July 2003

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Grimsby Telegraph 31.7.03 A COUNTRY VIEW - Reference the letter from Andy Tyler of Animal Aid (Viewpoint, July 16). While I can understand Mr Tyler's anger at getting a bloody nose from the much respected Advertising Standard, many people these days know what goes on in the countryside so to resort to smears and distorted half truths just will not do… (letter)

Worcester Evening News 31.7.03 Appalled by suffering of these greyhounds - I WAS absolutely appalled at the conditions 36 dogs had to endure on the 750-mile journey to race and train in Spain for the sport of greyhound racing…. L VAUGHAN, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Western Gazette 31.7.03 YOUR VIEWS ON RACING - I Am about to embark upon my final year at university and have to produce a dissertation project researching into a topic of my choice. For this I am looking into the popularity of horse racing as a sport… I am interested to hear both positive and negative points of view. If your readers have any opinions on racing and the racing industry, that they are willing to share with me I would be very grateful… Would they please contact me on this subject at rich_tory@yahoo.com, or write to me. Richard Tory, Charisworth Farm, Thornicombe, Blandford DT11 9AL (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.7.03 VIEWS ON HORSE RACING WANTED - I am about to embark upon my final year at university and have to produce a dissertation project researching into a topic of my choice. For this I am looking into the popularity of horse racing as a sport.... The aim of my research is to look into what views members of the public hold of racing as an activity.... If any of your readers have a view on this topic I would be very grateful to hear from them. Richard Tory, Charisworth Farm, Thornicombe, Blandford, Dorset (letter)

Hitchin Comet 31.7.03 Boss targeted by animal activists - Animal rights activists are flooding Hitchin with hate mail accusing a resident of being a convicted paedophile. It is the latest step in a two-month campaign against the Dupont director and two of his colleagues, all based at the Stevenage site…. Meanwhile the besieged family are taking comfort from the support of neighbours and friends. “We have had a lot of support in letters and in personal comments…" Some residents have received letters from the Priory Neighbourhood Watch in Hitchin saying: “The gentleman named in this malicious letter is completely innocent of all the charges laid against him.” (story)
Herts Advertiser 31.7.03 Hate mail campaign - ANIMAL-rights extremists are thought to be behind a smear campaign launched against a woman scientist living in St Albans. They have named her in a letter, pinpointed her address and accused her of being a convicted paedophile who imports and sells child pornography. It is believed to be the latest move in a campaign against a director of the chemical giant Dupont and two of his colleagues who work at the company's Stevenage site… The group of people who are being targeted claim they are not involved in animal testing. One man said: "They are persecuting someone who has nothing to do with their aims and telling really vicious lies about them. It is really upsetting."… (story)

Gloucestershire Citizen 31.7.03 DON'T DESTROY OUR SEAGULLS - Madam - Foxes, badgers, pigeons and now seagulls. Isn't it amazing how long we human beings have survived in their company? Perhaps we could learn to live with nature again, not strive to destroy it, as has been suggested by those complaining about seagulls… Elizabeth Downing, Cheltenham (letter)

Cornish Guardian 31.7.03 SADDENED BY SEAL CULLING - I feel sick and saddened after reading about the culling of animals (Guardian, July 24). I just cannot believe there is a plan to cull our beautiful seals. What will this achieve?... M Collins Newquay (letter)

Argus 30.7.03 Deaths of pigeons remain a mystery - The discovery of up to 100 dead pigeons along a country road remains a mystery after veterinary examinations failed to establish a cause of their death… Trevor Weeks, rescue coordinator for the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, said: "The tests were inconclusive. The X-rays showed that there were no signs of shooting but maggots had started to eat away at the birds so it was difficult to examine them."… (story in archive)
Argus 28.7.03 100 pigeons dumped in road by Karen Hoy - Motorists travelling to work along a scenic country road were forced to swerve around the carcasses of up to 100 pigeons.... Motorist Alan Hetherington, from Peacehaven, was taking his partner to work in Burgess Hill.... Mr Hetherington thinks they could have been killed during a shoot.... Trevor Weeks, rescue co-ordinator for the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), said: "The two birds will be examined...." (story in archive)

South Cheshire Chronicle 30.7.03 I AM writing to put the public right about the RSPCA… The taxi driver pointed out an injured dog, which my colleague said had been roaming around on three legs for over a week… I rang the RSPCA at Stapeley and was told they do not come out to sick or injured animals… I am now wondering, why do the RSPCA receive donations from the public, who think they are there to help when needed?... GRAHAM WILLIAMS Crewe


Shropshire Star 30.7.03 Warning on ponies - Last year I signed a grey Welsh Mountain pony due to unforseen circumstances over to the RSPCA who said she would remain the property of the RSPCA for the rest of her life and would never be sold. Big mistake. The person who adopted her now has her for sale in the Shropshire Star… Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of signing a horse or pony over to the RSPCA. Don't… S Perrin, Station Bungalow, Farm Hall, Kinnerley, Oswestry SY10 8EH (letter in archive)

Bolton Evening News 30.7.03 More progress on sale of pets - SELLING "pets" in DIY shops leads to impulse buys, the consequence of which is that animals are often neglected and/or abandoned…. Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge Kent TN9 1AW (letter in archive)
Sunderland Echo 10.7.03 Campaign continues to highlight suffering of animals in pet stores - Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Boston Standard DIY store set to stop selling pets - Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (story)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 CAMPAIGN AGAINST PET SALES GAINS SUCCESS - Selling pets in DIY shops leads to impulse buys, the consequence of which is that animals are often neglected and/or abandoned. This is why in 2000/1, Animal Aid ran a campaign against Focus (DIY) urging it to cease pet sales in its stores… We urge readers to encourage Focus in its commitment to stop selling all animals including fish, by writing to their local shops explaining the importance of ceasing the trade altogether in stores. Ajaye Curry Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.7.03 LET'S ALL BOYCOTT SPAIN'S PRODUCTS - Following on from Jane Somerset's letter regarding the necessity for tourists to boycott Spain as a holiday destination, I would also urge people to boycott all Spanish consumer goods, including food. The treatment of animals in Spain is diabolical, as with other parts of the globe, including our own country, where animals are shamelessly vivisected and hunted. We need a massive new animal rights organisation that is international and can bring pressure to bear on countries which wilfully abuse animals… Roy Franklin Bridgwater (letter)

Western Mail 29.7.03 A lively showcase for the sport - THE Royal Welsh Show is a great meeting place for country folk and the 2003 one was no exception. Anglers spend a lot of time discussing with their fellow fishers the current situation within the sport…. The presentation of a Recreational Fishing Strategy to the Environment Minister, Carwyn Jones, proved to be a pleasant and productive cere- mony… (story)

Scotsman 29.7.03 Activist fury at killing of zoo's animals - JAMES DOHERTY - A BROWN bear rescued by Brigitte Bardot and brought to Scotland has become the latest symbol of conflict between animal-rights campaigners and the debt-ridden Glasgow Zoopark… Management at the zoo last night dismissed as "disgracefully sensationalist" the claims by the animal-rights campaigners. They claim Bongo’s death will be a mercy killing, as the beast is suffering from old age and disease… Advocates for Animals yesterday slammed the zoo… Yvonne Taylor, the charity’s campaign co-ordinator, said: "They have exploited these animals over the years and they deserve to be cared for in the best possible standards for the rest of their natural lives…" (story)

Bolton Evening News 29.7.03 Cruelty just to obtain that fur - IF human beings are the "superior" species, why do we harm and kill weaker species for their fur?... Alwynne Cartmell, Aintree Road, Little Lever, Bolton (letter in archive)

(Torquay Herald Express) 28.7.03 FAREWELL TO MAN OF COUNTRY - Mourners have paid their last respects to Churston farmer Ralph Hall… As a young man he became the youngest civilian to join the Britannia Beagles and was heavily involved with the South Devon Hunt…. More than 200 people turned up to remember him, and the service was led by family friend Admiral Jim Eberle of the Britannia Beagles… (story)

Dundee Courier 28.7.03 Shooting sports Scots pose no threat to public - Towards the end of your piece on firearms certificates within Tayside you quote the Deputy Justice Minister’s misguided and ill-informed attack on shooting sports. It is sad that Mr. Henry has not realised that the dangers to public safety come from illegal guns... It is to be hoped that Mr. Henry will take the opportunity to see for himself what a valuable and positive contribution shooters make to the countryside and economy. His alarmist public statement attacking legitimate shooters will help no-one and risks serious damage to Scotland. (Dr). Colin B. Shedden, Director, BASC Scotland. Trochry, Dunkeld (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.7.03 CRYING FOWL OVER THE PLANNED CULL OF THE RUDDY DUCK - NO NEED FOR CRUELTY - I wonder if your readers are aware of the proposed cull of ruddy ducks… D M Kerwin Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 28.7.03 It's rabbit fur - I READ in the WMN about the "Sleeping Cat" bought in Torquay. I have one just like it and I think it is rabbit fur. I feel quite sure it's not dog hair or cat fur… Mrs Wellington, West Charleston Kingsbridge (letter)
Western Morning News 18.7.03 MINISTERS MAY BAN TRADE IN PET FUR - AURA SABADUS - Campaigners opposed to the importation of domestic cat fur and dog hair are claiming a major breakthrough - with the Government promising to consider a ban and to pay for DNA testing…. But the promise comes with a condition - animal campaigners have been given six months to provide sufficient evidence. That means pressure groups must find toy samples on sale in the UK so that the Government can test them at its own expense… Last night Cornwall-based animal rights campaigner David Neale welcomed the news… (story)

Sunday Independent 27.7.03 It's a dog's life for Irish greyhounds - A night at the 'dogs' is considered to be harmless and a bit of fun. For the punters it may be, but, sadly, for the majority of the swift participants on the track, the race result can be fatal. Most have overlooked the fact that 22,000 greyhounds cannot be winners... Bernie Wright, Greyhound Action (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 27.7.03 This is the front line in the animal rights war - and the doorstep is the battlefield By Andrew Alderson - Staff who work for HLS, the animal laboratory, have been under attack for four years. But the violence is about to become a lot worse, reports Andrew Alderson... SHAC was formed by Greg Avery, his former wife Heather James, and his current wife, Natasha Avery, all committed animal rights activists who insist that they are not linked with the illegal activities of the Animal Liberation Front. The trio recently served one-year jail terms for conspiracy to incite public nuisance…. Meanwhile, Mr Cass has taken to wearing an animal rights T-shirt with a difference. It says "SHAC" on the front but the acronym is spelt out on the back: "Spongers Hypocrites Anarchists Cowards" (story)

Scotland on Sunday 27.7.03 Activists call for publication of pig organ paper - TOM CURTIS - ANIMAL rights campaigners are lobbying for publication of a "suppressed" report to the government that states transplanting pig organs to humans may never be possible.... Anti-vivisection activists Uncaged, who believe it backs their case but is embarrassing to pro-xenotransplantation ministers, are mounting a campaign to persuade the government to produce the paper, written by medical ethics experts at Glasgow University. Campaign organiser Dan Lyons said: "It’s now clearer than ever that a pro-xenotransplantation policy has already been stitched up between the government and industry.... (story)

Northern Echo 26.7.03 Fish safe after anglers' protests by Sam Strangeways - A COUNCIL has now decided not to "evict" fish from a pond after protests from furious anglers. Fishermen using Brinkburn Pond, in Darlington, were told by council workers last week that the fish were to be removed in order to protect other species. After years of peaceful fishing at the pond, the anglers were informed it was unlawful for them to practise their sport and signs were to be put up banning them. But now a councillor has stepped into the row after reading of the authority's decision in The Northern Echo on Monday. (story in archive)

Guardian 26.7.03 Is charity losing faith and hope? - The RSPCA is threatening to shed 200-plus jobs as donations dwindle. Phillip Inman reports... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.7.03 RSPCA MAY FACE STRIKE OVER JOB CUTS BY ROB SIMS - Rspca staff could be balloted on whether to take strike action over controversial plans to restructure the animal welfare charity… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 22.7.03 RSPCA STAFF THREATEN TO STRIKE -Animal charity the RSPCA is facing a crisis as staff threaten to strike for the first time in the organisation's history… The £16 million cost of the new RSPCA HQ at Horsham, Sussex, has been criticised - as has the appointment of anti-hunt activist and ex-MP Jackie Ballard as the £90,000-per-year director general… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 22.7.03 RSPCA STAFF MAY STRIKE OVER CALL CENTRE CLOSURES - Animal charity the RSPCA is facing a crisis as staff threaten to strike for the first time in the organisation's history. The RSPCA wants to close 10 regional call centres nationwide, with the loss of 200 jobs, and replace them with a national one…. (story)
Guardian 21.7.03 RSPCA staff threaten strike action - David Batty - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is facing its first strike over plans to close regional offices with the loss of 200 jobs…. It is still reeling from the controversial appointment of ex-Liberal Democrat MP and vigorous anti-hunt campaigner Jackie Ballard as its director general last year, and a row over its plush new £16m headquarters in Horsham, Sussex (story)
Independent 21.7.03 RSPCA may be hit by strike over call centre closures By Maxine Frith - The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals is facing its first strike. Staff are threatening to act over the closure of 10 regional call centres, with the loss of 200 jobs.... The charity raises £80m a year but has lost £16m on the stock market in the past three years. The losses have triggered a pay and recruitment freeze while the RSPCA has spent £16m on a new headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. There has also been anger at the £90,000 salary of the charity's director general, the former MP Jackie Ballard.... Some members of the society have also expressed anger at the £4.5m spent on political campaigns in the past year. At the same time, plans to build a £3m home for abandoned animals near Durham city have been postponed because of the financial problems... (story)
Sunday Mirror 20.7.03 WILDCAT STRIKERS - EXCLUSIVE Cash-crisis RSPCA faces first walkout as staff fight job cuts By Stephen Hayward - THE RSPCA has been plunged into crisis as it faces its first-ever strike.... Staff are now threatening to take industrial action in protest over the closure of the RSPCA's 10 regional call centres and the loss of about 200 jobs... Critics have attacked the £16million cost of a new HQ at Horsham, Sussex, and the appointment of anti-hunt activist and ex-Lib Dem MP Jackie Ballard as the £90,000-a-year director general.... (story)
Oldham Chronicle 2.7.03 RSPCA control centre in shock closure - The RSPCA North-West control centre in Chadderton is to close with all its staff to be made redundant. The shock move was announced by the animal charity as part of a £7.5 million cutback in the face of financial difficulties…. (story may be in archive)
Cambridge News 2.7.03 RSPCA CASH PLIGHT MEANS SERVICES ARE THREATENED - THE Cambridge branch of the RSPCA could be forced to cut back its service unless it manages to pull itself out of dire financial straits… (story)

Western Morning News 25.7.03 WE'RE PROUD OF THE HORSES WE CARE FOR - As someone who has spent nearly all my life around horses, working in riding stables and latterly with race horses, I'm getting sick and tired of the jibes and sneers of anti-horse letters, very thinly disguised as anti hunt letters. When correspondents mock anyone in riding attire they are not only having a go at hunt supporters but insulting all those of us employed in the equestrian industry that generates nearly £2.5 billion a year for the UK economy... (letter)

The Citizen (Lytham St Annes) 25.7.03 Award for shooting club work by Steve Dunthorne - A FYLDE shooting club has won a prestigious national award for its work in conserving the Ribble Estuary. Lytham and District Wildfowlers were singled out for praise in the habitat management section of the English Nature awards…. (story in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 25.7.03 BIRD LOVERS DON'T WANT DUCK CULL - Re: Tom Wilson's letter, headed 'Anglers are friends of the environment'. You make three attempts at putting the ruddy duck cull on the same footing as your stupid call to kill cormorants. The fact is, no real bird lover I know of is in favour of this cull... To finish, I note you suggest anglers are catching fish which have been damaged. Do you not believe inflicting a barbed hook on a fish's mouth is causing damage?... Carl Hamilton, Dairy Farm Cottage, Normanby (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.7.03 NO ALTERNATIVES TO CRUEL ANIMAL TESTS - As your July 19 report indicates, the annual Home Office statistics on the use of animals in scientific procedures reveal the Government's failure to implement replacement, non-animal research techniques... Green Party Euro-MPs will be pushing for the replacement of animal methods when EU legislation is revised next year. David Taylor, South West Green Party (letter)

Wandsworth Guardian 25.7.03 Shocking rise in experiments on animals - Readers will be shocked to learn that Home Office figures published on July 18 reveal the highest number of UK animal experiments since 1994. The total number of experiments on animals has increased by four per cent since last year, to reach 2.73 million, and the number of individual animals used has also increased by 3.3 per cent…. Wendy Higgins campaign director British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 25.7.03 Colour no joke for polar bear - HOW sad it was to see the pitiful sight of Pelusa the polar bear behind bars in Mendoza Zoo in Argentina... Yvonne Taylor Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 25.7.03 Ivory shame of antiques experts - THE elephant is a magnificent animal much admired and loved around the world. It is also unfortunately a target in some places where it is killed for its ivory tusks... A part of their campaign is to reduce the trade in articles made from ivory. It is a hard and long job mainly because it is a source of great profit. It is, then, very distressing to listen to the "experts" on television antiques shows drooling over objects made of ivory and emphasising their monetary value... A Delahoy Silverknowes Gardens Edinburgh (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 25.7.03 SIR - Despite all the bad publicity pet shops have had over the last year, people are still purchasing puppies and kittens from them. Why?... Jenny Sampson, Cat Watch/Rescue, Rossmore Drive, Allerton. (letter in archive)

Melton Times 24.7.03 CAMPAIGNERS BLAST HUNT INVESTIGATION - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have blasted a recent investigation into the Cottesmore Hunt claiming it was a farce…. Terrierman Dean Jones admitted moving the foxes, which he was told to kill, saying it was an act of compassion. But Phyllis Campbell-Rae, UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is calling his explanation "inadequate"… All four hunt masters, including Scalford businessman David Manning, were exonerated, along with huntsman Neil Coleman. Mr Jones has had his MFHA licence removed for three years… (story)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 10.7.03 HUNT WORKER RAPPED BY DISCIPLINE HEARING - A TERRIER man employed by the Cottesmore Hunt has had his licence withdrawn after he was filmed moving fox cubs.... Mr Jones, who admitted the offence, told the disciplinary committee that it was done in a 'moment of compassion'. Neil Coleman, the huntsman, admitted Jones had told him of the matter later but he did not disclose this information to his employers... Discussions are being held about the future of Mr Jones, who is still employed by the hunt staff, but because of the ban can no longer be employed by them as a terrier man.... (story)
Melton Times 3.7.03 HUNT MASTERS SUSPENDED AS SECRET FILM RELEASED - MASTERS of Cottesmore Hunt yesterday faced a formal hearing after allegations an employee moved a vixen and her cubs to an artificial earth on hunting land... Mr Clayton says IFAW withheld the footage until just before the Commons debate on Tuesday to boost anti-hunt feeling. But Mrs Key says it took months for the film to be edited and checked by lawyers... (story)
Leicester Mercury 30.6.03 HUNT IS PROBED - Four joint masters and two workers for the Cottesmore Hunt have been suspended over allegations that they breached hunt rules… (story)
Independent on Sunday 29.6.03 Four huntmasters and two workers have been suspended by one of Britain's premier hunts over allegations that a vixen and two cubs were moved in breach of hunting rules. An investigation has been launched into reports of misconduct at the Cottesmore Hunt... (story)
Times 28.6.03 Fox ‘bait’ boost to anti-hunt campaign BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - AN INVESTIGATION has been ordered into the running of the 337-year-old Cottesmore Hunt after a member of staff admitted moving a vixen and two cubs from an earth, in breach of hunting rules... Investigators for the International Fund for Animal Welfare filmed Dean Jones, who carries out general labouring duties for the hunt, in the Midlands, moving foxes to an artificial earth at Cheseldyne Spinney in Leicestershire. Hunting rules ban the moving of any fox or litter of cubs under any circumstances... Mr Jones admitted that he had moved the foxes and was suspended, as was his boss, Neil Coleman. The four suspended joint masters are David Manning, a businessman, Charles Gordon-Watson, a bloodstock agent, and Nicholas Wright and Roger Dungworth, both farmers. A formal hearing is to take place on Wednesday. (story)
BBC News Online 28.6.03 Hunt masters suspended - Four joint hunt masters and two workers have been suspended over allegations a vixen and two cubs were moved from an earth in breach of hunting rules. An investigation has been launched into allegations of misconduct at the Cottesmore Hunt after pictures were taken by an animal welfare group.... A spokesman for the Cottesmore Hunt said the alleged incident had taken place in March, but IFAW had held back the complaint until now.... He also said the masters were totally unaware of the alleged breach of the rules of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA).... The four suspended joint masters are businessmen David Manning and Nicholas Wright, bloodstock agent Charles Gordon Watson and farmer Roger Dungworth. They will appear before a formal hearing of the MFHA next Wednesday in London (story)
Ananova 28.6.03 Joint hunt masters suspended over fox-moving claims - Four joint hunt masters and two workers have been suspended. It follows allegations that a vixen and two cubs were moved from an earth in breach of hunting rules. An investigation has been launched into allegations of misconduct at the Cottesmore Hunt after pictures were taken by an animal welfare group. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said its investigators filmed a member of the hunt placing two cubs in an artificial earth at Cheseldyne Spinney, Leicestershire…. (story)

Northern Echo 24.7.03 Gamekeepers to be honoured - TWO of Yorkshire's most experienced gamekeepers are being honoured for their long service to the countryside. Harold Carr, of the Garrowby Estate, near York, and Mike Richardson, of the Duncombe Park Estate, near Helsmley… will be presented with long service awards at the Country Land and Business Association's 2003 Game Fair (story in archive)

Glasgow Evening Times 24.7.03 A CALL has been made for a boycott of greyhound racing in Scotland because of alleged cruelty to the dogs… Greyhound Action Scotland claims hundreds of healthy racing dogs are either put down, abandoned or disposed of each year by trainers after their track careers come to an end… Amanda Wells, of Greyhound Action Scotland, said: "In the 77 years of greyhound racing thousands of dogs have died as a result of the pursuit of profit and in the name of sport…" (story)

Daily Record 24.7.03 Animal crackers - H. BOYD is right. I have, on many occasions, had great difficulty finding anyone to assist me when I found distressed pets or wild animals which were suffering... If the RSPCA won't deal with Scottish incidents, why do they have a contact here? And what exactly do the pet/animal charity organisations spend their donations on, if not the care of distressed animals? I will no longer be donating to animal charities and I wish all other kind people would do the same till these organisations do the job we expect. - P. Donaghy, Irvine. (letter)

Shropshire Star 24.7.03 Sickening journeys for horses - I have just read about a sickening trade that makes me ashamed of the human race. It details the conditions in which 87,000 horses a year are sent by road from Poland to Italy… Fortunately, Viva! has opened an office in Warsaw and is co-ordinating a national campaign demanding an end to horse exports… M Edwards Llangollen (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.7.03 Support for eggs enterprise - I refer to your report that the residents of Harley are rejecting proposed plans for a free-range egg production unit close to their village… Where eggs are produced intensively, the hens are treated as egg-laying machines, featherless and barely able to walk at the end of their short lives. A new free range farm at Harley would be a small step towards ending this barbaric system… L Vandyke Much Wenlock (letter in archive)

Scotsman 24.7.03 Doomsday scenario - It is reassuring to learn that Alastair Harper (Letters, 21 July) agrees that the United Kingdom no longer has an agrarian economy… If this doomsday scenario unfolds, then we will have to make more efficient use of our existing resources to allow us to reduce our imports. One very effective way to achieve this would be to remove all subsidies from meat and animal products, thus liberating more farmland for cereal and vegetable crops… JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Irish Examiner 24.7.03 Ugly reality of the slaughterhouse …these gentle, timid animals, who never did any harm to anyone, will be forced on to trailers and trucks and begin their last journey… All will end up experiencing the routine savagery of the slaughterhouse…. Gerry Boland, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)

Cornish Guardian 24.7.03 WHY THE RUSH TO CULL OUR ANIMALS? I must express my concern over the apparent eagerness that society seems to have developed towards the "culling" of animals and birds that inhabit our beautiful county. First we have to see several thousand badgers trapped and killed, allegedly in the interest of scientific research into the transfer of tuberculosis to cattle, and then recently we see that seagulls are being shot to reduce their numbers. Now I see that a cull of seals in our waters is on the agenda because they are eating too many fish!... Neill P. Reardon FBII Boscoppa (letter)

Cornishman 24.7.03 Name and address supplied - The letter last week claiming farmers are under attack misses the point… I am deeply troubled by anyone who lacks compassion whether it be for farm animals or distressed and disadvantaged people, unemployed, homeless, mentally ill or seeking asylum (letter)

Western Morning News 23.7.03 ALL THE ANIMALS ARE BACK AT ONE-DAY SHOWS - Half-way through the agricultural showing season Peter Hall previews three of the most popular… This year's Honiton Show takes place on August 7 and will be larger than ever with a move to a new site alongside the A30…. Main ring attractions include the Mega Mini Stunt Show, Bob Hogg's Dog and Duck Display and Berkeley Flying Owls. There will be a grand parade of livestock, a parade of hunts from the Hound Show and the Territorial Army Band of the Rifle Volunteers…. (story)

Newcastle Journal 23.7.03 Duke's man is as free as a bird - A gamekeeper for the Duke of Northumberland yesterday walked free after being cleared by a court of attempting to trap rare birds of prey on the aristocrat's estate. Gary Taylor, of Powburn in Northumberland, appeared before Alnwick Magistrates, accused of committing five offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The two-day trial dramatically ended yesterday with the 29-year-old being cleared of all the allegations… (story)
Newcastle Journal 23.7.03 Keeper 'tried to trap rare birds' - A gamekeeper employed by the Duke of Northumberland was yesterday accused of trying to trap rare birds on the aristocrat's estate. Gary Taylor, of Powburn, Northumberland, appeared before Alnwick Magistrates accused of five offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act…. Taylor, 27, denies the charges, which centre on the use of three large cage traps - each big enough to hold a person - which investigators from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds say were primed to catch birds of prey, including peregrine falcons and hawks…. (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 23.7.03 Breeder faces top-level probe over pup farm by Graeme Murray - A DOG breeder accused of selling sickly puppies and having no licence will today have his business plans scrutinised by the Scottish Executive. Stephen Hamilton's business at Waterside Farm, Galston, Ayrshire, has sparked furious protests from campaigners demanding it be shut down. Waterside Action Group claims he has been importing scores of sickly animals from Ireland and selling them for hundreds of pounds…. Ken McKie, secretary of Waterside Action Group, said: "This man appears to have treated the council with contempt, yet they are going out of their way to support him."… (story)

Daily Record 23.7.03 TRADE IN PET FUR MUST BE STOPPED - THE Record is to be congratulated for its shocking expose regarding the import of cat and dog fur into the UK… Jean Cooper, Dunfermline (letter)

Northwich Guardian 23.7.03 Degrading human race - I OBSERVE from a report in today's national press that an Englishman has been gored while taking an active part in the 'running of the bulls' in Pamplona, Spain… This is a 'sport' for sadists and an example of the depths of depravity to which human beings can sink, and it is hoped that the good people of Vale Royal will not wish to witness these disgusting events which degrade the human race. Beryl Chapman, Vicarage Walk, Northwich (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 22.7.03 DEER HERD DISEASE MUST BE ADDRESSED - The accusation that hunters spread TB ("Deer haven in sickness row", WMN, July 8) is a distraction from the plight of the red deer on and around the sanctuary at Baronsdown, Dulverton. This is a major welfare issue that is completely separate to the hunting issue… TB is a recognised disease of overcrowding and poor nutrition. These are the very conditions that exist on and around the sanctuary… With so many hinds and so many stags, why so few calves? Both the birth rates and the calf survival rates are lower than the hunted areas of Exmoor. This is a classic example of evidence of a serious problem… D J B Denny BVet Med MRCVS, Worcester (letter)
Argus 15.7.03 CALL FOR INVESTIGATION OVER DEER CLAIM - Shadow Agriculture Minister John Hayes yesterday called for a Government investigation into claims that deer on an anti-hunt sanctuary in the Westcountry are riddled with health problems. Mr Hayes said he was alarmed by claims that many of the deer at the League Against Cruel Sports sanctuary at Baronsdown, on Exmoor, were infected with TB, which could be passed on to local livestock…. (story)
Western Morning News 11.7.03 WELFARE GROUP DENIES DEER CLAIMS Anti-hunt campaigners have hit back at claims that deer on one their sanctuaries are suffering ill-health due to mismanagement… A statement said: "Allegations about the health and welfare of wild red deer in and around the League Against Cruel Sports sanctuaries are part of a deliberate attempt by pro-hunt supporters to smear the league and to promote culling."… Following allegations about cruelty to animals, the RSPCA, together with a vet and British Deer Society member, carried out an inspection. No evidence of cruelty or TB was found… The statement said: "Gordon Pearce believes in management by death…." (story)
Somerset County Gazette 11.7.03 Red deer claims denied - THE League Against Cruel Sports this week denied allegations that red deer at its sanctuary on Exmoor are harbouring TB and other infectious diseases… LACS spokeswoman Anne Holmes told the County Gazette: "No matter how many times the League is exonerated of these spurious animal cruelty charges, they are re-packaged and re-released by people who like to kill animals for sport."… (story in archive)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 DEER HAVEN IN SICKNESS ROW - Claims that a Westcountry animal sanctuary is harbouring infectious diseases have been vehemently denied by its owners, an anti-hunting group. A vet has estimated that up half the animals that seek shelter in the 250 acres of the unfenced area on Exmoor could be infected with TB and that many have parasites and lung worm as a result of poor management and overstocking. The Baronsdown Sanctuary was set up by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), almost 30 years ago, and the league says the claims are completely unfounded… (story)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 'TRAGEDY OF DEER MISMANAGMENT' - Amid the row over the future of the sanctuary, one man insists that his prime concern is the care and welfare of the deer. For over 50 years Gordon Pearce has been working in the area as a stalker… Working largely as a volunteer, he was used by the Baronsdown Deer Sanctuary to help keep numbers under control… However, when the League Against Cruel Sport's policy on culling changed it was decided that his services were no longer required… . "There is no one, but no one, more against hunting than me," he said. He said he was in favour of protecting deer from the hunts and from people who shot them for sport, but did not believe the league was doing the best for the animals with its current management techniques…. (story)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 VET'S CONCERNS - Worcester vet David Denny has taken an active interest in the deer on Exmoor since 1976… "Someone has to start taking responsibility for the welfare and management of these animals," he said… (story)

Scotsman 22.7.03 Misguided attack - It is a shame that Ross Minett (Letters, 18 July) dramatises the sad events at PPL Therapeutics… The use of AAT sheep which, incidentally, were not cloned, to alleviate the suffering and prevent the premature deaths of thousands of children and young adults may appear to have failed. Yet surely it is better to try, and fail, than stand by when progress may be possible and do nothing… As one who was involved in the clinical care of the sheep at PPL, I am happy to say that they were always treated to the highest standards of care and welfare from the moment they were born. They were never treated as "entities", and to say as much is insulting to anyone who has ever worked with them… TIM BAILEY, Oxton, Lauder, Berwickshire (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 21.7.03 Clones victims of mad science - SO PPL Therapeutics is killing up to 3000 of its transgenic sheep because it is encountering financial difficulties ("Dolly firm in mass cull to slash costs, July 15). This mass slaughter is a stark reminder of the biotechnology industry’s contempt for the animals it has "reconstructed"… Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 18.7.03 Abuse of animals - The slaughter by PPL Therapeutics of up to 3,000 of its transgenic sheep, because it is en-countering financial difficulties (your report, 15 July), is a stark reminder of the biotechnology industry’s contempt for the animals it has "reconstructed". Animals should not be treated as entities that can be discarded at the whim of a failing business.... ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.7.03 ANIMAL ART IS TOO HOT - An animal art exhibition by Bristol-born graffiti guru Banksy has been called off early because hot weather was distressing the stars, it emerged yesterday… They denied it had anything to do with protests by animal welfare campaigners, one of whom last week chained herself to the railings of the cattle pen (story)
Ananova 21.7.03 Banksy's exhibition closed because of 'legal problems' ... A spokeswoman for the show said the decision had nothing to do with the live cows and pigs which formed part of the exhibition. Animal rights protesters had complained at Banksy's use of painted live animals.... (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.03 Graffiti art show shut - A controversial exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy has been closed for "legal reasons", according to his website.... A demonstrator, Debbie Young, chained herself to railings surrounding a cow, in protest at what she saw as animal cruelty.... (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.03 Animals art called off - Live animals featured in an exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy were removed early because of stress and hot weather. Organisers decided to take the painted animals back to their farm two days early, but denied it had anything to do with protests by animal welfare campaigners… Debbie Young and two other protesters had demonstrated at what they saw as animal cruelty… (story)
Ananova 18.7.03 Animal rights activists protest against spray-painted cattle - An art exhibition featuring live cattle spray-painted with graffiti has been targeted by animal rights protesters. Debbie Young has chained herself to railings surrounding a cow decorated with images of Andy Warhol. It is the work of Banksy, a celebrated graffiti artist whose exhibition, Turf War, opened today in Hackney, east London… She and two male protesters with her apparently want to liberate the livestock and take them to an animal sanctuary…. (story) (photo)
BBC News Online 18.7.03 Animals sprayed by graffiti artist - One of the UK's most feted underground artists, Banksy, has launched a rare exhibition featuring live cows, sheep and pigs…. But one woman took offence to animals being used as art, and chained herself to railings surrounding a decorated cow. Debbie Young and two other protesters were demonstrating at what they saw as animal cruelty… (story)

Western Morning News 22.7.03 Outlaw evil of war - HOW I agree with DP Bonner that war is the greatest evil (WMN, June 17). I was absolutely sickened by the programme about the Battle of Agincourt… ones heart goes out to the poor horses, innocent animals that had no right to be enslaved to mankind's cruelty…. Evelyn Scott Brown, Liskeard (letter)

Western Morning News 22.7.03 GREATER EFFORT TO CLEAN UP SPORT - In reply to your correspondent CN Bowles (WMN, July 19) who wrote that greyhounds are easily rehomed after racing… the numbers of greyhounds bred each year is between 30,000 and 40,000, while the number rehomed is below 10,000 - which begs the question of what happens to the silent majority. Thousands of these young dogs are dumped, end up in testing laboratories or are killed. Good trainers like your correspondent who enjoy their hobby have to make more strenuous efforts to ensure that the brutal side of their sport is cleaned up. C Lavelle Holsworthy Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 19.7.03 Greyhound racing - AFTER reading the letter from Helen Warne (WMN, July 8), I felt the need to differentiate fact from fiction. The BBC documentary about greyhound racing was a one-sided view showing a few fiddlers which there are in most sports. However, the majority are honest people like ourselves... Most racing owners are responsible people, unfortunately there are a few that give the sport a bad name. C N Bowles, Slapton Kingsbridge (letter)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 ANOTHER SIDE TO THIS 'FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT' - I was interested to read the article regarding the BBC filming an episode of Down to Earth, with one particular scene at Newton Abbot greyhound racing track… The number of greyhounds discarded by the racing industry is over 10,000 a year and with the industry-controlled Retired Greyhound Trust only rehoming about 1,400 a year many dogs end up destroyed… Helen Warne, Devon (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 22.7.03 SEAPORTS SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT GULLS I totally disagree with the letter about seagulls (Evening Express, July 19). It is wrong to say that "gulls offer absolutely nothing to our community." They are beautiful creatures…. It is mankind that is destroying our planet not animals. T Duncan Aberdeen (letter)

Oxford Mail 21.7.03 Duke will visit show - The Duke of Edinburgh will be paying his first-ever visit to the Bicester and Finmere show on August 3… The show was started by friends after Sally Haynes was partially paralysed when she fell off her horse while foxhunting… (story in archive)
Oxford Mail 7.6.03 Prince Philip to visit show by Peter Barrington - The Duke of Edinburgh is making his first visit to the Bicester and Finmere Show on August 3… Sally Haynes, a show committee member, said: "We have to write to Prince Philip every year to ask him to renew his patronage, which has always been done. This year he was asked if he would pay a visit and he agreed."… The show was founded after Miss Haynes was partially paralysed in a fall while out hunting. Friends arranged the show in support of her and it has continued ever since. (story in archive)

Northern Echo 21.7.03 RURAL ECONOMY - TRADITIONAL English family values are under attack now as never before… As for their self-proclaimed defenders, the Conservative Party and the Countryside Alliance, they are hypocrites… And what has the Countryside Alliance ever done to stop the appalling haemorrhage of rural services?... Tony Kelly, Crook. (letter in archive)

Sunderland Echo 21.7.03 FAR from "caving in to the gun lobby" over young people and airguns, the Government has steered a sensible course…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation condemns the misuse of airguns and has every sympathy with the victims of such criminal action. The Anti-Social Behaviour Bill will add to the already strict measures of law outlined in the various pieces of firearms legislation in this country. Simon Clarke, BASC, Rossett, Ll12 0HL (letter)

Watford Observer 21.7.03 Religious groups call on the Government over animal slaughter By Oliver Finegold - JEWISH and Muslim residents in Watford have called on the Government to reject proposals to change the way they slaughter animals... (story)

Essex Evening Gazette 21.7.03 Colchester: Protesters call to boycott circus - Animal rights protesters mounted a picket protesting about the use of animals in a circus which was visiting Colchester…. James Taylor, of Essex Animal Concern, said: "We hope that the people of Essex will reject the Great British Circus and we will keep on campaigning outside this circus until the animals are put in safe homes…" (story in archive)

Wales on Sunday 20.7.03 Magnet for cruel puppy farms - Lucy Ballinger, Wales on Sunday - TODAY Wales on Sunday goes behind the scenes of the sickening puppy farm trade in Wales…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 20.7.03 Don't overlook the ordeal of the bulls - This year’s ‘spectacle’ of the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, claimed yet more human casualties (‘British man gorged as six are injured at Spanish bull run,’ July 13). However, what the photographs do not show are the tortures endured by the poor animals before, during, and after this degrading spectacle.... Ross Minett Campaigns Director Advocates for Animals (letter)

Telegraph 19.7.03 Animal experiments up - The number of animals used in experiments increased last year, mostly because of research into genetically-modified mice, the Home Office said yesterday… The RSPCA said the figures were unacceptable (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.7.03 GOLDFISH NEED TLC - With reference to the article about winning goldfish at fairs and other events (Grimsby Telegraph, July 16). I must write to say how wrong this is - fish are living creatures and require looking after the same as any other pet... Kath Wheatley, Yarborough Rd, Grimsby (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 16.7.03 IT'S NO FAIR WAY TO TREAT GOLDFISH, SAYS RSPCA - Hannah Kennard - For decades, delighted children have gone home from Grimsby-area fairs clutching a goldfish in a plastic bag. But the RSPCA is backing moves by some councils to outlaw the tradition of handing over the fish as prizes on stalls.... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 16.7.03 THEY ALL AGREE IT WOULD BE SHAME TO LOSE TRADITION - Rspca officers are pushing for a ban on the traditional fair prize of a goldfish. But what do fair fans think? Reporter Hannah Kennard found out... (story)

BBC News Online 18.7.03 Huntsman cleared of double attack - A huntsman accused of attacking two hunt saboteurs has been cleared unanimously of both charges. Hunt leader Jonathan Broise, 46, was acquitted of causing actual bodily harm on Jaine Wild on Wednesday, having been also cleared of a similar charge against her husband Simon Wild on Tuesday… (story)
Argus 17.7.03 Huntsman cleared of assault - A professional huntsman has spoken of his relief after being cleared of attacking two saboteurs… Outside the court, flanked by his photographer wife, Rose Beddington, 52, Mr Boise said: "I am pleased. I always felt I was the victim but the jury was very thorough and accepted that I was acting in self-defence…" Anthony Chinn, defending, suggested Mrs Wild had painted blood on her face to make her injuries appear worse. She denied the allegation. (story in archive)
Ananova 16.7.03 Huntsman cleared of assaulting woman protester - A huntsman caught on film allegedly attacking a woman hunt saboteur has been cleared. Jonathan Broise, 46, spoke of his relief after a jury acquitted him of assaulting protester Jaine Wild... Mr Broise claimed he was acting in self defence after, he said, Mrs Wild sprayed him the face with perfume, used to distract fox hounds, and hit him with a whip.... (story)
Telegraph 16.7.03 Jury clears huntsman of saboteur attack ... A jury at Chichester Crown Court found Jonathan Broise, 46, of Petworth, West Sussex, not guilty after he denied assault causing actual bodily harm to Simon Wild, 45, of Bognor Regis, at a meeting of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt near Petworth last October... (story)
Times 16.7.03 Hunt verdict - A professional huntsman has been cleared at Chichester Crown Court of assaulting Simon Wild, 45, a hunt saboteur from Bognor Regis, during a fight at Petworth Park, West Sussex.... (story)
Argus 16.7.03 Huntsman cleared of assault - A professional huntsman has been cleared of assaulting a hunt saboteur. Jonathan Broise, 46, of London Road, Petworth, West Sussex, was found not guilty at Chichester Crown Court yesterday... (story in archive)
Western Morning News 16.7.03 HUNTSMAN CLEARED OF SABOTEURS CASE CHARGE - A professional huntsman was yesterday cleared of assaulting a hunt saboteur during a fracas at a country park. A jury in the case against Jonathan Broise, 46, of West Sussex, returned a unanimous not guilty verdict at Chichester Crown Court.... (story)
BBC News Online 15.7.03 Huntsman cleared of attack - Hunt leader Jonathan Broise, 46, was cleared on Tuesday of assault causing actual bodily harm on Simon Wild. But the jury at Chichester Crown Court could not reach a verdict on whether Mr Broise had attacked Mr Wild's wife Jaine. The jury will return to court on Wednesday to continue its deliberations over that charge - also of assault occasioning actual bodily harm... (story)
Argus 15.7.03 Huntsman says he hit out in defence - A huntsman accused of attacking two saboteurs told a jury he was acting in self-defence. Jonathan Broise, 46, of London Road, Petworth, told Chichester Crown Court Jaine Wild sprayed perfume in his eye and whipped him before he pushed her away… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 14.7.03 Huntsman 'acted in self-defence' ... Hunt leader Jonathan Broise said Jaine Wild had sprayed perfume in his face and whipped him before he pushed her away. He told Chichester Crown Court Mrs Wild's husband Simon videoed the incident and then also attacked him... He said when he later went to get back the hunting horn he was kicked and punched by Mr Wild who told him: "You're going to get it this time." (story)
Argus 9.7.03 Hunt saboteur filmed attack - A Sussex fox hunt saboteur told a court how he filmed a "madman" attacking his wife. Simon Wild, who claims to have been attacked by huntsman Jonathan Broise just after his wife Jaine was assaulted, filmed the incident a second longer than he needed to, to ensure it was captured on tape… (story)
Mirror 8.7.03 ANTI-HUNT PAIR 'HIT BY RIDER' - A HUNTSMAN rained punches on a saboteur and his wife, a court heard yesterday. Jurors gasped as they were shown a video of the incident.... Chichester crown court was told that Mrs Wild and her husband Simon went on to private land at Petworth, West Sussex, in a bid to disrupt the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt. Broise, 46, of Petworth, is said to have dismounted and punched them both about the head.... (story)
Telegraph 8.7.03 Huntsman filmed 'punching' woman, 48 - A jury gasped yesterday at a video recording purporting to show a huntsman punching a woman saboteur in the face before attacking her husband…. Richard Cherrill, prosecuting at Chichester Crown Court, said Mrs Wild had attempted to disrupt the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt…. (story)
Times 8.7.03 Huntsman 'battered woman saboteur' - A HUNTSMAN rode his horse at a hunt saboteur then dismounted and butted and punched her several times in the face, a court was told yesterday… The court was told that Jaine and Simon Wild entered private land at Petworth Park, West Sussex, to disrupt a meeting of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt. Mrs Wild, 48, a library assistant from Bognor Regis, said that Mr Broise, 46, the hunt leader, used the reins to push the horse’s head against her. “I would have tried to move away but I couldn’t because there were all these trees and shrubs,” she said… (story)
Argus 8.7.03 Saboteur "punched in face" by huntsman - A hunt leader dismounted from his horse and punched a female saboteur in the face before attacking her husband, a court heard… Mrs Wild, 48, who lives in Bognor Regis and also runs an animal rescue centre with her husband, said she and her husband had clashed with the defendant on several occasions in the 20 years in which the couple had protested against hunting…. The court heard that earlier this year, Mrs Wild was arrested for trespassing at a farm in Billingshurst, West Sussex, during a hunt and was later charged with assaulting a man in charge of terrier dogs. She denied the charge but later pleaded guilty to the assault charge. Mr Chinn said she changed her plea in order to be able to attend other hunts. Before pleading guilty, magistrates had imposed bail conditions preventing her from attending any hunt involving the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hunts… href="http://www.thisisbrightonandhove.co.uk/brighton__hove/archive/2003/07/08/NEWS105ZM.html ">(story)
BBC News Online 7.7.03 Saboteurs 'punched by huntsman' - A huntsman dismounted from his horse and punched a woman hunt saboteur in the face before attacking her husband, a court has heard. The jury at Chichester Crown Court was shown footage taken by Simon Wild as his wife Jaine was allegedly being hit by hunt leader Jonathan Broise…. Richard Cherrill, prosecuting, told the court Mr and Mrs Wild had entered private land in Petworth Park to try to disrupt the meeting of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt… Mr Broise voluntarily went to a police station the next day to give his version of events. He claimed he had dismounted his horse well before the incident and had merely pushed Mrs Wild on her chest…. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.7.03 VIRUS HOAX HITS HUNT Pro-hunt campaigners and some of Britain's top nobility were panicked by a hoax computer virus warning yesterday. Pranksters were behind the bogus email, but within minutes it had spread to hunts and aristocrats across the country… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 18.7.03 BEWARE THE URBAN FOX …It is not widely known that foxes carry the same diseases and parasites as dogs, while obviously not having the same veterinary treatment as dogs. There are cases where children have been blinded by picking up toxocariasis or hydatidcyst… O Blakey, Grimsby Road, Humberston. (letter)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 18.7.03 NUDE PROTEST AT THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS - Last week Nicole Vosper, aged 15, from Cheddar took part in a high profile demonstration against the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. This is her report of what happened. On July 3, I joined a group of 40 British activists. Our adventure would take us across Europe to Pamplona, in northern Spain to protest against the infamous Running of the Bulls…. (story)
Argus 14.7.03 Stag man hurt in bull run - A Sussex man on a stag weekend in Pamplona had a lucky escape after he was tossed into the air by a 1,200lb bull. David Biggins, 31, from Rustington, was today in a Spanish hospital being treated for a 4in gash to his thigh and head injuries… Christopher Black, Michael Greatorex and Adrian Cooper joined 200 activists during the protest on July 5 by running the same route as the bulls. Mr Cooper, 29, said: "It's an issue which needs highlighting because it's a very cruel way for any animal to spend its last hours." (story in archive)
BBC News Online 12.7.03 Briton gored by Spanish bull - A British man has been injured during the annual bull run festival in the Spanish city of Pamplona... Earlier, three British men - from Brighton, East Sussex and Worthing in West Sussex - staged a naked protest at the festival.... Christopher Black, Michael Greatorex and Adrian Cooper joined 200 activists during the protest on 5 July by running the same route as the bulls. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 10.7.03 Running bare By Nick Ahad - A YOUNG Leeds woman who went starkers in Spain found herself penned in by police as she joined hundreds of other animal rights protesters. Nikki Drew, from Chapeltown, joined over 100 other protesters, inset, who shed their clothes in Pamplona on Saturday in outrage at the town's annual Running of the Bulls festival… Nikki was joined by fellow Leeds activist Jennifer Bookbinger, 54…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 10.7.03 BUTTS OUT IN BULL CRUELTY PROTEST - A Swansea Valley man has bared all in Spain to protest against the treatment of bulls Robert Lewis, from Pontardawe, was almost arrested and ended up as headline news after taking his clothes off to protest against what he sees as animal cruelty…. (story)
Argus 9.7.03 Police stop naked bull run protest by Linda Harrison - A group of Sussex animal rights protesters have been stopped from streaking through the streets in protest at Spain's Running of the Bulls event…. Protesters included a sales manager at Gatwick Airport, a web site designer, a care worker from Brighton and a former Brighton University student… Adrian Cooper, of Kemp Town, travelled from Brighton for the protest. The 27-year-old web designer, who wore just a red necktie and sandals on the day, said: "Bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls is killing for killing's sake… Another naked protester at Saturday's demo was former Brighton University student Alan Donahoe. Alan, 27, who is a vegan and works at a London hospital, said: "I'm glad I took my clothes off but I still feel I could have done a bit more…" Barb Trenholm, of Wilbury Gardens, Hove, took time off from her job working with autistic adults and children in Brighton for the event… Gary Boyce, 55, said: "I feel as strongly about bullfighting as I do about fox hunting…." (story in archive)
Scotsman 8.7.03 Another thing - No.34: THE BULL RUN - ANNA SMYTH - THE distinction between upholding tradition and continuing unnecessarily barbaric trends can be a tricky one to judge. Take, for example, the world-renowned bull runs which take place annually in Pamplona, Spain. Las Fiesta de San Fermin… imminent success for the likes of activist group PETA looks less than likely…. the campaigners may well be fighting a lost cause.Terrifying the bulls may be, but try standing in front of an angry mob of macho Spaniards and you will truly know fear (story)
Evening Standard 7.7.03 Nude protest against Pamplona bulls - Animal rights activists from London stripped naked to protest against the running of bulls through the streets of Pamplona, condemning one of Spain's most famous traditions as cruel to animals… The London contingent, which left the capital by coach last Friday, included school teachers, a banker and a 16-year-old student…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 7.7.03 WOMAN BANNED FROM NAKED PROTEST AT BULL RACE - A Bristol animal rights campaigner was stopped by police when she tried to run naked through the streets of Pamplona in protest at the annual bull run. Sarah Bishop, from Lilstock Avenue in Ashley Down, was one of about 200 people from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who turned up to demonstrate against the treatment and killing of bulls during the San Fermines fiestas… (story)
BBC News Online 6.7.03 Spain's bull run party kicks off - The spectacular annual running of the bulls in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona has been officially opened with a rocket fired from the town hall.... Not everyone is happy, however. Animal rights activists, including some from the organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) stripped naked in the town on Saturday to protest at both bull running and bull fighting... (story)
Sky News 6.7.03 SPAIN: PAMPLONA BULL RUN - Animal rights activists stripped naked - some wearing just a pair of plastic horns on their heads - to protest against the running of bulls through the streets of Pamplona this week.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.03 Naked protest at Spain bull run - Animal rights activists have stripped naked to protest against the running of bulls through the northern Spanish city of Pamplona.... (story)
Reuters 5.7.03 Cheeky protest against bull run - PAMPLONA, Spain (Reuters) - Animal rights activists have stripped naked to protest against the running of bulls through the streets of Pamplona... Activists from all over Western Europe had planned to run nude along the route for next week's annual bull runs, but police in the northern Spanish city said on Saturday the protest was unauthorised and blocked their way. About 20 men and women went ahead with the protest near the city centre however, stripping completely...They were joined by scores of other protesters who kept on all or part of their clothing.... Former miner Robert Lewis, from Wales, criticised the police. "It's going to be a peaceful demo and nobody's going to cause any problems apart from running naked," he said... (story)
Harborough Mail 4.7.03 CHEEKY MARK SEES RED IN BULL PROTEST - BRAZEN animal-rights campaigner Mark Bennett is set to strip naked alongside 200 other people to take part in a cheeky nude protest in Spain.... The protesters are all supporters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) and will be travelling to Pamplona from all over the world... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 2.7.03 Nikki: I will do the Pamplona bull run nude to stamp out animal cruelty BY PAUL JEEVES - A YOUNG woman from Leeds is planning to shed all her clothes and run naked around a Spanish street on Saturday. Nikki Drew will run around the town of Pamplona nude because of her outrage over the town's annual Running of the Bulls festival… Nikki will be joined in the race by fellow Leeds activist Jennifer Bookbinger, 54 (story)
Argus 11.6.03 Protesters to streak over bull run by Linda Harrison - Animal lovers are planning to bare all in protest at the treatment of Spanish bulls ahead of a traditional festival. The men, from Brighton and Worthing, aim to streak through the streets of Pamplona before next month's annual Running Of The Bulls fiesta. Christopher Black, Michael Greatorex and Adrian Cooper will be among 200 activists expected to make the journey to Spain for the human race on July 5…. They will join French, German, and Spanish campaigners for the event, which has been organised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)…. (story in archive)

Ledbury Reporter 18.7.03 Fresh protest is planned at Sequani - Animal rights protesters plan to distribute 25,000 leaflets in a bid to stop animal testing in the laboratories of Sequani in Ledbury… The locally based protest group, Stop Sequani Animal Testing (SSAT), has joined forces with the nationally based People Against Cruelty to Animals (PACA) group… Pauline Burgess, a Malvern-based member of SSAT, said: "We hope to arrange some mass protests. PACA is a national group…" (story in archive)

Cambridge News 18.7.03 'SLAUGHTER' row - HUNDREDS of fledgling birds have been killed in a hedge-shredding operation at a superstore, claim wildlife experts. The allegation was made by staff at Cares Wildlife Hospital after a contractor working for Tesco in Ely cut back hedgerows surrounding the store's Angel Drove site... Elizabeth Pinder-Ashenden, director of Cares, said: "We are disgusted that this wholesale slaughter has been allowed to take place..." (story)

Western Morning News 18.7.03 TOYS THAT HAVE A SINISTER HISTORY - Thousands of cats and dogs butchered in appalling conditions in China are turned into toys and sold cheaply in the UK, campaigners claim. And hundreds of British customers and retailers may innocently become part of the horrific trade as there is no UK or EU legislation to stop the activity… (story)
BBC News Online 17.7.03 Cat and dog fur faces UK ban - Imports of dog and cat fur could be outlawed from the UK if animal welfare groups prove there is a trade in the material, the government has said…. (story)

BBC News Online 18.7.03 Fortuyn killer's sentence upheld - An appeal court in Amsterdam has upheld the 18-year prison sentence given to the killer of the populist Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn. Animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf, 33, confessed to shooting Fortuyn in an assassination that shocked Dutch society in May last year… (story)
Reuters 18.7.03 Fortuyn's killer loses appeal By Wendel Broere - Appeals judges have upheld an 18-year jail sentence for an animal rights activist who murdered Dutch populist politician Pim Fortuyn last year, saying his mental disorder had no bearing on his crime…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.03 Call for Fortuyn killer life sentence - A Dutch prosecutor has asked for a life sentence for the killer of the populist anti-immigration politician Pym Fortuyn at an appeal court in Amsterdam.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.7.03 Hearing for Fortuyn killer - A DUTCH court was beginning hearings today to reconsider the 18-year prison sentence given to the killer of right-wing populist politician Pim Fortuyn. Lawyers for Volkert van der Graaf say the sentence is harsh, while prosecutors want the animal rights activist to serve life… (story)
Guardian 16.4.03 'Light' sentence enrages Fortuyn's followers - Andrew Osborn - Admirers of the assassinated Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn struggled to contain their fury yesterday when his self-confessed killer got off "lightly" with an 18-year prison term… Volkert van der Graaf, the 33-year-old animal rights activist who shot dead Fortuyn last May and plunged the country into political crisis, may be freed as early as 2014… (story)
Telegraph 16.4.03 Fortuyn killer gets 18 years By Joan Clements in The Hague - An Amsterdam court erupted in boos and cat-calls yesterday when a judge sentenced the murderer of the charismatic populist politician Pim Fortuyn to 18 years instead of the life term that was demanded by the public prosecutor. Volkert van der Graaf, 33, the self-confessed assassin, who maintained an expressionless stare for the vast majority of the trial, nodded briefly when the sentence was handed down…. (story)
Scotsman 16.4.03 Dutch politician's killer jailed for 18 years - THE killer of populist Pim Fortuyn was jailed for 18 years yesterday for the Netherlands’ first political assassination in more than three centuries. Volkert van der Graaf, 33, an animal rights activist, had admitted shooting Mr Fortuyn at point-blank range… (story)
Northern Echo 16.4.03 Dutch assassin gets 18 years - The man who confessed to killing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was jailed for 18 years yesterday for the first political assassination in the Netherlands since the Second World War… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 15.4.03 Fortuyn gunman spared life term - The man who killed Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn has been jailed for 18 years. Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for 33-year-old Volkert van der Graaf, who shot Fortuyn as he left a radio studio last year… (story)
BBC News Online 15.4.03 Profile: Fortuyn killer - The man who shot anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn started out as a passionate animal rights activist who fought against factory farming and struggled to explain his veganism at dinner parties. But Volkert van der Graaf - sentenced to 18 years' imprisonment - was also a perfectionist with rigid morals who felt it his duty to protect weaker groups in society… (story)
Independent 2.4.03 Life sentence urged for Fortuyn 'killer' By Toby Sterling in Amsterdam - The prosecution has demanded a sentence of life imprisonment for the animal rights activist who confessed to killing the populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn shortly before elections last May… (story)
Scotsman 2.4.03 Life sentence - PROSECUTORS yesterday demanded a life sentence for the animal rights activist who admitted murdering populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn… (story)
Ananova 1.4.03 Prosecution demands life for Fortuyn killer - Prosecutors have demanded a life sentence for the animal rights activist who admitted murdering populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn shortly before last May's general election… Van der Graaf has said he would not commit the murder again if he could turn back time, but stopped short of apologising to Fortuyn's family… (story)
Guardian 28.3.03 'I shot Fortuyn for Dutch Muslims,' says accused - Andrew Osborn - The long-awaited trial of Pim Fortuyn's alleged killer got under way in the Netherlands yesterday... M Volkert van der Graaf, a 34-year-old animal rights activist, was arrested within minutes of the killing... Van der Graaf, a figure of hate for Fortuyn's many admirers, was heckled throughout yesterday's proceedings.... (story)
Telegraph 28.3.03 Fortuyn killed 'to protect Muslims' By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Joan Clements in Amsterdam - A Left-wing activist confessed in court yesterday to Holland's first political assassination in 400 years, claiming that he shot Pim Fortuyn to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution. Volkert van der Graaf, 33, a vegan animal rights campaigner, said he alone was responsible for killing the maverick protest leader last May… Mr Fortuyn's relatives wore fur coats in the high-security court to show scorn for the animal rights zealot…. (story)
Times 28.3.03 I had to do what I did, claims Fortuyn's assassin BY ADAM SAGE AN ANIMAL rights activist confessed yesterday to murdering the populist Dutch anti- immigration politician Pim Fortuyn last May... The son of a biology teacher from Zeeland, in what is known as the Dutch bible belt, Van der Graaf is an animal rights activist... (story)
Scotsman 28.3.03 Fortuyn was killed 'to protect Dutch Muslims' - TOBY STERLING IN AMSTERDAM - AN ANIMAL rights activist claimed in a Dutch court yesterday he shot dead the populist politician Pim Fortuyn to protect the country’s Muslim minority.... (story)
Ananova 27.3.03 Animal rights activist on trial for Pym Fortuyn murder - An animal rights activist who confessed to the assassination of Pim Fortuyn has gone on trial today. Volkert van der Graaf, 33, was arrested moments after the politician was gunned down in a car park outside a radio studio on May 6 last year…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 17.7.03 HUNTING LIFE IS LAID BARE DURING FAIR - Visitors found out what life is like at a hunt kennels. They looked around the dogs' quarters during a fair at the Cotswold Hunt kennels in Andoversford, near Cheltenham… More than 750 people were at the event which included stalls, a barbecue and an air rifle shooting competition… (story)

The Sentinel 17.7.03 GUNDOGS, FALCONRY AND FISHING - Families who attend the show will have no excuse to be bored as the event also boasts continuous displays with gundogs, ferreting, falconry, fly fishing and demonstrations of rural skills. The Crewe United Co-op Band will appear at intervals throughout the day, and also making cameo appearances will be the Cheshire Fox Hounds and Beagles… To get their tickets in advance, local residents have to apply before Thursday, July 24 with cash or cheque, payable to Nantwich Show, to: AG & GB Lawrence, The Woodlands, Aston, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 8DB (story)

Western Morning News 17.7.03 EXTRA COSTS COULD TIP FARMERS OVER BRINK - Industry leader warns that some producers could not cope with bills for epidemics… About 70 per cent of fallen stock is taken, free, by hunts, but with a ban on hunting looming that option would no longer be available to farmers…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.7.03 THIS WAG HAS A DIFFERENT TALE …Without warning, my wife found herself surrounded by the Quantock Staghounds. Can you imagine what followed? Not one, but two small boys severely licked… two greyhounds risking repetitive strain injury of the tail from excessive wagging. To add insult to injury, one of the barbarians on horseback had the temerity to smile… Mark Robinson Williton Somerset (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 17.7.03 Angler is saviour of fish - MIKE HANDLEY'S recent article in the Belfast Telegraph on angling displays a remarkable, perhaps wilful, ignorance of the present relationship between man and fish… Many in the extreme animal rights lobby are waging a war of attrition, trying to wear down fox hunting, then angling, etc., eventually to dictate what we can eat i.e. no animal products… R. J. HAUGHEY, Chairman, Ulster Angling Federation (letter)

Western Daily Press 17.7.03 TB RESEARCH IS OUT THERE - The TB eradication scheme first went wrong in the 1940s, when vets were convinced they had the answer... E D Overend Frome Somerset (letter)

Western Gazette 17.7.03 HUMANE RESEARCH IS LITTLE PUBLICISED - While I agree with the letter calling for a ban using primates for research, I would like to tell readers about the fantastic achievements of the Humane Research Trust... Claire Valentine, Claremont Road, Bridport. (letter)

Berkshire Chronicle 17.7.03 RSPCA in dock over injured duck By Annabel Williams, Reading Chronicle - THE RSPCA was accused yesterday of failing to help a desperately injured duck stranded on the banks of the Thames at Caversham for more than a week. And nature lover Aidan Botha says he was told there was no point in the national animal charity getting involved because ducks recognise RSPCA uniforms and hightail it in the opposite direction….. (story)

Birmingham Post 17.7.03 Probe into charity prize draw - The Birmingham branch of the RSPCA is at the centre of an investigation after a fund-raising prize draw was found to be in breach of gaming regulations.... (story)

Scotsman 17.7.03 Nutritious diet - If Professor JP Duguid (Letters, 14 July) investigated the science of human nutrition, he would learn that it is quite wrong to say that a diet based on vegetables is "poorly nutritious".... JAMES BOYLE Eastwoodmains Road Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 17.7.03 GOD WANTS US TO BE VEGETARIANS - It never ceases to amaze me how Christians fail to read the Bible properly... Abortion is denying the human rights of the unborn, and, except for health reasons, should not be carried out merely as a brutal form of contraception.... Despite Halal slaughter there will be blood in any meat, so Christians, Jews and Muslims are all sinners.... LEN SHORT, St James Road Torquay (letter)

Daily Record 17.7.03 JOSH MAKES VEGGIES SEXY - PEARL Harbour actor Josh Hartnett and Lauren Bush, niece of US president George, have been voted the world's sexiest vegetarians. They topped a list of 180 celebrities compiled by animal rights group PETA.... (story)

Irish Independent 17.7.03 Down with bully boys - I LOVE when the bulls are sent racing through the streets in Pamplona in Spain every summer and they manage to gore the idiots who torment them. Robert O'Sullivan, Hospital Road, Bantry, Co Cork (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 16.7.03 Three decades of walking the wildside beat - AS wildlife liaison officer Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Steve Kourik has had to deal with everything from stolen flower bulbs to big cat sightings. Now, after 30 years of policing, he is retiring… “I found myself policing fox hunts,” he said. “When I took over officers would sit in a van and only become involved when there was trouble. But I encouraged them to make themselves known to people. This didn’t please hunt organisers who until that point saw us as ‘their’ police but it is important to show we’re there for everyone.” Steve also had an influence on badger baiting and one of his biggest successes was the first prosecution by the force under the Protection of Badgers Act. “In that case a hunt had interfered with a sett. Through the prosecution I made hunt members realise they weren’t immune. After that we went five years without an incident of badger digging.”…. (story)

Western Morning News 16.7.03 SHOW CELEBRATES ITS CENTENARY IN THE SUN - Andy Greenwood ICE CREAM, cold drinks and suntan lotion were to the fore at the weekend at the swelteringly successful 100th Liskeard Show... Spectators were massed around the main ring for most of the day, watching horse judging, the hounds of the East Cornwall Hunt and a parade of superbly-restored historic farm vehicles among many others... (story)

Guardian 16.7.03 Blood sports to blood suckers - Gamekeeping is no longer a purely male preserve, according to the Field (July). The magazine introduced 24-year-old Portia Simpson, a professional deerstalker and pioneer of a new career for adventurous young women.... Labour backbenchers want a complete ban on hunting, but, demanded Michael Clayton in Horse & Hound (July 10), "have they really thought of the consequences?" If a total ban were imposed, said Clayton, the backlash in the countryside would be severe.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.7.03 Game Fair reflects countryside changes by extending scope of premier event - The country's premier shooting and fishing event is widening its scope to reflect a change in the needs of the visitor and in the livelihood of country people.... (story)

Western Morning News 16.7.03 BUZZARD POISONER ESCAPES PRISON - SAM MARSDEN - A westcountry head gamekeeper narrowly escaped jail yesterday after he pleaded guilty to poisoning birds of prey which threatened pheasants being reared for shooting. Alan Hetherington, 32, was ordered to carry out 240 hours of community service and pay £250 costs when he appeared before Exeter magistrates.... (story)
BBC News Online 15.7.03 'Callous' keeper sentenced - A Devon gamekeeper who admitted poisoning wildlife has been sentenced to 240 hours community service. Alan Hetherington appeared at Exeter magistrates court on Tuesday, after admitting using poisoned pheasants as bait to kill off badgers, foxes and birds of prey.... (story)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 POISONING IS NOT THE ANSWER TO PREDATION - The recent case of the Devon gamekeeper tried for poisoning wildlife interested me. Indiscriminate poisoning rates as the lowest form of pest control in my book… I would be the last person to call for a ban on shooting, but the commercial pheasant business appears to be getting out of hand… J Ward-Hayne, Modbury, South Devon (story)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 ETHICAL GAME SHOOTS ARE FABRIC OF COUNTRY - The case of the Devon gamekeeper convicted of poisoning birds of prey is a shocking one which no shooting man in his right mind would defend. However as a strong defender of shooting as a legitimate sport I have a number of comments to make… Although the keeper concerned must be punished for what he has done, I suggest that the problem lies not with pheasant shooting as such but in the "big numbers game"…. There are bad apples in every barrel but to condemn the whole barrel because of one bad one might be rather foolish. Major John Montague, Alphington, Exeter (letter)
Telegraph 17.6.03 Gamekeeper who left bait for birds of prey faces jail By Richard Savill - A head gamekeeper laced dead pheasants with illegal poisons to kill predators that attacked the birds he bred for shooting parties, a court was told yesterday. Alan Hetherington's use of pesticides, some of which were outlawed, had been "the worst case of destroying the environment" encountered by Pc Roy Adams, a police wildlife officer…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.6.03 Carcasses 'littered forest floor' - A gamekeeper who poisoned predators which threatened pheasants being reared for shooting has been warned he could face jail... Hetherington, 32, from Creacombe Bungalow, Rackenford, Tiverton, admitted a total of 11 offences.. (story)
Western Morning News 17.6.03 MAN FACES JAIL OVER BIRD OF PREY POISONINGS - A Westcountry head gamekeeper was yesterday warned that he could face jail after he admitted poisoning birds of prey which threatened pheasants being reared for shooting. Alan Hetherington was told by Exeter magistrates that some of his offences were too serious for a financial penalty… Officials from the RSPCA, RSPB and the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) also took part in the raid on September 3… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.6.03 MAN FACING SPELL IN JAIL AFTER LAYING POISONS TO KILL ANIMALS - Poisons laid to control predatory animals which were taking pheasants on a Devon estate could have killed humans, a police wildlife officer has claimed… (story)

Argus 16.7.03 Safe haven for homeless rats by Frankie Taggart ... Judi Walker has been looking after the welfare of domestic but destitute rodents in Worthing for seven years and has rehoused around 400 animals of all shapes and sizes.... Judi, 43, of Dawes Close, Worthing, said: "They are all just so lovely... We also got some a while ago from an animal experimentation lab and managed to rehome them. They'd been, how shall we say, liberated."... (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 16.7.03 MILK IS STILL THE COMPLETE FOOD I would like to correct C Seal (Postbag, June 7) who wrote of my letter as follows: "He assures us, though, that cows and not plant milk is essential."... I still stick by my previous letter as regards farm animals. As for the talk of soya milk as a replacement to cow's milk - never! The one and only complete food in nature is milk, be it human, cow's, sheep or whatever... G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 16.7.03 No to dog tail docking - I am writing in response to your recent article entitled ‘The Docked Dogs Bred to Guard’. For Mrs Vivienne Lucas of the Doberman Club to say ‘we don’t think (tail docking) is cruel as it’s done when the puppies are under 24 hours old’ illustrates a staggering degree of ignorance… What a shame the Kennel Club and breeders alike cannot appreciate these magnificent dogs as nature intended and leave their tails alone… Mrs Ellen Hayes, WGC (letter)

Watford Observer 16.7.03 MP supports ape campaign - A LOCAL MP has added his voice to a campaign to save Africas's great apes. South West Herts MP Richard Page is calling for action on the bushmeat crisis, which could see the apes, our closest animal relatives, driven to extinction within a decade.... Mr Page attended a parliamentary reception held by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) on Monday... (story)

BBC News Online 16.7.03 Police break-up Hynde KFC demo - Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde was briefly detained by police after joining an animal rights demonstration outside a KFC restaurant in Paris... (story)
Ananova 16.7.03 Chrissie arrested in chicken protest - Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders has been arrested in Paris with a group of animal activists. The rock star and a dozen others were detained by police along with leaders of the animal rights group Peta. They are alleged to have blocked traffic and smeared red paint across a KFC window to symbolise the blood of dead chickens.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 24.6.03 'Blood' attack on KFC chief - ANIMAL rights activists in Germany sprayed fake blood and threw chicken feathers on the chief of YUM! Brands, owner of the world’s largest chicken restaurant chain KFC, as he opened a new restaurant in the city of Garbsen… (story)
Ilkley News 12.6.03 Anti-cruelty protesters target Ilkley KFC office - ANIMAL rights campaigners delivered a mock funeral wreath to a food company in Ilkley to highlight alleged cruelty to chickens. Protesters marched through the town carrying cardboard tombstones reading `R.I.P KFC chickens: Tortured and Abused' in a demonstration staged outside Chicken Kabins, the Ilkley office of the giant chain. Eight members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) took part in the demonstration on Monday… Campaign regional spokeswoman Nicola Drew claimed that the birds were reared in cruel and unnatural circumstances and were slaughtered inhumanely…. (story in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 11.6.03 Chicken cruelty must be known - AS someone who has seen firsthand the terrible suffering of factory-farmed chickens reared for their meat, I would like to thank the members of Redditch Animal Rights who demonstrated outside KFC for bringing to the public's attention the appalling cruelty inflicted on these birds… Ursula Bates Warren Drive Dorridge Solihull (letter in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 4.6.03 Point had to be put over - I WISH to reply to the letter 'Protest was appalling' (Advertiser, May 21)… Redditch Animal Rights was demonstrating outside KFC in order to point out to customers and passers-by the cruelty involved in factory farmed chickens… RYLMA WHITE Redditch Animal Rights Address supplied (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 26.5.03 Protest at fast food store ... A small group representing Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) congregated outside Kentucky Fried Chicken in Clive Parade, Headlands, for two hours on Saturday. They held placards and gave out leaflets. Campaigner Steve Dixon, 36, a Swindon-based graphic designer, said: "We are trying to raise awareness about animal rearing and slaughter methods.'' Nicky Brewer, 23, a nursery nurse of Goulding Close, Swindon, said: "I've been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and I think the way animals are treated and being killed is disgusting."…. (photo) (story in archive)
Redditch Advertiser 21.5.03 Protest was appalling - I AM writing with regards to the appalling behaviour of the so-called animal rights protesters outside KFC on Saturday, May 10…. forcing graphic pictures into children's hands, pictures which have a cartoon icon slaughtering a chicken, was not necessary. Neither were the abusive comments which were made to customers, ie 'If you let your children eat this chicken, they will die'…. I would just wish these people would stop forcing their opinions onto innocent people who do not require them. Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 13.5.03 Protest outside York takeaway - …People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), stood outside KFC in Blossom Street yesterday afternoon, holding banners protesting against alleged abuse of animals by KFC suppliers… (William Maxwell and Nicola Drew protest outside the KFC takeaway in Blossom Street, York) (photo) (story in archive)
Guardian 10.5.03 Animal activists win on chicken welfare - Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles ... KFC, formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken, has agreed to changes in the conditions of its chickens after campaigners threatened to picket its president's home and run a campaign suggesting KFC stood for Kentucky Fried Cruelty.... The campaigners, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), hailed the change yesterday but said they would still seek more reform.... Ingrid Newkirk, Peta's president, said after the meeting: "They've got to meet all our demands - which are supported by their own advisers and are the barest of bare minimums where farmed animal welfare is concerned - before we can call off our campaign."... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 7.5.03 Animal rights demo at KFC BY MATTHEW TAYLOR - ANIMAL rights protesters staged a demonstration outside the KFC takeaway in Leeds. Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) gathered outside the company's Headingley shop protesting about the treatment of chickens by KFC. "KFC stands for cruelty in our book," said director of campaigns for PETA Sean Gifford… (story)

ThisIsDevon (Western Morning News, Exeter Express & Echo, North Devon Journal etc) 15.7.03 HUNT CHIEF FEARS FOR HERD'S FUTURE - A total ban on hunting would spell the end for one of Britain's finest wild red deer herds, Tiverton Staghounds' chairman Rob Venner claimed this week. It would also mean some 25,000 hounds would need to be destroyed... (story)

Western Morning News 15.7.03 WHY I DON'T BELIEVE THE URBAN MYTH OVER FOXES - I must thank John Sanders (WMN, July 17) for again proving my point that the frequently reported tale of mass dumping of urban foxes in the countryside is nothing but a myth eagerly spread by bloodsports supporters… John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, London (letter)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 - REGARDING your correspondent who has offered £500 as reward for evidence that urban foxes are dumped in the countryside (WMN, June 10), this would, of course, be extremely difficult to prove unless the foxes were labelled with their town of origin. I suggest John Bryant micro-chips his urban foxes when he uses "non-lethal" means to combat nuisance… M Hunter, South Zeal Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 10.6.03 NO EVIDENCE OF FOX DUMPING - It is now almost two months since I alerted your readers to my offer of a £500 reward to anyone who could offer evidence to support the allegations made by fox hunters, that van-loads of captured urban foxes were being dumped in the rural areas of the Westcountry… ? I have not received a single letter, phone call or other communication offering even a tiny shred of evidence… John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, Plumstead, London (letter)
Western Morning News 20.5.03 URBAN FOX DUMPING MAY NOT BE SUCH A MYTH - Perhaps urban fox dumping is not such a rural myth as John Bryant suggests, (WMN, April 15). People who have actually seen foxes jumping out of vans in the middle of the night might be thin on the ground, but there are many reports by rural people who have witnessed groups of foxes in their locality come daylight and wondered why, as rural foxes are not group animals. These foxes show very little fear of man… W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 15.7.03 Sheep hunt - ONE can only react with revulsion at the antics of the moron who chased sheep on Dartmoor killing as many as possible with his or her car. The same can be said of those who derive pleasure from chasing foxes or deer with horses and killing them with dogs… John Conway, Yealmpton Devon (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 15.7.03 HUNTING HARMS THE COMMUNITY - In reply to Nina Camm (July 11), how can hunting of any kind benefit a community? How can chasing a poor animal for miles by a pack of dogs, who are then given the task of ripping it to pieces, benefit a community of humans?... KIM WRIGHT Mitchell Drive, Lincoln (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.7.03 Country Bond: Hunting is not for the elite. I don't have "two pennies to rub together" but I'm proud to hunt and long will I continue with something which I consider to be right… Don't judge us until you have met us and discovered what this invisible bond is which holds such a community together. NINA CAMM Osbournby (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 15.7.03 Protesting fishermen widen net By Jonathan Goode - Three anglers from Coventry have taken their campaign to abolish fishing licences to the House of Commons. Alec Bamford, Brian Wilkinson and Ken Dumbleton, launched their campaign against the "unfair" licences in March last year. Having collected more than 1,000 signatures and lobbying every MP, the trio met shadow minister for the countryside James Gray yesterday…. (story)

Ananova 15.7.03 'Future vision' for animal welfare revealed - The Government has set out how it believes health and welfare standards for animals can be improved. At the heart of its "vision of the future" is the idea that "keeping animals is a privilege, not a right."… Ben Bradshaw, the new animal health and welfare minister, said they had "not ruled out" the possibility of a licensing system or permit for keeping farm livestock in the future… (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 15.7.03 Call to close 'cruel' market By Samantha Clarke - An animal rights campaigner in Rugby today renewed calls for the town's cattle market to be moved undercover - or be closed down. The plea follows a random inspection at the Craven Road market in partnership with the RSPCA and Warwickshire trading standards officers during yesterday's blistering heat. Janet Cummings, of Tower Street, New Bilton, prompted the visit because of the scorching weather…. (story)

Argus 15.7.03 Rescuers' plea for help by Karen Hoy - A wildlife welfare organisation is appealing for new rescuers to help with its increasing workload. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) needs volunteers, particularly in the Eastbourne, Hailsham, Bexhill and Hastings areas. Trevor Weeks, county rescue co-ordinator for WRAS, said: "We have 12 rescuers spread between Brighton and Eastbourne and, like me, they are all volunteers… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.7.03 CRABS CULLED BY SHELLFISH PEOPLE I was interested to read about the swarms of spiny spider crabs coming ashore in West Wales… Yet how sad it is that they are being taken and killed for the meat found in their claws and legs… Colin Davies Keynsham Bristol (letter)

Yorkshire Post 14.7.03 Huge crowds bring show cheer - THE huge crowds that turned out to Yorkshire's premier agricultural event this year prove the region is recovering from recent crises in the industry... All aspects of rural life were represented at this year's show, but there as particularly strong support for the hunting fraternity, as thousands of spectators around the main showring on Thursday gave a standing ovation to a parade of hounds from the North York Moors. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.7.03 PORTIA HOLDS FIRE TO HELP DEESIDE FUNDRAISERS - ALAN GORHAM - Scotland's first female gamekeeper kept her sights firmly trained on lending a helping hand at a Deeside fundraising clay-pigeon shoot yesterday. Portia Simpson - the nation's only qualified female keeper - left her rifle at home as she headed for the 13th annual charitable event on the Findrack Estate, Tornaveen…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 13.7.03 Move over Mellors, the new breed of gamekeeper is female By David Harrison, Environment Correspondent - Mellors would probably have used a four-letter word: one of the countryside's last male bastions is crumbling as a growing number of women become professional gamekeepers…. Typical of the pioneers is Portia Simpson, 24, who trained on the 45,000-acre Ardverikie estate on the shores on Loch Laggan… (story)
Observer 13.7.03 Guns and poses makeover for field sports - Cover girl Portia revamps gamekeeping's tweedy image - Juliette Jowit, environment and transport editor (story)

Western Daily Press 14.7.03 NEW THREATS FACING SWANS, EXPERT WARNS - Wild mink are killing the Queen's swans, experts warned yesterday. And young cygnets are also victims of vandals and irresponsible anglers, according to the Queen's Swan Marker… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 14.7.03 Mink set to hit swan numbers - THE week-long annual census of the swan population was due to begin today - as experts warned the Queen’s waterbirds were being slaughtered by wild mink… (story)

Jersey Evening Post 14.7.03 Foie gras production is university degree subject - From G H Anderson, The Proprietor and Managing Director, Mornington Hotel, Don Road, St Helier - I CANNOT imagine from where or from whom your correspondent Ms Cynthia Dotter (JEP 10 July) received her information on the production of 'foie gras', but I would hazard a guess that she has not visited the Périgard region of France… , once the 'gavage' has taken place, the goose is placed separately in an enclosed pen to prevent it trying to rejoin the line of other geese about to undergo the same process (letter may be in archive)

Luton on Sunday 13.7.03 MADAM – Foxes need to be controlled eh?... I really wish these pro-hunters would try and learn fully about fox populations. If they did they would actually be surprised at how good foxes are at self-regulating... Foxes also take chickens sometimes but if they were housed securely over night this wouldn't happen either... Lisa Baker, French's Avenue, Dunstable (letter)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 13.7.03 Protect pets - Being involved with the growing number of unwanted animals and the increase in animal cruelty, I am concerned at the decision of Bedford Borough Council to allow a shop selling puppies, kittens and rabbits to open in Bedford... JD Allen, Cutcliffe Gardens, Bedford, Tavistock Street (letter)

Luton on Sunday 13.7.03 MADAM – I had to write to thank and congratulate your columnist on his recent heartwarning article in defence of pigeons... I despise the word vermin being used where these creatures are concerned... Georgina Rodgers, Wethurne Link, Luton (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 12.7.03 LESSON OF CATS, MICE AND MEN - If you had mice in the house you'd want to get rid of them.... What no-one would do is encourage more in. That would be silly but that's exactly what hunts do to foxes. Some build artificial earths in their area of operation to encourage a higher population.... Mink are a different matter. They shouldn't be here... Hunting with hounds isn't the answer though, it's having no effect on their spread.... ROBERT A GAGIE, All Hallows Road, Preston Paignton (letter)

Guardian 12.7.03 Going to the dogs - With at least 10,000 greyhounds retiring from racing every year, the majority face a grim future. It's time to take action, says Justine Hankins... I'm the kind of spoilsport who casts a cloud over the office sweepstake for the Grand National. Instead of cheerfully signing up for the chance to win a few quid, I mutter grumpily about broken bones and dead horses. So it goes without saying that I'm against fox hunting and I would never go to a bullfight.... I have also been to the dogs. Watching six skinny greyhounds chase a bit of old rag is surprisingly good entertainment... Annette Crosbie, who owns four retired greyhounds, has become almost as well known for her passionate defence of the fleet-footed sprinter as she is for her role as Victor Meldrew's long-suffering wife in the TV sitcom One Foot In The Grave. Crosbie was appointed president of the League Against Cruel Sports (Lacs) last December, so it's no surprise that Lacs has launched a greyhound campaign.... Lacs is a heavyweight lobby group with a lot of influence among Labour backbenchers... (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 20.6.03 Bid to protect racing dogs - The League Against Cruel Sports has launched a new campaign to stop the greyhound racing industry from "going to the dogs."… The animal rights group's campaign, which is being spearheaded by actress Annette Crosbie… will call for statutory regulation of greyhound racing in the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill… As reported in the Evening Telegraph, animal rights campaigners in Rugby have already vowed to fight plans for greyhound racing at Brandon. Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, has arranged protests and leaflet drops in an attempt to muster support against the reintroduction of racing, which she claims is "cruel and barbaric". (story)

Times 12.7.03 Recipe for conflict as religious freedom is challenged over animal rights BY JACK SHAMASH - Recent attempts to regulate Muslim and Jewish methods of ritual animal slaughter have brought about accusations of discrimination... Michael Kestrel, executive director of the National Council of Shechita Boards, regards this as an attack on Jewish life... Muslim authorities were just as angry... In political terms this is likely to be a clash of the titans. The religious rights lobby is pitted against the animal rights lobby. And in the middle is the Government wondering how to avoid giving offence. (story)

Scotsman 13.7.03 Zoo visitors set to have whale of a time at show - A SPECIAL anti-whaling exhibition was today being unveiled at Edinburgh Zoo in a bid to highlight the threat to marine wildlife from over-hunting. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) hopes Making Waves to Stop Whaling will demonstrate the cruelty of the trade... (story)

Burton Mail 12.7.03 RSPCA facing a cats in care crisis by ANDREW ANDERSON - RSPCA officers in Burton could be forced to sanction "drastic measures" if suitable homes are not found for the ever-growing number of cats in their care. Yvonne Asker, centre manager at the RSPCA Animal Home, Hillfield Lane, Stretton, made the dire warning as she appealed for people in the area to help ease the crisis… (story)

Doncaster Free Press 11.7.03 MP PICKS UP RSPCA AWARD - GOOLE MP Ian Cawsey has received an award from the RSPCA for his work on animal rights... the honour comes in the week when a total ban on hunting with dogs - a cause championed by Mr Cawsey since his election in 1997 - was passed by the House of Commons... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 11.7.03 Hunt protest pledge By Lisa Frascarelli - REGIONAL director of the Countryside Alliance Tom Fell has warned that the region’s foxhunters have plans for “spontaneous protests.”…. (story)

Hexham Courant 11.7.03 NORTH TYNE DOGS HAVE THEIR DAY - THE annual North Tyne Hunt Show, held at Simonburn, enjoyed good weather although a lot of rain fell the previous night. A good entry of hounds were forward for Open Hound Show judged by Roger Westmorland M.F.H. of the Coniston Foxhounds… (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 11.7.03 VETS SPEAK UP AGAINST SUFFERING - Tim Cooper invited comment from the veterinary profession on the welfare aspects of hunting (Courier, June 20). We represent Vets for Hunting, a group of some 520 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons... The public should be assured therefore that any legislation that bans or seriously restricts hunting of the four quarry species cannot be regarded as having the welfare of wild animals as its primary objective. In fact, such legislation will cause unnecessary suffering, albeit largely unseen by the public. Lewis Thomas North Heath Newbury (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 4.7.03 ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR PLAYTHINGS - As Is usual, among those in favour of retaining blood sports, William Proudfoot tailors his knee-jerk arguments to fit the burgeoning criticisms... Tim Cooper, Langton Road, Langton Green (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 27.6.03 It is such a shame that Tim Cooper in his anti-hunting tirade cannot see the illogical stance of his letter (Courier, June 20). Dr Mark Thomas is correct to say that it is largely sick or lazy foxes that are caught, yet Mr Cooper seems to be incapable of seeing that it is sick and lazy foxes that cause the problems for farmers, that they are unable to catch wild food, so resort to raiding hen coops, killing lambs or taking pheasants... William Proudfoot, Fawkham, Kent (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 20.6.03 LET VETS OR FARMERS SPEAK - The hunt supporters were out in force last week and well represented in the Courier.... the pro-hunting lobby cannot agree anyway, as can clearly be seen in the comments made by "beagle master" Dr Mark Thomas. He asserts that hunting only kills "weak and lazy" foxes and further thinks that nature's way of allowing the fox population to survive... blood sport enthusiast James Shepherd appears not to realise that only the sick and lazy foxes are at risk of being caught and sees foxhunting as one of a range of options which should be made available to farmers as a means of control... So is he correct in his statement that two-thirds of vets oppose a ban on foxhunting?... let's ask farmers unconnected with the hunt whether or not there is a huge problem with rural foxes... Tim Cooper, Langton Road, Langton Green (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 13.6.03 THERE IS NO WELFARE CASE FOR THE BAN ON HUNTING - Contrary to Mr Wetton's contention (Courier, May 23), otters did not decline due to hunting. Scientific evidence is quite clear: their decline was due to river pollution ... otter hunters were among the first to raise concerns about this - questions were asked in parliament as far back as the 1950s... what I and others have been saying for years is now confirmed by independent research by The Durrell Institute for Conservation and the Environment (DICE) at Kent University ... Research by The Middle Way Group of MPs involving 200 shooters demonstrated that wound rates were likely to be even higher than predicted.... James Shepherd, Grove Hill Gardens, Tunbridge Wells (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 23.5.03 WHY IT WILL BE OTTERS NEXT - Anyone who knows anything about hunting knows that a pursuing lead hound doesn't wait until it's level with the fox's neck before going in for the kill. It will pull down the fleeing animal by its brush or a hind leg, thereby enabling the rest of the pack to go for the belly... And, now that the otter population is making a comeback, no doubt we can expect such people, together with angling fanatic Brian Harris (Courier May 16), to start advocating the resumption of otter hunting.... Anglers have, for some time, been demanding the culling of cormorants for doing what comes naturally.... Dave Wetton, Castle View, Hadlow (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 11.7.03 ON Banham told us to look at a website as evidence to support claims that hunting is cruel (Courier, July 4) but I could find nothing there to alter my mind on hunting. One name that appeared on this site - www.acigawis.freeserve.co.uk - surprised me, Graham Sirl. He left the League Against Cruel Sports in May 2001. He stated that: "I do now believe that hunting with hounds does play an integral part in the management system for deer on Exmoor and the Quantocks...." Colin Clark, Chichester Road, Tonbridge (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 4.7.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS' PROOF - I Am concerned that some of your more open-minded readers might well be taken in by the constantly repeated assertion that not one of the animal rights groups have produced any evidence to support their claims that hunting is cruel. This is untrue. The League Against Cruel Sports, the Hunt Saboteurs Association and the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group have all amassed copious evidence of the cruelty involved, including graphic video footage... Ron Banham Showfields Road Tunbridge Wells (letter)

Leicester Mercury 11.7.03 DETERRING FOXES - If you have a problem with foxes tearing up your bin bags, I'd advise you not to put them out too early… contact the National Fox Welfare Society on 01933 411996. Danny Stowell, Loughborough. (letter)

Burton Mail 11.7.03 Vandalism by 'brainless idiots' by AIMEE PARKER - A COUPLE have condemned the behaviour of "brainless idiots" who vandalised their new home as part of an animal rights campaign. Jackie Dolman and Nick Sanders, who moved into a house in Barton under Needwood just three weeks ago, have had their windows smashed and paint stripper poured over their cars... At the couple's old address in Burton, marbles were left on the staircase outside their home, fireworks were set off in their garden and a smear campaign was started against Mr Sanders, falsely accusing him of being a paedophile... Mr Sanders works at the controversial Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch but Miss Dolman says he does not have anything to do with the guniea pigs that are kept there.... Spokesman for the Newchurch Guinea Pig Campaigners Amanda Richards said: "This attack was nothing to do with our campaign. ..." (story)

Guardian 11.7.03 Home Office under renewed fire in animal rights row - Polly Curtis - MPs are demanding to know how the Home Office allowed experiments involving the transplant of genetically modified piglets' hearts into the necks of wild baboons to be classed as "moderate". The transplants by the company Imutran at the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratories in Cambridge all occurred before 2000. But the facts of the experiments only became public after a legal battle between the company and campaigning group Uncaged Animals, to whom the documents had been leaked…. Dan Lyons of Uncaged Animals told EducationGuardian.co.uk: "There's the issue of the severity bandings, we want to find out how the Home Office can justify classifying severe procedures which can lead to death as 'moderate'…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 11.7.03 Fight to end the fur trade - Reports of domestic cats and dogs being used by the fur trade are horrific, yet hardly surprising to us at Respect for Animals…. Richard De Ville, Respect For Animals, Nottingham. (letter)

Darlington & Stockton Times 11.7.03 Letters: Cruel crates - Sir, - I have recently become aware of a shocking example of the cruelty of factory farming - the pig farrowing crate…. For information on factory farming and vegetarianism contact VIVA!, 12 Queen Square, Brighton, BN1 3FD; phone 0845 456 8220; e-mail www.viva.org.uk. VICTOR LOVETT, Cambridge Avenue, Marton in Cleveland (letter in archive)
Sutton Guardian 30.5.03 Animal cruelty - I have recently become aware of a shocking example of the cruelty of factory farming the pig farrowing crate…. MISS L NEWTON, Oaks Avenue, Worcester Park (letter)
Bromsgrove Advertiser 21.5.03 Cage is cruelty towards pigs - I have recently became aware of a shocking example of the cruelty of factory farming - the pig farming crate… For information on factory farming and vegetarianism, contact VIVA… Mrs Y Perry Barrington Road Rubery (letter in archive)
South Wales Evening Post 19.5.03 PUT STOP TO BARBARIC ACT - I Have recently become aware of a shocking example of the cruelty of factory farming: the pig farrowing crate... Chris Perry, Coed Saeson Crescent, Sketty, Swansea (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.5.03 An animal behaviourist, Dr Françoise Wernels Felder of the Scottish Agricultural College, has been funded by the Government to study the behaviour of pigs… In factory farms unhappy pigs live in crowded pens on concrete slats and on floors without straw. They never leave their indoor prison… please write to your MP objecting to the inhumanity of factory-farming. Daren Crossley, Ferndale Avenue, Clayton. (letter in archive)
Guernsey Press & Star 10.5.03 By Linda Laine - I HAVE recently become aware of a shocking example of factory farming: the pig-farrowing crate. This is a metal cage in which sows are confined a week before giving birth and remain imprisoned until their piglets are three to four weeks old… For information on factory farming, contact: Viva… (letter)
Bath Chronicle 8.5.03 CRUELTY TO PIGS - I Have recently became aware of a shocking example of the cruelty of factory farming… For information on factory farming contact VIVA at 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD… AL BOWDEN, The Street, Holt, Trowbridge (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 6.5.03 CRUELTY OF PIG FARMING - I am writing to highlight the farrowing crate, yet another example of the horrors of modern factory farming in Britain today... JAMES FORDHAM, Kings Ash Road, Paignton (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.5.03 THE HORROR AND SHAME OF THESE PIG FARROWING CRATES Further to your story headlined Horror Of Cruelty To Animals, I have recently become very aware of some shocking examples within factory farming - one being the pig farrowing crate... Ros Stribling Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)
Malvern Gazette 4.4.03 Protest over farrowing crates - CAMPAIGNERS will be highlighting what they say is cruelty to mother pigs tomorrow (Saturday) in Great Malvern. As part of a national protest co-ordinated by vegetarian group Viva! the campaign is dubbed Unhappy Mother's Day… Local campaigner Helen Turner said: "We need to raise awareness to this hideous device"… (story in archive)
Lincolnshire Echo 31.3.03 TORMENT OF CAGED PIGS ... Are people aware of the farrowing crates which are among the very worst aspects of factory farming's hidden horrors?... It is appalling in its own right, but also a symbol of everything that is evil about factory farming. MS J. M. BURLISON Witham St Hughs. (letter)

Doncaster Free Press 11.7.03 ACTIVISTS CLAIM CRUELTY AT LOCAL PIG FARM - ANIMAL rights campaigners have released undercover video footage which they claim shows sows are being mistreated at a local pig farm. Bristol-based Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA) claim that Multibreed Pigs Ltd in Hook are being cruel by using farrowing crates - metal crates used to confine sows before and after giving birth to piglets.... (story)
Chorley Telegraph & Citizen 20.6.03 Pigs are fine says farmer - A DEMONSTRATION held at a local pig farm has been branded a pointless exercise by the Charnock Richard farm owner. It comes after animal rights activists from Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) gathered outside Ratho Park Farm, Back Lane, to highlight the plight of pigs kept in farrowing crates… Local campaigner Ian Richards said: "It seems hard to believe that this kind of animal suffering is still tolerated in the 21st century… (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 12.6.03 Why do they accuse us? Pig farmers hit back at rights group video nasty - Animal rights activists have compiled a new video claiming to expose shocking conditions on pig farms in Lancashire. The footage, put together by Vegetarians International Voice For Animals (VIVA!), claims to feature images of injured, dead and distressed animals in squalid conditions at two separate pig farms in the county... But Lancashire farmers have been quick to refute the allegations Norman and Sheila Chany run Ratho Park Farm, on Back Lane, Charnock Richard, near Chorley. The shocked couple, who invited the Lancashire Evening Post reporter and photographer to tour the farm, denied allegations that conditions on their farm were 'appalling'... Local Viva! campaigner Ian Richards said: "I don't know how anyone could look at this footage and still defend factory farming and the farrowing crate..." (story)
Chester Evening Leader 11.6.03 SECRET VIDEO ‘MAKES A MOCKERY’ OF ANIMAL CARE - ANTI-cruelty campaigners have today handed in a letter to Chester’s MP demanding action against a pig farm at the centre of spy footage ill-treatment allegations… But the demonstration organisers seemed unaware the farm is in the process of being closed down for good anyway. Vegetarian campaign group Viva! has released a video of undercover footage of “shocking” activities at Home Farm… Viva! campaigner Alistair Currie said: “Breeding units like JSR make a mockery of claims that Britain has high standards of farmed animal welfare…" But Glenn Dams, managing director for the pig arm of JSR Farming Group, based in Driffield, Yorkshire, says the farm is being shut for good – not because of Viva!’s “sensationalist” claims, but as a result of a general pig industry downturn… (story in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 11.7.03 ANIMAL-LOVERS UNITE IN BID TO SAVE CAT CENTRE - More Than 300 people in Edenbridge signed up to help save a Welsh cattery linked to Last Chance Animal Rescue - but more signatures are needed. Staff at the Stick Hill-based rescue centre worked hard to get the petition together but have only a month to gather all the support they can before a decision is made on whether to close Gwynfe Cat Welfare for good.... Last Chance trustee Andy Lambert said the closure of its Welsh counterpart would be felt immediately by the centre... (story)

The Sentinel 10.7.03 MORE ATTRACTIONS AT 73RD CANWELL SHOW - A Packed line-up of family attractions is already on the cards this year for one of the Midlands' best loved one-day shows. And organisers are now hoping good weather will boost the crowds attending the 73rd annual Canwell Show on Saturday, August 9… Traditional favourites such as Cyril the Squirrel and his racing terriers and the Meynall and South Staffs Hunt will also keep the crowds entertained in the main ring throughout the day… (story)

The Comet 10.7.03 Truth about fox hunting - Supporters of fox hunting would have us believe that they are doing us all a favour by eradicating the ‘vermin’ of foxes… the next time someone tells you that the hunt exists to save the countryside being overrun by foxes, tell them they are talking out of their backsides… PETE PERRY, Trumper Road, Stevenage, Via e-mail (letter)

South London Press 10.7.03 Mum, a fox is nibbling me! - Ellie Custy, of Gloucester Avenue, New Eltham, called out to her mum when she realised the animal was standing on her bed, then ran into her parents' bedroom… (story)
Telegraph 4.7.03 Fox attacks girl, 9, in her bed - A fox attacked a girl of nine as she slept in her bedroom. Ellie Custy awoke after feeling a bite on her foot to find the animal baring its teeth as it stood on the end of her bed... (story)
Mirror 4.7.03 FOX BITES GIRL, 9, AS SHE SLEEPS - A FOX bit a girl of nine as she was sleeping in bed after it crept in through a conservatory door. Ellie Custy awoke in the early hours to find bite marks on her feet and the animal snarling at the end of her bed... (story)

Telegraph 10.7.03 Euro safety rules 'will increase' animal tests By David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent - New European rules that will force companies to do safety tests on 30,000 man-made chemicals will lead to a massive rise in "pointless" animal experiments, it was claimed yesterday... An unlikely alliance of industry, scientists, animal welfare campaigners and trade unionists yesterday condemned the proposals as bureaucratic and unnecessary.... Dr Jennifer Dandrea, from the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, said the new law could see between 1.2 million to 12 million more animal tests in Europe... (story)

Western Daily Press 10.7.03 VANISHING VEGGIES - Britons are increasingly abandoning vegetarianism and eating more red meat, new figures revealed yesterday… (story)
Telegraph 9.7.03 Vegetarians rediscover the taste of red meat By Robert Uhlig, Food Correspondent - Carnivorism is back. After years in the wilderness, knocked by food scares, red meat consumption has returned to levels last seen before the BSE crisis, while vegetarianism is declining for the first time since the 1970s. The change in British eating habits is shown in the Realeat Survey, conducted by Gallup and cited by the Vegetarian Society as the most reliable record of meat-eating habits, and in figures from the Meat and Livestock Commission…. (story)

Birmingham Post 10.7.03 Charity wants city bird show banned - Sophie Blakemore, Birmingham Post - Animal rights campaigners have called for Britain's largest exotic bird market held at the National Exhibition Centre to be banned. Campaign group, Animal Aid, wants the licence to be revoked for the National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition, which it claims is illegal…. Elaine Toland, Animal Aid's senior campaigner, condemned Solihull council for granting the licence… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 10.7.03 Sally's rallying call to stop farm cruelty by Kay Cooper - WALKING around the Isle of Wight in a pink furry pig suit would take courage as well as endurance, but Sally May is prepared to go that extra mile if it will help save animals from suffering. Sally, 52, who launched the Solent group of Farm Animal Welfare three years ago from her home in Pennington, near Lymington, says to carry out the pig-suit march is her crowning ambition as a seasoned campaigner for animal rights. She's taken part in many passive demonstrations as a supporter of Compassion in World Farming (CWF) and says that more voices must be heard if cruel farming practices across the world are to cease… (story in archive)

Birmingham Post 10.7.03 Animals die in tourism trap By John Revill, Birmingham Post - Tourists are contributing to the biggest wave of mass animal extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs by continuing to buy illegal holiday souvenirs, wildlife campaigners in Birmingham said yesterday. The International Fund for Animal Welfare showed off an assortment of items seized by customs officers at Birmingham International Airport at the launch of a new public aware-ness campaign… (story)
Ananova 9.7.03 Tourists targeted in endangered animals campaign - An animal welfare charity is displaying stools made from elephants' feet and other such items to highlight its campaign to stop the souvenirs being bought by Britons. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is aiming to protecting endangered species from the tourist trade…. (story)

Western Gazette 10.7.03 STOP DOLPHIN SLAVE TRADE - This is World Week for Captive Dolphins. I would appeal to your readers not to visit dolphinariums whilst on holiday…. For those who want more information on the work of Cetacea Defence and the Captive Animals' Protection Society, please visit www. cetaceadefence.org and www.captiveanimals.org Alan Cooper, PO Box 78, Shaftesbury (letter)

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 10.7.03 We must protect Chingford's swans - I WOULD like to express my outrage and disgust at the barbaric and sick killing of swans in Chingford by asylum seekers… A SMITH, Woodford Green (letter)

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 10.7.03 Animal welfare faces WTO danger - I RECENTLY spent a morning in South Woodford asking shoppers if they would sign a petition objecting to the loss of many of our animal welfare laws as a result of the dictates of the World Trade Organisation…. Now is the time to protest. AILSA PAIN Hampstead Way, NW11. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 9.7.03 HARDLY A QUICK AND CLEAN KILL - The hunting fraternity has consistently maintained that a fox, when caught by the hounds, is killed cleanly and quickly "by a nip to the back of the neck". During the last hunting inquiry, some foxes were taken from the site of the kill by members of the inquiry team and post-mortems were then carried out on these unfortunate animals…. RICHARD ENGLAND, Highleadon, Newent (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 9.7.03 GROUSE OVER MOOR WAS MISINFORMED - Tim Baynes, Countryside Alliance, suggests (Opinion, July 1) that the Peak District moors owned by the National Park Authority are in poor condition owing to the lack of management for grouse shooting. He is correct in that there is no shooting allowed on authority land but is misinformed when he suggests that the authority's moorland is unmanaged…. Lynne Crowe, Peak District National Park Authority. (letter)

Louth Leader 9.7.03 Death is part of life in the country - Mrs Moncaster and Sylvia Crossfield, who were so horrified by the sight of dead crows hanging on a fence in Saltfleetby (Letters, 2nd July 2003), should put their prejudices to one side and ponder the predicament of both farmers and gamekeepers, who need to protect their livestock against the depredations of predators, which, as Sylvia Crossfield notes correctly, eat game birds’ eggs and have also been known to attack lambs…. In the circumstances, I feel I must add that I am not a fisherman, hunter, gamekeeper or farmer, and that I am a townie born and bred, who yet understands that, in the countryside, death is an intrinsic part of life. Derek Turner Theddlethorpe All Saints
Crow scare - The people objecting to the dead crows being displayed in a field are not aware of all the facts. I dare say the birds in question would be rooks which congregate in flocks and live mainly on grain, seeds and grubs. Hanging a few dead birds on sticks is an age-old detterent to the rest of the flock where they may be pillaging a field of grain. Typical of the do-gooders to have a moan about this ancient practice; surely it is no worse than looking at the remains of a dead animal on display in a butchers shop window. NAME AND SUPPLIED.
Barbaric cruelty - I was horrified to see the photo of crows - how disgusting and barbaric we are in the 21st century… P STUART Sutton Road, Sutton on Sea. (letters)
(Louth Leader 2.7.03 No need for the disgusting display of dead crows - I agree with Mrs Moncaster 100 per cent. This is barbaric and not what we expect in this day and age…. The only people who hang birds like this, are the people who think it is good to shoot anything that lives in the wild!! These are the ones who like to ‘show how good they are’ and not gamekeepers. Sylvia Crossfield (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.7.03 ATTACK ON FISHING MADE MY BLOOD PRESSURE RISE - On reading Frances Wicks' latest offering, Cats are a delightful addition to any family, Points of view, July 1, and her comments that stroking a cat can help lower high blood pressure, I would need a whole cattery to prevent my blood pressure hitting the roof after reading one of Ms Wicks' letters. Week on week, Ms Wicks' subjects Echo readers to one of her narrow-minded offerings she so clearly knows nothing about nor will take the time to learn. Her latest attack on fishing was laughable… M Radcliffe, Woodwater Lane, St Loye's, Exeter (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 9.7.03 Don’t watch bullfighting - wish to appeal to the public not to attend bullfighting or the Running of the Bulls when visiting Spain… Mrs V K Holland, Market Rasen (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 9.7.03 Control of alien species is ‘fascism’ - leading naturalist has accused some conservationists of "ecological fascism" for trying to eradicate foreign plants and animals. Richard Mabey, who lives at Roydon, near Diss, claims attempts to kill off a range of species, including the mink and ruddy duck which both come from North America, are akin to attempts by the Nazis to "purify" Germany.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 8.7.03 Naturalist in 'ecological fascist' claim …Richard Mabey, who lives at Roydon, near Diss, claims attempts to kill off a range of species - including the mink and ruddy duck which both originate from North America - are akin to attempts by the Nazis to "purify" Germany in the 1930s… (story)
Independent on Sunday 6.7.03 Top naturalist accuses 'wildlife fascists' - Conservationists charged with trying to 'purify' UK plants and animals by culling non-native species By Severin Carrell - A leading naturalist has accused his fellow conservationists of being "ecological fascists" for trying to eradicate alien plants and animals that threaten native species. Richard Mabey, author of the plant encyclopedia Flora Britannica, claims that attempts to kill off Spanish bluebells and the ruddy duck are unnecessary, and are little different from Nazi attempts to "purify" Germany in the 1930s... (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.7.03 All the fun of the fair? Something fishy is going on and Wigan's fairground boss isn't happy about it. Arthur Silcock has blasted the RSPCA and local councils for going "too far" to ban goldfishes as prizes at funfairs… (story)

Cambrian News 9.7.03 ‘Think of animals’ - With the summer comes the travelling circuses around the country. Can people please consider the awful conditions that some circus animals are kept in…. Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 8.7.03 Farmers furious over Great Yorkshire snub by Ministers - THE Government has been accused of snubbing the Great Yorkshire Show by not sending a single agriculture Minister to the prestigious event at a time when the region's farming industry is being told to "change or die"…. But when it was suggested Ministers were frightened of facing a pro-hunting lobby, a Defra spokeswoman said: "Absolutely no way whatsoever."… (story)

Independent 8.7.03 Andrew Linzey: Dismantling our prejudices about 'dumb brutes' - From a lecture given by the Oxford theologian to a conference on animal sentience at King's College, London …To anyone acquainted with moral philosophy, pro-hunting arguments are dazzling in their peccability. Commentators focus on the loss of jobs, but employment, by itself, can't determine whether something is morally right … Hunting has become the test of whether we are morally serious about cruelty. Is it really worth the aggro? It took 10 Bills over a period of 35 years to abolish bull-baiting. Who could say that Britain is not a better place for it? (story)

Western Morning News 8.7.03 Born to kill? CONCERNING fox hunting (WMN, July 4), I see one of your correspondents says sheep breeders need hunters to kill foxes on their land. I wonder if the same breeders are protesting about the deliberate breeding of foxes specifically to eventually hunt them?... Terence MacManus, London (story)

Sutton/Croydon Advertiser 8.7.03 Drivers on the scent of foxes …Police say using aftershave and chemical repellents, such as Renardine and Scoot, is the only way to deter young foxes now making their own way in the world and taking refuge under cars to keep warm. Last year they chewed through brake cables on 20 cars in Salisbury Road and Timbercroft, Worcester Park… (story)

Western Morning News 8.7.03 'SPECIESISM' - DISCRIMINATION YET AGAIN - P milton, (WMN, June 17) makes the point that white rats and mice are the main species used in medical "research"…. The inference, of course, must be he thinks rats and mice are less worthy of pity, so humans can do what they like to them! That is speciesism… The constant talking of culling first one species, then another is positively sickening - grey squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs, black rats, mink, rabbits, fox, deer and the BSE cull. Is there no end to it? Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Argus 8.7.03 Leave gulls be - It's that crazy time of year again, the seagulls' nesting season, when the tempers of humans and seagulls alike are short… The nesting season doesn't last forever and seagulls are part and parcel of living on the coast. I suggest we share it with them. -Gloria Wheatcroft, Hove (letter in archive)

Dundee Courier 7.7.03 GAME FAIR ATTRACTS RECORD CROWDS - THERE WAS a record attendance of more than 32,000 at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace over the weekend. Saturday saw more than 15,000 attend the annual event, with even more yesterday and each day saw long delays on roads in and around Perth, and in the car park of the game fair as the thousands of vehicles made their exit… (story may only be on website for a day)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7.7.03 ALERT: Road sealed off in suspect package scare - A RETIRED couple, whose car was set on fire by suspected animal rights extremists three years ago, feared their nightmare had returned during a bomb scare at their home. A bomb disposal unit from RAF Wittering, and eight police officers, were called to Crabapple Close, in Sawtry, near Peterborough, between 10.30am and 1pm on Saturday after Margaret and Keith Geary received a "suspicious package"…. Pc Ron McMeekin, of the police's Special Operations Unit, said the Gearys called the police, who called in the RAF bomb disposal unit to take a look. He added: "As a result of their examination, the package was found to be a hoax…" One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "The people in this street are all 100 per cent behind Margaret. These people who believe the life of a rat is worth more than the life of a person need to grow up."… (story)

Ananova 7.7.03 RSPCA wants goldfish banned as funfair prizes - The RSPCA is stepping up a campaign to outlaw the awarding of live animals as prizes at funfairs. They're particularly concerned about goldfish being used as prizes… (story)

Western Daily Press 7.7.03 GIVE WILDLIFE SPACE - Heron are a problem to fish farmers, but what would life be like without them, without butterflies or voles or badgers, or all the other wonders of the wild?... Paul Brazier Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.7.03 TAKING FISH OUT OF OUR MOUTHS Sir - I have to answer Mr Paul Brazier's letter of June 20. While I agree that we are very fortunate to have a heron on the river running through our village, I doubt that the owner of the trout farm would be of the same opinion… D Laskey Wotton under Edge Gloucestershire (story)
Western Daily Press 20.6.03 LEAVE FISHING TO THE HERON - We are very fortunate to have heron on the river running through the village. They eat trout that escape from a fish farm higher up… when I see people hooking them out of the river, I wonder what they do with them….? If they wish to eat trout they could get them from a supermarket. It's something that the poor heron cannot do… Paul Brazier Kingswood Wotton under Edge Gloucestershire (letter)

Worcester Evening News 7.7.03 No more cruel than other methods - I WONDER if Martin Roberts of the BNP is informed about conventional slaughterhouse practices (You Say, July 1). From the tone of his letter it would appear not. The argument that halal and kosher slaughter methods are cruel, but conventional methods are not, is of course ridiculous… As a vegetarian I happen to think that all slaughter is wrong, but for Mr Roberts to turn this into a racial issue does rather show the depth of his ignorance and prejudice. BEN EATON, Stourport-on-Severn. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.7.03 Animal feels no pain with halal slaughter - MARTIN Roberts' letter regarding halal and kosher methods of slaughter is littered with inaccuracies. I would urge that the BNP checks its facts before it makes allegations… AHMED RAZA, Stanley Road, Worcester (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 1.7.03 Issue of Halal and Kosher meat - WITH reference to Mr Heaton's letter about Halal and Kosher meat, the British National Party totally agrees with him… The Eid al-Adha is a barbaric Muslim festival that takes place in March, a four-day feast which involves the ritual slaughter of thousands of sheep… MARTIN ROBERTS, British National Party - Worcester Branch. (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 7.7.03 LESS LIVESTOCK WOULD MEAN MORE ROOM - G A Wright (Postbag, June 27) points out some important needs in protecting animals' interests. He assures us, though, that cows' and not plant milk is essential. There are many varieties of soya milk now … Far less livestock gives more room for nature and wildlife… C Seal, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 27.6.03 ANIMALS NEED CARE - I agree with Mick Ballard "Vegetarianism is better option" (Postbag, June 17) that if the Muslims and Jewish people will not eat meat from animals which have been stunned, they should go vegetarian... G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.6.03 VEGETARIANISM IS BETTER OPTION - On the issue of ritual slaughtering of animals for food by Muslim and Jewish people (featured on regional television last week), I was very disappointed with the response of the two religious leaders interviewed… . Surely all religions, if they are to live up to their claims of being peaceful, caring and compassionate, should be promoting and encouraging everyone towards a vegetarian and vegan diet… Nick Ballard, Leicester. (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 6.7.03 Pregnant pause hits hedgehogs cull - STEPHEN FRASER - THE breeding habits of the humble hedgehog have left a 270-strong, £58m-a-year quango looking distinctly spineless. Just six weeks after Scottish Natural Heritage spent £26,000 culling 66 of the small, nocturnal mammals on a Hebridean island it has emerged that 60 hoglets have already taken their place... The admission led last night to claims that the culling policy had been a waste of time and money. Ross Minett, from the charity Advocates for Animals, said: "They have spent vast amounts of cash and killed perfectly healthy wild animals unnecessarily when these animals could have been relocated on the mainland."... (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 6.7.03 'Get out of jail' card spares pet shop protest pensioners - PROTESTING pensioners demonstrating outside a pet shop selling puppies claim they were wrongly arrested and held for up to two hours by police. The two women were outside Posh Petz in St Cuthbert Street, Bedford on Friday afternoon when a customer came out having purchased a young dog. One of the women spoke to her asking about the puppy and took the customer's card so they could keep in touch but shortly after she had gone the pair were arrested on suspicion of assault... Police are also investigating a complaint that a member of the shop's staff was involved in an assault against a young disabled protester on Saturday, June 28. The girl who has one lung and suffers from severe curvature of the spine went into the shop to look round and claims she was assaulted and locked in... (story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 22.6.03 Pet protest - ANIMAL lovers took to the streets on Saturday morning in protest at the sale of puppies at Bedford’s newest pet shop.... Initially the proprietor spoke to the protesters then retreated inside to call the police as residents in the flats above chucked water down... They were then showered with live maggots but they were determined to stand their ground until officially moved on... (story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 8.6.03 Pet shop hounded over puppy policy - DOG lovers have launched a petition against a newly-opened Bedford pet shop selling puppies and kittens. Posh Petz in St Cuthberts Street, Bedford, opened a few weeks ago and advertises nine different breeds of dogs as well as kittens, rabbits, hamsters, chipmunks, chinchillas and birds. It was granted a licence by the borough but dog lover Jean Smith of Kempston said: “It’s outrageous that this has been able to set up in this day and age..." (story)

Ananova 6.7.03 Don't become bullfighting pawn, Beckham warned - An animal rights group has warned David Beckham to avoid becoming a pawn of the Spanish bullfighting industry... Tony Moore, of the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, warned Beckham that bullfighting bosses would try to exploit his superstar status in the same way... (story)

BBC News Online 5.7.03 Animal rights protesters claim victory ... Compassion in World Farming is holding the latest of its monthly demonstrations at the Eastern Docks in Dover in Kent on Saturday. Campaigns director Kerry Burgess told BBC News there had been no live sheep exports from the port in the past five months.... (story)

Times 5.7.03 Animal welfare - Sir, May we now hope that the anti-hunting MPs will direct their energy and enthusiasm towards banning the horrific business of exporting live animals? Yours faithfully, CELIA MIDDLEMAS, 19 Highlands Avenue, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8NN. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 5.7.03 In defence of a fundamental religious right - Neville Nagler, director general, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1. - It was predictable that Brian Sewell would trot out all his old prejudices and tired generalisations to attack the right of religious communities to practise their faith according to tradition and belief... The Jewish method of religious slaughter – not ritual slaughter – is based on the principle of care for all living creatures.... We believe that the Government will recognise that a multicultural society requires acceptance and encouragement for the religious practices of minority faiths, who do so much to enrich our society (letter)

Cambridge News 4.7.03 Show aims to bring cheer to country folk - AN AGRICULTURAL show near Ely is hoping to "put a smile back on the faces of country people".... From shire horses and Shetland ponies to alpacas and a hound pack, there promises to be a range of things for everyone to see... (story)

Argus 4.7.03 Acceptable face of cruelty to animals Graeme Worsley laughably claims that hunts are open and have nothing to hide... I would suggest that the visitors to the hunt kennels at Felbridge saw only what the hunt wanted them to and the day-to-day slaughter and cruelty that goes into providing "sport" for their paying customers was not on display.... -Paul Durant, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 28.6.03 Hounds truth - In response to Simon Wild (Letters, June 26), Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent foxhounds held a kennels open day in Felbridge on June 21 that attracted more than 200 visitors. The public saw for themselves exactly what happens at a hunt kennels, were given a description of a day's hunting and invited to follow the hounds. The open day also raised over £300 for St Catherine's Hospice - a charity this hunt regularly supports... We have absolutely nothing to hide and will welcome anybody who wants to find out the facts for themselves.... -Graeme Worsley, master of foxhounds Partridge Stud, Copthorne (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 4.7.03 HOW WILL SHEEP FARMERS BE ABLE TO CONTROL PESTS? The assertion that "controlling fox numbers is plainly just another bogus excuse" in R Cornish's letter (June 12) would be challenged by the 76 per cent of sheep breeders who "consider the ability to control foxes with hounds is very important"... J Ward-Hayne, Modbury (letter)
Western Morning News 12.6.03 DEMAND STILL HIGH FOR A HUNTING BAN - Inexplicably Patrick Nicholls (WMN, May 26) still seems to believe that foxhunting is in some way about controlling fox numbers... Later on, in the same article he refers to "woolly hats" that "terrorise" hunts, but conveniently overlooks the "terror" visited upon people who happen to live in hunted areas.... I used to live in a hunted area and having had my property regularly invaded and smashed up; having had sheep and cattle stampede through fences and gates, causing farmers to pull out of grazing agreements; having lost paying holiday guests when their small children were narrowly missed by galloping hunters and their motorised followers... R Cornish, Barnstaple (story)
Western Morning News 10.6.03 DO WE WANT A PRESIDENT LIVING AT NUMBER 10? - In his excellent column devoted to the Hunting Bill (WMN, May 24) Patrick Nicholls has clearly set out the murky progress of this misconceived measure so far… J Ward-Hayne, Modbury South Devon (letter)

Northern Echo 4.7.03 FOXHUNTING I GET extremely put out when the antis state that 90 per cent of the public are against foxhunting. Personally, I don't know anyone who has been asked. It is yet another English tradition that these extremists wish to abolish, while, at the same time, insisting we honour the traditions of other cultures…. Shelagh Harnby, Stockton. (letter in archive)

Post & Times 4.7.03 DISGUSTED TO FIND THAT BARBARIC PURSUITS CONTINUE I feel I must register my utter disgust at the revelations in the Post & Times that such barbaric practices as badger-baiting and cock fighting are still going on in our countryside. That these are a well-organised secret, according to the admirable Faye Burton, implies that wealthy, if perverted, individuals are perpetuating cruel activities which have been forbidden by law and abhorred by the average decent person for nearly two hundred years... MURIAL PAYNE Leigh (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.7.03 TB IS A FAR BIGGER THREAT TO HERDS THAN FOOT-AND-MOUTH - In response to the letter from Carol Galpin - Let's Stop This TB Slaughter. Yes, I agree, let's stop the slaughter of my very much-loved pedigree herd of cows. We are under restrictions, having had a Ministry test, and reactors were found. Ms Galpin mentions that the incidents of TB dramatically decreased during the foot-and-mouth crisis. Maybe the answer to that claim is that no testing was done during this period.... Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.7.03 FAILURES OF TB TESTING - Carol Galpin is convinced that the low numbers of TB reactors found during the foot-and-mouth epidemic, and the rise in numbers since, proves something. It does. It proves that vets were so preoccupied with dealing with foot-and-mouth cases, and with avoiding travel between farms, that testing for TB virtually ceased at that time, explaining the low number of reactors found... John Tuck Wootton Bassett Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.7.03 LET'S STOP THIS TB SLAUGHTER - Why do we taxpayers continue to fund Mr Blair's search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) abroad, when in reality we need look no further than under our very own noses?... This weapon of mass destruction is called Defra (formerly MAFF). The dictator is our very own Prime Minister. The innocent family groups are badgers… Carol Galpin Address supplied (story)

Cambridge News 4.7.03 New law will help protect HLS staff - POLICE are to be given more powers to get tough with animal rights activists using scare tactics on research facility staff. South East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice proposed the measures as part of a string of amendments to the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill, which have now been adopted by the Home Secretary David Blunkett. The offence of aggravated trespass will now be extended to cover trespass inside properties as well as in the open air.... (story)

Cambridge News 4.7.03 'Testing plays a vital role' EXPERTS have given a boost to Huntingdon Life Sciences and Cambridge University by insisting animal experiments still have a vital role to play in research.... (story)

Birmingham Post 4.7.03 Animal charity cash in on hotline By Emma Pinch, Birmingham Post - Animal lovers have criticised the RSPCA after it emerged callers to their cruelty hotline would be routinely asked to make a donation.... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 4.7.03 APPALLED BY AVIARY - I was so appalled to read about the sea birds in a cage! How low can man get.... J D FINLAYSON, Belle Vue Road, Paignton (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 4.7.03 the cat-lovers answer back - THE letter from Colin Jones (EA Letters, June 27) is one of the most irresponsible I have seen in all the years I have been reading the letters page. On the same day the Adver was asking for strict regulations on the sale of ammunition for air guns, Mr Jones was sympathising with the morons that shoot cats…. Mr Jones admits to kicking the cat and I will be forwarding a copy of the letter to the RSPCA. PHILIP BEAVEN, Swindon (letter)

Daily Record 4.7.03 FRUITY VEGGIES Actors Jude Law and Tobey Maguire have been named among the world's sexiest vegetarians by charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (story)

Worthing Argus 4.7.03 Goldfish banned at fair Fairground operators are facing a ban if they give away goldfish as prizes in Worthing. Officers from Worthing Borough Council are telling travelling fairs they must stop giving away the fish because it would be in breach of the council's hire agreements. Billy Elliott, of the Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service (Wadars), said goldfish were being given away by the fair as prizes last year and there had been complaints from the public… (story in archive)

Southport Visiter 4.7.03 Animal's lonely life - THE Southport Visiter last week comments that circus owner Bobby Roberts "reassures audiences that all the creatures are very well treated." Of course he does. But did he also mention that the world's leading elephant experts condemn the use of elephants in the circus?.... PAT SIMPSON, Campaign director, Captive Animals' Protection Society, Preston (letter)

Hendon Times 4.7.03 Vesna is a dog's best friend - A holiday in Greece 16 years ago changed Vesna Jones's life. Appalled by the thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets, she founded Greek Animal Rescue — a charity which saves dogs from the streets — and adopted six dogs herself. On June 20, Mrs Jones, of Great North Way, Hendon, won the International Fund for Animal Welfare's International Award for her work.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.7.03 THE PURSUIT OF KINGS AND QUEENS - Five hundred years ago, Henry VIII rumbled through the woods, servants in tow, horses wilting under his bulky frame. There was nothing the great Tudor king loved more than a day's hunting; chroniclers recall he would go through 10 mounts a day.... (story)

Times 3.7.03 Scottish police not equipped to pursue packs BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - SCOTLAND’S nine surviving mounted foxhunts, or “pest control services” as they are now officially styled, meet at least twice a week during the traditional hunting season which runs between March and late October.... Usually the hunt masters voluntarily advise police of the location and timing of each meet. The police do not, however, have the resources to then turn up in off-road vehicles and pursue the mounted packs to ensure no laws are broken.... So far two complaints have resulted in legal action against two men accused of hunting with hounds in breach of the legislation. The cases against Trevor Adams of the Buccleuch Hunt and Rory Innes of the Jedforest Hunt are still going through the courts.... (story)

Reading Chronicle 3.7.03 The object of Mr Salter's attention - HE Reading West MP, Martin Salter, appears to have a fixation about me. Just a few months ago, in a debate about the countryside, he told the House of Commons I had been arrested at the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool (I have never been to Blackpool, and I have never been arrested anywhere.)… The Countryside Action Network (of which I am NOT President) will campaign and protest vigorously against the bigoted and totally misleading attacks made by Mr Salter and some of his colleagues on our way of life… JANET GEORGE, Stottesdon, Kidderminster (letter)
Reading Chronicle 3.7.03 False claims about Alliance - MARTIN Salter MP has once again told an untruth (letters, June 26) about the Countryside Alliance. It has no 'provisional' wing… Mr Salter knows all this, of course, not least because, as your readers should be aware, there has already been correspondence between us on these matters. But being simply prejudiced about the Alliance, he continues to tout disinformation. We are now writing again to Mr Salter, warning him not to continue or we will take appropriate action to defend our reputation…. SIMON HART Chief Executive Designate, Countryside Alliance London (letter)
Western Morning News 1.7.03 TAKE THREAT TO SPORT SERIOUSLY - In Peter Hole's letter on the threat to angling (WMN, May 27), he quotes that Martin Salter MP - who shoots and fishes - declares "the anti-fishing lobby is a few extreme vegans. It's nothing to take seriously"…. Unlike Mr Salter, I am a pensioner and cannot indulge in shooting. But I can afford the cost of following hounds on foot…. Mr Salter is an adviser to the Minister of Sport and the Minister for Agriculture on shooting and fishing…. Perhaps this is why he believes that he and others have nothing to fear for their chosen field sports. A Cook Liskeard (letter)
Reading Chronicle 23.6.03 No link between fox and fish - IT COMES as no surprise to read the letter from Peter Hole of the extremist organisation Countryside Action Network trying to make the spurious link between angling and fox hunting to suit his own ends. There is a world of difference between catching a fish on rod and line and chasing a wild animal across the countryside and throwing it to hounds to be ripped to pieces…. Your readers should be aware Mr Hole's organisation is in fact the provisional wing of the Countryside Alliance, and has advocated illegal actions… MARTIN SALTER MP, Reading West (letter)
Northwich Guardian 12.6.03 THE Government spokesman on angling, Martin Salter MP, has declared that the anti-fishing lobby is a few extreme vegans. It's nothing they take seriously. He deludes himself… PETER HOLE, Countryside Action Network, Keep up the fight to save hunting (letter in archive)
Hull Daily Mail 12.6.03 FISHING HAS OWN MERITS - Christopher W Fox, in his letter on hunting and fishing (Mail, June 5), is clearly adhering to the principle applied to nature's balance, which is a criterion governs fox hunting - ie foxes can control their own numbers... Killing animals as a sport by hunting with dogs or by shooting does not have the same merits as fishing. D Tate, Westbourne Avenue, Hull (letter)
Western Gazette 12.6.03 SPOKESMAN IS DELUDING HIMSELF - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.6.03 MP IS 'DELUDING HIMSELF' - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 5.6.03 KILLING FOR SPORT IS STILL CRUEL - Peter Hole claims hunting and fishing "make substantial contributions to the conservation of our environment and wildlife" (Mail, May 28). Participants may undertake conservation work, but they could do that anyway. Mr Hole goes on to say people "would not engage in these pastimes if they found them cruel". Killing for sport is unnecessary and cruel… Christopher W Fox, St Andrew's Close, Middleton on the Wolds (letter)
Reading Chronicle 5.6.03 Humans kill for pleasure - PETER Hole says that fishing and hunting have "many knowledgeable participants" who would not engage in these pastimes if they found them cruel (Chronicle, May 29). But hunting has long been known to cause suffering (indeed, it is difficult to see how chasing an animal to exhaustion and then savaging it to death could do otherwise) and angling has also recently been proved to do so…. DEREK GREATREX, Harrogate Road, Caversham (letter)
Lakeland Echo 4.6.03 Fishing is next in line - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 30.5.03 UNREASONABLE TO BAN THE HUNT - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network, Laver Head, Green Lane, Shibden, Halifax (letter)
Kingston Borough Guardian 30.5.03 Take anti-angling crew seriously - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network , Shibden, Halifax (letter)
Yorkshire Post 30.5.03 Missing the point over cruelty From: David F Daniells, Linton Woods Lane, Linton on Ouse, York. Peter Hole (Letters, May 20) in asserting that those that practice country "sports" would not do so if they found them cruel misses the point by a country mile.... The consensus of opinion in this country, quite rightly, is that there is no individual right to terrorise wildlife for sport and the law will follow.... (letter)
Manchester Evening News 29.5.03 Angling next? Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Reading Chronicle 29.5.03 Taking MP's bait over angling - PETER HOLE, Countryside Action Network, Green Lane, Shibden, Halifax (letter)
Knutsford Guardian 28.5.03 Reel in ill-informed comments - PETER HOLE, Green Lane, Halifax (letter in archive)
Hull Daily Mail 28.5.03 ANGLING FOR A SAFE SOLUTION - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Western Morning News 27.5.03 ANGLING IS STILL UNDER THREAT - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network Halifax (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 26.5.03 IS FISHING THE NEXT TO BE BANNED? - Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.5.03 SIR - The Government spokesman on angling, Martin Salter MP, has declared that "The anti-fishing lobby is a few extreme vegans. It's nothing we take seriously." He deludes himself…. Peter Hole (Countryside Action Network), Green Lane, Shibden, Halifax. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 20.5.03 Angling world now 'in same position as hunters' From: Peter Hole, Countryside Action Network, PO Box 22, Usk, NP15 1ZA. The Government spokesman on angling, Martin Salter, has declared that "the anti-fishing lobby is a few extreme vegans. It's nothing we take seriously". He deludes himself. The angling world finds itself now in the position of the hunting world some years ago, when many hunting people thought that the opposition could be disregarded as the work of a few freaks and fanatics… Mr Salter, if you wish to preserve your sport not only for yourself but also for future generations, you must cease your ill informed campaign against hunting…. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 3.7.03 NORTH GAMEKEEPERS SHOW THEY ARE TOUGHEST OF THE TOUGH - MARK DREVER - Four gamekeepers from the North and North-east of Scotland found their expertise and abilities tested to the limit last month as they helped raise almost £3,000 for charity. The men, who are all members of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, took part in a special survival challenge to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind... (story)

Amesbury Journal 3.7.03 No fishing for me, thanks - ANDY Smith (Postbag, June 5) invited me to spend a piscatorial day out by the river bank. I regretfully decline this, on the grounds of having seen it all before…. RICHARD HARVEY Folkestone Road Salisbury (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.6.03 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE DID NOT HIJACK LIBERTY MARCH - Ms Wicks' assertion that we could have 'hijacked' last September's Liberty and Livelihood March is absurd. It's a bit rich to accuse us of 'hi-jacking' our own event - for the march was entirely planned, organised, marshalled and paid for by the Countryside Alliance… Six months before we held our march, we published an explicit five-point credo on its purpose and aims… Far from "hanging our heads in shame" about the march, we are proud to have been able to offer the 400,000-plus people, who joined us in London that day, the opportunity to march for what they believe in… Alison Hawes, Countryside Alliance regional director, South West (letter)
Amesbury Journal 5.6.03 Let fishermen off the hook - MARC Palmer's colourful remarks (Postbag May 22) come at a time when fishermen from far and wide are visiting our area for the annual mayfly period… Mr Palmer is entitled to his views, there are thousands who will disagree with his conclusion that fishermen are indulging in a "cruel game"…. The so-called "voluminous evidence" that Countryside Alliance supporters lack any compassion towards animals is spurious nonsense, and must be seen as a mischievous attempt to influence public opinion rather than deal with reality. GORDON MACKIE Barford St Martin
With regards to the two recent letters in the Journal I would be only to pleased to take Richard Harvey or Marc Palmer for a day out on the river bank, to show them what fishing is all about - Andy Smith Fordingbridge (letters in archive)
Lancaster Citizen 30.5.03 Fishing for excuses - REGARDING Charles Jardine's recent sentiments on the science surrounding fish and pain, he fails to note that there has been scientific work done in this field for 30 years and that pretty much all of it has supported the fact that fish feel pain… It is he and his fellow anglers who are putting up the smokescreen, not the many people among us wish to go about their lives and leisure without inflicting cruelty to animals as they go. Max Gastone, Campaign for the Abolition of Angling (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 27.5.03 WHY WE MUST STOP THIS 'DISNEYFICATION' - Charles Jardine Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.5.03 MAMMALS CAN FEEL PAIN, SO WHY SHOULDN'T FISH? - I am writing in response to Charles Jardine, of the Countryside Alliance... I thought the Countryside Alliance would still be busy hanging their heads in shame after trying to hijack the Countryside March with their pro-hunt campaigns.... I also regard fishing as a type of hunting... Ms K Wicks, Alphington, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.5.03 'SPORT' OF ANGLING AND FISH FARMING ARE FOUL - I refer to the letter from Charles Jardine, director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (Points of View, May 19) in which he confirms that he feels people should base their behaviour on scientific research and not sentiment. How sad!... Angling is cruel and unjustifiable, and fish farming is particularly cruel and has nothing to do with conservation. Mrs Frances Wicks Alphington Road St Thomas (letter)
The Citizen (Lancaster) 23.5.03 Of course fish feel pain - I WAS horrified to read the letter from Charles Jardine (Citizen, May 15), claiming fish don't feel pain… I used to fish when I was a kid and I have no objection to others fishing, but to deny that the fish does not have a nervous system and nerve endings is just playing dumb… Stuart Lovatt, Sandylands Promenade, Morecambe. (letter in archive)
Amesbury Journal 22.5.03 Fishing: the art of deceiving an animal - CHARLES Jardine, of the Countryside Alliance, certainly gave me pause for thought… As for the much-vaunted conservation work done by anglers - if they really cared about the environment, and not just about saving their `sport', they would do the work, angling or not… It might seem like sport to some but to fish it can only be a cruel game. To quote Juliet Gellatley, if fish could scream, angling would be outlawed tomorrow. MARC PALMER Salisbury (letter in archive)
Amesbury Journal 22.5.03 IF half of Richard Harvey's emotive comments about angling were true (Postbag, May 15), most of us would give up fishing tomorrow… , I suggest that responsible fishermen do far more than most in terms of spreading this message, providing healthy river environments and educating the young. GORDON MACKIE Heath Farm Barford St Martin (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.5.03 MORE RESEARCH NEEDED INTO 'FISH PAIN' FINDINGS - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 18.5.03 Welcome research on fish and pain - Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 16.5.03 'DISNEYFICATION' OF FISH SHOULD STOP - Regarding the letter "Eating fish is equally cruel" (May 9). Believe it or not, I am glad the scientists at the Roslin Institute have released their findings that "fish feel pain". Why? Because it is moving research on the matter and, therefore, the debate forward. CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Amesbury Journal 15.5.03 Fish do feel pain - and have a right to existence - THE Roslin Institute report (Fish `rights' are a moot issue, Postbag, last week), which Charles Jardine has attempted to rubbish, mercifully confirms what any unbiased, and not overly sentimental nor ill-informed person who sees a fish floundering helplessly while being landed would conclude - that is, that these animals do feel pain… RICHARD HARVEY, Folkestone Road, Salisbury (letter in archive)
North East Evening Gazette 14.5.03 Not off the hook - CHARLES JARDINE, Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 13.5.03 FISH PAIN STUDY WILL AID DEBATE - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.5.03 IT'S GOOD TO HAVE MORE RESEARCH INTO FISH FEELINGS - Charles Jardine Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Ross-shire Journal 9.5.03 No brains to feel pain - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Bucks Free Press 9.5.03 Don't believe fish feel pain - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, London (letter)
Somerset Guardian 8.5.03 LET'S HAVE THE ARGUMENTS ON WHETHER FISHING IS RIGHT - CHARLES JARDINE Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 8.5.03 At pains to accept fish findings - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter in archive)
Amesbury Journal 8.5.03 Fish 'rights' are moot issue - CHARLES JARDINE, Director , Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Post 8.5.03 Fishing for the facts - Charles Jardine, Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Boston Standard 8.5.03 Proper research needed into fishes’ ‘feelings’ - Charles Jardine, director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 8.5.03 Claim is fishy.... Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter in archive)
Wharfedale Observer 8.5.03 Claim is fishy.... Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter in archive)
Cumberland News & Star 7.5.03 SOMETHING FISHY ABOUT THESE FINDINGS ON PAIN - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 7.5.03 FISHY RESEARCH - CHARLES JARDINE Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Bath Chronicle 7.5.03 SENTIMENTAL ATTITUDE TO 'UNFEELING' FISH - Believe it or not, I am glad the scientists at the Roslin Institute have released their findings that 'fish feel pain'. Why? Because it is moving research on the matter, and therefore the debate, forward. I believe it is good science even though I disagree with the findings… I believe a Royal Commission into animal welfare, to set out what is acceptable treatment of animals and what is not, is the next logical step. We must base our behaviour on scientific research, not sentiment. A properly researched scientific paper would help lessen the current 'Disneyfication' of fish and provide a framework within which anglers can go about their business… CHARLES JARDINE Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 3.7.03 Take greyhound protests south - THE report in the News on the greyhound racing protest in Rose Street caught my eye… William Hill, Corals and Ladbrokes… do not accept bets on Scottish Greyhound Racing so a protest outside their Edinburgh shops, however exaggerated, is a pointless exercise. William Hill operate race tracks at nearby Sunderland and Newcastle and if Ms Wells believes half the nonsense she expounds then I suggest she takes her message there. Bob Chalmers Morrison Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 28.6.03 Protesters in betting shop demo - GREYHOUND protesters are holding a demonstration in the Capital urging people to think about the consequences of betting. Members and friends of Greyhound Action Scotland are holding the protest outside the William Hill shop in Rose Street.... Amanda Wells, GAS national organiser, said: "Each year over 40,000 greyhounds are bred in Britain and Ireland, mostly to supply the demands of the UK racing industry. The vast majority of those dogs will be disposed of before they are three-years-old. Only a few per cent will find good homes and most of them will be put to death."... (story)

Derbyshire Times 3.7.03 LAST DITCH RACE TO ESCAPE AXE - Chesterfield's cash-strapped RSPCA centre will be axed at the end of the month – unless animal welfare bosses find another £17,000.... (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 3.7.03 MP backs call for monkey tests ban - Nuneaton MP Bill Olner has joined a group of cross-party MPs and signed in support of a radical early day motion calling for a ban on all laboratory experiments on monkeys in the UK... (story)

Cornishman 3.7.03 COMPASSION ON FARMS - Name and address supplied - I was interested to read the letter last week from Clare Dyas concerning the sad life of most dairy cows... A well known singer recently stated on television that he equated the farming and use of innocent animals for cash to a form of child abuse. Of course, farmers will justify the only life they have ever known and manage to sleep easy at night, with their own babies tucked up safely beside them. (letter)
Cornishman 3.7.03 A BETTER LIFE FOR DAIRY CATTLE? - Clare Dyas, Area Rep, Compassion in World Farming, Sancreed House, Sancreed, Penzance - When many people think about dairy farming they think about grazing cows and calves in fields. Sadly for many years now, calves have been routinely separated from their mother immediately after birth... (letter)

Times 2.7.03 Scots riders still turn out but the tally-ho has gone BY MAGNUS LINKLATER - A YEAR after foxhunting was banned in Scotland, riders and hounds are still turning out for meets up and down the country — but it is a pale imitation of the real thing.... One hunt, the Dumfriesshire, has disbanded because it could not see any future in the sport.... (story)

Independent 2.7.03 Barbecues and tattie nights lost with demise of ancient hunt in Scotland By Terri Judd - For most people who live in the area once covered by the Dumfriesshire hunt, the demise of the sport has caused social deprivation rather than financial hardship. It is the lack of quiz, bowls and "tattie" supper nights - once organised to fund the hunt - that they most regret. While there has been an undoubted economic impact on those immediately involved in breeding or caring for horses, the first complaint among the residents of the small villages around Lockerbie was a lack of the social functions which drew together a scattered community...
Independent 1.7.03 Only one fox hunt disbands in Scotland but kill is up By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - In the 11 months since Scotland's ban on fox hunting came into force, only one of the country's 10 licensed hunts has disbanded. The other nine offer a pest-control service to landowners and farmers, hunting foxes that damage or threaten livestock... Hunt supporters say the clampdown has put out of business farriers, feed suppliers and saddle makers... Alan Murray, of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said: "The Dumfriesshire hunt is the only pack to disband but none of the others, which have all seen their numbers drop by about 50 per cent, meet in any formal sense." (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.7.03 GOOD RIDDANCE, SAYS ANNIE - The rural idyll of 84-year-old Annie Mycock's picture postcard farmhouse was shattered when the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt strayed off course in January…. The veteran anti-hunt campaigner had banned foxhunters from her 40-acre spread at Green House Farm, Calton, near Waterhouses, and rushed out to remonstrate with them…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 2.7.03 RATS' TALE Whenever I see a letter in the Echo concerning foxes, the immediate reaction is "Oh no, not again!"…Foxes keep the vermin down and deserve better than to be harassed by the horse-riding fraternity who use fox-hunting for the purpose of exercising the horses over farmland and testing their stamina… MARGARET NICHOLSON Faldingworth, Market Rasen…. (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 2.7.03 WE'RE KILLERS - To all those humans who are denouncing animals as killers... I suggest we give all animals the benefit of the doubt, until we learn to curb our own killer instincts... Stan Witty, Brigg. (letter)

Ryedale Gazette 2.7.03 Game for a pair of awards - GAMEKEEPER Michael Richardson is to receive two long service awards. The first will be presented at next week's Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate by the president of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, John Henderson, where he will receive an engraved tankard, certificate and medal, and the second at a game fair at Harewood House on August 1... (story in archive)

Western Morning News 2.7.03 Western Morning News 2.7.03 - No more horses - YOUR correspondent Louise Piddington is wrong in saying that a horse racing ban would save 300 horses a year from death. Race horses - and likewise hunters - would not be bred in the first place if such bans became law and the ones that have already been bred will be destroyed as there would be no job left for them - they do not make pets!... M C Bedford, Lanjeth St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 HORSE RACING BAN WOULD SAVE MUCH SUFFERING - No, Mark Daniel (WMN, May 12), a ban on horse racing would save around 300 horses a year from death - and many more from injury; a ban is not the ultimate cruelty - horse racing is…. So Mark, think about that while you're eating horsemeat. I have no need nor desire to eat any animal. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Hunts Post 2.7.03 Inside Huntingdon Life Sciences - a company under attack - HUNTINGDON Life Sciences is, admits its own managing director, perhaps "one the most controversial companies in the United Kingdom". Reporter CAT BELL went to visit the contract research organisation, which has just been granted a continued injunction against animal rights protesters, to find out why and see for herself what goes on there... (story)

Telegraph 2.7.03 Monkey tests 'must be stopped' By Roger Highfield - Monkeys should be phased out of toxicity and drug safety testing experiments, Home Office advisers said yesterday… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.7.03 USPCA cry wolf in cash row with police By David Gordon - THE USPCA was today threatening to deliver two wolves to Bangor police station in a bizarre bust-up with the PSNI… The wolves have been cared for by the USPCA since being seized in an animal welfare investigation in north Down. A court has ordered that they should not be returned to their owner for a year and police are refusing to pay for their upkeep. The cash-strapped USPCA today made it very clear that it will not be footing the bill… (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 2.7.03 Vegan campaign group offering free food - A vegan campaigning organisation is holding a free food tasting fair at a Dudley town centre pub. Realfood, a new West Midlands-based group, will be at the Litten Tree in Union Street on July 12 from noon to 4pm…. Neil Lea, founder of Realfood, said: "We challenge ardent meat eaters out there to come and do a taste test…. (story)

Western Mail 2.7.03 MEP seeks to ban cat fur trade - by Martin Shipton, The Western Mail - A WELSH MEP is spearheading a campaign to outlaw the barbaric international trade in dog and cat fur. Jonathan Evans, who leads the 37-strong Conservative group at the European Parliament, will propose a resolution calling on Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne to seek an EU-wide ban…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.7.03 Destroying dogs - IF hunting is eventually banned, one wonders if the little matter of having to put down many thousands of fox and stag hounds - and even beagles - will be brought up? Who will have blood on their hands then?... Patrick J Ellis, Eggesford North Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 1.7.03 Hunting debate - F CLEAVES' now familiar comments and pontifications on all things hunting portray an obvious lack of knowledge on the subject and inability to perceive of anything outside the restrictions of his narrow, myopic and self-centered views… W T Sweet, Mawgan Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 17.6.03 What debate? HUNTING debate? What "debate"? It would appear to be impossible to engage in serious debate with some members of the anti-hunting fraternity… the best F Cleaves could do was to say that "J Ward-Hayne must be living in cloud-cuckoo land"… For the record, I can corroborate J Ward-Hayne's statement - all the hounds in the hunt which I follow are routinely vaccinated, just as any other dog would be. Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard St Lawrence Taunton, Somerset (letter)
Western Morning News 17.6.03 IDEAS ARE UNDERMINING ANTI-HUNT ARGUMENT - What absolute rubbish F Cleaves is talking (WMN, June 9). I have been heavily involved with three packs of hounds (two of beagles and one of mink hounds) and all hounds have been vaccinated at birth and throughout their lives. Indeed, it would be pointless not to, as few of the those hounds would survive long in a kennel environment otherwise… William Proudfoot, Fawkham Kent (letter)
Western Morning News 10.6.03 Hound vaccination unlikely - J WARD-HAYNE is living in cloud cuckoo land if he really believes that all hunts vaccinate their dogs (WMN, May 13). His quote that the Modbury Harriers do carry out such a programme is a futile attempt to convince us that this practice is also probably carried out by all other hunts… I personally don't believe that any dogs are ever vaccinated… F Cleaves, Par, Cornnwall (letter)
Western Morning News 3.6.03 Hiding from the facts -F CLEAVES (WMN, May 27) seems to have missed their vocation as understudy to "Comical Ali"… My assertion that some hounds continue hunting for nine or ten seasons was a statement of fact. If F Cleaves pretends it isn't true, readers can draw their own conclusions. Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard St Lawrence, near Taunton (letter)
Western Morning News 3.6.03 Top of chain - SCOTT Smale tries to justify hunting with hounds by saying that wolves prey on foxes. That's just not true! Both animals are at the top of their respective food chains…. There is nothing remotely natural about a hunt. It's designed to be long merely for the entertainment of the hunters… R A Gagie, Paignton (letter)
Western Morning News 27.5.03 Cruel or kind? AFTER repeated requests from myself and others as to how many hounds are dispatched when they reach the age of six or seven, how typical to have Jonathan Marshall to inform us that this is nonsense, and that, in fact, hounds are used till the age of 12. Anyone believing this would have had to come down with the last shower…. F Cleaves, Par Cornwall (letter)
Western Morning News 27.5.03 The call of the wild - HOUNDS might be wolves (WMN, May 13), but they are wolves with their natural intelligence bred out of them… Hounds have been bred to make a great deal of noise, scare their quarry witless and chase it to the point of exhaustion… Robert Craig, Weston-Super-Mare (letter)
Western Morning News 13.5.03 HUNTSMEN WOULD NOT RISK HOUNDS' HEALTH - question put by F Cleaves, "Why are none of the hounds ever vaccinated?"… The Modbury Harriers pack is vaccinated as puppies and in later years injected according to vets' recommendations. I have no information on the practice of other hunts, but it is unlikely that they would risk infectious disease decimating a kennel full of carefully bred hounds… A fair number of hounds hunt up to their ninth or even tenth season, a ripe age for any working dog… J Ward-Hayne, Modbury South Devon (story)
Western Morning News 13.5.03 DOGS TOOK OVER THE ROLE OF WOLVES - F Cleave states (WMN, April 25) that Jonathan Marshall says that hunting is all down to the "balance of nature"… Britain and the whole of Europe had packs of wolves roaming all over it, until roughly 400 years ago…. Because wolves were killing livestock, man, in order to save his livestock, wiped out the wolf packs and bred wolves to a domesticated state which we know today as the dog… Mr Cleave asks about hounds being put down after six or seven years. The average dog's life is approximately ten years and they have a wonderful life. Scott Smale, Dulverton Somerset (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 1.7.03 LET THE INTELLIGENT PUBLIC DECIDE - I Would like to reply to M J Atkin (Viewpoint, May 31). Let's stick to the points Pat Wickham raises. Pat aims to enlighten people to the intense cruelty of blood sports of which many people are unaware. The points M J Atkin raised were totally irrelevant to the issues Pat was trying to put across… Mrs S Steer, Town Street, South Killingholme (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.6.03 I'M WITH PAT ALL THE WAY - In reply to the forklift driver and his latest, ridiculous letter of May 19 - killing animals is not a sport... For the record, I don't know Pat Wickham but I agree with him/her 100 per cent each time.... Guy Smith, Louth Road, Grimsby (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 13.6.03 ANSWER IS TO GO VEGGIE - I Have been following the verbal battle of late in Viewpoint between our animal rights champion Pat Wickham and other sundry carcass crunchers - namely That Fork Lift Driver, The Fox et al and now a certain M. J. Atkin who tells Ms Wickham to put her own house in order…. If M J Atkin really does not want to cause any animal cruelty, as he/she suggests in the most recent letter, then he/she should go veggie. To suggest that Ms Wickham, a vegan for many years, should change her lifestyle is just plain insulting… J. Holiday, Hemingby, Lincolnshire (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 12.6.03 FED UP OF THIS TOPIC - I Must agree with the gentleman complaining about Pat Wickham's anti-hunting/fishing letter which, although the text is usually re-arranged, appears approximately once a month. It has been said many times before by exasperated readers that us humble meat and fish eaters have now got the message. But, it is oh so boring.... By the way, I don't hunt or go fishing. Over to you - C Wayne, Cheapside, Waltham (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 6.6.03 LINE OF DEFENCE IS TO ATTACK Well, I certainly provoked a strong reaction from M J Atkin (Viewpoint, May 31) with my letter, In The Firing Line Over 'Sport' Killings (May 27), but then that was my intention. So may I "sicken" him again by responding to the diatribe he flung in my direction?... to attempt to condone bloodsports because other cruelties exist is patently ridiculous… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 31.5.03 ALL GUILTY OF ANIMAL AND HUMAN CRUELTY - I Am heartily sick of Pat Wickham and her supporters pontificating to the rest of us about animal cruelty. While I agree that animal cruelty in any form is wrong, may I just remind her of a few facts. Do you drive a car Ms Wickham? If so, you are as much to blame for animal cruelty and human cruelty as anyone... You have set yourself up as judge and jury to the rest of us miserable human beings, and in fact you are as guilty as any one of us... M J Atkin (address supplied) (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 28.5.03 TIME TO STOP FEEBLE EXCUSES - In response to the nameless That Fork Truck Driver who thinks that killing the wildlife is a good thing (Viewpoint, May 19), well I wish they would just calm down! No amount of blustering is going to change the minds of people who think blood sports are wrong… Try to justify it all you like, but hunting, factory farming and vivisection are all forms of animal abuse… L Storey, Grimsby (full address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 27.5.03 IN THE FIRING LINE OVER 'SPORT' KILLINGS - I Am amazed that in these more enlightened times that That Fork Truck Driver (Viewpoint, May 19) still believes he can justify the taking of life for sport and can be taken seriously, by spouting lengthy paragraphs from his Bible, the Countryside Alliance propaganda manual, to win converts, while hiding behind his pseudonym… That he cannot enjoy his own life without taking pot shots at defenceless birds, (sport?) the justification for which, being the few morsels of flesh they can offer in a land of plenty is, quite frankly, bizarre…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 13.5.03 BLINDED BY LIGHT! - In response to the letter signed Fox in Viewpoint on May 6. I am heartened that the vulpine writer has responded to my letter decrying bloodsports and that he is reflecting on his life, rather than sleepwalking through it… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 6.5.03 YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE, I'LL LIVE MINE - I Refer to the letter headed Bloodsport is Greatest Abuse of All (Viewpoint, Tuesday, April 29)…. I have been a killer for years of all living creatures from mouse to big game and never thought anything of it. Every animal I have killed has been dispatched of in a clean and humane way. I am sorry you are offended by my actions. I am sorry you feel so strongly about what I do, but perhaps one is not involved in saving anything except your own feelings?... Please reflect on your life before you reflect on mine. Fox, (name and address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 24.4.03 AIMED AT KILLERS - The fork truck driver who reckons that going around shooting the wildlife isn't cruel perhaps needs to try receiving a bullet him or herself in order to re-assess what shooting actually means…. I suppose working closely with the RSPB, English Nature and other so called environmental agencies give the wildfowlers a saintly air, but all it tells me is to definitely not give any donations to these groups who allow such behaviour to go on. L Storey, Grimsby. (Full address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 24.4.03 HARSH WORDS WERE TO MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN - To those of you who have expressed criticism of my methods in getting the attention of the student body and the hunting body, I would say that I accept I could perhaps have been kinder, and possibly less pointed... The hunting lobby would not have read my letter if I had couched it in bland terms, they would have simply overlooked it as yet another irrelevant view. Mrs Jane Birkby, Jubilee Road, North Somercotes (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 21.4.03 ADDRESS ROOTS OF CRUELTY FIRST - In response to Beryl Davies who mistakenly believes I am suggesting that huntspeople are serial killers of "humans" (Viewpoint, April 15). Far from it. The point I was trying to make was, that as some people have shown and do show violence to both animals and people, surely it is in all our interests to outlaw any legal activity, which uses the terrorisation and killing of animals for sport?... Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 18.4.03 WE MAINTAIN WILDLIFE - I Was interested to read in the Grimsby Telegraph (March 28), a letter from Pat Wickham, supposedly quoting from a publication of a survey about how those who inflict pain and suffering on animals regularly are the same people who also inflict that same suffering on people and even children. Then on April 3, another letter from Jane Birkby in a similar vein... it was a criminology report into animal abuse, completed by an American University, and was NOT intended to refer to people who legitimately take part in hunting and related pursuits... I am a member of the Humber Wildfowlers... If they really want to do some good for nature conservation, they should join an organisations like the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, or the Countryside Alliance... That Fork Truck Driver, (name and address supplied) (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 17.4.03 HELP FROM HUNT - I Am sure that most people have had their fill of hunting letters on your page… there are many aspects to fox hunting - one of them being point-to-point racing. We are not big landowners, nor have our family hunted for generations, but our son has managed to buy his own … which he has trained himself, and now rides in point-to-point races…. He has done this with the Brocklesby Hunt. Over the years we have been involved in other sports and activities, some equine, some not, but never have we received the scale of overwhelming support and encouragement that has been given to our 18-year-old son from the Brocklesby members… F Williams, Market Rasen, (full address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 11.4.03 NOW CONVINCED - May I congratulate Mrs Jane Birkby on her letter... I am now convinced that blood sports are cruel. Hilary Thornton, Burnetts Yard, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 8.4.03 ALARMING LINK WITH SPORT? - Mrs Birkby (Viewpoint, April 3) makes an interesting point about the connection between wilful animal torture leading to a psychopathic nature in adulthood… However, I do not recall hearing about how Hussein pulled on his tweeds and spent his weekends riding with the Tigris and Tikrit foxhounds… I look forward to reading her paper on the alarming link between English field sports and serial homicide. Matthew Woods, Barnoldby Road, Waltham (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 8.4.03 FOX HUNTERS ARE HUMAN BEINGS - Can I be the only person who has noticed how extreme the language of anti-hunting correspondents has now become, including Jane Birkby in her unjustified attack … People who go hunting are no different to those who do not… De-humanising them and creating the impression that they are a minority to be despised is a tactic of extremism and the servant of fascism. Kay Chapman, regional director, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands Countryside Alliance (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 3.4.03 EMPLOY HUMANE APPROACH - It is a well-established fact that those human beings who can willingly inflict torture, pain and death on animals are also capable of murder of their fellow human beings…. I do not support any notion which willingly inflicts pain and suffering on animals in the name of sport… I realise that jobs are connected to the animal sport of the countryside, but these jobs would be better employed in humanely removing the perceived pests and vermin in country life… Mrs Jane Birkby, Jubilee Road, North Somercotes. (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 1.7.03 Coursing clubs playing part in preservation of the hare - THE view of Lord Laird and the images shown in the Belfast Telegraph on June 21 about hare coursing were misleading in some areas. The pictures of greyhounds chasing a hare were taken from an open meeting in England, probably the Waterloo Cup. In park coursing, as happens in Northern Ireland, greyhounds have been muzzled since 1992…. STEPHEN EDWARDS, Belfast (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 28.6.03 Read Burns Report for fair view on hunting - I WAS disappointed to read Lord Laird's tirade against field sports (Belfast Telegraph, June 21) as I had believed him to be a fair man... Any open minded person wishing to learn the truth about the morality of hunting and the right to hunt should consult the Burns Report, published last year, by Lord Burns... RODERICK OLIVER, Lisburn, Co Antrim (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 28.6.03 Humanity should be paramount - THE anti-hunting bandwagon suits those whose compassion for animals is viewed through blinkered eyes... I suggest Lord Laird (Belfast Telegraph, June 21) gets his priorities right and puts his energy and effort into making politics work for the betterment of humanity. HARRY STEPHENSON, Kircubbin, Co Down (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 1.7.03 CENTRE IS SPOT-ON WITH REMEDY FOR BALD FOXES - Wildlife rescue experts in Gloucestershire are tackling an epidemic of a disease which is causing many of the county's foxes to go bald. Chemical company Pfizer Animal Health has donated supplies of its spot-on treatment for mange, Stronghold, to the Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre at Hartpury… Centre spokeswoman Louise Brockbank said they were often being told of sickly foxes with the disease… (story)

Ananova 1.7.03 RSPCA urges end to monkey experiments - The RSPCA has stepped up pressure on the Government and pharmaceutical industry to find alternatives to using monkeys in medical research… RSPCA primatologist Dr Mark Prescott, said: "The RSPCA's goal is an end to the use of primates in research and testing and to replace their use with humane alternatives…" (story)