January 2012

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Yorkshire Post 31.1.12 Shooting on a friendly scale -Game shooting might seem the preserve of the wealthy, but it doesn’t have to be that way, says Mark Holdstock. The Cherry Tree Inn at High Hoyland normally doesn’t get that busy at quarter past eight in the morning. But this is where the Cannon Hall Shoot meets for breakfast before setting off into the nearby woods to get food for the other end of the day… One of the regular beaters is Derek Hardcastle, a financial advisor in Huddersfield. He is also a Green Party councillor on Kirklees Council, something which he admits might be a strange combination. Greens are not always seen as the kind of people who might help out at shoots, but Cllr Hardcastle says that shoots like this, and the birds which are shot, fit in perfectly with his beliefs… (story)

Western Morning News 31.1.12 RSPB right to leave game shooting alone - How can you possibly equate the shooting of game birds with fox hunting? (WMN letters “RSPB should take a stand on shooting”) Game birds are shot to eat; it is a quick dispatch and the RSPB is quite right to leave shooting alone and focus on the protection of wild birds, particularly those threatened by loss of habitat…. Martin Bell, Port Isaac (story)

Sheffield Star 31.1.12 Appeal case was extremely weak - I read with incredulity that a gamekeeper convicted of seven offences under the wildlife and animal welfare acts appealed his conviction, claiming he was framed by RSPB investigators….. Graham (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.1.12 Farmers defend Gloucestershire badger cull trials - A BADGER cull will take place in parts of the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury areas starting in the autumn. Six-week trials will test the shooting of free-running badgers as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle, a disease which ministers say will cost taxpayers around £1billion over the next 10 years if not dealt with effectively….. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 31.1.12 Citizen comment: We must end farmers' TB misery - THE scourge of bovine tuberculosis among cattle at farms in Gloucestershire has reached the point where farmers are at their wits end. That is why we have today asked one of the farming community's cattle TB experts, Jan Rowe, to write for us on the Government plan to kill badgers at pilot sites in the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury…. This writer has seen the misery among farmers whose herds, and even their whole livelihoods, have been literally wiped out by bovine tuberculosis. That is why we support Jan Rowe and the Gloucestershire National Farmers' Union in their wish to see the pilot culls go ahead…. (story)

Thanet Times 31.1.12 Pigs' bacon is saved by animal group - A PAIR of pigs have been spared the slaughterhouse after a group of Thanet animal lovers stepped in to save their lives. Dotty Bossy Pig and Doris Runty Pig were up for the chop before Debbie Channing of Thanet Animal Group (TAG) decided to raise the cash to buy them. Vegetarian Debbie fell in love with the pigs, who were living on a free range farm next to the Wingham home of her partner Dave Burbridge…. Debbie raised funds with the help of members of the Thanet Against Live Exports campaign who raided their piggy banks…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 30.1.12 Put hunting to public vote now, says UKIP - The public should be given the say on foxhunting now rather than waiting for the promised Commons vote on repealing the ban, according to the UK Independence Party…. (story)

Worcester News 30.1.12 This exemption is a cause of concern - I wonder if local residents are aware that because of an exemption (section 44(2)) in the Freedom of Information Act 2000, they are not allowed to know what animals their local animal testing laboratories are licensed to use… PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

BBC News Online 30.1.12 Wildlife crime unit paid for by animal charity - A charity tackling animal cruelty has become the first group to directly pay for a Metropolitan Police (Met) unit. The specialist Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) has had its future safeguarded after investment from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)… (story)
Evening Standard 30.1.12 Charity sponsors police to save wildlife crimes unit - Justin Davenport, Crime Editor - A charity is to sponsor Scotland Yard's wildlife crime unit in a attempt to secure its future and boost the battle against the illegal trade in endangered species. The World Society for the Protection of Animals is to spend £100,000 a year on two extra posts for the squad, the first time a charity has directly funded a Met unit…. (story)

Thanet Gazette 30.1.12 Occupy Thanet protest at Turner Contemporary - A GROUP of protestors representing "the 99%", set up camp outside Turner Contemporary in Margate on Friday. The Occupy Thanet movement inspired by demonstrations in Cairo, London and New York, braved the freezing cold to draw attention to inequality in society. A group of at least a dozen young people pitched tents and donned masks for a silent protest "to voice the concerns of the 99%"… Protestors have participated in other local protests against live animal exports from Ramsgate port, a new Tesco at Arlington House and public sector cuts… (story)


Independent on Sunday 29.1.12 I have managed to catch a few of the Springwatch and Autumnwatch programmes on BBC2 over the years…Most of the newly elected MPs into this Parliament – in the main, career Conservatives or Tory-supporting Liberal Democrats – will support a badger cull when presented with selective evidence. It will be a sad day for our wildlife when culling, hunting and shooting are expanded… Graham Forsyth, Chard, Somerset (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 28.1.12 Gun for hire . . . includes floristry - FLOWER arranging and shooting might seem an unlikely combination but they're at the heart of a unique experience day in the Cotswolds. Young gun Shelley Spencer has been competing at national level for 10 years while simultaneously running a successful floristry business. Now she is bringing her two loves together to offer the Guns & Roses Experience, which she is confident will appeal to organisers of everything from stag dos and hen parties to corporate events… (story)

TechWeek Europe 28.1.12 Government Warns Three Councils Over Broadband Funding - The government has officially warned three English councils that they could lose access to fibre broadband funding by Tom Jowitt - The temperature surrounding the government’s £530 million superfast broadband funding is heating up, after three English councils were officially warned they could lose access to the public funds… The lack of progress and frustration on the matter was raised recently by the campaign group the Countryside Alliance, after it found progress to be “underwhelming”… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.1.12 May hits out at 'bloodthirsty' Government at exhibition - Queen guitarist and well known animal rights campaigner Brian May called for the 'bloody and bloodthirsty' Government's planned badger cull to be scrapped during a speech in Bristol… (story)

Western Morning News 28.1.12 Deeper problems for the dairy industry - Around ten times as many cattle are culled annually because of mastitis, lameness and infertility than because of TB. This is scandalous…. So, I say to Peter Kendall of the NFU, Farms Minister Jim Paice and Defra Secretary Caroline Spelman, how about sorting out the real problems in the dairy industry and leave the badgers alone! Mrs Anne Shaw Penzance (letter)


Telegraph 27.1.12 World of Roger Scruton, writer and philosopher - The prolific author talks to Georgia Dehn about his daily routine, activism, education and the pleasure of drinking wine. By Georgia Dehn … We keep three horses and a couple of ponies. My wife and I go out riding often and on Wednesdays and Saturdays we follow hounds. The law doesn’t prevent foxhounds from going out, it just means they have to behave. Essentially you have to do drag hunting along a trail, but nobody can stop the hounds from going off after a real scent, which they much prefer to do. As long as you are careful, the ban doesn’t make that much difference… (story)

Evesham Journal 27.1.12 Hunts will be able to meet - RE “No foxes, no hunt meets” (Letters, January 19). Fortunately for hunting enthusiasts the present hunting laws, which they want to waste Parliamentary time trying to repeal, allows for the following of a laid trail but not for the intentional hunting of foxes with dogs… I would like to see the Countryside Alliance put its resources behind preserving a more worthy rural tradition – that of the visits by mobile library units to the streets and villages of our area. STEVE ANDERSON, Bourton on the Hill. (letter)
Evesham Journal 19.1.12 No foxes, no hunt meets - RE: ‘It’s deserved’, Journal Letters last week. Dear countryman George, if the fox is such a rapacious, merciless killer, why does the hunt ensure a continuous supply of foxes in the countryside?... STEVE ANDERSON, Bourton-on-the-Hill (letter)
Evesham Journal 19.1.12 It’s deserved - AS a countryman, I support fox hunting. Foxes, if they get into a hen-house, kill for the sheer lust of killing… GEORGE COWLEY, Worcester. (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 27.1.12 Hunting 'accidents' not acceptable - FOLLOWING the 2005 legislation the Countryside Alliance organised a mass protest and 50,000 people openly signed to say they would break the law and continue hunting. This they have unashamedly continued to do… The PM he should show that laws apply to everyone equally, and not cower down to the will of the privileged few. If you break the law, whether a ‘townie’ in a riot, or a country person, his government should pursue and prosecute them. Bryan Griffiths, Wiltshire Close, Bedworth. (letter)

Western Morning News 27.1.12 RSPB should take a stand on shooting - The RSPB Public Affairs Officer for South West England, tells readers the Society takes a neutral position in regard to legitimate field sports… John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 27.1.12 Government rejects plans for East Yorkshire beagle farm expansion - AllisonCoggan - A COMPANY breeding beagle dogs for animal experiments has been refused permission to expand its facilities in the East Riding… (story)
BBC News Online 26.1.12 Hull beagle breeding plans thrown out - Plans to extend a centre in East Yorkshire to breed dogs for scientific research have been rejected by the government. Planning permission was refused for new buildings at the Grimston site, near Hull, owned by B&K Universal…. Local animal campaigner Deborah Minns said the decision was a "victory" for the residents and the beagles…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.1.12 Praise for MPs who stand up for animals - Thank you Sheryll Murray MP for putting through a Bill to outlaw the keeping monkeys as pets… (letter)
Western Morning News 19.1.12 Sheryll Murray MP seeks ban on keeping monkeys - People should be banned from keeping monkeys and other primates as pets, a Westcountry MP told the Commons. Sheryll Murray, Conservative MP for South East Cornwall, said many primates suffered physical and psychological harm as a result of being kept as domestic pets… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.1.12 Alley Café in top ten of vegan breakfasts - A CITY centre restaurant has won an award for serving one of the best vegan breakfasts in the country. Animal rights charity PETA has named the Alley Café, in Cannon Court, in the country's top ten restaurants for vegan breakfasts… (story)


North Cotswold 26.1.12 Hunt ‘must consider road users' - A VILLAGER is calling on the North Cotswold Hunt to have “more consideration” of road-users and residents along its route after a near miss. Amanda Peters, aged 43, of Orchard Avenue, Broadway, said that she was travelling with her partner when they nearly drove into a man on a quad bike who she says was with the Boxing Day hunt…. (story)
Cotswold Journal 29.12.11 Boxing Day hunt draws crowds in Broadway - BROADWAY was heaving on Boxing Day when hundreds of people descended on the village to see the horses and hounds of the North Cotswold Hunt… (story)

Horse & Hound 26.1.12 Ginny Elliot recovering after hunting fall with the Heythrop - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Ginny Elliot is recovering from a fall in which she fractured two vertebrae. The former world and European eventing champion — who trains the Irish squad — was injured while out with the Heythrop on 28 December…. (story)

Western Gazette 26.1.12 Injured vet Jereme Darke ‘making good progress’ after gate accident = A vet who was hospitalised after a freak accident where a cow kicked a metal gate into his face is making good progress in his recovery… (story)
ThisIsDevon 20.1.12 Vet fights for life after cow kicked metal gate into his face - A leading vet was in a critical condition in hospital yesterday after he suffered a brain haemorrhage when a cow kicked a metal gate into his face. Experienced Jereme Darke, 45, fell backwards and cracked his head on the concrete floor after the heifer bucked the swinging cattle gate straight into him… Mr Darke, who lives in Devon, is joint Master of the Seavington Hunt and secretary of the Crewkerne Farmers' Skittle League… (story)
Western Gazette 19.1.12 Somerset vet critical after freak accident with cow - A vet remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital after a cow kicked a metal gate into his face. Jereme Darke, 45, who is well known across south Somerset, was blood testing beef cattle at a farm in Donyatt when the freak accident occurred at 3.10pm on Monday, January 9… Mr Darke, who lives in Devon, is joint Master of the Seavington Hunt and secretary of the Crewkerne Farmers’ Skittle League… (story)

Cotswold Journal 26.1.12 Treasure our wildlife - HOW uplifting to see that many people do take the time to express their disgust at any kind of cruelty to animals and in this instance, my letter talks about the beautiful fox…. These beautiful creatures inhabit this planet and what do we do as human beings? We, in so many ways, turn their lives upside down and do we benefit?... PENELOPE WATT SMYTHE, Winchcombe (letter)
Evesham Journal 20.1.12 Blood-lust is not a motive - I WAS relieved to see the letter from Lynn Sawyer in last week’s paper protesting about the Journal’s hunt reports. I too am saddened by the frequent, seemingly joyous reporting of hunt meets with no mention of the horrific killings involved… As to the letter from George Cowley which follows, I am not at all convinced that it is blood-lust that drives the fox… SALLY MANDER, Withy Trees Road, South Littleton. (letter)
Evesham Journal 16.1.12 Hunt reports - YOUR reports on the Christmas and New Year meets are incomplete. You missed out the bit about hunting wild animals with dogs being a crime, you missed out the trashing of badger setts, you ignored the fact that all these packs hunt foxes to exhaustion before ripping them apart or digging them out of any subterranean refuge…. LYNN SAWYER, Boat Lane, Evesham (letter)

Brentwood Gazette 26.1.12 Pig abattoir implements measures to stop cruelty - THE doors to a Brentwood abattoir were opened to the Gazette for a rare tour after scenes of animal cruelty were exposed last year. In a bid to show they had nothing to hide, the bosses of Elmkirk Ltd slaughterhouse in Warley gave a full tour of the facility and outlined all the measures taken since hidden camera footage showed former employees punching and stubbing out cigarettes on pigs…. (story)
Brentwood Gazette 26.1.12 How the story has developed so far - Covert footage of animal cruelty at the abattoir was broadcast. Cheale Meats said staff had been sacked. First of many protests organised outside the slaughterhouse… (story)
Brentwood Gazette 26.1.12 Ever-present protest that is in danger of becoming strain on vital police resources - ANIMAL rights protesters are in danger of taking vital police resources away from the rest of Brentwood, it has been claimed. The police have been called to a number of protests outside the Elmkirk Ltd slaughterhouse with almost clockwork regularity but as hostilities have threatened to flare, officers have even been pulled from other patrols and incidents…. (story)


Bournemouth Echo 25.1.12 Hunting law full of such contradictions - I struggled to understand Mike Fry’s letter “Hunt ban law impractical”… But in UK – the British blood sport brigade – tell me anyone of a more brutal pack of killers and hunters in what is supposed to be a civilised country. Their pleasure is breeding and shooting birds out of the sky, as also hunting and killing the fox for the sheer pleasure of this “blood sport”. JEFF WILLIAMS, Jubilee Road, Parkstone (letter)

Oxford Mail 25.1.12 No scruples on hunting - WILL Wright (Letters, January 20) rightly draws attention to the horrendous nature of badger baiting… Of course, the gross cruelty inflicted on defenceless animals by those convicted in the badger-baiting case is no different from that routinely inflicted by those involved in cub-hunting, where fox cubs are also torn apart in similar fashion, in order to train the hounds to kill… PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)
Bolton News 25.1.12 Help to stop illegal badger baiting - Will Wright FOUR PAWS www.four-paws.org.uk (letter)
Worcester News 24.1.12 Please call police if you see badger baiting - WILL WRIGHT - Four Paws four-paws.org.uk (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 20.1.12 Help stop this vile activity - IF you are walking in the Lancashire countryside and witness illegal badger-baiting, please contact the police immediately … Will Wright, Four Paws, London (letter)
Oxford Mail 20.1.12 Stop badger baiting - IF you are out for a walk in the countryside around Oxford and witness illegal badger-baiting, then please contact the police immediately. Please be vigilant. This barbaric and abhorrent behaviour must be stopped. WILL WRIGHT Four Paws Loman Street London Over the past couple of weeks many of us have read about a terrible case of badger-baiting… (letter)

Cable 25.1.12 Jeremy Hunt finally talking tough on broadband by Paul France - In the last few weeks, Jeremy Hunt has demanded councils meet his deadlines with their broadband plans…. Indeed, just last month the Countryside Alliance slammed Whitehall for leaving the super-fast broadband pilot schemes in the Highlands and Islands, North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Herefordshire "high and dry", with freedom of information requests revealing two of the councils had still not spent a single penny on their projects… (story)

Yorkshire Post 25.1.12 High-speed broadband rolled-out to village - HIGH-speed internet is set to be rolled out to a remote North Yorkshire village as part of a multi-million pound scheme to tackle the rural digital divide. Rosedale, which is set in the heart of the North York Moors, is set to receive a £130,000 funding boost for a project which will enable the community’s residents and businesses to access high-speed broadband transmitted wirelessly from an existing scheme in Farndale… Countryside Alliance claimed last month the project had failed to get off the ground. Senior NYnet officials conceded the project had proved “frustrating” due to a raft of regulations that needed to be adhered to, but stressed progress is being made. (story)

Minute15 25.1.12 MICK JAGGER TO DAVID CAMERON: I AM NOT YOUR FOOTBALL - STROLLING BONE Mick Jagger has flown out of Switzerland in a huff after being used as a “political football” by David Cameron…. The news will be a political and musical blow to David Cameron… The prime minister may be forgiven for thinking otherwise, however, given that so many of the UK’s wealthy musical icons are now establishment stooges and/or landed gentry. Eric Clapton, Bryan Ferry, Roger Taylor of Queen, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Roger Daltrey of the Who have all played fundraising concerts for the rural wing of the Conservative party, the pro-foxhunting Countryside Alliance. Hope I die before I get old indeed. (story)

Western Morning News 25.1.12 Ron's got it wrong on animal exports - I don’t usually read Farmer Bendell’s weekly diatribe but when I saw he had written about the live exports trade and the demonstrations at the docks all those years ago, I read on. He doesn’t change, does he? The same sarcasm, innuendo and pathetic attempts at a joke… Now we hear that many abattoirs are using the inhumane Halal method of slaughter. Why on earth do we have to lower our standards of animal welfare in this way? Jean Turner, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 25.1.12 UK must restore its slaughterhouse laws - Last year, Animal Aid obtained evidence showing slaughterhouse workers spitting into the faces of live pigs, urinating into the animals’ pen, and smoking until they coughed up mucus, which was spat out onto the floor… Consumers who find such lax security, poor hygiene and animal cruelty reprehensible might choose to withdraw their financial support from this industry altogether and go meat-free. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)


York Press 24.1.12 Our shotgun worries - A STRENSALL man suffered facial injury in a pheasant shooting accident (The Press, January 23). There is no compulsory training or examination for competence before the issue of a shotgun certificate…. Kit Davidson, Shooting consultant, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)

Mail 24.1.12 Old boss Mourinho jumps to Terry's defence in race case By Charles Sale - Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho leads a trio of big football names who are giving John Terry character witness support ahead of his trial for allegedly using racist language towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand…. The leading QC representing Terry, in a case where the maximum fine is £2,500, is John Cooper, a specialist in human rights and the chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Bournemouth Echo 24.1.12 Urban foxes are on the increase - IT would appear to me that the population of urban foxes seems to be increasing and not only that, getting bolder in the infiltration of the human world…. Does the council have a policy as to how many foxes are allowed to live in urban areas before households are put at risk by the scavenging antics of these animals?... GORDON SCOTT Maclaren Road, Bournemouth (letter)

Ripon Gazette 24.1.12 New help for keeping in touch with loved ones - ARMED FORCES families at a RAF base in North Yorkshire are being given dramatically improved internet links to help them stay in contact with loved ones who have been posted overseas… The new network, which is provided by the East Yorkshire-based ilovebroadband, utilises the NYnet fibre connection at the primary school to feed the wireless network across the base’s married quarters…. But the Countryside Alliance claimed last month the project had failed to get off the ground more than a year after the Government announced major funding…. (story)

Northern Echo 24.1.12 Badger baiting - PLEASE can I use your newspaper to thank Thixendale wildlife artist Robert Fuller for his actions in helping to bring a gang of low life scum to justice by taking secret photos of them… James Alderson, Grinton. (letter)

Telegraph 24.1.12 Secrecy pledge to badger cull farmers in fear of extremists - Farmers who agree to take part in a pilot programme of badger culls will remain anonymous to protect them from animal rights activists By Louise Gray - Adam Henson, the farmer and presenter of Countryfile on BBC One, received death threats after reporting on the planned cull last year…. Jack Reedy, of the Badger Trust, said the cull would be “expensive, futile and pointless”…. (story)

Worcester News 24.1.12 Farmers welcome badger cull in TB battle - FARMERS are welcoming steps to tackle bovine TB with a badger cull, but say that it must be done correctly or risk being a pointless exercise… (story)
Shropshire Star 24.1.12 Badger cull areas selected - Landowners and farmers from two carefully-selected areas are now able to apply for licences to trial new measures designed to tackle the devastating impact of bovine TB…. (story)
Malvern Gazette 23.1.12 Hills badger cull - AN area in the Malvern Hills has been selected to pilot a badger cull in the autumn, the Government has announced… (story)
Western Daily Press 20.1.12 Badger cull: Animal rights activists could target Somerset site - Animal rights activists are expected to descend on two areas in the West next autumn after they were chosen as the sites for controversial badger cull trials… Last night the League Against Cruel Sports urged farmers to boycott the trials – although they were chosen from a shortlist submitted by the industry…. (story)
Independent 20.1.12 Clashes expected as badger cull pilot areas revealed - Animal welfare and wildlife groups say the badger culls are unscientific and inhumane - MICHAEL MCCARTHY - Conflict in the countryside was foreshadowed yesterday when the Government announced the two areas which have been selected to pilot the controversial cull of badgers, as part of the effort to combat TB in cattle…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 20.1.12 Badger culling areas in England are announced - TWO areas where badger culling will start in England have been identified – in West Gloucestershire, mainly in the Forest of Dean, and in the Taunton area of West Somerset… (story)
BBC News Online 19.1.12 Badger cull pilot areas revealed By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News - Badger cull pilots aimed at reducing cattle tuberculosis can take place in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset this year, the government has said. The exact areas are not being revealed for security reasons…. (story)
Guardian 19.1.12 Badger cull pilot areas named - Two areas in Gloucestershire and Somerset will pilot a badger cull in the autumn in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cattle - Steven Morris … The announcement was immediately criticised by Labour and welfare groups…. David Bowles, director of communications at the RSPCA, said the animal welfare charity was "devastated"…. (story)
Telegraph 19.1.12 Protests ahead as badger cull pilot areas announced - Two areas in Gloucestershire and Somerset have been chosen to pilot a badger cull in the autumn, despite threats of protests. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 19.1.12 Gloucestershire selected to pilot TB badger cull scheme By Nick Wakefield - GLOUCESTERSHIRE has been selected as one of two areas a controlled cull of badgers will be piloted to tackle the spread of bovine TB…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.1.12 Badger Trust rules out cull legal fight for now - Jonathan Riley - The Badger Trust will not make a legal challenge ahead of DEFRA’s proposed culling trials in the West Country, Farmers Weekly has learned. Trust spokesman Jack Reedy told Farmers Weekly that there was “insufficient information on which to base a challenge at this stage”…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 19.1.12 Badgers to be shot by marksmen in Gloucestershire - BADGERS in Gloucestershire are going to be shot by marksmen the Government announced today…. (story)
ThisIsSomerset 19.1.12 Badgers to be shot in Somerset during six-week cull trial - Badgers in Somerset are going to be shot by marksmen, the Government announced today. An area near Taunton has been selected to pilot a badger cull in the autumn to try and stamp out TB in cattle…. (story)
Somerset County Gazette 19.1.12 West Somerset named as pilot area for badger cull - LANDOWNERS and farmers from West Somerset will be able to apply for licences to pilot the controlled shooting of badgers, designed to tackle the devastating impact of bovine TB… (story)
North Devon Journal 18.1.12 Badger cull zones revealed - Trial badger culls will go ahead in the South West later this year, in a Government initiative to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.1.12 Identifying ‘sick badger setts’ is still not proven by David Williams @Chairman, Badger Trust - I read with interest your article about a meeting with Bryan Hill. Two directors of the Badger Trust were asked to meet Mr Hill and two of his colleagues, but neither his report nor yours paints a true picture of the meeting. The Badger Trust representatives listened to Mr Hill assert that he could recognise so-called “sick” badger setts, but he did not explain in any detail what signs he could see that led to his conclusion…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 24.1.12 Rock star joins beagle farm protest - Rock legend Brian May has become the latest high-profile name to join the campaign against a large-scale beagle breeding farm in East Yorkshire. The guitarist and wildlife campaigner, who founded a group called Save-Me to promote animal welfare, has urged Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to reject an appeal by American-owned B&K Universal… (story)

Shields Gazette 24.1.12 Horses on frontline - KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1AW (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.1.12 Read more war stories - Kate Fowler, head of campaigns, Animal Aid,The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Northern Echo 19.1.12 War Horse - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)
Keighley News 19.1.12 Reminder of fate of animals - Kate Fowler Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 19.1.12 Helping horses - Kate Fowler Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)
News Post Leader 19.1.12 Film is a reminder of fate of animals - KATE FOWLER Head of Campaigns Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)
Plymouth Herald 16.1.12 War animals - KATE FOWLER Animal Aid (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 13.1.12 Animals in conflicts - KATE FOWLER, head of campaigns, Animal Aid. (letter)
Shepton Mallet Journal 12.1.12 Animals' use in war highlighted - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)
Leigh Journal 12.1.12 Animals in war - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 11.1.12 True story of animals in war - KATE FOWLER (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 11.1.12 Read about war animals - KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid www.animalaid.org.uk (letter)
Shields Gazette 10.1.12 Animals’ role in war - Kate Fowler, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1AW. (letter)
Liverpool Daily Post 10.1.12 Animals are still working on the frontline - THE War Horse story, which has resonated with so many people, is a poignant and timely reminder of the fate of millions of animals drawn unwittingly into human conflicts. Any readers wishing to find out more about the use of horses – and other animals – in war, should contact Animal Aid for a free copy of our Animals in War booklet…. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)

The Sentinel 24.1.12 Green politicians should be vegan - THE stated aim of the Green Party is to save the planet. So why do most Greens continue the singularly most environmentally destructive act – eating meat, dairy and eggs?... To my knowledge, there are three vegans in the house of commons. The 'Green' MP Caroline Lucas, below, is not among them… You must question the Greens' real agenda. If they say they are for the environ-ment but won't live a lifestyle that makes the most environmental sense then what is their real agenda? MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)


Coventry Telegraph 23.1.12 Hunting with dogs is obscene - I AGREE wholeheartedly with Mick Cole (Letters, January 19) regarding the obscenity of hunting with dogs... F Jennings, Hardy Road, Radford, Coventry. (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 19.1.12 No loopholes for new hunting laws - AT the end of a hunt a worn-out, terrified and demented fox, after being chased for hours, has to turn and face its tormentors. There is no escape and it is then torn apart alive by snarling hounds, egged on by screaming and baying riders on horseback. It is not a pretty sight and the hunt is careful to keep public eyes away from this side of it… Mick Cole, The Square, Kenilworth. (letter)

Northern Echo 23.1.12 Hunting - BILL BARTLE asks if there is any difference between two bull terriers tearing a pregnant badger apart, which is barbaric and abhorrent, and a pack of hounds tearing a fox apart (HAS, Jan 16). There is none…. Mrs N Staff, Kelloe, Durham (letter)
Northern Echo 18.1.12 Badger baiting - BILL BARTLE compares fox hunting and badger baiting (HAS, Jan 16) and wonders why one is illegal and the other might one day be legal once again. Surely the answer is obvious: fox hunting is practised by people of power and influence, whereas badger baiting is practised by those lacking the above attributes… Denise Anklam, Stanhope (letter)
Northern Echo 16.1.12 Bloodsports - FOUR men were recently convicted, quite rightly, for badger baiting. Can anyone who is in favour of the return of hunting with dogs please explain to me why is two bull terriers tearing a pregnant badger apart barbaric and abhorrent, and a pack of beagles tearing a fox apart sport?... Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle (letter)

Northern Echo 23.1.12 FANATICAL gun lovers who kill for pleasure are the scourge of the countryside and with their extremely abnormal gun mentality are a risk of becoming potential gun murderers. There is absolutely no justification for ownership or use of any gun… John Gill, Castleside. (letter)

Bicester Advertiser 23.1.12 ‘People are not alone. The fight goes on’ - THE region’s Tories are not going to give up in the fight against HS2, says the chairman of the Buckingham Conservative Association, writes Hannah Richardson. Jeremy Quin, from Quainton, has been active in the Stop HS2 campaign since the high-speed rail link was first announced… Mr Quin, who was born in Bucks, is also chairman of The Countryside Alliance Foundation, a charity that focuses on getting disadvantaged schoolchildren out into the countryside… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 23.1.12 How Lynx set the fur flying - Only 30 years ago fur shops and departments in high street stores were a common sight. But then a pressure group was founded that changed things in the UK forever. Sheena Grant spoke to a woman at the heart of the action… These days, few people, other than those who grew up in the 1980s, will remember the name of anti-fur organisation Lynx. But its legacy is huge…. Lynne Kentish, who lives in Bury St Edmunds, looks back on Lynx’s achievements with enormous pride. She and her then husband Mark Glover founded the anti-fur organisation in 1985, enlisting top models of the day, musicians and photographers to their cause… (story)


Sunday Mercury 22.1.12 Mike Lockley Column: Huntsmen would do better looking for foxes in fast food restaurants - I HAVE told the hunt, in no uncertain terms, that the invitation to ride with them, then write a glowing article ‘destroying the many myths’ goes beyond the pale…. (story)

Sussex Express 22.1.12 Double standards - YOUR shocking front page story rightly condemns the horrific blow pipe attacks on the ducks at Pells Pond in another sad example of mindless cruelty inflicted upon defenceless animals for ‘fun’. However, when turning to your letters page, I discover a letter thanking the ‘hundreds of well-wishers’ that turned out to support the hunt on Boxing Day in Lewes. These people should be ashamed of themselves and their selfish support for and promotion of a pastime that was made illegal because of public revulsion at the inherent cruelty involved… Samantha Dawes, Ringmer (letter)
Sussex Express 15.1.12 Well done for big stay-away at Lewes - WOULD you kindly permit me, through your column, to thank the thousands, and I mean thousands, of Lewesians who refused to turn out to support the local Hunt on Boxing Day… Sue Atkins, Lewes (letter)

Scotsman 23.1.12 Out of touch view on hunting - I DON’T know if Tom Parker is still secretary of the Scottish Working Dog Association but he seems a bit out of touch with reality on hunting with hounds in Scotland. In his letter “Plenty resources given to wildlife” (Debate, 15 January), he suggests that large sums of public money are being wasted on policing wildlife crime. This is not the case…. John F Robins, Animal Concern, Dumbarton (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 15.1.12 Plenty resources given to wildlife - JOHN Robins can rest easy in his concerns over the response to Hunting Act infringements (Debate, 18 December). Any such infringements now come under “wildlife crime” which is spared no expense in enforcement as being politically correct it allows the police to be seen in a good light with their political masters while trying to justify the generous resources allocated to such alleged offences… Is Robins preparing the ground for the latest aspiration of the SSPCA to be granted prosecuting powers in relation to wildlife crime? Given the zeal of some of its inspectors, this would be akin to putting the Ku Klux Klan in charge of race relations. Thomas Parker, Castlemilk, Glasgow (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 18.12.11 Hunting laws have gone to the dogs - YOUR feature on fox hunting headlined “We are definitely in the entertainment business” (Spectrum 4 December) highlights the need for pro-active policing of hunting in Scotland… John F Robins for Animal Concern (letter)

Leigh Journal 22.1.12 Atherton MP backs campaign to end animal testing - ATHERTON MP Julie Hilling has joined campaigners on the first anniversary of the ‘No Cruel Cosmetics’ campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetics… (story)


Horse & Hound 21.1.12 Prime Minister confirms free vote on Hunting Act repeal - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - David Cameron has reaffirmed his commitment to holding a free vote on whether to repeal the Hunting Act. In an interview for BBC1’s Countryfile on Sunday (15 January), the Prime Minister said he thought the ban was a “pretty bizarre piece of legislation”…. (story)
Sunday Express 15.1.12 I WILL DROP 'BIZARRE' HUNT BAN, VOWS PM By Stuart Winter - DAVID CAMERON rode headlong into a row about hunting last night with an attack on the “bizarre” law aimed at stopping the slaughter of foxes in the countryside. The Prime Minister pledged to allow a free vote on the repeal of the ¬Hunting Act in this Parliament, criticising the eight-year-old legislation for “taking criminal law into an activity where it did not belong”…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 21.1.12 'Dismay' at cull of badgers - PLANS for a pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire has divided opinion. Farmers and landowners in the trial area, which lies mainly within the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury, will be able to apply for a licence for the controlled shooting of badgers…. While some farmers are said to be encouraged by the news, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is "dismayed"…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 21.1.12 Cull doesn't add up – councillors - COUNTY Liberal Democrats have criticised the proposed trial badger cull in Tewkesbury. The party's Shire Hall group says the scientific arguments for the cull do not add up… (story)

Farmers Guardian 21.1.12 Badger cull farmers will be anonymous – NBA By Alistair Driver - FARMERS who sign up to the pilot badger culls will be remain anonymous, the National Beef Association (NBA) has assured those who have security concerns over the policy… (story)

York Press 21.1.12 Animal thugs - THOUGH I welcome the 16 weeks jail sentence given to the badger killers, it should have been at least three years… Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York. (letter)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 20.1.12 Another apology after Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt strays off trail - A HUNT master has made another apology after hounds ran out of control for the second time in recent weeks. Complaints have been made to the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt after hounds ran through gardens and private fields in Wonston near Hazelbury Bryan last Tuesday…. (story)

Southern Reporter 20.1.12 FRAMED IN TIME - Once upon a time a popular column in this newspaper was A Day in the Life, in which a reporter and photographer spent time with various workers. And in January 1982 scribe Hilary Gray (now Mactaggart) and snapper Jane Arres met up with huntsman Lionel Salter and whipper-in George Trotter at the Duke of Buccleuch’s kennels at St Boswells – both men appear in this photograph. Also on hand was kennelman John Brown… (story)

Essex Echo 20.1.12 Gun laws are severe enough - Once again I read the not unexpected knee-jerk reaction by some people suggesting psychological screening for gun licence holders such as myself. Having held a licence for more than 50 years, I recall licence holders’ lives were changed forever by Michael Ryan and even more tragic if possible, Dunblane… The stringent and professional methods currently used by the police are sufficient… T E Langley, Cumberland Avenue, Southend (letter)

Computing 20.1.12 Jeremy Hunt threatens to withdraw £530m broadband funding By Derek du Preez - Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told local authorities that if they do not sign broadband contracts by the end of 2012 they face losing their share of the £530m funding, according to The Guardian… This news comes shortly after the Countryside Alliance discovered through a freedom of information request that little progress had been made by the local authorities selected to pilot superfast broadband rollout in rural areas… (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 20.1.12 Culling badgers is not answer - On December 14, the Government announced that they were to push ahead with a badger cull… If you would like to help prevent the culls going ahead, please visit the League Against Cruel Sports website… C M Richardson Church Street, Woodford (letter)

Shropshire Star 20.1.12 Don’t blame the badgers - I will decline the suggestion made by one of your readers from Clun: I will not be going to my local livestock market to talk to people about the badger… Badgers are carriers, not the cause, of the disease. Insensitive farming methods and overuse of pesticides as well as hedge-cutting at the wrong time of year have had a catastrophic effect on our wildlife as a whole… A Morris, Oswestry (letter)


BBC News Online 19.1.12 Hark forward to the hunting vote? - Martyn Oates Political editor, South West - MPs have been promised a vote on whether to scrap the hunting ban before the end of this Parliament… The government has repeatedly insisted that it needs to concentrate on sorting out the economy before bothering with things like riding to hounds. The Countryside Alliance - despite spearheading the campaign to restore hunting - has enthusiastically agreed…Just a few weeks ago the Master of the Devon & Somerset Staghounds said publically that "a vote would be bound to be wrong for us" under the coalition… if the government does decide to deprive Scottish MPs of their voting rights on certain issues, hunting looks as if it should be a strong contender. Hunting is an entirely devolved issue north of the border… (story)

Wiltshire Times 19.1.12 Hunt ban is right - When 180 people to date have been convicted under the Hunting Act, including representatives of well-known hunts such as the Fernie and Quantock Staghounds, can DEFRA minister Jim Paice honestly claim that “it simply doesn’t work” and “makes a mockery of the law”?... Hopefully, Parliament will keep its attention focussed on the critical state of our economy, and on social issues such as gun crime and the welfare of the frail elderly, and leave the Hunting Act intact. Katherine Watson (Miss), Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport. (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 19.1.12 Anyone seen havoc the fox can cause? - I REFER to the recent debate about hunting and eating meat. Country people have nothing against foxes as animals – it’s the damage they do… CHRISTOPHER LESSEY Southbourne Road, Bournemouth (letter)

Wells Journal 19.1.12 Cruelty-free riding is possible - Killing animals for pleasure or for the agricultural argument of pest control (Burns Inquiry) is immoral, cruel and unnecessary, no matter what format it takes… Maggie Toner-Baker, Wells (letter)

Guardian 19.1.12 Jockeys to meet British Horseracing Authority for whip rules summit - Chris Cook - A solution to the whip rules controversy appears some way off, despite the scheduled meeting on Friday between jockeys and the British Horseracing Authority… Pressure in the opposite direction came from the animal rights group Animal Aid, who issued a press release saying that "to further slacken the rules to suit the maverick behaviour of jockeys such as [Richard] Hughes and Winston makes no strategic or moral sense"… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.1.12 Plea to scrap badger cull rejected in TB row - PLEAS to urge the Government to scrap badger culls fell on deaf ears yesterday as farmers teamed up to reject it. Three leading politicians at Gloucestershire County Council who farm for a living said a ban on killing badgers would "deny them the right" to seek out a possible solution for Bovine TB. During a passionate debate in a full council meeting at Shire Hall, the county's Liberal Democrats wanted the councillors to back a motion urging the Government to axe pilots in favour of exploring alternative solutions like oral vaccines… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 17.1.12 'Vote no to badger shootings' - OPPONENTS of a badger cull are calling on county leaders to join them. The Stroud 100, a group opposed to the culling of badgers in Stroud, wants all county councillors to sign up to a motion to oppose a cull in Gloucestershire and pledge against any cull on council land… (story)

Herts & Essex Observer 19.1.12 'Jordan is still an inspiration' - A SPECIAL concert next week will celebrate what should have been Jordan Trowsdale’s 16th birthday. The gig at the Northgate End youth centre in Bishop’s Stortford comes just over two years after the teenager drowned in the River Stort on Christmas Eve 2009… As well as being a big music fan, Jordan was passionate about wildlife. After his funeral, mourners made donations to Animal Aid and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in addition to the Midshires Search and Rescue Team… The beneficiary of this latest fund-raiser will be the World Society for the Protection of Animals, which is working with Asian governments to outlaw bear-bile farming… (story)

The Sentinel 19.1.12 Vegan diet made me eat healthily - I AGREE with Mark Richards in the letter headlined 'Vegan approach' (Sentinel, Jan 14). Do people really think where the food on their plate has come from and the cruelty involved in factory farming?... JEAN WALLBANK, Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel 6.1.12 Vegan is answer - ACCORDING to The WorldWatch Institute, the consumption of animal products is responsible for 51 per cent of human-made greenhouse gases. So going vegan is the easiest way to stop global warming. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Brentwood Gazette 19.1.12 Artist's statement on animal cruelty - A STUDENT is using art to highlight the devastating consequences of animal neglect. Karley Fricker took her burgeoning creative talent to Remus Horse Sanctuary, in Buttsbury Road, near Ingatestone, on January 9 to install "Blinded" a metaphorical piece of work she conceived and created to highlight the extent of people's ignorance of the mistreatment of animals… The 21-year-old vegan, who grew up in Wickford and studies fine art at South Essex College, explained the meaning behind her message. "I am very interested in animal rights and welfare, and also in the work of Remus Horse Sanctuary… (story)

Brentwood Gazette 19.1.12 Abattoir protesters claim air rifle pellets fired at car - POLICE are investigating allegations that an air rifle was fired towards balaclava-clad protesters outside a Brentwood slaughterhouse. Campaigners, wearing fake blood-stained overalls, pig suits and masks, claim the shots dented the side of a blue BMW 320 hire car, rented by an animal rights activist and parked near the Warley abattoir…. Janie Callow, 40, whose hire car was dented, said: "I was very shaky and as another protester ran ahead of me the final shot came and he saw it bounce off the car…. (story)
Brentwood Gazette 19.1.12 Meat firm: we do not condone animal cruelty - A STATEMENT from the directors of Cheale Meats Ltd was handed to the Gazette during the protest, detailing the action it has taken to ensure "the highest standards of animal welfare". It reads: "We found some incidents in March/April on our CCTV that made us look very closely at several members of staff. We therefore promptly dismissed the two workers concerned, with a third being dismissed shortly afterwards. Then Animal Aid released their video footage showing the same operatives treating stock badly. "Cheale Meats does not and has never in any way condoned the incidents, in fact they have been condemned by all their fellow workers and the directors of Cheale Meats… (story)
London 24 13.1.12 Brentwood animal rights protest: ‘Shots fired’ at Warley abattoir demo - Ian Weinfass, Reporter - One protester was assaulted and another’s car was “shot at” during a demo outside a Warley abattoir on Wednesday. Supporters of Essex Animal Defenders gathered outside Cheale Meats (Elmkirk Ltd), Little Warley Hall Lane… Members said they heard a “pinging noise” and “sounds like something ricocheting off” a car which was parked some way from them in Little Warley Hall Lane. On returning to the hire car she had been driving, Jane Callow, who has multiple sclerosis, discovered the damage. She said: “We didn’t know what it was at first, so someone came back to have a look and called me over.” Fellow protester Marcia Hagon said: “It was badly damaged, it looked like it was an air gun. It’s not been done at a great distance but we were close by, anybody could have got hit.”… (story)


Western Morning News 18.1.12 Cameron helps the bankers and the hunters - I would like to comment on the BBC Countryfile programme, in which the Prime Minster, David Cameron, lent his support for the badger cull trials. These could ultimately lead to the destruction of our native badger, so often used for the sport of badger baiting… David Cameron also used the interview to repeat his pledge to allow a vote on repeal of the Hunting Act in this Parliament… If the Hunting Act was repealed then the hunters would be allowed to hunt as before the ban and be free of the minor constraints of pretending to be trail hunting. The hounds would be after the fox and able to go anywhere the fox runs. They would not be accountable for trespass; hunts and their starving hounds (hounds are usually not fed for two days before going out to hunt foxes and other prey) would be running into people's gardens and attacking people's pets…. (letter)

BBC News Online 18.1.12 Children 'no risk' with shotguns - Police revoked just two shotgun certificates given to children in the past decade, according to the Countryside Alliance. The campaign group released the figures as MPs prepare to debate whether to introduce a minimum age of 14 for holding a shotgun certificate…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 18.1.12 Under-14s with gun licences ‘no risk’ - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners have attacked moves to set a minimum age for shotgun licences, claiming research proves under-14s with certificates “pose no risk to the public”. The Countryside Alliance said their figures, which show that in the past 10 years only two people under the age of 14 have had shotgun certificates withdrawn by the police, prove “conclusively” that the young take the responsibility of handling shotguns seriously and efforts to stop them entering the sport of shooting “must be condemned”…. (story)

Malton Gazette & Herald 18.1.12 Save our badgers - BADGERS are already under pressure from baiting with dogs, illegal trapping and road kill, but the biggest threat of all is from the dairy industry. Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of bovine TB. The surest way to save badgers is to stop buying meat and dairy… Miss P A SUMMERS, Malton (letter)


Western Morning News 17.1.12 PM David Cameron is lobbied on rural neglect - David Cameron has been urged to end the divide between town and country caused by short-changing rural areas. A delegation of MPs from rural constituencies yesterday pressed the Prime Minister at a Downing Street summit… Mr Cameron, who represents a largely rural constituency in Oxfordshire, has described himself as a "country boy". In an interview broadcast on BBC1's Countryfile at the weekend, the Prime Minister was anxious to burnish his rural credentials. He repeated his promise of a free Commons vote on a repeal of the ban on hunting with dogs, labelling the legislation "bizarre"…. (story)

Independent 17.1.12 Terence Blacker: Enough of townie prejudice against the countryside - The Way We Live - Most of the time, those of us who happen to live in the country are happy to ignore the casual urban prejudice which characterises British politics and the media. Now and then, though, the level of metropolitan silliness reaches a level which is impossible to ignore. Those occasions tend to occur when big decisions affecting almost exclusively those living outside cities are being made, just as exclusively, by those living in them: housing plans, wind turbine developments, power stations, changes to the transport infrastructure. The debates may vary but what they all have in common is a high degree of urban ignorance, often revealing an inexplicable hostility to the mysterious world of the countryside…. (story)

Western Mail 17.1.12 To restore hares, control the fox - It is heartening to read that others share the gamekeeper’s enthusiasm for restoring hare numbers in Wales (“Chance to keep tabs on the ‘disappearing’ brown hare”, Jan 3). Fortunately, for the hare’s sake, there is little mystery involved in boosting the species’ abundance. The factors behind the decline – and how to rectify them – are now well understood, having been extensively researched by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust…. Science shows the fox to be a significant predator of leverets (young hares) and the bottom line is that high fox numbers will limit hare populations, an effect often exacerbated on grassland farms… BRIAN HARDCASTLE South Wales chairman, DAVID POOLER North Wales chairman National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (letter)

Yorkshire Post 17.1.12 Badger group puts its art into fundraising after baiting rise - A BADGER protection group is to hold a fund-raising art auction this weekend after volunteers said they had been forced to spend almost all their cash following an increase in baiting in South Yorkshire…. Badger group spokesman Monica Ward said: “South Yorkshire Badger Group’s funds have been drained following a dramatic increase in baiting and digging of setts over recent months and the Art Auction is one of several events enabling us to continue protecting vulnerable setts this year…. (story)

Oxford Mail 17.1.12 Badger baiting - I read with interest how the relatives of the men jailed for badger baiting at Howsham, near York, sobbed when they were led from the court in handcuffs. Did any of these ‘distraught’ relatives shed any tears for the defenceless innocent animals killed by their loved ones?... GINA SPILLANE Nowell Road Rose Hill (letter)

Derby Telegraph 17.1.12 Why fighting the fur trade was worth taking my clothes off - "YEAH, right. Dream on, luv." This was the way most people responded when I told them I was Derby's Pamela Anderson… Back in the 1990s, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched its headline-grabbing campaign "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur,"… To coincide with this time of the year when fur demand peaks, Compassionate Derby brought PETA's original campaign to the streets of Derby. And so on a cold winter day, three intrepid protesters in nothing but underwear walked the city's streets sandwiched between two boards…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 12.12.11 Semi-naked protesters brave cold with city anti-fur demo - ANIMAL rights campaigners marched through a bitterly cold Derby city centre wearing only a sandwich board and their underwear in a protest against the use of animal fur for clothing. Victoria Martindale, Natalie Rocca and Adrian Lacey walked along St Peter's Street and through the city centre to the Market Place on Saturday to raise awareness of animal cruelty… Natasha Lee was helping to hand out leaflets publicising the campaign against animal cruelty…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 9.12.11 Naked protest by fur campaigners - THREE people are set to walk through Derby city centre wearing only a sandwich board as part of a protest against the fur trade. The campaigners, from Derby Animal Rights, will march down St Peter's Street and the Corn Market to the Market Place tomorrow, from 2pm. Organiser Victoria Martindale said the aim was to show they would rather go naked than wear fur. She said: "We wouldn't skin our pets to wear their fur."… (story)


Dorset Echo 16.1.12 Police called after farmer saw man allegedly filling in badger setts - TWO men were detained by police after a farmer saw one of them allegedly filling in badger setts. Gaius Vincent, of Muston Farm, Piddlehinton, was walking along Waterston Ridge, off the B3143 near Dorchester, when he saw a man who appeared to be digging around a sett…. He added: “That’s when I called the police. At first the man claimed he was with a hunt, who were out that morning, but I didn’t know who he was calling and who would turn up, so I played it safe. “Later on he said he wasn’t employed by the hunt.”… David Walsh, chairman of the South Dorset Hunt, said: “I am not prepared to comment on the incident at this time.”… (story)

Scarborough Evening News 16.1.12 Couple’s horror at hounds’ return - A COUPLE have spoken of their horror at seeing a pack of hunting hounds bounding past their Ravenscar home – little more than a month after their beloved pet cat was savaged and killed by 27 dogs. Les and Margaret Atkinson told the Evening News they had been assured by hunt members at the time of the incident that they would be given advance notice if they planned to be near their property. But they were surprised last Tuesday when they saw hunt members on horses and dogs near their home but had been given no warning…. Last week’s hunt was by members from Staintondale and at the time of going to press no one from the group was available for comment… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 16.1.12 Lovely to have non-racing dog - AS AN adopted nan to our daughter’s greyhound Spike, I am strongly against greyhound racing… Jane Smith, Flude Road, Ash Green, Coventry (letter)

Bolton News 16.1.12 Ban animals in circuses - MANY groups are considering launching a High Court challenge to the Coalition’s refusal to ban wild animals in British circuses… A Cartmell Little Lever (letter)


Shropshire Star 14.1.12 Huntmaster Otis Ferry sorry after complaint over dogs - South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village. The huntsman, who is the son of Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry, said he was ‘very sorry’ that Jonathan Edwards had not been informed that the South Shropshire Hunt was meeting on Wednesday at Pontesford, near Shrewsbury…. (story)

Melton Times 14.1.12 Hunt to review trails after hound is killed on train track - A HUNT has said it will review how it sets out trails after a hound was killed when it was struck by a passenger train… Cottesmore Hunt secretary Clare Bell said: “We think the hound in question got distracted and strayed on to the track and what happened was a tragic accident. Network Rail is satisfied that was the case… (story)

Grantham Journal 14.1.12 I like hunting and I’m not an over-privileged ‘toff’ - EVERY year I go to see the Belvoir Hunt, and support a great tradition that we’ve had for hundreds of years… What I don’t agree with is people stereotyping everyone connected with hunting as toffs. I enjoy hunting, but I am also a student who works three days a week in a supermarket and for the record - no I do not have a silver spoon in my mouth!... Miss R White, via email (letter)

Southern Reporter 14.1.12 Great outdoors for kids - THERE have been no accidents resulting in insurance claims against the local council over children being educated outdoors. Latest figures show zero action against or compensation paid out by Scottish Borders Council between 2009 and2011. The information came to light following a freedom of information inquiry (FOI) request by a countryside charity in its campaign to increase outdoor education for children. The FOI request by the Countryside Alliance Foundation, showed that last year across Britain there were 67 successful insurance claims against local education authorities concerning outdoor education resulting in £55,620 being paid in compensation by 16 councils. None involved the Borders…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.1.12 Cameron admits to badger cull ‘difficulties’ - David Cameron has acknowledged that the proposed badger cull trials would involve “no end of difficulties”, including concerns over policing…. (story)

Burton Mail 14.1.12 Animal Aid plea for a meat-free 2012 - Kelly Slade, Animal Aid campaigns officer (story)
Shields Gazette 4.1.12 Time to try veggie? Kelly Slade, campaigns officer, Animal Aid. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 4.1.12 An animal-free diet is a good new year idea - After the lavish excesses of the festive season and with the coming year of austerity, you have probably considered making some New Year's resolutions. The start of a new year is the perfect time to take steps towards a more compassionate, healthier and happier you. And there's no better way of doing it than by embracing an animal-free diet,… KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)

Milton Keynes News 14.1.12 City War Horse walks down the red carpet - Celebrities attended the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, including Milton Keynes’ own equestrian star…. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid said: “The War Horse story, which has resonated with so many people, is a poignant and timely reminder of the fate of millions of animals drawn unwittingly into human conflicts.”… (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.1.12 Money will help drive to boost welfare of animals - A HUGE thank-you to the people of Burton. Local volunteers took to the streets of the town on Saturday, December 17, to raise money for Compassion in World Farming, Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation…. Lisa Willmot, Compassion in World Farming (letter)


Paddock Wood Courier 13.1.12 Protestors claim fox was killed by dogs on hunt near Paddock Wood - TENSIONS between anti-hunt protesters and hunt supporters have escalated following claims a fox was killed by hounds in Paddock Wood countryside at the weekend. Protesters, keen to see if groups have been flouting the 2004 ban, said they were prevented from following riders as they entered fields close to Pike Fish Lane. Prominent anti-hunting campaigner Dave Wetton then claimed hounds had been used to kill a fox during the meet on Saturday, organised from the nearby Upper Fowle Hall Farm…. Mr Wetton and other monitors from the Hunt Saboteurs Association were attempting to observe a joint meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt and the Ashford Valley Hunt… (story)

Western Morning News 13.1.12 The Devon & Somerset Staghounds will meet at 10.45am tomorrow at *Scob Hill Gate… The Four Burrow Hunt will meet at 11am on Tuesday 17 at Filtrick Farm… (story)

Mail 13.1.12 The watercolour diaries of a 19th century country gentleman (who preferred keeping a diary of his hunting exploits to work) - The newly-discovered diaries of a wealthy country squire show he spent the majority of his time painting scenes of Victorian life rather than working. Solicitor George Cooper's journals are full of incredibly detailed sketches and paintings and give a fascinating insight into Victorian life…. The three diaries that have emerged cover the years 1871, 1881 and 1896, and were auctioned for £700….. Photos: The Blackmore Vale Hunt in February 1899… (story)

Henley Standard 13.1.12 Please show more respect - As a committed and dedicated hunt monitor, your correspondent Bea Bradley is fully aware that local hunts operate within the law (Standard, December 30). Attacking local hunts which have made huge changes to accommodate the ban on hunting in order to carry on a sport loved by so many helps no one. The Kimblewick Hunt readily apologised to Mr Griffiths, so is clearly not the arrogant people Mrs Bradley claims they are…. Mrs White, Sonning Common (letter on website for a week)
Henley Standard 30.12.11 Last bastion of rural life - I was disappointed to read complaints about the Kimblewick Hunt (Standard, December 16), mainly because both complainants decided to grandstand their grievances in their local newspaper. I agree that hunt riders need to be more aware of, and certainly more communicative with, local people…. It is worse now for two reasons. Firstly, riders and horses have literally come under attack in recent years and this has made riders much more fearful of approaching people while out in the field (especially angry people)…. In times when children are glued to their computers and televisions and few even own a pair of wellies, do we really want to start attacking the last few bastions of country living… Mrs White, Sonning Common (letter on website for a week)
Henley Standard 23.12.11 Arrogant hunt people - I wish to complain about and raise awareness of the stupidity of one of the hunts in the Oxfordshire area… On Saturday, December 3, members of the Kimblewick Hunt were in the Stoke Row/Wyfold area… I passed a few members of the hunt with my pony, who I was driving along the lanes… On my return to the yard, I was about to dismount my carriage to unharness when suddenly a group of hunt people cantered past while I was on my carriage, which greatly unsettled my four-year-old pony… While I am not against the hunt and as a family we support it as part of the countryside, I feel that the actions of these riders were extremely inappropriate… Name and address supplied (letter on website for a week)

Guardian 13.1.12 Lord Astor's opposition to HS2 is the politics of snobbishness - Astor seems to think that high-speed rail is about a bizarre northern antipathy to rolling green hills and unencumbered views - Cath Elliott - No matter how much he tries to dress it up as an argument about costs and projected passenger numbers, the snobbishness that lies behindLord Astor's opposition to the proposed high-speed rail link… When arguing against the hunting ban back in 2001, Astor stated: "I declare an interest. I have hunted all my life. I have been master of my local hunt, the Old Berks, and I am now chairman of the hunt." He then tried to argue that hunting was an integral part of the countryside. Well, talking of the beauty of the countryside, I bet I'm not the only one who'd rather see a high-speed train gliding into view than bear witness to a bunch of Hooray Henrys charging around on horseback braying for blood… (story)

Mail 13.1.12 High speed rail plans fly in the face of measures to cut spending elsewhere By Matthew Elliott - Matthew Elliott is the founder of the TaxPayers' Alliance - Since the HS2 high speed rail proposals were first announced we have asked why the Government is taxing the poor to pay for a rich man’s train… We are in good company as we continue to campaign against HS2, joined by business leaders and economic commentators including Simon Wolfson and Nigel Lawson. Groups like the Countryside Alliance and the RAC Foundation have spoken against it, as have the Green Party and a host of MPs and last year an independent report by Oxera echoed our questions about the economic case for the line, and particularly whether it was fairly compared with strategic alternatives… (story)

Farmers Weekly 13.1.12 Badger activists target industry leaders - Johann Tasker - Animal rights activists are targeting government ministers and farm leaders over plans for a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis. Campaigners from Animal Rights UK plan to descend on next month’s NFU annual conference in Birmingham. The Nottingham-based group has invited hundreds of supporters to attend the protest, which is timed for the morning of Tuesday, 21 February.. (story)

Guardian 13.1.12 Help stamp out wildlife crime - Your article (Cruel Britannia, G2, 4 January) made horrific reading, exposing not only the unimaginable suffering of badgers illegally baited but also the extent of cruelty to many other species illegally pursued, tortured and killed by people using vicious dogs as status symbols… Dr Brian May Founder, Save Me and representatives of 14 member organisations of the Badger Protection League including: David Williams Chairman, Badger Trust, Virginia McKenna Founder, Born Free Foundation, Will Travers CEO, Born Free Foundation, Lorraine Platt Co-founder, Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, John Rimmington Press officer, Hare Preservation Trust, Anne Brummer Founder, Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, Mark Jones Executive director, Humane Society International/UK, Dr Dan Lyons CEO, IASJ (animal protection thinktank), Robbie Marsland Director, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Joe Duckworth CEO, League Against Cruel Sports, Andrew Plumbly Executive director, Network for Animals, Libby Anderson Acting chief executive, OneKind, David Bowles Director of communications, RSPCA, Pauline Kidner Founder, Secret World Wildlife Rescue (letter)


Leicester Mercury 12.1.12 Hunting hound killed after straying on to train track - A hunting hound was killed when it was struck by a passenger train after straying on to a railway line. The dog was out trail hunting with riders from the Rutland-based Cottesmore Hunt on Saturday when it got on to the track at Wyfordby, near Melton Mowbray… (story)
Melton Times 10.1.12 Hunting dog killed by train - A HOUND taking part in a hunt on Saturday died after being struck by a passenger train. The accident happened at about 11.45am when it is understood that a number of hounds from the Cottesmore Hunt strayed onto the railway line in the Stapleford area near Wyfordby Church…. (story)

North Devon Journal 12.1.12 Hunting tradition is still worth supporting - ICAN no longer claim to be a "huntin', shootin' and fishin'" type (though I have in the dim distant past taken part in all these rural pursuits) but like so many native inhabitants and a surprising number of newer residents of our area, I still feel duty bound to turn out and support the Boxing Day meet in Holsworthy's Market Square…. (story)

West Briton 12.1.12 Queen 'in plea to Blair' over hunting - THE QUEEN urged Prime Minister Tony Blair not to ban fox hunting, a new book has claimed…. In her book Elizabeth The Queen, biographer Sally Bedell Smith writes: "In her own quiet way, the Queen lobbied Blair during a weekend at Balmoral several years before the ban came to a vote… (story)

Melton Times 12.1.12 Leave ban in place - THE hunting ban should NOT be repealed but I find it incredible that a law was needed in the first place to stop people, who would try to convince us that they are civilised, from enjoying watching one animal tear apart another… A Gregory, Melton
WHAT a surprise to see the hunt in full public view over new year. It’s not their normal practise unfortunately as they prefer to operate without public scrutiny… Trevor Eardley, Chadwell
Time to repeal Act - SINCE the introduction of a ban on hunting foxes with hounds, the biggest loser has been the fox population…. Rad Thomas, Quorn
THE Hunting Act is an unworkable law. More and more people are hunting and finding out about the countryside and the importance of field sports… FRAN FLETCHER, Loughborough
ALL lovers of freedom must believe the Act should be repealed. It had nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with failed social engineering… Paul Chenery, Brooke, Rutland
WE, as a family of five, definitely feel the Hunting Act should be repealed… Zoe Mossman, Cold Newton
I attended the New Year meet of the Quorn Hunt in Play Close, Melton.It was a beautiful morning and lovely spectacle… BARBARA Rich, Thorpe Satchville
Having hunted in Leicestershire for over 35 years (now retired age 78) I am positive the Hunting Act should be repealed…. Bryan J Simpson, Syston
I attended the New Year meet in Melton on my horse, and I was very encouraged by the support from Melton residents… Laetitia Thompson, by email (letters)

Essex Chronicle 12.1.12 Let's ensure this 'sport' stays banned - `Thank you for your article in the Chronicle of 5th January (Crowds of spectators wave off town hunt). I would like to offer an opinion on this seemingly innocent part of society. Let's keep this animal abuse in the history books. As a lifelong countryside person, I would like to offer a balance to these quite blood-thirsty people… Ian Parker, School Road, Little Totham (letter)

Western Gazette 12.1.12 TOLERANCE is a splendid virtue… But tolerance does not mean that a minority can defy the moral standards of the majority… Hunting falls into the same category of gratuitous cruelty as badger-baiting, dog-fighting, bear-baiting, etc…. (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 12.1.12 Who clears up the mess after hunts? I WAS very interested in the letter on hunting with dogs, sent in by Cllr Phillip Eades… I agree with everything he said, but what I would like to know is, when the hunt is on, who clears up the mess left by the dogs… BERT PARK, Waterloo, Poole (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 12.1.12 MPs must express views of the voters - ONE good thing to come out of the last Labour Government was the banning of fox hunting; unfortunately it has never been policed or upheld by the current coalition and now it seems ministers will be given a free vote to repeal it. What arrogance it takes to even consider such a thing…. CLLR SALLY CARPENTER, Parkstone Ward, Poole (letter)

Leicester Mercury 12.1.12 Farmers say poacher's court fine is 'laughable' - Farmers, landowners and gamekeepers have criticised sentences given to two men caught hare-coursing as "lenient". Colin Morrell (51) and Simon Jones (30) appeared before Loughborough magistrates last week after admitting hare-coursing at Langham, in Rutland. Morrell, of Bishop Road, Stoke-on-Trent, was fined £65 and ordered to pay £40 costs. Jones, of Recorder Grove, Stoke-on-Trent, was given a conditional discharge and told to pay £20 costs. The maximum fine available to the magistrates for breaking the 2004 Hunting Act is £5,000. The magistrates who handed out the sentences have been described as "gullible" by a farmers' representative… (story)

Farmers Guardian 12.1.12 Stoneleigh Park investors committed in face of HS2 threat By Alistair Driver - THE company that manages Stoneleigh Park remains committed to its £50 million development plan, despite the threat of the proposed High Speed Two (HS2) rail line cutting through the park… Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee warned of the potentially ‘devastating impact’ on the countryside and claimed the environmental costs of the project had not been properly evaluated… (story)
Independent 11.1.12 Ready to depart: But will the HS2 express be derailed before it arrives? The Transport Secretary has given the official go-ahead for HS2, the controversial high-speed project that could transform British rail travel. But objectors are still not ready to concede defeat - NIGEL MORRIS - High-speed trains will now run in tunnels and cuttings for more than half of the distance between London and Birmingham, the Transport Secretary announced yesterday as she gave the final go-ahead for the £32.7bn HS2 project after months of delay and opposition… The Countryside Alliance predicted details of court action to block the plans would emerge within days. A spokesman said: "We are not at all happy with the way that this has been consulted upon and generally handled. I'm certain that the people that live along the line are going to fight tooth and nail to stop this happening."… (story)
Express 11.1.12 THE LOCALS DREADING TRAINS THUNDERING PAST AT 225MPH By David Jarvis - COMMUNITIES on the 140-mile route reacted with fury yesterday… The Countryside Alliance said it was still “gravely concerned” about the impact on communities and wildlife… (story)
Derby Telegraph 11.1.12 Prosperity and jobs down the line with HS2, says minister - DERBY rail passengers will be able to access 250mph trains after the Government gave final approval to a high-speed rail network passing through the East Midlands… But opposition is strong – the Countryside Alliance said no evaluation had been made of the impact on rural communities and wildlife… (story)
Nottingham Post 11.1.12 Hopes and fears as age of high-speed trains draws closer - The green light has been given to a £32 billion high-speed rail network which will see 250mph trains bringing passengers to and from the East Midlands. Parliamentary Correspondent Joseph Watts reports… But opposition is just as strong – with the Countryside Alliance saying that no significant evaluation of the scheme's impact on rural communities and wildlife had been done… (story)
Business Review Europe 10.1.12 HS2 given the 'go-ahead' despite fierce opposition - The British government has given the 'go-ahead' to a new high-speed rail network between London and Birmingham despite fierce opposition - Abigail Phillips - The controversial rail network has faced tough opposition since its inception, however today, after months of speculation and delay it has been given the 'go-ahead' from the British government… Many environmental groups have spoken out in opposition of the rail network. The Countryside Alliance said that the government had not yet taken "full consideration of the devastating impact HS2 will have on Britain's countryside or the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people living along the route.” (story)
Rail.co 10.1.12 Train companies respond to decision on HS2 by A. Samuel - In response to the decision on High Speed 2, Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) said: “HS2 is a vote of confidence in the railways… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy for the Countryside Alliance, said: “The Countryside Alliance remains gravely concerned that no significant evaluation of the impact of High Speed Rail 2 on the countryside, its communities and wildlife has been properly undertaken or acknowledged…. (story)
Metro 10.1.12 Fury as controversial HS2 high-speed rail line gets the go-ahead - A high-speed rail route for 225mph trains between major UK cities has been given the go-ahead today – but huge concerns have been expressed over the cost of the project and the environmental impact… And Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, said: 'We remain gravely concerned that no significant evaluation of the impact of HS2 on the countryside… (story)
Guardian 10.1.12 High-speed rail link HS2 set for go ahead from minister - Transport secretary Justine Greening to emphasise benefits to other UK cities from 200mph London-to-Birmingham link - Gwyn Topham and Allegra Stratton - The transport secretary will attempt to underline the benefits of high-speed rail to the rest of the country… On Monday the Countryside Alliance warned that the government had yet to take "full consideration of the devastating impact HS2 will have on Britain's countryside or the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people living along the route"…. (story)
Huffington Post 9.1.12 High Speed Rail - Lord Adonis, Former Transport Secretary, Accuses Ministers Of "Dithering" - Ministers have been "dithering" over the the HS2 high-speed rail project, the former transport secretary who first announced the scheme said on Monday… Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, said: "We welcomed Ms Greening's decision last year to wait before ruling on the fate of HS2,"… (story)
Huffington Post 9.1.12 HS2: Taking a Giant, Expensive, Leap Into the Unknown - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - Tomorrow, Transport Secretary Justine Greening is expected to take to the floor of the House of Commons and announce that the government is going to green light the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) project…. The High Speed Rail 2 project has been hugely contentious… Yes there have always been those opposed to progress. But we're not talking about the Galileo or the Industrial Revolution here - we're talking about 40 minutes off the journey between London and Birmingham - at a cost of £17 billion of public money!... (story)

Worcester News 12.1.12 These monkeys are facing tough future - What a sad article on John Phillpott’s page… It hides the horrors that will be inflicted on those poor little monkeys when they are eventually used for medical research. MAXINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

Wells Journal 12.1.12 Animal abuse - Last week Alice Clark urged us to make a new year resolution to buy only free range eggs in order to help improve the lives of hens. The RSPCA has, however, remained silent about the matter of the ritual slaughter of animals for halal meat… Perhaps Alice Clark should make a new year resolution herself to ensure that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals begins doing its job in protecting animals from inhumane slaughter. Irene Elizabeth Brown, Wells (letter)


Droitwich Spa Advertiser 11.1.12 Hunters are not above the law - I WISH to lodge my disappointment at your coverage of the Worcestershire Hunt from Boxing Day in Droitwich Spa. It was one sided and by inference glorified the illegal activity of hunting with dogs…. Dave Barnes,JackdawLane, Droitwich Spa (letter)

Independent 11.1.12 Well-foxed - PA Reid's letter on "cubbing" (10 January) is an excellent illustration of Oscar Wilde's description of fox-hunting as "the uneatable being pursued by the unspeakable". Patrick Cleary. Honiton, Devon (letter)
Independent 10.1.12 Different view of‘cubbing’ Ailsa Dijksman’s description of what she calls “cubbing” (letters, 4 January) bears no resemblance to the happy memories I have of riding off before dawn on my pony, the countryside shrouded in autumnal mist, to a cub-hunting meet…. PA Reid, Wantage, Oxfordshire (letter)
Independent 4.1.12 Cub brutality - The ironic remark of Andrew McLaughlin (letters, 28 December) suggesting that a fox might as well be thrown into the kennels, he was nearer the truth than he realised. In a practice called "cubbing", cubs are thrown to the young hounds… Ailsa Dijksman. Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland (letter)
Independent 28.12.11 What's with this "unenforceable hunting law" nonsense (report, 26 December)? Since there have been convictions it is absurd to say that it is unenforceable… Andrew McLauchlin, Stratford upon Avon (letter)

Ealing Gazette 11.1.12 Foxes 'most likely' responsible for wallaby deaths By James Gates - POLICE have concluded that foxes are most likely responsible for the gruesome deaths of three wallabies in Ealing last year. Staff at Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre in Hanwell were in shock after a wallaby was found decapitated on October 19… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 11.1.12 Stop greyhound racing return - I WAS upset to read your article informing us that greyhound racing may return to Brandon Stadium…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 11.1.12 Geese should not be culled - I would imagine John Rudge-Priestley (Letters, January 4) would support a cull on motorists each year for safety reasons… The human race is halfway to destroying the planet and its inhabitants, I’m sure the likes of Mr Rudge-Priestley will finish the job. DARRAN DUNWELL, Alwoodley (story)


Yorkshire Post 10.1.12 Foxes are killers From: Peter Hyde, Driffield, East Yorkshire - MANY people who think fox hunting is cruel are quite willing to accept that killing rats with terriers is okay…. (letter)

Oxford Mail 10.1.12 Hunting law U-turn is persecution of wildlife - Bea Bradley (Letters, January 5) echoes the feelings of all decent people that PM David Cameron’s proposed attempt to overturn the Hunting Act is spitting in the face of the majority… PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington (letter)
Oxford Mail 5.1.12 Majority oppose hunting - NO amount of warm words or photographs of cute children with beautiful hounds (Oxford Mail, December 27) can dilute the strong feeling of revulsion felt by the majority of the population towards those who participate and revel in the cruel reality of foxhunting. No nonsense about there needing to be some sort of fox control, as claimed by Richard Sumner of the Heythrop Hunt, can mask the truth – hunting is an appallingly cruel medieval sport, favoured by a cruel minority…. BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 3.1.12 Chasing logic of the hunt - With reference to the article on the Heythrop Hunt Boxing Day meet, you quote deputy Huntmaster Richard Sumner as saying: “There needs to be some sort of fox control and other methods are far more cruel than hunting.”… I do not dispute that it is sometimes necessary to control the fox population, but the method used by Mr Sumner and his fellows is a barbaric anachronism in this day and age. Peter Brain, Kidlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 3.1.12 Hunt's lack of morality - How utterly disappointing it was to see a picture of a three-year-old girl at the hunt on Boxing Day at Heythrop… KIM WEBB, Queens Close, Eynsham (letter)

Grantham Journal 10.1.12 Hunting is a cruel ‘sport’ which should be banned - I SEE you continue to be the mouthpiece of the hunting fraternity and your statement that hundreds came to support the hunt proves it. What about the thousands that did not come to support the hunt, or do they not have a voice in your paper?... DERMOT MILLS, Manor Drive, Great Gonerby (letter)

York Press 10.1.12 Keep the hunting ban - WE have our brave soldiers giving their lives to keep us safe. There are young men killing each other around the country. There are nearly three million young people out of work, while millions struggle to pay their bills. What do you think the coalition wants to talk about? It wants to repeal the hunting ban… Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)

Worcester News 10.1.12 Mr Amos, you really are so out of touch - Labour councillor Alan Amos (Worcester News, January 6) launched an attack on local hunting folk that exhibited an unhealthy dislike of people rather than concern for animal welfare or conservation… Mr Amos is of the opinion that the seagulls around Worcester should be culled (Worcester News, August 16) but opposes the same idea for the rural fox population… JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 10.1.12 It’s a matter of what’s morally right or wrong - There were two letters in the Worcester News about fox hunting on January 6. While broadly agreeing with the more objective comments made by Councillor Amos ‘Fox hunting isn’t about keeping numbers down’, I have to say the needlessly personally offensive tone of his comments toward the hunt supporters tends to overshadow the very good and valid points he otherwise makes… TIM PALMER, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.1.12 Are all these people snobs and buffoons? I can not believe the arrogance of Councillor [Alan] Amos. What gives him the right to call people “class-obsessed fools”, “snobs”, “country-set buffoons” and “upper class people”? Certainly being a councillor doesn’t. The Worcestershire Hunt were out on their traditional Boxing Day meet in Droitwich. They certainly weren’t out hunting as that is against the law… GARY KIBBLEWHITE, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.1.12 Mr Amos’s position appears contradictory - SIR – I am a little confused about Councillor [Alan] Amos’s anti-fox hunting letter (Worcester News, January 6). Even though I do agree with what Mr Amos has to say here; wasn’t it he who proposed that seagulls were to be culled…. SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.1.12 Hunt followers are just ordinary people - How woefully illinformed city councillor Alan Amos is regarding his views on hunting… Having hunted myself – I’m a lowly operating theatre nurse – I can happily inform Mr Amos that hunt followers, far from being landed gentry and the like, are in fact normal people such as himself…. PENNY FORSYTH, Stoulton (letter)
Worcester News 6.1.12 Fox hunting isn’t about keeping numbers down - I am sure many other people will have been disappointed that the Worcester News gave a twopage spread to idealised pictures of fox hunting… ALAN AMOS, City councillor for Warndon, county councillor for Gorse Hill and Warndon (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 10.1.12 Discarded carcass dangerous to dogs - MAY I please appeal to the animal lovers who mistakenly believe they are feeding foxes by throwing their cooked turkey and chicken carcasses into the wooded areas in our town… The bones splinter and can cause very serious injury. I have spoken to our vet and he confirms that cooked poultry bones can also be very harmful to foxes…. AUDREY BILES, Craigmoor Avenue, Bournemouth (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 10.1.12 Driven by cash - I was intrigued by the story in Thursday’s Adver concerning the worrying of sheep by unsupervised dogs…. farmer Rupert Burr seems all too keen to kill the dogs first and ask questions later. This is not untypical of many farmers who just love to kill animals if given the chance. This will be apparent later this year when farmers start to kill badgers in the mistaken belief they spread bovine TB… Philip Beaven Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter)

Scotsman 10.1.12 Martin Hannan: A bitter taste to panda politics - Apart from being a gift to headline writers, what exactly have our guest pandas brought to Edinburgh? Quite a lot, actually… I don’t know if the Captive Animals Protection Society – if they were honest they would call themselves Prevention Society as they basically hate zoos – are tools of the Unionists, but their intervention was political and, if you play politics, you take the consequences. Even now some diligent researchers are looking into CAPS and its charitable status… (story)

Oxford Mail 10.1.12 Free-range is better - I’M sure many of your readers will enjoy an egg in the morning, so they may be interested to know that an important change takes place this month, affecting the millions of hens who lay them. As of January 1, it is illegal to farm hens in barren battery cages anywhere in the European Union… despite all producers in the UK being ready for the new law, many farms across the EU are not yet compliant, meaning illegal eggs could end up in food products we eat here… To ensure you’re eating eggs from non-caged hens, join me in choosing eggs labelled: free-range, barn or organic… KEITH TAYLOR Green MEP for South East England East Road London (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 9.1.12 Hunt hosted by Midhurst’s Spread Eagle Hotel – The Spread Eagle Hotel at Midhurst rolled out the carpet of hospitality when the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt held its New Year meet…. (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 5.1.12 VOTE: Are you in favour of the ban on hunting being repealed? REPEAL of the 2004 Hunting Act which bans hunting with dogs is unlikely before the next general election, a master of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt has conceded. Robin Muir, one of four joint masters of the Petworth-based hunt, made his controversial comment despite renewed calls from other hunts and the Countryside Alliance for an early lifting of the ban,… (story)

Sussex Express 9.1.12 Boxing Day Hunt in Lewes pulls in huge crowds - THE BOXING Day meet in Lewes attracted thousands of people to the High Street to watch the annual spectacle… Joint secretary of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt Anne Chatterton said the Boxing Day meet had been a tradition in Lewes for at least 70 years and probably a lot longer than that… (story)

Western Morning 9.1.12 Blair ignored Queen's plea to halt hunt ban - The Queen urged Prime Minister Tony Blair not to ban fox hunting, a new book has claimed… In her book Elizabeth the Queen, biographer Sally Bedell Smith writes: "In her own quiet way, the Queen lobbied Blair during a weekend at Balmoral several years before the ban came to a vote. "She patiently explained to him over dinner that hunting was an activity not only for the upper class but regular people as well… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 9.1.12 IS INTERNET POST EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL HUNTS IN CUMBRIA? By Julian Whittle - Anti-hunting campaigners claim to have found written evidence that one of the Cumbrian fell packs has been hunting foxes illegally. They say that a follower of the Blencathra Foxhounds has boasted openly of hunting with hounds on an internet message board. The Blencathra denies it has ever broken the law… Elaine Milbourn, of Torpenhow, a member of Protect Our Wild Animals, said: “On many occasions when our people have gone out, they have seen hunts on to a fox… (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.1.12 From: JW Smith, Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire. YOUR Editorial and article (Yorkshire Post, December 27) repeat the claim that increased numbers of people turning out to watch hunts shows support for the return of fox hunting. As this increase has come about since the ban was introduced, is it not possible that many people now enjoy seeing the spectacle of meets without the ritual slaughter of one of God’s creatures?... (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 9.1.12 Fox hunters needing to get a conscience - What pathetic, cruel, arrogant specimens of low life beings fox hunters are… MAGGIE RICHARDS, Hennings Park Road, Oakdale (letter)

Oxford Mail 9.1.12 Fox problems - SOMEBODY in a letter stated foxes were beautiful animals. So they are, but they are also ruthless… DEREK SHERWOOD Barton Lane Headington (letter)

Online Broadband Guide 9.1.12 Prime Minister states his belief that broadband holds the key to UK growth - Prime Minister David Cameron has labelled the government’s plans for super-fast broadband as one of his “big plans” aimed at transforming and improving the UK’s infrastructure, a move he believes will return the economy to growth…. The Countryside Alliance criticised the government’s broadband plan in December… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 9.1.12 Protesters march against Grimston dog farm - ANIMAL rights campaigners marched through Hull to protest against plans to breed beagles for experiments… They were campaigning against B&K Universal's application to breed up to 2,000 dogs in Grimston. The dogs would then be used for animal experiments. Beagle owner Craig Kelly, 25, of Kingswood, attended the rally in Queens Gardens… Deborah Minns, one of the organisers of the local campaign against the expansion, said: "People don't want this on their doorstep… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.1.12 March through Hull city centre in protest at beagle breeding unit - PROTESTERS will take to Hull's streets on Saturday campaigning against plans for a major East Riding facility to breed beagles for experiments… US-owned B&K Universal's application to breed up to 2,000 dogs in Grimston, Holderness, was refused permission in June… National Anti-Vivisection Alliance Chairman Luke Steele said: "We, as a nation of animal-lovers, cannot allow something of this nature to be constructed… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.1.12 New directive to be completed by the summer - ANTI-VIVISECTION campaigners say expanding the facility at Grimston flies in the face of an EU directive on animal experimentation…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 9.1.12 Show some compassion - David Treacher, in reply to Eileen Girling's letter, is fully entitled to his views… Does your critic, for example, really support the fruits and practices of the modified battery cage system?... It is sad, indeed, that while well-intentioned animal activists seek to reform brutal and inhumane practices, that so many in the churches hold a compassion which – at the most – is limited to its own species - The Reverend James Thompson, Peace Haven, The Front Park Rd, Holywell, Clwyd (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 9.1.12 Don't buy them - COULD I please, through your newspaper, urge anyone travelling abroad to those countries which offer for sale souvenirs made from ivory, turtle shell or reptile skin to avoid purchasing such items at all costs (no pun intended!), as such purchases are giving rise to the extinction of the animals supplying them… Mrs LM Murphy, Station Road, Healing (letter)

Nottingham Post 9.1.12 THE Mayor of Gedling is to be congratulated on the decision to remove fur from her official robe… MARK GLOVER Director, Respect for Animals PO Box 6500 Nottingham (letter)


Northampton Chronicle & Echo 8.1.12 The Chron looks at the debate surrounding the 2004 Hunting Act - IT is almost eight years since a law was passed banning the traditional blood sport of fox hunting… But a few years on and its popularity continues to grow, and when the joint master of The Grafton Hunt, Colin Richmond-Watson, called for the act to be repealed on Boxing Day, as the Paulersbury-based hunt set off from Easton Neston, near Towcester, it was in front of well over 1,000 spectators… (story)
Buckingham Advertiser 30.12.11 Hunt master’s call for ban to be lifted - A JOINT master of The Grafton Hunt used the biggest date in its calendar to issue a fresh call for the controversial hunting ban to be scrapped…. (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 28.12.11 Fresh appeal to ‘scrap ban’ by joint master of Northamptonshire hunt By Rebekah Smith - A JOINT master of The Grafton Hunt used the biggest date in its calendar to issue a fresh call for the controversial hunting ban to be scrapped…. (story)
AboutMyArea 26.12.11 Grafton Hunt Boxing Day Meet Pictures - Author: James Rudd - The Grafton Hunt met for their Stirrup Cup at Easton Neston on Boxing Day…. (story)

8.1.12 Even a fox turned out for hunt meet - THERE was an unusual visitor among the crowds who turned out to see the Percy Hunt’s New Year meet. A man-sized fox mingled with the horses and even the hounds at the Barbican of Alnwick Castle on Monday…. (story)


Evesham Journal 7.1.12 Hunt crowds - AS a member of the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt, I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the people of Upton-upon- Severn and Pershore who came out to see the meets in both towns… SALLY ROBINSON, Worcester (letter)

Selby Times 7.1.12 Fox shock! By Martin Herron - AN ancient tradition caused consternation amongst nature lovers, confronted by the sight of two fox pelts hung up at Barlow Common… Ann Clates, of Selby Badger Watch, who found the corpses and reported the incident to the police and RSPCA as she believed that the foxes may have been killed illegally, feels their open display is insensitive…. (story)
York Press 3.1.12 Dead foxes hung on tree near Scout camp - DEAD foxes have been strung up near a Scout camp in Selby – sparking outrage from a local wildlife group…. Anne Clates, of Selby Badger Watch, who found the dead foxes, said they were in varying states of decomposition. She has reported the matter to police and will be informing the RSPCA… (story)

Southern Reporter 7.1.12 Charity hits out at snaring delays - AN ANIMAL welfare charity is accusing the Government of delaying implementing snaring regulations. The League Against Cruel Sports notes much of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act, passed in March last year, came into effect at the beginning of this month. But requirements for training and record-keeping for snare users will not become law until January next year, which the charity describes as a farce…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 7.1.12 Application made to bring dog racing back to Brandon Stadium by Sam Dimmer - DOG racing could be about to return to Brandon Stadium. The Greyhound Board of Great Britain has confirmed that an application to restart the races, that were axed in December 2009, has been made… Animal rights campaigners had also staged a series of protests at the venue, claiming greyhounds are mistreated…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 7.1.12 Joanna Lumley launches animal export ban campaign - Actress Joanna Lumley will launch a new advertising campaign to end long distance animal transportation today…. (story)
Huffington Post 5.1.12 Animal Exports: Joanna Lumley Sets Sights On 'Ghastly Trade' - One of the nation's most popular actresses, Joanna Lumley, called on the services of another old favourite today - a London Routemaster bus - to highlight the 'ghastly' practice of long-distance live animal transportation. The Absolutely Fabulous star and animal rights campaigner made her appeal at the launch ofCompassion in World Farming's 2012 £200,000 national bus campaign in Trafalgar Square… (story)
London 24 5.1.12 Joanna Lumley animal rights protest in Trafalgar Square - Actress Joanna Lumley launched an “exciting” new advertising campaign to end long-distance animal transportation today as animal welfare campaigners revealed an increase in the number of live animals being exported…. (story)

Irish Times 7.1.12 Early slaughter of battery hens - As a consequence of the EU ban on “unenriched” battery cages for egg-laying hens coming into force this week, the Irish Farmers Association reported up to 100,000 birds would have to be slaughtered earlier than normally…Members of Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain, who have close contact with your excellent campaigners, understand that the Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR) approached IFA Poultry chairman, Alo Mohan, offering up to 400 homes for the hens in order to save them from slaughter… On January 4th it was announced that most of the birds had been slaughtered… If any of these birds remain alive, we are appealing to those responsible to reflect and change their minds about the decision to kill them. Surely we owe them that. – Yours, etc, MARIAN HUSSENBUX, Sherry Lane, Arrowe Park, Wirral, England (story)


Wiltshire Times 6.1.12 Boxing Day hunt fans a handed warning - Spectators at the Avon Vale Hunt’s Boxing Day meet in Lacock who parked on yellow lines were spared parking fines, instead receiving polite notices from Wiltshire Council…. (story)
Wiltshire Times 31.12.11 Big crowd at Lacock for master’s last hunt meeting By Craig Jones - Thousands of people crowded into Lacock on Boxing Day for the traditional Avon Vale hunt… (story)
Epoch Times 28.12.11 Sports Photo of the Week By Kristen Meriwether - Jonathon Seed, joint master and huntsman with the Avon Vale Hunt, leads the hounds and fellow riders for their traditional Boxing Day hunt on Dec. 26, in Lacock, England… (story)

Evesham Journal 6.1.12 New Year Hunts - THOUSANDS of people in two Cotswold towns celebrated the New Year on the hoof. Up to 3,000 people turned out to see the horses and hounds of the North Cotswold Hunt who met at the Lygon Arms, Chipping Campden on Sunday… Meanwhile in Stow, hundreds of people turned out to the Heythrop Hunt which met on Monday…. (story)

Melton Times 6.1.12 BREAKING NEWS... Rider injured in Twyford hunt - A RIDER had to be rescued by air ambulance after he fell from his horse while taking part in a hunt in Twyford today (Friday, January 6)…. (story)

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale 6.1.12 Hunt says sorry for Marnhull hullabaloo - A HUNT master has apologised to villagers after hounds broke away from their trail scent route and chased through Marnhull after a fox. Michael Felton, joint master of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, said he was sorry if the hounds had upset residents by the New Year's Eve incident… (story)

Nottingham Post 6.1.12 Labour MP slams fox hunting calls - A NOTTS Labour MP has described Conservative ministers as "out of touch" following their calls for a repeal of the ban on fox hunting. Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie has criticised comments by agriculture minister Jim Paice, who said he was in favour of hunting with dogs…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 6.1.12 FROM THE ARCHIVES - 75 YEARS AGO - From the Kent & Sussex Courier, January 1, 1937: SO LARGE was the crowd that assembled at the customary Boxing Day fixture of the Eridge Foxhounds at the Square in Rotherfield that traffic congestion resulted… (story)

Rye & Battle Observer 6.1.12 What is true number of hunting fans? - ACCORDING to a press release issued by the Countryside Alliance, an estimated 250,000 people would be attending hunts on Boxing Day… This figure, and it’s associated claims, seem to have been used and accepted by the mainstream media without question. So, let me question it on their behalf and for the benefit of Observer readers…. S Webster, Swallow Drive, Battle (letter)

Worcester News 6.1.12 No, not all farmers welcome fox hunting - Every year we have to read reports in the Worcester News about the Boxing Day fox hunting meets… There was an interesting article (Worcester News, January 4) about a convicted farmer who tried to stop illegal activities on his land (hare coursing and lamping) with force, which says it all in my eyes…. So much for all farmers welcoming hunting. What a load of nonsense. SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 6.1.12 Confused by hunt reporting - THERE seems to have been some very strange goings on in Market Bosworth over the festive period according to your confusing article about the Atherstone Hunt. The article began by saying that “hundreds of people came out to watch...” then, a Mr Kevin Wright suggested that “thousands of people had gathered together...” Which number is correct?... Jim Bimbi, Alice Close, Bedworth. (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 6.1.12 Call for hunting ban vote will be a step backwards - I WRITE to express my dismay that the Hunting Minister Jim Paice (why would we possibly need a Hunting Minister anyway?) has called for a free vote on the return of hunting with dogs during the course of this Parliament… CLLR PHILIP EADES, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman, Poole (letter)

Sunderland Echo 6.1.12 Horden gun killings bring call for total ban on firearms - THE founder of a murder victims’ support group today called for a total ban on firearms in the wake of Michael Atherton’s killing spree. David Hines, who set up the North East Victims’ Association (NEVA) after his 23-year-old daughter Marie was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, spoke out after the taxi driver shot his partner and two other women dead before killing himself…. (story)
Western Morning News 5.1.12 Tragedy should not spark gun law review - Can we trust the legal owners of guns to behave safely? Philip Bowern looks at the evidence. Gun crime is big news in Britain partly because it is so rare. Four people shot dead in a semi-detached house in Durham is, clearly, a terrible tragedy that needs a thorough investigation. We are not, however, in the grip of an epidemic of gun-related crime… Both the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance, the two main lobby groups on behalf of the owners of sporting guns, issued statements deeply regretting the tragedy but urging a balanced response from the authorities in relation to gun ownership and warning against a knee-jerk reaction… The laws on gun ownership on which those procedures were based, however, were recently examined in the wake of the Cumbria shootings. Most people agree they are perfectly sound and robust…. (story)
Huffington Post 3.1.12 Durham Shooting: Are Britain's Gun Laws Tough Enough? The New Year's Day shootings in Peterlee, County Durham, have reopened the debate about whether Britain's firearms laws should be tightened further… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) have called for the "facts" in the case to be looked at before drawing any conclusions… David Taylor, Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance, said he welcomed the government's response on the issue… (letter)
Western Morning News 3.1.12 Man killed himself after shooting three women - A man who shot himself after killing three women on New Year's Day was a licensed holder of firearms, it has emerged… David Taylor, shooting campaign manager for the Countryside Alliance, said: "The Alliance was saddened to hear of the awful events in Peterlee and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those killed… (letter)
BBC News Online 3.1.12 Police name gunman and three victims in Durham shooting - Three women and the man who shot them dead before taking his own life at a house in Horden, County Durham, have been named by police….The Countryside Alliance issued a statement after the incident. David Taylor, the group's shooting campaign manager, said: "The Alliance was saddened to hear of the awful events in Peterlee and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those killed…. (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 6.1.12 Shooting is hypocritical - HOW hypocritical of the Royal family. Go and worship on Christmas Day, on Boxing Day go out shooting defenceless creatures…. Maureen Cook, Wycliffe Road, Northampton (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 6.1.12 Cruelty is not Christian - IWOULD like to respond to David Treacher's letter… I was attending a peaceful demonstration at Coventry Cathedral. An elderly lady needed the toilet and I could see the toilet door in an outer building, so I asked a Church member if she could use it. With a stern face she said: "Certainly not. Not for you people." We were protesting about alleged animal abuse, and animal welfare issues…. S Broom, Apollo Walk, Ings Road Estate, Hull (letter)

Sentinel 6.1.12 Call off slaughter of Canada geese - I WRITE in response to the article in The Sentinel on January 2, headlined 'Thousands of geese culled in city parks'. I can't see any sane reason for the killing of these birds… DAVE RIGBY Harriseahead (story)

Worcester News 6.1.12 Children could have gone for a nice walk - – What a shame that parents took their children to look at captive reptiles which are not native to this country… Being kept in captivity in a tank is no life for a reptile…. PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 5.1.12 Hundreds gather for traditional new year county hunt - A FEW hundred people turned out in Carmarthen on Monday morning to cheer the riders of the traditional new year's county hunt. The dozen riders of Carmarthenshire Hunt, with their hounds weaving and chasing among the crowd, trotted into Guildhall Square where they were met with applause and cheers… David Peterson, of West Wales Animal Aid, added: "Seventy-five per cent of the population are against the cruelty of blood sports … (story)
South Wales Evening Post 3.1.12 New Year's hunt marred by protests - A FEW hundred people turned out in Carmarthen yesterday to cheer the riders of the traditional New Year's county hunt. The dozen riders of Carmarthenshire Hunt, with their hounds weaving and chasing among the crowd, trotted into Guildhall Square where they were met with applause and cheers. Hunt master Mike Watts, dressed in a red tunic, doffed his black riding helmet to the onlookers. His speech was all but drowned out however by about 20 anti-hunt protesters who, armed with placards, started singing behind him…. Michael Sharratt, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "We find it abominable and we do not want a repeal of the hunting act." David Peterson, of West Wales Animal Aid, added: "Seventy-five per cent of the population are against the cruelty of blood sports…. Meanwhile, the Banwen Miners Hunt staged its traditional New Year hunt, setting out from the Glamorgan Arms in Pontlliw at 11am… (story)

Llanelli Star 5.1.12 Hunt success at new site - A CHANGE of venue for Carmarthenshire Hunt's Boxing Day event proved a success, with hundreds turning up to see the traditional spectacle…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 28.12.11 Hunt pleased with public support at new location - A CHANGE of venue for Carmarthenshire Hunt's Boxing Day event proved a great success, with hundreds turning up to see the traditional spectacle… (story)

Somerset Standard 5.1.12 Hunt heads out for its first ride of 2012 - Mild weather brought out hundreds of spectators to watch the annual new year hunt meet at Marston House, on the outskirts of Frome. The South West Wiltshire Hunt met on the invitation of organiser Angela Yeoman at the former stately home in Marston Bigot…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.1.12 Hunt members come out in force - A TRADITIONAL new year hunt was held at Woodbury Castle. Members of the East Devon Hunt were out in force for the event… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.1.12 GALLERY: East Devon New Year's Day Hunt (story)
Western Morning News 3.1.12 Riding with the hunt 'is getting more popular' - Resplendent in his tailored vermilion jacket astride his magnificent steed, huntsman Martyn Livy proudly leads the East Devon Hunt…. (story)
probably Western Morning News 28.12.11 Changes to New Years East Devon hunt meet - Changes have been made to the annual New Years East Devon Hunt meet. The meet will now be held at Woodbury Castle on Monday, January 2, at 11am, instead of being held at The Square in Ottery St Mary…. (story)

Western Gazette 5.1.12 A timely view of hunting in 19th century - THE Blackmore Vale hunt continued its tradition over the New Year period with scores of riders and spectators turning out in support…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 5.1.12 New Year's Day hunt - RESIDENTS, farmers and landowners flocked to the Silver Ball pub to watch the New Year's Day hunt in St Columb on Monday. Tony Blumenau, one of three joint masters, said: "It's a traditional New Year's Day hunt but we would never hunt on a Sunday so we did it on the Monday instead… (story)

Essex Chronicle 5.1.12 Crowds of spectators wave off town hunt - HUNDREDS of spectators lined Maldon's High Street on Monday to watch the town's new year's hunt set off… Master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, Douglas Hill, who organises the event, said: "It was an excellent day…. (story)

Monmouthshire Beacon 5.1.12 And the hunt goes on across Monmouthshire with good support for New Year meets - The Monmouthshire Hunt continued its traditional New Year meet at Monmouth Castle with 30 horses and riders ready to follow the hounds to hunt within the law… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 5.1.12 Ban 'never going to be enforced' - CHRISTIANITY is certainly not represented by this government… Animal cruelty is at an all-time high… E A Smith, Ashton (letter)

Shepton Mallet Journal 5.1.12 Many hunts exploit weak enforcement - Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Staffordshire Newsletter 5.1.12 Strengthen hunt laws, don't repeal them - Alan Kirby Associate, Protect our Wild Animals (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 4.1.12 We need to get the present law enforced - I CONGRATULATE Alan Kirby on his recent letter regarding the subject of the fox hunting ban. But we need to remember that this so-called ban does not just relate to fox hunting, the ban relates to any hunting with dogs…. Regarding foxes being accidently chased. This is, as Alan says, absolute rubbish…. many people including myself will fight against hunting with dogs for as long as it takes to stop it! Clive Heath (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 4.1.12 PM must act over hunts - ALAN KIRBY, M.Sc., Associate, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
York Press 30.12.11 Hunts mock law - Alan Kirby, Associate, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 29.12.11 It still goes on despite the ban - PROTECT Our Wild Animals [POWA] urges the Prime Minister to reject the call for repeal of the Hunting Act by Farming Minister Jim Paice. And to denounce and clamp down on the 'cynical subterfuge' being employed by hunts nationwide to flout the spirit and letter of the 'ban' on hunting with hounds… Alan Kirby, M.Sc., Associate, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)

Somerset Guardian 5.1.12 Repeal a horror for hares - CHRIS GALE, Wiltshire (letter)
Bath Chronicle 5.1.12 We must fight against the repealing of Hunting Act - The hunting fraternity seldom mentions that a repeal of the Hunting Act would also mean the barbaric practice of hare coursing being re-legalised…It beggars belief that in the 21st century we are facing the threat of bloodsports returning to our countryside. All decent minded and compassionate people from across all classes and political backgrounds will fight to stop the Hunting Act being repealed. CHRIS GALE Dover Street Chippenham (letter)

Leicester Mercury 5.1.12 Man defiant following illegal hunting charge - Police caught two men hare coursing after they were seen hunting illegally on a farmer's field. Colin Morrell (51) and Simon Jones (30) admitted breaking the 2004 Hunting Act when they appeared at Loughborough magistrates court yesterday. The court heard the defendants were spotted with lurcher-type dogs in a field at Langham, near Oakham, at about 8am on November 25 last year… (story)


Uttoxeter Advertiser 4.1.12 Crowds come out for the hunt By Tim Fletcher - AROUND 400 people gathered to see off riders taking part in a traditional New Year’s hunt through the East Staffordshire countryside. The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt set off with 50 mounted huntsmen and women and their hounds from Uttoxeter’s Market Square, covering around 15 miles in two and a half hours before returning to the town…. (story)

Horncastle News 4.1.12 Crowds turn out for new year hunt … Hundreds of people - aged 12 to 70 years old - watched as the South Wold Hunt turned out at the Bull Hotel…. (story)

Melton Times 4.1.12 Hundreds cheer on new year’s hunters - CROWDS of Meltonians gathered to celebrate the start of the new year by watching the traditional New Year’s Hunt set off on Monday… The event was held by The Qourn Hunt who had been invited to attend by Melton’s Town Estate…. (story)
Melton Times 28.12.11 All set for new year’s hunt - RIDERS and hounds will gather in Playclose Park, Melton at 11am on January 1 to take part in the traditional and historic New Year’s Day Hunt. The Qourn Hunt, who have been invited to Melton by the town estate, will travel up Nottingham Road and then out into open countryside, riding towards Saxelbye…. (story)

Reading Post 4.1.12 Boxing Day hunt back by demand By David Millward - A Boxing Day tradition returned to Mortimer when the Kimblewick Hunt gathered at the Horse and Groom pub… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 4.1.12 Clear up the mess - AFTER your picture of the hunt in Malton Market Place on Boxing Day saying ‘Riders given warm welcome’, perhaps we could have another picture showing the horse manure left all over the Market Place. It was still there on Friday, December 30… Name and address supplied (letter)

Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 4.1.12 POEM: Hunters take care! - WHEN walking in the woods one day/There a carcass of a dog did lay/Did the hunter and his gun/Intend it to be this way?.... DAN CLOUGH, FELL VIEW, BURNLEY (letter)

Northern Echo 4.1.12 Blue blood - AFTER Princess Diana, who hated blood sports, I never thought any prominent member of the royal family would have the courage to stand up and say no to partaking in shooting birds out of the sky for fun. So, well done, Kate…. Let’s hope she takes the same stand on fox hunting, that would be one in the eye for po-faced courtiers in Buckingham Palace…. Hugh Pender, Darlington (letter)

Meat Trades Journal 4.1.12 Country-of-origin labelling motion launched - Consumers are being urged to write to their MPs to persuade them to support a parliamentary early day motion (EDM) which calls for improved country-of-origin labelling (COOL) on meat and meat products… The new EDM, which was tabled by Conservative MP Richard Bacon, follows the advice of the Countryside Alliance Foundation’s report, Honest, Fair, Simple, which argued that labelling should be extended to products where meat constitutes 10% of the product, while single-country labelling should be used only where animals are born, reared and slaughtered in that country… (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 4.1.12 Badger cull trials come under attack By Simon Moss - A GOVERNMENT decision to launch a badger cull in an attempt to tackle bovine tuberculosis has been criticised. Bosses at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust said the decision to carry out two trials this year is the incorrect way to tackle disease in cattle. Paul Wilkinson, head of living and landscapes at the organisation, said: “A badger cull is the wrong tool to address this serious and complex problem… (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 3.1.12 Hunt's £1,000 for guide dog charity - A WAR veteran inspired a hunt to donate to Guide Dogs for the Blind. The Duke of Beaufort Hunt, which rides in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, presented £1,000 to the national charity…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.1.12 Traditional hunt proves ever-popular - Scores of people turned out to watch the traditional New Year's Day hunt in Melton. Spectators watched as riders from the Quorn Hunt met at Playclose Park, in Melton, and paraded through the town… (story)

York Press 3.1.12 A-hunting we will go... By Richard Catton - THE traditional New Year outing for the Derwent Hunt proved to be of the best attended in recent years thanks to perfect winter weather conditions…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 3.1.12 Great turn out to cheer horses and hounds in town - Hundreds of cheering and clapping hunt supporters made it a Boxing Day hunt to remember in Tiverton… Led by hunt master Kelvin Thomas, the Tiverton Foxhounds horses and hounds set off at 11am, taking of an easy route along Fore Street – and more cheering spectators – before heading off in to the Mid Devon countryside for a day’s sport…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.1.12 Young and old flock to follow thrill of the hunt - A BIG crowd of well wishers gathered in Tetbury to see off a strong mounted gathering of the Beaufort Hunt…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 3.1.12 Youngsters saddle up for day of riding - YOUNGSTERS gathered for the last hunt of the year on Saturday. Eighty children turned up to the event, organised by Cotswold Hunt Pony Club at Stowell Park. Riders aged from as young as four took to their horses to follow the hounds for the annual meet… (story)

Peterborough Telegraph 3.1.12 Crowds line streets for traditional hunt By STEPHEN BRIGGS - HUNDREDS of people lined the streets in Wansford yesterday (2 January) as the New Year’s Day Fitzwilliam Hunt took place… (story)

Irish Times 3.1.12 Hounding wild dogs for 'sport' - Your festive picture of a St Stephen’s Day fox hunt (Home News, December 26th 27th) calls to mind Oscar Wilde’s reference to this bloodsport as the “unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable”…. JOHN FITZGERALD, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Yorkshire Post 3.1.12 Hunting ban in perspective From: Fr Neil McNicholas, St Hilda’s, Whitby. PRESSURE mounts for the Government to reconsider the hunting ban introduced 10 years ago… The 1967 Act that legalised abortions currently sanctions the deaths of around 200,000 unborn babies a year in this country and there has never been even a hint (much less a demand) of that particular piece of legislation being reconsidered
From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold. YOUR Editorial (Yorkshire Post, December 27) has rightly stated “the country must be allowed to have its say” on the future of the Hunting Act which has been a complete mistake… The electorate should also be allowed a referendum on the vital question of in or out of the EU…
From: Peter Hyde, Driffield. ON the subject of fox hunting, the people who managed to get it banned are all from towns and cities… (letters)

Cable 3.1.12 David Cameron says super-fast broadband plans can boost economy by Paul France The delivery of next-generation broadband will help to return the economy to growth, the Prime Minister has said… Criticism has been levelled at the government for failing to advance its broadband plans sufficiently, with the Countryside Alliance revealing in December that work is yet to get underway at the country's four super-fast broadband pilot sites… (story)

Guardian 3.1.12 Badger baiting has been outlawed since 1835 – so why is it making a comeback? Perpetrators are employing bull lurchers – a lethal mix of speed and aggression – to kill their prey - Patrick Barkham - It was a crisp midwinter Sunday when the screaming started on Paradise Farm. Robert Fuller, a well-known wildlife artist, was looking for otters… Fuller had stumbled on a badger bait, an illegal fight in which dogs are pitched against badgers dug from their setts… Mark Randell, a police officer for 30 years, is now intelligence co-ordinator for the League Against Cruel Sports. He says those who commit such crimes are not obsessed with hunting hares or digging badgers. The prey is almost incidental. "The criminality revolves around the dog and what the dog can do… Although he makes his living from painting wild animals, Fuller is no bunny hugger. "I've got a shotgun certificate, I'm used to country life, I've seen a lot of things, but they were laughing as badgers were having their insides torn out by these dogs… (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.1.12 Animals deserve much better - The abandonment of pets by their heartless owners is disgraceful at any time of the year but seems more poignant during the "season of goodwill"… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Nottingham Post 3.1.12 Mayor makes a stand and swaps fur robes to 'send out message' - THE Mayor of Gedling has swapped her old robe for a new one to send out a message against the fur trade…. Councillor Patricia Andrews, Mayor of Gedling, said it was wrong to kill them merely for decorative purposes…. (story)


Hexham Courant 2.1.12 Hunts are in full cry for Boxing Day By RUTH LOGNONNE - HUNDREDS of hunt supporters, both on foot and horseback, set out for the traditional Boxing Day meet on Tuesday…. The Tynedale Hunt met as usual in Corbridge Market Place, with riders and hounds taking to the village’s streets…. Meanwhile, the Haydon Hunt met in Hexham while the Border Hunt set out from the Percy Arms in Otterburn… (story)

Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 2.1.12 New Year hunt cut short due to wet weather By Daniel Orr - CROWDS of people turned out to witness the traditional New Year hunt in Hornby today (Monday). The Vale of Lune Hunt met for the first time in eight years at The Castle Inn before horses and riders set off on a course, which was curtailed due to the poor condition of the rain-soaked fields…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 2.1.12 Laws on cruelty apply to hunters - SPECTATORS at fox hunts, like those over the Christmas, are hardly paid-up supporters like the handful of regular hunt followers … Cruelty to animals is punishable by law which must apply to the hunters as well. Miss E A Smith, Ashton (story)

Telegraph 2.1.12 Tough and tender side of the down-to-earth comedian Alexander Armstrong - The record-breaking guest host of 'Have I Got News For You’ isn’t afraid to turn his back on Left-wing alternative comedy or to give in to emotion. By Glenda Cooper - Ask most comedians if they’d mind being described as someone you could take home to meet your mother and they’d react in horror at the middle-of-the-road cosiness it implies. Not Alexander Armstrong… He appears in adverts for the Countryside Alliance because he wants people to be properly informed about countryside pursuits (he shoots and fishes). “I’m not saying you have to agree but I want people to understand about country sports, and that ways of life in the country should be respected.”… (story)


Harwich & Manningtree Standard 1.1.12 Halstead: Boxing day hunt in pictures - Hundreds of spectators filled the streets of Castle Hedingham as the annual Boxing Day hunt returned to the village. Senior hunt master Simon Fordham led more than 40 riders through the village with the pack of hounds at their heels. For the past few years the East Essex Hunt has set off from Sible Hedingham but this year chose to gather at The Bell Inn, in Castle Hedingham, for egg nog, mulled wine and mince pies…. (story)
Halstead Gazette 16.11.11 Boxing day hunt moved to Castle Hedingham - through the village. The East Essex Hunt have hosted their annual festive hunt around the area for years but usually begin the ride in Sible Hedigham. This year they will meet at The Bell Inn in Castle Hedingham where egg nog, mulled wine and mince pies will be on offer…. (story)

Horse & Hound 1.1.12 Countryside Alliance updates its Case for Repeal - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The Countryside Alliance has issued an updated version of its Case for Repeal, setting out why the Hunting Act is flawed— and why it believes it should be abolished… (story)

Star 1.1.12 PETA HATE CAMPAIGN By Matthew Wright - SO Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian are the latest celebrities to be crucified by PETA, the self-appointed guardian of animal rights… When People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals was first set up it did some good and I still have respect for its founder Ingrid Newkirk. But these days PETA seems more interested in making headlines for itself than saving our furry, scaly or feathered friends… (story)

Express 1.1.12 'NO MORE EXCUSES... BAN BIG TOP CRUELTY NOW' By Ted Jeory - TIME is running out to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses, a senior Tory warned last night. Mark Pritchard, secretary of the party’s 1922 Committee, said a court decision in Europe had undermined one of the key arguments used by the Government when it rejected a Commons vote for a ban last summer…. (story)