February 2008

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Western Morning News 29.2.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Halifax Evening Courier 29.2.08 Watching the hunt helped me decide - Brian T. Overbury-Crowther, Woodroyd Gardens, Luddenden Foot. IN recent months we have seen in Your say correspondence which touches upon the controversial subject of fox hunting. As we are all aware there are two distinct camps which this subject falls into, those for hunting and those against. I count myself in the latter group, having been a horse rider for many years and residing within earshot of one the the country's most famous hunts… (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 27.2.08 Thugs who want to kill hunting - Gordon Thorpe, Heatherdale, Wheatley, Halifax - May I reply to the letter by Paul Timpson, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, headlined "How can hunters justify hare coursing?" (Your say, February 7)? "Sabbing" is an illegal activity carried out by mindless thugs in balaclavas and the demise of hunts and their supporters is their aim. Animal welfare is not their prime goal as they use chemical sprays in hounds' faces and attack horses... (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 22.2.08 We hunters act within the law - PAUL Timpson, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, must have got quite agitated to produce such a rant ("How can hunters justify hare coursing?", Your say, February 7). He really ought to watch his blood pressure. Learning more about the subject before rushing into print might also be a good idea.... C. J. Horsman, Rochdale Road, Halifax (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 19.2.08 Pro-hunters' appalling behaviour - C. J. Horsman ("Find out the truth about hunting", Your say, February 8) describes my reply to his earlier letter as "vitriolic claptrap". I imagine that he will view this similarly... I have been peaceably monitoring hunts for 14 years, from the roadside... Every season since the ban we have been subjected to such appalling behaviour that police have cautioned hunt followers many times. At this very moment, one is on police bail … Peter Bunce, Church End, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 8.2.08 Find out the truth about hunting - AFTER reading the vitriolic claptrap served up by Peter Bunce ("Hunting: how can they defend it?", Your say, January 26) the first thing that occurred to me was that the name sounded familiar and after a quick look through some papers I confirmed by thoughts. It seems that Mr Bunce is a well-known protester and animal rights activist.... I will grant Mr Bunce a knowledge of gross distortion and misinformation; after all they are the stock in trade of the anti-hunting and animal rights lobby…. I invite anyone who would like to know more, whatever their views, to come along to the game fairs and country shows this summer and ask questions and meet the people, horses and hounds involved… C J Horsman, Rochdale Road, Halifax (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 7.2.08 How can hunters justify hare coursing? - I READ the letter headlined "Hunting: how can they defend it?"…. I would love anyone from the hunting community to give me just one reason why they hunt hares on the moors around Holmfirth…. Paul Timpson, (North West Hunt Saboteurs' Association) PO Box 239, Manchester (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 28.1.08 Hunting: how can they defend it? - C J Horsman states (Your say, January 16) with apparent authority that Lord Burns said "You ask if hunting is cruel. The short answer is 'No'."… I won't bother to go into the many others which litter his letter but, having studied the theory and practice for 14 years, including attending the Burns inquiry, I know that hunting with dogs is unequivocally just a bloodsport with the added disgrace of much anti-social behaviour…. Peter Bunce, Church End, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 22.1.08 Let the pro-hunters be the prey - T Shaw, York Terrace, Akroydon, Halifax - I FEEL I must reply to the stupid letter by Gordon Thorpe ("Go on: prove that hunting is cruel", Your say, January 8). How absurd. I once suggested to another killing addict that, as it was not cruel, would he like to be the prey?... (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 17.1.08 Hunting is actually humane sport - Gordon Thorpe, Heatherdale Close, Halifax - I READ Rory Fellingham-Webb's letter headlined "My challenge on cruelty to foxes"... Putting human emotions to animals shows you watch to much Disney.... To Miss C Smith ("We should show mercy to animals", Your say, January 14) the words "compromise welfare" are not the same as "cruel"..... (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 16.1.08 Report stated hunting is not cruel - C J Horsman, Rochdale Road, Halifax - I SEE that Miss C Smith is still misquoting the Burns Report in the furtherance of anti-hunting propaganda….I would remind Miss Smith and others what Lord Burns said in summing up his report: "You ask if hunting is cruel. The short answer is 'no'." This is a matter of public record and can be checked. C J Horsman (story)
Halifax Evening Courier 15.1.08 My challenge on cruelty to foxes - Gordon Thorpe challenges J. B. Thwaite to prove that hunting is cruel ("Go on: prove that hunting is cruel", Your say, January 8). Obviously without asking a fox what it is feeling while being chased we will not scientifically be able to say. However what I will challenge Mr Thorpe to do is to meet me in a woodland or meadow of his choice. After a short start I shall release a pack of baying dogs to chase and rip apart Mr Thorpe... Rory Fellingham-Webb, Spring Lane, Greetland. (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 14.1.08 We should show mercy to animals - IT has been asserted that hunting with hounds is not cruel. But may I say that we are human beings capable of mercy and compassion. Where are these qualities when we see an exhausted animal fleeing desperately for its life and actually naming it sport?... (Miss) C. Smith, Norfolk Place, Halifax. (letter)

West Cumberland Times & Star 29.2.08 Why should police choose what law to uphold? - THE HUNTING Act is the law of the land and should be treated as such by the police. Why should they be allowed to pick and choose which law they uphold?... Melbreak hunt spokesman, John Vickers, claims there have been a few natural deaths amongst the hounds. That, of course, means they are no longer of use because they have become middle aged, so will have been shot. It is in exceptional circumstances that a hound is allowed to live out its natural lifespan; they are merely disposal commodities…. ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow, Wigton (letter)

Newark Advertiser 29.2.08 Urban foxes pose minimal threat - Afraid of foxes? Well, if your fear is based on the story, Couple Fear Fox Family (Advertiser, February 22) you really shouldn’t be. The notion that seven adult foxes would share an earth, or den, is outlandish.... For 45 years, London has had a stable, permanent fox population of around 5,000.... We know of only one dog death in the past ten years — a chihuahua pup that even the owner believed the fox mistook for a rat — and only a handful of cats. There have even been stories of foxes attacking children, though none have stood up to investigation.... TREVOR WILLIAMS, director, The Fox Project, Kings Toll Road, Pembury, Kent
I read with interest about the presence of urban foxes in gardens on Lincoln Road, Newark... I was aware of their presence some weeks ago when a neighbour said she had been frequently woken up during the night... I have now been on the receiving end of their appetites by finding large quantities of chicken feathers in my garden and holes dug at various points.... I would welcome a statement from Kelham Hall explaining what is to be done and the statutory rules that apply. DAVID COWLISHAW, Lincoln Road, Newark
Cruel claims - Here we go again with more anti-fox propaganda (Couple Fear Fox Family, Advertiser, February 22). I’m sick of hearing unsubstantiated claims against the much persecuted fox population... JUDI HEWITT, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letters probably only on website for a week)
Newark Advertiser 22.2.08 Couple fear fox family By ELIZABETH HAMBIDGE - A couple say they are concerned for the safety of their pets after a family of foxes moved into a neighbouring garden. Mr and Mrs Clifford Hey of Lincoln Road, Newark, said they believed seven foxes were living under a garden shed and were concerned they could harm their two small bichon frise dogs... “I rang the district council three times last week and they said the foxes weren’t a problem and would move on, but obviously they haven’t.... (story)

Northern Times 29.2.08 Response to last week's 'hunting hawks' story - THE following statement has been issued by Jennifer and Hugh Haggarty in response to our front page story last week (Hunting hawks putting walkers off their stride): "In that article unsubstantiated allegations by Ms Thomson were aired... 1. It is completely legal to use hawks to cull rabbits. 2. Since October 2007 we have hosted only four falconry parties and have used the land Ms Thomson refers to on a maximum of seven days. Her claim therefore of falconers being there 'on an almost daily basis' is quite simply wrong. 3. We never use the land at weekends.... (story)
Northern Times 22.2.08 Hunting hawks putting walkers off their stride - GROUPS of foreign visitors on package falconry holidays to Sutherland are turning parts of Brora into no-go areas, a local dog walker claimed this week. Isabella Thomson, 10 Uppat Place, Brora, says the falconers are using birds of prey and ferrets on an almost daily basis to catch rabbits over popular recreational areas in the village... "I am in agreement with a rabbit cull, but what I am not in agreement with is the method. It is barbaric. You can hear the rabbits screaming. It is totally unacceptable."... (story)

Newark Advertiser 29.2.08 Circus delight - In reply to the letter, Circus Visit Pricks Family Conscience (News Views, February 22) I would like to say that my family has been involved in the breeding and showing of stock for many years. It gives me pleasure to say that we visited and enjoyed The Great British Circus at Newark Showground.... Horses, camels and llamas have been domesticated and trained for various reasons for a very long time. Animals with a purpose are happy, bored ones are not.... JEAN FLINTON, Chapel Lane, Aslockton (letter may only be on website for a week)
Newark Advertiser 23.2.08 Circus visit pricks family conscience - Circus visit pricks family conscience - We are a family that love animals and were dubious about taking our eight-year-old twins to a circus with animals. However, so that we could make an informed decision, we decided to go to the one at Newark Showground. I have to say we were all extremely upset and disturbed by what we saw. We didn’t get any pleasure or have fun by seeing animals perform unnatural tricks for our so-called entertainment.... — (Drs) GREG and NATASHA MOYSE, Authorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire (letter may only be on website for a week)


Somerset Guardian 28.2.08 HUNT LEGISLATION IS WORKING - The third anniversary of the ban on hunting passed last week with predictable calls from pro-hunt supporters for the law to be repealed.Ever since I can remember, hunters have said anything and everything to try to justify their peculiar desire to enjoy inflicting pain. What they won't tell the world is that they keep on losing the arguments, whether at the Cambridge University debating society earlier this month or in the latest opinion polls... As ever, I welcome constituents' views about hunting with hounds and effective means of enforcing the ban. Please email me at dan@dannorris.org.uk or write to me at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA (story)

Western Mail 28.2.08 Hunting ban was simply class war – At last a Labour MP has told the truth. Martyn Jones, MP for Clwyd South, in reference to the hunting ban was quoted as saying, “It is an act which signalled the end to a cruel and outdated form of upper-class enjoyment,” (Western Mail, February 19). This was never really about cruelty – this was a class war... ANNABELLE TRAHERNE, Coedarhydyglyn, Cardiff (letter)

Shropshire Star 28.2.08 Support for ban on hunting is strong - Overwhelming public support for the hunting ban ridicules opposition’s call for repeal. New polling figures released on the third anniversary of the ban on hunting with dogs reveal that the vast majority of people do not want hunting wild animals - foxes, deer and hare - with dogs to be made legal again... Judi Hewitt, North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (letter)

Walsall Advertiser 28.2.08 END OF THE LINE FOR FISHING PROJECT - BOBBY BRIDGE - Schoolchildren hooked on a pioneering fishing scheme to tackle anti-social behaviour have had their funding line cut. The Catch 'Em Young scheme encouraged Walsall school pupils aged 11 to 15 to stay away from crime and unruly behaviour via the tranquil sport of fishing... "It's a really unfortunate situation," said PC Robbins. "Here we have a scheme which is clearly very successful, but for one reason or another the funding isn't available any more... (story)

Stafford Post 28.2.08 'Why save bank and not post offices' - A leading local campaigner fighting to keep our rural post office network alive has slammed the government for pouring billions-of-pounds into beleaguered bank Northern Rock. Clare Rowson, the Countryside Alliance Regional Director for the West Midlands, told the Post: "I note that the government is committed to spending £110b, £2,500 for each of us, to keep Northern Rock, a bank with two million customers, afloat. It is not, however, willing to contemplate £5 from each taxpayer to support a post office network with 11.4m customers."… (story)

New Statesman 28.2.08 Animal rights, human wrongs - Sholto Byrnes - As he takes up his new role at the Food Standards Agency, Colin Blakemore talks about animal rights, research and "pseudo-Buddhism"... (story)

New Statesman 28.2.08 Animal responsibilities - Alison Hills - Scientists have to assess the good that may come from what they do and the harms that they will impose, and try to make sure that their acts come out on the side of the good... Most people are quite happy to accept that humans have rights, and there is a fair amount of agreement about what rights we have. Why should animals be more complicated? Surely they either have rights or they don’t. Unfortunately, things are not quite so straightforward.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 28.2.08 ROYAL RISK FOR SELLING FOIE GRAS - A Tetbury cheese shop may have its royal warrant "reviewed" after an animal welfare campaigner protested about it selling the French delicacy foie gras.Joyce Moss, an activist with the Bristol-based campaign Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva) , complained to the Prince of Wales after finding foie gras for sale in the House of Cheese, in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, which holds the Prince's Royal Warrant.... (story)


Western Daily Press 27.2.08 MUZZLE THE DOGS - I fully agree with Helen Weeks, "Hunting foxes is no accident" (Your Say, February 21) and could offer a simple solution to this savagery: muzzle the hounds! Simple! Kev Turner, Chippenham (letter)

Daily Record 27.2.08 Queen Star Brian May Blasts Scottish Government Over Failure To Ban Snares By Magnus Gardham - QUEEN guitarist Brian May has slammed the Scottish government as "despicable" for refusing to ban animal snares. The veteran rocker aimed a furious blast at ministers on his website, saying: "I hope you can look your children in the eye when they ask you how treat to animals. Shame on you."... (letter)

Leamington Spa Courier 27.2.08 Northern Rock... or post office network? By Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance - I note that the Government is committed to spending £110 billion, £3,500 for each of us, to keep Northern Rock, a bank with two million customers afloat. It is not, however, willing to contemplate £5 from each taxpayer to support a Post Office network with 11.4 million customers (letter)

Ilford Recorder 27.2.08 Foxes in no mood to 'catch vermin' - WHILST I agree to some extent with C. Bassom's comment (Letters last week) that "cafe culture increases the risk of vermin, rats and mice", the suggestion that "we should consider letting foxes catch real vermin" is rather fanciful.... Those foxes regularly seen trotting (or more often limping) around our streets of an evening are definitely not cute, crafty, bushy-tailed, bright eyed healthy examples of storybook Reynards.... It is also the case that because successive generations of urban foxes have had no need to hunt for food, those supposedly humane "capture and re-release in the countryside" programmes by some animal protection agencies, have, more likely than not, condemned the re-released foxes to a slow and painful death by starvation... J BOWERS, Birkbeck Road, Ilford (letter)

Nature 27.2.08 Animal-rights activists invade Europe - Geoff Brumfiel - A rash of vandalism, intimidation and arson across continental Europe in 2008 is evidence of a worrying new wave of animal-rights extremism being exported from Britain, experts say... Andrew Jackson, deputy head of security at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland, says that industry is also being affected... Jackson believes that the protests and criminal acts are being fuelled in part by British activists travelling abroad. “There is a perception that EU law enforcement has something of a soft touch,” he says... (story)

Guardian 27.2.08 One restaurant has given in to intimidation and changed its menu. How many more will follow? - Marcel Berlins - A Cambridge restaurant announced last week that it would no longer have foie gras on its menu. Not, perhaps, an important event in itself, affecting not too many people. But the circumstances leading to the decision were disturbing. Daniel Clifford, the chef-owner of Midsummer House - honoured with two Michelin stars - didn't stop serving the dish because he had been persuaded to do so by the argument that its manufacture involved the maltreatment of geese and ducks. He changed his mind through fear.... Are our restaurant menus to be determined in future by whether or not animal activists approve of the way the animals, birds and fish on offer have been treated? Today foie gras - tomorrow chicken?...
The decision by the South African authorities to undertake a cull of elephants - banned since 1994 - has, predictably, excited vociferous opposition. Just about all culls of animals provoke dismay and protest, but there is a pecking order. Those carried out for purely commercial purposes (of whales, for instance) are the most despised and attract most global publicity. The "cute" factor plays a part... The South Africans have a strong environmental argument to justify the culling. The elephant population has grown from 8,000 to 20,000 since 1995. Their numbers are a threat to plants and trees, and their rapacious appetites are also denying food and water to other animals and birds. But I predict that international emotion will be stronger than local practicalities. The cull will be small indeed (story)

Western Daily Press 27.2.08 FARMERS HAVE UPSET BALANCE - With regard to Chris Rundle's article on badgers and the cull, this decision should not be up to the public. If Chris would take time to read the 10-year scientific survey and digest thoroughly, he would find 88 per cent of bovine TB transmission is caused by cattle-to-cattle spread... Bovine TB is not a wildlife problem of its own making, it all stems from human interference and bad husbandry.... I attended the Devizes public debate on this issue which was resoundly for no cull on a public show of hands. I say to the farmers: if you want our subsidies and support for British farming then do what you are paid by us to do, look after your livestock, our countryside and wildlife correctly. M Haines, Cirencester (letter)

Guardian series 27.2.08 Leona Lewis strips fur animal rights - Leona Lewis will strip off for animal rights charity PETA. The X-Factor winner, 22, who went to Croydon's Brit School, follows in the footsteps of Streatham-born model Naomi Campbell and actress Eva Mendes.... (story)

Independent 27.2.08 Maltese bird slaughter - Thank you for highlighting the destruction of migrating birds ("Conservationists mobilise to halt mass slaughter of birds in Malta", 25 February)... . If the government fails to uphold the Wild Birds Directive then the European Commission would be justified in suspending Malta from ministerial meetings of the European Council. In the meantime anyone planning to visit the island should cancel their trip.... Simon Sweeney, Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire (letter)

Argus 27.2.08 Nation of animal-lovers? - Slyvia Harwood states that we were always thought to be a nation of animal lovers, but no more in the light of the Government permitting wild boar hunting (The Argus, February 22). We have never been a nation of animal lovers.... More than 200 million laying hens are confined to battery cages in the EU.... The Government's annual statistics reveal that more than 2.8 million animals suffer and die in British laboratories in experiments.... David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)
Argus 22.2.08 Animal-lovers’ image shot down - What's this country coming to?... the Government is permitting wild boar hunting (The Argus, February 21). I thought it was against blood sports. Are we descending into a lawless hedonistic nation? Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)

Midweek Herald 27.2.08 Hugh given a challenge - CELEBRITY TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been challenged to go vegetarian for a whole month.... A spokesman for Animal Aid said: "Animal Aid was encouraged by the recent campaigns by the high-profile chef, which exposed the terrible plight of farmed animals. "However, the chef's attempts to alleviate animal suffering by promoting 'high welfare' production systems can only ever have a marginal impact on their welfare and does not mean the consumer can rest easy. "This is why the national campaign group has challenged celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to try the veggie diet for a week or a month."... (story)

Bromley Times 27.2.08 Fight obesity and join the vegetarians - Chris Pope, Vegetarian Society (letter)
Dartford Times 20.2.08 Keep it veggie for a healthier future - Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear media reports concerning the increasing obesity epidemic.... It is no coincidence that this epidemic has been matched by a massive increase in meat consumption.... Chris Pope, Vegetarian Society Local Contract (letter)


Horse & Hound 26.2.08 Hunts raise £30,000 for Help for Heroes war veterans’ charity - Nessie Lambert, H&H news desk - Hunts across the country have continued to raise funds for war veterans' charity Help for Heroes. The running total stands at £30,000 — with money still coming thick and fast.... (story)
Horse & Hound 11.2.08 Hunts raise funds for wounded war veterans - Hunts across the country have raised thousands of pounds for war veterans' charity Help for Heroes (H4H). H4H was set up last October by cartoonist and former soldier Bryn Parry to raise money for the Tri Service Rehabilitation Centre near Dorking, Surrey.... The Flint & Denbigh raised more than £1,300 in donations at their meet at Cefn village hall in North Wales and the Cotley donated the £2,000 cap from their meet at the home of Ian and Jean Stanford in the Yarty valley, Devon... Duke of Beaufort's supporters also dug deep at Mr and Mrs Leslie Milsom's farm near Sopworth, raising more than £3,700. And the Cotswold raised more than £2,000 at their meet at Tally Ho Farm in Guiting Power, Wiltshire.... (story)
Western Daily Press 1.2.08 FUNDS FOR HEROES - The charity Help for Heroes is more than £1,000 better off already since the Cotswold Hunt organised a collection at its meet last weekend. The Beaufort Hunt also held a collection recently... (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 29.1.08 Sick soldiers given a boost by huntsmen By Emma Tilley - THE Cotswold Hunt joined forces with the Help for Heroes campaign on Saturday to raise much-needed funds to support British servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Around 60 mounted members of the hunt and its followers dug deep into their pockets for the charity before they set off at Tally Ho farm in Guiting Power... (story)
Wilts & Glos Standard 29.1.08 Hunters chip in for charity By Tina Robins - MORE than £3,700 of cash aimed at Help for Heroes tumbled into collecting buckets when the Beaufort Hunt held its charity meet. Three young soldiers from 29 Regt at South Cerney, Iraq veteran L/Cpl Vili Silatolu from Fiji, Pte Awai Fuseini from Ghana and Glaswegian Pte Lucca Feria, were at Leslie Milsom's farm near Sopworth on Saturday (JAN26) to collect the money... The Berkeley Hunt is holding a meet at Berkeley Castle on February 23 give another boost to the charity.... (story)
Chard & Ilminster News 28.1.08 Hunt help heroes By Joanna Glover - MEMBERS of the Cotley Hunt group presented £2,000 to the Help for Heroes charity at an event last week... (story)

Irish Independent 26.2.08 Don't trample on a social tradition - History and traditions are so powerful, a nation is built on them. Especially ours.... Hunting in this area is not alone a tradition but also an important employer; directly and indirectly the same families are involved in both hunts for generations and I'm sure the same is replicated throughout this country. By calling on a ban on hunting you are effectively calling for people to lose their jobs, their bread and butter. The Ward Union Hunt's injunction against Minister Gormley was victory for the common man, a victory for democracy.... HANK HEFFERNAN, DRUMREE, CO MEATH (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.2.08 REPEAL LACKS PUBLIC SUPPORT - The latest MORI poll clearly shows that the ban on hunting is still strongly supported by the public. The Hunting Act stops nobody dressing up and galloping round the countryside with hounds. It was never about that, nor is it about "class warfare".... Chris GaleChippenham (story)

Western Morning News 26.2.08 FOXES ALSO ENTITLED TO THEIR FREEDOM - It's pleasing when one's letter to a newspaper brings a response from a similarly regular Western Morning Views correspondent.The letter by Tess Nash (February 5) has an interesting selection of opinion on my previous comments on Boxing Day hunt crowds.... I never belonged to any group in my life. Bigoted, unreasonably prejudiced, intolerant - am I really that because I take the side of a fox hounded to death by a pack of 30 dogs? (letter)
Western Morning News 5.2.08 HUNTS HAVE EARNED RESPECT BY FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM - I beg leave to reply to Jack Henderson of Dawlish - "Hunt has earned respect"...Far from the hunts "gaining respect" because, in his view, they are obeying his orders, the truth is that the thousands who came out to support the hunts on Boxing Day did so because they are determined to protect and fight for our right to the freedom to live our lives, whether we hunt or not, without any more interference from bigoted minority groups... Tess Nash, Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 5.1.08 HUNT HAS EARNED RESPECT - I read with interest comments made in the centre pages on December 27 about Boxing Day hunts - "thousands come out to support the traditional and popular post-Christmas meets".Surely this isn't the "traditional" hunt, it's the modern, within-the-law version, without the barbaric tearing-to-pieces final act. Maybe that's why more people are now ready to start enjoying the spectacle of fine horses and colourfully dressed riders.... Jack Henderson Dawlish (letter)

Bucks Free Press 26.2.08 'Lamping' is depressing - THANK you for your reference to pheasants being blasted "out of the sky" over Penn Woods... I find it depressing and disturbing, walking through Penn Street at night to hear the sound of lamping... Jim Whitehead, Belmont Road, Chesham (letter)

Glasgow Herald 26.2.08 A cruel blow - Angus Macmillan, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch (letter)
Scotsman 26.2.08 Snaring disgrace - Mike Russell's decision not to ban snaring (your report, 21 February) supports animal cruelty and exploitation for economic gain.... Raptors are poisoned and wildlife snared, all to support a shooting and so-called conservation industry, which is animal cruelty on a massive scale. Shooting at live targets should be banned. ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Scotsman 26.2.08 Your report on the Scottish Government's decision not to ban snares was accompanied by a photo of a deer caught in a snare. This was clearly an illegal snare set by poachers at a height to catch a deer... GEORGE MORRISON, Garrier Court, Irvine, Ayrshire (letter)

Western Mail 26.2.08 Our angling columnist Moc Morgan stirred up a storm when he broke the tense silence created by canoeists’ demands for open access to waterways....
We have just read the report with its very emotive title “Pirates threaten peace and safety of our rivers”... As a swan rescue organisation which spends a great many hours (for the past 30 years) rescuing tackled water birds (particularly swans), picking up the bodies of cygnets which have drowned after becoming entangled with fishing line, clearing up fishing tackle carelessly left around by uncaring anglers, we feel very strongly we need to write in defence of canoeists..... ELLEN KERSHAW, PETER MARTIN, Swan Rescue South Wales
As a canoeist for many years, and a very keen fisherman, I do wonder where Moc Morgan gets his ideas from.... I am very sorry he has had a bad experience with some canoeists, but I can see the argument from both sides... JETHRO MOORE, Adventure BeyondCoedybryn, Llandysul
I refer to the letter from Chris Bond of the Federation of Welsh Anglers (Country & Farming, February 19). It is my understanding that the Welsh Canoeing Association withdrew from negotiating agreements as these were few and far between and the few which did exist gave very little availability.... PAM BELL, Welsh Canoeing Association,Llanelli Hill, Abergavenny (letters)
Western Mail 19.2.08 Farming comment Steve Dube, Western Mail - DISAGREEMENT on Welsh rivers between canoeists and anglers has come into the open since our columnist Moc Morgan broached the issue.... The Welsh Assembly Government should look to Scotland to find out how open access to all waterways, made law five years ago, has worked out.... The whole principle of private ownership is being questioned, and it will be a wise government that finds a just solution (story)
Western Mail 19.2.08 Breaking the law for freedom to paddle - In response to the ongoing angling/canoeing debate highlighted in the Western Mail in recent weeks, I would like to present the following viewpoint of behalf of the Federation of Welsh Anglers... The Federation of Welsh Anglers is not anti-canoeing and recognises other groups and individuals’ rights and desires to enjoy and utilise our countryside and waterways.... The Welsh Canoe Association, however, although participating in such agreements in the past, has determined to pursue a policy of non-compliance, reneging on existing agreements and refusing to engage in the production of new ones.... CHRIS BOND, Angling Development Manager, Federation of Welsh Anglers (letter)
Western Mail 5.2.08 ‘Pirates’ threaten peace and safety of our rivers - Moc Morgan - IN RECENT years much emphasis has been placed on insurance cover for anglers and one appreciates how essential it is for anyone whose hobby takes him close to water.... I was fishing the Rheidol which was running high and had waded in to mid-stream when without warning a flash of blue shot past within inches of where I was wading. It was a canoe. It was the most frightening experience of my life... Over past decades, angling clubs in Wales have purchased stretches of local rivers, paying substantially for the fishing rights and when one considers the near collision above – one must ask whether the canoeist was guilty of aggravated trespass?.... (story)

Publican 26.2.08 Gastro pub will not give in to animal rights activists By Matt Eley - Foie gras will stay on menu at Cheshire venues - The owners of an award-winning pub have refused to bow to pressure from animal rights activists to take foie gras off its menu. The Belle Epoque and the Duke of Portland, both in Cheshire, are being targeted by animal rights activists for serving the French delicacy. ... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 26.2.08 WE MUST STOP CAGING ANIMALS - Like most people, I adore animals. But when it comes to caged birds I begin to feel angry about it.... Zoos and circuses are guilty of this cruel practice..... Animals in circuses have been trained to do absurd tricks which are derogatory to their nature.... GEORGE LANSBURY, Hucclecote (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 26.2.08 Thank you - ON behalf of Animal Aid, I would like to thank the people of Glastonbury for donating £30.73 at the street collection on February 9... GAIL WOOLFENDEN The Animal Aid Bureau Highcroft, Woolavington (letter)


Horse & Hound 25.2.08 Huntsman smashed saboteur's car window - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - A huntsman has pleaded guilty to criminal damage after smashing the car window of a hunt saboteur. Michael Gerald Nicholson, 40, of Coniston Foxhounds, broke the window of the Ford Escort with an umbrella while three saboteurs were inside. Driver Dean Cain suffered a minor cut to his face. Mr Nicholson was arrested and interviewed. Appearing before South Lakeland Magistrates' Court on Tuesday 19 February Mr Nicholson was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £150 in compensation to Mr Cain, plus costs of £58.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 22.2.08 FOX HUNTSMAN SMASHED SABOTEUR'S CAR WINDOW - A HUNTSMAN smashed the window of a hunt saboteur’s car. Michael Gerald Nicholson, who works for Coniston Foxhounds, smashed the window of a Ford Escort with three saboteurs inside. Nicholson, 40, pleaded guilty to criminal damage when he appeared before South Lakeland Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.... Prosecuting, Mr David Dunk told the court that a group of anti-hunt activists met in Grasmere on the morning of January 10 to monitor Coniston Foxhounds... The planned hunt meeting was cancelled due to bad weather and the saboteurs headed to Ambleside in an attempt to find Coniston Foxhounds’ kennels.... “Mr Nicholson walked towards the car and according to the driver, Mr Cain, he was shouting. “He banged with the umbrella on the windscreen then turned his attention to the driver’s side window. He hit it a number of times, causing it to smash.” The driver, Dean Cain, suffered a minor cut to his face.... Presiding magistrate Mrs Margaret Stamper said: “We feel that because of your good character we can make a conditional discharge of 12 months for criminal damage.” (story)

West Cumberland Times & Star 25.2.08 Hunting ban - Nothing to hide - Before the ban the hunting fraternity said they would defy the ban ie the law at every turn and face the risk of imprisonment. When we turn up they have to go through the charade of calling hounds off the fox if they put a fox up (some hunts do), others don’t make any effort. It’s a different matter when we are not out or they think we are not out as undercover monitors have caught hunts killing a fox and claiming it as an accident… ANDREW WATSON, Carlisle (letter)

West Cumberland Times & Star 25.2.08 support for hunting - Saboteurs are a dwindling group - DESPITE the best efforts of the hunt saboteurs recently who have come in amongst the local fell packs, the so-called hunting ban hasn’t turned out as they expected... Round here, hunt saboteurs have tried to pass themselves off as ‘monitors’ doing a useful job. However, rather than have a neutral or constructive attitude, their ‘monitoring’ activities in Cumbria in the past few weeks have seen men and women from outside the area, as well as from Carlisle, converging on the fells, or on hunt premises, to cause trouble…. ELLI LOGAN, Wigton (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 25.2.08 MP SHOULD DO MORE FOR HIS CONSTITUENTS - It's interesting that the Labour MP for Wansdyke, Mr Dan Norris, has the time to go to address a few anti-hunt agitators in Keynsham (Comment, Post, February 18) but apparently does not wish to take part in debates which he was elected to attend in the House of Commons.The Democracy Movement lists show that Norris did not even vote on the first seven motions relating to the Lisbon Treaty... Mr S Jackson,Clifton. (letter)

Glasgow Herald 25.2.08 Snares are abhorrent - Roy Jeffs, Forfar. (letter)
Scotsman 25.2.08 Tinkering with cruelty - While deploring the environment minister's refusal to ban snares in Scotland, I welcome your comprehensive reporting of the implications of his decision and reaction to it (21 February). Michael Russell's failure to heed the opinion of 75 per cent of the Scottish public surveyed on the need for an outright ban on this inhumane practice does not bode well for the Scottish Government's handling of animal welfare issues nor its claim to be in touch with the electorate.... ROY JEFFS, Bankhead Terrace, Forfar, Angus (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.2.08 SICK OF 'CRUEL DELICACY' BY ALEISHA SCOTT - A campaign against the sale of foie gras in Bath has gained more momentum after another protest was held. Bath Activist Network (Ban) organised the campaign at the Guildhall Market on Saturday, to try to remove what it calls a "barbaric" delicacy from the menus of restaurants in the city and to stop traders selling it.... Protester Andrew Williams said: "Although production of foie gras is banned in this country, the import of it is not. We want a city-wide ban to stop people buying it.... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 25.2.08 It's terrorism From Cllr Colin Rosenstiel, Grafton Street, Cambridge - WHAT is this country coming to that a restaurant is forced to abandon something from its menu because of naked terrorism? When are people who claim to be peacefully demonstrating going to distance themselves from the terrorists and help the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice? (letter)

Western Morning News 25.2.08 BOVINE TB BLAMED ON FARMERS - OLIVIER VERGNAULT - Farmers have reacted with anger to claims by a wildlife organisation that the spread of bovine TB is their fault and not that of badgers. Cattle farmers in the region are seething after the Badger Trust released a report claiming the disease was only spreading because of unchecked cattle movement between farms.... The Badger Trust's Trevor Lawson, author of the report, said: "It is alarmingly clear that there are simply too many opportunities for cattle to be moved over substantial distances without that movement being recorded and without pre-movement testing... Richard Haddock, from Kingswear near Dartmouth in South Devon, the former NFU South West chairman, said it was about time, the Badger Trust "lived in the real world". He said: "About 90 per cent of infections to cattle come from wildlife. Three per cent of infections are from cattle to cattle and 7 per cent come from cattle which are brought in.... (story)


Observer 24.2.08 Hunting ban sparks a rural boom - Three years on from the Hunting Act, the traditional trades that many believed would die out are thriving - Mark Townsend - Rural businesses have reported a remarkable increase in trade, some by up to 40 per cent, since the introduction of the hunting ban three years ago.... Experts say an increased sense of solidarity among the rural community and the popularity of drag hunting, which does not involve chasing foxes, is responsible.... Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said many people who forecast that the rural economy would suffer had underestimated its resilience. 'The success of post-ban hunting has surprised a lot of people, but it was not entirely unexpected. Anyone who thought that people were simply going to give up hunting and take up golf got it very wrong,' he said.... (story)


West Cumberland Times & Star 23.2.08 ‘Foxhunting is going on illegally’ – claim By Ross Brewster - POLICE in Cockermouth and Keswick are investigating reports of illegal foxhunting taking place in the area. Inspector Martin Connolly said inquiries were taking place into “several reports” of illegal hunts.... Some of the inquiries are thought to centre on one of the north’s oldest established and most famous fell foot packs, the Blencathra Foxhounds.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 22.2.08 ‘Foxhunting continuing’ – claim - POLICE in Cockermouth and Keswick are investigating reports of illegal foxhunting taking place in the area.... Some of the inquiries are thought to centre on one of the north’s oldest established and most famous fell foot packs, the Blencathra Foxhounds. The John Peel Pack, as it is often known, claims on its own website that its stated aim is “to provide a day’s activity on the fells for all our supporters whilst operating within the law”.... (story)
West Cumberland Times & Star 21.2.08 Police investigating illegal hunting claim - COMPLAINTS about alleged illegal fox hunting in West Cumbria have prompted police to appoint officers to look into the claims. West Cumbria’s Blencathra Hunt is being investigated by police hunt liaison officers... John Vickers, a spokesman for the Melbreak hunt, said: “I would say that there are more people hunting now than before the ban came in... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 23.2.08 'HUNTING IS MORE POPULAR THAN EVER' - Three years after it was banned, hunting with hounds is more popular then ever in Gloucestershire say its supporters.Anger about the ban on chasing foxes, as well as a preference for the alternative of trail hunting, are why both the county's Beaufort and the Berkeley hunts are thriving, their officials have said... (story)

Irish Independent 23.2.08 Stag hunt back on again after court grants order lifting Gormley 'ban' By Grainne Cunningham - THE Ward Union Hunt took off on a stag hunt yesterday for the first time since Environment Minister John Gormley imposed what, it claimed, was a ban on the sport. Anti-hunt campaigners expressed their disgust after it was confirmed that the Hunt, which operates in north county Dublin and east Meath, rode out at Kilmoon in Co Meath...(story)
Ward Union 19.2.08 Ireland's Ward Union wins right to hunt stags in High Court decision - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Ireland's hunting community is celebrating an unexpected victory today after The Dublin High Court granted an interlocutory injunction in favour of the Ward Union Hunt against the licence Environment Minister John Gormley issued to the hunt. The injunction effectively suspends the current licence, issued on 19 December, which is the subject of a judicial review before the same court... (story)
Horse & Hound 15.2.08 Ward Union Staghounds challenge hunting licence - Ireland's Ward Union Staghounds have been given permission to challenge the hunting licence issued by environment minister John Gormley.... (story)
Irish Independent 5.2.08 Deer hunters take legal action to overturn 'ban' By Tim Healy - A DEER hunt yesterday obtained High Court permission to challenge restrictions on its licence which, it says, amount to an effective ban. Ward Union Hunt Club chairman Oliver Russell claims a decision by Environment Minister John Gormley is "purely based on his political philosophy that hunting should be prohibited". The Green minister is contriving new conditions in the hunting licence "to give the appearance of permitting hunting whilst in reality banning it", Mr Russell claims. Yesterday, in the High Court, Mr Justice John Hedigan gave leave to Feichin McDonagh, for the club, to seek a judicial review quashing the minister's decision to impose conditions on the licence....(story)
Irish Examiner 5.2.08 Hunting club gets permission to challenge minister By Vivion Kilfeather - A HUNTING club yesterday obtained High Court permission to challenge a decision by Environment Minister John Gormley to put restrictions on its licence to hunt deer, which it says amounts to an effective ban. The Ward Union Hunt Club chairman Oliver Russell claims the Green Party’s minister’s decision is “purely based on his political philosophy that hunting should be prohibited”.... Yesterday, Mr Justice John Hedigan gave leave for the club to seek a judicial review quashing the minister’s decision to impose conditions on the licence. The judge was told the club would apply to take injunction proceedings preventing the minister from continuing to impose the condition on the licence (story)
Sunday Independent 30.12.07 Hunt gone to the dogs, say riders By NIAMH HORAN - IT'S akin to having the smell of turkey at the Christmas dinner table without the turkey itself. That was the general consensus at the packed Hill Bar in Bellewstown, Co Meath on St Stephen's Day following a considerable anti-climax to what should have been the highlight of the Ward Union Hunt's social calendar.... Earlier in the day the frustrated whimpering from a trailer of caged hounds signalled what was going to be the start of a very different type of St Stephen's Day hunt... At the top of the hill the horsemen stood in a long line as the animal mockingly leaped out of a trailer and dashed off out of sight. Under the conditions that the hunting licence was granted to the group, none of the hounds could be released until the stag was captured. But with no hounds to round the animal in, it proved to be an impossible feat... Something says the huntsmen won't be letting this one get away as easily (story)
Irish Independent 20.12.07 Gormley run to ground by mixed bag of protesters By Jason O'Brien - RATHER aptly, John Gormley looked for a moment like a deer caught in the headlights. The Environment Minister emerged blinking from Leinster House at lunchtime yesterday, and was immediately set upon by a variety of groups... Next the media attempted to show its teeth in relation to his decision earlier yesterday morning to issue a licence to the Ward Union on the proviso that the stag is recaptured before hunting starts.... Twenty-or-so people present wanted an end to "dig outs" but, for once, Bertie's name wasn't being bandied about. Instead, they wanted to help an animal almost as cunning as the Taoiseach -- the humble fox... (story)
Irish Independent 20.12.07 Anger over stag hunt 'ban' - The Government has been accused of destroying a 150-year-old tradition after effectively banning the country's only stag hunt. Cracking the green whip, Environment Minister John Gormley banned the Ward Union Hunt in Co Meath from allowing hounds to actually pursue a tame stag though the countryside this Christmas... The Ward Union Hunt has warned it will examine the decision and then consider whether to take legal action.... (story)
Horse & Hound 19.12.07 Irish minister issues licence for Ward Union Hunt - Ireland's Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr John Gormley, has issued the Ward Union Hunt with a restricted licence to hunt under the Wildlife Act, 1976. The hunt will not be allowed to chase a stag with hounds under the terms of the licence, which is subject to 28 conditions.... (story)
Independent 24.11.07 Deer dying is no reason to sneer - By CO CORK - Your columnist Kevin Myers recently wrote in support of the Ward Union carted deer hunt and sneeringly questioned if frightening them was "bad for their lickle-ickle hearts". The answer to that is yes -- the stress of the chase can affect their hearts and, over the last few years... (story)
Irish Independent 19.11.07 Stag hunting is just barbarism - As a social commentator, Kevin Myers can hardly be accused of being overly endowed with the qualities of either logic or compassion. Nowhere was this more evident than in his column "Minister, don't make a complete ass of yourself over stag hunting Ban"... MARGARET GREALISH, KNOCKNACARRA, GALWAY (letter)
Irish Independent 16.11.07 Minister, don't make an ass of yourself over hunting ban By Kevin Myers - Few things are quite as enjoyable as when Piety meets Power.... But John Gormley is more than a Green. He is an Animal Rights Enthusiast (ARE). So is this why he has not yet renewed the annual licence of the Ward Union Hunt?.... (story)
Horse & Hound 4.11.07 Hunting is on hold for Ward Union Staghunt - Charlotte White, H&H news writer - Hunting is still off the diaries of members of Ireland's Ward Union Staghunt. The opening meet would normally have taken place last week but the pack is still waiting to learn if environment minister John Gormley will grant them a licence. In September the minister threatened to refuse their licence to hunt carted stag for this season, but he gave them the opportunity to answer his concerns before a final decision.... (story)
Horse & Hound 17.9.07 Irish stag hunt granted a reprieve - Ireland's Ward Union stag hunt has been granted a reprieve by environment minister John Gormley, just three days after the politician threatened to refuse the pack a hunting licence.... "I have a number of serious concerns and I am writing to the Ward hunt to afford them an opportunity of addressing those concerns before making a final decision on the matter," said Mr Gormley.... (letter)
Irish Independent 16.9.07 Save hunting -- it gives us our bottle - Banning hunting and horse racing will do nothing to increase the welfare of the animals involved, writes National Hunt jockey Paul Carberry, in an open letter to the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley - Dear Minister, I am writing to you because all National Hunt jockeys are very concerned about your attempt to ban my hunt, the Ward Union. Every Friday in winter, I miss racing to hunt with the Ward Union. Why? I need to keep my eye in.... (story)
Horse & Hound 7.9.07 Stag hunt granted reprieve by Irish minster By H&H deputy news editor Charlotte White - IRELAND'S Ward Union stag hunt has been given a reprieve by Irish environment minister John Gormley. The Countryside Alliance Ireland had feared Mr Gormley would refuse the pack a licence to hunt carted stag for the next season. But today the minister said he would give the hunt time to address "serious concerns" before making a decision.... He said he would not comment further on the issue until he has received and considered all relevant information."... (story)
Irish Examiner 6.9.07 Gormley accused of ‘pandering to lobby groups’ - ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley’s imminent ban on stag hunting is the first shot in a wider war on “rural traditions”, hunting enthusiasts have warned. The Ward Union Hunt Club based in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, broke its silence on the looming Government ban by attacking Mr Gormley for “pandering” to lobby groups. The minister is set to refuse the 200-year-old club a licence to hunt stag following outrage at an incident in January when hounds chased a terrified deer into a Meath school playground, as children cowered in their classrooms. Writing in today’s Irish Examiner, which broke news of the expected ban on Tuesday, the union’s Denis Walshe warned that other rural activities will be targeted by the minister next.... (story)
Irish Examiner 4.9.07 Stag hunting ‘ban’ as Gormley to refuse club licence By Shaun Connolly, Political Correspondent - STAG hunting is effectively to be banned in Ireland, the Irish Examiner has learnt. Green Environment Minister John Gormley is poised to refuse a licence for the Ward Union Hunt, which provoked outrage last January when it chased a stag into a Meath school playground as horrified children looked on.... (story)
Irish Independent 5.9.07 Gormley in bloody row over coursing and hunt licences - ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley is set to controversially approve coursing licences to allow the netting of hares -- even though he is likely to refuse a licence to Ireland's only stag hunt.... Aideen Yourell, Irish Campaign Against Blood Spots, said a licence to net hares would give around 75 coursing clubs the go-ahead to "cruelly snatch approximately 7,000 hares from their habitats in nets."... (story)

Irish Independent 23.2.08 Someone must answer for eagles' death - THE death of the white-tailed sea eagles last week in the beautiful Glencar area of Co Kerry is a sad reflection on our society... it is very disappointing that the circumstantial evidence is pointing toward the hill farmers, after all the farming community is quite boastful of the cliche, "Custodians of the countryside"... There is an inherent animosity towards wildlife by elements of the farming and live hunting community. Ditch thick when it comes to understanding the role of wildlife in the countryside, elements of the farming community respond by using weapons of the weak: gun, snare, hunting dog, slurry and poison. On their shoulder are the local hunting community exploiting the situation in their pursuit of getting hunting permission (story)

Glasgow Herald 23.2.08 Ban on snaring - The Scottish Government has announced its intention to allow snaring to continue. The decision contradicts overwhelming public support for a ban on these cruel and indiscriminate traps, and follows an official public consultation which revealed a majority of more than two to one in favour of a ban.... Snares have no place in 21st-century Scotland. The campaign to ban snaring in Scotland will continue until these primitive traps are finally prohibited. Ross Minett, Advocates for Animals; Louise Robertson, League Against Cruel Sports; Rodney Hale, Hare Preservation Trust; Andy Christie, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust; Grace Yoxon, International Otter Survival Fund; Ian Hutchison, Scottish Badgers; Les Ward, Marchig Animal Welfare Trust. (letter)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 23.2.08 Village butcher's voted top of the chops - A FAMILY butcher's sensational sausages, beautiful beef and perfect pies have earned it the title of best traditional business in the south of England. The tasty treats sold by FE Coales & Sons in Twywell impressed customers so much they nominated the family firm for an award in the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition, designed to celebrate rural communities and their businesses.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.2.08 Shop wins best in Britain title By Laura Williams - Nettleton shop has been named the best village store and post office in the country in a nationwide competition... (story)
Morning Advertiser 18.2.08 Jolly Farmers is most diversfied pub - The Jolly Farmers in Betchworth, Surrey has received the Best Diversification award at Countryside Alliance’s Best Rural Retailer awards ceremony.... (story)
Western Mail 12.2.08 Modest butcher’s best by tradition - WEST Wales butcher’s Andrew Rees and Sons were named Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Business last week in the annual Rural Retailers of the Year awards run by the Countryside Alliance... (story)
Oxford Mail 11.2.08 Prizes flood in for vital shop By David Horne - A village shop which was a lifeline during last summer's floods has picked up two accolades for its service to the community. The shop, at Ascott-under-Wychwood, is run by more than 40 volunteers and on Saturday it was presented with the county's Village Shop of the Year award in a competition run by Oxfordshire Rural Community Council.... The west Oxfordshire shop missed out on top spot in the Best Village Shop and Post Office category in the Best Rural Retailer awards, run by the Countryside Alliance... (story)
Hexham Courant 8.2.08 Co-op is pipped at the post in national shop awards - By REBECCA DIXON - STAFF from the Allendale Co-op had to make the long journey back from London empty handed on Wednesday, after just missing out on a national award. The Countryside Alliance’s Best Rural Retailer awards were held at the House of Lords on Wednesday and Allendale Co-op was in the running for best shop or post office... Allendale Co-op director Ben Baldock said the team had a fantastic day in London and had a great time, despite not clinching the national award... (story)
Northern Echo 8.2.08 ‘Exceptional’ couple’s farm award - A COUPLE have been given national recognition for their farm shop. Piercebridge Organic Farm Shop and Cafe, in County Durham, was given a high commendation in the best diversification category at the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer awards, held in London, on February 6…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 7.2.08 Doing us all proud by Jane Hall, The Journal - IT was a day of mixed fortunes for three successful rural North East businesses looking to be crowned the best in Britain. The trio – all regional winners in the annual Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer contest – had been hoping to walk off with the national titles in their respective categories. But only Piercebridge Organic Farm Shop and Cafe near Darlington, County Durham, kept the flag flying for the region, taking the runners-up spot in the best diversification category. Both Allendale Co-operative Society (best shop/PO) and The Country Barn farm shop in Widdrington, near Morpeth, both Northumberland, walked away empty-handed from yesterday’s Countryside Alliance winners’ reception at the House of Lords in London... (story)
Newcastle Journal 6.2.08 Aiming to be best in Britain by Jane Hall, The Journal - THREE successful rural businesses chosen as standard bearers for the North-East will hear today if they can claim to be the best in Britain. The trio are the regional winners in the annual Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer contest, which aims to identify shops and other businesses which give outstanding service in their isolated communities..... Allendale Co-operative Society (best shop/PO), The Country Barn farm shop in Widdrington, near Morpeth, (best local food category) and Piercebridge Organic Farm Shop and Cafe near Darlington, County Durham (best diversification), picked up their regional titles in December..... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 6.2.08 Norfolk farm shop wins national title - MICHAEL POLLITT, EDP RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - A Norfolk farm shop has won the national award as the country's best rural retailer, it was announced at the House of Lords today. Judy and Nick Taylor, of Horstead Farming Group, near Norwich, were presented with the award at a special ceremony by Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance....(story)
Mid Devon Gazette 5.2.08 BUTCHER'S AWARD FOR BRANCHING OUT - A local butcher and his wife will receive another award next month following several recent customer nominations.But this time Dave and Ali Haggett, from Silverton, won't be receiving the accolade for their sausages and pies, but for the way in which they run their Spar shop next door to their butchery... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.1.08 PRIZE-WINNING BUTCHERS WIN AWARD FOR NEW STORE - Convenience store owners Dave and Ali Haggett have won a regional award in a national competition run by the Countryside Alliance.Their store, Silverton Spar, was entered for the Best Rural Retailer competition by its customers and now goes through to a presentation at the House of Lords in February, when the national winners will be announced.... (story)
Redditch Advertiser 2.1.08 Shop competes for retail award - A SHOP near Alcester has been chosen as one of the best rural retailers in the Midlands and will now vie for a national title against winners from the rest of the UK. Hillers Farm Shop came first in the Best Local Food Category as part of the Countryside Alliance's third annual Best Rural Retailers competition.... (story)
Hebden Bridge Times 27.12.07 May's top farm shop - A HEBDEN Bridge farm shop was named the Best Shop and Post Office in the region thanks to the personal touch of its caring and friendly staff. Countryside Alliance gave the award to Highgate Farm Shop in Edge Lane, who beat competitors from Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to the title.... (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 27.12.07 Regional award for farm shop - A Preston farm shop and restaurant has been crowned one of the best rural retailers in the North West. Huntley's of Samlesbury triumphed in the best diversification category in the Countryside Alliance's third annual competition... (story)
Morpeth Herald 24.12.07 Farm shop is cream of crop By ANNA SMITH - A CASTLE Morpeth farm shop is the best in the North East — it's official. The Country Barn in Widdrington has been named the region's Best Rural Retailer for Local Food just a year after opening... "This is the best competition we have been in with it being the public who have recommended us for it," said Miss Oakey.... (story)
Oxford Mail 22.12.07 Restaurant is big bang in sausage world By Andrew Smith - An Oxford restaurant has won a sizzling award for being a top rural retailer - despite being in the heart of the city. The Big Bang sausage restaurant, in Walton Street, Jericho, scooped the top local food category in the south east heat of the Best Rural Retailers competition, organised by the Countryside Alliance and voted for by members of the public.... (story)
Hexham Courant 21.12.07 Allen Valley news - HARD on the heels of Allendale’s triumph as England’s village of the year, comes the news that the Allendale Co-op has won the regional final of the Rural Retailer of the Year competition, sponsored by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Daily Post 20.12.07 Bah humbug! Burglars break into top shop by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - AN AWARD-winning farm shop suffered a devastating break-in just hours after being named the top diversified business in Wales. A substantial amount of meat and other foodstuffs were snatched from Clive and Gail Swan’s premises in Treuddyn, near Mold.... The couple had just returned from Cardiff where they’d collected one of the top awards in the Countryside Alliance’s Welsh rural retailer of the year competition. They believe the break-in happened on Friday between 6.30pm-9.30pm... (story)
Stratford Herald 20.12.07 LOCAL SHOPS WIN REGIONAL BEST RURAL RETAILER AWARDS - TWO shops in the Stratford district are celebrating their success this week after being declared regional winners in this year’s Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailers competition. The Poppin, in Long Marston, won the category for best shop and post office and Hiller’s Farm Shop, near Alcester, won the best local food category... (story)
York Press 20.12.07 Triumphing over trials By Ron Godfrey - A FARM shop in North Yorkshire has earned a top national award for the quality of its local food. Ainsty Farms Shop in Green Hammerton, between York and Harrogate, has won the Best Local Food category in the Rural Retailers Awards organised by the Countryside Alliance - a competition which attracts 2,500 nominations... (story)
Halifax Courier 20.12.07 Isolated shop is just the top By Michael Peel - A SHOP which serves one of the most isolated areas of Calderdale has won another award. Courier stockist, May Stocks, set up her business at Highgate Farm, Colden, more than 30 years ago and has never looked back. Now she been named the best local food retailer in the Countryside Alliance third annual best rural retailers regional awards – a competition covering the whole of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.... (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 19.12.07 Farm shop’s award delight - AN East Lancashire farm shop has won a top prize in a rural retailers' competition. Huntley's in Samlesbury won the Best Diversification Category at the third Countryside Alliance competition... (story)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 19.12.07 Village post office and shop scoops top title - A TIMELY reminder is being sent to Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier to let him know that Boat of Garten Post Office is in rude health. The facility, which is threatened as part of major cutbacks to the Post Office network, has claimed the title of the country's best village shop or Post Office in a contest organised by Scottish Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Western Mail 18.12.07 Knockout food will go the distance by Mark Hinge ... Amidst the buzz of the festive season it saddens me that in the rush to store celebration food, it is now more akin to shopping at a smash and grab robbery... However, the day after this un-festive fight I witnessed the return of humanity, quality and the rural ideal. The Countryside Alliance’s Best Rural Retailer Awards 2007 was hosted in the Senedd, at the National Assembly... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 18.12.07 A cut above By Pamela McGowan - A CUMBRIAN butcher has been named one of the Best Rural Retailer’s in the north west at the Countryside Alliance’s annual awards. Steadmans Butchers, at Sedbergh, was the winner in the best local food category and will now go forward to the national competition... (story)
Farmers Weekly 17.12.07 Best rural retailers plan date at the House of Lords - Retailers from across Britain are celebrating being named the Best Rural Retailers in their regions in the Countryside Alliance's third annual competition. Each of the 12 British regions now has a winner in each of four categories, and their winners now head to a national final which will be held at the House of Lords in February 2008.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.12.07 And Wessex’s Best Rural Retailers are…. The Best Rural Retailers in Wessex have been declared in the Countryside Alliance's third annual competition. The winners will now represent the best of the region as they vie for a national title against winners from the rest of the UK.... (story)
Daily Post 13.12.07 Coveted Alliance award for farm shop Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A FARM shop opened just four years ago last night won a major Countryside Alliance award. Swan’s Farm Shop, Treuddyn, Mold, was named best diversified rural business in Wales at a ceremony at the Senedd, Cardiff (story)
York Press 2.11.07 County shops in seventh heaven - SEVEN of North Yorkshire's best-loved shops have been shortlisted for a prestigious national award.... The companies are up for the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer regional awards across four different categories.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 29.10.07 BUSINESSES IN BATTLE FOR HONOUR - Five businesses in Leicestershire have been shortlisted in a contest to find the best rural retailers in the country. The Best Rural Retailers contest is organised by the Countryside Alliance and is in its third year. More than 2,500 nominations were received from across the UK and have been whittled down to 200 regional finalists, five of which are in this county... (story)
North West Evening Mail 27.10.07 SHORTLIST FOR RURAL RETAILERS - THE search for the North West’s Best Rural Retailers is hotting up now the shortlist of regional finalists has been announced. Regional judging is about to get under way in the Countryside Alliance’s third annual competition, with 12 short-listed retailers vying for a regional title and the chance of national glory.... (story)
Malvern Gazette 26.10.07 Horse and carriage drives stables to success By Tarik Al Rasheed - A COUNTRY business's new horse and carriage service is proving so successful that it has been nominated for a prestigious award. Rundlemead Stables, in Mathon, is one of just three names to make the regional shortlist for the Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Business category of the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer competition... (story)
Morpeth 26.10.07 Best rural retailers shortlisted - THE search for the North East's Best Rural Retailers is hotting up now that the shortlist of regional finalists has been announced. Judging is about to get under way in the Countryside Alliance's third annual competition, with 11 short-listed local retailers vying for a regional title and the chance of national glory.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 26.10.07 Rural retailers celebrated - THREE rural retailers from Suffolk have been shortlisted in a Countryside Alliance competition. Otley Village Shop, Marlesford Farm Café and Hudgies Hardware have all made it through to the regional shortlist to find the Best Rural Retailer.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.9.07 ONLINE STORE'S AWARDS COUP - An online supermarket is celebrating a hat-trick after being put forward for three foodie awards.Devon's Own Online Supermarket - found at www.ownonline.co.uk - has been nominated for the Countryside Alliance's Best Rural Retailer, a UKTV Food Local Hero award and for BBC Radio's Food and Farming gong.... (story)
Bromsgrove Advertiser 11.9.07 Time to enter - RURAL shops and businesses in the Bromsgrove and Droitwich area still have time to enter the Countryside Alliance's third annual Best Rural Retailer competition... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 28.8.07 HUNT FOR BEST RURAL RETAILER - Customers who use rural shops, post offices and other countryside retailers in the South West can nominate them for an award.The Countryside Alliance's third annual Best Rural Retailer competition is run to showcase the range of enterprise, produce and community spirit in the region.... (story)
Cumberland News 27.7.07 MP backs retailers competition - NOMINATIONS have opened for the 2007 Best Rural Retailer competition. Penrith and the Border MP David Maclean is encouraging all shops and rural enterprises to enter the Countryside Alliance awards... (story)
Western Mail 3.7.07 Pick the year’s best rural retailers - THE third annual Best Rural Retailer competition was launched at the Royal Show at Stoneleigh on July 2, and once again it promises to be spirited and closely fought... (story)
Western Mail 26.6.07 Alliance hunts for best rural retailer - THE Countryside Alliance’s third annual Best Rural Retailer competition gets under way next month... (story)
Cumberland News 22.6.07 Hunt for top rural retailer By Deborah Kuiper - THE search is on to find the North West’s rural retailer of 2007. The Best Rural Retailer competition, which is run by the Countryside Alliance, will be launched at the Royal Show on July 2... (story)
Daily Post 21.6.07 Best rural retailer sought by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - THE Countryside Alliance will launch its third annual Best Rural Retailer competition on 2nd July and many are determined to take a national title this year, following Rhug Organic’s commendations in 2005 and 2006…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 19.6.07 SEARCH FOR BEST RURAL RETAILER - THE search is on to find the North West’s best rural retailer of 2007. The Best Rural Retailer competition, which is run by the Countryside Alliance, will be launched at the at the Royal Show on July 2... (story)


South Wales Guardian 22.2.08 Cameron urged to back hunting move - Plaid AM for Mid and West Wales Nerys Evans has urged Conservative leader David Cameron to support a move to devolve any laws on hunting in Wales to the National Assembly for Wales... (story)

Horse & Hound 22.2.08 Mendip Farmers’ hunt to press ahead with new kennel plans - The Mendip Farmers' hunt have vowed to press on with a move to new premises despite opposition from locals concerned about noise. Twenty-three residents of Priddy, Somerset, have formed an action group, Campaign Against Noise Intruding Nature's Environment (CANINE), to fight the proposed relocation of the hunt... (story)
Fosse Way Magazine 8.2.08 Campaign group prepares to fight kennel proposals By Mathew Manning - A GROUP of Priddy residents are trying to stop the local hunt from moving closer to their homes. The Mendip Farmers’ Hunt has been based at Harptree Lodge on the outskirts of the village for around 85 years. The owner of the Plummer’s Lane premises recently announced plans to sale the property so the hunt is planning to renovate a derelict dairy farm to create new kennels for around 60 foxhounds within the village. But some local people claim the proposed site is too close to their homes and fear that the busy kennels would cause an intolerable noise nuisance… (story)
Western Daily Press 24.1.08 NEW HUNT KENNELS WILL DRIVE US BARKING MAD - They chose their homes for peace and quiet, but now families living on the edge of a Somerset village fear plans to move a hunt kennels will drive them barking mad. Mendip Farmers Hunt, which has been based at Priddy for 85 years, must find a new home for its kennels because the site it uses is being sold.... Gwyn Thomas, one of those whose home is next to the site, stressed that objectors are not anti-hunt.... (story)

Western Morning News 22.2.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Daily Press 22.2.08 WAR ON CRUELTY, NOT ON CLASS - Why do the hunting fraternity go on about people against their barbaric (and now, thankfully, illegal) activities as obsessed by class? One of the most outspoken opponents of hunting with dogs was the late Conservative MP Alan Clark who was anything but a "class warrior"!... Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)

Patley & Nidderdale Herald 22.2.08 Gamekeeper in court over poison charges By FRANCIS T - A GAMEKEEPER and a land agent are facing trial after a raid by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds investigators and North Yorkshire Police on a remote Yorkshire Dales farm uncovered lethal poisons. Gamekeeper James Freeman, of Moor House Farm, Lofthouse, Nidderdale and agent Simon Clowes, of Lawkland Green House, Lawkland, Austwick, near Settle, appeared before magistrates at Harrogate on Monday to answer a total of 13 charges... (story)

Hexham Courant 22.2.08 ORGANISERS of this year’s Whitfield Shoot are aiming to raise £50,000 for good causes.... Some of the proceeds this time round will be donated to the Help for Heroes campaign, a charity which provides rehabilitation for soldiers injured in conflict. The event is jointly organised by Whitfield Sporting Club, the Game and Wildlife Trust and the Countryside Alliance and expects to cater for between 90 and 100 teams per day... (story)

Cornish Times 22.2.08 Sometimes foxes have to be shot - I AM writing in response to Mrs Rukin’s letter (Cornish Times, 15.02.08). While I sympathise with her that the dead foxes were left for them to see, maybe she would like to see the damage a fox can do to a flock of chickens or sheep with lambs... Mrs H BUDGE North Hill (letter in archive)
Cornish Times 15.2.08 Fox shot dead on our land - While out walking near Minions recently I came across two dead foxes. An elderly man nearby told me that he and his wife were very upset about the shooting of these foxes who were regular visitors to their garden... An argument put forward by the Countryside Alliance has been that any ban on shooting or hunting impacts on their human rights. What about the rights of the rest of us to enjoy our rural environment in peace in the hope of that moment of pure joy when one of these delightful creatures crosses our path? Mrs J Rukin Henwood (letter in archive)

Lynn News 22.2.08 Big holiday crowd at Fakenham races - RACING:FINE weather, half-term and a seven-race card attracted a big holiday crowd to Fakenham for its annual Countryside Counts Raceday.... (story)
Lynn News 19.2.08 Fred (70) gallops home to do the double By Sarah Reedman - VETERAN horseman Fred Farrow (70) has done it again! Six years after he first won the Amateur Riders’ Charity Flat race at Fakenham, the ex-crane driver and pub landlord defied all the odds – and much younger rivals – to triumph for a second time on Friday.... Brian King, of Ames Nissan, Thetford, who sponsored the charity event, a curtain-raiser to the Countryside Counts Raceday at the course, presented mementoes to the winner and the other seven riders who took part. Between them they raised just under £12,000, with about half going to the Norfolk Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 22.2.08 Three horses die at local race meeting - AN investigation is underway after three horses had to be destroyed and another was seriously injured during a day's racing at Ludlow Racecourse earlier this month... Dene Stansall, horse racing correspondent for Tonbridge-based organisation Animal Aid, said: "I have monitored the course for a number of years now and the information is taken from Raceform, publishers of the official form book and the Racing Post..... (story)

Spalding Guardian/Lincs Free Press 22.2.08 Help us help greyhounds By TONY PETERS, Greyhound Action, PO Box 127 Kidderminster DY10 3UZ - As an international greyhound protection organisation, we are delighted that Ann Brandon has been given the go-ahead by the Planning Inspectorate to continue looking after former racing greyhounds at her kennels in Holbeach Drove.... Sadly, despite the excellent work of rescuers like Ann, almost 20,000 greyhounds are put to death every year... (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.2.08 COMMENT: BORN TO BE WILD - Following the Government's decison against a national cull of wild boar, landowners can now act to control growing numbers of the feral beasts on Exmoor, Dartmoor and in the Forest of Dean. But West journalist OWEN ADAMS says that we shouldn't be boorish about the boar... (story)
Forester 21.2.08 SURGING BOAR FACE SUMMER CULL - Wild boar in the Forest could be culled this summer in the wake of a Government report which says they can be tackled in the same way as deer.Rob Guest, Deputy Surveyor for the Forestry Commission in the Dean, said something needed to be done to deal with the increasing boar population... (story)
Argus 21.2.08 Deal with wild boar problem yourselves By Lee Gibbs - Residents have been told they must deal with marauding packs of wild boar themselves. Controlling feral boar populations will be left to local groups and landowners in Sussex, the Government said yesterday... (story)
Times 20.2.08 Wild boar under fire and on the menu - VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - Boar hunting is to return to pockets of English woodland in an attempt to keep down their numbers. A selective cull was sanctioned yesterday... (story)
Western Daily Press 20.2.08 CONTROL OF WILD BOAR IS UP TO LANDOWNERS - ALEISHA SCOTTA.SCOTT@BEPP.CO.UK - Landowners will be able to take steps to control the West's booming wild boar population after the Government decided against a national cull. Britain's first policy to manage feral wild boar populations was announced yesterday - two years after a consultation exercise was completed. It means landowners and communities where feral wild boar are causing problems can decide how to manage the beasts themselves, with the help of Government guidance...(story)
Western Morning News 20.2.08 OPEN SEASON ON WILD BOAR - MATT CHORLEY LONDON EDITOR - The number of wild boar roaming the countryside has reached such worrying levels that the Government yesterday launched a detailed action plan to deal with the beasts - including the best ways to shoot and eat them... (story)
BBC News Online 20.2.08 Culling guidance over wild boar - Guidance on how to cull wild boar has been issued by the government. Defra's policy and action plan offers advice on managing the feral boar populations. Biodiversity Minister Joan Ruddock said it was important local communities and landowners were allowed to decide for themselves if a cull was necessary.... (story)


Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 21.2.08 Animal rights attacks on Cotswolds hunts By Andy Woolfoot - A MILITANT animal rights group marked the third anniversary of the ban against fox hunting with dogs by launching covert overnight attacks against two Cotswold hunt headquarters. ALF (Animal Liberation Front) was daubed over the main building at the Vale of White Horse hunt's base near Daglingworth and at the Cotswold Hunt near Cirencester. The vandals also slashed the tyres of horse boxes and lorries parked at the Overley Yard horse stables adjacent to the Vale's office which were not connected to the hunt. Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt, said: "This was a cowardly and senseless act of vandalism by people creeping around in the night like terrorists."…. Mike Hellens had all the tyres on his horse box slashed and ALF scrawled on the side during the attacks which took place overnight on Saturday… "There's a lady up here who has multiple sclerosis. She has a horse box which was attacked and she just uses her horse for riding as therapy."… (story)
Horse & Hound 21.2.08 Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for attacks against hunt kennels - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for the night of vandalism which saw hunt kennel buildings and vehicles across Gloucestershire targeted. This anonymous report has been posted on the Animal Liberation Front's forum site Biteback: "On the night of Sat. the 16th of Feb. we took action against the Beaufort and Vale of the White Horse Hunt kennels as well as the offices of the Master of Foxhounds Association... This action is dedicated to Mike Hill the young hunt sab killed by hunt scum. This action is also timed to coincide with the anniversary of the hunt ban 3 years ago... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 19.2.08 HUNT VANDALS - Anti-hunt campaigners vandalised the Beaufort kennels in Badminton, South Gloucestershire, when they targeted hunt premises on the eve of the third anniversary of the Hunting Act... (story)
Gloucestershire Echo or Gloucester Citizen 19.2.08 HUNT PROTEST - Anti-hunt protesters broke into the Cotswold Hunt Offices in Cirencester.They painted slogans then vandalised cars outside overnight on Saturday. The offices belong to the Vale of the White Horse Hunt (story)
Western Daily Press 19.2.08 HUNTERS DEFIANT AS BAN IS MARKED BY ATTACK - The third anniversary of the ban on hunting with dogs was greeted yesterday with attacks, accusations of violence and a war of words more bitter than ever.... at three West hunts and the headquarters of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) workers arrived to find animal rights activists had daubed ALF on walls, vehicles and the road.... At Badminton, known as the spiritual home of hunting, the attack included graffiti daubed on the entrance to the estate and Beaufort Hunt kennel workers' cars and buildings. Tyres were slashed and paintstripper used - and the militants even targeted the private cars belonging to relatives of hunt staff. Similar attacks also took place at the kennels of the Vale of the White Horse (VWH) and Cotswold Hunts near Cirencester and at the MFHA headquarters at Daglingworth. Police are linking the attacks, and said it had all the hallmarks of the Animal Liberation Front.... (story)
Horse & Hound 18.2.08 Hunt kennels targeted in night of vandalism by animal rights activists - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Hunt kennels and the headquarters for hunting in the UK were all targeted by animal rights activists in a spate of vandalism in Gloucestershire on Saturday night. Kennels of the Duke of Beaufort's and the VWH were the subject of the attacks that took place late on Saturday and in the early hours of Sunday and included the Hunting Office's new base... Reports that the Cotswold was also targeted are unfounded ... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 18.2.08 HUNTS TARGETED IN VANDAL SPREE - Hunting groups have been targeted in a string of vandal attacks by anti-blood sport activists, police said yesterday.Three venues across Gloucestershire were vandalised in the early hours of Sunday as part of a protest on the eve of the third anniversary of the Hunting Act. The Countryside Alliance said protesters had daubed graffiti across the outbuildings of Beaufort Kennels, Badminton House. Gloucestershire Police also confirmed premises belonging to the Vale of the White Horse Hunt and the Cotswold Hunt groups, both in Cirencester, had been targeted... Robin Webb, ALF spokesman, said: "I am confident it would be the work of ALF activists because so many hunts have ignored the intent of the hunting ban." (story)

Western Daily Press 21.2.08 HUNTING FOXES IS NO ACCIDENT - How dare Fiona Vigor imply that I am untruthful? As one of the two hunt monitors referred to in your article, "Coming face to face with the other side", (Western Daily Press, February 2), I resent the statement made by Ms Vigor that we "constantly misrepresent the truth", and I challenge her to give an example of this occurring. Paul Martin, the man who received a caution for threatening behaviour, was certainly part of the Cattistock Hunt at the time of the offences - whether it was official or not, and we have plenty of film to prove that this was the case.... Helen Weeks, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.2.08 COMING FACE TO FACE WITH THE OTHER SIDE BY TRISTAN CORK - This was the moment a hunt supporter lost his temper with anti-hunt monitors and ended up with a police caution in the latest in a series of confrontations between the two sides in the bitter countryside war.The incident, captured on the video camera of a hunt monitor, happened earlier this season. Hunt supporter Paul Martin's spat with anti-hunt monitors Helen Weeks and Graham Forsyth led to police giving Mr Martin a formal caution for threatening behaviour, after they judged that the strained relationship between the two sides out in the field had reached breaking point... Police acted after two similar incidents in November and December last year involving the Cattistock Hunt in South Somerset and Dorset.... The Cattistock Hunt said its members, supporters and followers put up with intimidation from the two monitors constantly filming them and their children.... (story)

21.2.08 WHY does the Countryside Alliance want to bring back blood hunting if, as it admits, it has more supporters now - obviously due to members of the public preferring the sanitised version of hunting?... Jennie Cook, Minehead (letter)

Bolton News 21.2.08 Bolton News 21.2.08 VOTE: RSPCA worker calls for more airgun controls By Tracey Scott, AN animal charity worker has called for laws surrounding airguns to be reviewed after statistics show an increase in the number of animals shot being shot... Kathy Kay, of the RSPCA in Bolton, said: "I'm not surprised by these figures, which are dreadful.... Reader Poll: Should laws covering airguns be tougher? (story)

Glasgow Herald 21.2.08 New rules for animal snares as total ban ruled out - BRIAN DONNELLY - A total ban on the use of animal snares was ruled out by the Scottish Government yesterday.... (story)
Daily Record 21.2.08 SNP Blasted For Rejecting Ban On Snares By Dave King - ANIMAL welfare groups were furious last night after the SNP refused to ban snaring. Environment minister Mike Russell backed landowners and farmers who say the wire traps are vital for pest control... Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "It beggars belief that the Scottish government has chosen to allow this barbaric practice to continue.... Libby Anderson, of Advocates for Animals, said: "The government's announcement is hugely disappointing... (story)
Dundee Courier 21.2.08 Measures to limit use of snares announced By Steve Bargeton, political editor - THE SCOTTISH Government yesterday unveiled new measures to limit the use of snares, but stopped short of an outright ban... (story)
Scotsman 21.2.08 Anger as ban on snares is ruled out - By Hamish Macdonell - Scottish Political Editor - ANIMAL welfare campaigners hit out angrily last night after the Scottish Government refused to ban snares. Mike Russell, the environment minister, told MSPs ministers had decided to introduce tougher regulations on the use of snares but did not want to ban them outright... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.2.08 NEW CONTROLS ON USE OF SNARES - The arguments over snaring, as with so many issues surrounding rural living, pits those who work on the land squarely against those who do not. Those in favour argue that the practice is a necessary evil and, provided proper guidelines are followed, is an effective method of dispatching destructive predators.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.2.08 SNP COMPROMISE ON 'BARBARIC' SNARES ANGERS CAMPAIGNERS - The Scottish Government has rejected a total ban on snares and opted to tighten up existing laws to reduce animal suffering..... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.2.08 A CRUEL NECESSITY - Depending on which side of the debate you are on, yesterday's announcement by Environment Minister Mike Russell that snaring is here to stay was either the best or worst possible news for wildlife in Scotland... (story)
BBC News Online 20.2.08 Ministers reject snare ban plea - The Scottish Government will not ban animal snares, despite a high-profile campaign by welfare groups. Environment Minister Mike Russell said alternatives to the wire traps were not always suitable, and an effective form of predator control was vital. But campaigners and some MSPs accused the Scottish Government of failing to listen to public opinion.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.2.08 MINISTER WILL DECIDE TODAY ON WHETHER TO MAKE SNARES ILLEGAL - Animal rights activists insist only an outright ban on snares will do when the Scottish Government makes its long-awaited announcement on their future use this afternoon. But gamekeepers are hoping that Environment Minister Michael Russell will take a "pragmatic view" and allow them to continue using snares for pest control... (story)
Daily Record 19.2.08 Call To Outlaw Cruel Snare Traps By Brian McIver - THOUSANDS of household pets are being killed or injured every year by snare traps, say campaigners. Protected animals such as badgers and otters also end up caught in snares set to trap foxes, rabbits and other vermin. Now activists Advocates For Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports are urging Scottish Environment Minister Mike Russell to outlaw the traps when he announces the results of a probe at Holyrood tomorrow... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 18.2.08 TV STAR BACKS CAMPAIGN TO BAN USE OF SNARES IN SCOTLAND - Tv Star Annette Crosbie and Queen guitarist Brian May yesterday urged the Scottish Government to introduce a ban on the use of snares.... (story)
Observer 17.2.08 Snares ban likely as celebrities urge end to 'sickening' traps - Paul Kelbie - The use of snares could be outlawed in Scotland this week when Michael Russell, Minister for Environment, announces his decision over the use of the animal traps to the Parliament on Wednesday.... 'Scotland has the opportunity to lead the way in the UK by banning snares, a move which could influence legislation in England and Wales,' said Ross Minett, campaigns director for Advocates for Animals (story)
Scotland on Sunday 17.2.08 Actress backs snare ban By Katrine Bussey - THE Scottish Government is under pressure to "see sense" and ban the use of snares. TV star and animal rights campaigner Annette Crosbie, who starred in the BBC sitcom One Foot In The Grave, branded snares as "cruel, archaic devices... Crosbie is backing a campaign led by the League Against Cruel Sports and Advocates for Animals to have snaring banned... (story)
Glasgow Herald 15.2.08 Brutality of snares - Brutality of snares On Wednesday, February 20, the Scottish Environment Minister, Michael Russell, will announce his intentions for the future of snaring in Scotland. We and our supporters expect to see a ban on snares in Scotland which will lead the way for the rest of the UK to follow. It is unacceptable that such cruel and unselective traps can still be used in a supposedly civilised society... Ross Minett, Advocates for Animals; Louise Robertson, League Against Cruel Sports; Rodney Hale, Hare Preservation Trust; Andy Christie, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust; Grace Yoxon, International Otter Survival Fund; Ian Hutchison, Scottish Badgers; Les Ward, Marchig Animal Welfare Trust; Edinburgh (letter)

Glasgow Herald 21.2.08 Armed forces plan mass protest over spending cuts - IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent - Serving soldiers, sailors and airmen and ex-servicemen across the UK are preparing to organise what they hope will become a mass protest march on Parliament and 10 Downing Street to register growing disquiet over underspending on defence and its impact on the military covenant... Organisers are also preparing to contact the Countryside Alliance for advice on the practicalities of co-ordinating a legal demonstration which could draw in sympathisers from all over Britain. The Alliance drew almost 500,000 to protest against anti-hunting legislation in 2004... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.2.08 SPECIALIST DIETS OMIT MANY VITAL NUTRIENTS - I write regarding Tony Wardle's article, "Deadly diet that is killing the planet", (Comment, January 28). I often wonder if vegans like Tony Wardle live in the real world.... Vegans choose their diet, but shouldn't inflict their views on those people who aim to eat balanced meals. R F Parfitt, Malmesbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.2.08 FARM ANIMALS IMPROVE LAND - Vegan Tony Wardle (Western Daily Press, January 28), in his enthusiasm for his chosen lifestyle, has missed a few points in favour of livestock farming... Many kilos of meat are produced from foodstuffs that are low grade and certainly not suitable for human consumption.... Thank you, Mr Wardle, for giving us food for thought, but we should all bear in mind that, although the status quo is almost certainly unsustainable, it is true to say that the only people who are certain that they have the answer are those that have not understood the question. John TuckWootton Bassett Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.2.08 MEAT KILLING US - What a superb article by Tony Wardle, "Deadly diet that is killing the planet" (Western Daily Press, January 28) and how true. We are killing ourselves and our planet by our eating of animals more so than ever now, as their meat is full if antibiotics - growth promoters, etc... Phyllis E Flanders, Glastonbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.2.08 LOW MEAT PRICES DON'T AID FARMS - I write regarding the Western Daily Press article by Tony Wardle, "Deadly diet that is killing the planet" (Comment, January 28). I have no problem with vegans or however people choose to live their lives, but could Tony Wardle direct me and other livestock producers to the correct Defra department where they are handing out massive subsidies to encourage meat-eating?... Lynne Stanley, Salisbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.1.08 COMMENT: WE CANNOT LIVE ON VEGETABLES ALONE - Livestock farming and meat production are destroying the planet, according to vegan campaigner Tony Wardle. But farmers are always the easiest of targets, argues beef producer John Osborne, from Bath - Cruelty to animals, factory-farming, vast over-production, and greed for subsidy - throw in a few familiar old cliches and you're well on the way to blackening the name of British farming yet again.... Tony Wardle, associate director of the vegan campaign group Viva, is entitled to his views. He has his own drum to beat and books to sell. But he has no business promoting them on the back of sweeping generalisations and half- truths, a scatter-gun approach which denigrates every farmer with the same black propaganda.... The world does not have the space to grow the extra vegetables, pulses, grains and cereals that would be required to nourish its expanding population and provide the protein, fat and starch that all our bodies need. Unless, of course, Mr Wardle has worked out how it could be done, but isn't telling us yet (story)
Western Daily Press 28.1.08 DEADLY DIET THAT IS KILLING THE PLANET - If we want to take action on global warming, it's time to slaughter a few sacred cows, says vegan campaigner Tony Wardle ... The battle to save the global environment is beginning to feel a bit like an episode of the old favourite TV comedy Fawlty Towers - one which was called Don't Mention the Meat.... (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 21.2.08 Widower’s anger as Google offers ‘insenstive’ adverts next to wife’s online book Ben Schofield, Liverpool Daily Post - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner last night spoke of his “disgust” after claiming his late wife’s memory had been sullied by an internet site. Google posted adverts offering tickets to bull fights alongside a preview of a book about the late Vicki Moore, who campaigned strongly against the practice. Her Southport-based husband Tony Moore said the book, written by his new partner Matilda Mench, was posted on the internet giant’s books site to give it more publicity.... (story)

Telegraph 21.2.08 Foie gras versus the Animal Liberation Front By Paul Levy - The armed wing of the vegetarian movement appears to have struck again in Cambridge. This time it wasn't Huntingdon Life Sciences it targeted, but a Michelin two-star restaurant, Midsummer House.... What sparked the vandalism of these Valiants-For-Truth? The restaurant, they charged, "made itself a target for direct action by continuing to support and profit from the horrific animal abuse involved in the production of foie gras"... (story)
Independent 20.2.08 Restaurant takes foie gras off menu after 'terrifying' threats By Emily Dugan - One of the country's top restaurants has decided to take foie gras off the menu after it was subjected to a "terrifying" campaign of threats and vandalism by the extreme animal rights group the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The two Michelin-starred Midsummer House in Cambridge has been serving the delicacy since it opened 10 years ago. But after a concerted campaign from animal rights activists that left buildings sprayed with slogans, the management has vowed to remove the dish altogether.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 20.2.08 Foie gras off menu after activist attack - FOIE GRAS is off the menu at the Midsummer House restaurant in Cambridge. The Michelin-starred eatery had been targeted for months by animal rights protesters for serving the delicacy - as of yesterday it will be served no more. Peaceful protests were carried out by Animal Rights Cambridge. But an unrelated group attacked the venue at the weekend when the restaurant was sprayed with graffiti, door locks were glued, glass-etching fluid was used to damage the windows and paint stripper was used on window frames and the front door.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 19.2.08 Foie gras protesters attack top restaurant - Cambridge restaurant Midsummer House was sprayed with graffiti by animal rights protesters opposed to it serving foie gras.... Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in an email to the News..... On Valentine's Day, protesters carried placards saying "Foie gras = diseased liver" and "Don't buy into cruelty". Joan Court, one of the protesters, said: "We have nothing to do with the ALF.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 21.2.08 TB MAY BE THE FAULT OF COWS - I See that farmers are asking for a badger cull "before they kill our business" (The Citizen, February 15). I note that the problem is bovine TB - has anyone asked is it the cows infecting badgers... Ray Armishaw via e-mail (letter)

West Briton 21.2.08 DOLPHINS SHOULD BE PROTECTED - David bowman (letter)
Cornish Guardian 20.2.08 DOLPHINS SHOULD BE PROTECTED - David bowman (letter)
Western Morning News 19.2.08 STOP KILLING HAPLESS WHALES AND DOLPHINS - I WRITE to say how upset I am that dolphins are still being caught in fishing nets, and that the greatest cause is the failure of the EU to ban pair trawling for bass in the English Channel and Western Approaches... There is something lacking in people who do not feel sympathy for the dolphins' plight and their physical suffering and emotional distress at losing family members and young. Fishermen should think of the suffering they cause... David Bowman, St Dennis, Cornwall (letter)


Times 20.2.08 Snares have a use - Any personal encounter with animal suffering is distressing and most people would be affected by the scenes described by the Duchess of Hamilton (letter, Feb 18). In that particular case, however, where a snare set by poachers caught an otter, the act of setting a trap without permission was already illegal... Ian McCall, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
When it comes to pest control, a well-set snare is as effective as a well-executed shot.... Rob Yorke, Brecon (letter)
Times 18.2.08 Ban snares now - On Wednesday, February 20, the Scottish Minister for Environment will announce his intentions regarding the future of snaring in Scotland. Along with the vast majority of Scottish citizens, I sincerely hope that our Government will ban all snares and will lead the way for the rest of the UK to follow... Duchess of Hamilton, Dirleton, East Lothian (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.2.08 - With regard to the imminent announcement at the Scottish Parliament on the future of snaring, this must take into account that to manage our countryside, deliver conservation and biodiversity targets, and sustain the rural economies in fragile areas, certain tools are essential.... DR COLIN SHEDDEN, Director, British Association for Shooting & Conservation (Scotland,) JONATHAN HALL, Head of rural policy, NFU Scotland, GEORGE MILNE,Scottish officer, National Sheep Association, ROSS MONTAGUE, Head of policy and campaigning, Scottish Countryside Alliance, DAVID GWYTHER, Deputy chairman, Scottish Estates Business Group, ALEX HOGG, Chairman, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, DOUGLAS McADAM, Chief executive, Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (story)
Glasgow Herald 19.2.08 Snares are necessary WITH reference to your article and letter (February 15) on animal snares, it is important to recognise that to manage our countryside, deliver conservation and biodiversity targets, and sustain rural economies in fragile areas, certain tools are essential.That is why Scotland's leading rural organisations have rejected calls for a ban on snaring... Jonathan Hall, NFU Scotland; George Milne, National Sheep Association; Ross Montague, Scottish Countryside Alliance; David Gwyther, Scottish Estates Business Group; Alex Hogg, Scottish Gamekeepers Association; Douglas McAdam, Scottish Rural Property and Business Association, Stuart House, Eskmills Business Park, Musselburgh (letter)
Scotsman 19.2.08 Snares an essential tool in countryside management - With the announcement on the future of snaring approaching, it is important to recognise that to manage our countryside, deliver conservation and biodiversity targets, and sustain the rural economies in fragile areas, certain tools are essential. That is why Scotland's leading rural organisations have all rejected calls for a ban on snaring and pledged to work with government to ensure a long-term solution to the issue. Snaring is vital for responsible land managers, whether it is to protect lambs in the spring, game birds or species of high conservation value.... DR COLIN SHEDDEN, Director, British Association for Shooting & Conservation (Scotland,) JONATHAN HALL, Head of rural policy, NFU Scotland, GEORGE MILNE,Scottish officer, National Sheep Association, ROSS MONTAGUE, Head of policy and campaigning, Scottish Countryside Alliance, DAVID GWYTHER, Deputy chairman, Scottish Estates Business Group, ALEX HOGG, Chairman, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, DOUGLAS McADAM, Chief executive, Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (letter)

Midweek Herald 20.2.08 Countryside Alliance point to point - A point-to-point with a difference takes place this Sunday, 24 February at Badbury Rings. Attractions include gundog and falconry demonstrations, a junior beagle meet and a parade of all types of hunting hounds. Countryside Alliance (CA) President, Baroness Mallalieu, officially opens the racing at noon and the finale is a jousting competition where horsemen will battle it out for the hand of fair maiden Clarissa Dickson-Wright. Proceeds will go to the CA and to Dorset-based charity Coping With Chaos..... (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 20.2.08 Janet takes TV chef to task over pâté By Michael Corley - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner wants councils across Coventry and Warwickshire to ban the sale of foie gras - a liver pâté produced by force-feeding ducks and geese. Janet Cummings, who has been campaigning against the mistreatment of animals for 18 years, says she felt sick when she saw a popular TV show promoting the French delicacy last week. Mrs Cummings said celebrity chef John Torode urged people to eat foie gras on the BBC programme Masterchef....(story)

Yorkshire Post 20.2.08 Protect the whales From: Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York. I COULD not agree more with the sentiments of David Quarrie (Yorkshire Post, February 13). We have recently experienced a visit to Antarctica... Among the sights were the whales, and the lecturers who spoke to us during the voyage left us in no doubt that most of the civilised world deplored Japan's massacre of these beautiful and harmless creatures.... (letter)
York Press 12.2.08 Saving whales - I am sure I cannot be the only person who is utterly disgusted by the actions of Japan and her whaling fleet as they systematically murder and butcher hundreds of whales "in the name of research"… Is anyone willing to try and get a world boycott of Japanese products up and running? David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York (letter)

Northern Echo 20.2.08 M-way horror - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva!, Bristol. (letter)
The Shields Gazette 18.2.08 Pig farming is inhumane - Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, Viva! (letter)
Sunderland Echo 16.2.08 Horrific incident - I'M sure most readers would have been horrified – and rightly so – to hear about the motorway incident in County Durham (Feb 14), and horrific fire that resulted in the police having to shoot the most injured pigs on an animal transporter... Yes, the motorway crash was shocking, but we all have the power to stop that happening again by simply not buying meat and going veggie. Justin Kerswell, Viva! Campaigns Manager 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8QH (letter)

Coventry Observer 20.2.08 WE CALL ourselves a nation of animal lovers yet every year around one billion animals are bred and slaughtered to end up as food on our plates... Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Coventry Observer 13.2.08 WE CALL ourselves a nation of animal lovers yet every year around one billion animals are bred and slaughtered to end up as food on our plates... Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Isle of Man Examiner 12.2.08 FROM: KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, The Old Chapel, Tonbridge, Kent. TN9 1AW. WE call ourselves a nation of animal lovers yet every year around 1,000 million animals are bred and slaughtered to end up as food on our plates. Modern farming involves animals being crammed together in cages or sheds, selectively bred to grow unnaturally fast and killed in slaughterhouses where speed and profit are seen as more important that animal welfare…. (letter)


Western Mail 19.2.08 Cameron to allow free vote on ending ‘idiotic’ hunting law - Tomos Livingstone, Western Mail - A TORY Government would give MPs a free vote on reversing the hunting ban, David Cameron said last night. The current law had been made to look “idiotic” due to the number of people breaking it, he suggested. In an exclusive interview with the Western Mail, three years to the day since the ban become law, Mr Cameron said, “We have a very clear position on this, there will be a free vote, and if there is a vote to repeal the hunting ban there will be a government Bill in government time.... (story)

Western Daily Press 19.2.08 LOOPHOLES AND LOW PRIORITIES - Hunting was banned on February 18, 2004, after seven years of parliamentary debate.All subsequent convictions for breaking the ban have happened in the West Country - but the very first case, that of Exmoor huntsman Tony Wright, was overturned at appeal last year. Hunts continue to exploit a series of loopholes to ride out with hounds, including trail hunting, hound exercising and hunting to a bird of prey... (story)
Western Daily Press 19.2.08 OPINION: BAN WORKS FOR NO ONE - The ban on hunting with dogs was, for country folk from Tewkesbury to Taunton, the most controversial thing this Government has done. But after 700 hours in Parliament, marches, demonstrations, violence and court cases, three years on, what has changed?... The police, generally, don't want to know - who would want to enter such a minefield of entrenched views and outright hatred?... what this debacle shows is that laws made with the wrong intentions never work. Labour MPs voted to get one over the toffs, to stamp their authority on the traditional ruling classes - and later admitted as such. The present mess suits no one... Dare we suggest the Government has to sort this out? (story)

Western Daily Press 19.2.08 HUNTS SHOULD CONTROL HOUNDS - Yet again, we hear that a hunt has used a main road and had some of its hounds killed and injured. The Crawley and Horsham Hunt, West Sussex, was chasing a fox over the busy A281 road on Tuesday, February 8, just north of Shermanbury, West Sussex.... Is it not time that the police put an end to these so-called accidents, and any hunt that cannot ensure its hounds are able to follow a trail should confine them to their kennels until retrained?... Graham Forsyth, Chard, Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 19.2.08 HUNT PICTURE IS A GIVEAWAY - The letter by Tess Nash (February 5), together with the photograph of the East Cornwall Hunt on Boxing Day, will displease many readers.... The photograph appears to show horsemen riding, several abreast, on a road with a pack of hounds. The Highway Code, Paragraph 35, says horse riders should wear light-coloured or fluorescent clothing in daylight. The East Cornwall huntsmen are wearing green uniforms, with most other riders having black coats... Paragraph 39 of the Code says horses should never be ridden more than two abreast, but the photograph shows the East Cornwall riding with five or six horses alongside each other... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.2.08 STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF THESE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRYSIDE BOXERS - After the long winter months there can be few sights more uplifting to the human spirit than boxing hares, symbolic of the joys of spring and renewal of life in the countryside. But the Mad March image hides a shocking reality for about 300,000 hares are shot each year, mainly in East Anglia.... The Hare Preservation Trust works for an end to the barbarity of hare shooting... Rodney Hale, Chairman, Hare Preservation Trust, Crediton (letter)

Western Morning News 19.2.08 CRUELTY CONTINUES - In spite of the passing of EU Regulation (EC) January 2005, the majority of EU member states do not enforce it and the cruelty involved in the export of live horses for slaughter continues... S Finemore, Shaugh Prior, Plymouth (letter)

Irish Independent 19.2.08 Let's remember plight of animals - I see that people cannot even watch dogs mauling each other to death without being attacked in Afghanistan (Irish Independent, February 18). Normally I would sympathise with people who are doing their shopping when a bomb goes off, but people who go to watch dogs ripping each other apart? Barbarians wiping out barbarians.... ANTHONY HALPIN , HERBERT ROAD, BRAY, CO WICKLOW (letter)

Yorkshire Post 19.2.08 Law allows this slaughter From: C Horsman, Nafferton, East Yorkshire. THE furore about the Archbishop of Canterbury is understandable and he should go. One thing, however, has not been mentioned and that is that Islam already has its own law in this land with regard to animal slaughter... (letter)


Western Morning News 18.2.08 GREAT DIVIDE OVER HUNT SUPPORT - Support for the anti-hunt lobby has dropped significantly since the 2004 hunting ban came into force, according to the Countryside Alliance. The Alliance claims that in the last three years protester numbers have dropped by two thirds.... (story)
Horse & Hound 18.2.08 Third anniversary of Hunting Act: only three hunts convicted - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Today marks the third anniversary of the Hunting Act. Since 18 February 2005, just three hunts have been convicted of any offence — out of more than 300 hunts hunting over 50,000 days. Chief executive of the Countryside Alliance Simon Hart points to this tiny number of convictions as evidence that the Act is a waste of time for police and those trying to hunt within "such a bad law".... Furthermore, the number of protesters has fallen by around 60% — despite their claims that hunts are routinely breaking the law. Meanwhile, hunts themselves have enjoyed record numbers of people taking part.... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 17.2.08 Anti-foxhunting campaign is ban's real victim By Jasper Copping - When the hunting law was introduced, it was feared or feted as the end of a country sport. Now, three years later, it appears to have left the pursuit's opponents deeply wounded, while hunting goes from strength to strength. The number of protesters has fallen by almost two-thirds despite claims that hunts are routinely breaking the law, and reports that more foxes are being killed now than before the Hunting Act was signed into law.... (story)

New York Times 18.2.08 Tally Ho! A Determined Crew Hunts for Fox Hunters By SARAH LYALL - LUXBOROUGH, England — Graham Floyd, an operative from the League Against Cruel Sports, had been on the hill for about an hour when he thought he heard something. “Everybody in!” he barked, conveying his hefty, camouflage-clothed person with surprising agility into a nearby thicket of brambles. He crouched low, whipped out his binoculars and scanned the valley for signs of the West Somerset Hunt, which local intelligence had suggested was in the vicinity. But it was a false alarm... “Covert surveillance is all about spending days looking at absolutely nothing,” explained his colleague in the bushes, Tony R., a volunteer who asked that his full name not be used because he feared reprisals from his hunt-sympathizing neighbors... (story)

Dundee Courier 18.2.08 Snare ban announcement - Sam Graves. 10 Strathisla Road, West Ferry (letter)
Highland News 16.2.08 Call to get behind snare ban - Andrea Wright, Wester Moy Farm Cottages, Muir of Ord (letter)
Southern Reporter 14.2.08 Ban on snares captures poll position among the people - The Scottish Government is currently deciding whether or not to ban snares and is expected to announce its intentions very soon. Like me, the vast majority of people in Scotland support a ban on snares... I urge readers to visit www.bansnares.com where they can quickly and easily support the campaign by Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports to achieve a ban on snares in Scotland. Karen Kirk, Marigold Drive, Galashiels (letter)


Sunday Times 17.2.08 Ken Livingstone former job experimenting on animals - DANIEL FOGGO - Ken Livingstone's past life experimenting on live animals has been detailed for the first time by two of his former colleagues who have described how he conducted tests on mice, rats, rabbits, sheep and goats. The London mayor, known for his love of newts, spent two years helping to carry out procedures on animals at a laboratory in Sutton, south London. The tests were performed at the Chester Beatty research centre, now part of the Institute of Cancer Research, in the late 1960s, when Livingstone was in his twenties. He worked as a laboratory technician at “X block” on approved medical research... (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 16.2.08 WILDLIFE SHOULD GET PROTECTION BY LAW - When i hear the rationalisations used in defence of animal cruelty I despair.Whether it is the fox, or the deer or the otter, time and again the would-be guardians of the countryside seek to explain their cruelty to animals in terms of their victims being pests and deserving their fate... Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh (letter)

Scotsman 16.2.08 Snaring real misery - It is good to read that Drew Ainslie (Letters, 7 February) cares about the biodiversity, but unfortunately he doesn't realise how snaring does actually threaten protected species... GRACE M YOXON, International Otter Survival Fund, Broadford, Isle of Skye (story)
Scotsman 15.2.08 Indiscriminate snares - Drew Ainslie makes a number of inaccurate comments regarding the use of snares (Platform, 7 February). If snares were really so important for protecting ground-nesting birds, perhaps he could explain why the RSPB does not see the need to use snares on any of its 130,000 hectares of reserves… ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Daily Post 16.2.08 PM will not save North Wales post offices by Tom Bodden, Daily Post - GORDON BROWN last night defended the proposed post office closure programme in North Wales.... The Countryside Alliance will bring a vintage fire engine to Labour’s conference in Llandudno today to highlight the emergency facing post offices. North Wales regional director for the Countryside Alliance, Barry Henderson, said: “The Government has missed the point on Post Offices and we are urging them to realise the huge social benefit that they provide... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 16.2.08 Zoo 'shoot to kill' action out of order - THANK you for exposing the scandal of another animal killed at a UK zoo (Evening News, February 9) – this time, a Barbary macaque monkey that escaped at Edinburgh Zoo and was subsequently shot. Following recent escapes and shootings of chimpanzees at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (2007) and Flamingo Land (2005), and the euthanasia of a macaque at Newquay Zoo last year for management purposes, more questions should be asked about the safety and management of animals in UK zoos.... Will Travers, chief executive, The Born Free Foundation (letter)


Somerset County Gazette 15.2.08 Rare white deer hind spotted on Quantocks By Lloyd Vaughan - THESE photos sent in by Alcombe resident David Sudds appear to show a rare white deer hind roaming the Quantock Hills.... Louise Robertson, spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Often the problem is that trophy hunters want to go out and kill them because they are so rare.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.2.08 CALL FOR BAN ON SNARES - Big Brother Celebrity Hijack winner John Loughton has called for a ban on animal snares - and urged ministers to bow to public pressure… (story)
Bath Chronicle 14.2.08 BB winner joins fight to ban snares - Big Brother Celebrity Hijack winner John Loughton is joining the fight against animal cruelty by posing outside parliament with a placard calling on the Scottish Government to ban snares.... he's backing the campaign led by Advocates For Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)
icScotland 14.2.08 BB winner joins fight to ban snares - Big Brother Celebrity Hijack winner John Loughton joins the fight against animal cruelty by posing outside parliament with a placard calling on the Scottish Government to ban snares.... (story)
Edinburgh Evenin News 14.2.08 Big Brother winner calls for snares ban - BIG Brother Celebrity Hijack winner John Loughton was joining the fight against animal cruelty today by posing outside Holyrood with a placard calling on the Scottish Government to ban snares. The call by the aspiring politician from Pilton, who is chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament, comes less than a week before the Government makes its announcement on the future of snaring... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.2.08 BB winner joins fight to ban snares - Big Brother Celebrity Hijack winner John Loughton is joining the fight against animal cruelty by posing outside parliament with a placard calling on the Scottish Government to ban snares.... (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 15.2.08 A Christian rocks the hunting boat - I FIND it sad that Judi Hewitt of North Wales Animal Rights receives so much stick from the advocates and perpetrators of blood 'sports'.... The vigilance and compassion of a few Christian ladies – Ms Hewitt being one of them! – appears to stand out in marked contrast to the waffling of so many of our religious leadership…. REV JAMES THOMPSON, Holywell. (letter)

Argus 15.2.08 Violent science - Having just read the report Sussex University Challenged, produced by student group Violence Free Science, I must agree with David Hammond (Letters, February 13) that there can be no justification for these experiments... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)
Argus 13.2.08 Experiments on animals not justified - I am writing in response to the article "Animal use criticised by report" (The Argus, February 8). A report by the Sussex University student campaign group Violence-Free Science says that the university is using animals needlessly in experiments.... David Hammond, North Court Hassocks (letter)

Independent 15.2.08 The expose of long-distance live export of animals for slaughter has justifiably shocked the nation, but simply being shocked by abuses in other countries is not especially useful. All readers can help animals at every meal by going vegetarian... Alex Gunn, Southend on Sea, Essex (letter)

Independent 15.2.08 There is probably no species more persecuted than the rat ("Year of the rat", 13 February) and finding new ways to kill them is a multi-million pound business.... Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.2.08 CAMPAIGNER OFF THE HOOK - Charges against a 14-year-old anti-whaling protester have been dropped, the Crown Prosecution Service said last night.The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was accused of criminal trespass after staging an hour-long protest at the Japanese embassy in London. She was arrested with fellow campaigner Martin Wyness, 50, of Hereford, on January 24 after they tied themselves to stairs... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.2.08 CHICKENS SUFFERING TERRIBLE CONDITIONS - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (by email) (story)
Bath Chronicle 14.2.08 CHICKENS FACE HORROR - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Western Morning News 12.2.08 SHAME OF SELLING CHICKEN FOR £1.99 - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 12.2.08 WE CAN ALL HELP TO END THIS SUFFERING - Campaigns Manager, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.2.08 Stop the suffering with new diet - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 9.2.08 End chicken misery, go veggie - IT is good news that chicken welfare has made the headlines recently, but it is still depressing that the vast majority of the 860 million chickens killed for meat each year in this country still are still factory farmed..... Campaigning animal group Viva! has filmed undercover inside broiler chicken farms and revealed shocking conditions as standard.... We can all do our bit to end this suffering by not eating chicken and opting for a veggie diet... JUSTIN KERSWELL, campaigns manager, Viva! (letter)

Newbury Weekly News 15.2.08 Vegetarians criticise school's piglet introduction By Petra Cooke, Online reporter - A VEGETARIAN campaigning group have written to a local school offering a different perspective on pig farming, after pupils petted free range piglets. In January Brightwalton Primary School children were treated to a bacon sandwich after petting piglets from a farm in Beedon. The event was organised as part of the annual Farmhouse Breakfast week campaign to promote the importance of starting the day with breakfast and to celebrate regional produce. But Europe's largest vegetarian campaigning group, Viva!, said that introducing the children to free-range piglets did not represent the truth about the meat they eat at home..... (story)

Manchester Evening News 15.2.08 Bid to ban 'cruel' paté - Don Frame - ANTI-CRUELTY campaigners have joined forces to try to get controversial delicacy foie gras banned in the north... The Foie Gras Free North campaign has created a website which publishes a list of `targets' for people to boycott, including Selfridge's in Exchange Square, Manchester, and the Trafford Centre.... Andrew Forde, spokesman for The Foie Grass Free North campaign said: "We hope that this new campaign will convince the suppliers that the majority of the public are in favour of a ban."... (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.2.08 Foxes are predators - In response to the letter by Geoffrey Treherne (Gazette, February 7), he is wrong about foxes. They are not vicious killers… Blood sports is about killing for pleasure. It's illegal, so accept it. A Williams, Bath Earth First, C/o PO Box 426, Bath (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 7.2.08 Fox a vicious killer - Although I hesitate to step on the well-trodden path of anti-fox hunting, your recently published letter from Stockport (Hunting cannot be expected to survive, January 31) cannot be ignored... they must realise that the fox is probably the most vicious killer, not for food but for fun, that we have in this country and with no natural predator they are enjoying both an explosion in population and an orgy of killing... Only in Great Britain could such vast sums of money and so much Parlimentary time be spent to protect such an unpleasant creature.... Geoffrey Treherne, Axford, Marlborough (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 31.1.08 Hunting cannot be expected to survive - When 21 people so far have been convicted under the Hunting Act, with two recently pleading guilty to a charge of illegal fox hunting, and an Early Day Motion has been put before Parliament concerning the widespread breaches of the Act and calling for tougher action to enforce it, can the Countryside Alliance expect live animal hunting to survive?... Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Stockport (letter)

Ormskirk Advertiser 14.2.08 Hare coursing ban is being flouted at Altcar by Gemma Jaleel, Ormskirk Advertiser - THE hunting ban is being openly flouted in West Lancashire, it is claimed. Local farmers allege that illegal coursers are still targeting the hare population in and around Altcar… Advertiser columnist Lisa Edwards said that over the last few weeks, she has seen no end of gangs turning up to run their dogs over the fields…. (story)
Ormskirk Advertiser 14.2.08 Sadly a case of hare today, gone tomorrow by Our Correspondent, Ormskirk Advertiser - IT may be over three years since the ban on hunting with dogs, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference in our part of the world. As I pointed out at the time, illegal hare coursing was highly unlikely to stop as a result of an Act of Parliament, and the last few weeks have seen no end of gangs turning up to run their dogs over the fields. Both Alan and Simon have had Transit vans drive blatantly past them on the cart roads while they have been working in the fields…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 14.2.08 HORRIFIC KILLINGS OF BIRDS OF PREY - Four more rare birds of prey have been killed in Lincolnshire. Police are appealing for information about the deaths of the buzzards... Wildlife crime officer PC Nigel Lound said: "Now that the shooting season is over I can only assume that these birds have been killed in an attempt to stop them breeding.... (story)

Chorley Guardian 14.2.08 Foxes pose threat to Buckshaw pets - Foxes displaced by house building at Chorley's Buckshaw Village are threatening the lives of pets in the area. Misguided homeowners have been feeding the foxes in their gardens not realising they are carriers of diseases which can kill dogs. Chorley natrualist and wildlife expert Cliff Jones said: "Foxes can spread diseases and Buckshaw Village is one of the areas where foxes come for food because it borders on more rural parts of Chorley where foxes live... (story)

Louth Leader 14.2.08 Manby circus rebuffs animal rights criticism By Charles Ladbrook - AS THE Great British Circus is about to roll into Manby its ringmaster has rebuffed a call from an animal rights charity to boycott his shows. Ringmaster Martin Lacey said a report released last November from Defra, the government department for the environment, food and rural affairs, has put the circus animal debate to rest.... The Captive Animals' Protection Society had issued a call for people to boycott the shows because, it says, the circus is no life for any animal.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 14.2.08 SEAL CULL FURY - MANDY CARTER Respect for Animals (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 13.2.08 Speak up for the defenceless seals - MANDY CARTER, Respect for Animals, Nottingham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 11.2.08 LETTER: ACTION ON SEAL CULL - MANDY CARTER Respect for Animals PO Box 6500 Nottingham (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 8.2.08 Speak out against Canadian seal hunting - With the 2008 Canadian seal hunt only weeks away I am writing to urgently ask readers to speak up for the seals slaughtered for their fur by taking part in a significant European Union survey.... Mandy Carter, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham (letter)

York Press 14.2.08 Save the whales - HOW come the international community allows this barbaric practice of hunting whales to continue? The Japanese carry on the annual whale slaughter for research, so they say. One wonders, what research?... Tom Mitchell, Mendip Close, Huntington, York (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 14.2.08 Milk industry fights back over animal welfare group claims - SCHOOL pupils have been told of the health benefits of drinking milk and the importance of agriculture and food production in Wales. Chairman of the Farmers Union of Wales' milk and dairy produce committee, Eifion Huws, and FUW county executive officer, Gareth Wyn Jones, responded to an animal welfare pressure group member's comments to the schoolchildren which encouraged them to give up drinking cows milk…(story)
Chester Evening Leader 31.1.08 Ysgol Dinas Bran pupils should receive a balanced argument - Ysgol Dinas Bran has reportedly apologised to an angry parent after his child was subjected to a lesson taken by a representative of Compassion in World Farming... Dairy cows end up at the slaughterhouse long before the 20-25 years which would be their normal lifespan. Humans who drink cows' milk have an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancer, and many other ailments... George Vincent, Summerhill, Wrexham (letter)
Chester Evening Leader 28.1.08 Complaint over soya milk was 'laughable' - I would like to respond to the story "School apology over unauthorised anti-milk lesson" (Wednesday, January 23), which referred to a talk given at the school by a member of CIWF. My daughter attends Dinas Bran in Llangollen, the school where this incident occurred. I was astonished to find that certain parent(s) felt a talk promoting soya milk products merited complaint to the school.... My daughter follows a dairy free diet, no accomodation is made for this within the school canteen. A discussion such as this would encourage her and others like her to feel less isolated. Only in discussing alternate lifestyles and viewpoints are children going to become more accepting of others... L. Roberts, Heol Abon, Cefn Mawr, Wrexham (letter)
Daily Post 24.1.08 Farmers' Union talk to children about milk by Deborah James, Daily Post - THE Farmers’ Union of Wales is to speak to schoolchildren about the benefits of drinking cows’ milk. Yesterday the Daily Post reported how Ysgol Dinas Bran in Llangollen apologised after pupils were given a talk by pressure group Compassion in World Farming, encouraging them to give up drinking cows’ milk – in favour of soya.... Now the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) is being brought in to talk to the children and give them the other side of the story.... (story)
Daily Post 23.1.08 Fury as farmers’ kids told in school ‘don’t drink milk’ by Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post - A SCHOOL last night apologised for a teacher’s “mistake” after pupils were given a lesson encouraging them to give up drinking cows milk. Parents complained after children at Ysgol Dinas Brân, in the heart of the Llangollen farming community, were given a talk promoting soya-milk products over Welsh milk. One, Trefor Lloyd Jones, was furious after his youngest son Alun, 13, came home from the Denbighshire school on Monday and told him about the class, given by animal welfare pressure group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).... Last night the school’s headteacher Alison Duffy apologised to local families for the lesson – which she said had taken place without the school’s permission. She said it “was wrong” for the teacher to have invited the CIWF representative to the school without authority and that she would be dealt with.... CIWF’s Phil Brooke said the speaker was a retired university lecturer. He said: “We were invited in to the school by the teacher. I’ve got an e-mail to prove it. The talk went really well... (story)


Northampton Chronicle & Echo 13.2.08 Hunt 'chased fox into empty village house' By Oliver Jelley - Hounds chased a fox into an empty house in a Northamptonshire village before cornering and killing the animal in the bathroom. Villagers said dogs from the Grafton Hunt gained access to the house in Chapel Lane, Maidford, near Towcester, through an open backdoor before pursuing the fox inside and then killing it... Colin Richmond-Watson, huntmaster of the Grafton Hunt, said: "I don't know the details because I wasn't hunting that day, but I think it did happen... (story)

Galway Independent 13.2.08 Galway man the focus of anti-hunt documentary Written by Lisa Regan - A new documentary from Griffith College will profile a former foxhunter from Galway who has turned his back on fox-hunting, going on to become one of Ireland's most dedicated anti-hunt campaigners. This short film tells of how Tom Hardiman protests outside the Dail every week to urge politicians to ban the blood sport. Directed by Ana Maqueda-Lopez, the documentary titled 'Calling the Hounds' is a presentation about a man haunted by what he witnessed at hunts but determined to see the cruelty outlawed... (story)

Bromley Times 13.2.08 Finding a humane way to deal with fox ‘problem’ - I refer to the letter on fox hunting in the Bromley Times from P Hughesdon..... Those of us who are glad there is a ban, I feel sure, are sickened by the thought of one animal being torn apart by another animal, this act being deliberately organised by those sick enough to enjoy the spectacle.... (letter)
Bromley Times 30.1.08 Meddling minority banned hunting E Wisher is sadly deluded if she thinks that "the reason the (hunting) ban came into being was because most of the public wanted it" (Letters, January 17). The real reason was, as is always the way in this country, that the minority who don't seem to have anything better to do but poke their noses into other people's lives made the most noise about it.... P Hughesdon, Oxhawth Crescent, Bromley (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.2.08 MOST HUNTERS ARE NOT RURAL - Fred Worth is right about hunting, "A compromise will be reached, as hunting will not go away", (Western Daily Press, January 25). but not for the reasons he thinks.... it is wrong to imply that there are good honest country people - most are not full-time rural dwellers. Because they live and work in cities and towns, the most vocal and fanatical are armchair country people. So it is not a country versus town issue, but a pro-cruel pastime versus anti-cruelty... David Thomas, Near Westbury (letter)

Western Mail 13.2.08 Let the fish recover – I note that the coraclemen on the Afon Tywi are having their licences restricted by the Environment Agency (EA) in order to protect stocks... However In Mr Moc Morgan’s angling article of the same day he mentions the “taster days” put on by the same agency. I fail to see the logic here, on one hand some are being restricted, whilst on the other hand, the EA are encouraging more people to fish!... They have struggles enough without man trying to ensnare them. BOB ANDREWS Brynhyfryd, Llanddarog, Carmarthen (letter)

York Press 13.2.08 Protestors target gourmet eaterie - POLICE were called to York's Blue Bicycle restaurant after it was targeted by animal rights protestors. Officers were called in to move on the demonstrators, who were protesting over its sale of foie gras pate... (story)

Dundee Courier 13.2.08 Scientific research? - Would somebody please explain what sort of scientific research justifies the painful death of 1000 mammals to satisfy laboratory investigations?... Presumably they are recycled as part of the food chain? Nice for the consumer. Tough on the whales. Jim Robertson. St Mary’s, Elie Estate, Elie, Leven. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.2.08 MERCURY MAILBOX: MANY APPEAR INDIFFERENT TO ANIMAL SUFFERING - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver on TV, and the Mercury (Opinion, January 11) spoke out against the factory farming of chickens.... The movement Compassion In World Farming (CWF), which - along with others, had done much to get the ban introduced, now has more lobbying to do in Europe.... John Lawrence, Leicester (letter)

Hendon Times 13.2.08 Charities join in circus criticism By Kevin Bradford - Animal charities have joined activists in denouncing the arrival of a controversial animal circus at Brent Cross. The announcement that Zippos Circus would return to the shopping centre was met with outrage by hundreds of animal rights activists.... (story)


Bristol Evening Post 12.2.08 SHOOTING IS A SAFE, DEMANDING SPORT - So, Ann Thomas ("Shooting range plan at school is just mad", Open Lines, February 7) , "All activities involving guns are for no other purpose than to kill or injure, whether that's humans or hunting animals?" This is just yet another example of a hysterical, knee-jerk reaction with complete disregard of the facts.... I have absolutely no doubt at all that the scheme will be well run, under the full supervision of the Army Cadet Corps. No one is suggesting the children will be roaming the streets armed. Come on, let's have a little bit of perspective here. John Pitchers,via email. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 7.2.08 SHOOTING RANGE PLAN AT SCHOOL IS JUST MAD - I Am horrified that one of the new school academies in Bristol has already planned to build a shooting range as part of its army cadet corps activities... All activities involving guns are for no other purpose than to kill or injure, whether that's humans or hunting animals... Ann Thomas,Hotwells,Bristol. (letter)

Scotsman 12.2.08 Poaching case thrown out as PC left fishing for evidence By RUSSELL JACKSON - SUSPECTED poachers fishing for salmon were cleared yesterday after a police officer admitted he could not tell the difference between worms and maggots. Greig Johnson and David McKenzie, both 24, of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, were accused of attempting to take salmon from the Black Cart river at Kilbarchan, without legal right or permission, on 25 September last year. Giving evidence, PC Andrew MacLeman conceded he knew little about the sport. He admitted he had no idea what bait might be used to attract different types of fish or that weights would be required to carry bait into the water when casting... Both men denied the offence and claimed they had been coarse fishing on the day in question – for pike... (story)

Western Mail 12.2.08 The welcome new Facebook of countryside communications by Simon Hart, Western Mail - WHEN I first joined the Countryside Alliance, our means of communicating with each other and the media were restricted to telephone, fax and post. One technological revolution later and the popularisation of email, text, the internet, 24-hour news feeds and now social networking sites, communications are instantaneous. And rural people are using this to great advantage.... (story)

Western Daily Press 12.2.08 BADGER CULL IS A GREY ISSUE - I would like to address a letter to the Welsh Assembly rural development sub-committee and, at the same time, confirm public outrage at the announcement that a trial badger cull is being considered in Wales... Science does not have the technology to identify and eliminate tuberculous badgers in the wild, so population control necessarily entails the random slaughter of something wild and beautiful because it just may be ill... Keith Childs, Lydney, Gloucestershire (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 11.2.08 POLICE ENFORCEMENT CAN BE REWARDING - On January 23, the Echo published my letter, Police fail in duties with 'priorities', complaining that the police do not consider enforcement of a 20mph zone to be a priority and Avon & Somerset Police fail to enforce the ban on hunting with dogs for sport.... I find it difficult to understand why the police claim that their limited resources do not enable them to enforce speeding and hunting laws when prosecutions of offenders, especially hunters, could be so financially rewarding.... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.2.08 NO SURPRISE VETS BACK HUNT - The front page of the Western Daily Press on January 26 regarding the pro-hunt stance of "top vets" came as no surprise - they have said it all before, even at one time when the hunt was saying "we hardly ever kill any foxes".... Pamela Dean, Whiteshill, Gloucestershire (letter)

Portsmouth News 11.2.08 Campaigners vow to find goats a home By Rob Dabrowski - A herd of goats used for military scientific tests look set to be rehoused, thanks to The News... QinetiQ was unable to guarantee that some of the animals wouldn't be culled, but The News contacted an animal rights group to alert them to the goats' plight and members have vowed to rehouse the animals in sanctuaries. The Southern Animal Rights Coalition has said it will take the animals and find them loving homes. A vet will now check whether the homes are suitable. SARC member Tom Harris, 24 of Alver Road, Gosport, said: 'Their welfare has always been our number one priority so it's imperative to find good homes for all these animals.... (story)
Western Morning News 11.2.08 USE OF GOAT HERD FOR 'BENDS' TEST SCRAPPED - MATT CHORLEY LONDON EDITOR - For years the safety of Westcountry submariners has rested on the shoulders of a herd of goats which were enlisted by defence scientists to examine how they were affected by decompression sickness - "the bends". But now the Ministry of Defence has dumped the practice of using the animals as stand-in crew during emergency tests. Only last year experts insisted that using goats was vital to ensure the well-being of crews from the seven nuclear subs at Plymouth's Devonport naval base.... But junior defence minister Derek Twigg has said that enough information has now been collected and no more goats will be subjected to the tests... (story)
Plymouth Herald 9.2.08 NO FURTHER NEED FOR GOATS TO BE USED IN SUB ESCAPE TESTING - Testing on live goats used to provide vital safety advice for Plymouth submariners in the event of an underwater escape is to be stopped, writes Parliamentary Correspondent Nick Lester.... (story)
Telegraph 8.2.08 MoD ends goat testing on submarines By Emma Henry and agencies - The Ministry of Defence MoD) has announced it is to stop using goats for testing on submarines.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 7.2.08 Goat experiments scrapped - JUBILANT animal rights campaigners have welcomed a Government decision to stop using goats in painful military experiments in Hampshire... yesterday, following a review of the QinetiQ contract, the MoD said the procedures had provided all the information required and so there was no longer an "immediate need" to continue with them. The decision to abandon the goat experiments was welcomed by the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, which has long campaigned against the tests. Spokesman Tom Harris told the Daily Echo: "It's a shame it took so long... (story)
BBC News Online 6.2.08 UK navy to end goat experiments - The Ministry of Defence says it will abandon deep-diving experiments which involve inducing decompression sickness in live goats... Defence Secretary Des Browne said the MoD owed a duty of care to its submarine staff and "the welfare of its personnel is paramount". However, the aim of the tests has "now been achieved".... The non-animal medical research charity the Dr Hadwen Trust, which specialises in humane alternatives to animal testing, welcomed the decision... (story)

Argus 11.2.08 Animal research - How very disappointing to read that Sussex University is still using animals in research... Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)

Chester Chronicle 8.2.08 Foie-gras off menu but victory is only partial by Laurie Stocks-Moore, Chester Chronicle - ANIMAL rights activists have persuaded a top city restaurant to take foie-gras off their menu. Chez Jules, in Northgate Street, featured the delicacy as a one-off on their Christmas menu but have vowed not to serve it again. Members of Chester Action to Prevent Animal Suffering (CAPAS) handed out leaflets and gathered signatures... Anna Stanley, of CAPAS, says the techniques used to produce it cause ‘unimaginable pain’... (story)

Sun 11.2.08 I HAVE just read with utter disgust the article on the Asiatic black bears in Siberia. How can anybody genuinely get a kick out of this?... KERRY WILLSON, Surrey (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 11.2.08 WHY SHOOT BOAR OVER APPETITE? - I Was sorry to read a wild boar had been shot at a school in the Forest of Dean.It seems its crime was to enjoy eating crab app-les. At no time was it a threat to children or parents, if the reports were accurate. Couldn't the ranger have fired over the animal's head, which would have frightened it off?... PAMELA DEAN, Stroud (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.2.08 The cloning of animals for meat and milk presents a major problem in terms of animal welfare... Alexia Weeks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Southwark Street, London (letter)
Western Morning News 1.2.08 CLONING animals for meat and milk presents a major problem in terms of animal welfare. Scientists agree it causes even more suffering than farmed animals experience at present, which are crammed into factory farms, forced to gain so much weight that they go lame, are driven insane by confinement, and are slaughtered well before their time. Reject this ugly mess and go vegetarian... Alexia Weeks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Guardian 9.2.08 Three gamekeepers admit trying to trap birds of prey - David Ward - Three gamekeepers yesterday admitted using baited traps to catch protected birds of prey that might attack grouse and partridges on an estate in North Yorkshire. Scarborough magistrates heard that RSPB inspectors had found five traps baited with live pigeons on the Snilesworth estate near Osmotherley... James Shuttlewood, 40, head keeper of the Snilesworth estate, pleaded guilty to five charges of permitting the use of traps and was fined £250 on each. Charles Woof, 23, a beat keeper, of Swainby, North Yorkshire, admitted one charge of using a trap and was fined £100. David Cook, 18, an under-keeper, of Ingleby, North Yorkshire, admitted two charges of using traps and was given a 12-month conditional discharge... (story)

BBC News Online 9.2.08 Pro-animal testing group in rally - About 200 supporters of scientific animal testing have marched in Oxford in protest at "fear and intimidation" from animal rights groups. Pro-Test supports the building of the University of Oxford's new biomedical research unit in South Parks Road.... (story)
Guardian 4.2.08 Campaigners to march in support of animal testing - A demonstration by supporters of animal testing may reignite the bitter row over the use of animals in medical research. The pressure group Pro-Test is to march through Oxford at noon on Saturday, marking the first year of its campaign to counter intimidation of scientists who experiment on animals... Its teenage founder, Laurie Pycroft, said the march aimed to defend the right of researchers to work without harassment; celebrate successes in developing treatments for disease; and improve understanding of the need for animal research.... (story)

Horse & Hound 9.2.08 Judge critical of RSPCA in case of innocent couple - A judge has criticised the RSPCA for its handling of the prosecution of a Norwich couple accused of causing unnecessary suffering to their 24-year-old horse. Gina and Martin Griffin appeared in court on 22 January, but district judge Philip Browning found them innocent, and said the "case could have been dealt with in a better and certainly more sympathetic way".... The RSPCA claimed the horse, Florry, was too thin. But when the Griffins tried to explain that the horse had laminitis and was on restricted grazing, as recommended by their vet, the court was told the RSPCA inspector and vet refused to discuss the case with them... (story)


Newark Advertiser 8.2.08 Hunts in the pink as support grows By ANDREW MILLER - It is three years since foxhunting with dogs was made illegal by Parliament, but the spirit of the country sport lives on... The acting secretary of the South Notts Hunt, Mrs Angela Hardstaff, said more people had become interested in foxhunting as a result of the ban... The South Notts’ neighbouring hunt, The Grove and Rufford, has also experienced added support since the ban... (story)

Daily Post 8.2.08 Inspiring CA - THE Countryside Alliance has been declared the most “inspiring political personality” of the last 10 years in awards to mark Channel 4 News’ 10th anniversary.. (story)
Western Morning News 1.2.08 POLITICAL AWARD FOR THE CA - The Countryside Alliance has been declared the most "inspiring political personality" of the last ten years in the Channel 4 News political awards.... (story)
Western Morning News 29.1.08 Country Alliance topTVcampaigner - THE Countryside Alliance has been name the most “inspiring political personality” of the past 10 years in the Channel 4 News political awards ... (story)
Guardian 26.1.08 Simon Hoggart - To the Channel 4 political awards recording, where there was much booing for Jeremy Irons, who accepted the political figure of the year gong for, collectively, the Countryside Alliance..... (story)
Daelnet 25.1.08 Countryside Alliance wins major political award - The Countryside Alliance has been declared the most "inspiring political personality" of the last ten years in the Channel 4 News political awards. The organisation won the title "for its campaigns against the fox hunting ban and its defence of rural life."... (story)
Horse & Hound 24.1.08 Countryside Alliance voted 'political personality of the decade' - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has been voted "political personality of the decade" at the Channel 4 News awards. In winning the award, the CA beat off competition from the anti-Iraq war coalition, Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone, Alex Salmond, Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley.... (story)
Farmers' Guardian 24.1.08 Countryside Alliance beats Blair to ‘inspiring’ political award - THE Countryside Alliance has beaten Tony Blair to the title of most ‘inspiring political personality’ of the last ten years in the Channel 4 News political awards.... (story)
Spectator 24.1.08 Boos, wine and tax cuts at the Channel 4 political awards - FRASER NELSON - I was at the Channel Four political awards last night, where the strangest thing happened. Their main award - (most inspiring political figure of the last decade) - was given to the Countryside Alliance, introduced by Jeremy Irons. As he spoke, boos came from the crowd. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then when the award was accepted (by Ann Mallalieu, president of the Alliance) the booing grew louder and cries of "get off" could be heard as she delivered her acceptance speech. In front of an invited Channel Four audience. Incredible... Its a shame to let a small group of boors overshadow an otherwise very enjoyable evening (and full credit to Ch4 judges and voters for honouring the Alliance, and nominating Stephen O'Brien for his work on malaria. It was no leftie stitch up)... (story)
Western Daily Press 16.1.08 HUNT GROUP SHORTLISTED - Hunting campaigners are embarking on a phone vote campaign to get the Countryside Alliance hai-led as the most 'inspiring political personality', in a TV poll.The Alliance, which was formed 10 years ago to prevent a ban on hunting, has been shortlisted alongside the likes of Ian Paisley and Tony Blair in the Channel 4 News poll... (story)

Western Morning News 8.2.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Morning News 8.2.08 I PROBABLY have a reputation for writing letters to the WMN that criticise environmental damage caused by large pheasant shoots. Well, the season has finished and I'd just like to say that a neighbouring farmer who runs a small shoot gave me a bird, and it was delicious.... Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 8.2.08 Stop shooting birds - TRAVELLING along Bullerthorpe Lane on Saturday, 26 January, I was shocked and saddened to see in a field opposite the woodland path, which is a regular beauty spot for people who take their children and family pets into the woods and grounds of Temple Newsam, men being used as beaters to frighten birds into the air for others to shoot them…. I am totally against this and hope others who care will be too…. C Ambler, Leeds (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 8.2.08 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP CALLS FOR CIRCUS BOYCOTT - National animal rights' group the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has called on the public to boycott a circus that is performing in Newark from Saturday. The Great British Circus is one of the last remaining circuses still to use animals, including lions and tigers. Paul Thomas, campaigns assistant for CAPS, said: "CAPS is not opposed to circuses, only to the use of animals.... (story)


Irish Examiner 7.2.08 Low turnout for anti-coursing protest By Conor Kane, Clonmel - THE anticipated mass protest by animal rights activists failed to materialise at the National Coursing meeting yesterday, with about 30 campaigners picketing outside the Clonmel venue during the climax of the annual hare-coursing gala.... “Public support doesn’t tend to be reflected in pickets,” said John Fitzgerald of the Campaign to Abolish Cruel Sports. “People have problems getting time off work to attend pickets.” ... (story)
Irish Independent 7.2.08 Coursing: Matthews proves Razor sharp again - You just cannot keep Brendan Matthews down. The legendary Newry trainer claimed his fifth Boylesports Derby yesterday when Razor Ashmore provided bookmakers the length and breadth of Ireland with massive hangovers.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 6.2.08 Animal rights activists to picket hare coursing event - Animal rights activists are planning a major protest in Co Tipperary today as the country's largest annual hare coursing event gets underway in Clonmel. The Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports says the demonstration will mark the first time in 12 years that pickets have been placed on the meeting... (story)
Western Mail 5.2.08 Vinnie’s dog fails Irish course - WELSH international footballer turned film star Vinnie Jones yesterday suffered a disappointing start to this year’s National Hare Coursing Championship in Ireland. Smoking George, a greyhound he part owns, lost out in the first round of the Derby, ruining any chance Jones had of adding to his Oaks success two years ago. Around 30,000 coursing fans attend the meeting at Powerstown Park, Clonmel, County Tipperary, during the three-day event... (story)
Irish Examiner 4.2.08 Protesters to picket coursing festival By Ed Carty - THOUSANDS of hare coursing fans are due to descend on Tipperary for the annual three-day national championships. The 83rd running of the National Coursing Meeting takes place at Powerstown Park, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, from today... Even though the greyhounds are muzzled and hares are released into the wild after the meeting, the coursing championship is not without controversy and animal rights protesters are expected to picket the meeting... The Animal Rights Action Network, the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports and the Irish Council Against Blood Sports will join forces for the demonstration.... (story)
Irish Times 4.2.08 Thousands to attend coursing event - Thousands of hare coursing fans are expected to attend the annual three-day national championships in Co Tipperary from tomorrow. The 83rd running of the National Coursing Meeting takes place at Powerstown Park, Clonmel... The activists are hoping the Green Party's role in Ireland's coalition will help increase pressure on officials to ban the sport. Last year the Ward Union hunt in Co Meath had severe restrictions placed on it by the Department of the Environment... (story)

Suffolk Free Press 7.2.08 No need to end hunt ban - Regarding your report (January 3) on the Essex and Suffolk Hunt's Boxing Day meet, we are at a loss to understand why "one leading huntsman" should state that the hunting ban be lifted because a lot of people saw them at Holbecks Park…. How many of those people, before the ban became law, would have wanted to see for themselves what a pack of hounds can do to a fox?... ARTHUR AND JUDITH HOMES, Shimpling (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 7.2.08 LOCK THEM AWAY - Cruelty to animals is on the increase. Anyone who is cruel to animals should, in my opinion, be brought to justice and receive life in prison... Mary Roseanne Holloway-Rayton, Coningsby Drive, Grimsby (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.2.08 FIGHTING CRUELTY - Monitoring is not illegal, and should not be restricted wherever crime might occur. Freedom to monitor and show any criminal activity that might bring the perpetrators to book is paramount in the fight against all crime, including animal cruelty - D Roberts, Bridgwater, Somerset (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 7.2.08 SHOOTING RANGE PLAN AT SCHOOL IS JUST MAD - I Am horrified that one of the new school academies in Bristol has already planned to build a shooting range as part of its army cadet corps activities.... All activities involving guns are for no other purpose than to kill or injure, whether that's humans or hunting animals. It's incredible that this proposal comes at a time when incidents of gun crime are escalating among young people.... (story)

The Forester 7.2.08 WE SHOULD WELCOME RETURN OF WILD BOAR - The return of the wild boar to the Forest of Dean and to other parts of England, Wales and Scotland is to be heartily welcomed... Britain is now a country where the slaughter of native wildlife is despised by most people. Our largest membership organisation is not the Cotswold Farmers Vale Hunt. It is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds... Professor Martin Plant, Bristol (letter)
The Forester 7.2.08 LAST THING WE NEED IS HUNTING DOGS - Most people I believe come to live in the Forest of Dean because it is a more organic way of life.... It now appears we are even listening to advice from the Cotswold Farmers' Vale Hunt, who appear to be offering to manage these problems by hunting. The master of the hunt, if correctly quoted, described the boar as vermin, which is grossly offensive to any thinking person capable of empathy... Andrew Gardiner, Ind, Ruardean & Lydbrook (letter)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 7.2.08 BOAR VISIT SCHOOL AS DEBATE RAGES ON - The Government says an announcement is imminent on whether to cull the Forest's boar or allow them to roam free. In the same week that boar ventured on to Ruardean CofE Primary School's playing field, it was revealed that the first trial drives, which use a similar method of beating and flushing out by dogs as pheasant shoots, have been staged in Scotland... Master of the Cotswold Farmers; Vale Hunt Geoff Peters said: "As a form of management, hunting is a good way to do it. They hunt boar in France. You cull rats because they're vermin, and boar are vermin too."... (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 31.1.08 BOAR VISIT SCHOOL AS DEBATE RAGES ON - The Government says an announcement is imminent on whether to cull the Forest's boar or allow them to roam free. In the same week that boar ventured on to Ruardean CofE Primary School's playing field, it was revealed that the first trial drives, which use a similar method of beating and flushing out by dogs as pheasant shoots, have been staged in Scotland... Master of the Cotswold Farmers; Vale Hunt Geoff Peters said: "As a form of management, hunting is a good way to do it.... (story)

Liverpool Echo 7.2.08 Hunters set their dogs on badgers and foxes by Liza Williams, Liverpool Echo - A JUDGE condemned four men for the “wicked” act of illegally hunting badgers and foxes with dogs. Sentencing them at Liverpool magistrates’ court, district judge Michael Abelson said the men took “cruel enjoyment” from their dogs attacking the wild animals.... Peter Blackhall, 25, of Lapford Crescent, Kirkby; Thomas Bell, 23, of Exeter Close, Aintree; Adam Pengilley, 21, of Adlam Road, Aintree; and a 17- year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons initially denied the charges at court on Monday... (story)

Formby Times 7.2.08 Hare coursing horror at Formby by Jennifer Finnegan, Formby Times - GREYHOUNDS are being let loose in fields around Formby to illegally course hares. A local wildlife enthusiast, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, was disgusted when he saw a group of seven men pile out of a van with a dog each – and a child.... (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 7.2.08 Tesco chicken prices slammed by Coventry campaigner By Dayle Crutchlow - A LOCAL animal rights campaigner has lambasted a national supermarket chain for cutting the price of whole chickens to less than £2…. For more than 18 years Janet Cummings has battled against cruelty to animals in Coventry and Warwickshire…. (story)
Daily Mail 7.2.08 Is Tesco's £1.99 chicken a blow to animal rights? By BEN CLERKIN - Tesco has come under fire from animal rights campaigners for slashing the price of its standard chickens by more than a third to £1.99... Compassion In World Farming last night claimed the chain could have kept shoppers happy while still encouraging ethical shopping. The charity's director of research and food policy, Dr Lesley Lambert, said: "If Tesco is prepared to drop their prices in this way, why don't they decrease it on the higher welfare chickens... (story)
Western Morning News 7.2.08 ANGER AT £2 CHICKENS - LOUISE VENNELLS - A supermarket chain has sparked anger from farmers and animal welfare campaigners for selling chickens at less than £2 each... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.2.08 CRITICS SPIT FEATHERS OVER TESCO'S £1.99 CHICKENS - Supermarket giant Tesco has come under fire from animal rights campaigners for cutting the price of whole chickens to less than £2.... But Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) criticised it for discounting birds which it says may have been reared in poor conditions... But CIWF research director Dr Lesley Lambert criticised Tesco for not discounting its higher-welfare chickens instead of standard birds.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 7.2.08 THE CRUELTY OF FOIE GRAS - In response to the comment by Norman Normal (Chronicle January 31) about our "foie gras" demo, it is not utter nonsense that ducks and geese are force-fed until their livers swell up - it is cruel and barbaric... WILLIAMS Bath Activist Network, Bath (story)

Western Morning News 7.2.08 CLEGG WON'T BACK BADGER CULL - Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg last night appeared to put himself at odds with his Westcountry MPs by warning he could not back a cull of badgers to tackle TB in cattle, writes Matt Chorley, London Editor. He said a lack of evidence that a cull would work and a Government cash crisis meant it was impossible to move forward with plans to eradicate the disease.... (story)

Newham Recorder 7.2.08 Council is cruel to animals - IT is despicable that Celia Hammond is being affected by Newham Council because of the parking restrictions outside her premises in Barking Road, Canning Town... Newham Council is denying animals the care and attention they so badly need by forcing people to pay these fines. Surely it is time they showed some compassion towards this very deserving cause and cancelled out the parking restrictions outside her premises. - IRIS HENSTOCK, Greatfields Road, Barking (letter)


South Wales Guardian 6.2.08 Hunt story stirs some hue and cry - GUARDIAN readers have been quick to express their views on last week's front page story on what residents of a Glanaman street claim was an illegal hunt. People living in Llwyncelyn Road said they were invaded by a pack of foxhounds in pursuit of a fox. They accused members of the Amman Valley Fox Control of breaking the law by failing to control their dogs…. (story)
South Wales Guardian 30.1.08 'Horror hounds' terrorise street - GLANAMAN residents have spoken of their anger and fear after their street was invaded by a pack of foxhounds on Saturday morning. People living in Llwyncelyn Road say the peace of their "quiet, country road" was shattered by a pack of around 30 dogs and followers of what they claim was an illegal hunt pursuing a fox... (story)

Western Daily Press 6.2.08 MONITORS ARE NOT VIGILANTES - Far from being "vigilantes" roaming the countryside, "Aren't hunt 'monitors' just self-appointed vigilantes?" (Your Say, January 30), professional hunt monitors are employed by animal welfare organisations to document the activities of hunts and hand evidence of suspected lawbreaking to the authorities. The International Fund for Animal Welfare employs hunt monitors who have years of experience in the field, and their expertise has been used to advise local police forces around the country on the enforcement of the Hunting Act... Robbie Marsland, Director of IFAW UK, London (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.2.08 MONITORS JUST REPORT CRIMES - In response to Mr Giblin's assertion that hunt monitors are vigilantes, "Aren't hunt monitors self-appointed vigilantes?"(Your Say, January 30), my dictionary defines the word vigilante as someone who "takes law enforcement into his own hands". This does not describe the work of the hunt monitors, as they do not interfere with the hunt but simply film hunting activity and then pass any evidence of suspected illegal hunting to the police.... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.1.08 AREN'T HUNT 'MONITORS' JUST SELF-APPOINTED VIGILANTES? - Well, it's that time of year when we read in Your Say about the continued debate on hunting.... I am, however, becoming increasingly annoyed at the use of the term "hunt monitors" by those who are against hunting with dogs. As far as I am concerned, these people are self-appointed vigilantes. It really doesn't matter whether you are "pro" or "anti" hunting, the fact remains that we cannot have a group of people appointing themselves as law enforcers and roaming the countryside with camcorders and cameras to uphold a law... Anthony Giblin, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 6.2.08 'IT'S JUST BARBARIC CRUELTY' - Re: Peter Neal's letter Hunting Ban is Unenforceable. May I remind Mr Neal that these people who are defying the ban are breaking the law... All hunting and shooting should be banned, right across the board... T Hall, Willing Way, Grimsby.
IN RESPONSE to the letter Hunting Ban is Unenforceable (Viewpoint January 25), It was indeed "heartily encouraging" to see that many people turned out on Boxing Day to support the hunts going about draghunting.... Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor
The Hunting Ban is as enforceable as the powers that be care to make it. The League Against Cruel Sports has brought successful prosecutions against those who still hunt with packs of dogs, the latest was just three weeks ago when members of the Minehead Harriers Hunt were prosecuted and found guilty... You should be ashamed of such a cheap shot at bringing down the hunting ban. Member of the League Against Cruel Sports. name and address supplied (letters)
Grimsby Evening Telegraph 25.1.08 HUNTING BAN IS UNENFORCEABLE - It was heartily encouraging to see record numbers of people going foxhunting on Boxing Day. The traditional hunts were supported by thousands of people from all walks of life... The 2004 Hunting Act has produced a dog's dinner for the lawyers to feast on - the legislation is unenforceable so the Act should be abolished... Peter Neal, Mill Road, Cleethorpes (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 6.2.08 Foxes are not cute they're killers By L Smith, Meadow Road, Hailsham - With regards to Trevor's Week of Jauary 16: Firstly, I would say Trevor and his helpers do a great job attending to deer, swans and other animals injured on the road or caught in fences etc. But regarding foxes or fox cubs – these are not the lovely creatures they are made out to be, but killers.... (letter)

Portsmouth News 6.2.08 Racing pundit backs bid to ban horsewhips By Mary Griffin - TELEVISION'S quirkiest horse-racing expert is backing a Portsmouth politician in his bid to ban jockeys from using whips. Eccentric John McCririck has thrown his weight behind Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock in a bid to get jockeys to scrap their horsewhips... (story)

Edinburgh Evenin News 6.2.08 Too heavy price for a night at the dogs - LIKE Brian Monteith ("I'd have a punt on Meadowbank hounds", News, February 1), I used to think greyhound racing was "a wonderful spectacle.... For several years, I attended race nights until I discovered something that caused brought my nights at the dogs to an end. What I found out was that thousands of greyhounds are put to death every year before they even reach the tracks, after failing to come up to racing standard... Alex McKinnon, Meadow Lane, Edinburgh (letter)

Sun 6.2.08 NATURE has been interfered with yet again. A genetically modified mouse has been manufactured to be infected with a cold virus to try to find a cure for colds. It is about time tests on animals were done away with altogether… WENDY KEELAN, Streatham, London (letter)

Guardian 6.2.08 The garden of vegan - Kitsch, lively and glamorous, Canadian food writer Sarah Kramer bucks all the vegan stereotypes. She tells Leonie Cooper why an animal-free diet is cool - Veganism has rarely been associated with glamour; until now. Sarah Kramer not only produces gloriously kitsch vegan cookbooks, but also runs a tattoo shop with her husband, takes photographs, and appears in the occasional zombie flick. If ever a person was needed to dispel the notion of a vegan as a pale, insipid creature, Kramer is the woman to do it.... (story)

Brentwood Gazette 6.2.08 'CRUELTY' PROTEST HELD OUTSIDE KFC - A Group of teenagers protested outside a fast food restaurant over claims of cruelty to factory farmed chickens. The protest, organised by 16-year-old Shenfield High School student Joseph Hughes, was held on Saturday outside KFC in Brentwood High Street.It comes in the light of TV chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recent programmes about the treatment of battery chickens and the cramped conditions they appear to live in. Joseph, who is an active member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), told the Gazette: "Having read about the awful conditions in which these animals live I felt compelled to do something about it, to let people know what's going on... (story)

Milton Keynes News 6.2.08 Rabbits shot as gardeners watch BY ALICIA BABAEE - Allotment holders turned up to tend their vegetables and found gunmen shooting rabbits. Margaret Burke, from Bradville, left her patch crying on Monday morning after seeing the men with guns, ferrets and dogs at the New Bradwell allotments... (story)


Irish Independent 5.2.08 Drag hunting is in different pack - YOUR correspondent writing about hunting is not altogether correct (Letters, February 1). He mentions the massive popularity of the pioneering drag hunts in Ireland. I come from the southeast, where hunting has a long tradition and a huge following. The only drag hunt that was formed in our region a few years ago in Co Waterford is no longer operational. All the harrier and foxhound packs (of which there are many) are still in existence with waiting lists for potential new members... JAMES PHELAN, BALLINURRA, CO TIPPERARY (letter)
Irish Independent 1.2.08 Big benefits of hunting ban - John Condren's claim that a ban on hunting would result in "catastrophic damage" to the horse industry (Letters, January 30) is scaremongering wholly without foundation... Taking the desperately fleeing quarry out of the equation will open cross-country equestrianism to the huge majority of Irish people who deplore cruelty and shun hunting. A transition to the humane drag hunting alternative will undoubtedly prove to be a major boost to the horse scene... Philip Kiernan, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Western Morning News 5.2.08 HUNTS HAVE EARNED RESPECT BY FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM - I beg leave to reply to Jack Henderson of Dawlish - "Hunt has earned respect"...Far from the hunts "gaining respect" because, in his view, they are obeying his orders, the truth is that the thousands who came out to support the hunts on Boxing Day did so because they are determined to protect and fight for our right to the freedom to live our lives, whether we hunt or not, without any more interference from bigoted minority groups... Tess Nash, Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 5.1.08 HUNT HAS EARNED RESPECT - I read with interest comments made in the centre pages on December 27 about Boxing Day hunts - "thousands come out to support the traditional and popular post-Christmas meets".Surely this isn't the "traditional" hunt, it's the modern, within-the-law version, without the barbaric tearing-to-pieces final act. Maybe that's why more people are now ready to start enjoying the spectacle of fine horses and colourfully dressed riders.... Jack Henderson Dawlish (letter)

Western Morning News 5.2.08 LET THE POLICE INTERROGATE CLAUDE - I was flabbergasted to read the letter from Penny Little (January 29) questioning whether Claude, the eagle belonging to the South Devon Hunt, can attack and kill a fox..... If Claude is unable to hunt a fox the South Devon Hunt would be acting unlawfully. I am requesting the police to interrogate Claude and, if this bird is found to be not fit for purpose, to institute legal proceedings against the hunt as a body corporate... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 29.1.08 HUNTS MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE LAW - The letter from Ian Pearse headed "Learn to live with laws on hunting" (January 22) claims that hunts are complying with the Hunting Act.I presume that Mr Pearse is a man who is immune to the hoots of derision his letter will have elicited from the majority of people reading it... The only "success" the hunts are having with the birds of prey is a success in making a pantomime and mockery of the law - not a success in creating a new form of foxhunting using eagle owls.... Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)
Western Morning News 22.1.08 LEARN TO LIVE WITH LAWS ON HUNTING - In reply to John Phelps' letter on Jan 10, it is very clear to see from his tone and implication that he is as disappointed with the Hunting Act as we are.... the Hunting Act came into being nearly three years ago, and we as hunts have worked within the parameters of the law since that day.... With the help of the likes of Mr Phelps it took more than 700 hours of parliamentary time to arrive at the position we are in now - so it seems rather unlikely that any alternations other than an outright repeal of the Hunting Act will ever take place... Ian Pearse, Denbury, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 18.1.08 MY letter of January 10, "Hunts act against spirit of the law", ended by saying I was writing to my MP to complain about hunts circumventing the Hunting Act 2004 by spurious means. Readers may wish to know that, on January 8, George Howarth MP tabled Early Day Motion (EDM) 647 in the House of Commons, reading: "That this House deplores the reported widespread breaches of the Hunting Act 2004; calls for a review of the legislation with the aim of, if necessary, strengthening prohibition; and urges the Government to ensure that the law is enforced.".... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 10.1.08 HUNTS ACT AGAINST SPIRIT OF THE LAW - There seems to be widespread difficulty in understanding the Hunting Act 2004. However, it is simple and uncomplicated to those who are not obsessed with perpetuating the English tradition of chasing animals to exhaustion for fun and killing them for sport.... The Hawk Board and falconry clubs throughout the UK oppose the use of birds of prey in conjunction with packs of hounds.... To my mind there is little doubt that Claude has been recruited by the South Devon Hunt to help circumvent the legal ban on hunting with dogs for sport.... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.2.08 Firebomb threats menace wins jail cut - An animal rights activist described as a "foot soldier" who was jailed for making threatening phone calls as part of a campaign of intimidation has won a 15-month cut in her prison term. Judge Jennifer Kershaw QC jailed former bank worker Suzanne Jaggers, 35, for threatening to firebomb vehicles belonging to an animal research facility and leaving menacing messages for its boss.... However, following a review, the judge cut Jaggers' sentence to nine months at a hearing yesterday at Leeds Crown Court. Judge Kershaw said: "It seems the sentence I imposed was excessive in length and fails to take into account two matters. First that this defendant is a first-time offender and secondly this is her first prison sentence."... The judge said she was satisfied Jaggers would not have been before the court at all "had it not been for the intervention in her life of others". (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.2.08 Jail for firebomb threat menace By Steve Wright - An animal rights "foot soldier," who made threatening phone calls as part of a campaign of intimidation, was today starting a two-year jail sentence. Former bank worker Suzanne Jaggers, 35, threatened to firebomb vehicles of an animal transportation company and left a menacing message for the boss of an animal research facility.... After the case, police said it demonstrated their determination to defeat animal rights extremism. Operation Achilles' Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Robbins, said: "Her sentence is another sign of the improved police response to animal rights extremism which is now making a significant difference to the lives of people who are affected by the criminal actions of these people." (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.12.07 Animal rights fanatic 'has tried to kill herself' By Steve Wright - Animal rights activist Suzanne Jaggers is suffering from a serious psychiatric disorder and has tried to take her life in custody, a judge was told. Bank worker Jaggers, 35, who was last month convicted of blackmail which was part of an animal cruelty campaign, was due to be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court yesterday. But Judge Jennifer Kershaw, QC, adjourned the hearing so that psychiatrists could carry out further assessments... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.11.07 Accused tells of 'torture' threat By Michael Black - A woman accused of making threatening phone calls to a kennel owner has told a jury she was threatened with torture by an animal rights group. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, has denied blackmailing Brett Cassidy as part of a campaign orchestrated by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.... "I'm the one who has made the phone calls, but I had no interest in stopping Mr Cassidy's dealings. I'm trying to tell him the type of people that they are because they have already threatened to beat me up and brand me with an iron.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 3.11.07 Animal rights body 'forced me to make threats' By Fiona Evans - A woman accused of blackmailing a kennels owner as part of a campaign by animal rights activists has publicly apologised for making threatening telephone calls to him. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, of Upper Sackville Street, Skipton, is alleged to have made calls to Brett Cassidy and his Cheshire-based business last October and in April 2007 after he was targeted by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), which campaigns against the Cambridgeshire research facility, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and claimed the kennels had business links to it. Yesterday, Jaggers claimed she had been pressured into making the calls by SHAC... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 3.11.07 Woman accused of blackmailing owner of kennel By Michael Black - A woman accused of blackmailing the owner of a kennels as part of a campaign by animal rights activists has publicly apologised for making threatening telephone calls to him. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, is alleged to have made calls to Brett Cassidy and his Cheshire-based business in October last year and April this year after he was targetted by the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty organisation... (story)
Craven Herald 1.11.07 Animal rights woman accused of blackmail - A Skipton woman described as "a willing foot soldier" in an animal rights campaign against a controversial research facility has gone on trial today accused of blackmail. Suzanne Jaggers, 36, of Upper Sackville Street, is alleged to have made threatening phone calls to the owner of a Cheshire-based dog kennel business in bid to get him to end his suspected dealings with Cambridgeshire company Huntingdon Life Sciences... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 31.10.07 Animal activist faces blackmail trial By Lindsay Gledhill - An animal rights activist was due to go on trial tomorrow on charges of blackmail. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, of Upper Sackville Street, Skipton, had previously denied being involved in a blackmail plot... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 17.7.07 Woman denies blackmail plot By Michael Black - An animal-rights activist has appeared in court and denied being involved in a blackmail plot. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, of Upper Sackville Street, Skipton, pleaded not guilty to an allegation that she tried to blackmail the owner of a dog kennel business into stopping all dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.6.07 Blackmail-charge woman in court By Michael Black - A woman charged with blackmail following a nationwide police operation has made a brief appearance before a crown court judge. Suzanne Jaggers, 35, of Upper Sackville Street, Skipton, was originally remanded in custody after being arrested as part of a co-ordinated series of raids targetting criminal activity associated with animal rights extremism... Judge Peter Benson confirmed that a provisional trial date had been set for August 29 and he extended Jaggers' bail on the same terms as before... (story)

Western Daily Press 5.2.08 VEGETARIAN HEALTH BENEFITS TO BOTH PEOPLE AND PLANET - John Smith, Salisbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.2.08 GRAIN AND VEG COULD FEED WORLD'S HUNGRY - We cannot live on vegetables alone, says the Western Daily Press article of January 31. Oh yes, we can!John Osborne's article seems to imply that vegetables are the only things that vegetarians eat, so I will assume he is including grain. According to Mr Osborne I, and the millions of vegetarians and vegans in the world, must be long dead... John SmithSalisburyWiltshire (letter)

Western Morning News 5.2.08 LACK OF ACTION ON CATTLE WELFARE - Surely even Tess Nash, despite her constant disparaging and insulting remarks against the pro-badger groups, is intelligent enough to realise that having to cull a quarter of the national dairy herd every year is down to gross mismanagement of basic animal husbandry... I'm sure there are some farmers out there who are concerned about and look after their cattle, but the bigger concerns are motivated by greed... Mrs Anne Shaw, Penzance (letter)


Huddersfield Daily Examiner 4.2.08 Hunt makes big donation by David Himelfield, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - ROCKWOOD Harriers, the Emley-based hunt, donated £1,000 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on Saturday. The cash, dedicated to the Harriers’ chosen charity for 2007, was gathered at various club fundraisers.... (story)

Telegraph 4.2.08 Lord Tebbit: teach shooting to cut gun crime By Lewis Carter - Teaching children how to shoot would be the best way to combat the spiralling gun crime culture, according to Conservative peer Lord Tebbit.... His comments were branded "ludicrous" by school teacher Eileen Harrild, who was shot by Thomas Hamilton while trying to shield her pupils from his bullets during his rampage which claimed 17 lives at Dunblane in 1996... (story)
Telegraph 4.2.08 A grown-up world of gun safety first By Charles Clover - It is a perfectly uncontroversial statement to anyone connected with the countryside that boys should be taught to shoot.... I am not sure to what extent Lord Tebbitt's remarks have any great relevance to the inner-city world of hip-hop clubs, knives and illegal handguns - and I am not sure he meant them to have.... What is mischievous are the suggestions, by the League Against Cruel Sports, that Lord Tebbitt's ideas are "terrible" or by Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, that they would "encourage the use of firearms". Mr Huhne displays the ignorance of an urban man. He should take aim elsewhere - at gangsta culture, gun smugglers, amoral computer games and, yes, Hollywood films (story)
Country Life 4.2.08 Lord Tebbit: 'Kids should go out on shoots' in order to reduce gun crime - Rebecca Pearson - Norman Tebbit is calling for all boys to go out on shoots in an effort to reduce gun crime, saying that a 'controlled, limited use of firearms' will allow boys to vent their aggression in a positive way. Lord Tebbit, 76, made the comments as he announced plans to launch a game cookbook... (story)
Independent on Sunday 3.2.08 Introducing the Norman Tebbit recipe book - Brian Brady reports - Norman Tebbit's transformation from a one-time semi-house-trained political polecat into a grizzled old national treasure is about to take a giant leap forward – with his debut as a celebrity chef. One of Margaret Thatcher's favourite ministers is to launch an assault on the world of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson with his own recipe book, describing how to cook a catalogue of beasts he has stalked and bagged during a lifetime as a keen game shooter... (story)
Mail on Sunday 3.2.08 Tory Lord Tebbit slammed for saying young boys should be taught to shoot - Conservative former Cabinet minister Lord Tebbit today sparked controversy by saying that young boys should be taught how to shoot. Lord Tebbit, a keen game shooter, said that taking boys out on shoots would satisfy their need for a certain amount of excitement and violence, while teaching them discipline and the ability to obey orders. But the League Against Cruel Sports denounced the idea as "terrible", while Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said it could encourage the use of firearms.... (story)
Sunday Times 3.2.08 Chingford’s birds take cover as Lord Tebbit writes game cookbook - RICHARD BROOKS - WATCH out, Gordon Ramsay – here comes an even tougher chef: Lord Tebbit of Chingford. The former Tory hard man, who was a key figure in Margaret Thatcher’s governments, is writing a book of recipes. No vegetarian quiche or salads for him; Tebbit, a keen shot, is writing about how to cook game such as pheasant, partridge and rabbit. “I’ve been working for the past three years on a book of what I hope will be 100 game recipes,” Tebbit said at his Sussex home last week, having just emptied his shotgun from the final legal pheasant shoot of the season.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 4.2.08 Leaflet ban will hit democratic debate By Ben Perrin - CAMPAIGN groups have expressed deep concern at plans to ban the handing out of leaflets in the town centre... Groups as diverse as the No2ID campaign, Swindon Animal Concern, Swindon Stop the War Coalition, the Countryside Alliance, trade unions and religious groups will be banned from handing out literature. The town centre management has recently written to Marilyn Harrison of Swindon Animal Concern who has a stall in Regent Street telling her that she will have to stop handing out leaflets intended to improve animal welfare..... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 4.2.08 Dialogue key in badger cull debate By Lewis Cowen - OPPONENTS of badger culling won the debate on the subject when it was aired at Devizes town hall last Thursday evening. The very fact that both sides had come together to debate the matter was perhaps more important than the outcome of the vote, according to the organisers Mark and Samantha Fletcher.... Proposing the motion was Meurig Raymond, deputy chairman of the National Farmers' Union, who had come all the way from Cardiff for the debate.... Opposing the motion, Malcolm Clark of the Wiltshire Badger Group said that, according to Professor John Bourne, 88 per cent of infection cases were spread by cattle to cattle... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 4.2.08 Stand up for animals - SUPERMARKETS are moving to higher-welfare animal products; are you? A recent survey recognised the positive decisions made by supermarkets stores to improve the welfare of animals... Animals should not and need not suffer. If you agree please help us stand up to those who put profit before animal welfare. For more information please contact compassion in World Farming... Ms K Stephenson, Upper Cumberworth (story)
News Shopper 29.1.08 Compassionate shoppers unite - IT IS very encouraging to see supermarkets are changing to higher welfare animal products. Marks & Spencer won the Compassionate Supermarket of the Year 2007 award presented by Compassion in World Farming... Please stand up to those who put profit before animal welfare.... MRS PE STEVENS, Address supplied (letter)

Guardian 4.2.08 It was dismaying to read the list of cosmetics that contain animal parts, obviously extracted from unwilling victims in the name of vanity... Readers seeking alternatives may wish to turn to a helpful book called Making Kind Choices by Peta Europe's founder, Ingrid Newkirk... Simone Phillips, London (letter)


Western Daily Press 2.2.08 HUNTING WAS ONLY EVER CRUEL - The Pr stunt by the cruel sports lobby, "Top vets say that hunt is best way to control fox" (Western Daily Press, January 26), is akin to the Japanese claim that they hunt whales for scientific purposes.There is no scientific evidence that fox hunting is a humane efficient way of controlling fox numbers. It was devised as, and still is, a cruel pastime.... David ThomasNear WestburyWiltshire (letter)

Sheffield Star 2.2.08 Protests free monkeys from cages By Sarah Crabtree - A SHEFFIELD-based animal rights organisation is celebrating today after 88 monkeys, destined for experiments in South America, were saved. The capuchin monkeys have been flown to England six weeks after huge International Animal Rights Day protests initiated and coordinated by Sheffield animal protection group Uncaged... Six weeks later news broke that the centre was to close, and the centre's 88 monkeys were flown to Monkey World in Dorset by a Chilean Air Force plane, arriving last Tuesday.... (story)


Western Daily Press 1.2.08 LOFTY DONATION - Mendip Farmers' Hunt has donated a cheque for £1,000 to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.The money was raised by hunt follower Lucy Dixon, who organised a Halloween disco after her kennel huntsman husband Robert fell on the road last year and the air ambulance was called to take him to hospital... (story)

Horse & Hound 1.2.08 Hunt saboteurs claim Surrey Union hunt killed a fox - Surrey Police are investigating an incident involving the Surrey Union hunt and a number of saboteurs on 5 January. Police were called to Ockley village green where the Surrey Union was trail hunting.... (story)
Dorking/Leatherhead Advertiser 24.1.08 Fox's death sparks hunting row - DRAMATIC images of a fox being mauled to death by hounds has sparked a massive row between hunters and saboteurs. Police were called after a fox was torn apart by hounds on a hunt in Ockley, leaving saboteurs blaming the hunters and hunters claiming they were sabotaged.... the Surrey Union Hunt, claimed they were taking part in a legal hunt that was sabotaged by the Hunt Saboteur Association. A spokesman from Surrey Union Hunt blamed the saboteurs for interfering with the trail scent by using citronella to throw the foxes off course... "This is a stitch-up job.There is no doubt that we were acting lawfully, and we have reported it to the police.... But Stuart Barlow, a saboteur monitor from the Hunt Saboteur Association, who was present at the hunt, insisted the the fox was killed because the Surrey Union Hunt was flouting legislation.... (story)

Western Morning News 1.2.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Daily Press 1.2.08 IT IS TIME FOR HUNTING TO BE STOPPED, ONCE AND FOR ALL - I write with reference to an article I read in the Western Daily Press regarding fox hunting... apparently the VWAM research says "chasing a fox with hounds is natural, similar to wolves chasing their prey". I beg to differ... This is nothing like hunters, who chase the fox to utter exhaustion, then set the hounds on it, to be ripped apart. This is what they call the best way of killing a fox... Norah Pound, Wroughton, Wiltshire (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 1.2.08 MEN ADMIT ILLEGAL HUNTING - Two owners of lurcher dogs have admitted hunting hares on a farm in the Isle of Axholme. Debbie Sanders, prosecuting at North Lincolnshire Magistrates' Court, said police were called to a farmer's field at about 9.45am on December 8.... Miss Sanders said: "They saw a lurcher-type dog with a hare in its mouth." The dog was being followed on foot by Robert Smith. They also spotted Ambrose Watson coming out of a bushes. "He also had a lurcher which was on a lead," Miss Sanders said... District Judge Curtis told them: "I have to accept this was an accidental offence rather than a deliberate offence." The defendants, who both admitted hunting with dogs, were each fined £100, with £60 costs (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 1.2.08 Tragic animal campaigner Jill Phipps remembered - TODAY marks the 13th anniversary since animal rights campaigner Jill Phipps was killed. The 31-year-old died on February 1, 1995, after being crushed by a lorry outside Coventry Airport as she protested against the transportation of live veal calves... (story)

Newark Advertiser 1.2.08 Circus animals prompt outcry By Paul Ainsworth - An animal rights group is urging people in Newark to boycott a circus that features tigers and lions. The Great British Circus, one of only a few in the country that still uses animals, is due to hold shows at Newark Showground, starting a week tomorrow, until March 2... the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, this week called for the boycott, with its campaigns assistant, Mr Paul Thomas, saying circuses were no life for animals.... (story)