July 2005

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Sunday Times 31.7.05 In pursuit of the upper classes BY ROD LIDDLE - Sometimes I suspect the Countryside Alliance was right and that the national debate about fox-hunting came down to a very simple equation: which do you prefer, toffs or foxes? And the answer was pretty much unequivocal. Of course, this is no basis upon which to frame important legislation, laws that will undoubtedly threaten the livelihood of several score of people across the country…. Last week, we had the middle-class journalist James Delingpole sucking up to the toffs in The British Upper Class (Sunday, C4)… (story)

Sunday Independent (Ireland) 31.7.05 Irish drugs industry targeted by animal rights extremists - ANIMAL rights extremists, with links to groups that have carried out terror-style attacks in the UK, USA and mainland Europe, havebegun targeting Ireland's pharmaceutical industry… the Sunday Independent has learned that a hardcore group of extremists has been visiting the offices and factories of Ireland's top pharmaceutical companies and is believed to have been spying on senior employees… (story)

Scotland on Sunday 31.7.05 China must pass laws on cruelty - ALTHOUGH animal welfare as a concept has spread in China only within the past decade, there are many reasons for the country to speed up the adaptation of animal welfare legislation… Animal protection organisations hope that, in order to enhance its international image and meet the growing concerns of the Chinese public, the government may soon introduce a basic animal welfare law. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals (story)


Western Morning News 30.7.05 PRO-HUNT CAMPAIGN TO APPEAL ON RULING - Pro-hunt campaigners across the Westcountry have vowed to fight on, despite losing the second attempt to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs yesterday… However the Countryside Alliance said it would continue the campaign, having been granted leave to take their case to the court of appeal…. Brian Friend, a retired airline pilot from Membury, near Axminster, Devon, and Hugh Thomas, a retired gamekeeper from Monksilver, near Taunton, are both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers. Reacting to the judgment, Mr Friend said: "The High Court seems content that we, the hunting community, should not be accorded the same rights, in law, as gypsies and other ethnic groups despite clearly meeting the criteria defining such a group… Robin Nicholls, master of the Tetcott hunt, which hunts around Bude in north Cornwall and across the border into Devon, said: "I just wish the Government would realise how many lives are being ruined by this…” (story)
Leicester Mercury 30.7.05 FOX-HUNTERS WILL FIGHT ON BY GARY MITCHELL - Pro-hunting campaigners have vowed to fight on despite failing in their second attempt to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs… Joe Cowen, of Lutterworth, who is master and trainer of the Fernie hunt, was in court. He said: "We did indeed lose, but we shall be fighting on. We will carry on to the appeal court." Clare Bell, secretary of the Cottesmore Hunt, in Rutland, said: "It's a terribly sad day for the rural community…. (story)
Western Mail 30.7.05 Pro-hunters defeated in court - PRO-HUNT campaigners have been out-foxed in their second High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales… But the Countryside Alliance, which is pursuing the claim in the names of 10 claimants, including Powys livestock farmer Ken Jones, joint Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt, has been given leave to appeal…. "They did not feel strongly enough that the ban is a disproportionate infringement of those rights," said Alliance spokesman Darren Hughes. His father, Brian, is Master of the Llangeinor Hunt and his mother, Mair, was one of three named claimants who challenged the ban in the courts earlier this year on the grounds that the Government had acted illegally. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.7.05 HUNTSMEN VOW TO KEEP UP FIGHT - West huntsmen vowed to continue fighting the ban on hunting on human rights grounds last night after they lost the first round of their legal challenge in the High Court yesterday…. Many of the 10 said their livelihoods relied on hunting with dogs, including huntsman Donald Summersgill, from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, and livery owner Lesley Drage, whose business renting horses to hunt riders in the Cotswolds has suffered terribly since the ban… (story)
Telegraph 30.7.05 Pro-hunt campaign loses legal challenge against ban By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Pro-hunting campaigners yesterday lost their second High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. But John Jackson, chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said the battle would continue…. (story)
Times 30.7.05 Judges back hunting ban BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - HUNTING supporters lost their second legal challenge to the ban on their sport yesterday at the High Court… (story)
Guardian 30.7.05 Further legal defeat for hunt supporters Clare Dyer, legal editor - Pro-hunt campaigners yesterday lost their second high court challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. (story)
Mirror 30.7.05 HUNTERS' 2ND BLOW - PRO-HUNT campaigners yesterday lost their second High Court bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs throughout England and Wales…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 30.7.05 CHAMP SMITH EXPANDS YARD - National team chasing champion Graham Smith, who is also joint master of the South Notts Hunt and a field master of the Newark-based Readyfield Bloodhounds, is expanding his equestrian yard and moving into eventing and racing… (story)

Western Mail 30.7.05 Fox outrage - Royston Jones of Brecon (July 26), says, "As for conservation of wildlife, conservation is one of the worst things that could happen to any species." I would consider that a sweeping statement…. Foxes "out of control" do not occur in nature, they occur in the entertainment and business and sporting habits of certain men and women. BRIAN KING, Aberdare Road, Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taf (letter)
Western Mail 26.7.05 Don't blame farmers - The comments reported to have been made by Dr Elaine King cannot be allowed to go unchallenged (Country & Farming, July 12). She is unable to understand why taxpayers have bailed out, twice, the livestock industry for problems of its own making. Those with short memories, should not make such sweeping statements…. As for the conservation of wildlife, conservation is one of the worst things that could happen to any species. A classic example being the build-up of fox numbers in our towns and cities, to the extent that there has been a loss of 90% of foxes in Bristol because of fox mange…. ROYSTON JONES, LLanfilangel, Nantbran, Brecon (letter)

Western Morning News 30.7.05 SURVEY TO EXAMINE VALUE OF SHOOTING - A report into the impact of game shooting on Exmoor has been commissioned by the Exmoor National Park Authority . The report, which has the support of the Greater Exmoor Shoots Association (GESA), will examine the environmental, social and economic impact of game shooting in the National Park and comes after the League Against Cruel Sports made clear its intentions to pursue a ban on shooting…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.7.05 RURAL SHOOTING IS UNDER ATTACK - The survey to calculate the economic importance of shooting on Exmoor, commissioned by the National Park, is a worthwhile exercise that should be rolled out across the whole of the Westcountry. Because it is clear that with the hunting battle all but over, the League Against Cruel Sports is turning its attention to game shooting. The consequences of a ban on shooting sports would be hugely financially damaging, as well as representing a further attack on the rural way of life… we have seen the pressure that can be brought to bear by determined backbenchers. It was they who effectively scuppered the Government's preference for licensed hunting, insisting on a full-scale ban. They could, over time, do the same for shooting…. (story)

icScotland 30.7.05 Gamekeeper denies shooting owl - A gamekeeper has appeared in court accused of shooting a protected bird of prey in Lanarkshire. Mark Palmer, 23, denies killing a rare, short-eared owl on a moor at Leadhills Estate, Abington, in May 2004… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 30.7.05 Boycott the dog racing - THE horrific report of increased animal cruelty, featured in the Swindon Advertiser, will have shocked many people… However, many people attend greyhound racing without realising that they are encouraging cruelty on a massive scale… M Harrison, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 30.7.05 Bank ad prompts plea for a boycott by Jane Reader - SUPPORTERS of rescue centre Monkey World are being urged to boycott Barclaycard to protest against the company's use of a performing monkey in an advertisement… And Jim Cronin, who runs Monkey World at Wool, near Wareham, told the Daily Echo: "It is more than disappointing that Barclay-card would seek to use such a gimmick….” The Barclaycard advertisement, which stars Jennifer Saunders, has been criticised by Animal Defenders International, the organisation which exposed the horrific abuse of primates at Mary Chipperfield Promotions leading to 13 convictions for cruelty…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 30.7.05 BEARS' NEW DEN A TONIC FOR THE SOUL - We know that you will feel every bit as proud as we do today, looking at the pictures of the new bile bear rescue centre you have helped pay for. It was your generosity that took our appeal fund for the horribly mistreated creatures to almost £120,000…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.7.05 Activists to mount a protest at horse show - JOANNA VALLELY - ANIMAL welfare campaigners from across Scotland are set to stage a major protest at an international horse circus in Edinburgh tomorrow. Visitors to Spirit of the Horse at the Royal Highland Centre will be greeted by placard-waving protesters wearing horse masks…. Lynda Korimboccus, Advocates for Animals' campaigns manager, said: "It's a circus act as far as I'm concerned. By their very nature, circuses cannot provide the space and necessary requirements to meet the needs of animals…” (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.7.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS THREAT TO INVERNESS HORSES SHOW - Animal activists have warned last-minute demonstrations may be organised to protest about a performing horse show which opened in Inverness last night. Spirit of the Horse, billed as "Europe's largest and most spectacular equestrian touring theatre show", will give twice-daily performances in a huge tent next to Caledonian Thistle's Longman stadium until Sunday. Advocates for Animals and the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) insist it is in reality a horse circus and have urged members of the public to boycott the show…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.7.05 Courts must get tough - ROSS MINETT, director of Advocates For Animals, is absolutely right in saying sentences given out to those who abuse animals are far too lenient… Mrs June Fleming, Oxgangs Farm Gardens, Edinburgh (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.7.05 I could eat a horse . . but make it a stripy one - GARETH EDWARDS - ZEBRAS are generally seen bounding across the plains of Africa in large herds. But Edinburgh diners are being offered a slightly different view of the animal, as it sizzles on top of a metal frying pan surrounded by herbs. The meat, sourced from a company in England, has been added to the menu of Khublai Khans, a Mongolian restaurant which re-creates the style of cooking favoured by the marauding 13th-century warriors…. A spokesman for animal rights group Advocates for Animals said: "We are concerned to learn of any 'exotic' meat on sale in Scotland….” (story)


Horse & Hound 29.7.05 Hunting Act upheld as lawful - Holly Kirkwood - The Countryside Alliance's latest challenges to the Hunting Act at the High Court have failed, as the CA vows to fight on… John Jackson, Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: "The judges have accepted that there is interference with some of the claimants rights, and that the Hunting Act will have a substantial general adverse effect on the lives of many in the rural community…. We have been granted leave to take this case to the Court of Appeal." (story)
icBerkshire 29.7.05 Pro-hunt group lose court ruling - Pro-hunt campaigners have lost their second High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. (story)
Scotsman 29.7.05 Pro-hunt group lose court ruling (story)
Evening Standard 29.7.05 Pro-hunt group lose court ruling (story)
Guardian 29.7.05 High court rejects hunting ban challenge - Pro-hunting campaigners in the high court today lost a second bid to challenge the hunting ban… (story)
Sky 29.7.05 HUNT BAN REMAINS - Pro-hunt campaigners have lost their second bid to overturn a ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. (story)
M2 29.7.05 High Court rules that hunting ban is lawful: pro-hunt challenges dismissed - Published in M2 PressWIRE on Friday, 29 July 2005 at 14:51 GMT - In an historic judgement today, the High Court has dismissed claims from the Countryside Alliance and other hunting supporters that the hunting ban breaches Human Rights and European law. Significantly, Lord Justice May and Mr Justice Moses found that, in passing the Hunting Act 2004, there was sufficient material available for MPs to conclude that hunting with dogs is cruel and that it could be banned…. (story)
BBC News Online 29.7.05 Hunt campaign loses court battle - Pro-hunt campaigners have lost their second High Court challenge to laws banning hunting with dogs. The Countryside Alliance tried to use European human rights laws to overturn the ban in England and Wales…. (story)
Guardian 29.7.05 Hunt supporters wait for court ruling - Press Association - Pro-hunting campaigners will learn today whether they have succeeded in a second bid to challenge the hunting ban…. (story)
Evening Standard 29.7.05 Pro-hunt group to hear court ruling - Pro-hunt campaigners will learn whether they have succeeded in a second bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales… (story)
icScotland 29.7.05 Pro-hunt group to hear court ruling - Pro-hunt campaigners will learn whether they have succeeded in a second bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. (story)
Sky News 29.7.05 HUNTING DECISION DUE - Pro-hunt campaigners will learn today whether they have succeeded in a second bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales. Two senior judges are ruling in a case which has split the country…. (story)

Hexham Courant 29.7.05 HUNT FUND-RAISERS By HELEN COMPSON - SUPPORTERS of the Tynedale Hunt are holding a fund-raising riding event this weekend in a bid to prevent hounds being put down. The bonus to riders is that they will be able to cross land that isn’t generally open to them…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 29.7.05 HUNTING ACT PRESSURE - Pressure is being stepped up on the Assembly to change its approach to the Hunting Act. The Countryside Alliance says the Assembly must take positive action to "rectify the damage" caused by the Hunting Act…. (story)
Western Mail 22.7.05 Hunting lobby 'threatens Welsh Bill' - Kirsty Buchanan, Western Mail - HUNT campaigners could scupper plans to give the National Assembly greater powers, if they press ahead with demands to lift the ban on hunting with dogs in Wales. Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned that getting the new Government of Wales Bill through Parliament will be a delicate business without attempted power grabs for the Assembly in non-devolved areas…. (story)
Daily Post 14.7.05 Fighting hunt ban is off the agenda By Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A POLITICAL row has broken out over claims that hunting with packs of hounds could be allowed in Wales within months. The Assembly last night poured cold water over NFU Cymru's assertion that hunting was to be put back on the political agenda… Countryside minister Carwyn Jones said any debate over exempting Wales from elements of the Hunting Act would not happen until after the next Assembly elections…. But the union insists it has been given a commitment by Mr Jones that the Assembly would reconsider the issue… (story)
Western Mail 12.7.05 Hunts may ride again if powers allow fox control - Steve Dube, Western Mail - FOX hunting with a pack of dogs could return to Wales within months. Wales Rural Affairs Minister Carwyn Jones has confirmed that the National Assembly will be asked to consider exempting Wales from elements of the controversial Hunting Act as soon as it has the powers to do so…. (story)
Daily Post 23.6.05 Calls to amend hunting in Wales - WALES must go it alone and allow some forms of hunting if next season's lamb crop is not to be devastated, farm leaders have warned. NFU Cymru president Peredur Hughes has written to Wales countryside minister Carwyn Jones to exercise the Assembly's right to alter the hunting ban… (story)
Bangor & Holyhead Mail 8.6.05 Welsh farmers fight on for effective fox control by Michelle Rushton, North Wales Weekly Newspapers series - EFFECTIVE fox control in Wales has become a burning issue with many sheep and poultry farmers. And the overwhelming response from NFU Cymru Wales members is that the use of dogs as a method of agricultural pest control should continue for controlling foxes… Local farming bodies spoke with one voice to protect the interests of these farmers in Wales when they met last month with Environment Planning and Countryside Minister, Carwyn Jones, at the Welsh Assembly Government…. (story)

Tottenham & Wood Green Independent 29.7.05 Big Brother house to House of Commons By Peter Sherlock - Tottenham Conservatives hope fox-hunting toff Derek Laud from reality TV show Big Brother will return to challenge David Lammy at the next General Election. Political speechwriter Derek, 40, has attracted a wider fanbase than most Tory leadership hopefuls during his six-week stint in the BB house. And the chairman of the local Conservative Party, Justin Hinchcliffe, has said it would be a great coup' if Derek chose to return to the seat he contested in 1997… (story)

Northern Echo 29.7.05 Not so glorious for grouse shooting - SHOOTING estates in the region are predicting a poor grouse season this year as an infestation of worms threatens much of the country's population…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 29.7.05 DON'T TARGET EXMOOR, SAYS SHOOTING LOBBY - The rolling hills and moorland of Exmoor are quiet at this time of year, but come the beginning of September the sporadic echo of gunfire will ring out across the stirring landscape. The 40 or so game bird shoots on Exmoor are regarded as some of the best in the world and attract well-heeled shooters from as far as the US and Australia…. For farmers, the shooting of pheasants and partridge has become a vital source of income. That is a why the League Against Cruel Sports' public announcement that it is now pursuing a ban on shooting is casting a long shadow over one of the region's most beautiful rural communities…. (story)

Scotsman 29.7.05 Rethink raptors' status - We welcome the commitment of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to research the alarming decline in our upland bird populations (your report, 22 July)…. It only has to look again at the results of the joint raptor study carried out on Langholm Moor, in Dumfriesshire, where, along with the upland birds, went the jobs of keepers, with massive damage to the local economy… TONY ANDREWS, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Midlothian (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.7.05 CAIRNGORMS DEER TALKS SMOOTH OUT CULL WRANGLE - TOMMY SMITH - The future of controversial deer management in the UK's largest national park was discussed yesterday. Deer managers, community organisations and other groups joined together in Tomintoul to share information and opinions on the future of managing the animals which live within the 1,467sq mile Cairngorms National Park. The event, organised by the park authority and the Deer Commission for Scotland, was primarily aimed at helping the authority develop it's approach to deer issues…. (story)

Northern Echo 29.7.05 Crimefighting anglers net award - YOUNG anglers were yesterday rewarded for their efforts in a national crimefighting competition. Teenagers from the Knaresborough Road estate, in Harrogate, have set up the Mapplebeck Anglers' Association. The group has been such a success that it won through to the final of the National Crimebeat competition, where it came second… (story in archive)

Oxford Mail 29.7.05 We must tackle these activists - I would like to pass on my sincere apologies to all members of Hertford, St Hilda's and St Catherine's Colleges after the unnecessary and appalling act of arson destroying their boathouse (Oxford Mail, July 22). To have got to a stage that vandals can class themselves as animal rights' activists and use this cause to vandalise people's homes, destroy properties and threaten individuals is a very sad day indeed… We need to unite and stand up against these 'activists' before they destroy the society we live in. Matthew Lovell, Lincoln College, Oxford (letter in archive)

Times 29.7.05 Big Issue rejects adverts after vendor is attacked BY RUSSELL JENKINS - THE BIG ISSUE magazine announced yesterday that it would no longer publish advertisements for a major pharmaceutical research company because one of its vendors was attacked by an animal rights activist. The magazine, which provides employment for the homeless, complained that its streetsellers had been targeted by activists campaigning against Covance, a clinical testing company… (story)
BBC News Online 28.7.05 Activist attacks Big Issue seller - The Big Issue in the North magazine has dropped an advert for a drugs company after one of its vendors was attacked by an animal rights campaigner. The homeless man was selling the magazine in Liverpool when he was assaulted by a woman over its adverts for Covance, which tests on animals. Big Issue Managing Director Richard Brown called it a "horrific incident"… "Picking on vulnerable people to get what you want is a despicable way to act…." (story)
Manchester Evening News 28.7.05 Big Issue pulls ad after vendor attack - The Big Issue in the North magazine has been forced to pull adverts from a drug company after a vendor was attacked in Liverpool by an animal rights activist…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 29.7.05 ANIMAL-TESTING CONCERN - I would like to give Leicester City Council a big bouquet for its work in bringing in policies that use only animal-friendly products. This is a great step forward in the fight to bring all animal testing to an end…. Sue Chambers, Leicester (letter)

The Sentinel 29.7.05 ANIMAL FARMING IS NO ANSWER FOR POOR - Regarding the letter headlined Charity collections will buy 37 goats (The Sentinel, July 21). I fully support steps to help people in poorer countries (e.g. through fair trade). However, animal farming is an inefficient way of feeding people… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)


Worcester Evening News 28.7.05 Why I wanted MP to foot the bill for this slaughter - A FUMING farmer nearly got on the phone to Worcester MP Mike Foster after his prize-winning hens were savagely killed in what is believed to have been a fox attack. Charlie Bull returned home to find the mutilated bodies of 19 of his Light Sussex hens strewn across his farm. And his first thought was to send the bill to Mr Foster, who introduced the 1997 bill which led to the hunting ban… (story in archive)

Western Gazette 28.7.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS MAN FEARS FOR DOGS' LIVES - Police are investigating an attack on the home of an animal rights activist where an open bag of rat poison was thrown into his garden. Kevin Sheehan, aged 60, found a split bag of rat poison pellets in the garden of his home in Osmington Mills on Friday morning…. He blamed hunt supporters and said it showed they were resorting to desperate measures after the ban on hunting with dogs came into force in February…. His cafe, The Tea Rooms, has signs up saying "Hunters are not welcome" and Mr Sheehan now helps monitor drag and trail hunts in Dorset to make sure the ban is not being flouted…. Huntsmaster with the South Dorset Hunt Rory Innes said it was irresponsible for Mr Sheehan to point the finger indiscriminately. "I have had my house set alight, my car written off and recently had my windows put in but I have not tried to get publicity about it and point the finger," he said…. (story)

(probably Gloucester Citizen) 28.7.05 NO LONGER FOXED BY 'FELIX' - It's a mystery that's been baffling the residents of Gloucestershire for months. Pictures of a devilish black fox in hunting kit giving a victory sign have sprung up on road signs across the county (inset). Felix the Fox has become the symbol of the hunt's Fight the Ban movement…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 26.7.05 FELIX - FOXING MYSTERY MAN IS REVEALED - It's a mystery that's been baffling the residents of Gloucestershire for months. Pictures of a devilish black fox in hunting kit giving a victory sign have sprung up on road signs across the county. Felix the Fox has become the symbol of the hunt's Fight the Ban movement…. Cirencester estate agent Rupert Sturgis has stepped forward to reveal he's the man in the fox suit… Now Rupert wants to host a Fox Aid concert at his family's farm in Somerset and is hoping his chart-topping Army buddy James Blunt might top the bill. As well as a band fronted by the daughter of Capt Ian Farquhar, the master of the Beaufort Hunt, there will be a disco, fairground, camping, steel band and singers…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.7.05 FELIX UNMASKED - A Former Horseguards officer, upmarket estate agent and amateur jockey revealed last night that he is the man behind the Felix the Fox campaign against the hunting ban. And now Rupert Sturgis is planning the biggest Felix event yet - in his own back yard… He said: "It's all about keeping awareness of the hunting issue going, keeping people together and fighting and above all having a bit of fun and making a mockery of the ban…” And last night Rupert was organising his biggest stunt yet - a Fox Aid benefit concert aimed at "making the Hunting Ban History". The concert-cum-festival will take place on the family's farm land in Great Somerford, Wiltshire, right after the end of the annual Somerford Show, a traditional agricultural show that takes place next to the River Avon opposite the family farm. As well as a band fronted by the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, the master of the Beaufort Hunt, there will be a disco, light show, fairground, camping, a steel band and other singers… But last night the League Against Cruel Sports condemned the Felix campaign for "hijacking the language" of Live8…. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.7.05 POINTING TO THE FUTURE - Point-to-point fixtures in Devon and Cornwall will go ahead in 2006 despite the hunting ban imposed earlier this year. All 27 planned fixtures have been given the green light following the area's annual meeting in Okehampton. Chairman Frank Yeo commented: "In light of the hunting ban, there are difficult times ahead but, if we all remain positive right the way through, we shall be running on all cylinders."… (story)

Taunton Times 28.7.05 HUNTSMAN'S TALE - Staghunter: The Remarkable Story of Ernest Bawden. Published by Halsgrove, Tiverton, Devon 2005, £16.99 AT first glance this appears to be a man's book. But closer attention reveals it is not only the biography of an amazing huntsman but an evocation of life on Exmoor from the time when the first Bawdens arrived from Cornwall in 1750… The author is dedicated to his subject and those who hunted with the great Bawden. In a foreword the indefatigable huntress Baroness Mallalieu tells us that this story explains why stag hunting remains central to life on Exmoor. '???its continuation is crucial to the survival of the herds of red deer'…. (story)

Birmingham Post 28.7.05 Mids MP tells anglers to fight potential ban - Anglers should focus on promoting the social, environmental and economic benefits of their sport to safeguard its future, a Midland MP has said. Peter Luff, Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire, made his comments following fears animal rights activists will call for a ban on the sport… His comments came after the Country Land and Business Association revealed results of an ICM survey, in which 84 per cent of 1,000 adults quizzed said they did not want to see fishing banned. The poll results were announced at the annual CLA Game Fair held at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, at the weekend…. (story)

Hawick News 28.7.05 Sir, Tough new powers were recently implemented today to tackle animal rights “extremist campaigns of violence and intimidation”… Adolfo Sansolini, Chief Executive The BUAV (story)
Bucks Free Press 25.7.05 Threat to freedom - Adolfo Sansolini Chief Executive, The BUAV, Crane Grove, London (story)
North Devon Journal 7.7.05 OUR CONCERNS AT NEW LAWS ON INTIMIDATION - Tough new powers were implemented to tackle animal rights extremist campaigns of violence and intimidation. The measures do not officially affect peaceful, law-abiding organisations such as ourselves, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, as we do not conduct protests outside people's homes or harass anyone… However, we are concerned these new powers will constitute a serious threat to freedom of expression for anyone who opposes animal experiments making it an offence, for example, to cause economic damage… ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Chief Executive, The BUAV, Crane Grove, London. (letter)

Burton Mail 28.7.05 ACTIVIST SICKENED BY ANIMAL RIGHTS FILM - A PASSIONATE animal rights protester has condemned activists behind a campaign of terror against owners and workers at a guinea pig farm near Burton. London–based teacher Stephanie Garland, says she felt ashamed to be an animal rights campaigner after watching Monday night's BBC2 documentary entitled The Siege of Darley Oaks. Following the programme, which focused on activists targeting the Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for scientific research, the Mail was inundated with letters, some from as far as Scotland, labelling the protesters 'home grown versions of the London bombers'... (story)
Burton Mail 26.7.05 GUINEA PIGS PROTEST FURY - ANIMAL rights protesters at a controversial guinea pig farm near Burton were today compared to the London bombers. Letters from as far as Scotland have been sent to the Mail condemning activists targeting Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, as a 'home grown versions of the London bombers' after a documentary entitled The Siege of Darley Oaks Farm was aired on BBC2 last night…. (story)
Times 26.7.05 From animal lovers to human haters - HANNAH BETTS - BRITAIN IS a notoriously animal friendly nation, and there are those among us who subjugate human rights in their favour. These individuals are not so much animal lovers as haters of humans… The word terrorist has become more emotive than ever over the last troubled weeks, but that, undoubtedly, is what such individuals constitute. It was a term that cropped up several times during The Siege of Darley Oaks Farm (BBC Two), a Money Programme special charting five years of guerrilla warfare directed against John Hall, a guinea-pig farmer whose stock is bred for medical experimentation… All that could be achieved in half an hour was a snapshot, but what a compelling snapshot it was…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.7.05 The siege of Darley Oaks Farm By Adam Warner - For five years, animal rights activists have been waging a guerrilla war against one business to shut it down. Their target - Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, where guinea pigs are bred for scientific research… A special Money Programme, "The Siege of Darley Oaks Farm", is shown on BBC TWO at 10pm on Monday 25 July (story)
The Sentinel 25.7.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS AND HUMAN WRONGS - For five years, animal rights activists have been waging a guerrilla war against a Staffordshire business. Their target is Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, where guinea pigs are bred for experimentation. The campaign began in 1999, when John Hall and his brother Christopher's farm was raided by the Animal Liberation Front, who claimed that the guinea pigs bred there were kept in appalling conditions - a claim denied by the Halls…. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.7.05 DEFRA SET ON BADGER CULL - It is sad to read yet again that Johnny Kingdom has lost his badger sett at Twitchem, but no surprise that "someone had them as well" (Western Daily Press, July 23). I can almost guarantee that this was the work of Defra trapping badgers again…. I would ask Johnny to look around this area and note if there are any pheasant pens or gamekeepers within the area. I know that these people will inform Defra of any setts, as one of the main reasons for the badger cull is to support the pheasant breeding industry and not, as we are led to believe, to help dairy farmers…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Northern Echo 28.7.05 No harm to circus animals, says boss - A CIRCUS boss has defended concerns from an animal rights organisation about the way its animals are kept. Peter Jolly's Circus, which is visiting Barnard Castle, County Durham, this week has been criticised by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps) for using animal acts. However, Peter Jolly senior, who runs the circus with his son, also called Peter, has said his animals are treated well…. (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 28.7.05 No excuse for cruelty - I AM pleased to hear the RSPCA are taking more and more action over cruelty to animals…. J ROSE, Worcester (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 28.7.05 Impressed by slaughter - I READ Justin Kerswell's letter, concerning the treatment of animals in a north of England slaughterhouse… I was most impressed by the Islamic and Jewish slaughtermen, who showed great respect towards the animals they killed… Unfortunately, some of the antics and bravado displayed by the younger Christian slaughtermen knew no bounds and made me ashamed to be a Christian… L SPITERI, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.7.05 Take the vegetarian option - Justin Kerswell, Viva!, Bristol. (letter)
Sunderland Echo 13.7.05 Try going veggie - Justin Kerswell, Campaigner, Viva! (letter)
Bath Chronicle 7.7.05 SAVE LIVES BY GOING VEGGIE - The way animals are killed in slaughterhouses is something most of us don't want to think about but the recent BBC documentary, Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood (BBC2, July 5) opened the doors on to this little seen industry…. Luckily, each of us has the power to do something about this. By becoming vegetarian we stop supporting this brutal business and reduce the number of animals enduring this fate…. JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigner, Viva!, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Western Gazette 28.7.05 BIRD SHOW IS IN THE CLEAR - A Bird show at the Bath and West Showground has been ruled legal, despite claims by protestors over animal cruelty. An investigation by Mendip District Council into the Festival of Birds, held in April, found accusations by animal rights campaigners were unfounded… (story)

Ealing Times 28.7.05 Animals settle into new Walpole home By Rachel Sixsmith - HEDGEHOGS and foxes were among the wild animals seen by visitors to the Walpole Park animal centre on the first day of its reopening. The centre in the park in Ealing reopened its doors on Saturday after it was saved by the Ealing Times last year…. Now run as an animal hospital by the charity London Wildcare, its trained clinicians are providing full-time care to the animals…. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.7.05 TOUGH JUSTICE FOR PETS THAT SUFFER - Thank you for the recent article about cruelty to animals. Isn't it time that the people who are responsible for this terrible cruelty should be shamed by their faces being shown, so that we all know who they are?... Mrs M Andrews Tewkesbury Gloucestershire (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 28.7.05 WHY SO ANT-I THESE INSECTS? - I Was particularly interested in the article on ants in the Telegraph on July 16. I think they have been given a bad press in the past which, in most cases, has been totally unjustified, as they are great destroyers of harmful pests…. Robin Downs, Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe. (letter)


Western Morning News 27.7.05 SABOTEURS TO KEEP VIDEO WATCH OVER HUNT GROUPS - The Hunt Saboteurs Association is to continue its activities in the Westcountry and retain its title despite the implementation of the Hunting Act. The association held its annual general meeting last weekend and decided that it would "to continue activities against hunts breaking the law or exploiting loopholes"…. Alison Hawes, the South West regional director for the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, said she was "not surprised" by the decision saying "they were never going to vote themselves out of a job"…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.7.05 FURY OVER DOG BAN ON NEW OPEN AREAS - MARK CLOUGH - Britain's oldest national conservation body, which campaigned for the right to roam under the Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act, has condemned a decision to ban dogs from new access land on part of Dartmoor… The Dartmoor National Park Association's (DNPA) decision to ban dogs has been "deplored" by the Open Spaces Society (OSS) and the Ramblers' Association… Rodney Legg, chairman of the Open Spaces Society, said: "While we support wildlife conservation and the occasional need to restrict public access for wildlife reasons where that need is proven, we considered that here the case had not been made for such a draconian restriction…" He said it was unfair that the DNPA had not negotiated with landowners to stop the hunt using the land: "Hounds will cause far more damage to wildlife than mere dog-walkers. The Open Spaces Society has no view on hunting, but this is grossly unfair."… (story)

Western Morning News 27.7.05 SHOOTING BODY REVISES LAMPING GUIDELINES - A leading shooting organisation has revised its guidelines on lamping in the wake of the tragic shooting of Byron Evans. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is now stressing that members of a lamping party should avoid splitting up during an expedition…. BACS spokesman Simon Clarke said: "If you are in doubt do not shoot. You must be absolutely certain that what you are about to fire at is a fox or a rabbit."… (story)
Western Morning News 27.7.05 BEFORE A SHOT IS TAKEN REMEMBER... This is the "lamping code" from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation: You must clearly identify the body of the animal. Never shoot at "a pair of eyes". Always ensure a safe background and clear field of fire. Never shoot towards the crest of a hill or rising ground…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.7.05 TOP HONOUR FOR LEADING LANDOWNER DEER EXPERT - A Moray landowner has received Britain's top honour for deer management. Andrew Yool, 64, from Croy, near Pluscarden, was awarded the Balfour-Browne Trophy from the British Deer Society and the Forestry Commission… He set up classes to teach people how to stalk deer safely and humanely, use the right kind of ammunition and correctly treat carcases before they enter the human food chain…. (story)

Argus 27.7.05 Letter: dentify cruelty - I am writing in response to the article entitled "Cruelty is on the rise"… the reason animal cruelty is on the increase, and still will be even if the RSPCA obtains a new Animal Welfare Bill, is because in Common Law, animals are classed as "property"…. -David Hammond, animal rights spokesperson, Crawley and Horsham Green Party (letter in archive)

Argus 27.7.05 Letter: Pleasant change - It was so nice to read Elizabeth Taylor's poem (Letters, July 19) about the seagulls - so different from the usual letters from people who want to exterminate them…. -Mrs Eileen Laforgue, Brighton (letter in archive)

South Wales Echo 27.7.05 Rid us of this gull 'plague' - In response to Councillor Ralph Cook (Viewpoints, July 20), our streets are very clean compared to most cities but our gull problem is turning into a plague…. Phillip Pedersen, Canton, Cardiff (letter)
South Wales Echo 20.7.05 No humaneway to kill city's gulls - I note that the controversy over what to do about the city's gull 'problem' has resurfaced, with calls upon the council to control (i.e. kill) gulls because of the noise, mess and occasional threat to human happiness that they pose…. The control of gulls is not a specific duty of the council. Killing gulls would arouse considerable hostility from some parts of the community; shooting them risks damage to buildings and any method of control likely to achieve results would be an extremely costly exercise… Coun Ralph Cook Chairman Wales Alliance Against Cruel Sports, Heritage Park, St Mellons, Cardiff (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 27.7.05 Animals must be protected - I AM writing in response to the RSPCA campaign for stronger penalties for animal cruelty. I hope the government listens this time and does something to stop these inhumane acts to poor, defenceless animals who only want to be loved and cared for and in return give you so much… JANICE SPEIRS, Roper Street, Whitehaven (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.7.05 Martin's a real dish for veggies - COLDPLAY singer Chris Martin and Carrie Underwood, who won the American Idol crown in May, shared the title of World's Sexiest Vegetarian in animal rights group Peta's annual online poll… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.7.05 Animal abuse is a sad reflection on society - SADLY not enough is being done to tackle the problem of cruelty to animals ("Shocking litany of neglect across the Lothians", News, July 22)…. This disturbing increase in animal abuse is a sad reflection on our society…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 27.7.05 MP'S NEW ANIMAL BILL INTRODUCES 'CARE DUTY' - A Flagship new law to prevent cruelty to animals is the work of a North Lincolnshire MP and could go before Parliament this year. The Animal Welfare Bill, which has been drafted by Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley, could be debated by MPs in the current House of Commons session after being held up by the General Election. If successful, the bill would be the most significant piece of legislation since 1911 and would allow authorities to take animals into care on suspicion of mistreatment… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.7.05 GET TOUGH ON CRUEL OWNERS - I Was appalled to read in the Evening Express of the increase in cruelty against animals (July 21) by their keepers. I can't see that the sentences being handed down are an effective deterrent for those who are prepared to behave in such a barbaric and inhumane fashion towards innocent creatures…. Dennis Grattan Mugiemoss Road Bucksburn (letter)

Northern Echo 27.7.05 ANIMAL WATCH: IT IS sickening that the RSPCA report reveals that animal cruelty is on the increase… Any form of abuse is unacceptable and one way of getting the message across is to make sure those who mete out cruelty are forced to face the consequences. - Marie Gressmann, Esh Winning (letter in archive)


Leicester Mercury 26.7.05 HEDGECUTTING AWARDS KEEP TRADITIONAL COUNTRY SKILLS ALIVE - Hedgecutting has proved a winning activity for Martin Allen, of Cottesmore. Mr Allen won the class for professionals, plus the overall championship in the Cottesmore Hunt Hedgecutting Society competition… (story)

Western Morning News 26.7.05 SHOW'S CATTLE ENTRIES SURPASS LARGER RIVALS - One of the Westcountry's smallest agricultural shows held its head high yesterday with the entry in some classes surpassing that of much bigger shows. The Woolsery and District Agricultural Show boasted more entries for Devon cattle than there were at the giant Royal Cornwall Show…. One of the highlights of the show for many people attending the event was a parade of four packs of hounds. The hounds came from the Tetcott Hunt, the Stevenstone Hunt, the Devon and Cornwall Minkhounds and the North Dartmoor Beagles…. David Ford, huntsman with the Stevenstone pack, said: "This sort of event is always good to keep us in the public eye…” (story)

Western Morning News 26.7.05 EXCITEMENT AS COUNTDOWN TO SHOW BEGINS - For more than a century, the Holsworthy and Stratton show has been one of the major landmarks of the farming calendar in that remote part of the Westcountry where Devon merges with North Cornwall. This year's show, which takes place on Thursday and runs from 8.30am to 6pm, will be no exception and organisers bill the event as "the show where country meets town"…. In an area where there is still wide opposition to the hunting ban, a parade of hounds from local hunts is likely to be a popular attraction…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.7.05 - Hunting has moved on - I SUSPECT F Cleaves thought he would stir up a hornet's nest by writing an anti-hunt letter (WMN, June 22). I wouldn't mind but it would be nice if if the facts were right.The new anti-hunt laws say that the hunters can flush out the "quarry" with a couple of dogs and shoot it when it is safe to do so… Nobody would think that anti-hunters were animal lovers. To hear them talk you would think that they hated animals. Funny really…. P West, Crediton (letter)

Western Morning News 26.7.05 CLIMATE CHANGE IS FAR FROM A FICTIONAL MATTER - This letter is not one on shooting; rather it is about giving credence to the words of TV celebrities such as David Bellamy. In an article in the WMN, Simon Clarke of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, championing shooting's role in conservation, quoted David Bellamy as saying: "I am convinced that, but for the pheasant, all this beautiful countryside and everything it contains, the flowers, the wildlife and the songbirds, would have disappeared long ago"…. He also recently announced that global warming is fiction. This is when even that previous arch-denier of climate change, George Bush, reluctantly accepted the reality of climate change at the G8 meeting… Perhaps his odd opinions both on climate change, and those on the British landscape and songbirds, should be equally as suspect? Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 26.7.05 SHOCK ON BIRDS - I Haven't seen the birds of prey in Gloucester Market (Letters, July 20), so can't comment on their condition etc…. I doubt if there is anything the RSPCA can do. I know from literature they are not in favour of falconry. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.7.05 HOW WOULD HE LIKE TETHERING? - How would the owner of those beautiful birds of prey that he has on show in the Eastgate Market like to be tethered and perched on a wooden bar? Some coming along to clean his feet with a toothbrush now and again, would he like it?.... My means of expressing my feelings is to stand and glare at the man and have much pleasure when he looks very ill at ease. There are other ways, we know, but I seem to be the only disapproving one there. MRS PEGGY ALBERTS, Sherborne Street, Gloucester (story)

Western Morning News 26.7.05 Research doubts - WELL, who was surprised to read (WMN, June 10) that new doubts were raised about the safety of commonly used painkillers which have been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks? It's one drug after another… I prefer to believe John Beresford when he wrote drugs "always have a level of adverse reactions". All this is after animal tests as well as human clinical trials…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 26.7.05 PERSECUTED PIGEONS - The city's environmental health department (July 19) has previously claimed not to have resorted to culling. It has obviously changed its policy and I shall take issue with it regarding this cruelty… I agree with the comments of Tracey Kissin. Pigeons are God's creatures in the same way as swans, cormorants and every other species…. Speciesism is an unsavoury aspect of human nature as is murdering animals en masse just because you don't happen to think that they deserve to be in existence. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.7.05 ARE THESE PIGEONS A BIG PROBLEM? …. They are all God's creatures and I'm sure they have a purpose. They are a bit annoying - fouling everywhere, but that's no reason to cull them. Tracey Kissin (32), nurse, Lincoln (story)

Manchester Evening News 26.7.05 Laws needed - THE recent TV documentary about an Oldham slaughterhouse showed horrific cruelty to animals… It is patently obvious that the laws for the protection of animals need tightening up. JL, Manchester (story)


BBC News Online 25.7.05 Hoey to lead Countryside Alliance - Former Labour sports minister Kate Hoey has been named the new chairman of the Countryside Alliance. Ms Hoey, 59, a long-standing defender of hunting, said the appointment was a "great honour and a great challenge"…. Labour's Baroness Golding, co-chair of the Middle Way Group, said: "Kate has the courage and independence of mind that will, I'm sure, see the ridiculous Hunting Act amended to a sensible and proper animal welfare law."… (story)
Telegraph 23.7.05 Inner-city pro-hunt MP Hoey to lead countryside alliance - Kate Hoey, the pro-hunting, inner-city Labour MP, is to be chairman of the Countryside Alliance, it was announced at the Game Fair yesterday. Supporters of fox hunting said that it was an appointment likely to cause discomfort on the Labour benches, where the vast majority of MPs are pro-ban…. Lembit Opik, the Lib Dem MP and a fellow founder of the Middle Way Group which supports the freedom to hunt under regulation, said her appointment was bound to cause discomfort to "Labour's hunt ban fanatics". "Kate is to Labour what Boudicca was to the Romans," he said. "She'll put up with a certain amount of nonsense at a distance but now the hunting ban has gone through she's decided it's time to get into her chariot and lead the charge…” (story)
Independent 23.7.05 Hoey heading bid to topple foxhunt ban By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor - The pro-hunting Countryside Alliance has named Kate Hoey, the outspoken former Labour sports minister, as its new chairman. Her appointment will be used by the Alliance to shed some of its tweedy image and regain support at Westminster to reopen the issue after the defeat on hunting…. (story)
Mirror 23.7.05 TALLY HOEY - Meet the Labour MP for the inner city seat of Vauxhall.. and the new chair of the Countryside Alliance By Rosa Prince Political Correspondent - LABOUR rebel Kate Hoey yesterday became chair of the Countryside Alliance. The job puts the keen fox hunter in even more stark opposition to most of her party. The 59-year-old has been MP for the inner city area of Vauxhall in South London since 1989, but grew up in rural Northern Ireland…. (story)
Mirror 23.7.05 VAUX HUNTING - VAUXHALL is an inner-city Parliamentary constituency scarred by serious social and economic problems… Fox-hunting is not on the list, which is why eyebrows were raised at Vauxhall Labour MP Kate Hoey's decision to accept the chairmanship of the rabidly pro-hunting Countryside Alliance. Fox hunting is banned in law and we think "Tally Hoey" could better spend her time dealing with issues of interest to her constituents instead of trying to bring back blood sports…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.7.05 ALLIANCE TOP JOB FOR EX-MINISTER - Former Labour Sports Minister Kate Hoey has been appointed as the new chairman of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, as the organisation digs in for a long fight against the Government's hunting ban… (story)
Guardian 22.7.05 Hoey appointed chair of Countryside Alliance - Ros Taylor - Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxhall and longtime supporter of foxhunting, has been appointed chairman of the Countryside Alliance…. Miss Hoey, Labour minister of sport from 1999 to 2001, will join the Labour peer Baroness Mallalieu, who is already president of the organisation, and the Conservative peer Lord Mancroft, who becomes deputy chairman… She will take up the post at the Countryside Alliance in the autumn… (story)
Horse & Hound 22.7.05 Hoey is new Countryside Alliance chairman - Holly Kirkwood - The Countryside Alliance announced today that Kate Hoey is to be its new Chairman as of this autumn, taking over from John Jackson. Hoey, a Labour MP since 1989, was brought up in rural Northern Ireland and has a long standing interest in rural and environmental issues….. (story)
Politics.co.uk 22.7.05 Countryside Alliance: Hoey new Alliance Chairman - Kate Hoey MP will become Chairman of the Countryside Alliance in succession to John Jackson. Lord Mancroft will become deputy Chairman. They will take up these positions in the autumn…. (story)

Guardian 25.7.05 Grand designs - Sam Wollaston - The last in Channel 4's three programmes about our class system was always going to be the most amusing…. Our guide this time is newspaper journalist James Delingpole, whose teeth are better suited to newspaper journalism than to television, but who otherwise seems like a thoroughly genial sort of chap… With the Cotswold Hunt, he can't hide his admiration for the haughty folk on horses in all their finery, though he almost blows it when the fox he spots turns out to be a hare…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 25.7.05 STRIP PROTEST OVER BULL RUN - Fashion designer Beth Hewis joined 600 people in a naked race in Spain to demonstrate an alternative to bull running. The 29-year-old from West Bridgford took part in the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) human race through Pamplona… (story)
Plymouth Evening Herald 21.7.05 NAKED AMBITION - HANNAH WOOD - Two Plymouth women ran nearly naked through the streets of Spain to protest against the mistreatment of bulls. With 600 others, many wearing only red scarves and plastic horns, Sarah Hobson and Debbie Trench stripped off and streaked through Pamplona as part of a naked human race to expose cruelty behind the annual bull run in the same northern Spanish city…. Animal lover Debbie has four dogs, a cat and two guinea pigs and does a lot of leafleting for animal rights protest groups. She works for the Royal Mail in Plymstock…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.7.05 NAKED DEMONSTRATOR TOLD TO COVER UP - A devon animal lover who pledged to run naked through the streets of a Spanish town had her blushes spared when the mayor ordered a cover up. Nurse Louise Pritchard, 35, from Tipton St John, near Sidmouth, joined more than 600 members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protesting about the cruelty of the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona…. (story)
Reading Chronicle 14.7.05 'Nude runner' narrowly escapes bomb By Rachel Whybrow - TILEHURST woman Jo Edwards returned from a protest against the Pamplona bull run in Spain and came within seconds of perishing in the King's Cross underground blast. The 20-year-old from Somerset Walk had taken a semi-clad role in the Running of the Nudes alternative to the main event - highlighting cruelty to the bulls as they race through the streets…. (story)
Bromley Times 14.7.05 Animal rights campaigners make a stand - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner joined hundreds of nude runners as an alternative to a Spanish bull race. Sophie Pritchard, from Orpington, travelled to Pamplona in Spain for the humane version of the 'Running of the Bulls.'… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 11.7.05 'Naked truth' about bull run By Lisa Smyth - AN Ulster woman has joined hundreds of animal lovers from around the globe in an attempt to end the annual 'Running of the Bulls' event in Spain. Heather McGarrigle stripped off and ran through the streets of Pamplona in her bikini with over 700 almost-nude PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporters at the 'Running of the Nudes' protest…. The 21-year-old barmaid said she was prompted to take part in the extreme protest in an effort to persuade local people that there is an alternative to the age-old tradition…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 11.7.05 GIRL'S NUDE PROTEST AT BULL-RUNNING - A 15-year-old from Bristol who took part in a naked race as part of a campaign against bull fighting in Spain has said the event was well worth the effort - and the sunburn. Sarah Buck went out to the annual event in Pamplona, called the Running of the Bulls, with her mother, Elizabeth, as part of a protest that has been held for the last three years called the Running of the Nudes…. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.7.05 TAKING ON THE BULLFIGHTERS - Several hundred animal rights activists - some in their underwear - marched through Pamplona's streets to protest at bullfighting on the eve of the city's running of the bulls…. (story)
Crouch End Times 7.7.05 Naked runners well received - There were smiles, flowers and a big band to accompany the running of the nudes', as they charged through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, two days before the Running of the Bulls. Crouch End resident Deborah Espect joined an estimated 600 people in the run, organised by animal rights campaign group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)…. (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 6.7.05 Women at bullfight protest - SEVERAL hundred animal rights activists - some in their underwear - marched through the streets of Pamplona to protest at bullfighting… Sisters Sabina and Tricia Arthur, of Milnsbridge, aged 24 and 20 , were joined by Huddersfield University student Gurj Bains, 19 (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.7.05 'NUDE' SCOT IN SPANISH BULLFIGHTING PROTEST - Thurso animal rights campaigner Joanne Sim was among more than 600 who took part in an anti-bullfighting demonstration through the centre of Pamplona yesterday… Ms Sim, a full-time worker with Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals, has featured in several high-profile demos since joining the organisation a year ago…. Ms Sim was in the news when she joined a protest at the last Crufts dog show in Birmingham. She has also protested outside the Canadian consulate in Edinburgh about seal culls in Canada (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.05 Protesters strip against bull run - Hundreds of animal rights campaigners, some of them in underwear, have held a protest against bull-fighting in Pamplona, northern Spain… Protesters had planned to march completely nude as in a previous protest, but did not get the necessary permit from the town hall… (story)
Scotsman 5.7.05 Hundreds protest over bullfighting - Several hundred animal rights activists - some in their underwear - marched through the streets of Pamplona to protest against bullfighting on the eve of the Spanish city's wildly popular running of the bulls… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 5.7.05 THE SERIOUS POINT BEHIND MY NUDE PROTEST - Fiona Brazier, Redland. (letter)
Crouch End Times 30.6.05 Campaign highlights terrible suffering of bulls in Pamplona - Deborah Espect, Glebe Road, Crouch End (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 30.6.05 Naked runners sprint to Spain - THREE Huddersfield women are preparing to run naked through Spanish streets in protest at the country's treatment of bulls. Edgerton student Gurj Bains and Milnsbridge sisters Sabina and Tricia Arthur will be joining the ``running of the nudes" protest in Pamplona, north-east Spain, next Tuesday…. (story)
Hendon Times 30.6.05 Campaign highlights terrible suffering of bulls in Pamplona - Deborah Espect, Glebe Road, Crouch End (letter)
Bromley Extra 30.6.05 Naked protest at Running of the Bulls - A YOUNG woman is grabbing the bull by the horns in an outrageous attempt to stamp out The Running of the Bulls in Spain. Sophie Pritchard decided she could no longer turn the other cheek and ignore the traditional bull run and bull fights and is joining an annual Running of the Nudes protest…. (story)
Bexley Times/Express 30.6.05 A serious message behind my blushes - Sophie Pritchard, Maple Close, Petts Wood (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 29.6.05 Protesters bare all to end bull torment - NAKED runners will race through the streets of Pamplona in Spain to protest against bullfighting - and a family from Huntingdonshire are set to join them. Gary and Amanda James and their two daughters, Chloe and Lucy, will join an estimated 600 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) supporters from around the world in the fourth annual Human Race on Tuesday, July 5…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 27.6.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER WILL BARE ALL TO PROTEST AT BULL FIESTA - A Redland woman is getting ready to run naked through the streets of a Spanish town. Fiona Brazier is taking part in the Running of the Nudes - an event that aims to expose and end the cruelty behind the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona…. Also taking part in the Running of the Nudes will be 15-year-old Sarah Buck, from Kingswood. As reported in the Evening Post, her mum Elizabeth will cheer on her daughter, who will be wearing little more than a red scarf and plastic horns…. (story)
Hastings Observer 25.6.05 Ivan's naked ambition - WHEN a man takes off all his clothes, fixes fake horns to his head and runs through the streets of a famous European city, he's either barking mad or he's trying to make a very serious point. Ivan Durch, of Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards, is definitely not deranged and he does have a message to get across - although he's not particularly relishing doing it. For office worker Ivan, 31, is planning to join an estimated 600 animal rights protestors in their fourth annual 'Human Race' on July 5… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 25.6.05 BULL RUN IS BLOODY FARCE - The annual Pamplona Bull Run that the so-called dare-devils from Killay are participating in is a farce…. I applaud the likes of Robert Lewis from Swansea and other Peta supporters who are trying to save these poor animals… A Alden, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland (letter)
Burnley Express 24.6.05 Family's naked ambition! - DETERMINATION and naked ambition will drive on a Burnley family in its attempt to have cruel sports banned. Mr Vernon Stuttard, his wife Roz, their children Ian and Chris and friend Alex Catterall will bare all in Pamplona, Spain, in protest at the town's annual Running of the Bulls. The family of vegans from Fence will join 600 volunteers from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as part of its fourth annual "human race" on July 5th…. (story)
Limerick Post 24.6.05 Limerick man joins nude race in Spain - A LIMERICK Animal activist is to take part in a "Running of the Nudes” demonstration in Pamplona, Spain, next month, in an effort "to expose and end the cruelty behind the annual Bull Run”. John Carmody from Raheen joins an estimated 600 PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporters from around the world who will run through the streets of Pamplona – most of them wearing nothing more than red scarves and plastic horns…. Mr Carmody, spokesperson for Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) will also be bringing two other Limerick natives with him to Spain, ARAN members Siobhan Higgins and Shane Kelly…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.05 JOIN ME ON SPAIN BULL RUN PROTEST - When I run wearing little more than a red scarf in PETA's Human Race… Louise Pritchard, Address withheld on request (letter)
Yorkshire Post 24.6.05 Naked anger at bullfighting From: Sabina Arthur, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. WHEN I run wearing little more than a red scarf in PETA's "Human Race", an event to protest the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, my face may turn as red as my scarf – but I'll easily forget my embarrassment when I think of the terror and suffering that the bulls face… (letter)
Bromley Times 23.6.05 Why I'll strip for the bulls - An animal-rights campaigner is ready to join hundreds of nude runners wearing only red scarves and plastic bull horns. Sophie Pritchard, 28, of Maple Close, Orpington, is due to join about 600 runners supporting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Pamplona, Spain, on July 5…. (story)
Crouch End Times 23.6.05 Naked ambition at bull festival By Shyamtara Ni Fhoghlu - Never mind going to Pamplona to see the Running of the Bulls, why not go to watch the Running of the Nudes instead? Crouch End animal rights activist Deborah Espect is on her way to the Spanish city next month to protest minus her clothes against its biggest tourist attraction…. "I'm quite involved in animal rights and I do a lot of demonstrations, but it is a bit scary," she said…. (story)
The Comet 23.6.05 Family join protest over bulls - A single mother and her two children are set to take the great bull festival in Pamplona, Spain, by the horns before the stampede has started! Coral Putman and daughters Aisha, nine, and Bronwyn, 12, from Ripon Road, Stevenage, have volunteered to be part of the naked Human Race around the Spanish town on July 5, two days before the annual running of the bulls…. The Putmans, though, will be keeping their dignity covered up with long white shirts… (story)
Western Telegraph 23.6.05 Sally to bare all in bull run protest by Julie Taylor - A PEMBROKE woman will be baring all for her beliefs as she runs through Spanish streets wearing nothing but a red scarf and plastic horns!... PETA member Sally Roberts, of the Grove area of Pembroke, will join an estimated 600 people for the event on July 5th…. (story in archive)
Oldham Chronicle 22.6.05 Naked desire to be in Pamplona by CAROLYN ARMSTRONG - ANTI-CRUELTY protesters from Oldham are to bare all in a bid to end a Spanish festival they claim causes the needless injury and death to bulls. Students Claire Ashworth (21) and Steven Rowlinson (23), who are both from Royton, will shed their clothes and join up to 600 supporters of animal rights group PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — for the Running of the Nudes through Pamplona in Northern Spain on July 5…. Claire, who is about to graduate from Salford University, said: “I’m very strong on the view that animals should not be used for human purposes…." (story probably only on site for a day)
Yorkshire Post 21.6.05 BULL-PROTEST WOMEN TO RUN NUDE - Amy Binns - A GROUP of Yorkshire women are planning a spectacular protest against bullfighting – by stripping naked and running through the streets of a Spanish town…. Although some runners opt to wear white bikinis, Sabina Arthurs, of Brighouse, said she planned to strip completely… Gurt Bains, a Huddersfield University student, is going back for her second year at the event, known as the "Human Race"… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 17.6.05 We'll show our tough streak to save bulls - ALAN RODEN AND NICOLA STOW - FOR most people, the thought of being seen naked in public is an embarrassing prospect. But two Edinburgh women are prepared to throw caution to the wind and let bare all - to prevent cruelty to bulls…. Yvonne Taylor, 33, and Joanne Sim, 20, are to streak through the cobbled streets of Pamplona wearing nothing but plastic horns on their heads and red scarves around their necks. They will join hundreds of other People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) supporters to take part in the human stampede, just two days before the city's annual Running of the Bulls…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo or Plymouth Evening Herald 17.6.05 NUDES GOING ON BULL RUN - An animal lover from Devon is preparing to bare all and run through the streets of the Spanish town famous for it annual running of the bulls festival. Louise Pritchard, of Tipton St John, near Sidmouth, will be joining an estimated 600 people in Pamplona for a Running of the Nudes on July 5… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.6.05 SCOTSWOMAN READY TO BARE ALL IN PROTEST AT SPANISH TOWN'S BULL RUN - IAIN GRANT - A Young Caithness woman is to bare all during a mass animal cruelty protest on the eve of the annual Pamplona bull run in Spain. Joanne Sim of Thurso is to represent Advocates for Animals in a naked run through the Pyrenees town on July 5. It is the latest high-profile demo in which the 21-year-old has become involved since starting work with the charity last August…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 16.6.05 PROTESTING IN NUDE - A Swansea man is to stage a nude protest to expose the cruelty behind a Spanish city's bull run. Derrick McBrier will join an estimated 600 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) supporters from around the world in the demo…. Tribute has been paid to Mr McBrier, of High View, Mayhill, by Peta director of European Campaigns Sean Gifford…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 25.7.05 GREYHOUND CAMPAIGN A SUCCESS - Greyhound Action had a terrific response from the public on July 2 when it campaigned in Exeter against the William Hill Greyhound Derby held on the same day…. J T RIDGLEY, Plymouth Road, Totnes (story)

Oxford Mail 25.7.05 Police blast at lab protest - Oxford's police commander has criticised animal rights protestors for demonstrating in the city centre at a time he said officers should be dealing with issues of national security…. Police estimate that approximately 600 protesters participated in the march -- Speak put the figure at closer to 1,000…. Only two arrests for public order offences -- a 47-year-old man and a 66-year-old man -- were made during the three-hour march, which started and finished at Oxpens… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 22.7.05 March against Oxford animal lab - Animal rights activists are to march through Oxford on Saturday in protest at a new animal testing laboratory. The rally, organised by the pressure group SPEAK, is expected to be the biggest since Oxford University announced plans for the £18m centre…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 25.7.05 Welfare plea over supermarket chickens - AMMONIA skin burns are found on 82% of chickens sold on supermarket shelves and reared to industry standards, according to animal welfare campaigners… The research carried out by Professor Donald Broom and Nadine Reefmann, of Cambridge University, will be featured in a Channel 4 documentary later this month. It is part of a report released today by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on how chickens are reared for their meat…. (story)

Western Daily Press 25.7.05 HOW MISERY TURNS TO JOY AT SANCTUARY - Last week, I spoke about some of my favourite bears in a very special enclosure in our China Bear Rescue Sanctuary for those poor loves who are physically challenged as a result of their unimaginable suffering on the bear farms of China… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.7.05 CHANCE TO MEET JILL, THE ANIMALS' FRIEND - Their plight has touched the hearts of readers throughout the West - now you have the chance to meet the woman who has d evoted her life to saving China's bile bears. Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia Foundation, will be holding a talk at a Chinese restaurant in Bristol in September and is hoping to raise more support for our staggeringly successful appeal, it emerged last night… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.7.05 TICKET TALK - To obtain a ticket for Jill's talk in Bristol, contact Dave Neale… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.7.05 DES KEEPS BEAR PLEDGE - When he first heard about the agonising treatment of China's bile bears, Des Jefferies was horrified. "I was watching a documentary about them and I was shocked that the bears were so cramped that bars from their cages were growing into their skin," said the Bristol businessman… (story)

Western Daily Press 25.7.05 LOCAL COUNCIL ARE CULPRITS - The comment about the donkeys on Weston-superMare beach written by Jean Turner is typical of these donkey ride people, interested only in how much money these animals can earn them, with no regard for the welfare of the donkeys…. Well done, Jean Turner, for bringing this to the attention of the public. A pity more people from the region have not done the same. Keep up the good work. R Williams Ross-on-Wye Hereford (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.7.05 SHOCKED BY DONKEY WORK Last Tuesday last we paid a visit to Weston-super-Mare. Our day was completely ruined by the sight of the donkeys toiling up and down the beach. The heat was blistering, and not a scrap of shade to be seen. Isn't it time the powers that be in Weston put an end to such abuse of these gentle creatures?... Jean Turner Plympton (letter)

Daily Record 25.7.05 DON'T LET EXOTIC ANIMALS SUFFER - WHO can blame Harry the African grey parrot for escaping from his owner's garden last week? This beautiful, intelligent animal belongs in the African tree tops, flying around freely with fellow parrots. Sadly he has instead been imprisoned in a metal cage for 30 years…. Ross Minett,by email (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 25.7.05 Animal thefts are on the increase - THE sad and ultimately lethal theft of Olly the Yorkshire terrier (News, July 21) is the latest in an increasing number of thefts of dogs and cats in the Edinburgh area. Advocates for Animals urges readers not to leave animals tied up or out of sight - even for a short time…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 25.7.05 LET'S TRY 'LIVE AND LET LIVE' WITH RABBITS - I Used to think this country a nation of animal lovers, but after recent letters it is no surprise cases of cruelty have risen. First people were complaining about ducks in their gardens, and now people say wild rabbits should be culled…. Why should innocent creatures, who never harm any other animal, have to be killed? MR P. A. TURNERLakeview Road, Lincoln. (letter)


Wales on Sunday 24.7.05 THE League Against Cruel Sports warmly welcomes the latest move by Welsh Environment Minister, Carwyn Jones AM, to guarantee the protection of Welsh wildlife… Mike Hobday, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
South Wales Echo 21.7.05 Hunting decision is welcomed - The League Against Cruel Sports warmly welcomes the latest move by Welsh Environment Minister, Carwyn Jones, to guarantee the protection of Welsh wildlife…. Mike Hobday, Head of Public Affairs, League Against Cruel Sports, London (letter)


Western Morning News 23.7.05 SHOOTING - The recent furore about the Devon and Somerset Staghounds "flushing" deer shows just how hypocritical the League Against Cruel Sports is. I have long made the league aware that I allow my dogs to flush out deer on a regular basis… The league has known this for some time and has done nothing about it. It refuses to take any action to force me to start shooting the deer that I flush out with my dogs, even though they claim to support the law that demands it… The Devon and Somerset Staghounds are perfectly within their rights to chase the deer with their dogs until it is standing at bay and then to shoot it. If they did not do this then the deer would escape unharmed and that is illegal. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, Devon (letter)

Leicester Mercury 23.7.05 FUNDS RAISED - Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group would like to thank all those that helped to raise £25 for Hillside Animal Sanctuary and £35 for the League Against Cruel Sports at its last meeting…. Kaye Axon, Leicester. (story)

Scotsman 23.7.05 'Animal terrorists' in bid to ban shooting - VIC ROBERTSON - CAMPAIGNERS lobbying for a ban on the use of guns in rural sports were labelled "animal terrorists" by a former Labour agriculture minister yesterday. Lord Donoughue warned that landowners had a window of ten years or less to mount a counter campaign to ensure that shooting did not follow hunting into the list of banned activities. "But I think that seven years is the critical period," he told a game shooting seminar at the Country Land and Business Association's annual Game Fair at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire… (story)

Guardian 23.7.05 Moral maze - The son of European Jews who moved to Australia to escape the Nazis, Peter Singer studied philosophy in Melbourne before moving to Oxford. He campaigned against cruelty to animals, arguing that ethics should be applied to everyday problems. His utilitarian views attracted death threats from 'pro-life' groups on his appointment to Princeton - Stuart Jeffries (story)

Western Daily Press 23.7.05 ANIMAL FOODS ARE BIG WASTE - John Tuck Wootton (Your Say, July 20) has got one thing right, the purpose of the Bristol based organisation Viva! is to promote ve getarianism. However, we do this for purely altruistic reasons: helping to end the suffering of the 52billion animals killed for meat in the world yearly… Justin Kerswell, Campaigner, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.7.05 WEST VALUES FUEL CASH CROPS TRADE - The purpose of the organisation Viva is to promote vegetarianism, and its spokespersons will therefore grasp at any opportunity to further their cause which is, I assume, why Justin Kerswell wilfully misrepresents my opinions (Your Say, July 14). Farmers in the Third World grow crops primarily to feed their own populations and for cash to provide the things they cannot grow…. I have no problem with principled vegetarianism, but I am opposed to those who manipulate and spin the facts for their own purposes. John Tuck Wootton Bassett Swindon (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.7.05 WE CAN ALL TAKE EASY CHOICE TO GO VEGGIE AND SAVE PLANET - John Tuck Wootton (Your Say, July 7) is clearly missing the point. Viva! has never said that vegetarianism is a magic wand that will remove the curse of poverty from the developing world… Mr Wootton is also fudging the issue to claim that animal waste is beneficial to the environment. Perhaps it is in small amounts, but the 13billion tonnes of animal manure produced annually is one of the main causes of environmental destruction. So cutting out meat can do more to stop global warming than cutting down on oil and coal. Justin Kerswell Viva!, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.7.05 BEING VEGGIE WILL NOT HELP - The Viva! campaigner (Your Say, July 2) is labouring under a misapprehension. Vegetarianism is not a magic wand that will remove the curse of poverty from the poor and oppressed nations of the Third World. Justin Kerswell starts from the false premise that farmers in the Third World grow crops for animal feed. They actually grow crops for cash, to buy things like tools, and clothes and education for their children and, of course, to repay debt…. I have a favourite dictum that applies here, namely that "anyone who claims to have the answer hasn't understood the question" and Mr Kerswell's comments fall into that category. John Tuck Wootton Bassett Swindon (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.7.05 GOING VEGGIE CAN HELP MAKE POVERTY A THING OF THE PAST - Justin Kerswell, Viva! Campaigner, Bristol (letter)
Bath Chronicle 1.7.05 GO VEGGIE AND HELP THE WORLD - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigner, Viva, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 1.7.05 GO VEGGIE TO END POVERTY - Viva! wholeheartedly supports the aims of Live 8, to call on the leaders of the world's richest countries to put an end to poverty and debt. However, there is something every single person can do to make a real difference to people in the developing world - and that is to go vegetarian…. JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigner, Viva! (letter)


Western Morning News 22.7.05 FORCE'S APPROACH TO DEER HUNTING WILL STAY THE SAME - The approach to policing deer hunting in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area is unlikely to be changed by this week's ruling from Animal Welfare Minister Ben Bradshaw, that it was illegal to pursue deer with two hounds, it emerged yesterday. The force said it would continue to follow the terms of the Hunting Act and police hunting as a wildlife crime…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.7.05 NEW RULES TO HALT HUNTING - Fury as Minister says chasing deer with two hounds is illegal - Fury as Minister says chasing deer with two hounds is illegal - A new battle was looming over hunting last night after animal welfare minister Ben Brad shaw ruled it was illegal to pursue deer with two hounds ? a practice thought by stag hunters to be lawful under the recently intro duced legislation…. The League claims hunt packs are sending out pairs of hounds to flush out deer, then recalling one pair and sending out another when the dogs tire. Diana Scott, joint-master of the Devon and Som erset Staghounds, said the term ?relay hunting? was invented by hunt opponents and did not reflect the hunt?s practice…. Tim Layman, secretary of Tiverton Staghounds, said: ?The League Against Cruel Sports are constantly making threats and it is very rarely they can substantiate anything…" Paul Tillsley, spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports in the Westcountry, said the police should now look again at video evidence submitted to them earlier this year… (story)
Western Daily Press 20.7.05 STAGHUNTING AGAINST THE LETTER OF LAW - A Bombshell letter could effectively put an end to staghunting in the West, it was claimed yesterday. The letter, from Defra Minister Ben Bradshaw, makes it clear that the 'relay' method of hunting, which several stag hunts have employed since February's ban, is itself illegal…. Hunts like the Devon and Somerset Staghounds have got around the hunting ban by pursuing stags with two hounds at a time, with the main pack held back… A Devon member of the League Against Cruel Sports wrote to Mr Bradshaw for clarification, and to demand the loophole be closed with an amendment to the Hunting Act. But the minister said the law was clear - using two hounds in relay to chase, rather than flush, prey was illegal (story)

West Cumberland Times & Star 22.7.05 Show is even easier to get to - IT’S ONE of the county’s oldest agricultural shows and this year it is hoping to attract even more visitors than last year’s record-breaking event. Cockermouth Show dates back to 1849 and last year’s event attracted a record 12,000 people to its site at The Fitz…. Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling will again be an attraction, as will the sheep shearing demonstration, foxhounds, pony club gymkhana and sheepdog and duck displays, while the terrier racing always causes a great deal of amusement…. (story)

Wells Journal 28.7.05 RIGHT OR WRONG TO HUNT - What "right" are the pro-hunt lobby defending when they challenge the Hunting Act on a "human rights" basis? They are not pursuing a "private activity" at home…. The predominance of constituencies retaining or gaining MPs representing parties supporting the Hunting Act in the General Election plainly indicates that it is in the public interest to keep these archaic blood sports illegal. Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.7.05 POSITIVE OPINION OF DOG RACING - Yet again, as a northerner reading your newspaper, I am dismayed by the level of feeling evident in the southern counties regarding the greyhound racing industry. Readers' letters are cropping up on a regular basis in several local newspapers and all, apart from mine, have a depressingly negative tone. This, I believe, is a reaction by readers to the recent demonstrations organised by Greyhound Action…. I defy anyone to say that these wonderful dogs do not enjoy racing. They love to race. They are born to race. Nature is the ultimate test of durability…. Phill Kettle, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.7.05 GREYHOUNDS IN NEED OF RESCUE - It was good to see in your pages the subject of cruelty that greyhounds suffer…. Should anyone feel that they would like to find out more, the local rescue is organised by Sally Slater of Greyhound Compassion on 01404 861228, and she would be delighted to talk to you with no obligation. Mrs E Nethercott, Exminster, Exeter (letter)

Oxford Mail 22.7.05 University gets terror warning - Animal rights' activists have warned Oxford University that it is under constant threat of attack if it continues work on its animal research laboratory. Following an arson attack on a college boathouse earlier this month, for which the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility, the group has now renewed its threat…. A University spokesman said: "We are appalled by the contents of a statement concerning the fire in an Oxford college boathouse on Monday, July 4. The intimidating nature of this message is totally unacceptable…." (story in archive)
Guardian 21.7.05 Animal militants set fire to Oxford boathouse - Sandra Laville - Animal rights extremists are claiming responsibility for an arson attack on an Oxford University boathouse which caused an estimated £500,000 worth of damage… In the latest assault 24 rowing boats were destroyed and much of the interior of the Hertford College boathouse at Oxford University was damaged after arsonists broke into the riverside building and poured about 11 litres (2.42 gallons) of petrol over the property inside…. In a posting yesterday on the Bite Back magazine website, the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the raid… (story)
Times 21.7.05 Animal activists claim boathouse arson attack BY TOSIN SULAIMAN - AN ANIMAL RIGHTS group has said that it was behind an arson attack on an Oxford University boathouse, it emerged last night. The Animal Liberation Front said in a posting on its website that it had carried out the attack on Hertford College boathouse, The Guardian reported… (story)
Sutton Coldfield Observer 21.7.05 ARSON 'WILL NOT DETER UNIVERSITY' - Oxford University has vowed to press on with building a controversial research centre after animal rights extremists claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a college boathouse… (story)
Oxford Mail 12.7.05 `Animal lab will be built' pledge by Staff reporter - Oxford University today (Tuesday, July 12) fired a defiant message to vandals trying to stop the construction of its animal research laboratory - "We are committed to saving lives and we will open." The university spoke out after it emerged animal rights' extremists are believed to be responsible for an arson attack at a college boathouse last week…. Speak -- the non-violent organisation that has led opposition to the Oxford laboratory -- condemned the actions of the arsonists…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 22.7.05 STOP BARBARIC ANIMAL TESTS - Richard Dixey would would have us believe ("Activists are missing the point", July 11) that with no further developments of medicines or safety testing on animals we run the risk of another thalidomide. I find it very disturbing that, given Dr Dixey's position, he is unaware that this drug was safely tested on animals, and tests multiplied as a consequence of the thalidomide tragedy. In my opinion, Dr Dixey's point of view in support of vivisection is nothing more than scaremongering… Forty people are killed every day by medical drugs, and vivisection, by its very nature, is barbaric and undercover. We must use humane testing. Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 22.7.05 FENCING BETTER THAN FEROCITY TO CURB RABBITS - At Bracebridge Heath it is said rabbits on the playing field at St John's Primary School are digging up not only the field but the neighbouring gardens (July 16). Firstly, to say "cull them all" is a cruel and ill conceived proposition, showing the same sentiment as the person who invented myxomatosis… I think that to suggest killing these creatures en masse in times of ubiquitous violence sends out a cruel and senseless message to the children of not only the school in question but to all young people…. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln
I am horrified that Lincoln City Council is spending my council tax on a useless and cruel practice of trying to cull the pigeon population (July 19). Having spoken to Pigeon Control Advisory Service (Picas), I find there are alternative humane ways of reducing the pigeon population in the city centre…. JACKIE BURLISON Lincoln. (letters)

Gloucestershire Gazette 22.7.05 Tell the RSPB - I AM country born and bred. We are used to being called country bumpkins but we are not barbaric people who catch wild birds in cages to kill. I wonder where John Kemp (Gazette Letters, July 8) has seen these poor birds and why anyone would want to kill them?... I hope, John, you have reported this to the RSPB. Mrs M Pagett Fortfields Dursley end (letter in archive)
Gloucestershire Gazette 8.7.05 Why lock up birds I WONDER if some of your readers could enlighten me as to the purpose of the bird cages/traps that I see in some people's gardens… This seems barbaric to me but then I am not a "country born person" so would not be expected to understand the logic of this apparently cruel procedure… John Kemp Weaver Close Dursley (letter in archive)


Western Gazette 21.7.05 BATTLING ON OVER HUNT BAN - A Farmer from the Gillingham area is fighting the hunting ban in the High Court, claiming it threatens to wipe out rural communities. Dairy farmer Jason Vickery is a claimant in the Countryside Alliance's bid to overturn the Hunting Act introduced in February on the grounds it contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights… He has been hunting with the Motcombe-based South and West Wiltshire Hunt all his life and said it provided vital support to local farmers…. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.7.05 We'll carry on fight to restore foxhunting - THE new joint master of the Royal Artillery Hunt, Brian Toogood, has said he will use all legal and political means to restore traditional foxhunting to England. Mr Toogood, a 69-year-old chartered surveyor from Urchfont, near Devizes, still insists that foxhunting is the most humane way of killing foxes, which cause problems to farmers. (story in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 21.7.05 WE'RE HAVING A FIELD DAY ... This year's Driffield Show has been the most successful yet. Organisers say it shows the countryside is on the road to recovery. David Taylor reports… Loud cheers went up when the Holderness Hunt paraded its fox hounds in the main arena. Hunt officials and show visitors sent out a message that fox-hunting will survive, despite the Government ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)
Driffield Post 13.7.05 Parade of hounds to send clear message - A LARGE parade of hounds will be at the Driffield Show to send out a message that hunts will survive, despite a government ban on hunting with dogs. Between 20 and 30 hounds from the Holderness Hunt will be paraded in the main ring at the Driffield Showground, Kelley-thorpe, for the agricultural showcase…. (story)

North Devon Journal 21.7.05 SHAME HUNTING HAS BEEN BANNED - H.v.f. winstone (Letters, July 14) stands to be corrected. The hunting ban was not due to the overwhelming view of Parliament. It was due to only a part of Parliament pushing through extraordinary legislation. What a great shame that hunting has been banned. I would have shown Mr Winstone a good day out with the hounds so that when he next writes to the Journal he could then write accurately about hunting instead of relying on hearsay…. MRS M. HARLAND, Moor Park, Littleham. (letter)
North Devon Journal 14.7.05 ARE THESE HUNTS STILL MEETING? - Nobody can accuse the hunt lobby of lack of variety in their debating tactics. They veer from one pose to another in their chameleon-like changes of disguise…. According to the latest picture I have been able to put together from reports of the League Against Cruel Sports, Diana Lewis's daily emergency callouts and the views of anti-hunt residents of Exmoor, it seems that some packs, as many as one in seven nationally, are still acting illegally… The police themselves, despite an exemplary record of protecting wild animals, including birds of prey, in Devon and Cornwall, seem reluctant to act against breaches of the hunting with hounds act. Perhaps it is time for the constabulary to show its teeth. H.V.F. WINSTONE, Riverbank Cottages, Bideford (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.7.05 TIME FOR SNARES TO BE OUTLAWED - Many people are writing to their MP to express concerns about the slaughter of millions of mammals and birds on British shooting estates every year. This "predator control" is undertaken purely for profit, which cannot possibly be justified. The cruel and indiscriminate use by shooting estates of snares causes needless distress to both target and non-target species, including badgers, livestock and family pets…. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Melton Times 21.7.05 Extra officers drafted in for game fair - EXTRA officers are being brought in to help Melton police ensure public safety at this weekend's CLA Game Fair. Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) will be patrolling the villages around Belvoir Castle to reassure residents and deal with any traffic problems… The CLA Game Fair is the world's largest countryside event. The 1,600 pitch caravan park on site is already fully booked and there will be 900 exhibitor stands…. (story)

Western Daily Press 21.7.05 MADGE GIVES UP HER GUN - Britain's leading antiblood sports group issued a cheeky message to Madonna yesterday - offering free membership after she is reported to have given up shooting…. Douglas Batchelor, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Madonna has apparently realised what our members, most of whom live and work in the countryside, have always known. It is possible to enjoy our rural environment without killing animals for kicks." (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 21.7.05 Spanish festival is cruelty - FOR a day each week in July, Spaniards and tourists celebrate the annual Pamplona street festival by running of the bulls, hounding them through the streets before slowly torturing them to death in the city's bullring…. MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 21.7.05 Animal rights protester strips to stop bullfights - AN animal rights activist from the Capital is to join more than 100 protesters demonstrating against the reopening of a bullfighting ring in Portugal. Yvonne Taylor, 33, a worker at animal rights group PETA, is to strip off to a bikini in opposition to the sport. Ms Taylor, from Leith, will protest on Sunday ahead of the first bullfight at the ring in Povoa de Varzim, in the north of Portugal…. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 21.7.05 Medals are demeaned by royals - I MUST take issue with the views of Michael Bray (letters July 14). While he seeks to justify the array of medals worn by members of the Royal Family he gives an example of the Queen's Silver Jubilee medal awarded to Prince Edward…. It was just a big a farce as Tony Blair giving out CBEs to his friends in the vivisection business… PHILIP BEAVEN, Swindon (letter)

Whitehaven News 21.7.05 Badger lobby opposes cull By David Siddall - CONSERVATIONISTS have criticised the National Farmers’ Union for demanding badger culling to control bovine tuberculosis. “By demanding badger killing, the National Farmers Union is behaving like a school bully,” said Dr Elaine King, chief executive of the National Federation of Badger Groups…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.7.05 'Thanks for your aid donations' - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Peterborough for giving generously at this year's street collection in Peterborough City centre on Saturday, July 16…. Donna Burke, Street Collection Co-ordinator, Neville Avenue, Spalding, Lincolnshire (story)

Western Daily Press 21.7.05 WE ARE BECOMING A MORE BARBARIC NATION - I was disgusted though not surprised to read your article about Annie the elephant. These stupid, ignorant circus people make me feel sick. They talk about her missing her family. They had no regard in the first place to use her for their selfish means, taking her from her true family and keeping her in a confined space… P Bradshaw Painswick Stroud (story)

Impartial Reporter 21.7.05 Helping animals is part of Pat’s life - A Fermanagh man who has devoted a large part of his life to looking after animals, has won a national award in recognition of his work. Pat Nolan, who runs the Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary near Ballinamallard, won the “Lifetime Dedication Award” in the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Animal Action Awards 2005… Phyllis Campbell-McCrae, UK director of IFAW, said, “Pat is an inspiration. He has done incredible work to help animals. All the winners are real animal heroes who give up all their time and effort to rescue and care for wildlife and pets.”… (story)
Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 21.7.05 Elephant lover honoured for work By Sara Dixon - IT was a double celebration for animal aid worker Katherine Connor last week. Not only was she able to save an elephant from the jungles of northern Thailand from ending his days begging on the streets, but she was also awarded a prize at the House of Lords for her aid work… Miss Connor was at Westminster last Thursday receiving the Animal Welfare Commitment Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)…. (story)

Bromley Times 21.7.05 Food for thought - On a recent holiday to North Wales I was impressed with the grandeur of Snowdonia area and the contrasting beauty of the Conwy Valley. Also beautiful and heart-warming was the sight of lambs gambolling over the lush green hills and fields, full of the joys of living. How sad, then, to see in the local butchers' shops signs such as "New season's Welsh lamb"… Those sharing my concerns and seeking a more compassionate way of life can obtain more information, including sample vegetarian recipes, from Animal Aid… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)


Ireland Online 20.7.05 Animal rights activists in plea for lifestyle change - Animal rights activists from around the world were in Dublin tonight to encourage Irish people to change their lifestyles and end cruelty to animals. Speakers from Ireland, the UK and the US addressed a gathering organised by the Dublin Animal Rights Collective with the aim of raising public awareness of animal rights issues. Robin Webb, press officer for the UK’s Animal Liberation Front, said there were a number of areas which needed to be addressed in Ireland… Mr Webb said there were concerns that with the ban on hunting with hounds in the UK, both hunters and hunt saboteurs would come over to Ireland and campaigners wanted to nip the problem in the bud in this country…. Mr Webb said that aside from the moral argument against abusing animals there were practical reasons not to exploit other species, for example the irrelevance to humans of medical tests performed on animals…. (story)

UTV 20.7.05 No plans for Northern Ireland hunting ban - There are no plans to extend the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales to include Northern Ireland, the British government made clear last night. Northern Ireland Minister Lord Rooker said in a written reply: "Any decision to ban hunting in Northern Ireland should be taken by a locally-elected assembly and the main Northern Ireland political parties have indicated their support for this view."… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 20.7.05 HUNT OUT THE HOSPITALITY - Carmarthenshire Hunt is organising the Inter Hunt Relay at this year's United Counties Show. They will also be hosting a hospitality tent for anyone who wishes to come along…. (story)

Northwich Guardian 20.7.05 Jamie is new huntsman - CHESHIRE Forest Hunt has employed Jamie Nicklin, pictured, as its professional huntsman - at 29 one of the youngest in Britain…. (story in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 20.7.05 Family in lamping tragedy to appeal against sentences By Tony Gardner - THE family of a boy left permanently disabled after he was shot in the head, plan to appeal against their sentences for their role in an illegal hunting trip. Alfie Norton, 12, suffered brain damage and has to use a wheelchair after a shot, fired by his sister's boyfriend, Lee Beauchamp, lodged in his head while lamping – hunting rabbits at night…. The family's solicitor, Dennis Lofthouse, said today: "I am taking advice from counsel who acted on behalf of the defendants and expect to lodge an appeal with the Crown Court in the next week… "The sentences handed out were in excess of what we expected, in particular the custodial sentences given to Stephen. I think it would be right to say that the Norton family have been very shocked by the prison sentences. It has certainly caused a lot of distress to young Alfie."… (story)
Pontefract & Castleford Express 14.7.05 Lamping shooter discharged - A TEENAGER who shot schoolboy Alfie Norton in the head in a lamping accident last year has escaped jail. Lee Beauchamp, 19, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and £40 costs after admitting trespassing on land with an air weapon after the night-time shooting accident at Whitwood golf course on September 23 2004…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 9.7.05 DISTRESS OF 'LAMPING' TEENAGER WHO SHOT BOY - Joanne Ginley - A TEENAGER who accidentally shot a young boy in the head with an air rifle while hunting rabbits has been given a 12-month conditional discharge for trespassing with an air weapon. Lee Beauchamp, 18, had been "inconsolable" after realising he had shot schoolboy Alfred Norton while out lamping – hunting at night with torches in September last year…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 5.7.05 FATHER OF SHOT 'LAMPING' BOY SPARED PRISON - Olwen Dudgeon - THE father of a schoolboy critically injured in a shooting incident, who then lied to police about what happened to him, has been given a suspended jail sentence for the sake of his son. Judge Ian Dobkin told Gary Norton yesterday at Leeds Crown Court he deserved an immediate jail term for impeding police inquiries into events that night, but that would only cause further suffering to the boy…. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 29.6.05 Uncles jailed for lying about boy's 'lamping' tragedy by Rod Hopkinson - An accidental shot in the dark left a boy of 12 with devastating injuries, a court was told. A pellet from a gas-fired airgun went through the head of Alfred Norton while he was lamping – poaching using bright torches – with his uncle and two other men. Two of his uncles were jailed yesterday and his father was awaiting sentence…. Alfred was not taken to hospital for 90 minutes while others in the shooting party tried to contact his father, Gary, who was not with the group. Mr McAdam said he and his relatives then tried to hoodwink police by inventing stories about what happened on the night of the shooting in September last year…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 29.6.05 UNCLES JAILED FOR 'LAMPING'LIES - Boy, 12, left with pellet in brain as men tried to concoct cover-up - Andrew Robinson - A SCHOOLBOY critically injured in a shooting incident was left on the back seat of a car with a pellet lodged in his brain while his uncles drove around and then concocted lies with his father to cover up what happened…. (story)
Western Morning News 27.9.04 GAMEKEEPER IN CALL FOR RESTRICTIONS ON 'LAMPING' - A senior Westcountry gamekeeper has called for tough new restrictions on the practice of "lamping" for foxes after a Devon teenager was killed in a shooting incident earlier this month. Hugh Thomas, South West representative of the Union of Country Sports Workers, said the death of 13-year-old Byron Evans near Harberton, South Devon, had highlighted the dangers of lamping with rifles, in which high-powered lights are used to dazzle foxes at night so that they can be shot… David Jones, a huntsman with the David Davies Foxhounds in Montgomeryshire, told the Lib-Dem meeting that lamping was encouraging a new breed of "countryside cowboys" - shooting enthusiasts, often from the towns, who had little knowledge of or respect for wildlife. But Christopher Graffius, a director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said limiting lamping to gamekeepers would exclude large numbers of experienced shooters capable of carrying it out safely. (story)
Torquay Herald Express 26.9.04 THIRD SHOOTING IN NIGHT FOX HUNT - A third person in a month has been shot by night-time fox hunting lampers. The shooting, in circumstances similar to those which saw 13-year-old Teignmouth schoolboy Byron Evans shot dead two weeks ago, involved a youngster just a year younger… Totnes and Torbay MPs Anthony Steen and Adrian Sanders have already expressed fears that the imminent hunting ban may lead to an increase in lamping as a farmers' seek alternative forms of pest control. David Jones, of the David Davies Foxhounds, said he had already seen a rapid growth in applications for rifle licences in his local area of Montgomeryshire with 281 applications in one month…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation tells its members always to familiarise themselves with an area in daylight and to inform the local police and residents when and where they will be shooting…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 26.9.04 Youth held over 'lamper' shooting - An 18-year-old youth has been arrested for questioning in connection with an incident in which a schoolboy was shot in the head in an area popular with night-time shooters known as "lampers"…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.9.04 NIGHTMARE AFTER 'LAMPERS' SHOOT BOY, 12, IN HEAD - A YORKSHIRE schoolboy was fighting for his life last night after being shot in the head during an evening walk with his father and their dog. Andrew Robinson - The 12-year-old Castleford High School pupil had to be carried, wounded and bleeding, for a mile up a woodland track by his horrified father who then drove him to Pontefract General Infirmary…. (story)
BBC News Online 25.9.04 Man arrested over boy's shooting - A man has been arrested in connection with a shooting incident in which a 12-year-old boy was left seriously hurt… (story)
Times 25.9.04 Lampers shoot boy in the head BY JOANNA BALE - A FATHER carried his wounded 12-year-old son for a mile along a dark woodland track to find help after the boy was shot in the head in a suspected “lamping” incident. He then drove his son, who has not been named, to hospital. The boy was still seriously ill last night…. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 25.9.04 Shot boy fighting for life, By Paul Jeeves - A young boy was continuing his desperate fight for life in hospital today as police intensified investigations to find the gunman who shot him in the head…. (story)
Telegraph 25.9.04 - A boy of 12 was in a critical condition last night after he was shot in the head by a suspected poacher while he and his father were walking their dog…. Huntsmen have said a ban on hunting with hounds will increase the practice as farmers used it as a form of pest control. David Jones, of the David Davies Foxhounds, said he had already seen a rapid growth in applications for rifle licences in his local area of Montgomeryshire with 281 applications in one month.... The British Association for Shooting and Conservation tells its members always to familiarise themselves with an area in daylight and to inform the local police and residents when and where they will be shooting... (story)
BBC News Online 25.9.04'Hunt shot' boy still critical - A 12-year-old boy remains in a critical condition in hospital after being shot in the head in an area popular with night time hunters, police said…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.9.04 NIGHTMARE AFTER 'LAMPERS' SHOOT BOY, 12, IN HEAD Victim fighting for his life - A YORKSHIRE schoolboy was fighting for his life last night after being shot in the head during an evening walk with his father and their dog. - Andrew Robinson (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 24.9.04 Hunt boy is shot in head - A BOY was in critical condition in hospital today with a gunshot wound to the head after he was shot in an area popular with night-time hunters known as "lampers"…. (story)

Northwich Chronicle 20.7.05 MP badgers Home Secretary over law By Lucy Beaumont, Northwich Chronicle - LABOUR MP Mike Hall is calling for a crackdown on badger baiters. The Northwich MP has written to the Home Secretary Charles Clarke urging him to turn the screws on the cruel culprits… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 20.7.05 DISSAPOINTED WITH FOIE GRAS SALES - I was disappointed to learn that among the delicacies which on sale at the French market in Torbay was foie gras…. ANGELA CORKERY, Seymour Drive, Torquay (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 20.7.05 `No grounds for concern' over zoo animals' welfare - COMPLAINTS about the treatment of animals at a Ryedale zoo have been quashed by councillors in the light of evidence from an expert vet. The treatment of an American alligator, parrots, sea lions, a pot bellied pig, giraffes and animals in the children's zoo at Flamingo Land, Kirkby Misperton, were the subject of concerns raised with the district council by a visitor. However, after hearing evidence from Matt Brash, an independent expert zoo vet, councillors decided that there were no circumstances to warrant a special inspection and no grounds for licence revocation… (story in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 13.7.05 Flamingo Land boss bars Ryedale councillors in zoo row by David Jeffels - THE millionaire boss of Flamingo Land has banned three Ryedale councillors from the theme park and warned the district council that if what he calls a `ridiculous smear campaign' does not end he will take legal action. Gordon Gibb threatened the action after complaints by a Scarborough animal welfare activitist were lodged with Ryedale District Council… The concerns have been raised at two recent council meetings - the last of which was a full council meeting at the end of last month which Mr Gibb attended and called for an end to the matter. It was after this that councillors John Clark (Liberal) and Howard and Di Keal (both Liberal Democrat), two of whom had visited the theme park to carry out an inspection as a result of the complaints, received Mr Gibb's letter banning them from the site…. (story in archive)


Western Daily Press 19.7.05 NEW HOME FOR BEAGLES - One of Britain's most famous beagle packs has been saved and will continue to 'hunt' in the autumn, it was revealed yesterday. The beagles from Marlborough College had faced being disbanded in the wake of the hunting ban, with the college looking to re-home the dogs…. (story)
Horse & Hound 14.7.05 New lease of life for Marlborough Beagles - Carla Passino - The college pack has a new mastership and will change name to Marlborough and District Beagles - A team of conservationists and hunting aficionados has taken over the Marlborough College Beagles just when the curtain looked set to draw on the fifty-three-year-old pack… The college eventually decided to disband the pack and was looking for new homes for the beagles when a group of local supporters came to the rescue. Racehorse re-trainer Andrew Bozdan, his wife Rosemary, Countryside Alliance Board Member Caroline Tisdall and her partner Paul Van Vlissingen formed a new mastership to take charge of the former Marlborough College Beagles… Bozdan, who used to hunt with the Surrey and North Sussex and still walks puppies for them, discussed taking over the pack with Tisdall and Van Vlissingen, who are both passionate about conservation… (story)

Western Daily Press 19.7.05 HUNT TRIBUTE TO ONE OF ITS LEADING LIGHTS - The West hunting community yesterday paid tribute to keen huntsman Stephen Crocker, who will be laid to rest in Ilminster today. Father-of-two Mr Crocker, 38, hunted with several packs in and around Somerset, and many members of the hunting fraternity are expected to attend the service at St Mary's Church at 2pm…. A member of the Ilminster Round Table, he was a devoted father and lover of county pursuits and known as an enthusiastic hunter who rode with the West Somerset Vale hunt, the Quantock Staghounds and the Tiverton Staghounds… (story)

Western Mail 19.7.05 Advice on the legal use of a dog below ground - Use of a Dog Below Ground in England and Wales is the title of a new Code of Practice booklet by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. The code itself has the force of law and it sets out the manner in which a dog may be legally used below ground in the course of stalking or flushing out a wild mammal, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Schedule 1 to the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)

Times 19.7.05 Lords and the Hunting Act - Peter Riddell (Political Analysis, July 13) asserts that the Hunting Act appeal, at present before the judicial committee of the House of Lords, involves a struggle between the “greater activism” of the judiciary on the one hand and ministers seeking to uphold the principle of the legal sovereignty of Parliament on the other. No so. The legal sovereignty of Parliament, that is to say of the two Houses of Parliament acting in agreement with each other, has never been in issue… The dispute concerns whether the 1911 Act made a once and for all limitation upon the delaying power of the Lords, or whether it also empowered the House of Commons unilaterally to reduce further this delaying power…. JOHN F. DONALDSON, House of Lords (letter)

Yorkshire Post 19.7.05 From: Patricia Wood, Stod Fold, Halifax. I WISH the hunting enthusiasts well in their challenge to the hunting ban but I cannot think that the denigration and name-calling of our democratically elected Government at the Display of Hounds in the Great Yorkshire Show is the best way to attract support…. (letter)

Western Mail 19.7.05 'I nearly broke the law' - ANGLESEY'S NFU Cymru chairman has admitted he almost broke the law and buried dead livestock. Trevor Lloyd said he had lost patience with the National Fallen Stock Collection scheme. "On a couple of occasions I had to wait three weeks for collection. I finally lost my temper and was about to bury them when the collectors arrived….” (story)

Oxford Mail 19.7.05 Activists mark year of lab work delay - It is one year today (July 19) since work at Oxford University's animal research lab stopped -- and animal rights' activists will enter the no-go zone for a wreath-laying ceremony to mark the anniversary. Speak campaigners Robert Cogswell and Mel Broughton, plan to walk inside the 35m exclusion zone which surrounds the partially-built laboratory in South Parks Road at noon… Mr Cogswell stressed it would be a peaceful and lawful ceremony. Due to an exemption in the injuction, he and Mr Broughton would not be liable for arrest by entering the 35m zone…. (story in archive)

Independent 19.7.05 Liberty bows to pressure over fur sales By Jonathan Brown - Liberty has become the latest major retailer to bow to pressure from animal rights activists and stop selling fur… It follows a protracted lobbying effort which saw hundreds of activists bombard the company with e-mails and stage a demonstration outside the store last November… Louise Stevenson, a spokeswoman for Caft, said Liberty's retail services manager, Richard Davis, announced the change of policy last week. His e-mail, posted on Caft's website followed an inquiry by one of the group's supporters…. (story)


Eastern Daily Press 18.7.05 Thousands 'have a go' at Holkham - JAMES GOFFIN - It was Norfolk at its best: glorious weather, thousands of happy people and traditional country pursuits. More than 50,000 headed for the Holkham Country Fair at Lord Leicester's estate, near Wells, over the weekend…. As in previous years, there was also a strong emphasis on traditional country sports, with parades by local hunts, a gundog scurry, flycasting competitions and the chance to try your hand at shooting weapons from air rifles to muskets and crossbows…. (story)

Telegraph 18.7.05 Spanish pig-stickers face ban on hunting By Isambard Wilkinson in Hinojos - The sight of lance-bearing horsemen galloping their charges through marshlands in pursuit of wild boar is one that many would have thought had disappeared with the British Raj. The last bastion of the ancient tradition of pig-sticking, once the passion of British officers posted to India, is a village, Hinojos, on the edge of Spain's most famous national park, the Coto de Doñana in Andalucia… Pressure from animal rights activists and ecology groups, inspired by Britain's anti-hunting campaign, has pushed the sport to the brink of extinction…. Federico Diego, the lead spear of the Hinojos hunt, is campaigning to have pig-sticking registered as a legal form of hunting…. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.7.05 WHY SHOOTING IS A FORCE FOR GOOD - The League Against Cruel Sports is set to sell off 2,000 acres to fund a campaign to outlaw gun sports. Here, SIMON CLARKE, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) says shooting will stand up to the challenges ahead of it… (story)
Western Daily Press 13.7.05 THE GUNMEN ARE NOW IN OUR SIGHTS - A shift in policy was signalled by the League Against Cruel Sports yesterday, from buying land to frustrate huntsmen to purchases of land to frustrate the shooting industry. Here, DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, the league's chief executive explains why this is the next target… (story)
Western Morning News 12.7.05 LEAGUE TO FOCUS ITS SIGHTS ON SHOOTING - JASON GROVES LONDON EDITOR - ONE OF the Westcountry's most prominent anti-hunt campaigners has quit the ruling body of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) in protest at controversial plans to sell off wildlife sanctuaries in the region in order to fund a campaign against shooting. Ivor Annetts, the long-time spokesman for the league in the South West, is understood to have resigned from the anti-hunting group's governing council over the plans under which it could dispose of much of its 2,000 acres of wildlife havens over the next few years. Mr Annetts was unavailable yesterday, but LACS spokesman Mike Hobday confirmed that he had stepped down because "he believes the league should have an ongoing conservation role"…. Paul Tilsley, the LACS' sanctuaries manager, yesterday insisted that there were no plans to sell off any land. "As far as I am concerned there will always be sanctuaries," he said…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.7.05 NEW WAR ON GUN SPORTS - The opening shots in the campaign to end gun sports were fired last night. Reports coming out of the League Against Cruel Sports suggest the organisation is setting its sights on a new target after helping to win the battle to ban hunting with hounds… (story)
Western Daily Press 12.7.05 PROTESTERS ARE AIMING TO BUY GUN SPORTS LAND - Britain's leading antihunt group could sell off its West sanctuaries to fund the buying of land to stop commercial shooting, it emerged yesterday. The League Against Cruel Sports has signalled a shift in policy by agreeing that thousands of acres it bought in the West Country to protect hunted animals can be sold, with the proceeds going instead to land purchases to prevent shooting… (story)
Times 11.7.05 Anti-hunt group sets sights on shooting BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - The League Against Cruel Sports may sell animal sanctuaries to buy land and create gun-free zones - THE League Against Cruel Sports to focus on killing off shooting now that hunting with dogs has been banned. Eighty per cent of its 20,000 members voted last week to give its ruling council the power to sell off wildlife sanctuaries to raise cash to buy moorland and foreshore which has shooting rights. The plan is to resell the land but retain the shooting rights to create no-shooting zones. The money raised would be used to buy more land…. BASC has already warned landowners and farmers to be alert for third-party buyers acting for the league. Tim Bonner, for the Countryside Alliance, said: “This is confirmation that the league’s sanctuaries never had anything to do with managing wildlife and were all about the politics of prohibition…” (story)
Western Morning News 30.5.05 ANTI-HUNT LOBBY MAY TARGET GAME SHOOTING - The anti-hunt lobby is considering plans to buy up land in the Westcountry with shooting rights attached as part of its battle against blood sports. An internal report from the League Against Cruel Sports, leaked to a national newspaper, reveals that now the ban on fox hunting has been won, the group is set to concentrate its efforts on banning shooting…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 29.5.05 We'll buy land to stop shooting, say anti-hunt groups By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Anti-hunt campaigners are secretly planning to buy up thousands of acres of land where game shooting takes place in order to block the pastime, as they widen their attack on country sports. A leaked internal report from the League Against Cruel Sports reveals that, with the 20-year battle won to secure a ban on foxhunting, the organisation is turning its attention to shooting. It is preparing plans to buy large areas of moors, foreshore and wetlands in order to prevent other landlords from acquiring the shooting rights. The league plans to sell on the land, using the proceeds to buy up more areas. But it will retain the sporting rights for itself - thereby denying others the right to shoot over growing parts of the country… (story)

Telegraph 18.7.05 Breeding beauty - W. F. Deedes rightly points to the coming battles over shooting now that the anti-groups have achieved a hunting ban. There is a public interest issue here: the land that is managed for shooting is generally rich in a diversity of bird species…. The growing numbers of the public taking an interest in rural affairs and the natural world should realise that were shooting to follow hunting and game management in leaving the scene, the countryside would be far less attractive. Barber of Tewkesbury, House of Lords, London SW1 (letter)

Telegraph 18.7.05 Floating traps to save water vole from mink By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Conservationists have devised a floating trap that could help wipe out the American mink and save its indigenous prey, the water vole, from extinction. A three-year study by the Game Conservancy Trust found that it was possible to eradicate mink from entire river systems - at least to a level that would allow the water vole to recover to its early 20th century profusion - at a cost of £24 per mile of river per year…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 18.7.05 RESCUED GREYHOUNDS JOIN STREET CAMPAIGN BY NAOMI TOLLEY - Twenty protesters from Torbay and a dozen rescued greyhounds took to the streets to campaign against the William Hill Greyhound Derby. Banners and posters were displayed in Exeter's Sidwell Street and leaflets were handed to the public as part of the national campaign. It came amid the Grand Derby Final as six greyhounds raced for a £100,000 prize at Wimbledon Stadium…. Helen Stevens from South Devon Greyhound Action said: "Greyhound Derby Day is the biggest event of the year for the bookmakers with regard to greyhound racing, as this is when most bets are placed on the dogs…" (story)

Argus 18.7.05 Letter: Noisy gulls are keeping their 'teenagers' in check - I was shocked to read your article about the bothersome seagulls (The Argus, July 5). Doesn't the Argus know that culling means killing? With the increase in the population of Brighton, I suppose the next suggestion will be to cull people…. -Elizabeth Wyatt, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 14.7.05 Letter: Live near the sea? Expect seagulls - It was good to see Peter Thomas putting the seagull and rubbish problems into perspective (The Argus, July 6). It made a pleasant change from the constant calls for a cull from Trevor Pateman (Letters, June 21)… If seagulls can adapt and survive after what humans have taken from them, surely we can live alongside them? -Gloria Wheatcroft, co-ordinator, Inner City Wildlife Concern, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 14.7.05 Letter: Culling means killing - I was shocked to read your article about the bothersome seagulls (The Argus, July 5). Doesn't The Argus know that culling means killing?... -Elizabeth Page, Brighton (letter in archive)

Daily Record 18.7.05 ANIMAL CRUELTY IS UNACCEPTABLE - HOW sad and disturbing to read of the yobs who attempted to drown a litter of Dalmatian puppies in a canal…. Ross Minett MSc BSc,Director, Advocates for Animals (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 18.7.05 VEGETARIAN ROADSHOW - Cookery demonstrations, stalls, beauty products, books and information leaflets will all be part of a vegetarian roadshow coming to Plymouth next month. The event will take place at the Guildhall on Saturday, August 20, from 10am-4pm…. (story)


Scotland on Sunday 17.7.05 Conservatives must embrace a new popular politics of grievance - GERALD WARNER - PLEASE do not kick that sack of fighting stoats - it is actually the Tory Party… The entire political class has lost touch with public sentiment, as have the media. The last general election showed that the new phenomenon in Britain is revanchist politics. The aggrieved are fighting back. The most potent single interest group was Vote-OK, the pro-hunting organisation that set out to unseat MPs who had voted to ban their sport. Their chief target was Peter Bradley, MP for The Wrekin, who proclaimed that the ban "was class war". They got him out, on a 5.4% swing. Helen Clark, Labour MP for Peterborough, was another victim ("I'm in political limbo, I'm one of the undead," she bleated, complaining her victorious Tory opponent had paid tribute to the Fitzwilliam Hunt for its part in her demise)…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 17.7.05 Truly the King of all he surveyed - IAN WATSON - FEW except those close to Lord King of Wartnaby, the former BA chairman who died aged 87 last week, realised that for many years he battled with severe deafness. It was partly the result of his long early career in the engineering industry where he would often spend 12 hours a day amid the noisy clatter of machine tools. He didn't help his condition with the many hours spent game shooting long before the damaging effect on hearing caused by blasts from shotgun cartridges was generally recognised… His great passion was his 2,000-acre farming estate at Wartnaby near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. His close friend, the late Lord Hanson, said the purchase showed King at his strategic best. The Belvoir is the Duke of Rutland's pack and one of the top hunts in Britain. Wartnaby is situated in the heart of Leicestershire's foxhunting activities. King became master of the Belvoir in 1958 and held the position until 1972. He was also master of another top hunt, the Badworth in Derbyshire, from 1949 to 1958… (story)
Telegraph 15.7.05 Notebook By W F Deedes - …Lord King, the former British Airways boss who has just died, once invited me to his office to discuss some minor difference between this newspaper and BA. He found me waiting in his office and admiring a painting of him and his daughter returning from a winter day's foxhunting. "You hunt?" he inquired. "No," I said, "but I defend foxhunting," and briefly gave my reasons. "Let's go to my club," said Lord King, differences with the Telegraph forgotten, "and discuss this with a few kindred spirits."… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 17.7.05 US animal rights fanatic in Britain vows to break law By Daniel Foggo - declare: "We will break the law and destroy property until we win." Dr Steven Best, a philosophy professor and exponent of the Animal Liberation Front, told about 200 activists at the International Animal Rights Gathering 2005: "Now communism is dead, we are the new spectre in the world. We are named as the number one terrorist threat in the US and UK. Can you believe it?"… The International Animal Rights Gathering 2005 is being held in a private field over the weekend near Tonbridge. Those attending are being given instruction in unarmed combat and counter-surveillance, and told how to take "direct action" in the name of animal liberation. (story)


Western Daily Press 16.7.05 BAN DOES NO FAVOUR TO DEER - With reference to Mrs Pratt's letter (Your Say, July 6). I am a member of the Tiverton Staghounds, who lives near Mrs Pratt, and feel she is making a mountain out of a molehill…. We all do our very best to ensure that no hounds stray onto anyone's land who is opposed to us, and it is very rarely that they do… Has Mrs Pratt never seen a deer which has been shot at, limping across her land with a leg hanging broken or a gangrenous wound festering on it? Mrs N Sellman, Rackenford, Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 16.7.05 FORGET THE FOX, IT'S A PC WORLD - It was the final straw, after reading Tristan Cork's report "New war on gun sports" (Western Daily Press, July 12), to read the piece "No protection for huntsmen". I could hardly believe it. A QC, representing the Government, says "the legal status of dispossessed huntsmen might be different if hunting was carried out solely by an ethnic minority."… If Philip Sale QC had said this about a non-white minority, there would be uproar, and at the very least he would have had a verbal warning or, being a "public figure", even told to resign…. No wonder there is resentment building up in this country. We are all being made to feel like second-class citizens… Helen Capel, Address supplied (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.7.05 BADGERS - COUNTY MAY LEAD TESTS - Badger vaccination trials could take place in Gloucestershire in an effort to wipe out bovine TB. The Government has plans to trial a vaccine in the South West on the animals, which are seen as the main carrier of the disease…. Jan Rowe is the county's National Farmers' Union expert on the disease…. "The trials are a good idea. We're still a long way from a vaccine but we need to give it a chance to see if it will be effective…” Tony Dean of Gloucestershire Badger Group said: "These trials should have been done years ago. A vaccine is the only answer to the problem and this county is as good a place as any to do it." (story)

Scotsman 16.7.05 Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - HAD you asked me, up to about three weeks ago, what the state of the deer population was in Scotland I think, along with almost everyone else, I would have said there were too many…. There are those - in rough terms, the RSPB and World Wide Fund for Nature - who think the hills and straths should be allowed, with a bit of gentle nurturing, to regenerate as an untamed wilderness where the deer and the antelope roam, accompanied by beavers and bears, and quite possibly pterodactyls and lots of birds. And then there are those trying to make a living - not necessarily running estates as grand personal sporting fiefdoms, but trying a bit of everything from farming to forestry, from fishing and shooting, to bird watching and holiday houses. The majority of them don't think there are too many deer overall. So when the Hunt Report appeared to say the place was rotten with them, the owners smelled something akin to a rat, but could not find the corpse…. A year later world deer guru Prof Tim Clutton-Brock of Cambridge University produced another report in Nature, which cast very serious doubt on the Hunt Report, which had never been peer-reviewed. Clutton-Brock said the numbers were probably exaggerated. But no-one noticed. Now we have Jamie Williamson from Alvie Estate, who, unlike most Highland land owners has a PhD, and has been dissecting Hunt's figures to discover how the report arrived at its conclusions. He is finding that it is all largely conjecture. What is terrifying is that a piece of information has now taken root in the minds of the public, the media, MSPs, SNH board members and all those who chose to believe it…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.7.05 Animal slaughter method 'compassionate and considerate' From: David Russell, Shechita UK PR Office, Elscot House, Arcadia Avenue, London. DAVID Boyes (Letters, July 11) is wrong on several counts to infer that shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food – is "cruel and barbaric ritual slaughter". He seems, in fact, to have been watching an entirely different programme from the one I saw on BBC2, in which shechita was demonstrated to be entirely humane with the animal stunned, dispatched and exsanguinated in one swift movement. Like open-heart surgery, the procedure may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it is clinical and effective…
From: Dorothy Cope, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate. I REFER to David Boyes's letter (11 July) on appalling animal torture. I, too, saw this shocking documentary…. There is no excuse for not pre-stunning. The same applies to the poor cattle who take longer to bleed before losing consciousness. (letters)
Yorkshire Post 11.7.05 Appalling animal torture From: David S Boyes, Rodley Lane, Bramley. WATCHING a programme on BBC2 concerning the meat industry, I was horrified to see the cruel and barbaric "ritual slaughter" practised by men from two minority religious groups…. I have in the past written to the minister concerned with animal welfare, to ask why fox hunting is banned, yet these poor animals are allowed to be tortured in this way. The response was that "religious freedom" takes precedence, which I personally find incredible…. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 16.7.05 CARE SHOWN TO POOR INJURED GULL - Most Gloucester residents seem to loathe the gulls, but my heart was warmed by meeting a lady named Susan, from Scotland but recently moved to the area. She was standing guard over an injured gull, and very concerned as to what to do for the poor creature. We contacted the Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre who have now taken the bird in to care…. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)


Leicester Mercury 15.7.05 PROTESTORS WAIT TO HEAR HUNT VERDICT - Hunt campaigners must wait to learn whether they have succeeded in their second High Court bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales. Two senior judges have reserved judgment after a six-day hearing of a challenge brought by the Countryside Alliance and individuals who support and earn a living from hunting…. Joe Cowen, of Laughton Manor Farm, Lutterworth, the master and a trustee of the Fernie Hunt, is among those supporting the court action. Mr Cowen says his farm has been adapted for hunting and has acquired a 'special amenity value' threatened by the Act. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.7.05 HUNTING BAN CHALLENGE COULD LEAVE GOVERNMENT IN CHAOS - The Government upped the stakes yesterday at the House of Lords appeal over the hunting ban which has become a constitutional battleground. Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith QC, the Government's representative in the courts, brushed aside the Countryside Alliance's argument that the legislation used to bring in the Hunting Act was invalid… (story)
Western Morning News 15.7.05 HUNT BAN CASE HIJACKED IN LORDS - The Government upped the stakes yesterday at the House of Lords appeal over the hunting ban, which has turned into a constitutional battleground. The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, the Government's spokesman in the courts, brushed aside the Countryside Alliance's argument that the legislation used to bring in the Hunting Act was invalid. However, he then called on the Law Lords to make a ruling over whether the same 1949 Parliament Act could also be used to abolish the House of Lords in which they were sitting… (story)
Hexham Courant 15.7.05 LAW LORDS WILL RULE ON LEGALITY OF HUNTING BAN - MEMBERS of Tynedale’s six hunts will be keeping a close eye on events at Westminster today, as Law Lords rule on the legality of last year’s hunting ban. The House of Lords started hearing the Countryside Alliance’s case on Wednesday and continued through the week. The Alliance argue that the parliamentary mechanism for passing the Hunting Bill into law – against the wishes of the House of Lords – was itself unlawful… The case is brought in the name of three petitioners – chairman of the Countryside Alliance John Jackson; Mair Hughes of Glamorgan; and huntsman of the Oxfordshire-based Bicester with Whaddon Chase Hunt Patrick Martin. Sir Sydney Kentridge QC is leading the legal team… (story)
Guardian 15.7.05 Goldsmith urges law lords not to risk 'chaos' - Clare Dyer, legal editor - Law lords risk throwing the government's legislative programme into chaos if they limit powers for the Commons to push laws through in defiance of the House of Lords, the attorney general said yesterday. In a case ostensibly about whether the ban on hunting with dogs was validly enacted, which has turned into one of the biggest constitutional cases of recent times, the government upped the stakes as Lord Goldsmith insisted that the Parliament Act 1949 could be used to bring about significant constitutional changes, such as altering the composition of the House of Lords…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.7.05 How TV stalwart Elinor upset Camilla - Jophn Hipwood - A familiar face went missing from our television screens last night. Channel 4's political editor, Elinor Goodman, hung up her microphone for the last time on Wednesday. Elinor has been one of the outstanding figures in the Parliamentary Lobby for more than a quarter of a century, and is one of only three women to have chaired the male-dominated world of political journalists. She is renowned for her love of the countryside and country pursuits, not least foxhunting, and colleague Jon Snow appeared as a huntmaster in a film specially commissioned by Four for her leaving party…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 15.7.05 HOUNDS HERALD SHOW OF DEFIANCE - GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW - Hunting's historic parade - Brian Dooks - As more than 400 hounds brought spectacle to the final day of the Great Yorkshire Show, nine Law Lords are deciding a Countryside Alliance legal challenge to the ban, a decision that will not be announced until late August or early September. The enthusiastic reception the hounds received – relayed around the world from a webcam – left no one in doubt that hunting is determined to continue… Commentator Mike Keeble, accompanied into the ring by his grandson, Roddie Keeble, 11, who hunts with the Bedale in North Yorkshire, said 29 of the 230 UK hunts were from Yorkshire and 25 were on parade in the ring…. Mr Attmore, the official slipper at the Waterloo Cup, was accompanied by three winners of the event and a dual winner of the Anglian Cup… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 13.7.05 HOUNDS GO ON PARADE TO SHOW STRENGTH OF FEELING ON HUNTING - The biggest parade of hounds ever seen at the Great Yorkshire Show sent out a defiant message that hunting will survive. East Yorkshire packs took part in a cavalcade to show the Government it is business as usual despite the ban on hunting with dogs… One of the packs taking part was the Hunsley Beacon Beagles, based at Etton, near Beverley, which won awards at the show yesterday…. (story)
York Evening Press 13.7.05 Fun in sun as Great Yorkshire Show starts by Charlotte Percival - VISITORS and animals baked under scorching temperatures as the 147th Great Yorkshire Show got under way… Throughout the day, visitors watched horses parading in the main ring, a polo match, fashion show, film show and gundog, falconry and hounds displays… (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 12.7.05 SALES AND SUN MAKE GREAT YORKSHIRE THE HOTTEST SHOW IN TOWN - Brian Dooks - BUMPER crowds are expected to turn out at the this year's Great Yorkshire Show inspired by its increasing popularity and the prospect of very hot and sunny weather. The region's three-day premier agricultural event which opens today in Harrogate has already broken records for the number of competitive entries, with sheep, horses, foxhounds and cheese classes all smashing previous figures.. (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.7.05 - SHOW'S HUGE PARADE OF HOUNDS TO SIGNAL THAT HUNTS WILL SURVIVE - Brian Dooks - THE largest parade of hounds ever seen in the North of England will send a message on Thursday that hunts will survive in spite of the Government's ban on hunting with dogs. Twenty five hunts have accepted the Yorkshire Agricultural Society's invitation to parade in the main ring at the Great Yorkshire Show at 4.15pm on the final day of the region's most prestigious agricultural showcase…. Coursing will be represented by members of the Old Yorkshire and Ryedale Coursing Clubs, who will have three winners of the Waterloo Cup leading the parade into the ring…. Among the packs will be the Bilsdale Foxhounds, who claim to be the oldest in Britain… (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 15.7.05 Friendly show is back! - YOU'LL be sure of a friendly welcome on Sunday, July 24 at the 92nd Aldborough and Boroughbridge Agricultural Show…. Attractions this year include a farmers' market for the first time, a display by the York and Ainsty Hunt, as well as ferret and terrier racing… (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 14.7.05 Hunt opens kennels to public - The Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt is opening its kennels to the public for the first time on Saturday. Visitors will be welcome to have a look round the Victorian buildings at London Road, Petworth, and learn about day-to-day kennel management where a large number of hounds are involved. Hound puppies will also be introduced…. (story)

Inverness Courier 15.7.05 RSPB ignoring its own research? Dochfour, Inverness, Sir, You picked up on an RSPB press release on Red Kites (Courier 8.7.05)…. The dishonesty of the RSPB is breathtaking. The Langholm Study, carried out jointly by the RSPB and Game Conservancy in the Borders, provided unequivocable scientific evidence of the benefits of upland game management for a whole range of moorland birds, as well as the red grouse… Yours etc. , Alex Baillie. (letter)

Western Mail 15.7.05 The NFU's much- trumpeted strategy to tackle bovine TB (Western Mail, July 12) is based on a major misconception… It is not possible (except in the rarest and most severe cases) to distinguish diseased badgers from healthy badgers except by post mortem examination. The NFU plan would, unbelievably, submit badgers to the horrors of gassing and snaring…. M HUGHES, Warwickshire (letter)

The Sentinel 15.7.05 THE MADNESS OF ANIMAL TESTING - The drug industry must be rejoicing that European Court judges support the ban on its competitors, the vitamin and mineral supplement market. Appallingly, animal testing will now be mandatory for all herbal products…. Drug reactions is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and UK. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Times 15.7.05 Plea to Red Cross on Pamplona - The animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has appealed to the Red Cross to shun the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain… (story)

Western Daily Press 15.7.05 C 'MON MR FOX, MAKE MY DAY - Standing a staggering three foot tall and weighing in at an impressive 25lbs, it's a brave predator that would tackle West giant Rooster Coburn. And one unlucky fox has found that out to his cost after trying to force his way into Britain's biggest cockerel's Somerset love shack for a midnight feast…. "There was a yelp and I saw the fox limping off, " said the proud owner. "Rooster was strutting around the pen like a boxer after a fight crowing like mad. It was amazing…. The whole area was covered in blood and red fur…." (story)
Shepton Mallet Journal 14.7.05 MONSTER COCKEREL WINS SCRAP WITH FOX - A Shepton Mallet couple have bred a cockerel to rival Foghorn Leghorn of Loony Tunes cartoon fame - and Shepton's fearless fowl can also send predators packing…. Naomi and Tim were woken by the chickens making an alarming fuss when a fox was trying to sneak into the pen at 1am. Tim ventured into the garden to check on his birds and said that after the fox had scarpered with his tail between his legs, he found tufts of red fur scattered around. He believes this was evidence of the fox losing about with his cockerel…. (story)

South Wales Echo 15.7.05 ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Cardiff for their generosity in raising a fantastic £116.29 at a street collection on July 2… Thomas Simcock, Madoc Road, Tremorfa, Cardiff (letter)

Sutton Coldfield Observer 15.7.05 INHUMAN CRUELTY - On June 23 on Midlands Today, it was reported that 'a human being!!' had ill-treated her pet dog and that the judgement of the court was that this absolutely inhuman human being was not going to be allowed to own a dog for five years. What a travesty of justice!... Elizabeth Penn-Bennett, Erdington (letter)


Guardian 14.7.05 Law lords hear hunting case - Clare Dyer, legal editor - One of the most important constitutional cases of recent years opened yesterday when the Countryside Alliance took its challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs to the House of Lords. The importance of the case is marked by the law lords assigning a panel of nine judges to hear it instead of the usual five, and the attorney general's decision to argue the government's case personally…. (story)
Times 14.7.05 Foxhunting battle moves to Lords BY FRANCES GIBB, LEGAL EDITOR - A FRESH battle to sabotage the ban on hunting with hounds opened before a rare nine-judge panel in the House of Lords yesterday with a challenge to the validity of the Hunting Act…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 14.7.05 HUNT VERDICT DELAY - Hunt campaigners from Lincolnshire must wait to learn whether a second High Court bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs has been successful. Two senior judges yesterday reserved judgement after a six-day hearing of a challenge which was brought by the Countryside Alliance and individuals who support and earn their living from hunting… (story)
Western Morning News 14.7.05 BATTLE TO KILL HUNT BAN GOES BEFORE LAW LORDS - The battle to sabotage the ban on hunting with dogs became a constitutional challenge to the power of the House of Commons yesterday. Supporters of the hunt have gone to the highest court in the land, the Law Lords, arguing that the Hunting Act is not legal…. (story)
Western Morning News 14.7.05 JUDGMENT RESERVED ON HIGH COURT HUMAN RIGHTS CHALLENGE - Hunt campaigners must wait to learn whether they have succeeded in their second High Court bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales. Two senior judges sitting in London yesterday reserved judgment after a six-day hearing of a challenge by the Countryside Alliance and individuals who support and earn their living from hunting…. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.7.05 LAST-DITCH BID TO BEAT MPS' BAN ON HUNTS - A Last-ditch attempt to overturn the ban on hunting got under way yesterday at the highest court in the land. The Countryside Alliance challenged the constitutional right of MPs to override the House of Lords in an appeal which could have serious implications for the way laws are made…. (story)
Evesham Journal 14.7.05 Hunt community has no right to ban protection - court told - Members of the the hunting community have no more legal right to protection over the ban on hunting with dogs than members of the mining community had when pits were shut down and jobs lost, it was argued on behalf of the government in the High Court this week… (story in archive)
Cotswold Journal 14.7.05 Hunters not a special case, High Court hearing is told… Members of the the hunting community have no more legal right to protection over the ban on hunting with dogs than members of the mining community had when pits were shut down and jobs lost, it was argued on behalf of the government in the High Court this week…. The individuals involved in the case include Lesley Drage, from Chalk Hill, Stow. She runs a small livery yard business, and Roger Bigland, aged 61 of Longdon Hill, Wickhamford… (story in archive)

Daily Post 14.7.05 Morale remains high at Eryri Hunt Puppy Show - AN impressive parade by 60 foxhounds demonstrated that the Eryri Hunt is still very much alive and kicking. The occasion was the annual Hunt Puppy Show at Garndolbenmaen, Gwynedd, when this season's entry of young hounds was assessed…. (story)

Bromley & Bexley Times/Express 14.7.05 Fox-hunting ban is not working - I SYMPATHISE with the reported anger of anti-hunt campaigner Joan Hildick. After so much hype and grief in getting fox-hunting banned, it seems little has changed and the law really does little to stifle the problem…. Maybe it is time to give more power to the RSPCA . JAMES CALLY, Southfleet (letter)
Dartford Times 18.5.05 'More control for RSPCA' - I sympathised with the anger of the anti-hunt campaigner Joan Hildick in the Dartford Times last week. After so much hype and grief in getting the fox hunting ban it seems little has changed and the law really does little to stifle the problem…. JAMES CALLY, Southfleet (letter)
(Dartford Times) 18.5.05 Ban on hunting...but more foxes are killed - ANTI-HUNT campaigners have blasted police after it was revealed that, despite a ban, more foxes were killed this year than in 2004…. Anti-hunt campaigner Joan Hildick said: "I can't believe that, after all that pain and aggravation, we have ended up with such an inconsequential law…." (story)
Dartford Times 11.5.05 Hunting ban has little impact - ANTI-HUNT campaigners have blasted police after it was revealed that, despite a ban, more foxes were killed this year than in 2004…. Anti-hunt campaigner Joan Hildick said: "I can't believe that, after all that pain and aggravation, we have ended up with such an inconsequential law…." Hunt supporter William Meakin, of Betsham near Gravesend, said he agreed the ban had not stopped the killing of foxes… Les Gallop, a former Master of the Hounds from Sevenoaks, said: "It has been easy to stay within the law because it is so unenforcable. There's a great determination to continue as best we can."… Master of the Hounds Graeme Worsley, who leads hunts across North Kent, said: "I've been called out to farms in the past couple of weeks and on those occasions a dozen foxes were killed. The fact is that farmers still need the job done, and it's making a mockery of this ridiculous legislation."…. (story)

Western Gazette 14.7.05 SHOOTING IS BARBARIC AND I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE - Dawn Warr writes with unashamed sanctity in support of her cruel sport… Kit Davidson, Consultant, Animal Aid, Address supplied (letter)
Western Gazette 7.7.05 SHOOTING IS A BARBARIC 'SPORT' - Dawn Warr writes with unashamed sanctity in support of her cruel sport (Letters 16 June). Alongside others engaged in game shooting, she appears oblivious to her distorted morality where pheasants and other game birds are bred specifically for the fun obtained in killing them… Ms Warr entreats us to go and find out about game shooting for ourselves and not judge shooting by what we read in a newspaper - despite taking the trouble to argue her case in this one. She also opines that having done so, if we still think shooting is barbaric; we have the right to say so. I say so. I speak from experience. Kit Davidson, Consultant, Animal Aid, address supplied. (letter)
Western Gazette 16.6.05 PLEASE DON'T SPEAK WITHOUT EXPERIENCE - I Write regarding the letter sent in by Mr Bean, (Animal rights are violated for profit) in the issue of 2 June. I am shoot captain of a small shoot, which has eight members; we do all the work for the shoot ourselves, managing the woods, ie laying hazel to produce undergrowth, to feeding nearly all year round. This is all done in our spare time as we all have other jobs…. I am on call for the local police for road casualties on deer, or problems with dogs on deer; this is a free service and I get called out day or night. Two years ago I was called out to a roe doe that had been savaged by three dogs. She was very heavily in calf and had most of her back end eaten away. She was still alive when I got there. I shot her and did a caesarean. She had three deer fawns which I managed to get two out alive… Don't condemn field sports by what you read in a newspaper or by what you see on the television until you have seen what goes on for yourself; ask your local shoot or game keeper if you can come and see what goes on. If after this you still think it is barbaric, then you have the right to say so. Dawn Warr, High Acre, Grant's Hill, Bradford Abbas. (letter)
Western Gazette 2.6.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED FOR PROFIT - Labour tried to rush through a New Animal Welfare Bill before the election - without success - so we still have time in which to challenge Defra on this proposed legislation… If we must use other creatures as food or entertainment then surely everyone abusing the Five Freedoms must be prosecuted. B. Bean, Connaught Crescent, Poole (letter)

Western Gazette 14.7.05 URBAN POLICIES HIT RURAL COMMUNITIES - Delly Everard, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Gazette 7.7.05 URBAN POLICIES HIT RURAL COMMUNITIES - Readers should be aware of Government proposals to introduce new licensing laws for village halls in England and Wales. These would require halls holding more than 12 events a year, at which alcohol is served, to have a full licence with a named licensee who would have to be present each time an event serving alcohol was held… The Alliance calls on Government to consult the rural community before it progresses. It must also realise that legislation such as this, which is designed to tackle mainly urban problems such as binge drinking, is adversely affecting rural communities. Delly Everard, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, address supplied. (letter)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 6.7.05 Consult rural community first - Liz Mort, East of England, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 1.7.05 LICENSING PLAN WILL HIT RURAL LIFE - DELLY EVERARD, Wessex regional director, Countryside Alliance (story)

Western Daily Press 14.7.05 SHAME ON BADGER KILLERS - I write regarding the article about badgers in Farming Green on July 5. The NFU is stated as announcing that a controversial scheme to gas badgers in their setts using carbon monoxide from vehicle exhausts has already been successfully trialled… If the NFU knows who is involved I would hope it is giving names to Defra and the police. We cannot condone anyone taking the law into their own hands. David Stevens Wells Somerset (letter)

Fleet News 14.7.05 Animal rights activists: fleets in firing line - FLEETS throughout the country are reviewing security after a string of companies were named on an animal rights ‘hitlist’. More than 50 companies have been listed on a website belonging to campaign group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), which is trying to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences, a research laboratory that uses animals in its experiments…. (story)

Burton Mail 14.7.05 ACTIVIST TO SUE POLICE OVER BAIL by Steve Doohan - A PROMINENT animal rights campaigner has vowed to take legal action against the police after spending nine months on bail in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard in Staffordshire… John Curtin, 42, said he was angry that he had been arrested by Staffordshire Police … The force confirmed last week that four other people arrested in connection with the inquiry had also been released from their bail. … (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 13.7.05 Campaigner plans action over arrest - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner from Coventry arrested over the theft of a corpse from a Staffordshire graveyard has been released without charge by police. Now John Curtin says he is planning legal action against the police who smashed down his door when they arrested him and kept him on bail for nine months… (story)
Birmingham Post 13.7.05 Body-snatch suspect's anger at spending nine months on bail - A prominent animal rights campaigner has vowed to take legal action against the police after spending nine months on bail in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard. John Curtin, aged 42, said he was angry that he had been arrested by Staffordshire Police in connection with the desecration of the burial plot of Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen under cover of darkness last October… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 13.7.05 POLICE SUED - Animal rights campaigner John Curtin is to take legal action against Staffordshire police after spending nine months on bail in connection with the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard…. (story)
Guardian 13.7.05 Campaigner warns police - Animal rights campaigner John Curtin, 42, vowed to take legal action against Staffordshire police yesterday after being released from nine months of bail over the theft of pensioner Gladys Hammond's body from a grave in Yoxall (story)
BBC News Online 12.7.05 Man to sue over body theft arrest - An animal rights campaigner has vowed to sue police after spending nine months on bail in connection with the theft of a woman's body at a graveyard. John Curtin, 42, of Coventry, was arrested by Staffordshire Police after being arrested over the desecration of Gladys Hammond's body last October…. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.7.05 ANNIE'S AGONY - The shocking plight of Annie - Britain's last remaining working circus elephant - was highlighted by campaigners yesterday in a desperate bid to save her. Wracked with pain and crippled with arthritis, the ageing animal is forced to continue working in a travelling circus while in constant agony, it was claimed…. One of the organisations fighting for Annie's freedom is Advocates for Animals. Its South West spokeswoman Lynda Korimboccus said: "There is no place for this degrading display of animal exploitation in 21st century Britain…" Allison Tuffrey Jones, of ADI, said it was "highly likely" the Asian elephant, who has been with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus for 45 years, had been watched by circus-goers from "every corner of the South West"…. Jan Creamer, said yesterday: "In UK zoos, specific conditions are laid down for the environment, care and welfare of exotic animals such as elephants, large cats and bears. Yet members of the same species, if they are in a travelling circus, have no legal protection whatsoever…." (story)

St Helens Star 14.7.05 Couldn't Mark do something else for charity? - I WAS appalled to read about 'Daredevil Mark taking on Bull Run' (Star June 30). This is an extremely cruel race… I am disgusted that Mark Daly is doing this Bull Run at the expense of animal suffering. Surely he can choose something which does not involve animal cruelty…. MARIE Barton, Cooper Street, St Helens. (letter in archive)

Bexley Times 14.7.05 Case for going veggy - Kelly Slade, Animal Aid campaigner, The Old Chapel, Tonbridge (story)
Worcester Evening News 13.7.05 Why meat is wasteful - GLOBAL food shortage was one of the main talking points at the G8 summit… KELLY SLADE, Campaigner, Animal Aid (letter in archive)
Milford Mercury 7.7.05 Go veggie for Africa - Global food shortage will be one of the main talking points at this week's G8 summit… It is not only drought that is killing people, the western meat habit is costing people in developing countries their lives. The best way you can help is to go vegetarian… Kelly Slade Animal Aid Kent (letter in archive)

Haverhill Echo 14.7.05 Demo at food plant - Demonstrators gathered outside Dalehead Food's Linton plant last week to protest at what they consider the inhumane deaths of animals processed at the plant. Members of Animal Rights Cambridge gathered outside the factory wearing blood spattered overalls and made their way into the plant as the gates opened. They were escorted from the premises but continued their protest outside the fence. Joan Court, 86, from Cambridge said the intention was to raise awareness of where meat comes from and the issues surrounding the deaths of animals from which meat products are made… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 6.7.05 Campaigners target pig slaughterhouse - ANIMAL rights demonstrators gathered outside a pig slaughterhouse calling for an end to the "inhumane killing" of animals. The protest was organised by Animal Rights Cambridge and held outside Dalehead Foods in Cambridge Road, Linton. Joan Court, 86, one of the organisers, said: "Slaughterhouses are barbaric killing factories where animals go to their deaths in abject pain and fear. Every day, at Dalehead alone, hundreds of animals have their throats cut." The protest was timed to coincide with the screening of BBC2's Slaughterhouse - The Task of Blood, which lifted the lid on UK abattoirs…. (story)


Guardian 13.7.05 Campaigners challenge legality of hunting ban - Press Association - The battle to sabotage the ban on hunting with dogs became a constitutional challenge to the power of the House of Commons today. Hunting supporters have gone to the highest court in the land, the law lords, arguing that the Hunting Act is not legal…. (story)
Horse & Hound 13.7.05 A Crucial Week for Hunting - This week sees three court challenges to the Hunting Act come to an end: one in the House of Lords, and two in the Royal Courts of Justice. Today sees the conclusion of deliberations on three separate challenges to the Hunting Act, although rulings may be some time yet…. The new appeal is brought in the name of three petitioners: John Jackson, Chairman of the Countryside Alliance; Mair Hughes, a blacksmith's wife from Glamorgan, and Patrick Martin, Huntsman of the Oxfordshire-based Bicester with Whaddon Chase Hunt. Sir Sydney Kentridge QC will lead the legal team…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 13.7.05 Battle to overturn hunt ban - THE battle to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs descends on the House of Lords today. Nine of the country's 12 Law Lords who preside over the highest court in the land will hear a challenge to the legality of the powers used by the Government to bring in the Hunting Act…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 13.7.05 Hunting ban fight moves to Lords - THE battle to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs was due to move to the House of Lords today…. (story)
Spalding Guardian 13.7.05 Coursing trainer in court battle to save livelihood - A WOMAN who claims she stands to lose her livelihood because of the hunting ban is among those challenging the decision in court. Kim Gooding, who trains coursing greyhounds in Sutton St Edmund, is one of several individuals backing the Countryside Alliance, which has brought a judicial review against the Hunting Act 2004… (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.05 LAW LORDS TO CONSIDER PARLIAMENT ACT APPEAL - The legal bid by hunt supporters to overthrow the Parliament Act will enter its final stage today when it reaches the House of Lords. The pro-hunting Countryside Alliance is seeking to overturn the 1949 Parliament Act, which was used to pass the controversial Hunting Act last year… (story)
Leicester Mercury 13.7.05 HUNTS 'HAVE NO RIGHT TO PROTECTION' - Hunt supporters have no more legal right to protection in connection with the ban on hunting with dogs than miners had when pits were shut down, the High Court has heard…. The Countryside Alliance case is backed by 10 individuals who claim their rights have suffered. They include Joseph Cowen, of Laughton Manor Farm, Lutterworth, the master and a trustee of the Fernie Hunt…. (story)
Sky 13.7.05 ATTEMPT TO REVERSE BAN - Hunt enthusiasts are being given one last chance to state their case in a bid to overturn a ban. The House of Lords will hear the appeal against the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales… (story)
Times 13.7.05 Hunting law to test Parliament and judges BY PETER RIDDELL - THE boundaries between Parliament and the judges are to be tested today in a significant constitutional case that has alarmed senior ministers…. The case being heard today and tomorrow by the Law Lords concerns the Hunting Act of last November, which banned hunting with dogs. Members of the Countryside Alliance claim that the Act is unlawful since it was passed under the terms of the 1949 Parliament Act, which cuts the delaying powers of the Lords from two years to one year. The 1949 law, they argue, is in itself unlawful since it amended the original 1911 Act without the consent of the Lords…. (story)

Western Daily Press 13.7.05 FURY AT FELIX THE FOX BIG GAME HUNT - A Leading hunt campaign group was slammed last night for promoting the shooting of zebras, giraffes and caribou around the world. The Felix the Fox campaign, which has become the most prominent prohunt organisation since the ban on hunting in February, was attacked after it posted links on its website to trophy-hunting agents…. League chief executive Douglas Batchelor said: "It is not surprising that anyone who enjoys the spectacle of a wild animal being ripped apart by a pack of hounds is likely to get a sick thrill out of slaughtering endangered animals for 'sport'…" (story)

Market Rasen Mail 13.7.05 Save the fox and you kill hedgehogs - This last week there have been stories on disappearing hedgehogs!... Is it a coincidence that in Caistor we are being regularly visited by foxes? As a countryman I know that foxes find Mrs Tiggiwinkles a tasty morsel…. I think that this is one more example of what happens when we start interfering with nature. Save the foxes - kill the hedgehogs. Is everybody happy now? Ron Hooton, Nettleton Road, Caistor. (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 13.7.05 HUNT THROWS OPEN DOORS - A Kennel open day, which hasn't been held for many years, has made a popular return. Around 70 people attended the event, which was held by Carmarthenshire Hunt on Sunday. The hunt has 57 hounds, which are cared for by Joint Hunts-master Lee Peters and his partner Lilly Strong…. (story)

Dundee Courier 13.7.05 This circus got it right - As staunch objectors to animal act circuses we totally agree with your feature article, Monday July 11. Billy Smart’s Circus is excellent modern entertainment with highly-skilled acts…. Stuart and Maggie Cameron. 21 Grange Road, Monifieth. (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 13.7.05 Vegetarian rubbish - SIR - Regarding your story about links with meat and cancer… As for removing meat from our children's diet, what a load of old rubbish… veggies do not live longer, it just seems so to them! Name and address supplied, Via website. (letter)

Jersey Evening Post 13.7.05 Take the direct approach From Bridget Murphy. La Corbière, 5 St Clement's Road, St Helier - LIKE silence, neither is publicity always golden. I refer to Anna Plunkett-Cole's comment (JEP, 9 July) on the semi-naked British protesters, in Pamplona, against the bull-running and bull-fighting…. However, I have no doubt that the protesters, at heart, were genuine in their stand against the obscenities of bull-running and bull-fighting. I applaud their efforts for taking that stand - and only wish that more people were like-minded enough to stand with them…. (letter may be in archive)


Western Morning News 12.7.05 'HUNTING COMMUNITY HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT TO PROTECTION, LIKE MINERS' - Members of the hunting community have no more legal right to protection over the ban on hunting with dogs than members of the mining community had when pits were shut down and jobs lost, the Government argued in the High Court yesterday. Philip Sales, on behalf of the Attorney-General and Environment Secretary, was defending the decision to impose the prohibition under the 2004 Hunting Act…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.7.05 NO PROTECTION FOR HUNTSMEN - Huntsmen have no more rights to protection from losing their jobs than the miners had when the Government closed pits down, the High Court heard yesterday. But the man defending the decision to ban hunting in the courts did concede that the legal status of dispossessed huntsmen might be different if hunting was carried out solely by an ethnic minority…. (story)

Western Mail 12.7.05 Chance to learn about hunting - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE Llangeinor Hunt at Coity is opening its kennels to the public from 10am on Saturday so that visitors can see for themselves what life is like with the hounds. Visitors will learn how legal hunting will continue throughout what hunts are determined will be only a temporary ban on hunting with dogs… (story)

Western Mail 12.7.05 Royal Welsh has a message for hate-filled lobbyists - THE Royal Welsh Show is a wonderful showcase for Welsh farming…. A few years ago the keynote speaker at the official luncheon for a Welsh county agricultural show gave a stark warning. Referring to the army of animal welfare activists, food cranks, anti-hunting and other single-issue campaigners, media commentators and lobbyists, he told his farming audience, "You really must understand that these people hate you." At the time this seemed rather over the top…. Small wonder that many are coming to believe that the Government and its advisers wouldn't be sad to see British farming disappear. A national campaign to explain the economic and social consequences is overdue…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 12.7.05 First in fight against cruelty - THE first annual Cruelty Free Scotland event will be held in Edinburgh. Advocates for Animals will sponsor the event, which is set to take place in St John's Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh, on Saturday, from 10.30am…. (story)

Western Morning News 12.7.05 ZOOS ARE PART OF EMERGING DISEASE RISK - It is reassuring that the zoo industry should be calling for greater monitoring of Emerging Infectious Diseases ("Animal diseases warning needed", WMN June 14), but it lags behind the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) by some seven years in attempting to highlight the threat to human and animal health and the environment from zoonotic diseases. In doing this, however, it carefully avoided including its own activities as a risk factor…. It should be obvious to anyone that zoos, animal circuses and the exotic animal pet trade are a risk too far at a time when Emerging Infectious Diseases are on the increase. If Governments are concerned about these diseases they should close these industries down - for no amount of science and no monitoring will stop these adaptable organisms from going where they wish… David Spratt, Scientific Consultant Captive Animals' Protection Society Preston (letter)


Western Morning News 11.7.05 SHOW CELEBRATES BEST OF THE COUNTRYSIDE - Blazing sunshine and a feast of entertainment greeted thousands of visitors at the first show on the Cornish one-day agricultural event calendar. The 102nd Liskeard Show, held on Saturday at Merrymeet, attracted nearly 10,000 people with its mix of competitive livestock classes, music, local food stalls and main ring events…. Show spokesman Geoff Hilton said: "There have been many highlights away from the livestock judging today, such as the display by the East Cornwall Hunt…." (story)
Cornishman or Cornish Guardian 7.7.05 ALL SET FOR A GREAT LISKEARD SHOW - Livestock entries are the highest they have been in four years at this year's Liskeard Show. Marquees, tents, arenas and show rings are now in place on the showground at Merrymeet, near Liskeard, in readiness for one of South East Cornwall's annual highlights on Saturday…. The East Cornwall Hunt hounds will make their appearance in the main ring and at 4.30pm there will be a donkey derby…. (story)


Irish Sunday Independent 10.7.05 Horse dealer set to hunt Blair through EU courts - JEROME REILLY - AN Irish horse dealer is set to drag British Prime Minister Tony Blair through the European courts in a bid to overturn the UK ban on hunting. Francis Derwin from Coosan has been a familiar face among Britain's hunting brigade for years. He used to sell more than 800 horses a year, many of them Irish-bred hunters to hunting aficionados across Britain. But since the ban on fox hunting that business has dried up…. The Irishman is joined by a West Country hireling operator, a Belgian based Viscount, as well as Portuguese and German hunting enthusiasts who will say that their rights have been infringed in a disproportionate manner…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 10.7.05 To catch a king - Your correspondent is right to draw attention to the breeding of lions for trophy hunting (Letters, July 3). In 1998 there were 300 lions in captivity in South Africa. In 2003 the number was 2,500. It has been reported that trophy hunters will pay up to £16,000 to kill a lion depending on the size of the mane…. Malcolm H Espley, Tattenhall, Cheshire (letter)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 10.7.05 It's quackers! SIR - I notice the geese are back in their hundreds despoiling our once beautiful Embankment. If the 'animal rights' get their way these creatures will take precedence over human beings' needs and rights…. Jean Jones, Springfield Avenue, Kempston (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 9.7.05 HUNT BAN: I'LL LOSE THE LOT - Cotswolds horsewoman Lesley Drage has told the High Court she will lose her livelihood if hunting is banned. The 45-year-old, who runs a livery business near Stow-on-the-Wold, was at the forefront of a high-profile Countryside Alliance attack on the Hunting Ban… (story)

Western Daily Press 9.7.05 IT'S JUST CRUELTY AND BLOODLUST - - Where have all the hunting folk gone? Where are all these people who were going to be put out of their jobs and houses? This is the closed season, so why all this shouting about businesses going to the wall? The stags and hinds, foxes and hares are still here. This goes to show and prove that hunting with dogs is so unnecessary and can be done only for one thing - to satisfy the bloodlust and cruelty which the hunting fraternity call sport…. S R Grimes, Sharpness, Gloucestershire (letter)

Shropshire Star 9.7.05 Vitriol now directed at shooting - I have noticed the gradual appearance in your letters pages of wild accusations and ridiculous "expert" statistics which used to be directed at hunting. This time round, the vitriol is being hurled at game shooters! Having helped to create the ludicrous Bill to ban hunting, (and thus considerably worsening the fate of a lot more foxes) the League Against Cruel Sports attempts to divert attention from this faux pas by attacking shooting and fishing…. B R Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter)

Shropshire Star 9.7.05 Prejudice in attack on those who shoot - R J Edwards (Letters, July 1) says he has "not made up" a figure of 4.5 million birds and animals killed by the shooting industry. He did not need to. The figure has been made up for him by animal rights extremists…. Your correspondent's blind prejudice reveals itself in misguided attacks on shooting being the preserve of the "landed gentry" and tired cliches about "killing for pleasure". Game is shot for the pot and it is shot by a wide variety of people taking part in an activity which has great benefits for the rural ecology and economy. Simon Clarke, Head of press relations, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)

Shropshire Star 9.7.05 Guns can be good for wildlife - Here we go! Now the bunny huggers have succeeded in banning fox hunting they are focusing their efforts on shooting. Game shooting helps to protect and promote wildlife in general and Mr Nelson is obviously confused…. For example on my shoot in South Shropshire I have recently seen grey partridges for the first time in seven years and imposed a shooting ban until the numbers can sustain a slight loss. In the meantime I shall continue my intensive feeding policy and habitat management programme. What is Mr Nelson doing to promote wildlife/same numbers? James Gough, Telford (letter)

Oxford Mail 9.7.05 Police link fire to lab protest - Animal rights' activists have been blamed for an arson attack on an Oxford University boathouse. Thames Valley Police and Oxford University have information linking extremists to the fire, which was believed to be an act of defiance against the university's planned animal experiment laboratory… (story in archive)

Guardian 9.7.05 Free range of thought - Steven Poole on In Defense of Animals - What celebrated Australian philosopher Singer christened "Animal Liberation" has come a long way since the 1970s, as this volume demonstrates. His own introduction is an excellent summation of his own way of thinking about the issue, efficiently exploding, among other prejudices, the notion that animal liberationists somehow think animals should have the same rights as humans… (story)

Telegraph 9.7.05 Bull run - SIR - Your report "Anti-slip paint falls foul of Pamplona bull run fans" (July 8) highlights the dangers for both people and bulls of taking part in the annual bull run…. The people have a choice; the bulls do not… David Bowles, Head of External Affairs, RSPCA, Horsham, W Sussex (letter)


Leicester Mercury 8.7.05 HUNTING BAN 'NOT A RIGHTS VIOLATION' - Hunt enthusiasts who say their way of life is being ruined by the Government's ban on the bloodsport have no real complaint, London's High Court has heard… It is being backed by 10 individuals including Joe Cowen, of Laughton Manor Farm, Lutterworth, who is master and trustee of the Fernie fox hunt…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.7.05 HUNTING IS NOT A WAY OF LIFE, IT'S SIMPLY A HOBBY - West hunt enthusiasts mounting a High Court challenge to the bloodsports ban were yesterday told hunting is a hobby, and not a way of life… Yesterday, Philip Case, on behalf of the Attorney General, dismissed the human rights challenge as "wholly unprecedented"…. Professional huntsman Donald Summersgill, 39, of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, and Devon farrier Colin Dayment both say the ban will take away their living without compensation…. (story)

Western Daily Press 8.7.05 ORPHANED FOX CUBS FIND NEW SANCTUARY - Tumbling and play-fighting in the lush green grass, these fox cubs are learning the skills they will need before they take a step out into the big wide world. They are pictured in the new grassed enclosures built at the Secret World Animal Rescue Centre in East Huntspill, near Bridgwater, to cope with an unprecedented number of cub casualties this year…. It is thought the increase in fox orphans could have been caused by a rise in "lamping" by farmers to control numbers in the wake of the hunt ban… (story)
Cheddar Valley Gazette 8.7.05 £12,000 RAISED FOR FOX CUBS Secret World Wildlife Rescue has seen a three-fold increase in the number of fox cubs brought into care at their centre. The influx has put a huge strain on their facilities, with more than 35 cubs brought into the centre. The cubs had been orphaned through shooting incidences, road traffic accidents and other circumstances, leaving them to be found in starving and dehydrated conditions…. (story)

Epsom Guardian 8.7.05 Wall of death to be restored - An historic wall which was used for breeding hares as game in the 18th century is to be restored as a monument to ancient blood sports under plans backed by animal rights' campaigners. The Grade II listed Warren Wall in Langley Vale contains small holes through which hares were released in the 1720s and shot in fields on the other side… This week, the League Against Cruel Sports offered to part-fund an Epsom and Ewell Borough Council restoration project to provide a lasting monument to the field sport. Wanda Wyporska, a spokesman, said: "We feel this is a fitting symbol of a cruel practice that is now banned. The League would be happy to support refurbishment work and to provide a plaque to commemorate thousands of hares which died because of coursing and hunting."… (story)

Shropshire Star 8.7.05 Rearing of game birds isn't cruel - I have found the urge to reply to Paul Nelson's letter entitled "Shooting game is a cruel sport". I would like to say that unlike most reared birds such as chicken and turkey, game and game birds in particularly are raised in a wild environment…. As for the despatchment of the game bird, I can think of much crueller ways to kill…. So why don't you sort out your own affairs and leave the countryside alone. James Bruce, Condover (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.7.05 MEAT-EATERS SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED AT THIS CRUELTY - Meat-eaters who chose not to watch BBC2's Slaughterhouse programme on July 4 missed stomachchurning scenes of brutality as cows, sheep and pigs were prodded and sometimes kicked into the killing chambers… As to the Muslim spokesman's comment as we watched a cow slowly bleed to death, that his religion requires that animals are not even stunned before their throats are slit, surely his god would not object if he simply refrained from eating meat?... E Ingram Woolavington Somerset (story)

Western Daily Press 8.7.05 BECKETT IS URGED TO DELIVER ON WELFARE - Animal welfare campaigners are calling for Britain to use its six-month EU presidency to beef up farm animal welfare rules. Compassion In World Farming has identified key areas where, it says, Defra Secretary Margaret Beckett must press for tighter regulation…. CIWF deputy communications director Paul Hook said Britain often led the way on animal welfare issues…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 7.7.05 HUNTING BAN CHALLENGED AS 'A VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS' - London's High Court today heard the effect the hunting ban will have on rural communities in a legal challenge against the law. The Countryside Alliance (CA) has brought a judicial review against the Hunting Act 2004, which criminalised hunting deer, foxes, hare and mink with hounds…. Among those taking action are Joe Cowen, of Lutterworth, who is the Master and a trustee of the Fernie fox hunt…. (story)
Tamworth Herald 7.7.05 LOCAL HUNT BACKS LEGAL CHALLENGE - Members of the historic Atherstone Hunt have welcomed this week's launch of a legal challenge to the ban on hunting. The Countryside Alliance and 10 people whose livelihoods have been affected by the ban have mounted a challenge to the ban in the High Court in London…. (story)
Daily Post 7.7.05 High Court challenge to hunting ban - TWO Welshmen are at the centre of the Countryside Alliance's latest High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with hounds. Powys farmer and huntmaster Ken Jones, who manages 750 acres near Llanwrtyd Wells, claims the ban, which came into effect in February, contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights…. A huntsman, terrierman and a member of a gun pack, he insists his entire lifestyle and property rights will be decimated by the ban…. Mr Jones, who has been Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt for 21 years, said: "Under the rules of the new Single Farm Payment I must protect my stock from predation but I can't do that now…." (story)
Cotswold Journal 7.7.05 Hunt ban goes to High Court - THE lives of members of the rural community are already beginning to be devastated by the Government's "unjust" hunting ban, the High Court was told this week… (story in archive)
Evesham Journal 7.7.05 Hunt campaigners in High Court challenge - THE lives of members of the rural community are already beginning to be devastated by the Government's "unjust" hunting ban, the High Court was told this week…. Mr Lissack said that among them was Roger Bigland, from Broadway, aged 61, who had been a professional terrierman for the past 40 years. He was now threatened with the loss of his job and way of life… (story in archive)

Leicester Mercury 7.7.05 ALL THE FUN OF THE COUNTRY FAIR - The British countryside: It's great isn't it? And celebrating it is also great, writes Mike Polanyk. That's why hundreds will flock this Sunday to the Market Bosworth Show and Country Sports Fair…. The Atherstone Hunt Supporters' Club is running a terrier show, the Atherstone Foxhounds and North Warwickshire Beagles will parade in the main ring as usual and, at 12.30pm, lurcher and terrier racing will take place on the coursing ground…. (story)

Western Gazette 7.7.05 HUNT HOLDS OPEN DAY - The Portman hunt will hold an open day on Sunday 17 July at The Kennels, Bryanston…. (story)

Western Daily Press 7.7.05 HUNT ACTIVIST IN HOSPITAL - Hunt protester Otis Ferry is being treated in hospital after contracting viral meningitis, it emerged yesterday…. (story)
Times 7.7.05 Times 7.7.05 Hunt protester ill - Otis Ferry, 22, the anti-hunt protester, is being treated in hospital after contracting viral meningitis, the less serious form of the disease. The joint master of the South Shropshire Hunt was admitted to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in Shropshire last Friday after suffering a serious headache and temperature. (story)
Sun 6.7.05 Ferry son brain disease - ROCK star Brian Ferry’s son Otis has been rushed to hospital suffering from meningitis… He is being treated with painkillers for viral meningitis at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Otis is master of the South Shropshire Hunt. Hunt secretary Patricia Cornes said: “He has a headache and a temperature. We have no idea when he is likely to be released.”… (story)
BBC News Online 6.7.05 Hunt campaigner Ferry in hospital - Pro-hunt protester Otis Ferry is being treated in hospital after contracting viral meningitis. Mr Ferry, 22, son of Roxy Music frontman Bryan, had a serious headache and temperature, said South Shropshire Hunt, where he is joint master…. (story)

North Devon Journal 7.7.05 STOP HUNT BAN NOW - I would like to say that we have a problem with the hunting ban. Most people have lost their jobs (including my uncle) and have no others… ave to be put down. I think we have to keep fighting and that people will get their jobs back. People have done it all their life and don't want to stop now. I want it back. RORY SLEE, Clay House, Abbotsham. (letter)

Hunts Post 7.7.05 New laws target animal rights militants Report by AMANDA BREEN - NEW legislation to protect scientific researchers at work and at home against animal rights militants came into force on Friday… The law comes into affect little more than a week after reports of investors abandoning shares in Godmanchester-based firm Phytopharm, over fears of attacks by animal-rights militants… (story)

Wrexham Mail 7.7.05 Cruelty con - ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Chief executive,BUAV (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 30.6.05 Helping to avoid animal-tested products - ADOLFO SANSOLINI Chief Executive, The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, 16a Crane Grove, London (letter)
Tamworth Herald 30.6.05 CRUELTY-FREE? - Adolfo Sansolini, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London. (letter)
Falkirk Herald 30.6.05 Animal testing - ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Chief Executive, BUAV (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 29.6.05 Stop this cruel testing of animals - ADOLFO SANSOLINI, Chief Executive, BUAV. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 28.6.05 CLEVER LABELS CAN MISLEAD PUBLIC - Some 88 per cent of the public want to see a ban on animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries in the EU, according to a survey commissioned by the RSPCA and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… clever labelling means that many of your readers may still be buying products tested on animals. During National CrueltyFree Week (July 4-10), we want to show them how to avoid this… Adolfo Sansolini Chief executive B UAV (letter)

Bracknell Times 7.7.05 Family in hiding after animal extremist threats By Richard Crowe - A FAMILY have been forced into hiding after they were targeted for a firebombing attack by animal rights extremists. Stockbroker Michael Kendall, his wife and their two children are understood to be staying at a secret location following the attack at their home in Winkfield…. Animal rights extremists are understood to have targeted Mr Kendall because he is finance director of London-based stockbrokers Canaccord Capital, whose customer Phytopharm was alleged to have raised funds for animal research…. (story)

Harlow Star 7.7.05 Call to end cruel tests has a boost - THE Co-op in Epping is adding its support to an awareness campaign to stop animal testing. Until Sunday, the High Street store will be promoting the third Cruelty-Free Week, which highlights concerns that animal testing is still being practiced despite the fact 88 per cent of the public are against it…. (story)

Western Gazette 7.7.05 PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT DOLPHIN SLAVE TRADE - This is World Week for Captive Dolphins and is the initiative of a UK whale and dolphin organisation Cetacea Defence…. Your readers may be surprised to learn that in the dolphin "slave-trade" business, these people have no formal qualifications for keeping dolphins captive, unlike vets who must pass stringent examinations to have animals under their charge …. Please avoid all animal exhibits whilst abroad as the entrance fee from tourists is often an important source of revenue for people who exploit animals…. Dorset activist, name and address supplied (story)


Birmingham Post 6.7.05 Human rights test for fox ban By Sarah Probert, Rural Affairs Reporter - Britain's longest serving huntsman went to the High Court yesterday claiming the ban on hunting with hounds infringed his human rights. Roger Bigland, a terrier man with the North Cotswold Hunt, said he would lose his livelihood if the Government ban was not overturned. The 61-year-old, from Evesham, Worcestershire, who has been hunting for 41 years, said he would eventually lose his job and home as a result of the ban, which came into force in February… (story)
Bournemouth Daily Echo 6.7.05 Hunt followers back challenge in courts by Bob Jolliffe - HUNT enthusiasts from the New Forest were among those who made the trip to London to give moral support to the Countryside Alliance as it began a High Court challenge to make hunting with dogs legal again. New Forest Hunt spokesman Graham Ferris said a small group travelled to the capital to give a "brief show of support"…. (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 6.7.05 Forest hunters back High Court legal challenge - HUNT enthusiasts from the New Forest were among those who made the trip to London to give moral support to the Countryside Alliance as it began a High Court challenge to make hunting with dogs legal again. New Forest Hunt spokesman Graham Ferris said a small group travelled to the capital to give a "brief show of support"…. (story in archive)
Daily Post 6.7.05 Campaigners' fresh bid to end ban on hunting By John Aston And Cathy Gordon, Daily Post - THE lives of people living in rural communities are already being devastated by the UK government's "unjust" hunting ban.. The warning came as hunt campaigners launched a second High Court challenge to the total prohibition on hunting with dogs in England and Wales…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.7.05 HUNT BAN DESTROYING JOBS AND COMMUNITIES - The Government's "unjust" hunting ban has already begun to destroy jobs and communities in the countryside, the High Court was told yesterday…. The warning was echoed by Westcountry huntsman Donald Summersgill - one of ten individuals who is bringing the case that the Hunting Act infringes European human rights laws… (story)
Western Daily Press 6.7.05 REVENGE OF THE HUNTING FIVE - Five West huntsmen went to the High Court in London yesterday to demand judges repeal the hunting ban because it infringes their human rights. They formed half of a delegation of 10 people who claim their livelihoods, use of their private land and freedom to control pests were breached when the Hunting Act became law in February…. They include Lesley Drage, a Cotswold livery owner, who has seen 80 per cent of her business renting horses to hunt riders disappear since the ban - with no compensation… The other two - Devon and Somerset Staghounds huntsman Donald Summersgill and Devon farrier Colin Dayment - both say it will unfairly take away their livelihoods - and in Mr Summersgill's case his home - without compensation… (story)
Western Daily Press 6.7.05 EUROPEAN CONNECTION - Britain is the only member of the European Union to have strict laws banning hunting with dogs. Hunting with packs of dogs and followers on horseback takes place in France and Ireland, while foot packs are common across the Continent…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.7.05 I'VE SUFFERED 15 YEARS OF ABUSE AND NOW THEY WANT SYMPATHY - Furious farmer Susan Pratt last night hit back at the Countryside Alliance's human rights claims and insisted local hunts infringed her rights. Mrs Pratt said one of the main arguments outlined at the High Court yesterday - about landowners having the right to their own property - was being breached, but by hunts themselves…. "For 15 years I've had the Tiverton Staghounds trespassing on my land. They haven't been since the hunt ban was passed but, ironically enough, the Tiverton Foxhounds have…." (story)
Times 6.7.05 Korean hunt plea - A Muslim who hunted hares for the pot is to testify in the High Court that his human rights have been breached by the ban on hunting with dogs because the Koran permits it. Ahmed Khan, from Lancashire, was one of 11 witnesses named by lawyers for the Countryside Alliance in its case to overturn the ban. (story)
Western Mail 6.7.05 Farmer from Wales in fresh legal challenge to ban on hunting - A FRESH twin-pronged attack on the law banning hunting with hounds was launched yesterday in the High Court. The Countryside Alliance, in the names of 10 claimants including Powys livestock farmer Ken Jones, is trying to persuade two senior judges that the ban breaches human rights…. (story)
Western Mail 6.7.05 Confident of victory - Steve Dube, Western Mail - POWYS livestock farmer Ken Jones, Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt for 21 years, was not in court yesterday to hear lawyers open the human rights challenge on behalf of him and nine other claimants…. "I feel fairly confident we will win our case," said Mr Jones yesterday. "I have a bit of faith in the judicial system of this country - more than in the prejudiced Government we have."… (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 6.7.05 Come on, we'll show 'em! by Claire Metcalfe - Record entries and clear skies - mostly - made for a triumphant 119th Malton Show at Scampston Park… The Middleton Hunt paraded in the early afternoon sunshine, and the commentator pulled no punches on the issue of this year's ban on hunting with dogs. He asked the crowd: "How can a bunch of people in London make decisions about our way of life?"… (story in archive)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 6.7.05 MP demands action over farms plight by David Jeffels - RYEDALE MP John Greenway has called for a debate in the House of Commons on the plight of upland farmers in the district in the wake of the floods disaster two weeks ago…. Meanwhile, the fundraising campaign to help towards the renewal of hedges, fences and walls is winning support, said Ken Harrison, chairman of BATA, the farmers' co-operative and a Hovingham farmer…. Mr Harrison said that so far £3,000 had been raised and he was working with the National Farmers Union and the Country Landowners Association. "We are getting teams of volunteers from local estates and farmers and hunts to help with the work," said Mr Harrison…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 13.7.05 GUNS IN THE MAIL - The Countryside Alliance did claim one victory last night in its battle for country sports - over the Royal Mail. Postal bosses wanted to ban the sending of firearms and ammunition through the post because of fears for postal workers and a rise in illegal trade in guns. But the Royal Mail's Government overseers Postcomm ordered that the ban proposal be dropped because it would badly affect rural communities who are often miles from gun shops. (story)

Guardian 6.7.05 £1m to stop animal testing - Scientists have been given £1m to find alternatives to animal experiments… (story)
Manchester Evening News 5.7.05 £1m funding for non-animal testing - RESEARCHERS from across the country have been given £1 million in funding to try and help find alternatives to testing on animals, it was announced today… Lord Turnberg, board chairman of the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, said the grants were "an excellent start" for the organisation, which was set up less than a year ago… (story)
Western Mail 5.7.05 £1m fund for non-animal testing - Researchers from across the country have been given £1 million in funding to try and help find alternatives to testing on animals, it was announced today. Eight universities and company projects will benefit from the cash, which comes from an agency set up last year by the Government to look into ways of cutting animal experiments…. Lord Turnberg, board chairman of the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, said the grants were "an excellent start" for the organisation… (story)

Mansfield Chad 6.7.05 Man admits charges in badger sett trial - BLIDWORTH man Stephen Tucker has admitted interfering with a badger sett by putting his pet terrier down one of its holes… retired chicken catcher and former gamekeeper Walter Wilkinson (79), of Retford Road, North Wheatley, initially denied digging for badgers, interfering with the sett and ill treating two terriers. But four days into the trial at Worksop Magistrates' Court last week, Tucker admitted damaging the sett and ill treating the dogs as it emerged he had been convicted of similar charges 12 years ago… Earlier in the trial the court was told that four men were spotted 'vigorously digging' at a plantation near North Wheatley on the morning of 5th September by local wildlife enthusiast Anthony Elliott…. (story)
Mansfield Chad 29.6.05 Blidworth man goes on trial for badger baiting - BLIDWORTH man Stephen Tucker has gone on trial this week accused of digging a badger sett with his pet terrier. Tucker (50), of Lyndhurst Avenue, was spotted by police with three other men at the sett in woodland at North Wheatley, near Retford, on 5th September 2003…. (story)

Scotsman 6.7.05 Vegetarianism 'could help climate' - Climate change could be reduced if mankind swapped their pork chops for tofu sausages, according to new research. A scientist claims ditching meaty meals in favour of nut roasts could do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions than burning less oil and gas…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.7.05 CUT CO2 WITH TOFU - Climate change could be reduced if mankind swapped pork chops for tofu sausages, according to new research. A scientist claims that ditching meat for nut roasts could do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions than burning less oil and gas…. (story)

Macclesfield Express 6.7.05 Schoolboy campaigns to free Britain’s last remaining circus elephant - A TEN-year-old boy from Bollington has launched a campaign to secure the release from captivity of the last performing circus elephant in the UK. Zac Rich was so disgusted when he read a national newspaper report describing the “horrific” conditions the elephant called Annie is forced to live in, that he decided to take action…. (story)

Knutsford Guardian 6.7.05 Cruel way to aid charity - THE fundraising stunt by Mark Daly reported in your paper could not be more inappropriate. The running of bulls in the town of Pamplona, Spain is notorious for its cruelty to the animals … Arthur Harrington, Cotton Lane, Runcorn (letter)


Hull Daily Mail 5.7.05 HIGH COURT FIGHT TO USE EU AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW - Hunt supporters from across Europe will today link up with UK campaigners in a new legal bid to overturn the ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 5.7.05 HUNTERS OUT TO DEFY BAN - Defiant huntsmen will parade their hounds in East Yorkshire this summer as the fight against the hunting ban is stepped up. Pro-hunt campaigners today started their latest legal challenge to the controversial ban on hunting with dogs at the High Court in London…. Holderness Hunt members are hoping for a "positive result" that will enable them to continue their centuries-old pastime after the case, which is due to last a week. Hunt officials will parade their hounds for the crowds at the three-day Great Yorkshire Show next week, and Driffield Show on Wednesday, July 20…. (story)
Country Life 5.7.05 New Legal Challenges to Hunt Ban Begin - This morning two new legal challenges to the Hunting Act got underway at the Royal Courts of Justice in London By Holly Kirkwood …The barristers acting for the claimants are Richard Gordon QC and Richard Lissack QC. The claimants are Donald Summerskill, a huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, Lesley Drage, who owns a livery yard, Roger Bigland, a terrierman with the North Cotswold Hunt, Colin Dayment, a farrier, Kim Gooding a hare coursing trainer, Joe Cowen, a landowner and Master of Foxhounds, Ken Jones, a Welsh sheep farmer, Richard May, a beagle pack owner, Giles Bradshow, a farmer, and Jason Vickery, a tenant dairy farmer… (story)
Telegraph 5.7.05 Hunting ban will devastate many lives, court told - The prohibition on hunting with hounds in England and Wales will "devastate" many lives, the High Court was told at the start of a fresh legal bid to overturn the ban. Richard Lissack QC, for the Countryside Alliance, told the two judges hearing the challenge: "Each of the claimants and the witnesses speak of the devastation to their way of life and their livelihoods…. Among the "EU 9" is Francis Derwin, who owns one of the largest horse dealerships in Ireland and deals in about 800 horses a year…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 5.7.05 Hunting ban 'will devastate lives' - THE prohibition on hunting with hounds in England and Wales will "devastate" many lives, the High Court heard today at the start of a fresh legal bid to overturn the ban. Richard Lissack QC, for the Countryside Alliance, told the two judges hearing the challenge: "Each of the claimants and the witnesses speak of the devastation to their way of life and their livelihoods… The QC described the claimants as follows. Donald Summersgill from Somerset. He is the Huntsman of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds… Lesley Drage from Gloucestershire…. Colin Dayment from north Devon… Joseph Cowen from Leicestershire is the Master and a trustee of the Fernie fox hunt…. Ken Jones is a sheep farmer from Powys. He is Master of the Irfon and Towry Hunt…. Richard May lives in Cheshire. He is the owner of a beagle pack… Giles Bradshaw is a farmer from Devon… Jason Vickery. He is a farmer in Dorset…. James Luckett is a kennelman employed by the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire. He will lose his job and his home as a direct result of the ban…. (story)
Scotsman 5.7.05 Hunting ban 'a sectarian measure' - There is no legal justification for the "divisive" ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales despite the public furore over the sport, the High Court has been told. Two senior judges were hearing a second bid to overturn the ban which has split the country - this time brought on human rights and EU community law grounds…. (story)
Scotsman 5.7.05 Groups bid to overturn hunting ban - Hunt supporters from across Europe will link up with UK campaigners for a fresh legal bid to overturn the ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales. The two groups, including the Countryside Alliance, aim to catch the Government in a crossfire of EU law and domestic human rights challenges at the High Court in London…. (story)
Evening Standard 5.7.05 Hunting ban 'a sectarian measure' - There is no legal justification for the "divisive" ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales despite the public furore over the sport, the High Court has been told. Two senior judges were hearing a second bid to overturn the ban which has split the country - this time brought on human rights and EU community law grounds…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.05 Hunt campaign's High Court fight - The Countryside Alliance is mounting a legal challenge under European human rights legislation in a bid to overturn the hunt ban introduced in February. Protesters were outside the High Court on Tuesday at the start of action under the European human rights convention… Nicky Leeson from Northamptonshire said she had lost her job as a stud groom looking after hunters because drag hunting was not "proper hunting" and it was hard to tell how many people would sign up for the next season… (story)
Western Mail 5.7.05 Powys farmer joins High Court challenge to ban on hunting - Steve Dube, Western Mail - A POWYS farmer and contractor is one of 10 claimants in a Countryside Alliance High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with hounds. Ken Jones, Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt, who farms 750 acres near Llanwrtyd Wells, claims that the ban, which came into effect in February, contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights…. (story)
Sky News 5.7.05 NEW BID TO OVERTURN BAN - Hunt supporters are making a fresh legal bid to challenge the ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales…. (story)
icBerkshire 5.7.05 Groups bid to overturn hunting ban - Hunt supporters from across Europe will link up with UK campaigners for a fresh legal bid to overturn the ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales…(story)
icBerkshire 5.7.05 Hunting ban 'a sectarian measure' - There is no legal justification for the "divisive" ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales despite the public furore over the sport, the High Court has been told… In a court packed with hunt supporters at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Richard Gordon QC, appearing for the Countryside Alliance, branded the legislation "in many ways a sectarian measure". It also breached the European Convention on Human Rights…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 5.7.05 VILLAGE POSTIE FRED WAS JACK OF ALL TRADES - Master of all trades, Fred Allen, must be one of the best-known characters in the village of Sudbury. Over the years, he has been a tailor, bread boy, barman, factory worker, farmhand, postman and postmaster - Pat Parkin discovered…. The family tailoring business ran in the village for many years. Fred joined it when he was 14 after attending Sudbury School… "A great many of the local huntsmen were among our customers. That's because the Meynell Hunt kennels were just up the road. They had a lot of ex-Army officers who rode out with them and were renowned for their smart clothing…" (story)

Hereford Times 5.7.05 Master of hunt found not guilty - MASTER of the South Herefordshire Hunt, Mal Williams, has been cleared by a court in London of using threatening behaviour during a pro-hunt demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament last September… Although she dismissed the charge, District Judge Daphne Wickham, who said it was "not an easy case", bound Mr Williams over in the sum of £250 for 18 months to "keep the peace in public areas"…. (story in archive)
Ross on Wye Journal 1.7.05 Hunt master cleared of threat charges by DEBORAH COLLINS - The master of the South Herefordshire Hunt has been cleared of using threatening behaviour towards police at a pro-hunt demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament in September. A hearing at London’s Bow Street Magistrates Court was told Mal Williams, aged 49, from Wormelow, grabbed a police sergeant’s baton and protective shield as thousands of people gathered in Westminster…. He claimed he grabbed the baton to defend himself after his kennel huntsman was struck, leaving him needing 15 stitches…. Although she dismissed the charge, District Judge Daphne Wickham bound Mr Williams over for £250 for 18 months. (story)

Western Morning News 5.7.05 'YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS' - Westcountry farmers reacted with incredulity yesterday after an astonishing claim by the Secretary of State for Rural Affairs, Margaret Beckett, that there had "rarely been a Prime Minister who has taken on more concern about the welfare of farmers than Tony Blair". Speaking on a visit to the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, in Warwickshire, Mrs Beckett provoked outrage and anger in equal measure with the timing of her comments, which came as farmers struggle to cope with the most dramatic changes to UK farming in 30 years… Anthony Gibson, regional director of the South West NFU, said there was only a "grain of truth" in Mrs Beckett's comments. "The prime minister's problem is that he is indelibly associated in the minds of the rural community with what they see as a fundamentally hostile urban approach to the countryside," he said. "It's an attempt to impose urban views on rural people." He said country people would never forgive the Prime Minister for using the hunting ban as a "sop" to left-wing backbenchers in his party….(story)

Bristol Evening Post 5.7.05 BE READY FOR THE NEW CHALLENGE - As part of a whirlwind tour along the M4 corridor, new Minister for Industry and the Regions the Rt Hon Alun Michael met with Bristol's business leaders at Leigh Court last week…. A veteran of the political stage, he has been the target of protests and the darling of headline writers. He steered the divisive hunting bill through the commons as Minister for Rural Affairs… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 5.7.05 OH BROTHER! EX-MP ON TV SHOW - Former Cleethorpes MP Michael Brown, appeared on Channel 4's Big Brother's Little Brother to champion outspoken housemate Derek Laud. He added fuel to the growing campaign for the political speech writer and staunch Conservative to run for the Tory Party leadership… Derek (40) - who became the first and only black master of foxhounds in 1999, and rode out with the Brocklesby Hunt - worked as Mr Brown's political researcher in Westminster from 1982 to 1989. (story)

Western Morning News 5.7.05 HUNTING OPPONENTS MUST ALSO OBEY LAW - I write in reply to Mike Hobday, of the League Against Cruel Sports, who once again uses the words of others to his own ends. What I actually asked was why the LACS would want to harass law-abiding people now that they have got their own way on hunting…. Clearly, if Mike Hobday's people are getting near enough to any hunt for whatever purpose, then they are trespassing and thus they are indeed breaking the law. They must obey the law, like the rest of us…. Tess Nash, Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 4.6.05 Hunts monitored - TESS Nash asks why the League Against Cruel Sports is continuing to monitor hunts now that the Hunting Act has been passed. Quite simply, we are doing so because our members are asking us to… Our monitors will continue to obey the law and will certainly not be "harassing" hunters. I only wish, however, that some hunts did not allow their reluctance to be filmed by our monitors to turn into aggression towards them. Mike Hobday, Head of Public Affairs League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Morning News 31.5.05 No need for hunt vigilantes - I WRITE in response to a March 21 report in which senior police chiefs said they would not act on evidence collected by "vigilante" animal rights groups. Mike Hobday, of the League Against Cruel Sports, retorted that "the group would continue to train and encourage 'monitors' to collect and report evidence to the police"…. I believe that there is some precedent in law regarding "harassment" and I am sure the police are aware of this, not to mention the law on "aggravated trespass". So I suggest Mr Hobday and his friends mind their own business and leave the police force to mind theirs. Tess Nash, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 5.7.05 INVERTED SNOBBERY OF HUNT CRITICS - The acid comments by F Cleaves of St Ives (Letters, June 18) concerning Otis Ferry display his/her hatred (and perhaps jealousy) of hunting people, and certainly confirms for me that the whole dismal affair was based on bigotry and inverted snobbery…. Mrs C Eke, Holsworthy (letter)
Western Morning News 18.6.05 Let off lightly - SO pro-hunt fanatic Otis Ferry and his snooty pals received an 18-month conditional discharge for storming the House of Commons during the hunting debate. What, I wonder, would have been the punishment meted out if Rover workers had done the same thing to protest about their job losses?... F Cleaves, Par (letter)

Western Mail 5.7.05 Alliance slams new licensing plan - Steve Dube, Western Mail … THE Countryside Alliance has criticised plans to impose new licensing laws on village halls as "the latest in a string of serious threats to rural communities". The new laws would require halls holding more than 12 events a year at which alcohol is served to have a full licence with a named licensee who would have to be present…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 5.7.05 Hare courser receives first county ban order - HARE courser Patrick Nevin has been banned from entering Cambridgeshire to take part in the illegal sport. The ASBO, the first of its kind in Britain, has been welcomed by police as a major victory in the fight against illegal hare coursing…. (story)

Western Mail 5.7.05 When the fox beat our fence - Just when you think all is well on your smallholding, disaster can be lurking around the corner - COMPLACENCY is not something that comes easily to smallholders. Anyone with livestock and land to manage will tell you that the unexpected - not to mention the downright nasty - is never far away. Call us pessimists, but that's the way we live. Mind you, it doesn't stop the feelings of disappointment, anger, and frustration, when something awful does happen. Take last week, for example. After two years of having the safest poultry for miles around, we suffered a fox attack…. (story)

Daily Record 5.7.05 CRUEL SCIENTISTS - I'M disgusted at the Frankenstein-like experiments carried out by scientists in Pittsburgh who brought dogs back to life after draining them of blood and freezing them for three hours… A.Alden,Thurso , Caithness (story)

Bath Chronicle 5.7.05 INSULTED CAMPAIGNER ACCEPTS EMAIL APOLOGY BY BEN MURCH LOCAL GOVERNMENT - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner who was sent an abusive email by a leading Bath councillor has said she hopes he will show more restraint in the future. Londoner Denise Bennett was one of several people to email all 65 members of Bath and North East Somerset Council urging them to consult the humane pest control organisation Picas before considering a cull of the city's pigeon population…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 1.7.05 'STRESSED' COUNCILLOR APOLOGISES OVER EMAIL - A Councillor who found himself mired in controversy after sending an abusive email to animal rights campaigners has apologised for his offensive language. Cllr Tim Bullamore (Lib Dem, Weston), chairman of Bath's Liberal Democrat party branch, came under fire after calling activist Denise Bennett an "ignorant sod… Now he has apologised, blaming the outburst on stress and personal problems. He has announced he is now taking an unspecified time off from council activities…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 23.6.05 TIM BULLAMORE IS NOT FIT TO BE B - I Think you used the wrong word to describe Cllr Tim Bullamore's "email outburst". His response to a circular letter to all of Bath and North East Somerset Council was nothing short of utterly disgraceful. Mr Bullamore appears unrepentant, whereas he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself…. HON ALDERMAN JILL ATTWOOD, Rock Hall Lane, Bath (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.6.05 COUNCILLOR TO BE PROTECTED - West councillor Tim Bullamore has been offered police protection from animal rights fanatics after calling members of a pigeons charity group "morons"…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 20.6.05 COUNCILLOR 'OFFERED PROTECTION' BY POLICE - A Prominent councillor who is under fire for sending an offensive email to animal rights protesters says he has been offered police protection as a result of the row. Cllr Tim Bullamore (Lib Dem, Weston), a former chairman of Bath Liberal Democrats, was criticised by fellow politicians on Bath and North East Somerset Council and campaigners after he called the protesters "morons" and "sods"….. The row broke out after a Chronicle article about how pigeons and seagulls damage the fabric of Bath's Georgian buildings… (story)
Bath Chronicle 17.6.05 COUNCILLOR IN EMAIL OUTBURST … Bullamore's response to her, which accused her of being "an ignorant sod". The politician said in his email: "You are clearly totally ignorant of the way local government works and should not be allowed near an email system. Stop harassing me and go away. And tell your moron friends from PICAS to do the same, you ignorant sod."… Ms Bennett said after receiving the email: "Other replies I have had from the council have been very polite and state there are no plans to kill the birds…." Yesterday the group director of PICAS said he would be complaining to the council's standards committee and called for Cllr Bullamore's resignation…. (story)

Western Morning News 5.7.05 LAWS WHICH PROTECT PEREGRINES MUST STAND - If the Royal Racing Pigeon Association is going to continue to use emotive words like "ravaged by hawks" and "the constant threat of persecution from birds of prey" when referring to the Peregrine v Pigeon debate, they are only going to highlight their own ignorance of the natural world… Let the laws protecting raptors and all birds stand firm. Nicky Coysh, Brixham (letter)

Times 5.7.05 Last night's TV - Slaughterhouse leaves a bad taste - JOE JOSEPH - THERE ARE animal programmes made for the sort of people who marvel at seeing their beasts roaming the savannah. And there are animal programmes for the sort of people who like seeing their beasts served medium rare, with fat chips on the side. Brian Hill’s Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood (BBC Two) was a documentary designed to outrage the former and discourage the latter. He never actually says, but if you had to put money on it, you’d bet that Brian Hill himself is not a big meat-eater… “You’ve had a good look,” was Hill’s parting shot, “What will you be eating in future: meat and two veg, or just the two veg?” Yeah, and if we knew how they recycled the sewage water that comes out of our kitchen sink taps, would we drink only Evian? Watching animals being slaughtered makes your stomach turn; but sometimes television can leave a bad taste in your mouth, too…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 4.7.05 HUNT BACKERS BEGIN HIGH COURT BATTLE - David Hogg and Julie Hemmings - PRO-HUNT campaigners this week begin their High Court fight against the ban on hunting with dogs. The Countryside Alliance is to cite European human rights and EU laws in an effort to overturn the ban introduced in February…. (story)
Mirror 4.7.05 HUNTERS FIGHT BAN IN COURT - THE ban on hunting will be challenged at the High Court today under human rights law. Previous attempts to overturn the measure have been fought off by the Government. Now the Countryside Alliance says it infringes four aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights…. (story)
Western Morning News 4.7.05 COURT BATTLE OVER HUNT BAN - Westcountry hunt supporters will head for London's High Court today as the latest round in the £3 million legal challenge against the hunting ban gets under way. In two separate cases, hunt supporters will claim that the controversial Hunting Act, which became law earlier this year, breaches their human rights and breaks EU single market laws… Donald Summersgill, huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, and one of ten individuals bringing the human rights case against the Government, said he was prepared to take the case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg - a process that could take years… Other Westcountry plaintiffs in the case include Colin Dayment, an Exmoor farrier, and the North Devon farmer Giles Bradshaw, who has previously challenged the Government over the right to use dogs to chase deer off his land…. (story)

Western Morning News 4.7.05 DEAD ANIMALS LEFT TO ROT IN FIELDS - Westcountry farmers are being forced to leave dead livestock to rot in fields for weeks on end because of a controversial ban on farm burials. Colin Breed, the Lib-Dem rural affairs spokesman, said the Government's National Fallen Stock Scheme was failing to deal with the problems created by the ban, which was introduced in 2003 to comply with European regulations…. "There are real problems of implementation and small family farms seem to be suffering particularly because they often have rather small numbers to be collected," he said… "I have no doubt that there are farmers who feel very guilty about having to break the law, in the sense that they believe - probably quite rightly - that in terms of bio-security, burying an animal is far better than leaving it to be collected five, six, seven or eight weeks later."… (story)

Oxford Mail 4.7.05 Praise for lab laws - Oxford University has welcomed new powers to prevent animal rights' extremists holding up work on its research laboratory. Under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which came into force on Friday, July 1, activists who harass or intimidate anyone involved in the project will face up to five years in prison…. Robert Cogswell, spokesman for the Speak campaign, said: "It's difficult to know what to think about this legislation until police charge someone…." (story in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 4.7.05 ANIMAL TESTING: TIME FOR HONESTY - Each year we spend billions of pounds on products that cause damage - not to our own skin but to the animals they're tested on, writes_louise Thomas None of us would consciously choose cosmetics that cause harm and irritation. Yet that's what millions of us are doing every year, according to animal rights campaigners…. As National Cruelty-Free Week gets underway today, activists are calling on the international cosmetics industry to test its own beliefs on research, instead of testing on animals… Thanks largely to the BUAV's campaigning, the European Union has now agreed a Europe-wide ban on cosmetics animal testing, but it won't come into effect until 2009 and a complete sales ban won't take effect until 2013 at the earliest…. (story)

Scotsman 4.7.05 Attacks on badgers soaring - JAMES REYNOLDS - CRIMES against badgers have more than doubled in the first six months of this year compared to the whole of 2004, new figures show… According to the group Scottish Badgers, many other incidents go unreported and more than 2,500 badgers, which are Britain's biggest carnivorous wild mammal, die unnaturally every year in Scotland, with over 2,000 of those deaths occurring on the country's roads… (story)


Sunday Times 3.7.05 Don’t knock the toffs, they’re treasures - The upper classes are continually held up to mockery, but Britain owes them a debt of gratitude, says James Delingpole… The old-style Lords had its share of dissolutes and ne’er do wells but, unlike the dreary careerists you so often find in government today, they are capable of thinking in terms of centuries and generations. One thing the older, more powerful house would never have allowed to happen is the abolition of hunting. And not just, I suspect, for reasons of self-interest but also because of an instinctive recognition that our country’s ancient liberties are something you meddle with at your peril… The Upper Class is part of Class in Britain, starting on Channel 4 next Sunday (story)

Sunday Herald 3.7.05 Wildlife cull wrong - IN his article on the culling of protected species (News, June 26) Rob Edwards quoted a spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive as saying: “We’re confident the licences issued by the Executive comply with the legislation.” That confidence is totally misplaced… These licences are being issued illegally and Animal Concern has been trying to get Seerad to admit to this fact for over a year. Its tactic has been to refuse to reply to our questions…. John F Robins, Campaigns consultant to Animal Concern
IN his article, Rob Edwards implies that licensed culls of predators or pest species are undesirable… By demonising our gamekeepers and attacking landowners, whose investments are so crucial to the viability of rural Scotland, we are in danger of perpetrating the disastrous experiment of Langholm Moor. It was here that protecting the hen harrier led to a collapse in the red grouse population and numerous other species… . With the loss of the grouse went five game keepers’ jobs and no economic incentive to care for Langholm’s heather moorland. It was a huge blow to the local economy… Tony Andrews, chief executive, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Edinburgh (letters)
Sunday Herald 26.6.05 Licensed to kill: secret slaughter of protected species revealed By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor - TENS of thousands of endangered birds and mammals have been killed or controlled under secretive licences given out by the Scottish Executive over the past five years…. Some campaigners allege that ministers have issued licences illegally because alternatives to killing have not been properly explored…. John Robins, campaigns consultant for the welfare group Animal Concern, said: “Our politicians should be protecting animals instead of helping people destroy them…” (story)


Times 2.7.05 Phytopharm wins activist injunction BY TOM BAWDEN - PHYTOPHARM, the biotech company, won a significant victory yesterday after the High Court granted an injunction preventing animal rights protesters from harassing the staff of any business connected to it….(story)
Telegraph 2.7.05 Drugs test group wins injunction over protests By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - Phytopharm, whose broker quit last month after a director was firebombed by animal rights activists, yesterday won a groundbreaking injunction against the protesters, protecting shareholders and contractors…. The new injunction, amended in court yesterday, adds the ALF to the list of named defendants who are not allowed to harass Phytopharm employees. It also seeks to protect "employees and shareholders of the contractors, suppliers and service providers of the Claimants"…. (story)
Guardian 1.7.05 Phytopharm seeks court protection - Heather Tomlinson - Phytopharm, the biotech company whose broker's car was bombed by animal rights extremists, is to go to the high court today to ask for an injunction against militant group the Animal Liberation Front and protection for its suppliers, customers and shareholders…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 2.7.05 Animal rights call to target contractors - ANIMAL rights activists have called on their supporters to target companies connected to Huntingdon Life Sciences. SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) has posted details of 62 firms it claims are dealing with the company, known as HLS, of Woolley Road, Alconbury. Among the companies listed are firms in Huntingdon, Cambridge and Waterbeach. The Gotcha! campaign calls on protestors to contact these businesses…. (story)
Evening Standard 2.7.05 Animal rights group in new campaign - An animal rights group has launched a new campaign aimed at firms which trade with a pharmaceutical testing company. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) has published the names of 50 firms which, it says, trade with the company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)…. (story)
Sky News 1.7.05 CURBS ON ANIMAL PROTESTS - Animal rights activists have stepped up their campaign of intimidation against corporate Britain. Anti-vivisection group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty has published a fresh list of companies it claims are linked with testing on animals. The publication coincides with the introduction of tough new powers to tackle animal rights extremists…. (story)
Independent 1.7.05 Animal rights activists draw up fresh list of Huntingdon targets By Stephen Foley and Rachel Stevenson - Animal rights campaigners are stepping up their campaign of intimidation against corporate Britain today, in a defiant gesture to coincide with the introduction of tough new laws protecting the drug industry. A string of new companies which campaigners claim trade with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the animal testing company, are being named this morning, and protests aimed at disrupting their business will begin immediately. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.7.05 ANIMAL AID THANKS - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Gloucester for helping us to raise £130.54 at a street collection on June 25… CLARE BASKERFIELD, Saintbridge (letter)


Yorkshire Post 1.7.05 HUNTING BAN HAS IMPACT ON SHOW NUMBERS - Mark Branagan - Organisers of yesterday's Malton Show had more than uncertain weather to contend with as fears resurfaced about the impact of the fox-hunting ban on the event's grass roots support…. Gesturing around at her half-empty tent, Simone Brown, owner of Sunderland-based S & S Saddlery, said: "At a show like this we should be jumping. Do you see us jumping? People should be fighting to get in…." The fact her business was Sunderland-based underlined, she argued, how the effects of the new legislation were not just confined to the countryside and rural economy…. Linda Jackson, who breeds hunter horses for the Middleton Hunt, said: "The hunter classes are smaller this year. Whether that is in anticipation of what is happening I do not know.... (story)

Horse & Hound 1.7.05 National Trust renews hunt licences - The National Trust is to permit hunts to use its land as long as they remain within the law, plus a new organisation has been set up to liaise about hunting matters - The National Trust is currently renewing licences to allow hunts to continue using its land in England and Wales… Before the Hunting Act came into force on 18 February, it wrote to inform each of its hunt licencees that their agreement was invalid. But following regional discussions and after obtaining consent from its tenants, the Trust is now issuing new licences. It has also been liaising with the Forestry Commission (FC), as has the newly formed Hunting Office, representing the interests of all hound sports… While the Trust has always been supportive, the FC has been less so. It also revoked hunts' licences after the ban, only allowing access to draghunts affiliated to the Masters of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association. “We're in negotiations [with the FC] at the moment,” said Alistair Jackson of the Hunting Office. “We're optimistic that a satisfactory arrangement will be made. “The MoD has told us that it's waiting to see what the FC does, but, as always, we're talking to them.”…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.7.05 PROTEST WAS NOT OVER PEST CONTROL - Your correspondent J Tily congratulates Otis Ferry for breaking into the Houses of Parliament, and laments the fact that he was unarmed. This is terrorism. Mr or Ms Tily seems to be advocating murder of our democratic representatives…. This pathetic protest was for the right to get on the back of a horse with a pack of hounds and kill foxes… Paul Nelson Croydon (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.6.05 OTIS IS A HERO OF SILENT MAJORITY - Concerning the letter of Lionel Huet, congratulating Nora Pound who continually writes to your paper about her views. I, like many others, congratulate Otis Perry for having the guts to storm Parliament, which represents many of us who can't go that far. What a pity he did not have a bomb with him there… J Tily, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (letter)

Craven Herald 1.7.05 Lunesdale Fox Hounds supporter Bernard Robinson seems to know very little about foxes (Letters June 24). To suggest that there is such a thing as a rogue fox is absolutely ridiculous… Lunesdale Fox Hounds supporter Bernard Robinson seems to know very little about foxes (Letters June 24). To suggest that there is such a thing as a rogue fox is absolutely ridiculous… Alan Armstrong, Keighley Road, Colne. (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 1.7.05 GUN CLUB IS THE SAFEST PLACE - The Mercury seems to delight in publicising the misuse of guns. May I put an alternative point of view? I shoot airguns at Kibworth Shooting Ground. The club premises and ranges are, literally, the safest social space I know. People from all social backgrounds go there to enjoy target shooting with airguns, firearms and shotguns… Aidan Oliver, Leicester. (letter)

Manchester Evening News 1.7.05 Curb on animal rights thugs - Ian Craig - NEW powers to control animal rights extremists come into effect today. Home Office Minister Paul Goggins defended the move, saying people still had the right to campaign lawfully against the use of animals in research. "But they don't have the right to engage in acts of intimidation or violence against individuals and firms working in this area,"… (story)
BBC News Online 1.7.05 Measures to curb animal protests - New measures to tackle animal rights extremists and protect researchers have come into force. Police can now order protesters who target employees of animal research companies at their homes to leave and not return within three months…. A spokesman for anti-vivisection campaign Speak said the law was "ambiguous and open-ended"… (story)
Ananova 1.7.05 Protesters face police crackdown - Tough new powers to tackle animal rights extremists and curb protests near Parliament have come into force. Police have new measures to deal with campaigners who intimidate someone at their home - designed to crack down on those who wage hate campaigns against employees of animal research companies, or their contractors… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 1.7.05 BADGER CULL IS DISGUSTING -AND WE'RE PAYING FOR IT … during a walk in Staffordshire at the weekend… I was horrified to see so many police patrolling the area too. Presumably this was to deter the animal rights movement from smashing the traps that were being set in the area. Fortunately for the badgers… all the traps that I saw during my walk had been destroyed…. BETH HEWIS Boxley Drive Nottingham (letter)

Wandsworth Borough News 1.7.05 Save Wildcare - I am writing on behalf of London Wildcare in Wallington, which had to shut its doors in May, because of lack of funding. The charity desperately needs funding so that it can reopen… Tania Gibbins, Kentwode Green Barnes (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.7.05 STOP PICKING ON PIGEONS - Madam - I'm writing in defence of the pigeon. I've been prompted by the article (Echo, June 2) about the retiling work to the roof of St Mary's Church, in Cheltenham…. I do not know the reason why pigeons are so hated because they are beautiful birds. They are even vegetarian…. To put a building like St Mary's Church before living creatures does not seem right. M Thomas, Cheltenham. (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 1.7.05 SHECHITA NOT 'RITUAL SLAUGHTER' - Bm Jones (Your View June 27) is wrong on several counts to infer that shechita - the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food - equates to a "barbaric, cruel, ritual slaughter practiced in the name of religion"… The time-hallowed practice of shechita is marked by compassion and consideration for the welfare of the animal. Shechita has been endorsed as a humane method of animal slaughter by leading scientific and veterinary authorities, and successive British governments, for centuries… DAVID RUSSELL, The Shechita UK PR Office, Arcadia Avenue, London (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 27.6.05 STOP THE SLAUGHTER - I note the letters pages have been inundated by Christian protesters at the removal of the cross from Torquay crematorium… However, surely then indignant Christians, so vocal about the cross's removal, could also give thought and protest about the barbaric, cruel, ritual slaughter practiced in the UK and Europe in the name of religion?... B M JONES, Barcombe Road, Paignton (story)

South Wales Evening Post 1.7.05 CRUELTY IS NOT FOR US - Clive Rees (Have Your Say, June 8) claims Animal Aid encourages the worst excesses of cruelty against people. Animal Aid is a national campaign and education organisation dedicated solely to peaceful activities…. Comments like this belittle the hard work put in by many individuals and promote misinformed opinion about the very important work we do. Jake Mountain, Animal Aid head office volunteer (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 8.6.05 LET'S LIVE IN REAL WORLD - Sometimes I despair. First there was this campaign against fox-hunting, then there were campaigns against circuses and now "marts are inhumane" according to Ruth Seavers and Victoria James. (Have Your Say, June 2).... Make no mistake, if organisations like Animal Aid have their way there will be no hunting, no shooting, no fishing, no meat of any kind to eat, and no pets. These are extremist organisations and the attitude fostered by them encourages the worst excesses of cruelty against people, as has occurred with the vivisection campaign, many of whose leaders are now safely behind bars. Grow up, Ruth and Victoria. Come and live in the real world where farmers know that animals treated with cruelty don't yield a profit. Clive Rees, Talycopa Farm, Llansamlet, Swansea (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 2.6.05 MARTS ARE INHUMANE - We would like to draw readers' attention to the unnecessary suffering to which farmed animals are subjected at livestock markets. For cattle, sheep and pigs, markets present an added and totally unnecessary level of stress and suffering…. Please support the campaign by national pressure group, Animal Aid, to end market cruelty…. Ruth Seavers, Alexandra Road, Gorseinon; Victoria James, Tir Mynydd, Gorseinon (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.7.05 Menu is hard to stomach - I COULDN'T believe my eyes when I read the article concerning hospital food. The managing director of the catering firm who supplied the GWH is keen to point out that the menu will include the so-called sophisticated delights like pork goulash and navarin of lamb…. It looks to me as though the meat marketing board are putting the menus together. Let's save lives and give patients a vegan or vegetarian diet. P BEAVEN, Swindon (letter)