January-October 2001

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Scotsman 31.10.01 We will be the victims: interviews with Philip Fergus, kennel huntsman of Eglinton Hunt, Wendy Turnbull, groom & Tam Parker, treasurer of the Scottish Working Terrier Club and secretary of the Working Dog Association (story)

Scotsman 31.10.01 Former critic of hunting bill concedes defeat - Fergus Ewing, SNP MSP said yesterday that the days of mounted fox hunting were numbered (story)

The Times 31.10.01 MSP attacks dogs Bill - Ben Wallace, the Conservative regional MSP for North East Scotland, claims that the Labour MSP Mike Watson, who drew up the proposed legislation, has received help from the Executive on procedural matters as well as legal assistance.(story)

Ananova 31.10.01 Pressure grows for hunting vote - The Government is coming under renewed pressure to allow a new vote on the abolition of hunting with hounds. (Tony Banks EDM) (story)

Barry Gem 31.10.01 Hunting ban will kill off point-to-point - THE anti-hunting brigade, it seems, are making big progress in their efforts to get foxhunting outlawed. If they get their way, the close links between hunting and point-to-pointing would be severed. If the sport then managed to survive at all, it is my opinion that it would be reduced to the level of flapping (unlicenced) meetings…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 31.10.01 "Why can't we publicise legal hunting activities?" letter from John Phelps Council member Protect Our Wild Animals Argyll Road Exeter "Last week a TV station returned one of our films, having declined to show the documentary on the grounds that it may upset their viewers." (letter available in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 31.10.01 "Hares today but they could be gone tomorrow... Teacher Rodney Hale has formed the British Brown Hare Preservation Society" (story available in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 30.10.01 courts - hunt master hits out at rspca - George Bowyer, joint-master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, criticised RSPCA for waste of money after case against Gary Edwards and Cyril Smith for damaging a badger sett was dismissed. The Fitzwilliam Hunt allowed the RSPCA on to the land and let its officers take pictures of the scene... Alison Joy, spokeswoman for the Peterborough branch of the RSPCA said an "expert" said that RSPCA would not be in a position to prove its case so it was withdrawn (story in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen 30.10.01 'Bring back the hunt to rid farms of fox threat' ... the Berkeley Vale Hunt said it had received dozens of calls from farmers desperate for hunting to start again... (story available in archive)

Scotsman 30.10.01 Advertising their opposition to anti-hunting bill... The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) hopes the campaign will highlight the human cost of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill... quote from Philip Fergus, 33, a kennel huntsman with the Eglinton Hunt (story) (photo)

Bristol Evening Post 29.10.01 "The majority reject hunting" letter from Leonard V Blake, Southmead Road, Filton Park, Bristol. (letter available in archive, Record Number 155265)

Leicester Mercury 26.10.01 HUNTING SEASON DELAYED OVER FOOT-AND-MOUTH FEARS quotes from Rad Thomas, of the Quorn Hunt, Joe Cowen, master of the Fernie Hunt, Paul Adams, of East Midlands Hunt Saboteurs (story)

Hampstead & Highgate Express 26.10.01 Animal rights activists banned from fur shop. Traders win injunction to keep group away from their homes and store (details of case against 4 AR activists, including hunt saboteur Clare Persey, not named in this story). (story)

Bucks Free Press 22.10.01 Why rear beautiful birds so they can be shot? - A RECENT letter from Yvonne Taylor of Animal Aid has spurred me on to probe further into the whole issue of bloodsports. It would be interesting to learn from shooters their reasons and excuses for shooting birds… Shooting birds is a sport enjoyed by people with similar views to those of the hunters… Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter in archive)

Penarth Times 18.10.01 Getting the issue back on agenda by Ceri Garner - FOXHUNTING with dogs must be banned once and for all. This is the view of Penarth's Assembly Member Lorraine Barrett, who last week strongly opposed the "cruel" activity at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 10.10.01 Huntingdon Life changes hands ... Huntingdon Life Sciences is to switch to American ownership in a bid to shield potential investors from the attention of animal rights protesters... (story)

Somerset Standard & Guardian 4.10.01 (no website) Will hunting ban repeat? - letter welcoming Scottish ban on hunting from ROSEMARY DAVIES Godminster, Bruton (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Hereford Times/Ledbury Reporter 3.10.01 Suspension of hunting brings loss to farmers - TWO surveys of UK hunts show that the hunting suspension brought about by foot and mouth resulted in significant financial loss to farms from fox predation... quote from Simon Hart, director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting (story)

Eastern Daily Press 29.9.01 Lab still reeling from wave of protests - Huntingdon Life Sciences yesterday said it was steadily recovering from a wave of animal rights protests earlier this year (story)

Irish Examiner 25.9.01 Hunting resumption increases disease fears - THE decision by Joe Walsh, Minister for Agriculture, to allow the resumption of the hunting and hare-coursing season is an act of national terrorism. Despite being told by his expert group that Ireland needs to brace itself for a fresh outbreak of foot and mouth, Walsh once again bows the knee to hunting interests…. John Tierney, Campaigns Director - Association of Hunt Saboteurs Association, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1. (letter)

Hillingdon Times 19.9.01 Animal Tests Are So Cruel - Recently, you printed a letter about the RSPCA Mayhew Home in Kensal Green and showed a photograph of a kitten being cared for and awaiting re-homing… However, there is another fate which awaits all too many kittens and other animals… I believe that all the experiments using animals should be made accountable to the general public on a regular basis, with scientists disclosing the benefits of their experiments…. Perhaps it is not generally known that there are scientists working continually on other methods of research. There is, for example, FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Research) and the Dr Hadwen Trust, which has an experimental laboratory at Nottingham University and the Lord Dowding Fund, to name but a very few… Jean Linden, Towers Road, Pinner (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 17.9.01 Huntingdon investors may gain anonimity... Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) have been waging war against Cambridgeshire-based HLS, which employs some 350 workers at Occold, near Eye, by pinpointing workers, individual investors, and financial institutions such as banks and stockbrokers... (story)

Guardian 11.9.01 £21,000 payout for hunt arrest - Rebecca Allison - Police have paid £21,000 in compensation to a group of protesters who were locked up for 10 hours after being arrested at a fox hunt as they ate their lunch in a minibus. Told to leave Sennybridge Farmers and drive to police station, where they were held - quote from Carey Lynne Jurczyk, from Swansea (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 10.9.01 pressures of policing which are making officers sick - MORE and more police officers are having to take time off through illness. The chief constable s annual report blames the pressures of dealing with animal rights protesters for the rise... he said policing the HLS demonstrations had resulted in officers being injured and had put many under stress (story)

Bucks Free Press 30.8.01 Nuturing them to kill them - I COULD not agree more with Penny Little's excellent letter ('Trying to restart bloodsports,' August 17). Their desperation to hunt, before foot and mouth ceases, demonstrates more effectively than anything I could say, how little hunters care about the countryside and farmers' livelihoods… artificial earths consisting of carefully constructed wooden chambers sunken into the ground and connected to a network of piping to act as tunnels were found by investigators on land known to be frequented by the Southdown and Eridge Fox Hounds… To obtain a free copy of Chaos in the Countryside the secret face of hunting exposed featuring a local hunt, the Bicester annd Whaddon Chase, call the LACS… Judy Gilbert Water End Road Beacons Bottom High Wycombe

Bucks Free Press 20.8.01 Will angling join the list of anti-bloodsport protests? - THE bizarre argument being touted by the foreign animal rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in suggesting that we should eat whales and ban angling in the UK should be dismissed as the prejudicial treatment it is… As a campaigning organisation, the Countryside Alliance is pledged to combat the animal rights agenda. Its aim is to defend all country sports, including angling… David Frost, Cherrycroft Drive Naphill High Wycombe (story in archive)

Melton Times 14.8.01 FOXHUNTERS OPTIMISTIC FOR ALL-CLEAR BY NOVEMBER ... even though some fear it may be longer before the Quorn, Belvoir and Cottesmore Hunts and the Oakley Foot Beagles can return, the Alliance is optimistic... (story)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 1.8.01 Vivisection debate still provokes strong feeling among protestors - Whether you are for or against animal experiments this controversial debate looks set to continue for many years to come. SARAH MILLS reports from the NIMR…. Members of the Mill Hill Anti-Vivisection Alliance were out in force on Friday to protest against using animals for medical experiments within the institute's walls…. (story)

NewsShopper series 25.7.01 Store accused of culling pigeons - ANIMAL rights campaigners are furious with a Petts Wood supermarket they believe is culling pigeons. Angry shoppers alerted Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS) and Animal Aid after spotting some distressed pigeon chicks trapped behind new netting designed to keep the birds from getting inside the car park of Safeway, in Queensway…. PICAS director Guy Merchant said: “When I went to Safeway I expected to see flocks of pigeons as they spend weeks trying to get back in to an area they have been excluded from. Instead I saw only two birds, and some dead. Although Safeway deny culling, it is my expert opinion there has been an extensive cull here.”… Spokesman Elaine Toland, one of a team of volunteers who rescued trapped chicks, said: “To put it mildly, Animal Aid is disappointed with Safeway…" Orpington resident David Cotton, of Branston Crescent, said: “This kind of killing is unnecessary and wrong…" (story)

Croydon Guardian 18.7.01 Hunt report was used selectively - With careful thought and apparently without reading the remainder of the report, Mrs Wendy Peckham (Croydon Guardian, July 5) has managed to take one quote from Lord Burns in an attempt to imply hunting is not cruel…. The Burns inquiry admitted the fox does feel pain so yes, people who hunt are cruel. Douglas Batchelor Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports Ltd (letter)

Croydon Guardian 18.7.01 Dangers Of Ignoring Animal Rights - I cannot believe that Mr Hamilton (Guardian, July 5) is serious in his views on animal rights. I imagine he would not approve of the beating or starvation of companion animals… As far as hunting is concerned, no one with a glimmer of imagination can doubt that it is cruel… Joan Gardner, Downsview Gardens, Upper Norwood (letter)
Croydon Guardian 18.7.01 Where will you put us lunatics? - In Croydon Guardian (5th July) Mr Hamilton of Thornton Heath displays a marked lack of reality when he offers support to the Conservative candidate who supports foxhunting… A D Marlow Purley Road South Croydon (letter)

Irish Examiner 11.7.01 Stranded ship highlights cruelty of cattle trade - THE end of foot-and-mouth disease restrictions marks the resumption of live cattle shipments from Ireland to the Middle East. It is important for the public to know that terrible animal welfare problems continue in this trade…. Mary-Anne Bartlett, Compassion in World Farming, Salmon Weir, Hanover Street, Cork. (letter)

Bucks Free Press 5.7.01 Time to show MEPs you care - YOU may think animal testing for cosmetics is no longer an issue in Britain. You may also think very few animals are subjected to these cruel and unnecessary tests now. You'd be wrong!... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection urgently needs help to support a Europewide petition urging MEPs to vote for a testing and sale ban… Della Green, BUAV 16a Crane Grove London N7 8NN Email: info@buav.org (story in archive)

NewsShopper series 28.6.01 Appeal to Pond over hunting - A GRAVESEND-BASED animal welfare group has called on Gravesham MP Chris Pond to carry out his pledge to support a hunting ban. Before the election, North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW) helped draw up an alternative manifesto for the Government. NKAW founder Mark Johnson believes laws should be tightened on the treatment of farm animals and those used in circuses and zoos… (story)
NewsShopper series 15.5.01 Pre-election animal rights bid - AN ANIMAL welfare group based in Gravesend has helped put together an alternative manifesto for the next Government. North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW) is throwing its weight behind plans to highlight animal protection issues in the run-up to the election and beyond. Supporting the newly-formed Animal Alliance, NKAW founder Mark Johnson said: “Despite the promises we were made last time on issues such as hunting and live exports, the British public has not seen any positive action…. (story)

Croydon Guardian 20.6.01 Anger At Hunt Talk - I was angered by the comments on fox-hunting (Guardian 31 May) by the Conservative candidate for Croydon Central. If Mr Congdon "loves animals", then how can he possibly condone fox-hunting…" Mr C Page, Kenley (letter)

Croydon Guardian 7.6.01 Animal Lover Starts Up Campaigning Magazine A Purley animal lover who became tired of what she claims is the lack of honest coverage given to animals and the environment by the media, has given up her job and started her own hard-hitting magazine. Frances Gavin, who writes articles from her home in Belmont Road, stopped working as a canine behaviourist after she and her a friend had the idea for the magazine, called Ooze, in August last year…. The current issue features contributions from campaigners Compassion in World Farming and Animal Aid, and covers a range of issues from conscientious shopping and cruelty free makeup to horse racing, pig farming and pet shops… (story)

Irish Examiner 26.5.01 Two hunters fined £500 each for badger baiting - TWO men, found guilty of badger baiting in April, were fined £1,000 at Roscrea District Court yesterday.Donnacha Doyle, 19, of Benamore, Roscrea, and Keith Murray, 21, of Golden Grove, Roscrea, who pleaded not guilty last month to hunting without permission, entering land to hunt, carrying a spade and firearm capable of hunting, hunting a protected animal, a badger, and interfering with a sett - a breeding place of a badger - were ordered to pay £500 each to two separate animal charities. Keith Murray, an apprentice fitter, was further charged with failing to allow the authorised person to use a shotgun on March 5, 2000, at Kilmartin, Borris-in-Ossory… After yesterday's case, Badger Watch Ireland and the Association of Hunt Saboteurs called on the Government to set up a wildlife crime unit to tackle illegal blood sports…. (story)

Irish Examiner 26.5.01 Stop cruel live animal exports, say activists By Ray Ryan - THE imminent resumption of live animal exports was condemned yesterday by Compassion in World Farming. It pledged to step up its campaign to end this "archaic, inhumane, uncontrolled and unnecessary trade"… CIWF-Ireland's director Mary-Anne Bartlett, who will travel to the European Parliament in Brussels next month to lobby Irish MEPs on the issue, said animals could be exported dead to save them suffering… (story)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 16.5.01 Cruelty inspires art show - With animal welfare top of the agenda thanks to foot-and-mouth disease, a Barnet artist next week unveils her own "shocking" take on the subject. Jenny Overton, 65, of Hemington Avenue, Friern Barnet, is exhibiting paintings featuring animal cruelty ranging from slaughtered cattle and battery hens to animal experimentation… Mrs Overton first became interested in animal welfare after becoming involved with charities Animal Aid and Compassion in World Farming… (story)

Westmorland Gazette 30.4.01 Animal Rights Silence During Crisis ….Can anyone explain to me how groups who fight to end fox hunting due to the cruelty to the fox, release minks from captivity to fend for themselves in the wild, who protest the wearing of furs,etc., can stand by in silence as thousands of health animalsare slaughtered? … Gini Otway, New York, NY (letter)

Hillingdon Times 25.4.01 Animal Rights Activists Bring Terror Tactics To Uxbridge April 25, 2001 15:56: Terrified workers took cover as animal rights protesters hurled bricks and stones into the office of a hair care products manufacturer. Thirty windows were smashed in the attack, carried out by around 15 animal rights activists, at Clairol's Uxbridge office in Swakeleys House, Milton Road, Ickenham… As the violent protesters left, a further 100 protesters arrived. They disassociated themselves from their animal rights colleagues… A man was arrested for Firearms Act offences as he tried to leave. He is on police bail and yet to be charged… (story)

Bucks Free Press 14.5.01 Bunnies rescued from vivisection tests need homes By Syreeta Lund - DEATH-ROW rabbits saved by an animal lover are desperately in need of good homes. The pure white bunnies were ear-marked for vivisection tests… Dawn Parkes, of Booker Common, who homed 28 of the rabbits last year, still has 13 of the fluffy friends… "I have kept all 13 of them but they roam around my garden and have eaten everything…"If you think you could offer a good home call Dawn Parkes on (01494) 451225 (story in archive)

Enfield & Haringey Independent 23.4.01 End Animal Cruelty - THE foot and mouth disease is very distressing but the reality is that 900 million animals are bred for slaughter every year… For free help and advice on vegetarian food, health and nutrition contact VIVA!... |C.HAYMAN, |Haslemere Road, |Hornsey (letter)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 17.4.01 Animal welfare Charles Ward is right to raise the issue of animal welfare in the foot-and-mouth crisis (Animal suffering', April 5)…. In any event, the whole export issue needs to be re-thought surely it is wrong that animals be loaded on to transport up to six times in their short lives. Ms V Burgess Address supplied (letter)
Barnet & Potters Bar Times 2.4.01 Animal suffering - I have watched the sickening pictures of countless thousands of cattle and sheep being shot and then burnt. I have watched farmers and others being interviewed and have listened to them saying how terrible it is. I have watched Tony Blair dodging and twisting as he has attempted to get himself out of another tight corner. … I have listened to them all pitying each other but have yet to hear one solitary word about the terrible suffering of those many thousands of animals…. Charles Ward Name and address supplied (letter)

Morpeth Herald 12.4.01 GONE TO EARTH... poem defending hunting from N.F. BATEMAN, Morpeth (letter)

Morpeth Herald 12.4.01 IN DEFENCE OF THE SLAUGHTERING PROCESS - reply to Kay Holder from Peter Allan, Larkrise, Ellington, Morpeth NE61 5HU ... Her letter depicts those in the industry associatedwith agriculture, haulage slaughtering and the production of wholesome meat products as almost subhuman beings... (letter)
Morpeth Herald 5.4.01 PYERS ARE NOT THE ONLY UNPLEASANT SCENES - Slaughter figures are almost back to normal, after a brief closure of slaughterhouses during the initial stages of the foot and mouth epidemic. Far more animals have passed through the doors of these buildings over the past month than have met their deaths on farms and faced the ‘grim pyre’... If the sight of suffering animals is causing you to choke on your breakfast bacon, call our Veggie Hotline on 01732 354 032 for a free recipe pack and information on the alternative to killing. KAY HOLDER, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)

Irish Examiner 5.4.01 Hunters are no different to human murderers RECENT media reports on the conviction of John Duffy, nicknamed the “Railway Rapist”, at the Old Bailey London throws up another link between human and animal abuse. Irish born Duffy described in court evidence how he and his accomplice would go on “hunting expeditions”, cruising the streets of London looking for female victims,,, Given the number of high profile cases of women missing in Ireland, perhaps with a sinister aspect, it is possible the person or persons responsible for their disappearance might have regarded it as a form of human hunting? Will we find that these women went missing at the hands of those with a background of involvement in animal abuse?... John Tierney, Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 30.3.01 Telling Tales Of Animal Rights - Pupils at Coombe Girls School were given the opportunity this week to hear the arguments against the use of animals in circuses. Animal Defenders spokesman Marie Claire Davies spoke to 180 pupils from the school in Clarence Avenue, New Malden, on Tuesday… (story)

Bucks Free Press 29.3.01 Master calls for delaying hunt vote - THE pro-hunting decision in the House of Lords this week brought fighting talk from Alan Hill, the senior joint master of the Kimblewick-based Vale of Aylesbury hunt. He said he hoped the Government would not try to bring the bill back to the Commons before the general election if it is delayed… Penny Little, spokesman for the group Protect our Wild Animals, said the Lords' vote had nothing to do with democracy… (story in archive)

Bucks Free Press 29.3.01 Protesters target Monsanto - CAMPAIGNERS against animal testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences demonstrated at a High Wycombe company on Friday. Monsanto, a pharmaceutical company in Lane End Road, is a client of Huntingdon Life Sciences, Cambridgeshire… Spokesman for the group Dawn Gifford said: "We've overwhelming evidence of animal cruelty at Huntingdon…" (story in archive)

Morpeth Herald 29.3.01 TIME TO BECOME A VEGETARIAN NATION ... As far as I’m concerned, now is the time to bring to an end the barbaric treatment of millions of animals and birds every year in this country. IAN JAMES, Springhill, Morpeth (letter)

Bucks Free Press 23.3.01 Call for cull of squirrels 'barbaric': Council wants mass slaughter to protect trees By James Cox - CALLS for a mass killing of grey squirrels have been met with threats of public protest by animal rights activists who have branded the idea barbaric… Dawn Parkes, founder of South Bucks Justice for Animals, said: "Squirrels are not pests…" Two years ago, South Bucks Justice for Animals and other groups managed to block moves by Marlow Town Council for a similar cull after a series of protests… (story in archive)

Barry Gem 21.3.01 Hunting a smokescreen? - THE genuine concern of Rob Curtis regarding fox hunting is well known and respected… What is curious is the fact that as a Labour councillor he can so readily accept a situation where his Government has failed to implement its anti-fox hunting policy for almost four years… I understand that the Labour Party has received financial donations from animal rights organisations and therefore must be seen to be concerned. The question is, why has the Government failed to carry out its promises? Yours sincerely Chris Franks, Dinas Powys (Prospective parliamentary candidate, Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales) (letter)
Barry Gem 9.3.01 Plaid poodle? - I FEEL I must warn the people of Barry, before it is too late, not to be fooled into thinking that Plaid Cymru is a more socialist alternative to the Labour Party…. More recently Plaid Cymru was exposed as being on the side of the fox hunting aristocracy. Yours sincerely Rob Curtis, Barry (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 16.3.01 Bomb Warning - PENRITH and the Border MP David Maclean hasreceived another bomb threat warning from animal activists campaigning fora hunt ban…. Themessage read: "Hunt ban you stinking b*****d…." (story)

Bucks Free Press 16.3.02 Posters target man - A PARISH councillor has said the targeting of John Coombe, the chief financial officer for GlaxoSmithKline Plc, "should be stamped on hard" after a vindictive poster campaign was started by an animal activist group… (story in archive)

NewsShopper series 9.3.01 Don't Hunt, Rather Go To The Seaside - With reference to Don't be harsh on fox hunters (News Shopper, February 28), I must say I was astonished by what I read. To argue fox hunters do not derive pleasure from killing foxes, exemplifies the fact they should not continue with such an activity and could quite easily drag hunt instead, for example…. Tim McArdle (letter)

Harlow Citizen 27.2.01 Bomb hoax sparks fears of animal rights attacks - A HOAX bomb left outside the New Frontiers Science Park in Harlow has renewed fears that animal rights protesters are targeting GlaxoSmithKline… (story)

Bucks Free Press 15.2.01 Protesters cause concert cancellation - THE Queen of Operetta had to cancel a charity concert after animal rights protesters trashed the building where the event was due to be staged. Soprano Marilyn Hill Smith, from Hazlemere, who has sung with the English National Opera, was due to sing at the Bayer building, Stoke Court, Stoke Poges, on Sunday evening… The room where the event was due to be staged was filled with broken glass after about 50 members of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) destroyed machinery and smashed windows as part of their bid to get Bayer to stop using Huntingdon Life Sciences to test products… The protesters went on to target other sites after hitting Bayer at about 2pm… (story in archive)

St Albans Observer 15.2.01 Director's home attacked by animal rights protesters - ANIMAL rights activists attacked the home of a pharmaceutical director in Wheathampstead on Sunday night. Windows were smashed and activists demonstrated outside the £350,000 house of Roche director David Jackson. Organised by SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty), similar demonstrations took place throughout the country, targeting companies linked to the Huntingdon Life Sciences animal testing laboratory… St Albans Animal Rights activist Lorraine Tonkin said: "We have a policy of strictly peaceful campaigning and receive a lot of support locally whenever we campaign."… SHAC spokesman Greg Avery said: "Basically, David Jackson was targeted because he is a director of Roche and they are customers of Huntingdon…." (story)
Watford Observer 14.2.01 Animal rights demonstrators converged for day of action - THE Bushey home of a director of a multinational drug company, was one of several targets in the Home Counties hit by animal rights campaigners at the weekend, following an organised protest against Huntingdon Life Sciences, one of Europe's biggest contract vivisection laboratories. More than 100 activists staged a protest against the Cambridgeshire-based organisation outside the home of Mr Richard Daniel, director of drugs company Roche, in Melbourne Road, Bushey, at approximately 4.30pm on Sunday…. (story)

Bucks Free Press 13.2.01 Animal rights protest - CABINETS were upturned, windows were smashed and machinery was destroyed by animal rights protesters at a company building in Stokes Poges. About 50 members of the national campaign group SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) descended on the Bayer building in Stoke Court, Stoke Poges, at around 2pm on Sunday, wrecking office furniture… Arrests were also made at sites in Frimley, Surrey, and Windlesham, on the Berkshire border, taking the number of arrests regionally to 87. (story in archive)

Bucks Free Press 13.2.01 Let's try to reduce suffering - CONTROVERSY over tests on animals at Huntingdon Life Sciences has brought the debate about vivisection to the fore… For 30 years the Dr Hadwen Trust has funded humane research into medical conditions and diseases… As keen supporters of the Trust we believe the Government could and should provide more funding non-animal research… Shauna Lowry, Dame Cleo Lane, Joanna Lumley OBE, Fern Britton, Audrey Eyton, Evelyn Glennie and Sir Patrick Moore (letter in archive)

BBC News Online 31.1.01 Animal activist jailed over threatening letters - A woman who sent death threats to staff of a drug testing firm has been jailed for six months. Animal rights campaigner Charlotte Lewis, 28, admitted four charges of harassment against existing and former staff of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire. … (story)

Barnet & Potters Bar Times 29.1.01 Stable foxes - The urban and suburban fox population has certainly become more visible, no doubt due to better education and less superstition about the animal and to its ever increasing popularity. However your article (Times Group, January 4) is incorrect in suggesting fox numbers have increased. London's fox population has remained broadly stable for 25 years and our observations actually suggest a decrease of up to 20 per cent over the past four years… Trevor Williams, Director, The Fox Project, Kent (story)

Enfield & Haringey Independent 25.1.01 Local Mps Vote For Fox Hunt Ban - ALL three Enfield MP voted for a ban on fox-hunting when the Hunting With Dogs Bill was debated in Parliament. Stephen Twigg, Joan Ryan and Andy Love refused to back a compromise amendment which would have allowed most fox hunts to have continued under a licence system… Mr Love and Mr Twigg are members of the League Against Cruel Sports. (story)

Irish Examiner 25.1.01 Activists fight on against the use of animals in scientific experiments - THREE of Ireland’s largest stockbroking firms have sold their stake in Europe’s biggest contract animal testing laboratory following intense pressure from British and Irish animal rights groups. BCP Stockbrokers sold its entire holding of 3,000 shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences HLS), that has seen its share price plummet and backers exit following allegations of animal cruelty by animal rights activists… Bernie Wright of the Alliance for Animal Rights said all Irish based corporate stockbrokers had been persuaded to sell their entire holding in HLS… (story)

Croydon Guardian 22.1.01 Stop Hypocritical Animal Slaughter - The effects of foot and mouth disease are dreadful and its economic consequences spread far wider than the farming community. Despite this, there is a great deal of hypocrisy around and it is not helping to find solutions. Farmers claim to be upset at the killing of day-old lambs yet these are the same farmers who happily send them long distances to market or even overseas to be slaughtered when they are just a few weeks older…. The moment you do that you distance yourself from the carnage. Viva! will give you all the help and advice you need… P FENN, Barnfield Road, Sanderstead (story)

Croydon Guardian 22.1.01 Campaigners stage protest - Animal rights campaigners staged a protest in Croydon on Tuesday… Members of Surrey Fighting for Animals (SUFFA) held placards outside Croydon Corporate Centre, Christopher Wren Yard, following reports that Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) bankers, the Royal Bank of Scotland had cancelled a loan… (story)

Lynn News 19.1.01 MP BACKS FOXHUNTING BAN - NORTH West Norfolk MP Dr George Turner chose to ban fox hunting in Wednesday’s House of Commons vote. The Labour MP said he canvassed opinions from across the constituency, both for and against hunting, and the majority of people were in favour… Mr David Hunter, who rides with the West Norfolk Hunt and is also Fakenham Racecourse manager and clerk to the course, said: “I think Dr Turner must be under no illusions that he only has a small majority in his constituency and has underestimated the strength of feeling for keeping fox hunting alive.” Mr Peter Radcliffe, a spokesman for West Norfolk Animal Rights Group, said he was aware that Dr Turner had taken the time and trouble to hear his constituents views, from both sides of the debate…. (story)

Irish Examiner 19.1.01 Fox hunting brigade to ride on as Bill faces more obstacles - Pat Brosnan - ANIMAL rights activists who have been baying for a ban on fox hunting, and any other outdoor activity that normal people might enjoy, may be a little premature in hailing the decision by the House of Commons to outlaw the sport. While MPs have voted overwhelmingly to ban fox hunting, the chase isn’t completely over. The Bill has yet to go before the House of Lords where common sense will more than likely prevail… There is an extreme element in the animal rights lobby who would seek to impose their will on the rest of us, through intimidation or subversion, which should not be tolerated. I haven’t any vested interest in seeing hunting, or coursing, or any of a number of other sports preserved, other than that they are a vital part of our rural heritage. They are too important to allow them disappear or be banned because a minority of people, who presume to be morally superior, deem that they should be (story)

Westmorland Gazette 19.1.01 Hunt Supporters Fight On - DETERMINED hunt supporters in South Lakeland havevowed to continue their fight to ensure the centuries-old sport is notoutlawed, reports Victoria Clark…. "In some ways it is arelief now they have drawn the battle lines and we now we know what we areup against," said Kate Nicholson, of the ConistonFoxhounds… "Hunting is an obscenity which should have beenbanned years ago," said Chris Aldous, a member of the League Against CruelSports…. Inthe meantime, hunt followers are rallying support for the CA's Liberty andLivelihood demonstration on March 18 when hundreds of thousands ofcountryside campaigners are expected to take to the streets ofLondon…. (story)

NewsShopper series 19.1.01 Mps Anger Over Hunt Legislation - Bromley MPs have reacted angrily to the vote to ban hunting with dogs… Eric Forth, Tory MP for Bromley and Chislehurst, voted against the new legislation on hunting… Jacqui Lait, MP for Beckenham voted for hunting with dogs to be regulated, instead of banned outright… John Horam, Conservative MP for Orpington, also voted for regulation instead of a ban… (story)

Guardian 18.1.01 Haphazard army with the scent of victory - Paul Kelso and Steven Morris - analysis of the groups & individuals behind the Huntingdon Life Sciences campaign - ALF, Robin Webb, Barry Horne, SHAC (story)
Guardian 18.1.01 Workers living in fear - Steven Morris - As far as the workers at Huntingdon Life Sciences are concerned, the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) campaigners are not just demonstrators. They are terrorists - details of campaign of intimidation against workers (story)

Irish Examiner 15.1.01 Animals don’t belong in circus THE visit of an Italian circus to Ireland has stirred the usual controversy, pitting animal welfare groups against those who brand us spoilsports and occupiers of some mythical high moral ground. I want to clarify the ISPCA’s position on this matter… I would appeal to anyone thinking of visiting a circus with animal acts to consider that, by supporting this form of entertainment they are perpetuating exploitation and cruelty. Ciarán O’Donovan, Chief Executive Officer, ISPCA, 300, Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. (letter)

Telegraph 12.1.01 The ALF is known for balaclava-clad henchmen By Richard Alleyne - THE Animal Liberation Front remained defiant yesterday in the face of growing public condemnation and the threat from the secret services. Robin Webb, self-styled spokesman for the ALF, said that the bomb attack on the Cockerills' house was a legitimate target... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 12.1.01 Hunts to unite in show of defence by Matthew Lowe - HUNDREDS of defiant huntsmen will be staging the region's biggest-ever meet on the day politicians vote on banning hunting with dogs. About 300 riders from Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire are expected to join the hunt, which will coincide with a House of Commons debate on the Hunting Bill... Up to 1,000 foot supporters are also expected to be at the event, organised by the Countryside Alliance, which will attract riders from almost all of the 25 hunting packs in East Anglia... The Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds are providing a pack of hounds and joint master James Buckle believes a ban on hunting would see the loss of a "critical" part of rural life... But Norma Dinnie-Weall, the Hunt Saboteurs' Association regional spokesman, said protesters would be at Wednesday's meet... (story)

Telegraph 6.1.01 Animal extremists steal Beagle pack By David Sapsted - ANIMAL extremists last night admitted stealing a pack of beagles from an agricultural college's kennels. Two of the hounds were found wandering in the lanes after members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) broke into the kennels at Wye College, near Ashford, Kent, early yesterday... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 2.1.01 Supporters say hunt will stay in saddle By Sarah Chambers ...A crowd of around 200 gathered to see off 25 riders from the Easton Harriers and 23 hounds as they set off on a hare hunt from the village's Bell pub... (story)