February 2016

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Uttoxeter Advertiser 29.2.16 Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt celebrates its 200th anniversary in style - A VILLAGE pub near Uttoxeter has become the home for a 200th anniversary celebration for the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt, with a gathering of around 150 people…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 28.2.16 A 200-YEAR-OLD hunt returned to its "spiritual home" for the first time in 50 years By Martin_Naylor - A 200-YEAR-OLD hunt returned to its "spiritual home" for the first time in more than 50 years at the weekend. About 150 people gathered at the Crown Inn, in Marston Montgomery, as the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt brought its horses and hounds to the village. The hunt is this year celebrating 200 years since its launch and traditionally its members would meet at the Crown before heading out across the fields and countryside. But this stopped in the early 1960s. Now the pub, under the fresh ownership of Derbyshire businessman Carl Jeffery, has had a makeover, and he invited the hunt members back on Saturday where they turned up in their droves…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 27.2.16 Pictures: Derbyshire hunt returns to 'spiritual home' as it celebrates 200th anniversary By chrispeddy - The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt celebrated its 200th anniversary with a gathering at the Crown Inn, Marston Montgomery, near Ashbourne. (story)

Huffington Post 29.2.16 Time to Get Shot of 'Game Bird' Shooting - Eduardo Goncalves - When people think of shooting, for some it conjures up nostalgic images of strolling through the countryside, taking in the views, and a delicious roast at the end of the day. The reality of course is somewhat different. In Britain, the bird-shooting industry is little more than canned hunting. And it is arguably one of the biggest animal welfare issues in the country today… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.2.16 Britain's 'canned shooting' - League comparison sparks controversy for game bird 'attack' By TristanCork - A claim that the West's £70 million game bird shooting industry is Britain's version of the controversial 'canned hunting' practice in southern Africa has sparked outrage. The League Against Cruel Sports have called for a Government inquiry into game shooting, in a hard-hitting report presented to MPs… (story)
Mail 27.2.16 Dead pheasants left to rot in a field after a day's shooting at exclusive country estate By COLIN FERNANDEZ - Shooting enthusiasts like to justify their sport by saying they are simply bagging birds for the pot. But this pile of dead pheasants left to rot in a field tells a different story. A shoot at an exclusive country estate was branded by campaigners as ‘target practice with living creatures’ after around 30 birds were found dumped at a roadside afterwards. Ed Shephard of the League Against Cruel Sports, who took undercover pictures across Britain during the shooting season which ended on February 1, said it was unlikely anyone was coming back to collect the birds at Maesmawr Hall, mid-Wales…. (story)
Huffington Post 25.2.16 The League Against Cruel Sports Calls For Inquiry Into UK's Game Bird Shooting Industry By Kathryn Snowdon - Britain's “senseless and disgusting” game bird shooting industry kills 100,000 animals every day, an anti-hunting charity has said as it calls for an inquiry into the practice… The report by the League Against Cruel Sports also stated that hundreds of wild and domestic animals are trapped in snares each day in order to ‘protect’ game birds - a claim that the Countryside Alliance firmly denies… Tory MP Roger Gale echoed the League's concerns regarding the way birds are raised…. (story)
Mirror 25.2.16 Shocking footage reveals the cruel reality of Britain's £2 billion game shooting industry BY BEN GLAZE - Animal rights activists today demand an investigation into Britain’s £2 billion game shooting industry. Campaigners claim more than 100,000 birds are killed every day during the shooting season. And many suffer in agony because they do not die immediately, according to shocking footage filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)

Independent 29.2.16 Badger population at risk as Government orders cull of more than 50,000, campaigners say - The Government has reportedly decided to expand the cull that has taken place over the past three years.. Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, warned that a significant proportion of England’s badger population was at risk… (story)

The Irish News 29.2.16 Ministers announce crackdown on animal cruelty - David Young, Press Association - STORMONT ministers have vowed to get tough on animal cruelty as they outlined a crackdown against offenders. Agriculture minister Michelle O'Neill and justice minister David Ford warned of no tolerance for perpetrators ahead of publishing the findings of a review of animal welfare legislation…. Janice Watt, from League Against Cruel Sports N Ireland, welcomed the crackdown…. (story)


Star on Sunday 28.2.16 GRAPHIC CONTENT: Hunters are sharing sick dead fox photos on Facebook - CRUEL Brits are boasting about illegally hunting foxes, hares and rabbits with dogs on Facebook. By Jimmy McCloskey, exclusive - The sickening page – Hunting Runs In My Blood – has more than 3,000 members. It contains scores of photos of bloodied animal corpses. Members upload photos or videos of their dogs “coursing” animals. Many pose with the dismembered remains…. (story)


Hinckley News 27.2.16 Call made to Leicestershire Police to tackle hunts - Animal rights campaigners across the county are lobbying a new police watchdog committee to take action over apparent breaches of The Hunting Act 2004. A letter, signed by 26 representatives of political groups, societies and hunt saboteurs, including Roger Hill of the Hinckley and Bosworth Green Party, has been sent to the new body…. Most of the issues are over alleged violations by the Atherstone Hunt, which regularly rides across land in the Bosworth constituency, but also the Fernie, Quorn and Cottesmore Hunt… (story)

Telegraph 27.2.16 RSPCA moves to stop animals being seized without vets' evidence after years of criticism By Christopher Hope - The RSPCA has banned its inspectors from rehoming animals unless vets have personally seen evidence of suffering, in what critics said was an admission that they have been acting "over-zealously". The ban is part of a major overhaul of how the charity investigates animal cruelty after years of criticism… The Countryside Alliance, a rural campaigning group that is pushing for hunting to be legalised, said it welcomed “this outbreak of common sense at the Society both for reasons of animal welfare and also for de-politicising its operation”… (story)

York Press 27.2.16 Meat production is a major factor in climate change … Meat production is as damaging as carbon emissions. If we all ate meat no more than a couple of times a week or not at all this would mean less release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere…. Rose Berl, Vine Street, York (story)

Mail 27.2.16 The video the meat industry doesn't want us to see: Secret footage of hatchery shows baby chicks killed and tossed into black bin-liners as others are processed on assembly line like they are already dead By JAMES DUNN FOR MAILONLINE - Shocking footage reveals the inhumanity of how chirping chicks are treated on the first day of their lives, processed like meat on an assembly line… The video, by a group called Animal Equality, describes it as 'what the meat industry doesn't want us to see'. The footage, which has now been viewed more than 30million times, is believed to have been shot in the USA, although practices are similar in Britain… (story)


ShootingUK 26.2.16 Have your say on firearms licensing - Robin Scott - Typically and true to form, the EU mistakenly think that heaping more legislation will reduce attacks by militants, says Robin Scott - It’s heartening to hear that MEP Vicky Ford appears to be listening to BASC and the Countryside Alliance (CA) over proposed changes to the EU’s Firearms Directive. Ms Ford is heading up a study into the proposals… (story)

Northern Times 26.2.16 Air gun owners have six months' grace on licensing - Air gun owners will have six months to obtain certificates for their weapons before new laws come into force. The Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Michael Matheson, today laid an Order in the Scottish Parliament which sets out the dates for the new air weapons licensing regime to take effect in Scotland... (story)
BBC News 26.2.16 Airgun owners given six months to licence weapons - New legislation which will tighten access to airguns will come into force at the end of the year, the Scottish government has announced. It will be a criminal offence to have an air weapon without a licence or permit from 31 December 2016... (story)

Dundee Courier 26.2.16 Campaigners warn Angus Festival of House would upset badgers By ROB MCLAREN - Stress levels among badgers would soar if a dance music festival in Angus gets the go-ahead, a conservation charity has claimed. Scottish Badgers has warned that the Festival of House, which is due to be held at the Panmure Estate, near Carnoustie, would cause “irreversible harm” to the ecosystem…. (story)

Crewe & Nantwich Guardian 26.2.16 Badger cull may be on way in Cheshire - BADGERS could be culled in Cheshire to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB). Natural England, which advises the Government on the country's natural environment, has received an expression of interest in a badger culling licence in the county…. (story)

Thanet Gazette 26.2.16 Thanet council to take no further action on Live Animal Exports petition By DavidArcher - Thanet council will take no further action on a Live Animal Exports petition they debated last night. The petition was presented by Reginald Bell at the full council meeting. The council recognised the petition's support gaining 1,440 signatures but because of European Union (EU) legislation could not take further action… (story)
Thanet Gazette 25.2.16 Thanet council to debate Live Animal Exports petition By DavidArcher - A Live Animal Exports petition will be discussed at tonight's Full Council meeting at Cecil Square. The petition has been organised by Reginald Bell which has been signed by 1,440 people. 533 of the signatures come from people outside of Thanet…. (story)


Northern Times 25.2.16 Paul Monaghan defends his support for two LACS' campaigns - Caithness, Sutherland and Ross MP Paul Monaghan has defended his support for two campaigns being championed by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). He highlighted his support on his Facebook page and was photographed with celebrity Bill Oddie, a long time LACS campaigner. However, more than 130 commented on his stance, all bar one condemning him for aligning with LACS, who have traditionally opposed legal sporting and farming activities in rural areas… (story)
Northern Times 25.2.16 MP's support of League Against Cruel Sports provokes outcry - AN angry, on-line tirade has greeted local MP Paul Monaghan’s decision to support the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), after he posed on his own Facebook page with Bill Oddie, holding a LACS poster. So far, a total of around 131 people have commented with around 125 expressing their astonishment that Dr Monaghan would take such a step when he represents a rural community, many of whom make their living from some of the legal sports and farming practices that LACS condemn. Only one has supported him…. (story)

Farming UK 25.2.16 OFCOM proposals could close digital divide between town and country - The initial findings of the OFCOM digital review, which has been published today (25 February), could signal positive change for mobile phone reception and broadband speeds in rural communities, says the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Mirror 25.2.16 Bookies should pay greyhound tax to improve care for racing dogs, say MPs BY BEN GLAZE - The Envirionment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee says retired animals should be rehomed, while campaigners have criticised welfare standards in the sport… League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves said: “There are huge concerns about greyhound welfare that need to be addressed…. (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 24.2.16 Bill Oddie comes to Exeter to bust fox myths -Bill Oddie is coming to Exeter to talk about why foxes should be protected, not persecuted. The celeb wildlife expert and League Against Cruel Sports Vice President will be speaking at an evening open to the public on Thursday, March 3. The Foxycology event at Exeter University aims to challenge misconceptions surrounding foxes and promote better understanding of these wild mammals… (story)

Banbridge Leader 24.2.16 Farmers and hunts ‘need to cooperate more’ - The Ulster Farmers’ Union says that cooperation is ‘crucial’ between farmers and those organising hunts on agricultural land. The comments come after a local farmer shot at least three hunting dogs, which were preparing to attack his livestock… (story)

Farming Life 24.2.16 All dressed up for Route Hunt ball - Members of Route Hunt and their friends gathered at the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine, for the annual charity Hunt Ball… (story)

Politics 24.2.16 BASC joins FACE UK to lobby MEPs - BASC, the largest Shooting organisation in the UK, joined FACE UK, the umbrella group for shooting organisations in Europe, to lobby UK MEPs on behalf of BASC members and all those who shoot in Britain. The reception was also attended by Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance and Graham Downing from the British Shooting Sports Council. On the following day Richard Ali, Chief Executive of BASC, and Tim Bonner, from the Countryside Alliance, held meetings with MEPs to discuss the European Commission’s proposals for changes to the Firearms Directive which could impact on British firearms law…. (story)


BBC News Online 23.2.16 Fluffy the cat killed by Ross Harriers Hunt dogs in Kilpeck - A pack of hunt hounds killed a cat in front of its owner after straying into her garden. Janet Clarke, 80, said she saw four dogs tossing five-year-old Fluffy in the air in a tug of war behind her Herefordshire cottage… Ross Harriers Hunt apologised, adding the hounds got through a hole in the hedge and it was "very unusual" for them to leave their trail... (story)
Hereford Times 23.2.16 Pet cat killed by Ross Harriers hunt's dogs - AN animal lover has been left devastated after he witnessed his pet cat being killed by hunting dogs in his garden. David Clarke's rescue cat Fluffy was killed by three hounds from the Ross Harriers hunt on Saturday afternoon when they entered his garden in Kilpeck… (story)


Llanelli Star 22.2.16 Carmarthenshire backs badger cull in Wales - COUNCILLORS in Carmarthenshire have backed calls for the Welsh Government to carry out badger culls in areas where there is a significant rise in bovine TB… (story)

Plymouth Herald 22.2.16 Shadow Defra minister argues 'badger culls a waste of money' and EU membership vital for farmers By Kate Langston (story)
Western Daily Press 20.2.16 Kerry McCarthy: Countryside can learn from city's example - Supermarkets cutting down on how much food they chuck out? Now that sounds like a campaign city folk can get behind. And that's Kerry McCarthy's point to me when we meet in Westminster to talk about her role on Labour's front bench… "Bristol is a really good example of how a city can be very much in touch with the natural environment and food and farming," said Ms McCarthy, originally from Luton, continued. "A lot of my constituents are very interested in animal welfare issues."… (story)


Farming Life 21.2.16 Sad Passing of Billy Vance - The Fermanagh Harriers’ senior master, Billy Vance, of Scarva House, Clones, passed away peacefully on Saturday 16th January, aged 84. He was one of the best known and most deeply respected country sportsmen in Ireland and the huge turnout of fellow huntsmen, farmers, friends and neighbours at his funeral service bore witness to the great affection in which he was held…. (story)

Farming Life 21.2.16 Hunting protocol - co-operation is essential - In 2012 Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI), the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) and the Northern Ireland Masters of Hounds Association (NIMHA) signed a ’Memorandum of Understanding and Co-operation’ (MOU) to inform and advise on best practice and protocol for those engaged in hunting with hounds on agricultural land, and to encourage compliance…(story)

Scottish Farmers 21.2.16 Rat control for gamekeepers - GAMEKEEPERS wanting to get up to speed with the new rules on rat poison should contact the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust for a place on the rodenticide training courses it is running next month…. The course, which is jointly owned by GWCT, Scottish Gamekeepers Association, the Countryside Alliance, the National Gamekeepers Organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use, is approved by the HSE…. (story)


Telegraph 20.2.16 Fur protesters hit London Fashion Week - Bethan Holt, ACTING FASHION FEATURES EDITOR, Patrick Sawer - Britain’s premiere fashion event is to be targeted by animal rights activists protesting over a revival in the use of fur on the catwalk. Anti-fur militants have already staged one protest against its use at London Fashion Week, which opened on Thursday and are threatening further demonstrations…. (story)
Juice 107.2 20.2.16 Brighton Resident Bares All In Protest - A Brighton woman has taken to London Fashion Week in protest against some of the clothing on display. Daryna Milgevska, who is 22, wore little more than a gas mask and knickers at the opening of the event to campaign against the use of fur for fashion…. (story)

Argus 20.2.16 Former vet running marathon for Born Free animal charity - A FORMER vet will be putting himself through the 26.2 miles of the Brighton Marathon this year in aid of an animal charity made famous by Hollywood. Mark Jones has run marathons before but said this April's run will be special as it is for the Born Free Foundation - which he works for…. (story)


Plymouth Herald 19.2.16 The ban on hunting is 11 years old...so why are registered hunts still going strong? By WMNPBowern - The hunting ban is 11 years old this weekend. But as Philip Bowern reports hunting is alive and well, and so is the deep and enduring political controversy that surrounds it… (story)
Plymouth Herald 19.2.16 11-years on from hunt ban it is time for a real debate - Imagine taking a visitor from abroad on a tour of the British countryside and coming across a fox hunt in full cry. “Ah yes,” you would have to explain. “The British parliament did ban hunting 11 years ago but hounds, horses and huntsmen and women still hunt – although foxes can longer be deliberately pursued.” You would need to go on to explain that “yes foxes are still killed in their thousands, but they must be shot or trapped.”… (story)
Plymouth Herald 19.2.16 Call for crackdown on animal cruelty - as hunt ban reaches new milestone By WMNPBowern - The 11th anniversary of the hunt ban is marked this weekend with a call from animal rights activists for a strengthening of the penalties for illegal hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports is calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to follow a lead set in Northern Ireland last week and to increase prison sentences and fines for animal cruelty convictions in England and Wales… (story)

North Devon Journal 19.2.16 North Devon shows overwhelming support for hunting with dogs, Journal poll reveals - AN overwhelming number of people support hunting with dogs 11 years after a ban was imposed, according to a poll run by the Journal reveals. Published yesterday, the poll has already received more than 2,000 votes, with 84% of those responding to the survey saying they were against the ban…. (story)
North Devon Journal 19.2.16 CHICKEN SLICE FIGHT AND HUNTING: The most shared stories in North Devon today - Our top five most shared stories on social media today are dominated by a fight that broke out over a chicken slice in Sainsbury's… Our second most shared story is a follow-up on a poll we ran yesterday, asking whether people agree with the Hunting Act that came into force… (story)
North Devon Journal 18.2.16 PICTURES AND POLL: 11 years since The Hunting Act 2004 came into force (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 19.2.16 Portman Hunt Clean for the Queen By jspiteri - Last year the Portman Hunt arranged a litter picking day and collected mountains of litter and rubbish from the verges in the Shaftesbury to Manston area. They will be litter picking once again this year and have registered to take part in the Clean for the Queen weekend on Sunday 6th March… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.2.16 Silverton Foxhounds send off over 600 donated coats to Syrian refugees - A Silverton hunting club have now donated over 600 hundred winter coats to displaced people in war torn Syria. The coats have now been picked up from Silverton ready to be shipped to Syria. The Silverton Foxhounds were approached to help charity Country Coats 2 Syria, who organise collections of warm coats from various countryside organisations and events…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.1.16 Silverton Hunt collect hundreds of coats for Syrian refugees - Racegoers at last weekend’s Black Forest Lodge point-to-point showed their generosity in spades, donating hundreds of country coats to the Country Coats 2 Syria campaign. After first being approached to help the charity less than a month ago, the Silverton Foxhounds have collected 500 coats and the pile is continuing to grow…. (story)
Horse & Hound 17.1.16 Campaign co-founder ‘humbled’ by volume of coat donations to Syrian appeal - Around 5,000 equestrian and country coats have now been collected as part of a campaign to help displaced Syrians. Country Coats 2 Syria, founded by Richard Walton and H&H hunting correspondent George Bowyer, has been collecting warm coats to ship to Syrians in need…. More than 2,000 coats were collected across the Beaufort and VWH countries alone. Angela Meade, mother of four-star eventer Harry Meade, and Pammie-Jane Farquhar were the masterminds behind the Beaufort collection…. (story)
Stroud Life 16.1.16 Hunts hand over thousands of coats for refugees - Some of the most expensive coats in Britain will keep refugees warm after a collection by two hunts. The Duke of Beaufort's Hounds and the Vale of the White Horse hunt, collected 2,000-plus coats to warm the refugees in Syria, Turkey and Jordan… The collection is part of a national campaign called Country Coats 2 Syria, being organised by the countryside community, with young farmers' clubs, hunts and shooting clubs co-ordinating collections (story)

Scottish Farmer 19.2.16 Taildocking revisited - SCOTLAND is to look again at whether working dogs should be given an exemption to the total ban on tail docking that was introduced in 2007. The Scottish Government is seeking views on a possible change to the 2006 Animal Health and Welfare Act to allow vets to dock the tails of working Spaniel and Hunt Point Retriever puppies by up to a third of their length, to reduce the risk of them suffering more serious injury later in life whilst whipping through undergrowth… (story)

Guardian 19.2.16 Badger cull linked to rise in bovine TB cases - Stop the Cull finds number of herds with TB outbreak, in Dorset cull zone and at its edge, increased after badger killing began… (story)


Huffington Post 18.2.16 Why Do We Care About Hunting After 11 Years of the Ban? - Tim Bonner Chief executive at Countryside Alliance - Today (18 February) marks 11 years since the Hunting Act 2005 came into force…. And what about the hunts themselves 11 years on from the ban? Well England and Wales still has 289 registered packs of hunting dogs and there has certainly been no drop in support for those hunts. Despite endless expensive and time consuming allegations made by animal rights groups not a single hunt is currently being prosecuted under the Hunting Act and the law is being used almost exclusively to prosecute poachers… In this situation it might be tempting to ask why anyone would think the law needs to be changed, but it cannot be right to leave in place a law based on such illiberal principles even if it has failed. And even if hunts are not being dragged through the courts at the moment the police are having to deal with allegations and the hunting community is still living with the real prospect of facing investigation and prosecution…. (story)

Horse & Hound 18.2.16 Popular joint-master died of ‘traumatic brain injury’ - Amy Mathieson - Joint-master of the Cottesmore, Gems McCormick, died after her horse landed on her an inquest has heard. The 44-year-old died after a fall out hunting on 4 November. She suffered serious head injuries. Ms McCormick was hunting with the Fitzwilliam (Milton) hunt when the accident happened…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 18.2.16 Gems McCormick: Inquest hears of huntswoman's tragic death after her horse landed on top of her By AlanThompson - A leading huntswoman was tragically killed after her horse landed on top of her while she was out riding, an inquest heard…. (story)
Rutland Times 17.2.16 Huntswoman died from ‘unsurvivable head injuries’ after horse landed on her in fall - A huntswoman with a passion for a sport which had its own ‘inherent dangers’ was killed after her horse landed on top of her after jumping a rail… (story)
17.2.16 Huntswoman died from ‘unsurvivable head injuries’ after horse landed on her in fall - A huntswoman with a passion for a sport which had its own ‘inherent dangers’ was killed after her horse landed on top of her after jumping a rail. Gemma McCormick, who lived at Thorpe Satchville, Melton Mowbray, died of devastating head injuries following the fall at Milton Park near Peterborough…. She was an experienced horse rider, and was joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt… (story)
Mail 17.2.16 Leading huntswoman, 44, died in horror fence fall which left her with severe head injuries when her horse fell on top of her By SAM TONKIN FOR MAILONLINE - A joint-master of a hunt was tragically killed after her horse landed on top of her while she was out riding, an inquest heard. Retired helicopter pilot Gemma McCormick, 44, slipped sideways off her horse as she jumped a rail. She died of 'unsurvivable' head injuries after the animal then toppled onto her in the fall on November 4 last year…. (story)
Mirror 17.2.16 Top huntswoman suffered unsurvivable head injuries after horse fell on top of her during tragic jump BY HARVEY DAY - Gemma McCormick, joint master of the Cottesmore Hunt, suffered “unsurvivable” injuries to the brain in the accident, an inquest heard… (story)
Western Morning News 24.11.15 Online trolls 'celebrate' death of popular hunt master - Friends and family of a joint master who died after a fall out hunting have been left shocked after internet trolls posted messages online celebrating the rider's death. Gemma McCormick, joint master of the Cottesmore Hunt, died on November 5 after suffering a horrific head injury when she tumbled from her horse at a fence whilst out with the neighbouring Fitzwilliam Hunt. A series of nasty messages began to appear online when the 44-year-old former helicopter pilot was in hospital being kept alive on a ventilator following the fall…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 17.11.15 Internet trolls delight in death of eminent huntswoman Gemma McCormick following fall - INTERNET trolls from Devon have been sharply criticised for celebrating the death of a leading huntswoman following a riding accident. Messages on social media began to appear even when Gemma McCormick, a 44-year-old former helicopter pilot, was being kept alive on a ventilator following the accident on November 5, and continued after she dies… (story)
Evening Standard 16.11.15 Malevolence of the anti- hunt brigade - SAM LEITH - No particular fan though I am of fox-hunting, it seemed to me complete madness that Tony Blair’s government spent so many hours of parliamentary time arranging a ban on it…But a sense of perspective was never big in that debate. As witness, now, reports that more than 1,000 internet posts were made applauding the death of 44-year-old Gemma McCormick after she fell from her horse at a hunting meet earlier this month… As not one of these malevolent thickos registered, she was following a man-made “trail hunt”. Out riding, in other words. Amazing what forms compassion can take, isn’t it? (story)
Huffington Post 16.11.15 Online Trolls Celebrate Death Of Huntswoman Gemma McCormick By Sara C Nelson - The death of a leading huntswoman, killed after falling from her horse during a trail hunt, has been met with online jubilation by those who oppose the sport. Gemma McCormick suffered head injuries after attempting to jump a fence in Cambridgeshire last week. McCormick, who was a joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt, was airlifted to hospital but later died…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 15.11.15 Trolls cheer huntswoman's death By Javier Espinoza - The death of a huntswoman following a riding accident has been celebrated by Internet trolls in what some described as “sick and hypocritical”. Gemma McCormick died after she sustained head injuries when she fell awkwardly as she jumped a fence during a hunt near Peterborough… Ban Hunt Saboteurs group, a pro-hunting group, claimed anti-hunt radicals had planned the trolling campaign against Ms McCormick and said to have identified at least 1,000 messages from 800 people cheering her passing, the Sunday Times reported…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.11.15 Tributes paid to popular hunt master who died in fall By WMN_PGoodwin The Countryside Alliance has paid tribute to a hunt master has died after a fall. Gems McCormick suffered a horrific head injury when she tumbled from her horse at a fence on Wednesday. The joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt, she was out with the neighbouring Fitzwilliam Hunt when the tragedy happened…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.11.15 Tributes to female huntmaster killed after horror fall while out hunting By TristanCork … The pictures of Gems McCormick were taken by professional photographer and a friend of Gems Nico Morgan. We apologise for not initially crediting Nico with the images. The proceeds from the pictures will being passed on to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance in memory of Gems McCormick. (story)
Leicester Mercury 6.11.15 Hunt master Gems McCormick dies in hunting tragedy By Tom_Mack - A leading member of a Leicestershire hunt has died after falling from her horse during the first outing of the season. Cottesmore joint-master Gems McCormick, who lived in Thorpe Satchville, near Melton, suffered a severe head injury after falling from her horse while jumping over a fence in the Cambridgeshire countryside on Wednesday…. (story)
Rutland Times 6.11.15 NEWSFLASH: Leading huntswoman killed in hunting accident - Tributes are being paid to a prominent huntswoman who has died after falling from her horse during the opening hunt of the season. Gemma McCormick, who lived at Thorpe Satchville and was joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt, is understood to have sustained head injuries after attempting to jump a fence on rural land in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday… Nick Wright, chairman of Cottesmore Hunt, spoke of the ‘huge sadness’ felt by members and supporters of the hunt following Ms McCormick’s death… (story)
Horse & Hound 5.11.15 Hunting world pays tribute to joint-master killed in a fall - Amy Mathieson - Tributes have poured in for the joint-master of the Cottesmore, Gems McCormick, who has died after a fall out hunting…Photographer Nico Morgan told H&H Gems was “one of the most generous and helpful people I have ever known”... (story)
Horse & Hound 5.11.15 Hunting world in shock after death of joint-master - Amy Mathieson - The joint-master of the Cottesmore, Gems McCormick, has died due to an accident out hunting. Ms McCormick was out with the Fitzwilliam (Milton) hunt yesterday (Wednesday, 4 November) when the accident happened... (story)
Western Daily Press 5.11.15 Tributes to female huntmaster killed after horror fall while out hunting By TristanCork - A hunt master has died after she suffered a horrific head injury when she tumbled from her horse at a fence on Wednesday. Gems McCormick, the joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt, was out with the neighbouring Fitzwilliam Hunt when the tragedy happened on Wednesday. The Cottesmore, which is based near Oakham in Rutland, cancelled its meet today, Thursday, as a mark of respect to one of its popular leaders… (story)
Mail 5.11.15 Female master of the hunt dies after falling while going over a fence and suffering a head injury By CLAIRE ELLICOTT FOR THE DAILY MAIL - A joint-master of a hunt has died following an accident while out hunting. Gems McCormick was out with the Fitzwilliam (Milton) hunt yesterday when she reportedly fell off her horse and suffered a head injury… The retired helicopter pilot, 44, had been at the Fitzwilliam’s opening meet at Milton Hall, near Peterborough, and the hunt has expressed its ‘sincere condolences’ to her family… (story)

FarmingUK 18.2.16 Rural communities are being left behind as crucial services dwindle - People living in the Welsh countryside are being put at a disadvantage, the Countryside Alliance claims, after a poll revealed they are losing access to important services…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 18.2.16 Badger cull roll-out to be extended across the South West, as 25 potential new cull zones are identified By WMNPBowern - At least six new badger culls look set to be given the go-ahead in the Westcountry this year in the ongoing battle to rid the country of bovine TB. Potential cull zones in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset are among 25 across the South West that have been submitted to Natural England for consideration. Nationally 29 new applications for cull licenses or expressions of interest for new badger cull zones have been lodged… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 18.2.16 Badger cull could return to Dorset - Sarah Cartlidge - THE controversial badger cull which took place in Dorset last year and was hailed as a success by the Government could be returning… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 18.2.16 Animal rights group wants Exploris to axe seafood from menu - An animal rights group have said that fish should be off the menu at Exploris Aquarium, in Portaferry, Co Down. PETA have argued that the cafe in tourist attraction should serve fish-free fish fingers and remove any other fish dishes because “serving dead fish to visitors would contradict the aquarium’s invitation to the public to appreciate the wonder of living fish.”… (story)

Worcester News 18.2.16 Vegan agriculture can help to save our planet - I can’t agree with N Taylor (February 10 ) about there being no truth that veganism can help the planet. He tells us the New Scientist magazine states that our nation only has the renewable resources to sustain 10 million of us long term. I assume these facts are based on animal farming. Vegan agriculture I’m sure would have different results… MAX BURGESS Malvern (letter)


Huffington Post 17.2.16 Splitting Hares - The Persecution of a Countryside Icon - Eduardo Goncalves CEO League Against Cruel Sports - I've been wracking my brain to work out why anyone would hate a hare…. I mean, the Easter Bunny was originally the Easter Hare, for goodness' sake...how could you hate the Easter Bunny?... Just recently, footage taken by my team at the League Against Cruel Sports of what we believe was an illegal hare hunt was sent as evidence to the North Yorkshire Police for consideration… The hunt involved in the footage was the Eton Beagles, which led to a lot of media interest, for obvious reasons…. So why do the people who do this hate hares? The answer is, they don't hate hares. They either just enjoy the 'sport' of killing them, or they kill them so that others can enjoy the 'sport' of killing birds like grouse and pheasants. No, that doesn't make sense to me, either…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 17.2.16 POLL: Should the Hunting Ban end? (story)

BBC News Online 17.2.16 Farmer who shot dogs: fence damaged - A County Down farmer who shot three hunt dogs which he says threatened his sheep has had damage caused to fencing round his land… Mr Sloane says after the story appeared last week, 20 metres of fencing was pulled out and dumped at a derelict farmhouse half a mile away…. (story)
Belfast Newsletter 13.2.16 ‘It was the dogs or my sheep’ says Co Down farmer who shot three hounds - A farmer who shot at least three hunting dogs has voiced sorrow over the incident, but said that it “had to be done”.. . (story)
BBC News Online 12.2.16 County Down farmer shoots hunting dogs who threatened pregnant sheep By Conor Macauley - A County Down farmer has described how he shot dead three dogs belonging to a hunt when they threatened his pregnant ewes. Alan Sloane said he was within his rights to shoot the hounds on his land near Rathfriland… The Countryside Alliance said it was investigating the incident… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 12.2.16 Farmer's horror as sheep lose lambs after hunt invades By Linda Stewart - A flock of sheep suffered mass miscarriages after being chased by foxhounds on a stag hunt in Co Down… Owners Alan and Esther Sloane said they face big losses as a result, and Esther called on farmers throughout the area to come together and ban hunting from their land after hunt members refused to identify themselves… Lyall Plant of the Countryside Alliance said a memorandum of understanding on best practice had been signed with the Ulster Farmers' Union and the Northern Ireland Masters of Hounds Association several years ago, and this had been the first incident since… (story)

Dundee Courier 17.2.16 We need balance in wildlife conservation - - I am a retired shepherd of 77 years of age and a lifelong reader of The Courier. Why, oh why, does your columnist Jim Crumley get a full page to write utter drivel? It was nice, however, to read the letter, Younger gamekeepers take a fresh approach, which was sensible and to the point… Ernest Ripley. Golden Acre, Doune (letter)
Dundee Courier 8.2.16 Younger gamekeepers take fresh approach - In reply to Jim Crumley’s criticism of hillside roads and tracks (February 2) at the estate I work at in Glen Esk, nearly all the roads have been there for 120-plus years… I suggest Mr Crumley goes to Glamis Castle and leaves by the west drive to view the eight 250-year-old oaks, limes and ash trees all stripped by beavers in the past three months, partly due to the high waters…. The keepers may not be as eloquent as Mr Crumley but their presentations are well researched. George Sangster. Woodlands, Logie, Montrose (letter)


Farming Life 16.2.16 Hunts are urged to work with farmers - The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said that co-operation is crucial between farmers and those organising hunts on agricultural land…Countryside Alliance Ireland and the Northern Ireland Master of Hounds Association. “The aim was to set out best practice and a protocol for those hunting with hounds on farm land. With the support of hunting organisations compliance by all individual hunts was encouraged,” said UFU deputy president Ivor Ferguson... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.2.16 Law needs tightening - Mercury Mailbox - Mr D Small asked why no action is taken against illegal fox hunting (Mailbox, February 9). One reason is loopholes in the law which result in foxes being killed "accidentally". This is why it is imperative for the Hunting Act to be strengthened... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Plymouth Herald 16.2.16 BBC Countryfile - dubbed 'Towniefile' by its critics - dares to feature the work of gamekeepers By WMNPBowern - Last Sunday’s Countryfile trod on what was, for the generally oh-so-careful BBC, dangerous territory, highlighting the role of gamekeepers. Philip Bowern reports... (story)
Express 15.2.16 'I may never watch it again' Countryfile viewers enraged as show 'glorifies slaughter’ - COUNTRYFILE viewers were left fuming during tonight's "brutal" edition of the family landscape programme as Matt Baker talked butchering. By ADAM MILLER - The popular series shocked viewers, who were appalled when their Sunday night viewing appeared to "glorify the slaughtering of animals". During his segment on the life of a gamekeeper, Matt, 38, spoke to a team of family deer-readers, who explained they contribute more to conservation than the viewers at home may have realised.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.2.16 Isobel Hutchinson, Animal Aid.(letter)
Belfast Telegraph 8.2.16 Slaughterhouse cruelty must stop - ISOBEL HUTCHINSON Campaign manager Animal Aid (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 8.2.16 Animal cruelty - ANIMAL Aid’s campaign for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in slaughterhouses has now gained record political support. 134 MPs have signed a parliamentary motion in support of the initiative, and 46 MPs have been photographed holding our campaign banner… Isobel Hutchinson, Campaign Manager (Animal Farming and Slaughter), Animal Aid (letter)


Plymouth Herald 15.2.16 No one bats an eyelid at the eradication of the rat. But badger 'control' provokes howls of outrage. What's behind our attitude to animals? By WMNPBowern - Why do conservationists cheer at the eradication of the rat, but fight to prevent the death of a single badger? Philip Bowern poses the question.... (story)

Blackpool Gazette 15.2.16 Eat less meat and help end cruelty - I am asking Gazette readers to do one simple thing – eat less meat. The unspeakable cruelty that goes on in the warehouses of death in the name of factory farming would give us all nightmares for the rest of our lives if we knew what went on there.... Harry Francis via email (letter)

Leicester Mercury 15.2.16 Time to stop ritual killings - Mercury Mailbox - Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland have now all banned the ritual slaughter of animals.... Come on, Leicestershire MPs, why not team up with the RSPCA and make a stand against this horrific way of killing animals?... Derek Hines, Burbage (letter)


Bedfordshire on Sunday 14.2.16 Out foxed: Wildlife photographer Richard Bowler on capturing the perfect picture - 'WILDLIFE in Britain is boring'… But photographer Richard Bowler, who caused a stir on Twitter with controversial #KeepTheBan snaps of his fox cub last year, has made residents across the country fall in love with our humble natural history again with striking snaps of badgers, hares, starlings and frogs…. Although he claims he's more comfortable around animals than his fellow beings, he isn't afraid to take his campaign against reinstating the hunting ban into the Denbighshire countryside 'where they'll hunt anything.'… (story)

Farmers Weekly 14.2.16 Gun rules: what farmers need to know - Hayley Parrott and Tim Relf - Gun law is never far from the news…. In recent months there have been calls to amend and tighten existing arrangements in the UK…. The chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, suggested that farmers and rural shooters could lose out as they are an “easy target” for politicians who need to “be seen to be doing something” to crack down on gun crime…. Farmers Weekly has trawled the rules and regs to provide some of the key points that farmers need to know… (story)


Carlisle News & Star 13.2.16 Award in memory of teenage gamekeeper found dead last month - THE life of a young gamekeeper who died following what is believed to have been a shooting accident is to be celebrated with a new award. Matthew Tyson, 19, of Beckermet, was found dead on an estate on which he lived and worked in Berwickshire just before Christmas. He was a former student at Newton Rigg College, near Penrith, from where former tutors and friends have paid tribute to him. Saddened by the news of his passing, staff there have decided to present an award in his memory.... (story)


North Devon Journal 12.2.16 Goose on the loose: Wildlife man appeals for help to find missing gaggle spooked by staghounds - A DEVON wildlife lover is asking the public for help in finding his prized geese after more than half the gaggle were spooked by staghounds. Roger Osbourne has kept geese on his isolated plot of land near the River Exe for several years but says he fears his remaining geese will be vulnerable to attack from foxes... Roger, who lives near Stoodleigh, said: "I returned from doing my shopping at around 5.20pm on Wednesday and I was unloading items from my car, when two great big stag hounds came through the garden and spooked the geese, causing them to jump into the river.... he later rang up the local hunt kennels and spoke to them though they had told him they had not lost any hounds yesterday... (story)

Plymouth Herald 12.2.16 New leader of League Against Cruel Sports promises renewed attack on country pursuits By WMNPBowern - The League Against Cruel Sports has a new CEO in Portuguese-born Eduardo Gonclaves Philip Bowern reports on what the countryside can expect from him. The League Against Cruel Sports new Chief Executive Officer has pledged a three pronged attack on fox hunting, game shooting and dog fighting as he takes up his role…. His appointment marks efforts by the League to draw a line under its senior staffing issues…. In a attack on game shooting – which together with other shooting sports is worth £2 billion a year to the British economy – Mr Gonçalves says tens of millions of birds are bred for shoots…. But the Countryside Alliance is not impressed with the new CEO at LACS. Spokeswoman Charlotte Cooper said: “It is entirely suitable that LACS’ new chief executive was brought up in London and Portugal and has had no experience of the British countryside. Whilst his level of knowledge will undoubtedly fit well with his new colleagues it does not qualify him to comment on the colour of grass let alone activities like hunting, shooting and fishing that are central to the environment and economy of the South West”…. (story)

Shooting UK 12.2.16 Shooting groups help shape EU firearms review - Mark Layton - BASC and the Countryside Alliance have pushed for a review of proposed changes to the European Firearms Directive in a recent meeting with MEP Vicky Ford… (story)
Western Morning News 2.2.16 Country sports groups put up united front against planned shake-up of Europe's gun laws By WMNPBowern - Pro-country sports groups have made their case for a review of the proposed shake-up of EU gun laws in the wake of the Paris terrorist massacre. Philip Bowern reports - The Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation have put up joint objections to a proposed tightening of European firearms legislation on the basis it would unfairly discriminate against users of licensed sporting guns. Representatives from the two groups, which between them have nearly 250,000 members, met with MEP Vicky Ford, at a roundtable event to discuss recently proposed amendments to the European Firearms Directive…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 12.2.16 Large number of children – many from poor or ethnic backgrounds - have no engagement with countryside, study shows By WMNPBowern - A two-year study has found that a sizeable minority of children have had no engagement with the great outdoors for at least a year, increasing concerns about childhood obesity and a growing disconnection with the countryside. Around 12 % of children – many from poorer backgrounds – had no experience of visiting a forest, park or other natural open space in the last 12 months, the research by Natural England found… The Countryside Alliance, which promotes rural Britain and backs country sports, said the research showed that its Fishing for Schools project, which helped children from all backgrounds experience angling, was a vital part of connecting youngsters with the outdoors (story)

Belfast Telegraph 12.2.16 Genuine animal lovers should be going vegan - Valentine's Day, if you strip away the flowers and chocolate, is about love and compassion. It presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on our relationships and examine who we really care about…. This Valentine’s Day please consider extending your compassion to all animals by going vegan — it’s never been easier. ELENA ORDE The Vegan Society (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 12.2.16 Animal cruelty crackdown By Linda Stewart - Dog fighting laws in Northern Ireland are now the most stringent in the UK, thanks to new measures pushed through in the Justice Bill this week… The League Against Cruel Sports said the Assembly's decision to increase the penalties so drastically means it will have the most stringent legislation in the UK for animal cruelty offences… (letter)

Mail 12.2.16 Pub chef scraps foie gras from Valentine's Day menu after staff received 200 death threats and thousands of phone calls and texts from animal rights activists By ANDREW LEVY FOR THE DAILY MAIL - An award-winning chef has removed foie gras from his Valentine’s Day menu after staff were bombarded with death threats from animal rights activists. Thousands of phone calls, text messages and emails were received within hours of Mark Dixon announcing the delicacy would be served. The Kings Arms in Fleggburgh, Norfolk, also received up to 30 false bookings and was warned protesters would turn up outside… (story)
Guardian 12.2.16 Chef drops foie gras from Valentine's menu after death threats - Mark Dixon of Kings Arms at Fleggburgh criticises ‘harassment’ by vegan activists after receiving menacing phone calls… (story)
Telegraph 12.2.16 The foie gras activists have got it so wrong - There is an inescapable whiff of the class war about this campaign to save geese from over-feeding By Rose Prince … There was little intelligent debate going on this week when a restaurant was forced to remove foie gras – the fattened liver of a goose or duck – from its menu after intimidation by so-called Vegan Activists… (story)
Telegraph 12.2.16 Foie gras: why is this French delicacy so controversial? - A Norfolk pub found itself facing thousands of complaints this week after it put foie gras on its Valentine's menu. The award-winning chef at the King’s Arms in Fleggburgh, Mark Dixon, said that within hours of revealing the menu on Facebook, staff were barraged with emails, texts and hoax phone calls, including about 200 death threats…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.2.16 'Death threats' pub removes foie gras from Valentine's menu - A pub has removed foie gras from its Valentine's menu after claiming death threats were made to staff. The King's Arms at Fleggburgh had listed foie gras - made by force-feeding corn to ducks or geese - on its tasting menu for 13 and 14 February. Owner and chef Mark Dixon said staff were threatened over the phone and on social media by "vegan activists"…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.2.16 Circus animal ban in Wales 'could lead the way', campaigners say - Campaigners have said they hope Wales can lead the way in banning the use of wild animals in circuses. The Welsh government is carrying out a review on whether the likes of lions and elephants should be used in circuses…. Chris Draper, from wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation, told BBC Radio Wales' Country Focus programme: "I would be delighted if the Welsh government were the first to take action on this… (story)

Express 12.2.16 Farmers need YOUR help to save 9,000 hens from the slaughter house - A HUGE rescue mission is underway to stop 9,000 hens going to slaughter By STUART WINTER - Animal welfare organisations are coming together to save the birds that have come to the end of their organic egg laying careers. Legally, hens cannot be kept in production for longer than 78 weeks because egg quality falters. Most farms send the birds off to slaughter but Mac’s Organic Egg Farm wants to save their huge flocks from being killed… (story)
Farmers Weekly 11.2.16 BBC One Show helps with hen rehoming effort - Plans to rehome thousands of organic layers from the Mac’s Farm in East Sussex received a fillip this week, when owner Susie Macmillan and her son Deano appeared with three of their hens on the BBC’s One Show… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 10.2.16 Can you help me rehome 3,000 hens? - A WIMBORNE woman is appealing for the public’s help in finding new homes for up to 3,000 hens destined for slaughter. Celia Marker, 68, a self-proclaimed hen rescuer and animal charity fundraiser, is going to collect the birds from a farm in Sussex on March 19 and 20 to be taken in by kind-hearted Dorset and Hampshire residents. This will be Celia’s sixth hen rescue in around seven years, supported by the Shoreham Rescue volunteers, and she urgently wants the public’s help as any birds not allocated by the end of the month will be sent for slaughter… (story)


Express 11.2.16 'Indiscriminate and cruel' Animal rights campaigners SLAM snare traps after cat loses leg - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are calling for an outright ban on snares after a young cat lost her leg when she became trapped. By STUART WINTER - Two year old Tabitha was left with such horrific injuries that vets had no alternative but amputation… The League Against Cruel Sports also wants to see snares outlawed. Its deputy director of campaigns Chris Pitt added: “Tabitha’s horrific injury highlights why dog and cat owners need to be ‘snare aware’…(story)
West Sussex County Times 11.2.16 Tabitha the cat recovering from horrific injuries inflicted by suspected snare - A cat who suffered horrific injuries and needed to have a leg amputated is recovering after being caught in what vets believe was a snare…Anna Portnoi, Volunteer Co-ordinator of Cats Protection’s Horsham & District Branch, is now caring for Tabitha while she recovers after her previous owner signed her over to the veterinary surgery to continue her care…. Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns for the League Against Cruel Sports, says that all animals caught in these wire nooses suffer terribly… (story)

Mirror.11.2.16 Tory-backed badger cull lands taxpayers £1.7m policing bill after officers confront protesters BY BEN GLAZE - The taxpayer bill for policing last year’s protest-hit badger cull was £1,675,112. Officers were tasked with preventing trouble as protesters confronted gunmen bidding to blast to death hundreds of the shy creatures. Cash-strapped forces had to deploy cops to keep the peace as the Tory-backed killing programme was unleashed in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset last autumn…. (story)

Morning Star 11.2.16 Indomitable badger campaigner Sue Chamberlain dies by Lesley Docksey - Dorset’s wildlife protectors thought it was bad enough when the badger cull arrived last year… Central to it all was a remarkable woman, Sue Chamberlain. On January 13 this year, however, Dorset’s badgers were left reeling from another blow as Chamberlain lost her battle with cancer… (story)


Horse & Hound 10.2.16 Daring riders take on bareback hunting challenge - Rachael Hook - Two riders are taking on a daring hunting challenge to raise funds for the Air Ambulance. Georgie Wagstaffe and Sophie Cripps will be riding bareback with the Pytchley Hunt on 5 March armed with strong neck straps…. (story)

Farming UK 10.2.16 Countryside Alliance urges anyone with information on Derbyshire bird crime to contact police - As a member of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (UK), the Countryside Alliance has joined Derbyshire Constabulary in calling on anyone with information about recently reported cases of raptor persecution in the Peak District National Park to contact the police…. (story)

Hereford Times 10.2.16 Public meeting against badger cull in Herefordshire - A GROUP opposed to the badger cull in Herefordshire is to hold a public meeting. The event, held by No Herefordshire Cull, will take place on Friday February 19 will be an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and find out what they can do to protect the county's badgers… (story)

York Vision 10.2.16 “Cull ’til the cows come home”: Exclusive images from shocking badger cull social by Paul Wace - The York Tories have demanded people “stop jumping to conclusions” after their badger culling social was slammed by a national animal charity. Bethany Wright, chair of the society, hit back in a post on Facebook after the event was criticised by The League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)


Oxford Mail 9.2.16 Harsher punishments are needed for cruel hunters - DERRICK Holt (Letters, February 5) rightly draws attention to the demonisation of foxes that is a necessary pre-requisite to their persecution by the blood sports brigade. However, foxes are not the only targets of this form of recreational abuse – for instance, hares are also regarded as ‘fair game’… M PRITCHARD Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 5.2.16 All living creatures are entitled to a natural life - I NOTICE that hunting has, once again, become a popular subject for the Letters page. I dislike killing anything without good reason and believe that every living thing is entitled to live out its life naturally… DERRICK HOLT Fortnam Close, Headington, Oxford (letter)

Farming UK 9.2.16 Scottish Countryside Alliance supports the findings of the Understanding Predation project - The Scottish Countryside Alliance is pleased to have been be part of the ground-breaking Understanding Predation Project, the report from which was launched yesterday by Environment Minister, Dr Aileen McLeod… (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.2.16 Badger cull 
is humane From: H Marjorie Gill, Menston - ANIMAL rights campaigners are always eager to attack the culling of badgers suffering from TB… TB is a dreadful disease. Far from being cruel, it is vitally necessary to cull these animals to stop their suffering. (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.2.16 William Fox-Pitt’s former ride enjoying second career on the hunting field - Amy Mathieson - Navigator, who won Bramham in 2008 with William Fox-Pitt, is now enjoying a second career on the hunting field…. Navigator has now been retired from competition and has been seen out with the Bicester and the Pytchley…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.2.16 WMN OPINION: Demonstrating the value of managing wildlife and the countryside - It is an area of science that is still only partly understood. But the role that animals like the beaver could have in cleaning up our water courses and holding back the potential for floods is much better known that it once was… Others, most notably anglers, may find negative impacts from the return of the beaver…. While the re-wilding enthusiasts who are, in the main, in favour of seeing beavers back on UK rivers will hail the results of this experiment as grist to their mill, there is an argument to say that in fact, it shows we cannot and must not ‘re-wild’ but rather step up landscape and wildlife management for the public good…. (story)

Cambridge News 8.2.16 Cruel animal sports are on the increase across Cambridgeshire - Incidents of hare coursing more than doubled across Cambridgeshire last year, according to police. Wildlife Crime Officer Pc Alun Bradshaw said there had been an unprecedented rise in the cruel crime, in which dogs are unleashed in fields to chase and catch wild hares, which can end up dead… On January 29, Pc Alan Bradshaw met with Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner to discuss criminal threat to wildlife across the county. These include attacks on swans, bird nests and habitat destruction, fish and deer poaching and more… Head of campaigns at World Animal Protection, Alyx Elliott, said: "Wildlife crime in Cambridgeshire ranges from fish poaching in the Cam and dog attacks on swans in our parks, through to hare coursing in the countryside and even illegal trade in rhino horn on the internet… (story)

Western Mail 8.2.16 No memorial until Japan stops whaling - Recently I read a news item about a plan by West Wales Maritime Heritage Society to have a memorial for Japanese sailors killed off the coast of Pembrokeshire in World War I by a German U-boat…. Japan at present has plans to kill 4,000 whales in Antarctica. Whaling involves the slow painful death of these beautiful animals…. Mark Franchi, West Wales Animal Welfare Group, Aberporth (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 8.2.16 Show the elephants some humanity - It’s time for some humanity towards animals in our care. The council should reject a planning application submitted by Blackpool Zoo to build a new elephant enclosure… Gordon Sinclair Smithy Mews Blackpool (letter)


Sunday Herald 7.2.16 Wildlife crime: landowners and SNH lock horns over killing of protected birds of prey - TWO sporting estates are taking the Government’s wildlife agency, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), to court after it said that birds of prey had been illegally killed or trapped on their land. Last week, SNH named Raeshaw estate, southeast of Edinburgh, and Burnfoot estate, west of Stirling, as sites where raptors protected under law such as peregrines, red kites and buzzards had been persecuted. Based on evidence from Police Scotland, SNH rejected appeals from the two estates, and took the unprecedented step of imposing legal restrictions on the management of their grouse moors. The Sunday Herald has learnt, however, that the estates are now launching a judicial review of SNH’s move. They deny any wrongdoing, and are challenging whether SNH has acted lawfully within its powers…. (story)

Daily Post 7.2.16 Farm leaders call for end to 'pointless' badger vaccination in Wales BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Farm leaders have called on the Welsh Government to cut its losses and abandon its “pointless and costly” badger vaccination trial in south west Wales… FUW deputy president Brian Thomas, who farms in the trial area, said: “There is currently a shortage of BCG vaccine, and given that one badger dose can vaccinate 20 infants in regions where human TB is a huge problem, such as Africa, it would be immoral to deplete global vaccine stocks by vaccinating badgers.”… (story)


North Devon Journal 6.2.16 PICTURES: Devon huntsman knocked off horse by stag - THESE photographs show the moment a stag knocked a huntsman off his horse. Richard Austin, a freelance photographer, took these images 11 years ago on Exmoor…Although staghunting was banned by the Hunting Act 2004, the Devon and Somerset Staghounds still meet three times a week during the season to manage the deer on Exmoor, monitoring the numbers, distribution and health of the herd and operating within the restrictions imposed by the act… (story)

Telegraph 6.2.16 Do animal rights activists want to prolong badgers’ agony? By Christopher Booker - It might seem strange to suggest that animal rights campaigners appear to be happy to allow countless thousands of wild animals to die a long and very painful death. But that is the implication of a very odd story emerging from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), where a fierce internal battle is raging over a scientific breakthrough that could also save Britain billions of pounds…. (story)

BBC News Online 6.2.16 Somerset badger cull: Policing cost half million pounds - Policing the badger cull in Somerset in 2015 cost £555,514, new figures released by the Avon and Somerset force reveal…. Stop the Cull said fewer people protested in Somerset than in previous years because efforts were focused on Dorset which was included for the first time. Spokesman Jay Tiernan said: "Quite a low number of people turned out, so if that still costs half a million pounds to police then what is the actual cost of the cull?... (story)


Lynn News 5.2.16 Letters: S Halliday, February 5, 2016 - So Prince Charles has warned the RSPCA of his intention to withdraw royal patronage from the charity unless the RSPCA withdraws its opposition to hunting. Perhaps the charity should point out to HRH that it would be sheer hypocrisy for him to remain as patron and it would be preferable for them to find someone more genuinely in tune with animal welfare… S Halliday, Grovelands, Ingoldisthorpe (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.2.16 Guerrilla animal rights group Sea Shepherd UK may never return to north-east - Joshua King - A guerrilla animal rights group may have visited the north-east for the last time now that wild salmon netting has been banned. In recent years, Sea Shepherd UK’s seal defence team has laid siege to marksmen who they allege have killed seals to protect salmon stocks in Gamrie Bay. But now the Scottish Government has announced that from April 1, “killing outwith estuary limits will be prohibited for three years due to the mixed stock nature of the fishery and limited data on the composition of the catch”. In the wake of the announcement, a spokesman for the conservation group said their mission in the region is complete… (story)


Shooting UK 4.2.16 RSPCA “at risk” of losing Royal support - Mark Layton - The RSPCA is in danger of losing the support of the Royal Family due to its continued political campaigning, it has been claimed. A source told the Daily Telegraph last month that HRH the Prince of Wales has “fundamental disagreements” over many of the RSPCA’s key policies and has “privately voiced concerns” about the charity…. (story)
Western Daily Press 26.1.16 RSPCA could lose 'royal' title By Lyn Barton - The RSPCA's role in campaigning against countryside sports could result in it being jettisoned by the Royal Family and forced to drop the coveted word "Royal" from its name, it has been claimed. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the organisation, said: "Anyone considering taking on the patronage of the RSPCA would have to consider its future direction and whether it is going to continue down a radical campaign path…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.1.16 RSPCA could lose Royal patronage over stance on countryside sports By WMNlynbarton - The RSPCA's increasingly strident role in campaigning against countryside sports could be jettisoned by the Royal family and forced to drop the coveted word 'Royal' from its name…. (story)
Telegraph 23.1.16 Prince Charles voices 'concern' over RSPCA putting future royal patronage in doubt By Robert Mendick, and Gordon Rayner - The RSPCA could be abandoned by the Royal family unless it returns to its roots in animal welfare rather than campaigning against countryside sports… A source has claimed that the Prince of Wales has “fundamental disagreements” over many of its key policies and has “privately voiced concerns about the RSPCA”, inevitably raising speculation that he could refuse to take on her role when the time comes…. In 2013, the Most Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, turned down the charity’s invitation to become a vice-patron. His four predecessors had all taken on the role… (story)

Telegraph 4.2.16 I went on the notorious Tory student 'Badger Culling Social' to investigate whether it was 'vile' or harmless student fun - The social has been branded "vile" and "pathetic" by angry students and badger lovers alike - but are the people behind it monsters, or are they just having a laugh? By Jack Gevertz (story)
York Press 3.2.16 York students 'Badger Culling' social comes under fire - David Scullion - YORK Student Conservatives are holding a ‘Badger Culling’ social tonight with members dressing as badgers and hunters as part of a night out…. One of Britain’s biggest animal rights groups The League Against Cruel Sports has criticised the event. Campaigns director Tom Quinn said: “This is probably meant to be a harmless joke but it’s not very funny…. (story)
Mirror 2.2.16 Tory students' 'badger culling social' prompts protest from animal rights group - The League Against Cruel Sports said the event at the University of York was "not very funny" and "made light of a national scandal"… (story)

Metro 4.2.16 Comic artist takes a satirical look at meat-eaters vs vegans - Deni Kirkova - An illustrator is poking fun at the arguments meat-eaters have with vegans. The Vegan Sidekick entertains his 90,000 Instagram followers with regular posts about the common contradictions and arguments that come with being a vegan… Richard has been vegan for 15 years and used to make images and YouTube videos offering vegans support and advice on how to answer questions and handle debates…. (story)

Worcester News 4.2.16 Talk about animal cruelty at the circus held at Worcester pub - James Connell - AN animal lover who is passionate about saving them from a life of cruelty in the circus gave a talk at a Worcester pub. Angie Greenaway, global executive and outreach manager of Animal Defenders International, gave a talk and presentation to a packed audience at the Pheasant public house in Worcester on Wednesday evening (February 3)… In her talk, organised by Worcester Vegans & Veggies, Ms Greenaway focused on ADI's investigations of the suffering of wild animals in circuses in the UK and abroad…. (story)


USwitch 3.2.16 Broadband not-spot summit to be held this week - Digital minister Ed Vaizey is to meet with internet providers, lobby groups and MPs to discuss the issue of broadband not-spots… Mr Vaizey is therefore hosting what has been dubbed a "not-spot summit" on Wednesday with officials from the broadband sector, local MPs and bodies such as the Countryside Alliance and the National Farmers' Union… (story)
Cable 1.2.16 Government to host summit on broadband and mobile 'not-spots' BY ELLEN BRANAGH - The government will host a long-awaited ‘not-spot’ summit this week, it has been revealed... Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, said the summit on Wednesday will see digital minister Ed Vaizey host representatives from both large and small fixed and mobile broadband providers, as well as groups like the National Farmers’ Union and the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Daily Post 3.2.16 Stalled badger vaccination project in Wales could restart without a problem, report concludes BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Wales' stalled badger vaccination project is unlikely to have a damaging impact on the programme’s long-term objectives, an independent report has said. Computer simulations suggest that a year-long absence of badger jabbing would not cause a resurgence of TB in badgers, according to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 3.2.16 Animal testing doesn't belong in universities - A new report has revealed that universities are responsible for just over half of all experiments conducted on animals in the UK…. Unless they wish to be at the bottom of the science pile, our universities should rethink their archaic and cockamamie policy regarding animal use. They must embrace modern, humane research technology. CALUM PROCTOR By email (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 3.2.16 Stop these plans for new elephant pen - For Kate the lone elephant at Blackpool Zoo to be treated as a tourist attraction is a travesty of justice. No zoo can provide the physical or emotional needs of any elephant (Gazette, January 12). To bring in a new breeding herd would be a disaster, as no new enclosure could be big enough to provide their needs, merely elephants bred into restrictive unsuitable conditions, which is so miserable and unfair on them… Elizabeth Elston, Cleveland (story)


BBC News Online 2.2.16 Oxford author publishes book about living as a wild animal - An Oxford author has written a book cataloguing his experience of living life as five wild animals. Charles Foster has worked as a vet, a lawyer and is now an Oxford academic. His book Being a Beast describes his trials of life as a fox and otter, as well as how he lived underground and ate worms to understand the world of badgers…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.2.16 Bullfighters are in need of therapy - HAVING set out to torture and kill bulls for a living, Francisco Rivera Ordonez clearly believes hurting and killing others is inconsequential, proving it this week when he added his own child to those whose very lives he plays with and showed that he is not fit to be a parent…. CALUM PROCTOR By email (letter)


Dundee Courier 1.2.16 Persecution of birds persists - Sir, - As the lead author of the RSPB Scotland report reviewing the illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland between 1994 and 2014, it was disappointing to read Nicolle Hamilton’s response (January 25) to the concerns so eloquently expressed by Jim Crumley in his opinion piece on January 19.... Uncomfortable though it is for some, it is a statement of fact that the vast majority of crimes against birds of prey occur in areas where intensive management of land for game bird shooting is the main land use.... Ian Thomson. Head of Investigations, RSPB Scotland (letter)

Yorkshire Post 1.2.16 Prolific universities urged to abandon ‘archaic’ animal testing - FIVE of Britain’s top universities tested almost one million animals between them in just 12 months, new figures reveal. Anti-vivisection organisation Cruelty Free International, which compiled the figures, called for the “archaic” practice to be abandoned in favour of more humane research methods.... (story)
The National 1.2.16 Edinburgh University used 200,000 animals for research in 2014 - STEFAN SCHMID - ANIMAL rights groups have condemned Edinburgh University bosses after it was revealed that over 200,000 animals were tested upon during 2014.... (story)
Mirror 1.2.16 Five of Britain's top universities named and shamed over animal testing BY SAM WEBB - The University of Oxford headed the list compiled by the anti-vivisection organisation Cruelty Free International, with a total of 226,739 animals used in experiments… (story)
Oxford Mail 1.2.16 Oxford University committed to reducing animal tests (story)
Edinburgh News 1.2.16 Edinburgh University criticised over animal testing - DIANE KING (story)
Irish Examiner 1.2.16 122,000 animals in university lab tests in Ireland between 2012-2014 - Aine Boner - Nearly 122,000 animals were used in tests at six of the country’s top universities over a three-year period…. (story)
Herald 1.2.16 Edinburgh University is second to Oxford for animal testing experiments (story)
Herald 1.2.16 Herald View: Why Vivisection still passes a tricky moral test - IT is not the kind of league table universities boast about, but thanks to freedom of information legislation, the public is able to see the list of universities which conduct the most animal experiments in the UK… There are moral absolutists who will say that not a single one of those experiments can be justified, but the figures have to be seen in the context of a progression, by degrees, towards the ending of experiments on animals for good….. (story)
STV 1.2.16 Edinburgh University is second highest user of animal testing in UK (story)
ITV 1.2.16 Cambridge University criticised over animal testing (story)
Independent 1.2.16 Oxford University tops list for animal testing - John von Radowitz (story)

Dorset Echo 1.2.16 Tributes paid to wildlife campaigner Sue Chamberlain - TRIBUTES have been paid to a Dorset woman who was ‘dedicated’ to wildlife. Sue Chamberlain, 59, died after a battle with cancer. Mrs Chamberlain was described as ‘the lynchpin’ of the campaign group Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare and a funeral service held at West Stafford Church last week was packed with people she had met and worked with in various organisations. Former Queen guitarist Brian May even paid tribute to Mrs Chamberlain… (story)