February 2017

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Chester Chronicle 28.2.17 Police close investigation into Beeston fox hunt allegations BY FRANCES BARRETT - A probe into reports of an illegal fox hunt in Beeston has been closed due to 'no physical evidence', Cheshire police have confirmed... An anti-fox hunting group claimed they shot the video in Beeston on February 4 and the matter was handed over to the police. But now the force has revealed that it has yet to receive any statements from alleged witnesses, without which it cannot proceed so the decision has been taken to conclude the investigation... "Contact has been made with witnesses to ask for statements of complaint, original video footage and pathology reports in relation to the fox in question. However despite this request we have received no physical evidence and no statements have been provided that would allow us to progress a criminal investigation... (story)
SWNS 8.2.17 Shocking Footage Shows Live Fox Being Torn Apart By Hunt’s Hounds - This shocking footage shows the moment a live fox is torn apart by bloodthirsty hounds belonging to a hunt. The sickening clip, which has gone viral after being shared by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, shows more than 20 frenzied dogs savaging the vixen… But Cheshire Hunt insist they were hunting artificial trails and say a fox was “disturbed” and it was an “unfortunate accident” that the hounds caught it…. (story)
Mail 8.2.17 Anti-fox hunting group captures the graphic moment a vixen is torn apart by a pack of dogs sparking police investigation By GIULIA CROUCH FOR MAILONLINE - Disturbing footage of a fox being mauled by a pack of hounds in Cheshire has been shared online - sparking a police investigation. An anti-fox hunting group say they filmed the video in Beeston on Saturday… (story)
The Sentinel 7.2.17 Cheshire Police continue investigation into 'illegal fox hunt' in Beeston By Tom_Burnett - Police are appealing for witnesses after reports of an illegal fox hunt at the weekend. Cheshire Police have confirmed they are continuing their investigation into the alleged incident after footage emerged reportedly showing a fox being torn apart by a group of hunting hounds in Beeston on Saturday… (story)
Daily Post 7.2.17 Shocking footage of hounds mauling fox as North Wales saboteurs target hunt in Cheshire BY REBECCA BIRD - Hunt saboteurs have posted gruesome footage of a fox being attacked by a pack of hounds. North Wales Hunt Saboteurs and their counterparts in Cheshire shared videos on their Facebook pages which appears to show the fox being killed by the hounds at a hunt in Beeston, Cheshire on Saturday… (story)
Stoke Sentinel 6.2.17 Cheshire Police investigating after Hunt Saboteurs report illegal fox hunt in Beeston area By Tom_Burnett - Police are investigating after footage appeared online allegedly showing an illegal hunt. Footage posted to the internet by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs reportedly shows a fox surrounded by hounds in a body of water in the Beeston area of Cheshire. The group claim the animal died following the incident, which is reported to have taken place on Saturday, and said they were going to send the body to the RSPCA for a post-mortem to be carried out… (story)

Irish Times 28.2.17 Gun owners not entitled to costs of successful court challenge, judge rules - The High Court has ruled that 27 gun-owners are not entitled to the costs of their successful legal challenges to the refusal by gardaí to grant them firearm certificates. The 27 men had brought appeals to the District Court against the refusals by four Garda chief superintendents to grant them firearm certificates... (story)

Glasgow Live 28.2.17 UK's hottest vegan Stefanie Moir shares healthy vegan protein pancake recipe BY MAGDALENE DALZIEL - She's the UK's hottest vegan and she knows her stuff. And now Stefanie Moir wants to help you all enjoy a guilt-free Shrove Tuesday. The Glasgow-based fitness blogger has revealed how to create the ultimate healthy vegan protein pancake... (story)

Maldon Standard 28.2.17 Campaigner calls for change in law after cat is show with bow and arrow - AN ANIMAL welfare campaigner is calling on the Government to enforce a license for people using cross bows after a cat was shot. Brian Abbott, 81, from the Thurrock branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust wants to see a change in the law... (story)

Bath Chronicle 28.2.17 Sample vegan food at an event organised by Bath Animal Rights - If you want to eat less meat but aren't sure where to start, an event in Bath could be for you. And you'll be able to sample a wide range of tasty treats for free - although donations are welcomed. The Vegan Food Taster session has been organised by Bath Animal Rights with volunteers making a whole spread of food... (story)


Mail 27.2.17 'We were about psychological warfare': Former Animal Liberation Front ecoterrorist comes clean and renounces violence 25 years after firebombing university lab By Keith Griffith For Dailymail.com - A notorious animal rights ecoterrorist has come clean for the first time about the reign of terror he conducted across six scientific research sites and farms in the 1990s, renouncing violence and urging young activists to engage in more constructive tactics. Tuesday will mark the 25th anniversary of former Animal Liberation Front activist Rodney Coronado's most infamous attack, the firebombing of a research lab at Michigan State University that did not injure anyone, but destroyed decades of scientific work... (story)

London Economic 27.2.17 Fair trade and veganism have more in common than you think By Dominika Piasecka - Fighting world hunger, defending those without a voice and making it easier for customers to choose ethically-made products are all noble goals. They also happen to be what The Vegan Society and the Fairtrade Foundation have in common... “Dominika is a proud vegan, animal rights activist and Media and PR Officer at The Vegan Society”... (story)

Guardian 27.2.17 Don’t be fooled by the pretty box: find out the horror behind your egg - Chas Newkey-Burden - The mass murder of male chicks and trimming of females’ beaks are standard practice in factory farming. Consumers must say no to these anachronisms... (story)

Blackpool Gazette 27.2.17 They should ban circus animals - I’m shocked and saddened to hear that on Facebook there are to be several circuses performing this year – Chipperfield, Peter Jolly’s Circus and Circus Mondao, which has been in Lancashire in particular Blackpool using wild animals.... Jeffrey Bilham address supplied (letter)


Deeside.com 25.2.17 Two people arrested after reports of a ‘disturbance’ at an organised hunt in Flintshire - North Wales Police have arrested two people at an ‘organised hunt’ in Flintshire today. Police say they were called to the ‘organised hunt’ in the Trelogan area at 3pm following reports of an alleged disturbance. Superintendent Nigel Harrison said on social media; “Two persons have been arrested for Assault and will be interviewed later today”... (story)
Daily Post 25.2.17 'Man arrested, five others and car searched' in Mostyn police incident BY BEN BUTLER - Police are believed to have arrested a man after descending on a quiet street in Flintshire today. Two patrol cars turned up in Rhewl, Mostyn , at around 3pm, where they encountered a group of men... (story)

Romford Recorder 25.2.17 On the run with a 19th century fox hunt - Most of us regard fox-hunting as a cruel pastime, but 150 years ago it was a major part of country life – and Havering was still very rural. Let’s join the Essex Hunt on a February afternoon in 1863 as they gather at Kelvedon Hatch, near Brentwood.... (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 25.2.17 Croydon Cat Killer: Mutilated moggie found in Twickenham as charity appeals for more help in the hunt - Jonathan Mitchell - A decapitated cat was found outside the Ashford Community Centre, believed to be the latest victim of the Croydon Cat Killer has stuck again in Twickenham. According to the charity South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) the mutilated moggie was discovered in the borough in the morning of Thursday just off the Staines Bypass... (story)
Ilford Recorder 20.2.17 Animal charity claims beheaded Barkingside cat was work of notorious ‘M25 cat ripper’ - Rosaleen Fenton - A cat who was decapitated and dumped in a pond is the latest victim of a notorious feline killer, animal welfare campaigners say. A cat’s decapitated head was discovered in a garden pond in Barkingside on Sunday, prompting speculation it is linked to a series of horrific cat killings. South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) attended the scene on Sunday morning, shortly after discovering another decapitated head in Croydon.... (story)
Kent Live 2.2.17 The 'Croydon Cat Killer' may have become the 'Crowborough Cat Killer' By Sian Elvin - The so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer' or 'M25 Animal Killer' – responsible for more than a hundred grisly animal murders – has reportedly struck in Sussex after a mutilated pet was found in Crowborough. Croydon-based charity South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), which investigates crimes believed to be linked to the cat killer, said the RSPCA received a report of a "human-related" cat death over the weekend…. (story)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 25.1.17 A fox ate my cat's head: Residents advised on humane solutions after reports of foxes killing chickens, hedgehogs and a tortiose in Twickenham and Teddington - Ben Weich - Foxes, which have been known to kill residents’ cats, tortoises, chickens and hedgehogs, can only be controlled by humane methods, the council and the RSPCA have said, rather than by culling… Fox cull specialist Tom Keightley said he has received extermination requests from residents who struggle to protect animals kept in gardens from foxes… A number of gruesome cat deaths within the M25 had previously been linked to a human, dubbed the 'Croydon Cat Killer', but the accepted wisdom is that foxes are responsible…. (story)
Essex Chronicle 25.1.17 M25 cat killer suspected of dumping decapitated fox head on Billericay driveway By RichardDuggan - A fox's decapitated head has been found on the driveway of a Billericay home, prompting speculation it could be the work of the notorious M25 cat killer. The incident from Tuesday (January 24) was reported by SNARL, a small rescue centre based in South Norwood, Croydon. SNARL works with the police and RSPCA in the hunt for the M25 cat killer, who is believed to have murdered more than 100 cats over the past year. The organisation believes that the fox was killed using the same methods as many of the cats discovered across the south east of the country… (story)
Surrey Advertiser 9.1.17 UK Cat Killer: Godalming pet found decapitated with injuries 'exactly matching' other victims - A cat found dead in Godalming had injuries "exactly matching" other victims of the so-called UK Cat Killer, it has been revealed - South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), the animal charity trying to bring the serial pet killer to justice, collected the cat's body from Croft Road on Friday (January 6). The charity said: "Today [Friday], we attended the scene of a cat found dead in Godalming. His injuries were an exact match to those seen on other victims of the M25 animal killer. We would like to thank members of the Croydon Hunt Saboteurs who came out to help us search a large and complex scene… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 25.2.17 Go Vegan World has hit back at the National Farmers Union for 'entirely missing the point' - Go Vegan World (GVW), the worlds largest vegan campaign, has hit back at the National Farmers Union (NFU) for 'entirely missing the point' about a recent run of posters. The posters feature emotive messages designed to point out flaws in the dairy industry, and had been plastered around the UK on billboards, taxis, motorways and at underground stations. But the argument began when the NFU responded to the campaign through an open letter, calling it misleading and claiming that standards of animal welfare in dairy production were high... (story)


Wisbech Standard 24.2.17 Calls to finally ‘condemn hare coursing to the history books’ as new statistics reveal Cambridgeshire police were called to over 830 cases in just four months - Seb Pearce - Cambridgeshire police are being forced to deal with an average of seven hare coursing incidents a day, statistics have revealed... Currently, the punishment for those caught coursing is a fine and some offenders have even had their car crushed, but Stefan Gidlow, the Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch regional officer for Fenland, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough, has called for a stricter crackdown... (story)
Hunts Post 24.2.17 Campaigners call for tough penalties in war against hare coursing in Cambridgeshire - Abigail Weaving - Urgent calls have been made to tackle the growing problem of hare coursing in Cambridgeshire, after more than 800 incidents were reported in just four months... (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 17.2.17 Chief Constable vows new focus on rural crime and hare coursing - The Chief Constable for Lincolnshire today vowed to launch a new drive to tackle rural crime. Chief Constable Bill Skelly told delegates at a meeting in Boston that he would be drawing up an action plan to tackle the issues being faced by rural communities… At the meeting, organised by the Nation Farmers Union (NFU), farmers told a panel of MPs, the Chief Constable, the PCC and his deputy of their experiences in tackling hare coursers. They said that although hare coursing had existed for generations, the current gangs are more organised and more threatening… (story)


The Canary 23.2.17 Landowner tells ‘f*cking ignorant’ fox hunters where they can go [VIDEO] - JOHN SHAFTHAUER - A video has emerged which shows the owner of a shire horse breeding farm confronting a huntsman. It’s tagged as being recorded by the Cheshire Monitors. The landowner featured is very clear about his annoyance. And he also speaks as if fox hunters trespassing is a common occurrence... (story)


Shropshire Star 22.2.17 Government to extend badger cull, farmers are told - The Government will extend the controversial badger cull, the environment secretary told farmers. Andrea Leadsom told the 1,500 delegates at the NFU conference in Birmingham that plans were in place to once again extend the cull in the fight against TB... (story)

BBC News 22.2.17 Scottish SPCA admits investments in animal testing company By Ewan Murrie - Scotland's largest animal welfare charity has admitted it still owns shares in an oil company that carries out tests on animals. The SSPCA owns shares in Shell worth £600,000 - but it claims many of them were donated by supporters... Animal rights campaigner John Robbins accused the charity of dragging its feet. He said: "They've known about this for 12 years, and they don't seem to have done much about it."... (story)

Oxfordshire Herald 22.2.17 Didcot Animal Sanctuary hits back at accusations but admits accounting problem - AN ANIMAL sanctuary has hit back at claims it is unfit to operate. Didcot Animal Sanctuary defended its care of rabbits and chickens after a woman who visited to volunteer wrote a 1,700-word Facebook post accusing it of poor standards. Kriz Wood went to offer her help on Saturday after the Oxford Mail reported that a fire on the site had destroyed a caravan and three buildings, killing two sheep. However the 26-year-old, who said she used to work for the RSPCA, ended up trying to give the owners David and Julia Vaughan advice on how to care for their animals... (story)

Charity Times 22.2.17 Inquiry into animal welfare charity Written by Matt Ritchie - The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into an animal welfare charity it said has attracted public complaints and significant media and parliamentary interest. The regulator has taken steps to freeze Capricorn Animal Rescue and Sanctuary's bank accounts in order to protect its assets, the commission said. Announcing the inquiry, the commission said its engagement has revealed “clear and on-going serious regulatory issues” with the charity... (story)
News North Wales 14.12.16 Founder of Flintshire's Capricorn Animal Rescue denies TV probe claims of dirty conditions and overcrowding - The founder of a Flintshire animal charity has rubbished concerns raised about it in a TV investigation shown this week. BBC Wales’ Week in Week Out programme carried out an undercover investigation at Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, near Mold… But Sheila Stewart, who founded the santuary, described the allegations as “unfounded” and said they came as a result of a long-term campaign against her running of the facility…. (story)

Daily Post 14.12.16 Take a look inside the Flintshire animal sanctuary at centre of BBC TV investigation BY HYWEL TREWYN - A rescue centre blasted in a TV investigation for allegedly keeping animals in poor conditions denied doing a “special” cleaning job before allowing the Daily Post in for a look around today… (story)
Chester Chronicle 13.12.16 Capricorn Animal Rescue charity at centre of TV investigation into alleged poor conditions BY STEVE BAGNALL - A rescue centre was at the centre of an undercover TV investigation alleging animals were kept in poor conditions. BBC Wales' Week in Week Out reveals footage shot by a volunteer at the Capricorn Animal Rescue centre in Padeswood, near Mold. The programme claims to have uncovered dirty conditions, including in the cattery where the volunteer was said to find full litter trays and diarrhoea on the floor. But charity founder Sheila Stewart refuted the allegations aired in the TV show… (story)


Leicester Mercury 21.2.17 Shocking footage shows man swinging chain at anti hunt activists By AlanThompson - Shocking video footage, which appears to a show a man, said to be a member of a Rutland-based hunt, swinging a chain towards anti-hunt activists, has been released. Members of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association (HSA) claim they were attacked by members of the Cottesmore Hunt at their meet in Owston, near Melton on Saturday... (story)
Mirror 20.2.17 Furious man swings chain at animal rights activists and launches foul-mouthed rant in shocking footage BY DAVE RUDGE - This is the moment a man launches a foul-mouthed tirade at animal rights activists before swinging a chain towards them. The shocking footage shows the man swinging the chain while shouting abuse at animal rights activists during a Cottesmore Hunt meeting in Owston, Leicestershire on Saturday afternoon. He narrowly misses one protester's head before calling a female sab a "ginger b****" and telling them all to "f*** off".... (story)
Mail 19.2.17 Huntsman launches foul-mouthed rant at saboteurs after 'trying to attack them with a metal chain' By Amie Gordon For Mailonline - Shocking video footage appears to show a hunt member unleashing a furious and violent tirade at a group of animal rights activists. In the clip filmed during a meeting of the Cottesmore Hunt in Owston, Leicestershire yesterday, an outraged man can be seen launching into the foul-mouthed attack while appearing to swing at protesters with a metal chain. The video was filmed by the Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs, who claimed a number of attackers used chains and wood as campaigners tried to stop them chasing and killing foxes... (story)

The Ecologist 21.2.17 The Hunting Act 12 years on - time to crack down on the fox-killing criminals! - Jordi Casamitjana / League Against Cruel Sports - Since February 18, 2005 roughly 200,000 illegal hunting events undertaken by registered hunts may have taken place in the UK, writes Jordi Casamitjana. By engaging in fictitious 'trail hunting', they can chase foxes as before, and when they are killed, well, it was all a shocking 'accident'. It's high time to strengthen the law to ensure the spirit in which it was passed is fulfilled.... (story)

The List 21.2.17 Lucy Watson aims to raise £10k for PETA - Lucy Watson has launched a new online campaign to raise £10,000 for PETA. The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has thrown herself into helping animals since she turned her back on the E4 programme last year but, as well as protecting species from abuse single-handily, she's now keen to help People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) get the money they urgently need so that they can continue the amazing work they do in saving innocent lives around the world.... (story)

Argus 21.2.17 ‘We had to take firm action’ - zoo on poison - Flora Thompson - A ZOO which accidentally killed some of its exotic birds with rat poison has defended its decision to resort to pest control. Rainbow lorikeets died after eating the substance at Drusillas Park near Alfriston.... Thirteen campaigners gathered outside the attraction in a hastily arranged protest which was overseen at one point by four police officers. A member of the group at the time claimed Drusillas had not provided “all the facts”... (story)
Argus 20.2.17 Drusillas Park near Alfriston accidentally kills “several” rainbow lorikeets with rat poison - Neil Vowles - AN AWARD-WINNING animal park accidentally killed some of its exotic birds with rat poison when trying to get rid of vermin. Drusillas Park near Alfriston has admitted “several” rainbow lorikeets died after eating the poison. But animal rights campaigners say they have been told up to 22 animals may have been killed by the poison, including crowd favourites a red panda and a meerkat. Eastbourne Animal Rights Action held a protest outside the attraction yesterday and is calling for Drusillas to be open and transparent about what has happened.... (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 20.2.17 Hedgelayers defy rain to compete in South Dorset Hunt competition By shill - The South Dorset Hunt Hedgelaying Competition was held at a beautiful location in Mappowder. Now in its fifth year, it was well supported with 11 entrants and run by Ivan Croad, from South Dorset Hunt, and sponsored by Hall & Woodhouse Brewery... (story)

Kent Messenger 20.2.17 Hunt saboteurs disrupt meet at Hole Park, Rolvenden By Rachael Woods - Police were called as masked hunt saboteurs approached two female riders leaving them frightened. Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt claims two of its members, one an 11-year-old girl riding her pony, alongside a 22-year-old, were shouted at by the saboteurs who were dressed in black and wearing balaclavas. The incident happened at Hole Park, Rolvenden, on Saturday and has been reported to police.... (story)

Essex Echo 20.2.17 Family pets 'chased by a pack of hounds' as drag hunt causes havoc in village - FRUSTRATED residents told how family pets have been chased by a pack of hounds as drag hunts spark havoc in their village. Lee Bell and his wife Bev have run Little Buskins Farm Shop, in Canewdon Road, Ashingdon, for 30 years. Their usually peaceful farm was transformed into a scene of chaos when a groups of dogs charged through the fence - seemingly chasing a fox... It is believed that the chase started out as an Essex Farmers and Union drag hunt - where a fox-scented rag is used. The hounds are understood to have sniffed out the scene of a live fox during the hunt.... (story)

The Gazette 20.2.17 MSP calls for tighter legislation on ‘cruel’ sports - James Hastings - A CAMPAIGNING MSP is urging people across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire to support calls for tougher legislation against hunting... However, the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) insists hunting of this kind is still taking place in the Renfrewshire area... And its campaign is being supported by West Scotland MSP Mary Fee, who teamed up with charity mascot Fergus the fox to help raise awareness.... (story)

Third Sector 20.2.17 Charity Commission in war of words with former charity president by Liam Kay - John Cooper QC, former president of the League Against Cruel Sports, says his complaint about the treatment of whistleblowers by the charity has been ignored by the regulator - The Charity Commission and a prominent barrister are engaged in a war of words over the commission’s handling of a complaint about the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)
Civil Society 17.2.17 Commission attacked in Times over League against Cruel Sports - Kirsty Weakley - John Cooper, who is the former chair of the League Against Cruel Sports, has criticised the Charity Commission in a column in The Times today for not responding to his concerns about how the charity is being run, but the regulator says the claims are "missleading". Writing today he said that since complaining to the regulator almost a year ago about misconduct at the charity, he is “still awaiting a formal acknowledgment”. His complaint to the regulator is part of an ongoing dispute between Cooper, who was the chair of trustees until 2015, and its current management over how a £3.5m legacy was used… (story)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 20.2.17 Protestors highlight “horrific” Brookmans Park animal experiments - Animal rights campaigners demonstrated outside the Royal Veterinary College in Brookmans Park on Saturday, protesting against experiments they have branded “horrific”. A two-hour “peaceful vigil” at the campus in Hawkshead Lane was organised by the charity Animal Aid, which has used the Freedom of Information Act to probe research carried by the college, known as the RVC. Campaign manager Jessamy Korotoga said: “Animal Aid and thousands of members of the public have contacted the college concerning their animal research programme... (story)


Border Telegraph 19.2.17 Grahame celebrates as hunting ban act is strengthened - Kris Tatum - A TWEEDDALE MSP has joined forces with animal welfare charity to celebrate after plans to strengthen the hunting ban were announced. Christine Grahame, MSP for Tweeddale, Lauderdale and Midlothian South teamed up with the charity League Against Cruel Sports and mascot Fergus the Fox to mark the occasion, almost 15 years since the ban was introduced... (story)

Farming Life 19.2.17 A new logo for Countryside Alliance - After nearly ten years with our current logo, Countryside Alliance is rebranding. The Countryside Alliance works on a host of issues facing the countryside and the rural community and we want the way we look to more closely reflect the huge range of work and campaigning we undertake... (story)
Western Morning News 30.1.17 Rural campaign group looks to soften its 'guns, dogs and tweed' image By WMNPBowern - Britain’s most high profile countryside campaigning group is undergoing a make-over to stress it is interested in more than just hunting, shooting and fishing. The Countryside Alliance wants to soften its “guns, dogs and tweeds” image with the public and highlight the wide range of work it carries out across the rural spectrum. For many the Alliance is characterised only by its opposition to the 2004 Hunting Act and efforts to have the ban overturned. While that fight goes on, the Alliance will start to roll-out its new look this week with a logo designed by Steve Edge, who has worked for some of Britain’s top brands and is a passionate angler… (story)

Daily Record 19.2.17 'Animal rights campaigners are wrecking our business and putting our ponies at risk' BY JENNY MCBAIN - Owners of a pony-trekking business have claimed animal rights activists are behind a hate campaign which threatens their livelihoods. Jan and Graham O’Neil say their Highlands Unbridled firm have been systematically targeted by vandals. Trouble started last year when their horses caught a potentially life-threatening lung disease... they say their business is being damaged by welfare campaigners who have accused them of cruelty towards their animals. And the couple claim the group have lodged malicious complaints with the Scottish SPCA.... (story)

Metro 19.2.17 Vegan bodybuilder Mr Universe is now a tattoo artist offering cruelty-free ink in London - Deni Kirkova - Mr Universe, the ethical vegan champion bodybuilder, has turned his hand to the tattoo gun. Barny has competed in almost 60 shows during his 20 year career... But now Barny, 43, has embarked on a career change and is offering cruelty-free ink.... He says: ‘I am a keen, recently qualified tattoo artist working now at Demon Inkorporation in New Eltham. I’m already getting bookings from vegans far and wide who are prepared to travel just to get a vegan tattoo by a vegan artist... (story)


Farming UK 18.2.17 New business rates will 'cripple many rural businesses', union warns - The Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) has said new business rates will 'cripple' rural businesses… The Countryside Alliance has also called for a re-think of the rates, saying the Government should go 'go back to drawing board' over 'punitive' rate rises that risk damaging rural businesses. (story)


Telegraph 17.2.17 Hunting enthusiasts accuse CPS of 'caving in to pressure from animal rights campaigners' - Stephen Walter - The Crown Prosecution Service has been accused of caving in to pressure from animal rights campaigners after a second huntsman was cleared of assaulting a female protester in a matter of months. Hunting enthusiasts insist the case against Mark Melladay, who was filmed riding his horse towards the woman, should never have come to court - and said the decision to charge riders were being made "on the basis of who can shout the loudest”. Cheltenham Magistrates Court heard protester Elaine Barnett was trying to disrupt the hunt in February last year… However the court said that there was no evidence of contact… (story)

Yorkshire Coast Radio 17.2.17 Police Investigate Fox Attack Near Scarborough - Police are appealing for witnesses after a fox was attacked by dogs near Scarborough. At about 1.40pm on Thursday 16 February, police were called to the B1249 between Foxholes village and Staxton Hill, where members of the public reported a number of dogs attacking a fox in the carriageway… (story)
Yorkshire Post 17.2.17 Did you see pack of dogs attack a fox? - GRACE NEWTON - Police are trying to trace the owners of several dogs seen attacking a wild fox. The incident happened on the B1249 between Foxholes and Staxton Hill, near Scarborough… (story)
Gazette & Herald 17.2.17 Fox attacked by dogs on the B1249 between Foxholes village and Staxton Hill - POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a fox was attacked by dogs. The incident happened on the B1249 between Foxholes village and Staxton Hill at about 1.40pm on Thursday... (story)

The Ecologist 17.2.17 'You'll never walk alone': highs and lows of badger patrolling against the cull - If you love wildlife and enjoy country walks, you've got the makings of a badger patroller, writes Lesley Docksey. You can walk at night if you want to, but daytime observation on country lanes and footpaths is no less important, watching out for the signs of cullers at work. And with the trust and warm friendship that builds among badger patrollers, you'll never be without congenial company…. (story)

Mirror 17.2.17 Lingerie clad models kick off Peta protest at London Fashion week against the use of exotic animal skins BY SALLY WARDLE - Three lingerie-clad models have kicked off London Fashion Week with a protest against the use of animal skins on the catwalk. Before posing outside the show's main venue on the Strand in central London, the group stripped off into matching green underwear and crocodile masks. The organiser of the protest, animal rights charity Peta, is campaigning against the use of exotic animal skins in the fashion industry… (story)


Essex Chronicle 16.2.17 Animal activists to hold monthly vigils outside Brentwood slaughterhouse By PiersMeyler - A group of animal welfare activists say they plan to hold monthly silent vigils outside a Brentwood slaughterhouse to help people make the connection between the food there are eating and the animals being bred. Essex Pig Save says it is working to highlight the process of intensive meat production, thereby encouraging a switch to a vegan lifestyle… (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.2.17 Brutal run - From: Patricia Bilton, Eppleworth Road, Cottingham. HOW awful to see the photograph of the bull run which was held in Southern India (The Yorkshire Post, February 11). Brutal and unnecessary… (letters)


Hinckley Times 15.2.17 Arrest made after alleged assault at Atherstone Hunt meeting - A man has been arrested after it was alleged he hit a woman over the head with a riding crop. Video footage shows huntsmen, believed to be with the Atherstone Hunt , involved in a row with activists before a woman is injured… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 13.2.17 Man arrested amid claims Atherstone Hunt member hit woman over head with riding crop - A man has been arrested after it was alleged he hit a woman over the head with a riding crop. Video footage shows huntsmen, believed to be with the Atherstone Hunt , involved in a row with activists before a woman is injured… (story)
Mirror 13.2.17 Huntsman accused of 'hitting protester over the head with riding crop' leaving victim with 'gaping head wound' BY DAVE RUDGE - This is the aftermath of the shocking moment a huntsman allegedly hit a female sab over the head with a riding crop, leaving her with a gaping head wound. Animal rights activists who captured the footage claim the alleged assault happened while they were tracking the Atherstone Hunt during a meeting in Shackerstone, Leicestershire, on Saturday. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs claim the woman had a gaping head wound glued shut after she was allegedly struck from behind in what they claim was a "completely unprovoked attack"… (story)
Metro 13.2.17 Huntsman ‘hits activist on head’ with riding crop and ‘calls’ another ‘gay c***’ - Toby Meyjes - A huntsman has been accused of striking an animal rights activist over the head with his riding crop before spitting at another and calling him a ‘gay c***’. Footage shows activists clashing with riders from Atherstone Hunt during a meet in Shackerstone, Leicestershire, on Saturday. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs claim the apparent attack was ‘completely unprovoked’ and occurred while the female activist was walking away from the rider… (story)
Gay Star News 13.2.17 Homophobic huntsman 'hits activist with riding crop and calls another gay c***' by Joe Morgan - A huntsman is being accused of striking an animal rights activist over the head with his riding crop before spitting at another and calling him a ‘gay cunt’. Atherstone Hunt riders clashed with anti-hunting activists in Shackestone, Leicestershire, in the English Midlands…. (story)
Pink News 13.2.17 Activist called ‘gay c**t’ while another struck across the head at fox hunt - A huntsman has been accused of spitting at and calling an activist a “gay c**t” after striking another across the head with a riding crop. The accusations have come as footage emerged from the Atherstone Hunt on Saturday…. (story)
BBC 13.2.17 Hunt saboteur 'struck by riding crop' in Leicestershire - A man has been arrested after a hunt saboteur was allegedly hit over the head with a riding crop. Bodycam footage shows a confrontation between Atherstone Hunt members and West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs in Leicestershire, on Saturday… (story)
Express 13.2.17 Shocking moment huntsman allegedly 'hits female protester over the head with riding crop' - THE SHOCKING moment a female saboteur was allegedly hit over the head by a huntsman with a riding crop was caught in this dramatic video. By AJAY NAIR - Anti-hunting activists who filmed the incident claim the alleged assault happened while tracking the Atherstone Hunt during a meeting in Shackerstone, Leicestershire, on Saturday… (story)
Sun 12.2.17 'YOU JUST F***ING HIT HER!' - Shocking moment fox hunter allegedly hit saboteur over the head with a riding crop before SPITTING at another BY FELIX ALLEN - SABOTEURS claim this shocking video shows the moment a hunt follower on horseback whips a woman protester with his riding crop. He is seen raising his hand away seconds after the alleged strike as the cowering woman shrieks and covers her head with her hands…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 12.2.17 'You just f*****g hit her!': Huntsman accused of hitting a female saboteur over the head with a riding crop before SPITTING at another protester By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline - This is the shocking moment a huntsman appears to hit a saboteur over the head with a riding crop before spitting at another protester and calling him a 'gay c***'. Animal rights activists, who captured the footage, say it happened while they were tracking the Atherstone Hunt during a meeting in Shackerstone, Leics., on Saturday. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs claim the woman had a gaping head wound glued shut after she was allegedly struck from behind in a 'completely unprovoked attack… (story)

Metro 15.2.17 Should fur be banned from London Fashion Week? - Ashitha Nagesh - More than 45,000 people have signed a petition to get fur banned from London Fashion Week. The petition was set up on Change.org a fortnight ago – however, with this season’s LFW officially opening in just two days, the number of signatures has more than doubled over the course of the day… Ed Winters, who started the petition, is one of the co-founders of animal rights group Surge. ‘We are delighted with how well the petition has been received,’… (story)


The Herald 14.2.17 Campaigners seek closure of fox hunting law loophole - ACTIVISTS have called for a controversial loophole in anti- fox hunting laws that allows hounds to flush wild animals out from underground burrows to be closed. The use of hounds to coax foxes into the direct line of gunfire has been called a “decoy for traditional hunting practices” and must be outlawed, campaigners say…. (story)

Dorset Echo 14.2.17 The annual point to point at Badbury Rings returns on February 26 - THERE will be a whole host of countryside activities at a point to point event later this month. The event at Badbury Rings takes place on Sunday, February 26, and will include six races, including the Wessex National, plus two races that are part of a national series - the Restricted race and the Ladies’ Open… Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: “Our Badbury Rings event goes from strength to strength and we are looking forward to a great day of racing. We would like to thank our sponsors, including Savills and we are also very grateful to those who have donated so many exciting lots for our Silent Auction.”… (story)

Somerset Live 14.2.17 Vegan campaign group claims video shows conditions at Somerset pig farm By RuthOvens - One of Somerset's best known cheese makers says it is extremely concerned about video released by a campaign group which it is claimed shows conditions on a neighbouring farm. Vegan charity Viva! has released what it describes as undercover filming recorded in January on Lambrook Pig Unit at Lamyatt near Shepton Mallet. It says the farm - operated by a firm in Northern Ireland - is not breaking the law, but it says it has complained about conditions there… (story)
Somerset Live 14.2.17 Green Party 'appalled' by claims about Somerset pig unit used to supply Wyke Farms biogas By LiamTrim - A Somerset farmer has said there should never be compromises on animal welfare after watching a video of conditions on a pig farm - On Tuesday (February 14) a video emerged purporting to show conditions at the Lambrook pig unit in Lamyatt, not far from Bruton… Oliver Dowding runs a farm in Shepton Montague, near Wincanton, but is also the agriculture spokesman for the Green Party. He said the Green Party was appalled to learn that an allegation has been directed towards a pig farm linked to a green energy plant… (story)
Mail 14.2.17 Exposed: Pig farm described as a 'hell hole' that supplies slurry to generate green energy for thousands of families - By Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Editor For The Daily Mail - Families trying to live ethically have been buying green energy that originates from a pig farm described as a hell hole. A Somerset factory farm at the centre of cruelty allegations supplies slurry to a nearby power plant to be turned into biogas… Activists from animal welfare group Viva filmed undercover at the Lambrook Pig Farm, which is understood to house 8,000 animals, in Shepton Mallet, Somerset… (story)

Nottingham Post 14.2.17 Campaigners protest over pub's Valentine's Day foie gras By laurahammond - Animal rights campaigners spent Valentine's Day night protesting outside an award-winning village pub over the sale of foie gras. Gastro-pub The Ruddington Arms, in Wilford Road, Ruddington, advertised a ballotine of foie gras as part its Valentine's Day menu… Corinne Longman, 32, of Top Valley, added: "I think in 2017 when so many companies are making a move to put more vegan options on their menus, serving something that's illegal to produce in the UK is outdated… (story)
Morning Advertiser 14.2.17 Pub swamped with fake reviews over controversial Valentine’s dish By Daniel Woolfson - Animal rights activists outraged at a chef-owner’s choice to put a one-off foie gras dish on his Valentines menu have left a spate of fraudulent one-star reviews on the pub’s Facebook page. Nottingham Animal Rights group announced plans to protest outside the Ruddington Arms, Ruddington, this evening (14 February), but some took their frustration online, leaving one-star reviews of the pub – many admitting that they had not actually been customers… David Smith, a member of Nottingham Animal Rights group, said: "Leaving a negative review of the choice made by the business doesn't seem that unreasonable to me… (story)
Nottingham Post 13.2.17 Protest planned over foie gras on pub's Valentine's menu By TracyWalker - Animal rights activists will hold a protest outside an award-winning village pub in a bid to get foie gras taken off its menu. Gastro-pub The Ruddington Arms, in Wilford Road, Ruddington, is advertising a ballotine of foie gras as part of its Valentine's Day fare. Around 20 campaigners are expected at the peaceful protest, organised by the Nottingham Animal Rights group, from 7pm on Tuesday… (story)

Independent 14.2.17 Our counter-terrorism experts shouldn't be wasting their time on the 'Save' animal welfare protest movement - Chas Newkey-Burden - It’s a David and Goliath story that should warm any heart: a small band of peaceful vegans are keeping slaughter-industry bosses awake at night. The Save movement holds vigils outside abattoirs, to show love and compassion to pigs, cows and chickens in their final moments and to raise awareness of the cruelty we inflict upon them…. The National Pig Association claims its members “cannot sleep at night” because of the actions of Save. And now a leaked memo shows that the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers has met with the official National Counter Terrorism Police Operations Centre team to discuss how to respond to vigils. To regard Save vigils as terrorism is genuinely absurd: a panicked, guilty response from the planet’s most brutal industry.



Telegraph 13.2.17 Ministers put RSPCA on 'probation' for two years over prosecutions policy - Ministers have put the RSPCA on “probation” for the next two years over its controversial prosecutions policy. The animal charity has been under fire over claims its inspectors have unfairly pursued pet owners and hunts over allegations of cruelty. Last week it emerged that the Government ignored a recommendation by a cross-party committee of MPs that RSPCA stop prosecuting animal welfare cases. However ministers have told The Telegraph that the RSPCA has been put on “probation” over its prosecutions policy. The Government wants to ensure the charity beds in reforms recommended by the former Crown Prosecution Service inspector Stephen Wooler… (story)


Mirror 12.2.17 How to spot if barbaric dog fighting is happening near you as RSPCA warn kittens are being used as BAIT BY JOE THOMAS - Barbaric dog fights are being held in cities as the cruel sport moves from the countryside to urban areas. The secretive, and illegal, sport had previously mainly taken place in the countryside, but an animal rights charity now says it is moving into urban areas, the Liverpool Echo reports. And the League Against Cruel Sports is calling for people to help crackdown on the brutal dog fights by reporting anything they think is suspicious in their local area…. (story)
Liverpool Echo 12.2.17 Revealed: The tell-tale signs dog-fighting could be happening in your community BY JOE THOMAS - A charity campaign group wants the people of Merseyside public to help them stop illegal dog fighting that they fear could be taking place in our communities. The League Against Cruel Sports today reveals the tell-tale signs that animal fights are taking place as it urges the public to be vigilant. The secretive world of dog fighting is tough to investigate but inspectors are seeking any details that could help crackdown on dog fighting groups they have long suspected to be operating on Merseyside… (story)


Huffington Post 11.2.17 Springwatch Presenter Chris Packham Defends Wildlife Activism While Working At The BBC - Kathryn Snowdon - Chris Packham, one of Britain’s most-loved wildlife experts, makes headlines as much for his opposition to controversial bloodsports as for his conservation work. Yet there is one criticism from the hunting lobby he struggles to shake: That he abuses his position at the BBC - where he hosts Springwatch - when he takes such a tough stance on controversial issues…. (story)

Milton Keynes Citizen 11.2.17 Groundbreaking vegan campaign launches in Milton Keynes - A groundbreaking new campaign highlighting the benefits of veganism has launched in Milton Keynes. Vewers are urged to research the issuesbeing highlighted for themselves by downloading the campaign’s Free Vegan Guide. Sandra Higgins founded Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in 2008. It was the first vegan sanctuary in Ireland and is now home to more than 100 residents, all of whom have been rescued from human use - and many now feature in the Go Vegan posters… (story)


West Somerset Free Press 10.2.17 It’s time to show more compassion - Unfortunately, our so-called “lovely” village has quite a few residents who think it perfectly acceptable to shoot pheasants every Saturday, some even taking along their children. They shoot so close to my house that I have lead shot falling around me in the garden. It is beyond belief that these people take part in an activity that causes such pain and suffering to animals that have no defence… Name supplied, Withycombe. (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 10.2.17 Animal rights activists jailed for firebomb attack in Luton won't have appeal heard until 2018 By Sarah Cox - ANIMAL rights activists who served jail terms for setting fire to a Debenhams store in Luton in the 1980s are facing long delays in their battle to clear their names… Animal Liberation Front members, Andrew Clarke and Geoffrey Sheppard, were accused of involvement in the early hours attacks. And, after the pair, from Tottenham, were convicted of arson, Clarke was jailed for three and a half years and Sheppard for four years. But, 30 years on, the pair are now challenging their convictions, claiming undercover police officer, Bob Lambert, acted as an 'agent provacateur'… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.2.17 Animal lovers to protest at circus in Lincolnshire By Elaine Davies - Animals lovers are to gather at a circus this weekend to campaign against the use of animals in the show. Circus Mondeo will hold shows this weekend and will feature performances from llamas, horses and a camel. Petra Jackson, who is ringmaster of the show, said people should see how the animals are treated for themselves… (story)
Spalding Guardian/Lincolnshire Free Press 9.2.17 Touring circus arrives in Weston to face protest - A protest is planned against a travelling circus which starts its run of shows over the school half-term holidays in Weston tomorrow. At least 20 campaigners from the Lincoln Animal Rights group are due to stage a “peaceful” protest near Baytree Garden Centre where Circus Mondao are putting on 13 shows over ten days until February 19. .. Karina Spencer, a Lincoln Animal Rights group member based in Pinchbeck, said: “We don’t want to see any animals in any circuses and they should be as free as possible…. (story)


Western Morning News 9.2.17 RSPCA keeps the right to prosecute alleged cases of animal abuse - The RSPCA has been under intense scrutiny in recent months. Philip Bowern reports on an important decision over its prosecution of alleged cases of animal abuse. Calls for the RSPCA to be stripped of some of its power to prosecute animal welfare cases have been rejected by the Government… Neil Parish, Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton and chairman of the Committee, said he was “very disappointed" with the Government's decision. He told the Daily Telegraph: “We wanted to move to a system where the Crown Prosecution Service is more involved as this would feel more independent… But the Countryside Alliance – which has campaigned against an over-zealous RSPCA prosecutions policy – welcomed confirmation that the CPS will continue to prosecute all animal welfare cases…. (story)
Third Sector 7.2.17 RSPCA should keep ability to carry out private prosecutions, government concludes - Andy Ricketts - A call from a committee of MPs to strip the animal charity of this ability has been rejected The RSPCA should retain its ability to carry out private prosecutions, the government has concluded. The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee recommended last year that the animal welfare charity should lose the ability to carry out private prosecutions… But in its response to the report, published today, the government rejects the suggestion to make the charity a specialist reporting authority and says the charity should be free to continue bringing private prosecutions. The response says the ability to bring private prosecutions under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 has been "a powerful tool to promote animal welfare"…. (story)
Police Professional 7.2.17 Cost of bringing prosecutions to keep court cases under RSPCA remit - The Government has ignored MPs' warnings and allowed the RSPCA to keep its historical powers to prosecute animal abusers… (story)

The Canary 9.2.17 London Docklands has been taken over, and the message couldn’t be more serious [IMAGES] - STEVE TOPPLE - Cosmetics company LUSH has taken over Tobacco Dock in London for its annual two-day summit. The retailer has dedicated the space to campaign groups, charities, and other causes – giving them a platform to showcase the work they do. And some of the issues raised strike right at the heart of society… The Hunt Saboteurs Association has an interactive installation in the Animal Servitude room. The group, known for its combination of direct action and campaigning against fox hunting, told The Canary that the threat of the repeal of the Hunting Act is very real. But it believes that, with pressure from campaign groups, the media and politicians, the public will continue to support the act…. (story)

Daily Post 9.2.17 Countryside group squares up to animal campaigners over pheasant shooting on public land in Wales BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Countryside campaigners have issued a call to arms in response to a new review into the use of guns on public land in Wales. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) ordered the inquiry following lobbying from animal rights group Animal Aid. It will consider if firearms are used “for the right reasons and in the right circumstances”. The review will also look at how third parties – such as pheasant shoots – use land that is managed by the NRW. The Countryside Alliance is urging its members to deliver a “collaborative response” to limit any future restrictions on firearms use…. (story)

Ecologist 9.2.17 Animal Campaigners launch petition to stop horrific dog torture in Romania - On the 29th January 2017, three leading animal welfare campaigners from the UK made a mercy mission to Romania. Anneka Svenska, 43, Wildlife TV Presenter and Conservationist who had previously rescued 300 dogs from Romania and dog meat trade… Nicky Stevens, 41, Founder of charity International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA)…. Amanda Leask 46, animal rescuer and author from Scotland… (story)


Telegraph 8.2.17 Hunt saboteurs turn to bad reviews and bulk restaurant bookings, countryside campaigners claim - Lydia Willgress - Hunt saboteurs are making fake restaurant reservations and leaving bad online reviews instead of using violence to disrupt the sport, the Countryside Alliance has claimed. Activists are increasingly turning to softer tactics as they target hunts and the local businesses that support them, it was said. Groups are even resorting to fake bomb hoaxes to achieve their goals, leading to calls that police need to respond with the “full force” of the law… The issue was highlighted after the Holcombe Hunt’s ball was disrupted on Saturday night due to a bomb hoax… Jo Towle, the landlady of the Crown and Plough pub in Long Clawson, Leicestershire, said she received threatening phone calls after agreeing to host a pie night for a local hunt… (story)
Chester Chronicle 8.2.17 Cotebrook pub rejects claims it supports fox hunting BY REBECCA BIRD - The chairman of The Fox and Barrel in Cotebrook has blasted claims that the pub supports illegal fox hunts. An anti-hunt group hit out at the establishment on social media after they were turned away following a protest on Saturday (February 7). They claimed that they were told to leave because the area is ‘hunting country’. But Tony Steele said that some members of the large group, who were dressed in hooded tops and scarves, were scaring his customers. One was holding a dead fox which was ‘extremely frightening for all concerned… (story)

Oxford Times 8.2.17 'Shooting and hunting get more media coverage than equally-damaging pollution and over-fishing' Oxford University study finds - SHOOTING, hunting and culling get far more media coverage than equally-damaging commercial fishing and pollution, Oxford scientists have found. Researchers from Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and World Animal Protection have published the first review of how wild animal welfare is reported in the UK media. The findings, based on media reports from 2014, were published in the scientific journal “Bioscience” and show that wild animal welfare issues such as culling, shooting and hunting receive the most media attention, and are reported most often by media outlets. By contrast, others such as the effects of marine debris, commercial fishing, and pollution receive 'significantly less' coverage, despite arguably equal or worse negative impacts on species animal welfare, the report concluded… (story)

Express 8.2.17 CRUELTY CRUSADE: Outrage as Government accused of going SOFT on animal abusers - SHOCKED animal welfare campaigners are savaging ministers for going soft on cruel animal abusers by refusing to bring in tough jail sentences. By STUART WINTER - Leading charities say the Government’s refusal to clamp down on thugs torturing pets and wildlife on a daily basis shames Britain’s claim to be a nation of animal lovers. Innocent animals continue to be stabbed, shot, poisoned and scalded by sadistic owners and vicious thugs in full knowledge that the courts only have slap-on-the-wrist powers. Ministers have steadfastly refused MPs’ recommendations to increase the current paltry six-month maximum jail for cruelty to a punitive five years behind bars… At the League Against Cruel Sports, chief executive Eduardo Gonçalves, explained how he has to witness some of the most horrific scenes of animal abuse imaginable … (story)


North Devon Journal 7.2.17 VIDEO: Vicious brawl between huntsmen and hunt sabs left man with broken skull - This is the shocking moment a vicious brawl erupts between huntsmen and protesters in North Devon – leaving one animal rights activist with a fractured skull… Saboteurs claim they were staging a peaceful protest at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before they were attacked… (story)
Somerset Live 7.2.17 Video shows vicious brawl between hunt sabs and huntsmen which left man with broken skull By AndrewDoyle - This is the shocking moment a vicious brawl erupts between huntsmen and protesters – leaving one animal rights activist with a fractured SKULL…. (story)
SWNS 6.2.17 Vicious Brawl Between Huntsmen And Protesters Leaves Activist With Broken SKULL – But Police Take No Action - This is the shocking moment a vicious brawl erupts between huntsmen and protesters – leaving one animal rights activist with a fractured SKULL… Saboteurs claim they were staging a peaceful protest at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before they were attacked… Protester Ollie Richmond suffered a fractured skull and eye socket trying to protect fellow saboteur Andy Kane, 53, who was allegedly hit with a motorcycle helmet. Plumber Ollie, 28, of Devon, said: “It has been a traumatic experience and the police have been terrible… (story)
Plymouth Herald 6.2.17 Watch brawl that left hunt protester with horrific skull fracture By maxc73 - Video has emerged of vicious brawl erupting between huntsmen and protesters - which left an animal rights activist from Devon with a fractured skull which needed emergency surgery… Saboteurs claim they were staging a peaceful protest at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before they were attacked…. (story)
Metro 6.2.17 Man whose skull was fractured in fox hunt brawl speaks out after police dropped case - Simon Robb - An activist whose skull was fractured in a fox hunt protest has spoken out about his ‘traumatic’ ordeal after police dropped the case. Plumber, Ollie Richmond, needed titanium plates fitted in his skull after a peaceful fox hunt protest turned violent in June 2016. Campaigners turned up to a Cheldon Buckhounds meet while members were out with their dogs. But a vicious brawl broke out after people, believed to be hunt supporters, emerged dressed in balaclavas, masks and camouflage gear… (story)
Mail 6.2.17 Dramatic moment a vicious brawl breaks out between huntsmen and saboteurs leaving one protester with a fractured skull By ISOBEL FRODSHAM FOR MAILONLINE - A vicious brawl between huntsmen and protesters left one animal rights activist with a fractured skull. Horrifying footage shows a confrontation between two men before a fight breaks out in an area of secluded woodland in South Molton, Devon. Saboteurs claim they were staging a peaceful protest at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before the incident took place… (story)
Mirror 6.2.17 Clash between posh huntsmen and saboteurs clash turns violent leaving one with a fractured skull BY LUCY GARDNER - This is the shocking moment an animal rights activist was left with a FRACTURED SKULL after a vicious brawl with a huntsmen. The horrific footage shows a protester being confronted by a man dressed in hunting gear. Two others then attack him on the ground, leaving the activists face streaming with blood. Saboteurs say they were protesting peacefully at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before they were attacked… (story)

Scotsman 7.2.17 Rodaidh Mclaughlin: Animal protection has gone to ground - The use of dogs during hunts as a means of flushing out foxes so they can be shot is a legal minefield in Scotland. In 2002, the Scottish Parliament passed the pioneering Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act in the hope of establishing effective protection for foxes and other wildlife, whilst at the same time providing sufficient leeway for humanely containing population levels… Current legislation allows for the use of dogs during hunts as a means of flushing foxes from undergrowth so as they can then be shot humanely. Police Scotland have recently raised concerns about the extent to which dogs continue to exceed their mandate and attack foxes… For the sake of Scotland’s wildlife, Cunningham must not delay in bringing her plan before parliament, ensuring foxes finally gain the effective protection they should have received 15 years previously. Rodaidh Mclaughlin is a Politics & Scottish History graduate. He lives in Crossford, Fife (story)

Irving Times 7.2.17 Irvine MSP backs strengthening laws to stop 'cruel and barbaric' fox-hunting - Ruth Maguire MSP has welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement that the operation and enforcement of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 is to be strengthened… Cunninghame South MSP Ruth Maguire has been consistently and strongly opposed to fox-hunting, and last year hosted an event in Parliament together with the League Against Cruel Sports to raise awareness around it…. (story)

Irish Times 7.2.17 Sport and cruelty - Bill Roe (February 4th) may be pleased to know that he is not the only person who hates to see horses being whipped to win… VERELL BOOTH, Shankill, Dublin 18. (letter)
Irish Times 4.2.17 Whips and horses - Am I the only person who is disgusted to see regularly on sports news the sight of tired horses being beaten to make them reach the winning post first? You wouldn’t do it to a dog, so why do it to a horse?... BILL ROE, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. (letter)

Express 7.2.17 Theresa May faces REVOLT as Tory policy 'discriminates against rural areas' - A REVOLT could take place within the Conservative Party if Theresa May does not pump more money into rural Britain. By PATRICK CHRISTYS - Tories are up in arms at what they see as urban bias, with cities prioritised under years of Labour rule and now seemingly again under Theresa May. The Prime Minister announced last month a new funding formula for schools in order to shift money away from places such as Manchester and London. But a hardcore group of countryside-inspired Tory MPs called the Rural Caucus has warned if more is not done there could be a revolt in the Commons… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance slammed Government for its treatment of rural regions…. (story)

Wigan Observer/Evening Post 7.2.17 Campaigners for a vegan world take message to the streets of Wigan - Campaigners from a newly-formed animal rights group took to the town centre streets to spread their vision of a vegan society. Wigan Vegan Advocacy gave out leaflets and food samples in Market Place as they explained to Wiganers the ethical, environmental and health benefits of a plant-based die… (story)

Mirror 7.2.17 Nearly-naked activists 'slaughtered' on London streets in shocking PETA campaign BY KARA O'NEILL - Nearly-naked activists took the place of animals in a slaughterhouse in a brutal PETA campaign which saw fake blood being spilled over the streets of London. The shocking campaign was first held at Marble Arch last November for World Vegan Day, but PETA have recently released the graphic footage to raise further awareness. One activist was strung upside down like a slab of meat , before having his throat violently slit by an 'abattoir worker… (story)

Huffington Post 7.2.17 Vegan Student Guy Harper Is Going Mute For A Month To Promote Animal Rights - Jasmin Gray - A university student dedicated to animal rights has vowed to be completely silent for the whole of February in a bid to “go voiceless for the voiceless victims of our planet - the animals”. Cardiff University undergraduate, Guy Harper, has set himself the challenge of being mute for 28 days to raise money for Viva! - a charity attempting to end the suffering of animals by encouraging people to become vegan… (story)


Horse & Hound 6.2.17 Ladies in ball gowns come to unconscious rider’s rescue - Eleanor Jones - A rider who fell and was knocked unconscious while hacking was rescued by a group of ladies on their way back from a hunt ball – still sporting their evening dresses. Alison Bywater’s gelding Indie slipped when she was riding in a field near her home in Kemsing, Kent, at about 3pm on 21 January. The 17.2hh homebred got up and trotted out of the field – but was spotted by Gina Weare, of Chart Farm Stud, and her two grooms Josie Butler and Kitty Regan, who were returning from the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent hunt ball, had not yet been to bed and were still in their glad rags… (story)

Farming Life 6.2.17 PSNI and partners work to combat deer poaching - An initiative to tackle the issue of deer poaching has been running in the Clogher Valley area. Following concerns from members of the public, local PSNI officers have raised the profile of the Operation Wild Deer initiative to help address the issues in this area. Representatives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), including the Wildlife Liaison Officer, firearms branch and local police joined forces with Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI), the British Deer Society (BDS), British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Environmental Health, Forest Service NI, Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), Scottish Association for Country Sports (SACS) and Crimestoppers. These organisations continue to work together to combat illegal and on-going deer poaching issues and to ensure illegal meat is not sold into the food industry under the umbrella term Operation Wild Deer… (story)
Impartial Reporter 4.2.17 Deer poaching Clogher Valley: Deer stalker fears for public safety as poaching persists - Meadhbh Monahan - A LOCAL deer stalker is the latest individual to speak out about the deer poaching taking place across the Clogher Valley area. The legitimate deer stalker, who wants to remain anonymous, contacted The Impartial Reporter to call for more action from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in combatting this criminal behaviour. He has real concerns for public safety, warning: “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed.”… .(story)
Impartial Reporter 19.2.17 Deer poaching Clogher Valley: Landowner hits out at lack of prosecutions - Meadhbh Monahan - The man who owns 1,000 acres of shooting rights at Favour Royal near Augher has hit out at the lack of prosecutions for people illegally shooting deer and other wildlife in the area. Barry McAlpine often hears gun shots during the night near his home which is surrounded by dense woodland, where poachers “regularly” shoot deer, hares and birds… He said local police do an “excellent” job in trying to tackle the crime of deer poaching but believes that “unless there is a change of mindset” in the Prosecution Service, “these problems will continue.”… (story)
Impartial Reporter 4.2.17 Deer being shot to order in Clogher Valley - Meadhbh Monahan - Deer in the Clogher Valley area are being shot with high powered rifles from the roadside at night and their meat is being sold illegally, police believe. The “extremely dangerous” shootings are believed to have occurred near Favour Royal between Augher and Aughnacloy and have been described as “deeply concerning … irresponsible activity which must be thwarted.”… (story)

Mail 6.2.17 A plague on soppy townies who treat these vicious vermin like pets: ROSS CLARK asks why people weep over foxes while showing utter contempt for the humans they attack By Ross Clark for the Daily Mail - Surely if there were ever a case for humanely killing an animal, it was the diseased fox that recently bit off part of a man’s ear as he was sleeping on a bench in the village of Storrington, West Sussex. Over two days, the beast had also menaced a schoolgirl and acted aggressively towards a Tesco delivery driver and several shoppers. Yet, far from being put down, the fox has been scooped up and is being swooned over 24/7 by volunteers working for an organisation called the National Fox Welfare Society… The society did not respond to the Mail’s requests for comment but, from its website and Facebook page, it is clear that the interests of humans are pretty low down its list of priorities. Never mind that many parts of Britain are overrun by foxes, it seems that every last mangy specimen must be saved… When well-meaning people start to become soppy over diseased foxes, all they are doing is helping to exacerbate the problem of overpopulation and postponing the inevitable…. (story)

Oxford Mail 6.2.17 No consideration for welfare animals - YOUR article (Oxford Mail, February 2), headlined ‘Badgering the Builders to Save our Wild Friends’, was depressing in the extreme, but highly predictable. Those who gathered in Oxford in support of continued mass immigration into this small island evidently believe that ours is the only species worthy of consideration. Animals do not even enter the equation… The Tories are currently continuing the wholesale massacre of badgers on behalf of farmers who caused TB in their own cattle…The hypocrisy of local Lib Dem and Green Party councillors who jump on the bandwagon of conservation by pretending concern for the Green Belt, while endorsing the massive increase in our population, knows no bounds… MARK PRITCHARD Linkside Avenue Oxford (letter)


Irish Independent 5.2.17 RTE hare coursing story was one-sided - - Coverage of the national hare coursing championships in Clonmel on RTE's six o'clock news last Monday has to be one of the most one-sided attempts at journalism I've seen in a long time. The unbalanced report left me thinking censorship may be alive and well in the newsroom…. Nuala Donlon, Lanesborough, Co Longford (letter)

Spalding Guardian 5.2.17 Animal protesters threaten to return at Spalding food site - Animal rights protesters have warned of plans to stage further demonstrations outside a Spalding abattoir after a lorry carrying livestock crashed on the A16. At least a dozen supporters of Spalding Animal Save, part of The Save Movement which campaigns against the slaughter of livestock, staged a protest outside Dalehead Foods last Wednesday… David Brown, of Spalding Animal Save, said: “Wednesday was a protest and vigil against the lack of mercy shown to the survivors of the A16 crash, the pigs that are taken to slaughter and their plight…" (story)


Bridgend and Porthcawl Gem 3.2.17 Cruelty to the wildlife – a GEM reader's letter I write in response to the recent letters regarding fox hunting; I live in a rural village in the Vale and hate it when I am caught up amongst the hounds – a truly terrifying experience. One particular day, I heard the bugles and turned around from my walk to go home so as not to be confronted with anything upsetting, only to encounter a man. After a chat, he informed me he was from the farming community and openly admitted to allowing people onto his land to ‘take pot shots’ at the foxes…. (Name and address supplied)



Western Morning News 3.2.17 Cash prizes for former racehorses in new hunting challenge By WMN_Athwenna - Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) have launched a new 'Racing to Hunting' challenge. In order to recognise the many former racehorses that retire to the hunting field, in conjunction with The Hunting Office, RoR is launching the 'Racing to Hunting Challenge', the winner of which will receive a £2,500 prize… (story)

Bristol Post 3.2.17 Dogs and ducks, ferrets and falcons: it must be the West of England Game Fair! By Kate_Edser - The 21st West of England Game Fair takes place on March 18-19 at the Bath & West Showground, Somerset. Championing countryside traditions and pursuits, and highlighting issues affecting the west country community, the fair attracts high profile businesses and top experts in field sports… (story)

Express 3.2.17 Slaughter in the skies: Majestic birds of prey brought down by guns, traps and poison - UP TO 590 of Britain’s most precious birds have been shot, poisoned, trapped or destroyed over the last few years, despite a Government pledge to give them greater protection. By STUART WINTER … The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is today calling on ministers to herald tougher legislation and enforcement so that some of the country’s most precious wild heritage can thrive in their natural elements. Reports of birds of prey being targeted come in almost daily, with 196 relating to shooting and destruction and 50 regarding poisoning in a single year… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 3.2.17 Bird of prey killings in Cumbria are high - CUMBRIA is one of the worst counties in the UK for bird of prey persecution, says the RSPB. Three tawny owls, a peregrine falcon and two buzzards are just six of the 11 birds of prey killed by poison and other means in Cumbria in 2015. But the RSPB has warned these figures represent only a fraction of the illegal persecution of birds of prey, with many incidents going undetected and unreported… (story)
Northern Echo 3.2.17 Illegal killings of birds in North-East and North Yorkshire among worst in the country - report reveals - URGENT action has been called to stop illegal persecution of the region’s wildlife after more than 60 crimes were reported against birds of prey in the North-East and North Yorkshire over a 12-month period. An RSPB Birdcrime report published today has revealed that birds native to Great Britain were shot, poisoned and stolen from nests during 2015… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 3.2.17 RSPB say bird crime a 'big problem' as two long-eared owls shot in East Yorkshire By HDMJCampbell - Two long-eared owls were among the birds of prey illegally killed in East Yorkshire, according to the latest RSPB figures. A kestrel was also shot and a buzzard was killed in a trap during a busy year in the region. The RSPB is warning illegal persecution of birds of prey is still happening all too regularly after publishing its Birdcrime 2015 report. The report reveals 196 reports nationally of shooting and destruction of birds of prey including the confirmed shooting of 16 buzzards, 11 peregrines, three red kites, one red-footed falcon and one hen harrier… (story)
Ipswich Star 3.2.17 RSPB demands action on illegal killing of raptors in East Anglia - John Grant - Nature conservationists are today demanding an urgent Government crackdown on wildlife crime as a new report revealed illegal persecution of birds of prey is continuing in East Anglia. The RSPB’s latest annual Birdcrime report shows that some of the region’s most impressive and iconic raptor species, including marsh harrier and red kite, are on a death list with individuals being shot, trapped and poisoined despite having full legal protection… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 3.2.17 RSPB report reveals Norfolk suffers worst crimes against birds in the region - George Ryan - A new report has revealed that Norfolk has the highest level of crime against wild birds in the region. Now a wildlife organisation is calling on the government to do more to tackle crime against birds in East Anglia. The region’s branch of the RSPB has demanded urgent action is taken against wildlife crimes such as the shooting and poisoning of birds of prey… “The status quo is not an option and we continue to call, throughout the UK, for the introduction of a robust licensing system for driven grouse shooting and an offence of vicarious liability for employers whose staff commit wildlife crime.” (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.2.17 Stop persecution of birds of prey call after shooting of buzzard in Teignbridge By DanielClark - THE RSPB are calling for tougher legislation and enforcement to stop persecution of birds of prey in the South West after a buzzard was shot by an air gun… The incident comes as the RSPB's Birdcrime 2015 is published, which lists 196 reports of illegal persecution of birds of prey in the UK, including the confirmed shootings of 16 buzzards, 11 peregrines, three red kites, one red-footed falcon and one hen harrier…. (story)

Bury Free Press 3.2.17 RSPCA slams use of snares after fox caught and injured in Stanton - An animal welfare charity has slammed the use of ‘inhumane and cruel’ snares after a fox was found tangled in one and hanging from a fence in Stanton last week. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was called on Wednesday morning (January 25) by a dog walker who spotted the adult male fox caught up in a wire snare which was attached to a wire fence in woodland off Barningham Road… (story)

Western Mail 3.2.17 Let’s teach children a humane outlook - Jennifer White Peta UK, London N1 (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 23.1.17 Animal abusers could be a threat to humans as well - A PERSON capable of pouring scalding hot water over the head and back of a cat ("Cat injured in Poole attack had boiling water poured over its head and back", 20 January) should worry those in the local community… Jennifer White, PETA UK All Saints Street, London (letter)


Island Packet 2.2.17 Meet the English huntsman with a nose for foxes and a love of hounds BY WADE LIVINGSTON - Martyn Blackmore held the needle as he bent over the hound and, with his free hand, pinched a roll of skin and fur, into which the silver point disappeared… Days earlier, the couple thought they were going to lose Flagon, one of 65 foxhounds they look after for Lowcountry Hunt. The foxhunting club, founded in 2006, has its kennels in Jacksonboro — where the Blackmores live, just off U.S. 17 in southern Colleton County… (story)

Irish Examiner 2.2.17 Blatant promotion of animal abuse - RTÉ 1’s coverage of live hare coursing at the ICC Clonmel Finals on January 29 was blatant promotion of a sick animal abuse…. Bernie Wright Association of Hunt Saboteurs Alliance for Animal Rights [AFAR] Dublin PO Box 4734
Coursing is no Olympics - Coursing fans regard the three-day National Meeting in Clonmel as the “Olympics” of their sport. I beg to differ. Animal baiting has no place in the real Olympics… Mary B Hayes Lismore Lawns Waterford (letters)

Cornwall Live 2.2.17 14 banks to close in Cornwall in 2017 as worries over access to services in rural areas increase By Oli_Vergnault - People and businesses in rural areas are set to have to go further to visit their banks as sweeping closures continue… Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee said access to money and financial services in rural areas has never been so difficult… (story)

Independent 2.2.17 Why I turned my football club vegan - Rachel Hosie - Over the last 10 years there has been a 360% increase in the number of vegans in the UK. No longer the preserve of hemp-wearing hippies with dreadlocks, veganism has hit the mainstream. But one person has been particularly pioneering in expanding the reach of a vegan lifestyle - Dale Vince, the chairman of Forest Green Rovers Football Club…. (story)

Pet Gazette 2.2.17 Veggie company achieves joint first place in shopping guide - Domonique Wilsher - The Good Shopping Guide has published its ‘World’s Most (and Least) Ethical Companies’ for 2016 and Benevo is listed as joint first place in the pet food category. Director, Darrell de Vries said: “The products are the embodiment of our values and consumers recognise our commitment to ethical alternatives is authentic… (story)


Horse & Hound 1.2.17 £2,500 prize for former racers on the hunt field - Eleanor Jones - A new Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) racing to hunting challenge is worth £2,500 to the winner, with £1,000 going to the pack he or she hunts with. RoR is inviting nominations for the initiative, aimed at “showcasing the thoroughbred’s versatility”, and in recognition of the number of former racers who take to the hunting field. Hunts are asked to nominate one horse each and the first 30 who fit the criteria – to be RoR-registered and have raced under Rules in Britain – will be considered…. (story)

Mail 1.2.17 Caught on camera: Moment an angry hunt worker attacks a female saboteur and breaks her camera after confronting the protesters By Emily Chan For Mailonline - A hunt worker was filmed attacking a female protester after confronting a group of animal rights activists. Shaun Bohanna, 54, from Batley, West Yorkshire, is seen putting the woman in a headlock before appearing to hit her. The hunt 'terrier man' has been given a conditional caution by police for assault and criminal damage, after breaking the protester's camera… The footage, which was filmed in Youlton, North Yorkshire in November, was posted online by Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, an animal rights group… (story)
International Business Hall 1.2.17 Video shows hunt worker beating female activist in Yorkshire By Josh Robbins - A hunt worker assaulted a young woman during a confrontation between terriermen and animal rights activists in Yorkshire. A video of the attack has been shared online by the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs. Shaun Bohanna, 54, received a conditional caution after admitting assault against the unnamed woman, who is in her twenties. He has also been ordered to pay £200 after her camera was damaged in the attack, which took place on 26 December 2016. Bohanna appears to get the woman in a headlock and hit her following an argument over the protester's right to demonstrate at a meeting of the York & Ainsty North Hunt… (story)
South Yorkshire Times 1.2.17 VIDEO: Female Sheffield animal rights activist attacked by hunt worker - DARREN BURKE, DIGITAL REPORTER - This is the moment a Sheffield animal rights activist was filmed being attacked by a hunt worker during a protest. The woman, a member of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, was one of a group of activists confronted by Shaun Bohanna who has since been given a caution for assault and criminal damage after the protestor's camera was broken during the fracas…. (story)

Melton Times 1.2.17 Man suspected of illegal fox hunting is bailed again - A man who was arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting with a dog after two foxes were allegedly killed by Belvoir Hunt hounds has been re-bailed until March, while police continue their investigations… (story)
Leicester Mercury 1.2.17 Man arrested for killing foxes is bailed by police until March By Tom_Mack - An investigation into the killing of two foxes during a hunt in December is continuing. Leicestershire Police, as well as the county's Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach, attended a Belvoir Hunt outing near Melton on December 3. A man was arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting following the deaths of two foxes near Scalford during the outing… (story)
Grantham Journal 31.1.17 Man arrested after Belvoir Hunt hounds kill foxes is bailed by police again - A man arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting with a dog after two foxes were allegedly killed by Belvoir Hunt hounds has been re-bailed until March, while officers continue their investigations…. (story)
Melton Times 12.12.16 Arrest after Belvoir Hunt hounds kill foxes - Police have arrested a man on suspicion of illegal hunting with a dog after two foxes were allegedly killed by Belvoir Hunt hounds in the Scalford area, near Melton, last Saturday. The 49-year-old man is also suspected of criminal damage and assault, and has been released on bail pending further enquiries… (story)
Leicester Mercury 9.12.16 Man, 49, arrested after foxes killed by hunt hounds By Ciaranfagan - A man has been arrested on suspicion of illegal hunting following the deaths of two foxes in Leicestershire last weekend. The 49-year-old was taken into custody for questioning about the animals' deaths while the Belvoir Hunt was riding in the Scalford area, near Melton… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.12.16 Police investigation after 'three foxes killed during hunt' By Samuel Gilbert - The chase was monitored by The Hunt Saboteurs Association which reported the incident and took pictures of the savaged foxes after the attacks. The hunt saboteurs claim that two killings were carried out at The Wolds Farm near Holwell, Leicestershire by hounds in the grounds of a nursing home… (story)
Leicester Mercury 5.12.16 Belvoir Hunt: Police launch investigation after three foxes killed by hounds By Tim_Healy27 - Police have launched an investigation into the conduct of the Belvoir Hunt after three foxes were killed by hounds. Crime commissioner Lord Willy Bach was observing the policing of the event and said he was shocked to see the bodies of the animals "ripped to bits by hounds". The event, on Saturday, was also being monitored by hunt saboteurs who took pictures of the savaged foxes… The hunt saboteurs claim that two killings were carried out by hounds in the grounds of a nursing home…(story)

North West Evening Mail 1.2.17 Hundreds sign petition calling for Cumbria police to reopen animal cruelty investigation by Amy Fenton - POLICE have revealed how they investigated reports of a man's alleged involvement in illegal fox hunting after they were criticised by animal activists. Animal lovers responded in horror after a man last month posted a picture onto a 'Working Terriers' Facebook page with the caption: "One to put to ground for young terrier pup, see how it does". The post was screengrabbed and published on Twitter by one anti-fox hunting activist who said they had reported it to police and the RSPCA in Barrow, as the man's Facebook profile stated he lived in Barrow… Police in Cumbria told the Evening Mail they had been informed about the Facebook post and had identified the man who had published it. No evidence of any offence was found, and police said the man "expressed regret" about his Facebook post…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 1.2.17 Lords block last-minute bid to derail - An eleventh-hour bid to derail the high-speed rail project has failed in the House of Lords. Peers opposed a backbench move to block legislation that paves the way for the £55.7bn scheme by 386 votes to 26, majority 360… Opening the debate on his amendment, Lord Framlingham told peers that they were “all that stands between the wishes and the welfare of the people and a folly on the greatest scale imaginable”… He was supported by Baroness Mallalieu, a Labour peer and president of the Countryside Alliance, who warned of the “devastating” environmental damage that would be caused by the project… (story)
Mirror 29.1.17 HS2 section of railway in ex-mining area 'at high risk of COLLAPSE', report warns BY STEPHEN WHITE - A section of the HS2 rail line , to be built over a former mining area, will be at “high risk” of collapse, according to a report. The £56billion network will cross part of Cheshire that is undermined by centuries of salt mining and is notorious for subsidence… Meanwhile TV presenter Jeremy Paxman has issued a last-minute call for High HS2 to be scrapped amid fears the “over-budget, under-delivering project” will eventually cost Britain £90 billion. The former Newsnight presenter is among more than 20 signatories who call for the project to be pulled in a public letter.... Others backing the call include the Countryside Alliance, the economist Ruth Lea and Stanley Johnson, the environmentalist and father of Boris Johnson… (story)

Times Educational Supplement 1.2.17 Teachers 'consider referring children on anti-badger-cull marches to Prevent programme', MP claims - Teachers are referring children to the government's anti-terror programme Prevent because they fear their schools will otherwise be marked down by Ofsted, an MP has claimed. Conservative Lucy Allan, who is also a school governor, said teachers are sitting around thinking up scenarios which might justify referring a pupil…. Children who have been taken on anti-badger-cull marches or Fathers4Justice demonstrations are being suggested for referral, Ms Allan warned… (story)

Western Mail 1.2.17 There's a vegan fair coming to Cardiff and it includes skincare, makeup and crayons - You might associate a vegan fair with meat-free burgers and dairy-free ice cream...but an event which is coming to Cardiff will also include vegan-friendly skincare products, makeup and children’s crayons. The event, Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market, will be held at Plasnewydd Community Centre on Saturday… (story)

Plant Baased News 1.2.17 ANOTHER! Vegan Poster Campaign Launches in London - Vegan poster campaign by Go Vegan World launches in London on the 2nd of January 2017 - The vegan poster campaign launched in London on the 2nd of January 2017, the Go Vegan World launched in the UK last June and their current campaign, targeting people for the New Year actually launched at the end of December in Birmingham on the biggest billboard in Europe… We took some time out with Sandra Higgins BSc (Hons) Psych, MSc Couns Psych, MBPsS Director of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Ireland, she told us about her campaign… (story)

Mirror 1.2.17 Animal rights group PETA mocked after demanding plastic figures in Warhammer games stop wearing 'fur' BY CHRIS BAYNES …PETA has urged Games Workshop to change the clothing of some of its Warhammer plastic figurines, claiming the tabletop game "sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable". But the charity's plea has been ridiculed by fans of the war strategy game…. (story)
Nottingham Post 31.1.17 Animal rights group calls on Games Workshop to stop using 'fake fur' By DanRussell - Fake fur used on miniature gaming characters is at the forefront of a new campaign by an animal rights group. Some of the models created by Nottingham company Games Workshop feature painted-on fur - which PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has now taken exception to… It said: "PETA has written to Games Workshop CEO Kevin Rountree asking that the leading British miniature war-gaming brand bans 'fur' garments from all Warhammer characters. "While we appreciate that they are fictional, draping them in what looks like a replica of a dead animal sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable – when, in fact, it has no more place in 2017 than it would in the year 40,000."… (story)
Telegraph 31.1.17 Animal rights group Peta calls upon Warhammer game to stop making its characters wear fur - Rebecca Hawkes - Say what you like about Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) – but they certainly know how to generate their own ridiculous clickbait. The animal rights charity has called upon Warhammer – that's the miniature table top game Warhammer, where players use figurines of elves and orcs and goblins to stage fantasy battles – to stop dressing its characters in fur… But is the fur trade really being driven by Warhammer fans desperate to emulate their favourite characters? Wouldn't retailers that actually sell fur be a better target? Either way, the sad but predictable result seems to be that people aren't talking about fur....but about PETA. (story)