July 2004

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Spectator 31.7.04 The terror war we can win Ross Clark says that if the government were to mount a real fight, we could defeat the animal rights terrorists — and prevent unnecessary suffering in the laboratories… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.7.04 HOUNDS MAKE EXCELLENT PETS - It has often been said that should hunting go, hounds will be put down. In a recent Radio Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Country Matters programme, I was interested to hear Trish the presenter in conversation with "huntsman and master of foxhounds" how friendly hounds are…. We were then told "children can go in with hounds, climb all over them, they are lovely." To me that is good news; they would make ideal pets and farm dogs…. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Near Stroud (letter)

Western Morning News 31.7.04 ANIMAL LOVERS WARNED NOT TO FUND EXTREMISTS - Animal lovers should think twice before giving donations to groups which may use the cash to fund extremist activities, the Government said yesterday… Kind-hearted members of the public may be unwittingly funding hate campaigns and even acts of violence against legitimate scientists, ministers warned…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 31.7.04 Protesters at biotech firm - ANTI-vivisectionists demonstrated their determination in the face of new Government restrictions by protesting in Cambridge. Yesterday, a small yet vocal group of about 10 protesters took their campaign to bio-tech firm Acambis, which they said had links with controversial animal testing company, Huntingdon Life Sciences…. One protester shouted through a loud hailer: "You guys are years behind us with your legislation and your draconian measures."… the message from SHAC organiser Heather James was clear. She shouted: "You slam the door in our face and you slam down the phone. That's what we get when we try to be reasonable…." (story)

Cambridge Evening News 31.7.04 University has 'no plans' to resurrect lab - THE University of Cambridge has no plans to build a primate research laboratory, despite yesterday's High Court decision backing John Prescott's decision to grant it planning permission…. Outside court, Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said: "This judgment makes mincemeat of the local planning process."… (story)
Guardian 31.7.04 Prescott 'was right to OK lab' - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Anti-vivisectionists have failed to persuade the high court to overturn John Prescott's decision to give Cambridge University planning permission for a primate research centre…. Mr Justice Collins said: "In my judgment, the [inquiry] inspector's approach was wrong and the secretary of state was correct to deal with the matter in the way that he did."… (story)
BBC News Online 30.7.04 Primate lab challenge is rejected - Animal rights campaigners have lost their High Court battle to overturn a decision to grant planning permission for a primate research centre…. Rejecting the challenge, Mr Justice Collins said Mr Prescott "was correct" in his dealings…. (story)
Scotsman 30.7.04 "It Does Not Seem to Me That It Can Properly Be Said the Decision Was a Foregone Conclusion". The judge added that Mr Prescott, in his role as First Secretary of State in charge of planning, “would have acted wrongly if he had not applied Government policy”…. (story)
Daily Mail 30.7.04 Protestors lose 'monkey lab' challenge - Animal rights campaigners today lost their High Court battle to overturn Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's decision to grant planning permission for a primate research centre in the green belt. Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) said the decision to give the "monkey laboratory" the go-ahead at Girton on the outskirts of Cambridge was perverse, unreasonable and unfair…. Rejecting the challenge, Mr Justice Collins said: "In my judgment, the inspector's approach was wrong and the Secretary of State was correct to deal with the matter in the way that he did." (story)
Guardian 27.7.04 Permission for primate lab 'perverse', court hears - Donald MacLeod - As ministers threaten tougher action against animal rights extremists in the courts, protesters are hitting back in a continuing legal battle with the government… Yesterday campaigners argued before Mr Justice Collins that the outcome of the planning application to build a primate research laboratory in the green belt was a "foregone conclusion" and Mr Prescott had decided to grant permission "regardless of the outcome of a public inquiry and expert reports"…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.7.04 Challenge to animal lab decision - Animal rights groups have accused the government of ignoring expert reports when it granted planning permission for a primate research laboratory. Lawyers for two lobby groups are challenging a decision made by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott…. (story)
Scotsman 26.7.04 Animal Lab Was 'Foregone Conclusion', Court Told By John Aston and Vik Iyer, PA News - By John Aston and Vik Iyer, PA News - The outcome of a controversial planning application to build a primate research laboratory in the green belt “was a foregone conclusion”, animal rights campaigners protested in the High Court today. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott decided to grant permission to Cambridge University “regardless of the outcome of a public inquiry and expert reports”, said Neil King QC. He was appearing for Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), who are asking Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, to quash the go-ahead for the “monkey lab” at Girton on the outskirts of Cambridge… (story)
Independent 26.7.04 Prescott launches legal bid to build primate laboratory By Jonathan Brown - John Prescott will go to the High Court today to keep alive plans to build a primate research centre at Cambridge. Animal rights campaigners are challenging the Deputy Prime Minister's decision to overrule his own planning inspector… (story)
BBC News Online 23.7.04 Groups challenge axed animal lab - Animal welfare groups are to push ahead with a legal challenge against plans for a new primate testing laboratory - despite the scheme being abandoned… In January the university announced the £32m project had been shelved, but as planning permission is valid for five years the scheme could be rekindled. Lawyers for the National Anti-Vivisection Society and Animal Aid will claim the decision to grant planning permission had been made without all of the arguments for and against being considered… (story)
Ananova 3.1.04 High court challenge to animal research centre - Two animal rights groups have launched a High Court challenge to the Government's decision to allow Cambridge University to develop a medical research centre where tests will be carried out on monkeys. Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society expect a judge to hear their appeal against Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's decision to allow the massive primate research laboratory to be built on green belt land at Girton on the outskirts of Cambridge in the Spring.... (story)
BBC News Online 3.1.04 Legal challenge to primate centre - Two animal rights groups have lodged a High Court challenge to a government decision to allow a research centre which will experiment on monkeys. Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (Navs) are furious that Cambridge University has been given permission to build the lab.... (story)
Guardian 3.1.04 Animal lab challenged - Martin Wainwright - Two animal welfare groups are challenging the government's backing of a £32m research laboratory which will use monkeys in research on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other incurable diseases. Lawyers for Animal Aid and the National Anti-Vivisection Society have lodged an appeal against the deputy prime minister, John Prescott's approval of the project drawn up by Cambridge University... (story)
Independent 3.1.04 Prescott is sued over monkey laboratory By Chris Bunting - Animal rights activists are taking John Prescott to the High Court over a decision to allow the University of Cambridge to build a £33m monkey experimentation centre... Norna Hughes, a solicitor for Animal Aid and the NAVS said: "[My clients] believe the Government is not prepared to give anti-vivisectionists a fair hearing because to do so might be interpreted as giving in to the animal activists." (story)
Telegraph 3.1.04 Animal activists take monkey lab plan to court By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - A Cambridge University proposal to build a monkey laboratory to study brain disorders faced a High Court challenge yesterday....
Cambridge University scientists attempting to save endangered monkeys and apes in the wild are now among the targets of animal rights activists protesting against the laboratory. The group, Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge, recently disrupted a laboratory session in the department of biological anthropology, which undertakes primate conservation research... (story)
Times 3.1.04 Prescott challenge over vivisection lab BY TONY HALPIN, EDUCATION EDITOR - ANIMAL welfare groups are to challenge the Government in the High Court over its decision to allow Cambridge University to open a research centre that will use monkeys to study brain disease.... (story)
Sky News 3.1.04 ANGER OVER MONKEY LAB (story)
Express 3.1.04 Court challenge to research centre - Two animal rights groups said they had launched a High Court challenge to the Government's decision to allow Cambridge University to develop a medical research centre where tests will be carried out on monkeys.... (story)
Newcastle Journal 3.1.04 Court challenge to research centre - Two animal rights groups said they had launched a High Court challenge to the Government's decision to allow Cambridge University to develop a medical research centre where tests will be carried out on monkeys... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 3.1.04 Monkey tests lab faces legal battle - TWO animal rights groups have launched a High Court challenge to the Government’s decision to let Cambridge University develop a medical research centre carrying out tests on monkeys.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 3.1.04 Court bid launched to stop monkey lab - ANIMAL rights campaigners have launched a High Court challenge to John Prescott's decision giving Cambridge University's monkey lab the go-ahead.... (story)
ITV.com 3.1.04 Animal rights groups fight research lab - Two animal rights groups have launched a High Court challenge to the Government's decision to allow Cambridge University to develop a medical research centre where tests will be carried out on monkeys... (story)

Times 31.7.04 Security of academic research costs £9m BY MARK HENDERSON, SCIENCE CORRESPONDENT - MEASURES to provide protection against animal rights extremists are costing British universities an average of £175,000 each a year, the Royal Society said yesterday… (story)
Medical News Today 30.7.04 Animal rights terrorism costing universities dearly UK - Security measures to defend against acts of terrorism by animal rights extremists cost the UK’s already cash-strapped universities an average of about £175,000 each per year the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, warned today… (story)

Times 31.7.04 Extremists add names to hitlist of 'abusers' BY DANIEL MCGRORY AND INGRID MANSELL - LOCAL cells of animal rights extremists have been told to draw up their own hitlist of targets for attack as militants step up their harassment campaign despite yesterday’s government crackdown… Ringleaders knew this clampdown on their activities was coming and have been drawing up new tactics. They will no longer just concentrate on the 33 names on “Abix”, the index of animal abusers, but will spread their attacks to dozens of local traders…. One told The Times last night: “The protesters know that if they appear at an address on the Abix list police can ban them for three months and worse. So instead they stage guerrilla attacks at lots of other places in the neighbourhood, blaming some scientist or pharmaceutical executive for this disruption. It’s a scatter-gun effect to disrupt the whole community”… (story)

Oxford Mail 31.7.04 Victim of activists praises crackdown - Former animal rights target Christopher Brown has welcomed tough new measures unveiled by the Government to crack down on extremists. In August 1999, Mr Brown closed Hillgrove Farm cattery at Minster Lovell, near Witney, after enduring "two years of hell" at the hands of activists… (story in archive)

Birmingham Post 31.7.04 Curbs on animal test extremists welcomed By Helen Gabriel, Birmingham Post - A Midlands police force has welcomed Government plans to introduce new powers to arrest animal rights extremists who protest outside the homes of people involved in legitimate animal testing…. Insp David Bird, from the Environmental Protest Unit at Staffordshire Police Force, said: "Staffordshire is one of the main target areas by animal rights extremists because of the farm at Newchurch which has been the subject of a campaign by animal rights activists for more than four years…" (story)

Cambridge Evening News 31.7.04 HLS boss: New rules will need enforcing - BRIAN Cass, the chief executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences, is only partially happy with new regulations designed to crack down on animal rights activists…. he would still like to see an Act of Parliament in place to deal with the problem, which is robbing the country of £1 billion a year of investment in drug development and hampering the discovery of life-saving treatments…. (story)

Times 31.7.04 Scientists say animal terror laws too weak BY RICHARD FORD AND MARK HENDERSON - SCIENTISTS and charities involved in animal research say that new measures announced by the Government yesterday are not tough enough to curb extremists… Mark Matfield, executive director of the Research Defence Society, said: “This is a good start, but my view is that the organisers of these campaigns need to be targeted. They are finding this information and putting it up on websites, and that is not a crime.The first thing to do is to make it a criminal offence to organise and fund a campaign of harassment.”…. (story)
Telegraph 31.7.04 Police given new powers to curb animal fanatics - Extra powers for police to tackle animal rights extremists were announced yesterday by the Government as it delivered a clear endorsement of experiments on animals.... Dr Mark Walport, of the Wellcome Trust, said: "We will have to wait and see how effectively it works. It is the delivery that matters; the rhetoric alone is not sufficient." (story)
Guardian 31.7.04 Tight rein on animal extremists planned - Wider impact of curbs on home protests and postal harassment alarms civil rights and lobby groups - Owen Bowcott (story)
Guardian 31.7.04 Scientists cautiously welcome plan, but point to gaps - Alok Jha, science correspondent, and Owen Bowcott - Scientists responded with guarded enthusiasm to the plans to tackle animal rights extremism. While the measures were welcomed, some pointed to gaps, such as protection of university science labs…. (story)
Independent 31.7.04 New laws 'will end animal extremists' reign of terror' By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent - The Government vowed yesterday to end the ''animal extremists' reign of terror'' as it announced tough new police powers to arrest activists who demonstrate outside scientists' homes… (story)
Reuters 30.7.04 Crackdown on animal rights militants By Madeline Chambers - The government has unveiled plans to stop animal rights campaigners intimidating scientists after warnings from the pharmaceutical industry that militant tactics threaten domestic investment and jobs… (story)
Guardian 30.7.04 Animal activists prompt crackdown on protest - Matthew Tempest, political correspondent - The government today moved against animal rights extremists and to protect biotech research with a trio of new measures to tighten the laws on protest. However, it stopped short of one suggestion that the army should intervene to protect vivisection laboratories…. (story)
Independent 30.7.04 Police given new powers to curb animal rights extremists By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent, PA News - Police are to be given new powers to arrest animal rights extremists who protest outside scientists' homes, the Government confirmed today… (story)
Ananova 30.7.04 New powers to curb animal extremism - Police are to be given new powers to arrest animal rights extremists who protest outside scientists' homes… The detailed proposals were set in out a joint Home Office-Department for Trade and Industry paper entitled Animal Welfare: Human Rights - Protecting People from Animal Rights Extremists…. (story)
Evening Standard 30.7.04 Animal extremist clampdown - The Government confirmed today that police are to be given new powers to arrest animal rights extremists who protest outside scientists' homes…. (story)
Sky News 30.7.04 CRACKDOWN ON EXTREMISTS - The police have been given new powers to tackle animal rights extremists who demonstrate outside scientists' homes. A package of measures has been announced to tighten protection for scientists in the biotechnology industry who are involved in tests on animals…. (story)
ThisIsMoney 30.7.04 Help promised for biotech companies Guy Dresser, This Is Money - COMPANIES and investors in the biotechnology investor were promised Government support today as part of a crackdown on animal rights extremists. The police will be given new powers to tackle protestors who demonstrate outside scientists' homes as part of a package of measures to tighten protection for those working or ivnesting in the biotechnology industry… (story)
BBC News Online 30.7.04 New campaign on animal extremists - Plans for a new crackdown on animal rights campaigners who use terror tactics against scientists are set to be unveiled by the home secretary… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 30.7.04 Police powers on extremists - PLANS to give police new powers to tackle animal rights extremists who demonstrate outside scientists’ homes were due to be announced by Government ministers today…. (story)
Times 30.7.04 Activists to be prosecuted with al-Qaeda laws BY FRANCES GIBB AND INGRID MANSELL - INTIMIDATORY animal rights extremists could be prosecuted under the same laws as those used to to bring al-Qaeda suspects to trial…. David Blunkett will today announce measures aimed at curbing animal rights activists… (story)
Evening Standard 29.7.04 Police chief to lead war on animal rights terror By Lech Mintowt-Czyz, Evening Standard - A senior policeman is to be installed by the Government to lead a new offensive against animal rights extremists. Acting assistant chief constable Anton Setchell will coordinate police forces across England and Wales. Home Secretary David Blunkett is expected to announce changes to the law to boost police powers to combat the protesters…. (story)
Telegraph 29.7.04 Police to target ringleaders in campaign against violence By John Steele and Joshua Rozenberg - New powers to combat violence and intimidation by animal rights extremists will be announced tomorrow by the Home Office as part of a campaign that will include police operations against some of the ringleaders…. (story)
Times 29.7.04 Senior officer to tackle animal activists BY INGRID MANSELL, RICHARD FORD AND DANIEL MCGRORY - THE Government is appointing one of the country’s most senior police officers to spearhead the national crackdown on animal rights extremists. Anton Setchell, an acting assistant chief constable, will co-ordinate the efforts of police forces across England and Wales to convict the ringleaders orchestrating attacks on scientists and businessmen. … Mr Setchell is in charge of territorial policing in the Thames Valley, has led operations against anti-hunt saboteurs and organised policing for the new scientific laboratory at Oxford University, which has become the main target for demonstrators… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 28.7.04 Bid to Crack Down on Animal Rights 'Terrorists' By Andrew Woodcock, Political Correspondent, PA News - Police are to be given new powers to tackle animal rights extremists who demonstrate outside scientists’ homes, it was confirmed today… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 28.7.04 Animal rights picketing to be criminalized By Andrew Clennell - New laws making the presence of animal rights protesters outside people's homes an arrestable offence are expected to be announced by the government this week, as it looks to crack down on militants terrorising company bosses… (story)
Guardian 28.7.04 New legal powers to trap animal rights militants - Alan Travis, home affairs editor - New powers to tackle animal rights extremists by clamping down on protests outside people's homes and providing further protection for companies against harassment are to be announced later this week by David Blunkett, the home secretary…. (story)
Times 28.7.04 Banning orders promised against animal extremists BY DAVID CHARTER, INGRID MANSELL AND DANIEL MCGRORY - ANIMAL rights extremists face instant bans from neighbourhoods where scientists and research company staff live under measures to be unveiled on Friday. Police will be given powers to remove protesters from the public highway outside private homes as the Government tries to restore confidence in the biotech industry…. Jean Pierre Garnier, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, urged the Government to act swiftly to prevent vital research investment being lost to Britain… (story)
Independent 28.7.04 Animal rights picketing to be criminalized By Andrew Clennell - New laws making the presence of animal rights protesters outside people's homes an arrestable offence are expected to be announced by the government this week, as it looks to crack down on militants terrorising company bosses…. (story)
BBC News Online 27.7.04 New campaign on animal extremists - Animal rights campaigners using terror tactics against scientists and researchers face a crackdown under new government plans. Ministers will on Friday unveil their strategy for tackling campaigners who harass research companies and their staff at their homes… Mel Broughton, spokesman for animal rights organisation SPEAK, said the animal rights movement was not violent and would achieve successes even without people using direct action… (story)
Times 27.7.04 Animal rights activists face new clashes in courts BY DANIEL MCGRORY AND FRANCES GIBB - BRITAIN’S senior law officer is ordering a national crackdown on animal rights terrorists who the City claims have cost the country more than £1 billion in lost investment. Lord Goldsmith, QC, the Attorney-General, will use a team of specialist prosecutors to target the militants and ensure that more ringleaders of the terror campaigns against scientists are brought to trial…. (story)
Sky 27.7.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS CRACKDOWN - Animal rights militants face a top-level crackdown after claims they have cost Britain £1bn in investment. The Attorney-General, Lord Goldsmith QC, is to employ a team of specialist prosecutors to chase down and prosecute ring leaders…. (story)
Sunday Times 25.7.04 Animal rights groups face crackdown - DAVID CRACKNELL AND GARETH WALSH - NEW police powers to clamp down on animal rights and other extremist protesters are to be launched later this year. The government will bring forward legislation designed to ban demonstrators from targeting the homes of scientists who perform animal research, but it could also be used to cover anti-Iraq protesters who camp outside parliament and potentially even tabloid journalists who “doorstep” celebrities…. One of the activists organising the Oxford protests is linked to extremists behind a series of firebomb attacks, a Sunday Times investigation has established. Robert Cogswell, 39, a co-head of Speak, has donated money to the North American branch of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). He has also hosted ALF propaganda on a website he runs that provides links to an ALF site describing terrorist techniques such as bomb making…. (story)
ITV 25.7.04 Crackdown on 'animal rights terrorists' - Laws to tackle so-called "animal rights terrorists" are being stepped up by the Government. Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the Government is looking to "toughen" the law to tackle the terrorists… In a TV interview Ms Hewitt said a senior police officer and top civil servants are now working full time to make sure intelligence on activists is gathered effectively…. (story)
BBC News Online 25.7.04 Clampdown on animal extremists - Ministers are planning new laws to clamp down on animal rights extremists, it has been announced. Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the Government would "toughen" laws to stop "terrorists and thugs" protesting at workers' homes…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 25.7.04 Blair declares war on animal lib - Tom McGhie, Mail on Sunday - TOUGH new laws are being planned to protect bioscience workers from animal rights activists who target individuals at home. The Government crackdown has come as a growing tide of intimidation threatens one of the country's most advanced and dynamic industries…. Financial Mail understands that the Government will be seeking new powers under the Criminal Justice and Police Act to stop animal rights activists harassing people associated in any way with the bioscience industry by targeting them at home…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 25.7.04 Blunkett waters down animal extremists Bill By Clayton Hirst - David Blunkett will face the wrath of Britain's biotech industry on Friday by rejecting proposals for a new Bill to tackle animal rights extremists. Instead, the Home Secretary will announce amendments to existing legislation, which he will claim will give police new powers to clamp down on protest groups that intimidate employees of companies involved in animal testing…. (story)

Independent 31.7.04 Time to open up the animal rights debate - Rather than introduce yet more legislation to curb the rights of animal rights protesters… would not it be a new strategy to open up the issue of animal research to wider public scrutiny?... KEITH MANN, Clanfield, Hampshire
… The vivisection fraternity that has had it too good, for too long…. BEATA GAJEK, London W13
However much one may sympathise with the anti-vivisectionists' views, they are very foolish to allow themselves to be associated with the militant activists…. JOAN HAGGARD, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire
… I would rather be as I am, disabled, in a wheelchair, than to know that hundreds of thousands of chimpanzees suffered the cruel experiments involved to save me…. GEOFF POWELL, Newton Abbot, Devon
The most fundamental human rights are those to life, and to liberty. In possession of the latter, Johann Hari ("I've changed my mind on animal rights", 30 July) has never been bought and sold, or even given to a new owner…. ANDREW COULSON, Musselburgh, East Lothian (letters)

BBC News Online 31.7.04 Vegan landlord bans meat-eaters - A vegan landlord in Swansea is advertising for home hunters who are non-meat eaters. Michael Sosner says vegetarians make good tenants, saying they are sociable, healthier and prefer to live in a meat-free environment…. Nicola Williams was one vegetarian who was eager to rent a flat from Mr Sosner's company Vegan Investments…. Karen Honybun moved to Swansea from Kent after spotting an advert for the flats in the Vegan Society magazine… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.7.04 ARTISTS ARE URGED TO PUT ANIMALS IN THE PICTURE - County artists are being urged to use their talent to support endangered animal species from around the world. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has issued the appeal as part of its activities for Animal Action Week 2004… The charity's patron, Chris Tarrant, said: "It is so important that people support this and help promote the campaign to protect animals…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 31.7.04 ANIMAL CRUELTY SICKENS ME - I have lived in Gloucestershire for five years now… I have had enough of the intolerable attitude that people here have towards animals. It's disgusting. Jane Kennedy, Cheltenham. (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.7.04 A SLOW DEATH FROM THESE DESTROYERS IN OUR GARDENS - Like your correspondent Roy Franklin, I am fond of snails, but I have to kill the common snails in my garden by stepping on them, as they destroy my plants…. This Government has so little sense in so many matters, and has very little understanding of, and sympathy for, the countryside…. We have to recognise that nature is unfortunately "red in tooth and claw". Jeremy Cusden Gillingham Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.7.04 SLUG TRAILS ARE SO LOVELY TO LOOK AT - Don Westlake (Western Daily Press, July 27) asks how to deal with slugs. Presumably he didn't read your guide to thwarting slugs without injuring or killing them… the trails look lovely when the light reflects on them, making them sparkly and silvery. Perhaps Don Westlake has no soul! Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.7.04 SLIMY SLUGS RUIN OUR GARDEN VEG - I write in reply to the letter on the subject of slugs, and Mr Roy Franklin, who seems to think they are great to have around and should not be killed. Has he not thought of the destruction they do in the garden because of their eating habits?... Don Westlake Taunton (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.7.04 DESTRUCTIVE PESTS HAVE TO BE KILLED - I really do object to the recent letter from Roy Franklin of Somerset, who believes that people who kill slugs, rodents and insects are pests because these animals may "die in agony, mostly slowly". We need to kill some animals because some are destructive… It is a pity that your correspondent does not write about the devastation of plant life that is occurring now in the world, and does not protest about the torture and killing of women and children in the Third World that is so prevalent today…. Jeremy Cusden Gillingham Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.7.04 SLUGS NEED TO EAT FOR SURVIVAL - JUST LIKE US - It amazes me that people with enough intelligence to cross a road without getting run over still cannot imagine the terrible physical pain of being killed by poisoning. Slugs, rodents and insects are killed with horrific chemicals every year… There are quite a few that visit my bathroom. One is enormous and is probably relatively old… Yes, I do shudder occasionally if one creeps across the kitchen sink but it wouldn't occur to me to harm one…. Roy Franklin Somerset (letter)


Telegraph 30.7.04 Foxhunters must rein themselves in By Alice Thomson - The sound of gunfire, the flick of a fishing rod, children chasing an errant spaniel who had made off with the Scotch eggs. More than 137,000 people converged on the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace last weekend. I'd been asked to take part in a debate arguing against breaking the law.... Charles Moore, who was chairing the debate, asked for a show of hands on whether it was the duty of all good men to resist unjust law. It was only then that it dawned on me that I might be on the wrong side. The Duchess of Devonshire, the justice of the peace, the schoolgirl, the teacher, the hairdresser, all of them made it clear that they were prepared to peel off their jodhpurs and put on their loin cloths to repudiate a hunting ban.... those who hunt have to make Parliament see sense. The Prime Minister has belatedly realised the danger of turning a blind eye to the animal rights activists... But in every other way, this Government is encouraging the animal rights groups with irrational legislation. The draft animal welfare Bill published last week panders to the ludicrous British obsession with the cute and cuddly. The hunting Bill pretends to protect fluffy foxes, but they will be killed in other ways.... (story)

Hexham Courant 2.8.04 SABRE-RATTLING - AS THE General Election approaches next year, the New Labour Government has realised it faces more opposition from its heartlands than Middle England and is once again promising a bill to ban fox-hunting. Putting aside pretensions, this is nothing short of a calculated tactic designed to somehow make up for tuition fees, foundation hospitals and the discredited invasion of Iraq… JEREMY BLACKBURN, Dilston Haugh, Corbridge. (letter)

Western Mail 30.7.04 Health, not hunting - If Deputy Health "Minister" John Griffiths really wants to do something useful and legislate against something "outdated" which his own department has turned into a "cynical exercise attempting to bolster support" then I suggest he should forget about hunting and start with the health service in Wales… That is, after all, what he is paid to do. JOHN R WALKER, Clwt-y-Bont, Caernarvon (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 30.7.04 Government wrong to target legal shooters - ONE of the first acts of Blair's Government, aided and abetted by the Association of Chief Constables, was the banning of target pistol shooting and the confiscation of target shooters' property. In the 10 years since, handgun crime has risen exponentially and is now virtually out of control. Now what is to be the response? The Home Office has published a review of firearms legislation which amounts to yet a further assault on the activities of lawful shooters and does absolutely nothing to control armed crime… There is no need for any further legislation. It will achieve, like all recent firearms legislation, absolutely nothing towards combating crime. The proposals are smoke and mirrors to hoodwink the general public. R L Hedges,Silverstone Close, Sunnyside, Northampton. (letter)

Scotsman 30.7.04 Animal Lovers Warned Not to Fund Extremists - By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent, PA News - Animal lovers should think twice before giving donations to groups which may use the cash to fund extremist activities, the Government said today. Kind-hearted members of the public may be unwittingly funding hate campaigns and even acts of violence against legitimate scientists, ministers warned. The warning came as the government unveiled details of a crackdown on animal rights extremists…. (story)

Independent 30.7.04 Animal testing - the facts and the figures - Amid the furore and frenzy, it is easy to lose sight of the facts in the animal rights debate. So here is the reality of vivisection in the UK. Report by Jonathan Brown (story)

Telegraph 30.7.04 Blunkett told: treat animal rights extremists as terrorists By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - One of Britain's leading research scientists yesterday urged David Blunkett to treat extremist animal rights protesters "like the terrorists they are". Speaking before the Home Secretary announces legislation today to protect scientists from militant activists Tipu Aziz, a neurosurgeon at Oxford University, said it would be a national disaster if a laboratory for scientific research there was not built because of demonstrations... (story)

BBC News Online 30.7.04 Pharma firms take on the extremists By Mary Hennock - The battle is heating up between animal rights activists and drug companies over whether using live animals in laboratory research is dumb brutality or smart science. UK Home Secretary David Blunkett has promised wider police powers to curb violence against drug firms, their staff, suppliers, bankers, accountants and shareholders… But industry lobbyists have already made clear they would prefer stronger measures than Mr Blunkett is ready to offer…. (story)

Guardian 30.7.04 Animal rights extremists 'could kill investment' - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has added its voice to the industry's concern about animal rights extremism. Gill Samuels, executive director of science policy for Pfizer Europe, said the climate of extremist activity would restrict the company's ability to attract investment to the UK, despite the high quality of research carried out here…. (story)

Guardian 30.7.04 Humans are sentient too - Violent animal liberation activists undermine the ethical basis of our movement - Peter Singer - The debate over animal experimentation appears to be moving rapidly towards a state of mutual incomprehension and deadlock… The mainstream animal movement has repeatedly condemned the use of violence against sentient beings, human or non-human. My own statements against it now stretch back nearly 20 years. But every large movement attracts extremists who are impatient at the slow pace of change…. (story)

Times 30.7.04 Animal rights hate list that leads to terror DANIEL MCGRORY AND INGRID MANSELL - ANIMAL rights extremists call it their hit list. Compiled in secret and sent anonymously by post to handpicked militants the so-called “Abix” (animal abusers index) list targets which scientists and businessmen to attack at their homes. Organisers call it “a war” and pledge “to make the (animal) killers pay for their crimes”…. (story)

Times 30.7.04 The animal rights fanatics have worsened the plight of lab animals - MAGNUS LINKLATER - THE DICTIONARY definition of terrorism is surprisingly mild: it means an organised system of intimidation. Thus, when the animal rights activists claim that it is “laughable” to describe its activities as terrorism, it strains credulity…. This, then, is the message that the Government would do well to adopt: that animal rights campaigners not only spread terror, they also make life tougher for animals. (story)

Guardian 30.7.04 'Terrorism must not be allowed' - Daily Mail - Editorial, July 29 - "These are days of triumph for animal rights extremists….
Evening Standard - Editorial, London, July 28 - violent animal rights activists ... would be immediately condemned as terrorists if they firebombed supermarkets; they are no less terrorists for employing these techniques against animal research centres ...
Simon Festing - Daily Express, July 29 "[If] the extremists ... close HLS down tomorrow, the campaign would only shift to new companies ... (story)

Inpharm.com 30.7.04 Pharma defies extremists with £4 million animal research fund - Three of the UK's biggest pharmaceutical companies have set up a joint funding programme to promote animal-based research into new drugs, defying escalating terror tactics of animal extremists. AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer have teamed up with the British Pharmacological Society to provide £1 million a year for the next four years to support UK university work on pharmacology, physiology and toxicology…. (story)
Guardian 29.7.04 Drug firms put up £4m to pay for animal experiments - Heather Stewart - Britain's pharmaceutical giants delivered a defiant message to animal rights extremists yesterday, by launching a £4m research fund to pay for animal experiments in universities… (story)
Reuters 28.7.04 Drug firms pledge more cash for animal research - LONDON (Reuters) - The pharmaceutical industry, under fire from vocal and sometimes violent animal rights activists, has pledged 4 million pounds to fund animal research in universities…. (story)

Oxford Mail 30.7.04 Lab 'will be built' - Oxford University said illegal protests will not stop the completion of its animal testing laboratory… The university is negotiating with several contractors, but declined to disclose who they were, what stage the talks had reached or any details about security arrangements…. (story in archive)

Guardian 30.7.04 Professor Jones (Letters, July 28) writes that the differences between animals and humans are surprisingly small. That would seem reason to consider research on live animals unethical. Jane Coles Twickenham, Middx (letter)
Guardian 28.7.04 Animal research is a vital step in our understanding of how a potential new medicine works in a living body… Of course we understand that animals and humans differ - but the differences are surprisingly small and researchers can take them into account…. Prof Trevor Jones, Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (letter)

BBC News Online 30.7.04 Animal rights legislation: Your views - Existing UK legislation is to be extended to protect scientists from extremist animal rights campaigners… Do you agree with this proposed legislation change? Should scientists and their families be given protection? Will it hinder campaign action? The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:
Violent or intimidating activists should be treated in exactly the same way as the law deals with terrorists, for this is what they are… Stuart, Surrey, England
Making a specific law is stupid. If these people are already threatening, assaulting and causing criminal damage then they are already laws to cover this… Huw Evans, Ipswich, UK
Animal experiments are not illegal. Stopping people carrying out lawful activities is indefensible…. PK Van Der Byl, Salisbury, Wilts, UK
It's the animals that need protecting, not the heartless scientists that carry out barbaric experiments for more cosmetic companies to profit from… Ben, Kintbury, Berks(story)

Times 30.7.04 Animal rights and their supporters - The activities of the animal rights movement (letters, July 27) are unlikely to diminish, despite the threat of new legislation, harsher penalties and bounties offered by the City for successful prosecutions. The reverse could turn out to be the case as activists gain publicity for their beliefs and actions and rise to fresh challenges. I believe the solution is for all laboratories which use animals for experimentation or tests to be opened to public scrutiny…. RONALD MITCHELL, Murray Lodge, Burtons Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire HP8 4BL.
Sir, The fact that animal studies were carried out on penicillin following its discovery does not mean, as Dr Ralph Kohn suggests (letter, July 27), that such studies in any way proved it to be an agent suitable for use on humans…. D. B. STUART, 10 Fitzhardinge House, 85 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1AJ
Supporters of “animal rights” are often accused of anthropomorphising animals — attributing human sensory, emotional and intellectual capacities to creatures that do not possess them. I find it ironic that Mr John Nash (letter, July 27) adopts the same tactic arguing in support of animal experimentation…. MYLES BRADLEY, Bilton Brow, Bilton-in-Ainsty, York YO26 7NN
I find it ironic that the Home Secretary, while considering banning the American animal rights activist, Dr Jerry Vlasak, from coming to this country (report, July 27), felt unable to ban the Muslim cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man who has defended suicide bombings. Yours faithfully, FRANK HELLNER, 175 Nether Street, N12 8EX. (letters)

Telegraph 30.7.04 Who takes priority? I write as a Parkinson's disease sufferer and I am sure that others who suffer from neurological disorders will also recognise and be thankful for the central role that animal research plays in discovering how the human brain works… Mike Robins, Southampton (letter)

Telegraph 30.7.04 Intelligence questioned - While I can understand the legitimate protests of animal rights people when animals are used to test cosmetics (News, July 28), the intelligence of many of those who lead such movements has to be questioned…. For some years, I contributed as a senior visiting lecturer to the MSc faculty in pharmaceutical medicine at a leading British university. A decision had been made to construct a building for the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit, known as HPRU, in which the MSc faculty could also be housed. The night before the official opening of the new building, members of an animal rights movement, having in the darkness seen only the word "Research" but not the rest of the centre's name, broke into the building and fire-bombed it, believing that animals were going to be used for medical research…. Had this unit been up and running, it is probable that many young men and women would have died in the fire. From: Dr John Lidstone, London SW1 (letter)

Telegraph 30.7.04 Too good for too long - The vivisection fraternity has had it too good, for too long…. Beata Gajek, London W13 (letter)

BBC News Online 30.7.04 Animal lover's £25,000 plane bill - An animal lover has paid more than £25,000 to fly 19 stray animals to her new home in Carmarthenshire from the United States. Sylvia VanAtta, 47, decided to close her animal sanctuary in North Carolina, but could not face putting any of the animals down… The couple are now developing facilities at their new Many Tears sanctuary to cater for abandoned pets (story)

East Grinstead Courier 30.7.04 CONTROVERSY AT SWAN SANCTUARY By Jody Clark - A BITTER row has broken out between some staff members and the owner at the Swan Sanctuary in Outwood. After a series of run-ins, five volunteers, Sylvie Knight, Brenda Tidd, Maureen West, Diane Mitchell and Wendy Best, are no longer working at the rescue centre in Outwood Lane. Matters came to a head over the treatment of a swan which was brought in to recuperate after being attacked by dogs. Miss Knight claims that the swan did not receive sufficient treatment at the sanctuary and was "left to die". She said: "There have been a few incidents like this. The problem is the owner, Marj Unwin, refuses to listen to advice. Last year she spent a lot of time in hospital, and during that difficult time, the whole staff had to pull together to meet the running costs… Mrs Unwin said: "These people did work on the newsletter and admin side. But when I was hospitalised, they whipped up a vendetta against me. They got too strong, treated me as a second class citizen and started interfering ?? trashing the vet, trashing the rescuers and trashing me."… (story)

Irish Examiner 30.7.04 Activists bare skin to save cows’ hides - By Evelyn Ring - TWO women and a man stripped off in Dublin’s Grafton Street yesterday to get shoppers to give leather the boot… Limerick man John Carmody, a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), had joined with British members Anish Harrison from Swindon and Diane Selvanayagam from Newcastle… (story)
Irish Examiner 30.7.04 Shoppers grin as animal rights activists bare it on city street - Laura Ryder - SHOPPERS on Dublin's Grafton Street got more than they bargained for yesterday when three animal rights' activists bared all and paraded up and down the street chanting for an hour… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) were trying to get across. British campaigners Anish Harrison and Diane Selvanayagam, and Limerick activist John Carmody certainly attracted a lot of attention but most of it was because of its novelty value… (story)
Ireland Online 29.7.04 Animal rights protesters go naked in Grafton Street - Dublin's Grafton Street has been exposed to a naked animal rights protest. The two women and a man paraded with a banner calling for a boycott of leather goods and furs in front of bemused onlookers… Poorva Joshipura from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has defended the protest…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 30.7.04 CATCH THIS CRUEL KILLER - I was upset to read that a greyhound was beaten to death, in Cheltenham (Echo, July 20). How could anyone be so cruel to an innocent animal?... Fiona Bell (letter)


Guardian 29.7.04 Losing the scent - Your headline (Fox myth 'exploded by study', July 28) raises the question: whose myth? The Countryside Alliance has long argued that hunting is just one of the methods of managing fox populations and agrees with Professor Harris that habitat management plays a critical part. Once you get beyond the rhetoric, his study paints an interesting picture. The long-term stability of the fox population suggests the current system of managing foxes, using hunting, shooting and other legal methods, is working and producing a sustainable population acceptable to farming interests…. Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance
Surely a gremlin got in the works: the jaws of urban and rural foxes remain identical in every way…. Penny Little, Little Foxes Sanctuary, Great Haseley, Oxon
Your guide to "major players" in the UK animal rights movement (Comment, July 21) seems to suggest there is something sinister about hunt sabotage…. A minority of activists may conceal their identities - but is it any wonder when hunt saboteurs have had their vehicles, homes and families targeted by violent hunt supporters… Nathan Brown, Hunt Saboteurs Association (letters)

Yorkshire Post 29.7.04 THE 'REAL CRUELTY' IN A CHILD'S BACK GARDEN - From: John Callaghan (British Falconers' Club), Ardsley, Barnsley. In response to the "elderly" lady from Elloughton asking Mr Blair to stop the insane pursuit of hunting because of cruelty, I would ask all with a similar view to consider this: the fox, the hare, the mink, the stag, the rabbit – even the humble rat – when hunted are completely free roaming. For contrast, consider the plight of a little pet rabbit or guinea pig bought from a local pet shop to pacify the demands of a child wanting a "pet"… This is cruelty, I do not need to use words like "allegedly" as I know for a fact this type of "cruelty" exists….
From: J W Buckley, Aketon, Pontefract. Sheila Clarkson writes of her hatred of cruelty to animals – a feeling I share; but she is wide of the mark when she presumes hunting to be cruel. Hunting is not cruel, and there is no reason at all for it to be banned. (letters)

Worthing Herald 29.7.04 Fox protest - ANIMAL rights activists staged a night watch at Worthing Bowling Club over fears that pest controllers had been hired to shoot foxes, which damage the greens…. Jaine Wild, from West Sussex Wildlife Protection, said that to blame foxes for the pitches' condition was "just an excuse"…. (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 29.7.04 Historic Liver Birds face a cull By Mark Hookham, Daily Post - THE bird which inspired Liverpool's most famous symbol faces a cull after it was branded a "lethal killing machine". Cormorants, which are the model for the city's Liver Birds, will be reduced in numbers because anglers have complained that they eat too many fish…. the Government's fisheries minister Ben Bradshaw is not a Liver lover. He says he has been harassed by cormorants outside his own London flat and believes the birds are "pests"…. And he has launched a publicity campaign with information about how anglers can see off the sea birds.Martin Salter MP, the Government's adviser on angling and shooting, said the "cormorant is a lethal killing machine" and a widespread cull was now necessary…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 29.7.04 THE RIGHTS OF HUMANS MUST COME BEFORE ANIMALS' - I once met an animal rights campaigner, and a perfectly pleasant specimen she was. Although no argument of mine could shake her bizarre belief that animals were somehow equal to human beings, I think she was at the tame end of the bunny-hugging fraternity - a protester with a soft heart rather than a criminal with a hard one…. I am all for protests against vivisection for cosmetic or other frivolous purposes. But don't try to convince me that such causes justify what animal rights campaigners call direct action ... what I prefer to call intimidation and terrorism…. (story)

Guardian 29.7.04 'I won't give up until I die ' - To some it is a noble cause, to others a campaign of terror. Sandra Laville looks at both sides in the fierce debate - The animal activist - Greg Avery compares himself to Nelson Mandela. Like Mr Mandela, he holds strong convictions, is committed to resistance and has been imprisoned for his beliefs. But where Mr Mandela fought for the rights of millions of his fellow men and women, Mr Avery has committed his life to saving the 2.7 million animals he claims die in scientific research laboratories every year….
The animal worker In the living room of her detached house in Staffordshire a retired theatre nurse looks out through the wrought-iron bars which shield the main window. Instead of watching the television she glances occasionally at a CCTV monitor which records anyone approaching her home… The couple, who did not want to be named, are among families who have been targeted by animal rights extremists for working at the Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, which supplies animals for experiments at Huntingdon Life Sciences, Cambridge…. (story)

Guardian 29.7.04 This battle must be won - Leader - Like al-Qaida terrorists, Britain's animal rights extremists have learned that you do not need large numbers to create devastation and mayhem…. More should be invested in finding alternatives to animal experiments - as a House of Lords committee stacked with scientists noted in 2002 - but only the obtuse believe they are already unnecessary. Contrary to what extremists assert, the vast majority of medical advances in the last century - insulin, antibiotics, vaccines, anaesthetics - have all depended on animal experiments. This is a battle that must be won (story)

Telegraph 29.7.04 Animal rights terrorists must be hobbled - A spectre is haunting British science and business: the spectre of animal rights terrorism…. It is a scandal that matters should have got so far out of hand before the authorities woke up to the gravity of the threat…. The pernicious ideology of the ALF cannot be appeased, any more than can al-Qa'eda. Violence in the name of animal rights must be penalised no less severely than other terrorism (story)

The Comet 29.7.04 Glaxo chief hits out at activists - MONEY that could be spent on developing drugs is being used to protect staff at GlaxoSmithKline from animal rights activists, the company head said yesterday…. (story)
Telegraph 28.7.04 Glaxo chief: animal rights cowards are terrorising us By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - The head of Britain's biggest drug company condemned animal rights activists as "despicable cowards" yesterday and said the security threat they posed was seriously damaging the economy. Jean-Pierre Garnier, the chief executive of GlaxoSmithkline, said his company was spending tens of millions of pounds on protecting staff and buildings from militants. "This is money that could be spent on research and development of new drugs," he said.... Mr Garnier said: "I work hard to bring in investment to the United Kingdom... But there is one issue that exists only in the UK and nowhere else has a comparative effect from extreme actions by animal rights activists."... (story)
Yahoo! 28.7.04 Jobs 'threatened' by animal activists - LONDON (Reuters) - The head of GlaxoSmithKline, Europe's biggest drug maker, has warned that investment and jobs are being driven out of Britain by animal rights activists. Chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier told two newspapers that several smaller companies had withdrawn from doing research work in the UK because of fear of violent attacks… (story)
Evening Standard 28.7.04 Glaxo slams animal rights 'terrorists' - THE head of Britain's biggest drugs company has slammed animal rights 'terrorists' as 'despicable cowards'. Jean-Pierre Garnier, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, said the company had to spend tens of millions of pounds on security measures against the activists…. (story)
BBC News Online 28.7.04 Animal activists 'damage economy' - The security threat posed by animal rights campaigners is damaging the UK economy, the head of Europe's largest pharmaceutical firm has claimed. GlaxoSmithKline's Jean-Pierre Garnier told the Daily Telegraph his firm spent millions of pounds protecting staff… (story)

Independent 29.7.04 Blair 'inaction fuels animal rights protests' By Marie Woolf and Arifa Akbar - Campaigners accused Tony Blair yesterday of intensifying animal rights protests by failing to keep his promises to clamp down on cruelty in laboratories. As the Government prepares to introduce powers to stop extremists harassing scientists, animal welfare groups said protests would continue unless the Government addressed concern about animal testing…. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which opposes unlawful protest, said it had seen a leap in membership and inquiries over recent weeks…
'SOMEONE CALLED UP TELLING ME I WAS HAVING A BOMB DELIVERED BY TAXI' - Anne was eight months pregnant when she became a target of a hate campaign by local animal activists. The harassment began when she took maternity leave from her job as a community relations officer for a leading British pharmaceutical company…. "I went away with my husband to celebrate my maternity leave. We were rung by the police who said our house and garden had been trashed with red paint and acid. All the windows were damaged with etching acid and all the plants in the garden were destroyed."… "I was weeks away from having my first baby and someone called up telling me I was having a bomb delivered to me by taxi. My husband was out and just as I put the phone down, a taxi pulled up and the driver had a parcel for me, which someone had said I'd left behind while shopping…." One of her assailants was later brought to trial and jailed for three years for criminal damage and sending a hoax bomb… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 29.7.04 Blair 'inaction fuels animal rights protests' By Marie Woolf and Arifa Akbar (story)
Times 29.7.04 Government inaction ‘spurs extremists’ BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - THE Government’s broken election promises on animal rights have angered activists and may even have spurred on extremists who break the law, according to the country’s leading organisation against animal testing. Wendy Higgins, campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), said last night that Tony Blair came to power in 1997 on a wave of support from animal rights groups who believed that there would be legislation to tackle key issues…. Miles Cooper, who was linked to the Hunt Saboteurs Association, the League Against Cruel Sports and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, before giving his support to the campaign for licensed hunting, said: “Everyone thought a hunting ban was a done deal…. There are some people shut out in the cold who are feeling disappointed and they are the ones most likely to take matters into their own hands.”… Jim Barrington, former executive director of the League Against Cruel Sports who now works for the Parliamentary Middle Way Group to promote licensed hunting, has no doubt that Labour’s inaction is firing the animal extremists. He said: “These people fight for all-out victories and that means bans on everything. They will not be satisfied until they achieve that.” (story)
Times 29.7.04 A suspicious parcel arrives. We call the bomb squad - DIARY OF FEAR - Over four months, a research director at a Japanese pharmaceutical company was subjected to a campaign of intimidation by animal rights activists. His experience reflects that of countless other researchers and executives at British biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The man, who lives in South London, kept a record of the harassment… (story)

Epsom & Banstead Guardian 29.7.04 Police warn of extremists - An upsurge in animal rights activism across the county has placed an onerous burden on Surrey Police and caused policing elsewhere to suffer, the force said last week… (story)
Epsom Guardian 28.7.04 Taxpayers 'footing bill for activists' By Kevin Barnes - An upsurge in animal rights activism across the county has placed an onerous burden on Surrey Police and caused policing elsewhere to suffer, the force said last week… (story)
Staines Guardian 23.7.04 Police warn of rise in animal activist crime By Louisa Biswas - ONE hundred crimes, in Surrey, have been linked to animal rights extremists in the past year, including a fire, in Chertsey, earlier this month. Surrey Police has warned residents of the new threat to public safety, and revealed that it is being forced to devote increasing resources to protecting the public from such activists…. In the past 12 months, there have been two demonstrations in the county, the first, in Egham, in March, and the second, in Guildford, in June. Both of these demonstrations did not have any major incident, due to a constructive dialogue with event organisers, and a robust policing stance. However, a separate incident following the Egham protest led to 18 demonstrators being arrested for breaching a compliance order, which had been agreed with the organisers. (story)
Surrey Mirror 22.7.04 Animal rights activists tie up police time - INCREASED resources are being diverted by Surrey Police to deal with the growing problem of animal rights extremists. The force said it is being forced to tackle the need to protect the public from criminal action by activists…. There have been nearly 100 incidents within the Surrey Police area in the last 12 months where a link to animal rights is suspected…. Superintendent Sue Warren, head of the force's operational support, said: "Surrey Police will continue to facilitate the right to peaceful protest where this is done within the law. However, it will also continue to adopt a zero tolerance approach to any acts of public disorder or criminality that threaten the safety and security of the people of Surrey."…. (story)

Guardian 29.7.04 Animal testing on trial - As a medical scientist and a carer for someone with dementia, I am well aware of the central role of animal testing in finding cures for this and other diseases… The reality is that ending testing will bring a halt to most medical advances…. Dr Stewart Malcolm, Bures, Suffolk
Your recent coverage has given little space to the reasoned opinions of those who oppose animal experiments, 99.99% of whom are peaceful… Dr Iain Gibson, Glasgow
Your correspondent Matt Selwood considers animal rights protesters to be exemplified by an 85-year-old woman (Letters, July 28). I hope she is not using any drugs for heart conditions, diabetes or arthritis - how could they live with themselves?... Dr David McAlpine, University College London
The extreme animal rightists, with their determined attempts to diminish medical research overlook the fact that this research also benefits animals… Name and address supplied
So City grandees are offering a £25m reward for information leading to convictions of animal rights fanatics - and we thought vivisection was about human health, not City profits… Daphne Birkby, Alton, Hants
Have the activists not thought that their attempts to end testing in this country, where controls are strict, may force testing abroad…. Howard Gill, Leeds (letters)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 29.7.04 Charity hopes for an end to bear farms By Simon Dudman - The Chinese Embassy has pledged to support a call to end barbaric bear farming in the country following a crunch meeting with a Warwickshire animal rights campaigner. Dave Neale, the UK Director of the Animals Asia Foundation, originally from Bedworth, has hailed the meeting last week, to discuss the further closure of bear farms in China, a "resounding success"…. (story)

Mid Sussex Times 29.7.04 BASIL'S BRUSH WITH A FOX - Bold Basil the fox crept craftily into the room of jovial council official Ian Burton, known affectionately by workmates as Basil… Mr Burton said: "I came back in after a meeting elsewhere on the campus to hear Carla Lane saying "Shhh." Basil was sitting in my chair and had rubbished my blind, there were teeth marks or perhaps claw marks on it so he must have been desperate to get out…." The animal is expected to be cared for by Carla for about two months and then released into the wild when fit enough…. (letter)

Sutton Guardian 29.7.04 Animal hospital saved by car boot bargains By Joanne Parkes - Hundreds of bargain hunters helped give a much-needed boost to Beddington's wildlife hospital at the weekend. London Wildcare had feared it would have to close, but the annual Mellows Park car boot sale is to hand over nearly £1,750 in proceeds to see it through to its next fundraiser…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 29.7.04 MORE VOTES IN BADGER LOBBY - I Believe that there is just one simple reason why the Government has not seriously tackled TB. They know that there are more votes in the badger protectionist lobby than there is in the farming lobby. This of course is a tribute to Tony Dean, Elaine King and their friends, but they have presented, no doubt sincerely, a very one-sided picture, in my opinion… (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 29.7.04 THIS TEST CAN CUT TB - Newent vet Nick Clayton has done an excellent job of reinforcing farmers' mistaken belief that badger culling is currently the only solution to controlling bovine TB… Most farmers are consequently unaware of the potential of gamma interferon and have been wrongly led by their unions and others to believe that it leads to the culling of cattle that are not infected… DR ELAINE KING, Chief Executive, National Federation of Badger Groups (story)

Belfast Telegraph 29.7.04 Fury at malicious animal cruelty claims By David Gordon - SPITEFUL neighbours were today blamed for a spate of bogus allegations hampering animal welfare work across Northern Ireland. The USPCA voiced fury at the time being squandered on looking into false and "malicious" claims against pet owners… from August 1, the charity will not be responding to allegations made by anonymous callers…. (story)

North Devon Journal 29.7.04 NEW BILL WILL HARM ANIMALS - Animal Aid applauds aspects of the proposed new Animal Welfare Bill, however some areas present serious cause for concern. If the draft bill is implemented, one day bird and reptile fairs will be legalised. Such fairs are currently outlawed, although certain rogue councils permit them… CHRIS ANDERSON, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter)
Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 26.7.04 Putting animal welfare first - CHRIS ANDERSON (letter)

Guardian 29.7.04 Out of context - It is not true that there is a "swell" of scientists questioning the validity of animal data… Andre Menache tries to back his claim with a 40-year-old quote from the late Professor Sir George Pickering. The antivivisectionists have taken this quote out of context.On the contrary, Pickering, an expert on heart disease, used animals in his own research and praised the animal research of others in his field… Barbara Davies, S: Understanding Animal Research in Medicine, London
In his article about the Oxford Lab (this week) Ian Sample says research there "will focus on understanding the biological mechanisms that give rise to different diseases". Dr Richard Klausner, director of the National Cancer Institute, believes that we have lost cures for cancer because they were not effective in mice… Shelly Willetts. Vivisection, spokesperson, Green party (letters)

Guardian 29.7.04 Masters of the universe - How "human" of scientists at the Natural History Museum, whose plan it is to preserve the DNA of endangered animals in order to research evolutionary histories (Frozen ark, July 27). While humanity itself has been guilty of destroying a multitude of animal species, the focus remains not on what can be done to allow the natural evolution of non-human animals in their natural environments (wherever that may lead), but on using the DNA of disappearing species to advance human understanding of biological and ecological evolution… Neil McPherson, Glasgow (letter)


Scotsman 28.7.04 Research needed - With regard to your report, "Safety moves target deer crashes" (26 July), some years ago, an American insurance company carried out a survey of deer crashes and found that, at the beginning of the shooting season, deer-related accidents rose five times… Perhaps it is time to consider where the ultimate responsibility lies and to examine how many deer-related accidents take place in proximity to deer stalking estates… A MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 28.7.04 SCHEME: PLAN TO HOOK KIDS ON FISHING AN UNUSUAL new initiative to stop children from getting hooked on crime has been launched by Peterborough police. Between 10 and 15 youngsters across the city look set to benefit from the new scheme, called Get Hooked on Fishing – Not Crime. The idea is the first of its type to be tested by Peterborough police, and will see children from homes across the city spending two days at the picturesque Decoy Lakes, in Whittlesey, on August 10 and 11, learning about fishing…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 28.7.04 SOAPBOX: GONE FISHING - A Few years back, angling at Eastville Park was almost non-existent, particularly at weekends with only the odd person present at the lake on odd occasions. If you visit this park now it's packed with anglers…. It was good to see a lot of youngsters fishing this park, getting involved in a healthy sport rather than getting into mischief… P Abraham, Filton (letter)

Evening News 28.7.04 MP's fears of animal rights extremists - A NORWICH MP today told how he and his wife were "living in fear" of becoming a target for animal rights extremists. Dr Ian Gibson, Norwich North MP, said they were constantly worried for each other's safety when apart… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 27.7.04 MP fears animal rights extremists - Norwich North MP Ian Gibson has slammed animal rights extremists as “terrorists” and spoke of fears that he and his wife would be attacked…. Asked whether the action of animal rights extremists amounted to terrorism, he replied: “It does.”… (story)
Scotsman 27.7.04 Animal Rights Extremists 'Are Terrorists' By Nick Mead, Political Staff, PA News - A leading MP today attacked violence perpetrated by animals rights extremists as “terrorism” and called on the Home Office to treat the issue as seriously as other terrorist threats. Chairman of the House of Commons select committee on science and technology, Ian Gibson, said he had refused an offer to go on BBC2’s Newsnight programme last night to talk about reports that ministers are planning a crackdown on violent fanatics because he and his wife feared being targeted… (story)
Ananova 27.7.04 MP condemns animal rights violence - A leading MP has attacked violence perpetrated by animals rights extremists as "terrorism" and called on the Home Office to treat the issue as seriously as other terrorist threats. Chairman of the House of Commons select committee on science and technology, Ian Gibson, said he had refused an offer to go on BBC2's Newsnight programme last night to talk about reports that ministers are planning a crackdown on violent fanatics because he and his wife feared being targeted… "We've been through this before, we've had to look under our car, we live in fear, when one of us is in London and the other in Norwich I don't know what's going to happen. I don't think people deserve to live like that just because they have strong beliefs one way or the other." (story)

Guardian 28.7.04 Beastly behaviour - As both a student at Oxford University and the local councillor for the ward in which its new vivisection lab is being constructed, I am shocked at the alarmist, extreme, and uninformed press coverage of the campagn against the new research centre… The vast majority of animal rights activists are non-violent; they are best represented by 85-year-old Joan Court, who conducted a 48-hour hunger strike outside the site. As a Green, I fully support their goal of ending the cruelty of vivisection… Cllr Matt Sellwood, New College, Oxford
Having read on Saturday of the limit of 300 imposed by the police on the animal rights march, I was wondering how long it would be before the "low turnout" was used to scoff at the protest…. Jerry Dickens, London
Animal rights extremists do not confine their attentions to medical research. They are largely the same people who engage in acts of sabotage against hunting with hounds… In seeking to outlaw hunting, the government is pandering to the same people that David Blunkett describes as "internal terrorists". Peter Presland, Hunting for Tolerance (letters)

York Evening Press 28.7.04 I WAS heartened to read that Oxford University has suffered a setback with the building of its vivisection laboratory (Evening Press, July 20). However, I am always surprised when I see words such as "terrorists" and "extremists" used to describe animal rights campaigners. The media seems to forget that those involved with animal experiments are not only inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering on other sentient beings, but are doing so at the expense also of us humans…. Sarah Bramley, Gordon Street, York. (letter)

Liverpool Echo 28.7.04 Dolphins plea - I AM a member of the WDCS (Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society) and I received a letter from the society on July 22. My mother and I were disgusted to see the most horrific pictures of murdered dolphins and whales, beaten, butchered and skinned… Jessica Gordon (12), Norris Green (letter)

Bolton Evening News 28.7.04 Don't cull the birds - THE comments made by M Todd are absolutely disgusting. The pigeons are not flying rats or parasites and should not be culled…. Mrs J Spencer, Holden Avenue, Sharples (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 28.7.04 People's pigeon preference - IN response to Craig Maher (July 24), and others who have been attacking pigeons and the problems they cause in the town centre. Call me ignorant, but using arguments such as the birds carrying diseases such as "salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis" as a reason for people stopping feeding them is just total codswallop!... Human beings have also been known to carry diseases, but is this any reason to cull their numbers?... James Devent, Morris Green, Bolton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 20.7.04 Pigeons are not the only carriers of parasites - AS a misguided individual, I would like to comment on the letter from A Todd, Harwood, regarding "flying rats" ie: pigeons. All animals, including the human variety, harbour parasites… All forms of life have a purpose and a reason for their existence. The parasite included plays a role in the balance of nature… Arnold Harrison, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 20.7.04 Where are the ill birds? IF pigeons really were, or are, parasitical creatures, then why do we never see ill, dying pigeons?... M Alexander, Kearsley (letter in archive)


Horse & Hound 27.7.04 Rural consultation paper issued by Tories - The Conservative party is inviting public comment on a consultation paper entitled Shooting, Fishing and Riding which was launched at the CLA Game Fair last week…. The limited focus on hunting has also provoked comment from some directions. This is largely because, although the Conservatives mention that they will "allow a repeal of any ban on hunting with hounds", the paper does not address the broader issues should the current Hunting Bill not receive Royal Assent…. The paper is available from James Gray MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. (story)

Leicester Mercury 27.7.04 HUNTING BILL 'WILL BE CARRIED OUT' - Leicestershire MP David Taylor today said he was confident a ban on hunting with dogs would be introduced before the next General Election… (story)

Western Mail 27.7.04 Thanks - by the ton - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - "HAVE you eaten today? Thank a Farmer." The slogan pasted on many four-wheel drives around Llanelwedd last week says it all, but it takes an event like the Royal Welsh to remind many people that food does not grow on supermarket shelves… The foot-and-mouth epidemic restored some public sympathy, but shrill, mostly urban, voices remain, attacking aspects of countryside culture such as hunting, shooting and, before long no doubt, fishing. Newport East AM John Griffiths, for instance, was quick to contact the Press after visiting the showground on Tuesday. He was upset that children were allowed - horrors! - to stroke the hounds during a hunt parade in the main arena… The reception given to the horses and hounds demonstrated the feeling that country people are being bulldozed into something they don't want - and will be left to pick up the pieces…. (story)
Western Mail 27.7.04 Fuel price freeze was perfect end to show week - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - THE Royal Welsh Centenary Show came to an end last week and has been hailed a great success.... The fantastic centenary cavalcade every evening in the main ring in which 1,000 farmers, drovers, huntsmen and other rural people recreated 100 years of farming tradition was a great highlight... (story)
Western Mail 27.7.04 Our new - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - Part of the celebrations marking the centenary of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society was a 1,000-word essay competition open to all comers. The theme, "Rural Wales - Future Threats and Opportunities" aimed to encourage informed debate among people involved in farming and rural life. The winner was farmer, agricultural journalist and public relations officer Gaina Morgan from Bridgend. Here is the winning essay… And as for hunting. How do we better explain the anguish and frustration caused by a fox taking a newborn lamb while the young mother is giving birth to the second?... There is a need to balance the social, sporting, and economic needs of the countryside against the concerns of the anti-hunting lobby: but also to understand where the other side is coming from… (story)
Western Mail 22.7.04 Hunting row erupts - Duncan Higgitt, The Western Mail - A ROW broke out between an Assembly minister and Royal Welsh Show organisers yesterday, after they were accused of spreading pro-hunt propaganda. John Griffiths, the deputy health minister who attended the show on Tuesday, said children were allowed to smooth hounds during a hunt parade in the main arena while a commentary described it as a highlight of the show that might never happen again because of political dogma from people who did not understand the countryside…. But Royal Welsh Show director Harry Fetherstonhaugh brushed aside the Newport East AM's claims. "I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Hunting has been part of Welsh rural life for hundreds of years…" (story)
Western Mail 13.7.04 Working to bring salmon back to Wye - ALL roads will lead to the Royal Welsh Show this weekend. Anglers, in the main, will be leaving their rods, reels and lines at home because of the busy time they will have at the show… There is considerable angling activity in the Showground. The Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association (WSTAA) has a stand on the banks of the casting pool which is full of matters relating to angling… Last year on the media a few visitors to the show said that the highlight of their day at the show was the demonstrations on the pool with the gun dog display. I wonder if the Country Pursuits area will once again hold the same appeal. In this the centenary year of the show the appeal of country sports will no doubt be as strong as it has ever been. (story)

Western Mail 27.7.04 New project will help us manage countryside - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - THE contribution which shooting makes to conservation in the North Wales countryside is about to become more apparent…. BASC, working with the Countryside Council for Wales and Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group Wales, is about to embark on a project to find out how much land in North Wales is managed for shooting, where it is, which habitats and species it contains, and then use this information to run targeted conservation projects which will support species in need of extra assistance…. (story)

Western Mail 27.7.04 Safety first after roam rights change - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - THE Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (Crow) creates a public right of access on foot to mountain, moor, heath, down and registered common land in England and Wales… A key point regarding the Crow Act and shooting is that management of access, incorporating such considerations as the location of access points and the use of strategic signposting to direct people away from sensitive areas, will be fundamental… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.7.04 WINGING IT AT TALON SHOW - Winged hunters are on display at a Devon attraction this summer. Exeter falconer Bill Jelley is appearing at Escot Park, near Feniton, in twice-daily displays until October…. (story) /a>

Western Daily Press 27.7.04 HELP RESCUE A GREYHOUND - I was appalled to read about the greyhound that children found beaten to death in an alley in Cheltenham… It is no coincidence that these dogs were greyhounds or lurchers. Tens of thousands are discarded in Britain every year when their racing careers are over…. Gina Harris, Greyhound Action (letter)

Scotsman 27.7.04 Extremists 'Will Drive Animal Research Abroad' By Brian Farmer, PA News - Important UK scientific research involving animals could end in a decade unless the activities of animal rights extremists are curtailed, a leading scientist and vet warned today. Professor Twink Allen (correct), a horse-breeding expert based at the Equine Fertility Unit in Newmarket, Suffolk, said scientists would move abroad where research could be more easily carried out as UK institutions closed… Earlier this year, Prof Allen accused ministers of “wimpishness” for refusing to let him clone horses. His complaint was rejected by Home Office minister Caroline Flint, who said the procedure was not scientifically justified… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.6.04 Expert warns over animal rights activists ending research … Professor Twink Allen, a horse-breeding expert based in Newmarket, said the Government was unreasonably increasing the burden of regulation on scientists to placate protesters, and research institutions were finding the financial costs of complying heavy. (story)

Times 27.7.04 Animals' rights in the laboratory - Sir, The proposal by a leading City organisation to offer a £25 million cash reward to combat “animal rights terrorists” (report, July 24) is surely a misguided reaction to the successes achieved by predominantly peaceful and law-abiding campaigners who are opposed to animal experimentation. Apart from a very few instances where hot-headed activists have damaged cars, the protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences and the Oxford animal-testing laboratory have largely consisted of public meetings, protest marches and a plethora of telephone calls, e-mails, faxes and letters to companies connected to those establishments… PETER ALLEN, 43 Chute Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3DS.
Sir, If the £25 million offered by the “City grandees” to counter animal rights extremists were invested in finding alternatives to animal experiments, it might well save millions of animals from a life of painful suffering…. Paul Hiley, 1 St Olaves Mews, Bartholomew Street East, Exeter, Devon EX4 3BH.
While gently demonising animal experimentation, Mrs John Pothecary (letter, July 24) claimed the “right” of animals to live a “normal life free from pain, fear, exploitation and cruelty imposed by humans”… Mother Nature is really a nasty old creature with a cruel and continuing interest in the young, the old and the disabled of every species, including our own. The whole of nature is a testing laboratory. That’s why we need animal experiments. Without them, we would face nature’s brutal laboratory ourselves. JOHN NASH, 52 Kernick Way, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 5BG.
Some of us still remember, with pride, our excitement when investigators at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology in Oxford announced the results of their animal studies showing penicillin to be a powerful antibacterial agent, confirmed in patients in Oxford hospitals, where the first clinical trials were undertaken… I hope that Oxford will be able to continue its great tradition in drug research and development. Yours sincerely, RALPH KOHN, Athenaeum Club, SW1Y 5ER. (letters)


Western Morning News 26.7.04 LABOUR MPS THREATEN TO REBEL ON HUNTING BAN - A Westcountry Labour MP has warned Tony Blair could face a rebellion at the party's annual conference in the autumn if the Government fails to bring back the controversial Hunting Bill in September. Candy Atherton, MP for Falmouth and Camborne, told the WMN she remained confident the Bill would be brought back to the Commons in time for a hunting ban to be forced on to the statute books, regardless of the level of opposition in the House of Lords. However, the normally loyal MP warned there would be "outrage" at Labour's conference at the end of September if the Bill, which would ban all hunting with dogs, had not been brought back…. (story)

Walthamstow Guardian 26.7.04 Don't blame the foxes - FOLLOWING the letter in last week's Guardian "Foxes are getting bolder", it is extremely rare for foxes to attack cats and certainly not dogs…. MRS. P. SABLE, Chingford. (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 26.7.04 Dog track visitors protest demo - About 60 protesters lobbied visitors to a Warwickshire greyhound meeting yesterday as part of Greyhound Remembrance Day. West Midlands Greyhound Action had members and supporters at several tracks, including Coventry Stadium at Brandon, which was the focus for their protests…. Tony Peters, of West Midlands Greyhound Action, said: "Most people do not realise the scale of the problem…" (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 23.7.04 Wreaths protest at dog track meet By Annette Morgan - Animal rights campaigners are planning to stage a vigil the greyhound track in Brandon this weekend to coincide with the anniversary of the sport's introduction in England. Protesters will gather at Coventry Stadium in Rugby Road, from 5pm on Sunday where they will stage a minute's silence before laying wreaths at the gates… Protester Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, said she hoped the event would help raise the profile of their campaign…. (story)

Guardian 26.7.04 Protesters pledge dogged fight to victory - Lee Glendinning - "We are not going to stop. We are not going to stop". It could have easily been said more than 20 times during a protest at the weekend against the £18m animal testing laboratory at Oxford University…. Near the front, by the leading banners and supported by a walking stick, was Joan Court, 85, who last week completed a two-day hunger strike over plans for the lab…. Mel Broughton, spokesman for the animal pressure group Speak, said the body had fought a totally legal battle against the laboratory… Robert Cogswell, another spokesman, said: "It's going to be very, very difficult to find a building contractor to replace Montpellier and, when they do, we will certainly highlight that company and we will be legally targeting them."… Steve Chandler, a long-time campaigner, is optimistic that the university's laboratory will never be completed, given the tide of ill feeling against it…. (story)
Oxford Mail 26.7.04 Animal rights activists march in - About 600 activists from across the country turned up to march through the city on Saturday. Police had expected about 300…. Robert Cogswell, of animal rights pressure group Speak which organised the event, said of its aim to halt the facility: "It would be the biggest victory for the animal rights movement and would have massive ramifications, a domino effect…" Pensioner Joan Court, 85, who went on a hunger strike outside the laboratory for 48 hours last week, was joined by Greg Avery, of Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, and Johnny Davidson, of Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, for the speeches…. (story in archive)
Scotsman 24.7.04 Hundreds Protest Against Animal Research Centre By Katherine Haddon, PA News - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered today for a march against a controversial animal research centre which is being built by Oxford University… (story)
BBC News Online 24.7.04 Protesters march at animal centre - Animal rights campaigners have held a protest at the site of an £18m animal testing centre in Oxfordshire. About 500 people took part in the peaceful march to Oxford University's new centre in South Parks Road, according to a BBC journalist… Organiser Robert Cogswell, of the pressure group SPEAK - Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge - which was founded in July 2004, said: "It was a great turn out and it was peaceful…." Oxford MP, Dr Evan Harris said:… "These marchers need to clearly condemn violence, intimidation and harassment - which is the hallmark of the protests so far." (story)
Times 24.7.04 Animal activists turn fury on Oxford BY MARK HENDERSON AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - ANIMAL rights activists will stage their biggest demonstration in years today at Oxford University, which is planning to build a state-of-the-art animal research centre…. (story)
Ireland Online 24.7.04 Hundreds protest against animal research centre - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered today for a march against a controversial animal research centre which is being built by Oxford University. The protest, which passed off with little sign of trouble, was organised by animal rights group Speak… The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) announced today that it is considering offering millions of pounds in rewards for information about animal extremists… Speak spokesman Robert Cogswell, who was at pains to distance the organisation from unlawful activity, said he could not see how the NACPF scheme would work…. After a speech from Speak organiser Mel Broughton, who appealed for them to be disciplined and to “keep it dignified”, the protesters made their way to the South Parks laboratory site amid a cacophony of drums, whistles and sirens… (story)
Guardian 24.7.04 Police cap numbers at laboratory demo - Jamie Wilson - Animal rights activists yesterday accused the police of "looking for trouble" and "acting disgracefully" after they issued an order limiting the size and duration of a demonstration against the construction of a new research laboratory at Oxford University. A spokesman for Speak, the animal rights group that has spearheaded the campaign against the project, accused Thames Valley police of "caving in to pressure from on high" by limiting the demonstration - to be held in Oxford today at the end of a march - to an hour, with a maximum of 300 participants…. (story)
Oxford Mail 23.7.04 Extra police at protest - Extra police officers will be on patrol to prevent violent clashes at tomorrow's animal rights march through Oxford…. Campaigners said the authorities had nothing to fear. (story in archive)
Oxford Mail 22.7.04 Convicted activist leads anti-lab demo - An animal rights activist sentenced to four years in prison for conspiracy to cause arson is leading this weekend's protest against Oxford University's controversial animal experiment laboratory. But campaigner Mel Broughton insists Saturday's march through the city will be a strictly non-violent demonstration with emphasis purely on people-power… (story in archive)
Times 16.7.04 City Diary BY MARTIN WALLER …THE animal rights campaigners who went after Montpellier for building a research centre in Oxford are holding a demonstration in the city next weekend against the project. They are upset about the “Oxford Two”, two rhesus macaque monkeys who have spent their entire lives in a vivisection lab. Alas, the Oxford Two shuffled off this mortal coil four years ago, a point that has been made repeatedly to the protesters… (story)

Oxford Mail 26.7.04 Terrorist protesters - It was a sad day for society when Montpellier pulled out of building Oxford University's animal research centre because of animal rights' extremists. The extremists are another branch of today's terrorist society… GENE BYRNE, Norfolk, United States (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 26.7.04 BE RATIONAL ON ANIMAL TESTING - Few things are more frightening than someone totally convinced that they are absolutely right. When such people are prepared to use anonymous threats (The Citizen, pages one and seven, July 20) then we have a loathsome scenario…. JOHN RICKETTS, Whaddon, Cheltenham (letter)

Western Mail 26.7.04 Fight to save badgers in way of housing plan - Colin Hughes, The Western Mail - A CAMPAIGNING councillor is petitioning the National Assembly to back the badgers. Former Neath Mayor John Warman has launched a fight to save a badger sett in the Cimla ward he represents on Neath Port Talbot Council… according to a survey carried out by the Neath and Port Talbot Badger Group, the active Cimla sett may be an auxiliary sett and if this is the case then it could be possible to progressively close it down…. (story)

Motor Trader 26.7.04 DaimlerChrysler UK targeted by anti-leather protesters - DAIMLERCHRYSLER has mounted a robust defence of leather car interiors after animal rights activists descended on its UK HQ in Milton-Keynes last Monday. Protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals unfurled a banner outside the building calling on Mercedes-Benz to offer a leather-free option in its cars… However, DaimlerChrysler said that it had “the ability to provide customers with a leather- free variant in every range – Chrysler, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz and Smart.”… (story)
Motor Trader 19.7.04 DCUK hit by animal rights protests - Animal rights activists descended on DaimlerChrysler UK’s Milton Keynes offices for a demonstration today, Monday 19 July. Supporters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals unfurled a banner outside the building, calling on Mercedes-Benz to offer a leather-free interior in car options packages…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 26.7.04 NO MORE PETS - Karen Dutton (Postbag, July 22) thinks all dogs should be on short leads and muzzled under constant control of owners. Animals of any kind should not suffer such restraints. It is time we discouraged the keeping of pets for our pleasure and let the practice die out… There should be no such thing as domesticated animals or birds in cages, no rabbits living in boxes and no zoos…. Ivan Crooks, Leicester (letter)

Shropshire Star 26.7.04 Farmers attacked for bug outbreak - Mr Currie of Viva! (Letters, July 17) selectively quotes the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products in his attack on farming systems as a source of antibiotic resistance in humans. The truth is that the agency has cautioned against the notion of swingeing controls on veterinary medicines as a means of protecting human health… Certain organisations will use any stick they can to beat farming with but it would be very wrong to represent the agency as keen to back campaigns to wipe out farming systems that provide the people of this country with high quality, nourishing food at affordable prices…. David Collier, Regional Director, NFU West Midlands, Telford (letter)
Yorkshire Post 23.7.04 Fighting the hospital superbug From: Alistair Currie, Campaigns Office, Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals), York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 21.7.04 PREVENTION IS BEST TO BEAT BUGS - Regarding "Superbug problem is about more than hospitals" (Letters, July 16). It is a shame when a vegetarian spokesperson seeks to cloud the issue on hygiene in hospitals by claiming the use of antibiotics in animal production can lead to the development of superbugs such as MRSA. Antibiotics used in animals are unsuitable for human use…. Terence Kreft, Blenheim Street, Hull. (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 20.7.04 Health-risk wards - Alistair Currie RGN BSc, Campaigns Office, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Scotsman 19.7.04 Unhygienic farms ALISTAIR CURRIE, Campaigns Office, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Argus 16.7.04 Letter: Superbug source - Alistair Currie RGN BSc, Campaigns Office, Viva! -York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Bath Chronicle 17.7.04 CHEAP MEAT TO BLAME FOR THE SUPERBUGS - ALISTAIR CURRIE, Campaigns 0ffice, Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Glasgow Evening Times 16.7.04 Superbug alarm - ALISTAIR CURRIE via e-mail (letter)
Dundee Courier 16.7.04 Too high a price - Alistair Currie, Campaigns Office, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.7.04 FACTORY FARMING IS A SOURCE OF SUPERBUG - When I became a student nurse 20 years ago standards of cleanliness were immeasurably higher than they are today…. The problem of antibiotic- resistant superbugs is, however, about far more than hospitals. As long ago as 1997, the World Health Organisation warned that "excessive use" of antibiotics in farmed animals "presents a growing risk to human health"… it is time we ended factory farming, before it ends us. Alistair Currie Campaigns Office Viva! (letter)


Sunday Mirror 25.7.04 CRUEL REALITY OF SICKENING HUNT FOR MINK By Chris Lynch - THIS is the truth behind mink hunting - a small animal hurled in the air to be ripped apart by dogs. The Sunday Mirror today exposes the shocking truth of this little-known bloodsport. An anti-hunt campaigner captured these horrifying pictures of mink being savaged by a pack of hunting dogs.... The investigator infiltrated West Wales Mink Hounds to film the hunt. He said: "I was horrified. It can't be justified as an form of pest control.".... But Clive Roberts, joint master of the West Wales Mink Hounds, insisted mink hunting is one of the most "controlled" forms of hunting... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 25.7.04 RSPB Fury as gamekeepers escape trial - GORDON CURRIE - ONE of Scotland’s leading wildlife protection groups has hit out at a "shameful" waste of taxpayers’ money after two gamekeepers walked free from court on bird poisoning charges when the case was dropped by the Crown…. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has condemned the move and accused the Crown of failing to see that justice was done…. Dick said Edradynate Estate in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, which is owned by City financier Michael Campbell, had been at the centre of a string of wildlife offences for the past two decades…. A spokeswoman for the Crown Office admitted the time taken to prepare the case for a trial had been a major factor in the decision to scrap it…. (story)

Observer 25.7.04 Justice is a sick business - Mariella Frostrup … Vile beasts - My childhood home was awash with rescued crows, sheep, dogs, cats, field mice, cockerels and rabbits, and I've continued to be an animal lover. However, the current tactics of animal rights activists are turning me into a pro-hunting vivisectionist with a burning desire to do cruel and nasty things to all creatures great and small…. We have the strictest animal welfare legislation in Europe. By turning this country into a terror zone for companies who fund animal experiments, they're forcing the less scrupulous to go further afield, where fewer restrictions, or none at all, apply…. It takes a lot for an animal lover like me to turn rabid, but I care as much about the rights of human beings. I certainly don't want to be associated with a bunch of immature reactionaries whose capacity to conduct an intelligent argument is so challenged that they turn to the unacceptable tactics of terrorism. (story)

Independent on Sunday 25.7.04 Technology: You might not like it, but labs are our lifeblood - Bully-boy tactics by anti-vivisectionists are threatening the future of medical research in Britain. Stopping all animal testing would do more harm than good, argues Tim Webb - Animal testing is not a subject many of us are comfortable talking about at the best of times, and certainly not right now… (story)

Sunday Times 25.7.04 Comment: Minette Marrin: Bunnyfascists have got away with it for too long - To understand everything is to forgive everything, or so they say. But I’m not sure. Occasionally the more one understands, the less forgiving one feels. That certainly applies, as far as I’m concerned, to animal rights extremists such as the group that last week forced yet another construction company to withdraw from a contract to build a research laboratory in Oxford… It is much easier to justify animal experimentation for medicine than to justify animal slaughter for food… But rational thought and proper priorities are not what we’ve learnt to expect from the animal rights extremists. Why, for one thing, do they devote their violent indignation to the cause of animals? There are plenty of defenceless fellow creatures who might have excited their sympathy — for example, young girls forced into prostitution by organised gangs… It’s easiest to define yourself as being against something, whether it’s the fascist military industrial complex, the Proddies, or people who go hunting. Nobody really gives a stuff about the fox…. We may understand this painful feeling of inadequacy and this immature mindset and I suspect there is a sneaking residual public sympathy for the bunnyfascists… But however much we understand the bunnyfascists, we should not forgive them (story)

Sunday Mirror 25.7.04 Stotty on Sunday - ANIMAL BLIGHTS - ON the day animal rights terrorists forced contractors building a scientific centre to quit, I received a circular from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asking for my "two pennies' worth". "We want you to know how much your opinion matters," it whined. Good. Because they are going to get it.... Shareholders of Montpelier, owners of the construction company building the new £18million project in Oxford that will carry out essential research into cancer and Parkinson's disease, were threatened with action by animal rights terrorists unless they sold their shares... This is vicious, thug blackmail worthy of the Kray brothers. I am sure PETA abhors such criminal behaviour but whether it likes it or not the whole animal rights movement is tarred with the same brush... And for my two pennies' worth, until organisations like PETA actively disown and do all they can to track down those adopting these tactics they deserve no support and no donations. (story)

People 25.7.04 PEOPLE AND THEIR PETS: SCANDAL OF APES WAITING TO DIE URGENT PLEA TO PM TONY BLAIR - Caged beasts sent to UK labs By Alice Haine - HUNDREDS of monkeys are living in squalor at a huge "primate prison" before being sent to die in British labs. The long-tailed macaques - some just a few weeks old - are snatched from the wild and packed into tiny filthy crates for a 8,000-mile trip to Spain.... The UK-based National Anti- Vivisection Society (NAS) is calling on People readers to back its campaign to stop British labs importing these beautiful creatures... (story)


Telegraph 24.7.04 Majority vote to defy a Labour ban on hunting By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - An overwhelming majority for civil disobedience in the event of a ban on hunting was the result of a debate held by The Telegraph at the Game Fair yesterday. Perhaps it was not so surprising that an audience of country sports enthusiasts enjoying a day out in the grounds of Blenheim Palace should vote by 120 to eight in favour of defying any ban. Perhaps more surprising was that 94 members of the audience voted that they would be prepared to break the law by continuing to hunt, risking fines or imprisonment in the process, with 28 saying they would not.... Lembit Opik, the Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomery, also claimed to be on the side of the proposition, freely interpreting his duty to oppose bad law as doing his duty opposing bad law in Parliament. He encouraged others to resist any ban "peacefully without harming others"... (story)

Western Morning News 24.7.04 WE'D REVERSE HUNT BAN, SAY TORIES - Tory leader Michael Howard yesterday renewed his pledge that a future Conservative government would allow any hunting ban to be reversed, as he launched a "radical" package of proposals designed to provide a "fair deal" for country sports. Mr Howard used a visit to the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace yesterday to launch a consultation paper on the Tories' policies on shooting, fishing and riding… (story)

Telegraph 24.7.04 Prescott interview casts doubt on timing of Bill By Andrew Sparrow, Political Correspondent - John Prescott provoked uproar yesterday after suggesting that hunting would not be banned until after the general election. Anti-hunting campaigners were horrified when they read his comments, which contradicted many assurances given by ministers that the Government would "resolve" the issue before polling day. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister managed to defuse the row only by disowning the words Mr Prescott was reported as saying in an interview with The Independent.... A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "John Prescott's comments fit in with everything we've been hearing. It looks increasingly as if the Government is considering its options." (story)

Southern Daily Echo 24.7.04 Angry reaction to hunt ban delays - REPORTS that foxhunting could continue for years have angered anti-bloodsports campaigners in the New Forest…. Jubilant members of the Countryside Alliance said the delay meant that hunting would not be outlawed for another two years. Anti-hunt campaigner Ken James, head of the New Forest Animal Protection Group, said: "I'm shocked and disappointed…. (story in archive)

Telegraph 24.7.04 Howard to repeal any curbs on shotguns By Nic Fleming - Michael Howard said yesterday that a future Conservative government would repeal restrictions on shooting proposed by the Home Office. The Tory leader was speaking at the three-day Country Land and Business Association Game Fair, Europe's largest festival of hunting, shooting and fishing, which opened yesterday at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.... Martin Salter, Labour's parliamentary spokesman on fishing and shooting, said that firearms legislation needed to be updated, but said that some Home Office proposals were "plain stupid". (story)

Daily Record 24.7.04 HEWITT IS BACK ON THE PULL - JUST 24 hours after being released by police following a cocaine bust, James Hewitt was game for some fun yesterday. The cad had ex-Miss Great Britain Louise Lakin onhis arm at a shooting fair in Oxfordshire.... (story)

Times 24.7.04 Hunter's green welly brigade hit 50 not out BY VALERIE ELLIOTT AND HANNAH BETTS - The ultimate badge of rustic and faux-rustic pride celebrates its golden jubilee - COME Sloane, come rural wannabe and country gent, and stomp across this green and pleasant land. For the great green welly, favoured footwear of the rich, royal and those with rich and royal pretensions, is celebrating its golden jubilee. The history of the Wellington proper may be long and august, but Hunter’s chi-chi green versions have been available for a mere half century. Yet, in this short time, the green Wellington has become a veritable British institution…. (story)
Times 24.7.04 British walking green - What the colour of your welly says about you - Many rubbery returns. The Hunter green welly, universal symbol of Sloanage from Land’s End to John o’Groats, is 50 this year…. And finally, a profound word from Billy Connolly and his Welly Boot Song: “Oh wellies they are wonderful, oh wellies they are swell/ ’Cause they keep out the water and they keep in the smell.” (story)

Times 24.7.04 We have to do these tests, says giant drug firm BY INGRID MANSELL - ONE of the world’s biggest drug makers joined the war of words against the animal rights extremists yesterday, insisting that it would not be able to produce any new life-saving medicines without animal research. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said that regulatory authorities across the world required new drugs to be tested on animals before they could be researched in humans… (story)

Times 24.7.04 Is human life worth a puppy’s pain? The answer is a resounding yes - CRISTINA ODONE - THE STORY of three young boys caught in a life-and-death struggle against adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare genetic disorder, was told this week by the BBC programme, Medical Mysteries…. But ALD is only one enemy that the desperate families must fight. There is another: the animal rights extremists… This week, these extremists claimed their biggest scalp yet — Oxford’s new £18 million animal research laboratory… The Government insists that it will not give in to terrorists. Here is a chance to show that it means business. It must step in where the private sector is intimidated. It should use the resources of the State — backed up by the Army if necessary — to build the Oxford science lab… (story)

Times 24.7.04 Animal rights FROM MRS JOHN POTHECARY - You report (July 21) that “animal rights extremists” have caused the construction company to pull out of the proposed building of a scientific block at Oxford University. There are many who, like myself, believe in the rights of animals to live a “normal” life, free from pain, fear, exploitation and cruelty imposed by humans… JENNIFER POTHECARY, Lemerle, Amesbury Road, Newton Toney, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 0HN (letter)

Telegraph 24.7.04 We have rules for the treatment of pets: there is no need for laws By Charles Moore - You may recall the Monty Python sketch about the Hungarian/English phrase-book. The poor Hungarian (John Cleese) innocently reads out phrases like "Please will you fondle my buttocks", thinking they mean something quite different. One phrase that he uncomprehendingly deploys is: "My hovercraft is full of eels." Looking at the draft Animal Welfare Bill, published this month by the Government, I notice that the Bill will clamp down on such activity.... I am writing this article from the Game Fair, a huge gathering of non-state organisations and private individuals drawn together by a knowledgeable love of animals that expresses itself, among other things, in killing them for sport under their own careful rules. Such rules are essential in the decent treatment of animals: they are a very different thing from laws.... The point about the "duty of care" is that it turns everything round. It makes all pet owners potentially guilty for things they have not yet done, and it makes the public authorities the increasingly subjective arbiter of what is right and wrong. Once people know this, they will be inclined to use the law to pursue their private purposes.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 24.7.04 DRUID IN CITY FOR TREK BREAK - A Vegan undertaking a harrowing trek across the UK to promote a cleaner way of living has passed through Bath. Laurence Main is part way through a challenging course that has taken him up snowy mountains in Scotland, over hills in Wales and across ancient ley lines in England…. Mr Main, from Snowdonia, decided to undertake the challenge to mark the Vegan Society's diamond jubilee and to raise awareness of the organisation…. (story)


Independent 23.7.04 Ban on hunting with dogs delayed... yet again By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor - Supporters of fox hunting said last night that hunting with dogs could be legal for at least another two years after an indication from the Deputy Prime Minister that the Bill to ban all hunting with dogs would not be reintroduced until the next Queen's Speech in November. John Prescott, who strongly supports a ban, made it clear in The Independent at the weekend that a ban would be delayed until the next Queen's Speech but promised a Bill would be reintroduced before the general election. But he added: "It won't go in now before the next Queen's Speech we are on top of it [the Queen's Speech]."… (story)

Mirror 23.7.04 CARRY ON HUNTING - Bloodsport ban delayed again By Bob Roberts - A FOX hunting ban has been put off again over fears of a summer of protests by pro-bloodsport activists. Ministers were expected to publish a new bill to ban hunting with hounds before they broke up for their holidays yesterday. But MPs said they did not want to leave an "open field" for Countryside Alliance campaigns…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.7.04 HAIN HINTS AT HUNT BAN BY END OF THE YEAR - A ban on hunting with dogs could be in place later this year, Commons leader Peter Hain hinted yesterday. The signal came during the last business questions session before the summer recess. Labour's David Winnick (Walsall N) urged Mr Hain to give the anti-hunt lobby a "splendid present" by confirming the Parliament Act would be used to force the Bill through. Mr Hain advised: "When I was a boy, I always looked forward to Christmas rather than summer for splendid presents and I would advise you to bear that in mind."… (story)
BBC News Online 22.7.04 Hint at hunting ban by Christmas - Commons leader Peter Hain has hinted that the government will move to ban fox hunting by Christmas. During the last business questions… Labour's David Winnick said a ban would be a "splendid present" to opponents of hunting with dogs. Mr Hain said: "When I was a boy I always looked forward to Christmas... for splendid presents." (story)

Gloucester Citizen 23.7.04 FARMERS HIT AS HUNT SNUBS CARCASS RULES - A Hunt has claimed that a government ruling on the disposal of carcasses could prompt farmers to break the law by burying animals on their land or dumping them in rivers. Ledbury Hunt in Bromsberrow has attacked the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, or Defra, which has refused to renew its licence for handling fallen stock, which expires on July 31. In order to retain a licence, the hunt is obliged to upgrade its knackering facilities. ut the hunt refuses to because of the money that it would cost… Mark Harper, the Conservative's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, said… "The Ledbury Hunt used to provide a free collection service for local farmers' fallen stock," he said. "If they want to continue then they will have to spend £50,000 to upgrade facilities which, for a loss-making service, makes no sense…." (story)
Ledbury Reporter 23.7.04 Hunt has to end 200-year service - Ledbury Hunt will stop collecting dead farm stock for its hounds on July 31 because it cannot afford the £40,000 needed to upgrade its facility to new EU standards. The move brings to an end a 200-year-old service provided to farmers in the Ledbury area, and leaves a potential three-month shortfall up to the start of a national deadstock collection service in October…. Hunt spokesman Donald Haden said the new EU regulations call for better drainage and storage areas and would effectively require a total replacement of the old knackering buildings at Egg Tump Kennels. He added: "What we find totally exasperating is that DEFRA insist we stop by July 31 while the national collecting scheme they are setting up will not be in operation until October at the earliest." In that time, farmers could use collections by other hunts, like the North Herefordshire…. (story in archive)

Oxford Mail 23.7.04 It's not a vote winner - Graham Butler (Letters, July 15) accuses me of arrogance, because I referred to a recent survey which found that only 14 per cent would be influenced by the hunting issue come the next election. That means a whopping 86 per cent are not bothered one way or another… FRED TOWNS, Spare Acre Lane, Eynsham (letter in archive)

Mirror 23.7.04 The British public is sick of Blair's spin and half-truths. He promised to listen to the people but he didn't heed our views on Iraq, the Millennium Dome, fox-hunting and public-private partnerships. Harold Plecker, East Barnet, Herts (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.7.04 GO HOME MADONNA, WE DON'T NEED YOU - I see from the national press that many tickets for Madonna's latest tour remain unsold. Her business and career seem to be on the wane. That'll teach her a lesson… Perhaps now her popularity is on the wane, she'll take pheasant killer and fake gangster Guy Ritchie back to the US…. Roy Franklin Taunton Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 23.7.04 'VERMIN' SHOULD BE CULLED, SAYS STEEN - Badgers should be reclassified as "vermin" so that they can be culled to slow the spread of bovine TB in cattle, a Westcountry MP said yesterday. Speaking in the Commons, the Totnes Tory MP, Anthony Steen, called on the Animal Health Minister Ben Bradshaw to suspend the provisions of the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which makes it a criminal offence to kill badgers or interfere with setts except under licence…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.7.04 Badgers 'should be on the pill' - Britain's badger population should be given contraceptives to stop them from spreading disease, MPs have urged… The government confirmed that animal contraception trials have already begun, with wild boars receiving injection of contraceptives…. Dr Elaine King of the National Federation of Badger Groups said that many other animals could spread the disease to cattle… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 24.7.04 PILL CALL TO CURB BADGER DISEASE - Derbyshire Mp Patrick McLoughlin has suggested badgers should be put on the pill to help control numbers and prevent the spread of disease to cattle. The suggestion raised sniggers in the Commons yesterday, but animal health minister Ben Bradshaw said that work was underway to find a contraceptive…. (story)

The Sentinel 23.7.04 LAW BREAKERS MISS VIVISECTION POINT - While nobody condones the animal rights extremism at Oxford University, most campaigners abide by the law. Unlawful actions divert attention away from the invalidity of vivisection as a method of biomedical research… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Henley Standard 23.7.04 Threat to livestock - feel that Bea Bradley of Watlington should have researched even a few facts about Ragwort (Senecio Jacobaea) before launching into her stout defence of the Cinnabar Moth… one plant can produce 150,000 to 200,000 seeds which can be windborne for miles, have a germination rate of 70 per cent and can lie dormant for 20 years… I.C. Denham, Westleigh Drive, Sonning Common (letter in archive)
Henley Standard 23.7.04 Ragwort is a killer - With reference to Bea Bradley’s letter ‘Why Remove Ragwort?’ Horses, sheep and cattle eat ragwort and some die, including our dear pony. Years ago, the danger was not widely known…. If ragwort killed Bea Bradley’s precious caterpillars, would she then pull it up, or allow nature to take its course? — Yours faithfully, Elizabeth Wright, Elizabeth Road, Henley. (letter in archive)
Henley Standard 12.7.04 Why remove ragwort? - So Gillotts Field in Henley you reported last week is now free of that ‘wicked weed’ ragwort and the brave band who battled the elements as well as the plant are mightily pleased with themselves. I do not share their delight… Clearly the beautiful cinnabar moth (have any of those children ever seen one?) and its orange/black banded caterpillars (indicating that they are poisonous to birds, who leave them alone) will not flourish…. surely horse owners should not abrogate their own responsibility for their animals’ welfare, demanding instead the eradication from the countryside of a native plant that, although poisonous, has lived alongside us and our animals in the past without inspiring such fear and loathing. — Yours faithfully, Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington. (letter in archive)

Henley Standard 23.7.04 Cruelty-free summer - Yours faithfully, (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 20.7.04 SUFFERING IN NAME OF ENTERTAINMENT - Mark White, Education Officer Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 12.7.04 ANIMALS EXPLOITED FOR TOURIST CASH - Mark White, education officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, 1 Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 12.7.04 Don't delight in animal suffering - MARK WHITE, Education Officer, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter in archive)
Wakefield Express 9.7.04 CONSIDER ANIMALS - As the school summer holidays approach, parents may be looking for ways to entertain their children. Sadly, some of the entertainments on offer involve animal suffering. These include zoos, circuses, safari parks, dolphinaria and aquaria…. Young people of secondary school age can learn how to help animals by joining Animal Aid's youth group… Mark White, education officer, Animal Aid, 1 Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Telegraph 22.7.04 Stealth tactics on hunt ban Bill By Andrew Sparrow and Charles Clover - Ministers are planning to put a Bill banning hunting through the Commons in September. Peter Hain, the Leader of the Commons, will announce today what subjects and Bills will be debated when MPs return from their holidays. But, reflecting the Government's desire not to provoke the hunting lobby until necessary, he will not announce the hunting debate. He will probably announce Commons business on Monday Sept 13, leaving MPs guessing as to what will take place on the last three days before the party conferences… Lawyers for the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) are to publicise implications the Bill has for country sports at the Game Fair, Europe's largest festival of hunting, shooting and fishing, which opens tomorrow at Blenheim Palace.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 22.7.04 Hunting dogs future could be safe - SARAH BREALEY - The future of hunting dogs could be safe if hunting was banned, according to an animal welfare group… According to the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, which includes the RSPCA, the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, dogs could be kept and used for draghunting, where dogs follow an artificial scent. They could also be rehomed as pets and some could be kept in packs to live out their natural lives… Liz Mort, director of Countryside Alliance in our region, said there were not enough homes for existing pet dogs… Roger Lyles, joint master of the West Norfolk Foxhounds, said that the proposals were unrealistic… (story)
Western Morning News 22.7.04 HUNT HOUNDS FOR PETS IDEA IS 'LUDICROUS' - Hunt supporters have condemned as "ludicrous" suggestions by a parliamentary working party that hounds could become pets, be rehomed or be retrained if hunting is banned…. The suggestion was greeted by derision by hunts in the Westcounty, with Michael Moore, of East Devon Hunt, describing the options as "ludicrous"…. Graham Higgins, from the East Cornwall Hunt, based at Liskeard, believes the options would not be feasible…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.04 Hounds 'could survive' hunt ban By Julianna Kettlewell - A hunting ban need not spell doom for thousands of hounds, the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (Apgaw) concluded on Tuesday…. "The future of hunting dogs has been neglected for far too long," said Ian Cawsey MP, Chairman of Apgaw. "While there's no single or simple solution to resolving the issue, we firmly believe there are realistic alternatives to the wholesale destruction of these dogs in the event of a ban."… The group recognises that some hunting dogs - especially foxhounds - will be a challenge to re-home…. Tonya Wood, joint Master of the Heythrop Hunt, laughed sadly at the thought of re-homing hounds. "It just doesn't work," she told BBC News Online. "I would challenge anyone to take a hound into their house and not want to get rid of it within a week…. "Drag hunts could probably only take about 5% of the hounds - they couldn't begin to absorb the amount of hounds that there are. We are talking about an enormous number."… (story)
Yorkshire Post 21.7.04 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE HOUNDS? - Simon McGee, Political Correspondent - HOUNDS need not be destroyed if hunting is banned, says a new report by an all-party group of MPs. The Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare says fox hounds, beagles and other hunting dogs can be retrained, rehomed or moved abroad. Euthanasia should only be used if all these alternatives have been exhausted…. (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 21.7.04 CALL TO REHOME HUNT DOGS - Hunting dogs do not have to be killed if a nationwide ban comes into force, a North Lincolnshire MP has warned - instead they could be rehomed. Animal rights campaigner and Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey today published a report highlighting the potential benefits of finding new homes for dogs, saying it could help save the lives of thousands of hounds…. (story)
Horse & Hound 20.7.04 Hunting dogs should stay put, says report - Isobel Walsh - Hounds should remain in their present environment for their own welfare, says a report published today which looks at the prospects for hunting dogs should a ban be brought in - A report published today by the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), which looks at the future for hunting dogs should hunting be banned, offers five options which it sees as preferential to euthanasia in animal welfare terms. The findings, which are based on written and oral evidence provided by various organisations, suggest that hounds could be retained as a pack, re-homed, retrained for drag-hunting or drafted to hunts abroad, with euthanasia being considered, on ethical grounds, only as a “last resort".(story)
Country Life 20.7.04 Hound Report Misleading, Says CA - The launch of a report into the welfare of hounds in the event of a ban on hunting has this afternoon been branded 'confused and inaccurate'. By Holly Kirkwood - A report looking into alternatives to mass euthanasia of foxhounds in the event of a ban on hunting was officially launched this morning by the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare. The main findings are that the hounds should not be destroyed. Instead the group looks at the feasibility of keeping some dogs for breeding, retraining some for draghunting, re-homing, drafting dogs to other hunts abroad and retaining the pack… 'Much of the detail is confused and inaccurate, but the report does confirm that large scale re-homing of hounds would be impractical without seriously compromising their welfare,' said Darren Hughes of the Countryside Alliance…. Retaining the pack in their kennel routine emerged at the press conference as the best solution in terms of the welfare of foxhounds, as pointed out by animal welfare expert Rachel Casey at the press conference at Portcullis House. (story)

Camborne & Redruth Packet 22.7.04 Plenty to entertain crowd at 62nd Camborne Show By Paul Armstrong - BRIGHT sunshine saved the day at this year's Camborne Show on Saturday with takings up ten per cent up on last year… Camborne Youth Band, Western Hunt falcons and owl displays, The Carn Brea Morris Dancers, bouncy castles provided the entertainment and there was also a wide choice of trade stands and refreshments…. (story in archive)

Northwich Guardian 22.7.04 Animal laws can't come too soon - THE biggest crackdown on animal cruelty for almost 100 years is long overdue, according to a Northwich animal welfare worker…. Nicky Green, of Animal Rescue in Whatcroft, said any additional protection for animals was welcome and congratulated the RSPCA for campaigning for the changes…. Nicky also asked: "Where does this leave hunting? If the laws are being improved, they should clamp down on hunting, which is just animal torture… (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 22.7.04 MISLEADING CLAIM - The Countryside Alliance has been condemned by the Advertising Standards Authority for its use of a poll claiming majority support for hunting with dogs…. Simon Green, Loughborough. (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.7.04 'GET RID OF ARCHAIC AND CRUEL PRACTICE - NOW' - I Would like to answer Kay Chapman, the regional director of the East Midlands Countryside Alliance. In the letter 'MP's personal prejudice' (Viewpoint, July 6) bit said whatever Ian Cawsey's views are on fox hunting, he is merely carrying out the wishes of the vast majority of the British people who hate cruelty to animals and want to put an end to this so called sport which has only continued to exist because a minority of well-heeled and influential people have nothing better to do than run after a terrified animal on horseback and see it killed for their amusement by a pack of hounds…. Robin Downs, Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe. (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 6.7.04 MP'S PERSONAL PREJUDICE - The Scunthorpe Telegraph article on July 1, saying a Hunting Bill will return in the week of July 19, follows in a long tradition of speculation on the issue…. Ian Cawsey has not got a clue if, or when, a Bill will come back, but he is desperately trying to make its return look inevitable…. A recent poll showed only one per cent of Labour supporters thought the Government should be concentrating on the issue… Kay Chapman, Regional director, Countryside Alliance East Midlands (letter)

The Forester 22.7.04 PUPILS HOOKED ON ANGLING - Youngsters at Severnbanks Primary School have taken to the sport of angling in a big way - hook, line and sinker. The newfound interest is all down to Bream-based angling coach Nick Oakley who came into school to impart his knowledge… (story)

Telegraph 22.7.04 Another Oxford lab firm pulls out By Rosie Murray-West - RMC, the concrete business, has become the latest company to withdraw from building a new laboratory in Oxford, following a series of attacks by animal rights activists. The company has been subject to a number of attacks, including a firebomb that caused £150,000 of damage on the site. This destroyed three trucks and other equipment at RMC's site in Surrey... (story)

Guardian 22.7.04 What's so special about Oxford's animal lab? - Ian Sample - Nothing. The work it would do is the same as that already being performed at the university. The lab, whose main contractor, Walter Lilly, pulled out this week amid pressure from anti-vivisection groups, is supposed to bring together nearly all the animal research going on in Oxford's numerous departments… (story)

Guardian 22.7.04 Animal tests fail - Your article (Animal rights v science: battle over new vivisection lab at Oxford turns violent, the Guardian, July 19) has an incorrect title… Until we end the reliance of this research on animals, science and patients will continue to suffer unnecessary delays. Nick Drake, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire
How much longer are you going to ignore the swell of scientists within the research community who are beginning to question the scientific validity of animal data?... Andre Menache, Scientific consultant to Animal Aid (letters)

Western Daily Press 22.7.04 ANTIBIOTIC USE HELPED THE RISE OF SUPERBUG - The Western Daily Press, along with other papers, has given good coverage to the superbug MRSA, but nobody seems to be asking why the number of cases is on the rise… Battery chickens are fed antibiotics throughout their lives, pig-rearing depends heavily on antibiotics, as does fish farming…. Philip Booth Press Officer Gloucestershire Green Party. (letter)

Tamworth Herald 22.7.04 FEARLESS - OR JUST CRUEL? - I Am writing to say how sickened I was by the photograph of the Pamplona Bull Run on the front page of the Tamworth Herald dated July 15, and also the attendant article on page three…. Brenda Ackwell, (full email details supplied)
FURTHER to the article and picture in last week's Tamworth Herald about the 'fearless' Tamworth man taking part in the bull run in Pamplona, I would like to point out he had a choice to be there - the bulls do not…. Diane Hughes, Elford (via email) (letters)

Western Daily Press 22.7.04 NO NEED TO EAT MEAT OR WEAR FUR THESE DAYS - Viva! is very disappointed to see that the fashion industry has started to use inhumanely-produced fur again… Millions of people lead long, healthy lives on vegetarian diets: that makes meat a luxury too… Alistair Currie Campaigns office Viva! (letter)

Yorkshire Post 22.7.04 From: Mrs J Bookbinder, Cottingley Gardens, Leeds. I NOTICED in the Yorkshire Post (July 12) you had the jokey headline "Beef Encounter" alongside your report on the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. This very cruel, so called festival, is no joking matter… (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 22.7.04 STRANGE IDEA TO KILL THE BADGERS - I Was sorry to read of the Newent beef farmers who contracted tuberculosis from their cattle. As it was in 1999, I wondered why it has taken so long to hear of this. While an awful thing, it is rare. To now hear the suggestion of a "mass cull of badgers", seems strange…. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 22.7.04 Bird life has been decimated - MORE THAN twenty years ago, people calling themselves an animal rights group released two or three thousand wild mink in the Morvern area of Loch Sunart. Since then all birdlife in the adjacent Highland area — Mull, Lismore, Loch Linnie, Glencoe, Kinlochleven — has been decimated. There is no apparent life in more than one hundred miles of sea…. D MACINNES, 18 Garbhein Crescent, Kinlochleven, Argyll (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 22.7.04 SHOULD THE BAN ON HUNTING WHALES BE LIFTED? - vox pop (story)


Dorset Echo 21.7.04 Crowds at hunt's day - THE Portman Hunt threw open its doors to the public on Sunday July 18 during a free Open Day. The event, held on fields at the Kennels in Bryanston, included terrier, Lurcher and small dog shows, a gun dog scurry, junior pony showing and county stalls…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 21.7.04 FARM REMARKS WERE SPOT ON - May I say how much I agree with your correspondent, S J Harding. His remarks about the farming community are certainly spot-on. I cannot remember a time when the farmers were not grumbling and whingeing and all the while being subsidised to the hilt by the poor old taxpayer… Your correspondent mentions hunting; the very fact that the majority of farmers support such brutality speaks volumes! Jean Turner Plympton Plymouth (letter)

Shropshire Star 21.7.04 Argument is not logical - Would Mr Bruce, Star Letters, July 15, "Hunting is so beautiful" argue that only murderers, rapists and drug dealers have a right to say those crimes are wrong?... Would he also defend paedophiles, on the grounds that few who condemn it have direct knowledge? Laurens Otter, Wellington (letter)
Shropshire Star 15.7.04 Hunting is so brilliant - If you think we are going to be deterred from embarking on this traditional countryside pursuit, you're wrong. Fox hunting is here to stay for the duration, so don't think petty criticism and lies are going to get rid the hunt…. James A Bruce, Condover (letter)

Hunts Post 21.7.04 Trespass law claims first convictions with protesters A GROUP of animal rights protestors has become the first in the country to be convicted under new trespass laws. They were charged with aggravated trespass after demonstrations at companies working with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. The offences were on February 17 this year… Stephanie Taylor, 20, from Crosby, Liverpool; Lewis Pogson, 18, from Alleyn Park, London; Katrina Sommers, 44, from Liverpool, Kate Jones, 23, from Crosby, Liverpool and Gavin Medd-Hall, 41, from Croydon, Surrey were arrested in dawn raids three weeks later. Collette Piert, 22, from Liverpool was detained outside the court at the first hearing of the case and Paul Xuereb, 38, from Blackwall, London and Debbie Vincent, 42, from Woking, Surrey, handed themselves into the police…. The group was ordered to pay £75 compensation and £50 costs on each charge, totalling £260 for each activist. Kate Jones was also given a three-year Anti Social Behaviour Order because she had committed previous similar offences. (story)
Times 17.7.04 Drug firms welcome prosecution of activists BY TOM BAWDEN - BRITAIN’S pharmaceutical industry yesterday welcomed the first prosecutions of animal rights activists for attacks on company property as a “very positive step forward” in the battle against anti-vivisectionists. Under legislation introduced in January, Kate Jones, an animal rights activist, has been banned from contacting the owners, shareholders and employees of any firm connected with Huntingdon Life Sciences… She will face up to six months in prison if she breaches the antisocial behaviour order… Ms Jones is also banned from “entering the county of Cambridgeshire save when travelling through the county to a location outside of the county by motorised vehicle or public transport”… (story)
BBC News Online 15.7.04 Eight animal activists prosecuted - Eight animal rights protesters have become some of the first in the country to be prosecuted under new laws. The group pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass after staging demonstrations at companies linked to Huntingdon ife Sciences in Cambridgeshire. Peterborough Magistrates court were told the defendents burst into two firm's offices and intimidated staff…. The incidents took place on 17 February 2004 - 28 days after the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was amended…. Stephanie Taylor, 20, from Liverpool; Lewis Pogson, 18, from London; Katrina Sommers, 44, and Kate Jones, 23, from Liverpool and Gavin Medd-Hall, 41, from Croydon, were arrested three weeks later. Collette Piert, 22, from Liverpool was detained outside the court at the first hearing of the case while Paul Xuereb, 38, from London, and Debbie Vincent, 42, from Woking, Surrey, went to a police station. Each of the group was ordered to pay £150 compensation and £100 costs… Kate Jones was also given a three-year Anti Social Behaviour Order as she had previously committed a similar offence (story)
Cambridge Evening News 15.7.04 Animal rights group charged - A GROUP of animal rights protesters have become the first in the country to be prosecuted under new legislation designed to curb their activities. They were charged with aggravated trespass after staging demonstrations at companies with links to animal testing firm Huntingdon Life Sciences. The crimes were committed on February 17 this year,… Stephanie Taylor, 20, from Crosby, Liverpool; Lewis Pogson, 18, from Alleyn Park, London; Katrina Sommers, 44, from Liverpool; Kate Jones, 23, from Crosby, Liverpool; Gavin Medd-Hall, 41, from Croydon, Surrey; Collette Piert, 22, from Waterloo, Liverpool; Paul Xuereb, 38, from Blackwall, London and Debbie Vincent, 42, from Woking, Surrey, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated trespass. They were yesterday sentenced to 40-hour community punishment orders. They were also ordered to pay £75 compensation on each charge and £50 costs on each charge - making a total bill for each activist of £250. (story)

Independent 21.7.04 Calls for new laws to fight animal rights terror are rejected By Jonathan Brown and Marie Woolf - Scientists were warned last night there would be no fresh legislation to tackle animal rights extremists as a second contractor pulled out of a troubled project to build a biomedical research centre at Oxford University…. The Government is expected to say that current laws offer scientists protection, although they could toughen penalties against extremists…. Meanwhile, a businessman linked to Montpellier revealed yesterday how he was forced to act after extremists threatened to make false allegations to his neighbours claiming that he had a history of sexual offence convictions. The construction company director wrote a pre-emptive open letter to his local community in Gloucester refuting the claims which followed a campaign of vandalism and intimidation against him…. "I didn't want them to get in first and then have a vigilante group outside my house. I am absolutely distraught and my wife is very upset," he said. (story)

Guardian 21.7.04 Builder sought for animal lab - Owen Bowcott and David Adam, science correspondent - Oxford University is urgently seeking a private contractor to resume work at the abandoned building site scheduled to become its new animal experiment laboratory…. Montpellier's decision has encouraged the activists to press ahead with their protests. "We are very pleased", said Mel Broughton, the leader of Speak, which has been coordinating demonstrations and leafleting in opposition to the laboratory…. (story)
Guardian 21.7.04 Animal rights: a guide to the movement - Sarah Left describes a broad front of activists, ranging from the feral to the cuddly … The following is a guide to some of the major players in animals rights in the UK:…. (story)

Times 21.7.04 Troops may guard animal lab from activists BY MARK HENDERSON, SCIENCE CORRESPONDENT AND INGRID MANSELL - THE Army may be placed on standby to assist the building of an £18 million laboratory at Oxford University, should further contractors pull out of the project because of harassment by animal rights extremists. Ministers are considering a plan to use army units to deliver critical building supplies to the site to ensure that the research centre is not derailed by violent protests… (story)
Oxford Mail 21.7.04 Blunkett wages war on `terrorist' activists - Home Secretary David Blunkett has vowed to crack down on 'terrorist' animal rights activists targeting Oxford University's new animal experiment laboratory. Mr Blunkett will reveal new plans aimed at stopping the intimidation tactics of protesters within the next three weeks…. (story in archive)
Cambridge Evening News 21.7.04 New curb on animal rights 'terrorists' - NEW measures to combat animal rights extremists are to be unveiled by the Home Secretary. David Blunkett said an announcement would be made within three weeks in a bid to tackle the intimidation tactics of protestors against Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)

Telegraph 21.7.04 Acceptable terrorism - How unfortunate for the Prime Minister and his Home Secretary, David Blunkett, that, on the day they launch their five-year plan for combating crime, the company building a new medical laboratory at Oxford surrendered to threats by animal rights extremists and pulled out…. Do these extremists prevail because they escape detection? Or is the existing law insufficient to deal with them? Either way, it lies squarely with the Home Secretary to find out why the lawlessness of these extremists goes unpunished. Until he does so, all that he says about tackling violent crime will ring hollow. (story)
Wigan Evening Post 21.7.04 Lab plan off after protests - A construction group which owns a Wigan building company has pulled out of its £18m research laboratory project following threats from animal rights activists. The move follows a series of threats to firms owned by Montpellier, which include Allenbuild North West, based in Waterside Drive, Wigan… The Wigan firm was targeted by animal rights protesters when a phone call to the Evening Post on May 31 said a bomb was going to go off in the building…. (story)
Financial Times 20.7.04 Builder pulls out of animal research deal By Clive Cookson, Science Editor - Scientists and industry groups reacted furiously last night to news that Montpellier, the construction company, had withdrawn from its contract to build an animal research facility at Oxford University, in response to intimidation from extremists… Tipu Aziz, professor of neurosurgery at Oxford, said: "Until animal rights extremists are treated as terrorists they will hold hostage the future of British public health." (story)
Times 20.7.04 Oxford research centre's contractors pull out after animal rights protests BY INGRID MANSELL, MARK HENDERSON AND DAVID CHARTER - ANIMAL welfare extremists were blamed last night for driving away the main contractors on a new £18 million science centre that will carry out lifesaving research into diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s. Ministers threw their support behind a rescue plan after Oxford University vowed to press ahead with the centre despite the decision by Walter Lilly, the construction company, to pull out after what was described as a campaign of intimidation and terrorism…. Mark Matfield, director of the Research Defence Society… said: “This is coercion or blackmail by any other name, and if the law is not sufficient to prevent animal rights activists doing this then the law should be strengthened…." Vicky Cowell, of the charity Seriously Ill for Medical Research, said: “This gives out the message that you can behave like terrorists and get away with it…" (story)
Times 20.7.04 Business Editor's Commentary - Victory for terrorism in Oxford - BY PATIENCE WHEATCROFT - MONTPELLIER’S decision to abandon its work on Oxford University’s new laboratory is a victory for terrorism. The company was engaged in legitimate business and it has been frightened off continuing with it by threats from animal rights activists…. If we do not stand up against the tactics being employed against Montpellier, it will be a crime against business and those who invest in it. (story)
Telegraph 20.7.04 Animal lab firm quits after threats by extremists By Rosie Murray-West and David Derbyshire - The company in charge of building a new medical research laboratory at Oxford University has pulled out after a campaign of intimidation by animal rights extremists. Montpellier Group has seen its shares drop from 22.75p to a low of 17.5p since activists wrote to shareholders threatening them with exposure on the internet unless they sold their stakes…. (story)
Telegraph 20.7.04 Montpellier bows to the law of the jungle - Somewhere in a street near you, an animal rights protestor is waving a banner enthusiastically and pouring himself a celebratory glass of celery juice… There is nothing wrong with legitimate protest against a cause you feel strongly about but the activists have won this small victory by far from legitimate means… if every company that provides services for this important industry is targeted by protestors and then caves in, there won't be any life-saving scientific research left in this country. That's something most animal lovers in Britain should care about, even if the activists don't give a monkey's (story)
Independent 20.7.04 Animal rights activists halt building of laboratory By Stephen Foley - Animal rights protesters yesterday claimed victory after Montpellier, the construction group, pulled out of its contract to build a controversial vivisection laboratory at Oxford University… The university last night said it had made alternative plans, which it would not be making public, and building work would continue. But Speak, the group which is co-ordinating opposition to the laboratory, promised to root out the names of companies involved in the work. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for the group, said: "We are delighted that Montpellier has made an ethical decision based on the information we provided to them about what is to take place in the labs, rather than one based on profit."… (story)
Guardian 20.7.04 Activists force main contractor to quit animal lab project Tim Radford, science editor - Contractors behind Oxford University's new £18m animal experiment laboratory last night pulled out of the project…. Campaigners have for years harassed staff at Huntingdon Life Sciences, a commercial centre for animal experiment. Cambridge University in January dropped plans to build a primate research centre. The proposed Oxford centre became the next battleground… (story)
Scotsman 20.7.04 Animal rights threats threats halt building of research laboratory (story)
This Is Money 20.7.04 Extremists defeat Montpellier (story)
Oxford Mail 20.7.04 Builders pull out of animal lab deal (story in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 20.7.04 WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! - A County businessman has been targeted by animal rights extremists in a violent campaign of vandalism, threats and intimidation. The 58-year-old was singled out because of links with construction company Walter Lilly and Co Ltd which was building an £18 million animal research facility at Oxford University until it pulled out yesterday. He has suffered anonymous late-night phone calls, abusive letters and had the word "scum" daubed in blood-red paint on the front of the house he shares with his 47-year-old wife. Then last week, in an anonymous sinister-toned letter, activists promised to forge criminal records and post them to hundreds of his neighbours. It said the records would allege "a string of sexual offences committed by yourself throughout your adult life"…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.7.04 NIGHTMARE AT THE HANDS OF HATE BRIGADE - Imagine going to bed at night unsure what dangers lurk in the darkness. Imagine lying awake with the worry that your family's safety could be at risk. This is the nightmare facing one Gloucestershire businessman through no fault of his own. For he has become the target of a sinister group of extremists who appear to have no comprehension of common decency or fair play. The businessman - whose identity we are protecting for obvious reasons - works for a company whose sister firm was to build the science facility at Oxford University where testing is carried out on animals… The businessman's home has been attacked with paint. It is a shocking reflection on modern society to see a blameless person placed in this awful predicament…. We hope the police, who are investigating the case, will swiftly bring those responsible to book. Only then will this family be able to live again in peace and security (story)
Scotsman 20.7.04 Businessman Says Animal Rights Activists Made his Life Hell By Stuart Coles, PA News - A businessman has told how animal rights extremists have made his life hell in an intimidating campaign of blackmail, vandalism and threats. The 58-year-old, who has no criminal convictions, has had to write an open letter to all his neighbours after campaigning anti-vivisectionists threatened to tell people he has a history of sexual offences. The man, who does not want to be identified and whose family is under police protection, said he was singled out because of his connections with construction firm Montpellier plc…. (story)
Reuters 20.7.04 Animal rights militants halt lab construction (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 20.7.04 Threats hit lab project - (story)
Belfast Telegraph 20.7.04 Animal rights activists halt building of laboratory By Stephen Foley (story)
Nature.com 20.7.04 Building firm pulls out of Oxford research lab - Peter Aldhous - Contractor bows to pressure from animal-rights activists… (story)
New Scientist 20.7.04 Extremists scupper another UK animal lab - Shaoni Bhattacharya (story)
ITV 19.7.04 Pressure forces drugs research pullout (story)
Scotsman 19.7.04 Extremists Blamed as Builders Quit Laboratory By Stuart Coles, PA News - Animal rights extremists were blamed tonight after a construction company pulled out of building a controversial new drugs research laboratory. Montpellier plc withdrew from the laboratory currently under construction in Oxford after shareholders received threatening letters, leading to a temporary drop in the company’s share prices…. Speak, the group which has publicly campaigned against the laboratory, was keen to distance itself, saying it did not condone or ever partake in illegal activities. Spokesman Robert Cogswell said: “We have been tarred with the same brush with the illegal activities that have surrounded Montpellier…" (story)
Scotsman 19.7.04 Menace Against Animal Researchers Grows By Tim Moynihan, PA News - The setback for the £18 million biomedical facility at Oxford comes just six months after Cambridge University abandoned plans for a multi-million pound primate research centre. The project was dropped because it faced escalating costs which were partly because of the expected need to protect it from animal rights activists… (story)
Western Mail 19.7.04 Builders withdraw from Oxford lab (story)
BBC News Online 19.7.04 Builder abandons animal lab work - Animal rights activists have been blamed for intimidating a building firm into pulling out of a new animal research centre contract in Oxford. Executives at the Montpellier Group said the company's subsidiary, Walter Lilly and Co, would be withdrawing…. Dr Simon Festing of the Association of Medical Research Charities said the withdrawal would "set alarm bells ringing" for all those involved in medical research…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.7.04 Builder pulls out of animal lab - A building contractor has pulled out of work on a controversial animal research centre for Oxford University. Executives at the Montpellier Group announced on Monday that the company's subsidiary, Walter Lilly and Co, would be withdrawing from the project…. (story)
Telegraph 2.7.04 Government may pay for animal activist damage By Rosie Murray-West - Montpellier Group, the company that is being targeted by animal rights activists for building a new Oxford University laboratory, is in talks with government officials in an attempt to gain compensation for damage. According to Animal Liberation Front website magazine Arkangel, attacks on Montpellier damaged a large number of tractors, bulldozers and a crane... (story)
Times 26.6.04 Director quits animal rights row company BY DAN SABBAGH - MONTPELLIER, the construction group being targeted by animal rights activists, was dealt a fresh blow yesterday when a non-executive director resigned after less than a month in the job. John Biles, who is also finance director of FKI, the engineer, is understood to have stepped down because he was not told of the threats facing company staff and directors before he agreed to join Montpellier’s board.... (story)
Times 26.6.04 Business Editor's Commentary BY PATIENCE WHEATCROFT ... THE news that a non-executive director of Montpellier has resigned after barely a few weeks on the board indicates just how effective are the terrorist tactics being used against the company... Vivisection may not be to the liking of the various animal liberation groups which are now waging their campaign against Montpellier but that does not give the activists the right to terrorise those who work for the business or invest in it.... it is imperative that the Government ensures that honest business is supported. (story)
Telegraph 26.6.04 Montpellier director resigns after three weeks By Rosie Murray-West - John Biles, a non-executive director of construction business Montpellier, has resigned from the business after just three weeks "for personal reasons" as the company continues to be the focus of protests by animal rights activists. Mr Biles, who was also finance director of FKI and is currently an executive director but planning to retire at the end of June at 57, said yesterday that his decision to resign from Montpellier was "purely personal". It is understood he has not been the target of any protests himself.... (story)
Times 24.6.04 Investor vows not to heed animal activists' threats BY TOM BAWDEN - ONE of Montpellier’s biggest investors yesterday vowed to keep his stock in the construction company despite receiving threatening letters from activists protesting against the firm’s involvement in a new drugs research laboratory. Johan Claesson, a Swedish private investor who has lost about £280,000 on his 10 per cent stake in the construction group this week, described the activists’ behaviour as “stupid”.... It is not known exactly who was behind the letter campaign against Montpellier. Speak, the official body against the Oxford laboratory, denied any involvement.... (story)
Oxford Mail 24.6.04 MP calls for safeguards - Urgent Government action is needed to safeguard Oxford animal research laboratories from action by animal rights campaigners, MP Evan Harris has warned. He called on ministers to back private firms involved in a new Oxford University lab project before it was too late… His call came after shareholders in construction firm Montpellier -- the contractor behind the £18m animal research lab for Oxford University -- received threatening letters in the post, warning that their personal details would be posted on the Internet if they did not sell their stakes in the firm… (story in archive)
Independent 23.6.04 Animal rights group promises to step up Oxford lab protest By Stephen Foley Animal rights protesters were yesterday promising to step up their campaign to halt the building of an animal testing laboratory in Oxford, by targeting directors and shareholders of the companies involved in its construction. The warning came a day after police were called in to investigate hoax letters to shareholders of the main building contractor, Montpellier, purporting to come from its directors…. "We will be targeting other builders as we get more information," said Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for Speak. "We feel it is in the public interest to oppose these companies, but it is not our intention that people go out and act illegally."… (story)
Times 23.6.04 Law to protect targets of animal activists BY TOM BAWDEN - THE Home Office is to introduce new legislation in an attempt to protect company directors and employees from animal rights activists… Details of the legislation emerged a day after shareholders in Montpellier, the construction group building a new drugs research laboratory for Oxford University, received threatening letters in the post from activists…. It is not known exactly who is behind the campaign against Montpellier. Speak, the official body against the Oxford laboratory, denied that it was involved… (story)
Oxford Mail 23.6.04 Animal activists target investors by Ben Lloyd - Animal rights extremists have been blamed for sending the share price tumbling of the company building an animal research laboratory for Oxford University. Shareholders in Montpellier, the construction group building the £18m centre, received threatening letters in the post over the weekend warning their personal details would be posted on the Internet if they did not sell their stakes in the firm…. Mel Broughton, a spokesman for animal rights group Speak, said that while the organisation had encouraged people to picket those building the laboratory, he said it did not condone this type of action… (letter in archive)
Telegraph 22.6.04 Montpellier hit by animal rights letter campaign By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - Aim-listed Montpellier Group, a construction company, said yesterday its shareholders had been sent a threatening letter by the Animal Liberation Front, warning them to sell their shares in the group. Montpellier is involved in constructing the new science laboratories at Oxford University, in which animals will be used for experiments… (story)
Times 22.6.04 'Activist' threat to building company sends shares diving BY TOM BAWDEN - POLICE are investigating an animal rights activist group after shareholders in Montpellier, the construction group building a new drugs research laboratory for Oxford University, received threatening letters in the post. Shares in Montpellier crashed by 19 per cent yesterday after investors received a letter — purporting to be from Roy Harrison, the company’s chairman — threatening “prompt activity by the animal rights movement” unless they sold their shares. The stock ended the day at a four-year low of 18p, down 4¾p…. A company spokesman said: “These letters purport to be from certain members of the senior management team at Montpellier. This is false. Copies of the letter have been forwarded to the appropriate authorities and the Metropolitan Police.”… (story)
Times 22.6.04 Business Editor's Commentary: Threatened firms need a lifeline BY PATIENCE WHEATCROFT - HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES was driven out of Britain, and almost out of business, by the activities of a small group of extremists. Their threats to those who had the audacity to deal with the company were so effective that brokers refused to trade in the shares and bankers decided it was safer not to provide finance for its operations… It was always likely that the victory at Huntingdon would encourage similar attacks. This time, the retaliation needs to be immediate and determined if such attacks on companies are not to become commonplace…. Vivisection may not be to everyone’s taste but it is a matter for the law to determine. So long as companies are operating within the law, we should protect their ability to do business. The directors and investors of Montpellier have no wish to become martyrs. They should not have to make the choice. (story)
Daily Mail 22.6.04 Animal rights threats hit Montpellier - Ruth Sunderland, Daily Mail - SHARES in construction group Montpellier fell by one fifth after shareholders were scared off by letters from animal rights protesters. Activists are targeting Montpellier, down 4 I/4p at 18p, because it is the main contractor on a centre at Oxford University which will carry out research on primates… Investors received letters from a Roy Harrison, representing 'Stop the Oxford Torture Lab,' with an address in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. The letter asked investors to offload their holdings, and warned that if they had not done so in a month their details would be published on the internet…. (story)
Daily Mail 21.6.04 Time to tackle the business terrorists - Monday view, Daily Mail - MOST of us expect to go about our daily work peacefully and unmolested. But that is a pipe dream for increasing numbers of people who have found themselves the target of militant animal rights activists… Staff say they have suffered letter bomb hoaxes, sinister phone calls in the middle of the night and attacks on their property… Staff say they have suffered letter bomb hoaxes, sinister phone calls in the middle of the night and attacks on their property... If fanatics committing criminal acts are allowed to gain the upper hand, Britain will end up with a reputation as an unsafe place to do business. We will lose investment, our economy will suffer and valuable jobs will be lost. (story)

Oxford Mail 21.7.04 Protest will grow over laboratory animals - You predicted in your Opinion column that Joan Court, who staged a two-day hunger strike in Oxford over animal experiments and the building of the Oxford University research centre, will not save laboratory animals' lives (Oxford Mail, July 13). I believe that with the help of the media, Mrs Court's forthright attitude and actions will inform more people of the plight that lab animals suffer…. PAM TREADWELL, Dodgson Road, Oxford (letter in archive)

Dundee Courier 21.7.04 Arrogance of humans - According to your article “Litter plea in fight against gulls”, July 9, Dundee ‘has problems with gulls’. I have no problem with these beautiful birds, nor with the even more demonised pigeons…. It is so arrogant to complain about other species bothering human city-dwellers when the former’s natural food sources have disappeared, or become polluted, or ecologically distorted due to human activity…. Katherine Perlo. 5 Pitfour Street, Dundee. (letter)


BBC News Online 20.7.04 'Tally Ho!' cries the huntsman... in India? By Rahul Bedi in Ootacamund - In England hunting has been derided as the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable. But in India it is more a case of the unconventional in full pursuit of the unavailable. The riders keeping traditions alive in southern Tamil Nadu state belong to a bygone era - and these days lack even quarry…. The hunt may also be the only one in the world officially allowed to stampede across a golf course - on the Wenlock Downs - where golfers must give priority to riders…. (story)
Telegraph 19.7.04 Opening meet finds India's only hunt in the pink - Nearly six decades after independence from Britain, the harsh realities of India still stop at the gates of the 169-year-old Ooty Hunt Club…. According to members, the Ooty Hunt is the only one surviving east of Suez. Its membership is now 95 per cent Indian but the enthusiasm of the Master of Foxhounds, Col Balbir Singh, is undiminished…. Shepherd, an English foxhound from the Hurworth Hunt in North Yorkshire, recently joined the club to improve the bloodline of the local hounds… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.7.04 KILLING SHOULD BE A LAST RESORT NOT AFTERNOON FUN - Peter Presland, Points of view, July 16, seems to have missed the point of my earlier letter. I did not say that hunting equated with granny-bashing, wife-beating or child molestation… I can assure Mr Presland that I am not a people-hater, although his personally offensive remarks are making it difficult for me to admire him. Frankie Horan, Burley Street, Ringwood, Dorset (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.7.04 DEMONISATION OF HUNTERS IS A SIGN OF IGNORANCE - Frankie Horan says 'prejudice implies ignorance and unreasonableness' Points of view, July 7. Quite right; but in spite of claiming to be guilty of neither, the rest of his/her letter suggests otherwise and neatly confirms the central point of my letter dated June 30 to which he was replying. To equate hunting with granny bashing, wife beating or child molestation is both absurd and typical of those opposed to hunting… Peter Presland, General Secretary, Hunting for Tolerance Frederick Street Birmingham (letter)
Western Morning News 14.7.04 WIND IN THE WILLOWS AT WESTMINSTER - In his recent admirably reasonable letter, Peter Presland suggests that the anti-hunt lobby should modify its lurid language. Since exaggerated, overblown and emotive language is the stock-in-trade of propagandists his appeal will fall on deaf ears… The advertising campaign directed at the Prime Minister by the IFAW illustrates this. A picture of a handsome fox is captioned, "It's not just people who are putting their trust in you Tony." (Not so many people are these days.) Did foxes read the Labour manifesto and vote for Tony in the '97 election? What unmitigated sentimentality… Parliament is not a stage set from the Wind in the Willows where the law is decided by creatures of the wild wood, even if that description fits some bankbench MPs. Jonathan Ward-Hayne, Modbury South Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 13.7.04 A BAN ON HUNTING IS LONG OVERDUE - Peter Presland pleads for tolerance for the activity of hunting live animals with dogs. In doing so he makes attacks on those of us who are opposed to this activity and I claim the right to reply…. Frankie Horan, Ringwood, Hants (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.7.04 WE SHOULDN'T BE TOLERANT OF FOX HUNTING WITH DOGS - Peter Presland, Points of view, June 30, pleads for tolerance for the activity of hunting live animals with dogs. In doing so, he makes attacks on those of us who are opposed to this activity, and I claim the right to reply. I am not prejudiced against hunting any more than I am prejudiced against wife beating, child molestation or granny bashing… I have, buried in my garden, a fully formed unborn fox cub who died with his siblings after his mother ran for a mile in front of the New Forest Hounds before the dogs killed her and her young were spilled on to the ground as they tore her up…. Frankie Horan, address withheld on request (letter)
Western Morning News 3.7.04 Unrighteous wrath - Peter Presland, General Secretary Hunting for Tolerance (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.04 OPPONENTS OF HUNTING LIKE MODERN-DAY PURITANS - The psychology text books are consistent in teaching that our prejudice is usually the manifestation of that which we most dislike and fear in ourselves. Can I therefore suggest that your anti-hunting correspondents examine their routinely lurid accusations of 'barbarity', 'bloodlust', 'killing for fun' etc, and exercise a little more restraint?... The Puritans of old were consumed with the 'wrath of the righteous' and routinely burned people at the stake to exorcise their own demons. The demeanour and language of present-day anti-hunt animal rights activists is little different - angry, intolerant and self-righteous.... Peter Presland, General secretary, Hunting for Tolerance (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.7.04 IS TONY BLAIR FRIGHTENED OF THE ALLIANCE CAVALRY? G r Holwill, Points of view, July 14, asks why deer and foxes are not protected by the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996. It is a good question but in my view it has a disgraceful answer. The Act makes it an offence to intentionally inflict unnecessary suffering on wild mammals, but Section 2(b) grants an exception (exemption) to lawful shooting, hunting and coursing…. Does Mr Holwill fear that our Prime Minister, who took us to war against Iraq, may be defeated by the cavalry of the Countryside Alliance? John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.7.04 HUNTERS TRY TO PRETEND SPORT IS NOT KEY MOTIVE - It would appear that recent correspondent on the fox hunting issue, Keith Chadwick (Points of view, July 1) doth protest too much for someone who is ostensibly trying to present himself as the voice of reason in the debate… If you had been paying attention to previous correspondence in the Echo, Mr Chadwick, you would be aware that there is nothing natural in the process of cub hunting, when the new entry of hounds are taught how to kill foxes by being trained on defenceless fox cubs with little or no chance of escape. Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.7.04 FOXES DON'T CHASE RABBITS OVER MANY MILES FOR SPORT - Keith Chadwick, Points of view, July 1, says the way a fox is killed by hunting is no more cruel than the way a fox kills a rabbit or partridge. Does he really believe a fox would chase a rabbit for half an hour, over several miles, for sport?... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.7.04 BADGERS BESIEGED BY THE HUNTS WHICH BLOCK SETTS - G r Holwill has hit the nail on the head in pointing out the sad absurdity of legally protecting some sentient animals and not others. The thin legal dividing line is painfully illustrated by the 1982 Protection of Badgers Act, exempting anyone entering setts for fox hunting purposes "provided that this is done in accordance with the statutory provisions". This has led to cruel situations, such as a fox chased down a badger sett by the New Forest Hounds, two years ago, subjected to a terrorising four-hour dig-out, and alleged illegal heavy blocking of badgers' setts by other hunts last season…. Miss Katherine Waterman, Bramhall, Stockport (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.7.04 THERE'S A STRONG CASE FOR HUNTING TO CONTINUE - In g Holwill's reply to my letter, Points of view, June 20, I am accused of trying to justify the Countryside Alliance 'bogus' statistics on fox hunting. I did nothing of the sort, I just disputed the statistics used in favour of a ban on hunting as no more reliable than the Alliance's… As for comparing hunting to rape and murder, the mind boggles… I have never ridden to hounds myself, and I never will, but I don't have an issue with people hunting as I genuinely believe it is the right way. Keith Chadwick, Lower Wear Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.7.04 FACTS AND FIGURES DON'T HIDE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - Let's face it, Keith Chadwick, as you so rightly point out, statistics can be manipulated to make them support just about any argument you want, Points of view, June 18. But no amount of hiding behind figures or twisting the facts can change the stark reality about hunting with dogs…. Frances Harding, Ide Lane, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.04 HEDGEHOGS PROTECTED IN LAW, SO WHY NOT FOXES? - At the end of Keith Chadwick's letter in justification of the Countryside Alliance's bogus statistics on fox hunting, Points of view, June 18, he makes the remark "If you don't like hunting don't do it." Does that sentiment extend to rape and murder, Mr Chadwick?... May I suggest that if the Countryside Alliance is so certain that 59 per cent of people want its members to carry on hunting it should campaign for a referendum to settle the matter once and for all…. G R Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.6.04 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE WILL STILL DISPLAY ITS POSTERS -The letter by Kathy Moyle, Points of view, June 11, rightly points out that the Advertising Standards Authority has criticised the Countryside Alliance for publishing a misleading claim that 59 per cent of people support hunting… However, instead of gracefully accepting the reprimand, the CA has issued a statement saying that the adjudication will have virtually no effect on its campaign as the ASA has jurisdiction only over posters and banners on paid-for advertising space…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.6.04 HUNTING IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH MAJORITY OF PEOPLE - Kathy Moyle, Points of view, June 11, makes a wonderful use of statistics to try to make her case against hunting with dogs but I would like to point out a flaw in her argument. She condemns an NOP survey, complained about by of all people the League Against Cruel Sports, and cites a MORI poll that has the figures that suit her argument… What she doesn't say is that when MORI conduct polls on what really concern people less than two per cent of people even mention hunting - that is the flaw and that is the dishonesty of the argument…. Could I make a suggestion to all those who don't like hunting - don't do it. Keith Chadwick, Lower Wear Road, Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 20.7.04 LAND ACCESS PROMPTS RESPECT FROM USERS - Your leading article expressed some cautious concern about the Countryside and Rights of Way legislation - the "Right to Roam"… Devon landowners should relax and realise that much of the opposition to a right to roam has been whipped up by the Countryside Alliance and the Country Landowner's Association which sometimes want to keep bad game management practices hidden, for many cases of poisonings of birds of prey or illegally set traps have been reported by walkers on already existing footpaths. Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Tivyside Advertiser 20.7.04 Law abiding or troublemakers? by Andy and Nadine Highfield, Moylegrove - It is very clear from recent correspondence and from the comments of the Fishguard police that there is widespread misunderstanding of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981… I have to say we are amazed at the level of hostility that has been directed at us for simply asking that the laws are properly unheld. We have had dead birds dropped outside our house, and been confronted and threatened on our own doorstep by an angry shooting enthusiast who confidently informed us that "the police around here turn a blind eye to this sort of thing"… People who shoot within the law have no reason to feel threatened or 'under attack'. This is nothing to do with people who obey the law, it concerns those who wilfully break it…. (letter in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 13.7.04 Need for a licence by Dr Robert Atkinson, RSPCA - With regard to concerns expressed over the shooting of jackdaws, rooks and magpies in Moylegrove… The RSPCA is against the indiscriminate killing of animals and is seeking to find out whether the terms of the general licence were met in this case. (letter in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 6.6.04 Dryden and the right to life by Dr Robert Anthony, Moylegrove - I commend to shootist Mr Mark Horrocks Dryden's lines: 'Take not away the life you cannot give: For all things have an equal right to live."… (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 6.6.04 Illegal - no, immoral - yes by Mike Godsell, Cwmorgan - The American president George Bush brings 'freedom and democracy' to humans by bombing them, shooting them and slaughtering their children. Mark Horrocks and the British Association for Shooting and 'conservation' seem to apply the same logic to birds… (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 6.6.04 We are the problem by Mark Wilson, Tegryn - A couple of years ago I met a sheep farmer out for a walk with his gun. To pass the time of day I asked him what he was aiming to shoot. "The crows in the trees down the bottom of the lane" he answered. I mentioned that the "crows" in those trees were actually rooks… Anyway, this farmer was not having any of it, and was off to shoot the crows, despite the fact that they were nesting in the rookery!... (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 6.6.04 Serious threat to safety by Andy Highfield, Moylegrove - I would like to reassure Mark Horrocks that complaints arising out of the shooting incident at Moylegrove have nothing to do with the lawful and responsible use of firearms in pursuit of legitimate pest management objectives. The complaints concern illegal shooting and the reckless use of firearms within the village boundary, and directly over a public highway… I would hope that all responsible shooters would share out view that this type of activity is not acceptable…. (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 6.6.04 Only legal with a licence by Imogen Morley, Moylegrove - In last week's Tivy-Side, Mark Horrocks wrote - 'All of your rural readers will have allowed themselves a wry smile'. They certainly will - but only at his ignorance!... it is only legal to kill members of the Corvid family (rooks, crows, jackdaws, magpies) under a general licence if there is no other satisfactory solution and only for the purpose of preventing the spread of disease and for preventing serious damage to livestock… (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser (6.6.04) That £1,000 reward by Mark Horrocks, Llandysul - I was dismayed to read of a £1,000 reward apparently offered in connection with the shooting of rooks, magpies and jackdaws in Moylegrove. It would be interesting to find out what the reward is for, as in all probability nothing illegal or even unusual has taken place…. I imagine that all of your rural readers will have allowed themselves a wry smile at the antics of Andy and Nadine Highfield. If it pleases them to keep a tame jackdaw, then good luck, but please do not try to interfere with lawful management techniques… More information on lawful shooting and its role in conservation and land management can be obtained from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation on their website www.basc.org.uk (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser (6.6.04) Link between cruelty and crime by Gillian Gleeson - My sympathies go out to Andy and Nadine Highfield in their generous attempt to protect birds and the sadistic response they received of two dead seagulls in their garden. People who enjoy being cruel to animals exist everywhere, but in rural areas they can hide behind respectable looking terminology such as "management" and "conservation"…. (letter may be in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 29.6.04 Strangled seagulls outrage - TWO strangled seagulls have been dumped on the doorstep of a Moylegrove couple after they put up a £1,000 reward to stop the killing of wild birds. Andy and Nadine Highfield were so angry about the shooting of jackdaws, rooks and magpies near their property that they offered the cash in a desperate bid to stop the carnage…. (story)

Western Daily Press 20.7.04 'KES' BOY FINDS HIS VOCATION - In a real-life version of the film Kes, a teenage boy who once struggled at school has found his calling by training birds of prey. George Pile, 14, from the village of Simonsbath on Exmoor, is one of Britain's youngest falconers and already has 15 birds…. (story)

Westmorland Gazette 15.7.04 Protestors don’t suggest a research alternative - JAN Creamer of the National Anti-Vivisection Society is very loud in attacking medical research (Citizen,letters, July 1)… Thomas Bromley, SIMR. (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 13.7.04 Sir - Jan Creamer of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (T&A, July 7) is very loud in attacking medical research but remarkably quiet telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses…. Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR) is a patients' group which supports the use of animals and genetic technology where necessary in medical research…. Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 5WS. www.simr.org.uk (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 13.7.04 End experiments - Jan Creamer, Chief Executive National Anti-Vivisection Society, London, W12 (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.7.04 What an admission - Jan Creamer, Chief Executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society, London, W12 (letter in archive)
Hillingdon Times 1.7.04 There is no need to test on our animals - Jan Creamer, National Anti-Vivisection Society (letter)
Lancaster Citizen 1.7.04 Policy on a whim? - Jan Creamer, National Anti-Vivisection Soc. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.7.04 GOVERNMENT IS SHORT OF ANSWERS ON VIVISECTION - Jan Creamer, Chief executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society (letter)
Milton Keynes News 30.6.04 Whim wins - Jan Creamer, chief executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.6.04 EXPERIMENTS 'POLICY' FLAW - After months of squirming, the Government has finally admitted it does not know if the 2.73million animal experiments it sanctioned last year could have been avoided by using non-animal research…. When an organisation like the National Anti-Vivisection Society is pouring more money into non-animal research than the Government itself, is this further evidence the Government is basing policy on whim, not fact?.. Jan Creamer National Anti-Vivisection Society London (letter)

Stockport Express 20.7.04 Gold, common sense and fur - Mayor bows to public opinion - STOCKPORT'S new Mayor has made a dramatic U-turn over his fur lined robes following a barrage of complaints. In his mayor making two weeks ago, Councillor Mike Wilson reverted back to the fur trimmed robes, which had been shunned by his predecessor, Coun Ken Holt in his mayoral year…. However, he has had an abrupt change of heart following calls for him to abandon the fur…. (story)
Stockport Express 6.7.04 Flying fur back on for new mayor - COUNCILLOR Kenneth Holt has handed over the ceremonial chain of office to his successor Coun Michael Wilson after becoming the longest serving mayor in the metropolitan borough council’s 30-year history… Conservative councillor Ken Holt broke the age-old tradition when he refused to wear the traditional ermine fur-trimmed robes of office during his investiture last year, as a stand for animal welfare… But despite coun Holt’s hopes that his new tradition would be continued, coun Michael Wilson, the new Mayor of Stockport, has chosen to revert back to the historic red robe trimmed with animal fur for his term in office… (story)


Dorset Daily Echo 19.7.04 The mane event by Robin Thompkins - BARMY knights and balmy days provided sunshine and chivalry for thousands of visitors to the Fordingbridge Show at the weekend… Gun dogs, fast and furious ferret racing, hounds, fly fishing demonstrations and clay pigeon shooting were among country sports showcased…. (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 19.7.04 Sickening fox raids - In reply to T Bowen's letter of June 28, I have been studying foxes in their natural environment since about 1930 and have two scrapbooks full of facts. I don't write lies. I have seen some sickening scenes over many years as a result of fox raids. I have never followed the hunt, but my letters are mostly in defence of the victims of the fox which are mostly young animals and poultry… G Morris, Newport (letter)

Leicester Mercury 19.7.04 AIRGUN POLICY FLAWED - Home Office figures confirmed that the attempt to remove "self-contained gas cartridge" airguns from our streets has failed…. BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) said: "We have been warning the Home Office for some time that action was needed or their policy was destined to fail. We urged them to extend the deadline to either hand in or register these guns, but they refused."… This illustrates just how this Government has failed miserably to address the real issue of the huge rise in gun-related crime and violence in our country… Doesn't that tell you something? Geoff Allen, Cossington (letter)

Guardian 19.7.04 Animal rights v science: battle over new vivisection lab at Oxford turns violent - As activists try to stop construction of university's research building, scientists call for a crackdown on extremists - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The website could not have been more explicit. "All headlights and glass smashed, all electrics and air lines, oil lines cut, tyres slashed, fuel tanks, oil and transmission tanks contaminated, cab controls smashed up, approx 100 power cables supplying site electrics were chopped through," it said, describing how members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) had broken into the Bournemouth offices of construction company RMC just over a fortnight ago…. The company had been targeted for the simple reason that it supplied concrete for the construction of a new research laboratory at Oxford University…. Speak, led by a veteran animal rights campaigner, Mel Broughton, was set up to bring an end to the primate research laboratory planned recently at Cambridge University…. Mr Broughton claimed the collapse of the Cambridge project as a victory for Speak. Two months later he moved the group's attention to Oxford… (story)

Oxford Mail 19.7.04 Activists damage 'lab firm' - Animal rights activists claim they have caused £250,000 of damage to a company supplying concrete to the new Oxford University animal research laboratory. Members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) broke into the Bournemouth offices of construction company RMC a fortnight ago, and caused major damage… Activists also used powerful incendiary devices earlier this month to destroy three lorries at the firm's base at Chertsey Quarry, in Surrey…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 19.7.04 NO PROOF OVER BADGER AND TB - Once again the headlines in The Citizen are about bovine TB and once again talk of a badger cull. When will it be obvious, that it could be that cattle get TB and infect the badger? It has never been proven that the badger does carry TB… RONA HEWER (MRS), Burnet Close, Robinswood (letter)


Sunday Times 18.7.04 Noel...from naff to nob - Once Noel Edmonds was the tackiest man on telly. Now he has replaced Princess Anne as head of the horsey set. The tweed brigade is changing, he tells Jasper Gerard… Forget Mr Blobby; think Princess Anne, whom he has just replaced as president of the British Horse Society. If that were not sufficiently pukka, the former face of TV light entertainment has also just been appointed deputy lord lieutenant of Devon…. Whisper this to the hoorays, but he doesn’t even approve of hunting (crossing swords with his wife on the issue) and feels the Countryside Alliance erred by focusing on that, rather than bigger rural concerns such as excessive housebuilding: “Unfortunately the association with hunting makes horseriding seem rarefied and irrelevant.”… He rails against the lack of understanding of the countryside. “I don’t live 250 miles from London; I live 25 years from London…" (story)

Sunday Times 18.7.04 Letters to the Editor: Deadly alliance - THE emergence of the Countryside Alliance in the republic (News, last week) to defend the indefensible does not alter the fact that animal abuse cannot be justified…. John Tierney, Association of Hunt Saboteurs Dublin
DOOMED HUNTERS: The Countryside Alliance are concerned about what they believe is “a small but very active group” opposed to their activities. Their concern is well justified. What this group and other defenders of blood sport need to face up to is that the vast majority of Irish people oppose cruelty to animals… Aideen Yourell, Irish Council Against Blood Sports (letters)
Sunday Times 11.7.04 Aristocrats go to war over hunting - SCOTT MILLAR - MEMBERS of Ireland’s most recent “oppressed minority” are more likely to sport tweed jackets and Burberry scarves than ANC T-shirts and Rastafarian hairstyles. Some of the country’s most eminent aristocrats have joined forces to defend their favourite pastimes — foxhunting and hare coursing. They’re opening an Irish wing of the hugely successful British rural lobby group, Countryside Alliance... Fox hunts, the National Coursing Club and the regional game councils have lined up behind the alliance but the Irish Farmers Association is wary. Derek Cunningham, its spokesman, said the British Countryside Alliance was trying to bump up its revenue by moving to Ireland.... The alliance can expect a hostile reception from animal rights activists. Bernie Wright of the Alliance for Animal Rights said: “These people really only represent a tiny shrinking minority..." (story)

Sunday Mercury 18.7.04 Firm's sick hunting holidays By Tom Wells, Sunday Mercury - Wealthy businessman Robert Taylor is a man who leads a secret double life. Because while he rakes in a fortune as a Midland landowner, he also organises bloodthirsty 'sporting' trips to slaughter the world's most endangered animals…. Our probe began after a tip-off from an animal rights source directed us to the website of a company called Iwaba Safaris…. "Iwaba Safaris has been operating hunting safaris for more than 30 years and takes pride in providing quality shooting for most categories of sportsmen," an introduction to the firm's 'game management' trip reveals… Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, is currently leading a campaign to ban the importation of trophy parts from critically endangered species into the UK… Tim Phillips, campaigns director for Animal Defenders International, added: "What people may not know is that if you kill one member of a big cat social group, you may end up killing several others, too…." (story)

Glasgow Sunday Herald 18.7.04 Bullfighting is not sport - I was surprised that you printed an agency report on the Pamplona running of the bulls without at least commenting on the cruelty involved… John F Robins, Animal Concern, Dumbarton
There is nothing gallant or romantic about bull-running or fighting…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (letters)


Yorkshire Post 17.7.04 Hunters set to become whipping boys again - From: J Addison, Norfolk Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. NO DOUBT when the Government hits its next stumbling block, out will come the old chestnut: "Let's ban hunting". Every time there is a hiccup, the subject is wheeled out again…. If the Government of the day is having a difficult time over some policies or political administration, please do not take it out on law-abiding citizens who are not interfering with anyone. (letter)

Western Morning News 17.7.04 ANCIENT SPORT REQUIRES SKILL, TIME AND MONEY - Thought to be around 4,000 years old, falconry is the art of hunting wild prey with trained hawks. The ancient tradition involves trapping young hawks or falcons in the autumn, hunting with them in winter and releasing them back to the wild in the spring… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 17.7.04 OAP calls off hunger strike - AN 85-year-old animal rights veteran, who staged a 48-hour hunger strike against a new research lab said she wished she had done "double" the time. Joan Court, who draws her inspiration from a meeting with Gandhi in the 1940s… (story)
Scotsman 16.7.04 Veteran Animal Rights Campaigner Ends Hunger Strike By John Bingham, PA News - An 85-year-old animal rights veteran, who staged a 48-hour hunger strike against a new research lab, today said she wished she had done “double” the time. Joan Court, who draws her inspiration from a meeting with Gandhi in the 1940s, spent two days fasting and sleeping rough outside the site of a new animal research facility at Oxford University…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.7.04 Woman, 85, finishes hunger demo - An 85-year-old activist's two-day hunger strike outside the site of a new animal research centre has ended. Joan Court wanted to show her anger at the £18m Oxford University centre for animals destined for research… Mel Broughton, a spokesman for animal rights group SPEAK, told BBC News Online: "When she finished at 1000 BST she said she felt fine but was a little light-headed. We had vegan soup ready for her, so she had a bowl of that when she finished."… (story)
BBC News Online 15.7.04 Woman, 85, continues hunger demo - An 85-year-old activist is spending her second day without food or shelter outside the site of a proposed centre for testing on animals. Joan Court is in an upbeat mood and delighted by support from passers-by, according to a fellow campaigner…. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for animal rights group SPEAK, told BBC News Online: "At the moment she is bearing up very well and getting a lot of support from local people…" (story)
Cambridge Evening News 15.7.04 Lab animal campaigner Joan on hunger strike - A PENSIONER is hoping her hunger strike will help in the fight against a planned animal experiment laboratory - months after she was involved in stopping another one. Joan Court, 85, of Sturton Street, Petersfield, Cambridge, spent last night keeping a silent vigil outside the laboratory construction site in Oxford after beginning her 48-hour hunger strike on Wednesday morning…. (story)
Oxford Mail 14.7.04 Hunger strike begins - A woman aged 85 has begun a 48-hour hunger strike in protest against an animal experimentation laboratory planned for Oxford University. Seasoned animal rights campaigner Joan Court, took up residence outside the laboratory construction site in South Parks Road at 10am on July 14… (story in archive)
Cambridge Evening News 13.7.04 OAP to go on hunger strike - AN 85-year-old Cambridge woman is to go on a 48-hour hunger strike outside a primate lab site. Campaigner, Joan Court, who lives in Sturton Street in Cambridge, will begin her protest outside the construction site of the new university animal research laboratory in Oxford on Wednesday. The 85-year-old will be fasting in support of the Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge (SPEAC) campaign to stop the building of the facility…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.04 Woman, 85, in hunger strike demo by Anna Lindsay - Exposed to the elements for two days, with only a sleeping bag for shelter and no food. For many people one third the age of Joan Court this would be a challenge. But the 85-year-old is embarking on a 48-hour hunger strike over a new £18m centre at Oxford University that will house animals destined for research…. (story)
Oxford Mail 13.7.04 85-year-old starves to make her point - A pensioner will starve herself for 48 hours in protest against the building of an animal experimentation laboratory at Oxford University. Animal rights campaigner Joan Court, 85, will begin her hunger strike tomorrow (July 14) outside the laboratory construction site, in South Parks Road. Mrs Court, who has a professional background in nursing and midwifery, has been an anti-vivisection campaigner for 25 years. Earlier this year she helped pressure group SPEAK win a battle to scrap a multi-million pound primate research laboratory at Cambridge University… (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 17.7.04 TREAT ANIMALS KINDLY - OR ELSE - NEIL PRESTON - Animal abusers beware - a Grimsby teenager may be on your case. Shaun Heaton (16), of Orwell Street, is on a mission to stamp out animal cruelty in the area. He loves animals so much he wants to do his bit to prevent cruelty to them. So he has decided to become an animal welfare reporter… In his spare time, Shaun keeps watch while out and about to spot any incidents of cruelty. He doesn't confront offenders but makes a note of the incident. "If there is anybody mistreating animals, I get their address and let the RSPCA know," said Shaun. "Then they deal with the case."… (story)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 17.7.04 NAKED RUN TO HIGHLIGHT CRUELTY OF BULLFIGHTING - A 16-year-old girl from Cheddar ran topless through the streets of Spain. Nicole Vosper joined hundreds of activists who took to the streets of Pamplona to take part in the Running Of The Nudes, which she described as a more compassionate way to have fun than the annual Running Of The Bulls which takes place in the city… (story)
Reuters 5.7.04 Protesters strip down for Pamplona bull run demo - PAMPLONA, Spain (Reuters) - Topless women, some wearing just a G-string, and men in their underpants marched through Pamplona on Monday demanding an end to Spain's renowned fiesta -- the running of the bulls... "Hopefully people will be more interested in what we're doing than the bulls," added retired miner Robert Lewis, 54, his ample white belly hanging over his boxer shorts.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.04 Protest over Pamplona's bull run - Hundreds of people wearing only their underwear have protested in the Spanish city of Pamplona over the annual and popular running of the bulls. The 300 activists from campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had wanted to protest naked, but city officials refused permission…. (story)
Preston Citizen 2.7.04 Baring all for the bulls by Emma Mayoh - AN ANIMAL rights activist is joining hundreds of naked people on a run through the streets in Spain to protest at the treatment of animals in the famous Pamplona bull run. William Fisher, 33, of Cemetery Road, Ribbleton, will be among of crowd of about 300 protesters, from across the world, wearing nothing but a red scalf and pair of plastic horns…. (story in archive)
Khaleej Times 1.7.04 Lone 'clothed' demonstrator at bull run - From Nithin Belle (Our correspondent) - MUMBAI - While 300 naked runners from around the world will be demonstrating against the 'bull run' in Pamplona, Spain, on July 5, Poorva Joshipura, an Indian-American animal rights activist, will be standing out in the crowd, being the lone 'clothed' demonstrator at the 'human race'…. "This is the first time I am participating in the race," the London-based PETA activist told Khaleej Times yesterday…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 23.6.04 Diane waives the cape in bulls fight By Megan Bolam, The Journal - Animal campaigner Diane Sanderson is preparing to bare all in front of thousands of Spaniards next month to expose the issue of animal cruelty. The 35-year-old will run through the cobbled streets of the city of Pamplona wearing nothing but a red scarf and plastic horns - days before the city's famous Running of the Bulls event…. Care worker and law graduate Diane says the panicked bulls are tormented and slaughtered in the name of entertainment…. (story)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 23.6.04 Student to take part in Pamplona nude run - AN animal rights protester will run through a Spanish town wearing just plastic horns and a smile to highlight the cruelty of its annual bull-run. Jonathan Prasad, of Beardwood Park, Blackburn, will join up to 1,000 people from all over the world on a run through the streets of Pamplona…. (story in archive)
Argus 21.6.04 Women strip to save bulls by Nigel Freedman - Two women are to strip in protest at animal cruelty in Spain. Sue Baurngart and Barbara Trenholm will join hundreds of demonstrators against the annual San Fermin bullfighting festival in Pamplona…. Sue, 59, a teacher, of Stoneham Road, Hove, said: "The point is the publicity it attracts to highlight the cruelty behind the running of the bulls…." Barb, a social worker from Durrington, Worthing, was among protesters at last year's event…. (story)
Northern Scot 18.6.04 Protesters join bull run-in the nude - ANIMAL campaigners from Moray will run naked through the streets of a Spanish city in protest at the barbarity of its annual Running of the Bulls festival... The protest run organised by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will take place on July 5, two days before the city's bull running event. Elgin brothers Andrew and Mark Sandison and sisters Holly and Martine Allen, from Mosstowie, are determined to help bring an end to the bloody ritual. The girls will be joined by their 41-year-old mum Zoe. Former Elgin High School pupil Holly (16), said: "The bull running is horrible and we want to make them stop it."... Andrew (17), also a former high school pupil, said: "I have watched clips of the bull running on the Internet and it is horrible..." (story)
South Wales Evening Post 16.6.04 ROBERT TO RUN NAKED IN PROTEST AT BULL CRUELTY - A Swansea Valley man hopes to streak to victory in a naked race to protest against Spanish bull fighting. Robert Lewis, from Pontardawe, is off to Pamplona in Spain on July 5 to join an estimated 300 people who will run through the city wearing nothing more than red scarves and plastic horns on their heads. The move is being organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) just days before the annual Running of the Bulls… (story)

Irish Examiner 17.7.04 Brutal truth behind the Pamplona bullrun - Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)
Irish Independent 16.7.04 Time to end blood sports - Year after year we are presented with the same images from Pamplona on television news broadcasts. The same drunken morons are shown goading the bulls and trying to leap out of the way at the last moment. Very little emphasis is placed on the suffering of the bulls… Philip Kiernan, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)


Yorkshire Post 16.7.04 'SAVE OUR HUNTS FOR SAKE OF THE CHILDREN' - GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW DAY 3 - We'll win the fight, campaigner tells parade spectators - PRO-HUNT campaigners vowed to fight to keep the sport alive for the sake of future generations at the Great Yorkshire Show hounds' parade, which yesterday had a theme of youth. Sally Merrison, a board member of the Countryside Alliance and chairman of the National Coursing Club, made an impassioned plea for hunting with hounds to be preserved for the sake of "our children and our children's children"…. Also taking part were Radley College Beagles, one of only seven school and college packs in England. They were paraded by their master and huntsman Harry Towers, of Nun Monkton, a Radley College student. From Hurworth Pony Club, seven youngsters on ponies accompanied staff and hounds of North Yorkshire's Hurworth Hunt, followed by the Rockwood Harriers from Huddersfield, with 10 members of their Pony Club. Finally, the West of Yore Foxhounds joined the parade, with 11 members of their Pony Club…. (story)

Chester Chronicle 16.7.04 GIVEN the periodic claims of the hunting lobby that there is some mystical connection between killing animals for fun and the welfare of the wider countryside, it was disappointing to read in last week's issue of The Chronicle that a former Master of the Cheshire Hunt has been involved in breaking laws aimed at suppressing 'mad cow dis-ease'… NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD (letter)
Chester Chronicle 9.7.04 Farmer ignored mad cow laws By David Holmes, Chester Chronicle - A DAIRY farmer must fork out £3,500 after pleading guilty to breaking laws aimed at disease control in cattle following the advent of 'mad cow disease'. The former Master of the Cheshire Hunt, Thomas Randle Cooke, of Pigeon House Farm, Handley, admitted two counts of moving cattle without the relevant passports, failing to keep a register showing the movements of a beast and re-tagging cattle without notifying the relevant government department… matters relating to Cooke came to light as a result of investigations into cattle dealer Robin Arden from Tarporley… John Heath, defending, said it was clear Arden was the 'prime man under suspicion' and Cooke was his customer…. He said the failure to re-cord the movement in the proper book was an error by a stockman but Cooke accepted it was ultimately his responsibility…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 16.7.04 Forget hunting ban, Mr Winnick - Congratulations to David Winnick, MP, on calling for yet another session of Parliamentary time to be devoted to banning hunting. I for one am heartily sick of the Walsall and Willenhall Hunt charging along our potholed roads, in and out of the cars with their mobile phone-touting occupants, and galloping through the holes left by the late and inadequate bus services which represent public transport in the area… The majority are probably far more interested in seeing positive action taken on real issues of importance than on wrangling over some silly political totem which has symbolic capital for a vociferous minority of Labour backbenchers purporting to represent their own constituents. David Horobin, Hilton Road, Willenhall. (letter)

Shropshire Star 16.7 04 This is not my idea of a sport - In reply to John "toff" Hodges, Oswestry… I used the word toff, to describe the usual bunch of murderers of defenceless animals…. You sound really proud of your "hobby", rearing then shooting what you have reared. You even call it a sport…. You say your hobby doesn't interfere with me and you don't have to justify it to anyone. Well it does interfere with me, I actually lose sleep at the thought of such barbarism. John R Edwards, Shrewsbury (letter)

The Sentinel 16.7.04 GUN LAWS DON'T STOP CRIME - We are now informed that the Home Office wishes to update the existing firearms laws and has issued a consultative document outlining its ideas. In this document there are proposals to ban even more sporting guns and prevent under-18s even using them… t is no good banning everything. Very little crime, or the guns used, have anything to do with legitimate guns or owners and further police time spent in checking and vetting legitimate, licensed users takes them away from the job of catching criminals…. VERITAS Name and Address Supplied (letter)

Irish Examiner 16.7.04 Wrong target lined up in the war on vermin - John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)
Ulster Herald 15.7.04 Gun clubs are now targeting feral cats - Not content with killing countless thousands of foxes, ducks, magpies and pheasants every year, the country's gun clubs are now targeting cats! Feral cats are now considered 'fair game' by shooters nationwide… What is the point in telling kids and young adults to be kind to cats, a supposedly protected species if hunters are free to maim or kill them in the interests of 'conservation'? John Fitzgerald, Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports (CACS) (letter in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 16.7.04 Ban zoos and circuses - ANIMAL welfare bills should consign the zoo and circus industry to history, ending the keeping of captured wildlife… SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Blackpool Citizen 16.7.04 SINCE January 1 2004, new EU legislation means that all eggs sold in retail outlets must be labelled with their method of production… Mrs J Harwood, Moor Park Avenue, Bispham, Blackpool (letter in archive)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 15.7.04 Check the label, if it’s real free range eggs you want - LISA VAN DEN HEUVEL Long Row Oakham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 14.7.04 Don't be misled on eggs - ELAINE JACKLIN Breedon Street Long Eaton (letter)
News Shopper 6.7.04 Eggs not all they’re cracked up to be - P E Stevens, Eversley Avenue, Bexleyheath (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 1.7.04 CRACK THE EGG CODE - Since January 1, EU legislation means that all eggs sold in retail outlets must be labelled with their method of production… It means that eggs produced in the cruel battery system are now stamped with a code that allows the producer and farming system to be identified, and the boxes must bear the label: "Eggs from caged hens"…. Unfortunately, these laws do not apply to producers selling their own ungraded eggs direct to individuals for their own consumption. This includes egg sales at markets and farm gates…. Elaine Jacklin, Breedon Street, Long Eaton (letter)
Cotswold Journal 24.6.04 It's not all it seems on the eggbox label - New egg labelling laws, consumers beware. Since January 1, 2004, new EU legislation means that all eggs sold in retail outlets must be labelled with their method of production… Unfortunately these laws do not apply to producers selling their own ungraded eggs direct to individuals. Unscrupulous sellers can sell their eggs as fresh laid giving the impression they are free range…. STEPHEN SCRIMSHAW, Hamilton Road, Evesham. (letter in archive)
Surrey Mirror 17.6.04 Time to consider welfare of hens SINCE January 1 new EU legislation means that all eggs sold in retail outlets must be labelled with their method of production…. Unfortunately, these laws do not apply to producers selling their own ungraded eggs for consumption at markets, farm gates etc. There may be unscrupulous farmers who continually conceal the fact that their eggs are from a battery system by promoting them as fresh (laid yesterday) from their own hens or by presenting them in baskets of straw to give the impression that they are free range…. Sonia Odds, Cheyne Walk, Horley (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 16.7.04 The parents' guide to meet a vegetarian's demands - VEGETARIAN mums to be and those who want to bring up their children as vegetarian but are worried about optimum nutrition can now have help in the form of a new guide from the vegetarian society…. Get your free copy by calling the Vegetarian Society on 0161 9252000 - Josephine Harwood (letter in archive)


Grimsby Telegraph 15.7.04 MODERN COUNTRYSIDE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT HUNT - If, as the senior of Master of Holderness Hunt claims, fox hunting is "a cornerstone of the countryside" why would its devotees consider it necessary to "fight to the bitter end" or (as three Shropshire hunts have decided to do) fund the fight, when Parliament decides to put the Hunting Bill through a fast track process to make it illegal? It is clear from the falling number of fox, deer, hare and mink hound packs operating since 1965 and the 93 per cent or more of our horses never ridden behind them, that modern country life and economy can thrive without this notorious abuse of wild animals… Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Cheshire (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 2.7.04 FOX-HUNTERS TO FIGHT BAN BILL - Fox-hunters have vowed to fight to "the bitter end" to save their traditional pastime… William Bethell, senior master of the Holderness Hunt, said: "We will fight to the bitter end to make sure the bill flounders at the final hurdle."… Ruth Steward, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said the majority of people were against blood sports like fox-hunting… The proposed legislation has been welcomed by the RSPCA, which hopes it will come in before the start of the new hunting season in October. Spokeswoman Heather Holmes said: "Fox-hunting is a cruel practice. How many people these days want to live in a society that hunts down small creatures?"… (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.7.04 GUN OWNERS FACE TOUGH NEW LAWS - GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW - Sally Cope - LICENSED gun owners are being urged to fight for their shooting freedoms in the face of new measures being considered by the Home Office. The Countryside Alliance says new Government proposals to alter legislation on shotgun and firearms ownership will impose unnecessarily harsh controls on all who shoot within the law… Speaking at the Great Yorkshire Show, Nigel Davenport, the Countryside Alliance's director for the Campaign for Shooting, said: "The increasing crime which is being committed with guns is to do with violent use. It has nothing to do with the law-abiding community…." The Alliance is particularly concerned about proposals to change the burden of proof for shotgun certificates, increase age limits, require mandatory training before certification and increase the influence of the anti-gun lobby… (story)

Somerset Guardian 15.7.04 PIGEONS SUFFER FOR GUN SPORT - For the past few weeks we have heard a continual barrage of gunshots going off in the fields surrounding our house, as is usual at this time of year… I have had injured and dying pigeons falling in my garden, which is both cruel and traumatic, particularly to people like myself who care a great deal for animals…. These people have no respect for animals and little regard for people living near to their shooting ground. JENNY HAWKES, White Post, Radstock (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.7.04 ANGLERS SEE RED AT GREEN STANCE - Philip Booth of the Green Party writes that they do not wish to ban angling but would like a "voluntary cessation of angling through public education." Why does that phrase remind me of 1984, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge and Mao Zedong (Tse-Tung) and the Cultural Revolution?... Not only does Mr Booth get his facts wrong and show a lack of understanding of his subject, but he is a member of a party which alienates four million anglers who, being conservationists themselves, would naturally have a very high propensity to vote green… Michael Heylin Secretary Specialist Anglers' Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.7.04 GREENS JUST WANT ANGLERS TO QUIT - Sir - It has been reported in the Western Daily Press letters page that the Green Party wants to ban angling. In fact, the Green Party would like a "voluntary cessation of angling through public education"…. Philip Booth, Press Officer Gloucestershire Green Party Ruscombe Stroud (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.7.04 ROD LICENCE MONEY USED TO IMPROVE RIVER QUALITY - My response to Brian Heatley, of the Green Party, Points of view, July 6, is no different to that which I gave to his colleague Charlie Bolton last month: the difference between banning angling and "working towards a voluntary cessation" is irrelevant. The end result would be exactly the same - no angling… If the Greens continue to pursue their vision of an angling-free world, how do they plan to conserve, improve and develop our waterways in the absence of fishermen? Charles Jardine, Director, Campaign for Angling, Countryside Alliance, London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.7.04 GREEN PARTY IS OPPOSED TO ANGLING BLOODSPORT - Charles Jardine, of the Campaign for Angling, mis-represented the Green Party's position as moving in favour of angling in his letter, Points of view, June 24. The party's current position is to oppose angling as a bloodsport but not to ban it. Instead, we would promote the voluntary cessation of angling through public education programmes.... Brian Heatley, Policy committee, Green Party of England and Wales (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.04 GREEN PARTY NOW MOVING TOWARDS BACKING ANGLING - Further to Mr Phelps kindly informing me in his letter, Points of view, June 19, that I was talking "codswallop", I would like to tell him that the Green Party now looks set to abandon its current anti-angling policy in favour of a pro-angling one. The Green Party seems now to be aware that fish welfare is at the top of angling's agenda and is, as a result, rightly supportive of the benefits angling and anglers bring to our waterways, our fish stocks and bio-diversity… Charles Jardine, Director, Campaign for Angling (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.6.04 PROFITS FROM CRUEL SPORTS DON'T LEGITIMISE ABUSE - The letter from Charles Jardine, of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Points of view, June 9, is codswallop. Mr Jardine is wrong to say that the Green Party wants to ban angling. The party is opposed to angling, as it considers it to be cruel and unnecessary, but it wishes to deal with the matter through public education... There is no doubt that hunting, fishing and shooting is big business, but the profit derived from such cruel sports cannot justify or legitimise animal abuse. John Phelps, Argyll Road Exeter (letter)
Worcester Evening News 17.6.04 Why the Green Party should back anglers - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling. (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.6.04 CLEAN UP RIVER BANKS AS WELL AS WATER COURSES - The letter by Charles Jardine, of the Countryside Alliance, Points of view, June 9, stated that £15 million generated annually by rod licences alone is directly invested by the Environment Agency to, in addition to other things, "cleaning" our waterways for everyone… much of the rubbish in and on the banks of the River Exe, particularly the area between Blackaller and Trews Weirs, and including Cricklepit Leat, has been deposited by uncaring members of the general public… A J Pollard, Waterside, Exeter (letter)
Craven Herald 11.6.04 SIR - I read with astonishment this week that, in the lead-up to the European Elections, The Green Party has declared itself "opposed to angling as a bloodsport"… Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London (letter in archive)
Gloucestershire Gazette 11.6.04 Angling ban declared if Green Party are in office - Charles Jardine Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling Kennington Road London (letter in archive)
Cambrian News 10.6.04 Green’s should embrace angling - Charles Jardine Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling 367 Kennington Road London. (letter in archive)
Manchester Evening News 10.6.04 We’d be in a dire statewithout angling - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign For Angling (letter)
Tamworth Herald 10.6.04 ANGLING SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London. SE11 4PT (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.6.04 FISHING BAN NOT OUR POLICY - While I am more than happy to justify Green Party policies to anyone, I get a little bit tired when people accuse us of things which are not our policy. The Countryside Alliance attacks the Green Party in your letters pages but includes the very reasons why their attack is not true…. The Green Party does not want to ban angling. What the Green Party wants is the voluntary cessation of angling through public education…. Charlie Bolton South West Green Party (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.6.04 ANGLING IS CRUEL AND IT MUST BE BANNED - What a load of poppycock pours from the pen of Charles Jardine of the Countryside Alliance. I refer in particular to his letter in which he, again, attempts to defend the indefensible, namely angling for "sport"…. Personally, I would like to see the outlawing of all forms of hunting with dogs. I would also like to see angling and shooting for "sport" made illegal and the possession of firearms banned for all except the armed forces and police… Julian Brown Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.6.04 FISHERMEN DOING MORE FOR OUR RIVERS THAN PARTY - Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 9.6.04 BANNING ANGLING WOULD BE AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER - Charles Jardine, director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 9.6.04 Makes no sense to ban fishing as a bloodsport - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Western Mail 8.6.04 SIR - I read with astonishment this week that, in the lead-up to the European elections, the Green Party has declared itself "opposed to angling as a bloodsport"… CHARLES JARDINE Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for AnglingKennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.6.04 ANGLING FOR A DISASTER - I read with astonishment this week that, in the lead-up to the European elections, the Green Party has declared itself "opposed to angling as a blood sport" and in favour of promoting "the voluntary cessation of angling through public education"…. Britain's 3.5million anglers, and 25million more across Europe, have done far more for rivers and still water habitats than the Green Party ever has. Rather than turn its back on angling, the party should be actively embracing it. Charles Jardine Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling Kennington Road London SE11 (letter)

Farming Online 15.7.04 THE DRAFT ANIMAL WELFARE BILL: CLA’S CONCERNS "There is much in the Draft Animal Welfare Bill that is unclear and uncertain," says CLA President Mark Hudson, speaking of the new draft Bill published 14 July. He says that the CLA’s prime concerns are firstly the potential for the Bill to be hijacked by animal-rights minded back-bench MPs. There is a need for clarification on the exemption of working dogs from the tail docking ban; and there's a danger that the animal seizure powers mentioned in the Bill might be exploited by animals' rights activists… We do not see any particular reason to impose further statutory controls on game farming. The industry already operates well on the basis of self-regulation through the Game Farmers’ Association. If a statutory code is to be adopted, we see no justification for the use of anything other than the GFA’s existing code,” concluded Mark Hudson." (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.7.04 MP'S VICTORY ON GREYHOUND LAW - DAVID BYERS PARLIAMENTARY CORRESPONDENT - New legislation will protect racing greyhounds when they retire, an MP has been told. Alan Meale, Labour MP for Mansfield, has long protested about the treatment of the animals, claiming many are put down and dumped… Now Ben Bradshaw, the Animal Health Minister, has assured Mr Meale the Government's new Animal Welfare Bill, a draft version of which would be published this summer, would protect racing greyhounds… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 15.7.04 PET LAW TO TARGET UNCARING OWNERS - The sight of goldfish swimming around in plastic bags at funfairs could soon be a thing of the past after a major Government crackdown. Under a new Bill, pets are being given more protection from cruelty, including banning children aged under 16 from buying animals…. Under the Bill, there will be a new duty of care on pet owners to look after their animals properly. Mutilations, such as the tail docking of dogs, would be banned except where there were welfare or good management reasons for it. RSPCA inspector Dean Astill-Dunseith said this was the most important aspect of the law…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.7.04 CAMPAIGNERS WELCOME ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS - Wildlife charities yesterday gave a "cautious welcome" to the most comprehensive modernisation of laws on domestic and captive animals for a century… (story)
Independent 15.7.04 Overhaul for animal welfare laws By Michael McCarthy Environment Editor - No more goldfish given as prizes at fairs. No more tail-docking of puppies for canine beauty contests. No more 14-year-olds buying pets on a whim. Those were just three of the proposed changes put forward yesterday in what the Government is calling the most comprehensive overhaul of Britain's animal-welfare legislation for nearly a century…. (story)
Guardian 15.7.04 Animal welfare bill redefines cruelty - Lee Glendinning - Docking dogs' tails and offering goldfish as prizes at fairs will be banned under proposed animal welfare legislation, described as the most comprehensive for nearly 100 years… (story)
Telegraph 15.7.04 Animal cruelty law to protect goldfish and dogs' tails By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Goldfish could be banned as prizes at fairs and children under 16 prohibited from buying pets under a draft animal welfare Bill published yesterday.... (story)
Times 15.7.04 Farmers and firms hit by new animal laws BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - COMPANIES and their directors can be prosecuted for any cruelty against animals in their care under a change in animal welfare laws announced yesterday…. (story)
Scotsman 15.7.04 Draft bill on animal welfare welcomed - VIC ROBERTSON - NO SOONER had the government published its draft animal welfare bill yesterday than MPs were in on the act like dogs at a bone…. (story)
Western Mail 15.7.04 Animal - Paul Carey, The Western Mail - Pets and farm animals are to be given extra protection under a Government crackdown on cruelty. The move, in a Bill announced yesterday that modernises century-old laws, also safeguards circus animals, and halts the sale of goldfish as prizes at fun fairs…. But Animal Aid also raised a number of concerns including fears that one day fairs, where exotic animals are often sold, may be made legal… (story)
Horse & Hound 14.7.04 New animal welfare proposals unveiled - Draft legislation published by the Government today is in the best interests of animal welfare, but could threaten smaller welfare charities as added costs and administration suffocate them… (story)
BBC News Online 14.7.04 Overhaul for animal welfare laws - The biggest overhaul of animal cruelty laws for nearly a century is to be unveiled by the government. Pet owners will be given new responsibilities for caring properly for their animals. Funfairs will no longer be able to give away living creatures, including goldfish, as prizes, the draft Animal Welfare Bill states…. (story)
Times 14.7.04 You can slap a child, but don’t dare to step on a slug - ALICE MILES - This law on animal cruelty is a victory of shallow sentiment over sense - SO, CAN I smack a slug? Or boil an egg? The Government’s new Animal Welfare Bill, due to be published today, is expected to extend to animals greater rights than those enjoyed by children. God help you in future if you are in possession of a child with a worm in its hands. And if that worm were to be pregnant and to come to a squishy end . . . well, pack your bags mate, Her Majesty’s Pleasure awaits you…. And it doesn’t stop at the living. The Bill is expected to state explicitly that protection may be extended to unborn animals and to invertebrates such as slugs, worms and snails…. THIS BILL represents a victory for the forces of sentimentalism over the forces of reason…. Instead of meaningful reform of our methods of food production and environmental vandalism, we have this: a cutesy attempt to prevent little boys from microwaving kittens. How trite. How easy. How new Labour. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 11.7.04 Gardeners critical over slug protection laws By Fiona Govan - A new animal welfare law that will offer slugs and snails the same protection as cats and dogs was condemned by gardeners yesterday. Legislation to be announced by the Government this week will give courts the power to impose fines of up to £20,000 and 12 months in jail on people found guilty of mistreating animals. Anyone under the age of 16 will be banned from owning a pet and goldfish will no longer be allowed to be given as prizes at fairgrounds.... The Countryside Alliance expressed concern that the law would be interpreted for animals used for sport or recreation. Even though the changes are not intended to affect hunting, shooting or fishing, the alliance fears animal rights campaigners could attempt to use them in relation to dogs in hunt kennels, racehorses in stables and pheasants reared for game shoots.... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 11.7.04 Legal fleas - Here is some heartening news for invertebrates: under new Government proposals, creatures such as insects, worms and slugs will be protected from mistreatment if it can be proved that they suffer pain and distress... A spokesman for Peta, the animal welfare group, has welcomed the proposals, saying: "Compassion must be extended to all living beings. Stamping on a slug sets an example to children that 'might makes right'."... How prophetic were the words of the philosopher Bertrand Russell, who so long ago warned that: "Animal rights, taken to their logical conclusion, mean votes for oysters." (story)
BBC News Online 10.7.04 Animal welfare overhaul planned - People who abuse animals could be fined £20,000 and jailed for a year under proposed law changes, a newspaper says. The government's draft Animal Welfare Bill, to be published on Wednesday, is set to be the largest overhaul of animal welfare legislation since 1911. The Times says RSPCA inspectors could be allowed to enter premises by force where animals are at risk of harm... (story)
Times 10.7.04 Kill a snail and go to jail? BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - PEOPLE who mistreat animals will face fines of up to £20,000 and year-long prison sentences under welfare laws to be announced next week. RSPCA inspectors will be given powers to enter premises without a warrant, even by using force, to rescue animals believed to be suffering or at risk of harm. The legislation will also offer protection to creatures such as insects, slugs, worms, caterpillars and butterflies if scientific evidence proves that they suffer pain and distress... Animal welfare campaigners, however, will be angered that the draft Bill, which updates the Protection of Animals Act 1911, contains no reference to circus animals and fails to ban the docking of dogs’ tails... But the Countryside Alliance is concerned about how the principle of “a duty of care” will be interpreted for animals used in sport or recreation. Even though the proposed changes are not intended to affect hunting, shooting or fishing, there is concern that people may attempt to use them to challenge the treatment of dogs in hunt kennels, racehorses in stables and pheasants reared for game shoots.... (story)
Express 10.7.04 RSPCA 'set to get new powers' - People who abuse animals will face fines of up to £20,000 and year-long jail terms under tough new laws. RSPCA inspectors are reportedly set to be given powers to enter premises by force to rescue animals at risk of harm... (story)
Daily Mail 10.7.04 Crackdown on animal abusers - People who abuse animals face fines of up to £20,000 and year-long jail terms under tough new laws, it was reported today. RSPCA inspectors are set to be given powers to enter premises by force to rescue animals at risk of harm... (story)
Sunday Times 4.7.04 Children face ban on buying pets - DAVID LEPPARD AND ROBERT WINNETT - CHILDREN under 16 are to be banned from buying pets ranging from cats and dogs to goldfish under animal welfare laws to be announced next week. The animal welfare bill will also make it a crime, punishable by a year’s imprisonment, for goldfish, rabbits and other pets to be given away as prizes at fairs. A leaked copy of the bill shows that it will introduce a “duty of care” of owners towards animals... However, publication of the bill, due on July 14, may be overshadowed by a row over “spin”. The documents show that ministers have been planning to leak the bill’s contents before presenting it to MPs.... The bill provides no protection for wild animals such as those killed by hunting, shooting or fishing.... the Countryside Alliance said it had big doubts and was concerned about how the principle that pets were owed a “duty of care” would be interpreted and enforced.... (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.7.04 Grateful to researchers - Michael Edwards' recent letter is very loud when attacking medical research but remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses…. I'd like to thank the medical research community for saving my mother's life. She has been free of breast cancer for over five years now. Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR) is a patients' group which supports the use of animals and genetic technology in medical research. For further information, please write to SIMR, PO Box 504, Dunstable, LU5 5WS. Thomas Bromley, Executive Secretary, SIMR (letter)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 2.7.04 Reason for drug trials cynicism - I've just read an emergency mailing regarding a medical drug… All these drugs have - by law - been tested on animals, and most companies ensure a range of species is used. But still these effects are discovered for the first time when human patients take them. Could it be that animal tests don't work because animals are different to humans?... it is high time a reasonable debate was held, rather than concentrating on the illegal activities of some animal rights people. Michael Edwards, Aintree Close, Burton. (letter)

Daily Post 15.7.04 AMs want badger cull in TB hotspots By Tom Bodden Daily Post - BADGERS should be culled where they are proved to be spreading bovine TB in Wales, countryside minister Carwyn Jones was told yesterday. The contentious measure was urged by the all-party environment committee of AMs as part of an action plan to combat the disease in cattle… (story)
BBC News Online 14.7.04 Badger cull plan to fight TB - Badger culling could be a step closer in Wales following an inquiry into TB in cattle. Conservation groups are likely to be outraged by a suggestion by Welsh assembly members to kill large numbers of badgers to halt the spread of the disease…. (story)

Daily Post 15.7.04 Deer 'major threat for TB in cattle' By Andrew Forgrave Daily Post - TENS of thousands of deer in Britain are infected by bovine TB and pose a major threat to cattle, it has been claimed. Campaigners say government scientists should do more to examine the TB threat from deer rather than focusing on badgers… (story)
Western Mail 13.7.04 Deer TB risk 'kept hidden' - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - PRO-BADGER campaigners have accused Defra of burying a scientific report revealing that deer infected with bovine TB could pass the disease on to cattle. The accusation, by theNational Federation of Badger Groups, coincides with the publication of the organisation's own report into bovine TB in deer…. (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.04 TESTS SUGGEST DEER POSE 'SIGNIFICANT' TB DANGER - Wild deer could pose a "significant risk" to efforts to control the spread of TB in cattle in the Westcountry, scientists warn… Dr Elaine King, of the National Federation of Badger Groups, accused the Government of "burying" the report, which was slipped on to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' website last week…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 15.7.04 MISSING FACTOR IN TB DEBATE - M. HANCOX, Nouncells Cross, Stroud (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.7.04 MISSING FACTOR IN THE TB DEBATE - Having been on the old badgers and bovine TB panel, it seems to me that a very important factor is being overlooked in the current debate. The skin test for cattle is, in practice, only 80 per cent accurate and it is important to understand the basis for the "missed" 20 per cent…. M Hancox Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Rugby Advertiser 15.7.04 RSPCA delays anger woman - A NEWBOLD woman is angry the RSPCA failed to respond after she contacted them five times about a cygnet with a fish hook caught around its foot. Peggy Smith said she had a sleepless night worrying about the injured bird at Newbold Quarry Park…. "I spent the whole of Sunday ringing their emergency line and nothing was done. At 4pm they said an inspector was on their way to help the cygnet but nothing happened."… Firemen came to the rescue on Monday and eventually the RSPCA attended the scene…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 15.7.04 LET NATURE HAVE ITS WAY - I would like to thank Oscar Morse for his report on the magpie and squirrel killing (sorry culling) by Imerys, as reported in last week's Cornish Guardian. I agree with Fred Wickett that this is an appalling practice…. I have also cancelled my long-term membership subscription to the RSPB as I had not realised that this was a practice they supported…. Name and address withheld (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 15.7.04 Cruel captivity - I AM not at all surprised that a man has been charged after a 3.5ft alligator was discovered by police in a car boot outside an Edinburgh store (News July 8). No-one should be allowed to keep exotic pets… Mrs J Fleming, Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik (letter)

Daily Record 15.7.04 BULLS ARE CAUGHT IN A TOURIST TRAP - IT is hard to feel any sympathy for the people injured in this year's Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. What the photographs in the press do not show is the torture endured by these poor beasts before, during and after this degrading spectacle... Ross Minett,Edinburgh (letter)

BBC Radio 1 15.7.04 Andre 3000 is sexiest veggie - Outkast's Andre 3000 is officially the world's sexiest vegetarian! The cooler-than-cool rapper was given the accolade, along with Alicia Silverstone, in an annual poll by animal rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)… (story)


Western Morning News 14.7.04 SHOW'S 50 YEARS AT SAME VENUE - Entries have opened for both trade stands and competitors at the Kingsbridge Show, which takes place on September 4… Main arena entertainment will include Shotokan karate by a team from Charleton School and parades by the Britannia Beagles and Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 14.7.04 POINT-TO-POINT RACING BACK AT CARHOLME? - Plans to bring horse racing back to Lincoln could go before councillors by the autumn, it has emerged. As reported by the Echo in December, a private company intends to renovate the city's Grandstand in Carholme Road…. Point-to-point racing has not been held at the venue since 1988, when councillors stopped it because of its links with hunting. The races were sponsored by Lincolnshire hunts… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 11.12.03 POINTS FROM THE POST - Racing Losses: Shortly after councillors, in their high-handed manner, decided to withdraw use of the racecourse to a group because of hunting links (December 4), a similar case elsewhere went to court. The ruling reportedly reached was that it was up to Parliament, not a local council, to decide if hunting were lawful or not, and restricting use of facilities on the grounds of hunting links was thus both unfair and unlawful…. A. MAC AN ROTHAICH Saxilby (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 4.12.03 RACING PLANS REVEALED - Horse racing could return to Lincoln after a 15-year absence… As part of the deal, the company which cannot be named because of commercial confidentiality, has also expressed a wish to resume point-to-point racing on West Common for five weeks a year. Point-to-point racing has not been held at the racecourse since 1988, when it was stopped by councillors because of its links with hunting - races were sponsored by Lincolnshire hunts…. Councillor Dave Jackson who sits on the Executive Committee said:… "Point-to-point racing means racing from one spot to another - originally it had nothing to do with hunting. We will be monitoring the situation to ensure that if it does resume, this remains the case."… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 14.7.04 NOT ALL HUNTERS HOORAY HENRYS - Why are our local MPs so keen to restrict individual freedom, attack the rights of a minority, undermine rural economies, throw people out of jobs and homes, incur vast EU fines, ignore the strength of public opinion and limit Parliamentary democracy?... Could it be our MPs are just a teeny bit prejudiced, perceiving people who hunt to be rich, anti-Labour, toffee-nosed Hooray Henry types? Well I hunt, and I am none of those. In fact, I am a local government worker and my hunting companions include a van driver, a secretary, a veterinary nurse and a panel beater…. Surely the results of opinion poll after opinion poll showing a ban on hunting is not a major concern among voters… Isle of Axholme resident. (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.7.04 HOPING FOR BAN - Just when you are wondering if it has it all gone cold on a hunt ban, there is hope… We should be told when time will be found in the Lords. This is our democratic right. An elected chamber should take priority. Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Yorkshire Post 14.7.04 From: Pat Hoyland, Birchlaithes Farm, Bretton, Wakefield. SOME of your correspondents, on the hunting issue, choose to forget the cruelty done by foxes to hens when he kills all the hens… (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.7.04 FOXES LEFT TO SLUG IT OUT UNDER PROTECTION LAWS - I understand the Protection of Animals Act 1911 is shortly to be updated to include slugs and snails. But will it include deer and foxes? Wouldn't it be quite absurd if it's a criminal offence to put down slug bait but quite okay to run hell for leather after a fox and then tear it to bits…. G R Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)

Hunts Post 14.7.04 Anti-HLS prostestors win cut in jail terms - TWO animal rights activists who bombarded Huntingdon Life Science employees with nuisance telephone calls had their sentences cut at London's Appeal Court. Paul Holliday, 38, and Paul Leboutillier, 46, were each prosecuted over separate telephone campaigns aimed at employees and shareholders of Huntingdon Life Sciences, of Cambridge, and the Harrogate-based research organisation, Covance…. (story)
Anglia TV 10.7.04 Sentences cut for animal rights protestors - Two animal rights protestors who were jailed for jamming switchboards with nuisance phone calls have had their sentences cut today. Paul Holliday and Paul Leboutillier,were jailed for two seperate phone campaigns.... (story)
Scotsman 9.7.04 Jail Sentences Halved for Animal Rights Activists By Laura Scott, PA News - Two animal rights activists jailed for making thousands of harassing phone calls to research laboratories, including Huntingdon Life Sciences, today had their sentences halved. Paul Leboutillier, 44, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was originally sentenced to five years, and Paul Holliday, 38, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to 18 months after they both admitted one charge of causing a public nuisance. But the Court of Appeal today ruled that the sentences, passed at York Crown Court on February 26 this year, were “excessive”, and substituted terms of 30 months and 9 months respectively. The court heard that the pair’s original case may have been tainted because their phone calls coincided with a campaign by other animal rights activists who were sending letter bombs and death threats to the same animal research laboratories…. (story)
Harrogate Advertiser 5.3.04 Jail for animal rights campaigner - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner who harassed Covance employees by telephone has been jailed for five years. Paul Le Boutillier, from Knox Way, Harrogate, pleaded guilty at York Crown Court to causing public nuisance by telephone. He had made calls to the home numbers of Covance staff, as well as shareholders at Huntingdon Life Science… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 14.7.04 No human model From Michael Edwards, Garden Walk, Cambridge - THE national papers have reported a study by doctors that says 10,000 people are killed by prescription drugs each year. A large part of the blame for these disasters lies at the door of HLS in Alconbury… Technological methods, cell culture and gene technology enable scientists to assess what the drug will really do in human patients. Instead, HLS relies on an unsafe method which has cost thousands of humans their health and lives. (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.7.04 WHERE'S PROOF? - In response to the letter by M Johnson, bovine tuberculosis is not the same as the human tuberculosis…. Farmers and Defra prefer to scapegoat badgers, with no proof of their guilt. A Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group (letter)

Daily Post 14.7.04 Elephant protesters urge circus boycott - ANIMAL rights campaigners last night staged a protest over the appearance of an elderly elephant in a touring circus. But owners of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus being staged in Colwyn Bay this week claimed the protest was misleading and unnecessary because the elephant, Ann, will not be appearing throughout the week…. Members of the Captive Animals' Protection Society regularly stage protests on the opening night of Bobby Roberts' performances… (story)
Pioneer 14.7.04 ELEPHANT ANGER - ANIMAL Rights campaigners have slammed a council for giving the green light to a circus performing in Colwyn Bay. The Captive Animals´ Protection Society (CAPS) said the decision of Conwy County Council to allow the Bobby Roberts Circus at Eirias Park flew in the face of its 1998 policy which banned performances with animals. Local campaigners staged a protest before last night´s (Tuesday) opening show asking people to boycott the event…. (story)

The Sentinel 14.7.04 CLEARING NESTS WAS A CRUEL ACT - With reference to the article about Canada geese (July 7), I would like to put my point of view. Firstly, Canada geese don't throw park benches, litter bins and anything that isn't bolted 3ft into the ground into the lake…. WILDLIFE LOVER Name and address supplied (letter)


Western Mail 13.7.04 Dog chasing a squirrel could break the law - The failed Hunting Bill which Michael Foster MP is urging the Government to resurrect so that the Parliament Act may be used to force it into law is even more absurd than David Thomas indicates (Letters, Country & Farming, June 29)… The Bill makes it an offence to "hunt a wild mammal with a dog"… There is no definition of "hunting" anywhere in the Bill. Therefore, under accepted rules of evidence concerning intent, anyone who lets their dog off its lead knowing that, for example, squirrels are likely to be in the vicinity and that their dog has a propensity to chase squirrels, will be guilty of an offence under the Bill if their dog does indeed chase a squirrel…. PETER PRESLAND General Secretary, Hunting for Tolerance, Frederick Street, Birmingham (letter)
Western Mail 29.6.04 Hunting is a poor Labour scapegoat - SIR - It was with total incredulity that I heard Michael Foster the MP for Worcester blaming Labour's huge loss of seats in the council elections on the fact that it had not banned hunting with dogs! Surely it had more to do with the Prime Minister's position on Iraq, the complete failing of his government, after nearly eight years, to improve the National Health Service, or, it would appear to me, any other government service... If Michael Foster wishes to treat his constituents with such contempt, by suggesting that the only major item needed to be addressed by his government, after its hammering in the elections is banning hunting, then he well deserves to become an ex-MP. At the next election he may well do so. DAVID THOMAS, Federation of Welsh Packs, Llandrindod Wells, Powys (letter)

Yorkshire Post 13.7.04 From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham, East Yorkshire. … my "freedom" is being steadily challenged and eroded. Soon, I may not be allowed to smack nor smoke, whom or where I wish, and in due course, I will probably not be able to help hunt pests, whom themselves terrorise and kill indiscriminately…. (letter)

Western Mail 13.7.04 Subsidised killing of birds for fun - Most farm animals in Wales are reared for food. Kit Davidson, campaign consultant for Animal Aid in Powys, looks at another side of animal farming - GAME shooting is lauded as the sport of the famous…. The remaining half of the erstwhile Two Fat Ladies is an acclaimed champion of the sport. In the promotion of game as food, Clarissa Dickson Wright is hardly an ambassador for healthy eating. She represents the cruelty of hare-coursing as roundly as she does second and third-coursing…. The image of these beautiful, timid creatures of the woodland edge, is sharply at odds with the obscenity of their early life in game-rearing cages, sheds and enclosures… The game shooting industry deserves Clarissa Dickson Wright and Vinnie Jones as ambassadors. They all deserve each other. (story)

Western Mail 13.7.04 Gun owners need to respond to Home Office review - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - If the Home Office's firearms review consultation paper is followed through, it could result in the biggest changes yet to the way that we enjoy our sport… BASC is opposed to gun crime, and last week held a national conference in London with the anti-gun crime group Mothers Against Guns…. The website www.basc.org.uk has advice on how to respond to the consultation paper. (story)

Western Mail 13.7.04 Culling badgers 'only part of solution' - Staff Reporter, The Western Mail - MPs say any new Government decision about culling badgers as part of the battle against bovine TB must await the outcome of further trials. A report by the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee published today says bovine TB is a growing problem that brings suffering to animals and adversely affects farmers, but culling badgers can only ever be part of the solution… (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.04 BADGER CULL IS A 'STEP TOO FAR' - A fresh row erupted over the Government's handling of the epidemic of TB in cattle yesterday after MPs warned that it would not be "politically" acceptable to order a widespread cull of badgers to control the disease. The Commons Rural Affairs Committee urged the Government to "reallocate" research funding into developing a vaccine against the disease, which has become widespread in the Westcountry…. "By the time they've got a vaccine every single herd of cattle in the country will have been infected," said Devon farmer Richard Haddock, national chairman of the NFU's livestock committee…. (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.04 BADGER CULL NOT REALISTIC, SAY MPS - A labour-dominated committee yesterday lent its support to controversial badger culling trials, despite concluding that "there is no doubt that the value of the trial has to an extent been diminished" by last year's decision to abandon part of the experiment. But the committee warned that it was unrealistic to expect badger culling to become the main plank of disease control - even it was found to be effective - because of the political reaction from animal welfare organisations and others…. (story)
Scotsman 13.7.04 Call to delay badger cull until results of new trials - A GOVERNMENT decision about culling badgers in the battle against bovine TB must wait until further trials have been held, an all-party committee of MPs said yesterday…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 13.7.04 FARMER IN TB HORROR - Bovine tuberculosis is being passed from cattle to humans - sparking new fears of a mass cull of badgers, which have been blamed for spreading the disease. Today a new Government report reveals two cases of a beef farmer and his wife from the Newent area contracting the disease. And with several other unconfirmed cases in the county, there are now concerns that cases of TB could escalate… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 13.7.04 'BEEF FARMER AND WIFE CAUGHT TB FROM CATTLE' - A Newent beef farmer and his wife contracted tuberculosis from his cattle, allegedly spread by badgers, an official report reveals today. Several other unconfirmed cases have also been reported, one by a county MP, sparking fears about a worrying new escalation in the epidemic in the county… Diana Organ, the Forest of Dean MP who is a Defra committee member said: "There are one or two cases and we have to be vigilant all the time… David Drew, the Labour MP for Stroud who is also on the committee and chairs a sub-committee on bovine TB said: "There is always a risk that you ignore this at your peril. I don't see this as an escalation, though. There are always one or two cases every year."… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 13.7.04 FARMER AND WIFE CATCH BOVINE TB - A Gloucestershire farmer and his wife have contracted tuberculosis from his cattle, an official report has revealed. Several other unconfirmed cases have also been reported sparking fears about an escalation in the epidemic in the county…. (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.04 BADGERS ARE TB SCAPEGOATS - I am tired of hearing the farmers' calls to the Government to allow them to shoot badgers. From the evidence I have seen on many badger setts throughout the South West, farmers are already illegally poisoning and killing badgers and filling in active badger setts… My colleagues and I have reported illegal acts against badgers and the police are reluctant to take any action. We have handed over video evidence of hunts illegally digging out badger setts and nothing has ever come of it!... Jo Penny Bridgwater, Somerset (letter)

Scotsman 13.7.04 There to be shot at - As campaigns officer for Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals), can I comment on your report (9 July) on the shooting of two cows which attempted to escape from an abattoir. It said staff in the slaughterhouse were "terrified"… Yet, strangely, no-one shot them. ALISTAIR CURRIE, York Court, Bristol (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 13.7.04 Making sense of animals - As I respect human rights and the feelings of animals, I was genuinely torn by the Express & Star reports on the young boys who tortured the wallabies at Dudley Zoo…. If animals could fully translate their thoughts and emotions into understandable language, I am positive that 99 per cent of the population would convert to vegetarianism…. The fact that the school, its headmaster and its governors have effectively excused the actions of these children is laughable. Sheila Delaney, Tiverton Close, Kingswinford. (letter)

South Wales Echo 13.7.04 Cruelty knows no boundaries - I WOULD like to thank our daughter Claire for a wonderful 50th birthday present - a holiday in Kos, Greece… My husband and I found a puppy abandoned in a local homeowner’s front garden in temperatures of more than 90 degrees… When telling my family about this incident, I began to acknowledge this animal cruelty isn’t only found abroad. Please everyone think, animals are living, feeling individuals, very dependent on human kindness. Let’s all try to end needless cruelty to them. Sue Matthews, Hydrangea Close, Cardiff (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 12.7.04 Trouble flares at mink hunt By David Lennard and Ted Jeory - POLICE officers from two counties were called to a farming estate as animal rights protesters tried to stop efforts to control the numbers of mink that had escaped into the countryside.... A spokesman for the hunt saboteurs claimed they had entered the Ditchingham Hall estate legally and blamed the confrontations on the estate workers.... Norfolk police confirmed its officers had made a "handful" of arrests, mainly for public order offences. A spokesman for the group from Suffolk and Essex Saboteurs said 15 protesters – eight men and seven women from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk – had taken part in the demonstration to protest against the Eastern Counties Mink Hounds Hunt.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 12.7.04 Build-up under way to New Forest Show by Chris Yandell - THE countdown to the New Forest Show has begun… The three-day spectacular will also feature a heavy horse musical drive, a parade of hunting hounds and Bob Hogg's sheepdog display…. (story in archive)

South Wales Echo 12.7.04 Violence does breed violence - SO, those champions of the "sport" involving the hunting of animals with dogs, the peers of the realm, have rejected an outright ban on smacking children and in collusion with the Government, backed a compromise allowing parents to resort to "mild" smacking…. Gilbert Harris, St Fagans Road, Fairwater, Cardiff (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 12.7.04 Crackdown on HLS 'extremist' activity - THE Government is considering new legislation to crack down on the criminal activities of animal rights extremists who target employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Home Office minister Caroline Flint said that new laws could be introduced to curtail violence and intimidation by extremist protestors in a wide range of areas… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 12.7.04 ANIMAL RESEARCH ISN'T SCIENCE - I refer to the recent letter by Geoff Powell who shows concern for the suffering animals used in medical research…. Some while ago Tony Blair asked us to 'trust' scientists… the Research Defence Society categorically states that no chimpanzees have been used in the UK for decades. Even more interestingly, six infant chimps have been or are about to be infected with incurable Hepatitis C in a Dutch laboratory, all six named after the EU cities sponsoring the research. Lille, Stockholm, ... Oxford! Trust?... JACQUELINE SHORTLAND Central Road West Hoe Plymouth (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 8.6.04 DOCUMENTS leaked from a biotech company have exposed a nightmare of deadly and illegal cruelty… I am against any animal experiments for whatever reason. I have had polio since the age of eighteen months, I am now sixty five and am happy to be as I am rather than be cured if it involves the "sacrifice" of just one other creature. GEOFF POWELL Address supplied (letter)


Wales on Sunday 11.7.04 If abbatoirs had windows - IT IS strange that the heap of slaughtered animals in last Sunday's report was only considered "sickening" because it happened to be illegal. The majority of animals that end up being eaten in this country are factory farmed and violently killed, on an appalling scale... There is a notable cliche within the animal rights movement, that if abattoirs had windows, most intelligent people would be vegetarian... John M Gilheany, Cardiff (letter)


Spectator 10.7.04 THE LEADER - Boycott the NSPCC - Too much theory and not enough practice. Those were the words used this week by a lifelong shire Tory to describe what has become of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals... The NSPCC and the RSPCA used, like the monarch, to be above politics. They were organisations which anyone from a Tory to a Trotskyite who cared about children and animals could support. They might be unexciting, but by God they were known to be good... The NSPCC did nothing to save poor Victoria Climbié.... The decline of the RSPCA has followed the same path. It has turned against hunting people, even though these people are among the greatest animal lovers in the kingdom, who live and work with animals, and who preserve the habitat of the fox... We are not prepared to make home-made jam for these people; we are not prepared to attend village fêtes for their benefit; and we are not prepared to associate ourselves in any way with their malign and puritanical enthusiasms. Unless they are prepared to return to the generous and universally accepted place they once played in our national life, let them perish. (story)

Guardian 10.7.04 The good, the bad and the irksome ... Animal Rights and Wrongs, by Roger Scruton (Continuum, £7.99) - The technical question of "animal rights" is dismissed rapidly: of course animals don't have rights, since we don't enforce the mouse's rights against the cat, and so on... Scruton proceeds through a sort of warm and fuzzy incantation of things such as virtue and the moral law, which in the end turn out to allow the sorts of activities he finds congenial, such as fox-hunting.... Nevertheless the book contains many interesting thoughts on farming, fishing and so on, written in Scruton's usual mournfully melodious style. (story)

Western Morning News 10.7.04 Hunting obsession - THE Labour Party's recent electoral performance is not surprising, as the public are increasingly disillusioned with Labour MPs, who seem more interested in "totemic" trivial issues like banning hunting than dealing with the real ones like health, education and reducing crime.... Peter Sadgrove, Langport, Somerset (letter)

Yorkshire Post 10.7.04 Eye on the ball - From: Rosie Till, near Muscoates, Nunnington, York. THE Labour Party has lost hundreds of council seats all over the UK, even in their traditional heartlands. This is no big surprise, as most of us are increasingly disillusioned with Labour MPs, who seem to be more interested in trivial issues like banning fox-hunting than dealing with real problems faced by ordinary people, such as health, education and reducing crime... (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 10.7.04 Views of public on hares issue ignored by Minister - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, of the League Against Cruel Sports (5 July, Belfast Telegraph) is incorrect in his claims regarding public support for a ban on hare hunting. More than 3,000 personal objections to the ban were received by NIO Minister Angela Smith. However, this public response was ignored by her. So much for consultation and listening to the views of the public, although we must remember, Ms Smith is not elected in Northern Ireland but in Basildon, England, and need take no heed of local opinions.... TOM FULTON, Saintfield, Co Down. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 5.7.04 Majority support irish hare protection - THE Countryside Alliance (Belfast Telegraph, June 26) claim that the decision to refuse to issue netting licences and the introduction of a 12-month ban on the taking and killing of Irish hares was made contrary to public opinion. This is incorrect. A poll in February confirmed clear majority support throughout all communities in Northern Ireland for the decision by Environment Minister Angela Smith… DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, London (letter)

Telegraph 10.7.04 The animal rights bullies? They shall not pass By Rosie Murray-West - Outspoken biotech boss is not afraid to criticise violent activists or the Home Secretary, writes Rosie Murray-West - If you're wanting an iron fist in an immaculately tailored glove, look no further than Aisling Burnand. The chief executive of the BioIndustry Association has had to be tough.... Home Secretary David Blunkett felt the full force of her ire late last month, when it emerged that he supported a leading anti-vivisection charity. She stopped short of calling for his resignation - but only just... "At the end of the day this is my job. No one is going to bully or intimidate me out of doing it." Personally, I wouldn't dare try and stop her. Animal rights extremists, and David Blunkett, might be wise to take note. (story)

Western Daily Press 10.7.04 EGGS: NO EVIDENCE OF TERROR - Police inquiries into the contamination of scotch eggs at a West food factory no longer point to the involvement of animal rights' activists, detectives revealed last night. Speculation that the discovery of glass in products from Bowyers in Trowbridge, Wilts could be the work of 'food terrorists' was played down by police... (story)
Western Daily Press 9.7.04 SCOTCH EGGS TERROR FEARS - A Major investigation was under way last night after it was discovered a West food factory had been targeted by saboteurs. Wiltshire-based Bowyers has been forced to withdraw 20 lines of products after horrified customers discovered lethal shards of glass in scotch eggs. Police last night revealed they have not ruled out the terrifying possibility that animal rights activists or terrorists may be behind the attempt to harm thousands of people…. (story)

Western Daily Press 10.7.04 A PALTRY SENTENCE - I have just read the article, Cat Kicker Is Banned From Keeping Animals. How can the RSPCA be pleased at the paltry sentence this man has received?... I shall think twice before I help the RSPCA again. Mrs M Andrews, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (letter)

Bolton Evening News 10.7.04 Don't waste time on bird-brained scheme - PIGEONS do not attract rats. The biggest single culprit for the prolific existence of the rat is the human being... Arnold Harrison, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 10.7.04 Common sense needed over pigeon problem - REGARDING your front page leader (June 26), headlined "Feed the Pigeons and Face a Fine"... It is a sad indictment of present day society that anyone could consider ridding our town of our much loved wild birds... Mrs V I Harris, Smithills area (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 10.7.04 Feathered friends eat everything I HOW sad today, to see the pigeons milling round the feet of shoppers sitting on the seats in the Newport Street precinct, waiting for the scraps of pasties, pies and sandwiches that many shoppers are used to giving to these birds... Brian Derbyshire, Ribchester Grove, Bolton (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 10.7.04 Barbaric sight of bears forced to 'dance' - I wish to highlight the growing problem of helpless sloth bears being compelled to 'dance' for wealthy tourists... ALED JONES, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)

Northern Scot 10.7.04 Gunman terrorises wildlife watchers Boat four forced to dive for cover By LEANNE CARTER - A SNIPER turned his gun on a group of terrified wildlife watchers when they challenged him over his ruthless slaughter of protected seabirds. The four were forced to dive for cover when they heard a shot ring out as the marksman took aim at their small sailing boat in the Moray Firth… Peter MacDonald, coordinator for Friends of the Moray Firth Dolphins, was on board the group's vessel, Delphis, with three other members on a routine survey…. He said: "At that point we looked up to the cliffs above and saw a group of four guys with a gun taking shots at birds on the cliff side… I raised my hand held radio to indicate to them that we could see what they were doing and that we intended to report them. With that, one of the women on board saw the man with the gun take aim at us and we then heard a shot being fired…" A spokesman for the Police at Buckie confirmed that officers were investigating an incident involving the reckless discharge of a firearm, and the shooting of the seabirds…. (story)


Telegraph 9.7.04 Hunt ban Bill is only months away, says Hain By Andrew Sparrow Political Correspondent - MPs will be asked to vote on a Bill banning hunting in September, Peter Hain, the Leader of the Commons, has hinted... Many MPs expected a Bill to be debated before the summer recess. Yesterday Mr Hain appeared to confirm that that will not happen when he announced the Commons business from now until the start of the summer recess without mentioning hunting. But Labour's Dennis Skinner asked if the Bill could be debated in September, when MPs return for a week and a half before the party conference season and Mr Hain implied that that was the plan... (story)
Telegraph 9.7.04 Antis fearful that Blair's pack may lose the scent - The Anti-Hunting Hunt, known since time immemorial as the Antis, though also as the Sabs, is in a state of uproar. It is terrified that Tony Blair, the magnate whose say-so it needs to gallop over his vast estates in England and Wales and kill every last foxhunter, could at the last minute withhold his permission.... The Antis claim, by the way, that the foxhunters will not feel a thing when it happens, it will all be over in a moment, but that is what sportsmen always say when they are defending their idea of a great day out, and to some of us it does not sound very sporting.... (story)
Western Morning News 9.7.04 MPS DEMAND PUBLIC ASSURANCE THAT HUNTING BILL WILL BE REVIVED - Anti-hunting MPs have demanded a meeting with Tony Blair to discuss growing unease about delays to an announcement on the future of the controversial country pursuit. A small group of Labour backbenchers will meet the Prime Minister in the next few weeks, to demand a public reassurance that the Hunting Bill will be brought back to the Commons in time to force a ban through Parliament before the end of this year… Candy Atherton, Labour MP for Falmouth and Camborne, is among those expected to meet Mr Blair to discuss the issue…. Mr Hain gave a strong hint that the Hunting Bill, which would ban all hunting with dogs, would be brought back during a two-week Parliamentary session in September… (story)
Guardian 9.7.04 Yesterday in parliament - Press Association …Foxhunting - Anti foxhunting MPs warned time was running out to get a ban into law. The leader of the Commons, Peter Hain, faced angry demands for action before the house rises for the summer break…. Mr Hain said: "I can assure you that everyone in government is well aware of the obligations that we have to resolve this matter." (story)
Mirror 9.7.04 PLEA FOR NEW HUNT BAN BILL By Helen Cook - LABOUR MPs yesterday stepped up the pressure for a Bill to ban hunting while there is still time for it to become law…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 9.7.04 ONLY RIGHT TO BAN HUNT - Clive Rees expresses amazement (MP's actions amaze me, Postbox, June 24) that Swansea West MP Alan Williams has signed an early day motion supporting the banning of hunting with hounds. I'm sure, however, that the vast majority of Alan Williams's constituents will be delighted to learn he has done this… Leigh Richards, Waun Wen Road, Mayhill, Swansea (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 3.7.04 ABOLISH THIS CRUEL 'SPORT' - The letter from Clive Rees amazes me, even more than he seems to have been amazed by the actions of Alan Williams MP. Mr Rees says the electorate has expressed its strong disapproval of the Government, at all levels. But, surely, the one thing the electorate has not disapproved of, is the banning of blood sports.... M Jones, Swansea Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 24.6.04 MP'S ACTION AMAZES ME - I Am amazed that Swansea West MP Alan Williams has signed an early day motion calling for the abolition of hunting with hounds. Does he not realise that the electorate has already expressed its strong disapproval of his government on all sorts of levels in the recent elections?... For goodness sake, Members of Parliament, get a life! Start trying to run the essential policies that you are currently making such a hash of before you start to regulate out of existence something you know nothing about. Clive Rees, Talycoppa Farm, Llansamlet, Swansea (letter)

Malvern Gazette 9.7.04 A better way - YOUR correspondent Jon Burgess (Your Letters, June 25) has misunderstood my attitude to hunting… I am in my mid-eighties and have seen many changes for better, especially in growing compassion for people and animals…. Jon Burgess also assumes I am aiming to save foxes. I know they must be controlled but there must be a better way. SHEILAH FIELDING, Kempley Green, Dymock. (letter in archive)
Malvern Gazette 25.6.04 Seeing red (coats) - Both correspondents, J C Douglas and Sheilah Fielding (Your Letters, May 7 and May 14), made the all too common error of attacking hunting without having the most basic knowledge of the subject. Ms Fielding wrongly believes drag hunting is a substitute for traditional hunting… Ms Fielding writes of `'Christian compassion'' but seems happy to cast ordinary decent people out of jobs and homes merely because she is offended by their way of life. J C Douglas attempted to associate hunting with such past cruel activities as bear baiting. Many doctors nurses and vets support and take part in hunting. None would do so if they thought it was cruel or bloodthirsty activity… Jon Burgess, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)
Malvern Gazette 4.6.04 Wide support - YOUR correspondent Sheilah Fielding (Your Letters, May 14) in criticising those who support hunting, overlooks a few simple truths. Farmers, by the nature of their job, understand the realism of life and death in the animal kingdom and the need to control predators. That is why they support and encourage hunting over their land…. Field sports of every kind are supported by the vast majority of the rural population. More than 3,000 turned out in the High Street in Ledbury on Boxing Day to show their support for the local hunt… DONALD HADEN, Hallwood Green, Dymock. (letter in archive)
Malvern Gazette 14.5.04 Primitive urge - YOUR reader Cathy Garlick (Your Letters, April 30) and the Countryside Alliance would do well to dismount from their high horses for long enough to consider how to manage their situation when an outright ban on hunting with dogs becomes law…. SHEILAH FIELDING, Kempley Green, Dymock. (letter in archive)
Malvern Gazette 7.5.04 Banning hunting matters - I have to disagree with Cathy Garlick (Your Letters, April 30), it is because life is too short and too important that a ban on hunting must be achieved. Respect for life is what is missing when sport is made out of killing… J C Douglas, Longridge Road, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Malvern Gazette 30.4.04 Get off your high horse - Life is too short and too important to waste so much time, money and effort on trying to ban fox hunting. When will our local MP Diana Organ begin to address real important issues such as immigration, NHS, soaring crime rates… Cathy Garlick, Gorsley. (letter in archive)

Keighley News 9.7.04 In last week's letter page Peter Drake says he has kept lurchers for lots of generations. Could I ask Peter Drake how many generations has he exactly lived for? Is there a hidden significance to him being a bricklayer and a tax payer?... What codswallop the defenders of hunting speak… Antony Silson, Skipton Road, Keighley (letter in archive)
Keighley News 2.7.04 I would like to comment on two items in last week's Keighley News. First: Karen Robinson berates Ann Cryer for supporting the anti hunting bill as this will inevitably close down her business of hunt kennels and hounds. Whether the anti hunting bill is right or wrong, (and I believe it to be right), why does she think that her business and livelihood are sacrosanct? Far more important persons have lost their livelihood, to mention the miners and steelworkers as two examples. No, she has no axe to grind. Find yourself another income like everyone else has had to do… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED
After reading the Beagles article I wanted to say that it is not only hunts that will be banned, it is all hunting with dogs. I myself have Lurchers… Without hunting, this strain would die out. Being a bricklayer and tax payer, I would consider emigrating if hunting gets banned. PETER DRAKE
I think that Mrs Cryer has many more pressing matters to attend to than once again trying to ban hunting with hounds. After Labour's pathetic showing in the local elections and Tony Blair's lowest ever showing in the opinion polls, the only way to get his countryside hating backbenchers back on his side is to bring back the hunting debate, wasting valuable Commons time…. GUY KERSHAW, Haworth Moor, Haworth.
We've all heard about the measures being taken to pass a law which will ban the killing of foxes and other animals by hunting with dogs. How many of us have heard of the Mental Capacity Bill which was introduced into Parliament on June 18, which will legalise non-voluntary euthanasia?... BARBARA ROCK, Daleside Road, Riddlesden. (letters in archive)
Keighley News 25.6.04 Hunt ban would hit family by Gemma Berry - A kennel owner has blasted Keighley MP Ann Cryer for supporting a parliamentary motion to ban hunting with hounds. Karen Robinson, kennels huntsman at the Crag Top Farm kennels on Light Bank Lane, Silsden, claimed Mrs Cryer and the Government should be dealing with more important issues affecting the country…. Mrs Robinson's kennels are connected to her home, which she shares with her husband and three sons. The family has owned the kennels, which house up to 60 beagles, for three-and-a-half years. She said though Mrs Cryer was one of the few MPs with hunt kennels in her constituency, she had never met with the people who would be directly affected by any ban…. according to the Mrs Robinson, 36, her reply was one of a total lack of concern and all she could offer was a suggestion of drag hunting as a more humane alternative… (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 15.6.04 From: Karen Robinson, The Kennels, Silsden. ONLY an "old-Labour" MP would sign an early day motion to ban hunting with hounds when the majority of opinion is that this Government should be dealing with the important issues affecting this country… Ann Cryer has always been against hunting, but as one of a few MPs who has a hunt kennels in her constituency, has she ever bothered to come and meet the people directly involved with any potential ban? The answer is no. If a ban were to come in then I, as kennel-huntsman and my three young sons, would be homeless and jobless… (letter)

Yorkshire Post 9.7.04 Shameful violence done to animals in the name of research, From: AP Kirk, Swanage Close, Teesside. Drug giants are all for humane science it was reported recently… The times I have heard and read such self-serving, self-promotional claptrap... I have lost count…. never in the history of the anti-vivisection and / or animal rights movement has anyone ever been killed and I'm not even sure assaulted as it is not within their ethos. This was confirmed by a barrister who represented me and my co-accused on appeal to Stafford Crown Court (as a result of our conviction as a result of a Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs demo I had travelled some 300km to attend… (letter)

Western Morning News 9.7.04 NFU GOES TO COURT OVER TB CULL POLICY - Lawyers are being consulted by the National Farmers' Union, with the intention of seeking a judicial review questioning the Government's refusal to issue licences for badger removal, in cases where there is a new outbreak of bovine TB. Anthony Gibson, South West NFU's regional director, said the aim of the legal action was to establish whether existing legislation, which enabled badgers to be moved where they caused a nuisance to property, could be applied in cases where they were judged to be spreading bovine TB amongst cattle... (story)

Western Daily Press 9.7.04 CLOWN ROW HIDES TOLL OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - So circus personnel are picketing Downing Street petitioning against the new licensing laws. Few animal rights activists will have any sympathy with them. We petitioned and picketed them many times to stop using and abusing animals but profit, not compassion, was the order of the day and still is… When we picketed them they beat us up, and refused to listen. I hope the Government ignores them…. People who want to stop animals suffering in circuses can join the 'Captive Animals' Protection Society… Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)


Edinburgh Evening News 8.7.04 Ministers Warned Time Running Out for Hunt Ban Bill By Vivienne Morgan, Political Staff, PA News - Anti fox-hunting MPs were champing at the bit in the Commons today, warning that time was running out to get a ban into law. Commons Leader Peter Hain faced angry demands for action before MPs rise for their summer break later this month… Labour’s David Winnick (Walsall N) said there was growing concern among Labour MPs that the Bill would miss its chance to become law…. Mr Hain replied: “Time is perhaps not quite as short as you might have suggested ... ” (story)

Horse & Hound 8.7.04 The cost of fallen stock - Debbie James - Hunts must fork out thousands for new incinerators, washrooms and drainage, but some are struggling to afford it… The South Pembrokeshire hunt is one of the first casualties of the regulations and has been forced to suspend its fallen stock disposal service. State Veterinary Service (SVS) staff spent three weeks monitoring its kennels before giving it two options: stop collecting and disposing of fallen stock or risk prosecution. The hunt must spend £65,000 developing new collection and incineration facilities or must cease serving farmers and horse owners…. Alistair Jackson, director of the Masters of Fox Hounds Association, says: “Most hunts are trying to continue their disposal service. But DEFRA keeps moving the goalposts…." (story)

Western Daily Press 8.7.04 CULLING IS NOT KILLING OFF TB - Roy Franklin raised an interesting point in his letter, asking if local hunts could be spreading TB to deer. I wonder if Defra has been looking into this?... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.7.04 HUNTS SPREAD TB? I see that farmers have called for a badger cull in Dorset and Somerset, because they claim that deer are catching TB from badgers. I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that local hunts may be spreading TB to deer. After all, their hounds are fed fallen stock from farmers, and they criss-cross the countryside regularly savaging deer…. Roy Franklin Somerset (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 8.7.04 ANGLERS ARE GUARDIANS OF WATERSIDE ENVIRONMENT - Further to the ongoing argument regarding the presence of cormorants on our inland waters. As a wildlife lover and a keen angler, I can see both sides of the argument regarding controlling cormorant populations…. it is wrong to portray all anglers as blood-thirsty, bird-hating hunters, when in reality anglers are in many cases the guardians of the waterside environment, often investing millions in restocking programmes and clearing riverbanks, and reporting pollution incidents and wildlife in distress…. DARREN GELSTHORPE Teesdale Court Beeston (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 1.7.04 Don't cull British wildlife I, like many other Post readers, was so incensed by Countryside Alliance angler Charles Jardine's letter urging for a cull on cormorants, that I wrote a letter defending wildlife. Mr Jardine now writes accusing me of inaccuracy and misquotes and says he never mentioned the word 'cull' (Letters, June 16). But anyone who cares to re-read his original letter printed on June 5 will see that he wrote "only by people telling DEFRA as well as applying for licences to cull cormorants (and other pestiferous birds)..." This clearly shows the Countryside Alliance say something controversial and then pretend they haven't said it when it suits them…. T. SMALLEY Elford Rise Sneinton (letter)
Western Gazette 24.6.04 HUMAN GREED AND DESTRUCTION - Charles Jardine calls me naive when I say a proportion of humans think all other life is here for their pleasure. Well I call him arrogantly naive, a person with the slightest sense knows nature controls its own numbers and only human greed and destruction alters this. Fox hunters say they are controlling fox numbers, why then do they make artificial earths mainly for cub hunting? What has breeding tame pheasants for shooting to do with maintaining a balance?... Chris Hull, Coles Lane, Yetminster (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 19.6.04 CULL CORMORANTS FOR THE SAKE OF OTHER SPECIES - Mrs Eason (Post, June 15) needs to learn about cormorants and their increased population before writing such drivel to papers.... Those few of us who live in the real world, and not the make believe world of Disney, understand that with the impact of man on the environment we need constantly to manage that environment for the best bio-diversity. In some instances, this will mean that some wildlife needs to be culled to allow other wildlife to flourish and maintain healthy populations, otherwise the balance of nature is disturbed and the predator becomes the only species remaining in numbers... MICHAEL HEYLIN, Secretary, Specialist Anglers' Alliance Crofts Path, Hemel Hempstead
Shooting for conservation - In response to Mrs Eason's letter (Post, June 15), I feel I must correct some of the many inaccuracies contained within. Shooting is not an 'old-fashioned' pastime that should be 'put in the bin for good', but a thoroughly modern participation sport enjoyed by over one million people in the UK every year... Name and address supplied (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 16.6.04 WILDLIFE NEEDS BALANCE In addressing the surprising inaccuracy and misquote of T. Smalley (Letters, June 10) I must emphasise that at no point was the word "cull" mentioned in my letter on cormorants. I have never, nor has any other sane-minded angler, called for a cull of this bird. What we urgently need is a management policy to correct the spiralling imbalance that cormorant predation is having on so many of our bank-side species…. anglers, as conservationist David Bellamy has pointed out, are "the eyes and ears of the riverbank"…. CHARLES JARDINE Director, Campaign for Angling Countryside Alliance Kennington Road London (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.6.04 HUNTING IS NOT A 'SPORT' - The Countryside Alliance is nothing more or less than a front for the blood sports lobby/industry. This was graphically confirmed by the letter (Post, June 5) from Charles Jardine, director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling. Mr Jardine has got it in for cormorants…. These people think killing deer, hares and foxes with dogs, shooting pheasants and pulling fish from the water by hooks in their mouths is "sport"…. Hunting, shooting and fishing are a part of our past that we need to shovel up and put in the bin for good. K. EASON (Mrs) Annesley Road Hucknall (letter)
Western Gazette 10.6.04 TOO MANY PEOPLE? - Charles Jardine's letter last week was typical of the Countryside Alliance. He wrote that cormorants are wiping out anglers' fish stocks… In this rapidly decaying world some humans think all other life is for their pleasure to hunt, abuse, experiment on or control if they think their numbers are too high. What about human numbers? Chris Hull, Coles Lane, Yetminster. (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 10.6.04 Time for anglers to get the bird - Not content with slaughtering large numbers of birds, such as swans, with their discarded fishing tackle, angling spokesman Charles Jardine now seeks a cull of cormorants and, as he puts it, "other pestiferous birds"… If anything needs "culling" its anglers like Charles Jardine who put their sport before wildlife. T. SMALLEY Elford Rise Sneinton
Kill the protest not cormorants - So the Countryside Alliance wants cormorants and other "pestiferous birds" killed. So now, it's pigeon bashing, duck bashing and cormorant bashing…. the guilty ones are those who think they have a God-given right to starve or kill anything they feel doesn't quite fit in with their scheme of things. JANET WENSKE Gardenia Grove Mapperley
Alliance policy prompts disgust - I was very shocked to read the letter from the Countryside Alliance about culling cormorants. The more I read about the CA the more disgusted I am about them. MARY BARNES (Mrs) Clifford Avenue Beeston (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 5.6.04 Look out for cormorants - CHARLES JARDINE Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling 367 Kennington Road London SE11 4PT (letter)
Craven Herald 4.6.04 SIR - With the 2004 traditional coarse fishing season in prospect there has never been a better time for anglers, commonly known as the eyes and ears of Britain's waterways, to monitor the damage done to our fish stocks by cormorants…. Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter in archive)
Western Gazette 3.6.04 FISH STOCKS ARE IN CRISIS - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT. (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 2.6.04 Anglers can help protect fish - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kenning Road, London. (letter in archive)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 2.6.04 Tackle this fish threat - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Worcester Evening News 1.6.04 Issue of cormorants and coarse fish stocks CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, London (letter in archive)
Luton on Sunday 30.5.04 Taking stock - Charles Jardine Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling London (letter)
Western Morning News 28.5.04 KEEP AN EYE ON CORMORANTS - Charles Jardine Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling London (letter)
Bath Chronicle 28.5.04 TELL US IF CORMORANTS ARE EATING YOUR FISH - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Manchester Evening News 28.5.04 Bird watch - Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance Campaign For Angling (letter)
Wells Journal 27.5.04 ANGLERS WORRIED OVER CORMORANTS - Charles Jardine Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling Kennington Road London (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 27.5.04 Bird concern - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London. (letter in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 27.5.04 TIME TO MONITOR OUR FISH STOCKS - Charles Jardine, Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (letter)
Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 26.5.04 Anglers must be all eyes and ears - WITH the 2004 traditional coarse fishing season in prospect there has never been a better time for anglers, commonly known as the eyes and ears of Britain's waterways, to monitor the damage done to our fish stocks by cormorants… I would urge anglers to help DEFRA solve this growing problem by sending in evidence, whether anecdotal or scientific, to give them an idea of how huge this crisis is… Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling. (letter)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 8.7.04 Anger as gill nets are used on lochs - Sir, - I am writing to bring to your attention the fact that gill netting is being carried out on two lochs within the national park. Gill netting is a technique of indiscriminate fishing which ensures the death of any fish, bird or animal which comes in contact with the net… It is an unnecessary and barbaric destruction of wildlife which should not be tolerated anywhere in Scotland, but particularly not in a national park. - Yours etc, DON GRIFFITHS (letter)

Wharfedale Observer 8.7.04 Angling for cash as firm supports Jacob's appeal - WHARFEDALE anglers and quarry operators Hanson have joined forces one last time to help an appeal for a disabled Otley boy… During his term in office last year Councillor Francis supported a campaign to raise funds for nine-year-old Jacob Burn-ham. Coun Francis said: "I am delighted that Hanson has chosen to help the Jacob Burnham Appeal. "Jacob, a local boy, is both blind and in a wheelchair. This appeal has run for less than a year and many people have worked hard in raising the £20,000 plus needed to buy Jacob's parents a car…" (story in archive)

Sutton Guardian 8.7.04 Leave foxes alone – there are worse problems - In reply to last week's letter (Foxing the foxes, July 1), I am one of the terrible people who sometimes feeds them…. What does it say about these people if their only complaint is about foxes disturbing their way of life? NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Epsom Guardian 8.7.04 Foxes are a real pest - May I congratulate the residents of Paget Avenue as they seem to be the only people concerned about the number of foxes in our area. Recently, having tried to contact the London Wildcare, The Fox Project, Wildlife Rescue Centre, The RSPCA and Sutton Council to express deep fears of the numbers of foxes in Wellington Avenue, I learnt there is no programme set up anywhere for dispersing the numbers of these animals…. MRS D PURCELL Wellington Avenue Worcester Park (letter)
Sutton Guardian 24.6.04 We must out-fox wildlife menace - The entertaining baby fox cubs we delighted in are now grown and searching for food. They are tunnelling under and breaking down fences and sheds, destroying our prized plants looking for worms and ruining anything else that gets in their way… So please dear friends of foxes, as you put out your cans of dog and cat food, eggs and bin bags, ask yourself if you are you willing to clean our gardens so our children can play safely, and reinstate our gravel boards and fencing, gnawed electric cables and car tyres? THE RESIDENTS OF PAGET AVENUE Sutton (letter)

North Devon Journal 8.7.04 IT'S A LOCK-OUT AS RSPCA BARS SHOP MANAGER - The rspca has become embroiled in a bitter wrangle with a longstanding volunteer manager after locking her out of its town centre shop. Dorothy Osborne, 67, has worked for the animal charity for nearly four years and ran the shop in Silver Street, Barnstaple. But she was distraught to find the door padlocked when she turned up for work one morning…. She added that members of her team had come out in sympathy. She declared: "This is a dirty trick to play. It involves my workers as well because they are not prepared to go back to work for the RSPCA."… Jo Barr, spokesman for the RSPCA, said: "The shop has been broken into a couple of times in recent months and a set of keys had gone missing. They decided the best thing to do for security would be to shut it." She pointed out that Mrs Osborne was told face-to-face that her services were no longer required and that it would take effect immediately - long before the shop was locked up. (story)

Somerset Guardian 8.7.04 CAT COMMENTS WERE OFFHAND - Tongue-in-cheek or not, the comments about cats by Kevin Daly, June 24, were negative and flippant. It further encourages even more abuse of cats and other animals than there already is… DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley, Westbury (letter)

North East Evening Gazette 8.7.04 Animal abusers - I was delighted to learn via the local press that Teesside's crime-fighters are urging residents to shop the sick yobs who killed a hedgehog after it was being used a football… Having said that, it never ceases to amaze me that the Serious Fraud Squad doesn't give animal abusing "research" the due attention it merits. Vivisection undoubtedly maims and kills people too. This begs the question, why isn't there a full time homicide department investigating as such?... A P KIRK, Middlesbrough (letter)

Oxford Mail 8.7.04 MP should be ashamed - MP Evan Harris expresses his support for Oxford University's £18m animal lab (Oxford Mail, June 24). He should be ashamed of himself…. David Scott, Bayswater Road, Barton, Oxford (letter in archive)


Times 7.7.04 Hunting Bill to be taken at a gallop BY GREG HURST, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - MINISTERS have laid plans to push the Bill to ban hunting through the Commons in a single day to avoid clogging up parliamentary timetables. The tactic, normally reserved for emergency legislation, is likely to be used when MPs return in September. The Government would use its majority to force through a programme motion that would severely limit the time available to debate each stage of the Bill.... Hilary Armstrong, the government Chief Whip, faced renewed pressure for the ban to be enacted when she faced the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Monday. She emphasised the need to avoid a logjam of government legislation in the Lords, according to one MP present... (story)
Evening Standard 7.7.04 MPs rush to ban hunting By Isabel Oakeshott, Evening Standard Political Correspondent - A bill to ban foxhunting could be forced through in a single day, it emerged today. Ministers have laid plans to rush the legislation through the Commons. Backbenchers are becoming increasingly impatient at the failure to make progress on outlawing the sport…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 7.7.04 'ONE LAST PUSH' ON HUNTING - North Lincolnshire MPs are battling to see legislation banning hunting with dogs reintroduced into Parliament in the next few weeks, warning it was time the Government kept its promise… Barton MP Shona McIsaac has issued a stark message to the Government. "We are not going to let the Government off on this one," she said. "We have promised this for some time - we have to finally resolve it." Ms McIsaac was speaking out just as senior sources revealed to the Telegraph that legislation outlawing hunting with dogs could be brought back just before MPs break for their summer recess on July 22…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 7.7.04 HUNTING BILL IS NOT IMPORTANT - Your report on Tuesday that a Hunting Bill will return to the Commons in the week of July 19 follows in a long tradition of speculation on the issue. Every year since 1997 has been "the last season for hunting", according to the experts. The fact of the matter is that Derby North MP Bob Laxton has not got a clue if, or when, a Bill will come back, but he is desperately trying to make its return look inevitable…. Kay Chapman, Sherwood Road, Tideswell. (letter)

Northern Echo 7.7.04 Praise for grouse moor conservation - GROUSE moors which are becoming a last refuge for rare birds and animals earned the approval of a visiting Government Minister yesterday. Ben Bradshaw, the Minister for Nature Conservation and Forestry, viewed Weardale Estate, in County Durham, on a tour organised by the Moorland Association… Mr Bradshaw said: "My visit has confirmed to me that good management of moorland for grouse can have huge benefits for wildlife, landscape value and the rural economy…" (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 7.7.04 Mothers Against Guns meets shooting enthusiasts - MOTHERS from a Manchester anti-gun crime group who have lost sons and daughters will join with shooting enthusiasts to hold a joint conference later today. Mothers Against Guns, will hold the conference with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). Both will discuss new policies to fight armed crime during the day-long event in London, chaired by former Labour minister Dr Jack Cunningham MP…. "Mothers Against Guns has no objection to law-abiding shooting and we hope that through co-operation with responsible organisations such as the BASC, we can find new answers."… (story)

Scotsman 7.7.04 Action Urged Against Animal Rights Extremists By Sian Clare, Political Staff, PA News - The Government was urged today to introduce new laws to tackle animal rights extremists who terrorise scientists and their families. Tory Jacqui Lait (Beckenham) warned of campaigns of abuse, intimidation and vandalism on those doing vital medical research. She told MPs the extremists who “terrify, hurt and maim physically and mentally” had increased their levels of activity. Opening a Westminster Hall debate, Ms Lait called for specific US-style legislation to tackle the violent few…. (story)
BBC News Online 7.7.04 Action urged on animal activists - Animal rights activists who use terror tactics should be prosecuted under the terror laws, Shadow Home Affairs Minister Jacqui Lait has said… She also urged the government to bring in new laws to deal with the issue. Home Office Minister Caroline Flint said there was sufficient legislation already and that a special unit had been set up to address the problem… (story)

Oxford Mail 7.7.04 Protest: Police 'win' a costly legal battle by David Horne - Legal staff at Thames Valley Police have succeeded in challenging a £1,500 compensation order against the force, but now face paying £50,000 in legal bills. The force said that it had to challenge the damages awarded to a 10-year-old boy over his arrest at an animal rights demonstration in west Oxfordshire six years ago, because it had grave implications for policing…. Daniel Taylor, 10, from Liverpool, was arrested when he joined his mother and two aunts at a demonstration on May 31, 1998…. He was caught on video throwing a rock at the farmhouse. He was held in custody for almost seven hours at Newbury police station before being given a caution… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 6.7.04 Protest appeal 'costing £100,000' - Tens of thousands of pounds of public money has been spent in an appeal case against a 10-year-old animal rights protester arrested for throwing stones. Lawyers for Daniel Taylor, from Merseyside, argued last year he was wrongfully arrested, during a protest in 1998, and falsely imprisoned. However, on Tuesday the Court of Appeal reduced the £1,500 compensation he was awarded after the case, to £200… Daniel was originally detained by police during an anti-vivisection protest involving large numbers of demonstrators at Hillgrove Farm, Whitney, Oxfordshire, on 31 May 1998. He was one of 28 arrested after being caught on video throwing a rock or rocks at the farmhouse during an earlier violent demonstration involving up to 1,000 demonstrators…. However, Lord Justice Clarke, sitting with the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Andrew Morritt, and Lord Justice Sedley, overturned the court ruling he had been unlawfully arrested, cutting his damages to just £200. The judge ruled all police had done wrong was to hold Daniel in custody for about one hour too long… (story)

Bolton Evening News 7.7.04 Rodents are happy to eat our rubbish - CAN someone please tell the people who are turning the streets of Bolton into a pigsty, that they are the ones who are shifting the balance of tolerance between human and animal. Pretty soon no one will have any compassion or love for any creature that is, after all, here for our benefit in one way or another… M Kay, Animal defender, Paulhan Street, Great Lever (letter in archive)

BBC News Online 7.7.04 Cruelty photos deemed 'offensive' - An animal sanctuary has been criticised for placing a leaflet with shocking photographs of abused creatures in a magazine aimed at children. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found the leaflet, distributed by Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham, Norfolk, "offensive".... (story)

Hunts Post 7.7.04 Snakes alive - it's a shock for Kevin! Report by IAN MacKELLAR - THE RSPCA advised a Huntingdon trader to release a four-feet long snake into the wild without identifying it, he told The Hunts Post on Tuesday. "They assumed it was a grass snake," said Kevin Smith, retail manager of the R&B shoe repair shop in Chequers Court, "in spite of the fact that it was the wrong size and the wrong colour...." The reptile, which turned out to be a Mexican Kingsnake, was spotted in Johnsons dry cleaners next door... Kevin said that, when he first rang the RSPCA, he was told they would send someone in "two or three days". After a call from the police, the organisation said it could not turn out until the following afternoon, "so they advised me to find a grassy area and let it go. It could have bitten someone for all I or they knew. In any case, it would have died. That doesn't seem much like protecting animals to me..." (story)


Western Morning News 6.7.04 'EXERCISE CLUB' PLAN MAY BEAT HUNT BAN Westcountry hunts could refashion themselves as "hound exercise clubs" in a bid to ensure their survival in the event of a hunting ban. The idea, which is being considered by a number of the region's 45 hunt packs, is one of several plans for "mothballing" the infrastructure of the controversial country pursuit until such a time that a ban could be reversed.... The idea is being promoted by the philosopher and hunting campaigner Roger Scruton, whose Hunting Declaration has already attracted the support of 40,000 people who have signed up to break the law if a ban is introduced.... League Against Cruel Sports spokesman Mike Hobday said the move showed that even hunt supporters realised that their time was up. He said the organisation would welcome hunts "effectively" turning into drag packs... (story)
Times 5.7.04 Huntsmen plan to outfox ban with 'hound exercise clubs' BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - HUNTING enthusiasts are planning to thwart any ban imposed on their sport by forming “hound exercise clubs” to ensure that hunts survive as lawful organisations. The idea is that riders will still be able to follow the hounds across country. The hounds are allowed to chase rabbits or they may be given a scent to chase, but they could easily be diverted by the trail of a fox. Lawyers have advised that it would be unlikely that any prosecution would succeed in the courts... The plan has been conceived by Roger Scruton, the right-wing polemicist and keen countryman, and Michael Markham, a farmer, and it is now the subject of intense debate within the hunting hierarchy... (story)

Western Mail 6.7.04 Clarissa and the Countryman join forces to boost field sports - IN the world of country sports, there is a growing band of celebrities prepared to be open and up-front about their participation in hunting, shooting and fishing.... There are, however, two extremely personable celebrities who must be regarded as the leading ambassadors of the countryside and all country pursuits - Clarissa Dickson Wright and Sir Johnny Scott... Both made a welcome return to Wales at the end of June when they held court at the recent BASC Wales Country Fair at Bodelwyddan Castle in Denbighshire, and used the event for the North Wales launch of their splendid new publication, The Game Cookbook... Clarissa and the Countryman will be signing books on the British Association for Shooting and Conservation stand at this year's CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, July 23 to 25, and are back in Wales again on the BASC Wales stand at the Denbigh and Flint Show, The Green, Denbigh on Thursday, August 19.... (story)

Western Morning News 6.7.04 HUNT SUPPORT STILL STEADY AS A ROCK - May i assure your London Editor Jason Groves that Westcountry hunt supporters' nerve is as steady as a rock and that we are not in the least bit demoralised or surprised by Peter Hain's comments... No Ms Gilroy, we will still be here standing together when your party's bullying and obnoxious tactics at producing a nanny state are thankfully but a distant memory. I A Pearse MFH, South Devon Foxhounds Denbury, South Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 6.7.04 We are guardians - I FIND it disgusting that Rod Brammer can call his organisation a Free Church of Country Sports... Man and woman are the guardians of all creatures. We should not destroy them. E Thomas, Kingsbridge (letter)

Western Morning News 6.7.04 CRACKDOWN ON SHOTGUNS 'IGNORES RURAL ECONOMY' - A furious row has broken out within the Government over allegations that a Home Office crackdown on shotguns was launched without any consideration of the impact on the rural economy. Ministers at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are said to be incensed by the failure of the Home Office to consult them on the plans, which could breach Labour's manifesto commitment to protect the sport of shooting.... Paul Millard, spokesman for the Country Land and Business Association in the Westcountry, said the proposals could have a serious impact on the region's shooting interests, which contribute millions of pounds a year to the economy... (story)

York Evening Press 6.7.04 Should those pigeons be stopped? - ALMOST 40 years ago, when my eldest son was a toddler and we all lived in a more tolerant society, I used to take him to Kings Square to feed the pigeons… I did not think of myself as the misguided individual that Jason Raynor thinks I am (Letters, July 1). Nor do I now… I am delighted to know he is a vegetarian. At least he won't be lunching on pigeon pie. Mrs W Carter,, Marston Crescent, Acomb, York. (letter in archive)


Wells Journal 5.7.04 HUNT'S PUPPY SHOW ENJOYS THE WEATHER - The Mendip Farmers' Hunt held their annual puppy show at the hunt kennels, Priddy, on a glorious summer's afternoon…. (story)

Horse & Hound 5.7.04 MFH swaps hunting for city life - An Essex MFH swaps the rigours of winter rural life for 10 days in the hubbub of Leeds as part of the BBC’s Family Xchange. HHO speaks to Anne Hull, joint master of the Essex Farmers’ and Union Hunt.Family Xchange has returned to BBC for its second series this week. Anne Hull, joint-master of the Essex Farmers’ and Union Hunt, swaps her hunting and riding life in Burnham on Crouch, where she runs a riding school with 50 horses, for the lifestyle of cosmopolitan Leeds…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.7.04 IF CULLING IS THE AIM WHY GIVE DEER A HEAD START? - Mr G Paddon, Points of view June 28, says he has followed hunts for many years and never known a chase of 25 miles…. Perhaps Mr Paddon could complete my education by explaining why the stag is given a head start if the purpose of deer hunting is to cull the animals. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.04 I'VE NEVER KNOWN A HUNT CHASE A FOX FOR 25 MILES - Mr J Phelps, Points of view, June 24, quotes from Horse & Hound that a fox was chased for 25 miles. I have followed hunts for many, many years and I have never known a chase take 25 miles… Mr G Paddon, Pathfinder Village, Tedburn St Mary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.04 THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR TEARING WILDLIFE TO PIECES - Mr G Paddon, having been roundly defeated in every argument in his support of fox hunting, now returns to the fray with yet another lame excuse as to why we should all sit back and let this sickening sport continue…. Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.6.04 DOES REMORSELESS CHASE OF FOX MAKE GREAT HUNT? - Mr G Paddon, Points of view, June 11, says the knowledge I disclose on the running of the countryside leaves much open to question…. I have taken the following extract from the Horse & Hound magazine of December 16, 2001. The report appears under the revealing title of 'A great hunt'… do his think the needless and remorseless hounding and tormenting of an animal for four and a quarter hours constitutes a great hunt? John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 5.7.04 Against views on hunting - In response to Mr Doulton's letter, "Young hunters have sense of leadership", in last Friday's Gazette, I felt compelled to express my delight that the hunting bill will be "forced upon us"…. I hope hunting will soon become merely a textbook reference to a movement of times past. -Name and address withheld.
Sir.-What a sad, misguided person Mr Doulton must be. He speaks of character building and a sense of adventure among children when hunting, and uses the word "courage" for a cowardly activity…. -Name and address withheld (letters in archive)
Basingstoke Gazette 28.6.04 Young hunters have sense of leadership - I am sad to see that the bill to ban fox hunting is, again, set to be forced upon us. One aspect that those Labour MPs who oppose hunting have not taken into consideration is the character-building and sense of adventure that it provides for the young… Last February I was hunting with the Vine and Craven Hunt and the weather was terrible…. I was surrounded by seven children aged between eight and 12. They were tired, cold, hungry and wet through, yet no murmur of complaint did I hear. Instead they were full of joy, courage, excitement and adventure…. In an age where TV, computers and obesity rules, why ban one of the most healthy ways of instilling courage, leadership and a sense of adventure in the young? -Ian Doulton, Tunworth, Basingstoke. (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 5.7.04 UNFOUNDED SLUR ON GUN LICENCE HOLDERS - The letter from Graham Parkhouse regarding tighter gun controls cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Some unknown person has shot three buzzards - must be a serial bird killer on the loose - so that makes an argument for tighter gun controls… As the vast majority of gun crime is carried out by criminals, what effect will further controls have on them? Absolutely none! Jonathan Stafford, Ivybridge, South Devon (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.7.04 THOUSANDS TURN OUT FOR GAME FAIR - Thousands of people from across Scotland braved heavy downpours at this year's Game Conservancy Fair at Scone in Perthshire. Although last year's record turnout of 32,000 looked like remaining unbroken, there were still lengthy queues of people at entrances to the popular annual event which is one of the major dates in Scotland's rural calendar…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.6.04 GAME FAIR COULD BE BEST YET, SAY ORGANISERS - MARK DREVER - Thousands of visitors are expected to descend on Perth- shire's Scone Palace this weekend for one of Scotland's top rural events. The Game Conservancy Scottish Fair attracted more than 32,000 visitors last year and organisers believe this year's programme to be even stronger… The fair is open from 9.30am to 6pm on both days (story)

Western Daily Press 5.7.04 THERE'S NO PROFIT IN KILLING ROBINS - So Wyevale thinks killing robins has not affected its profits! Well, I and many others I have spoken to will not be giving them any more money… K M Scott Paulton Somerset (letter)

Bolton Evening News 5.7.04 People to blame for this mess - WITH reference to the Bolton Evening News on June 26. Well, it is leave the dogs alone this week. Who else can we pick on? Oh I know, the little pigeon and his helpers, the humble rat… It is not the pigeon or the rat who are to blame for their numbers, but you for living in their space. Mervyn J Symonds, Staunch animal supporter, Newbury Road, Little Lever (letter in archive)


Sunday Telegraph 4.7.04 This ruthless exploitation of a fox - Perhaps blackmail is too strong a word for it, but the anti-fox-hunting lobby is certainly bringing pressure to bear on the Prime Minister at the moment. Its line seems to be: we bankrolled you, now we want to see a return on our investment.... This is why the International Fund for Animal Welfare has launched an advertising campaign aimed at the Prime Minister.... (story)

Sunday Mirror 4.7.04 GAME OF SHAME - SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATION - Exclusive By Dan Evans - THESE are the shocking pictures that expose the cruelty behind Britain's game-bird industry... An undercover report by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) found a catalogue of neglect at a string of leading game farms.... Animal campaigners, posing as casual labourers, infiltrated game farms in Suffolk, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and West Sussex . Their investigation lays bare the terrible cruelty behind a sport the wealthy pay thousands of pounds to enjoy... (story)
Observer 27.6.04 Scandal of factory farmed pheasants - Chicks reared in appalling conditions before being released on shooting estates - Antony Barnett - Eating game is no longer the preserve of the landed classes. Celebrity chefs, restaurants and supermarkets have been busy promoting pheasant and partridge as healthy, free-range alternatives for those seeking the real taste of the English countryside. But an undercover investigation by animal campaigners has revealed a hidden side to the industrial breeding of game birds. It exposes appalling conditions in which millions of young pheasants are kept before they are sold to shooting estates... 'It is totally unacceptable that tens of millions of pheasants and partridges are reared in these battery-like conditions for the sole purpose of being used as target practice by the customers of commercial shooting estates,' said Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports.... A spokesman for the British Association of Shooting and Conservation defended the farm and claimed the footage taken by investigators was 'deliberately staged or manipulated' by animal rights campaigners with an agenda to get pheasant shooting banned.... (story)

Luton on Sunday 4.7.04 No need to fear the 'timid' fox - The RSPCA would like to reassure Ms O'Leary ('Mum wary of garden foxes') that incidents where foxes have attacked children are incredibly rare and a high proportion of reports are never substantiated.... Ann Grain, Head of Press, RSPCA, Horsham, Sussex
MADAM - Re your story 'Mum wary of garden foxes'. A fox's diet consists mainly of earthworms, beetles, fruit and small birds. It is extremely unlikely that a healthy fox would make an unprovoked attack on a human and it is irresponsible of your paper to print such an un-newsworthy story... Samantha Bedford, Cemetery Road, Houghton Regis
MADAM - I felt compelled to write following your article about garden foxes. It made mention of cases where, apparently, a fox had bitten a child. The first was a case in Surrey some years ago. Both the paramedics who attended the baby and the hospital agreed that it was unlikely for it to have been a fox - more likely a cat scratch. In the second case, a more recent occurrence, there is no proof that the bite on the baby's face was caused by a fox... Martin Hemmington, National Fox Welfare Society, Higham Road, Rushden (letters)
Luton on Sunday 27.6.04 Mum wary of garden foxes - A FAMILY of foxes living in your back garden might sound like fun to some people. But not to single mum Jessica O'Leary who fears the animals could attack her 18-month-old daughter. There have been cases where small children have been mauled by foxes. In one high profile attack two years ago a fox slipped into a house and bit a baby who was sleeping on a sofa... Mrs O'Leary is in talks with the RSPCA to get the foxes removed (story)

Sunday Telegraph 4.7.04 Blunkett approval - You report David Blunkett's opinions in favour of reducing animal experimentation as if they are bound to enrage your readers... it is the first time that I have approved of him. From: (Mrs) M Evers, London W11 (letter)
Financial Times 28.6.04 Blunkett linked to animal charity By David Firn and Jimmy Burns - Senior figures in the biotechnology industry say efforts to clamp down on animal rights campaigners are being hampered by a lack of support from the home secretary…. Allegations of a rift surfaced yesterday when the Home Office confirmed that Mr Blunkett had been a patron of the Humane Research Trust, an organisation that promotes alternatives to animals in medical experiments and remained "broadly supportive" of the organization… Wendy Higgins, campaign director of BUAV, the anti-vivisection group, said the attack on Mr Blunkett was an attempt to portray all opponents of animal experiments as extremists. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 27.6.04 Fury at Blunkett's secret links to animal rights campaign By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - David Blunkett, who has been widely criticised as Home Secretary for refusing to take tough action against violent animal rights activists, is revealed today as a supporter of a leading anti-vivisection charity. The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that Mr Blunkett has discreetly served as a patron of the Humane Research Trust, which aims to eliminate the use of animals in human medical research... Aisling Burnand, the chief executive of the BioIndustry Association, whose members have been targeted by animal rights activists because of their involvement with legally-required animal experiments to test drugs, said "This explains a lot: why the Home Secretary has been silent on this issue..." (story)


Leicester Mercury 3.7.04 HUNTING BILL DEBATE SIDESTEPPED BY LEADER OF HOUSE - The Government has still not revealed when a bill to ban hunting with dogs will be re-introduced. Peter Hain, the Leader of the House of Commons, was expected to be poised to reveal the date on which the Hunting Bill - which would see hunting with dogs banned - would be debated in Parliament at Business Questions on Thursday…. The Government is nervous of introducing the legislation, fearing a backlash from the rural community, and the overwhelmingly Conservative MPs who represent it…. The Leader of the House, dodging the question, refused to give away any secrets. "I will make the announcement when I am ready to do so," he said…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 3.7.04 TALLY-HO OR TALLY-NO - DEBATE DATE UNCERTAIN - Residents in Derbyshire will have to wait even longer for the Government to reveal when a Bill to ban hunting with dogs will be re-introduced. Peter Hain, the leader of the House of Commons, was expected to reveal the date when the Hunting Bill will be debated in Parliament at Business Questions on Thursday... Mr Hain, however, unexpectedly steered clear of revealing whether or not the Government would be re-introducing the Bill.... "We have two more business statements before the recess and we will see what transpires." (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.7.04 HUNTING IS A PASTIME THAT APPEALS ACROSS CLASSES From: CJ Horsman, Rochdale Road, Halifax. John Grice is quite correct in saying that some backbench MPs are obsessed with trying to ban hunting with dogs on grounds of class… I urge all open-minded people to find out more for themselves by going to the country shows and game fairs this summer and asking questions where hunts are parading hounds at these events. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 16.6.04 Hunting issue a 'class war' From: John Grice, The Close, Durkar, Wakefield. I would like to agree with the correspondent on the attitude and obsession of this Government with the hunting issue. However, I have thought for a long time that the attitude of a lot of back-benchers has nothing to do with foxes but a lot to do with fox hunters – to put it simply, these people are fighting a class war… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 5.6.04 Hunting ban 'obsession' From: Mrs Julie Nelson, Hilston, Aldbrough, near Hull. The continued speculation over a return of a Bill to ban hunting has, I see, opened the debate once again in your letters page… With the latest polls showing that only one per cent of the Labour supporters think that the Government should be concentrating on this issue, surely the MPs involved in this early-day motion should look again at the reasons why they were elected and ask themselves why they are so totally out of touch with public opinion…. (letter)

Western Morning News 3.7.04 Too much meddling - JOHN Phelps displays a touching faith in Ben Bradshaw MP on the subject of the disposal of fallen stock (June 18). Of course Mr Bradshaw maintains that a hunting ban will have no impact on the problem. He would say that, wouldn't he? But that does not mean there is any truth in it... The Labour instinct for meddling in affairs which have run for years quite satisfactorily is at work again. And for whose benefit? When rotting carcasses pile up because the new system has been introduced without proper forethought, no doubt the farmers will be blamed. J Ward-Hayne, Modbury, South Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 3.7.04 KENNELS' ROLE NOT VITAL - Your correspondent J Ward-Hayne (WMN, June 14) is wrong to think that the disposal of carcasses is such a serious problem that farmers may resort to dumping dead farm animals on my front lawn for lack of proper disposal facilities. On May 20 Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, Under Secretary of State for Defra, told the Commons that a ban on hunting would have no impact whatever on the farming industry's capacity to dispose of fallen stock... John Phelps Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 14.6.04 REASON TO KEEP KENNELS - I note that John Phelps is again exercised over a purported breach of his human rights, being unhappy that the Government has not yet banned hunting… Of 186 premises approved by Defra to collect fallen stock, 93 are hunt kennels… Mr Phelps may enjoy his human rights a little less when farmers take to dumping carcasses on his front lawn for lack of proper disposal facilities. J Ward-Hayne Modbury, South Devon (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 3.7.04 Scientific procedures at HLS to stay under wraps - THE Government has agreed to keep scientific procedures at Huntingdon Life Sciences under wraps in a bid to protect employees from animal rights protesters. Restrictions preventing the disclosure of confidential information about animal testing will not be lifted, Home Office minister Caroline Flint announced.... (story)
Telegraph 2.7.04 Anonymity for animal lab staff - Animal researchers are to retain their right to anonymity to protect them from extremists.... (story)
Scotsman 1.7.04 'Confidentiality Clause' on Animal Experiments to Stay By Nick Mead, Political Staff, PA News - The Government has decided not to scrap the so-called “confidentiality clause” in legislation governing experiments on animals, it announced today. Many scientists feared repealing section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 would pose a risk to the security of researchers and research establishments from animal rights extremists… in a written statement junior Home Office Minister Caroline Flint said it would be retained “for the time being”, subject to a review in two years…. (story)

York Evening Press 3.7.04 Animal home bans visitors by Matthew Woodcock - YORK RSPCA officials have banned the public from looking round its kennels area without an appointment, it was revealed today. They say they were forced to take the drastic measure at the animal home in Landing Lane, because of regular abuse to staff and the alleged theft of a puppy. Paul Richard Lovie, 47, of Rose Street, off Haxby Road, was recently sentenced to 15 months in prison after he admitted threatening a man at the Landing Lane animal home. He forced his way into the sanctuary with a gun and a sword to try and get back his pet dog.... (story in archive)


Hexham Courant 2.7.04 HOME HOUND TAKES TITLE - ALTHOUGH rain fell almost non-stop at Simonburn on Saturday for the annual North Tyne Hunt show, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the competitors. A very good entry of hounds were forward in the open hound section for judge Brian Marshall, huntsman of the Farndale in Yorkshire…. (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 2.7.04 Sensitive to truth Valerie Whitby's attempts to smear polling commissioned by the Countryside Alliance (D&S letters, June 18) shows how sensitive obsessive anti-hunting campaigners are about the lack of public support for their campaign. To put the record straight the Alliance was criticised for using advertising with the phrase "59pc say keep hunting" instead of "59pc say don't ban hunting". To most reasonable people those two statements actually mean the same thing and that is why the Alliance is appealing against the ASA ruling…. RICHARD DODD, Regional Director, Countryside Alliance NE, Belsay, Northumberland
Valerie Whitby stated (D&S letters, June 18) that the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint from the League Against Cruel Sports that a pro-hunt poll had "flawed methodology and unreliable results". This is only one side of what the ASA found. The ASA has accepted that a poll commisioned by the Countryside Alliance in December 2002 does support the Alliance's claim that there is no majority of public opinion for a total ban on hunting…. PHILIP SEVER, River View, Middleton St George. (letters in archive)
Darlington & Stockton Times 25.6.04 ASA rulings - Valerie Whitby (DST, June 18) provides me with the opportunity of explaining the Advertising Standards Authority ruling on "59pc say keep hunting". The ASA accepted that the poll commissioned by the Alliance shows that there is no majority of public opinion for a total ban on hunting…. The Countryside Alliance disagrees with the ASA adjudication, which is based on the rather strange logic that someone who supports the continuation of an activity under regulation could actually want a significant "partial ban". We have already appealed against the adjudication…. JOHN HAIGH, Countryside Alliance Yorkshire regional director, 3 Front Street, Thirsk (letter in archive)

South Lodnon Press 2.7.04 'Vindictive and divisive' - I BELIEVE neither Douglas Batchelor (Letters, June 25), nor anyone else, has been able to make a logical case for banning hunting - but that does not stop them demanding more time to pursue their petty obsession…. Mr Batchelor knows well that in a recent poll which asked people whether the Government should concentrate on health, immigration, Iraq, hunting or education only one per cent of Labour voters chose hunting…. Tim Bonner, head of media Countryside Alliance Kennington (letter)
South London Press 25.6.04 'Ban hunting as a priority' - Douglas Batchelor, League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, Southwark (letter)
Worcester Evening News 16.6.04 Attack on countryside - IN the Evening News of Monday, May 31, Douglas Batchelor from the League Against Cruel Sports launched an unfounded attack on the countryside. He made an outrageous statement claiming that the hunting community was responsible for treating their neighbours in a certain manner. Mr Batchelor should reveal the evidence to back this accusation or resign… J WOOD, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Wharfedale Observer 10.6.04 SIR, - The Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart, has claimed that spending more Parliamentary time on hunting will provoke an outbreak of despair amongst the public… DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.5.04 We must finally deal with issue of cruelty - THE chief executive of the Countryside Alliance Simon Hart has claimed that spending more Parliamentary time on hunting will provoke an outbreak of despair among the public…. The League Against Cruel Sports, together with Members of Parliament, will continue to push for the return of the Hunting Bill, so that the limited time needed to ensure a ban on hunting with dogs is given…. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter in archive)
Skegness Standard 26.5.04 It’s time to ban hunting - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Scotsman 22.5.04 Barbaric pastime - The Countryside Alliance claims that spending more parliamentary time on hunting will provoke despair among the public… The League Against Cruel Sports, of which I am chief executive, agrees about the best use of parliamentary time. That is why we support the return of the Hunting Bill… DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Union Street London (letter)

Hexham Courant 2.7.04 DESTRUCTIVE - I MUCH enjoy walking in the country areas of the Tyne Valley. I was distressed recently to come to a place where pheasants are intensively bred. Many of these fine birds are killed by cars on the country roads and those that escape are shot in “sport” later in the year…. PETER WHITE, Millfield Gardens, Hexham (letter)

Buxton Advertiser 2.7.04 EXTREMIST POLICE IN QUARRY WARNING - A specialist police unit, which tackles the threat posed by extremist groups, has been advising a Dove Holes quarrying firm after threats from animal liberation extremists. The National Extremist Tactical Co-ordination Unit (NETCU), based in Cambridgeshire, have been in talks with RMC who employ 140 workers at their Dove Holes plant. It follows attacks from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) on RMC plants across the country because of their involvement in the construction of a new animal testing laboratory in Oxford. Activist used bolt cutters, axes and crowbars to cause damage to tractors, bulldozers and a crane at an RMC plant in Bournemouth on Friday…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.7.04 SCRUTINISED EXPERIMENTS - I wonder if the reason the Government does not rush into an investigation into the need for animal experiments could be because it did it last year? The Government's Animal Procedures Committee, which draws its membership from across the spectrum of the debate, reported: "The case that animal experiments can produce scientifically valid results is clear, strong and sustainable."… Philip Connolly London (letter)

Western Morning News 2.7.04 HORSE EXPORT BAN STILL NEEDED - As the deadline for obtaining a horse passport slipped by this week, with less than one-quarter of British horses and ponies registered, the Government offered equine owners more time to comply with the new regulations before strict enforcement is introduced. That has got to be welcome… There is one thing, however, that might spur more of them into complying with the new regulations. If Defra introduced a British ban on the export of horses for slaughter, many more owners might feel encouraged to sign up for the passport scheme in the knowledge that all horses, pony and donkeys in Britain - whatever their value - would be protected from a nightmare journey in the back of a lorry en route to a continental slaughterhouse… It is possible, when filling out a passport form, for British horse owners to declare that their animal must not be slaughtered for people to eat. But, somewhat ironically, the International League for the Protection of Horses successfully persuaded ministers to allow owners to leave this section blank. And their reasoning is sound, since signing it would prevent the final owner of the animal from having it humanely slaughtered in a UK abattoir and the carcass exported for meat… There is still nothing preventing the Minister for the Horse, Alun Michael, from insisting that no British equines are sent abroad for slaughter. The EU is happy for such a ban; campaigners want it, and no one apart from the unscrupulous horse dealers is going to object… It's time to act, Mr Michael. (story)

Scarborough Evening News 2.7.04 THERE IS A BADGER IN MY HOUSE - WHEN Angie Skov woke up and went to get herself a glass of water at 4.30am she discovered an intruder was in her dining room and her kitchen had been trashed. But she had not disturbed a burglar while he was ransacking her home – she had found a badger… Mike and Anne Moore, members of the North Riding Badger Group, were sent out to collect the animal and Mrs Skov, 55, of Newby, had to spend all of the following day cleaning her home… (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.7.04 WILD ANIMALS NEED OUR CARE - I have been meaning to write to you for some time to express my admiration for your reporting on animal issues. Treatment of wild animal life is a real problem in our society and human ignorance of the senses and feelings of all creatures is a tragedy…. Andy Smith Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)


Scunthorpe Telegraph 1.7.04 ACT MAY BE USED TO HAVE BILL PASSED - Long-awaited legislation to outlaw hunting with dogs could be introduced back into Parliament in a matter of weeks, senior sources have revealed…. A senior Labour MP revealed: "It will be brought in during the last week of Parliament, before the recess in July. It is expected to go down well with the Party…" A senior Labour MP revealed: "It will be brought in during the last week of Parliament, before the recess in July. It is expected to go down well with the Party… (story)

Shropshire Star 1.7.04 Shows do not make TV viewer an expert - B Turner, Families at centre, June 22, is now an expert on the lives and habits of foxes, thanks to a couple of TV programmes. I missed the episode of Jimmy's Farm in which his poultry was attacked by foxes, something which Mr Turner is inclined to doubt because all the dead birds had been left behind. Has he ever seen the results of a fox's killing spree, with headless poultry strewn around, feathers everywhere and the only survivors totally traumatised?... B Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.7.04 Ban hunting now - I completely agree with Simon Hart, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance when he says that the government have more important issues to consider than a ban on hunting with hounds… The parliament act should be used to ban hunting immediately so that our MPs can get on with other important work and not waste any more time on this low priority issue. Peter Mallinson, The Bramptons (letter in archive)

Western Gazette 1.7.04 HUNT BALL GOLDFISH WERE RED HERRINGS - I Read with interest the two letters you published (24 June) concerning the attendance by goldfish at the Blackmore Vale Hunt Ball. It is hard to see how this could be considered cruel. A goldfish in a bowl is a goldfish in a bowl. Could it know that it was at a dance rather than on a sidetable in someone`s house?... It looks, in this case, as though these goldfish were, in fact, red herrings. They were merely a device to allow at least one of the authors to take yet another swipe at hunting… To revive now the possibility of legislation to ban hunting would be laughable, when the Government is faced by issues of real importance, such as the future of Iraq, of the NHS, of education, of roads and transport and of the public services in general… John Parkes, address supplied (letter)
Western Gazette 1.7.04 STORM IN A FISHBOWL - It is ironic that the use of a goldfish as decoration should be linked to the hunting issue. Even that well-known fisherman Mr Foster, when trying to introduce the anti-hunting legislation, stated that fish felt no pain and should not be in the same category as warm-blooded animals when assessing cruelty…. Victoria Lang, Henstridge, full address supplied. (letter)
Western Gazette 24.6.04 ANOTHER OWN GOAL - It comes as no surprise to learn that the Sparkford and Blackmore Vale Hunt decided that flowers were too expensive to use for table decoration and chose the cheaper alternative, live goldfish. After all, animal welfare is not really top of its list, is it?... Name and address supplied. (letter)

Cambridge News 1.7.04 MP slams Blunkett over failing to protect staff - HUNTINGDON MP Jonathan Djanogly has accused Home Secretary David Blunkett of failing to protect scientific research workers from animal rights activists. But in an exchange at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Tony Blair signalled that tougher sanctions could be introduced to combat activists who break the law… Mr Djanogly told the News that despite the many letters and requests for meetings he had sent to the Home Secretary, not one letter had been answered. (story)
Scotsman 30.6.04 Blair Warns Animal Rights Activists on Law Breaking By Vivienne Morgan, Political Staff, PA News - Tougher sanctions could be introduced to combat animal rights activists who break the law, the Prime Minister signalled today. But he upbraided Tories for seeking to exploit newspaper allegations that Home Secretary David Blunkett once served as a supporter of a leading anti-vivisection charity…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.7.04 Stop all animal testing for good - ANIMALS are needlessly suffering and being ignored at the hands of merciless human beings to benefit the profits of capitalist drug companies…. Animal cruelty under any guise is not to be tolerated. Susan Clark Comely Place, Falkirk (letter)

Sutton Guardian 1.7.04 Crisis at animal home - A wildlife hospital is in danger of closing due to a lack of funds and donations. London Wildcare, based in Beddington Park, Wallington, is home to around 4,000 animals and costs about £120,000 a year to run…. Founder Ted Burden, 36, said: "There are approximately 500 animals on site, but no money left in reserve, which is the worrying thing…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.6.04 Wildlife hospital fears for future By Jane Mower - Ted Burden says that what he misses most after leaving a high-flying career in law to care for sick animals is the £100,000 a year pay cheque. But as founder of the London Wildcare, he would settle for £10,000 to see the centre through the next month… A poor turn out at a recent fundraising event, due to bad weather, left the coffers £4,000 short - casting doubts over the future of the centre…. (story)

Somerset Standard 1.7.04 WHALING MUST BE STOPPED - PHILIP LYMBERY, World Society for the (letter)
Western Morning News 15.6.04 WHALING MUST BE HALTED BY UNITED EFFORT - Philip Lymbery Director of Communications World Society for the Protection of Animals (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 14.6.04 SOAPBOX: IT IS TIME FOR WHALING TO STOP - Philip Lymbery, director of communications, World Society for the Protection of Animals, London. (letter)
Shropshire Star 10.6.04 Cruelty of whaling - Philip Lymbery, World Society for the Protection of Animals (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.6.04 CALL TO STOP WHALING IN OUR TROUBLED WATERS NOW - It is ironic that, as people around the globe celebrated World Oceans Day, whaling fleets from Japan and Norway were currently at sea on a mission to hunt and kill hundreds of whales between them. This is despite an international ban on commercial whaling that has been in place for almost 20 years…. Please go to www.whalewatch.org for details of how you can join our campaign. P Lymbery World Society for the Protection of Animals London SE1 7TP (letter)