February 2011

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Bristol Evening Post 28.2.11 Photographer's fight for foxes - A BRISTOL photographer has become so charmed by the urban foxes he takes photographs of that he has set about trying to cure them of the mange which is causing them to die one by one. Ian Wade, a graphic designer and wildlife photographer, lives in Cotham. About seven months ago he started noticing the foxes in the area, and began photographing them.... (story)

Stroud News & Journal 28.2.11 Badger found shot dead near Stroud By Nick Wakefield - WILDLIFE lovers are fuming after a fully-grown badger was found shot dead near Elcombe in the Slad Valley. Animal rights campaigner Denise Ward was contacted by a friend who spotted the body in a field beside Swift’s Hill Nature Reserve early this morning, Monday, February 28. She reported the find to police, who immediately enlisted the help of Tony Dean from Gloucestershire Badger Group.... (story)


Wales on Sunday 27.2.11 Rogue hunters suspected of defying the rules by Sam Malone, Wales On Sunday - UNTRACEABLE rebel hunts are illegally operating throughout Wales with total disregard for the law, according to a member of a registered hunt... The revelation comes after The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), an animal welfare charity opposed to fox hunting, launched an innovative “huntmap” in an attempt to illustrate hunt behaviour in Britain.... But a member of the Llangeinor Hunt in South Wales last night told Wales on Sunday incidents already marked on the map may not relate to the hunts registered in that area... LACS’ Wales campaigner, Robin Lewis, said: “The map is a simple way of illustrating just how widespread the problems of hunting are.... (story)

Wales on Sunday 27.2.11 Welsh deer ‘could be given the pill’ by Claire Miller, Wales On Sunday - WALES’ wild deer could be given the pill to keep numbers under control, amid fears the animals pose a serious road accident threat.... Dr Jochen Langbein, from the Deer Collision Project, said: “There are about 10 human fatalities every year (in the UK) because of deer vehicle collisions, though only one in 1,000 incidents end up in actual human injury.”... (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 26.2.11 Wiltshire huntsmen say thanks - Huntsmen and women who frequently risk injury when their horses dash over fences in the heat of the chase showed their thanks to Wiltshire Air Ambulance on Tuesday by presenting its appeal fund with a cheque for £600. In recent months the air ambulance has tended to two riders associated with the Tedworth Hunt whose joint master Simon Robinson handed over the cheque on Tuesday to air ambulance appeal organiser Claire Kelly and paramedic Bruce Jarvis... (story)

Horse & Hound 26.2.11 Quantock huntsman abandons appeal against conviction - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Somerset huntsman Richard Down has abandoned his appeal against a conviction for unlawful hunting... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 11.2.11 Twice convicted hunt man drops appeal against conviction - THE first person to be convicted twice under the Hunting Act has dropped his appeal against the conviction. Richard Down, a huntsman with the Quantock Staghounds, was prosecuted in November after investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports allegedly filmed him in pursuit of a stag. On conviction at Taunton Magistrates Court, Mr Down was fined £2,920. He appealed against the conviction but has since dropped the appeal.... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 9.2.11 Somerset huntsman Richard Down abandons legal appeal - A huntsman who became the first person to be convicted twice under the ban on hunting has dropped a planned appeal against his latest conviction. Richard Down, the huntsman with the Quantock Staghounds, was convicted in November last year of illegally hunting a stag in Somerset back in September 2009.... But now, the huntsman has dropped his appeal and the conviction stands.... (story)
Horse & Hound 5.12.10 Second conviction for Quantock Staghounds - Charlotte White, deputy news editor - Repeal is more necessary than ever, said a joint-master whose huntsman has been prosecuted for using three hounds to flush an injured stag to guns, instead of the prescribed two. Quantock Staghounds huntsman Richard Down was convicted of unlawful hunting, for a second time, at Taunton Magistrates Court on 22 November. Quantock joint-master James Hawthorne told H&H: "We are very disappointed. We believed what we were doing was within the law. "Now we are taking legal advice and will decide whether to appeal... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 26.11.10 Quantock Staghounds huntsman convicted - A HUNTSMAN from the Quantock Staghounds has become the first person to be convicted twice under the Hunting Act at Taunton Deane Magistrates Court this week. Richard Down, 47, from Bagborough, was found guilty of hunting a wild mammal with more than two dogs... (story)
Western Morning News 25.11.10 Hunting Act in the dock - Huntsman Richard Down, who has the dubious distinction of becoming the first man in Britain to register two convictions under the Hunting Act, is today considering whether to appeal against his latest finding of guilt. The Western Morning News would not presume to advise... We will say only this about the case: if Mr Down, a long-standing member of the Quantock Staghounds, had used two hounds in the pursuit he would have been breaking no law. It was part of the defence case that the chase caused the stag "great distress". Would that distress have been any less if just the legally acceptable two hounds had been used? We don't believe so... (story)
ThisIsDorset 24.11.10 Quantock Staghounds huntsman considers appeal over second hunt violation - The first huntsman to be convicted twice under the Hunting Act is considering whether to appeal the decision, his supporters said last night. Richard Down, from West Bagborough, Somerset, who rides with the Quantock Staghounds, was found guilty at Taunton Magistrates' Court of hunting a wild mammal with three hounds, more than the number permitted under the Act... (story)
BBC News Online 23.11.10 Groups fight over 'confusing hunting law' By Rebecca Cafe - Since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005, arguments have raged over how successful it has been. A total of 154 people have been prosecuted under the act, but the pro hunting lobby says only four relate directly to hunting, the rest cover poaching. The cases which have been to court rely on video evidence obtained by animal rights groups who observe the hunts. The latest was Richard Down, from Somerset, who became the first person to be convicted twice under the act when, at Taunton Magistrates' Court on Monday, he was found guilty of hunting a wild mammal with more than two dogs.... This conviction was based on video footage gathered by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). Armed with camouflaged camcorders and binoculars, I went out with Paul Tillsley, head of monitoring for the LACS.... (story)
BBC News Online 22.11.10 Huntsman first to be convicted twice under Hunting Act - A huntsman from Somerset has become the first person to be convicted twice under the Hunting Act. Richard Down, 47, from West Bagborough, was found guilty at Taunton Magistrates Court of hunting a wild mammal with more than two dogs.... The Quantock Staghound huntsman was first convicted in June 2007... (story)

Hackney Gazette 26.2.11 - Stoke Newington pensioner saves dogs from death row - Emma Bartholomew, Reporter - Stray dogs are kept in council pounds for just seven days being killed, and Battersea Dog’s Home alone put down nearly 3,000 dogs last year, mostly Staffies. Denise Bennett has lost count of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and Pitbulls she has saved from dog pounds over the last couple of years... Animal lover Denise who has campaigned for animal rights for over 30 years, says she prefers cats anyday. “They are much easier, you don’t have to go walkies, dogs to me are children.... (story)


Easton Harriers 25.2.11 Easton Harriers hunt to hold ladies' day for first-timers - Martha Terry - The Easton Harriers hunt is holding a Ladies' Day on 28 February to encourage Suffolk women who have never hunted before to try the sport. Joint-master Lydia Freeman will hunt a bitch pack, while male members of the hunt will lend "sane" horses for newcomers.... (story)

Irish Examiner 25.2.11 We need to keep FG’s hunting bias on tight lead - FINE GAEL have stated in their election manifesto that they will keep "communities vibrant" by reversing the ban on the Ward Union stag hunt. Their idea of "vibrant" obviously means red-coated thugs on horseback charging across country after a pack of dogs in pursuit of an unfortunate deer... Let’s hope Fine Gael don’t get an overall majority. They need a civilising hand to keep their blood lust in check. Eadaoin de Oirghiolla, Muileann Cearr, Co na hIarmhaí (letter)

Dundee Courier 25.2.11 Arbroath man one of first to be fined under snares legislation - An Angus country sports enthusiast was fined £200 on Thursday, becoming one of the first people to be prosecuted under laws relating to the use of snares. George Whitehead admitted two charges relating to a section of the Wildlife and Countryside Act to control the use of snares after two badly-set devices were discovered in a local woodland.... last year someone involved with Advocates for Animals — now known as OneKind — had come upon a number of snares he thought might be illegal. A wildlife officer became involved and the court heard that two snares were found which, although not illegal, had not been properly set.... Sheriff Kevin Veal fined the accused a total of £200, saying the offence was "certainly at the lower end of the scale."... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 25.2.11 Racehorse deaths - IT was sad to read of the deaths of the two racehorses electrocuted at Newbury Racecourse. More than 400 horses are raced to death in Britain each year... PAULINE BURGESS, Cotswold Road, Malvern (letter)

Croydon Advertiser 25.2.11 Warning for motorists to look out for badgers - MOTORISTS are being urged to take care along a busy road after a spate of accidents involving badgers... This has led the East Surrey Badger Protection Society to issue a warning to motorists, urging them to take more care when using the road. Raymond Ings, from the society, said: "February is the worst month for accidents involving badgers, as the male ones in particular go out looking for mates... (story)

Shetland Marine News 25.2.11 Row over new seal culling scheme - Hans J Marter - THE SHETLAND salmon farming industry has defended its right to protect its stock against seals after coming under pressure from animal welfare campaigners. The Scottish government has just released figures indicating how many seals can be killed this year under the new seal licensing scheme introduced under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010... On Friday, the Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) director Andy Ottaway welcomed the licensing scheme as a “significant step forward in reducing the numbers of seals shot every year in Scotland... (story)


Hunts Post 24.2.11 St Ives shooting club in the sights over refurbishment - ONE of St Ives’ sporting institutions fears its days are numbered after finding itself in the firing line during a leisure centre refurbishment. Plans for a re-fit of the town’s One Leisure centre do not include a shooting range, meaning that St Ives (District) Rifle and Pistol Club needs to find a new home... Huntingdonshire District Council contacted the club in late December to warn that plans to reconfigure the inside of One Leisure St Ives would see a six-lane bowling built within the confines of the existing range. Since then, the shooting club has been gathering support for its cause, including four shooting associations, the Countryside Alliance and Sport England.... (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 24.2.11 Hare courser fined in court and his car is destroyed by police By Amy Andrew - BUDDY Jarrett, of Atterbury Close, Westerham, was one of three people to be caught hare coursing, where dogs are unleashed to chase down the animals... Nineteen-year-old Jarrett, who was caught with two others last August, was charged and fined £215 on January 6 at Ely Magistrates' Court.... (story)

Oxford Mail 24.2.11 Be kinder to rats - Will Wright Four Paws UK charity London (letter)
Plymouth Herald 16.2.11 Be humane - RATS are becoming an increasingly common sight in Plymouth... But it appears some Plymouth residents are using not the most humane methods to get rid of them.... Humane rodent traps allow animals to be captured without harm, and they can then be released into non-populated areas. No animal deserves to die a slow, stressful death. WILL WRIGHT Four Paws UK (letter)


Nature 24.2.11 Animal Research: The radical - Researcher by day and activist by night, Joseph Harris was leading an untenable double life that eventually landed him in prison. Shanta Barley - Most British PhD students head straight to the pub after graduating. Joseph Harris had something else planned. On a freezing Friday night in December 2005, he packed a rucksack with a pair of bolt cutters, a hammer, a flashlight, latex gloves and a can of black spray paint.... The following Monday, Harris returned to work in Sue Watson's oncology lab at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, where he was already committed to an irreconcilable double life.... Most of Harris's childhood in southern England's New Forest was spent outdoors. He and his younger brother, Thomas, passed the hours rummaging under rocks for roly-polies.... He excelled in biology and chemistry at school, and in 1998 began a degree in molecular biology at the University of Nottingham. While there, Harris joined the local Hunt Saboteurs Association group in fox-hunt sabotage, or 'sabbing'... (story)

Irish Independent 23.2.11 'Hunt Ball' will be new Galway tent - HOW utterly disgusting that in an effort to yield some votes in Co Meath Fine Gael will reverse the ban on stag hunting... DENIS O’MAHONY, CASTLETROY, CO LIMERICK (letter)

ThisIsDevon 23.2.11 Big Society style of badger culling? - FURTHER to Justin Kerswell's letter (Culling badgers will not really stop TB, February 21) information given in Defra's consultation document tells us that, even if carried out properly, a badger cull will likely result in only a 20 per cent reduction in bovine TB cases within the culled area... Francis Kirkham, Crediton, Devon (letter)
ThisIsDevon 21.2.11 Culling badgers will not really stop TB - Justin Kerswell Viva! campaigns manager Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 17.2.11 Don't let our wild animals be scapegoats for poor policy - Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Bristol (story)
Northern Echo 15.2.11 Wildlife - THE British countryside could fast become a graveyard for wild animals if the Government gets its way. Readers may be interested to hear that a decision on killing thousands of badgers is expected in the next few weeks. They could soon be under fire – quite literally – in vast tracts across Britain in a misplaced attempt to control the cattle disease bovine tuberculosis (bTB).... Add to this the fact that David Cameron recently announced a vote on repealing the hunting ban plus on-going plans to kill wild boar and grey squirrels and you might be forgiven for thinking that war has been declared on British wildlife... Please get involved in the campaign to stop Britain’s wildlife being blamed for poor agricultural policy and political favouritism.... Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)

Western Mail 23.2.11 Campaigners furious as Macdonald uses real fur by Julia McWatt, Western Mail - Julien Macdonald was criticised by animal rights campaigners for using fur as part of his London Fashion Week show.... Mark Glover, campaign director for Respect for Animals, said... A spokesperson from the RSPCA said... (story)


The Journal 22.2.11 Fine Gael may see red over hunting protest - AN ANIMAL RIGHTS activist group has warned that it will protest outside Fine Gael’s party headquarters tomorrow, covered in “blood”. Members of ARAN, the Animal Rights Action Network, claims that Fine Gael plans “to repeal the Ward Union hunt ban legislation, should they get into government in the coming days”... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 22.2.11 Anti-hunt scouts tweet on new map - ANTI-HUNT campaigners in Gloucestershire are using a new tool to keep an eye on meets. An internet-based hunt map has been launched by the League Against Cruel Sports to track incidents of suspicious or illegal gatherings... But Gloucestershire hunt supporters claim the opposition is "clutching at straws" because they are conforming to the law. Heythrop Hunt spokesman, Guy Avis, said: "We can actually listen in to them on their walkie-talkies and they haven't got a clue what's going on... Cotswold Hunt secretary, Richard Merrett, said: "The hunt map is of little interest to us. They can take what action they wish to take because as far as we're concerned we hunt within the law.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 21.2.11 Interactive complaints map is latest weapon in hunt battle - A new high-tech and ultra-modern front was opened in the battle over hunting last night, after a leading animal welfare campaign group launched an interactive map instantly logging every complaint made. The League Against Cruel Sports said it could finally reveal the "murky world of hunting" with a new service, fed in real-time by people using the Twitter service.... Some verified cases of hunts causing problems – including the incident last month when hounds from the Vale of the White Horse (VWH) hunt strayed onto a railway line on the Wiltshire-Gloucestershire border – are included, while others are far more vague... the Countryside Alliance said it was verifying each report in turn and discovering many were 'bogus'.... (story)
Telegraph 18.2.11 Map accuses hunts of causing 'havoc' - Hunts have been accused of abusing members of the public, trespassing into private gardens and causing train crashes in a map of the ‘havoc’ caused by hunting with dogs. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The League Against Cruel Sports drew up the map six years after hunting was banned to show the continued “havoc” caused by hunting with dogs. But hunt supporters claim many of the accusations are false as the mapwas drawn up without checking the facts. They say one hunt was snowed in on the day it was allegedly "causing havoc"... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 18.2.11 'Huntmap' revealed on social networking site to show alleged illegal activity - To mark the sixth anniversary of the Hunting Act campaigners have today launched an online map on which Twitter users can pinpoint alleged illegal hunt activity. Huntmap has been created by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and already features hundreds of "tweets" alleging trespassing, disturbing of livestock or hounds chasing a mammal... (story)
Nottinghamshire Evening Post 16.2.11 You can chart illegal Notts hunt activity using campaign's new online map - ANTI hunting campaigners have built an interactive online map to chart illegal hunt activity across the country. The ‘huntmap’ has been built by the League Against Cruel Sports and relies on people using social networking site Twitter to plot ‘incidents of suspicious or illegal hunting as well as hunt havoc’... (story)

Dundee Courier 22.2.11 Time for fox and crow cull - The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) welcomes the RSPB study, The Repeat Upland Bird Survey, which explores the causes of population change in upland waders. It reinforces the message that predator control on grouse moors benefits declining species of birds, especially where crows are removed... (Dr) Adam Smith. Director Scotland, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Perth Airport (letter)

Essex Echo 22.2.11 Who’s dumping dead foxes in our street? By Max Orbach - A PILE of 11 rotting foxes has been left by a Thundersley road, leaving nearby neighbours outraged. The decomposing bodies have been laying in a car layby in Windermere Road for the past fortnight, and the mound has been gradually added to in recent days... Jo Reeves, of Ullswater Road, said: “Last week I counted eight but there’s eleven now.... “Most of us have lived here for years, and we get on very well with the foxes. Many of us feed them and we recognise some by sight.... (story)

York Press 22.2.11 Badger cull not the answer - BADGERS have long been protected by the law but now their future is under threat... The problem is that the latest scientific studies show that culling can make the problem worse... Please write to your MP and ask them to keep full protection for badgers and give support to finding other ways of preventing the spread of tuberculosis. Guy Wallbanks, Co-ordinator, York and Ryedale Friends of the Earth, Kingsway West, York (letter)

BBC News Online 22.2.11 Dogs used to find hedgehogs in SNH project muzzled - Dogs used to find hedgehogs on the Hebrides now wear muzzles after two hedgehogs died, according to a Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) report. SNH has been trapping hedgehogs because they eat the eggs of wading birds, whose numbers are in decline.The two deaths were believed to be linked to dogs picking up the animals....(story)


Irish Examiner 19.2.11 Gilmore at odds with FG on staghunting ban - Paul O’Brien, Political Correspondent LABOUR leader Eamon Gilmore has set himself on another potential collision course with Fine Gael by saying his party would oppose any efforts to overturn the ban on stag hunting.... (story)

York Press 19.2.11 No change from Conservative Party - THEY proclaimed to be the only party of change at the General Election, yet last week the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister gave his clearest commitment yet to reinstate one of the most shameful and barbaric pastimes of this country; to repeal the law on hunting with dogs. ... Dan Sidley, Labour Party candidate for Fishergate, Holgate Road, York. (letter)

Financial Times 19.2.11 Fox-watching ... with the FT By Christopher Somerville - In our basement kitchen on a winter morning, not long after we’d moved to Bristol, I looked up and saw a fox lying on the skylight, right above me. It was curled in a tight circle, muzzle on brush, fast asleep on the warm glass – one of those magical images that stay with you for life.... There are several groups with their nose in the fox world in this area. One is the University of Bristol’s Mammal Research Unit, which since 1978 has been carrying out research into these enterprising city-dwellers – their social and reproductive behaviour, their diseases, genetics and territories. Another is Avon Wildlife Trust, Britain’s first urban wildlife trust, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Its community action officer, Joe McSorley, manages the often fraught relationship between man and the wild in Bristol. “I know some foxy places,” he says. “We’ll meet in the Golden Lion at 8.30pm. Just near Horfield Prison. Wrap up warm.”... (story)


Breaking News 18.2.11 Kenny has 'blood on his hands', says anti-hunt protester - 48Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has today been accused of having "blood on his hands" over plans to reverse the ban on deer hunting. Protester John Carmody covered his hands in red paint and tried to talk to him in Cork, before Kenny was driven away. "Ireland needs to move on from an era of cruelty, we're asking you to please respect the wishes of Irish people and do not bring in the ward union hunt ban, please keep the hunt legislation where it is,... (story)


Western Gazette 17.2.11 - I TOTALLY agree with the comments a while ago from Helen Weeks that people are afraid to oppose hunting. I was intimidated myself a while ago when out monitoring the South Dorset hunt. Firstly, there were masked riders on quad bikes going up and down the lane past me menacingly... Sheila B, Dorchester (Full Name Supplied) (letter)
Western Gazette 23.12.10 HELEN Weeks letter put on a show of the worst form of sentimentality and contrived hysteria in her anti-fox hunting remarks, (Western Gazette, December 9), thereby damaging her own cause.... colin smith, Hampshire (letter)
Western Gazette 9.12.10 WHAT a wonderful story by nature lover and gardener, Dirty Nails, "The fantastic Mrs Fox who formed a bond" (Western Gazette, November 18). It tells of Tess the orphaned wild fox and how she formed a close bond with her carers... What a privilege to be trusted by a wild animal, especially one so persecuted by a minority of people who kill these beautiful animals for pleasure. How heartbreaking to see Tess' relatives still running – even though we have a law banning it – from the hounds as the stone-hearted huntsmen urge them on as wild animals flee in terror... helen weeks, west coker. (letter)

ThisIsSomerset 17.2.11 Hunters and their hounds turned our village into a race course - It was a bright, sunny day on Saturday, so some friends and I took our children to the local play area situated in Wookey playing field... The fun soon came to an end when four large hounds were spotted running, unsupervised, all over the field, so we gathered the children to a safe area.... I feel furious that our village was turned into a race course and an unsafe place for our children to play... and to add to that; the roads were also left in a filthy, muddy mess... Polly Carroll, Wookey (letter)

Evesham Journal 17.2.11 Air gun legislation warmly welcomed - legislation to prevent airguns falling into the hands of children has been welcomed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation as common sense. Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of fire-arms, said: “Young people who are legally allowed to use airguns are not be affected. Airgun safety is a matter of good sense and good practice and all legitimate users are aware of safety precautions including access and storage.... (story)

Farmers Guardian 17.2.11 New hen harrier report 'misleading' - A NEW report in Scotland on hen harriers has been dismissed as ‘out of date and misleading’ by five organisations at the forefront of conservation of the Scottish countryside. The British Association for Conservation and Shooting (Scotland), the Scottish Countryside Alliance, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, the Scottish Estates Business Group and the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association have written to Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham voicing their concerns about the report, due to be published this week.... (story)

North Devon Journal 17.2.11 For those who enjoy rural life - FROM fishing, shooting and traditional crafts, right through to delicious locally produced food, the West Country Game and Equine Festival has plenty to offer those who enjoy rural life.... (story)
ThisIsDevon 16.2.11 Five South Devon firms in Westcountry Game and Equine festival - FIVE South Devon businesses are taking part in the Westcountry's annual country sports fair. This year the regional game fair has expanded to include horse events and has become the Westcountry Game and Equine Festival... The Westcountry Game and Equine Festival is held at The Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, March 12 and 13, tickets £11, or £9 in advance... (story)
ThisIsDevon 14.1.11 Fletchers to showcase at game and equine festival - The Westcountry Game & Equine Festival, one of the first great regional game fairs in the calendar, is set to return on March 12-13, 2011, at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet in Somerset.... As well as an indoor and outdoor shopping village, the show also includes an on-site Clay Shoot, BASC Gundog Scurries, Terrier & Lurcher Shows and Fly-casting demonstrations to name a few... (story)

Southern Reporter 17.2.11 Snare row looms in time for lambing - SHEEP farmers are bracing themselves for an expected bloody slaughter of their soon-to-be born spring lambs by ravaging foxes... And with lambing due to start on Border farms next month, the NFU Scotland has again said that farmers must be allowed to use snares, provided those setting them are properly trained and that the snaring is operated under a strict code of practice.... The union’s head of rural policy, Jonnie Hall, has just addressed Holyrood’s cross-party working group on animal welfare issues.... (story)

Sun 17.2.11 Animal lover keeps fox as a pet - DESPITE a string of recent attacks that have left thousands fearing foxes — Steve Edgington keeps one as a PET. Vixen Miss Snooks was taken in seven years ago by 58-year-old Steve and his wife Nola, 56.... (story)

Argus 17.2.11 Reward offered after Portslade animal deaths By Tim Ridgway - A reward is being offered to track down those behind the apparent poisoning of foxes and badgers. Enthusiasts say the numbers of badgers and foxes near Southwick Hill, Portslade have declined dramatically in recent years.... Billy Elliott, of Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service (Wadars), said: “It is important that we try and get as much information as possible so we can put a stop to this... (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 17.2.11 Badger ad complaints - A charity has been accused of placing advertisements that made ‘misleading claims’ about the planned badger cull in north Pembrokeshire. Save the Badger, a campaigning organisation run by Secret World Wildlife Rescue, ran a series of adverts in the local press last May encouraging people to oppose the Welsh Assembly Government’s badger cull proposals.... (story)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 28.12.10 Secret World told to withdraw badger ads Report by James Franklin - East Huntspill-based Secret World, which administers the Save the Badger organisation, had taken out adverts calling for the trial in western Wales to be stopped. But the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found against the centre, and has now ordered that the adverts never be run again.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 22.12.10 Complaint upheld against badger charity - Johann Tasker - Advertising watchdogs have upheld three complaints against an animal welfare charity campaigning against a badger cull. Two newspaper advertisements by Save the Badger, a campaign run by Secret World Wildlife Rescue, were untrue and unsubstantiated, said theAdvertising Standards Authority... The Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) and a member of the public lodged four complaints over the adverts.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 22.12.10 Campaigners told to scrap badger ads - A West animal charity has been ordered to withdraw controversial adverts campaigning against a trial of the cull of badgers in a bid to stop bovine TB. The Save the Badger campaign, run at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Highbridge, Somerset, took out newspaper adverts calling for the pilot culling scheme in parts of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, west Wales, to be stopped. But after two complaints from the Farmers Union of Wales to the Advertising Standards Authority about the claims made in the two ads, the regulators found against the charity and ordered it never to run the ads again.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 22.12.10 Badger charity misled public over cull By Barry Alston - CLAIMS in newspaper adverts placed by Save the Badger - a campaigning organisation run by charity Secret World Wildlife Rescue - have been ruled as being untrue and unsubstantiated by the Advertising Standards Authority following a complaint by the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW).... (story)
Western Mail 22.12.10 Badger cull adverts breached rules by Martin Shipton, Western Mail - CLAIMS in newspaper advertisements placed by the Save the Badger campaign have been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ASA ruled that claims made in the advertisements, encouraging the public to oppose badger culling in West Wales, breached truthfulness, substantiation and matters of opinion codes nine times... (story)

Derby Telegraph 17.2.11 MP backs campaign to end unnecessary testing on animals - A CAMPAIGN group for animal welfare has praised a Derby MP for supporting its campaign to end cosmetics testing. Chris Williamson has declared his support for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetic products... (story)

Nottingham Post 17.2.11 Pub a hit with vegetarians - A PUB in Hockley has been named one of the top ten most vegetarian-friendly pubs in the UK. The Old Angel Inn in Stoney Street has been picked by animal rights group PETA because of its options such as meatless burgers and vegan Sunday roasts... (story)


Irish Times 16.2.11 Stag hunt pledge criticised - MICHAEL O'REGAN - RURAL ACTIVITIES: FINE GAEL’S pledge to reverse the ban on stag hunting has been sharply criticised by the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports. The pledge is contained in the section “rural activities” in the party’s election manifesto published yesterday. The group said it had learned with “deep shock and revulsion” that Fine Gael planned to reverse the ban on the “horrific practice of carted stag hunting”.... (story)

Irish Examiner 16.2.11 I Not keen on coursing - WILL regretfully cease to buy your paper due to the extensive coverage you give to coursing.... Mary Tinnan, Kinlough, Co Leitrim (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 16.2.11 Men plead guilty to hare coursing at Flixton - Anthony Carroll - A group of illegal hare coursers who drove 150 miles to let their dogs chase hares in north Suffolk were fined and banned from driving yesterday. Eddie Cole, Matthew Giles, Tony Giles, Nelson Hedges and Matthew Wenman were each fined £1,000 and banned from driving for 56 days after they pleaded guilty to hunting a wild mammal with a dog. Magistrates heard the five defendants had driven up from Surrey and Sussex with five dogs on December 12 and allowed their dogs to chase hares in a field in Flixton, near Bungay... (story)


LookToTheStars 15.2.11 Celebrity Support For Anti-Bloodsports Charity - A British charity has raised celebrity support against fox hunting and other blood sports. Among the stars who have given their names to the League Against Cruel Sports’ campaigns are The Smiths’ Morrissey and Johnny Marr, as well as Ricky Gervais, Brian Cox, Gemma Atkinson, Tom Conti, Tony Robinson, Bill Oddie, David Jason, Alesha Dixon, former Dr Who Colin Baker and Watership Down author Richard Adams... (story)
Express 14.2.11 MORRISSEY AND MARR REUNITE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS - Former THE SMITHS songwriters MORRISSEY and JOHNNY MARR have joined forces once more - to support a leading animal rights campaign group. The musicians, who had a highly public bust-up after the cult band split in 1987, have spoken out against fox hunting and other bloodsports. Stars including funnyman Ricky Gervais and Sir David Jason have also thrown their support behind the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 15.2.11 We are urging readers to be vigilant to protect badgers - FOLLOWING the recent arrest of eight men involving 13 terriers and one badger, near Howsham, York, we regret to say this is not an isolated incident... So could we urge readers who know of a badger sett to please, please be vigilant; ring the police immediately if you see any suspicious activity near a known badger sett. Make it clear to the police this may be a wildlife crime.... Ann Farrar-Coates, East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group (letter)


Shetland Times 14.2.11 Help to end snaring - I am writing to make readers of The Shetland Times aware that the Scottish Parliament will decide whether or not to end the snaring of animals on Wednesday 2nd March. Seventy-seven per cent of people in Scotland want an end to snaring. I have pledged my own support to this important campaign by making a video for OneKind, a Scottish animal protection charity campaigning to end snares... Bill Oddie, London. (letter)


Telegraph 12.2.11 Millionaire backer of hunt sabs and eco-militants in talks to fund police crime unit - Police are in negotiations to obtain private funding from a controversial businessman in a pioneering scheme. By Robert Mendick, Chief reporter - The plan would see Mark Constantine, the founder of the Lush Cosmetics empire, paying for police staff in the cash-strapped National Wildlife Crime Unit – even though he also gives money to hunt saboteurs and lawbreaking eco-militants. Last night the Police Federation warned that the deal, which is believed to be the first of its kind, was tantamount to "policing for the rich" because it set a precedent for multimillionaires to dictate where money was spent in the fight against crime... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.11 Cameron promises MPs will get vote on hunt ban repeal - THE Prime Minister has given his clearest commitment yet to repealing the ban on hunting and promised a Commons vote within "months". David Cameron said that while there were "more important things" than hunting for MPs to deal with, he reaffirmed his opposition to a ban that became a totem of the Labour Government's 13 years in power... (story)
Western Daily Press 11.2.11 Prime Miniister promises vote on hunting ban within months - The Prime Minister gave his clearest commitment yet to repealing the ban on hunting and promised a vote within months in Parliament. David Cameron, who visited Cheltenham and Swindon yesterday, said while there were "more important things" than hunting to deal with, he reaffirmed his opposition to a ban that became a totem of Labour's 13 years in power. In a message to the thousands of hunt supporters across the West who campaigned for pro-hunt MPs at last May's General Election, Mr Cameron pledged that a vote on the issue would happen "in the months to come".... (story)

York News 12.2.11 Three guilty of illegally hunting near Selby - THREE men accused of illegal hunting on land near Selby have been found guilty of the offence. Mark Tiffin, Ben Galsworthy and Neil Burlingham appeared at Selby Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday accused of hunting a wild mammal with a dog, and each received a conditional discharge... District Judge Marie Mallon said: “The court can infer that the defendants were hunting for wild animals, but the prosecution do not have to suggest which animal they were hunting.”... (story)


Telegraph 11.2.11 Edward Hart - Edward Hart, who died on February 4 aged 86, was the last agricultural journalist with a working knowledge of heavy horses – experience he gained during the Second World War behind a pair hitched to a plough... In 1951 he bought a 150-acre mixed farm at Bilsdale, North Yorkshire, which enabled him to fish, shoot and to turn out with the local Pipewell beagles and the celebrated John Peel's Blencathra hunt in the Lake District... (story)

Argus 11.2.11 Never justified - Regarding the ongoing debate on fox hunting, I totally agree that the fox is a pest and if it gets among your hens it will destroy the lot... However, none of this justifies chasing a living creature across the countryside to satisfy the blood lust of a small minority. Anyone who derives pleasure from this practice needs to take a long hard look at themselves... K Moss, Junction Street, Polegate (letter)

Guardian 11.2.11 Learning to fly: Falconry in Dartmoor - Amid the brooding tors and combes of Dartmoor, Helen Ochyra steadies her nerve and tries her hand at this ancient outdoor pursuit - Shazza has flinty, honey-coloured eyes. As I enter her domain she fixes me with an expression of extreme indifference as she powerfully flexes her vice-like feet, revealing the awesome power of her glinting, long black talons.... (story)

Kent News 11.2.11 Nothing but raw food for vegan mum - IF YOU go round to the Danquah household for dinner this month, you are in for a big surprise. Jessie, of Reachfields, Hythe, is surviving on nothing but nuts, seeds, raw fruit and vegetables, juices and smoothies for 28 days. The 27-year-old is completing a gruelling Raw is More challenge in order to raise cash for the B-4-8s children's charity in Folkestone... She became a vegan a month before falling pregnant with Adam just over three years ago, citing animal welfare as the main reason.... (story)


West Briton 10.2.11 Fox attack: to light ???? - I COULD not summon up any sympathy when I read that hunt supporter Deborah Adams was bitten by a fox recently. I wonder how many foxes she has seen being bitten and torn to pieces over the years? NICK ODGERS, Falmouth
I AM writing in response to "Hunt supporter's horror at fox attack". While Deborah Adams was left shaking and bleeding, spare a thought for the numerous foxes still hunted, which, may I point out, is still illegal.... NICKY GREASLEY STERIANOU via e-mail
RE: THE story in the West Briton, February 3, page two, "Hunt supporter's horror at fox attack" . Though feeling sympathy for the pain and distress suffered by hunt supporter Deborah Adams after a fox mauled her arm, she is now in a unique position to understand her hobby from the fox's point of view.... TAMMY SCHNEIDER, via e-mail (letters)

Western Mail 10.2.11 Elin Jones reflects on four years as Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister by Matt Withers, Western Mail - As Elin Jones comes to the end of a four-year term as Rural Affairs Minister, there has been more to her time in office than just badgers, she insists to Senedd Correspondent Matt Withers... (story)

Northern Echo 10.2.11 Operation Lion Ark - I AM seeking the assistance of readers for a huge lion rescue operation, Operation Lion Ark, undertaken by UK-based Animal Defenders International (ADI).... Mrs M Richardson, Durham (letter)
The Sentinel 31.1.11 Join campaign to to help save lions - AS a local resident, I wanted to inform local readers of a huge lion rescue operation that UK based Animal Defenders International (ADI) currently has underway, and seek their assistance. Recently, ADI's two-year undercover investigation of abuse in Bolivian circuses caused a storm of public concern and protest... The lions were in a desperate state when ADI rescued them. They are now building their strength with good food and special supplements to prepare them for their journey to a wonderful new life in a sanctuary in the US... LISA ADELE EVERTON. Newcastle (story)

Leatherhead Advertiser 10.2.11 Leatherhead wildlife charity deplores squirrel shooting By Sam Blackledge - A SQUIRREL was shot in the spine in the latest of a series of air rifle attacks on animals. Leatherhead charity Wildlife Aid has seen a spate of attacks in which squirrels, foxes, owls and swans have been shot with air guns... It is legal to shoot squirrels and foxes in certain circumstances but Wildlife Aid's founder Simon Cowell said it should not be done for enjoyment.... (story)
Surrey Advertiser 8.2.11 Squirrel shooting prompts plea from Wildlife Aid By Guy Martin - THE discovery of a squirrel found with an air rifle pellet in its back in Dorking has led to an emotional outburst from a wildlife campaigner. Simon Cowell, who runs Leatherhead-based charity Wildlife Aid, described airgun owners who used wild animals for target practice as “irresponsible hooligans”.... (story)


Ballymoney Times 9.2.11 Braid Draghounds hunt the Kilraughts countryside - On Saturday 22nd January, the Braid Draghounds met at the home of Sean and Tracey Bartlett in Killyrammer. It was a beautiful crisp sunny morning and a large crowd gathered for the traditional stirrup cup... (story)

Harwich & Manningtree Standard 9.2.11 Harwich: Ex-MP in council running By James Cox ... Ivan Henderson will run as Labour’s candidate for Harwich East following the retirement of fellow councillor Lawrie Payne.... Mr Payne will continue in his roles as chair of governors at Harwich Community Primary School, chair of Tendring Surestart children’s centres, a board member of the provider services of the local NHS and honouree national secretary of the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 9.2.11 Hunt crime crackdown - Recently, two staff members of a hunt have become the latest convicts under the Hunting Act, following an undercover investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports operations team. With police resources stretched to the limit, not least by funding cuts, the League is proud to be contributing to the ‘Big Society’ by acting as a rural equivalent of the Neighbourhood Watch... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey (letter)

Teesdale Mercury 9.2.11 DAD DEFENDS YOUNG SON’S GUN LICENCE - THE father of a child with a shotgun licence has hit back at an MP who called for a review into gun laws. Local MP Helen Goodman spoke out last week after it was revealed Durham Police gave 11 shotgun licences to under 16s last year... Mr Griffin said: “I’m not sure where Helen Goodman’s concern comes from – I can find no record of any youngster running riot with a shotgun. “A child can be granted a shotgun certificate once they have demonstrated they have good reason, they are capable, they are safe and they do not pose a threat to public safety.”... (story)

Southport Visiter 9.2.11 Clay pigeon shoot raises £1,540 for Ormskirk Hospital in memory of Tarleton man Bob Burdess - Andrew Brown, Midweek Visiter - A CLAY pigeon shoot raised £770 each for the special care baby unit at Ormskirk and District Hospital and Ormskirk Diabetic Centre. It was organised by Ian Clarke, of Longton, at the Dolphin Inn Shooting Club at Longton in memory of fellow member Bob Burdess, of Tarleton, who died recently aged 55... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 9.2.11 MP: 'Ban circus animals' By Glenn Price - TORBAY MP Adrian Sanders has called on caring constituents to have the memory of elephants — and support a ban on elephants being used in circus acts. The struggle of jumbos around the globe has been highlighted by Animal Defenders International in its campaign to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.... (story)
Portsmouth News 7.2.11 Hancock supports ban on circus animals - AN ANIMAL rights campaign has been boosted by the support of a Portsmouth MP. Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, has joined Animal Defenders International in their UK campaign to ban wild animals in circuses. In a show of unity, Mr Hancock, ADI representatives and more than 20 MPs from all political persuasions gathered outside Parliament, in support of a ban on the use of wild animals in UK circuses.... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 3.2.11 Cheltenham MP backs campaign to ban use of wild animals in circuses - CHELTENHAM MP Martin Horwood MP has backed a campaign to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. Mr Horwood met with representatives of Animal Defenders International (ADI) and 20 other MPs from all political persuasions who all pledged their commitment to securing a ban on the use of wild animals in UK circuses, and called on the minister Lord Henley to take action. He is one of 162 politicians who have now signed a parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) 403 calling for the wild animal ban to be implemented..... (story)
Derby Telegraph 4.2.11 Williamson backs circus animal ban - DERBY North MP Chris Williamson has pledged his commitment to securing a ban on the use of wild animals in UK circuses. Mr Williamson, a strong animal rights supporter, is backing the campaign by Animal Defenders International.... (story)


Argus 8.2.11 Pepper spray used by police during Sussex hunt protest clashes By Rebecca Evans - Police used pepper spray to break up violent clashes between pro and anti fox hunters. Officers had to step in when about 25 hunt saboteurs clashed with members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt at Wiston, near Steyning.... Both sides deny wrong-doing and have passed on their own video footage of the incident, on Saturday, to police.... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 8.2.11 MLAs reject move to lift hare coursing ban - Animal rights activists have welcomed the failure of an attempt to overturn the ban on hare coursing in Northern Ireland. A vote to lift the ban was defeated at Stormont yesterday.... (story)

The Shields 8.2.11 Unsavoury side of ‘sport’ FEBRUARY 1 marked the end of another pheasant and partridge shooting season – a time for readers to reflect on a particularly unsavoury aspect of this cruel ‘sport’. While the industry would like to promote the idea that shooting birds is a natural and productive activity designed to put food on the table, the savage truth was revealed in the January 19 edition of Shooting Times by the chairman of the Game Farmers’ Association, Jonathan Crow. The cost of presenting a live pheasant to the guns, Crow calculated, is £35, whereas the value of the dead bird is just 25p... Kit Davidson, Animal Aid (letter)

Leicester Mercury 8.2.11 Putting the case for angling - So Jon Lakin (Mailbox, January 29) wants angling made unlawful except for consumption, does he? The content of his letter suggests he knows absolutely nothing about the sport, but presumes to tell the million-plus participants what they should and should not do...... Alan Smith, Secretary Broome Angling Society (an ardent and proud angler). (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.2.11 Criticism of angling is cast aside - Jon Lakin (Mercury, January 29) states that angling should be banned as it's a blood sport and starving people should be able to eat river fish. I'm an angler and I don't see any blood when I go fishing, and I don't use hounds to catch my fish for me... Liam Molloy, Hamilton. (story)
Leicester Mercury 29.1.11 It's time angling was banned - As an ex-Leicester lad I still keep in touch with happenings through my father's Mercury and was particularly interested in the report on poaching from the River Soar and the comments of Mr Woodgett, of the Quorn Angling Society, (Mercury, January 21). For centuries ordinary folk have been denied access to the edible fish stocks of the rivers and lakes of this country... Fishing is the last blood sport left in this country and it is high time it went the way of cock fighting, bull baiting and fox hunting and was made unlawful unless for consumption. Jon Lakin, Shrewsbury (letter)

Scotsman 8.2.11 Letter: Mink crackdown - Regarding your report (2 February) on wild mink being cleared from the Highlands, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has proven through long-term scientific research that this method of tracking and controlling mink can be highly successful... KATRINA J CANDY, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scone, Perthshire (story)
Dundee Courier 2.2.11 New strategy for tackling American mink menace - Parts of Angus and Perthshire are to be included in a new strategy to protect Scottish wildlife from the American mink. Rural environments such as the mid-Tay and South Eskhave been incorporated in the conservation initiative announced on Tuesday which aims to safeguard speciesincluding salmon, water voles and ground nesting birds such as greenshank and lapwing.... (story)
Scotsman 2.2.11 American mink face Highland clearance to protect their prey By Jane Bradley - WILD mink are to be cleared from the Highlands in a bid by conservationists to protect native species from the predatory American invader.... (story)
BBC News Online 1.2.11 Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland - By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC News - Before we can even see the animal, its pungent, musky scent has filled the air. We walk down to inspect the floating trap that is tethered to the riverbank, and sure enough, a mink is inside.... One by one, American mink like this are being removed from rivers in Scotland, in what has been described as the biggest conservation scheme of its kind in a paper in the journal Biological Conservation.... (story)

Farmers Weekly 8.2.11 Producer accused of cruelty - Gourmet poultry producer Gressingham Foodshas been drawn into controversy after footage was broadcast on Sky News showing ducks being swung by their necks during catching on a contracted farm in Norfolk. The footage, provided by Hillside Animal Sanctuary, shows catchers moving within a shed, picking up ducks by the necks, and swinging them into other birds to move the ducks around during catching.... (story)


Essex Echo 7.2.11 The reality of gun licensing - The report titled “Gun permits for kids” (Jan 26) was sparing with the truth. The facts have been distorted. The true reality is that children are not and have never been legally allowed to “tote guns”. The usual reason parents apply for their child to possess a licence is that, unless the parent owns their own land on which to shoot, the child needs to have a licence in their name to even handle a gun while learning the safe way to handle it by a licensed adult... G Jones, Hockley (letter)

Kingston Guardian 7.2.11 Community group puts focus on deers dying from human impact as well as culling By Christine Fleming - Defenders of Richmond Park’s annual deer cull have said critics should consider the fact many deer die from human contact instead of focusing on the yearly cull. Community group Friends of Richmond Park (Forp) said investigations into the unexpected death of deer in the royal park have revealed rope, dog excrement bags and discarded bits of plastic are also responsible for the deaths of many deer every year... But Kate Fowler, anti-cull campaigner at animal right’s group Animal Aid, said while people did need to be more aware of the human impact on wildlife they should also continue to oppose the culling.... (story)


Scotland on Sunday 6.2.11 Pheasant-shooting earl wins path fight By Nicholas Christian - A LANDOWNING aristocrat has won his battle to prevent a path near his spectacular castle becoming a major attraction for walkers. David Carnegie, the Earl of Southesk, opposed plans to promote the track as a walking route arguing that an influx of ramblers would interfere with the pheasant shoots that take place on his estate... (story)

Observer 6.2.11 Record number of British racehorses being slaughtered for meat exports - Concern at huge rise in number of animals disposed of once their racing life is over - Jamie Doward and Tracy McVeigh .... New figures released by the government show that last year 7,933 horses were slaughtered for meat in England, Scotland and Wales, representing a 50% increase on the average number slaughtered in previous years. "A lot of that increase, at least half, will be thoroughbreds," said Dene Stansall, an adviser to Animal Aid, a charity that campaigns against the use of animals in sport... (story)

Mail on Sunda 6.2.11 Joss Stone goes bare for bears in Peta advert campain against the Ministry Of Defence using their fur for hats By JODY THOMPSON - Joss Stone has posed nude for an animal rights advert protesting against the killing of bears whose fur is used for a military hat. Regiments of the Queen's Guards including the Scots Guards and the Coldstream Guards wear bearkskin hats, made from the North American black bear... (story)


Oxford Mail 5.2.11 Pro-hunt supporter calls for Waitrose boycott By Dan Hearn - A PRO-HUNTING group has urged its members to boycott Waitrose because it is raising money for a fox charity. An email was dispatched to Countryside Alliance (CA) members after the Thame Waitrose, picked the Little Foxes animal sanctuary at Great Haseley as a nominated charity. The sanctuary is run by Penny Little, left, a hunt monitor and spokes-man for anti-hunting charity Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA).... However, the Countryside Alliance’s head office in London last night distanced itself from the boycott, saying it “wouldn’t want to pick a fight with Waitrose”.... (story)

Malton Gazette 5.2.11 Badger protection group reports big rise in attacks By Richard Catton - A BADGER protection group has reported an upturn in attacks on the animals and their setts. Selby Badger Watch received reports of four serious attacks within 30 minutes last Thursday. Ann Farrar-Coates said in one incident, two badgers were spotted at the side of the road between Garrowby Hill and Stamford Bridge. Badger Watch said both animals had severe injuries and slashes which were not related to a road traffic accident.... (story)

Scotsman 5.2.11 Letters: Meat-eating - Why, instead of just showing the girl the pig's head (your report, 4 February) did Tom Kitchin, as part of the process in educating children about where food comes from, not also show her the inside of the abattoir where the pig was slaughtered.... It is said that if abattoirs had walls of glass everyone would be a vegetarian... Margaret McGregor Greenpark Edinburgh
IF THE chef, Tom Kitchin, is trying to promote the use of local, seasonal produce, surely it would be more useful to explain how to make the most of dreary winter vegetables than to give a little girl a close-up of a pig's face or encourage a boy to eat a raw oyster?... R Randall Barons Hill Linlithgow (letters)


Durham Times 4.2.11 Fox hunting - I’m afraid that George Schlesinger has misunderstood my reference to his point regarding factory farming. I clearly said that it was not a matter of either hunting or factory farming. In that sense, his claim was irrelevant. Both are evils and both required legislation to end them, not just one of the two... JOHN SEVERS Durham City (letter)
Durham Times 28.1.11 Fox hunting - I don’t disagree with John Severs’ comments on fox-hunting or with anything in his letter, except the claim that factory farming is irrelevant... Bernard Matthews got away with it because his massacres didn’t involve fancy dress or hunting horns. The hunting ban made the left feel happy without mucking about with taxation or income redistribution or bank regulation or anything that would have distressed New Labour’s friends in business and the City. Perfect. GEORGE SCHLESINGER Durham (letter)
Wiltshire Times 7.1.11 Killing is wrong - So Alice Barnard (Wiltshire Times, December 17) enjoys the cruel and sadistic pleasure of hunting and killing an animal for fun... Kathleen Davey (Mrs), Dorney Close, Westbury (letter)
Durham Times 31.12.10 Fox hunting - I am confused by the letter of December 17 which states that “Hunting does not take place on a Sunday”. Does this mean that hunting does take place Monday to Saturday? ... MR CMJ ALLEN Durham City (letter)
Northern Echo 31.12.10 Hunts - HERE we go once more – The Countryside Alliance is spouting its propaganda again (HAS, Dec 18). When chief executive Alice Barnard tells us the Hunting Act was disastrous and unworkable, is she not saying they’re doing just as they did before the act and still terrorising wildlife?... Mrs N Staff, Durham (letter)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 27.12.10 Hunts are taking place a day later - Alice Barnard, Chief executive Countryside Alliance (letter)
Durham Times 24.12.10 Hunt meets - I was both saddened and disappointed to note the letter from a national organisation advertising Hunting “meets”. The hunting of animals with dogs is inherently cruel... JOHN SEVERS Durham City (letter)
Wiltshire Times 23.12.10 Truth about hunting - What a silly letter from the Countryside Alliance, from London, in the Wiltshire Times (December 17).... John Bowley, Teichman CloseWarminster (letter)
Northern Echo 24.12.10 Fox hunting - IN response to Alice Barnard’s letter (HAS, Dec 18) the Hunting Act is certainly working with over 150 successful prosecutions... L Edwards, Co-ordinator, Durham Support Group, League Against Cruel Sports, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.12.10 Hunts will meet on Monday - Alice Barnard Chief Executive Countryside Alliance 367 Kennington Road London (letter)
Northern Echo 18.12.10 Hunts - Alice Barnard, chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Wiltshire Times 17.12.10 Come hunting - Alice Barnard, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road, London. (letter)
Durham Times 17.12.10 Boxing Day hunts - Hunts are preparing to welcome supporters to their traditional Boxing Day meets at pubs, town squares and high streets across the country... It might be of interest to readers planning on turning out to support their local pack that this year’s Boxing Day meets will be held on Monday, December 27. Hunting does not take place on a Sunday, which is the day Boxing Day falls this year. The traditional meets will therefore be held off for an extra day until Monday, December 27... ALICE BARNARD Chief Executive Countryside Alliance (letter)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 4.2.11 - I WANTED to write and pose a question about the local hunt supporters. I'm sitting here in Yenston this afternoon and the local hunt is riding out. So far we've had about 50 horses pass my lounge window several times. On the whole, it's nice to see the horses in the village. What I completely fail to understand are the hunt supporters who are following on quad bikes and 4x4 vehicles. Why do they race though traffic lights and drive around the village like maniacs... Richard Russell, Yenston (letter)

Telegraph 4.2.11 Ben Fogle rugby tackled fox to save his elderly Labrador - Adventurer Ben Fogle has told how he rugby-tackled a fox outside his home in London to prevent it attacking his arthritic pet dog and twisted his ankle in the process. By Caroline Gammell - The 37-year-old television presenter had spotted the large, mangy animal prowling the streets for several days in a row. However, he was forced to take swift action on Wednesday night when the fox went for his elderly black labrador Inca and was left limping afterwards... (story)
Mail 4.2.11 Ben Fogle injured after urban fox attacks his pet dog on walkies - He has survived rowing across the Atlantic, skiing across the Antarctic and countless other adventures relatively unscathed. But TV presenter Ben Fogle has met his match in the shape of an urban fox. He injured himself while trying to defend his pet dog Inca from the animal in London. this week... (story)

Argus 4.2.11 Real vermin - Reading Wendy Taylor’s scathing attack on The Argus for publishing a photo of someone hand-feeding a fox (Letters, January 31), I am reminded of what I put out on the supper table (the patio) this evening for my resident foxes. 1. For starters. Two lightly-boiled eggs with buttered bread (cut into soldiers). 2. Main course. Mixed grill consisting of chicken carcass, leg of lamb (with mint sauce), pork sausages and a handful of mixer biscuit. 3. Sweet. Rice pudding with a touch of cream (single).... Dave Bonwick, Oakdene Close, Portslade
Wendy Taylor criticises me for feeding a fox by hand on my “patio or decking”. The photo was actually taken on the pavement at the front of my house... Graham Taylor, Uplands Road, Brighton (letters)


Mail 3.2.11 Fox bites lump out of mother's arm after she got out of her car to try and shoo it away By LUKE SALKELD - A mother of four yesterday told of the terrifying moment a fox lunged at her and sank its teeth into her arm. Deborah Adams was trying to shoo the animal out of harm’s way in a country lane when it clamped its jaws around her arm, tearing out a lump of flesh... Despite her injuries, Mrs Adams, a housewife, joked that the fox may have recognised her from New Year’s Day when she took part in a local hunt. ‘I wonder if it was getting revenge,’ she said.... (story)
Sun 2.2.11 Shark bite... by fox - A MUM of four looked like she'd been attacked by a shark - after a FOX bit a chunk out of her arm. Debra Adams, 46, is still in hospital more than ten days after the horror. She needed a skin graft following two painful ops to remove infected flesh around the gaping wound..... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 2.2.11 Hunt supporter's horror at fox attack - A HUNT supporter has told of her horror after a fox mauled her arm in what she believes is a "revenge" attack. Deborah Adams, 46, was left needing plastic surgery and skin grafts after the incident on Sunday last week – her birthday. Mrs Adams, who took part in the Four Burrow Hunt in St Columb on New Year's Day, was left "shaking and bleeding" following the unprovoked incident in broad daylight... (story)

Mail 3.2.11 Promising woman jockey, 23, dies after horse tripped and flung her off during training - A promising young jockey was killed in a freak accident when her galloping horse tripped and flung her to the ground. Tragic Charlotte Cole, 23, suffered severe head injuries when she was hurled over the reins at high speed during a training session... She competed in show jumping and cross country events from 1994 after the family moved from Somerset to Droitwich, Worcestershire, and later joined the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt with her horse JD.... (story)

Northern Echo 3.2.11 Young shooters - RE Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman’s call for a review of gun laws which mean there is no legal minimum age limit for shotgun licences (Echo, Jan 28). Firstly, to obtain a shotgun certificate a youngster must satisfy their constabulary they have no criminal record, have a place to shoot and be capable of using a shotgun safely.... Miss Goodman would do better concentrating on more important matters than attacking young shooters. As the law stands, it cannot be improved for the legitimate shotgun shooter. If ownership of guns were banned then only criminals would have them. Name supplied, Bishop Auckland
YOUR story, “‘Foolish’ law allows gun licences to under-16s” (Echo Jan 28), demonstrates that Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman does not know much about the shooting sports. She obviously has little knowledge of the depth of checks carried out by police before anyone of any age is allowed to hold a shotgun certificate... In the UK, shooting is a family sport and youngsters shoot under the supervision of adults... Name supplied, Aycliffe, Co Durham Name supplied, Aycliffe, Co Durham (letter)
Northern Echo 28.1.11 'Foolish' law allows gun licences to under-16s By Will Roberts - AN MP has called for the Home Secretary to review gun laws after a 12- year-old was given a shotgun licence. As part of a Freedom of Information request, Durham Police disclosed that 11 shotgun licences were given to children under the age of 16 in their force area last year. Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman said she finds the situation extraordinary and will be writing to Theresa May to ask her to consider changing the laws... (story)

Guardian 3.2.11 Surveillance in abbatoirs: A dirty business - Halting a production line can cost thousands of pounds. It requires no small courage - Felicity Lawrence - There can be few employees who relish the prospect of CCTVsurveillance of their work every day and yet, tellingly, the proposal to introduce cameras to abattoirs to curb brutality towards animals is not being opposed by the union that represents slaughtermen and meat inspectors... The mistreatment Animal Aid exposed with its undercover filming reflects deeper failings... (story)

Burton Mail 3.2.11 Protestors vow to keep fighting pig farm plans by HELEN KREFT- THE first stage of an application designed to create a 30-acre pig farm in South Derbyshire has been resubmitted — angering animal rights protestors... Justin Kirswell, campaigns manager for VIVA!, a national charity opposed to animal cruelty, said: “It is disappointing that they will resubmit their application.... (story)


Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 2.2.11 Hunt in Cotswolds strayed on rail line claim - ANIMAL rights activists have protested after a high speed train was forced to stop after colliding with a pack of foxhounds near Cirencester. The League Against Cruel Sports said the incident happened east of the Sapperton tunnel when the driver of a First Great Western train saw the hounds and a huntsman on the line. The league said at least one hound was killed. It was not known if any were injured.... A statement from British Transport Police said it had a report from Network Rail staff of a fox hunt on the line. The driver of the train had reported striking at least one hound. But when BTP officers from Bristol arrived, there was no trace of any fox hunt in the area... Members of the Vale of The White Horse Hunt, The Beaufort Hunt and The Cotswold Hunt said they had no reports of any incidents. (story)
Bolton News 31.1.11 Hunting madness - A HIGH-speed train from London to Cheltenham Spa was forced to stop after colliding with a pack of foxhounds in Wiltshire... People are paying enough for rail fares without having to suffer delays and inconvenience caused by “sportsmen”. A Cartmell Bolton Green Party (letter)

Horse & Hound 2.2.11 Nearly £1,400 raised by Beaufort Hunt at charity meet - Martha Terry, H&H newsdesk - The Beaufort Hunt's annual charity meet has raised £1,400 for the Surviving Winter Appeal. The meet was hosted by Mr and Mrs Leslie Milsom at Hundred Acre Farm, Sopworth, on 29 January... (story)
Western Daily Press Riders 2.2.11 Hunt raises £1,400 for Surviving Winter Appeal - The Beaufort Hunt raised £1,400 for the Community Foundation's Surving Winter Appeal at its charity meet on on Saturday, January 29, which was hosted by Mr and Mrs Leslie Milsom at Hundred Acre Farm, Sopworth... (story)
Western Daily Press Riders 27.1.11 Beaufort Hunts supports winter appeal - The Beaufort Hunt is holding its annual charity meet on Saturday , January 29. ... Because of the sub-zero and freezing conditions earlier this winter it has been decided to try and do something to help those suffering from the cold conditions in both Gloucestershire and Wiltshire by supporting the Surviving Winter Appeal.... (story)

ThisIsCornwall 2.2.11 Tributes to popular farrier who 'loved life' - TRIBUTES have been paid to a respected member of the equestrian community who will be remembered as "a man who loved life, laughing and a good joke". Jockey, farrier and raconteur Brian Webber died aged 73 at his Roche home on January 7 after a three-month battle with lung cancer and a brain tumour... A great storyteller, Mr Webber's love of the countryside and hunting – which saw him ride with many packs across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset – eventually led him to London.... In 1997, aged 59, he was Cornwall's leader in the countryside marches held in protest against Tony Blair's hunting ban Bill, walking 325 miles from Madron, Penzance, to London. "He was very proud of that," Mrs Ellis remembers.... (story)

Driffield Times 2.2.11 I agree that fox hunting is brutal - As the saying goes: “We know the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”.... Ella Smith, Nafferton. (letter)
Driffield Times 19.1.11 Call to retain the hunting ban - Your views on the news - Sadly, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are seen as traditional times when hunters and shooters like to indulge in appallings act of animal cruelty. It beggers belief that some people actually want to go out and savagely kill defenceless animals for fun.... It was disappointing that the Driffield Times should show support for those, who hunt, by publishing photographs of the Boxing Day meeting and go on to report that members of the Middleton Hunt were unable to take to the fields because the weather might prove a hazard for mounts and riders... Kenn Swallow, Long Lane, Driffield (letter)

ThisIsDevon 2.2.11 Nature reserve 'threatened' by pheasant shoot - THE future of a Devon nature reserve which contains some of the UK's rarest butterfly species is being threatened by a pheasant shoot, it has been claimed. The Dunsford Reserve, between Exeter and Dartmoor, is a rare heathland habitat and home to the pearl-bordered fritillary whose caterpillars feed on violets growing on the 140-acre site... (story)
BBC News Online 31.1.11 Pheasant shoot 'threat' to Devon nature reserve - The future of a Devon nature reserve which contains some of the UK's rarest butterfly species is being threatened by a pheasant shoot, it is claimed. The Dunsford Reserve in the Teign Valley is a rare heathland habitat and home to the pearl-bordered fritillary whose caterpillars feed on violets growing on the 140-acre site. Conservationists say the flowers are being eaten by the tens of thousands of pheasants being reared on land which surrounds the reserve.... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 2.2.11 Fishing for new anglers - LEADERS of a disabled angling group are casting their net far and wide in a bid to attract new members. The Glevum and District disabled anglers association now meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm at Quedgeley Social club, in School Lane... (story)

Malton Gazette 2.2.11 Eight arrests in badger Howsham incident By Richard Catton - SEVEN men from York have been arrested after a badger was shot in North Yorkshire. Police said they also seized 13 dogs, one of which had suffered facial injuries, during the swoop on Sunday near the village of Howsham between York and Malton.... Jean Thorpe, who runs Ryedale Badger Group, said persecution of badgers was not uncommon and said people acting suspiciously in the countryside should be reported to police straight away... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 2.2.11 Paté protest at restaurant - A GROUP of animal rights campaigners say they will continue to put pressure on restaurants in Cheltenham which sell the controversial pate foie gras. Demonstrators pitched up outside Armagnac restaurant, on Rotunda Terrace, in the Montpellier area of the town centre, for two hours on Saturday.... Nicola Dyer, who organised the demonstration, said they were hoping to raise awareness among Cheltenham residents and to persuade Armagnac's owner, Gloucester Rugby player Olivier Azam, to stop selling the produce.... (story)


Horse & Hound 1.2.11 Inaugural RoR Racing to Hunting Challenge to be held at Cheltenham - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - The inaugural Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge will take place at Cheltenham racecourse on Wednesday 13 April. The Challenge for former racehorses will be held before racing, with the top 10 placed horses taking part in a final challenge after racing followed by an awards presentation.... (story)

Irish Examiner 1.2.11 Coursing event set to attract 25,000 punters By Conor Kane - UP to 25,000 visitors are expected to pour into Clonmel, Co Tipperary, this week for the biggest coursing event of the year but tomorrow they will be met by anti-blood sports protesters.... The Irish Council Against Blood Sports and the Animal Rights Action Network are hoping to run buses from Dublin and Cork to Clonmel for the planned peaceful demonstration. (story)

Western Telegraph 1.2.11 Hunt Responses - Having read the comment by Malcolm Stacey regarding the heading of the Boxing Day Meet picture, I found myself writing to my local paper for the first time in 40 years to respond. There was nothing untrue in the heading of the annual Boxing Day scene, it is indeed observed and enjoyed by 'many'.... Pembrokeshire and South Pembrokeshire Hunts hold strong well respected ties with the farming communities... Am I a member of either hunt?... No! Am I a horse rider?... Not for 15yrs or so. But I might just be both by the start of the next hunt season. Karen Brown Johnston Haverfordwest (letter)
Western Telegraph 1.2.11 Hunt Responses - Whatever your views on hunting, if, as Mr Stacey suggests (Letters 19th Jan.) some families avoided Haverfordwest because of the Boxing Day meet, it follows that many of those present probably did enjoy the spectacle of some handsome animals milling about in the street. So I don't believe the description was unreasonable. Lynda Hickling East Williamston, Tenby (letters)

Farming UK 1.2.11 BASC welcomes NI gundog tail docking exemption - The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), has welcomed an exemption for working gundogs from a tail docking ban in Northern Ireland... (story)

BBC News Online 1.2.11 Rare red grouse 'saved from extinction' in Glenwherry By Martin Cassidy BBC NI consumer affairs correspondent - The red grouse, one of Northern Ireland's rarest game birds, has been saved from dying out in a remote upland area of County Antrim. Down to just six pairs, a grouse regeneration project at the Department of Agriculture's Glenwherry farm has involved culling hundreds of foxes and crows, as well as regenerating the heather grazing.... It is still too early to say if the moor will ultimately sustain a commercial shoot, but the early signs are encouraging for the grouse population (story)

ThisIsDevon 1.2.11 Country notebook - The last day of the pheasant shooting season falls today, which means a good few guns will be out and about, finishing up around the coverts before oiling their guns and putting them away until next October. For some, however, there is still shooting to be had because once the pheasant season is over, pigeon shooting begins, in earnest... (story)

Dundee Courier 1.2.11 Urban fox shoot preferable to free-for-all cull - I was most surprised to read (January 29) that Dundee City Council's website states that "shooting (foxes) is obviously not acceptable in urban areas." Last year, a roe dear was shot as it allegedly posed a risk to motorists near East Dock Street and Broughty Ferry Road. It was, therefore, considered acceptable to allow a deer to be shot near an oil refinery, railway line, busy roads and housing with a full-bore rifle, yet shooting a fox in Downfield is not acceptable.... Mike Hibberd. 33 Oak Loan, Ballumbie (letter)
Dundee Courier 29.1.11 Urban foxes are a threat to pets — claim - A Dundee woman has said urban foxes are terrorising pets in the Downfield area. Peggy George said residents in the area are now more likely to see a fox than a cat prowling the streets — and urged Dundee City Council to do more to curb their population. She was speaking after a Fife vet found himself targeted by members of the anti-hunting group Urban Fox Defenders for killing two foxes that had killed his parents' cat.... (story)

Western Mail 1.2.11 Row over cull badger traps by Sally Williams, Western Mail - CAMPAIGNERS last night accused Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones of preempting the proposed badger cull by making a decision on where traps will be placed.... members of the protest group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) now claim they have been told by landowners from the proposed cull area, that Assembly Government officials have already arranged for local vets to carry out badger sett surveys on their land in preparation for placing cage traps for a cull... (story)

Redditch Advertiser 1.2.11 Help stop animal cruelty - A REDDITCH woman is trying to raise as much cash as possible to help the fight to end animal experiments. Shari Black Velvet, editor of Black Velvet rock magazine based in Webheath, is raising money for BUAV which campaigns to create a world without the need to experiment on animals. To help achieve this she is selling special wristbands with part of the proceeds going toward the charity.... (story)

Sheffield Star 1.2.11 Animal suffering - ALAN Parkin (Jan 24) quotes from the Bible about suffering of children... The suffering of animals is far greater. Mrs B Hemingway, Jarratt St, Doncaster (letter)

York Press 1.2.11 My compassion - I SIMPLY had to respond after being accused by Jeremy Whaley of lacking compassion for my fellow human beings (The Press, January 28).... Yes, Jeremy, you are right; the human race is my least admired form of life on this planet... Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)

York Press 28.1.11 Mixed views of death of dogs tied to back of car - WHAT a truly appalling letter by Heather Causnett criticising the owners of dogs killed in a tragic accident (Letters, January 22). Her attitude is typical of an animal fanatic, unable to look at any issue regarding animals in a reasoned way. A woman ties a dog to the back of her husband’s car, without his knowledge.... That is an accident that I am sure will have distressed the owners greatly, and I feel very sorry for them.... Jeremy Whaley, Froxfield, Petersfield, Hampshire.
I AGREE with Heather Causnett about the owners of the two rottweilers. They both should be charged with cruelty; what sort of a person ties their dogs to the back of a car and then drags them to their deaths?... D Fillingham, The Crossways, York. (letters)
York Press 22.1.11 Dog death horror - I WAS horrified to read today of the couple in West Sussex who owned two Rottweiler dogs and caused these poor animals to be dragged to their deaths because their owner had tied them to the back of her husband’s 4x4 vehicle and he had not noticed. I cannot believe they are not to be prosecuted in some way.... Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York. (letter)