July 2006

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New Statesman 31.7.06 Village life: The merits of the socialist picnic - Kevin Maguire … Jodhpur-wearing Kate "Tally" Hoey is hounded once again. Two new constituency Labour parties, Aberconwy and Chippenham, have passed motions demanding that the National Executive Committee discipline her for chairing the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Independent 27.7.06 Pandora - 'Awkward' Kate may be hounded out by activists By Guy Adams - ate Hoey's reign as Queen Bee of Labour's so-called "awkward squad" of off-message MPs could be about to enter its final chapter. Party activists opposed to the former sports minister's support for hunting have launched a campaign to have her deselected as MP for Vauxhall, the constituency she has served for 17 years. Citing her decision to take up the post of Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, the "Hoey Must Go" campaign intends to put up a rival candidate when she seeks re-selection…. (story)

Sunderland Echo 31.7.06 Exhume these dogs - I WRITE about the so-called hero who is killing these greyhounds. The dogs should be exhumed. Why not? Why not get to the bottom of this thing…. Mrs B Crute, Sunderland
Sanctuary needed - I READ with horror, as did many others, the story regarding David Smith and the shooting of greyhounds. How the heck could the people of Seaham, who knew about it, live with this barbaric act going on their doorstep and not do a damn thing about it? What does that say about you?... C West (letters)

Bristol Evening Post 31.7.06 HOW CAN WE TRULY CALL OURSELVES ANIMAL LOVERS? - We went along with our greyhound to the Bristol Picnic. The minute's silence was very emotional for me…. Please, please do not attend or bet on greyhound racing. We call ourselves a nation of animal lovers, so why do we let this carry on? Nicola Lee, Coford St Luke. (letter)

Telegraph 31.7.06 Personal view: Violent activists and Government try to silence us by peddling propaganda By Ruth Lea - A story that caught my eye last week concerned a recorded fall in the number of attacks by animal rights extremists on people supposedly linked, albeit tenuously, to organisations that were involved in animal research…. Moreover, voices other than the aggressive animal rights activists are prepared to speak out. One voice is that of schoolboy Laurie Pycroft. He set up "Pro-Test" to support animal testing, in general, and the new animal research laboratory at Oxford University, in particular…. But two thoughts spring to mind. The first is that the activists have been extraordinarily successful and, moreover, the Government's past ambivalence about animal rights issues must partly be held responsible…. And the second is there is no room for complacency…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.7.06 ANIMALS ARE TOPIC FOR TALKS - Stroud Green Party members had a meaty discussion about animal rights. The topic was discussed at the Green Party-sponsored Coffee House discussion at the Star Anise cafe in Stroud. Green councillor Philip Booth introduced and chaired the discussion… Eileen Grieves, from Compassion in World Farming, showed a brief film about the horrors of how farm animals are selectively bred and intensively farmed in appalling conditions… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 31.7.06 SHOWING BENEFITS OF GOING VEGGIE Ever toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian? Find out how at a fun roadshow coming to town this weekend. KAY BYRNE reports. When you next eat a factory-farmed egg, spare a thought for the hens who live crammed five to a cage the size of a microwave oven… That's the plea of Viva!, the vegetarian campaign group that is organising the Incredible Veggie Roadshow at Swansea's Grand Theatre this weekend…. (story)

Scotsman 31.7.06 Cruelty to animals - I used to teach boys who were considered disturbed because of their backgrounds, who told me of the atrocities "their friends" would inflict on animals. These friends, when I met them, were most often disturbed too…. Our only excuses for eating animals are either that we are ignorant of basic human nutrition, or we derive pleasure from eating meat. There is no excuse for ignorance, and isn't deriving pleasure from killing animals what we vilify the abused adolescents for doing to defenceless animals? JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Scotsman 31.7.06 The huge increase in animal cruelty revealed by the Scottish SPCA is shocking, and it is likely that reported cases of animal cruelty are only the tip of the iceberg and do not reflect the actual scale of the problem… ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 31.7.06 New laws needed to end animal cruelty - READERS will no doubt have been disgusted to learn of the callous repeated shooting of the dog in woodland near Bathgate (News, July 28). An airgun was used in this attack on this poor animal. Surely a crackdown on the use of dangerous weapons by members of the public is long overdue as existing laws governing their sale and use are outdated and clearly ineffective… Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Irish Examiner 31.7.06 Circuses need new acts not animals - "YOU’RE wasting your time protesting here,” a circus ringmaster informed me. "We don’t have any wild animals. We only have horses and an elephant.” Forgive my ignorance, but I thought elephants were wild animals…. Ciaran Long, Anti-Circus Campaigns, Alliance For Animal Rights, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)

Argus 31.7.06 Letter: It is good no seals or otters will be coming... The Marine Connection, part of the coalition which worked to prevent Brighton Sealife Centre's proposed seal and otter enclosures, is delighted to hear the the plans have been abandoned…. The Marine Connection was disappointed to read Merlin Entertainments claim those campaigning for the prevention of these enclosures used "extremist action". The charities involved in the coalition acted professionally and helped to raise awareness on a community level, to which much of the general public responded…. -Andrina Murrell, captivity officer, Marine Connection, London W2 (letter in archive)
Argus 31.7.06 Letter: No reckless costs - David Hammond misrepresents the situation regarding our Animal Welfare Charter… The planning sub-committee is guided by planning law, which is why it could not take into account the moral arguments…. He is realistic when he admits the developers would have won any appeal (all irrelevant now the fish zoo is not going to proceed) but the cost to the city of that appeal would have fallen on the ratepayers…. -Councillor Roy Pennington, Labour ñ Regency Ward (letter in archive)
Argus 31.7.06 Letter: Not so extreme - Toby Forer, the manager of the Brighton Sealife Centre, describes those protesting against the seal and otter pools as "extremists". Our campaign has been peaceful ñ almost exclusively consisting of holding an information stall, giving out leaflets and asking people to sign our petitions….-Animal Action, Sue Baumgardt, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 31.7.06 Letter: Need assurances - It is good news for commonsense and animal welfare within the city that Brighton Sealife Centre has decided not to build its proposed seal, penguin and otter pens….-Daniel Yates, Brighton (letter in archive)


Irish Sunday Independent 30.7.06 Let the hare sit and don't hunt him - Joe Kennedy's piece (Country Matters, July 23) was a timely reminder that the Irish hare still lacks the protection it needs to avoid becoming an endangered species. Hare coursing fans justify their foul sport by claiming that the setting of greyhounds after hares in a wired enclosure is "natural" and that therefore they are respecting the laws of nature…. After decades of torment and persecution, it's time to call off the dogs . . . and let the hare sit. John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Sunday Times 30.7.06 Woodlands hit by invasion of the gun birds - JONATHAN LEAKE, ENVIRONMENT EDITOR - THE release of millions of pheasants and partridges by sporting estates is damaging many ancient woodlands by swamping them with birds, a report has warned. The study, by the Game Conservancy Trust, is likely to prove controversial with landowners. Shoots are about to embark on their biggest bird release with up to 35m pheasants and 10m red-legged partridges, all cage-reared, being let out over coming weeks. The aim is to get the birds used to the wild, ahead of the shooting season which starts in October. However, the growing popularity of the sport and the demand for ever-larger bags means many estates are releasing larger numbers of birds… (story)

Sunday Times 30.7.06 Greyhounds killed for losing races - DANIEL FOGGO - TWO greyhounds whose deaths are at the centre of a scandal that has engulfed the dog-racing industry were shot because they had performed poorly a few days earlier. The dogs, whose names are now known to be Clash Nitro and Rent a Flyer, were pictured by an undercover photographer for The Sunday Times being led to their deaths by David Smith, the industry’s unofficial "executioner”. He is said to have killed up to 10,000 greyhounds over 15 years…. (story)
Sunday Times 24.7.06 Greyhound 'cull' trainers suspended - Daniel Foggo - TWO greyhound trainers face being banned from the sport after being photographed taking dogs to be slaughtered by a builders’ merchant and buried in his back garden. Sid Fenwick and his daughter Gillian Young were caught on camera by The Sunday Times taking two greyhounds to be destroyed by David Smith…. (story)
Westmorland Gazette 21.7.06 Greyhound cull condemned By Ruth Lythe - A MAN who has fostered dozens of unwanted racing greyhounds at his South Lakeland home has condemned the "sickening" practice of unofficial' abattoirs where dogs too slow to race are killed. Over the past two years, Stuart Stott has saved the lives of 34 former racing and coursing dogs, which would otherwise be put down, by looking after them until they can be found permanent families…. (story)
Harlow Star 20.7.06 Track boss outraged at slaughter of dogs - THE manager of Harlow's greyhound racing stadium has condemned the practice of killing healthy racing dogs following the release of distressing pictures this week. Harlow Stadium manager Gavin Patmore spoke out on Monday against the slaughter of greyhounds which are not considered good enough or have retired from racing… (story)
Northern Echo 19.7.06 Greyhound industry fights for its reputation - THE greyhound racing industry put on a united front last night after allegations that up to 10,000 retired dogs were killed and dumped in the North-East. Leading trainers from the region said they were horrified by allegations that builders' merchant David Smith used a bolt gun to kill thousands of unwanted dogs for £10 a time…. (story)
Hillingdon Times 19.7.06 Stop greyhound slaughter, says charity By Rachel Sharp - DOGS Trust in Harefield has added its voice to other animal welfare charities calling for immediate action from the government and the greyhound racing industry…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 19.7.06 'We have no time for anyone who mistreats dogs' - A group of 20 greyhound trainers from the North-East last night spoke of their horror at reports that thousands of dogs had been slaughtered in the region…. A statement issued yesterday on behalf of 20 trainers, who look after dogs racing at Sunderland Stadium and Brough Park in Newcastle, said: "We are as horrified as the public by the revelations. We are aware that members of the public have made the assumption that this is the norm with retired greyhounds. This is not normal."… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19.7.06 Fury over 10,000 shot greyhounds - A WEST YORKSHIRE greyhound rescue organisation has reacted with anger to revelations that a Durham builder was responsible for the secret slaughter of 10,000 racing greyhounds. But backers of the Tia greyhound sanctuary in Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge also say they are relieved that the activities of David Smith, who is said to have charged trainers £10 a time to shoot the animals through the head with a bolt gun, have been exposed…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 19.7.06 ‘It’s getting better for retired greyhounds’ By Eric Randolph - BOSSES at Poole Stadium have insisted the treatment of greyhounds is improving despite allegations of dogs being ruthlessly killed in the north of England…. Debbie Buxcey runs a re-homing charity for greyhounds in Dorset and Hampshire. She said: "People in the dog-racing world are horrified by these revelations. The owners I deal with take great care of their animals… (story)
Sunderland Echo 19.7.06 'We knew nothing about killing fields' - SUNDERLAND Greyhound Stadium owners today denied claims they knew thousands of healthy racing dogs were being secretly slaughtered in Seaham… "William Hill knew about this," said Tony Peters, of Greyhound Action. "They've know for years this guy Smith has been killing dogs that come from their tracks." The firm denied the allegations…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 18.7.06 Ulster group urges boycott over killing of greyhounds By Lisa Smyth - An Ulster greyhound welfare group has said claims of the one-man slaughter of 10,000 of the breed deemed to be too slow for racing is "only the tip of the iceberg"…. Jill Hobson of Greyhound Action Northern Ireland said that many of the animals killed at the alleged slaughter house - dubbed the greyhound killing fields by the Press - were bred in Northern Ireland…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 18.7.06 Greyhounds 'not being killed here' - Mike Keegan - GREYHOUND racers in Greater Manchester have denied unwanted dogs are being put down when they fail to win… The League Against Cruel Sports called for government action and president Annette Crosbie said: "More than £2bn is gambled every year on greyhound racing in Britain. It's a disgrace they don't spend the money on the welfare of retired dogs."… (story)
Norfolk Evening News 18.7.06 Greyhound chiefs join retired dogs row - DAVID POWLES - A charity today claimed that greyhound trainers in Norfolk have been known to shoot their dogs once they become too old to race…. Norwich-based organisation Action for Greyhounds has spoken of its concern after a man in the north-east was caught killing and disposing of ex-racing dogs at £10 a time…. Annie Boddey set up Action for Greyhounds in 1999 after growing concerned about the treatment of the animals once they could no longer race…. However, Stephen Franklin, managing director at Yarmouth Stadium, denied the claims… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 18.7.06 ‘It’s getting better for retired greyhounds’ By Eric Randolph - BOSSES at Poole Stadium have insisted the treatment of greyhounds is improving despite allegations of dogs being ruthlessly killed in the north of England…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 18.7.06 Greyhound cruelty claim shocks owners - STEPHEN PULLINGER - Norfolk's leading figure in greyhound racing last night rallied to the defence of the industry after shocking claims of cruelty in a national tabloid newspaper… Stephen Franklin, the owner of Yarmouth Stadium, said: "My father Len built the track and I have been involved in greyhound racing since I was nine. "This story horrifies me, and such activities are certainly not condoned by the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) under whose rules we run."… (story)
Times 18.7.06 Minister acts on greyhound claim - Ben Bradshaw, the minister responsible for animal health, has ordered the greyhound racing industry to hold an investigation into claims that as many as 10,000 dogs were shot at the end of their racing career, in breach of the sport’s rules… (story)
Telegraph 18.7.06 Greyhounds are for life, not a track - In the wake of the scandal of the slaughter of thousands of dogs, Germaine Greer tells of her passion for the one she rescued… (story)
Telegraph 18.7.06 Parliament must help to end horror of great greyhound cull By Sue Mott …Greyhounds are just betting chips, in some greed-enslaved minds. When dogs are expendable and barking, they are vulnerable to the quick fix. Death. Humane, licensed trainers hang on to their old dogs for years. Feckless, money-grubbing criminals just get rid of them… (story)
Northern Echo 18.7.06 Killer of 10,000 dogs fears for his safety - A MAN suspected of killing up to 10,000 greyhounds at his North-East home for £10-a-time has installed extra security after his family received sinister phone calls…. Since the allegations were made, it is understood a number of malicious calls have been made to Mr Smith's business and home, some of which were answered by his wife and daughter…. (story)
Northern Echo 18.7.06 Animal charity chief calls for rehoming policy - AN animal charity worker has urged the Government to force trainers to rehome greyhounds properly once their racing careers are finished. David Holmes, chairman of the Retired Greyhound Trust in Northumbria, last night said the Government needed to make sure greyhounds were looked after once they retired…. (story)
Northern Echo 18.7.06 Doomed dogs made final walk down tree-lined track - A suburban backwater in a seaside town became the centre of media attention yesterday as jounalists sought out the man who, according to racing insiders, has destroyed 10,000 unwanted greyhounds. In a neighbourhood where Seaham man David Smith is held in high esteem, Marjorie McIntyre attempted to give the businessman a chance to speak up for himself…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 17.7.06 Greyhound graveyard - GREYHOUND killer David Smith today said he was "doing society a favour" by slaughtering healthy dogs dumped by callous trainers… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 17.7.06 Politicians must act on dog killing - So now it is in the open. A terrible secret at the heart of greyhound racing has been exposed…. Enough is enough. If we can tag, trace and record every single cow in Britain we can surely do the same for greyhounds. The media have exposed a horror story. It is now the duty of politicians to end this slaughter. (story)
24Dash.com 17.7.06 Public outcry after 10,000 greyhounds killed at one-man 'euthanasia factory' - The UK's greyhound industry was today told to "clean its act up" following reports that one man had slaughtered at least 10,000 dogs at his home and then buried them on his land… Steve Cheetham, an RSPCA veterinary spokesman, said: "This is a huge and totally unnecessary slaughter…. Alistair McLean, chief executive of the National Greyhound Racing Club, which governs the sport, told the newspaper Mr Smith's actions amounted to a "euthanasia factory" and promised an inquiry… The League Against Cruel Sports today demanded better regulation of the greyhound industry…. (story)
Scotsman 17.7.06 Greyhound industry 'in denial' on cruelty - THE greyhound industry is "in denial" about the fate of thousands of dogs which are slaughtered after they pass their racing prime, it was claimed yesterday….(story)
Carlisle News & Star 17.7.06 MP calls for end to greyhound deaths - CARLISLE MP Eric Martlew has called for an inquiry into the greyhound racing industry following reports that a County Durham builder's merchant has killed and buried at least 10,000 animals…. (story)
Birmingham Post 17.7.06 Greyhound killing: MP's probe call - The greyhound industry is "in denial" about the fate of thousands of dogs which are slaughtered in "canine killing fields" after they pass their racing prime, the chairman of a cross-party animal welfare group said…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 17.7.06 Greyhound industry 'in denial' over cruelty - THE greyhound industry is "in denial" about the fate of thousands of dogs which are slaughtered in "canine killing fields" after they pass their racing prime, the chairman of a cross-party animal welfare group said today. Eric Martlew MP says he will be urging his colleagues to launch an urgent inquiry into dog racing after reports today that a County Durham builder's merchant has killed and buried at least 10,000 animals at his home… (story)
Times 17.7.06 Slaughter of greyhounds leads to call for inquiry By Helen Nugent - GREYHOUND racing faces a government inquiry after the revelation that hundreds of healthy dogs are being slaughtered every year because they have passed their peak on the racetrack…. (story)
Guardian 17.7.06 Enquiry calls after killing of 10,000 greyhounds - Lee Glendinning - The government is facing calls for an inquiry into the greyhound racing industry after reports that a builder's merchant killed and buried at least 10,000 of the dogs at his home in County Durham once they were past their racing prime… Eric Martlew MP said he would urge his colleagues to press for an urgent inquiry…. (story)
Independent 17.7.06 Unwanted greyhounds put down at 'abattoir' By Cahal Milmo - The greyhound industry is facing two inquiries into welfare in dog racing after allegations that a builders' merchant has killed and buried 10,000 animals at his home. The Government and an all-party committee of MPs promised to investigate reports that thousands of healthy greyhounds were being killed each year at secret dog abattoirs…. (story)
Sunday Times 16.7.06 Killing field of the dog racing industry - Daniel Foggo - Another day, another death: this man slaughters greyhounds on an industrial scale - DAVID SMITH met the owners of the two greyhounds at his garden gate and pocketed £10 from each as he took hold of the makeshift leads…. The animals appeared sprightly and alert as if they hoped they might soon be allowed off the lead for a run. But seconds later two sharp reports rang out. They had been killed…. Campaigners have long suspected that such an operation was being run somewhere in Britain but have never been able to pinpoint its location…. The Sunday Times began its investigation after a tip-off from a racing insider who also felt it was time to expose and end the practice. A reporter, posing as a greyhound owner who wanted to dispose of his dogs, rang Smith, whose wife Maureen answered the phone and asked what he wanted….(story)
Sunday Times 16.7.06 The canine killing field - Britain is famously supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. Most households own a pet and more than a quarter of them have a dog. They will be horrified by our report today on the grim fate of racing greyhounds… Greyhound racing is rich enough to look after its retired animals properly. It should do so. This unnecessary slaughter shames it. (story)
BBC News Online 16.7.06 Call for greyhound deaths inquiry - An MP has called for an inquiry into greyhounds' fates when their racing days are over after claims thousands have been killed in County Durham…. (story)

Observer 30.7.06 Political advertising would be a step too far on British television - Nick Cohen - Nothing is more likely to persuade British liberals that Americans are from another planet than the political advertising on US television… Litigants in the High Court last week sought to use the European Convention on Human Rights to bring the US system to Britain by lifting the ban on broadcasters running political ads… Animal Defenders International, a campaign group against everything from circuses to laboratory experiments, has brought the case with the support of Amnesty International …. Jan Creamer, chief executive of Animal Defenders International, told me she wanted the 'right to reply' to ads which featured animals…. She struck me as possessed by a mania that can grip all of us with political passions. We think that if only we could get others to listen to us (even for a moment), they would see the righteousness of our cause and ignore the big battalions on the other side. 'Why can't I have my say?' she wailed to me. She may do soon and the screaming voices her case could unleash may bawl out one of the better parts of our culture (story)

Observer 30.7.06 The lies about vivisection - The level of animal experiments is grotesque, at more than 7,000 animals every day ('Animal testing hits a 14-year high', News, last week). This shows there is no serious attempt to use humane alternatives… Richard Mountford, development manager, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Independent on Sunday 30.7.06 Britain helps US to protect animal labs By Stephen Foley in New York - The Government is covertly throwing its weight behind a campaign to introduce new laws against animal rights extremism in the US. British Embassy officials in Washington DC are quietly lobbying congressmen, who are looking at possible new legislation. Officials are also understood to be passing on information about how the UK has dealt with "economic terrorism" aimed at shutting down animal testing companies…. (story)


Western Daily Press 29.7.06 ANIMAL GROUP ASKS: IS THIS MAN ABOVE THE LAW OR NOT? - A Man who is single-handedly challenging the hunt ban should be told he is not above the law, anti-hunt campaigners told police yesterday. Pro-hunt agent provocateur Giles Bradshaw has tried unsuccessfully to get himself arrested for breaching the hunting ban dozens of times in Devon and Somerset and heralded a letter he received from the police as proof the hunt ban was a farce…. The league's chiefs have written to police to clarify that Mr Bradshaw is 'not above the law'….(story)

Western Daily Press 29.7.06 KILLED IN THE NAME OF SPORT - How lovely to see people celebrating the beautiful greyhounds at Eastville Park, Bristol, as we remember all those killed in the name of sport. Unfortunately, we cannot forget the gruesome exposure of greyhounds being slaughtered just a week ago in the national press… Wendy Hassell Sighthound Welfare Trust Dorchester (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.7.06 INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL RESCUE MOVE FOR RSPCA INSPECTOR - One of Devon's best known RSPCA inspectors has taken up a new job with an international animal charity. Tony Woodley, a 35-year-old father-of- three, from Exmouth, is joining International Animal Rescue, after a decade working with the RSPCA…. (story)

Western Morning News 29.7.06 ANIMAL-RIGHTS PROTEST SCUPPERS CONGER CUDDLING - A traditional Westcountry seaside event in which people slap one another with a large, dead conger eel has been scuppered following complaints from animal rights activists…Over the past 32 years the RNLI-backed game of human skittles has raised thousands of pounds for the life-saving charity. Now this year's event has been curtailed after a complaint that it was "disrespectful" to dead animals…(story)
Guardian 29.7.06 Conger eel fund-raising game slithers out of favour - Steven Morris - The game involves nerve, balance, strength - and a decent-sized conger eel. For more than three decades "conger cuddling", in which one team tries to knock its rivals off wooden blocks using only a dead conger eel attached to a length of rope, has wowed holidaymakers and raised funds for the Lyme Regis lifeboat. But no longer. Animal rights activists threatened to film this year's competition and launch a national campaign against it, prompting the RNLI to ban the conger fun. Fishermen, townspeople and lifeboat crew members in the Dorset resort are furious…. An unnamed animal rights activist is responsible for scuppering the event after complaining that it was "disrepectful" to dead animals. "How can you be disrespecting an animal's rights when it is dead?" said Mr Fox. "The eels aren't even caught for the event, they are caught accidentally in fishermen's nets."… (story)
Times 29.7.06 Town told to drop the dead fish contest BY WILL PAVIA - THERE was outrage and sadness in a Dorset fishing town yesterday as locals mourned the death of a cherished tradition, killed off after complaints from animal rights activists. Since time immemorial, or at least since 1974, the denizens of Lyme Regis have gathered on the harbour to indulge in the traditional sport of the conger: a game of skill and balance involving a dead eel…. For Richard Fox, 66, a retired publican, local historian, and former world champion town crier, the demise of the sport he helped to found is little short of tragic. "One person creates a fuss over a dead fish and destroys the enjoyment of a large amount of people who do this every year,” he said…. (story)
Telegraph 29.7.06 Now you can't cuddle a conger By Richard Alleyne - A charity game in which people try to knock each other over with a 5ft conger eel has been banned after animal rights activists complained that it was "disrespectful" to the dead fish… Ken Whetlor, the mayor of Lyme Regis, said: "The writer of that letter is a gutless troublemaker with nothing better to do than stop people enjoying an innocent event that helps to raise money to save lives. I cannot see how using a dead conger eel landed by a local fisherman is unethical." (story)


Western Morning News 28.7.06 SUPPORT STILL STRONG FOR STAGHOUNDS - The summer's scorching sun has already passed its zenith and so the autumn field sport seasons roll ever closer. Traditionally one of the first to open is that for the red stag on August 1…. It is now 17 months since the hated hunting with dogs act came into force and changed the face of rural sports…. Devon and Somerset Staghounds operate from Exford village and ride over the whole of Exmoor. Since the ban, they have continued to ride out "within the law" and begin the new season with a first meet at Mounsey Hill Gate on Tuesday… (story)

Burton Mail 28.7.06 TRIBUTES TO POPULAR MASTER OF THE HUNT by Tom Sloan - TRIBUTES have been paid to a popular huntsman and horse expert described as a "tremendous ambassador to the equestrian world". Phil Arthers, Master of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt, died at the age of 65, following a short illness… Mr Arthers’ funeral takes place at St Wystan’s Church, Repton, at 3pm on Tuesday (story)
Burton Mail 25.7.06 Hunt master of 18 years dies by Tom Sloan - A LEADING huntsman and businessman has died. Phil Arthers, of Bretby Lane, Newton Solney, who was the master of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt for the last 18 years, died on Friday…. His funeral will take place on Tuesday next week (story)

Camberley News & Mail 28.7.06 Extremists jailed for violent attacks - THREE animal rights extremists who attacked a terrified grandmother and her family for simply displaying a pro-hunting sticker on their car have been jailed. Natasha Avery, 39, Heather Nicholson, 38, and 19-year-old Daniel Wadham, all of Pond Croft, Yateley, appeared at Kingston Crown Court, where they admitted a charge of affray. The three all smiled as Judge Nicholas Jones sentenced them to a total of three and a half years…. (story)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 28.7.06 Activists jailed after attack on family By Chris Wickham - Three animal rights activists who attacked a 75-year-old grandmother, her daughter and grandson as they drove through Richmond last year were given prison sentences at Kingston Crown Court this week. Heather Nicholson, Natasha Avery and Daniel Wadham, all from Yateley in Hampshire, admitted attacking the pensioner as she drove along the Lower Richmond Road on the approach to Chalkers Corner at around 9.45am on November 9 last year for displaying a pro-hunting sticker on their car…. (story)
Times 26.7.06 Animal activists jailed for attack - Three animal rights activists were jailed yesterday for attacking a family who had a pro-hunting sticker in their car (Nicola Woolcock writes). Heather Nicholson and Natasha Avery, both 38, two of the founders of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, were sentenced to 16 months. They are the current and former wife of Greg Avery, a veteran of the movement. Daniel Wadham, 19, was sentenced to 12 months in a young offender institution…. (story)
BBC News Online 25.7.06 Activists jailed for car ambush - Two animal rights activists have been given 16-month jail sentences for attacking a family who displayed a pro-hunting sticker on their car. Heather Nicholson and Natasha Avery attacked the 75-year-old grandmother, her daughter and grandson as they drove through Richmond in south-west London. Both women, aged 38, and a third person, Daniel Wadham, all from Yateley, admitted affray. … (story)
Life Style Extra 25.7.06 Animal Rights Trio Jailed For Grandma Attack - Three animal rights extremists who attacked a terrified 75-year-old grandmother and her family for simply displaying a pro-hunting sticker on their car were today jailed for a total of three-and-a-half years. Natasha Avery, 39, Heather Nicholson, 38, and 19-year-old Daniel Wadham shouted 'scum' and 'perverts' at the grandmother who was with her 21-year-old grandson and his mother as they were stuck in a traffic jam in Richmond, Surrey…. All three defendants pleaded guilty to one count of affray last month. Nicholson and Avery both have a string of previous convictions going back more than 10 years for animal rights activism, including a year in prison for a protest they made at a farm in Worcester. Wadham was of previous good character…. Nicholson and Avery were both sentenced to 16 months in jail. Wadham, who was described as 'clean-living, idealistic and passionate about the welfare of animals' by his defence counsel Guy Vassall-Adams, was sentenced to 12 months in a Young Offenders' Institution. Nicholson has already served 226 days in custody so could be out in less than a month…. (story)
Surrey Comet 13.7.06 Activists condemned for attack on elderly woman By David Rankin - The Countryside Alliance has condemned a group of animal rights activists who threatened a 75-year-old woman, apparently for having one of their stickers displayed on her car. Natasha Avery, 38, Heather Nicholson, 37, and Daniel Wadham, 19, pleaded guilty to affray at Kingston Crown Court last week…. (story)
Times 4.7.06 Activists face jail over car attack - By Nicola Woolcock - Three animal rights activists face jail for attacking a 75-year-old woman and her grandson who had a Countryside Alliance sticker in their car (Nicola Woolcock writes). Natasha Avery, 38, Heather Nicholson, 39, and Daniel Wadham, 19, targeted them during a traffic queue in Richmond…. (story)
Telegraph 4.7.06 Animal activists threatened family with pro-hunt car sticker By Rosie Murray-West - A 75-year-old grandmother and her family were threatened by animal rights activists for displaying a Countryside Alliance sticker in their car, a court heard yesterday. Natasha Avery, 38, Heather Nicholson, 37, and Daniel Wadham, 19, shouted "scum" and "perverts" at the woman, her 21-year-old grandson and his mother, who were stopped in a traffic jam. The court ruled that the family should not be named…..(story)
Daily Mail 3.7.06 Animal rights activists admit attack on grandmother By COLIN FERNANDEZ, Daily Mail - Three animal rights activists launched a terrifying attack on a family, including a 75-year-old grandmother, for having a pro-hunting sticker on their car, a court heard yesterday. Heather Nicholson, Natasha Avery and Daniel Wadham jumped out of their car while stuck in a traffic jam to spit, screamed abuse and banged on the windows of their victims… they pleaded guilty to one charge of affray at Kingston Crown Court today. Judge Nicholas Jones remanded Nicholson in custody and warned Avery and Wadham they could face jail when they are sentenced on July 21….(story)

Western Daily Press 28.7.06 A NATION OF ANIMAL LOVERS? (JULY 26) - I was pleased to read the story of Jilly Cooper's rescued greyhound, Feather. Jilly's dog is one of the "lucky" ones, rescued by an animal charity who found him terrified and near death. At least he now has a lovely home. Many are not so lucky… . We are calling on the public to boycott dog tracks and never bet on greyhound racing. Gina Harris Bristol
The British a nation of animal lovers? Don't make me laugh. When the British public can go for what they see as a fun night out at a greyhound racetrack, thereby condoning and actively encouraging people like the man in Co Durham who was responsible for the slaughter of 10,000 dogs, we will never be a nation of animal lovers. Anthea Frost Shropshire (letters)

Belfast Telegraph 28.7.06 Cruel ending makes dogs' life a real misery In response to your article on the slaughter in Co Durham of over 10,000 retired greyhounds (Belfast Telegraph, July 18), I wish to endorse the views of Greyhound Action Northern Ireland. Our society has condemned the cruelty of foxhunting, yet the cruelty inflicted on greyhounds is of staggering proportions…. R J Makem Antrim (letter)

Yorkshire Post 28.7.06 Harsh realities behind the sport of greyhound racing From: Kathy Rees, Darlington. (letter)
Sunderland Echo 22.7.06 Cruelty within racing - THE recent report about the killing of thousands of greyhounds in Seaham, has finally brought to the public attention a glimpse of the suffering and cruelty within the greyhound racing industry…. Kathy Rees, Darlington (letter)

Manchester Evening News 28.7.06 RSPCA: Justify tests on animals - TESTS on animals should be justified in `each and every case', says the RSPCA. The organisation, which also calls for more humane alternatives to animal testing, said: "Animal research can cause animals significant suffering."… (story)

Portsmouth News 28.7.06 Cruelty campaigners grab research goats - Animal rights activists have broken into a military research centre and taken a group of goats. Members of the Animal Liberation Front struck after dark, cutting through wire fences and bundling the goats into the back of a van. Nine protesters each grabbed a small goat and made off across a golf course to a waiting van. The group said it decided to take action after learning that the animals are used for decompression tests by QinetiQ, which runs the Centre for Human Sciences in Fort Road, Gosport… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 28.7.06 THANKS FOR CONSIDERING AN ETHICAL APPROACH - I Noticed recently that Leicester Council had put into place a complete ban on animal-tested products, such as bleach and computer ink, with an ethical buying policy… I would like to thank, if possible, through your letters page, both Councillor Stephen Parnaby and Councillor Carl Minns, for stating that some consideration would be given to this great idea, which I am sure is of interest, for a variety of reasons, to many readers. S Broom, Apollo Walk, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)

Harrogate Advertiser 28.7.06 Controversy as animal circus comes to town By Tom Hay - A CONTROVERSIAL circus – the last in Britain to have a live bear – is coming to Wetherby this weekend. Jolly’s circus, which also features a zebra, camel, farmyard animals, llamas and dancing mules, is fiercely opposed by animal campaigners, who have called for the show to be boycotted and sabotaged its advertising… calls to boycott show have been made by the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS). A saboteur, who did not appear to be linked to the organisation, came into the Wetherby News office to try and remove leaflets about the circus and falsely claim the performances had been cancelled….(story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 28.7.06 Sanctuary founder battles illness By Sally Henfield - AN ANIMAL charity is facing a cash crisis as the driving force behind its fundraising activities battles with ill health. The Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary needs £5,000 a week to look after the 200 horses, ponies and other animals that it shelters at its Oswaldtwistle stables…. However, in recent months the situation has become precarious as the sanctuary's founder and key fundraiser, Olive Lomas, has been taken ill often confined to bed…. Olive began her animal charity work two decades ago when she flew to Spain to protest against bull fighting… (story)


Bournemouth Daily Echo 27.7.06 Cook Clarissa hits out at hunting ban - SHE used to be part of a famous double act called Two Fat Ladies. Clarissa Dickson-Wright and her equally plump partner, Jennifer Paterson, travelled the length and breadth of Britain in a motorcycle and sidecar…. Now Clarissa is best known as the author of a highly successful series of cookery books and a fierce critic of the ban on hunting. She spoke on both subjects with equal passion during a visit to the New Forest and Hampshire County Show on Wednesday…."This year I decided to travel down to support the National Coursing Club, which has a stand at the event…." (story)

Western Daily Press 27.7.06 A NATION OF ANIMAL LOVERS? (JULY 26) - No, we are not a nation of animal lovers, not when you see the court cases of cruelty and neglect, not when you read about incidents of dog-fighting and badger baiting, not when you still see "sport" which involves shooting, killing, chasing and catching wildlife… Christine, Radstock (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.7.06 DUCKS WERE BAITED USING FISH-HOOKS, SAYS SSPCA - SUSAN NICHOLSON - The deliberate hooking of ducks with baited fish barbs in Inverness was among the cases of extreme animal cruelty dealt with by the Scottish SPCA last year. Children were seen throwing baited hooks on fishing lines to the birds swimming on a pond in the city's Balloan Park last September, then swinging them around when the hooks caught in their gullets…. (story)

Halifax Courier 27.7.06 (Miss) Lisa Stoddart, Beechwood Drive, Illingworth, Halifax. I WAS appalled to read about the sick individuals who send underperforming racing greyhounds to be killed for £10…. (story)

Economist 27.7.06 Good news for humans - CAMPAIGNERS for animal rights are losing their long war against scientific experimentation on animals. Public sympathy for the cause is leaching away as the well-publicised antics of a violent few taint the image of the pacific many…. (story)

Telegraph 27.7.06 Drop in animal rights activist attacks By Katherine Griffiths - Attacks by animal rights activists on homes fell by more than half in the first six months of the year, new figures show. There were 15 incidents of activists causing damage and leaving threatening messages, in the first half of the year, said the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry… (story)
Guardian 27.7.06 Attacks by animal rights extremists down by 50% - Alok Jha - The number of attacks by extremists on researchers using animals has decreased, according to figures released by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) yesterday… (story)
Reuters 26.7.06 Big fall in animal activist attacks - LONDON (Reuters) - Attacks by animal rights activists fell dramatically in Britain in the first half of this year, the country's drug industry said on Wednesday. Attacks on people's private homes declined to just 15 in the first six months of 2006, under half the number in the same period last year and 14 per cent of the total for the first six months of 2004…. (story)

BBC News Online 27.7.06 Majority 'back' animal research - More than half the general public believe it is acceptable to use animals for medical research, a poll suggests. But a majority of the 1,001 people polled by ICM for the BBC said UK taxpayers' money should not help fund new sites used for such purposes. The full results of the poll will be detailed as Newsnight and BBC Oxford hold a debate on the issue in Oxford… Speakers at the debate will include activist Mel Broughton, representing Speak (Stop the Primate Laboratory at Oxford University), and Professor Tipu Aziz from Pro-Test, which campaigns in favour of continued animal testing and in support of scientific research…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.7.06 A BLINKERED VIEW - David Thomas has a somewhat blinkered view of medical research (Letters, July 5). He is correct that many conditions are genetic, but fails to recognise that significant progress has been made in this area thanks to research using animals…. Jo Tanner, Chief executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Waterloo Road, London (story)
Bath Chronicle 19.7.06 HUMANE SLAUGHTER DOES EXIST - David Thomas (Letters, July 5) is wrong to claim the Government ignored the commission set up by Tony Blair "to find out if ritual slaughter caused unnecessary suffering". If Mr Thomas is referring to shechita - the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food - as "ritual slaughter" he is already wrong, as such a practice is forbidden in Judaism… Shechita accomplishes what other methods of slaughter attempt, namely, the immediate and irreversible abolition of consciousness until death supervenes…. SHIMON COHEN, Shechita UK, Mandela Street, London (letter)
Bath Chronicle 19.7.06 WHY I OPPOSE ANIMAL TESTING - The vivisectionist/chemist/pharmaceutical industry tells us it is tightly-regulated, but what that really means is that it is keeping what it does a secret…To further illustrate the point that we are governed for commercial or political expediency rather than for overall good, Tony Blair set up a commission to find out if ritual slaughter caused unnecessary suffering. It found it did cause unnecessary suffering, but the findings were ignored. So much for debate and consultation. DAVID THOMAS Hillview Hisomley Nr Westbury (letter)

Milford Mercury 27.7.06 Shop cruelty free - Sean Gifford, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)
Bath Chronicle 25.7.06 CRUELTY-FREE PLEA - Animals in medical experimentation has been grabbing many headlines in 2006… It's National Cruelty Free Week so please help us celebrate by ordering a free compassionate shopping guide… SEAN GIFFORD, BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.7.06 Thank you from Animal Aid - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Peterborough for their generosity in raising £200 at the street collection held on Saturday, July 22… DONNA BURKE, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

Bromley Times 27.7.06 We are lucky to have such wonderful wildlife - I read with dismay that your columnist Eric Brown has chosen to act as judge and jury with regards to certain species of animals, namely the red fox, the grey squirrel, the black rat and mink…. It also will do nothing to encourage compassion for and interest in other sentient beings. Kate Fowler-Reeves, Campaigner (story)


Worcester Evening News 26.7.06 You hurt the swans, so pay for their treatment - ANGLERS are killing and maiming swans throughout the county because of `total recklessness' and they should dip into their pockets to help fund their recovery, says the woman who runs Wychwold Swan Rescue Centre. Jan Harrigan said she is exasperated by the amount of injured birds her workforce is having to deal with, especially since the summer began…. (story in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 26.7.06 Please, spare a thought for the dogs - In response to your article, Ulster group urges boycott over killing of greyhounds (Belfast Telegraph, July 18), I'm sure that your readers were as shocked as I was to hear that 10,000 dogs had been disposed of in Durham…. The League Against Cruel Sports is calling for proper regulation of the industry through the new Animal Welfare Bill and the creation of a Racing Animal Welfare Council. FIONNA SMYTH Belfast (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 26.7.06 Vermin must be culled - I share the sentiments of Fraser Mayne with regard to the damage and destruction to small birds by magpies… Supporters of the League Against Cruel Sports, the Animal Rights Association and others, would probably cringe in horror at the mention of culling vermin. But these so-called proponents for the protection of wildlife should realise that controlled, selective culling of vermin is beneficial for protecting the natural world we all wish to enjoy. HARRY STEPHENSON Kircubbin (letter)

Guardian 26.7.06 Anti-vivisection claims on suffering were misleading, says advertising authority - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The Advertising Standards Authority has criticised an animal rights group for printing misleading claims on the suffering of animals in scientific research. In a campaign leaflet, the National Anti-Vivisection Society (Navs) said "laboratory animals suffer terribly at every stage of their lives", a claim contested by the Research Defence Society (RDS), a pro-animal-research group…. (story)

Newham Recorder 26.7.06 Creatures' champion is saluted - FORMER West Ham MP and peer Tony Banks has been posthumously given an award in recognition of his tireless campaigning and services to animal welfare. His widow, Sally, collected the Lord Houghton Award at a House of Commons meeting of the Parliamentary All-Party Group on Animal Welfare last week…. (story in archive)
Stratford Guardian 13.7.06 Honoured by animal welfare group after his death - TONY Banks, the late Lord Stratford, has been posthumously commended for his services to animal welfare. The Lord Houghton Award will be presented to his widow, Lady Stratford, by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) at a meeting of the Parliamentary All-Party Group on Animal Welfare on Monday…. Chris Deacon, chair of BUAV, said: "With the passing of Tony Banks, the animal protection movement lost one of its strongest advocates and greatest friends." (story)

Northwich Guardian 26.7.06 How could anyone be so cruel to me? - A DEVOTED animal lover and campaigner from Weaverham was left devastated after an RSPCA inspector paid a visit to her home. Julie Burrows, of Station Road, said she was appalled to receive an animal welfare assessment form from Insp Nadine Pengilly following a complaint that the field where she grazes her horses is filled with poisonous ragwort. The 32-year-old, who owns two horses and does voluntary work for a number of animal welfare organisations, said: "I'm devastated…" (story in archive)

BBC News Online 26.7.06 Animal abuse cases rise by fifth - Conviction rates for animal cruelty in the UK have revealed a worrying increase in abuse, the RSPCA has said…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 26.7.06 CRUELTY THAT CONTINUES - Yes, veal crates in the UK are of a somewhat higher standard to those on the Continent, but this does not stop British farmers from exporting, what is predicted to be, 500,000 calves a year, knowing full well that they will be locked into systems that have been illegal in the UK since 1990… I decided this year that I could no longer support such cruelty and have eliminated all dairy products from my diet. I feel better, both in terms of health and conscience. V H Sheppard, Leicester. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 26.7.06 BACK CAMPAIGN TO STOP DOGS BEING TRADED - I Am fully behind the Network For Animals' campaign to stop pet dogs being traded for meat in the Philippines… Any donation people can give to the Network For Animals will help them buy the equipment they need to collect enough evidence and stop the cruel dog meat traders… Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)

Irish Independent 26.7.06 A message from the kangaroo that got away - The jolly photos and story (Irish Independent, July 22) about a missing kangaroo being recaptured by a circus gives the impression that he was very lucky to be caught… this story illustrates the unnatural life that a circus animal lives, caged and forced to perform stupid tricks…. DAPHNE HOGAN, ASHLEY RISE, PORTMARNOCK, CO DUBLIN (story)


Horse & Hound 25.7.06 New Season, New Hunt - Anna Tyzack - A new hunt has been established for the first time for a quarter of a century. Roddy Fleming, a financier, is building his own kennels in Oxfordshire in preparation for the forthcoming hunt season. The new hunt, "The Private Pack", will hunt trails laid to simulate the hunting of foxes and hares, in line with the Hunting Act 2005 and membership will be by invitation only…. (story)
Telegraph 24.7.06 New 'pirate' hunt not what we need, say hunt groups By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - The first wholly new mounted hunt to be established for a quarter of a century has been set up by a nephew of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. Roddy Fleming… is building his own kennels in Oxfordshire. The Private Pack, as the hunt is to be called, will hunt… trails laid to simulate the hunting of foxes and hares… A more difficult issue is where the Private Pack will hunt. The two farms he owns are in Heythrop "country"… Stephen Lambert, who happens to be both chairman of the MFHA and master of the Heythrop, said: "We greatly respect the enterprise and energy required to start a new pack but as we work for the repeal of the Hunting Act we want to have the disciplines of the association properly applied… "The associations cannot stop Mr Fleming going ahead but his will remain a pirate pack if it is not properly registered…. (story)

Western Morning News 25.7.06 NO EMOTION OVER HUNT BAN - If my "outburst" in reply to James Tatlow's letter was "emotive" at all, as W T Sweet suggests, it was merely meant to parody the style of the original letter. The hunt ban is a done deal - what is there to get emotional about? In a democracy, you cannot pick and choose which laws to obey and which to break. If the hunting lobby carry on hunting, they will be engaging in a criminal activity, just like any common thief or burglar…. C K Yoe, Harrow (letter)
Western Morning News 3.6.06 JAMES Tatlow's letter ("Hunting ban was an act of class war", April 26) uses the sort of intemperate language typical of much of the hunting debate… So you can no longer hunt foxes with dogs. So what? Hunting has been banned and it isn't coming back. Daniel Sproull, Bodmin (story)
Western Morning News 19.5.06 - C K Yeo's emotive outburst in reply to James Jatlow's correct interpretation of the driving force behind the hunting ban was based entirely on misconception. He states that "hunting falls into the same category as badger-baiting, cock-fighting etc", which is totally false. The aforementioned concerns captive animals set against each other in a fight to the death, with no escape route, whereas hunting is a natural phenomenon, whether it be a ladybird converging on an aphid or a pride of lions pulling down a water buffalo… W T Sweet, Mawgan (letter)
Western Morning News 19.5.06 THERE is only one purpose to my letter - to repudiate James Tatlow's letter (Hunting ban was an act of class war, April 26). No matter what social or economic classes enjoy hunting, it does not change the fact that it is an outdated institution that appeals to the basest instincts in man - the enjoyment of inflicting pain and death - and on that basis alone does not deserve to exist… C K Yoe, Harrow (letter)
Western Morning News 26.4.06 HUNTING BAN WAS AN ACT OF CLASS WAR - There are two purposes to my letter. Firstly, I would like to applaud Henry Oxenham (This is no class war, April 18) for making the commendable statement: "I am opposed to hunting but still feel that those who want to hunt should be allowed to." What a fine example of tolerance. The British Government was allowed last year by her useless leader to cower before bigotry and implement an Act of Parliament based not on principle and evidence, but instead in spite of it…. James Tatlow, Ipswich, Suffolk (letter)

Western Daily Pess 25.7.06 CRUEL EGO TRIP - I Cannot understand the smug attitude of Bob Welford (Western Daily Press, July 19), proudly displaying a 11lb sea bass which he caught twice. Like hunting with dogs, have these anglers nothing better to occupy their minds than drag these creatures from the sea with hooks firmly embedded in their mouths?... Roy Brown Ston Easton Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 25.7.06 MINK WILL BE AHEAD OF ANY ATTEMPTS TOPLACE TRAPS - I was watching Countryfile on BBC One on June 25 and couldn't believe what I was seeing. They were doing a piece on re-colonising the River Monnow with water voles…. We were told when this was noted proper traps would be set to catch the mink before they could catch and kill the water voles. Don't these people know mink are very mobile and will have most of the water voles before they have even got round to placing the traps? G S Douglas, Chulmleigh (letter)

Western Morning News 25.7.06 PEOPLE CAN FORCE GREYHOUND RACING TO CHANGE - For years the greyhound racing industry has denied claims that most of the 30,000 dogs who fail to make the grade are abandoned or killed by their owners…. Instead of waiting for the Government or the racing industry to sort this out, each of us can make a difference to this disaster… Cris Iles Ivybridge (letter)

Epsom Herald 25.7.06 Protesters shout 'kill' at firm - ANIMAL activists shocked adult learners in Epsom when they piled out of a minibus and shouted, "Kill, Kill, Kill", at a firm in Blenheim Road. Students at the Learning Shop saw the dozen otherwise peaceful protesters, carrying "blood-splashed" banners, standing outside Sartorius at lunchtime last Friday…. Sartorius, which supply filters and weighing machines for laboratories, hospitals and research establishments, declined to comment…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 25.7.06 SMALL RISE IN ANIMAL TESTS REVEALS IDEOLOGICAL SPLITS - Campaigners and scientists at loggerheads - The ideological divide between campaigners and scientists was exposed again last night in the wake of figures showing experiments on animals in the UK rose by 41,300 last year to 2,896,000…. While some hailed a "golden age of medical discovery", activists criticised the Government's "permissive, head-in-the-sand attitude" to testing…. (story)
Times 25.7.06 More mice used The number of animals used in scientific research has increased, largely because more genetically modified mice are being used to model human diseases, according to Home Office figures…. (story)
Independent 25.7.06 The Big Question: Are there too many scientific experiments on animals in Britain? By Steve Connor, Science Editor - The Home Office yesterday published the latest annual statistics on the use of animals in scientific research in Britain… (story)
Scotsman 25.7.06 Animal experiments rise exposes gulf in attitudes - THE number of experiments on animals in the UK rose by 41,300 last year, highlighting the ideological divide between campaigners and scientists… Poorva Joshipura, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said: "There is a real need not only to stop cruelty, but, from a human health perspective, to move away from old-fashioned animal tests."… (story)
Guardian 25.7.06 Number of animal tests rises to 2.9m, highest total for 13 years - James Randerson, science correspondent - The number of scientific procedures carried out on lab animals in 2005 increased to nearly 2.9m, according to figures released yesterday by the Home Office…. (story)
Daily Mail 24.7.06 Animal experiments rise by 41,300 in a year - The number of experiments on animals carried out in the UK rose by 41,300 last year to 2,896,000, figures showed today. The 1.4 per cent increase on the previous 12 months was revealed in Home Office statistics…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.7.06 Continued rise for animal tests - The number of experiments carried out on animals in UK laboratories has continued to rise, statistics show… (story)
BBC News Online 24.7.06 Case studies: The three Rs - Some researchers are working on ways to lower the numbers of animals used in scientific experiments. Using computers to create virtual cells, tissues and whole organs, growing these components in the laboratory, or using new scanning techniques to peer inside the body are some of the methods being used to edge closer to the animal-free laboratory. Here, three scientists talk about their research which is helping to reduce animal experimentation… (story)
BBC News Online 24.7.06 The road to an animal-free laboratory By Rebecca Morelle - "It's a question I get asked a lot," says Vicky Robinson. "And unfortunately we are a long, long, long way off. I would love to be sat here saying within the next year or so, or within the foreseeable future, but I think one has to be realistic." The chief executive of the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) is considering at what point science might finally be able to give up using animals for research. … (story)
BBC News Online 24.7.06 Quick guide: Animal testing - Experiments involving animals remain an important part of scientific research in the UK. The practice is a source of controversy - proponents pointing to the medical advances testing brings, while opponents believe alternatives need to be found…. (story)
Observer 23.7.06 Animal testing hits a 14-year high - Activists' backlash expected as number of experiments rises to 2.9 million - Robin McKie and Mark Townsend - The number of scientific experiments on animals has risen to a 14-year high, the Home Office will announce tomorrow…. The latest Home Office figures reveal that most of the tests were on mice, rats and other rodents. Most of the remainder involved fish and birds, with only a fraction on dogs, cats and primates…. (story)

Birmingham Post 25.7.06 Scientists scared of threat from activists - Animal welfare extremists have had some success in their terror campaigns, a leading expert admitted last night. Without the activists, more scientists would be experimenting on animals in the search for new treatments and cures for disease, said heart specialist Professor John Martin…. (story)

Oxford Mail 25.7.06 Uni keeps quiet about animal work - Fear of retribution by animal rights activists has led Oxford University to withhold information about the number of animal experiments it carried out last year. Statistics released by the Home Office yesterday showed that nationally the number of experiments carried out on animals increased by 1.4 per cent to 2.9m in 2005…. Meanwhile, police said they blocked Saturday's planned city centre animal rights protest because demonstrators failed to inform them of their plans in advance despite "repeated requests". Oxford police area commander Chief Supt David McWhirter, left, said: "Protesters were refusing to talk, therefore it was a reasonable assumption they may do something that could result in disruption to the life of the community…" (story)

Oxford Mail 25.7.06 Talk to police before demos - Your report, Police ban lab campaign demo (Oxford Mail, July 24), accurately reflects the decision by Thames Valley Police to place restrictions on the planned demonstration in Oxford city centre last Saturday… Thames Valley Police recognise the rights of individuals and groups to demonstrate on any issue. We have consistently said we will facilitate such demonstrations, which, as Mel Broughton, of Speak, said, are part of the democratic rights of individuals within this country…. It is regrettable that for the demonstration last Saturday, Speak refused to meet us and refused to share their plans for the day…. While demonstrators may well feel there were limitations placed upon them, the very simple answer to this in future is to sit down with the police and agree plans for the event… David McWhirter, Chief Superintendent, Oxfordshire Commander, Thames Valley Police (story)
Oxford Mail 24.7.06 Police ban lab campaign demo By Emma-Kate Lidbury - Animal rights protesters were banned from holding a demonstration in Oxford city centre after a late decision by police. Hundreds of people had been planning to meet at Carfax at lunchtime on Saturday to continue their campaign against the building of Oxford University's £18m biomedical research lab. But they were greeted by a large number of police who told them to move on or be arrested after Deputy Chief Constable Alex Marshall invoked the ban under section 14 of the Public Order Act…. Mel Broughton, of Speak, said: "We had no idea we would not be allowed to demonstrate in the city centre…. Laurence Parker, from London, was given several warnings by police for walking with a placard in St Giles… (story)
Oxford Mail 21.7.06 Dozens of police to cover protest By Phil Vinter - Dozens of police officers will flood into Oxford city centre tomorrow to ensure there is no trouble during a demonstration by animal rights protesters… The protest by animal rights group Speak, which is advertised on its website, is the latest in a series of demonstrations and marches against Oxford University's construction of a research laboratory… Speak spokesman Mel Broughton said he did not expect large numbers of people at the protest and claimed any lack of cooperation was due to the way Speak had previously been treated by the police…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Press 25.7.06 HIS CLAIMS ARE RIDICULOUS - Nick Williams yet again fails to argue his case ('Animals are not humans', Letters, July 20) and proceeds to fabricate a question to allow him to reiterate his beliefs as a "reply". So I ask again, in even simpler and clearer terms: if he believes that results from animals are not transferable to humans, and I administered cyanide or anthrax or mustard gas or TB or BSE to an animal which then suffered and died, and I administered water or air or lettuce leaves to another which suffered no ill effects, would he refuse the water or air or lettuce and volunteer to have cyanide or anthrax or mustard gas or TB or BSE administered to himself to prove that results from animals are not transferable to humans?.... B. J. MANN Valley Road, Nottingham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 20.7.06 ANIMALS ARE NOT HUMANS! - May I point out to T.Bromley (Letters, July 11) that those of us opposed to vivisection support THRT (The Humane Research Trust) which funds scientists at universities using accurate scientific methods…. NICK WILLIAMS Farleys Lane Hucknall (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 11.7.06 GIVING PATIENTS HOPE - Nick Williams (Letters, June 20) is very loud in attacking medical research but is remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to patients…. THOMAS BROMLEY Patients' Voice PO Box 504 Dunstable (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 5.7.06 Stop animal testing now RE the letter (LET, June 22) from Jo Tanner entitled No animal tests.' which correctly said that, in spite of many years of research involving animals, cures or effective treatments for diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's have not been found. Millions of animals in British laboratories will continue to suffer and die in useless experiments. Why?... Name and address supplied. (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 3.7.06 ANIMALS ARE NOT A MODEL FOR MAN - Jo Tanner is correct in saying animals are likely to be involved in medical research, but wrong to claim this research is a vital part in finding cures and treatments… LEN SHORT, For "Animal Voices", Upton Torquay (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 1.7.06 PROOF THAT TESTS ON ANIMALS FAIL - "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." As a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry, Jo Tanner, chief executive of the Coalition for Medical Progress, goes overboard yet again, with the same old rhetoric, to emotionally blackmail the public into believing that, without the continuation of animal research, we will never find cures for human diseases…. PAT GRIFFIN Cambridge
Hideous work is waste of time - Congratulations to Nick Williams for his excellent letter. He is so right, animal testing does not work, but as he says, it makes mega bucks…. C KENT High Road Chilwell (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 29.6.06 NO CASE FOR ANIMAL RESEARCH KATHY ARCHIBALD, Director, Europeans for Medical Progress (story)
Torquay Herald Express 26.6.06 MEDICAL ADVANCES DUE TO ANIMAL RESEARCH - JO TANNER, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, London (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 24.6.06 Find better way From Carol Newman Scientific Officer, Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin - I WOULD urge readers not to pledge support for animal research, as requested by Jo Tanner, but instead support the use of humane non-animal research methods, such as those being developed by the Dr Hadwen Trust… (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 24.6.06 Judge on facts From Kathy Archibald, Director, Europeans for Medical Progress, London - JO Tanner is wrong to claim that medicines result from animal experimentation. In fact, all of our current drugs and treatments were discovered through astute observation of patients, pioneering self-experimentation, ingenuity and advances in technology….(letter)
Cambridge Evening News 24.6.06 Show evidence From Amanda James, Wheatley Crescent, Bluntisham - I SHOULD like to invite Jo Tanner (Letters, June 19) to provide evidence in support of her claim that "research using animals is a vital part of finding cures and treatments for the diseases that continue to elude us". I found her statements to be completely misleading; testing on animals merely tells us about animals, not people…. (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 24.6.06 STILL WAITING FOR VIVISECTION PROBE - Prior to the Labour Party coming to power we were told they would look into a Royal Commission on Vivisection. We are still waiting…. PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 24.6.06 ANIMAL RESEARCH IS A VITAL TOOL - JO TANNER, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress (letter)
24.6.06 RESEARCH THAT CAN SAVE LIVES (JUNE 17) - Jo Tanner is wrong to claim that medicines result from animal experimentation. In fact, all of our current drugs and treatments were discovered through astute observation of patients, pioneering self-experimentation, ingenuity and advances in technology…. Kathy Archibald, director, Europeans for Medical Progress (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 22.6.06 No animal tests — no herceptin - JO TANNER, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Waterloo Business Centre, 117 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UL (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.6.06 BE TRUE TO YOURSELF - I Reply to "Research that can save lives", a letter from Jo Tanner, chief executive of the Coalition For Medical Progress, on June 17. After decades of self-imposed obscurity, the vivisection industry finds itself being dragged screaming and kicking into public scrutiny. I would ask anyone considering Jo Tanner's petition to be honest to themselves…. Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.6.06 STOP THE SECRECY - In response to Jo Tanner's attempts at canvassing support for her petition in favour of animal experiments (Your Say, June 17), I say that the general public needs unfettered access to information before signing anything…. Wendy Beer North Somerset (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 20.6.06 ANIMAL TESTS JUST DO NOT WORK - In 1992, the World Health Organisation reported "biological and chemical agents in the environment cause or contribute to the premature death of millions of people and to the ill health or disablement of hundreds of millions more… J. Tanners' organisation (Letters) claims more animal research will provide cures…. Animals do not react like humans yet have allowed on to the market drugs and chemicals that would not pass genuine scientific tests of safety but they do make mega bucks for industry. NICK WILLIAMS Farleys Lane Hucknall (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.6.06 RESEARCH THAT CAN SAVE LIVES - Jo Tanner Chief executive Coalition for Medical Progress London (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 19.6.06 Vital research - Jo Tanner, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Waterloo Business Centre, Waterloo Road, London (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 16.6.06 TESTS ON ANIMALS VITAL - The broad welcome given to the decision this week by Nice to recommend Herceptin is a measure of how much we value medical advance…. Research using animals is a vital part of finding cures and treatments for the diseases that continue to elude us, diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and HIV/Aids… JO TANNER Chief Executive Coalition for Medical Progress Waterloo Road, London (story)

Irish Independent 25.7.06 Cats and dogs could go veggie, urge activists - Edel Kennedy - ANIMAL rights activists have gone barking mad - they want pet owners to feed their cats and dogs vegetarian meals. Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is trying to persuade owners that a meat-free diet is best for their pet's health and will help them fight the flab… (story)

Wakefield Express 25.7.06 Bare protest over cruelty - A GUTSY Wakefield worker joined hundreds of naked protesters to make a bare-faced stand against a barbaric animal sport. Lynne Shepherd, 38, a librarian at Wakefield College, streaked through the streets of a Spanish town wearing only a pair of horns and a red scarf…(story)
South Wales Guardian 21.7.06 Rob’s got the balls to strip naked for bulls! - A PONTARDAWE man stripped to his neck scarf in a bid to save bulls from slaughter in Spain. Robert Lewis took part in the Running of the Nudes' in Pamploma… (story)
Malvern Gazette 14.7.06 Pair join naked bull run protest - RUNNING almost naked through the streets of Spain with a crowd of other protesters was one couple's way of campaigning against animal cruelty. Abigail Izzard and Anthony Smith, from Malvern, joined the Running of the Nudes in Pamplona last week, in protest at the town's annual bull run…. (story in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.7.06 JULIE EXPOSES BULL 'CRUELTY' BY SHAUN WARRINGTON - A Derby woman has been running around the streets of a Spanish town wearing next to nothing to protest against bull fighting. Dressed in just a bikini, Julie Frost joined hundreds of other protesters taking a stance against the famous bull run by running through Pamplona…. (story)
Maidenhead Advertiser 6.7.06 Bare naked truth - A NAKED protester from Maidenhead bared all to object to Spain's running of the bulls yesterday (Wednesday). Lina Barbieri took part in a protest organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) in Pamplona…. (story)
Dorset Echo 8.7.06 Students strip in protest over bullfighting - By Ben Glass - SAUCY Dorchester students Ellie Glen and Nick Plant stripped to their underwear and raced through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, yesterday… (story)
Times 6.7.06 Protesters stage mock bull run - Animal rights activists, some almost naked, ran through Pamplona yesterday to protest at the annual running of the bulls, which starts tomorrow… the protest sponsor, said that bullfights were "only a display of cruelty that denigrates us”. Elderly people watching from balconies shouted at the runners for being so scantily clad. "Degenerates!”, one woman screamed (story)
South Wales Evening Post 6.7.06 NO BULL, I'M STRIPPING OFF FOR PROTEST! - JASON EVANS - If you feel strongly about an issue there are many things you can do to protest - make a donation to a charity, write a letter to the Evening Post or even contact your MP. But one Swansea man will be going a bit further than most - he is stripping off and running naked through the streets. And that is no bull. Fifty-nine year old Robert Lewis, from Trebanos, is joining around 600 campaigners heading for Pamplona in southern Spain to take part in the annual Running of the Nudes this week…. (story)
Telegraph 6.7.06 Hundreds strip off in bull run protest By Fiona Govan - Hundreds of animal rights activists, many of them British, stripped off to run through the streets of Pamplona yesterday to protest against the slaughter of bulls during one of Spain's most popular festivals…. (story)
Portsmouth News 3.7.06 No bull - I'll run naked through streets - Wearing nothing but plastic bull horns and a red scarf, Helena Youle is set to run naked through the streets. However, the 58-year-old isn't some kind of adventurous naturist. Instead she is stripping off as part of a campaign aimed at stopping cruelty to bulls in Spain…. (story)
Western Daily Press 3.7.06 BULL-RUN PROTEST IN THE NUDE - A Couple from Dorset will be among up to 1,000 people taking part in a naked protest against an annual Spanish bull run. The town of Pamplona will witness the fifth nude "Human Race" on Wednesday, 48 hours before the town's own traditional Running of the Bulls takes place. Among those taking part in the Running of the Nudes event are Eleanor Glen, of Dorchester, and her boy- friend Nick Plant, of Blandford…. (story)
Liverpool Echo 29.6.06 I'm going to run through the Spanish streets naked By Greg O'Keeffe, Liverpool Echo - ANIMAL lover Susan Taylor will strip off and run naked through a Spanish street to protest against bull-fighting. The 45-year-old from Liverpool will dash along the main road in Pamplona wearing just a red scarf and red plastic horns two days before the city's historic bull-running event… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 29.6.06 Michael keeps his clothes on for naked bull protest By Debra Douglas - An Ulster man is travelling to Spain this weekend to take part in the annual "Running of the Nudes" demonstration. Michael Lawson (left), from Glengormley, is taking part in the run in Pamplona as a protest against the annual bull run in the city next week. The 21-year-old student teacher said he wanted to take part in the protest, which is organised by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), as he feels very strongly about the issue…. (story)
Luton News 29.6.06 No bull - we're stripping off for animal rights - Stunt drums up support against Pamplona festival - Two topless women and someone dressed as a bull visited Luton town centre on Thursday to recruit runners for a protest against bull-fighting in Spain… PETA's Lauren Bowey said: "Tormenting and butchering animals for entertainment is something straight out of the Dark Ages…. (story)
Coventry Observer 28.6.06 Shoppers get an eyeful of animal rights campaign - CITY shoppers had a 'nude awakening' when three women wearing nothing but red scarfs and a pair of horns joined forces with a six foot bull to protest against animal cruelty. Members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) staged a protest in Millennium Place last Thursday… Lauren Bowey, one of the Coventry campaigners, said: "Tormenting and butchering animals for entertainment is something straight out of the Dark Ages…. (story)
The Sentinel 26.6.06 NAKED TRUTH FOR PROTESTERS - Animal lover Mr Robert Griffiths has said that he'll be keeping his drawers on when he strips off in a protest against bullfighting. The 56-year-old from Basford is taking part in the Running Of The Nudes, an alternative to Pamplona's ritual Running Of the Bulls… his decision to run partly clothed may be a big relief to the god-fearing folk of Pamplona, it sounds like a bit of a cop-out to me. It certainly renders the Running Of The Nudes an inaccurate name for the demonstration, although I will admit that The Running Of The Nearly Nudes or The Running Of The Nudes Except For Their Y-Fronts has rather less impact... Whether they are naked or slightly clothed, I share the protesters' abhorrence of animal cruelty, but I do feel that they are taking the easy option. Surely, the demonstration would carry considerably more weight if there were a few angry toros around..... If Mr Griffiths and his fellow activists were to combine the Running Of The Nudes with the actual Running of the Bulls, they might be hideously gored but their sacrifice would do wonders for their cause... (story)
The Sentinel 23.6.06 ROB TO EXPOSE NAKED TRUTH OF BULLFIGHTING - Robert Griffiths, pictured, is hoping to expose the cruelty of an age-old Spanish tradition by exposing himself. The 56-year-old, of Kingsfield Oval, Basford, will be one of hundreds of people from across the world taking part in the fifth annual Running Of The Nudes in Pamplona, Spain, next month… (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 23.6.06 All the nudes that's fit to print... TWO girls found a way to grab the attention of passers by in Coventry city centre as they protested against the way bulls are treated. The duo from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) joined up to encourage the public to take part in their Running of the Nudes race in Pamplona, Spain…. Campaign co-ordinator Lauren Bowey, aged 22, said: "We have people from 35 different countries taking part in our race…. (story)
Yellow Advertiser 23.6.06 It's bulls and bares By Peter Henn - A MARKET trader is to run naked around the streets of Spain to raise awareness of animal rights. Debby Spiteri, from Willow Street, Romford, is taking part in the Running of the Nudes in protest against the annual Running of the Bulls in the Spanish town of Pamplona… Debby, who has lived in Romford for more than 10 years, is set to take the challenge with her sister, Carly Quinlan, and friend Kay Deacon… (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.6.06 Lynzi is off to reveal naked truth By Nishika Patel - A woman is set to run naked through a Spanish town to reveal the cruelty of bullfighting. Lynzi Waddington will join 1,000 animal activists in a run through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, to highlight what she describes as the country's brutal tourist attraction…. (story)
Halifax Courier 22.6.06 LYNZI TO STRIP AGAIN IN DEMO By Brian Coates - Lynzi Waddington is heading for Spain to strip off. But she won't be lying on a beach soaking up the sun. Lynzi, 21, will join hundreds of others running naked through the streets of Pamplona to highlight the ill-treatment of bulls…. (story)
Western Gazette 22.6.06 UNDRESSED FOR SUCCESS - Two Dorset teenagers are baring all in a protest against the traditional bull fight and stampede through a Spanish town. Nick Plant, of Milborne St Andrew, and Ellie Glen, of Affpuddle, both aged 18, will be stripping off for the running of the nudes on Wednesday 5 July, days before the bull fighting begins…. Mr Plant took part in the run last year when there was only 700 participants…. Mr Plant's girlfriend is joining him in this year's run before embarking on a foundation art degree in Falmouth, Cornwall… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20.6.06 Woman to run in nude to save bulls - A BRIGHOUSE woman hopes her nude antics will expose the cruelty behind a Spanish tourist attraction. Lynzi Waddington, 21, is joining hundreds of fellow animal rights activists on a naked run through the streets of Pamplona... Lynzi, who is a vegetarian, has been involved in animal rights demonstrations and fundraising events for several years. She recently took part in a demonstration outside the Oxford animal testing laboratories.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.6.06 CAMPAIGNING NUDES WON'T TAKE ANY BULL - Energetic campaigners from the Forest of Dean will be sprinting naked through Spanish streets to highlight the cruelty of the running with the bulls event. Bernie Jones and Helen Snowdon are taking part in the Running of the Nudes event to support People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)…. (story)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 19.6.06 Student strips for bull-run protest - Cheeky Emma Phipps is preparing to bare all in the fight for a good cause. The 18-year-old from Durham City will be stripping off to run through the streets of Pamplona protesting against the traditional bull run…. (story)
Weymouth Echo 15.6.06 Naked runners in bull protest By Ben Glass - SAUCY Dorchester students Ellie Glen and Nick Plant are to join a mass streak in protest at a Spanish bull run. Along with 1,000 others wearing nothing but plastic horns and red scarves they will dash through the streets of Pamplona…. Nick, 18, of Milborne St Andrew, said: "Being a vegetarian I'm interested in animal rights charities and I came across the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group…. PETA co-ordinator Lauren Bowey said this was the fifth nude run and campaigners from 35 different countries were expected to take part…. (story)
icBerkshire 18.5.06 Protest means good nudes for shoppers By James Durkin - ANIMAL rights protesters bared their souls and a few other things in a bid to put an end to the infamous Pamplona bull run in Spain. Activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spent Tuesday lunchtime in Reading's Broad Street dressed in little more than red scarves and fake bullhorns. They were recruiting for the fifth annual Running of the Nudes… PETA campaign co-ordinator Lauren Bowey told The Chronicle: "Even in Spain and Portugal support for bullfighting is declining… (story)
Swindon Advertiser 18.5.06 Nude protest is no bull... By Kevin Burchall - ANIMAL welfare protesters asked Swindon shoppers to take the bull by the horns by encouraging them to take part in a special run in Pamplona, Spain on July 5. The fifth annual Running of Nudes has been organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)… Gabriella Samu and Kristy Hodgson, together with a man dressed in a bull costume, showed video footage of bullfights and the Running of the Nudes when they set up a recruitment table in Regent Street on Tuesday… And Swindon residents are being urged to sign up to the naked peaceful protest by 26-year-old Anish Harrison, who took part in the nude run two years ago…. (story)

Birmingham Post 25.7.06 Animal ad campaign group battle - An animal cruelty campaign group yesterday launched a High Court battle to overturn a law which bans it from advertising on television and radio. Animal Defenders International (ADI) said the ban relating to "political advertising" amounted to "a violation of freedom of speech"… (story)
Guardian 24.7.06 Animal rights group asks high court to lift ban on 'political' broadcasts - Clare Dyer, legal editor - The ban on "political" advertising on radio and TV, which prevents thousands of campaigning organisations from airing their views through the broadcast media, will be challenged in a test case that goes to the high court today. Animal Defenders International (ADI), whose My Mate's a Primate television ad was turned down for broadcast, will argue that the ban breaches article 10 of the European convention on human rights, which guarantees freedom of expression…. (story)

Argus 25.7.06 Aquarium's seal pool plans scrapped by Rachel Pegg - An aquarium has scrapped its plans to exhibit seals, penguins and sea otters. Brighton Sea Life Centre has shelved the idea of introducing the creatures at its site close to the Palace Pier…. The centre, in Madeira Drive, said the decision was not taken because of protests but because Brighton and Hove City Council's planning process had lasted so long, forcing it to consider other options…. Campaigner Lisa Gooch, from Tilgate, Crawley, said: "This is brilliant. I can't believe it. I am over the moon…. Miss Gooch is treasurer for Brighton Animal Action, which spearheaded the campaign with backing from the Born Free Foundation, International Marine Rescue, the Captive Animal Protection Society, the Green Party and the RSPCA… Mike Nunn, from Seaford, who was heavily involved in the campaign but has now stepped down from Brighton Animal Action, said: "It is a result of the people of Brighton…. (story in archive)

Argus 25.7.06 Letter: Animal welfare charter was ignored - Under the heading Right To Protest, Sue Baumgardt says planning law rules out animal welfare as a consideration for refusal to grant permission to develop (Letters, July 14)…. I consider Brighton Animal Action's campaign against the development at the Sealife Centre has highlighted the fact Brighton and Hove City Council's animal welfare charter is a mere piece of rhetoric…. -David Hammond, Hassocks (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 25.7.06 BADGER LOBBY 'SCAREMONGERING' OVER TB FACTS - Animal welfare campaigners were last night accused of "scaremongering" over the health threat posed by bovine TB - after they claimed that thousands of diseased cattle were entering the human food chain, writes London Editor Jason Groves. The Badger Trust issued a report yesterday suggesting that the Government's refusal to introduce a more accurate test for detecting bovine TB in cattle could put human health at risk… South Devon beef farmer Richard Haddock described the claims as "bizarre". He said there was no evidence of humans contracting bovine TB from beef….(story)
Western Daily Press 24.7.06 TB IN FOOD CHAIN CLAIM 'SCARE TACTIC' - Farming leaders have accused pro-badger groups of scaremongering by claiming that thousands of TB-infected cattle could be entering the food chain every year. The Badger Trust says "fundamental weaknesses" in Government TB controls are allowing massive numbers of infected cattle to slip through the net…. South West NFU chairman Richard Haddock accused the trust of using alarmist statistics to frighten customers…. (story)

Western Morning News 25.7.06 ANIMALS MUSTN'T SUFFER IN NAME OF ENTERTAINMENT - It is welcome news that the use of some wild animals in circuses is to be banned, probably at the end of this year - but it should be banned totally. So should the use of animals, domestic or otherwise, in advertising and film and stage performances - and what about aquariums? Why should animals suffer for entertainment? Pet fairs, illegal since 1983, still occasionally are held and the Government seeks to legalise this under the Animal Welfare Bill, expected to come into force at the end of the year…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)


Western Morning News 24.7.06 RECORD CROWDS ENJOY RURAL EXTRAVAGANZA - A record-breaking 15,000 people enjoyed the 13th Mid Devon Show on Saturday…. In the main ring, spectators were treated to The Imps motorcycle display team, Derby Midshipmen marching band, a grand parade and presentations, a carriage driving competition, heavy horses, a tractor parade, hounds, Pony Club games and the musical ride…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 24.7.06 Killing animals in the name of sport - I really must answer George Cowley's letter in which he said the hunting law is a stupid law and a waste of money. I disagree…. I wholeheartedly support MP Michael Foster for getting this law through. JOHN SHEARON, Worcester (letter in archive) p>Norwich Evening News 24.7.06 Greyhound protests at Yarmouth stadium - DAVID POWLES - Dozens of people gathered outside Yarmouth's Greyhound Stadium to hold a silent protest against the sport. Around 60 people took part in a procession, followed by a minutes silence and the release of 80 purple balloons yesterday afternoon. The event was organised by the Norwich-based anti-racing group Action for Greyhounds, which wants an end to the sport and also has concerns about the treatment of dogs once they reach retirement age…. (story)

Sunderland Echo 24.7.06 Doing a favour - ABOUT the recent publicity slating Dave Smith and the greyhound dog killing. His father started out doing it and Dave carried it on. I myself back Dave Smith although I have not had a dog put down by him. I see him as doing a favour to people at a fraction of cost to the public rather than pay high vets' prices… Disgusted, Seaham
Made scapegoat - IT is bizarre, given the state of the world today, that Dave Smith is coming in for so much flak. Dave has provided a much-needed service for low income families for years and the recent claims in the media are total nonsense… John Self
Out of proportion - I THINK the media has blown all this out of proportion. This poor man has been the scapegoat for the greyhound racing industry…. Jane Jacob
Perfectly fine - I LIVE very close to where Dave smith lives and I think that what he has done is perfectly fine…. George Wright, Seaham
What's fuss about? - I HAD my 14-year-old pet dog Ben put down by Dave Smith… Dave Smith was great, a real gentleman. The way the press have treated him recently is a disgrace. I am disgusted at the thought of Ben being dug up for no reason at all… J Stevens, Seaham
Owners to blame - I LIVED in Seaham for 10 years leaving a couple of years ago and everyone knew what Dave did, even the local police. It is up to owners to rehouse the dogs in their twilight years, so if anyone wants to be blamed it is the irresponsible dog owners trying to make money, not Dave Smith…. So stop your complaining and blaming others you do-gooders. Better still, donate your money to those of us who do actually care about animals… Anita
Valuable service - I'M saddened that the Echo and the media have misreported and indeed blown this out of proportion… I had my dogs racing at a local track and my dog broke its leg during the race… I was shocked to discover that the vet's advice was to give the dog painkillers and they would look at it on Monday. In desperation I rang Mr Smith late on Saturday night and informed him of the terrible predicament I was in. Mr Smith kindly offered to help me and humanely put my greyhound out of the pain it was enduring…. Well done the media for bringing a premature ending to a valued service. M Allan, Seaham (letters)

Surrey Mirror 24.7.06 Stop cruel live calf exports from UK - I AM disappointed to see the resumption of live calf exports from the UK…. Sonia Rundle-Odds, Cheyne Walk, Horley (letter)


Sunday Times 23.7.06 Letters to the Editor: Welfare gone to the dogs - SINCE even the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRB) admits that only a quarter of all greyhounds retiring from the tracks each year are satisfactorily rehomed, common sense dictates that the remainder have to be disposed of by some means, else the highways and byways would soon be awash with spindly-legged, long-nosed vagabonds on the lookout for rabbits… Every greyhound racing stadium in the country, whether registered or not, has its "greyhound executioner”. The League Against Cruel Sports has long been asking this £2.5 billion industry for 1p in every £1 of profit to be dedicated to the welfare of ex-racing greyhounds, as opposed to the 3p in every £100 it currently donates, a request which it resolutely ignores…. Helen Tucker, Worcestershire Action for Greyhounds (WAG)
ON TRACK: Thank you for exposing the terrible treatment given to the greyhounds and how they are disposed of when they can no longer race… Audrey Cien, Michigan, USA
MISSING: Lord Lipsey (chairman of the BGRB) maintains that the majority of retired greyhounds are rehomed and well cared for… Can Lipsey account for the missing 12,000? Joanna Nowill, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
RACING ODDS: Too many dogs are bred, particularly greyhounds… The "waste” from the racing industry is appalling. Margaret Moore, Ledbury, Herefordshire
WASTE DISPOSAL: This is a huge problem and one that the industry likes to keep under wraps, so it’s good to see you brought the issue out into the open…. Julie Brammer, Washington, Tyne and Wear
HOUNDED: I am so pleased that you have brought to public notice the fate of these dogs at three-and-a-half to five years. Foxhounds are also shot at around six years because they are no longer fast enough… Charles Turner, Bridgwater, Somerset
FAT CHANCE? Rather than putting down greyhounds, they should be allocated (once their racing career is over) to people in the overweight to obese category. The dogs would have somewhere to live and couch potatoes would have a reason to exercise… Chris Daniels, Weymouth College, Dorset (letters)

Preston Citizen 23.7.06 Website guide to cruelty-free shops By Jane Willis - Shops which stock products tested on animals have been shamed by not being named on a new website. Preston is one of only eight towns and cities nationally to have a Bunny Map online which highlights the places where people can purchase cruelty-free products. The map has been devised by the animal rights group, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), and was launched to coincide with its annual National Cruelty-Free Week, July 17-21…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 22.7.06 Protest highlights animal test fears By Ben Meller - GIANT bunnies will be in Carlisle tomorrow to highlight the alleged cruelty of animal testing. The demonstration was organised by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), against the continuing use of animals to test cosmetic products…. Carly Glover, 22, from Warwick Road, organised the demonstration, which will take place outside the Boots store in Carlisle between 11am and 12 pm on Sunday…. (story)
Dorset Echo 22.7.06 Putting bunnies on town’s map By Angela Young - THE bunnies were out in force in Bournemouth town centre on Thursday, as campaigners for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) donned bunny masks and stocks similar to those used to restrain animals in tests to launch the charity's new "Bunny Map"…. ampaigner for the BUAV Dave Powell said: "It's great to be here talking about the positive side of our work, rather than the dark side showing the population of Bournemouth where they can buy cruelty-free products."… (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 22.7.06 LIVING AT A GALLOP - Luke Tomlinson is one of England's most valuable polo players, having won nearly every major domestic high-goal tournament…. He courted controversy in 2004 when he, rock singer Brian Ferry's son Otis and other pro-hunt protesters stormed the House of Commons in protest at anti-hunting legislation… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 22.7.06 What future? From Gillian Delaney, Herringswell Road, Kentford, Newmarket - THE exposé of the destruction of healthy greyhounds too old for racing is indicative of the callous way animals are exploited for monetary gain…. It might also be pertinent to ask what happens to the cast-offs from that other great generator of betting revenue, horseracing…(letter)

Sunderland Echo 22.7.06 Dave Smith doing society a favour - HAVING read your article on Dave Smith and his destruction of greyhounds, I feel compelled to write in support of Mr Smith… As far as I am concerned, if their death was quick and humane and their bodies buried, it has to be better than being dumped or worse!... M Ferguson, The Villas, Hill Crescent, Seaham
Turned into circus - I'M disgusted at the handling of an innocent man's life by the press. David Smith is a respected member of the Seaham community and his life has now been turned into a circus due to media intrusion…. I would like to see more support in the Echo, as a North East paper, for a North East family. A Concerned Community Member, Dalton-le-Dale, Seaham
Unfairly treated - I THINK David Smith is being unfairly treated, I don't think that the garden should be dug up. He has the full backing of the people of Seaham. Pauline Souter, Seaham
Disgust and anger - I FEEL very angry and disgusted that David Smith seems to be getting a lot of support from a small minority of very sad people who have shown no remorse for what has gone on in Seaham…. These killing fields need to be investigated and we need to remember that a dog is for life, that is, as long as it is not taken to Seaham and given to that moron. E Corney, Houghton
Should be a law - THE allegations made against Mr Dave Smith have all been about greyhounds. I would like to point out that Mr Smith has been putting so-called dog lovers' pets down for as long as I can remember. How can this be legal?... Concerned Animal Lover (letters)


Kent/East Sussex Courier/Sevenoaks Chronicle 21.7.06 STRONG MESSAGE FROM HUNT SUPPORTERS - "Ww will keep going." That was the message from the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt, which has vowed to keep the country pastime of fox hunting alive - despite a Government ban last year. Red-coated riders and a pack of hounds gave a demonstration in front of cheering crowds at the Kent County Show on Sunday, proving that ancient traditions have not yet been banished in the county…. (story)
East Grinstead Courier 20.7.06 STRONG MESSAGE FROM HUNT SUPPORTERS - "We will keep going." That was the message from the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt, which has vowed to keep the country pastime of fox hunting alive - despite a Government ban last year. Red-coated riders and a pack of hounds gave a demonstration in front of cheering crowds at the Kent County Show on Sunday, proving that ancient traditions have not yet been banished in the county…. (story)

Hexham Courant 21.7.06 Terrier show success - THE Haydon Hunt held its popular annual Hound, Terrier and Lurcher Show in the beautiful setting of Bradley Farm, in the heart of Roman Wall country last week… In other hunting news, hounds from the Tynedale Hunt were awarded third in the best two couple of entered bitchhounds at the Great Yorkshire Show last week…. (story)

Hexham Courant 21.7.06 Locals have a ball raising £15,000 By WILL GREEN - A SUMMER ball held at Belsay earlier this month raised more than £15,000 for the Countryside Alliance…. Locals also got in on the act with Stamfordham Young Farmers’ Club manning the bar and members of the Tynedale Hunt pouring the wine…. (story)

Post & Times 21.7.06 VALUABLE LESSON FROM MINK'S STORY Last week I discussed the water vole and explained how their decline is partially attributed to the predatory mink which have colonised Britain over the last 50 years. I respect the mink but it has no place in the British ecosystem. I have seen firsthand the destruction mink can cause, but it's not so much the mink I dislike, as the fur farms and animal activists who put them in our countryside to begin with…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.7.06 DUCKS SUFFERING ULTIMATE CRUELTY - We are all aware of the miserable conditions that broiler chickens have to endure in intensive farming systems. But how many people know about the awful conditions that factory-farmed ducks have to live in?... Miss Barbara Blaxland, Brixington Drive, Exmouth (letter)

Sunderland Echo 21.7.06 Stop bullfighting - BULLFIGHTING is considered to be a tradition of foreign countries, but don't be fooled!... You can help by not visiting towns that have permanent bullrings… An ethical travel guide may be obtained from The League Trust, Bullfighting Free, Sparling House, 83-87 Union Street, London, SE1 1SG which will also accept donations. K Surtees, Hylton Castle, Sunderland (story)

Goole Courier 21.7.06 ANIMAL TRAGIC? by James Bright - A NATIONAL animal rights group has called on the public to boycott a controversial animal circus performing in Howden this week. Jolly's family Circus opened their show on a site at the A614, near the Nissan roundabout yesterday and stay until Sunday, as part of their first tour of the area for 20 years…. The Captive Animal's Protection Society (CAPS) claim that a travelling circus is 'incapable of meeting all the needs of animals'… Goole and District RSPCA member Georgina Petty has also expressed her 'disgust'… Stacey Varley of Little Reedness said that she is 'horrified' at the appearance of this 'disgusting' spectacle and would be staging a peaceful protest throughout the show with members of CAPS, handing out leaflets… (story)

Manchester Evening News 21.7.06 Calf cruelty - AS a supporter of Compassion in World Farming, I am deeply concerned that, after a break of 10 years, the cruel export trade in live male dairy calves from the UK to the continent has started again… E. Fysh, Altrincham (story)


Telegraph 20.7.06 Hunt festival pulls record attendance By Charles Clover - After a full season under a ban, the sport of hunting with hounds is growing in popularity, judging by the record attendance at the Festival of Hunting at Peterborough yesterday… (story)
Horse & Hound 20.7.06 Record attendance at Festival of Hunting - Anna Tyzack - More visitors than ever flocked to The Festival of Hunting in Peterborough yesterday, as a testimony to the continued support which hunting receives… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 20.7.06 DOG SHOW: Dogs come out top in the midday heat - THE heat was on to find the best dogs and packs of hounds in the country at the East of England showground yesterday, July 19…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.7.06 Working with gamekeepers - I refer to your report headed "RSPB hit out at gamekeeper fine" (the Press and Journal, July 13). I am annoyed at the reaction of Ian Francis, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) area manager for Grampian, to the court's punishment of Hector McNeil. Gamekeepers, by the very nature of their work, are our country's greatest conservationists…. The RSPB should be working alongside gamekeepers, not against them…. Andy Ritchie, The Moorie, St Cyrus.(letter)

Hartlepool Mail 20.7.06 Sick animal cruelty site under attack - AN ANIMAL welfare group has uncovered a "sick" animal cruelty cell operating in Hartlepool, it has been revealed. The League Against Cruel Sports claims it has found a website promoting snaring that shows men, believed to be from the town, boasting about the animals they have cruelly killed. The site, which makes direct references to Hartlepool, includes pictures and chatrooms used for individuals to boast about the animals they have butchered…. (story)

Lancaster Guardian 20.7.06 City burns up in 87 degrees heat - AS temperatures soared to 87oF, the emergency service teams dealt with a series of potentially life-threatening incidents…. The threat of fire was also blamed for the decision by the Countryside Alliance to close heathland at Nicky Nook, near Scorton, in the last few days… (story)

Northern Echo 20.7.06 GREYHOUND KILLINGS - REGARDING the case of David Smith who ran his own greyhound slaughterhouse near Seaham, Co Durham… Don't support greyhound racing. Some owners care for their dogs and keep them when they retire, but they are the exception to the rule…. Lucy Crabtree, Darlington
I FELT physically sick when I read about David Smith's slaughterhouse for the trusting greyhounds. How can this man sleep at night?... Mrs DE Hennessy, Darlington. (letters)

Bristol Evening Post 20.7.06 HOPPING MAD ABOUT TESTING ON ANIMALS - A Giant rabbit appeared in Broadmead to encourage shoppers to join a campaign against animal testing. The big bunny was part of a joint campaign between Animal Aid and cosmetics company Lush to make sure chemical testing on animals is not reintroduced… Animal Aid campaigner Kate Fowler-Reeves, hopes people-power can stop the chemicals being tested on animals…. Lush campaigns manager Andrew Butler said: "Visitors to Lush stores will be adding their voices to calls from animal protection groups and concerned scientists who have pointed out that animal suffering and a load of meaningless data will be the only outcome of REACH if it is allowed to go ahead in its current form." (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 20.7.06 SEVERAL years ago someone sent us a hand-knitted doll…. Malcolm Yeatman, Non-animal Medical Research UK, 81 Beresford Avenue, Skegness PE25 3JQ (story)

Yorkshire Post 20.7.06 Fear over live calf exports - From: RA Summers, Moorfield, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I AM very concerned to learn of the resumption of live calf exports from the United Kingdom…. (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 20.7.06 CHARITY LOOKS FORWARD TO DAY WHEN CIRCUSES ARE NO MORE - As Peter Jolly's Circus will be in the Howden area at the end of the week, the RSPCA would like to inform readers it is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of all animals, of whatever species, in circuses and travelling menageries…. Alan Wolinski, RSPCA regional manager - north (story)

Caernarfon Herald 20.7.06 Circus denies cruelty claim by Ian Spindley, Caernarfon Herald - ANIMAL rights campaigners are demanding a boycott of a controversial circus – starring an elephant – appearing in Porthmadog this week. Bobby Roberts Circus began performing at the Sports Club yesterday (Wednesday) and is at Y Traeth until Sunday…. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) opposes the use of all animals in circuses… (story)

Bath Chronicle 20.7.06 PROTECT EXOTIC ANIMALS - DON'T EAT THEM - I Was alarmed to read in the Chronicle the idea that eating so-called 'exotic meats', such as kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile, was somehow just a bit of jaunty fun… JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigner, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)


Edinburgh Evening News 19.7.06 Brush with danger as foxes enter homes - JOANNA VALLELY - FOXES are sneaking into homes in the Capital in an increasingly desperate search for food after bin bags were taken off the streets. The sightings come as new council figures show complaints about foxes have soared by more than a quarter… (story)

Scotsman 19.7.06 Welfare of greyhounds - It is well known that thousands of greyhounds are killed after they pass their racing prime (your report, 17 July). Few manage to find good homes; and many are abandoned or killed…. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Torquay Herald Express 19.7.06 ANIMAL RESEARCH DOES SAVE LIVES - Len Short (Your View, July 3) is very loud in attacking medical research, but is remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to patients…For further information on our own crusade, please write to Patients Voice, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 5WS. www.patientsvoice.org.uk , THOMAS BROMLEY (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 19.7.06 MP'S CALL TO SAVE SEALS - Amber Valley MP Judy Mallaber has presented a 31,000-signature petition to the House of Commons opposing the slaughter of seal pups in Canada…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 18.7.06 MPS GET SAVE SEAL PETITION - A petition opposing the slaughter of seal pups in Canada, has been handed in by a Derbyshire MP. Amber Valley MP Judy Mallaber, a long-time campaigner against the Canadian seal hunt, handed her petition, which had 31,000 signatures, to Commons speaker Michael Martin…. (story)


Western Mail 18.7.06 Gerwyn champ Welsh hound at last - Steve Dube, Western Mail - KENNELMAN Clive Jenkins with Gerwyn, the four-and- a-half-year-old pure-bred Welsh hound - bred by the Pembrokeshire Hunt - which took the supreme championship, beating more than 100 entries at the All-Wales Hound Show at the Royal Welsh Showground…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.7.06 Tarred with duck shoot brush - FOLLOWING the latest animal welfare protests against duck and pheasant shooting, the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust stated it had "nothing to do" with the Hoghton Tower shoot. Why then are the Trust not telling Sir Bernard de Hoghton that by allowing bloodsports at Hoghton Tower he is not only damaging the de Hoghton family name but Hoghton Tower's reputation as a family attraction?.... G METCALFE, North West League Against Cruel Sports, PO Box 359, Chorley (letter)

Western Mail 18.7.06 Alliance welcomes U-turn on policing - THE Countryside Alliance has welcomed reports that the Government is to scrap plans for police "super forces". Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said enforced mergers would have had a serious impact on rural policing…. (story)

Reading Chronicle 18.7.06 Animal rights protesters blamed for bomb scare - THE bomb squad was called to a house in Caversham, on Friday morning after the owners feared they had been targeted by animal rights protesters. Police, a fire crew and army bomb disposal experts were scrambled to the scene at 9.43am after a parcel was delivered to the house in Peppard Road but eventually decided it was a hoax. The incident comes almost four months after the bomb squad was called to the same address, when Animal Liberation Front activists were suspected of planting a crude petrol bomb beneath a car outside…. (story)
Times 13.7.06 Hoax bombs - Animal rights extremists were blamed for sending five hoax bombs to homes and businesses which have links to Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)

Western Morning News 18.7.06 VIVISECTION IS ALWAYS EVIL - Jo Tanner (letter, June 13) says she "like the Prime Minister has signed the people's petition" - as if that's a recommendation!... Vivisection demonstrates to us that it relies on cowardice, selfishness and fear. The drugs companies play on that to the full - some even invest in it to make a fast buck. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 13.6.06 RESEARCH PLAYS PART IN FIGHTING ILLNESSES - Louise Piddington's vitriolic attack on the use of animals in medical research (WMN, June 6) adds nothing to the debate. Such research is a small but vital part of finding answers to the diseases that blight millions of people across the world and have already played a fundamental role in eradicating the likes of polio and smallpox… Jo Tanner, Chief ExecutiveCoalition for Medical ProgressWaterloo Business Centre17 Waterloo RoadLondon SE1 8UL (letter)
Western Morning News 6.6.06 JUST A CHEAP AND NASTY JOKE - I suppose Ron Bendell (April 26) relies on antagonising readers by being objectionable?... How can he get paid for such material while the full horror of vivisection is rarely exposed? Vivisection stinks! Don't forget, too, that even children and babies have been used in medical experiments…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Guardian 18.7.06 Good lives - Who Kate Fowler - What Animal-rights campaigner - Where Kent - I have cared about animals for as long as I can remember…. I've worked at Viva, Peta and now Animal Aid. Some people cope by immersing themselves in the horror, others by just switching off: I need to balance it by spending time with my friends, who are all vegan too, and the animals I've rescued…. (story)

Independent 18.7.06 Ethical dilemma - I am dismayed by the invisibility of animal issues in so-called ethical reporting in the media ("50 Best Ethical Buys", 15 July). Increasingly, it seems, "organic" is the synonym for ethical; alternatives such as "vegan" don't get a look in… DR ROBERT MCKAY, SHEFFIELD (letter)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 18.7.06 Live animals - I WONDER how many people have stuck to their initial reaction and are still boycotting Tesco… Tesco’s expansion around the world has taken an unexpected twist. The company is now selling live turtles and frogs in their stores in China…. S. and M. Cameron, Monifieth. (letter)


Western Daily Press 17.7.06 HUNT SUPPORTERS STUCK IN THE 19TH CENTURY (JULY 13) - Chris Gale writes that I live in a fantasy world. Could he really be so lacking in a sense of humour not to realise that I am taking the mickey by comparing myself to Professor Moriarty?... People should not be prosecuted for allowing their dogs to chase animals - it's perfectly natural and does no harm. Giles Bradshaw Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.7.06 HUNT SUPPORTERS APPEAR TO BE STUCK IN THE 19TH CENTURY - Giles Bradshaw's imagination, and the fantasy world he has constructed for himself, seems to know no bounds. In his letter (Your Say, July 8), he even seems to be claiming to be the late Professor Moriarty,… That story was written in 1891, which is exactly the era that Mr. Bradshaw and his blood-sports allies are living in…. Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.7.06 HUNTING MERELY AN OUTLET FOR BARBARISM - What a number of issues your correspondent S Freke raises in response to my letter (Your Say, July 3). When people talk about managing wildlife, what they usually mean is making human life as unrestricted by other factors as possible… Let's have no more euphemisms, please. Some people like to hurt and kill. Hunting provides an outlet for such barbarism, but that is all it does. Frankie James Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.7.06 THE CASE FOR THE DEFENCE - I Feel I must respond to the collective outpouring of outrage directed at me by concerned readers on your letters pages over the last few days. If these views are representative, it seems I have become a veritable Moriarty of crime in the eyes of the public. Some of the views expressed are plainly ludicrous, such as Helen Weeks' call for fox urine to be made a proscribed substance. These can be easily dismissed as absurd… I've agreed to stop breaking the Hunting Act on the LACS sanctuary as it causes the staff there, though not the deer, distress. However, I will never stop hunting deer on my smallholding here in Devon. Giles Bradshaw Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.7.06 STILL ATTEMPTING TO JUSTIFY CRUELTY - The letter from S Freke (Your Say, July 3) praises hunt supporters for creating habitat for foxes despite the fact that they then hound them to death for so-called "sport" to satisfy their whims…. Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.7.06 HUNT CONTROLS FOX NUMBERS - Unlike Frankie James, (Your Say, June 21), I don't profess to know all there is to know about fox and deer hunting, and I have never hunted, However, following the hunting ban, what I am now seeing is an increasing number of weak, mange-ridden foxes roaming both town and countryside…. The very people who hunt foxes also laud them and keenly conserve their habitat and numbers. They fiercely protect their right to exist. Can the same be said of the trained marksman? S Freke Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.6.06 IT'S KINDER TO LET MARKSMEN KILL WEAK AND AILING WILDLIFE - Giles Bradshaw says that hunting with dogs targets the weak and, therefore, is the best way to manage populations. I disagree profoundly that fox populations need to be managed. As top predator they can and do manage their numbers by controlling breeding according to the food supply. I also take issue with him about hunts targeting the weak that would die anyway. Unhealthy and weak foxes do not breed…. Frankie James Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.6.06 MARKSMEN IDEA IS A NON-STARTER - The idea of "self-regulation" of fox populations is a myth. In the absence of predators, population management is necessary. Without it animals will die from starvation and disease. These are the means of control favoured by the RSPCA and LACS…. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.6.06 MARKSMEN IDEA IS A NON-STARTER - In response to M J Haines's letter of May 27, while I appreciate his concern for wildlife, he appears to be living in cloud-cuckoo-land. Does he really think that every time a fox attacks livestock, or a sick or injured one needs to be put out of its misery, that farmers and gamekeepers are going to go through a strict procedure of consultation with Government bodies in the hope they will send a marksman to dispatch it?... Ray Bird Acton Turville Gloucestershire (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 17.7.06 PROTEST OVER MONKEY ENCLOSURE - Spokesperson: ANIMAL rights activists protested outside Bristol Zoo against its new monkey enclosure, a day after it opened… On Saturday, Bristol Animal Rights Coalition picketed the zoo in Clifton with placards and wearing gorilla masks…. Protester Nicole Vosper, 18, of St Paul's, said: "We think the zoo is deceiving the general public…” Lloyd Graham, 15, who spearheaded the campaign but could not be present because he was ill, said: "Monkeys of all varieties would normally walk or climb miles and miles a day, instead they are held captive in a city zoo for our entertainment - it is wrong."… Bristol Zoo director Jo Gipps said: "This is a small local group which has a point of view which concerns the rights of animals, and we have a point of view which concerns animal welfare. Animal rights and welfare are different, so we are unlikely ever to agree." (story)


UTV 16.7.06 GMTV presenter scoops horse award - GMTV presenter Jenni Falconer has been crowned Only Fools On Horses Show Jumper of the Year…. Hunt supporters denied they had been trying to rig the voting for tonight`s show by urging fellow activists to back DJ Sara Cox. The Radio 1 presenter was riding Solomon, a horse that regularly rides with the Oakley Hunt in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire…. (story)
Times 15.7.06 Hunt supporters jump on to Fools on Horses bandwagon By Valerie Elliot - The BBC reality show has been hit by bote-rigging claims - HUNT supporters have mounted an attempt to rig the voting for the BBC’s latest reality show Only Fools on Horses. The Countryside Alliance sent a round-robin to activists yesterday urging them to vote for Sara Cox, the radio DJ, who is riding Solomon, a horse that regularly rides with the Oakley Hunt in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire…. (story)
Guardian 14.7.06 Diary - Duncan Campbell - The BBC's much-promoted reality show this week is Only Fools on Horses, in which celebrities, including Ruby Wax and Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox, compete against each other in riding skills… A leaked email from the pro-foxhunting group Action for Hunting indicates that all its supporters are being asked to vote for Ms Cox. In the email, hunting campaigner Nick Onslow tells supporters that "Action for Hunting has a favourite - a horse called Solomon, owned by a hunt farrier and properly hunted…. (story)


Birmingham Mail 15.7.06 Viscount Cobham dies aged 63 By James Cartledge, Birmingham Mail - A MIDLAND peer who fought to save fox-hunting and married round-the-world yachtswoman Lisa Clayton has died. Viscount Cobham, aged 63, passed away on Thursday. A lover of country sports, he pledged to go to prison rather than ban fox-hunting at his Hagley Hall seat in Worcestershire… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 15.7.06 It’s deer to our hearts By Charlotte Bradshaw - CAMPAIGNERS have dealt a blow against political correctness by forcing councillors to restore a stag's head hunting trophy to a public building. The historic stag's head reckoned to be the largest and last stag ever killed in Rossendale was taken down on the instructions of a former council chief executive. Owen Williams… thought it didn't fit in with the council's corporate image'. But today Kathy Fishwick, from Rossendale Civic Trust, said: "A large number of people would like to see it back where it belongs because it has been moved unnecessarily… The RSPCA'S Heather Holmes said:…. "Fortunately because of the hard work that's been done to ban hunting this wouldn't happen today." (story)

Western Daily Press 15.7.06 ENFORCE HUNT LAW - I Was moved by newspaper pictures of a young fox whose life was saved by a wildlife sanctuary after he was found nearly dead… Fox-hunting is supposed to be illegal. Allowing hunters to flout the law is not the right example to abolish animal cruelty. Miss A Smith Ashton Bristol (story)

Portsmouth News 15.7.06 Animal lab may face action over illegal building - AN animal-testing lab could face legal action after failing to tear down an unlawful building. Winchester City Council is threatening to take Wickham Laboratories to court after a deadline for it to remove the two-storey structure ran out…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.7.06 WHALE'S MESSAGE TO END SLAUGHTER - The finishing twigs were added to a life-size willow whale yesterday, before the creature is sent across the North Sea as part of an anti-whaling campaign. Staff at the Spey Bay wildlife centre are holding a carnival today which will bring to an end their annual Save the Whale Week activities…. Centre manager Hannah Bird said: "We know that the whales and dolphins living in our waters are important to people here, and we are all outraged that the world's whales are still plundered by Japan, Norway and Iceland…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.7.06 WHY NOT STICK TO THE FACTS? - While I appreciate that journalists need to spice up some dull news reports with colourful language, I would have thought that the article on the murder of Peter Solheim (Western Daily Press, July 6) was dramatic enough without the headline "Kind vegan grandmother with black heart of stone". Statistically, as there are more meat-eating murderers in the country than vegans, this seemed an odd fact to highlight…. Grey-haired, tubby Roy Franklin, aged 54 Bridgwater Somerset (story)

Bath Chronicle 18.7.06 PIGGLES FLIES IN FOR ANIMAL DEMO BY EMMA COONEY - A Giant 'flying pig' landed in Bath city centre this week to promote a campaign aiming to expose 'horrific' conditions in some UK pig farms…. The publicity stunt was designed to grab shoppers' attention as activists from UK-based Vegetarian charity Viva! urged them to "join the fight for pig freedom - don't eat 'em"…. The footage reveals a picture of filth, overcrowding, dead and dying animals and widespread neglect, said campaigns manager Toni Vernelli…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 14.7.06 CROWDS CHEER AS VIRTUES OF HUNTS PRAISED - YOUNG members of Yorkshire pony clubs paraded defiantly in the main ring at the Great Yorkshire Show yesterday as the commentator told the cheering crowds that they were the best youth clubs in Britain. Mounted huntsmen and their hounds along with pony club members from the Badsworth and Bramham Moor joint hunt, which merged in 2002, and Bedale Hunt galloped around the main ring to cheers from the crowds which poured in to give them support… (story)

BBC News Online 14.7.06 Anger over 'anti-hunt propaganda' - The government is being accused of funding "anti-hunt propaganda" in a new guide to the British constitution. The guide says Labour MP Kate Hoey almost certainly did not reflect the wishes of voters in her London seat when she voted against a hunting ban… the Citizenship Foundation, which produced the guide, insisted it was designed to be impartial . The Department of Constitutional Affairs paid the foundation £197,000 to produce the guide, which is being sent to all secondary schools and sixth form colleges… The short section says: "Kate Hoey is MP for Battersea, an area very close to central London…. In voting against the bill to abolish fox hunting, Kate Hoey almost certainly did not reflect the wishes of most of her constituents."… (story)

Irish Independent 14.7.06 Angry tiger's life of boredom behind bars - Sometimes, the barrier that separates the domesticated (us) from the wild (them) is crossed to devastating effect…. Isn't it ironic that we are encouraged by institutions such as Dublin Zoo to pay to marvel at the creatures inside, yet those same animals are denied their basic right to freedom? GERRY BOLAND, ANIMALS IN CRISIS, KEADUE, CO ROSCOMMON
Why the headline 'Zoo tiger attacks woman'? The tiger was only defending its territory from a stupid woman who climbed fences…. I hope Dublin Zoo is not criticised now, because it is a great facility, and all the anmials are well looked after. TONY GILLINGS, GILLDAN COTTAGE, TINAHELY, CO WICKLOW (letters)

Argus 14.7.06 Letter: Right to protest - Councillor Pennington may be appalled by Brighton Animal Action's protest (Letters, July 5) but I believe we still live in a democracy. The protest at the architects, Clifton Design Associates, was very peaceful and we actually called at the door to speak politely with them (no one was there)…. The proposed development at the Sealife Centre has been opposed by many reputable organisations and scraped through at the planning meeting because planning law doesn't allow animal welfare to be taken into consideration… -Sue Baumgardt, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 14.7.06 Letter: Morally bankrupt I was appalled by the Sealife Centre protest (The Argus, June 29). It shows the moral bankruptcy of the animal rights protesters that they should go and picket outside the offices of the architects… -Councillor Roy Pennington, Brighton (letter)


Northampton Chronicle/Evening Telegraph 13.7.06 T-shirt is coarse and is sign of poor character - YOU invited comments regarding the T-shirt episode and referring to Blair… The shirt incident is indicative of the coarseness and loss of character of the British, not to mention lack of "self respect". Name and Address supplied, but withheld. (letter)

Independent 13.7.06 Hare today, gone tomorrow? Once, they were a common sight. But modern farming and unregulated shooting have dramatically reduced their numbers. Can they be saved? Peter Marren investigates… (story)

Scotsman 13.7.06 Anger over bird poisoner's £850 fine - FRANK URQUHART - THE head gamekeeper on a sporting estate, who faced potential penalties of more than £500,000 for poisoning a rare raven and illegally possessing 118 common gull eggs, was fined £850 yesterday… Hector McNeil, 56, of Whitehillock, Glenbuchat, had previously admitted three charges under the Wildlife and Countryside Act at Aberdeen Sheriff Court…. Elsie Ashworth, of the RSPB, said: "We are very disappointed…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.7.06 Fine for bird poison gamekeeper - An Aberdeenshire gamekeeper who poisoned wild birds and kept illegal pesticides has been fined £850. Hector McNeil, who worked on Glenbuchat estate for 30 years, had admitted killing a raven, of which there are only two breeding pairs in Grampian…. Elsie Ashworth from the RSPB said: "Our concern that a £350 fine for the specific charge of placing these poisoned bates out in the open is very unlikely to act as any sort of deterrent to other people that might carry out this sort offence. We believe it should be higher."… (story)

Western Morning News 13.7.06 A DESIRE to define "Britishness" has cropped up frequently of late, and at last we have the definitive definition, courtesy of the Ministry of Defence. It is red telephone boxes and Grenadier Guardsmen wearing slaughtered bears on their heads as they perform a meaningless ritual for the benefit of tourist photographers… Eileen Noakes, Totnes (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.7.06 VEAL: FACTS NOT MYTHS - Sue Daniels ("Veal production is so cruel", Mercury Mailbox, July 7) is misinformed and I am sure she would wish to have the correct information printed for everyone to see. I don't know where Ms Daniels gets her facts, but since 1990, veal crates have been banned in this country and are in the process of being phased out in Europe… Alison Pratt, regional press and campaigns officer, NFU East Midlands (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 13.7.06 What about the animals? IN Genesis 7 we read God saved Noah but... "every living thing that moved on the earth perished birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth and all mankind." Where were the human rights brigade and the animal rights mob? J ADAMS, Freshbrook, Swindon (letter)

Jersey Evening Post 13.7.06 Litter in the streets is the problem From Heather Uwins, The Rough, Rue à Don, Grouville - I TOO was as shocked and upset as the tourist was to read (JEP, 7 July) about a pest controller killing live baby seagulls… A seagull once hatched is one of God's creatures - however small, a living creature…. (letter may be in archive)


Daily Ireland 12.7.06 Hope for hares - I note with interest that the government plans to review the legislation governing the Irish greyhound industry. This is in the wake of damaging revelations concerning the way the industry conducts its affairs. I sincerely hope this review will take a close look at live hare coursing, a practice that has done more to damage the industry’s image than any amount of dog doping and managerial skulduggery…. John Fitzgerald, Kilkenny (letter)

Horse & Hound 12.7.06 MP Seeks to Amend Animals Act - A new Bill aiming to exonerate horse owners from being liable for the actions of their animal has been introduced to parliament by Laurence Robertson MP… The new Bill, introduced by Laurence Robertson MP, aims to remove the injustice of strict liability by providing for a defence of "reasonable care" and has been welcomed BHS and the Countryside Alliance have welcomed the proposal…. (story)

Western Telegraph 12.7.06 No value in animal circus - DEAR EDITOR There is no educational or entertainment value for children in seeing once proud animals reduced to performing tricks… Yvonne Padins Trefacwn Fach, Llanrhian, St Davids (letter)

BBC News Online 12.7.06 Public says 'no' to badger cull By Richard Black - The British public is opposed to culling badgers as a means of restricting bovine TB, according to responses to a government consultation. The government received more than 47,000 responses from the public, with 96% saying "no" to a cull. The National Farmers' Union (NFU) which favours culling said many of the responses stemmed from campaigns run by wildlife and conservation groups. … (story)

Northern Echo 12.7.06 Couple to take legal action against RSPCA - A COUPLE are planning to take legal action against the RSPCA after the charity decided not to prosecute them about conditions at their kennels. John and Linda Moran, who own the A1 Kennels and Cattery at Brompton-on-Swale, near Catterick, North Yorkshire have instructed a solicitor to start legal proceedings against the charity…. (story)

Daily Post 12.7.06 Rename your veggie snack... people will mix it up with our burger By Rob Davies, Daily Post - A NORTH Wales vegetarian snack company boss last night accused Burger King of "squashing the little guy" after the fast food giant forced him to change the name of his flapjacks. The firm threatened Corwenbased Wholebake with legal action over its oat-based Whopper! bars…. Last night managing director Mr Gould said: "We've decided to call a spade aspade and it is aflapjack so we're going to call it that… (story)

South London Press 12.7.06 Snail saviours strike at market - ANIMAL rights activists are saving snails being sold at a market - and they're selling them on as pets. Steve Paine, 40, and his friend Shaz Hagan, 35, say the tiger snails, which sell for up to £5, are being kept in cruel conditions. Mr Paine, from Crawley, and Mr Hagan, of Mascalls Road, Charlton, have been visiting Brixton market for several weeks.They have spent hundreds of pounds buying snails which they sell to people to keep as pets…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 11.7.06 SOAPBOX - Fox hunting ban a blunder based on prejudice - Amie Pascoe is corporate PR account director at Leeds-based agency Propaganda - For many of us in the Leeds business fraternity, the countryside is somewhere we visit at the weekend. But for many others, the countryside is their business…. Which is why the ban on fox hunting was such a grave mistake. The business of managing the countryside is being unduly interfered with. As in business, the hunting community expects that activity should be regulated by the Government. But legislation is only going to be respected when it is written in conjunction with those who understand the landscape in question… (story)

Sheffield Star 11.7.06 Riders onto a winner - MORE than 200 horse riders took part in a 12-mile ride around the majestic grounds of Derbyshire's Chatsworth House to raise charity cash. The event, organised by the Derbyshire-based Four Shires Bloodhounds, raised more than £3,000 for the Air Ambulance and around £1,600 for Children With Leukaemia… (story)

Western Mail 11.7.06 Game trust chooses chief - Steve Dube, Western Mail - MARK HUDSON, former president of the Country Land and Business Association has been elected the new chairman of the Game Conservancy Trust…. (story)

Western Morning News 11.7.06 FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND NATURE OF HUNTING - Jean Turner's vitriolic attack on hunting people (June 30) reveals a complete lack of understanding of what hunting is all about. We certainly share her concern that culling deer (or any animal) should be done quickly and efficiently - as, I am sure, do the officials of the National Trust who suggested that the return of legal hunting to trust land might be a good thing…. If she is lucky enough to see red deer in the south-west of England she might reflect that for hundreds of years hunting has been an essential part of the management of these herds; that throughout history the deer have flourished when the hunts have flourished, and that if anyone in the National Trust has been brave enough to question the exclusion of hunts from trust property they have done so with the welfare of the deer in mind. Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 30.6.06 NATIONAL TRUST UNDER FIRE - The letter from Brendan McCarthy. director of Wessex National Trust (June 10), in no way put my mind at rest concerning the latest move by the National Trust in letting the hunt brigade on to its land, ostensibly to cull "injured or sick deer". He uses the word "humanely". Since when has the hunt fraternity acted with any humanity? They are completely devoid of any compassion or pity where animals are concerned… Jean Turner, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 11.7.06 DON'T 'DISNEYFY' ANIMALS - I found the letter from "Name and address supplied" (June 20) almost as confusing as Theo Hopkins' (persiflageous) literary assassination of that most celebrated artist Stubbs and his much sought-after English art form depicting British field sports… I, and I'm sure many others, abhor the anthropomorphism of these creatures. To Disneyfy animals is to rob them of their true identity…. Hounds are again condemned for "tearing apart", but don't all animals tear apart their pray, while humans cut and slice? Is there any difference? After all, the meat is already dead. W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston (letter)

Bath Chronicle 11.7.06 ANIMAL AID THANK BATH FOLK - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Bath for their generosity in raising £193.78 at a street collection on July 1…. JOE DUNCAN, Animal Aid (letter)

Glasgow Herald 11.7.06 Hellish torment for Pamplona bulls - On July 7, you carried a photograph of a raggle of semi-crazed, drunken revellers on the eve of the San Fernia "Fiesta" of the running of the bulls in Pamplona…. Tourists drawn to this attraction might as well book package tours of torture chambers and slaughterhouses. John Ross Maclean, 33 Drummond Place, Edinburgh (letter)

Yorkshire Post 11.7.06 Appalling animal torture From: David S Boyes, Rodley Lane, Bramley. WATCHING a programme on BBC2 concerning the meat industry, I was horrified to see the cruel and barbaric "ritual slaughter" practised by men from two minority religious groups… I have in the past written to the minister concerned with animal welfare, to ask why fox hunting is banned, yet these poor animals are allowed to be tortured in this way. The response was that "religious freedom" takes precedence, which I personally find incredible…. (story)


Gloucester Citizen 10.7.06 TAKING CAMEL TO LONDON 'IS CRUEL' - Animal rights activists have spoken to The Citizen about what action they might take should a camel be taken to the Save Our Services protests in London. The Captive Animals Protection Society is considering lobbying the Save Our Services campaign in London if they decide to take the Forest-based camel up to the Houses of Parliament for the demonstration on July 18….(story)


People 9.7.06 EXCLUSIVE: VOYAGE TO HELL - Doomed monkeys in horror trip to UK labs - By Louisa Pilbeam - HUNDREDS of monkeys are being squashed into tiny cages then flown to the UK for horrific deaths in testing laboratories…. The shocking pictures were taken by animal rights group Animal Defenders International (ADI). The factory is owned by French firm Noveprim and sells about 500 monkeys for vivisection in Europe every year. The ADI's Allison Tuffrey Jones said: "The monkeys are kept in appalling conditions…. (story)


Bristol Evening Post 8.7.06 Animal experiments are a necessity - THE letter from Miss C Miles just made my blood boil… The author is clearly ignorant not only of scientific method but also the value of animal experiments, and has a warped sense of ethics…. Colin Capner, by email (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 5.7.06 Animal tests give misleading results - EACH year, nearly three million animals are experimented on in British laboratories. Burnt, poisoned, mutilated, crippled, electrocuted, blinded and killed, they are subjected to a life of misery and distress…. Miss C Miles, Kingswood. (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.7.06 BIG STEP CLOSER TO TOTAL BAN - Animal lovers lobbying China to ban bear farming before the 2008 Beijing Olympics have won support from the country's highest legislative power. In a rare show of public solidarity, the National People's Congress has promised to help the charity Animals Asia put its campaign near the top of the national agenda…. (story)


Kenilworth Weekly News 7.7.06 Should fishing be banned at Abbey Fields? Wildlife lover Mick Cole fears illegal fishing at Abbey Fields lake is endangering the lives of birds…. (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 7.7.06 Free speech over animal testing? From: Kate Blackshaw, Leeds Road, Harrogate. RECENTLY you have included letters form Shelly Willets and WD Corson highlighting the invalidity of many of the animal tests carried out at the newly expanded Covance Laboratories… A peaceful demonstration in March last year attracted a menacing police presence far outnumbering the protestors… (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.7.06 NEW RULE MEANS AGONISING DEATH - I Am horrified to learn that this Government has amended the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995 to permit poultry to be killed by means of ventilation shutdown for the purpose of disease control. What a cruel way to treat our fellow creatures. They will die slowly and in agony… Rosemary Davies Wiltshire (story)

Leicester Mercury 7.7.06 VEAL PRODUCTION IS SO CRUEL - Last week I read Tom Mack's review of a restaurant in Leicester (The Week, June 29). I was sickened to read that he had tried the veal loin as his main dish and wonder if he realizes how veal is produced?... Sue Daniels, Leicester. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 7.7.06 YOUR CASH WILL COMBAT CRUELTY - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Gloucester for their generosity in raising £131.12 at a street collection on Saturday, June 24… CLARE PASKERFIELD, Saintbridge, Gloucester (letter)

Surrey Advertiser 7.7.06 Wildlife opportunity the RSPCA must grasp - The semi-retirement of Graham and Lyn Cornick from Hydestile Wildlife Hospital near Godalming is a great loss to wildlife…. For a limited period in the past, the RSPCA funded the animals taken to Hydestile, but eventually stopped because, in the words of an administrator, there is no money for wildlife. How the RSPCA spends its money is a matter of priorities. Who decides? Is the public which donates to the RSPCA, its members and those who leave legacies, aware there is no money for wildlife?... Sheila Turner, Coatham Place, Cranleigh. (story)


Western Daily Press 6.7.06 STILL ATTEMPTING TO JUSTIFY CRUELTY (JULY 5) - Did Gill Purser really use the adjective "barbaric" in relation to hunting?... Please Gill... get a life. Andrew Banks, Somerset
THE Hunting Act is a complete mess… I have heard from many people who just shrug their shoulders and say "just another stupid law" and carry on exactly as before. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letters)

Western Morning News 6.7.06 NOTHING POINTLESS ABOUT HUNTING BAN - In your editorial headed "Hunting issue will rage on" you end: "What a pointless exercise it has been" in referring to the ban. Not at all. At the very least it has removed the malign ethos that condoned hunting animals with dogs for "sport and recreation" as a legal activity…. Peter Bunce, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 6.7.06 Speaking out on animal testing - Animal rights activists took the fight against animal testing to the streets of Blackpool on Friday with a protest outside a town centre store. Protestors handed out leaflets outside the Vodafone store on Church Street. "We will continu to spread the message that animal experimentation is counterproductive; not only does it harm animals, it also hinders medical progress by producing results that turn out to be wrong in humans," said campaigner, Keith Richardson from the Speak campaign…. (story)

Bromley Times 6.7.06 Protestor: I won't let court case bother me - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner has remained defiant after landmark legal action against him failed. Adrian Appley of Chatterton Road, Bromley, says he will return to Oxford University where he was arrested later this month to protest against vivisection. He appeared in court infront of Oxford magistrates on June 19 accused of breaching an injunction designed to protect the site of a new £20 million research lab from protesters. However Mr Appley escaped with a conditional caution, an alternative to prosecution for adults who admit their guilt…. (story)
Oxford Student 27.4.06 Activist cautioned for lab photography By Annie McDermott - The first person to be charged with infringing Oxford University’s injunction against photography of the animal research development has been released with a caution by the Thames Valley Police. Officers arrested Adrian Appley, 63, when he was caught taking photographs of construction workers outside the South Parks Road site last December… Although the court accepted that Appley was not a professional protester, they did consider his history of involvement in animal rights campaigning. He signed a petition against animal testing that was submitted to the EU, and he has put his name to two online pledges on pidgebank.com (story)
Oxford Mail 22.4.06 Oxford ban for taking lab pic By Emma-Kate Lidbury - A 63-year-old man who breached a High Court injunction by taking photographs of workers at Oxford University's animal research laboratory site has been let off with a caution. Adrian Appley, from Bromley, Kent, was charged with breaching a civil injunction by taking pictures of a protected person…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 7.4.06 Man accused of breaking injunction - A 63-YEAR-OLD man has become the first person to be charged with breaching an injunction protecting a planned Oxford University research laboratory at the centre of an animal rights furore, police have said. Adrian Appley, from Bromley, south east London, will appear at Oxford Magistrates' Court today accused of breaching the injunction and of harassment. It is alleged that Appley photographed workers at the building site in South Parks Road in December…. (story)

Walsall Advertiser 6.7.06 END OF THE ROAD FOR ANIMAL CIRCUSES? - GEORGE MAKIN - Circuses which use animals could be banned from using council parks and land after councillors voted unanimously for a tough application system designed to protect animal welfare….. Moving the motion, Councillor Rose Burley said circuses used cruelty to make animals perform…. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.7.06 BLAMED FOR TRYING TO HELP - The people claiming to speak for the rural and farming community - Richard Haddock, David Parker and auctioneer Tim Garret (Western Daily Press, June 27) - are not doing it any favours by trying to blame their ills on those who try to improve the welfare of farm animals… David Thomas Hisomley Wiltshire (letter)

Independent 6.7.06 Why farmed ducks endure worse conditions than battery hens - To stay healthy, they require access to ponds and space to roam. But many thousands of birds farmed in Britain for their meat endure appalling conditions. Sanjida O'Connell investigates …"People don't realise how ducks are kept," says the zoologist Juliet Gellatley. "They think they live out their lives on the village pond and are shot at a ripe old age." The situation could not be further from the truth, according to a report produced by Viva!, an organisation that campaigns for vegetarianism, which Gellatley founded and of which she is the director… (story)

Argus 6.7.06 Letter: Mind the gulls - Today, I buried a baby herring gull which had been killed on the road…. The parents put great effort into rearing their young so is it too much to ask you to slow down or even attempt to remove a bird from the road? -Sue Baumgardt, Hove (letter in archive)

Argus 6.7.06 Letter: Gruesome deeds - As an animal lover and having had two beautiful cats myself in the past, I am absolutely appalled someone is again killing these wonderful, intelligent and loving creatures… -John Ovenden, Brighton (letter in archive)

The Forester 6.7.06 TARGET OF HATE MOB - Animal rights extremists have threatened to derail the SOS Express protest in London over its mascot Teifet the camel. Special Branch have been called in after Teifet's owner Alistair Fraser's farm was stalked by camo-clad activists. They staked out the Woolaston base of his Severn Wye Llama Trekking and fled when he spotted two of them watching him through binoculars…. (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 6.7.06 Show cattle 'cruelty' claim - AN animal rights campaigner from Rugby has accused Royal Show organisers of cruelty. Janet Cummings claimed cattle at the popular show at Stoneleigh Park, which ended yesterday, had been forced to stand in soaring temperatures while waiting to be judged…. (story)


Spalding Guardian 5.7.06 Devastated at hunt appeal loss - A HUNT supporter who joined a challenge over the Government's decision to ban the sport is devastated at losing the appeal. Lawyers for the Countryside Alliance and an associate of individual hunt followers, including Sutton St Edmund woman Kim Gooding, fought for an Appeal Court ruling that the Hunting Act 2004 is "incompatible" with their human rights. But they suffered a costly defeat when three judges dismissed their appeal and ordered them to pay huge legal bills… (story)
Western Mail 4.7.06 Countryside Alliance appeal to Lords - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE Countryside Alliance is refusing to give up the fight to overturn the controversial ban on hunting. After the Appeal Court last week rejected a challenge to the Hunting Act under Human Rights and European Law, Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said the organisation would now apply for its case to be heard by the House of Lords and, if necessary, by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. "This is a process that is likely to run on for several years," said Mr Hart, former Master of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt, who lives in Narberth…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 4.7.06 HUNT APPEAL DISMISSAL IS SUPPORTERS' FINAL DEFEAT - Hunt supporters have suffered final defeat in their bid to persuade top judges that the Government's decision to ban the blood sport was an unlawful violation of their human rights…. The individuals who joined in the Human Rights Act challenge included Donald Summersgill, 39, of Exford. He is a professional huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, which hunts on Exmoor, and has never worked outside of hunting…. (story)
Powys County Times 29.6.06 Hunt chief slams ruling - A RADNORSHIRE farmer has hit back at a Court of Appeal ruling that the ban on hunting with dogs is not a violation of human rights. William Kenneth Jones, of Bwlchau Farm, Llanwrtyd Wells, together with other hunt followers and the Countryside Alliance, last week suffered defeat when the Court of Appeal ruled that the ban on the bloodsport was not unlawful… Mr Jones, who is the Master of the Irfon and Towry Hunt, says he will speak to his solicitor about taking their appeal as far as possible… (story)
North Devon Journal 29.6.06 HUNT APPEAL DISMISSAL IS SUPPORTERS' FINAL DEFEAT - Hunt supporters have suffered final defeat in their bid to persuade top judges that the Government's decision to ban the blood sport was an unlawful violation of their human rights…. The individuals who joined in the Human Rights Act challenge included Donald Summersgill, 39, of Exford. He is a professional huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, which hunts on Exmoor, and has never worked outside of hunting…. (story)
Daelnet 27.6.06 Court of Appeal rejects hunting act challenge - IN a judgement that will be seen as a major blow for countryside campaigners, the Court of Appeal has dismissed challenges by the Countryside Alliance and other hunting supporters that the hunting ban breaches human rights law.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.06 HUNT SUPPORTERS LOSE BAN CHALLENGE - Hunt supporters have suffered final defeat in their bid to persuade top judges that the Government's decision to ban the blood sport was an unlawful violation of their human rights. Lawyers for the Countryside Alliance and individual hunt followers, including self-employed farrier Colin Dayment, from South Molton, fought for an Appeal Court ruling that the Hunting Act 2004 was incompatible with their human rights. However, they suffered costly defeat yesterday when three judges dismissed their appeal and ordered them to pay legal bills… (story)
Guardian 24.6.06 Appeal judges uphold ban on hunting - James Meikle - Pro-hunt campaigners yesterday pledged to continue their fight to overturn the government ban on hunting with dogs, promising they would take their battle to the European courts if they failed through legal avenues in this country. The promise followed a court of appeal ruling that found the ban in England and Wales was a "legitimate and proportionate" exercise of powers and that it neither breached the European Convention on Human Rights nor broke European Union trade and employment laws…. (story)
Times 24.6.06 Hunt appeal fails - The Countryside Alliance is to take its case to the Lords after the Court of Appeal decided the hunting ban did not breach the European Convention on Human Rights and EU trading and employment laws…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 24.6.06 HUNTING BAN BID - The Countryside Alliance and other campaigners have lost a legal bid to overturn the Government's ban on hunting with dogs… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 24.6.06 HUNTING BAN - CAMPAIGNERS' COURT BID FAILS - Cotswold hunt campaigner Lesley Drage has lost her fight to overturn the ban on hunting. The 45-year-old was, who runs a livery stable in Stow-on-the-Wold, one of a group of people who are trying to have the ban on hunting overturned as a breach of their human rights. Yesterday the Court of Appeal delivered the latest setback when it upheld a ruling by the High Court that the legislation was lawful…. (story)
Western Morning News 24.6.06 HUNT LOBBY VOWS TO CONTINUE FIGHT - Hunt supporters in the Westcountry remain determined to continue their fight against the hunt ban despite the Court of Appeal's decision not to overturn the legislation, which came into force more than a year ago…. Guy Morlock, the master of the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt, said: "This is no great surprise. My main priority is to keep the job going within the law. Last season was very successful for us and hopefully we can continue in that vein."… (story)
Western Morning News 24.6.06 HUNTING ISSUE WILL RAGE ON - The Court of Appeal's ruling yesterday that nobody's human rights have been breached by the British Government's decision to ban hunting with dogs won't end attempts by the pro-hunt lobby to get the law changed…. In practice, almost every English hunt has survived thus far and membership of many has been swollen by the sense of outrage felt in much of the countryside at the ban. That, bizarrely, may have worked against this appeal. The real test, of course, has yet to come. Huntsmen and women may well start to find it extremely trying to keep within the law as time goes on; landowners who permitted hunting because it kept down the foxes might withdraw that permission and switch to shooting instead… in the meantime there is precious little evidence that the quarry species this law was meant to protect - the deer, the fox and the hare - are any better or any worse off now than they were before. What a pointless exercise it has been. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 24.6.06 Pro-hunt campaign vows to battle on - PRO-HUNT campaigners will not give up until this "bad law" is overturned that's the view of the South Dorset Hunt secretary after the Countryside Alliance lost its latest legal bid to overturn the Government's ban on hunting with dogs on Friday…. David Walsh, secretary for the South Dorset Hunt, which has continued to hunt within the law by setting pre-laid trails, said he was not surprised by the ruling, but that campaigners will not give up…. (story)
Western Mail 23.6.06 Pro-hunt campaigners lose legal challenge - The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners today lost their latest legal bid to overturn the Government's ban on hunting with dogs. They asked the Court of Appeal to rule that the ban in England and Wales breached the European Convention on Human Rights and infringed EU trading and employment laws. But three appeal judges upheld a High Court ruling that it was lawful…. (story)
Reuters 23.6.06 Judges reject human rights appeal on fox-hunting - LONDON (Reuters) - The Appeal Court on Friday dismissed a challenge from the Countryside Alliance which had argued the government's ban on hunting with dogs infringed human rights… (story)
ITV 23.6.06 Pro-hunt groups lose legal challenge - The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners have lost their latest legal bid to overturn the Government's ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)
Bloomberg 23.6.06 Fox Hunters Lose U.K. Court Battle to Overturn Ban - Professional hunters and people who make their living from the sport lost a legal challenge to a ban on fox hunting with dogs in England and Wales. The Court of Appeal in London today rejected a case brought by the Countryside Alliance, Britain's largest pro-hunting group, and individuals who had argued that the legislation violates their economic and human rights…. (story)
Horse & Hound 23.6.06 CA LOSES APPEAL AGAINST HUNT BAN - Holly Kirkwood - The Countryside Alliance has lost its latest bid to overturn the government's ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)
Times 23.6.06 Pro-hunt campaigners lose legal challenge BY TIMES ONLINE AND PA - The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners have lost their latest legal bid to overturn the Government’s ban on hunting with dogs… After the ruling, Brian Friend, secretary of the Liberal Democrat Forum for the Countryside, said: "I am disappointed, but it was not unexpected. "It does seem that human rights are applied to some people in this country and not to others." He vowed to take the case on to Europe, adding that he would "never give in". (story)
Sun 23.6.06 Hunt lobby lose appeal - THE Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners today lost their latest legal bid to overturn the Government’s ban on hunting with dogs… (story)
BBC News Online 23.6.06 Hunt campaigners lose legal bid - The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners have lost their latest legal bid to overturn the government's ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)
Sky 23.6.06 Hunting Challenge Fails - Pro-hunt campaigners have lost their latest legal attempt to overturn the Government's ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)
The Lawyer 23.6.06 A&O and CC lose appeal over hunting ban - Allen & Overy (A&O) and Clifford Chance have today lost the fight to have the Government’s ban on hunting reversed. A&O was acting for the Countryside Alliance and Clifford Chance for a number of individuals claiming that their livelihoods were affected by the ban… (story)

Suffolk Evening Star 5.7.06 Dog theft link to animal campaigners - POLICE are today investigating whether animal rights activists could be behind the theft of four dogs from a Suffolk farm. The dogs were being kept at the Washbrook home of Philip Taylor, a farmer with a six-year ban preventing him from keeping animals…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.7.06 MUDDLE OVER MEAT - A Letter in one of the farming journals illustrates quite brilliantly why Defra should be immediately divested of any responsibility for matters agricultural. It was penned by a Defra employee who voiced outrage at the fact that children attending one of the recent Farm Sunday open days were first allowed to pat a calf and then invited to "taste the final product" on a barbecue…. (story)

Independent 5.7.06 Cruelty to crustaceans: Save the lobster - Does a lobster feel pain when it is plunged into boiling water? The American Whole Foods supermarket chain thinks so, and has banned sales of live shellfish from its upmarket stores. Will the oyster and the mussel be next? And what of the world's beleaguered lobster fishermen? Andrew Buncombe reports… The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has been running a "lobster liberation" for some time and had been lobbying Whole Foods on the issue…. The Scottish-based group Advocates for Animals (AFA) last year issued a report that collated much of the available science and concluded that lobsters, crabs and cephalopods - namely octopus, squid and cuttlefish - do experience pain….. (story)

Scotsman 5.7.06 Animals got soul, too …fine. However, your mortal soul is easier to define; Christian doctrine tells us people have it but animals don't. So it is surprising, but welcome, to learn that Spain intends to give rights "to life and freedom" to apes and chimps (your report, 28 June). Hopefully, this improved attitude to animal rights will extend in Spain to bulls and also extended more widely in our own country to animal experimentation on primates… JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)


4.7.06 The passing of the knife - Mark Hinge, rural eye - I was educated at an all-boys school and we each carried a knife; they were essential tools… I cannot imagine a farmer without a knife in his pocket, no sheep hoof would be trimmed or binder twine cut. Likewise no gamekeeper could do his job. No fisherman could cut a line and as for hunting, no rabbit would be skinned or deer gralloched. Yet they are becoming demonised… Mark Hinge is the Director of The Bay Public Affairs, www.public-affairs.co.uk (story)

Guardian 4.7.06 Campaign of the week - Bibi van der Zee - The ban on fox-hunting in Britain - poorly enforced though it is - has been a shining beacon of hope to opponents of bullfighting around the world. If we, the infamously tradition-ridden Brits who can barely bring ourselves to change our phone codes, can take such a step, they reason, why should it not be possible to get rid of the bullring? The latest step in this fight is Boycott the Bloodbath, a cannily thought-out campaign which lists all the towns in Spain, France, Portugal and the Americas that have permanent bullrings….. As Jordi Casamitjana of the League Against Cruel Sports says: it always comes down to money in the end…..(story)

Halifax Courier 4.7.06 Pro-hunters lose latest court bid - SO the Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunting campaigners have lost their latest legal bid to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs…. We will just have to hope there are still some people in Europe who do not share the same views of those of the Countryside Alliance and that sanity and compassion prevails. J. B. Thwaite, Skircoat Green, Halifax. (letter)

Western Morning News 4.7.06 I'LL BREAK THE LAW TO CHALLENGE HUNTING ACT - I read your article headed "Pro-hunt campaigner vows to break dog ban" (June 17). I would like to explain why I decided to break the Hunting Act at the League Against Cruel Sports' Baronsdown sanctuary…. It is perfectly clear that someone can break the Act with cruelty; it is also clear that someone can break the Act without cruelty… Mr Batchelor has written to me to say that my dogs may be "at risk". I presume he means that they may be shot by his staff. I'm not going to hurt any animals, and I call on him to do likewise. This is a political demonstration - there's no need for guns. It seems to me that the authorities have three choices; either enforce the law, accept that I can break it without prosecution, or change it. I've made my choice to break the law - let them make theirs. Giles Bradshaw, Rose AshDevon (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.6.06 MACCA FACES CAMPAIGNERS (JUNE 24) - I loved the press story - great photos with Macca and me in identical poses, and, if I may say so, with me looking considerably more youthful, handsome and fashionable… Anyway, LACS are now trying to get an injunction (which I will oppose) as Paul is apparently feeling a little harassed. In my opinion, he needs to see the funny side. Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.6.06 OH DEER - HUNTING BAN PROTEST IS A DAMP SQUIB BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - He came to break the hunting ban in the heart of its supporters' territory - only no-one, it seems, told the deer. When Giles Bradshaw took his pro-hunt campaign to the deer sanctuary owned by ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and the League Against Cruel Sports, none of the animals could be found. But Mr Bradshaw did return with something to remember his action on Saturday - a writ from the League ordering him not to repeat his stunt of trying to break the hunting ban on their land. And now the two sides will face each other again, this time on Friday in Exeter County Court, to argue whether the mere presence of what the League says is a 'hunting extremist' is enough to harass its sanctuary manager and staff…. Mr Bradshaw pledged to be back this Friday morning, before his high-noon court date…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.6.06 MCCARTNEY SANCTUARY FACES HUNT INVASION - Hundreds of pro-hunt campaigners are set to descend on Sir Paul McCartney's deer sanctuary in the West to take part in a mass breaking of the hunting law… (story)
Western Daily Press 24.6.06 MACCA FACES CAMPAIGNERS BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - Sir Paul McCartney's deer sanctuary is set to be invaded this morning by pro-hunt campaigners in what promises to be the biggest single act of civil disobedience against the ban on hunting with dogs. Police are preparing for dozens - and maybe hundreds - of hunting enthusiasts to descend on the Baronsdown area of Exmoor to take part in a mass breaking of the hunting law. Organisers say no deer will be killed, and the event will merely show the 'ridiculous' nature of the ban on hunting with dogs, which became law last February. It is being organised by maverick pro-hunt campaigner Giles Bradshaw, who has tried, so far unsuccessfully, to get arrested for breaking the hunt ban, despite calling the police himself when his dogs chase deer on his farmland in Devon… Participants trying to break the law say they will allow their dogs to flush deer from inside the sanctuary, but call them back before any actually catch a deer - an act which still breaks the hunt ban…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.6.06 SHOOT, BUT DON'T LET THEM GO - Although the deer flushed out by pro-hunt supporters' dogs will be allowed to simply run away, those dog owners will be breaking the hunt ban. Strangely, though, if they arranged for a marksman to shoot any deer flushed out, their actions would be legal. It is that apparent absurdity that Mr Bradshaw has consistently tested, debating the issue with Defra and repeatedly inviting police to arrest him for chasing away deer from his land at Rose Ash, in Devon… (story)
Western Daily Press 23.6.06 LEAGUE FIGHTS ON WITHIN THE LAW - Once again I would like to point out that the League Against Cruel Sports, in the past 80 years of its existence, has never advocated breaking the law, unlike Mr Bradshaw (Western Daily Press, Your Say, June 14) who openly flouts the law and incites others to do the same… R M Morris Minehead (letter)
Western Morning News 17.6.06 PRO-HUNT CAMPAIGNER VOWS TO BREAK DOG BAN - An animal welfare group has demanded a police investigation after a leading Westcountry pro-hunt campaigner announced that he would flout the law banning hunting with dogs, on its land. Representatives from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) have made a complaint to Avon and Somerset Police after hunt supporter Giles Bradshaw wrote to the group saying he planned to hunt deer in its havens on Exmoor…. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.6.06 POLICE PROBE OVER CALL TO HUNT DEER ON MOOR REFUGE - BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - A Leading pro-hunt campaigner is being investigated by police after threatening to break the hunt ban at an Exmoor sanctuary. The row over staghunting deepened this week after Giles Bradshaw wrote to the League Against Cruel Sports saying he plans to hunt deer in its havens in Somerset. Meanwhile, the League upped the stakes in the ongoing row over staghunting on National Trust land by claiming that Trust bosses would have "blood on their hands" if it allowed limited forms of hunting on its land…. In a letter to sanctuaries manager Paul Tillesley, which he copied to the police and the Government, Mr Bradshaw said: "Your organisation and you in particular have been selected as a target for a campaign of criminal direct action against bad legislation and its apologists. "Over the next few months I will be breaking the Hunting Act 2004 by hunting for wild red deer on your sanctuaries on Exmoor. I do not require you to take any action or to respond. However, if you do require notice of where and when I will be hunting for red deer with my dogs then I will be happy to furnish it."… (story)

The Shields Gazette 4.7.06 SECOND TUNNEL SET TO TRIGGER GRIDLOCK - A SECOND Tyne Tunnel will trigger more traffic problems – not less, campaigners claimed today. Protestors opposed to the £180m Jarrow to East Howdon scheme say a new report undermines the case for the massive road link. Members of the Tyne Crossings Alliance (TCA) today highlighted the findings of a new study by the Countryside Alliance and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE)…. (story)

York Evening Press 4.7.06 Animal brutality shames us all - THE casual brutality shown to many animals shames us all. It happens all around us, and not just in laboratories… In recent years, approximately 500,000 male dairy calves were shot at birth, having no economic use… It was no coincidence that the recent Viva! vegetarian roadshow in the Guildhall, York, was inundated with visitors. I cannot be the only one to feel sickened at the godless treatment of animals today. Mrs Janet Kay, Askham Grove, Acomb, York. (letter)

Daily Post 4.7.06 'Boycott this circus over elephant act' By Eryl Crump, Daily Post - ANIMAL rights activists last night demanded a boycott of a mid Wales circus starring an elephant. Bobby Roberts Circus will be performing at Llanbadarn Fawr near Aberystwyth from tomorrow until Sunday… The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) yesterday called for the boycott claiming it receives more complaints about Bobby Roberts Circus than any other in the UK… (story)
Western Morning News 4.7.06 CONTROLS ARE WORKING WITHOUT BADGER CULL - Martin Hancox, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 14.6.06 MADNESS OF THE PROCESS ON TB - M. HANCOX, Stroud (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.6.06 EVIDENCE SHOWS CULL UNNECESSARY - Having been on the old badger TB consultative panel, it seems to me that the Defra consultation on whether to allow a mass badger cull to control cattle TB has taken on a surreal quality worthy of Mad Hatter tea parties… M Hancox Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 4.7.06 I'VE just read your "WMN Opinion" about Heather Mills and her anti-milk campaign. I can't believe my eyes!... Farmers who are not organic or free range are supporting suffering at every turn. I've seen what goes on with my own eyes, and that's why I've been a vegetarian for 25 years. Zillah Robertson, Saltash (letter)

Western Morning News 4.7.06 THE media recently reported that the Government is considering plans to provide schoolchildren with fish oil supplements in a bid to boost brain power… Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Western Telegraph 20.6.06 Damages of fish oil? - The media recently reported that the government is considering plans to provide schoolchildren with fish oil supplements in a bid to boost brain-power and improve behaviour… It is now common knowledge that fish soak up dangerous toxins from polluted oceans that can cause cancer and birth defects in consumers… Contact Animal Aid for a guide to a healthy plant-based diet… Yours faithfully Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer (letter)

Western Mail 4.7.06 RELENTLESS IN HER EFFORTS TO PROTECT ALL SUFFERING ANIMALS - What a delight it was to hear all the latest Moon Bear news from China at the Dynasty Restaurant, Bristol last week. Once again, Jill Robinson gave a wonderful presentation and updated us on the campaign to free the Moon Bears from the horrendous bile-bear farms in China…. Pam Bushby Bristol (story)


Telegraph 3.7.06 was stunned to read that Tony Wright, a clothing company director, had been fined £80 for displaying shirts with the slogan "Bollocks to Blair" (Letters, May 21), because police said they were distressing visitors to a Norfolk show…. John Clarke, Orkney
Last year, my children were each given a sweatshirt bearing the slogan "Bollocks to Blair". They wear them with pride and, far from anyone complaining, masses of people ask where they bought them and congratulate them for wearing them…. Penelope Weeks, Ottery St Mary, Devon (letters)

Swindon Advertiser 3.7.06 Cash thanks - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Swindon for their generosity in raising £127.92 at a street collection on Saturday, June 24…. M HARRISON Tonbridge (story)

Western Daily Press 3.7.06 LLAMA LEARNS TO CARRY A JOCKEY (JUNE 26) - I wonder if it was also such a hoot for the llama involved. Yet another animal abused for "fun". Beata Gajek London (story)

South Wales Evening Post 3.7.06 VEGGIE SHOW SET TO SPROUT UP IN CITY - The Incredible Veggie Roadshow is on its way to Swansea. International animal campaigning group Viva! has booked the Grand Theatre for the free event on August 5… (story)


Western Morning News 1.7.06 HUNT SUPPORTER GIVEN SANCTUARY BAN - A Westcountry man opposed to the ban on hunting with dogs was yesterday served with a writ banning him from going to the League Against Cruel Sports' deer sanctuary. Giles Bradshaw had walked his three dogs on pathways through the Exmoor site in protest against the ban, claiming he intended to just "flush out deer to look at them". Yesterday the League served the smallholder with a writ preventing him from going onto the site and from using the pathways….. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.7.06 HUNTING BAN PROTEST IS A DAMP SQUIB (JUNE 26) - Giles Bradshaw has not only openly flaunted the law, but has admitted it, in writing. He's not even sorry… He needs to be punished to the full extent of the law, otherwise why should any of us obey the law? You can't choose which laws you'll obey and which you won't! C Smith Devon
It just goes to show how unpopular hunting is. It is time the hunting community saw the light and switched to drag- hunting only. Anthony Dacko Gateshead (letters)

Western Daily Press 1.7.06 BETTER WAYS TO SPEND YOUR TIME - Giles Bradshaw should get a life instead of pestering deer calves with his silly walk on league land. Clearly, even otter-hunt advocates thought his delusional amble too daft to associate with…. Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 1.7.06 DON'T SUPPORT THIS CRUELTY - With the holiday season now upon us, I would like to draw your readers' attention to the situation in Pamplona, Spain. In addition to the 40,000 bulls slaughtered in Spanish bullrings each year, every July Pamplona sees the "Running of the Bulls", a vicious sport where terrified bulls will be panicked into stampeding through the cobbled streets, often severely injuring themselves en route…. If you are planning a holiday to Spain this summer, please boycott Pamplona until the authorities stop this horrific practice. Alexandra HunterRedruth (story)

Guardian 1.7.06 There's nothing more pathetically hypocritical than "squeamish" meat eaters (Dear Weekend, June 24). If you're going to eat dead animals, at least be prepared to kill them yourself and face where your food comes from…. Claire Johnstone, Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.7.06 SILENT FARMERS - On June 15, the Gloucestershire Badger Group held its AGM, as usual a very interesting meeting, open to everyone, but not one farmer was there. This was a pity, as Martin Hancox explained his theory on "cow to cow" transmission of TB… Pamela Dean Gloucestershire (story)