February 2013

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Western Mail 28.2.13 Fish farmer loses £2m compensation claim that otters ate his carp - A fish farmer is facing mounting debts after losing a High Court bid to reclaim £2m in compensation from the Environment Agency after claiming otters ate his carp…. (story)
Western Mail 25.2.13 Fish farmer sues for £2m after otters ate all his prized carp - A fish farmer today launched a £2m damages legal case against the Environment Agency – after otters ate all his prized carp. Brian Dodson, 60, is suing after his angling business was ruined when an “otter haven” was set up close to his fish farm near Bangor in North Wales. The High Court heard today that he went bust – because his entire stock of 22,000 carp, worth more than £250,000, was eaten by otters…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 28.2.13 Fears for delivery of 4G services- Council officials have joined the Countryside Alliance in calling for a swift schedule for delivery of 4G in rural areas amid fears city markets will be served first… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 28.2.13 Leading the way again on superfast broadband - The county council is to set up a digital company, which will oversee a capital budget of £25million, to manage the roll-out of superfast broadband…. Following the announcement of the five winning bidders to deliver 4Gmobile internet services, the Countryside Alliance has called for a clear and swift schedule for delivery for rural areas amid fears the city markets will be served first… (story)

Northern Echo 28.2.13 Three horses die at North Yorkshire racecourse - AN animal rights group has expressed its concerns after three racehorses died within an hour of each other at a North Yorkshire course. The horses all died whilst racing at Catterick Racecourse on Tuesday afternoon (February 26) within a few moments of each other… Animal rights group Animal Aid, which is campaigning to ban the Grand National, said the course was too cut up, leading to bad racing conditions… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 28.2.13 Badger cull return to Gloucestershire sparks new fury - A BADGER cull will go-ahead in the county this summer. The controversial move was announced by the Government yesterday…,(story)
Western Daily Press 28.2.13 Dorset on standby for badger cull after West Country pilot schemes announced - Dorset is on standby for a pilot badger cull after the Government announced two schemes to fight bovine TB are set to go ahead…. The news was given a warm welcome by West Country dairy farmers, but conservationists, including BBC’s Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, former Queen guitarist Brian May and the RSPCA have condemned the move. Labour is also opposed… (story)
Western Morning News 28.2.13 Badger culls 'will go ahead in summer' - A controversial cull of about 5,000 badgers is to go ahead this summer after the Environment Minister yesterday announced that two pilot schemes had been given the green light…. (story)
Independent 27.2.13 Badger culls given go-ahead in Gloucestershire and Somerset - EMILY BEAMENT - Controversial badger culling to tackle tuberculosis in cattle is set to go ahead this summer, after two pilot schemes were given the green light today. Pilot culls in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset, which will see the killing of 70% of badgers in each area, making a killing total thought to be around 5,000, have been authorised by Government agency Natural England after final licence conditions were met, with a third scheme in Dorset being prepared as a reserve to prevent any further delays… (story)
Mail 27.2.13 Cull of thousands of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire WILL go ahead with a site in Dorset put on standby By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE POLITICAL EDITOR - Ministers today vowed to press ahead with a controversial cull of thousands of badgers this summer and unveiled back-plans to avoid further delays… (story)
Express 27.2.13 Controversial badger cull given the go-ahead despite outrage from animal welfare groups - CONTROVERSIAL badger culling to tackle tuberculosis in cattle is set to go ahead this summer, after two pilot schemes, in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset, were given the green light – to the outrage of animal welfare groups. By: Charlotte Meredith (story)
Farmers Weekly 27.2.13 NFU Conference: Badger cull on course despite protest - Philip Case - Animal rights campaigners have gathered outside the NFU annual conference to protest against the badger cull. Around 100 protesters, including activists from the Hunt Saboteurs Association and the Stop the Cull campaign, staged a peaceful protest outside the ICC in Birmingham on Wednesday (27 February). Some protesters donned badger masks, furry badger outfits and brandished Stop the Cull placards and Hunt Sabouteur flags… (story)
Telegraph 27.2.13 5,000 badgers to be killed as minister announces pilot culls this summer - A cull of around 5,000 badgers is set to go ahead this summer in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, the Environment Minister has announced… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.2.13 Summer badger cull for Gloucestershire - Badger culls in Gloucestershire will go ahead this summer. Two pilot badger culls to tackle the spread of bovine TB will begin in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset, the Government's environment secretary Owen Paterson confirmed today… (story)
Dorset Echo 27.2.13 Dorset reserve site for controversial badger cull By James Tourgout - LAND in Dorset has been earmarked as a reserve site for controversial badger culls set to go ahead later this year… (story)

Bristlol Post 28.2.13 Protest against 'cruel' animal tests - A CONVERTED ambulance was parked outside the University of Bristol in a protest against alleged animal cruelty. Animal rights group Animal Aid claim the university is conducting "manifestly cruel" experiments on genetically modified (GM) mice which have yielded "worthless" results… (story)

Shields Gazette 28.2.13 Pointless suffering - A NEW Animal Aid report describes how the research programme to tackle major human diseases by breeding and experimenting on genetically-modified mice is resulting in terrible and pointless animal suffering….. Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)

Sun 28.2.13 I ditched ‘healthy’ vegan diet for meat and went from fatboy to slim - Author challenges healthy eating advice that he says made him sick. SINCE the horsemeat scandal engulfed Britain, more of us than ever are considering taking meat off the menu. The Vegetarian Society claim to have had a surge in inquiries since traces of horse DNA were found in burgers and ready meals…. (story)
Independent 23.2.13 Vegans are fighting fit – not weaklings - I was disappointed you gave so much space to an article on John Nicholson's book The Meat Fix… I am in my fifties and have been vegan for over 40 years. I still play football and tennis every week, and I am able to beat much younger meat-eating opponents… Ron Grainger, Halifax, West Yorkshire
John Nicholson (22 February) gives the impression that vegetarian and vegan diets are bad for your health, whereas nothing could be further from the truth… Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (story)
Independent 23.2.13 From vegetarian to confirmed carnivore - John Nicholson was a strict vegetarian for more than 20 years. But when he and his partner became ill, they had a carnivorous conversion… (story)

worcester News 28.2.13 Animal welfare laws aren’t always enforced - Jon Burgess (Worcester News, February 12) seems to have this strange view that all the animals on British farms are kept to wonderful standards and they are protected by farm animal welfare laws. … MAXINE BURGESS Malvern (story)
Worcester News 12.2.13 Stock farming helps maintain our landscape -– Maxine Burgess (Worcester News, February 6) maintains that veganism is a “mainstream lifestyle’’. However, the truth is less than a third of one per cent of the population are believed to be vegans… JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 11.2.13 John, if you can’t beat them, join them - John Philpott (Worcester News, February 2) seems to have an obsession about vegans. You know what they say, John, if you can’t beat them, join them. PAULINE BURGESES Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 11.2.13 I’ve never cooked a nut roast, but... Now John Phillpott has decided to insult vegans (Worcester News, February 2) None of my omnivore friends would ever expect me to cook them a meat dish when they come for dinner… MAXINE BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 11.2.13 Mr Phillpott, vegans are not deviants - John Phillpott (Worcester News, February 2) says he has been dragged unwillingly onto vegans’ moral high ground – which I can’t recall we have ever claimed. However, by implication he must feel himself to be on the moral low ground. With respect, I would suggest that is his problem, not ours… ROBERTA BALFOUR Malvern (story)
Worcester News 6.2.13 Why all this hatred towards vegans? Has it become open season on vegans? We have been compared with Nazis in the Worcester News letters page (October 30). The Malvern tourist information centre offered us a display widow for Christmas and then removed half our display posters after only one complaint… MAXINE BURGESS Malvern (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 27.2.13 Experiments on mice wrong - A new report describes how the research programme to tackle major human diseases by breeding and experimenting on genetically modified mice is resulting in terrible animal suffering… ANDREW TYLER, Animal Aid (story)

Gloucester Citizen 27.2.13 Anger over “puppy farm” as animal rescuers say abandoned dogs at breaking point - NUMBERS of dumped dogs are reaching crisis point in the Forest and canine rescuers are in despair. It comes as a petition has been launched, attracting more than 700 signatures already, to refuse planning permission for a puppy breeding centre in Blakeney… Helen Szuluk, of Forest of Dean Dog Rescue, said: “I’ve got 60 dogs on my books at the moment, dogs that we need to find new homes for… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 27.2.13 Money would be better spent on cases of cruelty - I HAVE noted with interest the silence of the RSPCA since the letter from Sophie Wilkinson and her out-of-date comments and unproven facts on behalf of the RSPCA. Does she consider the spending of more than £300,000 public money on a trial justifiable, when the animal in need goes untreated?... My perception of the RSPCA is that they are a politically motivated egotistical group of people. And that only high-profile cases get a mention while the others are secondary. Name and address supplied. (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.2.13 Mystery behind meat that ends up on our plates From: Mr and Mrs G Collins, Heathfield, Adel, Leeds. (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 26.2.13 Letter: Meat requires proper labelling - The current horsemeat scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the meat in our supermarkets gives us no information about the welfare of the animals… I’m supporting Compassion in World Farming’s campaign to get compulsory labelling of all animal products, so we can know how and where those animals were reared, how long they were transported for and how they were killed. E Lord (Miss), Park Road, Darwen. (letter)

York Press 27.2.13 Such horrific food - THE French have never been my favourite nation and after reading about the truly horrific way in which foie gras is produced (Letters, February 23), that is putting it mildly…. Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York. (letter)


Scotsman 26.2.13 Gamekeepers dispute RSPB golden eagle trap claims By FRANK URQUHART - THE Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association is challenging claims that an iconic golden eagle suffered an “appalling and lingering” death after its legs were broken in an illegally-set spring trap… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 26.2.13 Delicious, nutritious and meat-free meals - The recent discovery of horse DNA in products labelled as beef may have been enough not only to put diners off ready meals but from meat altogether. Since the food scandal broke, the Vegetarian Society has been making the point that if people are concerned about eating horse, they should consider why they class some animals as friends and others as food. Liz O'Neill, head of communications at the society, believes the vast majority of meat-eaters prefer not to think about what they are eating… (story)

Matlock Mercury 26.2.13 Abattoir campaign gathers momentum - Campaigners have spoken out in force against a firm accused of animal rights offences at a Peak District protest. The protesters travelled from far and wide to Bakewell town centre on Saturday to protest against the owners of Red Lion Meat Packers Ltd, based in Rowland, near Bakewell… One of the protest organisers, Philippa Sangha, of Macclesfield, said: “It was fantastic. We gave out an awful lot of leaflets to people… (story)

Derby Telegraph 26.2.13 Animals' cheap tricks in circuses must be stopped - ALTHOUGH the Government promised to ban the use of wild animals in circuses last year, a handful of circuses still continue to use animals in the UK, such as horses and ponies… For more information, contact Captive Animals Protection Society… D Spencer Dovedale Crescent Belper (letter)


Independent 25.2.13 All fashion fur should be faux - Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld ("Defiant designer goes big on fur", 22 February) is losing his marbles and has forgotten that in 2010 he sensibly praised faux fur as a substitute for the real, bloody stuff… Ingrid E Newkirk Managing Director People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation London N1 (letter)

Irish Examiner 25.2.13 Silent majority: animals are not mute people - Ted Cronin (Letters, Feb 21), lamented that if animals could speak, we would all cry listening to their stories of the cruelty humans inflict on them. If animals could speak, they would also be able to vote, be able to pay taxes, obey laws and live similarly to humans, but in a larger, different society than the one we have today… Mark Dennehy Stepaside Co Wicklow (letter)


Argus 24.2.13 Lancing woman's brake cables targeted by fox By Peter Truman - A mother has taken to fencing in her car to stop it being repeatedly attacked by foxes. At first Jeanne Emerson thought the vehicle was being targeted by human vandals. But it turned out the sly saboteurs were foxes, who have bitten through the brake cables of her Peugeot six times… (story)


Mail 23.2.13 Jamie Oliver threatens to put fox on the menu after vermin savages his pet black swan By LARA GOULD - Fancy a little ‘fox au vin’? Or maybe some foxtail soup? Then Jamie Oliver’s restaurants could soon be the place for you. The celebrity chef joked about putting foxes on the menu yesterday, after one killed his rare pet swan… (story)

Telegraph 23.2.13 RSPCA could hire 'experienced criminal barrister' to review prosecutions, Attorney General suggests - Britain’s most senior law officer has told the head of the RSPCA that he could consider hiring an experienced criminal lawyer to review the charity’s controversial prosecution policy. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - The suggestion from Attorney General Dominic Grieve in a letter to RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant comes after Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity was heavily criticised for bringing a £326,000 private prosecution against the Heythrop hunt in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency… (story)

Daily Mail 23.2.13 'I don't care if he's got a muzzle on!' Terrified hare tries his best to remain one step ahead of his pursuer - This hare gave these greyhounds a right old run around at a coursing event in Ireland…. The action came from the first day of the JP McManus Irish Cup coursing event at County Limerick Coursing Club on Friday… (story)

Horse & Hound 23.2.13 Farewell to... a former master and huntsman of the Fife - Sir John Gilmour, former master and huntsman of the Fife died on 10 February after a short illness, aged 68…. (story)

York Press 23.2.13 Hunt’s responsibility - I FEEL I must refute the claims and statements made in the Letters pages of February 19. Hunts operate with the will of the landowner. It is not the case that hunts trespass with wild abandon on the countryside…. Children are the future of the countryside. If they are taught at an early age what goes go on, it can then be up to them whether they wish to continue it. We must give them the facts, not dictate. James Kerslake, York. (letter)
York Press 20.2.13 Children and foxes - AS PRODUCER of the film A Minority Pastime, an investigation into hunting, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, I cannot help but respond to the letter of February 16 recommending that children should view hunting… Denise Ward, Stroud, Gloucester
HOW heartily I agree with James Kerslake’s Letter of January 16. Let the children see and know what hunting is all about. Take them cubbing, watch fox cubs mauled to death by hounds in training; perhaps get ‘bloodied’…. David Daniells, Uppleby, Easingwold, York.
I WAS shocked to read in The Press of February 14 that apparently it was the hunt that was a danger to children – not the fox – after a fox went into a school playground when a hunt passed nearby. This is especially strange coming soon after the fox attack on a London baby… A country school should teach children that the countryside is beautiful, not something to be feared and avoided. Zachary Morris-Dyer, Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire (letters)
York Press 16.2.13 Let children know all about hunting - I WAS appalled to read that when a local hunt passed a primary school playing field it was considered too dangerous on health and safety grounds to let the children out of the school building (The Press, February 13). Ever since my daughters were born, I have taken them to hunt meets, introduced them to foxhounds and let them see first-hand what goes on; they have come to no harm. If we don’t let children see with their own eyes, how can we expect them to form a proper view?... James Kerslake, York. (letter)
York Press 13.2.13 Linton-on-Ouse school’s anger after fox hunt scare By Mark Stead - PUPILS at a North Yorkshire primary school had to be kept indoors when a fox ran into the playground as a hunting party rode nearby. The riders and hounds appeared in fields next to Linton-on-Ouse Primary School and children who had been preparing for their afternoon break were not allowed outside until teachers were sure the hunt had moved on, after the appearance of the wild animal and the dogs sparked safety concerns… one parent said he believed the hunters may have inadvertently “frightened” the animal and accused them of “arrogance”, saying it was lucky the children were not outside when the fox came on to the school grounds… “Children may have been at risk from a frightened, agitated wild animal…. (story)

Daily Mail 23.2.13 Animal rights activists outraged as 'oaf' Jeremy Clarkson posted picture of a squashed dead mouse 'killed during Top Gear rehearsals By ANNA EDWARDS - He's never been one to shy away from controversy. And now Jeremy Clarkson has managed to rile animal activists, after he posted a photo of a huge mouse that had been flattened during rehearsals for his show, Top Gear… (story)

Scotsman 23.2.13 CCTV required in meat industry - IN HIS article on the horsemeat scandal (News, 17 February), Richard Lochhead MSP suggests major retailers were complacent in policing suppliers of meat products… Mr Lochhead and Alex Salmond have also been busy selling farmed Scottish salmon to the Chinese without doing anything to evaluate the potential damage a huge and sudden increase in factory fish farming will cause to the Scottish marine environment… John F Robins, For Animal Concern (letter)

Worcester News 23.2.13 People ‘turning back on meat’ - THE horsemeat scandal has seen people turning their backs on meat to take up a vegetarian or vegan diet, according to Worcestershire Vegan and Veggies (WVV)…. Ronald Lee, WVV communications officer, said there had been a surge of people who had got in touch with the organisation interested in reducing their meat consumption or ditching it altogether… (story)

York Press 23.2.13 Ban this dish - Ben Williamson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), All Saints Street, London. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 22.2.13 BBC's foie gras use promotes animal cruelty - It is beyond shameful that the British Broadcasting Corporation is so out of touch that it has used the Great British Menu to promote French foie gras – a disgusting, cruelly produced blob of fatty liver that it is illegal to produce in Britain… BEN WILLIAMSON People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Horse & Hound 22.2.13 Urban foxhunt held by university students - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Urban foxes have been making headlines lately, but an urban foxhunt is not so common. The Great Exeter University Urban Hunt took place last month with a group of hunting enthusiasts aiming to introduce their fellow students to the sport…. (story)

Northern Echo 22.2.13 Gamekeeper in court for illegal trapping of wild birds - A GAME keeper set out to protect his pheasants by trapping some of Britain’s rarest birds of prey using illegal cages baited with live pigeons, a court heard yesterday (Thursday, February 21). Shaun Allanson, 37, subsidised his income from working on the Blansby Park near Pickering, North Yorkshire, by breeding and selling game birds to shooting parties… (story)
York Press 22.2.13 Gamekeeper set bird of prey trap - A GAMEKEEPER illegally used traps baited with pigeons to catch some of Britain’s rarest birds, to protect his pheasants, a court has heard. Shaun Allanson, 37, subsidised his income from working on Blansby Park near Pickering by breeding and selling game birds to shooting parties… >(story)

Telecoms.com 22.2.13 LTE and the Countryside Alliance - The UK LTE spectrum auction concluded this week, with much of the focus on the fact that—as a revenue generating exercise—it was a bit of a flop…. It won’t just be Ofcom on O2’s back, checking progress on its obligations, because the UK’s Countryside Alliance has weighed into the debate… (story)

Sussex Courier 22.2.13 Where on earth has my 3G signal gone? By Tim Wyatt - THE already poor reception in Crowborough may have been made worse by the removal of a mobile phone mast in December, according to angry residents… Barney White-Spunner, from the Countryside Alliance, said: "The countryside has been lagging behind urban areas for far too long when it comes to mobile signal, not only disadvantaging people socially, but economically… (story)

News Shopper 22.2.13 Is fox cull needed across News Shopper patch? We hear your views By Ruby Guyatt - The vicious fox attack on four-week-old Denny Dolan in Downham saw News Shopper put forward proposals for a fox cull. Reporter RUBY GUYATT asks shoppers whether this is the answer…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 22.2.13 Excuses, not justifications for testing - I READ with interest the reasons offered by Chris Magee for the use of animals in medical research, essentially, the "profound" benefits to human and animal health… There can be no justification for actions that are morally wrong… The best that the "misunderstanding" animal research group can offer are lame excuses. Paul Hanmer, Lambwath Road, Hull. (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 22.2.13 Time to go meat-free - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW. (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 14.2.13 Time to consider a meat-free diet - No one really knows what is in the meat products that we find on British supermarket shelves. Horse meat and pig meat were found in beef burgers and even a human tooth was found in a sausage… And with the many undercover investigations showing the horrific cruelty inflicted on animals at the time of slaughter still fresh in our minds, is it not time to consider switching to a meat-free diet?... KATE FOWLER Head of campaigns Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)

Wiltshire Times 22.2.13 It’s hell for horses - In this latest food hype about horse meat being in food marked otherwise, the usual arm waving and outburst from ministers not knowing what they are taking about, and not one of them or any of the over-paid media presenters have shown any concern regarding the welfare of the unwanted equine destined for the human food chain… All sorts of equine animals end up like this, racehorses not making lots of money for owners, show jumpers, ponies, donkeys, all just dumped, no longer of any use to their owners… David Thomas, Hisomley, nr Westbury Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.2.13 Fed up with townies - I have just read that following the horrific attack by a fox on a newborn baby in its home, a schoolgirl has now been attacked while out jogging, the fox described as snarling, hissing and growling. So, what is the natural nature of a fox? Well, it is a vicious, cruel killing machine…. some people also believe the hunt is responsible for trapping and releasing urban foxes into the countryside. Why would they do that? A Curtis, Kingsley Avenue, Royal Wootton Bassett (letter)

Irish Examiner 21.2.13 Judging a nation by how it treats animals - Ted Cronin Knockmoyle Tralee (letter)
Irish Independent 16.2.13 Animal instincts - Gandhi once said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."… Hare coursing still allowed, plans to reintroduce live exports, little regulation on puppy farming, little or no sentences for animal cruelty, thousands of beautiful greyhounds and horses going missing each year (now we know for what) etc, etc…. Ted Cronin, Knockmoyle, Tralee (letter)

Telegraph 21.2.13 Why all women should kill a stag - It was a desire to cook something she had killed which led city dweller, Fleur Macdonald, to exchange her usual Bethnal Green surroundings for a weekend stalking in Scotland. She explains what it's like to kill a stag and why she's now hooked on hunting. By Fleur Macdonald - Women are apparently better shots than men. The lack of testosterone rushing through their blood means their gaze is steady while their breath is still. Men are susceptible to 'stag fever'; women tend to shoot in cold blood…. I shot a stag last October and if I got the chance, I’d definitely do it again…. (story)

Guardian 21.2.13 Blow for George Osborne as 4G auction comes up £1.2bn short of expectations - Sale could herald roll-out of superfast internet as main mobile networks each get share of airwaves - Juliette Garside, telecoms correspondent - The 4G auction has ended in a humiliation for George Osborne, pulling in £1.2bn less than expected for the Treasury… "True success will be delivery of a 4G network in the countryside sooner rather than later," the Countryside Alliance said. "We now look to the mobile operators to deliver a service that ensures rural communities will no longer be left behind in this digital age."… (story)

Peterborough Telegraph 21.2.13 Urban foxes getting bolder on Peterborough streets - Peterborough Telegraph readers’ close-encounters have inspired a new and unique insight into the daily lives of our sometimes bold, sometimes beautiful urban foxes… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 21.2.13 Foie-gras imports make a mockery of animal welfare laws - THANKS to Viva! and its supporters no supermarket would dare sell foie-gras. Its production would be illegal in this country because of animal cruelty, but trade laws ensure foie-gras can still be legally imported, making a mockery of our animal welfare laws… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Matlock Mercury 21.2.13 Bakewell targeted in animal rights protest demo - Protesters enraged by allegations of animal cruelty at an abattoir are planning a demonstration in Bakewell this weekend… Protest organiser, Jackie Jones, who lives in Cheshire, said the planned event will be peaceful. She has however acknowledged that some extremist animal rights activists have tried to infiltrate her online campaign… (story)

The Sentinel 21.2.13 You don't need to eat any meat - I READ the letter from Susan Newman (Sentinel, February 18) regarding being happy to eat horse in utter disbelief… Who says every good meal has to involve meat? I think you will find it is quite the opposite, with a vegetarian the healthier option. Your letter makes me livid with your ignorance and lack of compassion. If I am in the minority what a sad world this is. VICTORIA WILSON Oakhanger (story)

Irish Times 21.2.13 Exporting live cattle - I am appalled to see that the country has resumed the shipment of live cattle to Libya… CIARA O FLYNN, Furbo, Co Galway (letter)

Liverpool Echo 21.2.13 Heartbreaking - I AGREE wholeheartedly with Ben Williamson (ECHO, February 14). I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race, which has no humanity, and a total disregard for animal suffering… Mrs M Morris, Ormskirk (letter)
South Wales Echo 18.2.13 Don’t stop with horse outrage - Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) (story)
Western Mail 15.2.13 Cruelty and food - BEN WILLIAMSON People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (story)
Liverpool Echo 14.2.13 LET'S not limit our outrage to the slaughter of horses when more than a billion equally sensitive and wonderful animals are killed and eaten in the UK every single year… All animals, from horses to hens, end up in terrifying abattoirs. As Paul McCartney says: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Ben Williamson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 21.2.13 REGARDING B Wayman’s letter in which he commented about French and Belgian people enjoying horse meat for years. A few years ago, I learnt that horses being sent to a Belgian abattoir were being slaughtered by a sledgehammer process… at least one eighth of all horses killed in UK abattoirs in 2011 came from the racing industry. It’s a race to the death. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)


Yorkshire Post 20.2.13 From: D?P Peck, Creswell Road, Clowne, Chesterfield - COULD I reply to a letter sent to you by Billy Walton (Yorkshire Post, February 9) regarding a poll on the hunting ban? I have been a country dweller all my life. I followed the hunt as a boy, but not any more. The hunt is supposed to be a fox hunt, unfortunately it isn’t only foxes that are killed, that’s why I stopped being a follower… (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 20.2.13 Mr Fox isn’t so friendly - I have just read that following the horrific attack by a fox on a new born baby in its home, a schoolgirl has now been attacked while out jogging, the fox described as snarling, hissing and growling. So what is the natural nature of a fox? Well, in fact it is a vicious, cruel killing machine… A Curtis Kingsley Avenue Royal Wootton Bassett (letter)

Witney Gazette 20.2.13 Leave hunters alone - Sir – In response to Bea Bradley’s letter (Majority abhor hunting, Gazette Letters, January 30), the actual statement should be ‘Majority don’t care either way about hunting’… Kevin Cambray, Maple Way, Ascott-under-Wychwood (letter)

Argus 20.2.13 It's only vegan for me - News that Heather Mills will open a vegan restaurant in the centre of Brighton is wonderful… Only a vegan diet is ethical. It also happens to be better for our health and the planet. Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (story)

The Sentinel 20.2.13 How can anyone work in abattoir? - IN RESPONSE to the story headlined 'Abattoir is accused of abusing horses' (Sentinel, January 21). What cruelty shall we read about next, I ask myself?.. I can't get my head around how men can work in such places. EVA THIRLWALL Norton (letter)


Mail 19.2.13 RSPCA accused of wasting £13,500 of taxpayers' cash and donations after 'flawed' case against family accused of disturbing a badger sett during hunt collapses By MARTIN ROBINSON and FRANCESCA INFANTE (story)
Telegraph 19.2.13 RSPCA using badger laws as a 'backdoor' way to get to hunts - The RSPCA has been accused of using laws to protect badgers as a “backdoor” way to “victimise” hunts. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Watson family were cleared of interfering with a badger sett after a court case collapsed earlier this week. The family were raided by police and Hannah Watson, now 19, said the stress contributed to her giving up her A-levels and dreams of nursing…. Now it has been revealed that six more people connected to hunts have also been accused of interfering with badger setts by the RSPCA. Members of the Avon Vale Hunt, established in 1888, were accused of digging at a badger sett in March last year… Two members of the Cheshire Forest Hunt are also accused of interfering with a badger sett. … (story)
Horse & Hound 19.2.13 RSPCA case against Cheshire Hunt farmer and family collapses - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The RSPCA is facing further accusations of wasting taxpayers’ money, after its latest case involving a hunt collapsed. Keith Watson, his partner Tanya Norlander and daughter Hannah Watson had been accused of interfering with a badger sett on 16 February last year, when Mr Watson, a farmer, was assisting the Cheshire Hunt… (story)
Third Sector 19.2.13 RSPCA accused of misusing the justice system as badger 'digging' case is dismissed By Ian Griggs - Animal charity defends its motivations in face of condemnation from the Countryside Alliance as prosecution of 'hunt supporters' falls through - The RSPCA has been accused of misusing the criminal justice system after a case it brought against "hunt supporters" collapsed. The charity brought a private prosecution against Keith Watson, a farmer, and his family after accusing them of interfering with a badger sett in February last year while assisting the Cheshire Hunt… (story)

Western Telegraph 19.2.13 Work weakened - MP Simon Hart was right to draw attention to the good work of the RSPCA being undermined by an increasingly animal rights-driven agenda pursued by its leaders. The charity constantly asks for money, yet at the same time we are told it never has enough funds to undertake vital work in rehoming and assisting neglected animals…. DI CLEMENTS Martletwy (letter)

Western Morning News 19.2.13 A good season for the shooting estates despite economic gloom...and the rain - Last autumn, after the wettest summer for years, James Horne, who runs Britain's biggest online commercial shooting agency, gunsonpegs, warned the 2012-13 game shooting season could be a washout… This week, with the season now over and the new one still many months away, his assessment of how things had gone was far more upbeat… "We're actually seeing more people get into shooting," he said…. (story)

The Dabber 19.2.13 Protests will continue against Nantwich abattoir - PROTESTORS have vowed to stage further demonstrations calling for the closure of a Nantwich abattoir. The Red Lion Abattoir hit the headlines following an exposure of shocking animal welfare conditions at the site. Undercover film footage revealing images of horses being beaten and neglected at the facility emerged last month…. (story)


Argus 18.2.13 Those who feed foxes are just feeding the problem - In reply to Trevor Weeks’s Soapbox column (The Argus, February 14), I would take issue with some of his article. If culling foxes is not the answer, what is? He says: “Nobody has been killed by a fox, as opposed to the many injuries to and several deaths ... each year from pet dogs. We don’t hear people calling for a cull of pets when these incidents happen.” With due respect, a fox is a wild animal. Pets that are out of control are put down – that is why we have legislation… Peter Barnes, Worthing
The story about the fox who rushed through the front door of Fred Rossington’s home near Henfield, without being invited, brought a smile to my face… I’m not an expert but I feel that if animal-lovers leave food in their gardens to feed foxes this could be part of the problem… Stanley Ledlie, Dorothy Road, Hove
It was lovely to read Adam Trimingham’s comment piece about foxes (The Argus, February 13). I would hate to have these wonderful creatures culled… Judy Bury, Hove (letters)

Scotsman 18.2.13 Edinburgh Uni under fire over dead dogs from USA By MARTYN MCLAUGHLIN - A LEADING Scottish university has been condemned by animal rights advocates after it emerged it bought dozens of dead ¬animals from a US company for dissection without knowing why they were euthanised. The University of Edinburgh said it purchased the bodies of 35 dogs from the US firm to be dissected by veterinary students… Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, strongly criticised the way the university had acquired the remains of the animals… (story)

ThisIsSouthDevon 18.2.13 Take the Devon Vegan Pledge 2013 - The Vegan Pledge is back! After a successful launch last year, Exeter Friends For Animals is running its popular scheme again this spring. The aim is to provide free help and guidance to anyone thinking of trying an animal-free diet…. (story)

Oxford Mail 18.2.13 Benefits of vegan diet - THE current fiasco over horsemeat only goes to highlight the benefits of a vegan diet…. KEN MORRIS Great Clarendon Street Oxford (letter)


Horse & Hound 17.2.13 Farewell to...Hunting personality Noel Pegge - Leicestershire hunting veteran Noel Pegge died on 25 January… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 17.2.13 Pledge to stop development at Holford's famous Silk Mills site By Hannah Green - CAMPAIGNERS have pledged to do everything within the law to prevent development at a famous silk-weaving site in Holford following its sale. The 18th to 19th Century remains of the Holford Silk Factory stand on the Silk Mills site in the centre of the village… It was sold by owner the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) through estate agents Seddons to a private buyer for a figure in the region of the guide price of £60,000. Peter Grandfield, member of the Silk Mills Action Group and chairman of Holford History Society, is disappointed with the organisation’s decision. He said: “We are appalled by LACS’ decision to sell the land off for possible redevelopment involving new buildings. We asked the League to allow the village to take it over as a parish amenity but their preference was to put it up for sale on the open market…. (story)
Bridgwater Mercury 20.11.12 Holford mill used in Bryan Adams music video up for sale By Nick Wakefield (story)
Western Daily Press 16.11.12 Folk hero's rock ballad puts pretty price on mill - A romantic ruin and surrounding woodland, where the video for Bryan Adams' hit theme song for the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, was filmed, is up for sale for £60,000… Adams was filmed wandering the site at Silk Mills, Holford, (story)
Mail 14.11.12 Everything I Sell, I Sell It For You: Crumbling mill used in Bryan Adams' No.1 hit goes on sale for £60,000 By THAIR SHAIKH - A dilapidated old mill that starred in Bryan Adams’ huge hit (Everything I do) I Do It For You, has just been put on the market for £60,000… It is being sold by the League Against Cruel Sports, which will retain sporting rights over the land. The deadline for bids is 7 December…. (story)
Express 15.11.12 BRYAN ADAMS' ICONIC SETTING IS YOURS FOR £60K By Tom Morgan - AT first glance it’s just a tumbledown cottage, but for keen students of pop it’s a magical piece of music history – the setting of a landmark love song… It is being sold by the League Against Cruel Sports, which will retain sporting rights over the land. The deadline for bids is December 7… (story)

Mail on Sunday 17.2.13 So, who DID try to kill me? Puzzled horsewoman under police protection after TWO suspects are cleared over attempted murder By JO MACFARLANE (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 15.2.13 Former lover is cleared by jury over murder bid By Scarlet Jones - (story)
Mirror 14.2.13 Married huntmaster cleared of shooting ex-lover but could still be jailed for lack of firearm licence (story)
Mail 13.2.13 Married huntsman, 63, is cleared of trying to murder his ex-lover who was blasted with a shotgun after their five-year affair ended By NICK ENOCH - A married huntmaster was today cleared of shooting his showjumper ex-lover after the end of their five-year affair. Brian Fraser, 63, was found not guilty of the attempted murder of Louise Leggatt, 55, and also of causing her grievous bodily harm with intent… But Fraser had already admitted possessing a firearm without a licence and was warned by the judge he could still be sent to prison…. (story)
Independent 13.2.13 Huntsman cleared of murder bid - A huntsman has been found not guilty of attempting to kill his former lover by shooting her outside her country home. Brian Fraser, 63, was alleged to have pulled the trigger "in a fit of pique" in a bid to murder Louise Leggatt as she went to tend her horses at Apple Pie Farm in Benenden, Kent…. (story)
Kent Online 12.2.13 Jury out in trial of Ashford hunt master Brian Fraser accused of trying to murder ex-lover Louise Leggatt by Keith Hunt - A jury has today retired to consider a verdict in the trial of a hunt master accused of trying to kill his ex-lover by shooting her as she tended her horses… (story)
Kent Courier 7.2.13 Huntsman in Benenden shooting trial admits he lied about owning a gun - A HUNTSMAN accused of shooting his former Benenden lover felt "sheer panic" when police questioned him about the night of the attack, a court heard today… (story)
Kent Online 7.2.13 Ex-hunt master Brian Fraser denies shooting ex-lover Louise Leggatt by Keith Hunt - A former hunt master accused of shooting his ex-lover after she rebuffed him has denied he ever tried to rekindle the romance after he left her…. (story)
Telegraph 5.2.13 Huntsman claims he was framed after 'murder weapon' found on his land - A huntsman claimed he was being framed after a shotgun suspected to have been used to gun down a horsewoman was found hidden on his land, a court heard today. Brian Fraser, 63, told police he had no idea how the single-barrelled 12-bore shotgun came to be concealed between two hay bales along with some shotgun cartridges…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.2.13 Kent huntsman Brian Fraser claims he 'was framed' - A Kent huntsman accused of trying to kill his former lover claimed he was being framed after a shotgun was found hidden on his land, a court has heard…. (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 1.2.13 Huntsman 'shot his ex after racing date snub' By Scarlet Jones - THE former lover of Louise Leggatt, a veterinary nurse from Benenden, has appeared in court accused of trying to murder her after she spurned his advances… (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 1.2.13 'Violent' ex denies trying to kill woman By Scarlet Jones - THE trial of a man accused of trying to murder a veterinary nurse with a shotgun was told he had previously beaten her. Louise Leggatt was shot in the garden outside her Benenden home when she went out to tend her horses one evening in March last year. Mrs Leggatt's ex-boyfriend, Brian Fraser, 64, of Criol Lane, Shadoxhurst, denies attempted murder… (story)
Mail 31.1.13 Former showjumper sobs as she relives 'terrifying' moment gunman shot her and she dragged herself inside home to call police By Anthony Bond - A horsewoman today described how she was left 'absolutely terrified' after being shot outside her country home…. (story)
Mail 31.1.13 Spurned huntsman, 63, 'hid in bushes outside horsewoman's home and shot her after she ended their affair' By Claire Ellicott - A marrried master of fox hounds shot his ex-lover after she rejected his bid to rekindle their romance, a court heard yesterday… (story)
BBC News Online 31.1.13 Kent huntsman Brian Fraser trial: Woman 'terrified by shooting' - A woman was "absolutely terrified" after being shot by a gunman who was hiding in the bushes outside her home, a court has heard. Louise Leggatt suffered leg injuries when she was shot as she tended her horses in Benenden on 15 March… Brian Fraser, 63, has denied attempted murder but admitted possessing a firearm without a licence. The court was told Mr Fraser, of Criol Lane, Shadoxhurst, was a former boyfriend who Ms Leggatt had met through the Ashford Valley Hunt…. (story)
Mirror 31.1.13 "I was absolutely terrified": Showjumper tells court how she was blasted by gunman who hid in bushes - Wealthy equestrian Louise Leggatt was shot in the leg as she went to tend to her horses around 9.30pm on March 15 last year…. (story)
Kent Online 31.1.13 Showjumper Louise Leggatt relives moment she was shot while tending horses in Benenden by Keith Hunt - A divorcee has today told of the terrifying moment she was blasted in the thigh and abdomen as she tended her horses one evening…. (story)
Kent Online 30.1.13 Former hunt master Brian Fraser tried to kill ex-lover Louise Leggatt as she tended horses in Benenden, court told by Keith Hunt - A scorned former hunt master tried to kill his ex-lover by shooting her as she tended her horses, a court heard…. (story)
Mail 30.1.13 Spurned huntsman, 63, 'hid in bushes outside horsewoman's home and shot her after she ended their affair' By JAMES RUSH - A spurned huntsman tried to kill a horsewoman by shooting her outside her home in a quiet village after she ended their relationship, a court heard today. Brian Fraser, 63, pulled the trigger 'in a fit of pique' in a bid to kill Louise Leggatt, 54, as she went to tend to her horses at Apple Pie Farm in Benenden, Kent, on March 15 last year, it was alleged… When Fraser, who was a master of the Ashford Valley Hunt, was arrested and questioned by police he initially said he was at home with his wife on the evening and did not own a shotgun… (story)

Mail on Sunday 17.2.13 'I'm going to say the unthinkable: Selling horses for food would help end this cruelty,' says ex-editor of Horse and Hounds By ABIGAIL BUTCHER - We might be appalled at having unknowingly eaten horse, but as a horse lover, I believe we need a horsemeat trade in Britain. If used properly, it could solve some of our desperate horse welfare problems… disposing of a horse is not cheap: a vet will charge at least £150 to put one down. Even then it is illegal to bury a horse unless you get an individual licence, so the body must then be disposed of at a cost of between £100 and £400, usually by either a local hunt kennels or a knackerman. The horse’s carcass will be incinerated or fed to the hounds or animals at a local zoo…. (story)

Mid Sussex Times 17.2.13 Cruelty - Thousands are slaughtered - I would like to bring to the attention of Mid Sussex Times readers that hundreds of thousands of elephants have been slaughtered in recent years to supply the illegal ivory trade… S. J. Chalkley, Burgess Hill (letter)


Telegraph 17.2.13 Halve National line-up, says RSPCA head - The head of the RSPCA has called for the number of entrants permitted to be ridden in the Grand National to be halved, criticising the death of any horse in the race as “unacceptable”. By Harry Wallop - Gavin Grant, who has been the charity’s chief executive for a year, says the popular National Hunt race is too dangerous for the horses. In the next few days he will announce that he has persuaded the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to change the most famous of all the Aintree course’s jumps, Becher’s Brook, in time for this year’s race on April 6…. (story)

Mirror 16.2.13 TONY PARSONS COLUMN - Spare the fox, hunt the slobs who treat our pavements like a rubbish dump (story)
Metro 14.2.13 Are humans responsible for fox attacks on babies? By Ross McGuinness (story)
Mail 14.2.13 Parents of baby whose finger was bitten off by fox are targeted by online trolls claiming they made up story to protect family dog By STEVE ROBSON (story)
Bromley Times 14.2.13 Downham fox attack parents deny online dog accusations - Joshua Fowler, Reporter - The parents of a baby attacked by a fox in their Downham home have denied online claims they fabricated the story to protect a family dog… (story)
News Shopper 14.2.13 Dennie Dolan Downham fox attack: Parents hit out at internet trolls over online slurs By Robert Fisk (story)
Guardian 14.2.13 Foxes' friends and foes say an urban cull is not the answer - From animal charities to pest controllers, there is little support for Boris Johnson's suggestion of a mass kill - John Vidal (story)
Sun 13.2.13 I ripped my baby from jaws of fox By EMILY NASH - THE mum of a baby savaged by a fox told yesterday how she dragged him from the snarling beast’s jaws… (story)
Telegraph 13.2.13 Mother: Fox saw my baby as a piece of chicken - The fox which attacked a five-week-old baby saw him as a piece of chicken, the child’s mother has claimed. By Hayley Dixon (story)
Mirror 13.2.13 'I tore my baby's wrist from fox's mouth': Mum dragged tot from jaws of snarling animal (story)
Metro 13.2.13 No charges over fox baby attack, police confirm - Police have confirmed no charges will be issued after a fox attacked a baby in south-east London and left him with two severed arteries. Authorities said they had looked at the incident and felt it did not warrant any criminal charges… (story)
New Scientist 13.2.13 Culling urban foxes just doesn't work by Stephen Harris (story)
Manchester Evening News 13.2.13 My advice is forget the fox ... but watch out for the exploding gravy By Paul Taylor (story)
Independent 13.2.13 They bite babies, kill chickens, and have noisy sex. Why on earth would we want a cull of urban foxes? - There are no shortage of challenges facing children in our inner cities. Like bleak poverty and hunger in classrooms. But foxes? Give them a break - GRACE DENT (story)
Scotsman 13.2.13 Hugh Robertson: Only humane trapping can beat fox menace …I am often asked why we see so many foxes in our cities and the answer is really quite simple – they are attracted to our inner cities to seek shelter and food, which we provide in abundance… the recent case of the Bromley baby should serve as a timely reminder that we all have a duty not to provide food and shelter to foxes. The next victim may not be so lucky… (story)
Western Morning News 13.2.13 Beware the city fox, a cannier beast than his country cousin... Is a new breed of fearless, dangerous fox stalking our city streets? Philip Bowern reports…. (story)
News Shopper 13.2.13 Dennie Dolan Downham fox attack: No further Met Police action By Robert Fisk (story)
News Shopper 13.2.13 Time has come to cull urban foxes: News Shopper comment - A HORRIFIC attack on a baby is what News Shopper warned would happen when we called for urban fox hunting 10 years ago. Now, as one-month-old baby Denny Dolan lies recovering in hospital, we say something like this must never be allowed to happen again… (story)
Evening Standard 13.2.13 Police say no charges after fox attacks boy, as father demands cull - Benedict Moore-Bridger (story)
Evening Standard 12.2.13 'Parents blamed fox to save family pet from being put down': online trolls false claims about attack on baby boy - Benedict Moore-Bridger and Miranda Bryant - The family of a four-week-old boy savaged by a fox as he slept in his cot today hit out at internet “trolls” wrongly blaming them for the attack…. Callous comments posted on various online forums have labelled the parents “chavs” and falsely suggested they blamed a fox for the horrific injuries to avoid having a pet dog put down…. (story)
Bristol Post 13.2.13 Resident calls on Bristol City Council to round up foxes after attack on baby By Louis Emanuel - A BRISTOL man is calling on the council to control the city's "dangerous" fox population. Following news that a baby boy was dragged from his cot and injured by a fox in Bromley, south east London, public relations manager Tim Stanley urged the council to control the "pests"… (story)
Bristol Post 13.2.13 Editor's comment: Is Bristol council's policy on foxes an excuse to do nothing? - IT'S not so long ago that the presence of urban foxes in Bristol was enough to spur a TV documentary and at least one book… What is puzzling, to say the least however, is Bristol City Council's position. It is that the fox population regulates itself…. if half of the city's foxes are killed by traffic each year shouldn't we see them lying dead by the side of the roads? (story)
Telegraph 12.2.13 Leave food out for foxes in your garden, says ‘irresponsible’ RSPCA - The RSPCA have been branded “irresponsible” for continuing to advise families to leave scraps of food in the garden for hungry foxes just days after a baby was attacked. By Hayley Dixon (story)
Telegraph 12.2.13 Foxes are attacking babies because humans aren't killing foxes - Harry Mount (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Cull urban foxes if numbers are out of control, says former minister - Councils across the country must consider culling urban foxes if numbers of the animals get out of control, former minister Sir Jim Paice has said. By Peter Dominiczak and Victoria Ward (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Tally ho! Tally ho! Educate the public - Ruth Dudley Edwards (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Fox attack: the far from fantastic Mr Fox - As yet another baby recovers from a vicious attack, experts insist the problem lies not with the animal but the humans who encourage it By Sarah Rainey (story)
Mail 12.2.13 Want a fox in your garden? Leave it potato and chicken says RSPCA, as experts attack 'irresponsible' advice By CLAIRE ELLICOTT - Experts have condemned the RSPCA as being ‘very irresponsible’ for advising families to put out scraps of food in the garden to feed hungry foxes…. (story)
Mail 11.2.13 Baby Denny was bitten on the head first by fox and may never regain feeling in finger the animal ripped off By CLAIRE ELLICOTT (story)
Kent News 12.2.13 Animal welfare experts call fox culling “pointless” Marijke Cox, Reporter - They say such drastic action does not work - John Bryant, who runs Tonbridge-based Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, said if the animal is culled in urban areas, foxes from the countryside will simply move into the empty lairs…. (story)
Express 12.2.13 Time to tackle the brazen urban fox - THE trouble with foxes is that they are so damned beautiful. They are the stuff of legend and fairytale. By: Vanessa Feltz (story)
Eastbourne Herald 12.2.13 Fox attack: Don’t jump to conclusions - A wildlife rescuer has warned people not to jump to conclusions after the news broke about a fox attacking a child in London at the weekend. Trevor Weeks MBE, who runs East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), often rescues foxes and says the story which hit the national news may not be as it seems…. “ There have been a number of stories in the press over the years blaming foxes for attacking babies, children and adults, sadly many of them are not true and a cover story for what has really happened… (story)
Evening Standard 12.2.13 Simon Jenkins: Let’s kill and eat the animals that menace London - If foxes bite us we should start hunting them. And while we’re at it we can add such pests to our horsemeat diet… Foxes are starting to eat children, and I really don’t care if they do it “only rarely”. Calling for strategic reviews is wimpish appeasement. Let’s get killing and eating. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 12.2.13 Traumatic, but did we all overreact to fox attack? - ou have more chance of being attacked by a dog, or even a cow, than a fox but as news broke of the one-month old attacked in London, the near hysterical response was to immediately call for something to be done about this “urban menace”…. (story)
Sun 12.2.13 Fox attack dad: Don’t let another child suffer By EMILY NASH (story)
Western Morning News 12.2.13 Rabbit the best fast food for a fox - The two faces of Mr Fox – hunting, as nature intended, with a fat rabbit as the prize – and taking a snack from a human hand. Yet feeding on human leftovers, either scavenged or in some cases deliberately left out by well-meaning but ill-informed townsfolk, may have contributed to a change in the behaviour of urban foxes and led to a number of attacks on children… (story)
Independent 11.2.13 Neither cuddly, nor evil – why do foxes makes fools of us all? - Our common sense about foxes has been eroded by the fantasies of film - it is time for some sanity to return to the debate - TERENCE BLACKER (story)
Independent 11.2.13 Boris Johnson bays for the foxes' blood after attack on bedroom baby - MICHAEL MCCARTHY (story)
Independent 10.2.13 Editorial: They're not all as friendly as Basil Brush (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Fox attack: wildlife programmes encourage 'ridiculous' attempts at taming By John-Paul Ford Rojas (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Fox attack: council criticised for calling the animals ‘playful’ By Victoria Ward (story)
Telegraph 11.2.13 Hospital on 'Fox Alert' - A hospital unit has put up a “Fox Alert” warning after one of the animals was spotted in the maternity wing's main lobby. By Hayley Dixon - Thousands of pregnant women use the unit at Manchester's Wythenshawe Hospital, and the warning states patients, visitors and staff must exercise caution when leaving the ward late at night…. One young mum, who wished not to be named as she still attends the hospital, said: “It's absolutely terrifying once you've seen what a fox can do to a baby. That one has got through the front doors of the hospital is astonishing… (story)
Evening Standard 11.2.13 Fox cull could go ahead after baby's finger is bitten off - Pippa Crerar Lindsay Watling and Kiran Randhawa (story)
Thame News 11.2.13 11/02/13....Thame fox expert 'flummoxed' by report of baby attack - FOLLOWING wide-spread national media coverage of an alleged incident where a fox entered a house and bit part of a baby's finger off, a local fox expert expressed her doubts about such reports. Penny Little, who runs Little Foxes wildlife rescue centre at Great Haseley, near Thame, told ThameNews.Net today… "In defence of the foxes I can only say that I find this story impossible to reconcile with any fox I have ever encountered…. allegedly, the unnamed woman who has claimed this story says she had to kick the fox and grapple with it to get it to release its hold on the baby, whose hand was, it is claimed in newspaper reports, halfway down the fox's throat! None of this makes any sense whatsoever to me based on my wide experience of fox behaviour…. (story)
Sun 11.2.13 Fox spotted at scene of attack where baby had finger bitten off By TOM MORGAN (story)
Bromley Times 11.2.13 Fox problem could be solved by ‘limited cull’, says Bromley councillor Joshua Fowler, Reporter (story)
BBC News Online 11.2.13 Prof Stephen Harris: Fox cull 'won't address problem' (story)
BBC News Online 11.2.13 Who, What, Why: Are urban fox numbers rising? (story)
Guardian 11.2.13 Urban foxes: the facts and the fiction (story)
Guardian 11.2.13 The metamorphosis of Mr Fox - Now a fox has attacked a baby, our view of them – vulpine princess or urban great white – is ever more confused - Tanya Gold (story)
Mail 11.2.13 Is this the fox that savaged month-old baby? Brazen creature seen prowling through a garden just yards from where the child was attacked By RUSSELL MYERS and BEEZY MARSH (story)
Mail 11.2.13 If these disease-ridden vermin KILL a child next time, blame the fools who think they're cuddly By PETER CROWDEN - A couple of months ago, I was called to a smart detached house on the outskirts of Leicester… It’s been 33 years since I started my working life in the pest control industry. Back then, the bread and butter of our job was killing rats and mice. Occasionally, we’d deal with cockroaches, bed-bugs and even feral pigeons. But foxes weren’t on our radar. The first time I was even called about one was in the late Nineties. These days, they’re one of our biggest earners. In the peak summer season, when vixens are raising cubs, I get fox-related call-outs two or three times a week…. I believe these attacks on children, in particular, are happening for a reason. For many of today’s urban foxes — and you must excuse my bluntness here — the contents of used nappies have become a staple food, full of protein, and smelling like milk. When a fox scents a small child, it smells yet another free meal. So if you want your child to stay safe, get them potty-trained — or keep doors and windows shut… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 11.2.13 Chris Packham: There's no need for fox culling (story)
Herald 11.2.13 I'd take the fox over the hound every time - Rosemary Goring (story)
Mail on Sunday 10.2.13 Pictured with his hand in a bandage: Baby whose finger was ripped off by a fox that crept into family home By RUSSELL MYERS and BEEZY MARSH - The parents of a four-week-old baby whose finger was ripped off by a fox are keeping a bedside vigil for their little boy…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 10.2.13 Neighbours describe hysterical screams after fox bit off four-week-old baby's finger as he slept By RUSSELL MYERS and BEEZY MARSH - Neighbours today described hearing screams coming from the home of a baby who was dragged from his cot by a fox before the animal tore his finger off. The child was asleep in his cot when his mother, in the next room, heard a piercing scream then a heavy thud as the four-week-old boy was flung to the floor… Council chiefs said the incident was 'very tragic but rare'. .. (story)
Channel 4 News 10.2.13 Police probe report of fox attack on baby - Police are investigating reports that a fox attacked a baby in its cot and bit the child's finger off. The one-month-old baby boy was rushed to hospital after the incident at the family's home in Lewisham, southeast London… An RSPCA spokeswoman said: "It's extremely unusual for foxes to attack young children or anyone…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 10.2.13 Sleeping baby attacked by fox - A four-week old baby suffered serious injuries to his hand - his finger believed to have been torn off - after he was “dragged from his cot” and attacked by an urban fox which had crept into his bedroom…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 10.2.13 Foxes are 'playful' and 'not in any way a problem' claims council after animal mauls sleeping baby - A spokesperson for Lewisham council has said that foxes are "playful" and "not in any way a problem" in the area just days after a fox mauled a sleeping baby. By Ben Bryant (story)
Sunday Telegraph 10.2.13 Previous fox attacks on children - The mauling of a four-week-old baby in south London on Wednesday follows numerous other fox attacks on children…. (story)
Sunday Express 10.2.13 Baby's finger bitten off by fox - Police are investigating a fox attack on a one-month-old baby boy, who had his finger torn off by the animal after being dragged from his cot…. (story)
ITV 10.2.13 Bromley fox attack: Mayor's statement - "My thoughts are with the baby boy and his family. Thankfully this sort of attack, though terrible, is rare, but we must do more to tackle the growing problem of urban foxes…. (story)
Sky 10.2.13 Fox Bites Off Baby's Finger In Cot Attack - Police are investigating a fox attack on a baby boy who was dragged from his cot and had his finger torn off by the animal…. (story)
ThisIsLocalLondon 10.2.13 Downham mother left shaken up after her baby's finger bitten off by fox By Robert Fisk - A ONE-MONTH-OLD child’s mother has been left shaken up after a ‘fox tried to run away with her baby’ from her house in Downham…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.2.13 Fox attacked baby boy in own home, police say - A four-week-old baby boy was attacked by a fox in his home in south London, the Metropolitan Police have said…. (story)
Mirror 10.2.13 Baby horror: Fox bites off newborn's finger as he sleeps - A newborn baby had his finger bitten off after he was dragged from his cot and mauled in a horrific ¬attack by an urban fox… (story)
Sun 10.2.13 Fox drags baby from cot and rips finger off By KATIE EARLAM (story)
Herald 10.2.13 Fox rips finger off month-old baby boy - Police are investigating a fox attack on a one-month-old baby boy, who had his finger torn off by the animal after being dragged from his cot…. In April last year wildlife presenter Chris Packham said he simply did not believe reports of people getting attacked by the animals, in an interview with the Radio Times…. (story)
Kent on Sunday 10.2.13 Baby boy attacked by fox in his cot at Bromley home - Marijke Cox (story)
Kent on Sunday 10.2.13 Foxes: To cull or not to cull - Marijke Cox - To cull or not to cull, that is the question. I’m sure the mother of the newborn baby attacked by a fox this weekend doesn’t care that it’s a “rare occurrence”, as argued by the RSPCA. Rare or not, her child was savagely attacked and suffered horrific images at just four weeks old… I’m no expert, but I have had the heartache of having my old, deaf cat attacked by a fox. He managed to escape but was left severely traumatised… Whether for or against a cull, there are things we can do to deter foxes - it doesn’t take much effort but can help avoid more horrific attacks on babies. (story)
Huffington Post 10.2.13 Police Probe After 'Fox Bites Off One-Month-Old Baby's Finger' … An RSPCA spokeswoman said the only reason a fox would attack is due to fear….. (story)
Independent on Sunday 10.2.13 Fox attacked baby boy in cot, say police - Incident in a south London home leads to fresh calls for a cull of urban 'pest and menace' - RICHARD OSLEY (story)
Independent on Sunday 10.2.13 Boris Johnson calls for action against 'menace' of urban foxes after one-month-old baby boy has finger torn off - The Mayor Of London, Boris Johnson, has called on London borough leaders to take action to tackle the problem of urban foxes after a one-month-old baby boy had his finger torn off by an animal after being dragged from his cot…. (story)
Observer 10.2.13 Boris Johnson calls for urban fox 'menace' to be tackled London mayor calls on councils to act after fox apparently enters south-east London home and bites off one-month-old baby's finger - Sam Jones (story)
Observer 9.2.13 Fox bites off baby's finger - Josh Layton - A fox left a one-month-old baby boy with a serious hand injury after creeping into his bedroom and dragging him from his cot…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 10.2.13 There's no need for fox culling after attack on baby - Chris Packham - WILDLIFE presenter Chris Packham said culling of foxes was not needed - because people encouraged them into towns by throwing food on the ground and into bins. The Southampton nature expert was talking after reports that a baby had been attacked by a fox in London…. (story)
Evening Standard 10.2.13 Bromley fox attack: Police investigate after baby has finger ripped off - A one-month-old baby is recovering after being dragged from his cot by a fox which tore his finger off…. Cass Barrett of London Fox Control said residents should stop putting food out for foxes or leaving rubbish around. He said he often heard of the animals coming through people's cat flats after being lured by the scent of pet food… An RSPCA spokeswoman said the only reason a fox would attack a human is due to fear and it is "extremely unusual" for them to hurt children (story)
Daily Record 10.2.13 Boris Johnson speaks out after tiny baby has finger ripped off as fox enters house and drags infant from cot - THE London Mayor has called on more to be done to tackle the increasing number of foxes in London…. (story)

Sentinel 16.2.13 Protestors 'outraged' by horse cruelty video launch second demonstration at abattoir near Nantwich By Emma Davies - ANGRY protestors have launched another demonstration outside a slaughterhouse as they continue to express alarm over an incident of animal cruelty at the site. Activists launched the protest outside the Red Lion Abattoir, near Nantwich, which has come under scrutiny amid concerns regarding the way horses were treated… Thirty-four-year-old Nicola Allen, aged 34, of Biddulph, who organised the protest, said: "We are devastated…. (story)


Argus 15.2.13 Sussex Police "ignore" attacks on anti-hunt protesters, claims MP By Ben James - Police are turning a blind eye to violent attacks on anti-hunt protesters, an MP has claimed. Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, pointed the finger at Sussex Police for, he alleges, ignoring the “criminal behaviour” of hunts from across the county… He pointed to a number of incidents in Sussex and singled out both the Crawley and Horsham and Southdown and Eridge hunts… (story)
Derby Telegraph 13.2.13 Derby MP Chris Williamson speaks out against hunting in Commons debate - DERBY North MP Chris Williamson branded some fox-hunters "violent thugs" as he accused senior ministers of "tacitly approving" hunts breaking the law, during a Commons debate…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.2.13 Week ahead … Monday's proceedings open at 2.30 pm with questions to the Home Secretary… The rural theme is maintained at the end of the day (at 10pm) when Labour MP Chris Williamson, a long standing activist in the League Against Cruel Sports, has a half-hour adjournment debate on policing violence at hunts… (story)

British Pathe via Yahoo 15.2.13 On This Day: Fox hunting banned in England and Wales - The sport had already been banned in Scotland in 2002 and in England and Wales in 2004, with the ban coming into force a year later. February 18 2005: Eight years ago today, fox hunting with dogs became illegal in England and Wales…. (story)

Daily Record 15.2.13 Paolo Nutini defends himself against fans angered over his attendance at Irish hunt ball - THE 26-year-old Paisley singer, who was in Ireland to record songs for his new album, has said that he was unaware of the nature of the party he attended which was organised by the Westmeath Hunt. FANS of Paolo Nutini have attacked the singer for attending a hunt ball in Ireland… A spokesman for Paolo said: “We have picked up on everyone’s comments on Paolo’s facebook. “Paolo needs you to understand that he in no way supports fox hunting or any other type of animal blood sports…. (story)

Dundee Courier 15.2.13 Scotland’s gamekeepers condemn deer cull By Philippa Stephen - The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has condemned a race against time to slaughter almost 700 female deer and their calves in the Angus Glens for raising “serious welfare issues” for the animals… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 15.2.13 Kenley pest controller says issues with foxes getting worse By Sarah May Hayes - THE population of foxes in Croydon is increasing, says a pest controller who revealed he is being called out daily to deal with the animals. Paul Bates, managing director of Cleankill Pest Control, spoke to the Advertiser this week in the wake of a fox attack on month-old Denny Dolan, as he slept in his cot on the Downham estate in Bromley… (story)

Scotsman 15.2.13 Fox cull calls: Appeal for restraint - CONSERVATIONISTS have urged authorities not to take the extreme measure of culling urban foxes in Edinburgh, arguing that a “knee-jerk reaction” will not solve the problem… (story)
Scotsman 12.2.13 Call to cull Edinburgh’s urban foxes - Pest controllers have warned of a boom in feral foxes plaguing the Capital, with claims that a partial cull is needed to keep thousands of the animals in check. Growing concerns over the bold behaviour of foxes in Edinburgh were voiced as Craigentinny/Duddingston councillor Alex Lunn said he had been inundated with calls about the wild creatures, whom he said had “lost their fear” of humans…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 15.2.13 THE European Commission is preparing proposed legislation on cloning for food production. Compassion in World Farming has had a report produced by a leading animal welfarist on its impact on the welfare of livestock… Please write to the European Commissioner for Health, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium, calling for a ban on cloning animals and their offspring. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)


Western Morning News 14.2.13 Backbenchers rally to overturn hunting ban - - A group of backbench Tory MPs are drumming up support for a repeal of the hunting ban before the next election. Devon MP Neil Parish is among a core of Conservatives who want the Hunting Act overturned, but are anxious to secure enough support before going to a Commons vote… (story)

Independent 14.2.13 Prince Charles's Countryfile - We get a sneak preview Rebecca Armstrong - Organic food magnate, humanitarian, heir to the throne, would-be defender of faith, father-in-law to Bucklebury’s most famous export – is there anything Prince Charles can’t do? Apparently not – he is even trying his hand at TV, guest-editing an episode of the gently fascinating Countryfile next month… (story)

Irish Times 14.2.13 A fear of foxes - David Potterton’s letter (February 13th) espouses the benefit of hunting to prevent attacks and transmission of rabies…. Unless Mr Potterton wants the hunt to ride down the dual carriageways, this is more an issue of pest control than rural hunting. – Yours, etc, MICHAEL DOYLE, East Claremont Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. (letter)

Argus 14.2.13 Foxes on the rise - After reading about the shocking attack by a fox on a four-week-old baby in a residential district of London, I sincerely hope the Letters pages of The Argus will not be flooded with “save the fox” letters…. Bring back fox hunting along with any system which will suppress the population of the cunning fox. Roy Hilliard, Old Shoreham Road, Portslade (letter)

Scotsman 14.2.13 Red deer slaughter condemned by Scots gamekeepers By FRANK URQUHART - THE Scottish Gamekeepers Association today condemned controversial plans to kill almost 700 female red deer and their calves out of season in a mass “bloodbath” in the Angus glens…. (story)

Worthing Herald 14.2.13 Fox paranoia - I would like to question whether Claire Weston (February 7) has been living in a bubble prior to coming to Worthing? Does she not know that – shock and horror – foxes have been living alongside humans in towns for many years?... J. Harding West Way Lancing (letter)
Worthing Herald 10.2.13 Fearless foxes - We have recently moved to Shandon Road… However, since moving to this area, we are surprised at the amount of “fearless” foxes roaming the streets… We are not against foxes, as such, but have a four-year-old daughter and are scared for her safety…. Claire Weston Shandon Road Worthing (letter)

Telegraph 14.2.13 Girl bitten on the leg by a fox when she was jogging - A teenage girl was bitten on the leg by a fox when she went out jogging near her home in Surrey last month. Clare Laudy, 17, is now scared to go running at night after the fox leapt out of the darkness and bit her as she ran in Epsom, Surrey, last month… (story)
Mail 14.2.13 Terrified jogger, 17, attacked by FOX which sank its teeth into her leg escapes by using advice she learned to survive bear attacks By JAMES RUSH - A terrified jogger has told how she fought off a fox that sank its teeth into her leg. Clare Laudy, 17, says she's now scared to go running at night, after the fox leapt out of the darkness and bit her as she ran in Epsom, Surrey, last month… (story)

Mail 14.2.13 Supper, with added Basil: Bold fox runs through grandfather's living room and into kitchen in search of a snack By LUCY OSBORNE - When this brazen fox snuck into Fred Rossington’s home, his first thought was to ensure his grandchildren and wife were safe and out of its way… (story)
West Sussex Gazette 14.2.13 “I felt intruded” by fox break in - “I had a choice, go for my camera or gun, but with the gun being locked away and the thought of my wife’s reaction to mess up the wall, I decided on the camera!” Fred Rossington from Partridge Green was recalling his encounter with a fox inside his home, just days after a boy in London had his finger bitten off by one of the predators…. (story)
Argus 13.2.13 Brazen fox ran riot in my home, says grandfather - A grandfather has described how a fox ran into his house and raced over his kitchen surfaces, scattering knives and smashing pictures. Fred Rossington, who lives in Partridge Green, near Henfield, was at home when the fox raced in as he opened his front door to let his two springer spaniels out… (story)

Northern Echo 14.2.13 Widespread badger cull is not the answer, say North-East experts By Barry Nelson, Health Editor - A WIDESPREAD badger cull will not solve the problem of tuberculosis in cattle, according to new research by North-East scientists. But Durham University researchers says that it may play a part in controlling infection levels in problem hotspots in the UK…. Professor Peter Atkins, from Durham University's Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience has investigated the spread of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in new research and believes this is too simplistic… (story)

Independent 14.2.13 Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing ethical about being vegetarian. Vegetarians such as Tim Symonds (letter, 14 February) should not feel smug about the latest meat scandal…. Only a vegan diet is ethical. It also happens to be better for our health and the planet. Mark Richards, Brighton (letter)
Independent 13.2.13 First BSE, now horses' bits. We vegetarians watch in bemusement. Tim Symonds, Burwash, East Sussex (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 14.2.13 Animals should not be kept in zoos - WE, in Southampton United Animal Charities (SUAC), deplore Mr White’s defence of keeping animals in zoos, including Marwell (Daily Echo January 19), away from their natural life and habitat… SHEILA CLAYTON (Hon Organiser, SUAC). (letter)


Luton News/Herald & Post 13.2.13 Family upset by chicken deaths say new controls are needed for town’s foxes - A High Town family have called for measures to control Luton’s fox population after their four chickens were taken from their garden. Sharon and Andrew Horsfall, of Kingston Road, were horrified to find their chicken coops broken into and the birds gone when they went out to feed them on Monday morning. “There were just lots of feathers and blood,” said Andrew, 45… (story)

Stroud Life 13.2.13 They are even dafter than I feared - I WAS almost delighted to hear Owen Paterson reaffirm that badger culls will happen in early summer and David Heath also said so at the Oxford Farming Conference. So they are even dafter than I'd feared… Martin Hancox, ex-Government Badger TB Panel, Stroud (letter)

Plymouth Herald 13.2.13 Plymouth couple open vegetarian and vegan restaurant By William Telford, Business Editor - THE horse meat scandal won't affect a new £24,000 restaurant due to open this month – because it will only offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. Plymouth couple Joe Wadge and Rebecca Speare are both just 23 years old and both vegetarians. The pair, who live in Milehouse, are to open Samphire Brasserie, in Mayflower Street… (story)


Independent 12.2.13 Letters: Urban fox cull would favour rats - There is an over-abundance of urban foxes in our major cities, and they can at times cause problems. But before calling for immediate culls, it is worth exploring the problem… The recent incidents of foxes attacking infants in urban homes, in which, inexplicably, downstairs doors or windows have been left open, is shocking. But foxes are wild predators and opportunists…. Robert Privett, Cullompton, Devon
Boris Johnson appears to have ignited a debate on the urban fox which may be timely. It seems that for years, London boroughs have tolerated the presence of urban foxes and have largely ignored complaints from residents about noise, damage and fouling… Mark Morsman, London SE13
It's time to eliminate the urban fox, which has become vermin. Each town should have its own hunt with pink-clad huntsmen on bicycles…. Chris Harding, Parkstone, Dorset (letters)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.2.13 Anglers hit back at BBC’s ‘unfair’ look at otter threat - The predicted backlash from anglers following the recent programme on the lifestyle of the otter came to fruition when the bbc declared that their “hotlines” had been closed after an avalanche of protest telephone calls had jammed all the lines. The hour-long programme initially attracted an audience of almost two million and apparently a large number of these were very critical of the programme’s failure to mention the effect of otter predation on the nation’s fisheries…. (story)

New! 12.2.13 Brian May criticised over badger sanctuary - Rocker BRIAN MAY is facing criticism from dairy farmers in the country over his plans to create a badger sanctuary to save the creatures from a cull…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.2.13 Brian May's wildlife vision near Bere Regis takes root (story)
Bournemouth Echo 11.2.13 Brian May's vision for Dorset woodland is a kind of magic By Catherine Bolado - A ROCK star will bring his ‘One Vision’ to Bere Regis with new woodland plans. Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May will visit the Dorset village today to discuss plans for a woodland site in the area which he has recently bought… The guitarist, writer and singer, is also known for his work promoting animal welfare and set up ‘Save Me’, a group that takes its name from the same-titled Queen song. The group campaigns for the protection of all animals against unnecessary, cruel and degrading treatment, with a particular emphasis on preventing hunting of foxes and the culling of badgers…. (story)
Western Daily Press 11.2.13 Queen guitarist Brian May visiting Dorset to outline wildlife haven plans - Queen guitarist and conservationist Brian May will be in Dorset today to reveal proposals to turn intensive farmland into a woodland wildlife haven… (story)

Derby Telegraph 12.2.13 Campaigners feel the love for animals - ANIMAL rights campaigners held a stall urging shoppers to have a heart for animals this Valentine's Day. The Derby Animal Rights group set up the stall in St Peter's Street, where shoppers could find out details of the recent horse meat scandal and try vegan cakes…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 12.2.13 Meat scandal shows hypocrisy - In March 2010, Tim Smith, chief executive of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), had concerns about standards in the meat industry…. We may object to horse meat in the UK, but that does not prevent slaughtering horses and exporting their meat. Hypocrisy springs to mind - Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Horse & Hound 11.2.13 Julian Barnfield testimonial meet postponed due to bad weather - Charlotte White - The testimonial meet for retired Heythrop huntsman Julian Barnfield has been postponed due to the wet weather… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 11.2.13 Dewsbury Tory MP Simon Reevell under fire over pheasant shoot freebie - A TORY MP has come under fire for accepting a free game shooting weekend at a grand stately home. Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell was treated to a pheasant shoot at Catton Hall in Walton-upon-Trent, Derbyshire, worth £850…. The Labour Party seized on Mr Reevell’s “blood sports” weekend to show how out-of-touch the Tories were…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 11.2.13 Store in puppy farm protest - LUSH in Swansea played its part in the campaign to end puppy farming at the weekend. The Whitewalls store opened its doors to Cariad (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs) — a coalition of dog charities, rescue and campaign groups… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 9.2.13 Lush supporting Cariad campaign against puppy farming this weekend - LUSH in Swansea is doing its bit for the campaign to end puppy farming this weekend. The Whitewalls store is hosting the event for Cariad (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs) — a coalition of dog charities, rescue and campaign groups against puppy farming… (story)


Swindon Advertiser 10.2.13 Plea as urban foxes attack Roves farm pets after being left in woods By Emma Dunn - THE owners of a family-run farm are urging people to stop dumping urban foxes in South Marston after savage attacks on their animals. An increasing number of urban foxes are turning up at Roves Farm, in Sevenhampton, and the owners believe it is because the foxes are being taken to Nightingale Wood… Pippa Burr, animal manager, said: “Foxes that have lived in urban areas lack natural survival skills, and find it impossible to hunt wildlife. This, coupled with having no fear of humans, means that urban foxes are preying on farm animals day and night… “This has got to stop. The urban foxes that we have seen are all in very poor condition, suffering from mange and malnourishment due to their inability to hunt…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 10.2.13 The horse recorded as slaughtered: Cob is found wandering the streets 11 months after official data said he was killed in abattoir By NIAMH GRIFFIN and VALERIE HANLEY - A horse recorded as being slaughtered by an Irish abattoir in March 2012 was found wandering the roads of Longford last Sunday in the latest alarming twist in the horsemeat scandal…. When the registered owner of the horse, Bernadette Walsh, was contacted, she was shocked to hear of the pitiful state Charlie had been found in… Mrs Walsh, an animal rights activist in Sligo, speculated that because Charlie is smaller than a coloured cob would usually be, his passport could have been sold on illegally… (story)


Oxford Mail 9.2.13 Heythrop Hunt rides out again after horse virus outbreak contained - THE Heythrop Hunt will resume hunting today after vets confirmed an outbreak of equine herpes has been contained… (story)
Horse & Hound 6.2.13 More hunts take action over equine herpes outbreak - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - More hunts close to the area where equine herpes virus (EHV-1) has been found in Gloucestershire have taken action to halt its spread… The Heythrop has suspended hunting for at least a week. And now the North Cotswold has banned all visitors and the Warwickshire has asked anyone who has recently hunted with the Heythrop to stay away until the outbreak is over. … (story)
BBC News Online 5.2.13 Heythrop Hunt suspended over equine herpes - An Oxfordshire hunt has been suspended after an outbreak of equine herpes. The Chipping Norton-based Heythrop Hunt has halted rides after four horses at one yard tested positive for the potentially fatal virus…. (story)
Oxford Mail 5.2.13 Heythrop Hunt in Chipping Norton cancelled - CHIPPING NORTON: The Heythrop Hunt has cancelled meetings for at least a week after cases of equine herpes broke out… (story)
Horse & Hound 4.2.13 Heythrop suspends hunting over equine herpes outbreak Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The Heythrop has suspended hunting for a week following an outbreak of equine herpes virus (EHV-1) in the local area…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 9.2.13 Animal testing: Let's have an open, scientific and independent debate By Deborah Minns, animals rights campaigner - A reader-submitted article from the Mail's First Person series ... I'VE always enjoyed a busy life as a mum and business woman until two years ago when a Mail posting about a planning application changed my life forever. It brought news of an application to build a beagle-breeding factory in nearby Grimston village…. (story)

Huffington Post 9.2.13 'Hitler Was A Vegetarian' His Former Food Taster Margot Woelk Confirms By Felicity Morse - Adolf Hitler’s former food taster has confirming that the German dictator was indeed a vegetarian, in a unique interview with the Times, In her first ever interview, 95-year-old Margot Woelk has told of the fear she experienced during the three years she sampled the Fuhrer’s food, from 1941 to 1944… "It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice, and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him," she added…. There were even suggestions that Hitler intended to convert the whole of Germany to vegetarianism after the war…. His obsession with consuming vegetables for health seemed to have developed before 1939, as his cook before the war, claimed that he would eat stuffed pigeon, Bavarian sausages and sliced ham… (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 8.2.13 South Dorset Hunt hedge-laying competition 2013 - AGE was no deterrent in the South Dorset Hunt hedge-laying competition as 71 year old Malcolm Dowling demonstrated, when he won the Open class at the South Dorset Hunt Hedgelaying competition…. (story)

Irish Times 8.2.13 Hounding a hare - Let’s put talk bubbles over the heads of the two animals pictured in The Irish Times (February 4th) during the National Coursing Championships in Clonmel, Co Tipperary… Moral: Instinct rules, okay? - Yours, etc, BRENDA MORGAN, Asgard Park, Howth, Co Dublin (letter)

Ellon Times 8.2.13 Chef Orry is ‘game’ for success - A YOUNG chef from Ellon is celebrating after landing a top accolade. Orry Shand won the prestigious Game Chef of the Year 2013 award…. The contest was organised by Braehead Foods, one of Braitain’s biggest game suppliers,… (story)

Scotsman 8.2.13 Highland deer cull rejected on Quinag Estate By ALISTAIR MUNRO - The John Muir Trust (JMT) had applied to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) for authorisation to shoot more deer on the 9,140-acre Quinag Estate, which it purchased for £600,000 in 2005, after 15 February which is the end of the hind season… But the proposal was opposed by neighbouring landowners who feared a continuing cull would reduce numbers to a level that would impact on nearby sporting estates and the region’s fragile economy…. (story)

Matlock Mercury 8.2.13 Animal rights protest planned - HUNDREDS of angry protesters are set to descend on Bakewell to demonstrate against a Peak firm at the centre of an animal welfare investigation…. Animal lover Jackie Jones has organised a protest both at in the centre of Bakewell and at the firm’s Rowland base from noon on Saturday, February 16…. (story)


Gloucester Citizen 7.2.13 Cotswold Vale Hunt takes place in Upton St Leonards - THE Cotswold Vale Hunt "had a good run" when they met in Upton St Leonards…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 7.2.13 Columnist Andrew Gordon gets to grips with the howling hounds of Bodmin Moor. PEOPLE will complain about most things, but noise disturbing their peace and quiet is always a good excuse to fire a letter off to the powers that be…. Holiday guests of a St Breward resident have complained about the noise made by a pack of hounds kept in the village by the North Cornwall Hunt… (story)
Western Morning News 1.2.13 Lone howl of protest threatens to silence pack of hounds - An historic Cornish hunt could be stopped after a holiday-home owner – who advertises "dog friendly" cottages to let – complained about the noise of the hounds… local businessman David Clarke claims the baying, barking and howling of the hounds disturbs his customers and ruins the tranquillity of the moors…. (story)
Cornish Guardian 30.1.13 Howling hounds disturb peace of Bodmin Moor visitors. HOWLING hounds on Bodmin Moor are disturbing the peace of holidaymakers, and local people fear action could now be taken to cut their numbers. The North Cornwall Hunt has kept its foxhounds in kennels at St Breward for more than 100 years, but now the local authority has demanded action is taken over the noisy dogs. A man who owns holiday accommodation in St Breward complained to Cornwall Council's environmental health department… But people living in St Breward are outraged, and fear the hunt will have to get rid of some of the 50-strong pack… John and Kirstie Hewitt live next door to the kennels at Tor Down Quarry… "I'm not particularly pro-hunt but I'm very upset at what is happening, and so are most of the people in the village – it's outrageous and we want the kennels to stay here in St Breward… (story)

BBC News Online 7.2.13 Heythrop Hunt banned from National Trust land - An Oxfordshire hunt has been banned from using National Trust land after two of its members were convicted of illegal fox hunting. The Chipping Norton-based Heythrop Hunt will not have its licence to trail hunt on land in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire renewed in the spring…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 6.2.13 Heythrop Hunt banned from riding out on National Trust land By NADIA STONE - ONE of the West's most distinguished hunts has been banned from riding out on National Trust land after it admitted "repeated and gratuitous" breaches of the ban on foxhunting. In a strongly worded statement, the National Trust said land it owns in Gloucestershire would be out of bounds to the Heythrop Hunt because of a "serious breach of trust" by the hunt leaders… (story)
Mirror 6.2.13 Tally no! National Trust bans David Cameron's local hunt from its land - The Prime Minister rode with the Heythrop hunt in his Witney constituency before fox hunting became illegal in 2005 David Cameron’s local hunt is to be barred from riding over land owned by the National Trust after it was convicted of hunting a fox with dogs…. (story)
Telegraph 5.2.13 First shooting, now National Trust bans hunting – on estates created for country sports - The National Trust has banned David Cameron’s hunt from parkland created for hunting in the 17 Century following a controversial case brought by the RSPCA. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Countryside campaigners have criticised the Trust for a 'populist' move and said instead it should be sticking up for the countryside…. Mr Barrington, a former director of the League Against Cruel Sports, pointed out that the Trust will still have to control animals like foxes using methods like shooting that can kill off the healthiest foxes and wound animals…. (story)

North Devon Journal 7.2.13 Tawstock shoot members reach end of season - THE crackle of gunfire was echoing round the hills and woods of North Devon on Friday. Farmers and landowners were enjoying the last flickering embers of the shooting season which ended on Saturday. For the five members from the Tawstock Shoot pictured it will be October before they can once again tramp the muddy fields, dog at heel and shotgun poised, to hunt pheasant…. (story)

West Sussex Gazette 7.2.13 Farmhouse breakfast - BARTHOLOMEW BARN: The Countryside Alliance and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute teamed up once again and put on a delicious locally sourced Farmhouse Breakfast at Bartholomew barn on Tuesday 29th January 2013… (story)

Thanet Gazette 7.2.13 Legal bid to ban live animal exports through Ramsgate Port quashed by High Court - LEGAL action brought brought by animal charity RSPCA to stop live animal exports at the Port of Ramsgate has been quashed by the High Court. The RSPCA were seeking a judicial review of the approval and supervision of live animal exports through Ramsgate port after Thanet council lifted its temporary ban on the practice… (story)

Bristol Post 7.2.13 We need to stop this practice - I WAS pleased to hear at long last a new EU law means there is now a complete ban on battery hens… D F Courtney, Weston-super-Mare (letter)


Northern Echo 6.2.13 Deer Hunter - IT’S a national scandal that more than 50,000 wild deer are being killed illegally a year. If the Government introduced a ten-year prison term for anyone found guilty of illegally poaching venison we would see a drastic overnight improvement… Aled Jones, Bridlington. (letter)

Crewe Chronicle 6.2.13 Hundreds of protesters march through Nantwich calling for closure of Red Lion Abattoir by Rhiannon Cooke - HUNDREDS of protesters from across the country descended on Nantwich to demand the closure of an abattoir…. (story)
The Dabber 4.2.13 Protesters march on Nantwich abattoir - PROTESTERS marched on Nantwich town centre at the weekend, demanding the closure of the Red Lion abattoir…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.2.13 Nantwich protest against abattoir horse 'abuse' - About 150 people have protested in a Cheshire town against an abattoir at the centre of an investigation into the abuse of horses…. (story)
The Sentinel 1.2.13 Protest march over abattoir - HUNDREDS of campaigners are to march on an abattoir accused of mistreating horses to demand it is shut down…. (story)
Crewe Chronicle 30.1.13 Protesters call for Nantwich abattoir to be shut down after investigation revealed cruelty by Rhiannon Cooke, Crewe Chronicle - HUNDREDS of activists are to march on a Nantwich abattoir demanding it is shut down… Nicola Allen, 35, has helped to organise the protest. . She said: “We have watched the video and there’s a lot of uproar on horse forums and websites. At the end of the day animals do get slaughtered but to see them (horses) going through what they did was horrific and completely unacceptable…. (story)
Nantwich News 30.1.13 Horse campaigners plan Red Lion Abattoir protest in Nantwich - Animal rights campaigners across the country are planning to descend on a controversial abattoir near Nantwich in a bid to close it down…. Jackie Winaston Jones, of Nantwich, her sister Ruth, from Anglesey, and friend Nicola Allen, from Staffordshire, are spearheading the protest…. (story)
The Dabber 25.1.13 Protest planned against Nantwich abattoir - PROTESTERS are gathering to demand the closure of a Nantwich abattoir. The Red Lion Abattoir hit the headlines following an exposure of shocking animal welfare conditions at the site. Campaigners have now organised a march on the abattoir on Saturday, February 2 after undercover footage revealed horrific treatment of horses…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 6.2.13 Burton street collection helps Compassion in World Farming - NEARLY £130 was raised on the streets of Burton to help the work of a farming support group. Local volunteers went out with tins and buckets to help raise money for Compassion in World Farming, Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation… (story)

Brentwood Gazette 6.2.13 Anti-fur protester fined after arrest at Brentwood boutique - A 41-YEAR-OLD anti-fur protester who was arrested after an altercation outside Bonnie and Clyde at Wilson's Corner has received a fixed penalty notice. The woman, from Southend, was arrested alongside a 42-year-old man from Shoebury on Tuesday, who was released without charge… (story)
Total Essex (Brentwood Gazette & Essex Chronicle) 29.1.13 Anti-fur protesters arrested outside Bonnie and Clyde in Brentwood - THREE anti-fur protesters were arrested this morning after an altercation outside Bonnie and Clyde at Wilson's Corner. A 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault, a 41-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and a 39-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence after the scuffle broke out at 11:15am today (Tuesday)… Activists from Essex Animal Defenders have been seen protesting for the past four weeks and have been moving between Bonnie and Clyde, Virgo, on Brentwood High Street and Lucy's Boutique on Ongar Road…. Marcia Hagon, one of the protesters, from Romford, said: "We are about raising awareness of the fur trade but we also demonstrate outside restaurants that sell unethical food like foie gras…. (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 5.2.13 Avenging fox kill ill-advised - MR Annetts, in his letter Hunt supporter picked his facts, Postbag, January 29, makes the mistake common to many single-issue fanatics of extrapolating the particular into the general. Of course the Heythrop broke the law and so did the Fernie in the case alluded to in his letter…. According to DEFRA there have been in excess of 260 successful prosecutions under the Act, of which only nine have concerned illegal hunting by registered hunts or their officials. The vast majority concerned ratting and rabbitting… ROBIN RHODERICK-JONES Dulford Cullompton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 22.1.13 Does charity spend wisely? LET me say from the outset that I have no axe to grind over the Hunting Bill. I can take it or leave it as far as hunting is concerned....mainly leave it. But I do find it hard to believe that the RSPCA found it reasonable to waste £326,980 on prosecuting one hunt….when one of its former employees said the animal charity had to put down 53,000 animals last year because it did not have enough space to house them I can only wonder in disbelief if it has got its priorities right… COLIN RICHEY, Lazenby Road Tiverton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 22.1.13 Hunt forced up RSPCA's costs - I'M afraid that Robin Rhoderick-Jones is being somewhat disingenuous regarding the prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt and the accusations he has levelled at John Twyford… One reason that RSPCA costs were so high was because the Heythrop vigorously denied all charges until, late in the day, announcing they would plead guilty to 12… ELLEN ROACH Canal Hill Tiverton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 15.1.13 Hunts strive hard to stay within law, Mr Twyford - YOUR Guardian-quoting correspondent John Twyford is sensible to hide behind an alias if his dim-witted piece on the RSPCA prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt is anything to go by. While grinding both his axe and his teeth simultaneously, he leaves out, no doubt deliberately, almost all the facts that go towards telling the full story… ROBIN RHODERICK-JONES Dulford CuIlompton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 8.1.13 Hunt followers 'are not thugs' - ON a dark New Year's Eve, my spirits were initially lifted by the delivery of my regular copy of the Tiverton Gazette. Sadly I then found John Twyford up to his old tricks again, jumping on the rather crowded anti-hunting bandwagon… Imagine my surprise to then discover your double page photo spread (pp 24/25) depicting the Boxing Day Hunt in Tiverton, where "hundreds of hunt supporters turned out in damp and chilly conditions to watch the pack set off from ...outside the Half Moon Pub". A shot of the Pannier Market did indeed reveal a big crowd. I had not realised that so many "thuggish hunt followers" lived in my home town! On the contrary, they closely resembled healthy country folk… a target=main href="http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/Hunt-followers-thugs/story-17791115-detail/story.html">(letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 31.12.12 JohnTwyford - Charity right to chase huntsmen all way to court - I'M planning to give a donation to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals following its sterling work in successfully prosecuting the Heythrop hunt… (story)


North Devon Journal 4.2.13 Hounds allegedly loose on A361 near Barnstaple - Police responded to reports of dogs running loose on the A361 near Barnstaple this afternoon…. (story)

Western Morning News 4.2.13 Should charitable funds pay for these 'political' prosecutions? - Jamie Foster believes the RSPCA is behaving inappropriately in its role as private prosecutor. Watching the debate in Parliament into the RSPCA's role as a private prosecutor it would have been easy to conclude that little of what was said was very surprising… (story)

Western Morning News 4.2.13 Guns fall silent for another year - but the conservation work goes on - The game shooting season has drawn to a close for another season. The weather and the economy have had a negative impact in some areas, but one South Devon shoot reckons to have had its best season ever – and to have helped with the survival of local wildlife as well. Philip Bowern reports. On Mike Hockin's Brownstone Shoot the guns are gathering for their last day of the pheasant season…. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 3.2.13 RSPCA raises £160,000 to prosecute illegal hunts - The RSPCA, Britain's biggest animal welfare charity, has amassed a £160,000 “fighting fund” in just eight weeks to pay for “major prosecutions” against illegal hunts and other groups, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - Gavin Grant, the charity’s chief executive, said the cash in the fund had “skyrocketed” in the wake of its successful action against the Heythrop Hunt, with which David Cameron used to ride before the hunting ban…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 3.2.13 RSPCA: There are no political prosecutions - RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant says it prosecutes "because people break the law" not for political motives. The animal welfare charity already faces allegations of political bias after spending £326,000 prosecuting members of the Heythrop Hunt…. (story)

Worthing Herald 3.2.13 Foxes ‘the size of large dogs’ plaguing East Worthing -URBAN foxes the size of “large dogs” have been plaguing parts of East Worthing and scaring smaller animals, residents said. The animals, some of which have been described as being “as large as Alsatians”, have become a common sight in East Worthing back gardens… (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.2.13 IoS investigation: HS2 - the hidden cost to Britain's wildlife - New rail line threatens 350 unique habitats, 50 irreplaceable ancient woods, 30 river corridors, 24 Sites of Special Scientific Interest and hundreds of other important areas. Is this really progress?... DAVID RANDALL , JONATHAN OWEN - More than 350 wildlife sites, including nature reserves, ancient woodlands and wetlands which are home to some of Britain's rarest species, are threatened by the high-speed rail link, an investigation by The Independent on Sunday has established…. A powerful lobby is building against the routes, or even against the idea of such a hugely expensive scheme. The Countryside Alliance's executive chairman, Barney White-Spunner, said: "The costs of HS2 – both to the environment and the public purse – are simply too great to justify."… (story)


Spectator 2.2.13 Does the RSPCA think it’s the FBI? - The once-cuddly animal charity seems to have become another species altogether - Melissa Kite - Imagine what would happen if J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, were running the RSPCA… suspend your disbelief for a second, and suppose that a crusading individual convinced of his destiny to conduct a campaign against wrong-doing had turned the nation’s favourite animal charity into a quasi-official investigations unit, targeting those people and institutions he personally disapproved of…. (story)
Spectator2.2.13 RSPCA response - In response to the accusations in our article, which we put to the RSPCA and Mr Grant, the charity issued the following statement (our questions are in italics):… (story)
Spectator 2.2.13 The law doesn’t change just because you’re on horseback - Rod Liddle - I’ve just sent off a cheque to the RSPCA in the hope that they will put it towards the costs of bringing another prosecution against those arrogant pink-jacketed psychopaths who continue to hunt foxes with hounds despite the fact that it is against the law to do so… Spectator 31.1.13 Has the RSPCA become a different species? - Is the RSPCA morphing from animal welfare charity into an animal rights group? In this week’s Spectator, Melissa Kite writes that following the charity’s successful prosecution of the Heythrop hunt, its chief executive Gavin Grant now has his sights set on the racing industry:… (story)


Tamworth Herald 1.2.13 Compassion for animals - LOCAL volunteers took to the streets of Tamworth on December 15 to raise money for Compassion in World Farming… Lisa Willmot, via email. (letter)

Derby Telegraph 1.2.13 Horse meat shock? What about the other animals? - Justin Kerswell Viva! campaigns manager York Court Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Somerset Guardian 31.1.13 What would happen if we stopped eating meat - Justin Kerswell's interesting letter in last week's Somerset Guardian was his point of view. His bottom line was, "stop eating animals", and I will try to counter that with my own view. I assume that cattle, sheep and pigs etc, which are kept for food would suddenly become family pets. A few might be found in a zoo, but likely millions would be slaughtered simply because they would be too expensive to keep… DAVID STRAWBRIDGE Priory Close Midsomer Norton (letter)
Bath Chronicle 24.1.13 If you care about animals, don't eat them - JUSTIN KERSWELL Viva! campaigns manager Viva! Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Somerset Guardian 24.1.13 If you care about animals, don't eat them - JUSTIN KERSWELL Viva! campaigns manager Viva! Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Northern Echo 18.1.13 Burgers - I AM sure many readers will have been understandably shocked by revelations about horse meat being found in beefburgers at several national supermarket chains (Echo, Dec 16). However, it does throw up some other questions including why the thought of eating horses repulses us but as a nation we think nothing of eating cows?... Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)

Oxford Mail 1.2.13 Animals are suffering - I FAIL to see how any compassionate person could ever consider eating meat, especially in our society, where there are innumerable healthy alternatives…. MARK PRITCHARD, Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)