January 2002

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Northern Echo 31.1.02 Shoppers urged to back hunt ban by Helen Miller - HUNTING protestors gathered support from shoppers as they collected signatures in Bishop Auckland town centre… Marjorie Embling, 61, from Hunwick, said she and fellow protestors would be visiting supermarkets in the town to campaign for a ban on the hunting of animals using dogs… Their stance is part of the national Campaign for Hunted Animals… (story)

ThisIsLancashire (The Citizen, Bolton Evening News, Lancashire Evening Telegraph & others) 31.2.02 Hunt saboteurs disrupt meeting - HUNT saboteurs staged a protest at a meeting of the Holcombe Hunt yesterday… A spokesman for the the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association said their members attended the event to use "non-violent direct action" in order to prevent the hunt killing foxes or hares… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 31.1.02 STRIVE TO DISCOVER TRUTH - I WRITE this letter at my pure disgust at the way Tony Blair and the current Government have deceived the electorate about their stance on banning fox hunting… Graham Parker, Cleethorpes, (Full address supplied). (letter)

Telegraph 31.1.02 Hot dogs and Hollywood hounds - While British hunts recover from the foot and mouth crisis, hunting in Los Angeles is thriving. Oliver Poole reports - feature on the Santa Ynez Valley Hunt (story)

Wiltshire Times/Gazette & Herald 31.1.02 Hunt aids caring charity ...Saturday's meet of the Beaufort Hunt took place from Hundred Acre Farm, at Sopworth, near Sherston, and a total of 220 riders and 60 more foot followers raised £475 for The Child Bereavement Trust, which helps grieving families... (story in archive)

ThisIsExeter (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 31.1.02 HUNTING IS BEST WAY TO CULL FOXES - R B Brixham (letter)

The Herald (Glasgow) 31.1.02 Boss threatens to close business if hunting banned - ROBBIE DINWOODIE - A PLANT hire boss has threatened to quit Scotland and put his 50 employees on the dole if MSPs vote in a fortnight's time to ban fox-hunting. Duncan Leggat of Leggat Plant Ltd wrote to MSPs: "I have lived and worked in Scotland all my life. However, if you choose to destroy my way of life, I will leave this country and take the 50 jobs we provide in this area with me." (story in archive)

Guardian 31.1.02 Anti-hunt lobby gangs up on Blair - Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent - Tony Blair is being given just weeks to reintroduce a bill banning fox hunting or face a campaign from the animal welfare lobby accusing him of betraying the people's trust... (story)

Daily Record 31.1.02 MANURE CHARGES - A PROTESTER who dumped manure at the First Minister's official residence has been charged with litter offences - despite cleaning up. Andrew Hamilton said: "I can only assume pressure was put on the police from somewhere else to take action." (story may be in archive)
Times 17.1.02 Country protest kicks up a stink - THE First Minister yesterday condemned rural protesters who dumped three bags of manure on the steps of his official residence in Edinburgh... (story)
Edinburgh News 16.1.02 Dirty protest for the First Minister by Brian Ferguson - A STOCKBRIDGE accountant turned rural rebel today dumped three sacks of manure outside the First Minister’s official residence in Edinburgh... Former Army officer Andrew Hamilton said the protesters who gathered outside Bute House wanted Mr McConnell to “smell the countryside” and recognise their views... Mr McConnell today attacked the protesters for their “disgraceful” actions outside Bute House and accused them of being “out of touch” with the majority of people in rural Scotland... Lothian & Borders Police said “The protesters were warned about their conduct, but no-one has been charged and there was not a lot to it, to be honest. It was just a small amount of manure.” (story)

Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News 31.1.02 A CAMPAIGN to ban hunting with dogs in Britain has been backed by a local MP, who has made it his new year's resolution to help push new legislation through Parliament... Weaver Vale MP Mike Hall believes the "the vast majority" of locals back the campaign for a ban. (story)
Sutton Guardian/Comet Diligent worker - letter defending Tom Brake from JOAN MCMULLEN, Carshalton "If foxes are subject to less harassment from hunting in the rural environment then surely fewer would be forced to seek refuge in urban areas?" (letter in archive)
Sutton Guardian/Comet 30.1.02 Foxes play an important role ...Our wildlife belongs to everyone even townies. Linking rising fox numbers to hunting restrictions and foot and mouth, is misleading... Well done to Tom Brake for standing up against this outdated blood sport. June Saraceno, Cuddington Way, Cheam (letter in archive)
Sutton Guardian/Comet 16.1.02 MP should look at local issues - MP Tom Brake states that he has one serious New Year's resolution - to help make 2002 the year when fox hunting is banned. As a townie' he should leave countryside matters to the people who live there... R KRECHTING, Carshalton
Nottingham Evening Post 21.1.02 MPS IN HUNT FOR NEW BAN ...Alan Simpson and Nick Palmer have given their backing to a campaign to bring an end to hunting with dogs...Mr Simpson said: "The vast majority of local people want a ban, and it is my New Year resolution to see this legislation under way." (story)
Medway Messenger 18.1.02 MP's resolution to fight fox hunting ... Medway's Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews is calling for hunting with dogs to be banned by Parliament this year..."The vast majority of local people, and the British public in general, want a ban and it is my New Year Resolution to see that legislation under way in the next year..." (story)
Bolton Evening News 17.12.01 Iddon makes hunting ban his New Year resolution - Dr Brian Iddon, Bolton South East, says it is now time for a Bill to be launched in Parliament that will end the cruelty... "The vast majority of local people and the British public in general want a ban and it is my New Year resolution to see that legislation under way in the next year," The Campaign to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), which comprises the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), has welcomed the MP's support, quote from spokesman John Rolls (story in archive)

Scotsman 31.1.02 Police presence - letter from LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire in reply to CA Douglas ...many hunt pro-testers, hunt-monitors and even journalists have been threatened and injured by hunt followers. (letter)
Scotsman 25.1.02 Points of view - Fans - letter from C A Douglas re: football hooligans - Minister of Sport should ban the sport "He appears to be more intent on stopping the country people’s sport, where no police are needed, where no property is vandalised, and where injuries are self-inflicted by the participants!" (story)

Cornishman 31.1.02 BADGER CULL TO BE RESUMED - THE controversial badger cull will soon be resumed in Penwith, the West Cornwall Badger Group has claimed - quote from group's chairperson, Pamela Priske (story)

Ripley & Heanor News 31.1.02 in the doghouse - ANIMAL rights activists staged a protest at the official opening of a new Ripley British Heart Foundation charity shop last Thursday... Members of Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network (DAWN), campaigning on behalf of PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals) handed out leaflets... quotes from DAWN protesters Sandra Barker (in a dog outfit) & Dawn Spencer of Belper (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 31.1.02 THEY PREFER GULLS TO PEOPLE - I MUST respond to the letter from H. Knickenberg and others... A. H. SIMPSON, Tuffley Crescent (letter)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo, Western Daily Press) 22.1.02 DON'T MEDDLE WITH THE WILDLIFE letter defending pigeons from H. KNICKENBERG, C. SMITH, D. PHELPS, M. JOYNER, M. ROSATTO, E. WOODHAM, P. GUNNELL, P. HOWE, H. HEWER, C. HAYWARD and many others too numerous to mention (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 31.1.02 BIRD WOMAN'S CARING HABIT - I WOULD like to comment on the "Bird Woman", Mrs Helena Turks who feeds the pigeons in Stroud. From time to time I chat to her and have found her a very gentle and kind person... PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)

Scotsman 31.1.02 RAB McNEIL: No escape claws as Tories lose fur farm argument - IT WAS all knickers and nae fur coats at our sexy wee parliament yesterday. A bill to ban fur-farming was before the hoose... (story)

Argus 31.1.02 Stop smoking for animals' sake - cigarettes are tested on animals - M Frankel, Hove (letter in archive)

The Comet (Hitchin) 31.1.02 Fur should remain on its owner - Your report on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur (Fur Warning by MEP Eryl, January 17) was a timely account of a trade which the Government recently described as ‘abhorrent’... MARK GLOVER, Campaign Director, Respect for Animals (letter may be in archive)

Shropshire Star 30.1.02 Dogs are the best means to catch rats - W Dott, Shifnal (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 28.1.02 Methods of control are so cruel - Many of your correspondents profess to be concerned about cruelty to foxes and wish to abolish the most humane method of control, hunting with hounds, and allow other methods which produce more cruelty, to continue... Hunting with hounds does not produce any wounded foxes, left to die a lingering painful death. T B Wood, Bettws Cedewain, Newtown (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 25.1.02 letters:
Happy to have a fox in our garden - Yet another silly letter from D.G Morris of Newport (Shropshire Star January 21). I didn't notice any problem with foxes when fox-hunting was banned due to foot and mouth disease... Mrs Valerie Amos, Wellington Road, Muxton, Telford
Incredible fox claim - Sid Jones of Whittington claims to have kept free range poultry for 50 years without any being taken by the fox, I find this incredible... I do not hunt but I think there is a need for some fox control. Mr Atkins, Wellington (letters may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 24.1.02 Number of hunt supporters disputed - So Lyndsey Hill would have your readers believe that after attending the United Hunt's Boxing Day Meet, she telephoned every hunt in the country... Ms Hill was in fact quoting the Countryside Alliance's own over inflated estimate of hunt supporters; there are no official figures... June Guest Shropshire Representative for the League Against Cruel Sports
Shropshire Star 22.1.02 Minority pastime should be banned - reply to D G Morris from Sid Jones, Whittington, Oswestry (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 22.1.02 Why the need to kill a fox? - SJ Spencer, Alveley, Bridgnorth (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 21.1.02 Townies can keep out of our business - I have not attended the meeting of our local hunt for many years, but I did go to the Royal Victoria Hotel this year, only to hear a very large crowd of supporters clapping and cheering when the red coats and hounds turned up... Croydon council set traps and caught 120 foxes, 14 were destroyed because they were diseased, the rest transported to the wild. A clear case of townies transporting their problems into the countryside... D G Morris, Newport (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 18.1.02 Hunt ban would be a disaster - Having followed the hunt when I could most of my life, I agree with Simon Wilde (Letters, January 10)... the best & strongest seldom get caught - J Francis, Broseley, Telford (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 18.1.02 Hunting is remnant of the Dark Ages - Lindsay Hill says that hunt supporters outnumbered anti-hunt demonstrators by 1,000 to one at recent venues... Even if it is the case, 200,000 rustic dinosaurs are nothing in the face of the majority of the British public... Paul Anderson, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 17.1.02 Feel sorry for the hunts supporter - When I first put pen to paper to draft a reply to Lindsay Hills letter I wrote a letter full of wit and sarcasm... Yes Lindsay, I really, really feel sorry for you. Denise Chamberlain, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 17.1.02 Hunting with dogs - letter re: Clarissa & the Countryman episode showing rats being killed - Cruel is cruel and vermin is vermin and there is only one way to look at it... N Watson, Broseley (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 15.1.02 Same old garbage is being trotted out - reply to D G Morris from "Animal Lover" - Really, Mr.or Ms.Morris this must be about the tenth time that you have told these same stories about fox behaviour in these columns and we were neither impressed, nor did we believe them first time around... (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 15.1.02 Why not make the fox a symbol of our nation - What a wonderful, sensible letter from Mr Simon Wilde of Market Drayton... What a pity that Linsay Hill has nothing better to do than ring round all her friends to see how the hunts went... John Edwards, Sundorne, Shrewsbury (letter be in archive)
Shropshire Star 11.1.02 Hunts get plenty of support - reply to Denise Chamberlain from Lindsay Hill, Bishop's Castle - I wonder if she has heard of that amazing thing called a telephone! (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 10.1.02 letter from D G Morris, Newport - will it still be legal to use terriers to flush out rats? (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 10.1.02 letter in response to the letters from DG Morris and anonymous, defending foxes (they're only doing what's natural) from Simon Wilde, Market Drayton (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 7.1.02 The fox is to blame for horrors on farms - New Labour MP Martyn Jones states he wants hunting with dogs banned in the year 2002. I am not a hunting chap, but have been around the countryside for over 70 years and have seen a lot of fox damage during this time... D.G Morris Newport (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 7.1.02 No mercy for sheep from cruel predator - Those MPs who wish to ban hunting should first learn about the habits of the fox... Name and address supplied
Shropshire Star 7.1.02 Protestor numbers were right - In reply to Lindsay Hill's letter... My family and I were present on Boxing Day in Newport to protest against hunting with hounds and feel the Star's estimate of hundreds of hunt protesters was about right... & how does she know the figures were wrong - "Did they fly all over the country to miscount protesters and exaggerate about the number of pro hunt supporters or is this just another set of lies from a sad hunt supporter" Denise Chamberlain, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 4.1.02 Protestors fewer than reported - "Your article (Star, December 27) regarding the traditional Boxing Day meet of the Albrighton hunt in Newport seriously inflated the number of anti-hunt protesters..." There were crowds of over 2,000 and less than 25 demonstrators. Across UK supporters outnumbered protesters by 1,000:1 "...Opponents of hunting often claim huge support, but when it comes to the crunch they can only muster together a handful." Lindsay Hill, Bishops Castle (letter may be in archive)

Yorkshire Post 30.1.02 Cheers as town abandons plan to cull seagulls - Mark Branagan - Scarborough Council has decided not to cull seagulls. Quotes from protester Cynthia Buckroyd, of the Victoria Road-based Animal House wildlife welfare shop & objector Helen Whitehead (story)

Telegraph 29.1.02 (Peterborough) Hunt saboteurs' favourite lawyer is struck off - Desmond Murphy has just been struck off by the Law Society after admitting to a catalogue of professional misdemeanours... He admitted allowing a client to give a false name in court, failing to produce financial details of his practice and neglecting to notify the Law Society of a change of address... (story)

Western Daily Press 29.1.02 The cruel fact - I WAS rather surprised to read the letter from Georgina Berkeley... Georgina's family owns the hounds which hunt the Berkeley Vale... R.S Grimes Sharpness Berkeley Gloucestershire (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 19.1.02 Report cruelty when you see it - Georgina Berkeley Berkeley Castle Gloucestershire - report cases of cruelty to horses to ILPH (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 29.1.02 Hunt to raise cash for air ambulance by Liz Todd ...Jenny Rooke, 45, of Nawton, near Kirkbymoorside, was crushed under her horse after it reared and fell back on top of her... members of the Sinnington Hunt have vowed to raise funds for the air ambulance with a raffle at a point to point meeting at Duncombe Park, Helmsley, on February 16... (story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 29.1.02 How can they call it sport? - HAVING read reports in the paper and other media regarding fox-hunting, I am amazed they can still call it sport... S Kirkham, Queensgate, Bolton (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 29.1.02 Video patrol to protect deer - ... The Deer Watch Group is concerned that the shooting of animals, especially at night, is having a devastating impact on the red deer population. In an attempt to stop the killing, members are using video cameras to catch illegal hunters... Members are in close contact with the Quantock Rangers, the Quantock Deer Management Group and the police... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
West Somerset Free Press18.1.02 No hunting, no deer - and vice versa - SIR — Dr Lesley Evans (Your Letters January 11) is quite right to lament the disappearance of the deer from the Quantocks. She is quite wrong, however, to blame this on “sour grapes” on the part of the hunting fraternity... “No hunting, no deer” was a prophesy - not a threat... Jonathan Marshall, Handy Cross, Lydeard St Lawrence. (letter in archive)
West Somerset Free Press18.1.02 Forum’s decision to wait and see was a start - SIR — I, too, went to the Deer Forum meeting at Fyne Court, which was unusually well attended... Many people spoke at this meeting, but I don’t recall either Arminel Scott or Paul Tillsley (Your Letters January 11) being among them... hunting was not mentioned at all... Jenny Craven, Deer Watch, The Cottage, South Lane, Nether Stowey. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 9.1.01 Moratorium may help deer numbers - Paul Tillsley, Sanctuaries manager League Against Cruel Sports Dulverton Somerset - I ATTENDED the Quantock Hills Deer Forum on January 4 full of hope that some answers to the questions about deer numbers on the Quantock Hills might be found... there are healthy populations of deer in areas where there is no hunting (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 9.1.01 Don't believe the pro-hunt sermon - Kevin Hill, Chairman South-West Deer Protection Crewkerne Somerset - AFTER reading the sermons by the pro-hunt brigade in recent weeks some of your readers could be forgiven for believing they are whiter than the driven snow... The poachers, who by night are setting their lurchers on to the deer, can be seen on hunt days in excited conversation with the hunters... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 4.1.02 Gun law goes wild in deer hills By Ruth Wood THE ban on staghunting on the Quantock Hills has left a moral vacuum in which lawless cowboys are left to decimate the wild deer population. That was the overwhelming view voiced at an emergency meeting of the Quantock Deer Forum yesterday... Before the hunt ban the herd was looked after by the Quantock Staghounds, no no-one is in control. Independent forestry consultant Edward Liddon said "The hunt was the only body which covered the whole area and exerted moral pressure on landowners to stop culling mature stags." Of a questionnaire filled in by 54 local people & organisations, all but 1 agreed there had been a "catastrophic decline". (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Gazette 20.12.01 Callous hands of deer hunters - letter from Kevin Hill, Chairman, South-West Deer Protection, Crewkerne, Somerset AFTER reading the sermons by the pro-hunt brigade in recent weeks, some of your readers could be forgiven for believing they are whiter than the driven snow... The plain fact is that deer hunting is regarded by a huge majority of the country as the absolute depth of the hunting world... (story in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 12.12.01 Hunting is the key to deer’s future - letter from Jacquie Keevans Stringston, Holford, Bridgwater Somerset - there is a shortage of mature stags, not the fault of the hunt. Since National Trust banned stag hunting landowners have had to carry out their own culls, & poachers have moved in. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 10.12.01 Deer count will reveal problem - letter from Arminel Scott, Taunton Somerset in reply to Craig Hutchings. Poachers probably follow hunt to locate deer (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 10.12.01 Missing stags are cause for concern - letter from Denys White, Bishops Lydeard Taunton Somerset - Arminel Scott as a member of the Quantock Deer Forum should know that culling of stags by local farmers did not cause decline, " as a former observer for the League Against Cruel Sports she knows the views of Graham Sirl, lately head of operations for the West Country, that hunting plays an import part in deer management" (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 6.12.01 Deer suffer when there’s no hunting - letter from D J B Denny MRCVS Worcester in response to Arminel Scott "Unlike stalkers and poachers,who target the most valuable - the biggest and the best - the hunter leaves the best. They escape unharmed, to fight another day" (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 5.12.01 Hunt is not only threat to deer on Quantocks - letter from Craig Hutchings Taunton Somerset taking issue with Arminel Scott “I have nothing to do with hunting. I’ve never been hunting, nor do I wish to start now ...The fact is that there has been a huge decline in deer numbers on the Quantocks” (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 3.12.01 If we want to save stags, let's stop hunting them - letter from Arminel Scott Secretary, South West Deer Protection Williton Taunton, Somerset - if stags are scarce Quantock Staghounds shouldn't hunt next season (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 26.11.01 Time to study deer numbers on hills - letter from Paul Tillsley, League Against Cruel Sports Union Street London "...If deer numbers really are being reduced, this completely destroys the argument used by the hunts, that deer cannot be controlled on Exmoor and the Quantock Hills using the rifle..." (story in WDP archive & Bristol Evening Press archive)
Western Daily Press 24.11.01 Killers who one day may cost us more than deer - letter from Matthew Peaster Over Stowey Bridgwater Somerset - "...I have lived on the Quantocks all my life and spend a great deal of time walking and photographing the wildlife, especially red deer..." poaching is escalating (letter in WDP archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 24.11.01 Re: Killers who one day may cost us more than deer - letter from Chris Holl Vetminster Sherborne, Dorset "While I agree with Johnny Kingdom about deer poaching, as someone who likes and studies wildlife as best I can, and have my own small wildlife nature area, it saddens me that he supports stag hunting..." (letter in WDP archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 23.11.01 Protect animals before it's too late - letter from Miss E. Phillips Chippenham, Wiltshire re: destruction of stags "It's about time our Government put a stop to barbaric methods of slaughter and started to protect our animals before it's too late..." hunting problem is taking too long to sort out (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 21.11.01 WIPEOUT By Ruth Wood WILD red deer will vanish from the Quantock Hills and Exmoor unless war is declared on poachers and stalkers... Exmoor wildlife expert Johnny Kingdom said management of the animals had run out of control since the ban on stag hunting last year (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 21.11.01 Poachers' greed destroys the best - article by Johnny Kingdom about the disappearance of big stags since the suspension of stag hunting (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Northern Echo 29.1.02 Feathers fly over 'danger' duck shoot - ORGANISERS of a country shoot have been warned by the police after a duck, hit by marksmen, smashed into the window of a child's bedroom.... (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 29.1.02 PROTESTERS DEMAND ANSWERS OVER BURIAL SITE LEAK CLAIMS ...About 40 protesters from breakaway countryside group Rural Rebels staged a demonstration last Thursday at the Birkshaw forest animal burial site, where there are tens of thousands of carcasses from the foot and mouth cull - untreated liquid leaking into water courses, site not lined properly (story in archive)

Western Morning News 29.1.02 TB DANGER IS LURKING IN THE WINGS ... With no TB tests for ten months, there is now a backlog of two million cattle, 35,000 herds, of which some 8,000 should have been on annual tests... Badgers have of course been blamed for South West TB... badger culls are a waste of money... Martin Hancox, Stroud (letter)

Western Morning News 29.1.02 IT'S UNWISE TO IGNORE OPINIONS OF COUNTRY FOLK - MY attention was drawn to your report (WMN, January 12) regarding Bryan Hill's dispatching of sick badgers. It does not seem to occur to the many folk that decry any badger culling, that if there becomes a "ghetto" situation in any live species, from humanity down, then disease resistance is impaired... David Thomas, South Petherwin, Launceston (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.1.02 LONG-DISTANCE TRANSPORT OF ANIMALS IS WRONG ... greater concern should be given to the long-distance transportation of live animals, especially those exported. Living, feeling creatures should not be so exploited... C Stanley, Exeter (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.1.02 Saboteurs risking life at game shoots BY JAMES MORTLOCK - ANTI-blood sports campaigners who are targeting East Anglian shoots on an unprecedented scale are risking their lives.... Sgt Paul Cooper, who co-ordinates police response to the demonstrations in Suffolk - which have hit shoots near Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury, said he had never experienced protests on such a scale... fears there may be an accident "The shooters have been very responsible - breaking their guns and unloading at the first sign of a protest - but sometimes they don't always see them... I think if hunting is banned and this sort of protest becomes more common someone will be killed or seriously injured..." quotes from Jeffrey Olsted, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Simon Wallis & Graham Bendall of the Campaign for Shooting. Nathan Brown, press officer for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said shooting was in the same cruelty league as hunting... (story)

Northern Echo 28.1.02 Watch out, beagles about after idle year by Julia Breen - AN endless stream of beagles leapt out of the back of the van and put their noses to the muddy grass... Weardale and Tees Valley Beagle hunt...(story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 28.1.02 Death by dogs again ...When will a vote be taken on the banning or not of the sport?.. John S L Evans, Howard Avenue, Deane, Bolton (letter in archive)

Daily Post 28.1.02 Hare coursing alert By Claire Garner Daily Post Correspondent - A NEW rural Neighbourhood Watch scheme may be set up in North Wales to tackle a recent surge in illegal hare coursing...The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) is lobbying Westminster to raise the penalty to £5,000 and hand police new powers, including the right to seize poacher's dogs, in the Hunting Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament... (story)

Western Morning News 28.1.02 MORE PROTESTS ARE PLANNED - FEELINGS are running high in the far west of Cornwall where the badger cull is set to resume... quotes from Coun Rachel Ewer who wants council to reiterate its opposition to the cull, John Starnes, from the West Cornwall branch of the badger group Brock... (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 28.1.02 Horror in our slaughterhouses - FEW of us like to contemplate the reality of animal slaughter. However I've just found out about a practice so horrific that I feel that readers must be informed - standard Viva! letter about slaughter of pregnant animals - MISS CHARLOTTE HUBBARD, Ling Lane, Scarcroft, Leeds 14 (letter)

Edinburgh News 28.1.02 Exporters resume cargo of cruelty ...I urge all UK sheep farmers and dealers to ensure that the disgraceful live export trade is ended for good - Ross Minett, campaigns officer, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Independent on Sunday 27.1.02 Ministers retreat from ban on hunting By Jo Dillon, Political Correspondent - Legislation to ban foxhunting has again been "kicked into the long grass", ministers admitted privately last week... Senior figures around Tony Blair are also worried that re-visiting the subject could prompt fresh countryside protests and repeats of the displays of opposition seen last year in Scotland... (story)

Times 26.1.02 Dogmeat lovers bite back for World Cup BY SAM COATES - SOUTH KOREA, venue of the football World Cup finals this summer, is fighting back against the animal rights activists who are trying to stop the practice of eating dog... (story)

Cumberland News & Star 25.1.02 HUNTING RETURNS TO THE CUMBRIAN FELLS ...Three fell packs - the Ullswater, Coniston, Lunesdale - are already back out hunting, while the Melbreak are due to resume tomorrow...The Blencathra, Eskdale and Ennerdale, and Bewcastle hunts have not yet been granted permission to resume from Defra because of the amount of restrictions currently in force in those areas... (story in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 25.1.02 Hunt raising cash for trust - BEAUFORT Hunt riders aim to raise up to £1,000 for The Child Bereavement Trust through a fundraising meet in Sopworth, near Sherston, on Saturday... (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 25.1.02 SICKENED BY HUNTING - I find it nauseating to see Prince Charles taking part in the hunt and openly supporting this out-of-date pursuit...Name and address supplied. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.1.02 PRINCE NOT WELCOME - If the Prince of Wales can only find time to visit our beautiful countryside to go fox hunting, then I would rather he did not come at all... Valerie Allcock, Parkside Road, Chaddesden. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 14.1.02 PRINCE CHARLES JOINS COUNTY HUNTERS ...Prince Charles took part in the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt which met at Yeaveley, near Ashbourne, on Saturday morning... Anti-foxhunting campaigner and Derby city councillor Chris Williamson believes the Prince is setting a poor example... (story)

Ilkley Gazette 25.1.02 Fox savages dogs in garden - A woman is warning pet owners to be alert after her two Yorkshire Terriers were savaged by a fox in her own garden.... (story in archive)

Hexham Courant 25.1.02 PROTESTER DISRUPTS INQUIRY ..Cumbria-based Elli Logan, who represents the pressure group Stop Animal Deaths, brought the hearing to a standstill on Friday morning when she heckled witnesses giving evidence about helping the tourism industry out of the financial quagmire caused by the foot-and-mouth crisis.... (story)
Newcastle Journal 19.1.02 Animal rights protest sparks threat of police action ... Animal welfare campaigner Elli Logan of Wigton, Cumbria - who represents the pressure group Stop Animal Deaths - brought the hearing to a sudden halt when she interrupted witnesses giving evidence about helping the tourism industry to recover from foot-and-mouth... (story)
Hexham Courant 18.1.02 HUGE COST OF HALT ON COUNTRY SPORTS ...County councillor and Countryside Alliance spokesman Richard Dodd told the hearing on Monday afternoon that £2.5million had been lost to Northumberland as a result of hunting, shooting and fishing drawing to a halt because of the disease... "Five hunts have reported job losses in their staff..." And foot-and-mouth had led to a vermin problem with an increase in the fox population usually controlled by hunting... (story)
Newcastle Journal 16.1.02 Mixed feelings on Government culling policy ...Richard Dodd, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said he felt the mass slaughter policy had been the correct one because the disease was already too far advanced for vaccination to be successful... (story)
Newcastle Journal 15.1.02 Cull figures `wrong' Defra was yesterday accused of under-reporting the number of animals killed in the foot-and-mouth crisis by up to 40pc. The allegation was made by the Countryside Alliance in written evidence to the Northumberland public inquiry... (story)

Cambridge News 25.1.02 HLS security personnel awarded national accolade - SECURITY personnel at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) have have received the Assignment of the Year award from their bosses at Securicor. They were picked from Securicor's 11,000 security staff to win the award....Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly said: "These guards operated in a complicated set of circumstances. It is nice to see their efforts recognised." (story in archive)

Loughborough Echo 24.1.02 Quorn Hunt denies MP's claim over deer carcases - ACCUSATIONS from Loughborough MP Andy Reed that members of the Quorn Hunt have been illegally dumping deer carcases to allow foxes to breed and feed have been denied... Richard Carden, one of the masters said "...The dumping of carcases is an illegal practice which the Quorn Hunt has no part in." (story may only be available from paper after this week)
Western Daily Press 17.1.02 CHARLES'S HUNT 'REARS FOXES FOR SPORT' - ANIMAL welfare campaigners last night called on Prince Charles to sever his links with the Beaufort Hunt after claims foxes were being bred on the Badminton Estate. Quote from Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Phyllis Campbell-McRae (story)
Guardian 16.1 02 The duke, the royals and the fox bait - David Hencke and Rob Evans - Deer carcasses are being dumped in breach of the law on the estate of the Duke of Beaufort, one of the country's grandest landowners and a friend of the Prince of Wales, to encourage foxes to breed and feed for the royal family's favourite hunt... IFAW has been filming secretly for the past year. Film will be shown on Channel 4 News tonight. (story)

Evening Leader 24.1.02 MP JOINS PUSH TO BAN HUNTING - ALYN and Deeside MP Mark Tami has joined politicians and celebrities in pushing for a ban on fox hunting. (story in archive)

Belper News (24.1.02) THE REDDFIELD Hunt set off from the Hurt Arms in Ambergate last Wednesday (photo SP17148)

Lincolnshire Echo 24.1.02 HARE POACHER FINED £110 - Poacher Martin Joseph Quinn was caught on land in Lincolnshire chasing hares, a court heard... (story)

Cambrian News 24.1.02 Animal activists question ‘cruel’ experiments at IGER - ABERYSTWYTH’S Animal Aid organisation has asked the town council to challenge IGER chiefs on the welfare of animals used for experiments. But Animal Aid secretary Mark Franchi’s allegation that IGER has refused to allow the RSPCA to inspect the animals has been totally denied - by the RSPCA!... (story in archive)

Eastern Daily Press 23.1.02 'Fat Lady' faces protests - RICHARD BALLS - Clarissa Dickson Wright faced anti-bloodsports protesters when she gave a reading from her new book at Ottakar's in Norwich last night... quote from Phil Insley of SAFE (Saving Animals From Exploitation) (story)
Ananova 23.1.02 Clarissa has police escort at book signing - Clarissa Dickson Wright had to be escorted by police from a book signing when anti-bloodsports protesters turned up... (story)

Scotsman 23.1.02 Points of View - reply to Robert M Hill from James Young EDINBURGH re: urban foxes ...I believe that most urban dwellers actually appreciate their presence (letter)
Scotsman 21.1.02 Dealing with growing problem of urban foxes - Les Ward, the chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Huting with Dogs, is being naive (Letters, 18 January) if he thinks that after hunting with dogs is banned, foxes will be clinically dispatched by a marksman... ROBERT M HILL, Heather Avenue, Bearsden, Glasgow
The vast majority of people do not live in areas where hunting with hounds is practised... only rural MSPs should vote on hunting - ANGUS PLUMB, Nellfield Place, Aberdeen (letters)
Scotsman 18.1.02 Hunting - Far from being the most effective way to kill foxes, as Gerard Allison states... (Mrs) Myrna R Forrester ABERDEEN (letter)
Scotsman 18.1.02 Effective control - People should not be fooled by the scaremongering tactics used by Gerard Allison... LES WARD, Chairman, Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 11.1.02 Control of foxes - GERARD ALLISON, Drumcross Road, Bathgate, West Lothian - red kites are being poisoned. Perhaps this is because there is no effective fox control due to ban on hunting & people are trying to poison foxes. (letter)

Argus 23.1.02 MPs should join hunting protests - M Frankel, Brighton (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 23.1.02 Ready-made fox holes ... Having been born and bred in Didmarton (until 1965) I could have taken anyone to see the ready-made fox holes which were at that time prevalent at Bull Park, Tump Barn, the Hobby Horse and Park Wood... Tony Shortt Stroud Glocestershire (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.1.02 TIME FOR PARLIAMENT TO PASS BAN ON HUNTING - reply to letter from W J Hodge on 15.1.02 from Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 23.1.02 Drag enjoyable - letter agreeing with G Metcalfe from SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening News 16.1.02 Switch success to drag hunting - IF ever proof was needed that once hunting with dogs is banned hunts can successfully switch to drag hunting, it was provided by the Holcombe Harriers at Rivington Barn on Boxing Day... G METCALFE, Moorhey Crescent, Bamber Bridge. (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 15.1.02 Hunting really is so barbaric - I MUST add my own comments to the opinions, to which I agree wholeheartedly, of readers A Marchant and S Edwards... The reason that there were fewer protesters than there usually are was not lethargy, but the fact the hunters had not been given a licence... Mrs D Wignall, Somerton Road, Bolton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 1.1.02 Why not hunt each other? anti hunt letter from A Merchant, Halliwell Road, Bolton re: article 27.12.01 (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 1.1.02 Fox hunt views from century ago - anti hunt letter from Mrs S Edwards, Dubai, United Arab Emirates quoting philosopher John Howard Moore "Unfeeling ruffians cowardly shoot down defenceless birds, or prowl the country in rival squads, massacring every living creature that is not able to escape them, and for no higher human purpose than just to see who can kill the most!" (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 27.12.01 Huntsmen clash with protesters - HUNTSMEN raced their horses towards anti-hunting protesters at the annual Holcombe Hunt following heated exchanges between the two groups... Amid cries of "scum", "murderers" and "cowards" and the blowing of whistles, the huntsmen charged around the field on horseback accompanied by a pack of hounds... George Dickenson, joint master of the Holcombe Hunt, said: "Protesters are in the minority. We are peaceful and just want to go about our business. .. Lorraine Golden, of the Preston Action for Animals group, led the protest, shouting into a microphone... Ian Richards, from the Lancashire League Against Cruel Sports... Alan Jackson said "It's sickening and I'll be joining the protesters later." (story in archive)
Lancashire Evening Post 27.12.01 'Hypocrisy' jibe as hunt gathers By Kieran Howlett " Dozens of animal rights campaigners" and "Hundreds of people" turned out to the Holcombe Hunt meet. No hunting because of foot & mouth restrictions. Quotes from Ian Richards, from Lancashire League Against Cruel Sports, Lorraine Holden, from Preston Action for Animals (story)

Lewisham News Shopper 23.1.02 Don’t harm our horses - Some people may think horse racing is fun to watch but perhaps they should think about how the racehorses feel?.. I agree with the majority of people that fox hunting is cruel... James Ward, Ninhams Wood, Farnborough (letter)

The News, Portsmouth 23.1.02 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS ARRESTED - THREE generations of one family were arrested at a protest outside an animal testing laboratory... all regular protesters at Wickham Laboratories in Botley Road and came from the Gosport and Portsmouth areas... Helen Nelson, member of Gosport and Fareham Animal Rights ...saw her daughter and granddaughter struggling with a police officer.... was arrested when she walked over to find out what all the commotion was about... (story)

Leicester Mercury 22.1.02 A BARBARIC SPORT - Fox hunting is a barbaric sport... V Dawson, Leicester. (letter)

Worcester Evening News 22.1.02 EU ruling a death sentence for animals - LAST autumn, the EU Commission introduced the Chemicals Directive. In a nutshell, this Directive demands that existing and commonly used chemicals must be re-tested on animals... IAN MORRIS, UK Independence Party, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 22.1.02 Protest for pets' sake - THE Government is trying to rush through legislation that would give it frighteningly widespread powers to slaughter animals during disease outbreaks... If you believe that pet and sanctuary animals should be exempt from death under the Animal Health Act, please write to your MP. SAFFRON BOX, St John's, Worcester. (letter in archive)

North West Evening Mail 21.1.02 ANTI-HUNT MPS ARE POTTY SAYS MASTER ...The three MPs have joined forces in an attempt to end fox-hunting in Cumbria and the rest of England... Joint Master of the Lonsdale Hunt Alan Bolt said: "They are potty. They have been trying to do this for a while but it looks more and more like the government doesn't want anything to do with it..." (story)
Western Mail 21.1.02 Blair `lacks good faith' on hunting ... Former Sports Minister Tony Banks said the credibility of the Government and Tony Blair himself was at stake if a hunting Bill was not introduced soon... (interviewed on GMTV's Sunday Programme) (story)
Western Daily Press 21.1.02 Hunt Bill now 'or else' Former Sports Minister Tony Banks said the credibility of the Government and Tony Blair himself was at stake if a hunting Bill was not introduced soon. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Gloucester Citizen 18.1.02 HUNT BAN PRESSURE - PRESSURE is growing on hunts in Gloucestershire after MPs from the three main parties joined forces against the bloodsport... (story)
Guardian 17.1.02 Fox-lovers should stay in their den by Catherine Bennett: Anti-hunting MPs deserve our gratitude. Only now that they are back, as large as life and 10 times as tedious, does one appreciate with what superhuman restraint they contrived, last year, to put their great project to one side, and focus, instead, on the ephemeral demands of human warfare...normal priorities have been resumed, and yesterday 412 MPs, backed, again, by a glorious host of celebrities, indicated that, for them, nothing matters more - not prisoners of war, not bombed peasants, not fatally incompetent social workers, not murdered pensioners, not policemen in body armour, not mugging, not bullying, not Ireland, not guns, and certainly not railways - than the protection of their favourite vermin... the national obsession with banning fox-hunting has always owed more to sentimentality and the striking of attitudes than to any real reverence for animal life... (story)
Telegraph 17.1.02 MPs to get free vote ... Julie Morgan, (Labour, Cardiff N), had asked the Prime Minister to confirm that the Government still intended to enable Parliament to reach a conclusion on the issue. A hunting Bill ran out of time in the last Parliament. Mr Blair said: "We promised a free vote in the Queen's Speech... (story)
Independent 17.1.02 Stop dragging heels on hunting ban, say MPs By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent - Tony Blair is likely to be criticised by animal welfare charities in a "damaging" national advertising campaign after he indicated that a Bill banning hunting with dogs was not on the Government's agenda... Dozens of MPs, including senior Labour figures such as Gerald Kaufman and Tony Banks, joined Sir Paul McCartney, and the actor Richard Wilson, at the launch of a campaign by anti-hunters called Countdown to the Ban... (story)
Yorkshire Post 17.1.02 Widdecombe flays Labour on hunt-ban vote failure - Ministers were yesterday challenged to end "shilly shallying" over hunting and allow Parliament to make a final decision on a ban... (story)
Argus 17.1.02 MP joins all-party call for hunt ban ...Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, joined Labour's Tony Banks and Tory Ann Widdecombe at a Press conference in London yesterday, demanding the Government deal with its 1997 manifesto promise to outlaw the practice, if Parliament agrees... (story in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.1.02 BLAIR'S PLEDGE OVER HUNTING - THE Government is to allow MPs a free vote on the future of foxhunting later this year... (story)
Western Daily Press 16.1.02 MCCARTNEY BACKS NEW BID TO BAN HUNTS by M.Ribbeck - A NEW offensive calling for a law banning hunting is being launched in the House of Commons today... the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and the International Fund For Animal Welfare are backed by celebrities including Paul & Stella McCartney, Patrick Moore & Andrew Sachs, quote from Mike Hobday, director of Public Affairs at the LACS(story)
Sunday Times 13.1.02 McCartneys back new drive to end foxhunting writes Jonathan Leake. Paul & Stella McCartney are to head up multi-million pound campaign by RSPCA, LACS & IFAW to ban hunting. Other celebs include Patrick Moore & Andrew Sachs (story)

Worcester Evening News 21.1.02 reply to Dixon Sheppard from J WOOD, Worcester - The notion that drag hunting is a viable alternative to fox hunting has been dismissed by none other than its governing body, the Masters of Drag Hounds Association... (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 18.1.02 Why are rare animals hunted? - IN a rare moment of honesty from the bloodsports brigade we have Audrey Steel admitting "abuse and exploration", is a factor in "hunting with dogs"... A Knittel, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 18.1.02 Hunt fans free to go where they wished - IN reply to Audrey Steel's letter (You Say, January 7) I must correct her allegations regarding the purpose of the barriers... At the 2000 meet barriers were for protesters only. " I complained to the police on duty and was advised to write to the Chief Constable" - result was that there had to be barriers both sides of the roads next year " if the hunters did not expose their horses to the expected derisory comments, there would be no problem." - MRS MARION J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 17.1.02 Very little knowledge about the countryside THE letter from D Sheppard (You Say, January 5) is a perfect example of how little knowledge the anti-hunt brigade have about the countryside.... Lurchers aren't as good as foxhounds ... Owning two working lurchers, I think I am the better judge of the matter.... ALAN COOK, Bishops Frome, near Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.1.02 Support takes many forms - H RAY is wrong in assuming that the number of people attending public demonstrations is an indicator of public opinion in general... H HANDY, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 15.1.02 Twisting facts to prove his case - ONCE again, Jon Burgess is twisting the facts in an attempt to prove his case. My husband and I were independent protesters at the Boxing Day Hunt at Droitwich... MRS MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester.
Worcester Evening News 11.1.02 All creatures great and small - I WAS amused to read Jon Burgess' letter (You Say, January 4), where he accuses anti-hunt protesters of upsetting the horses by booing and jeering.... horses can't tell the difference between cheering and booing - MARGARET LAYLAND, St John's, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.1.02 letters re: Worcestershire Boxing Day demo:
No paint was thrown by anti-hunt group - PATRICIA DYMOCK, Westlands, Droitwich - ...Our group has checked with the police and no complaints had been made. On the other hand, one of the hunt supporters who spat at some of us who want a ban on this so-called sport was remonstrated with by the police...
Hunt supporter spat at women protesters - PAMELA BOOKER, Drakes Broughton - ...in fact, we played a recording of the Hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful which much of the crowd joined in with...
Deliberate cruelty to the hunters' animals - AUDREY STEEL, Inkberrow, near Worcester....About 50 anti-hunting campaigners screamed, shouted and used a loudspeaker which frightened the horses. Two became so nervous that they almost trampled some of the hounds. Riders were spat on and horses had missiles thrown at them, not to mention the verbal abuse that was hurled at them when there were young children in the crowd... I would also call into question the wisdom of police tactics in holding back the hunting supporters, all 600 of them, thereby allowing them to be heckled by the anti-hunt brigade... (letters in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.1.02 Mankind prefers to perpetuate cruelty - ...as witnessed by the massive show of force against one defenceless animal at the Boxing Day hunt at Droitwich. MRS MARION J LARGE, Lower Wick, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.1.02 Little support for a ban on hunting - BOXING Day this year has shown just how tiny the anti-hunting brigade really is... H RAY, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.1.02 No enthusiasm for return of the hunt - ...your report of the Worcestershire Hunt meet on Boxing Day makes reference to paint being thrown. I attended the peaceful protest and confirm that no paint was thrown from the area where we were hemmed in by the hunt... DIXON SHEPPARD, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.1.02 No interest in animals - "THE Boxing Day meet of the Worcestershire Hunt, in Droitwich, provided proof yet again that the so-called "animal rights" fraternity have no interest whatsoever in animal welfare..." they used loud hailer, blasting music directly at horses, waved placards, threw liquid - JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 27.12.01 Hunters' pleasure at return to saddle - HUNDREDS of jubilant hunt supporters turned out to welcome horses and hounds as the Worcestershire Hunt held its traditional Boxing Day meet... 80 riders, 600 supporters according to Countryside Alliance. Protesters included Anita Knittel, of the Worcester Animal Rights Coalition (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post (?) 21.1.02 (title unknown, found via the ThisIsExeterarchive) letters in reply to ones from M Malster on 8.1.02 & R L Cooper:
TIME TO STOP HOUNDING THE RURAL FOX-HUNTERS - R. COPE Beeston Road Dunkirk - M. Malster says if fox-hunters were really interested in killing as many foxes as possible they would use faster dogs, not fox hounds. What utter nonsense. Firstly, fox-hunters don't want to kill as many foxes as possible, merely to control their numbers in certain areas. Secondly, the fox hound is the perfect breed for fox culling, it has a good nose, speed, strength and stamina and can dispatch a fox quickly...
Defend the right to hunt - L. CAXTON Wollaton Vale Nottingham - I have never hunted and have no wish to, but am heartily sick and tired of listening to Labour politicians and others on the Left moralising on an issue they clearly know very little about... (letters)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.1.02 CRIME: Bid to stop rogue hare course gangs - FARMERS near Peterborough have called for tough action to be taken to stop illegal hare coursing gangs destroying their crops... (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 21.1.02 FEEDING DUCKS FOR THE GUNS I am a keen bird lover... Following one of my many visits over the past 25 years to Swithland Reservoir, I was alarmed and very upset... There was an organised gun shoot taking place... How can this be justified? T A Stevenson, Loughborough. (letter)
Loughborough Echo 3.1.02 Ducks frightened off by game shoot claims bird lover - Tony Stevenson was "horrified" to see a party of hunters on land near to the reservoir on December 27... (story may only be available from paper after this week)

Argus 21.1.02 Animal activist targets catwalk by Jason Woodward A Sussex animal rights activist stormed the Paris Fashion Show... Penny Dawson, 28, from Brighton, broke through tight security and jumped on to the catwalk at the Jean Paul Gaultier show yesterday holding a placard which read "Fur Kills"...a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... quotes from Boy George who approved, Dawn Carr, PETA's European campaigns manager (story)
Ananova 21.1.02 Fur protesters disrupt Paris fashion shows - Animal rights activists have jumped on the catwalk in Paris to disrupt three high-profile fashion shows. Members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held up anti-fur banners and chanted slogans. Sean Gifford, PETA, interrupted Valentino show. (story), (photo, of Penny Dawson)

Scotland on Sunday 20.1.02 Last-ditch bid to ease loss burden from fox-hunt ban - MURDO MacLEOD- CRITICS of the Scottish parliament’s controversial fox-hunting bill are set to make a final effort to win compensation for those whose livelihoods will be affected. Mike Rumbles, a Liberal Democrat MSP, has tabled an amendment to the bill calling for an independent commission to investigate claims for compensation by people who have lost income or work because of the fox-hunting ban... (story)

Scotsman on Sunday 20.1.02 Animal rights group - IN AN article of September 23, Clarissa Dickson Wright inferred that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were associated with acts of violence conducted by animal activists... We accept that the published comments inferring violence by PETA were incorrect and apologise to PETA... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 20.1.02 ‘Terra-ists’ who value animal life - Ingrid Newkirk, President PETA - reply to Clarissa Dickson Wright's article of September 23 accusing PETA of funding or being involved with terrorist activities. PETA staff members were on the streets of Manhattan soon after the attack on the World Trade Center. We went to work, helping reunite bereaved and shell-shocked people with frightened animals... (letter)

Independent on Sunday 20.1.02 Joan Smith's column: Did Iris Murdoch deserve Kate Winslet? Blair should blow his horn; The Taliban get a makeover; Unfair fares: a rank taxi policy ...The Government is besieged on all sides and needs a brilliant idea... should ban hunting ... hugely popular in the country... (story)

Oxford Mail 19.1.02 Hunt strays on to private land ... Eye-witnesses Judy and Derek Tolman watched as Bicester Hunt... rode across their land and on to the railway line... "My husband saw at least one hound killed by the train. We are not very happy about it. They just behave as if they own the countryside." Master Ian McKie said they'd got there just in time to stop the rest of the pack going across the line (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post (?) 19.1.02 (title unknown, found via the ThisIsExeterarchive) FOX HUNT 'SORRY' FOR STRAY HOUNDS ...The incident happened on Thursday while the South Nottinghamshire Hunt was travelling through Denby Village...Richard Brookes, master of the hunt, said he had apologised to residents for the incident and said an investigation was under way to discover how it had happened... (story)

Guardian 19.1.02 Out-foxed - That hunts encourage the breeding of the animals they claim they need to destroy will be of no surprise to anyone who has followed the arguments of the pro-hunt lobby... Ian Cawsey MP, Lab, Brigg and Goole, Chairman, Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (letter)

Newcastle Journal 19.1.02 Wild mink terrorise exclusive estate ... The animals, believed to be escapees from a former mink farm on the River Pont, are terrorising residents on the exclusive Darras Hall Estate. One woman needed treatment after she was bitten on the hand... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 19.1.02 Charities defend animal experiments - TWO leading Southampton based medical charities today defended their decision to fund health research based on animal experiments... Ray Kipling, director of Hope Medical Research, said: "We carried out experiments on rabbits in 1998 to look at bone growth, but I'm not aware of experiments being carried out in 1996 as described by the National Anti-Vivisection Society... A spokesman for Wessex Heart-beat, said the organisation had funded a two-year programme of defibrillator research aimed at saving "thousands of lives"... Pauline Dibley, spokeswoman for the Hampshire branch of NAVS, said the information in the brochure was "100 per cent accurate"... (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 19.1.02 AN 'UNNECESSARY' TRADE - There are toy cats on sale in Market Harborough - and no doubt elsewhere - made from real fur... Mrs Janet Gee, Lubenham. (story)

Westmorland Gazette 18.1.02 Hounds And Hunting Return - THE cry of hounds in pursuit of a fox returned to the Cumbria fells for the first time in almost a year as the Lunesdale Foxhounds met for the hunt last weekend. Around 300 people turned out on Saturday to watch the first hunt in the county around Hobdale and Grimesghyll, near Sedbergh…. Doreen Westmoreland, joint master of the Coniston fell pack, said the hunt was hoping for a licence to resume hunting this weekend…. (story)

Scarborough Evening News 18.1.01 HUNTING BAN: BOTH SIDES VOW TO FIGHT ON ... quotes from Frank Houghton Brown, Master of the Middleton Hunt, Adam Waugh, Master of the Sinnington Hunt, League Against Cruel Sports supporter Tommy Woodward, of Thornton-le-Dale, Scarborough and Whitby MP Lawrie Quinn, who voted for a total ban, Ryedale MP John Greenway (story)

West Somerset Free Press 18.1.02 Hunting is a sport for those who can afford to organise rallies - SIR — I must confess to becoming increasingly annoyed by constant comments and innuendoes indicating that all who oppose hunting with hounds are ignorant of the ways and needs of the countryside... Michael G Arscott, Long Lakes, Williton. (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 18.1.02 NOT SUGGESTING 'LOVE' OF FOXES - MAY I heartily thank The Citizen's letter writers who have so eloquently expressed my own feelings (and doubtless those of countless others) against the cruelty of fox hunting... J. NEININGER (MRS), Moorend Cottage, Hartpury (letter)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 18.1.02 HARE coursing on Isle farmland by intruders with dogs is now a daily problem, say Isle police, after they were called to fields at Beltoft Road, Epworth, to eject people from Bolton, Lancashire, in the latest incident. (story)

Malvern Gazette 18.1.02 Cull of badgers back on agenda - A Government cull of badgers in the south Ledbury and north Gloucest-ershire area will resume in May following almost a year's break due to the foot and mouth outbreak... Sarah Blenkinsop, Hereford-shire Badger Group spokesman, said: "This is not good news for badgers. I'm astonished they are still pursuing the badger cull..." (story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.1.02 You can help to protect animals - anti vivisection letter from SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn - animal research hasn't discovered one single cure etc. (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 18.1.02 PROTESTS: HLS protesters to target Barclays ... (story in archive)
Canary Wharf Weekly 17.1.02 NOW BARCLAYS IS ON SHAC'S 'HIT LIST' - spokesperson Joseph Dawson warned: "We will be targetting Barclays sites across the country..." (story in archive)

News Guardian 18.1.02 trader hits back at animal rights protest - Christine Mavin, owner of Plaster Piece on Station Road ...has hit back at animal rights campaigners who have targeted her fireplace shop for selling ornamental furry cats... For the last ten days members of People Against Fur Trade have gathered outside her shop because they claim the rabbit pelts which cover the cats are realistic looking and may have been produced at the expense of the rabbits... (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 18.1.02 Chimp change - AT long last PG Tips has decided to end its long-running "chimp" TV adverts... (story)

Daily Record 18.1.02 - letters re: Koreans eating dogs from Gillian Whitty, Oxford & Mr M. F. Greig, Inverness. (letters may be in archive)

Telegraph 17.1.02 HUNT saboteurs were accused of blackmail and intimidation yesterday after offering an "amnesty" if members and supporters severed their links with a hunt. Letters were sent by the Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign to members of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent hunt asking them to confirm they have severed their connections with the hunt ...Borrowing tactics developed by anti-vivisectionists, saboteurs have been bullying publicans in Surrey, Sussex and Kent into banning pre-hunt meets and social events... (story)
Surrey Mirror 17.1.02 (16.1.02) Pubs on alert as anti-hunt protesters target landlords By Will Green, Surrey Mirror ANTI-HUNT protesters have staged a campaign calling on two local pubs to sever alleged links with hunting. The Jolly Farmer and the Royal Oak Inn have been affected though neither have any connection with hunting. The Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst has up to 30 nuisance phone calls a week, manager Paul Edkins said anti-hunt campaigners were doing themselves no favours, starting to "develop a feeling against" them. (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 16.1.02 ANTI-HUNT CAMPAIGNERS TARGETING PUB LANDLORD - A LANDLORD from Kemsing says he is being bullied into banning the traditional fox hunt meet from his village pub after endless harassment by saboteurs. David Dockree of the Wheatsheaf Pub has not banned the hunt from rallying outside the Wheatsheaf, but is in limbo over what to do.. "This year it was stopped because of foot-and-mouth but now police need to take the right action." (story)
Sunday Telegraph 13.1.02 Country pubs ban hunt after intimidation by protesters By Daniel Foggo - COUNTRY pubs are being forced to ban foxhunts from meeting on their premises after a new campaign of intimidation by saboteurs... using leafletting, telephone jamming, picketing, graffiti, bricks through windows. 14 of the 19 pubs used by the Old Surrey & Burstow have been forced to ban the hunt... The police are so concerned at the use of such "third-party harassment" that they have set up a special unit, drawing in officers from two forces to tackle the problem... saboteurs from the Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign are claiming a "major victory"... Simon Hart of the Countryside Alliance called on anti hunt MPs to condemn the campaign. Tony Banks was reluctant to comment "I think it's perfectly legitimate provided it is done in a peaceful way," he said, adding that he did not wish to comment further "until I know precisely what tactics are being used".(story)
Guardian 11.1.01 ALF suspected of hunt attack - Paul Kelso - Animal rights activists are suspected of planting an incendiary device that ignited early yesterday underneath a car owned by a member of a prominent hunt... The car belonged to a member of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt, which has had a series of clashes with animal rights protesters and hunt saboteurs in the last four months... Robin Webb, spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, said: "As it was an incendiary device I'm confident it was the work of the ALF. If it was an explosive or bomb I would suspect a more extreme group..." (story)

Cumberland News & Star 17.1.02 SUPPORT FOR HUNT BAN IS WANING: MP - NEW figures show the public is turning against Labour's plans to ban foxhunting, Cumbria Tory MP David Maclean has claimed...in a poll last year for the Countryside Alliance, only about 37 per cent wanted a ban while a hefty 58 per cent opposed it... Elaine Milbourn, Cumbrian co-ordinator of the League Against Cruel Sports said polls showed most wanted a ban. (story may be in archive)

Dorset Echo (17.1.02 - date not certain) Hunters bid to curb fox population - FOX HUNTERS look set to step up the number of hunts in Dorset this year in a bid to control the population of countryside foxes... Eric Ashby, wildlife photographer and anti-hunt campaigner, from Linwood disagreed there had been an increase in fox numbers (story on website, but not forever)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.1.02 GROUPS DISPUTE FOX NUMBERS BY PAUL GREAVES - ANTI-hunting groups have dismissed claims that the fox population is set to explode due to the ban on hunting during foot-and-mouth... quotes from Ivor Annetts, LACS Devon & John Norrish who hunts regularly in the Tiverton area (story)
Chester Evening Leader 10.1.02 FARMERS CALL FOR MASSIVE CULL OF FOXES ...The National Farmers’ Union, says it has received calls from concerned farmers who are reporting seeing more foxes than usual...The Cheshire Hunt, which is planning its first hunt later this month, says it is very likely that fox numbers have increased, and the fox population needed to be reduced before the lambing season started... (story in archive)
Daily Post 9.1.02 Farm leaders urge massive fox-hunt to save new lambs By Rachel Newton, Daily Post Staff - A SURGE in the number of foxes in Cheshire and Wirral could pose a serious threat to this year's sheep farming unless a massive hunting campaign is launched, farmer's leaders warned last night. Quotes from NFU spokeswoman Gill Shearer & Ellie Boddington of the Cheshire Hunt. Anti hunt campaigner Janet Smart said: "It is absolute rubbish to say foxes taking lambs is a big problem - it is a relatively rare thing..." - bad husbandry etc was the usual cause of death. Farmers with fox problems should bait and shoot them. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.1.02 Row over farmers' fox figures - FARMERS have been accused of talking up a rise in the fox population in order to strengthen the case for hunting. Mike Hobday, LACS, said vested interests were making out there were more foxes than normal (story in Bristol Evening Press archive)
Observer 6.1.02 Fox numbers double in hunt lull - Farmers claim they must declare war on their traditional enemy, but anti-hunting groups say it is a ploy - by Paul Harris ... Some farmers say the fox population could have doubled from 500,000 to 1 million while hunters were out of action last year due to movement restrictions... the Countryside Alliance said it backed calls to increase hunting to combat the problem... 'There are a lot of people who have a vested interest in making out that there are more foxes about, but the evidence is just anecdotal,' said Mike Hobday of the League Against Cruel Sports... The RSPCA points out that hunting does not take place in the summer anyway, and therefore only about three months of hunting time has been lost... (story)
Western Mail 3.1.02 Farmers hit back over fox population explosion by Sheila Coleman Farming Editor - ANGRY farmers last night hit back at claims that poor flock management is to blame for lamb deaths rather than fox attacks... In a letter to the Farmers' Union of Wales and the National Farmers' Union Cymru, the Wales Alliance Against Cruel Sports (WAACS) calls on the two bodies to urge their farmer members to improve their sheep farming techniques - quote from chairman Ralph Cook... "The role of both registered and unregistered hunts is absolutely vital to the control of foxes in the predominantly sheep-rearing and other live-stock-rearing areas as the Govern-ment's own report, the Burns Report, has proven," said Countryside Alliance Wales's political director Mark Hinge. FUW spokesman Alan Morris said, "...The ban on foxhunting over the last year has led to an explosion in the population to unprecedented levels..." (story)
Western Daily Press 3.1.02 FOX FEAR FOR THE LAMBING SEASON - A HUGE explosion in the fox population is posing a major threat to spring lambing... The absence of hunting has been one factor behind the increase... Also lack of disturbance from walkers, riders etc. Badgers have increased as well. (story)
Ananova 2.1.02 Farmers set for New Year war on foxes - Farmers' union chiefs in Wales say a ban on hunting because of foot-and-mouth has seen the number of foxes in the countryside explode (story)
Edinburgh News 2.1.02 Foxes facing a massacre ...Farmers fear a failure to take action could see a massive rise in the number of lambs killed.
Whitehaven News 27.12.01 A GRADUAL RETURN - THE Campaign for Hunting welcomed the resumption of hunting two weeks ago just over 300 days since it was voluntarily suspended due to Foot and Mouth... In a recent letter to the Federation of Welsh Packs, the Farmers Union of Wales said "All counties in Wales have reported an increase in fox numbers and predation since the Hunting Authorities commenced their voluntary ban on 22 February 2001. The Union's County Branches are receiving an increasing number of calls from farmers concerned at the effects of a protracted ban on fox control during the autumn period." quote from Sam Butler, Chairman of the Campaign for Hunting (story in archive)
North West Evening Mail 21.12.01 FARMERS REPORT INCREASE IN FOXES ... Both the National Farmers Union and the National Gamekeepers Association have reported anecdotal evidence that the number of foxes is increasing... A spokeswoman for the NFU said farmers were concerned that an increase in foxes could become a significant problem during lambing, and were hoping hunting would be resumed in the new year... (story)

Western Daily Press 17.1.02 Keeping the balance of nature - reply to N Weston from A Williams, Bath Hunt Sabs PO Box 426 Bath - I have been in woods where pheasants are kept and they are generally devoid of wildlife due to gamekeepers... (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 12.1.02 This pheasant theory is strictly for the songbirds - reply to Chris Hull (& A Williams) from N Weston, Wrington, Somerset ... It may well be that country folk are ignorant about how nature really works, but not it would seem, as ignorant as your two correspondents... (letter in archive and Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Gazette 11.1.02 Mr Bean – get a life: David Gilby, Westminster Close, Shaftesbury ... Mr Bean, I almost feel sorry for you, what a dull life you must lead with your head buried so deeply in the sand. Do yourself a favour and make a New Year resolution, don’t try to hoist your minority prejudices onto the majority … and get a life. (letter in archive)
Western Gazette 11.1.02 I agree with Bill - Chris Hull, Coles Lane, Yetminster ... When I am outdoors round here, even in my small nature area I created, throughout most of winter in the distance I see lovely pheasants that are as tame as hens. They were being hand fed a few months ago before being blasted out of the sky by shotguns... (letter in archive)
Western Gazette 27.12.01 Tyranny over other species will end - letter from Bill Bean, Connaught Crescent, Poole - "25 years ago I was like Scrooge towards other animals and birds. I ate them, wore their skins, owned them, bought animal-tested products, took the children to see them imprisoned in zoos and performed stupid tricks in circuses. Even went to see the killers in red coats prancing around on Boxing Day... then read Peter Singer's book Animal Liberation - "my wife Olive and I joined the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people dedicated to campaigning for the rights of animals." (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 17.1.02 We've no need for savagery experts - reply to Paul Stokes from Julian Brown, Stroud Gloucestershire (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 14.1.02 We need experts - not Sir Paul - Paul Stokes Cheltenham Gloucestershire "Why should Sir Paul's views be given such prominent space in the headlines while other voices are being routinely ignored?" (letter in archive and Bristol Evening Press archive)
Western Daily Press 9.1.01 Praise for Sir Paul - letter from C P Harrell, Pill Nr Bristol (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Scotsman 4.1.02 Celebrity - letter re: Paul McCartney from Niall McKillop BANAVIE, INVERNESS-SHIRE - "... They would be much better off sticking to writing letters to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, about the things they know about - other celebrities, for instance" (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.12.01 Thanks, Sir Paul - I'M sure my letter will be one of many saying a big thank-you to Sir Paul McCartney for asking for a free vote on a hunting ban... Pamela Dean, Whiteshill, Stroud Gloucestershire (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Oxford Mail 28.12.01 Ian McKie, Joint Master of the Bicester and Whaddon Chase claimed Sir Paul McCartney is prejudiced and challenged him to a face-to-face meeting to discuss fox hunting (story in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 27.12.01 - TV presenter Michaela Strachan has backed Sir Paul McCartney's call on the Government to ban hunting with dogs... (photo of Berkeley meet) (story in archive)
Telegraph 27.12.01 Let it be - letter from Alan Shutt, York - I see that Paul McCartney is using his (fading) popularity and the season of the year to tell the whole country that "the majority" of it is against foxhunting... (letter)
Newcastle Journal 27.12.01 Sir Paul's plea to Blair Sir paul McCartney and a host of other celebrities have written to the Government pleading for a ban on hunting with dogs (story in archive)
Times 26.12.01 McCartney pleads for end to hunting BY HELEN RUMBELOW - SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has written an open letter to Tony Blair today pleading for him to make good on his promise to have a free vote on hunting. Letter signed by daughters Stella & Mary & supported by the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals (story)
Telegraph 26.12.01 Sir Paul appeals to Blair for New Year ban on foxhunting By Benedict Brogan, Political Correspondent - other celeb signatories are Michaela Strachan, the actress Jenny Seagrove and the former model Twiggy
The Countryside Alliance study of this year's polls on hunting claims that public support for a hunting ban is "at its lowest for 10 years" - NOP survey found 63% of rural vets oppose ban on welfare grounds; An NOP poll of 1,000 members of the public last April found that 36 per cent wanted all hunting to be regulated by a new statutory authority. A further 22 per cent preferred hunting to continue under current rules. Only 37 per cent backed making hunting a criminal offence (story)
Daily Record 26.12.01 MACCA ATTACKS DOG HUNTING (story may be in archive)
Ananova 26.12.01 McCartney calls for Commons vote on hunting ban (story)

Bury Free Press 17.1.02 illegal hare coursing on the increase - ILLEGAL hare coursing is on the rise in the area with 10 people receiving court summonses for allegedly taking part in such events in Forest Heath and surrounding areas last weekend... (story in archive)

Lewisham News Shopper 17.1.02 Will to live versus moral convictions - letter re: cloning animals for human transplants from Andrina Roe, Overton Road, Abbey Wood. Was vegetarian for 20 years & declared she'd never accept organ from animal source. Then suffered from kidney failure. Had to give up being vegetarian. "all I can say is, only when faced with the desperate need for an organ, can you really understand what drives a person to consider such options. As the saying goes, "walk a mile in my shoes...."" (letter)

Ananova 17.1.02 Blair condemns animal rights terror - Animal-rights terrorism has been branded "beyond the pale" and "totally wrong" by Tony Blair... said Huntingdon Life Sciences will have the full support of the Government in ensuring violence against staff does not succeed during Prime Minister's Questions in response to Jonathan Djanogly (story)
Cambridge News 17.1.02 Blair denounces violence on HLS ... Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly said the "terrorists" behind the campaign against the Cambridgeshire firm were organised internationally... (story in archive)
Hunts Post 16.1.02 Our very own terrorists - Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly, a member of the Select Committee for Trade and Industry, has issued a strongly worded statement about the situation, strongly backing HLS, comparing the protesters to international terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and outlining a series of suggestions to the Government... statement printed in full (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 17.1.02 Anti-vivisectionists to name charities who fund experiments on animals - The National Anti-Vivisection Society is launching a new guide naming charities which fund experiments on animals... (story)
Ananova 17.1.02 Anti-vivisectionists to name charities who fund experiments on animals - The National Anti-Vivisection Society is launching a new guide naming charities which fund experiments on animals... (story)

Telegraph 16.1.02 Fury as anti-hunt adviser joins the Executive By Tom Peterkin, Scotland Political Correspondent - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners expressed outrage last night when one of the architects of the Scottish foxhunting ban was given a powerful position within the Scottish Executive. Jack McConnell, the First Minister, has recruited Peter Hastie, a leading anti-hunt campaigner to join the Executive's team of special advisers... pro-hunt lobbyists questioned the Scottish Executive's claim that it is neutral on the issue... Mr Hastie was previously constituency organiser for Robin Cook...First Minister's spokesman said "Peter was appointed by SCAHD in a public affairs capacity as a professional job. He has never been a member of any lobbying organisation as such." (story)
Times 16.1.02 Hunting opponent joins Executive pack BY ANGUS MACLEOD, SCOTTISH POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT ...For the past two years Mr Hastie, 32, has been parliamentary campaigns officer for the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs (SCAHD). He has been a key campaigner for Mike Watson... (story)
Scotsman 16.1.02 Hunt ban man wins job: THE Scottish executive has appointed as a special adviser a leading member of the campaign to ban fox hunting... (story)
Edinburgh News 16.1.02 Anti-hunt campaigner joins Team McConnell ...Peter Hastie, spokesman for the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting With Dogs, is leaving his post to guide Jack McConnell on key policy issues... quote from Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance (story)

Scotsman 16.1.02 Barbaric practice - reply to Frank Page (15.1.02) from KIRSTY MAY, St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh ...He has clearly never had to witness the sickening sight of a live fox being literally ripped apart by hounds during a hunt...(letter)
Scotsman 15.1.02 Rights - Although I have never been involved in hunting, I feel drawn into the debate over the anti-hunting bill by the resulting suppression of minority rights... Frank Page CARSETHORN, KIRCUDBRIGHTSHIRE (letter)

Scotsman 16.1.02 I am fed up with the pro-hunt lobby using the "class" issue to cloud the debate on whether fox-hunting with dogs or otherwise is morally defensible... LLOYD PITCAIRN, Meadowpark Road, Bathgate, West Lothian (letter)

Times 16.1.02 Living proof defends animal research BY MARK HENDERSON, SCIENCE CORRESPONDENT - SCIENTISTS have started a campaign to publicise the medical benefits of animal research and counter the protests of anti-vivisectionists... Research Defence Society has chosen Laura Cowell, 16, who has cystic fibrosis and diabetes to front the campaign to explain the role of animal research (story)
Guardian 16.1.02 Researchers hit back at animal rights activists - Paul Kelso - After years on the receiving end of a vociferous and occasionally violent campaign against animal experimentation, the medical research industry yesterday began a fightback against the anti-vivisection lobby... Speaking at the launch of a series of publications intended to put the case for humane use of animals in medical research, Mark Matfield, director of the Research Defence Society, said it was time the industry made its case more forcefully inface of threats of violence... (story)

Hunts Post 16.1.02 US investors sever ties - HUNTINGDON Life Sciences’ major investor in the United States has severed all its ties with the Woolley-based company, but bosses say it will have no effect on them whatsoever... But Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), whilst pleased by Stephens Inc’s decision to sell its shareholding, said it was treating the announcement with caution until it knew all of the facts, quote from spokesman Pat Monroe (story in archive)
Financial Times 14.1.02 Huntingdon protest group in court move By Patrick Jenkins - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty is seeking to keep alive a multi-million dollar US lawsuit brought against it by Stephens, the former backer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Kevin Jonas said they wanted the suit to proceed as the whole basis of it conflicts with reasons given for selling out. (story)
Financial Times 12.1.02 COMMENT & ANALYSIS: A ruthless hunter: MAN IN THE NEWS GREG AVERY: James Harding and Patrick Jenkins on the activist targeting financial backers of Huntingdon Life Sciences by Patrick Jenkins - profile of Greg Avery & the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign - quote from Kevin Jonas, Shac's US-based spokesman who is leading the campaign... Greg Avery, his wife Heather James & Natasha Taylor are all now in prison. (story)
Guardian 11.1.02 Huntingdon backer denies it was forced to sell stake - Jill Treanor ... Despite red paint being daubed on the door of the New York home of Warren Stephens, president of the firm, last week, a Stephens spokesman said the decision to sell its 16% stake and offload £24m of debt had been taken for purely commercial reasons... (story)
Ananova 10.1.02 Life Sciences offer for Huntingdon declared unconditional; take-up 89.5% (story)
Independent 10.1.02 Huntingdon Life deserted by US banker and biggest shareholder By Saeed Shah ... A spokesman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty said until Stephens had proved it no longer had any link to Huntingdon, it would be the focus for "99 per cent" of the protests... (story)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Animal protest firm’s future in doubt - Michael Glackin Business News Editor ...The decision by US investment group Stephens, which stepped in after the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBoS) pulled its funding from Huntingdon, comes just a week after the New York home of its president was attacked by animal activists... in recent weeks, the Animal Liberation Front has paint-bombed a number of Stephens’ offices across the US and has launched a series of "sticker" attacks on the homes of senior managers...(story)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Illegitimate intimidation - editorial ...How-ever strongly we may feel about cruelty to animals, does this justify a form of protest that works through threat and menace? If such methods are allowed to prevail and to weaken the company to the point that it cannot survive, what then becomes of the rule of law?.. (story)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Huntingdon: hounded out of existence by Paul Gallagher - history of the campaign against Huntingdon & the activities of SHAC (story)
Edinburgh News 10.1.02 Huntingdon Life Sciences in trouble as US backer pulls out (story)
Financial Times 10.1.02 NATIONAL NEWS: Stalwart backer says it leaves research group in good hands: Stephens chief claims to be pleased with results of investment, despite action by protesters. Patrick Jenkins reports, By CHRISTOPHER BOWE and ROBERT SHRIMSLEY (story)
Financial Times 10.1.02 LEADER: Animal rights, grievous wrongs ... As for the business community, it must learn to stand united against these threats and not allow companies to be picked off one by one. If one bank, adviser or customer is targeted by the activists, others should rush to join them rather than staying silent. (story)
Financial Times 10.1.02 Silent message to animal rights activists - The events at Huntingdon Life Sciences have cast a shadow of fear over the pharmacuetical industry, writes David Firn - Animal rights protesters may not have succeeded in closing down Huntingdon Life Sciences, but they have cast a shadow of fear over the pharmaceutical industry. (story)
Financial Times 10.1.02 COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Science under siege: Mark Matfield warns that companies in other sectors may soon have to face the tactics used against Huntingdon - The writer is executive director of the Research Defence Society, which represents the UK scientific community on the use of animals in medical research(story)
Financial Times 9.1.02 Huntingdon debt transferred to secret backer By Patrick Jenkins in London (story)
Financial Times 9.1.02 Huntingdon loses its saviour By Christopher Bowe in Chicago and Abigail Rayner and Adrian Michaels in New York (story)
Ananova 9.1.02 Huntingdon shareholder quits - Huntingdon Life Sciences' biggest shareholder is quitting the animal testing company. Stephens is selling its £11 million investment and 15.7% holding to an undisclosed third party... (story)

The Herald, Glasgow 16.1.02 Eating dogs - letter protesting at article which defended Koreans eating dogs from Nicola Morton-Smith, 14 Hamilton Road, Strathaven (letter may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 16.1.02 We must not lose our compassion - P Dean, Whiteshill, Gloucestershire - LIKE many, I have written to my MP and MAFF, now DEFRA, on the subject of live exports... (letter in archive and Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 16.1.02 Animal lovers who kill without... Johnny Kingdom - ENGLAND is supposed to be a nation of animal-lovers, but you wouldn't think so from the way some people treat our wildlife. I spend a lot of time with wild creatures - it can take hours of patience just to get one photograph - and it seems to me that many people just don't care... I agree with MJ Haines, from Cirencester, who said in a letter to the Western Daily Press on January 7 that there seems to be no sense in MAFF's continuous killing of badgers... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Guardian 16.1.02 As a vegetarian, I have shared Jeanie Moyo's experience in France... Luela Palmer Colchester, Essex (letter)
Guardian 14.1.02 Delia's way with légumes - letter from Jeanie Moyo, London complaining of lack of provision for vegetarians in France (letter)

Leicester Mercury 16.1.02 SHOWED NO COMPASSION - I was appalled to read about the senseless attack on the duck at Barwell... Mrs P Harris, Leicester (story)

Staines Guardian 16.1.02 Pigeon man squares up to Mayor - Hounslow animal welfare campaigner, Doug Stevens has dedicated his days to driving 100 kilos of grain to Trafalgar Square each day to save the pigeons. He is appealing to animal lovers to join the pigeons' cause and give a little time each week to feed the birds, particularly drivers who can help to transport the grain to the capital (story in archive)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 15.1.02 Hunting: It’s time for a referendum - The Evening Telegraph poll on the great hunting debate shows that the country is divided down the middle on the issue. Our postal and internet polls both showed a small majority of people in favour of keeping things as they are. But the telephone poll showed a big majority in favour of allowing the hunts to continue... quotes from David Reynolds, master of the Woodland Pytchley Hunt, hunt saboteur Clive Richardson (story)

(title unknown, found via the ThsIsExeter archive) 15.1.02 HUNTING IS THE WAY OF THE NATURAL WORLD - HUNTING and killing are not immoral, it is the way of nature in the wild... Hunting IS cruel and uncivilised; as cruel and uncivilised as the fox, the falcon or the shrew, killers all... Real hunting, like fishing, is a personal thing. I wouldn't be seen dead poncing round the fields in a pink coat, although I admire the skills and knowledge of those who do... John Nash, Hayle (letter)

Worcester Evening News 15.1.02 Every right to express her views - CONTRARY to the remarks made by Helen Smart (You Say, January 5) I believe Anita Knittel has every right to express her views on animal rights... JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.1.02 Hunters see Ms Knittel as just another quarry - "I HAVE been reading the letters of Burgess, Pinney et al over a very long time and have come to the conclusion that there is something very Freudian going on..." they all pick on Anita Knittel etc. HELEN SMART, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Scotsman 15.1.02 Balance - BBC should give hunt saboteurs a programme to balance Clarissa & the Countryman "along with instructions as to how to purchase a balaclava!" Ross Findlay GLASGOW (letter)

Mirror 15.1.02 THANKS to The Mirror for drawing attention to Tony Blair's broken promises... All he lacks is the guts to take on the rich and powerful hunting minority - Peter Allen, Worthing, W Sussex

Cambridge News 15.1.02 Coursers are curse of farmers - FARMERS across Cambridgeshire are suffering increasing violence from mobs of hare coursers... (story in archive)

Daily Record 15.1.02 I AM horrified that the Daily Record made light of the Korean dogs' plight... Iris Adams, Wishaw (letter may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.1.02 Beware Korea dog meat propaganda - V Kneebone, Easton in Gordano, Somerset ...By hosting the World Cup, Korea has become part of the international community and must expect the same levels of disapproval that Spain attracts for bullfighting or that we expect for foxhunting. (letter in archive and Bristol Evening Press archive)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 15.1.02 CUTBACK FEARS AT THE RSPCA - SERVICES could be cut this year at the Scunthorpe branch of the RSPCA, amid fears of an impending cash crisis... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 14.1.02 Hunters get back in the saddle again - THE Emley-based Rockwood Hunt was back in the saddle on Saturday...The hunt was not able to operate for 10 months last year because of the foot and mouth outbreak... has had to reduce staff from 4 to 2 (story)

Ananova 14.1.02 Anti-hunt campaigners react to Vinnie Jones' pro-hunting comments - The League Against Cruel Sports has criticised Vinnie Jones for his pro-hunting stance... (story)
Ananova 14.1.02 Vinnie Jones speaks out against anti-hunt lobby - Vinnie Jones says anti-hunt protesters don't know what they're talking about. He says they shouldn't be interfering in other people's lives (interview in The Field) (story)

Irish Times 14.1.02 STAG-HUNTING IN EUROPE - reply to John Fitzgerald from TURLOUGH J. COFFEY, Spawell Road, Wexford (letter)
Irish Independent 7.1.02 Sickening spectacle - Sir Newspaper pictures of a stag hunt setting off for an afternoon's sport over Christmas were colourful and pretty. Alas, they were also misleading... It is the only field sport that has no conservation aspect whatsoever... John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Times 7.1.02 Sir, - Your front-page picture of the Ward Union hunt setting off for an afternoon's sport was colourful and pretty. Alas, it was also misleading... Ireland is the only country in Europe that still permits stag-hunting. Attempts by the Ward Union Hunt to wrap the green flag round this relic of Middle England are pathetic... JOHN FITZGERALD, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)
Irish Times 29.12.01 Photo of Ward Union yesterday Photograph: Frank Millar photo

Western Daily Press 14.1.02 Pheasants are good for the countryside - letter from John Dryden, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation in reply to "Pheasants May be the Killers" (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Pres archive)
Western Daily Press 11.1.02 Pheasants may be the killers - decline in songbirds may be because of pheasant shooting - birds left over at the end of the season eat all the food available for wild birds - Name and address supplied (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Burton Daily Mail 14.1.02 My two years of hell at hands of animal rights by CHRIS WATSON - interview with John Wright, of Greenway, Winshill who works for the Hall family, who breed guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch. Has had windows smashed, bomb placed under his van. Protesters launched their latest attack on his home on Saturday after taking part in a rally in Lichfield. Demonstrators moved on to Darley Oaks Farm and then the "secondary targets" of employees of the Hall family... Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign spokesman Amanda Richards said "If Mr Wright is so concerned about his neighbours, surely he should stop working for the farm. The ball is in his court and he is the one with the power." (story in archive)
Burton Daily Mail 10.1.02 Police gear up for protesters by ANDY MANN ...The Save the Newchurch Guinea Pig campaign group is expected to march through the streets of Lichfield on Saturday... Campaign spokesman Amanda Richards said she expected around 300 protesters to attend from across the country... (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 14.1.02 We all have pet hates - editorial re: controversy over Koreans eating dogs & World Cup - ...We know what football crowds are like. We know whatever animal rights activists say, once English and Scottish supporters have a few pints in them they couldn’t care less... Please God it won’t catch on. Otherwise you’ll never be able to leave your best friend tied up outside the supermarket again. (story)

Yorkshire Post 14.1.01 Cruelty of fur farming - letter from Mark Glover, director, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham in reply to Tom Cowell (letter)
Yorkshire Post 7.1.02 Fur flies over 'torture' story From: Tom Cowell, Littlemoor Lane, Balby, Doncaster - reply to "fur torture" articles. (letter)
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 5.1.02 BAN BID ON CAT AND DOG PRODUCTS - CAT and dog fur products will no longer be available in Europe if an MEP who represents the Yorkshire and Humber region gets his way. Tory MEP Robert Goodwill has joined fellow politicians in Europe campaigning for a ban which will effectively close the market for so called 'companion animal' products (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 1.1.02 Fighting the brutal trade we could all be helping to thrive by Andrew Vine - fur trimmed garments in Europe may be made from dog & cat fur. Tory Euro-MP Robert Goodwill is trying to have the importation of this fur into Europe banned. (story); The helpless victims of torture and a gruesome way of death (story)

Scotland on Sunday 13.1.02 Effect of hunt ban on rural economy - MY agricultural working class grandparents worked in hunt kennels all their lives and lived in tied cottages... It is even more galling to learn that wealthy MSPs who intend forcing hunt staff out of their employment and houses have no compunction about voting themselves massive pay increases... Derek Parker, Johnstone (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 13.1.02 To the point - letter praising Clarissa & the Countryman programme for showing ratting - This is just the sort of kick in the politically correct pants this country needs... M Gillies, Errol (letter)

Observer 13.1.02 Fox hypocrisy - letter re: rise in fox numbers - it's due to hunts creating artificial earths - Emma Bailey, Blackpool (letter)

Edinburgh News 12.1.02 Anti-hunting lobby jumps on caravan bandwagon - ANTI-HUNT campaigners said today they wanted to match the pro-hunt protesters who plan to park a caravan outside the Scottish Parliament. Quote from Les Ward, chairman of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs (story)
Edinburgh News 11.1.02 Country lobby hunts for support with Mound vigil By MARK SMITH ...The Countryside Alliance wants to park a caravan outside parliament on The Mound to protest against a bill to ban fox hunting... Alex Armstrong, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "We already have approval in principle from the police and the city council for the vigil..." (story)

Scotsman 12.1.02 Bill to ban hunting ‘totally mishandled’ - ... We are looking at a rural economy in distress, made much worse by foot-and-mouth disease... DENIS WILSON, Kirkbank, Kelso (letter)

Scotsman 12.1.02 reply to Lynne Mitchell from IAN HUNTER, Tantallon Road, Glasgow "far more media attention and public debate should be devoted to the cruelty experienced, day-in, day-out, by millions of domestic creatures, than to the short agony of a few hundred foxes per year" (letter)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Any reduction in cruelty to animals is welcome - replies to Ian Hunter (4.1.02) from
JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow - factory farming is at least regulated by government
(MRS) MORAG MORRELL, Dalrymple Circle, Blackburn, Aberdeenshire - will the Countryside Alliance march against factory farming?
MARTIN FARRAR, Dovecot Park, Aberdour, Fife ...I arrived at one of Edinburgh's premier hospitals for work. There I witnessed the awful conditions in which we treat our fellow humans... There is clearly a case for animal welfare. However, at present there are more pressing issues to concern our political leaders. (letters)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Points of view - Minority - reply to Lynne Mitchell - she persecutes country sports people on the grounds they are in the minority, but she is in a minority herself (vegan) - Jean Harkins REDDING, STIRLINGSHIRE (letter)
Scotsman 8.1.02 Morally bankrupt - reply to Ian Hunter (4.1.02) from LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire As a vegan for 25 years and, a long-time campaigner against factory farming, I totally agree with him that factory farming is abhorrent... As long as we allow our fellow mammals to be terrorised and brutally killed merely for the sake of sport, it is that much harder to convince society to make real improvements in the welfare of animals killed for food, clothing or research. (letter)
Scotsman 4.1.02 Factory farming is more cruel than hunting ... Nobody can prove that fish feel terror and pain; equally, no-one can prove that they don’t. It may well be that, when I hook and play a trout, I am torturing it. I am certainly distressing it... When I spend leisure time and money on angling, I do not do so in order to get a sick thrill from torturing a fish... IAN HUNTER, Tantallon Road, Glasgow
... Lord Watson, and other MSPs, should not betray country people. Remember, that party manifestos stated that they would look after the minorities! CA DOUGLAS, Bonchester Bridge, Roxburghshire (letters)

Worcester Evening News 12.1.02 Child victim of a barbaric tradition - letter from LILIAN PITMAN, Rushwick, Worcester - when she was a nanny a child in her care was blooded (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 12.1.02 HUNTING DOES HAVE A REASON - reply to Peter Valentine from David Davidson, Osgathorpe ... If he were to take the time to inform himself of the current etiquette of hunting, he would discover that the ancient practice of "blooding" a young participant belonged to a less squeamish age that has long passed...(letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.1.02 'DISGUSTING BUSINESS' - reply to Countryside Alliance letter 29.12.01 from Coun Peter Valentine, Oadby - Would this organisation please understand that it matters not what lord or committee states that hunting is cruel or not... blooding of children... bear baiting & cockfighting etc etc (letter)
Stamford & Rutland Mercury 3.1.02 Government should not devote time to hunt ban - KAY CHAPMAN, Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, East Midlands (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.12.01 HUNTING 'A FRINGE ISSUE' - With the resumption of hunting in foot and mouth free areas now taking place the now traditional anti-hunting cry, "when is the Government going to introduce a ban?" is once more being chanted - Kay Chapman, Regional Director Countryside Alliance East Midlands (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 27.12.01 RETURN OF HUNTING IS WELCOMED - With the resumption of hunting in foot and mouth disease-free areas now taking place, the now traditional anti-hunting cry, "when is the Government going to introduce a ban?", is once more being chanted - letter from Kay Chapman, Countryside Alliance, East Midlands (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 12.1.02 Step into the unknown - letter from Joan Court, Sturton Street, Cambridge re: pigs bred for transplant surgery ... the pharmaceutical industry which, it is reported, is chasing a perceived £8.9 billion market in a series of experiments which are cruel, dangerous and unnecessary... (letter in archive)

Manchester Evening News 12.1.02 Free to fly from B D, Manchester - TO deny a wild animal its freedom is morally wrong. To cage a wild bird is to deny it both its freedom and its ability to fly... (letter may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 11.1.02 Country folk who don’t know it all - A Williams, Bath, Somerset I AGREE with M J Haines who wrote that the Countryside Alliance, along with the rest of the hunting and shooting brigade, know nothing or very little about the ecology of the countryside... (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 1.1.01 The slaughter of our bird life - letter from MJ Haines, Northhome Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire "I attended the Lacock Hunt on Boxing Day on the side of the anti-hunt campaigners", bystanders didn't know anything about "ecology of the red fox" or that artificial earths were used to breed foxes. "I would also say 99 per cent did not know that the Countryside Alliance, which is the bloodsport lobby group, supports the continental hunters shooting and trapping our migratory breeding birds" (story in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 11.1.02 They must be running scared - Pamela Chant, Plantagenet Chase, Yeovil ...(The Countryside Alliance) must be running scared, otherwise why would Alison Hawes have taken the trouble to phone around to find out whether or not the Boxing Day hunts passed off peacefully. Anyway what’s the point of protesting against what was in most cases a non event... (letter in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Southern Reporter 11.1.02 Drag factor - Mrs J Aglen, Lindean Farm, Selkirk (letter in archive)
Berwickshire News 10.1.02 Drag hunting more elitist and less socially diverse than fox hunting - "In their response to the recent petition by Borders vets that they would not destroy fox hounds in the event of a ban, the SSPCA insist that the hounds can be used in drag-hunting..." but how would drag hunts cope with all the redundant foxhounds, Borders not suitable for drag hunting, drag hunting not as popular as hunting where the two coexist & people have the choice "Drag hunting is a different and more expensive sport demanding better equestrian skills and faster horses than fox hunting" - MRS JACKIE AGLEN, Lindean Farm, Selkirk. (letter in archive)
Berwickshire News 27.12.01 VETS PETITION OVER FOXHOUNDS - VETS from throughout the Borders have posted a petition to the Scottish Parliament, stating they will not destroy any hounds which are made homeless as a result of the Watson Bill... Duns vet Geena Swan said: "I, nor any of my colleagues, have any intention of putting healthy dogs down... Many rural businesses rely on the hunt for custom, and this winter has proved that. With foot and mouth calling a halt to hunting, many businesses, including my own, have noticed a distinct drop in trade." Petitions from blacksmiths & grooms also sent to Edinburgh (story in archive)

Newark Advertiser 11.1.02 Push for hunt ban - Every year, one of the most shocking aspects of the Christmas season is the annual Boxing Day Hunt... As a Labour Party member, I am delighted that Labour MPs voted overwhelmingly for a total ban on this disgusting spectacle... I have written to Mrs Margaret Beckett... And I would urge readers to do the same - VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton. (letter may only be available from paper after this week)

Wiltshire Times 11.1.02 FEATURE: Sporting life is back to normal - FOOT-and-mouth controls on most countryside sports have been lifted... (story in archive)

Wiltshire Times 11.1.02 Strict controls needed to avoid new epidemic - NOW the hunts have been allowed to re-start from December 17 I have noticed many breaches of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs regulations... Tedworth let their hounds run all over farmland, Vine & Craven disturbed deer, VWH collected money without a permit on Boxing Day "When I told the police they said it was none of my business... For more information please call Andrew Wasly, League Against Cruel Sports on 07977 239406 or 020 7403 6155" MRS WJ COCHRANE, Canal Close, Wilcot, Pewsey.

Bucks Free Press 11.1.02 I CANNOT understand why the Free Press deems it necessary to ask anti-hunt Penny Little to comment every time it sends a reporter to a meet of the Vale of Aylesbury Hunt. Surely we all know by now what she thinks, as she writes inordinately long letters with irritating frequency and never says anything new… I am incensed that hundreds of supporters on Cholesbury Common for the Boxing Day meet should be spoken about in this way… their dogs were having a wonderful time too. They were all mixed up wagging their tails, sniffing each other and nicking crisps out of the hands of unsuspecting children. In fact the only dog that didnt enjoy itself was the nice little black dog belonging to the tiny group of Ms Littles friends which had to spend the whole time sitting with its back to the fun William Thom, Westmead, Princes Risborough (letter in archive)

West Cumberland Times & Star 11.1.02 Sporting numbers - MRS ELAINE M MILBOURN, Millfield, Torpenhow attacking claims that 200,000 people attended Boxing Day meets "perhaps someone from the Countryside Alliance could confirm which particular hunt had anywhere near 800 people attending on Boxing Day" (letter may be in archive)

Cumberland News 11.1.02 Sporting gesture from hunters - WHAT a pleasure to see members of various Cumbrian hunts taking part in decent, acceptable country sports such as cycling and hill walking, instead of tormenting and abusing our wildlife (CN 28.12.01) ELAINE M MILBOURN, Torpenhow, Wigton (letter may be in archive)
Cumberland News & Star 28.12.01 BIKES, NOT HORSES - AND NO FOXES - FOR BOXING DAY HUNT - In the north Cumbrian village of Welton members of the Cumberland Farmers swapped horses for bikes for their traditional Boxing Day meet. 200 spectators. Blencathra Foxhounds and their supporters met in Keswick's Market Square before several dozen of them moved off for a walk on Latrigg Fell. No hunting because of foot & mouth restrictions (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 11.1.02 HOUNDS SET FOR ALL-CLEAR TO HIT TRAIL - HOUND trailers are breathing a huge sigh of relief after being told they will soon get the green light to restart their sport after the foot and mouth ban (story may be in archive)

Worcester Evening News 11.1.02 Animals ...we should remember the medical progress that has taken place without experiments being conducted on animals... e.g. anaesthetics - PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern Link. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 11.1.02 Pressure group takes on family farm attraction - Emma Dunlop - Zoo Check wants family-run Cannon Hall Open Farm in Cawthorne, Barnsley to come under strict zoo regulations because it keeps small collections of wallabies, emus and rheas. Veterinary fees will cripple it. (story)

Argus 11.1.02 Little learned from FMD crisis - farmers want live exports to resume - when the next disaster happens "these farmers should be made to clear up the mess their detestable practices will have caused and not be allowed to pass the bill on to hapless taxpayers" - Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, Worthing (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 10.1.02 SPINNING OUT FOX HUNTING ISSUE? - Government came into power due to the votes of people who wanted hunting banned - get on with it - M Green, Leicester (letter)

Scotsman 10.1.02 "I was horrified to read Robert McNeil’s diatribe (5 January) against the Countryside Alliance. How dared its members walk through his Edinburgh!" - reply to Robert McNeil's article from NAN FORSYTH, Sherwood Park, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire (letter)
Scotsman 10.1.02 Points of view - Killing - letter agreeing with Robert McNeil from Shirley Gibb EDINBURGH (letter)
Scotsman 5.1.02 ROBERT McNEIL's WEEK - OH, BLOODY Nora. Not time for more New Year resolutions. I haven’t started implementing the last lot yet. This year, there is but one: to rid this land of fox-manglers. Oh yes, your Uncle Bertie remains distressed after their recent knuckle-dragging amble through Embra... (story)

Ely Standard 10.1.02 Hare gangs' farm terror - ILLEGAL hare coursers are terrorising Newmarket farmers, forcing them to live in fear of violence and verbal abuse... (story)

Edinburgh News 10.1.02 Organ donation still best option - letter re: pigs bred to be used for transplants from Alan Howe, Craigleith View, Edinburgh ...Instead of asking your readers to rejoice at the prospect of further unnecessary interference with the animal kingdom, perhaps you should be encouraging us to examine our consciences letter)

Manchester Evening News 10.1.02 Let’s try to find a more humane way - anti vivisection letter re: pigs bred for transplants from "Concerned, Cheshire" (letter may be in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 10.1.02 COMPASSION IN CASH GIFTS ...Certain charities who fund horrific experiments on all species of animals prefer to keep this quiet... contact PETA for booklet of non-vivisection charities - Miss D Spencer, Dovedale Crescent, Belper (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 10.1.02 No controls to protect animals - letter in support of Mrs Pickering's letter (18.12.01) about toy cats made of fur from MARK GLOVER, Campaign Director, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham. (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.12.01 Furry 'gifts' are horribly real - letter about toy cats made from real fur from M PICKERING (Mrs), Olympia Street, Burnley - the fur is actually cat or kitten fur (letter in archive)

Scotsman 9.1.02 Bloodlust pursuit - reply to Shirley Page from TOM GRAY, West Park, Braco, Perthshire ...I have been spared the incongruous sight of a bloodlust pack of hunters and hounds in pursuit of the animal... (letter)
Scotsman 5.1.02 Horror of shooting - Several of your correspondents have recently referred to the practice of fox-hunting as "barbaric". Do these people know anything at all about the horrors perpetrated on foxes by fox shoots?.. SHIRLEY PAGE, Carsethorn, Kirkcudbrightshire (letter)

Guardian 9.1.02 "Steady on, Wills" - interview with Clive Postlethwaite by Esther Addley (story)
Ananova 8.1.02 Prince William accused of 'four-letter outburst' (story)
Times 8.1.02 William accused by quarry at hunt BY SIMON DE BRUXELLES - Freelance photographer Clive Postlethwaite claims Prince William swore at him yesterday as he returned from hunting with the Beaufort.(story)
Scotsman 8.1.02 William takes the oath as he snaps over a photographer - Gethin Chamberlain - The prince lost his cool when he spotted photographer Clive Postlethwaite lying in wait for him as he returned from a day’s fox hunting. Mr Postlethwaite claimed he was keeping out of the way when the young prince galloped towards him, baring his teeth and swearing and forcing him to abandon his camera and dive into a ditch... (story)
Telegraph 8.1.02 Prince William's 'four-letter fury' By Sandra Laville PRINCE WILLIAM swore at a photographer and forced him into a ditch as he returned from hunting yesterday, it was claimed last night... He claimed that the Prince, 19, galloped up and shouted: 'fucking piss off, Postlewaite.' (story)

Fermanagh Herald 9.1.01 Firearms law among the toughest - reply to Andrew Tyler from Ronan Gorman, Director BASC, Northern Ireland, The Courtyard, Galgorm Castle, Ballymena BT42 1HL (letter may only be available from paper after this week)
Fermanagh Herald 2.1.02 Children should not be allowed to shoot - Animal Aid (letter may only be available from paper after this week)
Worcester Evening News 22.12.01 PRIDE - ANDREW TYLER, Director, Animal Aid. (letter in archive)
Loughborough Echo 20.12.01 UK gun laws among toughest in world - reply to Ronny Worsey from Leonard Gant, Brook Street, Wymeswold. "Our MPs are currently deliberating over such contentious matters as international terrorism; let's not waste their time over legislation already debated" (letter may be in archive)
North East Evening Gazette 14.12.01 Age concern over our lax gun laws... RONNY WORSEY Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Stourbridge News 13.12.01 Time to stop young bloods - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter in archive)
New Post Leader 13.12.01 WRITE TO YOUR MP TO PROTEST - ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW. (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 11.12.01 Give young right guidance on guns - letter from SJ BAMFORD Kingskerswell Newton Abbot - I write in reply to "Keep youngsters away from guns" (Your View, December 4). It seems that the rural way of life is again under attack from a very narrow-minded section of society...(letter may be in archive)
Grimsby Evening Telegraph 11.12.01 Keep firearms out of the hands of children - Animal Aid "Young Guns" anti shooting letter from Mrs J Seddon, Hemingby, Horncastle (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 8.12.01 Sport of shooting is not unsavoury - letter in reply to " the rantings of your correspondent Mr Tyler of Animal Aid (Herald Express, December 4)" from COLIN REEVES, Secretary, Paignton (Torbay) Rifle & Pistol Club - young people who shoot "have a much healthier attitude towards firearms and life in general than those whose only recreational activity is to spend countless hours blasting people to bits on their Playstation in the solitude of their bedrooms " (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 7.12.01 Keep youngsters away from guns - Andrew Tyler, director, Animal Aid (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Loughborough Echo 6.12.01 Keep guns away from young - Ronny Worsey, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter may be in archive)
Lewisham News Shopper 5.12.01 Law says kids can kill - Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 4.12.01 Keep youngsters away from guns - letter from ANDREW TYLER Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge "...Animal Aid has published a new investigation into the children-and-guns issue. Entitled ‘Young Blood', the report calls upon the government to act promptly and decisively to keep firearms out of the hands of children..." (letter in archive)

Evening Standard 9.1.02 Being a PA is better than I thought by Fiona McNeill - article about secretarial work, interview with Sacha Eliades-Bond - Now in her thirties, she has just landed her dream job as PA to the director of animal welfare charity the National Anti-Vivisection Society... (story)

Mirror 9.1.02 End organs horror - I AM disgusted at the idea of using animal organs for human transplants... Miss K Turnbull Gravesend, Kent (letter may be in archive)

Argus 9.1.02 Cherish them - letter about cruelty to pets from Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 9.1.02 Hollow victory for animal rights - letter from John Tuck, Wootton Bassett Swindon Wiltshire re: letters from Don Bishop, Martin Quigley and MJ Haines - anti veal campaign meant calves were reared abroad in worse conditions (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 7.1.02 This attack just wasn't fair, Chris - letter from Martin Quigley, Hereford: I FOUND Chris Rundle's disgusting vitriolic attack upon Carla Lane and her animal sanctuary beyond logical comprehension... (letter in Bristol Evening Press archive)
Western Daily Press 7.1.02 Harsh truths of animal husbandry - by a softie - Don Bishop, Highbridge Somerset - I HEARTILY agree with the sentiments expressed in your article written by Chris Rundle... For many years I was a member of Compassion in World Farming only giving up when they kept sending me unwanted raffle tickets which I had no hope of selling... As for the generosity of Carla Lane, it's a pity that her considerable charity cannot be better directed... (letter in Bristol Evening Press archive)
Western Daily Press 3.1.01 They all have to die some time, Carla by Chris Rundle - "I HAVE not the merest shred of sympathy for Carla Lane, who has announced that her animal sanctuary is about to run out of funds and may have to close. The statement, of course, is designed to achieve precisely the opposite: To extract more donations from misguided animal welfarists to keep the sanctuary stumbling along on just the right side of insolvency for a few more months yet.... " She has spent £86K on calves "that should have been rattling off to the knacker's yard months ago". Now she knows what farmers have to deal with. If you want milk, calves have to be produced. Not all are suitable for meat - those that are produce veal "And veal has been stigmatised by the welfare lobby to the point where asking for it in a crowded butcher's shop produces the same reaction from other customers as inquiring down the WI market if they've got any gay porn mags... Damn the lot of them. Eat more veal. Let's have a National Veal Week. Or Month. Or Year. Let's make Carla Lane the patron - and not tell her." (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Sun 8.1.02 letter condemning use of cloned pigs as source of transplant material from Alan Longton, Glasgow (letter may be in archive)

Argus 8.1.02 I'll have the drum kit - letter from Mary Frankel, Brighton - wants the unclaimed drum kit in Brighton police lost property to use in her animal rights demonstrations (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 8.1.02 Slug pellets man attacks RSPCA 'waste of money' by Mark Branagan - Andrew Matthews, 39, was alleged to have endangered cats, dogs, birds and other wildlife by putting the poisonous pellets with dessert spoonfuls of fish flakes in three tins in plant pots outside his home in Prospect Road, Scarborough... he was given pellets by another gardener, but they weren't the animal friendly ones marked on the carton... RSPCA said the very act of mixing pellets with the fish instead of scattering them lightly around the plants amounted to the offence of "knowingly" putting poisoned food on the land... But magistrates accepted that Mr Matthews could not have known the pellets inside the container were not the ones referred to on the labels (story)

Times 8.1.02 Cruel Harvest - letter from Dr ALAN LONG, 14 Woodland Rise, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 0RD defending vegetarians (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 7.1.02 Two kills are claimed at fox hunt - New Forest Foxhounds first meet of the year - Ken James, of New Forest Animal Protection Group said deer had been disturbed & Frankie Horan said 2 foxes had been shot. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 7.1.02 True observations - I THOUGHT Chris Rundle's article about stag hunting was so sensible and true. Deer slaughter was caused by landowners & hunting people. M G Hart, Bathalton Taunton Somerset (letter in Bristol Evening Press archive)
Western Daily Press 24.12.01 Hunts could help farm incomes from Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire re: Chris Rundle's piece. "...I wish to see an end to all blood sports.However, if farmers are so poor yet they still allow hunting on their land, I suggest they charge the hunting fraternity a good stiff fee for the privilege..." (letter in archive and Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Daily Press 20.12.01 We're killing you for your own good - anti hunt article by Chris Rundle (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 7.1.02 Let's hope this hunt was the last of its kind - Mrs M Harrison, Swindon - ... two hunt protestors have been killed by alleged hunt supporters and in September 2000 there was almost a third. Steve from Croydon had to be airlifted to hospital after a vehicle knocked him down then reversed, running over him a second time. He suffered four broken ribs, a crushed pelvis and internal bleeding, he is still suffering from the injuries. Steve had also been attacked by a huntsman ten minutes earlier and with three others running away... (letter in Bristol Evening Press archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.1.02 NO FESTIVE FUN IN HUNTING WILD ANIMALS WITH DOGS ... We are a caring society and hunting with dogs is an anachronism. Ron Dyson, Romsey Drive, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.1.02 Help us work for fur farm bans - THE Government is to be congratulated on its announcement that fur farming is to be banned in England and Wales... Mark Glover, Respect For Animals PO Box 6500 Nottingham NG4 3GB. (letter in Bristol Evening Press archive)

Daily Record 7.1.02 KEEP ANIMALS OUT OF RING OF CRUELTY - anti circus letter from Irene Boyne, Scottish Circus Action Network (letter may be in archive)

Northern Echo 7.1.02 ANIMAL WELFARE - THE editorial (Echo, Dec 31) about foot-and-mouth begs the questions, who were the real culprits and will we ever really care enough to put the welfare of the animal before our own greed and gluttony?... John Young, Crook. (letter in archive)

Scotsman 6.1.02 KATIE GRANT: We all have a voice in rural debate - WHAT, in your opinion, is commonly understood by the term ‘rural’? DEFRA, the successor department to MAFF, together with the Office of National Statistics, is charged with coming up with a new definition. But we must not leave it to them. The crisis in farming, BSE, foot and mouth and the attempt to ban hunting have given the word new prominence. If rural is to be redefined, we should all join the debate... (story)

Scotsman 6.1.02 Foxhunters paying price of populist prejudice - letter from Richard Bond, Biggar - ALTHOUGH I am no fan of foxhunting, I think that most of the arguments of the pros make at least some sense, while the views of the antis amount to little more than various versions of "I don’t like it"... John Stuart Mill said: "The only purpose for which power can be rightly exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant." (letter)

Daily Record 5.1.02 Old problem - I AM sick of the country toffs calling fox hunting a "sport"... Jacqui Gillies, Garelochhead. (letter may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 5.1.02 I'M a bit puzzled by Lesley's comment regarding hunt protestors... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Near Stroud Gloucestershire (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Independent 5.1.02 Gangsters, guns and unlicensed gambling: welcome to the world of illegal coursing By Steve Boggan - article about illegal coursing. (story)

Guardian 5.1.02 Pig ignorant - letters about use of cloned pigs for transplant operations from Sean Gifford, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Dorothy Adams, Fleet, Hants (letters)

Plymouth Evening Herald 5.1.02 HELP END THIS POINTLESS AND IMMORAL SLAUGHTER ... 2.64 million animals were used in 2000 in UK labs. Shameful!... Louise Piddington, Welsford Avenue, Stoke, Plymouth (letter)

Harborough & Lutterworth Mail 4.1.02 frost-hit hunts are ´back in business´ - AS the biggest crowds for years turned out to greet the area´s Fernie and Pytchley hunts for their annual Boxing Day meets, both are confident they will be back next Christmas... quotes from Joe Cowen of Fernie & Dick Payne of Pytchley, & LACS press officer Eleanor Simmons ...Although supporters of the League were out in force to protest in many parts of the country on Boxing Day, the Fernie and Pytchley were not on her list said Ms Simmons. (story)

Southern Reporter 4.1.02 COUNCIL INVITATION FOR HUNT-BAN PEER - Lord Watson, the new minister for tourism, has been sent an invitation to visit the Borders and meet with councillors and local tourist officials by Scottish Borders Council leader Drew Tulley. Quote from Jamie Innes of the Jedforest "If Lord Watson does come down to the Borders, I would love to meet him..." (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 4.1.02 Hare hunters dissolve pack - The Holcombe Rogus Beagles hunt has been forced to disband because of crippling financial problems brought on by the foot & mouth crisis & resulting ban on hunting. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 4.1.02 Anti-hunt protesters target the Avon Vale - Animal rights activists turned out in force in Lacock to protest against foxhunting. But at Pewsey, where the Tedworth Hunt met, there was just a lone protester. Avon Vale was the LACS' main target & over 100 protesters shouted abuse at hunt members. Mike Hobday, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said the league had no intention of demonstrating at any other meets. (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 4.1.02 Prince is a hunt guest - THE few sightseers who came to observe the Boxing Day meet of the Ledbury Hunt at British Camp a quarter of a century ago saw a rare visitor... (story in archive)

Dumfries & Galloway News 4.1.02 Does the Countryside Alliance represent all of our local needs? - .... Countryside Alliance duping the true country folk into believing they, the CA care about the real deprivation... Anyone wealthy enough to indulge themselves in the elitist, expensive, leisure occupation of riding to hounds knows nothing of the day-to-day grind of making a living in today’s hard climate of rural Scotland... Jean W Pilborough, 16 Midtown, Dalry (letter may be in archive)

Shropshire Star 4.1.02 Farmers not keen on hunt over land... I support most of the aims of the Countryside Alliance but I do not agree with the barbaric sport of fox hunting with hounds - Ray Williams, Shifnal (letter may be in archive)

Dumfries & Galloway News 4.1.02 Our system of land ownership is not working - The claims of the Countryside Alliance get more and more outrageous (Mr Gilroy’s letter Galloway News, December 20)... "Countryman" (letter may be in archive)

North West Evening News 4.1.02 STOP THE HUNTING OF FOXES - THE lifting of the foot-and-mouth restrictions must come as a welcome relief to struggling farming communities, but is another hunting season really desirable?.. KATHERINE WATSON, Rushton Drive, Bramhall Stockport (letter)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 4.1.02 Pressure grows for hunting ban - With 150 local authorities banning hunting from their land, 225 MPs and Sir Paul McCartney calling on Tony Blair to re-introduce the Hunting Bill with a free vote, and hundreds of protesters dem-onstrating at 25 venues all over Britain on Boxing Day, can Lady Mallalieu honestly believe that “there is no likelihood of a total ban?” K Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport. (letter)

Wharfedale Observer 4.1.02 Animal Aid - SIR, - I would just like to point out that the movement against vivisection has not in any way whatsoever been pushed forward or helped by the supposedly anti-'all animal cruelty' RSPCA... may I suggest Animal Aid, which I have recently joined... mark richards, 10 Webster Street, Newcastle, Staffs ST5 1NX. (letter in archive)

Argus 4.1.02 Fat lot of good - letter from Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, High Salvington, Worthing re article by Jackie Bealing " I was saddened by her story of the 32lb turkey which proved to be too much even for her family of six to eat... Next year, Jacqui, if you really must place a dead animal on your Christmas table, make it as small a bird or joint as possible." (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 4.1.02 NEW COUNTRYSIDE USES - letter from C Seal, Leicester. Countryside should be put to leisure use. Farm animals should be allowed to live out their natural lives (letter)

Kent Messenger 4.1.02 Sanctuary saves lives of unwanted calves - Marion Eastwood, who runs the Friend Farmed Animal Rescue at Bush Road at East Peckham, near Maidstone took in 11 calves from dairy farmer. Urgently needs sponsors. US-based organisation PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) put out an appeal on Mrs Eastwood's behalf and has already received one sponsor (story in archive)
Kent/East Sussex Courier 3.1.02 THANKS to the owner of an East Peckham animal sanctuary 11 calves have been saved - Friend Animal Sanctuary, owner Marion Eastwood, vegan. PETA arranged for sponsors, including wealthy Texan woman, quote from Dawn Carr (story)

Western Mail 3.1.02 Fight to get hunt licences criticised - Farmers Union of Wales critical of red tape involved in getting hunting licenses. "There is a lot of bureaucracy which can hold up the process and there is already too little time to act now," said union spokesman Alan Morris. (story)

Chigwell Guardian and Harlow Citizen 3.1.02 MP supports hunting ban - NAZEING, Roydon and Sheering MP Bill Rammell has spoken out against hunting, saying that his New Year resolution is to see the introduction of legislation to ban hunting with dogs. (story)

Worcester Evening News 3.1.02 Fury at the foxhunters - ANTI hunt campaigners claim they have video and photographic evidence of hunts not complying with regulations to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease - claims have been denied by Worcestershire Hunt spokesman Bob Brierley, who has challenged them: "Do whatever you wish, but be prepared for the consequences." The Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) group says its campaigners monitored the Worcestershire Foxhounds twice last month - quote from spokesman Maurice Brett. (story in archive)
Birmingham Post 2.1.02 Hunt breaking rules - claim By Sarah Probert, Birmingham Post - Campaign group Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) accused several hunts, including one in Worcestershire, saying they had ignored regulations laid down by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for preventing Fooot & Mouth disease. Maurice Brett, a spokesman for POWA, said: "We have monitored the Worcestershire Foxhounds twice since hunting has restarted and they appear to be completely ignoring foot and mouth disease regulations." Nicky Driver, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance in the West Midlands said POWA misunderstood the rules. (story)

Melton Times 3.1.02 ICE STOPS MOUNTED HUNTING ...THE Cottesmore and Quorn held their traditional New Year´s Day meets on Tuesday but the icy weather put paid to any mounted hunting... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 3.1.02 PRINCE CHARLES POPS IN FOR TEA AT PUB AFTER HUNT - Prince Charles, a regular at the Meynell and South Staffordshire hunt, visited the Shoulder of Mutton pub at Osmaston for a cup of tea on Saturday after a day's hunting with other members of the hunt. On Boxing Day, the Four Shire Bloodhounds held a hunt around Ashbourne with a human "fox"... (story)

Mirror 3.1.02 "HOW tiresome to read that hunting has started again..." Jennifer Cook, Honiton, Devon (letter in archive)

Scotsman 3.1.02 Hunting ban smacks of class prejudice - letter from WILLIAM O’DONNELL, King’s Park Avenue, Rutherglen, Glasgow "this legislation will not save the life of a single fox; the whole issue smacks of hypocrisy and class prejudice" (letter)

Scotsman 3.1.02 Bonding rituals - anti hunt letter from ANN DUNCOMBE, Alloa Road, Tullibody, Clackmannanshire - they should go drag hunting (letter)

Scotsman 3.1.02 Hunting - letter from (Miss) ERK Fischer EDINBURGH - MSPs award themselves a pay increase but don't care about hunt workers being put out of houses & jobs (letter)

Edinburgh News 3.1.02 Not a choice for hunted animals - reply to Zin Craig's article from John Cowen Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh "I myself donate to Scots Mercy Corps, Children’s Hospice and other human charities, and the greater majority of animal lovers also do their bit to ease human suffering..." (letter)
Edinburgh News 31.12.01 Hypocrisy that makes us see red by Zin Craig, a supporter of the Countryside Alliance - Many anti-hunting views are based on the ill-informed, emotional reactions of ‘animal lovers’, argues Zin Craig, not the cold, hard facts of country life... Asians, Indians, blacks - any group "not like us" - are harassed, driven out of their communities, even murdered... Yet the same people who are horrified by this social evil have the time and energy to vilify the traditions of a pastoral populace... (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 3.1.02 No goodwill over hunting - anti hunt letter from G METCALFE, Moorhey Crescent, Bamber Bridge. "this will no doubt mean a return to the breaking up of timid hares for recreational purposes, as carried out by the Holcombe Harriers and at the Waterloo Cup in February" (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 3.1.02 Hypocrisy of the hunt supporters From M Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell "WE NOW have a situation where many fox hunts are moving out of town for their annual Boxing Day meets, whining about the dangers of spreading foot-and-mouth" - so why did 15,000 go to Edinburgh? "I say to these hunts, if you have been driven out of town by the protest of decent caring people, have the guts to say so ­ do not descend into wails of sickening hypocrisy." (letter in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 3.1.02 HUNTING WITH DOGS MUST BE OUTLAWED - letter from Sandra Barker, Bridge View, Milford in reply to Kay Chapman's letter of December 27 "Last Saturday I, along with some friends, collected a petition in Derby City Centre urging the Government to bring the Hunting with dogs Bill back before the House of Commons. The response from members of the public was overwhelming." Collected hundreds of signatures. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.12.01 Campaigners against fox hunting will be holding a demonstration in Derby city centre on Saturday - will be asking shoppers to sign anti hunt petition (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 3.1.02 Foot and mouth gone from country - AS the bells rang out at midnight on New Year's Eve, foot and mouth was officially over in North Yorkshire... John Haigh, speaking for the Countryside Alliance, said the declaration that North Yorkshire was now foot and mouth free was good news, but the important thing now was to rebuild the rural economy.... calling for public inquiry (story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Post 3.1.02 Magpie man fined over garden trap By Ann-Marie Houghton - Marc Jackson, 25, of Fernleigh, Leyland, appeared before the town's magistrates court facing two charges under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - pleaded guilty to taking a wild bird & unlawfully confining magpie in cage not sufficient in size for it to stretch its wings. RSPCA visited him at home to question him about a larsen trap. Bird was taken to wildlife hospital & later released. Recent RSPCA court case was cited which resulted in a ruling that larson traps could be used under licence as long as they are used for the purpose for which the licence was granted. (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.1.02 Campaign to curb fireworks - letter from Lucille Cavadino, Yorkshire area co-ordinator COFFAW, Crescent Road, Sheffield (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 2.1.02 Fireworks Campaign - ...I would like to make YEP readers aware that there is currently a national campaign under way for the Control of Fireworks for Animal Welfare (COFFAW)... (letter)

Argus 3.1.02 No sympathy -letter from Norman Rayner, Crabtree Lane, Lancing accusing objectors to abattoir of selfishness for only complaining about smell & noise rather than the slaughter itself (letter in archive)

Edinburgh News 2.1.02 They said it: "Vegetarians are like animal rights protesters: they cannot just get on with their chosen, dreary approach to life. They have to scream at the rest of us as if this is going to bring us to our senses" - Janet Street-Porter. (story)
Independent on Sunday 30.12.01 Editor-at-large: Janet Street-Porter So, farewell to 2001 and goodbye to Cranks, leader of the lentil revolution and the food chain responsible for more flatulent afternoons than I care to think about.Vegetarians did a lot of crowing over the past 12 months... Vegetarians are like animal rights protesters...(story)

Bristol Evening Post 3.1.01 SOAPBOX: Animal welfare - Dawn Carr, European Campaigns Manager, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA) "INSTEAD of making the same old New Year's vows to exercise more often, eat less chocolate and start flossing your teeth regularly, how about doing something a bit different - making New Year's resolutions that help animals?" (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 2.12.01 Keeping cruelty out of bounds - letter from Dawn Carr, European Campaigns Manager People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) London SW18 - make new year resolutions to help animals - go vegetarian etc etc etc "Speak out against cruelty wherever you see it - in a pet shop, at the circus or aquarium or in a neighbour's back garden..." (story in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

(paper unknown, found in the This Is Staffordshire archive) 2.1.02 FROSTY WEATHER FORCES HUNT TO GO OUT ON FOOT - BY HENRY WIDDAS - RIDERS had to go on foot in the New Year's Day East Devon Hunt after it was decided the ground was too frosty for horses. Quotes from hunt members & bystanders ...Meanwhile, the Hunt Saboteurs Association is calling for the end of some hunts' practice of putting down hunting dogs after six or seven seasons - quote from Dawn Preston (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 2.1.02 MPS DECLARE DONATIONS FOR LOCAL PARTIES - Shona McIsaac received £1,000 from the Political Animal Lobby - "PAL is the political wing of the International Fund for Animal Welfare and a strong supporter of the campaign to ban hunting." (story)

Newcastle Journal 2.1.02 A-hunting we may go - Morpeth New Years Day meet - Hundreds of people thronged the town centre to watch as the Morpeth Hunt met for drinks and a social gathering despite the continuing ban on hunting in the countryside in the wake of the foot-and-mouth crisis. (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 2.1.02 Hunt campaigners to step up protests - All Saturday meets will be targeted by members of East Northamptonshire Anti-Blood Sports, which staged a protest at the Woodland Pytchley Hunt on Boxing Day, quote from spokesman Clive Richardson... David Reynolds, master of the Woodland Pytchley Hunt, said: "Saboteurs are an inconvenience. They use filthy language, swear at children and are very threatening. But they make no difference to the hunt proceedings. The number of saboteurs is falling and that's because not many people want to be disruptive..." (story)

Northern Echo 2.1.02 A-hunting they will go as disease crisis ends by Ron Harper - South Durham New Years Day meet, interview with master Mark Shotton (story in archive)

Northwich Guardian 2.1.02 - CHESHIRE Forest Hunt's traditional Boxing Day pursuit was cancelled last week as foot and mouth restrictions continued to cause disruption...More than 40 huntsmen and 300 supporters gathered at Little Budworth at 11am and took part in a special parade... Janet Smart, of Labour Voters Against Hunting, was one of the protestors including LACS & other groups. Sabs protested at young hunt supporters' party on Thursday after "rescuing" the carcass of a fox. Sarah Hill, of the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association, said the animal had suffered a painful death (story in archive)

Pontefract & Castleford Express 2.1.02 LAST OF THE HUNTERS - A 300-YEAR-OLD tradition came to an end in Wentbridge on Boxing Day when hunt supporters defied the winter chills to cheer riders at the last-ever Badsworth Hunt... Joint master of Badsworth Hunt Peter Turland said: "...This was the last hunt as the Badsworth pack but we are planning to amalgamate with Bramham Moor..." Yorkshire regional representative for the League against Cruel Sports, Eric Beechy said: "There were about 75 to 80 protestors at the hunt and we found the attitude of those defending the sport was more aggressive than in recent years..." (story)

Northumberland Gazette 2.1.02 More against attitude than hunting - SIR, I AM anti fox hunting with dogs and shall remain so. Why? Because it is cruel, cruel because there is no need for it... The latest encounter I had with the fox hunting pack was November this year on my way to Sweethope Lough in the early morning to try to catch a couple of rainbow trout... when I caught up with a pack of fox hounds being exercised occupying the full width of the road, two pack handlers on bicycles each with a whip in their hand, the location was the Dyke Neuk, Morpeth area... E Turnbull, Ashington (letter)

Argus 2.1.02 Hunting rights - letter from -WJ Packe, Grantham Road, Brighton - if Government bans hunting then hunt people should cite Article 14 of the Human Rights Act which forbids discrimination against minority groups. (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 2.1.02 Difference between hunting and fishing - letter from Jo Cunningham, regional press officer, RSPCA - "TIM Pinney's claim (You Say, December 10) that the RSPCA is an animals rights organisation is inaccurate and misinformed... The RSPCA does not and has no plans to campaign against shooting or fishing. Any reasonable person can see that there's a big difference between hunting with dogs and fishing..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 10.12.01 It's time to be honest with public - letter from TIM PINNEY, Peopleton, Pershore in reply to Jo Cunningham, RSPCA - " Jo Cunningham states that the RSPCA is not an animal rights organisation. I believe that statement to be untrue... The society enjoys charitable status but, nevertheless, has entered the political arena with its relentless campaign against hunting, using tens of thousands of pounds of its assets and members' contributions..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 28.11.01 Animal rights not a black-white issue - letter from JO CUNNINGHAM, Regional Press Officer, RSPCA, Shrewsbury explaining the difference between animal rights & animal welfare - the "RSPCA is not an animal rights organisation - the RSPCA is an animal welfare charity..." (letter in archive)

Dorset Echo (1.1.01) Hunt protesters and supporters come face-to-face - Portman Boxing Day meet in Blandford. Blandford resident Peter Irvine said he was there to protest against unnecessary cruelty to Dorset wildlife, especially foxes... Helen Rawles from Shroton said she was against hunting... Protesters were vastly outnumbered by supporters, however, out to enjoy the spectacle of horses, dogs and riders. (photo) (story in archive)

The Herald (Glasgow) 1.1.02 Spurious claims about Boxing Day hunting - THE letter on mounted fox-hunting on Boxing Day by Allan Murray of the Countryside Alliance reveals how desperate both he and the alliance have become as they attempt to defend their unacceptable activities... Les Ward, chairman, Scottish Campaign against Hunting with Dogs, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh. (letter may be in archive)
The Herald (Glasgow) 28.12.01 Lessons from the Boxing Day mounted hunts - letter from Allan Murray, director, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston " IF there is one thing that stood out from the traditional Boxing Day meets of the Scottish mounted hunts, it is the number of people from all walks of rural life who will be affected by the proposed ban on hunting currently going through the Scottish parliament..." (letter may be in archive)

Evening Leader 1.1.01 TURPS ATTACK ON MEAT - HUNDREDS of pounds worth of meat in two Wrexham supermarkets was ruined on New Year’s Eve, after suspected animal rights activists covered it in turps. (story in archive)