January 2016

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Lincolnshire Echo 31.1.16 IN PICTURES: Burton Hunt annual ball 2016 By ADraper_LE - Guests gathered at the Epic Centre , Lincolnshire Showground for the Burton Hunt annual Ball (story)

Mail 31.1.16 Opponents say fox hunting is cruel and 'can't be justified', but farmers say the savage feral pests are in plague proportions - and they've got the photos to prove it By RACHEL EDDIE FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA - Shocking photos show a widespread plague of foxes local farmers are hunting to protect livestock and native animals. The RSPCA have said amateur hunting of the introduced pest is often ‘cruel’, but controlling foxes is widely considered a necessary evil… Foxes have also been linked to the extinction of four ground-nesting birds, and the decline of many other species… (story)

Sunday Herald 31.1.16 Beavers and young suffering slow painful deaths in landowner shooting cull - Rob Edwards - Farmers and landowners have been inhumanely shooting beavers causing them to suffer slow, painful deaths, and their babies to starve, according to official port-mortem reports. Autopsies of 21 beavers shot dead around Tayside since 2010 reveal that two were pregnant and two were feeding their young. Three were shot with low-calibre guns, or from too far away to ensure instant death… (story)


Dundee Courier 30.1.16 Complex problems of saving hen harriers - Nicolle Hamilton described Jim Crumley’s article (January 19) on grouse shooting as unbalanced and distorted. Strong words but are they justified?... Jim knows it is not that simple. He will have read the recent article in Scottish Birds by Bob McMillan… This is a complex, catch 22 situation. Jim knows all this but chooses to vilify many of those who live and work in the countryside. But dealing with the complex issues typical of the real world is not Jim’s remit. Keep it simple Jim; people are the problem. David Trudgill. The Steading, Blairgowrie.
Predation threat to birds - I write in response to Jim Crumlney’s column, Nature pays dearly for grouse shooters… Growing evidence suggests that breeding populations of some ground-nesting birds, such as wading birds and gamebirds, are more likely to be limited by predation than other groups… I could invite Mr Crumley to accompany me to visit a few of the areas he highlighted as being a problem to see the conservation effort and the tangible biodiversity from those he would castigate. But when did the truth ever get in the way of a good story? Jamie Stewart. Scottish Countryside Alliance, Director for Scotland. 16 Young Street, Edinburgh
Wildlife cleared from estates - George Murdoch (January 26) makes some interesting points about raptor crime, estates and conservation bodies. It would be a big step forward if all estates were transparent in a genuine way rather than the glossed-over attempt to portray themselves as the saviours of these Scottish moorlands… Robert Anderson. Kirkton, Arbroath. (story)
Dundee Courier 28.1.16 Moors must be managed - I read the response from Kenneth Stephen (January 22) on the latest rant from Jim Crumley. It was a well-written response to another one-sided article from Mr Crumley…. The head keeper on my estate rescued an injured kestrel last year, had him treated, looked after for a few weeks and released to the wild…. George Sangster. Woodlands, Logie Craigo, Montrose. (story)
Dundee Courier 26.1.16 Shooting brings conservation benefits - Sir, - Jim Crumley’s unbalanced opinion piece (January 19) gives a distorted view of the countryside and those who look after it. The RSPB report to which Mr Crumley refers omits the good news that raptor persecution is in long term decline… Nicolle Hamilton. Press and Policy Officer, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Trochry, Dunkeld. (letter)


Northern Echo 29.1.16 Animal rights group calls for Catterick Bridge racecourse closure after horse deaths - AN animal rights group has called for a National Hunt track that has hosted horse racing for more than 230 years to be closed after four horses died at three fixtures. Animal Aid, which campaigns against animals being used for sport or leisure, said a dramatic increase in the frequency of horse deaths at Catterick had made it Britain’s most lethal track... (story)

Worcester News 29.1.16 Not all charities fund testing on animals - In recent issues of the Worcester News there have been several articles about good people fundraising for various charities connected with health and medical research… Some of these charities do fund animal tests, but many do not, so it is possible for people to donate to health and research charities without fear that their money will be used to harm animals…. RONALD LEE Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 28.1.16 PHOTOS: Portman Hunt at Hanford School By j-norman - The Portman Hunt was at Hanford School, and 14 of the pupils joining the ride that left the school late morning… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.1.16 Furious farmers to march on Westminster amid fears Tesco milk switch will 'decimate dairy' By TristanCork - Farmers from across the West are set to march on Westminster within weeks in protest at the state of the farming industry - after what could be yet another huge blow to dairy farmers across the region… Farmers For Action said the catalyst was the expected decision by supermarket giant Tesco to change the way it bought its milk. At the moment, Tesco buys half its milk for the supermarket shelves from Muller and half from the dairy farmers' co-operative Arla. Mr Handley claimed Tesco were about to switch 200 million litres of milk from Arla to Muller which, if it proves correct, would 'decimate the dairy industry'… (story)

Shields Gazette 28.1.16 Animal rights activists brand South Shields Christmas camel parade ‘cruel’ and ‘degrading’ - Animal rights activists are determined not to give council chiefs an easy ride - branding the borough’s annual Christmas camel parade a ‘cruel’ and ‘degrading spectacle’. The Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative - a group set up in 2013 to protest against animal cruelty - has gathered more than 1,000 supporters for a petition calling for the council-run event to ditch the animals this year… Jay Lord, chairman of NAWC, said: “The petition was set up by one of our members and there has been a strong outpouring of support for our call to have the parade abolished…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.1.16 Fight goes on after tragic death of Jill Phipps - On February 1, 1995, animal rights activist Jill Phipps tragically died under the wheels of a lorry entering Baginton Airport, carrying bullock calves destined for the vile veal calf trade in Holland…. However, the live export of sheep continues and official figures recently produced, state that 35,000 animals carried on 73 lorries left UK ports last year, destined for southern Europe for slaughter…. Janet Cummings Rugby Warwickshire (letter)


Telegraph 27.1.16 Nicola Sturgeon 'posturing' over Scottish foxhunting review - The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) highlights new police testimony that the existing laws are not being broken and claims the First Minister only ordered a review to spare her blushes over the controversial decision of SNP MPs to block David Cameron’s attempt to relax the rules in England. By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor (story)

Oxford Mail 27.1.16 Hunting Act is in urgent need of an overhaul - BEA BRALDEY (Letters, January 22) is probably correct in her assumption that Jesus would have hated cruelty to animals, although the church has always supported such cruelty by allowing hunting on its land. The Hunting Act now urgently needs to be updated in view of the fact that it is being routinely flouted by those who believe they are above the law…. MARK PRITCHARD Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 22.1.16 Jesus certainly would not have delighted in hunting - HAS foxhunting still got a valid role? No, of course it hasn’t and never did except in the minds of those who regard wild animals as legitimate targets for their bloodthirsty quest for the thrill of the kill after a long and exhausting chase… BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)

ShootingUK 27.1.16 Supermarkets up their game – literally - Charlotte Peters - Marks & Spencer and Sainsburys have put in orders with Yorkshire Game, Aldi has made a deal with Highland Game and Iceland are selling grouse from Scottish Kezie Foods. Morrisons have even launched a new brand – Wild as Nature Intended. It is certainly a market that supermarkets cannot fail to ignore. Over 40% of the public have stated that they are open to trying game and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits wild game offers, thanks to initiatives like the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 27.1.16 Vets should be healing animals, not hurting them - Readers will be shocked by the Royal Veterinary College's (RVC) acknowledgement that its researchers subject dogs to painful laboratory experimentexperiments that aim to alleviate human, rather than animal, suffering…. JESSAMY KOROTOGA Animal Aid (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 27.1.16 Ignore the misinformed tree-huggers over animal testing - Your shocking headline - 'Animals subjected to 20,000 lab tests in a year' (News, January 22) draws attention to the current state of medical and scientific research in our universities. As a former scientist carrying out laboratory tests on animals, can I say how shocked and disappointed I was to learn that there were only 20,000 tests per year. It should be 30,000-40,0000 if we are to push back the boundaries of medicine and science faster…. OBSERVER Lisburn, Co Antrim (letter)


Mail 26.1.16 Eton College launches investigation into its beagling club over claims it took part in illegal hare hunt captured on camera by animal rights organisation By COLIN FERNANDEZ - Eton College is ‘urgently’ investigating claims its beagling club took part in an illegal hare hunt captured on video… (story)
York Press 26.1.16 Police investigating claims of illegal hunting by Eton College near York - Ed Mezzetti - Ed Mezzetti, Reporter POLICE have today confirmed they will be investigating claims of illegal hunting by Eton College at a country estate near York… (story)
BBC News Online 26.1.16 Eton College 'illegal hare hunt' claim sparks police inquiry - Eton College is at the centre of a police investigation over claims its beagling club took part in an illegal hare hunt in North Yorkshire…. (story)
MinserFM.com 26.1.16 VIDEO - Police investigate allegations of illegal hunting by Eton College… (story)
Northern Echo 26.1.16 Police investigate claims of illegal hunting in North Yorkshire by Eton College's beagling club - Emily Flanagan (story)
~Windsor Express 26.1.16 Eton College launches investigation into illegal hare hunt allegations - Eton College has launched an investigation into claims by an animal rights group that members of the college took part in an illegal hare hunt…(story)
Independent 26.1.16 Eton College launches investigation into claim its beagling club took part in illegal hare hunt - Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith (story)
Express 26.1.16 WATCH: Eton College investigate claims beagling club took part in illegal hare hunt By STUART WINTER (story)
Mirror 26.1.16 Eton College investigates claim its beagling club took part in 'illegal' hare hunt BY DAN BLOOM (story)
Telegraph 25.1.16 Eton College investigates claim its beagling club took part in illegal hare hunt - Eton College is investigating claims that its beagling club took part in an illegal hare hunt captured on video. Undercover investigators say they took footage of a hare being pursued by dogs at a hunt at Aldby Park, in Buttercrambe, North Yorkshire, in October last year… (story)
Mail 25.1.16 Undercover footage of hare hunt alleged to be illegal - The League Against Cruel Sports has released footage showing what it believes to be an illegal hare hunt by Eton College's beagling club in North Yorkshire… (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 25.1.16 Eton College investigates hare hunt claim - Eton College is investigating claims that its beagling club took part in an illegal hare hunt captured on video. Undercover investigators say they took footage of a hare being pursued by dogs at a hunt at Aldby Park, in Buttercrambe, North Yorkshire, in October last year… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.1.16 Video: Animal cruelty campaigners leak footage showing ‘illegal hare hunt by Eton College’ in Yorkshire - JONATHAN BROWN - Footage of an alleged illegal hare hunt by Eton College’s beagling club in North Yorkshire has been leaked by animal cruelty campaigners… (story)
Western Morning News 25.1.16 Eton College investigates claim its beagling club took part in illegal hare hunt By WMNDavidWells - Eton College is investigating claims that its beagling club took part in an illegal hare hunt captured on video. Undercover investigators say they took footage of a hare being pursued by dogs at a hunt at Aldby Park, in Buttercrambe, North Yorkshire, in October last year…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.1.16 Badger Trust links up with organisations in other parts of EU to create EuroBadger - By WMNPBowern - Britain’s Badger Trust – the main opponent of badger culling in the fight against TB – has linked up with groups in other parts of Europe in an effort to end what it calls “the indiscriminate mass killings” of the mammals. The Badger Trust has joined with groups from France, Holland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in a meeting in Brussels to establish EuroBadger, to raise awareness of badgers and strengthen EU-wide protection legislation.. (story)

Western Morning News 26.1.16 WMN OPINION: Europe has nothing to teach the UK on protecting badgers - The Badger Trust’s initiative to link up with other groups in Europe to form EuroBadger as a conservation group makes sense for the UK organisation, at least from a PR perspective. But a quick examination of the way other European nations treat the badger, compared to the way we look after them in the UK, demonstrates that when it comes to protection, Britain has nothing to learn from Europe… (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 26.1.16 Emus, zebra fish and donkeys all part of animal testing at Royal Veterinary College - ANIMAL Aid campaigners claim the Royal Veterinary College is subjecting animals to painful experiments, including emus. The campaign group released its findings yesterday from research into the college, including the range of animals the college uses in its tests, such as zebra fish and donkeys… (story)
Morning Star 21.1.16 Vets Used 9,000 Animals In ‘Disgusting’ Experiments - ANIMAL welfare campaigners yesterday slammed “disgusting” experiments on dogs and other animals at Britain’s oldest veterinary school. Animal Aid said that ongoing research at the Royal Veterinary College involving genetically flawed dogs with the muscle-wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) was in breach of professional ethics…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 26.1.16 Success for petition calling for ban on use of wild animals in circuses in Wales - A petition submitted to the National Assembly's Petitions Committee by the RSPCA Cymru, which called for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in Wales, has been closed by the Committee this week as it was deemed to have "essentially achieved its purpose". The petition was first considered by the Committee in October last year, having collected over almost 8,000 signatures online… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 25.1.16 Animal testing is crucial for science - Either way, it makes little sense to put the blame on animal tests. TOM HOLDER Speaking of Research (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 25.1.16 Use of medical trial death to sell an agenda wrong - It was in poor taste for Jennifer White to try to use the tragedy of a death in a French clinical trial to further her animal rights agenda (Write Back, January 20). Any readers confused by her claims that "92% of drugs that pass animal trials fail in humans" have only to consider that each year there are around half-a-million people in the UK who volunteer for human drug trials that were safety-tested on animals, and there have been no deaths and only one serious incident in more than 30 years…. CHRIS MAGEE Understanding Animal Research (story)


Yorkshire Post 23.1.16 Adrian Blackmore: Time to dispel false claims over grouse shooting and floods - GROUSE moors are unique places, they are crucial to the conservation of some of our rarest birds and there is no proven link between their management and flooding. Yet, despite this, there have been a number of spurious claims in the media recently that: Grouse shooting has contributed to the flooding that has devastated parts of Northern England… Serious allegations that are untrue, but sadly the spreading of such damaging misinformation is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst a vocal minority who either do not have the necessary knowledge, or for reasons of their own choose not to acknowledge it…. Studies have shown that threatened species of waders are up to five times more abundant on moors managed for red grouse and that, thanks to the predator control that is carried out by gamekeepers, birds such as the curlew and lapwing, both of which are species of the highest conservation concern, are 3.5 times more likely to raise a chick to fledging…. (story)
Farming UK 20.1.16 Countryside Alliance response to Green Party claim that 'grouse shooting contributes to flooding' - Following the news that the Green Party reiterated its support for a ban on grouse shooting after hearing about the negative environmental consequences of the practice on a visit to flood-hit communities, Adrian Blackmore, Director of Shooting at the Countryside Alliance, has responded with another view… "Grouse moors are unique places, they are crucial to the conservation of some of our rarest birds and there is no proven link between their management and flooding…. (story)
Northern Echo 17.1.16 Calls for grouse shooting to be banned - THE leader of the Green Party has called for grouse shooting to be banned after contributing to floods that left vast tracts of North England deluged. Natalie Bennett has claimed the intensive management of moors in areas such as Yorkshire were being had led to destruction of the blanket bog and the peat, and other measures such as drainage, leading to increased the run-off during the heaviest storms.... Liam Stokes, of the Countryside Alliance, said the conservation benefits of grouse moor management were well documented.... (story)
Telegraph 16.1.16 Over-managed grouse moors made floods worse, says Green party leader Natalie Bennett By Laura Hughes, and Christopher Hope - Grouse shooting contributed to the devastating floods in parts of the north of England, according to the leader of the Green Party. Natalie Bennett said the moors in Yorkshire which were maintained for grouse shooting had lost their naturally absorbent bogs, which serve as a natural drainage system… (story)


Independent 22.1.16 Woman turns 'fluorescent pink' after misusing Lush bath product - Alexandra Sims - A woman has literally been left red-faced after dying herself bright pink when she misused a bath product from Lush cosmetics. Abi Shenton’s skin was left “fluorescent pink” for three days after she mistook a bath bomb from the toiletries company for soap… Ms Shenton, who is no longer pink, said the product she used is called Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil and she does not blame Lush for the incident…. (story)
Metro 22.1.16 Girl turns bright pink for three days after misusing Lush products - Hattie Gladwell - Lush’s products are oh so glittery and make everything within 10 metres smell of whatever it is they put in there… Abi Shenton sent a tweet to Lush after one of their products turned her flamingo pink…


Sheffield Star 22.1.16 Vegan diet is knockout - Calum Proctor by email (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 22.1.16 Boxing champ Hayes is a vegan - Calum Proctor via email (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 21.1.16 Haye fighting vegans' corner - Anyone dubious about the benefits of a plant-based diet need look no further than vegan boxing ex-world champ David Haye, whose comeback was a knockout…. CALUM PROCTOR Peta (letter)


Shooting UK 21.1.16 Labour failing to attract rural dwellers warns report - Charlotte Peters - Leaked documents from a Labour party-commissioned report show that many new Labour members are "high-status city dwellers" and that the rural community, the elderly and those struggling to make ends meet make up a far smaller proportion of membership - Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance commented on Twitter: Hope Labour reacts to this by increasing engagement with rural people, not ignoring them… Lord Watts, the former Chair of the Labour Party, spoke in the House of Lords last week: “My advice to my own party leadership is that they should take less notice of the London-centric, hard-left polictical class who sit around in their £1m mansions, eating their croissants at breakfast and seeking to lay the foundations for a socialist revolution.” (story)

Western Morning News 21.1.16 Hunting Act must be strengthened - Noel Sweeney completely annihilates the hunters’ perpetual, self serving arguments in his article (“Hunting Act is all about welfare of the fox – hunting is not humane”, January 15). I have been monitoring hunts for over 20 years and the reason I am driven to keep doing so is the sheer, stomach churning cruelty that lies at its black heart…. by Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (story)


Western Morning News 20.1.16 Hunting with hounds is humane but opponents confuse their own moral objections with the facts By Dominic Webber - In his article (The Hunting Act is all about welfare of the fox) barrister Noel Sweeney has quoted selectively from the judgment of the House of Lords in the Countryside Alliance’s Human Rights Act challenge to the Hunting Act (HA)… Advocates of animal rights, either do not know or would rather not know the facts of properly conducted hunting. For example, Mr Sweeney in quoting from the Burns Report has not noticed that a passage he relies upon refers to hounds tearing at the “carcass” of a fox, i.e. post mortem… (story)

Horse & Hound 20.1.16 Careers week: how to become a hunt groom - If you love being part of the hunting community, aren't scared of long days and hard work, take pride in turning your horses out in tip top condition week in, week out and enjoy riding horses of all shapes and sizes, then maybe life as a hunt groom would be right up your street…“I wouldn’t suggest becoming a hunt groom to anyone unless they have done some work in kennels,” says Sue Tutcher, who is the Warwickshire Hunt’s stud groom… “It’s far from nine to five and is hard work,” says Charles Carter, master and huntsman of the West Norfolk…. (story)

Sussex Express 20.1.16 Most people do not care one way or the other - I am very sorry to hear that Mrs Boultwood suffered at the traditional Boxing Day meet of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt in Lewes on Boxing Day. I have observed both the pro- and anti-hunting factions over many years and have seen too much violence used by both sides and all to no avail. Mrs Boultwood goes on to make the common mistake of claiming that there is evidence of hunts breaking the law…. Finally, going back to Boxing Day, the big anomaly for me is the handful of anti-hunting people present who claimed to be standing up for animal welfare were the ones with no animals whereas the hundreds who the anti-hunters claimed were animal haters had gleaming, well turned out, well fed and enthusiastic horses, hounds and dogs! Warren Marshall Wood brook Cottage (letter) 10.1.16 Lynch mob mentality - I attended the Boxing Day parade of the Southdown & Eridge hunt in Lewes. As an opponent of hunting, I wished to make my views known… My flag was snatched from me and I was punched on the chin and I am a 62-year-old woman…. V Boultwood (Mrs) Address supplied (letter)
Sussex Express 9.1.16 Two corrections - The Sussex Express has reported the story of the Boxing Day Hunt for three weeks now with a largely fair representation. However there are two corrections I would like to make which although small have had a not insignificant effect. First is that the proposal was never “to ban” the Hunt. The original wording stated that a letter be written informing them that because of allegations of aggressive and criminal behaviour they are not welcome in the town. This was amended to asking the Hunt for reassurances that they could maintain public safety…. Imogen Makepeace - Lewes Town Green Councillor Working For The Common Good (letter)
Sussex Express 9.1.16 Violence unhelpful to any cause - Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of Countryside Alliance (letters, December 25), is mistaken in claiming ‘the Hunting Act was never about foxes or animal welfare but rather an attempt to eradicate hunts and the communities that surround them’. …It distresses me greatly when protesters cause trouble at popular meets, as reported by the Sussex Express on Boxing Day in Lewes. When trail laying has been put in place prior to the event, it is wrong to assume there will be any breach of rules…. Beryl Wilkins Bishops Drive (letter)
Sussex Express 2.1.16 Keep traditional town event alive - I am disgusted at the comments made by Councillor Imogen Makepeace about proposing to ban the Boxing Day Hunt…Cllr Peter Charlton (letter)
Sussex Express 29.12.15 Whose opinions are more important? - Who is Cllr Imogen Makepeace? - I always thought it was a privilege that had to be earned to become mayor or the deputy but this lady rose to her position after about three weeks on the council and seems intent on putting her personal opinions before those she is supposed to represent…. Ron Newth Farncombe Road Lewes (letter)
Littlehampton Gazette 29.12.15 COUNTY NEWS: Protesters and supporters clash at Boxing Day hunt - Hundreds of people lined the streets for the annual meet of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt on Boxing Day - but it wasn’t without incident... (story)
Argus 28.12.15 Clashes between fox hunters and protestors in Lewes - CLASHES broke out between hunting supporters and opponents on one of the biggest hunting days of the year. Demonstrators held banners and chanted 'Only scum kill for fun' amid hundreds of supporters as the Southdown and Eridge Hunt met in Lewes for its annual Boxing Day hunt... Animal rights activist Asher Flynn claimed demonstrators had been verbally abused and shoved around by hunt supporters lining High Street, Lewes...(story)
BBC News Online 26.12.15 Angry scuffles in Lewes at Boxing Day hunt - There were scuffles in the East Sussex town of Lewes when a small group of anti-hunt protesters clashed with hundreds of hunt supporters... South East Today's John Young was in Lewes and spoke to Quinton Poulton, chairman of the Southdown and Eridge Hunt, and Vanessa Boultwood, an anti-hunt protester.... (story)
Sussex Express 21.12.15 Thousands sign petition supporting Boxing Day meet in Lewes - Thousands of people have signed a petition supporting the annual Boxing Day meet of The Southdown and Eridge Hunt in Lewes. After calls by the Deputy Mayor of Lewes to ‘ban’ the event from the town’s streets last week, a campaign to keep the tradition alive quickly gathered support… The petition has so far gathered 2,361 signatures… (story)
Sussex Express 17.12.15 Deputy Mayor proposes to ‘ban’ Boxing Day hunt in Lewes - The Deputy Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Imogen Makepeace, is proposing to ‘ban’ the Boxing Day hunt from the town. At a meeting of Lewes Town Council tonight (Thursday, December 17), Cllr Makepeace plans to put forward a proposal asking the Mayor of Lewes to write a letter to the Southdown and Eridge Hunt explaining they are not welcome in the town. She also proposes the town council writes to organisations consulted by Lewes District Council regarding the town centre road closures for the Boxing Day meet, stating its opposition…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 20.1.16 Animal testing doesn't make human trials safe - One man is dead and another five are in hospital following an experimental drug trial in France and, while tragic, it's unsurprising. History has taught us that poisoning, overdosing and cutting open animals in an attempt to assess the safety and effectiveness of new drugs before trialling them in people is not only a waste of resources but also can delay medical progress and put human lives at risk, as has clearly been shown by this case… JENNIFER WHITE By email (letter)

Leicester Mercury 20.1.16 Plight of Mali the elephant - I'm taking a chance by writing to you, hoping to highlight the story of Mali the elephant. Mali has been living in solitary confinement in a concrete enclosure for the past 38 years at a zoo in Manila… I have spent this year writing to the Philippine authorities and various animal charities, and the charity that seems to be doing the most is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). However, they need more people to put pen to paper so they can put more pressure on the Philippine authorities… John Osborne, Groby. (letter)


Wells Journal 19.1.16 Wells man takes on trustee role for animal charity - A WELLS man will be heading up the Board of Trustees of a Somerset charity, Paul Edwards, who has a successful international career in the scientific research industry, has signed up for the role with Secret World Wildlife Rescue, based at East Huntspill… (story)


Worcester News 18.1.16 Monday's letters including 'Why hunting is as cruel to hounds as foxes' - I wonder if all those who turned out for the Boxing Day hunts across Worcestershire would have been so keen to do so if they had been aware of the fate of the hounds they were so keenly watching? How often do we see such foxhounds being kept as companion animals, like labradors, spaniels, boxers and many other breeds of dog? Hardly ever. And the reason for this is because, almost without exception, they are all put to death by the hunts before they are about seven years of age…. RONALD LEE orcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Leicester Mercury 18.1.16 The hunts should be facing a complete ban - Mercury Mailbox - It was reported in the Leicester Mercury that thousands of people attended the local Boxing Day hunts. I wonder just how many of those present had actually witnessed the killing of the animal?... T Wallis, Leicester. (letter)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 18.1.16 Teenager creates app to combat rural crime Jack Pitts - A TEENAGER has created an app that could curb the rising threat of rural crime. The mobile phone application, which 15-year-old Aaron Christiansen produced in his spare time, allows anyone in the community to report suspicious activity such as poaching directly to the police... Aaron, who lives in Cheshire, built the app as part of Project Poacher, a recently launched national campaign to fight wildlife crime... Project Poacher is an initiative of the England and Wales Poaching Priority Delivery Group (PPDG), which includes representatives of the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), other specialist law enforcers and representatives from the Angling Trust, British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), The British Deer Society, Country Land and Business Association (CLA), Countryside Alliance, The Deer Initiative, The Environment Agency, National Farmers Union, The National Gamekeepers’ Organization and Natural Resources Wales.... (story)

Mail 18.1.16 Big cat stars of TV forced to put on a show for the crowd: Campaigners attack ‘abominable’ animal hire firm used by BBC - As a keeper cracks two sticks together, two lions balance on their hind legs for a paying audience. Other caged animals including a polar bear and a leopard are also forced to perform on command for the public at Heythrop Zoo in Oxfordshire. The site is the home of Amazing Animals, a company which hires out wild animals for films, pop videos and TV shows... But campaigners have raised doubts over conditions at Amazing Animals, which holds occasional open days, charging £13 a head for adults. ... BBC naturalist Chris Packham called the company ‘appalling, abominable’ and ‘morally bankrupt’.... investigators from the Captive Animals Protection Society claimed its enclosures are so barren that they are likely to cause suffering... (story)


The Mancunion 17.1.16 “To hunt or not to hunt?” – A rebuttal By Alister Pearson - Alister Pearson offers a reply to Colm Lock’s previous suggestion that the hunting ban should be left in the hands of those that it directly affects…Before I launch my rebuttal, I will say that I agree with my adversary that what he describes as “hunt saboteurs” and their actions are not permissible. One injustice does not cancel out another…it is my intention to make a film where foxes one day rise up and hunt the farmers that previously hunted them. Yes, I want to be complicit in helping them achieve their goals, and to one day live in harmony with them (story)
The Mancunion 11.1.16 To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question. But for who? - Colm Lock attempts to debunk some myths surrounding hunting and suggests the devolution of the debate around its legality is the only way forward… (story)


Horse & Hound 16.1.16 What does running a hunt kennels involve? We go behind the scenes to find out… Always wondered what running a hunt kennels involves? Tessa Waugh spends the day with West Percy huntsman Giles Bennett to get a taste of his hard graft… (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.1.16 Leicester anti fur trade demonstration targets city centre stores By Tim_Healy27 - Animal rights campaigners staged an anti fur demonstration outside shops in the city centre. They protested outside Sports Direct and Cruise near the Clock Tower… One of the organisers Kerry Sedgewick of Leicester Animal Rights said: "We feel that real fur is outdated and unnecessary… (story)


Folkestone Herald 15.1.16 The fox hunting debate continues in East Kent By AmyNickalls - THE annual hunt is a highlight of the festive season for lots of country folk. Whether that's getting on horseback and taking part or watching it from a distance. But for many it is seen as an archaic pastime for the richest in society. The East Kent Hunt starts in Elham on Boxing Day with over 30 men, women and children mounted on horses ready to go…. A trail is now set using a fox's scent around the woodlands. This is done by either someone on horseback, a quad bike or on foot. Nicholas Onslow, a supporter of the East Kent Hunt said: "Some of us crawl into different brambles bushes to try and replicate what it was really like… The East Kent Hunt Saboteurs use a variety of methods to help police catch those who intentionally catch and kill foxes to help put an end to the sport. Grant, a member of the group from Thanet said: "It's been over ten years since the Hunting Act was introduced and they all said they were going to convert to drag hunting, and it lasted a few weeks but they have gone back to normal… (story)

Western Morning News 15.1.16 Hunting Act is all about welfare of the fox - hunting is not humane By WMNJBayley - Last month the WMN carried an article reporting the hunting community’s view that hunting with hounds was a humane method of fox control. Barrister Noel Sweeney, a specialist in criminal law, animal law and human rights, offers a different perspective…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.1.16 Groups united to save the hen harrier from being wiped out - BEN BARNETT - A new blueprint for aiding the revival of hen harriers, one of England’s most iconic birds, has been welcomed by countryside groups… (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.1.16 Plans to reintroduce hen harriers to the south welcomed by both sides of the debate - PLANS have been unveiled to protect one of England’s rarest birds of prey and reintroduce it in parts of the south of England… (story)
Northumberland Gazette 14.1.16 Hen harrier recovery plan welcomed - Ben O’Connell - Countryside organisations have welcomed the six-point action plan announced today by Defra to help the recovery of England’s hen harrier populations…The Hen Harrier Action Plan will for the first time co-ordinate action already taken by conservation groups, landowners and wildlife crime officers across the country to ensure a consistent and strategic approach…. The plan was developed by Defra in conjunction with the RSPB, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Moorland Association, National Gamekeepers Organisation and National Parks UK. Natural England will lead on the six-point plan, working with organisations to: Monitor hen harrier numbers in England and the UK via satellite tagging and tracking; Share best practice with land managers and gamekeepers, encouraging the provision of food for birds of prey… According to the Countryside Alliance, the Hen Harrier Action Plan goes ‘a long way to resolving one of the most divisive issues in upland conservation’…. (story)
Guardian 14.1.16 Long-awaited plan to save England's hen harrier gets green light - John Vidal - Landowners, shooters, gamekeepers and conservationists have backed a long-delayed government plan to resolve a deep-rooted conflict over England’s most threatened bird of prey…. “We believe the plan will go a long way to resolving one of the most divisive issues in upland conservation and help bring together all those who care deeply about the future of the uplands. We have always been clear that for any plan to be successful it must address the causes of illegal persecution, as well as tackling persecution itself,” said Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
BT 14.1.16 Hen harrier protection plan unveiled by Government - A six-point plan to protect one of England's rarest birds of prey and reintroduce it in new areas has been unveiled by the Government… It was also welcomed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)… But Tom Quinn, campaigns director for the League Against Cruel Sports said: "Action plans are all well and good, but ultimately the only way hen harriers and other birds of prey will be protected is for gamekeepers to stop illegally killing them…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.1.16 Savills Countryside Alliance point to point: Anniversary celebrations By Annabel Hillary - The popular Savills Countryside Alliance point to point at Badbury Rings, near Wimborne, Dorset, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The event will be celebrated on Sunday, February 21, hosted by the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner… (story)

South Wales Echo 15.1.16 Factory farming bad for us – and animals - With news of a new avian influenza, or “bird flu”, outbreak in Fife and the killing cycle that’s just been kicked into high gear in an attempt to contain it, isn’t it time we focus on the cause of these deadly viruses before it’s too late? Diseases run rampant on crowded factory farms, where thousands of birds are forced to live amid their own faeces and rotting corpses… Jennifer White People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London (letter)


Radio Times 14.1.16 Chris Packham: "It’s difficult to think positively about the human species... We are a hugely destructive force" - Wildlife presenter explains why humans are low on his list of favourite animals... and why he won’t stop campaigning By Ben Dowell… (story)


Oxford Mail 13.1.16 The Issue: Should fox hunting be consigned to history or has it still got a valid role? – YES - Oxfordshire resident Penny Little, an independent hunt monitor and associate of Protect Our Wild Animals… NO - Paul Scott, joint-master of the Bicester with Whaddon Chase hunt… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 13.1.16 Fox hunting indefensible in year 2016 - By Steven Agnew - The "traditional" Boxing Day Hunt is the highlight of the hunting calendar in Northern Ireland - the only region of the United Kingdom where ripping apart wild animals with packs of dogs remains legal. Hundreds line streets to watch hunt groups parade through town on their way to chase terrified, outnumbered animals to brutal deaths…. Steven Agnew is leader of the Green Party in NI (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 13.1.16 Culling is not in species' interest: letter - In response to Bill Woodhouse's letter in last week's BVM, I cannot see that it is often in a species' best interests that it be 'culled', particularly in the sense of the badger cull, where the weaker ones can only be reached by destroying their homes and the target is at least 70% of the population… Carole Steven-Fountain (story)

Oxford Mail 13.1.16 Eating animal produce can increase cancer risks - IN LIGHT of recent correspondence on the subject of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) it is worth reminding readers of the devastating effects that animal farming has on the environment, which is all too evident in the news right now… EDWARD MORRIS Clarendon Street Oxford (letter)

Paddock Wood Courier 13.1.16 East Peckham animal sanctuary owner Marion Eaton dies following coma - The beloved co-owner of FRIEND Animal Rescue Sanctuary in East Peckham died last night at the age of 57, having been in a coma for more than a month. Marion Eaton fell down the stairs of her East Peckham home in November and was rushed to King's College Hospital, London, where she was put into an induced coma after being diagnosed with internal bleeding…. (story)
Kent Messenger 12.1.16 East Peckham: Friend Animal Rescue boss Marion Eaton dies by Suz Elvey - The boss of an animal sanctuary, who has been in a coma for more than a month following a freak fall at her home, has died. Marion Eaton, 57, who set up Friend Animal Rescue in East Peckham 21 years ago, passed away last night… Mrs Eaton was rushed to King’s College Hospital, London, and put in an induced coma after falling down a flight of stairs at her East Peckham home on Monday, November 23…. (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 12.1.16 Hunts are the real pests in our countryside: letter - Two recent incidents of "out of control" fox hounds illustrate it is not the fox that is the pest in our countryside but the fox hunts that chase and kill foxes perversely calling it a sport. As a front page report in the Blackmore Vale magazine last week stated, out of control fox hounds from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt caused panic to a flock of pregnant ewes when the hounds ran amok through them. On another recent occasion out of control hounds ran through Hazelbury Bryan churchyard causing damage…. T. Trowbridge, Hazelbury Bryan (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 11.1.16 Police investigate assault allegation during New Year's Day hunt in Carmarthen - POLICE have confirmed it is investigating an allegation of assault involving two females during the New Year's Day Hunt in Carmarthen. The allegation involves the Lammas Street area, and is alleged to have taken place while the Carmarthenshire Hunt visited the Boar's Head for refreshments… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 4.1.16 New Year's Day hunt Carmarthen - Photos of the New Year's Day Hunt in Carmarthen (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 11.1.16 Landowners seem powerless to keep out the hunt: letter - As a fellow smallholder may I offer my sympathy to the local smallholders who were so disgracefully trespassed upon by the hunt. I can empathise: I have had several similar experiences over the last 30 years living in Dorset… Years ago, when decent manners and sound countryside practices prevailed, sensitive sites would have been noted and conscientiously avoided. In the event of rare mishaps, there would have been foot-followers to help deflect hounds away from farms and gardens where hunting activities were known to be inappropriate or downright unwelcome…. Pam Lewis, Buckland Newton (letter)


Farming Life 10.1.16 Pictures: Mid Antrim Hunt - The members of Mid Antrim Hunt held their annual New Year’s Day meeting recently… (story)

Farming Life 10.1.16 Game: a tasty and healthy alternative to lamb, chicken, beef or pork - For the first time ever, 2015 saw the game meat market hit the £100 million sales barrier; up £8 million to £106 million… Countryside Alliance’s ‘Game-to-Eat’ initiative is dedicated to promoting the delights of wild game meat… (story)

Huffington Post 10.1.16 Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy Says Meat-Eaters Should Be Treated Like Smokers In Public Health Campaigns By Paul Waugh - Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy has refused to back down on her view that meat eaters should be treated the same as tobacco smokers in public health campaigns. Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow minister, who is a vegan herself, joked that it was ‘an amusing thought’ to make burger-eaters stand out in the rain like smokers but stressed that was “not Labour policy!”… (story)


Mail 9.1.16 Nursery nurse is convicted of assaulting three hunt supporters including a schoolboy and ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service By AMIE GORDON FOR MAILONLINE - A nursery nurse who assaulted three hunt supporters - including a schoolboy - has been convicted after her vicious assault was caught on camera. Hunt saboteur Megan Thornbury, 36, who worked as a nursery nurse, assaulted three people - two of whom were under 18. She was convicted of the three separate assaults and ordered to pay a total of £410 and carry out 80 hours of community service…. (story)
Horse & Hound 8.1.16 Saboteur fined after assaulting three hunt followers - Lucy Elder - A saboteur who assaulted three hunt supporters has been handed a 12-month community order and ordered to pay compensation to her victims. Megan Thornbury, 36, of Newnham on Seven, Glos, was found guilty of three charges of assault by beating on 15 December. Two of the victims were teenagers… (story)
Ross Gazette 7.1.16 Nursery nurse sentenced for assaulting two youths and a mother - A 36-year-old woman was recently sentenced for having assaulted three people; two of whom were under the age of 18. Megan Thornbury was sentenced on Monday, January 4th at Hereford Magistrates Court.... The people who were assaulted cannot be named for legal reasons. However, at the time of the assault, two of them were under the age of 18, and the mother of one was also injured when she attempted to intervene.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 7.1.16 Hunt saboteur who worked at Gloucester nursery fined and given community service for assault - A hunt saboteur who worked as a deputy playleader at a Gloucester nursery has been given 80 hours community service after being convicted of three separate assaults on hunt supporters in Herefordshire. Megan Thornbury, 36, of Newnham, Gloucestershire, was ordered to pay three lots of £50 compensation for each of the assaults, a £60 victim surcharge and £200 in prosecution costs – a total of £410.... Thornbury was the deputy playleader at Hempsted Playgroup, as well as been the special needs co-ordinator. A spokeswoman for the nursery school confirmed that Thornbury lost her job before Christmas (story)
Western Daily Press 6.1.16 Gloucester hunt saboteur sentenced for three assaults on hunt supporters in Herefordshire By TristanCork - A hunt saboteur has been given 80 hours community service after she was convicted of three separate assaults on hunt supporters in Herefordshire. Megan Thornbury was ordered to pay three lots of £50 compensation for each of the assaults, a £60 victim surcharge and £200 in prosecution costs – a total of £410... Thornbury was the deputy playleader at Hempsted Playgroup, as well as been the special needs co-ordinator. A spokeswoman for the nursery school confirmed to the Western Daily Press that Thornbury lost her job before Christmas (story)

Hinckley Times 9.1.16 Anti-hunt sabateur attacker found guilty - A woman who was caught on camera assaulting an anti-fox hunt protester has been found guilty. Laura Caines was found guilty of two counts of assault by beating following a fight during an Atherstone Hunt meeting on February 28…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 28.12.15 Woman convicted for attack on hunt saboteur By Tom_Mack A woman assaulted a hunt saboteur who was filming a fox being chased by hounds. Laura Caines was found guilty in her absence at Loughborough Magistrates' Court of two counts of assault by beating. The incident happened when the Atherstone Hunt – whose range includes south west Leicestershire – was being filmed by the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs... (story)
Mirror 23.12.15 Fox hunter caught on camera putting protester in headlock during shocking violent assault - Police are looking for a woman caught on video assaulting an anti-fox hunt protester. Laura Caines, 33, was found guilty on two counts of assault by beating after the bust-up up during an Atherstone Hunt meeting on February 28…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 23.12.15 Video: Anti-fox hunt protester attacked during Atherstone Hunt meeting BY SIMON GILBERT - A Bedworth woman is wanted by police after she was caught on video assaulting an anti-fox hunt protester. Laura Caines, 33, from King Street, was found guilty on two counts of assault by beating after the bust-up during an Atherstone Hunt meeting on February 28. Caines was found guilty at Loughborough Magistrates Court on Monday after she failed to turn up for the hearing and issued no defence. A warrant has now been issued for her arrest and she will be sentenced at a later date…. (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 9.1.16 OPINION PIECE:Tally No! Last Hooray for UK’s fox hunters? Tom Quinn, Campaigns Director for League Against Cruel Sports - Hunting has been banned for more than a decade and public and political opposition to this cruel ‘sport’ has never been higher So it may come as a surprise to learn there’s still a tiny but vocal minority of blood sport fanatics trying to bring back fox hunting… (story)


Huffington Post 8.1.16 Fox Hunting: Images Of Dead Fox Posted On Facebook Following Fitzwilliam New Year's Day Hunt By Kathryn Snowdon - Disturbing images of a dead fox killed during the annual Fitzwilliam New Year's Day Hunt have been shared on Facebook… (story)
Telegraph 5.1.16 Police investigating death of fox during traditional New Year's Day hunt By Lexi Finnigan - A police investigation has been launched following the death of a fox during a New Year's Day Hunt. Cambridgeshire Police were at the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt in Wansford near Peterborough to ensure there was no breach of peace.... (story)
Cambridge News 5.1.16 Police probe fox death after Cambridgeshire hunt By RAYMOND BROWN - A police investigation has been launched following the death of a fox during a New Year's Day Hunt in Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire Police were at the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt in Wansford near Peterborough to ensure there was no breach of peace... (story)
Star 5.1.16 What the fox? Cops launch investigation after fox killed during hunt - A FULL BLOWN police investigation has been launched following the death of a fox during a New Year's Day hunt. By Sabi Phagura - It will determine whether the creature was killed deliberately or not. Heart-wrenching pictures were posted on twitter showing a member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association protecting the injured fox in its final moments.... (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 4.1.16 Police investigate killing of fox at annual Fitzwilliam New Year’s Day Hunt - A police investigation has been launched following the death of a fox during the annual Fitzwilliam New Year’s Day Hunt.... (story)
BBC News Online 4.1.16 Cambridgeshire police investigate death of fox during annual hunt - The killing of a fox during a New Year's Day hunt in Cambridgeshire is being investigated by police. Cambridgeshire Police are examining the circumstances surrounding the death during an event held by the Fitzwilliam Hunt, which is based near Peterborough. The force said it was alerted to the death when the hunt reached Elton, at about 14:00 GMT. It is now working to establish if a crime was committed under the 2004 Hunting Act.... (story)
Independent 4.1.16 Fitzwilliam Hunt faces possible £20,000 fine over dead fox - Police are investigating whether the killing of a fox on New Year's Day during the 250-year-old meet was lawful - Tom Bawden Environment Editor - One of Britain’s oldest hunts is being investigated by police after its annual New Year’s Day meeting resulted in the death of a fox. Cambridgeshire Constabulary is trying to establish whether the fox killing during the 250-year-old Fitzwilliam Hunt meet in Wansford was lawful or not.... A spokesman for the Fitzwilliam Hunt said: “The Hunt is aware of the press and other interest in an incident alleged to have occurred on 1 January 2016. It is not considered appropriate for the Hunt to comment further given that Cambridgeshire Police has stated its intention to conduct an investigation.” (story)
Western Daily Press 4.1.16 Police investigate the death of a fox during a New Year's Day hunt - Police are investigating the death of a fox during a New Year's Day hunt. Cambridgeshire Police were attending the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt in Wansford to ensure there was no breach of the peace... Mark Randell, director of operations at the League Against Cruel Sports, said the case could be an indication of a wider problem within hunting... (story)
Mirror 4.1.16 Police investigating death of fox during traditional New Year's Day hunt BY BEN KENDALL - Cambridgeshire Police were attending the Fitzwilliam Hunt to ensure there was no breach of the peace when they were made aware that the animal had been killed... (story)
Evening Standard 4.1.16 Police investigate death of fox during New Year's Day hunt - HANNAH AL-OTHMAN - Police are investigating the death of a fox during a New Year's Day hunt. Cambridgeshire Police were at the annual Fitzwilliam Hunt in Wansford to ensure there was no breach of the peace and officers were told on the day that a fox had been killed, police said... (story)


Western Morning News 7.1.16 Support for hunting proves strong at New Year meets By Athwenna Irons - Hunt packs across the Westcountry braved howling winds and torrential rain for the traditional New Year’s Day meet... Among the packs that turned out last weekend were the Tetcott Hunt, which saw a strong field of around 25 mounted followers gather at The Tree Inn in Stratton, near Bude... The East Cornwall Hunt were also out in force, holding their New Year’s Day meet at the Rising Sun Inn in Treween, near Altarnun... (story)

Western Daily Press 7.1.16 Tory MP Simon Hart hits back after Countryside Alliance salary revealed By TristanCork - The former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance-turned-Conservative MP has defended himself from calls he should step down as a member of the influential Commons committee after it was revealed he was still being paid by the pro-hunt organisation. Simon Hart was a leading light of the Countryside Alliance for years before being elected as a Tory MP in west Wales in 2010, and re-elected last year.... While there is nothing untoward at all in MPs having openly declared second jobs, Labour MPs and the anti-hunt campaign group the League Against Cruel Sports claimed there was a 'clear conflict of interest' between Mr Hart's paid role in the Countryside Alliance and his position on the Commons select committee for environment, food and rural affairs... "As a former Master of the South Pembs Hunt and CEO of the Countryside Alliance, my support for hunting is hardly a secret, and all the facts were put in the public domain as long ago as 2008, since when there have been two General Elections," said Mr Hart ... (story)
Western Telegraph 5.1.16 MP Simon Hart: 'My support for hunting is hardly a secret' - MP Simon Hart has responded to national newspaper stories reporting a call to him to quit the Commons environment committee. Mr Hart, who represents Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, is a former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance and holds a paid consultancy with the organisation.... Mr Hart pointed out that the claim that his role on the committee was to promote hunting was ‘just plain wrong’ and that the topic had not yet been discussed. He added: “I am surprised that the Western Telegraph has decided to repeat a story published by the Communist newspaper, the Morning Star, in turn repeated in the Mirror. “As a former Master of the South Pembs Hunt and CEDO oif the Countryside Alliance, my support for hunting is hardly a secret... (story)
Mirror 3.1.16 Tory MP Simon Hart given pay rise by fox hunting supporters while sitting on environment committee BY BEN ROSSINGTON - A Tory MP has faced calls to quit the Commons environment committee after getting a pay rise from fox hunting supporters. Simon Hart was a previous chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which helped stage 300 hunts across the country on Boxing Day and oppose the current hunting ban... he has now been given a new role, earning £30,000 a year - more than the average UK salary - as a “high net-worth consultant” with the pro-bloodsport group working eight hours a week... (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 7.1.16 Sheep owners call for control of hounds after Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt causes "chaos" By Dadcock - Sheep farmers are calling for a hunt to take action after their Hazelbury Bryan smallholding was overrun by hounds. Hans Tamm said hounds chased his flock of 54 pregnant ewes and ran in all directions leaving him and his partner Michael von Bruggenburg trying to protect their animals and get the hounds off their property... The incident happened at The Causeway on Tuesday afternoon when the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt were on a meet.... Michael Felton, a joint master of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, was not present at the incident but made inquiries afterwards. He said: "I understand that two of the hounds hit an electric fence and it spooked them and then spooked the others.... (story)


Hampshire Chronicle 6.1.16 Pictures: Bloodhounds meet on New Year's Day - William Rimell - THE annual South Downs Bloodhounds meet took place on New Year’s Day. Taking place in wet conditions at Avington Park, near Itchen Abbas, the pack welcomed more than 25 participants of all ages from Hunt Masters to children... (story)


Oxford Mail 5.1.16 Glad to see hunt make its overdue comeback - AFTER so many years of absence, what a wonderful sight it was to see the Kimblewick Hunt hold it’s New Year’s Day meet outside the Swan Hotel in Thame... BRIAN SMITH Hampden Avenue Thame (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 5.1.16 Tories know they would lose fox hunt vote writes John Twyford - THERE will be no vote on repealing the Hunting Act because the Government knows it would lose. The Countryside Alliance knows this too, which is probably why it released such a paranoid press release about Boxing Day hunt meets.... (story)


Isle of Wight County Press 4.1.16 Hundreds turn out for new-year hunt By Matt White - HUNDREDS gathered at Wolverton Manor for the annual New Year’s Day hunt. The joint meet, between the IW Fox Hounds and the IW Foot Beagles, moved to Wolverton following the death of well-known farmer and horseman David Biles in February... (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 4.1.16 Cotley riders take to the countryside for Chard Boxing Day hunt - MORE than 70 riders took to the countryside as the people of Chard gathered to see off the Boxing Day hunt. The hunt, which lasted until around 3.30pm, saw members of the Cotley Harriers hunting club taking part in the traditional festive event.... (story)

Rutland Times 4.1.16 Gallery: Cottesmore Hunt in Uppingham on New Year’s Day - Alex Moore - The Cottesmore Hunt drew a large crowd when it gathered in Uppingham for its traditional New Year’s Day meet.... (story)

Tamworth Herald 4.1.16 PICTURE AND VIDEO: Atherstone Hunt 2016 New Years Meet - The Atherstone Hunt held its annual gathering on New Years Day - with supporters and protesters turning out for the event....(story)

Standard 4.1.16 Prodigy’s Keith Flint says ‘conscience is clear’ over fox hunting reports - EMMA POWELL - The Prodigy’s Keith Flint has hit back at reports that he took part in a fox hunt, saying his “conscience is clear”. It was recently reported that Flint, 46, has an “enthusiasm for the sport”... Posting on The Prodigy’s Facebook page, he wrote: “In regards to a story going around about me right now - yes I live in Essex and have a couple of horses. I went riding with the local trail hunt, it was a ride out and NO ANIMALS WERE HUNTED OR KILLED, so my conscience is clear, it wasn't my thing and I won't be going again.”... (story)
Mirror 3.1.16 Prodigy's Keith Flint hobby angers Anonymous as they post menacing warning for 'murdering animals' - BY NATALIE CORNER - The hacktivist group haven't taken kindly to the singer's new love for fox hunting and have blasted him for associating with 'Tory criminals' - Prodigy's Keith Flint allegedly has a new hobby and it isn't sitting well with Anonymous. The hacktivist group are angry that the singer, 46, has taken up fox hunting alongside what they brand as 'Tory criminals'.... (story)
The Sun 1.1.16 Prodigy frontman Keith Flint joins the hunting set.. and is now a keen rider By SEAN HAMILTON - Keith Flint, the colourful frontman of dance trailblazers The Prodigy, has an unlikely new hobby... he has taken up hunting on horses. The man famous for shouting 'I'm the Firestarter twisted Firestarter' has been spotted out riding with his local Essex Hunt.... (story)
Mail 1.1.16 SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Tally-ho! Wild man of Prodigy joins the hunting set: 'Twisted Firestarter' Keith Flint embarks on new life as country gent - Just when Tory Sport Minister Tracey Crouch has declared that ‘fox-hunting is a pursuit from the past’ that should be ‘consigned to history’, a most unlikely figure has emerged to give the country pursuit a new lease of life. I hear that Keith Flint, the self-proclaimed ‘twisted firestarter’ behind hugely successful dance band The Prodigy, has embarked on a new life as a country gent and been spotted riding out with his local hunt... ‘He keeps his horses with one of the bigwigs on the local Essex hunt, who lives just up the road from the pub,’ says my man in the red coat... (story)

Irish Examiner 4.1.16 Drag hunting is a more humane alternative - As usual at this time of year, the papers are full of pictures and colour pieces extolling the alleged virtues of fox hunting... What a pity that these fawning articles don’t refer to what happens to one of the essential players in the game: The fox... The sad part is that the exhilaration of the chase and the social camaraderie associated with fox hunting could be preserved with a switch to draghunting... John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street Callan Co. Kilkenny (letter)

Shooting UK 4.1.16 Shooting groups unite to condemn law-breaking shoots - Mark Layton - Leading shooting representatives have urged DEFRA to introduce new checks allowing the police to trace inland shoots that are believed to be breaking lead ammunition laws Countryside organisations have condemned inland shoots that are breaking the law by using lead shot for wildfowl, and have appealed to DEFRA to help identify and prosecute those responsible. Representatives from eight groups, including BASC and the Countryside Alliance, signed a letter to DEFRA secretary of state Elizabeth Truss MP.... (story)

Mail 4.1.16 Starting the New Year with a bang! Edward and Sophie take their son, 8, on pheasant shoot (but this time the prince manages to avoid photo gaffe) By SAM TONKIN FOR MAILONLINE - Prince Edward has been spotted taking his children pheasant shooting despite claims wife Sophie banned the hobby when the royal was pictured appearing to fire his shotgun near his son's head.... (story)


Hereford Times 3.1.16 Hunt rider still in the saddle at 93 - Ian Morris - AGE was no barrier for one rider taking part in the Boxing Day Hunts. Ivor Stephens was suited and booted in Ledbury and riding on at 93. His grandchildren were among the crowd, which ran into the thousands, who turned out to support the 80 horses and riders in the town.... (story)
Worcester News 28.12.15 Thousands gather to see the Ledbury Hunt - A CROWD estimated at 2000 strong or more packed into Ledbury High Street to see the Ledbury Hunt gather for their traditional Boxing Day meet... (story)
Ledbury Reporter 21.12.15 Highest French honour for Ledbury D-Day Veteran - A LEDBURY pensioner and war veteran, who rides out with the Ledbury Hunt every Boxing Day, has an extra special reason to celebrate Christmas this year. Ivor Stephens, aged 93, has been awarded the Legion d'honneur, the highest decoration France can offer, and one which was first established by Napoleon in 1802…. (story)

Wells Journal 3.1.16 The hunting debate: cases for and against - AS the Boxing Day hunts got under way at Priddy and Axbridge, both sides of the hunting debate spoke about the future of the hunt, and the laws that surround it. The Countryside Alliance says the Hunting Act is in tatters, and claimed the hunt itself is in ‘good shape’. It estimated that 250,000 people and 300 hunts would turn out to show their support for hunting. But the League against Cruel Sports said opposition to hunting with dogs was at an all-time high, with people in rural areas turning against hunting in record numbers. Here’s what both sides of the argument had to say:.... (story)

Bridgwater Mercury 3.1.16 To hunt or not to hunt that is the question: Countryside Alliance says thousands supported the Boxing Day hunts (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry, Weekly News 2.1.16 To hunt or not to hunt, that is the question: Countryside Alliance claims mass support for Boxing Day hunts - Jonathan Millar - COMPARED to years ago there are far fewer fox hunts these days but according to the Countryside Alliance there is "huge public support for hunting."... There were no fox hunts in Highbridge and district but there was a drag hunt with the Weston and Banwell Harriers in nearby Axbridge with a a big turn out in the town Square on Boxing Day... (story)

Sussex Express 3.1.16 Drawing different conclusion - I wouldn’t wish to quarrel with any of the statistics that Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance quotes in his letter in last week’s Sussex Express, but to me they point to a completely different conclusion. Mr Bonner demonstrates that most hunts have continued to thrive since the Hunting Act was introduced, and I know this is true of our local hunt at Ringmer (the Southdown and Eridge). Surely the correct conclusion is that hunt members are just as happy to ride across country following a trail as they were to chase after a fox, and thus that the Hunting Act has been a great success?... John Kay, Rushey Green, Ringmer (letter)

Irish Independent 3.1.16 Belle of the hunt and chasing foxes - Last Sunday Independent's front page (December 27) included a picture of a young woman, dubbed "the belle of the hunt" and her "splendid Irish hunter" all set for a day's foxhunting with the Meath hunt. We were told that this is a "rich tradition" with the "stirrup cup" being served before the hunt headed out into the Meath countryside to spend a couple of hours hounding an unfortunate fox with a pack of dogs. This image of the "belle of the hunt" is indeed in stark contrast to the horrific cruelty routinely meted out to foxes chased by a pack hounds to exhaustion... Aideen Yourell, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar
How nice to see the pretty picture of the wonderful horse and sexily posed girl in her riding outfit on your front page (December 27). What a shame it was all to do with a hunt... Paul Lees, Clondalkin, Dublin (letters)

Mirror 3.1.16 Inside Britain's most notorious troll gang: Meet the secretive mob behind stunts that sicken the nation BY JASPER HAMILL - An infamous online 'bully' opens up for the first time to reveal the motivations behind campaigns that have included child disability porn, 'cat punching' events and the 'Christians Against Taylor Swift' campaign - In the anonymous world of online trolling, one name is more notorious than all the rest: Jamie Card.... Card's favourite trick is setting up Facebook pages advertising fictional events with names like "Halloween Cat Punching Day", then naming animal rights activists as its organisers. He then sits back and laughs at the 'hypocrisy' of the nature lovers' colleagues, who inevitably bombard the victim with death threats... (story)


Carlisle News & Star 2.1.16 HUNT SUPPORTERS OUT FOR CUMBRIA NEW YEAR MEET By Phil Coleman - Dozens of north Cumbrian country folk celebrated the first day of 2016 by joining the traditional New Year’s Day meet of the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds.... Before addressing the assembled hunt followers, master huntsman Steven Blamire spoke of why the meet continued to be a important country tradition, even though the fox hunting that it once involved has now been banned by Parliament... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 1.1.16 HUNT FOLLOWERS OUT IN FORCE IN CUMBRIA - DOZENS of north Cumbrian country folk celebrated the first day of 2016 by joining the traditional New Year’s Day meet of the Cumberland Farmers' Foxhounds... (story)

Daily Gazette 2.1.16 Hundreds turn out to support hunt in Maldon on New Year's Day - Hundreds of people turned out to support a traditional hunt. The Essex Farmer and Union Hunt met on New Year’s Day at the Blue Boar, in Maldon, to parade down the high street and take part in a short trail hunt... (story)
Essex Chronicle 1.1.16 Pictures: Maldon Hunt on new years day By GHMorgan - (story)

Guardian 2.1.16 Kate Hoey: ‘Most of my friends don’t like politicians. Except me'- A farmer’s daughter and PE teacher before she became a Labour MP, Kate Hoey has stuck by causes including foxhunting. Now she finds herself aligned with the Tory and Ukip right against the EU – but says she will be making a ‘strong leftwing case for leaving’ - Emine Saner... (story)


Western Morning News 1.1.16 New Year's Day sees traditional hunts take place across the South West By WMNPBowern - Hunt packs across the Westcountry braved wind and rain for the traditional New Year's Day meet. After Boxing Day, which saw an estimated 250,000 people turn out to support their local hunt at locations across the country, New Year's Day was a rather more muted occasion... (story)

Northumberland Gazette 1.1.16 WATCH: Percy Hunt New Year's Day meet - Jane Coltman - A large crowd turned up at Alnwick Castle on New Year's Day to witness the Percy Hunt's first meet of the year. Huntsman Robert McCarthy and Whipper In Matthew Sewell brought the hounds to the Barbican where Percy Specials were consumed to help fend off the winter chill... (story)

York Press 1.1.16 Traditional New Year's Day hunt takes place in North Yorkshire - DOZENS of riders and hounds took part in the traditional New Year's Day Derwent Hunt... (story)
Northern Echo 1.1.16 New Year's Day hunt attracts crowds of supporters - CROWDS turned out to watch dozens of riders and hounds take part in a traditional New Year's Day hunt in North Yorkshire. The Derwent Hunt runs across the Ryedale countryside from outside The Hall in Thornton-le-Dale, with dogs and riders on horseback following a scented trail... (story) p>Nottingham Post 1.1.16 In pictures: Newark's New Year's Day Hunt Parade By PMBlackburn - Here are some of the best pictures of Newark's annual New Year's Day Hunt handpicked by our photographers... The event is run by the South Nottinghamshire Hunt (story)
Nottingham Post 30.12.15 Newark's New Year's Day hunt to close roads - Newark's annual New Year's Day hunt parade will see a number of roads around the town closed... The hunt is run by the South Nottinghamshire Hunt. (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.1.16 Crowds gather to see Belvoir Hunt meet at Melton park - Visitors of all ages gathered in Melton Mowbray's town park to greet the riders, horses and hounds of the Belvoir Hunt in the annual New Year's Day Meet... Townwarden Dinah Hickling, who led the proceedings, said: "Everything went ahead really smoothly. The only part I have difficulty with is remembering whose turn it is. "Last year we had the Cottesmore and so next year it will be the Quorn."... (story)
Leicester Mercury 1.1.16 Pictures: The Belvoir Hunt gathers in Melton Mowbray - The New Year's Day Belvoir Hunt gathers in Melton Mowbray before heading off towards Saxby (story)

Western Morning News 1.1.16 Country sports enthusiasts and conservation bodies have more in common than many think By WMNPBowern - The same old arguments that dogged rural politics this year are likely to continue to dominate in 2016. But Philip Bowern wonders if there is room for compromise. New Year is a time for looking ahead and trying to predict the issues that might rear their head in the 12 months to come. But in the field of rural affairs, those issues are likely to be depressingly familiar – the Hunting Act and its potential for repeal; lead shot and the calls for a ban; the badger cull and the cases for and against a wider roll-out and the loss of wild species and their habitat. All were high on the agenda in 2015. It is going to stay that way.... People who hunt, watch birds, enjoy shooting, love to walk, and relish a day out in the countryside above pretty much all other pleasures are more closely linked than many might imagine... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 1.1.16 Teenager wins award for animal dissection ban push - A TEENAGER has won an award for her 33,000-strong petition calling for a ban on animal dissection in schools. Lily Worfolk was awarded animal rights organisation Peta's "compassionate teen award", after gathering 33,481 signatures on her e-petition. The 15-year-old refused to dissect a cow's kidney when asked by her teacher in her biology class. She decided to take action and the petition attracted the attention of worldwide organisation Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).... (story)