January 2013

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Horse & Hound 31.1.13 'Harassment' story prompts outraged comments from antis - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A teenage girl’s complaints about harassment by masked “hunt monitors” have caused a storm of vitriol on a local newspaper website. Kitty Gibson, 18, who has hunted with the Crawley and Horsham for seven seasons, wrote a piece detailing intimidation by antis towards children and adults for the Horsham District Post… Matthew Wheeler, of The Post, told H&H: “We received an unprecedented and unmanageable level of comments online, which became increasingly offensive. “We cannot allow our site to become a forum on which various parties write hateful comments or express their dislike for one another.”… (story)
Horsham District Post 17.1.13 Pub owner criticises hunt ‘monitors’ - A pub owner has condemned the “aggressive and threatening behaviour” of hunt saboteurs. Alan Vaughan, of The Countryman Inn in Shipley, contacted The District Post to respond to a story published in the paper last week. In it, a supporter of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt said she was intimidated by so-called hunt monitors… “When masked activists descend upon an area in overloaded vehicles, with blatant disregard for the law and people’s safety, then that is not a peaceful protest or expressing a point of view, that is just pure hooliganism… (story)
Horsham District Post 14.1.13 Masked ‘monitors’ intimidate us, claims hunt member - If a masked gang carrying sticks, blowing horns and shouting abuse were to rampage through Horsham town centre, there would be outrage. When the same thing happens in a field near Shipley, why is it seemingly tolerated and ignored? I have hunted with the Crawley and Horsham Hunt for the last seven years. Since the ban (on hunting mammals, including foxes, with dogs), I have been trail hunting because it improves my riding, and I enjoy jumping and galloping my horse across countryside which would not be open to me otherwise… Saturday, January 5, was one of the worst days I’ve experienced so far… I see nothing wrong with people being against something and protesting peacefully. But it is not right when young children are filmed and shouted at by these saboteurs, and when my friends and I are called horrid names by these people… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 31.1.13 RSPCA's funds could be better spent elsewhere - PAT Wickham has once again jumped to the defence of the RSPCA after so many letters in the Grimsby Telegraph criticising them, and then goes on to rejoice the "prosecution" of two fox hunters participating in a legal trail hunt. Defend them all you like Pat, but an organisation whose membership has plunged to just 26,000 and has to announce 130 redundancies of its own staff, yet can find and squander over £300,000 on prosecuting two members of the Haythrop hunt is surely off balance in more ways than one…. Name and address supplied. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 15.1.13 Without the RSPCA, our animals would lose a force for good - THE RSPCA, having successfully brought the Heythrop Hunt to justice for illegal hunting and cruelty to foxes, I hope now that many more people will be persuaded to support the RSPCA for the sterling work it does for animals on our behalf…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

BBC News Online 31.1.13 Somerset's poor mobile signal spots revealed by app - People in rural Somerset are being asked to test their mobile phone signal by downloading a new phone app. The Countryside Alliance wants to collate the information so they can lobby network providers and the Government to improve the signal in more remote areas…. (story)

Western Morning News 31.1.13 Tory MP attacks Labour's links to anti-badger cull lobby group - A Westcountry MP has branded as "disgraceful" the revelation that the Labour Party accepted tens of thousands of pounds from a group with links to animal rights campaigners fighting the badger cull. Neil Parish, who represents Tiverton and Honiton for the Conservatives, spoke out after Electoral Commission records emerged showing that Political Animal Lobby Limited had given nearly £140,000 to the party since 2001…. (story)
Telegraph 30.1.13 Labour 'took badger group's cash' - Labour was at the centre of a “cash for policy row” on Tuesday night after it emerged that a group with links to animal rights campaigners fighting the badger cull has given it tens of thousands of pounds. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - Electoral Commission records show that Political Animal Lobby Limited has given nearly £140,000 to the party since 2001. The company has links to Network for Animals, a pressure group which campaigned against British farmers who supported the badger cull. The most recent donation was £50,000 on May 28 last year. In August, Labour began a campaign against the cull, which was suspended by ministers last October…. (story)


Western Daily Press 30.1.13 RSPCA vows to keep up hunt prosecution pressure - The RSPCA defiantly vowed to continue to prosecute hunts – and anyone it thinks has broken animal cruelty laws – after a day of sustained pressure from MPs and the Charities Commission…. Former solicitor-general, Sir Edward Garnier, also claimed the RSPCA’s decision to spend so much to ensure the successful prosecution of the Heythrop for four breaches of the hunt ban – three of which were in Gloucestershire – left it open to criticism… (story)
Plymouth Herald 30.1.13 RSPCA 'right to prosecute' hunt on David Cameron's doorstep, says Plymouth MP - THE RSPCA had every right to investigate and prosecute a hunt in the Prime Minister's constituency, a Plymouth MP has argued. Alison Seabeck has defended the animal charity against accusations of being politically motivated after successfully securing a conviction against the Heythrop Hunt, which took place on David Cameron's home turf…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.1.13 'Too much politics coming into charities' - Tory MPs have criticised the "politicisation" of the RSPCA, Britain's biggest animal welfare charity, weeks after it successfully secured a conviction against a hunt in David Cameron's constituency… (story)
Western Morning News 30.1.13 WMN opinion: RSPCA status as acceptable face of animal care at risk - The RSPCA is a part of the fabric of British life…. What is not acceptable, however, is for an organisation that purports to be one thing and attracts its funding in that guise, actually operates in quite a different way. Under its relatively recently appointed chief executive, Gavin Grant, the RSPCA appears to have lurched significantly towards following a much harder line on animal rights. That, we would suggest, is out of kilter with its status as a prosecutor and its use of its inspectors as the “policemen” of the animal world. It would be unthinkable, for example if Animal Aid or other more combative charities had such a status. Is it time the RSPCA joined them? (story)
Telegraph 29.1.13 MP: Public have a right to know if the RSPCA is being driven by animal rights agenda - Ahead of a Commons debate, Simon Hart MP says the public needs to know the charity's prosecution policy is being driven by public interest not political ideology. The animal welfare charity already faces allegations of political bias after spending £326,000 prosecuting members of the Heythrop Hunt…. (story)
Telegraph 29.1.13 RSPCA anti-hunting lawsuits driven by 'animal rights ideology' - The RSCPA's expensive lawsuit against a fox hunting club shows the charity is being driven by "animal rights" activism rather than objective "animal welfare" concerns, MPs said today. By Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent - In a packed Westminster debate, Conservatives accused the charity of becoming too "political" for spending hundreds of thousands of pounds prosecuting a high-profile hunt… (story)
Mail 29.1.13 Tories attack RSPCA for launching a 'politically-motivated' prosecution against David Cameron's local hunt By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE POLITICAL EDITOR - Animal rights charity the RSPCA has been heavily criticised in Parliament for pursuing a prosecution against a hunt in David Cameron's constituency…. (story)
BBC News Online 29.1.13 RSPCA prosecutions: Simon Hart MP calls for 'absolute clarity' in role - A Conservative MP is calling for the RSPCA's role as a prosecutor to be separated from its political and commercial activities. Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart says "absolute clarity and absolute accountability" is needed…. (story)
Third Sector 29.1.13 RSPCA should leave prosecutions to the Crown Prosecution Service, says MP By David Ainsworth - Conservative Simon Hart tells Westminster Hall debate that the charity's animal rights agenda is compromising its animal welfare agenda - The RSPCA is not an arm of the law and should leave prosecuting to the Crown Prosecution ServicE…. (story)
BBC Democracy Live 29.1.13 RSPCA criticised over private prosecutions - The role of the RSPCA in carrying out private prosecutions on animal-related issues has been criticised by MPs…. (story)
Politics 29.1.13 'Apostles of cruelty' attack RSPCA in parliament By Alex Stevenson - Prosecutions brought by the RSPCA against alleged animal abusers have coming under attack today from pro-hunting MPs…. (story)
Telegraph 28.1.13 MP: Public have a right to know if the RSPCA is being driven by animal rights agenda - Ahead of a Commons debate, Simon Hart MP says the public needs to know the charity's prosecution policy is being driven by public interest not political ideology…. (story)
Telegraph 28.1.13 It's time for the RSPCA to face some hard questions - The charity’s zeal for campaigning means it should no longer act as an arm of the law By Simon Hart (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.1.13 Side-saddle race will be first in 90 years - A day of races will include the county's first side-saddle event in over 90 years. The Household Cavalry Race will take place at Ingarsby Old Hall at 11am on Saturday. The event raises money for Quorn Hunt and spectators can take part in a sweepstake. This year, there will be a second race, at noon, when 15 women and one man will ride side-saddle over the same cross-country course… (story)

Crewe Chronicle 30.1.13 Reaseheath College hosts animal welfare annual conference - MORE than 300 of Reaseheath College’s animal management students had the chance to learn from key organisations at an annual conference focused on animal welfare. Leading speakers from The Kennel Club, the Blue Cross, the RSPB, the Countryside Alliance, the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare and North Wales Reptile and Raptor Rescue gave topical presentations ranging from legislation to welfare issues and advised students about career opportunities and research grants… (story)

Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle 30.1.13 Concern in community after 'hungry fox' attacks woman in broad daylight - A FOX is causing concern to residents after it attacked a woman by Putney Bridge Tube station. The creature sank its teeth into the foot of Kirsty Poole, 31, moments after she left the station in broad daylight…. (story)
Mail 23.1.13 A fox ate my Ugg boot! Nanny's horror at being attacked by 'cute' animal as she took photo of it in broad daylight in London By HUGO GYE - A woman has spoken of her shock after she was attacked by a fox in broad daylight in the middle of London. Nanny Kirsty Poole recounted how she was trying to take a picture of the animal because she thought it was 'cute'. But the vermin ran at her and bit into her Ugg boot, which it seems to have mistaken for another animal…. Wildlife expert John Bryant said that foxes rarely attack humans … (story)
Evening Standard 23.1.13 Now that's a fox hole! Animal sinks teeth into woman's Ugg boot - A woman told today how she was attacked by a fox in broad daylight moments after getting off the Tube. Kirsty Poole, 31, had to wrestle free from the animal after it plunged its fangs into her UGG boot and would not let go. A wildlife expert said the fox may have launched the attack near Putney Bridge, southwest London, yesterday because it believed the boots were a small animal… Wildlife expert John Bryant said: “Incidents of foxes attacking human beings are extremely rare… (story)


Gloucester Citizen/Echo 29.1.13 TiG poll: Gloucestershire split over future of hunting with dogs law - Opinion in Gloucestershire remains evenly divided over the future of hunting with dogs in the county, according to a poll run by ThisIsGloucestershire. Almost 6,000 readers voted in a recent poll asking if the 2005 ban should be lifted, with just over half (51%) saying it should remain and the remaining 49% calling for a repeal…. Tom Whittaker is secretary of the Berkeley Hunt… He said: "It's incredibly important that we are allowed to continue and of course we would like to see the ban lifted…. Sara Rutherford, regional director of the Countryside Alliance for the Midlands, including Gloucestershire, said: "The level of interest in this poll shows that hunting is still an issue that motivates and polarises people… (story)

Leicester Mercury 29.1.13 Melton Hunt Club Race cancelled - Bad weather has lead to this year's Melton Hunt Club Ride being cancelled… The Quorn hunt event will run in February 2014. (story)
Horse & Hound 28.1.13 Melton Hunt Ride cancelled due to continued bad weather – Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The bad weather has claimed another high profile victim — this year’s Melton Hunt Club Ride. The popular race — one of the highlights of the winter hunt ride calendar — had been due to run in the Quorn country, Leicestershire, on 10 February. But organisers took the decision to cancel last week, when much of the county was under snow… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 29.1.13 Minister received death threats for stance on cull - ENVIRONMENT Secretary Owen Paterson revealed he has had more death threats since he took office last year than he ever had when he was Northern Ireland Secretary…. (story)
Mail 28.1.13 Badger campaigners issue more death threats against top Cabinet minister than terrorists in Northern Ireland By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE POLITICAL EDITOR - Cabinet minister Owen Paterson has revealed he has received more death threats over ordering a cull of badgers than he ever did from Irish terrorists…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.1.13 Owen Paterson – I've had death threats over badger cull - Environment Secretary Owen Paterson revealed he has had more death threats since he took office last year than he ever had when he was Northern Ireland Secretary…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 29.1.13 Lowther Show 2013 will be 'more spectacular', pledges George Bowman By Maureen Hodges - Lowther Show will be borrowing from its past to come back bigger and better for 2013. The all-new event was launched in style yesterday by George Bowman Jnr, the man behind the plans to put carriage driving back on the Cumbrian map… This year will see world-class sporting championships, including the World Series Clay Shooting and Gundog Championships, top-class main arena acts, demonstrations, a huge food hall and hundreds of local exhibition stands. Old favourites will include the traditional hound show, fishing competition and jousting… (story)

Mail 29.1.13 Chrissie Hynde's daughter arrested at 'Battle of Hastings' protest camp after bailiffs cut her free from treehouse By ARTHUR MARTIN - She survived blizzards and gales in a precarious treehouse to protest against the development of a new road. But when the bailiffs armed with bolt-cutters arrived yesterday, Chrissie Hynde’s daughter stood little chance. Natalie Hynde was arrested by police on suspicion of trespassing after tree climbing experts pulled her down from her perch… (story)
Guardian 22.1.13 Chrissie Hynde's daughter is the new public face of UK road protests - Natalie Hynde is now a full-time environmental activist – trying to save a Sussex valley and its wildlife from being destroyed to make way for a new road - Natalie Hynde is now a full-time environmental activist – trying to save a Sussex valley and its wildlife from being destroyed to make way for a new road - "I'm on my way through the mud," puffs Natalie Hynde when I call. It's a freezing day in Crowhurst, East Sussex and the Combe Haven Defenders are busy building treehouses and digging tunnels in peaceful direct action against the Bexhill-to-Hastings link road… (story)
Mail 21.1.13 Dedicated follower of passion: Daughter of Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde and The Kinks' Ray Davies joins new generation of 'swampies' in treetop by-pass protest… Natalie Hynde is one of fifty activists protesting a new road in East Sussex … By TOM KELLY - Given her mother’s willingness to take on the law for a worthy cause, it’s little surprise Chrissie Hynde’s daughter has inherited something of a fighting spirit… (story)


Telegraph 28.1.13 RSPCA told in letter to review its prosecution policies by Charity Commission - Exclusive: The RSPCA, Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity, has been officially asked to review its prosecution policies by the charities regulator after it spent hundreds of thousands of pounds bringing a prosecution against David Cameron’s local hunt. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - Sam Younger, the Charity Commission’s chief executive, told RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant in a letter yesterday that his trustees had to review the charity's prosecution policies “given the amount of adverse publicity and the allegations of political bias that the charity has attracted as a result of the case”…. Senior executives from the RSPCA met Commission officials after a judge criticised the charity’s “staggering” prosecution costs when it took the Heythrop Hunt to court last month and asked whether the cash could be more "usefully employed". … (story)

Independent 28.1.13 The RSPCA: Can it destroy and protect animals at the same time? - Victoria Martindale - No charity has seen its public estimation plunge lower and faster than that of the RSPCA…. Is all this criticism fair? Well, you cannot have missed the woeful tales of the UK’s homeless animals…. Yet despite these tragic figures I stand by every penny spent by the RSPCA on prosecutions against animal abuse and applaud the 20% leap in convictions they secured last year… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.1.13 VIDEO: Animal rights campaigner clashes with hunt followers in Dorset - The head of a worldwide animal rights campaign group claimed that a Dorset hunt he was attempting to monitor blocked and abused him. He also claimed that one of his employees was hit on the head with a whip. But hunt campaigners have described a video diary from Robbie Marsland, the UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, as “spurious” and “desperate”…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.1.13 I HAVE just had a double take at your article ‘Healthy eating campaign goes down on farm’… A less healthy start to a day is almost unimagineable – animal fat, excess poor protein and cholesterol. Please do not encourage such an unhealthy, unethical and unsustainable idea as being a good start to the day… Dr Jon Maxted, Dewsbury Avenue, Styvechale (letter)


Sunday Express 27.1.13 SUNDAY EXPRESS SAVES CRIME UNIT By Stuart Winter - BRITAIN’S elite wildlife crime fighting unit has been saved after the Sunday Express highlighted its plight, writes Stuart Winter…. Glynn Evans, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said: “Gamekeepers can find themselves confronted by organised and armed gangs of poachers who are often prepared to use violence…. League Against Cruel Sports, chief executive Joe Duckworth said: “Criminals will need to be sure to check over both shoulders before committing any acts of cruelty to our wildlife.” (story)

Fishing Magic 27.1.13 What have the Romans ever done for us? By Martin Salter - Those of us who have, over the years, spent much of the time when we could have been fishing, trying to protect, promote and improve angling and the environment upon which it depends could be forgiven for getting a little weary with the constant sniping from the dear old ‘keyboard warriors’…. what I do think is downright daft is when Mark writes me off as being of no value to angling or the Angling Trust because, in common with 75% of the population and a clear majority of anglers, I opposed hunting wild animals with dogs for sport. Particularly so when I am a Vice President of BASC and when the Countryside Alliance, the biggest pro-hunting lobby in the UK, buried the hatchet long ago and works pro-actively with me and the Angling Trust on the host of issues where we agree and can make common cause. It's what grown-ups do… (story)


Horse & Hound 26.1.13 Farewell to... Belvoir stalwart Migs Greenall - One of the most popular foxhunting personalities in the Shires, Margaret (Migs) Greenall, died on 10 January aged 95… Mrs Greenall hunted with the Belvoir into her 80s and two of her sons became MFHs — Lord (Peter) Daresbury with the Wynnstay and Johnny Greenall with the Meynell. A memorial service will be held at Waltham-on-the-Wolds at 3.30pm on Monday (28 January) (story)
Telegraph 25.1.13 Migs Greenall - Migs Greenall, who has died aged 95, was one of the most popular personalities on the Midlands foxhunting scene, riding for decades with the Belvoir, Quorn and other shires packs…. She was delighted when two of her sons became Masters of Foxhounds — Peter Daresbury with Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn’s on the Welsh borders, and Johnnie Greenall with the Meynell and South Staffs pack…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 26.1.13 Shootings in America spark debate on firearms regulation - THE tragic shooting of 26 innocent people in an American School has sparked debate across the world on gun policy at home and abroad…. Steve Davidson, secretary of the North East Lincolnshire Target Club, said: "Shooting is probably the safest sport in the country because it is so tightly-controlled… Firearms officer Alan Booth from The British Association for Shooting And Conservation added: "It is harder to obtain a firearms licence than one for a shotgun…. (story)

Telegraph 26.1.13 Badger cull to begin in June, Environment Secretary confirms By Hayley Dixon - Conservative MP Owen Paterson said that, if successful, the cull aimed at stopping bovine tuberculosis would be rolled out across the country next year… (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 26.1.13 Badger cull to start in June - Gloucestershire and Somerset - - The badger cull aimed at stopping bovine TB is set to start this summer. Conservative MP Owen Paterson has confirmed it will begin in June… (story)
Western Daily Press 26.1.13 Minister insists that his crosshairs are still fixed firmly on badgers - Huge numbers of badgers are set to be exterminated in a national cull next year, the Government indicated yesterday… (story)


Civil Society 25.1.13 Tory MP to hold a parliamentary debate on RSPCA's prosecutions - Vibeka Mair - MPs will debate the role of the RSPCA as a prosecutor in Parliament next week. The debate, tabled by Conservative MP Simon Hart, will take place in Westminster Hall next Tuesday morning. It follows a call from Hart (pictured) and a cross-party group of politicians for the Charity Commission to investigate the RSPCA’s recent successful prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire… (story)

Farming Life 25.1.13 Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds start the year in style - ON Saturday 5th January 2013, the Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds met, by kind invitation, at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown for the hunt hosted by Huntsman Sean McCavana, whip-in Cahal Hurrell, and Billy Gault…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 25.1.13 A shot in the arm for rural economy - AROUND the turn of the year woodlands in the countryside around here are alive to the sound of... shotguns. Pheasant shooting seems to be undergoing a renaissance. Personally I don't see the fun in firing a powerful firearm at a defenceless bird… However, it's a traditional country pursuit and, given the state of the rural economy, almost anything that helps must be good news. The trouble is that sport for the few can be intimidating for the many. Just this morning the dog and I were on one of our regular walks… We turned a corner and there, actually on the footpath itself, a young man raised his shotgun right in front of us and fired both barrels into the sky. I was so surprised I just bellowed at him: "What on earth are you doing?... The confrontation was (just) amicable enough but the moment I got home I hit the net and looked up the law. It didn't take long as there isn't much… (story)

Fishing Magic 25.1.13 Do Fish Feel Pain? By Martin Salter - In his latest blog Martin Salter looks at the question so many non-anglers frequently ask – but do fish really have the brain for pain?... (story)
BBC News Online 17.1.13 Further evidence crabs and other crustaceans feel pain By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World Service - Scientists have found further evidence that crustaceans feel pain. A study has revealed that the shore crab, a close relative of the species we use for food, responds to electric shocks and then goes on to avoid them… Professor Bob Elwood, from Queen's University Belfast, told the BBC's Science in Action programme: "I don't know what goes on in a crab's mind.... but what I can say is the whole behaviour goes beyond a straightforward reflex response and it fits all the criteria of pain."… (story)
Guardian 17.1.13 Crab study puts pain on the menu - New research shows that crabs can learn to avoid an electric shock, but does that mean they experience pain?... New research published in the Journal of Experimental Biology shows that crabs can learn to avoid electric shocks, picking a different shelter to escape harm. Study author Prof Bob Elwood from Queen's University Belfast claims this shows they are not just reacting reflexively, but are experiencing some form of pain…. (story)
Practical Fishkeeping 17.1.13 Don't say fish can't feel pain! - Have lazy journalists set back animal welfare to the 17th century? Mainstream press is currently awash with declarations that are sending out a potentially destructive message to the cause of welfare in fish. Nathan Hill highlights the dangers to fish from journalists misrepresenting scientific reviews…. (story)
Telegraph 13.1.13 Fish cannot feel pain say scientists - For years a row has raged over whether angling is a cruel sport, and now researchers have waded into the debate by claiming that fish cannot feel pain. By Josie Ensor - A study has found that, even when caught on a hook and wriggling, the fish is impervious to pain because it does not have the necessary brain power. The research, conducted by a team of seven scientists and published in the journal Fish and Fisheries, concluded that the fish’s reaction to being hooked is in fact just an unconscious reaction, rather than a response to pain…. (story)
Mail 12.1.13 Anglers finally off the hook as scientists settle age-old debate over whether fish feel pain By VALERIE ELLIOTT - It is a debate that has raged for years. But now Britain’s four million anglers can rest easy – because fish do not feel pain, scientists have concluded… Jim Rose, professor of zoology and physiology at the University of Wisconsin, who led the project, said: ‘In spite of large injections of acid or bee venom, that would cause severe pain to a human, the trout showed remarkably little effect.’… (story)

Sussex Express 25.1.13 Parish Pump Lewes – January 25, 2013 - WANTED: The Countryside Alliance (CA) is on the lookout for aspiring journalists with a passion for the great outdoors. It’s launched a Young Countryside Writer competition, open to 12 to 18 year olds, who must submit 300 words on What the British Countryside Means to You… (story)

View Online 25.1.13 WINSHAM: Ten years of value from village shop - WINSHAM village shop was one of the first 50 to become a community venture just over ten years ago and now is held up as a model for others to study when considering a similar scheme… Funds were raised to set them up, through the selling of shares which match-funded grant money from the Village Retail Services Association and the Countryside Alliance, totalling £40,000, to buy the stock needed and do some work on the shop… (story)

Nantwich Courier 25.1.13 Nantwich students enjoy leading talks at Reaseheath College conference - More than 300 Reaseheath College students in Nantwich met with key organisations at a conference on animal welfare. Speakers from The Kennel Club,Blue Cross, RSPB, Countryside Alliance, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, and North Wales Reptile and Raptor Rescue talked about legislation and welfare issues… Jim Barrington, an animal welfare consult for the Countryside Alliance, described how the organisation works with the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management to increase knowledge about the life of animals in the wild… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 25.1.13 BRIAN CARTER: Harmony with nature is a necessity - AMONG the winter images on the contemporary rural scene there is the fuel for something close to optimism, something to strengthen the defiance of militant nature lovers…. The urban-based country lovers' lobby can't be ridiculed and written-off by landowners or the Countryside Alliance… (story)

Shropshire Star 25.1.13 Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard in animal welfare talks with Brian May - MP for the Wrekin Mark Pritchard met legendary Queen guitarist Brian May to discuss animal welfare. May then tweeted a photo of the two together to his 64,000 followers…. He said the MP was an ‘important voice on animal welfare in the Conservative Party’…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 25.1.13 Don't feed this ugly trade - MANY of your readers may have seen an article which appeared in the Daily Mail on January 5. It concerned the capture and killing of dolphins in a cove in Taiji, South East Japan… I urge anyone visiting Japan and any country in the Far East on business or for pleasure, please do not buy tickets for or frequent any dolphin or whale shows. Dorothy Jenkins, Mile Oak (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 25.1.13 You paid £405k to police protests at the Port of Ramsgate By Sam Inkersole - POLICING animal export protests at the Port of Ramsgate has cost taxpayers more than £400,000 in 18 months…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.1.13 Ramsgate animal export demos 'cost £400,000 to police' - Policing protests against live animal exports from Ramsgate has cost Kent Police more than £400,000 over the last 18 months, the force has revealed… The report, prepared by Chief Constable Ian Learmonth, said the primary role of Kent Police was to facilitate the lawful export trade and the right of people to protest peacefully. But it said that events at Ramsgate in the latter half of 2012 went beyond peaceful protest…. (story)
Kent Online 22.1.13 Cost of policing live animal export protests at Port of Ramsgate revealed as £22k a month - The cost of policing live animal export protests at the Port of Ramsgate has been revealed as more than £22,000 a month… (story)
ThisIsKent 21.1.13 Ramsgate live export policing costs £400,000 - POLICING live animal exports at Ramsgate Port has cost the taxpayer more than £400,000. Kent Police has defended the force's tactics in policing Ramsgate's controversial live export trade… In a report published today, it outlines the list of offences by demonstrators, which resulted in 15 arrests last year…. In response to the report, Ann Barnes said: "Before and since my election to this post, I have received a large number of emails and letters on the issue of the policing of Live Animal Exports from Ramsgate. "I hope the publication of this detailed report serves to reassure the people of Kent that the policing of this trade is the result of careful deliberation and is proportionate… (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 29.12.12 Report into policing of port protests is ordered By Thomas Brown - NEW Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes has stepped into the row over policing of demonstrations against live exports from Ramsgate… She has ordered an urgent report into police tactics from Chief Constable Ian Learmonth and the cost of supervising sailings of live animals aboard the controversial Joline…. Reg Bell of Thanet Against Live Exports wrote: "The present continued use of Section 14 is unwarranted and should be stopped… (story)

Plymouth Herald 25.1.13 There's no such thing as the humane slaughter of animals - MANY people will have seen the upsetting footage of horses being slaughtered on the news recently. Why is anyone so surprised that animals are treated 'inhumanely' at a slaughterhouse? What does anyone expect at a place where animals are slaughtered?... VALERIE FRY Plympton (letter)

Bucks Free Press 25.1.13 Spare a thought for the other animals as well - Fiona Pereira Campaigner, Animal Aid, Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 21.1.13 Think of other animals - Readers will be sickened to learn that some beef burgers sold by leading UK supermarkets contain almost 30 per cent horse meat. They may be more shocked that in 2011, 8,118 horses were slaughtered in the UK. The majority would have been ordinary riding ponies, while 1,127 were thoroughbreds, discarded by the racing industry. If that is a sombre thought, then reflect for a moment on the animals who make up the remaining 70 per cent of that burger… Fiona Pereira, campaigner, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1AW (letter)

Argus 25.1.13 Animal slaughter - With Tesco and other supermarkets scrambling to explain why some of their beef burgers contained almost 30% horse meat, this is a good time to reflect on the fate of all animals who are reared and killed for the meat, egg and milk industry… Animal Aid started to film secretly inside Britain’s slaughterhouses in January 2009… Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Horse & Hound 24.1.13 Parliament to debate the role of the RSPCA - Flora Watkins - MPs are to debate the role of the RSPCA as prosecutor, in the wake of the charity’s controversial court case against the Heythrop. The debate was requested by Simon Hart MP. Mr Hart, a former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, is among those to have heavily criticised the RSPCA for spending £326,000 on prosecuting the Heythrop… (story)

Daily Post 24.1.13 Anti-hunt campaigner defends under-fire RSPCA by Andrew Forgrave - A PROMINENT animal welfare campaigner has leapt to the defence of the under-fire RSPCA. Judi Hewitt, of Wales Against Animal Cruelty, accused rural lobby groups of conducting a “witch hunt” against the animal charity following its prosecution of the Heythrop hunt… (story)

Private Eye 24.1.13 What beastly behaviour - THE RSPCA took some flak after its recent hugely expensive prosecution of the Heythrop hunt (see the last Eye’s Agri Brigade). Yet the kerfuffle about whether the charity was pursuing some sort of class war agenda distracted attention from the fact that it often sprays its supporters’ money about on private prosecutions that seem to be in neither animals’ nor people’s interest. Of particular concern are its prosecutions of elderly and vulnerable people…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.1.13 Is Countryside Alliance trying to influence police policy? Following the way that the Countryside Alliance organised a vendetta against the RSPCA for the successful prosecution of the Heythrop hunt, both the media and a collection of pro-hunt Conservative MPs are trying to bully the Charity Commission to take action against the country's number one animal protection organisation. No one, it seems, is allowed to protect wildlife if the hunters have their sights on it – then it will be called 'wildlife management'…. (story)

North Devon Journal 24.1.13 Monitors are vigilantes too - CAN any so-called hunt monitors please explain to me why, should I go down my local high street with a video camera looking over people's shoulders to see if they are committing an offence, I would be called a vigilante and probable arrested for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace? Yet when they do the same when I go out hunting they call themselves "hunt monitors"…. Stephen Rees-Jones, Dulverton, Somerset (letter)

Oxford Mail 24.1.13 The law of the land on hunts? SO THE Countryside Alliance contacted the Charity Commission over the prosecution brought by the RSPCA against the Heythrop Hunt… I also question the whole affair by wondering why the police and the CPS were not prosecuting a blatant breach of the law of the land…. D. MACDONALD, Wadards Meadow, Witney (letter)

West Briton 24.1.13 City vigil for beagles - A CANDLELIT vigil calling for the closure of a UK-based breeder of laboratory beagles took place in Truro as part of a nationwide protest… (story)


North Devon Gazette 23.1.13 Huntsman celebrates his 100th birthday - A WELL-KNOWN figure in the Torridge farming community and stalwart of the local hunt has celebrated his 100th birthday in style. John Folland was joined by a huge crowd of family and friends at a celebration meet of the Stevenstone Hunt on Saturday in Langtree…. (story)

Horse & Hound 23.1.13 Modern safety kit set to make inroads in hunting - Flora Watkins - Patey has been making traditional velvet hunt caps for more than 200 years. But in recent years the company has seen its market dwindle… So Patey has just launched a new safety hat, the Patey Corne, which conforms to the EU 1384 safety standard…. Charles Owen has also seen sales of its traditional beagler shrink “drastically” — but its compromise, the Fiona hat, has proved popular for hunting and competing… Point Two has tweaked its bestselling Pro Air jacket to make it more appealing to hunting people…. Bill Kear, Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds senior master, has ridden in a Point Two air jacket since breaking his neck in a fall six years ago…. But others have had a less-than-positive reception… That, says North Cotswold huntsman and H&H columnist Nigel Peel, is an attitude with which he has no truc… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 23.1.13 Hunts all tarred by the same brush - FOLLOWING the successful hunting prosecution by the RSPCA, I suppose it was inevitable that all people who hunt should be tarred with the same brush. The vast majority of hunts now manage to provide enjoyable and purposeful activity whilst hunting within the law…. GEORGE BIDDLE, Southampton (letter)

Oxford Mail 23.1.13 Illegal hunting punishment was feeble - I AGREE with the points raised in Adrian Taylor’s letter. The small fine given to the Heythrop Hunt is meagre and will not affect the wealthy huntsmen… Pamela Treadwell, Dodgson Road, Cowley, Oxford (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 23.1.13 Crustaceans can feel - New research indicates once again that crustaceans do feel pain, and yet crabs, lobsters and other sea creatures, can be trapped, transported and stored before being killed without any protection from the law at all… It is high time crustaceans were afforded legal protection under the Animal Welfare Act. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)


Third Sector 22.1.13 Analysis: The RSPCA and the hunting lobby - The animal charity is no stranger to mounting prosecutions, but its legal action against a law-breaking hunt has aroused strong passions on both sides of the debate. Kate Youde reports - Fox hunting has long been a highly emotive - and political - issue, and it is perhaps no surprise that the RSPCA's recent successful prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire and two of its staff has brought the charity some hostile publicity…. (story)

Politics 22.1.13 Comment: If you want to be kind to animals bring back fox hunting - Articles on repeal of the Hunting Act are often more interesting for what they do not say rather than their content. We've become used to hearing about 'modern attitudes', 'barbaric behaviour' and endless public opinion polls claiming that the majority of people are against repeal of the supposedly iconic Hunting Act. All designed, no doubt, to frighten off any politician thinking this law should be ditched. To a degree the tactic has worked, as Owen Paterson, environment secretary, announced over Christmas that no vote on repeal would happen in 2013…. Jim Barrington is a former executive director of the League Against Cruel Sports and is now an animal welfare consultant for the Countryside Alliance and Council of Hunting Associations. he is also an advisor to the all-party parliamentary middle way group and an honorary member of the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management… (story)

Derby Telegraph 22.1.13 There's no place for fox hunts in civilised society, Mr Cameron - YOU can tell a lot about a society from its laws…. But what about hunting with dogs? Here is an antiquated tradition with a stalwart voice of opposition incongruent with contemporary society on so many accounts… So, perhaps you should bear this in mind, Mr Cameron, to understand a time, a nation and the kind of society we live in, you only need to look at its laws…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.1.13 In my opinion: Hunting pink is seen as a uniform in which to break law - In Letters (WMN Jan 15) Lord Clifford seems to be saying that golf should be illegal… What Lord Clifford is doing is muddying the waters. When donning their Rupert Bear trousers golfers are not setting out to commit a criminal act against a democratically passed law. By contrast the huntsman's garb still has connotations of intended law breaking. Most people seeing a group of riders setting out togged up in hunting gear are still too often going to make the assumption that the law is being broken… (letter)

Malvern Gazette 22.1.13 Hunting laws - Paul Farrer (Malvern Gazette, January 11) seems confused over the issue of hunting. He wrongly claims local hunt followers were breaking the law recently, encouraged through reports in the Gazette…. The Hunting Act was based on class and a Walt Disney view of the countryside. It needs scrapping and replacing with legislation that supports serious animal welfare, wildlife management and conservation. JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Ledbury Reporter 17.1.13 Hunting a crime - I NOTICE on page 7 of last week’s issue you ran a story asking for ‘Support in The War On Crime’. Oddly enough on pages one and five you also printed glowing and encouraging reports of large numbers of people (in your words) ‘braving wet conditions’ in order to also commit a crime. Whatever you might feel about hunting with dogs, it is illegal in England… Paul Farrer, Malvern (letter)

Birmingham Mail 22.1.13 Animal lovers' fury over anglers who want to shoot Keith the seal - “There are plenty of fish out there and it is natural for a seal like Keith to eat fish, so all these fishermen seriously need to get a grip and leave her alone.” Outraged wildlife lovers have started a campaign to save Keith the seal who is under threat from anglers who want the animal shot…. (story)
Evesham Journal 18.1.13 Petition launched to save Keith the seal from 'drastic action' By Neil Watts - SUPPORTERS of Worcestershire’s celebrity seal Keith have rallied behind the animal in their hundreds amid threats to shoot her if she can’t be removed from the river Severn. The Angling Trust said they would be forced to take drastic action and secure a licence to shoot her using a qualified marksman to protect fish stocks and other wildlife… Writing on Facebook, Nick Drummer said: “Seals are a protected species. The idea that you can just shoot a protected species because it is in an inconvenient place, or costing you a few quid is, frankly, disgusting. You can't do it to bats, orchids or butterflies, why are seals any different?” Rebecca Drozd added: “Disgusting ...why do anglers think they should control the rivers?... (story)

Sun 22.1.13 Terror as fox bites toddler, 3, on sledge and tries to drag him away By CHRIS POLLARD and JACK ROYSTON - A FOX creeps closer to three-year-old Alfie Whitelock on a sledge — before trying to drag him away by the foot. The wild animal pounced in daylight as the youngster played in the snow in the garden of his home. The fox locked its jaws around the screaming child’s boot and pulled him along the ground before dad Lee, 32, ran to the rescue and chased off the beast…. (story)
Telegraph 22.1.13 Fox 'tried to drag away three-year-old on sledge' - A fox has apparently tried to drag a three-year-old boy away by the foot while he was out on a sledge - The wild animal crept up to Alfie Whitelock as he played in the garden of his home in daylight, before pouncing. It locked its jaws around the child's boot as he screamed and pulled him along the ground, a newspaper reported. But Alfie's father Lee Whitelock, 32, then ran to the rescue and chased off the fox. The animal then made a second lunge at the pair from behind… (story)

Grantham Journal 22.1.13 Grantham and Stamford Animal Rights Group calls for beagle breeding firm’s closure - A candlelight vigil was held in Grantham town centre on Saturday afternoon as part of an animal rights campaign. Members of Grantham and Stamford Animal Rights Group braved the snow to gather on the green in St Peter’s Hill for a two-hour protest against Harlan UK, the country’s last remaining breeders of beagles for use in vivisection… (story)
Huntingdon News & Crier/Cambridge News 21.1.13 Vigil held near laboratory dogs breeder - Campaigners calling for the closure of a Huntingdon-based breeder of laboratory beagles have held a candlelit vigil in the town. The vigil, by members of Save the Harlan Beagles, was one of 10 taking place across the UK… : Animals in Need members, from left, Erica Barclay, Wendy Morgan, Sue Veganrat, Lee Culley, David Smails, Bruce Lovell and Roy Marriott joined in a Europe-wide protest by animal rights supporters (story)
Derby Telegraph 19.1.13 Vigil calls for end to breeding lab dogs - A CANDLELIT vigil will be held in Derby today to support an end of cruelty to Beagle dogs. Derby Animal Rights group will be holding the event in St Peter's Street from 3.30pm…. Campaigner Natalie Rocca said: "We are campaigning for an end to the horrific and needless suffering of tens of millions of animals killed globally each year by the animal testing industry."… (story)
Mancunian Matters 18.1.13 Battle against breeding beagles for animal laboratory testing takes to Manchester streets in candlelit vigil By Matt Simpson - The fight against illegal breeding of beagles to fuel laboratory testing will arrive in Manchester tomorrow, as animal rights campaigners join together to highlight the horrific cruelty… The UK-based vigils were organised by the Save the Harlan Beagles campaign and Manchester-based founding member, Alex Irving, wants a good show of support for this little-known issue… Another founding member Lisa Symonds, who is hosting the vigil in Liverpool, was amazed with the support shown so far and is hoping the group can progress even further… (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.1.13 Candlelit vigil for laboratory dogs - A CANDLELIT vigil is being held as part of a Europe-wide day of action calling for an end to the breeding of laboratory beagles. On Saturday supporters will be gathering outside Lush, on Whitefriargate, in Hull city centre from 4pm onwards… Save The Harlan Beagles say their main aim is “to inform the British public – many of whom are unaware ‘man’s best friend’ is still used in fatal experiments… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 14.1.13 Shine a light for animals - A CANDLELIT vigil will be held in Hull city centre as part of a Europe-wide day of action against breeding animals for testing…. The issue has been prominent in East Yorkshire after US-owned B&K Universal wanted to increase its capacity at Grimston in Holderness and breed up to 2,000 animals at a time for experiments… Debbie Minns was one of those who campaigned against the plans. She is organising the vigil in Hull…. (story)

Guardian 22.1.13 The issues raised by cheap burgers go beyond horse DNA - If I were not a vegetarian, I should not object to eating burgers containing horsemeat: horses for courses, just like any other animal… D Rodriguez, Hereford (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 22.1.13 Why are burger eaters surprised? SARA STARKEY By e-mail (letter)
Independent 19.1.13 As a vegan of 30 years I am appalled that all the burgers "tainted" by horse meat have been pulled. So all those animals were bred, fattened and slaughtered, usually in horrible conditions – be they cattle, pigs, poultry or horses – to end up in what? A landfill? Just because hamburgers have a form of animal the consumer was not expecting… Sara Starkey, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Sentinel 22.1.13 It's time to adopt animal free diets - WITH Tesco and other supermarkets scrambling to explain why some of their beef burgers contain almost 30 per cent horse meat, this is a good time to reflect on the fates of all animals who are reared and killed for the meat, egg and milk industry… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)


Darlington & Stockton Times 20.1.13 Insight into medieval hunting - A TALK on hunting in the Middle Ages is to be held in Northallerton next month. The story of the original sport of medieval kings – hunting – will be told by academic Richard Almond in Northallerton on Tuesday, February 12…. (story)

Sunday Express 20.1.13 'DO NOT CULL POLICE FORCE FIGHTING TO SAVE WILDLIFE FROM POACHER GANGS' By Stuart Winter - THE COUNTRYSIDE is uniting to save an elite police unit tackling a menace that threatens to flood the market with contaminated meat. Poaching is so endemic there are fears that harmful, illegally taken venison and game birds are reaching dining tables at unprecedented levels… Fears over future funding have brought together the hunting and shooting set, wildlife groups as well as Labour and Conservative MPs…. (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 19.1.13 Beaufort Hunt’s £1,000 boost for charity - Beaufort Hunt gave Meningitis UK a seasonal boost recently. From the proceeds of the popular annual Hunt Supporters’ Club Show, which takes place at Badminton each August, the charity received a cheque for £1,000…. (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19.1.13 Why these meat fears? AS A non-meat eater I agree with Andrew Jackson (January 17) in wondering what all the fuss is about finding horsemeat in beefburgers…. A horse is just another sentient mammal (ie having similar feelings of pain, fear etc. as humans) with the others, cows, lambs, pigs etc which line up in abattoirs awaiting execution while witnessing that of their companions… Chris Leyland, Marsden (letter)

Telegraph 19.1.13 Animal charity will bequests challenged because seen as 'easy pot of money' - Families are challenging three times as many wills as the impact of the recession bites, lawyers have warned, with disgruntled nephews and nieces missing out on legacies in favour of donkey sanctuaries and cats’ homes. - Estates worth up to £1 million have been left to charities such as the RSPCA, leaving family members who were expecting an “easy pot of money” disappointed, Nicola Marchant, a contentious wills and probate lawyer, said… (story)


Telegraph 18.1.13 What the horse and the fox tell us about our way with animals - It’s not jingoistic to say that horse meat is one food that truly disgusts us By Graeme Archer - Why does the thought of eating beefburgers adulterated with horse meat cause one’s mouth to wrinkle in disgust?... The angry, large story concerns the RSPCA’s prosecution of fox hunts, and – I think – the confusion the unpopularity of this is causing the charity’s politicised leadership. We’re a nation of animal lovers. Why are we so angry with the RSPCA?... The RSPCA’s mistake is to suppose that the animal-loving nature which funds the charity’s existence translates to a willingness to turn our backs on the culture that is the crucible for that love of animals in the first place… (story)

Telegraph 18.1.13 RSPCA warned on hunt prosecutions by charities watchdog - The RSPCA has been told by the charity watchdog that any decision to prosecute hunts must be a “reasonable and effective use of the charity's resources". By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - MPs said the comments, disclosed by the Charity Commission on Thursday, could be seen as a “veiled rebuke” of the RSPCA’s decision to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds prosecuting members of David Cameron’s local hunt last month… (story)
Civil Society 17.1.13 Tory MP: RSPCA Heythrop Hunt prosecution has a 'strong political edge' - Vibeka Mair - The RSPCA says the Charity Commission has expressed "no concern" about its recent prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt, as Conservative MP Simon Hart vows he and a group of politicians will continue to pile pressure on the charity about its prosecutions…. (story)
Cotswold Journal 16.1.13 Charity watchdog to meet RSPCA over Heythrop prosecution By Freya Leng - SENIOR figures at the RSPCA are to meet with the charity watchdog over their decision to spend £326,000 on the prosecution of Prime Minister David Cameron’s local hunt… (story)
Oxford Times 15.1.13 Hunting case prompts talks - The UK’s charity watchdog yesterday said it will meet the RSPCA to discuss its “approach” to prosecutions after the animal welfare charity took a Chipping Norton hunt to court… (story)
Oxford Mail 14.1.13 RSPCA facing hunt questions - THE RSPCA is to meet the UK’s charity watchdog over concerns about its prosecution of Chipping Norton’s Heythrop Hunt. The charity said it was reported to the Charity Commission by the Countryside Alliance over its action…. (story)
Civil Society 14.1.13 Charity Commission to meet RSPCA following political pressure - Vibeka Mair - The RSPCA is meeting the Charity Commission this week to discuss political concerns around its recent successful £327,000 private prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt for killing a fox…. (story)
Telegraph 12.1.13 RSPCA summoned to meet head of charity watchdog after controversial David Cameron hunt prosecution - Senior figures at the RSPCA have been summoned to see the charity watchdog to defend their decision to spend £326,000 on prosecuting David Cameron’s local hunt, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - The RSPCA was reported to the Charity Commission by MPs and peers last month for controversially funding the successful prosecution against the Heythrop Hunt. Mr Cameron is a local MP in the area where the Heythrop hunts. Now it has emerged that the charity's senior executives have been called in by William Shawcross, the Commission's chairman, for "an early meeting" to discuss its "prosecutions in general and the case in particular"… (story)

Horse & Hound 18.1.13 Masked men attack hunt staff and supporters - Charlotte White - Hunts are being asked to report all incidents withantis and saboteurs following attacks by masked men in north Derbyshire and South Yorks — one of which is being treated as grievous bodily harm…. Badsworth and Bramham Moor supporter Charlie Warde-Aldam and High Peak huntsman Nigel Coxwere seriously assaulted by suspected saboteurs in separate attacks…. On the same day three vehicles had their tyres slashed at the Barlow kennels… (story)

Horse & Hound 18.1.13 Denman’s diary: a busy start to the new year - Charlotte Alexander - It’s been all go over Christmas and into 2013. We’ve had some lovely days hunting including theDuke of Beaufort’s Boxing Day meet and Denman’s first day visiting — with the South and West Wilts… (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 18.1.13 My Day Off: Dougal Paver, senior partner, Paver Smith - Dougal Paver is senior partner with Liverpool public relations agency Paver Smith and in his spare time visits country estates to shoot his supper… All the birds that I and my fellow guns shoot enter the food chain, either at our hands to sustain our growing families or via the local game dealer who buys the surplus for re-sale to ready-meal companies, pubs and restaurants… (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 18.1.13 Bad law - After the conviction of the joint master and two staff of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt this May on five counts of illegal fox hunting, can the pro-hunt minority claim that the Hunting Act is ‘bad law’… Katherine Watson, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

Scotsman 18.1.13 Birds of prey - Doug McAdam of Scottish Land and Estates (Letters, 16 January) implies that the RSPB is not committed to resolving the conflict grouse moor managers perceive with birds of prey, and is not supportive of the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project. This is disingenuous… Stuart Housden RSPB Scotland Lochside View Edinburgh (letter)

Irish Times 18.1.13 Call for end to culling of female badgers rejected by authorities - ANNE LUCEY - The Irish Wildlife Trust has called for an end to the culling of female badgers during the breeding season, branding the practice, which it says leaves orphaned young starving to death underground, as “cruel and inhuman”…. (story)

Northern Echo 18.1.13 Halal meat - I READ with interest the article about tests that had found horse DNA in supermarket beef burgers… What the authorities really should be investigating is the barbaric way in which most animals are ritually slaughtered the length and breadth of our country without a bat of an RSPCA, animal welfare or Government eyelid… Adam Walker, Spennymoor. (letter)


Hendon & Finchley Times 17.1.13 Campaigners go head-to-head in hunting debate at Middlesex University, Hendon By Natalie O'Neill - Animal lovers went head-to-head with rural campaigners in a heated debate on hunting last night. Legal and ethical arguments were disputed by representatives from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and the Countryside Alliance in front of an audience at Hendon Town Hall in The Burroughs. … (story)
Hendon & Finchley Times 8.1.13 League against Cruel Sports and Countryside Alliance to debate hunting By Natalie O'Neill - Animal lovers and field sports enthusiasts will go head-to-head in a debate on hunting next week. The League against Cruel Sports and the Countryside Alliance will discuss their legal and ethical arguments at Hendon Town Hall in The Burroughs on Wednesday, January 16… (story)

Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 17.1.13 MP would join vote to overturn hunting ban By Adrian Kibbler - IF there was a vote to overturn the current hunting ban it would have the backing of Ludlow MP Philip Dunne…. Philip Dunne, who was out supporting Ludlow Hunt at its traditional Boxing Day meeting, would like to see the law changed… (story)

Oxford Mail 17.1.13 Stop attacking RSPCA - MOST discerning members of the public will now be fully aware of the propaganda war of vilification being waged against the RSPCA by certain sections of the media, ever since the successful RSPCA prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt… I call upon all genuine animal-loving members of the public to donate to the RSPCA and to boycott those media outlets that are responsible for this increasingly hysterical hate campaign. MARK PRITCHARD, Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 17.1.13 Hunting is just obscene - I WISH to add my voice to all those anti-hunt campaigners who have written in to the Post over the past couple of months. Hunting down any animal is not only barbaric, it is obscene, and all those who are pursuing this blood sport, although it has been banned, should be prosecuted and incarcerated… Yvonne M Holley, Caswell Bay (letter)

West Briton 17.1.13 Antiquated tradition - TRADITION? Featured in the West Briton, January 3 edition, page 5. An antiquated tradition… Peace on earth, goodwill to all mankind – and defenceless animals. NICKY GREASLEY-STERIANOU, Stithians, De-Emmett (letter)

Evesham Journal 17.1.13 Wild grey partridge is making a comeback - ONE of the leading icons of the countryside – the wild grey partridge – recently described as one of our most rapidly declining farmland birds, is fighting back and showing an 81 per cent increase on land that is being specifically managed for the species…. The review carried out by Dr Nicholas Aebischer, deputy director of research with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, highlights that where land managers are specifically targeting grey partridge recovery by providing year-round habitat management, supplementary feeding and predator control, grey partridges are showing an impressive rise in their numbers… (story)
Western Morning News 3.1.13 Renewed hope for wild grey partridge as numbers rise 81% in a decade - The wild grey partridge, recently described as one of our most rapidly declining farmland birds, is fighting back and showing an 81 per cent increase on land that is being specifically managed for this iconic species. A new review published in the science journal Animal Biodiversity and Conservation offers renewed hope for grey partridges… The review, carried out by Dr Nicholas Aebischer, deputy director of research with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), highlights that where land managers are specifically targeting grey partridge recovery by providing year-round habitat management, supplementary feeding and predator control, the birds are showing an impressive rise in numbers…. (story)

Western Gazette 17.1.13 WE'VE heard about the terrible mass shooting tragedy in America. I, like most people in the United Kingdom, just do not get the American attitude towards guns, with so many of them regarding it as a sort of crazy deviation… The Countryside Alliance has its education programme in full swing for encouraging children into countryside pursuits like hunting and shooting. I can only hope the campaign fails, as the last thing we need in this country is the arming of our children, and then blasting the local wildlife to pieces (letter)

BBC News Online 17.1.13 Study finds some Welsh farmers killing badgers - A survey of Welsh farmers suggests that an estimated one in 10 of those questioned could have killed a badger in the last year…. John Evans from Save the Badger group in south Wales, said: "It's shocking to realise that 10% of the farmers in Wales have been killing badgers… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 17.1.13 Time to rethink cruelty of meat - While the thought of unexpectedly tucking into a horse burger shocked the nation, we ask that the public spare a thought for all animals killed for their flesh…. BEN WILLIAMSON Peta (letter)

The Sentinel 17.1.13 Eat less meat to 'benefit' planet - JANUARY 7 and I saw and heard newborn lambs. "That can't be right," I thought, "it's far too early" – but there they were… Every year, millions of animals, including lambs, are unnecessarily slaughtered. Some of them never even seeing the light of day because they are bred in sheds, mainly chickens and pigs. They all feel pain and fear… SUZANNE NIXON, Leek (letter)

Western Mail 17.1.13 'Spying' case against Met Police to be heard in secret - James McCarthy - A High Court case against the Metropolitan Police over accusations they spied on a Welsh anarchist group will be held in secret, it has emerged. Tom Fowler, a member of the Cardiff Anarchist Network, is one of 12 people taking the force to court for allegedly infiltrating groups across the country… Mark Jacobs was working for the Met when he infiltrated a small group of activists in Cardiff until 2009, masqueradeing as a Northampton trucker… Mr Jacobs forged links with Gwent Anarchists, Pembrokeshire Anarchists, Swansea Animal Rights, No Borders South Wales and a group called Eat Out Vegan Wales…. (story)


Hexham Courant 16.1.13 Tynedale: Hunting ban - I REFER to comments by two correspondents on your newspaper’s coverage of hunt meets on Boxing Day (Courant Letters, January 4). Mr Wright refers to the RSPCA’s prosecution of the Heyththrop Hunt at a cost to the RSPCA of £30,000 – it was in fact just below £330,000. Several more of these prosecutions and there won’t be an RSPCA – it will be bankrupt…. GEORGE MORRISON, West Woodburn (letter)
Hexham Courant 9.1.13 PROSECUTION OF HUNT HALTS DRIVE TO OVERTURN BAN - ON opening my post Boxing Day Hexham Courant I was sadly expecting the usual full page trumpeting of thousands of bloodthirsty hunt supporters gaily applauding the red coated warriors off to slaughter wild animals. What’s happening? There was just a tiny two column low key article… David Cameron’s cronies, The Heythrop Hunt, have been prosecuted for the first time by the RSPCA at a cost of £30,000, showing they mean business this time…. ALAN WRIGHT, Stocksfield (letter)
Hexham Courant 9.1.13 BLOODLUST - HUNTING with dogs is barbaric, illegal and unnecessary, so heralding the Tynedale Hunt as they paraded through Corbridge was distasteful… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 16.1.13 And Hart talks about waste! - I FIND it a bit rich that MP Simon Hart is [among a group of cross-party MPs] reporting the RSPCA to the Charity Commission for breaching a "duty of prudence" when it spent its money bringing a private prosecution against members of a hunt… Not so long ago Mr Hart, when chief executive of the Countryside Alliance and connected to the Countryside Alliance Foundation, a body set up to promote the cruel sport of hunting wild animals, spent enormous sums of money trying, unsuccessfully, to challenge the government's Hunting Act 2004… David Petersen, St Clears (letter)

Sun 16.1.13 Pippa hunt row - Shoot killed 15 boar and deer By DAN SALES - PIPPA Middleton sparked fresh uproar yesterday after it emerged she joined a hunt where six boar and nine deer were killed. The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister allegedly went shooting in Gerpinnes, Belgium, in woods owned by the country’s richest man, Albert Frere… But yesterday animal rights charity Viva rapped her for going on last month’s hunt, which has only just emerged. Spokesman Justin Kerswell said… The League Against Cruel Sports added… (story)
Star 16.1.13 PIPPA MIDDLETON HUNTS DEER AND BOAR WITH MEGARICH By Emily Hall - PIPPA Middleton went on a posh hunt for boar and deer, it was claimed yesterday…. Joe Duckworth, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “It is sad to see someone in such an influential position indulging in this kind of needless cruelty for their own entertainment.”… (story)

Stroud Life 16.1.13 Update on badger research findings - A DROP-IN event is being held on Sunday January 20 for anyone concerned abut the planned shooting of badgers in Gloucestershire in the next few months. The event is being organised by peaceful campaign group Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting. It will take place at Hardwicke Village Hall in Green Lane between 2pm and 5pm… Liz Gaffer, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 10.1.13 Protect the badger fight group meet - BADGER campaigners are holding a drop-in event later this month. Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS), formed when plans for a controversial cull on the animals was announced, is holding the meeting in Hardwicke Village Hall on January 20…. (story)


Western Morning News 15.1.13 Why is hunting in the West dictated by Scottish MPs? - Tim Bonner, campaigns director of the Countryside Alliance, on the hunting ban repeal ‘West Lothian question’…. (story)
Western Morning News 14.1.13 Scots MPs hold back repeal of hunt ban - The Government has been urged to reform the political system that allows Scottish Labour MPs to veto a repeal of the ban on fox hunting – despite the legislation having no impact north of the border. A Countryside Alliance analysis suggests a Commons vote to overturn the ban would win by a majority of between 30 and 40 if taken among English and Welsh MPs only. Scotland has its separate legislation that limits hunting, but MPs there would still get the opportunity to influence the vote in Westminster – even though none of their constituents are affected…. (story)

Voice of Russia 15.1.13 Fox hunting: illegal but continuing - In 2005 the very traditional British pursuit of fox-hunting was banned…. Tom Spender is joined by in VoR's London studios by Sian Lovatt, dressage rider and journalist; Jim Barrington, welfare consultant to the Countryside Alliance and former Executive Director of the League Against Cruel Sports; Vanessa Hudson, leader of the political partyAnimals Count; and on the phone, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP and opponent of foxhunting. (story)

Western Mail 15.1.13 Report illegal hunting - Where 76% of the population want fox hunting to remain illegal and there are simply not enough MPs supporting a move to make it legal again to make this feasible, the devotees of “traditional-style hunting” cannot expect to have things their own way…. The League Against Cruel Sports has radically strengthened its investigation team and stepped up to investigation and monitoring work, co-operating closely with police wildlife crime units and more members of the public are reporting suspect hunting and hunt hound incidents to Wildlife Crime Watch… KATHERINE WATSON Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 15.1.13 Hunt turned verges to mud - OVER a recent weekend, there was a meet of a hunt, and Bisterne Close in Burley for some reason was used as a car park. There were many cars, 4 x 4’s with trailers etc, all trying to navigate the narrow lane and worst of all, parking on the verges which were already water-logged. Now some of those verges are nothing more than pure mud… RICHARD GRANT, Burley. (letter)

Andover Advertiser 15.1.13 Bloodlust, not sport - RE the letter in the Advertiser of 21 December by Tony Atkinson. The countryside does not need gamekeepers and shooting to “manage” its wildlife. Nature can look after that quite well thank you by natural selection. .. I feel Fiona Perriera is among the many more caring, enlightened souls these days who wish to see the gun banned as a weapon for ending innocent life. Patrick Lane, Porton (letter)
Andover Advertiser 18.12.12 Put shooting glossies out of children's reach - Fiona Pereira Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)
Shields Gazette 13.12.12 Game good for you here - I REFER to the letter ‘No pleasure in game (Gazette, Tuesday, November 27), about the dangers of eating game meat containing lead shot. I’ve eaten game regularly for the last 25 years, and my doctor will confirm it has not been detrimental to my health in any way…. Philip Proctor, Blaydon on Tyne. (letter)
Shields Gazette 30.11.12 Festive shooting fair game - IT comes as no surprise to see Animal Aid exploiting the festive season to engage in campaigning against game shooting (‘No pleasure in game’, Have Your Say, Gazette, Tuesday). But readers need to be aware that it is not a registered charity, but a hard-core animal rights group based down south… Game shooting supports a host of jobs in the North East, and plays an important role in managing the countryside for wider conservation benefit… Alasdair Mitchell, regional director (Northern), British Association for Shooting and Conservation Corbridge, Northumberland (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 30.11.12 Health warning - FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Shields Gazette 27.11.12 No pleasure in game - Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 27.11.12 Lead shot in meat is harmful - Dispelling the notion that game meat has abundant health benefits, the Food Standards Agency issued a health warning for meat containing lead shot… Shooting birds for pleasure is an activity that leaves rather a sour taste in the mouth. FIONA PEREIRA, Animal Aid (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 15.1.13 Reaction to rise in the number of mink spied beside River Ancholme - RIVER users in Brigg have reported an increase in sightings in the number of mink. Eyewitnesses say they have spotted more of the elusive furry creatures on the banks of the River Ancholme – at a time when the population in the UK is said to be thriving… (story)

Western Morning News 15.1.13 Badger cull trial is doomed to fail. We need simpler alternative Bovine TB is no longer the real problem for farmers – says Derek Mead, chairman of the Badger Welfare Association – it’s the scientific community. It's often been said that if you pose a question to a group of 100 scientists 20 per cent will give you one answer, 20 per cent an answer which contradicts it and the remaining 60 per cent will tell you they need more funding before they can give you an answer at all. This sadly, encapsulates all that has been happening over the last 20 years in the issue of badgers and bovine TB…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 15.1.13 Animals suffering - MARWELL Wildlife’s annual animal audit will fail to count the physical and mental suffering endured by these wild animals as a result of the frustration of a lifetime spent in cages… BEN WILLIAMSON, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). (story)

Argus 15.1.13 A voice for the vegans - It’s funny we condemn the two girls who caused “unnecessary” cruelty by hurling a kitten about, as seen on the BBC news recently, when we ourselves inflict “unnecessary” animal cruelty. A vegan diet is cruelty-free and better for our health and the planet, yet we we still go on consuming meat, dairy and eggs… Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Beverley Guardian 14.1.13 Crowds support Holderness Hunt - CROWDS gathered in Beverley on Boxing Day to enjoy the Holderness Hunt Boxing Day meet…. The Middleton Hunt Boxing Day meet also took place on Driffield Showground and another group of Middleton Hunt Supporters met in Malton to carry out the annual tradition… (story)

Worcester News 14.1.13 Hunting ban has not helped animal welfare - In her letter (Worcester News, January 7) Carole Roberts referred to a radio broadcast about an incident involving the Ledbury Hunt. She alleged a fox was killed by the hunt. However, when interviewed, both Mike Foster and the League Against Cruel Sports said there was no proof the hounds had killed the fox… JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 11.1.13 Government won’t have vote on hunting - I read with interest the “rant” on hunting by Carole Roberts (letters, January 7) in which she graphically describes the screams of women during a hunt in the Ledbury area last November. She describes the protesters as “brave and good people”. I think not, “stupid and misguided” would be a better description… TIM SHENTON Upton-upon-Severn (letter)
Worcester News 7.1.13 We try to protect the foxes because we care - I was listening to the radio in my kitchen and what I heard was very upsetting. Someone was being interviewed about a fox hunt that took place in Ledbury in November…. The screams from the women trying to get the huntsmen to stop it made me feel sick… The people who put themselves in danger trying to stop this cruel sport are brave and good people who care for our wildlife… CAROLE ROBERTS, Worcester (letter)

Worcester News 14.1.13 I must address extraordinary hunting claims - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Jon Burgess, in his latest letter about fox hunting on January 9, made some extraordinary claims which I feel I cannot ignore…. Mr Burgess also claims “The Hunting Act (2004) has not saved one fox and has actually caused cruelty.” How on earth does he know this?... Mr Burgess comments on the prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt which was found red-handed breaking the law. The RSPCA is a law enforcement agency and always has been… C STANLEY Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.1.13 Letter writer won’t accept the facts - Oh dear, Jon Burgess has been reactivated again… He will never accept the fact that it is cruel to chase a fox until it is exhausted and then let it be torn to pieces by dogs, if the huntsman does not arrive in time to kill it, thus saving it from more pain… MRS S G GARNER Worcester * The correspondence on foxhunting is now closed (letter)
Worcester News 9.1.13 Hunting Act has not saved life of one fox - With respect to John Shearon (Worcester News, January 4) he is confused over the issue of hunting. Worcester MP Michael Foster never succeeded with any anti-hunting legislation. The time he wasted over hunting cost him his seat at the last election…. The resent prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt by the RSPCA put things into perspective. The RSPCA brought 52 charges against the hunt, withdrew most and were successful with just four after spending nearly £330,000 on the finest barristers and legal costs. While this was going on the RSPCA was announcing redundancies for more than 100 staff and destroyed 53,000 animals last year… JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)

Irish Examiner 14.1.13 Hunters are not careless with dogs - I write in my role as chairman of the Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI), regarding Elaine Keogh’s report, "Animal groups forced to care for lost hunting dogs"…. I can assure your readers that registered hunt clubs take the welfare of their dogs very seriously… A quick phone call from any animal rescue facility anywhere in the country to their local hunt should establish whether or not the animal belongs to a registered club. Hunt clubs may often assist in rehoming such dogs, where possible…. Philip Donnelly Chairman HAI Newbridge Co Kildare (letter)

Irish Examiner 14.1.13 Animal groups forced to care for ‘lost’ hunting dogs By Elaine Keogh - Concerned animal welfare groups are being left to take care of ‘lost’ beagles and lurchers which had been part of either a legal hunt or, in some cases, poaching teams…. (story)

Irish Times 14.1.13 Urban and rural foxes - Dr Colin Lawton of NUI Galway is quoted as saying that foxes are not seen in a favourable light among the farming community… The fox is under constant persecution, much of it utterly cruel and barbaric, based on scant or little evidence of its threat to farm livestock…. He should be mindful of the fact that the vast majority of people, as outlined in John Holden’s article, view the fox with affection and don’t want to see it harmed. – Yours, etc, AIDEEN YOURELL, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Guardian 14.1.13 Animal rights activists plan direct action against beagle imports - Campaigners vow to tackle airlines and airports involved in AstraZeneca plan to relocate animals from Sweden to UK for medicine experiments - Steven Morris - Animal rights activists are planning direct action against any airline that agrees to bring a consignment of beagles into the UK, where they will be used to test new medicines, the Guardian has learned. A facility in Sweden that houses the animals and is owned by the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is closing and the firm is moving around 300 beagles to the UK…. The activist, a member of a global group called Gateway to Hell that campaigns against the transport of laboratory animals, said: "If airlines agree to transport these dogs to Britain we will look to take action to disrupt their trade."… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 14.1.13 Council rejected plan after a public outcry - A CAMPAIGN was launched by residents and animal rights protesters against plans by US-owned B&K Universal to increase its capacity at Grimston in Holderness… The company said animal experiments had been vital in combating diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Aids and that the UK has some of the tightest regulations in the world…. (letter)

Farmers Weekly 14.1.13 RSPCA defends role in Ramsgate sheep slaughter - Johann Tasker - The RSPCA has defended its involvement in an incident during which more than 40 sheep were killed at the port of Ramsgate…. (story)
Telegraph 12.1.13 RSPCA accused of needlessly slaughtering sheep - The RSPCA has been accused of needlessly slaughtering more than 40 sheep at a Kent dockside and using a photograph of the dead animals to further its campaign against live animal exports. By Patrick Sawer - Inspectors from the charity killed the sheep after declaring that they could not be transported across the Channel from Ramsgate because they were judged to be lame and therefore unfit to travel. The incident has caused outrage among animal welfare experts, who say there was no need to put down the 43 sheep. Questions are also being asked about the manner in which the RSPCA inspectors carried out the killings, with photographic evidence suggesting they botched the operation…. (story)
Mail 12.1.13 Why did the RSPCA shoot dead more than 40 sheep in a grisly dockside massacre? Mail investigates horrific slaughter of animals unloaded from French lorry By GUY ADAMS … In recent months, however, Ramsgate's 'stunning' seaside ambience has been shattered by the loud cries of animal rights protestors….. 'Whenever there's a shipment, I'm there along with 60-plus protestors,' says Mark Johnson, the group's ringleader…. Many of Johnson's fellow protestors carry placards that bear a singularly shocking image. It shows a pile of dead sheep, their bodies mutilated and their heads smashed… It was released to the media by the RSPCA, which is mounting a vigorous campaign for a government ban on live exports… But one fact about the photograph of these bloody carcasses might surprise animal lovers — and even some of Ramsgate's animal rights protestors. Almost every single one of the sheep was shot dead by an employee of Grant's own RSPCA… Trouble began that afternoon when RSPCA inspectors, who were observing shipments with vets from the government's Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), noticed that one of the 500 sheep aboard a lorry chartered by Kettering-based exporter Intra Agra had suffered a broken leg… David McDowell, a former RSPCA acting chief veterinary advisor, was astonished by the charity's behaviour when I talked to him this week. Even if the RSPCA was acting in conjunction with government vets, he said, unloading sheep at the dockside contradicts accepted opinion on animal welfare…. 'I've been in the business for 39 years and there is no legitimate reason to put down 43 sheep because they are lame,' says Kent vet David Smith, a former RSPCA advisor…. (story)

Sentinel 14.1.13 Vegan approach - WHILE any right-minded person would condemn hunting, I feel eating meat, dairy and eggs is also highly unethical… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (story)

South Wales Evening Post 14.1.13 PETA gives pet owners in Wales some advice for the cod weather - WITH forecasters warning of snow this week, animal charity Peta is offering pet owners advice to safeguard their animals in the cold… (story)
Louth Leader 12.1.13 Prepare your pet for the big freeze - Because forecasters are predicting freezing temperatures in Louth this weekend, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering urgent advice for ensuring the safety of animal companions…. (story)

Bristol Post 14.1.13 Activists cruelty claims are wrong - I WAS shocked to read that animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for the damage cause to the front entrance of Bristol Zoo (The Post, Jan 3). The activists are, in my opinion, barking up the wrong tree when they charge Bristol Zoo of cruelty… D F Courtney Weston-super-Mare (story)
Bristol Evening Post 4.1.13 Animal rights activists claim Bristol Zoo vandalism By Louis Emanuel - AN anarchist group has claimed responsibility for the damage caused to the Bristol Zoo Gardens on New Year's Day. In a note posted online, the anonymous group admitted targeting the front entrance, smashing windows and daubing "liberate" in graffiti on an adjacent wall… a note from the activists, entitled "Call of the wild or CONTROL of the wild", was posted on the Bristol Indymedia website on the day of the attack. In the letter, the group said: "We started 2013 as we mean to carry on, with an attack on the front entrance building of Bristol Zoo. "All the glass front doors and windows were smashed. The building and 'Bristol Zoo' lettering was attacked with paint bombs as well as a paint bomb inside the building. 'Liberate' was sprayed across the front."… (story)


Mirror 13.1.13 Twisted take on the truth: David Cameron and Nick Clegg's fudged mid-term review By Nigel Nelson - That’s the trouble with documents written by politicians - they usually tell the truth but rarely the whole truth Being hunted by hounds must be rotten for foxes. But it was a killer for my sex life. I grew up in the country, so as a young man many of the young women I knew were mad about horses and the girls I most fancied seemed to be fox hunters. I was passionate about righting wrongs, fighting injustice and cruelty. And getting my leg over. But when I joined the League against Cruel Sports and began to disrupt hunt meets it became clear one passion was incompatible with the other… so I resigned my membership of the League and gave up sabotaging hunts…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 13.1.13 You need more to be a TV role model than bad clothes, Clare By LIZ JONES COLUMN - When Clare Balding was honoured recently in the Women in Film and Television Awards for her work on the Olympics and Paralympics, she accepted the prize by saying: ‘I think it’s important for young girls who are, I hope, watching us and thinking, “That’s a job I want to do”, to know that warmth, humour, intelligence, doing your homework – that’s what matters. I’m not getting this award because of what I look like or my dress sense… There is a sense of superiority in Balding’s statement: that the rest of us who bother to shop in Prada and have facelifts cannot possibly be as ‘good’ as she is, nor be as nice or as worthy… I do not care when she was born or who she shops at DFS with – I dislike her because she promotes, without question, a sport that is intrinsically barbaric… (story)


Horse & Hound 12.1.13 Meath Foxhounds welcomes side saddle riders - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Up to 60 riders from England, Europe and the USA are due to descend on Co Meath next week to tackle the country’s fearsome drains and ditches riding side saddle. The Meath Foxhounds side saddle meet (19 January) is being organised by Susan Oakes, who set a British high jump record of 1.80m in July 2012… (story)

Derby Telegraph 12.1.13 Court case shows RSPCA has become too political - I REFER to the letter from RSPCA Farm Animal Scientist Alice Clark… Recently, the RSPCA brought a prosecution against the Heythrop fox hunt, in Oxfordshire, for the death of one verminous fox. The court action cost the RSPCA £333,000 of public donations given to support the welfare of domestic animals. The RSPCA has become too political. Dennis Monk, Fife Street Alvaston (letter)

Kirriemuir Herald 12.1.13 No further controls are needed for guns - The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) welcomes the news of the major reduction in gun crime in Scotland, particularly that involving air weapons. This shows that existing measures to protect the public are working well. There is no need for further controls…. (story)

Irish Times 12.1.13 Hunting and shooting - Regarding the letter of Conor Brady (January 4th), genuine sport is where competing players attempt to overcome each other, having started on an equal basis… Perhaps if the animals and birds who are hunted were armed, you could call hunting and shooting a sport… EUGENE TANNAM, Monalea Park, Firhouse, Dublin 24. (letter)
Irish Times 4.1.13 Hunting and shooting - Regarding Brian O’Connor’s “Shoot to kill? Nothing sporting about rules of engagement” (Sports Monday, January 31st), I would remind him that shooting and hunting are as much a part of Irish society as any other sport. Hunting and shooting are enjoyed by many people. I am one of those people… CONOR BRADY, Lower Athy, Co Kildare. (letter)
Irish Times 31.12.13 Shoot to kill? Nothing sporting about such rules of engagement - BRIAN O'CONNOR - TIPPING POINT : Perusing the shelves in a newsagent’s recently, it dawned that there were a good half-dozen magazines on offer about shooting…. Apparently shooting has become something of a zeitgeist activity in Ireland right now… if there’s one thing huntin’ and shootin’ types do not like, it is sneery meeja yobbos filling space at their expense. And there is a stereotype about those who hunt animals that’s easy to draw… (story)

Farmers Guardian 12.1.13 RSPCA defends animal welfare prosecutions By Alistair Driver - THE RSPCA has defended its right to investigate and prosecute suspected abuses of animal welfare after a petition was launched asking the Government to investigate its activities. The Government e-petition, created by dog breeder Mike Davidsohn in protest at the charity’s stance on pedigree dogs, accuses the RSPCA of using ‘bully boy tactics against innocent members of the public to bring prosecutions’ and ‘infringing on citizens civil and legal rights’… By friday it had been signed by more than 4,600 people… (story)


Telegraph 11.1.13 RSPCA accused of double standards over hunt prosecutions - The RSPCA is more interested in social class than animal rights, it has been claimed, after the charity failed to prosecute members of the travelling community who were shown on television cock fighting and hunting deer with dogs. By Alice Philipson …. In Channel 4 documentary Gypsy Blood, cock fights are organised for entertainment and young boys are taken along to watch the illegal hunting of deer with dogs… The film, by award-winning photographer Leo Maguire and billed as an examination of violence in the gypsy community and its impact on the young, was first screened a year ago and was broadcast again last night. But despite launching an investigation into the allegations of animal cruelty in January 2012, the RSPCA has failed to secure a prosecution one year on, claiming there was a lack of evidence…. (story)

Western Morning News 11.1.13 Heythrop case is not the first where the Hunt was exposed - Alan Kirby of Protect Our Wild Animals argues that the RSPCA was right to prosecute the Heythrop, Prime Minister David Cameron’s local hunt…. (story)

Henley Standard 11.1.13 Donations from hunt - THE Garth and South Berks Hunt charity has donated £11,000 to charities including Mencap, Breast Cancer, the Stroke Association, Ebony and Heads Up for Cancer. The charity, which was formed last year, has 14 members who were previously members of the Kimblewick Hunt…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 11.1.13 Daughter's pony falls back on hunt mum - A WOMAN crushed by her daughter's pony during the Boxing Day meet of the North Cornwall Hunt at Camelford is said to have suffered no serious injuries. District nurse Rebecca Clayton, from Tregeare, near Egloskerry, was standing by her daughter Gussie's pony Honeybell when the mount toppled back on to her… (story)
Cornish Guardian 4.1.13 Riders and watchers at annual Boxing Day meet - HEAVY rain deterred some riders and watchers from attending the meet of the North Cornwall Hunt in Camelford on Boxing Day, but nevertheless there were 45 on horseback under hunt master Alan Murton and around 100 on the street… (story)


Western Gazette 10.1.13 Hunt leader: Vote to repeal could be win -HUNT leader Sir Barney White-Spunner has spoken out for the first time against the Government's refusal to allow a vote on repealing the hunting ban because it would be lost in Parliament. Sir Barney, the Dorset-based chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, criticised the view taken by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson that a free vote must not be rushed as it would be lost… Sir Barney described the court case against the Heythrop as 'the RSPCA's vendetta'. " (story)
Western Daily Press 8.1.13 Countryside Alliance chief hits out as ministers ditch hunting ban repeal - The leader of the hunting community in the region has spoken out for the first time against the Government’s refusal to allow a vote on repealing the hunting ban. Sir Barney White-Spunner, the Dorset-based chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, criticised the view taken by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson that a free vote must not be rushed. It is the first such intervention from a community that had backed the government line that ministers had more important things to worry about and follows the first successful prosecution of a hunt – the Cotswolds-based Heythrop…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 10.1.13 Fox hunters should be dealt with in court says Barton reader - I AM against the fox hunt and have been for many years… Keep the fox ban - Sandra Brooks, Barton-upon-Humber (letter)

Cotswold Journal 10.1.13 Hunting support? RE your piece “Crowds in show of support for hunts” (Journal, January 3). A bit surprised to see a Countryside Alliance ‘press release’ in my local paper. Where was the impartiality, the hint that fox hunting (not including “exempt” hunting) is illegal… LYNN SAWYER Evesham (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 10.1.13 DOES Kevin Lynch (Letters, January 2) really believe that the killing of foxes and squirrels is what should happen as they are only vermin?… I wonder if Mr Lynch would like to be hunted down by dogs and torn to pieces?… Andy McDonald, Standard Avenue, Tile Hill. (letter)

Southern daily Echo 10.1.13 Not done with fox hunting - WHILST reading through the press, I have the feeling that the subject of fox hunting is to arise again – I thought the Government had put that one to bed. Wrong again. What disturbs me is what sort of people are they that like to chase a creature to exhaustion and then tear it apart with dogs… ALAN BLANDFORD, Southampton (letter)

Wells Journal 10.1.13 Jason's splendid fox photo - Well done Jason Bryant for choosing to show the photograph of the fox at Secret World (Jason's Favourite, December 27) instead of photographing a meeting of the hunt… Jill Deane, Blake Road (letter)

Wells Journal 10.1.13 RSPCA is in the Alliance's sights - Another day, another year and the Countryside Alliance will have a go at anyone who cares about the welfare of animals. The countryside blood sports Public Enemy Number 1 used to be the League Against Cruel Sports for their opposition to hunting, coursing and shooting. But recently it was the RSPB that was elevated to the Public Enemy Number 1 status… The RSPCA has now the honour of being the blood sports lobby groups Public Enemy Number 1…. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.1.13 Gamekeeper from Scunthorpe found guilty of using illegal poison to kill wild buzzards - A gamekeeper who used pheasants laced with an illegal poison to kill two wild buzzards has been fined £1,950. The bodies of the two birds were found on land at Bonsall Lane, in Blyton, near Gainsborough, on September 1 2011. The land is used for pheasant shooting and Robert William Hebblewhite, 72, from Appleby in Scunthorpe, is the self-appointed gamekeeper…. (story)

BBC News Online 10.1.13 Pike found choked on z in Netherlands - Anglers are scratching their heads after a pike was found dead with a zander - a fish of similar size - jammed in its mouth in the Netherlands… British angling expert Charles Jardine said the event was "really unusual"…. Mr Jardine, who champions angling among schoolchildren for the Countryside Alliance Foundation, added: "I have seen Victorian pictures of such things, done with artistic licence, but nobody gave them much credence."… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 10.1.13 Killers of birds and fish - MINK are killers of birds, fish and small mammals that savage ground-nesting birds and tackle fish as large as themselves…. (story)

Western Telegraph 10.1.13 Protect all animals - I DO NOT normally reply to letters written in response to my letters printed, but on this occasion I must reply to Michael Sharratt’s recent letter. What I tried to do in my letter was draw attention to the loss that I and my family have suffered over the years due to the spread of bTB in their herd… We have always had badgers on our land and I have never taken action to cull them. However I must now accept that numbers have now got out of control, why not leave it to farmers to take whatever action necessary?... SIR ERIC HOWELLS CBE Llanddewi Velfrey. (letter)
Western Telegraph 19.12.12 No return of horror - HAVING read “Rural voice has to be heard” in the letters column of the Western Telegraph last week, it is very obvious that Eric Howells and Joe Folder are not aware of history and science… It appears that a section of rural folk wish to convince themselves that modern farming practices and inadequate testing methods are not to blame and have found a convenient scapegoat in the badger. MICHAEL SHARRATT Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Whitland (letter)
Western Telegraph 5.12.12 Rural voice has to be heard - I HAVE been a dairy farmer most of my life, but during the past 12 years we have lost more than 250 animals that have responded positively to the bTB test, and when we were free of restriction two years ago we sold the milking herd… When rabbits were a pest farmers went to great expense in trapping, ferreting and gassing them, but since the numbers were reduced to probably 10% they are allowed to roam freely and I believe that the same could happen with the badgers. ERIC HOWELLS Meadow View Llanddewi Velfrey
IT IS very nice to watch wildlife programmes on TV, but it only tells you a few of the facts… No one wants badgers extinct, nor do we want hedgehogs extinct, and it would be lively to hear the skylark and lapwing singing high over our meadows again. But it is vital that our farmers are given the consideration and respect they deserve for the hard work they do producing our food (in spite of everything and the weather). Without successful farmers we starve and civilization, as we know it, comes to an end. JOE FOLDER West Williamston (letters)

Exeter Express & Echo 10.1.13 Why kangaroos for Christmas? - EXETER City Council were presumably pleased with the success of the first Christmas Market held in the Cathedral Close in the weeks leading up to Christmas… However, I was surprised to spot one market stall which seemed totally out of place amongst the festive gathering. This was the stall which proudly advertised Kangaroo Burgers and Crocodile fillets amongst other exotic animal meats which could be purchased and consumed within The Close… Perhaps the city council will think again before inviting back this rather tasteless (pun intended) gimmick-laden enterprise. Dr John P Salvatore Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)

Oxford Mail 10.1.13 Humans, by nature have controlled fellow beings - DERRICK Holt is a fine watercolour artist and, like all other artists and musicians, he should know that he is only a medium through which the creative force in the universe flows… people would rather go out and destroy the life around us, than contemplate the magnificent force that created it. EDWARD SANDERSON, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford (letter)


BBC News Online 9.1.13 PMQs: Fox hunting ban question to David Cameron - David Cameron joked that "the only little red pests I pursue are in this House" when asked about the future of the fox hunting ban and Conservative pledges on a review of the law. Labour MP John Spellar claimed the "out of touch" prime minister was set to repeal the ban… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 9.1.13 Riders thank supporters of historic hunt - MEMBERS of the Carmarthenshire Hunt have thanked people for supporting their annual New Year's Day hunt…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 4.1.13 Hunt protestors oppose New Year event - AROUND 20 protestors turned up to oppose Carmarthen's annual New Year hunt. West Wales Animal Aid and South West Wales League Against Cruel Sports arranged the protest on the morning of January 1, with members visiting the town centre. Member, Michael Sharratt, said: "It went very well… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 2.1.13 Hunters saddle up - HORSES, hounds and huntsmen and women were out in force around Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion over Boxing Day. Residents in Llandeilo and Cardigan lined the streets to watch the traditional Boxing Day hunts get under way, with the Llandeilo Farmers Hunt and The West Wales Farmers Blood- hounds Boxing Day Hunt taking place in the towns… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 2.1.13 Carmarthen hunt passes off peacefully By Ruth Mosalski - MEMBERS of the Carmarthenshire Hunt were welcomed into the town by hundreds of people for their annual New Year's Day hunt… A group of 21 riders, including a young member on a Shetland pony, joined the Tywi and Cothi group in Llandovery. They were also welcomed by a big crowd in the town, who lined the streets (story)
Carmarthen Journal 26.12.12 Police to keep the peace as protest group attend hunt By IAN LEWIS - POLICE will keep the peace between animal welfare campaigners and members of Carmarthenshire Hunt. West Wales Animal Aid and South West Wales League Against Cruel Sports are holding a meeting at the same time as the hunt on New Year's Day in Carmarthen's Guildhall Square. Michael Sharratt, who is member of both West Wales Animal Aid and the South West Wales League Against Cruel Sports, said he did not foresee any trouble…. (story)

Hexham Courant 9.1.13 HUNT IN BOXING DAY BOOST FOR CHARITY - HEAVY downpours failed to dampen the festive spirit as the district’s hunt supporters turned out for the traditional Boxing Day meet. About 50 riders of the Haydon Hunt met at the Anchor Hotel in Haydon Bridge, before heading towards Grindon and other areas to the north of the village… The Border Hunt set out from the Percy Arms in Otterburn, while the North Tyne Hunt began its Boxing day at the Black Bull, Wark. And the Tynedale Hunt met at its regular base in Corbridge Market Place, with riders and hounds drawing the crowds to the village’s streets. Before setting off, the hunt presented £1,500 – the proceeds from the sale of its Calendar Girls style charity calendar – to the Great North Air Ambulance… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 9.1.13 Letter: Foxes regulate cub numbers - FOX numbers have remained static in Britain since records began. Hunting makes no significant difference to fox numbers as was proved in the BSE crisis when hunting was stopped because of the risk of spreading the disease…. They regulate their own numbers in that if food and habitat is scarce, they do not produce large litters of cubs… In winter they are mostly vegetarian… PattiB (via website) (letter)

Nottingham Post 9.1.13 Who else will campaign against this unfairness? I READ Richard Baker's column on "Why lawyers don't need charity cash" (January 7) with great interest…I would argue that given that the Baker family were able to adopt their cat Jess while the RSPCA pursued prosecution of an illegal hunt, the charity is capable of multi-tasking and managing multiple agendas – as many charities have to… FERG SLADE Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service, Mansfield Road, Nottingham (story)
Nottingham Post 7.1.13 Why lawyers don't need charity cash - Meet Jess. She's just under a year old, but she's already left her mark… she is a great advert for the RSPCA, in particular its animal shelter at Radcliffe-on-Trent. That's where she was taken in when her previous owner couldn't cope with the reality of a boisterous kitty… The Radcliffe-on-Trent shelter clearly costs a few quid to run, so we made sure we did the decent thing donation-wise when we took Jess home…. I wonder how we'd react, though, if we thought that money was being spent not on injections, not on feed and shelter, not on caring for sick animals, but on stupendous legal fees? A couple of weeks ago the RSPCA admitted it had spent more than £300,000 pursuing a private prosecution. This wasn't any private prosecution, either – it turned out to involve a fox hunt which the Prime Minister had once ridden with…. This isn't why people donate money to charities at bring-and-buy sales. QCs don't need donations. Abandoned cats do (story)

Oxford Mail 9.1.13 A ‘barbaric’ way to die - IN RESPONSE to Susan Smith’s letter… Many greyhounds that have outlived their usefulness and no longer offer a viable financial gain, are disposed of. … SUE QUAINTON, Bushy Close, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 8.1.13 Dogs not treated cruelly - I HAVE just read the letter from Susan Smith (ViewPoints, January 3), regarding her happiness at seeing an end to greyhound racing at Oxford Stadium after 73 years. I must take issue with the contents of her letter, which gives the impression that greyhounds are treated cruelly, which is absolutely not true. In fact, from my vast experience the opposite is the case… BILL FIELD, Racing manager Oxford Stadium, 1964-1976, Norreys Avenue, New Hinksey (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.1.13 City greyhound stadium: Your say on the closure - I feel obligated to reply to Susan Smith’s letter (January 3) on behalf of every greyhound trainer, owner, veterinary surgeon, patron, the Greyhound Racing Board of Great Britain (GRBGB), and, of course, the millions of supporters of greyhound racing and the sport. Firstly, the writer is obviously not aware that greyhound racing, and all who are involved within the sport, have to adhere to the stringent rules and welfare of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Trading Standards, and the GRBGB… MICHAEL JOHN WHEBLE Promotions manager Oxford Greyhound Stadium Bagley Close Kennington (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.1.13 Dogs are well cared for - I AM writing in response to a letter published in the Oxford Mail concerning the fate of retired or failed racing greyhounds. I would like to take issue with the claims of Susan Smith. The activities which she asserts are the case in greyhound racing are completely unfamiliar to me. I recognise none of them. I visit racing kennels regularly and find the dogs happy, healthy and extremely well cared for…. JAYNE CONWAY Pelham Road Gosport Hampshire (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.1.13 Racing is a moral issue - AS A national and international greyhound protection group in the UK we have recently heard the news that Oxford greyhound stadium is due to close. However, there are those that wish to keep it open, of which we strongly object as an issue of morality… HELEN STEVENS Co-ordinator Greyhound Crusaders Plymouth (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.1.13 Point of clarification - THANK you for publishing my letter regarding the closing of Oxford Greyhound Stadium. I would like to correct one point however – I have no way of knowing specifically that more than 1,000 dogs have died there…. given that Oxford Stadium has been operating for many years now, the number may well be very considerable. SUSAN SMITH Banbury Road (letter)
Oxford Mail 3.1.13 Happy to see an end to cruel greyhound races - THANK goodness Oxford Stadium has now closed. More than 1,000 greyhounds have died on these tracks but no-one seems to care…. SUSAN SMITH Banbury Road Oxford (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.1.13 Violence forces teenager Olly to abandon chicken suit protest - An animal rights campaigner was forced to abandon a protest outside KFC when he was punched, rugby tackled and pelted with poultry. Olly Tyler, 16, arrived at the branch in Trowbridge in a £600 chicken costume to deter diners. But customers began hurling chicken wings and nuggets at him, before one diner punched him and two men jumped from their car and rugby tackled him. Olly was unharmed, but so shaken he has vowed not to return to the KFC in Trowbridge… (story)
Sun 9.1.13 Grievous birdily harm - Vegetarian KFC protester in 7ft outfit flees after being punched by diners and pelted with chicken By JAMES BEAL - Vegetarian Olly Tyler, 16, was punched and rugby tackled and ended up covered in sauce, chicken wings and nuggets…. (story)
Mail 8.1.13 Assault and battery hen: Teenager wearing 7ft chicken costume is beaten up during protest outside KFC By MARTIN ROBINSON - punched, rugby tackled and pelted with poultry. Olly Tyler arrived at his local branch in Wiltshire dressed in a bespoke £600 costume and planned to wave a placard outside for two days to deter customers. But within hours his feathers were ruffled when diners began hurling sachets of sauce, chicken wings and nuggets at him… (story)
Telegraph 8.1.13 KFC animal rights campaigner abandons protest after being pelted with chicken wings - An animal rights campaigner was forced to abandon a protest outside KFC after he was punched, rugby tackled and pelted with poultry when he dressed up as a giant chicken to highlight his cause. Olly Tyler, 16, arrived for a two-day protest outside his local KFC outlet dressed in a bespoke £600 chicken costume… (story)
Wiltshire Times 5.1.13 Teen ‘rugby tackled’ in latest protest - A TEENAGE animal rights campaigner was ready to talk turkey when he staged a second protest outside KFC in Trowbridge the weekend before Christmas. Former John O’Gaunt pupil Olly Tyler, 16, of Westwood, wore a £600 custom-made suit outside the branch at the Spitfire Retail Park… (story)


Western Morning News 8.1.13 Review has no surprises but no mention of hunting - A renewed pledge to cull badgers, a Great Western rail link to Heathrow and greater devolved powers to the regions all featured in the Mid-Term Review… A Commons vote to repeal the ban on hunting, which featured in the original Coalition Agreement between the Tories and Lib Dems, did not feature, though ministers last month pledged it was still on the agenda…. (story)

Third Sector 8.1.13 The RSPCA should hold its nerve on hunt prosecutions, writes Stephen Cook - Thanks to Tim Pattinson, a district judge at Oxford Magistrates Court, the hunting lobby is in full cry over the RSPCA's recent successful private prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt and two huntsmen for chasing a fox… The RSPCA was wise to set up, just before this case, a special appeal to fund prosecutions. It might also want to review whether it got best value for money for the detailed study by lawyers of many hours of video. But the main point is that the charity should hold its nerve and continue with a mission that is endorsed by its supporters. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.1.13 Hunts enjoy virtual impunity - IVOR ANNETTS Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.1.13 Hunts are not prosecuted - IN a recent public statement, Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Crown Prosecution Service, quoted a figure of 371 public prosecutions to support his contention that the CPS does prosecute hunting cases. This is more than a little misleading. The CPS prosecutes lads out with dogs who do nasty things to wild animals. It is most reluctant to prosecute registered hunts doing the same thing… Ivor Annetts, Tiverton (letter)

Banwen Miners 8.1.13 Amazed at arrogance - I REFER to the article on the Banwen Miners Hunt (Post, Dec 27). The insolence and arrogance of hunters never ceases to amaze me… D Meskill Sandfields, Port Talbot (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 8.1.13 Fox hunters must abide by the law - It seems that our ‘upper crust’ are determined to continue to flout the laws against hunting animals with dogs… Jeff McCann, Hoghton (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 8.1.13 Letter: Hunting ban is well-down list - RE: UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall on the hunting ban – is the hunting ban all you as a UKIP MEP have to worry about? Not the massive youth unemployment? Not the lack of sustainable and affordable housing? Not poverty in our own country?... Lily Anna (via website) (story)

Wigan Observer 8.1.13 Beware the mink menace! CONSERVATIONISTS are asking animal lovers to help them track the spread of a fierce predator which could threaten the future of some of Wigan’s rarest wildlife. The population of American mink, a carnivore related to creatures such as otters and weasels, is thought to have risen significantly in the borough, and nature experts are now urgently looking to assess their impact on Wigan’s green spaces…. (story)

Irish Examiner 8.1.13 Stop live animal exports to Middle East - With much fanfare the Gathering has been launched in 2013. An invite has been issued to all; come to Ireland and see this land in all its glory. However, for Irish cattle an invitation to travel is coming from the Middle East. Recent media reports indicate that live cattle exports Ireland to the Middle East are to recommence…. John Tierney Waterford Animal Concern Larchville Waterford (letter)

Huffington Post 8.1.13 Has PETA Gone Too Far? Sexism, Pornography and Advertising - Louise Pennington - 2012 saw some quite incredible examples of sexist advertising, many of which seem to have been deliberately pitched beyond the control of the Advertising Standards Agency… Last year, one of the worst offenders for sexist advertising campaigns was PETA, and whilst their television advertising campaigns tend to be US-centred, they have deliberately created campaigns that would be banned in the US in order for them to go "viral" internationally…. (story)


Blackpool Gazette 7.1.13 MYSELF and many others lobbied against fox hunting. We were delighted to have won a victory when the last Labour government in 2005 passed a law making it illegal. It is with great sadness I read reports in the national press that they are back killing foxes…. JEFFREY BILHAM, (Address Supplied) (letter)


Telegraph 6.1.13 RSPCA 'is one of Britain's most complained about charities' - Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity is one of the country's most complained about charities, figures from charities regulator suggest By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - The Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, disclosed that it has received 12 complaints about the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals over the past two years. The RSPCA has been criticised by a judge and reported to the Commission by MPs and peers for controversially funding a successful £326,000 prosecution against Prime Minister David Cameron’s local hunt last month. In a Freedom of Information response, the Commission said it recorded 12 complaints against the RSPCA, behind only the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the HFSH Charitable Trust, a spiritual healers charity, with 13 “cases” each, in the two years until March 31 2012… (story)

Observer 6.1.13 Hawks in danger of extinction in illegal hunting campaign Just one breeding pair of hen harriers is left in England, warns the RSPB, which claims gamekeepers on grouse moors are being ordered by landowners to shoot the rare birds. Tracy McVeigh investigates… (story)


Hull Daily Mail 5.1.13 Keeping warm with a dead animal's fur - You know you are tottering into old fogey territory when you decide you are going to bemoan the state of the younger generation… You know you are tottering into old fogey territory when you decide you are going to bemoan the state of the younger generation… The question I have been pondering is where all the militant anti-fur protesters of my youth have disappeared to. Back in my day, there were always people throwing paint over mink-wearing dowagers and demonstrating outside fur farms but the protesters seem to be notable by their absence as the new fur-wearing trend grows… (story)


Telegraph 4.1.13 Our once great RSPCA is being destroyed by a militant tendency - The animal welfare organisation has badly lost its way under its new leadership By Charles Moore - One must always treat lawyers with respect, so let me state at once that I have absolutely nothing against Jeremy Carter-Manning QC… The costs that the RSPCA submitted to the court were £326,000. The district judge, who rejected the RSPCA’s attempt to conceal this amount from public gaze, described them as “quite staggering”. Despite the RSPCA “winning”, the charity therefore had to pay most of them itself. As I say, no blame attaches to Mr Carter-Manning QC. He must live. If he can get £300 an hour for staring at grainy amateur film to see if hounds are chasing after foxes, good luck to him… Mr Grant himself says that his organisation brought 2,000 prosecutions last year, at a total cost of £5 million, an average of £2,500 a go. If each of these 2,000 cases had cost the same as the Heythrop case, the RSPCA would have spent approximately £660 million on them… (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 4.1.13 Now’s the time to keep on pushing By Charlotte Hofton - A Boxing Day hunting shock - BOXING Day can bring unpleasant surprises… I was particularly unprepared for the unwelcome voice that greeted me as I sleepily tuned into the Today programme on my bedside radio. In an item about hunting, they had wheeled out the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports. It was none other than Joe "Vera" Duckworth. You know, used to be our council chief executive, cost us a load of money, had some ridiculous idea about thinking caps, said he wasn’t going to leave us, then did. Went to Newham, cost them even more, said he was going to "make sure local people get the most out of the 2012 games", left two years before the games, massive redundancy pay-out… (story)

Rutland Times 4.1.13 Collection at hunt meet raises money for cancer charity - Rutland Macmillan Cancer Support raised more than £1,100 during the meet of the Cottesmore Hunt at Cutts Close in Oakham on Boxing Day… (story)
Leicester Mercury 26.12.12 Cottesmore Hunt, Boxing Day 2012 - Oakham, Rutland (photos) (story)

Morpeth Herald 4.1.13 Hunt rides out for two festive meets -PEOPLE of all ages came along to see the New Year Morpeth Hunt set off from its usual location.. the party set off from New Market in the town centre… (story)
Morpeth Herald 27.12.12 Hunt makes a comeback - THE traditional New Year Morpeth Hunt is coming back to the town centre…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 4.1.13 Hundreds attend Boxing Day hunt meets - LARGE crowds turned out to watch the traditional Boxing Day meeting of hunts across the Blackmore Vale area. The streets around Castle Cary's Market House were packed as hundreds of people made the most of a break in the rain to see the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt ride out. More than 500 followers gathered at Odstock Manor to see the hounds of the Wilton Hunt pack… (story)

Dumfries & Galloway Standard 4.1.13 Hunt accused of killing fox illegally by Patricia Lewis - A fox was found ripped to shreds after a traditional Boxing Day hunt. A woman who was out walking her dog on Thursday was horrified to discover the remains of the animal lying by the side of a road near Gatehouse… Andrew Cook, master and huntsman of Dumfries and Stewartry Foxhounds group, insisted that they were not involved in the killing of the fox found by the walker. He said: “There were eight guns out and we killed two foxes, which is allowed under the law. The foxes were shot… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 4.1.13 Letter: Come on PM, time to scrap hunting law - Paul Nuttall, UKIP North West MEP and Deputy Party Leader (letter)
Liverpool Echo 3.1.13 End hunting ban - LAST week saw the traditional Boxing Day hunting events across the country and if you live in the countryside you will not have failed to notice the record number of meetings taking place… With this in mind, surely it is about time the Hunting Act, perhaps one of the most short-sighted and un-enforceable laws of the New Labour era, was repealed. Paul Nuttall, UKIP North West MEP and Deputy Party Leader (letter)

Northern Echo 4.1.13 Fox Hunting - I CAN understand farmers killing foxes with guns or traps because foxes don’t just kill one hen they kill all the hens and, maybe, just eat one… Fox hunting is a different matter. It’s cruel… David Simpson, Darlington. (letter)

Worcester News 4.1.13 Killing for the sake of it is outdated - I see the fox hunters are still hoping to get Michael Foster’s Hunting Bill overturned. This won’t happen because the hunters still want to kill animals for the sake of killing. This is not acceptable any more… JOHN SHEARON Worcester (letter)

York Press 4.1.13 Airlift drama - York shooting party rescued from swollen North Yorkshire beck By Dan Bean - TWO men were recovering in hospital last night after falling into a swollen river when the bridge they were crossing suddenly collapsed. The men were with a pheasant shooting party at High Askew, near Cropton, on the edge of the North York Moors, when the pedestrian bridge gave way at just before 3pm yesterday. Members of the group jumped into the swollen Hartoft Beck to help rescue the men, and gave first aid until the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Great North Air Ambulance Service arrived…. (story)

Birmingham Post 4.1.13 Poaching turning into a game of life and death on Cannock Chase by Matt Lloyd, Birmingham Post - The woman trying to battle a huge rise in the numbers of deer being shot by poachers at a Midland beauty spot has revealed she has been targeted by death threats. Faye Burton heads up the Staffordshire Rural Policing Liaison Group (RPLG) which acts as the eyes and ears of the police to tackle wildlife crime in the countryside… (story)

County Gazette 4.1.13 Secret World urges public badger cull petition - AN EAST Huntspill wildlife rescue centre is encouraging the public to write to a Government minister to protest against proposed badger culling. Secret World teamed up with the Somerset Badger Group and held another Badger Night Walk to encourage animal lovers to contact MP David Heath, Minister for Agriculture…. (story)
Somerset Standard 3.1.13 Badger group raises awareness of its campaign to stop cull - A group of about 30 anti-badger cull campaigners met in Frome to raise awareness of the government's plans to reduce the spread of Bovine TB in cattle. The Badger Night Walkers spokesman, Adrian Coward, said the group wanted to meet Frome people to encourage them to write to their MP, David Heath, who is the minister for Defra…. (story)
Wells Journal 27.12.12 Walkers take badger cull protest to the streets of Somerset - Wildlife campaigners are to walk through Frome tonight to tell people badger culling has only been postponed and not cancelled. The Badger Night Walkers will meet at Bridge Street car park at 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon before setting off around the town to hand out leaflets to the public including shoppers…. (story)
County Gazette 27.12.12 Campaigners to hold badger walk By Kirsty James - AN EAST Huntspill wildlife rescue centre is encouraging the public to write to a government minister in protest over proposed badger culling. Secret World teamed up with the Somerset Badger Group to organise another Badger Night Walk tonight (December 27) to encourage animal lovers to address MP David Heath, Minister for Agriculture… (story)

Western Morning News 4.1.13 Delayed badger cull pilot schemes may be moved to different areas - The postponed badger cull could mean two pilot schemes are moved to alternative destinations, a Government minister has said…. (story)
ITV 3.1.13 Badger cull trials may now take place elsewhere by Bob Constantine - The pilots in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire were aimed at finding a way of stopping the spread of TB in cattle, which is linked to the illness in badgers… Now farming minister David Heath admits that the delay may lead to different areas being chosen instead…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 4.1.13 Badger cull will go ahead, says Minister - Badger culls will go ahead this summer, Defra Secretary Owen Paterson has pledged, despite the decision to postpone them late last year. Speaking during his first address as Defra secretary of state to the Oxford Farming Conference, he said that bovine TB remained a huge problem and that research in this country over the past 15 years had clearly demonstrated that cattle and badgers transmit the disease to each other… (story)

Farmers Weekly 4.1.13 RSPCA launches Ramsgate legal battle - Philip Case - The RSPCA has launched a legal challenge against the export of live animals from a Kent port. The animal welfare charity lodged a claim in the High Court to seek a judicial review of the approval and supervision of live animal exports through the port of Ramsgate…. (story)

Skegness Standard 4.1.13 BNP thanked for highlighting Skegness abattoir as trade pours in - Management of a halal abattoir say they wish to thank a BNP leader for the attention brought by their party, as meat orders are on the up worldwide… Mr Patel, part management of Premier Halal Ltd, who did not wish to give his first name, said the site had been open about a month and it was trading, with local staff from the area employed… He made the remarks after the British National Party announced plans for another day of action over the issue. Arranged by the party’s Lincolnshire Coastal Branch, the event will take place on Saturday, January 12, starting at 11.30am… (story)

OK Magazine 4.1.13 Paul McCartney bans leather on tour - Staunch vegetarian SIR PAUL McCARTNEY bans leather on all of his tours. The Beatles star, who is a keen animal rights activist, refuses to travel in limousines with leather seats and he also demands venue bosses remove all furniture with animal skin covers or prints from his dressing room… (story)


Evesham Journal 3.1.13 Crowds in show of support for hunts - YOUNG and old lined high streets in the Vale and north Cotswolds during the festive season to show their support at the annual hunt meets… More people than ever before lined the streets of Pershore on Boxing Day as about 60 huntsmen and women prepared to take part in the traditional hunt. The crowds flocked to Broad Street in the town centre to watch the Croome and West Warwickshire fox hounds, which is more than 100 years old… Meanwhile, crowds descended on Broadway for the traditional Boxing Day meet of the North Cotswold Hunt…. Meanwhile the Heythrop Hunt, near Chipping Norton, was also due to meet on Tuesday to celebrate the New Year in the square in Stow. (story)

North Devon Journal 3.1.13 Hundreds gather to watch Tetcott Hunt in Holsworthy - HUNDREDS of people gathered in Holsworthy for the town's annual Boxing Day Hunt. More than 25 riders and 40 hounds from the Tetcott Hunt gathered in Holsworthy Square last Wednesday…. (story)

Cornishman 3.1.13 Hundreds turn out to see traditional Boxing Day hunt - HUNDREDS of spectators packed out Madron on Boxing Day to witness the traditional meeting of the hunt…. (story)
Western Morning News 27.12.12 Hundreds attend Boxing Day hunt meet in Madron - HUNDREDS of spectators packed out Madron on Boxing Day to witness the traditional meeting of the hunt….Joint master of the Western Hunt Richard Trezise said: "The Zennor meet was a very good day, as was the Boxing Day meet… (story)

West Briton 3.1.13 Braving Boxing Day weather as hunt continues annual tradition - The traditional Four Burrow Hunt went ahead on Boxing Day despite the weather. Up to 60 riders and a handful of walkers met at the top of Carn Brea for the annual event… (story)

Western Gazette 3.1.13 Crowds turn out to greet festive hunts - CROWDS turned out in their hundreds for the annual Boxing Day hunt in Crewkerne. The attraction of the Seavington Hunt saw residents and visitors line the streets to witness the spectacle of huntsmen and hounds in the town centre… (story)

Wells Journal 3.1.13 Hunts bring Boxing Day tradition to life - Love it or hate it, there's no denying the Boxing Day hunts make a chocolate box scene in mid-Somerset villages. Some 30 riders and a big pack of hounds from Weston and Banwell Harriers were welcomed into Axbridge Square, some of the older members taking a snifter of port from proffered drinks trays to keep the cold out…. Mendip Farmers Hunt also took part in their traditional meet at Priddy…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.1.13 Hunts call in on Boxing Day in Tiverton - THE familiar sight of riders and horses from Tiverton Foxhounds setting off for their annual Boxing Day hunt was again seen in Tiverton on Boxing Day… (story)

Farming Life 3.1.13 Tannaghmore hunt a success - ON December 15, the Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds gathered for the inaugural Tannaghmore hunt which was hosted by Bruce, Marie and Alex Henry McCool…. (story)

Telegraph 3.1.13 Local RSPCA branch to close despite head office spending £326k prosecuting David Cameron's local hunt - A local branch of the RSPCA is facing closure due to lack of funds, despite its head office spending hundreds of thousands of pounds successfully prosecuting Prime Minister David Cameron's local hunt. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - The animal welfare charity's branch in Preston, Lancashire - which costs just £600 a day to run - has said that it only has enough money left to stay open for another two months… The RSPCA has been under fire after a judge criticised the charity for sanctioning a “staggering” £326,000 to be spent on a prosecution against members of the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire, with which David Cameron has ridden in the past…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.1.13 MP questions why RSPCA "allowed causeway horses to suffer" - GLOUCESTER'S MP has questioned the RSPCA's handling of the horses caught in flooding… Now Conservative MP Richard Graham has compared the RSPCA's handling of the situation, to its prosecution of a hunt which helped him during his election campaign… Last week, environment minister Owen Paterson indicated it would be unlikely moves to repeal the fox hunting ban would come in 2013. Mr Graham, who was helped by Heythrop hunt to leaflet during the 2010 election campaign, would not be drawn on how he would vote… (story)

Independent 3.1.13 Letters: CPS must start to hunt the hunters - Mr Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Crown Prosecution Service (letters, 29 December), says that it is wrong to imply that the CPS is "reluctant to, and does not, prosecute hunting offences". I am one of the group of monitors who supplied the footage used in the RSPCA's successful prosecution of the Heythrop hunt, and we turned to the RSPCA because more than 30 similar previous submissions by us, relating to several hunts in several counties, had not been prosecuted by the CPS. The RSPCA saw that our footage was of a high standard and duly prosecuted the Heythrop… Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire
The hunting law is not working. Hunting must be banned completely. So many hunts seem to believe that they are above the law and can continue regardless… P R Abbott, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.1.13 These figures don't add up - EVERY year, immediately prior to and post Boxing Day, we are invited to believe that 250,000 "supporters" attend the 250 hunts taking place that day… I once attended, as an observer, a pro-hunt rally in Exeter. The "official" Countryside Alliance figures for the attendance on that day was three times that actually recorded on film and counted. Peter Reeves, South Hams (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 3.1.13 Why hunting with dogs ban remains - I AM sure Mr Grant (Letters Dec 29) doesn’t need me to remind him that it is for the simple reason that we haven’t got a Conservative government that the ban on hunting with dogs remains as supported overwhelmingly by every survey of the British public…. Although the British public clearly support the ban on fox hunting everyone can expect local Tory MPs to vote to reinstate it. CLLR PHILIP EADES, Branksome West Ward, Borough of Poole (letter)

BBC News Online 3.1.13 Deer costs: The economics of Scotland's deer - There has been fresh debate over the culling of red deer in Scotland. One estate owner has said there were now too few mature stags, while Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has rejected suggestions of the animals' demise. A recent SNH report assessed the economic benefits and costs of Scotland's red deer. Here are some of its headline figures:… (story)


Peterborough Telegraph 2.1.13 Video: Hundreds turn out for New Year’s Day hunt - Hundreds of people gathered in Wansford to see the New Year’s Day meeting of the Fitzwilliam Hunt…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.1.13 Traditional hunts in Leicestershire and Rutland attract support By Alan Thompson - Large crowds turned out in chilly, bright sunshine to watch three of Leicestershire and Rutland's hunts in action at their traditional New Year's Day meets. Hundreds of people in Melton, Uppingham and Woodhouse Eaves gave up the chance of a lie-in to see almost 200 riders at meets of the Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn hunts respectively. The Fernie Hunt does not meet on New Year's Day… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 2.1.13 Gallery: Loyal support for New Year’s day hunt - Dozens of families turned out to see Easton Harriers Hunt riders off from the Cretingham Bell pub. The traditional annual meeting attracted an enthusiastic crowd of supporters for the Harriers, established in 1935… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.1.13 Children gather for big New Year's Day hunt – CHILDREN of all ages and ponies of all sizes gathered for their annual New Year's Day hunt. Beaufort Hunt Pony Club's annual fixture regularly attracts around 70 riders aged from five upwards, and their steeds, decorated with tinsel at Chavenage near Nailsworth… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 1.1.13 Tinsel-decorated horses at children's hunt - CHILDREN of all ages and ponies of all sizes gathered for their annual New Year's Day hunt today. Beaufort Hunt Pony Club's annual fixture regularly attracts around 70 riders aged from five upwards… (story)

Tavistock Times Gazette 2.1.13 Setting off for the hunt - The traditional meet for Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt attracted onlookers to Tavistock’s Bedford Square on Boxing Day, despite heavy rain. .. (story)

Brentwood Gazette 2.1.13 Traditional Boxing Day Hunt 'as popular as ever' in Matching Green By Chris Richards - THE annual Boxing Day Hunt at Matching Green has become more popular since the hunting ban was introduced, it has been claimed. Roberto Zeolla, who owns The Chequers pub and restaurant, said turnout for the post-Christmas event has risen in the years since the Hunting Act became law in 2005…. Founded in 1785, the Essex Hunt has met regularly in Matching Green since the early 19th century, although since 2005 it has not been allowed to use dogs to chase and kill foxes… (story)

Horse & Hound 2.1.13 Modern version of the traditional hunting whip goes on sale - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Listen for the sound of jaws hitting the floor in the Shires as a modern version of the traditional hunting whip goes on sale… His Jubilee crop has a traditional antler horn handle at one end for opening gates, but at the other a whip, “not just a floppy bit of leather on the end of a rigid stick”. So it can be used in the same way as a riding crop… (story)

Independent 2.1.13 RSPCA cannot justify legal bill - Two points should be made about your editorial "A hunt chasing the wrong fox" (1 January). First, District Judge Pattinson's criticism of the £330,000 spent by the RSPCA was aimed at the scale, not the purpose, of that expenditure… The critical point about the Heythrop case is that none of the evidence on which the case was brought was considered by the CPS because no allegation was made to the police. Tim Bonner, Director of Campaigns, Countryside Alliance
The Countryside Alliance will have a go at anyone who cares about the welfare of animals. The RSPCA now has the honour of being the blood-sports lobby's public enemy number one… This prosecution was a great piece of work by the RSPCA. Graham Forsyth, Chard, Somerset (letters)

BBC News Online 2.1.13 Defying the ban: Lincolnshire's illegal hare coursers By Eric Simpson - The flash of brown fur was difficult to see as it raced across the muddy field, but the dog was easy to spot. It was over in seconds. The hare disappeared into a hedge and the lurcher slowed down to a trot. No luck for the hare coursers this time… (story)

Western Morning News 2.1.13 New dawn delayed as opposed sides continue to argue bovine TB solution - The dust has settled on the controversy to postpone the pilot badger culls. Now Farming Editor Peter Hall reviews the situation – and admits to having mixed feelings…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 2.1.13 We want to see healthy wildlife - I DO not normally reply to letters written in response to my own printed in your paper, although on this occasion I must reply to Michael Sharratt. What I tried to do was to draw attention to the loss that I have suffered over the years due to the spread of bTB… Dairy cows that are identified with TB are put down humanly while the badger is kicked out of his home by other badgers when he has the disease and allowed to die a prolonged and painful death…. Sir Eric Howells, Narberth (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 19.12.12 Badger is just a scapegoat - HAVING read "Badgers' effect on farming" in the Journal letters column of December 12, it is very obvious that Eric Howells is not aware of the history and science of bovine TB. With regards to recognising the rural voice he fails to mention that when the previous Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones, who wished to carry out a badger cull, asked Wales: "Do you want to cull badgers?", she was told by a large majority in Wales: "No". This answer was based on science…. Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Whitland (letter)

Independent 2.1.13 New Year’s Vegsolutions: Here’s one resolution that will last - and make you feel good - We all make short-term resolutions that we might not follow through with, but here's one that might just make you feel a whole lot better - VICTORIA MARTINDALE - Hands up who has made a New Year’s resolution?... By eliminating the needless appalling treatment and misery that animals killed for food endure, becoming vegetarian is a single step that all at once can make you feel lighter, thinner, fitter, more caring, healthier, planet saving, bootylicious and glowing in that warmth from an act of kindness…. (story)


Northern Echo 1.1.13 Hurworth and Zetland hunts take place - HUNDREDS of people turned out today (Tuesday, January 1) for two New Year’s Day hunts. Members of the Hurworth Hunt, in North Yorkshire, met outside the Horseshoe Inn, in West Rounton, near Northallerton, before heading off on a trail…. The Zetland Hunt, which meets on the village green in Aldborough St John, near Richmond, was also out through the village of Whorlton, nearBarnard Castle (story)

ThisIsCornwall 1.1.13 St Columb Major New Years Day Hunt – Photos (story)

Westmorland Gazette 1.1.13 New Year's Day hunt near Ambleside attracts dozens - DOZENS of people rose early this morning to support the New Year’s Day hunt near Ambleside… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 1.1.13 Sun shines on New Year's Day hunt - THE sun’s emergence after days of rain and cloud came just in time for the traditional New Year's Day hunt at Thornton-le-Dale. About 200 people turned up to see the colourful spectacle as the Derwent Hunt set off from The Hall in the village near Pickering… (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.1.13 Quorn hunt children's meet sees big turnout - MORE than 80 children, their parents and some very well turned out ponies made the most of the sunny weather to take part in the Quorn hunt's New Year's day meet in Woodhouse Eaves…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 1.1.13 Quorn hunt children's meet January 1, 2013 – Photos - (story)

North Devon Journal 1.1.13 PHOTO GALLERY: Torrington Boxing Day Hunt 2012 – Photos (story)

Carmarthen Journal Game-changing kitchen option 1.1.13 - PUPILS at Llandovery College showed they were game to sample something new when they tucked into a feast of pheasant breast and game pie as part of the Countryside Alliance's 'Game to Eat' month…. (story)

Louth Leader 1.1.13 LETTER: Disgusted by cruelty to our creatures - I am fortunate enough to own and enjoy a piece of our beautiful countryside. All was well until my garden was surrounded by the sound of gunfire. The sound sickens me. I believe 20 to 30 million pheasants are released each year to allow this sport to continue… Tracey Hyde Address supplied (letter)