January 2010

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Southern Daily Echo 31.1.10 Otters under attack? By Sarah Jones - They line the riverbanks every weekend to enjoy one of the country’s greatest pastimes… But while anglers are keen to talk tackle, weights and rods, there is one subject that they are much less inclined to mention. It’s the c-word, cull. For when it comes to catching some of the country’s most prized fish, the angling community has now got stiff competition – the otter…. “This is a really big issue, angling has been hit really badly and we have been warning this could happen for the last ten years,” said Greg Whitehead, deputy news editor of the Angling Times….. The debate flared this week when Mark Simmonds, of Romsey, declared his fish farming business had been left in ruins by the protected creatures… (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 30.1.10 'Freedom' does not mean a right to inflict suffering - IN his letter regarding fox hunting (January 23), David Johnston-Allen refers to parliamentary time spent on banning the practice as being "a waste"…. However, there is considerable scientific evidence which shows that a tendency to abusive behaviour towards animals in children can develop into cruelty towards other humans in adulthood…. Mrs Alison Moore Torrington Lane, East Barkwith
The majority of the British public finds fox hunting cruel and disgusting – hence the law to ban it. This is called democracy and it is not ignored or trampled over for people who enjoy killing animals… As a campaigner for animal welfare for some 20 years, I have found that when questioning countries such as Korea or China about their appalling atrocities to dogs and cats, the usual response would be to cite fox hunting as a sort of excuse for their animal abuse… Suzanne Thorpe Lincoln (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 23.1.10 Why I went hunting for candidates' true colours - THANK you to the Echo for choosing my question "What is your position on fox hunting? Are you for or against?" to put to Lincoln's three parliamentary candidates (January 6 to 9)…. Karl McCartney (Conservative), instead of answering my question, started off by attacking MP Gillian Merron's time spent on bringing the fox hunting ban to law… He says that "it's not an issue that preoccupies those in Lincoln who have lost jobs, serve in the Armed Forces, worry about the NHS and who want the best education for their children". Well, I live in Lincoln, and it is an issue that preoccupies me… Mr K. Bean Lincoln.
Lincolnshire Echo 23.1.10 While on a visit to Lincoln earlier this month, I was surprised to see a letter from Douglas Batchelor (chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports) responding to others in your paper. At the same time, I was impressed with the comments made by the Conservative Party's candidate for Lincoln, Karl McCartney, in his article that day…. David Johnston-Allen Wharf Road, Guildford, Surrey (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 14.1.10 Let's have a fair fight as election campaign looms - THIS election year is obviously going to be a busy one for the Echo and politicians…On Friday, Conservative candidate Karl McCartney's page was led by a picture of a hunt, with the headline being "The hunting ban is bad legislation and should be repealed. A government has important issues". Neither of these sentences is an exact quote from Karl's actual answer… I hope the Echo will not display partiality to any one candidate – a level playing field would give the Echo credit, rather than alienating a proportion of your readership. Carly Lisette Warren Greetwellgate, Lincoln (letter)

Daily Mail 30.1.10 Why Heather Mills is skating on thin ice: Her flagship charity has folded and she has spent over HALF of £24m divorce payout By NICOLE LAMPERT - Larry King, the veteran U.S. chatshow host, is not often lost for words. But when Heather Mills is in full flow, there really is no stopping her, particularly when she is talking about her favourite subject, herself, and - of course - her charity work…. The former escort girl has transformed herself into a self-styled 'charity campaigner'. But like so much in Heather's life, there is - how shall we say? - a blurring of fact and fiction… She offered to provide $1million of vegan food to the charity which works in America's most poverty stricken urban ghetto… When she announced the donation, she was given an honorary congressional award. But the charity is still waiting for much of its money…. although she had promised that her £110,000 Dancing With The Stars fee would go to the animal rights charity Viva!, she actually gave them only £50,000… there is Heather's vegan café, V Bites, in Hove, East Sussex. She bought it for £150,000 and spent £25,000 doing it up. This week, there were more staff than customers at the café. Heather's biggest expenditure has been her purchase of the successful vegan food company Redwood… At present, although Redwood has a £3million turnover, its profits are pretty modest - in the last accounts they stood at £309,000… (story)


Halifax Evening Courier 29.1.10 Have badger baiters struck again? By Emily Heward - BADGER baiters are thought to have struck at two setts in Barkisland…. Ted Ashman, Calderdale countryside service warden, said: "They could have had three or four badgers out of each sett, but the worrying thing is the females are giving birth at this time of year so sadly they may have even killed some cubs or heavily pregnant sows."… Mr Ashman, also a member of the Calderdale Badger Protection Group, said: "They can be shot, knifed and hit with spades…. (story)

The Shields Gazette 29.1.10 Elephants are in danger - AFRICAN elephants are in danger from ivory poachers once again. We need to put pressure on the UK Government to oppose the sale of stockpiles of ivory by countries such as Zimbabwe, which history has shown, increases the slaughter and illegal poaching of elephant tusks…. Caroline Gould, founder and manager of Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, Beckford, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. (story)


Yorkshire Post 28.1.10 'Bad government' of fox hunting ban By Jonathan Reed - THE ban on fox hunting has been highlighted as a "notorious example of bad government" in a damning report by a group of former senior civil servants calling for the urgent reform of government…. (story)
Western Morning News 28.1.10 Hunt ban is 'ill thought-out legislation' - Matt Chorley - LABOUR'S ban on fox hunting has been condemned as a "notorious example of bad government" in a highly critical report by a group of former civil service mandarins. The Hunting Act 2004 is ranked alongside the Tories' hated Poll Tax and the much-derided Millennium Dome as dire examples of ministers chasing headlines with "ill thought-out" legislation…. (story)
BBC News Online 27.1.10 Ministers passing too many 'bad' laws, say ex mandarins - The way Britain is governed has gone wrong and is in urgent need of reform, a group of former Whitehall chiefs has warned in a highly critical report…. The ex-Whitehall chiefs cite examples of bad laws that have resulted from the way government now operates, including the poll tax of 1990, the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, the failure of the Child Support Agency, the Hunting Act 2004 and the story of the Millennium Dome…. (story)

The Sentinel 28.1.10 Tory hunting policy is a vote loser - KEEP THE BAN: Rather than change the ban on hunting as suggested by the Conservative party, I agree with Mr B Byrne… I urge all people who care about the welfare of animals to contact their Conservative MP to ask them to keep the ban in place. It will lose them votes – it has lost them mine.NIGEL DAVIES, Talke (letter)
The Sentinel 12.1.10 Undefined Headline - HUNTING FEAR: I write in response to your feature headlined as 'Hunt hopes for a reprieve' (The Sentinel, December 28)…. should the unthinkable happen, I for one would not only campaign for the present ban to stay in law, but for it to be more rigously enforced and I would ask for provisions under the mental health act to be made for the detention of anyone who thinks that chasing a defenseless creature such as a fox or stag over miles and miles of countryside with a pack of hounds until it is physically exhausted and unable to get away, then that pack ripping it apart while still alive, is a rational and sane thing for people to do…. MR B BYRNE, Stoke-on-Trent (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.1.10 The real face of hunting is ugly - I AM replying to Colin Richey's letter about hunting with dogs, Time to drop hunt ban, Gazette postbag, January 5… When, like me, you've had to listen to a deer screaming in terror and pain, with the hunters cheering and laughing at it, don't your dare tell me these are nice people…. SAM DUNNING Hazels Farm, Cove (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.1.10 A free vote in Parliament is needed to sort Hunting Act - I WOULD very much take issue with Ivor Annetts' recent letter about the Hunting Act, Majority know ban is correct, Points of view, January 14. Mr Annetts does not correctly depict public opinion regarding this law. Recent polling shows that far from the majority wanting the status quo only 45 per cent of respondents supported it with 49 per cent supporting either outright repeal or the Conservative policy of a free vote as the way forward… Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.1.10 Hunting is neither 'prompt nor humane' - COLIN Richey Letters, January 7, says in his letter that he hopes the Hunting Act will be repealed "not because I agree with cruelty to animals, because I don't..." Well make up your mind Colin, because you can't have it both ways — if you did not condone cruelty to animals, you certainly wouldn't approve of hunting…. Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshhire (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 14.1.10 Majority know ban is correct - IN Colin Richey's confused letter, Time to drop hunt ban, Gazette, January 5, he seeks to reopen the hunting issue. Whether hunting is or is not cruel — a matter on which Mr Richey seems uncertain — was determined in the affirmative in 2004. The fact is that there are two types of people in society, those who believe that to chase and kill animals for fun is a legitimate activity and those who do not. Polls constantly show that between 70 and 85 per cent of the population fall into the latter category… IVOR ANNETTS League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton (letter)

Western Morning News 28.1.10 Voters aren't exactly spoiled for choice - LIKE so many others I am at a loss who to vote for in the General Election – or whether to vote at all. Look at the choices we have… What about David Cameron and the Tories? It seems their priority is bringing back foxhunting. which I would think is well down the agenda bearing in mind the state the country is in. Most people, even in rural areas, oppose this outdated and barbaric pastime….. C E Rome, Exeter (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.1.10 Starving deer ‘slaughter’ backlash - By ken jones - Environment Minister Roseanne Cunningham is being urged to mount an investigation into an incident that led to the deaths of 26 starving deer. There have also been calls for an inquiry within the civil service into the role of the quangos in managing the country’s wild red deer. The demands follow a cull of 26 deer, mainly stags, in a Forestry Commission Scotland plantation, near Loch Arkaig, in Lochaber, which has provoked an angry backlash from conservation bodies, ghillies, stalkers and estate workers…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 22.1.10 Zoo chief cleared of dangerous driving at animal protesters - A zoo manager who was accused of driving dangerously at a group of animal rights protesters walked free from court after being cleared on a technicality. Bernard Bale, 63, was captured on closed circuit TV and mobile phone footage driving onto a grass verge through a 5ft long banner held by two protesters outside Jungle Zoo, in Cleethorpes…. Police admitted that they had not served the notice of intended prosecution within 14 days…. (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 19.1.10 Attraction owner's trial to start - THE trial of a Cleethorpes businessman, accused of driving at an animal rights protester, is due to start today. Bernard Bale, who runs The Jungle Zoo in Cleethorpes, is charged with dangerous driving in the Boating Lake car park on April 12 last year.... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 15.4.09 Zoo keeper's arrest after van collides with animal rights protesters - A ZOO keeper whose van collided with a group of animal rights activists claimed the incident was nothing more than a "regrettable accident". Animals' rights protesters released a video of The Jungle Zoo's manager Bernard Bale apparently driving into them outside the resort attraction on Easter Sunday… However, Mr Bale insists the incident – which came just days after he criticised reckless motorists in the car park – was a "regrettable accident"…. Protester Chris Calvert (23) travelled from Durham to take part and said the protest had been a peaceful one…. Oliver Dean (26), spokesman for Sheffield Animal Friends, who were staging the protest, aid: "It was scary. It was dangerous and a lot of people were shocked."… (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.1.10 Pity the poor pig - I hold all animal rescue organisations in very high regard… However, I found the article "Bacon butties boosting animal rescue" (Mercury, January 21) rather contradictory…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Progress Magazine 27.1.10 Hunting for the future - Like many people, I watched from the wings as Labour swept to power in 1997. There was a sense of real urgency, but also of enormously competing policy agendas and, to an extent, everyone wanting delivery of the manifesto - and they wanted it within the magical first one hundred days. Of course, lots of people were still waiting by the time we got to the 2001 election, not least my organisation, the League Against Cruel Sports, which had spent the best part of eighty years campaigning for a ban on hunting… The public can find out how their prospective parliamentary candidates say they would vote on repeal of the Hunting Act on ourKeep Cruelty History website… Douglas Batchelor is chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.1.10 Let's bring order to hunts' actions - I AGREE with Penny Little, Hunting is neither prompt nor humane, Letters, January 16. There is a strong case for strengthening the Hunting Act by incorporating a recklessness clause… Last October East Devon District Council made a Dog Control Order limiting the number of dogs a person may take onto land to six. Despite this, I see that on January 2 the Echo published a photograph of the East Devon Hunt, meeting at Ottery St Mary on News Year's Day, showing about 10 hounds on the road… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Times 27.1.10 Animal rights and ethics - When a fox hunter who writes spiritedly against animal rights is given a copy of Why Animal Suffering Matters to review, one might expect a partisan review, even a ferocious one, but that shouldn’t absolve Roger Scruton of the responsibility of presenting the arguments fairly… If The Times and Scruton had their way we would still be tolerating bull-baiting. ANDREW LINZEY Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, 91 Iffley Road, Oxford
Roger Scruton regrets the author’s not having consulted writers “devoted to the place of hunting in a virtuous life”. I imagine Andrew Linzey, like myself, finds it difficult to connect the ripping to pieces of sentient beings by specially bred dogs with virtue… PAUL BINDING, The House, Bull Street, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. (letters)

Essex Echo 27.1.10 Pledge on foxhunting - The European Court of Human Rights, the court of last resort for the Countryside Alliance, has ruled the 2004 British Government ban on hunting with dogs did not infringe the human rights of bloodthirsty members… John Haran, Broadway West, Leigh (letter)

Berwickshire News 27.1.10 Grouse shooting season may be put on ice By Kirsty Smyth - BORDERS sporting estates are bracing themselves for big losses after hundreds of grouse fled the moors in the midst of the big freeze. With the Arctic winter conditions already costing the Scottish Borders millions, the area's rural economy could be the next hit, with gamekeepers this week admitting that Scotland's £30m a year shooting season is under threat…. (story)

Religious Intelligence 27.1.10 Analysis: animal welfare threatened ahead of election By: Marcus Papadopoulos - Late last year, Anglican parishes up and down England marked Animal Welfare Sunday, an initiative set up by the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals….. Animal cruelty in the name of sport is regarded with repugnance by the overwhelming majority of people-religiously and secularly orientated-in the UK. The idea, put forward and practised by just a handful in society, that tormenting and killing wild mammals is an acceptable activity to engage in is not only contemptible but is at odds in every sense of the word “morality”….. Every year in the UK, in excess of 35 million pheasants and 6.5 million partridges are reared and then released for shooting, after having endured a life of misery in battery conditions… (story)

The Shields Gazette 27.1.10 Hunting in public spaces - I AM writing in response to Debbie Collins's letter regarding hunting with air rifles. I was not talking about hunting animals on private land by professionals and farmers – I am against adults and, often kids, shooting animals on council and National Trust land… Normal law-abiding people do not wish to witness such things. Roya Marley, Walworth Avenue, South Shields (letter)
The Shields Gazette 22.1.10 Air rifles control pests - ROYA Marley asks in her letter 'Stop hunting with rifles' (Gazette, January 14) why we are subjected to men hunting wild rabbits and birds armed with air rifles and dogs… Air rifles are an essential tool of pest control, but the legitimate use of them is tightly controlled by law – as is what can be shot… Debbie Collins, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wrexham.(letter)

Redditch Advertiser 26.1.10 Vegans propose alternative farming methods - REDDITCH Vegetarian and Vegan Group is hosting an event next month which will suggest that stock-free, vegan agriculture could solve the world's food problems. The talk is being presented by Amanda Baker, PR and media officer for the Vegan Society… Kevin White, from Redditch Vegetarian and Vegan Group, added: "The effects of climate change are exacerbating the problems, threatening food production in some already vulnerable areas of the world…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.1.10 Veggie roadshow - A roadshow featuring everything you ever wanted to know about going vegetarian or vegan is coming to Bath on Saturday, February 6. Organised by Bristol based animal group Viva!, the event is being held at The Guildhall, High Street, from 10.30am until 4pm. Entry is free…. (story)


Western Morning News 25.1.10 Surefire vote-losers - I HAVE followed the pro- and anti-hunting debate in your letters columns – and in the unlikely event that the Tories win the next election they would be advised to refrain from repealing the Act, because if they lose power in 2014/2015 they could face a much bolder anti-hunt Bill, perhaps including shooting and fishing…. Whatever one's view of hunting, it has been considerably cleaned up – and, to judge from local hunts, is even more popular, with bigger crowds witnessing this great tradition… Tony Russell, Ottery St Mary (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.1.10 Tories serve minority who support hunting - LIVING in the Westcountry, I often wonder just how many people are involved in hunting as they are quite a few hunts around my location near Yeovil….Just how many people are actually involved in hunting? Some hunt days there are 80 to 120 riders — usually during a bright dry day at the weekend — but during the week the field can be around 12 to 30 riders… But for this small group of people, the Tory shadow cabinet are promising a repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 as soon as they take office…. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (letter)

South Wales Echo 25.1.10 My dismay at badger cull - WHAT a sad day for democracy in Wales. I have now heard that the badger cull in Pembrokeshire will be going ahead despite sound scientific evidence that the Welsh Assembly has completely ignored… Lorraine Parker, Old Church Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff
Commitment to wildlife doubted - RECENTLY RSPB Cymru handed a petition to the Welsh Assembly Government asking why there is a failure to stop the loss of wildlife in Wales despite a target to halt biodiversity loss by 2010….. This is of course the same Government that is intent on a badger cull, aiming to eliminate the species at the same time increasing not decreasing the incidence of bovine TB…. Tom Butler, Merthyr Tydfil (letters)

Coventry Telegraph 25.1.10 We need to stop this brutal trade - I PAY tribute to Jill Phipps who tragically died on February 1, 1995, under the wheels of an animal transporter while protesting against the export of live calves from Coventry airport…. Please write to your MP and the Government, calling for an immediate end to this cruel trade. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Irish Independent 23.1.10 Unnatural deaths of hunt's victims - Kevin Myers says that whenever a stag is killed by the Ward Union Hunt, it is "shot by a hunt marksman, after being cornered by hounds"… Most recently, a hunted Ward-Union deer collided with a car, smashed into its windscreen, broke a leg and was put down due to its injuries… Few will be convinced by Mr Myers's suggestion that it is natural to subject deer to such cruelty. The ban on the Ward Union can't come soon enough. Philip Kiernan Irish Council Against Blood Sports Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)
Irish Independent 14.1.10 Kevin Myers: The essence of good land management is murder - It's a simple truth that no Green politicians are elected by rural constituencies. Why? Because country people there know that nothing is naturally natural. Everything in the countryside is managed, either through the brutal methods of nature, or by the hand and will of man….. The hunting ban lobby is perhaps the most powerful single element in the Green Party. Their imagined countryside is populated by wily, intelligent foxes, and stately proud stags. …. The essence of good land management is murder. Forget that truth, and you do not have a cultured landscape of woodlands and pastures, but a brutal, meadowless and malarial wilderness, in which wide-eyed fawns are recreationally torn limb from limb by wild animals. And when death is not violent, it comes through age and hunger, and cold, when a huntsman's bullet, or the almost instant end wrought by a pack of hounds, is mercy itself. That's the dilemma, Emma. (story)

Independent 23.1.10 Cruelty to animals - As noted by the Children’s Safety Board (report, 19 January), the brothers aged 10 and 11 who abused and tortured two boys … had previously been reported for killing ducks. Yet again, cruelty to animals is found to be a predictor of cruelty to people. ANNA STANLEY CHESTER (letter)


PR Week 22.1.10 Voluntary Sector: Fresh Fight Against Hunting - Gemma O'Reilly - Animal welfare group will use celebrities for 'Keep Cruelty History' campaign. League Against Cruel Sports has hired its first PR agency as it steps up its campaign to keep the fox-hunting ban in place. The animal welfare charity called in Bright Young Things following a competitive pitch. The agency will look to secure high-profile support for the ban, which could be over-turned if the Conservatives win the general election… (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 22.1.10 Bad year for animals if Tories are elected From M. Hayworth, Farnham, Surrey - IT was great to read the letters from Terri Taverner and Don Smith (CP, 08-01-10) regarding foxhunting without the kill. If the Tories get into power, this could be the worst year yet for our wildlife….
From Joan and Julian Tisdale, Totland: Why repeal?: We have been left rather confused by your article and ensuing letters concerning the IW Hunt and their claims to be following scent trails rather than live quarry….
From Peter Lacy, Southampton: True test: I very much enjoyed the hunt, as did some of your readers. However, for me, the pest control element is important…. (letters)

Cambridge News 22.1.10 Tories should leave well alone From Geoffrey Woollard, Chapel Farm, Near Upware - I DON'T know Michael Boughton- Fox of Bar Hill, but I am grateful to him for doggedly going after the fox hunters and hare coursers (Letters, January 14). I have a special hatred of hare coursing, against which I have fought for five decades. It is a disgusting so-called "sport"…. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 22.1.10 Fair game From: Mrs MA Mawe, Linton Close, Cloughton, North Yorkshire. AS I am against fox hunting, I think the hounds should be trained to "hunt" the hit-and-run yobs that are causing so much distress in England…. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 22.1.10 Disgusting crime From: I Parsons, Church Lane, Brandesburton, Driffield, East Yorkshire.I WAS filled with disgust when I read that two "youths" from Poole who stamped a fawn to death for fun were fined £1,000 and received community punishment….. (letter)

Independent 22.1.10 All votes count - Steve Mainwaring (letters, 20 January) will vote Green for the environment and I'll do the same for animal welfare. He says it'll have no effect… If only the British voter were more adventurous and chose a party he/she really agreed with. Mike Maas, Sheffield (letter)


Western Mail 21.1.10 Ban’s here to stay - Hidden away in a corner of Country & Farming (Jan 5) was a news item titled “Sniffing the wind of change on hunting” . In it the Countryside Alliance’s chief executive, Simon Hart, who is the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, a fact that he does not think fit to mention, claims: “There is now a widespread acceptance that this law has failed.” What he also failed to mention was that his Countryside Alliance had lost a case it brought at the European Court of Human Rights last month… (letter)

Western Mail 21.1.10 Sign the petition - I would like to draw your readers’ attention to the recently launched petition to maintain the ban on hunting with dogs… While I agree that there are far more important issues to be dealt with, at the same time I believe that the acceptance of killing animals for fun helps maintain a culture of brutality in the world…. TONY CORDEN, Machynlleth, Powys (letter)

Bath Chronicle 21.1.10 Does Cameron really care about animals? - David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, tells us that his is a "modern and compassionate" party. But about the only firm commitment he has given is to introduce a bill to overturn the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs, a former hobby of his… CHRIS GALE, Dover Street, Chippenham (letter)

Scotsman 21.1.10 Hands off eagles - That another white-tailed sea eagle has been found illegally poisoned on a shooting estate in Angus (your report, 20 January) is hugely disappointing… While we all accept the valuable role shooting has in supporting rural economies, estates must face the fact that, with grouse shooting in serious decline, they cannot continue to deprive others from the benefits of green tourism by denuding our rich environment of some of its most iconic birds. LOGAN D STEELE - Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder, Perthshire (letter)

Tivyside Advertiser 21.1.10 Badger as scapegoat - (“Faced with cull choice”, Tivy-side January 5th) suggest that we look at a badger culling trial from 1970 – years before I was born – when there are far more recent and thorough studies? Perhaps it is not those opposed to the cull who ignore inconvenient evidence, as he suggests? On www.pembrokeshireagainstthecull.org.uk he would find links to more modern reports… To eliminate bovine TB in Wales we need a science-based strategy using all the new tools available to us, not a knee-jerk lashing out at the easy, traditional scapegoat (scapebadger?) Dr Gavin Wheeler Llwyngoras Felindre Crymych (story)

Guardian 21.1.10 Badger cull: no black and white issue - George Monbiot's attack on the Welsh assembly government's decision to pilot a targeted badger cull in west Wales (When our economic interests are at stake, the war on nature resumes, 19 January) paints a false picture of farmers, vets and politicians committed to destroying wildlife…. Professor Bill Reilly President, BVA, Keith Cutler President, BCVA
George Monbiot is right to point out the absurdity and callousness of the Welsh assembly's plan to kill badgers, in a doomed attempt to control TB…. Richard Mountford, Development manager, Animal Aid
To those families in the countryside who have seen a life's work in breeding high-quality livestock in closed herds destroyed overnight by the ravages of bovine tuberculosis, George Monbiot's words will come as cold comfort… John Capstick, Johnby, Cumbria
What, pray, is "the Christian worldview which places humankind at the apex of creation" and consequently has no regard for the natural world? I, and many other Christians I know, care passionately about nature… Helen Owen, Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire (letters)
Guardian 18.1.10 When our economic interests are at stake, the war on nature resumes - All this badger cull will prove is that our relations with the natural world have scarcely altered since the dark ages - George Monbiot (story)

South Devon Express 21.1.10 Slaughtermen lose licences after undercover probe by animal group - TWO SLAUGHTERMEN who worked for an Ashburton abattoir have had their licences revoked and could face prosecution for animal cruelty. The move, by governing body the Meat Hygiene Service, followed an undercover investigation by animal rights pressure group, Animal Aid…. (story)

Guardian 21.1.10 A pragmatic fight for animal rights - Despite criticism, we at Peta believe compromises and funny antics are necessary to the real work of animal protection - Ingrid Newkirk - In recent years, there has been a controversy swirling in animal rights circles, as some people such as Victor Schonfeld object to the work of groups such as Peta… (story)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 21.1.10 Celebration of animal cruelty - Helen Rossiter Viva! Campaigns York Street Bristol - Helen Rossiter Viva! Campaigns York Street Bristol - (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.1.10 Stop the slaughter - Helen Rossiter, Viva! Campaigns, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Derby Telegraph 15.1.10 Stop World Cup animal slaughter Helen Rossiter, Viva! Campaigns, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.1.10 Stop the slaughter of cows at ceremonies - MANY readers may be shocked and appalled at news of a proposal to slaughter a cow at every 2010 World Cup venue by South African cultural organisation, The Makhonya Royal Trust. Animal group Viva! are calling on international football governing body Fifa to bring an urgent halt to the plans, which would form a so-called 'blessing ritual'…. Helen Rossiter, Viva! Campaigns, Bristol (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 21.1.10 Animal Aid wants readers to ‘kick the meat habit’ - Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Bromley Times 20.1.10 Want to give up meat? Just watch this shocking film - Last week, Animal Aid exposed in the national media abject cruelties and possible illegal activity in yet another UK slaughterhouse, this time a Soil Association-approved abattoir that should be the 'gold standard' in the industry…. Kate Fowler, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)


West Briton 20.1.10 Euan's pledge on animal welfare - THE Green Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for Camborne and Redruth is highlighting animal welfare in his election campaign. Euan McPhee has pledged his support for Vote Cruelty Free, a new coalition of animal protection organisations working to put animals on the political agenda… "I would not be happy if any of my animals were suffering in any way, and I see no reason why farmers, or any other people who have responsibility for the welfare of animals, should not have the highest concern for the well being of all animals. I am also completely opposed to fox-hunting…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 20.1.10 Bristol MP pledges support for animal protection - Bristol South Labour MP Dawn Primarolo has pledged her support for Vote Cruelty Free, a new coalition of animal protection organisations… (story)

Burton Mail 20.1.10 Barbaric cruelty From: Miss J.Fearn, Calais Road Burton - Tree climbing foxes? What a vivid imagination B.Cooper has. Foxes don't have cat-like claws and so are unable to climb trees…. hunters cannot see the fox as vermin or pests or they would kill them all year round and not allow them to replenish. No amount of spin will excuse the barbaric cruelty of hunting. (letter)

Scotsman 20.1.10 Hunts for the few - So the Scottish Government has refused to ban snares yet again (your report,13 January), using the old excuse that it wants to maintain Scotland's world famous, £240 million shooting industry, boost conservation and assist farmers in protecting their animals…. These vast shooting estates exist because the Caledonian forests were destroyed and the remaining native Highlanders physically and violently removed from their homes during the Clearances…. These vast shooting estates exist because the Caledonian forests were destroyed and the remaining native Highlanders physically and violently removed from their homes during the Clearances. GRAHAM FORSYTH, Fairway Rise, Chard, Somerset (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 20.1.10 Poachers shoot and steal 200 pheasants By Adam Uren - POLICE have begun a hunt for poachers who shot and stole 200 pheasants from an isolated farm near Ramsey. The night-time raid took place at Rolts Wood, in Upwood, near Ramsey, where the birds are allowed to roam on 50 acres of land…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 20.1.10 Earth can't support this consumption - It is interesting that two letters of criticism concerning my letter "Helping to save the planet" have concentrated on the animal dung statistic (Mailbox, January 6 and 8). What about the crops grown for livestock?... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Progress Magazine 19.1.10 Animal rights and the future - Next steps for animal welfare and why Labour should take them - MORI polling in 2005 showed that 14% of respondents said that animal welfare was an issue that would be ‘very important' in helping to decide which party they would vote for - up 3% from 2001… So why does animal welfare not feature more in Labour thinking, policy or public relations? It is an area where the party has a clear advantage over the other main parties…. While in office Labour has had a good track record. As well as the hunting ban, Labour has brought in a new Animal Welfare Act, banned fur factory farming, driftnet fishing (which helps protect dolphins and sea birds) and the testing of cosmetics, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco on animals… Mark Glover (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 19.1.10 Send fox-hunters to fight the war - THE Conservatives are thinking about a free vote in Parliament to see if fox-hunting can be resumed, if they are elected at the general election. I think to resurrect this repugnant blood sport would be a retrograde step… If these hunters want a sport of some description I would suggest they go to help our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and then they will see an enemy which can bite back… A R JAMES, Livingstone Street, Brierfield (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 19.1.10 Crime gangs blamed for rise in poaching By April Mitchinson - Organised criminal gangs are behind a huge increase in deer poaching in Scotland, it was claimed yesterday. Figures released by the National Wildlife Crime Unit show deer poaching rose 47% last year, with some estates losing up to 50 deer… (story)
BBC News Online 18.1.10 Criminal gangs blamed for rise in poaching - Criminal gangs could be responsible for a big increase in the amount of deer poaching in Scotland, police have said….(story)

Market Rasen Mail 19.1.10 Animal rights activist jailed - ANIMAL rights activist Lewis Pogson has been jailed for three years after he raided a local rabbit farm which supplied animals to the research company Huntingdon Life Sciences… Peter Lownds. defending, said Pogson was convicted of a single incident at the rabbit farm and he did not have a history as a persistent offender. Mr Lownds said the defendant appeared to be 'mellowing' in his views on direct action and he has been described as a 'gentle, kind, and decent man'… (story)
Netcu 18.1.10 Three year sentence following attack on farm - Lewis Pogson, 23, of Little Bornes, Dulwich, London has today been sentenced to three years imprisonment, having been found guilty of a number of serious criminal offences including blackmail, burglary and criminal damage… (story)
Kent Courier 5.12.09 Animal-rights campaigner guilty of rabbit farm raid - AN animal-rights activist from East Peckham faces jail after being convicted of taking part in a raid on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm. Lewis Pogson, of Bush Road, denied he was among a group of protesters who broke into a shed at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 2.12.09 Possible jail term for animal rights activist - An animal rights activist is facing a possible jail sentence after he was convicted of taking part in a raid on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm. Lewis Pogson had denied he was among a group of protesters who forced their way into a shed at a farm in Normanby-by-Spital, near Market Rasen. But he was convicted at Lincoln Crown Court…. (story)
Market Rasen Mail 2.12.09 Animal rights activist faces prison - An animal rights activist is facing a possible jail sentence, after he was convicted of taking part in a raid on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm. Lewis Pogson denied he was among a group of protesters who forced their way into a shed at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital…. Pogson had links to a protest group that targets Huntingdon and its suppliers, and equipment used in the raid was found in his mother's garage. A shopping bag discovered at the house also contained straw and hay, suggesting it might have been used to remove some of the rabbits…. He was granted bail after Judge Ebrahim Mooncey adjourned the case until the New Year to allow pre-sentence reports to be be prepared. (story)
Kent Courier 28.11.09 - Activist denies his role in raid - A MAN from East Peckham is this week standing trial at Lincoln Crown Court accused of causing thousands of pounds-worth of damage in a raid on a farm. Lewis Pogson, 23, is alleged to have been part of an animal activist gang who seized rabbits and vandalised four vehicles after breaking in to a business connected to research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences….. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 26.11.09 Police 'found animal rights man's prints' - Fingerprints matching those of an animal rights activist accused of taking part in a Lincolnshire farm raid were found on plastic bags containing a headtorch and overalls, a jury was told. Lewis Pogson denies being among intruders who forced their way into a shed at the farm which had connections to the animal research company Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 25.11.09 Animal rights activist denies farm damage - A man accused of being involved in a raid in which animal rights activists seized rabbits and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage has appeared in court. Lewis Pogson, an animal rights campaigner, faces a string of charges in connection with the raid of a Lincolnshire farm linked to the well-known research company Huntingdon Life Sciences. A court was told that equipment used in the raid was later found at his mother's house…. Pogson, 23, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Kent, denies charges of blackmail, criminal damage, theft of rabbits and interfering with a contractual relationship on January 7, 2008… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 24.1.09 - Rabbit farm raid charges denied - A man has denied eight charges in connection with an alleged attack on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm with links to the research company Huntingdon Life Sciences. Lewis Pogson (22) pleaded not guilty to blackmail, burglary and criminal damage at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, 12 miles north of Lincoln, in January last year…. (story)
Kent Courier 14.11.08 Man charged with damage at farm - AN EAST Peckham man has appeared in court accused of causing more than £70,000 worth of damage at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm, which was targeted by animal rights protestors. Lewis Pogson, of Bush Road, faces charges of blackmail, burglary and criminal damage at Highgate Farm in Normanby by Spital in January this year… (story)
Market Rasen Mail 12.11.08 Jail remand on rabbit theft and damage charges - A man has appeared in court accused of causing over £70,000 worth of damage at a local rabbit farm which was targeted by animal rights protestors. Lewis Pogson, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Tonbridge, Kent, faces charges of blackmail, burglary and criminal damage at Highgate Farm, Normanby by Spital in January this year. The 22-year-old also faces a further charge of interfering with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research establishment and four conspiracy charges… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 12.11.08 £70,000 rabbit farm damage charge - A man has appeared in court accused of causing more than £70,000 damage at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm which was targeted by animal rights protesters. Lewis Pogson, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Kent, faces charges of blackmail, burglary and criminal damage at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, in January this year… Pogson did not enter a plea and was remanded in custody until January 9 after an application for bail was refused…. (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 18.7.08 OWNER OF FARM ANGRY OVER THIRD POLICE RAID - An Animal rights campaigner from East Peckham says she feels "persecuted" after her farm was raided for the third time in just over a year…. Owner of the farm Marion Eaton said: "It is all getting a little bit annoying. It seems a bit of a 'lets get Marion' campaign…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 16.7.08 STOLEN RABBITS MYSTERY STILL UNSOLVED - The mystery of the fate of 129 rabbits stolen from a Lincolnshire farm continues… Now the owners of the Friend Farmed Animal Rescue Centre, in East Peckham, Kent, are to make an official complaint to Kent Police… (story)
Kent Messenger 14.7.08 Animal sanctuary police raid - owner to make official complaint by Lynda Mitchell - An animal sanctuary owner is making an official complaint against Kent Police after officers raided her home for the third time in just over a year. In the latest swoop last Thursday, about 40 officers spent four hours searching and then removing computers and documents from the Friend Farmed Animal Rescue Centre in East Peckham, run by Marion Eaton and her husband Mark…. After the raid, Mrs Eaton said: “I will make an official complaint to the police because I haven’t kept rabbits for years…. (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 11.7.08 RAID AT EAST PECKHAM ANIMAL CENTRE - More than 20 police officers were searching an East Peckham farm in relation to the burglary of 129 rabbits. The search at Friend Farmed Animal Rescue on Bush Road yesterday follows a burglary in Lincolnshire in January… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.7.08 COPS RAID ANIMAL SANCTUARY TO FIND SNATCHED RABBITS - Police investigating the theft of 129 rabbits from a farm near Lincoln have raided an animal sanctuary in the south-east of England. A gang broke into a rabbit breeder's premises at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, near Lincoln, earlier this year. The raiders, who claimed to be part of the Animal Liberation Front, loaded the rabbits, some of which they alleged were bred for medical research purposes, into bags…. More than 20 officers arrived at the Friend animal rescue centre in East Peckham, Kent, during a joint operation involving Lincolnshire, Kent and Sussex Police forces… A 22-year-old man was arrested at Worthing, East Sussex, in connection with the burglary in Lincolnshire and was yesterday being interviewed by police… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.7.08 WHAT DOES THE ALF STAND FOR? - The mission statement of the Animal Liberation Front is "to effectively allocate resources (time and money) to end the 'property' status of non-human animals"…. (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 11.7.08 RABBIT-NAPPER NICKED - A Man has been arrested after stealing over 100 rabbits and inflicting tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to a farm in the Market Rasen area.It followed joint action between Lincolnshire Police and forces in Kent and Sussex…(story)
Market Rasen Mail 16.7.08 Arrest in 'animal liberation' burglary - A 22 YEAR old man is in custody after being arrested in Worthing in Sussex by police investigating a burglary at Normanby by Spital in January when 129 rabbits were stolen and criminal damage of up to £70,000 caused…. The operation was part of the investigation into a burglary at Highgate Farm, Normanby by Spital, overnight on January 6/7 when the rabbits were stolen and criminal damage was caused to the owner's property… (story)
Market Rasen Mail 14.2.08 'Liberated' rabbits will die - SO-CALLED animal liberation activists have stolen 129 rabbits from a breeding farm at Normanby by Spital, saying they will release them into the wild at a later date, even though that may result in their deaths. The rabbits, which are primarily bred for meat but also for medical research, were stolen from Highgate Farm on the night of Sunday, January 6....(story)
Lincolnshire Echo 9.2.08 ANIMAL LIBERATION GROUP RAIDS FARM - A gang claiming to be part of the Animal Liberation Front has stolen 129 rabbits from a Lincolnshire farm. The crooks raided Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, near Lincoln.... The gang claims it loaded the rabbits, some of which are bred for medical research purposes, into bags in order to release them into the wild at a later date... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.1.10 Compelling reasons for vegan diet - IT has struck me as ironic for a long time that half the world is overweight and half the world is malnourished… Go vegan. The reasons, when you study them, are absolutely compelling. Steve Wilson, Northernhay Square, Exeter (letter)


Fleetwood Weekly News 18.1.10 Cherie Blair step-mother seeks compensation at tribunal - Cherie Blair's step-mother is seeking compensation from a children's charity in Lancashire over alleged health and safety breaches.Steph Booth, the wife of Cherie Blair's father, Tony, also claims unfair dismissal… Mrs Booth, who has been selected to stand as the prospective Labour MP for the Calder Valley constituency in West Yorkshire… On her election campaign website Mrs Booth states she has worked for Labour's re-election… She has also been active in the anti-apartheid movement, CND, the League Against Cruel Sports and Amnesty International, her website said… (story)

The Sentinel 18.1.10 Hunt support helps Labour - AS A Labour supporter, I was pleased to read that hunt supporters are expecting a Conservative government to reintroduce the barbaric practice of ripping live foxes apart with packs of dogs… This should give Prime Minister Gordon Brown's chances of re-election a boost.RJ JOHNSON Biddulph (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 18.1.10 Objection to regressive ‘sport’ - WHEN the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Hunting Act is perfectly compatible with its legislation and reasonably ‘designed to eliminate the hunting and killing of animals for sport in a manner causing suffering and being morally objectionable, what right did the South Dorset huntsman have to make an offensive gesture towards a child objecting to his hounds invading her garden just over a month ago?... MISS K WATSON, Stockport (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 18.1.10 Greyhounds deserve a life after racing - WE were pleased to read that the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is making efforts “to ensure no greyhounds are at risk” as a result of the closure of Coventry Stadium’s dog track… We are appealing to the public not to attend dog tracks or bet on greyhound racing.Tony Peters, UK Co-ordinator, Greyhound Action, Kidderminster. (letter)

BBC News Online 18.1.10 'Badger shoot' protest over cull - A mock shooting of a badger has been staged outside the Welsh assembly, to protest against a cull of the animals… Around 30 Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) supporters dressed up as badgers enacted the mock killing on the steps of the Senedd building. Cliff Benson from Pembrokeshire Against the Cull said there was no moral or scientific justification for the cull…. (story)
Western Telegraph 18.1.10 Pembrokeshire Against the Cull take badger protest to Welsh Assembly Government - Pembrokeshire protesters have taken to the steps of the Senedd today (Monday) to make their feelings known about the Welsh Assembly's badger cull… "Our main objective is to let Elin Jones and the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) know that the cull is not going to be popular," said PAC member Cliff Benson… (story)


Horse & Hound 17.1.10 Irish politicians call for free vote on hunting ban - Backbenchers in the Irish parliament are calling for a free vote on a bill which could ban stag hunting in the Republic... Fianna Fail TDs (Irish MPs) oppose the ban that the Green Party insists on as the price of its continued membership of the coalition government… With the main opposition party, Fine Gael, pledging to fight the legislation, a free vote could put the bill in jeopardy… The Ward Union — the only hunt that would be affected by this ban — has stepped up its lobbying of government deputies against a ban…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 17.1.10 Why fur is fashionable again - Recent subzero temperatures have brought a flood of fur onto the streets. Are attitudes changing toward the trade? By Justine Picardie… (story)


Financial Times 16.1.10 Duck hunting at dusk By Bob Sherwood - The fire orange of the muzzle flash is startling in the darkness. Somewhere out on the shallow pond a mallard drake falls heavily on to the surface and is still. Nigel Musto’s words ring in my ears almost as loudly as the gunshot: “You’ll think it’s almost too dark to shoot. That’s when they’ll come in.” Not far from the Essex coast at Maldon, we are shooting wild duck at dusk on Musto’s estate, which comprises 180 acres of former farmland… (story)

Dundee Courier 16.1.10 Snares will never be selective - How sad it is to see (January 13) the comments of Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham on the snaring issue…. Ron Greer. Armoury House, Blair Atholl. (letter)

Oxford Mail 16.1.10 End racing call after dog's death By Dan Hearn - OXFORD Stadium has defended its safety record after a greyhound had to be put down following a race. The stadium’s general manager spoke to the Oxford Mail after an animal rights organisation called for the dog track to be closed, following the death of a greyhound two weeks ago…. Tony Peters, the coordinator of Greyhound Action, a pressure group which says it wants to end the "inherent cruelty" of greyhound racing, said the death of Kilkeedy Blue was the latest in a string of fatal injuries at the track – a claim denied by Ms Ridley… (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 15.1.10 Legalising hunting is just not logical - AS always, John Phelps is quite right Repealing Hunt Act would be illogical…. GR Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.1.10 Repealing Hunt Act would be illogical - THE report No fox, no protest as hunters parade, Echo, January 2, quoted the master of foxhounds as saying: "Despite the ban, we have more followers now than we did five years ago."… Why, therefore, do these people wish the legislation to be repealed?... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 15.1.10 Letter from Phil Beaven - I FELT I needed to respond to the letter from Pete Lacy in Saturdays Adver. He accuses me of not being sympathetic to the death of six foxhounds near Wootton Bassett recently. Nothing could be further from the truth… Anyone who gets pleasure from the inflicting of pain or death on a defenceless animal puts themselves beyond the pale. PHIL BEAVEN Merton Avenue Upper Stratton Swindon (letter)

BBC News Online 15.1.10 Otters blamed as Suffolk anglers abandon fishery - An angling club says it wants the otter population to be controlled after it was forced to leave a lake because the animals ate fish worth £40,000. The Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club, in Suffolk, has ended its 65-year lease at nearby Ditchingham because of damage caused by nine otters… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 15.1.10 Otters force Waveney angling club to give up lease - VICTORIA NICHOLLS - An angling club in Waveney has been forced to give up the lease on a stretch of water it has held for 65 years, claiming that otters have eaten it out of fish. Members of Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club can no longer fish the Ditchingham Club Pit because it has suffered so heavily from otter predation. Club secretary Mark Casto said the problem of increasing otter numbers in still waters in the River Waveney area started about 10 years ago but has magnified since 2006… Mr Casto said members were being urged to join the Angling Trust, which is tackling the issue head-on, and collaborating with the Environment Agency, Natural England and Defra… (story)

Wiltshire Times 15.1.10 Fight for animals - Andrew Williams, Bath Animal Action, c/o PO Box 426, Bath. (letter)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.1.10 This testing is evil - At the Porton Down DERA and CAMR research establishment chemical weapons are tested on animals in the name of warfare using taxpayers’ money. This is evil…. Andrew Williams, Bath Animal Action, c/o PO Box 426, Bath. (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 15.1.10 Secret World fears animal killing backlash By David Hemming - SECRET World founder Pauline Kidner fears someone has a vendetta against the animal sanctuary after a mutilated fox was dumped on its doorstep this week… It follows a spate of suspected badger digging where a badger was killed, and a snaring incident in the area. Pauline Kidner, Secret World founder, said: “I would imagine someone did this as a parting shot against what we do and we might have touched a nerve somewhere and they are trying to make a point…. “Until wildlife crime is reported and recorded, we will never be able to stop these inhumane people who regard animal cruelty as sport.” (story)
Western Morning News 14.1.10 Sickening episode - I HAVE long admired Pauline Kidner and her Secret World Wildlife Rescue… How monstrous that she and her colleagues have been subjected to the sickening episode reported on January 8 – a fox, "a beautiful animal in prime condition", killed and mutilated, and then dumped outside the sanctuary…. Yvonne Anderson, Chagford (letter)
Bridgwater Mercury 12.1.10 Campaigners hit out at further cases of animal killings By David Hemming - ANIMAL welfare campaigners were left horrified after a mutilated fox was dumped at a Sedgemoor animal sanctuary and a “poisoned” badger was found in Bridgwater… The dead fox (pictured), which appeared to have been stamped on and had its tail cut off, was found by a shocked worker at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill on Wednesday night… Pauline Kidner, Secret World founder, said: “We abhor these people who think that we will be stopped in our fight against cruelty in the countryside by doing such a sick act…. Anne Heritage, of Coronation Road, Bridgwater contacted the Mercury this week after she discovered a dead badger which she claims had been poisoned… (story)

Dorset Echo 15.1.10 Teenage fawn killers fined £1,000 and given 100 hours community service By James Durkin - TWO teenagers who stamped a fawn to death at Upton Country Park have been fined £1,000, sentenced to 100 hours community service and ordered to complete a rehabilitation course…. The case attracted international condemnation, and around 20 animal rights protestors were at court to vent their fury at what they described as an “unjust, lenient sentence for a heinous crime…. Animal rights supporter Linda Savage, said: “It is really disgusting that these boys were not put in prison. They have just been let off, basically.”… (story)
BBC News Online 14.1.10 Dorset deer killers' sentence 'pathetic' - Two 17-year-old boys have been ordered to do 100 hours community service for stamping a young deer to death in Dorset "for a laugh"…. About 25 campaigners chanted "shame on you" as the boys left court. Among them was Jill Adelus, who said: "It's a pathetic sentence and we don't accept it… (story)

Sheffield Star 15.1.10 Death sentence for animal killers - I APPLAUD Mrs Pauline Kelsey (December 29) re cruelty to animals. I'd like to see the death sentence for this, as killing animals is like killing a baby. Mrs B Hemingway, Jarratt Street, Doncaster, DN1 (letter)

Argus 15.1.10 Meaty problem - Livestock not only produce half of global greenhouse gases, but also place a very heavy burden on the planet’s resources … For these reasons I hope Brighton and Hove City Council will join the Meat-Free Monday campaign… Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


The Shields Gazette 14.1.10 Stop hunting with rifles - I AM writing regarding the recent issue of the fox hunting ban. I cannot believe that this is even an issue – the cruel and unnecessary sport has been banned and most people were happy about this… Roya Marley,Walworth Avenue, South Shields (story)


Country Life 13.1.10 Hunting on foot over Christmas - Hunting on foot over Christmas and New Year provided a welcome new perspective although Octavia is dying to get back into the saddle - Octavia Pollock - I love snow and cold weather - indeed, I vastly prefer winter to summer - but this particular cold snap is interfering rather too much with hunting for too long for my liking… On Boxing Day itself, one of the biggest showcase days in the hunting calendar, our hounds had only just recovered from a bad bout of kennel cough, so we simply met in our traditional spot in the market town of Bromyard in Herefordshire for a gossip and a drink of mulled wine… (story)

Western Morning News 13.1.10 Police probe pagan link to horse weaving - POLICE believe a bizarre outbreak of horse mane weaving may be the work of a secretive cult of pagan worshippers practising a form of white magic…. Jenny Parsons, secretary to the Taunton Vale Harriers Hunt, who has set up a horse watch scheme, believes a small group of people are targeting the same animals after communicating through social networking websites. She said: "It is possible it's a pagan ritual and I have had reports of a change in horse behaviour so if these are children's ponies it is an absolutely awful thing to do."… (story)

Utalkmarketing 13.1.10 Controversial PETA ‘Bear Cap’ ads pulled after bus company objects - A controversial bus-side campaign from animal right campaigning group PETA, featuring a Queen's Guardsman with blood streaming own his face, has been pulled after the bus company booked for the campaign objected….. According to PETA, a contract was signed agreeing to place the ad on 25 central London buses for four weeks. Payment was received for the same. “PETA is complaining to the company and wants the ad put back up,” added a spokesperson…. (story)
Campaign 13.1.10 Peta launches bus campaign to attack military use of fur by Maisie McCabe - Animal rights charity Peta has launched a campaign across London buses to highlight the use of real bear fur in the iconic caps of the Queen's Guards. The ad features a Queen's Guard wearing a bleeding bear cap and says "MOD: Go fur-free - It Can Take the Entire Hide of One Bear to Make Just One Cap". The campaign, which is running on 25 buses with advertising sold by CBS Outdoor, is the first part of Peta's 2010 push to get the Ministry of Defence to switch from Canadian black-bear pelts to faux fur…. (story)
Evening Standard 13.1.10 Bloody anti-fur poster takes aim at Queen’s Guard - Alistair Foster - A poster featuring a blood-drenched member of the Queen's Guard has been put on the side of 25 London buses. It is part of a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animalsagainst the use of bearskin helmets by guardsmen…. (story)

Express 13.1.10 JAIL’S ‘VEGAN’ BOOTS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS TERRORIST By Lianne Kolirin - ANIMAL rights extremist Natasha Avery – called an urban terrorist by a judge – has been given taxpayer-funded non-leather boots to work on a prison farm. She also gets ethical “make-up, body care and hygiene products”, enabling her to live a “complete vegan lifestyle” in jail… The TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “People they hurt will be incredibly angry they’re pampered and pandered to.” >(story)
Telegraph 12.1.10 Vegan prisoner given non-leather work boots - A vegan prisoner labelled an 'urban terrorist' by a judge has been handed a free pair of non-leather work boots so she can work on a prison farm growing organic vegetables. Animal rights campaigner Natasha Avery also has a range of ethical 'make-up, body care and hygiene products', allowing her to live a 'complete vegan lifestyle' in her cell. Avery, 40, was jailed for nine years after admitting a campaign of intimidation and hate against thousands of families across the UK. She and husband Greg - the masterminds behind Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) - were both jailed in January last year at Winchester Crown Court after pleading guilty to blackmail… (story)
Mail 12.1.10 Animal rights extremist given 'vegan' work boots and 'ethical' make-up in jail (and guess who's footing the bill?) A vegan prisoner labelled an 'urban terrorist' by a judge has been handed a pair of non-leather work boots funded by the taxpayer so she can work on a prison farm. Animal rights extremist Natasha Avery is also allowed a full range of ethical 'make-up, body care and hygiene products', as well as cleaning products so that she can live a 'complete vegan lifestyle' in her cell…. (story)


Reading Post 12.1.10 Labour candidate in fox hunting warning - Reading East Labour hopeful Anneliese Dodds fears the Tories will scrap the fox hunting ban. She warned that next Boxing Day could mean a “return to animal cruelty”… (story)

Daily Post 12.1.10 Voluntary shooting ban to help birds by Andrew Forgrave - COUNTRY sports enthusiasts are being asked to observe a voluntary suspension of wildfowl and waterbird shooting. The Countryside Council for Wales issued the alert after seven consecutive days of freezing temperatures…. The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), has passed on the request to its members. It is urging restraint in the shooting of ducks, geese, coot, moorhen and waders, including reared mallard and woodcock…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.1.10 Scottish ministers maintain snare ban opposition - The Scottish government has maintained its opposition to a complete ban on animal snares. The move came as MSPs quizzed Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham about calls from welfare groups to outlaw the wire traps…. League Against Cruel Sports, Advocates for Animals, the International Otter Survival Fund and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue have all called for Holyrood to urge ministers to bring in new legislation which would prohibit the manufacture, sale, possession and use of all snares… Ministers said the control of predators through snares, helped to maintain Scotland's world-famous shooting industry, boost conservation and help farmers in protect their animals. (story)
Kilmarnock Standard 12.1.10 Animal snare ban ruled out - The practice of snaring animals will not be banned, Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham has said. She told MSPs on Holyrood's Petitions Committee that controls will be introduced to minimise the impact of the wire traps but ruled out banning them…. (story)


Formby Times 11.1.10 Tory leader David Cameron said he has the “balls” to be Prime Minister but cuts would be inevitable by Lyndsay Young, Formby Times - CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron said he has the “balls” to be Prime Minister – but public spending cuts would be inevitable…. The venue remained secret until an hour before but protesters with placards, from Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, turned up outside. It follows claims that the Tories plan to repeal the Hunting Ban if they win. Chris David, of FAACE, said: “Cameron wants to bring back blood sports if he gets in. That means the Waterloo Cup will be back.”… (story)

Horse & Hound 11.1.10 Facebook group in support of Hunting Act repeal - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - H&H forum member Andrea Keyte has set up a Facebook page —150,000 people to lift the UK ban on fox hunting. Bring it back!!! — and has more than 18,500 members… (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 11.1.10 Hunting confusion - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Burton Mail 11.1.10 Keeping cruelty out from Douglas Batchelor Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 8.1.10 Call your hounds off hunt ban legislation - Douglas Batchelor Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
The Shields Gazette 8.1.10 'Hunt ban is important' - Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Surrey. (letter)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 7.1.10 No repeal for hunting ban - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 7.1.10 Repeal of the Hunting Act is not an option - Recent media reports of the level of support for traditional hunting have painted a somewhat confusing picture. On one hand we are being told that hunting is more popular than ever while on the other we are being told the Hunting Act must be repealed. If the Hunting Act 2004, which took the cruelty out of hunting by making it a crime to set dogs onto wild mammals for sport, has resulted in increased popularity then why repeal the legislation?... it is high time the minority who enjoy chasing and killing wild animals for sport accepted that repealing a law which would bring back their cruel sport is simply not an option. The only option is to Keep Cruelty History. Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Godalming, Surrey (letter)

Irish Times 11.1.10 Controversy over stag hunt ban - I found the contrasting letters on the subject of blood sports very interesting (December 31st). As a lifetime yellowbelly I found myself, unusually, on the same side as the Kilkenny man John Fitzgerald. As for Philip Donnelly, he trotted out the same arguments as those of his ilk did when the debate was on in England. I was resident there and a member of the Labour party at the time and there was massive support for the ban across all classes…. JAMES MORAN, Knockanure, Bunclody, Co Wexford (letter)


Sunday Times 10.1.10 Shooting himself in the foot - WHY did you give column inches to Otis Ferry… Hunting, he claims, “affects 0.0001% of the population”; then, later, the government is “still very embarrassed about the fact that hunting is still so popular”. So is it a minority “sport” practised by a very few and affecting hardly anybody, or is it “popular”?... Richard Chadd, Spalding, Lincolnshire
The cruellest sport - While most issues can be debated, and minds can be changed, hunting is different… The law isn’t working because it isn’t being enforced. For the vast majority opposed to hunting, the class issue is totally irrelevant…. Paul Burton Ilford, Essex
On the ropes - It is remarkable the passionate debate over foxhunting has not been paralleled, even to the slightest degree, by a passionate debate over boxing… Oscar Jolobe, Didsbury, Manchester (letters)

Independent on Sunday 10.1.10 Excellent news that "Catalonia votes to ban bullfighting" (3 January) How appalling, then, that this country could be just months away from re-legalising stag hunting, hare coursing and fox hunting… Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Sunday Mercury 10.1.10 Foxhunting was too cruel even for the Nazis - WHEN the National Socialists gained power in Germany in 1932, one of the first laws they passed was to ban foxhunting… Even these barbarians realised that foxhunting is a cruel and senseless “sport” and utterly degrades the participants… The Countryside Alliance is a powerful organisation with huge political clout and they will persuade David Cameron to overturn the ban… If Mr Cameron promises to repeal the ban, it will cost him a great many votes. JAMES BENTON, Hall Green (letter)

Sunday Times 10.1.10 How would you feel if you were an animal caged for scientific testing? - With animal experiments on the increase, we enter Britain’s secret labs to put the scientists’ rationale to the test - Richard Girling: Environmental Journalist of the Year (story)


Horse & Hound 9.1.10 Huge support for Boxing Day hunt meets - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Hunts enjoyed huge Boxing Day support sharpened, perhaps, by the prospect ofrepeal of the Hunting Act becoming an election issue. Five thousand people braved the weather for the Heythrop meet in Chipping Norton and 3,500 joined the Waveney Harriers in Bungay. But one of the largest crowds was at the Avon Vale, at Lacock near Chippenham… And the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent welcomed 2,000 to Chiddingstone Castle… (story)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 9.1.10 MP Shapps cornered over fox hunting debate By Chris Richards, Reporter - PARLIAMENTARY hopeful Mike Hobday has accused MP Grant Shapps of supporting plans to repeal the ban on fox hunting. Mr Hobday, the Labour prospective MP for Welwyn Hatfield, hit out after Tory leader David Cameron said he would give MPs a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act should his party win power at the next General Election…. (story)

Times 9.1.10 The shooting party - Chef Bryn Williams goes hunting for game on the family farm in North Wales and cooks up three recipes…. Nick Wyke (story)


Gloucester Citizen 8.1.10 Gordon Brown appeals to Gloucestershire voters - Prime Minister Gordon Brown has reached out to disaffected Labour voters in Gloucestershire – insisting "we never left them". In a bid to rally support in the county where the party is defending two seats at this year's General Election – one with a wafer-thin majority of just 350 votes – Mr Brown pledged to continue to create new jobs and improve the prospects of the next generation… The PM was also critical of the Tory pledge to scrap the 2005 hunting ban. He said: "I don't think there's popular support for reversing that legislation. I think people understand that this form of cruelty was something that needed action taken." (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 8.1.10 FIRST PERSON: Ben Bradshaw MP - IT'S a shame that today's historic Cabinet meeting in Exeter has had to be temporarily postponed due to the wintry conditions… South West hunts were out in force recently eagerly anticipating that a Conservative government would repeal the Hunting Act and let them go back to their old cruel ways… People have adjusted to hunting within the law. It is extraordinary, given all the other pressing issues, that David Cameron and Tory candidates are making repealing the hunting ban such a priority…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 8.1.10 Wrong name - I was very impressed with the picture of the South West & Wilts Hunt's Boxing Day Meet on the cover of the 1st January edition, however you could have spelt the name of the Hunt Master correctly – Adam Waugh… Paul Knocker, East Knoyle (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 8.1.10 Boxing Day hunt is still a big hit for all From Terri Taverner, Ryde: I WAS pleased to read in last week’s County Press the hunt, as a trail hunt, is still attracting a good turn out (CP, 01-01-10). Everyone obviously enjoyed the event as a social occasion, with the horses and riders having a good day, without the "pleasure" of the kill.
From Don Smith, Newport - Great sight: How nice to see pictures of the IW Hunt enjoying its Boxing Day outing…. No animals are being killed in the name of sport; so why do Tory leader Cllr David Cameron and our MP Andrew Turner want to change the law?... (letters)
Isle of Wight County Press 30.12.09 Crowds gather for festive hunt By Emily Pearce - ALL the usual political debate surrounded this year's Boxing Day Hunt. Crowds of people gathered near Carisbrooke Castle for the annual spectacle, attended this year by more than 60 riders who, along with their hounds, followed an artificial trail until late into the afternoon… (letter)

Wiltshire Times 8.1.10 Surely hunting ban is getting it right? - I am writing in amazement at the article published in the Wiltshire Times (January 1) about the Boxing Day meeting of the Avon Vale Hunt at Lacock. It was obviously a great success, with a record crowd and no anti-hunt protests…. Surely, the record crowds show that many people want to support the tradition of the hunt and see its spectacle, but do not want to see foxes killed….. Clive Merritt, Kingsley Place, Trowbridge.(letter)

Wiltshire Times Dressed for war - Attending the Lacock Boxing Day Hunt meet with my grandchildren I was astonished to see police carrying weapons and dressed as if to enter a war zone among the onlookers. Can the Chief Constable say what threat required this alarming and intimidating display?... Ian Thompson, Sunningdale, Lanes End, Gastard. (letter)

Kingston Guardian 8.1.10 Dog walker attacked by fox in New Malden By Omar Oakes - A horrified New Malden woman was set upon by a fox near her home last weekend, renewing calls to protect vulnerable people and small pets from attack. The woman, who did not want to be named, claimed her leg was bitten by a deranged fox after stalking her and her husband as they walked elderly dog in South Lane, New Malden, on Sunday afternoon…. The woman said the unruly fox was suffering from an “advanced case of fox mange” and that old cats or dogs could be vulnerable to attack. But Kingston Council’s environmental health department does not currently provide a service to control foxes, in common with other local authorities. The council’s website said: “Foxes are not a statutory pest and there is not a duty for councils to control them.” .. (story)


North Devon Journal 7.1.10 Tetcott hunt - HUNT supporters lined the streets as members of the Tetcott Hunt gathered for their first meet of 2010. Organisers said the crowd outside the Tree Inn in Stratton on New Year's Day was even bigger than last year… (story)

Essex Chronicle 7.1.10 MALDON: Hunt parade before crowds - CENTURIES of hunting tradition returned to Maldon High Street on New Year's Day as crowds lined the pavements to watch the assembled gathering. The Essex Farmers and Union Hunt paraded through the town street with a traditional welcome at the 14th century Blue Boar Hotel… (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 7.1.10 Hounds killed on rail track near Wootton asset - Six hounds from the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt were killed on New Year’s Eve as the famous hunt met near Wootton Bassett… (story)
Swindon Advertiser 4.1.10 Hounds killed in festive hunt - SIX foxhounds taking part in the Beaufort Hunt in Wootton Bassett were killed on New Year’s Eve after being hit by a train. It is believed the dogs ran on to the line into the path of a speeding train after picking up a fox scent… (story)
Swindon Advertiser 4.1.10 Letter from Phil Beaven - TODAY’S Adver reports that six hounds belonging to the Beaufort Hunt were hit by a train and killed at Wootton Bassett. The Joint Master of the Hunt, Ian Farquhar is quoted as saying: “Our hounds are like our family… As the hounds are normally locked up all day, behind bars… , it would be nice to think that some hunting families are treated in the same way. One can only hope. Phil Beaven, Merton Avenue Upper Stratton Swindon (letter)
Mirror 2.1.10 Hounds from Prince Charles fox hunt kennels die - Six foxhounds from Prince Charles's favourite hunt died after they were hit by a train. The dogs were taking part in the Beaufort Hunt in Wootton Bassett, Wilts, on New Year's Eve. It is thought they ran on to the line into the path of a speeding train after picking up a fox scent…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 7.1.10 History: horse trader made his mark on Swindon By Frances Bevan - Today the subject of fox hunting is a contentious one, but there is no denying that for many generations it was an important part of country life… Thomas Hooper Deacon was born in Faringdon in about 1838, the son of Cornelious Floyd Deacon and his wife Ann. By 1861 he was working as a saddler, employing two men and two boys at his business in the High Street, Highworth… Hooper Deacon was a man of phenomenal energies and his activities were not limited merely to his auction business and fox hunting… (story)

Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 7.1.10 Dave Squibb of Hillside, Ludlow, thinks writer in the minority re fox hunting. I WRITE regarding a letter from your correspondent Pat Stokes-Smith (Advertiser, December 3). I suggest your writer is in the minority when it comes to fox hunting. It’s my opinion the fox is vermin – a rat with a bushy tail… (letter)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 31.12.09 Richard and Anne Fox will take their country chances - YOUR correspondent Pat Stokes-Smith wrote an appeal to Mr and Mrs Fox (Advertiser letters, December 3) and as this would appear to be addressed to us personally, perhaps we might be allowed to reply in the same twee anthropomorphic style. We regret we shall not be moving in with our relatives in the town…. , we will continue our good life in the country, relishing the occasional raid on a chicken run or pheasant pen. Of course, if successful we won’t just kill one or two birds to satisfy our hunger, but indulge in a killing frenzy and bite the heads off all of them… If Pat Stokes-Smith finds the prospect of all this too abhorrent, perhaps it is she rather than ourselves who should be considering a move to the town? (letter)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 18.12.09 David Hatchell of Hope Bagot, Shropshire, says let the foxes go into our towns. REGARDLESS of who becomes Prime .Minister (Advertiser letters, December 3), I hope the foxes heed Pat Stokes-Smith’s appeal and ravage the town dustbins instead of stealing my ducks and chickens. DAVID HATCHELL, Hope Bagot, Shropshire (letter)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 17.12.09 Norman Wanstall of Burford says we can no longer tolerate Mr Fox - IWAS interested to read Pat Stokes-Smith’s letter in the Advertiser (December 3)…. Thirty years ago, when we moved from London to the Herefordshire countryside, we had poultry galore running free on our seven-acre spread… So yes, Pat Stokes-Smith, let’s get Mr and Mrs Fox to the town as soon as possible. Otherwise, may the “countryside tradition” live on (letter)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 31.12.09 Pat Stokes-Smith of Woodgate Lodge, Hope Bowdler appeals to foxes. TO Mr and Mrs Fox, please read this and take action as soon as possible. I strongly recommend that you contact your relatives who live in towns with a view to moving in with them as soon as possible. If not, you are all in danger of death… This is all the more likely to happen if a human called David Cameron becomes the next Prime Minister, because although he has said a lot of time was wasted in passing a law to try to protect you, he is proposing to waste even more time trying to get it repealed… (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 7.1.10 Letter from Alan Kirby - ARE we really expected to believe Captain Farquhar of the Beaufort Hunt was distraught when several of his hounds were killed by a train? (Advertiser, January 4). He has been a huntsman for 37 years. Hunts callously kill many thousands of their own hounds annually to strengthen and replenish their packs, all so they can better terrorise and slaughter wildlife for fun… ALAN KIRBY Hayle Cornwall (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.1.10 Hunting Act flawed and League knows it - A FEW weeks ago I received a number of emails from the League Against Cruel Sports. These emails told me that they were going to come and monitor my use of three dogs to flush and chase the wild deer in my woodland…. I therefore replied to tell them they were very welcome to come and monitor me… Needless to say the monitors from the league did not turn up. They later claimed on their online blog that they had been 'calling my bluff'. I'm not how they reached that conclusion. I did go out and chase deer with my dogs so it strikes me it was their bluff that was called not mine…. The Hunting Act is a badly drafted and flawed piece of legislation. It should be repealed and replaced with a law based on animal welfare not prejudice. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.1.10 Wild boar law is 'too little too late' argues Al - WILD boar thought to be roaming Exmoor four years after a sabotage attack at a Mid Devon farm have been labelled by a Government department as one of the greatest threats to British wildlife… More than 100 boar were released in 2005 after Woodland Wild Boar Farm in West Anstey, owned by Al Dedames, was sabotaged by suspected animal rights activists… Mr Dedames said: "I don't see how this is going to help. I see this as too little, too late."… (story)

Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser 7.1.10 Animal Aid Campaigns Officer urges people to go veggie - After the lavish excesses of the festive season, you will probably be considering making some New Year’s resolutions. The start of a new decade is the perfect time to take steps towards a more compassionate, healthier and happier you. And there’s no better way of doing it than by going veggie…. Going veggie is much easier than you think but if you need more encouragement, take a look at Animal Aid’s 90-second veggie video on the front of the website… Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)


Cotswold Journal 6.1.10 Freezing weather thwarts Heythrop Hunt By Simon Crump - THE Heythrop Hunt had a disappointing end to its annual New Year’s Day gathering in the North Cotswolds when freezing weather prevented its members from riding out… (story)

Sun 6.1.10 Fox hunt… in a cul-de-sac - A PACK of hounds run riot in a quiet cul-de-sac after picking up a fox's scent… Fox-hunting is against the law but David Palmer of Worcestershire Hunt insisted the pack were following a "dummy" trail - until a real fox ran past … (story)
Daily Mail 5.1.10 The training hunt that rampaged through housing estate after hounds picked up scent of a REAL fox - This is the terrifying moment a pack of hunting hounds caused chaos as they chased a fox through a quiet housing estate after picking up its scent during a training exercise. The pack, made up of more than 12 hounds, caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage as they trampled flower beds, dug up bushes and defecated on paths while pursuing the fleeing fox… The hounds were part of the Worcestershire Hunt who were out on Saturday for a training run…. (story)
Worcester News 5.1.10 Fury as hunt hounds run wild By James Savage - PEOPLE living in a quiet neighbourhood looked on in horror as a pack of hounds chased a fox through their street when a hunt got out of control. About a dozen foxhounds descended on Rebekah Gardens, Droitwich, before searching frantically through people’s front gardens for a fleeing fox… David Palmer, joint master of the Worcestershire Hunt, said they had taken a pack of hounds out for some exercise when the dogs began chasing a fox. …. (story)

Formby Times 6.1.10 Tory candidate Brenda Porter will vote against David Cameron if he bids to legalise fox hunting by John Siddle - WOULD-BE Liberal Democrat MP Richard Clein will vote against the Conservatives should they bid to legalise fox hunting. Mr Clein said he fully supports the ban, imposed by Labour five years ago, and would vote against any bid to repeal it, should he win a seat in the Commons… Tory candidate for Sefton Centre, Cllr Debi Jones, said: “I have always been against hunting with dogs on an instinctive level, and see no reason to change, however before I vote I need to know all the facts - it is too important a matter to vote on without having looked at the issue in depth… (story)


Salisbury Journal 5.1.10 Riders turn out for Boxing Day hunt By Karen Bate - HUNDREDS of people turned out to the New Forest Hounds Hunt on Boxing Day. About 100 riders wearing traditional hunt dress were mounted and ready for the huntsman’s horn to signal the start of the drag hunt… (story)
Southern Daily Echo 28.12.09 Hundreds of people flock to watch the New Forest Boxing Day hunt at Balmer Lawn By Will Carson - IT is a New Forest tradition dating back hundreds of years – and one of the biggest events in the countryside calendar. Hundreds of people flocked to the start of the annual Boxing Day Hunt, which saw around 100 riders race through the Forest chasing a pack of foxhounds on the trail of a scent… Mike Squibb, chairman of the New Forest Hounds, said: “We go hunting twice a week but our Boxing Day hunt is what it’s all about for us…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 5.1.10 David Cameron talks to Gloucestershire folk - The television vans, Westminster suits and numerous laptops showed this was no ordinary political hustings. Taking to the floodlit stage with an air of celebrity, David Cameron braved a packed assembly of Gloucestershire voters intent on testing the would-be Prime Minister's mettle… A crowd of around 20 anti-hunt protesters and Labour activists braved freezing weather to demonstrate outside the centre. "We want David Cameron to be aware of our protests and to talk about no return to hunting," said Diane Prosser, a Labour supporter from Ebley (story)

Western Mail 5.1.10 Sniffing the wind of change on hunting - THE Countryside Alliance wants supporters to lobby for a new vote in Parliament over fox hunting. CA chief executive Simon Hart, who joined his local South Pembrokeshire Hunt and around 1,000 supporters at the Cresselly Arms, Cresswell Quay, on Boxing Day, said the ban had failed…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 5.1.10 Followers flock to support hunt - CAMELFORD'S Boxing Day hunt meet proved to be a big attraction, with a field of up to 50 horses taking part. Secretary of North Cornwall Hunt Rosemary Meeson, explained that not all the horses had turned out in the town centre – many had joined the hunt later in the day…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 5.1.10 Loan helps to maintain traditions - A hunt had to borrow hounds after a bout of kennel cough ruled out its own pack from taking part in a traditional New Year's event. The Belvoir Hunt met in Melton's Play Close park on New Year's Day, thanks to the loan of the hounds from the Blankney Hunt in Lincolnshire… (story)

Halifax Evening Courier 5.1.10 When workers joined the hunt - I refer to your article "Huntsmen Raise a Glass to Tradition" (Courier, December 29). Whatever our feelings today as to the practice of hunting, we should not forget that this area has a long history of hunting, from the medieval days of the Earls Warrenne, Lords of the Manor of Wakefield, who used the upper Calder Valley for the pursuit of deer and small mammals such as hares… David C Glover , Baker Fold, Halifax (letter)

Surrey Herald 5.1.10 Legalised cruelty is an odd priority - AN INCOMING Conservative government has promised to make the legalisation of fox hunting a high priority. Surely an odd choice… HAROLD TRACE, Parkland Grove Ashford (letter)

Sheffield Star 5.1.10 Animal cruelty in legal spotlight - FOLLOWING the report of boys killing a baby deer just for fun, your correspondent Mrs Kelsey asks what is happening with regard to animal cruelty in this country. Perhaps the following points will give her some clues as to the direction we are taking. Last year the Hunting Act was quietly dropped from the Police Manual, which officers learn for their promotional exams. The objective was supposedly to prune down the manual, yet they managed to add a section on policing hunt saboteurs… Wildlife Lover (letter)

Irish Times 5.1.10 Hunters' role in rural life - Thank you for your increased coverage of hunting. The slideshow of the Waterford foxhounds (on irishtimes.com) is particularly evocative of our sport, showing the commitment of the participants, the beauty of the countryside and the poetry of the Irish winter…. Perhaps, if those making grand gestures would get down from their pedestals, take their blinkers off and involve themselves in real life they would see not just what they might view as the negative but, rather, the enormous contribution given to rural life by those who hunt. – Yours, etc, SEBASTIAN GUINNESS, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Western Morning News 5.1.10 Hunt support shows Tories' true colours - YOUR leader column headed "Labour's class war on hunting" attempts to muddy the water in the current debate on hunting by raising that old chestnut, Britain's class war. Western Morning News readers should know that the main reason I and many others oppose hunting with hounds is because of the cruel nature of the act, which not only wantonly destroys unique animals but also cheapens the hunters in their bloodlust…. Dr David Pedrick-Friend, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Torbay Paignton (letter)

York Press 5.1.10 Hunting row starts - IF you cast your vote for the Tory Party in the next election, you will be supporting the return of hounds chasing and killing sentient beings, ie the fox…. D Fillingham, The Crossway, Muncaster, York.
THE Labour Government is saying the majority of British people are against fox hunting, which took up 700 hours of debating time in Parliament… Strangely, this Government does not put any importance on the fact that the vast majority are against the Iraq/Afghanistan wars; ten years of free-for-all open borders immigration; and want a referendum on the European Union. F Cawood, Larkfield Road, Harrogate (letter)

Worcester News 5.1.10 Thanks for turning out to see the hunt - The Croome and Warwickshire Hunt would like to thank all the people in and around Upton-upon-Severn on Christmas Eve for turning out to see the hunt meet… MRS S P ROBINSON, Worcester (letters)


Exeter Express & Echo 4.1.10 No fox, no protest as hunters parade - FROSTY but bright and clear conditions drew hundreds of spectators out to watch a New Year's Day hunt. People of all ages, many with their own dogs, turned out to watch the meet in Ottery St Mary's square. The horses and hounds of the East Devon Hunt followed a scent trail to Tipton St John, Metcombe, then Venn Ottery…. (story)
Sidmouth Herald 4.1.10 Ottery hunt is a hit - BAYING hounds kicked off Ottery's 2010 on Friday as residents woke to enjoy the annual East Devon Hunt…. (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 4.1.10 Crowds brave weather for Cottesmore Hunt - BAD weather halted a hunt - but did not stop more than 300 people showing up to support the tradition. Members of the Cottesmore Hunt filled Oakham Market Place on New Year's Day for the annual event…. (story)

Peterborough Herald 4.1.10 Wansford: 1,000 join New Year's Day hunt By Nick Reinis - AROUND a thousand people braved a chilly winter morning to watch the start of the traditional New Year's Day hunt. Despite a thick frost and even some patches of ice, people of all ages from children to pensioners gathered outside the Haycock Hotel, in Wansford, for the start of the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt…. (story)

Worcester News 4.1.10 Thanks for going along to the hunt - very big thank you to all the people in and around Pershore on Boxing Day who came along to see the hunt meet in the square…. The Supporters Club. MRS S P ROBINSON, St John’s, Worcester (letter)

Bolton News 4.1.10 Hunting is not healthy and not sport - WHAT a disgusting photo on page 14 of Saturday’s paper. Thank God for the snow. “Hunting is healthier than ever and farmers like to see us,” says Sue Simmons…. Hunting IS outdated and it certainly isn't a sport. Let’s pray the Tories don't get elected and expand their hunting trips… Name and address supplied (letter)
Manchester Evening News 27.12.09 Boxing Day hunt cancelled, but gets new lady master - THE Boxing Day hunt – one of the biggest dates on Lancashire's controversial hunting calendar – was cancelled because of the icy weather. Conditions made it too dangerous to take horses out on the annual Holcombe Hunt meet. Instead, the new lady hunt master, Sue Simmons took hounds out on foot with her huntsman and hosted a meet and greet with the public at Rivington Hall Barn, in Bolton… (story)
Bolton News 26.12.09 Traditional hunt lost to bad weather - THE traditional sight of horses and hounds at the Holcombe Hunt’s annual Boxing Day meet at Rivington has been snowed off. The hunt was due to go out under the leadership of new master Sue Simmons. Instead, the master and huntsman will parade the hounds at Rivington Barn at noon today…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 26.12.09 Boxing Day hunt on Westwood cancelled - The traditional Boxing Day meeting by the Holderness Hunt has been called off because of bad weather…. (story)
ThisIsLancashire 25.12.09 Sue is the new master of traditional Boxing Day hunt - THE Holcombe Hunt will be heading out for their traditional Boxing Day hunt at Rivington Pike on Saturday under the leadership of new master Sue Simmons. Sue, aged 44, took over from the previous master, Arnold Greenhalgh, earlier this year, although her official tenure only started in May… (story)
ThisIsLancashire 24.12.09 Boxing Day Hunt to go ahead but no fox... or horses - The snowy conditions of the past week has forced organisers of Monday's Boxing Day Meet to change their plans… Kath Smith, the hunt's secretary, said "The Master, Huntsman and Hounds will be at Rivington Barn at noon to parade the Hounds and to meet you and the many other Boxing Day supporters." (story)

Northern Echo 4.1.10 Hunting and Cameron's Conservatives - THE Conservative-funded Countryside Alliance (CA) apparently has high hopes that riding to hounds savaging wildlife will be restored once David Cameron, himself a rider to hounds, gains control… Millions of animal lovers and others sick of New Labour oppression are hardly likely to vote Conservative despite Mr Cameron’s assurances that his party is now for everybody, not just the monied class – but who could possibly trust anyone who apparently is at ease urging trained hounds to savage defenceless wildlife in the name of sport? Norman Wall, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. (letter)

Independent 4.1.10 Fox fable - Your correspondent John Charman (letters, 31 December) describes foxes as "vicious"… We have monitored hundreds of hours of fox behaviour, and the word is "timid". Our cat has chased them out of the garden many times, and our neighbours' cat, half the size of ours, has no trouble in chasing them out as well. Jean Elliott, Upminster, Essex (letter)


Horse & Hound 3.1.10 Guy Landau will hunt the West Somerset Vale hunt hounds - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Former king of the showring Guy Landau is going for a third change of career in three decades — hunting hounds for the West Somerset Vale… Now Guy tells us: "I take over as joint-master next season but am trying to keep it really low key and don't want to discuss it."… (story)

Sunday Sun 3.1.10 No re-Peel for hunt law by Ian Robson, Sunday Sun - D'YE ken John Peel with his coat so gay, d'ye ken John Peel at the break of day? Bet you don't. With the region’s hunts once more trumpeting themselves at the start of the year, it’s time to remember just who John Peel was…. He ruined the family fortune – actually his wife’s fortune, but let’s not quibble – with his obsession and had to be bailed out by his friends… I mention this because huntsmen are convinced this is the year when the hunting ban will be repealed…. Hunting with hounds was banned for a reason and should remain banned. Then we can really finish off the song about the dissolute John Peel and we shall ne’er hear his voice in the morning. Ever again (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.1.10 Your report on hunting ("Tally Ho! Hunt supporters turn out in force", 27 December) quotes a hunt master as saying, "We still kill just as many foxes as we did before the ban". This gets to the nub of the so-called "sport". These people enjoy killing – it's a bloodlust…. I would ask, what other depravities are blood-sports enthusiasts up to? Sue Berry, via email (letter)

Sunday Independent 3.1.10 Hunt ban not a class issue - To claim that the Irish anti-hunt campaign is class war (Letters, December 27, 2009) is an attempt to introduce a red herring. The issue of class has never been part of a campaign to end animal suffering on Ireland's killing fields… John Tierney, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, D1
Both sides need balance - I have to respond to those two pro-hunting letters in last week's Sunday Independent. It seems that people who argue in favour of hunting with hounds find it necessary to throw up a smokescreen around the cruelty of the practice, and to indulge in a level of evasion that would put even the wily fox or the hare in the halfpenny place….. John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letters)


Hereford Times 2.1.10 Herefordshire hunt supporters hoping 2010 will see end of ban By Paul Rogers - THOUSANDS of people across the county braved icy conditions to give their support for the traditional hunt meetings in what could be the last under the current Hunting Act…. Around 1,000 people gathered in Hay-on-Wye on Boxing Day to support the Golden Valley Hunt, with a further 20 people on horseback… more than 50 huntsmen still managed to parade their horses and hounds in Ledbury on Boxing Day, which saw several thousand people come out in support…. (story)

York Press 2.1.10 Weather blow for New Year’s Day Derwent Hunt in Thornton-le-Dale - HARD frost and snowy conditions stopped an annual North Yorkshire hunt going ahead, but about 250 supporters still turned out on foot. The New Year’s Day Derwent Hunt, which meets at The Hall, in Thornton-le-Dale, was called off due to concerns for the horses’ well-being and fear of possible injury… (story)

Kent News 2.1.10 Enthusiasts hunt for a change in the law this year - More than 1,000 hunting enthusiasts turned out to support the traditional Boxing Day meet in west Kent and express their opposition to the controversial act banning the blood sport. They hope the 2009 gathering of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt will be the last under the act that outlawed the rural tradition of hunting wild animals with dogs…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.1.10 Hunts buoyed by New Year's Day turnouts - WESTCOUNTRY hunts were in optimistic mood yesterday as hundreds of followers turned out for traditional New Year's Day meets. One of the best attended was the Four Burrow Hunt which rode out from St Columb Major, near Newquay… The Modbury Harriers, which turned out at Holbeton, in the South Hams, were also well supported as was the East Devon Hunt which met at Ottery St Mary. The East Devon's master of foxhounds Chris Stephens said: "Despite the frosty morning, we had horses and a lot of people turn out to see us, which was nice to see…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.1.10 Hoey: Scrap 'failed' hunting ban - A LABOUR MP has called for the "immediate repeal" of the controversial hunting act by whoever wins the General Election. Kate Hoey, Labour MP for Vauxhall, argues the festive hunts that met in Westcountry towns and villages prove the law, introduced five years ago, has "failed"… (story)

The Sentinel 2.1.10 Fox-hunting is barbaric - DESPICABLE: The only people who could possibly find joy in the ritualistic torture and disembowelment of a small creature are cowards. So it should come as no surprise that it is the despicable Tory toffs who are thinking of lifting the fox-hunting ban, so their friends and family members can participate in the carnage…. CRAIG POND Chell Heath (letter)

Yorkshire Post 2.1.10 Hunting shows moral bankruptcy - From: Penny Little, Protect Our Wild Animals, Ely Road, Llandaff, Cardiff. DESPITE her efforts, Kate Hoey does not demonstrate in her polemic ("Hunting long and hard for any sense in this flawed law", Yorkshire Post, December 26) that it is impossible to effectively ban hunting. She demonstrates that it is impossible to invest the hunting fraternity with the decency to respect the spirit of the law… (letter)

Financial Times 2.1.10 All in the game By Rowley Leigh - With the slow demise of the driven shooting season at the end of January, things are already slowing down and the rough shooting recommences…. During the season, it is not surprising that gamekeepers concentrate on where the revenue comes from, the big shooting days that can guarantee a good bag for the visiting guns…. . It does mean, however, that there is a monotony in the bag. It seems to be more difficult to get woodcock, snipe and teal, for example, and rabbits, pigeons and hares are hard to come by. The result is that as the season tapers off, these oddments come back on the menu. Rough shoots, “walking up”, start again, pigeon decoys are set and keepers go lamping at night for rabbits…. Rowley Leigh is the chef at Le Café Anglais (story)

Yorkshire Post 2.1.10 Birds of prey flying high From: AM Mitchell, spokesman, National Gamekeepers' Organisation, Bishop Auckland, County Durham - IT is good to see Kate Humble, at present fronting an RSPB fund-raising drive, accepting that there can sometimes be a conflict between birds of prey and livelihoods (Yorkshire Post, December 30). The National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO) condemns illegal killing and is happy to endorse her call for legal solutions… However, Yorkshire Post readers should not be misled into thinking that birds of prey populations in the UK are endangered. In truth, they are at record highs…. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 30.12.09 Help us save the birds of prey from illegal killing - I AM writing to say a huge thank you to all the thousands of you who have put your names to the RSPB's call to stop the killing of birds of prey…. We understand that livelihoods must be protected, but so must our birds of prey, and we really believe it is possible to do both. The more names we have, the louder the message we send to those who break the law, and those who uphold it… From: Kate Humble, President, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 2.1.10 Norfolk fuel prices set to hit a record high in 2010 - CHRIS BISHOP - Fuel prices in Norfolk could hit record highs this year, with a raft of tax increases set to send pump prices soaring…. Sally Smith, Norfolk spokeswoman for the Country Land and Business Association, said: “It's the old double whammy for anyone living in a rural area…. Tim Bonner, from the Countryside Alliance, said: “You have to drive to access more and more services with the centralisation of things like healthcare, so we say to the government have you considered the impact this is going to have on rural communities… (story)


Newark Advertiser 1.1.10 Hundreds support New Year’s Day hunt - More than 400 people gathered in Newark Market Place this morning to watch the traditional New Year’s Day meet of the South Nott Hunt…. (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 1.1.10 Crowds gather at hunt as supporters hope for change - HUNT organisers are hopeful legislation banning hunting will be scrapped in 2010. With the Conservatives promising to repeal the ban if they come into power, members of the Cottesmore Hunt are looking ahead to the general election in the hope changes will be rung… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 1.1.10 Hunt Meets Despite Snow - Members of the Percy Hunt gathered at the barbican of Alnwick Castle for the New Year's Day Hunt… (story)

Independent 1.1.10 A vote for Tories backs fox-hunting - I am very concerned to hear about the Tory intention to re-legalise fox-hunting and stag-hunting should they be returned to power (report, 26 December). Millions of people, including me, believe these forms of hunting are cruel and barbaric and have no place in a civilised society… Keith Darlington, Gants Hill, Essex
I am glad Gordon Brown is squaring up to the Tories over hunting. A vote for David Cameron is a vote to re-legalise the barbaric sport of hunting, and putative Tory voters should be aware of this… Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire
Hilary Benn (Comment, 26 December) justifies his support for the ban on hunting, claiming three-quarters of the people support the ban. Presumably, adopting the same test, this means he is also in favour of bringing back hanging, a great deal more barbaric than fox-hunting, but which most of the population also support… John Charman, Birchington, Kent
Undoubtedly, Gordon Brown's views on fox-hunting are shared by many in our society opposed to cruelty but where does that leave the suffering of countless millions of fish, writhing and gasping their last on the decks of trawlers? Robert Vincent, Wildhern, Hampshire (letters)

Irish Times 1.1.10 Controversy over stag hunt ban - Your excellent front-page photograph (December 30th) captures what some will see as a grand old Irish tradition, the beginning of a carted stag hunt. Supporters of this blood sport make much of its traditional status – the fact that the Ward Union Stag Hunt is over 150 years old – as if this cultural mantle confers respectability on the practice. Yet dog-fighting, cock-fighting and bear baiting could lay equal claim to being time-honoured traditions, with far longer histories behind them… JOHN FITZGERALD, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny
While I am fully in agreement with most of Kevin O’Connor’s excellent column (“Stag hunt ban is Green ignorance gone rabid”, Opinion, December 18th), I must correct him on one small point… I have hunted in England since the infamous ban came into existence there in February of 2005 and I can assure your readers that foxes are still being culled there in the traditional manner, law or no law. Drag hunting is simply a subterfuge the hunting community have been forced into as a result of this wretched and badly-drafted piece of legislation which was motivated purely by class hatred and found its way onto the statute books when Tony Blair needed to pay off his backbenches for their support in invading Iraq… PHILIP DONNELLY, Roseberry, Newbridge, Co Kildare (letter)

Hereford Times 2.1.10 John Lewis of Whitney on Wye feels low-meat diet is good for us and planet - I HAVE to take issue with Caroline Bedell's comments for the CLA (Hereford Times, December 10) under the headline “Meat-free talk misguided”. Lower meat consumption would not result in more rainforest destruction for soya farming, as the majority of soya (and cereals) are used for animal feed when they could be far more efficiently fed to human beings directly… (letter)