February 2010

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Horse & Hound 27.2.10 Master of Foxhounds Brian Perring passes away, aged 70 - Former master of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent hunt Brian Perring died on 28 December after a long illness, aged 70. Brian followed in his father's footsteps to become a master of the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt and assisted with its amalgamation with the West Kent in 1999.... (story)

Horse & Hound 27.2.10 Fernie hunt's female whipper-in could be a first - Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - When Evelyn Beeney joins the Fernie hunt next season she may become the first woman to be a professional whipper-in to a Shires pack. "Evelyn appeared the best qualified and most suitable person for the job," said Joe Cowen, joint-master of the Fernie. Evelyn, 24, grew up hunting with the Wilton and has spent the past two seasons as whipper-in at the Hurworth.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 27.2.10 Fernie Hunt dinner was a right royal feast for gentry - My thanks to Mr Glyn Hatfield, of Kibworth Beauchamp, for sending me an interesting memento of the days when Leicestershire was known throughout the land for fox-hunting... Today sees the 80th anniversary of the Fernie Hunt Farmers' Dinner, hosted by Colonel Sir Harold Augustus Wernher at his home, Thorpe Lubenham Hall, near Market Harborough. Mr Hatfield writes: "I have an original programme of the event that took place on February 26, 1930, and in addition to the menu, it also incorporates a 'Toast List', a 'programme of music' and 'a programme of artistes'... (story)

Jack FM 27.2.10 Animals Rights Group To Protest Outside A Bristol Zoo - Bristol Animal Rights Collective are planning to protest outside Noah's Ark Zoo Farm today. The demonstration from 11am will be part of their continuing campaign against Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. They say the aim is to remind members of the public of the ongoing investigation being undertaken by North Somerset Council, in relation to allegations of animal cruelty.... Group spokesperson Jo Penny said: "Our position on zoos is that we don't agree with them, it's not any knid of a life inside a zoo for an animal... (story)

Guardian 27.2.10 Jonathan Safran Foer's ¬battle ¬between meat eating and ¬going ¬vegetarian is one faced by ¬millions of people... We crave peace, yet deny it to the living ¬beings we share this planet with. We have forgotten that compassion is the distinguishing mark of a civili¬sation, and all our otherwise great achievements are clouded by the suffering of billions of animals... Nitin Mehta Croydon (letter)

Derby Telegraph 27.2.10 Help to outlaw wild animals in circuses - AFTER the latest shocking evidence of violence and cruelty inflicted on wild animals being trained to entertain in circuses, the Government has launched a three-month public consultation... Now we can make a real difference by either writing a letter or filling in the questionnaire available from Animal Defenders... L. Birch, Buxton Road, Chaddesden (letter)


Western Gazette 26.2.10 Hunt refutes link to vandalism - A DORSET hunt has refuted links being suggested between it and vandalism on an animal rights campaigner's car. Helen Weeks says she was unable to monitor a meeting of the Cattistock Hunt last week after her car was attacked the previous night. Hours before the meet was due to take place at Hardington Mandeville, a neighbour called Mrs Weeks to tell her the back window of her car was smashed. The hunt has condemned the attack and refuted any link to the incident.... (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 26.2.10 Cotswold horseman receives blessing at hunt By Andrea Glennon - A COTSWOLD horse rider received a mounted blessing at the Cotswold Hunt after getting married in Cirencester. Horseman Jonty Evans, from near Andoversford, and his partner of three-and-a-half years Jane Edmunds were married at Cirencester’s Registry Office on Friday. They received the blessing from lay minister Tim Ormond at the Foxcote Estate on Saturday just before the meet got underway... (story)

Wildlife Extra 26.2.10 Hare coursing much better for hares than conservation! - February 2010 Irish hares are, apparently, eighteen times more abundant in areas managed by the Irish Coursing Club (ICC) than at similar sites in the wider countryside according to a recent study by Queen's University Belfast.... The research team, lead by Dr. Neil Reid, Quercus Centre Manager at Queen's, indirectly tested the efficacy of management practices by comparing hare numbers within preserves to that in the wider countryside.... The research, published in the peer-reviewed international journal Acta Theriologica, suggests that field sports such as shooting, hunting and hare coursing promote the multifunctional use of farmland in which wildlife provides a resource for non-agricultural activities supporting sustainable development... The value of government run agri-environment schemes (AESs) has been called into question by the Queen's University Belfast academics... Dr Neil Reid said: "The scheme did not work because it does not provide the specific mix of food and cover that hares need. What's worse is that the abundance of common agricultural pests such as rabbits and foxes is two-three times higher within ESAs than in the wider countryside... (story)
Irish Examiner 25.2.10 Hares ‘more abundant in coursing areas’ By Conall O Fátharta - IRISH hares are 18 times more abundant in areas managed by the Irish Coursing Club (ICC), a study has found.... The study, carried out by Queens University in Belfast, tested the efficacy of management practices in these areas by comparing hare numbers within preserves with that in the wider countryside... (story)

Newmarket Journal 26.2.10 IN PICTURES: Thurlow Hunt - Graham Clark - MEMBERS of the Thurlow Hunt congregated at Tattersalls in Newmarket on Saturday for a special charity meet. Starting out at the bloodstock auctioneers, more than 100 riders, including members of the racing community, rode an eight-mile route through the countryside with packs of hounds to Six Mile Bottom. Pat Thomas, secretary of the Thurlow Hunt for the past 23 years, said ..."This year we decided to raise money for the Royal Anglians to help them in Afghanistan."... (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 26.2.10 Darker Stockton - The Bilsdale Hunt in North Yorkshire lays claim to be the oldest established hunt in England... it says: “We have pledged to help James Wharton win Stockton South from Labour... Our designated area is Ingleby Barwick, so we don’t even have to brave the darker parts of Stockton!”... A broken society indeed. MARK LEE Linthorpe, Middlesbrough (letter)

Southport Visiter 26.2.10 Vegetarian cafe opening in aid of Freshfields Animal Rescue by Laura Jones, Southport Visiter - A COUPLE of animal loving vegetarians are set to open an eco-friendly cafe in Southport. Alan and Nicki Wade-Mak will be serving up vegetarian and vegan food at “The Eatery” on Leicester Street... Alan and Nicky, a lifelong vegetarian, are so impressed by the work of the charity that they are collecting donations for the rescue centre at their opening event... (story)

Western Morning News 26.2.10 Boycott cruel bullfights - A LETTER about bullfighting from Hilary Prethero, of Bovey Tracey, says: "What can be done to stop the cruelty going on? Any suggestions?" Well, the only way I can see an end to this vile, barbaric "sport" would be for people visiting Spain to boycott bullfights and the annual bull runs; otherwise we will never have an end to this wickedness... Angela Tregunna Hayle (letter)


Western Gazette 25.2.10 Hunt's hounds in chaos on A303 - WITNESSES have described a scene of horror and chaos after three hunting hounds were killed on the A303.... Angie Williams of Ilchester was working in the shop at nearby Townsend Garage when she saw about 30 hounds on both sides of the carriageway.... "If ever there was a case for the anti-hunt brigade, this was it. It was thoroughly upsetting. If it had not been for the staff at the garage, risking life and limb on the road, to slow the traffic, things could have been far worse."... Motorist Leon Byron of Yeovil said: "Everyone was swearing at the huntsmen, calling them murderers.... (story)
Western Morning News 24.2.10 Hunt criticised after hounds killed by cars - ANIMAL welfare activists have branded a hunt "grossly irresponsible" after three hounds died after being hit by cars on a busy road. But supporters of the Seavington Hunt, based at Ilminster in South Somerset, described the collision as a "tragic accident", and insisted members were careful and professional... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, it was a "miracle" that nobody was killed... (story)

Country Life 25.2.10 Hunting blog: bloody weather! - Octavia Pollock - ‘Bloody weather' is a phrase that has been employed far too many times by hunting folk this winter, and I find myself uttering it once again. I had intended to spend last weekend at the Chid and Lec point-to-point on Saturday, then hunting with them on Monday in their best country, ‘Little Leicestershire', around Pulborough. But frozen ground forced the officials at Tweseldown to cancel the point-to-point, and then, when I was giving my boots a final polish in preparation for hunting, joint-master Robin Muir called to say that half the land we were hoping to hunt over was under water... (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.2.10 These folk not above the law - Regarding David Hankey's letter (Mailbox, February 18), I have witnessed a fox being killed by hounds and it is not a pretty sight... Younger members of the hunt are then "bloodied" by having blood from the dead fox smeared on to their faces, a sick initiation into this so-called sport... Anthony M Wallis, Stoneygate. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.2.10 Hunting is fairly portrayed as barbaric - In his support for fox hunting, David Hankey made some very sweeping statements...As for fox hunting, anyone who gets pleasure from watching a defenceless creature being ripped to bits by a pack of hounds must have some sort of mental disability or have lacked loving parental care when they were young... G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.2.10 In a nutshell - I have to add to the criticism of David Hankey's support for fox hunting, justified by the killing and damage foxes cause. Now surely, whether foxes are guilty or not, it doesn't justify them being chased and ripped to pieces.... Reginald Dunkley, Eyres Monsell (story)
Leicester Mercury 18.2.10 Attack on our traditions - So Mr Hannah (Mailbox, February 10) thinks hunting will be a vote loser for the Conservatives. As they are allowing commonsense to prevail on this matter, I think it could be a vote winner.... The reaction to this vindictive piece of legislation will not go away and simply disappear just because you, Mr Hannah, think it a vote loser. David Hankey, Great Easton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 10.2.10 Hunting: Vote loser for Tories - The hunting with hounds bill denies nothing to Mr Hankey and his ilk except the setting of hounds on a fox to tear it to pieces. Anyone who can derive any pleasure or satisfaction from witnessing such a sick act, should seek help.... John Hannah, Countesthorpe. (story)
Leicester Mercury 6.2.10 The fox is a killer - What an unbelievable statement from Mr Wallis (Mailbox, January 29): "Foxes don't kill farm animals". What utter tosh! Surely, aren't the chicken and lamb just that, farm animals? Are readers also expected to believe the fox around the Billesdon countryside behaves impeccably and in a completely different way to other parts of the country?... David Hankey, Great Easton.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 4.2.10 Defending the hunting ban - So Mr Hankey (Mailbox, January 19) is not a hunter himself but chooses to defend the act of hunting as a traditional sport. So were cock fighting and badger baiting, but that hasn't stopped decent MPs wanting to rid these shores of such atrocities... It's about time that the leader of the Tories saw the perpetrators of acts such as illegally killing wild animals as lawbreakers and instead of him attempting to protect his hunting friends he should condemn them. Christine Harris, Loughborough. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.1.10 Innocent foxes - David Hankey's assertion that foxes kill farm animals is rubbish (Mailbox, January ). I lived in the countryside around Billesdon for almost 30 years and never witnessed any incident of the type he described. ... People who hunt do so for one reason: The sick pleasure derived from chasing an animal to exhaustion before seeing it ripped to shreds. Anthony M Wallis, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.1.10 Ill-conceived and vindictive piece of legislation - S Newby, (Mailbox, January 13), like most anti-hunting folk, find using emotive language supports their argument.... I am not a hunter, but do have chickens on my land and have seen at first hand the devastation foxes cause – or is that emotive?... The fact remains, this Government chose to spend an inordinate amount of parliamentary time in saving vermin. Why?... To replace tradition with a bad law is an ideology borne out of desire to change for the sake of change. It was an ill-considered and vindictive piece of legislation which needs overturning. David Hankey, Great Easton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.1.10 No return to this slaughter - Douglas Bachelor's letter about hunting ("No return to cruelty", Mailbox, January 8) is spot on. We have no need for this barbaric blood sport to be re-introduced back into our society... S Newby, Wigston (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 25.2.10 Opposition grows for animal circus - An animal circus that has been heavily criticised by campaigners has pitched up at a Lincolnshire village.Vehicles from The Great British Circus began arriving at a field in Waddington yesterday morning... Kim Crawford, assistant clerk at Waddington Parish Council, said she had been flooded with complaints in the hours after the circus began arriving... (story)

Independent 25.2.10 Jan Creamer: Do fashion designers know where the fur they show comes from? There has has been enormous controversy over the wearing of animal fur in recent decades, but as the evidence mounts of the cruelty and suffering involved, it is becoming clear that the breeding and killing of wild animals for their fur is unethical... (story)


Irish Times 24.2.10 Proposed stag hunting legislation defended - MICHAEL PARSONS - GREEN PARTY leader John Gormley has defended the planned legislation to ban stag hunting which he said was necessary in “an increasingly urbanised environment”.... The pro-hunting group Rise! (Rural Ireland Says Enough!) claims that a ban on stag hunting is “the thin end of the wedge” and that “a ban on all field sports is part of Green Party policy and will follow when the timing suits them”.... (story)

Formby Times 24.2.10 RSPCA celebrates five year anniversary of hunting ban by Jade Wright - THE RSPCA is celebrating the five year anniversary of a law that banned hunting wild animals with dogs.... (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 24.2.10 The facts about otter hunting - PETER Walker needs to get a few facts right about otter hunting (Gazette & Herald, February 17) before he writes his next article on the subject... When otter numbers started to decline in the 1950s and 60s, hunting had to have played a part. If it did not, then the hunts obviously hadn’t been controlling numbers... The bloodsports fanatics lost their battle to retain otter hunting in 1978 and swiftly switched to mink hunting. However, with compassionate Cameron promising to repair “broken Britain” by reintroducing a banned bloodsport, you can bet that if he’s successful, the hunters will be demanding that the otter is added to their list of victims. Tommy Woodward, Pickering (letter)

Western Mail 24.2.10 A rural voice - What a pleasure it was to read the letter from Andrew Morgan (Feb 16) about listening to the voice of the Welsh people. Only last week we had a fox bite off the head of a newly-born lamb just for fun. It’s so horrible! Obviously, that is how the hunt originally developed.... LIZ EALES, Gowerton, Swansea (letter)
Western Mail 16.2.10 A stronger rural voice - I was honoured to address the traditional Boxing Day meeting of the Llandeilo Farmers’ Hunt in Carmarthenshire. From the many hundreds of people of all walks of life who lined the streets of the town, it is clear how important country pursuits are to the rural way of life.... ANDREW MORGAN, Prospective Welsh Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr (story)

Argus 24.2.10 Bloody sport - With the countdown to the general election now on, it’s worth remembering that David Cameron wants to bring back hunting... People who hunt do so for one reason: for the pleasure derived from chasing an animal to exhaustion before seeing it ripped to shreds.... Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)

Berwick Advertiser 24.2.10 Shoot brings £35 million into Scottish economy - I am writing to respond to the letter submitted by S Thorkildsen... The writer of this letter stated that the organisers of these shoots do not make any real money from these shoots. I would like to know where the person writing this letter has got this information - in Scotland alone, shooting brings in roughly £35 million a year into the economy. They also stated that gamekeepers throw the shot birds into a ditch. I do not know about the shoots around where this person lives, but in my experience of the shooting industry all game shot is put into the food chain.... R BRUCE, Berwick
Respect for the quarry - The pheasant shooting season ends on the February 1, as pointed out by your correspondent S Thorkildsen (Postbag, February 18). However, shooting is permitted on the last day of the season, so your correspondent should not have been surprised to hear shooting in progress on that date. There are also many other forms of shooting, such as pest control, which are carried out all year round.... SIMON CLARKE, Head of press relations, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation
Conservation role - Regarding last week’s letter ‘I’ll never get used to the needless killing of birds’, I suggest this person spends a day on a shoot before judging. The suggestion that pheasants are simply thrown in a ditch when shot is utter rubbish... KATE BALL, Wooler
Many factual errors - ,-The nasty, hate-mongering letter about gamekeepers from S Thorkildsen (February 18) is sadly typical of the sort of intolerance directed at certain sections of society by a particular type of fanatic... A M MITCHELL, The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Darlington (letters)
Berwickshire Advertiser 17.2.10 'I'll never get used to the needless killing of birds' - Every year we look forward to February 1, when the pheasant shooting ends. The last day for shooting is January 31.... I will never get used to needless killing of the beautiful creatures. When we are out driving, it saddens me greatly when I see a pheasant run over... The gamekeepers spend months raising the pheasant chicks and looking after their needs only to go out and kill them and throw their bodies in a ditch. What kind of a person can do a thing like that? What kind of mentality is that?.... S THORKILDSEN, Wark, Northumberland (letter)

Western Mail 24.2.10 Morally wrong - If I was to string up a dog, cat or indeed any household pet, and slit its throat so it bled to death, I would rightly be prosecuted.... Now the Assembly are contemplating whether to give a lot of our money to set up a gigantic halal abattoir where animals are not even stunned before having their throats cut.... BRYNMOR EVANS, North Cornelly, Bridgend (letter)


Salisbury Journal 23.2.10 MP vows to vote for Hunting Act repeal - NEW Forest MP Desmond Swayne has vowed to vote to repeal the hunting ban if the Tories win the election... The number of enthusiasts who turn out with the New Forest Hounds for trail hunting practised there over the past five years has not diminished. Mr Swayne said: “I think that’s because by and large they are hanging on waiting for the Seventh Cavalry to arrive and repeal the law.... (letter)

Irish Times 23.2.10 Pro-hunt lobby group 'gains impetus' - MICHAEL PARSONS - A RECENTLY-FORMED pro-hunting campaign claims it is gathering momentum throughout the country and is “encouraged” by the support it has received from politicians “at national level”. Rise! (Rural Ireland Says Enough!) is aiming to “mobilise public and political opinion in support of traditional field sports and rural pastimes”. It is backed by 16 organisations – ranging from the Hunting Association of Ireland to the Irish Hawking Club – representing some 300,000 people.... Rise! has attracted widespread support from the racing world. Other high-profile allies include Mick Bailey, the well-known developer, Fianna Fáil supporter and Master of Co Meath’s Ward Union Hunt (the State’s only licensed stag-hunting club) and Gavin Duffy, a panellist on RTÉ television’s Dragons’ Den. (story)

Worcester News 23.2.10 Remember this? Anyone from the pro-hunting lobby should remember the words of Oscar Wilde... ALASDAIR REID, Worcester (letter)

Building 23.2.10 Cut VAT and create 50,000 jobs, says coalition By Joey Gardiner - More than 50,000 jobs could be created in the construction and associated industries if the government cut VAT on home maintenance and improvement work, according to campaigners. A report produced by Experian for the “Cut the VAT” coalition, says that 55,000 jobs would be created by levelling the VAT rate to the 5% charged on new-build housing... The research report was funded by the Federation of Master Builders, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The National Trust, The Country Land & Business Association, The Bathroom Manufacturers Association and The Countryside Alliance, on behalf of the coalition, which includes 19 organisations in total.... (story)

Bucks Free Press 23.2.10 Controversial circus to return to High Wycombe By Simon Farr - AN ANIMAL circus will return to High Wycombe this summer – despite causing controversy when it returned to the town last year following a 17 year hiatus. Zippo's Circus will bring its new show – presented by ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE and featuring clowns, acrobatics and animal performances - back to The Rye in June. Controversy surrounded the travelling circus when it came back to the town last summer... (story)

Western Mail 23.2.10 Cruel process - Your article (“3,000 jobs in pipeline for Welsh Islamic industrial park scheme”, February 17) is remarkably coy when describing Halal as “a means of producing food in line with Islamic teachings... that in turn means that the animals are not extended the mercy of pre-stunning and so are fully conscious when their throats are cut... As a result, they suffer terribly (see the video at peta.org) and unnecessarily. I for one do not wish my taxes to support such an enterprise... H THOMAS, Merthyr Tydfil (letter)


Western Morning News 22.2.10 Hunt denies breaking ban - THE League Against Cruel Sports has complained to police after claiming to have seen the hunting ban being breached in the Devon countryside. The claim concerns a meet of the East Devon Hunt and the Axe Vale Hunt on private land at Otterton and Colaton Raleigh, near Exmouth... League members, including trustee Ivor Annetts, 70, from Tiverton, took video footage and reported the hunts to police on suspicion they were not acting within the law... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.2.10 East Devon hunting meet reported - THE League Against Cruel Sports has complained to police after claiming to have observed the hunting ban being breached in the Devon countryside... The row comes after the East Devon Hunt and the Axe Vale Hunt met on private land at Otterton and Colaton Raleigh, near Exmouth... (story)

Worcester News 22.2.10 Divine justice - Foxes rip fowls’ heads off, hounds tear foxes to pieces. Divine justice, if you ask me.... GEORGE COWLEY, Worcester (letter)

Burton Mail 22.2.10 Please stop this mindless slaughter from Audrey Holden, Thom Street, Woodville - I AM sure local people were as appalled as I was to read your article about badger baiters at Castle Gresley (Burton Mail, February 13). These mindless yobs should be hung, drawn and quartered. If they enjoy killing these beautiful defenceless creatures, I suggest they join the proposed badger cull in Pembrokeshire where killing will be legal... If there's anything the Burton Mail and its readers can do to put a stop to this mindless slaughter I for one would be so grateful... (letter)


Observer 21.2.10 Tally ho! It's the hunting debate... all over again... All the more reason for Hilary Benn, the environment minister, to keep reminding animal lovers that his party banned foxhunting in 2005... The important thing, he explains, is that "we finally said that setting animal upon animal for sport is not a legitimate part of a civilised society".... Chris Mullin, hater of "tweedy toffs and ruddy faced retainers", chronicles a meeting at which the Parliamentary Labour party discussed the 2001 manifesto. "A ban on hunting with hounds was easily the most popular issue." Three years later, when the government used the Parliament act to force its hunting bill through the Lords, he recorded: "This is a dispute we must win, having long ago ceased to be about the fate of a few thousand deer and foxes. It's about who governs. Us or them?".... (story)


Guardian 20.2.10 Fakenham's David Hunter scents victory in fight to beat hunting ban - Norfolk racetrack wears the heart of its chief executive on its sleeve with unashamed support for foxhunting - Chris Cook at Fakenham - A deadpan delivery is required for the commentator at this small course near Norwich, which wears its convictions on its sleeve. At one meeting the man behind the microphone had to announce the imminent running of the 'For The Fox's Sake Keep Hunting Beginners' Chase'. Yesterday's offerings included the 'Hunting Is Thriving Novice Hurdle', ¬formerly titled the 'Hunting Will Survive The Temporary Ban Hurdle... ¬Welcome to Fakenham, where even the dogs wear tweed coats and the ¬Countryside Alliance has a stall by the paddock, a page in the racecard headed 'Scrap The Act' and a race named in its honour... "We have certainly done our bit to show where our loyalties lie – meaning the ¬loyalties of the majority of the ¬people who come on this particular day. The course has tremendously close links to the West Norfolk Foxhounds and the hunting and country community."... (story)

Northern Echo 20.2.10 Poachers stalk in from urban areas By Andy Walker - URBAN crooks are being blamed for a surge in the number of poaching in the rural Yorkshire Dales, fuelling fears they could be linked to more sinister criminal activities.... (story)

Western Telegraph 20.2.10 Pembrokeshire badger cull opponents welcome Imperial College London and Zoological Society of London study - Opponents of a badger cull in Pembrokeshire have welcomed a new report which warns that the culls are not a cost-effective way of reducing bovine TB in cattle... Celia Thomas, chairman of Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC), said: “This confirms what we have been saying all along – that any paltry gains in TB control from culling are vastly expensive and temporary.”... (story)

Bolton News 20.2.10 Animal cruelty is not a cause for celebration - IT IS a sad day when people are praised for their “skill” and “talent” in slaying animals for entertainment . Yet in the press a teenage matador was praised for killing six bulls in one show... Thank goodness it’s not quite as bad here in the uk. It might be if Mr Cameron has his way. Alwynne Cartmell Bolton (letter)

East Coast Target 20.2.10 Love it or hate it, animal circus prepares for return visit - AN animal circus is set to appear in Skegness again next month and is likely to receive a mixed reaction from locals. The Great British Circus is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a tour of the county which will see it stop off in Skegness between March 15 and 28. Previous visits from the circus have met opposition from animal rights campaigners... (story)


Nottingham Evening Post 19.2.10 The Hunting Act: Five years on - Five years ago, fox hunting with dogs was banned. RIAH MATTHEWS spoke to hunting enthusiasts and anti-blood sport campaigners to find out what has been happening since the ban.... In an interview with the Evening Post at the time, hunter man Bill Eastwood vowed to carry on, saying: "We believe the Hunting Act will be overturned."... Bill is now chairman of the Grove and Rufford hunt and it's almost business as usual for him and his fellow sportsmen, who hunt in north Notts and South Yorkshire... When the ban was proposed by the government, the main argument against it from the Countryside Alliance was that it would cause huge job losses within the hunting community... Chris Williamson, East Midlands spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports and also the Labour leader at Derby City Council, believes this is an example of the Countryside Alliance's desperation.... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 19.2.10 Fox hunting ban: What your MP said - Paddy Tipping, Labour MP for Sherwood: I was a strong supporter of the ban. I was actually on a committee that considered the legislation and I'm pleased we got it through, although it took far too long... Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP for Newark and Retford: I think it has been effective in a wholly reverse fashion. The ban, in my constituency at least, has increased the interest in fox hunting... (story)

Mirror 19.2.10 Hunting law has gone to the dogs By Paul Routledge - The law against hunting with dogs – five years old yesterday – has been widely defied by fox hunts, but there have been only a handful of successful prosecutions. It’s hard to avoid the natural conclusion that police chiefs are in league with the hunting fraternity to frustrate the will of the people and parliament.... (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 19.2.10 Campaign issue - Thousands of hunt supporters are working the length and breadth of the UK campaigning to guarantee the election to Parliament of hunt supporting MPs. They will be on your doorstep giving out leaflets on all the other issues, but not the main priority at top of their agenda: the repeal of the Hunting Act. If asked they talk about rural schools, pubs, shops and the state of the economy... We already see hunters getting government support for the training of hunt staff, and, with a change of government, this could easily be expanded to include events such as the Waterloo Cup, the former annual hare coursing event held near Liverpool... MARJORIE EMBLING Hunwick, Crook (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 19.2.10 What about the animals? - Moving on from the diversion of Lib Dem/Tory infighting, just what are their policies on animal welfare? The present government has done a lot to protect animals in this country and, despite opposition, has banned the cruel spectacle of dogs tearing wild animals to pieces, which some called sport... J. Luce, Winchester Way (letter)

Northern Echo 19.2.10 Wildlife experts fear for the future of brown hare By John Hobbs - WILDLIFE experts have voiced fears over the future of the brown hare after dozens of them have been found starved to death in remote parts of the North-East. The hares, whose numbers have already fallen dramatically in the past 50 years, have been the victims of the worst snowstorms to sweep across the region for decades..... (story)


Horse & Hound 18.2.10 Hunting back in sportlight for fifth anniversary of the Act - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Today's fifth anniversary of the Hunting Act 2004, has caused another flurry of reports pro and against in the national press. But repeal will only come following a general election and Labour is still to name the day. An open letter from environment secretary Hilary Benn to Tory leader David Cameron today calls on the Conservatives to rethink their promised free vote on repealing the Hunting Act... (story)
BBC News Online 18.2.10 Labour presses Cameron on plans to repeal hunting ban -Labour has stepped up pressure on David Cameron over the issue of fox hunting, urging him to rule out a repeal of the ban in place since 2005. Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has written to the Tory leader, saying the ban has worked and is supported by a majority of the population... (story)
BBC News Online 18.2.10 Anger over hunting ban evident at five-year anniversary By Ross Hawkins - It is 11 in the morning in the Wiltshire village of Little Somerford, and the casual observer would never guess fox hunting had been banned. Men in scarlet and women in black sit on horses sipping mulled wine and whiskey. xcited hounds gather close to the huntsman. He blows a horn and the Vale of the White Horse hunt sets off.... Since December, Labour has been working to highlight the Conservative promise of a free vote on its future - setting up a website encouraging people to support the ban.... (story)
Guardian 18.2.10 Labour challenges David Cameron to rule out repeal of foxhunting ban - Hélène Mulholland and agencies - Labour threw down the gauntlet to David Cameron over the issue of foxhunting by urging him to rule out a repeal of the ban that has been in place since 2005. Hilary Benn, the environment secretary, has written to the Tory leader on the fifth anniversary of the ban's introduction to say the legislation has worked and is supported by a majority of the population.... (story)
Guardian 18.2.10 The hunting ban is here to stay - The pro-hunt lobby is hoping that a Tory win will see the return of their 'sport' – but the public won't stand for it - Hilary Benn - Five years ago this country banned foxhunting. We made a clear statement that hunting with dogs had no place in modern Britain. Having banned bear-baiting and dog-fighting more than 150 years ago, we finally said that setting animal upon animal for sport is not a legitimate part of a civilised society.... (story)
Telegraph 18.2.10 Hilary Benn the hunting humbug - David Hughes - Poor Hilary Benn has reached the barrel’s bottom and is scraping hard. Our near-anonymous Environment Secretary can find nothing better to do with his time than re-open the hunting issue. I appreciate there’s an election on the horizon and he’s anxious shore up Labour’s core support, but he could at least try not to be quite so infantile in the process.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 18.2.10 Benn attacks Cameron on fox hunting - ENVIRONMENT Secretary Hilary Benn has written to David Cameron, calling on the Conservatives to clarify their position on foxhunting and rule out a reppeal... (story)
New Statesman 18.2.10 Why the hunting ban must be defended - Posted by George Eaton - Labour is right to expose the Tories' plan to reverse the ban... Over at the Telegraph, David Hughes is distressed that the Environment Secretary can't find anything better to do with his time than re-open the hunting debate. But it wasn't Benn who re-opened it, it was the Tories. The party's inappropriately named "animal welfare spokesman", Andrew Rosindell, has pledged to make the repeal of the ban a priority for a Conservative government and David Cameron has promised to give Tory MPs a free vote on the issue. Had the Tories accepted the ban, there would be no need for Benn to have written the piece.... (story)

Western Morning News 18.2.10 Celebrities campaign to keep hunt ban - CELEBRITY animal rights campaigners today step up their campaign to keep the hunting ban, which the Conservatives have said they will repeal if they win the general election. Senior politicians from each of the main parties today write exclusively for the Western Morning News, setting out their policy on the fifth anniversary of the legislation coming into force in England and Wales.... Meanwhile, the League Against Cruel Sports today launches a film featuring celebrities watching footage of hunts. Stars include former Doctor Who Colin Baker, One Foot in the Grave actress Annette Crosbie and Time Team presenter Tony Robinson. Naturalist Bill Oddie and ex-Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson also appear.... (story)

Daily Record 18.2.10 Sir Paul McCartney attacks Tory moves to bring back fox hunting By Graham Brough - PAUL MCCARTNEY has said he'll fight any moves by the Tories to bring back fox hunting. David Cameron has promised his Conservative MPs a free vote on the repeal of Labour's anti-hunt laws if elected.... (story)
Mirror 18.2.10 Paul McCartney campaigns against Tory plans for fox hunting return - Sir Paul McCartney is campaigning against a Tory plan to bring back legal fox hunting.... (story)
News of the World 14.2.10 MACCA IN HUNT PLEA - Sir Paul McCartney slams Tory plans to bring back fox hunting - SIR Paul McCartney has slammed Tory plans to bring back fox hunting, saying the ban had been a historic victory for wildlife.... (story)

Community Newswire 18.2.10 RSPCA CELEBRATES HUNTING BAN'S FIFTH ANNIVERSARY By Bethan Hill, Community Newswire - The RSPCA is today celebrating the five year anniversary of a law that banned hunting wild animals with dogs.... (story)

Worcester News 18.2.10 Don’t allow facts to get in the way - The anti-hunting letter from Katherine Watson (February 3) proved another example of the correspondence she has with numerous local newspapers often many miles from her Stockport home. Her claims and copious muddled questions are a standard smoke screen for the flawed Hunting Act. In her confusion Ms Watson even failed to correctly name the Master of Hounds involved.... Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 3.2.10 Let’s be clear: the hunting ban stays - Full marks to Louise Robertson of League Against Cruel Sports for speaking out against the irresponsible behaviour of Worcestershire Hunt staff. The crude attempt to round up a dozen foxhounds, running amok through front gardens after a fox, does not excuse the havoc which should have been prevented... KATHERINE WATSON, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)


Reading Chronicle 17.2.10 Anti-hunt campaigners in Broad Street by Adam Hewitt - LABOUR Party campaigners warned shoppers that the fox hunting ban is at risk from a Tory Government. Reading East candidate Anneliese Dodds and Cllr Bet Tickner joined anti-hunt campaigner Roisin Fogarty in Broad Street on Saturday to ask shoppers what they thought. They handed out 500 leaflets and surveyed 52 people, all of whom backed the ban... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 17.2.10 People have no right to hurt other species - LISTENING to the radio news I was shocked to hear about 29 pigs which scientists in Austria were proposing to kill by burying them in snow.... Fortunately animal rights activists and the opinion of the public caused the scientists to abandon the project. With this in mind, it is vital that we retain the ban on hunting and the cruelty involved.... Joan Jones, Devon Heath Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 17.2.10 Why kill and injure innocent creatures? - During a recent walk along the Lancaster Canal to Salwick Wharf from the Cottam area of Preston, I was dismayed to see people shooting in a neighbouring field. On the canal were two dead or injured mallards. Why do humans cause death or injury to creatures which cause no harm to anyone.... Name and address supplied (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.2.10 This is an insult to all animals - I agree with most of Mike Noble-Feller's comments about vandalism and those who cause it... To compare the thuggish behaviour of humans to animals, feral or otherwise is an insult to all animals. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 16.2.10 PREVIEW: The Countryside Alliance Club at Badbury Rings, Dorset, Sunday, February 21 - This is a point-to-point with a difference, with ferret racing, a junior beagle chase, falconry display, silent auction and a host of tradestands and food outlets. Countryside Alliance (CA) Chief Executive, Simon Hart, officially opens the racing at noon and the finale is an inter-hunt camel race. Proceeds will go to the CA and to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.... (story)

Oxford Mail 16.2.10 Think before you make pancakes - TODAY is Shrove Tuesday, and tens of thousands of eggs will be used to create pancakes in Oxford. We all love pancakes but it’s important to remember that if you use eggs in your pancakes that are from caged hens, you will have contributed to a life of misery for these helpless animals... WILL WRIGHT, Four Paws UK (letter)


Elmbridge Guardian 15.2.10 Cavalry coming to Sandown Park, Esher, for day of racing By Jonathan Portlock - The cavalry is coming to Sandown Park in Esher on riday, February 19, for a top day of racing. The Help for Heroes Royal Artillery Gold Cup Day event takes place during half-term and should prove an ideal event to educate and entertain the children in equal measure... . The Royal Artillery Hunt will be parading and racegoers can head down to the course to mingle with the Master of Hounds and hear the calling of the Huntsman Horn.... (story)

Plymouth Herald 15.2.10 Constituency office is cruelty free - THERE is no cruelty in Sutton MP Linda Gilroy's office. The Labour MP says her constituency office in Plymouth is now officially Cruelty-Free. Mrs Gilroy has joined forces with anti-vivisectionists to support the campaign to end animal testing for household products and their ingredients. Her office will now only be using products approved by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).... (story)

Leicester Mercury 15.2.10 Self-sacrifice - Paul Coleman says there are a lot of comments in Mailbox on the subjects of food and religion... In an Anglican newspaper I recently read: "Traditionally Lent was a time when whole communities gave up dairy and animal produce, and gave the money they saved to the poor". What an appropriate way to emulate Christ's infinite self-sacrifice and compassion. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Independent 13.2.10 Labour attacks Tories over 'pro-hunt donation' - Nick Herbert, the shadow Environment Secretary, has received a £5,000 donation from a leading defender of foxhunting. The cash came from the Duke of Norfolk, who recently launched a legal attempt to ban hunt protesters from private estates... Labour claimed the donation ran counter to rules requiring shadow ministers to avoid any "conflict of interest" that arise from their job. Mary Creagh, the MP for Wakefield, denounced Mr Herbert for being happy to take cash from people wanting a "return to this barbaric sport".... (story)

Rochdale Observer 13.2.10 Group that shut down bird sanctuary revealed - Exclusive by Katie Fitzpatrick - Born Free has been revealed as the animal rights group whose complaint led to the closure of Three Owls Bird Sanctuary.... As a result council officers found that Three Owls was breaching zoo licensing legislation, giving the sanctuary 28 days to make changes to the way it is run.... Peter Rowlinson, head of planning and regulation for Rochdale Council, told Tuesday night's Norden Community Association meeting that more sanctuaries across the UK could be closed by the organisation, which he also refused to name. He said St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire and another bird sanctuary in south Wales have been placed under threat and another sanctuary in Cornwall has been shut down.... (story)

Independent 13.2.10 How the RSPCA bites the hand that feeds it - When George Mason bequeathed a large chunk of his fortune to the animal charity, little did his brother think that they'd come back for a second helping. Chris Green reports.... In his will, Mr Mason's brother divided his £1m fortune between the charity, his brother and two of his closest friends, Norman and Patricia Sharp. But, under Britain's complicated tax laws, the RSPCA was concerned it was going to have to pay inheritance tax on its share of the estate..... Mr Justice Peter Smith dismissed the claim and ordered the RSPCA to pay the costs. The judge said the charity's case had been "extremely weak,.... (story)
Times 12.2.10 RSPCA criticised for demanding inheritance tax payment - Laura Whateley - A High Court judge has criticised the RSPCA for taking the heirs of a wealthy donor to court in an argument over inheritance tax on his gift. The friends and brother of George Mason, who left the RSPCA more than £480,000 in his will, were taken to court by the animal charity. However, High Court judge Mr Justice Peter Smith dismissed the claim and ordered the RSPCA to pay the costs of the legal action on an indemnity basis - the highest level that can be awarded, which usually reflects the court’s displeasure.... (story)

Clacton & Frinton Gazette 13.2.10 Sign-up to end Circus Cruelty - THANKS to Animal Defenders International’s (ADI) shocking exposé of the treatment of the three elephants with the Great British Circus, reported by the Clacton and Frinton Gazette on August 19, 2009, the UK government has launched a three-month public consultation concerning the use of wild animals in travelling circuses... We urge all Essex residents to please participate in the consultation. We must send the strongest message possible that the public want a ban before the deadline of March... Lisa Mitchinson. Supporter Relations Director. ADI. (story)

Brentwood Weekly News 13.2.10 Legal threat in badgers row - BRENTWOOD Council has been threatened with legal action by a group of badger lovers determined to ensure plans to build two houses never get off the ground.... (story)


Somerset Guardian 12.2.10 Time for change of Government - There is probably no subject in the political spectrum which generates as much heat and emotion as hunting... Those, like Paul Thomas, of Radstock ("Truth about the ban on hunting", February 4), who are opposed and whose views must be respected, argue their case passionately, but sometimes in so doing make statements which do not quite tell the whole story.... JOHN DORAN, Claverton, Bath (letter)
Somerset Guardian 4.2.10 Truth about the ban on hunting - Is the ban on hunting about to be overturned? I very rarely write to newspapers but I would like to share these thoughts with readers. Beware if you are an animal lover, or believe in fairness, if you are considering not voting in the forthcoming General Election... I am very concerned that an issue which is very important to many people is being pushed under the carpet by the Conservative Party, and in particular by the London-based candidate who will be trying to win North East Somerset for the Tories, Jacob Rees-Mogg... I for one am not prepared to support a candidate who wants to change a law which prevents a medieval and barbaric sport.... PAUL THOMAS, St Mary's Rise, Radstock (letter)

Somerset Standard 12.2.10 Alliance does not speak for us - DAVID THOMAS Hisomley (letter)
Bath Chronicle 28.1.10 We are the real rural voice - For 40 years my wife and I have campaigned against abuse of 'non-human animals' whether for human entertainment.... Now the Countryside Alliance (alias 'cruel sports lobby') mostly coming from towns and cities have the gall to show concern for issues that are important to the rural dweller!.... DAVID THOMAS (letter)

Hexham Courant 12.2.10 MP picks up Grassroots Award - FORMER Tynedale councillor Sir Alan Beith, whose Berwick upon Tweed Parliamentary constituency includes Elsdon, has picked up a prestigious award at the Countryside Alliance Awards. The long-serving Liberal Democrat MP received the Grassroots Award in recognition of his dedication to his rural constituency at the awards reception, held at the House of Lords... (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 9.2.10 Beadlam Grange Farm Shop and Tearoom, at Pockley, near Helmsley, wins "Rural Oscar" - A FARM shop in rural North Yorkshire has scooped a top award. Beadlam Grange Farm Shop and Tea Room from Pockley, near Helmsley, beat competition from across Britain to take top honours in the local food category when The Countryside Alliance handed out its “Rural Oscars” at a Parliamentary reception.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 6.2.10 Greyhound comes first - A VILLAGE pub run by the local community has been officially named Britain’s Best Traditional Business. The Greyhound in Grizebeck was awarded the accolade as part of the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Community Newswire 4.2.10 COMMUNITY SHOP WINS NATIONAL AWARD By Bethan Hill - A Worcestershire community store was yesterday named the best village shop in the country in an awards ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament. The Village Shop in Feckenham won the category of best village shop or post office in the fifth annual Countryside Alliance Awards, dubbed the "rural Oscars... (story)
Community Newswire 4.2.10 LOCAL REVEREND WINS NATIONAL 'HERO' AWARD By Bethan Hill - A Lincolnshire chaplain was yesterday named the Rural Hero of 2009 in an awards ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament. Reverend Canon Alan Robson, from Market Rasen, was given the title in the fifth annual Countryside Alliance Awards, dubbed the "rural Oscars".... (story)
BBC News Online 3.2.10 Scotland's most southerly cinema scoops award - Scotland's most southerly cinema has been recognised in the Countryside Alliance's "rural Oscars". Machars Movies in the Isle of Whithorn took the top honour in the rural enterprise category... (story)
Cambridge News 4.2.10 Enterprising crocodile farmer snaps up award - A CROCODILE farmer is off to the House of Lords today after scooping an award. Andy Johnson’s work raising crocodiles on his farm in Old Hurst has been recognised by the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Northumberland Gazette 3.2.10 Hat-trick of honours - A FARM shop has scooped a hat-trick of awards. For the third year running, the Country Barn Farm Shop in Widdrington has won the rural enterprise honour in the North East Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Teesdale Mercury 2.2.10 COUPLE’S DELIGHT AS SHOP IS NAMED BEST IN NORTH EAST - A farm shop has proved it has the recipe for success after its mouth-watering range of produce has scooped yet another prestigious accolade. Piercebridge Organic Farm, which has won several plaudits since it opened, has just picked up the honour for being the best local food business in the North East from the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Worcester News 31.1.10 Village shop is up for national award - A COMMUNITY shop named as the best in its region is now waiting to see if it can bag the national prize. The Village Shop in Feckenham, which is community-owned, was chosen as the best village shop or post office in the West Midlands in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 30.1.10 Community run pub wins national award - A COMMUNITY run pub is celebrating after winning a national award. The Greyhound in Grizebeck has been named Britain’s Best Traditional Business in the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Community Newswire 29.1.10 COMMUNITY SHOP IN LINE FOR NATIONAL AWARD By Bethan Hill, Community Newswire - A Gloucestershire community store and post office that has been named the best village shop in its region, is now waiting to see if it can bag the national prize. The community-owned Blockley Village Shop and Cafe was chosen as the best village shop or post office in Wessex, covering Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Telegraph 28.1.10 Countryside Alliance Awards: The Greyhound Inn, Cumbria, declared The Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Business By Christopher Middleton - A year ago, The Greyhound was on its last legs. Now it's a winner, having been voted Britain's Best Traditional Business in the Telegraph-sponsored section of the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 25.1.10 Grizebeck pub and Crooklands fishery fight back to success By Daniel Orr - VILLAGERS who helped protect the future of two well-known community institutions have been rewarded for their hard work. The Greyhound Inn, at Grizebeck, was named Best Traditional Business for the North West at the Countryside Alliance Awards, while the family-run Farletonview Fishery, at Crooklands, won the Best Rural Enterprise Award.... (story)
Hexham Courant 22.1.10 Shop wins second title By GEMMA BROWN – FOR the second consecutive year, a village shop and post office has been judged one of the best in Britain. Belsay Shop and Post Office is one of four businesses in the North-East celebrating after scooping a 2009 regional title in the fifth annual Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 22.1.10 Butcher is the choice cut - A LOCAL butcher’s is bidding for national glory after it was named a regional winner in the fifth Countryside Alliance Awards. Johnson’s of Thirsk, in Kirkgate, won the Daily Telegraph Traditional Business Award.... (letter)
Witney Gazette 21.1.10 Farm shop voted best in region – By Jen Rivett - A FARM shop has been recognised for its large selection of local produce. Foxbury Farm, Brize Norton, has been named as the Best Local Food Business for the South of England by the Countryside Alliance... (letter)
Berwickshire News 20.1.10 Success for Norham butcher in 'Rural Oscars' By Ian Smith - NORHAM butchers R.G. Foreman and Son has won the regional final of the Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the 'Rural Oscars'... (story)
York Press 19.1.10 Enterprising North Yorkshire businesses scoop Countryside Alliance Awards By Richard Harris - FOUR businesses are celebrating winning regional titles in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards. The businesses are all based around York and North Yorkshire and now go forward to the grand final to bid for the British title. The local winners were Tollerton Post Office & Shop for the Village Shop Award, Beadlam Grange Farm Shop at Pockley for the local food award, the Daily Telegraph Traditional Business Award was won by Johnson’s of Thirsk while the Rural Enterprise Award went to Fodder, at the Great Yorkshire Showground, in Harrogate.... (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 18.1.10 Local butcher scoops top award - A LOCAL butchers is bidding for national glory after it was named as a regional winner in the fifth Countryside Alliance Awards. Johnson’s of Thirsk, on Kirkgate, won the Daily Telegraph Traditional Business Award recently in the competition.... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 11.1.10 Reborn businesses rewarded for hard work By Daniel Orr - PEOPLE in South Lakeland who helped protect the future of two well-known community institutions have been rewarded for their hard work. The Greyhound Inn, at Grizebeck, was named Best Traditional Business for the north west at the Countryside Alliance Awards, while the family-run Farletonview Fishery, at Crooklands, won the Best Rural Enterprise Award.... (story)
Northamptonn Evening Telegraph 8.1.10 Rural businesses are best in region By Catherine Collins - Two businesses from Northamptonshire have both been named among the best in the region in the prestigious Countryside Alliance awards for the second year running. The Shop@Stanwick is officially the best village shop and post office in the East Midlands and Muddy Matches, which is an online dating service based in Podington, has won the region's rural enterprise award... (story)
North Devon Journal 7.1.10 Alliance prize for butcher - JUDGES of the fifth annual Countryside Alliance Awards have praised a butcher for keeping traditional skills alive. Complete Meats in Axminster was a South West regional winner, picking up the Daily Telegraph Traditional Business Award. It will now compete with fellow regional winners for a British title... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 6.1.10 Award hat-trick for village post office - A SUFFOLK village store and post office business has won a top regional award for the third year running. Otley Village Shop, near Ipswich, has again taken the Village Shop/Post Office Award in the East of England round of the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
Beccles & Bungay Journal 31.12.09 Future bright for Wissett watering hole - FOR many rural pubs it has been a difficult year and a rising tide have been forced to call time as landlords struggled in the recession. But the picture looks bright for one Halesworth watering hole which is bucking the trend and going from strength to strength. Nick and Debbie Sumner bought the Wissett Plough in 2007, and despite having never owned a pub before they have put their all into making the business a success... The couple's successful year was rounded off when they were nominated as regional finalists in the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards in the enterprise award category.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.12.09 Rural firms must wait to find out award results - FOURTEEN rural businesses competing in the final South West heat of the Countryside Alliance Awards will have to wait until the new year to find out their fate. The regional finalists were due to find out whether they would go through to the grand final before Christmas but the decision has been delayed by the weather and Royal Mail strikes..... (story)
Lanark Gazette 25.11.09 Overton Farm boss Willie Young shortlisted for Best Local Food Award By Craig Goldthorp - OVERTON Farm owner Willie Young has been shortlisted in the final four for a prestigious Scottish Countryside Alliance 'Best Local Food' Award.... (story)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 23.11.09 Four south Shropshire businesses on shortlist for Countryside Alliance award - FOUR businesses from south Shropshire are on the shortlist for an award from the Countryside Alliance. The Community Shop and Post Office in Lydbury North and Bromfield Post Office in Ludlow will be contesting the village shop/post office category. At the same time, the Organic Smokehouse in Clunbury and Ludlow Food Centre will fight it out for the rural enterprise award.... (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 19.11.09 New shop in Sherston in award final - Sherston shoe shop Apples and Pairs has reached the regional final of the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Peterlee Mail 18.11.09 Farm shop in line for major award - A FARM shop has made the final cut after being shortlisted in a prestigious competition. The Dropswell Farm Shop has been named a North East finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards... (story)
The Comet 18.11.09 Farm is the pick of the crop - A FARM has won a major award for its environmental action. Offley Hoo Farm has won this year's Chiltern Environment Award... And the farm may soon be a double winner, as it has also been named as a finalist in the eastern region Countryside Alliance Awards to be announced in December (story)
Halifax Courier 18.11.09 Farm shop makes final By Farhana Haque - INGFIELD Farm Shop in Southowram has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Cumberland News 13.11.09 Cumbrian village shop in running for national award By Linzi Watson - A village shop and post office at the heart of Hallbankgate is in the running for national acclaim – for the second time in three years. Hallbankgate’s Co-op and Post Office has been named by the Countryside Alliance as one of their north west finalists... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 12.11.09 Brompton Ralph Stores progress in Countryside Alliance Awards - BROMPTON Ralph Stores and Post Office has reached the regional finals of the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards. The awards mark rural excellence in a number of ways and this year more than 2,300 nominations were received... (story)
Salisbury Journal12.11.09 Woodgreen Community Shop chosen as awards finalist By Karen Bate - WOODGREEN’S village shop has been chosen as a finalist for the Countryside Alliance Awards. The community shop is one of 12 southern regional finalists chosen from thousands of businesses vying for one of four regional titles and the chance of UK-wide acclaim... (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 10.11.09 Rural shops in line for award By Catherine Collins - A handful of county businesses have beaten off competition from thousands of organisations to be named regional finalists for a prestigious set of awards. The Countryside Alliance Awards is now in its fifth year and celebrates the characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of people working in the countryside. Among the regional finalists in this year's village shop and post office category is Gr etton Post Office and The Shop@Stanwick, which came second in the national finals last year.... (story)
Newcastle Journal 10.11.09 Morpeth shop up for Countryside Alliance award - A farm shop near Morpeth is among a number of high-quality community enterprises who are battling it out for four regional titles to go through to a national competition. The Countryside Alliance Awards recognise quality, characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of the countryside through the people who work so hard to make it tick.... (story)
Horse & Hound 10.11.09 Equestrian businesses in CA Awards regional finals - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Four equestrian businesses have made it to the regional finals of the 2009 Countryside Alliance (CA) Awards — is your local favourite among them? The awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate the characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of the countryside and the nominees are put forward by the public... (story)
Daily Post 9.11.09 North Wales finalists in Countryside Alliance awards By Andrew Forgrave, Rural Affairs Editor - A LUXURY ice cream maker, a Welsh lamb supplier and a 17th century pub have been named as Welsh finalists in this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards. They are among 12 top businesses across Wales vying for one of four national titles.... (story)
Hamilton Advertiser 8.10.09 Time to nominate your rural heroes by George Topp, Lanark & Carluke - CLYDESDALE residents are being urged to support a rural awards scheme. The Scottish Countryside Alliance is holding an awards scheme to recognise and celebrate the unique “Scottishness” of our food and contribution that rural businesses make to our communities.... (story)
Ellesmere Port Pioneer 30.9.09 Community nominees NOMINATIONS for the Countryside Alliance Awards can still be made until October 19. The Awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate communities, produce, enterprise and rural heritage.... (story)
Cumnock Chronicle 28.9.09 MSP supports Scottish Countryside Alliance Awards - SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Alasdair Morgan welcomed the announcement that the Scottish Countryside Alliance intends, once more, to hold awards which will recognise and celebrate the unique "Scottishness" of our food and contribution that rural businesses make to our communities... (story)
Exmouth Journal 28.9.09 East Budleigh shop nominated for awards - STAFF at the East Budleigh Community Shop are celebrating after the store was nominated for a national award - known as the rural Oscars. Based near the village hall, in High Street, the shop has been named in the list of nominees for the fifth annual Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)
Wiltshire Times 22.9.09 Wiltshire businesses nominated for the 'Rural Oscars' By Craig Evry - Post offices and village shops in Wiltshire are being urged to enter this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards, dubbed the Rural Oscars. There is a month left to nominate for the fifth annual awards, voted for the by the public, which celebrates communities, enterprise and rural heritage... (story)
Horse & Hound 15.9.09 Vote for your rural heroes in the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards - Lottie Butler, H&H newsdesk - Nominations have opened for the 2009 Countryside Alliance Awards, now in their fifth year.... (story)
Yeovil Express 14.9.09 Countryside Alliance awards - vote here By Richard Purdon - POLLS for the Countryside Alliance Awards have opened this month and organisers are encouraging you to help bring the region a national title in 2009... (story)
Daily Post 3.9.09 Countryside Alliance seeks rural champions By Andrew Forgrave - FOOD and rural businesses from Wales with be hoping to repeat their success in the annual Countryside Alliance Awards, which open to nominations on Thursday... Regional winners go forward to the grand final, and will be invited to attend a national reception at Parliament in early 2010, where the 2009 national champions will be announced (story)

South Wales Argus 12.2.10 'Drop badger cull' - AM's plea - BLAENAU Gwent AM Trish Law has called for the proposed badger cull to be abandoned. Mrs Law has appealed to rural affairs minister Elin Jones to ditch the controversial plan in the light of a new report which says the slaughter will have only a limited effect... (story)

Daily Mail 12.2.10 Hounded out by hysteria: the viciousness of the hate campaign that forced a respected headteacher to quit over slaughter of a school sheep By Helen Weathers - Yesterday was Andrea Charman's last day as head teacher at Lydd Primary School in Kent... To Mrs Charman's opponents, she is the woman responsible for the death of Marcus the sheep, and the resultant 'trauma' to their children... All Mrs Charman will say of her decision is that it was for 'personal reasons', but her friends and family have told me she was effectively 'hounded out' by a vile campaign of bullying and victimisation.... (story)


Swindon Advertiser 11.2.10 Letter from Chris Gale - DAVID Cameron’s agenda is designed to plunge Britain back into a new dark age. Undermining and lowering the minimum wage, cutting public services, tax cuts for the very wealthiest families and re-legalising barbaric blood sports are the Tory policies for the General Election... CHRIS GALE Dover Street Chippenham (letter)

Evesham Journal 11.2.10 Shooting views online - THE British Association for Shooting and Conservation has launched what is believed to be the first fully online and interactive election campaign. It will cover all candidates in the next election and allows voters to quickly access candidates and canvas their views on shooting.... (story)


Horse & Hound 10.2.10 Second LACS covert filming court case dropped - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A second case against South Dorset terrierman Christopher Leadbetter has dramatically been dropped, the day before it was due to go to trial. The cases involved covert surveillance carried out by the League Against Cruel Sports and had already led to a review of the legitimacy of secret filming as court evidence. Mr Leadbeater of Dorchester was due to be tried today on a charge under the Badgers Act at Bournemouth Magistrates Court. But yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told Mr Leadbeater's lawyers that it no longer had sufficient evidence to justify the prosecution.... (story)

Denbighshire Visitor 10.2.10 Animal group drums up support in Rhyl against withdrawal of hunting ban by Ian Hughes, Denbigh Visitor - A NORTH Wales animal welfare group has amassed over 10,300 signatures against a repeal of the hunting ban. Over the weekend campaigners from Wales Against Animal Cruelty (WAAC) took 300 signatures in Rhyl and they expect the figure to rocket in the coming weeks... Judi Hewitt, group leader, also commended the efforts of local politicians: “We would like to thank Chris Ruane for his unstinting support for our ant-hunt campaign... (story)

STV 10.2.10 Animal campaigners blast bloodsport funding - Animal welfare campaigners are angered that government money is being used to promote bloodsports in Scotland, it emerged on Wednesday. A Scottish organisation has received funding to challenge the tweedy image of field sports and encourage ordinary people to take up grouse shooting and deerstalking... Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG) is offering half-day "taster" courses in shooting, stalking, and fishing, backed by European and local authority funding... John Robins of Animal Concern said... Ross Minett, spokesman for Advocates for Animals, added.... However, Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, welcomed the "long overdue" initiative.... (story)

Country Life 10.2.10 Hunting blog: The healing power of horses - Octavia Pollock - Whenever I was feeling down or gloomy when I was little, I found the greatest solace in giving my Welsh Cob a hug. She always understood, and after a short time with her, I felt far cheerier. The ability of horses to calm the human heart has been long recognised, and a day's hunting on a good horse has the same effect... I was reminded of this recently when I was out with the West Street Tickham in Kent, reporting for Horse & Hound ... (story)

Worcester News 10.2.10 Why not ride and observe wildlife? So Tim Shenton thinks fox hunting is part of rural social interaction. I have recently left my smallholding of 34 years, partly due to his type of social interaction – the hunt kept crossing my land disturbing my horses and the wildlife.... M BURGESS, Malvern Link (letter)
Worcester News 9.2.10 I’m born and bred in the countryside - In reply to Mr Shenton and his attack on me for supporting the hunting ban. He says, to quote, that I am “a type who would not have a concept of rural social interaction”. May I enlighten him – I was born and bred in the countryside and have been a member of the Women’s Institute for longer than he has had hot dinners... HELEN SMART, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 8.2.10 Is hunting stance a true blue issue? - At last Mr Burgess has broken cover – his arguments for hunting have nothing to do with animal welfare. He has proved that he is a true blue Tory. My attacks have never been against country people, only the morons who hunt deer and foxes and torture defenceless hares, all in the name of sport.... HELEN SMART, Worcester (story)
Worcester News 1.2.10 Hunting is about social interaction - I fully agree with the comments made by John Burgess (Letters, January 18). Helen Smart does not have a clue what she is talking about... Tim Shenton, Ross-on-Wye (story)
Worcester News 18.1.10 Hunting Act bad for animal welfare - – Helen Smart (Letters, January 8) continues her vitriolic attack on hunting and country people. As usual, rather than debating the facts of the matter, Ms Smart merely voices her prejudiced views on the subject.... Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 8.1.10 Don’t let’s waste any more time - How pleased I was to see your double page spread regarding hunting. This proves conclusively that the people of Worcestershire support the hunt now that there is no cruelty involved... HELEN SMART, Worcester (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.2.10 Animal circus rolls up in the county - A controversial animal circus on its way to the county is facing furious opposition from residents and campaigners. The Great British Circus, which uses lions, tigers and other animals in its performances, will be pitching up in Waddington later this month. And its imminent arrival has generated a storm of opposition from locals and animal rights campaigners.... David McKennacorrect, a resident from Hobart Close in Waddington, said "101 per cent" of his village was against it.... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 10.2.10 Wraxall zoo farm is targeted by protesters - Animal rights campaigners held a protest outside Noah's Ark Zoo Farm when it opened for the 2010 season. Seven members of the Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) staged the four-hour protest outside the farm, in Wraxall, on Saturday.... (story)


Western Morning News 9.2.10 Unwarranted surveillance - REGARDING your story "Hunt surveillance may breach human rights" (February 2), the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act protects people against unwarranted and intrusive covert surveillance. I wonder if it has occurred to the League Against Cruel Sports that if its surveillance is unwarranted it really should not be conducting it.... Giles Bradshaw South Molton (letter)

Shropshire Star 10.2.10 Letter: Hunt is using trunk roads - The hunt community appears to be taking to the county’s trunk roads in pursuit of its quarry. I was driving along the A41 south of Tern Hill last Wednesday afternoon, rounded a sharp bend, and was confronted by a large pack of dogs coming towards me in the middle of the road, accompanied by a number of fools on horseback. I was forced to brake and slow down, and they simply continued past me, exchanging abuse as I berated them forcefully for their outrageous behaviour.... Stewart Perkins, Market Drayton (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.2.10 Farewell to hunting stalwart Brian Toon - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Brian Toon, the hunting stalwart from Aylestone, Leics, died on 7 January, aged 72. Mr Toon had been the honorary secretary of the Atherston Hunt Club for many years and publicity officer for the Master of Foxhounds Association during the 1990s... (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.1.10 'Hunting world will miss Brian' - Tributes have been paid to a prominent fox hunting supporter who has died following a short illness. Brian Toon died on Thursday, aged 72... a former Master of the Foxhounds Association, he was honorary secretary of Atherstone Hunt and followed the Albany and Westerby basset hounds... Paying tribute, his brother Howard said: "He will certainly be missed in the fox hunting community."... (story)

Horse & Hound 8.2.10 Campaign against Irish hunting ban hots up - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Campaigning against an Irish hunting ban has notched up a gear with the launch of Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE). RISE was kicked off on 21 January by the Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI) to "mobilise public and political opinion in support of [Ireland's] traditional field sports and rural pastimes"... (story)

Western Mail 8.2.10 United front to fight the ‘cruel’ cull of badgers by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail - A NEW group has been set up to oppose plans to cull badgers in parts of West Wales. Save the Badger, which has held its first public meeting, said it will present a united front against the “cruel” cull to slaughter thousands of animals... The Badger Trust – one of the organisations belonging to Save the Badger – is seeking a judicial review of the decision to hold the cull. John Evans, a spokesman for Save the Badger, said: “We need to unite to show the people of Wales there is so much opposition to this from so many organisations with all kinds of interests.... (story)
South Wales Argus 8.2.10 EDITORIAL COMMENT: Badger cull is barbaric - WE fully support the new group set up which opposes the Assembly’s barbaric badger cull. Save the Badger says it presents a united front against a "cruel" cull to slaughter thousands of animals. ... (story)
BBC News Online 7.2.10 New group fights badger cull in west Wales - A new group opposed to the badger cull planned for parts of west Wales to tackle the spread of bovine TB has held its first public meeting. John Evans of Save the Badger, which met in Llantrisant, said it presented a united front against a "cruel" cull to slaughter thousands of animals.... (story)


Horse & Hound 7.2.10 LACS 'Cruel Tory' advert slammed - Darren Hughes - The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has been rapped by the Charity Commission for a second time over adverts to be aired in the run-up to the general election. The banned advert highlighted letters in the slogan Keep Cruelty History so it read Cruel Tory, which was deemed too political by the Commission. LACS had already been warned about being party political by the charity watchdog in August 2009. Now a spokesman for the Commission told H&H it would be using LACS as a case study of how not to behave as an example to other charities... (story)


Horse & Hound 6.2.10 John Holliday is new huntsman for the Belvoir - Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - The Belvoir has appointed a new huntsman, subject to committee approval. John Holliday, who has hunted the Ledbury for 14 seasons, will take over on 1 May from Capt Rupert Inglesant, who has been sole master and huntsman since 2006. John, 42, spent five years as whipper-in at the Belvoir from 1988-93 before joining the Quorn as first whipper-in... (story)


Horse & Hound 5.2.10 Show cob stars in Sky Sports spoof - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A show cob from Oxfordshire, who normally spends his days following the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks, turned his talents to film-making last month. Darkly Dreaming Dexter took his starring role in a period drama spoof advert for the Sky Sports news team.... (story)

BBC News Online 5.2.10 Who are the MPs and peer facing charges over expenses? ... ELLIOT MORLEY - Elliot Morley was first elected to Parliament in 1987... The 58-year-old Liverpudlian has a longstanding commitment to green issues and animal welfare and served as fisheries minister and minister for the countryside, handling such issues as foxhunting, EU fishing quotas and the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak...
LORD HANNINGFIELD - Paul White, Baron Hanningfield, has been a member of Essex County Council since 1970... Last year, he was given an award by the Countryside Alliance, which said he had done much to highlight and safeguard the future of Essex's rural communities.... (story)

Brighton Argus 5.2.10 Vegan version - The environmental group World Watch says that meat and dairy farming creates 51% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.... These are all reasons to go vegan. Such a move would also greatly benefit our health and cause no animal suffering. Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Horse & Hound 4.2.10 Artist donates painting to Haydon Hunt - Sophie Montagne - Animal artist Claire Myers has donated a painting of the Haydon hunt country map to help raise funds for the Northumberland hunt... So far £4,000 has been raised from sales of the print. Copies are still available at £60 each... (story)

Western Daily Press "Riders" 4.2.10 Beaufort Hunt raises £1,500 for charity - The West’s biggest foxhunt has held its annual charity ride, with funds raised this year for a centre that helps adults and children. Followers of the Beaufort Hunt met at Hundred Acre Farm in Sopworth, Wiltshire, last week and raised more than £1,500 for the Rainbow Centre.... (story)

Fakenham & Wells Times 4.2.10 Race will aid wounded soldiers - It's a case of “horses for forces” for a charity race meeting which has changed its fundraising emphasis to help rehabilitate wounded British soldiers. Fakenham Racecourse will stage its eleventh annual amateurs' race at its meeting on Friday, February 19. For the previous 10 years, the event has raised money for the Countryside Alliance and bolstered awareness of country sports and rural issues. But this year the race proceeds will be split with the forces charity Help for Heroes under the meeting's re-branded title of the Countryside and Forces Raceday... The West Norfolk Foxhounds will parade on the course in front of the grandstands at 12.30 pm. The first of seven National Hunt races is off at 1.25pm.... (story)

Irish Times 4.2.10 Protesters turn out to run with the hare but condemn coursing with hounds - MICHAEL PARSONS In Clonmel - “ABSURDLY MACHO” was how a columnist in The Spectator recently described hurling. Britain’s right-wing weekly should have dispatched a correspondent to Clonmel yesterday for the coursing, such was the level of testosterone in the Powerstown Park air... Outside the venue, a small group of about 25 protesters from various animal rights groups held posters and banners deploring the event. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports issued a statement saying they found it “incredible that in this, the year 2010, in a so-called civilised country, such a barbaric activity, having its origins in the Roman amphitheatres, still prevails”.... (story)

Evesham Journal 4.2.10 Swamp fever outbreak - THE Countryside Alliance is calling for the Government to test horses for infectious diseases before they are imported to the UK. This follows an outbreak of the potentially fatal swamp fever in Wiltshire.... (story)

Scottish Herald 4.2.10 Lager lovelies: everyday girls who became Scottish icons - Alison Campsie - Photographer Mel Gillies took the everyday girl on the street and made her an icon in his Tennent’s “lager lovelies” campaign. The photographer, who has died suddenly aged 65, leaves an indelible mark on Scottish social history with the campaign that put glamour within reach of everyone who lifted a can of the famous lager.... Karen Flynn, 47, a lager lovely during the 1980s who now runs an animal rescue charity and a rabbit hotel in Buckinghamshire. I was spotted on an animal rights march in Glasgow by an Evening Times photographer, who gave me my first break really.... (story)


Fingal Independent 3.2.10 O'Toole defends stag hunting - THERE is something wrong when the leafy suburbs of the city begin to write and implement the laws for the meadows, mountains and stony soil of rural Ireland, Dublin-North based Independent Senator Joe O'Toole told the Seanad. Speaking on a new Dog Breeding Establishments Bill, he said hunting and aspects of this new legislation should be decided upon by local authorities... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 3.2.10 MP pledges support to Angling Trust - LOCAL MP Bill Wiggin has signed up to become a Parliamentary Supporter of the Angling Trust, whose headquarters are in Leominster.... (story)

Times 3.2.10 Angling Trust calls for cull of otters eating too much fish - Simon de Bruxelles - The reintroduction of the otter, one of Britain’s best-loved wild animals, has been a catastrophe for the £1.1billion a year coarse-fishing industry, the Angling Trust claimed yesterday... (story)

Guardian 3.2.10 Watchdog bans animal rights ad for 'unnecessary shock tactics' - ASA rules Peta poster featuring image of one of the defendants jailed in the Baby P case was likely to cause serious offence - Mark Sweney - An ad campaign by the animal rights group Peta using an image of Steven Barker, one of the defendants jailed in the Baby P case, has been banned by the advertising watchdog for using "unnecessary shock tactics" to highlight cruelty to animals. Peta's poster featured a picture of Barker and the line "People who are violent towards animals rarely stop there". The Advertising Standards Authority received one complaint that it was offensive and distressing and exploited the death of Baby P, and was particularly inappropriate to residents in Haringey where the child lived and died... (story)
BBC News Online 3.2.10 Peta poster showing Baby P killer Steven Barker banned - A poster on animal cruelty showing the killer of Baby Peter has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority... The watchdog ruled that Barker's picture was used in a "shocking way merely to attract attention".... GARETH D EVANS Herbert Street, Treorci http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/letters-to-the-editor/western-mail-letters/2010/02/03/wednesday-3-february-2010-91466-25749201/2/ GARETH D EVANS Herbert Street, Treorci (story)
Evening Standard 3.2.10 Animal rights group banned from using poster of Baby P killer - An advert for an animal rights group featuring a picture of Baby P's abuser was banned today for using unnecessary shock tactics and exploiting the child's death. The poster, created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), showed an image of Steven Barker above the text: "Steven Barker: Animal Abuser, Baby Abuser, Rapist. People who are violent towards animals rarely stop there.".... (story)

Formby Times 3.2.10 Formby people praised for helping save death bears by Danielle Manning, Formby Times - FORMBY people have been praised for their generous donations that have helped save 19 moon bears from an excruciating death. Animal lover and mother-of-three Sue Prince has told the Formby Times of the huge impact the contributions have made through the charity Animals Asia Foundation (AAF).... (story)

Western Mail 3.2.10 Law for the few - Whether or not one agrees with the possible incorporation of Islamic Sharia law into the legal systems of these islands, it is a fact that Jewish Rabbinical law has had a similar role for generations. The Beth Din courts adjudicate on matters such as civil disputes, especially divorce, and permit the slaughter of animals for human consumption in a manner which most find barbaric. GARETH D EVANS, Herbert Street, Treorci (story)

Whitehaven News 3.2.10 Reds v Greys – it’s not black and white – The ongoing campaign against grey squirrels is grossly unfair and doesn’t stack up factually.... Angus MACMILLAN Meikle Boturich near Balloch Dunbartonshire >(letter)


Western Morning News 2.2.10 Hunt surveillance may breach human rights - COVERT surveillance by animal rights groups used to prosecute alleged illegal hunting activity could be thrown out of court for breaching the European Convention on Human Rights, it has emerged. New guidance was issued by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after suggestions that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which limits the spying powers of public authorities, should apply to the activities of third parties such as the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)
Farmers' Guardian 20.1.10 Secret hunt filming ruled 'illegal' By Alistair Driver - The CPS has issued guidance confirming that covert surveillance by animal rights groups should be authorised under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA).... (story)
Horse & Hound 10.1.10 Hunt monitors are breaking human rights legislation - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Video surveillance of hunts by "hunt monitors" breaks human rights legislation, a judged has ruled. The judge was presiding over a pre-trial review last month in a case that cannot yet be reported. He ruled that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which allows police and local authorities to use undercover filming, also applies to anti-hunting groups... (story)
Times 26.12.09 Judge casts doubt on legality of covert filming by anti-hunt activists - Valerie Elliot, Countryside Editor - Scores of foxhunters can sit easier in their saddles on the biggest day of the sport’s calendar today after a judge cast doubt on the legality of covert filming by anti-hunt activists. The ruling, in a case that cannot yet be reported, lays down that covert surveillance by third parties must be authorised in line with procedures in the Regulation of Investigating Powers Act (Ripa). The Home Office says that the Act must be used in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights.... The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) is so anxious that forces may be acting unlawfully that it has asked for advice from the Crown Prosecution Service... Julian Barnfield, huntsman with the Heythrop Hunt, in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, is a frequent target for anti-hunt activists. He said: “To be frank, I am plagued by them. They don’t just film me and the hunt openly and covertly, some are verbally vile.”... (story)

Yorkshire Post 2.2.10 Leave our wildlife alone From: Marjorie Crofts, Crigglestone, Wakefield, West Yorkshire - ALAN Marsden (Yorkshire Post, January 26) asks for a less cruel way of controlling foxes than hunting... I ask, why control foxes at all? They breed only once a year, with quite a small litter, and a lot of foxes are barren... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 26.1.10 Quick death for the fox From: Alan Marsden, Pledwick Lane, Sandal, Wakefield - WITH reference to all the recent correspondence on hunting, when the RSPCA declared its opposition to hunting, I write to ask for a less cruel way of controlling foxes than by hunting with hounds. Perhaps the anti-hunting lobby can answer that, because the RSPCA never has. A hunted fox either escapes or suffers a quick clean death.... (letter)

Daily Post 2.2.10 Feathers fly over battery cage plan by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - PROPOSED changes to gamebird rearing methods could have a crippling impact on hatcheries and the wider rural economy, it has been claimed. New guidance designed to improve gamebird welfare could see the rearing sector exported overseas, said the Countryside Alliance... The consultation sets out three options: doing nothing; banning barren cages but allowing enriched cages; or banning cages altogether, including traditional partridge boxes. While the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) provisionally favours a total ban, the Countryside Alliance said this would have “serious implications” for game farming in the UK... Its stance is backed by the Game Farmers’ Association (GFA), which represents 200 gamebird producers in Britain... BASC dismisses fears that a total ban – would end the use of traditional partridge boxes, and it condemned “irresponsible scaremongering”... (story)

BBC News Online 2.2.10 Northern Ireland opinion divided on animal snaring - Martin Cassidy - An animal welfare charity is pushing for an end to the snaring of foxes in Northern Ireland but countryside groups claim existing controls are sufficient. The League Against Cruel Sports said many MLAs backed its move to end the practice of snaring used by gamekeepers to control predators and pests. Local gamekeepers, however, said modern snares were designed to hold an animal securely without causing injury.... (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 2.2.10 Badger cull meeting - A PUBLIC meeting to discuss the controversial badger cull with a panel of expert speakers is being held this month. The meeting has been arranged as the Welsh Assembly Government begins its survey of badger setts in the cull area of north Pembrokeshire and parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. The cull itself is scheduled to start in “late spring”. Campaign group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull, which is organising a number of meetings, says it is receiving more calls and emails every day from landowners who are concerned about the cull.... (story)

York Press 2.2.10 A meaty issue - WE ARE being badgered by all sorts of people these days to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet... In response to this, an idea called “Meat-Free Monday” or “Meatout Thursday” has developed..... I see this as more reasonable than asking people to go vegetarian, despite being one myself for 25 years... John Cossham, Hull Road, York. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 3.2.10 Friends and family mark 15th anniversary of Jill Phipps' death - FAMILY and friends have marked the 15th anniversary of the death of a “beautiful” animal rights protester. Jill Phipps, 31, was crushed underneath a 50-tonne lorry transporting veal calves from Coventry Airport on February 1, 1995... Her mother Nancy was too distraught to talk to the Telegraph, but Jill’s brother Zab Phipps, 60, said: “Everyone remembers Jill, she was such a lovely person... Janet Cummings, 64, met Jill at Baginton during the protests that led to her death.... Friend Pam Brown, 53, marked the anniversary by joining Zab at the memorial to Jill, which sits near to the spot where she died, on Rowley Road... Close friend and fellow protestor John Curtin called for a municipal tribute to Jill’s life and work.... (story)


Farming Life 1.2.10 Horses and hounds head to Ballybeg - After several weeks of enforced rest during the "big freeze", the Holestone Farmers' Bloodhounds welcomed around 50 very fresh horses to the Ballybeg Hunt, kindly hosted by the Montgomery and Fleck family... (story)