban, or at least regulate, is cruelty, not hunting… Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letters)
Western Daily Press 10.1.07 ANTI-SLAVERY AND PRO-HUNT PARALLEL - I Agree with the Rev H W Jones, "Differing opinions", (Your Say, January 5) that there are many striking parallels between the fight to abolish slavery and the fight to ban hunting with dogs.Those who led the slave trade were rich and influential which gave a false credibility to the activity and encouraged their supporters to be over-confident and defiant…. Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.1.07 DIFFERING OPINIONS - During the last war, I met an American serviceman from the South who blurted out that "negroes used to be our slaves, and they should be our slaves today"… Among those who owned slaves were royalty, and the Church of England… Royalty and some bishops and clergy have supported blood sports. Rev H W Jones Swindon Wiltshire (letter)

Scotsman 10.2.07 Unnecessary tail docking - I was disappointed by the one-sided approach taken by Louise Gray on the docking of dogs' tails (8 February). It is widely recognised as an unnecessary and cruel procedure… ALISTAIR LAWRIE, Chairman, SPCA, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh
I did not ban the docking of working dogs' tails on the grounds of "fighting outdated class wars", nor to make "political points" (editorial, 8 February). My only concern is animal welfare…. ROSS FINNIE, Minister for animal health and welfare, Scottish Executive (letters)

Times 10.2.07 Objections to halal killing - Your report on the school parents’ protest (Feb 9) does not say why halal slaughter is condemned — not least by the Government’s advisory Animal Welfare Council…. Many object to this exception being made in laws designed to lessen the suffering of animals. AUDREY EYTON, Canterbury (letter)

Telegraph 10.2.07 Choking on foie gras - Jan Moir (Features, February 8) rightly points out that cows, pigs and chickens that are raised for their flesh and companion animals which are abused suffer terribly, and that we must take action to end their misery. But I fail to see how their suffering makes it any more acceptable to torture ducks and geese for foie gras…. Mathew Kay, Manna Vegetarian Restaurant, London NW3 (letter)


Western Daily Press 9.2.07 ANGER AT ALLIANCE CALL TO SABOTAGE ANTI-HUNT VIDEOS BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - Hunt leaders have urged their supporters to pretend they are being harassed or assaulted by anti-hunt monitors in a bid to sabotage video evidence. The West's director of the Countryside Alliance said the astonishing tip came from a police officer, who advised the best way to scupper any video evidence taken by monitors was to make up stories about being abused by those doing the filming…. In a leaked email sent in early January and seen by the Western Daily Press, South West regional director Alison Hawes urged Countryside Alliance members, hunt staff and followers to turn the tables on monitors by pretending they have been threatened or attacked…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 9.2.07 We must stop this cruel 'sport' - The hunting of hares, foxes and deer with dogs is still legal in Northern Ireland, but with a new Assembly on the horizon, the time is ripe to introduce a ban here, urges Fionna Smyth, the Northern Ireland campaigner for the League Against Cruel Sports… It is anachronistic that at the start of the 21st century, Northern Irish society still tolerates an outmoded hobby that masquerades as tradition…. In Northern Ireland, we not only have 18 active fox hunts, but we also have the obscene Co Down Stag Hunt…. (story)

Oxford Mail 9.2.07 Nail attack on hunt monitor's car By Hayley Cover - A fox hunt monitor found a 2in nail embedded in a Mars bar and placed in front of one of her car tyres. Helen Ghalmi, from Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) was filming the hounds of the Heythrop Hunt in Milton, near Deddington, when she noticed a woman near her car…. Liz Wills, joint master of Heythrop Hunt, said: "Criminal damage is something I don't condone and I am sorry it happened… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 8.2.07 HUNT SUPPORTER CAUTIONED FOR PLANTING NAIL IN MARS BAR - A Hunt supporter has been cautioned after trying to puncture a tyre with a nail hidden in a Mars bar.The attack on a hunt monitor's car came as the Heythrop Hunt, which meets in Stow-on-the-Wold, was riding on the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire border in January…."A closer inspection revealed that the woman had placed a two-inch nail, embedded in a Mars bar, in front of one of the tyres," said Powa spokeswoman Penny Little…. The film was given to police and the woman was arrested and cautioned (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 10.2.07 FOXES DUMPED ON DOORSTEPS - Dead foxes have been dumped on the doorstep of a councillor's home and a town hall in a mystery protest.It is belived the foxes died when the building of a new cycleway at Exmouth disturbed their den. One carcass was left outside Pauline Stott's Exmouth home with a note, demanding to know who was responsible for killing five foxes on the cycleway alongside the Exe…. (story)

Sheffield Star 9.2.07 Fox hunting illustrates class divide - MY objection to fox hunting is not only because of the cruelty to the fox, or the unsporting method of using a whole pack of large dogs and dozens of horses and hunters to tear a small animal apart alive, but the eager grins on the faces of the hunters as they watch this, reminiscent of the expressions on the faces of men watching dog fighting and cock fighting, portraying a lust for violence…. The master of the Barlow Hunt said on radio that hunt protesters just want to harm hunters, saying that he is tarring the protesters with the same brush as he was obviously tarred with. The protesters only want to save the foxes from an excruciating death, they wish no harm to the hunters, to whom they show no violence… J Brown, Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11. (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 9.2.07 Cold comfort for birds - RESIDENTS in the Capital are being urged to keep an eye out for local wildlife as the predicted icy weather begins to bite. Ross Montague, from the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said some birds and animals could be taken by surprise after the so-far mild winter… (story)

Bath Chronicle 9.2.07 ANIMALS DON'T DESERVE DIGNITIES WE GIVE TO HUMANS - I'm a vegetarian, but I absolutely deplore the rights movements that pretends to assign the same dignities to an animal we reserve for our own species… Either all life is sacred, or there is an arbitrary line and it is the position of that line that you debate. Every last one of us, without exception, has squashed a few spiders in our time on this earth. Why aren't they protesting newspapers and the RAID bug-spray factory too?... I'm very much an animal lover, but the fur industry arose during the dawn of man and we were adorning ourselves with fur before there was even spoken language… Protest at every insect being squashed, and every hedge being trimmed. Define the line, define it well, and defend it instead of resorting to the dire hypocrisy that has come before. All the rights groups are right now a bunch of thugs who will resort to violence when the heart-string pulling doesn't work. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)

Cambridge Evening News 9.2.07 Poor turkeys From Mrs Tracy Okten - Buffalo Way, Cambridge - WITH all the publicity concerning the plight of the Bernard Matthews farms, with the recent bird flu outbreak, I would like to remind everyone that the only victims of this are the turkeys massacred at the hands of the capitalists…. (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 9.2.07 So long to take action over pets - WE ARE delighted to learn (RSPCA raids bungalow, Daily Echo, January 27) that the approximately 20 dogs and some cats kept by Mrs Hobblethwaite at Lynch Close, Winchester, have at last been rescued by the RSPCA… MARJORIE POOLEY, Winchester Animal Concern, Ropley, Alresford (letter)

Bromsgrove Standard 9.2.07 'Don't eat birds, don't eat eggs, dont't get bird flu!' - There is only one way to stop an H5N1 bird flu pandemic - stop eating birds and bird eggs…. Vegans eat mouth-watering food from all over the world… Rosamund Raha, Vegan Society (letter)


Times 8.2.07 Suburban worrier - The fox that likes to make himself at home - DAMIAN WHITWORTH - I had just popped a Sainsbury’s chicken jalfrezi in the microwave when the boy appeared, escaped from bed, demanding to see the Moon… As we turned for home we saw a fox. No great surprise…. Apparently pest control marksmen are shooting urban foxes by the score. I couldn’t countenance that. Half a lifetime ago, as a young, impressionable fresher, I joined the Leeds University hunt saboteurs society. I left the first meeting after ten minutes when I realised they were all spaced-out anarchists who smelled as if they had digs in a fox’s earth in Headingley. But I still have a partly romantic view of Mr Fox and want to coexist happily with him. It’s just that he seems to want to do a little more coexisting than I do… (story)

ThisIsSomerset (poss. Wells Journal) 8.2.07 HUNT BAN PROTEST RIDE - Two years ago this month the controversial hunting ban was introduced…. In Wells 4,000 people gathered in the Market Place to watch Mendip Farmers' Hunt ride through the city in protest of the ban… This week's Looking Back feature takes a look at the history of Mendip Farmers' Hunt, which is now based in Priddy…. (story)

Western Daily Press 8.2.07 CRUELTY IN THE NAME OF SPORT - If it is in an animal's welfare to terminate its life, surely this must be done in a humane manner. To chase a sick, ill or aged deer across miles of open countryside would be impossible as by definition the sick, ill or aged animal would be unable to sustain this prolonged chase…. no true animal lover would want to see any animal hunted, chased for hours then shot or torn to pieces by hounds in the name of sport. R M Morris, Minehead (letter)

North Devon Journal 8.2.07 CONCENTRATE ON REAL ISSUES, MP - I was surprised to see a picture of our MP, Nick Harvey, sporting a synthetic bearskin headdress, campaigning with pop stars and actors to alter the ceremonial uniform of the Foot Guards.I fail to understand how the Liberal Democrat defence spokesman can spend time on such an issue when the British Army has been committed by the present government in serious combat on two fronts… JEREMY SMITH-BINGHAM, Braunton (letter)
North Devon Journal 8.2.07 AMAZED TO SEE MP IN HIS BEARSKIN - WHAT ABOUT FOX? - I see that North Devon MP Nick Harvey (Journal, January 18) is supporting a campaign urging the Ministry of Defence to "go fake for the bears' sake".This is a campaign led by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to replace the wearing of real bearskins by Guards regiments… What a pity though, that the MP does not extend his concern for the welfare of the black bear to that of another furry mammal, the fox…. DANNY NEARY, Chairman, North Devon Constituency Labour Party, Dune View Park, Braunton (story)

Daily Post 8.2.07 Wildfowler stalwart dies aged 52 by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - PIERS Frampton, one of Wales’ best known wildfowlers, has died at the age of 52. The British Association of Shooting and Conservation described Mr Frampton, secretary of Wentloog Wildfowlers, South Wales, as an ambassador for all shooting sports…. (story)
Western Mail 6.2.07 Wildfowlers lose dedicated champion - Glynn Cook, Western Mail - IT IS with great sadness that I report the untimely death of Piers Frampton, secretary of Wentloog Wildfowlers. Piers was not only an enthusiastic and dedicated wildfowler but a great ambassador for all shooting sports…. (story)

Times 8.2.07 Nat Scotland go-ahead on tail-docking ban - Tail docking of dogs is to be banned in Scotland, it was confirmed yesterday…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.2.07 BAN ON DOG TAIL DOCKING CONFIRMED BY EXECUTIVE - TIM PAULING - Confirmation that the docking of dogs' tails will be banned in Scotland from the spring was greeted with howls of protest from countryside groups yesterday…. A survey carried out for the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) found that 27% of working dogs injured their tails, of which 22% of the injured dogs required surgical amputation of their tails. And surveys carried out by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation found that 70% of rural vets believe that tail-shortening of working dogs is necessary…. (story)
Telegraph 8.2.07 Scotland to impose total ban on tail docking By Kate Devlin, Scottish Political, Correspondent - Scotland will become the first part of Britain to impose a total ban on tail docking of dogs, it was announced yesterday… The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association said working dogs should have their tails removed to save them from injury… Alex Fergusson, the Conservative rural affairs spokesman, accused ministers of bringing in a "politically correct" ban….(story)
Scotsman 8.2.07 Dogs' tail-docking: the kindest cut? - LOUISE GRAY - JIM Clark's dogs are happy. You can tell that by their glossy coats, eager faces and wagging stumps… To suggest these dogs have been treated cruelly is an insult not only to Mr Clark, but to hundreds of other dog owners around Scotland who have had their dogs' tails cut short as puppies. Yet this is exactly what the Scottish Executive did yesterday, with a ban on the docking of dogs' tails, complete with the threat of a £5,000 fine and six months in jail for anyone found guilty of the offence. Not since the ban on hunting with dogs has any issue so aptly illustrated the split between town and country…. (story)
BBC News Online 7.2.07 Canine tail docking ban announced - The docking of dogs' tails in Scotland will be banned from the end of April, the Scottish Executive has announced…. Those who break the law face six months in prison or a fine of up to £5,000. Animal Health and Welfare Minister Ross Finnie said the step had not been taken lightly and had followed wide consultation…. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the British Veterinary Association (BVA), the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) and the Scottish SPCA all oppose tail docking except where a tail is injured or diseased…. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association had argued that working dogs are prone to injuring their tales in heavy undergrowth, causing them more suffering than docking… the decision was welcomed by the League Against Cruel Sports' Scotland campaigner Louise Robertson… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 8.2.07 Back the dogs, not cruel racing game - IT should come as no surprise that the greyhound left to die in Dalkeith police station was an unwanted victim of the greyhound racing industry… Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Western Gazette 8.2.07 Animal testing not best plan - IF you want to promote medical science but do not wish to inflict pain, suffering and death on animals, please read on…. If you want to move from the 19th Century style animal based research to the 21st Century cutting edge science and technology without the use of animals please contact: Dr Hadwen Trust… Anne Griffiths, Musbury Close, Marnhull (letter)

Independent 8.2.07 Joanna Lumley: Spare a thought for all those turkeys - Isn't it time to wean ourselves off cheap meat at any cost? In between the fear for our health, the victimising of wild birds, the finger-pointing at free-range poultry farmers, and the detective work on the Hungary-Bernard Matthews connection, we've spent scant time thinking about the turkeys whose carcasses are spewing out smoke from the incinerator in Staffordshire. What I've learnt about intensive turkey farming appals me… (story)

Scotsman 8.2.07 Profits from suffering - Again, a disease scare focuses attention on modern animal farming practices (your report, 6 February). It is likely to be no coincidence that the H5N1 bird flu virus has been found on one of the largest animal farms in Europe…. The products have become cheaper and cheaper, with the animals paying a price for increased efficiency. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (story)

Manchester Evening News 8.2.07 Paying the price - IF half the population was to die of bird flu, it would be no more than we deserve. For decades we have eaten cheap meat and ignored the obscene cruelty endemic in all factory farming… Anti-cruelty, Burnage (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 8.2.07 Warning for battery farms - The outbreak of bird flu in the enormous battery turkey farm in Suffolk is a wake-up call to the dangers of factory farming… B Hughes (Green Party). Swindon (letter)


Newry Democrat 7.2.07 Hunt under fire again after hounds ‘run riot’ - A WEEK after two pet cats were torn to pieces during its annual Ballymoyer hunt, the Newry Harriers have been accused of losing control of a pack of hounds, allowing the dogs to run through the streets of Bessbrook. A local source said the incident occurred shortly after 1.30pm on January 29 and resulted in a large number of hounds running loose in the Millvale Road and Main Street areas of the village before the huntsmen were able to round them up again… (story)

Western Daily Press 7.2.07 WE'RE NOT FOOLED - We all know that deer are managed perfectly well across the length and breadth of Britain without the use of hounds. Yet, Ray Bird wants us to believe that it is somehow essential for the stag hunts to use hounds to manage deer in a small part of the West Country (Your Say, February 2). Utter tosh… Gill Purser, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.2.07 HUNT BAN BAD FOR ANIMAL WELFARE - In his letter (Your Say, January 20) Jeremy Ball states that the National Trust makes him sick because it allowed hunts back on its land. As with most of the recent anti-hunt letters, his remarks were based more on prejudice than concern for animals. The trust made it perfectly clear that the hunt could pursue only sick or injured deer and to dispatch them as soon as possible…. Ray Bird, South Gloucestershire (story)
Western Daily Press 20.1.07 Villagers' views - The National Trust makes me sick. My sister persuaded me to join but I stopped when I heard that they were going to re-allow hunting on NT land. Now I will not even go into their domains…. Jeremy Bell, Martock (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.2.07 RESPECT ANIMALS - I do so agree with the letter "Hunting ban has not halted animal abuse" (Your Say, January 16). Why can't people respect animals and treat them well? Surely there is a place for us all…. Pamela Dean, Stroud (letter)

Telegraph 7.2.07 Minister urges foie gras boycott By Nicole Martin - To its admirers, foie gras is one of the gastronomic wonders of the world, yet detractors say it's a symbol of animal cruelty and gluttony. Now Ben Bradshaw, the Animal Welfare Minister, has stepped into the row over the French delicacy by urging the public to boycott it. Mr Bradshaw said banning the sale of foie gras – French for "fat liver" – would be illegal under EU laws… Mr Bradshaw's comments came in a written answer to Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South, who asked whether the Government would take steps to ban the sale and importation of foie gras. Tom Harris, of the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, which approached Mr Hancock on the issue, said: "We are really pleased to see that it has reached this level of debate and hope that public pressure will put an end to it."… (story)
Scotsman 7.2.07 Boycott 'could end foie gras' - FOIE gras cannot be banned in the UK, but a public boycott could help end its production, according to the animal welfare minister… (story)
Evening Standard 7.2.07 BOYCOTT THIS CRUEL DELICACY, SAYS MINISTER - Consumers should boycott foie gras, the delicacy produced by force-feeding geese, a senior Minister said yesterday. Ben Bradshaw said European law made it impossible to ban the sale of foie gras, which campaigners believe involves cruel methods of production. Instead, risking the wrath of the French, who regard it as part of their national heritage, the Animal Welfare Minister urged Britons to stop buying it… Tom Harris, of the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, welcomed Mr Bradshaw's comments yesterday…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 7.2.07 BIRDS TREATED BADLY - Regarding the bird flu, I am wondering if the whole situation is finally bringing to light how the poultry are treated. We are being told over and over again how the turkeys are kept indoors and never given access to daylight.And yet, look what happens! I can only hope that it brings peoples' attention to the conditions they are kept in and realise how downright unnecessary it all is…. Amanda, Healing. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 7.2.07 LET US PRAY - FOR OUR PETS - An animal-loving vicar has organised a prayer group to pray for furry and feathered members of God's flock.Cathedral Deacon the Rev Lynne Chitty believes animals like her gerbils Seaweed and Sand, and cat Eliza, are in need of a spiritual lifeline. Ms Chitty, who is also a volunteer and trustee of Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre, has started a Three Counties Ecumenical Prayer Group for Animals….(story)

Lancashire Evening Post 7.2.07 Most ducks not as lucky as Perky - Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, Viva, via email (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.2.07 FARMED DUCKS NOT AS LUCKY AS PERKY - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! (letter)
Western Mail 3.2.07 Don't eat duck - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 1.2.07 Boycott duck farms - J Kerswell. Campaigns Manager (letter)
Somerset County Gazette 1.2.07 Plucky Perky the duck - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 1.2.07 BOYCOTT DUCK MEAT AND BECOME VEGGIE - Justin Kerswell, Viva! (story)
Western Daily Press 31.1.07 NOT-SO-LUCKY BRITISH DUCKS - Few could fail to be moved by the recent story of plucky Perky the duck whose survival instincts were so strong she cheated death three times… However, sadly, most British ducks aren't so lucky. Incredibly, 19 million of them are slaughtered each year to supply our restaurants and supermarkets…. Happily, you can help restore freedom to Britain's favourite bird by boycotting duck meat and by going veggie! Justin Kerswell Campaigns manager Viva!, Bristol (story)

York Press 7.2.07 This is cruel food - TODAY, most of us in this country can afford to satisfy our taste buds and indulge in eating food which gives us pleasure…. Foie gras is "fatty liver" from ducks and geese… Despite its luxury image, foie gras is cruelly produced. If you see it served in a restaurant or sold in a shop, why not tell them of your concerns? David Boultwood, Alma Court, York. (letter)


Western Morning News 6.2.07 SORRY, BUT HUNTS ARE HERE TO STAY - I find Joan Jones' stultifying response to my interpretation of the unprecedented show of support for hunting over the holiday period nothing more than a sententious diatribe in a futile attempt at denial…. W T Sweet, Mawgan Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 30.1.07 BULLYING OUTBURST OF CLASS HATRED - Joan Jones (January 16) expresses the hope that dog fights, cock fighting and badger baiting can be eliminated; she could also have added greyhound racing… the anti-hunting campaign was undertaken by a class-ridden, bullying minority. The Bill may have succeeded in Parliament, but only because few turned up to the debate. S Chislett, South Molton (letter)
Western Morning News 16.1.07 DESPERATE DELUSIONS OF THE HUNTING FRATERNITY - I have not made a contribution to your letters for some time, but after reading the self-deluding drivel by W T Sweet, from Helston, I would like to put an opposing view.I have read a copy of the hunting Act and it seems quite straightforward. It is obvious that the hunting fraternity are so desperate to get things back to how they were that they will say anything to try to convince the public they are right…. Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Western Morning News 6.1.07 LAW'S FAILURE IS COMPLETE - The overwhelming show of support by the public to the various hunts throughout the country at the traditional Boxing Day meets can only emphasise the tremendous surge in the popularity of hunting since the imposition of the gratuitous Hunting Act in February 2005.... Never before has any law failed so completely, and before further damage is done this vindictive and spiteful legislation must be repealed and common sense and normality restored. W T Sweet Mawgan, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 6.2.07 UKIP OFFERS A RADICAL ALTERNATIVE - Your correspondent Colin Millin (January 6), seemed to think UKIP had no other agenda beyond getting us out of Europe, but I can assure him the party has a comprehensive manifesto, which I cannot adequately summarise in one letter.It is against uncontrolled immigration. It will restore local affairs to local communities… There is much more on law and order, agriculture and fisheries, defence, foreign affairs, energy, the environment and transport, dropping the identity card, repealing the hunting Act and counter-terrorism… Mrs M H Simpson, Truro (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 6.2.07 SHOULD THE HUNTING BAN BE REPEALED? - Maybe there are one or two hunts in the country that are trying real drag hunting. I suspect that most of the hunts that say the Act needs to be repealed are the same ones that pretend they've laid 'trails' through brambles/ bracken and across roads.The same hunts that take Terriermen equipped with spades and terriers, despite running a full pack, making 'Pest Control' a non-starter…. MRS Y STREET, Okehampton, Devon (story)

Western Mail 6.2.07 Our sport gives forests a shot in the arm - Paddy Rooney, Western Mail - A RECENT parliamentary report on the state of British forests found that half of them were in a derelict condition following years of neglect… The naturalist and broadcaster Dr David Bellamy has attributed the decline to the reduction in the number of gamekeepers and ghillies who have the practical knowledge to keep woodlands healthy…. A peer-reviewed independent study of shooting in Britain has recently drawn overdue attention to the environmentally-beneficial impact of the sport…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 6.2.07 Dead dog was ex-racing star - MICHAEL BLACKLEY - THE GREYHOUND which was left to die of thirst in a Lothians police station was an ex-racing dog whose successful career had apparently been ended by injury, animal welfare campaigners said today. The three-year-old, known as Bushmills Major, had won several races on tracks across the north of England before its final run late last year…. Amanda Wells, who lives in Haddington and is chair of Greyhound Action Scotland, said: "Looking at the dog's race history it looks like it suffered a severe injury during its last licensed race at Pelaw Grange because it didn't manage to complete it…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 6.2.07 Scientists work on bird flu vaccine for humans - SCIENTISTS in Cambridge are working to develop a vaccine to counter a potential bird flu pandemic. The news comes as the cull of almost 160,000 birds at the Bernard Matthews turkey farm in Holton, Suffolk, which suffered an outbreak of the potentially deadly H5N1 form of bird flu, was completed at just after 8.35pm last night…. Meanwhile, animal rights activists in Cambridge have been quick to claim the treatment of farmed turkeys is to blame for the recent outbreak of bird flu. Joan Court, from Quaker Concern for Animals, said: "Factory farming breeds pestilence, suffering and death for the sentient creatures we incarcerate…. Her views were echoed by Pat Griffin from Animal Aid Cambridge… (story)

Western Mail 6.2.07 Approval for animal rights ad is wrong - Dai Davies, NFU Cymru - THE Advertising Standards Authority has failed to uphold complaints about a campaign by animal rights group Peta, that claimed feeding meat to children was tantamount to child abuse. NFU Cymru was one of a number of organisations and members of the public who complained to the ASA about the campaign when it was launched last year…. We cannot accept this ruling and will be lodging a request for an independent review at the earliest opportunity (story)
NewsWales 25.1.07 Wales NFU anger at anti-meat campaign - NFU Cymru has said the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made a totally incomprehensible decision in failing to uphold complaints about the animal rights activist group PETA\s advertising campaign in which it claimed feeding meat to children was tantamount to child abuse…. (story)
Guardian 24.1.07 Watchdog clears campaigning ads - Mark Sweney - Two controversial ads by campaigning groups - one that said feeding children meat was child abuse, and a spoof supposedly showing the airline industry lampooning climate change - have been cleared by the ad watchdog despite receiving a series of complaints. The first press and poster ad was created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)… The Peta poster campaign - which used the strapline "feeding kids meat is child abuse" - received 67 complaints, on the grounds that the campaign was irresponsible, trivialised child abuse or was misleading. The ASA cleared the ad on all counts, stating that they believed it would not cause widespread offence, and that consumers understood that meat alone did not cause obesity…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 24.1.07 Peta cleared over 'child abuse' ad - MORE than 60 complaints that a poster by animal rights charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals trivialised child abuse have been rejected… (story)
Western Morning News 14.10.06 ANGER OVER 'MEAT IS CHILD ABUSE' ADVERT - MARK CLOUGH - Farmers and food producers in the Westcountry are furious about an animal rights group's advertising campaign which equates feeding meat to children with child abuse.The claim is made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) in a poster campaign showing a fat boy about to bite into a burger. Underneath the picture is the statement "Feeding kids meat is child abuse", then, "Fight the fat - Go veg"…. The Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates advertising in Britain, said yesterday it had received around 30 complaints about the poster… A spokesman for Peta said the campaign would continue despite the offence caused to some people. (story)
Daily Mail 12.10.06 Feeding children meat is abuse, says animal rights group - An animal rights group has launched an advertising campaign which says that feeding children meat is equivalent to child abuse. Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) placed the advert in Easington, County Durham, following research which named it England's fattest town.... (story)
BBC News Online 7.10.06 Poster links meat and child abuse - A poster linking meat eating with child abuse has been unveiled by an animal rights group in a County Durham town named as a national obesity blackspot. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) says it has targeted Easington because its obesity rate is 22% above the national average…. Anita Singh, from Peta, said: "The damage caused by a meat-based diet is like a ticking time bomb in kids. Vegetarian kids are slimmer, have more energy, get better grades and are all-around better off than their meat-eating peers." (story)

Western Morning News 6.2.07 RELEASING BADGERS IS DONE SAFELY - I cannot explain why the RSPCA was releasing badgers into a particular area (article, January 11) - but I can explain the confidence that these badgers were not infected.Bovine TB is a cattle disease, but no one in their right mind would say that badgers cannot catch it. The reason many people argue against the culling of infected badgers is because science has proved it does not work… Pauline Kidner, Founder Secret World Wildlife Rescue (letter)


Somerset County Gazette 5.2.07 Hunts in joint meet By Chris Alder - DOZENS of hunt followers turned out for a rare joint meet of two packs of hounds on Saturday. The Exmoor Foxhounds and the Minehead Harriers gathered at the Culbone Stables Inn, near Porlock, on Saturday…. (story)

Northern Echo 5.2.07 ANIMAL SLAUGHTER - SHECHITA is the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food. J Moffatt (HAS, Feb 1) is wrong to claim that it is "barbaric"…. - David Russell, Shechita UK, London. (letter)
Northern Echo 1.2.07 FOIE GRAS - YORK councillor Paul Blanchard wants to ban the French delicacy foie gras from the city's restaurants on the grounds of animal cruelty. If he is serious about compassionate and ethical farming, then I hope he will also be campaigning against halal and kosher meat being served in the city… J Moffatt, Chilton, Co Durham (letter)

Bath Chronicle 5.2.07 WHY I SUPPORT THE FUR PROTEST - Further to the recent story about the anti-fur protest and the letter supporting the protest, I would like to add my support to the protesters…. MAUREEN HOLTUM, Hantone Hill, Bathampton, Bath (letter)

Liverpool Daily Post 5.2.07 Animal ambush - IT WAS upsetting to hear about the animal rescue worker who dropped his keys while delivering animals, and was ambushed by a group of youths who demanded £50 from him for their return…. The worker is very dedicated and does a lot of work on Merseyside, rescuing and rehoming animals and does not need the stress and upheaval these irresponsible youths have caused…. J Rigby L13 (story)


Western Daily Press 3.2.07 THEY KILLED FOX IN MY GARDEN - A leading hunt is being investigated by police after its hounds killed a fox in a pensioner's garden. The Beaufort Hunt blamed the killing of a fox in Sherston, Wiltshire, on strong winds which blew the legal trail scent further away…. (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 2.2.07 Police investigate hunt after fox is killed By Tina Robins - A POLICE investigation has been launched after hounds from the Beaufort Hunt caught and killed a fox in the garden of a Sherston woman…. (story)
Mirror 29.1.07 HORROR AS ROYAL HUNT SAVAGES FOX - Riders 'watch' as hounds tear into animal in garden - Exclusive by Tom Parry - PRINCE Charles's favourite hunt is facing a police probe after its hounds ripped apart a fox in a family's back garden. Homeowner Gwen Butler looked on in horror as the dogs savaged the cornered animal. Hunt supporters who witnessed the killing apparently did nothing to prevent the sick spectacle…. Members of the Beaufort Hunt are now set to be quizzed by police following Saturday's attack in Sherston, Wilts. A hunt spokeswoman said: "I understand that it was a very windy day and the trail scent obviously drifted….” (story)

Belfast Telegraph 3.2.07 Owner's agony as pet cats torn apart by hunt hounds trespassing on private land By Linda McKee - Animal cruelty campaigners have expressed their shock after hounds ripped two domestic cats to pieces as a hunt trespassed on private land in south Armagh. Householder Anne Keown said she had been having nightmares ever since witnessing the horrific attack by a team of hounds outside her home. And USPCA spokesman David Wilson said the Newry Harriers hunt simply should not have been on the property…. Mrs McKeown told the BBC's Talkback programme how she was having lunch with a friend when she heard howling outside…. (story)
Newry Democrat 31.1.07 Hounds rip pet cats to pieces - A SOUTH Armagh woman has described the horrific scene as her pet cats were ripped to pieces by a pack of hounds while huntsmen looked on, writes Donal O’Reilly. Anne McKeown also accused up to 20 members of the Newry Harriers, accompanied by as many as 40 hounds, of trespassing on her six acres of land and damaging hedges and gates during their annual Ballymoyer Forest hunt…. Fionna Smyth of the Northern Ireland branch of the League Against Cruel Sports said she was disgusted by the incident…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.2.07 HOMES PLAN AT STABLE SITE - Developers Mendwest wants to convert the stables of the Fernie Hunt into homes… The hunt has its kennels on the other side of Nether Green. Joe Cowen, joint hunt master, said: "We are aware of the development proposals." (story)

Irish Independent 3.2.07 Vicious dogs live while the greyhound is killed - The appalling attack on a young girl by a fighting dog points to a terrible irony in Irish animal ownership. Why is it that these genetically engineered killers are considered valuable and status symbols… while the… passive and lovable greyhound, is put death by the thousand every year by breeders and syndicate owners? GORDON KENNEDY, GLASNEVIN, D9 (letter)

Scotsman 3.2.07 Animal-based agriculture - As a species, we should stop all animal-based agriculture on an international scale. The recent report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Livestock's Long Shadow, makes it clear that the production of animals for food is contributing to global warming…. JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Guardian 3.2.07 PETA Workers Cleared of Animal Cruelty By SAMUEL SPIES - A jury cleared two animal rights workers of animal cruelty charges Friday for euthanizing cats and dogs they took from shelters, but both were convicted of littering for dumping the carcasses in a trash bin. Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook, two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were cleared of eight misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Hinkle also was found not guilty on three felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 28.1.07 Peta workers 'dumped 80 dead animals in skip' By Jacqui Goddard in Miami, Sunday Telegraph - For 27 years, it has sought to highlight alleged animal rights abuses through often shocking campaigns. But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), the controversial animal "rights" charity, is now horrifying people for an entirely different reason as two of its own workers face accusations of secretly killing dogs and cats. In a case that has dismayed the organisation's followers and delighted its critics, Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook are accused of collecting animals from rescue shelters on the pretext of finding them homes, then giving them lethal injections and dumping their bodies in a supermarket rubbish skip…. (story)
Telegraph 18.10.05 Animal rights staff on cruelty charges By Francis Harris in Washington - Two employees of a militant animal rights group… have been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said its staff in North Carolina did nothing wrong when they allegedly took animals from local shelters and injected them with fatal doses of pentobarbital. The charges state that Peta employees Andrew Cook, 24, and Adria Hinkle, 27, then dumped the corpses in the bins of a supermarket in Ahoskie, North Carolina…. Local animals shelters said they had been handing cats and dogs to Peta for at least two months on the understanding that some would be found new homes. Instead it is alleged that the stray animals were driven off, killed and thrown into the bins in plastic bags… (story)


Henley Standard 2.2.07 Putting people off the scent? - It is nice to read in the Standard that a variety of equestrian activities can be enjoyed in our area…. What puzzles me is that, while trail hunting is claimed to be the current activity occupying hunters and their followers, not only is the scent apparently derived from fox secretions, but it is laid along or across busy roads, close to human habitation and through woodland that provides nought in the way of observation for followers or the body or riders left waiting away from the activity — just as in the bad old days of actual fox hunting…. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington. (letter may be in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 2.2.07 HUNTER DIES AT FOX SHOOT AFTER TRIPPING - A 23-YEAR-old man has died in what appears to have been a shooting accident while out shooting foxes. Daniel Willetts is thought to have tripped over and accidentally discharged his firearm. He suffered serious injuries to his head and face but managed to call the emergency services from a field at Stanley Common, near Ilkeston, where he had been out "lamping"… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 2.2.07 NO VARIETY OF ABUSE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER - The Telegraph asks "is the traditional shooting of a bird any more or less humane than the mass farming methods of today?" When it is all boiled down, surely it is not about whether one form of animal abuse is better or worse than another, it is about abuse per se…. In my opinion, people who kill for sport, which game shooting is, lack empathy with other living beings, their awareness extending no further than themselves… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (story)

Guardian 2.2.07 Oxford back in court over animal lab - An animal rights campaigner facing jail over his failure to produce an email list of subscribers told the high court today that it had been moved to the US, outside his control. Robert Cogswell and fellow Speak co-founder Mel Broughton are fighting a bid by the University of Oxford to jail them for their alleged contempt of an order made by Mr Justice Gibbs in October directing that they disclose an electronic copy of the email address list in full within two days… (story)
BBC News Online 2.2.07 Animal rights protester wins case - Oxford University has lost its contempt of court action against an animal rights campaigner over his failure to produce an e-mail list of subscribers. Co-founder of Speak, Robert Cogswell, had been ordered to hand over the list but said it was outside of his control…. Mr Justice King said Mr Cogswell had not wilfully breached the court order…. In his ruling, the judge found that although Mr Cogswell knew he was ordered to disclose the list and took no step to obtain it, he had no means of effectively compelling the data controller to hand it over…. (story)
Oxford Mail 1.2.07 Lab demo pair face jail over email - (story)
Oxford Times 1.2.07 Lab demo pair face jail - TWO anti-vivisection campaigners could be jailed for contempt of court today for failing to hand over a list of supporters' emails to Oxford University. The High Court proceedings against Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton, members of Speak, originate from a request by solicitors for the university, which was granted a temporary order banning Speak publicising the names of companies involved in building the £20m animal research laboratory in South Parks Road…. (story)
Times 30.1.07 Activists accused - Activists who are trying to stop an animal testing laboratory being built at Oxford University face contempt of court charges. Mel Broughton and Robert Cogswell were accused in the High Court of not handing over supporters’ e-mail addresses to the university’s lawyers… (story)
Oxford Times 30.1.07 Animal rights case delayed - TWO animal rights campaigners accused of contempt of court must return to the High Court on Thursday after their hearing was adjourned yesterday. Speak members Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton are accused of flouting a court order… (story)
Oxford Times 20.1.07 Animal rights pair to face court By Phil Vinter - TWO animal rights campaigners accused of contempt of court by failing to release the email addresses of 700 supporters will face court at the end of the month. Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton were due to appear in the High Court on Tuesday, December 19, but proceedings were postponed and the pair will return to the High Court on Monday, January 29….(story)
Oxford Mail 12.12.06 Lab protesters face contempt charge - Two members of the animal rights group Speak could be sent to prison for refusing to provide a list of email addresses of its 700 supporters. Robert Cogswell, left, and Mel Broughton have been summoned to appear at the High Court in London next Tuesday charged with contempt.Mr Cogswell said the contempt proceedings followed an order issued by Mr Justice Gibbs on October 19, banning Speak from naming the construction company it believed is building Oxford University's £18m animal research laboratory, in South Parks Road.... (story)

Post & Times 2.2.07 STOP TESTING ON MONKEYS - Uttoxeter Mep Liz Lynne is urging as many local organisations as possible to join her campaign for new laws to forbid what she describes as 'the barbaric practice' of using monkeys, gorillas and other primates in scientific experiments… (story)

Ham & High 2.2.07 Religious row erupts as school goes Halal - ANGRY parents have accused school governors of meddling in meals and denying their children the right to choose. Kingsgate primary school in West Hampstead has decided to only serve up Halal meat for school dinners because around three quarters of the pupils are Muslim. Monday night's decision follows consultation with parents in which 77 per cent responded in favour of going Halal. But parent Jacqueline Gomm from West End Lane said she was shocked by the decision…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.2.07 FUR IS FLYING - Animal rights groups have been accused of hurling abuse and throwing stink bombs as part of anti-fur protests against a Bath fashion shop.Members of Bath Animal Action also spat and vandalised a sign, it has been claimed… (story)
Bath Chronicle 1.2.07 FUR PROTEST ACTIVISTS BLAME YOB BEHAVIOUR ON ROGUES- An Animal rights group says rogue elements are turning their anti-fur protest into a campaign of intimidation. Demonstrators from Bath Animal Action have been accused of hurling abuse, spitting, throwing stink bombs and vandalising a sign as part of their push to make a fashion shop fur-free….One campaigner, who would only give her name as Carla, said members were worried their organisation was being brought into disrepute by people using the protest as a vehicle for their own ends. "We held an emergency meeting to find out what happened on Sunday," she said. "We are a peaceful, non-violent organisation and want people to know us as such… (story)
Bath Chronicle 30.1.07 PROTEST FORCES OWNER TO BARRICADE BOUTIQUE - A Businesswoman has spoken of her terror after she says she was subjected to a torrent of abuse and forced to barricade herself inside her own shop. Eleonora Browne and her staff at Bath boutique AH Moda, in Shires Yard, were forced to lock customers in when demonstrators from Bath Animal Action descended on their shop on Sunday afternoon. They say protesters also spat at them, called them 'scum', scrawled swear-words on one of their signs and let off three stink bombs outside their shop…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 27.1.07 … Anti-fur campaigners are staging protests outside a Bath shop in a bid to force its owners not to stock rabbit fur fashion items. Bath Animal Action is protesting against the policies of AH-Moda in Milsom Street…. I too stopped and signed the petition, and can't imagine anyone being intimidated by the smiling faces of the demonstrators who did their best not to cause obstruction on a busy footpath… Pat Sommer, central Bath
I recently altered a jacket that had a fur collar. When I looked at the label, the jacket was made in China and they stated that the fur was 'lapin'… Julia Underhill, Bath (letters)
Bath Chronicle 25.1.07 ANTI-FUR PROTEST OUTSIDE BOUTIQUE - Anti-fur campaigners are staging protests outside a Bath shop in a bid to force its owners not to stock rabbit fur fashion items.Bath Animal Action has mounted several demonstrations against AH-Moda in Shires Yard and called for a boycott by shoppers… A protester, who wanted to be known only as Carla, denied the group had set off stink bombs. "The police did speak to one protester who was holding up an image of skinned mink and refused to stop showing it," she said….(story)

Petersfield Herald 2.2.07 Foie gras campaign targets eateries - A Campaigning animal-welfare group is urging diners in Petersfield to boycott restaurants serving foie gras. The move came after Viva! claimed that two restaurants in the town had what Viva described as “torture in a tin” on their menus. And now Viva! group members have written to The Kitchen, in The Square, and JSW, in Dragon Street, urging them to drop foie gras from their menus immediately… (story)


Western Mail 1.2.07 Tory spin doctors 'lying over hunt takeover' claim - Martin Shipton, Western Mail - AN EMBARRASSING row involving homophobia and allegations of a local party takeover by hunt supporters reached a new level yesterday as a deselected candidate accused Welsh Conservative "spin doctors" of lying. John Jenkins was deselected by David Cameron a year ago, within 24 hours of being selected as the party's Assembly candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire… Recently the Tory association at Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire has been in turmoil over allegations that hunt supporters have infiltrated the party and taken it over…. Yesterday Mr Jenkins, who now sits as an independent councillor on Carmarthenshire County Council, sent an open letter to the Welsh Conservatives' current chairman Lyndon Jones…. "The Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Conservative Association has been 'democratically taken over' by supporters of the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Mr Simon Hart. …" (story)

Clonmel Nationalist 1.2.07 Coursing's E16m boost for town - Clonmel's economy is gearing up for a €16m windfall next week as thousands of coursing fans from all over the world descend on the town to watch the best greyhounds in the sport compete for honours. The National Coursing Meeting, now in its 82nd year, kicks off at Powerstown Park Racecourse on Monday morning and continues until Wednesday afternoon when the finals will be staged. An even bigger contingent of coursing followers from the UK are expected to visit Clonmel and its surrounding communities for this year's festival due to the ban on the sport in Britain…. (story)

Irish Examiner 1.2.07 Stag story takes wing - I WISH to express my disgust at the incident at a primary school in Co Meath where a stag was chased into the playground by hounds, followed by hunters…. Patricia Hennessy, Cushendall, Old Blackrock Road (letter)

Hartlepool Mail 1.2.07 No excuse for cruelty - I WOULD like to thank the Mail for the excellent high-profile article featured recently in connection with the beheaded foxes. The fact that it occurred at all is horrendous. I have no doubt other heinous crimes are committed against the animal kingdom which are not reported…. Kath Threlfall, Tunstall Avenue, Hartlepool. (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.2.07 FOX DEATH PROBE HALTED - No one will be prosecuted over allegations a fox was beaten to death by a member of a shooting party led by the Duke of Edinburgh, the RSPCA has said…. (story)
Daily Record 25.1.07 PRINCE'S HUNT FOX DEATH IS PROBED - THE RSPCA are to probe claims that a fox was stamped to death after being shot by a hunting group led by Prince Philip… (story)
Daily Mail 25.1.07 RSPCA cruelty probe into fox death on royal shoot - Police and the RSPCA have begun an investigation into allegations of animal cruelty involving a shooting party which included Prince Philip…(story)
Mirror 22.1.07 CHARGE HIM - Wounded fox brutally beaten to death at a royal shoot By Aidan Mcgurran - FURIOUS animal rights campaigners are demanding that a man with Prince Philip's shooting party is charged with animal cruelty after stomping on an injured fox…. Andrew Tyler, director of charity Animal Aid, said: "It is outrageous that Prince Philip and his pals carried on shooting for fun while it was in its agonised death throes. I would certainly like to see a prosecution."… (story)
Sunday Times 21.1.07 Pest control — Sandringham style - This fox never stood a chance when it had a brush with the guns at Prince Philip’s shooting party yesterday, writes Maurice Chittenden. First it was blasted by one of eight people taking part in the shoot on the Sandringham estate. Then, as it lay wounded, it raised itself to snarl at a gundog, so a gamekeeper beat it over the head with a flag used to signal to the beaters…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 21.1.07 'I say, we only winged the blighter. Will somebody finish it off?' By Andrew Alderson and Jasper Copping, Sunday Telegraph - The Duke of Edinburgh was at the centre of an animal cruelty row yesterday after a fox was clubbed to death with a flagpole during a royal shoot…. Andrew Tyler, the director of the charity Animal Aid, said: "This poor fox should not have been killed in the first place. But it is outrageous that Prince Philip and his pals carried on shooting for fun while it was in its agonised death throes."… (story)
Sunday People 21.1.07 FURY AS PHILIP 'LEAVES FOX TO DIE IN AGONY' - ANIMAL rights groups are demanding an RSPCA probe into a hunt led by Prince Philip. They claim his party shot a fox and left it to die in agony while they carried on killing birds….(story)

Berwickshire News 1.2.07 Angling gives £18 million boost to Borders economy - FISHING on the River Tweed now brings in £18 million a year to the Borders economy…. This latest report, "Economic impact from angling in the Tweed river system", was commissioned by the River Tweed Commission and conducted by leading financial consultants SQW Ltd… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 1.2.07 TEEN ON BADGER CHARGES - A 19-year-old man has been charged on suspicion of digging into a badger sett in Stroud.The man was arrested after a joint police and RSPCA operation…. Gloucestershire Badger Group also took part in the swoop that led to the initial arrest of five teenagers near the old railway line at Dudbridge on January 3…. Tony Dean, from Gloucestershire Badger Group, urged people who live near badger setts to keep watch for any unusual activity…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 5.1.07 FIVE ARRESTED IN SUSPECTED BADGER DIGGING - A Joint police and RSPCA swoop has captured five people on suspicion of digging into a badger sett at Stroud.... Gloucestershire Badger Group also took part in the operation that led to the arrests near the old railway line on Wednesday morning.... Tony Dean, from Gloucestershire Badger Group, urged people who live near badger setts to keep watch for any unusual activity... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 1.2.07 Man 'targeted' after shooting dog - AN ESSEX man claims he is being targeted by animal rights protesters who are angry he shot a woman's “out of control” pet dog. John Sait has been the subject of demonstrations and protests in Brightlingsea after he shot a German Shepherd dog on a field in Thorrington, which later died…. A statement issued by a supporter of Mr Sait, who did not want to be named, claimed he had been surrounded by three large German Shepherd dogs…. “As they came back to attack for the third time he [Mr Sait] fired into the ground to deter them as he was concerned for the safety of the landowner who was with him, also for himself and his young dog.”… But Jan Middleton, owner of the dead German Shepherd dog, described Mr Sait's shooting of her beloved pet as “hideous”…. Val Oliver, a member of the East Anglia Animal Rights Coalition who attended one of the demonstrations, said: “I believe that justice has not been done in this case….” (story)

Banbury Guardian 1.2.07 As an ex-Banburian I still read the local papers with interest. I was horrified to read that Mabel Warner at the Wigginton Waterfowl Sanctuary is breeding rabbits for sale…. What is happening at Wigginton Sanctuary is nothing short of exploitation of innocent animals. Tony Smith, Dorridge, Solihull (letter)

BBC News Online 1.2.07 Some sausages are more equal than others By Megan Lane - With organic meat now readily available, vegetarians who once shunned flesh because of concerns about factory farming find their resolve weakening. Mine has…. Organic or not, a Vegetarian Society spokeswoman says hardcore vegetarians will not weaken their resolve…. (story)