January 2011

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ThisIsSomerset 31.1.11 Fight to protect the 'culture' of fox and stag hunting - Fox and stag hunting should be afforded protection by the United Nations because it is ‘woven into the fabric of rural life’, a leading European politician has said. Tory MEP Roger Helmer called for hunting with dogs – which is currently technically banned in Britain – to be given special cultural status by UNESCO... Mr Helmer spoke after UNESCO awarded the cultural status to the ancient practice of falconry, following a major campaign from across the world... (story)

Uttoxeter Post & Times 31.1.11 Fox hunting is simply barbaric - I am writing in regard to fox hunting. This sport is barbaric... Mrs E Brant, Cheadle. (letter)

Buckingham Advertiser 31.1.11 A golden opportunity - or a cruel sport? - From Brian Taylor, The South Northamptonshire Leisure Trust - I read with interest the article on The Ascot of the Greyhound World which covered the possible greyhound stadium at Towcester Racecourse. It never ceases to amaze me how people locally seem too often first focus on the negative. To me this project would give another first class leisure facility to Towcester and give a much-needed boost to the local economy...
From Caryn Wood, board of directors, GREY2K USA - I am writing in response to your January 24 article, Dog Track Plan At Towcester Racecourse. If a greyhound racetrack were to be constructed at Towcester, certain attendees would have nothing to celebrate. The greyhounds could risk injury and death while racing. I believe that greyhound racing is cruel.... (letters)

Plymouth Herald 31.1.11 Pigeon racing is a distorted pleasure - I FEEL I must take issue with Mr Terry Luscombe, the pigeon expert, ('Falcons are putting pigeon racing on brink', says fancier, January 22). As I see it, the problem is with the transporting of a bird with a defined territory and home, miles away, even overseas, and subjecting it to a long and hazardous flight to reach its home and safety. To me, this is an act of cruelty. In my view, to use its natural homing instinct in such a way is not sport but a distorted human pleasure... MRS E BRADFIELD, Wembury (letter)

Shetland Marine News 31.1.11 Clash of views over new seal law - Pete Bevington - NEW laws to protect seals in Scotland have been welcomed by the salmon farming industry and condemned as useless by a wildlife campaigner... animal rights campaigner John Robins, of Animal Concern, said the new law would actually give licence holders the right to shoot any seal at any time... (story)


Horse & Hound 29.1.11 Community service for man connected to Otis burglaries - A 35-year-old man connected to three burglaries from South Shropshire joint-master Otis Ferry's home has been given a community sentence.... (story)
Shropshire Star 22.1.11 Offender warned to avoid hunt leader Otis Ferry - A Shropshire man who was found with a number of items stolen from the home of Otis Ferry has been warned to stay away from the hunt campaigner... At Shrewsbury Crown Court yesterday Nigel Harris, of Lower Cross, Cross Houses, Shrewsbury, admitted receiving stolen goods... Ferry is the joint master of the South Shropshire hunt and is a fox hunting enthusiast and prominent pro-hunting protester.... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 29.1.11 Whaling is barbaric – it's just wrong' - Next week presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff will abseil 100ft down the Avon Gorge to raise money for the campaign to stop whaling. She talks to Suzanne Savill about her passion for marine conservation... She is passionate about the subject, and next weekend will be taking part in a mass abseil down the Avon Gorge to help raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society's Stop Whaling campaign... (story)


Country Life 28.1.11 Fox-hunting girl: back on board in 2011 - Octavia gets back in (and briefly out) of the saddle, and looks back to the days before the ban in the last of her fox-hunting tales - Octavia Pollock - At last, at long last, I've been hunting again! Radio silence for the past two months has been due to complete lack of hunting-I hadn't been out since November 20th last year. Weddings and weather were the reasons for my enforced absence from the hunting field, culminating in a big day being flooded off last week. Thankfully 11am last Saturday saw me back with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray in Sussex aboard the great chestnut Fred.... (story)

Harborough Mail 28.1.11 Not all horse riders support bloodthirsty hunting -MY father-in-law was William Falkner who worked from Falkners shoe shop in the High Street (now featured in the Harborough Museum). His father and grandfather made hunting boots for local gentry at some time... I applaud the League Against Cruel Sports and their triumphant outcome at the trial of the Fernie pair who presumed they could do as they liked to our wild animals in broad daylight... Maureen Falkner, Mowsley Lane, Walton (letter)

Croydon Advertiser 28.1.11 'Truth is shooting's one of world's safest sports' - YOUNG mum Gayle Copper has been shooting for 18 months and absolutely loves it. The 32-year-old has a three-year-old son and, far from thinking guns encourage violence, the tattoo artist thinks lawful firearms training has the opposite effect on youngsters.... Now Gayle, who prefers a target rifle, enters competitions with Croydon Rifle and Pistol Club, based in Jessop Way... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 28.1.11 They feel pain like us - W HILE not having actually seen the film produced by Animal Aid regarding the less than acceptable footage of the killing of animals in British slaughterhouses, (re. Mrs Banwell's letter of January 19, Evening Post), I too am extremely concerned, but not altogether shocked, that these practices still exist... There is a charity, Compassion in World Farming, started more than 40 years ago that campaigns for improvements in farming standards worldwide.... G Adams, Knowle. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 19.1.11 Film shocked me - I have just watched footage of British slaughterhouses which was filmed secretly by campaigning group Animal Aid. It is the most shocking thing I have ever seen... Mrs L Banwell, Wrington (letter)

York Press 28.1.11 Shocking footage of “humane” animal slaughter - THE campaign group Animal Aid has filmed undercover in UK slaughterhouses and found cruelty and law breaking on a massive scale. This shocking footage of “humane” slaughter will leave you horrified at the brutality terrified animals endure... Pauline McSweeney, The Ridings, Wetherby Road, York (letter)


Horse & Hound 27.1.11 Hunting supporters urged to lobby MPs on subject of repeal - Martha Terry - The Countryside Alliance (CA) is urging all hunting supporters to lobby their MP on repeal of the Hunting Act, despite environment minister Caroline Spelman saying that a review was low on the list of the government's priorities... (story)

Country Life 27.1.11 Hunts count the cost of the weather - Many hunt packs’ finances were impacted following the dire weather in December and January - Paula Lester - The loss of so many days' hunting during the coldest December for 100 years, compounded by wet and foggy weather this month, has had a deleterious effect on many packs' finances....the Duke of Beaufort's lost about 20 days over five weeks... Stuart Trousdale, joint-master and huntsman of the Jed Forest in the Scottish borders, comments: ‘We haven't ridden since November 23, but we've been out on motorbikes.'... ‘We've lost 10 days' hunting and it has affected us very badly,' says Ian Pearse, master of the South Devon... ‘At first, the lack of hunting was dispiriting, but then it became worrying,' agrees Robin Muir, joint-master of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray..... (story)

Dundee Courier 27.1.11 Fife vet at centre of fox protest issues strong denial - A Fife vet has vehemently denied being "anti-fox" after furious protesters accused him of callously slaughtering animals. Dressed as large furry foxes, members of the anti-huntinglobby descended on the Eden Veterinary Practice to vent their fury at Keith Talbot... (story)
Horse & Hound 16.1.11 Search is on for Britain's biggest fox - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - A giant fox weighing almost 2st has sparked debate that Britain may be home to even larger foxes. The fox — which was 4ft long and weighed 26.5lbs — was twice the size of an average fox. It was humanely trapped and killed by vet Keith Talbot, from Scotland, who was visiting his parents in Maidstone on Boxing Day.... The goliath was revealed on the internet-based Fieldsports Channel — which is now on the look out for other outsized foxes in the UK... (story)
KentOnline 4.1.11 Giant fox killed in Maidstone - A giant fox twice the normal size has been caught and killed in Maidstone. The huge animal, which weighed 26.5lb and was almost four feet long, was trapped and killed humanely by vet Keith Talbot. Mr Talbot, pictured left, killed the fox after it has been seen around his parents' house in Maidstone days after the remains of their 19-year-old tabby cat was found in the garden... (story)
Mail 3.1.11 Is this 4ft beast proof that foxes are getting bigger? Cat-killer trapped by vet By DAVID WILKES - Weighing almost two stone and measuring four feet from his nose to the tip of his tail, this is thought to be the biggest fox ever found in Britain. Twice the normal size of the species, it was trapped and killed in a garden in the South East after apparently devouring a pet cat.... (story)
Telegraph 3.1.11 Giant fox caught in Maidstone - A giant fox, that is twice the size of a normal specimen, has been captured in Kent, sparking fears that the animals are growing larger because of ‘easy living’ on bins and scraps. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The male fox weighed two stone or 26.5lb and was four foot long, about the height of a seven-year-old child. The giant fox was captured and killed in Maidstone after a cat in the local neighbourhood was killed.... (story)
Sun 3.1.11 Monster 26lb fox chomps pet puss By RHODRI PHILLIPS - A HUGE fox - believed to be the biggest ever caught in Britain - was killed after it apparently ate a family's pet cat.... (story)
Sky News 2.1.11 'Biggest Ever' Fox Caught In Britain - Adam Arnold, Sky News Online - A fox, believed to be the biggest ever found in Britain, has been caught and killed after it apparently ate a family's pet cat. The giant creature was twice the normal size of its species and weighed 26.5lb - or nearly two stone.... The animal was caught on Boxing Day by vet Keith Talbot who had laid a trap with food, while he spent Christmas at his parents' home in Maidstone, Kent... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 27.1.11 Village hunt and hounds are on the wrong trail - I READ with horror (January 25) your story about a pack of hounds chasing after two foxes, going through a back garden in Coleby and frightening some little children who were happily playing games. If I had been the parents of the distressed children, I would have soon gone to see the main honcho at the Blankney Hunt. It's all right that Margaret Morris, a master of the hunt, has since apologised but that is not the issue here as the baying pack of hounds could easily have turned on the poor little children and rendered them serious physical and mental harm for life.... DENNIS ESBERGER Lincoln
This hunt acted unlawfully by failing to control its hounds. I thought fox hunting was banned anyway?... Jill Freeman Lincoln. (letters)

Independent 27.1.11 Forests for sale - The government today [27 January] publishes a consultation on the possible sale of large swathes of publicly owned forest land across England. As leaders of charities concerned with wildlife conservation, habitat, animal welfare and public access to the countryside, we are concerned that sales may not take adequate account of the public interest in that land, if and when it is sold... Douglas Batchelor, League Against Cruel Sports, David Bowles, RSPCA, Simon Cowell, Wildlife Aid, Mark Jones, Care for the Wild, Justin Kerswell, Viva, Pauline Kidner, Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Robbie Marsland, IFAW UK, Suzi Morris, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Fiona Ogg, OneKind, Marina Pacheco, Mammal Society, David Williams, Badger Trust, Godalming Surrey (letter)

Northern Echo 27.1.11 Animal Aid - I WOULD like to congratulate the members of Animal Aid for all their hard work, especially in persuading Marks and Spencers and Morrisons supermarkets to install CCTV cameras in their slaughterhouses... M Embling, Hunwick (letter)


ThisIsSouthWales 26.1.11 Anti-hunt film to be screened - ANTI-HUNT campaigners in west Wales are screening a film about the experiences of hunt monitors — who follow hunts and keep an eye out for the welfare of the animals involved. David Petersen, of St Clears, said the film, called A Minority Pastime, was "life-changing" piece of work.... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 26.1.11 Reality of hunt is nothing to savour - IN the Carmarthen Journal of January 19, C. Richardson writes in your letters section that the coverage was 'too anti-hunt'. Well many of us feel that the coverage has been too much in favour of the hunt!.... David Petersen, Chairman of West Wales Animal Aid (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 19.1.11 Coverage was too anti-hunt - I WAS very disappointed with your coverage of the New Year's Day Hunt in Carmarthen this year. The article was mainly about the 'antis' view of things as was the only picture, despite the headline that 1500 people attended to view/support the hunt there was not one picture of either the hunt nor mounted supporters.... Also may I say that I (and many with me) were appalled at the bad manners shown by the protesters in drowning out the Master's speech to the crowd, which was only to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank the crowd for their support... C Richardson, Pinged, Burry Port (letter)
ThisIsSouthWales 5.1.11 1,500 spectators welcome the new year hunt to town By Bruce Sinclair - NEARLY 1,500 people turned up to see Carmarthen's annual New Year Hunt.... League Against Cruel Sports member Mike Sharratt stressed that groups like the league were not against events like the New Year hunt, only against the hunting of animals itself... Carmarthen hunt master Mike Watts praised the public support for the New Year hunt and the earlier Boxing Day hunt at nearby Meidrim, but admitted that numbers were down slightly... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales (probably Carmarthen Journal) 4.1.11 Crowds turn out to cheer Carmarthen's traditional new year hunt By Bruce Sinclair - LOVE or hate them, nearly 1,500 people turned out to watch one yesterday. But while Carmarthen's annual new year hunt was a drag hunt, which meant no foxes were killed, there were still protests from people calling for the Hunting Act to remain in force.... League Against Cruel Sports member Mike Sharratt stressed that groups like the league were not against the tradition and spectacle of events like the New Year hunt... Carmarthen hunt master Mike Watts refuted that claim, saying that in 2010 a horse had become alarmed by one of the protest banners...(story)

Argus 26.1.11 No accident - Your front page article with pictures from the video taken of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt “accidentally” killing a fox found in undergrowth shows the shortcomings of policing the Hunting Act... Jacqueline Deeks, Wendy Ridge, Rustington (letter)

ThisIsCornwall 26.1.11 Game-keeping on offer at Duchy - Duchy College is to offer a new course in game-keeping and wildlife management, following its success in running apprenticeships in game-keeping for the past three years.... (story)
Cornwall 19.1.11 On course to become a gamekeeper - DUCHY College is offering a new course in gamekeeping and wildlife management from September. The BTEC Diploma Level 2 will show students how to maintain and improve game populations and habitats.... (story)

York Press 26.1.11 Killing pheasants for pleasure is wrong - IN RESPONSE to Pamela Frankland, I must voice my support for the view taken by Brenda Mackfall (Letters, January 22). Killing for pleasure is inherently wrong... Eileen Elstrop Mill Lane, Wigginton (letter)
York Press 22.1.11 Not so deadly - WITH regard to Brenda Mackfall’s concerns over the shot pheasant (Letters, January 15), as a farmer for many years, may I say that she is wrong to say shooting will continue for months to come. Pheasant shooting season is from October to January 31, so the end is nigh... Pamela Frankland, Lodge Farm, Hull Road, Dunnington, York (letter)
York Press 15.1.11 Pheasant shooting - cruel spectacle they call sport - I AM putting pen to paper to get this cruel experience out of my mind. I was in my kitchen preparing lunch when I heard a terrific bang; it shook the windows. I looked outside and on the ground was a beautiful pheasant dying.... What cruelty to have to see, what suffering, pain and terror this poor bird went through – and they call this sport. This was very painful for myself and my family... Mrs B Mackfall, Scoreby, York. (letter)

South Wales Echo 26.1.11 Changes benefit animal welfare - THE Welsh Assembly Government’s proposals to introduce new legislation on dog breeding should only be seen as a positive step towards improving animal welfare in this country. I must admit I was disappointed to read that there seems little support for the new plans, citing bureaucracy as one of the main issues.... Rebecca Harris, Llys Tudful, Creigiau, Cardiff (letter)


Lincolnshire Echo 25.1.11 Dog chase investigation - WILDLIFE crime officers are investig- ating to see whether hounds from a Lincoln- shire hunt illegally chased foxes through a village near Sleaford... Police spokesman James Newall said police had been contacted by a family whose children had been playing in the garden and were left distressed by the incident. He said: "We are looking to see if an offence has been committed." Margaret Morris, a master of the Blankney Hunt, which was in the area at the time, said it had been an "unfortunate" and "isolated" incident.... The investigation has come at a time when fox hunting is once again being debated by politicians on both a national and European level. In a post on his website, Lincolnshire MEP Roger Helmer said a recent decision by UNESCO to recognise falconry – the hunting of small game with trained birds of prey – as "an intangible cultural heritage of humanity" conferred in turn a status to hunting in general... (story)

Bucks Herald 25.1.11 Bercow hounded for sudden U-turn on fox hunting laws - VALE MP John Bercow has sparked fresh controversy after coming out in support of the hunting ban. The Commons Speaker wrote to a constituent arguing that it was wrong to hunt and kill foxes in the 21st century.... His volte-face comes at the same time his wife Sally wrote an article for the Labour Uncut website slating the ‘scarlet-clad tally-ho brigade’ and attacking ‘Tory toff’ plans to repeal the Hunting Act... Polly Portwin of the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase said she was disappointed with Mr Bercow’s new position. She said: “He’s always told us he supports repeal, but suddenly when his wife makes her feelings known he changes his stance.”... (story)
Express 20.1.11 SPEAKER IN ROW OVER HUNT BAN By Martyn Brown - COMMONS Speaker John Bercow was last night savaged for politicising his historically impartial role by revealing that he supports the ban on fox hunting.... (story)
Bucks Free Press 20.1.11 Bercow under fire for change on hunting ban By Rebecca Cain - THE Speaker of the House of Commons and MP for Buckingham has come under fire for “changing his strongly held convictions” on the hunting ban. John Bercow, whose constituency covers Princes Risborough, reportedly wrote a letter to a constituent from Buckingham at the start of the month saying there was a “compelling” argument for the ban and hunting foxes to kill them was “wrong in the 21st century.”... (story)
Telegraph 19.1.11 Speaker John Bercow's impartiality questioned over hunting stance - The impartiality of the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, has been questioned after he wrote to a voter declaring his support for the ban on hunting. By John Bingham - His comments came as his wife Sally, a prominent Labour activist, wrote an article attacking the “scarlet-clad tally-ho brigade” and predicting that there would not be a vote to repeal the controversial act. As a Tory MP, before his election as Speaker, Mr Bercow was a strong opponent of Labour’s plans to ban hunting with dogs and voted against the legislation in Parliament. But in a letter to Clive Preston, a resident of his Buckingham constituency, he made clear that he now believes there is a “compelling” case for the ban... (story)
Independent 19.1.11 Speaker reveals he is a supporter of hunting ban - Commons Speaker John Bercow has risked further angering Tory MPs by revealing that he is a supporter of the hunting ban. Abandoning his supposed neutrality on controversial political issues, Mr Bercow told one of his constituents that he agreed that hunting foxes to kill them is "wrong in the 21st century".... (story)
BBC News Online 19.1.11 Speaker John Bercow under fire over hunt ban support - Commons Speaker John Bercow is at the centre of a fresh row over his impartiality after he revealed he backed the hunting ban. The Buckingham MP told a constituent he agreed hunting foxes to kill them was "wrong in the 21st Century... (story)

ThisIsDevon 25.1.11 Move to overturn ban on hunting unlikely this year - THE Government does not consider overturning the controversial ban on fox hunting a priority, and a parliamentary vote is "unlikely" this year, the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has said. Ms Spelman insisted there would be a review of the controversial Hunting Act if the parliamentary timetable permits.... (story)
Western Morning News 22.1.11 Action over the foxhunting ban unlikely this year – Spelman - The Government does not consider overturning the controversial ban on foxhunting a priority as a parliamentary vote is "unlikely" this year, the Environment Secretary has told the Western Morning News. Caroline Spelman says bringing to life a supermarket overseer to protect farmers is among greater concerns for ministers... (story)
Western Morning News 22.1.11 Putting the countryside back into the heart of Westminster - Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman tells Graeme Demianyk she believes the Government is improving the countryside.... Hunting Act – Tory promises of a free vote in the Commons were subtly replaced by a vote on motion for a free vote in the coalition agreement. It is still part of Defra's business plan, Ms Spelman insists. "We have an awful lot of things we need to get through as a matter of priority, connected with tackling the deficit and clearing up the mess we have inherited from Labour. "It has got to take its place in the queue of things we need to achieve." A vote this year? "I just don't know. I think it's unlikely."... (story)

Worcester News 25.1.11 Police had no idea about Hunting Act - On several occasions while living in Wales I had a pack of hounds come across my land. The huntsmen were still on the next road. The hounds could have killed as a pack, which is illegal. On calling the police, I found that they seemed to have no idea about how the law worked... GERALDINE ENGEL, Malvern (letter)

Melton Times 25.1.11 Arctic trek for country girls - TWO friends who met at Brooksby Melton Agricultural College are hoping to raise £10,000 for charity by sledding across the arctic wilderness of Norway with the help of six huskies. Frances Elson and Anna Martin will be sledding more than 200km on a seven-day trek in the freezing wilderness of Norway’s Finmark region to raise money for the Countryside Alliance... (story)

Bolton News 25.1.11 MP presses for law banning cosmetics tested on animals - BOLTON MP Julie Hilling has urged ministers to press for enforcement of a ban on animal-tested cosmetics... (story)

p>Kirriemuir Herald 22.1.11 Appeal success for Easy Walkers By Kirsty Topping - Local animal rights campaigner Daryl Beech has donated a substantial amount of dog food to local animal care facilities. Over £500 worth of food was collected in the space of just a month and has now been presented to both Dundee’s Brown Street Kennels and Help for Abandoned Animals in Arbroath... (story)


Scotland on Sunday 23.1.11 Letters: Hare cull needed to manage moors - YOUR article relating to hare culls in Scotland is inaccurate (News, 9 January). Scottish moors can continue to harvest hares without fear of compromising their European conservation status. Over the years mountain hares have become an important asset for many estates in Highland Scotland. This is because management for red grouse, notably improving habitat and controlling predators, has allowed mountain hare populations in Scotland to build densities up to ten times greater than seen anywhere else in Europe... Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust; Scottish Rural and Property Business Association; Scottish Gamekeepers Association; British Association of Shooting and Conservation (Scotland); Scottish Countryside Alliance; Scottish Estates Business Group; The Heather Trust
IT IS not often I agree with Scottish Natural Heritage but I was pleasantly surprised to see SNH has come out against the culling of mountain hares.... John F Robins, Animal Concern, Advice Line, Dumbarton (letters)
Scotland on Sunday 9.1.11 Cull of 25,000 hares called into question By Jane Bradley - THEY have inhabited the uplands for more than 130,000 years but are culled in their tens of thousands by estate owners trying to halt the spread of fatal diseases in valuable red grouse. But now a new report suggests that the yearly slaughter of iconic mountain hares on the Scottish hills to protect the prized game birds from tick-borne conditions may be unnecessary.... (story)


ThisIsDevon 22.1.11 Alice joins the huntin', shootin' and fishin' brigade - A friend of Hubby's recently invited me out. It was not some clandestine rendezvous involving dinner and a drink or even the pictures and chips... A week ago I got an email from the aforementioned friend to dress up warmly, bring some wellies and to meet him and his friends on Saturday at an address, miles away in the country.... Ade taught me how to load my gun and explained the safety procedures. All I had to do was spot a bird, aim and fire. We heard the beaters in the distant copse. I held my breath. Suddenly, a mighty flap of feathers flew overhead. I shut my eyes and fired. I didn't expect such noise nor recoil.... (story)

Independent 22.1.11 No reason to cull badgers - To portray the issue over bovine TB as being cows versus badgers is naive (Anna Pavord, 15 January). Whether you like cows more than badgers, because they have big eyes and walk in a sexy way is neither here nor there. The badger is a wild creature that was an important part of this landscape long before humans walked across the North Sea land bridge. Modern cattle are a product of breeding and genetic manipulation by man, valued only for their ability to produce unnatural quantities of milk, and as dead meat... Ian Huckson, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria (letter)


ThisIsDevon 21.1.11 Ex-racers have all the right attributes to make a professional hunting horse - In the second part of our series focusing on a Westcountry huntsman and his horses, Annabel Groom finds out about his love of the Thoroughbred. "The best horse for the hunting field is a Thoroughbred", says huntsman Ian Pearse, who loves the breed for its speed, stamina and temperament. Of the nine horses stabled at the South Devon Hunt's Kennels in Pulsford, more than half are ex-race horses, some of which retired after a successful career on the track, some who never made the grade and had an uncertain future ahead of them... (story)
ThisIsDevon 14.1.11 The baying of the hounds is a lifelong passion for huntsman Ian - Annabel Groom begins a three-part series looking at a Westcountry huntsman, his horses and his hounds. Hunting may have been a hobby as a boy but it's now a full-time job for Ian Pearse who is huntsman and sole master of the South Devon Hunt.... (story)

Horse & Hound 21.1.11 Pony Club members selected for hunting exchange in USA - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Four young riders have been selected to take part in the 2011 Pony Club Hunting Exchange in the USA. The programme will take place in Virginia and Maryland from 1-9 March. Pony Club members aged 16-25, with their Pony Club B Test or higher, were invited to apply for selection on the exchange... (story)

Leek Post & Times 21.1.11 Hunting ban must remain - I read with horror that fox hunting might start again.... Blood sports should be abolished. Vera Riley, Leek (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.1.11 Ban here to stay - Contrary to Robin Johnson's views (Mailbox, January 17), recent figures show that the balance of opinion in theHouse of Commons is against a repeal of the Hunting Act.... those who monitor hunts are seeing fewer supporters and followers and fewer meets. Mr Johnson might think the Hunting Act is "ridiculous" but he is in the minority. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.1.11 Hunting's here to stay – get used to it - Elizabeth Allison suggests there is too much publicity given to the hunts... As someone who disagrees with virtually everything she opines on, whether it be hunting, animals, vegetarianism and the like, might I suggest an "Elizabeth Allison-free" Mailbox... Robin Johnson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 8.1.11 Too much coverage given to hunts - I must protest at the publicity given to the hunts. With "Riders in the saddle for traditional hunts".... Hunting with dogs is against the law but it is obvious that hunt participants and followers hope for a repeal of the Hunting Act..... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Independent 21.1.11 Raptors thrive on grouse moors - Peter Brown (letter, 14 January) claims that eating wild game meat is not ethical, citing "the extermination of birds of prey on grouse moors". Yet one of the two raptor species he mentions – the merlin – does particularly well on grouse moors. As for the hen harrier, which he says "now has a very tenuous hold in England", the fact is that there were no hen harriers nesting on the British mainland 100 years ago. Since then, their numbers have grown to more than 800 nesting pairs.... A Mitchell, National Gamekeepers' Organisation, Darlington, Co Durham (letter)
Independent 21.1.11 The case for eating squirrels - I'm all for eating free-range hopefully organic, "wild game" meat, but in many cases this is not in any way ethical ("Wild things", 6 January). The brown hare in the UK has declined drastically (particularly in the south) in the past 30 years... The price paid for eating grouse is the extermination of birds of prey on grouse moors, such as hen harrier and merlin.... Peter Brown, Brighton
What Dracula of a chef would, in cold blood, casserole any wild creature – let alone the madcap hare –in its own re-heated blood? Marion O'Neil (Mountain Hare Correspondent, Hare Preservation Trust), Dunfermline, Fife (letters)

Hamilton Advertiser 21.1.11 Prowling foxes attacking stranded swans at Strathclyde Park - by Leona Greenan, Hamilton Advertiser - FURTHER concern has been raised over the welfare of pond birds at Strathclyde Park Loch. Park-goers claim a number of swans have been hunted and killed by foxes in recent months resulting in pleas for more to be done to protect the birds... (story)

Western Mail 21.1.11 Calls to curb the rising use of animals in experiments by Peter Law, Western Mail - ANTI-VIVISECTION campaigners have condemned the rising use of live animals in scientific research in Wales... Roger Williams, the Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, used Parliamentary Questions to get the Welsh breakdown.... Dr Katy Taylor, BUAV’s senior science adviser, said: “While universities may be developing alternatives which we would of course support, they also need to commit to bringing the numbers down in their own institutions. The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research funds research at universities... Its chief executive, Kailah Eglington, was “surprised and disappointed” to learn that animal experiments had increased so dramatically in Wales... (story)

Redditch & Alcester Chronicle 21.1.11 - Ian Dipple - A PAIR of animal activists from Alcester have narrowly escaped jail for their part in a series of attacks on branches of Barclays Bank. Christopher Potter, 20 and Maria Neal, 21 were both given 12 month prison sentences suspended for two years, as well as receiving a community order requiring them to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work when they appeared at Winchester Crown Court.... (story)
Salisbury 19.1.11 Ringwood leader of animal activists jailed - THE Ringwood leader of an animal rights group which attacked branches of Barclays Bank because of links to an animal testing lab, has been jailed. Thomas Harris, 27, of Somerville Road, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage at earlier hearings.... (story)
Telegraph 14.1.11 Animal rights extremists sentenced for attacks on Barclays due to links to testing laboratory - The mother of an "idealistic" young animal rights extremist sentenced for her part in a series of attacks on branches of Barclays bank due to its links to a testing laboratory yesterday said the family were desperate to put her acts behind them By Andy Bloxham and John Bingham - Maria Neal, 21, was part of a gang which attacked four branches in Hampshire in 2008 by daubing graffiti including the words "murderers" and "scum" on doors and gluing post boxes and cash machine slots.... Miss Neal's mother Diana Neal, 48, last night fought back tears as she spoke to the Daily Telegraph from their semi-detached three-bedroomed home with a gravel drive on a quiet street in the suburbs of Leicester... (story)
Portsmouth News 14.1.11 Extra year in jail for animal rights group ringleader By Chris Broom - The ringleader of an animal rights group has been given an extra year behind bars. Thomas Harris, 27, from Gosport, admitted his part in causing criminal damage at branches of Barclays banks in Hampshire, including Bishop's Waltham and Park Gate..... (story)
Mail 14.1.11 Animal rights girl who attacked Barclays branches is told her crimes 'should haunt her for rest of life' - A young woman who launched 'appalling' attacks on branches of Barclays over its then-links to an animal testing lab was yesterday told that her crimes should 'haunt her for the rest of her life'. Maria Neal, 21, was part of a gang who daubed graffiti including 'scum' and 'murderers' on doors as well as gluing cash machines and post boxes shut because of the bank's association with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 14.1.11 Alcester animal rights activists attacked Barclays Bank branches, court hears By Duncan Gibbons - TWO animal rights activists from Alcester were yesterday handed suspended jail sentences for attacking banks with links to an animal testing lab. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 21, both of Seggs Lane, Alcester, were jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 13.1.11 Ringwood animal rights extremist Thomas Harris jailed for attacks on Barclays Bank - THE HAMPSHIRE leader of an animal rights group which attacked branches of Barclays Bank because of links to an animal testing lab, has been jailed. Thomas Harris, 27, from Ringwood, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage at earlier hearings. He now faces 12 months in jail for attacks, which were carried out due to the bank's links with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 21, both from Seggs Lane, Alcester, Warwickshire, were also each sentenced today to 12-month prison sentences, suspended for two years. Potter and Neal were also ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work..... (story)
Huntingdon News & Crier 13.1.11 Animal rights activists jailed for bank attack - The leader of an animal rights group which attacked branches of Barclays Bank because of the company’s then links to the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) was jailed for 12 months today. Thomas Harris, 27, from Ringwood, Hampshire, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage at earlier hearings. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 21, both from Seggs Lane, Alcester, Warwickshire, were also each sentenced today to 12- month prison sentences, suspended for two years... Roger Climie, prosecuting, said that Harris was in charge of Shac at the time of these attacks. He is already serving a four-year jail term for conspiracy to blackmail companies linked to HLS in an attempt to close it down. His sentence today is consecutive to the term he is already serving... (story)
Independent 13.1.11 Leader of animal rights attacks is jailed By Ben Mitchell, PA - The leader of an animal rights group which attacked branches of Barclays Bank because of the company's then links to the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) was jailed for 12 months today. Thomas Harris, 27, from Ringwood, Hampshire, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage at earlier hearings....(story)
Portsmouth News 13.1.11 Animal rights activist jailed for year longer - THE ringleader of an animal rights group has been given an extra year behind bars. Thomas Harris, 27, originally from Gosport, admitted his part in the conspiracy to cause criminal damage in a series of attacks on branches of Barclays banks in Hampshire, including Bishop's Waltham and Park Gate.... Harris, who moved to Ringwood, Hampshire, is a prominent member of the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), and is already serving a four-year jail term for conspiracy to blackmail companies linked to HLS in an attempt to close it down.... (story)
BBC News Online 13.1.11 Barclays Bank animal activists sentenced - Three animal rights activists who admitted helping attack Barclays Bank because of the firm's then links to an animal testing lab have been sentenced. Thomas Harris, 27, was jailed for 12 months after admitting conspiracy to attack four Hampshire branches in 2008. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 21, both from Warwickshire, previously admitted taking part in the attacks in 2008, and got suspended jail terms.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 7.1.11 Guilty plea in animal rights vandalism case - A RINGWOOD animal rights activist has admitted his role in a series of criminal damage attacks against Barclays Bank in 2008. He will be sentenced, along with two others next week. Following last minute legal arguments ahead of a trial at Winchester Crown Court, Thomas Harris, 27, of Somerville Road, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause criminal damage. Two others, Christopher Potter, 20 and Maria Neal, 21, both of Seggs Lane, Alcester, Warwickshire pleaded guilty to the same charge in December 2010. All three will be sentenced in Winchester on 13th January... (story)
Portsmouth News 6.1.11 Activist targeted bank in animal rights crime wave By Chris Broom - An animal rights activist has admitted his role in a crime campaign targeting businesses supporting an animal testing lab. Thomas Harris, 29, changed his plea to guilty on a charge of conspiracy to cause criminal damage before a trial at Winchester Crown Court.... The banks, targeted for trading in shares for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), were daubed with painted slogans such as 'Scum', 'Murderers' and 'ALF', short for Animal Liberation Front... And a family had its car covered in paint thinner in a case of mistaken identity.... Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 21, both from Alcester in Warwickshire, admitted the same charge at an earlier hearing in December.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 6.1.11 Ringwood man a prominent member of gang targeting life science group - AN animal rights activist has admitted a series of attacks on Barclays Bank branches across Hampshire because of the company’s then links to the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Thomas Harris admitted he was involved in attacks on four branches of the bank across Hampshire.... Two others, Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 19, both from Seggs Lane, Alcester, Warwickshire, pleaded guilty to the same charge at an earlier hearing... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 6.1.11 Thomas Harris pleads guilty to helping attack Barclays Bank branches - AN animal rights activist from Ringwood pleaded guilty on Wednesday to helping attack Barclays Bank branches because of the company’s then links to the animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences.... (story)
Huntingdon News & Crier 6.1.11 Activist guilty of attacks on branches of Barclays - An animal rights activist pleaded guilty yesterday to helping attack Barclays Bank branches because of the company’s then links to animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences. Thomas Harris admitted he was involved in attacks in Hampshire on four branches of the bank... (story)
The Breeze 107 6.1.11 Man admits role in attacks at banks across Hampshire - Thomas Harris will be sentenced next week - A Hampshire animal rights activist has admitted his role in a series of criminal damage attacks against Barclays Bank across Hampshire in 2008... (story)
Portsmouth News 5.1.11 Hampshire man admits animal rights linked criminal damage By Chris Broom - An animal rights activist has admitted his role in a terror campaign targeting businesses supporting an animal testing lab. Thomas Harris, 29, changed his plea to guilty on a charge of conspiracy to cause criminal damage ahead of a trial at Winchester Crown Court... The Crown is allowing a similar charge against Harris' girlfriend, Nicola Tapping, 27, to lay on the file and will now not be pursued. Harris will be sentenced next Thursday (story)
BBC News Online 5.1.11 Animal rights man admits Hampshire Barclays attacks - An animal rights activist has pleaded guilty to helping attack Barclays Bank because of the firm's then links to an animal testing lab. Thomas Harris, 27, admitted conspiracy to commit criminal damage at four branches in Hampshire in 2008.... Two others have previously admitted involvement in the Barclays attacks. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 19, both from Seggs Lane, Alcester, Warwickshire, will be sentenced along with Harris, of Somerville Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, at Winchester Crown Court on 13 January... The hearing is the latest in a series of prosecutions of people linked to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), which Harris is a member of.... (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 5.1.11 Animal rights activist admits Barclays attacks - An animal rights activist has pleaded guilty to helping attack four Barclays Bank branches in Hampshire because of the company's then links to the animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. Thomas Harris, 27, is a prominent member of the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), and is already serving a four-year jail term for conspiracy to blackmail companies linked to Cambridge-based HLS in an attempt to close it down.... (story)


Horse & Hound 20.1.11 Riders for Ascot "Masters’ Race for Repeal" confirmed - Twelve Masters of Foxhounds (MFHs)have been confirmed to take part in the"Masters' Race for Repeal" at theCountryside Raceday at Ascot on Sunday10 April. The Masters' Race will be the first race of the day and is over seven furlongs... (story)

Western Gazette 20.1.11 IN reply to columnist Matthew Bell's letter directed at me (Western Gazette, January 6), I would like to say deception and deflection are all that the hunting and shooting fraternity has ever offered in place of justification for its various killing programmes.The Countryside Alliance is a master of this with its many deflective campaigns like saving rural post offices, fly tipping, countryside education and affordable rural housing to name but a few... I think most readers, whether they live in Yeovil or Dorchester or in Yetminster or Marshwood, know what occurs in towns, villages and in the countryside at large, and to try and marginalise a particular group under the guise as speaking for and about the rural community is counterproductive... Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)
Western Gazette 6.1.11 THERE are some issues I would like to address that Graham Forsyth attacks me for in my column titled "Rural costs of living puts life of rural areas at risk" (Western Gazette, December 9). The facts and figures researched by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation are nothing to do with the Countryside Alliance... Having written a column for the Western Gazette for 18 months, I have used information from the alliance on three occasions, so that hardly warrants the accusation that I'm its "mouthpiece" in Dorset and Somerset, nor do I claim to speak for all the rural community... In my opinion it is somewhat sexist to say the alliance appointed Mrs Barnard for her looks... Mr Forsyth also wants to assert there is a hunt bogeyman behind every alliance statement on non-field sports rural issues but in truth, this is just plain bunk... Matthew Bell, Poole (letter)
Western Gazette 23.12.10 YOUR columnist Matthew Bell seems to be the mouthpiece of the Countryside Alliance in this neck of the woods and like the Countryside Alliance he purports to be the real voice of the rural community. We have just had a severe cold spell with wildlife struggling to survive... Meanwhile, most of the hunting and shooting lobby carry on regardless of the suffering they cause to animals already finding life very difficult... graham forsyth, chard (letter)

ThisIsDevon 20.1.11 Are urban foxes being taken from the city to Dartmoor? - Urban foxes collected off city streets and dumped in the countryside where they're meant to live happily ever after. Is the scenario modern day fact, or rural apocrypha? That's a question which has been asked many times in various parts of the countryside where suddenly locals see foxes wandering around in a bad state of health – and now it's being asked again on Western Dartmoor. Some local landowners in the Horndon area have been seeing an unusual number of foxes in the past couple of months – many are emaciated, they seem to have no fear of humans and a couple of males which have been shot have been found to have been previously castrated.... (story)

Argus 20.1.11 Our wildlife deserves toleration and understanding - Wildlife went through a very hard time in the media in 2010. Foxes, herring gulls, squirrels and badgers all suffered at the hands of journalists and over-reaction from members of the public. How refreshing to read a very balanced article in the Comment column (The Argus, January 14) encouraging people not to immediately persecute creatures that, for one reason or another, find themselves on the receiving end of our fears or aggression.... Roger Musselle, Downs Valley Road, Brighton
In response to the article about Tammy Page, who was bitten by a fox (The Argus, January 14): I hope her finger returns to normal quickly and that her encounter with the young fox doesn’t cloud her feelings for all foxes. I suspect this was a young, inexperienced fox desperately searching for food, that had ventured through her cat flap... Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letters)

Western Gazette 20.1.11 AS a long-term resident of Shaftesbury I applaud the actions and bravery of the residents of The Pavilions to protect the much-loved badgers who have lived in this area for many years.I wonder where the newcomer Mr Whitlock gets his information from. He should have consulted local experts before writing his "persecuted resident" letter which has done nothing to improve his personal image in the town... Shaftesbury Resident, Name And Address Supplied (letter)
ThisIsDorset 6.1.11 Man behind badger eviction dismayed by his persecution - A HOMEOWNER who legally destroyed a badger sett has spoken out in defence of his actions. Carpenter Mark Whitlock of Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury, said he followed the correct legal process when he flattened the extensive sett that lay partially on his own property... He said: "I am not being seen in a very good light by people in the town, but the townspeople don't really understand how damaging the badgers have been to my property... They are prolific diggers and have trashed the garden. They should be painted yellow and called JCBs."... Mr Whitlock said: "I didn't kill the badgers, I only excluded them. The gates were made to a design approved by Natural England and it told me that badgers live out of several setts.... (story)

Worcester News 20.1.11 Badger culling on the agenda By Richard Vernalls - A LIVELY debate is expected this evening (Thursday) over proposed changes on badger culls aimed at preventing the spread of TB in cows. Farmers, land-owners and wildlife enthusiasts are expected at the Worcestershire conference on tuberculosis entitled TB or not TB.... Members of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Pershore and Upton-upon-Severn branch are hosting the debate with a panel of guest speakers including Gwyn Jones, NFU vice president, Jack Reedy, of The Badger Trust, Gavin Wilson, of FERA at Woodchester Park, and Kevin Pearce, the NFU’s head of food and farming... (story)

East Lothian Courier 20.1.11 Controversial hunt story told by film duo by Sam Berkeley - To SOME it is an essential way of life. For others it is a barbaric practice with no place in modern society. But North Berwick filmmakers Andy Maas and Mike Day didn’t join the annual guga hunt – where baby gannets are killed for meat – to pass judgment. They went to make a documentary which was to air on BBC Two last night (Thursday).... (story)
Scottish Sun 18.1.11 Guga hunt is a way of life... without it community would die By MARC DEANIE - A CONTROVERSIAL island bird hunt that butchers up to 2,000 gannets MUST continue, according to the man who leads the mass slaughter. Hunter John MacFarlane says ending the centuries-old guga hunt would FINISH the Hebridean community of Ness, on the Isle of Lewis... The Guga Hunters Of Ness is on BBC2 on Thursday at 9pm (story)


Argus 19.1.11 Sussex Police investigate second allegation of illegal fox hunting By Rebecca Evans - Police are investigating a second allegation of illegal fox hunting in Sussex. A fox was killed by hounds during an Old Surrey and Burstow hunt in West Chiltington on December 11. It is believed it died during a legal artificial trail hunt following an invitation by the Crawley and Horsham Hunt (CHH) to ride in their “country”.... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 19.1.11 Hunt meeting date - THE annual meeting of Carmarthenshire Hunt will take place next month.... (story)

Independent 19.1.11 Gaudy cruelty - Dylan Jones glorifies the sordid practice of stag hunting and inculcates his children in the culture of violence and cruelty, while waxing lyrical about the attendant "pomp and ceremony"... As with bullfighting, the callous and thoughtless seem mesmerised by the gaudy costumes involved in these gruesome rituals.... Adrian Maton, London SE1(letter)
Independent 15.1.11 Dylan Jones: 'On a French stag hunt, you’ll see sexy quinquagenarian women with lipstick-slashed mouths' - I spent most of New Year's Eve following a stag hunt in the forests around Chantilly, just outside Paris. Few things are as exhilarating, as anyone who has ever ridden in a hunt here will tell you. Where most fox hunts run across open fields and meadows with hedges, French hunts are usually conducted in deep forests.... (story)

Irish Independent 19.1.11 Force cruel puppy 'breeders' to close - Anthony O'Sullivan, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6 (letter)
Irish Examiner 19.1.11 Puppy farms a dark blight on the country - SURELY even the hardest heart must have felt some pity and compassion for the dogs and puppies in the midlands puppy farm highlighted on the recent animal welfare programme on TV3.... To our shame throughout this country there are hundreds of these establishments and thanks to an indifferent government nothing is done to bring these breeders to account... Anthony O’Sullivan Harolds Cross Dublin 6 (letter)


Argus 18.1.11 Sussex detectives investigate fox hunting claims By Rebecca Evans - Police are investigating reports that huntsmen acted illegally when a fox was killed during a hunt. Video footage submitted to The Argus appears to show hounds savaging a fox to death on a Sussex estate. Organisers of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt have admitted that a fox was killed by hounds but said the animal was caught accidentally as dogs followed an artificial trail... (story)

Horse & Hound 18.1.11 Man airlifted to hospital after fall with Essex and Suffolk hunt - Martha Terry - A man injured while out hunting with the Essex and Suffolk last Saturday (15 January) is making a good recovery in hospital. Charles Williamson, 77, suffered a fractured pelvis when his horse reared up and fell over backwards... (story)
Ipswich Evening Star 17.1.11 Suffolk: Man, 77, hurt as horse falls on top of him during hunt By Jonathan Barnes - A 77-YEAR-OLD man is being treated in hospital after his horse reared up and fell on top of him while out on a hunt. Charles Williamson, who is from the Mid Suffolk area, suffered a fractured pelvis and abdominal injuries in the accident in Whatfield, near Hadleigh, shortly after 2pm, on Saturday. Mr Williamson, a member of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, was airlifted to hospital by the air ambulance after the accident and last night his condition was said to be “stable”.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 16.1.11 Whatfield: Huntsman ‘seriously hurt’ in riding accident - A 77-YEAR-OLD huntsman is in a serious condition in hospital after a riding accident in a Suffolk village. The man suffered abdominal and pelvic injuries when his horse reared up, unseated him and fell on top of him in Whatfield, near Hadleigh, shortly before 2.30pm on Saturday.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 18.1.11 Vegan banner vetoed - An animal rights campaign group has been refused permission to a put a banner on Sheringham’s for-sale seafront toilet block. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wanted to pay rent to hang up a slogan saying “What’s the Pong? Fishing stinks. Go Vegan”.... But the move has received short shrift from the council, which said in a statement: “North Norfolk District Council does not allow bills to be posted on its buildings whether redundant or not... PETA special projects co-ordinator Abi Izzard had written to Peter Moore the cabinet member for resources... It would be a “win-win” situation providing the council, which was “not not flush with funds” a rental fee, while reminding people that “angling causes fish to suffer.” She said the message would highlight “the terrible realities of the blood sport” backed up by scientific evidence that fish felt pain and had long-term memories... (story)

Telegraph 18.1.11 The selfish and destructive actions of extremists do little for animal welfare - Pete Wedderburn - Radical animal rights activists continue to make headlines. As with other, similar incidents in recent times, youthful, naive energy was channelled into violent, destructive acts that only served to alienate the general public from the cause that they so passionately support. Meanwhile, the good news about hard work being done by hundreds of people around the world on behalf of animal welfare goes largely unreported... I know that various different UK animal charities put together their own annual awards every year, and I’ve just come across one unusual UK-based charity, working off the beaten track, that’s just had a remarkable success story. Animal Defenders International (ADI) is based in London, run largely by Tim and Jan Creamer, a husband and wife team from Surrey. They’ve just broken a world record by rescuing 25 lions from life on the road in circuses in Bolivia... (story)

Scotsman 18.1.11 Letter: Inhuman man - Caroline McManus (Letters, 17 January) alleges that the Scottish Government has been thirled to the interests of the "huntin', shootin', fishin' lobby", which regards wildlife in Scotland as existing simply to be shot and trapped to provide "sport" by land-owners.... Wire traps reflect a kind of barbarism which belongs with dog-fighting and badger-baiting in another age.... (Dr) David Purves Strathalmond Road Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 17.1.11 Letter: Burns' lesson - SO, ALEX Salmond chose The Complete Works of Robert Burns for his Desert Island book choice on Radio 4 (16 January). Burns' views on animal welfare are known worldwide. Whilst Mr Salmond's government have been strong in some areas, they have been puppets to the shooting lobby, acting totally against the sentiments expressed by Burns.... CAROLINE McMANUS Newmills Road Balerno, Edinburgh (letter)

ThisIsGloucestershire 18.1.11 Vegans hope to give town a taste for a different lifestyle - VEGANS in Cheltenham are hoping to attract more people to their cause by screening free films about the benefits of their lifestyle. The Cheltenham Vegetarians and Vegans is a newly formed group, which is looking to expand its membership in the area. The group meets once a month and says it wants to make the town a more vegetarian- and vegan- friendly place to live... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 18.1.11 Boards ban circuses with animals from their land - Circuses that exploit animals will no longer be welcome on land controlled by education and library boards. All five boards have banned circuses involving animals from their property, while Belfast Board says any application would be carefully considered. North Down Alliance councillor Andrew Muir said he has been battling to close the loophole since Circus Vegas performed in Bangor in August and is hoping he has succeeded.... (story)


Uttoxeter Post & Times 17.1.11 'Hunts must be promoted' - A GROUP of confused people turned up in Tutbury for an annual New Year's Hunt only to find the event had moved. Almost 50 people gathered in the village awaiting the meet of the Meynell and South Staffs hunt not knowing the event had changed location. Uttoxeter Town Mayor David Brookes has now called for the event to be "properly advertised" next time around... (story)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 9.1.11 Hundreds turn out to see historic hunt - HUNTSMEN and their hounds rode through a market town – more than seven decades after they last met there. Well-wishers turned out in Market Place, Uttoxeter, on New Year's Day to welcome members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt for the first meet since 1936.... (story)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 9.1.11 Let's make hunt an annual event - I used to see the hunt meet near Leighton Buzzard in 1963, but I guess we were all too worried by the Bay of Pigs invasion to be concerned about a few foxes... Golf clubs, fishing clubs and hunts may have been for the wealthy back then, but now they are available to all, which was seen at the weekend in Uttoxeter. Name and address supplied (letter)
Leek Post & Times 7.1.11 Pubs enjoy New Year trade boost - PUBS enjoyed bumper trade on New Year's Day after the Meynell and South Staffs hunt brought in hundreds of visitors to Uttoxeter. Landlords showed their support for the hunt, which met for the first time in 70 years, after takings were more than double what they would normally expect.... (story)
Leek Post & Times 7.1.11 'The girls had fun riding their horses' - Stan Clowes, of Alton, does not support hunts but was pleased the event brought hundreds of people to the town... Retired Albert Plant, of Hockley Road, Uttoxeter, watched as his two granddaughters Chloe and Karen Poisner took part.... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 5.1.11 New Year’s Day hunt returns to town for first time in 70 years By James Brindle - HUNDREDS of people have gathered in Uttoxeter for a special New Year's Day hunt — the first in the town for more than 70 years. The hunt proved a huge success for the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt and the town as people flocked to see the historic occasion which is hoped will become an annual event... (story)
The Sentinel 3.1.11 Huntsmen return to town after 70 years By Dave Knapper - HUNTSMEN and their hounds rode through a market town – more than seven decades after they last met there. Hundreds of well-wishers turned out in Market Place, Uttoxeter, on New Year's Day to welcome members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt... (story)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 20.12.10 Concern over bill for hunt - MEMBERS of Uttoxeter Town Council have raised concerns about who will foot the bill for staging a hunt in Uttoxeter. The Post & Times reported earlier this month that the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt will start from Market Place on Saturday, January 1... At a meeting of the council on Tuesday, Councillor Allan Chapman posed questions to the mayor as to if he had considered the idea of possible demonstrations. .. In reply, Councillor David Brookes, who farms at Loxley, said: "The hunt has moved from Tutbury to Uttoxeter so the police operation will just be moved to the town... (story)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 6.12.10 Historic hunt making tracks back into town By Belinda Hargreaves - AN HISTORIC hunt is returning to Uttoxeter. The Meynell and South Staffs Hunt is set to start from the town's market place on New Year's Day. Town Mayor David Brookes has welcomed the news and said that it will be a "spectacle for the town".... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 1.12.10 Meynell meet coming to town on New Year’s Day By James Brindle - AN HISTORIC hunt will return to Uttoxeter’s Market Place for the first time in decades for a special New Year’s Day event. The Meynell and South Staffs Hunt, which holds a Boxing Day hunt at Blithfield House, near Abbots Bromley, will start its January 1 hunt in Uttoxeter and hopes the event will be a real family affair.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.1.11 Keep up the good work in combating cruelty - May I congratulate Mr Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports (Mailbox, January 7).... Thank you for your letter and keep up the good work. Mrs V Johnson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.1.11 A rural equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch - Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 1.1.11 Help us to stop barbaric 'sport' - Douglas Batchelor Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 29.12.10 Hunts are an anachronism - Douglas Batchelor, chief executive (letter)
Shields Gazette 27.12.10 Watching out for cruelty - Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 27.12.10 British wildlife deserves better - The Boxing Day hunts and shoots are nothing but an historical anachronism in our civilised society. Our wildlife deserves better treatment than it gets at the hands of the hunters and shooters in their festive season hunts and shoots... Thankfully our investigators and hunt monitors will be out in force over the festive season to try and capture any illegal activity on camera... Douglas Batchelor Chief executive League Agsinst Cruel Sports (letter)

Hastings Observer 17.1.11 Badger man blasts council with wildlife ‘eradication’ claim - A PROMINENT wildlife campaigner has accused the council’s head of planning of trying to starve animals off pieces of land earmarked for development. Don Wise of the Hastings Badger Protection Society launched the stinging attack against Hastings Borough Council (HBC)’s Tim Cookson during the planning committee meeting last Thursday... (story)


Kent on Sunday 16.1.11 Kent-based campaigners lead fight to eradicate testing new ingredients for cosmetics on animals - A Tonbridge-based animal rights organisation has highlighted the ongoing battle to achieve a Europe-wide ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. Animal Aid is leading a campaign to raise awareness among MEPs amid predictions that the European Commission is set to announce a delay implementing an eradication of the "disgustingly cruel" practice. Keith Taylor, a Green MEP for the south east, and Hazel Dawe, the Kent Green Party’s chair, met with Andrew Tyler, director of the campaigning organisation, to discuss how to push for the ban.... (story)

Wales on Sunday 16.1.11 Undercover cop ‘had relationship with anarchy activist’ - AN UNDERCOVER cop has been discovered infiltrating the anarchist movement in Wales to take part in everything from direct action to folding leaflets. The existence of the clandestine officer comes as regulators prepare two official probes into the activities of secret police operations, in the wake of controversy surrounding Pc Mark Kennedy... It is understood the unnamed 44-year-old who was operational in South Wales infiltrated the Cardiff Anarchist Network in 2005. He also had links with Gwent Anarchists, Pembrokeshire Anarchists, Swansea Animal Rights, No Borders South Wales and a group called Eat Out Vegan Wales... (story)


Horse & Hound 15.1.11 Photographer sets record by capturing 500 hunts on camera - Michael Clayton - Hunting photographer Jim Meads has set what is believed to be a world record. He has now hunted with and photographed 500 different packs of hounds in the UK, Ireland, France, the USA and Canada over his long career. Jim, 80, reached his hunting milestone by photographing the Loudoun West in Virginia, USA, on 5 December... (story)

Scotsman 15.1.11 Letter: Hare protection - THE "hare fallacies" letter (13 January) may impress because of the seven organisations that sent it. A flawed argument should be rejected, however, no matter who made it. The senders assert that your article on culls "is inaccurate", but fail to specify the inaccuracy. They assert that hares can continue to be "harvested", a singularly inapt term where killing makes hares scarce.... (DR) ADAM WATSON, Crathes, Banchory (letter)
Scotsman 13.1.11 Letter: Hare fallacies - YOUR article (10 January) relating to hare culls in Scotland is inaccurate. Scottish moors can continue to harvest hares without fear of compromising their European conservation status. Over the years mountain hares have become an important asset for many estates in Highland Scotland. This is because management for red grouse, notably improving habitat and controlling predators, has allowed hare populations to build densities up to ten times greater than seen anywhere else in Europe... Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scottish Rural and Property Business Association, Scottish Game keepers Association, British Association of Shooting and Conservation (Scotland), Scottish Countryside Alliance, Scottish Estates Business Group, The Heather Trust (letter)


ThisIsDevon 14.1.11 Booming din of world's most exclusive rush-hour - It's the Exmoor rush-hour and the air is full of noise. Every coombe, hillside and spinney reverberates with the booming din of engines, and yet there's not a soul in sight. Why? Because this is one of the most exclusive rush-hours in the world... My rush-hour din is the sound of executive helicopters leaving at the end of a day's shooting, taking cargoes of people like bankers back to London. Yesterday no fewer than four of these expensive machines were climbing up and out of the coombes.... (story)

Croydon Advertiser 14.1.11 1,300 legally owned guns in the borough By Lucy Buckland And Tony Mogan - MORE than 1,000 people legally own guns in Croydon, new police figures reveal. Almost 250 people are allowed to keep a firearm at home and a further 1,053 are legally allowed to keep shotguns in the borough.... A spokesman for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation said that UK gun law is among the strictest in the world and added that holders of firearm and shotgun certificates have to be among the most law-abiding people in the country... (story)

Worthing Herald 14.1.11 Worthing woman bitten by fox By Alex Therrien - A WORTHING woman had the top of her finger bitten off by a “vicious” fox which got into her home through a cat flap. When Tammy Page heard noises coming from the back door of her flat, in The Drive, West Worthing, she feared a burglar was breaking in. But when the 29-year-old grabbed a torch and turned the lights on to find out what was happening, she was shocked to find the noises had been caused by a fox, which was now hiding behind her curtains.... (story)
Mail 13.1.11 'I have never known pain like it': Fox came in through my cat flap and bit the top of my finger off, says ambulance driver By REBECCA EVANS - An ambulance worker told yesterday how a fox crept into her house through the cat flap and attacked her. Tammy Page, 29, found the animal in her kitchen in the middle of the night. As she tried to move it back into the garden, it launched itself at her, biting the top of her finger off.... (story)
Sun 13.1.11 Fox bites off woman's finger By JAMIE PYATT - TERRIFIED ambulance driver Tammy Page had the end of her finger bitten off by a ferocious FOX that crept into her house - through her CAT FLAP... (story)

Brighton Argus 14.1.11 Anti-fur protesters target Brighton store By Rebecca Evans - Anti-fur protestors said they will continue their campaign against a vintage shop until it takes animal skins off the shelves. More than 15 members of Sussex Action for Animals (SAFA) stormed Beyond Retro, in Vine Street, Brighton, over its policy of selling vintage fur... However, Beyond Retro said they “absolutely deny” selling new pelts and only recycle old items. Denise Friend, 54, a member of SAFA, said she did not believe there is “any justification” for selling fur.... (story)

Sheffield Star 14.1.11 It is cruel to wear fur - IT appears Rachael Clegg (Dec 31) is ill-informed as to the facts regarding the barbaric cruelty involved in the fur trade and criticises 'Britain's obsession with animals'.... Far from being a 'quick killing' all animals butchered to make fur coats suffer a long and agonising death, with most being skinned alive to satisfy the vanity of vacuous, fashion-obsessed women who mistakenly believe they look good in fur.... Susan I Richardson, S10 (story)


View Online 13.1.10 BEAMINSTER: Huge welcome for hunt - THE Cattistock Hunt visited Beaminster for the first time in its history on Boxing Day. Members of the hunt were delighted to be welcomed into Beaminster and it was the first time the hounds had met in a town for over ten seasons... (story)

Telegraph 13.1.11 Country diary: My vote goes to foxhunting, not MPs - Robin Page asks what happened to repealing the ban on hunting foxes? - On New Year’s Day a large crowd assembled for the hunt; it included local farmer made good Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers’ Union, with his family... many suburban Tories were obviously going to change their minds on the issue as soon as they were elected, and did, so why bother?... Two years ago when assorted foxhunters told me that I had to vote Tory whenever the election came, as David Cameron had promised to repeal the hunting ban, I had to disappoint them... (story)

Scotsman 13.1.11 Reward in search for owner who dumped starved dog - AN animal rights charity is offering a reward of up to £1000 for information after a dog was starved to death and dumped in an Edinburgh garden. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will provide the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for what it described as a "heinous act of cruelty".... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 13.1.11 Duchess joins store boycott - THE Duchess of Hamilton has joined Sir Roger Moore and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in their high-profile boycott of Fortnum & Mason over the store's decision to continue stocking foie gras.... (story)


Worcester News 12.1.11 Motoring offence denied by Bryan Ferry's son, Otis By James Connell - THE master huntsman son of rock star Bryan Ferry has appeared in court charged with a motoring offence which puts him at risk of a driving ban... The 28-year-old son of the Roxy Music frontman is alleged to have failed to give information about the identity of the driver of a Mitsubishi Shogun which was involved in a speeding offence in Droitwich... But at the hearing Ferry’s solicitor, Barry Warburton, made an application to set aside the conviction against him for failing to give the identity between June 11 and June 17... Mr Warburton said: “He accepts he received a request for the identity of the driver. "He was unaware of the summons. It simply didn’t reach him. There’s a considerable problem with the post in his area.”... Liam Finch, prosecuting, said: “The issue isn’t that we have failed to send correspondence out – it’s that it has not been received.”... (story)
Mirror 12.1.11 Bryan Ferry's son Otis in court over driving offences - BRYAN Ferry’s son Otis has appeared in court over driving offences. The pro-hunting cam-paigner, 28, denies failing to give information regarding a driver’s ID... (story)
Shropshire Star 11.1.11 Otis Ferry in court over driving offence - Shropshire huntsman Otis Ferry appeared in court today charged with a driving offence. The 28-year-old son of Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry was at Worcester Magistrates Court charged with failing to give information regarding a driver’s identity.... Sitting at the back of the court, Ferry, who is joint huntmaster of the South Shropshire Hunt, indicated a not guilty plea.... (story)

Northern Echo 12.1.11 Hunting - “BRAVE” people on horseback are still blatantly ignoring the law and hunting with dogs. Every August the hounds are sent into the woods near my house to kill fox cubs. The sound of the frenzy of the dogs makes me feel sick.... Name and address withheld (letter)

Oxford Mail 12.1.11 Civilised majority don't support hunting - CONTRARY to the impression given by the coverage of the Boxing Day meet of the Heythrop Hunt (Hundreds show support for local hunt, Oxford Mail, December 29), bloodsports do not find favour in the overwhelming majority of the British public... BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Guardian 12.1.11 The hidden plight of Britain's captive animals - Allegations of animal cruelty at Knowsley safari park and weak zoo licensing laws raise concern for the UK's captive animals - Liz Tyson - This week, we at the Captive Animals' Protection Society releasedshocking photos of animal carcasses left to rot alongside bins at Knowsley safari park. The pictures were taken by ex-employee and former official photographer for Knowsley, Penny Boyd. Penny approached us with concerns about the disposal of bodies and handling of firearms, among others... (story)
Daily Mail 11.1.11 Animals culled and left to rot by bins in a top British safari park By JAMES TOZER - Their carcasses lie beside bins filled with rotting limbs, a shockingly undignified end for some of the most majestic – and endangered – members of the animal kingdom.... According to an ex-employee of Knowsley Safari Park who has turned whistleblower, this was a depressingly common sight whenever stock became surplus to requirements. Former zoo photographer Penny Boyd claimed some of the animals were shot by untrained staff, dying in agony with as many as three bullets needed to put them out of their misery... The 58-year-old, who now lives in the Scottish borders, said she accepted that at times culling of excess animals had to be done. ‘But culling was being used as a means of training instead of being carried out in the kindest and most humane way,’ she said.... (story)

Argus 12.1.11 Animal rescue - Well done to our brilliant firefighters for turning out to rescue trapped animals (The Argus, January 7). I have called them out twice while acting as a volunteer for National Seagull Rescue... The cost of £350,000 is money well spent and insignificant compared with many other costs... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)


Western Mail 11.1.11 Sight of Boxing Day hunt was appalling - I found it utterly appalling to see how much exposure was given on the front page of the Western Mail for the Boxing Day Hunt in Cowbridge (Dec 28). What a sad world we live in to see supposedly intelligent people dressing up in their ridiculous outfits to go out searching for a helpless fox in the hope of spilling its guts out across our glorious landscape... Gail de’ Claire, Sully, Vale of Glamorgan (letter)

York Press 11.1.11 Foxhunting is now illegal - YOUR newspaper carried an article on the annual tradition of Boxing Day hunts (The Press, December 28). Surely your reporter must realise that fox hunting is now illegal and has been for some time.... Jonathan Bonner, Huntington Road, York (letter)

Scotsman 11.1.11 Letter: Culling hares - Your article regarding mountain hare numbers (10 January) highlights two keys points. First, the failure of shooting estates to appreciate the fine ecological balance that exists on their own ground, namely by blindly killing about 25,000 mountain hares a year... Second, the red deer population here is between 500,000 and 750,000, with some estates maintaining artificially high numbers for shooting... Logan Steele, Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder, Perthshire (letter)

Burton Mail 11.1.11 Activist loses TV licence battle by JOSH TAYLOR - AN ANIMAL rights activist has been fined for refusing to pay her TV licence after claiming a BBC documentary wrongly implicated her and fellow campaigners in a grave robbery. Janet Tomlinson, 68, earned notoriety when she organised a series of protests against a controversial guinea pig breeding operation at Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch.... (story)
Burton Mail 13.12.10 No excuse for ducking out of TV licence fee by TIM FLETCHER - NINE hundred television licence dodgers have been caught in Burton and South Derbyshire this year, new figures reveal... Burton Magistrates’ Court deals with a steady stream of alleged licence fee evaders, including earlier this month animal rights activist Janet Tomlinson, who had an unusual excuse of her own for not paying up... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 8.12.10 Guinea pig activist faces trial over TV licence fee By Tim Fletcher - AN ANIMAL rights activist involved in notorious protests against a former guinea pig farm near Uttoxeter is to stand trial after refusing to pay her television licence in protest at a BBC programme about the affair. Janet Tomlinson claims the Crimewatch Solved show, broadcast in August 2006, contained ‘factual inaccuracies’ about the campaign against Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which shot to national prominence after the body of Gladys Hammond, motherin- law of one of the farm’s owners, was stolen from her grave. Tomlinson (pictured) who was arrested and questioned about the exhumation before being released without charge, refused to buy a new TV licence until the BBC retracted claims made in the programme and apologised... (story)
Burton Mail 1.12.10 TV licence protest over grave robbers by TIM FLETCHER - AN ANIMAL rights activist involved in notorious protests against a former guinea pig farm near Burton is to stand trial after refusing to pay her television licence in protest at a BBC programme about the affair. Janet Tomlinson claims the Crimewatch Solved show, broadcast in August 2006, contained ‘factual inaccuracies’ about the campaign against Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which shot to national prominence after the body of Gladys Hammond, mother-in-law of one of the farm’s owners, was stolen from her grave. Tomlinson, of Shobnall Close, Burton, who was arrested and questioned about the exhumation before being released without charge, refused to buy a new TV licence until the BBC retracted claims made in the programme and apologised.... (story)


Tribune 9.1.11 Hunting vote is not a priority, says minister - The hopes of the hunting fraternity and its supporters in Parliament for the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales to be overturned have been dealt a blow after a minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act was not a priority [...]by Marcus Papadopoulos (story)

BBC News Online 9.1.11 Borders hunt fall rider funeral to be held - The funeral has taken place for a businessman who died after falling from his horse at a New Year's Day hunt in the Borders. Paul Watson, 61, had turned up to spectate at the traditional meeting of the Lauderdale Hunt but he was thrown from his mount.... (story)
Scotsman 6.1.11 Hunt chairman's shock over rider's fall death By Cordelia O'Neill - The chairman of a hunt has spoken of his shock at a businessman dying when thrown from his horse on New Year's Day... John Macfarlane, chairman of the Lauderdale Hunt, said: "We are all deeply shocked at this loss of a respected member of the local farming community and keen supporter and good friend of the hunt... (story)
Horse & Hound 5.1.11 Hunt supporter dies after fall at New Year's Day meet - Charlotte White, deputy news editor - A hunt supporter has died after falling from his horse at a meet of the Lauderdale hunt on New Year's Day. Retired businessman Paul Watson, 61, had gone along mounted to the meet of the pack at Lauder in the Scottish Borders but had not intended hunting with them. However as the field moved off Mr Watson's horse bolted and he fell, hitting his head on the road. He was not wearing a riding hat... (story)
Daily Record 5.1.11 New Year's Day hunt fan killed because he chose a stetson for a hat - Robert Fairburn - A HORSEMAN died at a New Year's Day hunt because he was wearing a stetson instead of a hard hat. Retired businessman Paul Watson was thrown when his agitated horse bolted and he hit his head on the road... Paul had turned up with his mount as a spectator for the traditional New Year's Day meeting of the Lauderdale Hunt... A spokesman for the Lauderdale Hunt said: "We have learned with sorrow of the death of Mr Paul Watson following a tragic accident.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.1.11 Borders horse rider dies following hunt fall - A rider has died after being thrown from his horse during a New Year's Day hunt in the Scottish Borders.... Hunt Master Tim Coulson and other hunt members went to his aid and summoned medical assistance before he was taken to the BGH for treatment... (story)


Kent on Sunday 9.1.11 Killing of giant fox was “outrageous” says animal expert - An animal welfare expert has condemned the killing of a giant fox, and blamed hunt supporters for hyping up horror stories to try and overturn the hunting ban. John Bryant, who runs the British Humane Wildlife Deterrence Association in Tonbridge, called the capture and death of the fox – believed to be one of the biggest ever found in Britain – "outrageous".... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 9.1.11 The prejudice against hunting must be overcome - If the Government cannot find time, or cannot be bothered, to do its job, we are perfectly able to - You report (January 2) that the Government "has no time" to honour its promise to reconsider the foxhunting laws. There is an easy solution. The Government is about to inflict upon us a referendum on our voting system, which no one outside the Westminster bubble cares tuppence about. Why not seize the opportunity to ask a few additional questions which people do care about?... John Ledbury, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Melissa Kite (report, January 2) writes an upbeat account of the state of hunting, when in fact the sport, now faced with a continuation of the statutory ban, is in a parlous state... James Lewis, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.1.11 Farewell to hunting parson Rev John Ashley - Michael Clayton - The Rev John Ashley, of the Belvoir country, has died, aged 82. He had continued a long tradition of hunting parsons in the Shires. John Ashley served for 27 years up to 1993 as rector of Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoirand he and his wife Margaret were keen supporters of the Belvoir, riding to hounds regularly. He was also a member of the St Hubert's Society, for hunting clergy of all denominations, and chairman of the Belvoir Hunt Supporters' Club for 15 years, from 1969.... (story)

Western Morning News 8.1.11 Elusive Exmoor stag that sparked journey in clay for potter Jacqueline - The red deer of Exmoor are elusive creatures. For a fleeting moment you see them, then they are gone. Ceramicist Jacqueline Leighton Boyce stores up sightings on the moor, then recreates them as delicate illustrations on clay.... Jacqueline grew up horse-riding and hunting on the moor with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, until as a young teenager a painful form of osteoarthritis – ankylosing spondylitis – halted her in her tracks and stopped her schooling... (story)

The Sentinel 8.1.11 Don't reintroduce barbaric blood sport - BARBARIC: Despite my aversion to blood sports I was pleased to see that the interest and number of people involved in "hunting" has increased since the ban on hunting with dogs was introduced by our previous Labour Government.... However, I was somewhat disturbed to read in an article in The Sentinel earlier this week saying that hunt supporters are anticipating that the new ConDem government will raise the issue again in Parliament and they are hoping this barbaric "sport" will be reintroduced.... JR JOHNSON Biddulph (story)

Burton Mail 8.1.11 Not everyone is a fox fan after cat and chickens slaughtered - A KILLER fox ‘the size of an Alsatian’ has been roaming the streets and has recently beheaded a family cat and slaughtered five chickens. The beast has been prowling around Stretton late at night leaving a trail of carnage in its wake, according to concerned residents.... (story)

Mail 8.1.11 Now THAT'S what I call a big fox: Vermin hunter shows off 34lb beast he killed By DAVID WILKES - When Dennis Rowsell read in the Daily Mail about a 26lb urban fox believed to have eaten a cat, he was less impressed than most. For one of the creature’s country cousins which he shot weighed an astonishing 34lb – more than 25 per cent heavier.... (story)

Scotsman 8.1.11 Letter: Animal products - Dioxins aren't the only contaminants entering the food chain via intensive animal farming (your report, 7 January). Animal products frequently carry toxins because of the unsanitary conditions in which the animals are raised.... Abi Izzard People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation London (letter)

Bolton News 8.1.11 Veggies do not eat fish - IT HAS come to our attention recently that reporter Steven Thompson referred to his tuna-eating friend as a vegetarian. We would like to tell you that vegetarians don't eat fish!.... Wendy Valentine Hillside Sanctuary Norwich (letter)


ThisIsKent 7.1.11 Lack of horses does not deter the hunt - THE EAST Kent Hunt's Boxing Day meet is such a long-established tradition nothing could stop it, it seems – not even a lack of horses. The snow and ice had made the roads too dangerous for riding but, undeterred, masters, members and hounds met in Elham as usual on Monday, December 27... (story)

ThisIsDorset 7.1.11 Hunt heads out without horses - TALLY HO! Frozen ground forced the annual Boxing Day hunt to head out on foot from Castle Cary this year. In spite of the absence of horses, hundreds of people gathered around the town's Market House to see off the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 31.12.10 Hunt heads out without horses - FROZEN ground forced the annual Boxing Day hunt to head out on foot from Castle Cary this year. In spite of the absence of horses, hundreds of people gathered around the town's Market House to see off the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt on Monday morning... (story)

View Online 7.1.11 DINNINGTON: Hunt back in the saddle By Marion Draper - A LARGE gathering of riders and followers gathered in the car park at Dinnington Docks public house in Dinnington near Ilminster, for the traditional meet of the Seavington Hunt on New Year’s Day.... (story)

ThisIsDevon 7.1.11 6am start all for the love of ponies and science - She may be addicted to science at school but out of hours Jessica Harrison lives and breathes ponies. In fact the 11-year-old Okehampton College student is potty about ponies. From the age of three, led obligingly by her mother Judith, she has hunted with the Lamerton, Tetcott and South Tetcott and latterly Spooners & West Dartmoor. In her desire to follow her dreams of becoming a huntsman (if not a scientist) one day, she keenly helps her mother whip-in.... (story)

Leek Post & Times 7.1.11 'MP needs to do job she was elected for' - Staffordshire Moorlands MP Karen Bradley has once again proved, by her own words (Post & Times, December 29) that we no longer live in a democracy but a dictatorship. Mrs Bradley claims she is there to serve and represent the people, as do Tory Government ministers. Sadly, they do not speak the truth. If they did they would listen to, respect and swiftly act upon the wishes of the vast majority of people, both in the Staffordshire Moorlands and the country as a whole, on the issues of both fox hunting and membership of the European Union... Elizabeth Ann Biddulph, Leek (letter)

Leicester Mercury 7.1.11 Returning Ratty to our rivers comes at a price - removal of the American mink By Shirley Elsby - Conservationists are hoping to reintroduce native water voles – but the move comes at a cost. Before they can bring back the creatures – immortalised as Ratty in Wind in the Willows – they must first eradicate a vicious predator, the American mink. Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust has applied for a £50,000 grant to fund the three-year project at Rutland Water.... National organisation Animal Aid, however, argued it was "unjustifiably cruel" to eradicate one species for another.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 7.1.11 National animal charity offers £1,000 reward to catch dog-hanger By Adrian Troughton - A national animal charity has offered a reward of up to £1,000 to help catch whoever hanged two dogs from a canal bridge. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered the money for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who committed the crime at Ashby Canal, in Congerstone, on Thursday, December 29.... (story)

Ealing Gazette 7.1.11 How horses help keep society stable - ANIMAL Aid's Dene Stansall (Letters, December 31) has a view on the police use of horses that few people would recognise. As the charity's 'horse consultant', he appears to have little knowledge of the purpose of different bits.... To call the deliberate destruction of public and private property by vandals intent on turning peaceful marches into warlike confrontations 'a dispute between two groups of people' is to imply that there is some sort of legitimacy in what those smashing windows, wrecking police vehicles and attacking the police and their horses... EC HAYMAN Beaumont Road (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.1.11 Cruelty to horses - Dene Stansall, Horse Consultant, Animal Aid (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 30.12.10 Protest police cruel to horses - Dene Stansall, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 29.12.10 Why must horses suffer in protests? WITH the prospect of more anti-government protests, a strong likelihood in 2011, the recent violent clashes between mounted police officers and students raises questions about the welfare of the horses used in these situations.... in the testing circumstances of serious unrest, a horse's impulse would be to flee but they are restrained from doing so by severe restraints. Submissive control comes from the use of multi-pressure, double-reined Pelham bits, which subject the horse to considerable pain in the mouth and on the head, should the horse try to resist. And spurs, forcibly applied, intimidate the horse into capitulation... DENE STANSALL Horse Consultant, Animal Aid (letter)


Horse & Hound 6.1.11 Dozens more hunts to be hit by high-speed rail line - Charlotte White, H&H acting news editor - Dozens more hunts stand to be affected by the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link after the government revealed they intend to press ahead with a second phase, which would slash through the Midlands and north of England.... The StopHS2 campaign claims the first phase of HS2 will affect the Bicester with Whaddon Chase, Grafton, Kimblewick and Warwickshire countries. But the extensions into the north of England (planned for 2017) will cut through nine more... (story)

North Devon Journal 6.1.11 Supporters turn out for hunt - HUNTING supporters turned out in force to see the Tetcott Hunt get together for its first meet of 2011. More than 30 riders and the hunt hounds gathered at the Tree Inn near Stratton for their traditional January 1 meet.... (story)
SouthWestBusiness 5.1.11 Crowds show their support for hunt at meet - THE TRADITIONAL sight of horses and hounds at a hunt meet is proving as popular as ever if the crowds thronging the streets in Stratton on New Year's Day are anything to go by. People of all ages stood three and four deep on the pavements as the Tetcott Hunt held its traditional meet at the Tree Inn, kindly hosted by licensees Emma and Bob Semple... (story)

SouthWestBusiness 6.1.11 Horses and hounds enjoy a festive run - Dozens of spectators turned out to watch the South and West Wiltshire Hounds on bank holiday Monday. The hounds and hunt masters met at Marston House, in Marston Bigot, near Frome, as the guests of Angela Yeoman.... (story)

ThisIsTotalEssex 6.1.11 MALDON: Hunt tradition is alive and well six years after the ban By Will Saunders - DEFIANT huntsmen kept a centuries-old tradition alive on Saturday when they turned out for the annual New Year's Day hunt... Master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, Douglas Hill, who turned 68 on New Year's Day, is a West Hanningfield farmer from a family that has worked the land for generations... (story)

Leicester Mercury 6.1.11 Ban on hunting is here to stay - I cannot find the words to express my pleasure upon reading your article regarding the "Boxing Day Hunt"... They should be arrested, as should the sad people who support and watch it... They are (the huntsmen and supporters) trying to get the ban repealed. If this is sanctioned, then the people who make the decision need stringing up. A Blackshaw, Wigston Magna. (letter)

SouthWestBusiness 6.1.11 Annual Boxing Day shoot was bang on target to raise cash for charity - The annual Sennen Boxing Day Clay Shoot was held at the First and Last Inn, whose staff voluntarily helped out with venue and sponsorship... All proceeds from the shoot went to charity (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 6.1.11 Badgers in firing line - EAST YORKS: Wildlife fans are stepping up a campaign against a proposed badger cull. East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group wants people to oppose plans to kill badgers to combat the spread of tuberculosis in cattle... (story)

SouthWestBusiness 6.1.11 Candle call to remember animals - MORE than 50 people turned out for a candlelit vigil outside Truro Cathedral in support of International Animal Rights Day... The event was organised by the Cornwall Saving Animals From Exploitation group. Candles were lit, poems and readings were read out and vegan mince pies and mulled non-alcoholic wine were shared by those who attended the vigil (story)


ThisIsSouthWales 5.1.11 Hounds out for Boxing Day hunt - THE annual Boxing Day hunts proved a popular attraction in the county despite bitterly cold conditions.... Numbers were down at Banwen Miners' Hunt due to the bitter conditions... Meanwhile, Llandeilo hunt, starting from Bradford Square, proved hugely popular with hundreds attending.... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 5.1.11 Hunting still a spectacle - FOX hunting has long been popular in West Wales but in recent years — before and after the ban — it has been a topic which has divided the county. Some farmers and many of those who make their living in the countryside thought it was wrong to ban fox hunting.... Indeed, many people like to turn out to see the hunts set off from locations such as Carmarthen's Guildhall Square, Llandeilo, Llandovery and Cardigan... (story)

ThisIsDevon 5.1.11 Crowds show support for the Boxing Day hunt - HUNT supporters in Tiverton braved the cold last week to show their support at the traditional Boxing Day meet.... . The delay meant much of the snow which had been on the ground for the past week had melted by the time Tiverton Foxhounds gathered outside the Half Moon pub in the market square at 11am... (story)

ThisIsCornwall 5.1.11 Hunt rides out in St Columb - HUNDREDS of people and their four-legged friends started 2011 with a rural tradition, taking part in one of the many New Year's Day hunts being held across the region.... Riders took part in the traditional New Year's Day Four Burrow Hunt in St Columb Major, near Newquay, many gathering at the Silver Ball pub for the start.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 5.1.11 Harry pointing to family tradition - THE first Yorkshire point-to-point of the season, due to be held at Sheriff Hutton on January 16, has had to be postponed because of the recent bad weather.... Among the jockeys hoping to ride at Sheriff Hutton is 16-year-old Harry Bannister, who will be riding in his first race. He will be following in the footsteps of his father Nick and uncle Tom, who have both ridden in point-to-points and are joint masters of the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt....
The combination of snow, ice and frosty ground over the past few weeks has caused major problems for hunts in Yorkshire and other parts of the country... Some hunts have been able to go out since Christmas but others, such as the Pendle Forest and Craven, have not hunted since November and were among those out on foot during Boxing Day. "The ground was solid on Boxing Day but we still met and had huge crowds at both events, at Aberford and Wentbridge," said Badsworth and Bramham Moor's Jenny Tomlinson-Walsh... The York & Ainsty North had to cancel their children's meet just after Christmas but they did manage to hunt following a well-supported meet at the Royal Oak in Staveley on New Year's Day.... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 5.1.11 MP to meet the people -The next street surgery by Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart will be on Saturday, January 22, at the junction of Cross Street and Toll Gavel from 10am to noon. At the MP's last public appearance in Beverley, he told hunt supporters, on December 27, he would support lifting the hunting ban... (story)

Western Daily Press 5.1.11 Hunting: a Christian dilemma – This year's Boxing Day hunt in Lacock, pictured by Western Daily Press photographer Clare Green. Here, our correspondent Katharine Baxter-Forsyth struggles to reconcile Christian values with support for blood sports - I felt compelled to write this following the Boxing Day meet of the Cotley Hunt on December 27 in the centre of Chard, Somerset – not necessarily to criticise the hunt, though I feel sad that they are glorified by a very small number of the community for what they do and stand for. However, for many reasons, and for some time, I have doubted the efficacy and congruence of those who purport to be Christian. However, I know now why I am no longer able to believe the doctrine when I see and observe what people condone – the barbarism and sheer savagery of the hunt, which continues despite the Hunting Act and because of little police support and so few vulnerable hunt monitors.... Liverpool Daily Post 5.1.11 Aintree dad warns of danger of urban foxes by John Sutton, Liverpool Echo - A MERSEYSIDE dad today warned city families about large urban foxes preying on livestock. Neil Clark, from Aintree, was forced to shoot and kill a fox after it got into his garden and took one of his turkeys. The male fox was 45in from nose to tail – just less than 4ft – and described by Mr Clark, 46, as a “cat killer.... But a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports today said foxes should not be demonised and smallholders should secure their livestock.... (story)


Hexham Courant 4.1.11 Boxing Day hunts defy the snow - TYNEDALE’S hunts outfoxed the snowy weather to meet across the district on Monday. The traditional Boxing Day hunt was observed a day late across the country, due to meets not taking place on Sundays.... The Tynedale Hunt met as ever at Corbridge Market Place, with riders and hounds taking to the village’s streets... The North Tyne Hunt set out from the Black Bull at Wark while the Haydon Hunt was also out. The Border Hunt was unable to go out due to the bad weather... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 4.1.11 Tally ho!, they’re off . . . IT is one of their most popular days in the calendar – and members and supporters turned out en masse for the annual Hampshire Hunt.... (story)

Melton Times 4.1.11 Crowds turn out for New Year hunt meet - HUNDREDS of supporters turned out for Melton’s traditional New Year’s Day meet. It was the Cottesmore Hunt’s turn to meet in Play Close Park before heading out towards Burton Lazars... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 4.1.11 New Year horsepower heroes HARDY walkers, bikers and huntsmen all found different ways to get around Gloucestershire on New Year's Day. Members of the Heythrop Hunt gathered together in The Square, in Stow-on-the-Wold, for the traditional hunt... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 4.1.11 THE Conservatives have broken a promise made with a key group of their supporters in the last election. Hunt groups around the UK were promised that MPs would be allowed a free vote in parliament on lifting the ban on hunting with dogs... David Heathcote, Huddersfield (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.1.11 The rules on animal shooting are absurd - A RECENT report into the shooting of a stray horse by police marksmen near York has revealed that eighteen rifle shots were needed to kill the animal.... The Hunting Act demands that wild deer cannot be flushed out unless the animals are all shot dead... In my opinion to shoot a wild animal solely to obey a ludicrous law passed by MPs, such as Exeter's Ben Bradshaw, would be utterly immoral.... Giles Bradshaw. Rose Ash (letter)

Norwich Evening News 4.1.11 Are urban foxes on the rise in Norwich? - They are a familiar presence in many parts of Norwich, strutting nonchalantly across roads, leaping over fences and making their homes under garden sheds. While many people think of them as countryside-dwellers, foxes have shown they are just as comfortable living alongside humans in the city.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 4.1.11 Factory farming all about profit - Wendy Warren dismisses the views of major well-respected animal welfare organisations and provides no authoritative support for her personal opinions... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.12.10 Farming methods defended - I can say that I am concerned about animal welfare because for all my life I have practised it – not just preached about it like Ms Allison... The claim that culling badgers will spread TB and increase its incidence only refers to culling in selective areas and the subsequent recolonisation of those areas from outside... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 18.12.10 Farming's dubious legacy -How can Wendy Warren say she is concerned about animal welfare and write in favour of cloning, killing badgers and mega-dairies (Mailbox, December 14)? Ms Warren is obviously unaware of campaigns initiated by major animal welfare organisations against these proposals... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.12.10 Practical caring for animals - Of course I am with Elizabeth Allison on her point of giving thought to the welfare of animals (Mailbox, December 7). The well-being of ours, while they were in our care and right up until their final end, was our prime consideration. This was why we ceased to use livestock markets and sold them straight to the abattoir, always transporting them ourselves if we could.... Ms Allison objects to the killing of badgers. She fails to mention the thousands of cattle killed every year because they are infected with TB... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)


Leicester Mercury 3.1.11 Riders in the saddle for traditional hunts By Shirley Elsby - Riders were able to get out for the first time in weeks as they joined in Leicestershire's traditional New Year hunts.... On Saturday, the Fernie, Cottesmore and Atherstone were in action to mark the arrival of 2011. Cottesmore Hunt met in Melton town centre creating a spectacle for onlookers, including the Mayor, CouncillorMargaret Moore... (story)

Uttoxeter Post & Times 3.1.11 Big freeze foxes hunt members but warm welcome offers hope - A TRADITIONAL hunt was cancelled due to the icy conditions – but did not prevent a huge turnout. The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt met at Blithfield Hall, near Abbots Bromley, for its post Christmas event on Monday.... Rachael Morley, honorary secretary for the Hunt Supporters' Club, said Monday's event, which saw a £1,000 cheque presented to Help for Heroes, was a great success.... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 29.12.10 Hunt happy with parading hounds By James Brindle - AN ANNUAL rural hunt saw a ‘fantastic turnout’ despite the frozen conditions meaning the full event could not take place. Organisers of the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt Boxing Day meet said they were ‘delighted’ with the public’s support for the annual event... (story)

York Press 3.1.11 Riders and hounds turn out for New Year’s Day hunts By Nicola Fifield - DOZENS of riders turned out for traditional New Year’s Day hunts across North Yorkshire. However, the frosty ground and icy conditions meant numbers were significantly lower than in previous years. Joanna Newitt, secretary of the Middleton Hunt, said they had to change the hunt’s venue from Hunmanby to Scackleton, near Hovingham, due to the conditions... In Helmsley, a crowd of about 100 people gathered in the market place to enjoy the spectacle of about 12 horses gathering for the Sinnington Hunt... Meanwhile, about a dozen riders met for the Derwent Hunt outside The Hall Inn in Thornton-le-Dale, where landlord Glen Barker brought out drinks for them... (story)

ThisIsDevon 3.1.11 Hundreds out in force across the region for first hunts of the year - Hundreds of people and their four-legged friends started 2011 with a rural tradition, taking part in one of the many New Year's Day hunts being held across the region... Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds enjoyed the festivities in Exford, Exmoor, while those taking part in the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt began their day at the Walkhampton Inn in Yelverton, Dartmoor. Elsewhere, around 50 riders took part in the traditional New Year's Day Four Burrow Hunt in St Columb Major, near Newquay... (story)

ThisIsDorset 3.1.11 New Years hunt at Exford on the Moor - The Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds were out in force on New Year's Day when around 20 riders turned up and another 30 spectators were following on foot or driving at the meet at Exford on Exmoor... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.1.11 Hunt meets amid hopes that ban will be repealed - HUNDREDS of supporters turned out in Ottery St Mary to see off the traditional New Year's Day hunt. An estimated 300 people came to the square in the town in what is the showcase event of the year for the East Devon Hunt....(story)

Irish Times 3.1.11 Hunt acts within the law by use of a lone hound - RONAN McGREEVY - LAST YEAR’S wildlife amendment Act that targeted the only stag hunt in the country was an extraordinarily divisive piece of legislation... But like Mark Twain, rumours of the Ward Union Hunt’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. A hundred or so members of the hunt and local farmers gathered at huntmaster Séamus Fitzpatrick’s home, which overlooks Bellewstown racecourse, on New Year’s Day... The Act states it will be an offence for a person to hunt deer with two or more dogs. Note the plural, so the Ward Union has been hunting with a hound... (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 3.1.11 Thaw ends call for shooting ban to save ducks and geese - A NEAR ban on shooting ducks, geese and waders across England and Wales has been avoided thanks to the recent thaw.... Before Christmas the British Association for Shooting and Conservation BASC issued a call for shooters in all regions to exercise restraint wherever it was needed to allow waterfowl to see out the cold snap. As conditions vary greatly throughout England and Wales, the BASC is reminding shooters to take local conditions into account before deciding to shoot ducks, geese or waders... (story)

ThisIsDorset 3.1.11 Father and son set sights on business success - When it comes to country sports, Bristol's Knowle estate may not be the first place you would expect to find them thriving... But the suburb is now home to Braces – a new store, which claims to be Bristol's only shooting shop. Inside you will find walls lined with shotguns and rifles, shelves packed with shooting paraphernalia, wax macs and country boots, and behind the counter father and son team John and Dan Pool are cheerfully serving the customers... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 16.12.10 Bristol father and son open country sports shop in Knowle - DAVID CLENSY meets world champion shot John Pool, and finds out why he and son Dan have set up a country sports shop in the centre of Bristol. WHEN it comes to country sports, Knowle may not be the first place you would expect to find them thriving. After all, when did you last see the hunt come through Broadwalk, or hear the barking of gun dogs as they fish ducks out of the reeds in Perrett's Park. But the suburb is now home to Braces – a new store, which claims to be Bristol's only shooting shop... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 17.11.10 Shooting expert and family open up new shop - A FAMILY has opened a new shop in Bristol specialising in gun sports and country pursuits. Braces Shooting and Country Supplies will also offer coaching from a world champion at the store's own dedicated clay target range in the nearby Mendip Hills... (story)

York Press 3.1.11 Badger watching online - After purchasing a wildlife stealth camera to help us capture video footage of badgers during their nocturnal activities, we would like to ask readers for a bit of help. In March, East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group and SelbyBadger Watch are holding a badger awareness day for ecology students. This will include a field trip, photographs and video... If anyone has knowledge of an active badger sett and feels they can help us with this project, it would be greatly appreciated... Ann Farrar-Coates, Selby Badger Watch York Road, Barlby, Selby (story)


Sunday Telegraph 2.1.11 Conservative MPs face a backlash over hunting ban By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Barely a few hours after he became Prime Minister, David Cameron spoke to a leading member of the hunting community instrumental in moves to overturn the ban on hunting with hounds. "Tell me how to do it and I will do it," Mr Cameron said... Whether he can deliver on the promise, however, is looking increasingly in doubt. In the past few days, suspicions have grown that the issue has been kicked into the longest possible grass.... Chris Austin, joint master of the Kimblewick Hunt, which covers parts of Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, said: "A lot of people gave a lot of help to candidates before the last election, and obviously those candidates benefited from that help. I think it will be more difficult to get that help at the next election."... (story)

Sunday Mercury 2.1.11 Tyndale: Bring back fox hunting! by George Tyndale - LIKE most sane people, I don’t make New Year resolutions but I do hold a single, sincere hope for the forthcoming 12 months. Although I don’t think it will happen, I would be extremely happy it is someone showed some political balls and proposed repealing the oppressive, nonsensical fox-hunting ban... (story)

Independent on Sunday 2.1.11 Hunters always get a lot of press at Christmas because of their high profile Boxing Day meets, and they have again used the opportunity to rubbish the law... A recent YouGov poll found that only 3 per cent of the public trust hunters to regulate themselves, and placed hunters at the very bottom of a list of trustworthy characters... Penny Little Hunt Monitors Association Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Sunday Mirror 2.1.11 Macca girl upstages Queen legend By Susie Boniface - Rock star Brian May was hilariously upstaged by the eight-year-old daughter... of Paul McCartney. Queen guitarist Brian was guest of honour at a fundraising event for an animal charity.... Brian gave a talk at the Animal Aid fair in Kensington, West London, where he had a stall promoting his Save Me campaign against foxhunting and badger-culling. Bea was with her mother Heather Mills... (story)


Wiltshire Times 1.1.11 Hundreds flock to hunt at Lacock - Police estimated more than 1,500 supporters braved the cold to see the Avon Vale Hunt gather in Lacock on Monday.... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 1.1.11 Scores of fans show for New Year's Day hunt By Scott Kirk - NEARLY a hundred fans turned up for the traditional New Year’s Day hunt around Coniston and Ambleside. Eager enthusiasts from as far away as Ireland, London and Anglesey turned up at the Drunken Duck after the hunt on Monday, December 27 was postponed due to bad weather.... Organiser and master of the Coniston Foxhounds Roger Westmoreland said: “It’s an excellent turnout and the weather couldn’t be better... (story)

Telegraph 1.1.11 Hunt ban failed to stop the traditional pursuit of foxes - SIR – Don't tell me that hunting has been banned. At least one hunt I know has met each year and riders have pursued and killed foxes in exactly the same way they did before the 2004 Act. Derek Faulkner Sheerness, Kent
James Lewis is right to call for a one-line Bill to repeal the Hunting Act (Letters, December 28). However, contrary to what he says, shooting has not got off scot-free. Tory governments passed draconian – and largely ineffective – firearms laws in 1988 and 1997... Bill Harriman, Marford, Clwyd (letters)

Irish Examiner 1.1.11 Coursing an insult to the name of sport - DESPITE the recent Arctic weather conditions, hare coursing continued over the festive season. What a shame that these timid creatures are still being used as live bait in a cruel blood sport as we move beyond the first decade of the 21st century.... John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)