January 2008

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Somerset Guardian 31.12.08 ANNUAL HUNT IS WELL ATTENDED - The mendip Farmers' Hunt met at Manor Farm, Litton, by kind permission of Dave and Liz Brimble.Thanks to the generosity of the family, this has now become an annual event.... (story)

Cotswold Journal 31.1.08 Teenage riders go bareback for good cause - TWO junior members of the North Cotswold Hunt rode bareback at the weekend to raise money for the County Air Ambulance service. Charlotte Haines, 16, and friend Anna Walby, 17, both sixth formers at Chipping Campden School, raised more than £4,000 for the service, which has often proved to be a lifesaver for riders and the farming community... (story)

Horse & Hound 31.1.08 Quorn senior joint-master Joss Hanbury suffers neck injury - Michael Clayton - Quorn senior joint-master Joss Hanbury was admitted to hospital with a severe neck injury after a heavy fall while hunting with the Quorn on Monday, 28 January, near Old Dalby... (story)

Western Daily Press 31.1.08 SHAME ROYALS SUPPORT HUNT - I would like to comment on Rev H W Jones letter, "Will monarchy end with Queen?" (Your Say, January 23). I am glad to hear that a man of the cloth has the view that killing for sport is immoral... I agree that it is disappointing that the Royal Family encourages blood- sports, especially as they are supposed to be the shining example, that we, as citizens look to as role models.... Name and address supplied (story)

Western Gazette 31.1.08 Commons move over hunting - I CERTAINLY agree with Helen Weeks, who asked in the Western Gazette on 17 January, who cares about the Hunting Act?... Readers may wish to know that on January 8 George Howarth MP tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons: "This House deplores the reported widespread breaches of the Hunting Act 2004... John Phelps, Exeter (story)

Berwickshire News 31.1.08 Poisoned baits kill birds near Greenlaw By Kenny Paterson - A TOTAL of 25 poisoned baits laid out to kill birds of prey have been discovered on private estates around Greenlaw - the highest number ever recorded in one location. Analysts from the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency (SASA) have confirmed that 25 carcasses of rabbits and hares laced with deadly Carbofuran were discovered within a one square mile radius in Berwickshire countryside between March and September last year... (story)
Scotsman 28.1.08 - Largest cache of poisoned bait discovery fuels birds of prey concerns By Robert Fairburn and Andrew McWhirter - THE largest-ever cluster of poisoned bait for the killing of birds of prey has been found in the Borders.... The carcases were found within one square mile of countryside near Greenlaw, Berwickshire on five occasions between March and September last year. Police were first alerted by a member of the public in March last year. However, it is understood that progress on the investigation has been slow because the baits were found over a number of bordering private estates.... (story)

Guardian 31.1.08 MP blasts 'ineffective' whip rules - Chris Cook - Racing's ruling body has been attacked by an MP for failing to protect racehorses from whip-happy jockeys. Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat member for Portsmouth South, wrote to the British Horseracing Authority on Monday, complaining that it had been "extremely ineffective in curbing excessive use of the whip".... If the BHA does not "get a grip," he claims, "pressure from the public will, I am sure, ultimately force the government" to pass legislation... (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 31.1.08 The horrific deaths of two more horses on Thursday at Fontwell Park racecourse brings that course’s number of thoroughbred fatalities to six in just 15 days of racing... Animal Aid research indicates that an average of 375 horses are raced to death every year on British courses, with Fontwell Park having a higher-than-average thoroughbred fatality rate... Dene Stansall, horseracing consultant, Animal Aid (story)

Daily Post 31.1.08 Badger cull edges closer after inquiry by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A CULL of badgers as part of a £27m, three-year drive to eradicate bovine TB in Wales has edged closer following an inquiry by AMs into the disease. The Assembly’s rural development sub-committee recommended trial culls in a clearly defined pilot area as part of a broad push against bTB, including annual testing of cattle, increased biosecurity and continued cull of reactors. But rural affairs minister Elin Jones wouldn’t confirm if she would act on the cull recommendation... Badger Trust Cymru welcomed the recognition that bTB is primarily spread by cattle and exacerbated by an inadequate TB testing regime... Trust spokesman Mike Sharratt said a badger-culling trial in Wales would serve “no useful purpose”.... (story)

Irish Independent 31.1.08 Animal rights activists turn heat on Coughlan to ban fur farming By Fergus Black - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday accused Agriculture Minister Mary Coughlan of turning a blind eye to the suffering of animals on fur farms. More than 50 members of Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) picketed the minister's department in Dublin demanding that fur farming be banned in the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill.... ARAN spokesman John Carmody said that while fur farming was banned in the UK, up to 170,000 mink, arctic and silver fox were caged in five fur farms in the State.... (story)
Evening Echo 30.1.08 Campaigners urge Coughlan to ban fur farming - Animal rights activists upped their campaign against fur farming today, demanding Minister for Agriculture Mary Coughlan introduce a ban. The Animal Rights Action Network (Aran) called for the practice to be outlawed in the new Animal Welfare Bill being drawn up. More than 50 Aran members as well as members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) picketed the Department of Agriculture offices in Dublin with graphic images of the fur trade.... (story)

Argus 31.1.08 Whale protesters were under attack - With regard to the letter from KD about the members of Greenpeace who were taken hostage by a Japanese whaling vessel (Letters, January 23), she states that she was "disgusted by the stupid antics" of Giles Lane and Benjamin Potts.... Just because KD and our Government do not have the stomach to fight for what is right does not mean that brave individuals such as the men and women who support and work for the Sea Shepherd should not.... Alan Hetherington, High Street, Newhaven (letter)

Leicester Mercury 31.1.08 VALENTINES FOR VEGETARIANS - Veggies and vegans are set to have their own Valentine's evening. The match-making night has been organised by animal rights group, Animal Aid. To be held at The Lounge, at Leicester University Students Union, the event is designed to raise money and awareness.... (story)


Irish Independent 30.1.08 I feel as if I am obliged to apologise profoundly to Aideen Yourell (Letters, January 29). No doubt she cried a few crocodile tears for the future of the Irish red deer as she wielded her quill. The underlying point of my initial letter was that the Ward Union care deeply about the Irish red deer and indeed run one of the largest private herds of Ireland's noblest mammal, a herd that could not be maintained without the revenue generated by hunting throughout the winter months... JOHN CONDREN, THE SWAN, CO LAOIS (letter)
Irish Independent 29.1.08 Greens are not the 'callous' ones - Mr John Condren from Co Laois (Letters, January 22), accuses the Green Party of being "ignorant and callous" because a deer is "at large in the Meath countryside" since a hunt on St Stephen's Day... But Mr Condren quite wrongly lays the blame on Minister John Gormley's restricted licence for the Ward Union... Mr Condren might be very interested to know that, long before the restricted licence, deer being left out after hunts was quite common.... AIDEEN YOURELL, IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS, MULLINGAR, CO WESTMEATH (letter)
Irish Independent 22.1.08 Green stag plan is dangerous one - IT IS now almost a month since the Ward Union Hunt held their first meet of the season on St Stephen's Day. The stag released by the hunt that day is still at large in the Meath countryside, distressed at his separation from his herd and posing a threat to motorists and walkers. He is also risking injury to himself or others. Had the hunt been permitted to pursue him with hounds, he would now be long back in the Ward Union deer reserve, safe, well-fed and contented among his own species... JOHN CONDREN, THE SWAN, CO LAOIS (letter)

Dundee Courier 30.1.08 This is a more disturbing issue - Your featured letter on Tuesday, January 22, making a plea for banning the use of snares—a basic hunting tool used by mankind since the dawn of time—in Scotland, needs some explanation…. Your anti-snare correspondent mentioned Advocates for Animals and League Against Cruel Sports. I’m sure they have more pressing issues to consider. A more widespread and disturbing live environmental issue today takes place inside private walled grounds of mansions and castles. Game birds are hatched and reared in captivity for no other purpose than to be dispatched to the fields and woods in time for the shooting season… Ken Duncan. 70 Glamis Road, Kirriemuir (letter)
Dundee Courier 22.1.08 Scotland should ban these barbaric devices - readers may be shocked to learn that snares are still legal in Scotland.... A ban is supported by organisations such as Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports.... Stuart Cameron. 21 Grange Road, Monifieth (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.1.08 CRACKDOWN ON HARE COURSING GANGS - Police are launching a new crackdown on hunting gangs coming to the county to kill hares. Lincolnshire Police say that far from being "poor poachers" looking for a meal to put on the table - these are hardened organised crooks who make thousands in betting on the slaughter of animals... (story)


Western Morning News 29.1.08 Hunting foxes with hounds is a natural ‘animal interaction’ by Steve Dube - A NEW report claiming that hunting with hounds is a natural way to manage wildlife was presented to a meeting of peers and MPs at the House of Lords last week. The report is a detailed review of the scientific literature on the issue by Katie Colvile, a veterinary surgeon specialising in equine treatment... (story)
Western Morning News 28.1.08 VETS BACK HUNTING WITH DOGS - PETER HARRISON - A group of animal welfare vets say hunting foxes with dogs is the best method of pest control. Three years ago, the hunting ban became law but now a report, conducted by the Veterinary Association of Wildlife Management (VAWM), investigates what happens to foxes when they are hunted. The report's conclusions, published by VAWM expert and veterinary surgeon Katie Colvile have dismissed by anti-hunt groups but welcomed by the pro-hunt lobby.... (story)
Western Daily Press 26.1.08 TOP VETS SAY HUNT IS BEST TO CONTROL FOX - It took eight years, 700 hours of Parliamentary time and divided Britain between town and country like never before. But now, after all that, a group of animal welfare veterinarians is claiming that hunting foxes with packs of dogs for pest control is the best way. The major report conducted by the Veterinary Association of Wildlife Management, looked at what happens to foxes when they are hunted, compared with the alternatives put forward by the Government after hunting with dogs was banned in February 2005... (story)
Telegraph 17.1.08 Hunting with hounds 'mimics nature' By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Hunting with hounds is more "natural" than shooting or snaring as it mimics the way wolves work in the wild, according to a study by vets.... The study by the Middle Way Group of MPs and peers and the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management was intended to provide new arguments for a repeal of the Hunting Act on the grounds of animal welfare and wildlife management. "The Natural Chase," a report by Katie Colvile, a vet, which is based on peer reviewed scientific literature, argues that rather than being cruel, hunting mimics natural processes that animals have evolved to cope with, whereas "artificial" forms of control undermine wildlife populations... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 29.1.08 THE PERSECUTED HERBIVORE - On the Haldon Hills recently I remembered encounters with brown hares, from Clennon Valley of my boyhood to the moors of a Hebridean island not so long ago... Recently, the hare was hunted by packs of beagles, coursed by greyhounds, trapped or shot. Thankfully, the hunting and coursing has been banned.... (story)

Western Daily Press 24.1.08 TELL POLICE ABOUT ILLEGAL HUNTING - Y Nicola, Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.1.08 ILLEGAL HUNTING ACTS NEED REPORTING - Last week, I saw a fox trying to find a gap in a hedge so that it could escape from the hounds of a hunt.Close behind were the hunters on horseback, furiously galloping their horses on the hard road surface, trying to keep up with the action and see the fox meet its grisly fate. It was upsetting to see the law being flouted and I ask members of the public to make it known to the police when they witness the same illegal activity... Y Nicola, Tiverton (by email) (letter)

Scotsman 29.1.08 Take a lead on snare ban - The National Anti Snaring Campaign has obtained a video made by a professional snarer in Scotland. In the video, the man advocates setting snares on fence lines. This is contrary to Defra's Code of Good Snaring Practice but is used by many snarers because they know animals will get entangled and be killed... English and Welsh wildlife is now dependent on the humane spirit of MSPs. Let's hope they lead the way and teach the English a lesson in humanity. SIMON WILD, National Anti Snaring Campaign, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton, West Sussex
Snares are intended to trap, but not kill, so-called "pests"... It is imperative that the Scottish Government introduces an immediate ban on all snares. MORVEN CAMPBELL, Lugton, Ayrshire (letters)

Times 29.1.08 Time to realise whip misuse risks backlash - It is time that racing's constituents realised the sport that provides them with a living must be accountable to the modern world - LYDIA HISLOP STRAIGHT TALK - During the past year, a handful of jockeys have made a strong case for banning the use of the whip. Their actions speak louder than words..... It is time that racing's constituents realised the sport that provides them with a living must be accountable to the modern world, or face extinction... The BHA has the proven will to regulate this issue responsibly, but if its constituents continue to misuse the whip or sanction its misuse, its use becomes indefensible. They risk prosecution and jeopardise the sport's right to regulate itself. Its reputation and future lies, literally, in their hands (story)


Irish Times 28.1.08 Head2Head: Should the Government ban fox-hunting? - YES Philip Kiernan says Ireland's image as a decent and compassionate nation is tarnished by a cruel pursuit. NO Kate Hoey says the ban in England has created a huge waste of money and court time without making foxes any safer…. (story)

Mirror 28.1.08 What the patron of the RSPB did .. on the RSPB's Birdwatch day By Aidan Mcgurran - The Queen picks up dead pheasants as the RSPB, which has her as its patron, holds a nationwide birdwatching event. She even prised a bird from the jaws of a gundog as thousands of UK bird lovers counted species from their homes as part of the Big Garden Birdwatch... (story)

Scotsman 28.1.08 - Wildlife groups' anger as shooters found hunting down wild boar on private estates - RHIANNON EDWARD - ANIMAL rights campaigners claimed yesterday that wild boar hunts were being held on private estates in Scotland. Shooters armed with high-calibre rifles and accompanied by dogs were spotted hunting for the boar by protesters on an estate in Dumfries and Galloway.... A spokeswoman for wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation said the hunts would cause "confusion and panic" in the boars... A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said: "It beggars belief that people actually get pleasure out of the mass slaughter of animals... (story)
Express 28.1.08 BOAR WAR AS ANIMAL PROTECTION GROUPS HIT OUT AT HUNTS By Ben Smith - BRITAIN’S first commercial wild boar hunt has been set up in Scotland, with gunmen paying £550 a head to shoot the beasts. But organisers are so concerned at being targeted by anti-hunting campaigners that the boar drives will only be advertised by word of mouth. Two hunts have been held in the past few weeks at a secret location on a private estate in Dumfries and Galloway, where 20 riflemen killed 51 wild boar... (story)
Sunday Times 27.1.08 The boar gets it as big guns return - DANIEL FOGGO - BIG-GAME hunting has returned to Britain with gunmen paying £550 apiece to shoot captive wild boar on a country estate. At two recent trial drives, 20 “hunters” killed a total of 51 wild boar. The owner of the estate now plans to hold regular commercial shoots. Enthusiasts predict that it will become a main-stream sport within the next few years as boar stocks grow.... (story)

Irish Examiner 28.1.08 Animal experiments end in tears for a lonely chimp - EVERY year millions of animals are subjected to incredible suffering and death in experiments which are very often non-conclusive and unnecessary.... Edward Twohig, Ballycurreen, Glounthaune, Co Cork (letter)

Independent 28.1.08 Kangaroo meat won't solve global warming - I read with disbelief Rob Sharp's advocation of eating kangaroos as a way of fighting global warming ("Skippy for supper?" 24 January). Greenpeace did commission a report into reducing carbon emissions, but it categorically stated to Australian wildlife groups that it has never been its policy to support what is now the largest massacre of land mammals on the planet... Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (story)

Western Daily Press 28.1.08 HOW ONE WOMAN'S LOVE SAVED STARVING PUPPIES IN SRI LANKA BY KEVIN COULSON - All skin and bones, she weaved through heavy traffic looking for scraps to feed her starving pups. It was a pitiful sight that moved animal lover Liz Stewart to take drastic and costly action to save the animals' lives. Mrs Stewart, 56, was working for an animal charity when she witnessed the sorry scene on the streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka.... Mrs Stewart, who lives with her husband and eight dogs, has also run Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue for 26 years... Animal SOS Sri-Lanka was set up in July last year by Kim Cooling to try to raise funds for a new animal clinic in Sri Lanka.... (story)


Derby Evening Telegraph 26.1.08 VIEWS ON THE HUNTING BAN - We ask the question "was the hunt ban good or bad for the fox?" Before the ban, we would see two or three foxes in our garden every night. Now, we have not seen one in the last 18 months... Discussing this subject with a steward of the countryside, his explanation was simple to understand. Only sick and old foxes failed to outwit a pack of hounds, but none can outpace the bullet of a gun.... D. Dowell, Derby Road, Melbourne. (story)

Burton Mail 26.1.08 Double celebration at gamekeepers' fair - A GAMEKEEPERS' fair will be returning to a country hall in South Derbyshire for two special birthdays. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) are holding the Gamekeepers' Fair at Catton Park in Catton, near Walton-on-Trent, as part of their centenary celebrations on April 12-13. In conjunction, the fair will be celebrating its 20th birthday over the two-day event.... (story)

Scotsman 26.1.08 Snares - I support the banning of snares (Letters, 23 January) – which are still legal in this country... Joan M Stewart, Inverness (letter)

Oxford Mail 26.1.08 Lab protest exclusion zone extended By Amanda Williams - A JUDGE has refused to create an exclusion zone to keep animal rights protesters away from the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, during graduation ceremonies... (story)
Oxford Mail 25.1.08 Judge rejects protests exclusion zone call By Amanda Williams - A judge has refused to create an exclusion zone to keep animal rights protesters away from Oxford's Sheldonian Theatre during graduation ceremonies. Oxford University had asked for the ban to stop protesters against its new animal testing laboratory disrupting proceedings, saying shouts from demonstrators ruined the "peace and quiet" of the occasion. But Mr Justice Treacy, sitting at the High Court in London, said yesterday there was no evidence to prove that protesters had posed any threat to students during the ceremonies. However, the judge did extend the exclusion zone around the nearly-completed laboratory, in South Parks Road, by a further 100m, so protesters could not harrass students, academics and lab workers.... (story)


Isle of Wight County Press 25.1.08 HUNT PROMPTS POLICE WARNING By Clare Wall - MEMBERS of the IW Hunt and anti-hunt protesters are being reminded of their legal obligations by police, after a hunt took place this week. Hunt liaison officers attended the event in Ashey, Ryde, on Wednesday afternoon after a resident told police hounds had been on their property... (story)

Western Daily Press 25.1.08 A COMPROMISE WILL BE REACHED AS HUNTING WILL NEVER GO AWAY - In reply to a recent letter which claimed it is toffs who hunt, may I say, having hunted for 40 years, that 70 per cent of foot followers and riders are working class, and that's the way it has always been.... Imagine the countryside without the caretakers - yes, I mean the farmers and their operatives... I admire the League's persistence and I feel both sides are getting closer. I believe a compromise will be reached to suit everyone, so country folk can get on with looking after the land and everything that lives on it. Fred Worth, SomertonSomerset (letter)

Perth Advertiser 25.1.08 Animals run together to promote campaign - ANIMALS roamed Perth streets this week to promote a new nationwide anti-snaring campaign. The showcase — entitled ‘Hanging is Still Legal in Scotland.’ — is expected to attract a huge following... The campaign is being led by Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports, funded by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and supported by Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, Scottish Badgers, the International Otter Survival Fund and the Hare Preservation Trust. (story)

Tenby Observer 25.1.08 Badger Group concern - The West Wales Badger Group is concerned about the number of press reports in the news recently pertaining to Badgers and Bovine TB... Joy Hands, WWBG hon. secretary, High Garth, The Ridgeway, Saundersfoot. (letter in archive)

Redditch Standard 25.1.08 Campaigner praises TV chicken plight spotlight - Gary Morgan - AN ANIMAL welfare campaigner from Redditch has added his voice to the recent high-profile calls to cull intensive chicken farming. In three hard-hitting programmes called 'Chicken Run' screened earlier this month, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explored the conditions experienced by thousands of birds in broiler houses every day, compared to their more fortunate free range brothers and sisters... Kevin White, long-time animal welfare campaigner and member of the Redditch group of Friends of the Earth, praised the programmes for bringing the issues into the public domain and called on standards to be significantly improved.... (story)


Ryedale Gazette & Herald 24.1.08 Sycophantic coverage - LAZY journalism must be one of the easiest occupations there is. You either listen to someone talk rubbish and then put it into print without any checks or queries, or you take what was printed last time you covered the subject was covered, alter a couple of words and hit reprint. In the case of the Middleton Hunt's Boxing Day meet your journalist appears to have done both. This year's sycophantic coverage informed the readers that hundreds of hunt supporters and about 100 riders took part…. In future if you see fit to cover the hunt could I please ask that you check your facts and put any figures into an historical context. TOMMY WOODWARD, Pickering (letter)

South Wales Echo 24.1.08 Hunting ban is surely to stay - I FOUND a recent interview on television with a “master of the hounds” rather disturbing... He went on to tell us how this law was going to be repealed when the Tories come to power. Well, first he has to get the Tories in power, not easy, then he has to convince Cameron that it would be wise to alienate millions of people who supported the ban on hunting with dogs... Clive Sydenham, Plas Essyllt, Dinas Powys (letter)

Portsmouth News 24.1.08 Stop persecuting us, protesters tell police By Rob Dabrowski - ANIMAL rights protesters arrested last week have today criticised police for detaining them, claiming they have done nothing wrong... Police knocked down the front door of Tom Harris, 24, and Nicci Tapping, 26, on Friday morning and about a dozen officers raided the house. The pair were handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of blackmail, interfering with businesses and criminal damage... The pair are full-time volunteers for the Southern Animal Rights Coalition – a group set up to campaign against animal abuse across the southern region.... (story)
Portsmouth News 21.1.08 Gosport animal rights pair are bailed - TWO people arrested in Gosport in connection with animal rights activity have been bailed by police... (story)
Portsmouth News 19.1.08 Pair arrested amid conspiracy probe - TWO people arrested in Gosport on suspicion of involvement with animal rights extremism have been bailed by police.... (story)
BBC News Online 19.1.08 Animal rights police bail three - Three people arrested as part of an police operation targeting suspected animal rights extremists have been released on bail... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 19.1.08 Two held in campaign against animal rights activists - TWO people arrested in Hampshire in the latest stage of an ongoing operation targeting animal rights extremism have been released on bail... (story)
Financial Times 19.1.08 Arrests in animal rights inquiry By Andrew Jack - Police yesterday arrested three people in the south of England in a wide-ranging investigation into alleged criminal activity by animal rights extremists targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences.... (story)
BBC News Online 18.1.08 Arrests in animal extremism probe -Three people have been arrested as part of an ongoing police operation targeting animal rights extremists. Hampshire Police said warrants were executed at properties in Hampshire and West Sussex on Friday morning. A 24-year-old man and a woman, 26, were arrested at a house in Alver Road, Gosport. A woman, aged 50, was arrested in Thorncroft Road, Littlehampton... The arrests are the latest phase of Operation Achilles - a crackdown on alleged offences by animal rights campaigners against Huntingdon Life Sciences, based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.... (story)
Littlehampton Gazette 20.1.08 Littlehampton woman arrested as part of animal extremism investigation - A LITTLEHAMPTON woman was arrested this morning (Friday, January 18) as part of an on-going investigation into animal rights extremism. The 50-year-old woman's home, In Thorncroft Road, is currently being searched by police, as part of Operation Achilles... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 18.1.08 Two arrested in animal rights raids - POLICE have today made two arrests at a Hampshire address in the latest stage of an ongoing operation targeting animal rights extremism. A warrant was executed at a house in Alver Road, Gosport where a 24-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were arrested... (story)
Argus 18.1.08 Animal rights suspect arrested By Miles Godfrey - A suspected animal rights activist was arrested by detectives during a dawn raid. Sarah Whitehead, 50, was detained by counter-extremism officers at her home in Thorncroft Road, Littlehampton yesterday....(story)
Argus 18.1.08 Three held in animal rights extremist raids - Three people were arrested today in the latest stage of an operation targeting animal rights extremists. Police officers raided two addresses this morning - one at Gosport in Hampshire, and at Littlehampton... (story)
Crawley Observer 18.1.08 Three held in animal rights extremist raids - Three people have been arrested along the south coast in the latest stage of an operation targeting animal rights extremists. A 24-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were arrested at a house in Alver Road, Gosport, and are being questioned at a police station in Hampshire. A 50-year-old woman was arrested at a house in Thorncroft Road, Littlehampton. She is being questioned at a police station in West Sussex... (story)

Bath Chronicle 24.1.08 ACTIVISTS CALL FOR COUNCIL BAN ON 'CRUEL' DELICACY - The Bath Activist Network (BAN) has joined the campaign to remove what it describes as the "barbaric" delicacy from menus of restaurants across Bath and stop traders selling it. BAN members used megaphones and carried placards during a protest against the controversial dish outside the Guildhall Market on Saturday.... Protester Andrew Williams said: "This is a campaign we have been working on for more than 12 months and it is something we have been aware of for years..... (story)


Galway Independent 23.1.08 Ballinasloe pro-hunting rally attracts 1,500 supporters - Written by Marie Madden - The rod licence dispute will look like a storm in a teacup if Fianna Fáil allows the Green Party to make any move against hunting. That's according to the Chairman of the Hunting Association, who was speaking at a monster rally in Ballinasloe's Carlton Shearwater Hotel on Thursday….(story)

Yorkshire Post 23.1.08 Fox target From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire. REGARDING the letter "Foxes kill for food" (Yorkshire Post, January 19), no country person wants to "eradicate" the fox population. They merely want to confine the harm they are capable of to an absolute minimum. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 21.1.08 Man is the real killer - From: Pauline Wright, Thornborough, near Bedale, North Yorkshire. WITH reference to John Redhead's letter (Yorkshire Post, January 12) regarding the fox, perhaps he should remember that man is a far better killer of his fellow creatures than the fox will ever be.... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 19.1.08 Foxes kill for food From: W Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley, Leeds. JOHN Redhead (Yorkshire Post, January 16), is mistaken: foxes kill hens for food, not pleasure. When a fox raids a hen house, he sees a glut of food; some he takes to eat, and the rest to store in his "larder".... (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 23.1.08 Ban isn't working: Foxes are still killed by hounds - Seven hundred hours of Parliamentary time is a long time and yet foxes are still being killed. They are killed 'accidentally' by hounds and the hunts get away with it because the hunts say it was not intentional… Why isn't the hunting ban working? Where is our New Labour promise? Peter Smith, North Holme Road. Louth. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.1.08 SPOTLIGHT ON SNARING AT GALLERY - Animal rights groups will hold an anti-snaring protest in Aberdeen. The campaign led by Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports will be outside Aberdeen Art Gallery in Schoolhill at 10.30am tomorrow.... (letter)

Scotsman 23.1.08 Time to ban snares - I was interested in your coverage of the use of snares (your report, 16 January). This is a cruel practice and should be banned. Any animal is at risk from a snare including protected species and even domestic pets... ISOBEL C REID, Main Street, Gullane, East Lothian (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.1.08 NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY - I turned the page of my Western Daily Press on January 14 to see a terrible picture of a fox in a trap, plus an article about the cruelty men inflict on other animals.... I wonder why we continue to use snares, the only country in Europe. The pain that these animals suffer must be awful.... Pamela Dean, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)

Hunts Post 23.1.08 Stop this trade - I'M sure that your readers will be shocked, as I was, to learn of an ongoing illegal trade in pet animals that is taking place right under our noses here in the UK. The commercial sale of pet animals in markets and public places was banned in 1983 under the Pet Animals Act 1951. But pet animal dealers still travel the length and breadth of the country to sell stressed and suffering animals, including birds, reptiles, rabbits and even puppies at these animal jumble sales... The Animal Protection Agency (APA) has spearheaded a campaign to persuade the Government to carry forward the ban on commercial pet sales at markets into new legislation and has outlined further proposals to insure that the ban is enforced.... ANTHONY ROLLS, West Street, Huntingdon (letter)


Western Morning News 22.1.08 ENFORCE THE LAW - I was interested in the letter headed "Hunt's old excuse" (January 15) about the Minehead Harriers, as I attended court at Bridgwater to hear this case... .I congratulate the League Against Cruel Sports on successfully conducting this legal action, but am disturbed at the failure of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service to take the initiative in this case... If the police continue to fail to discharge their duty, they must not be surprised if legal measures are taken to compel them to act (mandamus) and the Hunt Saboteurs Association assume a more prominent role in upholding our laws and constitution. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

BBC News Online 22.1.08 Badger culls urged for bovine TB - Badger culls should be part of a "holistic" approach to tackling bovine tuberculosis (TB) in Wales, according to Assembly Members... But the RSPCA said a cull would make no meaningful contribution to the problem... Mike Sharratt, for Badger Trust Cymru, said: "Killing badgers in one area, that is not randomly selected and has no scientific control with which to compare the results, will have no scientific validity.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.1.08 HOW WE CAN SHOWDISTASTE AT WHALERS - We Are writing to suggest to readers that, as the Japanese have started a programme of killing whales in Antarctica, under the veil of an alleged research programme, anyone thinking of buying goods produced in Japan should look at alternatives from other countries... Roy and Lynn Bottamley, Scotter Road,Scunthorpe. (letter)

News Shopper 22.1.08 Boycott foie gras to stop imports - EVERY year millions of ducks and geese go through the cruel foie gras production line… I urge readers to boycott foie gras. If we stop eating it, imports will cease and we will be better for it. C Pope, Nurstead Road, Erith (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 22.1.08 Don't let the Government cull badgers - Britain's badgers are in real danger of being culled by the Government, for a 'crime' they did not commit…. Please do all you can to prevent this impending and unjust cull by writing to you local MP and Gordon Brown. Please contact your local badger group for more information or to offer your support…. MICK NEEVE, chairman, East Hampshire Badger Group (letter)


Irish Examiner 21.1.08 Remax drawn into hunting row - ONE of the country’s biggest estate agencies has been drawn into a row between anti- and pro-hunt campaigners. On November 15, John Bannon, owner of the Remax franchise in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, emailed politicians seeking their support for the Ward Union Hunt.... Within hours of Mr Bannon emailing the politicians, the Irish Council against Blood Sports had contacted the Irish head office of Remax to complain. Mr Bannon said he was furious that what he regarded as private correspondence to politicians had been forwarded to a group opposing his views. The council says it was passed Mr Bannon’s correspondence by Independent TD Tony Gregory, who is vice-president of the organisation... (story)
Irish Examiner 19.1.08 Anti-hunt group ‘put woman’s job at risk’ - By Paul O’Brien, Political Correspondent - A WOMAN who lobbied politicians to have a deer hunt licence renewed had her correspondence passed to an anti-hunt group who subsequently lodged complaints with her employer. The Irish Council against Blood Sports confirmed it made the complaints after being passed the correspondence by Independent TD Tony Gregory, who is the organisation’s vice-president.... On November 15, the woman, who works for a real estate agency, emailed a number of TDs seeking their support for the Ward Union Hunt. At the time, the Ward Union, which is based in Meath, was seeking Environment Minister John Gormley to renew its licence to hunt stag. Within hours of the woman making her representations, the council emailed her employer, complaining directly to the chief executive of the company.... (story)
Irish Examiner 19.1.08 Old dogs at new tricks as hunting camps lock horns By Paul O’Brien, Political Correspondent - ALL’S fair in love and war, as they say... The row centres upon events of November 15 last. On the day in question, a woman working with a real estate agency in Meath emailed a number of TDs seeking their support for the Ward Union Hunt, which is based in the same county.... It’s understood the woman sent the emails at about 1pm. The mistake she made was using her work account for the purpose. Within hours, the Irish Council against Blood Sports had complained not to the branch of the real estate agency for which she worked, but to the chief executive of the agency at its head office in Dublin... The pro-hunt lobby believes this was an outrageous move by the council, which could have jeopardised the woman’s job. It also believes it was wrong for any politician to pass on the woman’s correspondence to a group that clearly opposed her views.... (story)

Burton Mail 21.1.08 Police have a complex task monitoring hunts - from Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport - MAY I compliment the leader of Derby City Council, on sending a complaint to the chief constable about the arrest on January 4 of 11 protesters during a Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt. One can appreciate that the police have an unenviable and complex task with limited resources and manpower, and that a minority of "Animal Rights" campaigners do behave in a militant and offensive way, and still find this action overbearing. A three to one majority of the public support the Hunting Act, and most protesters at hunt activities behave in a non-violent way.... The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt are by no means blameless in their record of activity ... (story)

Crewe & Nantwich Guardian 21.1.08 MAKES NO SENSE TO REPEAL FOX HUNT BAN - WHEN the Cheshire Forest Hunt's Boxing Day Meet this year attracted a turnout of 50 riders, and the Mid Cheshire Farmers' Drag Hunt attracted 140 riders, what is the common sense' in demanding a repeal of the Hunting Set?... The thriving North West League Against Cruel Sports Support Group shows that the people of Cheshire are on the side of the hunted animal, and the pro-hunt minority must move with the times. Katherine Watson Rushton Drive Bramhall Cheshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.1.08 RELIEF AT LIFTING OF GAME SHOOTING BAN BY NICHOLA JONES - A ban on game shooting imposed in Dorset in the wake of the bird flu outbreak has been lifted, throwing a lifeline to the rural economy. Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for Rural Affairs, announced this weekend that restrictions in the monitoring zone around the infected Abbotsbury Swannery had been lifted and a general licence for the catching and shooting of wild game birds had been issued... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.1.08 NEW CAMPAIGN SET TO TACKLE HARE COURSING - Wildlife officers at Grampian Police are gearing up for their first major battle of 2008 - fighting illegal hare coursing. The blood sport was banned in Scotland in 2002 but police believe it is still happening across the north-east and have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the issue.... (story)

Sun 21.1.08 I BET celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Gordon Ramsay have all eaten foie gras despite the cruelty required to make the goose’s liver big enough to produce it... FRAN BANHAM. Batley, West Yorks (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.1.08 Culling of badgers to be debated By Lewis Cowen - THE question of whether culling of badgers to tackle the growing problem of bovine TB is justified is to be aired at a public debate in Devizes next week. Experts from both sides of the debate will face each other in the Assembly Room of the town hall next Thursday, January 31, at 7.30pm... (story)

Western Morning News 21.1.08 CRUELTY IN NAME OF RELIGION - Television publicity about chickens that have been intensively reared can do nothing but good. One factor is that it may open the eyes of the public to the terrible conditions the birds live in.At least their end comes quickly, with but a brief moment of pain when they are stunned before being killed. But the horrendous cruelty caused by the slaughter method known as Halal killing, carried out in the name of religious beliefs, is allowed by politicians to continue... Peter Keen Blisland, Devon (story)


Leek Post & Times 20.1.08 REAL REASON FOR INCREASE - I read with interest Clive Langford Mycock's page. However, I wish he would put the real reason for the increase in people hunting or, should I say, following hounds. This is because they can now, with a clean conscience, gallop across the countryside enjoying themselves without an animal being chased and then torn to pieces... (story)

Sunday Herald 20.1.08 Let Scotland lead way on cruel traps - GUEST VOCALS: Ross Minett - THE SCOTTISH government must take action to prohibit snares, cruel traps that can cause suffering to Scotland's wildlife. Such a move would be supported by the vast majority of people in Scotland and lead the way for the rest of the UK... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 20.1.08 Urbanites can't tell a lark from a sparrow By Jasper Copping - With its rolling hills, unspoilt woodlands and beautiful coastline, the British countryside attracts visitors from across the globe. But an estimated two million people who live here have never seen it, according to a new study that reveals the depth of the divide between rural and urban areas... Jill Grieve, of the Countryside Alliance, said the findings were "shocking but not surprising". She added: "Despite the countryside being opened up by right-to-roam legislation and a growing desire by both urban and rural people to break down the perceived "them and us" divide, it remains a sad fact that poor public transport links, road congestion and the frantic pace of life in urban areas are all factors in these statistics. Many people in urban areas simply can't get out of town... The research was commissioned by the organisers of the National Boat Caravan and Outdoor Show... (story)

BBC News Online 20.1.08 Animal campaigners picket hotel - Campaigners opposed to greyhound racing are to demonstrate outside a London hotel where the sport's annual prize giving ceremony is taking place. Greyhound Action members will protest outside the Royal Lancaster Hotel in Bayswater where the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRC) is meeting... (story)

Sunday Mail 20.1.08 400,000 Animals In Scots Lab Tests Mark Aitken Political Editor - SCOTS scientists carry out more tests on animals than those in the rest of the UK... Wendy Higgins, of non-animal medical research charity Dr Hadwen Trust, said: "The Scottish public will be shocked to learn that hundreds of thousands animals are suffering and dying in their laboratories... Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection - who are backed by stars such as model Melinda Messenger - added: "The number of animals used in experiments per head of population north of the border is almost double the ratio for the rest of the UK.... (story)


Horse & Hound 19.1.08 Minehead Harriers duo admit Hunting Act breach - The Countryside Alliance (CA) and Council of Hunting Associations (CHA) have voiced support for two staff from the Minehead Harriers who broke the law by allowing hounds to pursue a fox with mange. Appearing at Bridgwater Magistrates Court on 7 January, huntsman William Goffe and whipper-in Gary Bradley admitted breaching the Hunting Act on 7 February 2007.... Mr Goffe and Mr Bradley were each fined £300 for breaching the ban and ordered to pay £500 towards costs incurred by LACS, which brought the prosecution privately. The balance of the costs incurred by LACS (amounting to some £11,000, plus counsel fees) will be met from its own resources... (story)
Western Morning News 9.1.08 HUNTSMEN PROSECUTION 'INHUMANE' - The Countryside Alliance has attacked the "inhumane" prosecution of two Westcountry huntsmen, the first in the country to plead guilty to breaching the ban after their hounds chased a sick fox. William Goffe and Gary Bradley flouted the law on a hunt with Somerset's Minehead Harriers by allowing hounds on a trail hunt to go after a fox with mange... Alison Hawes, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said... "Was it really in the public interest? The decent thing would have been to put that fox out of its misery but you are not allowed to do that." (story)
Western Daily Press 8.1.08 GUILTY PLEA AFTER HUNT PAIR DO A DEAL WITH THE LEAGUE BY TRISTAN CORK - Two huntsmen yesterday became the first in the country to plead guilty to breaking the hunt ban after an unprecedented deal between the two sides. William Goffe and Gary Bradley admitted breaching the ban while out on an organised hunt with the Minehead Harriers in February last year.... in a deal between the hunt's lawyers and the League, charges against the Harriers' hunt master Sydney Westcott and Gary Bradley relating to an earlier allegation of illegal hunting in January 2007 were dropped by the League in return for the guilty pleas. Bridgwater Magistrates heard how anti-hunt monitors, including League employee Graham Floyd, filmed the Minehead Harriers riding out near Alcombe, near Minehead on February 2 last year... Alison Hawes, the regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said there were many mitigating circumstances.... "In the magistrate's summing up, he accepted the hounds went off where they were expected to go, and this fox had mange. There is no evidence that the fox was caught and killed at all, in fact it wasn't and the guilty plea is just for a few seconds of encouraging the hounds.... Matt Fox, the League's hunt campaigner, added: "This verdict puts to rest the claim the Hunting Act is unclear... (story)
Western Morning News 8.1.08 HUNTSMEN FINED AFTER HOUNDS CHASED FOX - LOUISE VENNELLS - Two Westcountry huntsmen have been convicted of hunting a fox after hounds broke away from a scent trail to follow their prey. William Goffe and Gary Bradley, members of the Minehead Harriers, were yesterday fined £300 each after they pleaded guilty in a prosecution brought by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). The court accepted that the hunt had been trying to act within the law on February 7 last year, and had laid a scent trail to exercise the hounds. But, when they began to follow a fox instead, Goffe, of Wootton Courtney, West Somerset, saw that it was diseased and decided to let the hunt go on... Both men were ordered to pay £500 each towards the League's costs, which the court heard were well over £12,000.... (story)
Western Morning News 10.10.07 THREE FACE HUNTING ACT TRIAL - Three huntsmen, accused by the League against Cruel Sports of hunting illegally, will be tried under the Hunting Act. Two of the three accused members of the Minehead Harriers appeared at Taunton Magistrates Court yesterday. William Goffe of Wootton Courteney, Somerset and Gary Bradley, of Timberscombe, Somerset, both denied the charge. Bradley denied a further public order offence and was given bail.... (story)
Horse & Hound 10.10.07 Minehead three in court - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - THREE members of the Minehead Harriers have entered not guilty pleas in a private prosecution for illegal hunting being brought by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). Huntsman William Goffe and Amateur whipper-in Gary Bradley appeared at Taunton Magistrates Court yesterday (9 October) to answer charges brought under the Hunting Act. The third man, master Sidney Westcott, was not in court but his not guilty plea was recorded... (story)
Western Morning News 22.9.07 THREE ACCUSED OF BREAKING HUNTING ACT - A date has been set for the trial of three men accused of hunting illegally in the Westcountry. The members of the Minehead Harriers will appear before magistrates in Taunton on October 8. They face allegations under the Hunting Act, in a prosecution brought by the League Against Cruel Sports.... Papers have been served on Minehead Harriers huntmaster Sydney Westcott, as well as William Goffe and Gary Bradley... (story)
Horse & Hound 3.9.07 Harriers pack accused of illegal hunting - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - THE Minehead Harriers are the latest pack to be targeted by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) for alleged illegal hunting. The LACS claims to have footage showing the hunt breaking the terms of the Hunting Act while trail hunting in January.... (story)
Western Morning News 30.8.07 THREE FACE CHARGES OF ILLEGAL HUNTING - Three huntsmen face prosecution in the third Westcountry case to be instigated by the League Against Cruel Sports.The members of Minehead Harriers, based in Somerset, face charges under the Hunting Act. It is understood the LACS has footage which it claims shows the trio hunting illegally... Last week, papers were served on Minehead Harriers hunt master Sydney Westcott, as well as William Goffe and Gary Bradley. All three stand accused under the Hunting Act, but Gary Bradley, the hunt's whipper-in, is also alleged to have committed a public order offence.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 19.1.08 Enlightened hunt supporters? COULD the reported increased numbers of young people at the Boxing Day hunt have anything to do with the enlightened idea of not chasing the frightened and exhausted quarry.... ANDREW J ROGERS, Stubbington, Fareham (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.1.08 FOX KILLERS WILL BE CAUGHT - On Monday, January 7, two Minehead Harriers huntsmen pleaded guilty to illegally hunting a fox.... Let the message go out loud and clear to all hunters. If, when on a supposed trail hunt, you are caught "having an accident" you will end up with a criminal record. (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.1.08 WE JUST WANT AN END TO TB - Graham Forsyth argues (Your Say, January 15) for a real debate about farming methods and wildlife conservation without cheap political snipes. He also asks whether farmers would still want a cull of badgers even if they adopted methods of looking after their cattle that he thinks would avoid TB. What is this if it is not a cheap snipe at the farming community? Farmers don't want to get rid of badgers, they want to get rid of bovine TB... John Tuck, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.1.08 FARMS ARE OUT OF TOUCH ON WELFARE - I feel I must comment on Chris Rundle's article, "Bird flu hammer blow for farmers"... Yet again, we see farmers and their so-called friends totally out of touch with current developments and public thinking regarding farm animal welfare... Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 19.1.08 HUNTING IS GOOD WITHOUT THE FOX - It's good news that many turned out for Boxing Day Meets.Hopefully, this means people enjoy a day out watching horse and hound, they do not need a 'live' quarry or wish to be 'in at the kill'.... PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 18.1.08 Animal Aid - ON behalf of Animal Aid (dedicated to raising the status of animals), I would like to thank the people of Taunton for donating £51.34 at the street collection on January 5... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 18.1.08 Animal Aid - ON behalf of Animal Aid (dedicated to raising the status of animals), I would like to thank the people of Taunton for donating £51.34 at the street collection on January 5.... GAIL WOOLFENDEN The Animal Information Bureau (letter)


Irish Examiner 17.1.08 Hunt supporters rally to the cause - A HUNTING Association of Ireland — Cork regional meeting was held on January 10 at the Convention Centre, Silversprings Moran Hotel, Tivoli, Cork.... The agenda included the Ward Union hunt licence, puppy farm regulations, the micro-chipping of hounds and the Animal Welfare Bill. It also included the alleged leaks of confidential information to the Irish Council Against Blood Sports... The Green party is perceived to be an urban-based minority interfering with the sporting traditions of hundreds of thousands of countryside dwellers... David J Daly, Chairman, Hunting Association of Ireland, Green Ridge, Ballea Road, Carrigaline, Co Cork (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 17.1.08 - A FEW of your readers are saying there is no room for hunting in this modern world. I for one would not give you tuppence for this modern world. Step by step this country is being eroded with bans of all sorts.... I say leave hunting to those who know how to deal with foxes. The antis and the Government have not got a clue when it comes to countryside issues. J RUSH Weekley Glebe Road, Kettering (letter)

BBC News Online 17.1.08 - Support sought for ban on snaring - A campaign seeking support for a total ban on the use of snares has made its case in the south of Scotland... (story)
Southern Reporter 17.1.08 Primative, cruel and unnecessary By Sally Gillespie - ANIMAL welfarists brought their campaign to ban snares to the Borders yesterday. Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports supporters, dressed as animals, lobbied the public in Galashiels to support their push to outlaw the wire traps.... (story)
Dundee Courier 16.1.08 Activists pelt Holyrood with plea to ban snares - By Steve Bargeton, political editor - ACTIVISTS DRESSED as giant animals marched on Holyrood yesterday calling for a ban on snares.... Research by the League Against Cruel Sports showed 75% of Scots back a ban.“No commercial or sporting interest can justify trapping thousands of animals in nooses to suffer terribly and die a lingering death,” said campaigner Louise Robertson.... The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Scotland (BASC Scotland), Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (SRPBA), Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA), Scottish Estates Business Group (SEBG) and Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) yesterday issued a joint statement defending the use of snares... (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 16.1.08 George Square to host snares protest - ANIMAL welfare groups are to bring a nationwide campaign to ban snares to the heart of Glasgow. Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports are leading the opposition to primitive animal traps.... But a joint statement issued by a number of rural groups, including the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said snaring was a "vital tool for responsible land managers" (story)
Scotsman 16.1.08 Animal groups take snare-ban call to MSPs - ANIMAL welfare groups calling for a ban on snares yesterday took their case to the Scottish Parliament. Protesters dressed as animals gathered at Holyrood to highlight the issue, which has the support of many MSPs.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.1.08 CAMPAIGNERS CALL FOR BAN ON 'CRUEL, INDISCRIMINATE SNARES' - Animal rights activists and countryside groups are at loggerheads over a campaign launched yesterday to ban snares. Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports are behind a nationwide advertising campaign.... (story)
Midlothian Advertiser 15.1.08 Snare ban call goes to Holyrood - Animal welfare groups calling for a ban on snares took their case to the Scottish Parliament. Protesters dressed as giant animals gathered at Holyrood to highlight the issue, which has the support of MSPs across the party divide.... The campaigners also said research commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports showed 75% of Scots backing a ban... (story)

Lichfield Post 17.1.08 Animal extremist's jail term increased - An animal rights extremist whose victims of threats included a veterinary practice used by Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch has had her sentence lengthened to two years... (story)
Burton Trader 17.1.08 Animal rights woman: prison term increased - An animal rights extremist whose victims of threats included a Burton veterinary practice used by Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, has had her sentence lengthened to two years... (story)
Western Gazette 17.1.08 ACTIVIST'S PRISON TERM IS TREBLED - A Dorchester woman who maintained a five-year terror campaign in the name of animal liberation has had her jail term trebled.Deborah Morrison, aged 35, of Egdon Glenn, Crossways, carried out her campaign from 2001 to 2006, sending e-mails and letters, some containing white powder, to animal testing laboratories and people with connections to them.... (story)
Western Daily Press 16.1.08 PRISON TERM LENGTHENED - An animal rights extremist who bombarded companies and their employees with chilling threats has had her prison sentence lengthened to two years.Deborah Morrison, 35, from Dorchester in Dorset, dispatched dozens of emails and letters - some containing white powder - during a five-year nationwide campaign of terror.... (story)
Burton Mail 16.1.08 Animal rights woman has sentence extended by PETER RICHARDSON - AN ANIMAL rights extremist who bombarded companies and individuals for almost five years with threats, including threats of death, has had her prison sentence tripled by judges at the Court of Appeal. Deborah Morrison sent a vet in Burton, who provided services for Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which bred guinea pigs for research, a letter with white powder which warned: "Stop doing business with animal killers."... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15.1.08 Animal rights campaigner has jail term increased - AN animal rights extremist who bombarded companies and individuals connected with Huntingdon Life Sciences for almost five years with threats, including death threats, today had her prison sentence increased by judges at the Court of Appeal. Deborah Morrison's sustained campaign of intimidation included sending envelopes with white powder, which eventually turned out to be harmless, to some of her victims.... (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.1.08 TWO YEARS' JAIL FOR EXTREMIST - An animal rights extremist jailed for bombarding a Burton veterinary practice with threats has had her sentence increased. Staffordshire Police appealed against Deborah Morrison's eight-month prison term and yesterday, at London's Court of Appeal, it was lengthened to two years.... (letter)
Lichfield Mercury 15.1.08 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST SEES BLACKMAIL SENTENCE INCREASED - An animal rights extremist who bombarded companies and individuals with threats has had her sentence lengthened to two years. Deborah Morrison dispatched dozens of emails and letters - some containing white powder - during a five-year nationwide campaign.... (story)
Dorset Echo 15.1.08 Hate campaign: sentence tripled - A CROSSWAYS woman who made people fear for their lives in a prolonged hate campaign has had her sentence tripled at the Court of Appeal. Animal activist Deborah Morrison, 35, sent death threats and letters containing white powder to her victims, who had connections to the animal research industry… In October Morrison, of Egdon Glen, Crossways, Dorchester, had pleaded guilty at Stafford Crown Court to six counts of blackmail, one of attempted blackmail and five counts of interference with a contractual relationship… (story)
BBC News Online 14.1.08 Longer jail term for blackmailer - An animal rights extremist who waged a five-year blackmail campaign against companies and individuals has had her jail sentence increased. Deborah Morrison, 35, from Dorchester, Dorset, pleaded guilty to 12 offences, including six charges of blackmail, at Stafford Crown Court in October. Court of Appeal judges have now ruled Morrison's sentence should increase from eight months to two years.... The judges said the original sentence had been "unduly lenient".... (story)
Western Gazette 22.11.07 WOMAN JAILED FOR TERROR CAMPAIGN - A Dorchester woman was jailed for eight months on Friday for maintaining a five-year nationwide campaign of terror in the name of animal liberation. Deborah Morrison, aged 35, sent threatening letters, some containing white powder, to individuals and companies from 2001 to 2006 signed with the initials of the Animal Liberation Front... (story)
Lichfield Mercury 22.11.07 ANIMAL ACTIVIST SENT THREATS TO WRONG COMPANY - An Animal rights extremist who bombarded companies and individuals with threats has been jailed for eight months. Deborah Morrison dispatched dozens of emails and letters - some containing white powder - during a five-year nationwide campaign.Most of the victims had connections with animal research organisations but she was arrested after she sent threatening emails to a Lichfield-based transport firm, which she wrongly believed had a contract with B & K Universal, a breeder of research animals in Humberside... (story)
Lichfield Post 22.11.07 Extremist jailed for eight months - An animal rights extremist responsible for a widespread campaign of intimidation in Lichfield and across the nation was jailed for eight months this week. Deborah Morrison bombarded companies and individuals with dozens of threatening emails and letters - some containing white powder - during a five-year nationwide campaign.... (story)
Burton Mail 19.11.07 EXTREMIST SENT DOWN by JONATHAN HORSFALL - AN ANIMAL rights extremist who bombarded a Burton veterinary practice linked to a controversial guinea pig farm with threats has been jailed for eight months. Deborah Morrison sent dozens of e-mails and letters - including some containing white powder - to companies and individuals during a five-year nationwide campaign... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.11.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMIST IS JAILED FOR BLACKMAIL THREATS - An animal rights extremist who bombarded a Burton veterinary practice and other companies and individuals with threats has been jailed for eight months at Stafford Crown Court. The practice, used by Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, which bred guinea pigs for research until 2006, received threatening letters from Deborah Morrison...(story)
Dorset Echo 17.11.07 Animal rights threats woman jailed - A protester from Crossways who waged a five-year campaign of blackmail and terror on people connected with animal research companies across many parts of England has been jailed for eight months. Deborah Morrison, 35, of Egdon Glenn, pleaded guilty at Stafford Crown Court to six charges of blackmail, three of interference with intention to cause harm to animal research, two attempted interference and one attempted blackmail between January 2001 and October 2006.... Isabella Forshaw, defending, said: "She must be given full credit for her pleas made in truly daunting circumstances. "She is a very vulnerable person. She has had a very restricted and very, very abnormal pattern of life."... (story)
BBC News Online 16.11.07 Court jails animal rights woman - A woman who waged a five-year blackmailing campaign of animal rights extremism against companies and individuals in the UK has been jailed. Deborah Morrison, 35, from Dorchester, Dorset, pleaded guilty to 12 offences which included six charges of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court last October.... (story)
Burton Mail 18.10.07 Animal rights activist faces jail sentence by PETER RICHARDSON - AN ANIMAL rights activist could face jail for her part in a campaign of terror against a former guinea pig farm near Burton. Deborah Morrison, 35, from Dorchester, in Dorset, admitted six charges of blackmail, three of interference with contractual relationships, two of attempted interference and one of attempted blackmail when she appeared at Stafford Crown Court.... (story)
BBC News Online 16.10.07 Woman sent animal rights threats - A woman has pleaded guilty to 12 offences of animal rights extremism. Deborah Morrison, 35, from Dorchester, Dorset, pleaded guilty to the offences which include six charges of blackmail at Stafford Crown Court... Morrison also pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted blackmail, three charges of interference with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research organisation, and two charges of attempting to interfere with contractual links to animal research organisations (story)
Lichfield Mercury 12.7.07 WOMAN TO APPEAR ON BLACKMAIL CHARGE - A 34-YEAR-old woman has failed to appear before Burton magistrates to face charges concerning animal rights extremism. Deborah Elizabeth Morrison, from Dorchester, Dorset, did not appear at court on Friday.In her absence, she was committed to appear at Stafford Crown Court tomorrow, July 13. (story)
BBC News Online 6.7.07 Animal rights woman stands trial - A Dorset woman will stand trial charged with blackmail offences relating to animal research organisations. Burton-upon-Trent magistrates in Staffordshire ordered Deborah Elizabeth Morrison, 34, to appear at Stafford Crown Court on 13 July... (story)
Daily Express 6.7.07 WOMAN IN COURT OVER ANIMAL EXTREMISM - A woman charged in connection with a police investigation into animal rights extremism is set to appear in court........ (story)
Western Gazette 5.7.07 WOMAN CHARGED WITH ANIMAL RIGHTS BLACKMAIL - A Dorchester woman has been charged following a police investigation into alleged animal rights extremism.The unnamed 34 year old is due to appear at Burton Magistrates' Court in Staffordshire tomorrow... (story)
Lichfield Mercury 5.7.07 WOMAN BAILED ON ANIMAL PROTEST CHARGE - A Woman is due to appear before magistrates tomorrow to face 15 charges in relation to animal extremists' blackmail threats. The 34-year-old woman was arrested in Dorchester, Dorset, on March 1 this year by officers from Staffordshire Police's public order and protest unit.A 39-year-old man was also arrested before being released without charge.>(story)
Burton Trader 3.7.07 Woman charged with animal rights offences - Local police have charged a woman with blackmail linked to animal rights extremism and Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch. The 34-year-old woman was charged with 15 offences after answering bail at Weymouth police station, which follows on from her arrest in March... (story)
Dorset Daily Echo 28.6.07 Animal rights woman charged - A WOMAN from Dorchester has been charged with 11 offences of blackmail and attempted blackmail after a police investigation into animal rights extremism... The unnamed woman has been bailed to appear at Burton Magistrates Court in Staffordshire on July 6 (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 28.6.07 WOMAN CHARGED WITH BLACKMAIL - A Woman has been charged with 11 offences of blackmail and attempted blackmail. The allegations relate to letters and e-mails sent to individuals and companies with connections to animal research... (story)
Guardian 27.6.07 Woman charged in animal extremism investigation - Matthew Weaver - A woman was charged with 11 offences of blackmail and attempted blackmail today, as part of a major police investigation into animal rights extremism. The unnamed 34-year-old from Dorchester, Dorset, was originally arrested in March by officers from Staffordshire police's public order and protest unit.... She was originally arrested with a 39-year-old man, who was released without charge.... (story)
BBC News Online 27.6.07 Woman faces animal rights charges - A 34-year-old woman is to appear in court accused of 15 offences linked to alleged animal rights extremism. The woman, from Dorchester in Dorset, was charged by Staffordshire Police on Wednesday and bailed to appear at Burton-on-Trent court on 6 July. She faces 11 charges of blackmail or attempted blackmail and four of interference with contractual links to animal research establishments... (story)

Surrey-Hants Star 17.1.08 Need for ethical buying - I WOULD like to reply to the letter from Patricia Gerrelli in the Star (December 27, Help end this cruelty). I am also a new purchaser of cruelty free products since acquiring the Compassionate Shopping Guide from www.uncaged.co.uk... Liz Read, Perry Drive, Fleet (story)
Surrey-Hants Star 27.12.07 Help end this cruelty - I WONDER how many people are aware that we can greatly alleviate animal suffering by simply changing our shopping habits. Household products like bleach, washing up liquids, laundry detergents, oven cleaners and air fresheners can all involve animal testing. So can shampoo, toiletries, cosmetics, perfumes, etc…. Patricia Gerrelli, Swan Way, Church Crookham (letter)

Independent 17.1.08 Chicken dilemma - Sir: Retired cleaner Mike Cleverley (letter, 15 January) says he doesn't have a choice about whether to buy free range or battery chicken because of his low income. He certainly does have a choice: he can choose not to buy chicken at all... Julian Harrow, Southampton (story)

Ballymoney & Moyle Times 17.1.08 Animal Welfare group appeals for ban on circuses - AN animal welfare group has appealed to Moyle District Council to ban circuses from all council owned property in the borough. Jean Dykes, chairperson of the Animal Welfare Federation Northern Ireland, made an impassioned plea to members at a meeting in Sheskburn House on Monday morning, describing the attractions as "cruel" and "degrading" to the animals involved.... Cllr Seamus Blaney (Independent) asked why horse racing, greyhound racing and sheep dog trials were not also coming in for criticism, as like circus animals, they too were being put under stress for the enjoyment of the public. "Where do you stop?" he asked... "This is our current project," replied Ms Dykes. "We would cover them all if we could.".... (story)


Market Rasen Mail 16.1.08 Hunters meet up for first time in decades - HUNTING hounds worked the countryside around West Rasen last Wednesday, for the first time in decades. A party of around 20 mounted riders and many more supporters gathered at Dale Bridge Farm, West Rasen for what was thought to be the first meet of the first Burton Hunt in the area for around 40 years… (story)

Market Rasen Mail 16.1.08 Season for having a go at hunting - Is it that time of year already when people get up on their high horse and bleat away at the horrors of fox hunting. The graphic description Ann Lawlor made in last week's Mail as the fox is savagely torn apart by hounds of hell, as people like myself stand by and watch with glee, proves a point straight away that she has never been on a hunt let alone been there at the kill…. Nino Hoblyn, North Street, Caistor.(letter)

Metro 16.1.08 Justice v. Simian: We are not your friends - A chimpanzee cannot be considered a person, Austria's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, according to animal rights activists. The Vienna-based Association Against Animal Factories sought to have him declared a person and petitioned to be appointed Matthew's trustee. But the high court upheld a September ruling by a judge in the town of Wiener Neustadt rejecting the petition, the group said on TuesAn animal rights group had sought to have the chimp, who's been named Matthew Hiasl Pan, declared a person in hopes of gaining guardianship of the animal.... (story)
Independent 5.5.07 Activists pushing to get chimpanzee declared a 'person' By William J. Kole, Associated Press Writer - In some ways, Hiasl is like any other Viennese: He indulges a weakness for pastry, likes to paint and enjoys chilling out by watching TV…. In a closely watched test case that could set a global legal precedent for granting basic rights to apes, Austrian animal rights advocates are waging an unusual court battle to get the 26-year-old male chimpanzee legally declared a "person."… (story)
Scotsman 4.5.07 Chimps are people too, insists scientist - EBEN HARRELL - AN EXPERT on primates is to tell a court that apes are people, in a groundbreaking case that will determine whether a chimp can have human rights. Jane Goodall, known worldwide for her study of chimpanzee social and family life, has agreed to testify that apes deserve the same treatment as humans. The case has been filed in an Austrian court by Paula Stibbe, 38, a Briton who wants to become the legal guardian of a chimp called Matthew….(story)
Sun 4.5.07 Chimp's you-hu-human rights By JAMES CLENCH and JAMES CLOTHIER - A BRITISH woman has applied to become the legal guardian of a CHIMP to fight for its HUMAN rights. Keeper Paula Stibbe, 38, claims primates are the same as people and should be treated as such by courts….(story)
Independent on Sunday 8.4.07 Legal battle: My son, the chimp By Marie Woolf, Political Editor - A British woman has launched a court challenge to become the legal guardian of a 160lb chimpanzee in a test case that could confer basic rights on apes across Europe. Paula Stibbe, 38, a teacher who lives in Vienna, has applied to the Austrian courts to take legal responsibility for a 26-year-old male chimpanzee which, she fears, could be subjected to laboratory tests unless given legal "rights"… (story)
Observer 1.4.07 Court to rule if chimp has human rights - Kate Connolly in Berlin - He recognises himself in the mirror, plays hide-and-seek and breaks into fits of giggles when tickled. … A group of world leading primatologists argue that this is proof enough that Hiasl, a 26-year-old chimpanzee, deserves to be treated like a human… If Hiasl is granted human status, Martin Balluch, of the Association against Animal Factories, who has worked to bring the case, wants him to sue the vivisection laboratory…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 16.1.08 GOING TO THE BIRDS? - I don't think that there will be much to laugh at when the Living Coasts adds five new attractions to its caged birds' site ('Laughter and light for sea attraction', HE, January 9), certainly the poor caged animals and sea birds won't.... LEN SHORT, St James Road, Torquay LEN SHORT, St James Road, Torquay (story)

Bucks Herald 16.1.08 Horse lover warned the RSPCA By harriet snookes - A furious horse-lover from Wendover who warned the RSPCA about the alleged ill-treatment of animals at Spindles Farm near Amersham two years ago has spoken to The Bucks Herald. Kay Thomson, who looks after deprived horses as a hobby, bought a 12-month-old colt which had been kept at the farm... "I phoned the RSPCA to tell them about the state of this horse, but all they said was if I was not prepared to hand him over to them there was nothing they could do about it," she said.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 16.1.08 Spare animals this fate - ALEXIA WEEKS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. (story)
Western Morning News 15.1.08 NOT-SO-CUTE VICTIMS - It is so sad to hear that so many horses suffered and died at Spindles Farm. The scenes of starvation and neglect shocked the nation, but spare a thought for the other species of animals that are slaughtered for meat every day in the UK.... Alexia Weeks, London (letter)


Telegraph 15.1.08 Robin Page compensated over 'race' arrest By Paul Stokes - A former presenter of One Man and His Dog has won £2,000 in compensation after being wrongly arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. Robin Page fought a five-year, one-man campaign to clear his name over remarks he made at a pro-hunting rally which led to him being held in a police cell. Using the Data Protection Act, he obtained official documents which showed that there had been no grounds for prosecution before Gloucestershire Constabulary agreed the settlement for his wrongful detention.... His opening remark was: "If you are a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you." No one present expressed any concerns at the time but a letter of complaint was later received by police, and another person wrote to say he disagreed with the remarks made.... (story)
Telegraph 5.3.03 Pro-hunting writer held in cell after race claims By Neil Tweedie - Robin Page, a columnist for The Telegraph, has been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally. Mr Page, 61, was detained in a police cell after being interviewed about remarks made by him at a country fair at Frampton-upon-Severn, Glos, on Sept 6... (story)
Telegraph 21.1.03 Race claim against Telegraph man dropped By Sally Pook - Allegations of racism have been dropped against Robin Page, a Telegraph columnist who was questioned by police after saying country dwellers should enjoy the same rights as blacks, Muslims and homosexuals. Mr Page, 61, was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally in November which began: "If there is a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged, lesbian lorry driver present…I want the same rights as you."… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 20.1.03 HUNT SUPPORTER WILL NOT FACE RACISM CHARGE - Leading hunt supporter Robin Page - a former presenter of TV's One Man and His Dog - has had allegations of racism against him dropped. The author, who left the BBC2 show back in 1999, was questioned and bailed over complaints about a speech he made at the Frampton Show just days before September's massive Liberty and Livelihood March in London…. Yesterday, Mr Page revealed the charges against him had been dropped and he would be taking legal action against Cambridgeshire Police for unlawful detention. He said: "It has been a time of great anxiety and stress for me, my family and friends. "The absurd accusation has also been immensely damaging to me personally. Some mud, however undeserved and contrived, always sticks, and the mud of racism is particularly sticky."… (story)
Western Morning News 31.12.02 POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS INSULTING AND INTRUSIVE - David Challice, UKIP Chairman Exeter Branch (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.12.02 POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS A FORM OF MIND CONTROL - Words are important things; and when other people try to gag you, on the grounds of political correctness, that's the time to get worried… A more recent victim was Robin Page, the Telegraph journalist, former presenter of One Man and His Dog and a passionate supporter of country life… The fact is that these urban progressives, with their absurd doctrines, are driving a stake through the heart of this country; laughing at their mind-games is no longer an option. The stake needs to be turned. David Challice Chairman, Exeter branch of the UK Independence Party Holland Road, Exeter (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.12.02 FAIR SPOILED BY PRO-HUNT TIRADE - My friend and I were at Frampton country fair on September 6 and were appalled by the comments being made across the public address system…. this one was spoiled by someone whose voice was blaring loudly through a microphone, forcing his views on hunting with hounds on to the ears of all who had paid their money to enter the fair for a day's outing and pleasure… I do not have any strong-minded opinions against many of the country pursuits, except to say that I hate unnecessary cruelty to animals and that if culling must occur, it should be done in the most humane way possible… Name and address supplied. (letter)
Cambridge News 2.12.02 Rural campaigner's flood of support over race row - HUNDREDS of letters and phone calls of support have flooded into the office of Robin Page, who was recently arrested for making racist remarks. The South Cambridgeshire District councillor for Barton and former One Man and His Dog presenter says he will fight allegations that he made a racist speech at a pro-hunting rally in Gloucestershire in September… He says he is considering suing Cambridgeshire Police for wrongful imprisonment… "My farm and the centre for the Countryside Restoration Trust where I work in Barton have been burgled 11 times and the police never came out but I say one thing in Frampton and they come all the way up here and arrest me." (story)
Cambridge News 26.11.02 ‘Racist’ slur is ludicrous - From Councillor Colin Barker, Newmarket Road, Teversham - I READ with great interest the article about Councillor Robin Page being arrested… I have known Coun Page for many, many years now… we have had many a fine slanging match in the council chamber and outside it... He can be, sometimes, somewhat objectionable, but to tar him as a racist is ludicrous. Having known him for as long as I have, I am sure he will not mind me saying that there is not a racist bone in his body… Behind this whole issue lurks this appalling Government and their obsession with control. This used to be a free country. If we do not stand up for our right of free speech now, it will very soon be too late. I’m on Coun Page’s side (letter)
Cambridge News 26.11.02 Free speech From Michael King Redfern Close, Cambridge - I WOULD like to support Mr Robin Page, and his right to speak openly, although I do not agree with his views on hunting (letter)
Sunday Times 24.11.02 Jonathan Miller: Mean Fields: Yokels in a state of siege … Robin Page, had been seized by the police… Mr Page was held in a police cell on suspicion of a public order offence after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally… he says he told the audience that Londoners had the right to run their own events, such as the Brixton carnival and gay pride marches, which celebrate black and gay culture. He then asked why country people should not have the right to do what they liked in the country…. (story)
Western Daily Press 22.11.02 HUNT SUPPORTER ARRESTED AFTER RACIAL COMPLAINTS …Writer Robin Page was questioned and bailed on Wednesday after complaints about a rousing speech he made at a Country Show in the West just days before September's huge Liberty and Livelihood March in London… The speech was well received by the largely pro-hunting show crowd. But more than two months later, Page was asked to attend a police station near his Cambridgeshire home and arrested on public order offences amid allegations his speech stirred up racial hatred… The majority of hunt supporters backed Page last night, saying the arrest was "outrageous", although none would publicly support him…. The Countryside Alliance said: "This story about Robin Page is not substantiated, and we would not comment on it." (story)
Newcastle Journal 21.11.02 'Give hunt supporters same rights as blacks and gays' call leads to arrest - A farmer yesterday told how he was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred following a speech in which he said hunting supporters should be given the same rights as ethnic minorities. Newspaper columnist Robin Page, a farmer and countryside campaigner, said he was detained in a cell before being interviewed by police about remarks he made at a country fair in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire… (story)
Cambridge News 20.11.02 Councillor denies 'racist' comments - SOUTH Cambridgeshire District Councillor Robin Page has been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred at a pro-hunting rally. The Independent councillor for Barton and former One Man and his Dog presenter, said he was detained in a cell at Cambridge police station before being interviewed about remarks he made at a country fair in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire… specifically, breaching section 18 of the Public Order Act, which refers to the stirring up of racial hatred, and released on bail… (story)
Telegraph 20.11.02 Pro-hunting writer held in cell after race claims By Neil Tweedie - Robin Page, a columnist for The Telegraph, has been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally…. after being interviewed about remarks made by him at a country fair at Frampton-upon-Severn, Glos, on Sept 6. Yesterday, he vehemently denied having made any comment that could be construed as racist … "I urged people to go on the march and I urged that the rural minority be given the same legal protection as other minorities. All I said was that the rural minority should have the same rights as blacks, Muslims and gays…." (story)
Gloucester Citizen 24.9.02 MISSED POINT OF COUNTRY EVENT - I would like to respond to the two letters entitled "Fair spoilt by hunt propaganda". The Frampton Country Fair is run every year to promote countryside pursuits… The fair is run solely for people who understand and enjoy countryside pursuits…. If you have such strong beliefs about such things, don't go to COUNTRY fairs! VANESSA Saul Name and e-mail address supplied (letter)
Gloucester Citzen 13.9.02 FAIR SPOILT BY HUNT PROPAGANDA - Having visited Frampton Country Fair on Sunday, I was very disappointed to find it was being used as a political rally. A "Hooray Henry type" let loose with a P.A. system slated Tony Blair throughout the day… A ban on all blood sports has my support - JUNE EDGAR, Gainey's Well, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 10.9.02 FAIR'S BOOST FOR ALLIANCE - More than £20,000 has been raised for countryside causes following a bumper attendance at Frampton Country Fair… The fair was a rallying point for those attending the Countryside Alliance's March for Liberty and Livelihood through London on Sunday September 22…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.1.08 Hunting for justification From: Ken Coote, South Parade, Settle. OH dear, I do seem to have touched a (very) raw nerve with Leslie Duncroft (Yorkshire Post, January 9). I have argued the point in the past with people whose advocacy against hunting was much superior to that of Mr Duncroft's ill-tempered attack.... (letter)

Glasgow Herald 15.1.08 Time for punishment to fit wildlife crime - The news that the Scottish Government has cut £8000 of European farming grants from an employer of a gamekeeper convicted of poisoning birds of prey has to be warmly welcomed.... Raptor persecution has been rife for a long time and is endemic in most estates... Kenny Sludden, Castleview, Colonels Entry, Douglas, South Lanarkshire. (letter)

Western Morning News 15.1.08 THOUSANDS OF BADGERS WILL BE SACRIFICIAL VICTIMS - Cruelty to children, with violence routinely used to control vulnerable young offenders, is matched by the senseless persecution of animals. In defiance of informed public opinion and the recommendations of a ten-year study, and with the tacit acceptance of Farming and Health Minister Lord Rooker, tens of thousands of badgers face the death penalty... Paul Matthews, Newlyn (letter)

Worcester News 15.1.08 There’s a website just for vegans - I understand that some readers are interested in a vegan way of life. The best advice I can give is for them to log on to the following websites... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern Link (story)


Western Daily Press 14.1.08 RSPCA CAPTURES CRUELTY OF TRAPS - Severed paws, crushed snouts and pierced stomachs - these are just some of the horrific injuries caused to animals by an assortment of vicious traps and snares that have been highlighted by an animal welfare charity. A series of photographs released by the RSPCA in what they are calling a "Calendar of Cruelty" graphically illustrate the appalling agony suffered by creatures caught in such traps... (story)

Oxford Mail 14.1.08 Head should resign - Our animal welfare laws forbid animals to be slaughtered by the religious method where their throats are cut and they bleed to death (Oxford Mail, January 5). However, our laws give exemptions to religious groups. It is crazy that this meat can legally be put on the open market without any labelling.... BRIAN CANNON High Acres Farm Great Bourton Banbury (story)


Sunday Telegraph 13.1.08 Rise in illegal hare coursing By Richard Gray - Hare coursing is on the rise, according to police and animal welfare charities. The increase in illegal hunts over recent months has sparked claims that Labour's anti-hunting legislation is proving ineffective... The activity was banned under the 2004 Hunting Act... A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said: "There has been a recent spate of hare coursing, and the number of cases does appear to be rising."... (story)

Irish Sunday Independent 13.1.08 The guilty in pursuit of the innocent - From hunting to battery farming, it is in all our hands to end the torture of defenceless animals, writes Andrea Smith - 'We're so deflated about the whole thing," bleated millionaire property developer and master of the Ward Union Hunt, Michael Bailey, following the delightful fiasco that unfolded on St Stephen's Day as the hunt adhered to new restrictions to its licence... The grinch who stole Christmas for the hunters is Environment Minister John Gormley, my new hero, who took a step in the right direction in relation to this heinous "sport" by issuing the hunt with a restricted licence... Many of you will disagree, but I abhor animals being used in entertainment, including horseracing and circuses. Orla Bird of the DSPCA says it is in full agreement with me on that point... (story)

Evening Standard 13.1.08 ANGER AS RSPB ALLOWS BIRD SHOOTS ON ITS LAND - Britain's foremost bird charity has been branded "disgusting" - for allowing ducks and geese to be shot on one of its nature reserves. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) hands out shooting licences on its land at Langstone Harbour, near Portsmouth, Hampshire - where wildfowlers kill up to ten birds a day for sport.... Barry Hugill, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "I find it exceedingly distasteful.... (story)
People 13.1.08 Shoots fury of twitchers - Bird lovers have blasted a royal charity for allowing ducks and geese to be shot on its nature reserve. The RSPB hands out licences to wildfowlers who can kill up to 10 birds a day between September and January on marshland at Langstone harbour near Portsmouth, Hants.... (story)
Telegraph 11.1.08 RSPB criticised over shooting on reserve By Paul Eccleston - The RSPB has brushed off criticism for allowing wildfowlers to shoot birds on a nature reserve.... Barry Hugill, from the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "I find it exceedingly distasteful. It's a wildlife sanctuary... (story)
Portsmouth News 11.1.08 Charity in firing line as shoot uncovered - By Jenny Haworth - A bird charity has provoked outrage for letting ducks and geese be shot on a nature reserve. The RSPB hands out shooting licences on its land at Langstone Harbour where wildfowlers can kill up to 10 birds a day... Keen twitcher and conservationist Robert Hill, who discovered a dead widgeon duck covered in pellet wounds, is horrified.... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 13.1.08 Grouse - Congratulations to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for at last recognising that the decline in ground-nesting birds such as capercaillie and grouse coincides with the restrictions on gamekeepers... . "We now need to think of ways to manage the problem," says Graham Madge, of the RSPB. One solution is suffering under the same foolish restrictions as the gamekeepers: hunting. Alice Renton, Offham, East Sussex
Most people welcome the recovery of bird of prey numbers in this country... In the uplands, by contrast, there is still a long way to go before habitats and birds of prey are in good fettle. Some birds of prey such as hen harriers and peregrine falcons are routinely, but illegally, killed to maximise grouse on the moors... (Dr) Mark Avery, RSPB Conservation Director, Sandy, Bedfordshire (letters)

Scotland on Sunday 13.1.08 Time for vegans - MAY I correct Dr Catherine Hankey, senior lecturer in human nutrition at Glasgow University ('Top chefs meet their match...', January 6), who says a vegan diet needs "huge preparation time"? It's just as easy and quick to make nutritious, delicious plant-based food as it is to cook with animal products.... Amanda Baker, The Vegan Society, Birmingham (letter)


Telegraph 12.1.08 Anti-hunting laws punish nine in first two years By Christopher Hope, Home Affairs Correspondent - Just nine people have been punished under Labour's anti-hunting legislation over the past two years and not one of them was involved in an organised hunt, The Daily Telegraph has learned. The news comes after the ban on hunting was left in tatters when a judge suggested it was virtually impossible to bring a conviction against those accused of breaking the law. Campaigners said the legislation was being used to convict poachers, rather than stop organised hunting with dogs... (story)


Rye & Battle Observer 11.1.08 Terrible event - I READ your article in the Battle Observer regarding the accident during the hunt meet on Boxing Day. I do not know who informed you of this rather tragic accident, but my wife and I were in the doorway of Jempsons opposite where the accident occurred and the horse in question was spooked well before it arrived at the Green... Prior to this accident there were no police around. The police should have been present to not only ensure the safety of the hunt but the spectators, other members of the public and control of the traffic. For complaints to be made by the police is ludicrous. The behaviour of the hunt and spectators was, in general, exemplary.... MARK HUDSON, Catsfield Road, Crowhurst
Wonderful job - REPLYING to the Boxing Day hunt accident! Let's not give all the bad press to the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt, they do a wonderful job collecting fallen stock to all of our local farmers. Well done to them all!... There were more than 100 horses altogether and hundreds of people on foot. Perhaps the police could be more helpful in future.... D SHEATHER, Whatlington Road, Battle (letter)
Argus 31.12.07 Dangerous pursuit - My wife and I popped into Lewes on Boxing Day. When we got to the law courts we found the public footpath and the road blocked by a large crowd of people, horses and dogs... We also saw three ladies, surrounded by a crowd of people and riders on horseback. The three ladies were protesting against hunting. We thought hunting had been banned in 2005. Members of the crowd were shouting, ridiculing and scoffing at what they had to say... P Robards, Griffiths Avenue, North Lancing (letter)
Hawkinge Gazette 27.12.07 Police blast 'chaotic' Boxing Day hunt after horse wrecks car - Press reports say three people were lucky to escape unharmed after a horse kicked it's hooves through a car windscreen at the annual East Sussex and Romney Marsh Boxing Day drag hunt…..(story)
Central Somerset Gazette 27.12.07 BOXING DAY TRADITIONS - For many people the traditions of the festive season continue long after Christmas Day has passed and the presents have been unwrapped, as this week's Looking Back remembers... Another post-Christmas Day tradition is the hunt meet, one of which has taken place in Priddy for more than 40 years, after it moved there from Wells.... Other meets have been organised by the Weston and Banwell Harriers, in The Square, at Axbridge, and the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles, who meet in Wedmore and follow their hounds on foot... (story)
Rye & Battle Observer 27.12.07 Three escape injury after horse wrecks car at hunt meet - Three people were lucky to escape unharmed after a horse kicked it's hooves through a car windscreen at the annual Boxing Day drag hunt meet in Battle... One man, who was in the crowd for the event, organised by East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunt, said: "It sounded like a bomb going off, it was such a loud noise when this horse hit the car."... Meanwhile, police have branded the Boxing Day meet as 'chaotic' and accused some riders of ignoring traffic regulations.... (story)

Daily Mail 11.1.08 Owning swans is a privilege only one landowner shares with the Queen By NEIL SEARS and COLIN FERNANDEZ - Swans mean so much to Charlotte Townshend that when her only son was born, she followed an ancient tradition and laid the infant down in a swan's nest... she is used to appearing in lists of the richest people in the country, and was not afraid to generate more publicity when she once prominently stood up against New Labour's ban on foxhunting. Yet Mrs Townshend - who is nicknamed Blot --will be struck to her very core by the arrival of bird flu at her swannery at 14th Century Abbots-bury Manor, near Weymouth in Dorset.... (story)

Times Educational Supplement 11.1.08 The protesters - Stephen Manning - Campaign politics, demonstrations, the odd sit-in or even a blockade. Stephen Manning finds teachers with strong beliefs are prepared to make a stand outside the classroom. Jane Samuels has had her fair share of people in the street shouting “get a job”... She is one of a number of teachers who are part of the Manchester-based Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT). Much of her spare time is devoted to campaigning for animal rights... . At nine she had her first taste of her life to come, getting involved with hunt saboteurs.... (story)

Western Daily Press 11.1.08 EX-HUNT WORKER CLEARED OF RAPE - Hunt kennel-man Robert Chiplin, 23, broke down in tears yesterday as a jury cleared him of raping a woman after taking her on a night out in Cheltenham. Chiplin, a former kennel-man with the Cotswold Hunt, sobbed as the jury foreman announced the not guilty verdict at Gloucester Crown Court.... (story)

Western Morning News 11.1.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Post & Times 11.1.08 NO NEED FOR LAW CHANGE - Reading your article in the Post & Times on December 26, 'Large turnout for 'hunt' is expected', the master of the hunt states how they follow a scent instead of a live quarry.... If they are getting a lot more support when out following a trail, why change from that? owever, he still wants the ban on hunting overturned to allow them to chase, terrify and rip to pieces wildlife in the name of 'sport'... Paul Timpson Spokesperson for the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association Manchester (letter)

Post & Times 11.1.08 DON'T REVERSE SUCCESSFUL HUNTING BAN - Regarding your report in the Post & Times on December 26, about the Boxing Day meeting of the Staffordshire Moorlands Hunt. Is it not possible that supporters have now actually grown in number because the death of a wild animal is no longer involved and the activity can at last be called a sport?... Stephanie Shevlin Tean (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.1.08 LAW TO DRAG HUNTING INTO THE 21ST CENTURY - Oh, what a difference a ban makes to the hunts. I read that the various hunts now have more supporters than ever... This Boxing Day drag-hunt meet proved that hunting with a drag- line is the best way to go forward, and means there is no need to waste time in Parliament trying to reverse the ban.... Some hunt masters are now reverting to conservation of wild- flower and butterfly meadows and some joining local councils to improve wildlife standards in their local areas... M J Haines, Cirencester, Gloucestershire (letter)

Cotswold Journal 11.1.08 Hunting by legality - How nice to see the front page spread in the Journal last week about the various local hunt meets over the festive period... As the legal form of hunting is so popular now I can't help wondering just what it is that hunting supporters are complaining about... Alan Meadows, Oddington, Moreton in the Marsh (letter)

Newmarket Journal 3.1.08 Country pursuits always did bend the law - WHAT a splendid letter from name and address supplied (Journal, December 27) regarding parking on double yellow lines outside the shooting supplies shop. But country pursuits for some reason seem to go hand-in-hand with such behaviour. The recent Boxing Day hunts saw huntmasters openly boasting about bending the law to their advantage, arrogantly claiming they would get round the anti-hunting laws wherever and whenever possible.... Michael Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell (letter)

Reading Express 11.1.08 We in Britain are cruel to animals, too - AS shocked as we quite rightly may be by the cruel treatment of animals used as 'live meat' in Chinese zoos , I question how innocent are we in this country in our treatment of animals? Only in this country do we breed birds in the most barbarous conditions so that we can shoot them down and then dare to call it sport. Furthermore, the average lifespan of the fox in this country is currently just four months. When hunted, the fox was often thrown live to dogs. Now it is snared and shot.... Mrs B L Brown, Lyndhurst Avenue, Cookham Rise (letter)

Wisbech Standard 11.1.08 Shooting is unwelcome - JULIAN KIRK, Harps Hall Road, Walton Highway (letter)
Lynn News 4.1.08 Farmer takes a shot at field sports enthusiasts IT'S that time of year again, when our countryside is over run by make-believe toy soldiers and their guns. As many readers will know, I have written on this subject before. I am a farmer, but am totally against field sports, as are many farmers and people involved in my industry.... JULIAN KIRK, Harps Hall Road, Walton Highway (letter)

Lytham St Annes Express 3.1.08 Quail farm at centre of claims over bird cruelty By Lee Armitage - A LYTHAM resident claims to have witnessed poor conditions on a quail farm. The man, who doesn’t wish to be named, said he has seen birds from the Lodge Lane farm escape the battery, only to die on his land hours later.... Fayre Game, which is based in Catforth, provides quail to exclusive department stores.... (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 23.12.07 Harrods dump Lancashire supplier amid 'cruelty' probe - Quail from a Lancashire supplier has been taken off the shelves of Harrods and Selfridges amid allegations about its farming practices. The two luxury department stores have axed orders of the birds and their eggs from Catforth-based company Fayre Game, following complaints by animal rights protestors. Activists from the League Against Cruel Sports claim to have secretly filmed hundreds of quail being kept in cramped, dark cages which were covered in bird droppings and had carcasses on the floor.... (story)
Guardian 22.12.07 Cramped, filthy and featherless - the 'battery' game birds sold as delicacy - Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent - They are sold in luxury stores and appear on the menus of top restaurants, with customers assured that the birds are reared on specialist farms with the highest welfare standards. But the gourmet packaging in which thousands of quail are shipped each week belies the cramped and grubby conditions in which many birds are kept, according to investigators working for the League Against Cruel Sports.... Mike Haines, commercial director of Fayre Game, said last night that the League Against Cruel Sports had not approached him directly over the allegations. "I don't know if the footage is of our farm or not," he said. "I haven't seen any film. The League Against Cruel Sports has not shown anything to me.".... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 11.1.08 Legal access to guns not the problem - I CAN only assume that a press release from an organisation such as the Gun Control Network prompted you to run the story ‘100 teenage gun licences’. Not only are firearms an everyday tool of those who live and work in the countryside but they are also the source of much of this nation’s success in Olympic sports.... I could understand you running such a headline if there had been an incident involving a minor in legal possession of a firearm but to my knowledge, there has NEVER been one.... MIKE STERLAND, Cumbria Angling CentreGeorge StreetWhitehaven (letter)

Horse & Hound 11.1.08 Public outcry over RSPCA's response to Amersham case - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The public has been quick to criticise the RSPCA for not acting fast enough to prevent the deaths that occured at Spindels Farm near Amersham, Buckinghamshire. The RSPCA has responded by saying it did not have the power to remove the animals any earlier.... (story)


Daventry Express 10.1.08 Anger as hunt dogs lay waste to village garden By Alice Dyer - A PACK of hounds wrecked a woman's garden in Eydon causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Sonia Hawes was left to pick up the pieces after 20 dogs – part of a hunt – rampaged through her garden in High Street, Eydon... According to Mrs Hawes, the Bicester Hunt was riding across fields at the back of the village on Saturday, December 29, when a fox got into her garden. The dogs chased it and wrecked her garden, including a winter swimming pool cover, steps, a pond and a fence among other things... (story)
Banbury Guardian 9.1.08 Hunt violated my garden - Hunting appears to continue as if there were no laws against it. A pack of about 20 hounds has violated my garden causing hundreds of pounds of damage and considerable stress... This is not acceptable. I now feel that every time I hear the hunt near the village something similar may happen. Sonia Hawes, Eydon
Editor's note: Christopher Hodgson, Master of the Bicester Hunt, said: "We have apologised profusely for this intrusion into Mrs Hawes' garden in Eydon. This has never happened before and the hunt staff will do everything possible to prevent such an event happening again." (letter)
Independent 8.1.08 Law fails to ban hunt from my garden - : Hunting appears to continue as if there were no laws against it. A pack of about 20 hounds has violated my garden, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and a considerable amount of stress.... Although the hunt has offered to pay for the extensive damage done, they say they cannot guarantee that such an incident will not happen again... Sonia Hawes, Eydon, Northamptonshire (letter)

Telegraph 10.1.08 And finally, something to offend King Newt By Boris Johnson - Well, chum, this is the big one. Such I imagine were the words of Hillary to Tenzing Norgay as they gazed at the cloud-swaddled summit of Everest. Those are my feelings as we near the critical last pitches of the London mayoral campaign... I look at the papers, and I wonder how to scandalise them with my attitudes. Let's think of some commonsense views, of a kind that will provoke the mayor's team to denunciations of political incorrectness. Well, what about the case of Nicholas Soames, who is facing criminal proceedings after being pictured with a child on the back of a quad bike?... And by the way, it doesn't bother me in the least that Soames was out following a hunt: the fatuity of the ban was shown by the staggering number who turned out on Boxing Day... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 10.1.08 'SHIFTY' GROUP WERE HUNTING - Police scrambled their helicopter yesterday after receiving reports of a suspicious-looking group of men in a Derby park... Ground patrol officers spoke to the men and found that they had been given permission to hunt rabbits in the area and were not doing anything illegal (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 10.1.08 Dedication of riders in hunt - Cllr Mark Young, Liberal Democrat, Prospective parliamentary candidate for the Vale of Clwyd - What better way to spend Boxing Day with my family than watching the Flint and Denbigh Hunt meet in Denbigh Square... As someone who has hunted, I know the time that it takes to clean both tack and horse and the dedication of the riders on Christmas Day night was evident.... The Government policy for hunting is looking decidedly jaded and running out of time. Hunting is here to stay and so let's make 2008 a time where we all agree on a clear idea of what the countryside is for - starting with a return to good farming and good healthy Welsh food. Cllr Mark Young, Liberal Democrat, Prospective parliamentary candidate (letter)

Staffordshire Newsletter 10.1.08 Hunting is sick and banned so it is time to get over it From B Martin, Stafford - IT SEEMS a while since writing about this subject but sadly I was reading in the press over Christmas about the amount of people who allegedly (as these are Countryside Alliance figures) have been out on fox hunts over the Christmas period... Can I just ask why the police did not notice so many people or wonder why they were hanging around?... I have been on peaceful animal rights demos in the past and we were outnumbered by the police. They were everywhere. How many were at these hunts I wonder? Basically, hunting was banned and is against the law, whoever you are. Can the authorities please make up their minds?.... (letter)

Central Somerset Gazette 10.1.08 LET'S END CRUEL SPORTS - A brief insight into the countryside version of sport... In today's climate, hunts claim to drag hunt but are they using this to mask their pursuit of innocent live animals? Obviously they are not openly going to admit to carrying on their pre-ban "tradition". Hunt crimewatch monitors who are continually harassed, abused and attacked have witnessed no change of format to suggest otherwise... Every year hundreds and thousands of pheasants and partridges are killed by "sports shooters".... Approximately 15,000 horses are bred every year but only around 5,000 are deemed suitable to make it to their first race. Those who do not make it may be killed... More than 30,000 greyhounds are bred annually in the British Isles, mostly to supply the demands of the UK greyhound-racing industry... Maggie Toner, Wells (letter)

Melton Times 10.1.08 10/01/08 - Thrill not kill - AM I the only one wondering how fox hunting is still continuing after being banned? Whether the fox is killed by a pack of hounds or a golden eagle isn't the result the same?... Sandra Rickell, Guadaloupe Avenue, Melton (letter)

North Devon Journal 10.1.08 OF COURSE THE HUNT IS MORE POPULAR NOW - The news of the Boxing Day Hunts was enhanced by papers full of picturesque photographs of the huntsmen with their horses and hounds.The Countryside Alliance is triumphantly claiming that hunting is more popular than ever since the hunting of wild animals with dogs was banned - and so it should be! After all, it is the inhumane persecution of wild animals that has been banned.... CHRIS HASSALL, Landcross, Bideford. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 10.1.08 Are foxes really so different from us? From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Leeds. IN a recent article (Yorkshire Post, December 28), Bill Carmichael declared himself to be indifferent to the suffering inflicted on wild animals by those who hunt, and kill, for pleasure. That is his prerogative, just as it is my prerogative to regard such people with contempt...
From: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton, North Yorkshire. BILL Carmichael's column is always worth reading, especially when he is trenchant, but he lost credibility after writing about fox hunting when he referred to fishing among "other cruel pastimes".... there is scientific evidence that fish are so constructed that they cannot experience the human sensation we call pain... (letters)

Western Daily Press 10.1.08 PROUD OF THE HUNTING ACT – Pontificating about the Hunting Act may well have become a Christmas tradition in recent years, but let's keep our eye on the ball. So, do we want the hunts to be allowed to set their packs of dogs on to foxes, deer, hare and mink to torment and hound them to a savage death causing suffering in the name of so-called "sport"?... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Burton Mail 10.1.08 Free to roam from Name and address supplied - PLEASE we must not have the fox hunting ban overturned. If we love animals we should allow our wild life to run free in the country... (letter)

Burton Mail 10.1.08 Tally Ho! is a poll no-no from John Greatorex, Mount Pleasant Road, Castle Gresley - I READ that Tory hopefuls plan to lift the ban on hunting with dogs if David Cameron wins the next election... David Cameron obvioulsy doesn't realise how strong opion is on this issue. I wish him well with his pro-hunting campaign, which will ensure that Tories lose the next election (letter)

Beverley Guardian 4.1.08 Mankind at war with nature - Being vermin means being a common objectionable animal, also being animals that prey on game and also being offensive, nasty or harmful, which I am sure fits mankind perfectly. Therefore I object most strongly at a pro fox hunter on Radio Humberside putting out the usual propaganda that the fox species needs exterminating as it is vermin because there is no animal on earth that is as verminous as man.... Eileen Girling, Sigston Road , Beverley (letter)

Worcester Evening News 10.1.08 Time to extend the remit of the hunt? Your website correspondent jane32 (worcesternews.co.uk, January 3) says the hunt is protecting farmers from foxes that ocassionally eat poultry... I have recently witnessed toddlers and old women chewing on chickens, turkeys and even, occasionally, lambs.... SALLY DEAN, Worcester (letter)

Oxford Mail 10.1.08 Rich control media - Like Bea Bradley (Oxford Mail, January 5), I and the rest of the silent majority were led to believe that hunting with dogs had been banned. It is despicable to witness how the rich and powerful minority can control the media to make the masses believe what they want.... NICHOLAS CRAFT, Bampton Road, Witney (letter)

York Press 10.1.08 Not fair game - Adam Porter says that pheasant shooting is one of the few positive things we have left in this country. There is nothing positive about the shooting of a pheasant.... Alan Swain, Skeldergate, York (letter)
York Press 2.1.08 Shoot him down - Alan Swain states that the shooting of pheasants is a bad and cruel act. I believe it is a long-running country sport that should be left alone.... Many people enjoy shoot days and I don't understand why people oppose it. Too many people in this country set out to spoil the few positive things we have left. Before long there will be nothing left for people to spoil, because they will have everything under the sun banned and prevented... Adam J Porter (aged 15), Church Lane, Wheldrake, York (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 10.1.08 Police drop badger inquiry - POLICE have dropped enquiries into the deaths of badgers, found in snares, on an estate near Winchester... League Against Cruel Sports investigators found snares and traps on the land near Stockbridge Downs beauty spot.... Landowner Donald Hutchison told the Daily Echo that the dead animals had nothing to do with him or his staff. He said the animals could have been dumped or planted by people wanting to "besmirch" the reputation of an estate where shooting takes place (story)
Southern Daily Echo 9.7.07 Landowner denies killing badgers By Andrew Napier - A HAMPSHIRE landowner has strenuously denied any involvement with the killing of badgers found on his land. The League Against Cruel Sports said its investigators found 50 snares and traps in woodland owned by Heath House Estate and other dead animals including tawny owls, foxes, crows and squirrels. But landowner Donald Hutchison told the Daily Echo that the dead animals had nothing to do with him or his staff.... Hutchison, 73, said: "The police came on to the estate with three people with disguised faces, their caps pulled down and photographing everybody. None of us have been interviewed by the police. I think the badgers have been planted. Animal activists know we have a shoot here.... Mr Hutchison said that soon after the arrival of LACS activists, the car of a hurdle-maker parked on the estate was vandalised.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 6.7.07 Police probe slaughter of badgers - POLICE are investigating one of the worst cases of badger slaughter in Hampshire after the horrific discovery of carcasses in woodland... League Against Cruel Sports investigators also found a number of snares and traps set on the Heath House estate near Stockbridge Downs, a National Trust beauty spot which is popular with walkers... Mike Pawling, chairman of the Southampton Badger Group, said: "I'm very concerned and upset to hear this. Snaring is not necessary... (story)

Western Mail 10.1.08 Welsh primate refuge rescues monkey from French lab cage by Catrin Pascoe, Western Mail - A MONKEY which had been in a laboratory cage for 17 years has started 2008 with a new life in Wales. Crab-eating macaque Pozzi was rescued just before Christmas by Graham and Jan Garen, who run the Cefn-yr-Erw Primate Sanctuary at Abercrave in the Swansea Valley.... (story)

Daelnet 10.1.08 New TB stats suggest a downward trend - NEW TB statistics for 2007, published this week, suggest that the disease is beginning to decline without any cull say the Badger Trust…. Trevor Lawson from the Badger Trust commented: "We hope that this is an early indication that Defra's tightening TB-testing regime is starting to bear fruit… (story)


Essex Chronicle 9.1.08 HUNT DISMISSES 'FOX KILLED 'CLAIM - Hunt masters have dismissed suggestions made in an online article that a fox was killed at the Matching Green hunt on Boxing Day.In an article for the Scotsman newspaper, Dan Buglass outlined a visit to the hunt with his grandson, who took part in the event, and said: "I cannot say whether a fox was killed during the chase, but an indiscreet wink from Fraser (grandson) suggested much."… (story)

Cornish Guardian 9.1.08 HUNTS STAGE NEW YEAR'S DAY MEETS - Hunt supporters in the Stratton area joined Tetcott Hunt for its New Year's Day meet at the Tree Inn, Stratton..... Meanwhile in Blisland winter weather did not deter the crowds of spectators gathering to watch the annual North Cornwall Hunt meet on New Year's Day.... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 9.1.08 HUNTING FOR SOME SENSE - May I say how impressed I was with the turn out at the Carmarthen Hunt on New Year's Day.... It seemed to be a well-known fact that the meet was taking place. Well-known to everyone bar the police, who again this year, as on previous ones, managed to cause chaos by closing Blue Street too late... Scott Tight, College Road, Carmarthen (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 9.1.08 Hunting is just barbaric - I would like to express my thoughts on hunting. I think it is a barbaric sport and there is no excuse for people who support it…. Ann Lawlor, Purley, Surrey (letter)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 9.1.08 Strath post offices win a reprieve By Bryan Henesey - THERE was a sigh of relief yesterday (Tuesday) after post offices in Badenoch and Strathspey escaped the axe that has been wielded on 29 branches in the wider region... Boat of Garten Post Office staff have said they are "mightily relieved" that they will be able to continue with their award-winning work. The facility was last month voted the best village shop or Post Office in a contest organised by Scottish Countryside Alliance, much to the delight of owners David and Beth Woolsey... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.1.08 CIRCUSES CANNOT PROVIDE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT FOR WILD ANIMALS - In response to Martin Lacey's letter ('No scientific evidence to warrant circus ban', December 18), the RSPCA would like to clarify some of the points made. The RSPCA has not ignored scientific evidence in campaigning to end the use of wild animals for entertainment.... . We urge the public to write to their MPs at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, calling for an end to all animal acts in circuses under the Animal Welfare Act.... . We urge the public to write to their MPs at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, calling for an end to all animal acts in circuses under the Animal Welfare Act. SOPHIE WILKINSON RSPCA Senior Regional Press Officer - East.(story)
Lincolnshire Echo 18.12.07 NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO WARRANT CIRCUS BAN - Lincoln should act within the law on circuses... Fact: This Government said it would only ban wild animals in a circus if scientific evidence proved that the circus was unable to meet their needs. Fact: After two years of study Defra in late November published its report on wild animals in travelling circuses and concluded there is no scientific evidence to support a ban on any species of wild animal.... MARTIN LACEY The Great British Circus, Spalding (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.1.08 Badger cull has been proved to be counter-productive - From: Monica A Ward, chairperson of South Yorkshire Badger Group, Thurlstone Road, Penistone. I WOULD like to comment on the letter from Stephen and Deborah Wilde (Yorkshire Post, January 4) about a possible cull of badgers in the South-West of England... Although I appreciate what a serious and distressing disease bovine TB is, Professor John Bourne believes that by tightening up testing of cattle, not only by using the skin test but by using the more reliable gamma interferon, a real decline in the incidents of herd breakdown would be brought about without a badger cull, which has already been proved to be counter-productive (letter)

Redditch Advertisere 9.1.08 Veggie values - SHARE the sentiments of Ursula Lowe, Compassion for turkeys' - but suspect her agenda was less about animal welfare and more to do with her own vegetarian values…. Ben Walker, Brockhill. (story)
Redditch Advertiser 2.1.08 Compassion for turkeys - AS a Christian I had been, in some ways, dreading Christmas.... The suffering of the turkey and thousands of living creatures intensively reared and then slaughtered to produce this feast for the day.... If any reader would like more information please contact the Christian Vegetarian Association UK by visiting their web site... Ursula Lowe, Studley (letter)

Oxford Mail 9.1.08 Halal slaughter - Your item on halal meat being served to children at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford needs to be "fleshed out" somewhat (Oxford Mail, January 5). You describe halal slaughter as merely "different". In fact, this method involves not stunning the animal before its throat is cut and it bleeds to death. This is illegal under normal UK animal welfare legislation, as it is in all Western nations. Kosher and halal slaughter is an exemption to our cruelty laws... T BRADSHAW St Giles Oxford (story)
Oxford Mail 8.1.08 Mums back halal meal protest By George Hamilton - A petition against the use of halal meat in all children's meals at an Oxford school attracted more than 100 signatures yesterday... (story)
Oxford Mail 5.1.08 Mums condemn school's halal meat decision By George Hamilton - Mums have criticised an Oxford school for serving halal meat in children's lunches without their knowledge.... (story)

Hendon & Finchley Times 9.1.08 Circus denies its use of animals is ‘cruel’ By Kevin Bradford - The decision by a shopping centre's management to allow an animal circus on its grounds may come back to bite them. Animal rights campaigners have slammed Brent Cross for permitting Zippos Circus to hold a series of shows in the area during the February half-term holidays... Paul Thomas, campaigns assistant for the Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps), said the group had urged the centre not to allow animal circuses for a number of years... Steve Norman, animal rights spokesman for Barnet Green Party said: "The shopping centre should not be promoting it and should have their own business ethics... (story)


Western Mail 8.1.08 Waking up to reality of farming by Paddy Rooney - OVER the recent holiday period there was much media comment about the numbers attending their local hunts. All over the country there were record turnouts – riders, followers, supporters and spectators. There seems to be a dawning realisation that the countryside is more than just a leisure park – that farming and food production are essential for us all, and that country pursuits associated with them benefit the whole of society... (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.1.08 BOXING DAY TRADITION IS MAINTAINED BY HUNTERS - The pageantry and tradition of hunting were supported by the large numbers of people who turned out in Tiverton to watch Tiverton Foxhounds set off on their Boxing Day meet.The group aim to maintain the tradition of meeting each December 26.... (story)

Irish Examiner 8.1.08 Anti-blood sports campaigners to protest at coursing meeting By Conor Kane - ANTI-BLOOD sports campaigners are planning to mount protests at next month’s national coursing meeting in Clonmel for the first time in more than a decade.... The picket will be placed on finals day, February 6, when the winners of the prize money for the coursing derby, oaks and other events will be decided. A number of anti-cruelty bodies are planning th eaction, including the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports and the Irish Council Against Blood Sports ....(story)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.1.08 HELP ENSURE HUNTING LAW IS ENFORCED - KEVIN HILL Hunt Monitor for the International Fund for Animal Welfare 87-90 Albert Embankment London SE1 7UD (letter)
HalifaxEvening Courier 4.1.08 How can anyone say that hunting is not cruel? I READ with interest Gordon Thorpe's letter headlined "Hunting isn't cruel – it's just life!" (Your say, December 31). I find it difficult to understand his statement that there is no scientific evidence to prove that when a bunch of hounds chase a fox till it can run no more, then catch it and tear it to pieces, that this is cruel. What planet is Mr Thorpe from?.... J B Thwaite, Skircoat Green, Halifax. (letter)
31.12.07 Hunting isn't cruel – it's just life! - Gordon Thorpe - Heatherdale Close, Wheatley, Halifax - KEVIN Hill, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare ("Keep eye on boxing day hunts", Your say, December 27) asks the public to follow hunts and report activity to the police. This is despite the fact that many people who are opposed to hunting do this every season to no effect..... (letters)
Northumberland Gazette 30.12.07 Report any illegal fox hunts to the police - Kevin Hill, Hunt Monitor for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (letter)
York Press 29.12.07 Wildlife protection - Kevin Hill, Hunt monitor for the International Fund For Animal Welfare, 87-90 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UD (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 28.12.07 Keep an eye on Boxing Day hunts - Hunts around the country no doubt toasted the highlight of their annual calendar, the Boxing Day meet. Before the ban on hunting with dogs was introduced, hunters could get their kicks by setting dogs to chase deer, foxes, hares and mink... If, like me, your readers believe it is important that the law is upheld, I urge them to please keep their eyes and ears open to protect British wildlife. If hunts are breaking the law or behaving in a suspicious manner, please let the police know.... Kevin Hill, (International Fund for Animal Welfare) Albert Embankment, London. (letter)
Argus 27.12.07 Who will outfox who? Hunts are gearing up around the country for the highlight of their annual calendar: the boxing day meet. Before the ban on hunting with dogs was introduced, hunters could get their kicks by setting dogs to chase deer, foxes, hares and mink.... If like me you believe it's important that the law is upheld, please keep your eyes and ears open to protect British wildlife. If you know of hunts that are breaking the law or see hunts behaving in a suspicious manner, please let the police know. They need intelligence if they are to act against determined hunting extremists... Kevin Hill, hunt monitor for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Albert Embankment, London (letter)

Yorkshire Post 8.1.08 From: Phyllis Capstick Hellifield, Skipton. YOUR correspondent PA Bates (Yorkshire Post, January 2) states that he recognises that foxes, as vermin, require control. He then goes on to say they are being culled much more successfully without the involvement of the hunt. I disagree with the word "successfully". Without the hunt, many more fit and healthy foxes are being shot, with many unhealthy ones, and ones likely to do the most harm in the countryside, being allowed to survive.... (letter)

Western Morning News 8.1.08 WHY NOT FILE HUNT ROUTES WITH POLICE AND THE PRESS? The wmn, December 31, published an article, "Hunt group reported to police", about the League Against Cruel Sports complaining that, on Boxing Day, the Mid Devon Hunt chased foxes illegally... This incident reminded me of an article in the Ledbury Reporter on December 28 about the Boxing Day meet of the Ledbury... If hunts follow a predetermined trail estimated to take two hours, they should know what point they expected to reach after one hour. What is the problem?... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Crewe & Nantwich Guardian 8.1.08 FOX HUNTING? - NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! - Paul Timpson spokesperson for the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association PO Box 239 (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 7.1.08 Hunting is not a pretty picture - HUNTING in Lancashire is not such a pretty spectacle behind the scenes. Oh, what a pretty picture the hunting fraternity painted for us all on Boxing Day!... Where was that special breed of local louts with terriers? Where were the foul-mouthed followers, the faces of the children blooded for the fun' of being at their first kill? The real face of hunting is not the pretty picture it would have us believe... PAUL TIMPSON, spokesperson for the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association. (letter)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 8.1.08 Our shoots have no crime links - RE: the article headlined “Gun alert six times a day” on page 11 of Saturday, January 5, you state that police officers patrol organised shoots, particularly in rural areas such as Northumberland. In making this statement you are trying to link legally organised shooting with gun crime in general.... There is absolutely no link between honest law-abiding sportsmen and the hooded druggie. We are poles apart and should never be mentioned in the same article. TERRY HANSOM, Fawdon (letter)

Chester & District Standard 8.1.08 100 gun licences given to youngsters - Nearly 100 gun licences have been handed out to teenagers or children in Cumbria during the past two years... The Countryside Alliance also defended the role of shooting sports, saying they were "misunderstood activities" that brought benefits to the countryside.... (story)

Whitby Gazette 8.1.08 New gamekeeper generation is not as good From: Mrs J Deane-Smith, Borrowby, Saltburn - I was interested to read your article implying gamekeepers are good for wildlife. I think this was true of the old-style keepers but not of the new generation. Conservation is not a work that sits comfortably with the so-called ‘sport’ of shooting... (letter)

Glasgow Herald 8.1.08 Farmer’s £8000 subsidy cut over wildlife crimes - ROBERT FAIRBURN - WILDLIFE groups have welcomed the decision to cut a European cash subsidy to a Scots farmer after his gamekeeper was convicted of trying to kill birds of prey. James McDougal is the first UK landowner to be hit with the fine for an environmental crime on his estate even though the legislation came into force four years ago... (story)
Guardian 7.1.08 Ministers failing to act on wildlife crime, conservationists say - Severin Carrell - Conservationists have accused ministers of failing to crack down on the illegal killing of birds of prey after it emerged that only one landowner has had his agricultural grants cut as a punishment.... (story)
Guardian 7.1.08 EU grant cut for landowner whose gamekeeper tried to kill birds of prey - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - A farmer in the Scottish Borders has become the first landowner in the UK to have his agricultural subsidies cut as a punishment after his gamekeeper was convicted of trying to kill protected birds of prey. George Aitken, who works as a gamekeeper near Lauder in Berwickshire, set traps holding live pigeons and placed dead pheasants laced with poisons on moorland close to the southern upland way.... The Scottish executive said it had docked £7,919 from last year's single farm payment and beef calf scheme payments to James McDougal, who runs a large cattle and sheep-farming business near Lauder - more than the £5,000 maximum for a wildlife crime offence.... (story)

Guardian 8.1.08 BHA to discuss Ahern with police - Greg Wood - The British Horseracing Authority is to contact Nottinghamshire Police to make the force aware of the strong action taken against Eddie Ahern following his ride on Marsam at Southwell on December 12. Ahern was banned for three months shortly before Christmas for what the BHA's disciplinary panel described as "a shameful exhibition" on Marsam, who was whipped so vigorously by Ahern that weals were raised on the horse's skin. The BHA's decision to contact Southwell's local police force follows news that Animal Aid, a leading animal rights pressure group, has reported Ahern to the police and urged them to take action against the jockey under the Animal Welfare Act.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 8.1.08 Feathers fly over the £2 chicken that came home to roost By Chris Benfield - The £2 chicken might turn out to have been a turning point. It seemed like a good idea when Asda put it on offer, last summer, in the war for the custom of the careful shopper. But everyone, from farmers to food snobs, said it was an unhealthy price.... The CIWF has just posted new footage from the sheds where 95 per cent of British chicken is produced and the League Against Cruel Sports is about to launch a report saying the same concerns apply even if you buy game like pheasant and quail..... (story)

South Wales Argus 8.1.08 Badger baiters strike again By Jenny Brentnall - BADGER baiters have struck for the second time in a week in Gwent. As reported in yesterday's Argus, Gwent Badger Society (GBG) members discovered a dug-out sett near Pontypool on New Year's Eve. Then on Saturday, they had a second alert of badger diggers at a sett between Monmouth and Chepstow... (story)
South Wales Argus 7.1.08 Horror badger baiting find By Jenny Brentnall - NEW evidence of barbaric badger baiters operating in Gwent was found in a horrifying discovery near Pontypool. Gwent Badger Group discovered a sett in the area known as Goytre Wharf, which had been dug out on New Years Eve, after a report from a member of the public... Steve Clark, the group's chairman said: "An area three metres long over the sett had been disturbed and logs had been jammed down into the hole."... (story)

Independent 8.1.08 Leading article: Pecking order - The campaign against the terrible conditions that prevail in the factory-farmed chicken industry has generated an overwhelming response. But not all of it has been favourable to the high-profile figures leading the campaign. Jamie Oliver has attracted charges of hypocrisy for his criticism of Sainsbury's... What matters is the awful treatment of Britain's 800 million broiler chickens and ensuring that measures are taken to improve this.... (story)

Argus 8.1.08 Animal respect - With reference to the letter from Simon Burgess about the campaign for humane treatment of chickens (Letters, January 3), people who really care about animals do not eat them and do not endorse the exploitation of them, something that rearing them for their "meat" undeniably is…. Michaela Dyson, New England Road, Haywards Heath (letter)


Knutsford Guardian 7.1.08 Hundreds cheer hunt By Adam Morson - A TRADITIONAL hunt drew its largest crowd in years despite the continuing ban on hunting with hounds. Richard de Prez, joint master of the Cheshire Forest Hunt, said the annual event - which begins in Lach Dennis and heads towards Byley - attracted more than 50 riders and up to 300 spectators.... (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 27.12.07 Huge turnout for Boxing Day hunting by Aaron Boland, Liverpool Daily Post - TRADITIONAL Boxing Day hunts are more popular in Cheshire than at any time since the introduction of laws banning hunting, it was claimed last night. Richard de Prez, joint master of the Cheshire Forest Hunt, also said the public image of the sport had improved since the introduction of the ban three years ago.... (story)

Independent 7.1.08 Still surviving without meat - In a response (4 January) to the suggestion that the RSPCA should consider promoting vegetarianism, National Farmers' Union Communications Director, Anthony Gibson, states that "meat and dairy products are an essential part of a balanced diet". I am in my 72nd year, have been a strict vegan for more than 30 of those years.... It is absolute nonsense to suggest that the human race cannot survive without eating animal products. Ursula Bates, Solihull, West Midlands (letter)

Independent 7.1.08 What came first, Jamie? The controversy over the chicken, salmon or lamb? Animal rights groups accuse the chef of hypocrisy over factory farming - By Jonathan Owen - Jamie Oliver has been branded a hypocrite for accepting money from the high street giant Sainsbury's despite his claims that the conditions in which most supermarket chickens are reared are "morally wrong".... Animal Aid's director, Andrew Tyler. "If he's going to lecture the public he needs first to stop profiting from animal exploitation."... (story)

York Press 7.1.08 Tongue in cheek - I'd like to thank Paul Blanchard for his efforts in raising the profile of foie gras in York. I had some on Boxing Day and it was one of the nicest things I've ever eaten... Name and address supplied (letter)


Sunday Irish Independent 6.1.08 Stop bizarre deer hunting 'sport' - It seems that the cavalry of the Ward Union, headed up by Michael Bailey, weren't able to whoop it up on St Stephen's Day when they couldn't hound a deer around the countryside for "sport"... Aideen Yourell, Irish Council Against Blood Sports
It has been suggested in recent weeks that Environment Minister John Gormley might be playing a dangerous political game in taking on stag hunters. Certainly, millionaire businessmen with close links to Fianna Fail are not folk to mess around with. Ward Union joint hunt master Michael Bailey is a long-time supporter of the party and a very powerful man indeed, as are many of the other fans and members of the hunt... John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letters)

Sunday Irish Independent 6.1.08 Referring to the articles on stag hunting, I would like to comment on Michael Bailey's comment:... Bernie Wright, Association of Hunt Saboteurs (letter)
Irish Independent 3.1.08 Selfish savagery... Referring to reports about the Stag Hunt, I would like to comment on Master of the Ward Union Hunts Michael Baily's quote, "we are so deflated; it's all about the thrill of the chase and that was lost here today." Apparently St Stephen's Day's hunt left them so upset they couldn't look at each other in the pub afterwards. Well poor them.... BERNIE WRIGHT, ASSOC. OF HUNT SABOTEURS, PO BOX 4734, DUBLIN 1 (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 6.1.08 Anglers furious over fishing licence plans By Jasper Copping - They crave peace and quiet and the chance to leave the cares of the world behind. But Britain's four million anglers are about to get militant. They are furious at proposals to make fishing from beaches and piers subject to a licence system, and determined to fight back against the perceived threat from animal rights activists. High on their agenda is the government plan to introduce licences, expected to cost £25 a year for adults or £5 for children, for anyone fishing from a beach or a pier.... (story)


Western Daily Press 5.1.08 HUNTING IS ON ITS WAY OUT - Trevor Selwood ignores reality in his reply to my letter of December 5... While the hunters may be celebrating Tony Wright's appeal victory, they may well live to rue the day that case was appealed, because it will put them in the High Court on a case that will rule on the burden of proof... Chris GaleChippenham (letter)

Plymouth Herald 5.1.08 HUNTING VIEWS - Your headline 'Hunt sees bigger turnout in wake of the ban' (December 27) must be based on wishful thinking, I'm glad to write.... How terrible that children are encouraged to attend; three- and four-year-olds do not have a real conception of cruelty or suffering; even if they had, there's no excuse for encouraging cruelty, whether it's to animals or people.... Politicians please note; if you want votes, ban cruelty (ie. hunting) altogether. LOUISE PIDDINGTON, Stoke (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 5.1.08 WE'LL PUSH FOR A BAN ON FOXHOUNDS - I Was sad to read the article by Martin Kirby (Citizen, December 31) regarding his admission to "not knowing enough about hunting one way or the other," and yet suggesting the preposterous comment that the League Against Cruel Sports is more about hitting the "posh knobs by getting them arrested than they derive from preventing cruelty".... The LACS has existed for many years through its members (of which I am proudly one of them) purely because they believe that warm- blooded creatures should have the right to a life.... Steve Haines (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 5.1.08 Go green for a fresh start - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.1.08 Stop suffering of turkeys - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (story)
Torquay Herald Express 2.1.08 LIVE LONGER, TAKE THE VEGETARIAN OPTION - After the lavish excesses of the festive season, you are probably considering making some New Year's resolutions.This is the perfect time to make a fresh start and to take steps towards a fitter, healthier, happier you. And there's no better way of doing it than by going veggie.... KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.1.08 BATTERY HEN SCANDAL BY JANET HUGHES - Chicken producer Sun Valley has launched an investigation after campaigners released a shocking film about battery hens struggling to stand up at one of its West farms.Undercover campaigners made the film at a Herefordshire farm that supplies one of Britain's biggest poultry companies..... (story)
Independent 4.1.08 The true cost of cheap chicken By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - A covertly filmed video of factory-farmed chickens struggling to walk and enduring distressing and unnatural conditions is set to ignite a growing campaign to improve the lives of Britain's 800 million "broiler" chickens. The animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) shot the film at a farm which supplies meat to the country's leading supermarkets to illustrate the grim life inside chicken "coops" designed for 25,000 to 50,000 birds... (story)


Newark Advertiser 4.1.08 Hunt rides into town - Despite the rain, more than 1,000 people greeted the South Notts Hunt on Tuesday when members returned to Newark Market Place for the second consecutive year for their New Year’s Day meet.... Last week the Grove and Rufford Hunt abandoned plans to meet in Retford Market Place because they were told it would cost them £2,000 to have police present. The South Notts Hunt did not face this problem, as the police were happy for the hunt to provide their own stewards.... (story)

Newark Advertiser 4.1.08 Hunt rides into town - Despite the rain, more than 1,000 people greeted the South Notts Hunt on Tuesday when members returned to Newark Market Place for the second consecutive year for their New Year’s Day meet.... Last week the Grove and Rufford Hunt abandoned plans to meet in Retford Market Place because they were told it would cost them £2,000 to have police present. The South Notts Hunt did not face this problem, as the police were happy for the hunt to provide their own stewards.... (story)

Hexham Courant 4.1.08 Tynedale Hunt cup runneth over By REBECCA DIXON - GREAT WHITTINGTON has once again been graced with the majestic sight of the Tynedale Hunt following a 10-year hiatus. The Queen’s Head Inn served the traditional stirrup cup to around 50 riders during a meet in December.... (story)

Western Daily Press 4.1.08 CROWDS SUPPORT TRADITIONAL SPECTACLE - The timeless spectacle of the hunt, gathered in all its colourful glory on Boxing Day, was alive and well in the West Country again this Christmas.... An estimated 6,000 people thronged the main street in picturesque Lacock to applaud the Avon Vale as a seemingly endless stream of riders set off - gleaming horses groomed to perfection for the occasion. At Worcester Lodge, on the edge of the Badminton estate, the Duke of Beaufort's foxhounds also reported increased support..... (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 4.1.08 THANK LABOUR FOR HUNT SUCCESS From Kevin Barclay-Jay, 53 Victoria Avenue, Shanklin: ISN'T it nice to see thousands of people out for the traditional Boxing Day hunt, enjoying the spectacle and maybe a day’s ride?... Well done the government for the ban and providing ‘normal’ people with a lovely day out and the boost to the countryside community (letter)

Worcester Evening News 4.1.08 Thank you for your support of the hunt - Once again, may I thank all the people in and around Pershore for their great support on Boxing Day to see the Croome and West Warwickshire hunt meet.... SALLY ROBINSON, Committee member Croome Hunt Supporters' Club (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 4.1.08 IN response to Ray Rodden's contention that "the Labour Government was right to ban the barbaric ritual of foxhunting". (Viewpoint, January 2). The continuation of the Boxing Day foxhunting events demonstrates the manifest inadequacy of the Labour Party's 2004 Hunting Act.... ROBERT McKELLAR, Water Meadow Close, Great Oakley (letter)

Bolton Evening News 4.1.08 You can enjoy hunt without the cruelty - I WAS somewhat amused by the comments of the huntsmen after the Boxing Day Meet of the Holcombe Hunt that the sport of following hounds is more popular than ever. Was this supposed to be a snub to anti-hunt protesters? Of course it is more popular. Those who opposed the cruelty involved in chasing and killing live animals can now enjoy the thrill of the ride across countryside.... Katherine M Kay, Bromley Cross (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 4.1.08 Hunt’s popularity - I WAS pleased to read that the New Forest Boxing Day hunt was more popular than ever before (Daily Echo, December 27) without the needless killing of wild animals. PHIL ROGERS (by e-mail). (letter)

Essex Echo 4.1.08 Dismayed by festive hunts - The majority of people in this animal-loving nation rejoiced when fur farming and hunting with animals were finally banned. It is thus with dismay that I read the news about the Boxing Day hunts. Why do these hunts-people insist on a flagrant disregard to the rule of law? If they do not break the actual letter of the law, by sailing so close to the wind they undermine the spirit of it.... Julian Ware-Lane, Lionel Road, Canvey (story)

Western Daily Press 4.1.08 LET'S LEAVE OUR WILDLIFE IN PEACE - The Countryside Alliance claims hundreds of thousands come to Boxing Day meets and that hunting is more popular than ever. Why then do they want to repeal the ban?.... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Guardian 4.1.08 Why no Sir Colin? - It is disheartening that the honours committee has once again snubbed Professor Colin Blakemore (Report, December 29), apparently because of his willingness to speak out on the valuable role played by animal research in advancing medicine.... Paul Browne, Cambridge
We are saddened to find that once again Colin Blakemore has been passed over for a knighthood..... Tom Holder, Pro-Test (letters)

Worcester Evening News 4.1.08 People won’t turn to veganism overnight - If Pauline Burgess is promoting veganism, then why did she not say so openly in the first place?.... SIMON GARDNER, Birtsmorton. (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 4.1.08 Caring for all animals - WITH the season of goodwill upon us let us cast aside all bitterness and strife.... I would not hesitate to say that one's character can be very fairly assessed by what a person habitually reads, watches, eats, and divulges in as sport..... REV JAMES THOMPSON Holywell (letter)


Whitehaven News 3.1.08 HUNT SUPPORTERS NOT YET READY TO PACK IT IN By David Siddall - CUMBRIAN Tory MP David Maclean is spearheading a political bid to try to restore fox hunting. The political campaigning to overturn the hunting ban came as all the Cumbrian packs staged a traditional Boxing Day event. The Eskdale and Ennerdale pack left their kennels in the valley and there was a big turnout of supporters as the hounds chased a trail that had been laid around the valley... (story)

Retford Trader & Guardian 3.1.08 Great pictures of Retford's Boxing Day hunt - Guardian photographer Mark Fear captured these scenes at the Boxing Day hunt. Click on our gallery to see the pictures. Huge crowds turned out in Retford as the Grove and Rufford Hunt met in the town for the first time in 25 years... (story)
Worksop Guardian 27.12.07 Hunt success despite Market Square plans being shelved By Jen Foster - RETFORD'S historic Boxing Day hunt attracted a large crowd of onlookers – despite organisers deciding to pull out of plans to start the event in the town centre. The Grove and Rufford Hunt had applied to Bassetlaw Council for the hunt to congregate in the Market Square for the first time in 25 years. But despite councillors giving the go-ahead police had concerns over the safety of the public and put a price tag of £1,600 to pay for the increased police presence.... (story)
Retford Trader & Guardian 19.12.07 Boxing Day hunt cancel plans for Market Square gathering By Helen Mullins - A BOXING Day hunt in Retford's Market Square will no longer take place because of the threat of protesters. The Grove and Rufford Hunt had planned to hold their Christmas meet in the town centre, they way they did up until 25 years ago... Bassetlaw Council only granted permission for the hunt to take place as long as police approval was received... Police believe that at least ten officers would have to be brought in to maintain order during the meet, and planned to charge Grove and Rufford members the £1,600 it would cost to bring in extra resources... The hunters have since decided to lead the hunt on the 26th December from a private field on Leverton Road.... (story)

Western Gazette 3.1.08 BOXING DAY HUNTS DRAW BIG CROWDS - Hunt supporters were out in their hundreds in and around Dorset on Boxing Day as hounds and riders gathered for the traditional post-Christmas meet. Members of the South Dorset Hunt braved the winter weather and assembled at Dorset County Showground, Dorchester, before setting off for the event.... Friends and supporters of the Portman Hunt gathered in their hundreds at the Crown Meadows in Blandford for the Boxing Day meet... The four joint huntsmen of Cattistock enjoyed fine weather on their Boxing Day hunt when they set off at 11.15am from Browns Farm at Nettlecombe... (story)

Central Somerset Gazette 3.1.08 HUNTS ATTRACT BEST CROWDS SINCE BAN - Hundreds of hunters and their supporters in mid-Somerset turned out for the traditional Boxing Day meets - and their popularity appeared undimmed, despite the ban on hunting with dogs... The Mendip Farmers' Hunt saw about 500 supporters and more than 100 horses gather on Priddy Green. Elsewhere, the Weston and Banwell Harriers packed The Square at Axbridge for their meet, as did the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt in Castle Cary... (story)

North Devon Journal 3.1.08 BOXING DAY HUNT - The traditional Boxing Day hunt saw a big crowd gather in Torrington Square.Some 40 horses and riders and 600 spectators gathered for the annual Boxing Day meet of the Torrington Farmers' Hunt... (story)

Bury Times 3.1.08 Boxing Day hunt is still popular event - A THUNDEROUS roar filled the air as more than 100 horses set out for the annual Boxing Day hunt. Spectators gathered as riders from the Holcombe Hunt, wearing traditional red coats, gathered at Rivington Hall Barn.... (story)

Lancaster Guardian 3.1.08 Vale of Lune Harriers - The Vale of Lune Harriers drew a large crowd as they gathered at the Longlands Hotel near Carnforth on Boxing Day.... (story)

Hereford Times 3.1.08 Thousands turn out in support of hunts - THERE was a mood of defiance across Herefordshire as thousands of people gathered in market towns and villages to support the festive hunts.... Olive Greenway, watching her granddaughter ride with the Golden Valley Hunt in Hay-on-Wye, said the government ban had brought publicity which attracted a new audience to the meets... Mal Williams, of the South Herefordshire Hunt, asked the government to stop using their sport as a political football.... Donald Haden, a spokesman for the Ledbury Hunt, was even interviewed by Russian television in the packed streets before the hounds were moved off... (story)

Tamworth Herald 3.1.08 THE HUNT GOES ON! - TRACY ROBBINS - More than 1,000 supporters filled Atherstone's Market Square as members of the town's historic hunt gathered for their annual New Year's Day meet. Support has continued to grow, in spite of the hunting ban which came into force nearly three years ago.... (story)
Tamworth Herald 27.12.07 NEW YEAR MEET FOR HUNT - Hundreds of supporters are expected to gather in Atherstone's Market Square when the town's historic hunt gathers for its annual New Year's Day meet. Support for Atherstone Hunt has grown even stronger in recent years in spite of the hunting ban imposed nearly three years ago.... (story)

Harborough Mail 3.1.08 Fernie's festive followers - ALMOST 1,000 riders and supporters turned out to see the Fernie Hunt meet in Great Bowden on Boxing Day. The meet is considered the biggest day of the fox hunting calendar and this year saw about 60 huntsmen and women gathering in The Green before riding off following scent trails... (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 3.1.08 Weather hits hunting turnout By Lynn Brown - A small crowd braved the rain when the Derwent Hunt held its traditional New Year's Day meet at Thornton-le-Dale yesterday. About 40 riders took part in the meet with a number of others following in vehicles. Other Ryedale hunts also held meets but attendance from supporters was generally said to be down because of the inclement weather... (story)

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury 2.1.08 Harriers keep the hunt tradition going - Tradition dating back hundreds of years was marked in Wymondham on Boxing Day as the Dunston Harriers set off, watched by hundreds of spectators... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 27.12.07 Crowds flock to support hunts - Tradition dating back hundreds of years was marked in East Anglia yesterday as hunts gathered for their showpiece Boxing Day meets.... Hundreds of people gathered in Wymondham Market Place to watch the Dunston Harriers set off... The Waveney Harriers met at Earsham Street in Bungay, where hunt master John Ibbott said the size of the crowd showed the enduring support for the tradition... (story)

Burton Mail 3.1.08 Tory hopefuls want hunt ban repealed by Andy Done-Johnson - THE ban on fox hunting breaches our civil liberties and is 'bad law' which should be scrapped, according to the area's potential Tory Members of Parliament. Andrew Griffiths, Conservative prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Burton constituency, along with South Derbyshire's Heather Wheeler and North West Leicestershire's Andrew Bridgen, are all calling for the ban on hunting with dogs to be overturned.... Members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt turned out at Blithfield Hall, near Abbots Bromley, vowing that the annual hunt would go ahead 'within the law', with hounds following an artificial scent.... (story)

Tavistock Times Gazette 3.1.08 Hunts draw huge support by Jane Honey - FANTASTIC — that was the verdict following the big Boxing Day hunt meet held in Tavistock’s Bedford Square last week. Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt chairman Helen Silcock said there were more than 80 riders taking part in the hunt, who followed a pre-laid scent from Whitchurch Down towards the open moorland... A similarly popular meet took place at the Arundell Arms in Lifton, when Lamerton Hunt set off on Boxing Day. Hunt chairman Michael Bickell said: ‘It went extremely well.... (story)

Cornishman or West Briton 3.1.08 'BEST HUNT TURNOUT FOR YEARS' - Crowds, said by seasoned Cury Hunt supporters to be the largest for many years, gathered for the hunt's traditional Boxing Day meeting in Helston's Coinagehall Street.One supporter commented: "I don't think it matters whether or not you're in favour of fox hunting - the British just don't like being told what to do."... (story)

Essex Chronicle 3.1.08 THE HUNT RIDES OUT - STEVE CLOW - Hundreds of people turned out on Boxing Day for the annual hunt.No foxes were pursued, because of the hunting ban, when more than 40 members of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt set out from Galleywood Common to exercise the hounds... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.1.08 AMAZED HUNTER WON HIS APPEAL - I was amazed when I read that Tony Wright had won his appeal against illegal hunting.... Norah Pound, Wiltshire (letter)

Times 3.1.08 A case of shooting yourself in the foot - MARTIN WALLER: CITY DIARY - Oh dear. Veteran property man Robert Maxted has fallen foul of the anti-hunting lobby in Liverpool. This is because of a piece that appeared in this newspaper over the holiday period that told of how, in a shooting trip to Tanzania a year ago, he shot two buffalo. The North West Hunt Saboteurs Association is threatening demonstrations and other protests should Maxted be unwise enough to venture to Merseyside. “I don’t think a lot of people would be too happy about what he does with his profits,” the association’s Paul Timpson tells me. ... (story)

Cornishman 3.1.08 HORROR OF GIN TRAPS RETURNS - Elizabeth gurney Newmill, Penzance - OUR cat came home on December 28 screaming and obviously in great pain. To our horror he had a gin trap attached to his foot.... A fox we had been feeding in our garden has also disappeared and we fear the same fate may have befallen it. Those who lay these traps do not care for any animals or wildlife, they are scum. The matter has been reported to the police (letter)

Argus 3.1.08 Chicken campaign - Well done to The Argus on the way it has highlighted the need to find caring homes for rescue dogs.... I feel strongly that we can't treat animals inhumanely if we want a decent society where people are treated properly as well - brutality breeds brutality.... Simon Burgess, Labour parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown (letter)

Independent 3.1.08 Jeremy Laurance: Shouldn't the RSPCA be advocating vegetarianism? Chicken farmers are under fire. 2008 looks like being an uncomfortable year for Britain's poultry producers after the RSPCA took out full-page advertisements in a number of newspapers yesterday to launch a campaign for a ban on the sale of factory-farmed birds... Banning the sale of cheap chicken would have a disproportionate impact on the poor and less well off, who are those most in need of improved nutrition. Helping the chickens harms the humans. Yet the RSPCA could avoid this dilemma if, instead of targeting chickens, it had the courage of its convictions and campaigned for a reduction in meat-eating of all kinds..... (story)

Guardian 3.1.08 Ethical living - The green room - Juliet Gellatley, animal rights advocate (story)

Matlock Mercury 3.1.08 Fur protesters claim victory in Bakewell - Animal rights campaigners who are encouraging traders to make Bakewell fur-free say they have convinced a shopkeeper to sign up to their pledge. Sheffield Animal Friends protested outside Wye Accessories – and say the owners have now said they will no longer stock real fur... Oliver Dean, one of the protesters, said: "The purpose of the demonstration is to raise awareness of the cruel reality of the fur trade... (story)

Western Gazette 3.1.08 BADGER CULL IS LIKELY IN WEST COUNTRY - A New scheme to cull thousands of badgers in the West Country to bring bovine tuberculosis under control looks likely to get the go-ahead.... Any future cull in Somerset or Dorset is likely to be opposed by animal rights groups. Adrian Coward, of the Somerset Badger Group, said the Bourne Inquiry, set up to investigate the findings of the government study, concluded culls were not an effective means of controlling TB and, in some cases, could increase the infection rate... >(story)
Gloucestershire Echo 3.1.08 BADGER KILLING: IT'S TOO COSTLY - A Gloucestershire wildlife expert has condemned plans to kill thousands of badgers as a "costly, ineffective and needless massacre".Tony Dean, chairman of the Gloucestershire Badger Group, was reacting to proposals from farmers, landowners and vets who are drawing up plans for a mass cull in the West Country to control tuberculosis in cattle.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 2.1.08 MASS BADGER CULL BRANDED 'A NEEDLESS MASSACRE' Plans to kill thousands of badgers have been condemned as "costly" and "ineffective".Tony Dean, chairman of Gloucestershire Badger Group, has hit out at proposals from farmers, landowners and vets who are drawing up plans for a mass cull in the region to control tuberculosis (TB) in cattle... (story)
Torquay Herald Express 1.1.08 FARMER HIT BY TB BACKS BADGER CULL STRATEGY - A farmer who could lose dozens of his cattle to bovine TB in the New Year is supporting the proposed culling of badgers. Gordon Tully, Torbay's best-known cattle farmer, lost 21 of his herd to TB in November, and has been told he could well lose the same amount in January.He is backing a strategy being drawn up by vets and farmers across the South West to initiate the controlled culling of badgers, which are widely blamed for spreading bovine TB.... (story)
Telegraph 31.12.07 Badgers face slaughter to tackle bovine TB - Thousands of badgers will be culled to combat the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, under plans being drawn up by farmers and vets. Fourteen leading agricultural and veterinary organisations met earlier this month and agreed a controversial strategy to start killing the animals... (story)
Independent 30.12.07 Tens of thousands of badgers face extermination in attempt to curb TB - Farmers draw up plans for cull, which minister says cannot be legally stopped... By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor - Tens of thousands of Britain's badgers face the threat of a massive, unprecedented cull. The controversial move, which is bound to create a public outcry, would defy official recommendations from a 10-year study that the much-loved mammals should be spared, but the minister responsible believes that it cannot legally be stopped.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.12.07 BADGERS SET FOR CULL IN SUMMER – A mass cull of badgers in Devon and Cornwall is set to take place this summer to help tackle bovine TB.The Government is yet to formally give the plans the go-ahead, but farming and animal health minister Lord Rooker has said it has "no justification" to reject the call made by farmers, landowners and vets.... (story)
Western Daily Press 31.12.07 BADGER CULL WILL BE 'NEEDLESS MASSACRE' BY TOM MORRIS - A West expert has con-demned plans to kill thousands of badgers as a "costly, ineffective and needless massacre". Tony Dean, chairman of the Gloucestershire Badger Group, was reacting to proposals from farmers, landowners and vets who are drawing up plans for a mass cull in the West Country to control tuberculosis in cattle.... (story)
Western Morning News 31.12.07 BADGER CULL IS 'UNSTOPPABLE' - HELEN COLLIS - Vets and farmers across the Westcountry are working on a strategy to cull diseased badgers to eradicate bovine TB..... (story)


Wilmslow Express 2.1.08 A drag hunting we will go ... MORE than 400 people turned out to watch the colourful sight of 140 riders setting off for the Cheshire farmers' annual Boxing Day drag hunt from The Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow... (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 2.1.08 Hunt gets going at second attempt - THE traditional New Year's Day meet of the Cottesmore Hunt took place today after fog curtailed yesterday's event. Members of the hunt reconvened at midday at Ladywood Lodge near Knossington, the home of Robert and Dawn Jarrom. As well as a traditional stirrup cup, riders and supporters enjoyed hot sausage rolls and mince pies... (story)

Market Rasen Mail 2.1.08 Optimistic outlook for future of hunting - HOPE AND optimism are running higher among the area's hunting fraternity than for many years, the largest meets of the year heard. The traditional Boxing Day meets of the Burton, Brocklesby and South Wold hunts which all cover country in the Rasen Mail area were attended by hundreds of supporters.... (story)

Midweek Herald 2.1.08 Riders toast a good trail - HUNTSMEN in East Devon have hailed a record year as hundreds arrived to ride and thousands came out to support their popular Christmas meets. More than 60 riders gathered at the 14th Century Masons Arms Hotel, in Branscombe, at 11am, on Monday, December 24, for the Axe Vale Harriers' traditional Christmas Eve hunt... (story)

York Press 2.1.08 Traditional hunt rides out again By Jeremy Small - IT may have been pouring with rain, but that didn't stop dozens of riders taking part in the traditional New Year's Day Thornton-le-Dale hunt, which was celebrating its 200th year. About 50 people participated in the Derwent Hunt meet at The Hall - the highest number in the last three years - which saw riders hunt two trails in an area just south of the village....(story)

Western Morning News 2.1.08 HUNT SUPPORTERS OUT IN FORCE - Hunt supporters were out in force at yesterday's meeting of Dulverton West Fox Hounds. Marking the New Year in true Westcountry style were about 50 riders and countless supporters who filled North Molton square, North Devon, in the glorious morning sunshine... (story)

Western Morning News 2.1.08 HUNDREDS TURN OUT TO BACK TETCOTT CLUB - Blue skies, sunshine and mild weather ensured that hundreds of people turned out to support the traditional New Year's Day Tetcott Pony Club Meet at Stratton in North Cornwall. As people thronged the narrow street outside the Tree Inn, hounds and riders enjoyed a stirrup cup before heading off to follow a laid trail. The youngest rider was seven-year-old Thomas Nancekivell who was very excited at the thought of his first ride with hounds... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 2.1.08 SCORES GATHER FOR NEW YEAR'S MEET - New Year's Day was filled with the sights and sounds of hunting as the Banwen Miners' Hunt took to the hoof.More than 50 hunters rode to a pack of 24 hounds for the traditional start of year event, which left from the Glamorgan Arms pub in Pontlliw.... Master of the hunt John Smith said: "Since the hunting ban came in, we are not allowed to hunt foxes any more. "So instead, the dogs are tracking a rag with the scent made from human urine and of fox poo."... (story)
South Wales Evening Post 1.1.08 MINERS' HUNT HITS THE TRAIL - Hundreds of people are expected to turn out in Pontlliw today for the New Year's Day hunt.The annual event is organised by Banwen Miners' Hunt, and is one of the most popular in the season... (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 2.1.08 THOUSANDS RALLY TO SHOW HUNT SUPPORT - Supporters and riders rallied to New Year's Day drag hunts across the Cotswolds.At least 3,000 thronged Chipping Campden High Street for the North Cotswold Hunt outside the Lygon Arms. It was also full-scale tally-ho at Stow-on- the-Wold as the Heythrop took over The Square.... Some 45 horses turned out for Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt at Hatherley Manor Hotel at Down Hatherley, attracting a 300-strong crowd... (story)

Northern Echo 2.1.08 Annual hunt goes on in face of ban - RIDERS cut a dashing scene as they exercised horses and hounds along the banks of the River Tees during a New Year's Day hunt. Nearly 50 riders saddled up for The Zetland Hunt's annual gathering, held in Barnard Castle yesterday.... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.1.08 A-hunting we will go . . . A LARGE crowd of spectators gathered yesterday to watch the North Down Foxhounds start off the New Year in traditional style with a drag hunt across the winter countryside. The day began with a hunt breakfast at the Crawfordsburn Inn before the 45 hounds, or 22-and-a-half couples in hunting terminology, along with their accompanying riders, set off on the marked route towards the Craigantlet Hills... (story) href="http://www.bromleytimes.co.uk/content/bromley/times/news/">Bromley Times 2.1.08 Tally ho! - RECORD numbers attended traditional Boxing Day hunts, two years after hunting with dogs was banned, writes Michael Adkins... Hunt supporters claim the ban has not stopped the killing of foxes. William Meakin, from Betsham, near Gravesend, attended the Old Surrey and Burstow West Kent Hunt... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.1.08 DON'T TRUST THOSE WHO ENJOY KILLING - As Boxing Day and New Year have been and gone, it is worth just briefly remembering what these hunt meets are really about. They are a ceremonial marking of a bloodsport now history.... Those who take pleasure in killing are not to be trusted. Politicians who preach the virtue of killing for fun have completely lost the moral plot.... Kathy Moyle Collins Park East Budleigh (story)

Western Daily Press 2.1.08 WHY ARE BOXING DAY HUNTERS ALLOWED TO CARRY ON KILLING? I Am proud to be an active member of the League Against Cruel Sports. I have travelled with them on Boxing Day in the past, to observe the actions of the arrogant hunters who think it is fun to kill foxes and deer.... Not one person has the right to take the life of any living creature. When will Parliament wake up and provide enough police cover to stop these murders? Jane Somerset, Cannington, Somerset (letter)

Yorkshire Post 2.1.08 From: Ken Coote, South Parade, Settle. HOW refreshing it was to read Bill Carmichael's forthright and humorously stated opinions on the fox hunting issue...
From: PA Bates, Sheffield I HAVE always considered it somewhat perverse to describe fox hunting as a sport... I wonder, therefore, whether Bill Carmichael gave any thought as to why the Countryside Alliance's dire predictions have not come to fruition... (story)
Yorkshire Post 28.12.07 Bill Carmichael: Ban that became a boon for fox hunting - THE law of unintended consequences is the curse of well-meaning lawmakers around the globe. You set out with high ideals of achieving some lofty goal – and end up doing precisely the opposite. So it is with the banning of hunting with dogs. Almost three years after the ban was imposed in 2005, the sport of fox hunting has never been healthier. ... The hunting ban is as nasty a piece of naked class warfare that has ever disgraced the statute books. Let that be a lesson to other busybodies who want the state to ban everything they disagree with. I for one am glad it has backfired so spectacularly. Tally Ho! (letters)

Scotsman 2.1.08 Trapping animals in snares is cruel and inhumane. Let's ban it By Libby Anderson - The Scottish Government should bring us into line with most of Europe by outlawing this practice, says LIBBY ANDERSON... Libby Anderson is the political director of Advocates for Animals (story)

Western Morning News 2.1.08 THE WILD ISN'T INNOCENT - I beg leave to reply to a recent letter headed "Animal graveyards", from Louise Piddington, in which she drags in George Bernard Shaw to substantiate her argument that we should not eat meat.Being a town-dweller, she probably does not realise that it is not only people who eat meat - so do many animals, like badgers, foxes, stoats and weasels... Tess Nash Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 15.12.07 SORRY, but Tess Nash really takes the biscuit.... Anyone who complains about the nature of animals while eating other animals should take a look at the hypocritical nature of humans eating animals.... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Guardian 2.1.08 RSPCA launches campaign against chicken factory farms - Rachel Williams - The RSPCA is calling on retailers to stop selling cheap meat from chickens reared in poor conditions, saying shoppers should be prepared to pay more to ensure they are bred in a better environment. The charity wants supermarkets to sell only "higher welfare chicken" - free-range, organic or produced to its own Freedom Food standards - by 2010.... (story)
Independent 2.1.08 RSPCA in 'welfare for chickens' campaign By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor - The sale of cheap chickens raised in appaling conditions should be banned from supermarkets, the RSPCA says today. The charity is launching a campaign calling on retailers to stop selling the factory farmed birds, which are kept in cramped, dimly lit spaces for the whole of their natural lives... (story)
Western Mail 2.1.08 Free the hen, urges RSPCA by Abbie Wightwick, Western Mail - SUPERMARKETS should only sell free-range chickens, a campaign group urges today. The RSPCA is calling on retailers to stop selling cheap chicken meat from birds reared in poor conditions... (story)

Bromley Times 2.1.08 Tesco animal welfare row - IN response to Tesco's comments 'Supermarket Chain Defends Policies on Animal Welfare' (Times, November 14) Tesco's response to the above article is as cleverly misleading as its own brand labelling.... Jan Yarker, Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group, 'Working to give the Animals a Voice' (letter)

2.1.08 Meet the wildlife detectives - IT IS barely given a second glance by the trendy professionals in Upper Street - an unremarkable side door leading to a cluttered little office.... Yet this is no discreet government agency, plush with cash and boasting police muscle to back them up. The Environmental Investigation Agency is a charity..... The team of ex-journalists, former policemen and campaigners use their Islington base to launch undercover operations across the world.... Julian Newton, 41, has spent 10 years posing as a trader in valuable commodities to expose crooks... Fellow investigator Rachael Noble has spent time in Africa fighting the ivory trade.... as investigator Jonathan Tait-Harris says, it is a battle worth fighting..... (story)


Northern Echo 1.1.08 Hunt explores Tees trail By Catherine Priestley - RIDERS cut a dashing scene as they exercised horse and hounds along the banks of the River Tees for a traditional New Year's Day hunt. Almost 50 riders saddled up for The Zetland Hunt's annual gathering which was held in Barnard Castle, County Durham, earlier today.... (story)

Farmers Guardian 1.1.08 Huge turnout for Boxing Day Meets - OVER 300,000 people are estimated to have supported 314 hunts meeting last week on the third Boxing Day since the Hunting Act came into force.... “It’s strange to say, but the mood is as optimistic as at any time in the last ten years. Hunting has taken the worst that could be thrown at it and survived,” said the Countryside Alliance’s chief executive Simon Hart, who was with the South Pembrokeshire Hunt and 1000 supporters at the Cresselly Arms, Creswell Quay.... Di Pyper, master of the Puckeridge Hunt, which was supported by 600 people at Brent Pelham in Hertfordshire, said: “A lot of people who are here today would not have even have thought about hunting a few years ago.... The Exmoor Foxhounds met at Kentisbury in Devon where 400 people on foot and 50 riders joined Huntsman Tony Wright, who had his conviction under the Hunting Act overturned .... (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 1.1.08 RECORD CROWD TURNS OUT FOR FESTIVE MEET - A record number of hunt supporters were estimated to have turned out on Boxing Day to watch the local foxhounds' annual meet in the centre of Tiverton.Around 500 people gathered outside the Half Moon pub in the market at 11am as around 50 riders set out to keep a hunting tradition alive. Peter Pugsley, treasurer of Tiverton Foxhounds, said: "We had quite a good turn-out in terms of riders but the number of supporters who came along was definitely a record... (story)

Worcester Evening News 1.1.08 Conscience tells me fox-hunting’s cruel - Jon Burgess from Malvern seems to think I should acquaint myself with the Hunting Act. Well, Jon, there's no need for that. My own conscience tells me what's cruel and fox-hutning is downright cruel and should have been banned many years ago when bear baiting was banned.... JOHN SHEARON, Worcester (letter)

Western Morning News 1.1.08 HUNTS ARE WELCOME SIGHT - I am neither pro- nor anti-hunt, but I was very pleased to see that the annual Boxing Day meets were well supported all over the country.... So come on, Gordon Brown, do yourself a favour and throw this unwanted Hunting Act into the dustbin of history. Colin Richey Tiverton (letter)

Western Morning News 1.1.08 GAME BIRD GUIDELINES ARE TIMELY - Exmoor National Park Authority recently issued a short booklet, The Exmoor Guidelines for the Management of Game Birds within the National Park. The document is a draft and the authority seeks public comment.I own conservation land close to Exmoor and within the Greater Exmoor woodland area. As someone who is an observer and critic of large scale pheasant shooting and who in the past owned land bordering "the shoot from hell", I am pleased to see this long overdue initiative.... Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 1.1.08 SANCTUARY SAVES POZZI FROM LAB LIFE - A Swansea Valley monkey sanctuary has a new resident.The macaque has been saved from a life at a French animal testing laboratory. The crab-eating macaque, named Pozzi, was destined for the lab in Paris after the home where he lived as a pet closed. However, the Cefn-yr-Erw primate rescue sanctuary in Abercrave swept into action to make sure the monkey would be given a refuge. Jan Garen, trustee of the sanctuary, said: "If Pozzi was not out of there by the end of December, he was going to be tested on."....(story)